Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1844 Page 1
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TH] Vol. X., Wo. 109?Whole Wo. 3070. To the Public. THE NEW TOIIK HERALD?daily newipaper?pub ilihed ever* day of the year except Now Year1* day and 1 Fourth of July. Price U centa per copy?or $7 'J8 per annum?postage* paid?caah in advance. . . THE WEEKLY HEHALO-publiah?l er^Haritrday | mv.uiuh?jincc o; ucnw p?r wj/y, w* f? r- ?* ? Q postage* paid, ctuh in a lvance. . . A# . AD V ERTIHERH are informed that tha circulation of , the Herald ii over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing r last. It has the circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and is, therefore, the best channel for business m men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cmIi iu advance. PRINTING or all hinds executed at the most moderate price, aud in the most elegant style. . JAMBS GORDON BENNETT. < Pkoerietor or the Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. J, FOR HALIFAX AND LIVBKPOOL. 1 Die Koyal Mail Steam Ship ACADIA, ltyrie, Esq.. Commander, will lease T "oiton 'or l'>< abose pori > on Wednesday, mas^mov^^MmMay 1st, nest. T The Steamer HIllEKNIA, will lease Boston on Thursday, May 16th. lVsaaxe for Liverpool $120. ? Piuijane for Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIUHAM, Jr.. Areut. w 8?c No. i Walt street. n) spring arrangements. ,. BLOOM IN OD ALE, MANHATTANVILLE AND li KOkT WASHINGTON LINE OK STAGES Kaie lo Mwhittanville, * I2K Cents, Fare to Fort Washi"irlon 25 Cents. / r - This Line of Hiaites will commence rnuninit W 'AI dm in M nd iy, Apiil 1, IBM, as follows Leas- T ng Mauliattansille at 7 o'clock, A. M , and "! cobu..ue .u-uo.j every hour uut'l 6 P. M. _ Leaving New York, corner of Tryon ltow and Chatham st, Q two dooia rait of the Harlem Railroad Office, at 9 o'clock, A. M , and continue running every l our until S P. M. & ma iiinr ui oiixta 1'iwri LiiP'irpiuu] auu i.nnauc Asyiuini. j Buruh iin's Mansion House, the Abbey and Backar'a Hotel, fi Triaitr Church Ceineuy, Uie High Bridge tad Kort Washing- " too. B 1V1OOKK, m27 lm'rc Proprietor. * i. W HOltii AiNU PHILADELPHIA KA ^A'JAJ) LINE ai DIRECT. bV'ok NiwaBK, Nrwesruswica, Fhiwcstow, Tbkrtor, Bohbentown And Buulinuton. ri THROUOH IN SIX HDUllS. tl Leaving New York drily from the foot of Coortlandt it. Morning Line at V A. ivl.?Mail Pilot Line at dK P. M. w The Morning Line proceed! to Uordeutowu, from tlieace by Steamboat to Philadelphia. a The Evening Line proceeds direct to Caadea (opposite to I Philadelphia) without change of cars. " Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlundt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be io u readiness, with baggage-crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihuut being opened by the way Each train is provided with gear iu which are apartments and dressing rooms ei.Tessly for the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from'the Toot of Walnut street, bv steamboat to Bordentnwn at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'oloek, P. M. a Th? lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7H A. M., and 1 4 P. M. being a continuation of cholines from New York. j9 3m?m ^ PITTSBUIIO, ' BP Tile; PENNSYLVANIA CANAL k HAIL ROAD. Tins superior Line of Packets is now in couplets order. New Bonis have been placed on the Line, aud every arrange- n meat nude that can be deaiied to secure the comfort of travel- 4 lers. a The interesting: country which the route passes,renders it the t| most agreeable that can be taken for the West. f( For lAinilie* travelling westward, it is preferable to all other j< routes. No effort has bernspared to maae the accoinmodttisns on board the boats ample and comple. They aie in charge of experienced, attentive, and obliging captains, so that the trip 1 from b PHILADELPHIA TO FITTSBURO, c ia rendered one of pleMureeather than toil. ti FARE ONLY $10. t< OFFICE N. E. CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT J STREETS, Where every information may be obtained. \CT~ Seats mayalso be secur d at 13 south Third st.and at the DEPOT, 274 MARKET STREET, where the Cars start from every morning at 0 o'clock. 1 m26 Im* rc A. CUMM1NOB, Agent. j GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (335 MILES) _ BY RAIL ROAD. The only Office in New York e?tabli>hrd hy the several Rail Road Companies between Albany and Buffalo is at No. 59 COURTLANDT STREET, JOHN f. CLAK, Oeneral Agent. NOTICE TOIMMIORANTS. The Hnbicribers having been appoiotej cganta for forwarding Immigrants by Kail Knad from Albany to Bu?alo and intermediate rl-tces amerabledto send them during (lie Summer from New York to Utica lor $2,06; to Syracuse $2,92, to Auburn $3,36; to llocli-ster $1,61 to Buffalo $550. Children ' from 2 to 13 years old at hc|f price; under 2 yeara free; and all Baggage from Albany 011 the Rail Koad is entirely free. It is evident that it comes much cheaper to the i mini nan t to trav I by Kail Road than by Canal, he reaching BnlFalo per S-ivmboac from New York aud Rail Rnad from Albany ia 42 hour*; w!i tea-, it takes per Canal from 9 to 10days. The following calculali n shows the remit, vit P.usage tr Buffalo per Hail I Passage 10 Bnffilo per Call. o*d $5,50 ual.say $2,00 Luggage from N. York ro I Luireave to H11 (T.!.> anlh? Albany, lJUlbi free, bal- fire, balance for 1001 bf 55 b anre lor luOlbs 18 Loss of time at least 9 days l.itgige from Albtny to worth to the U??o;rr, say ' Buffalo In* 50 rents per day 4,50 p Liring for 42 hours, say- 75 Living for 10 daya,50 cent# per day 5,00 h Total per R. Road >$6 4) ? '$18,05 C Deduct fare per R. Road 6,41 ji The traveller oer R. Road ravea $5,62 'i'bey alar forward passe:) g-r*'ro ('.leaveland, Poitsmnuth and r other piireaio Ohio; D-poit, kc , Michigan; Orren Bay Mil- o w.siikn;, tie.. Wi roi sin Terr trry; Chicago, lllinoit; acd to v ditfeiV't plan a in Canada, at theloweat rates. AH information a* to the different ron'ea given gratis, and Tickets to be had only at the Albany and Buffalo hail Kurd Office,59 Cnnitlandt street. WOLK It RlCKEKS. np2 lm?m j TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. SB. M.Ml! KlSSEXOER JHUUINGF.MENT FUR 1H44 4 The ttnbicriberi having eouipletnd their arrnnreme'its, are s now prepared to bring out pass?ogeis from (treat Biiliiu and 8 1 reland by the following first cl-s? packet ahipa.oneof which will leave Liveipoolon the 1st, 6th, llth, 16th, 21 at and 28th of $ each month:? 9 Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridm, 4 Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, 4 Gt Monteznma, Siddous, Geo. Washington, Hottiiuuer, ColnmSns, United States, b Roacius, Aahburton, Knit land, t Europe, Steph'n Whitney, Rochester, Indrpeu'ence, Yorkshire. Oarrirk, a Hf.muel Hick. Queen of the Writ, Oxford a Cerlifica'es of passage can be obtained, and every information will be givn to tho?" tending IV.r their frieuds, on application a L at ritorr of onr offices. They will alto be pre-ai*d, on the opening of navigation, to b forward passengers and heir luggage to Alb my Mid Troy, and j via Km- Carat to Hnffalo, hiiiI ali intermediate places. To ah porta of th? Upper Lakes. Vis Oswego to Tomuto, Port Hope, Colin g, Kingston, and allparta of i. anada West. hrorn Troy via Whitehall to Mon'rsal and Quebec, Cana- f da Ka?t via Ohio <'anal from Clesvelaud to Portsmontli, Cincinnati, and i term?'ljafp places _ ... , ttou'.h West via Philadelphia to Pittsburv,(Cincinnati. Louis- 1 vil'e. and allparts on the Ohio River to St. Louis. M ? ; nod to ali parts of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Witcon n in Territory. , REMITTANCES. f Kor the arcommodL-aion of persous wishing to rend money o to tli ir fi lend i in the Old Country, HARNUKN Ik CO. will give Units on any part of Kngiaril, Scotland or Ireland, payable at snrht, for so mi of ill, i. J, 4130, to L.09?or iu any amount to suit the purchaser ' OFFICES AND AOENTS. A Chsrlea Craft. 120 State street. Boston V. V1/, Winder. Union Building, Providence, R. I. J. W. Mills, 3 Wnll tirwt, and IS Front street. New York. N. O. How .rd, 43 Honth Third strret, Philadelphia. BaudCord ft Shoemaker, 7 Light street. Baltimore, Md. I rittsbnrgli, Pa. L.S, I.ittlejohn, 11 F.x-ha-ge, Albany N. Y. 8 Clark, li!) Hirer street, Troy, N. Y. Utica.N.Y. W. A. Cook, Hyricus?, N. V. Rochester, N. Y. W. H.Cook. Buffalo, N. Y. II. Fi'nhngli fkCo.. Oswego, N. Y. mlScc g FREIGHTS FOR BALTIMORE. ItKTWEKI* 9t.<?OL i rftlLAUKMIHA AND BALTIMORE, VIA Dt.LA- f 1 WARE AND CHf APfcAKK CANAL. 1 This Line, consisting of the following H'enmboata? * Stu nboat BALTIMORE, Captain K. Lavnian. t CUMBERLAND, v' A.Col-mary. 1 " ERICSSON, " A. G. (Ttayponl. PIONEER. " M. Wolf, is now in oreration, loaving the upper side of thesluut street Wharf, daily, at IK o'clock P. M., for Baltimore, arriving early nest morning. . Merchandise destined South or West of Baltimore, will be 1 forwarded thence with the greeted despitch. f freights for Norfolk, Richmond, Petersburg, Va.. Wash- f ingtnn Oeorgetowu Alexandra, 1). C.. Cincinnati. Ohio, 0 Louisvill*. Ky , Sunt Louis, Mo , or any other point Sooth or West, > -,ived and forwarded daily at the lowest rates. r All (hods destined for Baltimore hri m New Vork. and ron- i signed to the undersigned at Philadelphia. will be forwarded , the aanie day da received, and delivered the fol owing morning, i ? . .. A. OROVd.B, Jr . Agent. mil) 2wrr,? No. id Sontb Wharvea. Philadelpbii. r rttom -PrAFT8 ON ENGLAND. IRELAND. J I eraoiuahnnt remitting money to their ' ^""y"W '".'Be O'u Country can be supplied wttli drafts in sums of XI. ?2 ?3 ?', tit LM,? 100. ?1000 or any amouVtwyahi; on demand, without dlsconiu, or any other charge, at the National Uuik of Ireland Provincial Bk do, Ja's Bait, Son kCo.. Backers, London: J. Baru-d 8c Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Eaatgni Bank of Scotland; Oreenoc* Banking Company; Sir Win. horbes Hunter A Co., Scotland! Mil! th? nr. nchea m every post town thhinghout England, reHnd, Scotland and Wales, whic h drafts w|!l he forwarded be thf p*ckt*ti of th* I Ith. 1t?t * 2l?t, aid 26th. or the RovrI Mail Iteamr: sailing from Boston on-^'*"^4j?x '1* At their general pass-Re office <3 prcg ' JPi feUrfi corner of South 1 N || _ \|t l.f'ers fr in 'he ennr.try mail come post t'aid. ~~nM*t% PC I life; T.i" S eamb .at PORTS A^hL^sMOI. I'H is now being thoronghlv repaired ^KmHuwBLsn i will b ' tet'lv alitie wrening of navigation to tow boats intermediate to Troy, Albany a id Ne w York This boa1 will have capacities for towing equal to any on the river; and ii it hoped that it will obtain a fair support mrti tm*re P. ("OMSTOCK E NE NE NEW AUK A Nit NEW YORK. 'J FARK ONI.V 131 I'K.NTS NIK NK.W AND SWIFT STEAM KK RAINBOW, _ CAPTAIN JOHN OAPFY. /Ml Will commerce h?r tripe (or the eeaeon en Thunder, A|>ril 4t)i. aud run uulil further no?t fullnwa l.euvmg Newark at 7){ "clock, A. M., New York 4 o'clock, P. M. The Ktiubow been enlarged, completely r'fitted, aud darted in tSii route, ami having a Urge deck ealoou, the can oinfnrra'u!)" accommodate a large number oltpaiMuigerf. j Kreiani carried at verv reaionabte ratra. New Vei-k, April 3, 1814 ol tf re c PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS 1 FOR ALBANY. c DAI L.Y.^Sundoye etcepmd?Throoj;l? Di- (l B*2*l6S8Ltwr>-ii Courtlandc nud Liberty n Ttiu aleamboat KNICKhit BOCKEK, (attain A. P. St. ahn, Mond-y, WtdNfiy ud Friday, at 7. r The btnm'ioat ROCH r.HTKM, ('amain A. Houghton, ou 'uesdar, Thursday and Satorday, at 7 P. I1 At F iveo'cluck t. M . Landing ?t inteiraed ate Placet:? , The Steamboat NORTH AMKKiCA, Captain Win. II. 'ruesdell, Monday. Wedneaday, Kri lay and Sunday, at S PM. H The steamboat CURTIS PECK, Canttin Win. 11. Petit, ueiday, Thursday and Saturday at 5 P. M C Patirmtrra taking thia line of boau will arrive in Albany in \ nrle time to take the MorniuK Traiu of Cara for the east or . ett (L7"The above Boau are new and anbstautial, are furnished > itli new and eiegaut State Rooms, and lor ayeed and accom- (] mdationa areuniivalted on the Hudson. . Foriuaaage or freight, apply on boaid, or to P. C. Schultz at ir office on the wharf. n8 11 ALBANY 1)A Y LINK. ? iMfl ytfl FOR ALBANY, and Intermediate Laud- u IL nf.?^oiiim the new and rlevaut atramboat ,, K^|?E.sOUTH AMERICA, Cat-tain M.H Trueaall, will leava the foot of Barclay atreet norili aide, ou Mon- J iy tiuir iim. April l.'ifh, at 7 o'clock allrc tl N"EWYORIt, AtBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT ' LINE. [ .mm 0m FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Morring ; from the foot ol Barclay street, landing ? Tim ate liner^{CC^p|Pl>taiu A. Uor'.iam, Thii miming, I. *The ateatner T1 Wy-.Xipta i n A. Gorham, Tuesday morning '] Evening Line f om the font of Courtlmdt street. The steamer ALBANY, Captain K. B. Macy, This ' reniug, at 7 o'clock. > The steamboa'SWALLOW, CipUiu A McLean, Monday b reniug, at 7 o'clock. p The Boats of this Line, owing to their light draught of *'? sr. are able at all time* to piss the bars, and r.MC'i Albany , id Troy in ample time to take the morning train of cars for i? east or west. 11 For postage or freight, apply on boa'd, or at the offices on ihe a 'hires alJrc STATEN ISLAND A?L [ ferry. ? On and alter Tuesday, February 27th, the Boats will lease c I foUows, until furtl er notice <] Leave Statcn Island. Leave New Yvrk. At tlA. A. M. At 3 A. M. J It ' 12 " 1 2 P. M. 3)i P. M. I 5 " 5 a N. B. On Sunday tho boat will lexve at 11 instead of 12. feJOrc I JEW YOllK. ALBANY, AND TROY STEAM" ' BOAT LINE. J jniA ARRANGEMENTS FOIt 18U?MORN5*TUg^f^5gta?lNO LINE?From the foot cf Buclay s'eet, f IX- . ? yfluTr| 7 o'clock A. M., t Sundays excepted.) 1 The Steamboat TllO V. (Japt. A. (iorliain, and f The Steamboat EMPIRE, Capt. 8. 11. Hoe. I, Keening Line?Direct from the foot of Coirtlandt street, at p o'clock 1*. M. [Sundays excepted ] The Steamboat SWALLOW, Cipt. A- McLeon, and 1 The Steamboat ALDAN V, Capt. K. B. Macy. x Tli proprietors of the New York. Albany i ud Troy Lite a rould respectfully inform thu public that their boats have c uring the recess ol navigation the past winter, been refitted . ud replenished throughout, and many improvements afded to | le eoailort of the traveller The Troy aud Empire. as hereto- > >re, will loriu the Moraiug Line, from the Steamboat Pier * >ot ot Buclay street, running daily [Sundays excepted] uiak- * g the principal intermediate landings on the Kiver. t The Swallow and Albany will form the 7 o'clock Evening t .iue (through direct) daily (Sundays (excepted.) Tbealiove . oats are oftne nrst class of Steimboits. aud for s|ieed and ac- * ommodatioua i re uosnrpassed, and what is sfgreater interest : , .ho II. r .r .I.e ?,1 "I ..mi ?II I. t > the public?their names alone ia a luificimit guarantee ol"kind ? itrution, civil deportment and talc management. > New York. March U. 1844. mltec OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKET?. ? M&. Mk Ml ' ^^^dOLD Lll^^^ffackcti ft'X^^^ol will hereafter be j f despatched in the Ibllowingoraer, excepting tint when the tiling day falla on Uuuday, the ahipa will anil on the succeed igday, vu:? From New York. From Liverpool 1 'he CAMBRIDGE, June 1 July l(i t 060 tons, '.Oct. 1 Nov. 16 r W. C. Baratow.f Feb. 1 Mar. 16 'he ENGLAND, (June 18 Aug. l 750 tons, ' Oct. 16 Dec. 1 ?. Bartlett, i Keb. 16 April 1 He OXFORD, I. Jnly 1 Aug. 16 600 tons, < Nov. 1 Dec. 16 J. Rathbone, March 1 April 16 "he MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 1060 tons. < Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. J?. Lowber, r March 16 May 1 'he EUROPE, I Aug. 1 Sept. 16 618 tons, {Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. O. Furber, r April 1 May 16 'he NE\T YORK, (new) (Ann. 16 Oct. 1 950 tons, j Dec. 16 Feb. J T. B. Cropper, (April 16 June I 'he COLUMBUS, (Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tons. (Jan. 1 Feb. 16 O. A. Cole, (May 1 June 16 'he YORKSHIRE,(new) (Sept. 16 Nov. 1 1050 tons, < Jan. 16 Mar. 1 D. O. Bailey, (May 16 July 1 These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort i their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qualities y any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character and tperienre, and the strictest attention will always be paid to romote the comiort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as eretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred foliar*, for which ample stores of every description will be rovided. with the exception of wines and liquors, which will e tarnished the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners of thsse ships will bs responihle for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by thein unless btulur bills of lading are sigued therefor. For freight or pastge, apply to GOODHUE k CO, 64 South sc. U,H. MARSHALL. M Burling slip. N. Y. jtttf and of BAKING. BROTHERS Ik CO.. Dpoolivr.w line of liverpool packets. 'o tan iturn [S+w York on the &nd Liverpool on the 11th oi t*cn moutfi. ft ft A ^T?7oaT Nrw 'Pom^^ J hip KOSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 2(lh Mar*h. hip 8IUDONS. Captain K. B. Cobb, 26th April, hip 8HKRIDAN. Captain K. A. Derieyster, 26th May. i liip UAItKK'K, Capt. B I. H. Tm<, Juue. PROM LlVKRrooL. hip 8IIF.RIDAN, Captain A. Defaryster, 11th March, hip OAHRICK, Captain B. I. II. frisk, Uth April. I hip ROBCI1T8, Captaiu John Collins, 11th May. hit) SIIBSONS, Captain K. It. Cobb, 11th June. These ships are all of the firit claaa, upwarJt of 1004 torn, j nilt in the city at' New York, with inch improvement! a? ombine yreat ?|ieej with unusual to m fort for passengers. F.very care ha been taken in the arrangement of their accomloilationi. The price of passage hence it 3100, tor which mple itorei will be provided Tness ships arc commanileil by Xierienceil master!, who Will make every exertion to give geeral tatisfaction. Neith-r the captains or owners of theihipi will be reiponiile for any letter!, parcel! or package! lent by them, anleei renlar "flailing are signed tlierefnr Vor treight or paaage app'/ to lib. K. COLLIN* at CO., 56 8onth it., New York, or to Br yWN, BHIPLKY fc CO., Liverpool. Better* by the pacl eta will be charged I2X cents per single met ; 50 eeuls |wr nance, auil newspapers I cent each. ml rrr FORU VKRPOOL?New l.ine-Kegulsr Packet nrfrflrVof 26th April?Thesji'enilid packet ihip SlDDO.NS, MtuBfaiCapt K. B.Cobb, of 1040 tons, will sail as above, her rgnlar day. For freight or passage, hiving acc imtnnilariocs nn-oualled rrsiilendor or coinfjrl, apply on board, at. Orleans wharf, foot f Vv all sweet, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO. 26 South it. Price of passage 3104. The packet ship Sheridan, Capt. J F. Depeviler. of 1000 torn, rill ancceed the Siddom.aud sail the 2Glh of May, her regular Pi^ungers may rely on the sliipsof this line sailrg pnnc'n ily aWkvertise I. in27 to aglirc as^s FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line Regular JMi. racket Slat April.?The superior New York bnill BilElbPacket ship LIVERPOOL, Capt John RldritUe.1150 Dm burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage,having very eupenor accommodations, pply to the Captain on board, at west side Bnrtln? ?lir> orto WOODHULL It MINTUKNB, <7 South st. Pnce of passage $100. The superior packet ship Queen of the West, Capt Thlip Yoodhoute, >254 tons burthen, will euccned the Liverpool, and ail on her regular dav.llst Vny. al0'<PA2l Xdjv FOR HALK.-The sloop THO .IAS l.OL I UK* c sing nil,if, now i tying it the loot ol npmig street, . TTllr York. She was built by Thomas Colyer, at I7uu Bieg, and is five ye*:? old, and one of the faateat aud beat ' iloopa on the Hudson river. Hit) ia centre-board, and o' ' ight draught of water, and Carrie. about 130 toua, aud ia wall I dnpied fur the freighting or lumber buiiuess h'or further par- i iculait apply to JOSEPH AtiAi'kl, I 337 Broadway, New York, Adminiilrator of tlx estate of Krankliu Agate, drceise.l. ', ml lm?ar REMITTANCES TO IRELANDTkc ?Thi fc*JWWiub<crib?r coutiuuaa to trauainit mouay io aunis larga ( ABCoor atnall, to persons rati ling in aoy part of Iraland in , Re tame manner ta ha and hii pradacaaaor in butineaa havadona ?r (ha Uat thirty yaara aud mora; alao, to.aiiy part of England ' irftcoflaud r Money remitted by letter (post paid) to tlia atibacribar,or t i-raonafly deposited with him, with ilia tiama of tlia person or ( aranna in Iraland, England or Scotland, to whom it ia to ha , ant, and the neatest |*>at town, will be immediately tranamit land Pt d accordingly, and a raeaipl to that effect given, or ' warded tc the sender. In lika manner money or claima ou persons in any part of t reland, England or Scotland, can he collected by lha suhacrib- a r for person" r'aiding in any par' of tha United Sta'aa or Ca- . lad.-, and will be paid pi them accordingly. m36 3in?m OKURflE McUKIOK, Jr. ?3 Cedar it. ' PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Line?The I MHfcxV^hiP UTICA, F. Haw ilt Maatar will sail on tha lai i Mudljaday. For freight or po'iaie,'.Pldy to , Bf'ViJk hlNUKEN. ac P.'o. 3 Tontine Building, aor Wall and water a"a. | "Tjtvu VOR~NV.W ORLEANS.?I,"Ul81 WA AvD i rfWW NEW YOIl" LIN" -Paolo, of 2# h Ap,i? The , DUNCAN. <>t P Dag- , ge t. w .11 aril at 'hive, bar rag ill ir day ho freight O'pa-aage, S.T.n/h-ndaome furnnli'd ace ni-nodationa, apply on board, at Or eiua Wharf, foot of Wall atr'et or t' E K. COLLINS It CO M South at'aet. Poaitiyaly no fraigh* received afar tha evening of tha POth i inat Sl'ip.w a by thia line inay depeod upon having (hap kooda correctly maarniad. Agent. in New O leant?.Meaira. Hnllio and Woodiuff, wh will forw .rd all gocila to their ridd'est. The packet a hip QCMULOEK Capt E. Peat, wit auec?ed lha Buaewi, and tail Jdtli April, her reju'ar d?y. gU:otOru.' i W V o LW YORK, SUNDAY MOI I'rlal of John unil Wlllluui Uordon Tor the I Murdir of Anuin Mprapic. ml (Reported for the New York Herald.1 V SITUKMK < OURT-AttllL HK8810N*. no Providence, It. I. > !?1 Monday Afternoon, April 8. S The cast* was opened for the iiovernnient l?y Mr. dei 'otter, who said lie had heen solicited by the '''* dher Counsel to act as their assistant. Although su le considered himself but poorly qualified for this illioe, he should proceed to give un outline of the pp vtdence which would be otlered to establish the J 'iii11 of the prisoners. The question before the ju- p,., y, he would remark, incidentally, was, were the wl risoners guilty of murder, or were they not! No ^ itlier question would come before them. The pri- at oners were charged with murder?nothing short jJJ if it?nothing more. No question of law was in- bu 'olved, and he presumed no other question than dii he one he had stilted would be raised. A murder loc tad been committed?a cruel, cold blooded inur- *ltl ler?and the prisoners were charged with it?but "P villi nothing else. The trial was an important one; jjjj mpurtant certainly to the priionerx, lor their live* de- w ' ended upon the remit; imjiortant to the Government, in- na nmucli a* it wa? the duty oi the State to protect itsull l(ai ml vindicate it* rights. The law* had hern violated, and UJ1" i wu? iicinsgi j iu me permanency ui rnese law s, mat |1(lj heir infraction should be punished. It was important to jirr In- community-every citi/en was WlMtid, un<t the sfety of everyone deluded, in some degree, U|?on the c|j esult. It was for their interest that whoever committed .| j lus crime should sutler the penalties ol the law. The f(J|| ;ovurnment had but one object in v iew?to ascertain who ((j( onimitted the murder, und then administer Justice, stei n- (tn y. and fearlessly. It hud no feeling ot revenge to gratily , 1()l| : entertained none. It would discover none in thetriul. (lj ?he jury had noticed there were a number of counts in an, he indictment upon which theae men were unsigned? UU( hey would bear in mind, however, that the cliurg<-s were ' imple and substantially the same. The two prisoners |*hf eforo them were charged with murder?alternately, as j? rincipals and accessaues at the fact. The guilt was the ' ume in degice, in both cases. II they were present when * he inurder was committed, und did nothing to prevent it, f]a, r to bring the principal to justice, they were accessary j t the fact; and quite us guilty us the real murderer. He spoke of the nature ol the evidence which could he iroduccd liy the government?it would he general, cir- ' unistantial? not positive and direct. He thought, how- kai :ver, the jury would Qdmit with liirn that circumstantial '*> ividence, where the parts, though separate and indepen- 'on lent of each other, went to form un untiroken chain, was dui [itite us much to lie relied upon ?quite as convincing ? as < nut which was direct and positive. There was less oplortunity fur deception?lesj liability to err, and less a ihance lor effective perjury. wii He exhibited!and explained to the Jury and Court a wl dan ot the premises on which the murderwus committed. K|u le should |novo Mr. 8praguo was lust seen alive on 81111 lay the 31st December last, at half-past three o'clock I'M te was on liis way from his house to the " carp' louse,-.' tso called, over a pat) ich led through ottiu get ow ground, and across u im ream. He h . I I en I ound un hour or two afterw a few feet beyond the ?1' oot bridge which led over tin earn, and at the tout ct a mi nil which it Is supposed he u rising w hen the attack ?>i vas made which resulted in b. death. The Government 1 vould also present in evidence the parts ot a gun tound ni 'h< aid near the spot, ami a coat also found noar tne sj".t, botl if which would be identilied as belonging to on. ''1 1 1 tersons charged with the murder. A shirt would iresented, having blood upon one of the sleeves in ixactly corresponding with a hole in the coat, tould also show a pistol found near tho murdered ma. he boets of one ol the prisoners which coriesponded with racks found in the snow. They would trace one of the irisoners near the spot a short time before the murder 1>1< vas committed, tollow hiin to the house of a neighbor at- ac erward, where he remained till the news ol the murder iut irrived; show that he went with his neighbor to Mr. foe iprague's gate, and then turned home. Another of the th: irisoners, they would show, was s.en oil tho road to 1'ro- v* udeiice, soon alter the murder was committed, in evident 8? laste. They would also show a motive lor the murder in an lie long existing hostility between one cl' the prisoners, fo< it least, and the deceased; und that one of the prisoners 'hi lad a bruised eye und face when he was arrested. w' Mr. 1'otter having concluded at precisely live o'clock, wi he first witness for the Government was culled. Several so vitnesse* were examined, hut all to no purpose, as will be fr* >erceivedby reference to Tuesday'1 proceedings. Tt'i.sosv Msrninh. [Soon after the assembling of the Court this morning. me of the jurors arose und represented to the Court that an in account of distress in his lumilv. tie wished in hu ex mi .used from serving further in thin capacity. The Court ?? aid he could be discharged with the consent el the par- "" ie*. Consent was given, and a new jury was sworn, tn consisting ol the eleven remaining and one other The irisonors again pleaded not guilty, and the trial comnenced anew, The witnesses who had testified yester- tr' lay weni again called?lour or five in number?and their '? estimony lollowa :J H Itonrsr Wii.som sworn.?Am coroner of the town of lohiiston; was called on by Dr. Uowen to examine the oh iody ol a person found dead on Sunday evening, Decern>er J 1st; went to Dr. B.'s house, and thence to the spot th vhere the murder was committed; examined the body but '0I lartially; it was quite dark; had no light beside one lan- w< em; saw wounds on the head; the jury were satisfied 1'U he wounds had produced death; found a pistol on the ih [round near the bridge; put it in iny jiorkot; left the body th villi the jury and went to Dr. B.'s house; the pistol was no oa led heavily with powder and ball; the percussion cap ,vas exploded; one of the jury drew the charge at Dr. B.'s m louse |tho pistol, ball and powder were here produced;] <>e vitness had handed them to Justice Uowen when the exa I')1 nination of the prisoners was had, soon alter their arrest T1 Crou-rxumintti.? Was called from the meeting house in Wl llneyville to examine the body; went first to my own (J louse, then to l)r. Bowen's, but stopped only a few min- 'i'l ites at each; the meeting house is about two miles from 'ia lie place of murder; could not ascertain who first disco.end the pistol; it lay partly under the bii.lge when I saw t; cannot tell how long the cap lull been exploded; ap eared to have been a scuttle in the snow between the end Wl if the bridge and the water; a number of persons had got I>a here when I come tip and a great many tracks were visi>le; I thought there had been a sen flic from the fact that 3I> he tracks were confused, and the snow kicked about; saw ilood on one of the potts of the bridge railing; supposed Jj it tlio time that the deceased had been knocked oil' the MM, Direel ruumtd ?There had been a great deal of travel- ,0 ing about the premises when I got there, and I could not K" listinguisli one tiack from another. 1 A11xr.11 SpKAUi'K sworn?Lives within 100 r ds of the j" dace of the murder. I last aw deceased alive about half ant three o'cloek Sunday afternoon; I was between my ?'! louse and the path deceased usually travelled from his 8a loase to the ' carpenter place;" saw hint in the path going owards carpenter place ; cannot see all tho path from w< vherc I stood. 1 Crou-txainintd?There was a good deal ol travelling " iver the path Irom Mr. Sprague's house to thatownof !' lohnston less on Son.lay's than oilier days. Dirrcl-rttwned ?Deceased went oftener over the path in Sunday's than other days; there was not much traveling over the path on Sundays; deceased was within 70 'ia >r HO rods ol the place of murder when I last saw liirn; , lid not hear the report of a gun. The w ind was Mowing >om me towards the spot where the murder was com- m< naitted Dr. I.kwis L. sworn Was called about nine j'clock on the evening of the 31st December, to go to tno 011 louse of decoasod ; found the body of deceased on the ?" loor, head and shoulders little elevated ; examined the j" lead only ; found several wounds ; the first a ball wound in the light arm ; the hall entered the arm at the wrist, ractured the small bono of thearni, and came out on the J>" lpper and back part, about four inches from tho place of P ntrnnce ; it must have been u ball of rathei small sire, sav > 0 4 to ,the pound ; the next wound woi in the chin, jj" ransvwwt and rather jagged ; tho Jaw wan badly fractur- I1 id ; tho next wax at the root of the nose ; akin not uuitc tt 1 :ut through ; but bridge of nose broken and crumbled ; 1 he next waa left and upper aide ol forehead, and extend- " 1 id about three inches, the akull and membrane were bio- w' ien, and the brain protruded ; I think this wound wna J?j lot made with a cutting inatrument ; it might have been ''' nade with a Idunt, sharp instrument , the skull wax do- llk tressed ; the hones in the vicinity broken, and the skin ' nuch bruised. On a line with this, farther hack, was anither wound : skull fractured, and skin broken ; on the jf" ack part ol tne head, two small wounds, each one inch "u n length ; the scalp cut, hut the hone not iojuu-d ; should u", hink thuv w ere made by a sharper instrument than the ithers ; they might possibly have been made with tho harp edge of the fiuird of a gun. .Next wound on the ,el ight side of the head ; the scalp cut through and the ' ?| kull fracturo<l ; tho next was on the right temple, down '' 0 eherk hone, mado probably by a Hat instrument; skin , lot liroken ; either one of three ot the wounds would 'j?| isve produced death ; the wound in tho arm would have 'la' lisahled that arm . any ono of the other wounds would ' uise stunned and disabled the person receiving them ; hinks deceased came to his death by these wound*. Miciiari. Co?t?li.o sworn.?Worked for deceased at Wl he time of his death; had worked for him some time be- , ore; my family lived in Johnston, aliont one milofiom the J0< louse of deceased, and I went regularly from my home(to J * ny work every morning, and hack at night; generally ' u luvelled over road to "(.arpenter place;" about hall an r" inur before sunset on tho day of the murder, left Mr. tprague's house to go home as usual; came to the bridge which the path leads over, and saw Mood on it; (this hr iridge crosses n stream which divides the town ol Johns- an on from that of Cranston;) went across the bridge and sol aw a man lying in the'snow, close to the path, and near lie Johnston end of the bridge; did not touch him or ex- Oc imine him closely, hut went oil to the house on the car- an jentcr place; saw a man drawing wnter; told him what I an ami seen; he said Dr. Bowen had just left Carpenter house tic ind would he hack soon; they would go down; went to to lext house; snw a young man, w ho said hit father was th lot at home, hut he would go down; went thon to my own ce lonso; found a neighbor there; got him to go back with Tit; the man who lived in lower part ?f the house with th me also went hark; found the Ixidy as I had left it, resting ?ii m the free, hands and knees; while thete several persons w ;ame up; they said we must not touch tho liody till the pa 1 oroner came; one man said he would go and see Henry Keuncrnnd have a coron-r brought; some one said the be lea I person looked like Amasa Sprsguo, and started to go ca

lo Mr. Rprague's house to see if were at homei nn the m way he saw Dr. Bowen coming, and oaine back Dr. it Bowen said it was Annum Npragnc, ?nd that lie was dead; an law blood in the path fur several rods on the Johnston side en if the hill; the body lay about one rod from the bridge, (? close to the path on the Johnston side, RK E INING, APRIL 14, 1844. Sit rii?.ii at the place of tint | ram irderon the Monday tallowing its commission; was re- i l?le rning home through the meadow; got over u fence 3 or A it'll from the bridge, to examine some tracks which 1 on tieed from the path; within a few feet from the fence j ieir liid the piece ol a gun stock, 6 or 8 inches in lengtli ; . rod ire was blood Riidliair on the piece; the hair u as black, sam is wos tn the loieiioon of tlie Monda) tallowing the tnur- | J r. line pit-ccor gun stock was produced, and witness Nic mtilied it as the same he hud found.) eve: W*it?:n bkattik sworn?Left home about six o'clock Oor nday evening to go to the place of murder; whon there to t v deceased laying on the ground under the foot bridge; me; > snow was considerably beaten where he lay, and the up ? >od spatted about; mw blood on the foot path for several ofb Is up the hill oa the Johuston side; there was also a gt tod on one of the posts or staiiclieoiis of the bridge; ap- the 1 ranees indicated that there had boon a struggle uenr doo: tere the body lay; went again to the spot next day; I?u- the 1 Law ton and several others went with me; examined and > river to see if any weapon had been thrown in; found som rack on the meadow; followed it ncross the ineudow to Chi |iond; could not trace it on the pond, as the pond was I) vered with ice; went across the pond and found a track, ?toi t the foot marks were larger, and pointed in unother we 'ection; looked further to the right, and found other the it marks going towards a swamp; appealed to lie of the ors ne sire ol those first discovered, they were ubout 3 feet e l art, and could not havu been made l>y a short person, Nic rrpt on the run; traced the foot marks into the swamp, son il lost them there, and went home; next day (Tuesday) the nit again iu company with aeveial others ; one ol the in, las; turd Mii-on, louiul the track near where I had lost it the we / before; Luther Luwton tolluwed the track, and lound (. old blue coat ; there were pieces ol paper in the pock loui , and a box containing powder; saw Idood oil the right uuei n of the coat -r the sleeve of the coat was torn at the el- tluu v, and there was something like cobhleis wax and hair truv nging to it, on the lining; while searching for Hacks on It i side of Hie swamp heard some one say that the gun was was ind ; went to the school house tieor by, and wuited till "1 c I party having tile gun came up ; the gun was broken ril n and otherwise stove ; lilted the piece to it thut had been Jc mil near the footbridge ; it made a close joint ; saw VVil >od on the breach of the gnu. (The coat, pieces of paper, (for 1 liox, found in the swamp were here produced in court lina 1 recognised by witness ; There was no churge in (lie lead n when 1 saw it; witness went again to the place where lia.l i murder was committed, on Wednesday ; Gardner seat therwas there, and hud found parts of the lock of the ma; n where deceased lay. Mr. Kprague was in the habit of slsii In II... I ,iI'njtnliir .... It..- I ll? > *? generally in the uftornoon. durl t being 1 o'clock,the Com t here took a recess till 3 P.M. hgh afternoon. Jeattik's testimony continued?I liuve seen in the id,, ot the She;ili a |wir ol liouts pui parting to belong 'j1'" one of the prisoners; dnl not til them to the tracks '1 . nd in the snow. (The pieces of the gun were here pro- .. . oed and recognised.) : . 'ros* examined.?Noticed cobbler's wux on the coat 'j' eves at the time It was found ; deceased kept cuttle on *!' ' rpenter place; thuie is no barn there; the cattle in , liter s' itei under some trues; u part ot tlie track .. dch \v .iced across the meadow is visible lrom JohnI' oi it also from the loot path; nearly ull of it . in ol it fr.nn Sprugue's vil- .. , 1 should tliink tome lurty or tifty of the lanorers in . ,, | \ Ige remain at hotna on Sunday, the others '' o to mooting t Providcnoc. J.'. Beattic, i om?Joined Walter Ueattie awl J. ters londay morning, to examine tiie ground of the . uder, Stc. (The testimony ol tins witness was pretty . . ich the same as that ot Walter Ueattie.) ! ... Urot. i imiiitd?The trucks which we traced beyond 5 pond were very fur apart, uniformly tno far for a short . g in. (Both the prisoners are short mm ) . lonario .V. Wateiimaix, aworu?1 lived in same house "... th dec. t d at the time of his deutli; last suw him alive ,. it .ait -J o'clock on the day of bis death ; he was house; 1 went into the back part of the ., t, and heard hie voice in conversation till . 1 iv ; then thuuglit 1 heard hisi go out ; went u , men on Tuesday and traced loot-murks from ^ ice of murder across the meadow to the pond ; went toss the pond, and traced them lrom where the gun was . and, into the swump where the coat wu< found ; the f, itmarks were three feet apart, und of the same si/.e , rougliout; tlie men with me traced them to within so- , n or eight feet of Nicholas Gordon's house ; 1 did not . , to thMWNM?tVMtt through an orchard and found . ., other track, leading from the house to a pond ; the . itmarks corresponded exactly with those we had traced rough the swamp ; tlie gun and coat had been toiiud leu I examined the track through the sw amp ; then: j ' ire other tracks through tlie swamp, some larger and 4I run smaller than those we traced ; they appeared more ^ ifti, and I thought were made afterwards. f Cross-examined.?Had no dilliculty in keeping tlie track t| ( mi where the gun and coat were found; was no snow 1 between Sunday and Tuesday afternoon, when I ex- jj lined the ground ; do not know when tlie tracks were ide ; there was ice in the tracks traced in some places ; j,0| i not certain that I could distinguish between h track nle Sunday and one made Monday ; the tracks we iced were deeper and further apart than tlie others. ?P,^ JnHfi G. OcMxaaiTT, sworn ?(lie was witii the last witas when the tracks w ere examined, and testified to the . ' ith of what he had said ) Saw a pair of boots taken . rip the. house of the Gordons, and applied to them the , asure which he had used in tlie tracks ; the truck was |nR eighth ol an inch wider thar. the hoot, in length pre- . gr tely the sume. (The boots were shown and recognized ) Cross-examined-?'The tracks wc traced after leaving e place whyre the coat was found, run into the trodden itpatli and was lost ; some rods along, a track, whiuh u n supposed to have been made by samo person, left the v til on the other side, and went into another swamp? nice we traced it to hack door of N. S Gordon's house ; j n snow was not beaten round Gordon's back door ; we BJ[g diced two trucks going from the door 0W| Dvviu Lawtox, sworn.?On Tuesday following the order, in company witii otheis, I followed the tiaclt ol a j, rson into the swamp ; found a cout tiiere ; there was , nod on it; cnino out of the swump, gave the coat to Cf)n aeodore tfiiint, and went liack ; wlien 1 came out again, ent to tlie scliool house wliere tlie coat had been can led. wai 'he coat was produced and recognized by witness ) Here was hiocd on the sleeve lining near the elbow, ate 1 I bin irs sticking to it; there was also blood on other paiU / sleeve ana skirt. ,11,1 Orou-uaminnl.?Am sure there wus Idood on lining ol j, w ecoat at the elbow. (The coat was re examined by (j(J| tnesa.) I thought it win Mood, but did not examine j rticularly at the time ; it might not had lieon blood, (<ol Dirrct resumed ?What appears now as wax on sleeve, i,;^ peared then us blood. SIatiur Pkai i , (worn ?L\amincd the swumpon Tues (.01l y ; went hark to where the murder wa? committed, and w), iced track* to a pond ; crossed the pond, and followed to (rr, a right until we came to a large tree ; examined the tree 0-c fee if it was hollow ; in examining it, saw part of a Q,j, in flock and barrel standing against the tree ; found also w(. e breach of the gun, broken off, lay in the hushes by (aT e side of tree ; both pieces were chiefly concealed by lies ; the piecef hud htood and hair on them ; found ,j?t 10 a piece of the gun-lock ; carried thum home, und to? at them afterwords to Sheriff Potter. ( Crost-examined ? Found tracks near the troe when I aij t nt ; several persons had been there before. rHn 'Jinnsr.a Lctmeii, sworn.?Went to spot of murder on ednesday following ; dug up the snow where head oi ceased lay, and found several pieces of tho gun lock, vVil that had not been lound before , carried the pieces to wln r. Sprugue's home, and delivered them to a mart who knf is introduced to me as nn ollicer ; saw Nicholas (iordoti no( ve a gun about two weeks before murder was commit- f 1; can't say that it resembled the gun produced in court. ,iOI, The Court now (7 o'clock) adjourned to a o'clock to 0f I jrrow morning. mn Wrdisksdav Moxtsixo. r0o Dr. Bownx, of Johnston, was examined He bod arrived tic, i the s)<ot of the murder boforu the lrody was removed, t d made tome examination of wounds, f If ix testimony Car impoitaut |>otnts, agreed witlr that of Dr. Miller, given noi foil' I 'A it Crom-rxaminrtl The part over which deceased was in < itig, was the one usually travelled by people going to ny i ague's village from the little village in Johnston, he- pj0i nd Carpenter Place. There are 16 or 'JO families in the ( lie village in Johnston; most of the men work in he < rogue's \ illage, ami go over the path two or more times Hs i lay. any 11 ahdixu Batons,sworn. ? Saw Nicholas Cordon have pan nil some time in latter part ol last full, or early part of jt ? ntcr; it was a long stocked gun, with ssiall bored bar- 4Rki and |iercnssion lock; it had hven nltcred from an old |l(, | hloned lock; the ono now in court looks very much wet i- the one I s;nv. T Croit-rsamintd.? I often go a gunning iri the region of . Hprague's murder; often see men about there with \ us; oltener Sundays than other days; I judge this to be |,jm gun I saw Mr f iordoti have from smallness of the liore (.he 1 length of stock. p,w IVamis rir, recalled for defendants.?Nicholas vom irdon's house stands on a hill near the highway; no ? ice la !? i en house and road; Can see hack side of <io forP o's house from next nearest house; there are apple es la twcrn, hut w itne.s does not think tliey would cut s|10( me ve u , anoni in person* live in next house to < ior- Kjor n'?; ran't sav whether they are usually at homo on Sun- (M)? f '* I U'i Mr. rsni.xn, surveyor, was here introduced, anil ,)j,j ore to the correctness of the innp exhibited in court) t|lf> liMr.i Kmnn, colored, sworn ? Left a gun Cor sale g th I'. Alniy, auctioneer, in the fall of last|ycar; it was a j)Br, is* mounted fowling piece, small liore nnd percussion |()|, k. (The gun in court was produced.] This is the one, jt w hould krmw K among a do/en; the Run sold (or 40; jj ot something ?hort oi that amount; the wormer and fe- ||ve In are the same a* when 1 sold the gun; can't (ay about heti ?ramrod;never left hut one gun with Mr. Almy. |?n r vnts-eesmined -1 traded for the gnn with some on th* Nic idge;don't know w ho 1 had it of; left it only H or I weeks, eye d used it once or twice; first saw the gun, after it was C Id, at the jail, when the prisoner'* were examined. for Jsvis.s II. Hsnix, (worn ?Wn* clerk for T. Almy in N stober last; received a gun lor sale from James Francis; sigl entry was made ol it ou the hook, (the hook was shown of 1 dread, " Oct. A, James Krnncis, one Howling piece, set- I'ro1 id.'1) The gun was sold at auction, Oct. 7tli, foi f i J.'i tfpr "N (lorton"as shown by hook. (Witness examined V e gun produced in court.) Think it is the same I re- the i vI'd ol fame : Francis. of t fen ?-i r/iin'iifrf 1 csn't swear that this is the same gun Cht at I received of James Francis ; hav* no rridrnir of it he- met III th' h?oh I I always took the names of persons to moi horn geo Is were sold from the auctioneer, and was very *ho rticular to have them correct. gur Join Moaovx, sworn ?Between thiee and Ave weeks nln fore the murder wa* ooutiuikted, Benjamin Waterman tan nio In ns with i> pioce ol ramrod, and wanted me to sha skit one; he iirought me a piece of walnut wood to make mo of; I mi b* tie- hod ; the wood was bad, cross grained she id the rod was not perfect. (The rod war, produced In as mrt hut the witness found it difficult to find the imper ing ri place.) I think this rain rod ia the one I made. nia Cron t^iminfd -C annot say positively that this is the <?h , .I'll \ i11")! i.1 Ji'ii iii'U -*"!i- aaegggg'^gg [ERA iro.l I road* ; other ramrods would 1?* likely to reseni- del it; Betijamin Waterman in generally culled Ben Kit. j fiel soukw Bun.tit, sworn.? l'nt u brats or copper ferule tlie ramrod, tin) last Saturday in Octohur or first in No- ' dir iber, lor Benjamin Kit ; did it to get rid of him ; rum ; I in court resembles the one 1 fixed, can't iuy it is the mn o one. I of ?iuc/. J. PoTTr.B, (iharitr.) sworn ?I arrested John and j 1 dolus Gordon at the store of thu latter, on Monday Uo uing following the murder. (The house and store of! Mr 'don are the same building, end a door opens from one ' tin he other) Messrs. Chaffee and Sheldon were with I en arrested N. 8 Gordon first, he showed me John; went hu ,lairs to a sleeping-room and searched it; found a pair I oots?they were wot to the uncles ; was searching fur sit in, but did noW find any ; N. Gordon's mother wus at house ; saw u young girl next time I was there ; one r of the sture was bolted on the inside when we left ; i tin windows wore fastened I the outside-door was locked ! ho N S.Gordon took the key ; John Gordon's lace was su ewhnt bruiaed when arrested ; said it was done on coi 1st mas night going home from a frolic in the city. tin UUIL K. ChUTU, sworn?Helped search Gordon's tic e and house; the door of the store w us guarded when ce| made the search. | This wilnjiss testified pretty much ba same us Sheriff Hotier.] John Gordon did not ask me, mi iuy onu in my keariug, why he w us arrested; appear- kn trery callous and mute; asked him if he lived with th Jiolas, and he saidyrs, said he kept store for Nicholas tal ictimes; the inner door and windows wore fastened on wi inside; some of them hy me at the request of Nicho- tir Nicholas locked the outer door, and kept the key; hii did not bring away any cletlu s found in the search sai 'roit-rxamitud? What i meant by John appeared cat- slu i, was that ha was sullen, or very reserved; usked no wt it ions, uiel wus slow to answer; Mr Kllis was sta. j ed ut the hack door during the scorch; I saw people offi elling round at the time. 1 irrcl rtmiMtd? When Nicholas said he could prove he 1 somewhere else at the time of the murder; John said, lull nn proie that I was somewhere else;" said he attend- dei letting in the city and returned after mass. tin ins \h sworn?Went to serve a warrant on tall hum Gordon Tuesday morning; went to Nicholas wo don's house; thu old lady ut first reliisc 1 to let me in; the IIv admitted me to a room neeiiniisl In Inrnulfi ,lnm u l, ling to thu store locked; the oil lady said Nicholas thu fastened it, ami had the key; hurst tin; door open, and tinl died the store uud house; Governor Knight was with Wi found various aiticlos of clothing under a bed u|> we re: w as a ilurt among thein, ono of the slcovos below twr elbow was stained with blood and water; found one < t vest, stJined with blood or something else; also two Bh t vests, one u little S|>ottcil with blood ami water, or uh< ething else; one hud in thu pocket a box of percussion tin i, sonic powder, and ono or two pistol balls; saw a am 11 box with jiowder in it. (Witness did not say where nio box was found, probably he referred to the ono found his 1 the coat in the swamp ) Saw another just like it in bet store, ulso had powder in it; found some in caiinistor tisti lore; compared the powder in the three parcels; could I over no difference in thom. (A light vest was pro- run ml in Court) I think I have never seen tiiis vest be- dor (Another w as produced ) I think I nv this one ill sav chamber. (A black vest was shown) llad seen J ; found it among other clothes under the lied; it was wh uly in places when he first saw it; found a blue coat; Bri us a little damp when found. (A coat was produced) nun ink it looks like the one 1 found; found also tw o pairs don laloons; one pair wet to the knees. (These were pto \ ad and recognized ) found a pair of kip hoots, ulso roil p. (A pair of these boots were produced.) i hey 11 ,ed something like .these; fitted one of the hot :u into footmarks lending from swamp to house; sav ted very nicely ; left Gordon's house soon after, and ten ft over to house of deceased ; there saw Win. Gordon Pro caniugo v/ith another person, driving towards I'rovL > so ; followed after, and went into Mr. Uowen's otlice wa i him ; he told me in there that lie was in the city on slei day of the murder ; told me where he wus ; said he up, at a christening in the evening ; others have since f'ou me they saw him in the city at ID in thu morning and my In the evening ; saw a receipted hill in ono of the vest ( kets ; it was for groceries bought of T. A liny by N. thu Gorton; saw a lew drops of blood on a sheet on hin bed in Gordon's chamber ; the blood was near the fro 1 of the sheet. / rott-rxamintd?The room where the clothes were Alt id appeared to be the sleeping room of the men ; the day lies appeared as if they had been thrown carelessly .Mr ind the lied ; there was no receptacle for dit ty clothes chc le room ; the tracks to which 1 titled the boot were lint etly illegible, exccpt'at the heel. the u.LiNoiikkT Almy sworn? James Francis left a gun in nui store for sale, us shown by book ; it was sold in Goto- I last, as shown by book, to " AT. GortonNicholas coi don has laughed at me for spellisg bis name Yunkce ne: lion; think I spell it generally Gordon, mid both ways VI I in the same person in my books ; my impression Is, wl: I his way of spelling it was Gorton. (Witness alter, wa rds produced his ledger and day book, in first part of to 'e his name was written Nicholas Gorton ; afterwards am holas Gordon?in one or two places Nicholas 8 bac don) o'c 'rots-examined?Sold N. Gorton a gun ill June 1844, as Aoi ears by book ; the entry here wus made by my boy medium II. Greene ; a bill made out by young Greene, gid I produced, in which his name was spelt Gordon) I d i e m> recollection ot the sale of either gun ; can only ha ir to them through the hook 1 noil to hundred* of wi mgcra ; sometimes they have their names jmt down ; ho letimes not ; 1 have no recollection of delivering or no uling a gun to Nicholas 8. Gordon in October, or at yo V other time. ret Mrtct retumrd ?The only reason why I suppose) " N. an rton means Nicholas 8. Gordon, ir, that N. 8. Gordon regular customer of mine ; if any other man should tot e handed me a similar name 1 should not now rt memit. wi oiim Caisidv sworn?Knows N. 8. Gordon?(Witness wi mined the coat found in swamp)?don't know who tin ns it ; saw Nicholas Gordon tnke a coat front his wag- wi i at the door seven or eight months ago; it resembles las i ; took littlcMiotice at the time VI 'reti-taamintd?I only recollect the appearance of the t I saw, from the fact that it was mean looking ; never liii ' the coat from the time N. Gordon threw it out of the I gon, till it was shown me in the Grand Jury room ; I lie intimately acquainted with N. .Gordon, hut never saw "< i wear tins coat. no Hyrctjrmmrd?Saw the coat at Mr. Sprague's house : cit not recognize it at first; William Boyd said lie thought as N Gordon's coat ; I said I thought I had seen N. wi rdon throw it out of wagon sometime ago. tw oil* Kingston sworn ?Am acquainted with N. I. Co rdon; can't say whether his brother John lived with he i at the time ol murder or not; I think John and Wlb nr n, together with a mother and a sister, came to this ?h intry in June last; i think at solicitation of Nicholas, fr< 0 was here liefore; John came to my house (threeqnar fo lot a mile from N. Gordon's) between lour and five lock on day of murder; said lie came from his mother's Gi s mother lives with Nicholas;) remained sometime and nt away: myself and brother went with him to King's qu ern, half a mile distant; he came hack Willi us and re- 1 ined at our house till seven o'clock; aliout 7 o'clock my er came in and told of the murder; then we all started in< ards .Mr. Sprague's (sister lived with Amass 8prigue ime;) John went with us us near to house of deceased ' lie main road inns, and then kept on home; when John ce id to my house, lie had on a brown top-coat and a hat; wi a gun in N. Gordon's house or store sometime lust iti| r; do not know what kind of a gun it was; hovo seen in lliam Gordon with a gun; dont know whan; some- mi pre near ids premises in September or October; don't co >w whether September and October are, fall months oi lis lo Yon-rxamiiud?Have been acquainted with John (ior pc 1 since lie came to this country; never knew any harm Bi liini; threw cents on my floor lor liquor, on day of 'I rdcr,before we went to King's tavern; drank two w mils at tavern while there; came Imrk liefore dark; no Ml nothing unusual in Jahns appearance. th A' Kiugskiu sworn Iknow John Gordon; in- ? n? from Ireland in June ar July Inst; at the time the rdcr was committed, I underitood ho bonnled; was ee h my Iirother Jnlin Kingston when|!ohn (JorJon came '"i >n day of murder. (The witness repeated the ti stimo- hu of Jonn Kingston ] Saw u gun in the tied room of N. pdon's house about a yenrngo, was a bayonet on it. eh yeti-rTamiii'd?John <Jordon appeared as usual when tw rnme to our house; conversation was free and pleasant thi isual; seemed as much ama/ed at ilcath of deceased as till of us: had on at time a brown top coat and gray isb thi taloons; was dressed as usual on Sundays; I am sure 1 as not dark while w e were at King's tavern; think I *?i ol John where he came from; said from his brothel's; ow tad on loots; did not notice that toot* or pants fweir lol Ids ho Court here took a recess till .1 r. M. 'Ik afternoon. at Bsua Srasurr., Jr*. sworn. Knows John (Jordoti; suw 1 within 'JO rods of the place of murder, with a gun, '"'I Friday before the murder was committed, and once a da; days before that ; Hist time, said lie had staited Up ' ic partridges near the "crib" on Carpenter Place, and v? it *1 to get them ; the next time I saw liirn, (Friday Imthe murder,) asked him ii he had seen these partridges tin ; said no ; said he was going now tu another place to <'o at rahbits ; it Was a long stocked, old lookirg percus- w< i lock gun, be bad with him , said lie always kept a 'hi by him at home ; said he was living with his brother ; us near hv when thi 'gun nrodurcd in coait was fnnm! oo not take tin' gun in my hand, lint had no doubt it wan wi same I had seen Joiin tlordon have. ? roti-'Mhiinril - Know that ipiaiU get round crib* and n?, and rye stack* ; don't know that partridges do; n wtu travelling on a pntli liotli times when I h?w him ; . us the regular travelled path or road ' r. r.aiiai aworn. Know* Nicholas Oordon; I i about (10 rads fr im hia shop; si* wnekl or two months tin ire the murilvr uw him have u pistol; saw John <?or an Sunday morning about S o'clock, was called in hv f'1 holan; del not notice that John had a black or swollen J" * nil roii tx tvtim d.?Know Wm. Gordon; had not Man him ma week hefote hia airest. <hi maviivii Whits., aworn.?Knows John Gordon hv J it; saw hiin on day of thu murder, between the bonis t nnd 3, going past his house toward*borne: lives on the j valence road in ( ranaton, about (I'tniter of a mile liom |,rl ague's factory. ' Hsnai a, sworn.? Huskies in Providau. < ,; went to I John llavis farm in Johnston or t ran don. <>n the day " he mtirder.with his brother in-law,Bowenftlps neei. leb. " istian Hill about :> minutes past I'd; walked pretty fast, ? two men nmr the house of John O'tfrien, nwu Sua i's factory, coming tow ards Providence, one u .. a it man the othei much taller , one ol the men hod a ]l ) on his shoulder; rri't anotari ruin somu distance he. d; returned to the city after tea; met (women som" dis. j"' re above {) linen's house; they came out of a (ieol; h, 'lid th-nk they w ore the sa ne men we mot in the t? ruing; one w.i* a short nun tneothera tall maa; the ??, irt man was in his ?hirt b*tvc?, nn I held his head down in I passed nlm;the otlnir '"an Inula gun, they were sv slk Ul very fast; e| a gabled rool hou?e below, hoaid a wo- .1 n say that a nun wai found deed in eft Id nearby; .,j, 1 a jierron wftsfo'tu I dead, appv tuud to have been tnut- i g-ig?m jjljll ^jstsr&aemsammmam L I). PrU? Tin Cull. -cd; thought it waa Amaii Kpragne: ?aw a crowd in the .I, an J went down; aome ait or eight (xrtoni were re; t'ouiid u man who appeared a* if he had l.?eu mured, noine one *aid it wan Amaaa Sprafjne. iy the Attminu G?*k*ai ?Have jou aince seen a u who looked like the abort man you aaw on the day Iliu muider ! that I have once ; raw a man in Mr. wen's ottice, who 1 thought wu the one ; *ai told by . i.llis that it tin William Gordon ; should think that ; prisoner. William (iordon, was the man 1 saw in Bow's ottice ; have not seen him since ; did not know that was arrested at the time. by Atioiitiuy ih.muai.?Have you seen the tall man ice f Witness?1 have not. Cross-Txats rird.?Kirst saw theae two men juat below [ house ol Olirieu, coming towards town, between the tits orone nr two, not later than tw o ; it wus just after n down when we met thein on our return ; they were ming out ol a held above O'Brien's house ; did not see ?m after we passed them ; did not see anything in perular about these men, to rause us to notice them?rapt that they u,.peered to lie out a gunning on the 8? b ih ; the short man had on a long overcoat when we first it him ; think the other wore dark clothing , donl >ow whether they wore hats or caps ; could uot swear is man was the one he saw in llowen's oltice , did not ke any particular notice of him ; walln d past him aa he juU any othur person ; did uot notice his face the firat ne we met him , the second tunu only saw the side of i face , only reuson I had for thinking they were the me men we met in tlie morning, was that one was a jit and the other a tall man ; could uot swear that they ire the same. tTToiiio.Y <?i;m sat. ?Didthe inan you saw in Bower's ce, correspond in ?i:r, to the shoit mall you met I iVitnfss.?He did. lows.* Hperckb, stvoi n.?Went with Mr Barker, to my Iter's, on the day ol the murder ; started from my ratiice in Washington street, a few minutes past twelve; <t side of Simmon's works, met two men?a short, and a i man ; the tall imui had on u dark drcsa ; the short one re a light diess, and hud a gun ;thev walked very fast; sun was alsiut going down ; a short distance from ere wo met those two wen, met my brother, who said, it ail Irishman had been found^frozen to death, in the d ; went to the place where the man lay ; have seen iiuuni < loinoii in prison ; should tbink he was the man i met ; thought no, when I sow him in priaon ; cannot car he Is the game. 'Jrtit-rxamined.- Diil not notice, the aim himaelf; Mr. iker f|>oku ol it , should think it was half of a mile >vo the gumble roof houae, where w o met thoae man ; ! abort man hail on u bat the aecond (time we met him ; attre that the ahoit man wua the name we met in the ming; the tull one had a gun ; the abort man, being in shirt aleevca, catiaeil me to notice him ; could not have tn paat two o'clock, when we ;met theau men the Drat le. Input wit. Wtriiuia * worn?Carried a ramrod to Jeniah Stone week liefore New Year'a, for Nicholaa Oori to huve a wormer fixed on it; have aeen the rod aince; v it w ith the gun that wag found in the awarnp. urMiiH Htonk aworn?A ramrod waa in the ahop en I went there; don't know who brought it; Mr. ggs had it; he nut a wormer on it; Benjamin Waterii gave me the wormer; laid it waa Jfor Nicholaa GotL oung Moanaiv recalled?Got the wood of me to make a of; a aid it wna lor Nicholaa Gordon. Iknoxi tptraiii'k sworn?lteaidca in ( raniton, near the tae ol Amusa Spingue, tliis aide of Nieholua Gordon 'a; 1 William Gordon on the Sunday of the murder, about minutea alter tun down, running up the hill lowarda ividence Autoi.ii sworn?Do not know William Gordon; a in Cranaton on the day ol the.murder; upaet my igh near the house ol Uenoni Kprague; got my sleigh ami atarted for Providence; passed a man about threertlis of a mile from Mr. Spiague'a houae; aa I paaied sou said tliut wua Nicholaa Gordon's brother, 'ion fxnmintd?I drove fast, as the sleighing was good; man did not get out ol my way until 1 hallooed to li the mau woie a hat, and 1 should think, a bine rk coat. indri:w J. Ahnoi.ii sworn (a young lad.)?Am ion of nun Arnold; live at Hpragne'a factory; remember the r ol murder; came into town that evening; upaet by . Sprcgue's house; afterwards psaaed a inan; it waa Nidus (iordon's brother; knew him when we passed; re often been to the store of errands; don't know wher it was Willium or Joliu: don't know either of their mea; know It was liis brother. Jr. Ci.kvklani) sworn (wanlen ol priaon) Have had nversation with Willium Gordon; tulkect with him the xt day after he was brought there; he aeenied to be ry anxious to establish liis innocence, and told me leru he was on the day ol the murder; stated that be s in town: went to rhntr.h in the tiinrtiJnir-. went nut his mother's in the ultrrnoon; got there between two 1 three; stayed a lew minutes and then came directly :k; lie also Mated that he got out there about four lock, and then came back , stopped at the " half-way ise i>aid he met a woman just helure he got in town ; t Iter coming in ; after dinner went to several places to lomr gin with some one ; met the woman about b or in the evening, when he wan returning to the city ; ve hit.i conveination with John (iordon ; he laid he mt to churcli in Providence in the forenoon ; went inn between two and three o'clock ; found dinner wm t ready, and went over to Kingston's; he Bnd two ung Kingston* then went to King'* tavern, drank and turned ; left to return before sundown , he never made y olherMatement than this to ma. Croti-txamintd?William (iordon laid he got to the half iy /mure about 4 or 5 o'clock. (Jcorgk Kivkrs (worn?Wai in Jmtice Bowen'f office ith William (iordon and othera after his arrest ; talked ith prisoner; he said he war in Cranston on the day of u murder; said he was in Providence; think heaaiahe la in Providence in forenoon ; said he was with NJchoi and attended a rln 4 o'clock; slid aftrrinls T o'clock. Cross-twinintd?Ho had just been arrested when 1 saw it; door of the room was locked; he had no counsel. ICnwARri 11. lUz/ian aworn?Was in Mr. Bowen'a ofe when Wm. (iordon was there: he hrard him aav, tod knows I did not commit the murder;" said he waa t outol the city during the day; lis amieared much excel, and 1 thought lie was under the influence of drink. Wai.tkr Bkati ik recalled by government?At the rate tneaa lias rinco walked over a part of the ground be. een John O'Brien's house and N. S. (Jordon'a house, he old travel the entire distance in twi^ve minutes; thinka i could hardly have travelled distanc," an soon on day of urder. [A number of witnesses were here examined to ow that the river beiwcen| O'Brien's and (Oordun's was over in some places, and tha* it might have been rded or jumped, at others, at time of murder.] Kir ha no Knight sworn?Am acquainted with N. 8. jrdon. Attorney Oeneral Ui.aii:- Do you know that he bad a lurirl with Amasa Sprague previous to his death/ Objected to. The Court here adjourned to 9 o'clock on Thursday irniug Thursday Mousing. The objection of nrisonors' counsel to the admission of rlain cvldtnro, ottered by the government last evening, is again mudoon tin- giound that N. 8 (Jotdon, not fca5 on trial, any <|<iuirvl between him anil deceased, wan elevnnt, m evidence of the guilt of the prisoners. The pre fact that they were brother* of N. & (iordon, it was ntrnded, furnished no ground* for supposing them to ive had a motive for tho murder. ONintlCnirtaru, r the priioneri, addressed tho Cotiit very ably in tupirt of t liia position Mr. Ton km and Attorney (ieneral i.var replied. Mr. A iwn.i. rejoinod, nio?t eloi|tientIy ? lie) ourt ordered to proceed with other testimony, and mild give decision hereafter. fir. < i nn van, (Warden Prison) recalled?Did not tuk William I iordon wm Hnder the inlltienceoi liquor lie.i brought to the prison, Am u I) Son ii (worn? K.aamincd the pocket* of dea?ed .' fti r lie we* foundi tomid some change and a ndlcof lull*; ftK) in bills; no indication ol any thing ving been taken from the pocket*. Juua K. Nienoi* sworn?Ke?idr? In thla city; waa rk for Arnaaa Hprugue; went to hia houae ai often aa ire u week , never knew him to cairy a pistol but once; it wai when he wui going to Chepacnet at time of diirhanre there; then he had a t'olt'a revolving pistol; ink I i.hould know il lie had carried any other. II N. Wumiiis re-called- (Thl* man lived In th* ne house with deceased )? Knew Mr. Bprague to have a of ( oil's pistol* ; never *aw him have any other; law lin (iordon have on a coat lust August, which rrseiud the one produced in court aa having been found in t swamp ; John waa at work in N. 8. (iordon'* garden the time. f'rntv t r .iin'md?Did not examine the rout loliri had en. I nut go ?ithin .1 or t roila of him ; it was a misty, wo# ; ; could nut tell whether the cloth wa? thick or thin. 3?oai.r. Br.vrai.v *worn. Was rlcrk lor T. Almy one at ending July acquainted with .V 8. (iordon, vescen him with two different coats on at two different ie.?; one wo* good looking, the other reiembled one in urt; (Iordon n?ed to come to Ahny '* ?toreabont once a ek; he wore the good *s>ut thrive time* wheie he did a had one once. Cro??.eirm.n?d-paw the old coat in court yesterday; tilt not then recollect having teen Nicholas tJordon ear one like it. CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH- B MENT. 301 PKARL RTHKLT. LATK >0? BKhKMAN. 'II"-. ubicribrr. w*ll known for thrchrnpnruand durability of hi work, d*?ir*i to inlnrin hi* potrooi, and the pnblir, it h- i* n >w, to tint th* rcoiiomiral Utidrney ofthn Urn**, >k. c i .rmrnl* ot th* vrty l)??t q-iklitr It I r*dnetion of 20 i cut from IViimer ini'fi, \r.d lm, it it Mitred, by M pre it, thrni carrn*r>t* of th- ?.? ?? quality if* mid* by the ehreu it* in thii eily In ordtr th?t ml*m?n iwit indenUnd nt i* nu'int hv ch*,pr*?*, th* following bill of priere ii nobi " I to th*ir riniiiiln'Atini). with * R?*ntnt*o that the good* ill h* ,il th- firnt fit* iiHolitT. *ad th* fit iiurertpitnnabl*:? liil?cior Wr?t o.f f.RKUml I'loth I'oiktl $12 to III '?n ?of hljnl of d'iU'il*-tmll*d f'njtiinrr* 5 to 7 '-r') ui Silk, Ratio, be yW ui t linking ind Trimming in th* b**t ityli, it th* foilnwini; c*i:? $gU to I "onto wml V?i? I>4 to IX tiiiHTinr Heaver Overcoat*, frein to 20 lli I in" in ' TO MlfJJXkHS, Ar. ~ ENGLISH BONNETS, MILLINERY, Jfc. ITHT UKI KIVKI) AT J. LVON'H. JT John itijrt,JWl tti Maiden I. ui*, n (i lriidiil n?*oittn??t of KNOLIBH BON* KTrt, <onitiotf i.f iopff tin* KjitUnai, Albrrf aid, fir lie. Alio, an oii'?rtiw#l no. ft>ilk?, KtoWAf., nLi\ *vrt nfh r article ,n ih# mil m#rr ir. Mj!iBfrcand<MhCf??^rrfMrtatl> mfitrd to c*l mJ iininc ihr h\iovr Th* F-nalitlj?J*ti *Sj ?f C th# ntvHft. All tl># nborr will br ?<?ld at wtioltaaU or Vnjden I.nn* nod 32 John .treel I I. hiring roaflnil'il'o ?i?* op th* aborr Pnvinr-i *ft?r . |r*.?rt ?*,* >11. Will of" iniloi-?tn*nU totlmv who m*v treated in r*l|,uot to b* metwilh iu any other ?;or? in thi* eiiy. ?t>J lm*M J- LYON.