Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., Ho. 100?Whole Ho. 3071. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper?published every day or the year except New Year'a day and Kourth of July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or $7 30 per annum? postage* paid?caah in advance. ? , , the WEEkIy HERALD?publiahed every Saturday morning?price 6} centa por copy, or $3 13 per annum? postagea paid, cash in a trance. . . . anvvhtiavim a, ,.j (lai Iko /slrrnlotu>n aI ...... i ui-jivo mo iiuunnvtt *"w VV """" the Herald is over THIRTY THOU8AND. and increasing laat. It A at the largest circulation of any /*r;?er in this city, or the world, and it, therefore, the beet channel for butineee men in (Ac city or country. ITioea moderate?cash in advance. ['HINTING of all kimla executed at the moat moderate price, and in the moat elegant atyle. JAM E9 GORDON BENNETT. FROPniKTOn OP TUB HkRALD EsTAnLrSHMKN-*, Northweat corner of Fulton and Nmmni atreeta. TAPBUOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE jUI^ 3& Mho ARllA N GEME NTS KOKIf 14. The aubacribrra be* to call the attenliou of tneir friends and the public generally to their superior arrangement* bringing Out passengers from, and r imtliug money to all parts of EngU> d. In land, Scotland and Wales. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL TACKETS, COMPRISING THE QTTEEN OK THE WEST. 1250 toua THE SHERIDAN. lOflO tona. THE ROCHESTER, 1000 toua. 1 HE UAiiRICK. 1000 tona. THE HOTTINOUER, moo toua. TIIE KOSCILJS, 190U tona THE LIVERPOOL. 1159 toua. THE SIDDONS, 1000 tons namiig irorn Lir'T wii twice tverv mnnrn, ana THE UNITED LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, cempn?ed ol superior, first class American packets, sailinl frum Liverpool four times in each month, nrs the ships in which those whose passage may Iweucaaeil with ihesnbucribers will come out in, and it is a wKIl kmwn f-*ct the above named packets aie the most inignificent ships afloat, and the frequency o! their tailing, (beingevery five d tvs) prevents the possibility of passengers being unnecessarily detained at Liverpool. Regardless of expense, in order to meet the wants of the public nad the wishes of their friends, Mr. Wm. Tapnscott, one of the firm,lias gone to Liverpool to superintend the departure for this couutry Of suck inusous whose passage may be engaged with tha subscribers, a fact, which to those acquainted with Mr, W. T., is a sufficient guarantee that they will receive every attention from him, and be onlckly and romtorlably despatched. Simula tnoae sent lor decline coming the passage money will be promptly refunded, without auy deduction?aa usual. RciaiUsiice*?Those remitting money caa lie supplied with drnts at stgni, lor any amount, payable fre of discount or any outer cnurpn, m every principal town in England, Ireland, bcotrsnu and Wales Apply til by Inter, post paid,) to W 4i J. T. TaI'HUOTT, 41 Peck slip, Plew Kora?or to l*t WM TAP3COTT, Liverpool. XKK4NMKMKNTH KOK 1844 OLD ESTABLISHED PA8SAUE OFFICE, 100 Fine street, corner of South. m m m m. THE subscriber begs leave to call the attention of his Irieuds nnd the public in general, to the following arrangements for 1041, for thr purpose of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regular .Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st, 6th, lltli, 16th. aistand 26th of every mouth. By the London Packets, to sail n in New York, thr 1st, 10th and 20th?and from Loudon on the Tth, 174h and 27th of each month, lu connection with the above, and for the pnrpose of affordin* -till greats* facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular line of lisrst class New York built, coppered and cooper lajurned ships, to tail punctually every week throughout the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remitmoney to their luniliea or friends, drifts ara given, payable at sight, on ?roviia;ial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, CloninrJ, Londonderry, Sligc, WexfarU, Blfaat, Waterford, (Idwty, Armagh, Athlone, Coleram, Balkan, Tralee, Youglial, F.nuitkillen, Mouaghan, B.mbridge, baltyineua, Parsnnstowu, Downpatrick, Cavan, Lurgan, Omagh, Dungannsn, Bandon, Enuit, Ballyahanno Ktm'oane Skibereen, Mallow, Moueymore, Coolcliill. Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. E?glai*l?Meaara. hpooner, A.twood Ik Co. Bankera, London; K. Mnrphy, Waterloo Koad, Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain. Ji'or farther information (if by letter, neat paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMUKHAY, 100 Pine atreet ecrner of South. N. Y. Or Meaara. P. W. BYRNES 81 CO, M Waterloo lload J9 6m* re Li verpool PASSAGE FROM GllEATBRITAIN AND IRELAND M Hk, M. ST the BLA(TITbALL Oil OLiVlINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Livcr|>ool on the 7tk and 10th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friaudi Eui make the neceaairy arrangements with tne subscribers, and ave them come out in tin a su|ierier Line of Packets, Sailing from Liverpool pui: Anally 0:1 the 7th and lUlh of every month. They will alao nave a f.rat rate claaa of American trading ahipa, ailing every ail daya, thereby affording weekly commuiiica' frcpa that pore One of the firm (Mr. Junes D. Roche) ia there, to ace that they ahull tic iorwafd?d with care and (fra. pnieh. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to thoae who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets,comprise the following inaguificent Ships, via The OXFORD. 'The NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has been extended to them so many years, for which tlirv are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can U all times obtain Drafta at sight for any amount, drawn direct on Ike Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, alao ou Meaara. FRESCOTT, OROTE, AMES St CO. llankira, London, which will be naid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Irelaud, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 36 Fulton street New bork, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st Slid l' of each month. Parties returning to the old country will liud it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line kir their coovvauce, in preference 10 auv other, NEW LINE OF LIVE it POOL PACKETS. To tail worn New York on the S6tli and Liverpool on thellth ut r?cn m mi M M Fnual NgW 1 OHK. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, Stltli March. Ship MllfDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, gRth April. Slop SHERIDAN, tapi tin F. A. Detmystor. aith May. Ship GAKR1CK, Cant. 1). I. H. Trnak, 36th June. From Livi kpool. Skip SHERIDAN, Captain A. Depeyater, Uth March. Ship GARRICK, Captain B, I. II. I raak, 1 Ith.April. Willi KOPCIUB, Captain John Collins, llth May. Kbit) 81DBONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, llth June. Th:nhiiK are all of th* hrit class, upwards of MM ton*, built in the city New York, with such improvements as combine great s|ie*d with minimal aomfort for pomMem. K.Tory care iia* been token in the arranjremesit of their accommodations. The price of passage bene* ii $100, lor which ample stops will be provided These ships are commanded by experienced maitni, who will make every exertion to aire gt>neral satisfaction. Neither th* captain* or ownera of the ahipi will ba responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re"* gnlar (tufladitig are signed thcrofer k'or treinhr or passage apply to |fc. K. COliLlNR (t CO., Si South st., New York, or to BP yWN. SHIPLEY fc to., Liverpool. Letters by the pack rts will no churned 12% csuts per single heel ; 60 c*nta per osnce, and newsp.i|>ers 1 cent each. int rrc OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. 61 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. M M M M I I'asssire can he en rayed from Liverpool hy the following splendid packelslupscomprising the Old Black Ball Lmeof rackets sailing as under. Krom Liverpool. The ship COLUMBUS Captain Cole, on the 16th February. The ship YORKSHIRE, (new) Bniiey, on the lat March. The sh(i CAM Bl< I DUE, Cast. Uarslow, 16th March. The ship ENOLA ND, Captain Bnrtlett, 1st April. The ship OXFORD. Captain llnthbone, 16th April. The ship MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, 1st May. The ship EUROPE. Captain Earlier, IGdi May. The slop N EW YORK, Captain Cropper, 1st Jane, lu addition to th* abovesn|ieiior ships, the subscriber's agents will have a succession of first class Ann rican slops despatched, as customary, from Liverpool, every four or five days through, out the year, to the different perls in the United States, ny which passage can be S'Cured at reduced rates. Those sending for th?ir friends residing in Ureit Britain and Ireland, may re ly that every care will b? taken to make paswiigers as com for* not coinr out, the passage money will be promptly refunded. Omit* can *? usual lie fiirniilied payable at ilie National and Provincial Blinks of Ireland and branch's; Knslcr.i Bank of Fcorand and b.anrhei; and on Messrs J. Bait, Bon 11 Co., Banker*, London: Me??r? J. Banned it Co., Banker*, LiverJ ool. which are payable throughout England and Walea. Kor urther particulars apply (ifbyletter post paid) to JOHN He.RDMAN, 61 South suret, uear Wl'l strfet. N. B. Pa-sage to Liverpool and London can atall titnea be engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every live Java, and to Londou en the lit, Pith and Mihof each mouth on appli- alien a? at ove. jU ec MAKSEILLBS LINK OF PACKETS. mum.-M.yM hence en the lit, and from Marseilles on the Jlh of each rrtbulh rinring the year sa follows From New Vork, Ma/seillesJ MINLKVA, Ca|>t. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. 4 TKKS' O Tt, t apt. Myriek, Jan. 1 March 5 H'KY TIIO MV SO N; apt. By I vet ter, Feb. 1. April 4 wvfcl/h aS?T?,r*pt,^<?l?*? March I. Mar 4 ' OIUdLAMUS. Capt.fl.|W, April 1. June J They are all eomieied and copper fastened, and have excellent accommodations lor luusengera. The price of cabin passage will be ?I00, exclnaive of wines and liquorstloous addressed to the agents, BOYD fc HINOKRN, will be forwarded tree of otlier charges than those actually paid. >'nr freight, or misuse apply to LAWHENLL ft rHr.LrB 103.Front street or to BOYD * HINCKKN, Agentn, mMr No 3 1 ontuie Buitdinss. sjaa I'AwBAUK KIlOM DUBLIN. <; O K K ~ WAT EKk*?jRb.KOI?D, DKHHY. COLl-Jl\lNlr, ilEI.FAST iNewrr. Droghrda. fcc ?Perxons wishing to send for th?ir Inend* ran have thr m brought out Iroin any of the above porn m first i lass Ametic in I acket Ships, on the most reasonable term*. and without their experiencing any unnecessary dr. tention Mr. XV. Ta icott, one of the lirm, will he on the ri ot to rive Ins personal attention ta the passengers engaged by ll> -subscribers or their agrr r* liere, and persons may raly that the wirhts and comforts of those whose passage iniv be intra red by them will Inve alt due and proi*r attention. For i-articuhrs apply, if by letter, Posl-i aid. t > iv. k J. T. TAP3COTT, at their Oeneral Passage Office, 13 Peck Blip, c >r. South street, where, also. Drafts B'V be obtained, for lute or stn ill sums, payable on demand, w ithont discount oranv other ch??|{e, et the National or I'roviacia' Banks |of Ireland, ' r any 11 then branches throughout the Kingdom. ftM 10 > E N E N. LOOK AT TIII3! J JUST RECEIVED, by the packet ihp /f miul wcki, from I'aria, the beat attain i f leeDtlemeii a Kreach IJoota eeer aeeu, aud now oilrtrd, wholesale and tela.I. at the low price of $J. beat article of If ranch f'alf Boou. audi) to ireaaure--$i 00 " . ' I'Oik Sola lionu J 00 ? ? ? Wafr Proof Boota '4 0# LiOit r*lf Scw??i Boota '*$1 to 3 5# " tine Calf Shone, utde to mraairt 10# W,?b.l dlU.1 And the greatest assortment ol all kiuds of Boot* and Shoes in fashion. Ladies iu this store you will find the greatswt assortment of (Waiter Boots that can b? fonud iu this city, and all k iitNof Buskin Slipi>-ra. Tics, Bntton S'?oes, Prunella Slippers, wh re, black stiin, au<l all other kinds and colors. Alio, the greatest assortment nl' Boys' Boots and Silo's, Minn and Childrena' ofail kind* to h? found ic tliis city; and all of tur own miuul.icttire, and of the beat Erench (-mils, and warranted to be the best, and as cheap as lha cliespest, at 3?T Broadway, the corner of K raukl in street. , ORKOORY it OAIllLL. ' mi lm*ee . 367 Broadway, N. V. | TO COUNTRY MERCHANS. ' ' a BOOTS AND SHOES. ^ , WILSON A JOHNSON, | (Succeixir to Jehu Iluichiuy) have rem ? d from 121 to IM I 112 I'ha.Unn stieat, and lnye cnuipletel their^ cff pring Goods, comprising the gr-ate.t vneiety anil largrat assortm *nt of Boots and Shoes tint ran In* found in ihs city.? Kerry thing iu their litis, consisting in part of 3000 lailiae' .Mo rocco 1) .skins, 3000 ladies' leirh-r do, 3000 ltdies' tsint"on do. 40410 ladies'common Slippers. 24410 ireiitleine.i's do, IVOo ladina fine French do. 1000 Wcit Backs, in.Oofl Children's Shoes of all kinds aud coots. iOjO ladies' Gaiter.i, black and colore.', 40 c?irs of gentlemen s linecalf sowed Boats 40 cases |iegg?d do, 24 ca*e> kit s do, 24 case boys' and vouths' do, and all other arti' iclea that can possibly be called for in the boot and shoe line, lorstle, 142 . Iiatl.anjdreet oppoiite the ( hsllum Th aire.? N. U. The store n|enW till 10 o'clock in the evening, l" i inn coin try nviclianlsan opportunity to purchase when not otlur wisceugtged. ml Im'.c ft BOOTS AND SHOES. M LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. ALL WHO WE .4,11 the above articles,and wish to save miaiey. had better lose no liine in railing at the fashionable Bo it ami Shoe Stores of S. ]' SJSCOR, Nos. I00)i and 161 Oree wririi street, where all may sail Ui nisei vet will, an article t lat .'or style or make, fashion and liuish, canuut be surpiiaedor perhaps equal led in this city. 8. 1. S. begs to apprise in particular thoaei > i'M and gentlemen who consider a well fitting boot or gaiter to indispensable article to the tout tmtmblt of all within tn? r ?oA monJr, that h'.OIk or 161 Greenwich street, are tlie only plaoee n New York they can iF|a>iid on being sniied. N. B.?Ladies and Misiva Gaiters, "hoes, lie., always on hand in endless variety. I O"Remember. 160K and 161 Greenwich street. ^31 fl5 3m?ec BOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE. i A LARGE ASSORTMENT of the above named articles T in y be had at the Mauuluctnrer's Repot, No. 2641 Pearl st, , i new i mil. Among those on hand mar be fonnd in part the following) i *tn:? Meia'fcBoys'Kip pegg'dBoots Mens' A Boys' Thick Brotruu Do do G aud Sral do Do do Kip Pegged do I Do do Tump hole do Do do do Sewed do j Do do do Do do Calf do do Do do do Calf do Do do do Pegged do DoOalfHewed do 1)0ds Pump Sol* do Do Stoet Pegged _ do Do do Goat and Seal do 1 j And a great variety of Women's, Misses, and Children's I Huskies, Bootees Suppers, Itc. dtc., p*xgtd and sewod; togeth* < er witn a general assortment of I'alm Deaf and Leghorn hats* Country merchants and others are iuvitud to call and examine All sold low for earn or city acceptances GALE 8t CO , No. 261 Pearl street, ml lm*cc U. S Hotel Building, N Y. ft JUST FINISHED?El?gant Nutria Kur Hats (ordinari- , gPhly termed Beaver) at the low price of $1 ; superior short uaii ol Prussi in Moleskin at $1. These hats ate ecjual in durability anil lu?tre to those sold et $4. Also, an article at S2 JO, a 1 very teat dress hit. BUGWN. Practical Halter I nits lm-m 146 Canal street. i 'SOMETHING NEW. rl THE SUBdCRI BER respectfully announces, that his J^^Spriug Style of Halt, (now ready) are constructed on a 1 I Ian different from arty heretofore used in this country, aud which lie ia confident needs only an examination, to couvince 1 gentlemen of its superiority. It hss baen a just cause of cum- | plaint, that the fnr on the edge of the crown soon wears off,aud thns gives to a Hatau appetrance of having been much worn, I wlrile theother |iarta are comparatively perfect This serious defect the subscriber has been enabled to obviate in such a manner as not to inter/rre, but on the contrary, to improve the air and coulonr of the Hat. All gentlemen are reuuea|ed to call and satisfy themselves of i the great superiority of thf present method over alt others. JOHN. N. GENIN, Hat and Cap Kstahliahment, No. tit Broadway. arllm*rc Opposite St. Paul's Church 1 WEDDING PARTIES, BALLS ROUTS, 6c c . QJUPPLIED with all the different varieties of Pastry, Iced i U brut, Pound and Spang,' Cake, Ornamented Pyramids, i Rout Cake of all the different varieties!, and the greatest assort- . mrnt of Tea Cake that cau be obtained at any establishment in theci'y. Also, all kiuds of Biscuit, from Pilot Bre ad to the ' sma'lest Pic-nic f?r the t?bl",Kre.h Pies of seasonable variety, ' Puff Paste forms for Dinner Parties. Orders t ruikfully received and s-nt to any part af Die city or i country. JAMES TOMPSON. At the Pr tniu-n Bakery, 40 Lisiwuard, near Church. , m!4 11n * in ' SPRING FASHIONS, ' AT THE OEM ESTABLISHMENT, I Ma a tin tie Mwlct, 61) Canal street. l^ADAM BEillt.MAN, in returning thanks for the last eight ytara patronage, begs moat reaiwctfully h infonn Iter friends, enstomrrs, aud the public, lirat she has received her Spring fashions from Parts,and begs to he f.ivored with an early c >11 to examine her varied and elegant stock of entire new styles of Si:k. as well as Straw H?t? Madame B. Hat er? herself that the same are unrivalled in the city, both at to a'yle, guality, shape and prfte. A call will couv ince them nf the fact. MAOAZIN DE MODES, j pit) lm*m 60 Canal street. UNITED STATES DAGUERRIANGALLERY". , ira bhoJiDWJiY, up stairs E WHITE would retrecttnlly call the attention of citizens and strangers visrti ig the city to his splendid 4',olleclion of DAOUEKltEOT VPE PORTRAITS, single, o- in gronr. ' from two t > fourteen ltis.iu iu tiii sauie plate, which, in bean- 1 ty aud accuracy ef delineation, cannot be surpassed. Portreita | taken in all kinda of weather, either with or without colors; the prices of which lie his reduced to those chaig.'d by the moat iurxneriencad in thebasineaa. The American Institute, at its late exhibition, awarded Mr. 1 White the lint premium tor the best Daguerreotype likeness (Tor grouping bb3 jiearml effect), which u but number proof of the superiority of hi? portraits. Mr. White i> the sole agent in Mew Fork lor the very ?u|>erior imported < Jvrmau Cameras; and at no other establishment in the City or Stale can they be obta-ued. N B ?Imported German Cameras; al?o French anil Atneri can Instruments of the very best quality, with Plates, Cases Chem'ea'i, Polishing Mat'rials, etc, alwayi on hand, for sale at toe very lowest prior ?. fll Ira'm FIRST PREMIUM DAGUERREOTYPESPi.UMBF. DAUUjtKRIAN IliLl.bllV OK PATENT PREMIUM COLORED TH J'l OUIIAI'IIS, 2il Ivrovtwrtv, above Murrey aucit, Neve Fork?A warded the limt nreuiiuin and i.igiieat honor hy Aincricau mid Franklin Institutes, lor the moat bescttful color-d Darin r -eotypes ever eiliibiieil. The Proprietor having i-cur;d. hv letters patent, the eicliisivi prml-geof taking l^ol ir-d Daeuerreoty, ea by his new procaa has reduced hit terini 21 p". cent Ladies and Gentlemen are rrspeeifully invited to call and raamiue the large collection in the Gallery, whetlmr th>y coute npta'e silling or not. I'lrmium Apparatus. PUtea, Cases. lie., supplied at lower rates than at auy other place in the Uniud States. mJ ItnJ'ec J. F. 11. HLKSSOX, COPPER S M I T H , F tt O M PARIS, HAS THK HONOR to iulorm the pub'n-, that hehaajuit epeii'd a store at 2Ctt Greenwich street, wh?re he mauul.ace lures aud hat for aa'e, Kit'hr.i Rangesand Tackle, he., in a style altogether new, made of one piece of metal. Moulds lor peatry c >oks, of different mod-It. Alambigne Bathing Tubs Half Baths. He also manufactures wrought iron, tin. tina over and rriuira, as good as new, all Kitchen Ilang ? and Tackle; anil by agreement will deduct lllty per cent to different hotels and hoarding house* (T^The shore articles will be lent ont. N. B.?Want-d at the above place, a journeyman tinman, and a young men who cau speak French aud English. cs29 I in* in FRENCH CHINA. No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, (UP ST AIRS.) Auai.Kfl.MK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, has always en h ind a large assortment of dinner and tea set! in plain wbiteand gilt French Portelain^a* welt as dinner and Dets'.'t Plains, of ail, assorted Dishes, Soup TuriWns, Covered Dishes, Bilad Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Custards aud Stands. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, French and Ameri can ihipe. All in* articles are warranted of the beat quality, tad to be sold on liberal terms, aud in lots to suit purchasers, mil 8m* rc rPOBACCO?FINE CUT AND SMOKING ?Feeling inA clu ed to close up an interest in a Tobacco Manufactory, 1 now offer lor sale a quantity of prime fine cot nod smoking " Tobacco, papered up in the usual way, at s-ery reasonable pri- g res. I hew to call the attention of Western Merchants and other t buyers to this, thrqnalny of the tobacco being of the very best ? anu prices by far lower inao usual. _m7 3m*rre _ JOHN H. FABER, No I New it. THE C( >U RESPONDENCE BETWEEN BURNS AND CLARINUA. rPIIE whole of tli? myaterioua toil eecret Cormpondence * which took place h?tw?en the Peet Brnn? ud the celebra reil Clarinda, Mr? McLnioar, in 1787 to *93, and which hue been aomtht for in vain by Cunningham ami nthcra, for the l>nriioi? of puhlicaiion, lit* at length, by the decease of Clarimla, fallen into the hinds of her grandson, W. d. McLehoie, Esq. and ia now first giv-u te the world. The edilion is a neat Unto, volume of about 390 pages. cloth, gilt?it isatt-d and for sale ny R. P. BIX B V ?c CO. mli lm*ec No. 3 Park Row, npjmtite the Astor House. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS,!^. THE subscribers have jam rccasted. per late arriealt from 1 Havre, anil keep conaUntly ou hand, a complete assortment Kr?nch Artificial Flowers Materials of all kinds for Flowert Featberi, Hair Ornaments. and Millinery article*?foi sn'ehv tlENHk It K MiN, Importers, fklra*rre 71 Liberty street.. iipataira. CHINA, GLASS A* LAMP MANUFACTnRV. TO COUNTRY M V.It' ll A NTS ANl) OTHF.RS. cpil i! undersigned respectfully inform the r ctialometa and the A rnhlic that they have reduced their pricca of the above article, and having been oianiilacttiricg many yeara, their ei|>oricnce enable* them t > fu nnh cheaper than any other houie, and they warrant their articha, audi aa Solar Lamps of all de aeriptions. Astral Lamps altereii to Solar. A full aia irtmcut of Cut and Plain ( pattern Oirondolea. Chandeliers, Candelabras, Boniueu. (kr., lie. Hall Lamps and Lanterrs of a'I ai/.'a, with rich and cot atained glait Allanicl<-a matched tn any patterna. (Rasa made ail I cut tn ordrr < foods Inr lh? couury sent free of eiiiense Articles loaned for pan ca. Citivama genera'Iy are invited to call an.I eaam n* our assortment. and ?,iitijfy ? regard quality aud pricea. a l UIJ V EN EL fc CO. h ictory SO 'fold atreet. Whn'e??le and Retail Store, No. 3 John at, near Broadway. mij lm*rc KNTI.N'i AND COLLeeTINO OFFICE.?PETER AY.MAR, having vM>? commenced bif old business of Heniieg, Collecting m ftrnti, bills, kf , tcipertfolly solicits the patronage nl i ne public, at hia office, No. 174 Nassau atie*t, a'Coml nnoe erlow Bee.kmsu ar AYMAIt. m* tm'n IJ HUG STORK FOR SALE. ' Ql YUATED m a good reighborhood, ia handsomely fitted up ^;.i *"? doiig a good buna'ii. Will be lold low. *n.Tl'r**1 ?4?X Urand lire*. apJ ' rnrnrnmrntmSB W YO EW YORK, TUESDAY M< Tremendous Kxcltement?The Native Am?- trv can Sleeting In tl?e Park?Attack upon 118 the Common Council?Tile Police?Tile J" City Debt?The democratic Party?The cia Whigs?The Cause of the Brooklyn lllot? l" The Natives dispersed at Brooklyn by the Irish Women, tvho pelted them with ml< brickbats and beat them with shlllelahs ; <? ] and also defeated them with a novel sort ^ of weapon, namely, large Paving Stones dei folded In their itorkinffi-n.i. ?? ? ? fence of the Catholic Chapel of Brooklyn. 'n?' The Native American party held a Maw Meeting thi in the Park on yesterday, at two o'clock, pursuant to requisition. Tlie business of the meeting, how- ?t jver, was not commenced until near three o'clock, L'IH when on motion, the following were nominated of:era of the meeting :? pin JOHN J. HOVD, President. !?' VU K Prksidkst*. iljr James Webb, George Dtirnliam, tb< Daniel O. Taylor, Charles Sutton, titi William 8. lloss, Abraham yiorrntine, utt Henry S. Lawrence, Lora Nnth, ine Thomas Kennady, A. (J. Thompson, Jr. tlo Joseph Mills, Peter K. Coon, "N Cyrus Mason, T. H. Way, ke< Daniel Harrison, Lewis ltice, liei Abraham Chichester, K. t'. Woodru 11', lie' Joseph Kuniald, Pardon Laphum, agi W. O. Moody, Daniel Austin, Jr., tlia Jordan L Molt, Waltur llriggs, fur. Joel Kelly, Thomas P. Way, citi Jonas Uaudall, James C. Forrester, wa SccaeTAniES. Uri F.lijah Cobb, H. M. Forrester, Elijah Johnson, John M. Ticc, , al|< George Bussing, Lispenard Stewart, ' (r0 Gilbert Hatfield, John M. Degront, P?t A. D. Atkinson. Channcry Mason, P?' Wm L. Carman, Hamuel C. Jollie. mil Robert Curtis. up< Mr. Shannon here came (orward and read the Following address:? ?d Fellow Citiikns?We have met you this day on tbeeve 'Vn of one of the most inq>ortaiit elections held in this city for * tnnny years. As is usual on occasions like the present, "? we therefore otter a few words upon the subject of our }'. party and our cause. |"r Wc do not design to discuss at length our principles, or J."1 to enter into an argument to show wherein we propose to J L-tt'ect changes which the Democrats and Whigs have l!'c neglected to perlorm, hut wo shall present a few brief lemons why you should vote for the men whom wo oiler JVa to you for your suffrages. In th? first place, we propose reform in the mimagcment of the municipal affairs of the City Government. . We propose retrenchment in all branches of the various c.". departments of our city. We advocate the reduction of the enormou3 taxes with {')e which we are burdened, and shall use our utmost endoa- ,. vors to procure it to tie done. ('*' We pledge ourselves to have the streots in a tietter con* lition than they have been, about which the people have (ru to justly complained. "" We guarantee to you, with such nssurances as we arc u able to give, that we will reform the Police and Watch I Jo- J?1' paitmeut* of our city, so that there will be security for J*?1 jur persons and our property. ha' In short, wo say to you, that we will enter into and c|?' upon the reformation of every abuse, wheresoever it may ol [ appear, and wheresoever it may be needed. I)0' VVe know you havo long had the like assurances from ou| the Whigs and Democrats, but their promises have been 1>0' made to be broken, while we ask you to give us a atl( fair tiial, and if we fail to redeem our pledges, we then , V cannot complain if you deny us a second hearing. Permit us to remark, that the men who have been se- ',u looted by us as the candidates to carry out our principles, "8 will also dischargo their duties without fear," favor, or l"e atfection, and will persist in the mairitcnence of the good KrJ and wholesome laws which regulate our city affairs. " ' They will not be guilty of uny violation of the provisions wa cf the charter of our city, nor will they connive at pccu- no' lations in oltlce, which have been in times past allowed with impunity, ,l?' The reforms which we offer to make, will be done without the aid ol a Legislature to alter 011 r City Charter, as bus been recommended by some who thought to hide Cl" their sins and iniquities under u veil, thus to prevent !ar them Irom public scrutiny and censure for their past mis- ,ts Jeeds. act We do not deem it necessary to make an army of figures to demonstrate to you how sudly you have been fleeced, by men whose duty it was to watch over and protect you J.v? from imposition. " That there are evils existing, of which tho people have * right to complain, is admitted by the honest men ol all "" parties , therefore, we taku these admissions as sufficient c'tj evidence of the charges made by us, without any discus- sta sion to prove their truth. Jj We ask only what is right, and we will submit to no* tai tiling wrong. ,l" In ncp.oriTnne.e with this nrinr.fnlp. u*n advnenln l)m for repeal or modification of our present Common School w' Law. 110 Wo deny that we proscribe any men on account of their !*:' Religion, excepting so fur as they introduce 'hat Religion '' into the political field, and attempt, as a Religious Sect, to rnt interfere with the elective franchise. *?' We love our institutions too well to see them desecrated ,ns by the Mammon of Party ,, or subjected to the influence of w' I'anal domination. We wish our children educated in that manner to which we have so long been used ; nnd wo will not see the ?P1 ' Iloly Bible, boolt divine,r cast from onr schools by the ' irrogant tools of the Pope of Rome, without lifting our "a irms in defence of our rights. ani Sacred are our institutions, our rights, and the Bible ; 1'?' ind sacred they shall beheld trom the pollution of those ",r who would attempt to use them for impious purposes. ?' 1 We call upon our American brethren, one and all, to join ,n 1 with us in the great work of Reformation. Let not party trammels deter you from doing your duty ""j o your country. ' ru' ?iome from among those who would work your destrue- Jja' ion, and aid us in elevating to the magisterial chair "ai (AMKS HARPtCR, a man whoso name is a tower ol j'p" itrength, whose character is without spot or blemish, and >f whom it Is said? tur " None know him hut to love, *'' None narno him hut to pruise.'' the Fellow Citizens, let your votes be given to the candf lutes of the American Republican Party, nnd we assure C'P roil that you will have no cause to regret it, hut on the sontrary, it will be a sourco of congratulation to your(elves to think that you have been instrumental in saving HKS rour city iron 'he daittoutfva policy of political dona. n'? joguei, and tho blessed institutions of your country from uin. ?? Wc want you not to oct from impulse, but If you can m" n your hearts us American citizens, say you cannot sup- ,v? aort our men and our principles, go then to those who me ao often jMftd and uever performed, ami if evil 'onsc(jueuce? follow, say not, tlicn, that you received no J!V' ;imi ly warning. But no ; we do not believe a man can he found, in 118' whoso breast heats tho heart of an American, who will J lot do (battle with and for us until onr work is nccom. [dished and tho victory is won ; and then we will unite m,? ? ....I,r...o .. ill ,.,....K?~,|.. nle through the length unci breadth of our happy land, pro- JJJ? Maiming to tho world that American* will he free now *,{' ind evermore '!' Mr. Sasimoiss here come forward and ?aid? Oentlemen, , h you have heard the oddre** which has been put forth by i our Committee , and before a vote is taken upon that ws iddress, 1 propose to oflor a few remarks, so that the true Bm .osition of our party may be properly understood. It is al>- JJJ? olutely necessary, my Iriends, that what wo go tor in this :onteit should be understood ; and that in going forward |''e ve do so without any crime attached to our party ; then - 1 ore, you will excuse me for referring to a riot which <H atcly occurred in our sister citv?a week ago last Satur- J"or lay. A Repeal meeting was held, in which Rodney S. 'J8 1 hurch addressed the audience ; and he there said that 1101 very American should he attacked and branded with the ,\ lark ol Cain On the Monday following a hand-hill was liki nt out and asked them to enter upon a free discussion, tior nd on that night waa called together our friends, some a to 1 istanca oftwo miles, and what do you think was the ar- the ;ument they used I They were new and convincing, in ten he shape of brickbats. Our friends met on tho following nip! light as good orderly citizens ; otter our friends broke up day hey were met by Judge Church's friends; and Judge the :huroh was in a nlacu looking on, though a Judge?and thei he party were aided by women?they brut down our par- ind y, who retreated as best they could. On Thursday night the ?mo the mealing at National liail, nod to our astonish- wit lent five hundred Irish came up with shlllelalU?the guv layor was there looking ou, hut when they found tlint snn early half of our purty hail gone home, and the the ih ward came, as a compliment, a*]was intended by thoscl off sho sent them; when they were retiring, and a smal- by alance, consisting of one fourth of our party, were mov- jut ig away, and ha 1 got begond the Catholic Cnurch this we line Catholic party,1 aided by their l athobc women. ?|,u naught forward brickbats, in lluir aprons and showered of own upon our friends. (Orest laughter ) Yes, gentle- age ?en, Irish women pelted us with hrickbitvand had paving elc tones in their stockings; and heat us away, and drove us ius eyond their Church? (Roars of laughter among the re- are -triers)?with brickbats and ahillelHlis. Then ?. hat fol- jo a awed f?our party proceeded, and when we came there, jus vhat was the [consequence 1 We can have it pioved, cm hat the Mayor of the city was the first that said "These tha len have como herr to take your church." Why Is this wit Ihurcl) put Ibrwanl in tha newspapers in order to break roi is down I These things arc brought out among the poll- *oe ical lies of the day, and it provea that Jesuitry is Th qaal to every occasion. I have, (aid this, as tar a* up he party is concerned, and in reply to the party press, I |rg iow say it to those party presses in this city who are call- ws ng upon the adopted citizens?who are calling upon the Ta nshmen inNaw York to put down this movement. This is tivi viist we complain of?I call on them to come to this coo- |'h est and unite with us; hut their opposition ha* grown hor ait of this business to which I have alluded. I appeal to (he he people of this city not to consent to he made slaves in vei Ijeir own land; not to |consent to be beaten by the Irish Rvi vomen?(tremendous roar* of laughter under the' plat- slia urm) ? nor the shilelahs ?(a voice from liehind the plat- the orm, "shilelah that never missed fire")?not to consent chi o bow or truckle to thoso who would arrogate to them Her elves power and authority in this city- and who are Ht i villing to sell our city for a miserable party vote,(a voir e ran threejrheers"?three cheera were accordingly given) wh ["his party is not prescriptive? we do not mean to attack hoi ny party ?we unite solely as the omnipotent American (l,c nity?we rlso elevated above the low prejudice* of any ani iaity?we have gigantic aims to ii?e up in fsvor of the ha< RK I ORNING, APRIL f), 1844. ithf of this principle alone? wo have not entered the are- pe to jannoy oi atttick any man?we depend on the rood de ith and principle! of our parly, and when 1 Anil the *t? ihunt talking about the fundamental abilities ol asso- ?ti ition? (laughter)? promulgating Fourier doctrines? pa oars ol luughtei)?when I And that this movement VV in 1*1 drive atlay every party, 1 am envious to have our ov ncipies understood. I know that a great portion of the ou jpted citizens will go with us upon principle. Wo are he protect ourselves, and in doing so, we will protect the ici ipted citizens?we will protect the ndoiited citi/en* to (ether they will or no; we will not mute this city a in l of corruption?and when the Americui people coma that pass?when w(? rrtn't protect our elves and our ?1 ititutioni, it is time, it is liuticMo rhahe ?it'the tram- wi Is ?f party with one gigantic effort. If wa So not do \i s now, we never cun do it again, as we see no less than w< 00 foreigners annually Hocking to our shores They gc a, by this influx, soon break the American people down co hey can hold the reins of the tJovernment, and influ- is :.c the press? assail vourchildren? turn the liiblenutol ur ur schools employed by those very Irishwomen and their i i| eWhats and shelehihs? (Honrs ol laughter under the pr tform ) L( ok to thi? very city. Isuywn want oilier j'i the hands of our own citizens?we wunt to dilve out lis 1)00 corrupt olficials, who leave the city in tilth and th t, and pocket the money of the peoph- Hut what are at :y now doing? They are driving our women into proa- ci ition?an immnoritlity baser than what is known in any <ic utr citv of the earth, exista in onr city among our wo- ? in, anif this is a consequence of the neglect and corrup-1 ' A n of o?r city government.?(A voice from the crowd, eli lot among the lii-li women -they always know how to he rp their diameter and preserve their vfrt"e with tinsnl- vo 1 purity")?(Cries of bravo, under tlie platform.) I he- pa re that no houest man, no reasonable man, will be be liust us?hut \vill be with us. I believe oil to-morrow ne i people will be told, ns to-duy, what we are looking pu VV? shall go to the ballot box as quiet andjieaceable brt ir.cua?1we sball go anil deposit onr votes. That is the cai y to juert them, and not by the argument of the tin loklyu Church and the brickbats of the Irishmen? th? lighter under tho platform), aye, and the paving atones ro< I slielelahs, and tho stockings ol the Irish women? til1 an vi lan^iuri .HIIUJI^ Hit* reporters.J VV e mUKI MVP III ice, liberty ami order at every hazard. (Jo then to the ov Is; insult no man; take nothing hut what is right ;sub- mi t to nothing that is wrong, and if any nmn lays a linger ft" >n any Ann rican cttizen, yon will liiul men to sustain th 11 and the interests ami rights of Americans (Jo to the la' Is. llccollect the good motto, that "'Thrice is he arm an who has his quarrel just." You are called upon to dr- art d your rights, anil now is the time. (Jet order, why lit mid (Noise and confusion in the crowd, produced |>o the accession of some auxiliary lorees, with bands ev ying and banners waving ) Those who oppose us by th' eats and by violence are worse than murderers, ami wi ijr would destroy the very privilege oi Ihe elective ne nchise That very Common Council, in order to aid ill me ruflians (sensation) have changed the polls ; and ho y have even done worse, they have tricked us in the ru nagemeut of the polls in every way they could, and t v ly want to trick us In every quarter. You will go to the tin Is liko Americans; uli I let me ask you, my friends, pu at has the ('residential question to do with our ill y election, and what has this question to Jlo with our ho ctiou' It reminds mo of an anecdote: 1 have u iriend in loi : country, who had a most magnificent dog. Some ot he neighbors prevailed uj<on him to run him as a ftr m lighter;) he did it, and got some cash by the job: more i liiat neighbors prevailed on him to run it as a Coon th ars of laughter:) ami again he was prevailed upon to i it as a Skunk (lornl peals of laughter.) So that, my wl :ads, a good dog was broken down in this way (laugh- tin ) with a canister tlel to bis tail (roars of laughter.) We ty ,u nothing to do with this Presidents! election. What of i hank ami tarilf and sub treasury to do with our city yo ctioiiH' Nothing,no,nothing,my friends. The politicians ue his city have tkrowu this in, uml they want to make itical capital out of it that is what they want to make wl of it: and to use the corrupt inlliienccs of some of the (I. ice officers of this city?meu whose deeds arc known, in| 1 we want to purify the entire government down to the (L vest watchman. We toll these people that we have nong to do with the Presidential election. (Jo, then, ray ca aids to the polls to-morrow and put down all opposition ve ;o, headed by your friends, ninl let the polls tell the poo- to of this city what you are looking (or and decide this an 'at question. (A hand, on the platform, here played of fail Columbia," when another accession came lor- th< rd with banners and (lags and kicked up a tremendous nm M and shouting ) foi ilr. here came forward and said .?You have gh ird the address that has Ik en reel and put for your br iption. Let all who are in favor say " yes." (Cries of c.o ci.") All who ure against it, "No." The address is inj -ried. We are, my friends, on the eve of a most impot- tic it election us ever was held in this city, w ith regard to of government; and are called ujioii in a new sphere ot i'm ion- and let it be remembered Unit our streets ure Blind vrJ s moment with men who are ready to tight. We will pe lit for our institutions, and political power. Mr. O hi ut on to say that the American* were determined to til lit l'or their institutions; and the pre-existing govern he nt in the city had dona nothing to alleviate the evils of pli I last ten > ears. The people, every class of American Or i/ens, were Inund to array themselves under their tip ndard ; every man who protested to be candid und lion- wl ought to rally under the banner which had been tin sud ; the genius of their institutions, and tho spirit of tin ir (a^ujrs, called upon them to come forward and battle ca country anil their (Jod. lie would ask wi at ah caused that great commotion ? Was it mi t the black-hen ted political damages that had fo en done them by the Locofocos and the Whigs 7 hi ley had failed in their most solemn engage- lo nits to the people and had committed every sort cn corruption in otticc. The consequence was that their an ititutions had lieen assailed by every sort of corruption nv licli stalked abroad in the land, 'l'he laws, the whole oh iss wen corrupt, down to the lowest officer in the th urt. He would usk, were there not in the very halls sti posite a deep mass of corruption ? (pointing to the hu ty Hall.) Every public otlice was tilled with uieu who yo ve been naturalized ouly on the evo of an election, nij 1 huvo sacriliced the interests ot 10,000 citizens. That it wer should bu put down. The little spark that was (lu uek into existence a few mouths ago was the sentiment tr? the majority of the legal voters of the city. Every tio in that came ton their soil had the claim of being an tin nerican citizen. To-morrow they would tie able to tell ' 1 it they were relieved fiom the whig and democratic ini la. It was u fact that since lStlAno less than 25,000 men ' 1 been naturalized in this City , und the consequence ' 1 been misgovernment. This iiower would work thsir nu truction it not put down. The abominable trickery !r hail witnessed in that bail in relation to the mantifao- ire e ot voters was a crying enormity. The police otticers gr re corrupt nud tiieir citizens were uttocked for holding ihi ir own. The day however was passed when these Ar ugs could be done with impunity. They went tor muni- th al reform?aud belonged lo no faction. They came forrd as respectable men und citizens and would defend sci dr rights. They asked the support of American citizens linst villanv and corrruption, against the whigs and de- ve crati. Tins w as no national question. They went for cli ir candidate as Mayor, anil nothing elso. These lei- in va knew full well they dare not attack tliern. They pa ist bo driven from otlice and tlie honest men of America pr uhl doit (orthotic Ho askod them to look at thostate the public finances?about a million of dollars were pu nit in corrupt political pur|ioses They should hare sc! tnbanded justice. To-morrow would test the question I wt-eu themjuml he called on them as men, as lathers, pri uisbands, us children, to protect themselves ca dusic by the Ihind?Washington's march on dr. Dkiskmi next came forward and sai l, they were t then- us Anu-ricuii citizi ns, to know whether the pe.o- tin i of New Vork are to lie broken down by the natural- an d citizens. They had nothing to do with Harry ( lay. lei le Presidential question had nothing to <1o with them ? tin lis was thrown tn to influence the olertion in the tall, in] iese fellows attempted to tnko the city by force, but -y would lail. Ho would tell some of the rasrulswhnt is the consequence of this business, lie know that ong the main liody of the democrats there were honest n and men of integrity?so itlso among the whigs.? olr corruption had sunk tho city in debt?next Friday jia re would lie a meeting, at which a rail would be made pay $IO,()UO city debt. The city now owed from $40,- ' ,t)(HI to jftu,IKK),t)00 and this was a consequence of their j i option in the city government, but they would Boon tl able to relievo the people from these erroneouscorrup- |0I '* ty Tr. Firm (a very young gentleman, and who looked pri a a srnociDoy in mo engagement 01 111* rssier vbcmi.) addressed the meeting and told them he cnme there thi laten and to lisfrn ; yet as he wan railed on to address n n m, he would say this was a day which should be writ- thi in letters of gold on the temple of liberty?a day which on [lit yet illume the page ol history. It wan no ronimon . ile law their laces beaming with confidence and surn anticipation of victory (rhecri) They were re in harmony. They were up and stirring with j igaatien against the corruption they would heap upon re| m. He did not wish to provoke n political discussion '\p h any man ; hut he would tell thoae political demago- itVI s that their reign was ended?those corrupt men w ho tio ctioned ami passed the Catholic school law to gain <in ir votes (cheers.) How wns that accomplished I Out coi jur wnnl? two of the sr.hools are exclusively zupiwrted American tax payers; yet there the Romish priests Mi heir robes, came to instruct Amencan children who Mi re sent for the purpose* of education (cries fcf Kd me) llo appealed to those who valued the truth Sti thi; Bible?tne jiillar of truth -the solace of i?the comfort of msnhood? to swell to the Ction?to secure the honest man who lias got the nom- tjf tion of the Nativo American party, and who W) now true to their principles. There were three Amor- SB1 n ofllce holders in that wnrd and that was a sample of f[(tice?it was time to purge the city of its enemies -the upiests of their ances'ors was hut for principles, and J(a t was their cutttn. Victory was no longer a'piustion W( ;h thcin in the coming contest?it was written in every W| lutenance. The Interest of cotnmerce, manufactures, ial and religious, were involved in that struggle.-. ,ro e tims was como when citi/.eus would no longer give n)| the business connected with their rights and priri- r(., ei to foreign Catholics to abuse their institutions. It OC( s hut a short time ago that the leader ol that party at mmany Hall, conjured his audience "to brand the Na e American with the mark of Cain " (Sensation) ? nt party should become the glory of the world; they e the banner ol their country, on which was written language of independence, and like the stars ol Ilea. " I, it snotild endure forever? (Cheers.) It should out- c* the Kings of the earth; yes, and when the diadems ?![ dl f ill from their brows, and they tumble from their '! one*?(Great Cheering.) They were as members of a 1711 istinn government, bound to give their children the Ipturcs without note or comment. I would not look on a priestly tyranny striving to rob them of it?that t>ny which banished the Bible from their schools. They ih to have the laws ol their city reformed, and native <1 n citizens protected under the banner of thecountiy lo >ud cheers.) There was not an Aineriean but was d? vlous to go forward tomonow to vote for bim they hi rs stlectsd They waia determined to do their Uutj ? an IER A ar . utily if they could) if not, to have luch meant ol I leuce u* w ill enable Uiem to <lo it- but would never >0|? to that of their enemies,colonization l,ct them do it, 11 they would have the victory. (Loud cheers.) Their rty ou the linld to-morrow mutt triumph. (Cheer* ) On ednesday, their victorious banner would lie waving rr lleldt and mountaim in anticipation ol toother gloiis national triumph?that for the lYaaideul Ha Wtlhed had the |K>wer to band them all to unanimity l?r Amer , her institutions and reform, and to-muirow pet linallv windward of I'opcry, (tremendou* cheering) and anchor the harbor of victory, (( heeling ) Winner wo* proud to nee that magnificent assemblage the smile on their countenance, and their heart* filled ith gladness?It was some evidence that the vote u! nerica would be given in defence of America, and >uld prosper. (Clieera.) but the time wus past and >nu ('< stop satisfied With speechifying the tune w a* me to be Up Cnd <Mm (Cheer*.) Let every one act if he frit the triumph depended ou him ulone the trinph of the Native American pvity and corpoiution (lit*, ((ircat cliceiing) Standing her- as be did in eience of Tammany I fall, lie felt he would not t* doing slice either to himself or the .Nathe American ]>u(ty, il ' did i not {denounce the ilumnuUlu acts now plotting in at Hall (rociferou* cheer*)?the contemptible plot ol anulaoturlng voter* to swamp the vote ol native-lioru tuena. Shame, eternal ihame on those who do tin- base it- those who would be In league with our polttionl foe* make us subject to foreign potentates, ami place native meritanl-itirons under the control of popery. (Loud iters) They Saw were speaking in tones louder than area's thunder, and evincing tli-ir determination to te tor their party?detenu im-if?" M no man cross then th, or thwart their lirm resolve. 'Lftey were tiound to firm to their resolve, and show by their eaample the ctaiify for every native citizen to throw the acola* ol rty (mm his ryes end hoisting their la-unr in the raw, ( Applause.) They weiu organized in a party to rry out the glorious principle of reform, and tvlieu -y met those political demagogues and foreign foes, let ir cry be " liberty and victory " (cheer* ) Let tumor iv's sunrise see them at the poll, and never leave oil I sunset-Irtit do their duty nohly to their country ere the npuakercould not proceed for some minutes, l ing to a row which was Inched up, and winch pi o awl for sometime to last longer: it, however, ended in u .. 1.1.?i. i.? \ ii? _n...i' ?v, use foreigners who would not bu governed by t\ieir ivs ; and warned their enemies to show no disaffection, d never, never, dare to tiomnlo on those rights which sre so dearly purchased for them by the heroes of the svolution. (Loud l?et every man be at his t and see thnt no man votes who has not a right?let cry such man he challenged?and show their love to eir institutions was what it should bo. (Cheers) They 're in lavurof the uutumli/alion laws?the repeal of the w school law?despite of ohl Tammany ; the reform ol oliiees?and the exclusive right of native citizens to Id olfice. (Cheers J They were opposed to the corjit disposition to tamper and identilv themselves with ery foreign |>olitir.?l demagogue, and shell declare it to b world ; they were for the reduction of taves, and the riflr.ation of "the City Council. (t beers ) It was for I'm to say if that should lie. (t hours) Whether an nest and worthy mun is to lie the .Mayor of this city or eign toes give you their dictation (Loud cheeis ) it the cry be " Harper and Victory"; if they did that, it mid lie theirs. On word, then, to the rescue, every man and let the world see they were determined to maintain rir rights, oven at the hny.urd of death. (Cheers ) The greatest interest presented was now manifested, ten the Chairman announced he would introduce to Bm ail old ltevolutionary hero. Several rounds ol hearcheers greeted his appearance, and although 84 years age, Mr. On.hurt spoke willi the force anil eneigy ol utli, and scented to take a lively interest in the protidings. Mr. r said he had but few words to say, but fiatever fell from his lips should lie in fav^r of liberty ? ond cheers.) Mr. (). concludeil by ene etlcnily sayg, "Don't give up the ship?don't give up the ship."? ong continued cheering.) Col. Snow next addressed the meeting, hut tiie noise heme so extreme we could not catch what he said lor serai minutes and even then not distinctly, llu alluded the great meeting held ajlew davi ago at the Kxcbunge, d said the present nut him in mind of the celebrations the 1th of July. They cams here to have reform and ay would have it (cheering 1 On Tuesday night the Dplejwould be asking, "what is Tammany flail shut up V' and they will see the old Military Hall lighted up in iry, and the national banner flouting proudly in the I'f/.e. Why, 1 know one man to do us much its two uld not do ludore now. He did not want to hurt the leel ge of any man; he did not want to make any iiersouali*; hut he looked upon the other candidates of that class men who, dining uu election, had a "how d'ye do. my ,e fellow" for every body; but when that was over,they ju)<1 not know one of them (laughter.) but James liar r whs mi honest man?lie was the citizen's friend, lie he gh or low; he made iio distinction between the rirh anil h poor man. He wished to tell them an anecdote ol him: ,was asked by a voter whether lie would give any -iige to make no religious di-uinctiona in the giving ol ice, and he replied, " I w I'.l ge. e no pledge; I go in as i' may or of the people, and 'either pledge nor promise 11 trammel uie." (loud cheers) He expected nothing t a farce from that party who, at Tammany Hall, with n Mayor in the chuir, cry out, Ilefi' m, reform. He lied to the working men to listen to him?many of them ere driven from tneir workshops by foreigners. He tile an appeal to them to protect themselves by voting r James Harper and for city tclorm. The other day i heard a member . t the past Common Council talk us udlv about the working men and reform rs any man ills; yet that same poison had a cornoratinn contract, <1 had men employed at it cents n day to do it. He again sorted that the American party war the only party to tain reform tor the city, and he pledged himrelf that e reform would not Ixi "a hair measure ; but from the cet sweeper upwards (cheers), and among that clasr believed there was not a single American. "I'll tell u what [said Col. H j the other night I spoke to the Hit watch,and he actually did not understand me tVhy I live here much longer, I shall want au interpreterlighter.) 1 rejoice to see you assembled here, and en lat yon everyone to look to this?to look to our posin?to look at this greet meeting, and you will say, as n Irishman did in my hearing to-day on the street, I'hot American party is u d?d large party" (loud cheerr ami laughter ) The Chain si a> then declared the mix-ting ndjourned. The immense mnss then fell into line in a most orderly inner, and walked in procession through the principal vets of the citv. The banners worn many ol them gor ous ; many ofthe emblematic representations showed vat tuto anil skill, ami were, a* well us th?? mottoes iroon, of course indicative of the principle* of tin- pint) nonu the almost endless variety of mottoes \vc obaervi-cl ? following : A banner, headed liy a stuffed eagle, on whichwa* inribed " American Republican Association " When the procession reached tlic American Hotel, ?< ral lailiei wavoil their handkerchief*, nnd the people (erod. A remarkably beautiful looking lady, illex?ed black silk velvet, waved her 'kerchief as each ward I sued in line, and seemed to taku n lively interest in the oe codings. Another banner?"A* well may the Tope attempt to t the Jllhle from the school, a* thcurhool look trom tin liool boy.'1 Beveral other highly inflammatory banner* were in the cession. and showed the *pirit ol these " Native*," so lied. The election will prove the feeding of thi* city the subject to-day. rhe diirerenthand* of music lent their effective aid to ?scene, and level a) cavalcaih s gave variety to the long d iimill' in i inks, which utietched lit least tw o miles in lgth. No annoyance were offered,although some feared sir might tie. from their politiral foes; and the proceedgs passed oil with great regularity. Common Pleai< Dfatii of Okh.fai. MnfiiiAis Lewi*.?Alter Judge I I or-thr had token his sent on the henrh this morning, it as announced hy a tnemlwr of the har thst intelligence id arrived of the death ol (tenaral Morgan howl*, u sol sr of the revolution. Nelson I hose, Krq , mar, nnd nftei iking *omo appropriate remark*, in which ho paid n irh compliment to tho deceased, not only lor the many hlir scrvicn* he had rendered to hi* rounty during his ig nnd eventful life, both in a civil and military cupaei , but for hi* worth and integrity us a private citizen, DpoNed that the court should udjoum. lodge I i sinn er n *aid that he agreed w ith every word it had fallen from Mr. Chase. lie, therefore, would, re. nark Ol regard lor the memory of the deceased, order it no further jury trial* lie called this day, nnd that the ler lie entered on the minutes ol the court. In Chancery. Before the Vice t hanrrllor. Arnir.Klk Decision" 1st, -Jd, 31, exesntionsto masters tort overruled, and report to "turn! confirmed in report the allowance ot those exceptions The 4th exception owed, and report overruleil in relation to that exeep It. l omplaiiniilt to have lux coats ol the three exrepnx, to he taxed, tint not to rota ol reference ; alio the at* of the exception to the report, not to exeeed <>10. Uirorcu? Ji nncu/o wiafifmenic. llent jrA Senrnan vs irin Seaman ; llawley I) f jappvx AmnmWi J. t'lapp; iry Ke/er, va, William Kr7er . Mary J. Armstrong va. Iward U.Armstrong, Tryphciia Stone, va. Samuel 1) Hie. on Tint Lake Nrtonr.?Tn copying our nofit lite severe frosts in tliia ritv tinri Vleinity ' k before Inst, the < levehind Herald ol the 'iMli March |r| " No injury to tlie fruit from the aeverity of th> nt has na yet occurred in the immediate vicinity of oiii le shore, if we except aome few pearhea ami apricots ruling in very sheltered positions, although our trees in< showing full of Moaiom tmda, and had the warm lather continued Imt one week longer ere the return severe cold, our iiuit would have been entirely de?ycd. We have not learned how it ia liai k some twenty lex Iront the lake, hut R gentleman in our oltire, who tarda these things, expresses an opinion no n uty haenrred." Mackinac ^thaits not Op*n ?The Hunker Hill turned yesterday Irom an utfeiupt to get to ( 'Ini{o. She rear lied within five miles of Mackinac, whine a ice was ax thick and sound ns in mel-winter, Sleighs me oil to the luiat and took the passengers. a gentlein inlormxns that the ice is ti.un three tn four tret thick. i? propeller Sampson is liar I in the ic< about sevi n ilex this side of Mackinac. The Itounoke, Olive Itichind, and one other vrsaej, are in Pi usque Isle. Drtrt t le., ,1prit3. DttXTR'TTioN OF StfTM*.? 'ilC I'p.ier Mlllliuro' aretie of Thursday e > i.'e k of valuable sheep tie. nging to Willisin II Ii II I s.| , near tliis village, w. s stroyed by dogs ni Sunday las!. There were ono indrcd sheep in the flock, eighty of w hich w ero killed, id tlie remaiuds r Injured, j lo'a'.iy Ltyoii 1 rvcoveiy . LD. wh two otnlli Common Council. Itu.KL) ok ALi?i:?Mt!?.?MouUay.?AlJerman I'jrdy , Pr??Mlent, in the chair. litath vj AIvrfin Uwit -AMerm?n Pubd* J>t ot thr Board, altera Jew BpjJronrimtJ it-mai*., |? mru ioc following preamble and resolution, which waSodopted liy a onnninious vote Whereas, the < ommu.i Council of the city of New VorU have rectlvrd the intelligence of the death of Moiguii I.ewis, u ssge of tha revolution, a patriot, a soldier, a statesman, uud h jurist, who has honorably occupied many of the mast distinguished stations under our form of government, including military, civil and judicial?having bee.i i onimitsary Geuerul of the United States Army, during the war ot the involution, Chief Justice ul the State of New Vork. fioveftiorof the State of New York, Mayor General o( the United States Army, daring our latu wor, and at the time ol hi* death, occupying the honorable and venerated position ol President ueneral of the ( inrinnatl Society. And whereas, as citizens ot the character oi deceased arc the property ol the nation, their death demands and will receive the nation's sorrow Therefore Hesolsod, If the Jiuard ol Assistants concur, as a testimonial ol the Mayor mid ( ommou i ouncil of this city,in cstimntion of the services rendered by the deceased to hia country, and ot his moral and iutelltctual worth, they a ill, in a body, attend the funeral of the deceased. 4 fin I Hin i ?The committee oil xvhurvi s reported against granting exclusive privilege to any ol the soand -leumbouts to any pier below Market slip. Alderman Braut presented a minority report in favor of granting them new leases of the piers now occupied by these boats. Aldermen heicc.i advocated the adoption ol the resolution offered by the minority committee, on the ground that 'lie lives of citizens crossing in the Brooklyn femes were endangered by lb'' passing of these laiuts, and also that the increase of population in tlio upper part of the city dc mandod such a change. The resolution was then adopted by a vote of II to -l. Rrmoval of a Poll.? The Poll of the 1st District of the Kith W'uul, was removed by concurrent resolution, to die bill Avenue in 16th street. A'nc Pirrt.?A report of committee on wharves, In favor of erecting a pier at the loot ol 3d street, Kast river, at an uxpense of ffitiOOO, was adopted. Also to allow Nathaniel Pierce tlio privilege of extending his pier at the tobacco warehouse Jd feet, to accommodate the new iron steam ship. *" [ The lloaid then adjourned. Buaro or Abaiai ants ? Alderman Brotvn in tlic chair. The minutes of tho last meetfrig were read and approved. Application of Joseph Wiight to be appointed City Surveyor. Referred. I'etition of Uarrott Green for lease oi lot*, Referred Petition of .Mary berry to be relieved Irom tux. Referred. ' Petition to build n sewer in Greenwich street, tocaminetice ot the foot of fultou street. Referred. Petition of James t'bestcrmau to have Thirty-lourth ?trret graded Referred. Petition of Kaitbrook lor remuneration lor injury done to his house by luy ing down the Croton water pipe*. Referred. Petition of Hannah fowler to suspend the sale of a lot in W'iilium street. Relet red to Commissioners of Sinking fund. Resolutions thnt Commissioner* of Alms House provide carts and boats to remove dead bodies from the Alms 11ouve to Blarkwell'f Island. Adopted. Resolutions that the place for holdirg the election poles for the first District of the Sixteenth Ward be removed. Adopted. Resolutions in connection with a communication from (lie managers of the House of ileluge, requesting that the Superintendent of Streets be directed to daliver fitly loads of street manure for tho use of the Institution. Adopted. Re|>ort of Street Committee in favor of building u lrain in Second street, from Aveunc C to Avenue D?Acoeptad. * Report from same Committee, in favor cf re paving Uleecker street from Caimine to Christopher street?Accepted. I'njitrtfrovi Ihr Hnnnl of .llilrrmin?Report of finance Committee oil petition of William Sheldon and Sons, incommending to grunt a lease of a lot on West street for i i ears, at a rent of a year. Referred to Coinmittue on finance. Report of Market Committee in favor of transferring stand No .1 in Washington Murket?Concurred in. Report of Joint Committee on fire and Water relative to the location of Kngine No. 42?Concurred in. Report of Committee on Streets on petition of tho Magdalen Society, recommending :t0 loads of street iratiuie to lie given to tho Society for their garden? Accepted. Rejiort of Commilti e on Applications for Office on p<tilionof Joseph I'enfield, recommending Inm to be appointed to the office of weigher and inspector of buy?Concurred in. Report of Committee on Roads and Canals in favor ol tiiiilding a Sewer on Twenty-third street to Lexington st. < oncuiled in. Communication from Street Inspector relative to sunken lots in Kighth anil Ninth streets, between Avenue C. and Avepue D. Concurred in. lte|xm ol Street ( ommittee in favor of removing a well and pump in irontol SI Broad it. Concurred in. Re.iiort of Committee on Applications lor Otlice recommending the appointment of Barnes and others. Referred. Report of Committee on bumps and < ?*, recommend'iiir to have l.uicht. Varick and other stieets liehted with gait?Adopted. Iteport of Committee on Marked, recommending the taitifer of stall* ill Washington, Centre and Catharine Market* to certain persona named in tho report, lie. frt led. Jleport of Committee on I.amp* and < ia*. recommending to light Clinton 1'laco with pur. Concurred in. Ileport of Street Committee in favor ot lV|>aviiig Iter d street. Conrnrred in. Communication from Htroet Commissioner in relation o uncollected balance* of assessment* for building h sewer in Sixth Avenue, lietwuen Cilteenth and Sixteenth street*, and recommending the collection of said balance*?Concurred in The Hoard adjourned to Monday, the 42d init. I). NOLL, FLORIST, yO C.OHNKHof hifiieili ?tr>e? sad Bloomiogdale road. If rs for tale * splendid selection of thandard Hoi's and ?snw< lb- ra, in poi?, comprising tit* choicest and newest varieties ol Musi, Perpetual, li-uavl, Tea, Nuiactte, and Bonrot.?, the finest colhr'ion in the country. Alan, a splendid sc rtinii of Camellias, comprising upwards of 4U0 van-Urn; \/e.!ia. Rhododendron, and ntlier green liiusa and hardy danta. Moore's Ulnomingdale singes psas every hour by th? lojr, ntariu g hum roiuir of Cnclhatn and fry on Rnw. Ut.-em ui i is up tsalefnlly. ?2 Im'm GARDENING. eiss IAMKS ViHTIJK, (iardener ar.d Klorist, Corner of 0H|l',tli i.tre"t and 6th avenue, basing had much eiperteqce in edhsavltis t uaineaa re*|ectlully intorma hi* friends and (he pat In that I * ii |i-?|>?red to lay ont garden* miveiy varety of sty e, and keep thrin o-ely thrr ugtiout the scasou on the most mid-rat* term* , and has always nn hand an assortuwi t of plants shade tree* (for streets,) fruit trees, shruba, rosea, 8cc ? ml will furnish them at the ntmi modi rate pricrs. Shads and lb r trees |dai f d in any part of the ttiy All outers left at Ilia resident e, or nt Thorbnrn's rssd store. Jot jj street, will be punctually attended to and promptly-veil ed in the moat satisfactory manner. *2 Iw'is m ?*ie? VKKS11 IJAHDKN BKh-lJ?Conaisl ing rf MM Ilia of }tXl lladish; lOt'O lha of Beat; lliim lbs of Turnip; 800 Ihs of Jtw*. Carrot; 601) Ilia ofOnion; VI# lbs of Spinach; 2Vt lbs of Cabb ge, and hboot 6M0 lbs of other Seed, in all tiie choicest ipectes and varieties, hot aato on no'erate terms, aud in luactuiea lo suit onichaaers. hv T. BHII'OKMAN, At his Permanent Family hsUblulimrtt. Br.aa Jwav, ror KtghUeuth street, ITT" A'to. by hi* tor, Alfred, on the same premises, a general -ssotlmint ol (.tin Mim a* I'lam*. embracing about AO of he choicest,raririi-* of fJeraniurns; all the lirst kinds of sfonthiy llcs s; together with Cainsllias, < antattuns, Caeut's. V'rbens*, aud i t >er flowerml and urn.iinenul Plants, up eluding Donhle Dahlias, Itc , At", p" AMERICAN ATASDAKD IlORTILULTl'RAL HO.tKK, rnulainipg the tetiilfs o' 2t year*' practice in the rt t'tity ol V* Voi It "The Y'.ung tsard-tiers Aiaia'ant," llm edil'in Improved. 'i"f put'a octaso; "The Kitchen (?<rleoer'a Instim tor;" "1 h* h loris''* tJnido " aud tha "Krnit ultivator's Mauanl," for*ale, wholesale r.nd ictail, by the \uthor, Broadway, eori.erol l?th *fre?t. al lm*ec frfp KUK BALK.?A piece of land containing from Id to .acre*, beautifully located nn the Patersou Turnpike mn.Ho id. commanding an eitansivs view in all diiTCtiou*. Ii i< in ir the lla< kriuack Hirer, and in full view of Newark, rerliHiking all the rorraunding country. It is an admirable [ me I ir a gentleman's r sideiice, being fire miles from lloioken, at. H-cancn*, N. J., in the aeighhothivoil of food clioolaand <minrnt prrachr.ri. Innuire of WM. L If A0>f)i K, No. 9J Pi rry street, nt of tiie owner J. Q. lOiDKR'III.1.. at H-eauen*. or Dr. tJLOVKIf, 1 Ann at. mli lin're NiBLU'S SKED H ruH If Jutt Rrrrivtd by the St. Jurrm. M TilV. PUOI'RIKTOR iri(*clfullr infirm* tie pub Mill'' ll>" rturina lna lut? i nit 10 r iisianti n- intuitu mm* thrcuuh Mr. Charlwood, th* r?Mi'-i- I iHwixii and botaiilit, all tbrrrw virirtv of J'ahliaa aail rl?f '""i, audit '.a took ill' |' ?m:' in at yriom Hoiliraliaral KabtbiUota Utt yrnr ; III addition to wh i li wi'l li* found ill tin rhoie* kin l?of ".arty and L?t* V**?t tbl* Mirtli. "1111 a rarwty of *irly and lat# Pntitnra, ol t'.i' Wit kuida, w.tb ?o*a? rcdaof atary *jri?ty. Pur 1 hat'-r. will I atfn I to b, a regular brad aardamw, ?o Jut no mi>uk*a rin occur. Larry art .r."* m tb? lino li>? I- i I urchaaed for raady money, Old ran h- c Id 11 mo?V'-a e |"irn Tli* ( i.airii itii y ia anilrr rh'dura* r I a pract ral flnriat, alio Will diapoat if **"iy variety of |>'aiita'and ahruba at *iy* low prirn ll 'ia-ta a-nt wreatha Uiiifullv arrana'd u n.rytva'Mly rd m I*. Vao, cut fl.wrra, .it very abort nolle*. A * it i I I ?*' Poll, Ornammlil I- 0*0 Standi oid iii*i, Ir m tb* Poltrriea in Loudon; Bird teed y Mcitrh Oat VI*al, Orrlta, Kvry artn o ofMed for* wtrran'ed |i b* at r?om ni*titi*d W. NISLO. it I w .*.40 Hill SAI.L?\ prrtn in K*at Cheatrr will be ao'd at JK9|''tiblic anrti'01 (if art it*vi-Italy dta|uia*d of at private wJarn." * J tb* well known rarm of< narlea Valentin*. On th* 11,'hdiy ol'.\pr4?r*', on tha pramiara, at I o'clock, P M,a f arm, conMtiiiM r*> arret of tli* brat <i?altty of Land, in a tilth it t of cnlfly alioo.ind w II t'bired, I it nit* in th* town of Kut <.hi-it?i county of W?ai t hrtlar, and a boa; half mile I tli* N. V and IlirVm Hail road. Raid Kaim in amiably ?i"iat*il to b* divided into Ion' farina. No. I cnrli'na fifty act 1 ol Laad, pttneiptally meadow, nrw hnii-e. ri." la" y *ar kinwi, barn, cirri*tt? h'Oa*. mill hnaa*. with all other oat bail ltuK?, alao two voting orchodi. N... 2 ' I,tin.a 20 acira of th* b*it of Land, nn old btiildiun ill I tin. With inanv fruit tun No :i rontaina JJacr.'i rf good Imd,.mil in a goo.I atat* ol cult lation, w ith 1 good bnftnir.g ait No. I ro. taon 30 acrru of ill* Wit of Land, a good barn, >11 i" rr 11 [ . tel." J, of th? brat HI I ft d Iruit, and to bum ' ol tb|aa i 1 rincip lly nt>i low, which alao liaa a good building ail*, nid alio two tnlt nf'driwa Tin K.nm will b? aold farther or a?parat*. to *" pttrrhi ra A ftirtlv" diir'it to n of th* im 1 rtv'? d*cin?J uoiwcnMty. for particular., in ,u,r* of YiA YVV AVu!'"' Tj .11. i- mlO t \ 16* re TO LK r-Krtm ?l'^ I <i of >Uf n t\ th* Two Utory Br,on Dwelling flown* and Man, No lo Twenty-Brat t irt Etf|ei/eol , A BOWMAN, In Hurt a Oran te Building, at V.* c 1 or. m ol Lichani? Place and llanover at.

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