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April 3, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T H Vol. X., Ho. 94?Whole Ho. 3040. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?publis had every day of the year except New Year'* day and Fourth of July. Price J cents per copy ?or $7 3? per annum?postages paid?rash in advance. THE WEEkLy HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6| cents per copy> or $3 13 per annumpostages paid, cash iu a lvanca. ADVERTISERS are iniormed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOU8AND, and increasing last. It hat the largett circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world no A therefore, the belt channel for bunnett I men in the city or country. Frioex moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kiudx executed at the most moderate price, and in the moat elegant ityle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR OK THE HKRALD ESTABLISHMENT, Northwest corner of Kulton and Naaean (treat* rrr.w line OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To aait limn New York on the 36th and Liverpool oa the 11th 01 men month. m & m M Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, Mth March. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. 11. Cohb, 26th April. f?hip SHEIIIUAN, Captain F. A. Deneyster, 26lh May. Ship UAilKiCK, Cant. B I. 11. Trrsk, 26lh June. KKOM LlVKKroOL. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain A Depeyster, 11th March. Ship GAKHICK, Captain B. 1. H. freak, 11th April. Ship KOBCIUS, Captain John Collina, 11th May. Shin MIDDONS, Captain E. U. Cobb, 11th June. These shii* are all of the drat claaa, upwards of 10M tons, b nlt in tin- city ad New York, with such improvement* as c mitnue great speed with nuusual coinlhrt for passengers. Every cure lias beeu taken in the arrangemeut of their accommodation*. The price of passage hence is SIM, lor which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfactien. Nrith-r the captaine or owners of the shipe will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages tent by them, unless regular ' ?">f lading are signed therefer For freight or passage apply to |V. K. COLLINS & CO., 48 Booth St., New York, or to BR ,/WN. BillPLEY Ik CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the pad eta will be charged It# cents per tingle lifft ; 50 ceuU per o-tnce, and newspaper! 1 cent each. ml frc PASSAGE FROM OKEATBR1TA1N AND IRELAND iSt, & M M BY THE jStAfjlTBALL OOLD , . . LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liv?r|x>ot on tlie 7tk mid 19th of every month.] Persona wishing to seoid to the Old Country for their friend* Can make the m-2essary arrangements with the subscribers, and have tlum come out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing Iroin Liverpool puiKfcually 011 the 7th aud 19th of every month. They will also have a first rate jlass of American trading ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that Port. One of the lirm (Mr. James D. Roche) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not com* out. the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any redaction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, viz :? The OXFORD. The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such sni>erior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which lias been extcuded to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at ell timss obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PHESCOTT, GROTE, AMES 8t CO. Bankers, London, which will be naid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the priueipal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland aud Wales. lirioup nunTUona a. ivi ivvviir<. uivuiiiciiio n wi 35 h niton street New York, next door to the Kultou Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packet* sail from thi* Port for Liverpool on the lit and 19th of each month. Parties lemming to the old country will find it to their eomfort and advantage to select this favorite Liue for their cnov*vvuce, in prefereuee to anv other. '" OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. mt UfilTTU a>i< V) L' u rn kmm v/\nir did packetships comprising the Old Black Ball Liue of Packets (ailing aa aader from Liverpool. The ihip COLUMBUS. Captain Colo,on the 16th February. The strip YORKSHIRE, (new) Baiiey, on the lat March. The ship CAM BRIDGE, Capt. Uaritow, 16th March. The chip ENGLAN D, Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The (hip OXFORD, Captain Kailibone, 16th April. The ?hip MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, lit May. Theahip &.UROPK. Captain Kurber, 16th May. The ahip NE W YORK, Captain Cropper, lat Jan*. In addition to the aboveanperior ahipa, the subscriber'! agents will have a succession of first claaa Ami rican (hipa A-spati hed, aa cu(tomary, from Liverpool, every four or five days tlirougl out the year, to the dilL-rent porta iu the United States, by which passage cau be secured at reduced rates. Tnoae (ending for their friends residing in Ore it Britain aud Ireland, may rely that every care will hi taken to ciak* pissengeis ai comfortable aa they can reaaonably expect, and ahould ihe passengers not come out, the passage money will be promptly refunded. Drafta can aa ttaual be furnished, payable at ihe National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branch's; Eastern Bank of Fcniiandmd k auchrs; aud on Meaars. J. Bait, Son & Co , Baukera, London; M-aars J. Barned 6t Co., Bankers, Liverpool. which are payable throughout England and Waits. For further particulars apply (if by letter post pud) to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Sonth street, near Wa'l street. N. B Passage to Liverpool and London can at all times be engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every live Jays, and to London *u the 1st, 10th aud 20th of each month on application aa anove. j 12 ec OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. WE*- MS- MS MS urav KEStV ffRV HjfEV MV^^OLD Llffl^^^acketi (it. will heroin^^e -I despatched in the followiugorder, eicrpting that when the sailing day fall* on Sunday, the ships will tail on the succeed log day, via:? From [NewYork. From Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July 16 teu tons, ' Oct. 1 Not. it W. C. Barttow, I Feb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, (June 16 Aug. 1 750 ton*. '.Oct. 16 Dec. 1 _ 8. Bartlett, l Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, I. July 1 Aug. 16 600 tom, Nor. 1 Dec. 16 J. Rathbene,! March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, July 16 Sept. 1 10(.0 tons, < Nor. 16 Jan. 1 A. A. Lowber, March 16 May I The EUROPE, (Aug. 1 8ept. 16 618 tons, ' Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. U. Furber, April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (uew) (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 950 tons, < Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, f April 16 Juue 1 The COLUMBUS, (Sept. T Oct. 16 700 tona, < Jan. 1 Feb. 16 G. A. Cole, f May 1 June 16 The YORKSH'UE,(new) i Sept. 16 Nor. 1 1050 tone, < Jan. 16 Mar. 1 D. G. Bailey, (May 16 July 1 Theae ships are not aurpaased in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their faat sailing qualities by any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as meu of character aud eaiieriencr, and the strictest atteution will always be paid to promote the coinlort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fised at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of every desaription will be nrnvillell. with the eTCentinn of winea nnrl li.nlnra urhirt, will be furnimed Of the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners or these ships will be responsible forauy letters, |>arc*ls, or iiackages sent by tliem unless aular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or paae, apply to GOODHUE Jt CO, #4 South st C, H. MARSHA LI,. 38 Burling slip. N. Y. JMtf and of BARING. BROTHERS Ik CO., LVool. UNITe.U LINE (>KT,I VEKPOOL PACKET8 SdHMN ? Packet of 4 til April?The splendid and farorite jrHnHEsl'arltet ship 8HAK8PK ARE, 1001) tons burtheu Capt. K. Minor, will sail on Thnrt ay, 4 h April, her regular day. The ihips of this line being all 100C tons and upwards, persons alnut to em) ark for the old rountry will not fail to see the advnutlges to be derived from selecting this lire in preference toany -.ther, as their great capacity tenders them every wa more comfortable and convenient than ships ol a smaller class, and thur accommodations it is well anowu are sutwrior to any others those wirning to secure bertha should not fail to make erly application an board, or to W Sc J. T. TAPBCOTT, At thsir General Passage Office, mMt 4are 43 Pe-k sl<p, corner Sonth street. ??? REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, kc The ?jt^^suh?c:ib r continues to transmit money io sums lnry<iSaaBtour small, to persona reaidioK io any pnrt of Ireland in the unr maimer as he and hii predeceiaor in bqsiueaa havr done for thi la it thirty ywi and more; also, to .any rart of Eiiylaiid or HcAlanrl. Moiey remifed by letter (poat paid) to the inbaeriber, or perioral I y deposited with hiin, with the name ol the jreraon or peranum Ireland, Enjlsnd o- Hcolland, to whom it is to te aeiil.Hld the nearest |>ost town, will be immediately transmitted aid paid accordingly, and a receipt to that rff-ct given, or forwirded tn tne nendnr. In Ike manner money, nr rlaims on penpna in any part of Irelaid, England or Scotland, cau be collected by the subscriher foiperaous residing in any pirt of the I'nivd Hta'ej or Canada and will be paid to 'hem accordii glv. ml 2mem OEOKWK McdRIDK, Jr. ?2 Cedar it. PA-SAtiE FROM DUBLIN, f OUK, WATKIlmMWKOHI). DF.RRV, COLKRAI.NK, BELFAST, apw^ewTi D'oeheda, kc ? Persona wishing to teud lor then lriend< can narc tn< tn bronght ont from any of the above pOiti in nrat class Ammican Packet Ship*, on the moat reasonableterins, and without iheireiiierieaciiig any unnecessary drtrnuon. Mr. W. Ta acott, one of the fiim, will be on the spot to girehia personal attention tn the passengers engaged .t id," k j" fheir a?euls here, and pe/soua may tely maund by them will h\?* all dun and pro|*r attention. Kor particula/i apply, if by latttr. poai-i aid. to ? W.kJ.T1, TAP8COTT, at lieir General Paaaa*?> Ofllca. U Peck Slip, cor. Snath atreet, wrhrre, ala?, Dralta may b? obtained, for larpe or arnall aumt. rr.yable on demand, ?itho?tdiicoiuit or any other ehaice, at the National or rroviQCiai Banks of Ireland, or any of their hnuchca throughout the Kingdom. fojj rc ttit AP '>. ,h,> Potior r*T?T"' >-v?i.Tt captain spauitiiux flUbPor freight or paraafe, app'y to TV SON k JUUaH. tfo U Went street or to BOYU k UlNCKEN,# Tontine Building iii ?c rff M>K fALE.-Thenloop T!IO*lA8 COLVEK Siik Sliif. now laying at the fimt of Spring itreet JigHbNew York. She wia built by Thomae Oolyer, ai Siag Ming, and if flee yeais old, and one of the fastest and heat hnTt sloop* on the lludioii river. Hh? la eentre-board, and oi light draught of water, and catrira abont 130 tona, and ia well adapted for thkfreighting or lumber business. Kor further particulara apply to JOSEPH AGATE. 337 Broadway, New York, Administrator of the eatate of Franklin Agate, decerned, ml lm"ee KOIl l-IVKRPOOL?To sailUh April-The yery Jatfyfrat railing packet ahip 8 riAKfll'r.ARE, Capt. jEflgLvliner, will aail ea abore. horlreight or pasaage, apply on board it Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall at. or to. E. K. COEEINH k CO., nJI toatre., W South itreet E NE NE1 (B3BA 1 Mil I GREAT WESTERN "RAIL ROAD ROUTE, KitUM ALU AN y J o BUYKALO (J25 MILKS) m. , By RA|L KOAD. . Th* only Office in New York e?tdbli>hed hy the aere'al Rail Koad Couipauie* between Albany mil ButTalo it at No. M> COUIITLANDT STRKKT, JOHN V. CLAK, Oeueial Aitenl. NOWfrK ToIMMIORANTS. The flnbicribera na?iim been appointed amenta for forwardintt Immigrant* by Kail Koad from Albany to Unualo and intrrmediair i lacea. are enabled to aend them duriu|(ili* Summer frjm New York to Utica lor $t,06: to Syracn*ef2,92, to Auburn SI.36; to It och otter $4,61. to BufTdo iU Si. Children from 2 to 12 year* old a', half price; under 2 yeara free; hiid all Baggage from Albanyon the Ka'l Koao iaeuli'ely line. It la et ident that it cornea much ch-epar to the immigrant to trav I by Kail Road than by Canal, he rrachiug Buffalo per Steamboat from New Yolk uud Kail Koad from Aldan. i > 42 hour*; wh-rea*. it tak*a per Canal fro.-n 9 to llidavi the fol lowing cilcuUti' n ihowa the re.ifft, tiz Passage to Buffalo per Hail I'aurge lo Buffalo |?r Ct- j Koeil.............. $5 JO ual. ?ay $3,CO Luggage from N. \oikto Luggage to Buffalo. JOlte Alban*. lOOlbi fr e, bal- fire, balance forlOOlbs-* J6 auee for lOOIba 18 Lota of time at least 9 days Loggute Iroin Albany to w.rth to the laooier, gay Buffalo JO centa per day 4,J0 Living for 42 hours, any-7S Liemg for 10 ilaya, JO ceuta per day 5,00 Total per H.Hoad-.. ?6 43 ~ '$11,05 Deduct fare per 11. lload 6.43 The traveller Hoad tavea* -$5,68 Tliey also forward paxaeug- rsho Cleaveland, Poit?mouth anil other plicoa in Ohio; D-tniit, kc , Michigan; Green Bay Milwaulcie. Ike.. Wi-otsin Terr,t>ry; Chicago, Illinois; acd to different plac a in Canada, at theloweit ratet. All information aa to the different routea given gratia, aud Ticket.) to be had only at the Albany and Buffalo I vail Hoad Office,59 Couitlandt street. WOLF (it lliCKKKS. apt lm*m FREIGHTS FOR BALTIMORE. -tafftTa J.U1 ERICSSON .inaan au(4 fl^H^a?BTKA M B O AT L 1 N PHILADELPHIA AND*BALTIMORE, V?A DELAWARE AND CHESAPEAKE CANAL. Thia Line, consisting of the following Steamboats? Steamboat BALTIMORE, Captain F. Lavman. " CUMBERLAND, ' A.Colemary. " ERICMDN, " A. G. Clay pool. HONKER. ' M. Wolf, ia no w in orera'iou, leaving the uprer side of Chestnut street Wharf, daily, at -A o'clock P. M., for Baltimore, arriving early nez< morning. Merchandize destined South or Weat of Baltimore, will be foi warded t> e ice with the greateit desp itch. freights for Norfolk, Kichmoud, Peteribur/, Va., Wsihiugtou Georgetown Aleiandria, D. C. Cincinnati, Ohio, Louisville, Ky , Stint Louis. Mo , or any other point South o. West, received anil forwarded daily at the lowea rates. All goods destined for Baltimore Ircm New fork, and Consigned to the underiigued at Philadelphia, wnl be forwarded the same day as received, and delivered the fol o ariug morning A. OROVr.8, Jr.. Agent, m29 2wrc* No. 19 South Wharves Philadelphia NEW YOltK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAM-' BOAT LINE. MX ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1144?MORNq-l I g i iff 1r-'" LINE?From the foot of Barclay a set, *W. tiwTaff .. v o'clock A.M., fSuudays excepted.) The Steamboat TRO V, CaPt. A. Gorhnm, and The Steamboat EMPIRE, (.'apt. S. R. Roe. Evening Line?Direct from the foot of Conrtlandt atreet, at 7 o'clock P. M. [Sunuaya excepted 1 The Steamboat SWALLOW, C?pt. A. McLeon, and The Steamboat ALDAN V, Cact. it. B. Macy. Tlii proprietors of.ths New York. Aibuiy and Troy Lite would respectfully ii form the public that their boats have during the recess ol naviga'ion the past winter, beeu refitted and ripleniahed throughout, and many improretmnls added to the eomlort of the traveller The Troy and Kinpite. ea hereto lore, will form th Moruiug Line, from the Steambo-t I'ier fool ot B11 clay street, runuii g daily [Sundays excelled] making the principal intermediate landings on the Hirer. The Swallow and Albany will lorm the 7 o'clock Evening Line (Hnoug/i direct) dai'y (Sundays (excepted.) The above boats are ol the first class ot Steunboats. and for speed and accommodations are unsurpassed, and what is of greater iuretesl to the traveller, aie under ihe command of officers well known to the putlic? their names alone is a sulfic.ent guarantee of kind attention, civil deportment and safe management. New York, March 12 1841 mlVc SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. BLO0MIN<*DALE. MANHATTAN VILLE AND FOKT WASHINGTON LINE OK STAGE* Kara to Mxuhattanville, 12% Cents. Fare to Fort Washi"gtou 25 Cent*. r? This Lineof Stages will commence running ,n M ndty, April 1, 1841, at follows LtavTiykall 'W,n? Maoha'tanville at 7 o'clock, A. M , and cvi.l. or .u..-..-A every hour unt'l 6 P. M. Leaving N. w Vork, corner of Trvou How and Chntham it two doo s ' an r f the ltr.rlem Hatlroad Office, at 9 o'clock, A. M , and continue running every hour until 8 I'. M 'J Ins Line of fctiges pases the irphau aud Lunatic Asylnmi, Burnh .in's JYaiisiou House, the Ahbey and Backer's Hotel, Tiimty Church Cemelty, the High Bri <ge aud n ( rt Washington. B iYiOOIlff m?7 lm*rc Propriet n PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. sfl DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through Di ^te*$Qeiegrrec 1 * >1., trout the steamboat rier inSEasBflKSE-twern Coiirtlindt and Liberty itr. ets. The steamboatKNH'KKKBOC KKK, Captain A. P. St. John, Motidiy, Wednes-ay and Friday, at 7 P. M. The Sie?mDnat ROCHESTER, Cantain A. Houghton, on Tuea'av, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 P. M At Five o'clock P. M.. Lttidieg <' lnt?.med ate Placer: ? The Steamboat CURTIS PECK. Captain Wm. H. Peck. Monday. Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, at 5 P. M. The Steamboat NOitlli AMERICA, Captain Wtn. IL Trneedell, Tuesdty, Thursdiy and Satarday at J P. M Passengers taking this line of boat* will arrive in Albany in amrle tune to take the Morning Tiain of Can for the ca. t or writ[T7~The above Boata&re new and substantial, are fnrnithed with new and elegant State Rooms, anu for speed and accommodation are nurivalled on the Hudson. For jmssage orfr-ight, apply on board, er to P. C. Schnltz at the olhceou the wharf. al a?g?8TATp^LAND^a On and alter Tnesday, February 27th, the Boats will leave as follows, until furtl er notice Leave Staten Island. Leave New York. At 8* A. M. At 9 A. M. HI It " 3 P. M. 3? P. M. S " " M. I). On Sunday the boat will leave at 11 instead of 12. feS9rc wm NOTICE The S.eambiat PORTS ftp-UgfaMl1 MOUTH is now briug thoroughly repaint! SLwuKUK-and will be reaJv at the w.euiug r.f navigation to tow Itoaia iiiteru.ediate to Trov, Albany aid New Fork This boa'will hive capacities for towing ?.|Udl to any on the river: and it is hotel that it will obtain a uir support m'2l Im*rc P. CU-V1STOCK. VJSW YORK. AND PHILADELPHIA HA nltOAli LIN DIRECT, Foe Nawaa*. NcwB*ui??wic?,PitiftctTow, Tkemtow, BoRstsTows Awn Birni.noTorr. SSfilfllt jSBBL. THROUGH IN SIX INJURS. Leaving .K?w York daily from the foot of Courtlandt st. Morning Line it 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. Ph.- Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence k) itenmboat to Pnitadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to .JhilatVelphia) withont change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot ol Courtiandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be is readiness, with baggages rales on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city wihout being opened l>y the way Each train ia provided with t car in which are apartment* and droning room* ei'.Teaaly foi die Indie*' me. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wal tut alreet, bv (teamhoat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M uid by railroad (join Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The line* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at TH A. M., anil I P. M. being a continuation of the tinea from New York jit Jm*m A ,v MM* R PITTSBURG, BY THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL ?t RAILROADS Tin* auperior Line of Packet* it now in complete order New Boat* have be*n placed on the Line, and eveiy arraugj' m-nt made that ca i be datwrd to aecnre the comfort of trnvtlI 'era. The int*rr*liug country whi?-h the route paiaea,render* it the moat agreeable 'hat can be taken for the Weit. Kor Ininilie* travelling wett ward, it i* preferable to all o her ronte*. No effort baa been apared to make the accominodationa onboard the b lata ample ai. d comple. '1 hey ai* in charg" of experienced, atteutive, and obliging captaina, *o that the trip from PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURO, i* rendered one of pletrur "ather tlun toil. FARE ONLY $10. OFFICE N. E. CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT STREETS, Where every iaformat on mav he obtained. [T7"aea'a may alan he aerffTrd at. 17 aouth Third at,and at th' DEPOT. V\ MARKET STREET, where the Cara aUtt from every morning ?t 0 oVIo'k. m?6 Im re A. (flJMMlNOS, Agent w-Sf* FOR NEW ORLEANS? Loniaiana and New ^ ffWYork Line ?Regular picket of 10th April ?The raa' WMmCaa-iiling picket ahip OCONEE, Capt l?. Jackaon.will aail ai above her regul ir day. For freiaht oi naaaige.having bandanna* fnrniahe l/.ceomno da'.ioni, apply nu b nrd Toot of Will street, ?t Orleani wharf, or fo Ft K. COLLINS fc () , V> South street. Agents in New Orleans Meant. llullii 81 Wo drult, who w ill prnmi tly 19! ward nil gooilt to their eddresa 1 he packet ship Ocinnlgee. Captain K. P et, will aaeered the Oconae, and ml >0tw April, her ragular day. at ec PAMMAOK KIt11M KNitl.ANO. IRELAND, Hi <)T LAND AND WALLS, VIA LIVERPOOL. tJKg* THE tubacriber hit mad- unequalled arrai gem-iit* idHWWfor bringii g oat emigrants thia year. >841. Those tik|MKw--n'liiiK Tor their frieudi would do well to arply at the aid established packet office of JOHN HKRDMAN.6I South at N. B.?The shioa ol thia line now leate Liverpool every fire days, and drifts can aa aanal be forniahed for any amount, payable at all the principal banking mentations throughout the an nod kiagdom, apply aa above. mil rc KOR LIVEIIPOOL?New Line-Regular Packet MfWPWof 26lh April?'I he ap'endid packet ship SIDDONS, JfittttfiaCapt E. B.Cobb, of 1060 toua, will sail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or pistage, hieing accommodations un-qnalle,l for splendor or comfort, appl, no board, at Orleans w hail', foot of Vv all atreet, or to r r COLLINS & CO. J6 Sooth at. rrie* of jpmmc (100. , _ _ . The packet ?hu> Sheridan, Capt. J F. D?P?y;ter. of 1000 tone, will idccml the Siildoni.aad mil the Kith ef May, Iter legular liny, fWflgera may rely on the shipaof this line sailrg pnnctutl .n27 to a2Grc *? FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the no Al"'1ttlj^W 1 he euperior, fait nailing Packet ?h>p nll/Vtvn HMLPKAIiV,. Captain Minor, will poiitirel* tail u "hpTe. h-r rerular day. , . .. She has superior accommodations for cabin,second cabin and storage paaaensers. Those wishing to secure bertha should mane early application on hoard, or to JOHN HkiiDMAN, 61 South aireet. W YO IV YORK, WEDNESDAY LOOK AT~THIS~! ^ JUST RKCtCIVKD, by the packet .hip Samuel Hick., fro in l"aris, the beat article o Gentlemen's Krench Boots ever >een, nut uow > tiered, JK wholesale sad retail, at the low price of (1. The bf.t article of French Calf Boot., made to measure- -$5 00 " " " I oik Sole Bonis Wat'r Proof Boots Ae 4 00 " " " Light''alf Sew?d Boots $Tto 3 10 *' " " hue Lall Slioes, made to measure 2 00 Worked Slipiie . " $1 to 121 And the greatest assoruneut ol all kind, of Boots and Shoes in fashion. Ladies jn this store you will find the greatest assort uirtuM i,alter Hoots llial ran lir found iu this city, and all k in'a of buskin Shpp-rs, Ties, Uuttuu Shoes, l'ruurlla Slippers, white. Mack. aalin, and all other kind.; and colors. Also, I lie greatest assortment of Boys' Boots and >hots, Mitscs and Children*' of all kind i to br found in this city ; aud all of our own manufacture, and of the Irst French (tods, and warranted to br the best, and as cheap as tha cheapest, at 347 Broadway, tnr corner of Kraukliu street. GREGORY Ik CAI1ILL, m9 lm?rc 3ti7 Broadway, N. Y. "TO COUNTRY MKRCITANTT ' BOOTS AND SHOES. ^ WILSON & JOHNSON T | (Sucre, or to John llutchliiK) have rein Ted from HOtO II | 1 It C hat In in street, aud h? re c< nipte'e l their nstorlmeut^V | of Spring Ouods, comprising tlrr greateit variety aud l un st assortm -nt of Boots aud Shoes that cau be found in ihe city.? I hvery tiling iu he r lrna, consisting iu part of 3UIN1 ladies' Mo I roc Co Bust ins. 30011 ladies' Irtthrr do, 3UIH) ladiea' cenimnn do, j 5000 ladies'C'immou Hipp ri, 25U0 gentlemen's do, 1000 ladiea' I'm- French do, moo Weit Barks, 10,0(0 I luldreu's Shoes of all ; kinds ,iud co or*. O'lO ladies' (Jailers, black aud cnloren, 50 C-; las of gentlemen s line calf sowed Boots. 50 cases pegged do, 25 cases kit's d,I, 23 case boys'and youths' no, nod all Other nrti, 'iclks that cm possibly lie called for in tlie boot nod shoe line, for sale, 112 listhaw street opposite the Chatham Theatre.? i N. B. f lie str re opened till 10 o'clock >n the eveuiug, giring | country mrrcliantsau opportunity to purchase when not other Wise euz iceil liiH ltn*'C J BOOTS AND SHOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.*^^? ALL WHO W KAIt the aleive articles.and wish tosar# mosiev. had better lose no time iu cal'inz at the fashionable Bo it si ,1 Sho-Stores of S. I' SECOft, Nos. I60X and ICI Uree iwru strci t, wliere all may suit tli m-elres witli an article t tat lor style or make, fashion and fundi, Cauuot be siupns -.1 of perhaps equalled in this city. 8. I'. 9. begs to apprise in particular thosel nndgrntlenieu who corsider a well lining hoot or zaiter in i mlispei.sable article to the tout enatmtilc of all within tha I i mI Monde, that hiO.hJ or 181 Greenwich street, are the only pi aoes n New York they can <k pend on bciuz soiled. N. B.?L idles and Missea Gaiters, Shoes, lie., always on hand in endless variety. IT/- Remember. 160 and 101 Greenwich street.-^J) f 15 Jm"ec SAVE YOUR SHILLINGS. ^3 All that are in want nfaood Gaiters. Shoes. or Buskins,are request* I tocallat.WAl.H ER'ri A corner Of (fOMViy iMlCMtl lUMt UnrrtniM, M .Milan aud Childrru's Gaiters, of all culors,sorts and sixes, of the latest French fashion?ihe ch-apest fit nffrmi. Alio, the greiteat assortment of Gents Hue French Calf Dress Boola, stitched, at >3. Thoie who purchase at tin old establishment are aura to call again, the beat evidence of the general aatialactiou hii Boots and Shoes have givtn to the public. It Ilemember?WALKF.K'S Cheap Boot aud Shoe Store, 419 Broadway, corner Canal street. fa'i lm*ec - ONLY LOOK AT THIS ! and aee the asI* tonishing low prices of BOOT.wand sHOES^^^Jf M that are selling off at the New and Fashionable Boot and Shoo Store, of Greenwich and Murray strews, NewYutk. gentlemen's fine French and native calf B nits double and siugl* soles, from S3 to $3 40, (I to $1 50 aud $J per pair. Also a Targe assortment of gentlemen's, boys' and youths line calf and kip Shoes, ef the latest style aud beat materi tli; there is also a large asso t'oent of low priced Boots and Shoes,pegged and seweil, for gent'emen, boys and youths, aud .at prices that will come within the retch ol al clastri. The Ladies of New York and its vicinity will find it to their rdvaatcge to call at this establishment aud at e th- most splendid asiofiment of fpiit?r Boots, Buskins, Slippers aud Ties, of all the different colors and most fashiouikl* styles. There is any quuitity of Ove.ahoes and waterproof Buskins, gent'euen's stra peel, leather bottoms ; ladies'do; Moccasins end India Rubbers, furred, plain and tigurrd; muses aud children's, of all kiudi, iu abundance and rheap. Don t tnisUke tlieuumbe', 233 Greenwich Hreet, corner of Murray st WRIGHT. CALHOUN St CO fe38 lm*?c BOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE. A LARGE ASSORTMENT of the above uutned articles * in -y be had ut the Mauufacturer's Depot, No. 200 Pearl st, New York. Among those on hand inuy be fonud in port the following, rat? Meis'JtBoys' Kip pegg'dBoots | Mens' St Boys' Thick Bro^ane VH W W '* <u u-m uu uu UU IV 11 I PKini UO Do do Pump Sole do Do do do Sewed do Do do I i *1 f Welt do Do do Calf do do Dodo do Calf do Dodo do I'eneil do Do< alfS'Wed do Dod i Pump Sole do Do Stout re* He J do Do do Ooat aud S-al do And a great variety tf Wnraoi'i, itiieaea. and Childreo'a Muslins, Dooieea, Slippers, he. he., pegged and aewrd; toaerlier witn a general assortment of Palm Leaf and Leghorn Hats. Country merchants and others are rnvited to call aaU eximiue All sold low I'm caaQ or cilv acceptance* U.vLU h CO , No. 260 Panrl street, m 11 m*e? IJ. S Hotel Building. N V. fT| JUST fc"IN IBIIKD?Kit gan*. Nutria Knr Uata (ordinnriJ#Sev; y termed Beaver) at the low price ul' $2 ; auperior short nan of I'ruaai -u Moleslsiu at S). Theaa hata are equal in durability and lustre to whose sold et $1. Alan, an article at $2 SO, a very nest dress li tl. BROWN Pract'Cal Hatter uifiti ?I.?~ i u \ einai irrvi. SOMETHING NEIV. fV THK SUBHIJllI BKlt reapectfully announce*, that hia JP?Sjirii:g Style of Uuls. (now ready) are couatructed on a plan dillermt from any heretofore naed in thii country, and which lie ia confident needaonly an examination, to cotiviuce gentlemen of its *nperiority. It h*a been a juat cause of complaint, that the fur on (he edge of the ctowu aoou wenri olf.aud th"a give* to a Hatnu appearance of having breu innch worn, while the other part* are comparatively p-rivet Thia aerioua defect the auhacnher ha* he. u en.ihl -il to obviate in inch a mn.tier aa not to intcrfm, but on the contrary, to improve the air au-t contour ol the Hat. All gentler! en are rruneated to call and aatiafy themsflvea of lie great auperiority of the prraent method over all othrra. ^pHN-N.^OENiN. niuaouoap iMiannsnmrti, r*o. ?|| nroauway. mrllm*rc Opposite St Paul'i Ohnrrh WEDDING J'AUTlLS, BALLS ROUTS, .fee. OUPPL.1KD with all the different varieties of Pastry, Iced Kru t, Pound and S.-eur Cake, Ornament d Pyramids, KoutCakeof ill the different v irieties, and t'<e greatest assorttnent of Tea Cake that can be obtained at any est-vdishm-nt in theci'y. Also, all kinda of Biscuit, from Pil >t Bread to the sina' Irat Pir-nic f'r the table, Fre-h Plea of seasonable Variety. PuIf Paste forms for Dinner Orderi thauklully received and ?ent to snr rart ef the city or country JAMKS TOMP80N, At the Premium Bakery, 40 Lispeuard, near Church. mlt lm"m WIMUNG FASHIONS, AT TI1K OLD RSTABLI*HVfBNT, Ma pa 2 in dc Modes, <>0 Canal street. MADAM BKHKMAN, in returning thanks for the laat eight years patronage. hegi ir.oat reeiectfully ta inlorm her friends, i u*io'n* rs, and the public, that she has received her Spring fsshious from Paris,and iters to he fivor'd with an early c ill >o eiamiue her varied ?nd elegant stock of entire new styles of Silk, ar well as Si raw Hats Madime B. Hatters herself that the same are unrivalled in li e city, both as to style, quality, shape ant prwe. A call will convince them sf tl.efnrr MAGAZIN DE MODES, m24 lm*m 60 Canal ilrwl. UNITED STATES DAGUEK K IAN GALLERY. 175 BROADWAY, UP STAIRS EWHITl. would res! ectiully coll the attention of citir.ens and sirar.iters visiti >g the city to his splen-'id ( ollrciiun of DAOUEKIIKOl'yi'K PORTRAITS, stogie, o- in grouts trim two t) fourteen nersons in the earn* plate, which, in hearty and accuracy ef delineation, cannot be snrp-ssrd. Portraita taken in all kinda of weather, either wi.h or without color*; the prices of which he haa reduced to thoae cherK'd by the moat iot iiu-riencod in th-business. The American luituitt-, at its late exhibition, awarded Mr White the fust premium li t the be t Dygu-rre?ty|ie likeness (for i<roapii.K and general elf-ci), which is hut another proi I of the superiority of his poittaila Mr White is the sole an til in !Sew Vork lor th- trery su|ierior imported (ierimu Cameras; and at no other eicabliahmeut to the City or 8lal* con they Le obtained. IS.U ?Imported German Cam-run; also Freorh and Ameri can Inrtru'uenta of the very heat no slaty, with Plates, Caa-a Cheirnrala, Pnliahmx Mat?tnil, ?tc , alway* on hand, lor aale at the very loweat price*. 3m m "FIRST RR KM!I'M DA'il'ICK RKOTY RRs. DLUMBK UAUUiCRKIAN UALLKIiY OK PATENT f PKKMIlTM COL.OKKD PUUTOORAPH8, 251 Browway, above Murray atrret, S'w York?A warded the lirat nrrmiumand hixhrat honor by American and Kraukllu Institute*, lor the inoat bointifui colored Da?ijer.eotyi>e* e?er exhibited. The proprietor harms aecured, by letter* patent, the riclmiv* privilege ol takiua Col irrd Oagurrreotyi ea by lira new proC aa hiu reduced hi* term* 25 per cent Ladie* and (Jenrletnen are ri apecifally in vitro to call and emmine thr large collection in til" < iallery, whether they conte nplate aittinv or not. Premium Apparalu*. Plate*, Caaea. Ike., aupplied at lower

rate* ih hi at any other blare in the Uoitrd Stair*. ml lin?ec ./ /' U: '11 LESSON, I n r\ n n r n cj imt i rn it : 11 < t m t> a i? i <l< Vj v/ i i m'j iv n jvj i i 11 , i' lv yj ivi j- j\ it i o , MAH TIIK HONOR ti iolorm the jiiiti'ir, that hp Km put njien-'d a atoro it 268 (ireenwich iliwl, nliere he mannlatlurea nnd haa lor en'e, kitehea Ilauicva and Tackle, (tr* . in n itylt altogether new, mad* of one piece ol inetel. Mouldn for P'?try c i ihn, of differeut m>>drli. AUmbiitne ItnihuiK Tain, Half B.ttba. He nlan mannfactaren wrought iron, tin. 'in* nor tad repairs, iu good as fir, til Kitchen Hangrs and Tnekles *nd be neiwmeri' will d?durt filty yer cent to different hol<lt and hoarding home*. ir"7~Tti* above aiticlet will be lent out. N. P. Wut ii nt theaboreiiarr, a | imnrwn tinman,and a Ton nit m*n who can apeak Krnneh ami Ki irliah. u.CT lot' in FRENCH'ZHnN/T No. ? SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, . . (UP ST AI KM.) Air AL.KS.MK, Importer and Agent Tor Mainfaclnrere, has aleaya on hand a large amortinent of dinner and ten t? III Illaln wblfrand gilt Krench Port elaln. aa well aaakneeaai Dciarrt Platen, of ail ntaorted Dithaa, Soup Turerni, Covered Diahea, Hilad Bowie, Kroit llaaketa, < uitarda anil Standa. Alao, Tm and ChoeoUta Ware, Oreek, Krench and Amencan iham. All tliw article* are warranted of the beat qamlity, anil to fca aslil on liberal trrma, and iu Iota to suit purchatert. mI9 gtn^rc CHINA, OLAStt df LAMP MANUFACTORY. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND OTHERS THE under, igned i#*|wcifnlly inform their cnatomera and the I uhlic that tnnr hare reduced their pricea of the above article^ aDd having heeo manufacturing many yeara, enablea them to fu null cheaper than any other home, and they warrant their articba, auch aa Solar L napa of all da aerir'iona. Aatral Lamp altered to Solar, A fnll a:a >rtioent of Cut and Plain Oleaa.ttaw pattern Oirondolea, Chandelieia, Candelabra*, Houqueta, fcc., fce. Hall Lamps and Ijtnterns of a'I aizea. witn rich and cat atained kI ut Allariielva matched to any pattorne. Olaaa madaaui cut to ort'vr tiuods for the country aent free of ezpetiae Atticl a loved for paitiea. Citizens genera'ly are invited to call aud examine our aaaortmant and t uiafy th?ma Iret aa regard quality and pricat. STOU VEN EL fc CO. ? E clorv 29 OoM atiaet. WholMil 'and Iletail Store, No. 3 Joliu it, near Uroadwjy. mil lm*rc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, <\Ec. rI1llK. mhacriberi hive jn?t received, per lite arrival* fiom J- Havre, and keep conilantly on hand, a complete Krench Artificial Kloweri Material! of all kinii for Klowara Feather*, Hair Ornaments, and Millinery articlei? for laleby HKNKV V KM1N, Importer!, IHJa?rrc 7JLiberty itreet, upstairs. wmmrnrnimmmmam? IRK 1 MORNING, APRIL 3, 18Literary Notices. Thk Mysteries Opened, by Rev. Dr. Stone.? . Mich 18 Hie title of a work published by the liarpent, ia their usual, neat and finished manner, on a subject now occupying a large share of public attention in this as well as other countries; it is a polemical treatise on the sacraments, and no doubt an able confutation of certain hetrodox opinions, which have crept into the faith of "The Church," as held by Mr. Stone. In religious matters, persons are very properly little influenced by the opinions of others, and for this reason ours may he spared, as it regards theological tenets. Yet it may not he altogether useless?as we are convinced it is just to add, that the spirit which pervades it?of conciliation towards opponents, and great candor in stating their arguments and views?is what it should be, and not like too many of a similar origin?rather lirebrands hostile to the peace of tnen, than a balm to appease prejudice and passion. Unquestionably this book will amply pay the oerusal of those who have or feel an interest in the uiscu-sion ot those tenets, which ure imw agitating the episcopalian Church. itki.igion in America.?Hy Rev. Robert liaird. ?Second part of this very valuable work, of which the first was published Inst week, has just been issued by the Harpers. This, we believe, is the only authentic ami comprehensive work of the kind that has ever been written, and the eminent ability ot the author is a sufficient guarantee for the manner in which his task has been performed. The work is now complete, at the very low price of lifiy cents for both volumes. Coffin's Natt'raL Piiilosovhy.?This is an elementary treatise on Natural Philosophy, designed for the use of schools and academies, and will prove valuable as supplying the want of a similar work, which was felt a good deal by public preceptors. Whilst it issimple enough for the capacity ot iae PWpu-7me uuuit may peruse it with profit to himself, and indeed it would be never out of place in the library any more than on the schoolboy's deck W. E. Dean, 2 Ann street, publisher. Rise, Career and Suuveksion of Milijcrism.? This sermon is intended to overthrow Millerism; but as that is already prostrated, it was hardly requisite. A good sermon is not a bad thing, however, at any time, and really worth more than 25 cents if made good use of. " The Rector of St Judes," seems to lie keeping a pretty close eye not only on the Millerites, but on the signs of the times and the fulfilment of the prophecies ot Daniel; and as the Millerites are decidedly wrong, it is very probable the Rector of St. Judes is right. "Virginia Melodies," and the "Kentucky Gentleman."?These are new additions to our stock of vocal and instrumental music. The first is a selection of the most popular national airs, arranged for the. flute. We do not think that they are equal to many pieces we could mention ; but those who are partial to whatever is " national," will find them a good selection, and well adapted tor the flute. The "Kentucky Gentleman" is a parody, as far as the words are concerned, on that excellent song, "The fine old English Gentleman" ?und a good parody too. The music is wholly original, and well adapted to the words?making tho nid/'ti 11 imn tlio utItaU a rrrwwl maA? 1# ? * ? ? ??V J'.vviy, U|-VII kUV "HUH CI RUUU |'1CCC. H 13 tunsiderably enhanced in value by a most finished and faithful frontispiece engraved likeness of Henry Clay, the farmer of the West; and other very beautiful inscriptions, highly creditable to the publisher, John F. Nunns, 240 Broadway. "Hoa Constrictor," is the name of a pamphlet by L). McLaren, intended as an exposition of Fourierism." Those who are curious will find some hard rules against the system, but if any are so indifferent to fourierism as not to care for the author's opinion, or whether he discomfits the Hoa Constrictor or not, there is no use in ua advising them to plunge into the controversy. The University Maoazine.?In aljuding to the March No. of this periodical, no eulugium i? required?its friends und connections are too numerous to demunda formal introduction, and a respectful mention of the name is only requisite to secure it a warm reception. As to the particular number before us, it is fully equal to any previous one. .Some may regret that "Tom liurke" and his spirit-stirring adventure is finished, and no more "ours," but let them be consoled with the reflection that "Arrah Neil" is with us as in "times of old;" if we no tnore enjoy a hearty laugh with that most eccentric of his kind, "Aithur O'Leary,' we are still happy in the possession of "Nuts and' Nut Crackers," not one of which is without a kernel .of the greatest of fun. Many of the articles in this number are of a high order. That on "Mesmerism" will be read with profit, and "Zoology and Civilization," a lecture delivered by Professor Hurt, is an admirable treatise on a subject witich has a very intimate connection with liuiiiun existence and the progress of our race. This is, indeed, an admirable number of the Dublin University. Library ok Medical Science.?Avery valuable work, issued by Harrington & Haswell, the great mcmc-ai piiniisiiers in riuiaueipnin. roursianuurti I works ana a monthly periodical may be thus obtained for $5 |xr annum. Gibbon's Decline and Fall.?No. 8 of Harpers' edition of Gibbons' Home, edited by Milinan, has just been issued. It completes the second volume of this great work, and brings the history down to the entire destruction of the Empire in the West. The numbers are neatly printed in library form, and are sold at 25 cents each. The Rose Manual.?A work on roses is really a novelty. Various are the works pretending to be flowery, daily issuing from the press; but even admitting that " A ro?? By any other name would smell ga sweat," it does not follow that flowery descriptions, or horticultural treatises, preclude the want or utility of a work solely dedicated to the Rom.*, the prince ot flowers. Mr. Ihiist, the author, seemste have succeeded in what was, he says, his highest ambition . r n. -.t : . ?1 11. ? I Hal ui inducing numc ui ciiict hip uuwcry paths of horticulture, wlierc healthful employment i<nil innocent pleasures wait to greet them."? Messrs. Cary & Hart and the Author, Philadelphia, urethe publishers. Martin Chi /.zlkwit.?Part live of the " Life and Adventures" of the above named gentleman, is come to hand. It is a reprint, very neatly executed, by Messrs. Harper Ac Brothers, Cliff street, from tite English edition, to he in seven parts at (ij cents each. Bi.a< kwood'k Maoazine? J. Winchester's reprint of this work, for March, is before us. A great variety is presented to the reader, amongst which " Marslon, or the Memoirs of a Statesman," is still eminent for merit us a powerful sketch and full of stirring incident. It is useless tosny more in praise of Blackwood. " Tiik Repository or Modern Enoi.isii Romance.? .no. 3 of tliis monthly publication is just out. Its price is #1 per annum. This number contain the last received portions of the three serial novels, viz: "Arrah Nsil," by James; "St. James's, or the Court of Queen Anne," by Ainsworth; and "Tom Barked 1 Uirs," by Hurry Lorreijuer. Severe Gai.b?Two Vesski.n Ashore ?At sun riw yeBteruay morning, me wind blew Kteumly from the southwest, and the lake wn* comparatively culm hut ot 8 o'clock the wind chopped round to the northeast* almost instantnnnously mid commenced Mowing h tre. mendous gnlo. (which still continues) accompanied with heavy snow squalls. About two o'clock, P.M. the wind having veered round to the weft, the notion tier Jefferson, < option Dongnll, was discovered making directly towards the piers, hut her sails being torn to ribbons by the gale, nnd having broken hor tiller just a* she reachod the breakers outside, she was at the mercy of the storm, the violence ol which drifted her nshore some rods south of the pier. At this moment the brig Rosa, l apt. Whiting, hove in sight endeavoring to nuke our haibor, hut she being also disabled by the storm, went ashore south of the Jefferson Bath vessels had cargoes of stone for otir hartior, nnd it is hoped they will begot off without sustaining material injury. Mince the .above was written, Cnpt. Davis of the schr Ocean, has arrived in town with hit crew ami passengers, announcing his vessel ashore about one and a half miles north of this village. No cargo alfoard. They also report the schr Wave ashore at Racine.--Hi. Jmrph Com. Hullrtin, March 18. Canada Navigation.?Although we were yreterelay visited by ti severe north-cunt storm. during which a considerable quantity of snow fell, yet the previous mild weather ha* hail a decided influence on the ice on the St. UWIfMA The river is now entirely oiien to navigation in this vicinity, and it is very probable that the Moulh channel is clear unto the Lake. Westward ws perceive by our exchanges that steumlioats are already in motion. There are, however, yet large quantities ot snow on thr ground, although the principal road*, from the great wear on them, hud previous to yesterday's mow be come almost impassable with sleighs.?Brockvillr litem tier, March 31. Canada lMr?osni>c*NT*.?Extensive preparations are now in progreia, at the |>oit of Kingston, iCanada Went, for the opening of the spring navigation. Upwardi of 3000 men are at preaent employed in building piera, wharves, ami warehouses at that harbor, ami forwarders and business men generally anticipate an eatenaive spring business. IE R A 44. City Intelligence. Police OlHce?April 2.?Jivlnui. Bu?<.i.*b?.?Two lads, named John K. Lawrence and Isaac A. Wood, the former only 18 yeari of age,and the latter rather much hu junior, were arrested tliie morning about sunrise, luund In the store of Messrs. Mamum & Brothers, No. IB.-tj ' Bowery. They had broken through a rear window, bui had not time to carry off any articles. The store has l>een robbed several time* within a short period, ami |?u*ons attached to the establishment were ijring in wait tor the burglar*, i ney are luiiy cummiiini iu ?ii??c?, a,,., ? , to he regretted that atich young lad* have, at so early a period ot their livea, forgotten the ]>ath of rectitude. Akotmir CspuHT.? Lait night, the son of Mr*. Kutchum, who keeps the celebraleu bakery ut No. 242 Grand street, about miiinight, discovered tnat the front entrance to the premise* had been opened, and on entering observed a man inside, who attempted to elfecl his escape by thu rear dooi. He, however, seized mm, and on light being thiown on his countenunce, he turned out to be the wri'lahlr Chailes Houthwick, well known in this community, not lor his good propensities, but lor thu He is committed lor liial Chisuu wiiii PicaiMi a I'sckkt.?Thomas Henry, well known in the police department as u direr into mens' pockets,but who lotterlylius gone by the name of William I'hompson, was arrestLd last night in the Uoweiy Theatre, busy at his site uvocation ot picking junkets. He was taken to the police, hut as he had not actually made a it is presumed that he will he discharged. Tim Daor (inn: and Kohhlmi.?About a week or more since, Mr. Abraham 1'. Ackerman, of New Jersey, had a pocket hook thrown before his feet at the north side of the town, and a person who picked it up askud $6 for it. Our friend Irom tlie adjoining Slate was quite willing to give the amount, us from i s bulk and appearance it seemed to contain a vast amount of bank lulls, and 011 proceeding to give the required douceur, the person banning it to him, ufter receiving the fd, snatched his own wallet and run oil' with about fid more. Tlie hills in the wallet, as a matter of comae, were worthless, lfut otlicerRutherford this morning arrested the culprit, who turns out to lie the well known stutter, William .Moon alias Woolley, and he is lully committed. Bowery Police Office -April a? Shus Listiho.? John llagan walked into the store ot Matthew Daly, No. 321 Grand street, and stole 2.1 yards of satinet?his burthen wustoo cumbersome, and lieing followed he was out run and himself and the articles taken to the Police,w here they now remain and will be disused of. Ilngun will have to undergo the sentence of the luw, and Lialy will have the cloth leturned to turn. Coroner'* Office?April 2.?A Chiid Uurshi to Heath.?A little child only two years ot age, uumeil jiiiiu llogan,whose parents reside at No. 13!) Washington street, came to its death yesterday by being burned lust Saturday week, having been placed laddie the tire by i ts mother to dry its clothing, which had been wet and b II on the hearth. Verdict, "death from accidental burning,"' Superior Court. Diddie Judge Oakley. Aran. '2?Silas IVuod tt al. i s. .'llfml Taylor and Cornelius Horrum--This was an action on a promissory note lor $1U1 made by Allied Taylor in favor of Boerttm, and by the latter endorsed to plaintiff. The case wus triod before and u verdict was lm I for plaintiffs. The verdict was set uside on tbo ground of misdirection, uml for other causes, and a new trial granted. The signatures of the maker and endorsers were proved -also demand and refusnl of payment, and plaintiffs rested. The defendants pleaded accord and satisfaction. To sustuin this plea, Mr. Uoerum, one of the defendants, was examined; he testified that he called on Mr. Wood, and it was arranged between them that witness should place in the hunds of Mr. Krunklin furniture to the value of the sum due on the note, and that the note should thmbe given up. Boerum accordingly sent the lurnituru and called next day for the uote, but the parties refused to give it up. To rebut tins testimony, ivr. Auriuge wa? caucu, who proved that when the arruugement wan entered iuto between Wood and Boerum the latter agreed to lodge furniture to the amount of $3H7?that the difference between that sum and the amount of the note waa lor Tent which would accrue due to Wood up to the lit Muy following. Judge Oaki.kv charged that they should give a verdict against Boerum. The question then was w bethei upon the evidence of Boerum a verdict could be given uguinst Taylor. If you adopt the evidence of Attridge you mutt find a verdict for plaintitti?but if you adopt the statement of Boerum you should hud for Taj lor. Verdict against both defendants for $110. Mr. Van Winckle lor Plaintiffs?Shannon and Urny for Defendant*. Jntfph Monk rs. Srvfnth Ward Honk.?Tills was an action to recover a balance ol salary, and money advanced. Vc , by plaintiff to the Bank. The plaintiff waa appointed second Teller of the Bank in 1S33 or lb31, ut a salary of $1000, and continued in that situation till August 1H-10, whan he was dismissed by a resolution of the hoard of directors. It ap|>ears that iu the latter end ol July, or beginning tf August, he got leave of absence, aiid an his return, the Cashiei announced to him that he was dismissed by a resolution of the board. The action was brought for the monthly salary, and for money paid into the Bank t>) plaintiff in view of spurious and uncurrent money passed upon lum m his cnpacity of Teller ; also lor $100 short credited to Abraham Meserole, Jr., in his bank account, and) alleged by plaintiff tube paid by him to Mr. Meserole. Kor thedefence, It was contended that there was no evidence to show that he ever took this spurious money, or gave good money in its place, Secondly, that there was no evidence to show that he paid Mr. Meserole the $100 ; on the contrary, Mr. Meserole swore he was paid by a check on the Bank. The defendant's Counsel then went on to show the cir cumstances under which plaintiff wax dismissed ; and in support of this pait of tlic defence, culled Thomas Mrllnith, K?q. Plaintiff's Counsel objected to the evidence ol Mr. Mcllrath. on the ground that he wax an interested witness. The Court allowed the witness to lie examined, subject to the 'objection. The witness testified that he was Notary to the Seventh Ward Ilank in ISMO ; that on the 17th of May, in tliut year, some bills were put into his hands for collection, and amongst others a note of t 'ary Ik Co for f37s ; that lie collected the amount of Cary SiCo's note, and paid it over to plaintiff next marning. It appeared Mr. Monk made no return to the Rank of this sum of money ; and the directors did not discover it until some time in July following, when Mr Mcllmth happened to be out of town ; he returned in the month of August ; cn his arrival the matter was investigated by the President and directors, and the result was that plaintifl was dismissed. This is the case, so far as it has pro Krr*se<i. u win i?w rvHunim w uivriwn. Mr. Raymond for plaintiff; Mr. O'Conor for defendant. Common Plcu. Before Judge UlihocfTer. Aran. 3.?Ktlly vs. Kelly.?Thi? wu an action on rc count, an unusual form oi action, brought in a technical form, to avoid a suit In Chancery, and is a form of action which ii a substitute for a hill in that! ourt, and had been brought with that view. The action did not cull foi dnmagos, but simply asked a finding from the jury as to whether the facta involved in the c.aae warrant the appointment ol arbitrator! or referees to settle matters ol disputed account between the parties in suit, who wen partners in trade. The jury found a verdict for plaintiff Attorney for plaintiff?Mr. Brewster. Kor defendantMr Windslow. Cn^grrshnU'nnd Tappan vs. l>rrf?r owl John ton.?Thin u ust nn urtinn In r??rnvi?r (lit* dnunint nf n niiuntitv ol groceries delivered to the defendants Plaintiffs arc in tin wholesale grocery trade: defendants arc retailers Thi groceries were delivered at the store. The defence |>ui in was that the transaction did not take (dace in the nnm> of the firm, and that Johnson, one of the defendants, got the articles on his own account, before he entered into co |iartncrship with herder. The case was adjourned over until this day. Kor plaintiffs?Plnkney and Story. Kor defendants Jouas 11. Phillips and Alfred A. Pliillips. Circuit Court. before Judge Kent. Aran. 2. ?Hiyiwldt vs. Edward$.?Thejury in this case disagreed, arid were discharged. His Honor, Judge Kr.NT, intimated to the gentlemen of (Ill' lull tlmt hoik: nut anon caaoi woum m- irieu lor tnr remainder ol (lie wink, ami riipiesteil no cuae v.oul,I ha put on that would ha likely to detain the Court, at fart lient, hut two hotira, until|Momlny next. Utdfnrd va. Horrun.? An action on an nmumimit to recover the amount of a promluory note. Defendant wm nurd a* one of the endorser! The defence win, that due notice wa> not given. Verdict for plaintiff, WH, with coati Huffman *?. Ihmlnp -An action to recover money paid out liy plaintiff for the defendant. Verdict for plalntill, 4.4-V1 Tho Court adjonrneil at an early hour. (ienrrnl friilon". Before Recorder Tallmailge and A Mermen Hatfield at. 1 Brady. Iamki II. WmitH'i, I. .| nmnrt Attorney. Aran. 4 ? Pita of Guilty. Kllen- ! rnnris phaled guilty loan indictment for an hk?b ti It and buttery on < atnarm'< Phillipo of t!? llroomc ?t, beating her very aevorely witli * row?kin. I'lea recorded and aenteace deferred to allow time to put In affidavit! in mitigation of imninhmcnt Jlttrmpt it Htu-flaty John llart/, n lad, waa tried for attempting to break into the office of Moaarc. Tyler l> Maia>?, No JIS l-'rnnklin atreet, on the 17th ol February, with intent to ateal. Verdict guilty, end reman led for nentnnce. A'-. r-.'/*,/ Untl The reenffni/ancea of Ineei.b I Allunn indicted for nil aMault and hittery.and ol John T Sctnilt/ of No. 63 Hooirvelt afreet, for haing the receiver of n gold watch, worth $ho, atolen by DavidJonea, from Mm Jane A. Handford, of Cliff*(treat, were ordered to he eitrrated HI they dill not appear when called to trial No further hunineaa being ready foi the Court, it wii adjourned till Wodnoadry at II o'clock A. M Court CftlandmwTtila Itmy. Hrraaioa Coral?1.9, 10, 13,14, 17. 9.1, 94, 96, 96, 97.9a, 99, 30. f.iacriT Cottar?No?. flfi, 69, 9f>7, 7H, 06. 101, 107,190, 191, 19-4, 19.1, 136. 196, 137, 13". 190, 181, 1.1.1 to l it, 14.1 to 161, 167 to |H6, 1*H to 100 ( ommom*. 16, 7,B, 10,11, 3*,4t, 9,99,97, 41. Army Cocrt Martiai-.?A Court of Inquiry has bfi'ii order ad at Fori Leavenworth t<> try Captain rook, of the t'liito.! Ju.itea Army, for hn romluct towania Col. Mnively'ii party Ja.?t *prinR If will lie rernemliered that < ?|it. i wm ont ?nt to protact the Hantn Ko trailer*, anil that on fallintf in with Col. 8. anil the party of Trxi ani iimler hi* command, he raptured anil diiarmcl tlie entiie force The Court will consist of Col. Kearney f 'ol. Vo?e, an<I Maj. Wharton. B?BMMg,.,. . - 1 LD, frtM Two Unit. Historical Society. A numerous meeting of tlie* Members of thin Society was held, lust evening, at the I Diversity, Washington Square. William 1 -each Lawkesce, Esq , Vice Tr-.ident, in the Chair. Among the gentlemen present, were Judge Jonts, Mr. Kohinson, the distinguished Eastern Traveller, General Wetmore, Messrs. Benedict, Folsotn, Jay, I>r. Mathews, 11. F. Butler, Field, Coif, 11. A. A. l'uiker, and several members of the Society, distinguished in die various walks of literature. The Kecordmg Secretary, Mr. Jay, ulitied a tosolution proposing an amendment to the itepori of the Committee, in tavor oi concentrating the action ol the Society so us to confute its operations within New York. The amendment proposed the establishment ol ilruiich Societies thioughout the Stales. General Wetmore opposed the resolution, on the ground that it would operate injuriously uguia.-i ihe interests ol the Society. The resolution was relet red to a select commute-' ol three. The Corresponding Secretnry read communications from the Natiouul institute, Washington, requesting the Society to open u correspondence with that department. From General Case, acknowledging the honor of being appointed an honorary member ol the society, and ucceptiug the same. From Chuiles Campbell, Esq , w ith a donation, "The bland Papers." '1 lie Secretury rend n long list ol donations to the fsocietv. consisting ol Various documents tioin Congrcae, and wurkt* on llteralute, niter winch? Ttia lion. iii.xjssiin K. IJu i i.i i. proceedud to read to the Society u paper " On the History ul the In it amendment ot the Constitution ol the United Stulei." liu apologised to tiiu Soon ty tor the impelloci manner in which he nad prepared the pupei olt'eicd to them, und he claimed their indulgence, u? it was prepared within u very lewdajs. Ilia object was Mr give a succinct history ul tue ten 01 uwicudmeiihi ol the I oiiitiluliun, which guaranteed to the ]>eo|iiu unolhur Magna i buiter?which uuieiulmciil to them, not only because they tecuied the invaluable puvileges ol perlect lreodoiu 01 religion?the uucous tamed libelly of the press, ice. lie. but because ol inui.y association* connected with the exciting lime.?other \\i.U i.less men who ore identdied therewith. He coniideied the question under two uspecta? tiret, their coiuiection w illi Hie I oubtituUoa ul the L lilted Stales; anil lid, a* u limit to the judicial power. He went into u inmute detail ol the proceedings ul the dillcrcut State Conventions, and the discussions which took plate theism, Legimiing with Massachusetts. '1 he cohllict ol opinion on Hie adoption ol these amendmi fits, guve rue to much opposition even on the part ol some ot the most dntiugnisiied patriots ol the day. Their conduct he delended hy pointing to the brilliancy and ability ol their subsequent career, and showed there was no ground lor imputing either lactams or seltlah motives to them in their opposition. The Conventions ol Maryland, New Hampsnire, Ceoigia, Soiuh Carolina, New t ork, sec. next cume under icvit w , in the course ot which descriptive sketches ol many ol thu great men ol the day weie introduced. VV asninglun, itandolpli, Jelieisou, ilunry, Clinton, ami many moie, weie succesively brought lurward us connected with the events then the subject ol consideration. The real ot' Henry and many others, to secure the udoption ol the naefmineiit* to the original constitution in thu lace ot the strong teeling which prevailed against their inadequacy to remedy the lanlu ul Uie uigiuui Constitution were dwelt upon. A popular leeiing prevailed that the uiiieiidmeiils were not explicit enough, nor suttlcieutiy comprehensive to lemedy the deiuci ot the oiigmal Constitution in not guuiuuteeiug to them another "liill ol rights"?such as they had been taught by hnglith history to regard as their privilege uud light.? It was shown, however, thut such a summaiy of popular lights was not only uot necessary, but dangerous; us it would imply a restriction of the constitutional demuuds ol the people to what was therein deliued ami set forth, and precluded thu wholesome adaptation ot subsequent legislation to the leginieuls ol u more advanced country, The proceedings ul tnu new ioik Convention were of pecitliur interest, und much waim opposition v as then encountered hy the amendimnts, hut it showed the greet judgment and discrimination ot the men who then leprtsculcd this Mate, that the ten amendments, us adopted hy them, were those which uru enforced to-day in the Constitution, i ho amendments (said Mr. U.) were, it nught he ic-maiked, intended more to protect thu people lium the linoads ot tlio l edei.d Cioveriimcnt than livm the lutlneuce ot thu Htato governments, lie alludnd to the diversity ol opinion that existed amongst the liest aulhoiilies on the application ot cettam parts ol the amended Constitution to the II haio-ellnr Wnluolth and the linul decision ol Judge Marshall in leXl, thut they were applicable only to the. o liners al the Union. The decision ol Judge Mari.huU on lhi* occasion was highly praiaed by the speaker, ami its perusal recommended to all. '1 he \ uriety ol the topic* iultodttct d into thin interesting hiatoiieul essay, preclude* llic possibility ol doing justice to it hut by a lull inaertion. Theahoveis only mi epitome ol the full note* taken ol IX, uuxwnicn would be too long to iinert in lull. Alter the coiiciumon ol the addreat, tl.e nun ked .atiidaction ol' the Hocieiy wan evinced, and their tinunimuua thank* returned to the Hon. Mr. llutler lor this vuluable contribution to the society'a opciutiont. It w as thru moved by the president that they should adjourn; the proceedings ended by an adjournment to partake ol some choice refreshments provided lor the occasion. Professor Uronson's Lecture on I'nlvcrial Philosophy. Last evening Mr. llronsori delivered his seventh lecture on this interesting subject, ut the Society Library, Uroudway. The audience, althoug i not numerous, was respectable. There were many beautiful ladies present who seemed to take a lively interest in the illustrations of the learned professor. Previous to the lecture there was a recitaton and two songs, and at the close an exhibition of pointings, illustrative of the three kingdoms of nature. The topics ol the lecture were arranged under -i... ...II.Iw.,,,1., Transition to th* Snirilnal lliciuininiiiljiiviivip, - , part ol Universal Philosophy?The Means proposed i for developing the True Principles of Intellectual Philosophy?and an l?n<|uiry into the Origin of our 4 Kmotions, and the Sublime and lleaiitdul, Arc. I The learned lecturer commenced by showing the connection between the material and immaterial part of mini; he said that altci investigating man physically, we rim by gradation to his will and understanding; he compared the heart to the will, and the lungs to the undi rstainhng, ' a mi liiuainui'u mi arguim-m ........ r He next touched upon the nature ol nletia. He aaid that jiy confining ouraolves to the investigation of unn hading class, we could readily comprehend now all other masses I of our iileaa are formed to illustrate this part ol liii nubi Jectjhe relerred to the work* ol Uuiku and Hugald Stew I art. Although, lie said, tliey had accomplished nothing, what they hail done were merely stepping stones to what had followed. But lie would endeavor to lay open all thu a veil lien and by-ways ol the mind, and develope the untreraal principle* upon which they depend. Lord Bacons Inductive philosophy wu* an obstacle to the light of science and knowledge. It win perverted hv the philosophers that followed him. and |>articularly by Hobbts.who taught that all four idem were derived troin ientntiou alone. Locke, he said, was the first that threw some light on the nature ol our ideal. He showed that we derived tlicm from reflection na well aa from sensation; l.ut Locke was a believer in revelation. Ilohbea was not He helievnl in nothing but xrrixation?a twlief which tin lliiiinie.} Ku....... .g. ,u , 1'be lecturer next udveitad to Hume, ami tlx' Kienrh pliiloaopher* of hi* day, and commented on their w liting* with mnrh aevnrKy ; hearth! thrymi'ilcdrliti and athciafa Ol lull th?? |?*op)? ol Krone* anil Knglanl ; they were, he a.ud, the Hiithnia of the i'rmrh Revolution, ami hi tluir tioor* might lie lajil all tin: atroCKiea and calamitlea that ha iiened during Hint eventful period. Til" learned gentleman next review ed the pliiloaophy cl Kant, and t owam, and ah"W #d the fallriey of Knnt'a analyaia ol riaaon, and t atnin't nnalyaia of the will: Irom their ipeoranre of the connexion hi-tweri body and mind, nn<l their w ant of Knowh-lgn ol tho acience of degreea. Jin concluded by rompai trig man to the external nnirerae, tiKh lie .ant we in th-- form of man, and the aolar ayatem waa like one of the mnaelea of mnn'a l<ody, and wax auly a tlt.r. of the grand man that in the groat external 'inlai ran. At the eonr.Jtialon of tho lecture thu audience weme-l to t>n much plnaand and gratified. Iu .jit or linx t Aunoi.t.,? An e*tr? from tlie V olivill' I riinn itnntHinn x the deullml CJen. William ? .11 roll late OvVcront of Tennetiee, whoao name ia lamilnir to ttie country hcaldea, In connection with hia ? unHiimaiiitrr id a volunteer <101 ria in the war of 1*9, Mid f"r pntdic ?ervicr* rendered since in varioun civil oapacjtir" The "Union" .ay* it wan only on the I >th ultimo that he wa* mingling actively anil joj olnly with hi* friend" ?n?lt fellow citizen" in celebrating the rcaloratlon of Hen. Jackson'a line Hi miirkd Kk t(ivai.s. ? It wtw currently rumored veatiTilny, and we heliovo it wm "toted liy "one who known," that on the 16th ot the preaent month, the following gentlemen will tie temovod from oltice : John Untmoiigh, naval otlicer ; John C. Montgomery, |?>t moater, And Cajit. Tliomai Hayci, navy agi nt ? I'lulmhl pMii Chtontclt, .April 5. Rapid por thk Hkaron.?Wp learn from the Pout that Mr Hamuul Hough. an express ine??en ger, lelt mietiec at J P. M. on Thursday, ?"J arrived in this city at HP M. on Saturday 01 hour" distance .J'"i miles. He came at far ai Portland on runnem Rattan Tram'ript, .April 1. "? 'v >- u HnT,.~zliv March 2S ? 131 i?l. i anhku?in * iiuibw"/ ? To change the nam., of Frederick Hayward Manby. grandaou of the late Broaholm I ox. Mq ?f th city ??l Lincoln. Kngland, to Frederick Ifayward Manby Nowtombe?t'aiied. Michigan Chops.?W. ore gratified to learn thet notwlthftandingtheunuatial openneaa and warmth of the winter, the wheat field* look quite a? well aa com

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