Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol. X., Flo. 103?Whole ffo. 3074. To til* Public. THE NEW YORK HE RAID--doily newspaper?pur>li.hed every day ot the year eaccpt New Year1* day and Fourth oi July. I'rice 3 cent* per copy?or $7 90 per annum ?Dostiur.:* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HEilAI.D?published every Saturday morning?price 61 cent* per copy, or 13 per annum? pentagon paid, caah in a trance. .... . ADVERTISERS are intonned that the circulation ol the IK raid is over TH11UI Y THOUSAND, and increasing hurt. It has thr latent circulation of any paper in I Mi city, or the world, and it, therefore, the licit channel J or biuineu am in the city or country' Price* moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the most moderate price, and in the moat elegant atyle. JAMKS GORDON BENNETT. PnorniKTue or t*i Hkkam) Establishmkist, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. OLDL.1.MK LIVKRUOOL. PACKETS im m M m*. TilKWLD LI.vT^nVeketa fti htve^iool will he^S^TS i iltwUAtelird in the fullowingorder, excepting that when the i.iilim: day i-ili? on Muuday, the ships will noil on the succeed JSP -V: krom NewYork. From Liverpool rlitfCAMURIDOki, (June 1 July 16 350 tons, 4 Oct. 1 Nor. 16 . VV'. C. Dar?tew,( Keb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, (Jane 14 Aug. 1 730 tons, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 S. Bsrtlett, ( Keb. 16 April 1 T'lt OAbOJlD, kJnly 1 Aug. 16 COO tons, < Nor. 1 Dec. It J. Uathboue, (March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Sept 1 1000 tous, ' Nor. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber.i March 16 May 1 The EUROPE. ( Aug. 1 Sept. 16 613 tons, \Dec. 1 Jen. 16 E. O. Kurber, April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (mw) (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 050 tons, 'Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, l April 16 Jnue I The COLUMBUS, (Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tons. < Jan. 1 Feb. 16 O. A- Cole, f May 1 June 16 The YORKSHIRE, (new) (Sept. 16 Nor. 1 105(1 tons, \ Jan. It Mar. I D. G. Bailey, (May 16 July 1 T.lvse ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or iu their last sailing qualities by any ressels in the trade. The commanders are well known a* men of character and e*lirri?'nce, ai d the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the cotnlort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day ofsailiug, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fired at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of every deaoription will tie Crovidcd. w ith the exception of wines sua liquors, which will e furnished t^- the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owuers ol these ships will bt responsible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by tiiem unless regular bills of ladiug are signed therefor. Fortnight or passage, apply to GOODHUE It CO, 64 South it. 0, H. MARSHALL. 3B Burling slip. N. Y. l?9tf and of BAKING. BROTIlfaRS fc GO., LSwol. NEW DINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail irom New York on the 36th and.Liverpool on the 11th 1 tnen month. ?& M M. M F.IOM New Yohk. Ship HOBCIUS, Captain John Collins, 36th Mareh. Snip HllJUONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 36th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captalu F. A. Depeynter, 36lh May. Bhip GARU1CK, Capt. B. I. H. Trass, 36th June. Fuom LivjtnrooL. p'-ip nnr.KlliA.N, Captain A. Depeyster, 11th March, hliip <1 AH KICK, Captain B. I. Hi Trask, 11th April. Hop M'JS'MIS. Captain John Collins, 11th May. Ship bllAiOMs, Captain K. B. Cobb, llth Jnne. These niip.i are all of the first class, upwards of lOOt tons, built in un-city of New York, with such improvements sa combine (treat spend with unusuai comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arringemeut of tlieir aceomrnodatiens. The price of Passage hence is 9100, lor which ample stores will be provided These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who wul make ersry exertion to give Keen r; I satisfaction. Neith-r the captains or owners of tho ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or pace ages cent by them, unless regala u,U-f lading are sinned therefor It or t.-eight or passage spp'y to lb. K. COLLINS ci CO., 56 South it.. New York, or to BP jWN. BhlPLKY k Lo.i Liverpool. Letters by the pact .-ts will he charged 12% cents per single heet ; 50 cents per osnce, and newspapers 1 cent each. ml rrc pTZw YORK AND PHILADELPHIA HA -ROAD LlHE DIRECT, B?oi Ncwsbk, NftwBKUirswicK.rBmcBTorr, Tbbittob, Bobbbvtowh And Burlington. . THROUGH IN SIX I?UR8. Leaving I* ?w York d rily from the foot of Conrtlandt iL Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at<X P. M. 1 he Morning Line proceeds to Bordentowa, from thence by st< mboat to Philadelphia. Tim Evening Line proceeds direct lo Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of ooa-tlaodt irreet, where a commodious steamboat, will be in ree.;iirie.aa. with baggageeratsa on board. V)ii irUtit( oaggyjy crates are nonveyed lrom city to city, awr inwl.l i-n Iser.parutn.ata#tad djsmWTrdaiCtr?W?? ^'llanrning, the lines lcsr e Philadelphia front the foot of Wilrnt street, bv steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. al nJ 5 railroad lrom Camdeo, at 5 o'clock,.P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at T% A. M., Bad 4 P. M. b -MOK ft contihufttioa ?4 thtlinM from New xOtt* jo 3m* w ^ BY THE FENNSYLV dNI A CANAX fc RAIL ROAD. Th ? snperor Li..e of Packets i? now in Co plete ' Niw Ho \La iiav" l>e-n placed on the Line, and every arrangem lUuIi tint can be dmired to secure the comfort of travel'i'lie interest inn country whi -h the ronte PHises.rrndera it the m"ir aii'e-nble can he liken for the Wert. Flo Umili'i t avrll-ii* westward it ii pre'erchle to all other routes. No eff-tt has been spared to nuae the accuimnodttians on beard the boa'* am le a-.d comple. '1 hey ate in charge of etperieiiced, attentive, and oblwiuK captains, so that the trip from PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURO, Is rendered one of pie-mr* rather than toil. FARE ONLY >10. OFFICE. N. E. CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT S f REETS, \VI ere every iaforroat-ou may he obtained, try cen-s ma1, als ) le* secffT'd at 13 south Third st.and at the DMVT, 5t74 MARKET STREET, where th' Care strut from every morning at t o'clock, mifl lm? ic A. CUMMINOS, Ag'nt. ">*iv FOR LIVEKPOOL?New Liua-Uegular Packet V' ^-sViif tSlh April?1 herp endid packet ship rtlDDONS, J?'>-?L|us' '.ipt K. i>. Cobb, cf If80 tons, will sail as above, her p yiiiar ilar. f in frvghr or passage, hiving accommodations un?<loalled fnrspl 'iidor or comfort, appl, on board, as Orleant wharf, foot of Wall street, oi to K. K. COLLINS ?t CO. 56 South st. Trice <-f pissaje tlflO. The picket ih?:>Sheridan, Capt. .1 F. Depeytter. of 1000 tons, ii ill succeed (lis S.oitoui,aud sail the 2i,tli of May, her icguLr day P.taMOfrrs may rely on the ships of this lina sailng punc'ual|y ndW.erli"" in27 to a2f>rc rHiu^ FOR (JLAStioW?Di'ect?With Dispatch?The *?, s?f fc firat eta<s Picket Slop SALEM. Captain llerou, will as above. I bis w*il known shin has very superior accommodations for eaVin, second rnSm and steeraire pa-smiceri I'ersous intruding to embvk shonbl make immediate application on board, loot of Mardc.i L.UI?, or to JAS McMURIl AY, 100 Pine stieet, corner South. P. S Tl.i< very surerior vess-l will retorn direct to New York. a-'l afl -rds a la ility f, r peisnus desirous to ainbark from the i ciqhfc. rlniod s?f Glasgow, or the Noith of Ireland, seldom to l e met with Steamers frm fplf'st, Londonderry. Perl flush, Colerauie, Re . 11> wokly to Olasg w, e"d at vary snr.di-r te rates Persons siiin* t" 0 for Iherr friends or relatives can secure a p ss'tgf b , a pK ir ,r -a above. a 0 ire 'xifii> " NITKD LI K OF l-lVEKP'JOL PA* KET8. V ? Packet of the 13 h April?The splendid we1! known ?R?Pi let Ship DIADF.M, Captain Bart tow, will alii no.irr.e as aboe", t er regnlir day. Ml.e li.i* fi'I n'li'l acc< mmoda'ioas Tor cabin, tecond rabm anil atce-i-ite pasaergera. Thcae wishing to ?i-cur? 1 art ha uld make iinMtditie application on board. font of Uorer aticrt, or U> W St J T. TAPS OTT. nin if 4( Peck Siip. cor Mouth ?t. ~Xr\yr- t l.ACK IIA IX. Oil OLD LIN S OK LIVKKkW\l'()OI, PA( Kfc,TS-KOH LIVKItroOL -Ocly I'.ickrt ?f the 16th of April.?The new, mniiiliceui, l.t nailine packet thin .NK.VV YORK, burthen 1 uin : in, Captain T. H. Crrpper, will poailiarel/ tail on Tue?day. Hith Apr,I, her regulerdev. i,o arcim inoilMiena nf the N*w York, fur cabin, lecnml raion an I ?te> rage ptan ng.-ra, will, on inapaciion. Ire fnond to he fitte.t , lit i I a warn er ilnl Cannot but add to tlie conrriiionoe aril . omfort of thoi einaarking. i Per.una proceeding to tha old country. wi'l atall timea (lad thii 1 ne of patten a tnoat detiralde con'trance. Kor terms of l" ce ?[-.p|i on ooaid, foot ol Beelrman atreet, er to ih? antiacne, a, llOCilK, BROTHKH9 fc CO., 3S Ku ton street, ueat 'Jour to the S.nlfic Knlton Bank. ffl- i',JU LI V hi 1 SPOOL?The Net/ Liue Regular tiliiJV Packet 2lat April.?Th* an prior New York built 4Se4fHkterl-t alii|* 1,1 V r.KI'UOL,, 0*1* John Kldridgr.lUO t,,"t hnrih' ii, rill nail aa above, her regular day. Kor frwrht or* rrry aiii-erinr aceommoJationa, apply to t!< Captain on board at wet aide Birli"* alio, or to WOODHULL It MINTUKN8, 67 Mouth at. Price of postage $100. The anpeuor pac*?t rliip Queen of the Weit, Capt Phlip Woodhoute, .350 toi a bnrtnen, will aucceed the t,irerp.iol. and aail on h"r regular dar.JIst May. al0toA21 hOK *ALK.-Tiealoop THOMAS COl/VKIl" MinnSing, now laying at the foot of Spring atreet, jPHHkas' ,v otk. She waa bnilt by Thomas Colyer, at Sim; "n ?. nod i? five t ea a old, and run of the fattest anil heat hnilt sloop, on the Hudaon river. hh ia rentre-bonrd, and of light drought or water. and eatriea about 130 torn, and ia well adapted for the freighting or inmler business. Kor farther particul.ira apply to JOSKI'U AOATK, ... , . Broadway, New York, A dminiatrator of the eatate of b ranklin Agate, deceaard. m3 kkmittanoks to ikklind, *< ?-The ubecrih'r roiitmuea to t'ans nit money iu auma large I" atnall, to persnny rr,ii ling i? .t?T r.lrt nf |l(.|au,i [? ITTb mtflr manner ss he an 1 hir predecessor in buainraa hare done fur the I .tat thirty yeara and more; alao, to.anj part of Knglaad or Scotland .... . ... Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the auhaenher. or p raonally rlepoaited with him, with the n.ime of the n-rsnn or l?-r?i ns in Ireland, Inglnd or Hcotland, to whom it it to be gent, and the nearegt poat town, will be iiamedj. tely transmitted and pool nncorilingly, anil a rrcript to that effect giren, or forwarded tc the sender. In like manner money, or claims on peraona in eny part of Ireland, K.ngland or Mcntlainl can be rnllrererl ky the an neriher for persons residing in any part of the t'r.ited Hues or Cauni)and will b? paid to 'hem accordiealv. m2ii2m*in OKOKlIK MrBHIDK. Jr 6if>da*?t. PAOKK.T KOK IIAVHI'.?Second L-ne?fTu" njHpiWShin U 1 II A. Y. H ? ilt Maater aa ill tail on the lat Jyy/aVliy. Kor freight j^' yal^fCKKN to No. Tontioa Bail ding, cor Wall and VYrtar ati. E NE CHEAP MUSIC. A 'v'm"' Collection of Eiieliih and Kon-iyn Muaie fo fk Ik* l'.ane Yone. at only THREE CENIM A PAOE iJiuUtt Mri. KIiH'i'3, Hi Fulton ulruet, (ne^r Broadway.', whare may alan mav be bad ait ilia New aud r'aahionableMuin aa t?ou u pnkliahed lui'rueiiou booka lor the Piauo Foite, Guitar, Klute.Vio lm, Ike., kc Muaie bound id a inrarior intnuir at reduced pricea. all it lat |>K*m BOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE. A LARGE ASSORTMENT of the aboye named articlei . m;y be I ltd at the Manufacturri'a Depot, No. 261) Pearl at New York Among tiinae on band may be found iu part the following m:Mena'fcBojV Kip pegg'dOooU Mena' k Bora' Thick Brogani Do do U aud S?al do Do do Kip recited do Do do Pump Sole do Dodo do Sewed do Do do Half Welt do Do do Calf do do Dodo do Calf do Dodo do 1'egzeJ do DoCalfSewed H" lino-n - 1 II |.||< .-hii~ IIO Do Stunt Pegged do | Do <lo (ion t Mid Set I ilo Ami a great variety of Womeu't, Mines, and Cliildren'i Buskin, Bootees, Slippers, Ike. Ike.. iw*fcis< <1 and tewed; togeth" er witn a geueral assortment or Palm Leaf and Leghorn Halt. Country merchautt and others ara invited to call and eiauitne All tola low for catn or city acceptances UaLE St CO , No. 261 Pearl street, ml lm*ee U. 8 lintel Building. N V CM JUST FINISHED?Elegant Natria Kur Hate (ordiuariJM*" !y termed Baarerlat tlie Ijw price of tl; aupenor short nan ol Prueei in Moleskin at $). These hate aie equal ill ilnrability and luure to thote told *t $1. Alto, au article at S2 iO, a very neat dr.*te htt. BKOWN Practical Matter in2ti lm*m 11*1 Canal street. WEDDING PARTIES, BALLS ROUTS, & c. SUPPLIKI) with all the different varietiee of Pastry, Iced Fruit, Pound and H.ieure Cake, Oruament.'d Pyiamidt, Root Cake of all the different virieiies, and the greatest aatortment of Tea Caketnvt can be obtained at any ettabliihmeut in the rity. Alto, all kindaof Biacait, from Pilot Bread to the amaileat Pic-nic l r the uble, Kte<h Piea of seasonable variety. Puff Patte forma for Dinner Partiet. Orders thankfully received and tent to any part of the city or country. JAMES TOMPSON, At the Premium Bakery, <0 Liti>enard, near Church. mM l in in SPRING FASHIONS, AT THE OLH ESTABLISHMENT. Maeaxin (it Modes, 60 Canal street. Tiff ADAM BhHHMAN, in rrturuinic thanka for the latt eight IvA yrars pitroaage. begt must rratiectfully tv inform her Diemls, customers, and the public, that the Hat received her Spring lathi,ma from Pant,and beta to be fivored with an early call to examine her varied end elegant stock of entire new style* of Silk, at well at Straw Hats. Madura B.flatten Iwrself that the same are unrivalled in the city, both a* to style, quality, shape and ptfce. A call will couv iuce them ef the fact. MAOAZIN DE MODES, m24 lmr*ra 60 Canal street. LOOK AT THIS! ^ JU8T__RECEIVED, by the packet ahin * ? JvmuM flicks, from Paris, the but article of^l^W Gentlemen's French Boota cm seen. and now otfereu, wholesale and retail, at the low price nf $5. x no beat aiticle of French Calf Boota. made to measure- -$5 00 " " " Cork Sole Boota 5 00 " " " Wafr Proof Boots w?4 00 " " " Light''alf Sewrd Boots $3 to 3 50 " " " line Calf Shoes, madetn measure 2 00 11 " " Worked Slippers ? $! to 125 And the greatest assortraeut ot all kinds nf Boots and Shoes in fashion. Badies. in this store you will find the KTf-atest assortment of Gaiter Boots that can be fouud in this city, and all k udsnf Buskin Slip|K>rs, Ties, Buttou Shoes, Prunella Slippers, white, black, satin, and all other Itiuda and colors. Alto, the greatest assortment of Boys' Boots and Shots, Misses and Children' of all kinds to be fouud in this city; and all of our owu manufacture, and of the best French goods, and warranted to be the beat, and as cheap as the cheapest, at 3t?T Broadway, the corner of Franklin street. GREGORY k CAHILL, m9 lm*ec 367 Broadway, N. Y. , TO COUNTRY MERCHANS. Jtm* BOOTS AND 8HOK8. ^ WILSON k JOHNSON, (Successor to John Hutching) hare removed from 120 to II 143 Chatham street, and*ave completed their assortment^! of Spring Goods, comprising the greatest variety and largest assortment of Boots and Shoes that cau be found in the city.? Every thing iu ihetr line, consisting in part of 3000 ladies' Mo rocco B.isWus, SU00 ladies' letther do, 3000 ladies' common do. 5000 ladies'common Mipp-rs, 2500 gentlemen's do, 1000 ladies' fine French do, 1000 Welt Backs, 10,000 Children's Shoes of all kinds and colors. 1000 ladies' Gaiters, black and colored, 50 cases of gentlemen s finecalf sowed Boota, 50 cases pegged do, 25 kips do, 25 case boys'and youths' do, and all other arte ..a, ran iwijiuiy d? called lor in the boot and ahoe line, i?r n vL4< "ktham alwet. oppo?it? the Chatham Theatre.? IN. is. 1 he store opviiea till 10 o'clock in the evening, Kivi'<ff country iwrchanUau opportunity to purch&ie when not other wi.cengsged. n.8 lm?rc j| BOOTS AND SHOES. M LADIES AND GENTLEMEN."*?1 ALL WHO W KAR the above articlra.andwish to tare tumiey, had better losi-uo tune in railing at the ftuhionable Boot and Shot Stores of 8. Jf. SKCOH, Noi. 1G0>$ and Ifil Orevuvtrn atrnct, where alt may suit th'tuaelvrs with an article c lat .'or atyle or make, fashion aud finish, cannot be surpassed or perhaps equalled in thucity. 8. I'. S. beg* to apprise in particular tho?et i i m and gentlemen who consider a w.-ll fitting hoot or gaiter su jndiipe>u..ble t? the tout rnsemble of all within ths f rtrjft nondr, that -,?0* ? ? * <?* head in endless variety. IK7" Remember. 1MH aud 161 Ureanytchatreet.^H f 15 Sin?#c GREAT "WESTERN HAIL ROAD ROUTE, b'KOM ALBANV TO BUFFALO (335 MILKS) BV RAIL ROAD. The only Office in New York established by the several Rail Road Company* between Albany and Buffsln in at Wo. M CUUKTLANDT STREET, JOHN X'. CLaK. Crucial Agent. NOTICE TOIMMIQRANTS. The Rnbicribera having been appointed again* for forwarding Immigrant* by Rail It nail from Albany to BilOalo and intermediate pi* tea. are enabled to send them during ill* Sumin'i fr nn New York to Utica lor $r,nG. to Hymen* e $2,93. to Anhorn $3,36; to lioch-tter $1.61 to Buffalo $5 53. Children from 2 to II year* o'd a' hslf price; under 2 year* fr-e; aud all Baggage from Albany on the Rail Road isei.ii'elv fiee It i? e, ideiit that it come* much cheaper to the iinirn rrant to travrl by Rail iloid thin by Canal, he reaching Buffalo her Steamboat from New York and Rail Road fr m Vlbau.' in 41 hour*; *h rra?, it take* per Canal from 9 to in days. The following calcnl*ti"d ?now?the re,nit, vn I'm* i>r t?* Buffalo per Rail f'aaaage to Buffalo per (."*Road $5,50 nai.aay $1.00 Luggage Iron N. York to Luggage to Buffilo, 50lb* Albanv, lfiiilba fr-e, bal- free, balance forlOOIbe-- 55 ance for IuOlbe II Lou of time at leaal 9 day* Lnggige from Albuiy to worth to the lanoier, aay lfuffilo free 50 eenra per day 4,50 Liviug for 42 houra, say- 75 Living li.r 10 daya, 50 cnuts per day 5,00 Total per II. Road- $6 41 ? '$12,05 Deduct fare per R. Road 6,41 The traveller per R. Road lav* $5,62 Tliey a'an forward raraeng^r* to Cleive'aud, l'ert>.inouth and other pl'.ceain Ohio; I)-tioit, lu: , Michigan; Oreen Bay. Milwanlua, kc.. Wi>r ii.*in Terr t ry; Chiiago, Illinois; aed to diffi iHt plac a in ''an ?da, a: the lowest rate* All information a* to tin' different routaa ai?au gi .ifi'i, aud Tickets to be hau only at the Albany aud Buttalo Rail llond Office ',9 ('mi.tluuli .rn-et. VVOLF k RlCKEUS. j ?p2 ltn*m t: ut aI FJAMUUam a FUR ALKANY. dtft DAH.V, Sundays evecpted?'Through Diflf reel. at 7 P M., from the Steamboat riet bei lBLJafc.twt.-ii Conrtlanric and Liberty atr-eta. The stcembnat KNICKKKBOCKEH, Captain A. P. St. John, Mondry, >vrdnet"ay and Friday, at 7. _The Stran1 on, Cantata A. Houghton, on Tuea'tae, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 P. At Vive o'clock P. M? handing ?t lnt?itn*l ate Pl.aren: ? 'III.' Steamboat NORTH AMKRiCA, Captain VVm. II Trn??de!l, Monday. Wrdn aday, Fri lay and Sunday, at 5 PM. Tlie ?ta'mboat CURTIS 1'b.CK. Captain Woi. II Pack. Tumi ly. Thursday and Saturday at 5 P. M Pa x nsera uking tli'a line of boats will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Oat* for theeast or weat. [T> The above Boats are new and substantial, arc fnrniahed with new and eiegaut Stat* Kooms, aim for aimed &ud accotnmodatio: a arc unrivalled on the Hudaun. Forpastage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Sehultt at BM ?Mm on the whan. a8 On and alter Tuesday, February 27th, the Boata will leave aa followa, until furti er notice Leai e Stolen Island. l.eave New Yoi k. At A. M. At 9 A.M. 10 " II a P. M. sii P. M. S J " N. B. On Sunday the boat will leave at II initrad of 12. fe29rc SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. BLO0M1NODALK, MANHATTAN VII. LK AND FORT WASHINGTON LINh'. OF HTAUV.H CO ManhatUnville, 12^ Centa. Ka?eto Kurt W??li"'Kton 34 Cent*. t?. Thia Lineof Statea will commence tunning M' nd?y, April I, IBM, a* follows :-Ln?Manh.Vtanville at 7 o'clock, A. M., and iu.iuim every liour uut'l ( P. M. Leaving New York, comer ol Tryon How and Chatham at, two doota r.aatof the Herlem Kailrnad Office, at 9 o'clock, A. M, and continue running every l our until 8 I'. M Thia Line of Stigea piaaea the'lrpliaii and Lunatic Aaylumi, Bumham'* Mansion flume, the Ahhey and Backer'! Hotel, Trinity Church Cemetry, the High Bridge and Fort IfestiinRton. B MOOUnr m27 lm*rc Proprietor. NE VVA nK~~A~Ni) ~NE IV YORK. FARE ONLY 1?A CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFKY. jVI?) i*^. Will commence her tripa for the season on Ahe-T?j^T'L<it^l>Thur?day, April 1th. and run until farther nolflE?>wM^4Eatice ea follows Leaving Newaik at 7X oVIot k, A. M., New York 4 o'clock, P. M. The lUinbow haa h'en en Urged, com.le'ely r fitted, and adai ted (n iSia rout*, and Iiiviii;; n Iarg deck aaloon, the can conafnrtalily ac fomnvulate a laiee number olipasaatjir*u. Kreiirrit carried at verv reasonable ritea. New Y mk, April 3, 1911 a4 tf rc ron HALIFAX AND 1,1 VERPOOl. The Kuyal Mail Steam Hhip ACADIA, Hyrio, Esp., Commander, will leave for the above uoria on Wednesday, The Steamer Hi BERN lA, will leave Boatoa ou Thursday. May Itith. Pasi.aye fl r Liverpool flzo Pe.*.,t(!" fer Halifax I * * V Apply to D. BRIUHAM.Jt., Ayent. lie. No. 1 Wall atre-t. HIDES, FAT AND CALHHKINS. 'T'HK HIGHEST PRICES Riven for llidev, Fat and Call A- Skins, cnah current mouey, on delivery, at the yjl*and rat House of the anbecribcr, where contracta will be mane for Caliakina by thearaaon.or the highest prme given hy the pound .... - JOHN HUNN, > f U t?*ri 88 Kliiabetbjrt, between Prutoe aid Houston W YC NEW YORK, FRIDAY Ml Tb* Great Maaa Meeting of American Ke' publicans In tlie Park yesterday after* )' noon, to oppoae the Police lilll? Interrupc tlon?KJcctlon of two Police Offlcera from the Park. A very large meeting of the American Republicans took place at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, agreeably to the following call: lli *u QoiiTim?The General Hxeentlve Committee of American Itcpublicans of the city of New york, re, spectfuily invite their fellow-citizens to inert them in the 1'ark on this (Thursday) ulteuioon, April 11th, at I o'clock, ' to take such measures as may be deemed necessary to remonstrate against the pnssaga of the outrageous l'olice Bill, now before our (State I-enslnnire r,t? tv-i-. City. By order of the Generul K.x. Committee, i The crowd assembled on the occasion was very ] great, consisting of probably upwards of three thousand, who appeared to be chiefly the honest ami hard-working classes. The meeting was organized by the appointment of t lKORGK Mills, a highly respected revolutionary patriot, as the chairman. The following additional ollicers were also appointed :? Vll'K PltF.SI OEWTS. J. C. Forrister, Nuth. Hopper, K. C. Broughton, J. C. Blown, P. D. Collins, D S. Miller, Horace Louiburrow, S. Nash, K. McGowan, James Webb, A S. Livingston, Alfred Brewer, J. Illnmbert, jr., Lewis Peck, A. W. Spie, K. Leavitt, Caleb Miller, Geo. Bakewell, John Culver, B. C. Dutchcr. Secretaries. J. J. Brown, Thomas Sutton, W. H. Humbert, James French, Jnmes Sparrow, Thomas Thompson, W. 1*. Denman, K. II. Shannon. Mr. Sammo.ns tlien presented himself to the meeting and read a preamble and series of resolutions, couched in very forcible and emphatic language, and denouncing in the most determined manner the Police Bill at present before the Legislature. Alter reading these resolutions Mr. Summons said :? Fellow|Cltizcns?No man can doubt for a moment bat that every statement and word contained in these resolutions is strictly true. Yesterday 1 w as requested to go to the " Tomb# " to see a man who was there imprisoned tor illegal voting. 1 w ent there, obtained an order lor admission tO his Cell, and Was admitted with that cell. At that moment the door 01 the adjoining cell 1 was opened. Wo then opened our door and one of the J keepers camejl'orward; we said wo did not want any advice or consultation from him. In a lew moments "after- 1 wards a police officer tried to cuter the cell, hut we also j told him that his presence was not necessary or desirable 1 to us. He then asked what right I had to ho there.' I produced the order tor my admission,and told him that we did not nnod his presence. But as he refused to leave, 1 again ' went to the Court and demanded to know if the tiolice ' officers had the control of that prison, or if the judges were the masters. Then an order was entered 1 to bring the man down into a private room, and what J next I The moment I left that cell, Babe, the convicted ' pirate, was let out of his cull ; and, with three others, ' they came on that corrodor, and with drawn lists com ' pel led the man I hud there to retire, that the police officer I might hold conversation with him? (Croans.) If ha had ! not retired, they would have thrown him from that corri- 1 dor. When I brought the man at lust dawn into a private ( room, what then t Ha admitted thut the police officer had 1 said to him?" Don't tell thut man a word ; wait till Kri day, and we'll have on examination and let you out [ (Cries of " shame.") Who was this man thus imprisoned' Why, a convict felon from Dlackwell's Island. (Hisses and 1 groans ) He had been conveyed to this city and made to 1 take part in your election ("Renewed expressions of dis- 1 approbation.) He admitted that, witli seven others?a 1 whole lioat's crew, in lact, lie left that island und came to 1 this city ; that not a keener was there?all had come ' down. Then there came down Mr. krauk Smitli to the ' in~? i. s..ii.. ,L. - - ... ? ur '/ " ami men uicy committea him lor contempt. (Loud applause, and cries of " Good,"?" Served him right!") IVhat next:' Why when we came out into the vestibule ot the Tombs, more than a dozen other hungry sharks, other public ottici-rs were standing by, who swore that tiiey would liavo vengeance on us. Money was ottered to Hire counsel for the purpose 01 getting the man out, and an Irishman swore that he would bo the death of me. (Cries ot "Let him come hern ") My friends, had jou not carried the city, you wouldn't huvo dared to come here, unless with force of Brms, so as to drive those scoundiels out gf thy.cjitv, how iis the vote ?" Tliey only wanted to know that, so that they could multiply to any extent illegal votes, and thus put us down. Nothing but tho universal movement of this party?nothing but the great and united effort of all good me.n, succeeded at this time. They laughed us to scorn but the day before the election. They cared not how large the legal vote might be, they knew that with seventy-three election districts, and a few hundred bed men, thoy couid vote in any district?tirut they could make seven, eight, ten thousand, any number of illegal votes. When advices came to 11s last night from Albany, and they said, " If the Natives succeed, we will pass the Police Bill." What for 1 Why il they could get 700(J bad men, they could hold tho city in luture. They want the means of paying these vagabonds. ("Can't come that,"?laughter.) Let them pass that bill if they dare. (Great anurause, and shouts of " they dure cot.") We sneak witn the voice ot 33,000 men. (Tremendous uj>plause ) 1 tell the city delegation?I saw one of them today with the infamous Slamm (Mr. t.'arr)?let them pass this bill if they dare, anil tli in let them return to the city ofNew Verk. (Great cheering ) What right have the people in other sections of the state, for malignant party purposes, to dictate to the honest majoiity of the people ol this city in matters purely loraiff Why, when the School Bill was passed the city members claimed that they had a right to dictate what was necessary in this city to carry out party purposes. The country members bowwl down to the city delegation. But all I say is, let them pass this infamous bill if they dare (laughter and cheers ) There is a point, my friends, beyond which I don't believe even those laid men dare to go ( bouts, and ocry of"they dare do anything bad \") Thank fortune, twenty days more will give us that City Hall (terrific cheers.) They may do their worst in that time; but for the honor of my date, I hope these country members willjdo us justice.? What would they say, my friends, il your city delegation in the face and eyes of a clear majority ot the people of Uuflalo, would dictate to them what laws they would have in their own local matters I I believe that these country members are honest. They are at least as honest as party ties will admit (laughter.) But one thing I speak fearlessly?the Democrats muy legislate for party purposes and so may the Whigs, but thiN is u triangle and wu Hi., lnn<rn*? side Malitrliter :m,l cheers.! Lit the >1 If gislate against this party if they dure (groat cheering )? j rhey legislate at least ngainst one half of the best portion 1 of their'party hero, ami 1 know of what metal that party is mi le Its power is more than all the vagabond votns ot ' all the other tactions. That story?that one point settles this question?they dare not do it (loud cheers ) Mr. Summons here stepped down. Mr. Sinx!*"* seconded the resolutions. The resolutions were then put and adopted by acclamation. The following delegates were appointed to proceed to Albany with a remonstrance troai the people ol the city of New York against passing the new Police Bill: S. S. Summon*. Joel Kelly, Alexander t'opeland, Thomas 11 Onkley, Joseph Ilufty, William VVnlWius. Mr Jii'ou L Kksn here came forward and said?We are < met here to-night for the purpose of expressing oil r disap- i probation in relation to the contemplated passage ol the l ,VeW Police Bill, which is now belore the Mouse of As- i semhly. The object of this hill is to present the people ] from getting power; and that van hill was actually con- < coded within the last week, in orde; my prevent | you Irom enjoying the blessings of that fieedom which roil have so nobly, so bravely won. (Cheering ) They i iinve set themselves to work within the last week?rather privately to he sure?nml are now about to pass :iu odious and base police bill to bind us down, (f ries of shame, shame ) They will then appoint persons to oDice, ami those tnon will not be native born citizens. (Cr ies of shame) It is my friends for party purposes, for the i loaves anl fishes, that they have prepared this bill. (Hear, hear) One would suppnsa that nf'er the number of votes which wo have taken at the polls on Tuesday, which gave so derided an expression of the popular will having polled nearly J.'i.tHK) votes. (Loud cheering) These men havn tampered and played with the direct wishes ol the people ol this city under the direction and advice of Mayor Morris-and they commit these aggressions upon our newly acquired and nobly won victory (loud cheering)?that has been so gloriously secured for us. (I.oild cheering ) Tiny have lost the battle ; nnd I would say to these mrn that now have the reins of government in hamla, not to dare oppose if in our mighty work of reform. fLoudand jirolougod cheering.) I repeat then, if they clam, they will he defeated at the fall by about ft,000 at (lie next election. (Loud cheering) | know that the Native American* of tin* city do not mean to have any thing to do with the next President! il election (loud eriea of hoar, hear) as a party ; but whan tlint election come* on, the Native American* will go (or their own favorite candidate ; and il they am defeated, it must be through Inue mean*. In rtlation, my friend*, to the immediate object of our meeting, I hone that your'iommittee may return to you, with the glad tiling*, that thi* new police bill, ha* been nut up for ever. I bone that honc*t people of New V'ork, will bo aide to defeat the projectors of thi* infainous attack upon the liberties of the poonle, by those who now have the reins of government, ami whom we have been contending against for the last six months, in order to achieve the glorious reform which they now ende ivor to nullify } but they shall not succeed. To accomplish our objects, the work is yet to lie done we have to arrive at all the corruption and fraud* ami black deed* of the last year; and wo will let them see what we are about. (Loud cheering.) Ily this election of our candidate for Mayor we hare defeated both parties of the oi l corruptionists of the city ; the defeat h iving come upon them, they know they have bnt soon to live. (Laughter) They have been defeated by such a man as lames Harper ? (tremendous cheering)?they feel that the Native Americans have taken a stand which will teach these miscreants what is the power of the sovereign peoplo.? (Loud cheering.) We have had to encouut t much opiiosltion from these fereigners. In the ward where 1 reside >RK 1 ORNING, APRIL 12, 1S44 | theUreeks and the Hessians deposited their ballots, ami when 1 asked them where they resided, the ini|>ector said he would challenge every one at our aide?that in the way they wanted to take the election ; and in the id District, 13lh Ward, what scenes were there enacted j it waa not enough for them to huvu the privilege of voting : no, lor when they found they were cut down at the polls, they then had their lireek* and their Dutchmen to kick up a row, and when we claimed to have the men arrested wo were then struck down ?(cries of shame)?but we shall thiuk of all these mutters at the full election ; lor we ahull then have men at the ballot boxes that will be honestly qualified and do their duty. (Cheering.) All they will require is to be sutislied that they are bona fide voters ot New Yolk; and those puners given to lorei'gn voters at Tammany Mull, and by Mayor Morris, uo' Id be lound to I*) a direct fraud--(loud cheering)?and although we tind them at the spiing election again, yet when the natives have the power they will linl "they can't come it."? (Laughter) One word on the election. You all know, my Inends, that the successful carrvinir out ol the irlnii. Otis victory we have achieved depend* un the mumier in which we carry out our measure oi reform by those men whom we huvu elected a* lathers of our city. These men we have erected must go on irrespective ol party in the great work of reform in all the various branches ot our city government, and if they do not they must he ousted. k(Cries of hear, hear, hear.) in the springelection, if they are found wanting and prove dis honest, they must not he placed ngain before the people.? (Cheers) They want reform in every part of this government?their officers?they must have reform in oil its branches. It wus not at the small end they should commence; it was not at the dollar a day; the twelve shillings a .lay for the l'tirk Fountain; hut wo shall commence at the nig end (Luughter.) Ves, rny friends, we shall commence at the head and go down to the city watchmen. ? We do not mean to take two shillings a day from the i working man to effect this retrenchment, hut we shall take ?600 uud ?KX)U from the salary that rises up to ?J."v 000, and when we have clipped it down to that, if we do ] sot get any one to tuke the office, why I shall take it raj sell. (Immense laughter.) We shall reduce all the high < salaries, and those officers that reeeive ?elniid ?10 are not us plenteous as those who receive hut |k (Cheers) I feel conscious (hat tho men we have now selected will car ry out these reforms, and that the wot king men will perlurm their duties in such a manner as would give sn- | tislaction, for they know what the people require. We shall commence at the top, and take a lew hundred dol- I lars from the high salaries, and not tukc the two sliillinir-i i a Joy ott' the w ages of (lie woiking mun, (cheering,) who ( has but his dollar aday. (( beers.) These things should I be known, an<l I hope, my trie mis, to see every thing', we i have proposed fully carried out, and thutour pledge to the | peopled this city will be fully and scrupulously carried t out; and I hope that when we next meet at at contested t election, that the men we have (elected will be again ie- 1 lected for the honesty and integrity with which they shall t hare performed their duty to the people. (Cheering.) I Mr. lie La Rli: being loudly called upon lor a song, t proceeded to gratify the musical propensity of " the t million." It is certain this melody has never been pub- d listed ; but no matter , it was read with uproarious acclu- J minions, and clapping, and all sorts of appiobation, parti- s cujerly those parts of it [and they were neither lew nor \ farjbetween], which talked of " home," "papists," " fo- v reigners," is.'. After order was restored there was loud a sails lot " Iliiins," " Hums." Mr. Burus came forward p amidst orica of " bravo," "order," Stc., ice., and said? v Fellow-citizens?1 am wearied out with the labor? of p die late campaign, ami 'tis not my wish to tax your pu- l tience or injure my own lungs. We are assembled for one s jbject, and that is to protest, in tlio name of the native a American citizens of New Vork, against the Legislature | passing the Police llelonn Bill. We have decided by do,- o tlM votes that it is not what we want. It was made the 1 est question at the election. It originated at Tammany n Hall lor the purpose of carrying the last election , it was u liscussnd there ; it was submitted to the people ; they v ?ave their decision at the hallot-liox , tliey said there was li 10 fault in the city charter, hut in those who administered v t (cries of that's true), if the citizens of New Voik c tould see what 1 did attho last election, their blood would 'i turulc in their veins. 1 saw a state convict let loose from n thick well's Island by the (iovtunoi, to pollute our noils n >y hi* presence. I saw Inm parading our streets at tin' il lead of hand* of blood-thirsty rutliuua, banded for the b urpose of preventing the native citizen* from giving a heir votes. Why do they want to crnm tho bill down the h hroats of the people of New York 7 Why, because it is c heir only hope?their lust dying kick (cheers) When r hay can no longer sit in that Huu [pointing to the City lafl J they wish to plunge our city under the power of tl he |K>lice law No longer ago than this day I saw one ol i; our city oflicers electioneering round the sheets ol this own, when he should be minding his business, which he s pai.l for (loud cheers.) I rejoice, Mr. President, to see p on here to-day? you who appeared in defence of your ights in those days which tried men's souls, ami perilled our life--I rejoie.u, I say, to see that y #u have raised your oice again to lash both tho old totten parlies who ox luded native Americans from their rights, for the purose of elevating to ofHce a set of foreign vagabonds? , cheers ) It is not a very agreeable subject to speak on in ', ublic on this occasion. Thne are eyes upon ui. We , re marked tp*"? D.*eUohar<at ivepuluicSM sn,l American p re> dom-(Loud cheers ) hollow citizens, they may no- ,, neuvre, and flu-eaten and scheme?they muy curse uh h vitU the Pollc- Dill that was hate lie,1 in Tammany Mali? h Hit 1 have great reliance on the country members in the { legislature, that they will never degrade themselves by landeriiif to these parties by their vote lor the bill?(Cries f if " they will not.") Where were your city otiicers last c Tuesday ? Were any of the riots quelled I?by the Magi*- t rates f?by the Tolicel No. Lvery citizen had to be his Q iwn protector?(Cries of " shame, shame.") Let us, then, n ;o together, shoulder to shoulder ; and the man who op n ose* us, let him be forever politically namned. (Loud v uid continued cheering.) p Loud calls were here made for " Circcn," "|8hannon. p The lortner gave way to 1 Mr. Siiavvos, who said ?I feel myself lagged out at the ( lection, and have no desire to address you at length: but t| oannot help referring to an incident which came tutdet , ny notice. It appear* that tlie inspector ol Meet ion* loi ' his District found that in?I iorget the Ward?this Ward ? (A. voice : " No, the 14th Wnrd.")? Well, no matter; j le found that the Native American j>.irty had a majority, (, laving polled'21'2 votes against little more than lot); he j bought he would put 112 instead of 212 on the number : u mt on being remonstrated with by n gentleman, he added >0 votes, and said that was correct. Now I say, if this t( sue. the case?if such frauds were committed, it was full ime lor you to take the government ot the City into f, lour own hands. (Cheers) .j Mr CUki.i.t here came forward and commenced his emarks by referring to the reform which they hud pronised the people. The < onimon Council had at lust bund out, at the eleventh hour, that their city charter required to be amended, (a laugh) and then they held a nock meeting in order to keep their men in ]Kiwer. (Apdanso ) Now that they had succeeded, they were deternined to keep their friends in j?ower, and the people may ely they would coni|wl them to lie honest by the force of aw, snd they would soon relieve the hungry politicians vho were now in office. In order to obtain party power hey had prepared their ^.olice hill; but their reform ihould extend to the judges of the lu nch and the very policeman, as all was n mass of corruption. The .olice ol their city were guilty of every suit ol crime, tad by the present disgraceful plans ol government, the ich man was the only person that could not he touched, "or money could elh ct every thing?they wanted ri lorni, md they proposed to abolish 1100 offices and give an i ll'ective police force to the city. (Cheers) Their victory was a gloiions one, ami Ihey would certainly succeed. Mr. I), wound up his remarks by dwelling on the advatitagesol reform, and called upon hit friends to give mi honest vindication from their hearts of what they had achieved. Much cheering followed. Mr. Ki.ctchkh s|ioke as follows Fellow citizens, I present myself before you to congratulate you on the glorious victory that has been achieved, and tot which I believe there was the greatc-t necessity. (Cheers.) 1 will not deal in vituperation on any man, however much II lias been merited by those who have propagated foul | lauds. There is a principle at the base of our Central I frivorament the government of our State?of the whole Union?of that ot every county in the United States, te j which 1 shall allude. In the mean time, let me refer a little 'to the part When thewhig majority ruled in this city, II ose who sty led themselves the dt mocrfttic paity opposed letting out the city contract lor Ave years. The others ssscrted that the people had not the power to appoint oth?rs to do thuir business. Now It must appear evident that if u government is to possess stability, the acts ol the present authorities must live through their perioJ of office. Out when the l ity ( ouncil is dissolved, it is done. The delegates are appointed for one year, and that year alone - not for another. Now, sirs, how have the present officers acted I In a mannerthat will be a disgrace to them, in the face of American freedom, for years to come, nnd not according to their own declaration in former times; but belying their own words and measures. They say such a course is unlawful, yet tlicy have the unblushing impudence to do the very same acts. Now, sirs, wo pro less to he democrats, hut not in the stricteit sense <>! till' WOftf. Wo arc representatives "! (hi people. 1 Thr original word In the Oreek signifies " lei t the people rule." Tlitu the people have their represents- < tives. and it ii inooniorated in onr law* that the people i shall Pile (cheer*). The people of New7ork have spoken c out. Hut are thoac men to annul the appointment* of the i people for another year! (bravo) l.ook ut that temple I there ; look nt that building; rn*t your eye* 011 it* in- t niati ?, who prole** the right to naturalize the foreigner ' who come* to our shores ' Who must examine tho na- 1 ture of thiirease, and ascertain the clrcumstcnce*, and sen if they have a rigtit to office? It istproposed by a < lupie t who have 110 risrlit to take these foreigner* and give them < paper* wiih which tbey come to the judge in tho court, t aii'l ha re ;e.i*c* them and sign* hi* name to them without 1 asking any piestion* (Istighter and cheers.) The nun they had to ; ay wa* $">. Where do thmo foreigner* get 1 the money ' I have it on the l>c?t authority, although 1 second hand?tliat of Judge Vonderpoel himself, that i within the ltst three vesrall.OOi) feiciguer* have been 1 naturalised a*d qualified Li vole 11,000 at one dollat n 1 head. A pretty sum Where did they get this money?-. | It is not likely that those foreign "harks would open their 1 pocket* the public, treasury has paid fur it. Now, sir, wh it was their object in letting down the fee to one dol- ! Ur, Instead of five, M established by law? Why should ( they run them down it* cattle through that law? The price legally to pa** this bridge is five dollars?wlijr run 1 these cattle over at a dollar a head? (daughter) You cannot view the question in any ?f its phases, tint you see low, corrupt and mercenary motive* *t the have. What c an you expect? There may be some good tilings in this hill among the. many ha 1 one*, lint the party who originated il ought to make an apology to humanity, or at least to the holiest part of humanity to lie found at it.? (Laughter) We have a right to transact the luuineu of this great city; and with these tematk* I beg lease to conclude, ft hear*) Mr. W. W. Dmsiita her* came forward and ??! ', the III. ! I ?J L JB-TB. HERA > New Police Dill, which lie held iu his huud, was uncx- I i ceptionslde|in ull re?pcct?, save an regarded the appoint- ' ing power, which was veated in the Common ('uttnril mid I Hoard ol' Aider men. Thu gave the bill a party character, i and it was prrpured for the purpose ot seiviug the party i at Tammuny Hull. They did not attempt this reform before?hut now, at the eleventh hour, and when all was done U||with them, they coma forward in order to mbaerve party purposes. If they w ere honest in intention, why did they not past this hill giving the power of hi>pointment to the new Hoard of Aldermen I But their object* were well understood, and if the proposed hill w as prepared by the angel (iabriel, it would be used for corrupt purposes, and as a mere party machine. (Cheers.) They had met for the purpose of expressing an opinion, and as they were sending up to Albany a deputation on tliis subject, he lielieved that the tneii there were too honHilt til lias mtiilst liafiiftlsnt tlm rt?prnn* York? to be caught in such si gilll-trap a.? that was. The present Common Council did not represent the democracy of New York, and still they wanted the Legislature to pass this bill for party objects. There was one universal cry against the present Police in office ; and they should have good and honest men appointed to office?for the present were a most corrupt and vile set. (< onfusiou in the erowd, and cries of " turn him out," which was caused by some person interrupting the speukur.) The appointing should not be given to such men as would appoint an objectionable and corrupt jiolice foico?amongst w hom there were some honest men to be sure, lie knew the American Republicans were good and would make good und sound officer*. H. 8. Whitnev ioso and said?They were assembled tins afternoon in front oi the City Hail, to express our J feelings. (Uproar beneath the platform.) I say to express i our views-(Contusion and tumult in the crowd) I | was going to say that it was for the purpose of stnting our view* in reference to the present I'olice JBill.-| At this state of the proceedings, the speaker was interrupted by considerable confusion and bustle in the crowd, r produced by an altercation that took pluce between some t persons, which caused noise and much bustle, amid loud , cries of " turn them out, turn ithem out." The speaker . then continued, but was again interrupted, when all on the platform rushed towards the end from whenre the J noise proceeded. The crowd here pressed firmly about 11 ! person who appeared to be a respectable mini, and with ' great resolution hemmed liiin completely up in a perfectly 1 solid mass. The crowd then pressed forward ami drew him gradually out until he was separated c ompletely from i the great body of the meeting. The man, under the cir- . cumstiinrcs, showed great coolness and forbearance, and . miled repeatedly during this altercation, lie was then ' leliberutely and forcibly ejected from tho I'ui k and the 1 {ate* were closed upon him, the crowd remaining inside '| tho bars and following his progress as he proceeded fl towards the Post Office, accompanied by one or two per- jj ions. On enquiry, it turned out that the party thus ( jected was a police officer, and that he was accompanied iy an associute officer, both of whom, it appears, met he snmo fnte. The whole scene appeared strange v ind extraordinary to the lookers-on, anil can red a great A leal of conversation and gossip on the stand.J The tl Vmurlran party has spoken out in tones of thuniVr |, ind it will uat. I think this legislature will net pass a bill |j vhoso tendency is to corrupt society, and encourngu the icious state o't the city. It did not originate in any deire to economise the expenses of your city, but for party 81 mi poses (great noise auu calls of order by chairman.) it C vas brought about to satisfy the cravings ol a lew linnPrw nlhcii IiaI.Iuim /Ar-ina r\f knl'u \ ief, air. When they found the people exptessing disgust 0 t the corruption or the city government, and the whole " bout to bo purified by one sweep fioni the American lie- M iiiblican purty, they concocted this hill to blind the eyes " 1 the public and to carry out their own corrupt purposes, f: t is a iact that in Tammany Hall they threatened evety o nan who would not support this bill. Gentlemen, I now p sk| you one and all, can you trust the Democratic party r i ho so long have deceived you, and disappointed you so j, ang 1 (Cries itf " no.") They are not men fit to restore utile and morulity to our city, nor hold otlice. They ry out reform, hut how can we expect reform from them "die people have expressed their dissatislaction at Tarnlatiy Hall, and thank. God wc are not to submit to such (j clarions business any longer. Old Tammany Hall must z ie. (Cheers) It is already tumbling, and for ever let it :t e damned and lost, and tlie Native American party rise nd extend its intluence. Mr. Whitney concluded by ex J ortiug his party to rally round the glorious banner, and y oiu|Uirthn Greeks ami Germans, and all other iocs ol ' eform. (Great applause.) The meeting then adjourned, and escorted In procession u lie deputation for Albany down to the steamboat, cheer- c ag most lustily on their way. ^ i ? h General Nrtslum. a lufure Recorder Tailmadge and Aldermen Hatfield and it lliady. ,, Jos as n.rmi.i.rrs, Ksf|., Acting District Attorney. ,j Aran. II.?Kinbexxlemmt and Grand lairceny?John _ [enry Hoffman, lornierly .1 clerk in tlie employ of Lew is ~ Cohen Si Co., of 13a William street, was tried on ail inictment lor grand larceny, in dcfisuding !his employers fl to.....-f . r?~ -v-.- --. . .. a ??'-u niTNiw"jVrtfey'tWTiefts'Ylrirgo poitiuu wu recov- r red. Thero being no evidence thai lie hud taken over A Jj worth of property at any one time, the jury render* d I'1 verdfc.t of petit larceny only, and the Court sentenced J din to the Penitentiary for six months, reminding him at he same time that he had made a lucky escape. Charge of Highway Rohhery.?Patrick Kelly, a hod-cat- I iur, was tried on an indictment fur highway robbery, ommitted 011 the person of James P. Kidewuy. ot Sing , ling, on tho morning of the 4th of April, about three ,j 'clock, while he was passing up Kim street near Antho y. Jlidgway stated that lie was in company with a wonan that lie had met in the street, and Kelly, in company i'ith another man, approached him, and the loriner nocked him dowiiwhile tin: latter seized his lint.contaiii- v tig several papers of value and a pocket handkerchit f ti lidgwey called " watch," and the two men escaped with c1 he papers and tho handkerchief. Kelly was arrested irnledlately after in fa house in Anthony stiect, but bis ( mi tner escaped. Tho witness thought that the intent nl ,, tisoner was to commit an assault and buttery only, ant ,1, mt to rob him : hut In: thought that the partner ot Kelly C id intend to roi> him, us he stole the panels and haudkei d hief. Tha prisoner was defended by Wit.i.iam Hhsi.?.*i \ [sip, who showed tho previous good character ol tin f Cl osed, and argued that the "action" u as produced liotn ? 11 excessive head of steam on the part of lus client, that '' no nnfat tunuti ly happens on the eve of a politic nl cam 0 iaigns in this city, und also that the ofl'ence could not In ousidered mora excessive than an assault uud battel y ? ['lie jury returned u verdict of assault and battery, a: 1 he Court sentenced him to the penitentiary lor two 1 nonths. Rohhery nf a Store.?Joseph Haines, alias Harris, ami iva ot Loudon, who says he is u long shoreman, wus ried on n charge ol burglary in tlio tbiril degree, lor lotci t ily entering the store ol Henry I" Havens & Co iuthe ' arly part of the evening of Ittth of March last, ami h dealing a gold chain from a desk, valncil at f&l. Ai-lni < j. Ifaveni, of the firm, testilird that tlie Morn was lor kiv ip at 8 o'clock, ami having occasion to rutnrn about fillet i J" ninutcs afterwards, he found two men with a light stand ngat the desk that contained the gold chain, lie inum j liately closed the door, and called " watch," when one ol lie men pulled the door open, rushed by him and escaped r >n entering, the accused wa* found lying on tho lloui cigning intoxication, and a dark lantern and small crow " tar, or " London jemmy," also on the premises, which , iad been opened by loicing the bolt of the door. The gob' :haln was not rr covered. i Jsmkh M. Smith, K?q. for defence, urged that the nr ' :uscd had entered the store in a state of intoxication, un int for the purpose of stealing, and the testimony of ? ' watchmen w as admitted by the prosecution, w ho saw hitn n a state of intoxication on the evening belore the ofh-nre s alleged to have heen committed lie then called H'll ' iiam Ueildens, .losepli Duckridge, 'i'linmiis iluckridge, ami 1 James Loates, who gave the accused a previous good chu racter, except as to temperance They also stated thai In J was a dealer in fruit and oysters, and hud a wile and lout p children dependent on him for support. The jury fonmi i hitn guilty, and tlie court ordered him for sentence en < Friday, Con tpiracy anions the Wearer* for Higher Wish * fames Ituwsou and Roliert Ilalli lay, were tried on an h lictment for " conspiracy " against John Oil-Irons, ruanii , hcturcr of cotton goods, ol 120 Perry street, on tiie |mh if January last, in an attempt to increase the price of ! veavol's wages. Mr. (ribbons testified that the acciui. ' nmc to his place of business on the tath ol January, on. tatnil that they wen- a committee from the association of ( weavers to increase the price ot wsgta, and cut out my , velm from my looms, il 1 did not consent to Incmio e thi u iricc of wages, which they said was for the good of trade, it Vlso, that they came in company with several v . il, nen employed by me, and brought several writ 11 hat had been cut li-om their looms. Two days previous t Hoses Young, James Hcollehl and llugti Kilpatrick. who ? iad been employed by witness, called and asked him to s igli a hill lor tlie iiiere.ase ot prices. Witness sai l he r voultl give the priees tint would not sign any bill tliej r' -amr ag.uu the next day and m.ii i m.ii in. Fiinny woiim ; lot li? satisfied unless witne*^ signed the tiill j that they *r?re a hanil of brother* and would stick together, and lnt;ov the property of wi(ne*s unlcae lie signed the hill )n the IHth.the accused came with the above rinrnedwm k nen, ami brought with them * veral weln that hail iiei n :ut out of loom* of wea\ era employed hy nic by meani of < vitriol They expressed no personal violeneo Hgnimt me, ?ut Haul they were compelled to cut out the wrehs by he orders of the society, but they were very sorry for it I'he accused told me that they weie a committor np|>olnt nt with other* to cut the web* from the loom* of Musck i V onng. James Scolirl.l and McOlll. On croM-einniinu ion wiliie** stated that the weh* were more or less injur - i id, but not *o much 10 a* to de?troy them, and also that he accused called themselves the " I utting out f oment ;ee" , Mrs. Ki.istni tii Bust, wife of Adam Hurt, who had worked lur Oihhuns, stated that the aocu a d came to In i bona* mi the flight of the iHth of January, and ?.ii I that 1 1 her husband did not rorno to the Tippecanoe llouie th text day by f o'clock, tbey would cut out bis well Tliry y ivent toward* the web, put something on it and then left Dn looking at the w t h w itli t candle I loiiud it failing out ind afterward* perceived that vittiol had been put. it ij JawM W*nnit. stated that he w?< wearing n wi lor Vlr. Mcl.ane which ws* cut out by the accused, and two Dther men who came with them w ithout his const nt. linnmit McDsnr testified thot he had attended it vcral of , the meeting* of the Weaver's Society, and w as a mem In r lie saw llallidny there at n time when ii",lnl.ons wei. passed to the effect that the webs of Hie manufacturer, who i would not pay the prices should be cot out ntnl carefully I returned to thern In consequence ol these m solutions ' witness cut web from a loom In his shop mid rtluiti , ad it. . i The defence, comitate 1 by I II M?v itriirs, Ksq called K* tscu Mont umn. who staled (lint the son of Mr ( ihbuns had " signed th" lull," but hi* lather denied hi* j lUthor.ty tJdosoj he also stated that a resolution wm j I II II I I I JLD. PrU* Two ( iDtl. passed by the Weaver'* Society to allow those worknun who could not obtain the llat of price* to ulinquUh their work ami return it Witness returned hi* wotk to Mr Uihbons in accordance with this resolution. I heaid koine one ?ay that one of Mr. tiibbons' web* had betu burned in the loom. The jury returned a verdict of guilty, and they ware ordered to appear for sentence thi* day. Literary Notices. Whims and Oddities?By Thomas Hood.?A reprint ot this "tunny" hook by Leu Ac Illanchard, can now he procured at the low price of C<) cents. It is one that will be reiul with satisfaction by evety one w ho can relish merriment and whimsicalities, and perhaps we ought to add wit. Whatever deference of taste may exist among men, one general point of resemblance may be pointed out?nil can enjoy a good humored joke, a harmless witici?nt, a sally of mirth. )>ean Swift, declared, that "the man who knew how to excite an innocent laugh, could do more good than a philosopher;" and it this be true, Thomas llood'a hook is a great accession to the world's blessings. There is ao use_ in criticising a book w Inch professes to he odd, or finding fault with an author who is content to he accounted whim-stVa/?otherwise we might iiuAcu iu ivir. J loon about Home liitle features in liis performance, which, "although they might make the groundlings laugh,(cannot hut make the judicious grieve." When one wants, for intiiunce, i quotation from that most pathetic and poetical elunion of Moore's, beginning with the lines? "O breathe not liu name, tint let it rest in the shade, Where cold, and un-honered, his ashes are laid''? lesecruted by being made the motto of a distorted ancaturi?when it m recollected thut the subject if those lines was Kobert Emmett, it ought to ire vent any trifling or indecorous frivolity on the art of i joker; and we beg leave to tell Mr. Hood hat it is rather yr of unity than whimsicality to deal iglitly with aught associated with the sacred nienory of the man "without an epitaph." The Hunchback op Notre Mamk.?This novel, rom the French of Victor Hugo, is one of the est that has appeared even from that famous man. is merits ure great, and there can l>e none of the ibjecttons matie to the reading of it which are freuently made to others of the French school.? dessrs. Hen (V Blanchurd have conferred a favor ui the public by plucing within their reach thin ideated work. Songs for the Sarbath.?Atwill, 201 Broadray, has brought out a collection of " Sacred lelodiea" under the above title. The words are rom the pen of the Rev. J. (ireenfield?the music y J. J*. Knight, well known lor his musical abity. The airs and accompaniments are melodious, nd mostly in F natural?a key which poaseeess a olemnl sweetness, well adapted, for this kind of omposilion. A new Gr.nkrat. Atlas.?We have seen the first umber of thin Atlas, wliicli is to be completed in I Nos. at '25 centH a number. It will be issued emi-monthly, each part containing three maps II imperial quarto, it is beuutifully got up, and as rir us the lirst No. goes,a very fnithlul illustration f the works of M'Culloeh, Darby, Arc., which it rofesses to be. It will be one of the most aocuate and comprehensive works of its kind which as ever appeared, and creditable to the research nd diligence of Mr. Tanner, under whose din-cons it has been prepared. Graham's Mara/ine for May.?This is a splenid number of one of our most fashionable tnagaines. The view of the battle-field of Brandywine i a perfect gem. The letter press is unusually inTesting nnd diversified. The agent in this city is lr. W. II. Graham, Nassau street, opposite the 'Hrk. Hkmrion in America.?The second part of this Bcful and well written work, of which we hud oeosion to speak very lately, has just appeared. The real respect for the ability of the_ author, induced y the perusal of the firct part, is not in the leust bated by a fullerinvestigation of his labors,which, . is apparent, have been undertaken in a mild and roper spirit, and executed with fidelity and discYeon. Ilarper A" Brothers, 82 Cliff street. I>. BOLL. FLORIST, Bf ,i?Kitof Pi1 h rt i"?i t l 4 nineilia*, ? cinnritiiiK upward* o! 410 % ? ?; /*!?a. Rhododendron, aud other urren hou?e aud . I aidy ants. Moor*'? IHoomingdale hour bv the t)or, startirkr llt>m lO'iier of Chatham and Tryon ?uw. uuqnMi pu' m> ta?tafiiUy. a2 ltn*ni ^ h Hh Sll ii AK DKN~SK 1'. P?I tnninnuu ? ! TTOO lbe of pvrai nn'iim, i"v? mi ui umr, niuu ius 01 i uri.ijt; ?i u ids 01 Ciirri't; Mm Ibt of Onion; On ILk of hpinat h; 2 Ml Ibi of .abbftgc, and about 5000 lbs of other Srcd, in all thr choicest iecie? nud varieties. For rale on it operate funs, and iu u&t ti ties to suit t> ore haters, by T. BIUDCJKMAIN, At hia I'eiinaueiit Family Lstabhshmri.t, Br. aowav.eor } . ghteontli fttnct. IT/*" A'in. by hia too .Alfred, on the ?? me prrrniie*. n K?*ceral RaortinMit of* it tiisHOUifc I'la ffTs, en bra ring about AO of ic choicest varieties of (ifr>uiturn%; ail the neat kind* of ion thy Una. ; tcgfthf r with Camtl!ii??, Cnmntirns. Cm* is's, Vertenas, nud otorr flowering aiiil orLaiiuutal M<tnU, mli'ding Double Dabil <a, <Wr , Q / ' AMERICAN STAN DA HP HOHTIf l/Ll 17RAJ* OOK*, rotiUitiinK (be results o 21 \ ears' prartii e in il?e ?iinity of New Votk "The Young Omrdeuera Assis'aut." the ttli edition improved. 6t 4 pig is octavo: "The Kitchen (Ja*. > tier's instructor;" 'The hlorisi's (inide,'' and the "Fruit, ultivdtor's Manur.l," for sale, wbobtale r.nd te'nil, by tin; , ii thor, Broad way, corner of I tth street. al lm#ec g*u? FOR 8ALF..?- \ piece of land containing from 20 to rWfk'M acres, beautifully located on ti e I'uteriou Turnpike tdkjSh.Po4d, commanding an extensive view in all directions. L is near t li>' 11 v< U? u>.h U I. \ ? r,-mI in Ittll VltW Of Newark, verlooking nil ti e MirreundniR country. It ia an admirable lie for a gentleman's v aideuce, beicg five miles frcin Hooken, at Secaucui, N. J., in the mtuhhorhood of good choolsatid eminent pveachcn. Inquire ofWM. k HAD* )Of'K, No. 93 IVrry street, or of the owner J. (f. l!>DEliI ILL, at Secaucus, or Dr (iLO V KR, 2 Ann st. inA lin#rc Toblo"'STSKEi) a fUiuT: Jnft Received by the St. Jiimrti. hum THK PROPHIKTOH revprctfupy inform. tl.e pubKw| In: lint dun 111: III. I.ife rmt to Kiiglaud he \ rocuird -X? thrf uyli Mr. ( harlwood, tli" celcli-atrd lee.laiiiaii ard oUtii.t, nil liir rm variety oi J'ahlia. ami How?r h.eil., inch a took tlu I'irin um al vr riiiin Multicultural Kiluhition, laat ?r ; in nihil!ion to ? h'cli will lie found all the choice kind, nI .ally .ml Late Vegetable Si cd?. r ml a var cty of early and late 'oiat' cu. ?.{ tlx- beat kiridi, Willi tiraaa every variety. Puri liarer. will I e attfii ed to by a regular lireil .red,man, ?o ii>t no iniitake, can occur ( '.very' artic'e iu the line ha* been purchaaed for re.dy tncney, nil c.iu he .old at modera e prices. 'I he ( oDiervatoiy in under the eharpe of a i ract'eal floriit, >h? will iliipoae of every variety of plant, and ihiebv if rry low price* Bt <|itru and wreaih, liwtefullv aryngeii n werylvandty of ?tvle, a'.o, cut flower., at iery ilior: notice. A jpeit variety i f Klower Pet,, flr"iimei til h'lower Siaodi nil Va?ei, Irom the 1'otterie. in LmJoi; IJird h<*d ; Sc..ti li )it Meal, tSrotU, 4tc. |! i~ Every aiticle offered for .ale warranted to lie a, reromlieu lied W. NlilLO. al I w J. F. It. M.FSSON, 1 O I' P E If S M I T II , K K O M P A If I S, nAS THK. Il')\(>lt I i inform the pub ic, that he lut jn t i [mini ft ilure it Jtil UteariWich llmt, wl I" in inula. u*ra ;.nd haa lor ia'e, Kitnhea Hangaaand Tu h!r, be . in a t)lr altogether raw, made of one piece of iretal. Mould* lor > airy c i dta, of different moih 1*. Alambigr.e Bathing Tuba, 1.11 fl.itlu. lie nun iinu.iiliictife* wrought iron. tin. ur* over oil repair*, m good .i? raw, all Kitchen Itug-i and Tarkla; j.d bygfieeineM will de.Jnrt ftltjr jar cant to different holi I* n.l hoarding bona#*. (T7"Tlic above article* wfll be lent ottf. N. B.?Wanted at the above piece, a journeyman tinman, nnd tilling mm who car ape.ik and hi gliah. m2't Im^m I'U iItTi sE AND STOKK KKKPKHS, MAM'I'ACTUli KlfS AM) < )'l'lIl.lf S. "1 S. BMITH & CO. ra?iacifiillv inform their Wanda rod S the i lib'ie generally, ilia, thay will attaint pe-aonall) to iru King and i?fling the huuinhnku foretime ol familiar** l-vitur or declining hnnarkreping. anil mirrlanciia ol all inda i f paraona ialini)unbu.g huainaai, either nt the r itore* nt the na ieri, or in our aalca room, w Inch i? admi/aly adapted for ilia pnrroie. ()uraalea r. oin, 10 fail deep end well lighted, aitua'ed on Iroedway, ar.d commanding the at'enfion of M'ia *r at tlio uughfare, afford* to mannfactarrra and othen facility* lor iho k.Iiilift ion and ante of ev. ry d*?criptioo ol tn-rehaiidiae tinaur* eaaed liv any other atora in the city. Tanni mndcrate- I I.a notion and payment of rale prompt Libera! caah adyanera, than rri|uiraif, will h* oiida on roriiignment* intacdad either or politic or private teles. . ( has h BMn H. IIKMlV K. U'lU.Aim. Autlioue I and I'ommiM'im .Merchants, m27 lm*rc S.ore 301 Broadway, c ir Dnane it. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. I"A M. t'KY > CO. (lately reinovad Iroin the corner of IV . WilFmm and .Infill, !<> ?? " nn j mirr mr mi? 10 l.hrr.J D-riim. wliolr.tlk and retail, tha following oiticlaa, ?fn?. A by n crnlarrM la ? 1.1 Im h'ti Z< i hyr Wo.aird?llir mctt eompwti asiorlmrnt in this country. . .. larvaaa. for Fmtrmdrrf, of cotton, silk and woratad, in kit aid tha. ... drrlm I ?.lr?idrrv Faiur.-n?of tnr choirnt and nmril dr?ciipiit.iii Koitiroidfri"*, unworn hm eommencfld. on ?ilf, woriti d and cotton, wvrk il in llir motl Uuti'fnl Panaiui atvla. [\'?rla for Itiir l)r*t*r?. nf gold, tilvrr.aiid ailk and Hnanllrd; lit. I' M i urnli, lli>r run, and a taiga variety of otli-r ? tit.tnl Paria Kaner Articlra. 'urar Ornaim ut??Hle? I, gilt and tilver Bi-flria; Bugle's I'nrta Taaut, iilain anil shaded. in sticks and arnolt t.mtiroidarf ai. ! /I vcr ' In iiilla. (il ailk a-d ma'al and I Ik. V hlira- *', iiini! a and I o.d and Taaaala, .nv ,.rtad an 1 I I hair own niktuft ttura. ol gold, ailvcr, silS , fc, . all colors and widths r Br.nch Store a Ml> Bradv?a?,(formerly 4J7 Broadway ) < "I fill ? Till: Onmtl^rnNIiKNCK HKTWULN lilJH NS ANU UL\RJNI>A rHK wholf (if tli? myi'trioni i ! tcrpt w' H h tn< k plucf h?tthf Pnvf Hi H>? tod tlir r# Vbr.i id CUrind 1, Mrs McLvnot* , m 1797 fo **>1. **?d winch n.? ? urSi for n vntu by < uiimiiyhain mid ofhrm, f t tb# Htrrot* of |mblic*ri? n, h*? nf kn*t'i by fb - [ ? *? oil In* iiJa, UUnu into th* hands of b#?f gmtdton, " S cictho**, >j. till is m \v 11ml jr v h U flw world J li" Ainmnn eui* ion i* a ?j#V limn, ?i?linn of about SuU ,.rJ'"Lp H?it s.n-d aud (tit stir ny II ' I) XUV k ( <> ml5 lm?aU Nn. 5 Park Row. ArfnslM tlir \%tnr Hi.naa DUtUi STORK FOR N.II.F.. 3ITUATKH in a good neighborhood. t? handsomely fined n 5 and doing a good bnsmeal. Will be Mild low knqiiireal IMS Oraud street ?U lo in

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