Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1844 Page 3
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\ i|n itii Passenger* $33,249 $42 1IS f Fltlght, Ite. M.'Jfl 58,248 $74,150 $100. Ml The immense amount of capital both in this countn , * an<l in Europe, now lading idle, for the want of some pro fitablu mode of investment, probably will tiud an outlet ii creating some extensive speculation in several oi the sta pie articles of trade. In consequence of the uncertaint) that surroundsjitock operations, from the undecided state of our foreign affairs, capital is gradually leaving such investments, and must accumulate at certain points, unlesi some method is adopted to give it employment. We al ready perceive indications of a disposition to get up spec ... t,uiuj-o. i/uiirc, neu, pepper sua sugar navt to a certain extent, been influenced by large operation, ol a highly speculative character. We have the eape ricuce of former yearin sustaining us in these assertioni regarding the employment of capital. Menof means will not allow their resources to lay idle, and in the absence o safe investments, they will naturally enter those, involv ing more danger, possessing more chances for large pro fits. Besides the ai tides above enumerated subject to j speculative movement, we can also add Tea. The stocki of Tea and Coll'ee in Kurope are as large as usual and tlx demand for consumption has heretofore been very regu lar and corresponding with the supply. Stocks or Tea and Cornea in Lonpon, Fi d 1st, ioh TWO YEARS. 1841. 1841. Dtcr. Incr. Coffe*. cwt. 474.001) 425,000 49,000 ? Tr., b,01.0 22,590,000 ? 1 (83,COO Do. If I' eii, 5,012,000 3.833,000 1,207,000 ? These two great staple articles of trade are subject tu great speculations from another cause besides the abundance of money. This is the low point that prices have reached. < ofl'ee has for years been decliuing in prices, and operators feci satisfied it has become reduced as much as it ean possibly stand, and that there is great room foi improvement. The some thing exists in regard to the fame articles in this country, and {the receipt of advices Irum Kurope favorable to an advance there, would natu all) produco favorside movements here. The result has been a> every one might have anticipated. Since the arri /si of the (,'uledor.ia, the operations in cotfee in the prin. oipsl markets of this country have been very heavy, moit of which were for export to Kurope. At Baltimore Kia Coffee has advanced | to a J cent per lb., and sales for the week reached DIM! bags, a portion for shipment. About 9,00 bags St. Domingo were also taken for export Sales in una inoiKci auil at Boston, have also been made at an advance, and for export to Kurope. The stock of Coffee now in this market is estimated as follows :? St Domingo. . .bags 7,000 Brazil do 22,500 Javu do 12,400 Lagnayra do 4,000 Sumatra do 3,000 Muracuibo do 1,700 Cuba do 2,000 Africa do 700 Manilla do 440 1'orto Rico do 120 Total Btock bags 63,070 Import and Export op Copff-.k, Quantitv Consumed, r a pro Vauii, Import. Koport. Consumption. Value of founds founds. founds Consump'n 1830, 9I71HI507 10,147,207 77,647 300 $7,667,877 1837, 18,140 40,1 18,006,338 76,044,071 v.335,506 f 10.18, 88,130,72# 5.267,087 82,871,633 7,137,970 1839, 116,096 998 6 824,47 ) 99 872,517 9,006,68.'. 1810 , 91,996.095 8,098,334 80 297,761 7,615,823 1841, 111 984.783 5.781,536 109.000,217 9,854.2)3 1842, 112,8 >5,927 5,181,068 107,481,459 8,455.312 Importation or Tka into the United State# foh six tears. Value. Value. 1837, $5.903,054.. 1840, $5,427 018 1818, 3 497,DO 1811, 3.466.245 18)9. 2,428,419 1842, 4,527.108 Those tables show great fluctuations in value, which varies full ns much as the quantity imported. By the annex> d comparative quotations it will be seen that within the past six months, prices have fallen off a large per cent. Coffee Sept. 16. March 30. Java. g iTPrrment, prr l'v ll,l4 u 1IX 9% a IIX Hum 1 fa. 7 a 7)2 7 a 7J4 loK-ir*. 7% a 8X ... 7 a 7X < 11-44, 7 a 8 ... 6)a a 7W Brazil. 7 h BJi ... c*4 a 73a fit. Doming,), 5X a 6 ... 5>i a 5?g Tea. Our.powder, 311 a 90 ... 30 a 80 Hyson, 35 a V0 ... 40 a 89 V >ju a hyson, 35 a 90 ... 30 a 80 Yi.uiu do Canton madf.t'iO a 22 ... 18 a 20 X>>11111 do. M.-.cao made 14 a 16 ... 11 a 12 111 Sim aki? 'I ? ? - "" - " The Sen :to of this State have commenced with the House in regard to the amendments to the Constitution. The amendments adopted by the Senate embrace three distinct propositions. First?The amendments from the House in regard to State Debt and Liability, which are precisely in the shape in which they pissed that body. Third?A provision imposing personal liability upon t stockholder* of moneyed corporations. The secon 1 relates to the Judiciary, and tbe fourth to abolish the property qualification for office. Cotton markets. Mobile, March 33d.?The maiket continues quiet, but firm?rales to day estimated at 10 a 1300 bales, yesterday 1 a I.">00, and Wednesday 3000 bales. Total lor the week ill out 10.600 bales. Receipts 33,738 bales, including the Rowena's cargo. New Orleans, March 33d.?For the better qualities prices are more steadily maintained than for the lower descriptions, not because of any demand there is for them, but owing to their being relatively scarcer, and to the probability ol their continuing so, as the receipts now are in a great measure composed of tbe low sorts Buyers for England continue to be the principal operators, but as the demand uot only for that country, but elsewhere, is so limited, and prices so unsatisfactory, there are further shipineats being made in consequence on home account. The sales of the week amount to 13,400 balos, of which 0,800 were sold during the last three days. Married, On Thursday evening, 36th ultimo, at St. Thomas' Church, by the Rev. William Berriau, HenrtE. WilUSD, to Mrs. Lot* is a A. Watson, all of this city. On Wednesday, 37th ult. by tnc Rev. Mr. Davies, Mr. Lawrence Pricham, to Miss Elizabeth A. Jones, daughter of Mr. David Jones, all of this city. Died. On Saturday, 30th ult. at his residence, Williamsburg, William Wilson, aged 43 years. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully requested to attend the luneral, to morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, from North Fourth street, near Second, Williaiasburg. On Sunday, 31st ult. William 11. Brownne, Principal of Public School No. 11, in the S3d year of hie age. The friends of his iamily are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, 366 Henry street. On Saturday, 30th ult. John Dsnotan, aged 40 years. His friends and acquaintances are respeitfully requested to attend his funeral, from his late residence, 37 Cherry st. tins afternoon at 3 o'clock. On Saturday afternoon, after a short illness, of hrnin fever, Sarah Selena, aged 7 years and 10 mouths, eldest daughter of John and Henrietta Campbell. The friends of the family are requested to attend her funeral, this afternoon at 3? o'clock, trom the residence of her parenti,320 East Broadway. Passengers Arrived. imvkhpool?racket imp Yorkshire?H Bennett, Mr Riudall find lady. Rado Srnaho?208 in the steerage LiyKRI-ool.?Packet shin Ashburton?Mr and Mr? Mm land, child anil nurse, .Mr aim Mri Su'toiista!!, 8 II Hamilton, Win Macartney. II MrJlirntt?120 m the steerage. vi w "n.fisi?Shin lohu Muitorn?Mrs Phelps, child anil 11 MMurphy - 2i m the steerage i. i * > i in?Brig (? f- Lamar?Mr Lelaud and lady, Wilson 1 .1 I. r. 11 1 ehiir II W I,ay, A Peaae, (J J Chow. B L Willi. .it.mill? It in th- steeiaga. IPortlgn Importation* Livkhpooi.?Ship Yorkshir>?3 |>kgs K Tomes & son?tt dn Bacar, Bnnjimm ken?3 J U Malice?J K L Honghtnu?I Hohhins?2 R L II ilaied?I Cotlm, Bradley fc co?30 W K Blackhiin.?9 W b Terry ?4 eka in anvils ti bdls vices R Mnoj Ik co?3 |>kg< PstOO fc Stewart? 3 WkJ Morrison Ik cn?I D Morrison?15 Stone Ik cn?400 bars iron Arnold k co?tl pkg* Smilh, Thurgsr St cn?60 bxs t'n plates Stokes, (iilhert Ik rn?3 Ikg ti k T Whilfleld? 6 J VlcCall k rn?4 Sheldon. Phelps fc co?13 A Mil hell fc co?2 W fc J Hunt fc co?I CRN toman ?J7 T"ok*r, Mei kco?21 John (iilinn ken?Gil J ason?9 J JLyu Ills?I Pirsooa, Ct'ning k co?170 ions coal U ("olden? 23 i ki/s II L 11. uih?1 A I'aterson k co?2 Jonah Williams?8 II tl olden Si son?i Mrs Ward?17 Richardaou k Walt n?C W Whitewright k c ?2 A II V an .Nest?I Warren, ( art-r k coit J i onnah?31 Smith k co?8 ( amrroii (* tlra-d?I Bird (ill lil lu kco?W -V ( h'ster fc co?I HCriiks? 12 lleise Bros? 2 K ( o hnf.?34 tlodfr r, Patterson k eo?8 ll?? e Si co?I Rob T ( -trl-A Lewi . Allerlry k co?I Wolfe k OiMespie?2 > i .iv k Dunli r?4 Hint k Bn>ther? ? 5 J J C Heath k Br. ther???> W i i- lit Sprit s Sic?I K Cornng k co?1 W Bait ii 2 U nni t t k co?9 Buck'sorm, Bruutsheen k co?(0 .) Le- k n ?in <? My-r. k co?1 W Knowles?3 B<rteti k Johnsoc?I HI ike k I; ?ari 7 J V'n War?10 W Wheel* rig't * co? 1 If id, S, rasnr Si co?4 I Hunt k co?2 Cornel I k Brothers? 1 Passe U Lett, uc k c ?3 I)iok*<>u k co?78 fuller k en?72 K k .1 U Blunt?2 W M Tints?8 Kir h k S| rdding?IS Butterled Br. ill ra Si co- $ K Harris,t?7.1 lluthnrii?4 II Nmri?? 3 I W H/.l,er,iu?;r I l.i on k rn-RiJ Nicholson?2 Plate Si B otlie'.,? :i L c fcCart-r?5 K llolnnson?3 B K Uavsson? J On ii?21 Ingle. k ?i oil?I .1 fraydon?Ii W W|ntwrig,.l? 8 Smith Tinny.,. k c ? I J Smi h?; (; Met7.-1 K Stub . ? 2 Ap ? o kO d."'0 cmtej ar, hen ware Thos N HoiIi 11) ?2 casks Ii rdwitre J Kills mi?2 s Stewart k Bio het ? 9 ca I k J Stewan k Co 2 Win Whip?I ./as Own ? t c-k< hard* ?Cn iln-u hole. (1 >oi cloth II Andr w?7 c ska hnrdw-f Dans k ? i casks l>m s./fcJ Col?3 il i hardware I k J Cox ?| do H-ii.irick k Blunt?3 dn R Hv? op k S ni?3 d in l7.r B k J Jr ne. k Co?2 caski glass J k .) Cox? 1 rs hard ware./ r a coner?It hales cur|ietii k A H Tnnon k C ? iiske livdwaredo? I A Von Nest?SJsaLeffat? IJOieen k< ../'? ? Wa't.n?9 Levi, Cook" St Co?I I) fry?GJ R W- rrtll k Hi,?2 Thompson fc Do?I YuU"g k H ith-J; he tee Clark k Co-1 Paton k Hrewar'-i R Jeffery kl o-l Hofii r k Hsyes-2 Moswell II Steele-1 J k W Towr k <0-1 Field Iho.pson k C ?4 JAk R S luiiiiere-l - oh Ke?fcC ?I <?sorg Hastings k Co? II l)ov- k W hhI Urn ii k CoBsur-l I ravn, Wilson k ro-J L Benedict km -I 1 hart k K. dick-21 II Wiokley-JO tons <oal C II Mats' II- 11 ia ei I I lis k ( oilelvoii-In J 1? Kill lor- '>! Tho I . k i'roan- 9 2 liars iron Ii |[ Ab-ck St co-1826 I'airsou ti in?TOO 1mi.Ii yotatces C II Marshal ? va ious | kgs ro order. Ctvr.nro t-?Ship A'lil orton?1 eve ? p Wil|iams--I cask llunt W.odmankcn?1 do I W Pr.isrk co?It do It My I n k s ni?I do Lewis. Rei edicl k co?I no lug Id-bv It est i re k c??2 cases ( rtnp, H. dies kco?S casts kdwm flout? cis Os'i er 8t co?1 no H listed, llames fc ei?I hale John Kalci.ner?Sc s, a L'onarl J W v eth?I do an It h lea Pst .c fc si await?3 easea I il Worrell k *,ui?2 casks A Van Nest - i d olai.n k Hei.d ick- I ?? le I bi s Invi, k fc 2r.i?ks I ran .1 k J Cox?J easts * tases V m.g fc Smith?2 > sis lieldo imiil?I i .we lisriiee k Hays? I cask W oj k Folh'r?I dc Kei n.ily k Biyan?2 'SSei 1 In.x C tl Krllog k eo? Jcasks Weimor- k ro?I box Meyer, Leon fc eo?12 Case. Wornl's k Co.stes??3 bales I cue lieiry Andr.* I case William Vfatt ? 7. do I.-wis. Alterburv k co? 280 boxes tin plates Stoke. Ci lbe t k co?1000 do llemirickt hr ilheri?I c.ssei Behroeder k Switxi??I do Parsons, Canning it co-12 boxes JtlutUihon kco?I do Read k Taylor?(i hh(L brandy J T Tobiu-3 out 7 Win ndM Thomw H.nt k co'?< I on I* <Jle?eUu<l & M ?o 1?1?lit John ^l ?t WlT77?ri? J A Uui'rrH ood St I> A < oo:?lock?J d? A k H 8 Tbnri . cuk. M arra..roa? fc .oc-1 u-f, A V D " yek ff-l dt Rithir<*? >ii it Walton?' IC cn?k? P-ultn?y k J?nkio?_ * e w Stew III St broti e i-(l packa.ei J k J iT!,, c. Janes Oweu?3 ewe. Jo. Hnd.on-? dollB^l' .V.r,. k ^, th?r?? 3(1 toil, coil and 1250 sack. ..It an ."*!1. Mil uru kc . 3 c*,e> J McCall k co -I bit? B R Lammu-i how. W W. i1 ton* pi. iron Septimus '-rook?II boxre Wight, htuiKii St S i?-l>iln O Meyer k ?on-l John Mnilh4 ck. Wo !? k Cillleipie?' '* ? I "'? 'J""'- B1r',!h'r,_l,^ D M Pevmir fc Co?1 cue W Benjamin k Cu?10 boie. Blrl OilliUn k co?0 ck. b P lliyn-l cue. J Reue k ?oui-: cub. - r.ita. Corn ns (Albutv)?1 ck t r U?lf (IrO))-, A R Van NmI?t ck Head fc Spngue?2 'ui J Mortimer k ec ?21 ce. Sacd. k co?3 ck. .1 P.llo'an k.ou?20 bar. ofangi ' irou?2 rare-. Ne.ina k Co?I bale. I) 11 adilen k son?50 bag nail, ti w Shield.?7 ck. 1 bl J B Klliman?2 cur. 10 hurdle U II Sword.?2 cr. Apple'ou k llnderdonk ( Bojtoo( ? 2 ck* l bundle 13 i Nathan Smith (New llaven)?1 ck. 4 caie) Rurnham k Baldwin?I cue Lewi. Kairmin?I r.k 1 let'. S Br,t er??2 ck. I tru.. Vauwagenen k 'I ucker?1 CR.e R a Ward?3 cue. 1 bale Hughe., Ward k c j?2 bale. G tlut . iOK. ken?300 hnxei tin plate. '} B Morrwood k co?1 imi 1 ck William Barr?!06b In. tin plate. Phelps lodge k co? 1 bales Sm'th, Thurgar k co?I pkg. Hem, Brother, k co?11 I I*. A Mitchell k co? 2ck< H.aluck St co?1 cue U M Mellii , ?2 care. John Wanen?12 ck. H L Houih k co?1 cue J?hi t'ampbell k co?4 Inlet Birc'ay. Liviugtton fcco?*2pkip (iodfreVj letteriuu k co?II W Wh.i?.r.?le-i L' T.....? if ^ Newbold? JO ba'ei luglis ti 8c >it?2cues K C Bel ?. s Stout St Co?1 case John Rhodes? 1 cask Join i pOirrep?I tasks Hrury Bay lis?5 casks Jibe/ Warren?' bei J sclnac?2 bales aud 2 c tses Hall St Blotters? 2 package Henderson It Co?10 bags 4 bales 77 cases 14 casks 16 boxes 2iu: , bars iron 613 bloom iron 219 tons |eg iron 724 bssrs tin platei and 41 boia, Feme plates to order. Uomcatlc Importat lonn. New Orli sns?Ship John Minturn?( Before r parted)- 13; bbli .Masters 8t Markoe?13 A Averill kc ?130 J K Milloaul ?320 flows St Cary?2H Heed St Hoppock?3 hosts R -binson Piatt St co?761 hbls 38 hhds Huydsm, Sage Ik co?31 bills 11 pki Everett St Uatte le?16 hales skins 16 bus Spear St Vamierhoof? 9 bbls K Low?9 hhds Howes. Godfrey St Robinson?40 balei cotton S Umnerjr?11 R Irvin?291 do 917 bids T P Stanton?< lihds J Van Buskiik?2 do 29 bills Arpis St Tunis?2 hhds I' S St I* K Davis?4 cs West, Oliver St co?2 D A Cusliuiau?9 bli hemp Buck St co?7 iron safes !? C Herring?sundry pkgt tt i order. maritime" hkraut" t ??JOi.rt |)?)ri of tb? Steam .snips piiom t.iv/urooi, prom sMBaita l Caledonia, Lott April Acadia, Khan on Apr. 4 May Hiberuia, Ryrie Apr 19 May M i G. Western, Matthews A pa 27 May 2' U.Britain, Hoskeu Mav 21 June 21 Notice to i'llota arid Captain* of Veancla All Pilots aud Captains of vessels are requested to uote thf 1 fact that Robert 8. Martiu. formeily our ship news collector i is uot now in our employ, lie is not, therefore, to receive an) newspqiers or reports intended for the New York Herald. Foreign Letter Bags. Hereafter, Letter aud Newspaper Bags Tor all parts of thi World, will be made up nt the llkRai.ti Office. Ship fllr.starg and Agents. We snail esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels givi to Commodore Robp.rt Silvky. of our News Fleet, a He port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, tin Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, am any Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie wil 1 board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Cor respondents, at home er abroad, will also confer a favor b) sending to this Otfice all the Marine Intelligence they car obtain. Nniticai Information of any kind will bethiakfslli received PUKT (IK RKW VilHK a UMIV. s ur? risk! 5 '5 I moon bets 4 2 sttn ' .6 23 i high water 1 Arrived, Packet ship Yorkshire, Bailey, from Liverpool, March 4 with mdse. to C. 11. Martha!!. Hailed in Co. with tliip Steohri Whituev, Thnnutou, for N York, and parted co aatne night.5th, passed olf Tussar, barque Fertevs-rmice. of St John, MB bound up the channel; 11 th, lat 41, Ion 20, patted a ship unde jury masts. bouud l'.att, auppo ed one of the Bri ith mail boat going home u-der canvatt. The Yoikthire h<thad reinarkab : line we thi r dnriuit the passage, with moderate variable winds and several c.lrn". Packet thip Ashhurton, McWilliamt, from Liverpool, Feb 23. w i h indte, to Grin ell MiiltU'll St Co. Itriic i auouicui, Copelaud 14 days l'r.>m Trinidad de Culii with tuitar and molattet. ti Clut elaiu it l'o.vert The C went atbore yetterday morning near the HighUn's Bi i; Judson, Bryiou. 14 davs troni Tiinidid de Cuba, witl sugar, Stc to order. The J it ?t a-olior below Brig G. D Lamar. Stiiiieinauu, 4 days from Savaunah, witl cotton, to Stura t It Clearinau. It at anchor below. Schr luperlt. Ba too, 7 dayt from Washington, NC. will naval ttenet, to Taylor St Co. Below. British britr Margaret Klizabeth, from St. John, NB. A baiqu and bug iu the offing. O"" Shi|>t Uleudoveer, Parsons; Formosa, Crawford, am Robert liaic, Barrell from Mo ile; barque Nancy W Stevens Stsvens, from New Orleans; linys Lucy Ann, fruin t 'ainpei ch\ with lgwood; Rudolph Grouiug. briber, Im St Thomas and Ta-npico. N'eagle. fin b rauklin. La. are all at auchor iu Uii Lewer Bay. Wind NNJ?, blowing fraah. Hailed. Hamburg ship Howard, Hamburg, and others. IM lsceilmieoua. Foreign Packets?The Furope, Furb*r, for Liverpool 1 and Ba'timore, Fundi, for Havre, will sail hence to-day; tin Piiuce Albert, Sebor, lor L >ndon, oil Tuesday. Tliesr lette i bags are at this office. Missing Vessels ? Brig D R Martin, of Bluehill, Me. An sou Darling mut i, after taking a ca>go from Boston to Kotoi dam last nutuinu. proceeded in ballast Ito Rochelle. took oi board a cnigo of brandy and ochre for Auel Phelps it Co. am otli-rv of Brstor, and sailed Nov 14. since which she lias neve bueii heatd from Capt Uarhug was at out 35 or 40 vtara old of escelleut character, and lias left a wife end several childre s hi, II,. ..... P?. . .. .1 J "C 14 wy ... !. l..~ .. .. apprentice. The roll ol equipage when she left Boston, hot the names also of Robert Robertson, first officer, of Bluet ill aged 20; John Gray, colored man, cook, supposed a for?iguei auil the .ollowing celored seamen:-Joseph Collins, of Balti more, aged 25; Joseph brown of Georgetown, DC 32; Rich Wright, of New York, s9; and Thomas niinmous, supposed fore.gner. The D R Martin was a go id v, ssel o' atmut 17 tons, about a year old, valued at 7 or IBUuO and belonged parti iu New V ork, where it is probable the was insured Her carg was wo'lh about $12.000. ou wtiirh there were thiee policies < insurance iu Boston for $5000, 45)0 and 1000 There was also , Cilicy on profits, the amount not yet decided. Fishing sch onlidence, Parsons, of and from Gloucester for O-orges Bauk sailed Feb ii9. and has not siuce been heard from. She had oi board seven men beside the tkiiper. Vessels Due at Liverpool.?Comparative lists of vessel due at this port 31st ol Jauuary, 1813, and 3let of Januaryall of were known 'o have cleared at their resnectiv, porta, but had uotarrived 011 the ilst of January:? 1143. No of 18)4. No o: Da? from Vetarlt. Due from Yeaaela New Orleans, 22 New Orleans, 4 Mobile, ... 9 Motile, .... 6 Savannah, 4 Savannah, - 1 Charleston, 3 Charleston, ... 1 Total, 38 Total, 12 ?[Liverpool Albion. Notice to Mariner*. Fort Natal.?The bar at the entrance of Port.Natal haviui been further thrown out. and a new channel formed more to tie northward, Lt Nouise, UN, has ha t fresh marks put up, uuue the Bluff, for the guidance of vessels entering the port, viz:?A Diamond Orating placed among the rocks at low water mark and another a rock painted black and white, at the back of it distant about 100 yams, bearing 8W by 8. In the chanuei there is at this date, not leas than 17 feet water at high water spring tides ?[Port Natal, Dec. 2, 1843 Import ant to Mariners Trapinc. to thk East Capf. New Zealand ?A reef runs off shore s mile and a half, with only two water on it at ebb tide, half w*y between Aria waind Keoarao; the Cape Island beariug Nh, by compass.? Kobi rt (Jntch, Poverty Bay, Jan. 23,1843 ?[From the Southern Australian, May 30 Whalemen. Sailed from Table Bay, ('OH. Jan 23, John Adams,'Brad ford, NB, on a crnise. (T/ See news columns. Spaksn. Queen of England, (Br) Calcutta for Liverpool, March 61 lat 42, Ion 32-by the Vorkshirv at this port. Ohio, Liverjmol for N York, March 19, lat 41, Ion 40?by tin lame. A large ship standing North, March 30, ahont 3 miles Ea-i of B iston Light?undoubtedly the Brookline, Allen, Munlli lor Salem. 'Ira,' (probably Eliza, Sawyer) Wiscasset for Havana, Marct 19, lat 27, Ion 72 30. Foreign Ports, Cape Haytikn. March 14?In port. Silenns, Hardy, fron Bostou, just arr; Itock't, Hardy, for do, ready; Lion,Sampson for do, neat day; Kathleen, iluttlesuii, tor Philadelphia, unc Uoing in, Ou'esie, Jeukins, from Boston. St John. NB Much 20?Arr Fame, Crowll. Philadelphia 23th. B Itiinore, Biekmoie, and Woodlands, Johnstou, Phila nelphia. Table. Bav, CUII. Jan 23?In port. Science. Kres, for Bos ton toon; Dover, Austin, from Bauvia; 12th, Emma Isadori Holmes, uuc. Standing to 26th, an Americau schr. flora* Port* Belfast, March 27?The ic in the hay has goue.and a rhau net has been cut through the ice in the river, so that vessels car pass in and our. Lunge, March 23?Sid T'tv, Eme'son, Baltimore. Thomaston March 23?Arr Saline, Fales, N Vork. Frankkort, March 27?Sid Kupert, llanktn, Matan/.as. Portland. March 28?Arr Metcy it Hope, Carle, NVorl for Bangor. Cld Portland, Clough, t'uba Portsmouth, March 27? llelow, Commerce, Tinkhain, fit Wi.casset tor Htv?na; .Meridian, do for N Vork. Salem, Mercl 28?Arr Scioto, I lu>inpaoii . from Calais fol New Vorg. Cld 29ih, Edwin, Ore,nlaw (iuadilouie; Diaua Si all. I'h.ladelphia; E II II trick, Wnluns, NYnrk. Boston, March :t(l?Arr'Kagle Drew, ( ape llayti'ii. (11 Mary Ann, (racy. Para; Trenton, Pitman, ( ape llaytiuu; Al pine. Freuc\ Cardenas, Cuba; Anna KeynolUs, Ma'hews, Phi lade phia; Koht Bruce, llortthy, Fredericksburg; Trio, Nick prsnn, NYark Holmes Hole, March 26?Arr Franklin, Pattern Mataozai for liat'i; A Marshall, Jolinson, and Columbian,, Smith, Bos Ion for NYnrk Arr 28th, B ulus, Bobbins. NYnrk lor liar, well. 29th?No arrival. Brutus is the only vessel in (aire.? ! i h i est of the (|e r have sailed Nr.w Un>Fom>, March 30?S d Mayflower, Herron, New Sm\riia. Ka;l nrnelia. L nr. and Helen, IVrrv, N York. Pkovidkk'b, iMarrli IN?Sid Petna-iuid. l-'oa ett. Wlimine t > ; Star, Boeruin, Baltimore; K A Sewa d, Itw ItiehnieuO Caledonia, Spellinan and Hero, Spell man, NYork Nkwi-oiiT, Match 21? Arr Heniy Oibht, Oibba, KaY Jlieei for > York Ai.ti.trir, Mart h ?!??Arr S--nttnr,Wrtt|mrt; Belle, Brooki flartfo d. t Hd Tantivy Jickaon, NHaven UtcHMorto, March 2'J?Arr Mary t hilton, ( inning- Lady Clinton, C am r. and Kitri, Overton, NYoik; Shercr. Ke||-r, . homaatoii: Ahm Brown, Davit, Newport. Hid I aithian, Allcu h Orleans. wilmtmiitoft, Nr. March 27?ArrMarg ir-t.fBr] < lementt, Jamaica. < 'la A va, Chase, Tobago; Kcho, Mrurr, Id vana; Charlotte, II -at do. CHtKUHiTn.-i, March 28?Arr Ki an h I in (Jr-eri, Wyllie. Hava a; Blaie, H- amer, N rleana ( Id Orean c>. Tnl-a IJ 'ariin; (Hide, i'nwiiaend. Phil-deli hia; hri|>ewi |i Lawrence, VV Indira I Id 27lh, t iirafle, Kelly, New V ork; VV oiiiiaiioat;. Cnlson, NrnvIlas; Warrior, Oriffi-h, VV luilirt hid H Allen Wilton, and Vlmn lltyrt, N York; ( ten I arming, [ Hr ] Kyd Win id" lock [ llr] Talier, and Morgian -, f Itr ] lug lit, Liverp'l Mary Clark, Swatt, W Iniliri. Arr 2filh, Caroline, Sherwood, N York C>i>a* Kf.ti, Ka March 18?In |irrt, N (J Bourne, and Hi M irka, lor N York, 2ilib. Monti r.. March 2-?Arr Sunny, Hcudder, and Seuthrr, Loiiihird. B aton; J Ik W Kirickaon, Ho nh, Plnlade.phia ? i I Id Be, gal, O rliam, Botlo ; 2td, -pl? did, C.-ocker, ,N York; IC|ter?itr. Krrwell, Boaou; Bo.loii, Heahuri, Ptnl.idelnhia N?;w "m itAas, March 21?trr Betty, [Hw] Schmidt, Motile il rl Virginia, K ton, anil Maranhatn, I"o-ini-g Ll'erp'l; Hatlitw, Hay ward, Boatun. I nia, Whe ler, NYork; War aw, Ih-rhe.t harieaton; Kdi. burgh, Crocti-.-, Havana; I'arthe , Kalea, I'mladeiphia; r dla, [Hw ] Attnnler, Amt'rream, Almato .. (a) Windell, llavan i. Air 2ltt, 'J' Hnr-vt, Mct nnnell, do: Koniaa, W iiaon, 'ii'tnnore; Hele., Heats. Ala'ai liico a. (oil Lord Helton [Br) KilT.aiintnont, Linrpool;, [Bij Kr.wick, llull, K; Aim ip In- Stack p o e, NY ork, Niunlnt, iir wn, Baltimore; Pnn'an, Uliner, bordeaux; Apalochicola, l-'eiepin-. VeraCruy. I. O. O. F. 'PIIK Memlreraol Mercantile Lodge No. (7 I. () (7. K., vti 1 i "tedt at thetr Room, No. 71 IJiviaiou itreit, fhw Hay, at u !LC o ', to P*V H" (riuute nl' iei|<ect to their late u otnar I, u , Ch irlea K. I'eteraou. The order to general are invited. NATHAN1KL P. LABAKTh, N O. | /cnaa linn, Hecrrtarv. al lt"rc Auctioneers. and the peacock div'inc Huomi, II S. William street, and ii Stone street.?Messrs ! Draper, Diaa k Warren, i orlies, Hayd ok U Co. Adre & I 1 imiaiu. 8.Draper Ik Co., Austen k Spicer. MerchanU ae? r others. a'temling the ab<>ve and similir eatabliahmeul* in thi I vicinity, are leapeclfully informed that Liuing Roomi ' havs bsen opened, on n imvel and much-approved style, at tin . i above number.. -V Table d'llote has been rs'ablish d, ti f ' which their alt ntiou is particularly iuviied. The D-uner n Irom II till t; fixed i rice i!> cents for which a fine cours Diu - ner is givn. ace served in eieellnnt style. al lwis rrc TWELFTH 'WARD. Justice In the I Vol Id, but to our Country firtt. I ' A OK AN D rally audgiuieral Mass Meeting of the Americai ' Jo. Kepublican Electors of the Twelfth Waid wi 1 be held a r 1 the house of Joliu Mills. Jr., Yorkville. on Tu-sday Kveniug A; ei 1 2d, at half jiast 7 o'clock, for the purpose of respouihci ' to the nominations for Mayor and Ward t .har'er Olfii eis. Aui 1 also to t?ke into considerate n the nscessi.v of opposing be for I the Legislature the |>.issaae of the late Police, or lelt-liaudei - Reform bill, eonceiv d in the Board of Assistant Aldermen 1 and perfected iu the Board of Aldermen of tins city, or rathe ' the bill conceived iu sin ami brought forth iu iniquity, wliicl ' will, if permitted to become a Itw inflict an additional ta: ' upon this tax-ridden city, of over seventy thousaud dollais ' without the least particle of advantage or equivalent therefor t< ' 'he city, or to any, save a fear corrupt a>piring party dema gognes. i The several Associations, and all others friendly to peac " gwnd order, aud iu favor of the general principles of th I American Menunlicau > .C,, ' and regeuera'ion of the city government, are particularly re i iinritrrl to attend, in their lull strength aud migh', and tik?th * ball by the horua. Ooud sp ukvrs, and plenty of them, will b 1 on hand ? By orderofthe American Ilepnbliean Ward ' 'omuiittev H. D. MOULTON, Chairman. WILLIAM BARKER, Secretary al 2t?irc . THIRTEENTH WAlll). \ AMERICAN REPUBLICAN CONCERT ' BANNER PRESENTATION. " rPHF. AMERICAN REPUBLICAN ASSOClATIONn ' 1 trie Thirteenth Ward will be presented by the Lad tea ( th I Ward wit a Splendor Banner, at 1 Hall, Grand itei ' Willstt strwr, <>>i Wedneadav Eveniny, April 3d, oil which oc ' raaion the Uantirr willibe t rea?utr d by a Young Lady of th ' Ward and received by a Member of the Aaiociation. Addreaaea will be givn by Mr. Gievu, and other gentlemen Also several Patriotic Songs by Ylessis. Frazer, Van Buakirlr Baker, and the American Ctee Club. 'J icketa I2>1 ceirta each, for a tie at Mr Sewell's, 478 Grand : and Mr. Legget', 480 Orand atre?t, and at the door. J \COB L KENN, ) JOHN I/. BUIUOS, > Committee of Atrangementi . JOHN M. ALICUTIS.) ! tl 3ti?*ec j r|"HE ANAT >MICAL VENUS, aa it waa r ailed in En I " gland, or Anatomic tl Model of the Eemale Form, i? foil ) (Inverted and lectured noon, every evening, at 7^ o'clock, b l)r F. HOLLICK, at Nati ,nal Hall, Canal atreet, a few door fr m Broadway. Admission 50 cents, lor Gentlemen only. I ' ia alao diasec'ed and generally eiplaiii'rl to Gentlemu, ever' > morning, at 10 o'clock, for 21 centa each Th? lame in the al tern noil, at half past 2, for only, (uumhera of wham at ' tend daily) 25 r ents. ' Gentlemen connected with the Press will alwaya be admitte* on git iug their addreaaea For full particulars see am ill bills. al Iw'ec 9000 >?"*HEL8 Illinois Wheat, and 1V0 hhda, Pick'* , r*\J\J\J Hams, ruga' cured, h-iidsoinrly cut and trimmed lauding per ship Russia, from New Uileaus, lor sale by E. K COLLINS b CO., al 56 South street. ILL THE EDITOR INFORM WILLIAM there is e iminunication reinaiuu g iu the office for hi in, reipectin his udveriiseinent ul'2.'iih and 27th instant. al t'rc ! QHI1* BALTIMORE?Will sail, weather permitting, at l 1 4-7 o'clock M to day. The Mail will close at the Post Offici and letters be takeu from the reading rooms at hall-past I | o'c'ock. alec a 'PC LET?Two fine, modern built three story houaei Nos. 166 a>'d 168 Tweuty-Firat atreet, a few doors eaatc e ighth Avenue. Fmiuire 164 21st atieet. in24 Im rc MTO LET IN WAKRKN 8TllEET-The large an couvei ieut two story dweltiug house with a two ator Ira room attached,situ ited oil the nortli side of the atree ? .No <12. The situation and style of the building, render it pa ticnlarly desirable; end ou the 1st of Si ?y will Ge put in guo order aud have th-Croten water introduced Apply before I or at 3 or 4 o'clot k, to HENRY BEKGH, , m30 iw^in A?tor Honte. I MA MJ'EAM POWER AND MILL TO LET?Ou 3II p!jW street, between 3d and 4'h svenues, with twelve hors r LnMIL P" <* ** i Engine in complete order , Enquire at No. 15*4 Maiden Lane in29 2w?tn ' .TO LET?A house situated at Bio miugdale, abou ' ]"; miles from the citv It is delightfully situated n oUULtbe hoik ol the Hudson, and ia remarkably healthy. Th ' house contains seveu rooms, with pleasure garden, be attache. Rent 13'0 |>er annum. Apply at the Abby Hotel Blowmini dale. mr2 lm*rc M ROOMS TO LET?In the 'h rd and '< urth story t building .No. 217 Bio id way corner of Murray street nquire of Edwards. Alitbonv b Chilton, on th a premis's, oi Ma'co'm 8t Ouul. P5 Pearls'. ml2 lm"rc , *aL KOk SALE OR TO LET? I wo new Three-itor Brick ilouses, with marble uointels. alidimr doors, an X*MP?< <>nV' nient closet* in all the rooms Tiie hou*et are < !e#t I In lit and tear, by 36 feet deep Each house liui an undi c liar writ ada- te I fur the purposes required The Lots ai each 25 by 10(1 'eel. In the yard is a spacious cistern. IV ice ft ,j rach House end Let S3 SO1) of wlrch two-thirds can remain, desired, on hood mid mortgage at6 |a*r cent per annum. Tl ' rent foi eicli hou-.e is $360 i The Ilous-s are situated in Bridge street, between Tillar and Johnson streets, Brooklyn Apply to JOHN A. W1LLINK. At his residence at Klatb'ish, or Ins office No. 73 Nassau street New York, or to STEPHEN HAS NE8, mil lm*m In Lawrence street, Br mklyn. 4MM KIlc.SH (MKDKN SEED?Consisting rf WOO lbs < Radish; 1000 lbs of Best; 1000 lbs of Turnip; 8li0 lbs i r sauw. Carrot; 503 lbs of Onion; 500 lbs of Spinach; 250 lbs < Cabbage, and about 3000 lbs of other Seed in all the choice: nccio and varieties. Kor sale on irolerate terms, and I quantities to suit nurchaaers, by (J. 11KIDGE.MAN, At his I'e'mancnt Family Establishment. Broadway, cor. Eighteenth strie i, CT7" Also, by his ton,Alfred, on the same premises, a g?ner; j assortment ol itKRlSHOctK tLAitis embracing about 00 < r the choicest varieties ol Geraniums; all the best kiuJs < Monthly Hosts; together with Camellias, Carnations, Csi tus's, Verbenas, and - tner flowering aud ornaineutal Plants, ii . cl^AI^j|l^1g?^i.vJ(XN?jjARu HUKllcULTuKA BO: >KH, containing the results n 21 years' practice in the v cinity of New Yoik "The Young Oardeneri Assis'anl ' ll 1 tenth edition improved. 5M pigrs octavo; "The Kiiclo-n (ia j d?uer's Instructor;" The Morisi's Gum " and the "Km s Cultivatot's Manual." fjrsale, wholesale and te ail. by tl q Author, Broadway, corner of Ifth street. al lm*cc vn SliEDS OF EVERY KIND JUST RECEIVE r BV THE , PACKKTS QUEBEC AND HENDRICK HUDSON, r DUNLAP & CARMAN JfJ# TAKE this opportunity of returning their thanks I 1 their friends aud the public, for the liberal patronage b stowed upon them since opening their new Herd Hto ? aud Conservatory. They have just received an additional su ply of all the best knowu vsrieti s of Annual, Biennial, all Perennial Klower Seeds, Vegetable Seeds of all kino Cress ' eeds of the best kinds. Si ring Whest, Potat ' Oats, Ash Leaved and other early Potatoes, all iu prut order. Esoiics of every description, suitable for parli or green house culture; Bouquets, ?om|Hised of the moi choice and delicate dowers, for bridal or other festive nartie Birds and Bird Canes, (hild Kish and (Jlobes, fancy Klowi Vases and Stands, of varioas patterns, with other fancy article all of which will lie sold on the Lwest terini. 'I'iiry beg leal to inform their friends and the public, that they have not an ol sMLof any kind in the store, and have spared neither pains in ei^Wise to procure the best seeds of the last season's growtl from the most respectable bouses in this couutry mid F.urop ' all of which will h? warranted. Catalogues will b- ready it r distribu'ionearly the ensuing week. All these in want will pleat t call and eiamine for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. English Split Peas, Oatmeal and Etnhdeu Croats for grne ' fruit and ornamental Trees of all kinds. Crape vines and tlov i ering shrubs, hsrbaceousjilauti, Ike. ite , always on hand at th new Conservatory and Seed Store, 635 Broadway, New Yorl ' Several practical Cardeuers wanting situations, apply r above (27 I in "in | NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. . /gn KOR ALBANY AND TROY, DIhK.CI , ^ -^TsJ. Js The steam boa* SWALLOW, Csptain J 3b_JB_dK_Mi'L -an, will leave the loot of Courtlindls This, Monday Evening, March OT. 1841. The Swallow, owing to her light draugat of water,is enable at ill tun s toPUSthe bir, aud r eh Alhauy aud I'foy i ample tune to take the moruiug train cf cars from the east i West Kor freight or pastatre, arp'y on board, or to S. M. Drew, i , th* office on the wharf aire s iSSr KOR NEW ORLEANS-Lnuisiana and Ne WHW^York Line ?Hegnlar packet of 10th Apiil ? The fa 1 WeNKssailing fiacket ship OCONEE, Capt D. Jtcksou.wi i sail as above her regular day. Kor freight or paatigr.having handsome furnished nccomroo i ila'.ions, apply on hosrd fool of Wall stree'. at Orleans whirl or to E. K. COLLINS h cO , 56 Souih street. Agents in New Orleans Messrs. llullin St Woodruff, wli will promptly fo- ward all goods to there address I I he packet slop Ocmulgee, Captain K. I' et, will succeed tl Oeonee, and sail 10th April, her regular day. al ec ; KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and Ne l?B5VYork Line?Positively Arst regular Packet to mil I JStMHflb AP'il?The f iat ? ulnig packet ship HU NTH VILLI Captain tJ Cornell, will sail as above, her rrgularday. h ' freight or pass-Re, having handsome furnialiol accuininod lions, apply ou board, foot of Wall at, at Orleans t. K. K COLLINS k CO., S6 South it. Positively no freight receivrd after this evening. I Shippers will please send iu their blls of lading early th day. Passengers by this ship will pleise be on board at Orlear wharf, foot of Wall at. on Monday morning at 10 o'clock A .V at which time the ship will mil I Hhip.wn by this line inay rely upon hiring their g-ods Co re tl y in 'aiureil I Agent* in New Orleans, Hnllin St Woodruff, who wi pr mplly forward "II good* to their address, r The packet ship Oconae, Capt 0. Jackson, will succeed th , Huntsville. and sail 10th Apnl. her regular day in30 rc I wgyr- UNITED LINE Ojf LIVERPOOL PACKET MCjk^W ? Packet of 4th April?The splendid and faroril ifiBAEis! acket ship SH A KSI'K \KK, IliOt tons htirlhr ('apt. A. Minor, will sail ou Thursday, 4;h April, her regi I lar day. I The ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, pe | sons about to embark for the old country will not fail to see th ! advantages to lie derived from selecting tips lire in prefer?uc to any i ther, as their great ca|iaeity renders them every w i more comfortable and convenieor than shi s ol a smaller clasi and their accommodations it is well known are superior to an others t hose wioung to serine berths slim Id not fail t make early application on board, or to ; W k J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their (ieneral Passage "thee, m20 t 4atc 13 Hi k si p, . no r South streer. A*dc FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet ol tie ttu Apr.l?KffyW.TIie ruierior, last sailing packet ship Mil th! JMWK.Ph.Alte . Captain Minor, will positivalv mil s above, h?r regular day She has sup nor accommodations for cabin,a.<cood cabin an steerig paSsenaers. I ho*e wishing to secure bvitlit shoul m-keeirly ap.dilation ou hoard or to lolSm ("II N IIIt man. hi South s reel. FREIGHTS FOR BALTiMORK F.RICSJsON ^ 4* ' *'i'KA M H" \ I LINK v? tuL-eJc. i JH PHILADELPHIA AN Lt HAL TIM OIIK, VlA Uh.L,d

sVAKK A>It "HKS \Pr Ah h. "ANAL ' This Loie, consisting of the foil iwing M|iauihu,its ? 1 htea i.boat B a LTI MQitf., ( iptmi F l.tvmau. CU VlBKRl.AN D, ' A. Col'tnary. KRICSSO.N. " A. G. Ciaypool. HONEKR. " M. Wolf. Is no v in oiera'ion, leaviog the ttppei side of t ii stunt strsr Wh irf, daily, at JN o'clock P M., for Ualtimoig, amviug earl uesi in inn"* ' Meicliandire destined South or West of Italtiinore, will b forwarded tl e cewilh the gre i'e t desp,trh Freight* for Norfolk, IIiclnncud, Petersburg, Va., Wash uigioii Georgetown Aleiaudria, li. ( . Cincinnati, Ohio Louisville, Kv , Sunt Louts. Mo , or any other point South o W' ?t, reeetvi d and forwarded daily at lha lowest rites All goods destined for Baltimore ir on New f ork, and con | signed totba ti ldcriigncd at Pbi'adi Iph'S, wnl he fotwirdei the same day as trc-ivi d. and delivered th- I I owing morning I A GROVf.H, Jr , Agent, ir,29 ??vrc* No. 10 South Wkirves. I'hiladelphis. ATHENjEUM HOTEL, NO. 3*7 hROADWAV, NEW YORK. JOHN KOHSON, 39TII, 1914. triJO iw*IQ | AUCTION SALES. I rilOMAN BKLL. Auctioneer Store No. II Sprure iirrit. ' AUCTION NOTICE Hegular Male. of Dry Good*,Cloth' in* aud Kancy Article*. *eer) Tiirttiay and Krioay. Sale of Kuruiture uf all tetcrf|itione erety Wedneaday and Saturday. Uul-door bale* of all iletcriptiona attended to a* uaual. THIS DAY, At 10 o'clock, in the bale* Ho 'in, 11 Spruce atreet Lanrraale ol Piano Portea, elegant Knruitu e, aplendid Painti iuga, Ac., rain or ahiue, couaiatiug of bin- secondhand Piano*, t by npprored inakera, 4 teiupfal u?w atyle warranted new in, atrumiuU, tnwhoitany catea, with a'l the modern improTemenU, I Kreuch grand action, fce ; 2 beautiful loaewood do do. alio 1 warranted. Thaae luatrumeuta cannot be eicetled in point of r touch and tone. 1 The painting* are ready lor inapection. The tale will com, in,'nee with the Kniuiinre. J SILK MACHINERY AT AUCTION?OnMooday at 12 . o'clork precia-ly. will be aold to pny exiwnaea, Ac at No. 38 (Jold atreet. a ,|unutrty of Silk Machinery for winding, t doubling and twitting, belonging tu John Dean, of Hartford, Conn By ordrr of John Dt-nmead m28 4t*m 'i'HOS BELL, Auctioneer, ' " SPECIAL Al l Till\ MiTli K cpHE UREA"! HALE of Valuable Oriciual Oil Painlingi. ? Statu ail', Euitrave ita, Jte , kc . tie- 1 irgitt, larear, auu " moil valuable ever offered by auction iu the United Statre. * will take place at Clark'a lialle y, 281 Broadway, April 10th audi 111) at T o'clock, P. M. They ate exhibited now, aduiaaiwu tree. Alao, the Setteea uaed in the gallery, will be aold low. For particulara aee Courier St Ku<jmrrr auction head. m'J93t*in ULOVER St RAYMOND Auctioneera. SALE OF FRENCH STANDARD ROSES. MO J B. GLOVER will aell at 11 o'clock on Tueaday, VtM|April 2d, at Tliorburo'a Saloon, 11 John rtr et. 300 aujie^Jk^riur Tree or Standard Koaea, imported frotn the liueat , col ection iu France, liy ahtp Ville de Lyon. iu a thort paaaage, ' warranted aa repreaented, and in perfect order They are put up in paira, and are principally Perpetual*, of tic Prove nee ' dcacription, blooming all the summer, and producing otto scented flr.wi ra, aame aa tlioae which bloom uiually ouly in r June ; they are all uudee named, and w T-auted true Provence. Perpetual, and Centil'euille (or hundred leaved) BUM, aland our winters uninjured, without any protection whatever ; the < China varitty ifi|Uire a slight protection of dry straw. The different denomiuationa aie all correctly claaaed in the ca'a login a. and form the moat aelecl aaaortment ever offered here at auction. Cat tlognea ready ou Saturday afternoon, and the Planta ready 1 for examination at the tame time Alao, 110 chaaaelaa of Kontainbleau Grape Viii*a, in lc ta of three root* each, all in auperh order, juat bursting into bud, !. imported ia aame MM in29 4t*rc I TOllODSK AND STOltE KEEPERS, MANUk. FACTURERS AND OTHERS. C8 SMITH It CO rea[ieetfully inform their frienda and ( the public irenarally, tnv. they will attend i ersoii'lly to arrm giug and veiling the houaeho'd furnituieof families re moving or neclinint hnutek'epirf, and merchaudian of all kiudu lor peraoua ieln;i|uiahiuK buaiueia. eitherat the reaiden1 rea or at <re< of ownera. or in ouraalea room, which ia admirably adapted for the purpose Our aaler room, 100 feet deep and well lighted, situated on , Broadway, and coininandiuit the attention of this (treat ther rouiihl'.ire, affurdato mmMWHI and othera faeilitiea lor the' exhihitiou and anleof every deacriptioti of tnercliaiidiae uuaure paaaed by anv other atoie m the city. Term* moderate The rendition and payment <>f aalet prompt. Liberal eaah advancea, when required, will lie inad* ou cjuaigumeuta, intruded ? eillirr for public or private aale. ? CHAS H. SMITH. * HENRY E..WILLARD, Auctioneera and Commi aiou Merchauta, 2 m27 Im'rc Store 301 Broadway, cor'Duace at. I TPMTU Al7AUr> - UIU'.AT MASS MEETING'OK THE OLD TENTH. >. As well might the Pope attempt to drain the Croton dry, it As to ezelnde the Bible Irani the School bnv's eye. TWO American Keoublicins of the old Tunth will hold Moss Me.iicg at Kurt Market Square, ( Elijah F. I'un'y's " head quarters) on Evening, Apr.I 1st, at half pnit 7 . o'clock, where they would b? happy to see not onlv all mem hers of the Association, but nil others of the ward friendly to J ourcme ; and w> would cordially invite all our fiienda of . the n-glib..uug wards. Mr Simmons and othera will addrria the mot'ti g By order of Committee of Arrangement* ELI C. BLAhK, CnitMl K. H. Domiuick, Secretary. mil 2t*m e ~ ~" SHELF AND H KAVY HAR DWAKE. JOHN' ttUTH/EN. 61 John atieet. ia daily receiving freah ol imparled Onnda, at very low pricea, bought previoua to the ad ranee in E gland for c>?h, and aolicita a call from Country 11 Merchants previoua to inakiug their purchases Among the 11 la ge assortment mty be louua the following leading articlea, '** alwava on hand, viz: ? J An ila. Monarh'tle and Wilkinaon'a. Collina & CO 'a genuine Aiva Stnde son, Brotn-rs Ik Co genuine Ca?t Steel. ,f < haina?bright Trace Halter. Fifth and Log. _ Ibbotaon I'o n Scyihea and Files p Weetliug Ho-a. Japiued Half Brit and I'.S llrade'a at'lit Hoes. Butcher'a F.d re Tools v Rowland's M >li awa end Cross Cut d Cut aud Wronght Nails. Shovela aud > pades, Auiea, ltowlands and C. 8. r Heu.|i?M nulla and ' nttou Hope, all sizes, a* L'icks. Plat*, Knob. Pad, Amer can. >r Hinges, Hi iik, Plate, Butt, Pitent, tkc. il James'Wood Screwa, genui 'e. 'c Wilson's St'oe and Butchei Knives, genuine. Saws?Ha"d, P"nel, Back, Ike. T Vices?Brit and Copper Key, snperior. Shoe Thread a"d Twine Cotton, Wool and Horse Cardi. Gum. Single and Double Barrel Pistols, Rifles, Caps, Flints, See. Also, a large assortment of American Hardware, at m&uufac_ turer's prices. Table and Pocket Cutlery, Ins. Rndgrrs & Sons'and other ,y celebrated makers?all of wbicli will be >old for cash or ap,r proved paper to Southern ar.d Western Merchants birring their I spring stocks. JOHN KUTHVEN, ? m8 3tawM WfkF'4w*ec 61 John street. ' (iFoRMAN COLOGNE WATER AGENCY. t. cpHF. UNDERSIGNED having received th- Agency for the il A United Statesofthia celebrated Perfume, maunfaciured by )i Jean Marie Karma at Cologne, (ihe oldest distiller of the rl gruuiue kind) has now a lot of the dffeeut qualities on hand, which lie ofleva fur sale; and is prepared to ezecnte orders for i- the importatinn of the article at very low prices. Dealers are ?r*?'r<iliv J.-ia-lleil to Call, u 1 o. r. UllOBIIKIM. i- mrSO Jtawlm'rc in I'lattstreet '* AAADAMF. UNBECK HELl BERG reepectfully informs it -DA the public, that her Contert will nuuitiveiy take place on le Thursday Evening ueit. till April, wheu the aatne t?l"ut will appear, and th same pre gr-inme remain. m30ioatre ^ 'VT'ORTH AMERICAN FIRE INSURANCE CO.? J-' Nine Thousand Dollars stock of this company, of which Hubert Ainslie is Preiident, and John McB air ia Secretary? also, 110 shiiea North American Trust and Banking Company, to of which'I homns G. Tilmagv was President. Dan I G. Tylre P. Vice President, and William R. Cooke (,ashier?for sale at .- . ....lo 1....I.. ... Z JOH^V. *DELAPLAINE, j No 7 New street, N. Y., s, ?who wishes to pnrchase for cash. 300 shares stock of the o' Jefferson Insuraoce Co,, of which Thomas W. Thome ia Pre10 sideut, ami George T. Hop* ia Secretary. jr TO I.ET?Store No 5 Nrw afreet, near Wall afreet ; three I it atorp hrick house 31 Walk'r street ; two story brick houae 329 a; Rivington street, stable in tear ; ami three story house 3D Hudrr son street, Jersey City. inh2U Irn* It ff SHIRT MANUFACTORY, 1(1 AND OENTLKMBN'H FURNI8HINO 8TORB, " MAIDEN LANK?Just received, the latest and moat ' "o approved French pattern Shirts. A general aasortment of ' Shuts, Under tJarineuta, Hoisery, Ciavats.Handkerchiefs, he. " Shirts and Under Garments made up to order and repaired at ie short notice. Also ou hand a general assortment ol Heady . Made Clothing, which will be sold at the following prices, ' via Orer C >?a, from*. $6 to II * Sack do 4 to I ' Frock do*. 10 to 14 11 Dress do 9 to 14 Pants I to I Vesta to 4 All made ol the heat materials and cat in the modern style. ' Persons furnishing their own inateriala can depend upon I. having them made in the beat manna*, at the following prices Over Coats, made and trimmed......... (( to 10 00 d Dress do do do ......... 7 to 10 P0 in Frock do do do t to 12 00 >r Vesta and Pantaloons, $1 50 to 175 mrl lrn*ec at _ UNITED STATES DAOUERR1ANGALLERY. w I7S HROADWAY, UP STAIRS sr U WHITl". would re?i ectmlly call the attention of eitirena || Xe. anil strangers visiti'ig the city to his splendid Collection of DAGUKKKKO TV PK PORTRAITS single, o* in grouts from two to fourteen person* m the same plate, which, in beauf, ty and accuracy sf delineation, cannot bssnrpisnoa. Portraita taken ill all kinds of weather, eitherwith or without colors; the prices of which he has reduced ts those charged by the most in10 esperi'-ncsd in the business. The American Instimt*. at its lateeihibition, awarded Mr. ae White the first premium lor the best D*guerreoty|ie likeness (for grouping and general effect), which is hut another proof ? of the superiority of his portrait* Mr. While is the sole agent w in New York lor the very *ti|>erior imported (ivrmnn Cameras: at and at no other establishment in the City or State can they be ?, obtained. or N.B ? Imported German Cameras; also French and Ameri a can Instruments of the very best ouality, with Plates, ('ases j Chemicals, Polishing Materials, kc , always on hand, for sale at the very lowest prices. f?l 3m*in is /"NOACHM AA stejdv, active man, lately arrived from C-r kuroiie, wants a situation in the above capacity ; can he **, is tisfaclorilv recommended by ce . tlrinan and eminent coachmen I, in this city, as to his knowledge of horses and capability ol driving: would make himself generally uieful to h s employer, r- has no objection to town or country. Any command forwarded to the office ol this paper for C. D. shall lie r spectfully 11 attend J to. In2l er ,e #<50 IlEWAKTJ. ROBIIKitV AT THE I PP" It BULL'S IIKAI).?Saturday morning Vlarch 31th. hetwre i 2 anil 3 o'.-l ck, A M., H several >f the Drovers had the r rooms biirglaruuplv entered Ie and Rheir pockets robbed of gold. silv*r and bills, amounting in to about $7Wi. and hili-led to be ns follow* i- 1?ije Ki"v Dollar >i11, Uu chers' and Drovers' Dank; One II II lire.I "..II il Hill on . ofll.e I i. v R.eU ?7 . ... A r.tu Gold <? Ten, Mud 3 Kiv- Dollar piece*: 2 *feus Bank of North tmeric*, Philsdslphis; j. Tni MoynoMNisUif Hih \bout tl() ? iu uofei, principally New York State, with tome Pennsylvania anil Delaware No ten. AUo, about $ I in ilver, v Also, one oto-fashionsd Ki)k 1 i?11 Silver Watch, with a piece 0 Mi ont of the ci it i LJi them* rew uil will be paid for the recovery of the mon*y, an^fconv.cnoti of th? thief?or |2'> f ?r either. Wtl(it*rrc (iEO. CLINCH, Proprietor. 1 ./. F. R. B LESSON, l- C o |> V E It s M I T II, F it O M PARIS, 11 LI AS 'I lip- HONOR t? inform the puo'o , that he hAt jnit 11 .ru d i store at ItiW Greenwich street, where be muiulac* 'J lures rod liaj for ?a'e, h itche i IUutf?* an i Ttckle 8ic hi a ? fttyte alto? ther n? v, nidi of out piece "i i ft <1 Moulds for i) n ry c ??* , of different mod-Is. AlnmhtKne Bathing Tubs, Half flatus. lie .ilao manufactures wrought iron, tin, fins over and repair*, a* wood a* l ow, all Kitchen Rang * and Tackle; and hy a^'eement will deduct filty jercent to different hotels _ and ho <rdiuK borne* ^ iT^Tl-e a?M>ff articles will be lent out. N. B. -- Want d at the above pi in , a j mrneyrrrtn tinman, and k* a you UK moi wlio can speak French and English. 19 l iii * in 17 N L A ROE M E N T OK THE FULTON SALOON.Jl* The subscriber having enlarged Ins Hiloon is now ready to accninmodnl* bis customer* with pleuty of ro m, and also with all i lie delicacies which our market affords. II is dining room 1 will accommodateat least I2U persons at a time. The Saloon y has been newly painttd and redecorated, and for convenieuce it is now unsurpassed. * The suhtcriber :ake? this opportunity of returninc his sin* cere thanks to his customers for the very liberal patronage Ute|y bestowed ni>ou bun, and is leased to b" thus assured that his '? endeavor* to please hate been duly appreciaod, and lie pledges f ?,iui. If to spare nithtr pnlns nor sxpsnss to owrit i insfm *u?* of put favors. Hit assistant, the Jndgwill be ever ; ready to attend to the wishes of the most fastidious. J DAV1U A. UOULD, Proprietor. ' in? I in* in No II) Walton tITt-rt. I'AI.K YMTTOW HOAI' KOU kamily UStt. ALMONDH, HOSK,CINNAMON and Ml kinds of Kan. v Miiap, EHeoM, Potchonl, Hose, Musk, Verbena, Ike., lie. Kio .1. Cologne.and l.atender Wnter. P>melj, IIos. ?nd Klorid* W*wr. Perfuma Haas and Tnilrt I'nndsf. Willi .v.ry irtiH.comimsiu* *n entire Perfumery, at lower prices Mian at ?nv oilier lioose. SOAP W(>HK8, 7# Trinity Place, ml? In*re late Lnmber atnwt. AMUSEMENTS. I A CARD. TO THE PATRONS OF THE NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE. UERDIN AND PALMO, ha* lug jait completed re-engageA ineut * ith the . , r IT > LI AN TROUPE. . , begs leave respectfully to truder l it sincere thaiika to tha ladiea and gent'eineu of th? city <>l New Yoik, for the liberal patronage A bestow- d on hi m during 0 e lost season ol' Oi*raa?and feeliiijc ful 1 f aasured that they will eatrud i heir aid to enable him to carry out lua views lor the eusuiuK season, wleo he iutends to produce the most popular Operas, comic aud serious. *?r which will be made known to the public during the ensuing week. Also, wi'li the uimi?s of the Artists I)i Th? Bub?c:ibtr?' Book Mill b* o/ee?d on Monday, Aixil lit. ^ ^ to Your obedient irnut, F. PALMO, fa Proprietor and Manager of the N. Y. Oiiern House , March 29th, 18(4 mil In CHATHAM THKATKK. T Botea 2i Cer is I Pit 12>4 Cents. O RE-ENGAGEMENT KOK ('HRfcEWIiEKS, OK Mil. E. 8 CONNOR * GRAND GALA NIGHT!!! ui MONDAY EVENING. April I the Splendid Comedy of . MONEY. , ? Kvelyu Mr. E. S. Couuor jy To couclud with the Karce of THE SENTINEL. q Linda Mi?? Reynolda l( HlTCHKlOi Si ULYIBPIV TiIeATRY MR MITCHELL AS JEM BAGS MONDAY EVENING. Apr 1 1. the Gland Opera of a CINDERELLA. Pedro Mr. Holland. s' Cinderella Miaa Taylor. Fairy Qneeu Mna Clarke. Alter winch, the laughaple Fa ce of p THE WANDERING MINSTREL Jem Bagi Mr. Mitchell. n PARK THKATRr.. V Botes M)'"ents?I'll S < ents?Ualtery 1214 Cents. Il MIL WALLACE AND MRS. BROUGHAM. THIS EVENING. April 1. 1841. r The performance will commence with f MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Benedick Mr. Wallack. a Beatrice Mrs BrouKliam. . To couclm'e with, 1st time for aeveral years, YOUTHFUL QUEEN H Christine Mra. Brougham. BOWifiRYAMPHTrHICATRK. l( Boies 2J Cents?Pit 12>?. JOHN TRYON Manag-r. ? '1HIH EVENING. April 1. i, SrLENniD DISPLAY OK HORSEMANSHIP. " JOHN GOSHIN CLOWN f. HIT" The Original " Oandv Jim" Band of Minstrels will commence their engagement this vveiiinc 11 O" Hoot, oiieu at 7?Performance cummencei at quarter past 7 o'clock. 1,1 Tike Ureatett Invention of the Afje. 11/TB. FAIIEIl, of VIENN A, respectfully announce* to the tl L'A American pablic, that he haa aucceeded, after skvenrKKN YKAHs of experimentation and analoiuical studies, in ft perfecting a SPEAKING ANU SINGING AUTOMATON. , This wonderful triumph of Iisdusthik tan Mixiuniimk u- " ticulatea distinctly every lettir of the alphabet, convrraea si with lua anditora, and will timi and IICITI in thki i. LawOOAflU, Km.i ism, (ii iiMAN, and Latin. Mr. Kaber Pro- II poaea, in accordance with the aolicitationa ol acientific Kentlemeii. toeihihit hia invention for a ahort time, ao thai the 11 public may have an opportunity of witneaamK a diar.oyery s which haa eaciteil surprise and admiration throughoot the acientilic world. The EXHIBITION ROOM, corner of Broad- f] way and Liapenard atreet. will be Open evrry day (except Hun day) from 12 A.M. until 2 P.M., uud every eveuiuf (except S Sunday) Irom 7 till 9 o'clock. ,1 (C7* TICKETS, 25 CENTS; children under ten years of age. 12', cruta. y The entrance is in Liapenard street, third door on the left side from Broadway fid tin*ec t< ' AITIKKICAN SuSkUhT V AND PERPETUAL FAIR i. EVERY DAY ANU EVENING T'MS WEEK. Commencing on Monday, April 1st, 1841 O [TT-Dav Vi.i era admitted ilie same evening tree .^71] THE KENTUCKY MINSTRELS are engaged for one week more ?. Also, engaged?Mr. WM. COLE, the celebrated Chinese Noude'cript. nr ' 'ontortionist?togetner with his educated and tl talented UOO BILLY , Miss E. IIILHARDS a charming Vocalist. 1 Le PE'l ITE I'LhlTO, theadmiied Dansvuse. r Mil II I'\HI)EE, late from Huro|>e, his lint appearance. MR It It'll AKI14, Sentimental Singer. ll Mil. WHIT' OCK, ihe renowned Banjo Player. Mil. U WILLIANIK ihe Siuger ami Story Teller. t MR HOW AIIU, trie Violinist T. (I. BOOTH rhe Comic Singer. '' B-siiuful WAX FIGUH.e.8, representing a group of Indians [ of the Crow Tribe m rhe act o1 killing a Santa Fee Trailer, to nether witn GFN TOM THUMB, TOLLY BOOINE and i DANIEL LAMBERT. TheOIPSY bAMILY.six in number, recently from Oer ' many, ana faithful representative* of the aucieul people of c Egypt, may b' seen iu :|i> ir nativs costume. TheGIPHEY QIJEEN, the Fortune Teller, may be private' r ly consulted at all hours of the day and eveuing. 1'erlbrmances every evening at 7)1 o'clock, and Wednesday 8 and Saturday afternoeus at 3 o'clock. Tickers 25 cents?children under ten years lt)$ cents. Twentr-five cents extra for private consultations with theOipsey c Queen. m27 rc . PEAIiK'M NKVvllfORH BlUSKl'ML , ANU PICTURE OALLERY. ? (ProaAway,lyirvotilr th* i'itv Hall ) i EVERY DAY ANU EVENING THIS WEEK RE-OPENING OF THE MUSEUM, with splendid at- 1 tractions. . The manager is happy to announce an engagement with BIGNOU FRANCISCO, the Magician and Equilibrist, late ) from the American Museum. The PHILADELPHIA MINI8TKELS, in Songs. Ike. t HiguOr MONTIVEDO, with nice mechanical figures. The Mighty GIANTESS, of enormous proportions, and a mnst beautiful vocalist. . Mr. I). W. WRIGHT, an unequalled sentimental singer. Miss IK8SKLYN, an accomplished danseuse. I GYPSY GIRL,sister uf the Queen at the American Museum me- bs consulted privately at all hours of ths day I I-,.. Mcimaid. Grand .us.nuraina, and auu.OMM uriositias Admission one shilling?12)1 cents extra to those who ennsn'l the GipsV Girl. tnI7ec t l'ARK THEATRE. H ryHE Public is respectfully inforinrd, thit 1 MR WALLACK ANU MRS. BROUGHAM ' are engaged fur a few nights, and will make their Drat appear- < IBM on MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 1. t mil 2ti*c 1 MUSIC FOR THE MILLION. I r O R THE B EN E FIT O K M I S 8 B RU C E. i GRAND CONCERT. . AT CONCERT HALL, No. 406 Broadway, on Monday Eveniug, April 1st I To begiten by the members of Palino's late company, con- 1 sisiiug ol Ihe following ladies anil gentlemen :?M KM PHIL- ' LIPS. VIUS. SHARPE, MISS BRUCE, MR. LYNCH, , MR. KNEASS, MR. HOL.MAN, MIL KAVANAH. ' PROGRAMME. , Put I. ' Blow on?riratc'n Olcc By the Company t Song?Hurrah for the road, Mr Dolman Song?Di piawr mi B.ilzu II cor Mf? I'D 11 i|>s C Song?The Lift of a Brigand Vlr Kavanah i Naiad Song Mm Brucr ' Ball id? Wen;) not, tlmu lonely one, lint lima- Mr Lynch (j Song?Bid mr diacouran Mr? Hharpr Song?Toe Ship on tire, Mr Kneaaa Chorut?D&mr Duidcn By the Company ^ PiHT II l (Quartette?Mr Molhcr'a Bible By the Company Song?William Tell Mr Holman i Son*?Away to the momitnin'a brow Mri rhillipa I Song?The wake of Trddy lloe Mr Karanah f Dnetl?Mv Pretty Page Mri Sharpe and Miaa Hrnce , Chotun? Bedlim Medley By the l'om|>any Sonu?He waa inch a nice yonng man Mr? Sharpe | Song, comic Mr Kavanah Song?The young Coquette Miaa Brace I Kiaalr?Coluinhia'a danghtera?Compoaed i by Mr Kn?aaa Br the Company 1 TICKETS OWE SHI I.LING?To be h ,d nt the door. | Doura open at quarter to 7?commence at 8 o'clock.prrciaely. in to 2tSt8tM?m ( EXHIBITION OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS. ' NATIONAL GALLERY OF ORIGINAL I'AINTINGS OK THE OLD VI ASTERS EXHIBITION ROOM, IN CLINTON HALL, Corner of Nassau and Rer.kman struts. AMATEURS AND ARTISTS are informed, that the Gallery n( I'aiutinga at ('linton Hall ia now open from II A M. to 6 o'clock at night, or later, according to the aeaaon They will therein MM a choice eolHCtlM of the lineal Paintinga w hich have evar ad irned .luy Europe in Ga'lery. Artiata will lie allowed to atndy in the k ihibitiwu Koom The pnhlir will tind a Catalogue, which will eaplain all the historic*) and other nieces, quoting the p.utagra of authora from which the auhjecta have been taken. [T7""AdinilUnce only 2i centt. mJ7 Imjgb " ANIMAL MAC.NKTISM! THIRD LECTURE AT CLINTON HALL, , ON TUESDAY EVENING, April 1. at ? o'clock. MR JOHNSON, in lOWmniM Ol the mtenae int-reat \ manileited by the public, will give one more lecture einl ei|>eriiiieot aa aliov-' Two f adien will he m.guetizen, who | will rilnbit the phenomena of Cutlvoiiaci, SvaicaTiiv, i Phieno-iMagne'iam, Sic. Ttcketa 2i reutaeach. al 2t*ec k HARPS?HARPS. | TAMK8 HANLKY, th? only i?u|*il of H<?b?stian Erard in 1 ' the United States, offers for sale at the Manufactory 22d | street, east *>f id avenue, a line assortment of brilliant toned and hifchli flnuht <1 i PREMIUM PATENT DOUBLE ACTION HARPS JAMES HANLKY having the immediate patrooate of the ?' PRESIDENT of the United States, together with testimonials 1 .( from the musical profession, and tb?- American Ministers at the t ( onrt v of Loud n and nrfia these Mr Hanley sabmit* are a sufficient gaaranlvc that hn Harps, which ere msuiifa?-lured ?'n- * | tirely Hn the premises, and the initcmls seasoned with a special | regard to the peculiarities of climate, &c are superior to any j th it can he imported. [T*/^ IIA It PS REPAIR EH?22d street. 3d avenue. r I m23 I m * er, \ 1NKORMA I ION WANTED of JAMES E. MILLER, t I * native of New York. and a Seam in by profession ; when I ist 1 j heard from he was in Bristol, England, in 1*10 Sr.otild he he t alive, and return to New York. he w i?I hear of something to his I advantage, on applying to William Steel, Baker, No 111 Cher* I [ ry street New V ??ili m7 3md8tw*rrcRI I I.MI'KHIAL HOTEL. 1 O/iponile the New sistize Court* una Htiilway St a- ' /ton, <Hi m "t ' ST JOHN'S I. ANK ANI) HOK STREET, ' 1,1 VK.K POOL. i JAMES M"llOAN, Proprietor of the nbove new and coin- i " modioli* establishment, lespectfu'ly inform* In* friend* , and the public, llitl u i? now i>|*u for the reception of Private , Kamihe* and imllram. ' With the II let i* combined an elegant uil nlrmirr I'olTiir < liooin, Nr * Itooin, and tavrral private Kitting Knnmi. fir ml l up in a *t\le auitahle for the reception of f amtli's and Vmlor*, or for the accommodation of partui miairiiig early break fi?l?, luncheon*, dome**, fee. C 'l'lie Sleeping department will be under llie p*r*onal ?uprr p intendauce of M-a Morgan, and Viaitor* may n-ly with rail#deuce, that in this essential particular, comfort, neatne**, and ]' convent! nr* hare been carefully atudied " 'l'lie t'ulinary and t'ellar department* wild embrace the cliot* ce*t Viands, Wines, Ike., w icb can he obtained, and J VI. i truata that In* owu racrtion*. ruled by the assistance of e*|ie. rienced waiter*, n ay *ecure the approbation of ( areller* ge.,e- c rally, at the same tun tiie acale ol char e? will be ttrirlly innderate. . Private Room* for large or ?mall dinner Partie*. Hot,Cold, and Shower Bath* always ready. [> Every information re*|iei ting tne depvrtiire vnu arrival ol tin- variou* Railway Trains, Steam and Selling I arket*. fee. To Stranger* nailing Liverpool, it mi* he necr.aary to rb- | rerve that " Thv Impend ' I* centrally situated, within v . w 11 ol, end one minute'* a ilk from the Liverpool and Manchester, ti and I hand Junction Hailwav Station*, and immediately i?| ,u i, ttethe New \*?ir.e Court* ; it i* also cortiguous to thapnn- . cipal Theatre*, and other placea ol pnbltc retort. ? N U A* Traveller* are frequently tnt*|ed, please deaire the 1 driver to proceed ilir ct tn the Imperial. jJO ItMtir POJITUOUESE FEMALE P1LLE. I 'PHKSK far-fainei'. and celebrated I'illa, .'*otn Portugal, *r? i 1 we perceive, to be obtained tn lliia coanua . See tdntlm . eat og th* laat aolaru foartb PMT*. J - ? IY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. ~HI?HLY IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. Kl'HTHKH ihtelliobhcb ON THK MEXATION OP TEXAS TO THE U. STATES. We have received from our private correspondit further intelligence from Washington by last gilt's mail, of a very important character relative the Texas negociation. Mr. Calhoun, who is not accompanied by hi* rnily, but only a son, had an interview ot full two >ure with the President on Saturday momma. lie subject of conversation was the Texas and regon questions?but we are not authorized to ve uny further intimations of the matter. It is nderstood, however, that in his reply to the aulorities at Charleston, S. C., on his journey north, Ir. Calhoun stated that the Texas and Oregon uestionH were the most important that ever had een before the people of the United States, and I course, every one might draw an inference, that II the present party arrangements would bs dtsolved or he broken up before them. Mr. Calhoun is undoubtedly the ablest, tha urest man that ever was in the State Departlent, and his ambition will be to surpass Daniel Vebster in every element of greatness during is brief sojourn at the capitol. We have every eason to believe that under the premiership of lalhonn, Texas will be re-annexed to the Union, nd all the Oregon territory retained, without any reaking of the peace or any approach to war with ny country. He will never give up a part of the Tnited States territory to get the remainder, as was one in the Ashburton negociation. Mr. Calhoun (ill be the master-spiiit of the government, while e is a member of it, and he will fwield a moral >rce over the "fierce democracie" that will astoisli the Lindenwold sage as well as "old bullion,'* f Missouri. General Henderson, the new Texan plenipotenary, has full (lowers to bung the annexation beire our Congress, in any way he chooses, either y resolution or by treaty. If the mode of admisioii by Treaty should be adopted by our governleat, a mass of facts and reasons will be placed condentially before the Senate, that is supposed will be ufiicient to produce an a/most unanimous vote in ivor of the treaty. Those facts and reasons are upposed to be the confidential correspondence of lie British agents with the Texan government, in vhich certain singular overtures are made by the (inner power to the lattpr, in which Captain Elliot nil cut a figure. It is also denied that Mr. Pakenain, the Btitish minister has made uny disclosure f the intentions of England upon Texas. One of the terms of annexation will probably be nine provision inr me puouc ueiH 01 texas, wnicn ow amounts to nearly #8,000,000, partly owned in ingland and the United States. But in requital ?r this assumption, a territory in public lands will e given to the United States, more than ten times lie value of thcdebt. Another veryimportant tact we sarn. Texas has territory enough to make two or lirce free States, as well as the like number of slave itate*. Hy arranging the terms of the annexation on his principle, the jealousy arising from the increase if Slave Stntes will be effectually Bilenced. Tho elative power und influence of the Union, as reards slavery, will remain as it now exists. Another point?many fear that Mexico would leclare war if the admission takes place. Ineed Mexico has said as much?but those who now Mexico state, that the threat is a mere bntum fulmen?it will never, and cannot be carried nto effect. Mexico would fret, fume, and attempt o annoy?nothing more. The only danger would >e from the attempt of England to foment difficulies?to stir up war in Mexico, on Texas, or sedition ind disunion in the United States. In that case, he quarrel would soon become European, and "ranee, with her formidable navy, would be called nto the field of action to be the umpire. The question of annexation must also be de? ermined before the termination of the preient session of Congress. This is the third ime which Texas has knocked at the door of he Union J or admission since 1H37, and if the rcaty of annexation be refused note, the idecision Is final and fatal both to Texas and to the Unfed States. IT IS THE LAST CHANCE. Such is the condition of Texas, the accumulation of leht?the pressure of taxes?the paralysis of indusry?all caused by the constant hovering of the Mexicans upon her border, that she must eitherjbe admitted to the United States, or seek protection or illiancc tithcr with England or France. This we mve every reason to heiieve is the secret instmemos given to her Plenipotentiary, < Jeneral Henlerson, a gentleman of great sagacity, varied taents, and high deplomatic capacity for the very Iclicate and important mianion lie has accepted. This is the best and most correct intelligence ve can procure on these momentous topics, up to he latest date on Saturday last. In Washngton every party and clique is in the itate of the greatest excitement. The whigs ind democrats are equally afraid of Mr. Calhoun's sold and masterly movements on these high questions. Some desperate attempt may be made by 3oth factions to adjourn precipitately and run away from Washington to avoid the Texas and Oregon piestons, till the next presidency be settled?but if they do so, we believe that Captain Tyler will, on the day after sncli adjournment, immediately issue a Proclamation for an,Kxtra Session to take into consideration the propriety of annexing Texas to the United States. We'll see something soon. Mr. Calhoun.?Mr. Calhoun arrived at Charleston on Tuesday, and wus received in n manner of which he may well be proud; for while the honors paid hi in were without distinction ol party, they were most cordial and enthusiastic, lie was met at theKailroad Depot by acomiinitee ol one hundred on horseback, and addressed by Henry Hailey, Urn., Attorney Cent ral, welcoming lurn to the city. T* Ins Mr. Calhoun responded in a brief and feeling itvlf A procession was then formed, headed by VIr. C. in an open carriage, drawn by four any lorscs, attended by Hon. Ker Boyce and Mr. Haley. After passing through some ol the principal itreets, being cheered and greeted in the route Dy he citizens?the lair, too, paying the homage of heir smiles to Carolina's distinguished son?the irocesaion brought up at the City Hall. " On reaching the City Hall, ' says the Courier, ' Mr. Calhoun was received with loud and repeatd cheers by the citizens, and met by the Mayor i.d Council, with their staves of office ; and his Ionor, the Mayor, in n steam of warm and nnpasloned greeting, tendered to the illustrious guest the lospilalities ol the city and the wi Iconic of her ci; i/rns. Mr. Calhoun made .1 loot and animated esnonse, hi which he alluded to the spontaneous velcome ol his reception, without distinction of inrty, hh one of the most gratifying event* of his ung public career He spoke, too, of hi* call to lie State department, with the concurrence ol all 'itrtieg, a* n mark of confidence he might well be road of; and dceiared that il would be hi* object, n iidministering it< com Unite nil partite?etptlafli/ in reference to the two delicate and important \cfroeiation? now pending?-not exceeded in importune In/ am/ mnii that uhirh ratified our independent i fie added that he had no intention ol making i speech? indeed, fie whs without the materiel for ne?the mode ol hi* reception rendered party poitics a sealed book to him?and he concluded with ordial and ardent wishes for the prosperity of Chareaton and her citizens." Mr. Calhoun was then conducted to the Council 'linmher, where he received ageneral introduction a such citizens as were in attendance; and was Iterwards accompanied to lodgings provided for im at the Charleston Hotel. Wednesday Mr. Calhoun took his departure at alt-past I o'clock. He was escorted tothestesmr by a long and imposing procession His earnest esire to enter upon the duties of his office at an urly day, induced him to decline the honor of a ubfic dinner tendered him by the citizens Mr Webster "never conferred" with Mr.Upa er concerning annexation never said a word a him, or heard him say a word, upon that subset, from the day when Air Cpshur became Secreary of State to that of his lamentable death.?JV. 7. Com. Adv. . Stick a pin there. It will not be mug, icfore some iierson or |>ersona will speak pshiir. IfV know that Mr. U. was indue irve that Mr. W would not oppose anne Hadinmian.