Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., Wo. 03-WhoU Wo. 3000. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newgj>aper?pu lished every day of the year except New Vear'a day ai Fourth of July. Price 2 cents per copy?or $7 '26 per a nura?postages paid?cash in advance. , THK WEEKLY HERALD?published every o?u morning?price ti} cent* per copy, or $3 l'J |<er annum postages uahl, cash iu aivunco. , ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaau fast. It has the largest circulation of any paper in this cil or the world, and is, therefore, the best channel for busiru mm in the city or country, Prices Moderate?cash in < Vance. HUNTING of all kimls executed at the most moders price, and in the moot elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, rKomiKTun or ihi Hkhald Kstarmummknt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. r nin nil tt iLliAA AND~Ll V KKPOO /SuiJblijV The lloval Mail titeam Ship UAL DO > IA, K G Lott, Esq., Command' w''' 'eKV? Boston for the above pens Monday. April lit, us it. Passage for Liverpool $120. Passage for Halifax 20. Apply u> D. BUIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, tniato Ire No. J Wall street pra ?V vUUK AND PHILADELPHIA HA JlOAll.Llb. DIRECT, Yog NaWaas, NawexuHt'.vicK.rai.xcc'rois, TKEicrosr Boxdcntown Axe DuRLixaTors. wina V HUOUOH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving : York o tily from the foot of Conrtlandt St. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at tX P- M. The Morning Line proceeds to liordentown, from thence Steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot Conrtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be readiness, with baggage crales on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to cil wihout being opened hy the way Each train ia provided wi a car in which are apartment* and dressing rooms ei;*tssly I the ladies' use. Ki turning, the lines lease Philadelphia from'the foot of W ut street, uv steamboat to Bordeutown st 7 o clock, A. 1 and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at7X A. M., a 4 P. M. being a continuation of tha lines from New York, j!) 3m*m r i o o r PITTSBURG, BV THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL A RAILROAD Tin* su|>erior Line of Packets ii now in co - piece ?r?l< New Boat* hav" be- n placed on the Line, and every arruul meut made that cai be deeired to tecuie the comfort of trav iers The interesting country whi-h the route passes,renders it t most agreeable that can be taken for the West. For lamifir* fase'.lmg westward it is preferable to all 07 routes. No effort, has ben sl>ared to mase the accommodatic onboard the b .au aro;Ie aid comple. 1 hey ate in charge eaterienced, at'rutive, and obliging captains, so that the 11 from PHILADELPHIA TO PITTS3URO, is ran tiered one of plo-rur -ather than toil. FARE ONLY $10. OFFICE N. E. CORNER FOUR PH AND CHESTNL STREETS, Where eeery iaformat'on may be obtained. (Ty'oeats may also be tecor-d at 13 south Third st.and at t DEPOT. 274 .MARKET STREET, where the Cars start Iroiti every morning at 8 o'clock. m'tG Itn rc A. CUMMINOS, Agent allltANUhMKN'l'H FOR 1844 OLD ESTABLISHED I'ASSAOE OFFICE, 100 Pine street, coruer of South. ? j| ft J THE snliacriheHin^^ve to call the attention of his Irteti and the public in general, to the following arrangements I 1844, lor the purpose of briugiug out cabin, 2d cabin, and ste< aire passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sa ing the lst.bth, llih, 16th. 21staud 2Cth of every month. J the Loudon Packets, to sail rsrn New York, the 1st, 10th a ktflh?and from London ou the 7th, 17th and 27th of each monl In connection with the above, aud for the purpose of affoi in* still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has 1 lablisheu a regular line ol licit class New York built, copjier and copper lasteued ships, to sail punctually every we throughout the year. For Die accommodation of persons wishing to remitmoney their i unities or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, the following Banks, viz Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderi ^81 iso, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, IKlway. Armagh, Athlone, Colerain. B.dku.i, Tralee, Youghal, Euniskillei Mouaghan, Banbridge, Ballymena, Parsons taw 'i ?? -L. 0 r Duiiganneu, Bandnn, Kuuis, Ball'ysli.uin Mtrabane, bkihereen, Mallow, Moneymor Cootchill, Kilruah, Dublin. 8coiliiuu~The City Bank of Glasgow. Englaiki?Messrs. Bpooner, Atwood k Co. Hankers, Londc It. Murphy. Waterloo Itoad, Liverpool; payable m every lot in (ireat Britain. For further information (if by letter, cost paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMUKRAV. too Piue street, ccrner of South, V. Y Or Messrs. P. W. BYIINES It CO, 3fi Waterloo Road. j9 timbre Liverpool STAT EN ISLAND jm iSGSSEB- ferry. * J On and alter Tuesday, February 27th, the Boats will lea as follows, until furft er notice Leoft Sfatrn Itland. J.ravt Srw York. At A. M. At 9 A. M. 10 ' 12 ' 2 r. M. 3M P. M. 5 " 5'a " N. [I. Ou Sunday the boat will leave at 11 instead of 12. fe29ro i*3! NOTICE Plus S'eamboat i'UM'f C-yi*o?**i\c*?i* MOl >TH is now being thoroughly repair m'I Will be re, Iv at the m, eniug of mvig't to i w boat* iuteniediate to Troy, Albany and New Yor Thi? boa- will h ive c parities for towiuif 'qual to any ou t river; and i is li 11 ed that it will ubtaiu a I sir -upport. no21 lin*rc P CuMSTOCK, HPRINir ARRANGEMENTS. BLOOMINiilMLE. MANHATTANVILLE AND FOttT WASHINGTON LINK OF STAGES Faia to Manhattan v lie, - 12>tJ Cen Fare to Fort Washington 2i (Jen 1ms Lineof H'sces will commtnee tnnni "A'. At 11 M ndvy, April I, 1814, as follows Let SEHfiHSfc* :<g Ma.-hattanvtl'e at 7 o'clock, A. M , a c.. , every hour uui'l 6 P M. LtvivingN v? York, comer ot Tryon Row and Chatham Co dim s < 8'111' the ((, r em Railroad Office, at 9 o'clock, , M., anil rontiuue running every I ?ur until 8 I*. M 1 Ins Li ,e tl Mage* pir.*rs the. iphuu and Lunatic Asrlun Binnh ms.Vansloil House, the Abbey and Becker's Hot TilUiti Clmich Lfinetry, the High and n, rt Washu, too. B iliOUHK, in27 lm*rc Proprietor. ""PEOPLE'S UNE OF STEAMBOATS' FOR ALBANY. tOk DAILY, Sut.diys eicepled?Through I (*? ? lb*.-e'-sJor.ct. ?t 7 P Al., f oin the Stevmb at Pier I * " i'<,..rtl. ...i all,t Liberty stnets. i i. . ,tr nr.. nt ivNli lir.KBOCh ER, Captain A. P. ! John, Aloud.y, Wednea-ny ami Friday, at 7 P. M. I he sir itiioal RuCHc.STKH, Caotain A. Houghton, Taenia;. Tkutaday aipi, a' 7 P. M, At k iveu'slock r. M L aiding it luteun-iLate Places: ? The Stmnhoat CURTIS PECK. Captain Wm. H. Per Monday. Wfdn'sday, Friuay, and Sunday, at 5 P. M. 1 lie sceaiiboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain Wm. Trnetdcll, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at J P. M iBI'asseui<erstaking tins line of boats will arrive in Albany ample lime to take the Morning Train of Cars for the cast west. Qf7"Thesbove Boats are new and substantial, are Tarnish witti new and eiegant Stale ivooms, snu lor speed and acco inodatioi are uuiivalled on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Hchultx the olhce ou the wharf. al NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY bTEAfi BOAT LINE. -TtttTe ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1244?MOR ' ?Li-,l? I NO LI NE?From the foot of Barclay ivei JC?>uduiLst 7 o'clock A. Al., (Sundays excepted.) The Steamboat TKO V. Capt. A. Gorhain, and The Steamboat EMPIRE, Capt. S. H. line. ' Evening Line?Direct from the foot of Coartlaudt street, 7 o'clock P. M. [Suuuays excepted J The Steamboat SWALLOW, Capt. A- McLeon, and 'I he Steamboat ALBAN V , Capt. K. B. Macy. Th-proprietors of the New York, Atbiny and Troy Li wiiii',l respectfully inform tha public tuat their bonis ha during I he recess ol navigation the past winter, been relilt and rrpleoiilied throughout, and many improvements ndihd the comfort of the t raveller The Troy and Emnue, as herei lore, will lorai the Alor*ing Line, froin the Steamboat I'l * rminiiiu daily rSnudnvs exrsptedl mal lug the pmcipal intermediate laudiuga en the River. The Swill w anil Albany will loim the 7 o'clock Evenii Line (MrawA direct) daily (Hundaya (eacepted.) Theabo koala ate of the lirat cl >aa 01 Ste mboila. and for apeed and a romtaadunna era u aurt>aaacil, and whatiiof(riatarintara to the traveller, are n,.tier he command of nflicera well knoy to the pitkiic?their a.onea alone ia a autficient i-nar u:lee of kn attention, civil deport neul end ante management. New Yotk. March 12 1*11. mliec PASSAGE KKOM HNOLAN", IRELAND, SCO' LAND AND WAl.Es. VIA LIVERPOOL. {Ajr THE attbacriber h a made mid quelled arrai ip rn-i, MMR^Vfor hruigi, k ont, emigrnnU thii year, 1814. The wlbi utliug lor their frieud* wo'ild do well to apply tile ?lu caltblulied packet office of JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Sonth at. N. B.?The ahina cl thia line now leave Liverpool every fi day a, and dr-fia can an uaual he furuiahed lor auy am .out. pa able at ait the principal banking iiiatltutiona throughout t united kmudom, apply aa above. in2l rc FOR LON DON?Regular Packet of the lat Apr wWy-'Di* well-known faat nailing packet ahip PR.1NC ABMMbALBK.RT, hurtheii IOOO tona, < apt. Sebor. i) i'liia aaprnor veaael ia now loading for London, and w pmitirely tail oa the |,t At ril. 'I he aceoimnodatioua lor cabin, 2d eibin, and aleerage p' aeigera ?re uuaurpaaaed by any other veaael in port; aud m number of her paaieugera are already engaged, tboae deauoua aeeuring lieilha ahould make early application on board, loot Maiden Line, or to ?? , JOSEPH Mc.MURRAV, m28toal rc log p)ni. ,t. corner South, N. Y "V1,1 ,!'I,V?KU,,'?^V-The Line Kegu ,7.The aaperior New Vork bu ^Mtt?><ckrt ahip LIVERPOOL, Cam John Eldndge.i: tout ourilfu, will tail aa above, her regular day Kor freight or piuaage, having very aupenor acc'ommodatioi gpp.y to the Capcatn ?, Pnce ofiaaaare $100. *7 South at 1 he -J|? rt. <He*et ahip Queen of the Went, ('apt Phi VVoodhouae, ,2 A toga burtoea. willaucceed the ioverpcol. a ail on hei regular day.llat May m'l2roA2l< Mill SALE.?Thealoop THOelAS COL * E kgjMFVaf Sinn Slag, now laying at the foot of Spring atie MwiiflHiNew Vork. She waa built by Thou.aa Colyer, Sing si g, aid ia five yea: a old, and one of the faateat and h. built aloopa on the Hndaou river. Shi ia centre-board, and light draught of water, and Cairira about 120 tona, and ia w adapted for tha freighting or lumber hnaineaa. Kor furtherp Uculara apply to JOSEPH AOATE, 237 Llr%dway, New York, Administrator of the estate of Franklin Agate, deceaai mSI?#ec V i E NE PASSAOEaKROM OREATBR1TAIN AND 1KELAN THE i^S^BALL ro , , LIVERPOOL PACKETS, ijr [Bailing from Liverpool ou the 7tb anJ 19th of every month ,? ImtQUM wishiug to iend to the Old Country for their frieu Oan make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, ai 0j have tliem come out in this iu|ierior Line of Packet*, Satin hit ' 5?m Liverpool uun?ually on the 7th and 19th of every moot I ! o*' w ? hare a lirstrate cl-uis of American trading ?hi| fy? j tailiin( every six days, thereby affording weekly communis j* ; tion from that Port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Roche) ul- 1 there, to see that they shall be forwarded with cara and di i patch. . ! Should the parlies agreed for not come out. the money w i be returned to those who paid it here, without any redu I tion. I 'X he Black Ball, or Olil Line of Liverpool Packets, couipri | the following magnificent Ships,yix :? ! The OXFORD, The NKW YORK, _ GAMBrtrtKlE, COLUMBUS. i EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. KNOLAND NORTH AMERICA ii With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the su uy scribert confidently look forward for a continuance of thatau port which has breu extcuded to them so many years, for whn they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, c at all limes obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn dire on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Oubliu, also on Messrs. PRESCOTT, OROTE, AMES Ik CO. IK Bankers, Loudon, which will be naid on demand at any of the Banks, or thi , Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ii laud, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO. 35 Fulton street New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from t! port for Liveriiool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parti returning to the old country, will find it to their eoinf ut ai advantage Co select this favorite Liue lor their conv-vsuce, preference to anv other. b7 OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASS AG to OFFICE. 61 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. g m M m. m :t. - Passage can be engaged fromLiverpoolTythe follow nig spie ith did packet ahii>s compriaiug the Old Black Ball Line of Pack) for sailing as under From Liverpool. si- The ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, on the 16th Februar M. The slrip YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, on the 1st March. The shfc' CAMBR1DOE,(Ept. Barstow, 16th .March, ad The shin ENOLAN I), Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The ship OXFORD, Captain Rathbone, 16th April. The ship MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, 1st May. The ship EUROPE Captain Father, 16th May. The ship NEW FORK, Captain Cropper, 1st Juns. In addition to the abovesupenor ships, the subscriber's agan will have a succession of first class Aintricau ships despatthe as customary, from Liverpool, every four or Ave days throng out the year, to the different ports in the United States, I which passage can be s-cured at reducrd rates. Those sendii s- for their friends residing in Oreat Britain and Ireland, may I !r- ly that every care will ha taken to mak? MMM as coinli K" table as they can reasonably expect, and should the posiengi "" not come out, the passage money will be promptly refunded. Drafts can as usual be furnished, payable at rhr National a he Provincial Bauks of Ireland and brunch's; Eastern Bvnk Scotland and bandies; and oil Messrs. J. Bait, Son St O >er Bankers, London; Messrs. J. Barued Hi Co., Bankers, Lit >Ur pool, which are payable throughout England and Wales. F 01 further particulars apply (if by letter post paid) to ?P JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wa'I street N. B Passage to Liverpool *nd London can at all times engaged by ths regular packet shins, sailing for Liverpool eve live days, and to Londou ?u the 1st, 10th and 20: h of each mou i on anplioation u ibor& Jbm THE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. b> M M MM To from New York 21st, anil from Liverpool 6Lh ol ea 1? mouth. from New York. Vvo New Ship LIVER POOL. 1150 tom, \ B'cril *\ l vMriiiff** >April 21 Jane J. HaldnilKe lAtlM. 21 Oct. y N.ihip QUEEN OF THE WEST.f ??"/ *} X 1250 ton. P. Woouhouse. i&ay ?} ^ [?/ New *hipROCHESTER.850 ton?. " 4|'" if John Bri"on 1 Oct r 21 Dec i u5 Ship HOTTINm^R. 1050 ton., feh 21 May th. Ira uurseiy, )Nov'r21 Jan] 'd- These substantial, fast sailing, first cla?t .hips, all built es- the city of New York, are commanded by men of eaperien ed and ability, aud will be diapatched punctually on th. 2Ut ck each month. STlieir cabin, are elegant and aommodioui, and are furni.h to with whatever can conduce to the ease aud comfort of paint ou gers. Price of passage, $100. Neither the captains or owner, of the?e .hip. will be re.pc ry, stbl* for any parcels or packages sent by them, uuleM regul bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to a, WOOTIHCLL St MINTURN8, in, 81 South street. New York. otto FIELDEN. BROTHERS St CO.| io ilO ?c Liver it e* OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. %M M MM1K0LD LI NKolTTckets ftt Liverpool will herealier a despatched in the followingoroer, escepting that when t lailipv u?p falls on Hmmimr, the ship, will sail op the* log day, viz:? brum New Vork. prom Liverpt The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July 850 tons, \Oct. 1 Not. ? W. C. Barstow.r Feb. 1 Mar. g The ENGLAND, ' June 16 Aug. 1? 750 ton., ' Oct. 16 Dec. L. S. Bartlett, (Feb. 16 April ve The OXFORD, '.July 1 Aug. 800 ton., 'Nov. 1 Dee. J. Rathbone, March 1 April The MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1000 ton., ' Nov. 16 Jan. A. B. Lowber, i March 16 May The EUROPE, i Aug. 1 Sept. 618 ton., < Dec. 1 Jan. E. O. Furber, f April 1 May ? The NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. 16 Oct. 8 950 ton., ( Dec. 16 Keb. ed T. B. Cropper,f April 16 June "U The COLUMBUS, (Sept. I Oct. k 700 tous, (Jan. 1 Feb. he G. A. Cole, f May 1 June The YORKSHIRE,(new) (Sept. 16 Nov. 1050 tout, (Jan. 16 Mar. D. G. Bailey,(May 16 July These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfi in their cabin accommodations, or iu their fast sailing qualit by any vessels in the trade. t*- The commanders are well known as men of character a esperience, and the itrictr.t attention will alway. be paid "8 promote the comfort and convenience of p,iueiiger*. ivr Punctuality, a. regards the day of sailiug, will be observed ud heretofore. The price of passage outward i. now filed at One IlunJr 5t Dollars, for which ample stores of every desnriptiou will A. provided, w i'h the exception of wines and lii|iiors, which w be furnished by the stewards, if required. 'J- Neither th captain or owners of these ships willbereipo sible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them utile '6" regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or pj sage, apply to _ GOODHUE k CO, 64 South st. C, H. MARSH \LL, 38 Burling slip. N. Y. l?9tf and of BARING. BROTHERS k CO.. L'pool)i ? PARAGE FROM DUBLIN. CORK. W ATKl *- fSfthVORD, UERRV, COLERAINK, BKLKAh' MBMsaNewrv, D'ogheda, 8tc?Persons wishing to send I a. their Inend cm have them brnuehr our Irom nnv of the eho ports i? tint ci?i Ameiic \n Packet Ships, on the maitmuo on able terms, mid v. ithout iheireipvrieacing any unnecessary fl tent ion. Mr W. Tanscott, una of the firm, * ill be on t ipot to give hit [lerional attention Is the passengers engage ;liJ by the snbserhers or their agents liere, and |>erious may re that the wishes and comforts of those whose passage miy H. engaged by them wriJI have all due and proper attention. K particulars apply, if by letter, post-paid, to in to. & J. T. TAP9COTT, or at their General Passage Office, 13 Peck Slip, cor. South strei where also, Dra'ts m?y be obtained, for large or small tun ad payable on demand, without discount or-ny other charge, m- th? National or frovincia1 Banks .of Ireland, or any of thi branches throughout the Kingdom. Ie22 re |St UNITED LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKEI ? mMFfV?'Ncketof the 4tli April?The splendid, fastsai'i rl- nMb'.iid fivoril- tucket shin SHaKMPEAKE, (1000 to burthen) Cap'ain A. Minor, will sail positively as above, I regular da ?She has esce.lent aceummodatiors for cabin, i cond cahin'anO steerage passengers. 1 hose about proceedi Mi to the (I'll Country will do welfto select the Shakspe.ire in pi feeueetoany oilier ship?Second cabin passeng-rs taken s tee rig- rates Those wishing to secure berths should mal immediate application on hoard, foot of Wall st, or to at W.kJ. T. TAPSCOTT, 13 Peckdlk.. Persons wishing to send I,ir their friends to come oiglm the Old Country cm hayethem brought iu the above rntfTi rent ship, or any oilier of the regular tin , sailing Irom Liv< > e pool on the 1st, 6lh, 11th. 16th, 21st aud 26th of every month. * in2H t'-l to iffS" KLACK BALL, OH OLl) LINK OK LIVE! *> M3raVPOOL PACKKfS-FOB LIVERPOOL ?Keg er JNMMlSBlar Packet of the 1st of April.?The new magmtice g. and celebrated last sailing packet ship EUROPE, hurt hi 1010 tons. Captain K. O. Kurber, will positively sail on Mo ,iK day, 1st Anril, her regu lar day. vr It is well known that the accommodations of the EUROPI e- for passengers, are fitted out in a most superb manner, wi st every modern improvement and convenience, lint can a< vu to tke comfort of those embarking, who should call and a ad this splendid specimen of naval arch-tecture before engagr g i any other vessel. Kor passage in cabin, second cabin at ate'rage, apply on boatd, foot ol Uot-kmaii street, er tollman ? .crihers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., r- m27lAlrc 31 Kulton street, neit doiiy to the Kalton Bank. OLD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKET8. 'te 'Phl' Plic's't ?'1'P EUROPE. Captain Furlier, to sa at AMIfcon the 1st April, her regular d ?y, for Liverpool. 1 hose wishing to eugage pasjase will leqnire to make car application to JOHN IIERDMAN, ve 61 South street. ,. N. B ?Pissage from Great Britain and Ireland can be a 11 cured by the first spring shins of the line, at tli- loweat rate and draffs can as usual, be furnished for any amount, payable ? all the principal towns, without any charge, through mt Ore. iL Britain and Ireland, on application as above. in2l toalrc K 1*3^ KOR mars K.I LLES?Packet nf Is- Anril-TI ill n(C^Wship CORIOLANUrt. Jas tlaile. Master. ,Ki ^BMasl'reight or passage, ajuily to LAWRENCE h PHELPS, No. 103 Kront street, or to 'J} BOYD & HINCKEN, 0( mtltoalre No, 9 Tontine Building ???- FOR LIVERPOOL?Now Line-Regular Turk MHHfWor 26th April?1 he ap'endid packet thip SIUDON jKUb' VI E. B. Cobb, of 1060 tons, will anil aa above, h |ar reiiular (1 iv. j|t For freight or pieang\ having accnmmodariona itnrnnalli i vi for iplendor or comfjrt, apply on hoard, at Orleani wharf, fo of Wall atreet, or to ni K. K. COLLINS & CO. M South at. , t,,' Price of paaaage J100. The packet ahm Sheridan, Capt. I F. Depevater, of 1000 tor will anrceed tha Suldona.and aail the 2(l!i af May, her regnl day. |j., Paaiengera may rely on the ahipaof thia line aailnc punc'ua nj ly aaadvertiac't. m27 to atiOrc ! ACS' FOH HAVRE, to aail I0'h April, ihe auperi R S4'"? NORMANDIE, Capuin Spauldin at! JBMfcFor freight or p?taa?-, apply to TYSON it JliOAH.lVo 46 Weat atreet, or to ni BOYiJ & llINCKEN,9 Tontine Building. of m3' re :1! FOR I.IVKRPOOL-Toaailtih April-There rf,^HWf?at tailing packet ahip SHAK8PF.ARE, Ca| JBhK|Miner, will aail aa above. J For freight or pruaage, apply on hoard at Orleanai Wharf, fo * of Wall at. or toi E. K. COLLINS k CO., m# to aire 56 South atreet, ??1^??????? ;w yo NEW YORK, MONDAY MO] D n JUST fc'INISHLU?tlfjaut Nutria Kur llati (ordiunrit<-ruteil Be&?rr)attb'l'jw liricr uf fj ; luivrior >hoit , lido ol I'rum >n Molnakiu at $1. Thrw ItuU ate njual in darabi- lot, lity and luitie to those told M $). Aim, an article at S2 iu, a i. *<*y cut drrta hat. BROWN Tracfcal llaiur 11 in:C6 lm-m 146 Canal itml. speel ai' SOMETHING NEW. jft ad' r? THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully announces. that hii * uK j^^Spnrg Style of Halt, (now ntily) are constricted on a We h. ! plan ditt'ereut from anv heretofore used in this couuiry, and till* I s, which be is cn lideut needs only an esaimuation, to cuaviuce i i ' is- geatleuien of iU superiority. It has hsen a just cause of cm- Jl>ilb is plaint, that the fur ou the edge of the crown soon wears off.and CXpe thus gives to a llatau appetniuce of having bveii much worn, instil whih the other parts are comparatively p-rfect This serious "i .: i:. ill defect the subscriber has beeu enabled to ubviale in such a m iu- .. ic- ner as not to inter/rre, bnt on the contrary, to improve the ait piflU aud eon tour ol Ihe Hat. till* I ise All gentlemen are requested to call and satisly themselves of mu?| the great superiority ol the present method ove all olhrrs. "J.'h JOHN. N. OENIN, "I ? Hat and Cap Establishment. No. *11 Broadway. r-iilll! mrllin*re Opposite St Pull's Church ti,.^ : LOOK AT THIS ! buri; ?* JUST RECEIVED, by the packet ship niinn I (KSumu-1 Hicks, from I aris. the nest article of^0BV JmO ntlemeu's Preach Boots ever seen, aul uow olleiru, tV, U wholesale and retail, at the low price of $4. tire n ?, Tne best article of French Ca'f Boots, uude to measure.-$5 AO ?_j et * Oik Sola Boots 4(10 and " " " Wat -r Proof Boots t OA IB ?ei " Light' alfSewi d Boots $1 to 3 40 'XT " " " line Calf Shoes, made to measure it 00 _?,i Worked Slippe s .-$1 to 125 alul And ths greatest assortment ol all kinds of Hoots and Shoes iu to |)C fashion. I.adies. iu this stare you w ill find the gr -atrst aaso't- will uieui of Gaiter Bouts that cau be fouu-1 iu lliis city, and all , , k ill's of Uuskiu Siipp 'rs, Ties. Button Shoes, Prunella Slip- ' lis pers. wlpte. black siliu, and all other kindi and colors. Alio. 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JJ" f imovitof r?("'it.i>a will, in all cases, bo paid promptly in thn *1 1 "J current inoiipy. nnd *< i The A RfcfNA of this establishment is bnilt on an entirely most iew aud most convenient plan, being detatensa from Hip mam -pf, nildmgand ataldp, rliere'iy not interfering in thp leaal. with . . ivory or tale hones going ont. or crming in on Ihr day of me- "P"" _ lion sal'. I'?*'?y I At all oilmr time* roe A r'-na is k*pt pnlirely clear, an 1 re- 'Ilea 1 lerved for lite accommodation of private liom-a and tlioio on l iken i? ia|p, affording 'very fapility for et< ppi?p, training and show ing i ly liorset COWAN ANODILKH, r , mi lm*ee Proprietors. A N*w ARTICLE KOtt HHAVINO.?KKHllK'8 tw" ' f?- CRKAM OK AAI'ONINK surpasses any shnving soap no th? , now in usr, and a prononneed by thnae who i.avp tried it, to miner seeed all nthrrs in mnkiug a rich and prrinaurnt lather. (irn- tlioaii* ? 'Ipm-n hiring hard bsvirds and tender faces arr requested to call ip aud give it a lair trial, and if not perfectly satiabed, the money J''* j" nr aiII be re urnad. t he followiag is one of ciae number of let- '?U"iri ters received by the uauiactnror:? h ill NrwYong.Dee 18th, 1(11. fcr i: Dran Hi*,?Among ths " ills that flesh is heir (nairl too," ,|wii not the I'ast especially when lravelli*i(, isan "unshaven" chin. . linl Itetnrnisg recently fram an eaeimion, when arriving at Col- r, ? cheater, t.onn., I stepiied into a store, and the proprietor, my "IX jf veiy escalleut friend, J B. Wheeler, Esq., obse-vina my hair- mile* mess, presented me a pot of yonr Shaving (.'ream With a life pn*oi er levuu-d to acienrific. pursnita, I am acquainted with most o 4n,| , the aaponaceons compounds produced during the present ceo- ,.?.ji| "i ttiry.uiid for the purpose intended, I know none which I prize """" ot Ki highly as yourf'ieam of Haponine. I ihus oiler you inv opi- or up nion of ita merits, and my fiieuaa would like to know where it It ' may he obtained in thia city. Yosrs ko. provi K C. K? a*gg, ffsq, JONATHAN DODOK, M D. to so For isle ill anv quantity by the maiinfacmrer's ag nr.,No. Tj upon *r Maiden lane; alio by all the principal IJruggiats and Fancy ,i!? ? , (food dealers in the City. J. W. HoLBKU'rON. \be c mi I in * in 'lo. ?c Kiirqc 7, GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE. thnt? i THK IIIUHKBT I'RlCKH c.anlhe obainnl by gentleman or- thi* t 1 fa m I iea who aie ilea iron a of converitiog their leltoff near Yelli ing api-arel into cash. To families anu gentlemen qtnttiag the eity, or changing residence hiving any aniierflnoua effects to dispose of, will find it ~ innch to their advantage ti send fur the subscriber, who will Sn ,, attend them at their reaideue* by appointment. h is h * J I, KVKN8TYN, " . " ot 466 Broadway. *p stairs, " A line throngh the 1 Post Office, or otherwise, will receive K?'? | prompt attention mil 1m sod're .'li/rr I' " RK RNING. APRIL 1, 1844 Administration of Justice. he .Veto York Delegation at Albany? is sufficiently apparent that unices something it lily done to correct the gross abuses and cor practices, connected with our criminal tribute will be lur better to abolish them ultogelhi r are now practically in the saint- condition as topic ot l'higland during the reign of Kinj l wticn sums oi money were paid openly lot iliting, delaying, suspending and preventinj ;e. 'those who have made themselves fair with the facts, as they are constantly trans ?viiww uiai ?nai i> uerc auegeu ik irue, ant public would scarcely ciedit tt relation whiel: it easily be given of the vast number of cat*; highly criminal character which have beei Sgled and managed tnrough the meshes of jus It has come to be undeniably true that th? jar, forger, and others, arrested for the com ion of crime, can escape with jierfect impurii nd it may be said with e.|Ual certainty, undei iresent system, if he only has suilicient money tlie old criminal is well aware that lus fati aled if he is caught without it. te object of this communication is to show hov by what means this is effected, and, secondly iiut out such alterations in the present laws a at least reach the root of the evil?ani ill upon you,as representing the interests of thi in the Legislature, to act upon the subject ii rdance with the exigency ot the case, id first, us to the facts, when a notorious o [ criminal is arrested and committed to prison ocures counsel and makes an immediate ant pt arrangement to he bailed out. He agrees ti i certain sum to procure or buy hail; and then diffieujty in finding hail masters?persons wlu * it their business to become bail as long m will be taken, for any one, if they can la a certain per centage. The writ of habeai is is then resorted to?the prisoner is taken be a Fudge?the bail master takes the require! of justification?and the prisoner is discharg and, as a matter of course, that is the last tha ard of him, unless he happens to be arrestet another crime. The case then goes befon fraud Jury, a bill is found, and when called 01 rraignment and trial, the bail is forfeited. 'I hi t sometimes orders the bond to beputinsuit it so, it ends generally m a bill of coats to tin ty, us the bail is found to be what is known us aw hail"?or good for nothing. It howeve infrequently happens that the matter is adjustec c District Attorney's office, by payment of tin i, he being well satisfied that nothing can hi yered. is true that this mode of escaping justice is no Buch cases not unfreqitently occur in Eug lint it cannot. he doubted that it may uru 1 be generally prevented : hut at present it is i understood safety valve for old rogues, us wel esh ones, who find it out when they are arrest id committed, and operates in fact nsapremi or crime. m whole operation may be traced to the powe influence of money, its possession and applies and not unlrequently the very money obtain iy tl?e crime lor which the arrest is made us amilied to facilitate an escape from the putt ient due to it, and the punishment lor the coin ion ot whicli is tuns reduced to 11 lottery o b of chance, in which the perpetrator has tin chance. e process and instrumentality by which this is etl'ecl by the application of a habeas corpus, which in il s a writ ol' right, and which in criminal cases shout r be denied to the meanest and most degraded indi il, its legitimate functions being to test the legal it; e imprisonment, that if the committing magistral rred, the prisoner may be discharged. It may uls ed in cases of excessive bail with a view to its redur but this, tho people's writ of right, is virtually dt to the prisoner who has not the means of paying ,th uses?it is of no avail to him unless he can pay th ir perquisites to the judge, the keeper and the undo Br of tho City I'rison, who receive Irom $?1 to $10 o peration. It is, therefore,used principally lor the pui of bol, or, in other words, as a means to facilitate th ie of the criminal, and is therefore a fertile source c I aiid"U'tvantage to the ofioc holders Application , m mnde to the committing magistrate, who lixes th int ol bail, though the expense would be compari f trifling, he not being untitled to any perquisite i ase. Now what is the practical operation ol all thii , as has been seen, the lees and expenses prevent tli mate application of this writ to the prisoner withoi leans to jri" these teas, and he must suffer illegal m nmPiit. secondly, its tendency is to render tho jndg tanioalar in the character of the bail ottered. Fact ty Ibis conclusion, as may be easily determined hy til nous cast s ol forfeited recognisances at every tun e Court of Sessions. It is true the law points out th ficatiuus of the hail, and, so fur as theTletter ol th is concerned, a justification is required as to his licit! lUseholder, and worth double tho amount over tie e his liabilities or debts, lie may be required to stai esidcnce, occupation, and in what his iiro|ierty coi All the judge probably esteems it his duty to do, [ear liirn to thosu statements and then discharge tl; r?r. it is, however, w ell known that the salaries i alges are insignificant compared with their chambt at I perquisite* of office; it follows that the latter, list important to their interest, the honor of holdin ition compensating for the former, and, as the fees i i of habeas corpus vary from $3 to $6, the questio rally presents iisell', whether interest does not darke ision. There are other relations, also, in which tlii mice may lie li It; Third, in cases of forfeited recogn cs Suit may be ordered by the court, mid such su isecuted in tiie Supreme Court hy the District Attoi probably to judgment in must cases If it is not se iy the payment el the Cusli, perhaps in nine cases on i nothing is obtained; and the county (i. t. the petipls addled with the costs, which goes into the pocket c tistrict Attorney, and ia an important item in his ol The amount u Inch lias been charged to the count; ;ge cases would astonish the uninlormeil, who hav xamined the mutter. The District Attorney is not i< usiired for this, it he perforins his duty with integri ince, if the Judges will, without consulting Itiin, Ink hail, he is not censurable when ordered to plOH hut it makes the ottice, to use a famtliar expression one. t not, therefore, to he supposed that these evils wi] rrected by the parties who reap an advantage frer ; and hence the greater necessity lor u remedy b alive enactment. And, having pointed out a let g the many abuses connected with our ctimiui . ?, I will emfeavor to point out the remedy, st.?The writ ol llabrat Corpni, being a writ of righ es should be abolished , and it should he made tli of the judge to allow thu writ, and decide upon tli when the prisoner is brought before him, withoti fit. ns being a part of his official duty. Nor shout eeperol the City Prison he allowed to charge hi or any |>erson having the prisoner in custody, mur he tinder keeper, or other officer, for taking the pi before the judge. All these people receive salurie the people. If these are inadequate for the duties r fficn, increase them 4 but let thn door beeffectuall id against all extortions in the shape of fees, is 11 sound principle to abolish all these lees and pel tcs, which are the main sources of all that is corrii[ r Judiciary, whether civil or criminal; and it is liar fact that while the policy of tour legislatures ha against allowing our Judges adequate salaries, the e same time wink at the leas and perquisites of oftici h they are a ware amply compensate for the del :y?the. latter amounting to three or four times th nit of the ftirmer : in other words, a Judge who gel iry ol from fifteen to twenty-five hundred dollars p* m, realizes in chamber business from four to eigl and dollars in the shape of fees?and the Name is tli with other ami minor offices ; all ol which has a d tendency to corrupt un, extortion, flat, ond, In all rases of forfeited recognizances on bail , the practice in Knghind ?which is that, upon stir] turr, judgment and execution follow, without suit nstcad ol placing the recognizances in thu hands o istrict Attorney, and involving the county in uselcs ises, let them be sent to the Sheriff, who forthwit) 1 execution, nnd.tif property is found, levies ujnin it arty can then obtain a s'sy ? if for catiso?and tin abides the result. In the forcglong, two essential ob are gamed,?first you withdraw all inducements, it nipe of fees, for taking insufficient or straw bnilecond, you secure the appearance of the prisoner it cases. Ird.?I,et the Judges be furnished with or keep n lis helically arranged of the names, residence and pro of ball, ami ha vefnotlce of all forfeitures. So that ii .ses, when it is unsettled, such parties bo not ugau irth.?That it be made the duty of the District Attor 0 cause a regular calendar of all canes at every cour published the day preceding their trial; that noothc be tried that day, except by consent of the prisoner it xll parties have notice. This will protect the pi i from 'hasty and unprepared trial ; give notice t< out on bail, and save the prolonged term of writnrs attending court from day to day, and facilitate thi ess of the court. It, In all cases of conviction upon bills of exceptions lending the decision of the higher tribunal, no hai be taken unless the amount of th? recognizances ii lited in money in Court, or real s"curity given. tli, mat a nniir prosryiu snail in no rase oe entares * in onen Court, upon lacts anil merit*: anil that u< ii>r indicted lor ?ny crime, who has failed to apnea; vhosn hail ha* been forfeited and unsettled, shall hi nd to hail when again arrested, either for the anmi on the commission of a second offence, s apparent, if the laws are mode to conform to siona, that much of the evils which nt present exis alarming an extent, will be remedied; and I cal you who represent the interests of this city, to applj orrectivo. Should the present Legislature fail ti i, public opinion will compel legislation on tin ct at the next suasion, it being sufficiently npparen iv*n worse than "the abomination of desolation ii eirar I is standing in flia place where it ought nol oulil therefore know that uto time is nigh." LVCUROUS. nw i.v At.iiavy.?A second edition of winte ronght us almost lour inches of snow. It coir ed falling early this morning, and continued as w press, we have no boat from the South? .'llbun rlittr, March 30 HERA L I TBE GREAT EPISCOPAL SCHISM. I?.?" To the holly of the Protestant Kplseopol ; ' 'bi 9 Church In the Diocese or New York. ' The underlined respectfully lieg leave to ad- ' 1 vjoc dress you in relation to a aubjert ot pin. mount i undi | importance to the poace and prosit iity of the. t hurch. ' jug | On the meeting ot the lest Diocesan Convention \ The ' it was notorioui that the course pursued hy the l.diloi ol , ty w " The Churchman," in relation to the ordination at bt. i nian I Stephen's as well as many ol the doctrines advocated in ' glea - that paper, had excited the deliberate disapprobation of a m il . large unit iesj>eetubl? body ol < hurch men, whose attach- and | ment to the welfare and pi iuciples ol the I hurch is above win ( censure. When the Bishop, therefore, belore the usseni- win Med clergy and laity ot the diocese, hy passing u nigh en- this ' corniuin on that journal, virtually suucuoiieU its course, dm 1 and recommended it to the support ol the t.'hurch, it was pos not unreasonable to anticipate that those w ho regarded i'l.r ' " The Churchman" as obnoxious to censure, rather than cnL - worthy ot praise, should desire to express their iliisi nt tlio from the opinion of the Bishop, in the place, and w ilh the ces f publicity that opinion was given. Under the oircum- tuo stances, the mode adopted lur this pur pose seemed the riot ' most unexceptionable, and least liublcto provoke exciting Clir " debate, and as avoiding an attempt to commit the Convun- pel tien, or its members, except so far as they might indivi- tb.ii " dually choose to become parties to the act. icul , The following document, signed by several of the clergy niu; h and laity, was accordingly presented and read oy a lay it, i [1 delegate to iho convention " Whereas, the It is hop of as i 8 this Diocese, in the addieas delivered hy him to this con- salt i, ventiou, has expressed in strong terms of commendation '1 his approbation of the course and sentiments of the reli- pro gious paper, called 1 The Churchman,' published in this low city, and whereas, the undersigned, iiieinfsers ol the clergy ma; and laity, now in atlenduuee on this convention, enter- dioi I taming a sincere conviction thnt the doctrines maintained tioi in the said paper, and the spirit and tone in which the app same is conducted, do not entitle it to the confidence and pup sup]iort of l'rotestaut Kplscopalians, they do therelore, and most respectfully dissent Irom the opinion so expressed luit; by the Bishop ol the Diocese, und do heiehy request, that a sii this, their declaration ol dissent, he publicly read, and en- snid nn thi? minntou of thin rnnvKTition.'' mm " To the suiprise ol many, this mild uml inoffensive form, ol I ' in which several members of the convention nought to spec - express their opinion, was met 011 the part of the President His I t of the convention, hy an assumption of prerogative, dec j equally startling and unprecedented. Declaring that he min e sat there in a double capacity, as Bishop and as I'resi- a dl j dent, he announced in substance, that he would not allow drei a the document to come belore the House, or he made a tion matter of discussion, or he entered on the minutes of the asm i convention, that he would yield the principle only with hav - his life, and on thu layman, who presented it, rising to nut i address him, declined to hear him, and peremptorily or- ,V r dered him to he suutcd. Krum this singular and painful in h j transaction, it is evident that in thu case alluded to the pari . right of a member of the convention to uddi ess the chair, viet , to advance a proposition, to engage in its discussion, ami C'ht to appeal lroin thu decision oftiie President; and the power slio; of the convention of determining what shall come before cesi ' them, lie discussed, and entered on their minutes, were all chu - positively denied by the President of the convention, who for I 1 on these several points in case referred to, made himself tian 1 the sole judge and arbiter. It is 1 The tnidei signed respectfully suggest, in reply to these ?h0| _ unfounded claims, that the Constitution of the Church 111 nod this Diocese of which the convention is Hie mere crcu- fron ture, is strictly en artificial form of government, specifi- ed tc cilicaily defining the powers, rights, duties, uud mode of thei r formation of the convention, and that no color It - for the powers claimed hy its presiding ollicer any can he found in. 01 deduced therefrom; and for *pol , this they confidently appeal to Iim letter ami pnu . spirit. In no case do its terms afford n shadow of a the 1 . pretext, for any larger prerogative in its President than is cess . possessed hy the President ol other deliberative bodies, in pim analogy to which thu convention is manifestly lormud the Tin y can iind no ground, therefore, in any ense, lor the 'p presiding ollicer, assuming to suppress freedom of motion wit] and debate?to restrain the action of the convention 011 was matters proposed hy any ol its members?or to control the soui '' power of the convention over the minutes of its proceed- repi ' lugs. If such a claim be exercised in one cuse, they see con f no reason why it may not he exercised at the pleasure of ]y. e the Bishop, and it tolerated in one instance, it may event- that ? ually lie tolerated in all, ami what in its origin w as usur- chu pation, may become luw hy sufferance, to thu destruction ell'ei ofthe usefulness, character and dignity of the convention, pur] the prosperity ol'the church, thu inability of the constitu- sho| tion, ami the |iermanence ol religious freedom. Content ohji with this brlvl statement of the points at issue on this im- . 'p I?rturit question, and conscious that they concern plain Tin matters of common right, uucdiug 110 appeal hut to thu ( ar common sense, good judgment ami enlightened christian ove teeUng of the laity, the undersigned refrain from further the argument 011 the principles involved. con While they have deemed it their duty to present those lust important considerations to their brethren of the laity, sea they wish to disclaim any intention to derogate, in the the least, from the just lights ol the Bishop ami to express 'I'B, not only their willingness, hut thi ir strong desire to sup- occ port him in the exeirixo ol all his legitimate authority. ut 1 Wumed, however, by the experience ofthe posl, and ttui the signs ol the present time, deeply impressed with the U|t<j soienui res|xmsiliility which now presses pr> -wmiiirnlD j,ni upon the laity to permit quietly no constitutional privl- wis lege to tie violated, they euniestly appeal to the laity ol n li the church to lake such steps, at the approaching nice- fu?i lions, hy securing a proper representation from their re the It STioetiv,. elmrntisu im will leiot to a free, full and lirm ex- ti ^ I i wiioii of opinion Ht tlie next Dioeesan Convention on bet le tlie iin|>oitai11 topics referred to, and to the adoption ol ))cj a- such measures us may, under the blessing ol Providence, tlir " secure the privileges ol eueh member of thu conveiilion, tro >? and the dignity and independence of the whole hody.? cji [>f Signed? 3 7 John Stearns, Thomas J. Oakley, P '! Stuv vesunt.lohn i0u i< L. Lawrence, William Neileon, John Duer, John C. Ham- jov 8 iltnn, Oerardus Clark, S Carabreling, B I.. Woolley, K ,1IU n S Winston, Thomas II. Lippitt, Edward J). West, Junes j,u " (J. King, 'Henry K. Bogert, H?nry E. Ravies, Chester ,,n n Clark, John Neilson, Jr., B R. Wiiitluop James Heard, J. m-, is Van Rensselaer, .*?!. I)., Hiram Kotchuin, J Van Nosiruiid, 0.,j > H. Van Duzer, V/. II. Johnson, Stewart Brown, It T. o,, it Auchiuiity, William II. Asplnwall, Edward Sandford r- Morris Robinson, George C. Thomas, It II. Ludlow, Nu- ? j, t- tloin Bnbcoek. Richard Mortis, W. M. Benjamin. Joseph \ d I'etit, H. T. Baldwin, George Clark, George Hastings, raj| ') William Nebon, Levi Cook, William A. Kptncer, J. s d Shapter, Chariest). .Mnivin, Joseph Ketchum, Conrklin Jcai f- Brush, D. M. Stebhins, N. J. llecar, J. Itajielye, Joseph our y Tucker, Isaac Carow, James Ur. Dominick, Jucob Aims, niB| e Stuart E. Randolph, E'redi ricl. T. I'eet, Herman Le Hoy, the p Kred. De Peyster, J. R. Van ltensst larr, Henry R. Win- n^| I- thrup, Samuel Ward, Jno. 11. Ilurtin, W. N. Seymour, C. tho e rt. Benedict, Jared L. Moore, J.J. Van Most rand, Corn. Hit cj,. > Bois, Jr , A. B. Neilson, George N. Titus, Alfred Seton, sjg >, Meigs I). Benjamin, J. B. Derrick, Walter Itutheilord, Btl1 Arch. Russell, Henry W-iSill, George I). Woulsey, L. I ,ui II llamiaersley, Denning I)uer, Jas. Van Nostrund, A. N. hir n (Jouveneur, I'liilip Kearney, J. Dejieyiter Ogden, Jno. S. ,ju, >' Winlhrop, Jr., J. W. Perkins, James Munay, Edward S. ?t 1 Gould, O. H. Gordon, John Benjamin, Jacob R Le Roy, ths d John !'. Collin, Robert II. Morris, Peter Lonllurd, Jr., ,.v< Geo. Bruce, 11. M. White, J. A. Perry, I). H.Arnold, Eli pr< t, shu Harrison Charles A. Jackson, Russell Stebbins, Geo j ! '. Tho.lias, Lewis II. Smdford. m(, tit fteplj- to mm Address "to the Rally of the str Protestant Rplaeopml Charch In tho IJIoh eese of New York." ['[J We have lately seen an address to the laity of the Tro- lec "" test,nil Episcopal Church in the Diocese ol New York. Yo " This address is subscribed by about one hundred gentle- ' y men. W hethei the subscribers ure all Episcopalians, we know not. It is certain thut several of them are lurely r* seen in church, and ure not regular worshippers in it. ? They aro, however, respectable men, and it is to be la- . meutcd that any respectable man in this city should be lound, who roubl he induced to subscribe such a paper. 'I*' y It must, however, be a source oi great joy and grutitica- ,fj(' jj' tion to every sincere Episcopalian to liud so lew willing to sign it. Immediately alter the adjournment ol the con" vuution in October lust, we w ere told, and it was public '* declared by several of the gciithimn w hose names are on r tlint paper, lliut in the election* lor vestrymen in the sc. ' vvral parishes this spring, care would be taken to elect ? vestries opposed to the bishop and the present urder ol ' ' things in the church. These gentlemen have I een active ever since in endeavoring to foment discord in the difi't' rent congregations, to excite an op|>o*ition to the bishop, 11 and to emliody in the church a party strong enough to 1 ''J j carry their throats into execution of managing the ves- ' ' tries in the diocese. And the result of all their exertions j"'1 ' has been to embody a party of one hundred in all the Kpis1 copal dwitlm In the city, willing to act With them in J > their noble enterprise. It is known that many [tenons ' B were applied to, to sign the paper, who reinsert to do it, . and several whose names appear opon it, it is believed, ? ' subscribed it without reflection, or a lull consideration of . its aim and object . * 1 We earnestly entreat Kpiscopalinns seriously to considcr the object of this address, and not safer themselves ' to be led astray by an artful appeal to tin ir passions and . "! ' prejudices, from a persuasion that the rights ol the l,aity ' 1 have beun disregarded and violated by tho Itishop. "I'l* J By the Hth < anon of the (leners I Convention of 1841, It is declared tliat, " at any annual Diocesan Convention, the j'ro. Bishop shall deliver an address, stating the affairs of the , ' Diocese since the last meeting of the Convention ; the I ',". r names of the Churches which he has visited} the number [I11, > of pareons confirmed; the name* ol those who have been ! ordained, suspended or degraded; the rhnngrs by death. ! ' removal, or otherwise, which have taken place among llie ' ' 'ergy, and in general, all mattera tending to throwlight , s on the affairs of the Diocese, which address shall be inserted in the journals." |'r" i By the ftth article ol the Constitution ol the Church in I the Diocese of New York, it ia declared that " the Bishop " shall preside in the Convention ; but in rase of a vacancy ".HC or necessary absence, the memliers shall elect a President > from among the Clergy." > There is nothing in the Constitution or Canons of the r church in thla Diocese requiring or authorising the '. ' Bishop to make amy address to the Convention. . e: 8 The delivery ol the annual address ia made his duty by w the General Convention. It ia imposed upon him a* n ' Bishop oi the Diocese, ami in obedience to the < anon ol j J the (iuneral Convention, and in tho discharge ol the duty ' thus imposed, he ia manifestly responsible to those under ' whose direction he acts, and not to the Diocesan cotiven- how ' tion, which, constitutionally, lias no powet to require 9 the address from the Bishop, and none to prevent his ' ' making It , !,*, ' Again, with the doctiines contained in the address of 1 the Itishop, the Diocesan < onvention can have nothing to .' do, unless in the form pointed out by the < annus of the Church The Diocesan Convention may present the j. Bhhop totlie llouseof Bisho|?s lor any crime, lor heresy . r k.s In no other way can the Diocesan Convention inter- P fere with the Bishop in the discharge of his duties. ,ne ,, Having seen whs' are the duties of the Bishop in reliu tion to the address w hich he ia liound annunlly to make to the Convention of the Dioceae, let u? examine for a mo- c LB. Tl?? Twu t wha the did ?ay in tlint addiern. in the patnay, comlied oi U y I hoe out bundled brethien. the part ol the addreas to ?Kith #c havt nllicl-.J, ti?o .op ?uy* "when I apeak oi the gentiad . e-iplea, vie* a und lieJuiga anion; the tl , oi ltt cue, an mullet oljoy anci gr tltucie, i ii ... rratand the relet en?e winch i have in Iny n i.u loue... the character ol thoac pi tut ipiea, 11rwa1.11 it excellence and holinvai, conalut iu tl.. to >. ill. the improved epii.ttiul Charade> ol u.e < ic?fchlp Ol the day, the el angelical unci.on ? inch il n.hiwith < ailiolic ohaervaucm, and the discreet and t - y devotion into which it moulds spiniest ui-.c sensibilities. Much ol the ulanu and uueas.i.i j eh now dislui h holiest and good munis, results lioin a it ot a junt appreciation of Hie evcugoiicai ?) stem. hut again is giving way u nil or an unwonted degree and iciion ot leligiuus inquiries happily excited hy an opit ion which desires and seeks quite a contiaiv result. i ulanii and uneasiness reach nut those who lime on igulent-d appreciation and just esteem oi the louud I alie piincipies, w hich hu\e ever ckaiacieriteil thu dioe, which louud in my immediate piedetessor, au .limns und elUcient champion, and unicli out ill oil sail ptlical piess lias ever maintained and deft tided. 'i ho irchmun's Magazine, the Christian Journal, Ihe (jOSMessenger ami the Cbuichman, have lor more than ty yeuis kept steadily belore us the ayshui ol evangel1 doctrine and duty, which, however us depreciation y lie sought by thu artilice of a name designed to injure resents the comfortable gospel of Cluist in such wise t was revealed lor man's guidance, consolation and mtion." 'he paper read in the convention, and which Mr. Duer jHjsut 10 have entered on the minutes, was in the luting words We write it at length, iu oider tlrnt we y not misicpreseut it : ?" Whereas the bishop ol this ese, in the address delivered by him to tbis conveni, has expressed in strong terms ol comint ndHtion Ins lobutiaii ol the course and sentiments of the religious er called "the Churchman," published in this city, wliereus the undersigned mem hers ol the clergy and y, now in attendance on this convention, cnteitaming icere com iction that the doctrines maintained hi tho paper, und the spirit and tone in which the tame is lucted, do not entitle it to the confidence and suppuit 'lOtestaiit episcopalians. They do therelore, mom reittully dissent from the opinion so expressed by the top ol the diocese, and do hereby request that this their luratiou ol dissent be publicly lead and entered on thu utesot tho Convention." 'i his paper upon its lace is ssent Irom the opinion of the bishop. Now to the adis ol the bishop no assent is iiquned Irom the conveni or any member ol it, and it they are no', lequued lo -nt, what right can the convention or any meinlir e to dissent und to have the dissent appear on the adl-s. lore-over,let it be understood, that the Bishop nowhere lis address recommends " the Churchman'' to the supL ol kipiscopaiiaus. That he nowhere reli r? to in Kt) iii relation to the tiansae lion in 8t. Stephen's irch?or to its views in any other particular. 'ln? bi|i speaks ot the C atholic principles ot v\ hich hit piedelor, Uislion llebart, was an illustrious and ethcieut nipion, anil which principle* have been Wept belore us thirty years, by the < huicLium't .Magazine, the t liltsJournal, the liospel Messenger, ami the Churchman, then the piinciplea and doctrines so advocated by l'i[> llobart, and kept continually belore us by these peiculs, that the bishop approves of in his addicts, and i which the gentlenn 11 \e ho signed the pnper present) the convention by Mr. bluer, dissented, and wished r dissent euterad upon the minutes, was not the course of the Churchman in rrlatii 11 to particular matter of which the Jiishop in hi- adilreta te in terms of coninieudutioii, but of its docilities a,,J ciples. Kor the iloctiiues and principles contained in address of the Dishop, he is not responsible to the dio* in convention. 11 tna doctrines are heretical or bis iciples unsound lie must be held res jKinsible tor them in mode )>ointed out tiy the Church, and in no other, lie reading of the paper by Mr. bluer in the Convention, >1 tile request that it should he pluced upon the minutes, in effect charging the bishop with promulgating unnd doctrines, and was, so tar, intended to operate as a riniainl. it was endeavoring to do thiough an uetiul trivance what the signers of it did not date to do openIf the intention was merely h> express an opinion the " Churchman" was not worthy the support of irchmen, why did they not move a resolution to that ;t I Such a resolution would not have aiisweied the pose ol gentlemen, it would not have leached the bill. The bishop, not the " Churchman" was their :ct. hey had already signally failed in one mode of attack, i iusiduous resolutions touching the ordination of Mr. ey hud 011 the morning of that day been rejected by ail rwhelming majority?Clergy unit Laity hud united 111 emphatic rejection. Something must be done? tbe iveiition w as draw ing to a close they w t ie dnven to ,1 , resort. The " Churchmon," theretoie, w a* made the pe gout? and to nomine they made their assault upon ir bishop, his principles, his doctrines and oltlcial acts, f bishop telt, us almost every men present lelt on that usion, that this paper w us nn indignity to the C hutch i.rge?to the General Convention whose cai.ons it ionlei.e 1 especially to him 111 his episco) n cb u actar otlieu. Ho acted accordingly, tilling that lor his iciples,his doctrines and his epucopul Hi ts.he was in 110 c lesponsihle to the Convention there assembled Ilo ise.l to receive the paper ; nml on account of this 1 o11I is the uppeul to w inch we aru now tepiy ing inude 10 peophi t is well known that many of the gentlemen who hovo 'ii foremost in their <>p|io>-iiioii to the lin-hop, deciured ore they Went into the Convention, t!n>t il.ey de? uud 1 bishop a weak, inetHcient man, w hody v:n ? 1' tl.e con1 of otliers. and that thev intended to exnose : .mho ity. uiitl thus bring him tiiul hi* ? Uuich i>iii>?-1}> > * mm rtemnt. llut to-fore the Convention v. j? ovtr, tlu-y nil it necessary to hold a dllviuit hn - ,n . i , tiny nut this imbecile too |K>we,luI lui Hum m , t uuv. n, 1 now lie is reprtm-nted .is a boh! uxurpii ij w > t tln-ni down. He is weak or xtiung, ha it n..<,> stnt Uitir r|iOiw to represent lnm.-and, by i-ili.i i re'ki-ntation or tin other, ri.uat li l.-1 . privi d ? I :l,i 0.1 nion ol his diocese. 01 ni v i r *> ill ti.v y ,.e ?.f e-j.. i? . the mode iu wlucli i hurcbmen shouldu. \oi In uru the peace and promote the piosjieiity ol their inch 1 Ve (eel sure that such an example w ill never be gri y respected or followed by the laity ol the diocese of tv Vork Kpiscopaliaua, let us reflect deeply and in thiol (iod belore we art. We will not be drawn liom adherence to our well tried principle* by this declaion about tin- invasion ol tbe. right* of the laity. If re haslieen any iuvasinii of ha* not been of the lits of the laity merely?for the Convention v.hose aunty itis alleged was disnguided, is composed o: loth igy and luily, and the paper pn srnted by Mr Duer w a* led us well byclergymen us bylaymen. It thilehas to en f invasion ol right*, the liUhop was nut tl.e uuthor ot :h invasion, but Mr. finer and those w ho act. il with a were the author* ?lor they did attempt to ttanq.lo an the hpis?o|>al prerogative?they did utti nipt to si t naught the law* oft he General < onventiou, and through it uttempU-d de*ecration they ussailid the light* of -ry Bishop and priest and deacon and toyman ot the itestaut Church in these United Ntotes. f there be any one duty more imperative upon I burclin tlian another?next to their morn immediate duth s to ir God anil Saviour, it i* the duty of faithlhlly preving the pence and harmony and unity ot the ( hutch, 1 of duly submitting to the order and good governim nt the same. We trust that such Churchmen, and such ly as are known to to-faithful to this duty, will I > . led u* Vestrymen throughout the diocese ul New rk. LAIC J. Sew Yom, March "27th, 1KI4. In Lunacy. efore Commissioners Vansantvoord, Holies and feed*. lUncii .10.? In lite mailer of Chaili t ,S. Mrh'arlan, aliened Iwmtir.- -On the application ol Mr*, we, the sister of Mr. McKarlan, and others ol hi* mis, the Chancellor granted a precept to the above ned gentlemen, commanding tin ni to have a special jnlUDinoncd to enquire whether Mr. McKarlan was inlable ot mniuiging and conducting hi* ow n attain, in sequence of habitual drunkenness , also loenquiii- illhe natiiie and anioiint ol hi* property, whether he hud pound ol any paitof it, and if so, under what circumices, and who was his next of kin. 'he inquiry commenced on ! rlday, and wan concluded Saturday night about ten o'clock. From theevidence, [i|?.iireil tliut Mr. McKarlan was entitled to some *si*si .liiMKi under hit father * will. That about four or live rs fell on hia head and recaived a aavi-rerontu i, an I shortly alter was attacked with delirium tie. is, l-'rom this time he became addicted to liquor, and it on from had to worse Ills father's executor wa? mined, and testified that Mr. McKarlan frequently calln him in a state of intoxication, and asked hnn for icy -, that the witness rufused tn let him h?ve it, being that ha was incapable ol taking ear" of it. Mrs. ve and her daughter were also examined, and testified helioard"<l with them for two or three rear*; that lor most part of that time he never attended to his meals, came home almost every night intoxicated. It also eared that his brother lia'l for the laat thrao or lour r? taken upon hirn the nmnngcm'-nt of the inebriate's perty, paid for hi < board an I clothing, and in addition given iiim considerably over on?i hundred dollars h year, whirh h<- spent for strong drinks, and that ho drawn a draft on his brother In favor of a man who ps the Helen McOregor Hotiaa, for >Ih|, whirh waa paid. This am about th# sutiatancn of the ovidrnco upnort of the rommi?i|on. Ir. Stkovo appeared for Mr. MrKarlan, and contended t drunkenness, whirh was tho only circumatanro ved in (his rase, did not in itself constitute idiotcy or acy, and halorr a human tiring rotlld be deprived of Ilia rty and the control of his property, it waa absolutely tjssary to prove that he was either a lunatic or nu idiIn support of this position, counsel contended that o'lgh Mr. Mr harlan's right, under his father's w ill, to v the large sum of money left him was perfect, he did Id so,except the trifling sunn testified to byhis brother r.h was a fact clcsily showing that he was capable of ng care of himself and his property, r. Commissioner Varisautvoord, who W'as the legal lher of the Court, briefly charged the Jury, explain the law in relation to lunacy as laid down in the sed statutes, end in the books on the subject, and it for them to aay, irom the testimony they liad heard, 1st he was com|?'ti>iit to manage hi.i property , "(id r.luded by telling them that unanimitv in rases of f.n. y waa not required, if 12 or more of'tlx iurv agreed he waa not n Lunatic, there waa then an end n! tint i, and the other enquiries were not necessary ; hut tf r more agreed that he was n Lunatic, they should find vnlue of iiis property, and make the other i nquiti?s icted by the < hiucelfor. The jury,after ahont hall nn ir's coiisultatinn, unnnimotisly found that he was an tiriatc, and inca|>a)d? of managing his altairs. Conrt Calendar?This D?jr. owmov Plsss - Vos. It, >1, 43, 44,1ft, 4, 7,4, 12,21, 27, 40,

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