Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1844, Page 3

April 11, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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I: (Mil* for alarm to many who anticipate another teaeon of Overtrading and extravagance. Since the first of January, 1944, our imports have been Urge, but we already perceive evidences of a falling off. The Liverpool packet ship (Jueeu of the West, just arrived, having left Liverpool on the 6th of March, a period of heavy shipments, when trade is unusually active, brings but very lew dry goods, compared with tne cargoes that arrived earlier in the season. The manufacturers ol Great Britain are tuning their attention more to the manufacture of goods adapted to other markets. The East India markets have particularly engaged their attention h'F.ara or t'orTo.v Manufactures anu Cotton Tab*, Hum Great Britain, tor Eight Years. D'< tared value of Declared value of Cotton Mahu/ Cotton Yarn. 1*16 ?18,311,691 ... ?6,130,966 1837 13.640,188 , . . 6,955,912 "" 1938 16 713,837 ... 7,431,860 I" 1839 17,692,19-4 . . . 6.838,193 1840 17,667,310 . . . 7,101,308 tausi*1841 16 232,510 ... 7 266,908 1342, 13,910 081 ... 7,752,676 1843 16,248,759 ... 7,191,870 This takes in the whole time, lrom the year of immense imports into this country down to the 1st of the present year. The last year, 1843, reaches within ?3,303,000 of the heaviest year of exports of these manufactures from Great Britain. This is very good evidence in favor y ucjicviug mai omer n,WI able for thin description of British product*. The import* from Great Britain into the I nited State* have lallen o(l immensely, while the export* of that country, with the exception of the year* 1837 and 184-1, varied but very little. From a large importer of cotton manufacture* from Europe in 1838, we have in 1844 become a very large exporter of the same desciiptiou* of goods. We have exported goods to their own market, similar to ' tlioso wo received from them eight or ten year* ago. Thi* cannot be entirely attributed to the operation of our tariff law*, for during the period alluded to we have passed through all grade* of taritl'a, from a *calo averaging twenty per cent, to that averaging forty. In 19W, during tire lowest range of the compromise act, ourimport* of cotton manufacture* from foreign countiie* were les* thun in 1 S31, 1838 and 1930, when the scale ruled very high Thi* shows thi! rate of duty had very little influence on the extent of the importation*. Judging from the late falling oft' in the imports, and the recent advices from the principal manufacturing districts of Great Britain, we are of the opinion that the total importations of foreign mauufac tired cotton goods for 1841 will fall below that of many pievinua years. Our local manufacturers arc unusually active. We learn that very heavy orders huve lately been received from the East India markets. This, with the active demand for home consumption, will keep our manufacturers very busy through the season, and do more to udvuncu and establish their prosperity than the most protective tarifTCongress could possibly grant. Our trado for article* of domestic manufacture with most foreign countries is yearly advancing, and a few > ears will suffice to place us so far ahead of other nations in supplying goods of this description,thatwe shall require no aid from government or any other source. Our trade with South America is gradually increasing. We annex the importation of cotton goods into Rio Janeiro for four years. The totnl yearly importation of manufactured cottons, of nil descriptions, since 1839 amounted to re spectively, 29,604, 36.667 , 32,432, 23,003 packages, showing an increase in 1643 upon 1342, of ft per cent ; it is however probable that there was no increase in value, lor more than the excess of packages, was received from the Uni ed States, as will be seen by the following statement of imports Imfouts ok Manufactured Cotton into Ilio Jane no, kok f or n isam. Packages. Where from. 1810. 1841. 1812, 1813. Omit Britain. 20,828 24.968 14,0>9 14,165 111111*4 Sates, 6.109 8,'Mil 5 337 7.358 Knute,- 1,613 1,526 1,317 1,109 H.nue Tot ns, 853 911 678 577 I: will be seen that the imports from Ureat Britain have fallen off, while those from the United States have in. creased. Old Stock Exchange, ?20000 U S 6'i, '62 90J 113 25 shas Canton Co alO 3.5% 140U0 do 113 275 ilo 5in 351, 4DUO do cpn slock 113 75 do 35', 1000 NY Stat* 7's,'48 11-6if 25 do hlO 35% 1.5011 do do '49 1071, 25 do 1,20 3554 1000 o 5'?, '51 1 IT)r, ' j Mereh's Kir* Ins 9i 5000 Indiana t bd* 13) 37% 50 % II lie llirtford KR 76% 7005 do 37% 70 Aub St lUch 103% 3''"0 Ohio lis, '60 0I>4 75 Mohawk i.K 19 2000 da 01% 100 da 59% jguuu eo n l >i 50 do 59% ^ <0':0 do nwr 9i% 75 Nor U Were 41% 1(400 do bGO 94% 125 do 42 00011 Kentucky G's 101 50 do s,20 12 1UUU0 do 1>30 101% 205 do 42% <l?i)o do Urge bits 1 On 25 do blO 42% 1 iion llliuoHo|icl ids 40 Inn do 42% 71.011 do 40)4 150 do blO 43 5300 Tenn'a 5*4 h30 G7 J25 di 43 1.50IHI do 110 07 100 do blO 42% 51011 do 07 100 Long Island KU V i % 1 00 do st-v 67 150 do ilrt 72% 5000 do 160 (?% IUO do |20 72,J, l OOO do b30 GG% 1U0 io blO 72% 40 gliFs Ilk dtctoNY 875 34 IO'1 d > b:to 72% 30 Kentucky 6k 73 109 do 033 72}* 3111 Karmer/Truit 4U 100 do *30 72)* 50 do ilO 40 50 Pate-sun 11K a30 77 50 do b33 40% 100 do >10 77 200 do 39% New stock Exchenie. $1C00 Ohio 6'*,'6# 94% 50 that Vicksburg Dk 8% 1000 do 91% 25 Harlem itK 65% 2000 do >10 (11% 150 do a3 65Ja 1004 do >15 0I.> 175 Nor ?t Wore l>3 41% lis t) Ky 6 9, 30 yrs 1i4iJ, 25 do ?12 li% 11K1O 1-liuois b) 3'j1 j 50 do bJ 42 2000 do >3 3914 50 do 12 lOUO do 139 39)4 50 do Llw 42)4 'lu O do 305a 50 do 115 42 25 s'-as Farmers' Lu ?15 39% 100 co 111 w 42% 25 Canton Co bJ .-5 50 do b3 42% 25 di b 10 35.* 25 do 42% 50 d 1 b40 30 25 do (.3 42!. 51 Mohawk RR bow 60% 1041 do blw 42% 50 VlukaturK Ck 8)4 25 do |30 42% 2G do 8 25 do ?30 42% 50 do 8% 25 do a'10 42% 150 do 8% 25 do a30 42% 51 do tlO 11% 25 do sl5 42% 100 do s3 8% State or Trade. Ashes? Pot* continue very dull at $1 41 a 4 43], I'earls the same as last repotted. Ulksw at?Kair rules ot prime yellow at 30| a 30jc. Cotton?Sales to-day were quite limited, amounting only to ubout 700 bales, and chiefly ut easier rates, us there was some conflicting accounts reported on 'Change, ol the statu ot the Livor|iool market, ut the date of the sailing ol the packet ship Queen of the West, which arrived early tins morning. Alter much enquiry, we have ascertained that the coirect account annears to be this S ?le? uu tin* 6tli, 10(H) hales, uml a timet market; on the morning of the 6th, sales were 2000 bales up to 12 o'clock. The packet sailed at 1 o'clock. ! Lot a?No change since last report. Western $4 87} u I 93.. Oil a.vd Bone?Sales of whale Oil have been made at 36 cents; S|>erni an cents; South Sea Whalebone 36 cent*. j lu New Beillord last week crude whale was sold in large ' quantities at 3.1 a 37 cents, cash Imports last week in all ! the ports reached 4060 bbls-.spcrin, 13,723 bbls whale, and j 132 000 lbs. whalebone Whiskey?Drudge casks are taken as wanted by the ! trade, at 23.1,0. l'nson barrels dull at 24] a Mo. Teas?Sale at auction cargo ol the Helena?notes six , mouths, payable in this city :? Hyson?10 lit chests b6 cts per lb; 21 do 84}; 26 do 84; j 21 do 83; 33 do 6!']; 67 (lo 68}; 28 do 64; 61 do 62}; 10 do 62; 21 do 61}; 20 do 61; 26 bxs each 12 2lbs, 60; 38.) chests ; 112 hi do ami 400 12 21h boxes withdrawn Voting 11 ysou -Hi hall'chests 00; 63 do 73; 31 do 721; ! 118 do 72; 23 do 70}; 46 do 68 : 36 do 07}; 49 do 67; 23 ilo i 66}; 34 do 66}; 67 do 68; lb8 do 67}; 71 do 67; 66 do 66}; j 20 do 63; 10 do 61}; 88 do 61; 10 do 60}: 67 do 61}; 88 do 61; 10do u0}; 67 do 40]; 346 do 49; 130 do 46; 180 do 46}; 67 do 41; 60 do 43}; 216do43; 160 do 41}; 180 do 41; 200 I do 40}; 1301 do 40; 43 do 30}; 26 boxes 20lbs each 40}; 226 ! do 40; 20 boxes, each 1211)8, 42; 380 do 41; 30 do 131ti.i 77}; i 20 do 74; 24 do 71}; 76 do lilbs 00; 26 do 80; (1721 hull chests and 260 hoses, 20lbs each, withdrawn.) Hyson Skin? 02 chests 61}, 66 do 61; 27 do 60}; 11 do 48; 17 do 41; 37 do 30; 31 do 38; 30 do 30; 163do 23; 24 do j 22}; 477 chests withdrawn. (iotipnwder?16 hall chests 101; 6 do 96; 28 do 102}; 14 , do 01; 6 do 81; 12 do 68; 16 do 66}; 16 do 66; 16 do 64}; 16 ! Nil w, *..< ? u-a, MIU UUHI, rail'* eaCII, 5bj; IIX) do 60; (06 chest* ami 16 .3lb boxes, withdrawn ) Imperial -ft half chests 83; 7 do HI, 17 do HO; lido 78; !) do 701; 14 do 6Hj; 37 do H4J; 38 do63j; 40 do AO; 35 do 50A; I t do 61]; 12 ho.xes, 1311m each, 83; 160 1211) do 55.^ aotichong -'JO hall' chests 33; lot do 32; 10 do'24; <'>0 cases, each J 1'ilb boxes, 45; 405 chests and 614 halt do, withdrawn. (?y sr.-l Ciusia?1000 mats *061 n ItiJ cents per lb.J Ksrare ?The, loflowing sale, w ere made by,auc tion :? Ml) The store 175 Wator at reel and lot, '30 feet 4 front, 19 feet I12rearby77 feet 6 inches deep $15,750 Leasehold premises 781 Broadway, the lot held under lease from the trustees ot the Sailors' Snug KHarbor 7,500 Lot ol ground on the east side of 6th avenue, between 15th and 16th streets, 3H fuet 6 inches distant from 16th street 6,450 ('ountry seat, with 30 acress of land, opposite Wyekotf Avenue on the Jamaica turnpike road A,000 Farm at Astoria, 72j acres, now occit|iied by John Lawrence, 0,000 Lot in 1st st, between avenue A and 1st avenue, .'4 by 105 It $3,lfiO Lot adjoining, same size '3,000 do do 3,000 do do '3,000 do do 2 0O0 do 22 by 105 2.0(H) Lot on 37thf*treet near 9th av. 25 by 100 ft a 41,0 Two story brick housu 138 Madison street, with lease ol lot at $110 lor 4 vears. Lot 25 t>y 100 ft. .. $3,800 Lot 130 Malison street. Lot 26 by 100 Lease on same conditions,both with covenants for renewal 3,750 No 321 Bowery. Lot 12] by 100 feet. Main building .'<6 leet deep, with an addition ol 12] leet 8,450 Two story brick front building with frame dwelling in the rear, 71 Norfolk street. Lot 25 by 2<Ml It. . $2,875 Premises No 66 Canal st , 20 feet fioot by 9I deep. .($9,025 Premise* No 90 Mulberry street. Lot 25 by 100 ft. 3,200 DlecT, On the 9th instant, ol consumption, in the 25th year ol his age, Tiiomai U. Hxowdms, youngest son ol Thomas Hnowden. Ills friends and those ofthe family are respectfully invi. tnl to stti ml the funeral at 4 o'clock this (Tharsday) afternoon, from his father's residence, No. 13 Howard street, corner Llm. ^Suddenly, on the 8th instant, of disea?e[of the heart, i?aaaas i n Mrs Ass Whitl, wifeol George W. White, and (laugh terot John 8. King. The friend* and acquaintance* of the family are respectiully invited to attend the funeral from No. 128 ?' drldge street, at 4 o'clock this afternoon. On the tftli instant, Kmanci:* J., daughter of PhineaiT. and Charity Barnum, aged one year, eleven month* and ten day*. Her remains will he taken to Bridgeport, Conn. PUMngeri Arrlwert. New OaLEAN*?Ship Loui*??Vra Sam I Broom aid ?ert't, Mis* Draper. Mr Wallace, Mr Kuowl??-l6 in the *Uer?e. Hayannah ?Br * L BaIJ* in? "Uuh in k !adr. Mr* Mmbih Smith. Mesara Collins, C By rue aud S.linnu, and 20 iu the stea*aa# , , ....... ChaBLE*ton?Bna D inou?M M t "Jyi" and chd Messrs Cadsaallader, H Bownr, J P L'ro m, 8C H Bailey, V/ Stole, J S Liaeela, A hm th. a'oralgn lira port sit I oil a Oeoato?Schr Elis hath Harbnesa?100 baud e* cork wood J Medico?6 lack* do 38j bbl? wine (Inborn Ik 11 ri. tiler*? 100 do Barclay k l.itinsiton?t# hhd* 20) ca-ks do 10 uck* 49 aumla's cork t order. Kin Ji!*Eiao-B?i? Hania?'792 but cofle* Oriuro.l. MmtuIBkei?j' IIjd)?-3*ld ? Bo..rinan-tiJ7 do K Hichaid* Ml?UTO d > T. I. Phippa?200 do W K St (' Hitchcock- 111 do 8 T Nich .la-a.0 do J h\ ulke Si 5ou-3j bbU U?foca V " tor & Duckwitz Santa Chuz ok Cuba?Brig J Prter-on?120 tcs 41 hsrrel* JEST"? hlit '"PlV ?"iiy,d? molairer Holt kOiru -'J" hai-a pelin leaf Sp.itfcrd Si Tile?t?u ,, ?r. f iuur 14?31 iihui 1d darois au**r 7 0 bur 'a mold's** B Sai*la?9 c<?? 'iiol-as^s I* W?thl'lw-lu do Wntit'fffit VV-arb cV?20 ro J W v cAdam Maracaiu ? Sfhr viah?3 rak* ba 'sain 17 hhris molars'*! B1 bbit do 5tu hi >? i c ska u J z*2 ?&< k? bark 1 do skins II aes co**- 37 sacks ruerchair iz- A Murbu n?. 13 Kg* ? ; fAz mm?20 b, g* d H K Dawi n?8 casks 8 h'o'a merchandize 262 ha a cd^iv 400 hi e Mur*ay fit lud ow?4T0 unlet 18 bags cotfr*.' 5 i afkifc tiki* and 00 c c mu'a to order Oiimeilftc Importation*. Nkw OKLKAPia ? Ship Loniaa? 9 hhds t'.brccn Newbnld fit Craft?5 hblalard Wilton fit Rrown?:<? hg* wool John Smith Hi ion 7 hhds tohacc* C 11 L iid?114 bbla pork Ho >th fit Kdi*?ar? 34 khda tobacco J C P*r ah? ca* m i C 1 DrdW'-J c?k mdz J Cliik-9bh6r?k W Colas'* fit co?19 b* Lu Fia'd-i ic * A J.ickaoi ?40 hhds tnbvco <4 ee> w?y Henri' n Smith? 21 bla c? tt n S Draper jr?29 hhds lard < oIiiipii fit Hopkins?29 bit 70 kg* lard K II ?i?m k?29 bis | or* Cnurehmm Holer's fit co?104 oil 30 kg* 1 ri A D?iu*l*s?2 ca*mdt k' eel a ml Siuutfit co?2 cai Didt Is bla rot'on Buck fit co?7 hda to barco 6 bla tallow I C Kiri. k?122bblt 27 tea ard Jbn bosee? 6 bla bnaus 22 Ida 245 kas lard Henui Lees fit co?2 cks I U et VV hi BloCgood?10bl*a deer aliirs P Chab^an jr 4k <n>?32bles cottou Ja ob ' rain?100 bbla oork M ihter Maikoe fit co?106 do 46 hf do lard Mewdell Bar lett fit Abb tt?14 bleewo- I J Smith 141 b 1 *- s co'ton .5 < 8 mdz 90 bx tobacc > 20 hlus do 190 bv Is poik 14 h daKhMM o oidrr New < irlilam-Da que Ionia?53 hhds 526 trca 123 hbla |?ork ha- k? fit Powe 1?31 bbl* pork 122 do I>miii C initb fit c ?74 bbla ro k 8 /i Miller kco-300 tacks wheat derail, Lewis fit CO ? 46 emptv caifis I R Tailor. Mobii.k??' rig Virginian?1*0 b lea cot'on Holbrook St Nelsou?61 B n rt fit Kimelaod?4 Strnclnm fit Scott?50 Dunham Dim u?19 IngoLhv fit Bonier? !l 8 T Trimble?95 uofford fit TiUatou?32 (roeuhuru. H ner fit 4m ill??3 VV 8 lia^tie ? IH2 New bold fit Ci Mpt?2 bbli copper W C'lUhau?1 case Refold?5 I- w euce fit Trimble?31 ke?r? butler iudd fit son?I bx ' eetwii Morrit h fit Ler\ ? 2 bx* VV B Moffati?'7 d *kius VV D Malt* ? I do J Maittu?20 ck? hu'ter 13 d ) .VI P R< Hi s St Marks?8chr Cordelia?6 bales cot on Spoffo d,T leaton fit Ci | MH. I o* fit Aiidrmni? 2U Til lor fit Utch?I liol IIO( k fit Nelson?CO do 5 pc* to order. Savannah? L Baldwin?II casks 'rice J Heed?5 bal*? cotton K (Jiaves?121 d<? D Piafa fit Wbitmarah? I ? o Sa lua fit ro?18 d i Per kins fit Hopkins?27 ?'o L fit ll R (iravea?56 do s Br^naon?58 do Buck fit co?77 do ? Brousoii?scrap iron Mpsts RC Hance, I. fit Parker?116 bar re'.a John K Taylor? 70 i o J htiiou It Laz irua?irou Cunuiiighim fit co?100 pkga various ptrgont <h 'inw II?Ml I,a ICS < tiiu'll maiLneWS ot ro?z.l Smiili St Mill,?"B Parn li?\ K'lburc & {lovers ?Id J H Stone ?191 do i8 lila 12 rs indae J M Preicotl?I uox Nitylur it co?2 bait's indae Barstow, Pope ? co?60 lea rice to otdrr C harlot pi? B,i< Di'ion?71 litl's tottou llena'd St Co?i:<8 i,lira no Victor ? line h'?ith?110 ha'es do JM.ih?ws it Co?S7 box's 'aiaira It 8 Ma t'aud Si 8 m?24 i lids luol I) <011110 it Dimon? 2 lili'U tallow I* irier Kre'es??(>0h'des ami I talc skins I Cntninioys?7 c's'a to or drr?3 packages II II Sch illl'n St Co?1 rmk A C ins nek Ueoroktowpi. 8' ?Sclir R'rieod?III bales cotton Po t St PluPioa?92 do 11 y Coit it < o?10 hides I bill akoia Spr. gue it Hohiuaou?1 lilol < box I bbl Staples it Void?1 b x Cooa, Auihouy it Mali my. MARITIME HERALD. Raillnit Ux>* of tlx* Stcr.m Slups. fk0u lit'OrOOl.. f'rcm AMr.htcj. Acadia, Shan-on Apr. 4 May 1 Hi henna, Hyrie Apr 19 May 'b li. Western, Malliiews Apr. 27 May 23 li. Britain. Hosken ,'vlav 25 June 20 Notice to Pilots and Captains of Vessels. All TiloU and Captains of vessels are requested to note t'ie fact that Robert S. Martin, formerly our ship news collector, is not uow in our employ, lie is not, there fore, to receive any newspapers or reports intended for the >ew York Herald. foreign Letter lings. Hereafter, Letter and Newspaper Bans lor all parts of the World, will be made up ut the HkRald Offick. fcLIp ICiastsri and Agents. V.'e shall estrent it a faror, if Capta.r.s of Vessrla will give to Coiuomd ne ItoaKKT Silvky. of our News Kit* l, a tie port of the Whipping left at the Port whence they sailed, thr Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, am srv korcign Newspapers or News they may have. He will tliern immediately on their arrival. Agents cJ Cor respondents, at home v-r abiond, will also confer a favor bv ier,.!i,-.i| to this Office all the Marine Intelheenc.' titer etc .luiu. NaalictMafi-nriaiioB of v,y kind vrjJl be tlun,kr?li - POltT OP WKYV VOUK, A PHIL 11 UN rises 5 2*J I MOON RISKS 13 SUNSETS 31 I HIOH WATER 3 32 Cleared. Ships Toronto, Oriswold, London, lolm (iiiswolJ; S.imio I Hicks, Bunker. Liverpool, R Kennit;St Cloud, Ktneriou, New Orleaus, Buck Ik Peters; St Petersburg, Howard, da, H llavilaud; James IVrkioa. Hall Cha'lrs on. J Atkins Ik ( o.?Barque Beav-r, KJmon- a, New Orleans. on !k Dilnoa.->firi|a Molcu, Berrv, St Johns NK. Nismith Ik Wilsh; Algonquin, Will ams Pcusacola, do do; Harriet, Pole, New Smyrna, Kla, do do; Henry. Means, Norfolk, do do; Moon, llaves, Charleston, Dunham It Limon.?Schrs Tioga II illi cit, Wilmington, NC John Ogdrn; Marria, Smith, Washington, NC K D Huilhut ft ( o; I'amtlia, Cole, Williamshurg. Va. N L MrCrrady & Co; Lion, Lewis, Philadelphia, do do. Arrived, Ship Louisa, Leavitt, II days fiom New Orleans, with cot. to Wm Nelson. Barque Ionia, Whee'er, from New Orleans, Bar 21th ult with po k, to r I Nerius St Sous. Sailed in co with Leopard Monmautn. Carolina, Bashaw, and others?saw the Leopard Glh inst off Hatleraa. Barque Hrazileirn, (new) Williams, from Philadelphia, iu ballast. 10 Barstow St I o. Barque ? pthoro. lilakr, 7 days from I'll ladelphia, with tobacco. to Kemp 8c Co. Neapolitan b ig Kmelie Celes'ina. Stnrace, 12 days froin Naples, w ith I P'O his rank's SOU qtls citrou t? A t'slinieij llain> urg brig llansa, Matters, from Hio Janeiro, pib 17, Willi coffee, to order. Br.g P tsey B Blount, Howe, 711 days f'nm Panto Tomas, C. A, with 3 hales sa saparilla $11)10 to lime Blanco L-ft barque Carih, of and fin Bostou. just a r. Spoke h und in, brig Aiauda, Howlsi.d, h'lice Brig J Pe eis n, Oreen, from Santa Cruz, Cuba, Mrrcli 21, with sugar, to Holt h Owen Vei eziirlean briz < :e?ar, Wakefield, 76 davs La Ciuayra, with hides and c. ffee, to Maitla d, t. oniric ft 1 o. Brig Virgi i;?, 'I albut, 16 daya from Motile, wit'.i cott n, to D'-nh'in St Dimou. U ig 5av iinali. llawley, 7 days Lom Savannah, witii cotton, 10 entries at' l'' nil,Hi Brig L. Baldwin, Thompson, 4 days Lfrom Savannah, with Cotton, 'u Dunham & I > I in n:i. Brie Macou, Lewis, 7 from H varnish, with cotton, to 11 VI Driitill Brir Uiuion, Robinson, 4 days from Charleston, with cixton. to Dunham V Dimoo. Unit Peujainin Rogers, 6 days fiom Oeorg town, vsitli Iutiiber, to Bad er St Peck. Schr S.I r. heth Darkness, Weeks, 34 days from Oporto, with wine, to orle r Schr '/. iviah, Perk, 21 d yi fr in Maracaiba, n.d?c, to A Asewam. Schr i'ion?st?, Bromh iM. from (Jniyama, March 25, with m -laser. to Nesm th St Walsh. Left, urueln, OiVru, wig; Cn-tew, for N Y rk. Kill'vs. Kchr nut rio. Staples, from Havana Msrch 27, wi h 121 hhds 40 ic* 26 bhl. iimK is es to J Cr<m Spok*7thi st, 1st 37, lou ?, b i< S orris Stanley, I'll I id, I plus lor Tr inula I Schr oi elir. Pendleton (ot Connie,i, Mr.) II days from S Mar s with cotton, to master pc r Kri ud, Lewis, 9 d rsfmm Georgetown, SC. wi h cott 'ii to Post St Pliilnin Schr Two Urothirs, slichar'son, fioin Wa.liiugton, NC with naval stores Sclir K, i/.abi th Ami, Tolson, f om Washington, NC. with nav ,1 stores Schr *i.a. Crane Johnson, from Washington, NC. with naval so res. to S L Mitch II. SclirChi-f,, from Washington, NC. and Ocr. cult", NC with navnl stoiei, to J M Tai lor. Schr Krmcia, Gilford, from Newbern,NC. with nava stoics, to mastrr Schr Ann Marin, Jones, from Newbern, NC. With ureal stoics to S L Mitchell Schr Time, G.irieuon, from Newbern, NC.w ith naval stores, to master oinr riniry, i azwen, 3 uays Iroin Ueorgetown, with tiinbfr, to G Clark. Hchr Arcot, Emerson, 6 da>? from Wilinnigt in, NC. with oav 1 stores, to Bulger & Pre* Bcrveu, Coir, 4 (I ,y? Iroin Petersburg, wit'i mdse, to J Iluut r ttchr M llicent. Coir, 6 days frum Baltimore, with mdse, to Johiiatin 4t Lowden. Schr (in Bl 11, Karreu, 'Irom Virginia, with oyatr 1?bound to N H.iv a. hchr Thrron, Mitclirll, 2 dayi from Virginia, with oysters, to mast r. Schr Sniuel, from Virginia BelowOne barbae, two brigs, unknown. Moiled* Ship A on McKim, Vrsnirr Canton, and othrrj. Herald Marine Correspondence Holmki' Holk, April 8 C'h?Arr Roaro' r, Knight, 15 days fm Georgetown, lit', for Boston?had been blown . tf tliv roast; Michigan. Goodwill, l.a Guayra lor Boston; Caailda, Cha e. C* d"nna for do?lost the m 1 to overboard; Cains, Keine, I'hi'adrlpbia lor do. Also arr, Kabius, Cha-e,of and for Nantucket, from P cifie, w 1 h 20n0 bis ?p oil veral ? the' tin ill tease's arrived, nvtn s unknown, hound E; 20 or 20 sail have pissed by, bound West, inostlt sinill vessels. 7tti?Air Maracaibn. Nickerton, AMintie Ocean fur Plym'ih, R mos out, with 50 bnls s> ; Maria.) Kstell, Gould, of NT"tk, fin Havana lor Boston; Creole, Wyrnan do for do; Marm ion. West, ( harliston fir do; and several oilier t r all vessels name, unknown, 'l'he Villous. and several others aid yesterday. Eighteen thousand tons of snipping arrived or touched at this [dace during the mo. th o'' March. Orriug of thv. Khoiik Isr.*Mni;R,> NgwroRT, April 7, 814. \ Arr 5th, Jaa Ot s. Kims, Providence I r Ocnscoke; 6th, Mentor. Baiter, ( ardenaa?has had a lOttgb ptafagv was wit ill 2'l mites oi mora iiimrl l?t unt and t "U i NK.kiI* which "lr?iv.her marly into the (Jnlf?sustained no damage; Lou, Honeywell, I'fovnlence Tor N York; Klixt, Jon s. Marhlehead for <lu; Yankes, Hatch, Kail Kior lor do; Arrival, Junes. NYoik lot Beaton; I'h. Jw Benin t, Barlow. i> for N York laid 6th, Jaa (Ilia, Ocacoke;' harl-a, and OiCit, New York; Volant, Lossackie, NY; 7th, K.Iit.>, and Lois, S'Yurk ITflM'ellitiiroita. filir John (k. K.I tr.ans.T11 ?The I lotumhos, at New Lor don fr. m a whs' ng voy ge, brunt* the r-rort of the loss of whale dun John ft Kiixabetn, of New London, on ihe womh i i ast ol New Holland, with 1900 bbl? oil Also, that the achr Pacific of New London, was condemned at Cape Town No oiler ;ia<ticiilars. IIhiii Al mni: ?There is insurance nn the Alpine of Boston, put into ftl 1'ierie M ill, in distress, on the vessel $i(l()il, and ou height moil y $3200, in Boston I.sUtscHK!)?A battue called the Jiilolee, of 216 Ions hotthen. wns laiiuchad at Portland I -it Saturday. She is a solicitor vesssl. _ . Spoken. Noble, of Lnhec, for N York, no dale, I at 31, Ion 69?by the llsnsa, at this J o?t Porto Hi o, '?ray. Cieuhregoa for Boston, ttli in?t, 1st 27 50, If n 79 30? by the Ionia, at this p> rt. CliHimilain. May agio a for N Yoik, no date, fat 34 II, Ion 75 5?by the ssine. U Vv Clifford, hence for Antigua, April 0, lat 37 12, Ion 71 0? by.ths Lotdelia, al thii.port. Bawl L Southard. 4k daya fiout NYork lor Valparaito, k'?b ?, '?! 56 8, loo 15. Lake Porta. BuVkalO. Apr.I 8?ArrI Kelaey; Hriculea \V'hf?auti Mim-nu, Pia I Detroit; iUrri,?u Aiwood, To!"!'!; Ocean*. Oaae, Dunkirk. lid (heupeale. Krl?f>; Ku'tnn. Hart; Hriculea. Wheeler; B Barton, Moitou-ar ,1 Tent. MeKhiiy, Detroi ; Sinead, Davit, Toledo: W Trader, Abell. Duukuk. Home Porta KatTronr. Mareh 31 ?Arr Only Daughter, MtDuflie. Lubec fi r \Y"'k. Sid 3d, lole Norwood. NYmk. Libi.c, Ai>nP2- s|?| Helru Orry, Plummer,Philadelphia; id Bal iinure. Bickino-e for do ? *"?,T. MACH'*'. April J?In port, Orecoo, Moore, for New York, Idg CatTiNE. Arril 4?Arr Helen Mar, M'(.'taliii, Baltimore f' nam*. Ni ok- Sid 3d. Preaident, Perkina. Baltimore, 2d, Waku'la, Parker. , to load apart for Baltimore W nc laviT, April #-Arr Kdtnlura. Hoodl tte, Beaton Porti.ano. Apr I 6?Arr F.fTnrt, S|>ear. NYork; 7th, Kinaflt'lerS.rgrut Matauxaa; Little Alary NYork. r Id tith, Samuel, Tolford. Cuba Sat.em. April 8?Arr Klizabetli, Wiley, Philadelphia. Danveks, April 6? Sid S?ma> L Nickrra u. NYoik. B<nro\, April 9 Arr MoeCOW, Simpson, Bueucit Avres; John Oi'lin. Hanover, NOrlrana; Harelle, Olover,; Hem v* I arver Muriel; Sarah ltipley, Morton, Krederickshuig; Hegle, Percy, Norfolk; IIydaape. Hp.tuldiug, NYork Bigm<l for 2 brigs. Cld Na'chez Liudsey. Loudon; Plei.det (of H on eaier, late of Beaton) KtZ, Sorinam; Voutilla. (of MarU.I,....I i-iu ? - " ..... v. .?.T ui iiiii- hk'/ innrti, aui s^a^es; ??en uonvrt', (late of Boston) Treat, of a**d fo1* Bang* r; America Somen Norfolk, Ike; ()reg< n. C wson, Philadelphia via W? tniimton, D. Arr 8th, Anna, [H?in] Vluer. Bullion Avres; Plrto Walker, Marsnzas; Joseph Hatch, alle'.and Mart* a, Parker Baltimore^ Baltimore. V IdnJtp*;, Se?vy; Luraua, WiLon, and hrneline, Nichols, Phil of Iphia; Viu'aye, Wiuslow, HicV'* o d; Atlantic, El'iot. Norf ?ie; Mystic,! hurchill; Rubicon, 0'iane. a?.d Win i' King, * mwell. N V t rk. Arrseveral d iyi time. Liberty Town end, PhiUde'phia Nawtuckbt, Aprl c?Arr Win H Turner. Boston for New B?-<1 lord sld 4th Elizabeth, Bourne, Richmond. tdoartowit, April 6?Arr (truer*. < arver, Marie I for Bolton; Granville. Elm*. NVoik for Thomas on. PKoriDEftCK, April 8 ?Arr Eliza Kllen,, Matanza*. Fall River, Apri' 4?Arr Candac*. Brightman, Baltimore; Jot Brown. Brow I H Borden, Brown: Meridian, Lewi, and Yankee, Hatch, N*o k. Sld Thorn, Philadelphia. A'r (ith. Sarah L ui*a, Chase. Ch?r'e ton; Veita Ludlam, P' iladrlphia; Sainl K Paynter. do Sld Jos Brown, Brown, AU> nv New Haven, Ai?r?| 8?Arr RrbeccaC Fishei, Johnson, Porto Rico via NV' rk; Fr mkliu, Thomas, New Voik. Hid Pacific, Preset tt, Poughkeepsie* lphia. April 10?Air Palm. Kldridge, Boston; Congress. H row n Lubec; Fclipse. Crowell. Sdi-m Cld Beulah, Merrill, Sr 1 human; Oueco, Butl- r, ami President Leighton, Boston; F'aih, Lalt**, NYorU; iViat I la, Spat's St John, NB; Horatio Aine?, Black, Taunton; Arkinsus. Tybt, Banger: Post Boy. Barker, Trov. Arr in the Snhuvlkill ''emperance, Hcbson Mill Broke Point, Cl: Liberty, Tullis, NYork. Hichmonu. April f?Arr Victoria Covert, and lucre se, 1 F. r rkeon NVoik; Tezas, Em*-r on Luhec; Lexington, vail Gi der, Newa k Sld Nassau, Chatter, N V ork Washington, NC Apiil 4?Arr Fair. Smith, New Yoik; Washi gton Dixon We?t I' dies Below 'j h, Comet. Ireland, and Paef.jM , Ireland. West Indies. Is ?The Topic. Wheeler, from NYork, hound 'o N.wbern. in goi u about rni*sed stay* and went ashore ou th.* Amity shoal She will probably be got off; cargo all saved Georgetown, SC April 2?Arr Juno, Norris, NYork. OLLAPi HMANA : No. I BURGESS, STRINGER, fit CO rornirof Broadway ard i Ann sticet, pn*?lis ? ih:s day No I or the Litcriiry Remains of WILLIS C>AYLOItO CLVUK ; Kdited hy li'a tl<?ri I.e.WIS OAYLORD CLARK, in "i- ivtii H roicaer??-ontaiii'Hit a M '?n oir of thr An lr?r, w th :.n Account flii Let III- '? n-d ueiher witli the fi ?t Hiriii 1 of w?'l known prpsr*. ill* OLLAPODIANA: Them'st ropuW s riei of lively. vn? i >us. and eLt'rt'io?ng Magazine pap'r* that h appear-d ii Atieri'n. Uni ? to** much of wh*t is rolled tha * Cheap Literature" < f ih-? | f'av. th- w ^rk i? beautifully orn t'd ?? a la g eleirunv i type and li te white p*p*r. hltrisagh ail" rd d a. ths lew MmI twe?ty-live eenri |*r number. Opinions of the Press. I "We have no beritation in ?*yiug that there it more genuine I humor (paiMing w't, nn<l (rue pa t ho <; more top pottlCM frelii g Slid n 'nral d-fcripii'in; mor? entertainment, in one word,in rheOtlopodiana of \Vili.ii Oayloiiu Ci.ARK.'hin are to he found in any aerie, of mag 17. ne |mi> r Wiich h ve i|? p-ar<d for yean 11 the United Sintea.'?N. Y. Courier St hi.quiier. "Mr Ci. ark, however iiiimerou* and aV"hi< anocia'e contributor! in lie Knickerbocker, inuat atill ra- k a* ti e liist wii'er of hat tin1 Magax'nf luiory, p ie.ii proae Whether I n'atful ?r ae iou*. his a'lil. nrea have the trne Corinthian po- I linh and iiii d ms are thoae of 11 p ie. or a hurnoi iat, ra ihe occarieu iiiiv provoke?Slew Yoikrr. "A ino I entertlining, I v ly aerlea of gna.ipping p'pera, repleiewith humor an 1 clever hmuinga. "The Victim of a Proof Reader"la in the writer a b"at vain.''?."New York Aineriean. " Who writei the 'Ofa/iodiana' Paper! I '1 hey are truly ! moat dtl ghtlul leading I'enn Inquirer, all It' 111 SECOND REPORT OK i ENGLISH, AMEltlCAN AND FRENCH F A S HI O N S , FOll T1I* S PHI NO Av I) SUMMER OK 18H. BY THOMAS OLIVF.R, v<v 4 COURTLANDT hTRKF.T, NEW YORK CITY IN OFFKKINtJ 1 he Second Plate of Faahien tlna Rt'rilOlI tO the Trade, ths publisher is anxious to testify hi* giaUtude I for the generous and uniform suppoi the ha* rec-ived from them, | narticnLrly the pre ent spru g, during whic their patroniip* na* aug men ted to a deg ee, thnt the entire edition of his first Heport (and that an it ms ally l?rrfe one) his beeu disposed ' ofloog refoie the ttatial pe iod of oonmeno ng t eir salt (tie* loth Apiil.) E ncouraged by this strong evidence o* public IV i vor, he bit ventoiet at the expense ni g'lLtng up and issuing an entire new plate, i..ste*dof moltiiilvni' c i ies of th-* first, r?presenting very cnt crillv ano graphic* ly the %ts l-s which will be , hierveii by tlie leading TailoMuc K*? hlishrnent i in P* e\v York, and also the very litest Kreii' It and English Kan'iins. This piste has been in > v pniWelli bed than any previous one. and is en at'? rapt to give an idea of t o mo?t<'i* I'gu.nhed pitturns of goods. '1 he centr.l nr. uu shows il?.. i..liar <.f the Aimr can stvhs, on the ri,. hL are tho** o' the l.uw'isli? on ?h* Itfc, the Preach. Above. hover* th* American K ivl?', hole!* i? K in hid uloiis the National H\ih ' f America, H!tauI mil ami France; and on either aide it a sket? li of LvlLV KaaMm s the figure* linel/ drawu, in picture- que ?it lations and kiaceful attitude* In the background of the American, ih a view of tne City Hall in tl?i? city,and the Fount un in the Park before publishing thi* Place, the draft w h submitted to sever ti of the Tailor* in the city, and ?? et with their dt-cidcd approbation; aud it haj received a itreat de-il ol adin rv ration fioin all qnar er*. Thi* being the second plate I hive published within a short time, I have put it at the very low price of One Dollar, to place it "liliin the r nch of those who have alret. y purchased the previous on**, and also to sec ire for it a prompt and liberal sah'. all lt*m MONTHLY HKPOj flT OK Tilt, NEW V tutK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 15 Chambers street. CASKS SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. 2 Fn'argemeat of the lieait, J loitinoni, 2 Scarlet Fever, 2 Fec.,ndav Syphilis. 1 I tout, t> I' inwy Chancre, 7 Mi Iwifery, I I'len i.v, 8 tetniual Weakness, ? tl.e.u Debility, 3 Oimu am, 1 Rheumatism, I Uy.e-tery, 3 Disease Liver, 3 Diarrhoea, 1 Mucous Uncharge, 4 Inflammation ol tiieEjes, li Esaminations ?l .he chest to !t UOMIrMC, ('elect disra.e. 1 Gleet I r.Vfdn u Iroui ill* Lungs. t 8, 2 Coughing, 2 Ulc. i* wu the Wninh, I P ie* SURGICAL OPERATIONS I Fracture of tl. Humerus, 2 Eularg'd lorsils removed, 3 ()| erat on* f?r S.|uuitiuy, I Pliy noa ?, 1 Amputation, i Ht^rtuon for club foot. 3 Orera'io. s tor, 1 O.e.atiou lor dropsy, r water in the ?crHum, 2 Op rati jiulo r. lo ir defuiml2 A bare** iu tire Far, ties, 9 Stnctii * run-d m the 3 Curv tiers of the spine nuder I'rcdira without cutting .reatment, or l.uruiiw, , 1 flperatm > l..r stamrnfiiug, I Iiitlaniifistiou of the Tos- S ilukors eti -rd. tides DR. 11. B' STIVIPK, Atteudi g Suigeoo ii.d I'llysiciau. THE Ne W VOH K MEDICAL AND SlTK<;iCAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 Chambers street, tr^f-Thii tutio i, e.ttauiiH' e i to ie. der to the afflicted ?o ilid aud sei*ntifi<: mednvil h.uI . ?riri .?ul nJ w.? n? i successful peatmn for Learly three year*. All forma of dis a e are treated here. (ritual 0|>eratious of ev ry f'esr ription are also perfumed by a ijualilied nud experienced virion n a I cases charge art inrii e a e and those vt It >?e u.e m are limited are r <iu red 10 |ny to their in only. The noor w II Le atuuddto every day be.weeu da., d I o'clock * i'h??ut charg*. I'K II B08TWICR, At'e. dnu .iurne n and P ysicnn Tins I s'iiiition i ? under t e pritrouage and c? mineudauou of the folicwing lpm.le.iei: rev Dr KD Y Hid <KR, Re/ lir. <IKO"OK POTT8, Itev. Dr. (i S|?ii| (i, nil ?w*rc lUv Dr HCHIIOKUKR. 'IMIK 8UB8CHIB e.R litsjutrrc ived the followiiu sssorr' in lit o v"i ilt in his line which h^olfem *t luw p'icis. if.h*ir i wholesale ?r ret it Oe.ith men about uifi tint; theioselvei lor the ??as >n, will do wll .o c?ll and ex unLe .his stock of tro? d? as they will be fr *lv shown Kit s f Under Oartneiits of Velvet a id Silk 8ilk, < o'f n nd \lerino. (iuin Kl istic fehirtssnd Drswe s. o? every kid. 1 ot on Halt liese. I Cotton Wrbb. (ilovei of >ilk. Cotton Net Cotton and Linen. t usiender Kndi. Also? Shoulder (Dices. Hoskin Black Hi iiuk B?lts and Colored Vest and I'atthlooii Jfal ioi Cravats, iiu kies. Storks Hhirrs, fcc , &c. 74 MAIDKN LANK, all 3ti?*m IRA FKRKOO CANTON C'IllNA DINING SETTS. DtVIS COLLA.VIllHK, 597 nr rly oppcaitc ISililo'a inform, hu Corn sand I h?- pu'ilic tli?t he In* rr. r itrd par IV arrnal from ('.lutun, a IVw Dunn* Seta, winch mi Im* * 'td at vcr, low pric. a Al.o, a foil RMortin. nt of 'rockery W'.-r", of a'l kind., of ill n tier.< ninl m ?t appr ivttd aliapri. Cut ?.id t retard fil.aa of all k nd.?aim c ima pit tern. I) . nukx. no hi nili'u nit irrt'naiora to "almnit ?i?? may Crockurv," nut plntg-a limv f 11 .ell the mine nmlty o' *n da v? chop, it not fr in 5 i . 10 per c lit cheaper tha i any olhcf atnrc; 597 Broadway, oppoiitc Niblj's nearly, all m * rn y/ if york run: in:r.\nrMh:sr fi wiJ rPHK TttllS 1EK8ol ttitfn Dayutn t Kui d raapMtlbl]y h'u Cave to inform the puln c, thmthr repe ition of the i sr,*i r. n I lot tin* Ii-im lir ol ilie W iijii w? nii'l < III I'll A N i of ill* L)rpirtm*ut will tike lilac* in a few iliv?, of wlimh due nolic* w ll li- given. ai an ngvments are neing mad* to hive it at leatt e<|ual il" not ?ii|ieii ir to the former one Those |ier sans who pii'ca isrd tiekeia and wet* uwtlile to olit >ij admittance ou the 21 ma' nit. will pleue preaeut t' ein. MA III |M W . MMOvNB, ) KOR8VTH LABAUti, / Committee. _al0 2iia?m JA M f.S P " Yr.H. > IMP( )RTANT T() THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN. THOSK Intereited, will | e ce <e ha' an egeeey is establish vd fur re snleo' M. M. UKSO.MfcAUX'S Woad-rfnl Procreatite K |i*ir I otdi'i. IT/*"ee- adveit lemr.toa list column of fourthpag*. ?P (I tin it *in J. 7'. CAintOLL'S O I. n K.ST A II L I S II K D MEDICATED VAl'OUH RATI IS, A RN well kn 'wn to be etaen'ially nectsarv it this reason a V of the i ear, w et t^e system requires an ansiliaiy to throw off ih* cut icl* accumulate! dune g winter, and which, bv re

ui icing on the nrl'ice ?f the tain nroi'nres cataneoua diseases, colds, rheumatism, sculet fever, ike , Ac. Th y ar* in n|i*ra ion at 2i t ouriluidt str el from 6 o'clo-K in the morning 'till ft o'clock at niltht So phur llailft rei|U>re one hour's notice. i'o, table Van r Ha'lis sent to any part of the city, or Dmokl n lathing Tubs ano Hip Baths lor hire afl Iw rc REMOVAL?EKANGUS R. CRUMP. pHU'tNiiMK. I KIl WATCH, CLOCK MAKKK AND V_2 JKWBLK.K, (formerly 8 I. robins, for nearly six yean ind recently with Manilla d's A Co. Broatway, upwards ol hree ear?,) begs to acijnaiut his I iend. ai d th* public thai he has HK.MOVM) Iron 24# (IIIA.NI) SI to SI BLKhCK KR, t- o doors we?t nf Broadway, vvji"-* he intends tn praerire the abave b'ltiliess, and trnsts, frnin Ilia long esiieriencr and known ability, to meet wiih Cat share of patronage to which Ins abilities ei title aim In returning thanks for all paai faTors, he would remind Ills friends that he repa rs every Ur scripti"n of w iclies, l(c|i?aters mus cal and duples the must comnlicaleil ihnt can he procureil Also, jewelry snd diamond work set. P'-mls restriu.g. Classes and Keys constantly on hand. | N. B.?Cash paid for old gold and silver. in7 lm*m 1 AUCTION SALES. THOMA# BKI L. Auction*-?. St or* tto. 11 Spruce ftrtet. Regular Sale? as tutu 1 ol Kuruituie er-ry Wednesday ?ud Baturd i f Also, of Dry Goods, and all other var isles eeery Tuesday and Friday. a3 lwec t ~~ THURSDAY. ^ At 10le oVock, ih ih* Auction Room. L*rge Sato of Splendid faii.tmns; nine lir*t rate I'unn Fortes by he be> t iu\kt rs; and several artirlr? of be-iutilul lumiinre. aid 2' **(' THUS B U, Au'H"i'i" HANDSOV1K AN UKNTKKL ?*UR x I rUH"-. No 11 Wh te street -C 8 SMI V11 St CO w'?ll sell this in ruiig, a' 10*4 oVlook, all the Fumitor* contain* 1 in tie house No 11 Whiestreet new West Brmdway, including topeiftue U.iM?el* Ingram acd Veil*' an ( irpets, I* hau aim Kg ptian mublMopCfBtri labhs Fr? uch chiirs, Divans, Roomer and Foot Htooli.covered with cr.moia r-ltiah, en suite. d<> wnh lidr MatcK. Htxaat iTruci Hnlu, itoukcate Kit uch Mantle ricks. Vim rd Kl wni Pier<;lu*fi, b'u?. daniak *? d . i?fobroi*tcrrd Window <'uit iua, Wardrobe, French Dressing Bursas and ei b> e ? Waabsttnda, witn l*al<an white imrble aod pla" tola, F.euch a-ju i%i*pift RmI tf?da. H?ir M?ltr*is-s, Feather Be la an 1 beddiuir. a in-gu lie* ut I iigh-'.'nst B wich ma* ok-?y posts, rail? and i a?*ive mrnice? oat $110 Also, a good a%sortu>eut of Kirchen Furniture nd Ute?a Is, China Mia, Ac; , w th which i lie a lie will commence The Fnniifiir* has mostly heea nmle to order, t?y Me?'<s. a d o h?-r wel' kno<*ii mmu actu'ers. used but a a ho t tiu.e. act! kept w< h ui'ich care Cat Ingui's a the at rr a >d p'&ca of sale, at 8 o'clock. f?oai whicn'im *h? Furniture, fee n ay he exiuiiu?<*. C. 8 hMlTH St. O Au"tiourer , all t*rrc St 30 Broadway c ?r. Duanc at. oPi.K * DlD OIL ?'AlNTlNU^AT iU? TION -LKVY * Si - BOON Kit will aelt on Friday Morning. <?t II oMock ?t i'ii Hr.mtl w.i a. * ve. v ihoiie aud h autiful collection cf Oil Paiit'inK . iichly Itemed In >he collernon will be f -uiaO in iii Original Peiuiii ?t c?le b ?tea inaatrrt, a il < flen a raie (nance li r > initeura in oI'icli their llecti ut T' e vale will be p ?iti*?. as ihe natie i? ab ui 10 mil lor Kuiope. f.i u.uvig|(? ibit evnui K i" lots for dealers all it*in JOHN II. liLOVr'.H, A uctioueer THc extensive?hIo q valu.mle Oil Paintings, Marble Staluarv and Ki irravinKa, unw eshibitrd at Cla.k'v U il'ery, 2111 Broadway. will lake place 1'his b.veni .g at 7 o'clock, comprising pic u e? nr a re ti "ciit, by in uteri w bos work* are Mrei' if ever offered at aurtion. ?|i 2t m SALE OF fURNI i n - FnOM A FAMILY, MANO Sic?This d y a', 10 o'clock, si No IH I 'ourllanu at. will te scbl tb? wlo.le Furniture of i f unity removing?consisting of bandsi ill" b'u??els Carpet-, several 8 t'u Kr?nch tedvlead', vaiuiblr O I I' iutioKS.Sofas. Divans, Keath' r Beds, v'atrisses i inner S?:s, l'late ! 'I'ta Trayi, (Sola Beds Marble Top Centre I Trbls.fce AU?.Ill ilczen I ore Sherry Wire. Also at li o'c ock,on oh gut rmewaod grand acli uPiino Korte?co?t $2.'il)?two good second 11 tu * d i all ll*in W.M M< COlldlCK. Auctioneer. 0 T'l AIV Wlfal'I'lNU PA PI-' II?tilllll) Reams common *traw, for rale by 1'KftSSri St ISROOKfcV, all Jt No 6' l.ibety atreet 'HO OCK BHII.DKH"?I'rorosala will be repaired for 1 building a I), ck in fiOnt <'f he Hamilton Honae, at Km ' Hamilton. Kor patticuluis iuquiie of the subsoil cr on the premises ultUlilrtj fcv. UtLriTUN April blth, 1814. all3t*m \\TANTKP?A fint-rat* J mi me v man Hair Drastar who ?" knows all ilie branches of hit pro'estiou *one others . need apply. Apply to .J. MANI'IHT, nl 1 It'm SO Broadway. WANTED?A si'uv ion ?? cook.oi tod" geueml houtvwnik in a mi II prir-te family?rood cirv rif leuce can be given Appiicati. u to bo made at No. 18 Ann stre t all li*ic ])A< K P.T SHIP m T.K.N OK 1'lli-' WES V ' FROM I LIVERPOOL?Continues by thia ship will pleast sen4 tSe r permits mi vhoard, west aide of Uur'niK Mip, o. to the office of lb? s ibacrit or. All gi-o's uol permitted ill five dvvs am liav le to be sent to public store WOOUHLT.I, St MINTURNS, al I 3 rc 87 Sou'li alrwt. HOAKI) IN BOND STREET. pi-F.A^ANT IIOIM13 Uoaid can be obtained at No i 2 Bond street ?n iin're i SUA It I i WAMhl). a famhiv, 'inir f h Ipt, two sons and two dangn' fs. wiah to ? fit tin acrummo U'ioi.s. a '?w di\'fe P'evp u? to tli?* lrt of Ma v. The arthiijS?*Tn *nt? mnv he mad** perm men I if suitab'e to nil parties A fauvl v having n n oih*r bi anlers nnfirnNl. AdtmaThomii officeHerald. all u*re " 1 SOARD IN X1MU VATE FAMILY. AQUI KT G^NTbLL FAMILY, ipwirg tilima p easant hi u?e in Blocker sireet, which they will occupy befire tr e 1st of May wi-hiug to re.?uc4 th ir expenses, are desirous of t.<kii?fc a gert'ernan ami fainilv. < r a couple of irenrkmen, r a single lady to board with ibem. They will endeavor to give them all the comforts of h quiet pleasant home, References given aud required. Ai ply at 514 Greenwich street. a9 lw fh A PUBLIC DIN NEK IS Given eveT day rt the Peacock Dining Rooms, 15 South Willmn aud 55 Stoi esfre a, from 12 M. till 1 P. M. I he dinrer i* varied from d&v to diy ao as to^ mbr-ce even delicacy ih t ?U ll'i1 cs'erin* ci?? procure. The tiurer is teived in course*?**oups, Fon, Made dinh*,s, Rots* and Boiled Joints. Poultry, Gdine, Puddings aud Pistry The rhsrgei* only 25 cents. To all |?ersou? diui g down town the Table d'Hote off**is -n ngre*abh\ ecot.oiii'C I and convenient mode ol diipug A Fr nch Cook rl ce.ebrity lias been engaged to pr. pare ti e made dishes, and experienced American Cooks to superintend joints poultry, lie inlHwis-m THE PHILADELPHIA Sir list RIBEKS TO "f7l K IlKRALD WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. 'TMlA T in coiim quejee of the Pa&sige Li>c(whi' li has here1 Jolore broiigh' ?ir p-rltrw of newspq ??s u fn igh11 now Jeiv ng No* i (ir'i at J2 oc lock. not.u u st?a?it ol . in the mo'Qii g an her rto'oro, we a e oblige d t? rcrr iteout papers through th-9 oVh Liii?,a' d to p \pont<u'>t and in consejuence of which we TP under le* lice n% > y I rn king t' e subncrip mn price of to* Herald from this date, three ants per ropy throughout fmin one week to one year, or so long us u r litre to pay postage and no longer lt7* If *uy ol .ur subscribers ? Ii.juI J not be willing to piv th * ad vane <1 prices, they will ple.tse se id their titin*s to our office immediate y G. B. Z1EBER fc CO , 3 Ledger Building, Th rd k nit ( best nutstreet, all Itrc Agents for the New York lit raid. rP(> L1 T ? T" e large is4 ooMftodtont DwilUiy Heme A No. ?5 I*-rk Plat", (orme ly occupied by Dr. F. W Mott Y\rnu moderate. 1 he pr< mises can he seen any day between twelve and on* o'clock. AUo. the Dwdlirg House No 131 Ji-'cond nt. This house is situated between two icrrett thorough* 111 i, sadJp vert ttixormccsi Term* ?*ry modcrito \ >> t4:e bviutilJl Cottiff*. with nuthouses nUd Rurieu, >iiu.ur n? the c u itry snt oi l) )ctor Mott on tl.e banks of the Hudson, m i m?l wfrom il?* titf. I hit It well kit wb for its bttsvif not he-k'tIllness. Term* inodeiate Apply either ot I)r Molt st 162 liU-aer street,or of H. A. Mott, No. 6 Nassau street, 3d story, front room a 1(1 3 *m NOTICE. T H K. PUBLIC ar? cnut'nncd k a st receiving or negotia' ting a note of JVNIKS UKNS. ?N'H IVr b ive Hm dred DollTt, due ilie 11 li May, 1814. endorsed bv Beuton St Ki.h and Charles K. Bonnrr, tlie same having b.en In.r The boiler will receive a reward by returning it tojNo. Ill Broad wa- , fir.t Ilaor ?9 3t*'C CIIKAI'KST CARPKT K.ST A BLISHMKNT IN THK U 8TATKS, jvo. do no wen r. A NDKRSON St DOBBS hsve just eceived a lyge ard -pVoil il .l a .urtme .l i f ii w patterns of sup r oe Keg isli 'J p'y estra do ilile ?ii| er, s?i? rline and common ingr iiu J rpeti g. Ve itiau halt and stair I ' ir|>ef; H inr 'il Cloths: Tufied and I'uiki y ' tigs; Pari r Door dais; T h'e and I iano Covers, kc . al' of Which were oideied, and purch'se I for cash, prev ous to th greit advaiiC" ou the ahov- description ofironda. and will In* ? Id it Ih usual low price., nt 91) Bowe-y W'e a Ivise I wh i am .bout purchasing, to call s'v n n I make the r ?< lec'i .u. A NDKRSON h DOBB , a'i3**rrc 99 Bowery,'atatoiv above tl ster st. I \ ! i ? h M \ J' || )\ |s WAN ' h I) roncer i gentleman i wli'l-tih .In riling house 7ii Berltmau str?ei, ?l II o'^luk on Monday i igh 8 h April. in a di.orde ed stair o, imiel ai d suttcri g with rslreine lorinas escite i.ent He is about J fre 9 in. lira high, wnli black eyes, w-ar? a wig. lie hid on sn overcoat of (he jetjnk't cut, aud his k p<ut lauit Any information lelt nt i i hoarding nouie.will h* g a'> fully r ceiled a nl properlv ic as ded. all 3l*tc i 'J'OBAI 1 ' I. 'I.. I) h*i s ,mt lago de ( ti i. 1 In d > Cuisa Coffee-SO baga Saint 'ago, ie? crop. Arrow II uit?I lui ibt., in bar'rla an I cases. Segara?IIO.iiO i, just I,lining lioin the berijue (jUaner, iu a ortrd br'litis, new crop In tore, a g-n?ral aaaortTent of Segal* of rr'ehrated luaudi, of las; year a itock, off. red wholesale and n tail, by A. A SAM *NOS, 110 Im'rc No I Wa'l ?r, IM M ImdwiV MT?) L" T ('If l.r.ASe.? Foi a term of year*, the mod ru huilt two story and anic house i eartv new, N 7r? (ir eu sire t neir Spring Tile h n?e ki, an uiolei ih. rooiiia in >l>le inciillcs anil era es in ca -ll atorv. h is I* c ii r< c nfly ami it in good ord?r. 'IV m? moderate to a v ??d ( uniit Alto, tfVfial small tenements in Barrow nn! Green streets And, to D L. BKN>KT. ?!) 2 ? rc I n Spring sr., LAKUK TIIKES KOli HTRKKTS. AVF.NUES, ?tc., AT PRINCE'S NURSERIES WM H. PMhNC Ik CO offer for ?d* IVIO plradid Km *rnmrental I r- et.lrom II to 21IV-1 i ? height c >u. prising h- I bine e AiUnthut heautifal silverI aved M \ If Su9 r ,iit|?l-ll't|N>r Mulb rry, k tnoie-ati uideo, Mors i 'hetton' I.i9?r \W KIm ?I ",r Mid f d*ii ibb tptci< Uio. Kvrgr?en T'"? ii to '5 ' ft in height. among wr ?ch are t? WtO Ha'tri of Oilead oi B.i'ni Kir Mio, the m-st eit ntive and rare collection of i\o?es and Diddias, inauy of which coat from on - to five guineas ?a l?. Ord?m will be executed in a superior ttvle, at prices 2'i |er emit I wer than iiully charged , ai.d we guarantee the ?t t?sf rti? ri of purch ?aers Where an timber of Trees ar* ordered, a garden* r will b? sent to plant them ifpequired. Order* to te sent per mail, or left at 23 Pine street, New V ^rk. W\1 ii PhlNCl. &CO. I'. S ?A member of t If establishment wll lie at 2J Pineal daily from II tj i o'clock, t > give, any information required, a 10 211 ;*rn ~ TO MILKMEN ANlVG A R DENERS. aeLga TO Lh ?Se/eial huudre I a res ol (mid at New Jgy^Bro hfon -ti^n blind suitable lor gnxing nd gsrden?dk?fc'i'i(, a e offer*d to b?t on r us ntble t-rmi, mid in qcf nt<lie* t.? suit apidicnits. T ie near pronmity of this plain to ihe r?ty of Sew Yi rk, and the la ge mun ? r of residents at New IJriuh'n" during the summer tea on will In.nith at all times to die in Ik man and gande >rr a good and ready o arlc-t Fo? farther particulars app'v to II. CUR I'lSS, 49 Wall street, 3d ttorv, or at alO Iw*m New Biighton. eft pT)R BALK?A Bright Bay tiara, a fast aid w* 'tiaveiler, ki.d ii tingle or double harnets, f 1 f* | and a (irtt ra'e tad lie dpi A?k for the BayMare aA l'K,w at Cow in it LtiIks9. Mercer strset, near Bieecker street Alto, a Light Wagon,built by Ford. axles and bather tor* ?9 3( in NKW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINK. .yp ^ KOIl ALBANY AM) TROY?Moreing flL? -"sWi^Line from rbe foot ol Barclay street, landing JbUJOL it r tei mediate places. -.The a?e mer TKOY, < Aptaiu A. Uor'n-m, This m mug, at 7 o'clock, l he a earner TROY, Captain A. Gotham, Saturday mor. in? ai 7 o'i lo k Eve nig L'l?e f orn the foot of < i ur'l Midf atre?t * . The tieamnoa' SVV.aLLOW, C ptam A McL an, Fiidas eveni. g, at 7 o'clock Ihe at?'iiii?r ALBANY, Cat lain R. ii. Mary, Saturday evening, at 7 o'clo* k The il .nta ol lhn, ow ing to thru light ilratig it of trr, ar.- ahlr pt all tun a to |i-?a tt.e bars anil rr. rb Albany ai d I roy in umplr tiu." to Ukr thr morning train of ran for lb* rant or writ Kor y n-agr or frright. app'T on boa'il, or at the oflicni on ihr w arva. allrc .i/ji.ixr iTay line. jMQ fit*I Ktlll ALBANY ami Ldrrmrdiatr LandL4.?J?nivi lb" iipw anil tlruaul al-amboat jLaJBiilL- (i r T11 AMKIllrA, ('at tain VI II I rwi dan I. Mill I- ?i- Ill'-f 'ol Bar. lay ttrrrt north aula, on Mo..ilny nmr inc. Ai r.I I > h. at 7 n'rl irk allrr HA i; E < )FFEK fi PLAIN FAMILIES. M V N I V . A HIHT HATK flt??K sHOIl OK TUB riAMI A Mill K AM) ITALIAN Si Mil NO, ? iah-I to m?-. a.ona in a |ilain .ml r?.|irrt ib'r I mily f r i nitrro m anil lira ('nt at Inch br would nkr nlnnn in Ilia room llin.i-rlr. i troii I'i i inform which inny b* nanl by tin- |ti|i , b'liia abarn ihr grr.itrat pari ' f Ibr ilav. Kiratraut IP fi'ran era tivrn Ail ilr. at " Ml J .a I' '.it I mi nffir ,iH IW Jib Ptii<cueh; ks'kTiTmalk imlls. 'IMIKBK. far famad and n Irbratrd I'i I la. . on I'nrtngal, ar> I yyp prrmyr. to br obtainrd in cinjatri fctradirr'ni ?n*l o> tb? Iwt tnliimf. loarth paga AMUSEMENTS I'AllU TIIKATHiL 8oXH'?7 ' Vn(??Pit 6' "??< Alrr} <*UU THIS KVe.NJN'U. Apii< U. lint The torformane* will com mine* with THE CAKIB CHIEF Omrvsh Mr. Iwk Claud iua Mf? I?i?ug!wiu Followed hv BAMBOOZLING. To conclude with SPIRIT OK T ilt KOUNTAtN. ___ CHATI!AM THKA IHK. Hoiet-..26 I fctl | Pit I2i< < ruU. THIS ? <t ' iNi' *ufill' il r Urauu uf M ARM DUKE WYVIL. Narmaduke Wtvil Mr Whaiaui To couclud with IIANUV ANUV. Haudy Andy .j Mr Mnsaop WITC'IIKLIi'h (>I.Vni>IC TliK.ATHh.. 1 H IS l,Vr N INi i Air I 1. the Ourn of MAHIUA.UK tiK KIUAIUY Figaro Mr Witlcot Autouio ^ Mr Holland MY WIFE' I SECOND H LOOK. To courlude wiih A PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. BUWEHI AMPIIlTHKATKfet. Boiea 26 Ceuti? Pit l2EiJOHN TRYON Manager. THIS EVENINU. Airil 11. Revolt of iIn* Ha rut. After whirli Splendid S?:".i"? of, lie., If To conclude wit" THE OUKE OK BitOl KENBI RU. icr Dnora open at 7?Performance commences at (juart?r [> at 7 o'rlnca. _______ juufcK.un. AMD PERPKTUA I. FAIR THREE DAYS MORE OK THIS ORAM) ATTRACTIVE BILL. Thueadai . tllr lllh mi.lav the 12 I. ...I s I.? eke ink '' " ?l,'LKNUViri?|.*kKMM\lANV-'.V"'* nt 3 o'clock in the at* ernoou, and h?lf i"??t 7J-., iu the evening OIANT AND til ANTES-! ! The Urse.t in the woild, and of llir liunli, moiriry and pro; orlious. They ar.i MAN AM) WIFE, and haveteru sished in urn> liy ui"re ihan ONE Hl'NDrt.E!) I'rlOl ISA ND PERSONS during the 'asi year They may l>e seen limn !U ' clock A M. till ill P. v1. MitH. 1IKHRIMU, MISS BLANCHARD, M198 S?. T. Ai Alil h<.ve voluntrend. THE KEN'I lit k V MINSTRELS. Mr. COLE, the POO DILI Y; Mia- K. ADAI'i a PK I ITE CERITO, M' If. O .hMERMA*. vl 11. WHIT1 Ot'K. Mil r it I UO >T11, Mr WILLIAM a, and Mil HOWARD, mid utiirrs. 'lheOI"8Y FAMILY, six in number, recently from Oor j in soy, nnu Ini'h ul representatives of the ancient penile o< Key pi, in tv l>- seen in 'heir native costume. ThcUIFSEY Ql'Er.N the Fortune Teller, mny beprivate ly cons I ted nt nil hours of the day ail" evening' Performances every -veiling at )>4 o'clock, and Wednesday tud Xaturday afternoons at 3 o'clock T.eke s 2V cents?rliildieu under ten yeais ltX cents. Twen tv-Ovecents extra, for private consultations with theUipsey Queen. nil rc PKALliToTk.W kUtili idlhl-,1 III. ~ AND Pll'TIIME UAM.EHY MB. 11 BENNETT MANAGER. admission one HlllLLINO. l.M LAM) DWnllF OK THE SAME AO". AH THE GENERAL ! AND THftKK INCHES SHORTER!! The Manager. ev?r anions to please his patrons, announces that the seits ill ih* I.enure Room will l.e eiitnely takeu up and rp'aced iu such a manner as will promote the comfort I the Liiuieure. T'e following talented peifirmers are sr. ion tls? The (ireat Western. ?L" is u iversal.y a-knowledge'! to lie the most correct rut s-oiitive of Cninic Characters in America, and without a doubt the best KlM pi n Ora:or and lui.lator if ? Locomotivs n the whole world. Mrs We.ieru, lie it in li idnn ed actieis, who is admitted to he wnhout nn equ I as a repri s> ntntive f ihrRe.u'at Down Fas YnnbceUjr. V1.demoiselle I'aulii e ih" de'iyhtfnl dai sneje; Miss Ad ir the elia ill>ni( soussitess i ?ud Mi .s BLlirhald. the grace ul ju?glerea*. The i ple-d.d OAS ST AII! > hat excited s i much interest last tainter, will again shed its h-i!liant 'nstre Manager b?-ng determined to ma^e such iirprov inputs in the I Muaeunianw II render it w?nhy of the p.nton ge ? f the public. I 1 he Manager has effected an eug g-u.ent with a GIANTESS!! It?"For full raMiculmt iNimiill hi l?. alO ec EXHIBITION OK ORIGINAL PAINTINGS. NATIONAL OALLEH V OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS OK THE nLD MASTERS. EXHIBITION ROOM, IN ? LINTON HALL, Comer of Nassau and Reekman streets. A MATKURs AND ART IS 1 S -ire informed, that the Gal i i jl |erv of Paintings at Clinton II ill is now o|>eu from II A. I M. to G o'clock at Slight, r.r later, according to ih- season They ui?l therein find a choice collection of tie finest P&iutiui* I winch have ever ad nivd any Europein Gallery Artists will he a|'owed to study iu the H xhibitir.u Rooin The public w ill I fiud a Catalogue, which will explaiu all the histnri al and other I pieces, quoting the passages of authors Irom which tne subjects I have been taken. n'7-Admiltniice only 2.'? cents VoXI lll)*jgb | THKATKK?A CARD. MR 11 Al.LACK'S BENEFIT. Mil. WALLAf K re-? ectfull announces to his friends and i the public that hin B-'neut and 1 u?t a1 te this s< <i-on. will take 11 i?e on Friday, 2th ? 11 whieh ccanou will he present- d a new and popular | lav in which Mr Wa'lank and Mrs Broughon will ? p?.?r ; w th firs', time at this Theatre, the c m-dy of the &eh lar, in vv. i h Mr WrtIIack wi'l sustain his original charict-r .ill l'.#nc GRAND FAREWELL CONCERT. TO Hh. BY T"K M V M BKMS OK PALMO'S I.ATE CONCERT COMPANY, AT COM hill HA LL. No. 406 Broadway, ou Thursday Evening, April Ith 1811. They h vi- engised o i ihn occasion MISS M. E. and MISS 8 ADAIR, f.ivoraily known to the public. In or. er t-> meet the wishes of their fri? nds, they h&ve made the price of admission 2'j cents. PROGRAMME. Past I. Solo an J Chorus Younff Lve triumphant am ding, Ily tne Company Song?The Maniac Mi Kneans Song?Silent Nymph Miss Bruc? Ba'lad?The Irish Emigrant's Itnnrui: - Mr Lynch Echo Song Mis* M k. Adair Wong, < omic?Biddy of Sligo Mr Kavanah Song?I'm sixty-two Mrs Sharp? C".io;us?Hail blessed morning, from Km Diavolo, By the Company Grind Imitation Italian duet Mrs Sharon ami Mr Knm.aa < avatim ami < oro?Oh h luer, most divine. fiom tin* Love Spell, first lime Miss Adair and ih Company II. The Scoolroaster ard liia Infant* By the Contraily Song?Love's a tell tale Miss S Adan S i.g ? C? m- Hit thee do??u Mr L nrh dug? V? ui g Jemmy Mr? S arp" The Ce ebrated Bed! m Medley By tli- Company S' iig Til*' Orove* ol Bli'i ev Mr K tv.nuh Soi g ? L 'Ve sound the Trumpet Mian M. K. Ad or Song? W liat can it mean Mist 9 Aii.iir i horns?I andy Jim By the Company h in i!e ??h -od Night ay theConipmy I'll K KTH To he had a.t the door. Doors 01 en at 7?commence at It o'clock. a 10 2 *r<* XIIE MISSES CUMMINO'3 CONCERT^ HPH l'. M I * SkH CUM Ml N (i reaper fully announce tint th*ir Arnuil Coi c it will take place at Niblo's on Kri#'ay? the 12th iusi nt, when 'hey will he insisted by .heir pupil, Miss M. I'll A i 1\ Uteof Ireln d. and Mr < (ill. i 111 Hi A A M M K. I'aht I. Duet?Sweet Si?te Kay By the Misses Camming U llad?Lohlie O l??ive m Mr. Cli i ivatina?I'h'ou h tlr* Wood MissB ' L Cuinmiug IMiet?As it lei' upon a day Musts I umining ao?l I'rgti Ballad? I he Harp*- o'Mull M.ii M Cumin ug i.g?I u 1 ichgoium iv?r Clirehugb dug ?Derm >1 Asthore Miss M 1'iatt Duet?We're o'er >ouug t > marry yet Misses Cuinmiug rsTTn. f,uet?I knew a Bank Muses Cnmmiug Song?hoy's Wife of A Jdivalloch Mr t lirehegh ' in n.7.?? l,o ot v aril 'l hou? hts........ M i*a . Cumrniuif Do* t ? .VI t I'ritt* I'ai/e.* M ua-s < timmicg and I'r ft .New Scotch Sang?Tlier lives a joung Lassie Miss D O < urnrni k lri*h B .l'ad?Voliy Bnlhgan ? Mr Cli>#hu*h <all *d?The Br i iiii o' ilie (' .vvdeu Knowe* M*s M Comming D et?Iiu'h ' iheSte iVIisies Cum mi g QT/~"Tm kefs ft i ts e.o-h, t?? be had at the Ho els. Music Sc. ret, Mr C ire'ingh'. tii'i Broadway, Muses t tlcnmiug'* rt sil uce.i Wa.reu street, or at ih? duorou the e.eniiig fthr* n rt ?. i StTaThkF V UCAL AN FT '\SP\MMJMKNTAh CONCK Li T \/t It W. J, DAVIS ie pert u'lv rrrju ints lis flier ds sud ^1 111 rubt'C that t ( QSCEhT w II l tiki 11 m ofl M ?N I)A V h Vtf.M Mi At ril '2 at 'he An..ll'> radon, on which occ4?khj he will \ c assisted iiy a large Orchestra uiid by h inn*! fiiii cut t lei t, t-ttth V cat and li st uincut I. Further purlieu!*'- will teihortlv announced iilt3t*iii 1 O ! III. ANATOMICAi. VKNUS-?Q phk mvhi kk'^'s ul Kej> oduction in Plants a d Ami* j " mals fully riplniiief. Oil Ttursday Vrir'ay and Saturday. Ap il ll'.h, I th, and l'Jth, Dr llollicfc will depver a cj ursc ??l Le*tutes on th*?s* subjects. with woidi both ?e*e* ounlit to ac?|u *iuiad, but whi li cannot l> ca not be tnttsht to limed viuti'iices, st National H O <'uimI ?>t eet. a few doors e.?*t of j Broadway* Kor lifuticinru at ^ |m?' 7 in th*' tvraiBlf. Adinision One f*o!l? to the ( oor?e, ?.r 50 Cfuti to* i>ii|{ f LrctUh1. | For* 2'# in the af.e moons ??f t e sain*'?l?yt. Adiiu*- . ion to acb Lecture 2ft cents. The Illustrations will consist of i ? aul ful I'u I .? ? I ?odel f th? U hi oi f. mvle, call d tl e \mtnni cal Venus and nf friirt** n otb? r Models of ihe female ( organ* iii at m-ny different stwe* ol de-elopeineo s. hriidnt , laiural pr* par ttiou* ! IJi'iirimi meirh , or .\Ul Modrli omy, . hi give ?i" i-l a of the r : li ug*; iv11? ci n1 del* of th" ! enia ' K rin hi ever; can do so, an<* n ? models of th k.nd ; ire hi th- coiut. y *c pt those b lonnui to I) H tient emeu Diay also see them svery morning at 10, for 2^ rents. Numbers of Ladi * lave attended ev-ry d.y. Gentlemen of the preis will always be admitted mi givng ;li* i r 11 dress RID tti?*'fi Pi '.-'i pj >NEMENT < IF < < InCERT |)V THK ADVlOi of h ? (rimdi. Mr. IIKMIV' TIMM H b*g* lenv- ?eii|rct ully to anrmut cHo the public, that hi* Annual Concert will he postponed until Tl'KSDA V, the 16th of A i?ri|, on account of the r.lerli ?n. ati 6l* tr ANIMAL*A Tooth & it rue tad (ros i sV Lady while.Magnetized, withon' f linton Mali, on j Thursday Kvering, Apiil Jlth, at floVbck \1 R. JOIIN60N will give our more exhibition as above.and j for the purpose of full v retting the matter, will rnangrtifce two Lido* one of whom will have a '< nth ettractc't without pain ! Mtpernm nts m Olairtoyaiice,Sympathy !kr. will be ethilnied. TiobetsS5eeutseach. *9 S.*ic i'lIB fllJBSLKlBKR i n w | j red"! ell WATCHM anil JKWKI-II V of all kind* at the lownt possible i ric? *, , |'I7..?wo <i .inn -hit" if iii 111 i. i" ji i in* j, /ii.i nun, ok I en" ird ?!?o ? <-pr? firi? orlmi-nl ol' li-welry,eunii<tii.K t>1 Onld ['hum, P'licili. Burrlru, I'iiu, Icc , Hit-, w hirti lir m clf.rrkiiiihI to ? II Iowit tl>10 miy n>h'r horn* in ll?? ntv john mvkith ho ( ii.iii.iiii ?tro> N. B ?Don't forur: thr ii jiiiImt?Hil U nullum itrn-l. fnrSI I in in i:i.D A Pnr?? fur Tliirtv Dolln .. Mil- HmK. l..-?f;hrrr hi t f . t i ( '(nil'1 off 1 ln? Dof, TlinriiUy IIII, .. ?tiot. ?t ? o clot , it thin'. entkrib*. II. Wood ?fl , ; > ' Will,,m ..II. Win W i i ,,| in h I,. Owirif-Wl-ho K'on. A Conklii ' 11 "u,< ' r"*'r|? II*. ?? m Ntllv. M VV IV r H liotfi*'!'- n. rlamb Bob. ' all ! ic M MMK9IS 3y mr rrrrrtrnx mail. VV aalil Iitflon. [< orreipondence ol the Heisld.J Washington, 9th April, 1844. Important New*. The Hon. William 11. Kmo, present United Statea jM-nator from Alabama has been this day nominated by President Tyler, mid confirmed by the Senate, Minitter Plenipotentiary to Frunce, and his Excellency Wilson Shannon, the present Governor ol Ohio, some time sinca nominated Minitter Plenipotentiary to Mexico by the President, has also been this day con firmed by the Senate As soon as Mr. Herrien had finished his speech the Senate went into Executive Session, and confirmed both ol those gentlemen in about three minutes, viva voce, nemine contradicente. Mr. King, ol course, withdrew Irom the Senate before the subject was taken up. Mr. King is a single man, polite and agreeable in liis manners, and no doubt this appointment will be peculiarly acceptable to him, the more especially as Ins chalices tor the Vice Presidency under Mr. Van lfuren, il not absolutely diminishing, were in no wise increased by the competition ol Messrs. Polk, Stevenson, and Dick Johnson. In this a|>pointmrnt Mr. King has certainly distanced two ol the three gentlemen above named. Moreover #9,000 outfit, #9,000 salary, and $4,300 inlit, equal to $22,500 in oue year will prove highly consolatory to a gentleman w ho does not enjoy the blesaing of wife and children. Air. must is therefore no longer Senator from Alabama. (iov. Fitzpatrick will, doubtless, imme?11mt? 1 y supply Ins place with another Democratic Senator- probably Clement C. Clav, but of this, I Know nothing. Whether ihe appointment of Mr. King will givo President Tyler any strength in Alabama among the particular admirers oi Mr. Calhoun, or not, I am unable to any. If Mr. King is indebted to nut friend Calhoun, for his appointment, (for the thing was never thought ot, or spoken of, until Mr. Calhoun's arrival) possibly Mr. Tyler may make nothing by it. Mr. Hkrk.'KN made a rather remarkable t>|ieerh to-day?a strong, high tariff, protective speech? particular laudatory ot the tariff ot '42, ugutmr which he then voter/, alt hough by some astonishing inesmertc somerset, he now admire t it. Moreover, you will recollect, that it is but a few years since Mr. lierrien presided ut a free trade convention in Pennsylvania. Mr. Jlerrien strongly advocated to day the establishment of manufactures in die Southern Stales, lie enumerated ipiite a large number already established in South Carolina, Ceorgia, and Alabama? all of which are carried on with English capital, and by English operatives?against dejiendence upon whom he declaimed with much eloquence in another part of hm speech But his colleague, Judge Colquitt (a Democrat) has the flwor to-morrow, in reply to him, and if Mr. Herrien does not find himself anatomically dissected, mid disagreeubly "used up," Mr. Colquitt's friends will he disappointed. tS. B. Washington, Tuesday. Ministers to Frame and Mexico?I'nst Office Fxprints?Importations of IVool?Naval S rvice. The President sent in the name of.Senator King, of Alabama, as Minister of France, to-day. lie was unanimously confirmed. Mr. King wus called the Father of the Senate?having been there mora years than any other member of it. The Governor o! Alabama has the power to appoint a Senator to lill his place at once. 1 fixon II. Lewis is talked of. It will he some one from South Alahuinu. Ex-Uov. Shannon was also confirmed as Minister to Mexico. Waddy Thompson cornea home to he the agent for claimants. The statement in the Journal of Commerce and Philadelphia North) American about the alleged terms of the Texas treaty ure all fabulous?not a word of truth in them. Texas will surrender her public domain and require the United States to pay tier debt,which is nearer >'20,(MX),(XX) than #10,000,000. The owners of Texas scrip would then be able to enter any lands m the United States with the same. The treaty will be a very simple one. The Postmaster CenernI has sent in his list of expenses for the I'oel Office Department fcrthe next fiscal year. Here it is:? Far transporting the mail $3,160,000 < ompensalion to l'ostuia*lci* una their Lleiki, l.lBh <**o ship Nteamhoat, ami wuy Uittun, '32 000 Advertising 39,009 Wrapping paper and blank* 43,0)10 Mail hag*, lock*, key* and stamp* 38,000 I), uvtdativnv on the mail, othi write "itea/infl ( ~i mid in" nm< Sr?:n*i. AotfiT* ! !! { Furniture! 7,000 Sundry expenir.*, not to I Mi parte nlansed !!.. . 35,000 (4,630,000 Add to thi* the expense* ol the general poit f in inn uflico paid out ol the civil list \ ' (4,709,070 The Secretary of tlie Treasury has just laid before Congress the following statement of the quantity and value of wool imported into the United ^tatesduring llie last four years:? Usmrscfacri'si.ii WOOL, JVnl over 8 rli. a lb. Over Set*. a lit, J'nunJi. Pound*, 1810, 9,' Ol.''92 $473,8(9 394,748 $ 71 0e7 1*41, 11.4)9 784 981,"81 596.646 171872 '1112, 10.61 ,'31 689,bl!l 7*3,791 111 713 1313, 4,771,1181 463.793 210 370 66,137 39,124,990 2.891,731 2 183,663 322 *39 Under the net of 1832 wool not exceeding 8 cents per 11). was free of duty on importation. Under the act of ISli? wool not exceeding 7 cents per 11). is subject to a duly of 5 per cent ad valorem. In 1843 there were 4,722,<I2I pounds ?>l coarse wool under 7 cents per lb , imported into the United States; the value of which was S I3W, Hi-!; this at 5 per cent gives a duly of $22,M58 l.? on this article alone. The following show* the numls-r of otfit rr* in the naval *i i vice of the t'n ted State*, at different jieriode within the last ten year* : ? 1813. 1817. 1818. 1342. '43-44. CarUilll, 17 40 33 68 67 I oiniiiaiid ri. 49 41 _t3 44 96 I,it-men- n'*. til 13S rm 328 321 Midshipmen, 410 4j0 422 US isl Suramin, 41 14 61 60 60 instant furaen., 46 40 *0 (6 6'J Pursers, 41 41 it 61 61 Chaplains, 9 9 1J 21 22 Ma. (ri 27 27 29 1(1 31 Mast r.' Mat??, ? ? ? 4 7 B a a vaina, 18 22 32 32 37 ?>u 20 21 37 41 40 1 -ari'eitrra, 20 20 2 1 36 32 Sailiiulo-rn, 10 19 23 33 3.3 Math* inaCcal Prolet-ora,-- 4 II 17 73 23 8e* me , 3427 3201 7072 9761 1032O Annual expense of the Navy, Ike. for the loot eight yeari Gum 7< count. I'tmeli. mint. 1033, *1 200 8 3 33 1,960 1816, 6,2.2,113 31 1960 1837 7,191,364 53 1,982 18 8, 6,833,867 51 1.982 1813,-... 6,787.161 31 2,022 1840, 6 113,80(4 .. 68 2,1041 18(1, 6,001.076 67 .. 2,106 812, 11.3 7.1 42 70 2,044 |8| 1, (lira! !? it ucllis,)- 3,6?2,7|7> t ntt 1811, (last ail mouths.)"" 5,000,000f ' *" ?A ml in IHW the entire net revenue from diatoms vm only $12,*34,434); and two-third* ol it went (or the N?vy. Walworth's nomination is not to he touched tins session. Wickhfle must now go to rYusiiia or J'ruseia. At least, that is the opinion of A Spectator. Wahiiimotor, 9th April, 1S44. The statements 1 sent you yesterday are correct. The Treaty will he ready to send in ,on the lust of this week or the first of next. They are hastening it iis rapidly as possible to a conclusion.? And I see, by the bye, in to-day's Intelligencer a copy ol the "Armistice between leans ami Mexico, and tluU fixes the first of May for itntrrmmation. It occurs to mc that this fact may be the reason why the Treaty is pressed forward so rapidly. How does it strike you ? Another very important fact you can publish.? 77ie 'Irmly will provide for the admiuion of Texan </? a Tkrritoky. They have not thought of proposing the annexation on any oilier terms. People are much struck with those four or five different ways of admitting Texas and yet preserving the equilibrium, which 1 -ent you a few days ago, and which you published. I have for more than a week past been making jiei ml efforts to procure authenticated facta resit ting the commercial statistics of Texas. The object has been taken in hand by several Texians. What lias led to these inquiries on my part is the fact that the published statistics of exports and unions to and from Texas are very imperfect: I the trade between Texas and the United 'tat. s ii much greater than it apiiears to be in the t.iti-Iica. The leading facts are these?although I hall probably to-morrow go over this same ground iir.iin more fully : ? Cotton is the great staple of Texas?about III I.IXXI bales raised last year in all Three years ago there were not lO.lXX) bales .used in all Texas. Six-tenths (?0,iXX>) of all the cotton raised in Texas are grown in Kastern Texas,* and pass down he Ked Kiverto New Orleans. About 15,(XXI bales get into the Custom House (three cents duty)?the rest is smuggled, becautf

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