Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1844 Page 1
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CJU SgBgggggggBI T H Vol. X*, Ho. 1>3?Whole Ho. 30OO. To the Public. THE NEW YOKK HEllALD?daily newspaper?pub lished every day of the year except New Ve?r'? day and Fourth of July. Price 4 cent* per copy ?or >7 30 per an num? postages paid?cash in advance. . , THE WEEKLY HERALD? publiihed every Saturday morning?price 64 cents per copy, or N W P*r annum? postages paid, cash in alvance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation oi the Herald is pjrer THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast. It ha, the largeet circulation of any paper in thie city, at the world, and it, therefore, the beet channel for Austursi lam in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in ad' vanca. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant sty le. JAMES OORDON BENNETT. PaoraicToa or tkk Hsrild Establishment, , Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. MM MM To sail from New Fork 21st, and from Liverpool Clh ef each month. From New York, I.'nool. New Ship LI VERPOOL, 11M tons, |J J* ? J. ElariuK* tA? ? Dct s N.ship QUEEN OF THE WEST.)!?"./ Jiff; ! 1240 tons P. Woodhouse. h Sept. 21 Not. 6 New ahip ROCHESTER,840 tool. Aw'6 John Brilton SOct'r 21 LWr ti Ship HOTTINOUKR, 1050 tou, }*?'ch 2J S IraBursely, * ??yl These substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, all bnilt in the city of New York, are commanded by men of aapenenct and ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the list ol each month. QTheir cabins are elegant and commodious, and are fnrnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passeskits. Price of passage, S100. Neither the captains or owners of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless regulai bills oflading are signed therefor. For freight or passage appl y to WOODHULL St MINTURN8, 87 South street, New York, or to FIKLDEN, BROTHERS It CO., jU ec Liverpoo MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. m m m, m The undermentioned ships will be regularly dispatched from hence on the 1st, and from Marseilles on the 5th of each ugpnth during the year as follows:? From New York. Marseilles! MINKKVA, Caiit. Brown, Dec. 1 Keb. 5 THKBCOTT, Capt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 5 fi'RV THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, Keb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March 1. May 5 COKlOLA.Nuh, Capt. llaile, April 1. June 5 They are JI coppered and copper fasteued, and have excellent accommodations foi passengers. The price of cabin pascage will be f 100, sxclnsive of wines and liquors. Ocuua addressed to the ?stents. BOYD It HINCKEN, will be foi w?to?u free of other charges than those actually paid K,.r fre-mit or o.iss^ve aiinli" to LAW Hi-Nth. It BI1KCPS. Front itmt or to BOYD ft HINC KEN .Agents, ">(Ar No 9 Tontine Buildings J? ^ NEW VORI^^D HAVUCTacket^^^^ Second Line?The Ships of thii line will hereafter leave New York on the lit, and Havre on the 18th of each month, as follow*, viz From New York. From ILivrc. New Ship ONEIDA, lit March. 16th April. Captain -lit July. - 16th August. James Funck. 1st November. 16th Decianbsr. Ship BALTIMORE, 1,1*1 April i! 16th May. Captain <. 1st August. > 16th September! Edward Fonck. 1st December. 16th January. Ship UTICA, 1st May. I 16th June. Captain < 1st September - 16th October. Frederick Hewitt. 1st January. I 16th February. New shin St. NICHOLAS 1st June. 1,16th July. Captain - 1st October. < 16th November. J-.B. Pell, 1st February. ( 16th March. The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The pries of ca; bill passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every re' quisite with the eiception or wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the sub cribers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on them. For freight, or passage, apply to BOYD 8t HINCkEN, Agents, je2i ec No. 9 Tontine Buildiutr. enr. Wall and Water si TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC] ijEk.41 KtbSEXOER SCEMENT FOR 1844. The fubscr-.b-rt hiving comoK.el their arrangements, art no?v prepared t" bring oat pssseugeis Ironi Ureat lint-sin ami 1 relat-d by thefolIovsi rK first clois packet ships, one of whicli will leave Liverpool t.u me 1st, litli. 11th, ICth, 21st and 22th ol earh mouth:? Pa'ricu Henry, New York, Sheridtn, Virginia, Liv-rpool, Camoridge, Monti z-iraa, H Idout, Geo. Washington, Hc?liu?'uer, (,'ohtm us, U oiled Sidles, He scius, Aeliu t'U, hint-land, Kurope, S epli'oWhitney, Kochesree, Indtpeudene*, York.hire, Garrick, Samuel Hick, (?atei of the West, Oxford. Certificates of pwiaer can be obtained, and every information will be given to those selling for their frieuds, on application at either of citr offices. They will also be prv nred on the opening of navigation, to forward pass sogers and l.eir lugtsge to Albany and Troy, and via Kiie Uaonl to Mr.Halo, nB,i all intermediate placns. To all purs of ill' Upper Vis Oswego to Toronto, 1'crt Hope, Cobarg, Kingston, and all parts of Laiada W. si Kroai Trov via Wbitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada kaat via Ohio Canal from Cleivelaud to Portsmouth, Cincinnati. snd i .termrdiatc tilreva Son:h W~?t via Ph.ladelphia to Pittsbnrg.Cincinnati, Louisville. and allpart* on the Ohio lliver to 8'. Louis. M o ; and to all parti of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wiscon in Tciritory. REMITTANCES. Forth* accommodation of persous wishing to i>nd money to tli ir fiieudi in the Old Country, HARM DEN fc CO. will give Drafu on any put of England, Scotland or Ireland, payable at aivht, for soma of ?1, ?3, ?20, to ? tOO?or in any amount to anil the purchaser. OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles ('n't, 120 State strret, Boston B. w. Wheeler, Union BniUinir, Providence,R I. J. W. Mills, 3 Wall Street, ana 16 Front street., New York. N. G. How ,rd, 43 Hi nth Third slr-et, Philadelphia. Sandford k Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Mil. Pitt>burgh, Pa. L. S. Littlej,.hn, 11 Fx ha_ge, Albany N. Y. S Clark, loll River street, Troy, N. V. Utica.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. V. Rochester, N. Y. W. H. Cook. Buffalo, N. Y. H. Fiuhugh IfcCo., Oswego, N. Y. mlgec UNITED LINE OK LIVKUPOOL PACKETS kntSfxW-I'sck't of the'4th April?T*-e splendid, fast sai iug jiifMahSa'<nd fiwril" packet ship HII \KSPEARE, (10(1(1 tons burthen) Captain A Minor, will sa l positively at above, her rtgu'aroa'?She h?s excellent acoummndatiocs for csbin. second cabin an > steerage Passengers 'lliote about proceeding to the O d Csu :try will do well to select the Sliakiiware in p eU en e to any other ship?Second cabin passengers taken st steerage rates These wishing to secur* berths should make immediate application on board, foot "f Wall tt, or to W. OL .1. T. TArSUUl l , 43 reckMip. Persons wishing t<i st nil I>r their friends to come out Iioin tin Old Country can have them brought in the above img.iilii eot ihip. or any nthir of the regular line, tailing from Liverliool on the Ut, 6th, Win. 16th, 21st and 26th ol'every mouth. m28 t'4 KOlt LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet VrnpWof 26th April?1 herp'endid packet ship Si ROOMS, JlHn'/ilit E. 0. Cobb, oi 10W tons, will tail aa above, her regular nay. For freight or passag", hiving acc mmodaiiona ua-qnalled for splendor or coinf.rt, appl; ou board, as Orleaua wharf, foot of Wall atrcet, or to K. K. COLLINS k. CO. 26 South at. Trice of ptaiage $100. The packet ship Sheridan, Capt. I F. Depeyater, of 1000 torn, will aucceed the S.udmis, and tail the 26lh af May, her tegular day. , Puwugers may rely en the ahipaof thia line sailng punctually aJWrrtiaM. 1027 to a?Crc -ewop- iJNITEl) LINE OF I.I VERPOOL PACKETS *11PW-Packet of 4lh April?The aplendid and favorite JBlMgnPirki-l ahip HHAKSPE1000 tuna burthen Capt. A. Minor, will sail on Thursday, 4th April, her regular day* The ahipaof thia line being all 1C00 tona and upwardt, pertour about to em1, ark fur the old country will not fail to aee the adveutagea to b* thrived from selecting line lir.e m preference loauyrlher, aa their great capacity lender* them every war in. re coinforia'de ai il convenient thau shipa ol a smaller claas, and their acc" inn oil .lions it la well known are superior to au> othen I h' re w, hu,g to secure berths should not fail to make airly -pplicaiion .n TApgc0? A thvir Oenrral Paaaaue Offica, mj0 t 4nrc 43 Pe k si p, comer South street. ~4.7t.t- PCMl I'l'A.iCES 'lO IRELAND, Ike The tvER#!V?l|,,'':-,h r continue* to transmit moony in lumi largr .ngbvstfwn *111 >i1 to persons rtai ting in env port. of Irelaud in the Kimc manuci ?i H>- and his predecessor in business hare done tor .he ln?t tmrty >e*? and more; also, to any pait of England or ."cotland vlo'ey !>y letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or ) r-o.. Jly d ik sited with hiir, with the uamn of the |? isou or is-rsou* i j Ireland, England or Scotland, to wlioni it it to fce a?i .aid lie-nearest post town, will lie immediately transmitted si. J m d sccordniKly, andn receipt to that effi ct given, or lorw?ried u. ti.a sender. In like manner money. or claims on |iertons in any part of Ireland, England or Scotland can be collected by ihe subscriber lor pennur residing in any part of the United Sues or Canada, and will be paid to ihem accordingly. n?2U2ro*m OKOKtiK McttHlDK, Jr. 12 Ceda-at. ~*2?^TA-SAOK KHOM DUBLIN. CORK. WATKMrfUVKOHD. DEHHY. COLERAINK, BELFAST, aHHbnewr,. D-oghrda, he ? I'ersons wishing to aend lor their Irieud. can hare up m brought out Irom any of the above pons in first class A me icun Packet Shi|*. on the most reasonable terms, and without theirei|ierienciiiK any unneceasa-y detention. .Mr W. Ta^acott, one of the firm, fiill be on the spot to itiee hit personal attention te the passengers engaged by the subscribers or their agents here, and persons tnay rely that the wishes and comforts of thoaa whose passage may be rngased by them will have all due and pro|ier attention. Kor particulars apply, if by letter, post-paid, to , /i in kJ. T- TAPBCOTT, at their General I usage Office, IS Peek Blip. cor. South street, *1 * . U?aftj may b# <bLaine<l, for large or small turns, payable on remind, without discount or sny other chaige, at the National or Provincial Bab, of Ireland, or any ol their bmnchra Miroiikhout the Kin* Imn {*22 ic AjrSJ EUlt Mil litis April, Ihe anpenor '"i V n'riSl ? ' JI l"? o I'' .v > in Wnt itrnct, or to BCV J k iilNCiii-N.# Tcutidt Building. m3 fC - - -?ZTZZ Vi\u i i J ? hI'OOL?i'acket of th? un April? . 'tit ? '">? "h'P, ?hXK?flBtpKAHii. Cai'tain Minor, will roiitivel* Mil u ?boro, h*r nodalwiu for cabn.ocond cabin and lo "CU" bWUu ,ho0,J "make nrly apjlr alion 011 qMAN. HI South itim _ ?SSrri AP#ltoniiM Baildind, .? Wall^Wiwr.? i i E NE NE Si gSA ' GRJ':AI WESTERN rail road route, KKOM ALBANV To BUKKALO <335 MILKS) . ?? RAIL. KUAU. n ,? 01 * OR?* i" Nsw York established hy the several Rail I Ko?<l Companies between Albany and BulTiln is at r No. 59 COUUTLA.NDT STREET. JOHN r. CLAK, General Ageul. 1 NOTJCE TOIMMIQRANTS. The Snbicriberg having beeu appoints J agents for forwardinic Immigrants by Kail Road from Albany to Buffalo and iui Urtcedutr i lsces. are enabled to send them during the Summer from New York to Utira lor $2,06; to Syracuse $2,92. to Anhum $198; to Roch'ster $4,61 to Buffalo $5 93. Children from 2 to II years old at half price; under 2 years free; and all Baggage frna Albany on the Rail Koad is euliiely free. It is evident that it coaus much chenper to the immigrant to trar I by Kail Road thto by Canal, he reaching Buffalo per Steamboat from New Yotk and Rail Koad from Albany it 41 hours; whereas, it takee p? r Canal from 9 to 10 day*. The following calculation shows the result, viz Passage to Buffaloper Hail Passage lo Buffalo per CaKoad $5,50 ual.say $1,00 Luggage from N. York to Lugaaae to Buffalo, 5011a Albaiir, lOOlbs frre, bal- fiee, balance forlOOIbs-- 55 auce for lOOlbs It Loss of time at least 9 days LuKgtRe from Albany to worth to the laboier, say Buffalo free SO eenta per day 4,30 LiviuR fur 42 hours, aay- 75 Living for 10 days, 50 cents l>er day 5,00 Total per R. Head $6 43 '$12,05 Deduct fare per R. Road 6,43 The traveller per.R. Koad naves $5,62 They also forward pasaetig rs'lo Cleive'and, Portsmouth and ' other places in Ohio; Drtioit, (kc , Michigan; Green Bay, Milwaukie, Ike.. Wisconsin Terra iry; Chicago, Illinois; ard to i different plac s in Cauada, at the lowest rates. All information as 'o the different routes gi?en gratis, and Tickets to be had i only at the Albany and Buffalo Rail Koad Office 59 Cou'tlandt | atreet. WOLF Ik lllCKEKS. ap2 !m*m FREIGHTS FVR BALTIMORE. S T E A MB 0SATf]LINE ^|S?Li!3' ,Pr 7r BKTWREtV sJCZ. PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE. VIA DELAWARE AND CHESAPEAKE CANAL. J his Line, consisting of the following Steamboats? teamboat BaLTI VIOKK. Captain F. Layman. " CUMBERLAND, " A.Colemary. ERICSSON, " A. O. Cl&ypocl. HONKER, " M. Wolf, is nav in otera'ien, leaving the upper side of Chestnut street Wharf, daily, at 2>$o,cloek P.M., for Baltimore, arriving early 1 net', morning. Merchandize destined South or West of Baltimore, will be ! foi warded D euce with the greate.t despatch. ' Freights for Norfolk, Richmond. Petersburg, Va., Washington Oeorgetown Alexandria, D. C. Cincinnati, 4)hio, Louisville. Ky , Saint Louis, Mo , or any other point South or West, teceived and forwarded daily at the lowest rates. All goods destined for Baltimore New York, and consigned to the undersigned at Philadelphia, will be loiwariled the same day as received, and delivered the fol owing morning. A. GROVe-B, Jr . Agent, in29 2tvrc* No. 19 South Wharves. Philadelphia. 1 NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAMBUAT LINE. kwa xtm ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1844?MORNAiai1NO LINL?From thefoi>t of Barclay ^ * o'clock A. M.. tSundays excepted.I The Steamboat TUO V. Cant. A. Gotham, and The Steamboat EMPIRE,X'apt. 8. 11. Hoe. Kveniaa Line?Direct from the foot of Conrtlandt street, at 1 7 o'clock r. M. [Sunday* excepted ] The Steamboat SWALLOW, C>nt. A- McLeon, and The Steamboat ALBANY, Cant. K. B. Macy. The proprietors of the New York. Albiny end Troy Lice would reipectfnlly i.lorm the public that their boat* hare during the receia of navigation tlie past winter, been refitted and rrpleuiahed throughout, and many improvsmenls added to the comfort of the trareller. The Troy and Kmihte, an heretofore, will torn the Morning Line, from the Steainho*t Pier foot of Btrclay atreet, running daily [Sunday* excepted] making the principal intermediate landings en the Riser. The Swalluw and Albany will lorm the 7 o'clock Evening Line (throuRh direct) daily (Sundays (excepted.) Tbeabore boats are ol'the tirst class of Stermboats. aud for speed and acroinmedations tre unsurpassed, and what is of greater interest to the traveller, are under the command of officers well known to the public?their names alone is a sufficient guarantee of kind attention, civil deportment and safe management, j New York, March It, 1841. ml5ec SPUING ARRANGEMENTS. BLOOMINGDALE. MANHATTANV1LLE AND FORT WASHINGTON LINE OF STAGES Fate to M*nh?ttanville, 12^ Cents Fa'e to Fort Washington 25 Ceut?. I t? This Lineof Stngeewill commencerunuing g f'R?-W- > m M nday, Apiil 1, 1814, as follows :-LravIll llP'isWfc iic Machatlanville at 7 o'clock, A. M , and cou4.ka.ue lUuuauo every hour uui>l 6 P. M. I Leaving New York, corner of Tryon How and Chatham st two doois i mi of the llarlem Railroad Office, at 9 o'clock, A. M ., and continue running every boar until 8 P. M 'I his LineofSligee puses the irphe.n and Lunatic Asylums, . Burnh?tn's Mansion House, the Abbey and Backer's Hotel, | Trinity Church Cemetry, the High linage and k'nrt Washing, ton. B AlOORK r m27 lm're Propriet-rPEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FUR ALBANY. sMM wM DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through DisL .JM?L^Srwt. at 7 P M., from the Steamboat Pier be3BM<9BQK.tween Conrtlandt and Liberty str>ets. The steambogi KNICKERBOCKER. Captain A. P. St. John, Monday, vVednes-ay and Friday. at 7 P. M. The Steimboat ROCHESTER, Captain A. Houghton, on i Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 P. M i At Kiveo'clock P. M.. Luiding ?t tnteimediate Places: ? The Steamboat CURTIS PECK, Captiiu Wm. H. Peck, i Monday. Wednesday, Friday, aud Sunday, at 5 P. M. I The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain Wm. II. Truetdell, Tuesday. Thursdiy and Saturday at 6 P. M. kPaesengers taking th'S line of boats will arrive in Albany in mole time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. Q^""The above Boats are new and substantial, are furnished - Willi new and elegant State Rooms, anil for spend and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. For passtge or freight, apply on board, er to P. C. Sthultx at the office on the wharf. al /?L STATEN ISLAND FERRY. On aud alter Tuesday, February J7th, the Boats will leave u follows, until furtl er notice :? Leave St at en Island. Leave New York. At 8X A. M. At 9 A. M. 1# " IS " J P. M. JK P. M. V. II. On Snnday the boat will leave at 11 instead of 12. fe29rc .MWI -m NOTICE The S:eamb?t PORTS iL?JH,' gjeMOUTH is now being thoroughly repaired 2Eaa9CZ.iuil will be readv at the erening of navigation to t.w boats intern ediate to Troy, Albiny aid New York This boa' will hive capacities for towing eijnal to any on the river; and it is hoiwd that it will obtain a fair support. in'21 Im'rc P. COMSTOCK VEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA -ROAD LINK DIRECT, Fob Niwiii. Nicwokurrswicg, PniifCkTOif. Tbehtov. Bokuen rown Aw* fiuftLiwoTOW. TIIROUOH IN 8IX HfcUKs. Leaving New V ork daily from the foot of Courtlandt it. Morning Line at J A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4It P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence hj iteamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Caindea (oppoiite to Philadelphia) withoot change of can. Passengers will proenre their tickets at the office foot ol Jonrtlandt street, where a comuiodions iteamboat, will be in eadiness, with baggage crates on board. . Philadelphia baggage crates are conveysd from city to city, aihout being opened oy the way Each train is provided with t car iii which are apartments and dressing rooms sx;Truly for he ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from"the foot of Wal ut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. nd by railroad Crorn Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. Tlie liuea for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7H A. M., and I P. M. being a continuation of the lines from New York. j9 3m*m dBMfc* KOK NKW ORLEANS?Lomsiana anil Niw W*F^?York Line ?Regular pneket of 10th Apiil ? The 'a*i MMHsHiiltng picket ship OCONEE, < apt l>. Jackson,will ait as above her regular day. Kur freight or passage,having handsome fu-nishetl^ceomoio datious, apply on board loot of Wall street, at Orleans wharf, jr to E. K. COLLINS k i O , M Sooth street. Agents in New Orleans .Means. Hut I i o Si Woodruff, who will promptly IV ward all goods to their address I he packet ship Ocmnlgee. Captain K., will succeed the Oconee, aud sail lOtn April, her regular day. al ec PASSAUE KHUM KN1.LANH, IRKLANU, SCOTLAND AND WALES, VIA LIVERPOOL. ???- THE subscriber has made unequalled arrai g'm-nts MHkVWfor briugug out emigrauts this year, 1114. Those MHlifespeui)iag lor their friends would do well to apply at the eld established packet office of JOllN I1KHDMAN, 61 South it. N. B.?The shins ol this line now leave Liverpool every five days, and drafts can as usual be furnished for any amount, payable at all the principal basking institutions throughout toe xnited kingdom, apply as above. r.JI rc P OK ' 1V fc.RPOOL--To sailtih April?Th? ?ery K|.*|PWf??t packet 1 hip 8 riAK 8PF.ARK, Capt. J^UbMmrr. will sail ?i abovn. For Ireiglit or passage. apply on board at f?reani Wharf, foot of Wall at. or to fc. K. COLLINS It CO.. nri '8 to aire V> South street FOR hALF,.?The sloop THOMAS COL U K JyMfWof Sins Sing. now 1 lyinit at the footofdpriug stieet, SmNMmNew York. She wet built by Thomas Colyer, at Sins Sieg, and ia fire yea.a old, and oue of the fastest and hex omit sloopa on the Hudson river. She ia centre-board, and tit I t ht draught </ water, and carries about 120 tona, and ia well sd.ipted for the freighting or Imnber haainesa. For further particulars apply to JOSF.PH AOAl'U, 237 Broadway, New York. Administrator of the estate of Franklin Agate, deceased. mJ I m #ee LM;TU?*.? f?N I'JIKKNOLoOV?Or, the Laws ol Man's Brn-.g, Presented and Applied to the Dis-.einmeut of Character ; to Self-Improvement; to the Moral Training and (i vrroment of Children, iucinding their Intellectual Mrliieation ; to Improving the Memory ; to Matrimony, Hereditary Descent, Peligion. Morals, Politics, Temperance, Flitting Rvils and their Remedy, kc by O. 8. howler, at Clinton flail, every Mondiy and Wrdnreaa* evening, in March and A|,ril ; at Thalitn Mall, every Thursday evening, and at Hall's Buildiuga, Brooklyn, every Friday evening, commencing tl half past 7 o clock, aud closing with public examinations, and often with nouses; tksts. Seats to the first live leclures f-e?, and a contribution taken. See bills. Professional examinations and books at 131 Nsasau strrst, New York, grstiviistit. f2t lm?ec rrtfll SUUSCRIBKR is now prepared to aell WATCMe.S I _ J I L' Xkl V I II V nf all Linili Bf ih* taWMf llllilillle Drict l. ri*:?Hold and Silver Lcrwi ftoj i Atchnra, kc*, fcc ' and alao a eerr fine aaiurlment of Jewelry, conu'ting of (fold *:h-tina. Pencil!, Bracelet!, 1'iui, 8tc , lie , which he ib determined to I II lower tlian any other home in th? city. JOHN MVKRB. HO Chatnam alreet. N. 8 ?Don't forget the number?id Chatham atreet. rarll lm*m 'POBACCO?KINK CUT AND ?>MOKINO.-Keelin? mL clu.ej to cloae up an internet in a Tobacco Manufactory, I 10w offer for aalea quantity ol prime line ent and amokn | obaceo, pa|iered np in the mual way, at rery reaaonabln pneea. 1 bet to call the attention of Weaiern Merchant! and ottn f ouyere to thia, thnqnality of the tobacco being of the eery beat and prieea by far In war than nanal. mr )marrc JOHN H ? ABfcH, No 1 New at. . w rc W YORK, THURSDAY ] LOOK ATTHlsTj ^ JUST RECEIVED, by tlx packet ahip Im As murl Hiekt. from I'aru, th? 6nc article V(liint1?n,u,i kreurh Bflfltl ever eeen mm I nnw ..rieieil JA wholesale aod retail, at the low price of $4. The best ailicle of French Calf Boola, made to treasure-*$4 DO " " " Cork Hole Boou OH " " " Water Proof Boots 00 " " " Light C?|f Sew.d Boots $} to 3 JO " " " line Calf Shoes, made to measure 100 " " " Worked Slippes *> - - $1 to 1 24 And the greatest assortment ol all kinds of Boots and Shoes in fashion. Ladies, in this store you w ill find the greatest assortment of (latter Boots llut can be fouud in this city, aod sll k ndsof Buskin Slipp-rs, Ties. Button Shoes, Prunella Slippers, white, hlack. satin, and all other kiud] and colors. Also, the grratest assortment of Boys' Boots and Mux?, Misses and Childrers' of all kinda to be found in this city; and all of cur own manufacture, and of the beat Kiench goods, and warranted to bo the best, anu as r.heapas the chea|iest, at 167 Broadway, the corner of Kratiklin street. (JUKOORY It CAH1LL, in# lm*ee 367 Broadway, N. Y. TO COUNTRY MKKCHANSl BOUTS AND SHOKS. 4^9 WILSON It JOHNSON, ft ( to John llutcluug) hare rem v -d from 111 to Im 112 ( h ,'btin street, and hare completed their astorlinri,t^W if Spring Goods, c.,morning the grrateit variety and l.trgot asi.orim -nt of Boots aud Shoes tint can lie found iu ,h? city.? Kvery 11,1114 iu lis.r line, cousistlun in l>art of 3000 ladies' Mo rocco BusHus, 30l>0 ladies' leithrr do, 3000 ladies' common do. 5000 ladies' conunou Mipp*rs, 2500 gentlemen's do, 1000 ladies' line K reach do, lOOO Wei1. Backs, 10,000 Children's Shoes of all kinds and colors. >000 ladies' (Jailers, black aud colureu, 40 cases of gentlemen a hue calf sowed Boots 40 cases pegged do, 24 cases kipj do, 24 case boys' aud youths' do, aud all other arti' iclrs that cau possibly be called for in the boot s ol shoe line, for sale, U2 . htlba-ii street, oppoiite the C'halliam Th-atre ? N. 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Mcl.ehose, K*q. and is now first f iven ts the word Tha 'American edi'ion is a neat Uino, viilums of about 300 page*. cloth, gilt?is issued anil for sale ny II, P. UIXBY he 1,0. in It Im'ee No. 3 Pirlt Row,opposite the Astor I lunar. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. 9cc. Till', subscribers hnicjnal received. per lata arrivals from Havre, and keep conttantl y on hand, a complete as sot tmrot French Artificial Flowers Materials of all kinds lor Flowers Feathers, Hair Ornaments. and Millintry article:?for salebf HKNRl A KAHN, Importers, ft im*rr? T1 Liberty strsst, up stslis. >RK 1 MORNING, APRIL 4, 184 Albany. [C rrei|>oaileoce of the Herald.] Albany, April 1, 1844. Necessity of a regular Correspondent litre?No Settlement of the Constitutional Question?Removal of the Sheriff?Do. the flour Inspector?Indignah'nn nt tln> W / i? ?,.v nirni uj iu ( y?^umtiuutrs jor Governor?Nomination of Wright and Morrit?City Election? 'Ihe Certainty of Whig]Victory, fyc. fyc. The numerous readers of the Herald in this city are frequently enquiring why you have no regular correspondent here. We discover in your columns communications frent almost every place in the country, while here in Albany, the great head quarters of this immense State, where all the important movements in politics, legislation, finance, morals, temperance, religion, iNcc. are concocted, you have no regular intelligence. It is much to our regret that we are thus compelled to complain. A moment's leisure will allow me, in the room of a more capable pen, to give you an inkling of matters and things?movements and projects?plots and counterplots in this busy city. The probable adjournment ol the Legislature in about two weeks, leaves but a short tune for the lobby and the other two houses to finish up the work which yet remains unfinished. There is such a wide difference of opinion between the two sections of the so-called democratic party in relation to the question of constitutional reform, that it is hardly probable that any amicable adjustment of the various propositions will be effected. This is what the Hoffman barnburners desire; they do not intend to allow any urgument upon the different questions of amendment. They will endeavor to defeat, in the House, the propositions which have passed the Senate. They desire to do this in order that a law may be mn through at the end of the session, referring to the people the question of convention or no convention; and they hope thereby, to obtain the nomination of the old Adnii mi H?r vruvrniui. in suuu an cyrm, uic iuuoti?a* tives and whigs would secretly unite. A portion of the whigs of this city have sent into the Governor several heavy charges against Mr. Balterman, the whig sheriff, and petition for lus removal from office. Conklin and Livingston, the would-be Deputies, are the prime movers. The Governor submitted the documents to the Attorney General for his opinion. Mr. Barker not being able to discover sufficient grounds for removal, returned the papers. The matter has been subse' quently referred to Judge Hilton, before whom the parties have appeared with their testimony. The evidence was laid before the Governor on Sutur day, as 1 understand; a decision may. therefore, be . expected in a day or two. In this affair the democrats have apparently kept aloof, being willing that BattermaiPs whig friends should be the means of effecting his removal, yet chuckling aviong themselves at the certainty, if a removal is made, that 1 a democrat will be appointed. Governor Bouck has another important case of i removal f rom office under consideration. The flour , dealers in this city, have, almost to a man, strongly petitioned, with charges of incompetency, for the removal of Morgan L. Smith from the ofhce of Flour Inspector. This is a delicate question for the Governor to decide, as it is an appointment conferred about a year since, upon the urgent request of Cros! well, Corning, VVasson, Pickham. tec. ; and if , these men desire that Smith should be retained, His Excellency will conform to their dictation.? liut as the compulsory features of the inspection laws are abolished, I very much question whether ! it will be much to Smith a advantage to hold on to an emutv office?for the dealers are determined never to employ him to inspect another barrel, 1 whether he issuflered to hold the oflice or not. 1 leurn from rumor, that the radical democrats are greatly exasperated at the conduct of the Go, vernor, in appointing John McCarty County Judge. l It is asserted that this McCarty was accessory to [ the defeat of Mr. Sloan, the democratic candidate ! for Sheritl at the last election. The town of Coeyl mans, which McCarty and Verplanck hold in their hands, fell short of the democratic majority some ! filty or sixty votes, one half ol which number r would have elected the democratic sheriff. If the fact is so. the Governor has inflicted a blow upon his friends here, which will rebound upon himself, should lie again ask the people for their suffrages There is considerable figuring in the city, both - in and out ot the Legislature, as to who shall be the next candidates for Governor. The whigs are divided between Luther Hradish and Willis Hall; the latter being the choice of the Fourier section, and as this portion of the party possess the activity and industry, will quite likely succeed in bringing | Mr. Hall's name before the public. The conservatives adhere to Bouck like leeches. They rely upon ' his popularity among the agricultural interest, imagining that the strong vote which he received in 1842 will again he given to him. Hut 1 imagine, that those who harbor such an impression, will reulize it to he quite erroneous. The farmeni are not conservatives?are not bankites?nor rsilroad t monopolists?nor state prison contractors?nor pror feasionalgentlemen, fawning and cringing for oflice ' and executive patronage. The plough is the only oflice which they desire, and when their ballots are deposited, thus ends the matter. The radicals ure I equally determined to defeut Jiouck's re-nomitiation. They feel confident that Van Bureii will not get New York, if liouck is found on the ticket liy . any means whatever. They ure willing to support . almost any other prominent democrat, cither Wright, Dix. Morris, Gardner, Hoffman, Barker, 1 Young, or Flagg. The indignation against Houck | is so great that it cannot he. any longer suppressed It burst out a few evenings since in tlte Third 1 Ward, when Silas Wright and Il? bert H. Morris ! were nominated for < lovernor and Lieut. Governor, by acclamation. These two names would unite ttie party, and sweep through the State like a hur[ ricane But the cunning leaders at Albany will t succeed in inducing Mr. Wright to decline. i The city election is at hand, but scarcely a ' movement lian yet been mude. The wings have i nominated Mr. Humphrey, the present Mayor, a very good man?professing temperance and relir gion, and licenses every rum seller, and allows all the holes to lie kept open on Sundays! The de, mocrats have absolutely made a burlesque in their nomination. The delegates to then convention . were expected to select a candidate, in whom they had confidence?a man known to possess some t kind ot interest for the party?who was in some . respects identified with it?and who has been re> cognised in the by-gone conflicts either as a leader, 1 or subaltern. Now I am a party man,and should I be r ? ?lliru lljlUll IU nuj?|?wi i oui/ii II iM'iiuuut.v..., ? ?..uu.v. consider it a direct insult. George W. Stanton's . mime blazoned forth at the head ot the columns o! the Argus and Atlas, exhibiting it uh a candidate < for the office of Mayor! Why, I should as soon | think of John Taylor Cooper, John Frwin, John , IVrcy, or Doctor Slants, either of whom would < call out more vote* than the nominee. The whig* j are sure to elect their Mayor by five hundred, and ; their Aldermen in every ward except the two Irish I wards, the First and l.iglith. Alter their defeat the democrats willattrihet* it to the aapopolarity l of their candidate for Mayor. In truth, it is even acknowledged at present. Street, the poet, is up for Alderman ol the Ninth Ward. Yours, iVc. W. II. Aiotiikii Forobry.?A eeeond Monroe Fdwards affair has just come to light in Mobile. It apiienrs tluit Hoben H. Hunker, of that rity, commission merchant, received a letter, whlcb prove* to ho a forgery.? t'nrtii Hulton, K,arj , ol Now York, for mimy year* the hood of the well known house ofC. Bolton, Koi h Living ston, under date 44th Y'ebrnary, enclosing a note with hi* endorsement and lit* authority to draw on him, the proceed* to bo employed in the purchase of cotton to he chipped to New Orleans, and consigned to Me**r*. Fosdick ft Brother, nnd hy thom to he held subject to the order ol James V. Katon, a* per initrnction* from a person -igning himaelf Alexander Cuthbert contained in the came letter. Mr. Bunker, after submitting the whole to the inspection of a merchant in Mobile, who ha* been familiar with Mr Bolton'* writing and *i 'nature for several years, and wlio expressed his opinion that the endorseinent and letter were genuine, proceeded to fill the order. In the meantime James V. Katon write* from New York to Koadick Ik Brother that a shipment of cottou would lie made hy Mr. Cuthbert's agent in Mobile, and that his agent in St. Louis would alio make aconsignmeat to thern ou his account, that he being unexpectedly detained longer at the north than he intended, wishes them to remit to his address at Hariisburg, Ta , three thouiand dollar* in New Orleans note*, on account of aaid cotton. This part of the scheme being very clumsily executed, it excited the suspicion of Kosdick Ik Brother, who declined making the advance requisite Mr. Bolton'.! subsequent letters making no allusion to this endorsement and authority to ,ipa,v nn him caused Mr. Bunker to suspect that all was not right; he immediately cairn- to thin chy In time to regain p.?*eMion of the cotton and frustrate thii well concerted piece of villariy,?Ntw Oiltant jiajitr, March 'i8. Lucky Hit.?An old building, about to liepulle-l down, in the Bowery, was Hold lor to two Irishmen, on condition they would remove it. They went to work at it, and in teaiing open some of the wain*coating, found a Jug, which on examination proved to he a money jug, containing, it is naid, $<?,000 in old coin. Tbia ia a good prize. I l .ROH A 1 l ilts F.m .?11 10 r?niu iiic&i ilir v-iirm I tonka fine throughout Mimouri end llllnoi*, and that theia | !? proipact of * very abundant crop HERA 4. Literary Notices. The Complete Florist ?A useful und neat manual of gardening, published by Lea Ac Blan chard, i'liiladclptiia. All necessary iiiiurmdiion on the culture and choice of shruhs, plants anil flowers is here afforded in a convenient form, and I will be acceptable to those who are fond of such pursuits. Nos. 12, 13. 14, nnd 15 of the Mirror Liurary, by Morris, Willis & Co. are just out, and as usual the variety is great and well selected. The first number of volume 3 has also appeared, containing many sketches of interest, and a beautiful engraving. Hiral Lifk in New Enoimnp?J. Winchester has issued another new work of romance by this name, which is highly spoken of, and which promises to h? much reud. It is by the author of Lights and Shadows of Factory Life, with which most readers of fiction ure acquainted. "Tiik Mystf.hiks Opened : or Scriptural views of Preaching and the Sacraments, as distinguished from certain theories concerning Baptismal Hegeneration and ihe Heal Presence"?By Kev .lohn 8. Stone, L). P., Hector of Christ Church,Brooklyn : lvol. Hvo., pp. 390?Harper Sc Brothers, 82 01ill I street.?rruiuui us tire uic iucsciu mucr. m versial works on theology, we liuve inet no essay on the subject more eminently worthy of general attention than this by Dr. Stgue. It iti marked by signal ability, by profound learning, and a candor seldom found in works of its class. The views o|iposed are mainly those taught in the Oxford Tracts; and they are controverted with great strength of argument, and in a remarkably lucid and forcible style. The work is written mainly for those who have not the leisure to explain all the bearing in which the subject is enveloped, and the sole standard by which all questions are decided in the scriptures. Tradition, the voice of the fathers, and the decisions of ecclesiastical councils, are regurded with respect, but arc all held in subordination to that rule of faith. The work is very handsomely published, and must meet a ready sale. Gibbons' Home.?Whoever values history should possess a copy of " Gibbons' Home." the greatest work of its kind in the sntne language. Messrs Harper are now publishing it. Complete in 15 Nos. 25 cents each. It is enriched with mups and notes, by Kev. 11. II. Milinun, and deserves to be patronized. From the same enterprising publishers we have received parti of "Neul's History of the I'uritans." It ib uniform in pizc witn i .unions n.ome, . unu equally low priced. Also Kendall's " Life of Andrew Jackson," No. 4. General Mesalons. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Alderman Hatfield and Brady. Jamei It, Whitish, Ksq., District Attorney. April 3.?Pleat of Guilty?David Jones, a colored boy, entered a plea of guilty to an indictment lor grand laiceny in stealing a gold watch, valued at $80, from Mrs Jane A. Sandtord, 18 Cliff street, which he sold at a junk shop kept by John T. Shultz, 63 Hosevelt street, lor a mere trifle. The plea was received, and the prisoner detained as a witness against the receiver. Patrick Kevlin entered a plea of guilty to an assault and battery on an aged man named Asliel Gilbert, 84 years ol age. Sentence postponed. *hsault and Nailery.?William Pearsall was convicted of an assault on James Waterman, of 303 Water street, and fined $.'i. tor/rind Bail.?Oeorge Mead Indicted for assault and battery with intent to kill Thomas Jackson. Louis Dietz, for obtaining goods by false pretences from Jacob Brinkkeihorf, not answering, their recognizances were declared forfaited. Sentenced ?Artemus Bruudage, convicted of burglary, was sentenced to the State Prison for two ysars, and the Court adjourned. Miperlor Court. Betore Judge Oakley. April 3.?Joseph Markt e?. The Seventh Wnvd Bank.? After Counsel on both sides had summed up, Judge Ota rv rhnrired the iurv. lie said that the present was an action lor service* rendered by plaintiff, and for money paid by him on account. In considering the case, gentle men, you will apply the evidence in the order in which it win presented. It iqqieara the plaintiff was employed as second teller ot the bank, and the irfriuice is that the bank could dischuige him at any time, with this reservation, however, that they could not part with him in the middle oi a month?the lav, is clear oil this subject. If a seivunt quits his employment before his month or any other period for which lie may he hired, he forfeits any balance of wages that mav be due him. On the other hand, if a master discharges ins servant before his month or his quarter expires, he Is hound to pay him the entire of his wages for the time, and ia this case, if the plaintiff is at uil e milled, he is entitled to the whole uf his month's wages About this time, or at the commencement of thej month for which he claims wages, it seems he gat leave to go into the country, and it seems it was the custom of the hank to give this indulgence. It appears that he was suspended on the 17th of August, and a few days after he returned he was apprised ol it by the Cashier. His Honor then recapitulated the testimony of Mr. Mcllrath. He said the evidence was quite clear and left no doubt on his mind on the fact in relation to Cary'snote, hut said if a witness was im|>eached before them, or they had any reason to doubt his testimony, or if he was contradicted by another witness, then they had a right to consider and weigh his trstimony and disbelieve him if they thought proper.? The question then was, has he accounted in any way for this money. Here Ilis Honor declared the circumstances connected with Carey's note until the amount of it was * ' e... inn.lj nf fl,.. tilfttviHft after which lie was inici'll IIIIU lilt) liniiu.. v. J..... , suspended and removed. Ilia llonor then laid it down iu law thut when n master or employer susnrcta lii.t aervant or employee of dishonesty, he ia hound to make due ami diligent enquiry, and if he liuds hia aervant unfaithful, he liua a right to discharge him. Alter which he to the other claima art up by the hank and aaid, before those claims could be allowed, the Jury ahonld !aee some ground for inferring a promise on the part of tho bank to make good thcae claima. The jury loaml a verdict for drfcndanta. United State* Circuit Court. Beiore Judge Betta. Aran. 3.?After,the Judge took hia aeat.the Grand Jury into Couit and handed up tine bills against Thomas Duvia, John Scott and William Davis, for an endeavour to make a revolt on board the ahip Mhakape ire. Thr Larry Cat*.? When the jury retired, Ilia llonor called en Mr. Barry, and we understood him to ask Hint gentleman if the proceedinga he had now commenced were to be considered as proceedings Ht novo, oraa in connexion with the proceedings in the State Courts, as a proper understanding of this matter would facilitate his nr. inn on the netition presented by Mr. Barry. .Mr. Banar.?May'it pleaae your Honor I appear in thia Court in on entirely new diameter. I appear here in the character of a Uriliih aubjict, and my petition i* wholly unconnected with the proceeding! in the State Court*. Ac. folding to the law a of Knglnnd and of thia Country 1 have a right to claim thia writ In Knglaml the meuncat aule ject, if deprived of hia liberty, has a right to claim it nay even a third peraon might claim it for him without hia authority or direction. Junui: Bktti.?Mr. Barry there ia no neceiaity for go . ing into the general doctrine at preaent, hut I have gn at | douhta whether in K.ngland or in thia Country the writ of haheaa corpus waa designed to meet thia caae, which ia a caae merely between parenta na to u hirli ha* the right to i the cuatody of a child. I ?hall, if my health permit*, give l my deciaion on Monday neat. Air. llarry made hi* l>ow and,retired, and the < ourt proreeded to hear motion*. Circuit Court. pBefore Judge Kent. Amu 3.?Some jmpieata were tnken before hia Honor, when the caae ol I l'.n va. Mutton, waa called on. Thia waa nn Bction of leplsvin to recover the >llu of a.kSTM ml Vtton taken on an execution. It appeared in evidence that a man of the name ot Weetmun recovered a judgment in llie Kith ward Court against the plaintiff1- execution was iianed thereon, and the defendant levied upon the hor?? and wagon, alleging that they belonged to the defendant. Kvidence was put in to show that th" plnlntifT wan living at the time of the levy with hi* father, to whom the borao ami wagon belonged.. A tcnled verdlrt will be rendered this morning The Court oiljourned. Common Pirns. Kelore Judge I 'Uho lfcr Aran. .1 ?CofgmhiUl unit li'ppan v? .Wn?n ami Inifrr. In this cave, notired in yesterday'? llerald, witneitea were examined to hIiow partnership between the defendant!. The testimony on this point did not go to such e\. tent as to prove actual partnership by deed, but only in as far as Johnson, one ol the defendants, wits occupied in doing business in the store This wax nn fiction on u promissory note to recover >7ttl 11 from both tho defendants. Johnson got the goods. The defendant, I,order opposed payment on the ground that co-partnership did not exist between himsell and Johnson at the time of the delivery. The Jury will return a scaled verdict this day Court Calendar?'This Day. era*mi C?v*i?i, 14, a, 44, u, g*. an, g?. a, h, 34, 33, 3fl, 37, 3H, 3ft. ( OMMON Pl.r.*i?7.8, 10, II, *48, 44,'4, 41. Is, 78 CmctiT CoeaT ? No*. HO, 78, S3, H8, *>.%, I0!l, 487, IW, Ml, Itift, 1 *8, 188, I'M, to Ift8, -40ft, JI)I, ml, .*):>, to 417, aift, to '474, 448, to '430, 414, 434, to 4o.'>, to 486, 268. The French in the I'acihc We have received n letter from the Sandwich lalniui* iiai?<l lire. 28, which tale* that advice* have hern receive I at Ilonololu liom Taiohai (Maiquitaa) ami Papeein, (Tahiti,) alnting that thoae port* were o|>en to the commerce of all nation* ?that they wrie free |?irt?, ami no )lntiei were to he enacted on any mercham'ian. Munition* of war and npirit mis liquor* were, ho" \ it, contraband ! With regard to Tahiti, that will again lie soon under the government of i^ueen Pomare, according to the lateat new from France We learn from the ?nme 'ource that the F.ngliali barque i alique, had arrived at the Handwlch lalandi from China, with a full cargo ol good* I I LI). ' ? Frt?? Two C?nta. Now York HlatorlciU Moclety. In our notice of the proceeding* ot tlua body on Tuesday evening, there waa some confuMou in re trara 10 lite restitution uucicu ny mr .^ctreiary. The Executive Committee made an a?lv?-r>.- nport on ilie subject of branch associations, and ncominended the uifoption of a resolution d? i Ism g them inexpedient. This resolution was laid upon the table, and the following was offered by Air. Jay as a substitute, and adopted:? "Where** objection* have lieen made to the form of branch associations a* recommended to thi* Society, and it has been suggested that the *uuie otiject* may tie ur cotnplndied by the organization of Chajiltrs of a different character. Thereibie, resolved, That a Select Committee of three lie npi ointed to n-iiort upon the expediency of organizing chapter* on such a plan us shall not interfere with the unity of this tiody, ami aim to communicate the view s of corresponding members, residing within the State, as to their feasibility and piotiubU: lesulta." The resolution w as supported bv Cien. Wet mo re anil Mr. Russell, and opposed by Mr. Benedict. The gentlemen comprising tne lormer Committee on Branch Associutioii, John Jay. William L. Stone, and J. it_ Bartlett. Eaqrs. were ap|>ointed such select committee, and will probably report at the next meeting. An interesting Utter was read from Mr. Brantz Mayer, ol l.altimore, show ing the character ot the chapters tnovided tor by the Constitution of the Maryland Historical Society. They are composed of corresponding members ol the '.-tate Society ?they meet as often as they please and select their ow u otHcers?they are to collect historical works, documents or materials, prepare illustrative essays or papers relative to local histories, legends or interests, and to gather all information of utility to tiie general Association, to w hich all such collrctions must be sent through their ('resident, who is rx-?jfieio a Vice-President ol the Institution.? " Their chapters," remarked Mr. Mayer, " give gentlemen in the counties an opportunity to collect together for mutual information?they stimulate them to search the archives of their families for these peril-liable materials of revolutionary and colonial story, which may beguile a tedious winter night in their remote neighborhoods ; they induce them to compare locul mlormation us to the nuturul advantages of their respective counties ; and filially our citizens are certain thattheie is a safe depository, where all this kuowledge, which has afforded them so niucn occupation and entertainment 111 t e gathering, is salely kept and accessible to them whenever they come to the capital." If such chapters are useful in Mary land they will be infinitely more so in New York - so rich in historic reminiscences and associations. Much ol its aboriginal, colonial nnil revolutionary history is yet to be gleaned; new incidents may be discovered to add yet more romance to the names of Ticonderoga ami Crown Point, Stoney Point, Fort Stanwix and Saratoga. Old MSS. may yet come to light to illustrate still further the characters ol Peter Htny vcsniit and Sir Kdward Andross, Sir Edmund Dougau, Col. Nicholson, Jacob Lender, the man of the people, the Karl of Bellamont, and Captain Kidd, Lord Com liury, Lord Lovelace, and the succeeding (iovernors of tlif colony ol INew lorn in the utiat ann ensciirny 01 generation* now older invaluable memorial* ol our Dutch anceators, and from the h? iug relicit of olden time, grey haired men juit stepping into their gravel, may lie fathered something ol the lorgotteu atory of the ancient wullers in thia land, the ttcnccas, the Tuscaroras, the Cayugaa the Onondagaa, the Oneidaa, the Mohawks, and the Mohegaua. There ia enough for the chaptera to do, and the aooncr they are organized the better. Common Council. Aran. 3?Board or Aldermen.?Alderman Tt anv, Preaidcnt, in the Chair. (h/atrr Hill.?The only tiuiineia of intereat wua the introduction of a hill ol Decker, the ovaterman, lor the payment of $166 worth of oyatera, supplied to the Whig Common Council, ip April ami May of laat year, which, not havin ; been puid, waa referred to the Committee 4>n Kinance. Joint Meetino.? Both Boards a**emhled in joint meeting at half ;paat 6 o'clock. Resignations of Inspectors of Klectiona, ol the aeveraj Diitricli named lielow, having been tendered, the following peraona were appointed:? l?t diitrict 6th ward. . ..Richard H. Thompson. 5th do Uth do ... .William Martin. 4th do 7th do ... .John Murphy do do do do . . . .Joseph >1. Mount. lat do 17th do . . ..John C. Itohinaon. 'id do 17th do . . . .Joseph Pinckney. 4th do 17th do ... .Matthew H. Chaae. 4th <10 10111 <10 . . . .vieorgc >? . laiuu. Mli do 7th do ... .Barnes Bennett. tith do 7th do . , ..Wn II. Hi dell. .'Id do 10th do lolin Hoey. 4th do 16th do . . ..George U. Lect. Nohle B. Ormsby win ap|>ointrd Inspector of Lime, and n?tibtn P. Btinki i Weigher of Merchandize. The Uoard of Aldermen resumed business, and < oncurrtd in a resolution to remove the fiNh hucksters from the present market foot of Kulton street, Last Hiver, to the east side ot Kulton M.nket. was concurred in. Thai fdOOu Sotr.?The Committee of F inance reimrted in lavor of passing "thai $1000 note" sent to Sheritl Hart at a lirilie at the time Colt was to la- executed, into the city Treasury, which rejiort was laid on the tahle. .In Old .Itsrttmrnl.? A Collector w as appoiuteil to collect the assessment duo lor erecting a sew er in the Sixth Avenue lietween the Mil and tith streets, w hich lias been contested in the Supreme Court for ten years past, ami a recent decision rendsied in terror ot the cuy. me interest on the amount ha* nearly douliled the anwumrnt. LraMtof Christopheritrttl Ferry?A resolution to ti^e the lease of Christopher (treet ferry from John C. Steven* was concurred in. Repairing, Slreeti.?Alderman Turdy offered a resolution compelling all (treet* |>aved previous to IH24 to be repaired at the expense of the corporation. Public Pat he,?Alderman Curdy alio ottered a resolution lor the erection of I'uhlic Bath*, to be used free of expense - Referred. The Board then adjourned to Monday next. Metaiue Race*.?Saturday, March 23.?Jockey Club J'urse S'ltMKf? Louisiana Weights?lour mile heats. Lin Cock'* b. f. Ann Hay* by imp. Leviathan, dam by l'ncillc--:t y.o. (John Dillahunt ) I 1 W.J Minor'* cli. f. Norma, by Longwaist, out of imp. Novelty?4 y. old i J Heiniohn tktireer'* it. c Consol, Jr, by Imp. Consol, out of on imp. Kilho da Putn mare? :t y. old, 3 t Time?7.3tt4?7.4'J. Last Oat?Sunday, March'J4, 1H44. ? Proprietor's Pur?n iftO?Mile llents- Best 3 in ft. A. L. Bingaman'ich. f. Sunbeam, own sister to John It. f Iryme*, 4 year* 3 3 11 I h". Ouplantltr'? ch f. Narine, by imp. Jor- >-ydan, out of Louisianaire, 3 j ear* 2 2 3 3 J 0. K. Kenner's ch. m. AdticlJa, own sister to Peytona, b vest* 114 2 3 Lin Cock's b e. hardened Sinner, by imp. riiiliji, dam iiv Biunirr, 4 years ? ? u ? Time I 47-1 4M-l.lfii- 1.47?1.47. Matrh Hare for farm - half forfeit ?Mile heats. S T. Taylortrh e. tien. I)u Buys, by imp. Leviathan, dam by Voltairu, 3 yeaix,. . . II Mr. B. Davidson's b. f. tiarter, by impoited fllencoe, <lam by Trumpeter, 3 year*.. 2 2 Time?1.4?- I 62-1.66. IVrw Orfrmu T) opic, March 36. Important from St. 1 bmiNoo.?Arrived liiin morning brig Lyon, Siimjwon, from Cane II uy ion, 17th lift rapt. 8 reports thai 2V>J0 troop* left < ape Haytien on the Ittih tilt for Ht. Jaff", a large inland Sp:?iush city about ?ix days niHr.'h Ironi < ape Haytien. 1 he ritv is said to he strongly fortified anil will lie well defended. Two thousand more troops were yet to leave for the interior. It seems that the Spanish part of the island has revolted against the present government, and that ihe new I'i?si - . u -1 l. ..ILwtha llm luhols < fl'ective inilituiv M ill, Ill'niU, in V-III VMH* I ? ^ force of the French population, with a view to quell the rebellion ut once. Our of King Christopher's old officers, a black lean, lien. Pierrot, commands the division of the North, ami wus at Cane llaytien on the 18th nit. We olitiiui our information from the Merchant'* Kxchsngr heading Koom, unit there is n letter on file which speaks of the arrangements ami equipment! of the troo|?, lie pay of the llaytien Roldiera, and other interesting p.ft ticulari. Thi? i mrult hai given oulte a tdow to mercantile ope I ration* and there is trouble and coniiternation on every ide. We trust to see in our next news from this troublesome island a cessation of hostilities ami the oilse branch ill |>eacr nourishing over,the whole extent ni its borders. fhitt'in Timrt, .'Jjnit J. From Nova Scotia.?wr rcr-rivct no xliiinux |Mi|M<rs tiy Saturday's mail ofa later (fete than l<y th?* mnilol Wnlnniiltjr. It appear* that I.on! balk land had communication* with llovw-, Unlaeke and McN'al), about readmitting them Into the Kxecntivn Council; hut tha t 'hey refttaed, excepting on condition that Stewart and Almon should retire. In the mcen time, it is proliuble that the ex-councillor*, who aro member* of the Assembly, will throw every impediment in the way of n r|ulct administration of public Hflair*, in the hops: ol furring themselves into power. The government majority in the House it only two Several of the member*, we ?ee, have paired oil? Quebec Gatettr, March M. Canapa.?The arrangements (or llie rent oval of the government from Kingston to Montreal are now i apidly drawing to completion. The residence ol hi* excellency will be ready for hi* teceiition by the llrkt ol inne. The niintiiial government otllce* will he removed from ten to flit "en days be Aire that date. Montreal Herulrl, March JS. Latk from ritK Caih or (loon Horn.? Hv th" Science at Ronton, we have pnprra from Cape Town to February .1. The L'. 8. ?loop of wur 8t Louis, ' apt. Cocke, from Kaldanha Bay, arrived at Cape Tow n January 94 A alight shock of an carthijnakc was ti lt there ou the alU-rnooti of the Aid. The value of the colonial produce which passed the < a|>e Town market during the year ending the 30th November, 1*43, amounted 'o A'WO.OM. Fko.w St. Jaoo, (/ITha.?The Robert Rritec, ' apt. liardner, arriveit yestorday from 8t Jagu W* learn from' apt. (J. that when he left the market was well supplied with American pi odure,and all description* were dull of sale.? Savannah Georgian. Adam* <.V Co., the extensive ex|>ret? and forwardmg house, liave issued one ol the most showy and brilliant rarili we have ever fern. The ropy they fur niihed in with, in firmly Iwind in a rich gilt frame, ai d ornament* otir counting room an, r.eaa to them.- Motion D'n Jl/oil i.