Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol. X-, No. 87-Wkol* No. 9957. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper-published every day of the year except New tear', day and Fourth of July. Price 3 centa per copy ?or $7 30 per anBum?postages paid?rash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price cents per copy, or >3 14 per annum poetages paid, cash in alvance. . , ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of 8?e Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing mat. ft hat the lariat circulation of any yaper in thit city, Or the world, and is, therefore, the beet channel for ousters j am in the city or country. Prioes moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the moat moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoraicToa or thb Hsrai.u Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets ~ TO Tilfc.TR A VELUNG PUBLIC. ... -1MB *3fv ^P^SSKNOER The Subicribrrt haviug completed their arrangements, are now prepared to bring oat paiseugeis Irom Umt Britain and I island by the following first cltsa packet ships, one of which will leave Liverpool on the lot, 6th. 11th, lfith, 21st and 26th or each iponth:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, Montezuma, S'ddons, true Washington, Hotliugoer, Colprn'mo, United States, Roscius, Astiburtuu. Ens laud, Europe, Sleph'nWhitaey, Kochee'ef, Independence, Yorkshire. Oarrirk, Samuel Hick, Queen of the Wrat, Oxford. Certificates cf passage can b? obtained, and every information will be given to those sending for their frieuds, on application at either of our offices. .... They will also be pre-ared, on the opening of navigation, to forward passengers and 'heir luggage to Albany and Troy, and via Erie Canal to buffalo, and all iqfermediate placet. To all porta of tb Upper Lakes. Via Uawego to Toronto, Port Hope, Cobu'g, Kingston, and all parts of Canada Wist. From Trov via Whitehall to Motitrtal and Quebec, Canada East via Ohio Canal from Cleaveland to Portsmouth, Cincinnati, and itermHiao pieces . . Sou'h West via Philadelphia to Pittsburg.Cincinuaii, Louisville. and all parts ou the Ohio Hirer to St. Louis. Mo ; and to all parts ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wiscouatn Territory. REMITTANCES. Korthe dcromuindetioi of persons wishing to ?eud money to tli-ir fiiendi in the i ili Country, HARNDEN It C'l. will give Drafts on any uhi t of Kngiai u, Scotland or l.-elend, pn panic at sieht, for sunn of ? I, ?5. ?26, to ?.66?or in any amount to suit the purchaser. OFFICES AND AOENTS. Charles <"ra<L 120 Sia e sir et, Boston B. W. Wh eler, Union Builiing, hrovideace, R I. J. W. Mil's, 3 W-11 ntre t u" l 16 Frout street. New Yoik. N. Ci. How id. 41 S o h Third street. Philadelphia. Saudfo.d Sl Sh ernaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. L. S. Littlejohu, 11 Fx ha ge, Albany N. Y. S Clark, 159 Ri\er street, Trov, N. V . Utica, N. Y. - W. A. Cook Syracuse, N. V. Rochester. N Y. W. H Conk. Buffiio, N. Y. H. Fi'zbughlk.''o.. ?)?wego, N. Y. mHiec r rri^ Ftut HALIFAX AND LIVERTOOl. E G Lou, Km]., Commander, ^4^291?fflXXwil! leave Boston for the above port sou Monday. April lit, next. Passage for Liverpool $120. Fuuit for Halifax 24. Apply to D. BHIUHAM, Jr., Agent, mljto Ire No. 3 Wall atreet STATEN ISLAND yg* FERRY. SE^SEZ On and alter Tnesdiy, February g7(h, (he Boat* will leave U follows, until Curt* er notice :? Leave Stolen Ielamt. Leave JVeip York. At IX A. M. At ? A. M. . 10 II " I P. M. 3? P. M. S " 5^ " v. U. On Sunday the boat will leave it 11 instead of 12. fe2#re ^MB/0 .NOTICE The H'eambaat "pOkTS baBav MOUTH ia now being thoroughly repaired 9Gsa^KsflL.nn 1 will be ready at the nreniug of navigation to tow boat* mtnru ediate to Trov, Albany aid Ne v York This boat will hive n 'parities for towing equal to any on the river; and is is h >ied that it will obtain a fair support. mr21 lm*rc P COMSTOCK. PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. aMM gm DAILV, Sundays excepted?Through Di"*<=', at 7 P M., f.otn the Steimb it Pier be3En_flCwK_twe n Conrtlendt and Liberty steels. The steamboat KNR KEHBOCKER, Captain A. P. S?. John, Mood y, Wedues ay and Fridav, at 7 P. M. The Steamboat NO 'In AMKKiCA, C'auiaiu Wm H. Tmeadell, Thuradiy and Saturday at 7 P. M At Fiveo'cl.,tk P. M. Landing at Inteimed ate Placet:? The Stesm'oat , Captain , on Mouday. Wednesday and Fri lav, at i IM. The Steamboat < UttTIS PE^K. Captain Wm. H. Peek, on Tnea'av, Thutsday and Saturday, a' i P. M. Passengers taking th's line cf boats will arrive in Albany in axnrle time to take the Morning Train of Cars fur the ea>t or 07"The above Boatanre new and substantial. are famished With new and eiegtnt Stare Keoma. anu for spe.'d and aecom* modatioc* areunnvail?d on the Hadaon. For passage or fr-'ight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultr at the omee on the wharf. ni2itr NEW york, albany, and troy steamboat linp:. AltKt \OCMENTS FOR l?<-.MORS. LIVK?From the foot of Barclay s'eet, a' 7 o'clock A.M., (Sundays ricepted.) The Steamboat TROV Capt A. Oorliam, and The Steamboat K M'I RE, Capt. 8. R. Roe. Evening Line?Direct from the foot of Corrt'aadt ?treet, at 7 o'cl .ck P. M. rSn idaya ricepted ] The Steamboat S? ALLOW, C*rt i*. McLeon, aud The Stea 'nboat AI. B A N V, Cait. II. B. Many. Th proprietors of the New York. Albiny and Troy !.< e Jroaid re*pectfullv i I'.rm th* public that their boat* have rirg the recess ol raviita ion the pant winter, been refitted and replenished throughout and many improvement* added to theeomlortofthe rivfller The Troy and Kmpur. a* heretofore, will loeai th> Mor uj? L'ne, from the Steamho t I'ier foot ol B at clay street, lunula* daily [Snndaya esceyted] m.ikingthe principal lilt- rmediate landioKa *n the River. The Swallow and nlhniiy will lorm thj 7 o'clock Evening Line (thrnugh dirr.ct) d i y (Sunday* (eicepted.) The above boata are ol the Ural clam ot Str m boats, and fir spent and seeomm-datiotis re u an'passed, what it offreater interest to the traveller, ate under he eommai d of officrrs well known to the pnMic?t heir mines alone is a aulfic.ent guarantee of kind attention, ciril dejorto.e t and aafe management. New Y ork. March 1 > raltec PEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA HA ?ROAl> LINE DIRECT. Po? N wi*?, NawanvntwiCK, rmwccTon, Tasirraat, Jonuei*row* ann Euhlinuto.v mM THROl.'UH IN SIX HOURa. Leering New York da ly from the foot of Lourtlandt Morning Line at ? \ M.?Mail Pilot Line it <X P M The Morel 7 proceeds to Bcrdentown, from thence cy tteemboat t, Philadelphia. The Evening Line otoconia direct to Cantdea (opposite yo Philadelphia) w ilhont change of car*. Pans-tiger* will procure their ticket* at the office fc.tof Court' indt street, where a commodion* steamboat, will he tn readies, with baggage crste* on board. f" elphia barrgac r..u-s are conveyed from city to ci.r, wili'xil being openrd by th? way Each Lr*>n is provided w: ? a ear in which are apanmrct* and dressing rooms er;?>?al? for Che ladies' nse P-taming, th' lines i.;ive Philadelphia from the fool of Walstreet, bv steamboat to Hordentown at T o clock, A M. ? . by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. 'I lie line* (or 8 leave Philadelphia at 7U A M., and 4 P. M. beings ce> timiatmu of the tinea from N*w York j? Im*m M mm&m and ? Ai I'AKT tTl.Nfc FOR PITT8UURQ, ] BY Tllr. PKNN"YLV vNIA CANAL Ik HAILB#AD8. This superior Liae of Pa-kets is now in eo pig*-* <1 rdsrr. New Hosts hnv t be-n i>'aceil o.i iff Linf sod every mrut made !h?l c? i l?e d-aited to secuie tin* comfort of tnvellert. Tl.r interesting country wl i h the route passes,renders it the most air?'able ilist can be taken for the West. fcor lautilies frsv. fling we-t?ard it is pree-sble to all oher routes. No effuii has hr<nspai*d to mate the accnimodationa on boa id the bints n n. Ic a d coinple. '1 hey aie in charge of eipejieilCfd, alH-nt. ve, n id cbliyir u captains, to that the Dip r"m FH1LAD^LT'II A. TO PITT8BURO, is ranccreJ on- of id* ur-'a'ber than toil. I > It ' ONLY $10. OFFICE N. t . I OitNfcR Mit'ttTH AND I HEdTNUI' * t lll-> TSi. Where e?ery inform ,t on may he oblaiued. [f ^'ttea'a may also b-secor d at 13 south Third st.aud st Use Oh V'-1.274 vi A IlKKT STRKKT, where the Cart it.i I roin e ery mornpir at g <>' to- k. 2tl iml'c A. COMMINOS. ACQ: sKRAMi-'.MKNTH KOK tgll OLD I'.ST ABLISHKU PASSAOF, OFFICE. ICO Pine Street, comer ofSouth. Sk M M -m> THK tubtcr her te-ts le.ire to nail the attention of hit Irieudt aad the public in general, to llie following arrangements for l$44, for tbe pnrpn... of hriniting out cabin, 3d cabin, and steeratte passengers, bj the l<rguUr Lii e of Liverpool Packets, tail Xg the 1st,6th l.tb, l?th gist and Mth of every month By e London Pail iB, toa,;,| (. Tn New York, the 1st, lOtli and $#th? and fiom L- n-'oti ou ll e7ti., 17th and 27th -ifeach month, Id Connection as ith the above and for the pur|io*r nf'afford'"f,'*! ' -ililiet to passengers, the stihscriber has established & regular lin o first class New Y< rk built, coppred tuid C inper taste ied ship-, to asil punctually etery wfk throng hoc-, the year f-'o r these Co in mo da t i 11 u of in-nous wishing to n-mitmoney to 'h"! ',J;I1*'fa 'J' friends, drafts are given, payable at sigh'., on the following Bants vz Provincial Ihuik of irvlaud, payable at 1^2"*' Hi""?10?' Clouiinsl, Londonderry, 3j'f0, D-tford, Belfast, VVaterfnro, Ualway, A. tnagh, Athloue, Colerain, Bal hn*, Youghal, Knnitkilleti, Monaahan, Ban, ruga Ballymeua, Parsonatown, Dowapatrn.k Lnrgaa,,, gai-Jon, Kniut, Ballyshauno Stn&ui'*, hki l"fv*n, Mrtllow, Mon'7!nor*, CootchiU, K ilrush, Dublin, HcotUun- T!'!!' C.iiv Onuk of (llajiiow. Kitela'al-Meeira. Snot" ?r, Atwood k Co. Bankers, London; H. Murphy VV nil-loo I ..ho, Liveri>o<?l; pssyablf in every town is lireat Biitain. For further inform timi (if by letter iw,t p*,d,) 4p|lgy- t? JOBKl H ic lit1 II llAl , IIHI l'nie itnvH Cf of South ^ Y Or Meas/t, P. \V. UY UN 1.3* CO, j? Waterloo I load j#6m"rr * Liverpool l*f- KOH MAU-<KIM fcll?fVcl.t ol Is Atinl-l'lus ?J"M^s.-h|i (,(?il|t.I. Wtr.t, Jss ll.ole, Muter h or JSSmirnf' or pus g . apply to LsiWRf N fE k PHEITS, No. Hit fcrnnt sties t, or to BOYD k HlNCKfc.N mUlUsUlre No. 9 T?utin? Bs.ldvng E NE NEW THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I ilk m ^TmEi from Ne^YoJRltt, *u?i iruuHliverrool tlh^^Sj month. /Vant Vein York. L'ooqI. New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 tow. ? S** , 21 KeV 6 J EldriJfr '> April ? Janet lAng. 21 Oct. 6 N. thip QUEEN OK THE WEST. &?> " f UJOtouaP. Wooanuuse I* * *J ? New ship ROCHESTER,I5t) touj. i'fX'r " * John Button fe ii 8h'P HOTTINOUKR. l&M t.n?.]feb*? %? \ Ira Bnrsety, SNoJvai Jan y 6 These substantial. fast sailing. first claaa ship*, all bmlt in the city of New York, are commanded by men ol experience and ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 3lst ol each mouth. BTheir cabini are elegant and commodious,wnd are furuiahed with whatever can couduce to the ease and comfort of passengers. Price of passage, $104. Neither the captains or owners of these ships will be responsible for any paroels or packages seul by them, unless regular bills ofladiug are signed therefor. For freight or passage aiijil y to WOO&HDLL St MINTURNS, 87 South street. New Yoik, orto FiELDEN, BROTHERS h. CIX, JU ec Livecpoo ^OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ^^^^5lD Ll^^^^^Tckets ft will lie^^M^^ J- despatched in the followingnrA?r, excepting that when the sailing day falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeed ingday, *ix:? From NewYork. From Liverpool The C AMBRIDOE, { June 1 July It 850 tout, < Oct. 1 Nov. It W. C. Barstow.f FVb. 1 Mar. tt The ENGLAND, V June 16 Aug. 1 750 tons, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 8. Bartlett, f Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, {July 1 Aug. 16 800 tons, ( Nov 1 Dec. 16 J. Rathbone, f March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, {July It Sept. 1 1000 tout, t Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, r March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, I Aug. I Sept. 16 SIB tons, t Dec. 1 Jan. It E. O. Furher, r April 1 May It The NEW YORK, (new) {Ang. 16 Oct. 1 950 tons, t Dec. 16 Feb. I T. fi. Cropper, (April 16 June I The COLUMBUS, {Sept. i Oct. 16 700 tons. < Jan. 1 Feb. 1* (J. A. Cole, r May 1 June 16 The YORKSHIRE, (new) {.Sept. IS Nov. 1 1050 tons, < Jan. 16 Mar. I D. O. Bailey, (May IS July 1 These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qualiti. t The commanders are well known as men of character and experience, anil the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the coinlort and conreiiience ol passengers. Punctuality, as res irds the day of sail ion', will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage oatwarJ is now fixed at Seventy-rive Dollars, for which ample stores of every description will be provided, w ith the exception of w ines and liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards, iflUQUirsd. Neither th captain or owners ol these ships will he responsible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unless 3ular bills of lading are signed therefor. Kor freight or pase, apply to GOODHUE It CO, 61 South st. 0. H. MARSHALL. 38 Burling slip. N. V l?9tf and of BAKING. BROTHERS 8c CO., LVool _ PAS8AUE.KKOM GREATBK1TA1N AND IRELAND Ml ?& ML ^BTTHE BLACK BALL OUOLD LIN^JE" LIVERPOOL PACKETS. (Sailing from Liverpool on the 7tb and P)th of every month.] Persona wishing to send to tlie Old Cotmtry for their friends Co make the necessary- arrangements with the subscribers, and ve them come out in tin s superior Line of Packets, Sailing Iroin Liverpool punitutlly on the 7th and 19th of every mouth. They will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, ailing every six days, thereby affording werltly communication from that port. One of the firm ( Mr. James D. Roche) it there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who pud it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vix :? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and niieoualltd arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a contiunance of that sui>port w hich hat been extended to them so many years, for which i the| are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can St ill times obtain Draft* :?l siirhf for *nv ainnnnr dr,w? I on the Koyal Bank of Ireland. Dublin, al?o on ! Messrs. PRKSCOTT, UilOTE, AMES k CO. Baukers, London, | which will be paid on demand ar any of the Bauka, or their i Branches, in all the Principal towci thruughoat England, lreUuid, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO. 35 Fniton street New York, nest door to tha Kulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Liue of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and I'Jth of each mouth. Parma returning to the old country will Hud it to their comfort and advantage Pi select this favorite Line f?>r their c>"v-vanet, in preference ro any NEW YuKi^JiD HAVRTH'ACKETH. Socond Line?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New York on the 1st, and Havre on the !6lh of each mouth, at follows, via From N?.w Yor* From Havar, New Ship ONF.ID.V, ( 1st March. ( 16th April. Captain < 1st July. < 16th Augnse. J unes Fuuck. (1st Notvmher.r 16th Decatnoer. Ship B ALTIMORE, (1st April ( 16th May. Captain < 1st August. < 16th Sepn mber, Edward Fuuck. ' 1st December, f 16th January. Ship UTICA, v 1st May. I 16th June. Captain < 1st September < ICth October. Frederick Hewitt. f 1st JaMuary. f 16th February. New shir St. NICHOLAS t 1st June. t 16th July. Captain t 1st October. < 16th November. J- 1J Pell.f 1st February. ( 16th March. The accommodations of these ships ar- not surpassed, combining all that may be rwiuired for comfort. The price of c?J bin passage is $100. Passengers v? ill lie supplied with every re quisite with the esception of w ines and liquors. (?oods intended for these vessels will be fo-rwarded by the job scribers, free from anj other than the ex|ieusea actually incurred on thein For fr 'ight orpassags, apply to BOYD A hINCKEN, Agents, ej1. er No 0 Tontine Itoilding. for. Wall and Water st OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PA3SAUE OFFICE. 61 SOUTH HIREET, NEW YORK. FTsBrtT* chu be f-uva^t'il fromLiverj>ool by U\e followinu splendid packer ships coinpriitofg the 05?1 Black b*ll Line ot rackets sailing as under K->ni Liverpool. The ih;p 1 OLVMti V S. Captain Cole,on the 16th February. The slop YORK SHIRK (new) Bailey, on the tut Mtfh. The ship C A M BK11)Hi* , < apt. Bantow, 16th March. The ship KNOLA.ND, r apt-iiri Bartletf, let April. The sh<p OXFOM I), (Vi t-nn Kathboue, Ifttli Ajn I The .hip MONTI .ZUM A, Captain Lowbei. M M17 The ship ?.UHOPi?. <'sputa > other, 16th May. Th" ship i% K\V YORK, Captain Cropper, 1st June. In ?dditit>n to thee, bo vi viptrior ship:;, the tubscnherVigantf will hat 11 (recession of iir.t elsss Am rtcan ships desi i hi d, , ss customary, from Liveroool, e* pry four or five ('ays thr?ue! . | oat the yenr. io the different ports in tlie United JstlVw, by for their (V>eud* re i li - <r in ( Britain and Ireland, may rely [I. it every care will he ulttn to mak- pa*?cn|ei9 a? Comlortable at lliey can reaaonably expect. and mould he i m n n r? not come out. the iruvaKe money will le- promptly refunded. Dmfla Can ij lie foroishei! p'yab'e at 'he [Xar o a! and Provincial limbs of Ireland und branch's; KmUm Built of Hooino aiiil b anrh-t; and on M'mtra J. Bait, Son St Co , Banker.1. I.otiilon. M-aart J. B.arnfd St Co., Bankers. Liverpool 'e hich are payable throuxliont Enultiid ind Walej. F'ur forth.'r particulars apply (if by letter t>o*t pud) to JOHN HERDMAN, SI Sorth street, near Wa I street. N 3 Pars jfe to Liverpool and London can at all tiinea be engix-l liy the regular packet ships, sailiug for Liverpool vvrrr nve days, and to Loudon nu the lat, 10th anu 20th of each mouth on application aa grove. 118 ec TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASHA OF. OFFICE .ifo Mb <m> M ARRANGEMENTS* FOR IH44. The subscribers ln'tr to c.ill the attention ol their frienda and the public it neruli to their?o|*rn>r arra< nemeuta fo' bringiuc out paaaeiiitrra from, and re it'iuyc mouey to ail lerta of Ends- it. Ir-land, Scotland and Wa'ea |THF. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PA' KFT*, COMPRISING THE (41 KEN (?e THE WEST. 12ifl ema THE SHERIDAN. 1000 lona THE ROCHESTER. 1000 toua THE GAIIKJCK, I00d ton* THE HOrrfNOUKR. IPOn to 1a THE K()S< IL'H, 1000 ton* THE LIVKRPOCL, liiO ton. THE MiDi'ONH, loan tog. Moil).ic fioio L.v.rpool twice ryer* tnon'h. and J UK UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. eampoiei) ol aoperior, fitit elaa. American packet., nailing from Liv rpool I .Mr tun-a in e.rh mouth, ar? the thnw la which thoae whoi'- put. age may b*enjra*rd w ,th llieaubae libera wnl con.c . ui in, tad it n a well kn"iwn fact the above nametl pweketa are tie' mr .t in gj i ftcent ahip. afloat end the frennency ol thair .ill I in*. (being every five diM a) preyenta the p a.ibili'y ol piuvetixeri heing untie-e^anrily drained at Liverpool Kegartlleaa i feipeuae, n. ord.r t. meet thr w.iutiol the public anil the vvi-he. ofthe r, Mr. Win. Tapwcott orenfthe fivin,ha? gone to Liverpool In gtijierinUnH t he departs re for thia Country of each |ier?oiie whoae travage may be engaged wiih the aubecriVrv, i Let, w hich to th.eir icon i ited w itu Mr, W. T., it a auffii.i-iit guarantee thit the) will r reive ever? attention from lorn anil be ,|u>olily ami comfortably deapatchod. Hnouii) ttvoae vent lor d.-cline r.mng the pnv*itge mo. ey Will I" proil.rily tefunil. il, without any d.duruou?a nanaf. lWuiiUa.ii.ea?'I lioae remit'otg money mil be eappli d with dram ai ugn.. lor any amount |W .l>'e fr of diironui or any outer ciie r". in "very pntir.|>n| tow n in England, Ireland. BCOuan.i ?u'l VV?b-j .1/ ty til !?'/ latter, pnat laltd.) to W * J T. T.-v.Tdi.'OTT, IJ Peck ilip. iveer * one?or to j* WM TAPHCOTT, Liverpool. tfvffjr- PA'SAOE KIIOM DUm iN. CORK. WATERJnftfyi-O' I'. I>E!II!V I'OL" 15 ..IN- , IIEI.KtnT. JMMbi * "wr i, D i gh.da, he ? I'i rsoua wiahtng to vend lor their Iriend can na?e thi tn brought ' ui troin any of tor above potta iu lir^t cl in Auie ic <n Packet !*h'pa, on the moat reuao'iabiet-rri id without their egpene. ring any unneeuaaa yd.teuiiuu Mr W. Ta oti' o1 the htm, sill be on the epot to give his p-r?iii>al ttt'utiun ta lh? paavenger.engaged by th" lubvcrihen or their a-e tv he-e. and iwrtom m-y rely III it the iv .he. and comfort. I thoa# wli> ae p.,??..g* any he enga.edhy lh"in wil hue ill due an I proper ..itcution It or by I. t ^^T.TAPRCOTT, at their (i-neral Paaaage Office. II P'C'i ""'if. cov. Aenili etree*. where, alvo, Dra'U may he i btaine.t, for large > r amail auina. payable on dem ind, wi'h' Vt divroaut or ?ny oth. r ka ge, at thr National or ProTincin Biobt of Ireland, or any o< their branch.t throughout the Kingdom Ic? rc W YC YORK, WEDNESDAY M NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS I To Mil Hum NOW 1 orfc on lh- 26th and Li?T>ool <M th? llUi j 01 etch mouth. m rn a Ship ROBCH'B, Cuptaiii Johu Collins. Xth Msr<-h. Ship HIDUON*. Captmu K B. Cobb, Xth April. Ship 8MKRIDAN, Captiln K. A Depeyiter, Xth May. Ship OARR1CK, Capt. B I H Trn.k, Xth J una. From LivKurooL. 3hip 8HKR1DAN. Captaiu A. Dei*-yster, 11th Marck. Ship GAttKICK, Captain B. 1. II. llth April, fthip ROSCIU8, Captain John Collins, llth May. 8hip 8IDDON8, Captaiu K. B. Cobb, llth Juue. These ?hii>s are all of the first class, upwards of 1004 tons, built in the city m New York, with such improvements as combine great si*rd with unusual cominrt for passengers^ Leery care has been taken in the arraugeuieut of their accom njDuaiiiius. iw price oi passage hence ii (IVO, for which ample stores will be provided Taiess slops are commanded by exicrieuced inutm, who wul make every exertion to give geoeral Mtiefaction. Neilh-r the captain* or owneri of the ihipe will be responsible for any letters, parcels or package* eent by them. Hi regular "'h if lading are signed therefor For freight or passage jmi1 / to |t. K. COLLINH St South it., New York, or to Br vW.N SHIPLEY it LO., Liverpool. Letter! by the pad .-Is will be charged UX coats per tingle heet ; 50 cents l>er ounce, anil urwt|>aperi I cent each. rat rre MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. j& tit The undermentioned ships will be regularly dispatched from hence ou the 1st, and from Marseilles on the itli ot each month during the year aa follnws From New Vork. Marseilles, MINERVA, Capt. Browu, Dec. 1 Feb. 5 TREBCOTt, Cant. Myrick, Jan. 1 March S H'RY THOMPSON,l'apt.Sylvester, Feb. I. April 1 HELLESPONT, ('apt. Adams, March 1. May 5 CORIOLANU8, Capt. H.aile, April I. Jane} They are all cop|iered and cop|>er fastened, and hive excellent accoininodalioiu for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be (100, exclusive of wines and liquors. Gooes addressed to the agents, BOYD It HINCKEN, will be forwarded free of other jhargej than those actually paid For frvignt or passage apply to LAWRENCE St PliELPS. ids Front street or to BOYD Ik HINCKEN, Ageuu. m!ir No 4. Toutine Buildings , PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES, VIA LIVERPOOL. , lAai TH E subscriber hvs u itqualled r.rr e g'ni-nti , KtJrS^for hringi g out emigrants this year. '8-14 Those aftsMK^irrd'UU tor their (Vie ids would do will to apply at tile aid established packet nfiiee of JOHN HKRDMAN, ?t South it N. B.?Th* shirs ct this line u? .v 'rave Liverpool every five tLtvs, auddr fis can as usuii he l'nriiuhed f >r any am >unt. pay able at all the principal ba king institutions throughout tlie j' united kingdom, spplv as above. mil re | sOgt I'OK LIVEHPOOL?The New Line Kegul .r ! 'yN\ Packet list April.?The suiwrior New Y?rk built 4ft&KsPHcket ship LI VERPCOL, Capt John Eldnd IS'I tons hurtiieu, will sail as above, her regular day. i For freight or passage, having v ry superior accommodations, apply to tie C aptaia on h'strJ. it weal side Burling dip. or to ; VVOODHL'LL 3l MINTURN8, B7 South it. Price of passage SUM. , l'he superior packet ship Queen of the West, Capt Philip Woodhouse, 231 tons burden, will succe-d the litverpool. and sail on her, regular day,21st May tnlltoAllc ( BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVERMsrfypooL pA? KETU-FOH LIVERPOOL -Kagu- < jMneanliwlar Packet i f the 1st of April.?l'he new in iguiliceut and celebrated last sailing packet ship EUROPE, burthen I 1MB tons. Captain IS. Cs. FufDCT, will ptwitivity sail on M m- 1 day, 1st April, htr regulirdny. I It is well ku i?o thil the accommodati >ns of the EUROPE, for pissengeri, are fitted out i i a inoit snp-rb man er, with I every modern improvement and convenience, thai c-.u add i to tke eomfnrt e.f rhno -1." -u'-i ? ii * ? t)i<s splendid specimen of naval arcli t ' turf before eugugr g in any other lessei. For passage in cabin, second cabin and steerage, y en ooard, ! ?<?t nt Beelnnan siree', or To 'h- subicribera, ItOCHK, BROTH Kits It CO , ,27 t A1 re 35 Fu'ton stieet. neat d.>"T to tlie Fnltnn Bank. X*jt- OLD~BLACK B3LL LINW OK PAi KKTB ? ?The pack' I ship FI KOI'K (.'apt tin Furber. to ml JbSAmoo the lit April, her leaulsr d>y, lor Liverpool. 1 ihovewisbiiig to ei gage p issase ?i'l equire to mak*c.irly 1 application to JOHN HKRDMAN, ' 61 Booth strsv t N. B?Pis.ase from Orrat B itain and I re'and can be 1 cared by the tirat spring shi. s f the line at th? lowe-t rales; and drafta ciu as usual, be In uialied fo'envamount, payable in all the principal towns, without my chary', through oil Ureal Britain . ir1 Ireland, on app,ica'iou M above m2l Mln ~xiia?-~ 1'ACK,BT FUR HAVRK.-Tha ship BA.LTInSlyMdUK, Kdwart funk. Mast-r, will sail on the Ut Mtfilfaif Apr.). BOvU Sc. HINCKEN, ni2iu,a.rc 9 Tout ne Building. cor. Wall anil Water ? ?. t]K- FOR NEW ORLK AN A?Louisiana iiud N?w oJSaPWVorb Linn?Positively first regular I'ack, I to sail lit 4BBkb9p il?The fast tailing packet ill p HUNT8VILLF., Captain U Cornell, will rail as above, tier ngulnrday. For freight or passage. having hiin'anine furnielird eccoinoiadalions, atvly <>n 0 .ard, font of Wall ?t. at Orleans wharf, er to E. K. COLCINt) b CO , 46 sEuth st P sitively no freight rtcetv.d slur Saturday veiling, th* 30thrh inst. Agents iu New Orletrs, Hnllin St Woodrnlf, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packft ship Oconee, Capi D. Jackion, will succeed the Huntsville, and sail 10th Apr I tier regular day m75 er ~jrJKE?T k ()R hAI,K.?The sUi|i TIIO 4 AS COI. I KK, ! *i?i* Sins, now UyiiMj ?t the foot of Hpri??R tiwt, I JJEHiIbibNi'W York, Sshs was built by Thoinai C'oly*r, m i Sintf Si k. ai d ? fivp Wi old. kud ou? i.f the f;i?fs?*L anil h*??f 1 built sloop* on tba HtnLou river. Sh* u ceotxr?onxd, ?uid of I light draughted' v iter. \:rl Carries about 12W tons, ami i? well ' adapted for the freightitiff or lumber For urilwr j-articulars apply to JOsi> PH AO ATE, 217 Broedwav, New York, A dminUtrat4>r of the estate of Knnklio Agate, deceased, ml lm*ec HEM!iTA>?JK? TO IRELAND, Ike. The KCTfVsub?c 'h1 r continues totrans rno? ey iu sums lur^e Jiniiik?-r am all, to if'vm rati ling in iq) part of i rtiaitd in the sitne mauuer sa he ami hit predecessor in business have done tor the last thirty years ?nd in-ire; also, to any part of England or Scotland Money remitted by letter (pott paid) to the ;ubsmber, or personally d'Prs ted with him, with the name ? f the j^rson or person* iu Irc'aud, England of Scotland, to w hom it i? to I ? > 01, and the nearest |?ott town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and i receipt to that? ft* < t mien. or forwarded l?- t e *euder. In like manner money, or claims on persons in toy part of Irelaud, England or Scotland, can Le collected V v 'he subscriber for persona residiifg in any p.rt o? the Ucited Su ej or Canada, eud will be paid to them tcccrdi civ. m26 2 n*m OKOHliK M? aRIDE, Jr. II Ods?at. "PkRUUS, Ike ?Pure Anust o, C' Fresh Vanilla Beans, K. J. and Turkey Gum Arabic I'ara B.iUarn Capuvi, Rut- ia It rgUta, For sale by the package or !e?s qnsn'ity by aAS S AspJNWALL, m2S 3t*es 86 William street. 77//: A VATOMIC A L VENVS. A MISTAKEN idea b*? none abroad that this Figjre, now ?thibuing at National Hall, Canal itrtet, h in someway improper for exhibition. Nothing, howfif, can te more erroneous. Every |ei*.ii who s#*cs it n once c i.viut fj ol il* perfect propriety. -jw: utoni*h*d it the wonderful minuter eta and aeon racy with Which r exhibits the am sing structtsra ol i the hum to frame Tt i? beivg the only n hi m t i * mslk tigura | ever exhibited lure, i? it not turp itm< that initconc<*piion should aii*e This, however wi I b- i.n el at lv run ?? d OUfc'eiugt'. L*t'all who hive any doubts in their miiidi res-, prctiug it, go mi d see. and we w i'l answer for their being i?ep J tei.tlv satisfied tint tlo . figure is the m ?s* ntr . .. J nary |?rudu? t o j ol art ever te n in the w rid The i f yiveu by it respect nu the c >mp',ic i ed struc'itre o'" lie F< in le form pa*t cularly, and its wo *.'e ful phenoirena. is tf th^ post vital i i in per'arc- and iaten ely interestii g. Tl?e l?de$ who hate at e'id?*il base txp>e**ed t emselvrs avtrnisl ed an-l celii h*/d t?eynnd Ui-avure. ft;..ruing* at 10. and * v?nn.g* il 7,'} o'cl ok, for I Oeuilentei . Af ernoou at 2h3 o'c'ock for h dt-s #> ly. AUmistio 2ri rent'. For fnrt r.-iurucu r . ^snuli h.llt 1 h* I ecure* oi Anat'imv. Phytiilogy, M fwiftrv, on Mo div. 'J ue, diy and \\ eduevdiy e?euin? ?, >larch 2^?. 26, | 27, t 7lg o'c ock, tor Ofntb"ueu uuly. iU wcnUsiagte Lecture, c-r S! for the i ? ffl. ') \ n CHIN A, ? . LAMP MANUFA( li )RY.! rPM* u;idf ijtned - 4\n c fully inform tie* r customers snd the * ) ublic that t have reduced their piicea ? I" ihf nbov* irticles, at. a having hero ma ulicuri ? many years, thnrexperi?*i ce enablr* them t? hi ni h che iper than any other hou*e, and thfy wart t th- ii ?* tic' s, tuch *s Solar Lamps of all de ciptioi a. Astral Lump* ? n to Solar A full act rtwent of 'Jut and riain Ol. at,rj-w t attTu Citrondoles, I Ivtudt lia <. I'.niiM1 ii, Bou net*. & : . 6i<*. Hall Lamps and (.iiutf ri t uf VI sir * wit: lien and Cutatiiued IT last All arurl i ui itched to any pit vru . iHiss made an. j cm to order Ocodi I ?r the country r.ent Ir.e < l ir^iiiA Articl sinned forpaites. 'i; zer^ ffmrj ly oe ? irit-d ?o c^ll ' end euun ne iu; as?o*crntnt and % tiify t% Ive, a* r?R,trd j quality and prices. STOUVKNKL Ja CO. F cfory 2'J (rold street. I Wholt'i leandKetol .Ito* No. J Ji'lui it utnr Uroudwty J 33 i hi * ra T K KM A PIN LUNCH, j Corner of Ann street and Broadway, HA8 recent y bm cu pletely refitted n.d refuriished according to modern i mj>r?)friiv*nt . audi* now u o'er the sue* Cfud'ul m n?iffn?ei t <| . JTf.l.LK, 'he partnership between hm and Mil FORMAN har ng been dis oHed The pro i prwto. a**s th- old patrons if this we'l known ?sttb hshment. who f.a e not recently vis.ted t, t < dr |? in, and hey \ will find a'l tint th?< iiiarU*' j fiords, ami eyery I i*u y r f the season Tl?? liquors ?n the bar are s?*l?< t d from the b st 1 run It impure I into t* is ri v, and th-y cliiU'tige any establishwent in i>fw York to excel them H < hi* iwrf ? I their arrar geme .t? The Pricei are alto inited to th * times and sea*on. Pnfate parlors I ?r dim er or topper pa?M-t al wa> s in n adiu"??, and eu-ertnnmoit lor any number will i*? prepare J ?t short u?t.oe A fresh lot ofthe fii?*?t nd i t l*?t t-rapos eyer seen in thit I m irket, hate b*en r reived, and ran b* served up ? a'l Ii urs to I those fond of t^is d lie '0* diet v. this season of the year iliey beiug now iu their prime ni l lw*e i H1DKS, FAT ASDCALF SKINb. fPHK HIOHKH1 PR|( KH tiwn for Hidea. Fat and Half I , Jkins, cash current money on delivery, at the Hide and ;.llf .9u,ethe subs^nh^r, where contracts will be made for CaJlskins by th'* season,or the highest price 1^*" 1 f I5tns*re 294 fClivabefh ?ft Mwosi I'rince and li'>niti>s KK PINCH CHINA. No 4 SOI; Til VVI I.I.I AM "I'RI'.KT, tup si'\ius ) Imi^ir.or mil \c*u: for Ma .ofaettir?t?, h?? almiyami hand i li x ifurtinrulol dimi r toil taa ? tt 10 |>l ?i w1 it* and gilt Kn> Poridrtin, a w ell II uiunrr mid Oe.n rt Piat??. of . 1 ?if?, tnor ?d l)i? i?o, Soup Turmii, 1 I o?.r"i'u. S.Ud B i*'i, I*ru11 ISoA-U, I naUrdo null SumU. Alio, T?t aiul Chncnlv o YV r\ Orrrh, French \ud Amanda ihapr All th-nrtie'?? lr-anr'tut 'd of h? 'i*?t iu .lily, *n,l to L? old on li i*ral turn', tud in iou 11 tuit pafCh??*r?. m!9 tm'rc lln ic> or Jiiiihioa imphaim i < inoiir,! No 3ti Wall at, nppotitr the Kichvix**. i rPHIH < dr^a: toctinurx to lutu ' axauim I,n?? mid Uo- | 4 nut lr, Kin- "ii ir o '?, onrrj and mrrchauditif, ;uid alio) axi-unt low by ml nil lint nrltinn no ?*osi-l? mid ihnr raraOM. OIK! TUKS. Thotnu 'V. Tfcor ?. Klftiia Ripx? Toamai T Waolraff Anion Buor, n H Jow I. U'.k*, Thou.pion Price, Joaeph Allen Moan Tackrr. Jt i.?? E Holm**, .Mm It. Ofividftou. Jolia P. Moons, John H. I n, J?m-? It A'pitiox, Caleb (!. Tumi, Wni. K Hinrn. Fm.cia T Sour. Thr-runi Morrill, Johu i.. Mirritt, vu('r? Po*>rt THOMAS W. TIlOUNfc, Pma demt. GEO. T. HOPE, Socman ma n )RK [0RN1NG. MARCH 27, jj&L .HOUSE WANTED?H. V. is ui waut of a Hons : sitasUrd uear du ormnhtts io'ite, tefwwti the B itery am J?Jm,Pr ace stfw*r Address s\ note, sfttii g t* ini, ?o adrerti ttr, <iud I-ave the same at this e in 19 t?re MTO LET?Two n^e, modem built ihr r story luiu?n Not 156 ami It 8 J wfiit)-rir*r ?' eft, a few doors . ast t) E'ghth Atei u* K? in.-f It,4 21si si "?) Hn rc '1 O LET?F row ths 7i %i ??f May wit, that wel TTHw known Hotel and iirm grant Boarding Hons# Nos 15 *?d 153 < edar street, occupied for the last five ye rs b; heorv Brick k.uqure of the subscriber, 73 ConuLudt ?frert. m j iw-n JOHN PATTEN. TO LET?A house situated at Bin uiingdale, abou ffjB lis miles from the citv It 11 d lightfully situated ot J^gl^the bsuk ot tlie Hudson, and is remnrkabl y healthy. Thi hassle contains ?e vet rooms, wt<h pleu.ur* garden, Ike attached Rent |2>0 per auuutn. .Apply at the Abb) Hotel Blooming dal*^ mi2 ltn*re ahttk TO LET?TIm MM* corner of Bou'.h strrot and IVcl PrTB Blip, oe upi'd by Pratt & Burr, ship cluudler.?a firs J'aJA.rmtP business strnd. Enquire at No. 110 W tT street wa3 lst'm M ROOMS TO LET?In the 'h rd and 'north story o building No. 247 Broadway corner of Mumy street " aquira of Edwards, Anthony Ik Lhilioii. on tin premises, or Ma'co'm Ik Paul. 1*3 Pearl st. tn'2 lm*rc Jal KOK BALK OR TJ LET?Tworey* Thre?-slor fffjB Brick Houses, withmarb'e mantels, sliding doors, am Xjifl^couviuioiil closets in all the mums The Kofltflt are 2 te>t Trout and tear, by 36 feet deep Each house lit* an uude c liar well >ula'let for the purposes reqii'ned The Lola ar each 25 b) 100 'eet. In the yard is a spacious cistern. I* ice fn rnch I lb use and L't ti d01. of w h ch two-thirds can reinaiu, i desired, on bood and moruage It |J 1st c?ut per annum Th rent for e ch houie is $330 The Hous a are situated in Bridge itrset, between Tillar and Johuson streets, Brooklyn Apply to JOHN A. WILLINK. At hit retiJance at Elatb sh, or his office No. 73 Ntssan street N w York or to STEPnEN HA NES, uilt lia'tn III Lawreucestieet, Br oklyn. TO LKT IN BROOKLYN?Thres Hons ., N'os JI 3i and 37 Butler atrret, a few minutes w Ik Iroin tin Snuth Eerrr, aud west of Atlantic Thu lots art 10 ny |l'.0 feet The hooaes hare three stor es above the basetneut. ertth an under cellar. Each house contai. s ten rooms, ire neirly new, in J in one of th |>ltat titles' streets in Brooklet! ?eicellent We.ter, a gond ce ghbnrh od. with a good | ublic school in the adj.iinu a strict; and above ill will b- r nted very low, or either ol them may be purcliaaed if |ire erred Kemem ber. the rent it not half as high at iu the city ol New York foi similar h jus's, and one ot the healthiest >p its in hat c ty. In Quire of W'M. A. COLMAN, No, 203 Broadway. N. B.?The Uonwt are now being painted. ALSO TO LET, a line Li'ge Huom 70 bv 23 feet ou the second tl >or of No.2flJ Broad ee) Kor r Merchant i ailur Musk !1,r>re, or Eancy < foods, there it not oue more eligible Pleasi enquire as above ro2' lw*rc Jfytf KOR BALK? A farm ,n East Cluster will be so'd al jK?l >ublie .turtiivu [if ?c t irevi u,I) deposed ol rt private i Jtm i tie3 *b" well known Karm of ? liarlet Yale tine. Ou the itstii gay of At r.l next, on th? prtmiiM, at I oc'oi k, P M., a K ,rm, containing 135 nrres of th first qua ity ul' Lsud, iu a liigh at te of cultivation,and well fenced, situate iu the town of East Chester, county of )) est < hester, mid .thou . half ? mile f'otn 'he N..Y a d flar em K. iliosd. Baid Ka m is suitably 11ta itfi Co b<? diridfd into f??u farms. No. 1 contt'Uf fifty ncr^s of Ltnd, priucii ally ineadow, n*w taM, com !m v?*| &IOOO, ctmaga IfJIii, null bouse, with all other out buildiQKft. aluotwo vou ; orchard*. No. 3 coufie* 20 ac<es of the b &t of Laud, an old building ?'tn lh.r*ou. w;th many fruit trres No 3 contain* Jiacrri of good liud.fvnd iu a good state of cultivation, wall a good buii'iug s te No. 4 co tains 30 "Civs of'he b?-st of Land, a good bam, sii icrw of rchard, of the t>e?f grift d fruit, an J th b&tanc* of the. [aud principally m mAow, ivliich also ht* a good builciug siu*, uid also two \dlt nu'.dowj '1 he Farm will be sold together or sfptret*, to suit purchv iers. A further discti tton * f the property is deemed u. necestary. For particulars, iutjuire of tin* ?ub-crib?*r u?**r the prerniifs JOHN H. HAYWAKD. TitV indisputable. inl9t\l6#rc VALUABLE MILL PROPER! FOK SALK. MTHK L AR'JK KXTKNSIV i FLOURING MILL nud WlUT ratilUM MtUI d n Fort Montiroinery, Orange County, Su;s ul fw \ oik, adjoifiiiiic the llud. ion stiver The Mill n ill c nnplele oider and ready to commence ope-atioiis unuirdi til). It it i i ?t.< net iu hemht, and ji by tl Let; h-", two larye o?*r slu t wh vie n'arly new ?four ran of riceMent burr stones anil all i ther I rcessary machiueiy. with an extensive and tin t ie stremn jf niter, capa b!e of urivinK other hirye woik. il'requ red On ihe premiseiare th ee K -od .'welliqy House:, on? Coopei Shop, one Barn, and o h*rout buildings. Alao, about forty acres of Laud. 1 h.'re are alio ?bout two hundred acres of Meadow Laud, puichaaed a me yean siure I >r rhe pu-p .?e of a res. rvoir, where liai been new ly erectrd a durable nud substantial dam, ao aa to Contain wt'er enough to supply the mill twelve weeks: iu cu e ot n loujt drought. Tina situation is eery etmreuie it for the in.innfac'uruig ol iron-wire ormi) heavy rliclea, aa there i< no land cairiaK'.anil vessels carrying our huudred too or more can couir to lh< mill at my tide. I'oa e.aiou itiven on the l.t rf May nest. For further particu lars ipply to the BlOPril tor Oil itie pr inn n or to JOHN tt SU All, H B-arer street up .t ors, aud UN DK.RHILL St HAWXIIURST, |?I3 Iw'rr No. ?M) Front street. ______ nu| A F ARM in the Towi sh p of Or oife, N. J., six mile. )?Jf|frorn Newara aud two from North Oi&u.e?IOU arret. tw< wJ^tthirds meadow and arable, balance th litV wood?liou e ait rooms. gvrM a id cellar, lately repaired?born aud outbuild i.iys goods?apnlr and peach orchard?pleu'v small fuit well mwiiS) >>iii|> lai'jl mli ?l iloor-tir) he tiSy aitmtiin ?pure water. To Ve sold a hvrg in, w itli slock i1 d-sired ? pos w hea r< ou red Apidv at 10 Ferry at, 111 Division at W Dry at, or OMJ BLACKUU11NK, Te.ry Lan", on tin place. in'ilin rc ewj) K)H BALK.? \ Mere of laud out tilling from 2" t< JyoQIKi irre., H aulitu'l y located nn the faMM Turnpilii awtakKoad, c iininvriduiic a ettenaive view ill all directions It i. near th * lla kensaCK River, and in lull virw of NewiirU ovrrhiokiiic all the vnrreundiiii n u.iirt It i. admiral,!, site for a geutleroau's r?:deiu.e, being five milej from Ho boken, at Secaurus, N. I , in 'lie neighborhood of gooi ?ch oft an I eminent preachers. Imiuire of \VM, J- HAD DOCK, No. 93 Perry street, or of the owner J. Q. UNDER HILL, at Becaucu*, or Dr tiLOV EK, 2 Aou st. m? lm*r< SEEDS OF EVERY KINlTjIJST KECEIVKI BY THE PACKETS QUEBEC AND HENDHICK HUDSON. DL'NLAD & CAR MAX JhU? TAKE (hu opportunity of returning their thanks t< 9MI thair fritudi ima th t i ublic, for toe liberal pitroMn bo stowed upon them since opening theii new S>* <1 Sto.i nid Conservatory. They have ju.-t received an additional sup ply of all the beat known vari?Mi % of Auuud, biennial, ami Perennial ?Flow er Seeds. Veg Ctble Seed* of ail kmus Uns? ? eeds of the be it kind*. S nog \Vhest?. Potato Oats, Ash Lcivm tod other early P tat as* i'l i?< prion order. Exotics of evry deacription, suitable for parlo or ^rren house culture; Bouquet, composed of the inosl choice and ''elicate rt -wers, for oriual or ntber festive Parties Biids and Bird Cagei, Gold Fish :wd Globes, Of cy Flowei Vases and Stands, of arious Patterns, with other fancy articles all of which will b* sold on the I we t terms Ih-y le?g leiv# to inf >rrn their frie ds sud the public, th it they hive not an oh: seed of any kind in the store, and h ive spared r.e.ther pains noi expense to procure the best si eds of the list m*ks ii's growth from the most aje?pe:table houses in tms country and Europe all of which will oe warranted, f ataloynei wi'.l be ready 101 distribu lonenrly the ei.suii.g week. AH ln?'v" in want will plead aa I and e .amine l? r then elves befun purch is-rig elsewt ere. English Split Peas, Onm? I ai.d e.mbdeu Gio.iti for gruel fruit and ornam u'a TrH. sof.Jl kinds Gr*p* a> d How eriuftt shrubs herbaceous plant , fkc. !k? , always on hand at th new Conservatory aipi Seesl Store, Gl> Broad way, New York Sieve nl practical Gard-n *rs wonting situilims, apply a 147 1m* m M\ v a ' 1 5BLK i uSi FOK BALE - i ha I n i . mt rl, s ned ind i tph j I ItUhted mi the dpi er j <'t of th- t??Wu of F.,mt Cluster West cheater County 40 nnV* from th city of New Voik.ti the Post lUmtl, &*id i (JUiit r oi \ ante f.OH) tie* liar.em H i 1 roid. The above Firm couM.iu ahvnt two hundred con of Land which in under a high state of cultivation, well w atered ain fenced, with a double iwo-story dwe ling and a number of out buildingt ritt. ch'.d The above d wellieg and ten ac es cf i is now occn- . .! ,ii theJJtoox Unveniand Post Office (known as Monde ;.\.t / If the above farm and duo lliug i-.. not sold h? 1 ?rr the 'ijith ? March, the tmrt now occupied \ a t.neui will t>e l*t for th sauie putpose. In<|uiie of K A IN K. MORGAN, in* vr the pre mises. or 4. L. MUKc*AN. 47 Fulton st. 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Price $1 j*-f hoi WARD'S VKliKTABnK If Mlt OIL, tor the rettoratjni and growth ?*f Hair, aiving health ai d t?eau y, and prrver.tinf balduess, wi I turn lh* hair gr duadv O.irK tud ini?e ?t grov luviin.intlv i'i a very lew ,Hy? Pricr 7Sci*ut< pr bot(|e. UK. ATKINSON H VhOKTARLK GOLDKN OINT M L N f, a eerfa-u cure for a I scrofulous Ttiptiocs, 11?:Is chap j--d h olds salt iheum, t- fer, ring worm, scald h-ad. son eati in chi!Jr*n, sore eyes, tad crtrkrd lipi Price A emta pr box. IIK.RKULANKI M I ll.Lil?Ti*y ?o hnl 001 n?i' uctiou, tk.l 1., t-i ,'Wrh out ilm..*. mil enr-it, >< u.attrr wkw .(??!, or !> >v? loni, it In. . l.tud, it I* .11 ?b.???? |>r?\n>B up in 1I10 limn, h*?rt,, ip'wa, ptnttu or itowi'Cti, or ill: er or itnci-r q|h>h tl? trunk or lnnbi I'r ci 81 Y> p< r V?. < All tlif flo.f firulf it K. >!. Ouiuu'a, IZT Bownv, eornf Gnuilr ?-t fWlm'fe B K E V 5 1". K F ! S K S K I ON II VNII AVI) K'lR SILK, io I'.ti t" niit p:"cli?"f.? it V MjKN I'l.NK'H, 4-s Kb lot Vntkft, IMbimli 1 .trt M 'ill' f t chmtf *.ticlr, ?l'.fl'ft ^1 pifrf; atJ irrfl. < l'] f.l M"ti I wi'r^ttfil; nil .U, lit! I r, ,rrrl? ol k umil) b. l", ?rr . flitf i t tnl"il for th? ,> uth-M rri'kft. I hf 1I1 r? D rfil'k.d 111 1 eaiff'ul Oil jml.r :o"i tjt'tiur r it M will kf p < in miv cl 1 mi '.f Willi oil ?f :i n 'o ? l<* in 1,1 :,f \ \L.K>N1 INfa'a ULU KSTABLIbllMKNT. inll lir * , >0 4!i I" oil in M.rk ! IALB YKLLOW M>AP KOK KAMILV USE \ lAlONDf, litHK.CIN ' \Ml),N arid ill ktn<? wf Krjjr. i V H.,a| y i?f trr?. I'.trhoul, Ko.f, Monk Vftl?u?, ke., kr. K iu df Coloffiif. .art LirrnVt VVilr:. frtck, Ito.f . pi Florid* V\ , r rftfutn'* line tool Toilwt Po.drr, Wnh ft'T*-itiolf corapti.inj an mtiw Ptrftinrry, u luwi uricn lli*n it xay othfr hnuw SOAK WORKS. 79 T.mitv, mli lm*r? Into Lumbor HERi 1844. I REPORT ON THE TARIFF BILL MR. McKAY, ? ROM 1 HI COMMITTEE OK WAVIi ANL> MEANS MADE THE FOLLOWING REPORT: The Committee of Ways and Means, to whom wai referred by the House the annuo/ report of the [ Secretary of the fJ\easury ' on the state of the finances," rejnert: ' That the document referred present* a condition of the revenues and expenditures cJj,the Ooverni nient. and a state of the public treatmry.and the demands which must be made upon it during the present and the next fiscal years?a period ending on the :10th June, 1845? necessarily calling th *unx. ious attention of the cuiuimlle to the state of the e finances in every aspect, and especially to the . appropriations which are to measure expenditures r tor tne iuture, anu to me taws winch iio measure J the accruing revenue. In a time of profound peace, , anil with_ no peculiar causes for unusual ex|K\ndie ture, to find our revenues falling, annually, short of J our expenditures, by millions ofdollurs; and a ner' 1 tnanent national debt rapidly growing up, anil already adding'more than a million of dollars to our f ordinary annual expenses, to meet its accruing interest alone, are facts which should not escape the earnest and active attention of the Legislature, and cannot fail to impose pressing responsibilities I upon the ever responsible duties of this committee. '1 he Secretary of the Treasury, in the report under | consideration, estimates the deficiency of means i in the treasury, to meet the already authorized expenditures of the present fiscal year, at more than | two and a half millions of dollars; and, in arriving : j at this deficiency: he lays aside more than two and ' a half millions of the appropriations made to re\ \ main as unexpended appropriations at the close of the year; does not include anything, in his estiI mute of expenditures, to meet the miscellaneous I appropriatious which the present Congress may . ! make during its present session, anil which may be : ! payable and paid before the first day of July next; j and does not include the treasury balance of one I million and a half, which he thinks ought to !>< j; |>erinanently provided to meet fluctuations in the |1 receipts and unexpected calls upon the treasury.? I If the Secretary be correct,therefore, increased . means must be furnished to the treasury, to this extent, beyond the current revenues, to meet the expenditures of the present year, authorized by the legislation of the last Congress; und as much further increased means must be provided, as the present Congress by its legislation shall render necessary. These means can only be furnished by increased revenues, 01 further loans; and it may be already too late to meet the deficiency at the time it must be met, by any practicable change of ttie revenue laws calculated eventually to bring the permanent revenues up to the wants of the treasury. If this be so, then, in spite of any efforts which this Congress can make, two and a halt, and more likely three millions, must be Hddetl to our present public debt at tlie close of the fiscal year. The Secretary proceeds, (as by law it is his duty to do,) and mak?& his estimates for the next fiscal yeir, to commence on the 1st day of July next, and terminate on the 30th day of June, lSh> ; and at the close of that fiscal year, also, lie anticipates just about i the same deficiency in the current revenues, to meet the current expenses of the Government. He states the probable deficiency at #4,577,059 19, hut, upon examining his estimates, it will be seen that he brings in, us ail item of the expenditures, the whole outstanding appropriations of the previous year, and makes no deduction for outstanding appropriations of the current year. This anticipa' lion, asp?xpressed, the committee believe cannot be reah/.eu, as the whole of the appropriations for any r year can never he expended and paid out of the | treasury within that year. There always are, as ' there always must he, balances o! appropriations remaining unexpended, or in the treasury, at the termination of the year lor which they are made ; but, in an .ordinary period, and when the appropriations have not been exct-ssive, or very dillerent in amount from year to year, these balances of unexpended appropriations will not probably vary very materially from one year to another. The committee suppose, therefore, that to set aside from the appropriations for the fiscal year 1*41?'JTi two millions and a half (the same amount which the Secretary set aside from the appropriations for the fiscal year 1S43?'41) for these unexpended balances, will bring the calculation sufficiently near the truth for all practical purposes of this report.? Tins will show the actual deficiency in the current revenues to meet the current expenses of the next fiscal year, (according to the anticipations o" the Secretary thus qualified,) to be, in round numbers, " two millions ol iluluirs-?-without any allowance tor Ij means to meet any special und miscellaneous - appropriations which the present Congress may c make during its present orlis second session, to be ) paid alter the 1st day of July next, ami before the 1st day ot July, 1845. It is seen, therefore, that the insufficiency of the current revenues to meet the current expenditures, so far as the anticipations of the fiscal officers of the Government are a safe , guide, is not merely present, but future also; and when it is seen how nearly parallel that officer runs ' the two lines of expenditure and revenue, throinrh the two fiscal years named, the inference would r seem to be fully authorized, that he considers the r insufficiency not temporary, but permanent. The committee are not possessed of information which r enables them to criticise the anticipations of the ; .Secretary in relation to the receipts of revenue titj to the treasury ; or to make estimates of their own, r upon which they could place confidence, much . less upon which they could ask Congress to rest its f action. Tliey prefer, therefore, to make the b estimates of the Secretary the general basis of the proceedings, pointing out such variations trout his ; cone 1 u-ion. as they lind tliemselv>s forced to adopt, p Hstlo-v have done in reference to the aclualdeficien cy for the next fiscal year. In reference to the " future expenditure*. tin coiMBittee should be a hit to form more corilident opinions m relation to the | accuracy of the Secretary's anticipations, and they , hone it may he found that very considerable j reductions can be made from hise;timatesupon this side of the account. What tliey propose, -o j far its the measure' ol e xpenditure tor j ' the next fiscal ] 1 n 1- -ubmitted to lh;m. is already brfor t 1 Mouse, and in its e>ssession? ,ri 1 the -lies ot ordinary annual upp >yh ,'mti I n.-, I which the committee have reported. These bills, as drawn and reported by them, secure reductions - from the expenditures estimated hy the is 'cret iry, lully equal to his anticipated deticiencv "| rev nne it.o . 1 1...,..,1 .I, 1 ii.? for ilie present fiscal were approp-iated liv the last Congress, and arc beyond the reach of this Committee; anil that it depend* upon the two Monte* of Congress, and the IJxeculive, to deter * mine whether, or to what extent, the reductions in [J the expenditure* of'the next li-ral year, proposed by i- the committee, shall be made in the lawsprov iding ' lor these expenditures. The committee will not ? voluntarily anticipate a rejection of what tliey bri lieve to be the wise and sound recommendation* in ' that direction; hut the history which the Secretary jj of the Treasury, in the report they are considering, lay* before them, admonishes them not to confide : too strongly in the nduction of the appropriations to the standard of the accruing revenue. In speak . mg of the deficiencies in irevenues, the Sei retarv savs:?"They ate Put continuance* of similar deficiencies which commenced iimnediutely after the deposites were made with the States, and have continued for th?* last seven years." And lie prei pares and appends to his report hi* table to -n* tain lu-> assertion, and exhibit the defii ieneies ol the I J respective years in the current accruing revenue*. 1 fence, if toe Secretary be correct, each succeed' log Congress, at each succciln.g i s-ion, for the j last *even years, has continued to make appropn i tions largely exceeding the current revenue*. During the early part ol tin- period, there were means in the Treasury, independent of the current revenue (being a surplus of the revenue of former years) to meet these excesses of appropriations; and when those no an* were ill hi-ted, temporary loans, in the form ol Treasury note--, were resorted to, to supply the deficiencies, In this way. a debt, in the ot Tr m iirv note*, outstanding to hii , amount not probably varying vi ry materially frot i . $H>,0i>0,iK>0, li.i I In-m eontmetrd at the tunc when 1 tin- promt ad'tiiiimirution Ciiint- into power, nn th?* , lili 'il March, ISC I; and tiiul debt, thuneonimrnecd, liar, -ince tint tune, and tip to the lirst day i>t I oember Nst, Iim. n Dwelled to the ?larlliiiit iiinonnt , of tiiore tlian #25,01 KM MH> - more linn > <H)i? > nt wlurlt hur been made tp .o tine the permam lit 'r form 'd loans lor h term ol yrarr, and tli r -idue yet retain* the form d Treasury noter out landing Ih.dicieticie.-in the eurreiit nud aeortimv' r-'tenne, to rue't tlm annual unprop iation , have hi cuiihiI ited t in umoiint of drill mi tin short period, end " inor? that' *Uyni?.<N>n o| it wiitmi 2i ve -loin-' . j from March I, 1 - 11, to I teeetuaer I. IM:5, and all within tlie hie ot thin ndniinirtiation--next preceding the fire', day ol Deeenibrr lu?l There fact* will appear liy a reference to a report lr..m the Se?reinry ol the Treasury, made ?o the Senate on r tl,,; 10th of .Innii'iry, JM2 ("Vnatr doc. No 11, 2d 'e.s.i. 27th Co ?fr< t<) and to table K nwiendej to the report of the present "acretary of the Tr-.taury now lLD. Pr1?? Two C?DU< under consideration, unti which re(>on and table arc hereto annexed, and marked respectively K and F. These remarks, in to the amount of the public debt at the two jieriods named, do not embrace, in the amount stated, the items which yet remain unpaid either of the old funded or unfunded debts, or the debts assumed by tks I nited Stales lor the corporate cities of the district of Columbia, as will be seen by a reference to the annexed statements. Nor do the amounts stated include, or have any reference to, unv indebtednej-s of the I nited Slates to the Indian tiibes, under the several treaties for the purchase of the Indian lands, and payable in annuities; or the sums of money which the Government hold for the benefit ot the Indians, and upon which the annual interest is paid; and still, as has been seen, continuing deficiencies are experienced and anticipated by the head of the fiscal department of the Government, and continued additions of from two to three millions per annum must he made to the debt, until a. reduction of the expenditures, or an improvement of the revenues, or both, are made to su|>ersede so deplorable a necessity. I "pon page 10 o! the report, the Secretary presents a (urth.-r call for inunnvMf revenues. He says: "The loan made under the act of 21st of July, 1841, is, in terms, redeemable at the option of the < '<overnnient alter the 1st of January, 184.1; yet it m n< t doubted that the understanding of the lenders at the time was, (as it always is in respect to loans on similar terms,) that it would be redeemed at a specified time." The table F. above referred to, shows the amount of the loan to be $5,072,976 88 In addition, therefore, to the ordinary expenses of the next fiscal year, this portion of the public debt should be met by payment: and the committee agree with the Secretary of the Treasury, th t an indefinite postponement from year to year, because the obligation is made payable at ihe pleasure o! the Government alter a day certain, is not sound polity as it regards the public treasury, while they think such a course w ould be equally impolitic as it regards the public faith and credit. The loan should be met at the day, either by payment, or some further s|>ecifie arrangement with the public creditor, satisfactory to him, and making the time of paymeut certain to him and to the treasury. Still, the committee do not agree with the Secretary in his recommendation to pay the amount by a new loan "on a ten or fifteen years' stock." It may be necessary, if payment must be made on die l.-t ot January next, to realize the means ol payment, or some portion of them, by a new loan ; bin the committee cannot think it sound policy to postpone any portion of the payment of the public debt for anything like the period of either ten or fifteen years. It may he, and probably is, impossible to make any modification of the revenue law s, which can act sufficiently speedy to yield the means for its payment on the early day on which the money is to tall due; but provision Humid he made for tui early payment, mat this portion of the debt, and also the four millionsof outstanding treasury notes, may be paid off and discharged before the year 1853, when i.nother portion (t the debt ?f seven millions isto become payable, la the luce of these facts, and entertaining these opinions, the committee have not found themselves able, by any reductions they dare anticipate in the expenditures, to relieve themselves from the conviction that a tno. dification of the revenue laws is rendered necessary by the wants of the treasury anil the obligations oi the public debt. Whole branches ot the public expenditure, such as the commencement of new works connected with the public defence, fortifications, armorjes, arsenals, and the like, ate, by the order of business ol the House, entrusted to other hands than this committee ; and, by an express order of the House, appropriations for the improve* merit of the navigation of rivers, the construction of harbors, Hnd the like, have been referred to a different and more appropriate committee Appro Fiiaui'iin im urui-iiuuscs, llglll-lionIS, OeUCOnS, buoys, and the like, also usually emanate fiom another committee. Expenditure*) upon all these objects are pressed upon tlie present ( (ingress, with at least the ordinary earnestness, by the various sections of country interested i 'i there works; and it docs not become this committee to attempt to anticipate the action of the appropriate committees or of the Legislature upon them. Anticipated expenditure under these heads form large items in the estimates of expenditures of tin Secretary of the Treasury for the next focal year; and reference is made to the subject h< re, to show that this committee cannot assume what the expenditures of that year will be, without an attempt to anticipate and prejudge the action of Congress upon these great questions. They can only .-ay, if the ordinary expenditures, which they do anticipate, and the demands ot the public debt, render a revision of the revenue laws and an improvement of the current revenues necessary to incet the demands upon the treasury in arise from the.-c sources, other and further expenditures authorized by Congress to be made upon these, or other objects, iiihv render that revision imperious, to prevent the accumulation ot a debt beyond the reach of the present sources of revenue, under any improvement of which tlicv are snscenlilili' The committee have turned their attention to the aalea of the public lands, to see whether they could make any practical suggestion for an increased supply to the treasury from that source ; hut, ifter careful reflection, they are unable to propose Hiiy modification of the land laws which would have that tendency, and which they believe would he acceptable to the country, or wise in reference to that portion of the public property. Recent experience ha- shown that the iiiiiumtiin price established by law is abundantly low for the Iresh lands : and yet it is very ipic-tionable whether an * advance upon the price would increase the procecils ol annual sales, while it is confidently believed that such a proposition would not meet with favor in or out of congres-. The state of the treasury for the last seven years, as presented by the Seen tary, shows the vast value ai <1 importance to the nation ol this source ol supply to the public treasury, as it come s in when tluctuHtions in trade lii.-appi int the anticipation.- of revenue from customs, not merely to sustain the public credit, when resorts must he made to it, hut to relieve such re| -nits to the extent of the sale-, and to present i fund to meet accruing inlercti, renting upon the ! iie-t possible security. While the committee would , not lightly change the present established and apI proved system of sales, they would cling to this ' source of revenue a - the safest reliance when war | or other national c-.ilatint) shall demand a strong i, i,. ! an unbroken I.,ith. i Impelled by consideration - i I this character, the cotiiuiittee enter' I ii,"on an e: ?n i c.'ion of the present tariff law, i. : w , it ot a lull and proper sen e ol tti?- s( on-abihty. ii.iTic.-ulty, and delicacy ol that iind-rtaking. with 1 view to its modification, flow, w r it may be ,n remote localities, it i-i impossible here, acting as members or Congresa, associating wi'li the representatives from all ol the States, and from every important portion of every Slate, to he insensible thut interests, and feelings, and prejudices of the utmost strength, the keenest sensibility, and the most |>erfectly conflicting character, -lirround this difficult I subject. Coming from widely dillerent sections of * the country, and naturally imbued with the feel | In^H mii'i 1111?*iarm inn r^frnpiru ironi inr inI tlifhrr ift t!if pri'indir^fi and h ibitfl <?t thinking. | w Inch surround their honte?, - nd prevail with rhfir immediate constituent*, it is not strange that <11tl< ri nee" ol opinion have been found to exist bftwcrn the members of tin- committee, aud that they have not Itecn able to agree euther upon tin prim iples which i-h<?til(l govern their act >,n i proposing modifications to the existing tarill law, upon what those modifications should he, or. indeed, upon the question whether any tnotlihe iiion hoii.'d proposed and recoinmeiideil to ;V House for its action. If the conflicting intcre-i- u !i h conn' t themselves with an ndjn-tineiit ol l ie tarill existed in romtnon in ev. rv locnlitv, and w. re inlv such as to arise between the varum- i-'-es ot citizens in lha same .^tnte or section ol the country, growing out tif t'. eir various pursuit- nd relations of property mot business, much the i it - serious obsta' cle which now exists to uch an adjustment of this difficult suhpn I . - -lioiiM prove moderately eatisfaetory to tin* w hole country, and to the passage of sin li a runtl law as should !t .\e some pcttnanen' ev, would he removed It . known, however, that, m addition to tlte? conflicting interests, 1 which do eo-e*ist in oiin ."slat's md sections of the country, two great local on i-iotis of the Union (witli limited exception* in each) appear to entertain sentiment* and feelings. u| "ii the subject ol a proper t trill' law. as wide o:>'?ri - are the sections of country win re they are ie-,.c lively entertained; an I us diieetly conflicting, us f clings and sentiments cm weil be upon any nih|ect of legislation. [ .nil. M *r.,nt flu. , it-iw .r?v i.l f * nriitiinns # iiirr ruined hi lit**hi (it'irtrr* of the country, t?y many of thuae who r< prf.-#-nt the re.-pertive locationr, the belief would f t in to be authorized, that the Infjhi ' Infill would In 'hi1 mnet (>p.>;.?r in the one, iiiul that tie liirthei it should extend " protection" to doii.eatie inieriat* by duties upon foreign nnpoite, and the nearer it should approach to positive or prnetirul prohibition of Mieh import*. the more acceptable it would he ; and tbnt, in the other, the lowest turill Lh esteemed the be*r, und the more nearly il < ;in he made to approtimate an entire hIiwoce of nil duties, ua i u r-tatc of perfect or prucli

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