Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1844 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. N?w York, Saturday, March *3 W4?.^ Oty- Amoi Head, the Agent for the HereJJ at I'harlea ton, 8. C., hat removed hu office to the more central location In that city, at the corner of Broad street and East Broadway, nearly opppoiite the Poit Office. Newi from Europe. We learn by the famous Express Line of Adams ic Co. that the Caledonia was not in sight of Boston, at 4 o'clock on Thursday afternoon. She tnust, however, have made her appearance soon j after thgt hour, and we shall, therefore, distribute her news throughout this city early this morning. The Sunday Herald. The Sunday Herald to-morrow will contain a singular and extraordinary memoir of Zulma Marache, written by herself in French, which she gave to the District Attorney, as a statement of her case previotta to the trial of Lnretit This is u more curious and interesting chapter in human nature than can be found in the far-famed "Mysteries of Paris," by Eugene Sue. It is Fleur de Marie's own story in her own words. To-morrow it will be given from her own manuscript. Tlw Ltocofoeo Municipal Reform Meeting. We certainly have never been favored with a more amusing specimen of the impudence of any net of partv politicians than that exhibited at Tammany Hall last night. The cool impudence of the bawd so felicitously described by that most sapient of men, king Solomon, when he represented her as wiping her mouth, and saying ' I have done no wickedness," was the height of modesty, when compared to this conduct of the locofocos of New York. Only think how we have liai a locofoco ' Mayor and Common Council for years past, laughing, ridiculing, scouting with a degree of tang ftuid of which they only are capable, every idea of municipal reform, and now having mad: the discovery that the great mass of the citizens having had their eyes elfectually opened, have organized a formidable party for the purpose of sweeping these lazy, corrupt, worthless municipal officers from their seats at the Common Council board, and placing in their stead honest,faithful, efficient public servants, who will give us reform, they actually have the impudence to come forward with a degree of coolness almost incredible, and call a public meeting, 1 pass resolutions violently in favor of all sorts of re- ' form, and make long speeches, all running over 1 with declamation against the corruptions which have prevailed, and the most solemn promises of immediate and full reform ! Was there ever another sucli specimen of the brazen effrontery of miserable party politicians 1 The whigs discovered a good deal of brass at their!meeting in National Hall, but they may now well hide their dimished heads, when contrasted with.the politicians of Tammany Hall. Just let us say one word ortwo more in exposure of this miserable, silly, impudent conduct of the locofoco party. Have they not had the full power in their hands during the last year of giving to the city the reforms so loudly demanded 1 Have they ' made a single isolated effort to do so ? Not one. Are not our streets filthier than ever ! Are not the 1 taxes higher1! Are not the abuses of the police system 1 more gross and glaring than ever. And have this common Council not been reminded by the independ- ' ent press, again and again, and again, of the neces- ' sity of a variety of reforms! I-Iave we not, after 1 every one of their meetings, called on them to do something in the way of reform! And now, on 1 inc eve 01 <m election, iney conic um, hiuuiii iiic platform at Tammany Hall, with the Mayor in the chair, and protest, in the face of heuven, that they are ready to do any tiling for reform?that they j must and will give as reform?that they will not give rest to their eyes, nor slumber to their eye- 1 lids, till they give ti9 reform I And so zealous and ' earnest are they, that nothing will satisfy them but ' the complete overthrow of the present constitution of the city government, and the erection in its room of a most magnificent fabric, under the superintendence of the Hon. Eli Moore, as architect, and which looks almost as grand and imposing on paper, as the big map of the new Jerusalem of the Kourierites, to be seen at their hall in Grand street, where Horace Greeley is accustomed to expound thedoctrinesof the new Saviour of mankind. But it is needless to expose farther this humbug movement. This two hours talking to Buncomb, ^ in Tammany Hall, will not divert tne great mass of the citizens of this metropolis, from their united and energetic purpose* of achieving municipal re- ' form by the agency of new, upright, out-and-out ' practical reformers. These fair spoken reformers, who come shouting now at the eleventh hour? 1 " Here is reform?here is reform!" even if they were in earnest?which, of course, no one is qihie silly enough to imagine?would deservedly experience the fate of the lying youth in the fable, whose warning when the wolf really came was entirely disregarded. Trtal for Abortion.?The Court of Sessions has been occupied for the past two days with the ma! of a young man named Napoleon Lsreux, a lady named Madume Catherine Ouetal.and another known as Madame Costello, on a charge of procuring abortion from a young French girl named Zulma Marache, the affianced bride ol Lareux.? The developments as contained in the testimony, are astounding, and exhibit the present state of licentiousness in this city in a broad light. The case ot John Jones, the button maker, of Piatt street, or the Van Cott exposition, is a mere beginning to the facts here made public, which have attracted crowds in attendance at the Court, being principally from a certain portion of our French population. The testimony in the case closed last evening, about seven o'clock, and James T. Brady, Esq , summed up for the defence in a most able speech. He will be followed by James R. Whiting for the prosecution, this morning at 10 o'clock, whose speech will be reported in full, and published in our Sunday morning's edition. The case will then be submitted to the jury under the charge of Alderman Scoles, and in our Sunday morning's edition we shall give a full report, with a most beautifully written account of the love, courtship, seduction and abandonment of this interesting, but unfortunate girl, as written by her self in the French language, while confined in the Eldridge street prison on a charge of slander against one of the accused parties. American Bible Society and their Printer We understand that the American Bible Society have discharged their printer?but the printer a jects to the discharge, and refers to the authority of the Bible, chapter and verse, against the act of the Society. This i* m very curious case, and brings up the important question in theology, " whether a Bible Society can exist without a printer?"?a question equally important with that discussed by the Rev I)r. Potu and Dr. Wainwright, " whether there can be a church without a Bishopl" In both cases we suppose a good deal depends on the salary. We shall, however, examine the former question, which has not yet been discussed, and show clearly that the society believe, that il a church can exist without a Bishop, a Bible Society can also exist without a printer, particularly if they can save money by the operation, and do as much salvation, too. ___________ "The Nativm" op t? Fiast WA*i> hold a great meeting to-night. They have nominated for Alderman, Edwin B. Clayton ; for Assistant, Wil- j ham Witxell. __________ 'Kh It will be seen by an advertisement in our columns, that Mr. Colton gives another grand exhibition of Laughing Gas, on Monday evening next, in the Broadway Tabernacle. We hope he may not get beaten, as he was at the last exhibition. Sjikntipu: Remarks.? Broneon's lecture tonight. See advertisement. Jl! J", - -1 'JIM 'J The Spring Election?Astounding Development*, Mill More Astounding Prospect*. Tlie meeting* of the American Republican*, which we reported yesterday, and which were held at Washington Hall and in the Park, on Thursday evening last, have astounded all parties throughout every ward of the city. For some time past this | party has been very quietly and silently at work? j making no noise, but organizing their forces, canvassing every ward and every street; and at the first bugle blast, mustering to approve of the nomination of James Harper, we find them bringing forward a force twice as great as ever we saw collected at Tammany Hall, and threefold more numerous than thut which met to approve Morris Franklin, at National Hall. We have been utterly astounded at witnessing the assembling of such a multitude. Where they came Irotn is more than we can tell. And, we ure yet more astounded by the positive evidence given its, that during the last two or three months of perfect calm in this city, these "natives ' have, alter a diligent canvass, obtained a list of nearly *211,000 electors in thii city, who are pledged to vole the American Republican ticket! Every man of these 23,000 has been culled on during the last tew months and is, we repeat it, pledged to vote tor the "native" candidates, from Mayor down to the lowest ward officer. This statement may well astonish the whig and locofuco politicians. It may be discredited. They may affect to disbelieve it Hut we do not for a moment doubt the existence of an organized force, under the banner of the new party, whicii will produce the most remarkable results at the polls. Indeed, we do not want much more startliug evidence than [ that afforded by the multitudes who were collected an Thursday night, filling the streets, filling the Park, filling every avenue in that neighborhood.? When the wavering politicians throughout the wards begin to reflect on such a multitude,assembled under the new organization, what effect will not be produced in these waverersl We have not the slightest doubt but that vast numbers of the democrats will leave Tammany Hall at the ensuing spring election, and that larger numbers of the whigs will utterly abandon the Fourier candidate of that taction. It might be supposed that the particular opinions of this new party in relation to the Catholics and the Irish would injure their cause amongst liberalminded men, and perhaps to some small extent they ' may have this influence. But these opinions do not orm the great moving principle of agitation in this tew party. The universally felt necessity for municipal reform?the corruptions of the old factions? ' he irrepressible desire of the great mass of the citi- ( r.ens for deliverance Irom the evils of misgovern- 1 meut?these have been the causes which have given i birth, vigor, force and character to the new move- ' ment. The holders of property?the tax payers? ( ihe merchants?the mechanics?the working men of ' all classes, for more than a year past have been un- r animous in condemning, in the most violent man- ' ner, the gross outrages perpetrated by the whig and 1 locofoeo members of the corporation on the people s jf this city. We have been crying out for refonn 1 or years pas'. "Give us police reform?give u* ' eduction of taxes?give us clean streets?give is a just and efficient municipal government," have jeen the united voice of all classes, except the 1 miserable office beggars and office holders, who ' liave been battening on the corruptions of the old rotten factions; and to this cry the old parties have s turned a deaf ear on all occasions. They have I laughed, sneered, hooted at the idea of giving any ' reform. The people got tired of this game. They t determined to rise in their own might, and obtain t reform. Hence the creation of the new party? tipnce its sudden progress to full maturity and el- s Active organization?hence its present astounding s magnitude and force. These have been the cause* if tlie revolution now in prooncct; and to * narry out this revolution, we believe the "natives" I ?the new party?can collect from the honest tax- t puyers of this city any amount of money?to the extent ol a million of dollars, if necessary?to pay ' the expenses of the agitation. With these facts and prospects before us, we < have some hopes of effecting a revolution at the ensuing spring election in the city, and of obtaii | nig some relorin in the Corporation. If it be correct, as we have no doubt it is, that the " natives" have already on their lists nearly 23,000 pledged members, there can be no doubt about the result. | Their victory is certain. Meanwhile, we sav to the natives?" Go on? igiute?agitate?agitate?vote the whole ticket in -very ward?and the morning after the election will see you with your feet on the necks of both i ihe old rotten factions." 1 Magnificent Exhibition of Original Painting<>r the Old Masters.?In a lew days one ol the , most magnificent collection of paintinns ever exhibited will be opened at Clinton Hall. This col lection consists of upwards ol seventy painting^ valued at about $60,000. Some of them being worih between $2,000 and $3,000 each. The subjects are chiefly classical and scriptural, with a few portraits and landscapes. They are the works ol Poussin, St. Giovani, Mateo Kosini, Albano, Carracci, Pietro Testa, Volieruno, Marco Ricci, Julio Romano, Paul Veronese, and others of the old Italian school. This collection will form a moat attractive and profitable study not only to the amateur, but also to. the artist of the highest rank Some of the paintings occupied a place in the most superb collections of Spain and Italy, and their exhibition here will indeed form an era in the history of the art in this country. Such a collection is no where to be seen except in some of the choicest European gaiirucs. i uc proprietor win exninu mem?ior they cannot be sold, they are esteemed too valuable for that disposition of them?and in order that the whole American public may have an opportunity of inspecting them, the price of admission will be only one or two shillings He will also permit artists to make copies on the same plan as at the Louvre and other galleries in Europe. When the exhibition opens, we shall endeavor to give a more particular account of the principal paintings. Mr. Jt.'stice Low.vdkn.? Our respected fellow citizen, the late Oliver M. Lowndes, with his daughter, left this city for Washington on the 14th iust. He was out of health, but in good spirits. When on his way from Baltimore to Washington, the weather being cold Hnd damp, and the cars , he.ited 10 excess with anthracite coal, some intpruI dent person opened the windows; he took u severe cold, as did several gentlemen who accompanied him. He remained one day in "Washington, and on hi? return to Baltimore became very ill, and died suddenly on the 20th, deeply regretted by it large circle of sincere friends. There were lew gentleman in our city who were more gent rally acquainted and respected. He was a most industrious and useful citizen, and it will be difficult to fill In*place in onr society. Fire in Hudson .Street ?The fire which occurred yesterday morning between 4 and 5 o'clock, at the corner of Jay and Hudson streets, requires investigation on the part of the mayor and municipal authorities. It was first perceived in the grocery store, which the owner avows was shut up at the usual hour. How r fire could occur in the store is beyond comprehension, as the door was found iinJoclctd when the fire was discovered. The lives of more than a dozen persons, man, women and children, were placed in the most imminent jeopardy, and an investigation should be had forthI with. Arson, not to any robbery, should never be skipped over lightly. The inhabitants of the dwelling piirt of the building, nn I the neighbors, ask fin investigation. ArporrrMUNTs nv the (?>vernor?Mar< h 16 ? N?w Voss ?llsnry lloldridge, Trustee Hemnsn Kun'l and Hetiest, re-appointment ; Tho'. W. Tucker, ditto, vice K K Collins, declined ; Itussell K. Olover, ditto, vice J. TitikKaiu . Huoqdirvy llickstson, ditto, vies A. Brosalsy. Important from South Carolina.?We received authentic accounts last evening from Charleston, stating that Mr. Calhoun had accepted the ollice ol Secretary of State, und ahn that the democratic party of South Carolina had refused to send dele, gates to any Baltimore Convention. Here are extracts:? Mr Calhocx'* AccErranci of thi Office or Secrctikt of Htah of the Ukited 8rate*. ? The following extract of a letter will abow that Mr Calhoun ha* accep ted the distinguished putt to which he ha* tieen called by the uiiauimou* with of the country. In the promt crui> of our foreign relatiuu* the ciicunutauce la hailed with peculiar satisfaction The honor and iutereat of the country will he ?alely committed to hi* hand* In being called to the exerci?e of diplomatic function*, in the exint.rig condition of thing*, he will stand a* the umpire si u mediator between the ICant and the We*t. lli* position will be one of power, became it wiii he one of neutrality. between the cautious policy of the former and the war feeling ol the latter - between calculation on the one han > ind enthmiaim on the other. The question of the We* ? l?,.w?lu. ? I. I-.. vnm,. la thai, wan that of tfie North Eastern, hut is entangled with lomi pi-culiar embarrassments. rendering it perhaps. more ilif li ult of laing biought within diplomatic arrangement, L?* what will conic out of negotiation, the ?|.iiit thai should preside over it ought to tic one of calmness, of rslivinwl concession, of enlightened forecast, of straight furward sincerity, and not that which suggests thu artifice he indirection and double dealing of itiplomac.y In the possession of the above quali'ie* we believe Mr Calhoun will come fully up to the mailt, ua would appear to he s-rikiugly indicated and generally believed by theunani mous and flatterng approval oi the Senate, a thing unknown in our annals since the day whrn party strin> were momentarily extinguished in the administration o' Mr. Munroe. " Pr.api.tTOa, March lo, 1814 The mail came freighted with letters to Sir. t alhoun from his friends, urging his acceptance ; you will he gratified to learn that he could not resist this call of hit country iipun his patriotism, ami that as early as pracicahle he will pass through the Old City on his way to Washington."? Patriot. Resolutions passed by the Central Committee of South Carolina :? Resolved, That in the opinion ofthc Central Commitee, the State of South Carolina cannot consistently, with he principles she has declared and maintained, send Delegates to the Con* ention about to assemble at Baltimore in the 4th Monday iu May next, constituted and organzed as it is now ascertained it will be. and that the course he may adopt in supporting any candidatu lor the Presilency. ought to be governed and decided entirely in reerence to the course which may be pursued by the rienda and supporters of the sevaral candidates in the present Congress on the questions before tlie.n, so deeply iffecting y>e peace and prospeiity of her people Resolved, That until these questions arc settled, as far is this Congress can saltle them, for the security- and -velfare of her citizens; in the opinion of this Committee, he people of this State will best consult her dignity am nterests, by standing uncommitted to any man, but pretared to act firmly and promptly when the time comes, >n the same principles, which, in 1840. and at other times. iave governed her conduct, w hether it be for the support >f those who maintain the creed to which she has given aith, or in opposition to those who faithlessly abandon it make open war upon it. JACOB BOND I'ON, Chairman. James Simons, Secretary. [Afereury. Fiik.?The grocery store of George Ross, 51 Iudson street, whs discovered to be on fire yester lay morning, about five o'clock, and all the conents, which were fully insured, and valued at HI,000, were destroyed. The building was but title injured, except in the lower part. The family if M. Day, who occupied the upper part, escaped villi their furniture. There is strong reason to lelieve that the building wa6 set on fire, as II. A, Buckingham, who boarded with Mr. Day, states hat when he ascended from his bed room, which vas before the firemen had; arrived, he found the tore door unlocked, and the whole interior in lames Another.?The dying establishment of Mr hbbons, at the rear of 118 and 120 Perry street, he contents of which were entirely destroyed ?ully insured. Theatrical.?The " Park " has been open now 1 fortnight at half price, and has been doing a toerable good business in the legitimate line. Last iveek it rather fell off?but we suppose some novely will be engaged, and another eflort made to keep he gas alive. The " Chatham " opens on Mondny its classical leason for 184-1, with prodigiuus force. We under tand that Burton, Jim Crow Rice, Yankee liitl, diss Reynoldsand many other novelties ate engag d, and that a great rivalry will be kept up to the ?ark in tragedy, comedy, opera, farce and every Wing. The cheap and nasty system still prevails in the Bowery Theatre. The Amphitheatre rather! goes .head of.any thing in that neighborhood, and keeps in the respectability of that section of the citv. Thr Opera.?A pretty good house graced Palrno'? ast evening, and we suppose another will to-night Beatrice di Tenda thus far is a fuilure by the error >f the manager and the troupe. The amiable Mnocehi is not to blame. On Monday night, remcmter Borghese'a benefit. Literary Not tree. Life of Gen. Andrew Jackson, by Amos Keulull ?Gen Jackson has found a worthy biographer, a Mr Kendall, who is one of the ablest and hiom rigorous writers in tne country and an ardent ad nirer, as well as personal friend ot the subject ol tis history. The work is admirably printed and oust be widely circulated. No. 10 has just been ssued. Nkau's History or the Puritans, in the excel lent edition of the Harpers, edited by the Rev. J O. Choules, fias reached its fourth number?cloeiii 'he firat volume. It is an able and in??t valuahl' nistory, anil being sold ut 23 cents each must b< widely read.'s Gibbon.?The great history ol the De cline and Fall of the Roman Kmpile has never before been presented in a form at once so cheap, ind hand.-ome as in the Haulers' edition Kdited by Milman? ol which No VII. has just oeen issued. We commend it to universal favor. Gen. Peter B. Porter is dangerously rick ; not expected to lire. Common PIcm. Before Judge Inglii. MtncnTJ.?CumV ri Hiwii. ? Stubbing.?This case, re ported > esterdsy. wax sent to the Jury this day. The lodge, in hi* charge, commented with much severity or the improper and dangerous custom so prevalent in this country, 'ifcarrying lire arms, and such weapons as Spanish dirks It was a custom at all times haxnrdoiis, anil worthy of the ages el harharism The present being n case where premeditation did not prompt the committal of the act. it did not call for exemplary damages. The Jury found a verdict lor plaintiff. $i!> damages, and $2.i ce?t?. THt People vi Duffy.?In this case, reported in Wednes. lay's paper, the Jurv having disagreed, (3 to 1 in favor ol a verdict for plaintiff) were discharged Kmny rs. Drttcoll?An action ol trespass lor assault and battery. Driscoll the defendant is u grocer, nad plain tiff also keeps a grooery store, both in Cherry street. On last Christmas day, having worshipped some other divini ty than the great subject of this solemn anniversary? namely the jolly god Bacchus, Driscoll betook himself to Kenny's store and made improper overtures te his (plain tin a) wiie.lwho very properly had him ejected " vi ft armil''' Irom her more. He afterwards made a second attack tnd brokol iD a door with a glass window, alter which hi tat 'almntti demolishing the plaintiff's store imd inflicted heavy damage upon sundry cheats of tea, bottles of wins and brandy. The plaintiff ejected him a second time for these divers acts of trespass, upon which he gave him ('he plaintiff; a Mack eye. The case is adjourned over to Nlon !< > KeoitlaTions at Havana.?The Philadelphia Inquirer says a gentleman who recently visited Havana complains, and not without cause, at the vexatious system adopteil in t'uha, ol making person* who have duly obtained passports in this country, give security for their good liehaviotir, debts, lie., while in the island, in very large amounts, within -J4 hours after land ing On leaving also, signatures must he obtained to prove that the party owes no easterns,(duties?nothing to the Courts, to the "Judges of the Dead," and other authorities. All these involve an expense iu fees of about nine Jollars ! Amusements. Tint Last op thk Chatham Ciucrs.?-To night, for the last time, trie frequenters of this favorite resort will enjoy the opportunity of enjojlngthe *|iorts oi the ring and scenes of the circle, by the masterly troops of Messrs. Rockwell fc Atone. Go where they will thej will haar with them the proud satisfaction of having, dur. ing their career of management, furnished the most splen did entertainments tost ever an American audience lo >ked upon j and the manager* in turn have the pleasure to acknowledge a due portion of patronage from the public The performance* to night will consist of an OI laPndrida, of all that has been given during the week. On Monday Mr Devern* takes the reigns of management, andsopens with a splendid company, and all appli ances,, and means to hoot, to make the ^Chatham the peeple'a Theatre. (Jr> Horsemanship, Melo-Drama, and furce?all at trie Bowery Amphitheatre this eve.ilng. All the elegance? *11 the novelty, and all the fun i* at the Amphi theatre now. Vive la Cirque. (tCf" This is a grand family holiday at the American Museum, and rplendid performances lake place at 1 o'clvck afternoon, and half past 7 In the evening, In the Keriiurky Minstrels and othsis of equal repute. Thi t tipsy cgurrii, tlie fortune teller may be seen at all hours Together with n beautiful collection of wax figures, em braving an Indian grntp of a most interesting character Peace's MrrSEtiM (i ts sern a glorious career this week, on the occasion of its opening, and the C uulest perform an e yet given takes place tills evening at half-past 7 o'clock That (tipsy (till, who is telling fortunes at one shilling each, is said to outstrip the Quasn | all lo pie*as. Wa aaust go and aaa, aura. | Cltjr Intelligence. Coroner'* Office?March J'J.?Accidchtal Dkath.? An inquest wai held on the tsidy of James Wollord, a annul of the barque Serene, who fell from her main-topsail yard, on Thursday, and was accidentally killed Fall Dead.? Also, ou Patrick Hawley, a native of Ireland, aged oO years, who fell down dead in Orange street, near Chatham, about 10 o'clock in the morning. He nad been an inmate of the Alms House. Death supposed to be affection 01 the heart. ( nerstl Sessions. Before Kecorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Scoles and Lee. March 3d.?Sentence Dsr.?In the case of Richmond Vt'oodhuil, indicted for foiging a note of (Jeo. W. Millet, for $.'.00. iu whoso esse the jury could not agree, Ike* .landing eleven for acquittal and one for conviction Jss. M. Smith, Jr. Esq. lor accused, moved that a no.'te prt*n/ui he entered, and his client discharged. The District Attorney stated that he lind been apprised of-additional important testimony for the prosecution, and he, therefore, could not consent to such a coarse at the present period Fiancti H. C?#??ln the case of this man, con* icted of obtaining goods by false pretences,sentence was postpon iid, to allow time for counsel to prepare a bill of exceptions. l/tnry M Hii?g??The same disposition was made of the con vie ion of this young man for forgery, on motion ul Wm. M Price, his counsel lulu A V. thn tiotnrions black hnrclar. airaui.l 'hom there were lour indir-lmrni* for buigliry in the lirst degree, entered ? (.lost of guilty on rnr of the charg??, and was sentenced to the Na'e ptivon for twenty-one year* em) ill month* Tiial for .abortion ?The trial of Nh|oUoii Lareux. viadunie Catinri' e Guetal, and Madamo mliennu Costel lo. alius Visxwull to; oii?d<meaner hi procuring ah ruon mm u Front ) girl mimed Zulma Marache, on tiie It'll ol February , 1*43, w as resumed lurthe third Jay. The 1 ourt imin u at crowded to ear ess, .as much interest has beet, xcitwl among a Certain jsiitiun of out French populte ion. Mrlsmr Po>?ot, who was sworn on Thursday evening, was re calie-i. and stated that she bad seen Zulin i Mararliu lake medicine from a small vial, in the moutli of July '813; and ilia' on the 15th of Februat y, at the lime tlx witness received the letter stating that Zolma was prig nant, she told witness that the was not. and she wouh compel the writer of the letter to prove it. Ok't'ioe Porkst, called and sworn?I am a cabinet mn Iter at 3?3 Broadway ; J know Zulma Msrache ; 1 saw her xii the 1-tth of February, It?t3 ; she looked veiy well on that (lav. The defence then called Mona. Guetal, the hu>bind ol tludainu Guetal, one ol the parties on trial I'.titistTH*, called and sworn.?I know Zulma VlaiHche, and resided in the teim house with her in August last ; I hud a conversation with Iter after ah> ame nut of Kldridge street prison, where she was confined for slauder on Madame Uuutnl ; she said she had been in prison, and she wou'd have revenge ; she would not give up if she would lose her fingers all to pieces ; 1 asked her if she had had a child ; she told me >hat Napoleon had bought stuff" for her to take, and tli?' he and Madame Gnctal told her to tuke it; she also saiu that Madame Guetal told her to take courage, as it would be bad for her to have a child without any husband ; she never mentioned the name of Madame t'ostello to me . the also said that Najmleon had promised tu marry her hut that he could not marry her then hut wanted her to ake medicine to get rid of it, and thru he would marry her ; this was in July and August, 1813 ; I once saw a tali man come home with Zulma at night, antj, afterwards an old man. Dr. Jon* Abeille, called and sworn, and Wra Shale as interpreter?1 have lived here twenty seven y ears ; I have known Napoleon Lareux seven or eight years. Q. Did you ever sell any medicine to Lareux to procure abortion f District Attorxkt objected, as there had been no evj lence that he had except the statement ef Zulma Marache that Lareux told her so. The Court overruled thfl question. Q? Did Zulma Marache call upon you to enquire whether you had sold any medicine to Lareux, to procure al>ortjon. A?Some Indies called to see me and I tolu them to leave, that I never sold any such medicine to any body. Josv'ph Pelfssit.r, called and sworn?Shaler, interpn ter.?1 have known Zulma Marache since June, 1842; I have lived at BO Leonard street; 1 saw her on the 14th an 13th of February last; her health was then good: sin lined at my house on the 16th ; I have seen her talking with men at 10 and 13 o'clock, at the gate in front of oui house. MtOiMi: Victoria Peliessikr, called.? I know Zulmti Marache : she dined with me on the 16th of Fphru&rv. Francis Hirooxin, called ?1 know Xulma Marache : lived in the name house where she did in lune, 1842 ; I have seen her in the yard talking with persons. Cross-fxamincd ? I have never seen anything imprepei with her. Da John M. Macaulky, called ?I married Mrs. Catherine Ames to Mr. Wm Maxwell, on the 3l?t of October. IS4I This testimony was introduced to sustain the oh jection urged by defence against the indictment, which avers that Madame Costello, alias Maxwell, was a " spinster" at the time she committed the act ol abortion. Francis Dav, called.?I live at the Wallabout and manufacture bronze ornaments ; 1 knew Xulma Marache, anr have known her for lour years ; I never talked to hei about meeting her at a Mrs. Robbins's ; she came to my place with her brother, brother-in-law and sister.; this witness knew nothing relative to the girl. PiiTta r. Colp, caned?I am a private watchman, and stand in Hanover square ; I know Julio Bondsret s he wa> formerly a porter in the store of Moran & Iceland ; in the winter of 1843. he left the key of the store with me to gto a ball ; he returned about three o'clock with a young French woman, anil he went into the store with her. Crosi-eTaminrd?Ile made no secresy about it. Mr. Bradt here offered in evidence the nflidRvit of Xulma Marache, given by her at the time Napoleon Larens was held to bail in the civil suit. The District Attorney objected, as he had no opportunity to cross-examine her relative to it, as it waa not prolured in evidence when she was on the witness stand. The Court ruled the offidavit out, and then took a recess from half past t Wo till a quarter past three o'clock. Evknimi Session. The defence called George Greeji, Helen Lareux and Henry A. Lucas, who testified to the general good clia racier 01 tviRtiame uuetai. The ulli.Uvit of the girl Znlma Mnrache, en which La i en* was held to bail in the civil unit for adduction, w.e hen road hy defence, n* also the atfiJuvit ether slater, '/.v Iiii Payfer taken before the police. The defence then offered to cull each of the defendant in this case, one lor ihe other or to allow the jury to c i ihem before them sepjriaely for examination, after li,. jury had retired. The District Attorney objected, and the Co'lit snstaineti 'lie objection. Hxirar P. BenatR. called.?1 am an attorney at law : I prepared this altidavit of Zulrna Msrsche; I merely i -erted such pjriiou ol her statement as I considered n< c> fary Chasi-m Vei.'.f.r called?Knows Napoleon Lsren\ ind Matnine Ouetal; th?ir characters have boon goo< 'oho P Kttaiet know V.,K l?on Larenx as of good cln ic'er ; kndrier Mat'' leu known him for eight j ears; lib ( Utatiou U go >d j Kronen Aioaud gave sitni ar leannoey Or David K. ?'??us was called ? Hia testimony i'l? Ijlive to the , ffect of the operation of abortion by an mtroneut which it ia unnecessary to publish. Job ''mitntu called - i keep a "tore ; know Larenx ; his character hat been good Several other w it neites were culled to 'he same point. Josffh Stoutx-ia'. flailed?Zulma Mararhetold me thri Larenx. and a w oman compelled her to take some med cine, nnd when I told her that that was almost imjiosii'd' ha aaid aho was nearly crazv and did not know what all. lid The defence rested at this point. P*sin. B An as, called for the pro?e*utlon ?1 reside at Staten Island ; I am steamboat agent between this city ind Hartford?the Norwich line Q?Was there any hoot that left this citv for Boston, on he afternoon of the l-Jth of February, 1S43 t A?Thrrr wit vol, at thrrt u>at a rrttrm that day; thi Norwich boat for Boston left on Sunday the pith. as ?h. was detained j passengers that left on Sunday would nut have arrived in Bolton until Monday morning the 13th <v February ; I have a list of the passenger* that went t. Boston on Sunday ; neither the name of Madame Cottellu cor Mrs. Maxwell, is ou the passenger list of the boat thai left here on Sunday. [It will he recollected that the testimony of prosecution to show the alibi, was that Madame Onstello left this city (or Boston on Saturday the 11th of February ] Crott-naminrd ?No boat left on Saturday afternoon. R K Lock wood, called and sworn ?I am Secretary ol 'he New Jersey Transportation Company ; the only regular lines to Boston in February were the Slonington and Norwich lines. Q Was there any boat on the Stonington line for Boston on Saturday the llth of Fehiuary, 1H43 V There waa not; our boat left on Friday the 10th ol February. Crott-rjtamintd ?I saw the fact of k storm noted on the var bill, as having taken place on Saturday the lltliol February. <g. Did you at the time theae way hills were given to you ktiflw the (acta that thev contained ? Utuov objected, as the ban I-writing on the way-bills was not that of the witness. Tti" Cover overruled the objection. A--I know the fact-our host sailed from here on Kridav afternoon, the lOtli ofKehruary, IM3 By the Cou*t - Q. Po you know from your own knowledge that the boot left on Friday, or do yon derive it from 'he papers in your possession 1 A At the time tin-memorandumi were given to me, I knew thev were true; hot I cannot poaitively say, from my actual knowledge, that she sailed on Friday. I can 'peak only Irorn the way-hill; I f el |>ositive, from the way-bill, hat she did leave oil that day. DiiratcT ATTn*i?s.r ? We shall here cloae, with the exception of one or two witnesses, to show the general good character of the complainant /ulma Marache Mr, Ussnr objected, and the Court sustained the objection The 'estimony on both sides then closed at ? quarter before 7 o'clock. loirs T Ba ?nr, F.sq. summed up for the defence in a nosi Rhle and masterly argument, and closed at about 10 o'clock at night JaWri R Wmrino, Esq, will comnenr.e the argument for prosecution this moruing, at 10 o'clock, to which time the Court adjourned. DrrKh.?A duel waa fought at Hamburg, S. C-. on the Kith, between a Mr. Cuanlngham and a Mr. McOowen, in which the latter was shot through the head. tVespons. rifles ; distance, thirty paces Mr McOowen's wound was not immediately fatal, and it was thought that he might recover. The duel had been some time in agitation. " !'. j1c .jj.u1' >i' e'.'mj .'H7-THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA, ffnntian and Hasafras, prepared by the New fork College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for 'he suppression of quackery. This powerful extract, inquired by scientific and meoical men, will he found ill Initely superior to the mixture sold hy druggists as sarsaparilla, who ore totally ignorant of the medicinal proper es ol the roots from which they muke the nx'ract. In all liseases arising from an impure state of the Mood, siieh as <crofuln. salt rheum, ulcers, chronic rheumatism, pimples rpustules on the fir.eor body.nodes.pains in the hones or Hints, and all complaints arising from an impioper u?e >f uvrrurythis extrac wli he highly beneficial Hold in single bottles at 7ft cents earn, cases of half dozen 'l0 lo I dozen, 1>d carofnlly packed and sent to all parts o 'he Union. Office ol the college, ft/, Nassau sf \V. 8. RICH ARt)HON, Agent N. B A liberal discount to country practitioaara and medicine vauiorv (fty-tiRAND SCIENTIFIC ENTERTAINMENT, IN the Apollo Saloon, Thi* Evening, at hall past 7 o'clock Professor Bronson, hy particnlar desire, assisted hy Dr. C. D Brown, will give a scientific und amoving exhil ition of their Hydro Oxj gen Microacopic View* of object* in the mineral, vegetable and animul kingdoms, wilh the celebrated Driwnniond Light, magnify ing many thousand time*. Also, the decomposition ol beams of Light, c>lestial Princes, with the most beautiful and ever-changing variety of Colors, Animalcule* of Liquid*, of living Human Blood, with dissolving view* of Oriental Moonlight and other scenery. To conclude with several wall-known and re?pectalilc 1 gentlemen taking Exhileruling or Laughing Uas, with explanatory remark* Admission -jo cent*. Cry- THE WEAK, THE FEEBLE, THE INFIRM, the nervous, the delicate, are in a few day * strengthened by Brindreth's Pill*, and the worst complaints are removed by perseverance, without the expense of a physician Adapted to all circumstances and situations, they are the best medicine ever invented for families, or to take to sea. preventing scurvy and costiveiic**, requiring no change of diet, particular regimen, or c?re, against taking cold. Those who are anxious to better tlieir health,should at once commence the ttsi of these Pills; they will have cause to he thankful. SOLD?at 241 Broadway?at 25 rents per box?alto at 274 Bowery; 180} Hudson street; vita Booth, 5 Market at , Brooklyn; Parker, Newark; Mr. Wilkinson, 411 Chary street, G(y-ITALIAN MKDI ATEO SOAP?The gr at und 'ncrra-ii.g demand lor this article is the best proof of its < vine hik) ini|H>rU ir? in the estimation ol tire ainicieu : he unlail n< success at'rnding it, has Wen unusual and cxti nsivi w?t once establishing iu extraordinary etticacy, and urn u ing u repata lon as exalted a? it is durable.? Within the last five )nri lince Mi Wright iiitinduced this 8oap into the L'niied gtate3. as agent ol the iinmcrtal I Italian Inventor, many thousand persona, rich ami poor, have been cured ol' various distressing scrofulous, lep"oue, and acoi hutlc romplainta. as well ag all other erup 'loin and disfigurement or discoloration of the human skin, rendering it smooth, clear and delicately white. For chapped flesh and chafing in children, it* elf.-ct* are immi diate. The proprietor, Dr. Felix Oouraud, anxiously autions the public against the effects of counterfeit! rhealill increasing demand consequent on such an extern ?ivti sale of to valuable and blosaeJ a remedy, ha* excited tha cupidity of covetous persons, who shamefully tamper with tlie health aad beauty of others, for the advantage of a trifling gain to themselves. To put off their counterfeits, many artful means are resorted to. To obtain the gruuineitis necessary to buy nowhere else but at 67 Walker street, one door from the corner of Broadway.? One cake, W> cents, we warrant will effect a cure iu all case* of short standing Again we say, buy no where butat07 Walker street, just one door from the corner of Broadway, " or you will be cheated by an infamoua, dishonest counterfeit. If you are thus cheatod, punish the offender well." {*?- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S CELEBRATED ?ILI,S, for the radical clira of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, and all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra These pills are guaranteed to effect a permanent cure in all diseases ol the urethra, in a shorter time than any other remedy ever brought before the public, without tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement irom business. Price 51 per box. Oltice of the College if Pharmacy and Medicin *, OA Nassau street. W. s RICHARD SON, Agent. N. B ? A liberal discount to country practitioners and medicine venders. {& CONNF.L'8 MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, from 21 Courtlandt street, will cure any of the following1 complaints, or all the pay is reiuntledfor it, viz :? IIurns, Wealds, Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, ''iles, Eruptions, Chilblains, Chafes, Frosted Parts, Barbers'Itch, Sore Nipples (k Eyes, Sprains, Bruises, King Worm, Old Sores. Rheumatism. Caciion? Buy only at 21 Courtlandt street, in this city, I or you will be cheated with a have counterfeit. (KJ- THE EXPERIENCE OF FIVE YEARS HAs I 'men attended with unprecedented success, proving hei ond the possibility of a doubt that Sherman's Worm Lozenge- are decidedly the best worm destroyer that has ver been brought before the public And they are so pleasant to the tuste, so perfect in their opai at ion. and so I convenient, that mothers who now have suffering chili Iren do not think of tiring anything else. They administer a dose or two, and tin; work is done The spoon is banished with all its nauseous accompaniments, and t'?e children, instead of turning up their noies, Hock around l-t ?sk?f?'ni.o in Pen nc hor/1 lie MWP fnr \ ll t* ' ; dose that frees them from 10 marry ills in so short a time. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 106 Nassau street. Agents , ? 227 Hudson street ; 188 Bowery ; 77 East Broadway : 139 and 333 Kulton street, Brooklyn, and 8 State street, Boston. 07- RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXrURK?Kor the permanent cure of primary or secondary Syphilis, and all affections produced by an inrpro|>rr use at mercury This powerful alterative should he used by I <11 persons suspecting a venereal taint in their system from former disease. It is warranted to remove all impurities from the blood Sold, in single bottles. $1 each ; in rases of half do/en, $5, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the Union. Office of the College of Medicine ind Pharmacy, 95 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B.?A liberal discount to country practitioners and medicine venders. I 07- WEST'S CHLORINE COSMETIC AND PILLS, rom 21 Courtlundt street, warranted 10 cure any caseoi [ling Worms, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Sur Abo, the Oriental Water of Gold, a new and delightful perfume foi he toilet. All that aso it will observe that it gives the iail* a polish, and the skin a delicacy of feeling, before [ inknown. 07-YOU PUSILLANIMOUS SCOUNDREL, WHOSE Meanness can equal yours ? Look at your fair young wile ?ith her bright, sunny, healthy face! Look at your iwn-pitted with eruptions and blotches ! Yet you are io mean to give fifty cents for a cake of tha great Italian "hemical s ip, which would entirely free you from rid make yt,ur yellow skin clear and healthy. Go at once and get a cake at the sign of the American Eagle, >Ia 82 Chatham stre-t, and 323 Broadway, N. Y ; or 139 Pulton street, Bceokly n. 07-JONES' SPANISH LILY WHITE. FOR MAKING ailies'cheeks a flue alabaster white This is different to omman chalk?we warrant it not to injure Sold at the ign of the Americas Eagle, 82 Chatham street, and 323 I road w y, N. Y .or 139 Kulton street, Brooklyn. J- CONSTITUTIONAL UEB1LITV CURED?Th. 'onic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine an ' l.a.tuacy of the city of New York, is confidently r? oinmcui ed for all cams of debility produced by secret in lulgunoe or exres? of any kind It is au invaluable seme ly for impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depend 'ng ou mal-hr mat ion ) Single Imttles f.1 each ; cases of half a dozen $5; care lly parked au.l sent to all parts of the Union t^ice of thv College of Medicine and Pharmacy. # " '|o?an street W s 'III fltHD'DN Agent N B.?A liberal discount to country practitioners and odlrire renders. 07- SPRING AND SUMMER MEDICINE.?At this -m.-n of the > ear every oiiu should purge or purily their lood We wool I rerominend for this purpose, J W -lly's Dou'd- Extract of Snpiaparilla Candy, as the heapest and tiest article fiefore the public. In diseases Ming from impurity of the blood, as pimples on the face, Ml I!f? upon inr ruin, .ij-ip-..-, . ... crnful i or king's evil, in it* various lorms ; coughs and oils, rheumatism, obstinate cutaneous eruptions, bile, hintiic sore eyes, ringworm or tatter, scald brail, enurgement and pain of the honea and joints, stubborn leers, syphilitic symptoms, diseasi s arising from the use f mercury, female derangements of every kind, particuarly thoae arising from relaxtiona, Ac Ac , nil give way othis Extract of Sersaparilla, for which Mr. Kelly wa< warded a diploma by the American Institute. For sale, wholesale and retail by J. W. Kelly Si Co, 97 Fulton street, and all the principal druggists in the city. Of?- COMSTOCK'8 EXTRACT OF 9ARSAPARILLA from 31 Courtlandt alreet, fur the cure of Chronic llheti natism, cutaneous diseases, scrofula, king's evil, general debility, eruptions in the skin, swelling of the bones, tad all diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, excessive use of mercury, Ac Price 40 cents per bottle, or $4 per dozen. (Ity-BALD AND GRAY HEADS. AHOY.?How often have you been humbugged with hair compounds. Well, , ou are not afraid to risk three shillings lor a good article ifter being so often shaved of $1 for trash, are you 7 No ! 'hen get a three shilling bottle of Jones' ('oral Hair Itastorotive ; these are its real qualties : will force the hair to grow, stop its falling off cute scurf and dan 'riff nd tnnke light, red or gray hair grow dark and beautiful 4old at the sign of the American Eagle. 33 Clint hum street, mil 333 Broadway, N. Y , and I3'J Fulton st , Brooklyn. (VJ- POMMADE POUR LES LEV RE 9, scented very highly with otto of rose; Nouveau Blanc do Perle, tres in. for the complexion; Rouge de Theatre, llesle's Hair Restorative: Sands' Sarsaparilla; Jayne's Hair Tonic wautif'tl Hiir Dye; Bouquet de t'aroline; Mille des Ftenrs Ac ? to be had at 67 tvalker street, rmsr store from Broadway. Jty- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID. -The members ol .he Mew York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, it: eturning the public thanks for the liberal support they have received in their elfart* to " suppress quackery, h x leave to ?t?te that their particular attention continue i be directed to all diseases of a private nature. and from 'he great improvements lately made in the principal ho* pitnl* of K.urope in the treatment of those diseases they -an confidently otfer to persons requiring madieal aid a t vantages not to he met with in any institution hi alfli ountry, either public or private The treatment of tin College is such as to insure success in ev rv case, and i> otally different from that -am. r cits practice of ruining lie constitution with mercury, an 1 inmostcaaea leaving i disease much worse than the original. One of the mem a-rs of the College .for nreny years connected with ths principal hospitals <4 ) tiropo, attends daily for a coasnlta ion from fl A.M. to8 P.M. Terms?Advice and medicine, $* A cure guaranteed Imposiaxt to Oniwrnv IsrALiDf ?Persons living ir he country and not finding it convenient to attend per tonally, can have forwarded to them a cheat containins ill medicines requisite to |ierform a perfect cure by statinj heir case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time o :ontraction and treatment received elsewhere, if an] ind enclosing $5, post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent Office and Consulting rooms of the College. G* Nassai rest QTJ- DCAFNRSS.?DR. McNAIR'8 ACOUSTIC Oil, a Certain rnre for deafness: It will relieve at once Also the Indian Elixir and tdnimcnt, warranted to cure an; case ofrlieumatism. gout, contracted cords, musclei, Stc at 31 Courtlaudt street. firj-JUST RECEIVBD, A FRESH SUPPI.V. ERO\ Mr. Henry tlslley, of his Magical Pain Extractor Salve for curing hums, scalds, piles, ami all inflammatory com plaints K H Dalley he not wriltrv with a pen. avoid i as poison. 67 Walker street, rtssT stosc from II road way Qtj. LOOK at THAT ion WHISKERS -Vouns gentlemen wfch feel ambitious to sport whiskers, shouli hoy a 3 shilling tiottlp of ./ones ' oral Hair Restorative Many think thia is puffed In the papers, It is no good let Hu m give it one trial ; it will force the liair It gro-.v ori any part where nature intended hair to grow I I is sold at the sign uf the Amarlcan Eagle, H-i Chatham st. Now York ; ?r 1W Fulton straot, Brooklyn. Or?" STOP YOUR HAIR FROM FALLING OFF, or you wilt noon be bat 1 We Jo nut ?av this to 'alarm you, because there ii un dancer oi it if ) ou uie the p'eriu tie Old ridge a Balm of Columbia, from JI ("unrtlandt atreet. It will ]>oiitiveiy atop the hair from falling oil, ami came it to crow luxuriously. keeping it free from Janilrutf or acurf, and gives the hail e beautiful glum. And Cologne Water aud llay Hum quart bottlei, price AO centa. Qn- TO THE EDITOR OF THE NEW YORK HERALD ?Sis :?There was a temperance meeting at Mr. Pieris', at Belmont tlouae. ou Sunday evening, over which the Rev. lldephontm Medrano presided, whose ardent real in the reform of the inhabitants of Sta'eu Island surpasses description. All classes, all creeds?in short, eveiy one respects him: wherever you turu on the islaud you will find this pious, indefatigable old priest, teaching the salutury lesson of temperance. The meeting was respectable. After an introductory lecture from Rev. Mr. Vediano, Mr. K. 0 Connery spoka tor an hour and a half on the life and actions ot St Putiick, showing his fellow-countrymen that the way to spend that day was in temperance and holiness. This gentleman has a fine conception of elocution, met the choicest selection ol language; ui.d if he pays many visits to this island, will be a powerful auxiliary to the pious Medrauo in carrying out the great principles to temperance relorin. Great credit isdueto Mr. 1'ieris in giving his beautiful room free. fit?- THE HUMAN HAIR. ?It Is an established fact? whatever ignorant empyrics say to the con(r*ry-that all Oils, greases, creams, pomatums, or any article of that character, are |K>aitively injurious to hair that shows any sympto n 01 wemines orcnange 01 color. C'lirehugh's Tricophrrous or Patent Medicated Compoviii 1 in the only article ever invented that will prevent Baldness, Orcy Hairs, and removo scurf and clandnlt It strengthens the weakeit hair, give* it a <oft glossy appearance and produce* beautiful flowing curia. It haa the combined advantage' of 'i wash and an oil without the drying qualities of the one or the greasy appearance ol the other. Ita dlrtues are established beyond cavil or dispute Its use is recommended hy the principal medical faculty here and by the first families in the country. The principal nobflity in F.ngland and France use nothing else In Havana, Mexico and Brazil, the Tricopheroua has superceded the use of every other article lor preserving the hair and cleansing the skin. Principal office 305 Broadway, up stairs. {&?- HUNTKRIAN DISPENSARY. 3 DIVISION ST., established in 1835, (or the sale of the famous Hunter's Red Drop, now known for its unparnlled cures all over the United States and Europe, in secret diseases that have baffled the skill of tome of the most eminent physicians, say nothing of the hundreds of doctors that start up like mushrooms all over the country. Price $1 per vial, warranted in all cases No other place in this city can the true article he obtained. This medicine cannot he obtained in Boston, Mass., although counterfeits are spread all over that city. Ne ther can it he obtained in Buffalo or Albany, or Charleston, 8 C. Dr. Thos. Johnston, Louisville, Ky.. Is our only western agent. .HON H V NtKKET. Friday, March 92?0 P.M. The stock market 1., still very leverish but prices are somewhat better. The sales at both hoards were to a moderate extent. Long Island advanced lj percent; Mohawk I); Harlem 3; Paterson |; Norwich }; Ohio 8's J; Kentucky ?; Farmers'Trust I j; Penns) lvania 6's lj; In- r liana *; Illinois lj; Canton j; Vicksburg J; United States 6'a j; North;American Trust closed firm at yesterday's prices. Foreign Exchange is looking up a little. Prime hills on London cannot be less than.106; on Paris the ruling quotation is if 3'ijc. Domestic Exchange remains without much alteration. The annexed quotations ore now current:? Domkstic EscHsnor.. March 12, 1814. U? !/ . Aim \ ,, .1 ,, I,,. > , ^ Aim Philadelphia, )4 a " Mobile, 8 a 8& " Baltimore, hi a " Montcomery, 8 a H* " Yirsiuia, V" Tusca'oos*, 8 a 8I4 " North Carolina, lMal>?" New Orleans, I a I Spin Charleston, p.ira )4 -l Nsahville. a 2 dia Savannah, la " Louisville, t a 1)4 " VuSmjIh, 14 a K " Si. Louis, 1)4 a I). " Co'uiiibus, 1 a 1)4 Cincinnati, 1)4 a 2 " Vlacou, 1)4 a 2 " Michiirm 2 a J " Union, Florida, 70 a 72 " Mobile (siiecie) )4 a 1 |>m South. L.HtT. (lo 75 a 80 " Treasury Notes, new emission, par The receipts of specie at New Orleans on the 12th Inst., amounted to $14,000; on the 13th to $101,060, making the total receipts for the season, $4,993 620. The stock operations in Boston are principally in rail road shares. Eastern Railroad is quoted at 8 per cent advance; Boston and Maine, 4J do.; Worcester, 15?al6j) do.; Western, $6#J per share; Portsmouth, $90 do ; Merimack Manufacturing Company, 31 j advance, $11,000 Massachusett's State S's, payable in 1867, interest semiannually, sold at 3jj advance. The committee appointed to make a report in relation to the contemplated railroad between New York and New Haven, have done so. It is favorable to-the project. One of the reasons given why the road should he built, is that i*. would be indispensable in time oi war. The capitalist* . nrror/ml in ntolrintr rioooccunr onnii{piao an j . mined to push the matter, if the return* from tbo<e engaged in obtaining information, give the moit rcasonablo encouragement. The amendment* to the Constitution of this State in relation to State indebtedne3* were ordered to a third resiling in the Hou*e. These amendment* propose? First?In relation to the present debt, they confirm all tne pledge* and guarantee* of the act of 1842, and carry out it* objects by providing absolutely for it* liquidation in a period of twenty two and a halt years. Second?In relation to future indeb'eduess, they prohibit the incurring any debt by the State, beyond 51,000,000, (except in case of an insurrection or invasion) unless the specific question shall be submitted to acd approved by the people The amendments also provide for the annual payment of the interest on the debt that may hereafter bo made, by taxation or otherwise, and the redemption of the principal within a period ef eighteen years. The amendment to the Constitution of this .State will prevent any accumulation of the puhlic debt, and is a measure of much importance, and of great benefit.? i'he present indebtedness of the State compels the tariff of tolls on our public work.* to lie placed at a very high point In consequence of the many routes for the transportation of freight from the west, having established a greet competition, our canals cannot obtain the proportion of produce they have heretofore received. The canals of Pennsylvania draw largely on tho receipts from the Krle canal. The YVelland canul on the north attract immense quantities >f produce from those of this State. With these works in active operation and determined competition, it is necessary to reduce the rata of ta b on our woiks, to secure sufficient travel to keep them in active use. The obstacle to tho adoption of this measure is the immense debt of the State, and the large revenue required to meet the annual interest. This revenue is derived principally from canal tolls, and the rate hat to be kept up to the ' highest point possible, to provide an amount sufficient to meet the henvy annual payments. It is only by a reduc" tion of the public debt, that the toll* on the canal can he reduced, and the debt can only be reduced by passing laws preventing the smallest accumulation. This subject will in a few years become one of vast importance to this section of the country,and the sooner retrenchment commences, to be prepared for an emergency, the better. Most of the public improvements made in the western States, havo very indirectly, an unfavorable influence upon those of thia State. Canal* connecting the water* of the Ohio river with thoie of Lake Krie, an<l thoae running through Indiana and Illinois, connecting the water* of the MUsil?ipi>i with tha*e of Lakea Michigan and Krie, will draw a great deal ot produce from the notthern route* to tho?e running morn aoutherly. It i? a matter requiring a great ileal of investigation, whether the reduction of toll* on the canal* of thl* State would not increase the revenue lrom that aource, by the additional freight that would tie traniported. The Legislature will he compelled to take thin matter in hand before many se**ion* hare paa*ed over. The amendment* to the Constitution above alluded to, is the first step toward* a reduction of rates on all the canals of the State. f Anneaed, we give an act passed at the late session of i the Ohio Legislature, regarding insolvent debtors. It is of importance to the merchants in this city engaged in tho t western trade, and will govern them in their moremrnts 1 with those likely to coma within Its jurisdiction.? ' I To amend the act entitled 11 An act for the relief of insol- I vent debtors " I Arc 1 Be it rnmetrii Ay the General .Ittmhly of the. State I 1 of OWs, That the certificate ol the Commissioner of in- I ; solvents, and ol the < ourta ?l Common I'leas, authorized I ' to he given to applicants lor the ben. fit of the act to which I ' this is sn amendment, alia]I not protect the person of the I ' applicant from arrest or imprisonment for any debt, or de- I " man.I, that haa or may accrue for money or property re- I ' eeived while acting as a public, officer, executor, a lininis- I ' trator. guardian, or while acting in any other fiduciary I character I Sr. l That all non resident applicants for the benefit I ' ot the ant to which this is an amendment, shall give bond I with surety to the acceptance ot the any I ; sum not less than tlie nmount of the debt for whiclt he is I | in custody, conditioned ns is provided in said act. I Sec S That the commissianer of insolvents may give I ' to the applicant for the benefit of the act to which this is I an amendment, who is at the time of such application a I . resident of the county where such application is mode, H and being in actual custody of an officer on mesne or final I process, such certificate as is provided for in tho act to I which this is an amendment, without requiring any bond ' of such applicant: Provided, the commissioner shall be I I satisfied that the aptdicant haa delivered up nil Ins money I ' and property, or that th? applicant has committed no I fraud by disusing of any money or property, or that the I application has not been made for the purpose of enabling I ] the applicant 10 remove his hmly out ot the of the court where said application is ma le, or th? commis- I ?ioner may in his discretion reipiiic the SppU MttOglve I t bond with surety agreeably to the provisions of the act I to which this is an sin-inlment in any'um not eyre. .In g I the a nount of the deht or demanl for which said apple I cant may he in custody j Hce 4 That so much of the act entitle! An act i?; the relief of insolvent debtors," passed March If, as H , is con'rary to the provisions of this act he. and iho same I , is hereby repealed .JOIIV M. 0\I.LA0IIF,n, I Bpoofcsr ot lbs House of Repmontoiives I THOMAS W. BAH ILK, V, ' I March 4, A. D. 1*44. Hpeeker of the Senate I

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