Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol. X*, Ho. 88-Whole Ho. 303 8. To the Public. THE NEW YORK IIERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of the year except New Year'* day and Fourth of July. Price 'J cent* per eopy ?or >7 96 per annum? oontagee paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HKRALI>-publi*hed every Saturday morning?price Hi cent* per copy, or $3 19 per annum pontage* paid, cash in a trance. . . ADVERTISERS are intormed that the circulation ol the Herald U over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast. It has the largest circulation of any paper rn this city, or the world, and is, therefore, the best channel for business Men in the city or country. Pncee moderate?cash in ad* ance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the most moderate price, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Profristor or the IIcrai.d Estabmshmknt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. TO TilEi i.llAV?,LL>llNU I'UULIL. ^ nvn ^ujiwiuij^ KiSSEkGEIl *1RIM\'OEMENTfW^8*4^ The Subscribers hiving completed iheir arraueumeuts, a? now prepared to bring out pai?*uge/i from Orent Britain and 1 reland by the following first cl is* packet ship*, our ol' which will leave Liveipoolou the 1st, 6th. 11th, IGJj, 21st and 28th of each mouth:? Pa'iick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Livr|iool, CamDridge, Montexuma, Niddous, dm. Washington, Hnttiuguer, Columbus, United State*, R-iciuv, Ashburton. Kniiland, Europe, Sleph'uWhitaey, Hocliearai, ludrpeudence, Yorkshire, Uarrick, Samu-1 Hick, Queen of the West, Oxford. Certificates ol*passage can be nbtaiced, and every information will he given to those scuding fur their frieudr, on application at either of our office*. They will also be pre' ami, oa the opeoing of navigation, to forward passengers and their I using* to Albany and Troy, and via Erie Cai-iil to Buffalo, end all intermediate place*. To ali ports of tin Upper Ietkee. Vit Oswego to Toronto, P>.rt Hope, Coburg, Kingston, end all parts of Canada West. k rom Trov via Whitehall to Montreal and Qqebee, Canada hart via Ohio Canal from Clesveland to Portsmouth, Cm' cirnati, and i .termediair pieces Sooth West via Philadelphia to Pituhnrs,Cincinnati, Louisville. and all parts on the Ohio Hirer to St. Louis, M? ; and to all parts ol Ohio, Michigau, Indiana, Illinois and Wiscon sin Territory. REMITTANCES. . For the accommodation of persons wishing to r*nd money to th ir friends in the Old Country, HARNDEN k CO. will give Drafts on any part of England, Scot'and or Ireland, payable at aieht, for sums of XI, ?5, ?20, to ?l00?or in any amount to suit the purchaser. OFFICES AND AQF.NTS. Charles Craft, 120 Staie street, Boston B. w, Wheeler, Union Bnilding, Providence, R I. J. W. Mills, 3 Wall street, and 16 Froutstreet, New Yolk. N. (J. How ,rd. 41 Huuih Third street, Pmladelphia. Ssudford k Shoe jiaker, 7 Light street. Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. L. S, Littlejohn, 11 Ex hu ge, Albany N. V. 8 Clark, 139 Rirer street, Troy, N. Y. Utica.N. Y. W. A. Cook Syracuse, N. V. Rochester. N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. H. Fi'xhugh It Co., Oswego, N. Y. m!6ec - ?^ won HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. /???M The Royal Mail Steam Ship CALEDONIA, E. O Lot:, Esq., Commander, will leave Boston for the above ports on Monday. April 1st, u?xt. Passage for Liverpool $130. PassagefcrHalifaX's* 20. Apply to D. BRIQHAM, Jr., Ageut, mi3io Ire No. ? Wall street. New Boal* have been placed on the Line, ami every nrrnncrmett mail* that can be desired to secure the comfort of travellers. The interesting country whi h the route passes, render* it the inos: *41 e -able Ihat can be taken for the West. For lamitiea trsvelling westward. it is preferable to >11 O'.her route*. No effort hai been spared to make the accommodations on beard the boat* ami le and comple. 'i hey ne in char* of etpetienced, attentive, aad obliging captains, *o that the trip frtm PHILADELPHIA TO PITTBBURO, ii rendered one ol pleasur* rather than toil. FARE ONLY ?I0. OFFICE N. E. CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT STREETS. Where every informal on may be obtained. Sea's may slso he aerured at 11 aonth Third at,and at the DEPOT. 271 MARKET STREET, where the Car* atart from erery morning at R o'elork. m16 lm rc A. CUMMINOS, Agent. ARRANGEMENTS FOR 181, OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, lot Pine afreet, corner of South. ^TTnTsuhscriber been leave to ca'l the attention of hi* friemla and the public in general, to the following arrauKeuneuta for 1844, for the purpoae or bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steeraire passengers, by th" Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail in* the lat,6th, llili, 16lh. aitland *lth of erery month. By the London Packets, to tail rom New Fork, the 1st, 10th and Wth-*ud from London on thr 7th, 17th and 27fn ofeach month, In connection with the above, and (or the purpose of affording rtill greater facilitiea to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular line of first class I4rw York built, coppered and coP|>er laateoed ships, to sail punctually erery week throughout the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their I imilie* or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, vi? ^ Provincial Bank of Ifeland, parable at L^ork, Limerick, Clonniel, Londonderry, Hl'(t"> Wesfonl, Belfast. Waterford, Annagh. Athlone, Coleraln, Balboa, Tralee, Yougbal, Enniskillen, Monagnan, Banhridga, Ballymeua, Parsonsinwn, Downpatnek, Layan. Lnrgan, Omagh, Dunganuen, guidon. Ennis, Bsll'yahanno Itnowft J-i u01* Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, K ilniih, Dublin. Scotland?Th? City Bank of (ilaigow En*lairi-v?ari Spooner. At wood k Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy. Waterloo Hoed, Liverpool; payable iu erery town ia < Britain. BrMmn. r w. BTRNES k ctflTwiiSSJi&J' j8 8ai're Liverpool. Iff FOR MARSEILLE#?Packet of la April-The hJOVshin CORIOLANUS. Jas. llaile. Mute" For " " """ illBMil k sSliSlWtfKV'" ixJltotlra Mo?9 Tontine B?ildin? gg&a- sta.tferi'YLANI) ar^gOn aud alter Tneadly, February 27th, the Boata will leave u follnwa, until furtl er notice Leave Stuten Island. Leave New York. At 8* A. M. At 9 A. M. 10 " II " | M" ? &' N. U. On Sunday the boat will leave at 11 matead of 12. f?3?rc aMn 0rn NOTICE?The 3'rirnbiU l'OltTS flJJjQi3>MO(JTII ia now being thoroughly repaired and will be readv at the oreuiog of navigation to tow boati intermediate to Troy, Albiny aid New York Thit boat will hive c ipacitiea for towing rtiual to any on the river; and it it hoped that it will obtain a lair rapport. mr2l Im'rc P. COMSTOCK, PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Suadiyi excepted?Throngh Difle-.WnJirKl, at 7 P M., the Stevmb at Pier beJKii3K3E,tW(rn Conrtlandt and Liberty itrc-eti. Tie steambud. KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. 8t. John, Mond ,y, Wedne??ay and Friday, at 7 P. M. 'J he Steamboat NORTH AMEKiCA, Captain Wra. If. Trne*dell, Tueadiy, Thuradiv aud Saturday at 7 P. >1 At Fiveo'clock r. M., Lauding at Inteimed ate Placet;? The Steamboat , Captain , ou Monday. Wednesday aud Friday, at 5 r. M. The Steamboat CURTIS PECK, Capnin Wm. H Peek, ou TimaJar. Thuraday and Saturday, at i P. M. fhwntrri taking tn'aline of iiuqw ??il arrive in Albany in amele time to lake the Morning Train of Can for the ran ot w**t? (TT-The above Boataare new and aubatantial, are fnrniahed with new and elegant State Keoma. and for aperd and accommodation arennnvalled on the Hudaon. Korpe range or freight, apply on board, er to P. C. Sehultz at the office on the wharf. m2irc NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. .mm arrangements for im?morn. ?b^KwE3*1NG LINK?From the foot of Barclay a teat, ~in W IT I 7 o'clock A. M., (Muudava excepted.) Tlie Steamboat TROY, Cart. A. G or ham. and The Steamboat EMPIRE, < apt. 8. R. Roe. KwniigLine?Piled froia the foot of Coartlandt itreet, at 7 n'cl ckr. M. [Suudaya excrpted 1 .... The Steamboat ltWr\l,l.UW,(>f|. A. McLeon, and The Steamboat ALBANY, Cent. R. B. Macy. Til' irw>rirt r? of the New York. Albiny end Troy Lita L ^ tiwRltA tkal iKnir iuiafg havn womu n-?y*ci;iiuv 11 im "> ?>? ? -?- - -?, during the recrss ui navigation the past mat?r, been refitted ninl re;"'l?.!v bn| tiiiouahoat and many improvaments added to the eon (ort of the Handler The Troy and Kmpiie, as hereto" fore, will >nrm rh- Moraine L'ne, from the Steambn-t Pier foot 01 B,-cl,.y at.eer, iumhi' K daily [Sundays excepted] makiac the pnac'ptl mr- lined ate Uudiuya on the River. The Swall .? and \lbeoy will lorm the 7 o'clock Evening Lino {through direct) dii'y (Hundaya (excepted.) The above boata aie oltbe lint clv?* 01 Steimbotta. and for speed and accommodation* rr- u surpusved, and what ia of greater intereat to the traveller, are under the command of officers well known to the put lie?their mine* alone iaa sufficient guarantee of kind alteniiou ciril <1 port neat and aafe management. New York. March Id. 1B4I mliee IHCW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA -ROAD LINK DIRECT. For Ncwark, Nr.wBRiisawicit,TnirrcrTon. Trrntcw, BoRBEttTOWiv Abb BuRLinoTon. THROUOH IN BIX HOURS. L saving New York daily from tlie foot of Coortlandt at Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail I'ilot Line at P- M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thenee by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Eventug Line proceed* direct to Camden (oppoaite to Philadelphia) wilhoot cliange of cars. Passengers will procure their ticket* at the office foot oI Courtlandt street, where a commodious steam bawl, will be in readiness, with baggagecrates on board. Philadelphia baggage era tea are conveyed from city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each train is provided with * car in which are apartment* and dressing cactus ri.Ttsaly for the ladies' ose. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from'the foot of Walnut street, bv steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad Crora Camden, at 3 o'ulock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at IK A. M., and I P. M. being a continuation of thelines from New York. j9 3m*m PlOflfcZltAMU eTroKeei PA?~ET ^1 ,>iT KOR PITTSBURG, BY TllE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL fc RAILHEADS. Th a superior Line of Packets is now in co?pigm Older. ~ ' .. E N E NEl NKW LINK OF LIVKRroOL PACKKT8. To sul irom New York on the 30th and Liverpool oa the 11th oj catn mouth. & A ?L"P ??i'taiu John Collins, Wth March. g*?P SmUON* C.n5rB K. B. Cobb. *th April, rjlup MMUDAN, Captain F. A. Dcpsyster, 26th May. Ship UARU1CK, Cent. B I. II. Treslt, 26th June. . From LireRrooL. St"' Captnin A. ilrpeyairr, 11th Much. JhiP OA BRICK, Captain B. 1. H. Trask, 11th April. Slup R08CIU8, Captain John Collins, Utta May. Ship 8ID110N8, Captain K. B. Cobb, 11th June. These ahipa are all of the fine class, upwards of IMS tone, built in the city af New York, with such improvements as combine great speed with aunsual eomffirt Tor passengers. Kerry care his been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $IW, lor which ample stores will be provided Three ships ere commanded by experienced masters, who will make every esertiou to give ge Neithv ilw captains or owners or the ships will be respocsible for any letter*, parcel i or package* tenth? them, unless regnlsr lading ere signed therefor For freight or fu>srf apply to |t. K. COLLINH it CO.. 56 South it.. New York, or to BP yWN. SHIPLEY h bo., Liverpool. Letteri bjr the pact /U will be charged UK cent* per single heet i SO cents per oitce, end newspapers I cent each. ia3 rrc MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. m M M, iSk The undermentioned shi|? will be rej^alarly dispatched from bence en the lit, end from Marseilles on the 1th of eeeh mouth luriuir the year u follew* From New York. Marseilles* MINEKVA.Cnpt. Browu, Dec. 1 Keb. 1 TRESCOTT.CaPt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 5 H'RY THOMPSON,Capt. Sylvester, Feb. !. April S HELLESPONT, Capt. Adami, March 1. May! CORIOLANU8, Capt. Haile, April 1. Janel They ere all coppered and copper fastened, and have eicelleut aecoinmodations for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be f 100, exclusive of wine* and liquors. tloous addressed to the agents, BOYD It HTNOKEN. will be forwarded free of other charges than those actually paiu For freignt or passage apply to LAWRENCE Ik THE LPS. 103 Front atreet or to BOYD k H1NCKEN, Agents, siMr No F.Tontine Buildings. PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND. IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES, VlA. LIVERPOOL. THE subscriber his made urn quailed ami g-rn'ots jdMewV for hringi: g out emigrants this year. '844. Those JMniUUsendiug fur their frieuds would do well to apply at the uld established packet office of JOHN HV.RDMAN, 61 Sonth it N. B.?The shirs cl this line now leave Livrrpsol every five days, and drifts can as usual be furnished for aoy amount payable at all the principal banking institutions throughout trie onited kingdom, apply ss above. en 21 rc FOR LIVEKPOOL-New Line-KegulaTTseket KRj< 26th April?'1 heip'endid packet ahip S1UDONS, JUMBIaCapt E. B. Cobb, of 1066 tons, will aail as above, her regular day. . . . .. Porlreigtit or pusage, having accommodations uaeuualletl for splendor or comfort,sppl, ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of wall stteet, or to P. K. COLLINS St CO. 50 Sooth it. Price of passage $100. The packet ihip Sheridan, (.'apt. J F. Depeyster, of 1040 ton, will succeed the Siddoui.and tail the 20th ef May, her tegular dav. Passengers may rely on ihl thiptof this line railng ponetually as atlverliaed. m27 to a2firc afctf- "OK LI V KRl'OOL?The Waw Liue Regular Packet 21st April.?The inferior New York built jjraGBlLiPacket ship LI VERPOOL, Capt John EIdridg-,1150 tons burtheu, will sail as above, krr regular day. For freight or passage, having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, nt west side Burling slip, orio WOODHULL It MINTUHNfe, 87 South tL Price of passage $100. The superior packet ship Qneen of the West, Capt Philip Woodhouse, >250 ton burthen, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on her regular day,21st May. mV2ioA2lc BLACK BALL. OH OLD LINK OF LIVERJ**?yPOOL PACKETS?FOH LIVERPOOL?IteguJN|IIUKnlar Packet of the 1st of April.?Tlie new magnificent and celebrated last sailing packet ship EUROPE, burthen IU.'iO tons, Captsio E. O. Ember, will positively sail on Monday, 1st April, her regular day. It is well known the accommodations of the EUROPE, for passengers, are fitted out in a nioit superb manner, witli every modern improvement and convenience, that cau add to ike comfort of those embarking, who should call and see th'ispleudid specimen of naval architecture before eugagr g iu any other teasel. For passage in cabin, second cabin and steerage, apply on board, foot oi Beekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHER.!* fc CO , m27 t AI rc 35 Fulton street, nest doiW to the Fulton Bank. OLD BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKETS.? fyjyaV?The pack, t shin EUROPE, Captain Furber, to sail JMkKs:>|i the lit April, her tegular diy, for Liverpool. i has* wishing to engage pissase will leonire to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, ? _ _ ? 61 Bouth street. w. d.?i ifi\s? from it rent dm tain anu Irr'and cad be necared bv the tint spring ships of the line, at the lowest rates; and drafts ciu&s usual, be fu nished fo'anv amount, pjy.ibl* iu all the principal towns, without any chtug*, through nit Britain md Ireland, on application as ahore. in2l toalre 1>A(:H WKK.-TheThiiTiiXTTrT. Wsj^VMOHK, hdvsard t unk. Master, will sail on the 1st ififilfcof April. BOtD & HINCKEN, miltoairc 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Wafer ?*?. mk s-uia. eiL'iir nui . * m s?.1 lJ9n?Vnrk Line?Positively first regular I'ack't to ,aiT Id IBHCAp-il-The fiat wiling packet ih.p HUNT8VILLE, Captain G Cornell, will ?ait m a^ove, her regular day. Km freight or passage, Iiaviog handaoine furnished accnmraods tiwns, apply on board, foot of Wall at, at Orleans to E. K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South at. r .ititely no freight received after Saturday evening, the 30th th inat. Agents iu New Orleans, Hnllin A Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Oconee, Capt. D. Jackson, will succeed the Hunlsville. and sail 10th April, her regular day. m25 ?c kdEJv KOK SALE.?The sloop THO MAS COL V UK. llHWWuf Sine Sing, now laying at the foot of Spring atreel, BGifcNew York. She waa bnilt by Thomas Colyer, al Sing Sag, and ia five years old, and one of the fastest and heal built sloop* on the Hudson river. 8h* is centre-board, and o( light draught of wat*v, and carries ah. ut 130 tons, and ia well adapted for the freighting or lumber business. Kor further par' ttculars apply to JOSEPH AGATE, 337 Broadway, New York, Administrator of the estate of Kranklin Agate, deceased, ml lm'ee REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Ac. Th. lMM^snbscrih-r conliuues to transmit money in sums larg. SHK'ir small, to persons resiling in any part of Ireland is the stine manner ss he and his predecessor in hnsinets havedom for tha la it thirty years and more; also, to. any part of England or Scotland Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, oi personally deposited with him, with ihe name of the person m persons iu Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it it to I. s?nt, and the nearest post town, will he immediately transmit ted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect giren, oi lorwa ded tc t'r sender. In like manner money, or claims on persons in any Part nl Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber for persona residing iu any part of the Uaited Sta'ej or Canada. and will be paid to ihem accordingly. maHn'm GEORGE MrBltlDE. Jr. 82<>davst. SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. BLOOMINiiDALE. MANHATTANVILLE AND KURT WASHINGTON LINE OK STAGES Kara lo Minhattanville, \'i% Cents Eareto Kort Waahi'gton 25 Crutt. This Lineof S'agea will commence tanning tPPMUSs* IE u M nd.iy, Apiil 1, I8H. ai follows : ?LeavSe'<jr%e*jAw?*^ ng Manhartauville at 7 o'clock, A. M , ami uusAgwe erery hoar untO t P. M. iReing New York, corner of Tryon Row and Chatham at two iloo s ait of the Harlem Uailnrad Office, at 9 o'clock, A AL, and continue mooing every l our until 8 I*. M This l.ineof Stages p uses the' liphnti aud Lunatic Asvluini. Buruhtin's Mansion House, the Ahbev and Backer's Hotel Trinity Church Cemetty, the Hi;;h Bridge and b'ort Washington. B MOORE, m27 Im'rc Proprietor, CHINA, GLASS & LAMP MANUFACTORY. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND OTHERS. THK. iinderiigned iea|iecifully inform the r customers and thi L 1 ublic that tVev have reduced their ptices of the above ar ticles, ami having hen manufacturing many years, their est*. riencn enables tbem to fu nith che iper than any other house uid they warrant their articles, such as Solar Lamps of ail de c'lptions. Antral Lumps altered to Solar. A full an otmeiit of Cut and Plain Glass,new pattern Oiron doles, Chaudelieis, Caudeiabras, Bouquets, Ac , As. lleJ Lamps and Lanterns of a'l sizes, witn rich aud cut stainet glaia All ar'.ich-s matched to auy patterns. Glass made en cut to order Goods for tli? country sent free of expense Ar ticles lotted for paities. Cit.zeni genera'ly ere invited to call uid etam-ne our assortment aud s itisfy thems-lve. ns regard quality and prices. STOllvENKL A CO. Kectory 2!) Gold stieet. Wholesale and Retail Store, No, 3,Johusl, III ar Broadway m?3 lm*rc TERRAPIN LUNCH, Corner of Ann utreet and Broadway, HAS recently beau completely refuted and refuraiahed according to modem improvements, aud is now under the sue ceaiful muiagetnei.t of 8TP.LLE, the partnership between him and MR. KORMAN having been dis-olvsd Thepto I'rtnor mti in* oiu peirona 01 mia wen Known uiiu liahment, who hir> not recently viaited <t, t> drop in, mid ihey will find nil that the raarke- afforda, and retry luiu'yof thr aeaaon. The liqnora in thr her am ae|ecl?d from thr brat hrandi imported into thia fiiy, and they clinll*ngr any eatabliahmcai I i-i New York to eacel thrm i# t hi a part oT thrjr srrnngeinerti The pricei arralao auitrd to thr timer and anion. Private par. lora lor dinner or aupprr p?"i*e always tiu readiseea, and enlfr uiiimeiit Tor any nuinbrr will he prepared at abort notice. A fresh lot ofthe finest anil fitt*ar terrapins ever teen in thii m iiket, have b.-en nceived. and can be aerved tip a' a'l h'mra to more loud of this d licioua dirt at thia araaon ol' tli year, they beinK now in then prime. , m>l lw?e COM) AM) SILVER \VAT< IIKS AND JEWELRY THOSK who with to purchase Cold and Hilver Watches, 1 Cold Ch iioa, Cold fVncils, Keys, fcc., will tind it nr?itly to their advantage to call on the anbacriber, who ia selling all descriptions of the above, ar ivtail, innch lower ihan any othei houae in the city. Gold Watch?a at low aa MtiJJ d-dlari each. Watchca and Jewelry eachauged or bought. All Watcher warranted to keep good the money nlnrued Watch*, ind Jewelry repaired in the beat rn in tier, and warranted, lower I han at any other place C C. A LLKN, lni|>orter of Watcher and Jewelry, Wholesale and letail, JO Wall s'rert, m27 lrn*re uo-atairg. PEACH ORCHARD COAL?CO per ton lor broken, egR and large atove. Consumers may rely on getting the beal Hed Aah Coal at the above price, well aereened, weighed bv a eity weigher, and delivered from the yard eornrr ol King gad Greenwich ?ta. PETER CLINTON Irn ' ++ FRENCH CHINA. No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, (UP 9TAIU8.) ADALESME, Importer and Agent for Maonfactnrert, haa ale ay a on hand a large aaaortment of dinner and tea ai t? ia plan whiteand gilt French Porcelain, aa well aa ciiiner and Uen it Plater, of a I fifa, aiaorLed Dishes, Soup 1 uremia. Cover d Dishes, Salad Bowls, Fruit Baaketa, Cnatarda and Also! Tea and Chocolate Ware, Creek, French and Amen ran shape , . . All the article* are warranted of ihr beat invlity, and to ba aold on li leral tcrmi, and in lota to auil i urchaierj. ml9 Om?rc lithography. RUB1NEB8 CARDS and Circulara. Maps, Plana. Minhmw ry, Landscapes, Arehitectnral Elevations, ?c. *c , Liho. graphrd and Ptinted, en moderate termi, at Ik JON ES'Mthogrnphc E Ubliahmenl, i tit im?re 1JI Fulton atr ?!, New YorlJ W YC N YORK, THURSDAY MC TX7ANTKD?At 72 .Division street, a daw or i*eond hand '? Glazier's Lead Mill. m26 3t*rc \XT ANTKU-In the Halifax Hold, Haitian Nora Scotia, im?? mediately, a man folly couineieut to lake charge of the Cooking and pastry* delaitment of the aboie Hotel. To rue thoroughly aciiuaiutril with the business, of steady habita, and f who can bring the best of rccommeudntoni from former em- " plovers, will receive good wag a and steady employ in -ot. tl Al'plyat No.|g Front at. npttatri. in'tf 3t*rc -J YITANTED? A situation aa a Gardiner, a l'eaily active man, g who ia. wall conversant with every depart incut ol the ? business. I anicuUrly the ronatruction and mauagrmrut of hot [ ^0111-a ai d gree 1 houaea, land cape and ornamental gardening. " laving lived for arveral year* in aoineof the best and moat ea- ] tmaire aituatinna in thta country, can give the moat respecta- Bl ble reference; al?o undettanda faming. end cat Undertake the . management of Ihrm and garden; hi a wife having no childrrn, " would undotake the macagrtnrot ot milk aud buttr, aud farm C home btuineae. A line pott pun, dirrctril to J ( C., Ilarlem v I'oat ollice, will la reepectfully attended to. .March 26th, 1811. m20_3t^_r " BOARD WANTED?a itglegen'leuian ia desirous of oh- B taming a pleaaant aud comfortable r* om. with full board,or tl breakfaat aud tea, ina private i?uiily whwe titer* will not be more than two or th-ee other bcardera, if any. Terma must not eiceed Uiree or four dollara per week, accoiuiug to ilia viae and comfotl of tlie room. It ii requested that uoue will apply who cannot meet the wishes of the adverttaer. Address "March'' at this oirtce, *i.V7 Ol re An ENGLISH aKNT'lt.M AN, a Ursdu ite of tii* U?ivcr?ity of Cambridge, who has becu for some time past engaged in ote of the le?d<ng piper* in this city, is desi-oua of uudrrtikiuu a similar engagement iu any literary establishment tu New Yuik. j: For particuiira, lie., al>ply at the office of the Albion, 3 liar clay strict. 1 REFERENCES. 11 DR B'RTLETT."Albion." t| GEN L <?. P MORRIS. t ..N,w Mirrnr ? N. I*. WILLIS. ESQ . f New Mirror. I W. T PORTER, ESQ , "Sjdritof tlie Times." Ii m*7 3t?rc V (fljCA RE WARD? Stolen on Saturday, the 23d Mar k,1344, between tt ^n?l 11 o'clock. A. M , from the hou l<*|No I p, Ridge stree , $150 In cash, one dozea second hind sliver Ira ,.j spoons and a sin ill salt siiiou The inonrv consisted of >30 in . s l?er, $30 in gold, aniline ei* in paper n.oney from ores up 11 to tens. The above reward will lie paid for ihe leeovrryof !> the in may and conviction of thief. The advertiser can be ^ found at V Otharine street. in2t Iw're r C >ACHMAN.?A aleidy, active man, lately arrived from (l Europe, wants a siluatiou in the above capacity -, cau b? sa tisfsctorilv recommended by ee itlemea and eminent coachmen " iu lh:s City, as to his knowledge of horses aud capability cl H driving: would make hnns-lf generally useful to h>s rin|iloy?r, i, has no objection to town or coui.try. Any command forwardrd to the office ol this paper lor (J. 1). shall be r-ipectfully 1 attended to. mH ec u tnkormat ION WANTED of JAMES E. MILLErTs a a native of New York, aud a Sentnui by prufesaion ; wh-n last t! heard from he waa in Bristol. England, in 1810. Should he be alive, and return to New York, lie wnl hear of something to his advantage, on applying to William Steel, Baker, No. Ill Cher- ' ry street. New Yorfc m7 3mdfcw*rrc a QTOP THlEK?S-i l?n from the home of tlie Subionb.r, a t-r on Monday, March 25th, oue light gretn watered silk (i drrss, one siro green figured s-lk do, one striped dove colored v silk, trimmed with gimp, oue light pluiu siik. 'I he above were , made for a tma'l p-r o r. Some shuts, vests, pillow esses, Ike. ' (Jh'ORI4K COL YEll, tilthars 'ue, and ltth >t |j A reward will be paid for the conviction of lh? thief aud re- ,. covery of the articles. in?6 3t end's ^ * A. BAHlt V, Esquire, will lecture brfoie , this Soci' ty, at ' the Lrcturelloom of the Society Library, e?m?r of Broadway c and L-HinnrJ street, on Thursday eveuiig, March 2(Hb, at 7>? y o'clock. Lecture?" The Discovery of America, embracing y the" causes which lead thereto ; alio, the Aborigine* of the J Cuuntiy in couuex on with it* early discoverers, and a glance It at tl.eir present condition and future prot|iecit." 1 ick ts 25 y ceuti. I'o be nbtaiued at the principal cook and music atorei. , at the principal hotela, and at .the iloor oil the evening i.f the Le ture. inJC 3t?m 8 PACKET SI111P LIVERt OOL. l/oin Liverpool. ( on- ll A signves per thia ahip will please take notice that ahe it now discharging under general orderat weitiide hurling slip. I WOODHULL fc MINTUR.NS, mttoc 87 South street. CHEAP, SELECT. CHOICE AND COO!). - [ RM. KV\N8' Lac-, 'Ribbon, Hosiery and (slave Store, i 31 Catharine street. New York, and 91 Oxford street, Loudon, has juit received per Caledonia, 10 caies Nets Laces and I Edgings; 8 caitoous Thread Edgings, Silk and L.neilldkfs; | Kid, Silk, Lia'e Thresd and Cotton Olorea, of every atyle ; 1,000 ilnaen of Hosiery, Iroin la. ; Needlework Trimmings, Small Wares. Also, 40 boxes of elegant Ribbons, from Is. a yard; a few CArtnons elegant Cravats, cheap. Country merchants and i storekeepers would do well t<> call, as hit assoitment is select, , choico and cheap. ni'36 lm*rc FOR SALE. 1^00 BUSHELS very best IRISH POTATOK S, on I . AsJV/v./ board the ship Stephen Whitney, daily ex,<ected from Liverpool,?for sale in lots to suit t nTinners. Apply to J. MOMURRaV, m2!j 3t re 100 Pine street, cornet of South street. 1 rIH>BACC()-KlNB CUT AND .vMOKINO -Killing in ! A clined to close up an interest in a Tobacco Manufactory, I 1 now offer for sale a quantity of prime tine cut and smoking I Tobacco, papered up in the usual way, at very reasonable pri- | era 1 beg to call the attention of Western Merchants and otner i buyers tn this, the quality of the tobacco being of the very best, and prices by far lower than usua'. 1 m7 3tn*rrc JOHN 11. FABEK. No 1 New st- ' NOTICE?Pe'sout are hereby cautioned again* t trusting the . crew of the. Swedish Ship LEONlDA, and the 8r?-di,li Brig JOII AN, as their debts will uol be pnid by the Uspt-iina or Consignees md 3t eyy 3d dy're 1 BEEF! BEEF! BEEF! ? ON 11 \ND AND FOR H\LE, in lots to suit purcliavera, ' at VALENTINE'S, 48 Fu ton Market, 150barrels Extra I Mess Beef a choice article, all selected \>iece?t 215 barrels Ci'y , I ispeeted Mess Ketf. warranted; and 588 half barrels of kainily > Beef, very fine. i"tend*d for tlse southern market. The above B-ief is packed in a caieful and judicious manner, and will keep good in anv climate without getting to salt. He m mber VALENTINE'S OLl> ESTABLISHMENT. I mil 2m?tc No 46 Fulton Mark.'t. A RARE CHANCE?To all those who are food of MILL PONL) OYSTERS, we would recommend them to call at the PHENIX EXCHANGE, truth-west corner of l'ine ami Nassau streets, where they w ill fird a superior'ou ilitv of Mi'j Pond and Princes Hay Oysten?Raw, Fried. R mated, Stewed " and BoiletLall in first rate style, to be served up this day?just received frelh from Loeg island. in27 21* in I BATHS AT THE GLOBE HOTEL. ""PHE proprietor of the above establishment would inform tht A public aud the frequenters of this house that the Baths have been closed some time for the purpose of refittirg and put ting them in proper order, and tliey are now abundantly top plied with the Croton water, good attendance, ar.d every othe' ie<piiii e to promote h>aJth and comfort, and will open upo 1 the 1st of March next. Entrance in Broadway through tin ' hotel,andin New street. F. BLaNCARD. 1 f25 Im're r I TTTua Turoll'sold established medicated r J . VAPOR BATHS are well nnown to be esieitia'ly necensry at this sensuu of the year, when the system rtquires at auxiliary to throw off the cuticle aceumiiHled during winter, r which by remaining on the surface <>l the skin produce* rut*, net'Hi diseases colds, rheumatism, acarlvt fever fkc. Th'yarr 111 u|k-rauuu ai lyuoruuiai unn, iruin n>% t> ciwck iii imp morning li I 9 o'clock At night. Halpliur B the require our hour's notice. Portable Vapor Baths and Bathing Tubs sent te any part of the city cr Brooklyn. mle IWrc harps?harps. TAMES HANLEY, the only pupil of Sebastian Erard in ' the United Statu, offers for ssle at the Manufactory. 22d street, east ef 3d aveune, a line assortment ol' brilliant toned and highly finished PREMIUM PATENT DOUBLE ACTION HAIIP8. JAMf.H IIANLKY haying the immediate patronage of the PRESIDENT of the United States, together with testimonials , Irnm the musical profession, snd the American Ministers at tlir t our's of London and Parts, thrae Mr. liaiiley snbmits are a < ifficirnt gnarantee that hit Harps, which are manufi-tured entirely on the |irrini?es. nnd the materials seasoned with n speciil regard to ihe peculiarities of cliinale, tic. are superior to any that cao lie imported. PT7" llAlll'S REPAIRED?23il street, 3d avpeue. in23 lm*ec FIRST PRE MiffM~TTa<HI ERR EOT Y P K S. ' DLUMBE DAOUbRKIAN (JALLERY OK PATENT U PREMIUM COLORED PHUTOORAl'HS, 251 hroaeway, above Murray street, New York?Awarded the lirst premium and highest honor by American nnd Krauklin Institutes, ' rorthe most be uitiftil colored Davnsr mi types tvrr eshibiied. The Proprietor having secured, by letters pateut, the esclnsiss privilege ol taking Col >red Daguerreotypes by his new prt> c as. lias reduced his terms 25 per cent. Ladies and Oentleinsn ere respectfnlly invited to call and etamise the large collection in ths Oallcry-, whether th'y coute-nplatesitting or not. : Premium Apparatus. Plates. Caves. Ike., supplied at lower [ rates <h in at auy other place in Lhe United States. J m3 Im'ec juagniiv'b 1 lucina fjordlal, 1 OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. EpOll the speedy and certain core of female irregularities, im IHitency. barrenness, liner albui, incipient consumption, r.inslutional debility, whether the result of imprudence, ill ufss or accident The sensation produced by thia wonderful medical discoverry iu Paris, lias bem nearly equalled by irs iutrodaction into America, Numerous testimonials have been received from inosr niKHir couauiuiion wu a mere wrrci, urn win luVf i'i-cu inriBorrted by this incoinpirable Cordial. Oihrrt who 1 had runcd th"ir health by theirown folly or eitravagnnce.liate fo and in thii cordial ill- mean a <f resloiaiioe. f it'-, all oiler medical aid had been n?cd in tain. The hitherto childless firende haa often bern rendered happy, and the infirm, thr impotent ' <oid the debilitated liar* again exnlted in the elasticity and rigor ' Of If IUM fab Tl e nijent. uf one of the Interior rillnaea ef New York ftattei a care, in which hy the me of two hotllei of Lnciua Cordial, a couple, arter four yeui of bitter rtisappoinment, werrrntblrd ' t) rejoice over tho realisation of the fondest horr? of a married life ' The aK?nt for the eity of A., New York, aold a hottle to a 1 aentleman who hid been alHieted with a ih?en?e of |h? urethra for eleyeo vara. In a few dava he returned and said he hid .|erired far more benefit from the one bottle tha i from medioil treatment lor eleren years. lie immi-di .tely h intilit ait ho,tha in >re. Our apace forbida na to name the man* e.uea to which

we are at liheity fo leler. Til- tniirersal satisfaction Which I thia meat unable K.lmr haa aieeu, not a tingle complaint having b en made, is not our of the Iraat proofs of its uurltulled .irelleacn. I'rice $3 per bottle. Hold at 93 Noaaau at. New York;90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia i Hmith St Kowle, 139 Washington street, Boston fe27 lm*ec MADAML LA CROIX FKMALE MONTHLY PTLLS. 'PHF.8K TlLLH, which hare ari|<iirrd such well deserted 1 teltbrity throughout Knrnpe, for their eertaii le in produ ' eiiiB the monthly tarns, are now rrsreet'olly snhmitted to (lie ' f m ilea of America at en effectual remedy in all cases where ihe operations of nature are impeded from any c tuae whntrtrr. Ladies in dedicate and prrcariout health, who require tha aid of , >a'utary and eflective remedies, would do well to provide their, a-[tret with thrae in rain able Pi la, at the rombination of idin dienla of wbi h they are composed render them the rrr>?t narmleaa, yet edicieiont specific erer dia.'orered for ihe remn. ial of obstinate caret ol female irregularity, auppreaaion, ate i Price $2 per boa, with full sad ja-ticnhr directions for their use. I N. B ?These Pills mult not betaken during pregnane v. at I hoy are sure to produce miscarriage if uieit during that period I To be obtained of Madame La Crotx, Ft mile Phyairian, 79 Vanrk street, tear Canal. mill in ' m PALK YKLLOW BOAP FOR FAMILY USE. i A LMONDH, HOHK, CINNAMON and all kinda of Fancy a*. Soaps. Kate ices, Patchonl, Hose, Mask. Verbena, fcc., fcc. Kau de Cologue, and Lavender Water. Peach, Koie and Florida WaWr. ] Perfume llagt and Toilet Powder. With erery erticle comprising an entire Perfumery, al lower prices than at any other house. 80AP WORKS. 7# Trinity Place, mil lm*r? late Lnmbrr at.set. IRK ] >RNING, MARCH 28, 18 LETTER PKOM NEW YORK, TO THE BOSTON COURIER. UY MRS. L. M. CHILD. March is playing its usual tricks. For the lirst irtnight, wc had such genial, brilliant weather, lat June seemed to have come to us by mistake, 'his early spring influence always tills me with ladness. A buoyant principle ot lite leap* up in iy soul, like sap in the trees. 1 feel the greatest esire of " dancing witli the whole world," as 'rederiku Bremer says. To be sure, these bright, unny days do make me feel a little impatient with ricks and paving-stones. Now and then, there omes over me a yearning vision of Mary llowitt's rood-mouse, eating his chesnut under the canopy f a mushroom ; and 1 wish that the world wuulu ive me as fair a life-lease ol tood and shelter in tie green tields. But? " Out upon the calf, J say, Who turns ton grumbling head away, And quarrels with hia feed of hay, Because it ia not clover. Give to me the happy mind, That will ever seek and find All tho wide world over." Why need 1 sigh for green fields 1 Does not Iroadway superabound with beauty! Forth went into the sunshine. The doves were careering bout the liberty-poles, showing the silver lining of heir breasts and wings to the morning light. The title Canary birds sang so joyously, thut one forgot, >r lite moment, that they were confined in cages, 'oung girls were out in the morning breeze, Mining the side-walk like a hedge ot sweet-pea blos[>ms. In the magnificent stores of Broadway, rich ibbons and silks shone like a parterre of tulips in tie Netherlands. Through the large windows, eautiful candelabras gracefully held out their lilyups of frosted silver, and prismatic showers of cut lass were upborne by Grecian sylphs, or knights f the middle ages, in golden armor. 1 often gaze t the rich array, delighting in beauty for its own ake. 1 look at them, as 1 do at the stars and the uresis, without the slightest wish to appropriate hem, and with the feeling that every human being light to enioy beautiful creations of art, as freely s the sunlight and the star-glory, which our Faher gives to all. Thinking thus, I came in sight of the Park Founain, leaping up joyously into the morning air. The un, climbing over the roofs, had just touched it, nd completely covered it with a mantle of rainiows. It was so gloriously beautiful, that 1 inoluntarily uttered a cry of joy. And this, thought , is a universal gift. Prismatic chandeliers and lowers of frosted silver may be shut up in princely aluous, guarded by sherill and police ; but what swellercan produce unytliing so superbly beautiful s this silvery spray, and these glancing rainbows ? 'or the laborer returning from daily toil to his narow and crowded home, here is n wayside vision ol reedom,of beauty, and of ioy. Who can calcuiite how much it cools ana refreshes his fevered nd fettered soul 1 There are those who inquire vhat was the use of expending so much money lor ometlung to look at 1 Alas for them! lor they lave no toun'ain of beauty within the soul. Some speak disparingly of this superb jet tl'cau, lecause tliere are no water nymphs, or marble urns, fhey mistake the usual uccessoriesof a fountain lor he thing itself, as they do not recognize a manliness lie standsin a stylish coat. But for myself? 1 ike the simplicity of the greensward, and the waer in its own unadorned gracefulness. If 1 must ive in a city, the fountains alone would determine rtyfchoice in favor of New York. 1 found the Buttery unoccupied, save by children, ivhom the weather made as merry ashiras. Every liing seemed moving to the vernal tunc of " Brignal hanks aru fresh and fair, And (Jreta woods are green " Fo one who was chasing her hoop, I said, smiling, 'You are u nice little girl." She stooped, looked up n my face so rosy and happy, and laying her hand in her brother's shoulder,exclaimed earnestly," and le is a nice little boy, too !" It wasasunple, childike act, but it brought a warm gush into my heart. Blessings on all unselfishness On all that leads u* in love to prefer one mother. Here lies the secret of univorial harmony; tliia la the diapason, which would bring us ill into tune. Only by losing ourselves can we lind ourelves. How clearly does the divine voice within us pro*l?um this, by hymn of joy it sings whenever we witless an unselfish ? iu>?r an unselfish thoucht-? lUeuiiigs on that loving little one: nun iiiuue the city iet-.m u garden to me. 1 kissed my hand to Iter, as 1 turoo-l jit in quest ol the llrooklyn ferry. The sparkling waters twarmed with boats, some of which had taken a big ship l>y the hand, and were leading Iter out to sea, as the prattle it childhood oftun guides wisdom into the deepest and broadest thought. A few moments of hounding, billowy motion, and the ferry-boat touched the llrooklyn pier. This place is a pleasant contrast to the swarming hive of Now York; for though laid out in streets, and calling itself a city, then: are open spaces, and bree-sy heights, and pasture land and cows. On this excursion, I saw, for the first time the new Unitarian Church ; a pretty little Gothic building, of reddish brown Jersey stone. Hard by, a hand ol Cutviiiisti, from New Kngland, are building an edifice, to be called the Church of the i'ilgrims. 1 trust it will prove worthy of its namo, with a few exceptions, such as shooting Indians, burning witches, persecuting Baptists, fcc, I was not a little amused to see in liennatl's Herald a list ot the dillies to be served up here, by the New Kngland Society, at the anniversary of the Landing of our Forelatheis; among which, a conspicuous place was assigned to "hung (Quaker and roasted nun." If he had added smoked abolitionists, he would not have hit very wide ot the mark, as 1 can testify. Posterity will rank all these things together in its estimate of civil and religious free dom. In a green house at Brooklyn, 1 found a teacher who said more to me than sermons often do. It was a luxmiaut rhododendron, covered with blossoms. When some one, in passing, shook it roughly, it scattered a shower of honey-dew from its roseate cups, and immediately began to fill its chalices anew with transparent ambrosia. Kor a few days past I had been a little vexed with the world for its rude thoughtlessness;; but I took a lesson of the rhododendron, ta shower iwaetness on hands that disturbed me, and to fill anew with pure honey-drops the chalices of my inward thought. From this floral preacher, I passed to the Catholir Church?an unostentatious structure for the accommoda tion of the sons of Krin. There was a school in the basement, and wonderful stories have gone abroad concerning one of the little pupils. It was rumored that whenevui die knelt in prayer before the crucifix, a red cross becams visible in the centre of her forehead. Crowds of visitors had been to witness the miracle, ami among them not a few Protestants. But on the day that I extended my walk thither, I was told the Bishop had been over to Brooklyn and forbidden the exhibition, on account of such frequent disturbance of the school I had supposed ft not impossible that great affliction and deep devotion in the mother, previous to the child's birth, might have pi educed such a phenomenon. Hut, upon inquiry. I learned that the child was nine years old, and that the wondei tul mark had not been visible till within seven months. It appeared after seasons of private meditation timet. It would be (juite bright and conspicuous at first, lint would gradually lade and disappear. I learned inni dentally, from a laborer employed in repairing thi church, that a book culled "The Virgins of the Ty rol" had been In that neighborhood for several months 1'his book, you are probably aware, give* an account o two saintly maidens in the Tyrol, on whose forehead I blood-red cross appeared whenever they knelt to pray My organ of casualty is large, but it needed not to l? brought into very active operation in order to trace sorni connection between these facts. The school-teacher ha< probably read the marvellous book, and it inspired a wuli to get np ablt of a miracle in her own way. The minus* might easily he produced by some acrid liniment, applied in the ahape ot a cross. Bishop Hughes is a shrewd, sensible man, with Intellect enough to have governed t|ie ecclesiastical and temporal allairs of the i atlmlic church, in the days of her greatest jtower. He came to this country a poor gardener, and took service with old Bishop Dubois, who soon discovered that he was of such stuff in bishops and cardinals are made ol, and educated him accordingly. I do not believe any aect in the country can furnish an ecclesiastic so acute and far-seeing as Bishop Hughes, lie is of course not n man to ho easily imposed upon, or to allow* the Catholic church to bo unnecessarily exposed to the jeera of Protestants Since the mitarulou* cross has come to his knowledge, 1 apprehend it will soon cease to make its appearance. After lingering a few momi-ats among the Irish graves I returned to the oily. Capricious March had taken tin sulks meanwhile and whistled through me, naif itabreath came from a thousand ice-bergs. The little hoon driver had left in my memory her sunny face and tones; but she and all the troop of children, had scampered away frem the Battery, and the waters looked turbid and cold. I stopped before a music afore, to gaze at a lithographic likeness of Die Ball. It is hut a common, cheap engraving but it wonderfully retain* the expression of hi* attitude and the carriage of his head. Thus does he stand, with his ear raised, as if listening to one of hi* own wonderful strains of retreating melody, passing away?away?and vanishing into the common air, fine aa the miat scattered afar by the fountains. As I look at the engraving, that whirling spray of (ound goes dancing through mr me mory, to the clink ol (airy castanets. Ever *ince I heard it, the violin has been consecrated In my imagination, and it brings a flush to my cheek* to hear it called a Addle But thi* is foolish. Tha tripod is rooking utensil In Germany; and the most common and universal ever lias neareatto the infinite. I now feel the truth of what Buiwar says, that " What Rhakspearn is among poets, is the Cremona among instruments " Most instruments are limited by their construction. Thus high, and no higher, can the notes go, whoever play* upon them. But the violin becomes whatsoever It ((twilled to be, by the soul that wake* its melody. Its capacities are infinite. I know not to what to compare it, but the human heart, with iti laughter and its wailing, its sigh* and shrieks, its love and fear, and sorrow, and its aspiration* that go beyond thr stars. I went to the opera the other night; and with Ole Bull'i music for ever engraven on my memory, it was til a genuine pleasure to hear the solos of Rapetti. He play i with charming delicacy and precision, and his tone i slear and suit But though h? handle* hi* bow lightly HERA 44. he does it not with that absence of all effort, which, in the awkwardly graceful Norwegian, seemsso much like iounudiate inspiration Uaprtti in considered to stand , without a rival here, in that most difficult of tasks, the leading ol a whole opera. The opera house ia prettily decorated; very much like ' . the cabin.of the Aahhurton, with gay wreathe, medallion B heads, and gilded arabesques, on a white ground. It ia email, much too small for the volume ol sound liom or- ''1 chest ia and stage. It made my head ache violently; hut ur perhaps this wus purtly owing to my continual effort to ??' uiaoover what the muaic meant. 11 1 had been wise >'i enough to give my self up to It, it would prohaldy have revealed itsell; hut by this bewildering quest alter a Juck- ol o'-iantern that ilodged me continually, 1 put myself alto- f,i gv.hci out of accord with the composer und the pcifcr- h mers, and lost my pleasure from no fault of theirs The opera wua 11 I'uritnni; and some provoking I'uck (|, Capered into my brain with lantustic ideas ol < lOinvveU's j, army, which tempted me coiituiuully to turn every tiling H into merriment. The ]>ait ot the i'uritun ( oiouei, Sir j, Richard, vnu perloriued hy Siguora Majocchl, who, Hl though she disguised her high, clear voice, sung moie ? like a bird than a colonel. Bhe is in robust health, with a somewhat stout ligure, and blooming com]desion. We sat near enough to see the unto lied white kid glovea, and ' the painted moustache. In the midst ol this, w ho should " stalk into my imagination, but I'raise-Uod-iiare-iloiies 1 I I' was provoked enough with the nonsensical whim; hut it 'j had gained entrance, and llelliiu s eduurable music could " uot drive it out. jj Musical judges giveM. I'almo, the projector of this es- " tahliahment, great credit lor haviug overcome so well the * difficulties ol a tlrst atteumtof this kind. Unless aided b) liia patrons, li? will sustain pecuniary loss; lor tliu house, n il crowded, will not pay the current expenses ol the eve- * niug It whs got up liy tin- subscription oi a few wealthy 1j people; but 1 tlo not believe it ceu be sustained muiiy ken- n noun. There is, probably, very little genuine love ul the li opera here. Uvea those who ireiptent it most, I imagine, l< ilo it mainly from the i>lea that it is genteel an.I recherche a The opera ia obviously the expression of the same thing li in music that the modern novel ia in literature, llotii U rome ilownifrom the old scholar tic stilts into thu midst ol every-day life. W hy is it, then, that the opeia so gene- n, | rally tails to reach the popular heart ti 1-or oace, 1 have written a goasipping letter, tnvu me ,, credit tor it; lor, in general, I might us well dutu from the ,i stars, as from New Vorlc. L M. C. . ???-_____ ,t Circuit Court. ii Before Judge Keut. HMsiuit 17,?Frost vs. Hurst.?An action of assumpsit to recover $1)8 88 fur tailor's work done by plaintiff. The H debt was contracted in 1833. The defendant pleaded the statute of limitations ; promise of payment was.proved in I evidence, which had been made lately. Verdict lor plaintiff with costs. GaniUitif Houses?*1mmi Daw and Ftederick W. Guiteuu e?. Henry Cotton.? This was u very interesting case and a occupied thu Court during the day. It unfolds an uuful state of morals, fraud and depravity, in connection with the gambling houses of this city, which have been so Ire queiitly made the subject of deservedly severe communtn- ' ry from the press. This was an uctiuu of trover to " recover $(>000, which tlte plaintiffs allege that their 0 clerk, a young man of the ntme of Uohert II. Djvis, " embezzled from their store while in their employ and in " their confidence. The pluintilis are (lour commissioners in " this city ; the defendant, Colton, is the proprietor ot a '' gambling house, No. 'hi Ve.sey strut t. The clcik ' Davis, between the months ct Kehruaiy und December, v 1841, embezzled the amouut ol $0000, by luukiug lulsu en- '' tries and by concealment. The money was spent at tie- r fendant'a gambling house. By the laws ot the State no I1 |iersoncansetuptitletomone> ilius at.piired, and fuitlier, 0 gambling by the laws ol tbu St .te is a publicoffence ; thu u principle ol law u|miii which thu p.'ttV came into court was 1 that which was applicable to cases ul usury, and obtaining I goods umiur false pretences. The ptincipal witness to r sustain the action was thu unlortunn'.u young mau who J had been duped into the gambling house and then lolibed his employers ; he was arrested for the uili iice, aud was J brought lrom prisou to give his testimony, which lie is ' compelled 10 uo in iimuhii ueieucc. he wu?j?? ?uv6,?v . of moral recklessness on the stand in giving In* testimony, I which showed how little he felt lor the position in which j he stood. lli? nome is Koukst 11. Davis, examined by Mr. McVean?1 am 24 J yours of age ; 1 know the plaintiffs' and the de'undunt; I ' was clerk in plaintiffs' employ; 1 visited the defendant's ' house and gam hied a good deal, I sometimes w on and sometimes lost ; I flrst went to defendant's house in Kebruaty, 1 l?4d ; 1 lost a good deul of money on the iirst night, J I went there again upon the second night and lost a good dual of money ; 1 went there .very iic<|ueutly alter watds, ' sometimes about three times a week ; and lost in December, ltt-M, on one occasion, between $300 and $4U0;?I com- J meuced playing at that house in February, loll, and end- 1 eil in December, IffW; 1 lost about $0,000 during the I whole time ; I took a memorandum of the items I lust at the lime ; I drew the money sometimes on checks from j the Merchants Dunk, uml then spent it ; 1 lisul the author!- ; ty to do so ; I lost about a dozen times and on different nights about $160 ; I lost alioilt $100 on one occasion; his 1 was tins highest sum ' 1m? ! aus lima loB,.lli?r ; J Inst 1 another sum ot $343 ; these were hills liom the Butchers and Drovers Bank, which I received on the day 1 spent it , 1 lost on another occasion u sum of $iOO , 1 lost that ' amouat more than once ; and I lost lesser sums varying from $100 down to $10 ; sometimes more uud sometimes ' less f 1 kept a memorandum and 1 burnt it ; the larger portion ol the money was on chocks which I got; about i $3,000 were on checks on the Merchants Bank ; the , checks were on banks principally in this city ; some of the money consisted of bills out ol this State; about a Kith i or .fid part of the amount , Cron-exuinined by Charles O'Co.vor.?1 was employ| ed as book-keeper ; there were other clerks employed ; there was a clerk employed whose name was Dow, a f nephew of Dow, the plaintiff; they had access to i the liookt, and were hi the habit ol examining I them ; they were sometimes short of money like other persons ; when 1 drew checks lor my own use This witness underwent a long cross-examination, cbieily in relation to his course of living, his habits and associates ; in the course of which he gave a most graphic skotch of the mndiit operandi St M Vesey street, w hicli he described as perfect in all JU departments, whether of liquor and segur store,supper rooms (neatly carpeted.) card rooms in all parts, and all sorts of gambling, lie was con fronted with the books in which he had made the false entries, and while detailing the circumstances connected with the false entries, and pointing them out to the court, he occasionally kept picking his nails Willi a degree of tang /raid which called forth itiiiveisal remark. Jdiiv Dow,Mr., examined.?I am clerk for the plaintiffs; I am 1(1 years of age ; I examined the books, which are deficient, in false charges, $!l,700. Tin Imoks were in charge of Davis from the year 1hU) to 1H4.1. Oniteau and Dow were often absent from the store on business during the years 1440, and np to 1H1.1 There was a good dealof pro|**rty always in the store, and u grent ileal ol money transactions were managed hy Davis; there was a good deal of confidence placed in him, I know the extent of their business; they received between iWl.OOO ami $301),0<K) a year. This witness wax cross-examined at some length by . Charles O't'onor, chiefly in relation to thurutrics, with a 1 view to provediscrepancy mnd inaccuracy in the Mate , ment of the former witness, Davis. Nothing was elicited to shake the witnesses direct testimony, or to disprove I that id Davis, the former witness. | Msbtiis Watvrs examined 1 was Inspector of Pork , and Beef on 6th March, 1H4.1. Counsel put vations interrogatories to this witness in relation to fulsn entries, which were objected to. The Court adjourned to the usual hour this day, when the case will he resinned. marine Court. i Before Judge Smith. I M tacit 27.? William Mntlhrwi vs /.eieis Curtii, rl alt ? i This was an action on n liond. The circumstances are as , follows A man named McAdden purchased a piano forte from Mr. Henry Coulter,an auctioneer in Ann street. ; for which he received McAdden's check Coulter brought - an action on the check in the name of William Mathews, alledging that the Piano belonged to him, that lie sold it aa I his agent , obtained a judgment against McAdden, and ? was about to issue execution; McAdden gave a bundle stay the execution, and procured Mr Curtis to Income lijs surety ; upon this bond the present action is brought. The record of the judgment ami the bond were given I in evidence. For the defence, a release signed by a per i son named William Matthews was produced, wi.ereby all i causes of action and of the bond, on which the present I suit is brought, were released To rebut this testimony Mr. Henry Coulter,who sold the piano,w as produced ; he proved that he knew the plaintiff, and that he < o'llter had acted as his agent under a power of attorney, which lie produced and proved, nnd then went on to testify that , the. signature to the release was not the hand writing .of the William Matthews for whom ho acted, nnd that the consideration given lor the rheek upon which the fulgment was obtained, was the actual property of Mnttb'-w i This witness underwent a long an I xm lung crnss ux. nmina'lon by Mr, I'lutt for the defenr.- tip drfen'liitit then product d iik. or seven nltnii'lra (o ifnpt jch the rhlri acterof Coulter (or tmtk ond vr rneity . Amongst w horn i were Horace Dresser and Ulaley, two members of the New Yolk liar. TlNli! wHncori all swore , that hii character lor truth ami * r.ieitv ? i? hail, ami that they would not believe him o . his oaiti. Two witnesses i were then produced to sustain lb* chnmCter of Coulter, 1 they proved that they had know u liirn .'or threw or four , year", and they would lielieve him under Oath. At this stage of the proceeding! Mr. OlRRt.e, Counsel for plaintiff, applied to adjouru further proceeding! on the ground of illness, anil to give the plaiiitill an optMirtunity to prodtKe other witnesses to sustain the character ol Coulter, The , ( ourt aai l. that il counsel Hood up and slated that ho Wiis i unatilr from ill health to proceed with hit cnae, they were I honnd Intake such statement into ronsidri-.tiuti uid to lie liere it. and u|arn that ground the Court would adjourn ; I but the Court cannot nor will not adjourn to give a party an op|>ortunity to hunt up witnesses when the party knew the rourse of proceeding! arid should come prepared, and I added, that it would not allow any witness to he evimiii, ed in the further progress of the trial, but tlin?e already subpouied, and which were then in court. Ilia Ifoaor i then directed the names of tho witnesses on bath sales to I be called over, ami that the counsel should exch mgo lists with each other, and adjourned further proceedings i until (to morrow) this day. Dilihle, Esq , lor plaintiff ; Tlatt, E?(] , for defendant. Court Calendar?This Day. ! Common Pi.eas.?Nos M), 911, .'W, in, A7, 24, 3.1, 42. 1 Important Arri i ?A tint" '?>' name ol V.m Zsndt was arrested this morning fn the olfire of W. Clarke fk Co , brokers, In Wat.- street, who bail ollured i certain Treasury Notes, stolen at Mobile some time since, I information of which bad been received by N. (lietne. I f an , the postmaster He was taken to court, tint the l>ill particulars we havs not yst asMrtained. lieitnn '/'ton, icripl, AfaicA 29, LD. *wW% Two C*ntt. City Intelligence. Tlae Halls of Justice?V.arch 17. -Thu receptacle r the Jepraved ?'?? not unusually cmw.l. I u?t lloI. ithstanding, the new police bill, netting it ho?l 01 tlwcttchers, was likely to />???. Smce our la.t, two i,Ul ario* have been committed, wii :? Brsui.tar thi Kih.t ?The slaughter Iioum: of Mh.h. >wler It Schotter, in Ludlow street between Klrlngtou id Mtanton, wat broken open on Monday night, and two lie* of prim* beef stolen. Burglar* escaped with tin) an ilt. Rriua t*v rtir Sm-oxd ? On the same night, the home i Thomas Purser, No. 3-1 Rutgers street, was entered by dse keys, aud three overcoats stolen, worth 'fiiU. Tliu urglart also escaped Writ as tar. tin Visa Poiit (liiicrti?h'roncis An arson, the stew ard o) the ship Spy, went on to the Vive oints last uiglit. and wo* rotibed of his money. virtue, tid all, by a gut named Ito inn Rhodes, who mu<!c tiocks, 111 war ?rri'?iiTu, mm m ini; niougui iiiiu msgiiiei mi preuice, wus lull) committed. Why ant audi doings jierlitted in this place of renown P AVi.nv Daiik Amn-A coal black negro, named cwis Truman, was discovered last night under the bed f i atherine t.ollins, of No H"i ( entre street, whose cornluxion is as pure us undrivcn snow, and as she did not he the dark intruder, she hail him arrested and placed in lie Tomtit. It was imagined on the outset that his inten10ns were amalgamation, hut suhse<iu? ntly discovered that lie intent was thelt, for he had stolen the lady's silk pron. Committed. Bowery Police Ollice?March 27 ?Bi b<.i.abi Anksteu.?After tlie hurglary ol Kowler k. HrhnrtVr's laughter house was known to have been committed, tliu urgluis were sought for, and have been uriested. Their umes are John tJennan and David Kielden, and the. beet as been recovered, worth 1&0. They had put their hands > it, hut not tliuir teeth. A sheep skin and hoise blank, t Co stolen from the same prencai r., tho property ot N\ >1am ' oncklin, were also toand Ht their haunt No. 477 owery. '1'Jiey ware {fully committed. Coroner'ts Olttee.?Marcli 37.?Tha Coroner was ot in greut requisition yesterday, lie was aim* akimbo 11 nearly night, When Q keeper of a liuriul ground up >vis-is informed him a still born babe had been thrown over le enclosure, and w ished him to see it before he proceed1 to enter on the fiiretions of his ofHce in order to give decent bn- tal The Coroner took a car, and after hold>g uu inquest the infant was consigned to mother earth. Late kromTkia* ?We receiver! by yesterday'.* outhern mail ndvicea from Houston to the ldtli nst. inclusive. There appears to he no news o| consequence. Another party of (Tprmnn emigrants had arrived t Galveston from Antwerp. [f rom the Houston Telegraph, March 13.] Mink.?Col. Hnively has lately returned to Mi >m county, uftec.n successful tour in search of u silver line. lie received information lrom one of the Mexicans aptured by him near Santa Ke lanfrsummer, that a silver line remarkably rich and productive was formerly orked by the Spaniards, near tho sources ot the Leona, tributary of Indian or l.ittlfl river, which empties into lie llra/.os near Nashville. Immediately alter his return om Santa h e, lie went with a small party, and after a cry tedious and protracted search, found the mine in the cd of the stream. He found uear[it an old furnace, tho i-muins of several crucibles and a number ol crowbars, ickaxes, Suv, all nearly consumed with rust. Tho ore is f a dark grey color, and resembles some varieties of iron re. The vein is several fo< t in diameter, and extends ivo or three rods along the bed ot the stream. It is comdetelv covered bv the stream when it is swelled by the urns. The country aronnd this mino in broken l>y rnnarkably high ami sleep hills, ami the soil is very poor. I ho rock* most abundant are coarse grey lime stones anil and stones. The mine is sitiiH'cd shout one hundred and ifty miles from Nashville, and lies nearly west from that dace. Col. Snively, we learn, intends to engage a comany of miners, to re open the mine in the course of a ew mouths. If the description of the mine, as lumished o us, be correct, it must he exceedingly valualOe.[und the ire, although yielding hut a small pro|K>rtion of silver, is ound in such abundance, that its products may rival hose of severaJ ol the mines ol Chihuahua. 'I'iir Lirsas and Tnssrwti.?Wo mentioned last year hat a (Million of the tribe of Lipana had separated I loin the nain laxly and gone towards the ltiu (Jrande Within n ew months tlie main body of the tribe have n moveil westvard, ami no tidings have been received tiom them since heir depaiture. It is not known whether they have delerted to tlie Mexicans or have gone elsewhere. They iave long been at war with the Commanches, and it is not nrobable that they have united with them. They were formerly in close alliance with the Sereticks, who reside near the month of the Hio Puerro ; and it is not improhatile that they have formed a union w ith that tribe. The T'onkewas since their departure have made few rxcur ions beyond the settlement ; fearing to meet the IVacoes ind other tribes hostile to them '1'lieyd d not venture to go nut and fight the small party of Wuroes and I adilors, that lately butchered three of their warriors on tlie head w aersnfth* \ 0011:1. There were only thirty Wacocs and fadiloes in this party; and the Tonkewas mustured a bin, Ired warriors, hut so great was their cowardice, that they removed with their families close to the resilience of Uen liurlcson lor protection. Fkom Havana and Mexico.?WV have received Havana papers to the 12th inst. inclusive. The intelligence in of little, importance. There ha* been no material change in tlie market. New Orleans provisions are abundant. Coffee is'lull. New myir nrrivea in amall quantities ami many vessels are detained In consequence. The mercantile house of MooyerSt Co., at Havana, lins failed to the tune of ?7.000,(100. [Another account says ?710 000 | They have lieen doinga heavy business with (iermany, aatl it is said, that the principal sufferers by their failure are of that country. The following extract of a letter will be found interestin* :? The excitement created by the closing o< the Kscauri /a rolloe house during the carnivnl, has died an unnatural <leathj The ( nptairi (ieneial. bus embaiked lor Hpain some 10or 16 with " partido de registro." that is, without telling thorn his reasons tor so doing?of course they are known or suspected to have had a hand in that affair. Jo consequence of this high handed measure, we are all mighty silent on the subject. (tie "Hull ami Vieuxtemps are both druwing crowded and fashionable audiences, but the former Is n ckont d to be tlie lion of the day. The Intelligence from Mexico is nbout lonrteen days later. The republic was represented I"- quiet and slowly recovering from the evils of the latp internal comrnotion*. Hants Anna had arrived in the capital, assumed the reins of gov? rument, and received in statu the felicitations of the loreign representatives near that republic The French minister, being the senior ol the diplomatic corps present, acted as spokesman on the occasion. Tho most flattering accounts were received daily from emigrants lately gone to the ( alifomias ; and preparations were making to accommodate the increased numbers inlending to emigrate thither in the ensuing spring Tlie Mexican papers continue to Cumment with much warmth on the idea of Texas lieing annexed to the United States. Common Plena. Ilefore Judge Inglis. VIARr|| 'Zi ? IVaitnsity vs. ?#?'#?/ /\nrr connxn mm i-utnmed up, hit Honor charged thejury. He Mill the ca?r w a* tried before, uiul there w is some difficulty iibout the verdict, and it became necessary to try it ajralii He then went onto statu the history oi the rate, and going ov er the evidence with J gieatj minuteness , theoiijy question lor the jury was, whether Mr. firey, trie defendant, was entitled to credit for the fH,v ; that is, if he win entitled to ciedit tin- thid siiri in hil general account against the fli hi of Ualmsli y ; then they should only find lor the plaintiff the different Itetwren that sum and the sum for which the action is brought. The jui -j letired and shortly after returned with a verdict lor plnlntilf for $IW. Snmur! Jleknli/ ?*. Mu harl -This waa an action to recover >7a, u pioportiuu of a quarter'* rent of a house in Water 'fleet. The plaintilf let the premise* in question to defendant for one year, to commence from l?t May, I till, at ffiou a year; belora the first quarter was expiied, the premise* were burnt down The agent oflthc plstn lift called on Hughe*, anil told him if no would agree to pay the rent up to the tune at the lire, he would take the premise* off hi* hand*, rebuild It, and, if he choose, he might afterward* have It, To this proposition, it is ai I egad, Hughes agreed, but afterward! refused to pay. Mr tinning, th? plaintiff's agent, wa* produced lor plaintiff and proved the letting of the premise* to defendant, and ali o the subsequent agreement made by lloghn* to give up the premise* and pay the rent For the defence it in contended that it win parf of the agreement that Hughes should tie plid for flvtnrr* that re. maiued on the premises, an I for some repairs which he caused to be made. The ease wn* not rlosed when the Court ndjoureed. W, K. Thorn for plaintiff; Mr. Norton for defendant. Nr:w \ nfta, Murch 27, 1KII. James G. JJennett, l.Vq.? Sir,- My attention lias been railed to n communication in vottr paper of tins day, purporting to have been written nt Bridgeport, Connecticut, in which my name is used rather unceremoniously liy the anonymous author. This mode of ungentle, manlv attack, combined with the stylo of the article, betray the poo-easion of ignoble and itngpnc. roiis feelings by the writer, mi It as 1 do not envy Inm; and which would render his prudnction, in my estimation, beneath my |notire for ? moment, but lor his ptiblie attempt to insinnnte my Iming the author <>f a notice respecting myself, inserted in the " Standard" of that city, which is not the truth. 1 deem this to lie a millicicnt reply to your correspondent, and reque-t you will insert tt in your P*l>er of to-morrow; and should lie feel aggrieved by the above imputation, he is at liberty to communicate his nroper name to S'onr obedient servant, ii. clfa< kkmios Verdict in tot Woods Case.?Mt ni<tcai. Court?This moming at 0 o'clock the jury came in mid leturnad a verdict oi guilty against I'bsrls* Woods, and hi* wife Nancy, and Steven* Burleigh Hohinson, oil the second and third count*, which charge a conspiracy ami fraud touching Albert Klint and l)r vvtii. Jones, but not I guilty aa to the (list count, touching the case of .fame* II. ( enant This c.-e mn.l ?* ??'" ^.h In the recollection ' of our nadirs ? Umtvn VMMi AfmiA