Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1844 Page 3
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tBrnammammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm at the decline noticed ye iter day. We reviae our quot tiuna to conform : ll'tHrOOL Cn4IIIHlATI0l?. Upland*. Mobil* fH.O. Interior 61 a 7 ... 6} a 7 Ordinary 71 a 7} ... 71 a 71 Middling 7| a 7i ... 7j a 7} Middling fair 6 a 81 ... 81 a 81 Kair 81 a 6.( ... 8j a ?J tlood fair 9 a 9} ... 9} a fi{ Kino yj all) ... to alUJ Ri al atk.?Haleof Corporation property continued No 64 Chatham at met <M> 3S No. 66 do do $6,21 No. 68 do do ' id,5'J [The above 3 lota together are 60 feet front and about 4 feet deep No. 68 hai an angle on rear fronting on Chan bera atreet 5 feet 1 inch. Leaaed till May 1, 1813. whe poaaetaaion will be given ] Piemiaes in Centre atreet, next door to Ttyon row 30} feet tront, 26 feet rear, 19 feet one aide 37 ft the other. Condition* and leaie aa next atiove, $1,6( Prcmiae* adjaining, 30} feet front, 26 rear, 621 leet .LI- Inl !.- _??? ,..l enndltiona a* above.,' $9,0; Premises adjoining, 30} feet front, 36 rear, 64} feet on one side, 73} the other. I.ease and conditions as above $?>M No 40 Chatham street, 36 by BO Lease und condition as al>ove?grouudjrent reserved $600, . , $10,X Premises in West street next south of King street, 34} by 67 *3 ? Adjoining 34} by 84} feet $3 so do 34} by 78 leet $3 8.5 do 34} by 76} feet $3 60 do 31} by 73 feet $3,60 do 34} by 71} feet $3,33 do corner of Charlton st, 34})by TO} feet. . $6,30 Premises in Charlton street, rear of'above, 19} by 100 feet $3,90 , Adjoining, same size $3,30 do do $3,35 do do $1,90 Premises on Washington street, corner Charlton street, adjoining above, 39 by HO feet $3,03 | The Washington, West and Charlton street proper} above leased till May 1st, 1846, when possession wilt b K,vjn ] Korelgn starheti. *- Ci Kuoi, March 17 ?Business very dull. All kinds < provisions inactive and plenty. Latest Ail vice a EK'llblVED *r THE StW TOEX HERALD OrVICB. Anjier o?|)t 26 Manilla. Nov, i Aiiicu Mar. 5 Malaga Keh. 1 A Knelt ....Feb 19 Madeira - Feb. Arecibo Mar, 22 Mauritius ..Nov. 1 Am Cares Msr. I Montevideo Feb. I Anicu-tiiF Bay May 16 Maracaibo Fe6. 1 Bitavia Dee, 30 Maiissiiilla Jan. i Bay of Islands, N. Z>8ept 21 Matanzas April Bermuda ....Mar 26 Mayaituez Mar. V Buenos Ayres Feb. 17 Matnmorns ..Dec, 1 Belize, Hon. Mar. 4 Monterey Oct. 1 Barbidoej... ... ... Fe9. 7 Nassau, N. P. Mar. 1 Bigot* Jan. 31 Neuvitas Feb. 1 I B'1-Jit Dec. 5 Oahu, 8. 1 Dec. 1 / JT.TfStey F?b. 1 Para Kvb. i Cane Town,C.O. H-Feb 7 Paris Mar. Calcutta Pec. 21 Port au Prince Feb. J Cardenas Msr. 21 Porto Cabello Mar. ?->nit?rrs i i umi i t-irr, vjuhu. r ru J Cieufuegos Mar. 23 Pernambuco Mar. < ape llayliim Mar. 17 Panama IJec. 2 Carthagena Mnr, 4 Payta-" Nov. i Cempeachy* Jan. 3 Rio Janeiro Feb. 1 Conuiinbo July 18 Kio Granie Feb. s Callao Dec. 2 San Jiixn Feb. I Demerara* .Mar. 21 Si. Helena Feb. i Klsiuore Dec. 3 St. 'i'homaa Mar. 5 Fayal Feb. 29 St. Jagode Cuba* Mar Gibraltar Mar. 8 St. John*. P. R. Mar. ! Uuayama, P. R. Mar. 18 St. Croix Feb. Galveston Mar. 27 St. Domingo Feb. Gouaive* Mar. 1 St. U bet Sept. ' Guayaquil Dec. 5 Surinam Feb. Gallipagos Islauds May 4 Singapore Drc. Havre.**- Mar. S Sydney. N. 8. W. Ot. Havnua Mar. 31 Trinidad de Cuba Mar. Halifax Mar. 31 Talcthuana Dee. ltle of France Sept. 27 Tah ti Oct. 1 Jeremie .Jan 3 Tomb-z "Not. Kingston, Ja. Mar. 19 Tampico Feb. Loudon Mar. 5 Tobaaco "Feb. Liverpool Mar. fi Turks Island Mar. i La Ouayra Mar. 12 Trieste Feb. 1 Laxuna Oct. 31 Valparaiso Nov. Lima Nov. 18 Vera Cruz** ."Mar. I Macao Dec 30 Zanzibar Dec MARITIME HERALD.~ Nailing Dajrs of tli? St?am Ship*. FROM MFKSFOOI.. FROM SMKRICi Acadia, Shan on Apr. 4 May Hitieruia, Ryrie Apr 19 May ' G Western, Matthews Apr. 27 ?May 2 Britannia, Hewitt May 1 June Caledonia, Lotl May 19 "June 1 G.Britain, iiosken Mav 25 June 2 Notion to Pilot! and Captains of Vessels All Pilots and Captains of vessels are requested to note th fact that Robert S. Martin, formerly our ship news collectoi is not now in our employ. He is not, therefore, to receive an newspapers or reports intended for the New York Herald. Foreign laetter Bags. Hereafter, Letter and Newspaper Bates lor all parts of Ui World, will be made up at the Hkr*l.d Offick. Sltlp naiuri and Agsnts. We shall esteem it a favor, if Cantains of Vessels will gii to Commodore Robert SiLvxv. of our N*ws Fleet, a Hi port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, th Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List or their Cargo, an my Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, llewi board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Co respondents, at home er abroad, will also coulet a isvor b sending to this Olfice ail tlie Marine Intelligence they en , obtain. Netting! Lforcistio* of wet kind will be thaakfell PORT OF NKW 1UKK, APUIL 14 SUN RISKS S 21 I MOO.V RISKS 3 1 sua 6 37 I HIGH WiTtE 1 Cleared. Shipt Fairfi'ld. Wilaon, Liveipool, John.on Si J.nwdet Union. JoIhis'mi. Nf* Orleans, do; Adl.r (Biem) Hohorsi Itr men, K P.vemtedt? Barnu* r limit, Watts, Oienluegoi Ne?ni tli U Wal.h?Br K> Judnio, Brvimi, Demnrara, Cautiel &. Spencer; liakspeare,' Amrroae, Rriatnl, Bonrman, Johnato Si co; Kalco er. Upton, Mobile, It ilaviland; Statin, Babbae St M>r*s, < cuter Si co; O'O'giaua. Bedell, Savainili, (1 Bull ley, Tim leon. Hie*. Apslachieola, Poat It Phillip*?S. hi Men Lai ure'te, Hal'; w K Bird, Canon Wiliniugtou, Nl K 8 Pov?ei|: A Marshall, Johnson, Philadelphia, .VleCrej-dv I Co; Richmond. Kellaon, do, Kemti Ik. Place; Ptiuceaa, Rachel do; Hum < too.I win, B.It; Oriol", Pe|>i e- Newbem.NC; 8i phrou.a. Fountain, Vorkto -n, Vt Bre-t & Vose; Advent.Ro! Inn. S gun H Underwood; Ontario, Vinale Curacoa. Boone Oraee* li co; K It Reynold, R"bns'iu. Robinson, Phi'ade phia, McCready Si co; Margaret, Wonlam, Petersburg; Hainlei Merryman 8t Augnatine. Klwell St co; Oriand. Wirnlow Ba gnr. Buck St Peters? Oalliot Vlaelia, Mapellden, Rolf dam, Booueu, Uravea St O. Arrived, Schr Hamn-I M'Dowell, Kit harda. 3 dart from Ph ladelphta md e t the mas er 8chr Francii King, Boreal, C days from Folly Landing, wit corn to the ruas er Schr H Walaer, Rogers; 3 dayi from Maryland, wi.h indi to t*>. rna-ter. Schr Mee,ide. L 'gler. Boiton, mdie, to F. D Sprague. S< hr Vict r, Ha'let, Boston, m.'ie Sch' Ja?|ier, M, we*. Bo.ton, mdar Schr Nile. Th tcher. Bo-ton, m lae. Schr (liecian, Chase, Boitou, nidae. Below. One ship, and oce brig unknown. Sailed. Qhii"s Ocran, and Samuel Hicks, Liverpool. Wind ligli Lom the South. flerald Marine Correspondence. Ornce or the Rhode Islander, ? Newport, April 12, 1(44. I Arr Ifl'h. Lincoln, Norfolk for Taunton; 8 R Pit Tc-, Ro* inson, and Thnrn, Patterson, fin Fail Ki*er for Philst p. ide. Percy, and Richmond, Ames. Tnomast n for NYoil CI inon, Iiulaeat Buo'lmr for Albany; Vui'an'. Heath, au J uiei Laintiheer, KeiineV, ful Pro* for a Vork Slil, Jo?i Br >wn, Albany; Ni.e, Hart ord; Francis, Bay River; Vcroioi B atou. Arr I (th < and me, Brigli'man, fin Fill River for Bala A ha mm, Miller. Nortnlk I r Providence; Joseph, Hoard, do f. Falmouth: CI inon, Albany; S R f'aynter, and rhorn, Philail Candacp, Bait. Hnt.MEa1 Hole, April 13. Ahont 33 vestals paired by the harbor to th- c V. ejnr>day Arr 12.Ii,TIi >mai P Hart,fin Pappahsnnock ri?er for Boston Mary, tin Bait for lloiton; Placet do for do; w'od to the F.nai ward a'l day yesterday and la in now Th* Planet >ld tin rroniiug. Mm last night, Daahy Pally. Humphrey, Im Philfor Boil id; Vejper, for Bon on; Amanda, do; (.has Carroll f ->r do There is a large ichnnner ashore about 13 milej ftn here, fror Poiut Petre. W>at Indiea. Mleeellaiieooa. Brio Freeman, Kilman, fru Malaniaa. which place the M on tlie 13th ult., bound to Bost >n, laden with mains e?. arrive at Buvmodaon 1st mat, in rlia rea-; hating lost her mai rnai whilst lying to iu a gale of wiad from the NNW on the 22 .1.1. ...1.11111 Inn 71 U Tk.C l?L. in hannuro from llio Junt*. panted 1st nut. 1st 34 7f 09.nth r. d't ancr to lee*arii of the wreck nfaltrg rln .'*i almut 1(0 toi.t, w iter logged end eband u ed, d'.kt evri with r*i * water, ami twept of > very thing except Imr trunk c . bin, hole Mki gone fore at.d aft, ituuli't, fori mm it one b'low i truttlrtreea, and mii'imut nm with lb-r a billet heti'^i tathrra uarrnw shite tlre.k, tud a circula to >ntdu k on lier .'tern painted ytllow ami i?rr;,iuii down p ral'el with the dean' ' *h 1nonlil not ei. he ont her name?in c.vlet auchon, or othff gear a'lach d to her, I rum which cir cuin?ian' Cant H. infer* ?l e had M-n boaid'd and atripii-d. Mimiso ?Schr Knteriinae, of Northport, tailed fm Ma tan xa? heli lllh, for N Vork, tmce ? htcli nothing hat been heart Im her Ji remi'h M Knowlton, of North|iorl, wat inattar, ? Smaller, of Frankfort, mate The real ol the crew tb'ppedla Kraiik<'?*rt not kuown (w-) W WhitiiiK,of Bfl'MttMi it to| |,o?ed to hare been a pataengrr ou Bniu Aim nr. Fedrii k. Iioin Harana, Imiind to N ewnO t If.I. put into Savannah on ilie a li inti in diatr*tt Ou th? 2, inar. enc< unte-.ed e heaay ga'e o( wind, wInch continued III 'lie ?h During the gaie ampi c I a t-a, whir h ttarted b >lt Itrnke the upper iudder brate, prung the head ol the rtldd-r and canted lha litig to leak IV' in lOIOlo l.'iO# ilrnken per hour being it ni disabled waa obligrd ro mak- for the lirai pi rt.Luring til* roiui nance of the gale it waa found necetaaty t< * ?t?rt a pa t cf ilie cargo in o'der to relieve ilie vetjel. Her car go constated of Sill hhdi iiv.lassej. Whaltmen. Nr.w Bkiikokp, April 11?Arr Maytl wer, Oifford, NW Coaat, Mam Nov 5, with 2(00 Ir't (50 ap) oil, a id l? 000 |1> " boae. Left at Maui, Caroline, of Sydney, N SW, 14 monthi ou', 530 tp (ihit vetael hai been incorrectly reported ahip a rnine of tj>it port); spake Jan 24th; ' I lot 5133 8. Ion 57 50 VV Portland, I one. Sagharlior, 25u0 wh, bd home, to touch at Per oaii.hurn f >t watar 8p ken Jan 2J i at 57. i in 71. llichard Vitch'll, Naur 30tp March II, Int 14 36 >V |..? 45 20 w, Malta, Newhell. of and H d? fin B^wton; A vi. j, 1 tt 32. Ion 70 3?*,, liu? m, of and 5 fit I< ra kloit lor ^ 1 *irrft < u boat? Mavil,mpr Jan 4 '12 Fran fit 1 eapp, of Ha; he fe | from the maintop.a, v?r i in o the mate chat a July 2,'41, Nicholas L 1 .1 n-y, r, 8i:hetirctadv M .boa rt.ercr, killed by the On e |, .in break), g and letnng the fill fall on hitn Not 5, Tluinat Uunhan 2do. Acer, fell ortrbotrd and waa d'owapd. A lett r U ( apt P* body, of tht HfVn of Newport, rrpoit her a' M Vince. t, Jan 3d, 1 mot tint, wuh 103 bb'? ?t> oil There it an ou the ca g > of the John Ik Flixalieth ul N I,. Ion on the S Coasted IN Holland, at the Bedford Com I t rjo,, for (3000 Tacitna, of Boafon. Iiaa bren purchaaetl by Swift V A'len for a wh )e ,for $11 000 "ei~i ce, of P trland hai been purrhaa ed by|Menr?,J B Wood Ik co, loi a whale;, both of N Bedford Opoken, Olohe Uraxier, henct for Apalacliicola, 10th inatant Can Cod WNW, JO miles. Or,Minis, fm Tonmaaton for NOrleane,3lit till,, ofTTtrcn mat . ol mhiia fm N Or'.eana for Pnilad, Marco 27, off Doub! Headed Shot Keya Jauf, for Matiuut,,34th nit, off Stirrup Keya. ! Aberdcej, (Br ) NOii'aoa for tirarpool. W h alt. bt ? J?. loo OS 10. Ftrolffii Port* PapAfru. 1 ater i?rt No*?la poit, Franklin, Kimball. lor Bmton, loaded. Hamiuton. (Eer'a .) M?r ?? Arr Warren,, Ale*tudria, DC; Apr i, Kieemm, Kilmau, Cub- bound to Button, in dintivu?liir m tcellauaoua) < Id 0?. Majeatlc, True, < uba. 8t. Gronnc'a. (Bei'a.) April I?An Greiiau. Winch. Naur OrieauA. _ Like Porto Buffalo. April H?Arr Cleveland. Hart, D>trnii; Fairriort, Davit, do; Got Marcy. Harris, do; H Hubbard, Pierce. MonI: roe; R Oraraer, Voert-ui. Ka'rpoil; Whittleaev, lleue ck.Aili[j tabula; J H Lyon. Kla*|(V, Toledo; Georgian*. MrSwiiu, Pt aj Do?er; Lumberman.Wi.icliell, ( rie. did. Ht rriton. At wood, .. Derrait; Clio ten, Suuirea. do; United Mali Woitaker, do; Jelferaon, Dobbiui, do; Virgiuia; Douglaaa, Perrvaburglr, ("on ? Citutioa. Waile. Cle.tlaud; N Cirolioa. Abbott. Sauduakv; v Marcy Mcliannr. Barcelona; M Kreme, Bl irk. Toledo; H Jun neau, Jrlleia, Cnirairo; Lnington, Mar io, .Monrte; wlniiltaey. Hancock, Akhtahula. u L.KV?aLA'*D-."^''.r,i| 8?Arr K-ind-er. Davia"n. Buifa'o; Merctiant, Minor, do; Huron, (ouuolly, do; N Bnld'e. BarlholoKl kfi7?> I i 'leal. ' ivreiro; Tom Cnrwin. Lagougue. Kelly a laland; Warreu, Hichmnnd, P'airpora; DeWitt C'lmum \iaUjl,c/? t Burwell; Advenmr- Taylor, Ni iiara Cld, K Ward. J-rowl, M?'hle Head; Baltimore, Sprague, Derail; 15 Mink. Haver don, Toledo. flora* Port*. Bi i i tit, Me., Aprl 7? ArrSparrnn, Carlion, NVork. 10 ' onTbaMO, April II?Cld, Caroline, Jordan, Cuba; Audroacoitiiiu, Davit, Ball, 10 l2r"Ar,r. Cambridge, EIHa.^Meaaint^New r.u* ill.j .u l.uruy>!>. Ill" Ull A,en, a At. Hurt! for Button. 10 tit; >clir Wm Wilton, Btli'r. lor NVjirli, K) i^o Baltic. Vtoulton. Wilmington, NC; ffsinbler [if " ?? 10 P*ct ] Meothew, Norfolk. Signal for a hrig. Cld. Concord, o Lord Havmaand Europe; Ware Natou Marseille*: Plymouth, Newell, tn/o and St IVtcraburah; (Jt)ldatl. Sh-w, NOr'a; Calednnit, Matticorr. do: Susannah I unimiiiit Clark, Mobile; " pilot boat schr Kelirf, Gray. N Orleans via Key Wetc; A?g"a5 ta. Nickerton, Albany; Anaconda, Oo'ham. NVnrk. ArrHth, 0 Ottttman. IIannum. K.o .Jatoiro, r'eb 12; May, Hancock, Hayaiin; Porto Hico, Cornell, Cardena*. 2 th ult I'-ttstd 8th inat, o lat 37 40 Ion 73. Empress, steering 8VV Ity 8. (uiidoub edly the " Empress, Bly. front Kriatol, MI for Havana ) Caailda (food II, " f'ardeua-; Geoige, Chare K ran I fort Alpine, (of Hallnwe I, 0 Smith, NOrleana. 3d S\V I'aat tilli n't, via Beaufort, NC, 0 where ahe put in with lota of aula Clarendon. Holmes; Declaration. -3d,-not; Isabella. ' lark, anil Win W Wyer, Adama, \ Bait; A \1 Hale, Cltaae. ami Notua Be ae, NVnrk. Nkw Bkiikoud, April 11?Arr America. Black well, ' herley *ton, SO; John Ailyne, Collott, Bait. wld, Carol-n t, Phitiney '? Phila-I; I'i'h, Mary Frances, NVnrk; Cicero, Niclteraou, do; Adelaide. S'ncum, NVork. EuuaHtow*. April 9?Arr Albany Packet, fm Norfulk for Weymouth; 8 C Phil! pa. Gerald, I'hiiyl for Gloucester; 10th, if tf e above with En-igv. Davit, U a m lnveaiiled. BmaToj., April 1*?Arr K'ord, Htachei. Providence, of and for <: lemen, put tn to toke on board. 40 tona logwood Providknck. April ii?Air AUbamian, Lane Mobile; New England. Gr-nger, M.ait'ai; Edgar W laou k'deuton, NC; Van Buren, Corwin. Kondout. hi I. President. Wilbour, N. rm New Havviv, April 12?Arr Armstrong Udtll. Troy; lien m Hobtt rd. Pardee, do; Victoriue, Hinadale St Croix Sid Panic hea Nimola. Wlndlea ,7 Ptiit.AUKLpMiA, A| rit 17.?At Deipatch, Tilden, frcm Bcr 7 muds. 3d i. at.; Syria, Matter Wiir'tnr, N S; Vio'et. Nmvw l"ii,NV. Cld, Alineda, Aahby. N Orla; Set Klower, Holiina, 1 B ?toii;Oe t Warren, Knewl'o .. d"; (Jlp'e, Tow ud, an ' Lo,. tleinia and Kl zt S me a, Wilmington, N C; Eclipse Crowell, Sr lohua, N B: Equity, Ed aril ( Prov; Ainer ca, Sowiew, l6 Hartford; Wm |{,rt, (iandv, Boston; Elmir , Crane N V; Hera [ ublicrn, Sharv, Bridgeport, N J; Amphbiiout, Horn rt, ami jl l'hot Davi?, Carey, NY; *nriK>is>, Dr'kc. Ik Sttr, VVMinn, do. Jo Bai.timohk, 12?Ar Wm Pear, ' o'om.M. from ( ienfueoa, !7 Cuba 27th tilt. Left G-ntus, De Wolf, fir N Y in 7 davu, the 4 only Amer'ca-i vers*1 in P3rt. Spoke Mat ult. 1st 21 43 N. Ion |g 83 33 W, Waeer Lily, from Jamaica, for London On the I-t ,j inat in ahe-vy N E gale, in the trill at ream, thinned r an, k which wrahetl awry every tiling ll'dei k, including long bov, c water casks, Be ,;l liar es Henry, Brewster, Buckapurt; Swan, ,fi Wehtter, S lem; Trumi>et, Newburvpi r . ,n Richmond, april 12?VrAmrudi Oilchriat, Tliomattnn; w I'-cmei, Hopkins, New York At f it Point?Norwegian, >0 JE lua, t orhijasen, fr Amsterdam. Below ? Jnssphine (tors biitaon, fr Boaion Sailed?Levngrou, Vangi'tier, Newark n CKsrlf ston, Apiil 9?Arr LTliic.v Wah'girei Oibral ar; ,4 Splend-d, Kohinaou StThornis Sti'ed in en with t onsoig |>-lite f? B dfimore L ft Forrest Kinv, Kelly, dt?pi c.ha'ainy; Lady Wanriugton, Bonney. Pu-rt t'ablln Left 7 Errily Kl ic-dt, for Balti m re in 10 uavs; ?nd br g Tok?". lor , N'evv York in lOdavs. Th-Commodore Watringr >n, arrive-1 >i| 23d ult ?t I.tgu ra; Cornm dir'wat a'ao ar L iguayra. 'oadjj ing foPNew k?rk TheOrion from Phitade'phia, hvl arrivd. 7 Cld, Milfrrd, ( Br) C.i le-, Lor-do i. St'I Crown Princeaa Call rolire. (Da-) Jacota-n, (tope .ha yen; (Jttig-s, Nye, Moatrn 2| 8th Orlando, ( Br) < aakwill, Liveroool. Sl'd Mgiaaehu-et'>, I! Sr iwnwell. N OrleaUt; Droni'g Mir;a. (J) ill) Kruae, Coie.;,,, luges; Augaata. ( Dan) Petrraon ho lllih arr Roger Stew nt, n (Br) R?gg. Liverpool; T C Mi'chell, (.'hadwick, St J go, , (Cuba) 10 daya. Left Emily, of Philadelphia; Arr.tir. Hohina, g of Boston for New York noon; 11 ctor, Wh;fe, ol and f.r 11 Br afnn io 8day?; Ha'd of New York far Wiliningtoi. I lg, *2 to aail aoo-;; Chief, of Boston diag; an Ainetic u hrig f ora 7 Wilmiugtoo, (mpt Ooald, had ju>t arrived; an Ame-ic?n brig >g from Jamaica had a'rivtd wi h ihe iior. aaila, rigging, Ike of |A a Spaniah seh'of warr which was lost nevr Jamaica. Crew _ and pattengers saved; off Xil arra, saw an American schrbound in Sl'd Axel, (Sw) Li 'denhurg, Hamburg. i/iHiKB, Aprils?Arr viott. nninn, unstou. Sa vassal!, *prl 0?Arr Ceres, Hliuchard. Havre Cld, ? Robert Bruce, (iard ier, 9r J Ago de Cuba Sid, Envoy, McKet "" trick. Liverpool; China, Jones, do; Fane.Pal terson, Antwerp; Savannah. Hawley. New Yo'k: Clara. Sietrou. Ragged Iilaiid; I- M', Hevnehls, <1 >. ArrlRcbeica, Picksna, Kingstou. Jam ; * Albert. P.urick, Havana?bound lu Newport, Clrd Rebec5 ca, Pickens, St Jehus, N. B ? Mohikr, April 5?Cld Br Briti U Queen, Dundee fur Liver' pool; xVJanlro, "D.ew, for Li'erpool; Brewster, Lincoln; for ? Havie. Arr Gen Park hill, McKown. fm Liverpool ( h.l>/.a ? h-th ueuniaon. Post, fm Havre, 0 h, cld Br Corsair, Pi es, lor ? Livernoil; El'en Brooks, Crow?ll, for Apalach cola; I'ostil i, loin, Hnsmer, fjr Boston. Arr Talma,'Collins' f a Apalncliicola. " Nf.wOlt.tA?i April 3.?Cld Oertrade Dtiggan, and l.?rd r, Swdotn, (ID 1 Welch, Liverpool; F.verharil, [llreiii) Hmkc _ Bremen; Alabama. Bunker, NYo k; Cha't-houche Whitten. * ( hirl-son ?A rr Giro,da, Spjoaer, ami Pliileni, Kish.Boston; Oro/.imho, Kaote; Se.otia. Leslie, and Remittance, S lsby, N S Yoik ? I'h.cld Medford, Wjlbnr. Havre; Aurelins, Foster,Liverpoo'; Han ilton, ( Br) Dick. Glasgow; -Ag.iea, (Br) W- lib, Trieste; Ange-era. Saedfoid, Providence: Olive .1 iffrav New York: Laura Virginia,(\lex) Laferia.Tohasco; Water VViich, f'espeire, St Jago de Cn^a; Tea/ r. Oliddou, Savannah?A'r = Swanton, Davenp i rt. an l eBarr holm 1 hompson, Liverpool; Charles Ca roll, Cook. U ston; Nob'e, Bro*n, Apalaehirol.i; n Lottery, (gr)Danell Kingstou, Ja; Chapintn, Ladieii.Chariert. ton: Hanove', Stock-ridge, St ihomat. At the English Tu'n i'e Oreaim, Creighton, Thomastouj HU'oi A, March 30?Arr Ma'y 8t Susan, Weeks, II NYoik; Olohe. Lowry, Cadiz; B Ayinar, Carver, Matanzu: t. Andrew Scott, Emery, NYork; Cym'sure, Macloon, Provi,T d lice; Lawrence Coneland, Baker, NYork; Massasoit, Draa per, Havana; Lion, Clilt, NOrleatis. Cld 3(lth Hakattis. Cut, i NYork; Huion. Piine, do; Scotia, L*ster, NOtleins: B A;mar, Carve-, do; Isadore, Springer, Boston: John Brower, ? ution, N York; Nob'e. Brown. NOrleaua; Cnba. Blauchard, NYork; Florida, Crocker, NYoik; Chriatina, Warren, do; Pi"iieer, Mitchell, Boston. Kkv March 23 -Arr 18th, Win C Bird, Corson, Penis s'CoIa:, Billow. Lawrence, St .Marks; 21st, MnryJme, II Dewy, Havana; 23d Satira, Babbidge, S> Marks. C'd O.h, Barnadiue. Soler < uha;l]urn, Literer, Havana: William E Bird (Corson, NYork: 21st, Billow, Lawrence. Bjston; Statira, B'bhiilg", NYork ; LuOK AT" THIS ! d A "'ST RECEIVED, by the packet ship IVSamarl Hicks, from Paris, the best article irfsgPPS , Iff Gentlemen's Freuch Boots ever seen, aui now olleiea, . wholesale and retail at the low price of $3. The best article of French Calf Boots, made to rrearu'e- -$5 00 " " ' Coik Sole Bonu 5 00 si " " " W?t?r Proof Boots 4 00 ,, " " " Light''alfSew?d Boots $1 to 3 50 ' " " " line Calf Shoes, made to ineasuje 200 i. " " " Worked Sliptie s - $! to 125 ? And the greatest assortment ol all kinds of Boots and Shoes in i. fashion. Ladies in this store yon w ill find the greatest assort.. menl of Gaiter Boots that can be found in this city, and all , k lids of buakin Shpp-rs, T:rs, Button 8'>oea, Prunella Slip' pers, wh>te. Mack aaiiu, and all other kind] and colors. A1 o, the greatest assortment of Boys' Boots and Shoes. Misses and Children*' of all kiudi to be fouud in this city; and all of < nr own inanulacture, and of the I eat Kteuch goods, and warranted . to be the beat, and as cheap as the cheapest, at 301 Broadway, ' the corner of Fraukl in street. i. GREGORY & CAHILL. m9 lm*ec 367 Broadway, N Y * TO COUNTRY MERCHANS. B??OT8 AND SHOES. WILSON &. JOHNSON, m (Succe or to John Hutching) have rem ved from 120to IE 142 < h .'h im street, and h .ve omidefed their aasortme' if -'pring Oooda, comprising the gmateit vaf'etv and Itrg at aasortm 'nt oT Boots and Slows th ,t can be fnnnd in . h? eilv.? Every thing in -lie r line, convisting in i?rt of 301*1 ladies' vto rnrco Bus ins 30(10 ladies'leoher do, 3000 kidies' corn-won do, 5000 ladies' cmmoii Hipp rs. 25O0 gentlemen's do, IU00 ladies' fin- French do loOO We t Backs, in.ogn ? luldreti'a hhoen of all , kinds and Co ora, 0(0 allies'Oaiters, hlark and colore , 50 c ses of gentlemen a line calf sowed Boots 50 cases pegg-il do, 25 cases kips do. 25 case boys' ai d , outha' do, aud all other arti id's that can possibly be called for in the boot a. d sh e I ne, forsste, H2 hstham street opposite the Chaiham Theatre.? N. B. ( he store opened till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving eou'itrv merchants an opportunity to purchase when ,.oi other n wise engaged m8 Im'ic J BOOTS AND 8H0B& LADfES AND GENTLEMEN.-11^? " ALL WH'? WEAR the above articles audwish toaave mu>i,y, , had better lose no time in eit| nig at tne fashionable Uo it a- ,i ' Shoe Stores of -S J* SKCOR, Noi. 160)6 aud tot <Jm- uwsr.n !r strest, where all may suit th insrlves with an article t lat lor ' style or make, fashion and finish, cauUut ne surpsisru or perhaiis equalled iu this city. S. P S. begs to apprise m particular thoael ' *i andgentle11 men who consider a well fitting boot or gaiter >u indisfieusahle article to the tout tntemOle of all wittiiu tti- ( not oionde, that i! l'.0)6 or 61 (Jieenwichstreet, are the ouly plao?s n New York I" they can i> (>end on b tug sui ed. j N. B ?Ladiesand Misses (Jaiters, ^Iioea, Ac., always on d hand in endless variety. ' (O*"Remember, 160X and 161 (J-eenwich street^3) f!5 3m?ec HOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE. A LARGE ASSORTMENT of the nbovc ntim*?<l articles * m ybe ti*%d at the Manufacturer's Depor, No. ^60 Pearl it, J New Y rk f Auoujt tlioie on hand may be fonnd in part the following, (J *i*!- ? .vlclu'fcBoy , Uip prggM Boots Mem' 8c Boys' Thick BiogMu , Do do G and 8* al do Do do Kip Pegged do i Do do Pump Sole do Do fin do Hewtd do Dodo Hid Wplt do Do do Palf do do Dodo do Calf do Dido do Pigged do Do ('alf S*wed do Dod ? Pump ftole do Do SUiHt Pegged do Do do Gout ind Hcttl do And a great variety i f Women's. .vii*s.?. *nd ChiUre. 's Buskioa, Bootees Slippers, kc. kn., peggrdawd tewed; together witn a generdl a??ori>i.e..t of Palm Le.if and Leghorn Halt. Country merch.inti aud others are invited to call .uid examine All ?old low for cain or citv ecct ptance* GALE * CO , No. 260 Pearl ?treetL mUm'ec V. 8 Hotel Building, N Y rl JUST FINISHED-?Elegant Nntrh Fur Hats (ordiparr t termed BeieerJ at th- low price of f t ; nujN-rior short e did ol Prntsi m Moleskin at $1. These hats aie e<juil in durability and )u*tre to those told *t fl. Also, an article at $? 50, a tery neat dress hat. BROWN Pract-cal Hattvr i m2t> lm-m 110 Canal street. 1 wedding parties, BALLS 11 OUTS, k c . StTFPLIK.l) with nil the different varietiea of Putry, led Km (, Pound and 8>>en(e Cake, (Jriiaineiit-d Pyramid,. ' Kout < aheof all the different nrie.iea. and the g'eai-el asuortmenf of Tea Cake that eao lie obtained ?t any rjuvln'ini.ot in it* city. Alas, all kind, of'.t, from Pilot Bread to the .ma'leat Pic-inc f r the t.tbl?\ Kie h Pi.*a of aeaaonable rtrii'.y, r Puff Pa.te form, for Dinuer Partiea. , Urdera thuuklully received and a-nt to any part ?f the city or [ country. JAMK8 TOMPSON, At the rrrminm Bakery, 40 Liaiieuird, near Church, mil lin'n SPRING FASHIONS. AT THE OLH ESTABLISHMENT, i Maeazin de Modrs, IH) Canal street. l \Jf ADAM B EH KM AN, in Morning than It a for the laat eight , 1*1 yrara patronage, liega n oat mi no-1 fully tr int. rm her I f-ienda, cu*tomrra, and the public, that ah" naa received her i S. ring fiahi ma from Par la, and lift, to lie favored with ail early C II :o amine her varied ud elegai.t atock of entire new atylea ?f Hi'k. a, well aa M'raw llat? Mad me B.flat era heraelf rhat In* aame nre unrivalled in the city, both at to a'yK quality, ahape and prfee. A rail will convince theji ef the fact MAMA/IN DE MODES, mil Itn-m 60 Canal atfeet. hiins, Fat anij calf skins. THE IIKJHESr PIIK'EH given forllidca. Eat and Call hkina, caah current money, on delivery, at the Hide ard Eat Home of the auhaeriber, where eoiitract.a will he made fo C ill,kin, by the aeaaon.or the biKheat price eivenhvthe pound '' JOrliN HvJVIf* f11Jm?*e *M Eli.eSw>b;,r, between Petne. tn.' Iloo.ton For fh.vl all hills. ' PIIE8E far-famed and celebrated Pilla, .'*om Pirtn*?l are 1 wu perceiva, to be obtained in thia eooatr, lee udvcftia* oa the ltd enluiru fourth Ban TTT ANTED?Br yonai LUr, itMf oa u Trneh"" l? ? '* ic)io<)1;-(1m ia capable ol IMttimi tt??fuudameaui brueiM* of?? Knvliab education, tad would prafrr (cine Soath. Addrts* L . |?o?f |i?id a i Iw'rr HTUATTOX OF HOUSEKEEPfcK WANTED. WAi\Tk'.l> BY A KK?.N?:H Al> Y, who cm Kcglish, uud who ran *i*? lh- ino-c uw a?'.e| tiou-t ir i*l>-?rcea i I'rhtr cter mil . apic.n , tlio tuition I a Houaeh-rlrr in a French family, or l? auporint'nd a Unardmg Home in the Kfru'll at) In Atmlicatwia, by le'lera aildrnacj to NUdainn > I. mill l?A .1 llin will tie atieeiteit tn H 13 I jut, GREAT MFLEfSHOOTING MATCH.-A 8hootiog M. Uli will tske p'a"e on TufflHay April 16, ?l ViBlblll (luin, mMMi f?r a pMif |lN kBUiiei S10 each, winch will entitle each oue ??? 15 hula, to he average iiiwu-i?off hand?distance 300 yardr. To tlr>?e wt-o are fouil of iliii sporting an<l ainus-im-nt it will aff >rd *i itiuir, as it >vil> I e actually rr com ? of skill between sua e i t'the be.t New V. rk aud Troy ahota, who will be on the gruui d Shunting to co.nnience at ' ? o'clock. Hobohhv, April IV, UU4 alt ft're " A CAR1). CLINTON HOTEL, No. 3 BKKKMAN STREET. rPHlH HuTEL, n??r th? Pa'k, in a highly eligible aud ceoa tral situation, I as lately undergone many repqrs aud alt-'ationa c IcuUte.t t-- anyni-tt t e con,furl of ihetr.v P-r It* p oprietor, PRESTON HODGES, desirous to inform the public aud his pa.rona especial). that, by careful attentio i to their w,.nil, lie hopes to merit their supiwrt; h? begs to add at the same time, that his prior ter day hencef ri. will be lor transient buarurts S',conformably to lhal ol other hotels in the city ofeoual re-ie tabilitv New V ork, April 13 n, ltllt. a|4 |Gt* c POR S LE?The well-?n.,wn and old rsttblished OV8TEK A SALOON, at the noiti-wrst co'aer of Broadway aud Dim. street, now doing a good, will It s -III cheap, at ilia o? mr is goiug wit. Apply on the ptenos's. to all lt??c GEoRGE W. CHED1C. BOARD IN BOND STREET. PLEASANT ROOMS with Bnaid can be obtained at No. 3 Bond street. all ltn*ra BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY? A QUIET OdaNTELL KAMI L Y, iisrn g ttkni a p easant house in Bleecker street, which tley will occupy before II e lit of May. wishing to reeuca ill *i r espouses, ate desirous of taking a gei.tleuiau antl family, or a couple, of gentlemen, , r a siuale lady to board with tfein They will eudeavor to give them all the coinlottt of a quiet nle?saut home. Kefurences given and required. Apply at 544 Oteeawichstreet. a9 I w f h CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS? rPHE subscribers wnukl inform merchant* riaitiug the city, A wbo wish their owo goods mauu'hctured, that they a-e prepared to uiauufsCtnrc every dearrintiou oi ('It thing h rem th-ir being accustomed to manufacture fur the Sontneru ;in<t Western markets for the last twelre years, th-y feel confident, with the large nnmber of bauds in their employ, to get up a stock at abort notice and with enure a ttialaetiou. MAVN kt McKlMM, 25 Cat tmue street. LT7" Knickerbocker Stages pass close to the store, fid 3rn* rrc TK+QEUMAN UNKNS.-Uj HE SUBSCRIBER b-gs leave to inform his friend* and the publ c in general, tha. he h is received f is ? Germ iuv. a large assortme. t o, the celenrated Uudefe.d Linen, in all qualities, consisting of? Damask TableClotha, brown, half frown and white, do Napkius, do do do do To a els, do do do do Tea aud Dessert Napkins. do Handkerchiefs of the finest quality, See., which he offers for tale at th? lowest price. L. NEU ATADT, rnl6 lm*re 357% Brontlwav* ' SHIRT MJINUfi/t CTOH Y~, AND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE, flQ MAIDEN LANE?Just received, the late-t and toon G?7 approved Krenth pattern Shirts. A general as-ortment ol Hhiits, Under Garments, lloisery. Ctavats Handkerchiefs Ike Shirts and Under Garments made up to order and rep,toed al short uotic- A,io on hand a general assorrm-nl of Ready Made Clothing, which will he sold at th? following prices, vit UICI lyUW, Id 'I Hack do to I Frock do 10 to 14 Press do"? to 14 Pants 3 to 8 Vtu 2 to 4 All made ol the best materials uid cut iu the modern style. Persoi-s furnishing their own materials can del end upon having them made in the best inane*", at the following prices:? OverCoats, made and trimmed a M to 10 00 Dress do do do 7 to 10 00 Frock do do do to 13 00 Vests and Pantaloons, >1 30 to 175 rerl lm"ec BROADWAY AGAINST THE WORLD. rPil H no'ed thoroughfare is n"W edinitled to be the great**! 1 mart for the sale of iteutlemen't wearing apparel in the United States, and the impression .hat lias lierrtof re existed in the minds of many t >at 'purchasers in Broadway are obliged to pav an exorbitant price for au article "f dress," is fully rebutted, from the known reputation as to the clinrg s eoahlished I by EOWARli FOX, p oirietor of the City Cash Taiioriug | Kstablishment, No. 2U2 Broadway. Here is an advantage to ! merchants aud others visiting this city to avail ilieinaelvss ol an oii'ti' from a veri extensive assorim-nt of ready made clothing m'nuf.ctured from the best materials and ill ill" uiost fashion ibte style The attention of tne public is particularly railed to visit ihis eslanlislinient and eiamiua th* laie style ol twilVd and fancy Cassiinere Ullice Krocks, designed lor the approaching season. Also, an assortment of rich Chen# Velvrt and Brocade V'Stings, Fancy French Cloths and Cassimeres, hy the late arrivals from the celebrated manufactory of F. Bio'.tey Fils, andselec ed expressly for the spring fashions Garments sutierbly made up to order, and if required at a few hours none*. EDWARD FOX, City Cash Tailoring {establishment, 202 Broadway-, he'ow Fulionst. n8kg*S8 NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. BR IT KNOWN, that IJJOHN B KM Kt.bON.iu the year of oor lord, one thousand eight liunilrel ain| thirty lour, then a c tizeu f the State of New Vo.k, did in'ikeand patentel sn improved sp-ral propelling wheel, es hy let era pitent in my possession will innie fully appear. I therefor#give public ii itice that the propel I ill ! wheel, coinnimly called r.rrictson's 1'r peller, is included in my said letteis patent, aud 1 also notify all persnus not to make or u e the said prop lling wheel without authority I' om me. I reside present nt 3311 Penrl street, where I shall be pleased to receive oil peiaons int. rested, either iu the title or for the Use i f ssjd propeller ?r> m*m JOHN B. FMER80V. TO THE AMERICAN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, twenty-fire years old. has' inn been setrra) Teacher in a Collese of Paris, would be happv to b stow every day some hours ill t iring priVnte let sous in the Ciench Language, during his sojourn iuth'icity It vou wish to learn rapidly this be ut.ful and oecessa-y ktCEU if and to have trie brst Parisian accent, yon must write to the following direction and you will ebtnn exactly what youde.ire MR X. O. DK CALMONTIER, m!3 1 m*rc 98 Urol, street. FIRE BRICK. THE SUBSCR'BER, liring in Washington, South Hirer, Middlesex County, Htace of >ryv Jersey, is manu acniriiig a superior artic e ol F ire brick tkal siirot-tes any 'lung of the kindeser yet offered to the public, * tucfi h? s ill sell at reduced prices. GEO W REYNOLDS. Washington, South River, March 25, IUI. N B ? Apply to Ksnause. Agent,Jersey City Iron Worln, New Irriey, wtmwill alffnyt Ihrraiiariur'mriKol tlir ibovr article oa lund, at all tune*, or ro the subscriber, li. VV. REfnbLI/ll, M?uartetarer, m28 lat'w WuliLirinarKon It Knar. WILLIAM PKTTET, DRAPER A ND TA I LO R, 90 KULTON STREET, NEW YORK. IS now prepared to furnish ?ll who n?y favor hin. with their 1 orde-s. Eur the cheapness ail durability of his work, ami saving thirty per rent, he offers for their consideration the follow in* list of pice*: ? Hni-erior Dress Coats, mtde to order, 310 Wool died hi cks, from if to IC Cassimerc Pants fto ti Fancy 'ests 2 to 3 73 Ha k Co*ts 2,50 ft 5.of) Persons furnishing thri' on n materials?making and trimming lu the iirate t manlier at the follow ing prices Coat* from $6 to 8 Pinrssnd Vests 1 to 1,75 Naval ami Military Uniforms made iu the best style. N. B.?Clothing made f r the southern and western markets will neatne s and despatch 5 share of the ptib'ir patronage is solicited. a 13 lm*'o M. WISE, 0 P TIC IA N, FRO M O ER MA NY, M? b\ c*]?JcJlully i ?f'?rri?> the a iz -at. f *NU w Y< rk, n?d the puhlic ill K^ner*', t nt hp has locMltd himself ill Ins ci'V, nud npnis to-day 4>. 437 Br ?ad . a lirjje *?d most cowil^p a* ortmei t ol 8 ectnC e? a d K?adi> it <?1 ? ? ?, in 4iotu. Hil*tr aui Kmnes. He would also remi d 0 e , iP 1 c to whom h? is pirtly known by his annuil visits to sratoira Hprioffa nine# the last i.i *e y?**rs. that by bi? kuowledice of the op'ic 1 science h*mi* e r-bird to determine lh" g asses s> itthl*s lor any eye. Pets'ns with weak ey>s can Ye supplied vti h Klas??s wh ch will jrrratlv benefli and rot strain tb- ?ighc P?riical*r aitentioi is c til dt>* i.ew style of persnerriv ground n lasses < f the fluent fliut, which throng P eir hivh polish a d true ground, produce the purest*vi?i'in, and hav* been highly r*co<nin?*ude ' nu the b*si in their effects upo . the eye lor . r ie*v ng and imi>rufinr the sight in continued wnti g mm readi u*. hort-? glit-d | er*<?ns, and such as have h* en < | er* ed op? n for c-target, can also be mj (ed He i *e t? like hj ww fflas.fs < I sup-iior fjna Ity in old fronts, and s< licit* the patronage of all in waut of his articles. Please call * M. WISE. Optician, All Satire 117 Bioadway. PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. 'Pile, tup riority of tin* Hrace over sll nthcrs uiauu-nctureil, f is aokuowledg-d by sll who use tlo-oi. ltd 'he est ns ye d. imuii for the srttcle anrittg th? pss' yenr n a sort! i"i,t guarantee of i he ir utility. 'I his article is intenilol ti brace the shoulders, rtf> ng hen the bock, mid erpsno the ch'ft, giving lice a- Hon to the iu: gs;and being formed with .111 elastic rack, will he found of no im edlineul to the frry use ot tlie ?r "S Pue.tiand guardian* a'e parti'uUrly nil netted to raimine this arttr e, as it will ?e lonnd of immense nenelit to ciiliilreii of eidtt' ?ei who hsve ? nurrd th- Imnit of stmi ina, and ind ?| i'ii* be to sll iieootis of studious or ?ede tsry hs e 11*. 1 his bf?i e is tnsnii'actnred under the iinmedist nisi ei tnm of Mr tsrsells, who hss beeu engaged for the l?st lilteen years til inyiiiihiciurinu different articles tor the r.une purpose, and now ciuiliilently offers the Patent e lastic Brace as sttfertor to any arlirleever ht.night under hisobserratl-m. The above nstned ailiclr* sre manulactiired, and may lie obtaii ei| whule*ste or rstiilat the old est iblishinent of PARHELLH It AtfATE,2i7 Breadwsy, corner of Park Pl<ce I*. It A. continue the ntenulaetuie of their superio, article the Klastic Hiding Belt The so eriority of this artl'l consist in its perfect sosiitation to the form ofthe we-re-, t's eise, lightness, and durability. al ImtnJ'tn. CLIFTON HOUSE, r | *11 p. tqnariiner uaa '?*?n ana will oppn on r.r livlore ili? lira! A of Ma?, the new Hotel'ecentW eiected at Llifton, Htnten lalaiid. rmr 'hp Nur n*i It it >| ute uuneceaaarv to >pt orth llip advanlagea which till* pmt ol Mlateii Inland 11 tl r I (o tlmae who ae. k a nmmpf reiidenre ij tin- country. a* it ia amver?aftv arku wledcd that for beauty of icpdo, era air, i,?* bntliintt. dnveaaud raroblea, I 11float ia withoutc >mf ariaon. 'I'll- Hotel though but large, it v?fy pfiPd in it* ar> ait g in'nU, mid tli?* grounda a laid out with ii'Ucli tnata in aalyle tltnpihir newr. Aa ihe ermber of pneara muat nereaiurily b? limited, a prefor iifp will lie gi yen to llioae * ho engage r lonia fur tlie longeat iH'iid, and llie anoacriber pledgee him-elf that nothing on lot part aliall he wanting to in ill" < liftou Hotue the larnnte leaoit of the mort reapectanle arriiliea < JK.OROK TiKKiS. lata of tli- New Brighton Pavilion and Belmont Hollar. The liar Room, Hrfreahment Hiloon. Binia-d I-lite, and Cow Ion: Alley*, will he detvliril and eei-arcte from the Hot I 'Iliehtita- (aland Perry i mpauv will rnh a ferry heat le I ween Whip-lull the I lifroo wharf, (limit eiprr-aly I n Chi* holla*) anil the paa'uge will not probably exceed tlii ty minlltea. C.lifton, Apiil I, Hit a4 lw?rc HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL rlH undrraiauol takea oec laion to inform hit fries da hi the public, that the Manaion liouae ia now locatrd in Ii 1 JiaiJor atrret, No. 67. in the vicinity ef the alearnboat landin ind vegetable market, haiiag eommodioua family aparlrieuH \rranged in the ueateat order. A |>er?on ia employed to procure permit! to laud peaarrgerv vaggage, die who will board veaaeliimmediately the via f the revenue ofheera N. B.?Viaimra to ihia laland ahonld procure a paaaport fror the Spnniah ('onaol, at me port of emharkat'oa, to obviate dif ficultiea and lacouyeaieace. <* WILLIAM KliLTON. _ AUCTION SALES. THOMAS 9YXL. Audi?im. Stuie \<i II Spruce Itrttt JWular Salea <u ukU'il o! Karmtuie every Wednesday an Ht'unhy. A!*", ?>f Dry Oooda, and all other varitiwa every Tueada and Friday. aS l*?c VIOMIaY. , ? . II ndaome I" nroitnre ?fl- *t 10W oV'ock at No IMOreba' ajreret. I ear Br urne, including a valuible Piano forte, inadeb Firth ana II ill?coit fiiu 3t . ,, TUESDAY. ... Valuali c iale of excellent Furniture, at No. ? brankli irrct, near Broadway. al2 lt*?c WEDNESDAY. At baK-in-t 10 o'clock. Kurm'ure Kale?A tale of el a n.I Fu iii"Meat No 17 Hidj aliee' iirar Uroomr? r.e property of f tiuiily fiviug up houe keeping The I arpetx ar- beauu'ul VVilioua, Vriieinu and li vraiu; all t ' ' auiurt Furniture wu ina^e to order, and la I th beat keeping THOH BKLL, Auctioneer. all It r.r RICHARD VAN l>YKK, Auctioneer. Household furniture ? No MVewyat COTI1I <f < liurch itwt?A%THO -V J BLfelfcCK* R k CO will Fell a' auct 011 ou Monday, 2!d of April iiutnt at t? o'clcck, at o. 30 Vfny afreet, eti effusive H??ort?re..t c Hou^diold I- ur itu e, c urvrmuK Muting tnv (Jh ir?, Sof ?*,0 toiiiaua aud Ro* kiu/ t hair? with hair cl'th -n**; Br# k'aa 'IVa, Dining aud Card Table*; 1* r Tablet wiih t Kyptian Ma b'e i ops; *8 d^ooards, Bu euu?, Washstin-*s, Kf?uch -ai<l nth* aed?t**d*. K*.tth*r B?d?, Maitraites, Stc ; Maplt Oane-tef Ohai?a; P et and Mantel Looking Glasses; Astral and Ha Lamps. Gi andolet, Manr*-! Ornaments,Plated Ar.tct#*! (."hi Cut Glass, Inter in and Venetian 1 'arrets U?g?, O ('1> th br ad Ko' a, Toilet Tablet, Wusii Stands. Starei th-Kitchen Utensil*, & . Catulcgues may behai ol' the Auctioned on Saturday tt JOCK :?nto2.ii n LAllO< halk ok tricks and orn amknta PLAN1S-LKVY St SPOON Ml w.ll t?ll o> Mondi morning, at 10'a o'rlock, nt 151 hruarlw ay, be ca'al..gue, choice collectiou of the Alb iter, Weeping Laburuu >, win and red Allhe a, fct Pc-er'a Wreath, 'laiMrieu Hone auk) ( 'I veering Aim oid. Cor horur or Ooldrn Kote, 8u"W Berry Wi? I'laiu American Olive, t'y ut J<pnnica Y ngliah W-c l-aiion, Mock Oraiue Seringa, Double Yellow iitrriao Wi it' Sco ch, Red Province, Daint-sk, Centifolio and nth V'ow? | he i n es art of th~ b? t importation! of t n?'i?h ai Kico'-h a id all the pi.111 ta nre f.vsli from the ground ami wa ri ted by a I' lirce t ia'may be r-lird oa. SAre continued r Tue-dav and w ed.u aday, with other varieties al3 2fer C\ \ I KLIX S ND O'JHMTKTVK ITAIVTB, 4rc ?L V V St SPOONKR will irII on Tnet-lay Mnruiuc ?t i clock at 131 Brnoway, a In'ge collection rI various kin jit. l re eiv d fro in Kuro|i , c i.?iitu g I C meli , b'.rulia J iHinica* ItOO M Hons of many varieties, lliflO Kr-ueh liw.i do IOUII Choi e Louiioll do. Kiaudard Hi ie? I.f in y li e lor' 11. b i|inf I a, I:|"i of Ve v? Tr in 6 to 7 I t ' igli. Plu Tie'?, I'nri e Beach, Grafted D uble ' ?r .at" lie, Vare, a:i II lln-v, Hawt' or a fur I'unnen Plu n Trees, droii St-eda lower ecde and U i ti, with many oilier ci oil a ta liv at I cue. a 3 It * ec ELEGANTLY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET ik|A A Gin.NTLh.Vi A N ?hu i? going to retina ii ti U ff^W country, wishes to lei the whole or part of tiia dw lli tlUnLhiiUse, .No. 23 Walker stieet Tina house situated ue Buiau way, is beiuti (uruietud mid c rpelcd, and cuuvii i.f a front mid back I a cine t, Otnwuig-ro*m with folding d?o ?in all thiifeu good ramus. There i* a I o a iretty guden b bind the It use. ?13 It*rc NOTIf'b'..?The ci-pariiierahi;! heretofo e etiittu* betwia C. K tjuidorl mid L. Ouebhard, has this day bent di solved by tnotu I consent K K t)l ll)OHL. April II. 1811. L. trl'b.BH Alt I), a 12 Jt'ec W~ HO WOULD Btt WITHOUT TEUTH. when t following unprecedented rm'ii tion in dentistry la mil by the ce'evmied Dentist, W. THlJllNK, I). D. 82 b'.a Broad wa I Cleanint Teeth, $1 00 k xtricung ^ Hinp. inc with hu in tly c lebratnl Mineral "4 Single Tooth on rivot, 75 ,r " " Silver, 2 00 " " ^ " Hold, 3 HO A complet" Set of Teeth, on the tnoal approved principle*, the aaru* price a? 'he above N B?Wliere entire aatiafaction ta cot given, no charge w n? made; 82 hnit Broadway. tn7 I in m WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. OTKIKK.R'S SOLUTION KOU THK HAIIl, which w h' change grey hair to it* original color in a lew miuutea. Tb solution la ailfcreul front auy yet oifcn'd, aud cannot fail of a pcrci-diiig all othera. (t ia highly ethcaciotia, and poaaeaaea ll great advantage ol beautifying the hair witliout injuriug i growth. Thoae who doubt ita virtue* are r?>jae*ted to have their bp chnnger hefora paying their money. If hnmlmg* would tai tlua net t there would be uo rcaaon to complatu One t ia twill prove the fact. Sold wholesale and i-Mail.and applied, at No. 4 Chatham I ippoatli' me Hall of Record*. New York, up autre m!t I#* ON STIUOTURE AND ITS CURE. rPH fh Kollowmg few remtrka upon Strictnre, it ia believe will be deeply to inauy people : ? 1st?That Stricture n a very common malady, and frequent eaiats m those who ara not the least aware of it. 2nd?That a very erroueotu notion prevaila witli regard Stricture. 3d?That although a Stricture tnay long remain ao dorma ia nlwuya tending to other toim* i Yfiuii uisorurr. 4th?Thai there aw three circumstance! in parlioular 1 which i Stricture may always Ik-known. Sth?That the care of stricture, especially in its early (lag la certain, free from pain or inconvenience and generally a complished in a v?rv lirtl* feme. 1?With regard to 'he fremtiucy of Stricture, thia will n surprise ifit ia considered tint thia complaint proceeds from nidiy .rmtbd'Jouorrhoea. If, (or icstaace, a gouoirhoeah bdco ? offered to coutinac on from mouth to month it at idea in a gleet. Now, there is no pail or inconvenience in gleet, ni on this account it ia often anfTered to remain for any 1 .'uk of lime. Rut it thonld lie hrown tlirt jlot is generally C" ..eeti'il with chronic inflammation, which naturally terminal in thickening, ami thia thickening in one part or other of t nrinary passage ia stricture; and fuithrr. with regard to i obscgiity. this thickening may exist without a g ee'., and that case there ia nothing whatever to call the attention to an that the sufferer mini remain iu perfect darkaeas aa to I real nature of hit malady. J?Another thing that leada the attention off from Ihia diac der ia the erroneous notion tint stricure raunot raial ao loi at no imi>edimeut to the Row of urine ia observed. Dut tb is quite wrong. A atricture may exut for years without inducing any striking churns iu this respect. Ind-ed, this efl? upon the n jne it okservqd only in advanced and older cas? while the visible effect of early atricture Ia not on tlw part aril, l ut no the miud, causing luwnrss of spirits and want res lutton. Id?lint, althongh a mild or early stricture is reemingly i active and of no accouut, it ia far (ruin being really so. It scarcely possible for those not acquainted with minute at tomy, to imagine the delicate and peculiar structure of the pi which iatlieaentof thia disease, and how liuleis sufficient dera-'ge it. Now, this morbid condition of the pastas whether connvo. r.d wi'h atricture, or induced by otner and \? nicioua Causes, is ever tending to destroy these delicate orgni laymg 'he foundation of some of the most distressing maladi of hum in nature. It it mi lira way that cert.uu uuuatnial a turns, local debility, on irritable Id older, ind other likediaeat' proceed from a unld and unsuspected stricture. 4th?Nothing. therefore, can be more desirable than to ha aoine plain anil ready mea 'a of detecting stricture in its mi and ea-ty stage; aud fortnnatelv, there are three pariicttl circumstance* which for many years the author has found serve this purpose. They are the follow iug. The fust relat to? 1'Hr. MawNitn oy CJrinatiivo.?It has been said alreat that the atre.nn uee.l not be much diminished or impeded, ai that it trnr; but observe what happens after this is riuished, ai I he ctu'hrs are re-adjusted, anil if it should be inuiid that a sir < Of tWO viQlAmmdlMU w as to wet a little, tills, ti fluig as it may srem, will afford a ground ol' strong tuspicio The neat regards Thv. tisii: a rormcn (jonisarho-a mat Hsvx rvmaiiss IfscVirn -lt li not to much how long ago it inny have o curied, a* how lorg the gleety stage may hive continued. Neither is it possible in very rase f> state th leng h of tune <fleet inav ru without prixtuc ng Stricture, fo one is nature ly m re disposed to St'ir.tur? than another Aa a genera) ru I however if a Gonorrhoea has been suffered to continue for period of from aia to eight weeks, this would strengthen an inker fllinii'i.ina eiri>nin?tain<? The rl.nil is Th> km.l.t a "tru turf. hah itrorl thi. MlWD.?Till in the early stage, m to drprr** lh?* spirits and to |r**en m-nt energy. It is also ot.e of ila mo?t invsri ,b!- effect* Not tli thi* i* v-rn in the nmr degree in every tudtvidual but it it i common that the wiiter tcarcely ?ee? a ewe .if Htttetnre which the patient d >et not cinpl.n i tliat he it let* active, at Ie*t capable of business than formerly Much might lie ad van ed to allow the natural connection of th? mind and geuerali ordcrt, but fur tint the readtsr it referred to "The Private Pre tue," wh le the Inct itteli it proved by the return of mental e ergy at the cure proceedt. i. Ou the cure of * ictore it it re|ieated that this it certain(ree f nm pain or iut. vraiencr', and generally accompli bed j a very little time. Ho much a* tint, however r.ou'd uot hai lie* u advanced tome year* ago, but *uch hare been the late in proveineiit* in tin* art, that bv pro|ier mean*, and iu the htn< of careful and etperieuced p. mom, the cure i* now accoinplitl ( ) iu .w o.dll, diys.s ( riuerlt It deinaude I mouths Mm alto, who caunol enntuit the writer terminally, on account < k< onderi.ike the cure tli-tn .elves and happily *m ceed. To tlirae are forwarded the tnotl suitable and pr f" tnea**, together wito the author'* " Private Trent nr." andsnr remark* u any particular case may call fur. The fee ou the tccaaiou* i> git Dr ll-tlph alio tabes tpi* opportunity of saying that he tnayl con-olted ou those.drl icite disease* referred to m hi* Triva Trentim"?a hi* dwelling home, Bit tirvenwi h ?treet, Nr I York, at any hour, aud those who ai 11) in the e?rl. (tale ( | their disrate*, will be *urpri ed al toe simplicity and little t convenience ihnl aiumueu lucir cure ilebr.ievrt, however. I is chiefly those who have suff 'ed long from a curtain lars t I advertising |ieoplc and other came*, who can properly apprec | aienis *ervn:r*. Or. itaipli further considers i! a duty, *(|ieeially to lho?e wt urn ('.ranger* in this city, and also In obtain the confidence i every one. that heshonld make the following stalerneni of bin *clf Beside* his rank a* (iradnate of Kdiuuurgh Ike (k li In* been engaged iu the cure of the*- disease* both in llospiu and ctry practise, fur more than thirty years, and ha* publiahe three edition* of a work egpreaulyon them Aim that he h* letter* irotn the rrio?t eminent Physician* in Kuro|ir to the inoi eminent in Atreriea?a* Hir Astley Cooper of London, to Di Mott, of New York ; llr Physick, of Philadelphia, andotnen and thai he is purruitteU to lefer is il most eve, y Physician ? eminence in thi* city. The " Private Treati*e" i* (I Asf dreas Or flslt'h, sen.. kk < ireenwieh at 112 in* rc CfjttA'- K??K LllN CHIN?llegn'ar I'seket of the 20 h Anril I AJfWfV --The well-known faet ?ai Ilk packet mhi|? W f?H i | SklmUm ^ B * KH, burthen ItiOOtoni, apt Hovey. This fttipenor vessel m unw loadu.g tor Condon, and wil po*'lively sail o the 20tb April I h? i on* lor cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage pu leng-rs ?re tiu?nrp*s<d by any other ve#*rl in port; and * minih<*r of her i avengers are thready engaged, those demons c securing Iwrths should make early application to /OHKPH McMURKAY, al4to20 re 100 Pine ?t. ?oreer Houtn, N, Y. FOR LI VKRPOOL?The r^gulir P.clcet Whip o t|MV the 16 h f April, will posi if ly sail on her regula mmBrn day?Ipt accommodations are vei> superior for cabii second cahui and steerage p- Mtngfra. Prion* intending t ern "i/k *h <?ld rritkeejry applicati ti to J McML'RKAY, II to i i' i no Pfm s' . corat r?i ioith "LACK BALL, OK OLD LINK OK LIVKil rfOTVPOOL PA< KIlTH-FOR LlVKHPOOL-Orli MMBEbbIL gular Packet of the 16th of April ?I be new in tgniM rot, bi.%1 tailing pMoketthip NKW YORK", hurt1 ej fi vi f >fi*, ' apt iin T Hil'rroper, will positively sail on Tucs The acoommo l .ft m of the ?w York, f>r cibiu, leroud Cabin and *ie ia*e passengers, will, on pts|*ciioij, lie found ti he fitted out i a inaoirr that cannot but add to th- couve mere and eon.fort of those embarking. P r on* 'Of eduig to tl? old country, wi'l nt all limes find if|.4 I,n * r>I i ackei* a most oe inble ? onve/ance. For term* ol i|f ipplj on Ot ltd, foot ol Beck man street, or to ?he stih verifiers, ROf HK, BHOTHKK<v iw t o, V> Fulton stri-et. neit door fo the ?1410 fit Kafton Bank. | A/ft&T KIMt LI V KKI'OOL- Brituh Vessel ?The v i v A ropp*r-faater??d British ship fir LhS IiSmbCp 1 ID>MHON t iptniu John !'? ' >? will be r?-dy to receive farm in a !evt dii t. ai d will liive despatch for the above port. h pier* of rolonml or domestic prodcce will nnd*her a moat deuraiie conveyance For tr igkt, apil, to the* apt\in on b ,ar I, it i ier .No tt North River, or r,> the subscribers, ROC Mr , HKOTVIKhA At ; () , atfr Fu'ton it ne* door to cbe Fnl on Bank. fAjr FOB LTvK PtMfL-.le \ew I. i.e i^..|..i JMIPW Po k- cf 21 ,f Apr ??The *p ernitd New York hui't MBbBbsI' ckrtsbip LI V KllTOOL, < pt,.in John Kldridge I n to nur'i i, "ill ?nti <is above, ' er regu>*r day v or Ire ght of d' 0 l?ile? ro?ion, r hulk .hereof, Ktc .or pass g* hav.Ng *? rnmod'itiui ? nn urpa* ed by my hip i . port, apply to tb-captain on h?0d, at west s de ot Burling |?n or t WtW) HULL it MIN i UR\?,r < nth st I The packet shipIm.N < k' THk. Wh^T.i apuin Pi? I<i WMudiit-uv i2.'iU u??.s, will soccie i th Liver|ool, a*.d nail on I her regul || fcj all' c AMUSEMENT."> nv . t?AKK Til KATHE, . Boi- > ? nti ~ ~7<~ ?-- Giilerj UH C?uc?. T VKM.NO. Ak ti II. i?4. I " : rit? L*rloff .Mio* will eomuirne* with HJCHAHD 111. ? . L y | l^ich&rd, Mr. Booth Wtu To cout ludr ** ?th SPIRIT OF THK FOUNTAIN .. on t j Leo!hi* VI r? H H?nt J CHATHAM THKATHK. _ Poxe*. >i6 Cecls I Pic* MK Caaip. u MONDAY n,v? ?im* Ap-il IV inc .nim?c* with SOlll THK HUM IIHVCK. faet M<iUrWilUi"*J M Menu | *ir Thus Clifford'*K S Cauuer ,Jtl Modu* Whanm I Fathom Wmui or or ,t Julia Mr* MrClare | Helen Mm Keynolda L To cooi'lud with nioa V 1118 l.AHlLK1H. u O'Call-ghaa Mr M<*ss?p potIP mTCHKUil OliVJIFU; TUKAT'lUi. Nov MONDAY EVENING. Air I -5 the Opera of MARRIAGE OK FIOaRO. rr Figaro Mr Walent Aniouio Mr Holland To conclude with ,r THK ALPINE MAID i. g?i( Mr Holland ' A.M KltU'AN BHVhtm, ~ II V AND PERPETUAL FAIJt fore It ONR 'VKEK MOKE ... II OF THIS GRAND A (TRACTIVE BILL ! r, Cmrin iii*i' ir on Monday. April 'iih. S-? ( SPLENDID Pr RFORMANCe S " at 3 o'clock iu ti e af'crnoou, and hrlfpaat 7 in llie eveuini: i GIANT AND GI ANTES*!! , ,, e The larte.t in the world, aud of the riuatlsi unnecry aud propor- 1 a tiona. They are _ t lit* I - MAN AND WiFE. , " L and have b?en vie'led iu * urnpe by inme ilian I Mr, y ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PERSONS ! | a ifuiipp thu 'tel year. Tliey may be ?e?n I'ioiii 10 o clock A. M. ' *) le till ill P. "I. ..... e. THE KENTUCKY MINSTRELS, Mr COLE, the ! """ or DOG BILLY; Miaa K. ADAIR <>a PEIITE CEH1TO, \ te Mr H. G HrlEiiM A MR. WHITCOI K. MR T. ti ii, BOOTH, Mr WILLIAMS, ana MR HOWARD, and Miff r olhera. d The GIPSY.FAMILY, aix in number, recently from Oer "" ' r- many, ana laiihlul repieeei talivea of the ancient people of MU in Egypt, m iy be ?eeu in'heir uarivn costume. tint ThelilPHEY ilUEEN. the Fortune Teller, may be private r rr ly conai.lted at all hour* of the day aU'i evening. K" Ticketa 35 ceuta?children under ten tenia ISA* cents. Twea spei 1 tv-five rents extra; for private contnltationa with the (linear elm i" 1LL^_ trni PKiu i iicm toiiii iiimni. inn H. ?un nirnmn u 1 .11.11 ri- Hipr, Iim,i,p,nl . urn ,j 11 mad wsj-. f| |K>iin. >h> < ity Hall. I jr,.( n SPLENDID ATT'iAi I'.O.Vk! AND BKILLIANT J prin ;r 8UOCK.H6 P KP KCTI. V UNPA IU LLELHD A LAPLAND DWARK, THREE INCHES 8'I"KTEB. 1 11 AND TH- SAME AtiE AS TOM THUMB. , <??r . With Eight 1'i-tf roe , all lor One Sk lling I flip MR. H I'KNSKTT, Sl.n.g-r t k a retuliar pride iu p| i. ? w seining to tin* public ail Arr y of Talent hat Cannot he sur | . K' pmeii ? an> place of amui'in.ui iu the ci y, uud that t*o at ! tli'V *' Half Price. cha 'a ThcMinu'r announces aii engagement with ra Mr COM>VKR, the Protean Pe,forme- l"'lM ?- I.A PETITE CP LESTE, the tacefu1 Dancer. tlZ.i _ The ORE AT WESTERN Mrs. We.STKKN. tiers M aa ADAIR, the' narmiitK Bona Ceaa. ?.jIui ' Miss BL ANt'HARD. the Oreciaii . ' Air. kRO WN, the Comic r inger A no the <' ' OlANTr.sS! ! lion wli? s'ands aa mail in public ratlin tiou as ever, and at: It- i w | _ pri'1-a every visiter, v, lie I he Manager respectfgllr announce-that he his diminished "I le the .uinb' r f seats iu the I.ecture Room, but i c ensd the ("no at c mf in f?' e audience The Kirs Sii k'ront Rows will e<p* 0|' | atiiute the P rq e te tl ev aia rewly rnaliiune anu th b cka . atnlf I, ao that every will be eutiielv separa'e each ni e ,, f rniiug nn A'ln Ch iir Kr m the r b ang i- m.inicied iu thia T inline .and a C'tniu apace allotted to e<c viaiter, the audi- ,,j" | eiice c i'inole?p rience the iocoureuience that lrr<|uently occuia , fiom it e Crowde' at t * of th' ro >m. The Ma >g r has incurred c inaidersb'e eipeuc* ill adopting (rlitl at thian'aii?how ver, aa fe i r f-ss-s to p* toe pleiaureof cam b s f ir pitrona by e ery icea a iu his power, Ladies will be . ill admitted t ill* Parqu-Te ? i h 'Ut any estru I rice, but (ieutle- I" I' men wnl > e hirited an ad i i"iial shilling. not - LOI'l?A DOROTHEA WA'i N EK.sis'rrof the celebralid vmt O.paey <lnten cau be Cimsul i d during the d.-.y a id even Lg , pr jii t7"Au Afl>ru"on En internment on bVtdiieidays ard / Siturdayaal 3 o'clock; and every evening at a quarter to 8 trial _ o'clock. vole jj, ADMISSION ONE SIIILL?N(i. u EXHIBITION OK UKIU1NAL PAINTINGS. l)f r if! NA TIONAL GALLER Y OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS OK ?'HE ttLD MASTERS. ? EXHIBITION ROOM. IN t LINTON HALL, "at' Corner of Nassau anil Rerkman itrrrls lillr A MATI.UIla AND ART1S S aru informed, that the Oil tllu/ TV- |erv of I'aiiitiuga at Clint'ui II ill is now open from 1IA yotl ? M. to 6 o'clock at night i r later, according to th'season They nil therein find a choice c.ll'ctioii of t'e liueat Paiutiuca '"Si j which have ever ail rued any K.uwpean Oa'lery Artists will b- nl'owed to study in th' * shibifinn Room The puldic w ill l_ tied a Catalogue, which will eaplain all the histori si and other ' pieces, quoting the passages of authors /rom which the subjects 10 [Ty*-Admittance only 25 eon's m27 Im'jgb >{ ANNUAL CONCERT. 0 QIUNOR DP'. BEUNI8 haa t e lonor i f announcing to the K? public and bis fr ends, that his Annu l Conceit, Vocal X and lustrum-lit I, will ta?e pl?ce at the AikiIIo Concert Kojm, fr,,.! , on Wodn.sdav.14th April, I8tl lr"r Signnr d* Begins haa sorter !ed in securing th* vilu ible-issis- Hl'P c' Siuno'a BOBOHLSF,, OTTO, and Siguor \\ PER')//.[, ..ud is iu i city with other eminent a.tia s, . EnII pa icn'ara will b* duly published ?. 'fl' KeTs 11 K, ACH?I ole had at the usual places. ^ a!2 eod t* rc T id lvrlc A1~H i'lN PliTLl.lPS reslaictfull- nnuouucea P> hn met th 1VA Tririida ai d the nu lie, that I is AN NU\L <'OACER I fina o- w ill take plac* *t Nibi a Siloon, ?n Phuraday ' veiling, th* c? 18th i /'Apr. I, when he will hive the kind aiaiatinc* of the fnlbe lowing talen ed a'tiatea Mrs Haidwick; .the Mta s/'um- > upeg; Mian Mary Augus'a Hard *ick, fou* ye ra ofage; Mi,a p,q|| m Mar. Taylor, by the kind le-rmiia on of W. Mirebeli, Esq ; .,ii , It. Mr. .Msaaett: Mr Miytiard; Mr. J. tl. Taylor; vir. < lirehugh; be Mr Marka, Violi-j Mr. Kyle, Air. Davis. Elute; Mr. Timin wlii nd Mr N Ku g, riano Kort*. and several intinbm of the New Kit " Vork Voaal Society. Conductor, Mr. (I-org* l.oder. aig Concert to cntmncuc* a' Bo'clnck preciirly is 'Jhckrts 50 cents e-rli?To lie bad et the difl-rrnt Music lion o- St res, ot Mr. Austin Phi'lipi, at his residence. It Walk*rst. oli|f ?l sud ht thr door of the Concert Room on the ev. n ug of |ier- \ tin hi nice . It- N > po-tponemeiit oil accou-t of westher all 5 *rc ''let TT.K,K f 1'K-!!~.x8?1 vI lAL'lN< l'BA'PH'N - The divi in. ? u ny cma at *oj oiuioaav, 10 lt-r uus novel enniDltlon, mU i, are so nuwernu* a* to induce the proprieli r. to preve t fur her ^IlC dliappointiuent, to Kite public nol-ce that visitors cannot lie .. ir, adinuted unt I the improvi in-nil shall be |ieifeclrd. lie lv,p< s t0 ? little parieiice will lie etercited. *11J ? on every cit leu, ??l I ,r mile ami frwale, ?nnll h,*? .ill opportunity et w,tunning this tiul atupeud'iui trinuiph ol icience. OrUeri for machine* will also i ..: lg_ ret en received *12 J i*trc 1 , n' RAKE OFFER To PLAIN FAMILIES^ J'. MUSIC . AKIIIST RATE PltoK-sKOR OK THE riA>0 J' KOKTE AM) ITALIAN SlNOINO, ?i.liei to give '? *' id Uessous iu a plain and ret|>e<uh e family fir * nice ro, in ami pub nt breib'aat winch he would 'akralnrie m lut room liasauele- _\ III *inf Piigoforte, which tnny b- uted by the |>upi-, being abaeni . <i th" greaieet parr of the Hay. Kiratrapi reference* aiven Addivu "MUilC," at thi* office n* 1 w j<I, volt ll "" T B A t TEA! TEA! (l" 1 !d YOU It OWN FAULT IF YOU DRINK BAD w,1{ >P TEA. K"'1 "" IK VOU CAN APPRECIATE and want to obtain good "lll> " ? Tea, ton can do an by I rwaoling your order* to >! Calha ti'Ti* rine itrret A three duller In i Will entitle you to receive five yt)r Milium o llyaou, Veliug Hy*oo, Imperial, (iuupowdrr or i __ c' Souchong Tea '? ? tailt, the.e Tea* are ofthe lirat quality??hould theyprove lie ^ l* utlieiWieih* vte re|ireveul them, - end the fe> ha'-k and gel t'llit 1 your in uev. vth ch will be chnrfuly paid. Thi* ianuratatern of doing bnaine** l,al>( * AA'IK YOUK AND CllltfJi TEA COMPANY, N '* Nu. 88 CATHAHI.NK. t?T.. N Y l.s|, Br T. Cll HIS n AN SO ? . Manager, ' *| To whom all order* are to be ad-treatrd, po?t twill, with re"J nrt in e or order* for plament in thi* city m2i) im*rr (loll io UICKLEL) H tM*.? iUO eaakt soterior I'ickled H.imt, *ng<r ' in * cured,and ha damn ly em mil iri nmm, note landing ri lt'i-1 id >hip Kiiaaia, Irom Near Orleaaa, tor a de b/ VI c E. K. Col.LI.NS It CO. ' te al2 3trrc X 8outh atreet. iffUl ? 'POBACCO, 9u baler Saint lago de Cuba. ?c," n I li d i Ouisa ",ls Coffee- 50 bag* Saint 'ago. new crop. (fly B Arrow K i t?I #0 'b*., 111 barrel* au-l rue*. VIr. ir Segar*?liO.iiOtl, ju?t Un*iug Irom the barque Oleaner, in nt- ? \i I anried i r nil*, in-w cro(i. ), In tore, a g> neral uMOrfrent of Segari of ee'ebrateil bianda, nflaai year's rtock, offered wnole*ale and ritiil. by ilw. v A.A BAMtNOH, . ,1 all) Im re No 0 Wall ?t, -nil 2-^9 Broadway. <" rill-, -l liol It I BE It in, w pr | ,oeo to *e|i W AT* It f S " ' and JEWKI.K V of all kiuda at the loweat possi'de price*. e " ri*:?Ootd and Silver Lett-ra and i.epinea, Aiclior*. Ike. . (kt turf " i- d alio a terv fine as-nrtment of Jewelry, eunsi ting ol (iolil |0 . Chain*, Pencil* Biac-leu, Pun, Ste, ike, which he n deter ^ "" aiued to a 11 lower thau any other home m thv city 1 " JOHN MvKHS 1,0 ' hati nin itreet IIOC * N B?Don't forget the nmnher??ti t.natham itreet. l|ilS jj' mrJl lm*m ppee It T INSK> I) OIL.?5 e irk* Ln.?>e I C) I a superior article, for ? ,'f L< *le liy E. H COLLINS *' O ,j. al2 Jt rre .'I6 South -.treet |1"1M epONtsUES ?100 di yen v-iy su e i r Smoted T ngnei, Jrj *- wm ranted m> terp in any ch-it*ie, laudoie ?t ahtp itit ai ? from New Uthuta, f ?r ss:e by K. K. tOLM vH & <?0. VIr iU It rrc 56 Hoot i street. toll ^Mi i .i:\?i'< ? a A Poncol 140 wil1 be given. lo fomr <>fl on Monday, April * >f 22d, 'I wo Mile II ma iu Hornets, lor Hor*e* thai never won a ' , a iiBfn* h<[ |ei to br made a H. 4m ih'f. 31 I'arh How, o. WOUi Monday fn.ii.i:, April 1Mb by o'clock. *11 * r?r |?'ia i A RARE CHANCE FOR A HAIR DRESSER. ' rPHK advertiser wiaIiihk to leave tlie city, would offer Iiib . r A g(r,r|i and lit(ury? tor s.tle at a H*rgun. Tt e ailnaliou ii a 11 very desirable one, h?v>ug been established for fourteen years 10 *1' " Any o?i?* wishing "> do a ?nun bunueu Hut present oppoitumt) o|f#TA. Apply on th? premiaes, No. Iltt Water atiee> corner oi proti Wall, Tontine boil lit*. W. A. GAl'KH votm . ! j?*?? || n, CI1EAPK8T < AHPKT ESTABLISHMENT IN THK ??* I U. 8TATK.M, liitic ' NO. 00 HO W K H Y. (h*ii A NDKR80N St DUlllIs huvejuat recited live* wdrp'er.- 'I >< a* d.d axortmuut < f n vr partem, nf am-rior Knit la). I | M uiled r?lra double aoier, an a-rime *nd common mitr.u. < rpeli * ither ' Vc itian lull ?n.l atair (larpM: Lor ' Ml Llotfii; Tufted a > Nl Turk, v Pari r Door Mat,; T.b'e *ud lovra .J' Ike *|l of which were onlr ed, nod purch.aed for rub. pr'v 1 iia to lh" urn ?t advance nu th-above i|r<i.riptiiiii of v la, and 1 will he I..Id at the uanat low price, nt M llnwe'y VVealvi,. lift .ill who are about purchasing, to call an. n oil make ihe r ?. ir?t lee-ion. AnDKRSON k UOBII . ,,nm, ai 2w*rrc W Bowery,',t stole above H-,ter ?f. . ( I?0ll SALr?PALMO'd (lite) < n\' ICHT SALOON, u 18 T OW OPK.N ?The above will be void low, aa the |T omrt prie'or it rrtirmit (mm buaiaeaa ki.idy to n ord T. W. KAI, n!2 lwi,#rn ill ' hamber, street. ""' J ? | >I?C 11 IMPORTANT T< > TIP'NE WITHOUT. CHILDREN. .-nt TII08K lutereated, ai'U' te *VFT'I \V"Ua 'l' . '",1, ' .d for t e a tie o \t. M. OMOMf ALX !? Woud-rli 1 m,c Procremue e lia.r ( ordi n. rtkl. (?/**ee* adveit seme ton last column of fou thpag\ wo* 1 *?"' __ .00-1 WINES AND LIQUORS rnn QK.I.LIN*1AI I* Kilt r.lJ I Rll e o?I be ribrrw.l ittr. ' ^ III* ro renre f orn loi . eaa on vr, until ill l.'/illh,' ff-r. I.I ,1 eoill- tocl. ?l I mi VNDI- A WlNKHann I. r,. . "" bar*, in The ri"i*i?? wbii li hl? hi.n?" h maiuUined If. , i m? .y ??*' , I.ffe-a fare ehnnce to nry |iefM>n wiiliin* to. rl.i- '"P'1 . balk III the liuiiiie . Kvlly *J I'l c*iinu abould be made I hfil til in'K I* AHNAUU, JJ)(i Ann ktrnt, >( nai ' THE SOUTHERN MAIL. FROM WASHINGTON^ HE TSWS TREATY READY AT LAST. isi evening we received intelligence froru dung ton that the Texas Treaty was completed 'riday, and signed by the Secretary of Slate on part of the United States, ar.d by the two TexMiniatera on the putt of Texas. The " Madi?tn" of Friday evening also states the same ?and, further, that an toon as the document* mipanying it shall he ready, it will he commuted to the Senate by the President. It i. sut^ d that it will he aent into the Senate to-morrow. f begintj the tug of war. Wuitlnglon. fCorre?non 'ence of the Heold 1 W'asiiinoto!*, April 13, 1844. Tex mm Treaty Signed. earn from an authentic source? as I have beinfornied you?that the Texat Treaty hat been day rig tied, and may be expected before the ate next Monday or Tuesday, here is an important rumor in town, to which ru assured Hotne credit may be attached, that re ha.* been a letter received in the city front (day in which he takes ground in lavor of ens. All 1 can say of it is, that it comes Irom a rce entitled to respect. Ir. Clay's friends are now advising and ronsultas to the political expediency of his coining mgk Washington, or going around it in the rse of his voyage The more discreet advise t he should go around. hardly know what to say of Mr. Choate'a ecli to-day. It was a masterly eflort of forensic ^uence, full o{ gorgeous imagery, classic illusion, and poetical beauties lie went over an nense field of historical teminiscences, mainly wn out in answer to Senator Benton His obwas to prove that bv returning to the good old icijiles <1 early legislation we should not arrivo turiH simply for revenue, but to one eminently protection. This lie attempted to prove, as in report which 1 have already dispatched to you. 'as based upon the principle of protecting and eloping all sorts of industry. Me said that menical industry is the haudmaid and parent of ilar und even of democratic*! liberty. Arns have nlwuys been the staunchest defeni of popular rights and popular liberties. He 'dally endeavored to rescue the great men Hlfi from the opprobrious character of " ruilarv capitalists, and trading politicians"? licit had been charged upon theni by some the speakers upon the opposite side). Mr. idti; did not attempt at all to go into the details he tariff argument, but rather into the subject orienlly. lie will finish his sjieech on Monday, here U very great anxiety here as to the result he Virginia election, now soon to be held. If ioiiIiI go against the democrats, you may expect Mr. Van Buren will withdraw bis name as a Jidate for the Presidency. 1 hear this talked of by members of Congress of high standing? openly, but privately. They ure riot at all con:ed that Mr. Van Buren is available, or can y (lie party with him. it is a common remark Silas Wright would bring out a much stronger . ' than Van Buren. It in often said that no event Id possibly unite all parlies like the withdrawal dr. Van Buren. The whole party then would e upon any candidate which the Convention Ut name. Let the Baltimore Convention notni. him on the 27ih prox . and then let Mr. Van en decline standing. This would he honorable. tnanitnouH, and satisfactory all round. 1 send the expression of these opinions as part of the oty of the times. S. B. TWKNTV-EIUIITH CONGKKBH. FIRST SK8SION. Senate. Washington, April 18, 1844. tariff of '42. ti". TaI.l.maixik presented thirty-four petitions ii New York State, remonstrating against any ration of the Tariil' o( '42. [tsars. Wright and Buchanan also presented ilar memorials. lit TOT AT MKII I'll IS. Ik- Bill appropriating $100,000 tor the esiublisliit of a Navy Yard ami depot at Memphis, was lly passed, hy u vote of til to 11. CAPTAIN M'KE.NZIK. lr. Tappan's resolution came up for adoption, tug on the Secretary of the Navv for copies o| he proceedings of the Court of Kn<mity, dec., ch sat upon the trial of Commander Glided Mci/ie, of the Brig Somen. Ir. I' opposed the passage of tlie resolu, and wanted to know of Mr. Tappan what his let was in the offering of this resolution, lr. Tappan said this was the only way to spread ?e proceedings before the world. No private indual could get them. Tilts was an important 1?none ever more interesting?the public should iw all about it, and have the means of judging, said if a majority of the Senate were in favor tupfirtitina the preeeedings of the Court Mnr, he presumed they would vote against the resoon. lr. Tall.ma1)()E said he ho|>eil the resolution uld be adopted. Com. McKenzie had been Belted, and it was due both to his friends and his ?, if he hud any, that the proceedings should be Itshed for the satisfaction of all. Ir. Wright said he regreted this resolution had n uffered, hut since it had been, he should not against it. lie deprecated agitation?it would 10 good. One thing is universally agreed upon, itever error Com. McKen/ie might have been ty of in judgment, no bail intention had been uted to him in that lamentable tragedy. The inSted parties on both sides were citizens of N. k .State, and constituents ot him and his col;ue. The publication would be volumnious,und iaw no good v\ Inch would result?while mailis und garbled extracts would he made hy news Ir. ('rittknden could nee no Rood motive in pulling title document. Was it the intention Mill Iter to injure Com. McKenztel Wue there any lit id the correctness of the decision of the irt Martial -which acquitted hint! lie ahnuld constrained to vote against if. Ir. Archer said it was usual to extend the ttty ol ihe Senate to any honorable Senator ) desired to pass any resolution, and pass it. Bui would he an extraordinary extension of coMrto publish such a document as this, lie hoped Tanpun would withdraw the resolution, tr. tapi'an said these proceedings had nevet* n published in un authentic form, lie said if proceedings were published the Senate might it proper to enaet some law for the regulation of h cases when they might occur. It might be tiled best to jiass a law to bring such ruses be' a civil tribunal, lie thought it highly proper nun the resolution. Ir. Crittknukn thought the publication of this utnent could not ianlitutr any legislation u|>on subject. No law would he enacted based exsly upon this case of Com. McK f hut legislawould he batted upon broad principles. He d the Senate would not make itself the pub r of such trials, lie also hoped this ease lit not he singled out tor popular animadversion McK had answered to tne law, and that ought e satisfactory. p. Tali mauds. said there were precedents, and named ? ol lien. Bcutt, < ol Brandt, and some others. ti1b tariff. '. ' hoc s. proceeded to make his speech on this hackquestion He said It wis a thiesdbsrv subject It was il those subjects of which il ought emphatically be said ruu tilings nmi not new things. The subject had hern civ exhausted by the Senators from Maine, ( ounce , Rhode Island, (Jcorgia, Vermont, and hy his honorcolleague. lie should not undertake to treat upon the net in ail its length and breadth, and general hear Nor would he treat it as an open question to the 'Xtent which had been argued by others. |{? should in his remarks, regard this as an open question. He Id as soon undertake to defend tint sacred habeas corict, or the trial by jury, or our much loved union, aa dertake to defend the main principles of the tarllTof '4a b ho a t v proceeded to reply to Mi llenton at length, se absence he much regretted, lie should endeavor iow that the system proiioaed by Mr Benton?tboold >m xvould not raise sufficient revenue to afford that PC tin n which Mr. Benton himself approved. Mr. B. I for the protects e tariffs ol N4. T*. and '33. Yat h?> t >\v in fas oi ol abolishing all mini urns?he would luxuriei high and necessaries low, and impoeo no I alioveXni |*r cent. And If this dont protect you. Mr ft. thinks you have mistaken your vocation, and ii tail you have the satisfaction ol knowing that yon unitei (lie system under which Washington and the fathers of the country lived. in The gullcricA are crowded with ladles and gen n. ami the inrtnhcis of the House hare come in upon jor oftlie Senate. v \1r|C. proceeded to detail the history of the tariff set of I7h??, briefly thus. In April, lftfli. sdiately alter the foundation of a government,) Madison projiosed to enact a short hill of 10 lines, merely lor revenue. His object wae to a bill to rain- the most revenue in the sAorfrtl time, l"r to meet the then wants and necessities ot the emisad government Mr Madison's plan was to impose ic duties ti|xjii five or six articles which we did not torture, and then strike a horizontal duty of fl per upon all othera Mr FHcsfmmona objected ; he 1 go Itirlher, ami look after the interests of sgriculotnmnrraand manufactuies Hewantad to enumerate as, and encourage protection Thus ( ongresa had yitema tiefore them Mr Msdison ami Mr. t itzsil The one said despatch was every thing, and hia m was one exclusively lor resenue- the other udI that Madison's bill would raise the most revenue, was more important to encourage domestic mantles Mr. Madison gave way Vlr. K'ssys'rmwaa i?d Then and thus originated the first tariff' Instead ig in Hi lines it was extended to six sections; instead mug ?or fl articles, some 30 were enumerated ig.

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