Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1844 Page 1
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I f T H ?- i. ? - . i . - . . > . , i Vol. X., Ho. lOi-Whol* Ho. 3673. To tlte Public. . THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspsper?pu lulled every Jay of the year except New V ear's day ai Fourth ol July. Price 3 cents per copy ?or $7 30 per a nmn?nostagea paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturdt morning?price 8J cents per copy, or $3 13 per annum postages paid, cash in a Ivauce. ADVERTISERS are inlormed that the circulation the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and iucruasit last, h the largest circulation of any paper in this cit ?r the imnld, and it, therefore, the best chanltel for basinmm in the city or country. Prices moderate--cash in a vance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderat price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, . PnorniKToa ok tije Hkru.o Hitahi hhmkst, Northwest corner of Fulton nud Nassau streets. i s. ? 1- . ...i _. ...jj . a OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. iSfc M. 'PI IE uLD LI.^ToTlScketi fti Livriroo! will herivilH-n X despatched in the followiogorasr, except-ius that when il ssilius day falls ou Sunday. the ahi|w will sail ou the succre Mgday, vis:? From NewVork. From Liverpo The EAMIilUDUE, (June 1 July 850 tons. (OtL I Nov. W. C. Borstow.f Feb. 1 Mar. The ENGLAND, I June 16 Aug. 763 tons, {Oct. IS Dec. S. Dartlett, (I'd). is April The OX)OKI), {July 1 Aug. 800 tons, < Not. I Dec. J. Ralhbone, f Murch 1 April The MONTEZUMA, {July It Sept. 1000 tons, < Nov. IS Jan. A. B. Lowber, f M ireb 16 ' May TU LUAOPh, i A tig. 1 Sept. CIS tons, < Dec. 1 Jan. E. G. Furher, r April 1 May The NEW YORK, (new) { Ahg. 16 Oct. 960 tons, ' Dec. IS Feb. T. fl. Cropper, April is June The COLUMBUS, ! Sept I Oct. 700 tons, ' Jan. 1 Feb. O.A.Cole,i May 1 June The YORKSHIRE,(new) ! Sept. 16 Nov. 1060 tons, ' Jan. 16 Mar. D. U. Bailey,(May 16 July These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfo in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qnalili' by any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character an experience, and the strictest attention will always ba paid I promote the coinlort and convenience o( passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed i heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fued at One Huadre Dollars, for which ample stores of every description will 1 provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which wi be furnished 1^' the stewards, if required. _ Neither th captain or owners ol those ships will ba resro itile for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unlr regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Forlreight or pa sage, apply to GOODHUE fc CO, 61 South st. J, tl. i>l AilMlALL. 3? Hurling .lip, IV. *. j?9tf and of MARINO. UROTHliRS & CO.. L\m)o1, VIIK NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL TACKKTSL m m M> m jToTuT from Now iorhZWt, and IrotiLiverpool 6th of e,v mouth. from Xtno York. Vpoi New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 ton., J. Eldridge ,;Apn> ?1 Jnu. N.thip QUEEN OF THE WEST, ({??/ ?f 1250 ton. P. Woodfioute. ]\ New .hip ROCHESTER, 850 ton*, i '^'y \\ 41 1 John Britto. >} Chip HOTTINOUER, 10M ton., l|}VCb n Ira Burstly, 1 hr.e substantial, fast .ailing, first class ship*, all built the city of New York, are commanded by men ol e.perieu< and ability, and will be di.patched punctually on the 2l.t each month. tlTheir cabin, nre decant and eoromodion., and are with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of paur Iters. Price of passage, $100. Neither the captain, or owner, of the.e .hip. will be reapo iibte lor any parcel, or package, scat by them, unlet* regul bill, of lading are tinned therefor. For freight or passage apply to YVOOmmLL & MINTURNB, 07 South utreet, New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS Si CO., jH ec Lirerpc ,m *6$?i?a A&taBai MLMjt NKW YOllh. AND HAVRE PACKETS. Second Lino?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave Nr York on the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as ft lows, viz From Nnw Yor*. Frum Havrk, New 8hip ONEIDA, C 1st March. { 16th April. Captain < 1st July. < ISth August. James Knock. / ist November, f Wth Uectanbsr Shin BAIjTI MOKE, (1st April 1161 It May. Captain < 1st August. < Itl'i Bepttmbe Edward Fcurk.r 1st December, f lfith January. Ship UT1CA, I 1st May. t lftit June. Captain < 1st September < 16th October. Fred-rick Hewitt, f Ist January. ( 16th February. New ship St. NICHOLAS t 1st June. t JOth July. Captaiu < Lt October. < ISth Novembei J- B. Pell, ( 1st February. ( 10th March. The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, cor billing all that may be required for comfort. The price of c bin passage is SI00. Passengers will be supplied with every I quisite with tlwexception oI wines and liquors. Goods intended fur these vessels Will bu forwarded by* the so scribcrs, free Iron any other than the expenses actually i curied on Ihein. For fret slit or p assess, apply to BOYI) U hInckEN, Agents,; je25 ec No 9 Toorine Rnildinir. eor Wall and Watijr MAE^KTL Of PAGKETcJ. ! M. '1 lie undermentioned skips will be regularly dispatched fro hence ?ii the Ist, and from Marseilles on the blIt ol each urui durum the vear as follows Front N?w Vork. iMarseilh MIN hJ.-VA.Capt. llrown, Dec. 1 feb. 5 9'KESCOTT, ( aiit. Myrick, Jan. I March S H'UV TIlOMrBuN.Capt.Sylvester, Feb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, Cspt. Adams, March 1. May 5 C0U1OLANU8, Cspt.mile, Apr.l 1. JuueJ They are all coppered and copper fssteued, and liavs excellr acconni'odations lor passengers. The [nice of cabin passage v.'ill be $100, exclusive of win and liquors. Uimiusaddressed to the agents, BOYD It HINCKEN. wi bo forwaroed free of other charges than those actually paiu For freignr. or parage apply to LAW HENCE Ik F) IE LPS. 103 Front street or to BOYD St HINCKKN, Agents, raSCr No It Tontine Buildiugi PASSAGE Fll'IM ENGLAND, ~I HE LA N D,_ SCtF LAND AND V ALES, VIA LiVEHPOuL. t&fr THE subscriber h'.s mad- un,quailed arra> g m?r kflHyjrVfiir briugu g out emigrants ibis year. !8dl. Tlio I BWi '"'i in ii ilinil for their friends would do well to apply the eld established packet of JOHN HERDMAN,61 South st N. B.?Tbe ihi'*s ct th is line now leave Liverpool eroty fi days, and drafts can as usual be furnished for any am m.t | .i able at ell tin principal be .king institutions throogho t t united kingdom, apply n? above. nil rc "hTTaXk hall, oh old link gf live! V M*fSfyrOOL l'AI KETH-FOH LI VKHPOOL-(), fir 11 if' " Packet of tbe ISth of April.?The ne' inAXuiticeut, last sailing packet ship IN E W YORK, burin HIM tons, < i&puiu T. U. Crupper, will positively sail on Tut 'I'U aceommodati'na ol the New Voik, for cabin, ipcor c&liin anil atc-iaae paaaeuxerc, will, on inspection, In- liitiud !?' tittwi out in a manner .hit cannot but add to the con* nience and comfort ol thoie embarking. bFrrom proceeding to th? old country, will alaM titner Hi Ilia line rf packet! a moatde imble conveyance. For term! pnaaage apply ou Board, foot ol Beekman atree.r nr to'lieau icriban, llOCMK, BKOTHKKcj fc CO , 36 Fulton atreet. licit ilonr to ilia >0>M6 c Fulton Bank. PAM8AOIS TO I. |VKRPOOL?To ?aiFthe 7 W.T^Vi,1*tan,-Tl.? faat railing picket thip SriAK jtikrtiB&ITl A It K, Capt. A. Miner, will mil ai above. cor paaaago. apply ou board at Orleana Wharf. font of XV; at.or to E. K. COLLINS it CO., ad Strc 6b Sou'li ftreet NEW LINK OF PACKETS FOR LIVhl ?r?ck t ?rl" 2>?t Apr l ?The aplendid to JlKlMMbfiTorite packrt'ahipLI VEIli'OOL.IJOO tica turtle i n. t John Kldriofte, w.ll sai on Mondty, 22d April, he: reg lar day. The thin oft' ii line being all I "00 tons and upward!. p< noiii nbont to rmbtrk for the old rountrv. will not fiil to a the advantage* ti le derived from aelecting llui line in pi f ren e to any oilier, aa llinr gmt capirity r i de a them eve way murr cotpfoita"le and roc veil lent than alupa of a amal cliaa, and chert ncrom-nnlatioi,! it la well known arr vu.eri to any oilieva. I'vriona without to aecore b rth? abould nor fultnmn early application on boatd, we-.t aide ol Utirliuir Slip, or tj W. (t J. t. TaPScoTT. At the Ganoral lavaaga Oft'.ce, 41 Peck Slip ,S;0?lfC comer of bculh strict, FOR EIVF.H POOL?Nenr Line?Regular Pack April?'lhe "jiVndid packetahin S1DDON E. B. Cobb, of 10UO toot, will rail u above, ti regular day. rot freight or paaaagr, having accimmodaitona nerqtiall for aplendor or com fort t appl> on hoard, ai (Jileans w liar I, fu of Wall turn, or 10 r.. K. COLLINS St CO. 56 South at Price of p'aiagc ilOO. '1 lie i?ck?t ?hip Sheridan, Capt. J F. Depetalrr. of 1000 tot Will aucceed th? Sicdona.aud ,nl the 20th ?f May, tier regu] day. Pi^rirer. may rely on the ahipaof this line sailcg pnre ii I. ?MHi eitiaei. H17 to aWw rort. LONDON- racket ofThf l?th AtiT-t a^XM.'Tih iVehiP TORUNTO-(;*P,*ln U'Wwu'd.wiH hor pajaagr, baring superior acc.<mmodati>n< aptly t? JOHN ill.HUM IN. _ 01 South strivt N. B.-P aai e from Great Bitain and Ipe and hy I rrgular rackets, can a: all ti nea bo a?oor'd at the lovfe-trit and drafts In lushed lor env amount,pay iM? at all the prnicii baokaand their br nchea through mc e.rgliuJ, Ireland, Sc land ?nd Walea, on app ic.v inn as above at toalO i dtitifc- FOR hALE.?The stoop THOMAS COH K SiKJ^or ding Sing. BOW laying at the foot nfdpring strc MitfhUV'W York. She was built be Thotnaa Colyer, HViik So It, and la five yea a old, and one of the fastest and b hlilt tlooinOR t.h? Hua?on Htw. 8ii? m r^Qfwbo*rJ, nud Klu 4nuifth\of mt'fi -uiu carri^t nb.uit U0 torn, and it vr adapted for the, freighting or lojlber binineas. For further p ticuiara apply to . . JOSEPH A'UlK, 2J7 Broadway, New York, Administrator of the etute of r ruiklin Agate, deceit ml 'm*ee itjv REMITTANCES TO 111EL4ND, he 1 MkjWW-'Uli.o lb r coulinuea to mo.ry iu mmi la JSmBbb >f "n ill, to | eraona residing in any iwrt of Ireland t ir a line manner ?a he and hia predecissor in buaiueaa haired, I'm tit* liut thirty year a and more; alao, to.any part of Eugls or Scotland Mor ey rcmil'ed hy letter (p<.at paid) to the rnbaenber, p raouilly il?poa ted with liiin, with ilie r.arne < ( the person I eraoi.i i i Iie'nud, England or Scotland, to whom it ia to arnt, and the ueareit i>oat town, will be inatnr Imtely transit re 1 and pa <1 accordingly, aula rtcvipt to that ttt tl (idea, Inrvrnr "en t' t't tender. I i like mi r t.v ney. or claims on periona in any part Irel.aud. England r Scotland can he collrcrtd hy the ata wrr er I or peraoin residing in any p. rt of the United Hue. or ( uada, and will be paid to them accordingly. into Jin*in GEORGE McBKJDE, Jr. IU Ceda* al E NE NEW ':>&& 31? ?& n~ 1*44. ! GREAT WESTERN HATE ROAD ROUTE, iy j 1' HUM AL11.VN V TO BUKKALO (3J5 MILKS) - BV RAIL ROAD. , , ? ., I The o?ly Ollice ia N.w Vork e.ub'i li d hT the lete-al Rail 0i Road CoiiijiRnimi bc:>t?**n Albany a!i<* Bnffulo is *t Mo. yj COURTLANDT HTREV.T. * I JOHN 1\ CLAK, Uencial Aicent. ? NOTLCK TO IMMIGRANTS. J J- Trie Pib erTers having been appointed ri(*i>rg for forwardir.c linrmgitu.l.i by 11.<<I from All toy I i Oun.ilo and in- I B t. rir.eiiate id ices ,yr- enabled to s>ud the m i.'itriog tin- Summer ] fr in New York t? 1'iic t lor to S>racose$2 92, to Auburn $3,35; to lloth ster $1.61 to tnlTila fj M. Children ' from 2 to 13 yean n'd a' hall price; under 3 years free; ind all NBifi fruo Albany ob the Rril Km ii?llnlv pa*. 1 it i> evident that it cornea much elc ep.-r lo the iiuiiiirraot to e tr.yv I by R ?1 Roid linn by t.'iuil. he renchiug Buffalo rrr S-e inb in-, from New York und ltail llnnd Ir on Vlbmiv ii 41 Imura; wh rraa, it talt-a per fanal from 9 to 10 daya. The followiuR c ilcului u iIiiiki the result, vix Passua to lluffulupar l<a.l I'ai-.u^ io Buff do per t.'a Html $55(1 mil.-ay S'.CO I jC Luggage from N. Yoilt to Lug.ii.rto Buffalo, .'>011 a f Albaur, hlftlhi fr-?, bal- fie, balance forllPihs-- 55 ". auce for loOlba 18 Lost of time at least 0 days ?i L?ggige from Albiuy to w. rth to the, say ? Buffalo free Mi rents l-er day 1,50 '' Living for 42 h urg, any- 73 Living for 10 days, 40 cents ' per day 5,?0 } Total per 1L R ,id $0 4J J $13,00 ' Deduct fare per K. Road -0.41 Jo _ Ti e traveller p?r H. Road ?aves- 15,62 Th?y als> forward pasac- g rs'ro Clriva'aud, I'olnmn-uli aud J u:her pi ces ia Ohio; D.t-oit, 8;c , Michigan; Green Bay. Mil| winke Sic. V/iciisin Teir t rv; f hit ago, ll'tnoi-; a' d to ' ' different plro s iu t'auada. a'. th? lowest rates. All iufcrmation r; 4* mi in- um rrqi nu rs ki.b-i oralis, ami 1 icitl-l i to li.- Mill J'; o.ily at the Albany and Buffalo hail Hoed Dffiri-.i'J I'uii tlatidl l? *treet. WOLF St BlCKErt.8. j apt Im*m ' WEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA UA iHUADLhlK \ ? DIRECT, 1 }'' i?ok Nzwang, Nr.waiiuttswicE, Phincrton, Trrwtom, 'j1 Bmudk.ii own Atf? Burlington. J j THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. , Leaving Mew York daily from the foot of Coortlandt at. I 10 Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line atfX P. M. The Morning I.ior proceed* to Bordeutown, from theuce by steamboat to PYiiladelphia. , The Evening Line pr-.ceed* direct to Camdea (opposite to ' -'hiladelphia) without change of cars. I Fnueugers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Coortlandt afreet, where a commodious ateambo&t, will be ia eadiiwss, with baggage crates on board. " Philadelphia baggage crate* ere conveyed from city to city, * erihout being opened by the way Each train i* provided with a car in which axe.apartment* and dreaaing roonia *i;'re*a!y for lie Indira' u*e. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walint itreet, tiv steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. _ and by railroad from Camden, at i o'olook, P. M. The line* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7K A. M? end . IP. M. continuation of the liana from New York j^, j? 3m*ra ? nom o u PITTSBURG, I BY THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL k HAIL ROAD. k 'I h superior Line of Packets i* now iu co plets 0'uer. , New Boat* l.avc be'n placed on th* Line, nud every arrange rueut inid'tliat can be dejired to secure the comfort of travel6 '''* ? The interesting country whi h the route paases.reudera it the . most ai^.-cahle that can he taken for the West. For lamilie* travelling westward, it ia pre'ereble to all o.lier g routes. No effort lias been spaied to mine the acci ininodvtious en b"ard the boats ample a-d comple. 'i liey aie in charge of eigetieucrd, attentive, a id obliging captains, so that the trip of ffom 01 PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURG, a a ia reaceredone of pleuur-ratlirr than toil. " FARE ONLY $10. n OFFICE N. E. CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT S TRKETS. n. Where every iolormat'ou may be obtained. DTT^cea'a may also b- arctlr d at 13 south Third at,and at the DEPOT, !fi4 MARKET STREET, where the Cara atart Irom erety morning at B o'rloek. m36 1m* rc A CUMMINOS, Agent. FREIGHTS FOR BALTIMORE. r TEA NTBO8 ATL I N E ' N5v,-?-KE..iK_ \ PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE. VIA DELAtas WARE AND CHESAPEAKE CANAL. Thia L'ne, conais'ing of the following Steamboats? '* fcteamboat BALTIMORE, Captain F. Lavm-m. >1- " CUMBERLAND, " A. Colemary. " EHIC.Sft )N, " A. G. Ctaypocl. " HONKER, " M. W0ir Is no v in niern icu. leaviug the npper side of L heatr.nt street Whuf. daily, at o'clock I' M., for Baltimore, arriving early net- morning. Meichaudir.e tVatinrd South or West of Baltimare, will be r< ftn warded t! e ice w ith the ktea'int despatch. freights for Norfolk, ftichraoud. Peteribur,-, Va., Washington Georgetown Alesandria, D. C. LTuciuuati. Ohio, Lnuiavill*, Ky , Siiut Louis, Mo , or any other puint South or Writ,,revived u.,1 forwarded daily at ill* louea'. rates. All goods il'armed for Btltir.iore win New York, and eontigned to thr u nlertig'.ed at Poi'.adrl, bin. will lie |orward-d llie t&mc day as leceiveil. and delir -r-il ihe f..| owing dp.ruing " A. GROVES, Jr . Agent, at Iti20 ! vre* No. 19 South Wkarvis. I'lnlau. Ipl ir. [ PEOPLE'S USE OF STEAMBOATS | FDR ALBANY. JtXfSk DAILY, Sundtya iicep'eil?Throush I)i?Xtec', t 7 I* M., IVuro th* Stemb >at Pier beat '*at "" 'T * ''?Liberty itr.rti. The ateimbust KN1CKEREOCK ER, Capuiu A. P. 8t. Jolin, Moudy. Tv*rdue?-iiy ami Kridav, at 7. ' The Sier.m >0'.t KOCtlESTF.K, Ca"Uin A. Houghton, on Tuec'av, Thum lav and Shtniday, at 7 1*. S? At Fireo'clock P. M.. Lauding -'t lute, med ate Place*: ? J 1 ha St.-amboat NO'tTH AMERICA, Captain Wm. II Trn?*dell, Monday. Wrdn-iday, Kridav and Sunday, at i P VI. M 1 lie bte. mboat CURTIS PECK. Captain Win. 11 Pack, Tueaday, Tliur?djy and Saturday at 5 P. M ra>?D|fri takniK tin* lina of boat* will arrivr m Alliany in am-le lima to inke tbe Morning Train of Cat* for the east or weat. 0"The abora Boat* are new and *uh<tantial. ara furnith-d with new aud elegant Star* Knfltna. anu fur ape-'d and accommodation are nu.ival'ei on rba llu''*<>u. *? For ptuaage or fi<-ight, apply on boi:d, or to P. C. Schnltr. at the office on the whatf. all ' NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINK. .??***> gat AUUA SGEMENTS FOR HHt-MORNMaj LIN'K-Krom ihefo t f a aei, _ r--?.-tJulJrf- at 7 o'cl irk A. M. i Su id*\* excepted.) [' Tbe Steamboat 'PRO V, ( a; t A. (iotliiro, and Tbe Sfambont K VIIIHK, Capt. S. It. Hi e. ita Evening L?ie?Direct from the f,lot of Co ri'audt *trret, at ?e 7 o'cl >ck 1\ M. [Sunday* excepted 1 at The Steamboat SWALLOW, C?pt *. McLeon, and The Steamboat ALB AN Y, C*pt ll. B. Maty. Tliproprietor* of th- New York, Ad)uiy -nd Troy Lire v? wou'et rrapeetfally ii f >rm tlia ru'.ilir that their boat* have y- during'he rrce*n ol naviga ion the pi*.- winter, been refli ted e indrrpleniahed lliroufhiit ..nd many improvement* a<:dnl to , tne eoiolort of the traveller The Troy and kmpite, ?i hereto? fore, will io'w lb' M?' ing Line, from the Steamboat Pier >" font ol B i clay litre#', iiiu-ii.a daily [Sunday* a ret pled] uiak' iif the principal intermediate landing* on the llivrr The Swallow and alb-ny will lorm ihi 7 o'cloek Evening Line {through direct) d i'y (Sunday* (excepted.) Theahov, coat* are ol Llm hr*t tla n ol Hte in heal*. and f ir f|iaed and ae. i onim-dation* . ra uncurpi*aeJ, and what is *f greater in:er>*t tothe traveller, are under ihe comma.d of oltcere well known *" to the public?their r nm'* alone i*a anificient guirrr.ter of kind c* attention, civil deportment and ?afe management. ,J " York. March It. 1811 mlV-c ?' SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. BLOO.MINdUALK. MANHATTANVILLF. AND FORT WASHINGTON LINK OK STAGE* Fai# ro M .nhetunville,. Cant* _ Ka'e to Fort Wilii-xtou JJ Cent'. ill Ttiis Line of Stage* will commence running 8- in M ndiy, April 1, IDlt, n* follow* Liav^5 "H Manha'tanviPr *t 7 o'clock, A. M , aud ill Cuuli4.ii>- iu<iwiug erary hour unt'l 6 P. M. Laming New York, corner ol Tryon Row and it two dooia laitof thu llariem Hailrotd Office at 9 o'clock, A. ? M , and continue running erery I our until S P. M "* 1 hit Line ol htigi-* p ,a*ea the lyplinn aud Lnnat'.c Aivluin", 1? Burnli .in * Mention llciiie, the Abbey and Backer'? Hctrl, " Tn.ntf Church Ceinctiy, the High llricge aud Knrt Wa-lung? ton. B MOOIiffl in77 lm*rc ; Proprietor. i fc'JSofc ferry.""" SeSSStl er On and alter Tueaday, bebruary 37th, the Boala will leave | or ie followi, until fnrtl er notice Ltavt Stalrn Island. Isavc ATew York. lie At A. M. At 9 A. M. 10 " 12 1 P. M. 3M P- M. 5 " 5H v. n. On Sunday the boet will letve ?t 11 imtrad of 13. _ frWrr ?. NEWARK AND NEW YORK. " KAKIC ONI,V l?J CKNT8. ,,i TIIK NKVV AND 8WIKT STEAMER RAINBOW, ot CAPTAIN JOHN OAkkY. -a33 AN ill her tri|>? lor the tenon on ,*^*Tliar?i.'.\y, ,opnl 1th. tind run until farther noT, 11 iTlg I tie- rt followi I.-urine Newark at 7>, H o'el >ck, A. M , New Yntk 4 o'eloek, P. M. lur The lliinborr h-rn enlirgrd, completely r fitted, anil adapted to tSia rout \ aid h'tTiiiK a larg* deck ial ion, ihe Can coatfor ably ?o :0:nin 'date a I i:ye number oi paaicngrri. . kri i nil carried a' i? r reaaontble rtt'?. ? New Yeik, Apnl 3 1811 *4 tf rc 1,1 JK* NO PICK- Too H e.mbnr POSTS M O L'T 11 ii ii mv lieing thorcughlv repaired 3i/ww?etlSSaa^-a n d will lie re i iv nflir .i em u il ntviy tmn to t >w hoit. iu'er.-ediite to Trov, A b mv a id Ne ? Vora Tl.ii boa will live r paeiura lor towing "in ?l to my on the e river: and i>. i? h i,eJ thai it will obtain a lair upporr. et. w31 lm-ri! P. CllVlSrOCK r'f-"fT? I *i DRAki'S ON KNIil,AND. IRELAND ' he.?rertom about r. muting money to ih ir ) y^pJF-aMrXa^frieoda in tlie Old t onntry em be iiipi-ked II ^2/ulUkA^i with drnfti in mma of ?1, ?1, ?3, ?7, ?10, et, fci ?^n, I.JO, 1100. ?1000 or any amount, payalde at on demand, without diacoiin', or any other charge at the Marat tional Bank of Ireland,Provincial, Meairi Ja'? Bait, Hon of Ik Co., Bankera, London; J. Uarned fk Co , Eichange and Duel I count Bank, Liverpool; Kutern Bank of Scotland; Or-enock er- Banking Company; Sir Wnt. Korbe., Hnnter it Co., Scotland; and the brjnchra in every poat towu thn nnhoul England, Ireland, Scotland and (Valei, which draft! will lie forwarded liv ed. the pi-Ucia .,1 the Mill. 1'ilH, 3l?t. and 2f,tli. or the ,tovr.| 11-e.m-r tailing froin Boitouon Be Dtoi Mae, Apply to ~ VV. J. I 1 APntvUl If he yyt their general paw ore olfi r, (J T.-ck i!ip, "f feljro corner of South itr?et 1" N ? ?AH lepen from ihe conr.tty mitat come pott paid. md ?-?Wfc- LOND IN LINK <>K PACKETS-Packet of htif/VlOth April ?The it Irud.d. fait lailu.g. and (arcrile ,or t-TOtlCn- I ket ati |> TIIKO.M I'O, l a)tain Oruwold, will l'r "ii'f ii.ove, her u vular diy. re 1 kii very rii-etlect accommodation f >r rehin, lit- conrl rat,in and itnv.ige rati*rtgcri. IV ioui wiit.-ing to etnbgik or Jor the o!d country could not irlert a fn.e-ihip. ] h ie w igl;lug to aocore bertha ih mid epply m boar I, or to ,ff W it J. T. TAPSCO f T, I - _ (3 Pe Ii <1 p a- The Toronto teavra LonJm on the 37th May. !' >? wi?h ii g to ie d for their frinndi, can have them broughtou; in her, or any of the line, on the unit favorable trrim aie? N Y A I " > HO i ' mmmmmmmmmmrnrnm W YC r YORK, WEDNESDAY t\rw Am mrifo Lsvsvsn. j\ x 1 111o : ^ JUST RKCLIVLl), by the packet ship ninD4il ILcks, from l aiin, the best article J*0~utleinen's H reneh Boon ever seeu. ?n l uow olleied Jn wholesale and retad at the low price of (9. Idle best article of Krencli Ca'f Boots, made to tpeasu'e- $! M " " " ("oik Sole Hoots J <M " " " Wat-r I'roof Hoots I III " " " Lishl'"alf S?w?d Boots $3 to J 51 " " " line ( alf Shoes, mvde to roeas'ije J 01 " " " Workrd Slipta-'s $1 *o 1 2: And the greatest assortment ol all kinds of Boots and Slices it ftsblou. I.a'tics in this store you will d id ll < greatest assort tnenl of (finer Ho-is that cau be foond i.i this ci'f.aud ?l i iu's i f Buskin Slip|>-rs, Ties, Dotiou 9 'oes, rflinlll llif ten, white. blsck. at in, and oil other fcictli a?d colors. Alto lie greatest assortment of Hoys' Hoots and hhot s Mi'seaam l3hildrri;s' of all ktudi to he found i.i this city; and allofiu own in iuuI icture, and of the l est French goods, and warranto! :o be the best, and as cheap as the chra|test, at 3UJ Broadway ;he corner cf Franklin street. OIIKCJORY & CAHILL. m9 1m*cc 2ti7 Broadway, N. Y. TO COUNTRY MKRCHANS. JEa BOOTS AND SIIOKB. WILSON &. JOHNSON, S [Succe. or t9 John Kuichtus) liaio remvd from 123 to II 113 Ch i,linn street, and liaVd completed their essorttnei t^l if Spring Moods, comprising the greatest variety and l og a issoriuient of Boots and Shoes tint can he found in ih? citv.Lvery thing in ilier line, consisting in isirt of 30(111 ladies' Vlo vcco Hut- ins, 30( 0 Indies' leiiher do, 3000 ladies' common do iOOO lathes'cmin >n hlipp-rs. 25u0 gentlemen's do, WHO ladies in" Kre,ten do. LOU Weit Backs, 10,03(1 I hildren's Shoes of al imds , ud co'ora, 1000 lad,es' Mailers, hla< k and colored. it) c t*n 111 aaiiliriiien a uueuall innf.l n' Cll ? can's IX-JGI' U no, 4 a-.r? km do. 4I c?v buys' a. d youths' do, and all other arli tcl ? tiuit cui possibly be called for in the hoot and shoe line or 4 u', 112 liatbam vrtvt. opposite the (Chatham Theatre.? N. B. i hentr re opened till 1U o'clock in the eveuinx, itiviuii tointr- lurrchautsan opportunity to purch ise wl en uot other wise eriKised. ml lm*ec J BOOTS AND SHOES. xv^a LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.^^^? ALL WHO WKAH the above articles .andwish to tare mooev aad better lose no time iu calling at me fashionable m Shoe Stores ill 6'. 1'. SKCOll, Nov lGO)ti and IG1 Greevtvri itreit, sviiefe ull in ay suit lh< mtelvrs with an article t tat in ityle or inakev fashion and liuith, cncuol be surprised or per Taps equalled in thiicity. S. r. S. begs to apprise in particular those! '? m nr.dgentle men who consider a well titling boo', or gaiter \u j iidup-ntaM irticle to the tout tineiuhU of all within the r jHontle, tha lt;0>? or 161 Gieenwich atreet. are the only u New lorl !hey can ib pend on btiiqt auiied. N. B.?Ladies and Misses Gaiters, ^i>opm, he., always oi baud in eudless variety. ft. /-ILeineinber, lfiOhi andlSl Greenwich street. f 15 3m*ec BOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE. A LARGE ASS!)RTMf'.NT of the above mined artichi s- m y |is |,ad at the Manufacturer's Depot, No. 200 Piarl st New York Among those on bond may be fonud in |>ar: the following rit:? Maas'&Boys' Kip pegg'd Boots Meus' & Boys' Thick Brogon Dodo Gaud S'al do Do do Kip begged d) Du do bump Sole dt Dodo da Sewed do Do do Ilaif Welt d> I )o do Calf do do Dodo do Calf do Dido do IVsted do Do Calf S'wed do lJOda Tamp bole do Do Stun", reuuel do Ilo do Goataud S'al do And a variety if Women's, Missis, audChildrei' Buskins, Loo'eea Slippers, he. he., pegged and tewed; togr'li -r .vita a ke .er\1 assort neat of balm l.eaf ai d Leghorn ft ill Couui ry merchants and otheri are invited to call aud examine All sold iuw for cash or city acceptances. G.VLE h CO , No. 261 IVirl street, mt Im'ee U. S Hotel Buildins, N V ri JUST FINISHED?Elegant Nutria Fur Hats (ordinari J^?!y termed Beaver) at the |jw price of IJ ; superior shor nun ol Prussiiu Moluskiu at $). These hats aie e<iual m durabi lity and luitre to those sold ?t $l. Alio, an article it %i 10, i very net* drc? hit. BROWN Pratt Hatter in26 lm*m 11 i I 'anal tlreet. WEDDING PARTIES, BALLS ROUTS, tec. SUPPLIED with all the different rsrietiei of P.utry, Icet Kru't, Pound and S,reuse Cake, Ornament-d Pyramids Rout Cake of all the different virieticj, and the greit it assort meet of Tea Oak-tbat cin b* obtained at anv eitablishin.nt n the city. Alio, all kinds of Biscuit, from Pit it Bread to th rina l??t Pic-nic f"r the table, !''|P, h Pies of seasonable variety i'olf Paste forms for Dinner Parties. Order* thankfully received aoJ s >nl to any part ?f the city o country JAMES TOMHSON, At the Premium Bakery, 41* LiapeuurJ, near Church. M 1111*0) SPRING" FASH IONS, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, Magatin tie I\I(xlcs, 60 Canal street. lM'ADA.Vl BEHK.MAN, in retumiiiK thanks for the lait eiifh tv-l yrari pitronage. beg* uioat respectfully ta inform lie f'iendi, i noo-.p ri,end tie' public, that she has received he Serine fishi ins from Cam.and be;, to be favored with an earl; c ill to rxtmiue her varied -ud eleita'.t stock of eu'ire u'w ttyle of Silk, ai well aa Straw llal?. Madam* It herself ilut the same are unrivalled iu th city, both as to style, quality, tba:e and p'b"e. A call wil convince them ?f the fact. A1AOAZIN DE MOOES, in2t 1m*m C'l Canal street. UNITED STATES DAOUERKIANGALLER/Y 173 BROJUiWJtr, UP ST. lilts I* WHITE would ics|ectiully call the attention of citizen J' aril strangers visiting the eny to Ids ip'en lid Collectio of DAGUE1I R.EO 1* PE PORTRAITS, sicijle. O' in uroni Iroin two t > tourfeen persons in tin' same plate, which, in beat ty and accuracy ?f delineation, cannot b-iurp ssed. Portrait taken in ill bluds of wrath r, either with or without colors; th prices of which lie hwreduecd to those chart d by the most u I'X'vriencud in the business. The Amrrean lustitnt*, *t it* late exhibition, award-d Mi Wmte th-- fint preinuun lor the h-?r 0iguerreoty lik. iws (lor gmapii.g and jrene'al effect), e hich is but another pron of the superiority of his portraits. Mr. White is the snle iifeii in New Ifork lor the very superior imported German Camera and at no oilier e.tabliihuieut m the Uily or State can b obtained. N B?Imported German Camerai; also Fr nch and A-ner can Instruments of the very but iinality, with Plate*, Uaaa Chemica s, I'olishin : Map rials, kc , always m hand, Id iile at tlie very lowest prices. f2? 3m<iri /. F. n. BLESSON. COPPERSMITH, FRO M PARI S HAS THE HONOR t> iibmibdt'iedtttlnlniB npeu'd a store at 203 Greenwich street, where !? maculae turps and hu for ra'e, Kitchen llang-aand Tackle. *c . in style altogether new, m de of one pier e of r. etal. Moulds l< p stry c >oks, of different m 'I Is. Alimhigie Bulling Tub' Half Baths, tie also manufactures wrought iron. tiu. tins "V? and repairs, as goo I as new, til Kitchen Itaug"s and Tackle and by Hg'eeinect will deduct fifty per cent to different hub! ir.d hooding houses ITT'Tl eaboveaiticlei w.ll be lent ont. N. B.?Waot'd at the above pi ice. a journeyman tinman, an a young m>q who can speak French and English. D :m i in * in FRENCH CHINA. No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, (U? BTAIita.) AoibESMR, lm;u and Agent for Manufacture'*, b.a always on hand a lvu? a*"Ortmeat of dinner and tea sst in pi tin wt.iwcnd gill French Porcelain, as well aruiuner.ui lies rt Plains, of * I size*, assorted Dishes, Soup Turn'*, Covered Disiirj, SiljJ Bowls, Fruit Dukei*. Uiulards a.i S tan ds. a i... ov.. i < !...? ,i.,.. air .n.?..u l-.. ?i. ...,I ??? tanihape All the article* are wavrante I of ili? b.nt qnality, and to b told on li-erul lenni, iu >ow to auit ptncha.eri. mil fim' r<: TO UOHSE AN!) STOHiriaTRTlTtT^T^Nr FACTUK ERS AND OTHERS. CS 8MH II It I O. reapectfully inform their friend'an< the 1lib ic gt-tenlly. tha they will attend po ion I'ly.t arranging a id tefling 'tie hiuaehold furintti e ot t-?n?.11-? rm riiiK or drrliuinr h uvkeeping, inerchaodHe of a Lion; of p-rasna ivlinouia'iiug bu*ire*>, either II the r??id'' ic> nntom ol the ottirt, or iu our aain room, winch ii adtnin bly adapted for lhj pirrote. Our lalei roo n, 1.0 fert derp and well lighted, nitniled 0 Bio'dway, and romaiaiid-tg the ateati'ii of thi? ir ?t ih roughfare, all >rJi to manuf.ictgirri ami othera tac.iiirV* for ll oikitution and nale . f ev. ry deanription ol mrrchandiie uuati |ui?mI b'other store in the city. Term i m iterate Tl rendition at.d 11 lytneut of tale prompt Liberal raiti advanc when required, arid ha in id* 04 c iiiiCntnenu iiitojd: d rith. for public or private aalea i n as h smi rn. IIKNIIY K WILI.kRn. Autioup rt and (iomm.ia'oti Merchant!, tn27 lm'rc Store ',01 Broadway, c r Dunne ?t. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. DM. PEYSER fc CO. (lately removed Ivom the corner r William and John, to No. GO John it reel,) offer for an] on liberal trrmi. whol'rale and retail, the foliowinic uticln received by recent arrival! ? Beilm ben 2ephyi Wonted?the moet complete aiiortment i ihu conntiy. Canvas*, for Kmbroi Jery, of cotton, ailk and woratvd, in a width*. Berlin Embroidery Pattern*?of the choiceit and reweitil* ciipiion; Embroideriei, time en ?nu commenced on, worsted aud cotton, wu'k-d in the moat tasteful Par run rtyle Teasels for Hair Dresaei, of cn!d, eilrer.and silk and tinaellei Bricslets, Comb*, Ha>r Pin*, and a large variety of othbeaut Ihl Parii Fancy Articlea. Puree Ornaments? Steel, gilt and ailver Beads; Bugle'* Pnn Twiat, plain and thaded. in slice* and ipooli, Eu.jiiiiJer and (lower Chenille, ot silk and meal and 1 Ik. Alio. Fringe*, Oimiu and Cord a 'J Taenia, imported ,nd < their re? inanuft jtnre, of cold, lilver, liik, lie.all >.0I01 and width* I /" Branch Store a JG9 Broad war,(formerly 117 Broadway, f T Imer * Till: CoitRKSI'ONIlKNCK met ween HUKNS AND CLAIUNDA. THE V'IioI- of the myaisrious aud aecret Correapondeor whieh took place between the Pf-t Bran* and tlie 'ed Clrrini'a, Mr? VlcLa iioaar, in 1737 to '03. and which hi been sonRlit for 111 vain by Cunningham and othe'i, for il puri ow of publict'ion, lut' at leillith, by the d"CP?te of <1 rinua, f.ih" 1 into the ha id* of her grandion. W, S. Mclmho* E?q. ml i.i now firat itiv-ui tn the world. I'll! 'Americ n eil linn i? a neat 12 no, volume of about 303 paget, cloth, gi't? ia.-ned and for file oy II. P. fllXBY St CO. inli Im'en No. 3 Pa'k How, opp >*lfe the A*t?r llonae. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS," \z<\ 'PHF. aubecrile rs hive jam. rre.qved. rrrlvte am v all fro 1 Havre, and keep constantly on I Aid, a complete aaaorltnei Kranch Artificial Flower* Material* of all kiiii* for Flower* Feather*, Hair Ornamenta, and Millinery article*?f aalrby HENRY at KkltN, Itnpoifr*. film^rre Tl tlwily itiau, up*talf* CHINA, GLASS Sc LAMP MANUFACTORY TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND OTHERS. fDH K. u :d?r,i,?nid rrapeclfully infoiin the r cnatomrn and tl 1 (ubllt thai pa " nay* reJuced their pricea of ilm above a tide*, and having b.en m nuftctnrp g iranyyeura, their eap riet cr euablr* them to fit ni'h ctie,t>er than ?ny other nana and they wairaot their artie.l ?, auch '? Solar Limpa of all <i acnpliotia. Aatral Lamji altered to Solar. A full a-a rtment of Cut and Plain < il ia*, n?w pattern Oiro dolei, Cliaadrlieta, Cande'aSraa, Uououeta, ke., k- I in Lamp* and Canterea of a'l rir.-a witn rich and cntataiiv glut All artiele* m itched t < any pit'erm. Ola** made ai r.uitoordtr Good* for th* eoai.try 'ent free of **|ien*e A tid -a Inoied f..r putt e*. ( it vera geii r*'|y ere invited to c* and etamine cur anottnirfiit and a 11 iafy the?na*lv?* *1 recti ijualicp ami pricet. ST'JU VKNKle Si V,0. Factory 29 (J0I1I attert. Wholea le and Ke'.til Store, No. 3 John at, near llrotdwi m2ilmTre END NO AND COLIAICTINO OFFIt ;fc,-PKTF. AYMAR. having aren eoinmemed hit old hnainraa SOn'i g, Collecting o Kent*, Bill*, &r-i leap v.t'olly anliel lie t itroutge o! . e 1 u' !ic, at lit* oilier, No. IJl N?w* tl" t'cind neto'.v Ues'tmau at P. AYMAR 10)8 lm'.c iHW'U $41 * *+ * ? )RK ] MORNING, APRIL 10, 18 j Jkojl TO LET?A houie situated ?t Hlo-mingdtle, about . pjB lit miles Irom the city. )i is delightfully situated on ' bsult ol l lie Hudson, and is remark lhly healthy. The I UiBiircontains seven room*, wilh pleasure g irdeu, Sic attached ' K-ut tJ>6 |fr anuuin. Apply at the Abby Hotel Dlo*miiig I dale. ap3 lm*rc ! I JtBJk ' " LET?'Twa fine in iku Imilt three ntory houses, J | pw Nub. 106 aed '66 Twenty-Kin t trret, a few dot r? east o" j I i'.'JB Eighth Avon-. Enquire 164 2 lat surer. m'Mlmrc 1 | K)R *ALE Oil TO LET i AggL A HOUSE (N Pi-.ttTH AMBOV, N J-At fhcorner yf Hini'h and U"ctor slircls The lot i> 63 fret I i jrr) hv 1*10 in deplh?a K'aif a*bor and I" nit trees in the g j. - d o. Tli" !i ii c n> t# liy :u, two it tries a cellar lurch' n op"iiI my iulo 'he ?lr. et and yard; a w l' in the c-llar ktch u; our I : I i-gi and three await rooms ou the first itirr; the second at iry r four be 1 roonn; t sro 'poti'i finishrl in tin* itirrs-t. Attached 1 ts the hoa-.e ii an "tli e, 15 by 2t feet. The hnnre ?i'l be , rnit*d lemrate fro**ith: oTi e. Apply to JOHN VANDEll, HI I T. No 53 Front ltrcet, New York, i" to tin* tub cr ber at Perth A in hoy F. W. BMINLEY. P.rth Amhnv, A'ril I, JPII A Lin?A KAltM for si'e, detaining 1!6 seres, in a good M'te of c'iItiration: 3 ill Pe-ch rtcei and a variety of otber I'rait lree? on ih I irui. For t'srccul < ? enquir- ? ab?te P I*] 2*' JOHN VANDEliBlLT, 60 Frmjjl i JrA PilU KALE OR T > LET?Two l ew Thmt-itorv bijja Brick ."ioux-e, wilb luarble tcanU-U, eliding Uoora, and ' JwylLrouveiiii iil cluarta in all the romiu The houses are 23 ~ (e't liont and umr, by 36 feet deep Each home liaa all under C'llar. well ac'arte.1 for the purposes required The l.n*s ar. I etch 25 by I'll) 'eel. In the yard is a spacious i isteru. I* ice lor . | ,-ach I louse mil Lot $5 :0f, of tvh cli t a'o-thirds can remain. 'I ' liisued, on bond II.I III nr.age to Jar cent Iff auuaiii. I'll,' [ rent f.v cell hon e is $356. ' The Iioiis?? arc situ tied in Budge street, betweeu Tillarv ' and Johnson streets, Brooklyn Apply to JOHN A. WILLINK. At his re.idence at Klatbush, or his olfice No. 73 I Nassau street N?w York, or 'o STEl'rtKN HAINES, | u*i? tm? in lu 1<i?rmcitmt, I'r oklvn. tfflU SAIiK- Hy order ot the (Innrt of Chancery. at tlx M-rchsuts' Bsc -nrg'. on the t*th day of April, by E. LUDLOW at 12 oVlocli A. M, t' at valuable Lot mw k'lnwu as No. 6! Uroad reet, lately occupied by VV Cnnklin, about tweiity-thn e !" I nine itches in front ' on Biond reet a oil about one hundred ami thirty fret in depth > ? ith a four s'.orv hrick buioluig,used as a workshop, in the tear f For farther particular, apply to THEODUtU SKLOWC'K. Solicitor, 20 Wall street, or to OEOUOB U. SIKMOV, Receiver. ' ajtnl9*rc 78 Msiden Laue. i AHL TO LBT ?The large well bin t two story briek fvTT? house No. 23 Ron-street, is in cnmph te order end a i .r.VHL two story t a room attached to it. For faiticulars, apply to OKRDINO Si KUNKKI.MANN, 15 Broad s\ TO LKT, at Brooklyn, a modem built two story and attic - biickh'ii e fit-t to at the junction of Button and Navy atrre s, frontiua the latter. The lot, U-0 feet d**p, tuns through to Fulton stieet, wi h a ''livate eetrarce on the same Also, lb* house ad jiiioi -tj Navy street Forterms, apt Ivto ' ' '""^HH'N'ikKIl " It F.I.M \NN, J'i Broad st. N. Y. , LKT from tirat. of Mst, a *r >ut or Basement [ >W Room, t?r Oilice or School, No. 2t-'J Bli-scker street, iu I','*"i a g 'nti-el hnuie?desirable situ ition?good u iglibolino.;?separate entrance?moderate rent. Apply on the premises. at lwi?rc At*. COUN I KYKKSIDKNCKTO LKT OR LKASK fr.Vrf ?A b> a tirul Mid Ileal thy situation, with abost 2U lots tRxwL >' ground laid out, iii tlower and vegetable garde is. eala euialed lor ti e summer or winter r " id I'll r.e of a respe fable - I'miily, or a gentleman doiug busiiirss in the city. Tirrsisa . slablenn the premises, and a go d school teu by. end facilities of convey sn'e every bill hour Imtnedia'e possession givt u. The relit will be l>>w to a gOtMHMBL 'i'he houie Iras jtUt been painted. Iuonbe of Dlt SCHMIDT, No 0 Warren s'r et. al Iw'rc leuveen 'J ai d 10 A, M.. or:t ai d 1 1*. M. t Artk ROOMS TO LKT?In the Mi-rd and fourth story of ff?D bsilding No. 817 Btosdwav corner of Murray street ? i iUULx'niiuire of Kit wards, Authouy it Chilton, on the prein'.a?at orAlaco m it ImuI, 1"5 it. inlil Im'rc JpL TO LET?From the lit of May n at, the Twt ttory 1";H Brick Dwelling Home mid premier, So.10 Tweuty-firat Jy4L:t,ect. Knqaireoi OKO. BOWMAN, _ III Dorr's Granite Building, 1 a# St'rc f 'orre.r of K.xrhanitr I'laer and Hanover at. ' " FOR SALE . **># A F AUM in the Toweth.p ofOrange, N. J., ahr milea a JJv?3?froin Ncwnrk iuiiI two from No'th Oranee?lPOacret, two , ,?dba.ihirdi me.vdow and arable, laiUuce thrifty wood?house til roomi, gaml and cellar, lately repaired?barn and outbuildr iuga gooda?apple ,iud |ieich orchard?plenty arnaM f uit well vvatrredby apricot?good well at door?very healthy aituuion ?pure water. To h# told a bargain, with stock il driirtd ?poiarstiou when mini red Apply at 10 Kerry at, 131 Uiriaiou at, " V Dry at, or OKO. BLACKJBUHNK, 1'erry Lam, on the pi tee. mi lm* rc j, 1!()Lt florist, tub COH.NKltof Kifiiuth arr et and Blooming la'e road, tfvA >ff> ra for ule a ap'endil aelenion of Standard Hoi'a and wJha?eth, ri, ill po'a, C'impriainK 'h* choicest and iiewetttarieiiea of Musi, Perpetual, Bengal, Ten, No aette, and H 'urbona, the lint-.t co'hc'.ion ill the country. Alio, a apleui'id leleetiou of Cmnrlliaa, coin;.ruing upward! ?>i mi v-trt ii-r; e A/.ciia, Rhododendron, and other green houaa anil hardy 1 pl.inti, Mofire'a Itloomiiigdule a'ngea paas every hour hv the door, a'nniig from ron r of Chatliani and fryon Row. ll(Ju(]u-ia ( u up Uat-'nlly. n2 :ni*iti ~ARJ)E slN(i jjlt J AMI'S V'HTIJK, (itr.leoer and Kloriaf, corner of {TOghhilh aire. t and Dili av-uue, having hvd much ?apriie ice in asinwJi'a i ua<ueia real ec'lully inforina hia (rieudi and the pnVia lie toa'h* n p 'piredto l.ynut gndcna larvery vnri ty of a aty'e, and keep them n-t ly thr ughout the aeaaon on the n.oai a riinder.te ferina ; i ud hoa always r.u litud en aaaortment o' i- pi tote ahaaie trees (for atresia,) fruit treei, ahrnha, roaea, ke ? a and will furnish (liein at the mo.t mod-rate pricea. Slude and a oth rtreeap'a t-d in n ly p.rc of the ciry !- All orderi l-'t it hia n aide tee. or at Thortini'u :ced atore, John itr*et, will he p ir.c'uaily alten led to and promptly eier. tiMlil t moat aattafactort man our. ?> lag* iaw f tj* h'K'.hll G \ I' 1)1'. N SKe I >?' entitling f iwirn I ha ol , JkA " tdiah; !0<N Iba of Ben ; IH00 |l>a of Turnip; m II Ihs of . cJtuw lire t; JOJ Ibi of! Inion; VIO lea of Spinach; 2i0 Iba ol Cabbage, i,n J eboot i(M0 Iba of nthw Heart, hi all thachoiceat a,ecie> a'.d v.irutie'. For aale on no'erete teimt, and in j ciuantiriea ro aint iwchaterr. by T. BRID'JK VIA N, . At hia 1'e.m incut Family Katihlivhuo'iit. Br a I way, cor t Kighteeipli atrret. HT" A'ao. by hia ton, Alfred, ou theaame prenii.e-, a general aitOrfn in of ai K.aunt'iK I'i-anti embracing about 8) ol the choiceat yarieii-a ol t-rraiiiumt; all the l?- t kiinla <( Vlnntli'V Roa a; together will (lainalli >a, Carn-ticua, t';ctns'i. \ erbeiiat, and ol i?r llowerii ? audorcainuntal I'liuta, ineli ding Doiilile Oah'i ta, itc , Sc% O" AMKKIf AN STsVNOATIl) HOHTICULTURAI. BO .KY eoiitaning the reaulti o 21 ye-ira1 pfetirn in the ri' ci-oty of New Vo U "The Young Oardeners Aaii.v'aut " the te^th -di'ion improved, 'i t pmra octavo; "The Kitchen O' dai 'i'a Inatructor;" ' i'lie Kloria 'a Uuide," and the "Frni' ' Cullirator'a Viautal." firaile, wholenvle uid ir ail. by the Author, Broadwav, corner of I'th aire-t. al lin*ec m* FOB, SA LKe- \ phN tf I ml aontoiniag iv r n 2n to d ?Jy3l11 arret, h-stitiiii'ly located oil the I'aterrnn Turnpike agi-ra. ito.i t, command ng a*" eatrnaive view in all dir -e;ioiu. It i< near the lla-keiisecK River, aud in lull v ew ol Newark, overlooking all the nirreuiulinx country. It i? an admiralrl# site for a v'-itl i an'a r s deuce, hen.g live mil s from Ho. link, il, at cue, N. J, in I lie r.eiyhhorh nl of good acli nils and on iw-iii prtathm. (m]itir- i.f iVM, L IIAD, i)( IC K, No. 91 B*rry, or of tii" .wnerJ. t J. INDKlt, HII.L, at Secaiicui, or l)r til.OVKH, J A n . t. niK lin'rc NIWsOVS isKEI) sroitE. d Just Rrrrivtd by the St. Jimrs. aaut TIIF. I'llOPRIKTOR reiiiectful'y 'itf.irma the pule She tint it ri *iir hta late vnit to Kuglaud t;e procured tlut lull Mr. < li.srlwoo<l, th* c ''eh ted tee.Uintn and ' hotuii t. all rKeicw vuiefyni i v>lina,d Flower >?? 'u, su:h if t'iok th* j? enpuni it v rioiu H >?ticn't ?ril Kshibitio^s hit ye?r ; in eddicin^ ro v.h c h v?i I be found *11 thi choice kin laol Jbarly atid L ite Vrg t ?b!e S edi, "fid a v.rety of eirlv and late I'Affitofi of tli l? it l<iud?, w ll? (Iran .'e'dsol every variety Pur liden will I e ?tt*n. t*J to by a regu:** bred areJ?m tu, ?o d th t n ? mil tike* em occur ? F.v rv articV in t *e line hi* J oe i purchased for reidy money. : and car. be sold at modera e pi ire*. ll 'llie Conifrvvto.y i?t>itd*rth chtrre?f a pract cal flirist, * who will di?P?>s! . f every variety of p'not* n >d shrubs at t" very low pri?e* Bcqu-fa ami '.vrea'lu tastefully arranip'd in every*van*ty of *tv l?. a'ao. cut flown, at wrv short notice. ,n A g h it variety of F'ower Ptti, Or Mineutil Flower Standi and m', from tlie Puttcr.ei in L >n?l >;r, Bird be-1 ; He .tcli mi Oat Meal, Gfottg, be o. r- ft'/3- Kwry article cfTreJ for silc wirran cJ ta 1 e s? roin. ? mnitbi W. NliiLO. at I w ft *?>#? KOK 8ALK?\ Kami in Kau Cheater will be s?)d rt |Kf^:fiiblir aucti m [if nctPreriMisly di*. posed of at private ib" we*.I known Farm of(^l.arlrt Valeitiije. On the lath diy of Aprd n< sr, on the premises, at 1 oV'o< k, P. M , a F irm, c urtain' ig 135 acres oI th* first qua ity ?! Laud, in a - high at'te of cultivation, and wll fenced, situate in the town of Kiit (/hejfer. county of We?t I heater, and wbou*. Inlf a mil >1 Imin the N. Y a d If tr am lhil-o?d. baid Fa m it suitably e ?itt'it?d to he divided into Ion' farms, i, .No. 1 com rat fifty .?cr*t of Land, principally meadow. rew house, las* year $1000, barn, cirnag# houae. mill house, tt with all otlipf out liuil Ungs, also two young orrhardi. No. 2 c # .t'ius 20 acres of the h?*t of Laud, an old building !l a'to thrr with many frtjU uvea No 3 contains Jiacres of good land, and in a good state of v Cifltvation, with .i good building s t ? t, No i co tiint 30 acrea of tne b?st of Land, a food barn six i- acres ( f nrcbird, of th* beat grift d fruit, and the b.iUnc* of the land priiictrrilly m >\ tow, which also hat a good building sit", J; and also two salt meidnws r The F urn will b-soM together or separate. to suit purchilers A further di,r*iftion < f the property is docned unnecesie sary. For particulars, Inquire of th- sut>icr.b?r neir the premi/ se. JOHN U.HAYWAUU Title indisputable. in 12 t A 10* rc THE PAVILION, . MF,'.V B'UOffTON?91'ATEN IHLANO-f. ULAN' 1-N t;Aftl> Ii ? the lim .i to Mqmint hit friend,. ant the _ piVic L1 irriily, tli?t th" t'aeiilio-i will beopened in the con ? ol ih" in.>11 h of' Mty, or aioorr, slmulil n lUlTieimt iiuin rr off r in anhorige hia opening 'lie lima" II ii n u* ; r mm I to enter int i arrangement! The irimi wi I i;e:eriliv oe the ' * aim- na Int 1car, lint will natn ail/ in' imi? adnnt/ge ?? h 1 partira w I i take apartm*nti from ihacinnr icemenl to tin* end .if tlM i* Beaidea other great advantage, which th* Pavilion nt N?w v Ur.Kl't po" eaae, ovar or rv other inrniro- p< I ,Malim?iit in e. tin" neighborhood of New York. ir? P'oiimit/ to ili.rrity runt' ruder it p e eminently convenient fir gent'c.riaii, >?li ?. 14 whilf ill iy " d'tirniM Itiit iheir familm ilimll ? it y lh pure i r "ill r freshing brrrfi t f t nr lltr. *' oil 11 be ne.,r tli-ir i l .i c of I)S*id?i?. The from Nrw Verb to N>v Brighton ia not nuite a * mi ei, a .d it ia performr 1 in a'-o it twenty ll?e minut ? by good anil well nrpm r-nl ve\in !<t hoa'a, v.lti Ii w .ll Lire I'ier >o I on tli? Nor'li Hire', an.I nt Mr* II iuIi eta, nearly every hour, from hill put lite ih l'n> morning until eight in lh trrqioj. Tlii* Pari'ion c-.n comforti' |y arctimmnltl* two hundred ,r pervmt within iti tvlp. Along the nriii. ipal froit, which it two l.undrel .--nil fifty f?rt in Irngtli rune a nob!" r:*/.r.a. form il by lolty e .1 .mm It fronta tli Ba/r.fVewY rk. f ami commt'idi the moit aplendnl v.ewa ol the Jer?n/ ahore.llie citiru of New Vork ami Brooklyn, the Hudson and t llivrra, Long Island, ei-d the c ia*t of Htateu Inland ,-u " ftra> tlie Narntvs. '1'!.." grand diniug room, trliich it one ol the I irgeat and he,t p'opo tinned in the United Mate, can enniforthly acc irnnio * da'e litre.! i a.nlret) gneata, tnd aa t h.t l-rornn .a u.iri* rtli d. J hoe ii a coy re I corridor, w'ich trnviirei (lie c-ntre of the tjr eatthha'irnet t, about f fieen fwt in width and of llw agtne '* ' Ifut aa the pii/r.t, wlncli forini an arhinralile promenade l'o the ' id eh.lil en.fiilirr io wet weatlter or when t',i> an i it 1' too powerful to permit their renlttrinr alrmad. Tht? commit fj nirafa with lh* wiaga, lu e.ieb of wtii'h H ere ia a corridor ol '[ in hn'id id ind thirtvaii feet in length, alai tt-i'er er,?e-.? r ' Toe w nl hiiil lni/ta w?ll rent.ltt'U. The rooma are loft>, ipurinrt' rutl light T' < r- ia t r ii.ig and am-king mm for the gentlrro'n in a Inddir g li'oBeli er de arhe ' frntn the ptri'i n. _ '1 h w tma an I dr re, in Ktn'en Itlao I ate rariril and he nit>H fj| e nun th? I'anl on there are eiaeileat toada leadin* to rtt? , i Nil rowa ihe l.i.lithonae, round Amloy Hay to Hiehrnrmd t( a d iii Killa, a -d thr iny i lh* een're <.f the laland hy tile ti'or' j< id. Hl.i'et] I .la nl ii lact put aa. a i) s'?g"t aup-nor to ' thoteof ana apot in thaUai ij. Hot-I, Dread way, Id April, ISil. al iw rc ?* ' 1+" [IERA 44. A DAY AT SARATOGA. ] GEN. MORGAN LEWIS. ] .Saratoga Springs, lath August, Ih3!?. to III. tiattle Uround of fsrilo^n, In Company wltli Griicnil .Morgan UhIi. Yesterduy was the most delightful day 1 have yet spent at Saratoga, General organ Lewi*, who is now in the enjoyment of a green old age" at eighty-five years, anil who served in the hut tie that resulted in the capture of General Hurgoyne, and thus led to the establishment of the inde|>eiidence of this country?General Lewis, the patriot and excellent man, visited the scene of his old exploits, accompanied by several parties, forming u tortigt of twenty carnages. Mr. Clay, who is tin- ' (joithtedly the magnet of the tlilr ol the]country, formed one of the party of General Lewis, together ' with the lion. N. I'. Talmadge, and several other persons of distinction. Altogether it was one of the most dclightlul excursions i have had in many years. The lion ol the party?the central point til attraction,was the good old patriot and soldier ol tinrevolution,Gen. Lewis himself. He was out guide ? our conductor?our cicerone over the scene ol those exploits w hich took place nearly sixty years ego, arid in which lie acted a distinguished part. We started severally Irom the f 'niled States Hotel a little after trine o'clock. The drive is about ten miles to the eastward*, towards the Hudson river, through a most heuutiful, picturesque, rolling conn- . ttv, lull of heights mid hollows, interspersed with corn lields, orchards, groves, woods, farm houses, green lawns, children, cattle, pigs and poultry.? , i After a a drive of an hour we reached the rising i ? ?i -i. .i i _.... ii...i _ i . i i .. t ground linn iiiuKHUvur me iiuunui, unu uw?t-ivcu u sign board, at a cross-road on whicu 1 read? oooouooooooooooooooqooooooooooooooooo . o o o TO BEMIS'S HEIGHTS. Cry- o o o ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ' The interest of the excursion began to rise ai ( this external evidence of our approach to the sa- ( cred soil of the revolution. All conversation was . now suspended in our little narty, and we gazed and j gazed in the direction of the high ground where , the deeds of glory had been performed. The car- | ringe that bore < reneral Lewis was somewhat in | advance?and as we rolled over the rtsing ground , that led to the tann house near the scene of action, we beheld the old patriot, accompanied with Mr \ Clay and Mr. Talmadge, very earnestly ascendiug . the hill. Our party dismounted and entered the j farm house, which presented a clean and tidy os- . taMishment, the floor covered with a hoiiie-imidt' , carpet, ilrre tlie several ludieH of the other par- , ties also alighted and entered. Whenever I gel among a company of ladies for the lirst time, 1 cast my eyes round the company, and at once lonn a general imprest-ionot their character, taste and disposition. t did so in the present instance, and remarked the remarkable bright, clear, intellectual character of their faces. The merely physical style of beauty wus scarcely observable. (>u the contrary almost every lair lace of oar party presented that soft but decided tone of expression which indicates genius, deep emolicn, high enthusiasm, and those i|uahttes of the female character that can make heroes and statesmen of the race that will soon take their places in the world that passes so fleetly away. The good old lady of the homestead brought out several of the memorials and relies of the battle of the olden time. Last year, while digging in n certain portion of the field, munv human bones were discovered?and out ot the'old trees which wore cut down, n large ijuanlity of grape, cannister, and musket bullets wore found. ., One gentleman got a portion of a bcuII, of whicli lie said, " I'll make it into a drink ing cup and mount it with silver." Others procured pieces of hones? and I have secured two halls, one a grape, and the other a cannister shot. I showed them to < leneral Lewis. "That's a grape," said he, " and that's a cannister shot?how they did whale around out ears." The several parties then sullied out from the farm house, and proceeded up the road to the ridge where Oen. Lewis was pointing out to Mr. Clay the position of the several corps of ilritish and American troops?where a sally was made?where the Americans captured two cannon?and where they crossed the ravine. General Lewis stood hy the side of a fence, Mr. Clay on one side, Mr. Tulmadge on the other, sryeral other gentlemen around, and the voung jidtnt UclTm on, and htentug with lh? deepest interest. On the other side of the fence, stood the farmer who now owns the huttlc-lield, and cnltivutes the same acres which fifty-seven years ago yielded a crop ol heroism and bravery that is not exhausted to this day. The farmer was in his shirt sleeves, a broad straw hat on his head?and under it u lace intelligent, though deeply bronzed with the tun. < hi our right wits the farm house, and near the sjiot where (General I'razer fell. " That is the spot, us neur lis I recollect," s.vid < leneral Lewis, wh<> now began, in the midst of the old scenes of his glory, to get warm, youthful, enthusiastic, and young again. I never was more delighted. The old < leneral was dressed in a Uack frock coat, white neckcloth, in the old style, with a white, elegant straw hat, and a black riboii a >> tad it. His tine, manly countenance, ruddy with health and good humor, added excitement to the anecdote and narrative. Mr. Clay and other gentlemen would occasionally put in a uuestion, but when once the (leneral got in tne field, every event, every incident, every curiom anpcdote, came out as readily and orderly as did his columns in the day of battle. He was describing one of their officers, who had been struck in the abdomen hv a ball. " lie pimped up," said the old (rrnernl, "tore out his t-hiri and examined his body?then finding that only the skin had been slightly touched, he slapped Ins right hand on the spot, and cried out to his men : "Wound as a roach, march 011!" This produced 11 great laugh hiihhiii the groups around. " Do yon sec that spot there!' said the General, pointing to a certain hollow, "there, 011 the morning after the battle, twenty-two 11I the enemy were found de.ul m a clump ol ttee , every one id whom had rilh* balls through then eyes or through the belly?they came Irotn tin ? ? ' n - .1.- 1 1... .1. AIIlTICHn rwii'llien?iliry nrn- mi 11.1 ?\'-u?mi in. ' i'-rman women who followed tin* British cutnp had stripped them to tlie hull. 1 !? whs describing another scene. It wis in a tent, the local ity of which he pointed out. 44 (hie ol the ollicerireceived a note Iroin the commander, lie took it up, tore it open?read it. 44 After reading it," said General Lewis to hi? attentive auditory. 44 lie mused lor a moment, and then uttered, slapping i his hip at the same time?44 and ij / dont my mum it not /ton l" With tins he left. We h ol a conosity to read the note, and found it was an order from ( Arnold, directing the f'olonel to post himself ,n a certain place, and to defend himself ai all hazards, advising him, also, that lie would lie supported?"atldij I don't my name is not Don Wr had now stood for three quarters of an hour, listening to the interesting reninrks and noire anee doles ol the good old General. Mr C'lny uddressed Itini?44 (ilenerHl Lewis, the sun is warm?you will fee| fatigued." 44 Oh ! no?not at all," replied the gallant old hero, 44 I have seen ihc day, Mr. '"lay, when I was more fatigued on this ground." The whole group ol ladies and gentlemen hurst into a lit of unmitigated laughter, at this sally of the old General, Mr. ('lay joining as hearty as any of them. 4i(Io ahead, old brave boy," an id a young one; "you can stand as much at Ho as many can at halt that age." 15ut this was not all. Looking down tin- height, the old General t spied a portion of the field fSiat he had not noticed In-fore. 44 There," said he, 441 believe that is the very knoll where we took the two cannon, and there is the ravine thai we crossed after the British?let's go arid see it.*" Willi this, oli lie posted, accompanied by n portion 0| lilt? company, irnviMH I'll, i my mm iniiui mice loiili r.i behind, who had riot pluck enough to corm up to the scratch, and light over the brilliant day ol Saratoga, under the command of Oenerul Morgan Lewi?, one of its victori, sixty yearn ago. My tliia tune the sun wan getting hot, but 1 felt n glow within me, an I followed the old hero, llmf began to feel, us a loafer whispered to nte, wanner th in :he hot . un. " Come: aid I to the lieaiilih I uly on my arm, " let's tight mil the buttle again We won't abandon Ceneral 1/ewi", aa Mr. Cb\ and the loafers do." " No," said she, bright*' 11n*' lip, "onward?march?murk Step." And (II w< posted after the t',enernl down tlie hill?pa-t lie trees?over the bridge, and close upon 'he twi knolls where the British lost the two cannon. We had to inarch with a quick step to keep up with tin. veteran, (lenernl Lewis was ahead On one Hide waa Mr. Roy, ot Mrooklyn, holding an mnbrell i over Ins head?on the other the i.'ev. Mr. lackaberry, and all around were the young and lienor spirit - of our parti'. I bi<e?lii i, > ' 11 * r-ar with the lady on inv .tmi, who waa now nil lor fight and the victory o| Saratoga. " Let's capture Burgoytw again," said my fur companion. " ( Vrtainly," said > I?"onward! ui.irch'" " ilull," suid I leneral Lewias soon as h** reached the bridge. Wt- all halted. "This is the place," said he; "there's the two knolls?here's tlie ravine?there such a one fell? here the sliot poured in hot and heavy." My tins time Mr <'1.1 > and the others approached the main body. " The dinner will l>e getting cold," said Mr. Senator Talin idge. " Who cares for a hot dinner 1 on such a day as this!" a aid the old hero, and with that he went on t isti-r the 1 ever?fought Ins glorious battle o'er again, and made us all crazy for ........ niwr ?' . .i-l f > *, 1 * f f ^ LP. PrlM Two Cuttt ighting. But J must stop?my paper is out?the nuil is closing; und the rest ol this delicious day's xcureion expect lo-morrow. J- G. 1$. Trial of the tiordona for the Murder of A in ami Sprajfue. (Reported for the New York Herald.) sl'pkkmk colht?APItIL 8K8SIO.v. Providence, April 8tlr, 1&14. Chief Justice Dcrfke, .lustices Hale, Staples, and Buayton, on the Beach. Counsel for the Prisoners?Messrs. Cprrky, Knowlkn, Cen. Carpenter,and B. N. Atwb.l. For the Btate?Attorney General Blake, Gen. Alrert C. Greene, and W;i 11. PorntR. At 10 o'clock, the prisoners, Nicholas B. Gordon, Jolin Gordon, and Williatn Gordon, were brought into Court. Mr. Carpenter, lor the prisoners, moved u trial of the prisoners separately, and supported his motion in some remarks. Attorney General Hi.akk opposed lite motion ? lie especially objected to a separate iri 1 < j John and William Gordon, both of whi m were charged with the same oli'encca though in inverse oruer, lirst as principals, and then us accessories. Mr. Atweli. asked rl Attorney General Blake objected to a separate It ml ol Nicholas Gordon. Attorney General?I do not. Mr. Atweli. then went into on argument to show hat the pit rj arses of justice could better be attained bv a seiiaraie trial of John and William. Chief Justice Lit mi eke decided ihut us John and iVm. Cordon had heen jointly indicted, and an no luliicient reason had been given to the contrary, hev tnuet be tried jointly. The names of the jutora were then called, fortyrix in number; the prisoner*, John and William, stood up, and the indictment was read, it contained ten counts, and covered twenty-four large /ages of closely written paper. lluring the reading of the indictment the prisoners seemed somewhat aflected, keeping their eyes [ losely riveted upon the lloor, and scarcely moving i muscle; they nevertheless seemed to have the feelings of other men, and would gladly have shunned the heartless gaze of the spectators, if it had been possible. A sister of the pnsoneis, u young ady of very tolerable uppeurunce, was present, anU teemed much affected. The moilit r wus also present. .-die is a stout, and rather good looking woman ; scents possessed of a good deul of firmness, ind scarcely moved her eyes from the Court during he rending of tlie indictment Altogether the apicarance of the prisoners and their friends is very much in their favor, and without strong evidence jf guilt, will help to secure their acquittal The 1st, 2d, 3d, Jill and 5th counts of the indictment charge John arid William Cordon, and some person unknown, alternately, as principals and us being present, aiding and abetting, and Nicholas as being accessary before the fact. The titli, 7th, Hih, 9th, and 10th counts, same as the others, except us to the manner and instruments of the deed. A jury was empannelled and sworn at precisely one o'clock, when, on motion of the prisoners Counsel, the Court ordered that no report of the evidence he published until after the close of the trials pending under the indictment. Immediately, the Court took u recess until 3 o'clock, P. M. Fitrkme Connr?Fieciaj. Term ?Arun. ii, 1HII. ? Present?Mr. Justice Ueardsley.?Simmons vs. Paul?motion tor commission?granted, default. Vatiglin ads. Vaughn and wile, and one other cause?motion to set oil judgments, and that execution lie stayed?granted, default. Bpelman and al. vs. Klraore? order, that all orders staying plaintiff's proceedings be vacated, with costs, default. Small ails. Herkimer Manufacturing and Hydraulic Co.?motion lor relaxation of costs? gianted, with certain deductions. < lason ods. I'ell ? motion to set aside default, he , dell, let in lo defend on terms?granted. The People ex rel. hly vs. Wells, shff?motion fur relaxation of costs? g united. In the matter of the ('ommerciul Dunk of Albany v?. llart, late sheriff of'New York?motion lor leavo to prosecute official bond?granted ex parte. Worthington and al. ads.'l umiiil -mutism fn / liuticrss Vntiirn tati.l fn n fur ?granted. In the matter of Alba Smith vs. Lee, clatk of the town of bates ? motion lor alternative mandamus? , granted, ex |>urte. Wellington and nl. adi. iliuoluns? motion to vacate rule at lust Feb. special tenn?denied, with costs. Ilaight v?. Nash?motion to itrike out or aiiit ud liu return to the execution on tile in thii cause? granted, dt fault. Met oy ads Daggett?motion lor commission, with stay ? granted. 1)< nuett va. Fisher, ex.? motion that the plaintiff recover hia taxed costs against defendant, ex.?granted. Kinne ads. Dunning, adrar. kc.?motion lor Judgment as in ciise of I,on suit? denied without crista, and leave to plaintill'to diacontinue w ithout co.-ta. Tompkins utla blown ?motion to set aside verdict and till n u net prodrcdings ?denied with Costa. She i man and otiieia vs. Var.demaiK arid al., mid 11 other causes?motion to stay proceedings on execution until suit of chancery ia terminated?di Died with coats Phillips vs. The Supervisors of OihuhIi ga < o motion for peremptory mandamus?granted. Mason vs. Munger? motion lor bare to tuiri case into hill of cxcepccptioiis; denied, with costs lu the mat tc r ol Tl-application nl Kiislia Putnam to lie discharged lioni imprisonment gianteil. 'J'lie trustees of ( uyug.i Aeudemy ads. < ooper? motion to set otl'jiidgt.and for perpetual stay ot execution with i otas. Hhepanl ads W aring and al - motion that plaintiff's or their attorneys file commission and depositions in clerks ollice at Mew 1 orli denied With costs, without prejudice. Thompson vs Bank ot (Vew York? motion lor leRvo to notice cause for .rial at next Albany circui', not withstanding stuy of proceedings on commission? granted. I'urdy vs. Mead?Order for co ts against defendant for not making motion ?Chichester vs. The agent of the Mount lieasant State l'riaon?same as last, (dyer vs. Colo and al - tamo.? Lane vs Powell?same. Mills vs. Sage - same ? Collins vs Chadderdon?same finen vs Mall- same. The People ex. rel The Board of '.duration oi Poughkeepsic v.i. 'Ilie Trustees oi the Lancaster Society?order lor rosts against the Kclator lor not moving. Minlge and al. vs. Frost ami al - motion for leave to amend till I of particulars -granted on payment off* rosti. The following motions decided by Mr. Justice ilronson? held over under idvisi nu iit nt the March special tenn. The People ex. rel. Smith vs. The Judges ot Monroe Co.?motion for peremptory mandamus denied. Saudford vs. Ilalsey?motion lor 11-luxation of roaU?granted, eeitain item* to lie deducted. In the matter of attachment of hiithth and al. vs. Fairhsnks and al proceedings reversed. liandforil, impd., vs. Brainerd and al ?motion to set aside inquest, kc. denied, with costs. Stout and others ads. (in-gory and al.?motion to set aside inquest?denied, v. ith costs. Downer vs. Thompson?order, that plaintiff"hare leave to umerid hi* declaration by lidding special i omits, Ac., on terms. Bussing and al vs. Unslinell. Order, that sheriff, out of the money s in his hands, by virtue oi the execution in this cause, pay to the plaintiff the balance due on the execution, and that he pay the residue of the money to Frederick A Stirling, the assignee of the defendant; snd I nthi r, that I dim bus Bogeit, tin- landlord of the defendant, is not entitled to any part ot the money made by the sale of defendant V ('iioils'imdcr the execution. < uilni aid ul. vs executor*, kc , ads knspp?order,that so much of the judgment winch lias been entered l>y the plaintiff , us relates to costs, he vacated to set aside Name ads. I'e'er, a colore I man -amc order us lust. Ileal Kstate Bank ot Arkansas ads. Bust, und one other cause?motion for Dillon to pay ovir money, and for attachment, kc ? denie I. ( ourt adjourned this day sine ('oust Cislendnr?Tlsla Day. Si rssioa I oi'ltr.? No*. H, 0, 4e, 4'i, 10, 4, Iff, |H, j, 31, .??, 61, W, A3, .VI. Nkw York I-kciisi-atcrk?In the Afaemlily, on Snttirdny, the report of the select connnitiec on ( onstitutional amendments, w;.s taken up, and the resolution of disagreement to the judiciary prepositions from lite Senate, wim agreed to by a vote nearly unanimous Ilk) to 1. The s llect of Ibis vote, is to disconnect Iho amendments in reference to the tudiciary and to State debt anil liability. If the Scnste recede, us to the latter amendment*, and having received already ine requiaim votn in both hoii"e?, they 010 coiutitutlonally adopted, without farther action, l?en IT.ark reported a hill, in th<* Senate, on Saturday, a* a lubatitute for the present Militia l.iw ul this Stat"'. The material changes w?t a ted by < ??-n ( ., on introducing tlio t>i I Thrjr will strike the render aa linliih, and, KUCh n* were f > " ' per!" <1 Irom the member* of a committee, determined to grind down the poor. Theini|>ortarn-"' ( I (hi Ml'mi ( mail In" appreciated liy every ri flrrting tain I. Tin' i" ' " iition w liirli the lull now introduced any wet v itli ut tin; hand* *1' thr lcgiilatum, will bo regarded Willi gftieial intenst. I . ,1 n,i ISt.o* ?i?t< -f>n l-'rttl tyInst thr Apricot tri III tl." "'Ity wer" generally in full hioom, every lirnn-h (> ' d up vitTi t?io white bloMotna, like the pr.i pe.tli <f It finey. We hope there la to bo no blight to deli it their hopes. The llorae ( hoatnut, at the comer ril I i;htli and t hi atnlit ?'ieet, waa in full leaf on Saturday morning. ? I%'fnt (tuvrltr, ,1/n il 0. F.ttah An air.-?We have Heard with pjtircine regret that Pa via Bradford wnt recently killed mi Mad I ion ruriih hy the flerk of the Matrlct fourt. The wi upon u-od waa a doable barreled ihot gun, thi lecitaic.l being armed with a piatol, with which lief Ian goroualy wounded Itli antagonist. Mr B wa? born, we t', ink,in our own tiariah, whero he lived with few in'er val?, until within the last two or three year*. lie was u lawyer by prol<s?ion, bad edited a new "paper ill thia place, filled important office* under the general govern mint, wan n timahed acholar, a'.i able writer and e highly valued citizen Bayou Sum Isdgrr. Stkikk for Wiiiis.-'The Journeymen Cabinet Makers <1 tin" city have, we understand, agreed in vilipend nothing for their employed, till a more Jnat ami equitable rate ol w ago* than the prevent Khali be agreed on between them we are told that the wagea for thia kind of work li lea* in this ciiv than the average of other place* There ran certainly he no good reaaon lor thi*. The policy ol a "?tr!k?" to enforce a higher rate of wagea to mechanic* hat often been quoationed. But an agreement an I co-operation on the part of employ era, *ilent and unnoticed by the public, i? alwava used to reduce the itaml ird of compenaation, and no alternative i* left to tbe employed hut retaliation .i/Amiy

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