Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1844 Page 3
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ly arranging to place his New York correspondent in lunds to meet his drafts upon liim, he wai probably hidden in New York,fund, there i* no, employed a man who called himself Katon, to coma out with a large amount of Pha-uix \ ank notei, to drain the bank ot its coin ile arrived here on the 4th inetant, presented in broken doses, and Collected in sjiecio some $10,000 of the notes, ieaving but a few hundred dollars in the vault) to pay the balance of the debts "The losses by Konter are computed at fiSO 000 being divided between the corporations of Augusta, individuals at the Bay, and the Wall street brokers, the latter ol whom purchased freely of Kostur's drafts on Mayer almost to the day of his failure." This is another of the many shinplaster hanks that are distributed through the country, owned soul and body bp a set of speculator who could not raise $100 in specie to save their heads. Look out lor I'lainfield. Martin, the president of the Phoenix Bank, was arrested in Charleston, aud imprisoned. A. Mayer, the person alluded to in the above extract, is the cotton sjieculator that failed in this city some little time since. The principal subject of remark in the financial circles in London, is the re-chartering of the Bank ol K.ngland. and the movements now makinj in anticipation of that event. The present charter of the hank expires August 1st, 1844. The charters of the hank since its creation have been as follows :? likntwiii or tiik i lumi r or the f*?<K or Kkui.ami A)iilr of Charter renewal to run. To entire ,1rt Capital. 1691, July 27, 1' years Will. 3-1,5th ?|.2'.0,<WI' 1"9T, li " 1719 ' 3d, Bill 2,'01 l"l 1707, ? Capital reduced. 1.200 (WW 1702, 2? years 1732 Anne 7th 5.359.M4 1713, 10 " 1712 " 12th 5,5i9 99'i ' 17,2, ? Capital ill' reused, 8.959,095 1742, 22 yran 1764 Geo 2d. 15th 9 80 ,010 1746, Capital increased 111 per r nt 10.720,100 1764, 22 yea * 1780 Geo. 3d, 4th 10.780 00f 181. 41 " 18>2 " 3d, 21st 11,611,000 lflon. 33 " 1?31 " 3d, 40th 11,642,100 116, P ofiU added to stock. 14,351,000 1833, 10 years 1813. The charter obliges Parliament to give one year's notice of its intention. The year expires the last of July the present year. This powerful institution is pursuing a course of action that has caused considerable speculation in the public mind as to the result oi the movement that will eoon be made. The whole banking system of Great Britain will be thoroughly investigated during the present session of I'uiliament, and a decision made regarding the Bank of England. There is a very surious contest going on between the bank and the joint stock companies ol Great Britain. The London journals have taken up the issue. Those interested in the joint stock hanking com panics have already their friends in Parliament, protecting their institutions against the powerful influence Oj their opponent. The ministry are in favor of the Bank of England, and in favor of making that institution the only bank of issue in the kingdom. The connection thai exists between the;bank and the government, is of a very volnnble consideration to the ministers, and one that cannot he dissolved without involving surious consequences The government is a large,creditor of the hank, and that institution has been of great service in reducing the debt of the country, and in granting facilities to the ministry in timo ol need. During the numerous and lengthy wars in which England has been involved, the government has been sustained by the bank, and without which they never could have been successfully carried out. These events have drawn the bands of connection between the government and the bank so tight, that they cannot with out danger he severed, and this gi' <-s the bank the power to demand of the ministry additional privileges. The power they request, if granted, will be death to the private In!,,I ulnnlr 11.. 1 : ,1? 1? t <- - r JV.I.1 nwwn wviiijimiioit u; 1'ci.uiiiiiik uie umy imilK U1 issue, it holds the destinies of the private banks at will, and can break them down whenever it may deem proper to do so. The private bankers have no advocate among the ministers. Their influence goes no further than Parliament, and it is supposed they ^will fall short of their oh ject. The secret movements ol' the Bank of England, at the date of our last advices, were creating a great excitement throughout Great Biitain. The immense accumu latiou of bullion, and the additional strength given to every department of its business, shows plainly that the government of that institution aie preparing for some contest in which they will have much to contend against, and in which they are determined to be succeesful. In a great measure, the Bank of England is at this moment similarly situated to the United States Bank just before Congress refused to recharter it. In the cuse of the Bank of England, it has the government In its favor, and in the case of the United States Bank, the government was op posed to it. The Bank of England has the joint stock bank i opposed to it, and the United States Bank had the State bank system tin the opposition. The first move ' made against the Bank of the United States originated in a bunk in the city ol Utica, in the iuterior of this State From that s[>ot the bali was set in[motion that finally overbalanced the great regulator. The State Banks turned against the United States Bank, in consequence of an attempt mado by that institution to monopo lize the issue of paper money, and to control the movements of the local banks. II sought to la-come the chief ruler of all financial opera, ations, and to hold in check all otlnr institutions who did not acknowledge its supremacy. The government firmly entered the contest in the bank, and the war was curried on vigorously. In the meantime the currency became enormously inflated, the issues o( paper money were to an immense amount ; speculation became general in nil descriptions of property, and .amidst the greatest ex pausiou of banking operations, the United States Bunk went'out otexistence. A revulsion followed that event, that shook the whole system of banking to the very foun. dation and ruined thousands before the force of it was ubntcd. With all the energy and enterprise the people of this country possess, with all our unbounded resources and unlimited wealth, it is only after years of industry and the most rigid economy, that we have recovered the jmsition the country at present occupies. No other nation on the face of the earth could have sustained a revolution in commercial affairs, similar to the one that immediately followed the dissolution of the United States Bank. The people of this country were young and in the gristle, and could not break?it was fortunate they could bend to the blast The movements going forward throughout Great relation to,financial afl'aiis.will result in a revulsion somewhat similar to that produced by the contest between the banking interest of this country. With the Bank f Kngland and the ministry on one side, and the private Joint Stock Ranks and the large commercial interests on the other, a system of warfare will r>e carried on that will terminate in bankruptcy and ruin to thousands It will he seen by the annexed table of comparative re turns made by the hanks of Great Britain, that the principal increase is in the movements of the Bank of Kngland, the Joint Stock Banks showing but a very small addition to their former circulation. Banks or Oheat Britain. Eiigland. Nov 11. Dec. 9 Jan. 6 h'rh 3 Bant of K?nlsud, ?19 SS4.(KM 18,791,1100 I8.9til,fin0 21.828,000 Pr vat B inks, - - - 4 9111,971 4 913 018 1.824.975 4,98" I IS Join' H ock banks 3,315,318 3,161,033 3,334,999 3 148.433 Scotland Privnte mi J int S o s Banks,-" 2,915.030 3 166,920 2,901,716 2,793,403 Ireland B ,ak of Ira'am!,- 3,511,475 3,503 475 3.489,650 ) Pri;ate end Joint > 6,010,565 Stuck B inks,- 2,404,045 2,376.676 3.361 89) T ltd ?38,631.143 35 531,153 35,774,259 39,163,539 Ball ion iii Bank of Kuflind, ?12,025,000 12,996.000 14,633 000 15,480 000 Unit Im ore Cnttle market. M m'.ch il ?There were 1-20 head of beef cattle offered | lit the scales on Vtonnav an,I OO si?l,t In 16s hni^k,.., - ' prices ranging from $1 S7A tod Ml per 100 lhs on tin; lioof, equal to f;t 7.'< h $">, according to quality. The|re*t were laid over On yeaterday, 3'.'* head were taken, ut ptices ranging from fd !H 'o 3 SO per 100 lhs. Died. On Saturday, -3d inst of apoplexy, Dicdkich, a native ol < Jermnny, in the 40th year of l.ia age His friend* are respectfully invited to attend his fnneral thin nfrernoon at J o'clock, (roni hit lato residence, 18 i Delancy, corner ol t hrj stie street. On Sunday morning, 34th inst alter a lingering illness, Mrs Jiitvs* Timhos. Her friends are respectfully invited to attend Iter funeral, this aiternoon at 4 o'clock, from her late residence. Jkarrlertt On Sunday, 34th inst. lty the Rev. I,. Jones, Mr. W. It. Mii.i.m r, to Mrs. Ki.izsrkth W. Lr.svis all of this city. 1 Pousse ngers Arrive.! <'ti?KLu ros-8hip I Vlnnre?M,? 1), Itoo. child and srr V < i. M ? ' ami mill A lie Ml < set KHhSgl , uonieatu* Importation*. ( HAtu.iHTow?Sh||i Catharine?I bo* 8 M ltiithrrforil ? I S B.?r?lo\? ? mi?I K Mummers-9 hales cotmn I'ost Ik Van.?|s!i Ken till It ca-273 Smiili Ik VI ill.? ,5 A & S Mr ordy?II, rvebon tkeo?l?l bis raisins O It 4 Welm rr-441 do V irtn, tk pnesw tr?ion empt |,hl, J M Toy lor-l tr-n k I' 1) I,"',.""-!.1'-? J,A s";r?-'h) hhl. M Va.s-t-10 tci Thomas Mtalkrr??o kalis 1 cas? tt is Soren Ik ro?07 tcs rice Hpr giie, Untenant St en?',0 > ?I-si HarkMt Brothers? IOC. II ?'olt A coin.) hitrli keo- t Franklin keo-<?tcs Vei, k Jlill-1 tee I l',"* . n U J ' " 2 hh'" n?" ," & c-?2 do H Johnson?18 livv MARITIME HERALD. sillilijt Itkjrj of t.hs Mtassm letup* rnois i ivra sou ?*om sun. , , CslrdniU, Lott V:-il l Acsltl.Sj Slim Oil Ape. i \1?y | Hi > -nia, Ityiie A|ir II May lb ?j Wi .le>, Matthews Apr '47 Mny ij O. Bri1 iin. Hoske-i May* 36 June ai; ffotlec to i'lloti Mini Captain* of Vessels, Alll'ihts ai,d laptains of vessels are n qm sled In note the f i t that Hubert a. Martin, friuetl/ oar ship news collector, iiu now hi our employ. lie is not, ilierifo e, to receive snv pewsp.tpera01 reports intruded lor th*>isw York Herald. V, k Lattlt Art vices HCCKIVED AT IHI MEW TORE HERALD OFflCE. Auj Oct. I? Marao Dec I Uiica J*11- I? Manilla Nov. I ViitiEU.i . V eh. 19 Malaga Jau 11 vrecibo D*c* 14 Madeira Feb. 7 Vux l*aye# Mt(. 1 Mauritius Oct. 4 uRU'tiii- Bay May 16 Montevideo Jin. 6 dauvia *>?' J1 .Maracaibo Fet. 17 lay of Island*. N. if-Sett. 21 Mausanills 'ail id Jerinuda r rb. ' 27 Mxt.inzas Mar. 13 tlutuoa Ayr**? Dee. *3 Vayaituez Mar Jelrze. Hou. beb. I Matainorai Dec. 26 Jarbadoe* 7 Monterey Oct It ilonaire Dec. 5 N'aetau, N. P. Mar 1 lombay ........... Jan. 1 Neuvita* Feb. 2t .arte Town, C. O. H-J u II Oahu.S. I. Dec. 22 ' aloutta I >c. 21 Para Feb 22 Cardenas M?r. 12 Prrix Mar. 3 Che area June In Port au Prince Feb. 21lenlurfcoi Feb 2 I'orto Oabello Feb. 3 a|>e llaylreu I*eb. 2 I'oiul 1'etrv, Ovxd Ian. 13 ' Oct. 28 Pernniubuco Feb. 12 Lain peachy Jan. 3 P>yu Nov. 73 Cojiuimbo Inly 18 Rio Janeiro In. 2' Lallan Nov. 29 St. Helena Feb. 1 Ueinerara d eb. 11 lit. Thomas Feb 26 Elsinore Dec. 3 St. Jayo de ( 'ubn* Mar 1 fayal Frb 29 St. Johns, P. R. F.b. 16 ' ibraltar Feb. 17 St. (iron Feb 7 nuayanra, P. tt. . ... Feb. 19 St. Domiuiro Feb. 5 tJalveiton Mar. 7 St. U bee Kept. 21' 'toue.ives Mar. 1 Surinam Feb. 8 ( UdVa<|uil Dec 5 8niua|>ore Dec. 7 ialli|>?go? Islands***May 6 Sydney, N. S. W. Sept. 1 Havre. Mar. 2 Trinidad de Cuba Feb 29 Havana 12 Talcahuana Dec 10 Halifax V i r. 21 Tah Oct 28 itieor r sept. *' tomb* IN. v B lereinie .Jin 3 Tampion Frb, i (illusion, J*. Feb. 1 Tobasco Feb B London 5 Turk* laliind Feb. 20 Liverpool Mar. 5 Trieste Reb .2 La Guayra Dec. 26 Valparaiso Nov. 13 Laguua Oct. 31 Vera Cm* Feb. 26 Lima--** Sept. 26 Zanzibar Den. 13 Bucket* to Arrive. Packet* to Sail. rHOM ttvcBrooi . I eon i.ivgurooi.. Columbus, Cole, Feb. 18 I ''ascitis, CoMius. Marcli 26 Aahhurioii M'Williini.Fltll I F.ur' ;ie, Fuiber, April I S Whilney/rhomrion, \1?r. 4 I 'udrp inlence Nye, April 6 Yorkshire, Bailey, Mar. 4 | Saml Hick*. Bunker, Airil II moM runisMoi TH I loHrusTiMuVTN. St. James, Meyer, Keb. 22 I'. Albert, Seb r, April I Montreal, Tuik-e, Mar. 1 | Toronto. Oriswnld, April 10 from Hsyitt I row hsvbk Utica, Ilewitt. Feb. 17 Ba'timoie. Kunck, Apiil 1 Albany, Watson, Mar. I | Argo. Anihony, April 8 foreign Letter llagi. Hereafter, Letter and Newjpaimr Bans lor all pirtsnf the World, will be mad* up at the IIkbsu) OrriCK. Ship Master* and Agent*. We shall esteem i; a favor, if Captain* of Vessels will give o Commodore UonKiiT Silvkt. of our New* Fleet, a if*. jort of the Shipping left at the Port whence they tailed, the Vessels Sjiokeii on their Pasture, a List of their Cargo, and my Foreign Newapepera or News they may have, lie will loard ihem immediately on their arrisal Agents and Cor apontlenta, at home nr abroad, will alto confer a favor by ending to this Oflice all the Mann* Im-llieecce thry can htein N'aatical Inforrnr.tioa of any kind will be thankfully eaceir* I POUT OK NKW VOILK. MAltCli 315 swn 5 37 I moon mica 12 0 UK SKTS IB | HID>1 WITH 12 11 Arrlvedt Ship Catharine, Berrv,11 art fiom Charleston, with cotton, i toll Sutton U'thidi' lot on board tiuce Thursday. British ha ()ue llarhiugar, Thompson. 61 day* fiom Graog-inoiuli, (Scotland) with iron, to Burritt St Johnson. 280 t in* coal Burritt k Johosou?ll'O ion* pig iron It Irwin Prussian hug Nej de, llup, 16 day* froin Larcerote, via Button, in balls* . to m stay SclirWm. r. King. Crunch, 3 day* from Boston, with m 'r.e. to Fott*r Si Nickers n Schr l omplianc, hel y, 4 d.r ? from Boston, with mdt?, to S St. Lew it. Schr Flora, Jeukini, 6 days from Portsmouth, with full to mat er Srhr Kffort, Kelly, 10 day* from Thomatton, with lime, to ina-t"r. Schr Mystic, Stargis, 4 days frcm Boston, with rndze to ma-ter. Schr Granville, ,10 da (from 1 homaiton, with lime 11 matter Schr Antilles. , 10 days from Thotms'ou, with lime to master Schr Mary Elisabeth, Clark, 4 days Ire in Philadelphia, with ind.e, to maste'. Schr Ahxandrr Parker, I dars from Philade'phia, withmdte 11 mister. Below* Brig Wa hington's Barge, Appleton, Psra, with tostef li wsnrit, I ulw iks stove, aud pure of stern carried away ; tndse, lo All'eu Ik Panson. Balled. Ship Ilendrirk Hudson, for London; brig Republic, Smith, for Port au Prince; and others. Dllwcllaneouii Brio Roxaiva, Swift, of Boston, from New Smyrna, Fla Tor Norfolk, wi li ana *o of live oak timb r, went ashore on Mosquito Bar on Friday the 8th inmt. When our informant left, she was ne irly hiith and drv, ) v in if in fnur feet water, havi * h en wa-h'd up by the breakers She was terfectly ti*ht, but was bsiidonect by the canton and crew, they thinkim; it imiaissib'e to iret her oft', the b'ilf drawin* ten feet of water ? They had all arrived sat-at St Augustine. Tee Rosana was nil herlirst trip, and v as insured. British IlAiiqrv. Joins Uvmxiston, Young, from Liverpool for Mobile, ran 'ashore near Cape St. Antonio, Cuba, and i< a t-'al Inaa. ('apt Yoihik and 12 seamen arri ed at Ksy We>t on he Dlh inst. in the Bin, wirh the material i of the barque. The mate and tli ee of the ciew had left the wreck in a boat for Havana, and n"t since been hsaril from. The John Dei n ston was of (II tens burthen. Canto, salt and sl.te. Whuleisicn. Lah \ina, Nov 6. 1813 ? \ sad accident occurred here on the ' (tli. As the whale ship May Flower, NB. was getting under way, bound home, diipct?while gertit if the anchor upon the ' bows Thomas Dunham, second mate, lei I overboard and was drowned. Hp belonged to Kdoarlowii, Martha's Vii-eyaid Heard from on Japan Ground, no date, Japan, K ridel I Vant, had lakru (00 bbls oil in the season?had previously 600 bhls. The ship seen Dec 30, off Cape Horn, by the llobomnk, at Falmouth, and supposed the Zeuas Coffin, is ascertained to have been the Z?ne of Nant. Foreign Ports. Livkrfooi., March (?Bid Yorkshire. Bailey; S WhitneyTho" pion, and Kmb em, Dyer. New York lu the llivei 2doutward b-und Arno, for Havana. ('Id F-b 21. Jrfferson' Citv Fo'nt; 29th. 8ar?h Ik Arsilin, Butman NYork Nbvvpoiit, Keb W?Kut for Id*, Alb on, Hicks, for Bosto"; ' Vlad son. Foster for Philadelphia? retorted wli-n nt Ks I mo nth 1 for Charle.toc. Sid Feb II, Louise, Hieenkeu, New York (or j Bcsion ) ItOHO. AT*. Feb 211? A rr Win Msnln ??a 11-1? I Nicteraon, Charlea on Makieium Feb 5?Sid Cemberlaud, White, NOrleina; 1 7th, Adna. Sherman, Bixton; )6th, Breweter, Donne, Palermo. 1 In port 25th. Propontia, Silver, for B >atn?, Ida Oforto. Feb/ ? Arr Hieloriati, Undue, N York. Lianen Feb 10?B'd Fra> klui.Suow djo (i-ande. ' tliHKALTAli, iboiit Feb 18 ? In pint, Waihiiixton, Muuroe, ' and Shamr ck Hmi'li for Sicily. tJa.-ioa Feb 27?In p. rt, Arhe'la, Jordan, diex, unc; Borneo, 1 Hu' tingt n, exoerti x to r turn to t-nma ra. Mkuina, FebG?Arr F.lvira, Orana, (renoa. PaLa.HMO. Feb 15-lq port Maid i f iMe na WiawelL nnr. Ssivrna. Feb 9?l.i port, F-me, Scott, f nm ("riene, f rflot* 1 ton, 20 daya; Columbia 1'ruaaeM, from Athena, iloii x iiolhinx, expected to load 'or N York; Cathariue, Tike, tor Pa'ermo, lew [ dava. Halifax March 12? Arr Cbod Ivi to, Li'hx~w, Santa Cruz, ' Cuba; Lucy, Itiixere, Ale-nndria; M Hilda. Spatei, Philadel- ( phi*. (!om? Porta MacHiaa. March 18?In port, tatx wind, Foreat, K D Peten, and Eliza llui per for N York. , Kkankfok i , March 21?Arr Mon'.co. Word nit, and Baltic, , Sweetaer, Button , wl?CAaatT, March 2'?' Id Commerce, Pinkham. Havana. , Honrnnav, March lb?Arr Harriet, Tibbeta, Ba'timor* Bath, March 20?Arr Lincoln, M'Lellan, Matanzea; ?lat, , Lion, Patten, do. S'd Coruova, Morae, llav u<; anyeline, | Barue', Cuba Port lamp, Match 21?Cld Al'eitma, Joyce, Trinidad de , Cnha l PnRTaMOt'TH, M>rch 18?Sid Montmo, Sinallv, NYork. , Salkm, Maid 21?Air Bradore, ( ody, Baltimore. , BoiTorr, March 22?Arr Oeorx-", I'haae, Frinkf.r'; Penneylvauia, Crowe'l New Yoik Cld 2)d. Crc lit. Crocker, A' x C ye(. Hnrdnn, Ca ter Ha?an?( Parihe. on, Woodb iry, New Orient xi Dover Perci-al, Tal iinore; Sei nate. Baker Key We,t; Viola. Ililler Darien, Oal November, Ellis, Alex tnd la; Ma I. Fnolklin, N York. Holf.. March 28?Arr p m Effort, Ant.Ilea, Leo and, Thomtaton f r NYork; (I oil llo e and Pamlico No folk for Button; J Coley tt i n, ai d S A A phtnu, B-inn for N Yoik; N It nit, do for Norfolk; ma Bath f. r NYo It; F. H nerri It NYork for Salem; A in da. Norfolk for Pnriamou h; Annaliel'a, Boaton for Philadelphia; Financier, do for New York 21?t?Arr Diana. NYo k f n{ Kauhaua, Frederi' taburK for Boaton Slil at 9 a in, the above, an I thoae ' bef re repor ed. txce. t Beuxal, Empire (which ha- procure aai'a an will he readt liral favorable wind), Kanlitwa, iand Atiiifil < UiciiMOtvu, March 23?Arr Tarpiin, Paine. Boaton; ILnry 1 Clav.Lowrv Portainouth, NH. Sid Sliawinut, B.illard Plymouth; Joe Brown, May, Albany. CiHH.ntoa, March 21?Cld Ambassador, Tat*. London; 1 Jii-ileme, [Danish] IJ.nnaen,' iiuenhaXMi Bid Jamea White, 1 frti] P ice. and P ince?|, [Br] Veux! n. Liverpool: Klizabelh, 1 Brruif] Hedrick. liamburx; Cl.apinan, Lad ru, NOileaiia; Edward. Bull/lev. NYork Oi.oiuiktown. SC. March 16? Cld Col Williams' five flats, ' for Darlington This is tl e fitst clearance of ihe kid with a 1 siokI' ?iception, wo have recnrd-d in 25 vea ?, of open (1 its fur the op C nil,try. Col Will ami linn^elf sii|ieiiutentls ilm move, mem with a visw of t sting ita nrac i h lity. e Havaw.-saw, March 19?Ar Ma-on. I. wis, Vow York Rid Augusta, Sherwood, do Arr'8 li Tallin, Cunkl.n. Boston ? ' Hid .Vim . in In 11 n ? . [ BrJ Bolts, St Andrews, NB; Oscar. [Mw] Heine. KoNtrWM, * .Vlomi.r. March IS?Arf Lorena. ''ri|uhart Havre; Wm Is 'no as K>id. do;'srrll of lanoH'oii, Bird, N?w ink t Id 11 Cain llallett Antwerp. ?Ci tin, Leslie, Apalsehirola 1 Nkw Oiu.rAis, Vnrch H ? Arr Nop u ,e, Peach Boston: ' Lawrence, Foster Havana. Cld Lunisiana, Dewhursl, Now Yor ; t ins, Slmw Msiag -ids. DACKKi BHIP ROM II s FOR LIVCRPOUL.?ft* , a- totig n hy tins ship will pirate eon b Mid tho st>-aml>"ftt Hrrcules. m Wlntrh I , ou Tuesday 2otl, lust , at 12 o'clo. It, A , M? at which time tho ship will sail. L-tr* r Baas w ill close at Halt's and Qilpiu'i News Room rt y II w o'e'Ot m2 es I) \( KKT SillC S i Li HONS HIOM I, I V KM POOL is now I disc .a itmg, uiidi r itouoral order, st Orleans wli t I loot of W0.1' si I ot Cnnsigncra will pi ftso sttend to therec* pt of tneir goods iin medl 'ol v mJJ FOR sTlTh.-! III MMLKS' II \LL IfOBr'adway. J of? ' n retsiinable er a Aiiv p r?o w shina to purct at.-. ? ,, JiJML od induroin nt now fr rs. For lu'llioi p rtiinlars , i >,ii oof ho propr elnr, 410 Broadway. a ?2S2 ?re M D WINCH! L. " DKAFNKSs! ,, DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AURIST9 ? 9U1 BHOAUWAY -Eltractti-JO 1 ' I ch orfnlly comply with iho request of Liout. Mc- si lutnsh, to t.slifi that he w is inraliJed hoino as unlit lor dntv, in consequence id totil deafness and discharges from his oar: H that whtie in Now York, on hit v ay to t.i.slend, ho placed I inn soli uoi'or iho professional care nf Dis.i.astle and h dwarils. Viiri'l* Under the r tie-Mnoiit he ricoyrred his hearing, ar.d n has returned |0 his mil it. is , duty. tl BigueJ, H. McNKVEN. M. D. Surgeon to H. B. M. Forces, Jainacis. I ACOUSTIC DROPS. J A sure cure for incioient de.ifnes , ear iche, pains, boning! cr s ii w i. K sound i in tlie ears, collections of I,are we.i or vistaltd secretions of the organs T'-r_r aeons ic oil h is boon a point- ( 1st remedy as a cnrs iv- in all diseiiws of the ears for upwards I twenty years. Odiert removed to 181 Br.,adwsy, corner Whtesiteo-. fft lw*ee ' ENGLISH BONNETS, MILLINERY, 8cc. p ft.BP IlKCtlVM) AT J LvON M, 37 ' nr?.t, aid i I ,s ilsnli'il L ii -. \ si ten did i*S'-if tin-lit ol KNllM-H BO a Nf.TH C 'liM'tu f -I toner laten-a line II "triads, I i Hr.i-'.fcc 8cc A so, an tlevant a-so-tm-nt of l inearis, Kit.- ti Inn s, Bi ks. Flowers, :ind ev, ry mli- r article in ihe uiillinaiy i in-. \1 il liners and others are respeciiu ly luyit-d tonsil ad limine th? nhove. The , nitiiih Hats uf ll.e clearest and he l il i> fie mar?t. All the above will b- ?"Id at wholesale or rr- < <1, it 38 Maiden Ltr? aud 37 John tlM t ^ LYON " N. B.?The Bas-ntent of aft Mii'leu Lane to let?pnsaesaioD 1 iyen Inswiediats I. i?J nn*-1 [ c ~ POHTlMiUKShi FEMALE PILLS. i UKSI lar lainad and cehbrateil fills, fr-on Portugal, ?r# i si ' we perceive, to tie obtained to ttlli'ooUUtrT, Aef anyeriis* Itl the last aula ins . fourth page, WW -WMMMMNaMMHHhkMnWMMMMMMkMW* ? I I 'K XIT1 I; 1; |'( >R <?NK YEAR wanted. AGKNTLKMAN lnviny rtii'ed a wall two if?ry brick , hnuic wan i to h?re KuRNfTIMlR for the ?aine ftilo?' yeir from twe firac n| May. The family it imall, without v u/ g: children, and the *e*t chic will be taken Pliiu hurriture m||| an*v r?-, ?ud SO |*r cent i-er annum on th- # < imate . I'll' .1 lowed. K-nt monthly Add'e?t i Niorth M ore, at;he Herald OfR m25 2t*r^ " LUST. 0V Smdsv morn og beteeci t oil's dt nnd Ki|hrtn'l?n, in Rroa wav, aL*d\'s< ha in Precele se? with t' re 'arets 1 he Andarwi'1 be auiubl> r. waided by leavinc it at -o 9 Na'sau street. tn25 lt*m Now IN PRESS, : AND TO BS ROOM ItEADY FOB RALE, <i PROP. PAJVKI. HOirKAUO'H . P H It K NO-MN E M O T KC 11N I C LECTURES. OR A Ft'!.!. EXPLANATION OK HIS COPYRIGHTED PRINCIPLES. OUCH as i"ui>'.rated to hie reivATr. e'aapi in to* pkivat* v lessons ol bia varolii rnurers m the i ily of New York [?/"" Kurth r notice will b- tive;. of the book itoie woe re to be bad. sod ol the |ir ce, which Will he so reasnnab'e rite ens ole every one who cannot at end Prof tJ.'sveibil eanlauati "i I to obtain a comi lete know!* dice of the theory of his iHipular { system of Mneinoiechnr. i N.D.?The public .1'" r s..artfully riition"! by the Author " to gu nl ait,tint iru vmn t: nt temple a lulling t' ein bv pre- J leailoil " revelations" or ' mbliiat.ous' nl hi< iui,m K erv ' "age or Prof ti.'s ayatnu is < i>i*? Hiiiii 111>, ii,d hiii v tb l? ' pa latio > of its " i ri riplcs'- h<?e b? n tin- word run WORD ifhs copyrighted "I'ri* re >,n Lcc.u I'y" 'I hi. ' is als" to million publish'!! who iniwlit lu t-m't 0 to purell >sc fraudulent manu.c lit if: iukiuk upon I'r f. < i '? ci PJright . . , . ' r"" FinaTy, er,rv a rtiirme t rff-i ganvOENUINt publics ion on lop'c will be ? *..edbv the Autb.r, I uiZi l eod'ic FllANCIS F VlJVEL liuUtlAUD. ? THE REPUBLIC OF THIS DA.Y, I A DOUBLE SHEET, with A Portrait of OtJON^'fcLL Hid h's fell- w cjuaniratora, eiirl It ur f'nuravi Ktofili- I h lines unul . Alio, Lett r* |n-r Caledonia from Loudon, I'aria, Dublin, Lirerp ol, lie , he. Fii-ming ulriiget'w-r ibr in st c nnpl te Synopiia of ^ KORF.IUN NKYVw-ver pub. iahrd iu this city. * Office llti Naiaiu, coruerof Beekmt.i ?t in'dj H*re THE LADIES' MA< i AZINK, ' or . LITEIL1TURE, F.'lSlllOX .1X1) TIIF FIXF-.i/iTS, ? EDITED B? T M * HTHUIl, d KOK APRIL, 1*44. FOUR EMBELLISHMENTS IN THIS NUMBER. | Nor huuibstrlanil, on the Suv|urh inns, at ihe juncti n ot th. 1 North -ii West Branch'!. A highly fiuishril aterl engraving si by Dirk. tr Spring F-ahi-sna?'Three Figurea. _ * Aisjleni'id Wood ut?Illustrating an interesting aceue in h '"1 he Unknown Patient * h The Titmnute, or Chicndae?Illustrating "Birda and Song. , No. II." I CONTEXTS. {! The Husrisn I'r'iic?, a <1-1 iw lit I ul atory, translated forth* j Ladies' Mag'zine from the (ierintu of Kaiinv Hsrri?t Maeal e'd. J> The Appeal of Msri t The eaa bv Lucv Hoo|*'r. Facta and Fa-iciea from a Fence Corner, by W. II. Carpenter, All Abcard for Boi'on. A S'eamboat Sketch, by A. L. i Bti-iaon. 1 To Caroline, by Robert S. Chilton. j The U nknown Patient, fri m the German of Baron de laMot- g le Ft ui|ii4. Ill'llfrale'l. The Devil's B ulije, from Alexinder Duinai. Worluly Cares, by Eliziheth F Ellrt. Bird?and Song, No. II. The Tituiouae, or Chicadee, with >> a wood cut illn.rrition. % Pssaa. e uo Lake George, bv O. H. Co*tell. J) Rg"s from th" Uia'y of a L?ie Cl-rgyman, Concluded. Slant a to a Siaier. by F.uunaC. Embury. Tne. Mi-rchant'i Dreun bT T S. Arthur. The Bl ind Hair, from the French of M. Michel. ' Take it Easy," by Mrs. 4. C Hall Look thrnug i Nature, up to Nauru's (Jod. A Soliloquy?(not Hamlet'a.) So thumber! r it on the f u the Junction of the Nor'h ai d West Branchea Illustrated. The Ludiea' Magaziue?April. lOli. W.M. M CHRISTY. Agent. in?5 lt*rc No 2 AitnrHoiiie. OLYMPIC THEATRE. , Mil WALCOTT ies|H-ctfullv annou ci that h a RF.NF. KIT as ill take place no WEDNESDAY EVENING, 7th March, mi which ore sinn, I MRS. W.'ILCOT, ij will appear |sr thia night o |y, iu ?uentirely New Farce, writ- v ten b\ Mr. Walcol, cut t'ed. OLD FRIENDs AVD NEW FACES. With the fint art of " FRA DIAVOLO. Beppo Mr Mitchell ? The new Extrsv tg mzi, 1 Til l [Will k.,1 II ,./ine 1 I lin uuil vs 1 UV.IFj. y And for the li st time anew llu'letia called l THIS PI -Wl PAR i Y ., J' hn Liltlejohn, Mr. Holland j K/~ Bos Book now oi<cn. m2J 2i*ec SUA\VLS AN]IT LONU SHAWLS. " IU8T HK'.K.IVKI) BY THR A ROO? > ? Thrre ca>c? Kine P.iri? made Broche Shawls. Two do Long ^hnwli. One do do Scarfs, or8j>riig Colori and new Patterns. Also ? Two cites Printed Barege Shawls. Two t'o Cashmere d'Cnss. I Two do Mniisseliii de Laine. Two do Kmbro'dered Tt ib:t. a One do do d) Scarfs. s One do Barege Scarfs. f Also? tl One esse Silk Shawls e One do do Srai fs. li Two t'o Mantellis. One do Nett Shawls and Mantel las. V 'I II' above goods, Willi a I itge assortment of Canton Cripe, Wli te, Scarlet Crimson, Straw and Wnite. Kmliroiderd with Sulota, Gray Hiwlt, and White Green Scarf1 Lour and S -ipiare India Snawla 1111J Sc rl'i, will he sold I w by the?uh,cri'e,a JAMtS BECK k < O , ni'ii 3t*ec UD Broadway. DIII!US, kc ?Pure Anuat o, Erenh Va"illa B-sni, t E. J. and Turkey Gain Arabic. * I'ara Balsam Capaiti, " Huana la I'Rlaaa, > Kor tale by the packaije or leaa u? oriiy by MS 8. AsriNWALL, n m2i 3l*ce 86 William itrrat. T1IE ANATOMICAL VENUS. . A MISTAKEN idea haa Roneabroad that tlua Kiitcre, now ' a a. ' a uhitinv at f-atiousl Hall, Canal atrset, u in uinr Way nipro) er for exhtbitiou. Nothing, however, cau he more err > leou*. Every if no >11 who ices 11 ia at once n >nvin< eu of ira jerlect prop' lety, i.ud aatoniahvd at the wonderful minute* e a * mil accuracy with Which i exhibit* thaiMBiSMf streciureol lie bum 111 Iranir Tfcia in iur theonlv pkhi'kct fkmalk figarr irer exhibit d here, it ia not xurprisiuR that mixconcepi ion ihoulil aiiae Tina, however ml be iinined;at-lv rnnjv d in n-eiiiR it. Let{all who have any doubla in il eir mil di reanctiuR it. ro aud are. and we will amwei for their beiuR j>-r"ecllv aatiat'lrd that this liaurr ia the m "at eitraordniary pmduc: 0.1 ol art eier arm in the wi rid The information Riven by t r ain-ctuR the empties ed itruc'urr of he K-in le firm pat- / lUrly, anil it? *11 ferful phenomena. la if the moat viial * niipor ance and in'en el y iiilerea'n r. The lid rs who hive ^ tt elided have evpieaaed t eniaelvea astonished and , el 1 v h 1 d luyi ud meaanre. Mornings aim, mil evenmRa at 1% o'el e.h for Heuil 111 1. Afternoon at o'c ock fur L dps only. Admixno 2A rent". Kor further narticu r? a e am.ill b ll? \X7* 'I he I eclurea on Anal nnv Phyai ilojy, M dwifery. m vlo dty. 'I ue.sday nud Wednesday ereiiinea, Vlaich 2.'i 26. !!, 'I 7t?o'clock, for Gentlemen only iO rntasingle Lecture, ir Si fur the r our'#. 11 26 3t rc 5ITINA, GLASS & LAMP MANUFACTORY. TO COU vT Y VE CHANTS AM) Ol HEKS. The under. iRnrd leitiee fully in'iirm tlie r custom-is <nd the I ulilic lliat t ev have ledured their pticM of the above aridea, a, it hiviiiR "eeu mauul 'C uri R many yeara, enablea them t'i lu 111 h ehe ,i>er than any olher huu-e, aid they warra it th-ira'ticl a, auch aa S ilar 1, imps of all de if Iptiuna. Aatra' Lamps al e"-i' to Solar A full ava it'urm of Cut and Plain Ol <aa,rew pattern Oimnlolea, I hvidelie a. Oanneiahraa, Boa ;uets, Ike . k:. Hall ..amps and Lanterns of a I six a witu lich and cntatiiurd , ;la.a All ariirl a milChwd to any pttiern-. Glass made an mi to order Goods lor the country aent fr. e of expense Ai- 1 id a I iai eil for pait ea. CitlMM pRrfl'l; at* htnltf IO Oil] iideiam iie. il' asum instil and ? tii'v th*rva Ives aa r.Rard ' lu.dity aud prices 8TOUVENKL k CO. f, K etory 211 O.dd ?t eet. IVho'enle and Retail Stole, No. 3 John at, near Broadway. ., m2A 1 I'HKNIX HOKSKi ?"a"/:aTiiT , VO. ISO JtNO 101 MERCER STREET, NEXT TO 1 ULEECKER STREET. d. \ Th-11. at mK?|? PUBLIC AUCTION SALE laala will lake plane a' th a establishment. on To aday in f 6 I..U March 2l>th. NMMMI at MM nclo-k, a I ll Carnages llamem Saddlery, kc., new and second hand ill At .2 "'clock, a ct lorn" of Tery aup-ripr Horses, will lie | mere , coiii|>'Ihi>k aingie nomei mm inau ii?i paira, amiable & O' the road, aadulr and all bu.ineaa pur pot.a. n a titan hi Hie (MMilT 101 Vina I1 o(iritv to diap'an of, di uli-rat public or private aale, will h.iae their ordcra faithfully I'tended to. $ At Prirate Sal*?Vt line young country horaea, kind and iiinud, juat iu from the weateru part of the Miate; two anperinr ai matched paira of Day Horea, a line pair uf Urown Horaea, a ipleudnip.ii uf Day Carnage Mora a, one very line Bright 8c.r t wl H"rae, young. kind anu anund. end a aery fait trotter. ?a Alao.aeveral leiy line *add'e Horaea Alao, at priaate rait, a aery iiandaome Kockawny Wagon, at lied only on* week, and a uumbr r of new aud aecond lia-.d in faroucliea and Light WagrinaHoraea taken at Livery. and kepi ill anperinr atyle. en Accomrnndationa fur dealera' horaea, in alabfea unanrpaaaed ol IV "v ?l thlialunrut ol the kind in the United State#. C ST' 'It VOL? Venclea ol all diacripi.on taken on atoraire in oi he lar*e hi , convenient llepoaitory ol the rutahliabmmi pi W. CO van will attend peraunaily to all oruera for buying lh iid telling horaea. pr All perauna aelling properly at Ihia eafahliahinent may rely ipon having a true account of tale rendered, and the full ,m n it nf|iroc<ada e. ill, in all caaci, he paid promptly in cmen t money. 'I he ARCNA of ihia eitahli?hinei,t ia bnilt on an entirely ew and inoat convenient pi in, briug detatch d from the mam . nildiag and atnbl", 'hereby not intnrferii | in the lea* t with I iaery or aale linnet going out or comng iu ou the day of auc* inn aale. At all other 'im?s toe Arena it k pt entirely clear, an I le rved for ihe atcnrniniiilaiinu of privat* horaea and those on . ale, . fl.irdi.iir every facility for ei rn?e, tiniuiim and ahowiug 1,1 loraes COWAN AN1> DILK8, in'ilin'er t'r.'prietoni _ NKW YOKIv MDK.SE" HAZAAlC NO. 31, 33 ./INI) 3.T CROSIIV STREET. _ <1 THK PHOI'RIK I'OR would inform hia frienda [< Aaalh on' "he pit1.11 tint h* hit o ; aale at hia larg ' and - ? * ?.macintia eat hliahmenf, upwarJs of neveuty Mora a atari veil imin ik< romtry. young, louod and kind com* laing vei y'me hi a of M-P h on ig* Hum a, Irion I" Intario Couutv, auitib'e for family nve, a larg* number ol **' Kind and *n die Horaea, uf good aty le and action ul tr lt-ra and ot great endurance H Alio, a aery laige numhvro'g o ' lliimea, tumble foi lie-ay .... rairght. ki id. ge. tic anil well >-rnke in ha.oen The above 1 tora are all we'l woiitiy the aire n n ot purehaaeri Oroaera aud lloricme i a-iti g thii m.irker with H.irrea fur ' a'e, will liiad the acooiri nod itioni of tbia eaiahl slnn-nt unaura*?e(| try any n her ol li e kind in the Ifni(*d "tat a. The j" i hh a are ar'rv oirv androinenirnr. and rauiio.. .if.i.ui: ? irm I loMMMafort M)Ti ci lbntlemeti hari. ? litrwi to lewp rn lirrry, hv sfndirg them (; j thiifitabliahmfl.t may t'at uinml tl at ih y wi.l ifc ive 01 if uim > t rarf and alt-nnon, witli IiIm'mI chargea. |>, Ti r prui nfnr'w. old -lao inform hi* ir.?n.;a thf pblic. that V', ic Aucti, ii rtalfj Uutuim iliicoiii.ii.i-il ?t r?ta'd.?l.- ii i-nt WILLIAM WILMAKTII, a Lmrl* Im'rc Proprietor || THK INVISIHLK PARTINGS, If. Alt OKVI'LKMK-NS' HK%L HEAvH OK II AIR, bring f. J the lalfal ar(I ?reatc t unprnvrinent in thr manufacture ?| WI<IS AND SCALPS, N. Ind t'if Suhacril'fi i? Ii l'|>> in '-lug llir ri it to i trndncf ill in 11 t* Tim di?play the ton lien I and ; mp'fg to any height, a l> n ill ir t* ig in .king iif-ff In'li re a "lined. They i.if fO'iilNitrd |(. i vi ntilaii .? it u ??Miu*r *i rk, the liain in tbf pariing liong In i gly i .i r v 1 h d v ; uallv diaii'liutf'1 a? t ? ?n| e?r jn-' in - aei ,g I'liin ill-?k u lliey i.tnu tin-head by a inech ,tncal con i ri?atirf, amir-lv n?W Tlif/ re inninent 'I'nfy nmeinifiy adapt n em?el?e. to the, and 11 our - i feouM put nd parcel ol tha irii'B inn Tbey do autcack M if natittal < our.fiil in rtpiralinii?thi- fact alour i< wmtliy if rrat en .aide i1 i m to nil* rn gaiit'otmn HyUingc input,'d fthe ftmat m'ural cuiled hur llicy nf??r minire urea.iiig or f' r angfini lit; ami Ify aif in d on a ne w net; they i ft ff "" in in K Oftftlftniu Can hate , choic of teni ral l.tii irnl Wiga h i Bcalpa, and a nr.rate room 11 fit ili-m on in I'ricea from 5 to $ '! 30i r. I'hilon letneftfnlly invitem all wo rera on oi Wiia and ic ilpa lifiiire lutcnaiiiig fliewh< re. Copy l'r u addnw ?. IT1AL0N. iu'U lin'ec 1 ll Broadway, oppoiita 9t. Paul'i (ihorch. H AUCTION SALES. I * < J.Vi A ? B ILL L. AUP (S'ore Wo 3A .tin# ItrectJ) AUCTION NOTIC K? Regular ?ale of Dry Ooodti Clotho|{ *ud Fa cy Arti* lea every I ueadayand Friday. >a'e o( Kuruituie of all descripiona every Wednesday and larur.fay.

Outdoor Salet of a'l deserit tiona attended to at usual. mi8 IW*M BENJAMIN M?IO\ V, Auctioneer. ul Li AHDWAKF. fl'ILEKY ?13 MO??N'?Y It In will -ell This Diy.ttl 10 o'clock at the Auction Room ' o I!) Vlaideul L u.e I5J c??e? or lota of K'eth Imindri ioodi. via:?ba'a, hiiiye*. M otice Chissels. Locka, N i|? Toilet O aao, Brats ift.od*, Fill, Latches, A&le !'ulle)a, Ike lie/ Alan, Woatenh? liii Dirk Kuivet Alan, A n oil aaaortin**! t ofTahle a"d Pocket Cutlery. Alro, Ivory Kniv? and Fork*, iu a lit. A'to. U. 8. \1iuk~ts ami (iuua. AUo, Plat d Candl"sticks. AI???, Percussion Cap* Catalogues are u ?w r-ady. m23 1t#ec A. C TUTTLK. Auctioneer r Allljy Sll V OV uui't'tMLM n "M/?i\u I ^ Li PL ATT will sell at the A u?*t un Hoom, No 21 PUit st.ou ruwdav ftH Mwn, lit 10 o'cl ck pr?c??ely iOfukt, idiot* of ShrflMd Cut'ery. K?'gr Tools. 8iws, Bic,, of th? rio?treputable makers bv t ruer ot the pssigiifcs, Vi7. . Janiei Iain's genuine Kdge Tools, 'nnsisling of Plane Irons, ChistrD, i uget, Drawing: Knives 8tn in i at k<ig*s and assorted lots. Also, Ibbo'son Brothers' Globe \Voiks Kdge Tools, patent lack Corn *C) beg, fctc. Vs\ "Vloalftou Br then" <'8 UrawiuirKnives, Plane Irons locket Chi selg, Il< !>e*ooil Plit?d Squa e?, O 8 aud London *1" I' H a. Also, Thomas Turner 'o. ki J in'Inn 11 un* '? siii*rior Cutfry, ws'l known in this in ik*i to be equal if not superior in tyln nil'* quality to any imported Also, \\ ilsou, Ha -.kiwor h & Mjss'g Table and Pocket Cut cry Also, Pa^uel Frest's ?nd other Tal le Cut'cry. Also, hisou It Hnn's Bri'atmi i IVa Pots A s*>, 10 ca*k? wr m'-th tudle Had Irons. 20 cases Hind star )i' Stone, 20 /'ox Hav Forks 50 do* * ott m Hooks, 6 case 'omeroy's N*il Gimblets. 6 c^-sks W??od Screws An invoici T Amer can Knob aud Mortice Locks, It00 dosCut Glass lesds lie. Also, Birmingham Goods viz.: Carolina Hors; warranter teeiyards ; Locks, But.a Hinges, Fire Irons, lie , lie., ofthi atesr imnortatious N.B.?Thesa'e *ill be peremptory and positive, and woitht he hlfntioii of the trade. Terms?6 months for apnrevec Kfh for sujis ovrr $IC0. Catalogues at 4 o'clock, P vl. th? mf pnriotts. in 2.'> 2 Ms I'l.ANTS AT AUCTION? ~ " EVV & BPnONEK tell THIS l?A Y, at 11 o'clock. J at 141 Kroidwav, Rhododendrons. Cam-IPs Axaliaa, l(oand other li'irJP'auts put of have justhi'ii received i good order, bv iht l.ivf'po .l from Kngl uid. Alto, a lot uf unar Dm, and oth.r O.ird n Seed,. They will toon receive, a e as.nit merit I forenm e r ul Tree< and ornament,! shruberr, . f wt irh due notice wil' lie ui25 It'in } EMO V V l.-THOM \S BELL, it removing to n3 P v> Hp uce.trcrt Hit latt Sale at No 3> Ann street, will lire id ice on I'umdvy, at I0H o'clock, wlwn it will be a rtguir claipuii and tile, at every tbiiii,, and it comprises a go d eal. will be toid w ithout re.ervv ' lie R. ic it I o r Auct on Stlet in ihe Store, and rltewh*re, will e faith uilv alUuded to at No. II Spruce street, by m24 3t*ec THOMAS Ur.LL. Auctioneer. A CARD. HAVE t?k?n the Store No 91 Wall ttreet, for the purpose of tran.acting a UENEKAl. AUCTION AND COM 1I88ION BUSINESS Consignments solicited. Sales uarantrej and cashed, or advances made when remnr-d JOHN 8. BETTS. I beg leave te refer aa fnllnwa Icaara. L. vl Hoffman It Co. I Mnaara, Thompson It Adam,. 1r. Moaea Tiv lor. I ' Hfrnaiaa. Neeh fcCo. leaars. Spnfl'ard, Tile,ton It I " Warren It Briutuall. u, ?ir ct i . menu " P. Harmony's Ne- Messrs. D.iler, Millar St Co. phews k Co " St urges. Bernrt k Co " Talbot, Olvphaut 81 " (!, k L. Denison 81 Co Co. " Th?o.VietorlkDuck- " Kdward (i Kaile 81 witz Co " D? IVvster It Whit- " Babceck 8t''o. marsh. | mIO 2wis*m N10W llKIGHTON PROPERTY FOR SALE A T AUCTION. fcgft THK. MANSION IIOI * S K AND GROUNDS OH ffiiTIIOVIASK. DAVIS, K?i| and the BELMONT and BKIOHTON HOUSrS at New Brighton, Staten laud. -Atill be luremi torily sold, a' public auction, at the lerch'nts' Ktcha rc, b" HALLIDAY it JKNKINS, on "uesday, the '26th day of March neat, at 12 o'clock, if not pminualy dispose! of at prirate sale The Maiuion House 11 our of the moat splendid establishlenta in the United Stales. The main building stands in the eutre of lour or live acres, as nov* enclosed, ft is very exleniveind commodious; the inain walls a.e built of ina ble, the i hole surrounded by piazia ,and all finished in the beat manner "he sile cannot be suipaisej. It commands a yiew ol the rhole oftne B?y of New Vork. extending up the North and iast Hivers.New York, Brookltn, the Long Island Shore, hrnuKh the Nartows to the Ocean, and a I ante portion of psew ersey. The Belmont and Brighton Houses are both rxtensive buildalts, very p eusantly situated, nearly opposite the Steamboat .audiuK, and well calculated lor large boarding houses or ho els. Kor a diagram and further p&rticnlars, apply to H. CUHT18S, fl3tnMrS6?ee 49 Wall street * VCQ 0* BTKAMbOAT KOU BALK?W ill be V^Sv10'1' Rt M'tjchaota' Eichai g- in this city, xEZZm&rnmBt- on tin- Jlith dav'of Mar. Ii lint int. ->t 2 i 'clock ? 11001% by ANT loNY 1. BLK.ECKE" St CO., Auctioned, ll? STEAMBOAT VIRGINIA, with ?I1 the uck e ?nn urniiure now in or belonging to it. The Mill a'eimboat is ol in* hiirihcn of about 310 torn; in leugrh about 108 fret, with a ylemler of 40 inches anil a seven foot stroke. It is well calcuitoil for a tow boat. Tcrmi of Sale ami nny other information that may be dented, rill ..e communicated on application to JOII a CULGAN, 11 Jamea jtree'. Theareamboat is uow lying at the foot of Chimbcs street, r. R. ml0to26*ec PEOPLE'S l.IXE <>E STEAM HO ATS FOR ALHANY. aUWt DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through I)iL-?reel, at 7 P M., from the Steimb at Tier beBdii^HUKLtweeii ( onrtl 'inli and Liberty stf el, 'I i.e steamboat KNH KKHBOCKER, Captain A. P. Si. ohn. Mnuit y. Wedne* ay an?l KridaV at7 P.M. 1 he Steamboat No t ill AMK.K.l'A, Captain Wm. 11 7ti|e?dell, Tueadiv Thuradiy aud Saturday at 7 I' M At Kiveo'rl u k P M Landing it ir.te me l ate Placet: ? The sie m oat ?, Captain , on Mou ay. VVedn ,day and Kri'ay, at 5 P. VI The vteT,ili >at CURTIS PECK Capt>in Wm. H. Peck n Tnei<*a , Thursday and Satorday, a' S P. M Pan,ihera !akiu( th a hue of boats will arrire in Albany in m' leliine to take the Morning Train of Can fi.r tlieea t 01 ,'? t HIT*"The above Boata a'e ne <v are fnrn'th-d nth new and eiegint S'ate Itoo'na. anu for speed and acconilodatiU's are unnvallad oil the Hudson. Kor passage or freight, apply on board, er lo P. C. Schn'17. at lie office on the wharf. n 3Vr NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. .MM zfl KUR ALBANV ANn THOY, D1 KCT 1 he a I earn boa- SWALLOW, ' plain A JE?JS?Ol-WL on. Will leave the Inn of C urll i dt t 'his, Vloud .y Eveni g Slarch 25. III! I at 7 o'clock ni'A'jrc TROTTING. Th* fallowing Sweep tikes are open, to commence the 29th rApril :? No. I?Sweepstake; for hortft tint never won a rune, mile at?l best 3 in 5, in wagons. Snb $23, h ft; $20 add d by the roprietor No. 2?Sweepstake; fort year old colts or under, mile heats, est 3 in 3 find rt e raddle -oh $50, h f; $25 added. No. 5?Sweepstake; for hordes tint never trotted for money, wo mile heats ill harness. S h $ 5 h f; $25 added. No. 4? i?me as No 1 under th * saddle; $J5 added. No. 5?Swi e-*t?ke; for ho that n ver trotted for a purse, vo mile he ts iu harness Huh $75 h f; $25 a?'d d. No. 6?Sw-epst ike; same as No. 5, under the saddle ; $25 ad* ?d No 7?Speistike; for hors a tint never won a purse, two iile heats in lia?n ,s. > ub $75 b f. $75 au?Vil No. 0 Sw epstake; sameas No 7, under the saddle; $25 add. No. 9?8w epstskt; for horses that never won a purse over 75 two mile heats in harness Sub $75 h i; $10 added. No. 10?Sweepstake; sameas No. 9, mid. r the saddle; $ JO ad I No. 11?vwe?pitake; for horses that never won a parte over 100, tw ?m le heats in Karnes*. Sub $100 h $30 add?d. No. 12?Sweepstake; sirr.e as No, 11, under the saddle; $30 Ided. No. 13?Sweep?tal e; lor borne* that never won a purse over 30, mile heats. be?t 3 in 3 under the sad tie, carry ing catch eights. Huh t50, h f; $25 added. The abo* h S weepstakea to name and close on the 6th of A pn| Jones' Second Ward Hotel, by 10o'clock, P M., three or ore to in lk- a race 'J h* Proprietors of the Omrev ille Cotire flier fur the further icour grmen' of i h Trotting S, o t, to aooropria ? ill w hole the monev re? e ved at the .Memlieis ai d Public Hm d* of the mine to the Mining hoi ?es that are in ached to e me off er this ' ours * during the Hpr m and Hn nmer -ejsons ??f tin enenf year. Th- owners of tn'ies in iking n atclies, f *n h ?ve e privil"g 1 of inanui ig 1 he I bourse of??nrh tnaich. or the proietors w?ll wi'h' iit ch rge I' r it eir s^r* ic? s m2l 2t#er MIL L1NKR Y (* GODS. A. u ror.iAS. NO. '44 JOHN STREET, S NOW OPK.MMin Ire li raanrtment of Millinary Oooda, 1 in trreirrd bv l?|e if ivala linni tl.iv*r, compriling? 'I wo ? <? ? i|> fiilnl I'aria Artificial Klowera. N*w St lwj? o Bimi *t Silk* New Sr.lei of Kihb >n?, virion* *t| lej; including four cue* nd d tli i ''ay from th* Ar?->. riio attention of M .itinera i* reijnei ted, N.-w Vork.'J'fi Minh, .Pit m'ft lwii*er A ("AH I). NEW YOltK OI'KKA HOUSE. 'UFRAHIA 1IORUHKSK' . Bf.NKKl I'.- K. Bnrghete ? would leipectfully Tinn to* patru, of tb* Doer* m il lb* ibli*if "nl'i. twi' MONDAY the 2,'dli u?Mnt ha* b*?n ?*t wrt for her IIti'NEKIT. whew ill* will have 'h? h?nnrnl a|* riiiK trfor* a N*w Y'ork audience for tli* liat tiiii*, tlua laO l Thebi'l will b*iniu<nally attractive,includi iff A BAI.LKT i iculiri h r*aft r. S*|i< iniy b aecure I at the Opera Home, on mid aft?r li'irad iy n*?i, 2Ut nut <nt. S-M.ou ih'iii ribrti will pirate *irc untie* on Wednesday 'Pimilt ii (t. 20th i. ?iaut, taliriher tli*y ? ill r*tmn their arati m20 r.i ll 'tr.s O.N I'HRENOUrW V-Or, the Lrwa ol * VI in' n. ia?, l'rr?*nl*il and Applied to rlie Dn of mre e'er ; to Self. Improvement; to the Moral Triinina and ireinni* .t of I hilitren. innunni* tlieir Intellectual Kilura>n ; to Improving the Memory ; to Matrimony, ll'rnlitary emit. Religion. Murali, Politita, T,mp*raare, Filiating nU a idl'mr Remedy, flic by O. S howler, at < linluii ill. every Monday aed \V?rln ada" evening, in March anil |ifl ; ?t 'Ihilii* Hall, every Thuraday eveuinff. and *1 iT Uuililniri. Brooklyn,every Friday eveuing, ciimmeiiciii half paat 7 o'clock ami rioting with ptihlic naminatinni, I ol'i .i wit" notint.K Tt:ai ?. Seata to the firat live leciurea *, ind a contribution t.,ken. Serhilli. I'rnli'.n'nii i'rumination* aud book* at 131 N?iaau atreet, rw Vork. r.vr.stwot fM ltt?*ec It-N |'|N(, AMI I r>LLM II lO OKFICfc.?PtTfcH k A Y M A It. I a11 a '*nn roinin*in'mi hit ol ' Iman.eia ol anti g, t'ol'ei t r,g of li'-nta, Hill*. In- , mi*rtfullv aolieiti a patron,? ol ih* public, at hi* iiltice, No 1.14 Nanan at **t, iiiiu ilonr below lie I,nilii *1 IV A V VI All. n* in* r tA3E- Kill NKW ORLK A N d?Louiaiaia and New IjQ^. v or" l.n I' ot, I, tiro te.nlar Pari t to >ail |*t HKM* 1 p I' I'lie I .it a111nar l *k"i ah p MI' NTS V ILI.E, iplain It I.ornell. will 'ail ra above tor regular day k i itlhl or pvai it' hating Inndaoni" fniiiiili d *c* mmnla ina, apply on b. ard, loot t?f W ill at, at Orlin* w bart er to f.. K COLl INS It CO , 'if, South at I' aitively no frvight rereiv d af?*r Saturday rvenn *. thih'b mat. A/nta in N'*w (trl*ana, Hnllin Ik Woodruff who Will mi tip fnrwad (nOila to their adilrex The i?? aet alnp Oconae, ( apt U. Jarkton, will luiceed ttw intavilie, and tail 10th April, her regular day r?2 , ae AMUSEMENTS. PAtnO'? II. Y. (JPKKA HOUIB. CH AMBKttBSTREET Artviittion Od* Dollar, io r!. fatta of th* UdOM. U"or? opcr *IT Patformnner t fminftr at hall |>a?t T ' Day$ of PtrfanmiTut?t'lotulny, IVrdnrtday. and Friday BENEFIT OK h UT'"kTh~\~B0I1 (illE9E. . MONDAY KVkYiNO March 25. Uo C' lBrimicr Willi th. (Jr.. >| ll(.r. <u 3 Acit by Brllioi, of I PL KITANI. > SIUNHUA BOROHESIC I Valtallina Sir Kiel. rd . M.K'? Majoechi Lord Arthur I nlbot IVrozzi Lord Waltrr Walton Ma"r HeorictUof l< Alb. rtaixi I Sir Hrnuo Nob-rtou Sn Mbrriarxi Brlwx'u thr rirat mi J Hrcoud Acta, OVEHTl' Hr fruin Doniz#.ti'a Dim I la Killr du bum, I <1A V ATI\ A - fri.i.i R..II,r> . ... Moiiteechi?ill fu'l coaturne hy Sigmr* M?j cchi 8CKNA by Signer De Bi?nii in full c atuuie. Iroui the Oiera I of II Kauaiico IVr Ca Munca. IT7*There will be to par'oroiauce ou Saturday Night. The whole under the direction of Siuuor VALTELL'N A. Kor full particular* *?e lellr of llie day. Um Office i open from # to 4 o'clock N. 0.?The Theatie on the oil nighta will be let (or Concern I i or Lerturea. The Clreateut Invention of the Age, Mil FAHKR, of VIENN A, retpectfu'ly ai.ncui.cea to lb* Aineiicau lubl'C, that lie h*a auccerded. aft?r iiriirrid vr *ua of experimentation ?nA atu'i-a >n ; nerlec'iug a 8PEAKI NO ANii hi V(II NO AITTO ? ATllN. I'hia wonderful t'iu"toh ol lauL'arRiK anu wkchaniami uticuln'ea diatln?tly rn' v letnr of toe al.luH*. ci>..?er?et I with hia audit.'ra, and * |!| aiNo and HkiciTk in THact. LanuuAiita, Knolish ( i uman. ii d I.aiin Mr. raVM> poaea, in acrord luce with the aolicitatiooa ol acieut fit ilea tli imn to exhibit Ilia invention lor a abort time, ao til i' th' public iuav Imre an opportunity of w ili.eaaiug A Aiacove'y will, h baa excited aurpri?e and adinirntion throughout the aci , rutilic world The EXHIBITION ROOM, conier of Broad, wav au" L'apenard at eet will h" open evi ry day (excrpt huu . day) from 12 AM. until a P.M., Mid every rrrumi (except . Sunday) Irom 7 till 0 o'clock. [C>- Tl KET8, 21 CENTS; children undet ten year* of | age |2>J cents. , The entrance ia in Liapenard atreet, third dour on the left aidefro'" Bmxdwav. fM lm*ee [ I'AHK THKATllh.. Buxea 49 . 'enta ? Pit Jl eota?Gallery I2X Cent*. MU.NU \V EVENING. March 25. 1844, The performance will commence with SUCH THINGS AUK. fnltnn Mr Jamlaou MrTwineall Mr Barry Lady I retnor Mra Vernou To conclude with INKEEPER'S DAUGHTER. Kicln'd Mr Jarniaou M?rv Mia H Hunt CHATHAM THEATRE. ~ THE SEASON FOR 1S44 Wll.l. COMMENCE O.V I MONDAY. MARCH 25. J. M. Scott, Actinic Vunger | II. E. "laiem, Stage Manager. Prompter J Cn uu Jloiea 25 O' tt I Pit I2)i Cents. Tli-r# ia now engaaed t e mot efficient Corpa Dramatiiiue ever tnrmed in America, (>r Beirut, in all reipecta, for the pe.forinanee of Tragedy, Comedy, Melo Drama, Karce, Pantomiin*. Op.nand DaJl-t. MONDAY EVENING. March 25,pcrformancea to commenee with LA TOUR DE NE8LK Cipt Punidin Mr E 8 Connor Margare .Vlra Greene Frevioui to the Drama an Overture comina d for the occaaion. Af er which MATCH iN THE DARK. Ellen Marjdrn Viaa Reynolda I'rudeuc* .V c I my re Mra Gierue Tncooclnde_witn till". 'IKUKiNT'S WIKK. 1 Hull Mrs Wmans Lis.el e Mrs Pres'on Miigot Mln Emily Wool All ICllhU- it Oljir'n'pic; T'MKiAM'U.le | MONDAY BVENlfiit March 25?The performaatne will ! corpulence with 1 CINDERELLA. Keli* Mrs Tinim I Pedro Mr. Holland I Cinderella Mitt Tailor I The Damn l'oiii|>olino Mr. Nickerson To conclude with I THE DON NOT D?>NE Leporells Mr li'dlnnd BOWICHY AAIPHIT1IKAT11IC. ! JOHN THYON Manager end Lessee. Joint Farewell Benefit of Mil k MK8. THORNE. MONDAY EVENING, March 25, 1*11, The performance to commence Willi Klowri of Chiralry and Be.iu'y. Followed by Splendid Ei|oestrians Acts of Anility and Strength, by a Company unsurpassed. Afmr which. BEACON OK DEATH. To conclude wiili DUMB UIRL OK GENOA. jt aa ?a, and perpetual fa) k For Two Days Only, Monday and, Tuesday, March 'lath ami 'Kith The Manager haa rflecti'd a re-en?Bgrmeni wilh that aupejb band or Ethiopian Mrlodiata, the KENTUCKY MlNSTHRLS Alto, engaged, Mr WM, COLR, the celebrated 'hiiieae Nondescript. or '"ontortioniat?together with hia educated and tainted ! <)(* Illl.i Y Miai K. HU M AlillS, a rha'ming Vocaliat. Mm BLANI'llAltl) the celebrated Inn tie Juggler. I. a PKi ITK I'ERITO, theaiirniird Danaruae. \1 II II I<' II A III1 S, Sentimental Sii (er MR. VVIIIT' OOK. the renowned lianjn Plaver Mil. R WII.UIA.MS the Singer aud Story TOP r. MK HOWARD the Violi.oat Rantiful WAX FlliUKKS, repre,enting a group oflndiam of til* I.row Trill* in the art o' lulling a Santa Fee Trader, to gether witn GEN. TOM THUMB. TOLLY BODINK and DANIEL Lambert. 1 TheOiraY ("AMlLY.aii in number, recently from Oer in my, anil fai'hlul repieaei tativea of the ancient people ol Ely pi, mty be teen in heir native coatume. ThetilPSKY (1UEKN. the Koituoe Teller, may be private* ly cnua lu-d atn'l hoora of the day an-i evening. Perforinaiice? every evening al 'H o'clock, and Weilneeday and Saturday afternoons al 3 o'clock Tieke's 3'e rents?children nnoerten yeara \2)i cenu. Twer 1 to livecenta eatra fur private consultations with theOipsey Qn-a. 1 EJ7"~Oi Wednesday neat, the Keuturky Miiutela take a ' II* ne-lii ? In k mi' lor i rich hill. u "I rc PKALK'd ?KW YOKK MllBKi n. AND PICTURE GALLERY. (Broadvxif, opposite tfu f'itv HaU ) EVERY DAY ANM EVENING THIS WEEK HK-OPENINO OK T1IE MUSEUM, with aplendid attrac i ika 'I lie manager ia happy to announce an engagement with HIONOK KHAN' isCty. the Magician and Equilibria!, latr fnon the Ameri an Muaenm. Tlie PHILADELPHIA MINIhTRELS, in Songa,ke. higiior MONTI V EDO, with in eirechaircal figures l he Mighty GIANTESS, of eiiortnoua proporuoua, and a m all etiitiiul vocaliat. Mr. D. W. WRIGHT, an unequalled lentimental singer. >1 ai JESSk LYN, an aernmniished danaruae. I tYI'SY GIKL.aiater of the Uneen at the Atnrrican Muaeuin mtv li-* coraulteil privately at all hnura of the day. i??(ig ? .MeriB U'J. uriiifl i <> nitrtmi, mkI iOO.OflOf nrifyntira AdiuiMioa imr thiJlinu?cents eiira to Lhute who c n ciit Um (<ttvt. miTtt nrn NUERFUL EXHIBITION. EOtM UAirilH) BV All'l IKKIAl- MKAVg. Now opru t > the public from 10 A. .M. to 7 I'. M dailr, at 16 Nuwi I'Twf, oyer ihe Tribune Office. No eih bttion caa I)' mo.e ntlUnM to the Agricultural!"!, nr to tne a iqiilh| ard devnai mind. It lead" man'a ihnughta "from N?ture uu to Nnitn'i Utd." Lndira in particular will be highly g.atili.-d. To bo ronTirii?d * fov? ?fk? only. Admittance 15 Onti: ( liildren half-price. Kgga broken on appltc ttiou 12^ r:eut?. \ gentleman nnd otbora, on n|MI oft'i. Will r" ?ivo ran!" of mlmif ion Mr 21 davn, M bieak "D o** each diy. I'trn:'lil--ty oi lana ory, and trailing noon poultry . '2^ co u. Tl o editorial corpi aro minted to 'ho eatabliahment at pl-arure ml7 IJt'rr VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAJ CONCERT WASHINGTON HALL. MADAME II M l.lf c.IU i, from Sweden. reapeetfully inform" tin- public of \rw Vork, th?l "lie will make hei lirai apiM.ranci- In Amerio at a '"onccrt to be eiren bv l.eron THURSD.'IY EVENING, 2Hh iu.Uat, at Willing.on II til .lor win- li occaaion aba lm arcured the ralnab'e aaaiatan . f .MKS KDWaKD LODKK; Hignor UK BHiMS, wbo wp| appearnt tkia Concert for ,h" firal time ilua ?ea?o.i: Mr WALLACE, who will play lor .ha fiiet time, the calahratad * nnpe il "f Venice, a? performed by I'.igauiiii, Ula Hull and Vtaui amp?- N|r B Alt I'dN III play two Holo'a on the I* lute; .VI r Tl M M8, tin- cale* rated Conductor, and a (Juarlette Band. (T7- TICKETS tl EACH?To be htd at the Music Stoma, and at the d ?or. Thet;oncert wi'l commence at 0 o'clock preciaely, m 19 end th wk jgb MUSIC FOR THE MILLION. (J HAND CONCERT. C?OR TUB BBNBhlT OB MR LYNCH, it Concert Hill, " %o. tfWi Broadway, on Monday Kvening, March 2'rtli. j To b" ir'< en by ihe uiemlie a of Palm >' late Company, aon I i -rimi ol tin* following l?die? and irmitlemen MRH PHILLIPS, MuS AHARPK, Miss IIIMM ( ., MR. LVNCH, 1 Mil. KNKAHH, MK. HOLMAN, MIL KAVANAli rilOOHAMMK Pa?T I. barnyard Chord!- fr^m thr (>iwri nlWia Tall- - By '"ompyn ' Sony?A Life in the tVoo a.firit time Mr K e.aa ? Houg?The R' piu -e Dwelling Mra Pni lip? Bonn ?I' waa nor. my own native land Mr Lv uch 80. g?l'K 1 at g a, my he Mra rahni a Ho- k?Oh my hopea forever I trI a I, hrat Una Mr Ho1 man 1 H nig - I br Moon o'rr ihe Lake 1, 1 earning Miaa llruc. , S mg,' 0 nic?Ttduy H e Mr Kaaanah Ii 1 <1 ,-t tr.Cuinic By four Lulu a, cne in particular Pi a t II Chortit?Back f*nm the nulling cl aac from Cmriarc la By tha Crmpany Bt'lad ?Tha Iriah h.migra it'a lament I Mr Lynch Sons?Oh whata joyr-na dry -Vra I'hilii a Bong -The Boa iliiou of Mr IlolmaSong?Yea I ahouid 11lif to niarry Mra Mrierp.It..11 nn Medley Bylli" < ompuii Morn?Nr.t married yat Mi-a Brncr dona?Molly bralliw-iu Mr Kavaeah Kl .air-? Aw ay, way By lha Company I'll. K h.TH ON K SHILLINli?T?ba l.adai thadoor Doora otni al .|uvrter to 7? coin man ca at Imfore I o'clock mil 2iaod*m FOURTH 1W Allll. G RAN 1) C LA Y F F. N TIV A L. BANNBR I'llk HKNTATi(l> To THB IIKNRY < LAY CLUB, DY TUB WIIKI LADIB8 1MB THB WARD, at tha t> Shah ape-, re Hotel, enrner of William ami Unana rraata, ou TUBrail \ Y KVKNlNll, 2Hh inat. a' half-paat 7 o'clock Th' I lay (ilee Club have kindly volume.-,"d to b? prevent , and ling a una favori'a Songa A Bacd of Imiru-antal Mine will o-rnpy iba Orchaaira. Profattor OLUKIKLI) will politic at tha Piano. PROORAMMK. ? . ? , I Overture By 'lie Rami I <'h..rna?Invitation?Cotne, coma cna Whira fi|aa ( lub Ho| .?I. dian lluntar ; By Mr. O. I 00k . Banner Preaent ttion, (ou behalf of tha Whir Ladi-a 1 f lha Ward) ByH. M Paliona, Blip Hail 10 lha Chief By t n hand Acceptation of lha limner, l>V J.'a II Urania. 1 a.| I'ra.nda-1 ol lha I luh Banner Hong?Our Klag ta There By the lilrt* J luh Hi .a Upmigie I Burner"- By t oe Bu d Adt'reatra by aevenl dialiniuiahad Hpaaikara will bo da. 'i irrad dutit u it" evening Cho ua? fee ill -Ill "II 1 h.-ir I oni|ii. ring Way By (ilea Club ' horiii?I went down to K indarhmik do Chi rua-Old Keiiorky Hra d 1 Cli irna?Krnn Hil' Tup aud Valley do ' In.111a?"al out cl In Way d> Tha >111 will ball auti iC'v l)c or-ad fori-a oacaaion. Sarla w ill be p-o? idad for the Ladiea, ai d ev?ry at ten Ii ,1 (in I P am by Ih--1 . inuntie- of A itangenienta The different Cl?y ubi of tha any and yicini'y, '? walaattial landa o' Henry ('lay generally, arc invited to he p e-ant. By order 1 f the I luh. J AS Al BRAIN K. Prraidfnt H H CHATTY.HTON, Secretary mil Jr'Ht.MM'u tc BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [Corretj ondence of the Herald.1 _ Washikoto<?, March 23, 1844. i ne senate did not sit to-day. It is understood that Mr. Calhoun arrived in Richmond yesterday, where he was received with great tclal . lie is exacted in town to-day. The city was filled with reports this morning that Senator Tallmadge of X. Y. died last night of a fit apoplexy. All I know ahoul it is, that Mr. Tallmadge is about town to-day, and eaya it this is death,then it is not the thing it is cracked up to be. I believe he was slightly indisposed, and that is all. Mr. Hopkins, Chairman of the Committee on Post Offices in the House, says he shall make no report at all to reduce postage?that Wickliffe says he can't get along as it is now, much less if there should be a reduction. Therefore, it anything be done by the House at all, it must be done without the action of the committee. S. B. Washington, March 23,1844. > Saturday evening. > Mr. Calhoun has not arrived to-day, and is not now expected until Monday. 1 hear to-day that Or. Win. P. C. Barton has lieen removed from office. He was at the head of the Bureau of Medicine und Surgery. 1 know of no cause. S. B. TW1CNTY-KIUHTH CONGRESS. FIRST SESSION. * House of Representatives. Washington, Saturday, March 23, 1844. I'RIVATK HII.I. DAY. A report was made from the Committee of Ways and Means, w ith a hill, recommending the coinage of one dollar gold pieces It was referred. Also a bill to dispose of all parcels of goods under $100 seized by the Custom House. A resolution was passed appropriating the three Ant Jays in May to the business of the District of Columbia. The President sent to the House the new Treaty between this Government and Peru. It was referred. Mr. P.tRMK.NTKK presented a resolution calling on the Secretaiies of the Army and Navy to send to the House all the information in their possession a' out wrought iron cannon, and all the experiments made in relation thereto, l>oth hem and abroad. The resolution was amended so as to nrlc how much money had been expended on these experiments in wrought iron cannon, und to whom the money had been 1>IUU. The amendment wan then passed, Mr. Half. asked if any inquiries had lieen made as to how the Missouri not hurnt up in the bay of Oibraltar. Mr.pPARMKNTCR said that when CaptainVinton returned, there would be. The llouae then took up the Private Bill Calendar, and passed several bills. LATBST RUIITHKUN SHIP IIKWI Norfolk. March II?Arr Osceola. Yeaton, New hmyrna; Declaratio 1, Ad-ins, Baltimore for Unstoa, with loss of an chors and chains; Mar) Chilton, It gets, Maysgner In Hampton lloada. Intiepid of New York, with leu of anchors and chains. sills sidil, Iks. CuARi.KSTon * arrh 20?Old Vsrion, fBr] Mills, Liverpool: A'b*rt IVrki s. Clark. Boston. REWARD?Stolen on Saturday, the 23d Marsh, 1*44, )prJVJ between R and 11 o'clock A. M., from the house No. iS ttidge slree', SIJR in cash, one doren second hand liver tea poons and a am I salt spina The money consisted of t30 in 1 Iver, SKI io sold, a"d lie sir in paper money, from ones up :o tens. The.ahove reward will lie paid for the lesoveryof he m ney and conviction of thief. 'I'll* advertiser can be round at S' C'tharinw street. m2l lw*re r'^ACHM AM.?A ateidv, active man, lately arrived from Kurope, wants a situation in the above capacity ; can be sa] tisfactorilv recoinmeni'ed by ge tlrtneo and eminent coachmen in til a City, aa to hia know he'ge id horses and capability of 'living: would make hitns'lf generally ureful in h B employer. Ins no objection to town or country. Any command torwarded to the office ol this paper for 0. D. shall be r*at ectfully attended to. Bltt ec TNFOKMA 1 ION WA^TEU or JAMtS h. MILLMt, a 1 native of New York and a Seaman by profession ; wh?n lut hn'i'd froin he was in Bristol. Kngland. 111 1810 Should he be ahve, and return tn New York, hewpl beer of something to his advantage, on aptdviug to William Steel, Baker, No. til Cherry street New \ ork m7 3md2tw*rrc THE SEUUNIJ (in ANJJ EAHIIHTIOJV f>| the r|ir> need bv mhaliiiv ^ iif'Ui Oiidr, nr EXHILARATING OR LAUGHING GAS, will l>? (ji'.ii in the BROADWAY TABERNACLE, Af ON DAY EVENING. MARCH ? 5. lOO Gallons of (lis will be prepared, (and a much less quantity wasted than At the lastexhibifon) so fat ample o. portunity will be afforded for all w ho wish to take it. No person will b.? allowed to stand on the stage except those who tike t^e gas :i ooo T'CKKTB ONLY will be issued, so that all can be C'mfoitnbU* ?ented. The public may rely on this Twelve Offerers are engaged to preserve order. Those r*rftoi>swho purchased ticketsfor the last exhibition.and who could not get in, in consequence of the crowd, will be admitted free bv ?xch living tlieir tickets at the Ticket Office. To avoid inconvanieure fiam tl?* great crowd at the Ticket "ffice, it is recommended that all those who can will supply themselves with tickets et the stores where they are for aale, liefore the even ug of entertain meat It is * oped that tke | resent exhibition, like the first, will be iraeMl b* a large proportion of ladies. 'I /'W1 en the 3 ? ()? 1 ickets are received, the doois will lit chined and ur> moie persons admitt d The Doorkeepers inu?t|not be required to rceive money as they cannot receive money and '1 ickeis too?it is hoped that this will b- observed The eutert-inment wilt clr se by exploding Ox.gen and Hydrog?r (ias in a caution prepared f r the purpose?proving that wate , (which is composed of Oxi**n and llydmgeQ,) although regarded as 'he opposite ol tire, is comp< sed ot the meat combustible materials MR. G. q. COLTON, Who av;?in has the horor to pre## ntthia niter aintnent, assures the Ladies and (lentleinfn who MOndtd his first, thai he will use Ins utrn< at endeavors to preierve |ie?fect o der and dfic. rum, that not ihe o?ost fastidi< us may havn orciaion *o complain. I he unavoidab e d< lay, and the slight errori of the first evmno w * 11 tie care'ully corrsc ed rr"7?*'I'...Lwf- J'. II-.. IU._ I'll nil1*, I. Hil-y'a Millet.'a. Nioildard St t^o.'a Firth It II ill'* Mu ic 8'o'ea <111 I <t the Booka'oreaof Saitwi Ic Mile*. M. W. Lh il l v ?l C M F.aina. Al?<> at the d >or no the -vf'iiii; < fentertainment I /** Door. n< en <if b o'clock ? I' iforin loce to commence at iiYlo. k Ml) m22 'Jl*ee * ILLUSTR A TED LONDON NEWS !!! WK. Hlti'llUH h a rei-eiveri bv the 8ie?m*r t aledooia, ihe Febimrv nuinliera and llr?t nneilrr of March, ol thu beautiful Periodical Whnl'iale ilealera will do well to call o<n a? Hie prevent ul>plV is limiled in21 2tia*m No. 301 HKOADWAY. upataira. S1M11NO FASHIONS, AT THK OLI> KHTAIILHHVIKNT. Magatin <lr l\To<lrt, 00 Cnnat itittt. MAD A Vl II Kh MM AN, in murnuiK tlianba for the laat right y< * ? |>itrouafte. be<? mil re?i<c< ifiilly t* inlnrm her r irndi, rB?iom< ra, ?iin llie public, that the haa received her S 'ma fiahi >iit I'roiu Pana,a"d hraa ti he favored with an early c II 'u i (amine her v ried -nil elegait atock of eutire new atylea nf Hi I k. a* well aa Htraw Hat* Mad me B Bat eta heraelf that tlie avine are nnrivalled in the rify. both aa to a'yle. quality, thape and price A call will ron> ince them ef the fact MAOAZIN DK MODES. m9l lm*m HA I >>! ii<mi HUBERT HOPE HART, l VPOKTER, VO. 11 NJSSJIU STREET, CORNER OF PINE, OFe KIM for mlr, in lou to tail purchasers. Scotch Ale. Loudon ami Dublin Hmwn Si at. Scotch ana Irish Whit* key. Dark a id Pale Btandiea, Madeira. Sherry, Port, Chalk ,i*i*i.e. Sparkling Hock, Claret, lie All of the beat quality, f It lini?e?r SPLENDID CASSIMERKS, VESTINGS, Arc. IJK S'lIP AIMi ?, we fa?-received two esses new and rich 1 t rood, for Soring and Summer Wear, comprising Caasi* meres, Veilings, Dulling,, he. In styl- nd ih-y ?re ,upermr to any gooda we hare had to offer. W.M. T. JfcNMNOS k Co.. >31 Broadway, rr.2l Iwis're American Hotel, opi>oaite the Fountain THE PEACOCK, N E W IHNINi; ROOMS. .VO.S IS SOUTH IFILI.LMM JtND M STONE STS. White Knolls, near Delmomco'a Hanortr Square and Coentiea' Slip. T^H K.SE New and elegant Rooms a re now open, with a Table I d'Hote. from II M till 4 P VI Prire filed. >5 cents. The Dinner will c nsist daily, of S >op. Fish, Boiled and Roast i. nits, Poultry, (tame. Pastry. Puddings. Kiuiti. kc. \|erehan?s and others are united to make trial o| this eeonon r I and eo renient mo le of dining mlfllwisee SAWING OK SHIP TIMBER AND PLANTT ANY p rton HidhiiK ?? mid Hnmiltoii'i Ouiveli* V n*>fir % d <a Oft) poo nd Siwiuk Mifhi #. forlhrMwi>K T *h>p Plmk ind otb#rruif*d hi it rimb^r, can do 0 by r*llni( at I Wall tl m. room 18. letwm 10 "VJock, A Mat <1 t f \1 mil ? tl*oc I >< K 11 >R J<IHN I II' >MSM?N, tfON OF THE FOI N'O.M OF I He. THOMBONIAN > ' 8Y81F.M OK t'RAOTI K, as I rated at HI Broooie at, rhere, as usual, are wai ted tneli patients Willi t hronic Dipaae as e n find no relief from other Pnysiesung. Thousands tare called a ?on I'r Thomson daring the past two months ? Po he satisfi-d of hi. skill and ability is to < *" **'? l"",r an!,: e new, A h 11 ot documentary eaiJenfe altoae.ler too sola* miaous for pnbltr ikui, ?r"n under oath, and rewards from 1 into $1 Mill offered 10 l-roie the negative in the r speetivu raae? AI?o letters from lie Kings of h tance and Prussia, ana < gold med I' Lou Prillips presented to Doc'ur T may be s*-n ?t th-t ffiee, 143 Brmirne street. ?., u ? |'l esu k ina ,'s "OuiJe to Health ' g'atis to all who ill a h? k Willi PHr#**, i^?nin'?uv 01 iihiit'obui, oi * omm tKM tUr l.+u ?UtM'f*. vn'dir.ii tn#o, kr A valaftnto icq or ntorn-call and rrncam t ro| v ,nll ImdyBnym MEDICAL AID. I Vlt. (IRKUOH Y may lie con a ill ted *ny Hay or hoar, at hit I '<- tendency, II harrlv atreet Thoa* te king the i.l of in ri|*/i?ae?? ui l akill'ul ihyiician, ahould call aa ibore. Dr. ti. ittbeAnthnr of the bonk railed'ha ' Hnbieon"?it reati ol privet* diaewra and ditireaaei rud variou* olli?r tub ei i? of > drlieate and paruliar nature, which cannot heeanm* ated in t e pnbhc priata. Th'fnnrh edition,enn'ai*in( m ;ia?in??, n i nw ready?prite Mlcenia?told h* th- author; alao h Druitiu'a, at 71 .ml 10 h ult.m atreet, M William atreet, 61 ml IIU! llowaiy, 77 Kaat Broadway, taft Drlaacy atreet and ' haaaht iliwi mm limflf. mlJlt'rr STHAN(ii;H8 BKWARK. N THIH AUK. OK U1TA? KERY ANP IH MBI'O, It., moat imjmrt lit 'o rhwe an e?p?nemeil phv.ictan?PH. J. '.V A N *i liaa ren urrd bia Old Oalnra llend Dnpeoiary l* No. N Pear', corr.e" of Bwkmiti atteei wh-re !te rontinn-a hi. at eafraordinary rtirei of all d-lir.te diae.w>, no matter iw r niplirat d. He apiiriat th.' citif.ena and >tran?era that be i- ia no Dr. Kv na in bit old ilan ', aud that he baa no ronfi't ion whatever vtith another office. Hta chanten nre mojri<te hit rimin'tutlnna'trictly prirat'. N It _Obae,*e tlit i tinib ir? mi i?kei if oOen .tanjerona? B? ''earl .t , . . Viedi men and ilirectiooa aent to any ptrt of the Union, >V a to-ii'ars statu K lie caac, and enelimn* fire ilollara. ml* It* to. P A Hit AN I H i O' II'Ol ?l> f XTKAl r OK OAPAI 1 V \ AND i I ID 'M ? ' hia me tieai e hra been ratnoaive. v oat I on thipbotrd rnd n l' - lou o-rn M.atea. and i? perfei. m|e to any oilmr I'll nnfortanale patient pnta' tea ia thia a ?r r*ir. y Im? no " ""n to moke bit cue oiibln, and vithotitany |o itoo-to medical III in, wit ota' rert'.ction n diet or confinement, tinda himtelf cured ewrctual y in a few I .ya at i trifling ra.?fi?e mil a taring of leeiinv to a aen-ittv* erion hiring tnua in hta reaeh a cheap, por.aM* and pleaaanl eme'v ror <ale whole-ale and ret il by JAMfcB TARKANT, Drutaiat Be mltwi.'cr ,ot Utwawich and w?rtw? it?