Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1844 Page 3
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1 The Legislature oftfYniuylvaiua will doubtles* adjourn I before any one ol the many propoaitiona beiore tliut body are completed. The appropriation bill may ]>o*aibly paaa, but the law levying taxes to meet the expenditure* will probahl lay over '1 he bill lor tlie tale of the utaiu line of the public woiks meet* with many obstruction*, and it* late it even now pretty well nettled The two house* are little diapo'ed to take the reapoutjbility the different act* cairy with them The aulo of the public wuik* would jierhap* be the most popular meaiure of any proposed^ The value set upon them?if not exorbitant?no doubt would be accepted by a company, provided no reatraint* * " 1" 4 * _aU rop ati V illir were piaccu on wen aim-reni irom iiure? = tlieir act of incorporation from the Legislature. The amount received from tho ?ale? would liquidate so much of the public debt. Tho debt would be reducud to the present means of the commonwealth to provide for. Unless the State reduces its debt in this way, tho amount will not for many yean, and perhaps never, be below the present sum.? It will requre an ago to develope tho resources of tho Slate sufficient to reduce it a fraction, uuless it is by actual repudiation. The counties of Northampton and Lancaster have taken a very decided stand on this subject? The citizens of those counties have manifested a disposi tion against paying any more taxus, so long as the public works remain the property of the State Tho perfection of a law levying taxes would ba more available, alter the amount ofthc remaining debt wag a'sccrtaiued. Bya reduction of tho State debt, and the levy ingol taxes sufficient to meet the interest on the balance,would probablymeet with general iavor throughout the commonwealth, and eventually place the credit of rctinsylvania on a better basis than it 1ms enjoyed fur a long time. As feasible a9 this method may appear, wo have ut present little hope of its being consuinated. KtroRTi ok I'hoduck irom Rio Janeiro for Five tears 1831) 1010. 1841. 18)2. 1813. Coiru- -, bags and litis. 871.785 1,083.804 1,013,915 1,179,731 1,189,'-23 Sugar, ra-ui, 17 027 13,499 10 485 19,460 9,433 11'del, 141,492 194,MM f 3.513 198,082 315,0711 Hons. 231 091 278,444 310.851 382,203 515,091 Tsiue.l hf hidsi, 12,700 13.573 22,110 39.920 21,335 lice, b.-ns, 29,112 19,981 10 780 IliJftl 12.1.37 Hum. piprs, 3,397 3,107 2,176 3/451 3.2M> libic-o, r-lli, 23,493 23,760 28 0-0 31,270 18,161 l'spjoca. bbls. 473 1 382 3,(80 3,898 4,085 J'lic exports have been veiy uiniorm au regarus quantity. The value hai varied from year to year very materially. The exports of coffee have gradually increased, while sugar has fallen oil'very much. The export of hides in 1813 nearly doubled those of 1642, while tobacco in the same time fell off from 31,'170 to 18,161 rolls. The imports into Kio have not been s* steady. American produce is imported in vast quantities?the markets are completely glutted with Hour, &c from this country. Old Stock Kxchangc. $1000 Peon's 5's, ?60 66# 50 shas Harlem RR 46# 5000 d > too 61,,'4 150 do b!5 G?# 20000 do &60 C6 1110 Pxlersnn RR 76# 15000 do 66# too Lorx Island RR 72'4 10000 di s<5 66 50 do t30 72 "4 3000 U 8 6'?, *53 112# 150 Rerdina RR 42# 10000 Ohio 6's 91 125 farmers'Leal 39 5000 do l>60 94% 20,0 do 39>4 50CO do iw 9l 100 do bl5 39', 50' 0 Kentucky 6's 100# 200 Nor 81 Wore 4? 11000 111 Si's, 70 39# '0 do 39# 25 that N Am Trust 15 125 do 40# 1G StU? Bank BG 265 do 40), I N Y Pank 120# 200 do 40# 30 ITnio'' Biuk 116 .50 do 40# ll.Krie Hit 12 12, Virksburw 0# 10 Si rrh a K.?c Co 13 10 Mvcb'g Bkc Ass'u 97 50 Mohav, k till 58 20 do 96# 50 do 58# 75 Canton Co 34# 126 Harlem RR 66# 21 do 34# Second Board. $1000 Penn'a 5's 66# 25 sbas Canton Co ?30 34'*' 2500 Ohio 6's 1,3 91 '4 25 do sJO 31# 50 shss Nor 81 Wore bJO 41 25 do b3 34# 25 do 40# 50 do blO 31# 75 do 40# 50 Vicksburg Bk 8# 25 do 40# 100 L Island Kit b30 72# 59 Canton Co 1,30 31 # 25 Klnuington HR 38 75 do b30 34# 10 Merck's Exc Co 1J New Stock Klenanije S3600 OliioG's, '60 bnw 91 50 si as Harl'm RR 130 66# 2 00 d 1 st 91 50 do 66# 1000 do iw 91# 275 do 65# 1000 Iii'liaui s30 36 2i do slO 65is 3000 Illinois bnw 39# 25 ,'o ?3 65# IOCO do 39# 50 do 66 75 alias Vieksbufg H'i 200 do btw 66 50 do 8# 150 do 65# 10 Merck's Etc Co b!8 12 25 Nor tk Wore slO 40# 10 da 2# 25 do <15 4U'.i 25 CaLtou Co 34 150 do. uw 40# 50 do 31# 175 d 1 hiw 40# 75 I.011K Island 1111 72# 75 do btw 40# 25 do btw 72# 100 do s'l 40# 25 do 72 Mtate of Trade. Ashes?We still quote pots at $1 41 a 4 48j, and pearls at It. Beesw ax?Prime yellow is taken us fust us it arrives, at .10) a .'Miflo. The sales are principally for export. Coti ox?But little disposition was shown to purchase. The total sales amounted to only about 6041 bales, at easier lates. equivalent to a decline of ) cent Irom prices paid at tlit* rinse ui r-isi wet k. < V-ai We hear of Fevcral small sales of Newcastle, hut pliers have not transpired II**?The receipts ilown the North River are quite large, unil the sales moderate We quote lair qualities at 49 R 42c There is a lair shipping demand, to which the sales are principally confined. Hai.i - \Vo do not hear of any sales. Asliton's would readily command $1 .Ml a fl 52.J This description is very rcurce in lirst hands, hilt several lots arc due, to arrive. Cotton Market). New Ori.f.ans, April 1.?A very limited business was transacted in the cotton maiket on Hatuiday, as eveiy ho. dy preferred waiting for the steamer's accounts before doing any further business. The sales barely exceeded 1,000 hales, and prices were the same Liver|iool Classification?Louisiana and Mississippi, Inferior, ft} H ; ordinary, fi] n 7]; middling, 71 a S; middling tair, *1; fair, Hjj a 9, good fair, 9J a 9J; good and line, 10. Married, In New Brunswick, (N J) on the 8th inst by Kev. Dr. Howe, Samufi. Sloan, of this city, to Maroarft eldest daughter of Peter Elmendorf, Esq. of the former place. Died, On Tuesday, 9th inst. ol three days illness, Stearns A IloroH row, aged 28 years * His remains will he taken to Newark (N.J) for interment, in the 9 o'clock train, from the foot of Courtlandt street, this morning. The fi lends ol the deceased are in vited to attend his funeral, without lurther no ice. On Tuesday, 9th iust Catharine, wife of Capt. John I Iyer. The friends of the family, and the Pilots, are invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, at 41 Scammet street. Weekly Report of Interments In the City and County ot New York, from the 3 tli day ol March to the6th day o( A' r.I, ISO 30 Men ; 39 Women ; 37 Boys ; 34 OirU. Total 138. DISEASES Aneurism, 1; Abscess, i; Ai oplexy, 3; Asthmt, 1; Hlce.'. ma, ij Burned or scalded, 2; Ca cer, I; Casualties, 2; Chrler* Moibm, Ij Consumption, 27; Convulsions. 7; Croup 3; ebility, I; Delirium Tremens. 2; Dropsy, 9; Dro|>sy in the head, i>; <"? in the chest, 2; Drowned, I: Dysentery, 1; Eli I'i sy, 1; Erysipelas, I; Kever, 2; do puerperal. I; do mmjitent, t; hever, scarlet, 4; do tyiduud, 2; d? typhus, I; Hooping couch, 3; Inflammation of bladder, I; Inflammation of brain, 2; do ol bowel,, I; do of chest, 6; do of lungs, 13; do i i stomach, ';tlo of liver, 3; Lues Ven rI; Marasmus, 5; Mortificuiou, i; Chd Age. 4; PaIsv, i ; Premature uirili, ; llnpture, I; Terth'ng, Ulceration of Int'stuiei, ?; Uuknown I. Aor.. Under Uyear, 37; I to 2, 12; 2 to 5, 18; 3 to 10. 8; 10 to 20, 4; 20 to 3(1,15; 30 to 40, 22; 4(1 to 50,14; 50 to 60, 6; 60 to 70, 5; 7(1 r.o 00, 5; 80 to 90, 2. Pnaaeiigera Arrived. I.IVERPOOI.?Packet ship (Juern of the West?8 C Ma;tl*rirt, ladv, clold arid two le.vauts, A Woodhnll, 8 A Be-rv, A (} t nrkt n't, and Bernard Burns. Near York; Lieut ( ol (ieng* Be I a I '.?dy, la' ilo- la. Canada; Wm .Middlernn, Mo tiigan; 4 .i.i N Cooper Is- Royals, Alex Provan, J.imes .YIcKenxie, It I) t ln?terte i and lul?, Cinads; Mrs A Rhodes an I child b're Ik b.iiiusoii. Entlnid; James Newham, London; Henry llau'on.Cn lienham; Wan on Thomson, Mnntrea'. Apalai hii oi.a?B'ig Dainsscus?Miss l'uttle. PaastsngeM Balled. Havoc? Packet ship ar?< ? Mr Bnral, lady, 3 children and 3 anrvai M; Danl Sunt u and lad)', Mua Sluiinn, (J O Smith, A I egom AT Hrewsri and lady, Mira Clinch Hicliard H My, Wm Johnson, Cerf Beer, * - na? Morlot. Mr Whte. S A llaui and lady, L Kerdiimnd, O Varet, New Yn k; Jinny T faldclougl . Mra Ronlet, Philadelphia; Mr Coilerrille, K ranee. rtuslun Importation* I,ivr.nrnni.?Hhip Colleen ol the West?I parkayai H'?Heck It n>?57 Win Chaurey k rn?48 W 8 Hammeril ( ?5 Becati, B I'jimni it Co?I Patau and Htewatt?J6 ?rkion? B Kriln At Hp tiding?3 Jos ; h Hudson?4 (lot e fi?ld lirot ers, St co-12 Gorton, k c?II W h', Cork?I* J kJ K HeyrnnB'?4fi J Aliltnlrr-I I Matrr?J h'dlosi i V -it A'sdele & rn-fifl HoiiItii* y St J-ukioa?5 Bi'.hards r St '? ??,?'I You - a St Scu<lder?I Ha?n?r St H.yn-iJ I'rl"r??ill fc co?t Htnne k en?21 Vtm Benjamin, jun Sin 112 Woodhrrll It Minttt'ii?7 J P Drum ni ml?v:i ill S: co?8 itniilh Thnr?cr St no?3 Bird, (JilliUn It no?:> l! lit slop It font?54 Godfrey. Paliisuu St no? til Pf h u e u ? i Bmu It HnUtra'1? i 11 ii cninton St Tiff-nay?i (Jriffin St Hnl-ner- ii Bud, (Jsl ilau St co?I Merdecai Csry?I C Si Bill St ('Ink?III \Vm Wlntewrislit?I H'hwe'eti St Swifter? I J < Ileirth St Bro ilers?3 I A INewboald-fi r Marshal?"H Noma St c >?2 N N 1 lie I r St co? I S'. f Hi- er?2 W|rt liilliian It mil Hanh, nl 2 Thus Proawr? I H Haskell?J Net ins St co?3 (i.i'iu St Ilog c H I looks I II llsvlis? 51 H.cds, H'uller k c>?3 W he> moor iy ? 22 John (Jelioll St co?1 K Backer St co- 4 (tea BlanryI \\ in 8 otw?2 lot-In It Sc ti?581 bats iron K-nny, Bmt- St S tii|oon-1?|kis loukrr. Mi j Stco?5 It St no?I J A Klnman? bStls Holmes-2 J N llolliutcn-5 L 4 look St Co? lies a t ad hew; fcep-27 nlu 1 caaahdwe K Kings'* d St coI poiitli Win Whitehead-4 bo.n. A Miich-ll Stro-l Ujtcs, Turner k no-I N Pierce fccu-3 H llaylit-26 J Ferguson?14 crtiei 4 nks iurtn?iiwa?a W 8 It KB boles tin p| let Hf ker, Gilbert St no-7,8 be.60 t?||, no p mo odlt iron Kn log-r "4 to-l oinel B irrir St Johnston?fi Stone St Coil case. I caskJames Owen?I caik bottled beer John (> Minn 1 samples J-ho (i'hoii fc cn-l J Warten?I Hurc'ey. 'drib on Stco?I Ino na J lalilfcl o-2 C.eeHand St Mir-OnI Allen il St no?I Manna* St Jouroeai?|y Wm "Vat _ 10 Toom;inn St en?7 Hunt txoth-rs?9Hmttb, Tnuriter * CO ?4, s Cor.ovei?2 ll-lknap at Wyi k. ff?'OT A IIsltiilny t W II Mailt ?tco ?I A G Peck * in?5 hnrdw 18 anvils liwoldsl.y Hoiss-au Si co?I I'rvni, Wilson St .Inshurgh ? 3 \ niioit <* Milli b? ! < Ink Si daaton?i J A St II S I.miner ? | Dana St son ! Tb'inss k It i>s? 8 lleury nlirldon St co?2 a a<i I \a| in ?j l (j Hyith?'! * hndlow It co?>2 (l.rner th e,._ 15 Bnrirll St .lohnst ii?I j (1 Hearth St Brothers?i William lord?12 bton- st no? i m j lm es St m?i k. Hossanat?i \v '.Vhifetvriit -t st co?i Win \v'>r? i ii It Hntnmeis St co?3 ' Win w Intrbead? 50 Woodbeli st Minium?i Joseph Walker ?I'll hi K Ssliders' ii?300 li*s ttni lai-s <4 It Mm r-wo -o St co? i c c.t <'j k Klliman?550 i ars iron Deialits st hosier?| Ke f yit St co?I l< St < i Wilior.?I J J Woodb'nd?I Collin Brad vt ? I h'd|)'-'s Van Ar'dale?I Jun Rohiusoil St eti?"4 Mnrri't, h Iv V c?I I'e are it Braky?2 Hani'-' ' ry ? l HI' VV illnina? lit John (lihnn It no?Scn'esl bundle pliiils It T I. s is on -I hill a in St Wiilknr-2 Hear. Broibers Jtn.i?2 Woll'e St t illoayie?1 'IVloore St Baker?SftO b.trs iron, andiuniir-us I 'tckaKca to order. PaLFK Mo-f hip Klisba [)ecni.on-J0 c. Iiqutv ice pavte K.r?ni L fc Uiotlir..; 50 do do B*r ly h LiiimiMi: *? b?l*s mdt? H U >1 Mali; 3 c se. . Ik 11 Keruvau; 4 bose. Heches Bed?er fc Peek; 100 torn 200 bafi 111 ?la 200 l?. * *? aliii'iiul*, 20.11 !??** oi:tii(r?*?. 2? CO 'en nu?. 25 o ? * liquorice pnilr, >i 0 l.a;:* ur ill- -r <?? Ue 3 0 bvg< WiluUtl, Oi bd t III! nd?. 0'? lr ; H |h?I m I ? lot) C4*??UidZ*, li tMi* CAUUfV ftrttl, 3 Ci m*? in til.* 04 * ] c -mm Ho to t?r?l r, .. HoNt-K PR? *fh* Vt?imt?W hhui ?nic?*r 31 cask nm a? *:. 11 Vaa u It Th?inp>o?>. ;j|| maritime" hkkajj). i ? n! '? " ill. Xtmii Shi;:. j.0 ' :oa nsu/no: /von imoim. |x> Acadia, Hhan or, Apr. 4 May I N Hiberuia, Hytie Ayr 19 May >t> de li. Western, Matthews Apr. *7 May 13 Mi U. Brimiu. Hoskeo May 25 June 3c ?, Notice to Pilot, unci t'uptuliiN of VcmcU. -A All Pilots eud ( aptaius of vejsrls ar. requested to uota ne fact that Hubert H. Martin, formerly our ship news collector , isuot now in our employ. He is not, therefore, to receive any no uewsp <|>eri or repo ts intended for lhe >aw York Her rid ^ foreign Letter Hags. dr. Herea/ter. Letter and Nearinaiier Bails for all prut* of 'he lor World, will lie mndf up at the HkR41.u Ofrn'k M viht|i f?l?a(?r? aii<t As??t?. j, 4 c ?hal -sin-in it a fnrnr. il Captains ?i Vesarlr <lll>ilr w| to Commodore HomcttT 8ilvki. of oar News Fleet, a It. M|, p..rt of the Shipping If it iu the Port whence they sailed. th. C' v -sseli H|mken ou their Passage,a Lilt of their Cargo. an f?, any Foreign Newspapers or Newt tlwy iua\ linve. He wil ft board them immediately on their arrtra! Agents and ("or | respondents, at home <-:r abroad, will al*u cooler a laror bj h? tending to 'lets Office t!l the Marine Intelligence ihey cat C|| L'btaio. NantictHafonnatio* of irv hird wifi be thatitfaD rj l?? POUT OP NKW YOttH, A PHIL. lO muill 5 30 I MOOM Kim ill Tl ti'mttr" 6 3J|miuii waTEH 213 Cleared. 1 Ships Bert rand. Smith, New Orleans, K I) i 1 a r I but It Co; le' Edwin, P.irce, do. m'iter ? Brigs Selma, (Sw) Hok, Ainste,- m< dain, Schmidt It Bvlchen; Carolina, (Sw) Jacobsun, .Stick- tin holm. Doorman. Jnhnatou & Co; Florida Hlauco, Fldridge, se Belize. 1 Ion<1 B Blanco; Joar; h Han, (Br) Holmes, Windsor, sci MS. Sonle, Whitney It Co?Dutch galliot Maria Adrians, co] lllvmi, Rot'erdain. Uoorinau. Jolnutoii It Co ? H' hrs Sultma, wr Moore, Bermuda. W A K I)a?eu|iort; Agawam, Trnudy, M - i tanzas, Keail St Hopiock; N L viet.reidy, Somen, Peus'tola, ill N C Mc''reply ft I'.r ; John Thompson. (irdlrey Petersbu-g, olf Wm McKteSiCo; Star, Rogers, Philadelphia?Sloop Ficel, Dunning, Fall River Arrived. j Packet ship Queen of the West, Wnodhouse, from Liver- . pool, March C. with mdse, to Woodhull It Miirurn Ou the ? 13th, iu a violeut blow, !os' bows|irit and every thing attached to it. and Cote topmast. Has esperieuced constaut head winds. T71 accompanied with viole :t gale.?loat most of her sails, ami h is " been off Long Island two days iu calms and fogs. Was board- W ed bv our news boat 13 miles F ast of the High ands. sir Shin Elisiia Dennison, Scely, from Palermo. Fell 16, and ' Gibraltar 9lh March, with fruit, Itc. to K D 'turlbut It t o. Ni Norwegian barque Flora, Monrad, from Newcastle, "E via ? Nerfolk 3 days, where she put iu distress, with tut) ftous fRH iron to ordt-r. V Brig Ruby, Oinn, (of Buckspcrt) from Trinity, Mart. 23d J." March, with 100 bhds molasses t > T Maieau by Brig Damasc u., 16 days from Apalacliicola, with cot- St ton, to Badger It Peck. fo Sclir Leouidas, Pjukhaui. 28 days from Guay m i. with mo- 15 lasers, to Nesmith % Walsh; 177 cks do Clark Ik crt, Nllaven; ta! 00 lihds s..gar B I)e Forest ilh iost, lat >8, Inn 72 30. saw a shin fleering 8, showing signal 3 blue stripes, name in centre. is Schr AlitU. Usher, 23 . ays from Baratara, with 20 hds sui^ar 21 do 24 tos 357 bhls mo'asses to P Harmi ny's Nephews It t o 28 Lost part of deck load on the passage. Schr Vesper, Smita. (of New Bedford) from Ponce, PR 23d by March, with sngar, to toaster. Schr Commerce, Rayr or, from Fredericksburg, with corn? ? bound to Providence. A Schr Atlantic, Smith, 3 days from Virginia, with oysters, to master. J Below Two brigs, unknown. ?r Balled. Bri'ish hnrque Brothers, Liverpool; briifa Kin ny Coit, Biker, it Charleston; China, Small, St Johns, NK; Delii, ami other>. to Herald Marine Correspondence. Citracoa, March 17, 1811? Report of vet el* in pnrt:-Brigs W 11 Ta'man of Norfolk, ldgsalt for Porto Rico; sch's Oc- _ tober, Kldridge, i.f and Idg for New York, few days; Willit Puinam. Cook, of Provincetowu, Idg f.?r Boston, 20th Sid 3d 1' 8 tni|> Prrble. for Santa M ir.ha ami the le- ward coast?ollicer*and crew all well; 17th, Sarah Williams, Thompson, of I Boston, for Cieufuegoi, with salt. MUcellnneoas Brio Helen.?The Su<aii, at Charleston, on the3th iust. off 8 ulh kidisto. fell in with the wreck of the Helen, from New- port, Wales, for Char eston,and took from her oue boat, sounsaita, blocks, riggii-?, Ike. Biiiii At pink, Nickerson, of Boston, from Savannah for Bur- . deaux. before rrpo.t d |iat into 8t Pierre, in distress, hail bee.i | condemned previous t > i3tn ull. 4, Bum Cl.i?tTON, of Bangor, at St Pierre, parted her best bow- ?j er chain, and went ashore, but was got off with I ttle damage V' Sliiii YaRico. of aud for Camden, from Providence, n o ashore on the half way rock, below Newport, eve of 3d not. J! wher-she remaiu'd on her ke.ini ends at low water. Revenue ? cutter Jackson BO' lieroff at high water without dainaKe, afier U ihrowiiiR over a tart of her sand aud ballast. The Y proceeded ? fot I nmdro. _ Loss ok Bum ok Wak Chroma.? aptain Marshall, of thPlanter, at New Orleans, from Kingst'ii, Ja re|iorts the loss of th" Spanish briit of war Creolia, on the west euil of Morant Point, on the I5tn lilt The vessel is a total loss?no lives lost The Creolia was from Bt Jago de Cuba tor Kingston. Mr? 8 L K?iilielil and rlSlighter, p-as-mgent on board th.- Corelia, have arrived at New Oiieaos iu the Planter. Notice to Marlnera. The Klna'ind Light off Martin's Industry, will bo removed on the li st rliv of June next, for the purpose of being repaired Her anchorage is iu Ht 32 07 N, Ion 80 31 W. 'The lot low !li i- . are soiiiidicgs at the anchorage of the Floating Light:?High water, t> 1-2 fulunns; oininou tide, 5 3-t; low water, 3 1-1; Tyb-e Lighthouse hearing SW by W 1-2 W, distant to in les. I" Hilton Held healing NW I I N. distance 8 miles; Bay Point "I beiriiiK NNW 3-1 VV, distance 8 miles, < M. Mykiis, Collector *' Whalemen Arr at New London 5th mst. Montezuma, Bakrr, N Zealand ' via IVrnanibiico. 3300 wh; Helvetia, Kice, NW Cia-t via Sainlwicii Islands, 2000 wli 30(1 *p; Coluinbos, Avery. S A laiitlc, " Tiistau d'Acnuha Feb 6, 45" wli. ' Arr nt Westport i tb, Dr Franklin, Francis, Atlantic Ocean, a' 370 sp? bs'i.t 6 1-2 rnos. Canton. Ripley, NH, at Oyhee Sept 20, from NW ( oast, "i with 150s) bbls wb aud I3tl so. 1,1 k'tbitis. Chase, from Pacific, last Pacific, last reported with ?' 2000 bb!s sp, of and for Nantnrk*t, pas-el down 8-ui;d on Hat- a nrdav. C1 Rienzi, of Provincetown, out 16 days, spoken March 23, in ?" the Mora Pasinire?no oil. 'Ward,' (undoubted y Wade, Hwilt)'of and fir NB, spoken April 6, l it 38 30, Ion 73 IS. Spukon. (i Kurope. Furber, from New York lor Liveipoo', Ai?ril I, I t 39 B,Ion 70 'I Genoa, of Pr-spect, from Belfast for Havani, April 1, lat 39 I 49, Ion 7(1 c* M ibh li-ad. Pitman, 10 days from Boston for 8'. Domingo, in March 22 ill Constellation, from New York for Apalacliicola, March 23, tl off 8alt Key Bank. r Matin I Kstrll, from Havana for Bo ton, April 5, l it *3?? 3D, Y loo >? 12 fc Klite, 'Brem) from Baltimore for Bremen, Mirch 15, lat 13 L T,l?? 3949. w foreign Ports. i.< Livr.rfool, March 5?Arr Ellen. Hoper, Mobile; llialto, has?, NGrleans; Uuited S stes, Britton.N York. Iu the r ver. j,. Iiouinl out, Roger Stewart, itogg, I h irlestmi; Ainizo ,Uscli*l- . ' de.-. Boston. Sid Victory. White, Mobile; Adams, Gay, Can- ,H tine; P I Nevius, Stoop, Baltimore; Sou h Kik, Robertson, ai.d Adrian, Davis, L< s'ou: Jefferson, Mason. City P.mi ; ()j Glasgow, Lamber., N Orleans; Washington, Ad ins, Charleston. ih Loading 5th, Superb G .trlisll, Baltimore; Roger Htewait, l0 Begg Churl at n; aurora,- Mohoe; She-idau, De Peyster, . New York; IVidencna Child, do; ^ t. heater, Wilson, ilo; ,j Rhode Island, Church, do; Milabir, Freeman, New Orliaui; j( ViciO' y. White, ditto PltmoutH. M?rch 4?Putio. Asia, Seari, Livrrpool for Balt more, with loss of sails, boa's slove, ruditer head sprung, fke. o, 3d?Heve-rl of the | kga in the Virginia, fin Liverpool for Boston, are damaged hy ihe sei; sh" slup|a-d down the companion y udk'ia, Jan w? i tie i uvigsti ii nerr ami ni i nganrog, i* |> completely stopped oy ire u IIavars, Merch 31?Sid Mmon \f ndico'.t,9t Pvtarsburg, and was am Of Cape < - rnavrral US inst. j, Mitamai March 31?In ? rt, Meridian, to sail 3J; Chair, ? for arrlrnaa l-t, to load for Baltimore; \1rrrtiant, Kesri Int. n Ponci:. I'll. M?rch H?In port, Connor, Wise from NYork. d*g; Hrnrv Ke'sey, Gray, fordo, 3diys; Overman, L) hV:s fur do, 3; Germ. Line In, for Bait more, 5; Ch .rlolte, for Portland; Kveline. Waltrr, from New bury port, ding; Koweua, Williams. for Norfolk It; Bonutv. just arr from M?rtini<|ue, Point I'ktrk, Onad March 10?In port,Cornelia. Gray, and Flauovrr, Htnckhridg.-, for S, Thomas, 2 or 3 days; Kox, Nor- L ton. ind lloht Treat,, dig C St Pikrkk. Mart March 83?In port, William, of Bath, uric; ii., Atwcod, of Bangor, do; Latayetle, Atwood, do do; f Benjamin, Treat, of fraukfort, d i Tiiinitt, Mart. March 23?In port, Haider, Klitnrr, for New j,, York, 0 days; Star, and (ialrna, from Wi mingtm, NC?inly (j A iii vessels. Via* Caul, March 28?In i>ort, Lruisa, for New Yo k, neat day; Amaaon, Harrlnig, NOrleaos, soon. .? llum* Porti. (y Frankfort. Arril 5?Arr M-rry St Horr, Cole, NYork. I'j Bath. April 6?At Frances Kllen, McMaiiui, Point I'etre, "J Ouad; Franklin, Pa'trn Malaccas. NrwnuRvronT, April g?At F- rest, Varin*, Porto llico. ' Sii.i m, Aprils?-Arr Gen Brooks i'rko Trinidad; 7th, Ne reus Hobart, (late Ka'.iens, who remained at Cayennr) Sjt j Pirrrr. Mart T; Boston. April 8?Arr p>l aware, Fisher, Philadelphia; Ados, I Shrman Mar?eill-t; Uncle 8im. B icnn, Miriel; Chickasaw, jj Kendri k, Balliin' re; F.merild, Sn w, Matauzai; Telius.Lo w ring. Mobile; Union, [Br] Darimnre, \rgy|e, ,M<; Caroline, w Cu'tis, Sav.'n ah; Billow, Curtis, Washington, NC; Ann Kii- I-' xa. Alber'snn, Philadelphia; Mail, Krankun, N York; Wave, pi Holbrook, Th in slim fur NY rk; 7th, Mercs or, [ Ur] IJaviil- M son, VV i niliof, NS; Sih, Mary Klixahietn, Barter^ NYork Clcl an 8ih Nonanium. King, N'Oileins; Behring, McK.irlind, Zanr.i- |c liar; Win Schroder, Havnrs, Newbury, ort; Augnlt, Bell, w Vtan*anilla; Dirigo, Tncker, Uonaive*; Ali-eni, Dill. Bslti- \\ more; Sua. Kvder. ' hiladelphia; Perseverance [l!r]( nrrv, B Halifix; Klixabeih, Stsowoid Yarmouth. N8;Glh. Baltimore, nr Brovsu. Biltim ue Chatham, Davis do; G ecian, Chase; J.u- p| ptr, Howes. end Nile. Thatcher, NYork Hi Nk.w Br.PVOIll), April G?Arr Tiger, Prmcotl, Boston, In ir load oil "or rtotierdam; 7th, Sarah Ik Catharine, W aslii igton, i W III: The V..m has not err as rein,rod. Arr Tor's k.Undue A-orti mouth, NH; Bflph, Smith,Vhi!ade|phia. ; 9f Hm.sits )1oi.k, April i?Arr Palmyra. Bur?e<s, Baltimore j |< for Boston U rprr, Hoffri. Boiton for New York; Shawmnt. K, Ball.rd, for I I\ mouth, with lots of living J b. and r iVre ail apt if. About 20'^il bound K, pa?s'ddowu Sound, n^e ?t, aid to b?* the Financier, from Maiai >zi? for Portland. Hid Vis- [V tula, IN Haven; Apprentice Boy, Norfolk. Arr Oth, Martha, L)avis, Baltimore for Boiton. A< Kooari ow*. April 5?Arr Delaware, Ki*lt*r, Philadelphia f>r Boatoi.; Johu Odlin, N Orleans for do; Hydasi*, New York j fordo; Coral, do for Thom&stou; Leader, Rust-ell, do for Nan- ' tatkrl fI PnoriDKici, Aprils?Arr Olivia, Moul on,Mid lleton. NO; 1 Kiile, Scout, Kapi aba-nock; Union, Potter, Bait itio.e; Atn\ vi: W Lee ?. KndicJtt and Mar^a -*f. Ami, Peine, PhiUdelpha; ,1 am L Long, Hawkins, N York. Hid Htphlaniler, Mayberry.Card U| has; Carlos, Maurau, Savannah. Arr 7th, Orrav Tafr, Lt.vett, n?i (.'bail s'ou? m Krir'ay evening raw tlinv whale ships, and \ ine chant hsrrj .e with varnished lower inaits, all moiiiu into 1 I, uk l*l* p"uuo; f heaataake, Poat, Caliimor ; Adirns, ' Niekeraon, Plii?a<felp\ii; Vigilant, He-nh, NYoik. lidlhiiig sailed, Wind SW Buibtoi,, April 6?Hid Kinpre?s, Pitman, Havana. Kail. Mivr.h, Ap.;l I?Arr Oandae*, Bnwhtmaii. Baltimore A Nkw IIavkn, April 7?Arr N? w York,, w lork ? H|d Pi ? ?? r, Uori n. Brandy wine; U|era, Hutchinson, Phila delphi i; President. Krulve, NYork. ' Plin.apf i i'll' April fi? Arr Athena, ./ones. Liverpool; Anrn i eyiifdds, M it h-w*. Boston; Harvest, Kelly, Mobile; Star, J1." Longhead; Oram pus, O'Neill. and Albuiv, Navra, NYork ? , ('I I IT Bertin \ Brown, M B ile; J\ir?^? k Ham or I. Homers, ,r Provnlei (v; K L) Dekker, Hand, New York; Amphitrite, West, Jersey Citv Richmond, April 7?Arr Ameiu rriabe; Doimdhn/ok' ( ' II ivk i < a, and Mar In Baker. Boston. < Id Orb, < nfftn, Kio Orande. Sid Marv Ulnlton. * orniog, Rio Janeiro: Unit'd, ?u Imrhrun, Albany; Ida, Wool ford, Newark; Patinog, Town tend, 'hi Boston, ?ii VVashiTfiTOf, NC. April 3? Vr Avon. Berry Philadelphia; H.l I).i id Ituley, ( hat" r, A Yoik; 2?th tilt, Slaa Urene, Johniior, d *. ('Id 31s*, Hilaa Crane, Johnson, do; Mary Ann, Thomas Boston. w) ( ?i%Ki.KSToa, April 6- Arr K A Brown. We#throok, H.iva- ' n "i ' 1 brut, i Id Miiford. [Br) Part r, Lot.don; Pern.- ,CI h i 1 i/ V'MMI *on? *Ihisgow; Slant net, [ Br] ( L r rson, Liv Co Hi V a Kronprindsessa ( arobne 11, an J Jacobaon, < openhaip n vv Hz j'n11' Bark man, and D.rnon, K hinson, New York; Htar. ha Wood. Boston. Arr 5ih, Mcdora, Turutr. Havana; Alplii, ' Jr] Johns Douav lata, Cap# de Verda; Manha'tao, Hoikina SI<I ( omtifut ion, [Br] N*all, Liverpool; Ficfht ooahury, .1 Northern p rt *ld 4th. Jaue, [Br 1 Potta. ?t; Pri> <-#?a? Victoria, [ Br] Thomi. do; Oii f [Bvrad] Aim'fn, Antsc^rdaiii: lUyi'C ? reacott, a; Tremor t.W? udi* '*m? ertnwu; Fruitful Vr e, Nyo, Provm- ce; I.atota. udt.fv . Bedford. Savannah, pr I 4?Arr Polaud, l-twtoii H.iv-?ua. ( Id ivoy,[B.1 ' riittrck. Lire po- l; Leouora. Colliua, W il 'it o *ld Sav.i i*ah. Hdv\l?-v. ai d L Baldwr n. Horn, a n. \ V"iln Virf uia-i. Fiuch Havana. \'kw ?rlrami, March 31? Arr tdiarlea.on, Bill y. Boa'on; Fork. Hicklii g. V??ra< rug; Lo. u Isliud, Howell. Nt-w >rlt; Till, ^ahaie, H ?% a; Pi nter. M rilui , Kingston Ja; iura Vi ilium. VcaCruz Below. Arkauhaa. Hume s, from w Vo k CM Rienzi. [Br] Smith; Leander [Br] fU'wi t; raphin* [' rl Alfli-k, <tn 1 Ciiledou'd [Ur] We?ih,irt, L?Vc?ol; Albert. fUr. u?] Klockgetlier. Bremen; Ocmulg e. Poet. York; Lou ism a. binary, .Mameillet; Comnerri*, [Br] Bod- ? as, Grand (JiyniQi; Miredi'a f M?iJ Lerny, Sisal; Equity, urgau, Mat.un?*'as; Snbme Hln ki. nt"ii, Nioik ' ii u I l T A MKET^G OK THK HT. DAVID'S BENEVO l Lw NT SOCIETY, *i?d of Welshmen, *Mfinb>d in tin? p iar. Cr urea, in El fibnh st'n t. on ?he 9 Ii insf. 1 he drain ??f V!|jftr (JeneMl Mo>g 11 Lewh llif lata Prosi- ' lit cf the Sr I) vid's tlentvcl- t .Society, havu.g b?eu an- ' uuc *d 10 the mean g, it as Hwolved. 1'ha' ill s meeting have heard with deep egre of f e deaih of than 1 te vm.eruj e and leiprclid fe'low-c.tiz^u ' 'u ra >1 orgm? Lewis, that they syinpiithive with the nninr ire rehie* o| 1 he decease* mid w i?h his couutr n? n, in the ' ib of r e w ho. alter a Ion* life of 11 irl'uii ess and ac*i ?if V, ha* w altke full of years and honors, been calfel to his everlcut1 raaj 1 g 11 < 10 WeUniuen. the memory of Oeaenl Morgan Lewis i? anared by tha rernllrctiou of ni*d?sc?nt fro.i* Francis Led is. lose name wll a'd ay* * e de*r to the friend* of hheify. a? d ?o byth. con ection winch the deceased inaintiiued with the uetrvmen of bis father, aud the iu'erest which heal ways felt their welfare ; and the incuru his loss as thit of a true end and tried patriot. Itrsolved. That the members of the Sf Divides Benevolent en ty. and Um hmmbars of tha other Walsh Societies of into . ;y, and Welshmen genera ly, he requested t? attend his fune to-morrow afternoon; and to assemt le at Ht David's Mall .it | lf-past. one o'clock. I' M , from them e in a protestim to tinuse of the defeased in 1 eo rd a*r?et. , DAVID C. COl.DJkN Prva't WM. DAVID, Recording Sec'y. a'O 1 *ec HE PHILADELPHIA SUBSCRIBERS TO THK | HERALD WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. Mi AT iu consequence of the Pussage Lice (which has heretofore brought oar packages of newspapers as\fr< ight) uow ' iviug New Vor'-c at 12 oc'lock. noon, instead of ; >a '? the vnu.g as heretofore, we afe obliged t)/erti*eour |?ai en rough tli* 9 nVb ck.VUil Line,and to peypostage, an-J in con- , .uence of which we are under ih*necess ryof m king the subriptiou-price of tn** Herald from this date, three cents per j jry throughout from one week to one year, or so tongas have to pay postage and no longer, C7*lf any of pur subscribers ?hnuId not he willing to pay advaccd Driers, they wll pleice se.ul thrir ncin*s to our ICC immediate y G. B. ZIEBKK & CO , 3 Ledger Building, Third >svid Chestuut street, MO 3trc Agents for the New York Herald. ' M PORTA NT ADVERTISEMENT FOR PERSONS ' OK A SMALL FORTUNE. ULL DIRECTIONS for preparing eood and cheap Cognac (of corn) Br*ndy or Whiskv?Oennau and Erglish aroiure 1 that onlv one exemplar of this easily exscuted inuction will be sold iu the Un>ted States. To he had at Leopold Kuh's Ocrinao Ageucy, 28 Piatt street, ?w Voik. ft 10 lt*ec THE OLD GALEN'S HEAD/ [O. 288 I EARL STREET, near Beekmnu street, is still 1 continued, and Ins beeu established 28 years iu tais city. Dr. JOSEF11 EVANS. .?ie?? i?er of the Hoyal College ot ug?on?, Loudon, of trie Medical Society uf New York. 8t,e . r all disease* of a private nature, btc. Ike. Dr. Ev ins 'us had years *iperitfu<e in various climate*, and eitensive 11 >spiles. No conurction with any other office. Strangers, liewsre.? In this nge ? f <ianckery and humbug, it inost important to chose an eireriencetl physician, N.B.?Observe the uainb 'r?mistakes are olten d tngerous? 8 Pearl ?*reet. lC/** Medio nes and Directions sent fo any part of the Union, 7 paiticulars sUtiiig the cas \ and eudosing five dolljrs. a 10 It*nrc TEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT FUND. Ml K THUS l'KKS of tf. Kir Deparinieut Kund teapeclful ly li-K 1J??. Hi inform th^ iiubl c, (lint the rrmiition of thr OVCEKT for theb-nrlitofihe WIDOWS tu'i ORPHANS llir Drpirtinnit will take in n few day,, of wlinli due iiicewill be Kive.i. 1 s ar.-"liK*meiit< are beiiiK made to h'te at leait eiiual if not (Uiienor to tbe former one. Tbot- i*r ns who i'u cx ased tickers and were unable to obt i i admit* lice on the 2d inn' mt. will pleue present them. MAII1 W. ^MMU.NS.) FORSYTH LAB AG H, > Ccinmittee. >10 Ittom JAMc S PM Yhli. ) IM POKTANT TO TII( >SK"VV1TI lOPT CHILDltKN. ^IfOSK Interested, will lece *e ha' an sgeney ii?iUh'ikh *d for t e sale ot M. M. UKSUMtAuX'Sl Wonderful ^creative ? I ixi r < ordi U. ndvert ieme..t on hist cotumu of fou'thpag *. ap 0 1 in in *in TIIK NTW iiKir.HTON < < >LU,< ;IATK SCHOOL* S SITUATKD on Sta'en mile* from N*w York, in the elegant chateau erected by the J s*ph's at ail esi?eii?e at H'.OOd. 'I his is the b"?t and ? heaoetl Boarding Sell ol hi the nited States. Full courses of insfruliou are imparted in ng.ish, L&tiu, Gitek. French and Spanish lVrtnus Ii?vi& g ?vs to ed abate are iuvired t? call aud e* mi me the School he otft Mtn mil e mmmf* M ?y i Circulars and fall is* rimtion may be ohtiined of Dr. K. A. ftigelow ,r ist corner of roadway and Fultou street, entrance IVi pulton st re". apIO lm*ec t^KO LK nOW. >\ VI., lh iucipal M. WISH, i /? t i c ian , f n o m a i: n m a n y , Mrgt respectfully itirm* tlie citizens of New York, a d the iblic in itinera', t?i,t he ha:, locstrd himself tn 'his ci'V, and tens to-day at 437 Broad*a , a large nod must complete as* irtmei.t <>| 8 ectic'ei and Heading Glasses, in Gold. Silver id Steel Frames. He would also remind the publ'c, to whom ? is partly htttowa hy Ins issusl tiaits to irstooiBpriifi nee th* last i-ir.e years, that hy lus knowledge ol the optic I fence he is enabled to determine the R aises suitable lor any >e. f'ers m with weak eyes can be supplied wi?h glasses It ch will greatly benefit and rot straiu the sight riruruhr tentio' is c tiled to a rew style of perspective grouud tlti'ci I 'he finest Hint, which, throng > t* eir hitfh polish ard true 'oand produce ihe purest'visi ?n, and have been highly recom nde*1 as the b'st in t^eir effects upon the eye lor orese yuig m! improving the right in coof.iJiied writi g and re.idi iu. hort-s'ghted |>er?oos, and sue|? as have h* en operated upr u for itar?ct can also l>e mt-d He irserts like isv new glas en i f ip ? ior qua Ity in old fronts, and s licts the patronage of a! I i want of his articles. Please rail a" M. WISK, Optician, aln 3 m* re 437 Broadway. fRAND LODGE Of THE STATE < ?! ' NEW YORK. rIK COMMITTEE ^ppointrd hy tlirdr.ind Lo.lur of thr Meat Anceitand HonnraMe Knternityof Kiee and 'Xc spied VI ?ons??f the Sta'e ef vew Yom, ai *nemerge t m etig on Monday nfteri oo , he 7th jnst-v t, tiave h* melancholy utv of in..'?u cm* th* Fraternity of this juris liCciou that ie (ira d M tster or the Universe has been pleased t summon im Irs earthly l?bor? our venerable ami belnte I (Iiiami Iajthk ih* Meet Worshipful VIORG VN LkWIw, wh r fourteen years has eccuimd the Oriental ( hair of the Grand oilut* <ii lliii -lain lii/thi* , tilirri v?- fV M.l wliil'li I * < t \ r? helmed u* witn profound sorro* vieai*?l'|)rivf?lofnBr)ll? r it rnly distinguished by learning. talents. emiueut |?ub ic rvicei, puritv of Ii6p. and unfailing he.evnleiice, but also of iidpi)t councilor, a firm and steadfast sui poller o' the princies of ouri rder?a Father, upon whine a 'vice we might at all in^s cow fide- tl > rely. initiated int? tin* mysteries of tlie Frirnity i* 1776, in Union Lodge, at Albany, f?e ev*radhered to is iustifut'OO. and when in tfi* midst ofrhe storm and teinprst ' Ant i-Masooic yiirence h* whi called, in ?he year 1630 to the 'and Matte ship of the * tntp e chrtrlally placed htmielf at ehelra; ha?wi*?ly directed th* course of our alF*irs, and up the U?t h"in nf hit earthly nrn-r estified hit utf 1I1114 at choicut to thia Institution. The summon* to ihe Celestial ' Lodge reached him on Sunday, the 7th instant, at me/iian, when he departed from u* in tli*90lh year ' fl it ate. The Oram (> Lodok will a**embl*at the tl. L. Room, at 1 lock, on Wtd e?day afternoon, the 10th inttant, to attend e fur ml, from the reti lrnre f me I t Grind Matter, No 7' eonard *tre-t ' lie Sul)ord*riat* Lodges in the city of New ork and Pa vici itr will a?aemb> at their re*|?ective L'nfge ooina. and concentrate (without bam rrt) at 2 o'clock, at th* ward House The Officers and Members of (1. V.adge will appear in the elt of their rank in mourning?a'I others in whiteaprous and hite glovrs only, with crap* 011 th * left arm. y order, JOHN, 1 LKVVIS KKUCWTWANOKR, I J. ('. A LLS PADT, VCommittee. P. S V A ^ HtHiTKN, I JAMK8 HKHHINO, J al 2t*rc j*ANi;y (iOODH, I IJTLKU V, Itc. cheap for bash, at 231 Pearl street. up stairs, viz ?300 iIomii fin * Ma r Brushes, at rpntt to $1 50 per dozen; 100 do-/.*11 tolid h.v.k French 'o.'th do, at 50 cent*; 2'.0 d ?zeu French Soaps at 15 to 25 ceiift r dozen, a bargain; 50 ladiet' r liid Work Boies, richly 1 nit bed; * qum'ity of talian and inthoganv frama Looking lasses. at 2.3 cents to SI 50 per dozen, i>c* A'so, TABLE AN'IJ POCKEt CUTLERY. 500 d /.en white, black, cocoa and buck Table and Deteri riivet and Forks, seme thr?e prong. ar. 5? cents to 11 per do/. I to. ivory Table and Desert do, in d tent < r full set* of fKty e ch, a g?e*i bugiin; flue Carver* and Steals, at 37.% eta id upwards. Alto, 500 dozen I, 2, 3 and I blade Pea aid ?ockKnives, at 75 ctt t $>, See. |n?r dor. A ho, a lot of rich tilt plated Candlesticks, at 75 cts to $1 50 per ; vir. Persons in art of any of the above goods will do well to apply imme Ills ap9St*m IKCANNOV* CUMPOI NO PI LMONARY SVRI ? , I for t*s eirs of coughs, colds cooitup ion. asthnaa, pains kidneys, affecti'.ns of the I ver, Ike. Tint Syrup -.boot hicli s > many antiont injai te? lure been lately mul*. and iiich his met with the nrqial*fi*d sanction of th* Medical culty, can now be had at the following placet *arnl 1 a'r, Jfib W< st street; T ?rrant, 260 Wreeuwich street; r i'|mr;nan, Veitrv a'td Canil; Mr. Andrea*, Greenwich id Vestry strctts K. W. Allen, jr 73 Divsion ifeet: P D* Kee, Barrow ana MtDoogal streets; Alfred Hill, 2< H Or-'- u ich street; Mr. Kirsr, 187 C.tnal stre-t; Drug Htore, corner of bilker and Centre tfeeu; S W?id k7!? spring ttreer; Mr. row* r Green and Hpriug'ts; Mi* Botnerii 'e fourth id W totter freeti; Nfr. Ilicbi d. McDougit and Wavr'v aC"; II I) f'ouipton, Varick und Vaudam ttr*ets; Albert W mdh, Varick and Broom-; fh r jimm M rrtin. Catharine, op mte Oak tiriit; v?r Lippuicoif, Vestry and Washington; fin Harrison (Horth Mooruand Weal str ?t?. Mr Living on, Grvn and Kourt streets; Mr Hart, Giand and Norfo'k r?fets; W?n Burtuell, Uowerv ind Mark's p'*r? ; II ri'ipp 2j0 VWs stmt; C VV T heal I, 570 O ind s'.rre*., It. T. ierst*d, spring end i roadwiy; N. H Battle's, South and 'thsri, 0 j?rieef?: (ii iriiii Mid t onnver. I.itir its sod r ets; * . Daicier.til Ulifrr ?tnet; and ol* the Proprietor, ii ft t Vest y Ktm t. Price 37|? * e .ta per bo'tle Hrouklyu?A. P. far ton?, 4'jKaltni stre?t, office of Daily it vertuer. W ill Umsbtirgh?John M jorr, Klog's County Ho?*I. 9 im*rrc UK .-i BAI UIBKK isTi w pr#p;ued~to vli WAii M- t Mid JKWK'JIY of nil kinds at the lowest possi ?'e prices, 12?(fold a:i I Silver Levers and t.epinej, Anchors. Ac . It*' d h'bo a v*?rv fir.e ai'ortinent of hwclry.eumiittiiiK o( Oold mini, P* noils, Biscripts, Pins, See , kc , which hr is dr:er* ne i t? i II Iowit than n iv other house m th.* city. JOHN ,V1 V Klin, ho hatoani *rre?t. V 11.?Don't forget in.* numler?Utf Clincham itiM. r?r31 lm*m HARE (>FFEI( TO PLAIN FAMILIES. M U s I C . KIH^T HATK PliO!?V.*HO'l OK TDK PIANO i KOin K AND ITALI A N HlNOI NO, to pv stuns in a plain *nd re-|?evr>-bV family f r t nice ro in i?.d -ik'asl which h?* would rake alone in his rmon 11 <* n r! n? Pi lunforte, which m.iy h * n?ed by the put i , Iimii/ nbte.i ? HTf* test part ?-f the dny. Hir4tr*i?i >>Krone*s sivrn. Adas "Mlf Ml' .M at this qITic. h1 Iwjfb REMOVAL.- -FRANCIS R. CRUMP. iHHOiMti.VI k I'Kll. WATPII, PL(M;K \lAKMl AND | ' JKWKLKti, (formerly ?S I. robins, for neirfy stv yeirs d recntly with Manptnad's * Co. llrnalway, upwards r| ree ' ears,) hegt tone |ti nut hit I i"nd? ai d th public that he * iiKMOVM) fnn *418 OHaNI) M t? HI BI.KK.CK i, t o doors west .if llrosdway, where he mie n's to lifer e the above hnsii ess. and trotts, from his long esprrirnce il kncwti <bi!ity, to meet with t* n* sliar of pniroti'ge to iich his abilities r ritit'i* aim. In rehi-oing th .uks for llp ist ( rors, h-would r*-mi?d Ins fronds that lie rerm'rt e*e?y d? i ripthiu of Wntfh *n, Itep iters rnnsir tl and do,il? t the > o?t mvTTcated that ran lie pr coird Also, je * Iand dtainoud ?rk aet. Pearls res trim*, tilts**** and Keys r.iusU..ny on nd. N. B.?Cash paid far old goldand silver. in7 lm*m AUCTION SALES. rtll)V?B HK.1L Aneti-n-" Starr \'u 11 Spruce ilrttl. Ue^nlar Sa!?i 13 n,ual of hunutue every \V?ln?tday an I | Saturday Aim, of Dry U ode, tad ill other every Tueaday j tod y relay, a3 Iwec j Tim"uTv. At 10t.j 'clerk, m ih Sale* lfooai. isn' Sale of Vj.uablf Kuril tore >1 alI ii*?criptiona. THUS IU.LL, Autttourer. I TilURSUA V. At I(j>, o'c'ock, nt Hi- Auction Room. L Hie S.ila.,1 splendid 1'in Mini; mue fir.t rale l'i tuo Koitei, jy lie he,t inaki re; .in J 3 vrrtl articles of brautilul luruilurr. lU ll'N THUS It- 1.1., Auclioi.rer. B&NJA Ml N MOON K\ , Auctioneer Auction ncm i< k?Ft uniturk, fce *e?b MOO \ KY St < U. will at II Tim Day, at 10 o'clock, at ? No U'i B'rrcker atr-et, tlie furniture ot a faintly givi. K up louark epiiia, couaistiuif of So fat, Mw.oa.iuv Chaira, *ectearea, Bonkcas*s, inutile top I .e litre ,t> <1 1'ier Tibnei, one I' tu , Ott'>liua, V'attel On,amenta. ' ler (i asm, Tea Tabha, liu.'ciua U il.tenia, B and liiyra n Ca pete, S -irtlo, tut] * oil* Dr saiuy and other Tat ha, oue elegant pa.lor Stove, Llloietead, meter. Alio, ot e Cooluiii Store, together with tie kitchen faroilure, kc a 0 U*ec A lll'TION MITIt t?HV ?\ I fc-wiTN V 1(1?li.Teel ? Furniture.?'! his ii%v, at 10 o'clock, at No. 2B Pik* stiett, li- Furniture of t!??- house ol a t1 e *u rnn veil to tire rouutry, comprising Jarjte French pla'e Pier ti asset; CiiratI le?; Mantle Ofu<imenu; Sot'js; uiv ua: Ottoina. ?; Mahogluy I h urs ami K <ckers; i'ra < aril ami Centre Tahlea; Brussels I hrec-ply, lrnr-iu aud hi .ir ' nrpett; Hall Oil Cloths; Hall Stove; a choice assortment wl B. ds aud via>tr<usei, R**. Ac. L'au be ex mured l'r m 8 A M. till hour of sale. aO U*m: C Kl.KUANT FJKM 1'LUK "AFTD ORGAN. f i J SMITH St CO will sell this morning, el hall past III l_/. o'c'ock, i the ,tor?' 301 liiuadway. comer Duaue stieet, a [I large assortment of superior citv made Furniture. un?ur|i*ssed psi lor uia'erials, workmanship, fui'h aud style, by any iu the rity. For p?rfnul-is fee auctiou hrad io Courser, F (press, I'lebeisu or Kvesiiug Pstt Ora m?Alio, at II o'clock precisely, a megnilicent Parlor Organ in a inibogauy c.ue, has 4 stops and blowing pedals? j posse*se, sufficient power lor a aoinfl cnurcli. Wi'l be ?old without reserie to the highest bidder T< -inorr >w half past I# o'clock, at No 11 White treet, i II the Furniture contained iu laid houe. wo alO ll'nc ,i? JOHN B. tJLOVliK, Auctioneer. tyHJC tale o' ?|>le_did Piintings, Marble Statuary j iiU A and KngMviis, uow eilubited free at t'Uik'i Osl'ery, 201 I Brosilwav, which was to have takes I lare thia evening, u uctvoulably poiip u.i d ?u account of the illu ua of the proprirti r I", tu'il to-nioriow and Fiiday evening, the 11lit .,ud 12m initunt, . ' if 7 o'. lock. _ a'ti 'fir: INFOHMATION IS WAN i FD, concerning a icentleinnn 'l' I who leii h > lu rding liouae, 7G Beekiniu street,?t II o'eloik n, iu Mr ndw eight. U h April, in a disordered ttate of iniiid aud *~A .utlcri. K with ritreiue li,rvout escilen.cnl. He la about 5 feet . J iuchea high. with black tyes, w< art a rue. He had on an oreicoat of the yes jtcket cut, aud Mark pant'lamis. Any J.' lufnriualiou lelt at bii hoarding nouie, will be K'atefully r?ceived and propcrlr se.wa ded alO lt*fc jy 'I'D LKl -Ft large and commodious DwoUjM House X No. t'.'i Park I'l ice, roriMrly ocmptad b> L)r. F. W. Mott, m Term* moderate. '1 he premise, can be s?eu any day between twelve and one o'clock. Alio the Dwelling House No 181 t? Second st. This house is situated between two great thorough- 4ii fares, aud is very easy of access. Ttruii very moderate Also, ? the bewtiful ('ottvge, with outhouses aud garJeu, situate on the c uutry vat ol Doctor Mutt on the banks of the llndou, I is miles from the fit y. This ipot is well kuowu for Us btMl) aud healthiness. Terms iniideia'o" Apply cither ol Dr. Mott, at 182 Bin ker street, or of H. A. lvlott, No. 5 Nassau street, 3d Hory. front room. a 10 3i*m I OBT, probably stnleu, an Fnilith louble cased Gold A-J Watch, the back springs open, the glass opens with yi ur . your nail. A handsome reward will br given by applying at , ' No. 18 Ann stre-t, New Vork a 10 Ifrrc "} NOTICE. r|'HK PUBLIC nr* c mttonedi against receiving or uegotia* ting a not* of JAMKS UKNSON'8 for hive Hundred Dollars, due the Uih May, 1814. endorsed bv Benson & Full and Charles E. Beiitirr, the saui Invicg bceu lout. Thi tinder ?i will receive* reward by returning it to|No. 10 Broad wav, lir.t floor a9 3t*rc fPOBACCO, Oil bales Saint .Jago de Cuba. M A IJ d? Uuisa cli Coffee- 50 bags Saint Jago. new crop. gl Arrow Kont?1? 00 Ibi., iii barrel* and cases.,too. just lauding Iroin tli? birque (Jleauer, in a\- w sorted brtnds, new crop. la tore, a general assortment of Hegars of celebrated biauds, M of las; year's stock, ottered wholes 11* and retail, by M A. A HAMANOH, a 10 I in rc No. ft Wall ?t, and 2H9 Broad wav. CHKAPKHT CARPET EST ABM S1IMKNT TN THE U. STATKS, | NO. 1111 BOWERY. A NDKUSON &. DOBBS have ju*t'eceived a large aed ?p'en- N d'd f ii w pattern* of superior Kug isli 3 ply extra double su| ?r, suj?? rline aud common ingrain C.rpctiog: Venitiao ball and stair Carpel: Fluor Oil Cloth*; Tufted aud Turkey '.ugs; Parlor Door Mats; Table and Piano Covers, A all of which wereoideied, and purch.sej for cash, prev i- * mis to the great advance on the above description of goods, and M will be sold <i thi uspal low prices, at 99 Bowery we mtmio w li whoeeeaboet perchaaiiMri to call sr>?<u and make iheir w lection AM)KRSON fc DOBB , be a^2w*ric 99 Bowery,1st stoie above H< ster st. lit DOR BALK a BARGAIN -A tair ofantob Billiard Ta* ||j, bles, made to order by 1) Peun, in line order, eotnple te, wbh cues, maces, bailt and counters. Kuqair* of Uoorge Weodemur, Monroe Hall, corner of Pearl and Centre streets, or T. O'Connor, 21ft William st. at lw#m 170K 8AI.K?I HK MXTIjKKS OK A MKAT STORK I " and !Mii<?bii.g Establishment. It is one of the he?t I oca- / tious in the city, and will be sold cheap for ash. Inquire on T the pr-inres u 200 Klin street It is, in point of family situation, higblv eligible a8 3t*rc S Ilk HOWARD?Runaway fton bis inndlsti#PibiMti ,i ftr 218 Walker street, on Vloudiy morning Hugh Brad* bum, a boy te'ween ten and eleven years Id. Tlad on a cloth cap a rouudahont merino jicket with velvet collar, and blue p i taloons. II" txk with him f8'iin money, aud isaceompa- u uihI with twonlher boys, m e twelve and the oilier ten years ot *ge Tl e above r-winl will be paid for the am re hen s ion of th" u bov and lecosery of the ino ev, or $.'? for the boy. The largest boy was stwn to have the money, and they went towards Har ?? Win. The teward will be paid by the buy sfather. No IS West slrr-t g$ Zl rc AflR TO LE? OR LEASE?For > term of foam, the s prjW uimt-ru built two story and attic house, learly new, N ?. C Or-en stre t uevr Hpriug. Tin* home has an under cehar, the rooms muble in intlcs and gnres iii ea'-h story, has ti been recently and is iu good ord*r. Te m* moderate to r a v ml tenant. Also, several small tenements in Barrow ai d < treen streets Apply to D. L. BEN NET, a9 3 e rc IW Spring st. 'I LARGE TREES FOR STREETS. AVENUES, fee.. AT s PRINl K'S NURSERIES jasLag WM. II I'h | IN Cr Si CO offer for sal- I5,ff0 splendid I kR >rmteenta| I rees,from It to 2d fa t iu height comprising S h C-hiue.c Ailanthu* beautiful silver I aved Su- S< .r .?lapl-, l'?per Mulh rry, urop an i Itpien, Hors* Cheftuut, S S |v r \be!? Kltnt of tor s aud oilier desialde >|iecirs Also, ' K v rgrven Toes, ft to '5 feet ill height, among wr ich are 6 00(J b tin*in of I >ilcad Oi Ba'm Kir. Al?o, them nt est nsive and rare colli c ioo of Hoe sand tJahlia*, tnauynf which i ost from on * to live gioueas a? h. Oi'Urs wi I be eir- uted in a superior ?ty le, st prices 25 \ rr cent I *vAer than u u liy charge d, and we gunrsntte the S'- 'I tisftcti n ol purr Inter* < Wh*rr a numhrr ol Trees are ordered, a garJenrr will It# s^nt D to plan'them it?equired Order* to le sent per mail, or left at 23Pn.-?tr,,t, ve.vV.rk. WM R PHl O KHtCO. P. ? A member of the estahhsliineut w II lie at 23 Pine st. daily from II to I o'clock, t > give any information required. D aPi ttis*? B TO Mll.hWI.X AXh~tiAIWESKRS\Ti yy0 TO Chj i ?Several hundred a- rcs ol land at New u BvAUi q. hfo.. -tateu blind su liable lor gr txing nd g irdei. w ?dn?.o]g, a eoffercil to h'lon r h* liable t*rm?, *ud in qusnti- <4 ties to suit applicants. Toe n*ar proximity of this pluce to the |) city of Near York, aud tli* la ge number of rcrideu'sat New UriuliroM itur-ng the summer sea oil will furuish at all times to tin* m Ik mil hud gaude irr a good aud retdy market |i For further particulars apply to H. CURTISS, s 19 w 'I! ItM (. Jd BtOf . or at q alO lwfni New Biighton. jj dl e OR BALE?A Blight bsy viar*. n fas' and ei' rw"'hnt tiaveller, ki.,d iu single or .double h irness, , - ? 4 S i-M imd and a first ra'e saddle net A?k for the Bay '' Mare " r\ A 1 K,!' at f 'owui St. Dilki', Mercer street, ue?tr Biee? ker ?tre?t ' Abo, a Light Wag )u.built by F'ord. Pate it axles and bather top at St9M t rI11' RTb K Sll Kl.l.?2 barr? Is M ?t quslitT, fhr fslo by r? 1 BOYD A IHNt K KN. aftfC No 9 Tontine Bail'i.ig. ^ ^ mm H .M. I HA A A Nil KKKIIIII . I The Royal Mail Steam Ship ACADIA, \ X? A. Ryri- Ksq., honnstadn will leav? . Boston for the above jwirls ?u Wednevday, l( 1st, wxt The Mei-v r HI B - RNlA, will leave Boston on Thursday, u May 16th. " P.vsxigefor Liverpool $120. u Pa^sagaf< r Halifax 20. Apply to 1). BRIGJ1AM* Jf., Agent, 8'P No. 1 Wall street ^ SEVEN O'CLOCK MORS IN G LINE. 0 FOR ALBANY, " Tiltiv am> ntkhmkdil LAN PINO From th* Mteamb' at Pi-*r*t A Nrii ggJLttie foot of Barclay street Breakfast and Dinner on board.?The. new low-pressure sUsmer TRt'Y, P|| t A 2 O rhatn, starts as above on 'I hnriday, April 11, at 7 o'rlucf in the morning. For ( assago, apply at the office foot of Bircliv street, or 011 bmrd, All goods, fr*ignt,burgage bank bills, specie, or otherpro- ? (>erty, < n h<?ard tins hat, at the tisk ot the owners gOHl \ . alO 2tm | NEW \ ORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. * Mn ygM FOR ALBANY AND TKOY. DlnKCT V ^ 1 hfi HWALLQW. c-pti.n A. '? Thii [ We ii ley] Kvemr g, at 7 o'clo k, * pril 10 h, IBM. The Swall-w, ohi iff to Ii?t liyht drnugT of witter, will b* enabled <t all tim*s to psgs the barn, awl r* ch Albany and i rey hi smple time tot k- the morning tr?in af ran fro?n the t edit of went. ? Kor fr ight or p*a? tge app'y on boa'd, or to H. M. Drew, at ol the offli i when i ,y LIVKKPOOL?The x? 9W Lim Rrguir f? Pi ckrt 2li*.- April ?The superior Nrw York bnilr ? CMpKvpicUet ship LlVKHPUOb, ')i| t John KMrid<e,| |ij t lui bar then, will tail as above, kor regular day. p? Kor freight or p.urtK*, bavins v?ry alienor nccommodari ?na, apply to me Captain on hoard, it west aide Hurling flip, or to "" WOODIIL'i.L a MINTtJllNB, * 17 Houtli at * Price of passage $100. I) Tor superior packet ahip Queen of the West, Capt Tplip T Woodhonse, VA toes Surtoeo. will succeed th** i,iverimol. and ot mil < i or regular dar.fist May alOtoAtl * At-1. HO It NKW OH L KA NH?Lotnaiana anu ,ili lAjyV^Vork Line?Positively c,nIy lust Kcgutar pocket?To * wfolfessnil' the of 11fIi April ?The 'ast tilling picket ah p fr< (} ?iN e K. ( apt I > Jackson, w>)| ?ml as a'iovc herregnlsr day. ne Korlreisht <>r pn rye,hiving ha-irlanine furnished aceovnnio- ? dalioti*, ipply on ho rd foot of* W <11 sfreer, ai I M'nm wharf, or 'o K K. ?OLLIN^ Ik CO . V? Honth stieei. . Positively no fr ight received atur the ivenlng ol the mib J\ i nit I Bhii'i-ers b/'hii L'lie may depea I upon hiving their g ods i. correctly iii"A.m?ed P Aguts in N v> Orleans Mrsirg. Ilulli i Be Wo tdrutt, wbo w ill promptly f? w ar I all g<*od?to their address J1 l h pari*"' ship < )e.innl>r?a* ', ?| ? iin K I' e*. vs jl sue ?ed ihe "! Oroi e and snUfhh Ai rtl, her re*nUr day. alf?2trrc ^ KOti libtHidlW?l)i'Mi?With Uiipatch?I'ha * tint f l\s Packet Hhip JiA LKM, Captain lleroo, wiL on ?*' ! ** '*b >ve I hi well known ship has very anp- ri u icirorninodations for r.i'iu, . >nd < ibiii on! iter r?. p fiK'iigerw Persons intending ? l,? rin'n k -bon d in lire minedure a. | lie J oil on board, for t .fl of Maiden Lane, or to JAM Mc.VlUllllAY, fli Pine at'rvf, corner Mouth ,%'i H Tin* very ulterior \ es* I will return direct to New Vrirk ? I ill nl* .? ' ' 11 it y I r per*r>u< (leiiroiia l?>'.-ii.h.irli from \M I be ? figli'.M'rhood ol I hi* now, or the North ol Ireland, seldom 1 Lo I e met With Si?mii eri lr< in lbdl .It. Londonderry, Port Hush, Coleraine, k-: , | -1 y wreklv to Oli" k w , ?d at *er y morl ?r te atew IVr- . ?. wihIiiiic; t n?* I r heir friend or relamea c n *ecui? .1 I p ?ss ?ge b\ appl v ing ss above a 0 ire j L4j?. NI pKL) I l*?POL PAt KK l Packet of ili?* I Ii April?Tb?- ipl ndid wr'l known fo /WkmIm'N k*' Mop hi A If ' < .plain Bar tow, will sail L jo i i.'i. h ibove, I <r rtgnl ir day. h Jibe has splendid icrntniiioda'ioi. for cabio, second cabin | and w'ee U'* passengerl. i hose wishing to* henns uld make immrdittc application on board, foot of Dover tvert, or tn W *. I T.TAM OTT. ri atO ec 1) Peek Slip, cor. Sooth at j 1 m AMUSEMENTS. PA UK THKATHB. Bum <si 'rata?Pit ~S < Vou?<t*llery 12>? C*nta THIS KVUMNU. April 10. 1M4. Tli* f*rfor "iuu will rinnni*uce with till. l AhIB CHIEF I "iiii*.!, \jr. Wallmeh. Cumlm* >ifl Brougham . To coueludr with BPIhiT OH THfe FOUNTAIN. 1 <uatiia.m tiikathk". ; Bo?*?... as Carta I Pit... ia^ Crata. ' 1 HIS ? ou . Ni.'AJ?'il 10 ih? Draini of ] v j L WYVIL. Nnruiaduk* Wv ?il Mr Connor ? 1 i) rouclud Willi u HANUY ASDY. * Handy Andy "-1irf mrCIIKLL N OLIWt'lC THKATHK C THIS KV t > IN(i, AI r I 10, th* Opera of t\ MA.KRI \UK OK kioaro. Figaro Mr NValcot t Aulouio Mr Holland Af'*r which MV SISTER KaTK. i To conclu'l** with BATHING 1 BUWUKV ANPHITHKATHK. Boxes 2i Cents?Pit I2J?. JOHN THVON Maimer. THIS EVENINO.'April 10. Star aud Waltx Entree. The Original " Daudy Jim" Baud ol Minstrels will . ear this evening. To conclude with THE BUCCANEERS. O" Doors opeu at 7?l'erformuice comineuces at qua'ter it 7 o'clock. AlttKIlTcAS mtHKLIBk, AND PKRPETllAli FAIR WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1841. J E N E K I T O F L A I' E T I T E C E R 1 T O . SPLENDID PERFORMANCES 3 o'clock iu the afternoon, and halt past 7', in the evening GIANT AND GI ANTES i! ! nel irye t in the world, and of the lineal ?> minetry and p-oporma. They are MAN AND W'FE. d have Lieeii viailed in h urop- liy in 're than ONE HUNDttKD THOUSAND PERSONS! riug the list year They may lie arm I'm in 10 o'clock A. M. I 10 P. M. VIIts. HERRING, MISS BLANCHABD, M1S8 S. T. JAI'i. hire vo!uut<cird. I'HE KENTUCKY MINSTRELS. Mr. COLE, ihe Jti 11ILLY: Mix E. ADAIH <.A PE'l iTE CEJtlTO, r H. G. SHE KM A MR. WHIT LOCK. MR. T. G. )OTH. Mr WILLIAMS, aud MR HOWARD, and I tera. . i'lieOH'SY FAMILY, at* in uumber, r-cently from tier uiy, and lai'hlul reinesenUlivrs of the ancient people ol ' (yyt. may be aeeu in -heir native iaiaiunie. I TneGlPHKY QUEEN, the Fortune Teller, may be private conaulted at all hour* ol the day and evening. Performances every 'truing at 7}? o'clock, and Wrdneaday d Saturday afteruoona at 3 o'clock. Tickets 2i ceiita?children under ten vraia tf-j cents. Twen livecenta ex Ira J for private couiultatinni with the t in wry reen. . a 10 rc PEALK'S SEW ) OH. II MINkilJII. ~ AND PICTURE OAI.LKRY MB. H. BENNETT MANAGER. ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. LAPLAND DWARF OF THE SAME AGE AH THE GENERAL! AND THREE INCHES SHORTER!! The Manager, ever anxious to please his palroua, announces at iheaeits iu ih' Lecture Room will be eutuely takeu > and ienlaced iu inch a manner as will promote tlie comfort the audience. Ti e billowing talented performers itrc ocgag d: ? lie Great Western, who is uuiversally acknowledged to lie the inoatcorreci r?pr?s?utatiseof Comic Characters iu America, and without a doubt the heat Ktni pi-n Orator aud Imitator i f a Luri motive in the whole woild. rs. Wes'eru, the much adorned actress, who la admitted to be wilb?ut an eiju I :ta a reprraeutative i f the Regular Down East Yankee Girl. -demoiselle Pauline the delightful daraueae; Miaa Adair the la-miug songstress ; aud Miss Ulauchard, the grace'ul Jugen as. 'Thesplendid GAS STAR! ihat excited is tnncli interest last inter, will agaiu sli'd its hiilliaut lustre A New Stage lias been erected wiih new Scenery, 4i<- , the auager being determined to make such iinprovi menu iu the II i?.......i... ,.i ,i.? .. ............ i Thv Manager ha* *ltect*d 1111 ei.g.geiuenl with * uiantkhb f! (T7~Krr full particular*, ?ee unall bi I*. alO or. kxuihition of okkmnal faintinos. ATIONAL GALl.EU VOF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS Of THE <11.1) 41 ASTKHS. EXHIBITION ROOM. IN CLINTON HALL, Corner of Nastau and Hrrkman ilrreli. t MATKURS AND AKTIS 1 H ,re informed, that the Hal * lorv ol f'aii,tiug? i.t ('liutmi 11 a 11 m now o|ien from II A. . to ti o'clock at night, or lalrr. according to ih- ?ea?,>n They i 11 therein tiud a choice collection of the lineal I'aintinn* Inch have ever ail rued any European Oallery. Arti.t* will - al'owrd to ntudy in th* I* ihibitinn Hoom Tin* (niblir will id a C tulogne, which will riplain all thr hiatoriral and other pen, ijuo'ing the t'Mtagca of author* Iroin which the aubjecl* i\e been taken (I"7"Admittance only 21 centn mI7 Irn'jgb (trani) farkwell concert. TO BE "WKN BY THK MKMBK.KH OK 'ALMirs LATE CONCERT COMPANY, i i' i'O.Nt Kill ii ALL. No. 4% Broadway, on Thuraday a Eve ling. April llth IBM. They h vr *ng.|ed on tlua oec&eion MISS M. K. and MISS All AI It, favoratly known to the public. In nruer to meet the wiahea of their friruda, they hate inad* ie price of adinisaion 2) tenia. PROGRAMME. i'aar i. olo and Chorua?Vouiik Lve triiinii haul ainiliuK. By th? (himpany nog?The Maniac Mr Knraaa ma?Sileul Nyini h Mi? Bruce a'lad?The Iriah Emigrant'* laineul I Mr Lynch ciio Hon* Mio M I, ndair unit, Comic? Biddy o| Sligo Mr Karanah on*?I'm ailtv-two Mra Shari* '.loiut?Hail bleaaed inurning, from Kra Uiaiolo, By lh* t'rmpany Irind Imitation Italian duet Mra Nhari*. and Mr Kueaaa ava int and t orn?Oh Killer, inott divine. fiom the Love Hpell, firtt lime Mita Adair and the Company I'a rt II 'he Scnolmaater end liia Infant* By the Company ong? Love'a a tell ule Mia* S Adair ng?Com* ait the* down Mr L\nch ong?Viiung trminy Mra Sharp* h teebrated ludl m Medley By I h* Com pan y oiit The Grove* of Blirtey ,V1r Kavanah ling ? I. IV* aonnil ill* Tiuin|iet Mua M. K. Adair no*?vVhitcnu it Miaa ft Adair horn*?I audy Jim By ihe t'ompauy ina'e-Hood .Night By Ihe Company I ICKKTS To ne had at the door. Door* okoi at 7?commence at I o'clock. a 10 2 *re the misses ci'mm's cunckrt pilH* MI-8K8 0UMMI ^(i rpi|i.'Cifolly annouuc^ ihnt thfir *- Animal (J,>nc?it wilt t*k- place at THiblo'a oil rnday, thr !tli inaUnl when '|(ey will tf assisted by liftr K?t>|>.I. .V I PRAT i\ l ite of In It .1 and Mr. rLIKKbtOII. i UOOKAMMK. Part I. uet?J^wret Mute' Fay By the Misses 'ninminK illad? Laddie, O Imh* m Mr. Cli ehugh avatina?-Th^ou ih the Wood "Mm B J. (Jamming net?As it fell upon a day Misses < uin tiling aud Pratt alltd?The Harper o'Mtlll .Mia? M. Cummiug ug?Tu lorhgoruin "? iwr Clirrhutfh *ng?Derm >t Asthore Miaa M Pratt urt?We're o'er noting I? inirry yet Yliasea ('unming Par r II uet?I know a Brink Miaaeg < nmining oug?Hoy1.; Wife of A Idivtlloeh *?Mr I'lirelipgK loinanza?w ard 1 hour hta Miaa yi. I umining >u? t-My Prettv Pair* V!iaa*i < mmining and Pratt few Botch Hang?1Tlier* livfa a ?oung Lasti Miaa B. (J f urntnin* riph B.'llail? Molly BrHlu'in ? Mr ('hrehufth allaJ?Th? Broom o' ihe Cow den Knowea-.M s? Al ('nmining ? et?"Vh it*a *' ihe Ste f ' Miaaea < unimii g IL/" Tickefa 03 Ce la each, to be hid at the Hotels, Mnsic t?re?, Mr (*firehaglt'i 205 Broadway, Misses! umining's rrsi nce.i Warre.i street, or at fl?: door on ihe evening if the ii?rt f?6 4t#ecBtTaThBtF Or^TIIE ANATOMICAL. VENUS, if) I'll!". MV s I Kit'k H ol in I Inot* Mil A' i t iii.I. fully c*l I ui?, I. On !' u.tday KiiAy ud biturdty. | p'll ll'.h.l th, in I llth, l)r llcllick will deliver s ei arve ol ee|nre. on th'>?* mb.ect*. with 'Vnich h ith ?*v * ought to lie iiminted, but whi h cunnl 1?* cnunnt l>* inngbt to miled idiruccj, nt Nntinunl II II ' ?n.<I ?t>eet, * few dour. e,*t ol id nl ww Kor (Jeiit.ein*ii nt p**t7 in llie (veiling. Admit* on On* I oll?* to the.Conr*.-, or M ceul* to * *iug'e Lrctur.-. or Lnd ** ?t 1'2 in th* nfiertioon* of t e *tme d iv*. Adimion to 'nch Lecture 2'icent* The Illuttratlon* Will consiit of tennt fnl rml *it* I model <1 th- humui f-rntle, cnlhd the inttom.cnl Veun*. nnd ol fourt* n other Model* of the female rgwn* in ** difTereit *ttge* ol deieloiiemeni*. Iienile. t! it nil prrpvrttion* Ungrtin* incielv, or Mtl- Model, only, in give no id u of the * th ngt; I'ertrci Model* of III* Keui* e '.inn in everv itngeonly c*n do ?o, tno no model* of III- kmd re in Ike country > vc pt th' ?e li-longuie to Or It tjentlcmea mity *l?o *ee them .very moinirg *t 10, for > cent*. Number*of Ltdi * I ?ve attended *v ry d?y. (ieotleiiieu ol the pre.* will alway* be .admitted on giving ie|r?ddee??. *10 Iti.'rc postponement of concert. >V TMK AUVICr. of h * inend*. Mr. II UN It V C TIMM ' btg? le.v * r.ayert ully lo non" in c* to the public, that ft Auiiu.l (Concert will li* postponed until Tl KsLAV. ih* h ol April, r?B nrcount of ihe r.leen m *0 61 re i p carroll's O L I) KIT A B I. I S II K r> MEDICATED VAPOUR PATHS, i UV. wrll known to *as*ntially iifp'iwrr ?t this irason V of th.* > w * ? th* nyaii-m c -|Uirr* an auxiha* y to throw f ih-cu ick icrumuUieO durug win>r. ind which, b? r* iniog o.? tha wrfarp *r iff skin.oroiinc#s mtaow s dtarn??-t, .1.1. rkcitnuf ...rv .t-i'lff f.-rer Jk.C . Sir. 'I'll-y .if** Ml oi-rra dii at 25 ?'onrtUotft itr'rt, from b o clop* mi the morning 'nil fi'clorh %t night Hii'i?hnr Malta faquir* on# bour't notice. n.Mhl Vau' r Ua'Iii ??*nf Jo hiiv part ol th' city, or Ur<?"WI ? u nthing Tub* aau Hip Bath* tor hire ift lw#rc i tj " IIONKKH* AND TIIK I'KACOCK D|N|N4i V. Koorot.16 H. WillUin atreet. mil 55 Sione afert -Mcura riper, fk Wirren, to-rlo-n, ll twl r.k It Co, A dee it impniii, H Draper it J ? , An t?n V Hpirer, Merchant* am) bent, attending the ahoye and *imil<r niablivhinenu mi th? cniity, are respectfully inarmed that t.ew Dinirg Doom* if# )> en opened, on a.novel and intu li-tpprovd style. ,m the ?ve i.timber*. \ Tarda d'llote h ui bren ft'ftbliih d, t< hich their ntt-ntion it potict'la^y luvi.ed The Unuer i> irn 12 till I; l*ited t rice 26 c?*nt?. for which a flue cmtn* Dm r ?? ? ten. anenerved mi e?< die ?j style *i | ?t? Tf THE ANATOMICAL VENUS i S IT WAHJALLKI) IN KNUI AND or Aa?rnmir?l * Mod* I of the Keii|: |? Form, is tnllv d<* erf <| . ?>?) :t'ir**d I?ou. every even ok. at 7W unlock, by Dr h. DLLIC K, at Nai i iimI f I -? I v Catiil at reef .% f?w do i? in Br04 'way. Admiatiou 60 ceuU, for Oenflririeu o< 1/ I' *l*o dissected and ynrniilv fvp'ain-<1 t.? (ieutlnn it, Me?v >rniug, at 10 oVIork, far 26 reota each Th- tarn' n th*' noon. at half |?iat 2, lor Lad e? ool) , (nnmberi ol whom a ?d daily ) 26 cents. [)e>. tie men connected with the Pre** willa'wsv* ndiniiied giving their addreaaes i * b<>AJti) Tn a rTtiv vtTTPTmTm . ut'lKT < . .nti' i.l ka.mii.v .mm* "li>" < 1 One in Ulrrf knr Mrnnt, whii > |l -? wit orriijiy 1 * I Mr i- lit nf M*v wi?hit.? t i r--?< ' h-if ?i "n?'?. "*"?? ?> Inn* n * ' I'mnii nil ItiniH. < ' mall'- ill HfH'mro. ' IBIr l??ly In hiiiM with limn. Thrv will rouri.rtr In kiv. -111 nil the < milfoil* nl I""' I Im?"I !? t'lriir., vro anil n-<|uimtl. Ail'li nl #11 I in * in ich trn?t. iO I m f li I \|M \ |, MAliSl I-ISM-A r?H?th h ilrarlnd fn in ? ? l,nil> whl'i- M I'll' ' W I I'll.pniii. ?t I liuti.n H?ll, 01 lilt i ill IV Kvm I"H. A mil lllH.Rl Unrln-h Nl li. I()ll N * 11 > w ill ri?? mm in..!? rihloitinn * ih nr mil r ih ' iinrimm nl 'n'l m lii'K tfm iiM'Inr, will in iiiRniifn I wo nil i nonnfwlimn will liivr 1 'i nl'i 'ltmnnil wilhnut |<>ni virriirmnti in < l? rv?v?uc?,kjrm|i*thy he will l>? ' Inlii.nij Tint nil 2i full i?th. *9 3 lr >ft* i;-t. H;\iai>; MII.HK fir limnl .mil cnlnbrnlml I'lllv, ,*iiin Prirtufiil, in w? imirnivn. UI bn olll nli <1 in lllll r, ?* lil?i iii if mi on Um IuiwIcui. Inarm naii BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Iligtiljr Important from Wuhl>|t?a. We havr received private intelligence from Washington, of the most authentic character, informing uh that the treaty tor the annexation of Texan to the t nited States is now nearly complete* ind will hs ready to be se-.t lnto the United State* Senate on Saturday of thii wttk, or in tlu btfinling of ntxt wttk Similar intelligence waa given yesterday in our southern news, but our letters last svening give us authentic details from the proper iource. This is a most important movement ?and will :reate prodigious excitement in Washington ind throughout the country. John C. Calhoun ta he matter tpitit ol government now, and we may sxpect energy, promptitude, decision, patriotism ind invincible moral courage. Let either of the wo parties in favor of Clay or Van Buren, ahow their hands against it, if they please. They have got a man in the State Department that knows what he is about. Waahl netaa* [Cot-rui] ondence of the HeraM.) Washington, April 8, 1844. The Texat Treaty novo ready. The blende of Mr. Calhoun inform me that the treaty for the annexation of Ttxat unit potitivdy be tent into the Senate on the latt qf thit week or th0 tint of next. You may rely on this?it cornea from ihe right source. This is great news. I also understand, from the same source, that some of the ultras of both parties have waited oa < umi. Henderson to persuade him to postpone the question lie answered?" Cientlemeo, potlponement and rejection are with me tynonymout term*." Senator Niles has arrived in the city. His health is greatly improved. His physician has recommended him to come South for his health, and it is expected he will remain here for the prssent. His mind is perfectly sound and unaffected. He is dightly affected with rheumatic complaints. He is said to he favourable to the annexation of Texas. The news from Connecticut has caused the whin to look rather lengthy in the face. It is not likely we can give you any news about Connecticut, but the current reports here this morning are that the House at present stands eighty-nine democratic members to eighty-seven whigs?thirty-six towns yet to 1 he heard from, nine-teifths of which were last yeat democratic?and in which the abo litionists this year hold the balance of power, hut thevwill not vote for Clay. So the probabilities after hII, are, lhat the House will have a democratic majority. It so, they will elect Cleaveland Speaker, as their constitution allows them to elect a Speaker out of their own body, lhen they will be unable to elect a Governor (which must be done by a concurrent vote,) an the Senate is whig, and the House democratic. 'ITieirfore the end will he that Mr. Cleavtland after all will be the (Governor of Connecticut. This ih accounted a great joke, and rather a serious one. The democrats are in high feather this morning. They are also rejoicing oyer the election of Sneider (dem.) in Prick's district in Pennsylvania, by a majority of some 1800 votes. I understand that Mr. Colt s submarine experiment upon a very large vessel in motion will come off here next Piiday or Saturday. It is exjiected iliere will be an immense concourse of people lo witness it. It is not said that the vessel is to be "foriy miles distant from the operator." 1 sec that .I.N. Reynolds is in town. I am sorry to say that there is very little hope? much less now than there has been?of getting any new tardl bill through Congress. The bill for Post Office Reform will probably share pretty much the same fate. Possibly a small reduction of postage may be made. Washington, April 8th, 1844. As both Houses of Congress have adjourned today without doing any business, on account ef the death ol the Hon. 11. A. Moore, M. C. from Columbus, Ohio, and as I suppose your corps of reporters have gone off on a frolic?a sober one of course?you may find room for a few lines from me again to-day. . All the politicians here are looking far Mr. Van IHirril s llttll-|?HMiiiB'u ictici icmuvc ixj iiib iicwb and feelings about Texas < >ne thing is certain; and liint is, tiiat if lie opposes the annexation of that country, he will not get the electoral vote of a single southern State ; hut a southern democrat will lie run against him on that very ground.? Any how, the vote of Kentucky, Tennessee, t ieorgiu and North Carolina are considered sure for Sir. Clay?at hII hazards. And it is thought | that Mr. Van Buren has nothing to loae at the north by coming out for annexation, and all to gain at die south by taking such a course. It Mr. Van Buren opposes annexation, Httd Clay does not, then the latter will certainly get the State of Virginia. South Carolina, Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan, Arkansas, and ptrhapt Louisiana, are sure for the democracy any how. The battle has to lie lought in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York ; and perha|? on the Tariff and Texas topics. Mr. Clay is expected to come out in a day or two with his views about Texas ; lie has been written to by a large and resectable body of citizens, and probably Ins answer is in print before this. He will aay that lie is in btvor ot the annexation of Texas, if the people desire it, and tliHt if they know what is good for the whole country they will desire it; but lie thinks that the question ought to be submitted to the |ieople of the whole country before the Treaty is made or confirmed. That is to say, " Let me, Mr. Clay, have the glory ol making it when I am President." Hon Ib-n Butb-r lias gone to the Hermitage to talk with old Hickory about the squally state ol the political atmosphere, and matters and things in general, Texas included. He left this afternoon tor Cumberland in the cars. < ien. Tai.i.maook is here paying his respects to the president, and givinggthe weight of his experience to the members < ( the National Institute. By the bye, tins .Society close their learned confabs to night. - Where the devil is this Institute to - .1.. ni Kri ? *"""y 11?> ? ??" ?- w.^.. ? ? wagon uf acirncel 'I hey are calling fur money? but (hey will In- like Glendower calling spirits from the vasty deep? take it out in calling. Young .John Tyler read a moat admirable paper to-day on Electric Fluid; 1 had no idea that hp wan the well read acientic chap that lie is. He heal* his brother It obert's time. You did right to apeak of Pratt's Statistical Report. lie is working hard to get up that llureau of Statistics, and if he succeeds he will save many thousands to the government annually, by preventing the ceaseless and useless calls on the various departments by stupid members ot Congress lor information (statistical) that lias been furnished over and over again, years and years ago. If I'ratt succeeds in this, and in bis plan to repair and improve, the public building, and erect the Washington,monument, lie will deserve the thanks of the whole country. His statistical reports will be csjiecially valuable to editors. It is said here that if Ridgway (Heman Allen Moore's competitor) runs again, that he will be elected. He is a whig, and was beaten only by 230 votes, mostly abolnionistH. MWulty, the clerk o| the I louse, will try for the nomination, but he can't be elected. II be gets it lie will decline. The wings are not over and above sanguine about Virginia, but if they should liap|>en to carry it.sundry breeches will'rri|uirc patches <t posteriori, a la mode de VJarry. Col. Jonathan l>. Stevenson has gone home again. What did he come for? Messrs. Curtis, (Srahaiu, Stillwell, oC Co. must walk mighty straight, I tell you; indeed they must, or they will not live out halt ilieirdays. Mr. Tjler swears by Hod, tlmt he believes all the New \ork politicians to be die greatest set ol scoundrels that he ever knew or ever heard from ; and he swears, moreover, that it they get Ins wrath up he will sweep the (Top. Col Stark weather is here ; hut like Gen Tallin.iflgc and otiieis, of course, he wanla nothing at >i.. iiunds of the administration Of course not J Am/ what's worse, tliey wouldn't, any of them, lake olficc it iliey were asked. Oh: of course not. I nrr D.tkm here about hi* dock. He is a terrible l??r< to no-tubers of Congress. These dork men [ nun- call'cm "dock loafers"] from your city, prevented NVw V<uk trom having a dock laat year, mill may do ho again. I allude to Benson, lUkin, K Tyler, Burgess, liobcrt A*. Co., <Vc. It'a ull no with tin- reduction of postage. Hookuis, WieklilFe, hiiiI lloblnr, liave worked niglit and d.iy almost until tliey have killed the project. After this, of course Mr. WickhfTe ought lo go 10 Prance- By the by, he has made asaa blunder in writing a sort ol threuleiiiug letter to the Kentucky delegation about hi* illustrious nephew-, shout wboin scandal was busy in coupling his name with that of u Mrs. II ?, in Kentucky. The delegation very properly treated his Idler with contempt, and sent it back to him. , \Vlmi is liotiert Tyler doing in New \ork' By the by, Ins place here was no such sinecure as was generally supiwed He signed over one hundred and twenty thousand land patents in one year, (so a stale report eavs) M>0 a day?or 40 an hour for ten working hours. Bv the two bills recently introduced into < ongrces, to cut down the pay ol the annv and navy-*

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