Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1844 Page 1
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TH viy Vol. x., Ifo. 1)8?Wliol* No. 3C00. To the Public. THE NEW YORK' HERALD?daily new?papar?published every day or the year etc apt .New Year'* day and fourth of July. I'rico J cent* |wr copy ?or $7 'M P*' ab" nuiu?postage* paid?caah in advance. . THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 8| cent* per copy, or Id p*r annum postage* paid, cosh in alvunca. , . ADVERTISERS are inlormed that the circulation o< the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ItUt. It Acs (At largest circulation of any paper in Mis city, or the. world, and it, therefore, the belt channel for justness men ,n the < ity or country. ITicea moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING ol all kind* executed at the most moderate price, and in the moat elegant stylo. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoruiaTOR or the Hkrelo Kitaili?hment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE a ? iiL AnKANf^MENTS Fort 1844. The lubiO.brri bcrtocillths'ttution of ilieir friends and the imhlir g-nera ly ij their superior arravip-iueiiU lo' bringing out passenger* fr in. and rem itting money to all carts of Eskimo. Ireland, Sent', i.d aud Wves. BTIE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE QUEEN Or THE WEST, 1260 tons THE SHERIDAN, lOO'i ton*. THE ROCHESTER. :ooo ton*. THE OARUICK, 1000 ton*. THE HOTTINGUEU, 1000 ton*. THE KOSOl'.JS, tutu tons THE LIVERPOOL, 1150 toil*. THE SID' ONS, 1000 t<nr Radius tioiii Liverpool twice sverr mon'h, and f HE UNITED LINE <>K LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed ot sujie'ior, first class Am?rican packet*, sailing r..,J I V.... li ? in ..nk .n, 11,- .l.i.u in which those whose pas-age n?y beengaeed w.iii the subscribers wiil come iut in, and it n 1 wtll ktr-*ru f?ct the show named packets ?re the most msguiAcant ships afloat end the frequency of their sailing, (beingevery five dan) prevent! the p?snbility of passengers being untie :e?arily de'ained at Liverpool. Ue* KirJIeaa of eipenie, in order t.. meet the want* of the public and the wi'hrs oftheir friends, Mr. Wm. Tappacott, one of the firm.ha* gone to Liverpool to suiwriutend ll?#departure for thia country of auch picaona whoae passage m?y be engaged wiih the subscribers, a fuct, which to llioae iciimiu'ed with Mr, W. T., ia a aurticieut go irantee tint they will receive everv attention from him. ami be ouicltly and comfortably despatched. Musuid tnose aent for d.-cliiccomi . g the paaaage money Will be promptly refunded, without any deduction ? aa usual. iMuitUauicea?Tiioae remitting money can be supplied with drain at ngni, lor any amount, parable fr. e of discount or any ntnei e.iufge. in every principal towu in king laud, Ireland, Scuusuu au,l Wave Apply lit by latter, poat paid.) to W X J. T. TAF800TT, 43 Peck slip, new gore?or to l?a WM TAPaCOTT. Liverpool. aRUANOKMENTH KOIt >84i OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, lb# Pine street, corner of South. m m m m '111 r" subscriber bcg^inivc to cal I thea7t*iition of lii^rienda and the public in general, to the Mlowiug arrangeineuta for 181!, for the purpoae of bringing out cabin, 3d cabin, and peerage passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool rackets, aail iug the 1st,6th, lllli, Kith. list and ?6th of every moutii. By the Loudon Faeksfr, to tail r.m New York, the 1st, 10th anil libth?and from Loudon on the 7th, 17th and 37th of each mouth, lu connection with th* above and for the purpoae of affording Milt greater facilities to paasengera, the subscriber ha* established a regular line of fir at claaa New York built, copp-red and c ippor isstcued ahipa, to aail punctually every week thruughout the year. For the accommodation of persona wishing to remit money to their i Hill l ies or friends, drafts arc giveu, payable at sight, on the following B.iuks, vit. :? Provingtal Bank of Ireland, payable at Fork, Limerick, Cloumel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast. Waterford, Gal way, Armagh, Athlnne, Coleraiu^ lLilhiia, Tralee, Youghal, iuniaxuien, Mmiaghan, Banbridge, Bally meat, Punonstown, Dowupatrick, Cavan, Lnrgan, Oinagh, UuuzanuM, Bandou, Knuia, Ballyshiuino 8tr.rb.uie. Hkibereoa, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchil), Kilrush, Dublin, fcicotlanu?The City Bank of Glasgow. Kuclaihl?Messrs. Sponner, Atwuod b Co. Banker*, London; R. Murphy. Waterloo lload, Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain. For further information (if by letter, poet paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Piue street, cc rner of South. N. Y. Or Meaen. P. W. BYRNES 8t CO, 36 Waterloo Road. j9 Gm'rc Liverpool PASSAGE FROM UKEATBK1TA1N AND IRELAND M. M & TiV THE BLACKBALL OR OL.ll LINt^K* LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverixiol on the 7tk and 19th of every month.] Peri,oui wishing to send to the Old Countiy for their frieuda Can make trie neceasary arrangements with the auhacribera, and have them come out in this aui>erior Line of Packet*, Sailing tram Liverpool imiidtually on the7lb and 19th of every month. They will also nave a first rite class of American trading ship*, ailing every ai* day*, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm (Mr. Jninr* 11. Roche) ia there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and ueeparch. Should the perries agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any redaction. The Black Ball, or Old Lina of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following mnguiliceut Ships, viz ;? The OXFORD. The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unentailed arrangements the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has been extended to litem so many years, for which I he J' are grateful. 1 hose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all limes obtain limits at sight lor any amount, drawn direct uu the lloyal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PRESCOTT, GKOTE, AMES k. CO. Bankers, Loudon, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the priucipal town* throughout England, Irelaud, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 35 pulton strt?t New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st ami 19th of each month. Parties returning is the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line f>r their conveyance, in prefi-renre ro anv other PrihW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To mu itom new k OTk on the 3Gth nod Liverpool en t ie lick ui -non mood. m M& 1* i,'in New". Ship LlOBLiUB, (hit laiu John Collins, JSlii March. Plop BiUDONr.. Captain E. B. Loin.. Zbtl. April. Mop SHERIDAN, Captain l?. A. Detieysier, 28th May. Bliip (JAKR1CK, Cant B I H. Traek, antii June. From Liveiifool. Ship SHERIDAN .Captain A. Drpeyater, lllli March. Ship GAKRILK. Certain B. 1. H > rusk. 11th April, whip ROSCI US, Captai i Inbti t.olh.i* llth May. Shin SiDf'ONS, < at tain E. B. Cobb, llth June. These shins are all of the first class, upwards of 1009 tons, built in the city pk New York, with such improvements as combine great speed with unusual soinffirt for passengers. Every care flea beeu mkeu in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is Hit, for which ample stores will be provided Thrsv ships are commanded by experienced masters, who vent make every rxertiou to give general satisfaction. Neilli-r the capuins or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packngi seut by them, unless regular 1 h*>f lading are sigued therefor For Height or passage app'y to ifc. K. COLLIN* 4 CO.. 56 South St., New York, or to BP yWN. BhlPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the pncl att will be charged I2K canu per single heet ; 50 coot* per o ance, and uewspapers I cast each. ml rrc NEW FORK AND PHILADELPHIA KA aftOAD LINE gfox NgWABI, NgT/BBUniWICKiVRIIVCgTOg, Tebbtox, BoHBE.XTOWIS Al?? Bur.LI1UT9R. , Tff' IF IF THROUGH IN BIX HOURS. Lsaving New kork daily from the foot of Courtlaodt st Morn.i.g Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Liue at 4X P. M. I'he Morning Line proceeds to Borden town, from thence by Steamboat to Philadelphia. The Eyeoiog Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cere. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in A. ? ?,. ek lx-,ir eciAff>r^fis? fid bklAPdi. Philadelphia baggage cratea are conveyad from city to City, wihoat being opened ny the way F.aeh titin ia provided with a ear in whieh tua apart menu and droning rooma ?;Teaal f for the India*' nae. . , .. . . . . tC'iuruing, the lines lure Philadelphia from the foot of Walnst atreet, l>r auwoihoat to Bordrntown at T o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at i o'olock, P. M. The IiIlea lor Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7K A. M., tad 4 P. M. being a contmuatiou of theliues from New York. j9 3m*m ijfj-. F'OR LIVKItPOOL?New Line? Regular Packet fcv3pSV"f wth April?'I he *p endid packet thin filUUO.hH, apt L. 13. Cobb, of 1040 loua, will tail aa above, her T*',? I'n-iaht or paaaage, hiving acc mmodaiinca uo quailed fat aphndor or coinf>rt, applj oj board, at Orlrana wharl', foot of V all meet, o-to . ... . ... K. K. COLLINS t UO. J6 South at. Price of piaaage $109. The packet alnp Sheridan, Capt. 1 F. De|>eyater. of IPOO tona, will auccccd the Suldoua,aud tail the 2?ih if May, her regular PsMfugera may rely on the ahipaof tliia line aailng rni^inlly mWJteiliael. in 17 m af4rc REMITTANCES TO lRELANDVhT^The KiJ-JfV"1 htctjh-r continuea to t'anamit innunfr in anma large JMaillfinor ainall, to peraona residing in any part ol lielaud in (lie a ime manner aa he and hia predeei aaor in hutioeaa nave done lor tha laat thirty yecra and more; alan, to any part of England or Scotland i . * Money remifed by lattit,(poat paid) to the snbaenber, or p raonally depoaited with him, with the name ol theperann or persoua in Ireland, Lug land or Scotland, to whom it it to te sent, and the neareat poat tnwru, will be immediate !y transmitted and pa d accordingly, and a receipt to that tffrct given, or 4 forwarded tc V-o render. In like maimer money, or elaima on peraona in any part of Inland, Lngland or Scotland cgn te collected by the au'jicrib* er for pcraru* rending in any 4*v?t of the United Suss or Canal'. end mil be paid to them accordi' glv. mLtZn'm OKORtFK Men 111 UK. fr 82 (>da'at x4itt I'A-HAOK KKOM DUBLIN, CORK W ATriKJQWFOHD. I'PKRV. COLKR\INc, IELFAST, MtfmCi^ewr., Drogh- da, &c -I er.ona wishing to MOd for heir friend can have th-m brought not trnm any of tlie aliovc our ia firal claaa Ame ic in I acket Blnpa, ?n the timet reaaonblelenna. and without theireiperienciug any unoereasa-v d?eniion. Mr W. la icott, one ol the firm, will I* oaths I wit to give hia p>r*onal attention t* rh - passengers rt gaged iv th? anbaceihera or their aye,.ta here, and peraona may rely hat the wivhri arid eomforta of (hoaa wh< ae paaaage anr lie ngaied l y ilKto a i|i hive nil rim-and proper .ittention. Kor articulara apply, if by letter, poet-raid, to W fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, it their (.ienenl Paaaage Ofllca, tl Peck Slip, c ,r. Si-nh atreet, where also. Pra'fa may lie obtained, fur large or amail eume, i lyalile on demand, wi'lioot discount or -ny other thatge, at the National or Provincial Banka of Ireland, or any of their i brauchea throaglionl the Kingdom. T*'tt tc E NE n: GREAT WESTERN RAIL IIOAI) ROUTE, 1 KHOM ALBANY TO BUkKALO (?J MILKS) nu. , ?,r S* RAIL ROAD. Theoaly O/Tice iu N?w Ynike'tibli h*d y the aere'al lUil Road L uiiip?uie.? between Albany mil Ui'tfaln ja at No. 43 COUHTLANOT STREET, JOHN 1\ CLAK, Utueial Agent. / o . notice toTmm (grants. , n 1 Btib.'eriberi having barn appmnitd ngfr.u for forward- k in* Immigrant* by Rail K'ulfmm Albauy 11 Buoalonud in- 1 r U-rrreJivo i Intra. are et aldrd to arnd theui during rh - Summer t fr-jin Now York li Uticn lor $2,09; to *?\ r*c.ue iZ iU, to Au- I b U'n (3 J'J; to Until iter to Buffalo I i 43. Childm o from i tn 13 yearn old a' h?ll prim; uudrr 3 year* free; rud alt t Baggage from Albauy on the Kail Hoad ia ealimly fun. L It ii evident that it tome* much eli-apar to lit* im mi grant to tray I by Rail Rotd than byCauil. he reaching Buffalo rer rrrim NVu Ynlh .tnii ILml I'r. m 4 Iai n-r in 4? " hour*; wh rea\ it I U?t |?r Canal from V to 10 day*. 1).a Id Ilowir g c ileulvti uiliomtiierr-uiMii Paasnjis l* Buffalo per Kail 1 uusege to Bnff ilo per CaKold 85 SO nel,.ey SI,00 ( Luggage from N. Yoik ro Luges.e to Rrffalo, 50lv,* i Altai-, IGOlbi fr>-e, btl- 1" . e, balance lor ll'klh*- 55 anc* for lodlt* 18 Lo*a r I' time at lean 1 dav* Li *g<g* fruui AILiiuy to m rill to tire la*oiar, aay Buffalo free 58 cool* par day 4,50 Living for 42 hour*, any- 75 Living for 10 da:?, 50 cents per day 5,00 Total par K. Road SO 45 ? $17,05 EeduCt fare |?er R. ltoad- -6.4] The traveller per R. Road rave* $5,6? They alii forward pasaeugrni'io Cletve'and, Po.Cmouth and oilier piece* in Ohio; D foit, 8tc , Michigan; (iimi Bay, Mil- t wauk'e &C. VVi dr ain Teirt-ry; Chicago, Illinois ard to v diffria -t plac a io Canada, at thelowe?t rata*. All infuimaiiou a* r<> the differeut rt.u'ea given graft'*, aud Ticket* to belnd only atlhe Albany and Buffalo avail .(mil Office,59 c?u ilandt street. WOLK St R.CKErvS. ap2 lm'm . FREIGHTS FOR BALTIMORE. >' .MW-i tax ERICSSON .%b?> xm ? aS^Wjc^BTEAM BO AT *! TL-.m 'jPKjK- nr.Tvrr.ti f PnTLADELl'lIlA AND BALTIMORE, VIA DEuA- " WARE AND OHESAPe.AKK CANAL This Linn, consisting of the following ^iramboaii? Steamboat B aLTI 5*0its., Captain K Livmau. CUMBERLAND. ' A.Col-marr. ERICSSON, " A. O. Ciaypool. u HONKER, " M. Wolf . i? no 1 in or era'inn, Untying tin nprer aida of Chestnut street Whtrf, daily, atZJfcaV.luckF M., for Baltimore, arriving early ma rnvriiiog. Meici and.** destined Sonth or Weat of Baltimore, will be foi warded t' sice with the grra'evt despitvh freight* for Norfolk, Richmond.- PeteMhnrj, Va., Washington OoTriretown Alesandria, D. C. Cincinnati. Ohio, , Louisville, Ky , Saint Loaii, Mo . or any other point South or f Wist, received and forwarded daily at lha lowest rote*. All good* destined for Baltimore in m New fork, and contianad to the nodenigned at Plii'adelphia, will be forwarded the same day as leceivrd and delivered the fid owing morning. A. OltOVc.8, Jr.. Agaut, nr29 2rc? No. 19 Month wa&rwa. nmndeipMv j PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS \ FOIl ALBANY. 0gk DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through Di- I fl. .. 3"XjN^arect. it 1 P M., the Steimb at Pier Ix- r .3(M^JB.9Ewlwerii Conrt'nndt. and Liberty strtets. < The steamboat KNlCKEHBOCKEH., Captain A. P. St. ( John, Mond- y, WVdues ay and Friday, at 7 P. M. The Steimnoat ROCHESTER, Caor.aiu A. ilouglitou, on Tuesdae, Thuradav and Saturday, at 7 P. M At. Fiveo'clotk P. M Landing ?t iuteimedate Placer: ? ' The Steamboat CURTIS PM'K. Captiin Won. H. Peck, t Monday. Wednesday, Friday, and Uuni'ay, at i P. VI. n The Steamboat NORTH AMKUiCA, Captain Wca. H. I Truesdell, Tuesday. Thurid iv and Saturday at S P. M. ? IVstngrrs taking this liue of boats will arrive in Albany in am?l? time to take the Morning Train of Cats fur the east or " arett. . [Ty"" The above Boats are new and substantial, are famished 1 With new and elegant Statu Kuams, ?nu for speed and accora- < modatiors are uniitailed on the Hudson. ' For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. S^huitz at v the office on the wharf. ' at I NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAM- * BOAT LINE. J _j?t|-|, _m ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1844?MORN- ? I NO LINE?From the foot rf Barclay soet, a dM MffT in T ii'i III li A. M., (Sundays excepted.) The Steamboat TROY. Capt. A. Gorhara, and l The Steamboat EMPIRE, Capt. ft. R. Roe. Evening Line?Direct from the foot of Courl'andt street, at 7 o'clock P. M. [Suudays excepted 1 The Steamboat S WaLLO W, C?pt. A. McLeon, and The Steamboat ALBANY, Capt. R. B. Macy. Tlra proprietors of the New Ycrk, Albiny and Troy Lice would respectfully inform the rublic tbrt their boats have r durirg the recess ol naviga'iun the past winter, been refitted , lud replenished throughout, and many improvements added to s the coeilort of the traveller The Troy and Kmpita. as hereto- n fore, will lorm tke Morning Line, from the Steainbo-t Pier ^ font ot Brrclay street, tunuiug daily [Sundays exc?i ted] mak- , isg int-riv diate landings an the River. I The Swallow and Albany will lorm thr 7 o'clock Evening Line (l/irutig/i direct) daily (Suudays (excepted.) The above c coats are of the u.'st tlars ol Ste mho its. and fir ipeed and aceoinmadatioas ire unsurpassed, and what is ofgrcatrr iii'sost to the tr iveMrr, are under ihe coinma 'd of officers well known to the public? their names alone is a suffie.eut guarantor cf kind attention, civil deportaiwit and sale manage incut. New Vork, March 12 1844 ml ice SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. 1 BLOOMINHUALK. MANHATTANVILLE AND YOlsT WASHINGTON LINE OE STAGE* Fare io Manhattaavlle,- 12hi Cents. ' Fa-e to Fort Washington 2i Cent". ( gcrw- ?r This Lineof ft'ageswill commence miming t IE >n M nd iy, April 1, 1814, as fullowa Leavnr ManhaiUnville at 7 o'clock, A. M .and < Const..ue <u every hour uunl 6 P M. ' bwniog N-w York, corner ot Tryou How and Chatham at two doots east of the H; rem Railroad Office. Rt 9 o'clock, A. M , and < ontinue rinninz every four until 8 P. M Ill's l.i i? of Stiges p .sses the Irphnn aud Lunatic Asylnms, I Burnh. in's Mansion House, the A?ibey and Bicker's Hotel, Trimlr Church Cemetry, the High Bri. ge and M ort Wlushing- i ton. B A.OOItff J ni27 Im're Propriet r. On aud utter Tuesday, February 27th, (he Boats will leave is follows, until furtl er notice Leave Staten Island. Leave tfe\o York. At 8J* A. M. At 9 A. M. in 12 2 P. M. 3K P. M. J " JR " . l\. Ou Sunday the boat will lea?? at 11 instead of 12. fe29rc NEW AUK ANI) NEW YORK. FARE ONLY l'tj CENTS , THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN HAKFV. ,o-ee-ei ^ss Will enmmeure her trips lor the sermon On OS?Jttdap^^aThnr.dav. April 4th ami ras until further do??^Bk3utct is follows :?L-av leg Newark at 7.Si o'cl >ck, A. M , vew Ymk 4 o'clock, I'. M. r The II inborn b'en enltrgeil, emn.leely r fittel, and ada' tfd io Lhi. rout-, a-id haviug a It g? deck saloon, ihe can com for1 ably c to nm">d.tte a lu'ge number ol passeug-rs. I Frei :nt crri'd it \erv rea onable ntri. c New Yii k. April J 1.714 a4 tf rc i _ iyrj*i wdl NOTICE?Tnc S'Mnbnt fi) lTd Jf MOb'TH is now being thoroughly repaind , Will be rexde attlie ? eniug of naeiustinn Is t,ff boats intern,ediste to Troy, Aibinv and Naw York boa' will h iea c pxciti-i for towing n| to auy on the river; and it is h >1 ej that it will obtain a fair ?upport. ( m'dl Irn'rc P. ( QMS POCK j ^^NEW YOK^ARD HA^fCTACKETft. Second Liue?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New York on the 1st, aud Havre ou the 16th of each month, as fol- ' From New York. From Havre. New Ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March. t l?th April. Captain < 1st July. < 16th August. James Funck. f 1st November, r ISth Decsenbor. Ship BALTIMORE, (lit April i ICih Vhy. Captain . _ 1 l?t A ugust. < 16th Hepn mbfr, Edward bunch, r lit December. ( 16th January. Ship UTICA, l lit May. I. ICtli Jump. Captain < 1st September 16th October. 1< rpiiprick Hewitt. ( lit January- I 16th February. NewshipHt. NICHOLAS! lit Juiip. i ICtli July. Captain < lit October. < 16th November. I J- B. Pp||, ( l?t February. 16th Mireh. The accommodation! of these ilupi arp lot surpassed, com- ' bining all that may be required for comfort. The price of caj bin passage ii $100. Passengers will bp topplied with every rc qniiitp with the picfptiou of wiuei and liouori. i < loodi iiitendpd for theie vessels will be forwarded by the inb icrilieri, frre from any other than the eipeniee actually in- i enned ou them. For freight or passage. apply to BOYD fc HINTCKEN, Agents, j?2'> ec No. Tontine Hnihlintr. ror Wall and Water st PASSAGE FROM KNM.ANII, IKK- AM), SCUT- , LAND AND WALES, VIA LIVERPOOL. tM- THE subscriber Ii ,s mid-nu-ijuilled arcs g-m-nls , XTA'?Vl""r briiiKii K out emigrants this year. '144. Those t MULafaaserdiiig lor tli-ir friends would do writ to appl y at , he eld established |wi:kit "(lice of .JOHN II V.ROMAN, (I South it. N. B.?The thin cf thii line no v leave Liverpool every Are Java, ami drafts can aa usnsl be famished for an y aei nut payiblealall the principal ha'king iuililutioiia throughout toe 'Hired kingdom,applr aa above. mil rr "TTJli LONUTTV- I'arket of :he 10th Airtl-Th' t tX(rW\ rack-t ship TORONTO,Captain G.iserold.will nil Ii *&Jfee" above. p Kor pa ?ag?, haviug mperior accommodations apply tv r JOHN HE ROMAN. f 61 South street. n N. B? Pisaaie from Great B'itain and Ire and by the ii regular J'lirkcti, ran at all times be secured it th' lowest rates; in I draft! fu niilied lor my armunt,payable <1 all th* principal banks and their hr iichei throughjut r.rglvi'l, Ireland. Be tland ?nd Wales, on spp ica'ion as above at toalO n r xdjJJ-" h () It - A LKo?Tim aloop THOMAS COL * ICR JaUVaf .-inir King, now laying at thi foot of .-spring atreet, wKUm^cw V'nrk. Khe was built by Thomas Colyer, at King Km g, and is Ave yea. s old, and One f the fastest and best v bruit sloop-on *he Hudson river. Bin is centre-board, aud n? light draught of water, and carries about 111) tons, ami is well ulapted lev ihe freighting or lumber business. Kor further par- f uculars apply to JOSEPH AOATE, jl 337 Breadwav, New York. r ,, Aomin stmtor of the estate of Kraukiin Agate, deceased. mJ1m?ec Ii LONDON LINE OF PACKETS? Packet of ri JrvVWlAlh Apr'l?Th* si Icndid. fest sailing, and l.vorite al jPBflBHfailnicker ship TORONTO, Captain Griswold, will " anil aa a"Ove. her regular day. . This ship has very ncellrnt accommodations f ir cabin, s?"- y caird cabin and steerage | asstiger?. feisona wisuiug to emlwk 1 'or ihe o'd c untry could not select a fiver ship. I hose wish- K not to secure berths shio'd apply -n hoard, or to " W. k J. T. TAPHCOTT, " 43 Perk si p 41 The Toronto leaves London on the 27th May Persons wish 1 ir g IO no d for their Iriends, can hive tliein brought out in her, or any of ih line,on ilie m it fvor.ble t-nin. a .fee m*?: '"OR LIVERPOOL?Tne >ew Liu? Regular JfWWPacket list April.-The superior New York bnilt TAifctiLpicket ship LIVERPOOL, Lipt John Eldndge.l IJo J tons hnrtlien, will sail as above, her r gular dey. I Kor freight or punge, having vry inpen ir .e.cprninodatinns, u apply to trie Captain on ^DHULL WlNTLHINi)?'l? ' 17 South sL Price of passage <100. . . ... . ? . _. ,, , I'ne superior packet ship Queen of the West, I apt Fhlin [> Woodhonie, i2<6 tons burtr.e.n will luceeed the Liverpool. and ail og her regular dmy.Slst May. mV2toA2l 1 W YO EW YORK, SUNDAY M( LOOK AT THIS! ^ JUST RECEIVED, by the paek't ship ^*8 IwHamerl Il'cki, from Paris, the best articls ol??O^B5s JJ/Tseutlemeu's kieucli Boot* ever seen, ami uovv . it ,eu, ^ wholesale and retail, at the low price of $4. ['lie beat article of Kranch Calf BooU, made to treasure- -$4 00 " " " i ork Sole Bonis J 00 . 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Enquire at t*S Orgnd street. ar? lm*m >RK I )RNING, APRIL 7, 1844. Fourier Convention.? Attack upon tbe Fou" { rlerltca. Saturday?third bay. There were present at the opening of this day's troceedings ahout thirty (lersons, in the lecture I ooni at Clinton Hall. The Fourierites seemed 1 jvidently much chagrined at the apathy of the , Mew Yorkers on the subject of Fourierisin; and i rxpressed their deep disappointment and dissatis- i "action, as will he perceived by soma remarks that j rell from Mr. Dana and Mr. Wrightman. A large ile of a French journal, called the " Democratic , I Pucifique,"dated 2!):h of February, was distributed , ' hrough the room. This paper is published in the I ! French Capital, and is exclusively devoted to ' ( die advocacy of Fourier's doctrine. It is entitled J' ' Journal (Its Interests deg Gouvernments h (let \ 1 Pew/'/e," und has for its motto, in Latin. " Ut om- 1 ics fratrts tint:" (Matthew.) 4J Ut omnet pit;" (Joannes;) with the French inscription, "l/ni- 1 e socialt?Rcligieust et yolitiqus?Droit au travail ?libre examcn? alertionc." This journal ia perfectly independent, und attacks the Chamber of Deputies without any regard to party. The Chairman announced the hour of meeting had arrived; and wished the gentlemen to proceed with the business of the Convention. Mr. CriANNiNo came forward and offered the 4th esolution, which he took pleasure in rending for die meeting. It was as follows: That regarding association not as an invention of hu- > nan ingenuity, hut as a discovery of the divine order of ' locietY, we solemnly protest ugainst retarding this provi- 1 lential and humane movement, hy premature, rash and ' ragmentary undertakings ; and foreseeing as we do that I iuccuss in these enterprises requires disinterestedness, i lagacity and perseverance, we appeal to the friends of | >ur race, with the request thAt they do not attempt to . utablish associations until,1st?they have secured the co- i ipcration of a lUfnrusnt number of men ami women ol , :ongenl#l tempers, devoted from generous impulse nnd onvietion to this cause of God and man ; until, 2d, They lave maturely deliberated upon, and distinctly compre- 1 tended the lawn ef order, and the arrangements which iistice prescribes ; until, 3d, They have actually at their 0 in ma nd such ample capital as to preserve them from tuxielies and risks; For ouly when these conditions are 'ultitled can there be realised that attractive industry and kbundant wealth and beauty, which ure the foundations , tpon which the higher social and religious harmonies nust be reared. Only thus can associations be success, 'ully established. Hut we rejoice in the assurance that when once established, they will act with even Increasing i lower thoroughly to redeem the tens of thousands op- | iressed by want and temptation, from their present mist- j ries, whichhio superficial character, but only radical juslice cau relieve or cure. II j (Mr. C.) wished to say a lew words in rela- ' lion to the passage of the resolutions which were , lo be presented; and one of them in particular, tin- , jodied the whole principles of association, which covered the entire ground upon which they had met; and fnny, indeed be considered the chief one in connexion with their convention, and it stood ' the sixth in the series. When that came up he had ! a few remarks to oiler in relation to it, us it was to accompany the address which they intended to ; forward to the people of the United States. That resoluton viewed the question from synthesis to | analysis?from principles to details, and had refer- ' ence to the union of man with his God. It was in- ! tended to adjourn the present convention to the 1st October, when they contemplated holding another. In relation to the establishment of townships, much detail was requited; but they would ' go on progressively, step by step, until they would make the United States one uniform association; so as to unite all in one common bond ot union and love, and which would put away the demon Cain that was stalking abroad in the land, and covering the world with sin and wickedness. To carry out the objects of the Association to their [I'll extern it wus couieiupiaieu i<> seuu men n it-ii" Mr. Brisbane, to Europe. Him untiring zeal and activity, his vast services, gave him a strong claim upon the friends of association in the United States, and the deep conlidence they had in his moral worth and high capabilities, the gratitude they felt for his services, and the sacrifices he had made to work out the great objects ot association, would insure him the respect and uttention oi' their friends in Europe. The Chairman here put the fourth resolution from the chair, which was carried new. con. A short discussion here arose as to the locality for holding the next Convention. Mr. Dana was in favor of Hoston. The people of New York were not alive to this movement, and Boston would he a better place, as the New Englanders were more intell gent on the subject of Association, and the neglect Hnd utter carelessness ol the people of New York rendered it imperative to hold it elsewhere. Mr. wittoht.mav wan in favor of Boston. Though he was a native of New Y'ork. and the very paving stones were familiar to him?(laughter) ?though (lie /Uderineti ot the city did not pay much attention to the sweeping?(roars of laughter) ?though he loved his native city, he was in favor of Boston, or some other locality where the principles of Association may be better appreciated. Here they were neglected?here, where they exacted to find the classes whicn they sought to benefit?but the domino box, the chequer board, and the card table, had greater charms for these person-) than their meetings had. Mr. Watson offered some remarks in favor of a locality more central than Boston?more to the West?and hoped to see this grand conspiracy extended all over the Universe. Such was his ambition, and such way did he determine upon. Mr J. If. Smith (who is, we understand, the painter of the Park) here rose and said, the gentleman who lias last sat down has spoken of a conspiracy. 1 believe, sir, your Association is a conspiracy, such as would take from the working-man the wages for his labor, and then range and cltusily and give him hut the \mot privilege of eating at the third fable. This is just what vou mean to do?to establish a sort of kid-glove aristocracy in the land and swallow tip the poor titan's wuges. I tell you, sir, that this is anti-Republican and contrary to the spirit and letter of our Constitution, which gives perfect fieedom to man, uncontrolled?untrammelled. Mr. Channino was gl td that this man had come forward. He mistook the meaning ? the application of the word conspiracy as used by his friend, Mr. Watson. It was u conspiracy to relornt the thousand abuses that had existed in the world, and which this movement was calculated to remedy.? Mr. C. here replied to the remarks ol Mr. Smith, and in the course of his remarks went over the general ground of the Fourier doctrine and principles. Mr. List said he was glad that his friend, the 1.: i._.i ?:_i ...i. ., l.. j:.i .....i r..h l..?. UUU SUIU WHUI lie uiu, annum mmself called ii|>ou to make some observations in reply, lie thought it ptoper lliat lie should do it, because born of poor parents and of the humble classesleft an orphan and in poverty at two yeats of age, and having had a thousand (Jiflicullics to encounter M he grew Bp, without a patron?because he would not stoop to solicit one?having worked at tany branches of industry, and even on the farm. Before starting for this convention, he had left off his work to do so. He felt he should make a remark in reply. (Applause.) In the hrst place he differed from his friend, and their difference was precisely M tO the MUM facts?hut upon a comparison CI notes he hoped they would be agreed. The working men had no feelings against this movement. On the p.irt of the working-men of New England, he disclaimed the assertion of their indifference to it. He knew they felt deeply interested in the movement they were engaged in, and well they might, it like Inm they had to labour 17, 18, or 20 hours a day, to win from some imperious monopolist as much as would preserve life and health from day to day. He associated in some degree with those who had been culled the "kid-Glove Aristocracy," and he thought some mistake exist ed iu the application of the term. It did not apply lo persons there- he for one would refuse it, that was certain. lie was glad lo see a disposition to labor oil the part of his iriend. He wished to see every person so disposed. It was important that , there should be efforts made to make it attractive; and he wished lo tell his Iriend that although at present disposed to gain knowledge from every person, he pledged his word that he preferred the instruction of the working man. When he spoke af labor becoming general, lie did not admit that any should be deprived of the lull benefits of his labor, from its universality. Every man wants labor to secure health ; and although they might retain their lawyers and doctors, ind nidges, and men of all classes, society would not debar litem by custom, from liberty to labor? hey would, in the improved state ol society, rise in rebellion every day against any man who should restrict them from laboring 2, -I, or t> hours a day, is might be necessary for health (applause). 1|<; was glad his friend made those remarks, for it may stimulate those engaged in labor to |oin us. He hoped if tliey appointed committees at the next Convention, in this city or Boston, they will endeavor to get men who work for their bread, to be members of those Conventions. II they be willing to join them, he hoped to live to sec the day when oli|cctions of this kind will not he made. He was sometimes suh|ect to make remarks which, from their great freedom, sometimes were mistaken, and IER A gave offence; he wn- about to make one which he would preface l?y asking pardon, if uny did not approve of it. It had ndcrcnce to Mr. ('banning. A. certa'ii blacksmith in Boston attended the contention. and heard the eloquent etVuMona of our friend Mr. Clmniiing, which, notwithstanding the manner in which they were regarded by Mr. C., were those of a man willing to make the greatest sacrifices for the cnuse. The blacksmith wished in inin them, and wanted at the time a sledge man, and a man to blow (he bellows. He said it did not require a man of great strength and physical ability, and, in fact, he could, with a Utile teaching, train any man to do the work. ! atked hint how lie would like to have Mr. Channing, and, however unlikely it appeared, i Rave him to hope that ut some future unv he should have Mr. C. 10 work by his aide, lie (Mr L ) wished to see ihe Jay when he would work side bv aide by the holiest blacksmith?have the benefit ol his instruction:?and teach him in return, everything of mechanics or of labor lie might know. I lis friend's allusions about the three tables might have been spared. For his part he did not see uny reason why twelve or twenty tables should not do us well as three. There was no partiality for that particular number,and he could not explain the grounds of the choice The object of association was to make every man enjoy his minimum of gratification. What was that ! Why it was IV.r grenler than what was now considered his maximum, (laughter.) It would put every man in possession of' the comforts of life, pence and plenty, an elegant and tranquil home, Hitch as many did not sec cveu in this city. Instead <d" curtailing our choice to sit at any table, high or low, Association had for its object to give is the utmost amount of freedom combined with njoyment. If that gentleman, who objected to the hrec tnbles and the kid glove aristocracy, thinks lie an, as an American rcpuhlican.defend his conduct, ic may; Lnt lie thought it was a fallacy,so long as we were able to secure 1000, or 3 tables, astlicy were better than the old frail ones which we every day saw, that would hardly support a substantial dish, and most of them were troubled with none?to sit disputing about words, whilst tliry might procure lliat which many were dying for want of (applause.) He did not think the dillerence great between them and the gentleman,if they would only compare facts. He was glad lie made the suggestion, for it might urge them forward, and cause them to ejiu rge from the control of fashion (applause.) Mr. Smith (ihe workman) sni<t no ma noi nuns llic explanation satisfactory. The reasons for distinction ot tables were pretty much like those assigned by the rich man who sees his neighbors starving next door. The working-man should he supported (cries of he is, he is.) He could compare Fourier's system to be nothing superior to a French hoarding house (cries at you don't understand it.) He thought they dare not discuss the question (excitement.) Mr. L. Brown rose and said, they believed that all men were born free and equal on the soil, and their movement was to realize that equality?not For this alone, hut for future ages of the world.? They were unxious for discussion, and to be heard in defence of their principles and notions of justice. They valued freedom, but not lariher than it was just' and justice permits to extend her freedom in all that belongs to man. They did not want to perfect similarity between men in food and clothing, hut each to satisfy his taste. He believed that that levelling system adopted in this country impracticable?as if a man could thrust his head through one of his cnpillary tubes. A levelling system, indeed! as if (Tod did not himself make men us different from each other as the blood in his veins from the nervous fluid in his brain. The only plan which can secure it is this system, which although not understood, was just as true ns humnn physiology, although that was not understood. He would show from (lie economy of nature that the system was analogous. The blood was the circulating medium for the. support of the system. Yet the bones?the nerves?the brain, tec., each, from affinity, selected its part and rejected the rest. Why should the hand be called on to secrete the blood the brain requires, and why should the head call the foot inferior, which gives us locomotion. Each part had its functions?its immortal functions?yet the sympathizers with all the rest of the vi'al system. He wished to suggest that any one wishing to understand the system of Fourier, must study both phi1 tlie hiiniHii hnriv was ii faithful emKIem of society, where all should he eipially free to choose, protected and happy (applause.) Mr. Hhisi'ane said the charge of seclusion which was brought against them could he easily replied to. Their aim wasi to secure the greatest amount of liberty in conjunction with the greatest variety of choice. lie maintained the necessity of providing for the great diversity of taste, arising from age, nnbit, circumstances of various kinds, and theirs was the system the human heart requires He denounced (hat system of ultra-Radicalism, called Owenism, its against the symmetry of nature, and said lie regatded it as L'topiun. They were not tenacious about details, and would listen to reason ; they fell hound to submit a system and not wait longer. The day would come when the question instead of being how men would get the means of life, would be how they could consume them. Mr. Grkbt,ky next addressed the convention. He showed to those who objected to Fourier Association in providing for diversity of taste, from his own case that it was wise to do so. lie was, as was well known, a Gruhaniite, objecting to the use of animal food, and there, might be numbers of others who would think it bard to have no choice. He expressed his great eon fide nee in the final success of ursociuuon, and in alluding to one on which lie enid he hud spent much thought, lie declared he would not hesitate to pledge the earnings of the next ten years to raise money for its support. This resolution was then put and adopted. 1th. Jir.tuh eJ, That in view ot the vastness o( the change proposed l>y Association, the ignorance iu regard to it a hich still so generally prevails, the unfitness fur its relationship! and duties,which la!?e ordelectivo cdur.ati in tins rendered so nearly universal, the infidelity, it not hostility of!lie great mass oi those who now possess ropital or wealth; the necessarily inadequate pecuniar) re sources of the pioneer Associations slieady commenced and the certainty that much of waste lioth of < tlorts and means innst attend the commencement of u change so mighty, we earnestly advise tlie friends ot Association every where to proceed with circumspection and deliberation in all practical movements, and whenever circumstances shall not imperatively dictate a different course, to concentrate their energies and efforts in the expert menta already commenced, in prelerence to undertaking, new enterprises. Mr. ( ngain addressed the meeting, pointing out the obttlaclrg likely toarise to the progress of association. Melfishnew was one likely to operate ; misrepresentation was another. It was but a short time since the "Courier and Enquirer" came out with nn account of a l ourierite establishment, which it said existed in Pennsylvania, although the whole was fiction?for none had rxi.-tt'd there : and therefore be would not be surprised tl .. .1 r :i ...1.;?U they nt credit lor an uw iiw i? ??m>.? uai?ui u.tend ill*-?*-fl??rta|??reveryi,?o?:i*ty?Shakers, <4 tinkers, Owen ties, ct cum mull it alin. They wett determined, however, to go on und awaken public opinion, if they could not the pockets of those who would be seen buttoning them when any scheme for the improvement ot the world was mentioned. (Laughter avdapplause-) The remaining resolutions being successively adopted, Mr. Clmnning, before the meeting a<fjeurned, made nfew eloquent and devout remarks, und then closed the meeting by prayer. The President then declared the meeting adjourned tint tlie. The announcement by the President that the great Fourietite Convention bad ceased to exist, seemed to excite symptoms oi gravity if not dejection, on the faces of the learned members of the Convention It was pleasing, however, and iiiKtriirtive, too, to observe the happy transformation which took place, when lie courteously informed them that this evening, at 74 o'clock, at the "Apollo .Saloon," Broadway, (we forget the number) the memory of Charles Fourier would be duly honored by a magnificent festival, such as would not be unworthy of that great man; and lie hoped all would be prepared to do justice to the occasion. \avaf..?Commodore William Comnton Molten lias, we learn, been appointed by the Secretary ot thn Navy to the command, ng Port Captain, of all the force" afloat nt the .Norfolk station, which command wag recently made vacant hy the death of Commodore Kennedy. In consequence of this appointment, ' om modore Bolton has lequestod the withdrawal of hl? nominn'ian, madetnthe Senate, ny the President,at ' liief of the Bnrnaii of Construction, equipment, and 10 pun This "election is deservedly compiimentary to this distinguished and gallant olticer MaJiiuni Mi'rdkrkr <udder was brought Before Judge Manning onTue?day la"t, for killing Mrs. Buerger near If Iter ton Barrack", a "hurt time ago, and held to hail in thn aum ol, for hi" appearance to answer to tho indictment found Sgainat him ? Si Ltieh Ihpuilrr, Mnrch'-l*Another ("tiff ii Birnt ?We learn hv Adams' Express that tho Second t ongi egstional < hurrh si the I Iter. Mr. Bond, Nora: I, It., took Arc at I o'clork i n Friday morning : w n'irely consumed, with the valuable organ ' LD. Wm Two Canto. Puerto Principe. [(' irrwpondcace of the Herald.] Puerto pKrncirE, March 15th. 1811. Pear .^ik?You must allow me the pleaaare to turn aside for a moment from the cour-e 1 had laid out for myself, for the purpose of giving ycu some idea of a festival which recently came oil' here, called the I'ieata U6a!es, in honor of Queen Isabellall. heing declared of age. Tl 1.. I...J l,..n nr.n.rinrfnr lllinrrpllt I ?r jfCUJMC Iiau l UHg I'ctn J'? !*" * ct - -a event, uud had stood on tij?to?; for a tnontlt at least, as if to foresee its coming. It at last arrived. The day that ushered it in was beautiful, lovely, divine, and the populace turned out en matse and paraded the streets. The military also appeared, and I must say, "ave high hopes of a salutary reform in that department. Their gallant and elegant commander, Cruz Romero, whom I have long had the honor ot knowing, and whom 1 have ever found to be the most perfect model of a soldier and a gentleman, and worthy of the many crosses and decorations he wears, appeared in elegant uniform, tmd with his fine Moorish ?ahr" and manly bearing, threw such a dignity around his < (lice that it looked an honor to be commanded by him. The second and third days,(for there were three of them,) were alike pleasant and agreeable, and full of life and merriment, nnd hilarity. A public dinner was given, and also a ball. The streets and plazas, nnd public buildings, were ornamented with flags, paintings, garlands of flowers, Arc.. Arc. In the square of San Franritro was erected a large urch, highly decorated, and over which on one side was placed a pair of scales, to indicate justice, and on (he opposite side a globe?two things the people here are us entirely and perfectly ignorant of an I am of the opinions of Hong Ching, of China. Is it not a striking, affecting, surprising and singular fact, that where justice is the least administered there is always the most display of itsemblems? Jt is like a man who, having but little courage, will generally make a great ado about his bravery, in order to establish ti reputation tor what Ire lias not. It has its similitude also in the public documents of the " Cubanos," which have always attached to them " Niemjrrt fir} I tin rir Cuba" while the very perpetrators, in a single moment, would make the expression false if they could; for I never knew a ' Creole" who whs ever faithful to his king, his country, or his God, and who would not strangle the poor little stupid Queen herself, with her own garier, tl byt'-o doing he could get the order of it. Do not, my dear sir, think me inimtcul to the government or its institutions because I expose them as they are. No ; while 1 am n resident here 1 pay them all due reverence ' would, however, reiurm them in every particular, lor they are full of foul corruption, bribery, dishonesty, impiety and ignorance. En fin, I wish there hnd been a few William 'Pell's here during the three days of the Ftestaltculcs, lor do you think that the authorities stuck upon a pole or table a cap of the Oueen. and made every one take oil'his hat as he passed it 1 lam told it on good uuthoritv. and the people were fools enough to submit to the degradation. On the evening of the ball, carpets were put down on a nice wooden Hour! to dunce on. It is usual, I know, in most other countries, to lake up carpets, it' it is possible to ilo so, when there-is to be u dance ; but these people, wishing to do something great and unequalled, and not knowing any thing of the rest of the world, make ihe most ridiculous blunders you can possibly imagine in their attempts at refinement. In one pari of the room wsHseen five or six fut, very fat, old women, seated in chnin?, which were tipped bark against the wall, smoking away us unconcernedly as if they hud been bashaws, or rather bashaws wives in the very harem, while their fair daughters (excuse, the expression, for there were many there with whom a Southern man would not remain in n ball-room a moment, uiid whom he would unceremoniously have dignitii.d with the. unqualified and unequivocal title of mulatoes,) were twirling away through the luxurious waltz?now in the arms of p. governor, and now in those of some enamored youth, of whom perhui? their thoughts were pure, though their eyes belied the tale. And so it went on,and 1 enme away and left the young in their dreams of bliss; for age bad dimmed my eye, and gaiety had become irksome. 1 went through the nbw deserted streets, and as I approached the Quartrl 1 heard the cry of " tyuirn I ??i?" in die hursli voice of a soldier, nnd 1 wasfored to respond " Eipav.a," and again " Que frenfr," nnd again 1 answered " Cente /nana," by which 1 was allowed to pass on to my home and my lonely cot, where I soon dreamed of the " I.and of the Free." tym-dc vm con I Hog. Sardis. Svwems Coi it r- ^I'Eciai. Term.?April 2,19-11. Prec-nt, Mr. .fu- lire |!eard-ley ?Howard vs. Clnu kon? An order ol Wm U< lit, circuit Judge, thutdeti proilucc an J tb j <i>it with clerk of till- court at New Voik, w itl.ii, ten <Jt.\ s rtft.-r service of this order, the ] aper v. t itu.g mentioned ut ptffs. petition : ?r, that IndeJui.l; deft. In; (luh.irrid li'.r.i certain defences arising ui.drt v.'d paper wilting. Tnmpkii s Co Bonk?Motion loi lc .v? lo inosccute llieilticisl I and ol M. 11 Hurt, sherill of New Vork?grained r.r fir tr. Vox ads. Merrill?Motion lor judgt. us in ease of I >>n i nit? gr( nteil.nnJi ?? p!ff'ei, without costs. ' iieesi-msn Biol ai ads. Jtav. ileli an I si ? Motion for Jii 'gt as in case ot noil sujl?deoi- d. with costs. I.inn-uiir. Joiiii'on?Motion lor juilgt. as in case oi nou .uit-granted, witli costs, without opposition Flint impd. and h! ails My brook und nl?.Motion to set aside di-foult? grunted, with costs. Cole and nl. ads. Crj ?r? Motion to change venue?grunted, without opposition. Smith vs. Hunt?Mot'on to refer?granted, no opposition. Luff va. Kimball- Motion to vacate older und stipulation, staying proceedings until return of comminionar, and for liberty u proceed in the cause? granted, no opposition. Hohby I und at. ads. Clunp, Hurv'r, kc.?Motion to change venue? ilenieil. I.el,mil und ai. ads Coster und ul ?Motion to vacate order ol P. (iridley and nils of court under it?grantI ed, Willi cost* Aran. -l? i'lescm, sir. justice Dcanuiev.- .-my m ?> VVilker nml bI.?motion to iifor?denied, with co*t*. Itu liaidnou a<ln Keller?motion that delenduat he allowi <1 double costs to lie t?xi'<l granted, no o|>|>o*itioii In the mattrr of the application n< Daniel K. Hubbard for the apI point mint of a guardian lor Margaret C. llnbbard, minor, Ike.?granted. Rrowneil ail*. McKic?motion to ' hitngo venue granted I'cjio nil*. Trnll motion to *ct aside default, tin.- granted, with coat*, no op|>o>ttioii. Mohaw k flank vs. Dnleiuloill and al.?motion on the part of it. Klwood, tli ut Hlienir of Montgomery bo restrained fiom selling certain lands, K.C.?denied, with tokU, without prejuilico. Lockwooil ad*. McKean? motion to act a?ide inquest granted, on tenr.s. Merrill v*. O'Hern? motion to?et aside judgment?grnntod, without ro*ts, and without prejudice. Morriaon v?. Widner? motion to n t aside sale ol real estate, made hy sheriff of Monroe--denied, with coat* to t?etaxed, without prejudice. Waincr ami al Si,rather and al ?motion to take examination from (lie record* and to cuucel any *ati*lactiou oi the judgt granted, without opposition. I'd kin* ad*. Winteilutlotn motion to *et aside defunlt? granted, on payment of rout*. Sweet v*. Whipple an I aJ.?motion to lubatitutu referee granted, Gardiner wis. Hongliton and *1. ?motion for further time to defendant to prepare a ca*e or hill of ex'*., Icq.?denied, with costs, without prejudice Parmer*'Si Mechanic*' flank, ol Mich., v?. Hoot?crder to transfer commission, Sic., from clerk'* otiice at I tie* to clerk'* office ut Albany. In thu matter of opening With (trect, New Vork?motion that William 1'. ilalle!, clerk, he., pay certain money* on a ward, to the petitioner* in this matter?granted, ex parte People ex rel Willett, v*. Lcay craft?motion for certiorari to issue to deft, a* justice pence of King* co - granted exjiattr. William* ad*. Torrejr? motion to ?et .wide inipieit, lie.? denied with co*t?, without prejudieo. Gardner ads. Gibson? motion to let aside inquest? denied, w ith co?t?, without prejudice. Kinh ami al. v*. Nash? motion to set mide inquest--granted, on term*, Ties v*. Warren -motion for lenve to amend slide ixdnni to w rit of replevin, he.?grunted i r parte. Howe impl lie ail*. Sperling?motion to *rt aside inquest -granted, without co*t* to either party. Mount, prest, .te, ad*. Scott mo 1 I..1.1 _ vrnnlnl n,< tlotr To set mum report 01 rpirrn-i m,-. j.. ? ... terms. Vandrrvoort ads. Ingeraoll and *1 ?motion to change venue?granted, no opposition Brown mid al. va Thomas - motion to substitute referee granted? McKibbe ad*, bliitchford order, that proceedings tiy pl'fl on the judg't of i*'n he et.ij until dtcision of Judge Rett* mi I of thii court, upon matters nt bankruptcy? Bchleisingcr mid al. v? Moore motion for leave to plTT to discontinue without cost* grunted, Walworth. Asst. Itegr ads. Nicdl an I ul motion to supercede writ nl erroi granted, default. Burrows and al vs Hart, sh'ff N. V.- motion for leave to prosecute official tiond of said Hart granted Raid ads. Smith ?order, that motion stand over till nest supreme term. Hinsdall va Sharps?motion to set oft Jii.lft and for perjietiial stay of Ka'n?granted III tlie manner ol Daniel li. Keutor, lor a certiorari to laaue to Matthew llalcott, K?q justice lie ace Delaware CO ? granted n p nit. In the mutter of Isaac Hill, for a certiorari to the judges of Wayne ro. on an appeal Irom commissioners of high whj a- granted tx ptrlt.?jilhnny JitUt. SCOTT'S HAZAAR, I"\KV 8TRKKT. Naabar 17, between Broadwar sad IS tfreenwich. SANDS HCOTT returns hit most siacers thanks to his friends and the public at larte for the librn.l support received i;ico heojiened the above house, and hopes by th.- -urn* strict slleutioa to merit a continuance thereof. 'I lie oiialiiiea of his Alea, Winn, anil Cigars, ara too well kiowu to need comment. A Isrve assortment of Refreshments to be had at all hears mill 12 at night, such as? Beef If teaks, lYached Kegs, Sardine* Mnttor Chops ('ill Mam. Buckwheat '>ke? friM Klilw.'l, I e|j (;0rn d Beef, f'ogee and Tea, iism Slid Kggs, Pickled Tonsure. Welch Ka-el ifs.ltc. Dob'tn llrnwn-stont always on drought. ^ A gnod Duinrr ot Rnsst or Boded yfmts for oae shilling avc* ry day from one to 'hree u Vines. . , . Families supplied with the best Scotch tad Irish Whiahav. No Icnse lieitx supplied with Knglith, Irish, Scotch, Welsh ind city Tapers. Always the Isirit pessibls news by the *'?SVtroms for Private Ps-ries, Clubs, Meetings and Re 1 foresee*. ftlm'su