Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1844 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. York., Monday, April 1. IR44, The K|ii?(op?l L'hurth Cunt tore ray?an tuimlng RHd Vatusble Split. While the dull and sl?f?*py controversy betweei tW'-eille durn arid tweedle-dre, conducted by Doctor Potfs and Wainwight, is dragging its slow lengtl Jong,?creeping up Halt River, out of the sight o all futurity, we are hippy to announce that there 11 a prospect of a very interesting outbreak?a seconi. eruption of Mount Vesuvius, in the Episcopa Church, which will come off this duy week in the election of Vestry-men of Trinity Church corpora, tion. It will be recollected, that during the sessions ol .U- p.,;. 1 ,ri?n hi-lil in (his citv last sum mrr, ti serious misunderstanding took place in tha body between bishop Oiiderdonk, and the Ilonora ble John Duer. This controversy was apparently founded on some obsolete ideas as to the nature am extent of the Bishop's authority, and the iuterpre tation of the canon prescribing the rules and orde of ordination; and a great deal of vigorous sharp shooting ensued in the shape of speeches, publicu lions, pamphlets, rejoinders, pastoial letters, am what not, which has been continued with more o leas vigor up to the present moment. The contro versy thus presents to the public ostensibly the forn and lineaments of a serious and solemn disputi about ecclesiastical doctrine, involving the soul' salvation, and covering the illimitable ocean o eternity. But when exumined by the carna optics of human reason, it resolves itself inti a mere squabble as to who shall possess th< power in Trinity Church Corporation, and wh< shall have the management?for the glory o the great head of the church and the good o souls?of a revenue of $-15,000 per annum, yield ed by thirty-five millions of real estate in this city This is the real point at issue, and it is, we mus confess, a bone very well worth fighting for?a bone for which no " cur ecclesiastical" need be mucl ^framed to scramble in the face of mnn, if not o heaven. On the ons side we have BishopOnderdonk, am agreat portion of the clergy?who, with all spiritim simplicity, lack not wholesome discretion touchini the matters of this simple world?with almost al the literary ladies and communicants ot the Episco pal Church, and all the young and beautiful girl within the pale of that church's spiritual embraces For it so happens in all religious controversy the Bishops and priests and clergy, in consequent of possessing a superior infusion of the holy spirit always carry along with them an immense major ity of the most beautiful and angelic portions of thi believers. This affinity between saints and angeli is very natural; it has subsisted in all times, Iron the days of the lather of all the faithful and hi: lovely handmaid?whom, however, he afterward very ungallantly packed off to the desert?to ih< present moment; and, therefore, we are rathe disposed, so far as we come off the fence and taki part in this controversy, to go with the Bishop am the beautiful, blooming, and angelic women, am in opposition to the honorable John Duer, and hi bauu of pragmatical associates, with all their Ion/ liginaroles about this principle and that principleibis right ami that right?and this canon and tna canou. x <Y. the othei sid-, the heretics of (he Episcopa church?for heretics Joliu Duer and his associate: most assuredly are, when tlu y dissent fiom tin inherit) >1 the lVi lu.p?came forward like Martii arlier Ir.ui-i I, in reform the Pope of Rome am to puntv re house of God from all the abomina tions of false teachers arid unscriptural doctrine! Now Mr Uuer's first appearance in the charade of :< reformer is certainly calculated to excite grec interest, and there is every reason to believe the he will conduct the controversy with great spirii although not with ultimate success, because th ladies are against him. Yet Mr. John Duer has i his favor vast experience in the art of purification whether it be applied to Trust Companies c Churches, "ie temple of Mammon or the tempi ol die living God. "Wc all know the remarkabl liictory of 'be American Ttust and Banking Con puny, which, during the course of three or fo< years under his management, became so sublimate under his unrivalled process of purification, that has certainly disapi>eared from this world, and now, we believe, in the next world?thai is, th Court of Chancery?which is, we should think, fu enough into the bowels of eternity. It will, there fore, he /?erceived that Mr. John Duer,as a reforme ana purifier, is net a novice?that Mr. John Due is not a beginner?that Mr John Duer is not neopbite?but that Mr. John Duer is a veteran, master, an old hand, a tried hand, a successful ham at the business of purification, and we expect to se at the approaching election for vestry-men fo Trinity Church, one of the best contested fight that has ever been witnessed, including even th charter election, or the fall election. We nilhlish to-dav lor the edification of lb godly, the instruction of the profane and the info mation of all, the Bulletin of Mr. John Duer an his associates on this great Lutheran movemei for the purification of the Episcopal church; an also the reply of the Bishop's party, who strictl denies that the church needs any purification?an who has in his ranks, beauty, brightness and lovel nesa enough to purify, illum.nate and adorn all th churches in Christendom, and the Fourie.rites int the bargain. In the meantime we close this homily, by r< commending to both parties to sing the followit spiritual song, short metre?it may do some got even to saints and reformers:? RELIGION-WHAT IS IT ? nr iiiuhop litem, la it to go to church to-day, To look devout and seem to pray, And ere to-morrow's sun goes down Be dealing slander through the town I Does every sanctimonious face Denote the certain reign ot grace f Does not a phiz, that scowls at sin Oft veil hypocrisy within J Is it to make our daily walk, And of our own good deeds to talk, Vet often practice secret crime, And thus mis spend our precious time I /? it for ttcl and < reed to fight, To call our Teal the rule of right, IVhen what we with ii, at the heit, To tee our church excel the reel .' Is it to wear the Christian dress, And love to all mankind profess, To treat with scorn the humble poor, And bar against them every doer 7 Oh, no ! religion means not this : Its fruit more sweet and fairer is? Its precept this : to others do As you would have them do to you. It grieves to hear an ill report, And scorns with human woes to sport? Of others' deeds it speaks no ill, But tells ol good or else keeps still. And does religion this impart 7 Then may its influence fill my heart; Oh ! haste the blissful joyful day, When all the earth may own its sway. Defences or the City?What is the prese rendition of this city and its harbor in case of at difficulties g-owing out of our present inenacii foreign relations? la it not worth thinking abou Who can tell the issue at any moment of the pr fnt questions of T?ahs and Oregon, now prod cing such keen excitement, and in which (I British, or the Mexican governments int Y"-y unexpectedly take a hohiile movi ment W'tiHt preparation 18 there for any hostile approacl What lb there to prevent the invauon of a fleet Bteamboats or ships of war? Is it not tune for tl corporation to think of these matters? W csn expect nothing from Congress. At th inomen' that body are endeavoring in the face the most threatening appearances to curtail the a propriations for the navy and army ! News from Canton?On Saturday we exel sively published the arrival of the Childe Harol from Canton. We daily publish important arriva twenty-four hours a-head of every other paper, Ik Musical Ckiticism.?We call the attentioi our musical arid general readers to a notice in day's paper, published by Signor Valtellinu, repel some injurious and conteiiiptible insinuations u against the honor of his wife in some of the scure weekly pa|<ers of this city. To what pape n iliudes, we are at a loss to say, as we hardly rc * lect where we noticed the- attack, but we thii > was in Noah's Sunday paper. We think * saw some allusion of" the kind in the " Auror * a morning p.i|>er. llut our purpose at present ii 1 "t. .1,:. 1 I a-sault on the reputation of an honorable fen as to point the public indignation against the uunable conduct of several journals of this cit making their columns the vehicles of the mosl 1 manly and malignant attacks on the persoual c acter of urtists in the shape of musical critique 1 The gross abuse of Madame Valtellina whc " accordance with well-know and general usagi ' the profession, has retained her rnaideu nam 1 Majocchi, inherited front her father, the celebr " Majocchi. who in the trial of Queen Charlottei r the inentoruble reply "won mi recordo" to interr tions which would, if answered, have involved - reputation of others?is but a sample of this | ^ tice. The abuse of Mrs. Sutton is another. Ah r from the first moment of her appearance here, was ntHrked as the object of incessant and nt 1 riant slander and scurrility by a man pretendii e be a gentleman, and to conduct a respectabh 8 per. We allude particularly to Mr. Park Benja I and wish him to understand us as doing so. At I unmanly?a more unjust?a more malicious?a 0 more contemptible course wus never jiursued s wards uny one than this individual has puri > towards an unoffending and amiable lady. We trust that Siguor Valtellina will do his < in bringing some of these malignant and dasta libellers to justice. We are huppy to see that lias put his foot down in a right spirit. He ow to himself?to his profession?to his amiable lai to society?to follow up these assailants of his his wife's honor, by civil and criminal prosecuti And we trust that he will do so, and that an e> pie may be made of some of these infar wretches who thus prostitute the jiress and office of legitimate criticism to the gratificatic the vilest passions. Political Ulthaism Dissolution of Union.?The most violent journalist aguinst th< nexution of Texas to the Union, is Mr Ch King of the New York American. Hear him Without Texas. Slavery must die out within a shot e riod in the United States With I exas it cannot be petuuted long?hut yet long enough to gratify the pr generation, and induce them to move Heaven and ea no not heaven, for heaven must frown upon such s ? tempt?but Earth and Jlell to accomplish the annex The Free States?we want them?must not he 1 into inaction by the panne as to the treaty : thougl I course may be abandoned, the annexation, by act of 9 gress, will be attempted and unless overwhelmed by expression of popular indignation as shall prove irri 9 ble, it will sscceed We say this advisedly?upon t inatiou not to be disregarded?and with a full, delil and unshaken conviction that annexation come in r -hape it may. IS, and SHOULD UK. THE DISS ; HON OF THE UNION ?New York American. j Suppose Congress should do the deed?n i Texas to the Union?enlarge the markets o s Lowell and Boston manufacturers?shut out g lisli power and influence?suppose all this sf . tie done, how would Mr. Charles King set r i the " dissolution V' He publishes a tniser mpiy, ricketty paper of about 500 circulation | ken principally by a few brokers, some bankr <t dozen or two Episcopalians, including the I l. Duer, and a few other families. The whole t i could hardly raise a ripple on the surface of so d ?they are as a drop in the great ocean of i- York. They are a species of lazzarone ltvir ;. banks, insurance companies, fancy stocks, fo r brokers, and the Episcopal Church. Yet thcs it the men who talk of dissolving the great and it rious Union as easily as they would talk of dn t, ing a lump of sugar in a glass of negus, or rat f bank after all its funds had disappeared. Fu " Mr. Wkbstkr in thk East.?Since Mr. \ ' -ter has returned to Boston, he has raised up h " tect hurricane in the newspaper presR all over e .nglatid, against the annexation of Texas. ( vident that Mr. Webster is now the head >ront ol the opposition to Captain Tyler, partit II .y since the appointment of Mr. Calhoun. I 11 captain has any spirit, fie should remove all 1 )' -ter's friends at once from office. Let Curtis l!" the plank first. Nothing like playing a trump 1P As to Texas, we expect to see the inanuf'act ir and mercantile interests of New England shot world that they know on which side their bre r buttered. The old federalists raised a like t r igainstthe acquisition of Louisiana?an annex a which has been more valuable to Boston a tnerce and manufactures than all the tariffs i ll world. Texas is only a second Louisiana e larger scale. lf g Judicial and Criminal Law Bkform.?W e sert in this day's paper a very well written am portant communication, addressed to the legisl |a at Albany, developing the awful condition which the administration of justice, has fall j this city, and pointing out briefly the best w (t which to apply the remedy. It is almost i talk anv mure about reform of the ttovernttl , this city, either in its municipal, judicial, or ^ cial affairs. For years the independent prei called upon the people of this city to come to [(1 elections, and elect men who would give us re n Hut hitherto no attention has been paid to calls. On the contrary, the calls made by th rupt party factions, who have disgraced th and the country, have met a vigorous res| )tj and thus every effort for reform has been ef ally defeated. There is, indeed, hardly the semblance of a left of any reform?of any good governmei any justice?of any clean streets?of any new ?of any judicial reform. If the people, in come out with a powerful support of the n? form party, there is some hope. But if the ci be blinded, and gulled, and duped, and deceiv the party appeals of the old rotten factions may consider all hope of reform postponed i nitely. We have no chances left except i success of the new party, generated and prot by disgust of the corruptions of the old factioi Violation of thf. Laws.?We perceive James W. Hale who hail* from the Courier in Wall stree', and Lysander Spooner, who s somewhere in the neighborhood of the Jourr Commerce office, in the same street, have botf arrested for repeated violations of the post laws, and the probability is that the prosei will be conducted to judgment. It is needless for us to say at what an excei ly low value we estimate the abilities, libe or management of the present thick-heade master general We have borne testimony hardness of head in a variety of wuys, but } cannot allow an occasion to pass, without Honing and supporting as far as we can the cc which he has pursued towards these notorioi nt lators ol the laws. If we have post office la jy it not astonishing to see journals claiming to spectable, actually endeavoring to procure t ? violation 1 Yet this in the course pursued I e. Journal of Commerce ; and the Courier am 11- '/N"""*! eternally prating about its decency, r lability, morality and religion, with that $ hi its stomach, winks at the same thing in th< I of Hale. If laws be bad, let legal means be i ed to obtain their repeal or modification. 1 ?l long as the law exists, all good citizens wi 1(. port their guardians in the prosecution and p uient of their reckless and impudent violator "* Tiik frit bat Com: but at thk Tabernaci " the benefit of the Fire Department Fund, '* place to-inorrow evening. Just look at thi When have we seen such an array of talent i programme ! d, Arrival?Duff <Jreen is again in town J* Washington. Does he intend to start another paper? Now's the day and now'* the hour. Hi I ? of I.NTBKEST1NQ FKOM THK CaI'K OF GOOD HOPS.? thit We have received the Merctuiiile Gazette, publltng libhed at Cape Town, to the2tfth 01 January, which tade we believe u> later than before received. : ob- We give extract!) showing the state of things in r he that extremity of the world, the pro a of civihfcol zution, Jzc. Tiiey are worth something.? ik it [From L'apu Town Gazette, January !J6.] The arrival* in Table Bay daring the laat week have been numerous, uiiioug*t which we call the attention of a"? our reader* to thatjof Iter Majesty'? steamer Thunderbolt, * not Commander Broke, lrom the Weit Coaet, last Benguela, having ou board upward* ui JUV uegiues, pari oi i.iuu, Hole tskeu lrom three vessels captured by tier. The lollowiug )al,. in a copy oi the report and other particularv which has . ' been kindly handed to ui tor insertion:?" Observed noHliO tbjng untd our arrival in Little Kisli Bay, where we saw y in some vessels at anchor: sen: an officer to board one, which proved to be the Benguela packet, bound to 1J>bon; id January, 10 'in. p m, observed a sail on Port Beam; liar- went ou in chase; sent a boat to board; had. 6U0 slaves on ^ board; observed another vessel, went in chase, sent a boat to board her, and lound she had 337 slave*. 3d January, i, in 13.30. u m., went on in chase ol' a schooner; lost sight ol e jn her; 6 30. observed her again; went on chase, sent to board her, and found her to contain 34(1 saves." Imniele ol diately on the arrival of the Thunderbolt in Table Bay, ! ateii on the 30th inst., the Collector of 11. M. Customs, lauded lroni her on the beach, at the negro buildings, 30 men, 60 ;ave women, 130 boys, H7 girls, and 16 infants. Total, 311 ueoga groes?many ol whom were in a veiy sickly and debiI -i litated state. We have also to notice the arrival in Table Bay of the true- Margaret, Capt. Brake, from Poit Natal, particularsot her Host carKo will appear in their usual place. Bhe left that |>ort on tlie 16th inst. and thedollowuig is the substance of the , bhe intelligence teceived l>y her :? ali"- " a l)r'vatB letter from f'ietermauritzlmrg, of Jan. > ? 11th, it apjwars that tiudecuntinued very dull; that very IS to few wagons attended the market ; this was attributed to - m, the unsettled state(of things there, cspecialiy with regard to the tenure of land by the emigrant tanners ; some even Bun, apprehended fresh disturbances, but we, would hope ' nore without the least foundation." _,i ? There have been but few arrivals in. other ports of tho naii Colony. to- Amongst the departures we find that two vessels have rued cleared out for Angtu i'iquena, to load Guano. There must now he many vessels on the coast loading Guano, not only for Knglish ports, but some ot which we iutv understand have instructions to proceed to the West In .. dia Islands lor a market. This manure having become an ruly article of colonial trade, has been introduced] into our : he price current, and also its current rate oi freight. We understand that a Gas Light Company is about to PS 11 be established in'Cape Town, lor which u provisional Jy? committee has been appointed to make the necessary prei liminury arrangements. The capital is to be ?16,000, in anu 1,000 shares ot ?16 each. .tins. Cspk Town.?Tho following quantities of Grain have passed our market during the week ending 30th instant L< 3.047 maids Wheat: 367 munis Bailey, and iH3 maids nous Gats ; and a slight udvance in the prices thereof has taken tne liuiu.|>?.l?.?nvv>.,_. >n of Sai.wanha Bav.?The American whaling schooner Franklin, Capt. Allen, Iroru the Crozets, 1st instant, with a cargo of sea elephant oil, put into Saldanhu Bay, lor refreshments, on the 16th, and sailed ugain on the 10th inst. THE for the United Hiatus. Hhegavea favorable report of the , an- *'at" ?' ?"r. Jeurey a fisheries at the CiozeU. A full cargo of sea elephant oil was waiting the arrival of the Ghiha, ailes daily expected there. :? Navigation Notick.?A draft of an ordinance was laid rt pe- '?y his Kxcellency the Governor before the Legislative i tier- Council, on the 27th December last, having for its object esem ('le aliolition of the port dues, unchorage dues, rth? li?ht house or any other description of port churges m at- whatever (at present levied,) on oil vessels, whether Hriation tiala or foreign, arriving in any ot the ports of the Colony lulled tlx' Cape of Good Hope. Ho soon as this ordinance i that shall take effect, we will give due notice of the same. In (jon- addition to the announcement we have given above of the such proposed abolition of port dues, we are happy to be able ;sisti- to communicate to our commercial friends that an order infor- "*e Queen in Council has been passed, for removing the lerute prohibitions which have existed since 1*32. in res|M-c ol what the importation* ot foreign oil, beef, pork and fish, which OLU- will be now admissible at the undermentioned moderate scale of duties viz :?Meat, salted or cured, cf all sorts, not oeing the production or munufaciui e ol the United nurx Kingdom, or ol any British pos ession. the cwt 3s ; meat, t the ialted or cured, of all soits being ,he production or nmp nufacture of the United Kingdom, or ot any British pos session, the e? t. Is 3d. ; oil. ti ain and tdubher. the juotould duce of lish or creatures living in the seu ol foreign lit-li iboil' ing, the tun, imjH rial niea?ure i?;i, oil. spermaceti, of to reign tishing. the tun, imperial measure, ?7 IDs.; lirh. able, dried or salted, and fins and skins, the produce ol crealun s ta- living in the sea. of foreign fishing or taking, tor every ' JC100 of the value thereof, ?12 It is impossilile to overTipte, rate the favorable esults which maybe anticipated by ting, the operation of the two measures we advert <o, they .- will induce a great resort of foreign shipping particularItque jy whaleis, to our bay s, and a wholesome check ciety will be placed upon the prices of provisions for shipping New ?"r Por,H' ''J" 'he admission oi foreign provisions at the moderate duties stated. on [From Cape Towu Gazette, Jan. 12 ] reign Our boy has been visited during the past week by an e are unusually large number of vessels which have imported , goods Irom Kngland, India, and the United Htates ot Ami 's'0" rica particulars of which appear in their proper place in >solv- our columns. The important intelligence which reached . us by the "Jlobarta," of the order of the Queen in council, tier a (or removing the prohibitions which have existed at our dge ! |?rti respecting foreign oil provisions, and fish, couple.! with the intended abolition ol our port dues, has been Veb hailed as the harbinger of a state of great prosafipy for South Africa. L i per- ' as m tlia " vo. New r.?B jjuiunu wr inn. J...^ It is tiwa" hold a great mass meeting in the Tenth I and Ward to-night. The chief object in view, is to :ular- smoke out "old Ironsides,"alias Alderman Purdy. I the This is certainly a most benevolent object. ForWeb merly, " old Ironsides" was a very capital fellow, walk but he has, lutterly, got so mixed up with the corcard. ruptions and abuses of locofoco mis-government, uring 'hat it will require a tremendous quantity of smokv the ing to make him pass muster now. If the "natives," ad is however, do the business effectually, he may come shout out pure and sweet, and run for Congress-man ation next fall But he's not fit for any thing till he he com- well smoked. n l^c Arrival of the Yorkshire.?This new packet on a ship, under the command of Captain Bailey, arrived last night in the remarkably short passage of e in- twenty-seven days from Liverpool. She sailed J iui- thence on the 4th ult., the dav before the Caledoature nia, the {last steamer, arrived; and this quick pusinto suge has been performed with a nineteen feet sn in draft of water. This is speed, and Captain Bailey ay in thus sustains the reputation he had previously die to gained. ent of Among the passengers on board this swift sailer finan- are a giant, stnnding nearly eight feet in his boots; w has a giantess, standing nbout seven feet in her sliprth at pers, and a dwarf standing twenty-three inches in form, high-heeled boots, being three inches shorter than these the famous Tom Thumb. The giant and giantess e cor- are man and wife, and will present a tall app?-are city ance in walking up Broadway some fine morning. ?onse, Altogether this trip of the Yorkshire has been an lectu- extraordinary one. She is a famous ship, with a famous captain, makes famous passages; cairies a hope famous cargo, for which 6ee manifest; and is filled at?of with lamous passengers. After this, we may ex. police poet news from Europe. There is another fast ideed, sailer, the Queen of the West, Captain Wood;w re- house, on the ocean, with two or three days later tizens advices?we shall now look for. She will be here ed by sometime this week. ' w.'" Italian Opera?Another Flare-up.?The first "defi- season of he Italian Opera ut Pulmo's Theatre, n closed on Saturday night in the midst of hail, rain, luced 8now> thunder and lightning without?and har,1># mony, melody, beauty and elegance within. that The late season was very prosperous and profitoffice able?but unfortunately the profits have been unpoons equally divided. The principal vocalists have ml o/" cleared, after paying all expenses, about #7,500? i been more by one half than such a troupe could do in office any city in Europe?but poor Palmo, the proptieuition ,or? 'la? lost #1,500, which had to be made up out of the receipts ol his saloon and baths. The aggre. "J'- ?it" ill- B-nnrin wprp nhnnt ?n aing- ?- ?~-r? - ? TT--7? rality, Vfiry tangible proof of the disposition of our fash(I post ionable people to support the opera, to his Thus ends the late season?what are the proset we peets of the comingl Very had. We learn tha sane- '^e l,ew engagement, which we announced Ihs' induct ""**!*> for the next season, is already broken up ? is vio- The beautiful Borgliese, or rather her good papa, WS)( ja has refused to sing for less than ?110 per nightbe re- Palmo has offered ?80 In consequence thereof, their the jtrt'ma dotwia intends to go to Philadelphia and jy the Concerts. What's to he donel What ought ic i En- he done Beautiful, enchanting prima donna, ho* rspec- 'H ' po*n>hle you can do sol 52 000 ' : Old Ducky begins to revive somewhat as lh? f i"1W spring approaches with its buds and blossoms, ant warm sunshine Mr. Wallack and Mrs. Broughan U ^ ^ have been engaged, and appear to-night. This is umsh* in''c,'<'? ''"ruction Wallack is always a sur< " card, and Mrs Brougham is a must fascinating woman, end u great favorite. She cotnes tnon .k, for beautiful, if possible, than ever, from the south takes where she has been vpry successful. k'"' (In thk Watch ?Postmaster Graham and i dozen deputies were on the pier, when the Boetot "teamer left on Saturday afternoon, to catch th< from Express Lines receiving letters for the Enghsl news- steamship. We"havr)not heard that they met will any auccvss. The Paintings at Clinton Hall. We resume our notices of the paintings in this magnificent collection. Ml 11 Tsit'MrM o?- Bacchus ? Phetso Tmti.?This is a [,y copy alter Titian, end a verj great picture. The exqusite an coloring ul the original u well retained, with, we think, cjt iu some ul the details, a more correct appreciation of form, j. The most bcautilul points in the ieinale figures are well brought out, anil they ail have an air of much grace and ease. am 12. Two M*v with an Ape and Game.? Snevdehs.?A ac| very characteriatic painting by one ot the very best pain- 0f ters ot fruit and still life. Kubens frequently entrusted fr0 to this master the painting of the auimals and fruit in his 4C( pictures, although he himself executed these subjects in an so admirable a manner. Such was the excellence of co- jm loring and the spirited touch of Sueyder's pencil that the c[, pictures thus produced appeared to lie. the wotk of a sin La glu hand. It is not at all improbable'that the figures of the Hel men in this picture were done by Kubens or Jordaens.who |IH often decorated Snyder's pictures in this manner. This is (|u a very pleasing picture, und is u most profitable study to wj the artist and amateur. le, IA I'u.n. i.n TII. AniiiTim?fill 1'a EIKO.?Thil il U .11 favorable specimen ol the subdued style of thil master, (,,, after having changed the manner whicn characterize! his ml first works, which were exaggerations of tha daring con- er trust of light and shadow which marked the paintings of j,. Michael Angelo. There is great neatness in the coloring of this picture, the expression in the head of the female is line ami truthtul, and the light is managed so as to produce to great reliefs without harsh contrast. an 29. st. kkaxcis knf.xlinu?anxisalkicabacci.?This p* is one of the best pictures in the collection, and once oc- w cupied a place in the royal gallery of Madrid. It exhibits many ol the characteristics of its great author. The ex- * quisite outlines of the figure?the majestic foldings of the drapery?and the unapproachable foieshortening, arc all C1 displayed with great power. This is una ol the subjects s> in w hich Caracct's genius has lully developed itsell. In " some of his liistorh al puintings. he has not kit the poctry of thegsubject to the full cx:ent. But|iu depicting the Kt simple but sublime emotions of the suppliant Saint, he ful ly comprehends his task, and he has executed it as none cl but himself could execute it. Let the artist and amateur carefully study this picture. It will, indeed, repay them. ^ 82. nativiiv?CoNitsnio?Here is indeed a gem of rar- B| est value. Kvery detail is market) by the infullible charac- ( (eristics of this exalted genius. Here is indeed the magic w of the chiaro-scuro. The forms oi the Virgin and of the 0, angelic Host are exquisitely soft and beautiful?the purity <)( and delicacy of the coloring are inimitablu?and the gene- r] ral elloct of the picture is int xpressibly beautiful. You cannot help gazing on this picture lor an hour. Jo 33 i'ohtkait os pompko battoni?Bv himsclt.?a very charming picture. The coloring is in that exceedingly * pleasing style which made the portraits of this master so popular. The attitude is strikingly easy and graceful, uudtlie turn of the head must strike every one us being 111 natural and agreeable to a degree very rarely met with w Indeed, this is one of the most attractive pictures in the Ki collection. Battoni was chiefly famed for his |>ortraits, or but he painted some historical pictures which give him of claims to considerable rank in the art. One of his best th pictures was " Christ giving the keys to St I'eter," which ta occupies a place in the pavillion at Monte > avallo. Hat- se toni lived in the early purt of the eighteenth century, a C period when the arts had fallen to a low ebb in Italy. d< 35. Pom hait or cardinal boi'visi?Bv 1'aoi.o vkronese o| ?A fine picture, in the pure and chaste style of coloring "? which characterizes all the works of this great master A The Cardinal was the founder ot the gallery from which v most of the pictures were taken He was a magnificent h patron of the arts, and also shared largely in the political ri events of his day. He was the Pope's nuncio at Vienna in o 1087 tl 37. laniiscame?Pousses. -a most profitable subject ol H attentive study. The coloring is exceedingly melluw and a agreeable, and every part ol the picture is finished in the c most masterly manner This appears to be a picture from $ nature, and bears undoubted murks of the genius of tin tl greatest landscape painter of his day. f 38 kntomumxnt of chmst.?An excellent picture.? The coloring is somewhat cold, hut the conception is grand and the general design striking, impressive, ami t* well sustained. This master was the most distinguished ? pupil of the school of the illustrious llafiaelle. lie was tl borne in 1492, and died at the age of 54, leaving tiehin . , him many wuiks ol transcendent mrrit. 48. The Two Makes?Chriitophk Au.oiti--This is a very inteiesting picture by one of the most celebrated portrait painter* ol Ins time. The harmonious tinting of thi~ picture will he noticed, and the drawing ol the figures i natural ami easy 17 A Miniature after the Ariadne A copy after Vandelyn by Mr. Uhurles Fraser. The coloring in harmoni ntis and pleasing, hut the left arm seems somcwhut defective in drawing til exquisite picture by Sneyders This is really a delightful work. Nothing can surpass the accuracy of the drawing ol the various animals, anil the life, spirit, and characteristic expression ol euch an given with surpassing skill. The eagerness of the two dogs pursuing Jaror puss; her almost sinking resolution ( the exulting cruelty of the houud m the foreground which ^ lias seized his prey, are depicted witli the greatest truth ] This picture alone is worth half a dozen visits to the gul- , lery. , We shall resume our notices to-morrow. In the mean- ( time we may re ark the controversy about these pic- , tur?a has attracted great crowds to the gallery. We nu- ( ticcd several very beautiful ladies tlieru the other day. ( Winter Weather.?Yesterday was a cold, t bleak, icy day. It was called the breaking up ol s winter. , Corned Beef.? Colton was humbugging ihe ( fools. ?ol Boston last week with his laughing gas t He <n?ly did it once here with the help of Jlaviii r ! little > i Gliddon is lecturing on Egyptian Antiquities hi f Savannah, Georgia. M acready took his benefit in Hamlet, at the Pt I Charles ThntR, N. O. on the 22d u!t. Afterwards, he proceeded to the north, by he way of 1 the Mississippi. He made a very eloquent and ' feeling speech at the close. 1 Forrest on the 23d ult., played Richard III. for J his benefit in Mobile. He was not so well support- ] ed there as Macreudy. lie has been running , against Macready in all the southern cities. < City Intelligence. i Lower Police Otllcc?March 31.?A Farmer I Roiiiicd ok $1700.?Yesterday forenoon, a farmer named | Stephen Champlin, of Kxeter, Washington county, It. I., arrived in this city with $1700 in his pocket, the proceeds of his farm sold, which he intended to invest in lands at Athens in Ohio ; but all his plans became futile before evening, for he was robbed about dusk in West street ol all his money, by two young men, who appeared to him to be intoxicated, anil to whom he lent friendly aid. Like I most I Ull lit I Sill who visit our city, he had indulged himself too freely, ami the milk of human kindness getting the better of sound discretion, although the persons | were utter strangers to him, he proffered his aid to see i ! them kome. He had previously met them in a public J house, and they wished him to engage in what is called I the thimble game, but he refused, aud subsequently met : them in the street. There can be no doubt but that they 1 dogged him, and one of them stole his money. A man | named Henry Ainsley, alias Butcher Bill, has been arrested as a party concerned, but it is doubtful if any thing 1 tangible can be brought to bear against him He is one 1 of the fraternity called " runners," and of extremely doubtful cast. In the mean time, poor ( hamplin is minus his money, and is in a perfect state of distraction, having ! lest all he was possessed oil' in this world save a wife ami' i several children, which he left behind him in Rhode I Island. Ainsley is temporarily committed. A Large Bi;roi ary.?On Friday the Hotel, called the , " Upper Bul'ls Head," in '44th street, the resort for Butch \ nrs, drovers, ami dealers in cattle, was broker, into and a number of the lodgers robbed The amount taken is said to he $700, consisting of gobl and silver coin, hank notes and a silver watch, all purloined from the pockets of the I)ro\ers, he., which sleeping in various apartments. No clue at present to the robbers. Another Bt'Riii.ARv.?Again we record a burglary, and of the blackest die. The Indigent Blind Institute Wis broken into on Friday night and all the ready made arli cles manufactured by the unfortunate inmates carried off. which consisted of numerous specimens of the ingenuity that a constant application by tutors presiding over the inmates, enable them to produce. Coroner1* Oince.?March 31.?Dikh Suddenly.? , ?An intemperate man named Owen Mc Bride died suddenly yesterday afternoon at No. 17a Varick street. He was a native of Ireland, aged 61 years, and an habitual drunkard; was intoxicated all the lore part of the day, and falling from a chair, expired immediately. Verdict, Tin- Coroner also held an inquest on the body of John Doniran, the unfortunate mini who came to his death liy being crushed on Saturday between two vessels at tinfoot of Catherine and Oliver streets, lie was a native ot | Ireland, aged 40. Verdict, " Death by the injuries ncci dentally received." New Novei. by Euobnk .Sue.?The Harper* puh* lish this morning a new and moat thrilling novel hy this most popular writer. It is entitled Arthur, and abounds in incidents of the same powerful interest and terrible passion which made the Mysteries of Paris so deeply engrossing. Sue is undoubtedly the most powerful dramatic writer of the present day ; and a new work from his pen, asextendec! , as this, must be sought with extreme avidity. It is sold at twenty-five cents. ' Vessel and Crew Burnt?The vessel reported by us yesterday as being burnt near Pickett's wharf, some forty miles down the l iver, proves to be the schi ' Jane, Vickers, of Riid from Baltimore, for Ibis city, will, sundry merchandize and a deck loud of lumber Captain Vickers and his whole crew perished in thu Hones of the burning vessel-not n soul is left to tell the tale ! ( apt Phillips, ot the iIy retinitis, rejioited under the matilie , head, lay near the Jane. All w as right when lie last saw ! tier Wednesday night Thursday morning she was burnt down to the water and liei captain and new dead ! I he , ! imines and number of the crew are known only in Balti| more ? Richmond Compiler. March 30. ij ^teamiioat Burned?The s|e,inter ttsuge,bound , 1 down from Yazoo with a cargo of fiat) hales ol cotton, caught lire nearly op|io?ite Jefferson College night before last,and was consumed to the water's edge when she sunk. Very little of the cotton was saved. There were no lives , lost A |K>rtion of the passengers, who haraly escaped with their lives, were brought down last night on the 1 Diana.?JVrto Orlrann Republican, March 33. 1 Appointments by the President ? James C. , Palmer, to he Surgeon in the Navy front the 27ih , of October, lt*4l. James I) Wesson, to be Deputy Postmaster ot Albany, New Vork. Thos. J. Mnivin, to be I Depiry Postmaster at Saratoga Springs, New Vork ? James Belknap, to fie Deputy Postmaster atNewburgh, S New Vork 8 More of the Revolution in Hayti.?Advices have been received .it the Boston Exchange News Itooins, tiy brig Kagle. from Cape Haytiento the I lib of 1 March, that the disturbances in the Island had assumed a i serious aspect. The v. hole ot the national nrmy ami all , the national guard (militia) were under orders to march against the insurgents. The President was collecting all t the effective force in that part of the island, ami it was , thought thrra would tie some fighting -but that the revo- ' lutian would probably be suppressed without much difficulty. * ' - -'i^lL . . .'BJL!. . J Amnwmentl. I Tim Chatham Thsatu.?The most unexampled no cceas attended the le-unenirig of this establish- '"j int last Monday, the house being crowded throughout w a full and fashionable audience, drawn together l<y the uouueement of one of the strongest companies in the y. The bill waa an excellent one - the piece*, !m Tour 1*? Xute, A Match in the Dark, and the Sergeant'! Wife e" K. 8. Conner ployed the part of Baridau (hii first are '.V, trance in thia city loru number o< yean), in a most able .vj 1 effective manner Wa do not know of a more pleasing a or Misa Reynold's personation, in the sreend piece, '! Ellen Mursden, is too well known to need an encomium ra us. In tne afterpiece, Mr. Winans, a Philadelphia ?? or, performed the partot Robin capitally; he ia already established favorite. Mr?. Emilv Wood 1* a pleasing ?u le actress, of great beauty, and bids fair to become a ? arming vocalist. " Richelieu," " The Robber," " The Z* dy of Lyons," and other capital pieces, have held pos- J* tsiott of the boards during tbe week. We are soon to ve a new drama by young Greeley, called " Marina. keWyvil" When we contrast the Chatham Theatre 9,': ith the other establishments, we cannot but acknow- /' Ige that, in point ot enterprise, novelty, talent, and me- L? it far exceeds its rivals. It has, in fact, become the rorite theatre of New York, and we confidently recom- . jnd it to the especial patronage of our numerous readi, satisfied that it presents attractions not to be surpassed *' ' any other establishment. (u Circus.?The Amphitheatre in the Bowery is bt king the wind out of all other places of public lusement. There is a great reaotion in public taste, Di rticularly in reference to equestrian entertainment*. It w as not many years ago considered degrading to be seen re a circus, but since the introduction of the splendid perrmances now given by tbe troupe at the.BoweryAmphieatre, it is no unco'iimou circumstance to find the dress tl: ? 1- C11...I .-HI, nut. nine* ii.utwirtulile r.itfoenfl. as Well aS h' rangers from all part* of tfie Unioa. The celebrated v Dimly Jim" Band of Minstrels form a conspicuous fea- A ire in the amusement of the (-ircus this evening. The b ud of horses now at the Amphitheatre, comprises most p ' the finest trained horses in the country. Gossin is the 0; own. T American Museum.?We invite the attention of 0 len, women, and children, to the programme of c nusements offered for the coming week The manager . ta re-engaged the Ethiopian minstrels, Mr. Cole and his onderful dog, the Uipsey Queen, Cerito, and several K her singers und dancers. Beside he has added a fine lot " wax figures to th? standing curiosities, and thoroughly eaned and refitted the whole establishment, making the tractions unprecedented for the week. We advise the ? vers of novelty not to neglect this rare opportunity, but J: > and see for themselves. ^ Infamous Conduct ok a Consul.?In the trial a i the District Court, of the fourteen seamen of the ( hale ship llibernia, for a pretended revolt in the Isle of n ranee in refusing to go to sea without a survey, it came n it in evidence that ten of the seamen went to the office l a Mr. Griffith, a Welshman, who is acting Consul h ere, and respectfully asked him to hear their represen- I tions and order a survey, and that Griffith called them a ri it of American cowards and drove them away. The I aptain testified that he hail said nothing to Griffith to in- c ice this, though the rust of the testimony implied a co s ;>erution between the Consul and Captain in refusing the ' amen their just rights In his charge to the jury, Judge n praguc commented with very proper severity upon this i ery extraordinary conduct of a public functionary, and s is abusive language toward Ameiiean seamen In this A taped, and in applying the law to this case, (which was I ne of the clearest justification on the part of the seamen) I re learned judge did himself and the law honor in sits- ( lining the just rights of seamen against oppression The j Mention of government should be called to this insolent ? onsul a' the Isle of France. The seamen ha>'e some j 4,(X)n due them from the proceeds of the voyage, which I hey would have lost if they had been convicted.?Huston 'ost, March 30 Ttrn Date Murder.?The body of the man irund murdered in Prytnnia street, on Thursday ' ight. has been recognised as that oi Augusta Moulin 1 lie captain ol a trading schooner (the Aglaize), now lying 1 cross the river, by a relative who read the description of 1 im in our yesterday's paper The Police have since been 1 n the alert, nnd from certain information received bv apt. Winter, he has arrested a negro man named Alfred, ' elonging to Dr F.dwnrda, and w ho whs living with Mr 'rninfro who resides m the immediate vicinity of the spot fhere the man was found, on suspicion of having com ' lifted the murder. The circumstance* connected w il ' his affair so fur as they have come to our knowledge are t a very strange character, but we abstain until themn'er is investigated from saying more than that they lead i) a strong impression of the prisoners guilt. The negro sill he brought before Recorder Baldwin this morning ? ' O Tropic, March 23 Conspiring to Defraud.?In the Police Court, 1 his morning, a complaint was entered by Philo ( I. Shelton, against inn mm 01 r.hnuiiiui, j-uuuoj > 'o., of this city, for conspiring to obtain from hire, on lie 2fith of March, goods, by f3lse pretences, and to carry hem out of the Commonwealth, consisting of 104 bags :offee, worth $1,400, which ware shipped on hoard a vessel or New York. It was alleged that these and other goods on large amount were recently purchased?subsequently 0 which the accused went into Chancery. A number ol vitnesses were called for the Government, from whose estimony it appeared that the accused had purchased anil hipped, previous to having filed a petition tor a warrant if Chancery, from M. B. Gihbs. .'>0 hhds molasses, of the rulue of $1500 ; Francis Fay, 200 kegs of lard, worth $!Mi; 1 C Hooper, 40 boxes sugar, $700 ; John Tyler, 04 hngr offee ; Thomas Curtis, 200 bags j John 8. Hill, 91 bags vorth $1000. After n hearing of the evidence and nrgunents of counsel, the Court decided that the evidence o ntentionnl fraud was not made out, and ordered the defendants to he discharged?Host on Journal, March 40. Fire and Lass or Life.?Tlie house of P. W [Eastman, at Newcastle, C. W., was destroyed by ire on the 11th inst., and three of his children, of the iges of five, seven, and nine years, burned to death. The ire burned with such rapidity, that Mr. and Mrs. E. turn id their attention to their children, five in number, ol ivhich three were upstairs in bed and two below. Mr. E. took the two lielow, and Mrs E. immediately ran up itairs for the others, but the room in which they were was so completely enveloped in flames, that she could lot make her way to the bed, but stood at the door as long ts she could, calling on her children to come to her for lelp, hut to no effect. She had to retreat, leaving the [>oor little helpless creatures to the devouring element, dho was very badly burned herself, so much so that she is in a very dangerous state Not an article of furniture was saved, anil in about half an hour the building was level with the ground. Hornxby Convicted.?The trial of L. C. llornshy, for the murder of Col. Twogood, was concluded in the Criminal Court yesterday. Messrs. Fenn and Kotile concluded the argument for the delence, and Mr. Mazureau closed lor the prosecution. The case was submitted to the jury about five o'clock, and after an absence of three minutes, they returned with a verdict, Guilty ol Manslaughter. The punishment is imprisonment in the Penitentiary, for a term not exceeding twenty-one years. New Orlcant Tropic, March 23. Louisville.?The increase of the population of this western city during the last two years has been very heavy. Of Germans alone the increase is estimated at over 4,000 There are lew vacant houses in the place, and preparations are making for extensive building during the coming season. Rents are low and food cheap During the middle of the month, eggs sold in the market at three to four cents a dozen. The Wheat Crop.?The Alexandria Gazette says?We are pleased to learn from the neighboring counties in Virginia and Maryland, that the growing wheat crop presents a very promising appearance. Ho early in the seasou nothing ol course can lie predicted of the result?but if the good beginning continues to the end, the farmers will rejoice in an abundant wheat har vest. Iron Steamers ?A movement is on foot nt Buffalo, to build a large iron steamer for the lake service, by an enterprising forwarder of that place, assisted by a heavy house in New York. Their cannot he a question of tneir practicability and ultimate success for tlie hike trade. Conestooa Navigation.?The first arrival this season from Lancaster, Pa., by way ol the Conestoga Navigation and Tide Water (.'anal, was the canal boat Julia Ann, w ith 600 Mils. Flour. Wool. Market.?We lenrn that during the present week a large lot of first quality Saxony wool has been sold in this county ior AO cents per pound, cash This is the best sale that has been made this season.? I'ouifh. Capital ?Gen McKay IiasTntroduced a bill into the House of Representatives, to authorize tlie coinage ot one dollar gold pieces, at the United Htates mints This currency would he a great convenience to all classes. The size is said to he one-third smaller than the present silver ten cent piece. JrnoE Elliott.?On the 18th instant, the Louieiuna Legislatureadopted, with lint one dissenting voice, articles of impeachment against Judge Elliott, which were to he sent immediately to the Senate (or trial. | Foiu>, the prize fighter, is not dead lie is still 1 in New Oi leans. Western Railroad.?On and after Monday, April 1st, tiie fare from Boston to Albany will he ffi. To the Public. Signora Amalia Valtellinu, my lawful and legitimate contorl has hitherto retained her maiilrn nameol Majncchi, according to the custom prevailing amongst theatrical Indies in both worlds. Owing to some false, ungenerous, malignant and cowardly insinuations ruade in a weekly paper of this city, against which I will take such measures as I shall think pro|>er. she will hereafter in all public or private transactions, be designated under her (rgnl name of " Amalia Valtellina 11 Messrs Kditors of the New Vork Herald, the American, the Sun, the Courier and Enquirer, the Express, the Tribune, the Courier des Etats-Cnis, and the Anglo-American, are respectfully requested to give the above two insertions in their column*, and send their bills to No. 302 Broadway, with one copy of the paper. 3t ATTILIO VALTELLINA. ft?- RICHARD'S HIMSELF AGAIN?Be it known to Hll men throughout the United States o( America, and throughout the world, that Knapo's highly celebrated blacking is acknowledged bv 49 out of AO of thoso who have tried it to surpass every thing of the kind known 1 up to this period, I944jis sold as su. h at 149 Broadway and I (92 Bowery, and if not true to the letter, the money will he returned. Families In particular are Invited to try it. I' S. The finest qualities ot Mack and blue inks for sale as above. __ ft;- BLANC D'ESPAONE, OB SPANISH WHITE, imparts a beautiful, brilliant lite-like whiteness to the complexion. To he had only nt 87 Walker street, lirst store from Broadway, in handsome boxes, 36 cents each. I Kb REDUCTION FOURFOLD IN HUCES, OR thine, if the u?r ia not delighted with it. An arte that every lamily must conaUer iinliapenaaMe, ten they know ita power anil value,and which liaa he reore been told too high to reach all clasaea, hi a oow en reduced lourfold in price, with a new that rich ami or, high and low, and, in fact, evei y human being, may joy ita comfoita?and ull who get it ahall have the price turned to them if thuy are nut delighted with ita uae.? e aaaert, without the poaaibility of (contradiction, that . Hume or Sculda, every external Sore, old or freali, and 1 external paina andachee, no matter where, ahull bereced to comfort by it in Ave minutea?aaving life, limb, scar. No buin can be fatal if tliie ia applied, unleaa tho tola nm /luetmvwil hu lliat nApiitonl 'I'nia urtir.L will ire any or tne following complaints, or all pay ia refuted r it, viz :? inn, Scalds Chilblain*, Erysipelas, ire Nipples and Eyes, Piles, Salt Rheum, irbers' Itch, Fever Sorej, Ulcere,Sores,Ike. It ia truly magical, to appearance, in ita eifecta. inlire for "Connel'a Magical I'aiti extractor Salve," at smatock 1k Co's, 31 Courtlandt street. Price 35 cents, or ur times aa much for fifty cents, and ten time* aa much r one dollar. All country merchants are requested to take it to their wna on commisaion, aa the greaest blraaing to manind that has been discovered in medicine for ages. Thia strong language, but you may depend its power will lly justify it. Sold at 31 Courtlandt street, where it can - only found genuine in this city Caution.?Be sure you get Connei/s, as our plate with alley's name on it has been stolen, and counterfeit and ortnlexs may appear under that name. See that it ia diict from Comstock Ik Co, or never touch it. Qg- THE WEAK, THE FEEBLE, THE INFIRM, le nervous, the delicate, are in a few days strengthened y Brnndreth's Pills, and the worst complaints are remot-d by perseverance, without the expense of a physician d-ipted to all circumstances and situations, they are the est medicines ever invented for families or to take to sea, rerouting scurvy and costiveness, requiring no change f diet, particular regimen, or care against taking cold.? 'hose who are anxious to better their health should at nee commence the use of these Pills ; they will have uuse to be thankful. Sold at 341 Broadway, at 33 cents nor box?also at 374 towery ; ltffll Hudson st; Mrs Wilkinson. 413 Cherry treet ; U. B. Maigne, 9S Catharine street ( J. Howe, corer Ludlow und Rivington ; and ut Mrs. Booth's, ft Maret street, Brooklyn. 3t 0&- BLOWINO HOT AND COLV WITH THE SAME IRKATH ?The incessant and effective discharge* we avo let fly at the frothy and foamy imitator of Dolby's Ma ical Pain Extractor, has made him squeal, si|irm, splutter, wist, turn, threaten and blackguard, till the f< w wits, that re left htm, aiefast evaporating, and in "An Appeal" God wot, how vain and hollow are his appeals, never sale-factor immortalized,gibbet wliosifappeal deserved lesa lotice) he says " if any one it foolisdi enough to prefer lalleyts to Connell's thty (note his awful English) can iave it fi.r 35 cents." Unconsciously the musk drops, falley'x Halve is depreciated, and the concoction of the Jalluy, the public will see, must bu an egregious ash to ndorsu notices, lauding the vender of a vile imitation tuff, and disparage his agent. We need not add that 'shameless knavery will meet it* own reward." Jld intuitu .voidany as poison and fatal, tiniest it has the nameofll. lalley, written with a pen on the wrapper. This only will ave you from danger and perhaps Death. No pay it tain for it unless it cures. iurns, Scalds, Erysipelas, Salt Hheum, 'iles, blind or bleeding Old Sores, Hheuinatism, hilb'ains. Sore Nipples and Eyes, Eruptions, Stc. tod the etfbrts of "worthless vagabonds" and "matchless nseals" to impose on you will be lutile Buy at Dalley's Vgency, 67 Walker street, fiirst and only store FROM Iroadway. Aprl 2teod (1T7- STRANGE! THAT ANY ONE SHOULD BE m|io?ed upon by foreign quarks, after the cautions of the lournal of Commerce, anil other papers. while Sir Astley ooper's Corn Salve is known to be the only cure to be elied upon. It is a gieat comfort to use this salve Sold it D Milnor's, corner John st. and Broadway ; 188 Broadway : 881 do , 283 do ; corner Bowery and Grand st ; c.orler Hudson and Spring sts ; 208 Greenwich at; corner Ninth st. and Third Avenue. Examine the xylogruphic atiels. QO- ' A WORD TO THE CARELESS "?The author >fthe Diury of a Ph> rician ?*y* that n slight cold is an rgg, which when hatched, producer, pleurisy, inflammation of the lungs, asthma and couruniption. And yet bow many there are who in this cold mid changeable season ire suffering from the effects ol cold and who neglect it altogether. Let such beware They will manliest anxisly when it is too late The golden moments, when relief r.ouhl have been obtained, have passed away, and they rati look forward to nothing with certainty lint the giave. Dr Sherman's Cough Lozenges ure a specific, as hundreds and thousands are ready to testify who have resorted to them. Do not be deceived and Inol away your time and money. We enn recommend this remedy as one that never (ails Dr Sherman's warehouse i; 106 Nassau street. Agents, 227 Hudson, 188 Bowery, 77 East Broadway, 8fi William St., 10 Astor House, 110 Broadway, 180 Fulton st. Brooklyn, and 8 State st. Boston. (U7- HAIRY EXCRESCENCE FOREVER ANNIHIlated by using one bottle ol Dr Felix Gouraud's Poudre Subtile. To Tie had genuine only at the original olfice 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway. OCt- DALLEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, at 21 Courtlandt street, at half price, viz : 24 cents perliox, with hie own written name on each box, under forfeiture of $100. <1(7- FRECKLED, PiMPLF.D, BLOTCHED, DARK, sallow, rough,"eruptive skins, cured liy using one cak? of D>. roll* Uoinuud's Indian Medicated Soap Wtf.islitrd, or no nay. ui> sure an<i get me genuine iu <u vr maci street, first store from Broadway. MOIVKY MAHKKT. Sunday, Mnn h 31?9 P. M. The moromonts in the stock matket during the past week have been very fluctuating and price* for all kinds of stocks have gradually fallen off*. The quotations now current, are still high for many fancy securities ; but all good stocks have been seriously attested by the stateof the ^political subjects of the day. It is u very curious state of alfairs,when North American Trust stock advances from day to day from one to three per cent, and United States and Kentucky sixes fall back in about the same proportion, it shows a very unnatural state of things, to say the least. The accounts from Washington are looked to with much anxiety by stock operators, in consequence of the feverish state of the market, and tha great influence movements at the capitol exert over transactions in Wall street. Tho annexed comparative table of quotations ia this market, will show the past and present state of the market:? I'ricks of Stocks in the New York Mirxit. Sat. Mon. Tu'y. ffVy 7Vy h'r'U Sa'y L. Island, 75* '4* 73* 73 73V 72* 71V Mohawk, SI 57V 57* 38V 57* 17* 56* Harlem, 63V 63 66* 65* 64 63* 63 Psterson 80 * 81 81* 83 81* 81 80* I 'anion, 34* 34 34 * 34 * 34 33* 33* Farmers' Loan. 40* 3!) 41 4t 40 30* 39* Norwich and Wor.- 38 37 37 * 37 36 * 36* '6 Ohio 6's, 96* 95* 95* 95* 91* 91* 94* Illinois, 42* 42 41* 41 ? 40 40 Indiana, 38 * 38 37* 37 36 36* ? Kentucky. 102 101*101-101*101 101 101* The closing prices on Saturday for all these itocks are lower than thoso of the previous week. Ohio 6's have fallen oft' 3} per cent since last Saturday. The money market is gradually tightening. The rate oi interest has within the past week advanced from 4 a 6 per cent to 5 a 6 for temporary loans. These rates are established by the banks, to which they adhere,for regular discounts. .Money can be obtained in the street at a fraction below the last price. The state of the stock market bus induced the banks to move cautiously in making loans on such securities as are offered by the brokers The margin formerly left [fur depreciations, might lisappear the first panic, and leave the parties holding s'.ock with hardly sufticient value to realize their loans. A very great falling oil'in stocks would cause a withdrawal ?f capita' now appropriated to that species ol investment, and throw into the market large sums that would seek employment intlie regular channel* of trade. Stocks at thi? moment, are in such a feverish state, that it would not i(quire accounts of a very unfavorable nature from any quarter to cause a sudden and rapid- decline, even from tho prices now ruling. , The decision of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts; in reference to the attachment by the Hamilton Bank ol Boston, of fundi in its possession at the time the Pheoix Bank of Churlestown failed, has been mis-stated. The opinion was in lavor of and not against the Hamilton Bank. The sum in Jitpute amounts to about six thousand dollars. The Boylston Insurance^Company, ol Boston, have di "?" ???? ?U- ti.A n?? iiomintra of pjifhtfim ?m?-? Ufl po, uuuv Ll.rn ? ?? month*. Ttio following Komi nnnunl dividend* will be paid by the Bank* of Boston on andaflor the tut of April. Bosto* B*-?k Ditidkvih. Hanks. Capital. Dividend. .dm'l. A* l??. MNi.000 none . _ Atlantic SOi.O n 2 i?r ct I2..100 h mm, c o.ouo 3k or ct 21,mm < i y, . 1,0 o 001 ?kl>r<t 2s.ono Columbian. SOd.iOO 2 i>r ct iO.iOO Kc*le, 0 2k |i, ci 12 Sufl Freeman's, ijft (i (" ... turret 5 2SO lil t>?, 10(0,0(0 ... I |>r ct ... 30 (>00 (irriite, SO.,.0 0 ... 2 i r cl ... 10,000 II inilPn, ion,(o? 2 lr,t ... io.oki M.-sachusrtU, 80O.OOO ... J pr ct i6(U0 \l?ik,t. Sfio.WW ... 3 iir ct ... 16,800 Mechanics', ISO (o0 3 pr ct 1500 Mrrr 3.(60,010 .1 pr ct New F,n*lend, I.OtO,orri ... 2k I ret ... 2S.OO0 Notih.... ; 7,,o,oo ... j p ct la.onn .Shoe Ik Lnuher Dealer*', >0,000 .. 3 pr ct ... 8h wmut .'On 1 (mj ... 2k |>r ct 12,i#0 I.noo con ... 2 |,r ct >0,000 Huff Ik, 1,000 000 ... 4 pr Ct 40,000 "I reui"nt, soil 0"0 2k pr ct I* Son Tiaders', 400,000 ... 2 |>r ct ?<? U'MOn 800.000 ... 2*i pr ct 2(1 Onfl Washington, ... ik pro: . 8,71(0 . , . . $ 7,010,000 $116 301 DiVidenJs pud Octnb*i I, IStJ, 417,001 F.*rr?? fur the past six mon'hs..." '' 300 j This averages alsmt two unil u half per cent for the firat ; Hi* month* on the total bank capital of Boaton, making at the snmo rate, five per rent per annum. The Alia* Bank 1 makes no dividend. The dividend declared, In by the Washington, being IJ percent, and the highest hjrthc Suffolk, being lour per cent. The receipts of the Western Railroad Company for the present year, exhibit a great increase over those for the corresponding period of last year. From January 1st to ? March 33of each year, they har a been aa follow* f'

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