Newspaper of The New York Herald, 12 Nisan 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 12 Nisan 1844 Page 3
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Of (hp tonuag e, tLere.belonged to tb? porta of? T .i il. 1.009 3T?" 01 1.140 tr 98 1.138.692 03 li I u. 161.482 67 37.116 44 882,589 18 N- iV.nk, 837,848 29 259,725 27 4?9 9?5 56 " w Orl.dn, ? 49,907 60 9-4,452 06 149.409 66 PhlliJrlp U.... 39 445 14 64.194 59 104,149 4H .V-w 13 ill,ltd - 83.056 69 17,024 74 100.081 48 The total tonnage ol' ahlpping built in the United btatea during the nine month* ending June 3U, 1641, era* lUgiatered .87.275 83 Em oiled 36 343 46 Total 77 OUt Stuck Kxehauge. >2-iu41 U S6'?, 'SI 113 14 *l-a< Equitable lo* 1441 15000 U <4 5'?, '53, cpnitk 102 40 M<reh'? Emc Co 14 0 0 Ohio 6', '60 ?10 94k 175 Mohawk HU 62 H00 da 9i?i 50 do 62k 50U0 do 1,W 9444 51) do bJO 63 5 00 do b3tl 9l? 2ii0 SloeiuKton KH b30 40 torn Kentucky 6'* 101 100 do 1 (<'44(i Peou &S't 6aX 240 Lone III uid HK 72 lionil do 430 651, 100 do 4 I20'10 do 66 10 do 7J 1500(1 do blO 66 KM) d? Z.I%/ 5 0U do ,30 65X liO do 5 ill?N V State 13k 86 58 do 7?* 5 I3k nl C. m. full 97 100 Harlem RH. al2m 60 20 Mer< h 4 Bk 107 150 .. do 65 25 OhioTruu 93 100 15 or & Wore 44 25 is Am T.uit Mk 50 d> ?10 43* 25 do 14k 651 do 4436 KIO Much', and Triilm' 50 do ,10 I4,k K-.NU 90d ?1 50 do 44 S, 50 llluioia Bk >?K Ji .'30 44 100 C niou Co S1>$ 50 do bnw 41i? 225 do zi 4*' bi0 4?g 125 do S'fi 50 do 41J6 hi .1 > bnw 37 k 100 do blO 45 3U do "TO 37% 21 do >30 41% 6U d.? V60 37% 100 da 1)30 43% III do Tne*day 3 >4 30 do ;u<l 43 73 da >30 37 *4 ' 0 do >30 11% 30 da Tniduy 3"% 31 do bl5 43 Second Bonrd. t3r00 PenuN 3'* 67 50 >liu Nor Si Wore b!5 46 10011 do c 67 25 do 1)20 46% 5000 Ohio 6'? ?I5 91%' 50 do 1>10 46 50 >lia> N rSiWorc b 0 45% 200 Luuk I .lar.d 71 25 do b3 43 no da 70); 50 do 44){ 200 do b60 73 100 do 45 50 Maubattau Ga? 85 25 do 160 46% 50 C iuI'in iO 37% 50 do 45% 25 "lo *3 38 75 da 45% 30 HurlaiiRR 61 50 do 46 llO Fainter*'Tiuit 40>a New StocU hlxrnaiis.e f 3000 0!iio 6'n, '60 itiw 04% 100 shis Canton Co 37% IbOll do u * 93 75 do bl5 3'% li Oil do *15 94% 75 do _ *15 37% 201)1) o buw 95 50 Look Island HK 13 72% I'00 11' in 'tis, 1850 39 50 do 71% ICU11 Ky6'*, payjble in 30 do blO 7i>? New York b60 90%' ;0 do 71 2000 eeu'i'n 3'* 63% 5n d> 70% 4(00 do 66 100 do b30 71 1100 Iilia is 39% 50 do , 70% 1000 da 39% 1'0 do b90 71 1000 1 0 *3 39% 75 Mohawk RR. 61% Ko thai l-'arcncrt'Lu 39% 150 Haileut llR 61% 50 do a30 39% 50 do tw 65 25 do 1)3 39% 25 do >10 65 100 do 1)3 40 50 do 7th 65% 75 Vickuburs Bk 9 25 Nor 81 Wore *3 41% loo da 9% 23 do bl 44 50 Canton Co 37 60 do II 25 do b3 37% 130 do a3 44% fO do *3 3 % 100 do b30 44 75 do 3 % 25 do *10 44 50 4*0 b3 37% 100 do 41% 30 do blO 37% 75 do blO 41% ^in?j ul aknuvf Ashes?Pots we must continue to quatel very inactive at $4 41 a 4 43jj; pearls the same as lictoro noticed Beeswax continues very inactive at our former quotations ol 30j adUjc. < ottun?The sules to day are 1,300 bales. Market dull and very inactive. Prices lower. Cost.?Within a few day* past transactions have been to a fair extent We notice sales of 414 tons Newcastle at $7 50, on ti mouths; 305 do do tor blacksmiths, at $8 50. -i mouths; and -475 tons do for the steamers, at $7 50, 6 months. There are some small lots of Orrel in market, which are held at 8 50 a $9. Flour?Ohio, round hooped, $4 87J; western, $4 93J. These prices seem to be firm to-day, with a little better demand. Real F.state?The following sales were made by auction The Colonnade House, La Fayette Place, being the fourth in the block of those marble front houses, known as Colonnade row, together with a stubbie the rear of the lot $-40,750 Cotton Ilarketi. Mobile April 3.?There has been a good enquiry to-day > and stiles have been msde to a considerable extent. Prices however, in the lower descriptions of cotton have decliu. <:d fully }c. Middling cottons may be quoted at 7 a 7jc. New Orleans, April 3.?Holders have been very firm, and prices have undergone no change. The next mail will undoubtedly bring us the anxiously expected accounts, after the reception of which we expect to see a large business transacted. Liverpool Classificution?Lottisiunaand Mississipi. inferior, 6|aG|; ordinary, 0sa7f; middling, 7J a S; middling fair, 8}; fair, 8] a f); good fair, Ti".i gUUvl lull IIUO, IV.. Foreign Markets. Hi j be Jarriro, Feb. 27.?The receipt* of flour continue 1 irge, ami much beyond the consumption ol thin market. The stork now in first hands is 39,000 bbls. and the stock in all hand* about 78,000. Wo quote nominally, Richmond at IK'iOOO, and Baltimore at 12 a 1211600. The advices in all the neighboring markets continue very discouraging Coffee still continues in demand for the United State*, and the shipments there during the last mouth were 02,244 bags. We quote the prices at present, viz : choice superior 3;|300 a 3i;400; superior and good firsts, mixed lota, 3||000 to 8,|200, and good firsts 2 ;700 a 2?!HM). llrlgteton Cattle Market. Aprit. H.?At market, ?<50 beef cattle, 75 pairs working oxen, 230 sheep, and 2,380 swine. 100 beer cattle unsold. I.ast week's prices for beef cattle were not sustained, and we reduce our quotations. Kxtra, $5 35; first quality, f 4 75 a 5; second quality, $4 25 a $4 75; third quality, ft 74 a 4 25. Working Oxen?Sales at 65, 69, 75, 80, 87 50 and^$92. 8h< ep -From 2 50 to $3 75. Swine?Prime lota to peddle, 5c for sows, and 6c for barrows. Lots of a large size 4<f and 6jc ; old hogs 4, 41 and 5c At retail, 5 to 7c. Died, On Thursday, Utli inst., Jostrn Gt'iLL, in the 31st year nl' liis nam. His ivi?tivc? nnd friends are requested to attend the Itinera!, tins afternoon at 3 o'clock, lrom his late residence, 3 Lewi* street. On Thursday morning, 11th inst. s'ter a short illness, Jacob IValto-s, Hear Admiral of the Red, II. B. M. Navy, in the77th year of his ago. PussenK?rs Arrived Abai.achicola? Baiuue Cnbt?9 C Oreatejakes, nnd S A Binds. _ PassenKeri Sailed. Londo!*?r.cVet slii" Toiou'o?Mr Hubbard, lady, child and t. Miss New lork; v>r Miller f'; mi,i Andewa, London; J (J Dai-do, Germany. -.' oratfc'ii (miiortatlusia Bki.i/.k. Hood?Brig Br.dgroii?70 sticks mahogany J 9 Aoder no?? <> K otfin. \1 a vaobi 7.?Brig Lhamplain?173 hhds sugar I do molasses I' harmony's Nephews. Domestic Importations. Nun Oki.kans?B rqiie Vnntpel T?5 bbls tallow 3 do seed A I uuis?27 c. ks shoulder, fill les be f I evius Si SO' ?8# lilt's 'aid 311 do p..rk 9?n II. Wt I i co?2 tcs 8 bbls b*e.WI? 4 balm 3 his unite J A Pan oms SjOS I bale lass.y do co'.ioii wll lanis li u|, hit lard 44 do grease h. lit do lard 411 k. g. do Nt's bo.u ci Cruli?7 cks ginseng 1 tcs h/.swaf t<> master?'9 b-l s to order Ar ii.Ai HtcoLA?B ique I ub*?212 .ticks c-dar R W Uo|?'s ?tKO bale c t.on A Avenll li co?316 Colloinb It Lehn. MARITIME HERALD. '"alllttt Dsrt of the Htewm Shire. f ROM Lives root SROM sMeatc* Ae.adia. Shan on Apr. 4 May I I ;ii'ri.u, Hyrie Apr 19 May 't <./. VVe?tern, .Matthews "-Apr. i!7 May 23 <; Britain. Hotket lilty tt ........ Jane 30 Notice to flloti and Captain* of Vessels. All Pilots and Captains of vessels are rrqnesteil to note t ie Let that Uobvrt S. Martin, formerly oar ship news collector, is not now in our employ. He is not, there fire, to receive any n-wsp pen or report* inteuded for the >ew York Herald Foreign letter ling*. Hereafter, l.etter ami Newspaiier Bags 7??r all parti of the World, will he ru.ide np at the Hk*sld Orricv. Ship Aastsrs and Ag*nt*. W ? shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will jiv to Commodore Kohi rt Silvry. of onr News kieet a He , ,.i c.l the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, th' >' -!>?('s Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, nn any Kntri^n New ipipeis or News they may have, lie wil board (hem immediately on then anital. Agents and Cor let!.ondt nts, at home or abroad, will also eon ier a lavo? hi ? toting to tikis Olliee all the Marine Intelligence they ear '.Ltain Nautical Informatics of tar kud will ka lhasltfsll" POllT OF PIKW YUKK, A PHIL 1*4 sens risks 5 27 | moon nisvs 2*4 si.IS S".l S ............ .6 3J I HiriH WATKR 4 57 Cl*ared. Ships Severn, Cheever, Live po..l, W Whitlnek jr; Oconre, Iic'- n. New Orleans, rl K Cnl ies It Co; Ocean, WiHsril do. riervelt Uiillock ?Bs '|if Warwick, Weeks, do. Buck Jk I en - Bugs IL lierca. .WctJuire. St Th mm Ili Breit K V se; Pallas. <?>?) Lauitlor, Jersey Ha-hnr. INK ItofttlhM It I'h; (i U I Saunermsn, Savannah. Dunham V Dtmnn; I1iiiti>'I'll (Ironing, Kelker Key West, It L Mutland: Sarat' ga, ilri'vll. Ni'ifmlt, Dunham It Dimnn.?Hclis Alrtvndria Lewis. Alenandrii. Sturges fc Clearinan-, Kickard B.iktr, Ballim >re. I B t i ,a-rr Weill gtnn, Knowltnn, Philadelphia; Navarro,(h||f, Boston, KoiUf ?t Nicker.on; Page, Niakerson, do. Arrived,'i f.l> I, Col li, from Dienfuegot, March 23. with 273 hlvls IU#bt? stigir ta t haslelaiii *c Convert. 26 h nit. saw an Amaiicin lur'ilie with painted porta ashore on Cane An'o. io H. n ine M nip I er, ateck|>olai I diys from Sea Urleius, witn inline, to Small. Williams fcLo. It.iri|uc < 'nha. Blaiichnril. 13 davv from Apalaclncnla. with ; eoitoii, to NesmitH It Wal-h. L- It. John> Rrower, Isadora and I'i ueer Cor Boston, soon: Hortra. lor "York, do Swedish hr g A'bmn, Hnldt, from Htnekholrn, via Lisbon, (w here she pnt in ill dit ress, witii lo s of live mm washed over, hoi .1 V bet re repoitvd) with 308 tons irou to Boorman, Ji huSwmli?h i rig Jenny, F.kland, 13 davs from Ttio Jainiro, with c >''ee to Mason St I nomjnon. t llrig No' I , Deming, :ttf days from the (angry Islands, with 300 tin s barilla to < has K. Huincy. Left no American ? ' 'brig Br dgton Adams, from J3e!i?.\ llond. March 24, with mail its >v to J H Anderson Hov I'or.o Rico. Ura>, I* days from Cienfuegos, with sugar, Br it ( hantt'lain. Kinsman, 20 days from Mayagiieg. Pit. with JII .'II t "'tsier S I r (> >'y S. n. Moore. { f Pit'stnn) It days from New Orle ns. Willi 20 lihds "41 tcs 2IJ bhl> inolatiss lo K J> Morgan. e-<-1,r >aish Auguita, Brown, 2 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to m iter. tmmmmtmmu ?w i immjb Sehr lolt, Norwood, lion Lutpoit, witk plant*. to PI N# . ?HH It Son. _ Schr Wm Hear)', Thofudike, [ton Thomulon. with nut. to muter. Sloop Atlanta, Hitcben, from Vork Hirer, with oysters, to J Parker. Below Ship Levant. Whittieaey, It day* from New Orleaoi, with provisons. to order , ? ? , . , Ship Mariposa. Parsons, 19 days from New Orleans, with cotton, fcc to order Aleo, one brig unknown Sailed, Ship* Toronto, Oriawold, Loudon; Severn, C!i?ever. Liverpool; St Cloud, F.mernon, New Oriran,: June, Perkins. Hall, Cliail aton; ornre Seliaa, (Sweo) Stockholm; Florida Blanco. Beliie. Hond and others. H..ip U'e uanJ, Smith, for Mobil*, and barqu- Oen Oreeu, Claik, lor Peuiacola, ars at anchor at the BW Uptt. Herald Marine Correspondence. ... ? . ,, Hoi.mi a' Hci.a, April 10. H!u p, ?wc1^ ^owmerce, Philidel. mih lor Bna'i u. 9th ArrTalleyiand, Kuowltop, Baltimore for BostoniCalcutta. Park, 13 d,yn fin t ardeua, for do; Kclipe*, Pierce. Baltimore for do; M y, Hancock, Havana for do Fuggy- and raiov all day. Owing to th* foe, the steamboat from Nantucket Hid uot net ailing iu time for the cars, and therefore my letter did 0 k* fa-ther than New Bedford yeaterday. 10th?Verv phasant, wind N iV, vet.els all (ettiut und-rwar. TV**? by thia moruiua, ILeaide, Lauglry. Bstoo for NYork About 20 tail are pasting up the Sound (on the north aide) to westward. The Calcutta left at Cardenas, Rothschild, Lowry, ldg for o 1 ork, ami 4 or 3 for Boston. Mlncellaneona, Packet Ship Samuel Hichs, Bonker, for Liverpool, will aAil to day. Her letter bags are at this ofli re. Schh T?m Wood ? Cnpt Williams, of the Pomera't. at B.,1nmor 'nun Uemera a. >e oris?ivike3lst nit lar 2R nt N in,, 69 16 W Rio, \ ouiik, ol Boa on, 1'mni l'liil idelphi i for t-iau lu gna. Cuba. Mid took fiom her Me Captain end crew i f aclir Ti in Woo j, f.i'm Sitih ?h for Ba'timo e they having nbiunoued her in lut 3d OS. on 7] '0. in a leaky atate, w (h a I feet water in ill* hold, witliou aula and mliumaat *ni e?li-crew i i a complete atate of eahauitiou, haviuif wurktd both punua for 36 houn. W'linlemeif Arrat New lVdford 9th F> i?nual'ip, Tuber, NW Co'?t 103 da fin B"Ci>-tv lalanda, with 2800 hhla o I. 3 0 a", and 34.000 Ilia bona Spoke Oct 26 nil I 64 N, Ion 160 W, Murcia, iVIoahar of an lor KH. 3D' 0 bbla nil 100 ap; Nov 2 , off Soe.e y lalanda, (rood Katarn. Tol a , NB, 3000 noli, 200 ap, for home; Ian 2, '44, U' 53 10 S. Ion 81 10 W, Oov Troup Jaauay, of a d for N B, 3i 00 bbla, 150 ap; Kali 20. lalanda of Tnnidad in aikbt, apoka Hoi iniiHiiat, Klandara, Sini ican, 75 dtya out. clean Alio air, V* ude, Swif , NVVf mat, Sandwich lalanda 6 m"a ? d II daia, St Catlmieea Jau 18 will 000 bbla ap 1200 wh, 60 b kliah oil, aud 11.500 Iba bona, Spnk- Jan C. '44, t 35 S Ion 48 20 W, Sarah Louin Plaaker, Mi c ran, all well Left Bf St Catharines Jan (5. Tylralou, L, ce, Nant, oil not staled, li ving a new foremast pot in. Alan air laapar, Hannett, S Atlruti: Oceio, vis St Helena, witli ISM bbla oil IN ap, and U, M Iba bone - baa taken a 5ti bbl ap wh sin e Iravi if ut H Heard from in Keb, Ut 29 9, lou 16 Vv , Iuxa, Cudworih, Wareham, 8 tn 6 ' ut, 400 ip. Arrat St ningtou 8 It inat. Merc rv. Ciray, NVV Coast via Falkland lilauds w iih 2100 bbla w h 210 do ap oil and 18,000 Iba bune Kepnru imthp if ItW Mararatbo. Nickeraon, from Atlantic, or and for I'lymoutli, with 65 bbla ap, piaaetl down Sound 8tb. Tob?cco Plant, N B, off I Jiathain lalanda in Marih, 9 moa out. with 700 bb a ap oil a d p etily of w bales m aialil Charleston Packet at St Helena a few dura to Keb 3, with 350 bbla ep 350 do wh. Murgpet Scott, of and for NB, apokrn April 4, lat 31 18, Ion 63 41?by the Albion, at this part. Bpokan. Puritan, Ulm*r of Thomaat >n. from NOrleans for Bordeaux, April 5. lat 31 13, lou 88?by (lie Montpelier, at tliia port. John Kennedy, atamliiuf N. April 1, lat 28 13, lou 79 CO-by the Oulv Son, at tliia port. John Uunlap. Hillard, lor Por-o Rico, March 20, lat 28 N, lou 66 15 W. Joseph, from Boatoa for Philadelphia, April 6, lat 40 10, Ion 71 12. iiiucoru, nutier. 13 (lays Irom l. liailnfu lor ftlartiuic j, Mch 22, lat 26 19, Inn 64 10. America, W?de, hence for Carthagrna, 35 hours out, April 2. 'at H 10, Ion 71 35 Clarendon, i f Wisoa.set, 36 linnrs from Hampton lloads for B?aron Apiil 5 hit 39 25 Inn 72 56 Talleyrand, Kno?lt n, of B s'on. from Baltimore for Portsmouth. NH April 7, off Sooth Hampton Treaty, of Plulatl Iptiia, st tiding South, April 6, lat 35 50, lot .74 20 Pioneer f'lark, Rio Janeiro lor Baltimore, March 24,1 t 13 10 N. Inn 52 20 Marine. Vennard, Rio Janeiro for Baltimore, Feb 25, lat 25 23 S, Ion 31 31 Deborah, 8 days fin NVork for L t Guayra, March 29, lat 27 10.Inn 66 Chester, of Beaton, steering NE, March 25, ou the Bahama Banks Renr.i, March 25, lat 49 28 Ion 72 15. Klizabelh Krith, April 1, off Toitugas. (Oorclgn Porta. Matansas, April 1?Old Harriet Smith, Smith, NVork. CiiiNKUEnos, .March 23?In port Win Peon, Coleman, for Baltimore, nest day; (lenius, De \V.ilf, for NVork, Idir; New Oileans, to load fur do.justarr; Kliza Burgess, from Boston, just arr. Thin wad de Cods, March 21?In port, Tecumseh, Ripley, for Bremen, April 1; Tennessee, Winalow, for Boston, do; /aida, disg: Kcho, Dyer, for New York, * 'lavs; Royal Sailor. v dung, lor Norlolk. tin; Arctunis, Irom B ,.ston, di?g; Oriental, vVright, for NYork, 7. Bt.i i/.k, llouil March 21?In port. Aranda, from tbe South, for NYork. 4 or5 days; John It tJardner, for do, April I. Pokto Oaukllo, March 18?In pmt. Citizen, Brown, for N York, next day; i.mily Fllicott, McDonald, f.-om Baltimore, IMMW. Arkcibo, March 22?In port, Sydney, Hall, Irom Norfolk; Commerce, Idg for Baliiin ire; J W Smith, for do, 2 or 3 davi; Helm, Snow Irom Noifilk vii St Thomas?capsized in haibor of St Thomas, and the broth r iu Uw of Capt S was uufortuuately orowued., March 21?In port, M.-gnolia, Granuis, from N Orleans. Cttitiilt, Sardinia, Feb 3?Arr Martin W Brett, Avery, fm Cadiz for Messina. Lake Porta. Buffalo, April 9?Arr Clinton, Srjuin; St Clair.Uohinsnn, and leffersop. Dob ins. Dettoit; K" erald. Hamilton. Chippenjj Ma'cy. McHeury, Birceloua Cld Bunker Hill, Stannar l 'Chicago: Julia I'aliner, Tttns; Owanuogah, Rocitwood, and Illinois, llossman. Detroit. Home Porta. Libel. April 4?Arr Abigail. Ba'tiuior*. Kbamkort, April 5?Arr Mercy 6t Hope. Carle. NYork Owl's Heap, April 2?Arr Baltic, Arey, frutn Frankfort for Cuba. I'oa rlant>, April 7?Arr Oeorye, Kranlfort for Boston; 8ili. I larraseeket, Hopkins Boston; Patriot NYork for Thomas on; Maize, 1'boa.Astnu for NYork. Cld 8tli, Iliberuia, Sawyer, MsUnlu. NnvBuavroitT, April 9?Air Win Schroder, Ilrynes, Porto ltico vit Boston. Boston, A|uil 10?Arr Belle of Maitland, [Br] Limtley, Turss Islaud Tviegraph'd, Franceses. [Sic] from Palermo.? Signal for a ship and 2''rigs. I Id Aldeb ron, Webb, Fas' lull es; Americs, Berry. Hob rt Town and Sydney,NB -v ; Was-*, Dnllirrr, Bu main; Win Uavis, Cornish, Cn-acoa and ( ienfuegos: Su an, Piltee, St Thomas and a mk ; Valhalla, 'i', haileatuu; Sulla, Ka gs, Philadelphia; Louisa, Otis Albany and'l'rov; r'l.iriiuce, Lorell, and A Lawience, Meeker, New York. New Bedford, April 10?Arr Fame, Sherman, NYork, to load ml Inr Furupe?iuci rr>ctly reptd arr S.h; Pomona, Sherman, Baltimore. Sid Hodman, Cohb, do Protiof.ncb. April 9?Below, Kmerald, Franceville, and W P Walk?r. Kdgecoinb, Irnin Malauzas, a full rigged br g. sup fMii.AUhL.iMiu, Apr I II?Arr Hobt Wald, Sears, Boston; D ana, -in II, Sal* i Wui Halt, Omdy, Providence. Old Mqutre 8c ilrolh'ra, Steel man, do; Indiana, Loiaon, a id .Mary it tlzi. Bailey, N York. Ualtimohk, April 10?Arr Mary Stanton, Benrse, Boston; Fulcrum. Noma, Saudw icli. Mass?ex|ieriei ced vtry heavi araathtr Oil ilie cm, and was srveril un a blnwu Of?ilofted drck 1 nil. carried away to e u II ami u|>|>. r woika a1 in* tly (I tinag-d. Below. Siiineis't, [Br] Willi una, from D inrtir*. Old Boatdaiau, Knur son, Montevideo; Cer>s, T rl) *, Bun Ai.? xamihia, AiiiiD?Arr I ebe Klixi, O-boru, N ' ork ku HMono, An !??Arr Mariet a burr, Kuapp and Oceiu (rariiih, Nioik; Median.c, Sawyer, Lubec. brio a, A in audi. iiilrhrint, Ti.omiaton, ^'ohkolk,/vi-ril 9?Air Argon, Chase Arecibo. S'd Bur nali Sa-grnt. W? si Indus; Uiliana, Suntli, NOrleai a; J W Krin Inn. NYnrk Kdknton, Nil. April S?Arr Olive, C arson, and David IliaI y ( hat-rn. N You L-dvoftle Line, Henri, Tin Norfolk, a I'll JUU Liu,lids ailtfnr llir Frying I'an coming li* ca al. struck a snag, ?auk and the sill was L?t NhwHr.itw, NO. April 2?Arr ll..aut>lie, Painter, W Ind-es; Re- latrr, Hnrtirk, do CllaKi.haTON, April 8?Arr Merchant, K an M t.inzn Reiow, Orlando [ill] In ripoul. Old isumlar i,[ Bi ] Mi-Mull u, a d Sarah niewar , [UiJ l.nw Liverpool; Mastchuse.ts. Br.'is mil, NUrl?ais Arr 7ili I [Ur] F wl*r. -m iaia Md Margaret, [Brl (iii-raoii, and b,ioiv , [Br] Pyr. Invtrptol; IVrtlialnr-, | Br] Siinpsou, LilasgoW. Arr tn 11. Warsaw, ilr.beat, and Aliuswail, Sw?sey, Ned Orleans. Sid lieoigr llull, ?N York Savannah, April 6?Ar; Ctres, Bluicliard, Havre; Madawaaka Fonir. Bith. Mr Mohii.k, ?s|?nl J?Arr H*rm;tatf?, Bidgrr. a-ri Tentf^f#, Wie, M Vo k; il,ir<p*t. Ha keil, Hall, t iik; .Fwruiota, [B ] haul ley, L v*? p- ol; Kloridiau, Pr<u A paLchicola; ar..uto, Kale# bos phi. Cld Se?o?tri*, ?Br] NlVt-nzie, aid Htlc*ou, Lilliefitf d, Liverpool; Hnminium, fiut'uii; Teun use , VVi.?e, iNcw Orleans; Alt-ants. [Br] llous on, UI.iskow; S rah Brown. Morton. NYork; Annus a. Pott, liavaua Arr <1,1 ,ti?<it. Scu in t? r, Baenos A;rr?; <?i itiot, Mo mi fdL ^nd liote 8ttiid ill, Hpe. cr, !N York; Wasliinicron, Ban*on, I'hiUde |i ta; K sei, itayiies.Hiva^a;, LSi> 1 d i. Cld Houihr, Lombard, Ht Marks. Nkw Oru ami, April 2?Arr Mountaineer, [Br] Bo^.irt. Liverpool; Ciik innati, Rose, sod Kienzi, CI rk, N Yoik; Tar<1 uiu, Hoiiiier, and K iri.nohun Hoy. CtttU, do; Wiliit, Ba. bdUoe?i IVel't One. [Ilr] \. ou ton. Loudon; 1 otkar. Love t, LoskOi; tftntoii, &q^imivv. Mitt, Hod; i.ubniion, i.raut; Trident. [B ] L<>i)xhur?t. Below. *'di, and a ship Ui.ku wii I Id Warsaw, Ha tiawav. NY??rk; VV <*l?Mt An eiR n, [B ] Forbes, Liverpool; C? m*t, I rotker, Krrtn ?11u La; B tloii, Br?*dl? y, Apa. .thico'a Arr li , (inf* ton, Gardiner. Rio Jaootri ; Lodj Ar bvl a. HiMpaoo* Bait a; vlnrri O.ll, d . Aikaiis is, Bnrpe s, and (Ldnti. Kldiid^e, M York; LouCoh ? Br] Awdiewa, Loudon; M r ury, [Bi 1 L)?r? erara; Union, Norwood, M"ut g<> Bay; Helen Mci.rod Land a, 'tain -.ore; Hi nd "t J< Im -riaid, 1 ohasco Cld Woilville [ I5r] Uavia; Chieftu [ ''r] I)uun. Hull IIoim He. [ Ilr] Urowu, Lit r|> ol; I.uzou, (iuodnch, Boalou; hui|>r<a<ir n, i. olio,*, hkI b 11 iy, I', Havana. information i? a.\r/:/). A N AMO.NV.VIOUS " Kt'iVR, dMed Mrtt V ork, March 6, 1W4," and limtnl to "Henry I almau, ba<| Hom<", ,\r? York," w u rec-iyed by the mkarriber. A p?r?Oiial iiiteniew with tie writer cf that le-ter ia atro, gly a-licited it would promote Ih? end, a.I matiee and benefit thoae whoar r ghta ar* lutolted '1'ne death ol other lariiea lutereiied rendeia the mil of the writer Ofcea.ary. A letter, with real name, .tiling where an interview mny bhad, directed ro the nudrraign'd at thi. pi ice, will be held I at;icily onAdmlial o)id Huituhly rewarded A M. M. TALLMAN, Cm iaellur at Law. It ime. ;o h Marc It. HI I .11 2t?rc H VSICIAN A I'llKSl:RIITIOMI) AMO'aMILi n K* ClPKl are pr piied with accura-y, ne.tueaa and Ji.patch ' hi the meat acitniilic mtanrr, by IVai Wataoo. Apottn carv:I 11.11, 16 Catharine atreet, from A. Garden's, Operative < iie It.iat, I7t Claford atreet, Lon 'on. rn* Ml IAIN'S, KIU N'llir IIKALMll AM) PKUI.ARh ?ii| piwilh Drain Mid Vrd fines on very renaoiiat le inn id so a larg? asaortni-it of IVr'um ry. II nr Oils, b.s sencra, he. iniend'd for I't dl ir? ind cnmiLry de.lers, by Wm iV'Hon, Aloth'tiiira Hill 3> Ca'heriue atieet, Nnw Ynik. (iruiiii h l>.iiKi nil family Medicines?a inucli latuer and Invtar i|n ilitT of rngv and Medicin th m i? nene'idl) kepi I*or il>-, whi'11 ill* and i* tail, Itv Win. VVgttcn, I hnnn t he., Apoihieurn-i ha I, 30 Catharine a 12 lni*ec MARTELLE AND in)LDERMAN\. :)7 MAIDKN LANK, MANU ACTUR.KKS aNU IMPuHTKllfl ofOrnamenlal H'irNNnri, Wigi, Tnnpees. EmJi, Curia, fceamt, Uid a 11 km ill of Hali* Workl, wholeiale and retail. N B?Th' trade supplie t on r>asonalite t-iin?. al2 1 in * re CAK I i"s ' ' 'A K ! >. " ' ; I All US" ! TJATKNT < Al<I> I'RKsH !?Th a imrhii e it particularly I adapted tn the pnntin< r.f caidi, it rx caiev will Itr -I.t facility and I?'.uty : <>ne p-iii;.i bringnMeto print a I ark I of the neat ciatnnled cards in 1 " *'' 1 UTr.H with enae ! Snpe.inr ivory inrlace Card* (III muf ctured fo lira establishment,) lurniihed and printed at ihe folliwinu P'" I0o7ardi for ? cenli I MO carda for JI tS ?in do 7i "ioo do >2 oo i 300 do ft (0 " | 2 00 do ti j0 i > in man card * t e is XYLOOR APHIO LABh-LS-A Urge and ntesaive aaaoitmenr. always on hand JOB PHlNTl >U-In?rery ran ty B IIIVVN'ON h CO. aid Iw'ec vi ' toldatieet, near Pniton. A KIM i L MAONBTltM.?' HIS IFHIPAY) EVSA I >0, at Clinton Hall, at I o'clnek ?Mr JOHNSON i ri'Sseinrn e of toe great c?owil and perfect a .ti-fvction la* I eveni It. will aire an t'-er exhibition as ah?re AlidyWillh magnetised, who will ixhib t th- phenomena of ('laitToyan.e ttvinpalhv, I'hreno-Mair eiui.i he aotnatihe moat see,.tied cannot tail to be convinced. Tickets ; J teuta each. a!2 lt'je A RARE CHANCE FOR A HAIR DRESSER. fpHE advert iter wialuug to lenve the city, would offer hie x eumk and hxturri lor tale at a Toe aitnaliou it a very desirable one, having been .atib(iah*d for fourteen yeart Any oar wishing 10 do a ai ug huaiueaa 'he pie-ent opportunity ???'? Apply on th# premiaea, No. lit Water atiee;. corner of VV all, Toutme Buil JiLg W. A. OA I t8. a 2 3t? ec CUT SIOUK OF CLOTHS, tfc. ' CL '8iNO O' F AT FIRST tOtST. AT No 20 MAIDEN LANK.?the .t-ck .if a Jobber? Ta. closing nti at the above atom?it offered a' Aral cot', in 'o't to anit purchasers (or the entire stick ma be had <t a handful* tiiaci u l In m cost.) The objv. t i f the ubiTib-r ia. to , clo>e up the conctrn immtdi-teiy. Tie geid- (bought for , raah) con'iat of B'nck, Bine and baney Clu.ha, Bl-ck, Blue, Mixt Hiiti "a -cy Caraimetei end Dteakioa Tae. di, 8aiiu*lla. Co tinga, Pilot aud Bs var Clo ha, Wo'tled and 8ilk H.rg*?, Jacket Linens. Hell- i-a. Woollru Plaid, Veatioga, Drillings, La in i clothe. Blark Italian CraraU near atyle tcarfi k? he N B ? Uealera from th? conn'ry and cite are invited to rail and exaaiiue the above atock, which ia to he told either at I'ri . vale aale or at auction, before the lit i f June CONANT k CO. al2 2w eoil*iTd H Maidc.i Line. T70R-SA'.K?PAI.VO'B "(Tate) "CONCKHT HALOON, ! " OVV OPEN.?The above will be told low, aa Uie pro- , prietor ia retiriug ftom butinema Apply to T. W. FAULKNER, a!2 lwia*rc KM ' haeibera atreet. Nl/TD'E.?The cn-ptnnerahip heretofo e existing betwreu C. F tfuidorl and L. Ouebliatd, has this day he *n dissolved hy mutu I consent E K UI'IUOKL. April II. iwt. L. UUEBHARD. I al2 3t*ec I LIN8fc> U OIL.?5caaka Linned O I. a superior niticle, lo- ' ale by E. K. COLLINS k ' O al23trrc 50 Soulli st'eet. rPONOOE8 ?100 dt zen veiy au e.i'r Smoked T'ngnea. J- warranted to te>p in any cli nate, laml'iie ix atiip Riusi.i from New Otlenu, fir ai'v oy E. K c.OLt.l*S k CO. al'i 3t rrc 50 Sout scent. PICKLED H IND.?ion raeka sii| erior Pickled Mama, ang r cured,aud ha deutn ly eut md tri tuned, uow landing <x al.ip Ku.aia, Irotn New Orleans,'t a <le b/ E. k. Collins k co a'2 3t re 50 8 uih at e?t I VINES AN J) LIQUORS SELLIVO A t KKDl.CEU PRICES?The *?bsrrih*rwith ing tornite f om bu'ineaa oniccuur rf ill hralth/'ffers Ins entim stock of nl I BRANDIES Wl NttS aud Liquora, at a kaigtin The rrpu'a ion whiih his hnnae li a maintained for mt'iv tiva. pfle-a ar.tre chance to anv |ieraou wiihing to embark in the liuameii. Early appl ration ahoul.l lie made. ai2 lin'ec V ARN AUD, 3Ann atr it. CTKAW WRAPPING PAI'KK-OOOU Ileaina comiuou ' ^ *triw, for tale by PKK88K k BROOKS, all 3t No Ri Lihe-tv alreet rPO LOCK BIJILUER*?Hrni iiaala will be riceived foi A t uildiuya D. ck in fre t i f >he Hamilton House, at b in Hamilton. For particulars iuqu'ie of the aubaciiher. on the premises uhUHUh 8. (JbLb'l'ON April I Itll, IBM. all 3t*m PACKET SHIP-yUEEN OF THF. WF.8T_FROM LIV KH POOL?Consignees hy tint ahip will ideate ten their pi-tiiulioa hoard, wiat aide of Bur ink slip, o. to the oAt e of tli* a ibacril er. All noo la not permitted in live davi are lia1 le to he aent to public alore WOODHULL k Ml NT URN 8, al , 'Ire U7 H. in ill nm I HOARD IN BOND STREET. PLEASANT ItOOMS w.lh Boaid can be obtained at No. a 2 Bond street. all lm*ra I BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY! AQUIET Gj.NTI?Ll FAMILY, mviog tiksu a pieatant I house iii Blocker iitrrt, wliich they will occupy before I ll e lit of May wishing to reiluca ih-ir expenses, are desirous ol liking a gentleman and I'ainiU or a couple of gentlemen, r a single l?dy fo board with it em They will endeavor to give them all the cnniloit* of ? quiet | lessant home. References i given aud required. Apply at iH Greenwichatreet. I afl Iw fh A PUBLIC DINNER I IS Oiven eve-v day at the Peacork Dining Roc ma, 15 South . William and 55 *tor.eatr-e a, from 12 M. till 1 I* M. I he diuner i* TB'i?d from dav to diy an at to i nibr-ce tvers delicacy ill tsk ll'it1 cs'erinir cm procure. The tinner ia re-vri in ? c inriej?doupa, Kim, Made d ahea, Hon' and Boiled J iuts. Poultry, Game. Puddings and P :stry The ch is only 25 cents. I n all pe aonailini g dowu town the Table u'Hote ofl'"a n agre-ahle, economic I and convenient mode ol dining A Fr-nch Cook i f ce rbrity Ins been engaged lo pr pare ti e J made dishes, and eiperieuced American Cooks to superint-nil joints, poultry, Etc mil Iw ia-m THE PHILADELPHIA SUBSCRIBERS TO THE li HERALD WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. THAT in consequence of the Passage Line (which liaa here- ' tofore brought our packages of uewap ipers as freight) now leaving New York at 12 oclock. noun. instead of :in the morning as her eto'ore, we a e obliged to reci iveoui papers 1 through tli-9 o'chckMail Line,and lo peyposfage, and in couaeiuence of which wea-e under the nee-ssi y<,f un-ning t1 e ?uh. acripiinn price of tne Herald, from this ilale, three cents per 1 enjiy throughout from one week to one year, or so (n/ig as we hare to pay postage anil no longer. 1 HI7*"lf ani of our subscribers should not be willing to pay lli"adv.iuc?d prima, they will please geud their nam^a to our ' office, immediate y. li. B. XIKBEU St CO., 3 Ledger Building, Th rd and Cheatunt street, n 10 3trc Agents for the New York Herald. r|,l? l-,".'!'.? The large and commodious Dwelling House J- No !5 P'rk Place, formerly nrcupien by Ur. K. W Molt i T'rms moderate. '1 lie premises can be seen anv Jay between i twelve and one o'clock. Alio the Dwelling House No 111 Second at This liouie is aiiuated hetw ?mi m > gmt thorough- i'e, and ia ver.' eaiy of ae.ceas. Terms very moderate A so the beiunfal Cottage, witb riiihouiea mid gsr.leu. situate on > the c in try seat of Doctor Mott on the banks of the llndi'U. ill inilea from ilie city. 'J his >|>ot it avell km.wo lor i'a be- u \ and liea'thiiieia. Terms tnodeiate Apply i ulier ol Dr Mott Ht IS2 Worker street, or of 11. A. Mott, No. i Nassau street, 3d tory, front room a 10 3'* in CHEAPEST!'AUPET KHTABLISHMENT IN THE U. STATES, A'o. oo bo we nr. ANDERSON tt DOBBHhnvejust'eceivedalarge aedsp en- , d'd assortment < f new patterns of superior Kng ish 3 ply esln double sni e-. sola rline mid common ingrain Orneti o. i Ve?itiau hall and itair C?r|>ei; Heor ' >il Cloths; Tupetl and , tailor ' mm rartor D#or hm; luh and rlno Covers , Stc . af1 of which were oiileted, and |>arcli ,?e.l for c 11I1. prrv ( nua to tli" siett advance on the above deseription of rinds, and , will lie ?old at the usual low price*, at 99 Bowe*y We advise *|t wli i are cbout purchasing, to call so-n "lid make the r ?e * lec'i 'u. ANDERSONkDOBB . a5 2w*rrc 99 Bowe*y, at *toie above H iter at , I NFOItMAT10N IS WAN I K I) coucer. in* a geuiuna. A wil l lelt h ? It I rding house, 70 Bi'ekinin street, at II o'^lw< h , on Mnod?I' rich' h April, in a dinordeied ?t*te ?f tniod mil ' ntleriK with < Iflewie in rvnn* eicte.i.i llt He is about 5 fee 9 iui.his hisli, with hlatlt eyes, w< ar? a wot. lie hail on at overcoat of the |iei J niter, cut, aud bla-kiunt ln"iis. Any information lelt at hi hoarding house, will be g ateliilly r . ceiveil and properl* tewa ded. nil 3t*ic J MUNTUbi Htil'Olti or I'ttr. t NKW V Oil K MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No 15 I'hamlien atreet CASKS SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. j 1 Kn'aricement of the heart, 3 I ostiveneas, I 2 Scarlet kever, 2 hecunda v Syphilis, c I trout. 8 P im-rv Chan ere, 7 Mi Iwiferv, 1 Pleu isv, i H "eminal Weakness, 4 (I eat Debility, , 3 0.i-.nt?m, I Rheumatism, i I lly.e terr, 3 Dis*as" l.iver, , 3 Di -rrhoea. _ I Modus Discharge, f hillarnnidtiou ol tli?E;ei, 6 Ksaminatimi of ill* chest to , 9 Oononhoae, _,detect tl.?ea?e 1 i ii ? <n ii I'oin the Loingt, 4 White*, 2 < 'oughiug, ( 2 Ulcer* uu the Womb, 1 I' l>'* k SlIltlillML OPERATION'S I E'rieture of th Humerus, 2 e i lam d torails removed, t 3 ()j er?t on* for 8<|Uiotiuir, I Phy no* a, M I Amp liation, I 'ivmtiuii for club foot, 3 Olira no ? lorHydrnc le, 1 O nation for drnp?y, I or water in thescritum, 2 Op rati >u*to n lieeedeform A lures, in the Ear, tie*. a 9 Sir.dure* rnr?d in the 3 (,'urv 'tir?a of the apine nnJer without tutting realm ut, ( or bo ruin , _ 1 Dptratio f>r ltamtnejing, t 4 lull tmin slim of the Tea- 4 Buboes cu ed. ucte* DR. H. B 'STWIOK, f Aftenili- g auig'un and Physician. THE Nr W VORK '' MEDICAL AND SURCICAL INSTITUTE, 1 TVo. 75 Chamber* ulrrrl, [P7"Thi* leit tutiO I. e,tatili* e,| tire der to th" i fllicte ' 10 inland irirtlifi''. medical and ejrgi wt aid, hai already tee. i tiicreiulul tie atmn fur learly three year*. All form* of . di* a e are i rested iieie. | u'airal <)i rraiiou* of ev ry I'eirription are alio performed by * |ti?li:ied andri|ieiieuced?'iri{-on In a I ea*e* charge are inn eae end til ?e ?h ae uie n? are Uni ted are r ipi red to '/ piy to their m dieii.ea only. The noor w II he attend, d to envy day Le.wevu I o'cluCli. without charge. , l)H II BOSTWU'K, 1 Atfe, diud Aurge n and I* ,y?ician Tbi* I s'i'ution ii mi ler t e patronage and cnmiue.daliou of the following geu.letnen Key. Dr. ED Y HKJHKE. II,, it. UL'OllllL liit'l' |la 1 I ii.e*. iir! o 'hpbi.'s'g,'* " ' nil 2w?rc R?v lit SCIIRUKtER. , 'l'HK SL' BSCK1BKK h i* j ul rrc-iveil tlif foliowins assort* m-nto *"..<!? in hi* line which hroffer* at low p iic?s, irhtir it whilrith <ir ret >1 Geithmen about at A runt ' tlien'selre. for the season. will do w-ll to coll mil x tun i? ilii lock of go< d< as tlicy will Ir frtely ihown hu |ie, de* < f Under Garments of I Velvet noil Hilk hilk, il l n ml Gum Kl??tic Hh rtstnd I'riwe t. o' every ki d. ' ot on llall H.;*e. Cotton W-bb. Glove* of eilk. . Cnttou Net Cotton mud Linen. r Fnsieoder Kndi. Alto? Shoulder Braces. Ho,km Black p Hi ling Belt* and Colored Vest and Pantaloon Ital'i?n Crava'j, Bill k.Pl. Mock* S-,|rt?, Ac ,8lC. a 7-1 MAIDEN LANK, all 3t i**m IRA f'EREOO. * WILLIAM I'LTTKT, ' DRAPER AND TAILOR, i OO KULTON STREET, NEW YORK. IS now prepared to furniah all who n ay favor him with their order*. Kor the chea|nie** an1 durability of hi* work, and ! saving thirty per rent, he offers for their couaideration the I'ul- ' lowing list ol mice*:? Mupeihw Op.** ?'out*, from S10 to Id . Wool dyed hi ekj, from 15 to 16 ' C ass i mere Pauts i to I Kane* Vests 2 to 1.75 1 Sack ('oats 2,50 to 5,00 Person* furnish, inn their own materia!*?making and trimming a in the neatest maimer at the following Prices f ont* from - SO to I u Pints ami Vests i - i ? l Naval anil Military Uniforms made in the heat atvle. c N. B.?Clothing tnadef-r the southern and wet.ern markets writh n. atne.a and de-patch A thar* ill the |inh'ic patronage i? solicited. a 14 lm#'C '' ALBANY hay LINK. ' ! 0gL KOIl ALBANY and 1.'ermediate I,mdC~. 111 h- a tb' new and il'aanl steamboat " lEUEi2E.-<?UTII A MKHICA, ('ai tain M.H Tries- ? I. I will luve the foot of Bari lay street north aid*, on Mot- I' day morning. Arr.t li'li, at 7 o'clock. allrc

I O LKT -Kl IIMSHBD APARTMICNT8. with flrw Hreakfaat ti.d Tea served in the npirtmpnta, and Dinner JiaH 'lao if miotic I. Apply at iO Warren street. apl2 lw*r? | "a**- fOK iNKW ORLEANS.?I.OU IW AN A AND * WHmFW NK.W YOR* LI Nh .-Parke The (MUa ^at tailing packet .l ip DUNCAN, t'apt P Dag- " geit. w ill sail as above Her regular day. Ko freight o- pa-sage, it,vina handsome foruitli-d acrnnrnodations, apply on board, it Or!* ma Wharf, foot of Wall tlreet orl-i K. K. COLLINS St CO M South *t net. r Poaitirely no freight received after th* even ng .if the 20tli in?t. S' ip.ieiv by ihit line may depend upon hariig their foods correctly meatuied. Aitenn in New O'leant?Meairt# Hnllin and Woodruff, wh i will promii'lv forward all so- da to theiraddreaa. ,. I'M packet shin OCMULOe.E tiapt. K. Pert, will iticrrpd 'eft Mil muiI .1 I 'mil \| ril. her .1 |\ nl2:.irli rn RARE OFFER T<> PLAIN FAMILIES. ' MUSIC. AKIHST RATK. rlior -SOU OK THE PIANO KOKTB AND ITALIAN SiNOINO, ?lah.-a to give aaaona in a plain and r* pert b e f. mily f r t nice room and t, ire k'nst w liich he would ake atone in hit room lliaa-elel ni riinnforte which may be tiled by the pupi , bring alitent ? he greitett par'of the dav. Kirstratu rtfereacra aiven *dJr. it "MUSIC," at thia office at Iw jfb AUCTION SALES. THOMA" BKl L Ateuw" Store So. 11 Spruce Hrttt. Regular Salea si mail of Furniture every Wtdnmda) and Saturday _ Ano. of Dry Gooili. and all other varlatiaa every Tnetday uid Friday. *3 I wee Large ?al? of Drv (roods Clothing and Pledged articlea. T>ua day, at It)? o'clock a' Mo 11 8i> uce a reet It SATURDAY. Large sale of Kur-itn e from 049 Broadway. Madiaon atreet, md Brooklyn, it 1(X o'clock, io the aala 100m, No. II 8| ruce i treat. lit MONDAY , J Hrdteme FarnitaraaaL at lot* ..'chick at No 103 Orel I'd Oreeet. ear Br oine, including a valuable Piano farte, made by Firth and Hall?co.t $i30 S: TUESDAY. Valuable aal* of eicellrnt Kuruiture, at No. M Franklin i'reet, near Bro dway all 4t*ee opcem nid oil paintino sat aim tion -levy k w POON Ell will eeli on Krir'ay Morning, *t 11 o'clock t 151 Broadwa 1, a tury choice aud h uutiful collection ol" Oil Pain'iuga, richly framed In the collection will b? I">und m IV Original Peuitii ga ay cele ho,tra maaterr, a> d olfeia a rare . nance for mnawura to e j'ieh their eullactiriia. Tleaalewill be p. ?iti?e. aa the on rr I * ?l> ,ut to anil lor Europe. Engiaviuga tbia evening in lota for dealrra _ ut!2t*rn JOHN B. (, Auctioneer. THE eitenaive aale o* veluaole Oil Paintiuaa, Marble Statuar>' aud e'.r.uraviiiga, now eahibited at Claik'a (Jal'ery, tHt Hrondwav. will lube nlai e ilea F.teui.ig at 7 o'clock, com|.ri?ing l ie u ea or great n elit, by intalura whoa woika are rarel' if ever offered at rm tinn all It in h DO Alt le.NK'MH, Auctioneer EXTENSIVE AULTI ?N A ALE y, F VALUABLE FUPNITUi E 1 ON TUESDAY anil W? D"" KsD A Y?April 16 and 17. at TEN o'cljce. .t the Faruitur* W-re R.miiiii ol Mo art DutsCA.N. I'hvfi. It ho" Nor 1"2 nd 114 Fulton ? re t, W ,i of Hrosdway. sPl.EN DID C iBIM'T FUKNt'l URt Po-jtiv* tale of fli ent ir atock of Vea r, DUNCAN PH YFK Ik SON, wh me cloai g tbeir huaiur.i, e? , it inn f he xt*nnye aud va'u.hlr a.orlnie tof htg' lv tiuiah d luriiu.e ol the beat qu litv. a.d of ilwir own well kg. Wi. inannfcum ererotferel in lliia invjtat, con prising every lety of, able aud aeaaooable furniture, i.i i art aa lolFRENCH BEDSTEADS, iu elegant Ro-twood, Zebra wood and inah" g<nv. ... KRe.Nt 11 ( KlilS, iu mahegany, andcaueai.d bauuiaier FRENCH SOFAS AND CHAIRS, 'en auite, of Rote wo,nl and nitih gauy, covered wuh plushe,, arka. de laiura a r cl.nh, he VO TaIKE CHAIR"', ol Roai'wood end Mth'gany, iu ilutli. inor ceo eiIk end worated nrd lu r cloth. A'lM ? HAIR A. I'dv d> do RF.CL.IN I Nil ( III illS c f M In g my, in Inir cloth HOt.hlNli (Jll.alRtj. of Main ireuv ill lilnah a?al hair e XTEN8ION T'BLES, of Mahngvey, _ circular and ,i]a;ir , fr > ID 10 20 feet in I'ngth, v ry Hibstautial. TEA P/XBI.fS of Manegauy, Pillar a <1 tw a eolumn. CENTRE TABI.Ew, of It s.wo.d and Ma.ugauy, oblong toil c'.r< uUr, with ma ble and eleg.nt wood tops CARD 1 AttLES of Ro-ewoi d and Mali gany, with iuutr 'loth num. and beautifully lint.lied. SHI*'A 1A HUES, of Roiowotid and Mahogany, Ulaihle and wo d tons FRENCH DRES'INO TAULK9, of Rorewond and Matog iuy. with marble toys, and large oral and oblong Plate Mir"LADIES' WORK TABLES AND WRITING ditto, of tosHwood and Mahnganr, v ry heaiitill QUARTET'TK TABl-H H, very beautiful. LADIES' DAVENPORT DE-K8 AM) TABLES or lose wood and Mahogany, elegantly llttished, and covered with rench Morocco. WAKUROBE8, of Hosewrod and Mahogany, in etesaut tvie, with and without Mirrors, and silk interlining!. Ike. KRENt II CAB IN h TS, lange, of Rosewood and Mating iv. inarbletops, with ramie! D.ors, Ctc Stc h glily ' inisheil. ' BOOK CASKS of Rosewood an ' Mahogany. marbletops, ilk linn gs, of mini Mahogany aud Mitror Paunel Doors, vey plendid. HOOK CASK AND ESCRITOIRE, of do do do, with ] dirror P?nnel$. SIDE BOARDS with R-sewnnd and Vlahoiny, plain and Gothic Panne's, marble lops, silk aud mirror MD?; BOARD TABLE?, do do do BUREAUS, of Main g-tiy, with aud without m.trb e t-r?DRESSING BUREAUS, of Rosewood and Mahogany, narbl lops, oval anil oblong rnirr rs, with tray and other 'splendid dressing mirrors, large, in ri hltosrv mil a d in hogtnv stand frame*, of b-?t Kr itch Plate, ove' ive feet h'gh ..... S1 R EE * S, Ko etyood and Mahogany, pole ar.d sliding, silk C * *Jt&M Bli liY8, of inalr gany. MUSIC STOOLS aud do STANDS,cf rc?cwood aud rna- j '"i'lIWf.r stands, hat stands, towkl i STANDS. NURSEHY STANDS,ol ro.ewood, zebra wood, I inple ud ?,vi wood, and inahoe my ' WASH STANDS, apea aud enclosed, with and without narbte tops BASIN STANDS, open aud enclosed, all couip'ete with oilette set a Sic bkdsrk1'1, night stands, refrigerators, lie Sc Sic. of rniewood aud mahogany SOFAS, COUCHc S AND CI1 \1RS, Kieaih patunn, if nnhoguiy, fuVHvil with hair, to inaich, DIVANS, of h nr ml ?i'k covers l'AlNTED FURNITURE, iu white and oak colors, comiriiing un-p'siug.Tablet wili* glasses, Wish StinJs, Uu.eius ind Ti ilat Tablet, 1 CattlogU 't will he ready for delivery ou Friday when aringemruU will b; made for-n examination of ihe Furmtuie. 1 h- a iV will I e pen in t rv for caah, iu city funda e very lability will ho ffordvd those who ?oli to ?ond i ut of the city. ! HALLIDAA Si JENKINS. Auctio..eer? a!2St rrc (i|HI| 11 Broad sire t F.J. Br.AUNS Auo'ioovcr By D D NASH Mortgage sai,e of household furniture -Thia D,y (F.idat) at 10 o'clock, at No. |j<! rulto-1 str i-t, by virtue of a moitc ce, a lug nuantity ! iiiiwhol i fuinitiii* compr siug ro .< t>el>.leads, marble top and faihoimiv Dreuiutr Bureaus. tutted *ih1 i I ,iii llitum.n. 1)1 aus c inrt? pier mid work Titbit, secretary. Bureau, damask * indow Curtains an J Ormm*nts. white linen and painted Shades, te , Uinta* and breakfast;T*l)'eg, pilla' and claw do., me ?i? Ct apt *i.did text -sioii* dining Table?, Mhrois, pier and j naiu 1 (j.a*?es, stoe. Kite Seas and Muid*. mantel imianrieuis, ( Juu 'les icks, I'latei a Lamps, llal? and As ral do. Alahaier , . locks, Brussels r ingrain hii t fhiea wly carnttt Kegs Drtuels mahogany t.hai s I'rinfs, Oil Clotl s, Kni'es and Fo is, UpoMiip. ? hhWiis, 1 bin i IV* and Br*'>klast S fs, VVadistaiid?, I oiler Table* (Jliiiobrr Oioc ery Soils, eeathpr Bed*, Boliter* and Til uWn Hair Mattr ssei, Beli* eadi, I'untiugH ike . iliKKH AMD SHHITHBKHY A'so, at 12 o clock a larite sale ?f or amen'<1 Twos ? d 5n:wboery??! * Sycamore 'I rwi, n?0 h.lia Tr rs, ion Segar Made rees 200 M lulaiii Latiret, 25 ' 'yp es?'J re-*, 25 FioweiMow od, 200 lioosebeirv B *s'ei. MiO Weyin utb ^iue r rtf t, 200 baLatn Fir Tie s, 50 Mountain Ash 'lie**. 50 Horu e?m Frees, 25 k Locust Trees, 16 White Cedar do , ioj R s;>. ?i Bushes. A so, one large Mew Fciindlaiid Dog .-.nda tettrr Dug, pure ireed. aid It*ec F. J. BRARN ^ Auc'r B\ BNIFFfcx k CO, 1 AUCTION NUTI<0?NT??b KUrtMTUHK'* Tin* day, a: .0 o'clock at No 288 Fourth aire si, near 1 rVaOiiiiKton 1'<rade (Loiind, ti'e entire k uruiture ol th* house 1 ((insisting r-f I'.er <?'a ses (iinn oles, Mantle Ornaments, 1 Van, Li?mis, M.t'iog.nv ("hairs, lir.ckrrs, lea aid B.e klast I al) es, Woik <lo, null anil Adril Lun a, oiuupr nMd i*?\ letia, ti|ia*ware, F?re Setts, b itaaels and three ply I grain ar,?ctv Hair do, IImIi. Oil (sloth, Miihoginy Pr*iich Hedr.C4<Ja, M ?i'le (I . B ?li, Ma^ra?m, VViui iu on an.I luile a rock r?, 6i.?* Tog ih.r with he Kitchen Furniture with vlnc'i tneaate will eooimtaot. nt 11 ?# J I*. BKtKWl i'H, A ?i? tione.r. j 3TORK t6 6c 209 sPitiNO ST.-THl* UaY, atlOo'clk. t ^*tlie F> mimic i f n fdrin y r? m ved t> aioie f.ronv* i ifi.ce i f nli', (on*i?tinK of JiureaUj, Table,Ch org, Beds'- a''a, j locks, ^UtoUf, 3 i-itfram Ca'Jw j 2 ttaobiia, K?t''heu r urmurr, I turui n La ' e#, I pair good Pistols, cost $U, Dallas, ? nil French f oft 6tc. 2 V11 Monday, 15 h Ap il, a Millinery Store of Ilats, Cap*, 1 libtK>n?, S low ( ascg, Standi, Ci Uiiter, 6tc. Alio, uMf i C trpcti, On CiOt.i, flic. Pa ti ulara in tirn?* it" c tGD Hudaoi. it, I On '1 u-*iU%, 10th. the Furniture of a lUdh k house near t i.uv in Hudto ntr * t, co lit ing in p*fi of n apleu'titl SoU I Jf alrnd Pi uo Force, Carpet, Chain, i'a ilc, bureau , beds, ,edu-.ids. 6cc 1 will ,u .tiue all kin 1I1 of 2] Furniture and pay ca h ir the aunt*. i N. li. l/ut-donr a ilea of furniture dry foods and groceria, er?oi ally aite.ide l 10 I he public ci rest assure I tiuii no uction^erkn ?*a the etlue i.f ail kindt of prop r \ fl iug i? 10 1 aikec, a d w ll uke -upoe piiuato pi ii?* ih ir vmployerg than 1 do or g th tier p.ic a fur g oda aold at auction. 1 * ill a* II 1 :lu I 1 ?.iine al2 I * fi A. b. TUTTLK, * uctiji err. IA HOW ARK, ' UTLEKV. GUN*, PISTOLS, fltC - < 1 J \COtt S H. \ 1 T .1 Twentieth spring Tr.ide llaidwaie 1 ulethss-is 11 w 1 I take place This I) y coinm< i<< nig it 10 'clock, at tli* Me t k nta' F.ich.nge Auction Boom, No 2 1 'I 1 t itLrt-t. run iikl oiu of 2'u I'Hsi s mil uf* nt liirinuuf ;i il belli..,d llatdwa e, t>e in mi and A j.*'i icai Staple mill Kitiicy joods. r< 1*0, R la-ge sarorlti ent. cf ' utlery, e mpiiirg I'm ami 'utket Ki.iv-h, in il will; Rn/.ur?. Scissors, tic Aim, ii ppn Rodgers and fon'i K xor*. Wilson, Hark|"?? an I Moss ft' e Hen ami I' .cket Knives. in c r i?, aui all e or i* ai i g. ai d worthy at entiou of ciy ami country dealer* i\ I hi i, 1 b il.-? B ItpOft i it en Sine" Th ?Uf Ht to Alin, atb'j 'clot k, ait i vumr i f liup Kni'ith Uoutitr and Jn-stle (Jii a, I* iiw 11 h Belt I'tainl* '11111 Dirks Alan, an iuvo ce of A e Jap.uned Tei 'ray*,1 altera, 4tc, C It lingII a it- now ready.anil lie c in ba ai ntiiia.1 til I,a hour i.faale ?l2lt"C PH EN IX IIO K.-J K H AZ A AiT VO. 180 .IN IJ Itfl MERCER STREET, NEXT TO Hl.EECKER STREET. *J\ Th n. It regular PUBLIC AUCTION B ALK will take place a th a estair ishment, TUKSDaY, ' ' y ? \ 1 r.l |$, coininaiiciiig at eleven o'clock. wi:h i,.u 1a* > itr.meea -"addlr ry. tu-., new and aacoiiil liauC At 12 o'clock, wi.l l.a offered a catdlnaue of very auperioi iqtMt. ircuileineii 111 the coun.ry having p-operty to diapraaof. , lib. rat public or private vile, will have thrir ordara faithfully tt?ded to. At PritaU* Hale?60 fir.e young country horaca, kind and , ouml.iuat in fro.n ibv weatatn part of the Siaie; two superior , nati had paira of Bay llortaa, a fine pair nf Brown lluriea, a plendiil |iair of Bay Carriage llora a, a piir of Bright Barrel inrsr, youug. sound kind >nd very fast trotters. Also, several very fine -add'e Horse* Also, at private iale, two very iianilsome Kockaway Wagons, ,nd 11 11 urn tier of new and aecond hand Barouche* and Light 1V ignns Livery, and kept in anperior style. 1 Accommodation* Tor dealer*' horses, in aiahtrs unaarpaated ly any establishment of the kind in the United Stales. STl >K \OK?Vehicles of all description taken on atorage in hf large m-i convenient Repository of the i-stablisbineni W. tt).VAN will attend personally to all order* for buying nd selling horae*. All peraous selling property ?t this establishment may rely 1 ipon having a thia; act ofvr or aat.r. rendered, and the rot.t. 1 Mot-aT or ram to ps will, iu all cases, be paid promptly in mi rent money. 'I lie A itKN A of ll.ii establishment is bis 1 It on an entirely ew mid inoat convenient plan, b-iag detached from the main 1 v ding ai d 1. bl?, thvre iy not iiter'eriag 111 the least with i|? ) I" tare 11 i?r> out o. in on me tM) ill am I.Ill i?l? At *D n her itnea lh? Arena i? k pt entirely clear, *n'l if erred f ir Hi a.'oiiimMlition of private hor?-? .unl thoae oni r, affording i r- ry licihty for ea r?-iw>.trnnniiK ad allowing oraea. COWAN AMU DILKs, i12 im'rc Proprietor*. NKW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY HTKAMBOaT LINK. a? K()R AI IIVNV AND TROV-Mor im |L "HL;. j^Linrlr in tin-loot ol U*rcl*y atrei i, I u.ilu.g IC^JUL iI i' teimeili il' p'nri-i. The ?? in*i TWOY, (.iipunii A Oor'mm,Tc-morrow m rnIK, 11 7 o'clock i lie ? earner TIM) V, < aptain A. (iotham, Tuesday morning 7 o'clo k K?r ling I, ne f oin the loot of Cr nrll >nilr ?tre-t. The atenrnbna HWALLUW, C ptain A McLan, Thi? veni g, *t 7 o'clock * The itcamrr \I.HANY, Cat tain K B. M?cy, To-morrow reninir, *t 7 o'clock. J The II if? of this Line. ow org to lliejr light *f waare r.hle at ill lim-a to pen* the bin, ami retch Albany III I rny in ample tui.e to hike the luoriilug train ?f cart for ic eatt or wear Kor i> ? age or freight, app'y on Ih>*mI, or at the nfftrea on the >' arve. _ _alJrc J POBACCO, 00 bale* "mil (ago de Cuba. ? la ill Ouisa Coffee-50 hag* Saint 'ago. a?w crop. t Arrow II i,t ? 11 On bi.. Pi harrela an I raaea. Segara?Bll.liOO. just lanahig lunn th* bar pie (ileaner, in aimed I rnida, new crop In tore, a g nertl i.aort-cnt of Pigaraof (eVbrated biandi, flaai year a atcCk, offered wi,tiles,le and ntarl by A. A SAM a NOf, *10 lin'rc No. Wall at, and got Broadway. 1 I nil 111 dl I III I I || I I MM I'M I? A MUSEMEiVKs r'A ttK I'lif.ATKJi Bona AO ?au- Pit 5' fiu-'WIwj UK CaottJi-NEEIT OK Mil WaLIACK This kvilmNh. April 12. 1*44 Th- "erformanc* will commence with MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Benedict Mr Williek. Bttnice Mri flruughatn. Followed by A oo.o on tU V by Mr Baitou _ To court tide with APR!NO AN[> VI TUMN. CII ATI! AM~IHKA1KH.T PoiW-tJCa..U| Pit ItK Cents. THIS <* "NO ?pr,l 12 tSioruuaof M ARM* DUKE WYVIL. Narmaduke VVy vil Mr What am To couclud with HANDY ANDY Handy Andy Mr Mnatop ail rCIIKLl/S OtYWHIO THKATH%THIS EVENING, Ai r I >2. the Opera of MAHUIaGK Or KH)aRO. Figaro Mr Wileot Antonio Mr Holland To conclude with THK RAVAGE AND THE MAIDEN. Mr Crummier Mr Mitchell adiehican ntAKiin, AND PERPETUAL FAIR THREE DAYS MOR? OF THIS GRAND A rTHactive bill. Thuraday, the I'th eitl.u- the 12 li, ml Sa tt day. the 13th. SPLENDID P* RF?'KMAN(> 8 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, an t h'llpait 7'. iu the evening GI?N 1' AND Gl ANTES-.! ! The Lrjte t in the world, aud of tlie liuetl > inmetry aud propolioui. They are MAN AND WFE, and have b?en vt?'ted in urnp by m te hue ONE HUNDRED I' rtt > 11 ?A V I) PERSONS! during the 'ail year They uiay be ?etn fiom It o clock A M till 11 I* >1. Mil8. HERRING, M1S3 BLANCHAHD, MISS S. T A Al v hive vnluiittrird THE Ki.NiIJi KY MIN'kTHELS. Mr COLE, the DOG BIL1 Y; Mi.- E. ADAIR \ PE 1 ITE CElilTO. Mr II. ti ra IE KM A "t, MR. WHIT' OOK. MR r O BO >TH, Mr IVILLIAMi, an J MR HOWARD, and MM, The GIPSY FAMILY, ai* in number, recently from Or many, and fai'htul r.-prevertativna of the ancient people o Eg' pi, 111 >y he keen i'l 'hi ir ualivu ronturie. Thetill'SEY UUEEN. the Koriuue Teller, may be privately con*. Ited at all hour* of the day ana evening. ............v........a hi in ii ciuci, 4uu *? eucraua mil Oumiliy aflernoena at 3 o'clock Ticke'a 25 centa?cliililreu unMrim yrara ItVy rrnta. Twee tv-flre centa extra, for rrivatr consultations with theOiptev Un-ee all rc l'klal.K'9 i?Kw kUltK idl HMilin. * NO PH'TUHK (1AI.I.ERY MR. H PtJWNKTT MANAGER. ADMISSHJ N CIM. SIIILLINO. LAPLAND DWARK OK Til1-' SAME AO*. AH THK UENRRAL! AND THlvEK INCHES SHORTER!! The Manager, ev?r anxious to please hit patrons, announces that Urn Mala in ih" Laetura Koum will be putiu'lv tikeu up and ifii'aced in such a mauuei as w ill promote the comfort I I the auiliruce. Tr e luliowing talentPtl lerfirtners are engag il: ? The (?r?al Weatern, who is universally acknowledged to tie the most correct rrpr-a-niatixe of Coniie Characters in America, ami without a doubt the heat Kthi- pi'n Ora'.or anil Iui.tator i f a l.oci motive ill the whole wnrhl. Mrs We.'em, ti e mm Ii adihi>etl nctieia, who ia admitted to he without au ei|u I as a repr, ?. utati ve i f the Regular DowqEaiYankie'lirt. Mademoiselle Pauline the de'iiih'ful da sttese; Miss Adair the chaining aongaireaa ; nud Mi.i, the grace ul jug(terms. Theip'erd.d OAS ST Alt; ihat excited si much iutereat last ninter, will aaatii shed tta bnlliant lustre A New ' tao* Inn DfCQ er-cted wi It new Scenery, Ike., the Vl^nauer be ng eieriiiini'd to msbe luch itnprjv menta in tin \lu?M n aa w II render it wi r liv ol the pattoti <ge , 1'ihe public i'ht M?uager haa elleeted an eug g. n.eut Willi a giantess"; (C7"K' r full rarticnlata ?ee small hi.Is. all) ec "EXHIBITION UK ORIGINAL PAINTINGS" 1 NJlTlONJl L G.1LLKR VOF ORIGTNJIL MINTING* EXHIBITION ROOM,"N'^LLNTON HALL, Corner of Nassau and Ber.kmnn streets A MATLURS AND ARTIS S irv informed, that the Gal lerv of Paintings at Clint ?n Hill is now open from II A \1. to 6 o'clock:at night, or later- according to the sei*ou They *i?l thereiu find a choice c. .Miction of tie finest Paintiin.M which have ever ad rnsd any Fd'opean Gallery. Artists wil be allowed to study in the I* xhibitinu The public w il iwda Cntalogne, which will explain all the histori al and other pieces, ?iu??r in# the passages of authors lroui which tlie subject* iiave been taken, ir ^Admitt me* only t5 mats mJ7 Im+jgb T1-1I5 MISSKS CUMMING'S CONCERT! npiiK MI *HK8 CUMIMI x G respectfully nuuounce that theii ? Annual Conc-it will take place at >iblo's on Friday, thr 12th instant, when 'hey w ill t>e assisted by iheir iniinl, Mist VI. PRAT 1\ late of Irel? il and Mr ? LlUfcJiLUiI. illuGKAMMK. Paut I. Duet?hweet Histe Kay By the Missei Co mm ing B illad? Laddie, O leave m? Mr. Cli'ehiu li Uavatiua?Thron<h the Wood MissB 'J. Cuinming i Duel?As it fell upon a day Missis Cumtntug and Pran Ballad?The Harper o'Miill M >s? M Cumm>ng 4 ng?Tu lochgorum ivir Llirehuui Bring?Derm >t Asthore Miss M Pratt Duet?We're o'er young ti marry yet Misses Cumnnr.k Part II. Puefc?I know a Bank Misses Cumminii Bong?Hoy's Wife of Aldivslloch Mr Clirehog** Hoinanz i?Honw ward 1 houjhts Miss >i. Cummins Du?t?Mv Prettv Page Miis-s Cummin gaud Pratt New Scotch ?Thers lives a young Lassie* Miss B O Cuinmint Irish Ballad? Molly BnlUean - Mr Clirehugh Ballad?The Broom ?'the CowcJeu Knowes*M;ss MCummjug Duet?Mr hat's a'the 8te r Misses L'uinmit'g ttTT^Tickers 59 Ceits each, to be had at the Ho'els, Musi< 9t<res, Mr t llirehugh's 205 Broadway, Misses < nmining's resilence.l Warren street, or at i lot door oil tlie evening ?f the 1 ? tier r a6 it# eeotTiThlti1 MM. I 1'AKK K it's GRAND ANNUAL EXHIBITION BALL, AT WABH1NGTO.N I1ALL. will tike place mi MO.N DAv KVKNIMJ, April i5n. on .which occaiiun ih f ll iwiug d itic "a w Mi be brought forward ? t. A. Wra <1 Vla'ch Knlrance of all the Pupils 2. I ni rod net ry Dance?Chantreuse and Quick Step b> upwaids ol JU young L-tdies and Mi?sc 3. Horn pip" by a fVlat'er 4. > cotch Pas dn Trois by 3 Mips* 5 Hornpipe by a Mis 6 Dance irom Aladdin by 4 Vouug Ladit* 7. Pas de Deux?Pes d*? .Matelot by 2 Young Mister 8. La Cracovienne by a Mm 9. Nautic.l Hornpipe bv 2 Young Gentlemen in Bouquet Pat dt Deox by 2 MicMs il. Madame ariso'es' Hornpipe by a Miss 12 LaCarhiiiha by a Young Lady 11. Sh.iwl Intnce by 15 Voting L.idiesand Misses 14. "^avnl Deuce by 3 Matters 15. La 8yh lii'V byaMit16. Jiiuhland Pus *'e 1'iois*** -by 2 Y ung Ladies and a Master 7. Polish hawl I) tch by a Young Lady 18 Pas de Deux du V ill lye bv 2 You .in [.adits 19 Higrila-'d Fling - bv a Young Lady (0. NftUtical Hornpipe by a .VI us e i M.Grand Wall/ by betWfeu 30 and 40 Young Ladies and Misses 12. A New foolish Dance by a** is 13 Pas Tyrolean by a M s 14. Grand Diver'i'eme t b 9 Young Ladits j 5. The much admired Pas Styrien by a \ oung Lacy an (h' itle nan 6 Hornp pe -by a Younr < leatl^in n 7 Hi.bin,<1 Fling by a Y??u g Lad> 18. - iNeval lullet by upwards of 40 ani 50 ion y Ladies and Mis"e? Tickets f>r ii 'in-mion to admit a ge^.ttem m and tw< l.idie : extra ladI* s' l eWets '0 cent* Tirke'sto he ?thr uied ..I hf ilftll, Lot j Hotel, and Mi. P.'?<nc?, 21*7 ILewery. a 2 3t# rc i; K K LEOBION-aRi iri IAL INCUBATION Tlw J <1 ily c ilia ai 28j B>o ?d * h , to this uovel eihibilion, tie o nit"fr< in as to i <doce tha proprief r to ixvv* t fur h?-i 'i?4f'l>nit.fmerit* to k'*e pub.ic u< t ce ili?t visitors cannot be idrm tsd tiu111 the improv* in (Hi iha'l be perfected. lit* li p % . i it 11- mm* patience I hr fiercised an i s o . every cit e-n. nil* and f mal*. s i II l??v an up >or tin tv *1 witnessing thi? i up nd in triumph ot science. (J relets for uinci in*? ill alto ??t tn r critfd a If ANNUAL CONCERT. DiGNOlt DK BML\|Hhiat * i o*tor f announcing to thM public ami his fr ends, that his Ami ? I t'oneert* Voc* mil lustrum nt I, will 1 * place tt th* Apollo Coucert llot m in Tuesday 23d April, 1841 Migiior d Brguia ha-* s htw '*d in securing th" valu able stsitan e ? f Suip?ra H()llGlb.HK, Madsme () 1 T(l, and Hignoi Vt.\V\'/.'/\, ud is in *.ty with ih-r "aiment a'tis s. F> II pa icula s w ill h* < uly published 'i I K r T s $1 K\CH- l ut? had at th* usual pUrrs. al t cod t rc VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT \/l li W. J. DAVIA i* i-ect'n'lv -ci| ? mts lis f i*i da an< ill pubic that h:s ' O^CKhT will fake place o M ?NDAY y VK.MMI, April *2, at ih* Apollo hafoou. o which occasion lie w II te a>listed I y * lart" Orchestra and b ih* most euii ent t. lent, botn V cai anil li st iirnrut I Further particulars will I * shortly anorm need. all ?t*m pTHE ANAT( HtflCAb VENUS -CO rlK ,v1 \ S I KK'FH ol Hep oductioo in i laote a d Aui mala fully eiplnine I. (hi Florsd y Fri? ay and Saturday, Ap il ll'h, I>rIt, and iJth, Ur H? l ick will deliver a *# arse I Le*rures on th s* tub,rets. with wni'h h ?th ?ei a ought to he tc?|u*int*d, but. whi-h cannot b* carn-.f he tott?lit to inne' tuoi<*nces, at National Hul ('anal "t'ert. a ft w doors east?? Bro ilw?y For (lent'etn'oi at 34 p s'7 in tn* svetiiiit Admitiion On* I'oll* to the,( onree, ?,r .'#0 cents to a soigV Lecture. f r Lad mi at 1)4 in th iftimooju of t e mt days Admit hoi to tach Leeiure 2'icents. The illustrations will c>?nti t oi i veaut lul fu'l a 7." 1 mm!p| (f the tr mm I male, call* d the Anstoiti cal Veuns and of hint* n oth? r Mi-d?*is of 'he fecial* it|Mi in M vmu) differtiit sticea ?.t dcie^aifmesd. 11 natural preparations ! Digrams mere!v. or Mai Models o iv r,au give no id a of th* e ih ugs; Perftci Models of the Frmn * F rm hi every at age only can do so, and no models of the kind ire in tb' country i ir pt those b*-longui to IL II (ient'rmeu may also see them svery morning at 10, for I'j cents. Numbers of L*di*s have attended ey ry day. Gentlemen of the press will always be rdmitted on giving their address. *12 ltt**ie TILK HIT BSC 1(1 BKK unnw prepared to .'II WATCH KM .ml J KW KI"KY nf .11 kind, at the low. I po.iible prica, it:?Gold nod Silver Cerer. .ml f.epinei, Anchor., kc . kc mil nl.o a very tin'aMortmenf of lewlrv, fon.i tint'>1 <Jold I linn., IVnrilt. It, ,<! '?, I'm., .Vr , kr , winch he n determined to II lowir than any mli-r honae m the city JOHN MVK.HH, Wl i hatnam itrnt N B?Don't forf. the number?AO < hatham it ret. mrJI lm*m TROTTING APt'llSK ofS.'iOwi I be given, to come off Mondty, Apnl 16th, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Two mile heafa under the Saddle, for llor.e. th?t ne?rr w i l'or?e oyer $l(H) Kn'ri?? to b- m?d* H.tnrdnv, April IJtb, be 10 I'M , at fone.' Second Ward Hotel. '| lire-or more to make a riee. al2 2t*?e | TO IV-T OH t,KAP ?Kor a term of tear, tie moil rn built two .'or md hoii.", newly ii"W, N . ?VJuL7ti Or .en itre t near Spriny I be h n.e In. -n urn < :el!ar, the room. rn ilile mantle, .nil y a r*in en h >l"H . h i yen r'r ntly piiinted, and n in got d urd-r. I'm. inmlerite to I ? ml IM _ ... Al.o, neveiil nnall tenement, in H .rn w at il Oiee* itreet i %t D. L. HKN > i f, , a# 2- re 10* Spring it. I'oHTI il - - vTAI.K I'll.I.. THK8C- far fam*' and c l'bntod Pilli, ,'-uij Portugal, at* wp-rreiyt. - obtun'd m tint (mirtri IWolo 'in i ?ut ib? *.t ana fourth twara mmammmdSkmmmmmmmmam* HV MAIL* Highly ? portaui fiam Wutalnfton-TIi* t.reat Cklltuaii ami Tyler No*?mcnt?4 Ueneral sweep In the New lork Custom House. VW have received accounts from Washington last evening from audi an authentic source as to convince us thai the Tyler Calhoun administration have commenced, in earn?-bt, the greet work of reform, removal and purification in the government dices throughout the country. The mission to New York of Captain Robert Tyler, Dr. Miller, and Dr. Sutherland, which took place last week, has been nearly completed, if not wholly so, and it is generally understood that all the leading government officials in New Vork will be immediately removed, and the following appointed in their places :? Collector James 8 Ferris. Surveyor.?Ely Mooro Nary .Ifnil ?Wi hum Shaler. U S hi strict -I tui Hey?John A. Morrill. United State, Mtrtkal? Henry C. Atwood. Fo?l Mutter not ttlechi. This is a bold, dashing and astounding movement in the politicul world, and indicates that Captain Tyler and hta cabinet have now come up to the mark?and taken the right step at last, though rather late in the day. A like general sweep will be made throughout the countty. For nearly three years, the power and influence of the Custom House and Post Office in New York have been used against the adminibtiation, and in favor of Mr. WebHter or Mr. Clay. The greatest and most secret calumniators uf ih* * ? VOIUVIU uuvr been his own officials here. They have been forever engaged in destroy tug every etlort made in hid favor. If this movement had buen begun three years ago, it would have beeugood policy?but better late than never. We suppose the whig press will now open tlieir vials of wrath on Tylerand Calhoun, hut what harder things can be said than they have been saying for years ? The excitement will auon begin. Captain Tyler is determined to be in a position to hold the balance of power?why not 1 Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.1 Washington, 10th April, 1844. The duties of Governor in Ohio will now devolve upon the Hon. Thomas W. Hartley, Speaker of the Senate, .lie is the eon ol Mordecai Hartley, the present whig candidate for Governor?so that in the (unlikely) event of Hartley's election in Uctober next, he will be inducted into office by his son. David Todd is the democratic candidate for Governor, and will doubtless he elected. It is well known that Governor Shannon stands little better with the Ohio democracy than President Tyler does with the democrucy generally in the country. And the principal argument with the democratic party in favor of his confirmation by ill,. S.nnl. -l....l-.r..l\ ... - I I? ? ...v .wnu? vow nni6 u?'uuii ii i / v* un ill gt-( mill UUl of the way. The reason of the Senate's delay iu confirming him, wus their doubt of his capacity? being accounted but a third rate county lawyer in Ohio. This, the more especially, in the dehcute relations between the United Stutes and Mexico. 1 have Willi some difficulty obtained the following complete list of all our Foreign Ministers Plenipotentiary, times of their appointment, salaries, -.Vc.:? I'd ward F.verett, of .Ma?sacliusett*, appointed 1841, to (ireat tirituiu, residence London, salary f>f>,000, outfit (9.000. William It. King, of Alahnma. appointed 1944, to France, reiid. nee P.nis. salary (9,000, outfit (0,000. t'liurles S. Todd, of Kentucky, appointed IS41, to Russia, residence St Petersburg, Hilary (9 000. ou'til (9,000. Henry Wheuton. ol Rhode Island appointed 1837, Pruatia, residence Berlin, salary (9.0011. ouitit (9 900. Daniel Jenifer, of Maryland, appointed ts4l, Anstiia, residence Vienna, salary (9,000. nuifit (9 900. Wilson Shannon, uppoinled 1844, Mexico, residence Mexico, salary (9 OIK), outfit (9 009. Ilonrv A Wise, of Virginia, appointed 1844, Brazil, residence ilio Janeiro, saluty (9,000, outfit (9,000. Washington Irving, of New Voik, appointed IS4'J, to Spain, residence Madrid, salary (9 Own, outfit (9 otto. Caleb (bulling.ol Massa hosetts, appointed 1843, to China, residence i'ekin, salary (9,000, outfit (9,000. The above statement 1 have marie out with cure, and it in correct. It includes all Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary, with salaries and outfits ol nine thousand dollais each. Ministers Resident (as to t onsLuitinople) and Charges have less salary and outfit. I heard a rumor to-day,from a source which entiles it to some respect, thai Mr. (.Hay has issued his diet, r>'<|niring all tile wings rn vturtr to vote gainst the aniiexation of Texas. There is no douht but that the Whigs heie are in communication with Mr. Clay; and it is very possible, under the ipprehensipti that Mr. Webster, by his opposition to annexation, may create a diversion in the ranks in his own ftivor, and forestall him, tliut Mr. Clay has determined to come not ueuino ih?.? If such be the fact, Air. Cluy is bound to be defeated in the South. For myself, 1 exceedingly doubt the minor, which is |>rolmblv got up to scare Gen. Henderson oH the course. That the Whigs are in a most perplexing dilemma, is most certain. S. B. Washington, April 10, 1844. Commerce and Navigation oj the United Statei? Dixon 11. Leirit. I send you an abstract of the Commerce and Navig-itivn Report, fjust laid on the table of the (Senate. The Senate yesterday also confirmed l)r. Harris as the succeasor of Dr. Barton. There is no doubt that Dixon H. Lewis will be nominated by t iov. Fitzpatrick (his b-other-in-law) to (ill King's place in the Senate, lion. O.C Clay (former Senator) and Judge buflhld ol the Circuit Court, are the other two, who will dispute the palm with Lewis. A little more effort and Lewis would nave been sent to the Senate in place of llsgby.? dr. King cuine to Congress in Dec. 1810, from N. Carolina?went to K ussia in IHIb as Secretary of Legation?came back, went to Alubama, was sent to the l*. S. Senate in 1810, uud has been there ever since, lie has three iiickiiamvs. "the Father of the House," "Miss Nancy," ami "old Lovegold." Washington, April 10, 18-14. The Working Membtrt and the Dronet. Mr. iSteenrod, one of the most decidedly useful, gentlemanly and valuable working men in the House, olfered a most valuable resolution to-day : that us soon as the House meets each day, the clerk shall call over the roll and mark down the absentees ! This salutary proposition was voted down by the idlers of a reform Congress. It was a pity the ayes und noes were not called on it. The fact is, that although the House pretends to ait from 11 till I. f? and t?. Vet hall the time there is not n nnnnim Yesterday there whs not 11 hundred members when the Hons- adjourned?to-day the House, on voting, found itself Joitr timet without a quorum. Kvrry time this Session when there has been a call of the House, there have always been from forty to tixty member* abunt and thus the important interests of the country suffer. The fact is, that many of ihe members come to the House, sit through one or two calls ol the ayes and noes, then go otl, ride, or walk about and flirt with ladies, drink, lounge about, smoke cigars, drink down stairs, or go home to dinner at 12, or I, or 2 o'clock ; crawl back between 3 and 1, and then bawl out Hgaint*t an adjournment, and demand the ayes and noes, that it tnny appear they are wondrous attentive.? And for this fool's play they get a day. If their constituents could see some of 'em, they would soon be invited to stay at home. The tact is. the the last Congress met at 12 and adjourned regularly at 3. staid in their seals and worked, Hnd did twice the business ilns has done, and in less time The lart is,that your reporters here don't dare comment on these tilings; but it shall he done, and their .tames published lor the benefit of their ccnstituuts, bv A t?PKCTATOE. |>. .K ?The locofocos have swept the coop in New < trie ins. They have carried their mayor and two-thirds of the City Council, and the 1st and 2d \l IIIIICI.I lllllrs [ I tie latter, the Alltericnn. Wns at v.iys whig ] The judge*, who were nil whig*, rlin w out l."x) legal naturalized voter* [by Judge Gllioti,] yet the Democrat*had about 2ft0 majority titer wan done. Mr. Clay'* travel* are an la-ul an VV'ehatern's. TWKKTV KlliHTH CONGHKRM. V I K 8 T 8 K US I O N. Ren at a. WAnHiaoT08it April 10, 1*44. tariff of '42. Mr Asciikrpresented a petition from Richmond monstrating againnt any interference with the mil of '42. Mr A. said a* it wan a very rare lung for petition* in favor of a protective tartfl to ime Irotn the South of the Potomac, he would k tli. t it might he rend and printed?which wa? rdered. The petition npohe of the revival of btiinesa under thin tariff. Some other petition* offthe name character wera il*o presented, like thoae heretofore noticed. Mr Cri rrisjiuR.N, in presenting one of them, saui