Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1844 Page 3
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" ! havejused it lor their own agrandi/cment, and assessed enormous taxes on all classes. The system lately adopted in this State, and the policy enforced in Cincinnati, will hare u very great influence on all future obligations, and restrict all the governments adopting them to their present indebtedness. The movements recently made in this and the European markets in cofl'ee, we attributed more to the abundance ol money and tn?? low point prices nan rmturu, ? the kmall stocks at my port. So tar a* Brazil collet- is concerned, our statements have since been confirmed, by the receipt of the yearly official report ol the coll'ee trade of Ilio Janeiro. We annex the state of prices a' that port lor three years, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. We quote the description known as 1st good. Paicns ok CorriE ran Cwt. ir* Rio Jistiso, with the It A I k KOH KsLHAM'K ko? Thsis '"?? 1811. 18)2. 1813. Elc. Itlgoixl Ext. I ?1 good. Exc. 1 tt good Ja.msry, 30,565 39 9 29,003 86 0 26.366 28 10 K.-bruary. 30,129 39 # 28,909 35 4 26,978 28 0 -March, 30.3UI 39 6 23.0- 33 11 27,079 27 6 A Venn* of 3 months, 20.3>3 39 8 28 837 35 1 26.831 28 4 Ajiril. 30,557 38 1 27 677 31 :0 25,569 26 10 May, 30,931 38 5 27,477 29 9 25,323 26 11 Jiuir, 30,46 - 39 4 26,296 28 9 25,361 27 5 Avergs of 6 inoulhs. 30,498 39 1 27,994 32 7 26 19 - 27 8 4 July, 30,65 - 38 6 25,791 28 7 25.211 27 1 August, 30.788 38 2 25,136 28 9 21,937 26 3 Hei.cunoer, 31.052 38 0 26,318 29 0 25,486 26 1 Aver.igo of 9 months, 30 60: 38 11 27,32- 31 4 25,8 9 27 6 October, 31,516 37 0 27,103 28 2 25,875 25 3 November, 31 133 ?6 4 26,96 - 30 9 25,716 21 7 Drcinber, 29,593 36 4 ; 6,18 - 29 11 25,037 21 4 Average i f the year, 30,631 38 3 27,157 30 9 25,734 26 6 It will be seen that in 1841, the average of exchange was 30,634, and the average price of colTee 30a. 3d., while the average tor 1913 of exchange was '45,734, and the average price of coffeu 46s. tkl , and reaching in the month of December, 1943, 44s. 4d. per cwt. The same reduction has heun experienced in prices, in nearly all the principal markets of the world Quotations having reached no low a point, operators were fully convinced un advuuee must soon tako place, and capital lieing very cheap ami abundant, and ready lor investment in anything holding out the slightest prospect of gain, many went into the business on purely speculative principles. The movement did not become so general as anticipated, either in our markets or those of Kurope. The effect here was to check operations. Trices advanced on the first move, and have since been sustained, but the transactions have been very limited. The rocent report made by the (leorgia Railroad com. pany shows a great improvement in the affuirs connected with the road. For the months of March, 1843, and 1844, the ratio for earnings has been as $7,944 to $26,007. Length of the Hoad, 190} miles?flat bar 100 miles, T rail the balance of the distance?six miles of trestle work, one-third of which will he filled up at a future day. Total cost ol the lload $2,691,7*3 Average cost per mile, exclusive ol engines and cars $13,703 The earnings of the Road for 13 months, ending Dec. 1st, 1843, amount to $327,631 94 Expenses of conducting the Road for that period 134,341 43 Leaving a profit of $93,190 61 The earnings from tne 1st December, 1843, to 1st March, 1844 $86,710 The enrnings during March, 1844 about 26,000 The earnings during March, 1843 7,944 The failure of the Phoenix Bank of Columbus, Geo., is still creating considerable excitement in the vicinity of Its location. The card nublished in this city, by one of | the parties, whose name was connected with the institution, has instigated an investigation into the aiihirs of the Dank. Martin, the President, is represented as being, at thetimejof the explosion, a partneroi Lentilhou & Co.? It will be seen that four of the principal stockholders, as reported on the oath of the President, are all accused either directly or indirectly with tho recent extensive frauds consummated by O. Kostar, on the hanks and individuals of this city, Augusta and Columbus. Lentilhou and Co. appear in the annexed list as the owners of 319 shares, valued at $31,900. Mr. Lentilhon in his card, says ?"I have never been owner of that institution, nor had I ever uny direct interest in its business." The following returns were made by the ex-President, Martin, to the Governor of tho State, last October. State or tjie Phekix Bank, of Columbus, October 19, 1843. .Issrtt. Liabilities. Loans and disc rents,- $161,913 ('spits!, $295,525 Itenl estate, 6.516 Circulation, 7,969 Spscie and specie fuda 70,356 Dividend account,--' 273 Profit and loss, 9 J, 151 Depositee, ........ 29,578 Vrem i,in acconat and eipauiO, 1,381 ' $333 350 $333,353 List of Stockholders. Xamr* Shares. JlnCt paid. Total. Solom.n Ivueeland,'.- to $11)0 $3,000 San url Koltones, 33 ' ... 3,300 0". Martin. 371 ... " ... 47,00 Nalh-n McGehee, 465 ... " ... 4 6 500 Dam -I H Bi.d, 18 " ... 1.800 G. Kostar, 851 " ... 85,100 John D. Fields, Sr. 24 ... " ... 2,400 A. Mayer, 430 " ... 43J00 llrnry Strick'and,* > 18 " ... 1,800 Win. P. Your*. 30 " 3,000 I.entilli'n St Co 319 ... 14 ... 3t,9o0 Patuck Gibson. 59 44 ... 5,00 0 Win. H. Huwlaml 11 Co. biutee*, 140 ... 44 14.0(0 Forfeited, 111 14 6,025 Shares, 3.000 $295,525 Old Mtock Kichtngo. $'20000 U S S's, '63 112 150 sites Canton Co 34 1000 N Y City 74a, '52 108,'f 15 Contribntionship Ins 100 500 l)hinr>'s, '60 04 150 Harlem UK 65?d looon do 93X 50 do 66 MOO do 1*30 91 575 Lock Island KK 72'J 11(00 do b60 9l? 50 do 72 1000 ( hit 6's, 50 93*% ?0 do b30 72'* ji nil Krniucvyo j DJU IVU no u*u ,??. 1J606 a J 100)2 75 Nor It Wore 38} 2 .',(100 do b60 lOO4, 100 d.> 38?i lllll'IO (Villi60 100 do *30 38k 5010 do *30 66 675 do 39 51100 do *10 66 125 do btw J9 3000 do *30 66 k 50 do *15 30 100 Allantic irrip 80 25 do b30 39k 76 shas I'mton 13k. new 107 75 N Jersey RR Ifll) 93!, 50 Bli Si?ie NY 86 50 Palermo RH 76 15 Franklin Bk, Hill 75 75 Mohawk Rlt 57k 115 Farine-*' Tiu*t 38k 50 Sloi;in|tt<ni i?K *30 36', 50 d> btw 38k 50 do *48 36,', New Stock Uxclungt, $6'0" Ohio6's,'60 btw 9ik 50 shui Nork Wore b20 39k 150 ihu iyill1 L11 38JJ 75 do 39 50 Vickshurg b30 9 126 do b30 10 50 Lonir lila.d 72 2i do *3 39k 100 do b30 73k 50 do blO <9k 26 do *3 72>, 50 do bnw 39>* 100 Nor Ik Wore 38k 50 Harbm UK b30 66 26 to 38k 50 do 65k >25 do *15 38Ji 300 do 66 25 do *15 38% llifl do rtw 65k 50 do b3 39 50 do b3 66k 25 do b!5 39k 50 do b3 65k State of Trade Akhko?Pota are very dull at our former quotation* of f.4 43} a 4 5(1, and pearl* are held at $5. Btcswti?Prime yellow sella a* last as it arrives, at 30} a 30jc. The demand is principally for export. Biir.ADSTurrl?No change iuthis market.'Western flour continues at $4 93} The following estimate of wheat in store at the west, is derived Irom the best sources of information :? Vermillion, 0,000 bush. Huron,... 8,000 do Sandusky, and on Mail River Railroad 12ii,9<k> do Pontine 15,0(10 do Grand River and Kalamazoo 12,000 do Ou the west shore of Lake .Michigan 55,000 do This is exclusive01 the quantity we reported a day or two since. ("oTTOi*?The market has been quiet again to-day, with but little disposition shown to operute, on the port of buyer or seller. The soles are about 1,000 bales, without change in price, though we understand some oilers were v which were refused on Saturday, and other* oHcittd'wUhout obtaining them. The muiket it father more in favor of the buyer. Coai.?There have been teveml arrivals within a few days; but safes have not transpired. Two cargoes arrived yesterday, and are hardly in the market. KonnHTi Home few engagements of freights to Liverpool. at jd to Jil. were made to-day, ut whirh rate the packet of the 1 tlh filled up; buteven at these rates there is little cotton ottering. Hay?'1 he receipt* down the river continue to a fair extent, and sale* are also very limiti d We quote 40 a l-.'c for good qualities. Sai.t?Ashton's would readily t o nmand $160 a 1 62J; but there is very little in first hands. There are several lots of Liverpool fine due, but at present the market is quite clear Whiish-Drudge casks are still held at 93^c. Prison barrels continue very inactive at lormer quotations Cattlv. Markut?At maiket, 660 beef aattle, (340 from the souih) 76 cows and calves, and 400 sheep. Prices ot Beef i attle - A further advance of 60 cents percwt. has bean obtained, aud we quote $.6 60 a $7 lor good retailing qualities. Very ordinary sells ior fa, all sold. Three bullocks from Westchester county sold at $8; one of them was the best animal sold in this market for two years. i own and Calves?All sold, at $13 a $34. Sheepjand Lambs?All sold, at $3 60 a $6. Bkal Kstats?The following sales were made by auction ( hanceiy sale of 60 lots on the 1st avenue and ave line V and IOth and 17th streets, comprising the whole Mock .?I lot corner 1st avenue and I Oth street 7 lots on the 1st avenue, between 10th find 17th streets, per lot,. $.074 to $835 17 lots on 16th street, between 1st and avenue A, per lot, . $110 to $?I0 17 lots on 17th street, . per lot $306 to $-130 Blots on avenue A, between 16tli and I7tli streets, per lot . .. . $430 to $076 Coal Trade. According to the Miner's Journal of the Oth inst the amount of coal sent by the Railroad, for the week ending April 4, 1844 :? I'nt i a villi* 1.603 04 Schuylkill Haven, 3,306 08 t.f r?7 13 Tet lart report 63,310 07 Tons 67,137 10 The quantity shipped by canal, opto present time, is I nit 6 ism tuns. .'he i rice ol freight to Philadelphia, Is 70 rents, and tn N''? >ik $1 ho. Ho tar, hu iuess move- (lowly, then being but little demand lor coal at present, except fur manufacturing purpose,-. I Foreign Jlarktti. Jamaica, MarcU 8.?Flour?There have been but few I transactions in thia article aince our laat publication, but aa the imports have not been ao heavy of late, ?a they were formerly, an improvement in the market ia looked lur aa tlie slock ilecreaae*. The aalea comprise 400 bbla New Orleans, at 27s; 600 bbla Philadelphia and 400 bbla Baltimoreat'JHs; and a mixed lot of 600 bbla Baltimore and New York, alao at the laat named figures. A lot of Philadelphia, lately arrived, waa olfered at 30a, but refused, 29? only having been bid lor it. We understand, however that holders are now asking 32s. Imports from the 1st January to 6th March, 16,87'J bbla. and 220 hall bbls; for the same period laat year, the imports were 10,604 bbla. and 302 half bbla. ( ornmeal?Continues to look up, and then' is little in first hands. 100 bbls have been sold at 17s; since which 70 bids (just arrived) have changed hands at 17a Od per bbi. Secord hands are firm atl,s6d to 18s. This market may be quoted as being in a very healthy state, owing principally to the continuance ol dry weather Butter?'1'he imports have been extensive, and the demand is dull. Of American the sales comprise 40 lirkins at 6d, and a parcel of very good at 7Jd per lb. Lard ?American still continues to arrive, and ia unsaleable. 200 lirkina very stipeiior have met aule at 3ld Pork?Immediately utter our last, 300 bbls. via New York waa effected at 62s. 400 bbla New Oi leans and .'00 bbls New York have aince been sold at 66s; and 171 half bbla Canadian at 30s. One holder has rrfusi .i 66s 6d ior 1000 bbla. Pigs'Tongues?60 half bbls have changed hHnds at 46a. Hams?A small lot of American hams have been sold at 6d. Cheese?Good American brings Bd per lb. Kxchange?On Knglund, 60 days, bank bills, 14 fair cent pm; Merchants'bills 1 do. riRNAMBUco, iviaicn o.?i ne ouiy late arrival irom me United States has been the Hartley, fiom Alexandria which vessel returned to the West Indies, the llour being unsaleable, and the departure ol this vessel leaves us without any American in port. The stock of flour, however, in lirst and second hands, lor sale, is still equal to lO.WX) bbls. and the bakers have a fair supply; fine white flour is scarce, and Trieste as well as liallcgo funis purchasers at IH|;Utt), while lor ordinary and good common flour we can quote 13a lb|| by retail. The mark " Hio Extra," from Philadelphia, turns out very interior to what it was formerly; SOObbls Baltimore were sold at wholesale at 13|| 6qt), and3,000 Venice at 10)(. None but tine white flour should be sent here. Sugars have declined a little, particularly in cases; the quality is still good, and a large }iart of the crop has yet to come to market; the accounts rom Europe continue bad lor this article, and a decline may be looked for by the end af this month, Cotton* have advanced, and hides have duclined a little; but no stock exists of either of the two lust named articles. Exchange J.'rJ, nominal, and more likely tu.decliue than advance. Med, On Sunday ovening, 7th inst. Sarah S., reliot of the late Aaron t'iggot, in the tiflth year of her age The relatives and friends of the family, and the mem hers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, are invited to ralll'IlU lilt; lllIlt3rUlf U1IH UllCIIlUW II HI ?* UCHM'K, 1TUIII Ultl Methodist Kpiscopal Church iu Forsyth street, near Divi sion. Lnteit (Advice* RECEIVED AT THE NEW TORE HERALD OfriCE. Aujier Dec. 25 Manilla Nor. 2! Africa Fsb. 28 Malaga Feb. II Antigua Feb. 1!) Madeira Feb. 1 Arecibo Dec. 26 Mauritius Nov. II Aui Cayea Mar. 1 Montevideo Feb. I] Augustine Bay May 16 Maracaibo Feb. t' Batavia Oct. 21 Mausanilla Ian. 2i Bay of Islands. N./-Sept. 21 Matauxas Mar. 2: Bermuda Mar. 26 Mayajtuer. Mar. 2 Buenos Ayres Feb. 17 Matamormi Dec. 2( Belize, Hob Mar. 4 Monterey Oct. li Barbadoes Feb. 7 Nassau, N. P. Mar. 2: Bogota Jan. 21 Neuvitas" Feb. 2 Bonaire Dec. 5 Oahu.M. I. Dec. 21 Bombay Feb. I Para Feb. 2' Cape Town, C. O. H-Feb. 7 Paris*--** Mar. Calcutta Dec. 21 Port an Prince Feb. 21 Cardenas Mar. 21 Porto Cabello Mar. Chagres - Jau. 1 Point Petre, (Juad. Feb. li Cirnfuegos Mar. 17 Pernambuco Mar. i Cape Haytien Mar. 17 Panama Dec. 2( Carthageua Mar. 4 Payta**. - Nov. 21 Campeacliy Jan. 3 Rio Janeiro Feb. II Coouimbo July 18 Hjo Grande --Feb. 2i Callao Dec. 2 Han Juan Feb. 21 Demerara Feb. 14 St. Helena Feb. 2 Klsinore Dec. 3 St. Thomas Mar. 21 Fayal Feb. 29 St. Jago de Cuba* ? * Mar 1 Gibraltar Mar. 8 St. Johns, P. R. Mar. 2 Uuayatna, P. R. Mar. 16 St. Crois Feb. Halves ton Mar. 17 St. Domingo Feb. Oonaives*** Mar. 1 St. Ubes Sept. 2 Guayaquil Dec. S Surinam Feb. Gallipagos Islands May 4 Singapore Dec. Havre. Mar. 6 Sydney, N. S. W. O :t. 1 Havana Mar. 28 Triuidau de Cuba Mar. I Halifax Mar. 31 Talcahuana Dec. I Isle of Fratce Sept. 27 Tahiti Oct. 2 Jeremie Jan 3 Tombex Nov. Kingston, Ja. Mar. 13 Tampieo Feb. Londoiv Mar. 5 Tobasco Feb. I Liverpool Mar. 5 Turks Island Mar. II La Ouayra Mar. 9 Trieste Feb. II Laguua Oct. 31 Valparaiso Nov. 1 Lima Nov. 18 VeraCruz Mar. 2 Macao. Dec. 30 Zanzibar-** Dec I Passengers Arrived. Havana?Shin Cristoval Colon?H Smith. A Beneke, J t Leden, L Potratod, lady and servaul. L Potestod jr. Passenger* Railed Liverpool?Packet ship Independence?Win P Wainwriehl Clits Anthon, J Hertz, John t; Martin, F 11 Ureenway. K I Schlesiuge., John Hone, George Stothird aud lady, and Joh Busby, ol New York;.las J Bolton, New llochelle, NY; Mr Frauces llurch, C mandsisua; Mr Gr-iopilyke, Newnik, N.I John W RuIon, George D Parish, Philadelphia; Win Graham Baltimore: A L Faluuet, France; Felipe Fernandez, Spain; W n...ii.i it..., li a i * r,..,.i.. i' LV i ) Dragoon (iu.trds; Vr Kenton Fnnign Inportatloni Pat kkmo?B rque Z Hiog?2100 boxm oranges 19 do lemon .'.00 tack* sumac 100 bags waluuu 60 do filbert* Srurges & Cleai mam-31 tout brimstone Lawrence (k Phelpt?20 do to order. Buenos Avkks?Brig 4'umberland?7191 hides Barclay 8 Livingston?36 bales wool Pickersgill It co?40 Bennrd, Adam It co- 80 to order. Havana?Ship Onstoval Colon?8# bxs sonar Spofford.Tile ston Ik co-1086 do Wooltev St Wooltey?S3 M Tsylo ?16 J , Taylor?66 E Beck St Kunhordt?320 boies segars J Manzaiiedi ?24 hales tobacco 4 hf Idils 'erars J F Ilodrignes?2cases do I H Kreymberg St co?8 PAH Menauld St co?200 boxes segars . Mattlc ws St co?.00 do T H Mills St co?60 do A Pans?I d > 4. J Council?173 do Ch-s Brnmley ?262 do 6 kales I bbl do 17 b< tobacco .1 A l.edon?I btx 1 hut mdse A Birkb?cli jr?112.00 dTangen 88 dozen pine apples Ackerly St Acker?I c.u 200 bi icgars lo order. MARITIME HERALD. KadUtig Oajri of 1I?? Stsam Ships. rtiOM r. irxrenoL tv.oK amkbioa Acadia, Shan on Apr. 4 May liiberma, Byrie Apr 19 May li CJ. Western, Matthews Apr. 27 May 2 O. Britain. Hosken May 26 Jnne 2 Packets to Arrlvs, Packets to Ball. rnoM Liverpool. eon livkrcool Que.n ol the West, Mar 6 Saml HicSs. Bunker, April 1 Sheridan, Ue Peyster, Msr II New Yorx, Cropper, April II Cambridiie, Barstow, Mar 16 Li.erpool lEIdridge, April 2 kbom portsmouth. s'oll portsmouth Oladistor, Bri'ton, Mar 10 Toronto, Oriswold, April P M"iliator. Clitdwick, Mar. 20 Westminster, Ilovey, April 2i FROM H.1VR,. FOR HitHI Albany, Watson, Mar 1 Argo, Antliony, April L. Pluliptie, t.sstoff, var II Kranc >is 1, Ainsworth, Apr. b St. Nicolas. Pell. Mar. 16 V. de Lyon, Stoddard, Apr. 2 ; mm* ? Notice to Pilots and Captains of Veiaels All Pilots and Captains of vessels are requested to note tlx fact that Robert 3. Martin, formerly onr ship news collector is not now in our employ. He Is cot, therefore, to receive an' newspepers or reports intruded for the New York Herald foreign Letter Hngi. Hereafter, Letter and Newspnner Bags lor all parts ot th World, will be made up at the Hkrslii Office. Nsslsn and A|f?nta. 'A1* shall "*t"em it a favor, if Captains of Vessels wiJtgu to Commodore Robert SiLVRr. of onr News Klcet, a It. fort of the shipping left at the Port, whence they sailed, th Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a Lint of their Cargo, an sny Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. Hew: beard them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Col respondents, at homenr abroad, will e'so coufer a favo' h lenuitit to this Office ell the VJ-ri:ie Intelligence they rs. obtain. Nsntias' laformatios of any kixd will bsths-kf t'.l POUT' OK NEW VOllK, A I'M IL ? st r risks 5 32 I moor risks 12 5 ilrsetf 1 1 Cleared. Ships Ann N'cKim. Vasm.-r, Canton, Rowland A. Aspin wall; Cot fin Planter Donne Havre, E D Hiirliut A Co; V- i Engt.Coc, Havana, BW IJ wer; II Allen. Wilson, Charle, ion. <leo Sottnn?Barques Isabella McKee Mayaguez, Also VI hauneey; sVernnn, Kelly, Mobile, Sinrgei St C harms c (ten "teen, Clark, Pensacola, M'smitli St Walsh ?Brigs Mis na. (8w) Bickman, Antwerp, Schmidt A Bnchen; Itrnllieri Mayhew. Nenvius, Br-tt St Voss; Anguila, Slirrwocd, Savnn nail, Sturg-a St Clearman ?Sell ? Daly Chase, Bakrr. All Cares, S W Lewis; M ddlesex, Tyl?r, Edenton, NC. John I Benson. Arrived, Ship Cristoval Colon, Smith, from Havana, March 28, wit! sugar and regars. to Spofford. 'I ileslon St Co. Spoke going in haique It-thschild. 18 days from Bost n Barque Z lli.g, Lalham, 41 ilat from Palermo, and 28 fror Oil rsltar. with fruit, Ac to Siurg.s St < leannan I a|* de Cat', losr ovrrboard from thejirboom Allen Co am seaman, of Brifgewal'r, M ss?hove lines on top of lorn, tu Il" tO"lr no notice nl ft em, wor- rnnnn nut aa-v no more ni inn ?Mowing it giile it the time and verydark. VVh* in co will an American wliip ot war in the Vediterranran (i da) and aav her go into Gibraltar 9th March. Brig I'uinberland, Hadley, SO daya from Biienoa Ayrea, am Montevideo Keo. IT, with hidra an.l wool, to Barclay St Lit jrgaton Brig Maanjlia, Braxier, 32 daya from Ponce, I'll with Hi bhda tnnjaaaea IS do angtr, to K <> Tliurat n. Veaarla left he fore reunited. Waa n|i to lat 119 17, and waa blown off a? fa na lat 3fi III. lo?l jihhoom, atnve bulwark* nod itwcheona. H.Hr Tailav, llaihill, It day* from Ht John, Nil with 77 liPilirl* potat' ea, to m-aler Scltr Vea; er, Snow, 4 djya from Ocrtcoke, NC. with corn to mauler. Sclir M cdenomth, Tneker, from l.ubec, with liah and pow tnca. lo 8 W Le* ta Hchr Jnaeph, Bourne, from Norfolk, with wheat?bouud t Ne ? Bedfotd. Scl-r (Jinmpua Sawyer, from Portland, with potatoea, Sir. t Hclii Cornelia, llallett, 3 dnya from Uoaton, w itli |mdae, to , Attain* Schr Oicar, Baker, 3 day a from Baton, with mdae, to H V Hehr Marietta, Cro?ell, 1 diya from Boaton.with mil.e. t F< Ltiwii, Bclir Peter Kit er, Derrickaon, from Boilon.with mid aa a to maater _ _ St ht Heury < day. Barnea, from Iliaglum, with produce, p mater. , _ . Schr Wellflert, Young, from Providence, with produce, ti maat' r. _ ? . Mailed. Shi pa Independence, Nye I,irer;-ool; Arg", Anthony, Havre and othera. ?? . ., ? , Krom the Cower Bay-Shipa < elm, I hatcher. New Crltatia Charlraton, Brown, Charleaton. niarclUurnna " Kit j aw, frntn Baritrrro 31 vlarch, lor New Y'uk, B I I .1 er m^.ter, eijeri n'"il very hmvy weather?waa clrovi lio'k to Unit laland, wlier* ahn put in for rhrltM af er I >*t,.| pirt of her deck cargo.* Si it a Wat. IhvN waa wrecked on Tocalatn Bar,29th nlt.Vcaael and cargo totally loat. Wlit.lemen loliit Si Kdwarrl, limit ii NB, waa I a tint III N/-aland it a, to a it lor hnier in ltecami*er-> lull Wi lr. Sva.ft NB, UCflnldawh and fki d i|, waa apiik'i Kel> IS, no lat, kc, pikaii Alliquaab, 3 daya from Baltimore fur Trinidad. April 9, lat 34 8, lou 72 1?by tl.u Cumberland, at (Ilia !? -rt Kinoliuo, Brialol for liavaua, \lirch 2'J, 1st 29. lou 70 Victoria, 8t Marka for Now llavru .March 29. lot 29. lou 70. Goo Warrou, of Harrington, no dale, Lat 3d 20, lou 73 30. Korclgh Port*. Mariel, March 3?Arr (Jooraiana. Portland. ('Id 12'h, Gcnrva. Boatou; I'lincr do Joiutillr, Bataniiih. l.dg Uih, Poland. Portland. I!in, Fob 2?Arr Sor.hror ia, NowVerk ( Id 2d. Mouiooo, rhil.iilolidiia; Fnat'r. 'I liuidad. Ari < ouncil. Work. ! Ponck. PH. March 10? In port, < ouunr, Wise from in i org, d sg; Henrv KeUey, Gray. for do. 4 days: Overman. Davis. *fur do, 4, Germ. Linc< lu, do, Idg; Charlotte, for N Haven. do; Eveliue, from Newborypoit, dug; Howeua, from Guadilouie, wt* frr, Vesper, for Nio'k, Jidav* Monteuo Bav,Ja March 10?Sid Echo Cienfu'gos. Falmouth, Ja. about March k?Arr Geu<us, of PtnUdel { phi*. ! Pkrnamhuco, March 6?No American vessels in pott. Sid j FeS2J. H .rtley, from Alexandria, lor the Weal Indus, with her cargo of flour. Bi'knoi Ayrki, Ffb 17?In port, John Cadmus. Camraetr, ! for Bo??on, Apr I 1; Ix-tte H"rron, lor do, re?dy; Chalcedony, I Todd, lor Salern. March 1; Creole, Norm. Balttmore, 10 h; I Cnba, Corliss. diig; Hobart, Collier, wtg orders; Washington, j Moore, drag; Pico, Dyer. for Boston; Wanderer, lately arr. Sumatra, Nor 4? Sid fiom the Coast, Home, Brown, sui* | posed for Europe. flout* Porta Belfast, March 31?Sid Genoa, Lamphetr, Havana; Cha? I Henrv, Brewster, Baltimore; Albiou, Co; April 3. firaudywiue, Grant, NYork j Portland. At?ril 5?Arr Cnrvo, Crockett, NYork. Sigual i for a brig, rrohablv K.uJern Star. Cld Delaware. Trott, Nsw | York. Sid. w ad NW to N, iVathington, and a number of schr. bound \\ i Boston, April 7- Anr Dromo, Devereux, Matauxas; London, Bars'o^. and < hinchilla. Robinson,NOrleans; Harriet, Brown, Trinidad; Billow, Lawrence, St Marks. I Plymouth. April 1?Sid Gen Lafayette, Arey, NOrl'aiis. ! Phii.auri.phia. April 8?Arr Robt Morris. Outerbridge, and | Clgrevrouf. Trtissell, New Orleans; Columbia, Jordan, do; Reward, [Brl Eaton, Nassau; Dncamin, Latour, Ponce; MerI chant.[Brj McLean, St J. hn, NB; Moiv, Grant,C.eufmgos; Sea Flower, Rollins, Trinity, Mail; < hsrlestou Packet, Crowell, Provideuce: (Jen Warren, Day, Portsmouth. Nil; Hector. Kimball, and John Clark Collins. NYork; Caroline, ?tudley, Halifax; Mill Creek, Spirkn, Bucksport; Kdw Franklin, Guy, Boston; Dtuiel Parker. Silliinau. True; Sun, No>es. titouiugI t uv Boston, ftabnr?, Mobile Cld Trtuiou*. Leeds, Wilmiugfob, NC; Persia, Chandler. Wilmirgton, I)'l. to load for Barhadoes; Kiie Baxter: T li Thompson, Buhop. and Lark in, Churbuck, Bot'nn; Holder Borden, Baker.Proviueuct; Mexico. Tomlin. West Point; Achsah D. Douglass. NYork. Norfolk, April ?. A 11 Hope ll Susmi, WilllloWi Work ? os Fiiday last, off Rgrnegat. saw a mast of a vessel apparently still attached to the hull, about 15 feet of it was above water, with rigging attached; it was directly in the track of vessels running to New York In Hampton Koads, Columbia, KobiQson. from Havre, for ordeis; Peru, [Br] Calhoun, fm Turks YsLiin; Alech nic, Sawyer, fm Lubrc for Richmond. Robert, [Br] Liverpool for Alexandria, went up the bay yesterday ? Cld John W Taylor, Stoksly, Antigua. 8ld Sea Flower, No\. s. Oporto. ^ Charleston, April 4?Arr Soalhp*rt, Griffith, New York. Cld Cons'itution. [Br] Neil, and Bytown, [Br] Pye, Liverpl; Drouing Maria,"*[Dau] Kruse, Coi^enhag^u; Axel, Liuderberg. Hamburg; Tremout, Woodsids, Georgetown. Mosilr. April 1?Arr Ellen Brooks. cm well, Havre; isaac Mead, Thorp. New York, Cld Paragon, I Boston; John 1 Johnson, TSw] Myrberg, N York aud a inkt. In port?Ships Halcyon, Littiefield; Man eo, Drew, and Lancashire, Lyons, tor Liverpool; Lor*ii??.Urquhart, and Br?wster, Lincoln, Hat re; Alahatnian. Lane, NYork; Birmingham. Kobintnu, Boston; ii Rockwell Baird; Martha, Know; Cifrroll of Car roll ton. Bird; Alexander. L?eds; Powhattan. Marshall; Sweden, I Ionian; Coromando, vnmu;Tiionia^Mooayj I lin ks UwmM; Kdw ) h verett, Simpson; GovDivn, Neef; Ninth Sur. Skellingiou; Cornelia. French; Xylon, Putnam; Lancaster, Si mm' ns; S K ' Howell, Bailey; Alabama, Wood; Great Britain, Proal; Clara, ' Penhallow; Haidee. Sou>; Fraucouia, Jones; Norman, Spavin; 7 Columbia. Fltley; Wrn Goddard, Potter; N Kiddie. Truem.iu; 7 Marengo, Gray; Kensington, Shu m way; Louisa, fnow; Sarah, ? Cutter, and Geneva. Goodhue, freight; Waverlyt Snow; Peril douu't. Upsher, and Kdwma, West, disg; British:?Corsair, I Pi\es; Symmetry, Press; Ha I a bury. Ilubhack; R Alb rt,Gillies; j R A Park, Dousld; Morga'et, Joyce; Lord Ashhurtoii, Paul; i? Qu**en of the Ocean, Tillv; A Graut. Alexander; Sesostris, M'I Kenz;e; Sir C Napier, (>riffith; J Bentley, Dishrow; ProviI deuce, Couforth; Win Perrie. Agnew; J fit Bnroara, Col-man; ft Countess of Loudon, Hutchifisou; Java, Pickering; M Juhu* 7 son, Groom; British Queen, IJttane; Augeu^ra, Giffuey, and I Speed, fcJIii, Liverpool; Ottoway, Dr\n#r; Thetis, Vaughan; it Wallace, Sumcgoii; Briton's Queen,t3initrr. St Andrew,Leitch; ') Columbus, Cowisg; Greenock, Fleck; Helen, Hunter; SatelI lite, Bainhridge; Britannic Cnulthert; Lady of the Lake Jarni5 son, and M Pollock, Pye, freight; baniues Weybpsset, Collins, > NVork; Saxony, Scuader, Boston; Shauuon, Pike, and Due ) d'Orleans, freight; British:?Ada, M'Allister, Hamburg; BarH bare, Pardon; M A Henry, Hoy; Kvergoeu, Henry; Atl'ghan, j Black, and Margaret, Clarke, Liverpool; Mearns, Huestou, and ? Brothers, Marshall, Glasgow; Lochlibo, Taylor; Glasgow. I Douglas;Tiiy, Langwell; Junius, Wilson; Lanark. Frith; So) nhia, Peacock, and Jessie. Barker, freight; Thore Petre, [Sw] it Med in do; brigs Marian Gage, Collins, Havana; Sarah Browi , 3 Norton; Croton, Snullard, and Linden, Williams, New York; 7 Selma.Smith, Providence; Souther, Lombard, tnd Twh^e, M'5 Cormick, freight; Christina, Hamer, and Wetumpka, Fowler a disg; Salvator, [Ita] Cmce, Trieste. H New Orleans, March 27?Arr Megunticook. Mayo, Hull 7 VVni Gray, Crosby, and Burlington, Thing, Boston; Po I [V rl Chevalier. Guadeloupe: h tnpresario, Collins, Havana U Lady Sarah Maitland, [Brj Whidden, Moutego Bay, Ja; Vic 3 toriue, Jones, Baltimore. Cld Lamport, [Br] Armstrong It Chieftain, f Br] Lang'nu; France, Marshall; Luconii, Porter 9 nod Champlain, Miller, Liverpool; Mary Phillips, Pratt, aui 1 Powhatuu. Saunders, N York; Lady Constable, [Br] Garbutt li Hull; Leda. Kuark, Gibraltar; Clarissa, Watts, Baltimore r? Charles, Jelfersou, Cainpeachy; Llewellyn, Kobtusou, Mala I gorda and Port Lavaca ! ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD ' , rPHK UKVKllAL, KXWJUriVK ' OMMITTf.K of tlx A AMERICAN REPUBLICANS, do hereby offer a re Wi'il at l?n- Dollar* tor th*mPpwhtMlOB au<1 convic . tinu of nn HIpkiI votei- ?: the .mains Cn.rter Election 1 Published bv nrdrr of the General Committee until the elec ti... .1 L1 v ronirl .Mil o ia ? A. H. DAVIKB, Secretary. u.'l I w*rc t, GRAND LODGE OF THE STATE OF NEW s YORK. " rPHK COMMITTEE appointed by the Grand Lodge of th< 1 Mutt Ancientand Honorable Fraternity of Free and At I cwpted Vfnont of the Sta'e of Ne .f York, at an emerge,it nu *t ; ink on Monday nfteruono, III* 7th instant, have ihe melancholy ' duty of announcing to th? Fraternity of this jurisdiction, tha a the Gracd Matter of the Univer.e hat been pleased t' tuinmoi 'rora hit earthly labor* our venerable and beloved (Ihani - Maitm, the Moit Worthipfnl MORO VN LEWIS, win for fourteen yrart ha. accupud the Oriental Chair of the Oram Ludseofthn state. By thii afflictive ev'lit, which hat ove| w helmed u> wit.'i profound sorrow we are deprived of aBroth* not. only distinguished by learning, talents, eminent publii ^ .errices, purity of life, and uHailiiiRneuevoleuce, but also of prudent counsellor, a firm and steadfast supporter of the princi pies of our Order?a Father, upon whoie advice we might at al ? times confidently rely. Initiated into the mysteries of the Kri j ternity ip 1776, in Union Lodge, at Albany, ne ever adhered t< , thu institution. and when in tne midst of ine storm and tempes ; of Anti-Masonic vioieuce h? was called, in ihe year 1830 to tin J Grand Matte ship of the State, i e cheerfully placed himself a j ih, i helm; has wisely directed the course of our affairs, and ui s to the Inst li' itrs <>f hit earthly career testified his unf iling at n tschinent to this Institution. The summons to the (Jele.tin k Grand Lodge reached him on Sunday, the 7th instant, at men dian, when he departed from us in tli? 90th year < f his age. The Grand Lihm.k will assemble at the G. L. Itoom, at o clock, on Wednesday afternoon, the 10th instant, to att-ni the luceral, from the resi lance of tlie lit - Grand Matter, No 7: Leonard ,tre*t The Subordinate Lodges in the city of New York and i't riciuitr will assemb'e nt their respective Lodgi Rooms and concesitrate (without baiiiieri) at 2 o'clock, at III H i ward House ' The Officers and Members of O. Lodge will appear in tin ' Jewel* of their rank in mourning?all others in whiteapront am J w lute gloves only, with crape on the left arm. I By order, JOHN MANSFIELD, 1 0 LEWIS FEUCHTWANGEIl. I : J. Q. ALLSTADT. >Committee P. B. VAN HOI'TENt I JAMES HERRING. J 1 at 2t* re } NOTICE. rPHE|PUBLIC are Cautioned against receiving or negotis H ting % note of JVMES BENSON'S for Five Hundiei [I Dollars, due the llih May, I8H. eudoraed bv Benson k Fitl and Charles E. Bonner, the same having been lost The tinue 0 will receive a reward by returuiug it tosNo. 10 Brnadwae, fir. K Boor- a!) 3t*rc " HOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A QUIET OHaNTELL KA.MIL V, n iving Ukso a plcasan huua" in Bleecker street, which they will occupy befor the 1st of May, wishing to redact th'ir eiixmses, are desirous o ukiug ? feutleman and family, or a couple of gentlemen, <-r i single b*dv i.? I... .rd with tRCB. Tli.y Will MMIVOf tO|iVi y them all the comforts of a quirt pleasant Koine. Reference given and required. Apply at 544 Greenwich street. a9 Iw fh Ar " NIMAL ImAONKTISM?A. Tooth Extracted from ~ L?dy while Magnetized. without |A?u at Clinton Hall, 01 f Thursday Evening April llth, at Do clock MR. JOHNSON will give one more exhibition as above, a in - for the purpose of full v testing the matter, will tnaugetiz* tw< Lidin, one of whom will have a tooth extracted without pain if, Eioeniiifcnta >u Clairvoyance,Sympathy,8ic. will be exhibited , Tickets 25 cents each. ul) 3t*ic 3 NEW YORK STEAM SCOURING ESTAli BL1SHMENT. r p LOTHING rlctuid atd repsiicd by WM JOBFPI y ^ HMftfi, No. 30 John sf.cornerol Nassau street. ?ntrane c in John ht. Take* notice, all those whose garments nave (tor v long service become ?oiled and disfigured by grease spots, oil intnt, tar, nitch.ltc colors restored in all descriptions of cloth ~ coati, cl nl s, shawls, dresses, table cover s. carpets, lie. htoi and see for yourself at No. 30 Jelin st?In the neatest ntyl ;*ii4 at the shortent notice. We ere the renovators of Nrv . York. W. 1. S 5 Ml order* .ire ..fLeix'ed to ? Mneedilv a* not*, hie. .it anv oar of the cty. He also intrnda tarrying on it the abavi place th huftiii'*R.s of boot blmkinir, whe che will |t>e happy to receiv *1 il esecut* uli o'de?ri. The B'acking u*ed by him ih free frou Ih ? Kijuri ui mixture* to d'simctive to leather, found in orili n nary hi < king. i9 H*nc K DAN( \ GOODS, i i TLKKY, it cG ipfoi J uhi at"3 IJ I'earl ret t up sin.r*, viz ?300 dozan line Ha r Brii*hei,a hn2 ' ruta to $ I 30 per dozen; 100 dgz-n solid hack Frenct T?> tl? do, at 30 cents; 2 1) d zeu |<"re.jcli >oaps at I'l LO23 ceni ' per dozen, bargain; 30 ladies' i? 1 lid VVork Dote*, rich 11 fu niihrd; * <ia*u'ity of tahan and mahogany frame Look in i ,* (il is>ae*, Ht23r' nfg to Si 30 per dozen. (kc All), 4 TABLI'j AND POCK lit ClTTI.bRY. 300 d zen wbi'e, black, cocoa and buck Taole and Deser i Knives and Forks, some thrae prong, at 30 cent* to fl perdoz | Alio, ivory Table and Descit. do, in d zens * r full get* of firfi I pier.t s eich, a g eii bi'gain; fu.* Carvers *nd Steels, nt 37'? ct n I and upwards Also,3'?o dozen 1, 2, 3 and I blade Pen and ock II* et Knives, at 7ft t $2, &<*. p?-r doz AIM I lot of rtth I1 \ *r platei Candlestick*. at 73 c.ta to $l 30 per pair. Persons n .' w irt of any of the abovs goods will do well to apply immedi ? at ly ap9tt*m 1) k? A KM ON 'n ( OMPOI ND H LMONARV SYKI i v I for tre cor? oi coughs, colds, consnmp ion, asthma, piini 1 in kidneys, affections of the liver, Ike. Tnia Syrup ahon d I wliich i? manv nniioua i- q urjei Jnve b en lately and w hich haa mat with the. nr<i'ial'fied sanction of th* Medical I Fuulty, can now be had at the following places :?Sainl lal ; rri r, 166 West street; Jamjs Tarrant, 260 Greenwich street Mr. Tburinan, Vestry and Canal; Mr. Andrea*, Oremwicl t and Veatry streets, H. W. Allen, jr 73 J)ivision street; p. I), |e. Itec, Barrow and McDougal streets; Alfrrd Hill, 20f)(ire<B 3 wiehstieet, Mr. hnst, 107 Canal stre-t; Drag Hiore, corner ol Walker and Centre streets; H Ward 270 Spring street; Mr . Brower (ir^en and Spring streets; Mr Somervi'le h mirth end Wooater streets; Mr. Hichi'd. McDotigil and Waver I v i- place; H I) 1 onipt d, Vanck and Vaudam streets; Albert W Smith, Varick and Broome; Benjimin Martin, Catharine, op o i onte Oak street; Vlr Lippincot. Vestry md Washington vViii llariijou %mlh Moore and Wot atrett; Mr Living 0 tfiii. t?r i and Foil.t Rfeeri; \1 r Hart, Grar.d and Norlb'k streets; VVrn Baitiieli, tlows-r,* .? d *t Mark's p ? . , B 1 Km pp 2ft Wen sfrctl; C W'l heal I, 370 Grand strict; It. T KprsPd, ' pnng and Broadway; N. I< Bane's, Southau l y t at h i g'i?^f..; (ti'imii an<l Coun*t r, Lanr m and Spring iir ?i-. . !)./?. . rr, f?l Obv- r ^tirrt; and of the, 0 No 01 Veat.y aT'Vt. Price .t;C/e.?u |?er bottla Brooklyn?A. P. t'araoiia. 43 r iilt'iU alrevt, ofllc <f Daily AHvertiacr. Williirnaburgh*-John Moore, King's ( oamy Hot*I. ft .<91111*110 1 A] &DICAL AID PHIVA1 KLI ' rgr I VI rri niUiiid are fuict?d with di^eas m and ctiatr* ? . ? of virion* kinds : ?nd win for want of ki owhdge upon th* particulat lacire of their cane, continue fo ho tr their nffli^tiou* in were; ' ir.d in aileiic T da iho i d not be ?p, when it is kniwn that l^r (ifg rybiil * ly i* bliali-'d the fourth edition <?f li s pri\ >{ eai ,i tlk-1 " l n Hub ? u It treati pi e it ill. a a c rn n prevVent disorder - of both icx?m The logs <rr iinpoi 'f. ir nr d ??anlv vigor occasioned by ceitain tiactire* rviatine ? among young men. is a rtiliject r#f the utmost impcrtaoc A portion of the work ii devoted to the interest of the lad>ei, lr?fh ' married and *in" !e --but m ciiMy to those who unfcrtunatei\ 1 <re or t nurrjed, but! r certain e pons 00-hr t< h?? Good i?lv (- t tnotaaboot to marry la ilwavs w >rth teekfng Tlw eh if f?r on stricture is worth" ? f particular attention Or 'i. h i pr bah*v troited rn re stric'Uff'' to * favorable result than imv otb# pfiysicien of 'tis yearn Dr B. nreit pleaMire ?,i il *i? inin^ hi* mode ofctii. to all deproui ?>l mf irmaiion on so in p vtau .ini-i in! Pi f the book M iti il I it ii !)(.< to - priv.ip r? nd'ace, II Barclr. -.tie , o? ir Bioadway] at all hours of the day or evening arMt*rrc AUCTION SALESV iI) M A li h 1. L. A uciiotaer Store So. 1 1 Spruce street. Kearlar Salei aj of Furniture erery Weduraday and Saturday *>? -r ii... ._.i .11 _.i ...? and Friday. *3 lwec A I M'Tll-fc. Auctionfff. PACKAOK SAI.E OK HARDWARE, ? UTI.KRV. fc-. ?JACOB 9. PLAIT'S Nin*rentli Spring Trade Hardware hale this season, tikes place This Day. at 10 o'clock, at thr Auction Room. No 21 Piatt street. consisting of Wl ;.? kates ol Birmingham Mielfield Hardware, English, Kr-nch and derman Mai |p and K<ucy floods Also, thirty dozen Phil uleli lua nude loug hiudle Shovels, Ihbptson's Corn Hcyihes, btiJt?oit tireeu tboc Thread, Wilkinson'* Vicea, Turnei'i cait aippl Handsaws 9 1* Knob Locks, C'anp'a Edge Kill, Mi than'a (iouges and Turning j Chissels. I'ara u'? Shovels; Tin'd Telle and Tea Spoou* Salter's Balauces, Amrricwi Lc cki. Carpenter's do, kc. Alio, 100 lot* of 1'pii and I'ocki t 1,2, 3 and 1 bladv huirea, in dozens Also. 100 ca'ds ofliue Cutl*ry Hciisor* Shears kc alto, an iiTO'Ce cf Wade St Batcher's, Klliott'i, and ! Hoot's suiierior tazors Also, at 12 n'cloi k, au iuvoice of lint English Double Barrel Guns Catah gees are now ready, and the goods cau be examined 'till thr hour of sale. s'J It'rc KINK PLANTS AT AUCTION LKVY k SPOONKR will sell This Morniug at II o'clock, at III Broadway, a beautiful variety of Oreeu House Plants, among which are many splendid Standard Hoses, with the usual varieties; and on Tuesday, the Ititli, a very ritenaive lot of Koreign Plants, now ou hoard ship. a!) 11* in FURN1TURE N< ITICE. THE FURNITURE Ailvrrtned In be sold on Weduesday 10th inaiant, at No. IB lireenwich street, call ha vuwed this day. (Tuesday,) from 'J A M. to 2 o'clock P M , hy catalogue, which cin Ih' had kt t'e lieus' aud it the Auction ' Room. No. Ill Wa'erstrret. Kor uir itulaa, see Cour.erk Kmpiirer Express, and Aurora. ROoERT J. UEHAHD, at! It* in Am timietr CHEAPEST CA&FET ESTABLISHMENT IN THE U. STATES, Aro. DO BOWERY. ANDER80N k DOBBS h.ivejust eceived a large a?d sp endid MaoRMMt of new pettenu ef gupsnor Kng ish I ply extra double su| er, suptrline aud commou ingriiu Carpeting; Veeirian hall and stair Carpet; Floor Oil Cloths; Tufted and Turk v Pnus; I'arl. r Door \lats; Table and I'iauo Covers, kc.. all of wT.ich were ordered, and purchase,! for cash, previous to the great advance ou the above description of goods, and w11i he sold Ht the usual low prices, at 99 Bowery. We advise all who are about purchasing, to call souii and make tli-ir selec'ion. ANDERSON k UOBB , a) 2w *rrc 99 Bowery, 1st stoie above H'ster st. WANTED?Bv a respectable youug woman, a situation as clininbtrmaid, to do house work or take care of children. Best of references giveu. Ayplyat 21i>? Sullivan street, ah ll*m rsnn uai re a it a una IV a #.r lt.n.,,,1 T,. bles, made to order by I) Peon, in fin# order, eomplite, with cue*, inaees, balls and counters. Kiiguire rf lieor^e Weddemttr, Monro# Hull, corner of Pearl mid Centre streets, or T. O'Connor, 216 WiHinnst. M 1 w *m i 1I7ANTKI)?Toko into Michigan, ou a farm, a smart Kirl | annul fourteen years of age, and who has a brother of | about the same age and could have hiin accompany her is prc, icned She must b* willing to remain three o. four years. Address Prarie, this office. 18 2.*rc ! por salk? niK Vixtckks ok a mkat stork , " and Mmokiug Kstablishment. It is one of the be?t locaI tions in the city, and will be sold cheap fir ash. Inquire on i the premises, at 200 Klin street. It is, in poiut of family situa* I lion, highly eligible. 48 3t*rc LOST?On Thursday afternoon, April 4th, n Porkofc Book, containing eighteen dollars iu hiuk bills, besides sundry o?her paiiers, which can be of no value to any one hut the owner. Ph" money shall be the reward to lh? fun Irr if lie will retuuilhe book nml p,|ier, t<> ill' owner, who.' name and ad; dris, is written in full on the io.ideot the book. It w * lost while going from Rutger ?tre<t up Cherry to Cliulon. up ClinI ton to (fraud, tlowu (fraud to the Bowery, op Bowery and Rail , Road to Mth street. a8 2t*rc ; A CARD-THK ITALIAN UKNEVOLKNT SOCIETY ' ? h.tve the honor of returning their mod .iucere limit, to ihe ruhlic for the ?p uiUneoa. and liberal encouragement bestowed upon th?m at their Concert la,t night. Such testimonial, of public .yinpatby and approbation bare iuipired emotion, of theliveped gratitude To the Member, of the I're,., a'.o, ilie Society feel ilia' iliey nre under the d"t'|te*t obligation., and brg tin KditJi, of New York to receive their rrolouodest thank, for llirir service, in the came of philauthro; bv to which the Society u devot.d. The eminent Artiatii, a'.o, who on this oceaiion ? nobly I came forward in behalf of the cau.e of National B.uevoUnce, ' mmt liud their leward in the approbation of their own heart. and in the lavish applau*. ol that Public whom their perform' ance. hava to much delighted. Both the vocal aud iu.tiumt utal ptrformeii will accept our acknowledgment, for the,ervi<e, ! | To Signnr Palmo, in particular, the Society would tender their acknowledgements tor his kindness and politeness ou this occasion. Hi* good otfer* iu our b'half will uever cease to be ' remembered ,?s f ey dvs-rve. a'.l It rc ' IKWARD-Huiwiy from hia grandfather's house, ?{p 1 V/ 218 Walker street, on Monday morning Hugh flrad burn, a bov between ten and eleven years old. tlad on a cloth " cap a roundabout merino jacket with velvet collar, and bine pmtaloous He took with liitii 18' in money, and isacroni at uied Willi tWO < th?r hoys, one twelve and the oiher ten years ol . Tl e above reward willjbe paid for tb# am rrhension of the 1 hov and recovery of the munev, or $.'> for the boy. The largrst boy was s?en to have the inonvy, ?ud they went toward* Har lem. The leward will be paid by the hay's lather, No 18 We?t street. a9 2t*rc THE ANATOMICAL VENUS, AS IT WAS CALLED IN ENGLAND, or Anatomical Model of the FtMH f orm, is fully dissected and r lectured uiMin, every evening, at 7)d o'clock, bv Dr. F. IIOLLICK, at National II.ill, Cauil street, a lew door* from Broadway. Admission it) c oils, fur Gentlemen only. It is also dissected and generally explained to Grntlein-ii, every morning, at PI o'clock, fur 28 rents each Tli? same in the sf lernoon, at half past 2, for Ladies only, (numbers of whuin atf tend daily) 28 cents, t Gentlemen counecied with the I'ress will always be admitted i on givlag their addresses. at 3t*rc ! sPrA TO LET OR I.KASH?Kor a tqrm of years, the ) ] : modern built two story and attic house, i early new, No. ,2wUL7b (iron street ue.r Spriug. The house his an under r cellar, the rooms nrnble mantles ami gra'rs in eae.h story, has c been recently painted, and is iu good ordsr. Te mi moderate to , a good tenant. Also, several small tenements in Barrow and Green streets. I Apply to D. L. BENNKT, n9 2?#rc 109 Spring st. ? <1 kOK BALE?A Bright Bay .dare, a fast and ei1 1 fh'..ii-." traveller, kind in single or double haruess, e ' ) li,*"""d anil a first rate saddle usg. A>k for the Bay t .Vl ire "kA I'E," at Cowan k Uilks', Mercer, uear i1 Beecker street Mso, a Light Wagon,built by Kurd. Patent asle* and leather ' top. a9 3l*m rpiJllTLE SIIKLL?2 barrels first qualitv, for ssle by I 1 BOY 17 k HINCKEN, 1 atiec No 9 Tontine Building. ? - ?- KOH HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. /wfiHI The Royal Mail Steam Ship ACADIA, ^aRKlMrAA. Kyri* Esq., Commander, will leave Boston for the above jajn a on Wednesday, 1st, The Steamer HIBEKNlA, will leave Boston on Thursday, it May Kith. Passage for Liven>ool $120, Passage for Halifai 20. Apply to D. "BRIOIIAM, Jr., Agent, Bet No. 2 Wall street. f rtl _ DRAFTS ON ENGLAND. IRELAND. kc..?Persons about remitting money to their friends in the Old Country can In- supplied with drafts in sums ofJEI, X2, ?3, i.8, JEW, ?100,?1000 or any amount, payable I on demand, without discouut, or auy other charge, at the Natioiml Bank of Ireland.Provincial Bk do, Messrs Ja's Bait, Hon r kCo.. Bankers, Loudon; J. Baruerl k Co., Escliange and Dist count Bank, Liverpool; E.astern Bank of Scotland; Greeuock Banking Company; Sir Win. horbes, Hunter k Co., Scotland; and th" branches in every post town throughout Em.'land, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will he forwarded t the |>ackeUtol the 11th. 16th, 21?t, ajJ 26th, or the Royal Mail ?ip.impr kail in i/ from UoRton on the l?i of \l*v fo f W. Ic J. T. TAP8COTT, ? At their general passage office, 4] Peck slip, I frlirc (MMOilMrtk ttMIL , N.II?All IMM from the country must MMpMt paid. NEW VOIIK, ALBANV AND TROY LINK. . om FOK ALBANY AND TKOV, DlttECT l Tlie alramboa' SWALLOW, I -|>t*in A i M cL-au, will leave the loot of C< iirthndt si, Tins ( Moml. \ 1 I- i iiiiik. ii ' ii'i loi k, April 8 li, IHII. I The Swallow, owing to her light dnuigni of water, will li9 enabled at all 11m*i to I'm the bira, anil reach Albany ami i I' rny iu ample tunc to lake the morning train el' cara from the 1. east s,r west. Kor freight or paaiage, apply on boa'd, or to H. M. Drew, at the olfii'P on ilie wharf. a8re SEVEN O'CLOCK MORMNQ LINE. . FOR ALBANY. e 4? TROY, AND iNTEMMEDI ATh. n LA NDIN() Krom the Steamboat I'ieret SGaaJIGflEatnr foot of Ba'clay street Breaklas'and Dmi ner on board.?The new low-pressure a'earner TROY, Cat t A |I liurham, start* >* above oil 'I'ueadav, April 9, at 7 o'clock in r the mommy. For passage, apply at the office foot of Barclay i- atreet, or on beard, All gooiL, freight, baggage hank bull, aprrie, or other prot pertv, ' n board ibis beat, at the riak ol the owner* ofancli goods, he, a7 ztic ' IILACK BALL, Oil OLD LINK. OK LIVKKCA< KKT8-FOK LI VKRPOOL-O ily JSwlMltoR' g"i 'r Packet of the 16th of April ? The new, in igiupceiit, last m uling packet ship NKW YORK, burthen I III',n I on, C ipum T. B. Cropper, will positively sail on Tneit d.u 16th April, her regulrrdsy. i 'rni accoinmo l.itp us ol the N*w York, fir cahin, second s cabin and steerage pissengers, will, on int|>eciion. be found to / be fitted out in a manner ihat cannot but add to the conve< nieiire anil comfort ol those embarking. ?P, ewi proceeding to th old country, wiM alall limes find this Im' of packets a most desirable conveyance For terms of . passuge apply on uotrd, foot ol Beekm.ui stree', ?,r tothesob1 scribera, RO(HE, BROTHERS It CO , 1 35 Fulton atreet. neat door to the I ?9tol6 C Fultou Bank. It A At I' MsS Mih I'D I.I V F.RPOOL?To sail "tin 70, instant?The fast tailing packet ship SHAKS1 JHMhbsiiI'K. ^ R E. t apt. A. Miner, will sail as above For , is. ye apply on board at t Means tfberf, foot of Wall it. or to K. K. COLLINS k CO., aO 2trc H flotlth street 1 AMt- NEW LINK OF PACKETS FOR LIVKH' WdPflVI'OOL? Packet of 2 ! April.?The *pl< udiil an I JHflfaf v "i" pack' tfchipLI V KR POOL, 1200 tons hurt! en, 1 I 1| I lo111] Kldri rye, will s.ii1 on Monday, 22d April, he legu* lar il iv. ' The ship* of this line bring all P'OO tons and upwards, per' sons nbont lo embark for the old country, will not fiil to see he advantages t> be drrivd from selecting tins line in pre, f*rrn e to any other, as their great rapacity rrsdeig thein eveiy way morr comfortable and convenient than ihip* of a sinal er class, and their accommodations it is well known are superior IVraona woh>ng to ?opi:r<* lirrthi almuld not ful to irlaki* nnrly 'filication on board went aidr of Biirlmv Slip, or to VV. Ik J T. TAPS' otT. At iIip (irn?r*l Puuge Oilier, <1 Trrk Slip Rto'Mrc totfd of Si uth atrrrt. |?(!STFi>\KMKXT (>! ' CONCKIIT MV THb. ADVK?.fh-a IriPnda, Mr. HKNHV ' TIMM hrira I# -v? r*?ieet ally to finnpiirf*to the public, that ln| Auntnl i our rt will h* poatp >ned until Tl'KSDAY. the lOlli of % i f'l, r>n account of the ejection il St*K J P CARROLL'S O L l> KHT ABU S II K D MKWCATFI) VAPOUR IIATHS, Ai? p vnrril known to bs rassntitllr Dfcuairv at tlna e oon or tli* car, wt e ) f1 e ayatcrn r? piirea no nuiiliaty to throw ! off 'he cu;icl* .iff umulaied dim* g wm'sr, a-id which, by reio*iniaff on the urln * i th*,;urea tula 11*00a < 11%<-???* ?, coM?, rhetun?tiam, ccvlet feyer, ice , Ike. Th y "* in op*?* t inn 2) t 'Oi?riI.tu?If atr ?i, IVmii ?* o clock in th# annrniuv 'till U o'clock it night Huf|?hai li.ulm require oi??? hour's notice. I'o.t <li|.' Vii?T Bit ha **nt tn %uy pa?t of the city, or Brnnkh n. Bathing Tuba *od Hip Hatha for hire. nQ Iw'n A IJCTIONKEWB AND THE PEACOCK DIN I NO * V lioooii, I *> S W,i i tut street. anil .V> Stone it<**t.? Mea*r?. |)np?'p, I)ih At W'tr-'n, t find ?k it C?, /\?le? At Timpani. S Dniy 8c < '? , Autt*ii fa Hpicrr, Merchant* and I others, t te?eing th ?m v ? ,inu umil-r eat*bliahm*nta in tie ticinity, ar* respectfully informed that new Dmirg Itoorm have been opene.1, <HI a nor* I and milrh-if*pfoyed style, a* tb* ab nre ititnh'i A Table fTllntr h if I) pii ? a'uhliah'd, to wbirb tb? tr att v*fion n p irticoUrty iuvi *d Tb* f *?i ? ' from 12 till 4; li**d fries 25 eenta. f r which a fumcoura* Din net ta ifireu, *n**#ti*d in tictlkit rtyl* it twia rre ~ A.VH-SKMENTS. i'AHK TIIKATKft Bo?' * Lrnu?I'll '.16 ( ,nU~"4",TY I2W4.flnt*. UKNIHT t>K MK8. BKOI'UHAM. THIS KVKNINU. April 9. IM4. Tin* iHTformanc* will commence with SPKINO ANU AUTUMN. Hall'e Mr. Walhiek. Tn conclude wilh THK MOUNTAINEERS. Octavisn Vlr Wallark H'liirauihf ' Mil Brougham. taUTHAM TH1ATEB. Hum 2b 1 c t* I fit liiX Cent*. THIS r vh ii nU Apul 9 ih# Drumi of M ARM DUKE WWII.. Narmadukr Wy vil \ Mr Connnr Followed bv LOAN OK A LOVK.K. Ilrrtriiijr Mm ltryuolda. To conclud with THE KINO AND THE FREEBOOTER. ? OL.VWP1C THKATH*., THIS EV EM NO. Air.I 9 the Ofieraof MARRIAGE OK FIGARO. Kigarn... Mr Walcot Antonio Mr Holland Af'er which THE NEW KOOTMAN. To conclude witb THE WELSH OlltL. UOWEltV AIHPH1THKATKK. Bote* 21 Lout*?Pit I2XJOHN TRVON M*n*g-r. TIHS EVENING. April 9. IStar and Waltz Kutree. O^- The Original " Dandy Jim" Baud of Min*trels will appoar tin* evening. To cour.ludr w ith THE BUCCANEERS. Door* o|>ou at 7?Performance comnioncoa at quartrr p.'.it 7 o'clock. ' AHKK1CAII nillKliA, AND PERPETUAL K A1R Tl'ESlJAY, APKIL !>, 1K4-I. Great at Attractions in the City. Tim Mau.grr take* i-ecahar pleaiuio in auuouuciug ail rngageincut, for a .liort nine only with MR AMI MRS RANDKLL, r HI: I IHiji si GIANT AND GIANTESS! ! in the world. Thav hn?eja?l arrived f.otn Europe, in all pirtg of which they haze been nccivd with woudera-id a dun rat ion, by the nobility end gentry, and hue neen *eeu by moretlun ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PERSONS ! du-ing the lant ye ir. Their exhibition hash-en attended with the moat triumphant aucceaa in die Old World, ami they rrapeetfully tet'd'-r their TALLEST COMPLIMENTS to the inlnbitauta of the Ni w; optcially to the iuliabituiii of New York, audwoilil a*k a share ot (he patronage wbirh iheir rnertt.?their Eiiorinou* Propurlii-u*. no lich'y d-.erve By Phy ticiana, I'hyaiol igiata and Anatuini-ta, they are regard-d a* the grea'ei wonder and curiositie* in the world. Their I'onu tad lymmetry are perfect, and their appcar.uue -very way mterrstiugaud pleasing, being eiriv and affable in their inannr-s They may he seen at all Itoii-aof the day and eveniug, and will cnnceiie friely w ith rniter* Alao engaged?THE KENTUCKY MINSTRELS for one week only : Mr. WM. ' OLE, and hi* wonderful DOO HILLY;'Mi.1 E. ADAIR: LA PETITE CERITO, Mr H. (J SHERMAN, MIL WHITLOCK, MR. T. G. BOOTH. Mr WILLIAMS, anu MR HOWARD Beautiful WAX FIGURES, reprreenling a group of Indian, ol the Crow Tribe. iu the act o' killing a Santa Kee Trailer, to nether Witti GEN. TOM THUMB, TOLLY BODIN'E and DANIEL LAMBERT. TheGll'SY FAMILY, ait in namber, recently from Oer miny, and laith!ul repreaentatirea of the ancient people of Egypt, may be .eeu iu their native coxtnme. The OIPBEY QUEEN, the Kortuue Teller, may b? privately conaulted at all Imiirt of the day and evening. Performance! every evening at 7X o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoon* at 3 o'clock. 17- On WeduenLy ueit, La Petite Ceritn, the beaatifal Dansenie take* a Benefit. Hue her a lull house. Ticket* If.') rents?children tinder tea years UJ-gcents. Tweu tr-live cents extraj for private coii.nltationa with the Gipaey Queen. at re ' PEAIili-.a NthW VAIHIi. at U SKUA. AND PICTURE GALLERY MR. H BENNETT--- --MANAGER. ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. Tin) Manager i< proud to have the houor to luloiin the ladies anil gentlemen of New York, ihat he ha* It in hi* rower to submit to >beir notice a living curiosity turpa*img toe celebrated Turn Thumb, cou*i*(ing of a LAPLAND UWARK OK TIIE SAME AGE AS THE GENERAL! AND THREE INCHES SHORTER!! Tre following talented )>erforinrri arerngag'd: ? Mademoiselle Pauline, the delirlitl'ul dansuese; Miss Adair, tin(htmiol Naws Tm Groat Wrslfru. who is univrsaK I y acknowledge I to be the men! correct representative of (Politic Character^" America, ami without a doubt the beat Kthi"Pisu Orator aiiil Imititur if a Locnmotivc in the whole world Miia Blaurliard, fins graceful jugglercss, and Mrs. Western, thr tnnch admired actreis The splendid OAS STAIt! excited ?.) much interest lilt winter, will again alied its hiilliant lustre. A New Stags has been erected wi;h new Scenery, Ike. The Manager has effected nti eugngewrul with a GIANTKB8 "! 0~Knr full particulars, ?e? small bills. performance iu the Lecture Room to coinm'nce st haT-pul T o'clock. "EXHIBITION OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS? <1.1 I.I.FRY OF ORHIINJII. MINTING I Oh rH? OLD MAHTKRS. KXHIBITION ROOM, IN CLINTON HALL, Corner of Natiau and Jirrkman itrtrh. AMATK.UR* AND ART IS1 8 ire informed, that ihs Oal lerv ol Paintings at Clinton Hall is now open from II A M. to b o'clock at night, or later, according to tic season The) will therein tin<1 a choice collgption of toe finest I'aiiilingi winch have ever ad irnvd any KiTro|ieiu Gallery Artists will he aI'owed to study in the Kshibitisu Room The public w ill hud a <' .taloaue, which will explain all the historical and othei nieces, ^noting the paisafet of authors Irmn which the suhjecti have been taken. B'/~ Admittance only 25 cents tn*7 lm*jgb ""THE MISSES CUM MING'S CONCERT. tpHK MIS8L8 CUMM1NO respectfully nnnouuee that thei * Annual Conc-il will take place at Niblo's. ou Friday, tin 12th instant, when they will he.issistrd by their pupil, Mis M. I'UAT I', late of Ireland, and Mr. CLIRKIIUOH. pROOHAMMK. Tart I. Duet?Sweet Sister Kay By the. Misses Cammiui Ballad?Laddie, O leave me Mr. Cliieliugl Csvatina?Throu th the Wood Miss B. Cuininiui Durt?As it fell upon a day Miss's Cuintnnig and I'rat Ballad?The Harper o'.MhII Ml ssM. Cuinmiuj H ,ug?Tulloehgorum Mr Clirehugl Sang?Dermnt Aathore Miss M I'rat Duet?We're o'er young ti Dierry yet Misses Cuntmai PaT7|I. I'uel? I know a Bank Misses Cummins Song?Roy's Wife of Ahlivalloch .-Air < lireliug'i Itoinanrs?Homi word 'I lioughls Miss >>l. Cuinimux Dint?My Prettf Pag. Misses Curninnig and I'ratt New Scotch Seng?Tlier1 Inn a young Lassie. M'ts 11. (J Cummins Irish Ballad?Molly Brailigan e Mr ClirrhusF Ballad?The Brmm o' the Cowdeu Kuowes-M ss M < I 111 111 lug Duet?M hat's a'Lie Sir Misses Cummins (C7*Tickeis 5# Cents each, to be had at the Hotels, Music Storei, Mr. Cli-rhugh'i 205 Broadway, Misses C'nmming's resi ilerice.l Warren strert, or at thr door on the evening of the t ou cert. a6 it* ecbtTuThick' BROA1JVVAY AGAINST THE WORLD. rIMI 8 Iioird thoroughfare is now sdmilted to he the great's * mirt for the sale of gentlemen's wearing apparel in ttv United States, and the impression that has heretofore ensled ii the minds (IT uiduy tost "purchasers in Broadway are obligee to pav an exorbitant price Ijpr an article of dress," is fully re butml, from the known re|lutatiou as to the charg-s es'alilishei hy KDWARU KOX, proprietor of the City Cash Tailonm k.stablislimeut, No. 202 Broadway. Here is an advantage ti merchants and others visiting this city to avail themselves o an outfit from a verv extensive assortment of ready made clo thing, iriMiufictured from the best materials and in the uios fashionable style The attention of llie public is particular!) railed to visit this establishment and esaimos the late styleo twilled and fancy Casiimerr Oilier Krocks, drsigurd lor llie ap proachillg season. Also, an assortment of rich Chene Velvet and Brocade Vest ings, Kaucy k'lencli Cloths and Cassimerrs, hy the latearrivah from the celebrated nianufictory of K. Bio'ley Kils, and ?e Ircteil i ipressly for the spring fashious. Garments superb!) made up to onler, and if required at a few hours uotic*. K.I)WARD KOX. City Cash Tailoring Kslabl sluneul, 202 Broadway, belov Kuhon St. in81in?ec CAST OFF CLOTHING" G.RNTLKMklN or families desirsus of eonverlinj their lei off Wearing Apparel into cash, Can obtain for the same th highest cash pries. To lannlirs and gentlemen quitting the city, or changing rr sideuce, having any su|ierrtuous rife* ts tn dispose of, will hn it much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who wil attend thsm at their residence by appointment, H LEY KIT.* John street, near Broadway. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will reeeiv uroini I attenliou. Clothing c'eaned an J repaired. m!> Im'rc SPRING GOODS, IVir.UAM T. JENNINGS fy CO., DRAPERS AND TAILORS* No. H.'ll Hromlnav?Ann rlrnn lintel, OPPOHITK TFIK FOUNTAIN, AUK in tin* receipt of t large Mlllfll III of Ntff I loooa to Spring wear, including hii'n?li ,iml f nitli'h < ainineret >i new *tyle?, itri|m, plaid*, lie.: rich SilN, Sn'in Ch.illi Voting*, dir?cl from their Loudon and Pain Ageucy, througl whic i they will be enabled to luruiati at an early date .11 thi norrltiea of the aeaanif, and hy a airing of th- importer'* |iroli t i afford garment* at at 111 lower pijc-* than thoae which h<?/ characterized l^e conrrrn, whilrt erery attenloni wi'l I ? di rented a* heretofore to the chief point* in the economy af a gar incut, i ?. firtt rate workmanihip, with ?tyl and chiracter ii cot. mil lrn*ec GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE rFI!K MKIHKHT PILfKS c in|be nbained hy gentlemen or I famioea who are detiroui of conrertln it their left ofl wea in* apparel in*> rath. To fa in 111 ea an i gentlemen tooting tl e city, or changing reai d-nee hiving any opertlnnn, . dent* to ditpoeenf, will fiud i much to their advantage ti ?euil l o the *iih*crih*r, who wil attend them at their reaidance hy appointment J LKVKNSTYN, 400 llrnadway. tip (taint. A line through the JPn t Office, or otherwiae, will receir prompt, attention. m2l lme >il*rc PHENIX HORSE RA/iAAK, NO I HI# .fINI) 101 MERCER STREET, NEXT Tl Hl.EECKF.R STREET. aft The uett regular PUBLIC AUCTION HA 1.1 I nC* will lake pi me at thi* e?i.ibli*hmeat. TWH DAY < f s A . Ai ril mh eotntnencmii at eleven o'clock with i a. ri.tget tlnraei*. hadillery, k?., new and tccoud hand. A? 11 <i*i tutil Ii* riffiiritA nalalnirii* <if uunr oiu.rm h octet. (WHrin*?n in (he country havinar pn?|>erty to ?ln|" ae nl riiheTat pnblic or private ^ik, will Imrr their or?W? l^ithTit4|j attended to. At Pri?nt* Sak?50 fine young country hnnm, hind and aound, fua! in from the wnAem part of the Nt lie; two anperioi mitrhpJ paira of Hoy frC>nea, a fine ( ?%?r ? I Brown H??r?e?. npU*t)(li<l pai' of Bay Carnage Mora* ?, a piir of Bright florrel Itoiti', young. aouiid. kind ml very fatt trotier* Alio.ifTfnl very Ane waddle Monet Alio, at pnyate rile, tw^jomwiAndaorne K^rkaway ^ jgont and a nnmbrr of ii?*w hand U^Miirhci ifltl Liuhl Wiufoni* Horses taken at Livery, and ken( " auperior atyk. Accommodations for uwikfi' nom, in a'abka u ?Qrpuia<l by ai< y est ihliahinent of the LiihI hi the IJuiUu Nf.?o*f HTOK oka of all clear iption fahru on oragr in ihtl.trge an f convenient Rep. titoryof the Mtabhshmen VV 7:0 VA N Will It:* I pmoually to ul order* r?r bnyiut and telling hortea All persona telling property af thi? "if blubmmt may r??|\ upon having i mto a? < < a ( or * ai .? < red anil the ri 1,1 aMot/iaT or enoc i.mii will, indicate*, tv pud promptly ir currrut money. _ . . The ARK. > V ??f *h'? eiubhahmeiit ta built on .in egti'eij new at d moat convenient fl Aemit detatrh d from the mi i bmldiPK ami tlabk, therb, not iuiei m the |ra?t will livrry or tale hntaea going out or com: og m on rh?* day of *nc lion a , , , At all other timet t?.e Areni la k?pt entirely clear, t n 4 if erved for ih? accommodation of private h?>r*<ra , ,d thoi- oi ale, affordiotf crer facility for r* r? ite. iraioc u .Vid aboe ini j horsrt COWAN AND DILK*, m."> im*ec Proprietor* POMWWB8B KKMALK PILLS I'UKIK tir-UlonC JlU c>lrhr:it.'<l Pill*. I'M) I'oft .g*. nr. I ?r,u?'KMiib( .lluacl o Uii, ?oaatr. T?rtt? Mt ?a tin l??t.? ! > fotnh mc*. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL* W K?hl ngton. [rorriwpondence of the Herald ] Washington, April 7,1844. As I know that you are always on the aleit for news, and your journal not only has a wide circulation all over the country, but is the only New York paper that is sold here at all, 1 take the liberty of sending you a few facts apon which you and your numerous readers may rely. In thp first place, there is a great eflort being made . n n /. at*t mi .i Hfrnnff iihrtv to ffii htr tlit- nomiualitfti of George Evens of Maine, at the Baltimore Convention to run on the ticket with Henry Clay. Secondly, the wings are very sanguine that if tliey do not carry Virginia at the ensuing election, tliat they will no lar cripple the democratic party there, as to make sure of the State for.Clay at the Presidential contest. Thirdly?the statements in the NewYorkExprese, about certain communications being made to the United States (iovernmeat recently by the British Minister here, relative'to the alleged viewa and designs of Great Britain in regard to Texas, are all wrong. The fact is that ErastUH Brooks is almost as great a booby as his brother James. He was told of certain facts by a United States Senator in relation to the above matter, but he did not know howto use the information after he obtained it. Tha facts are these :?Mr. Packenham has received a despatch from Lord Aberdeen, in which the latter distinctly and emphatically denies that the British Government has any?the slightest?design or intention to take any steps?or receive any overtures or proposition from the Texian Government, or from any quarter, for making that country a colony of Great Britain, or for acquiring any thing in the shape of Territorial nower or Government over Texas The words of the despatch are to this effect:?that Great Britain or the British Government more intimate political relatione with Texas than those which she now holds towards that country.? Nothing is said in the despatch about her commercial views towards Texas. And further, I am authorised to say that no official communication of any kind has yet been made by the British Minister here to our Government on the subject. Mr. Packenham has had as yet but two interviews with Mr. Calhoun. One was a mere formal visit of introduction?the other was to make tho necessary enquiries and arrangements for commencing their negociation about the Oregon Boundary. % As yet Mr. Calhoun has had no time, no leisure whatever to attend to this question. He has hardly got into the hurneas yet; and the whole of his attention for the last three davs has been taken up by Gen. Henderson and Mr. Van Zandt in endeavoring to complete the treaty for the annexation of Texas. Gen. Henderson assures me that he would as soon negotiate the treaty in the House of Representatives with open doors as in the chambers of the State Department in private. He udds that he has no secrets to conceal in the matter of any kind. The treaty will be a very simple document; and when Mr. Calhoun has completed it, and sent it to the Senate, he will also send some very able and conclusive reasons why the Senutors should vote to ratify the treaty. He will send good reasons why he believes Texas ought to be unnexed to this country. If lie charges that the British Government huve designs either of a political or a commercial character upon Texas, he will send along with this the documentary evidence to sustain his assertion. For although perhaps, Senator Walker, has, and the late lamented Gilmer had, censideranle personal interest in the annexation, yet no one can suspect Mr. Calhoun of any thing of the kind for a single instant, lie is warmly hi favor of annexation, and is actuated by the purest and most patriotic motives, in the desire to conclude this treaty. And these are paramount to his political feelings on the subject. 1 will not say that Mr. Tyler's motives are not nure and patriotic on this subject; but with him, 1 believe that political considerations weigh as heavy 5 or heavier than any other feeling which he has on the subject. list be all this as it may? the treaty will ba finished in the course of next week?1 will not say that it is not finished, and all but signed, at the pre' sent moment, and will lie laid before the United | States Senate in ten duys at the farthest. That I body will thus have two weeks to deliberate upon ' it before the whigs of the whole Nation meet in ' solemn Convention at Baltimore in May next. The next question is, what will be tne action of the Senate upon ill They will not act upon it. ber fore the Convention meets; and it is even doubtful r whether they will not lay it upon the table for the ? present? pernajis until next session?thus not committing themselves before the presidential election ?and preventing Mr. Tyler from having an excuse n to call tliem together again on that question. They ? will either do this, or they will reject it. The course t of the whig Senators in the matter will he determini ed by Mr. Clay, who will be here in about ten J days or two weeks. At nil events, rely upon this? t the whiff Senators will ti one of them (or not more than one) vote for the treaty at thin session of ConffressNor wiil they vote for it before the next I presidential election, even if they are called to att lend un extra session. As to (lie course id the democratic party in rela[ tion to tikis mutter, that is n different thing. Bei fore Mr. Benton left here, I heard him denounce the* ;<tf<*1111it tn f'nri*#* tins trsMtv ftirniiirh tlim Kf^ioii. as "a Tyler find Calhoun humbug." He ha* left for ilir West, hut on his way through Ohio, he Raid publicly, that there wax no man in the United Stales' Senate in tavor of it, except Mr. Walker. /Viul you have seen that the great gun of the patty 1 in < utio, the "Oh'o Statesman," has denounced , the men who are irying to annex Texas at this t time. Mr. Benton says, that he is favorable to the : annexation, but that it is not necessary ot desira( ble to conclude a treaty at this session of Coni grexs. It requires time lor deliberation, he aays. r So you may stick a pin there. [ \ ou will see strange movements and letters after f the Virginia election. 1 Blair of the "Globe" has been very sick with a swelling in his bead, which burst the other day, and relieved him; and he is now coming out boldly 1 lor annexation. Hives, his partner, is also >n favor \ of it; m> we have It itchie and Blair for the annexation, Croaawell and Bryant against it. This ia Van Huren'a policy all the world over. ' Why don't you get a good ntap of the Oregon - Territory, ana publish it; particularly the coast lroin the mouth ol the Columbia river to 54 deg. . North latitute ; showing in detail, Vancouver a Island, Noolka Sound harbor, FrHxers's River j mouth, Fucu's Straits, Admiralty Inlet, and Full get's Sound; because you will hear more of them in a few days. The negotiations will turn on running the line round and about all these places. f Hon. Heman Allen Moore, front Ohio, who left here a few days ago, died at Columbus, Ohio, on j Wednesday last. Gen. Bossier is rather better to-day and his phy! sicians say that lie may recover. Mr. I'ettet, and Mr. 1 >ouglassare still very ill. Mr Went worth and Mr. Caldwell are recovering slowly, but if they are not careful, a decline may yet carry them oft. You see bylhe proceedings of to-day on the Appropriation Mill that it was regular "grab game" as the news-hovs say, and all bands and the cook went in | [or regular serutnble after the |>lund? r of the public ' | Treasury. All'afair in politics They assert here positively that Sam Houston's ' present desire is to have Texas a Hritish colony, and lie be made Lieut Governor ol it. He will have no power comparatively it Texas is annexed " I to the United States. ' Mr. Wicklille wants to go to France as Ambas sad or from the United States. ' Mr. Tyler would he very much pleased if Mr. ' S|>enoer would lender Ins resignation. Mr. S. is suspected of being lukewarm. Mr Nelson lias got |>ermisaion to leave the cabi* net as soon as lie thinks proper. He is known to - he friendly to Van Buren, and, therefora, no tnend .. to Mr. Tyler. Mr. Wilkinsund Mr. Mason have hoth declared tlwmselves friendly to the annexation project. Yoh shall hear from me rgiiin, if you say so in ' : your paper. A spectato* Washington. ' | [Correspondence of the Herald.] i j Washiwoto*, Apnl 7, 1M4 i I All is calm and M'Vi't at Washington to-day; and l vet this is a irrewt day among all Lent keepers, , with many of whom I am brought in contact. This j u Luster Sunday, and the way the forty day (asters have walked into dinners and hard eggs would he I a caution to that patron of good inting, St lleliogab ilus, the first Roman Lmperor who ever eat hard boiled eggs upon Laster-day. For lorty long days have the good people here heen /iisfing [and not so s/oic eithei ] upon two shilling shad, hot ' mutlins, and hurkwheut r'akrs, and other listen' r ing, by wc.v ol mortifying the tlesh and ^()(J J the devil; but now, thanks tor the.,u days of Laster, ron?t veal, t irginia liaoenjoy excellent feasting have hegnn People , appetites "J 'be Tariff will be t To-morrow tin <* "v Mr. Iterrien, who will be renewed in thy ""'r. (,y Mr Ghoato followed * s ?< >*. ?;?ice Hill, ihe location of a C..I > a* Memphis or some other point on t \ "-" s-ij'pi river, appropriations for rhe Cum

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