Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1844 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERA LD. Vork, Naturrtay. March :??, 1N44. lews for Europe, The latest political, commercial, theatrical, fashionablc, and financial news, troin ull parts of the American continent, will be published in tins morning's Herald, in the Weekly Herald, und in this evening's Herald They will be ready, i" wrappers, for the mails for Europe, which leave this city this afternoon ut4J o'clock, to meet the Caledonia at Boston. That steamer sails on Monday. Morning Herald, two cenis; Weekly Ilerald, nil cents per copy, in or out of wrappers. We have a newspaper and letter bag for the Caledonia. Letters and papers will, therefore, be received at the Herald office till 4 o'clock this aftei. noon. Extraordinary Political Movements In New York. Yesterday will be a memorable day in the annals of this mighty city. We had a clear day?a bright nun?the streets were passable? but above all, we had in the evening two mighty Tyler demonstrations?a splendid dinner at the $hakspeare Hotel?and a multitudinous sup|>er at Washington Hall, both thronged with enthusiastic friends for the re-election of Captain Tyler to the next Presidency. A full report of these unexpected and wonderworking proceedings will be found in this day's paper. The Shaks|?eare celebration was got up at 00 per head, by the Post Ollice and Custom House, of the conservative stam|i?that at Washington Hall at the rate of 50 cents, on the cheap Canal street plan, by the people at large, who almost eat up the whole block. These movements are but the beginning of rnirucles and wonders. A Tyler State Convention will be held on the 25th of April. It was demonstrated last night, as clear as two and two make tour, that both Clay and Van lluren are eat up, used up, und utterly demolished?all except the tails of each.? To finish the busftiess, it is now only necessary to remove all the officials in the Custom Hou?e and Post Office?go for Texas strong?and the tiling is done. Read the reports of these doings and tremble. We begin verily to believe that Captain Tyler will yet be the next President. His good luck has never yet tailed or faltered. IIow he is to be reelected we know not?oennot divine?Cod alone can tell?but good luck can do wonders. Progress and Prospects of Citv Reform.? We do not mean to deceive the public, or ourself, in relation to the approaching city election. We frankly confess, that, ifi spite of all the large meetings and enthusiasm of the Reformers, or American Republicans, we doubt very much whether they can succeed, unless all the sound, sensible and independent citizens come out on the day of election and vote for them The democrats of Tammany Hall?and the whigs of National Hull, ure moving heaven and earth to defeat the Reformers, for fear it may injure their Presidential candidates next fall. Nothing can give triumph to the Reform party, but the self-awakening of the people?of tax payeis?of merchants?of mechanics?of all and every The first thing to be done next week is for every true City Reformer to put his fiat on?go out a visiting?seee very friend and acquaintance? discuss (he cpiestiun of city reform?point out tfie necessity ot abandoning both the old parties forthis electidn, and of going the whole for the city No injury can come to Van Buren or Clay from such a course. Unless this be done, we despair of ever seeing New York a clean, economical, orderly, moral, honest, or well governed city. In fact, it will only get worse as it gets older. City Taxation.?The brazen-faced impudence of the two old rotten factions?both wings and democrats, is without a parallel, out of the lowest of the lower regions. At the great meeting at TamnmnvIMnil. the other eveninsr. the democrats admit ed a report in which we find they have confessed judgment, and admitted the truth of the following atrocious statement as a specimen of their rapacity, plunder, and extravagance:? COST or ApMINISTr.aiNU THE ClTT OovKHTMKNT rRllM January 1, lb43. TO January 1. IH44 Expenditure! o/| Expenditures oj III' Whig I om- the I Jem Com tiii...A A...U.I. fm\ monCouncil fm Txlla of Account*. Jan , (0 ^ , >fuy 9 (Q ,>e/{ |R4??4 months I I8|:|?7 month* and nine days I and 21 d ys A'mi Hnu'i, SllO.OOOtlO 110,000 0' Ko. rd ?>r Health, 2 082 29 5.559 26 C ui.ty o tn g-ncies, 34 417 *4 16,080 08 C urts 28,400 .41 13.29 44 Coroners f es, I 865 C8 2 317 9 Cha'g.s on arreirs of tairs,- 4 214 88 988 09 Clestnnrf *trests, 37,339 21 43,764 28 Commutation of alien tar,-- 30 00 39 on I I'm-iig ihn-ks and slips, - > 2,736 34 2,999 01 D cK? auil ilip., 19,367 46 17,332 63 Elections, 4,59 8 63 6,917 6' 8 rror? * d delni'iurucies, 737 01 251 20 File department, 24,273 47 21,364 05 Fuel, _ 2 855 29 I?iestate estates, 635 67 1,682 57 Jnstiret Conns 7,222 28 7,178 80 Jliter sts. 71 901. 62 53,912 "8 Lamps ar.d gas. 48,300 77 64,141 31 Lanus And places, 3 930 1.0 3 462 06 MarR -U 7,868 40 6,478 10 Mayoralty foes,.. ? 68 00 I'en I ties. 1,804 28 1,347 35 Printing and stationery, 17,599 28 10,107 29 Poli/M, 24.763 19 25,238 32 Real estate, 2,634 64 523 11 Ro>d? and arena's 9^,546 2U 9,78138 Koaith of July celebeation,- ? 1,128 13 Reptirs and supplies, 13,966 21 18 769 40 8. lanes 26,890 74 25,051 02 Street 6,663 60 18,305 43 'I aeern and eicise license,-" 158 00 912 Oil Specsl appropriation. ? 659 7 8 Watch... 90,501 30 127/379 86 Water loan interest, 305.680 65 328,605 76 $899,397 92 987,310 84 Thus we see the old factions trying to exceed each other in rapacity and extravagance. The whigs spend $27,539, sat down to cleaning the streets, and the democrats confess to $15,764?yei did ever a christian people see such streets ? In dry weather all dust?in wet weather all mud. In the police, in printing, in every public expenditure the race appears to be, which will spend most? which ran plunder most?which can steal most. Will the people of New York submit longer to such things 1 Gamm.ino in Nkw York?For three days past s trial has been pending in the Circuit Court which has created a great deal of uttention, and collector rut crowds of sj>eotittors, in consequence of tht revelations made by the witnesses of the extern and peculiarities of the gambling houses of New York. These developments have, indeed, been re inarkable, but they are nothing to what yet re mains behind, and what are well known to the po lice, and almost protected by them. Yet the inHuence ot the gambling houses in Barelary street, Vesey street, and that neighborhood deleterious and immoral as it is, is hardly to b< compared to that of the regular gambling house: and gambling system in Wall street. The uptowi gambling houses operate in the hours of darkness, uns< eu and unknown except to those who resor to their dens; hut the down town gambling house: >p?raia in the light of noonday and in the face o h?aven aud earth. Which are the worst t Lei our readers judge. R< s kii ('man',t. We learn from the most tinquestional. authority that Cliaa. A. Clinton, Esq., will soon be appointed collector of the fiort of New \ ?<ra A uew mrtuence is at work in Washington aioee the appomtinem of John C Calhoun, and mat.) who \r t?:iene<f on office autre the'i' " ' :*e 1 j* >vcr, have barf their tnends at court. What Ntxt'-M M Noah, the old hack penny-a-liner, is husy in ihe "Wun," writing down Mr Graham and the Poet Office?and charges htm with sending the mails of the Great Weatein t(l Ito-ion, by tniatdks If the Postmaster will M n?lt trnnk of bis " old clo' " to the |?enny a-bner, h? wfll come out tn fua favor. Try. Gmat Stbi'.ois ?The city election, whicl takes place on Tuesday week next. Unwell ?The " Aurora" eertifiea to'the indis position of Mr. CoUnctor Curtis. Ot course LL'-i 1 !. ? " - " ' .i'" 11 1 mjf I BY KXTKAOHDIVARV BXPRBB8. ' THE CONNECTICUT ELECTION. White Surry Saddled?Polite iCplthr Is?The i Middle of the Tyler Party discovered?The Way to make Voters?The Result? Thanksgiving?Clay Minstrels. Hartford, Citv Hotel, March 29. Did you ever see two rampant colts, saddled, bridled, nnd backed, ready lor a start!? if so you can lornt sonic idea ot t e lii^li mettled state of parties in this region ol Connecticut at the present moment. Every thing is prepared for action, and waiting for the word "go," which will be given on Monday next, and it will then be pull Dick, pull Bob, and the Devil take the hindmost. Every scheme and expedient are resorted to by both par ties, mid their presses are filled with short cut para- i graphs, headed in full faced black, with captions I such as " loeofoco lies"?"federal desperation"? i " the bugle blast"?"whig bait for abolitionists"? i "come home, come home"?"pipe laying in I Rocky Hill"?to the polls, to the polls"?"ifiiwn - | with them"?"up and at them"?" rain or shine" 1 1 "Tom Benton, Cleaveland, and the Devil"? ] "Harry Clay, Baldwin, and destruction." Ace., Sec. i Meetings are held almost every night, and the i whole State is Hooded with travelling whig elec- 1 tioneercrs, under command of Major General Ho- ' race i reciey, of the Fourier Division. There was i to have been a grand whig turn out in this city last evening, at which Col. Thayer of New York, was advertised to be present; but his nonarrival by the t.'uin from New Haven, the whole affair was unavoidably postponed until a future ; day. i This place is famous for its variety of newsou- i pers. The wings have two daily prints, called i "The Connecticut Courant" and "The Daily Jour- e n il." The democrats one christened "The Daily t Times,"?the abolitionists a weekly, bearing the title ?>f "The ('hristian Freeman," mid last, and I t may truly say, least, the Tyler party a weekly organ with the high-sounding name of "The Patriot and Ragle." The abolition press is ably edited by Wni. H. Burleigh, who is now travelling the State and ( lecturing on slavery and Birney, and bitterly op- | posing C/lay at every jump. As an evidence of the , tone of this abolition press, I give you the gist of ' several miscellaneous articles in the last number i that lays before me, by quoting ihe caption, beginmug witli "The great duellist of the nation"? , "Significant?Texas"?"Cl.ty and Slavery"?"Biruey and freedom," fee. Arc. The Tyler organ is a puny atlair, although an old paper, hut (he very name of its editor, "P. 1$. (ioudsell," betokens that he has made u pretty good bargain in loaves and fishes, in defending the administration. Some few weeks since it made a slight demonstration in favor of Cleaveland, the democratic candidate for governor, hut "that article" in the Madisonian, instructing the Tyler party not to vote for Van Buren men, because it would add to his chances of nomination at Baltimore, has closed its mouth, and not a word ol committahsm has been heard from it since The last article in the Madisonian may call it out to-moriow in opposition to Cleaveland, but womi vrrrona. Talk ot "making voters," as we New Yorkers term it. hv naturalization? 1 stepped over to the City Hall to-day, where the select men of this town were assembled, and saw fifty-nine "freemen" manufactured m almost as many minutes. The laws governing elections in this State,compel every inan either to do military duty, serve as an active fireman, or lie possessed of property that will rent tor $7 |ier an?um, and, therefore, those that have not complied with the two first requisitions most he possessed of the last. This 1.1 ........ ,.i r.r.i I.. I... less than t<? ooini? l every man to be a real estate holder before he could he tidmilied hh a voter and a " freeman." Hul it is easily managed. Wealthy I party men ol both widen who are owners of real es | tate, draw up a deed, which is placed in the hands id some one of their active Iriends, who enters therein the names of "Tom,"" Dick," " Harry," s and twenty others, il lie pleases, and thus they re- I present real estate that rents lor $7 per annum, t comply with the " letter" of the law, and are admitted as "freemen " As soon as this ceremony is over, and their names are registered as entitled h to a vote, the deed is torn up or stuck in the (ire, t and thus is ihis ridiculous law evaded in its "spirit," and made a matter of burlesque and mockery. Common sense and the advance of republican prin- ' ciples should induce the coming legislature to re- I peal it altogether, as it is n mere nullity on the sta- ? tute hook ol llie State. The result in the Stale on Monday next isdoubt- '' ful indeed. Tile whigs talk with great c onfidence ? and are hacking their opinions pretty freely with their money. The whole influence of the party is xercised to bear upon the manufacturers and those f hi their employ, and their op|ionents are charged > with principles of free trade more ultra than any "south Carolinian ever dreamed or imagined. My 1 iuipression, produced from close observation of the i movements of both parties, contrasted with previ- | us rt sulis and sustained by private information,inluce in** lo the brlicj that the whigt will carry tlw ^tate, which opinion will certainly be confirmed or coiitradicteil on Monday next! On Sunday next the proclamation of Governor ( Cleaveland, who has appointed Friday of next week as a day ot "humiliation, fasting and prayer," will he read in all the churches of the State, and a ... n ul.r.'Uol ..III,.. .1.. .m.f.ruf... nurlvr... marked to tne this morning that tlx moral tone, christian spirit, and fervent appeal to the provider ol alTeurthly and heavenly blessings. " would not set Cleuvelund hack a d <! lot in the election." While on this subject 1 must refer to something that looks like an onset. It seems that in the town of Preston, in this county, a certain minister of "the old established order has taken rather open ground in favor ot Clay and the whig ticket, and has been detected in purchasing anil circulating Clay Song Books, which it is alleged were obtained by forwarding an order like the following :? " Timoi nr Bui er, Bookseller:? Sib?Please send by bearer 1 1 dozen Village Hymns 1 do. Church Psalmodies 3 do. Clay Minstrels. Your atl'ectionate Christian brother, Rev. N. B. COLES. P. S.? Send the Clay Minstrels by all means?the others I can wait lor till alter the election " This expose I have no doubt will he followed hy some demonstration from the pulpit on Sunday . next in favor of the author of the Thanksgiving proclamation, that "may not set liiin hack a hit" on the day of the election. But enough of this? my ears are overflown^ with reports?lalse issues? i false statements, and hre, foam, and tury of party leaders. Yours, C. N. B.?Let no one ever come to Hartford and pass the "City Hotel." It is kept in the most perfect order, and in the most elegant style, at rea. sonable charges, to suit the business of the day. Connecticut Morals?Head of the Tyler Par1 ty Found?Great Kntliuslnsra? Moral De1 velopmenta?The Devlin Kebuked and a he and he one In State Prison for Adultery. Norwich, Connecticut, > , Friday, March 29. J I have kept a steady and earnest trace of the east wing of the Tyler party, from its tail in New Haven, middle in Hartford, until I have lound its head in Norwich. The Tyler organ here is called 1 the "Norwich News." and it is the most efficient I and active sheet of 111,it party in the country. Ill . editor has hoisted the whole Democratic ticket,notwithstanding the order of the "Madisonian," and goes the whole figure with such licks as" Veto Ue' iiiocrats"?" Unholy giasp of Clay federalists"? . ' Hush on, my boys"?" Honest John Tyler? Cleaveland ana Connecticut," See., Sec. In reply to the Madisonian, he says:? " The talk which we hear trom a certain quarter, that by so doing we vlrtiiall> endorse the (landers on the Ad ministration, of new l>orn democrats, wno now so ardently fling up their caps and advocate n third nomitia ion oi i Mr Van liuren, is all nonsense. The present election in ; Connecticut, so far as the democracy are concerned, has 4 nothing to do with the question of who shall lie their candidate and if it had, Mr Van liuren would gain no'hing ) thereby, lor a majority of the candidates on the State ticket nre opposed to a third nomination of that gentlemen." , This is strange talk, and you tuny believe as much of the last three lines as you please, and so ? will your readers. I All hands sre up and doing here in preparation I lor Monday, but the Tyler State Convention is unavoidably postponed until the 17th of April, us their papers say that the "bad state of the roads appeared to render this change desirable." Till' abolitionists here swear eternal vengeance PIm ...wl lk. ...1.... i... npwn.oi *'?"/> ??" wni^n FWI-1U llir P^itllir against Van Buren and rue verm, while all are at work morning, noon and night to save the state and claim the victory. The whig* are hilling and cooing to the abolitionists and endeavoring to coax them to terms with Texas corn and whig promise* hut its no go, as they go their own ticket and will fo nothing else that is singed, speckled or spotted, shall Itring every thing that is certain on Tuesday next. I Ins quiet, nice, moral and orderly town has been the seen of much excitement w ithin a few days past Yon are aware as perhaps all yonr ' readers arc. that the sin of adultery is a crime i I here, punishable in the state prison, winch may . account for the well known fact that more than one-fourth of the women of the pare of your city are Iroin this slate, being driven hence hy the ( commission ot this offence, and the after fear of punishment Hut to the scene ot interest. Ft came up mi the Superior Court of this city, now in session, nod the parti** arraigned were a Mrs. Eliza otherwise culled Kli'/.aheth It.iinlall, and a "nice young sailor man" hearing.ihe cognomen of liill .. * ? ll'l, ,J. Wilson alias Bill Smith. Tiiis " unheard ol crime" is alleged to have been committed in tin darkness of the nights of the 10th, 11th and 12tl days ol March inst. The indictment classifies i us the " abominable, detestable and atrocioui crime of adultery. The fair victimess is of tin lat, freckled and forty order, and it appear has been suspected and detected in other acts o striking resemblance. The testimony was rich,race and peculiar. A very pretty dark-eyed maid, o blooming sixteen, named Miss Caroline Uoberts was the first witness called. She stated, with al due modesty, that she und Mrs. Mary Chapi>ell liac resided with the unfortunate victim of the law a boarders?that being short bedded, she was coin (impelled, from the force of circumstances, t< deep?not iu the sume bed with Mrs. Chappeil? alt, no?but to re|>ose between the same sheet with the two unfortune prisoners, and therefore t< 'ier certain knowledge, the " abominable, detesta ale and atrocious crime" of adultery was commit led?not with her?oh, no?but with the unfortu aate leniale prisoner. Mrs. Mary Chappell,who ap >eared a little the worse for wear, testified that sh< saw the prisoners go to bed "exactly us if the] were husband and wile," where they remained du ing the live-long night, und were found snugl] ocked in their own arms and those of tiaint Mor die us. when daylight did appear the next morning Mr. Cornelius ltaust confirmed a part ol this testi nony, but before he concluded, the court, turv.ani spectators also concluded that lie and the dilapida led Mrs. Chappell had reposed upon one pillow tint he obstinately denied all commission of th< "abominable, detestable and atrocious crime c adultery." The jury?a Connecticut jury?after very snort ubsence, returned a verdict of guilt against Mrs. Elizabeth Randall, in manner an jorm us charged against her, on two counts in til indictment, the sentence for which will be J'ou years in the state prison ! Wilson, her paramoui entered a plea of guilty to one count, and will In sent to manufacture rone and oakum tor two year '? the state prison Thus endeth this severe am lerious lesson to all fornicators and adulterers ii he land of steady habits. My next letter will be the last before I send yoi he full returns of the State on Tuesday next. Yours, C. Probable Repudiation in Pennsylvania.?Ac jording to the best accounts, the Legislature o Pennsylvania, like that of Maryland and othei States, will establish practical repudiation, and thei adjourn. When they so close the doors of tin Legislature at Ilarrisburg, they should also opei thedoors of the Penitentiary at Philadelphia?botl communities will be on an equal footing Grea State that?with all its coal,iron, and yet won't pat ts debts. More Steam Vessels.?There are now on tin docks, at Mr. Wrn. If. Brown's ship yard, in thi ity, three beautifully modelled steam vessels, o ibout three hundred tons each. They are to In itted with the Ericsson propeller, and one will b< tent to Texas, another to Richmond, and the thiri o Fall River. Steam vessels, with submerged screws, are ver; apidly taking the place of both "canvass back' vessels, and the big wheel-house steamers. Then rre at this moment between fifty and a hundrei iteainers, ranging from 200 to 800 tons each, in ser vice in this country, propelled by the Ericssoi icrew. They have spread from Maine to Louisi ma, and over all the Northern Lakes. In less than five years we shall see steamers Iriven on the submerged principle, entirely mono lolizing our coasting trade. Italian Opera.?A very interesting sel?ctioi rom several operas preceded the second act o Pelisario. which whs vcrv miicli rcliulintl Inst eve ling, in spite of its frequent repetition during th< teason. Valtelhnii sung the celebrated sortiti rom Norma, Ite still collt o druidi, and the splen lid invocation of the second act, " O Guerrihi,' vhich lie gave with much fire and power. Tlii lir ends somewhat abruptly, and Valtellina thought herefore, proper to add the famous air from Pa :ini's CM Arabi nella Gallia, " Nell' ariaro delb >endcttawhich certainly is one of his best efforts 'erozzi Borghese and Antognini likewise eunj everal beautiful pieces, which were much aj lauded. To-night is the last performance of the eason. Madame IIeij.hero's Concert.?This Concert las been postponed till Thursday evening next, a Washington llall. According to the beet accounts t appears that the postponement lgst Thursday evening was in consequence of the sfcigular indit position of Madame Hellberg herself. It seem that tins very beautiful creuture is possessed of th most exquisite sensibility, and as this would liav been her first appearance in public she becam quite overwhelmed by her feelings, and was abac lutely unfit to appear before the public on that ev? ning. She is a very singular being. At one nu ment she was in the highest degTee of exoitemei at the prospect of a great Concert, but when tli people began to Hock in, the very idea of a crow quite unnerved her, and she becntne quite part lyzed. Wallace, De Begnis, Barton and Timn who attended to assist her, were quite astounded t her great sensibility. We understand, howevei that she lias recovered herself to a very considei able extent, and will, no doubt, nerve herself so a to be able to appear on Thursday next. l>e Begnis and all who have heard Madam Hellberg unite in saying that she is one of the 11101 remarkable dtbulantes that have appeared here.Young?beautiful?so gifted?nnd so sensitive, ther will be a great crowd to hear her, as there has bee greut curiosity excited. Tiix MrrrnN Chriosities.?We have been r< piested to state that these elegant and valuable in tides of wfi?,now in process of distribution orsalt may be seen at Atwill's Music Saloon. They cor mstot paintings, musical ciocks, ana various otht bijouterie. MrstCAi..?We have been reques ed by th friends of Mrs. Sutton, to say that she would acce| no engagement with the Optra troupe at Palino' She is pteparing to leave this country to .ultil u engagement in Italy, and can accept no such olle Very well. Tiik Fireman's Concert.?Thiswill be the gren est musical treat til the season. All the great a tists in the city will appear, lust look at the pr< gramme. Card Knoravino.?We have seen some inaste Iv specimens ot card and other engraving, execute at Jems' engraving and printing establishment, 32 Itroadway. Mr Jervis will execute any ordei left with lum in an unexceptionable manner, an very cheap for c ash. Summer Medicine?M. S. J>ernarn's Diarriki: Medicine.?The prevalence ot Diarrhrra duric the coming months, makes it a matter ot prudent to provide a remedy, nnd if we may judge from ill high and very numerous testimonials possessed li the inventor, none can, in point of efficacy, mirpa M. S. Bernard'* l)i.irrh(i'a Medicine. Many othi disease*, sitcli a* cholic, cramp, npisnifl Arc. Arc. hi under tlie control id tins powerful But sale med cine, a* attested By the most honorable certificate Fast Day in Nrw Hami-miike.?Yesterday wi observed as such. Naval.?I*. 8. slop* Columbus, Coin Turne from Montivedeo ; Congress, Iroin I iibraltar brigs Ferry, fur the Pac.fic ; hiii! Chipola, for tl United States, were at Rio de Janeiro on the Sj ult. 1J. S. ship Columbia, Capt. Shubrick, ?ail< thence Feb. 1st, lor the .Mediterranenn. Inspection Kicks?The gross amount of leesri ceivecl during tin- year, by the li* Inapecioi, wi $167,319 H>). Among some ol the item* which go make up tills pretty little sum, w e notice the following: Henry Lvnrson, N. Vork, Ins Flour aud Mesl #|h j7s i Morton Fairehild, do do Beef and Poik 13 977 lokl lt\ krr do do do I I " . I I Five others in New Vork do II .AI.I Wm, II (irecn do l.umber 7 lAi 1 Viva others do do 4,7U.'> loliit II Howie do Leather 4.A7A James (lalliiey do do 3,Iftl Kiveotheis do do 7,7(11 ; Paul (trout do Measurer of Orain 1,334 An " iiiileiiiiatde" item, put down as " average net I lie" 474 d W, Ryrkman, N. Y. Ins. ol Hops (kit I Thos. J Stevens. N V Ins of Ashes *? 034 : Henry K. Iteill, N. V. Weigher (teneral of Mer Chainli/.e (fees ft per cent on whole ain't no Mini put down !) Peter F.squirol, Ins. Leaf T< haeco 71,37# I Fish Oil, staves, he inspection *79 t ToUl, 147,134 ( S^smms?MS? *?JLM^M f| Very Late From Mexico.? By an arrival at I * I New Orleans on llie 20th. we have advices from | ) Vera Crux to the 10th inst. I # I a There was not much news of importance. Mr. * Bankhead, the new British minister, hud just arj. rived at Veru Cruz. { ^ Several persons had returned to New Orleans, 1 who left that city some months since, as they 1 stated, to search for treasure supposed to be buried j near Vera Cruz. Their movements excited the j suspicion of the Mexican authorities, and they b were arrested on a charge ot conspiring to assassinate Santa Anna. Thev were subsequently released, however, and immediately left tne countryMr. Joseph breenham, one of the largest merchants in \ era Cruz, and formerly of New York, died at Vera Cruz on the 6th inst , leaving property to the amount of #4,000,000 to #5,OIK),000. The U. 8. brig of war Bainbridge, (which arrived on the 8th inst.) the British frigate Rose, and the French frigate Brilliant, lay at Sacrificios when the Pilot left. We are informed by a passenger that on his way from the city of Mexico to the former port, he took an opportunity of visiting the Texan prisoners at Perote, and that he found tliem much more comfortably situated than they had previously been. Those who had been sick were then either perfectly recovered, or in a state of convalescence, and the authorities had begun to evince much more . kindly feeling toward them than what they had e been accustomed to receive. a Texas.?This country, which is a modern paruy dise, is now in a state of abeyance, awaiting the <' movements of our government. On the subject of ? annexation, one ol the Texan papers, the "Gulves f ton News," of the 16th inst., says :? e Wo believe, should the project of annexation not be x consummated soon, we shall be inclined to play the part j of some others, and say Texas don't want annexation, no 1 how, and didn't from the first The fact is, the prospects of the country are becoming every day more nattering Witliiti th?? iinvf four nr fiv?> davG tin li>oa (lian ua munv foreign vessel* have arrived, the most of them Ailed with emigrants. A day or two ago we announced the arrivul of a brig from Antwerp, with one hundred and thirty-six emigrants; there is now nnother outside from Amsterdam, with one hundred nnd fifty; and we learn that others are f daily expected. The country is certainly going ahead, and could the difficulties which have hitherto existed he r settled in some manner, so as to give a prospect of permal nent peace, no doubt can be entertained of the imrnta diate prosperity and rapid advancement of the country. i From China.?The barque Childe Harold, Capt. i Johnston, arrived at litis port last evening, bringing t advices from Macao to the 2d Dec. A list of i American vessels left in port, will be found under the marine head, e Literary Notices, s Columbian Lady's an? Gentleman's Magaf zine ?To the many flattering notices of this work, r on the part of some of the most judicious of the e newspaper press, we beg to subjoin our hearty cond currence. Much is expected by the readers of these critiques who take up the " Columbian," and it is y no small praise to say that their high expectations " are not disappointed. The very style is prepossese sing, for " The Columbian" wears an external of 1 gentility which fully authorizes it to assume, a - juste litre, the title of " The Lady's and Gentlei man's Magazine." To enter into the merits of the - number before us?that for April, 1844?would exceed the bounds at present at our disposal ; hut it i, is with no wish to make invidiousselections where - all are good, that we notice especially an article by Mrs. Emma C. Embury, entitled " Genius and ? us Rewurds," and " Lacy Maynard," by Miss Marc iha Russell. The lines by J C. H. are unquestionably written with the feelings of a poet, without which there can he no poetry. It would he , unjust to this Magazine not to notice the high artislical skill engaged in its embellishment ; and to " s,ly that the two engravings which ornament thic s number, " The Emperor and the King," and the " Ilour before the Duel," are gems " of purest ' ray and alone quite a Bulhcient inducement to purchase the work. 1 Hki.igion in America.?The writer of this work ' aimed at giving a faithful picture of the religious 5 and moral state of his country, and his success will no doubt be acknowledged by the immense number who should and must take a lively interest in this subject A spirit of christian charity towards all denominations pervades Mr. Band's work, and the truth is declared without nnkindness. We predict for this work a very extensive sale, and the sooner the enquiring and reading nublic supply themselves with this well written and comprehen' sive treatise, the better. It is published by Messrs. y Harper & Brothers, No. 82 Cliff street, in two parts i- ?each 25 cents. s 8hakspeare.?No. 2 of the very beautiful edition e of Shakspeare, now publishing, edited by Gulian C. Verplanek, and illustrated by Wier 5c Hewett, e has been received. The lavoranle opinion already e expressed of this edition remains unchanged. Amusements. A Word to tiik Wise.?It our fellow-citiztms v would enjoy an intellectual recreation, let them by It all means visit the ChathamTheatre this evening. The in( tAttainments are most selected, and fsr the benefit ui .hi. r,. a i umier, who iins recently aengnien me aud diences at this theatre with his excellent personification nl , characters. The favorite production of Bulwer, the bail) of Lyons, is the first piece announced?Mrs. Preston suai, mining the character of Pauline. In addition to this, the laughter-loving and accomplished Miss Reynolds appears in one oilier best characters ; besides this, there is a vaiir> ety ofentertainmentswhich no other theatre can otter. The [ . ('natham has already emphatically earned the title of the People's Theatre, and while such casts are presented as lS that of this evening, it must maintain a proud pre-eminence among its rivals. e Last Day of thk Kentucky Minstrei.s at the ? Amerienn Museum, with splendid performances at three o'clock in the afternoon, and halt past seven in the ~ evening, at the conclusion of which the grand match e dance between " Dandy Jim from Carolina," and Old Dan Tucker, will take place. Hither, ye lovers of fun, and 11 our word for it. not another vestige of the hypo will hang about ye lor weeks. Mr.Cole.thedog Billy,Miss Richards, Miss Blancliurd, and others, will appear. r. {&- THK DUBLIN UNIVKRSITY MAGAZINK Original Kdition?Kditeil by Harry horreijuer. The March number of this popular magazine contains many I* articles ol interest, from the pens of the best writers in the kingdom, and which has made it for Dublin what r Blackwood's is to Kdinburgh. G. P. It. James, Ksq., is among the regular contributors. The low price ol $>4 per annum makes it the cheapest literary magazine in the e world. c0ntk1sti. I.?The Mishapsof Mister Latitat Nabhim; ? II?Mesmerism; lt, III.?Bong of the Flowers; IV.?Goethe's Iphigenia; f- V.?Arrah Neil, by G. P. R. James, Ksq.; VI ?Poems, by Mrs Dalkeith Holmes; VII _ TI.J. / ..liana k.n U.n . I VIII.?Correspondence of John, fourth Duke of Bedford. IX.?M. de l.amartine; '* X.?Zoology and Civilization; XI.?State Prosecutions MASON & TUTTLE, Publishers, r- 12S Nassau street, opposite Clinton Hall. (j lllarkwood for January, February, and March, (original editions) price IS' cents. IS ' rs OO- TESTIMONY OF THE CAPTAIN AND CREW , OF THE STEAMBOAT SWIFT9URE-It is with pleau sure we recommend the efficacy ot Mr Dalley's Magical Pain Extracting Ointment, Irom having witnessed the application and its most happy effect on the lour peris sons who were scalded on board the steamboat Swittsure on tlie explosion ol the boiler. Its salutary, soothing action gave ease as soon as administered, ami healed rapid e ly. From whnt we have seen we consider it the best pre,,. paration in the world, and confidently recommend It to all who may he alHicted. >V James L. Hodge, pastor of First Baptist Church, A1 Xf- hany. II. J. Murray, Captain of Steamboat Swiftsure. 'r A. Hitchcock, Captain of steumboat Cnited States, &c. re MAYOR OF ALBANY. The names attached to Mr. Dalley's certificate are mostly gentlemen well known to me to be highly respectx aide, ami tnen of veracity, and their statements would hHvr w< i|(lit with me. t? Albany, Dec '1 184S. U'e arc oh 11 i{i il very much to the hand* of the steamlmat Swiitiure, wlio were relieved of no much suffering when r> cabled hy the explosion of the iiti'HmlioHt.lor the r.*-nI they t ike in warning the public against the imitation, unci sending customer* to B7 Walker street. Dal ley'? Magical Tain ie extractor will cure the following complaints, or 110 pay . , will he taken tor it. Duma, Scrofula, I)ilea, Cramp, Cuts, 'il Scalds, Pile*, hliinl and bleeding, Stain, Kiysipela*. f elons, Wounds, anil Sore Nipples, Rheumatism, Old Sore*. II II Dalley be not written with a pen. on every liox, avoid it a* )>oison Buy at the New Y'ork Agency 67 1H Walker *t., 1st store from Broadway, not at the corner, 1? and at Mrs Kidder, S Court utreet, Boston; Onthrie, Albany Don't leiget that at 67 Walker atreet, first store M from Broadway, is the place where the genuine Dalley '* Salve is to lie had ; he not deceived at by offers ol ball to ice th ? oft'. r ut itseli should he a signal warning to you S( hst it cannot be genuine. W " \ Vi;\| I i II I I' A ND V PIIKTTV HOOT OR ; SllOf." With the nsar approach of the spring elertiou A" saliii It comes generally ere the swallow dares, though not J" exactly "tw shame the winds of March with beauty," we *s i,ay confidently predict soma improvement in thestnleol our sheets. B it ifthat prediction should not he realised it " is some consolation to know that hy patronising the Boots " ind Shoes made by LORIN BUOOKS.ol KuTton street, 14 with the patent inetalic sliank, not only may the neatness of the loot he preserved, and it* beauties be displayed but that even the belles as well a* their beaux may be kept from soiling their dress with the mud which so plen" (Bully bedecks our streets lu fact, for fine or foul wea "> thet, the patent metalic. shank is a most valuable invention lor tliose who possess a w ell shaped foot, and only to be I? had of Brooks, the (XT- WHEN THE BLOOD IB IN AN UNBOUND sondition, it is as ready tor infection as lund plowed and harrowed to receive the allotted grain. Those who are wise will therefore commvuce the purillcatjon ol their blood without delay; and those who are ali< ady attacked with sickness should do the same. Ladies should use Brandreth's Pills frequently. will insure them from severe sickness of the stomach, ami generally speaking, entirely prevent it. The Brand re 111 Pills are harmless. They increase the |?iwersol Bte; they do not depress them, female* will iind thein to seoure that state of health which every mother wishes to enjoy, lu costiventss, so often prevalent at an interesting period, the Brandreth Pills are a safe and etlectual remedy. Hold, at J5 cents per box, at 'J41 Broadway; 274 Bowery; lift)j Hudson street; D D. Wright, corner Houston (k Lewis; Mrs. Wilkinson, 4I'd Cherry street, N.Y.; and Mrs. Booth, A Market street, Brooklyn. (ft?- AUCTION NOTICE.?The Bale ol Valuable Furniture, 10 snleudid Piano Fortes, Superb Paintings,ami other valuable Housekeeping Articles, to take place this day in the Now Hales I too in, No. 11 Spruce street, will he found deserving unusual attention. The sale will commence at 10J o'clock. THOB. BELL, Auctioneer. QlJ- Id FAR YE ! HEAR YE 1?N*w ready at the New World otlice, 30 Ann street, the second number of the Mysteries of Condon. This work OOSSt'HSes a powerful interest, little shoit of its great counterpart, the ' Myateriaa ol Paris," and is supposed to be by tbe same distinguished author. Translated by H. C. Iteming, and published in Paris?price 13* cents. J. WINCHESTER. Oqf- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?Tin 1'ouic Mixture, pre|>ared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently re commended for all cases of debility produced by secret in diligence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable seme dy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depend iug on mal-formation.) Single tiottles $1 each ; cases of half a dozen $6; caro fully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Otlice ol the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 9fc Nassau street W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent N. B.? A lilieral discount to country practitioners and medicine venders. (U7- RICOHD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE?For the permanent cure of primary or secondary Syphilis, and all affections produced by an impaoper use of mercury. This powerful alterative should be used by all persons suspecting a venereal taint in their system from ioriner disease. It is warranted to remove all impurities from the blood. Sold, in single bottles, $1 each ; in oases of hull dozen, $6, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the Union. Oltice ol tne College of Medicine aud Pharmacy, 98 Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B.? A liberal discount to country pructitioners and medicine venders. (jtj- AN APPEAL.?To the hundreds of families of the highest respectability who have lately used that most wonderful urticle, ConneCs Magical I'ain Extractor from 31 Courtlandt street, can but be answered by every candid man with an assent to the great and unei/ualled virtuts and powers of that Salve for the complaints itcures. All will fully know how futile iu worthless vagabonds to try to mislead persons ol sense, and make them believe what they know to be false, namely : that the true articles can be had any where else, but through C. St Co. Stub shameless knavery will meet its own reward. Meantime avoid any as poison and fatal unless it lias the name of Comstock it Co. on the wrapper This only will save you from danger and perhaps dkath. No put/ is taken lor it unles it cures the following: hundreds of boxes have been taken on these terms and not one failed, viz : ? Hums, Scalds, Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, Piles blind or bletding, Old Sorts, Rheumatism, Chilblains, Sore Nipjdes and Eyes, Eruptions, ij-c. Remember and get Conntll's only as four times cheaper and far better than any other. If any one is foolish enough to prefer Dalley's they can have it for 36 cents, warranted true, under the penalty ot $100, at 21 Courtlandt street. (K7- STRONG HOLD OK WILD'S CASTOR OIL CANDY?Neversiuce the pulmv days of Swain's Panacea has there been a medicine which has caused so deep an interest as Wild's Castor Oil Candy. The Question is often linked, is it really good? Does it have the same effects as the oil / Citizens, 1 pledge my word and honor, and give you the names ol the following well known physicians and good citizens, who have used it and know all about it as a medicine They areas follows:? I)R. CHEESEMAN, DK. PUTNAM, DR UNDEHH1LL, DR GILMAN. DR. RUGGLES, DR DOWNS, DR HOWL AND, DR. SMITH, DR. HASKELL, DR. PA TON. DR MANVILLE, DR. CASTLE, DR SHECUT, JUDGE M. M. NOAH. RECORDER TALMADGE, JUDGE STEVENS, And a host ol others I could go on and fill up three columns of this paper with references, but it is quite unnecessary and very expensive The article is sold so chean it won't admit of it. All 1 ask is a lair trial of the Candy: then if it is not satisfactory, the money is returned. Always ask for Wild's Castor Oil Candy, for it is the only genuine. Sold at 451 Broadway, and by most druggists. Rosevelt, Albany; Zieber, Philadelphia. Og- RHEUMATISM.?How important to those who have Rheumatism, Gout, Contracted Cords or Muscles, is the Indian Vegetable Elixir and Liniment, which has never been known to fail in a single case to cure these complaints. At 21 Courtlandt street. Warranted. Cologne IVater and Bay Rum, quart bottles price 60 cents per bottle. 0G>- ESTABLISHED A. D., 1835?HUNTERIAN DISPENSARY, 3 Division street?Dr. Hunter's Red Drop. This well known remedy, for certain diseases only, has now been before the public as the only never failing remedy, for ten years, and more than 50,000 vials of this valna hie medicine have keen sold in this country, and not in one instance hasjit'ever failed to perform perlect cures, where the directions, which are plain and simple, have been adhered to. Does any one doubt 7 Let them send to the Disjiensary and he convinced before it is too late Reader, remember that delays in this case are dangerous, very dangerous, even at the risk of your life ; therefore do not trifle with your life ; call to-day, while it |ia in your power to obtain a cure, lor,$l ? to-morrow may be too late. A counterfeit is sold in Boston and Charleston. &7-THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF1 SARSAPARILLA, Gentian and Sasafras, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for lie suppression of quackery. This powerful extract, rcpared by scientific and meaical mei^ will be found in -initely superior to the mixture sold by druggists as sari nnarilla, who are totally ignorant of tne medicinal properes ol the roots from which they make the extract. In all liseases arising from an impure state of the blood, such as "oftila, salt rheum, ulcers, chronic rheumatism, pimples o; ustules on the face or body,nodes,pains in the hones or j. ints, and all complaints arising from an improper use ot mercury, this extract will be highly beneficial. Sold in single, bottles at 75 cents eacn, cases of hall dozen, $3 50: / 1 dozen, (6, carefully packed and sent to ail parts oi .,e Union. Othce ol the college, 96 Nassau st W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent N. B A liberal discount to country practitioners and medicine venders Of?- MINT JULAP9 AND OTHER GOOD THINGS. ? frank Monteverde, No. 5 Barclay street, has secured, for to day,!! or 3 dozen bunches of the first sprouts of Mint. To those who know bis way of'doing up Julaps, and, in fact, all the comfortables of life, it is only necessary to make the simple announcement. To all others, step down to Frank's, and be made happy?glorious ! (PJ- IMPROVED QUALITY AND HALE PRICE? Comstock fk < o.'s Concentrated Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla, for the cure ot scrofula, chronic rheumatism, general debility, cutaneous affections, scaly eruptions ol the skin, tetters, pimples or pustules on the face, mercurial and syphiloid diseases, bites from an impure habit of the body, ulcerations of the throat and legs, pains and swelling of the bones, liver affections, and ail diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, exposure and imprudence in life, excessive use ot mercury, &c. The great popularity of sarsaparilla, and its esta biished eiticacy, render it superfluous to enter into any ciimniiitn of its virtues, or adduce anv evidence in its favor, ft0 cento j>er bottle, or $4 per dozen. Thin article hai cured Scrofula of 30 years, after the dollar articles have been uoed in vain. To be had in thia city at -I Courtlandt otreet. 00- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The members of the Now Vork College of Medicine and Pharrnucy, in returning the public thank* for the liberal support thny have received in their ell'erts to " auppre** quackery,' be* leave to stntc that their particular attention continue* tr ne directed to all diseases of a private nature, and Irom the great improvement* lately made in the principal hospitals of Europe in the treatment of those disease*, thev can confidently offer to person* requiring medical aid advantage* not to he met with in any institution in Mil* country, either public or private. The treatment ol the College is such a* to insure success in every case, and i* totally different from that u?rn r ous practice of mining the constitution with mercury, and inmo*tcases leaving a disease much worse than the original. One of the mem her* of the College ,for many years connected with the principal hospitals of K urope, attends daily tor a consultation from 9 A.M. tos P.M Term*? Advice and medicine A cure guaranteod Imfoh* to Coicstsv ItsvAMD*.? Persons living in 'ho country <*n?l not finding it convenient to attend pel lonally, can have forwarded to them a chest containing dl medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure by stating heir case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time ot '.ontraction ami treatment received elsewhere, If anj ind enclosing Jtft. post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARlltJON, Agent Olhce and <;?nsulting rooms of the College, Oft Nassau root 00- WORMS IN CHILDREN ARE EXPELLED IN the most speedy manner by using Sherman's Worm Lozenges. They are a specilic, having been used for the last live years in more than one million cases witli the most decided success Children will take them readily when all other medicines would be refused They are recommended and prescribed by our best pljysicians, and none w ho have ever used tliem have been disappointed in their i fleet*. l)r Sherman's warehouse is 106 Nassau street Agents ti7 Hudson street; ISS Bowery; 77 East llroadwai ; srt William street; 139 Ettllon street, Brook iyn; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia, and 8 State street, Boston. fry- PROFEBHOII VELPEAU'B CELEBRATED TILLS, for the radical cure of Oonorrlima, (licet, and all inocopurulent discharges from the urethra These pills are gupianteed to effect a permanent cure in all discuses ol the urethra, in a slim ter limn than any other remedy over brought before the public, without tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement from business. Price 81 per box. Office of the College ol Pharmacy and Medicine, tlft Nassau street W. 8 RICHARDSON, Agent. N B A liberal discount to country practitioners and medicine venders. I QC^TO THE LADIES.?We suppose one actual resuit of what has been accomplished by a popular cosmetic, Is worth a thousand promises of the vender as to * the wonders that may be a ronght We, therefore, proceed to state, in the plainest manner possible, that a female, who works in one of the mills at Lowell, was induced by the advertisement in the Traveller to send to A. H. Jordan, Milk street, the only agent in Boston, for specimens of Or Felix Oouraud's preparations for the ladies. She was not the most itl'.-u.tnate creature in the world, her upper lip and chin being almost ripe for the professor of the tonsorian art, und her face was otherwise strongly marked by pimples, freckles, blotches, lie. Before she hud used half a bottle uf the "Poudres Subfiles" the superfluous hair disappeared, and in a single application of the Italian Medicated Soap her skin became quite clear and free lrom former blemishes, so that with a slight touch of the "Vegetable Itougu" on each cheek, and a new dross and bonnet, she was not rec gnised by her own mother, on her return to Concord last week. She is so much delighted with the magical change in her complexion and features that she has authorised her brother to furnish the substance of this statement for publication.? Ilttton American Traveller. To be found in New York only at the original office, (17 Walker street, lirst store from Broadway; at 3 Milk street, Boston; 76 Chasnut street, Philadelphia; Beth 8. Hance, Baltimore; C. Dyer, rrosidence; Tousey, Rochester; Guthrie, Albany, be. Or?- THRsEAST INDIAN HAIR DYE WILL COL?R the Haih, but not the skin, at 31 Courtlandt street. Dr. Spuh m' Sick Headache litmctly wurranieu iu w.o ?ii; case, and a certain cure for Dycptptia and Indigetlion. MONEY MARKET. Friday, March K(M P.M. Tho stock market to-day exhibits another decline. Nearly every description ottered fell otf from one quarter to two per cent. Pennsylvania 6's declined 2 per cent. Ohio 6's j; Kentucky Illinois 1$; United States 6's, j; Farmers' Trust J; Indiana Harlem J; Mohawk J; Puterson J; I-ong Island J; Canton Company 4; North Ame rican Trust and Notwich and Worcester closed atyester* day's prices. The sales were not very extensive. Ope", rators in Pennsylvania were disposed to sell out, as tho reports from Harrisburg have satisfied the brokers that they have little to expect from the movements of the Penn sylvania Legislature. The National Bank haa declared a semi-annual dividend of three per cent, payable on the 10th of April. The receipts of specie at New Orleans ou the 'iOtli inst., amounted to $02,502, making the tetal receipts for the w*ea son $0,196,984. The receipts of specie at Mobile on the 20lh inst. amounted to $70,000, all of which was from New York per brig Selma. The Albany City Bank lias declared a semi-annual di* i vidund of four percent, payuhleon the 1st of April. A railroad is in contemplation from Greenfield to Northampton, Mass. Statistical and Corresponding Commit, tees has been appointed. It is estimated to cost from $2lK>,000 to $215,000. This will connect the Vermont road with tho Great Western, and opeu the communication from Long Island bound to the northern purt of Vermont arid southern part of Canada. Should the railroad contemplated between this city and New llaven Ire finished,there will be several routes to all paits of New England at once opened to this city. The bill sent up from the Lower House for concurrence, i providing for the payment of the interest on the debt o' Pennsylvania, which we stated had passed the Senate of that State, with an amendment that the interest on the certificates of scrip issued to holders of stock over $20, be reduced to A per cent instead of 6, as reported from the House, was referred back to the House for concurrence on the amend, ment, and after a long debate defeated. The bill as it stoo I when it came from the House would doubtless have been periectly satisfactory to the creditors of the State, had its prov sions been carried out. The disagreement thut exists between both brunches of the Pennsylvania Legists, ture in relation to the modifications of several bills pro posed for the relief of the State creditors, will, in all probability prevent any action on the subject this session tlin' will settle the question. It would not surprise many should the Legislature ul that State adjourn without passing the first act, providing for the prompt payment of the interest on the public debt. It undoubtedly would agreeably disappoint many creditors of Pennsylvania should the Legislature even commit the^State by promising pay' ment at any appointed time. These goods are protected by a duty of nearly fifty par ent, and prices show an improvement of fifteen to twenty per cent within six mouths. The proposed tariff reduces the duty twenty-four per cent, to nearly half of that charged under the present act. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives have lately ha l under consideration the appropriation bill, and the "* same passed a second reading on the 27th inst It makes J the following appropriations :? 'Jn Kxpenses of (lovernment, $ 200,000 Pensions anil gratuities, 47.(Ml Common schools 200,000 (And 20 ner cent to non-acceDtinir school dis tiicts to build school houses.) House of Refuge, 6,000 Institution for the Blind, 8,<>00 Do for Deaf and Dumb 11,000 Ordinary repairs on public works 147,100 Repair of road and larm bridges 34,000 I'ay of canal commissioners, clerks, Sic. 0,300 Do lock keepers, collectors, supervisors, Sic ,. . 00,000 Check roll ami hill cr's on fini?hed lines, and for labor, materials, and fuel, furnished prior to January 0, 1844 200,000 For breaches in canal, if necessary 60,000 Interest on 4th of May issues, 24,000 Do to domestic creditors on certificates 13,000 Do on loan for Kastern Penitentiary 6,000 | Loan due the Southwark Bank, 12,600 Miscellaneous 5000 (Iratuities to oonvicts discharged from Penit'y, 600 Interest on funded debt 1,916,262 Repairs oi State Magazine in rhiladel. County, 500 Interest guaranteed by the State on certain corporation stocks 35,000 On Wednesday last the Senute proceeded to the second reading of the bill for the sale of the Delaware division of the Pennsylvania Canal, reported by the Committee on internal Improvements The bill states that said canal shall be offered at public auction, at the Philadelphia Kx. change, within thirty days after the passage of the act, dividing the same into 35.000 shares, of $100 each. Annexed we give a statement showing the amount of goods imported under the present tarift, paying ad valorem duties, and the rate of duties paid. It will be seen that some ol the duties paid amount to a large per cent. The average duty on the total importation for nine months, ending June 30th 1843, was about the same as proposed in the new tariff act, after Sept. 1845, viz., 25 percent.- , Wo have (elected the most important article* ol import Tor the put|io?e of showing the result:? Articles Imported iff to the United States, and Hate or AD VALOREM UlITT, from oct. 1, 1142, TO JUNE 39, 1813. Rait of Specie! of Mtrchandiie. Value, duty. Dutiee. Wool? Unmanufactured, not exceeding 7 emu per lb 190,332 5 pre' 9,517 60 Exceeding 7 eta. per lb. 54,695 30 " Ik 3c pr lb 21,941 82 Manufacture! of? Clnlhs aud CRsaimerei. 1,356,628 II pr ct 512,651 20 Merino shawls of wool, 41,416 40 " 16 574 10 Blankets, not < xceediug 75c each, 29.996 15 " 4,49140 k ifeec'iiK75 cents eich, 171,458 25 " 42.60150 Hosiery, iiloves, mils, caps, and v binding*, 61,0*3 30 " IH.32I 90 w rsteii stuff 803d(, 450 051 30 " 13181.3 30 Worsted yarn, 60,961 30 " 18 280 30 Couth lace. 975 35 " 34125 All - iher mnnnfnctnrss of, 71,317 40 " 29 7 26 1)0 Cotton? Col'd, svee.'diiiR 39c per sq yard, 417,728 30 " 175,318 10 not excrediinr do do 1,121 590 43 17 " 570,567 21 Uucol'd xceed.iie 20r per sq yard, 90 576 30 " 27 17 2 80 nor pxrreiiitig do do 302,529 49.53 " 149,834 10 Vslvru, colds, dec (ICaediig 35 CU per squ ire yard 82,363 30 " 24,708 90 not eicei dint 35c pr rq yard. 11,503 39 35 " 4 551 01 Twist, i aril and, blenched or colored, not exceeding 75c pr lo, 21 792 59.53 " 12,972 75 Do nil Idem heil and unroloted, not rxceediua 60 rents per lb, 4 435 70.58 " 3,130 20 Do eiced'no the?e minimum*, and on spools, 174,232 30 pr ct 52.2G9 60 llnsit.rv ?lnv.. huntings, ' 307 243 3d " 92,172 00 AllI o her manufacturss of 224,74J 30 " 07,423 ill St'Ms? Klo-s, nnd other dv?d prepared for ni.mufaetnre. 10,217 2S " 2,461 75 Slti'lg nnil drawer", 1,442 40 " .'>70 8(1 tlinli'ill us, parasols and sun shades, 21 30 " 7 20 Bolting cloths, 7.037 20 " 1,407 40 rim-goods (art'er the 24th srction of the set of 1812) 238,809 20 " 47,76180 9ewitur silk (under do do) 2,Ml 20 " 404 20 Mariuftctares of, not specified, 442.064 30 ' 132,619 40 Silk and wonted goods 318 CI* 30 " 94,604 40 Camlets aril other maouftcturM of mohair he. V438 20 " 1.0*7 60 Iron and Steel manufactureI of, viz : ? Kirr arms, not specified, 24,7.46 30 " 7,72" 80 Hi.lenrini, 1879 tfl " >>1711 l)r?? n.(and cutting knivei, 763 30 " 2(8 90 llali hrs, u? ami adzes, 1,149 30 " 314 70 Hi.ckrt clt sels, 1,661 30 " 498 9(1 St eHsrili and scale liovms, 28.4 30 " 84.40 Vices. 3,731 30 " 1.119 30 Sick li s slid renpins hooks, 833 30 " 249 90 *e?lhes, 6.447 30 " 1,'64 111 Sfi drs sod shorels, 3,222 31 " 966 60 "qnsr's, 47 30 " 14 10 Sen ws, olh?r llian wood screws, 246 30 *' 76 80 Need es, sewing, kiiitti.ig, he. 7 314 20 " 1,496 Oil O Iiit tn .niiisrtnres of 681,211 30 " 204,384 10 Merchandize not enumerated, viz At 7 ler cent, 604 7 " 42 28 7,'i do 7,964 7X" .'.92 87 10 do 21712 10 ?* 2,17120 I2J? do 2.062 12V 247 74 14 do 121.121 14 ' 18,664 4 20 do 1.340 986 20 '* 270, 97 21 24 do 419 769 24 " 101,912 2.4 30 do 288 338 30 " 86,4 6 90 34 do 3,6 11 34 " 1,2919 1 40 do 14,612 40 " 6,316 80 i The, now tariff retluceo this avernge to the lotiil importation of dutiable good*. The article* altovc given in detail rhow that of the same material a manufacture of liner quality pilying higher duty, ii imported in preference to poorer qualities at a less duty. This shows thut whatever article of foreign manufacture is wanted hern, will he imported tin ler any rate of duty, and under the heaviest restriction*. Cotton goods colored, exceeding in value :KI cents per square yard, pay 111) per cent duty, and ac cording to the above table, viz,., $417,738, was Imported in nine months, while fl,821,690 worth of cottoNS, not ex * reeding :i0 cents |ter square yard, were .imported, paving

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