Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1844 Page 4
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# t '. between 14 and 2 millions will l*e saved annually. I Jn dismissing 7i supernumerary Army Lieutenants (fifth wheels of coaches) $ra,(XIU were saved at 1 one lick. Ai>rf>i>og?\t is about time for Cti.gress to take ; the railroad companies The principal t reason why poaugo is .80 r heavy, is because these 1 i .>n::> iiiie- are p.ud :-ucli enoniiotis .*Li 111s by Mr. 1 Wicklift" for currying the mail Thev get more 1 now than was paid 10 years ago, when it wa? 10 1 liiites as liurd and JiHicuit to Iran.' port the J"*1'- I IT .. . a < >1... I...I. u mill lilinoi Congressmen oppo a n-du iou of J'o tage. Their . t tables ,('< lo idt'd with petition and rtsolutions ] . lroiu their own 11 > in favor ot it. _ * . . -I Ia,, VV'ii.-.ia.' h?.? dL-oovered that there are , Htifl dt-bt.i dill! Oil a< ' Jilt of the Florida war, to I \ lit" anion,n rf nearly half-.i-miiiii'ii. Time, mors j ( iiorter ( ,,vr ili ii hole in r'ie hi inhef. |( Cong res* won't adjourn tut Ja y. ThevM hit till j , A gust'd ile .i i! > .--devil douhl'era. They want , ii i inm\ , V-; llie,' resumed the Drummond light j tii- other day, although it ros?3 but -about $'5 a , night, whilst ttie present,-yatem eostsj?2>. And now, lTiij et , go-ad utternooii. 1 like your puper, because it always gives us the truest news earlier tltsm ;ui others, it is the only paper sought alter, cared tor, or thaliuuiHny influence here. Go ahead, old ivllow, b.tya, Your friend, A Spectator. P.S.?I see that Senator Nilea has arrived here. He was in the Senate to-day. He is iii the care of Mr. Wells, the Comptroller, of Hartford, Connecticut. What a funny world this is! And after tall, it is not such an extraordinary change from u Lunatic Asylum to Congress, or vica versa Washington, April 8,18-14. Dear Sir:? 1 send you three statistical tables of considerable value, which 1 have just compiled from documents furnished me by the kindness of the Hon. Zudock Pratt, to whom you will please return your acknowledgments. Give them an early place in your paper, and oblige , A Constant Reaper and Admirer. I learn that very little short of 92,500,000 have ] already been reported by various committees lor ; public works in different sections of the country ' this year. Has this anything to do with the fall 1 flection! ! U. 8. Vessels Docked at Ciiarleitown Dock in ten Years. Seventy-fours. Sloops of War. Ohio, Boston, Columbus?2 Lexington frigates. Klie?'J Constitution, Cyane, Potomac?3 Concord?3 Independence?2 John Adams, Columbia. i'reble, Vnited States, Cumberland. (' onstellntion, Schr I'o r poise. Macedonian, Schr Urampun, Steamer Fulton U.S. Vmcr.s Docked at Nosfolk Dock in ten Years. Pennsylvania. Sloops of War. Brigs. Seventy-fours. Vandnlia?4 Terry, Delaware?:! Vincunnes?v! JtfLrson, North Carolina?2 John Adams, Pioneer?J frigates. St. Louis?3 Consort-3 Macedonian?3 Falmouth?3 Truxton?3 Constellation, Fairfield, Schrs. Brandywine?2 Peacock?3 Flirt, United Stntes?3 Warren ? 4 liramptu?S Constitution?3 Yorktown ltoxer tiuerriore, Levant?3 Pilot, Java?3 Lexington' Shark, Congress, Cyane, Wave, Potomac, Marion, On-ke hy-c, Lexington, stoic ship Anchor Hoy, Steamers. Mud Machine, Kngincer, Poinsett?3 Missouri; Union?J By this, it appears the ill-fated Orampus was six limes in dock in ten years. The following arc the changes made hy the new bill to reduce the payof the onicera of the Navy :? Present 1'ay. future I'ny SeniorCap aim, on duly, $i,Sfd 3,Geo Do. waitiuK orders. 3,509 1.8W All olhsr Captains ia command of squadroll* aliruul. J,003 3.300 Do o? o, her duty, 3.510 3,800 Do oil duty. 2,500 i.000 Commander* on dutv at s-a, 2,500 ... 2,1100 Do at N?vy Yard*. 8tc. 2,100 1,530 Do wailing orde-s, 1.800 1,000 Lieutenants, cummamlinir. 1.8)0 1,410 Do on other duty. 1,500 ... 1.300 Do waitiug order*, 1,200 ... 3 30 Passed Midshipmen on duty, 750 > COD Do vv.uliwK ' rd.r*, On'l 360 Midshipmen ?t so*. 4 0 320 jiaO<) on other duty, 350 * 280 Do waiting orders, 3iu ... 2'? Chaplains on duty, 1,200 ... 1,000 J)n "If duty, MO ... 500 Mathematics! f'rolrsror. 1,290 960 Staling master of shipif thsliae, 1.100 UOJ "o on other duty, l,oo* ... wo j Do vailing orders, 750 I'D lerOs, 900 ... 730 li 7m ... 510 Pursers for ships of t"u line, 3.500 ... 2.8, n Do frigates S,00ti ... 2,4)0 I Do i'o' p. 2 0,0 ... i,C'.", Do ait Navy Yards, 2,.'9)0 2 )' ' i I'o Wu.iii.A , rders, J,503 ... nail N rador-'d IN ,r ci*ut all round, ;,4 0 ... 1.1 : j Astls'&Bt ilo do Vj.l 76? ; Monet AprxoeaiATi'u i ok Forth leartiiN*, uv Tin. rut-j sin r U.jUSk ami Hi.nam, i,ik Na.*r veah. 3)33 000 Hull all) 30,004) I'll, loll , .t 10 001) I . .. .1 .. until t 4n,o('0 iiov .1 . 'da 'on, 10 127 72 *! ' rt I .i i. i. -, > i "il F -t \V .1 do l.'ilKll) I t.vd 1 'boot) !' i 11 . mi, < '.a tu t) ! it feel, iv li , N 3D 419 i on .i V it.: '.I, . Y h,HP0 i do . . i . i ..I. .i a i.; -loo , .in .a,?' Fait - . i. l I Fu:t D' IJ vato 2(i.iV:n Anmuioil'i, 6,18)0 Fo:t Wsstiinetou. MJ i.niwi 1-ort Monroe, Va 15,000 Kort Callioun, Va Kort Macon. N C 5,000 Kort Caswell, ,n. c tf,,">i><) Kort Moultrie, N. C. 10,000 jlruukeu Dick Hnoal, 8. C. -0 OOi) Kort Sumter, 8. C 43,(km) Kort Johnson, 8 C I..>00 Kort rnliuki, (Ja 13,000 Kort M'Keo, Poaiacols 5,000 Kort Ilarrarcaa, do 13,500 Kort Morgan, Ala. 12 000 Kort Pike, La. 11,000 Kort Jackson, La 5,000 Kort Livings'on 40,000 Contingent Expenses 35,173 28 $400,100 00 Kort Smith, Arkansas, 30.0011 Kort Uihsoo 15,000 Kort Towson 0,000 $650,000 00 The above has passed the Senate, and will soon be a law. washington, April 6, 134-4. National Institute. Everything augers well for this first grand national association for the promotion of all the sciences in America. The first meeting of soine of the eminent savans of the land?from Schenectady in the far north, to Charlottesville at the foot of Monticello, has been most auspicious. Senator walker opened the session mast happily by a clear and comprehensive view of the progress of the inductive sciences, claiming for his country the honors won by American contributors. baciib's lecture on the condition and the wants of science, and the constitution and labors of sei- | rntifie institutions in Europe and America, was a truly instructive and masterly display of thought and of knowledge on these points?commanding I the more attention, because it was known to he in 1 a great measure the ripe fruit of careful culture, 1 and of much personal intercourse with all the great ' European schools and scholars, "lhe orator rnli- ! venrd his discourse with some very strikinc nnee. dotes, biographical of renowned professors, rip.;cihIIv ol the great French philosopher Arrngo, <lsriven from himself: such as his having been sold to the Arabs?serving by compulsion on board ol mratical cruiiers?being saved and protected by a ban-1 dit, >Vc., be. Enough to say that the lecturer proved himself a worthy descendant of the illustrious Franklin. Professor IhtATKR, who first succeeded in taking a likeness of 44 the human /ace divine," by the daguerreotype process,pronounced a very attractive and original discourse on the composition of the rayi of Ihr *un. Ilia manner is unostentatious and even simple, as is apt to be the manner of men of real learning. There is nothing promising in Ins person, except in his black eye?that organ which sometimes speaks for the soul, when the tongue would be silent. Ruch lectures when heard, though it be by accident,sometimes awaken the most apathetic minds to a love of science, and make devotees out of stoics or infidels. Mr. Nott, npe in fame as in years, gave us a fine philosophical dissertation on the beginning,the end. and probable duration of thin mundane sphere, in which were united a good deal of mineral, with t, slight sprinkling of the ology. Like the subject, it was rather long, covering a vust field, and must have been a little tedious, except to the professional or amateur students of the ologies. Mis ending, however, corresponding with that which he aligned to the world s existence, wus flashing ami bnl liant; for you must know that the Rev. MoctOi joins father Miller in the final burning; hut instead of clouding the mind of his hearers with the .* contemplation of ihat nwful catastrophe, as to Imp pen oil some particular day, lie happily fixes tipoi no definite period; so that, considering how"lioj* springs eternal in the hiiuun breast," that gives n ample Verge ami *pace enough; leaving every en to console liirruclf flint tli- universal conflugratioi like " the biua of the fathers, mhall be viuiltd on the "cliiWrfu". rather than on themselves. 1 {.'ire would have consumed the world betore now, wl tu the Doctor clei rly piowd. were it not for the *t> earthquake* and volcanoes that have served as so ,l'r inMiiy safety valve? to curry ?II the vast accutrinhi- mi' lion of internal lir. .>. This illustrious urofessor j iii ide it clear to ail hw hear, is, ihat our i..uu- ate j "< i t' were e.;ircssl> to m. t hit demands tor lucl, and e.*;? < !?!iy in antidilution n.j a this vaporic <>r steam epoch in winch our lot has : Jn ji en cast wi Le"i evernru* the. usual exercises wire ire- *' ? ' i-itutt'd. Ttie *.ivaus yo'tiiR and old. at 8 P. ?!'; vt , waited in u body on "old veto," by whom the . '' k'st-ton had leu m. felicitously opened. He rereived them with the iciou mid cordial nflV.iihty v.i l it i.i.Iiiiviii.a....: .1. e "* .1 .1 -- - in'- i ii i vTeHiir.'tiiii i)i me iti-i olden time " ? i I, 1 o' "V r, die. ;ere; tp, though , G? ttCCeedillgly 1 ir, d all I ittlwi'rk?, lost none ?t their dryms.-, until louvius; the IVvidentiul Manw#. *e reached that ol IIou. Secretary of 1 til*- I'ri.-ttstiiy? hi r? it in that, ii Oh be ''anything in ? 't ime," there is Morn-thing mil--1 *'7' manic in that <! .Joint ' Wo h itJ ioit It it the chief \? Magistrate in till hisact luiiifi.-i and power?poll- J'.4 Htitl t>lt>:ioj!otri:i..'l--whore name is John, jj( and here we lu-.-t otiv host John C. Spencer?a man ?4j ot indomitable industry?master ot whatever sub- I jeot he encounters, or? is better?with nun- toi tal courage nud energy ami m lf-command to mastpr, nil diflicultieo; and here, too, was John C. <t?i Ouihoun?the "cynosure of nil eyes"?with his ll.lulling eye?his rapid and sententious mode ot j thinking and speaking, and looking so much the (;i, younger and fresher for h iving been recently enull- I ing the iresh plowed ground?and alongside of j4i him, another member of the;cabinet, John Nelson, g(l of attic wit, and courtly ease und elegance ot mi manner, and of converse?and yet another member, John Y. Mason, wielding the tri- gj, dent of Neptune?und there also was Wilkins, of the War Department, coming from out j of the smoke of his Pittsburgh founderies, us polished and polite as u Parisian courtier, ol the ri' days of Madam Pampadour?and though last, not I Least, but most igyrtm'wj" of themull, uthe mail dm contractors can tell you, there was the Poatmattcr ta|, General; hilt lie whose altitude towered over all, tat-., was our thunderbolt of war on the lines, General \t'^ Scott. The chief magistrate ot the city too, Mr. Seaton, with his open countenance and catholic im, spirit, gave his hand and his social attention, as he j1*1 alwaVS does, to the strHiiirers within our nnfes. It !eil was most delightlul, by the bye,to see it here inani- i tested again, that science knows no politics or <!?< country. Nothing could excel the courteous and JJJj| graceful affability of the ladies of Mr. Spencer's wh family, and of his son-in-law, Mr. Morris. Alter some time passed in familiar conversation, the folding doors were thrown open, nnd a repast dis- bU< played, that might have tested the abstemious pow- "1 ers of die monks of Latrappe! And ah! sir, it wus j"? an oddity to see with what versatility these men of au philosophy and scientific capability turned from w?l discoursing on the velocity of electricity j?e to ndmire the volatility of Mrs. Spencer's anti champagne ! It soon drowned all discus-ion about hsj atmospheric acidity and globular Sphericity. Plnlo- ' aopliy gave way to gastronomy, und trigonometry to hilarity. All agreed that it was more agreeable to itfi discuss the gelidity of an ice-cream than of an ice- "J,s berg?and many, utnong whom was your corres- ca, pondent, gave proof that the chief pleasure of con- b?w chology was to be fished up from tlic profundity ?{ib ;t a tureen of stewed bi-vulves, vulgarly called t oyttcrt! No The venerable sage of Q.uincy was present? {?,; enough in himself to give interest and character to 33d any re-union of men devoted to science. He H? seemed to be deeply engaged 111 examining a collection of the medals struck by order of Congress, str, of which Mr. Spencer lias taken the pains to make I perhaps the fullest private collection in existence? JX1 wanting only two or three to make it complete. ? About this remarkable mun?the Secretary of our ? exchequer?say what men may, I hardly ever saw out- iiihi, in soeini intercourse, appeared to be more | amiable ; and it is not to be denied that for force _ of intellect, and botb the will and the capacity to o accumulate knowledge, he has few equals. tra 1'WJHNTY-ttlUHTH OOHUIUCSS. ^ FIRST SKS8ION. the ? <M Senate. Washington, April 8th, 1814. I see that Mr. Hey wood has returned to Ins seat t>!-. again. He has been home to North Carolina. 0,1 Hon. Heman Moorr.?The death of ? tins late Member of the House trom ;Ohio was announced bv a message from the House. O Mr. Tappan paid lhe usual culogium to his me- , . niory. He was a man of humble birth, but respectable connexions. lie had been a schoolmaster he ? had studio] law?been appointed Adjutant Gene- ' rul of the Fiat". He was hnally sent to Congress, jf,;, His health t ided?he was recommended to visit $ i home. He did leave ft r lume, where lie arrived c'j on the 31st of aIuicm .n <i ovum state, and diml in the amis of bis t uufly, on the 3rd inst. Tlie Senate passed the usual resolutions and ad- r 1 journed. Senator Nile# dri not take his ecat to-day a. was ? expected. or JttejMcs. ntatlvm. n :,'/a niM.r n, Monday, /.jail 8. K? iJiulk of a Member. " . .-sh i i*\ ! n in.!,: a . iml.Jay !" j , A a frinl m i ail v>" . t'l. Mr Wki.i.i ii , i trvi d til it his colleague, * ,' the lb.a. i.i lot i k, Ii- 1 d. '1 at this ' bom.-. Cal i :,! ?, t : , a. i ii.ii: -- immediately nd.oitrneii. Ii v. . ; r ??idt and a new J_ liii '.lib I ''in,,. . i. a., i id MeNnlty li.e pre.lit eb i . ' i iin* II in ihe n< initiating convention. Hi- m pn i- 2*:) i.i In-cletiion lo rr Conqrv: ana ii. - v- >.. ed by tiie abolition vi t - of hi# distant. T . iv.m .1 eulogtuni was pronomiecd. c t Many of the inein'j rs h tve gone out riding and on pleasure parties, i' jtii. nd lii -ip.itipii go hand } ,' in bund. am [From lit" N O. 11 iilli.-tin. A jail 1.] Mexico ami T?xm. Our readers will he gratified to learn the terms of the armistice concluded between Texas and b? Mexico. They are as follows: <l? commission for tiik armistice between mexico jjj and texas. m Assembled in tlincity of Habinas, 15th February, 1811, Brigade r General Antoine Maria Jauregui, (olonel , kiiuuoi ..iiiwj i.miu.ius, uini .uesirs ireorge W. UOCKloy . anil Samuel M. William*, the two first appointed by the ^ Oaneral-in Chief of thulst Brigade, Don Adrian Woll, to api treat with the latter us commissioner* by the Department fnof Texas for the armistice which is to be made, and to effeet which they agree to the following articles : 1st. While the negotiations are b ing carried on in the capital of the Hopublio respecting the pacification ol the rr Dcpaitment of Texas, anil which shall bn altogether con- * eluded by the 1st of May, 1S44, there shall bo an armistice i between Mexico un 1 Texas, which .hall only be prolonged in case there may be a probability of terminating the affairs pylficilly. \i' dd. Whilst tbene negotiations are pending, the bellige- Pa rent troops of either side shall remain in the ports luey thi ure.occupying on the line of operations, without commit- "r ting hostilities. ''!* 3d. In compliance with the preceding article, neither yj, Mexicans nor Texians shall move over the limits of the mi respective territories on any pretence, even lor looking coi after their private affairs. But should it happen that some art citizens, in spite of the present agreement, should go . from one side to the other, this shall not be considered as breaking the truce, unless acting under the orders of one | of the belligerent chiefs thi 4th In case Messrs. the Commissioners of Texas, find si; themselves fully authorized by the Department which 'if sent them, they can go on to Mexico to conclude the ne- U gotiations referred to In article 1st Bhould 11 of this lie the case, they may return as quickly as ]>os*ible, to giva "J1.1 an account of the success ol their mission, that tlieir constituents may depute other commissioners to arrive j,a in the capital soon enough for the purpose explained, on ,* the understanding that they will be protected on the ' journey, that they may arrive with all safety. ? : And the commis-ioncrs having fully agreed on the artides stipulated for suspension of hostilities, they explained that as they are not sufficiently authorized to proceed to Mexico and conclude the treaty for an avmis- re.? lice, they would return home to give Rn account of their proceedings, that their country might nominate such per- _J sons as thev miirlit think nroncr. And that the present agreement may have full force, _ they signed six copiei, submitting it to the < renorul-in- J. Chief for approval. U! Antonio M Jsraantri. Mani'KI. M. L*??Dr.BH. thr irosor W. Hoenir.r. Sam'i. M. Wii.mams. wl Approved, ADllIAN WOLL. *c! Certitted, Mexico, March Oth, 1844. . J. NORIK<?A. . m; The preceding is included in a despatch transmit- alt ted by tlen. Woll to the Minister of War. , ^ AUKIVai. and It KiXPTlON of MR. Ct.AV AT CHARt.Kxi'ii.N, S G.?Mr. t'uiy urrivcd here nbout two 0 clock, Preparations were made for his reception inn maimer becoming Inn public character. In King, from (ieorga to Wentworth htre.u, several beautiful arches 1 formed ol evergreens and (lower* were thrown across D" King street, with emblematical device* Mr. flay was , received at the Upper Depository by the Whig Commit- i|,j tee ot Arrangements, where be entered a handsome ha- mo reuche, drawn by four splendid horses, andpi procession C being formed of persons in carriages and on horseback, it ? proceeded down King to Uroad, down Broad to Meeting, end up Meeting street to the New Thsatre, where Mr. L C lay was received by the Committee of Reception.'the Ml Chairman ol w hich, the venerable revolutionary soldier, Cal Dr. William Ilcud, addressed him in eloquent terms, welcoming his arrival and tenderiug to him the hospitalise* ' 01 the city. Mr. Clay replied at rome length, hut we must 1 deter to another opportunity any noticed his remarks, the necessity i f going to press preventing us from fur nulling any morn detailed description of tho c-remonii... 'J ?Pali lot, JlprilH sv, Naval-?The '' S brig Cotworf,Lieut. Otun'dr g v" II. S'. I'ltpvtHti 25 d iya front lite Gitpo tic Verd-, tc irrivnd at Noun'.'.. on Satird ij Left at Poit 1'rnj a, 1 M irehtt, the l 8. Iri; 'e Ma :edonia.i, bearing tho hr.-.: 11 * ' pennant of Co 1 \i. < Perry. She was ge'ling time","'1 way when tho ( mnort sailed, ho?nd to tee \V indwai l! I Inn is. Tic I . t. ?.o , i ; i atoga, I -itn'r Tntnsll, sa.i |i M irom Port Pi lya a i v ,tay?h ni.-e, tiound down to lit" o* st of Am m In if- i to- ti'p lit ol Benin The t'. fx I _J sloop Dee iMi r, f'nn.'r Abbott, rid brig Porpoise, Lieut.1 om'g Cr : vn, w? ee n nisi on the coast t?> the loew ii i. ' , din former vx m-. ! l>n k about the last of March. BiHi- > ' ware JItiizl uan, Maixh I*. I <41 # MtjRDKu ? An Irishman named Tames Lenimon, iu kt'iit h Hiiuill shop in Vine street,west ol Nixon cet. \uis btibcit to tlic heart ami killed imtantlv vet day evening, about n* o'clock, by an itinerant clock nd>T imuii1 John Kaikin. The murder was i>trpe. tr.l ni 1,' T.nion's house, in presence of his wife, two of .... child i n anil a nurse, and nt iginated iu a dispute con- j-J jmlng the settlement foi a clock, which f aikin re- 1(.irj n il. 'i he muideier stubbed r> little son ol the murdered oth?; ci who hi I rushed to li is father's ass stance, and alro lojvii iv the M i .Ipoti w ith w hich the deed waajdoutf, upon the 'ftoc! 'e and yirl lie wu. taken after a ilesperute resistance, reinl '4 orea from the scene of the murder,and was nmi-ed by Alderman l'ottcr. Two ot his capturers, nry Kfr>g. an old iron draler, and P. J. Mormon, oar- ieti di r \v?re wounded by hiin, the former in his back, and ui's latter in the pit of the stomach. Mr. Morrison, it is La." ' Md Is d.mgeiously injured. The demeanor of the nmr- * rer when 1.1 custody, was perfectly demoniacal.?Philud. pcar| i stilt Jtmil 9. Ma. Suit a of Ktocks at l'Ulladelphla, ( fv" First Doakd. Tuesday, April 0.?$200 County 6'*,1360, lt?ir ! 9d; $:ioo do do, US; ."JO shares Mechanics bank. 27; iu vi DDI it) i'?, ISia, 10ft?; $CU!K) State 6's, bif, tiS; $12,000 who , !&l,?7'; $> IWO do, Bat f, 67 J; $2000 do, 2df. 671; $1000 ' , Sat f, 073 , $20('0 United States 6's, 1063, 102J 1 7 shares radeti bunk, 40; $47 Semi Annual (i's, 1846, 71; $079 r),a'| '.v Annual 6's, 1846, 70; $1000 Tennescce 6's, lit Jon. wliri I. ilr.ui irenwp Bosnn, Monday, April 9.?SO shares WilmingI fill, 17; 9do Mechanics'* bank, 271; $2000 State 6's, 07; $10( 0 do 6'?,b6f,67; $6,000 do, ft*, 6df, 07^: $9000 fow 107. an on liATKST SOUTUKltS MI1IP IIKWt had*! 'inuurii'im, Apr 19?Arr Henry Curtii, Hallett, boston. ',ug' J Stun Pi-orion, '.UtaiiZ s. !"* Ialtimohk, A| ril B?Arr Eliza, Johnson, Sao. Below, '."'J iet. buck, Ifum liio. " l"' i orsoi.k. April 6?Arr Porn, tbrl CaUiomi, Turks Island; otl.uid Frost. Mid J b Uniuliart, tvouib e. N Yolk; Fortune, A1 II li, Ti o-naitoo; Kosia'ei, Win tori, N boil ford; Elixibeth, 'vi, UiiaiUloniie; Mary Ann Sl Caroline, i.orsou. NOrleans hiihmoul; Washington Ogilrji, brii'goport. C'ld l.ancot, \f. dliilffll. Ilnctt 11. 1TJ IMPORTANT DISCO VKR V. },"% tICHABDSON Ac CO.'S CELEB11ATED .? AML'liK 'AN PANACEA. Ifl8sr<icl? id II eonipooudc I from vegi Ubl? mutter, free Irani any ml u I teat ion, ami warranted I rue from any in?;re- , r it de rimenial to bwu. 1.^ * . ijtlirmnst invalnsli!? dixcovny ever ma !o from tlia vsge- *'i f* !e kingdom, having never filled in a int;iustaner, (wli'U , ' L?n in a -cordsnce with dircions,) to elfe t n cure of Ihe I'd- { " * 'tag disposes. to wit : Salt nheum, Scrofula, Ulccrat'd P'\ ' ol'ula, Uruncie lis, Kever cores. Kite's Kvil. Kis'ult, In- " nm.itory.-nd Chr-.n c Rheumatism, riles. Bilrt, Krysipt- III; Scurvy, (chronic Sore Kyen Pains ia the Bones. Scald td, Blotches or l'itr>i>le? on the Kare, and all Cutaneous Di ri, Krii|itroni of tlie 8km, or 1'aiux or Ulcers arising from {'? [ injudicious use of Mercury, or an impure te of tho cloorl. 10A'1 Die< (native prowrtirs ol this u.edicu a consist in its 1 ro- (.yV sing a snreand effertnil alteration of the whole ivatrin la Jo-';" tht eruptions of tin sain, orr canity contracted diseases, one '|.C.P all bottle often effects the cure; ?linethe experience of those J*"'? 0 hare been 1 urrd by it of long-, t. Hiding and obstinate di- ' ses it, that it requires from three to four large bold" to elf, cl erfec' cure and 110 return of the diseise. t usually product a tonicelfect, while, in most ras-s, it pR! > acts as a nettle cathartic, increasing the appetite ami t'ene- * j? h, alth of the patient, causir g all soit-s or ulcers to discharge salt n re profusely than belore inking it, and inducing a perfectly the bi ,lthy ncttou d the blond ttuough uiust bi taken to effect husk alteration, nud, as is thn ease with all ire d cities, Its effects to nei II vary, as the several constitutions differ from each other; jects refore those t'siug it should unt Oislruil its efficacy if lltey mteir nntre.-cive iinm-Jiat benefit It is prepared with great c re, pent' 1 the extracts brought into in smill a compass ns to re'inirc Th tally Imt ore t ible sP"ou|ul ei' Ii dy for art adult. tier c tiino .viu US* by tbe first I'hysici 'tis io I n -country, ami T| nuunced by them the b ft anti-inerco ial medicine kuowu, and r. I the most eilicacions iu the cure of cut molts and scrota a are fa cl ions. 'I he<u ejrff-cl-d by it aietiuly astonishing, as tainii y be sceu hy relc-reuce to the certificates acd te.tiniorin's iu tod to ,session of all ihr agents It has b ea lound peculiarly effica- ly us 111 producing reguI ritv o( tbe menses iu females, and has 0 ta! e 1 with great hentlit iu pulmonary diseases, habit 1 hose in the ine ol'it si:()ul(lsb?t.oin Irom stimulating drinks, tutioi r, mustard,and all highly seasoned food. toall )nt lined at wholesale of Thos O 'I'almogc, < l"'eral Agent, orv' 2'l Pi-mat, op 01 ite the Custom Home, 0 eiv Yor'i , and at or cc: A'tor House; 110, 643 and 771 Broadway, cor. Broadway and hat I ambers sine*; No. 29 Kront it; No. Ml West st: No. 63 anil nhvs bowery; No. 30 Kuliontf; No 22? and 146 Hudson, Mid 96 It sli mm mi I st, coruer Hudson; No 006 Grand si; 16o. 167 and ward Gr.rnwichsi; No. 112 and82 Cherry st; No. 130 Walker st, palp' 1.16 Catharine st; Nos. 311 and 421 rear I st; No. 114 Caul C0Ug trooklyn, J. W. Smith correr Kulton and_nv,rrv,?,i m blagrove, 8<ioife's Buildings, en'ef VV|llow ami Allan prarl PruM??*1 ^-ggists in the Ucited States. Th uU .UisW 11*?w rc For t ^ THE store INVISIBLE 8a, WIG ? 0 closely the renl^head of hair lh*t sceptics E.fld nr coQuoiftp/urs nave pronounced it the most i?orfcct nnd ei- i>a cr unary invention of the day. The great idvBQttice of this rel and cinque wis" it iu being mado Vfif.ho'it tewing 01 av log, which eantet iu apprr.rstic^t so closely to resemble iw : netuml luurt both in lifhtmui and natural apivafanee, ?s lu y ( ctectioA. it? twure being > j beautiful, so porous ani1 so i? j, that in aul cases cf perspiration eva)>orntion it unimpeded, tn ir J ?iVs great evils of otner wigs entirely avoided, The sceptic nr 1 connoisseur are alike invited to inspect this novel aud been . il Wig, and the peculiar method of fitting the head, at the nulsciarerY \ C Dan j ,115 Ercadway.carucr of Liberty "? ???'>?! mtt ) ???? prjci DOCTOR JOHN THOMSON, ON" OK TUB FOUN?KK OK TUB TllOMSONIAN U \ SYSTEM OK PKACTIilK, is located at 31S Broom* st, are r tere, as usual, are wanted aueh patients w ith Chronic D.?- (_Tni? 0 us t it find no relief from other 1'iiytir.jans. 'thousands ?ivel ci' called u inn Or. Thomson dori' u the past two months.? sf cr be an itfled of his skill and abiIity is to call .v.d have on inS of N vi Aii :.t of documentary 01 idead* tltoge t r too to|. mm ii iui for publicition, givm nuler onlh, end .eoards iron, his p O'oSlllU.i nl'ered move the r.rj'utive in the r sf.cnve giro Also, |-'tri". from lie Kings of Kianoo and rruiriu, anu cases Id ? (! ! t < m Lou.s i'uiUui presented to JLTocxr T. laay .H?t te. o ii- 1 - ( l'iitVI hronui' street, ani I . U ? !' e:ick am.'s 'fsiiide to lie.-'Itli" K"iiis to nil who in th 1 A '.(,"k wnli l'hiiri, testimon, ol iinlicidnsls, rt (li.m- c.a'i I.? i o the Legislative, ivedicJ men, ko A .nlue'dc acq d- to I' rm a con mil lady*wy*ra i ce UU-.KiHi i"JH MONROVIA f) I POUT I'BAYA. fu'p' Is.'A V* \?.KN1,K OyriCK. ) Nkw Vonu Apil lt-i, ifl'4 i i'.AL* 0 IV O tinrnru rVopor.:^*ftr Kro tflit, ' i-v-' \\ \ II'*, mi' d ?t t i office U'ii'l tli first proximo, at 3 , J !<cw, ' Jvt fjr ih* tra<ift|)oriattoti of th* bulk of at?< ut UOO tr rrr s T j. v rump t *upj?iies- tli- fr? ijsht ro bs taken in a ~ ?S i\y \titl bv the lOtl <Uy cf May?uone <t n .'J. i I" (* .vfcrniac.t froftlit w 'l h i*r. on beard th?- V : >\%\ T? e(> rrineiit 'ts ivpihkr u'it to direct the lapdi ^ * *N r 11 ot' Ui i >ria ubt>ve *Aint:J. i^u primPM* jf,, ROUT. C. WETMOAK, Na?y Agent, Wl-' : I ' ? 3 ,? _ 8.1 Water .ti> t UT?.11 FANCY AND '[STAPLE DRIVES if ARTICLES. T. SU ! .' iliDEI'.". h ve r- ieived, rer 1st* arrival, from j,' i I I 'II "'-..ll'll I f 1"' I Slid Ixv.l't if'll 11,'. ( i, .i.J. n" in r; nri'i, h earl's. Ii!nvs, ttc , Can., and i > ,y, u t ? i iitioii f the r p Irons, and strutnon vunii if tirs fh-* 1 y.totli i v.tti >1,ml ritt' aismtinei.tof Scarf, t'rnv .Is, M "Vi- , >uii-"1 d r?, Ki.tiu.f ml M?i,ev B*It?.Pocket Hindherie ?, Cr..v*'. Stiff, uers. Night C<i s, Hosiery, t iiri',. Linen |, .r I'm sr. d l)n~s Krcn's, I'resrinif and l'.rlor Ilofe,. Sti ch pail. It av t hc.rlis in e",it variety ;am'?wcol. merino. 11 nnel, ?? tit n. In?'snd sllfe Undci-slntts and fraa'cis, L'inij:i'llo.s, JVTA it";, k : .lie I he I'ljicr teis' rnmTBer fis' ions oflinrn and muslin Shirts il te liiund r e l d'icrvInK the t t'euioti of yeutlerrn who H ^ ,i;c to tepl. m ill t eir vr mob 's. As rurtietil tr a 1'i.t on is *- ' itowej mi this branch <,f the tutMCTibefs bui nere, lint ouly cm* makictt up ti e article with d"r at e-ition to its strenyili and I m> r> hility, i u1 in tht neMuean ol lh? finish and luperiorlty of the n tit, ceiitl-raen may depend on li?i'it suited with any of th' nsdi eve mentinm d art clrs of a s iperiur i|a ili'y aud ui fair and 'a o! taonstnle pries;, by calliny at tii? o'd establishment ol them PARSELLS k AOATE. iugrt !J7 ilruaiitvay romer of Park Dace.. Iiarta P.uselli <i Aif-fe would tarticulariy call the attention ol all yal i; rsoi.s v h i Imve acquired 'he habit of their Patent 1'ricr itte Shotrlder Brace Tbi, nrtiete i, liMMit brane tb? use. Diiltlers streiiKthei the hark nud expand the cliftt itivinq " eaci'.n to the lungs,aud will b* found ef icimeute benefit fiJ'X I'prsors of s:ud;cui ami stde.tar/ Ir.biis lob lit s.d-ec nak PATE NT ELASTIC SHOIJLDER BRACE. \y 'HE so,) riority of this Urnce over all otheis K.anu.'actured . is aeViiowled/-d by all who use th. m, and the ext-us ve 1 n iuo for >he ar'icle during the pan year l? a snfli i*nt lUisr. uroa ee of thrir utility, 'this article is mtendel tn brace ti" >u!deri, strengthen th' back, and e*panu tha ch'st. giving i' a- 'ion l" the iungs-.and bring formed with an rlastic &i k. II be l.,und of no impediment ro the free use ol thu arms a its and guardians are psrti'-nlarly r quejt'd to nomine a artie'e, as it will belonadof iinmeme nenelit to eluhlren either sex who hara n'quired the habit of stoo; iua, and in- . ^ I ens I).e to all persons of studious or sede. tirv habits. l"".1 it brace it manufactureil uuder the iinmednle luspertion of T' Panel)*, who hat btvn n.gaged for the la?t li'te- n year* in _ ntifacturing d-fferent article* lor the lame purpose, nud now . iftdently "ll'et* th? Patent KlMtle Brace n sujerior to auy i Kle ever hroauht under hi* observation. fhe above named aiticlea ere inam.factui -.1, and my b-- ?? ] laued whole-ale or ritiil at the old eat iblialiment of PAH iVi. '.LLS Sc AGA'PK,2j7 Brcadwav, earner of Park Place i*. In. A continue the m?n-ild-'tuie of t' - ir supcrioi article m t Klaatic Killing Belt Theanperiorily ol'tllii arti-l-cmt in it* ptr'eot adaptation to the firm ofthe we re-, i-.a ene, r)r j! b.tne**. end durability. atlm'od'm n0 ? NLAli'lEMENT OflTHK l-'cLTON SALOON.- ?>> ' The subscriber having euhrged hit H.b .-n i.a now veidy to "J. J commodate hi* customer* with plenty of ro in, and a!?o with J*- " the delicacies which our marlo-t afford*. 1111 dining room he jo II accommodate at le.ut 120 perinea at n time. The Saloon A ni a been newly painted and reiiecorat- d, and for convenience it drrn now un*or!-aa??d The *uo?criber taVe? thi* opportunity of returning hta tin- ' < re thank* to his customer* for the very liberal patronage late- ratal bettowed upon hiui, and ia ideated to be tbu* artured that liii raon ileavnrv to plea?e have b"*o duly api reciat'd, and he plrdy-i [*w mae.lf to srare neither pajr.s nor e*|wn?e to merit a cnnticu- harr ce of part f.ivot* Mil assistant, the Judjrwill be ever ''nD lily to atteud to the wishes of the tr.t'?f faitin'OUS. " HAVID A. GOULD, Proprietor, m7 Im'tn No. 10 Knltnn street. I't"P 11 from CLIFTON HOUSE, ^ MIS subscriber li ia 'skm nad will open on or bef-irs the firii )n of Ms-, the new Hotel rucer.tlv treeteilatl l.ft in, Staten ^.><1* in -I. rear the Nar < w? It it -| -it- mux oeisirv r? i-et -ortri > Advantages which thi-p it ol Htateu Islaud offer*,to those -j^ri m seek asain-ner reiideuc-- i.i the country, ,, n Uouiv?r>allv p(1p| tnjwleilzed that I- r btaaty of scene, ses air, tea bcthing, jj0rl veiand ramble*, Clifton ia without compariton. j, fhe Hotel though uut large, is very pirl'- ft ill It* srisnge- jjj nt*. and the ground* a e laiJ out with much taste inastyle jji1( ngr.hor new. V* i he number of tne?r* m-nt nere??irilv he limited, a pre nee will lie given to tli?ie whoe gage r mm* for the lolige*! |)tu) iotl, and the inbicrilier pledge* himielf nothing on his j,, j, t ilitil bs wanting to n.ahe Clifton Honce the lavorite iciott #1|j the molt re?jvct ih|e ainilirs, GI-,OKGK Pie ltlS, latsol the New Friglt/oii ?'t> i tivinon oon n> mwi nouar. ['he Bar Korni, Ufit'iltmrut S.loon, Bitlia'd Tablet and wlinit Alley*, will be (IrU'lied and ?rn?r#te fiom the Hot I UK rh- SStitc I b'rrry ' d.mptuj will run a frrry h int b ni \vbitiblll ai il tbf Clifton whvf, (built uprrttlv lor f.rrn i haute} mii th? put rgr w ill nut probtbly exceed lhiit> ' uoi intra. " ?< lifton, April I. I8H. al lw'rq iKCe HJUKt, FAT AND CALF SKINb. [be" HK fllOIIKHT I'HF KH itivcn for Ilidea, K?t ami Call Wal *Win?, c??li current looufv, or. drlirrry, at the Hide nc<! m< I House of the tuhacrtber, where contract* ill he made for " ~ . UUius by Uie ?ra?ou,or Uie highest t,r,r^^v^jyuIQn* *>0,U rPi . 3nt*ft m Klitah th it between Prince mi l Itotistrm ^ ^ ^ SNIPE SHOOTING. K2 T)IAMO\h (ItlAlN GUNPOWDER. each 'II. A UN HAVI.V) COA1MKNCKO for Snipe wan f >i. (iiiog, t ie HnlierCer to tall the altem ion ol and. ;i 1.1 the a lr,.'j: ilaiirrd by uxinif "OarliikHt' than ^ ; ."ni '.v. il r, "I'h" I'ltnioiiil Orain." " " ' ' nr ic!c ba i b". n but a v oy ibiir'. tint'in th' ' M. i in vc *'?i '? of t! e b*?t ?h' ?, t?to in ml I 1'..'i, lni'nr * tli" on n irr 11 >" ic.t Inotf ^ I rf '-I'tnnn;. nd proper ?: tuklh, ilr-i ). l it*, t > . 'ii' hr Mr. II. T. COOM'.K, rpi ". ! 7 1 '< < ??:%noV. I t.ltou itrw I: and J at t I 1 II tn.v - llexli,*, No 3K, ?1 wr.oVaaletf v., ,Bl. W e\ ritdlTUII, i1'r 1 ' Hi I !>rt>ai*way ,J( i)hug stum: Foil SALE. H ' It: 11.1 oo i.r:?lib?rbi.o I, it I: . i.oinely f.'tril up ? K a kooU hujir.r^j, Wilibtr lillow. f* nature ui mt9. \.i Oiuitd atreet. apZ lm*m "j JV1 JSDlUAL.. ALOPECY, on THK FALLING OFF OF THE HAIR. .L'8 INFALLIBLE 'N?.TTENT, or nrvrr dryli 'omT-id^ li?i hfeu tarUfictorily tinted (luriM the In'. To ny m m .ir.m as being irsusce.nii-nuiiy sPiwrror to t s uffure t the publicltor srr.eliorating the lisir The f< if iff it. pr dominant iwoperties rnnov 11K. Dii.dru ualjy stat u.'; tie bair from telling out. causing 11?lit air to a-nnme a ua U hue, n ?? rraiu pievamive or gray ra a i ll xibl* ?ml i-clined to curl, a potauv moitlener, u nit ailut y mnl r.aiuie. It ru. plies all deficfcn lural uptninent. and as a s.oi|>li* I'om.m.ipk pk i a roi . it surpasses all i thert extant. In a word it _ the 111 won ol n good lu-ad of hair, 'l'hr mut indubitable pri w given ai 10 the correctness ol the above i rop'iUM to feci interested in a g.xid h- ad of hair Sold vvnil-nle a by 1111.1,, tin; inventor and inimitable hair cuiter. No. slre-d, adjoining tile I'earl street Hons". >.i.w Voka, March 29,1841 William Hill i I lake plea u* in achr.owltdring the great brnef le rived from the use of tour Infallible Unguent f r I Indeed, I value it so highly, fiom my owu nperieuce irtoe, that 1 Consider it my duty to >-coinin*ud it to olh may suffer as 1 have ilou" from the loss of bair. Aid yean ug? my hair had b-r< ma to frightfully thin, from nnal lulling off. that I hid seriously thought of retorti i' expedient of sh iv-ag. ? hieh I had once before ndopn ibriuiintelr 1 Was diverted from this purpose by a frie il I ii I bad casually spot eu of the st ile of my lmr.)vv cly urged me to trv your preparation, which >va? the ti lauou T had of it, or even y ur own exi trues. 1 am In > sty (hit th!s info initios Iris been ol incalculable belli I, for I had not used unite two hux-i of your Unguent sny h.iir entirely ce?std to f J1 off ami began to fo a?*um;i.g a 'r.ifi mid vigorous app. arance?e itia cot.In ,>plir.stious it. g'a-lmlly heeame illicit.r and fuller. uuli a better head ol hair f an I rvrr hid ir fore. 1 still u w I lent es i toil, tic poinmade, and lisvn no hesitaiion in s. lint for p.e e t'ng Ihe hair from fdl'iif out end prcse

t mo at, or aimply as n toilette pomtnsde, your pieparsti very bete lint 1 have ev r ten. HKNRV 'A'.MEK, 1C9 Pearlsl le above ii a true copy if the original. n2 lui'n FEMALE PHYSICUSr I DAM I.A (JltOI.V. educated ia the Medical Faculty, Uvrlin, aud graduate Midwife?apprises I lie ladies of Mi ; aud irinnb-s ge e al'y. that she can be consulnd wo est eoufid-iice at her resilience on s'l ca ex incidrnt to 1 M dim 1.. Iniving bad long rxpericuie is the no r.iti-d hospitals in Kuropo?Urrmtn, in pa tirulsr?woi i tihlly solicit the pnii'oaegs of Auuales 1 n.iriug under, linn, irregularity, supi ressi ni of st 'ppigs, be Mad, roix would iuform ladies that the officiates personally res. Her inole of treatment is founde on the most sen wineip 1, so as to require but a low days to effect a perfi Single and married ladies mat rely with conlideecc rofestional abilities as ft in le physician ; however distre i iy be tlieir comp'ainis, h r incdi al acquirements will I ailixjua e to the txi.encyi.l tie ca.t. In short she grou. nolico lo the lacies on the leault of a th r ugh medii 11ion, mid a just reliance on the appointed means of i K health, vigor, cheerlulncst aud (crueiiuently happim chore who may hon<T her with their c mbdence. b Kesii'enre of Madain La Croix, 79 Vericlc street, m 1, where she is prepared 'o accommodate ladies on the |>o ofin> inent, and to administer medicines for all dis'asss Ii her sex are liable, AU communications uiid letters mi at paid. m2i lm",n MEDICAL AID. IVATR Medical Assistance, with mmy people, is a vt nwrtant consideration. All who may thus desire to c< i srofessioonl frisid, should ty *11 hieaus obiaiu and n oak called the "Kableon," The fourth*edition, whi eau recently published, is innch improved, and ei.lnre trly three tim?e its former size. and ? braces mmy si and diseases not before alluded to, that will l?e crpecial "sting to invalids who for many masons iiiay possibly h 0 need advice priv -lilv. e work is written by l)r. Gregory, who is still in the pr if his profession at No II Barclay street n'ar the Park, ""Sous fortes of bodily aud mental weakness, momntc littering, which come nnder the hc.'.d of private mafadi ithluily delineated, and the best practical in-thod of it: sound nealtn ; it is a work plainly and practically ads the use of all those whowey unfortunately ueed itsfrici nstanee, of whatever are or era. That portion of the wi ui? upon impotence, barrennees, end e. c rutin destruct ot youthfnl ladcscretidtt, ftdin whence jrswiu "com in! aebiljty, V 1.1 he lbtimi both useful and instruct c | ffT- , affiendly yet silent monitor, where sens debility lias made threatening inroads upon the hen institution, ami points out not only the means of rsca the certainty of restoration. The work is written b) iciau ot experience, (who is still in practice in thisci ovv. how parents and others are deceived by tiie o . Physical appearance -how the attenuation of the i'rai lation of the heart, derangement of the nervous syste h, indigestion, and a traiu of symptoms indicative amotion, are often ascribed to wrong causes, when y they are the consequences of an alluring aud peruicii ice. alike destructive to the mind nud body, te price of tli" book is the same as | heretofore, JO cei isle by the author, at his residence, 11 Barclay st, n dway, aud at the following agencies, which are d a'? ads'. No. 75 Fulton st, cor. of Gold rt. ?'s, No. Hi William sr, near MaidenLane. ?'s, No 3d Knltou st, cor. of Water st. . 's, 63 Howery, (turner of Walker St. vid Handi fit Oo.'s, 77 East Broadway, cor. ot Market s . Churches' Dispensary, No. 133 Bo-.vepy, cor. of 8pr t . A. W. White's, No. 146 Delancy street,corner of Suff t. will be sent in a sealed envelope to'those who may del der it. nsiiltations by mail will receive a share of Dr. G's care prompt attention?his charges aie as usual in such cases le Book will be sent hy mail on receipt of ore dollar, a rturn pos'oge will be paid out of what remains over i t of the book. f*28 lin?ei L. CORBITT in ,y b-1 coasn'ted c nlideotialiy at nis lice, 16 ltuane street, two doors from Chatham. Strain) >jpe ttuil v in'onnud that Dr. Corbitt is a member of eraity of the city of New Vork, and that h- lias esc V confined his practice from beiug general to the feat in rta'n classes of diseases (now oyer elfven years m thee ew V'org) which engages liii e.ili.e atteuiiou. Ti e ann die re do not record g.-e iter success ih.iu is to be f uml rr.clice. The Doctor c 'Utioos the unfortunate a~t'n?r if rr.ercare, as it has its thousands cf victims Kcc 1 ere i.i a few days removed entirely from the, system i on ?r? ju.liclcnsly treated by a perron I'gatly i)U*l>t lot bypp rs and quacks. as there are several o! t'. e city. I'ersons "filleted with protract'il and inve'n i iie-.l no'dbsi air of being restored to health, by apply '.Corbitt. *. pr>ct c oi mauyyiars hasestihli.?t.ert l u's repotsrion for skill and respcc'abili y. Htiirturet : i'i D cau'i profound stl? uti-.o A midiciac may be I evcut a CO'tain di.e js in any of i s forms nil lm'e MA IJ A M 1'J OOr-TKLLu, MAliF. I'll\'b'l'"1AN, h J)*.'GATED IN THE ME t'Al. FACULTY IN fAHlS, and GraduU" Midoi s her profcj-ioiial sirvices to tl.e ladies Of this city i y.?Ilsvn a ' d long eipcrieueo aud surprising succes i-a'tni" i in u):i:-tur-i j;ic i .'."in n i.i-r >! *, nil, laoiea n> nt of'i incut, or tb'.se aatfiri .K from suppressi uUrity, obstruction, fci. Sic., that she will tc liappj d a c- lufor'nb'e ttinp.vrtry ie?is!e.'te whure they run i h ue the hut me ic 1 I r at in ; t anil 'he most m .trn and f ur.ini. cr. if prefeired, w ill wa.t ?u anil at' i. t their ewu li tine, until peiferlly res: or <1. Madam eiiiarly tep. to .mpecs on the minds el the delicate I tllleh'es |i rs inallj in every ca.e, ?o ill it h'siutiou or di - n'e.l b nppie. ended. It ?M damn Cn.'e lo would inform ludiei residing on : ty. whose lea'ilt wi.u'd no admit cf t raved I up, that Id devme her pars .ml n'tei.daur.e upon them to any l>arl Juied Stafs i. ilhiu riasouable di-taiicc. id&'r.e G. ran be cor iil'td at hrr m i'lenc*. 31 List*" t t. a'l tiroes, and with the strict st rep iril to the w who li.t eats. All c.iiimusicalious and leile.i must i tn!S 1 in ' DAME LA CROIX FEMALE MONTH] PILLS. IK.HE FILLS, which hive acquired ?uch well deser el'.brity throughout Kurope, for their ceitaii t.' in mo the monthly tu.ns, are now r'.snect'ally submitted to lea of America as an effectual remedy in all cases w' yeratioer. of nature are impeded from any cause whale ej in de icate t.utl precarious health, who require the ui> ary and effective remedies, would do well to pros s?lves with these in.-aluable Tils, rs the combination dients of whi li 1'iey are composed render them the it dess, yet efficacious specific ever dts*overed fort hern f nbatinat'" casei of 'emale irregularity, suppression, t $3 per box, with full aud particular directions for tl B.?These Tills must not betaken during; presume.', are i tire to produce miscarri.ise if used ditrinc that peri e obtained of .Madame La Croix, F< male Physician, 73 strict, near Canal. m21 lm*i mTwOULD BK WITHOUT TEKTH, whe7 following unprecedented reOu tion in dentistry is in re celebrated Dentist, W. THORNE, D. D. 3., 021' ,dwa? 7 t 'leaninx Teeth, $1 01 Fxtraclinff. 25 Htopoinx with his jurtly celebrated Mineral 71 Sinit.e icoih on Pivot, ... 75 " " Silver, 2 03 " " " Ould, 3 00 complete set of Teeth, on the most approved principles sun price as the above. B ?Where entire sitisfaction is not Riven, no charge t ade; (12 Ka?t Broad war. ml lm#t LEAD WHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENGE.' HAVE DONE R. DAY, boot make r, No. 20 Tilfery street, Brookl suffered Rreatly for eighteen mouths with emaciation, y, sicknp.ii of the stomach, loss of appetite, shootina P? e bowels, his stomach ueglefled almost every kind of fo ;.t su< ir. He had been attended by various physicians wo months by tlio professors of the University, oud all urroee. i midu.R Dr. Sherman's Book descriptive of the sympt' ormj he thought they met his case; so he purchased a irrmau's Worm Lozenges. A few doom brougli r away (Iced, afcaut two quarts of worms, end entirely cured h ultilude of similar rises might be rceteoaed where c and adult" had sulfered all not dcntS f.-Osa worms, and I Kiverelief but Sherman's Loxcaceo. >ii vh?. Colds, Asthma, Wlioop>nj Co?*h and even C ption, ore,>11 sooner cured by Sberccjui'e Couth Loxec noy other keown remedy. rhe?r.lJe* the tickling i seconds, cud enable those aBiete* with the n ?*irjt coutrhs lo "leep wliohi nights. The Rev. lur, Rev. Mr. lie Eoreit. llev. Dr. Kestmond and hnndi sands can attest to their nappy virices r.s others can to icy of Sherman's Cough Lownj?s, for head?i i tat ion, lonness of spirits, s*a sickness a.ed lassiti i bodily or mental exertions, and for the wonderful pro if Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, which costs but s.aud is a warranto! cure for rhreaiotism and liimbi er weakness in the breast, side, back, or any part of r. Aak for Blieruein's Poor Man's Plaster, and see that p and hi> lac simile with i.irpctions ftnr e#? are on the bt tenrit a many worthless imitations haw lied about i by unprincipled druggists. ilsmmb' r to get Sherm ceived. Shertr.ruj'8 Warehouse i* li? Niucti Greet. A renti lion ?t c?r Hpi ins: 18!! Bowery cor Kprimti 77 tut lin cor Mvkat; 26 William st; HO, 27J, 498 and 601 Dr< In Brooklyn, Mn Maya IJO Kultoa, and Monnta f rtorc 313 Kul'o.i. Himson cor Protpcct anil Jacfcion rocy City?E Kendall, Grocer. l.i Newark? J K Tri David Brynon. Philadelphia??4ieivr- 1*. Co,I Cedtret Bo Button?it<-d lmg It Co,I Btaia ?t. Albaar?Jk Gntb i.ivit Hall itw MADAM li GO.STKLLO. MACK IKHIODlCAL I'iLLi!?Guarantee! in ci cor wlici' the monthly period* hav become irrejc I cnlda, Stc. Their Certainty of action hurling bee. Nfrl by th? r edical pro'euion. and hun tredi that I ??ly tried variant bonte I rrmrdtrs Careiaaooeti ityry to th'ir ua-, though they contain no m diuine di I lo the countitution Advice grifu to all thoae vrlro IMI?, Iry Madim* CoHello, 31 Lit! enard Greet, bHw Iter and Canal, where tho I'tllj are told. Trice $1 p?r bi W lw*rc !,L) AND KICVKIl W.ATl 11KH* A NI IKYVKIJ IOSK who wish to tnirchue Gold and K.|ver Watc Gold Chtica, Gold Pencils, Keyi, lie., will lind it yte teir advantave to call ( it the itbacrtber, who ,* idling riptiena r.l the above, at ritail, much lower tlian any <; ie in the eity. O i l Watrh-a n> low na 20 to 3) dol . Watuhe* and Jewelry ear hanged or boualit All Watr anted to lirep Rood titoe, or the money r tii-ned. Watt Jewelry repaired in the beU mittuer, and w.uronted, lo nt any nl,er plare. G C VLLKN, Importer of Watche* a"d Jrwelry, Whol aale and retail, 30 Wall ureet, !7ltu*rc Up-atan COLLECTIONS IN CENTRAL AND WL.^TLKM NKW YORK. IK SIT,- Cll10KB will, e riy in, ran thro rety city, town a id village in Central and Western P ,, ,1 uudi rt'ke. f r ate uan-ii cotirn'sainn, the < r'n <,f any no'c.-, .arcuunta, Ac , e.'troaled to h in to i), *! ermo i, 100 Nn;r u atr-et; L ri C .apn William atre'tl C. C. Writ hi Hi Co., 1,7 flro, dwar, i I i n Sc Touaey, eorterot' Wa'l tie tan I '"r ad way miv.umcaUO,i? focu be tell W ith Dr. Mie'roan, ICO Nat t. H. T'tUBKlT, lw*rc Joelin'i Cometi, N, ' CHEAPEST STORE = FRESIl IMP OR: TO MY OLD CUSTOMER DRU G S, DYE S TU FFS, P A IN T S , . K 188 GllUKN WICU STKKET, {JUTLTno g joiin g. mc or Offfri for tale on the itoit liberal termi for ca?h of credit, a rery ir, which be would cJi n- Apothecaries, | Painters, Confetti Opinio, Window (ilai* of all IJIstll ' 1 amp or / e end <iu?,iti-? and lla (o ?iin foliar While Le.u diy end in ''j! Caaule ttuap j lied Lead [oil Cochineal, al! Liuuorif* , Lithane j Nutmegr, * } BaVini Coparia | Hpi-iu Tupeutino Mace. " Hhuharb Puitr I Clorei, Ja'ap I Whiting I Cmumnon. Aloer [ Veid-grii dry and in oil ' Ciuiia BuJa, . , Flora Chamomile I Chrome Urea ' Allspice '[ 1 <?utn Arabic Clitouie Yel ?w . UiutfUu, C.i'tor Oil i Yellow Ochie, FrencL (rum Traraei ol (luicluilvrr and cin ' Gum Arabic, \lajroeiU j Praaiiau blna Gum Gambol '.',l Manna Vermillion v/u 01 iiuses IC'il! and Flour Sulphur Ration Stone Peppern "> Ale.hoi Ivory 111 ark Winteri ?j~ Dor ,x retined end crude G.>m lo?l Leinou I.1? I atoinrl Biushet all litre . Ciuuaui "? He J PreriritaU Ko: < Orange Coir, live 8ai.liuu.te (.>mp Black Bergam A ma Aii.monin British Lmtre Annus* 'i*1 Pp rits Nitie Duleis tilae of all sorts Abiyutl c*_ 8ui]<r Carliouaie fc'ocla (i ?id md Silver l.eaf Oarrawi w' Tartaric Ac:(l < I ?M and Silver Bronze Juniper 'u: Kptnm Sails Copper Urouxe Rose, Orange 1 Laudanum Mi'Ik white and red w ten, tn* ??in Puii White Vanilla Benin ' Salphae Quinine 8p .ni?h Brown I'onquin Ilea rv* Oil P.pprrmiot and all Venetian Hid Coriander He. I0U essential Oils [ ' ar.d P.pT Carraway Sa CI tint Myrrh Pamicr St me , An ui sired Cauthariclei Par and Hoi n luju' el ate c llu a Tr garanth Japan cpal, Coach aud' Pearlaah ? Powdered Uatk i Ilarce*? Varniali ; Silera'n I orli of all kiudi Tu key Umber Super Carbor i in Hiaipar.lla Telia ue Sienna Tartaric Aci< rw Mm iigei coane and fine Hrd < ha'k (ringer, whin die iJruuuU' Rlauwaro (iurn Snellac dinger, Kail tier Vials Bright Varmah White and B nit (ram (iamb ge Ham Tools of all lizea Pepper lid L'olucyuth Lead AILpi.e iin ('II.?Fall. Wir.ter and Suaim*r Strained SPKIt M; Dhaehed. in ner'i, Traiu. Lintee I, Haw and Boiled, Sea Kleyhant, Lard, Heat, so- Candles, A.'coh 1 a..d Camphene. Patent Medicine Dealer*. i it. Bal?am ef Honey, Audersou's Fills, he Turlington i l], Lee a do I ,Ji B airman's Drops, 11 roper's do ai Harlem and British Oil. Op'.d.d.ic, .Si?n and liq'iid ??- Sftitllit* FowiUra. Snilrt Powders. I 1 Stoughlon's Bitters, (Jstlf.ey's Cordial, I Extract Saruparilla, Thompson's Eye water. Mr Calcined Magnesia, I "" Dyers and flli ?t Logwood. I Niea'ngua, I Sipan Wood i Camwood, I B?rwood Soap a. Fustic, I lirazeillftte Wood | Braz.l Wco DRUGGISTS' G >n ad Common ViaU, Prescription Viali, Patent Medicine d >, Acid Be ich Castor Oils; Concaves. M> gii'sia, Blacking i :ed Jars, Lemon Syrup, Mu iblly Articles f)r Jewellers, Silvrr Smiths. Vnrnish Makers, Paper Fringe Maker,; Snuff aod Tobacco Manufacturers, Metal and 1 4C Ships and Plantations, for Cordial Distillers, fjr Makers of Icr Cr Go'd and Silver. A 'so, arti lea for Manufacturers of Oiv; and Stone Ware, Co oh* Artificial Flowers, fire Wotks, &c , for Floor U'l Cloth Painteri Up Painters, Gilders, Indian Traders, Dentists, Sic.; for Coloring Bu ,r? Eurojieaii Mediterranean and Fast India Druys. Perfumery a ire Paints and Colors Ctemirr.L of all kinds, French, English and JOHN C. MORRISON, flatters himself thst no establiiliT '1 trade to the business people addr sseJ, Physicians, country me i.i: lualirr', tonfrctiore-s, dyers, ?"d clothiers, will find it m icli to il h ing eh ap and good ariic'es. Hehiu, wiin much labor, e.tib!i?hti J ' vantages which tl.e markets of Europe and the United Sti i m K 11 ion ?t the che; p sl rite, lit. U.7"'Tlie prompte t atrt' ution given to city and country crde I:t. I0'A// Arlirlcs (irnninc. ?' QTAIE Off MISSISSIPPI?OKT111 BE 11A COUNTY hJ Circuit Court. Wednesday, November 22d, 1843. ? Samuel K. Buwerwoilh) This day came the plaintiff. ... < 732 us. >by his Attorney, and on his ~~~ f Warren Kimball. ) motion, it is rrde ed by the Court. J** that pub'ication be made in the New York Herald for sis * wre'ss successively, notiiying the defendants of this suit, and unless he. on or before the next term of this Court, plead or answer demurrer theieco, judgment will be entered against liim by default A true copy from Minutes of said Court.* , A MAXWELL, Clerk J- March the4th, I8G. in22 6w evy dv rc ing , ., . . ... TO RESTORE, BEAUTIFY AND DRESS du the human hair. lire TO ACTUALLY FORCE ITS GROWTH, AND CURE DANDRUFF, fyc. r?' TRIAL BOTTLE 8?T HII ? E SHILLINGS, "j rPO THOSE who have used Jones's Coral Heir ltestoialive the know its eicelleut <]ualicirs: to those who have not. we siy that the fact of our selling 3 shilling bottles must proie the truth ol ou' Stat'mnt?and that we are not afraid of pi rsons t yiug a . small qnin'ityol it nrst. We warrant it to poisess.Ui* following vra qualities:?It will force the hair to grow on anv p.rt wlere naJ' ture inteni'e 1 hair to gr?w,stopit falling off, cure Scurf or i" Daudiuff. and uiakr light, red or grey ha'r crow dark For tjjj" dressing the hair solt and silky, nothing exceed* this It is, in ' . de-d, the most tconouiual, yet superior, article inado forthe 111 h";' '* Sold?price 3, S or 8 shillings a bottle?jt the Sign of the Amnicau Eagle, 82 Chahsm slieet, New York; 1P> Fulton stent Brooklyn; 8 State street. Boso n; 3 Lnlger Buildiugs. l'ni a, is e it07 Kii.gstreit Charleston, S.C apt ha*ec ?'. TO DitUGOlBTri AND PATENT MEDICINE VENDERS, ig CIRCULAR. the Nr.W YOBK, March. 1811. en 'IMIOMAS ROBERTS k Cu. of 31 Proadv ay, Lh ,r, Ind ? and proprietors of ili'p pular mtdici ie kno-> .i* i' i'? | c L'fe Pill take I av?to info in the Druggist sod Je Lrs i i Pa tent Meoirines of New 8 m; and, that t.ney have this ?l?v i |e p*iut"d Messrs. S.VlI I'll fc. FOWLE, Druggists, Of I 8 W. pj. mst u atre. t, B'nt ui their sole aud exclusive agents or the ie_ "ale of Parr's Life Pills, in this six New fc.r.i.Li.1 Statsa, for a end deiW'tl term ol v an. i Thomas Robert* U Co. have to regret that during the eenrse cj, of a chancery suit, instituted to protect tncms?lve> f o:n the 0l> fr iiduleot i-1'eiitioiis of a former atent. tnniy suhn-gents and . to others sta distance, were disappointed by ih ir ord< rs not tc,1. Ctivitig |troror attention?thus situated. i,|y Thomas Roberts U Co. ?r? mdrhted to Mr. F. Brown. 1 Druggist of lfo-ton, for acting fnrtVem t eoili'g the doci i u < i i . C the mi J suit which being settled in their fivor by the Acting i Chane-llor, they ere now e.hle to j ).,re ih" Agenry of th*ir | ,u . rtsteusive busiucss in New ICngl md in pnina. eut liamls. The ejrectibility and bnsine-s character of M-snrs Piuith t n( it.KowIe are guar inttes that run agents and the trade generally, wil liave their orders and other hiisiii-'ss promptly arti nde. i to. i u| All acrouuts f.inreriy due to Georce Roberts, of ?00 Tiem nit st -ct but transferred to us by t'e issee of ih* chancery ' "of Count. as also those made be Mr. Jihmtone, our Travelling i ?! Agent dnrii L' Novrraber and December Id. t IC m21 lm?rc 'l'HUrt KOtfKKTS lit LP 30f [~y JONES' ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP. rpiIK MOmT hl.-sted aild wiudrrl'ul rern?d; ever dij covered . A for the ceit iln and praanent enre of nil I Di-easesaod Kruptions ot the Skin, Pimples, Halt hhenm, Scnrvy, Blotches; in (trt. a-iy disfigu emeat; but t'is public must be on li-ir guard against Yl' DISHONEST COUNTERFEITERS, jj, who et'empt to c. un eif-it this valmhlc, a ii iu us wonder( r winning effect, ble-sed srt.cle Ilea' e\ be not deceived Ask mitt for Jones'Italian Miemi'-al Soap. If they offer yr.u oncthtr, mo. do not tjiich it. If vou owe it, 'til dsng r us or int-lei* As* etc pnrticnUrlv for Jones's Italian f'hej.iral Soan. We positiveieir ,T *arr,llt th<" above to be iti real qualities; it nlae in the moat surprising rnrnnrr tt Changes dark nr ye'losv akin To a iKallhy, fn.e e'e ir"es?. y ' .Many may think iti rnweis exaggerated; i?t such try it mire? ll' it has iu hundreds of cases cbxreo tne skin of frcckl-a, t?n, sunburn, morpliewjit can *'so be cojscimin-mly rtc iinmeudthe ed for old sores, riugwir-n, and s ire hea-'s fhyticiaus can ba ade rrfrrred l > who us* it daily in their p-aciie lost Hut mind it is Jones's Snap' as done, and still effi cts ibese cures, Ort it no whgie else in this city but at ih* sign of die American Kngl'. 82 1 hitlmm street, anil 323 Broad vay, N Y.; iu Boston at Redding'.-. 8 State s'r ef. Zeib r, 3 Ledger Buildings, Diiladvli hia: 207 King street, Charleston, B.O.-Oish, Lancaster fa.; aid M s Hays, 139 Fultoustreet, Dronklvn, L. a|i3 lin*ec . ft 4^00 REWARD?CROSS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE? jpc/V/Uji'nr the cure 01' Oonorrhoeu, < flei-ts, -ttrictures and nill analagons coninLiints of the organ of generation. 11. Of nil rt medics jet discovered for tne above complaints, this is die most csrt 'in. , It makes a -needy and permanent cure, without the least re striciion to Jfct, drink, exposure, or ch ug-111 application to business. yn, We give no long quarkish recommeudatinns to deceire the dr- tin ilic. If the medicine does not sie k for itself, no one shall tins sneak for it. Onr o^j-ct is to notify where it can be had. and >od. the propnetsr challenges a single rate of recent Gonorrhoea to aud be brought iu whicti the Mixture will not effect a rapid cure I to unlet a forfeiture of $508. Tliis is a ditesse that unfertuuatety perrades all ranks of so >m? c.ietv? high, low. rich and poor, matrimonial and single They box *re li-re presented with a remedy by which they cau cure theni, as selves, without the least exposar * in the shoileet tiins possible, ira, Further, ihe disease cannot be contmcpd if a <fose of the hi I- Mixture is taken at night on going to bed when ei| oied. no- It is put up iu bo lies wi'h full directions accompanying it, at tl a bottle. One bottle lasts a week, which generally cures 'on- ?in nynre cured in two days iges For sale only at Wm. M. Milnor's. 192 Br.iadwav. Corner of na John st, ori> site Franklin House, New York; J. Jones, corlost ner of Cheni"t and Beveoth streets, Philadelphia; rnd at J. M. Dr. Smith's, 138 Washingtor. sln-et, Boston. mi im* re ci!? MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OFFICE, "i'l T^OCTUR JOHNBON, 17 Dnane street, I? well known to per- '-e the victims of ffyphilitie disease, as the most successful 12>? practitioner that New Vork can beastcf, in the treatment cf ig'o, this dentnictive and almost unmanageable malady, i* still to be lh? found et the old office, which he hr-s occupied for the Jut ten hu Ve.vr*. The public, aua a large portion of medical men in Fenet'i, ral practiee,harvaaid*a that all advertising boctorv are quicks, mid We admit that a large iiortion ol tnoie that mleit tliia c.ty are vn's iimorant, uneducated eWrataua,) but that all ere quacks we dewill uy. M-dical quackery consists in a man holding himself fnitn a* akilied in the healing art. witkout having a diploma, Or an-3*7 thority to practice, or without general medical information, lad- We can s.stirfy any one that we are legally qualified to practice tad- Physic and Surgery?that we possess n knowledge or Senegal io'a disease superior to tnvee-fnarth* of your general " Physicians" i at. ?and thatoor skill In the treatment and proper management of ppe rvery variety of Veuereal bis-aae, including the surgical |!I'd treatmeut of that h-.rrassing eomplairt, Stricture of theU?e,no thra, is pre-eminent. We hare confined our practice la the re ' '.reutmout of all t riva'e and delicate complaints for ten years We cure on an average 670 pati-nti .a year; our patients are not only from every part of the United Hlatet, but fliejr come to m. f ry from the Wistlndiei and Canada. We have three phyiieiana ultr uad-r our ear-at the present tinv-and no w?k par.vrj without ac- physiniane in the city and from the country coming to consult tave as respecting their patients, er sending na tneii patient* for onr rnrs advice. We discount-saure quackery in any form, and thrvt<ri lore take this method of informing ?t-ar.gera. and p-rsona in the me couniry where they can fi?d a physician skilled in the treatment 'fen of their disease, hvery ease we nndrrukewa enre, or make no o? charge. No matter how long yon may have (fleet, Stricture, Ulcere upon the body, or in tne throat, or note, pains in tke I-Y head end bones of the legs, vvr will and can cnta yon, if your , case is eurable st all. tionstitutvnal Weakness, or Itnpoteney, i* a disease so ecm1,1 yJ plicated in its character, iliut the treatment adopted by the great ' majority of physician* u highly injurionj instead ofaalnta-y. I ,r We have paid much attention to the treatment of this m ilady, 'Jl' if cm-stunting rartof our prictiee. Many an unfrrtmnM vieti in of this u..natural vine ruts experh need the b - irf't of our aa:",,J 1 alary treatment. Uyspimsin, w-nkness of 'he limbs aud small w,,r of the hack, confusion ofintell-ct, fuTgetfnln-sn, palpitation of the h-art, aversion to society, ard an 'n .l.ility t., look s mail in the face, are o ily symptoms of this eotiiple.irit ll our directions are fo'.'owed, weguarantee a cure. I'oat paid let;- a, w ith ?- rwementol ctf.e, eontniuing S3 for advice, at Mi I t t.i V<V hold no cemmonion with the advertising doctors tu New Vo k. we speak of ourselves as a tdiystci.-n, and my mik ngal the oaalinearious of otliera. Oince 17 Ilueae strcer. cr.e'ion ( ugh ChatVatP atnwt ioJ ;ni*'e sol rponACUO-KINB CUT AND "MOKINU-KwIIm .tA elired to close Up an interest in a Tobacco Mauiifietorv, I nan, now offer for sales qur.ntitv of prur.c tire cut an ' imok.iu and Tobaeeo, pap-red up in the ainal wav, at very renin: ante in eej I t.i call the ttcntio ol Wes.ern MertlmU sad oilier ne.u btiy-oi t.i this, tlieijaahty of tlu tobacco being ol the very l?sl auu prices by far lower than usual, r. mi 3m"ir? JOHN II. ?ABKR, No I New ft. i IN NEW YORK. VED GOODS. ? AND THE PUBLIC. ME DtClNF. S, QROCElitES, ff e. i %cy uinl I-til ton itrcetii, ) twu/ vnuw rth River afie of the city! j NEW YORK* HtltlSON, p* eu?iro *?aortnv*nt of gooda, among them lUe following, to tt* auea'.ioaof aJIBCIS, 1 \HIMCri, aianUIAVllironi lera Iy??|Te? ) All Cm ,hti?, | vug ny??Q baogbt 3lor Vitriol i.inpurial at, Joperjai. kluglish and liHnpowdrr Auc anerinm t.-lytJO Skiu at the ?il Vitrol I 'time! ong India Sugar Letd In "4 Stir*. Hleacliuiit 9y't? , < ie?ch Idraudie* iPS'iuti B-gin Vita Portia . *ot and Pearl Aahe* Nmga'la Uiclt Vuuatto inth, L iju r c; Call S.nla Aih Turkey ath B.iuk Put a- d Pearl Aihea rs S lgrtiua bx'.nct Logwood ' ij Blue I'a.t r;c Acid lint Powdertd (dinger Hoot 3:e' rointte cf loUah (reeu Vlum Sal S?U Jiivr Oil in bettiei and Own Shellac an biakuta Cudbear .Vumrn Wood ot ialt.e-tre crude and it- fiiani and Bar 1 in d liu-d Kuller'a Kartli h Pepper Sauce rladJer, Dutch & Fr?nch ay vlaoabjv 8 iiiff Ind.guei Ol Uerjta', Scotck Suull Oarraccja and Out and Pf&rh M ce ii.d go. Kiount vvfc'e To, tar 'aatile Soap ltd Tartar n? Cloves line ed C.ut >r Oil in bottle* damac sd \ cchil Lac Dye Spurn Half* Stirih Uiinamou Prwaaiate Potath *'ricu>u Mi'c'ir* Oam Senegil tprhouale V: taenia i:ur*umt mteofSoda tritisli Luitro !'<>w?ered Blue Sma'tl d S.uU lor wi'itce Jueicitron ilirk e Jamaica Vliieurd, Loncou Spiiira Nitre Kortis India Cayenne Perner ialt P'tre rewn Soap Powdered Nutoi'C* driii.hQ.lwi do ( innuimn Sirrir And and Or nice Iclogne Water Acid White and Natural. Refined ard uu-efuied WHALE ; Taniloot, Olive, (in bittUsanu miuta); 1'atei.t, by run and Sti-mic Paper tlakeu, Hat t era, Ac. Bl aehior Powd-ra, Nutgalla, I'owdeird Dine Smalt*, Blue Vit-ol, Oiue. Yrrdi?ri?, Oil Vilriul, Copperas, IfopprrCax Sal Ammoniac, Shell Lac, Antimony, AJCQnoi, cui; tr ui jjrau, Lipaet of Logwood, Alun. intifnclurera. i, I R?d Saunders, I Hy pernio Wood, Hvch Wood, I Pinch Wood. J, I iied do I Ebony Wood, LASS WARE. itl'es. Colngnei, Fuicv Pungent*. Druggists' Packiug Battles, ir Varnish, I'emijohns, Flasks, Inkstands, itards, Snuff?, &c. (kc. Stamen. Spice Orinders, and Sugar 11-fillers, Coach Lace and Garble Polishers, f.r Workers ill Iron and oilier Aitiiana; for earn. Soda Water and Hott Beer, forjAssayerx ard Refiners of , lors, Chairs, Loco Frco Matches, Looking Classes, 9-ap, Ii k, > Fur Dyers, Morocco D.essrrs, Straw Hat Bleachers, Sign t-'r and Ch-ese; for Steamboats, lit,tils, Ships, Ve'sels ike. i.dSjipi. Ptteut Medicinei cf trery d.'iciip i'n. AM kind* American. ent of th' kind in New York can offir greater inducements of rchauts, city grocers, mairifac urvri, paint- ri. hatters, paper lieir interest to pai chase of lint, if th-*y are desirous of purrha.i retire agencies for the puip ,se of availing h.ini-H ot the adlie. afford for selecting articles cf the best (|4aIity,?od pn'ch?s> s. apS laa dy&.wy m TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN?A PRO CREATIVE ELIXIR CORDIAL. rpHEgreat-st discovery in medical science is that of M. M. A Desomejnt, of Paris. He lias rntirely exploded the g?u?rally received opinion of the existence of incurabl* sterrility of barr. nuess, (exept indeed in cases of malformation, which ara extremely rar?.) The invariikle and umvrrsal success of his Klix r Cordial, in every ii stance, ol producing that stae of health which resu'ts in the wife b.'COinir.g tilessed as a mother, v. ho for yars rined m childless loneliness, has lnlly estab tailed the fact, that wnat is usually termed "arre..ueis is curable, by the uae of the Procreative e lixir Cordial It is infallible in scunriil weakness, lluor albus, debility, incontinence, and the various train ol complaints arising from excess, illness, or impiudeuce. Us great and invariable success is its recommendation The. fame of this wonderful Elixir Cordial is well rs taMi bed. A sale of more than fifty thousand botll-'s and pack get if sufficient evidence ol its excellence auu llir esiuna.iou ui which it i? held It it pleasaut and agreeable to the taste. i lie unde timed it the only authorised ascot for this conn try. I'rice $21 bottle. ... ... , . For the couren snce of those residing out of the city, the ingredients compos in r the E'inir C irdi-,1 arc |mt up iu package* for transmission by mail, with full direction for preparing. Price of package $5, making thiee bott'ex. All lelteis mast be leistptia, and directed to Ur F. MELVEAU, t?o*2i. N. York city mil lm DUtW 'm Office 129 Liberty it. TO MARRIED LADIES. MADAME RESTELL'M PREVENTIVE POWDERS. * ?* ?1Tboxei n disable Powders hare bev a universally adoptee in Europe, bit France ia particular, for upwards of thirty yearn, as well as by thousands iu this eouotry. oj bein$ the only mpd, wife and etfii*nci?ua r?mcdT to: laarrlwl ladies wr.ors health forbirta a too rapid incr*tw of fa July. t he rami's cf their adoption to the happiness, the health, r.ay, 'he ' ,.f n.ary an (F.vtiotia'e wife and fond irtf thor, a'<f too vast i > " iuc.1 "pen within the iitr.iis of an advcrtisaneot-remits which affoct not only the preient well bring of rei. ats. but the furore hsppirets of their offspring, la it not lux pre well kuow.1 that the families of the rn&rited often increase be . the haupiuets ofthoic v.-ho gave them birth would 'iinute / lu how uiauy instances does the huid working fattier, an-2 n.o v especially tliC mother, ol a poor family, remain slaves throughout t'icir lives, tugging at the car of iocessaut labor, toiling but to lite jud it, iag hut to toil, wheu they might enjoyed contort and comparative affluence , and il ca.s and toil have weighed dovu the spirit, and at ln?c orokeu the health of the rather, how ol'.cn ii the widow left PuobU. with the in oil vittsous intentions. to save her father1 is otftpring from becoming degraded chjects ofcharitjor pri/i'igst' rouries ofvicef Even though competence und plenty sinih neon ui, bow often, slail! are the days ol the kind hatha..d father embittered in btholrtiaj tne cnscialed form and J lining health of the companion ul his bosom, me she had sr. c > reached the age of thirty?last sinking into a premature g.-ve?with the certain prospect ol himself being early bereft ol partner of his joys and sorrows, m d hi.i young aed helj.'c i children of those endearing attentions and watchful solicauUe, which a mother alor.eecn bestow, not unfreanenlly ate ?ue wheu least able to support the h.-art-recdiiig affliction ! It it dssirah'e, then,?is it moral?for parents to increase their families, regardless of ruiseqnrnces ta th' mrclces, or trie well 'ocinuof theiroffspriiiB, when a simple, easy, hcaltny, and certum remedy is wit.lou out control I I he advertise.-, .-cling the importance of this subject, and estimating the f let ben tits resulting to thousiuds by the adoption of moans prarcribea Sy htr, would respectfully art,use tnoattention cfthe married to ,-s consideration. Uitnufwiie and rirtuo.t to preveulerilj to which xve subject, by simple and healthy means within our control 1 Every dispassionate, ti't.vms ana eouKiicoifo rr.uia, win onnesitaucf ty answer it toe nfhrtiialive. Price (See dollar*? neckaire. ^econiiiiiiH with fall ?nd " ? t calar directions. They can I? se it by mail to nil part* of ths Ucitel S;i:ei. A.P leue ? must be post paid, and addressed to bo* "ICS," N Y.or MAO VMhi KKS'I t-JjL, Fannin Physician. Principal office, 140 Greenwich street, iN?w Verb. OfEcs koori from 9 A. 61 to 9 P. 61. iiostea olr.c., No. 7 iiisrx st. fi'l 3ui*m _____ M A I) A M K KK9TKLL. TTEViALE PHF8YCIAW, Office and residence, Hi Oitn w:eb street, between Ccnrtlnadt end Liberty streets, whet. rh? can be consulted with the strictest ennfltleaee on complaints incident to tiie fe.nale f/as/te. Kesu-ll'e nad knt.w'edge in tiie treaua.-nt t.f obstinate cane* of female irregularity, sidiowipe, iupuffissun. Ur... u tacli u to require be t a few days to riled a perfect cart Ltaits ilt-tiriDK proper medical attendance during couCnem-al or other iuJispositicn, will be eccotnicodeud daring suai time, With private end respectable board. " Preventive Powders," for married lades, whore deli rate oi precarious health forbids a too rapid wcrMi' of femilT, will o? eat by mail to any part of too United PtJtes. Price *ia rackana. All letters (pott-paid) addressed to bo*, Kit, New Yorkl liostoa Office. No. 7 Kate* street." N. A.?Madame RASTErLL wwild inform ladies resldi"* *t of the city, who cannot make it convenient to come to the city, that she would devote tier personal at tea dance a no a t ie * it aay part of list United Puts* within reasonable distance fit ttx* nt JfKMALIC MONTHLY IMLLB. f bWlNti to the celebrity, eiReacy, and invariable success el ?-e Madame Austell's Venule Monthly Pills in all cases of in refaiarily, suppression, or stoppage of those functions of a* Hire upon which the health ef every termli depends, slant tsei? iatroacotion into the UnitedS' ahout sevea yearn coau.vieits sad imitations are constantly attempted to bs r.lmed nfi for the genuine. Cheep common pills art purchased et twelve cents a box, nut ap in ailfereitt botes, ana called? Female Monthly 1'tfls," with the object of selling them. if possible, nt one or two dollars a box. Females art therefore centioaed against these attempts to impose upon them. It in tniocient here to state that nil Vermis Monthly Pills ars coon**, UIUH tviu tit iWauauir twiivii > * nun^i viuur. )l? Greenwich street, Nf? York, and 7 Essex itract. Boatni| Price SI. Jl.wleii'a aigattgye it written oa the ?o*?f cf aaeh per N. U ?They eaa he ???>! l>r ire-Tied or i ingle, hy follow** I he tiiff.riCTA -a-' .scH inside nf each box. ill ia^in CAUTION TO KEMALKH tyfADAMfi llKSTELL, IfHMALE PHYSICIAN, wn-14 '1 iafom iadies who, with a prurrr delicacy, ha?e a repayaxaer to the trcatmeut of their complaints except by one of their t ea IPX, that in all iu'< ihe atteuda to thein personally, her oxrerleoes, practice njail Knowledge eniblea her lo do 10. hi* deems it aecex*nr7 to Hale Una, ai the doee not wu'i to jt classed irith the pretenders continually appearing end dis<?s pearing, ailrerrisiag a* * heme's Phyijiciiun," who top igse lent e&'t inoonipricat thercaclios are obliged lo pvt some ly'-.js .guorant quack to experiment iiuteud. Consulting [?' iort and residence, Ml Greenwich rirert, betwren Courtlasd aad i-ii'K'.y attests. Totxa ef otteadaaee from 8 A. M. t? 9 r.hl III 2ia*m ' rOK.TI;l>l_'n >h. LMu.Airi. i'lLLXi i*tfwt*l> apio raKPinxu er M, Pft iVUrtSLOtttiB, M.D., Ll.HHON, POrtTUU,'.*, PHfc Seieuti i Be ?emt> nation of inrrrdiruia o l\vr hi en then J. Pills are aomncaed. here made them the wnnd?r and admi rttinn of lh? world. 'Ihryare : mown r.l! over Kurops n be the only ptepttratmn ever discovered that has proved inTittiablT rcriAir. in piodoeing the monthly imr: Their e-rtaintr, in ell rexee. I cing e?ch chat thoy mn-.t not lie ;ued during pregnancy, for though a! ways mild, safe .ind heiilhy, they are cettain t* produce miscarriage if n?e<i dunrg that period. i iw directions are translated into English. and are eaveiOrCd loiand with tbe eeat of the importer, it: in pod. Each boy t.m taioa the iigaetan of M. de Ootidrlotine. ?nrt the English d. rectiorj hare the si-nature of Dr. t . Ill r.LVSAU, agent tor the continent of America. They esa be tiiytsniittl or r?ail to any part of the United States. Sold'by Dr r. MELVfiAU, agent and importer tot the United States, ofllee 129 Liberty street, near Greenwich it. Price $4?half botes 11 No hall boxes sent hy mail. Sold is Bosto* at No. 9 S'lrm street. Letleri directed to Dr. *. wl-lrem, box II, New York, will meet with irornedm:- aitrrl rie?. Ml lerrere ranet be post mid fi.i 8m*in TNKOKMA1 ION WANTED of JAMES E. MILLER, a I natire ol New York, and a Sramin by profession ; when last heaid fra.n he was in LlrieUil, England, is 111# Si.onld he be nlive, and ratarn to New York, he will Hwirol ioin;?hing to his drnsUge, on applying to William Steel, Dakrr, No 111 Lherf,' street New York- in? Jm.lStw ?rr?: m ' xuj.p.wim ' -1' ii a PUBLISHED DAILY 11V J A M If. B ? O It u O SI II E N IV 15 T T , ,1. ?.( llRNIi BfULTON AND NASSAU STREETS. Titr. Nvw lull Hr.air.n?A daily P P?r, muni every m iimag of th- wo-k?pruexwo cam a prrc-py < <>m try oh, ribar* furu'iliMl it tlie enne rale, tor any specific period, on i iw.Mtianse ia tfruw. No paper sent unlrm paid in adThp Wnltr Urn*! d?lame 1 erery Saturday morning at l#n o'cloeh?i riei III ??"> a hi ARTKe ci.aTI per ropv-?lufni.-li'd to roontrr moscrih. r? n 11 M per aonnm, iu adyauee. cr i t the lAino rxte lor an tnncific teriod. Coaerirofrnva n ate reuueatrd to addrena iheir lettera to JAains Uoaoo.-r BaanatT, Proprietor aed Editor?eadailJe? or* oa bneoaeea mnit be peat paid