Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1844 Page 3
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AaiununU. t ?kkat Histronic Triumph.?A visit to the Chatham alone can convince the public ol the sue-*slul career which the Chatham lias run for some time W past. Altogether, the results of the enterpriie ol the management must be considered a dedided triumph. This evening, however, the chef d'wuvre will be accomplished in addition to the excellence of the company, and the satisfaction given by the character of the productlms, this eveuiug Mrs. McClurc appears in the beautiful character of Jttliu, in the Hunchback This lady has already secured to herself a high rank as a most accomplished and succeaaful artiste, and this evening is aliorded an opportunity for the New York public again to he gratified hy her splendid impersonations. In addition to this, .Mademoiselle Henriette Viola appears for the second time. Enough has now been said to secure a crowded house. A glance at the cast of the lluncheback brings to v i?w the most brilliant galaxy of talent, ever devoted to the- honor ot Sheridan Knowles, the author. Among other names are those of McClure, Conner, Reynolds, Scott, Wharam, Winans and Stevens. We leel ourselves lucky in having secured seats lor the evening. American Museum.?The Giants continue to draw such houses, that the manager will give two splendid performances to-day at hall past 3 P. M. and a quarter before 8. The Ethiopians, who are re-engaged, will atineur nlsn r,.l~ --a u:- s.l^ii- ?nd Cet-itn. A richer bill hu not boon oflercd for months. 1-et the lovers of imuirment take advantage of this day's opportunity, ami go early if they with ?eat?. The Gypsey can he couiulted at all hour*. Pealk'b New Yoke Museum?Tbis place is becoming (he most popular and fashionable resort in the city. The Manager, desirous ol pleasing his fair visitors, has nt considerable expense, ami lor their especial accommodation constructed a parqurtte? the seats of which are riewly cushioned, the backs stuffed, and a place for , the elbows to rest on, so that each seat resembles an arm chair. This is a great comlort in a crowded room, more pafticulaily in waim weather The Manager?anxious to tiff nd the ladies that which, by courtesy, they are entitled to, namely, the best seats?admi t them to the pari/wltr without extra price. The gentlemen have to pay one shilling. The attractions this week are truly tremendous A Dwarf smaller than Tom Thumb, a (iianteas larger 1 than the one at the American Museum, and eight performers, including Celeste, Conovcr, Western and his wife, and all fur one shilling. Liberal Donation.?Boston baa reason to be j proud of her generous merchant*. It would be well it all understood the high object of these rich endowments oi a bountiful Providence. William Lawrence. Esq. has presented the sum of $10,000 to the (Iroton Academy fji tlie maintenance of education in that Seminary.? Rosion Mail, Jlnril 13. Those h pi end 111 Article* belonging to Mad. Sutton, LEAVING FOR EUROPE. Can be seen at Atwill'a Music Store, Broadway, this day only. All persons who intend to subscribe, are re. quested to enter their nan\es at once in the books ol the Committee or Collector, as the list, which is lust tilling up, will he taken from the Books when complete, so that those whose names are not entered on the Books, must necessarily be excluded. The articles are most costly and rare, comprising :? 1st A I.\lius. and Splendid I'aintini. in Oils, brought from Rome?The Artists' Studio. tlnd. A Si io.nn (rti.T Jcoot.eb Ci.ocx, with Music. The greatest curiosity?the juggler performs with music. 3d and lih. Two Magnificent Gilt Dresden Porcelain v asi i, representing the Belovcil and the Forsaken, with fun.' Landscapes on the other side (formerly belonging to Murut, brother-in law of Napoleon ) ' ftth. A Bkautifci. axd Oiikiinal Dksioxf.ii Smr Clock, with the iliip sails, Sic, of Ivory ; Harbour of Brest, on Copper. Also, lor Private Sale, or will be added to the above articles, should the subscribers amount to more than the limited number, a Superb Horizontal Grand Action Pianolorte, with metallic tubes, plate, 8ic ; made to order expressly for Madatne Sutton?very rich and brilliant tone. To be seen at bO Greenwich street. CCf- BRANDRETH'S PILLS ?Acrimonious Humors the Cause, and only Cause of all Vain and Distress in the iSody. ?Pain is the warning given by the nerves that there are acrimonious humors 111 the body. No man ever had an direction of the lungs out it arose from Acrimonious Humors having settled there. No man ever hail pain in the head or direction of the heart, but it was produced by the presence upon those parts of Acrimonious Humors. So with iiheuinatism?it is the Acrimonious Humors which have settled upon the membrane of the muscles. So with dysentery?the Acrimonious Humors have settled upo? the mucus membrane of the bowels, aggravated in most cases by the retention of Hard Fecal matters in those important organs There never was a pain or distress in any part ol the body (unless it was produced by an accident) that was not occasioned by the presence of Acrid Humors. It is these humors which have to be expelled, and by so doing the pain or distress is sure to be removed. To do this with certainty the Braxdrf-tii Pills must be used They are as innocent as bread,yet all powerful as the remover of the cause of sickness ; may be taken at any time of the day or night without alteration in ciet or fear of cold. Sold nt 2ft cents per box, at 341 Broadway,'174 Bowery, ls9 Uud.on St., D. D Wright, corner Houston tad Lewis sts.. Mrs. Wilkinson 412 Cherry st, J. Howe corner Rivington and Ludlow sts., N. Y. ; Mrs. Boeth, 6 Market st., Brooklyn. [From the New Orleans Picayune.J ft7- IT SLE.V18 HARDLY WORTH WHILE THAT we should add our testimony to the overwhelm ng mass that has already been procured by that inestimable Burn Specific, called " Connell's Magical Pain Extractor," but wc might us well say that'it exceeds any thing we ever eard ot for the rapid and thorough cure of the following omplainta, which have been tested in this city, viz; Burns, boalds. Erysipelas, Piles Salt Rheum, Bcrol'uIu.Chilhlains, I Frosted Parts, More Nipples, luflatned Skin, he. We recommend every family in this city, to always keep this Messing of the ago in their house The same article in this city at 21 Courtlandt street. fi^REAl) WHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENGES HAVE DONE?A letter just received from Mr. L'hamplin, of Orient, L. 1 states that Dr Sherman's Lozenges arc parforming wonders among the people, and that the demand is increasing every day In many cases where the Camphor Lozenges have been used for headache and nervous, affections they have produced immediate cures, and the Worm Lozenges have eradicated more worms than any remedy that has ever been known. He writes for a large supply, aiid states that they have never failed to give sati-il.tction. How many there are who are suffering, and who could find relief by trying these celebrated Lozenges. T are always to be had at Dr. Sherman's warehouse, 103 Nassau st, or of the l)r's agents, 227 Hudson, 183 Bowk rv; 77 East Broadway; 139 Fulton st. Brooklyn; 8 Ledger " Buildings, Philadelphia, and 8 State st. Bostou. (Zf- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in returning the public thank* for the liberal support they have received in their effort* to " suppress quackery,' b.-a leave to state that their particular attention continue* t< he directed to all disease* of a private nature, and from the great improvements lately made in the principal hospitals of Europe in the treatment of those diseases, thev can confidently oiler to persons requiring medical aid uif vantages not to tie met with in any iimtftution rutin* country, either public or private. The treatment of the College is such as to insure success in every case, and is totally different from that ucrn r ous practice ol mining tue constitution with mercury, an J inmost cases leaving a disease much worse than the original. One of the mem tier* ot the College ,lor many years connected with the principal hospitals oft urcpe, attends daily tor o consultation from 9 A.M. to b P M. Terms?Advice and medicine, $6 A cure guaranteed luroriamt to Covntrv In valid*.?Persons living in the country and not finding it convenient to attend personally, can have forwarded to them a chest containing all medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure hy stating their c isu explicitly, together with all symptoms, time ol c infraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any nd enclosing fft, post paid, addressed to W. H. RICHARDSON, Agent. 0 lieu aud Consulting rooms of tUo College, 9S Nassau ire Jt (Xf- HUMBUG AND HUM BUGGERY.?We have seen it related in some old liook, that once upon a time the Kaliii (n religious pilgrim) Uamhitiel, met one oi the disciples of Confucius, and this disciple, we believe, was named Twang, or Whang Twang Usmbabel maintained that the people require to be humbugged, and Whang Twang asseitod that we ought never to humbug any one. Now we, who are verily rrvtra, the lights and guides of the people, unflinchingly and cordially agree with honest Whang Twang, and will proclaim from the housetops, that humhuggery should ho banished iromthe world. We do, therefore heartily rejoice at having it in our power to recommend an article to the people that is nota humbug, viz. Dr. Felix Gouraud's Poudres Subfiles, which eralicates hairy excrescences from ladies'upper lips, ami superfluous hair from a hroad and elevntedfore hi a 1, moles, kc.. so nicely, so safely, and so quickly, that 110 one who needs its use should he without a bottle. Always tested before buying. To be had only at 67 Walker street, lirst store from Broadway Agents, 76 Ches ut street, Philadelphia; Jordan, 7 Milk street, Boston; Carleton, Lowell; Dyer, Providence; Green, Worcester; Cowles, Npiiugfleld; School.hoven, Albany; Gray, Poughkeepsle, kc. C9- PILES?Hay's Liniment, tr Lin's Balm of China, w,ii ranted to cure any case, or the purchase money returned in all cases, either blind or bleeding. Dkafnmi- Dr. McNair's Accoitic Oil will cure it.? Price $1 per flank Warranted. l-.-i-1 India Man Dye colors the hair any shade, from a light brown to a jet tilack, ami will not in the least Main the shin. Buy the alioveairticles only at'11 Cottrtlandl at. Ctf- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?Tht Couic Mixture, pre;>ur< d hy the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, in confidently re commended for all caaei of debility produced by secret in diligence or excess of any kind. It in an invaluable remedy tor impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depend ing on mal-formation.) Single I Kittles $1 each ; cases of half a dozen |5; carefully packed and sent to all parts orthc Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 9t Narsaustreet W. * KICIIAHDHON. Agent N. B.?A literal discount to country practitioners^ and medicine venders. (hy- STOP YOUR IIAIII FROMJFALLINO OFF, |or von will soon l>e bald. We do not say tlijs to alarm you, lie'ause there is no danger of it, If yon use the genuine Oldridge's Balm of Columbia, from 'il ('ourtlamlt street, N w York. It will positively stop the hair from falling off. and cause it to grow luxuriantly?keeping It free from dandruff or scurf, and give the hair a beautiful gloss. f&7- THE SPANISH LILY WHITE, FOR MAKINO ladies' cheeks a flue alabaster white. This Is different (o common chalk -we warrant it not to injure. Hold af the sign of the American Eagle, 82 Chatham street, and 313 Broadway, New York; I.if Fulton street, Brooklyn', e State street, Boston, and 3 Ledger Buildings, I'hilad. QQ- WHITE RED, OR Oil AY HAIR CHANGED to a dark brown or permanent Mack by the Moorish Half Dyo. Sold for 80 cents or fl a bottle, at the sign of thi American Eagle. HI Chatham street, or 313 Broadway, N \ ,; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 8 State street, Boston; 8 Le Iger Buildings, Philadelphia. fty- RHEUMATISM.-There are thousands of peo| who will not believe (bin dreadul disease cau be cun anil pay no attention to the certificate* we have repeated published Jroin gentlemen of the highest standing in tl city, and all part* of the coun'ry. We repent that the 1 dian Vegetable Elixir and Liniment, trout dl Courtlai street, Sew Vork, will ctlieany cue no matter how hi and guarantee to prove it true, by referring all who wi to those who have been cuied in thia city. If any o will be bo stubborn as not to believe fact*, w e beg leave assure them they arc the sufferers, not us. Q&- THE ITALIAN MEDIl ATED SUA? OK D Oouruud is really a great chemical discovery. Kreckh sun burns, tan, sallowiiess, and roughness ot the skin, a positively cured by a very lew applications. For tcu \ scrofula, salt rheum, sores, erysipelas, morphew, elHon cences. and in fact all skin lufiammatioiis are lrem-rul curat by using only our cake. It imparts u duliffctl softness "und delicate whiteness to harsh. chapped and d colored hands, neck and arms, or no pay received. B ware al a dangerous counterleit, and buy no where el but uf the only office 07 Walker street, lirat store FRO Broadway, or at 78 < hesnnt street, Philadelphia; J Mi atreet Boston; Tousey, Rochester; Schoonhoven, A bany; Storrs, Hudson; Cray, roughkee[Mie; Myers, Ne Haven ; E. C. Ferre, Middletown, lie , he. CO" RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE ML TL'rF.?For the permanent cure of primary or aecondai Syphilis, and all atfectiona produced by an improper u of mercury. This powerful alterative should be used 1 all persona suspecting a venereal taint in their syste from former disease. It ia warranted to remove all imp rities from the blood. Sold, in single bottles, $1 each ; cases of hall dozen, $&, carefully packed, and sent to ? parts of the Uniou. Othce of the College of Medicii and Pbarmucy, 96 Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B.?A liberal diacount to country practitioners at medicine venders 0(7- TO DRESS THE HAIR UELICIODSLY, T make it clean dark, soft, silky, and beautiful, use a thri shilling bottle of Jones's Coral Hair Restorative, that wi make it so and keep it so a long time, be its present co dition ever so bad. It is sold at the sign of the Americi Kagle. 83 Chatham street, and 3i3 Broadway, New Yor 13!) Ful'on street, Brooklyn; 9 State street, Boston; Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. 0(7- HAIR DYE, HAIR OILS, HAIR RESTORER! Hair Kradicator, Hair Pommades. Extracts for Hnudkt chief. Tooth Washes and all kinds Perfumery, at 87 Wi ker street, first store rnoM Broadway, (H7-THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SA1 HAPAR1LLA, Oentian and Sasairas, prepared by the Ne I ork College; ol Medicine nnd Pharmacy, established ti 'ho suppression of quackery. This powerful extruc -enured hv scientific nml me,licnl irw.t, teill IX....a 1 anilely superior to the mixture sold by druggists us tars pariiia, who are totally ignorant of the medicinal prop* sea oi the roots from winch they make the extract, lit t senses arising from an impure state of the hlood, such rofula, salt rheum, ulcers, chronic rheumatism, pimpl pustules on thu face or body .nodes,pains in the bones < j ints, and all complaints arising from an improper ui ot mercury,this extract will be highly beneficial. Sold tingle bottles at 76 cents eucn, cases ot hall dozen, $3 6< t * 1 dozen, $ti, carelully packed and sent to all pails nil Union. Office ot the college, ?5 Nassau r.t. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B. A liberal discount to country practitioners ar {JO- DALLEY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, T be had genuine at 07 Walker street, first store from Uroa way. The statements signed " Henry Dalley," which a; now and then appearing are not genuine The Rev. M sparry, Thomas Riley, Esq , 6th Ward Hotel, James X lisle, Esq , Wall street, and others, will certify that Hi ley's agency is at 07 Walker street. OQp- SPRING MEDICINE?Comtloe^'i Extract of fiu sapurilla, lor purifying the Blooii. Price 60 cents per lu tie, or $4 per dozen, at 21 Courtlandt street. QQ- WANTED.?A case of Salt Rheum of the most m liguaut and obstinate character, which will be cured fn ot charge. The object being to prove the efficacy of New German Remedy, by an external application onl without any inconvenience or unpleasant sensations. 1 quire at 21 Courtlandt street. 07- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S CELEBRATE TILLS, for the radical curs of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, and t mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. These pil are guaranteed to effect a permanent cure in all diseas ot the urethra, in a shorter time than any other remed ever brought before the public, without tainting tl breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinemei trom biwincss. Trice $ I per box. Office of thu Colle( ot rkarmacy and Medicine, 96 Nassau street. W. S. RICHAHDSON, Agent. N. B.? A liberal discount to country practitioners ai medicine venders. QtJ- YOU PUSILLANIMOUS SCOUNDREL, who meanness can equal yours? Look at your fair young wil with her bright, sunny, healthy face! Look at yourow; pitted with eruptions and blotches! Yet you are too me; I to give fifty cents lor a cuke of the great Italian Ckemici Soup, which would entirely free you from them.anJ mak your yellow skin clear uud healthy. (io at once and g< u cake at the sign of the American Eagle, No. 82 Cha ham street, or 13!) Fulton street. Brooklyn; 8 State (tree Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. BIONKY n AKKKT. Huntlny, April 14?II P. M. The operations in the stock market during the past wci exhibit some improvement over those of the week pi vious. The money market is not quite so easy as v have noticed for sometime past, and the wunts from t classes are daily increasing. This has created u slig] advance in the price for money. We can expect durii tho present week quite an impetus to business. Tho c nals open on Thursday, the lath inst , Immediately aft which produce will come in very abundantly. This w undoubtedly create an additional demand for mane which, if to a great extent, may carry up the rate to tl extreme legal standard. The employment of money the regular course of trade produces activity and prt purity among all classes. It creates a natural sla of things, and if carried on legitimately will improve i departments of business without running into spccul lion. Capital can always bo employed in actual busine operations in this country, profitably and safely. So loi as it is confined to the pro|>er channels, business mu gradually improve, but the moment it leaves th?.e elm nuls, and runs into speculation, an unnatural state exit which invariably results in bankruptcy and ruin. T1 low rates that have ruled for money during the pxist yes and'the great abundance of capital afloat, has beun an i ducemunt for many to enter speculations in wliatcv came up of a right nature. The result of all theoe mov ments clearly show tho policy of leaving the currency regulate itself. All the schemes of politicians, all tl measures proposed by the wisest men of both parties, ar all the Notional Banks and Hub-Treasuries in the woil could not have brought into existence a sounder, safer, o better regulated currency than we have at this m ment. This state of things has produced itself. Theev hhs generated its own remedy. The present system of banking, with all its imperfe tions, is far superior to any previous one. There appea to be in existence a controlling power over the ban ing institutions of the country superior to any th ever preceded it. That power is the w ill of the people. Public opinion lias so strongly set against any expansic of paper money?the voice ol the masses is so loud again the creation of any greater banking privileges than a already in existence, that we have great hope and faith the permanency of the present state of financial afl'airs. It seems to be impossible to get up any great speculatii movement. The sudden explosion ol those commenced evidence of the fact. This speaks volumes in favor of tl present state of the currency. The cause of thelailure all the illegitimate transactions in business can be main! attributed to the complete distribution of capital throng out the mercantile community. There cannot be centt ed sufficient capital to carry on immense speculations. Monopoly cannot exist without the means to sustain i set The tremendous speculations of 18M, 1S37 and *8 were carried out on a magnificent scale, in conseijueni of the immense amount of capital at thu command of thoi engaged in the bubble. Their resources were unlimite their credit unbounded, and they advanced to any extent The stock market presents the usual fluctuations, bi within a few days prices have been on the advance. T! sales have been to a fair extent Several fancy stocl have improved 1 itely wonderfully. Norwich and Wo cester and Harlam have risen from fifteen to fifty per ecu State stocks have dragged along rather heavily. Peni sylvania .Vs exhibit a fulling ofl of several per cent. A confidence in the action of thu Legislature ol' that State lost, and an adjournment without having passed a hill (c the relief of the public creditois would undoubtedly ru down the stock of the State to a very low point. Thet does not appear visible in the two Houses of the f'ennsy van in Legislature the slightest particle of a disposition I meet the subject ot State indebteness boldly an 1 openM hut what does appear v?ry plain, it a disposition to evad lll?* niB'C IM'iM, nll'l lO llirO obstructions in the way of every just measure promisin relief to the many anxiously waiting their movement*. Chick* ov Stock* ix the New Yon* VKiikkt. Sal. Man. Tu'y.fre'u Th'y h'r'y Sn L Msnd, . 72* >2* 72* 72* 71 72 73. Vluhawh, 57* 57* M 5* 02 63* 8' 'rUrlem, 81 63* 66* 69* 65 63 67 Pstrrson 16 76 76* 76* ? 79% tli Canton. 3t 32 38^4 31* 37* 39 10 Farmer*' Loin. 'tit 22% 3!) 39 39* 31 \2 Norwich and Wor.- 37* 3HI6 3?Ji 39* 22 2# 5'' Ohio f.'?, 91* 93* 91 9i 92* 91 <J5 lllinoia, 39* ? 39* 39* 29 20 *0 ndiana, 36* ? 36 36 ? ? ? Kentucky, IHI* Ml* 100* ton* 101* mi* jf,0 Pen nlfauiai'i, 63* 66 65* 66 * 65 * 67 66, This show* a great improvement in nearly every d scription at the close of the market. Ily the arrival of the parket ship Sheridan, we have I. verpool datesto the 14th of March. The Condon Mone Market continued very ea*y and the rate of interest ver low. The cotton markets were very inactive, prices stei ly, but not very firm. The commercial intelligence g. neraily is not unfavorable. There was so little doin in matters connected with this country, that it is impo possible to predict the tenor of further advices. EMEE9K9HS9SESSSB9E9S9E555S55SSS5E5! >le Although the ail vice* in relation to the Liver|?ol col :'d> ton market *how a very inactive state of busineaa, yet th ||k position of the staple w ill prove quite favorable. The sale In- are confined more to the trade lor consumption fh idt speculative demand was very limited. Aver.ige quantity taken by consumers, out o: Liverpool " ' for 1813 9 :8.m>0 halm "e Dn Hn 11CL1 to in favor ot !?44 t'VsoO " Stock in Liverpool, March 9th, 1943..4a9,80ti '* I>o. Jo. do 1944,.#9? 000 re Increase in Mock, compared with y last year 137,400 Taken on speculation this year .079,21-1 'y l)o. Jo. 1943 53,100 ul Is- Surplus for 1944, 300,100 bales Mt, The itock on hand is rapidly becoming reduced, com M pared with last year. This is caused hy the falling off ii 'k imports since the first of January. The decrease beiu| ? 57,974 bales. The Cotton Markets of this country will for a time ex perience considerable depression from this news, bu their recovery will be gradual and permanent. The it se suit of the year's sales will undoubtedly be more profits >y ble to the country at large than if speculations were cat ried to a great extent. The spinners of Mancheste in and Lancashire, have, probably, with the aid of Londoi dl Bunkers, succeeded in putting down prices to a level tlia meets their views, as they have since been in the marke large purchasers. A demand for consumption will tak id out of the market the large stock and do more to reduc< the supplies than all the speculation the whole capital a O K.urope could produce. This will eventually bentfi ^ prices, and the net value of the crop will no doubt read u. an amount as large as would be realised by the greates in fluctuations 'd Our local trade is rapidly improving. The liusines portion of our city exhibits gn at activity. Country mei chants are swarming into this market. The recent heav ' importations ot loreign goods and the competition tin) ,i. exists among our dry goods merchants, enable merchant from all part* to Iny in their stocks of these goods nior profitably in this than in any other city in the Union. Tin great numbers of southern and western dealers that visi this city, twice or thrice annually, have given our drj ;t goods merchants the control of this trade,which cannot h ? wrested from them,unless by the injudicious managemen " ol their own business. The rivalry existing bet ween tin ill jobbers particularly is destructive of the regular law as of trade. It leads to too great an extension of trade, to ai ^ expansion of credits, and to the usual result ot tlies se movements. It is tho first great causo of the bank in ruptcy and ruin that almost periodically overtake qj this class of the mercantile community. This tradi for the present bids fair to he very extensive. 81 far it has been conducted on sound legitimat principles. How long it will coatinue so, no one can tell O A few seasons will doubtless suffice to produce ovei d- trading. The commercial classes cannot learn by expcri r* enco. A short period of prosperity obliterates all recollec V tion of past troubles, and the same scenes are acted ove il and over without teaching those engaged a lew lesson that would be of value in after years. 81 ate of Trade. Ashes.?Pots are still very inactive. We quote $4 13 a $4 60. Pearl* rule at $4 932 a $6 The stock at the warehouse has dimiuished since Satin a- day last 399 barrels, ol wliicli 216 were pots and 193 pearl: ee STOCK AT INSPECTION WiREHOVll:, APHIL 13. a First sort Pots, bbls. 910 First sui t Pearls, bbls. 202 y, Second do do do 83 Second do do do 18 n- Third do do do 39 Third do do do 2 Condemned do do 42 Condemned do do 3 D Total, 1078 Total, 28? j] Tots libls. 1073 It. Pearls do 2870 es |, 3948 je BnKADtTfKKs?Western Flour is up to $6. All tlit nt could be bought for $4 93$, has been taken for Kngland ,e Freight 31j cents per barrel. Georgetown Flour is liel at $4 93$ a $6 Baltimore the same, lirundywine $ Wheat now ran >es from $1 06j a $1 12$. This is high, hi 1(j the article is scarce. Rye letches 70 cents. Souther Corn 54 cents. Northern 62 a 63. Oats 30 a 32. Cotton.?The snles to-day amount to alnut 2000 hnli s(! at the decline noticed yesterday. We revise our quoti ;e tions to conform : i.ivtitpooi. class trie at I on. ln' Uvlands. Mtilnlr <$ .V. O. ul Inferior tij a 7 ... bj a 7 .? Ordinary 71 n 7] ... 7 j a 71 at Middling, 7jj a 7; ... 71 u 7j lt. iMiuuuug tair ? a tq ... ? a t Fair, 84 a sj ... hj a \ < >ood fair, U a 9] ... tq a _ Fine DJ alO ... lu aluj Cotton Market. New Orleans, April 6 ?On Thursday the market wa greatly depressed, for although there was rather more n quiry than on the day before, yet the oilers were generall at such exceedingly low rates, that holders declined to at 'e cept tliein. About 3000 bales, however, changed band ill during the day, and at prices establishing a decline ol ha t, a cent on the rates current previous to the arrival of th news. In consequence of this reduction in prices, thei ig whs yesterday u more numerous attendance of buyer a. and hilly TWO bales were sold at prices not materially vi rying from those paid on Thursday, and to which we hat made our quotations as nearly n* possible. The stock i ill cotton in first hands is unusually heavy for the seasoi y. and the receipts still continue large, giving risu to ii |le creased estimates of the crop, and the existing depressiu in the market may he traced in purt to this circumstanc< In The sales of the week amount to 16,400 hales, of whic >s- 13,000 were sold during the past three days. |e new orleans classification. , [Assimilating to that ol Liverpool.] '' I.ouitianu ?$ Mitiinnjijii. 7'rnnturt 4" North Jlla. a Inferior 6 a 6 Inferior and Ord. 3 at Ordinary, 6[ a 6] Middling, 6J a 1 Middling, 7 a 7$ (iood Middling, ? a " 'ff Middling Fair, 7] a 8 Selections, 7] a S ist Fair, 8v a 0 ateiaoc lisis n. Good Fair, oj a 10 Good, 7 a " Good and Fine, 111] a Common, 6} a t ts ' * ' e Died, ir. On Saturday evening, 13th instant, Nathan Dliikpk, i n. the 47tn year of his age. Thu friends and acquaiutaMce of deceased, are yes pec ally invited to attend his lunenil on Monday, 16th inst i e- 4 o'clock. V M.,at his late residence ISO Amos st to On Sunday, ll'k Inst, in the 74th year of his age, Davi Rf.vnoi.iis, an old resident. " His friends and acquaintances are respectfully reques id ed to attenil his funeiHl from the house ot his son, No. 'J J. Bayard street, this afternoon at 4} o'clock. r On Sunday morning, 14th inst. Daniel 1) Bradford, i the 37th year of his age. , 0 The Inends of the family are invited to attend the fi i) nernl this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his late residenc in Barrow, near Hudson street Of consumption, on the Mth inst. W.m. McBriok, age c" 79 years rs His friends and acquaintances arc respectfully invite ij, 'n attend his funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from 31 Rivingstoil street, at ^ i'Mienfitrs Arrived. ,n St. Cbois?B'ig Elizi?Mr Wliee iog, child sad servant st >*r Mnrui mid I ulv; Vlr licit and ladv Key West?Schr Foam?' ait M It Picker, D Smith, r* dmith, E C.oiiunelin. D Golds-mth, M Cooper, E E Sliej ill i 1 >1 aracaiiio?Golum. schr Indepeudance?F.dwarJ Legie ? Ot France. ,,, Ciknfuooks?Schr Rel Jacket?W D Wnif Apalai ihil-oua?ling Klo'iJa?Charles L II Mather, M is Silvry. Cii ihi.eston?Ship Anton?Mr Stedinan and lady, A Stei *e _, u,...l . .. n.j. m - ii.. 1.,, of ^te-rnee I Cnani.iciToi*--Brig George?.VI i?j Bedell, and one in tf v sft"r.'>;r t> : T! .? j? . ^ - . a : r- foratgn tmi?or 1 atlona. LivKRPom.?Ship Sherd in? I peW radr.p A ItVmVeit? 'I P*t'ick fc Co?10 Septimnn 1 rtnki-l It 11 v si P k Sonic .1 Warred? I Uur/e. k "trinirr I II rnilrti k Co?1 Coina Hradley fc Co? I Hall, Brn Ii r??25 Hirv y & Slag*?4 W Miller?17 e k Co?II VV II ( r -y k ' it?6 Young St Va IP Wart ?I K'i-ha lltrriimj ? I VV B Band?I l> 8c S Wi era? ... \ pi -t n fc Onilerdonk?5 Blunt k. "tvn a?I Than her Tuc.? V ' l llrii/v l)>i in?I Lym nt'lappk Cr? 'J Win Wat'? <1 l,?wi. A terbnry, Jr k C-> ?t Wolfe k (iilleap r?I < l-y?lti k Mnctai ? 1J hn Petit k Co?1 M inning i.ii- ?ay?'I Tl.n llu'ltNCo?2 Walton, < r?w* k Co?21 Sa"d?, Sader k tint I S'. I' Hover?1 J k T Woodhead?I Thoa Jts Wood?I J k ' lumbeilaiu - 3 B II II intend?J la. P Drarnmond?IS K VP Alcock?ItO h'benezer ' t 1' -tin" re?19 I)#vid Colainofp? 21 II ! c? H Haifht V Co?4 Van Wagaiier k Tucker?I Nrott'dt i Bariiet'?2 Boardman k Hart?16II Winkl v?22 Beni A Moti r. lord?2 Paraom Cannini k Co? I J I) Wi'lhaua k ? ? Smit1', Thtirgar &Co?2 Joaeph lliaon?4 It tbbina C B'a'k burn?1 .1 de lia Clranja?I 'Irillin k Cullman?3 Jehu A n. honld?1 Jhonatoii k Burri'P?I Jam-. (liven?13 John (film ii k Co ? 2 LockliW k nibion? 21 J k .1 Stewart k '<>?1 Stew art k Brotheri?12 .lohn Andrews 11 Poult- ey k (lenkiov?3 in t* B Moo'wotid k Co?42 Bird, (iillilnn k Co?6 Otitofi-li Br thsri k Co?3 Cameron k B and?I DeRhair. k Moor# ? VV A Ca-ev fc Co- 2 V I' Wycnff? 2 llaaidton k Son - 7 N't in ainakCo?a H T Jon?? k Co? I Cork fc Car er?2 It II urn I 50 "utick k Blnnl? 4 Kraucii Jnnra k Son?1 J llln>d#i?I I rp S hunt .ii?7 Meii, l'roth?r? k Co?I Thomas .1 l r i J. 3 S Haskell?1 J Warren?II A Mitch#li k co?17 Inglii i Scott?9 n B Milfn-i It Patrirlc k ro?6 T Reynola?0 C I Lir.daley?94 T A Hal'iday?IT Mi Iward?24 iloi'fm , I* j tin on It co? 26 B Wation?<17 Tooke^JVlead km?l T B Mi ' lit e?1 Hugh n. Ward k co?1| J ItoBLun?II II tVhi'fpl! ip i) Parri"iii n?241 hdl? iron Kglistou W Naitele?92> bir? do i M 'ibfrtnan k co?2 I H Klim tr ? I 9 VV A Tii'iinp on?13 it's nam. kf K II Ja-oh?11140 bit tin idalra Ph-I|t?. 'bulge I K t-o ?49.411 a* k lidla lion I# B Vlooiw nodk en? I J Armttroii: itl too* tntl K K I "dim k i o?I pays mi r.* lohn I Urnnn ? larinrr k Unlet?1 tie t Ht?ce| ? I P. Kbi rn W II.,noil k roI Kta-iae k aon?1 C arl#i Sclienk?2 Jaa C Jar.kaon?I H in 'n Cot b an II Lpti Conk k c t?3 It N Kontirr?9 T' omi ami k t. IJ ?2 Sttrldnn Smitb ?1 A kKS llmuint?it J Sht ?ard?1, rtii-br. n I .1 R Wo r?ll k non-2 f \ k it S I .,#o, 12 (larni r k ro?1 I'rayne VV lion k Voibitmh? II Pum I trow irt?1 <1 B L Htyntp? 2 Y u ? k Smith?121 W>| m ( hail oepy k c" - 1 Alfred H in'i"?9 llenr/ Bnvle- ?5 \ (tt | Tli'in?? I .Nirb.ilai Ludlotn k co?4 J -tin H J)n\ n k n? K W IVtnberton?1 Waiah k Mallory?2 Wnrrno, ll.irt k H ly, 9*roa?I Heid k Sprncue?8 b.raiini CnmiuKi k co? k Sinit 5, Wriilit kco?3 (1 VV Onion. Km hk .1 inkiko? Brut Kllaworlh?3201) bag! c ffte J I 56 Ph pa k co?80 S T Nienlle. k Ko i t khdam?Dulrh Oa l ot Adrian?21 raikn lloorman I Jolinwin?12 cka I ha M l.?ieor?50 yi|Pi Kin J Wal ?20 ok inadditr I do tamplei Mever k aon?I iilaer or-ain'nt Ite Nirlttilii I) Y'tiin.g Obio?I cm- ribbona (- O 15 >r<j ? I br j win# K Penhtnd?I I kt libtccn l a i Will k V#vera?I I t?ni|t|pi 1>6 caaki mad '?r 7 brli iiiitoie,'? 10 baga pearl In |?y tt y order. y Domestic Importations. a- N'r* Om i.aiai?8bi" Marv rh lli|tf?12 bhda 6Hn|et fnni / H I enter k Stpta? 2H bbla lartl oil L> M Sie.plea?31 libda t.ami I I, Wtp'd?4 r al?a fea bera VV illtatni k a or ham?I 4 nhla |H,r g dtrarh int k Scott?let ?aeh? coffee ". II Morgan?'2 bale, eo e.nttinxi Hen y BmcI*'?It bblt tallow L twrence k Hicki 708 hlil? nork B girt k Keolaud?Iki bhl? |?>rk A Avettll I k co?26 dy It Bigelow?59 balea cotton llataillon k Uray t 4 b <l?a B?''l I \ 0*' w ?I rs A ^ ft?ie* & ro? 19 i' " 1 ! ?#*< Ma.?t*m k Muk r?' ? I h it ?o*r 8 T N c bull? I b<*? m il)L J , ? | e Morn so W c i h i I b y in i VV ii Vic1 <>|i 'Ugh ? V? tales \ g i ft ii<t ft b M u i ' in | i t b g ere* ?* J** it Hunt f? tfi *?| | ^!N|Kinw*W?lt h , r),| Hock k Peters?60 Ui.bjJam* !6 r?-i? * bM* f * ? 8tn I , '-Villain* fc c^?IftO eruptf hbk oalea S c f*toa i order l l.j \ \? OgLi.n ->1.^. I *> ij'-l c^k j hi1" s M K "'If ck | I 1 ? Hi*s Thomas k S. .. ? h.?2j btU h iup Mml?? v . ?tr i. U r V ? o-' Ui I k?-ic I bill Hutdlr ., Phelps k Co?I (? * ? I I' G fl.iirr? lu b?1 ? V'uu k 11 < 11?10 ba'et K I) Orb ? r- *' '?'* ! Th, *r L> do p rk I M \* d??orth 3 bale* J Randall?M air* ! H co fo.4 J ( rtn ?'ft t a'. ft L J Whi't? 14 Ms lard ft77 arte* do I j f.r 1? iiiiuw A "i H' ei k Hoppock?1 bales Su,d? % M m :0 bale* J Mv thews?24 bbls |?o?k 11 do li"l il M Mb- f 'H-4 ccs b-am J Hiniihfft'i lops irou Boormau, Jubniton k rili co?14 hbdft bacon 411 keg* lard Sp fford. IMta'ou k eg? li '?ri b ties skins L H \\ hr.e?41 Llidi bacon 40U krgs lard Herd k Rr Hopprr?40 bote* konry F M'jrGn ?4# boies oil scorns A L T I Maiclaati k co?40 t#ales col ton A Richards?'.*6 boa * tobacco B F I'i oihi'IOII. and Ntw Orleans?Brig hn?an ? II' botes cocoa(' Mor- y Ran-47 bales co'lo-i Hicka k 4? :ift Holbiouk k Nelson? 27 the I. do ft h?u p Burrirt k J0I1 sou-28 bbls po?*k Ultat k II*yt? H IftO kegs butter '7 ?>bU do ft ct?ks Kf*a*e J W tapirs? ft* caalia C l" Iuim r obart Wnli*ma?3 ca?ka ?tioupi*rt 9 bbls ha a Duck- P*t [1 worth k Heitou?687 bhl* poik 144 ohl* 1 <rd VVarin k Gregory t n ?4 c sk ? h*ra? Ift k- es 1 ?r?i 8e* on k Bell?bbla fellow 2 tea 2 Mc ? bbls b 1 J H Ma"w-l l?bl 26 < ask* lft7 empty S bbls order?10 bbl gre,??- ft6 bbls beef 7 bbls lard 20] kegs do Mc ft cask* h mi M 8 Baker 8m ;* Mobile?fthip Splendid?830 halea c tfou Colloinh k Uelin N t ?113 do J L?f-98 do Brown k Diinock?90 do 8 urijM [ t>ri ( ! * 'rmmi? 30 do A k I Mnitli ? Hit do >V S IU?ti*-280 liog-trt I H-u j. k Kueeland?2 do A G*yL rd? 6 d > W K Watson. j Th( K*y \Vk?T?Schr Foam?13 boxes (allow 9 k* arrow n' t, Hoi L I anchor cud child Blown k Die.nek?3 bids old copper, 29 tigs - pnn'utol Dtinting ton, (jam. hell k co?331 do, 70 hh is .aliow, & lol of old co' i?er K 1. M< timid. r A mi.achico a?Brig Kl oidi?139 bales cotton Ceutre k Co j ?60 do J H Talinau?37 d j Post k Pnilif s - 208 do aud 227 sticks cedar to order. t Ch ari.kstorr?Briir {if ?r???18j balei cotton 8 risks rice to t () I'ulklej ?104 bales cotton order?97 who'* 3 h It' tierc ? ncc C H D* Line?1 b??* C* II sti .g? k Co?I d > k'ish*r k 8<uton. ! marltlme herald. lalllnf) Vajra of Hi? Kuan 8hl|w ? :> pbonl LiveRrooi.. mow ,.u>iici. > Acadia, Shan on Apr. 4 May l Hiberuia, Hyrie Apr in May '8 li Wrareru, V, .tilvwa Apr 27 May 23 . Britannia, Hewitt May 4 Juue 1 M Cnteon?>a, Lotl May 19 June 10 ua r. O Britain. Hoshro Mav 25 June 20 * Notice to I'llota antl Captalnil of VrawU. ' ^ All Pilots and Captains of vemel, are rrqnrsted to note the ? f.rcl that llobert S. Martiu. formerly oar ship news collector, p isaot now in our employ. He it not, therefore, to receire any 8 uewap ,per, or reports intended for the ^ew York Herald f Kortl|(ii Licttor Bact Hereafter, Letter aud Nev. tpniwr Bam P>r all parts of the " World, will be made up at the Hkrci n (tenon. p stu|. naitari isiirt At aula. Wo shall eateein it a faror, if Captains of Vessels wiil aiv< s to Commodore Kobe-ay Siuve*. of our Newt Sleet, a lie a port of the Shipping left at the Port wiienee they sailed, llir Veaaels Spoken on their Passage,a List of their Cargo, anil e any Korrign Newspapers or News they rnav liare. He wil board them immediately on their Agents and Ccr A ' respondents, at home er abroad, will ?l?u confer a lavor by r, s trading to this Olfire all lbs Marine Intelligence they ens "v ? abtain. Naatieal Information of cay kiad will bethaskfalN 8 ...m.^i wh H POUT OK NKW VOKK, APU1L 13 j ______ ||4 V IJN RISKS 3 23 I MOON RISKS 4 " lUN 38 1 HIOH WnTKR 15 I* Q( , Arrived. i> r Packet ihip Sheridan, Depevt?er, front Lirerponl 14th March {J with mdse to K K Coili-s. Sid in co with ships trir.roni.i IV r ,e 8 N York and Satan. Drew, lor Mob;!.. I.eft < 'piiinbo. *l>r' K-<nv!es, fm Bnaion for Boatou, would leire n,t the i >?b. S?w several vest Is on the passage bound e;t * u.d\i-s?. M.reh 31, , \lf l\.?,?an a,tii .nan ... u.oul,...! -If., . .. UlP Utit forecast* and lost. Pawnl n\. r It 4' * ,d Ju, ;3 ?aw no .re Ship Ktnemld, Cathcaft. of \ H. .? .*?v4 i?r f ? J.? 4 f'aci''f Oc, ). wh? spoken 1 S, Ion >0 Wt*h w II ,lu April I I, VVm, H irV'7, YMlSPIigp* l''r*d lOdl, Rpo'*.'b 1^ <1.1 111'* ' [* Kmeralil, Hirp r. in l?i ii '"\ < n bi 5*6. bound *'ni 1 1 1 ul.?#i 10 r.n^l! * St AuVws. 13th. took pilot on boar-] at .5 ) ji, I r.h, anchjrrd oil the bar *t 12 t? in. . . r\i 0 Ship levant. Whit:li^cy, 10 days froin New Orltjiu, with | >2 cotton, to H Vlavilnud* ,, ., Ship Si?'?*ii?lid. ( r tkf-r '5 ?U>? front Mobile, with cnttor to {,0 Sttirc-si Ik UlcvinvK LHt fin- Hay 11 ro. a i n iPe hlowiin J-J11' ' I'T Jo?r.?i, p\rlr ' ro Apr 9 |if 3 <.5. In 71 J - ,'?6; ' hevalier, for H ,vn? Ln< ivtin. fori* ovidrucr; Win & J mr 'V'! U fjr PhilaA; |{ ?uy, (St) L\o??I; Mr uart*;, tb*. ' Sh'n Mary Phillips, I'm t, It days from New Orl tnj, to 'i1*. Post Ik. Phillips , . Ship Aosou, Dakemaii, Gdavs Loin Chail stou, with cotton *'1 toliantion. B'-iir Kilswnr'.k. ll?n<T, from Hi >,23d Fe\ with f -ff.e to J f. it f, Phippi 8t Co. 1.111 in, N Lnn ?* 1, h ?nnd h ?n?e: (In noke r '* St trlirik' for N 1 r < f .M >rn>-; K 11 uct v, for roast ***" ,i I of Africa* G 1 *? unr; 1 h p I . r ? ? <il I* h 21 for N S ?rk n[,1 Brut P r o K o<?. <?mv, (1 rf >.e r? ?? -r . 0) . i d tys from Cien- ' fitego*. with in-'lacri, o S ffnrd Ik TitrsVnn ,0! Biitr Fl 7.?. L<?'l?w;*%?*?!. i t d*\ * f ?nn Sr 1 i ?i* v\\ St Thomas 1 11 W?th |7i hhdi 40 pun ruin G? h -K suuar. to it IV Korrni ! **' ' li? ia ?r*o ir**. I lull 0 ways I ruin t huhsiou, wi h coitou jiiiiI 'J', ;S TiC lo Or.ttlklc'Va. Br hrit Nl41 j;i et Parker, Rider, 9 days fr in HJif?t. with fish, OH Lanne BrigPor h thm, Satiuders, 14 djtys from New Or>\i s, with V C Ion 10 n a fer nrittlliriila r rocker, 11 i\\] s from A pal at hi cold, w it h cm- er ton l?? Pus* fk Poll 1 p*. 1 '** GaPiot A^riau, ( Dutch) Boke, 50 da*, * f oin Rotterdam,w Lh \} " mdseJ Wolf. . A* Sclir llairiet Smith h. 13 dryi fnm M ?ra 1 is. wi h S0l?0 / \ eranwes .J pnmpkiin 100 homanas to P BailauJ. \/ w'i*hr October, K.d? i!?j V*0 ?i ?>s from turscoa, with '7^ ha!e? 0 a >a? ki t* IVj hush i Kvulk* & son. Left schr Wave.H rXV liui f Bm aav, c j ?schc Warn. Kow'and 9 dsys from Key West, with mdsetn ut or1 r A Kay t Ho ind tHfonjrh tlie Bay, 1 .or tf l^tt rU1f tu fm Ht Thomas fir NOrJert.s 5:h; Hrnirlie. *M same day f>t (or L" A alichin h; Iwiuona, tor Tamps H Lawrence, hurchill, co. 1. fin t T ha mas, tine 7th inst. off the Double Headed Shot \ y Keys ?aw a ship showing loin; s.Riial with white g?ound aud }l0 ied c'osj wirMi east 1 ., Srhr Denmark, Dav;s. 5 divs frcm Baltimore, with corn to ro Pti rs" ^ 1 a' si \. of if ho I# Taland. H ? 11 CichrHenry Lemuel, Lannou, 4 days from Virginia, with rea 0 |M to I P." fs go| e Hchr Red Jacket, Ferris. 18 days from Cie?fuegos( with 260 ^{) R> lihds molt?i. to K DcMtldo 1 ' Schr Siam. (Trent, It days from Lagua le Grand (Cnha) with 92hhdsaugir 18 do mo'asses. to tdowland !k A^pneatl , fy Colli bi.iuo schr Independence. .Maggiollo. 2nd >vs from Maracaibo. with 17'3 batrs c ffi*? to A Apeugurea tk co. .,|t 1, Schr J M Keinct' n. Osborn, 3da}s from iNorfclk, with indie lir j. to StQHMi bt (IcariMii* th> ,n ,wchr Dodg", Knapp, 4 days from Georgetown, with mdse to j Stuigess St Clearmau fci Lh BclOW. Ot.e ship, and ore brig unknown. Sailed. " j Ship Star Republic, Texas; brig (trorgiana, Bedell, Savannah Falconer, Upton, Moh.le. S Notice to HVarlners. The following in orm?'ion has he?*n r*e ire ' at Lloyd's : *! 11 Sicilian ('onsiilste Generil, N.ii?les keb. 17. 1 M Tin Tier or jsttv of the new miht-ry mole of Naples hav- J iwg been consideribly lengthened it b*c<>in neceisary that wl' fj mtriners ?h ud he informed 'hit it now extends as f?r as in ,'"1 H tront of the light Fohss on ha c| t mo'e, bearing N 4 deg NK (1UI 4 an'l i? ron??<|ii -ntly in the tr .ck which ve?%e|? 111 ght s e^r in j!,r c co 3 ing di e t faom the grand entrance froin Ctpn tow aids the be said hght betllr,4 n IVhalemen. c?l London Packet, How'and, Knirhaven, off <'ape de Verds Dec hai 1* 14. cleio Nov. V4. Ut 9 30 N Ion 31 W es|?erieiiced a f emei.- hat il d >u? gale of wind in wli ch she lost four boats, and had the <to Uir-e others to??*?? ?? lost bulwark?, ?aiU, Itr if a n Minerva, King ot NB, at St Jago, Ca|ie d* Verds, Feb 5, all Jl?e well, I small sp wh, I . Mt Vernon, Unveil, of NB at Cape da Verds Dec 2', e'ean, " all well?j?ad experienced a severe gale, 111 which alia lost 1 boat *'r - some rpars, Stc. n S|H?h?n. ^ Powt attun, from N.w for N.w York, April II, Ut *' JT, Ion 27?ty the KHz,. ?t llii? port. iio A 11 lefTry, fn? New Orlean.f r April 7, la'. 32 10 e Ion 7* 74? by the Spl-ndiii, at thi, port. ' ColomhiiH, pi 'Uv, C o n New Be'f ir'l, a I we'l. 7th iii,r, Ut 1 id 33 Ion 73 io?by the Oc'ober. ?t ti i, po't. * ;i Lit'le Many from t'lnled lor Cuba, 8tli imt, lit 17 72, l,>o 70 ,i ?bvtbetiiine lh' liiC.iito 22 <l,v? fji rienrneipii Cor St JoSn, NB, April 11th, S Shoal Neii'ork.t N 70 tnilm?by the l imlnii, ?t Bo,(on ?n Nli w in tit, tliyyior, tin Hio Janeiro Cor Boatoo, ,?me t m"?by Mi * the lame Aniiawhar, from New York for .MaUozu, oB the Tortn- oni K3?- . > foreign Porta. ,i! J BhkIhton, Mar G?Off port, Anna, from Bremen for New m* v York Phi Mi x. March i?Kriednch Jacob, fin N Oilran, ro llua <"<" r, por'arrieeii in (he lirer 2Jth lilt, auil wa, obliged to put to ?ea pel aitiin on ac'ount of rhe ic?. Coiik, M?r h 9?The Ka?le, from tli. Clyde. I ir New Yurk, ce, 1) b're up from Ion 27, ha?in< nierieuced e-rv bid weather. he Dk?i.. M rchfl?Ar Potomac New \ork, CorH"ll. J. On a v hi mi, March 10?Sid O.'adiatur, Brit jon. N Vork; Iler <n iu seliu. Button. ?o Hnt.1., ?1ar"h9?N'd Tiltcany, NYork. cm ie Milpord, March 6?In port, ( .iboiia, lor NYoik. mu?t ?li-k to repair <1" - I.ii ? nroor., March It?Arr Ilibernii, [ Bi ] Ji'U m., Botlop; be 12m Ida, Trent' n. M niton, i. ?mn; Sumo 'Jrev. ( ,ae ilobiU; in 1.1vim.i, Wilton, N Voik; llind m, Pr,. i i, d 11arm lui'.r * a pu -3 haul, d (Uinbrid,e. BatPiw .do: Viru e, C,'icli''' ; 'In I The 'lute t *< i * 1111. NOrle.uit; Kleanoi. icl'hi i?.>o do; W il- t h> t. Mr. Boyd do; II llnod Mitchell, Titliur. <i M'K u :oi j noil, Hal lat; Ant WiPiamt, VC tno Ii Kitio -loo- r.ic n treal; Marliot. Van han. Ni .l.,loi?- !3th ,?r, !>priut lidd, i R,y. Siva o ah; \ Mzrew. Kin ;< >. Cli .'le o ; !i;h nr. If ye r THnufe, lion' *< L, * ?.ou ; ?? '? *w, '? 'Moii.h f t. 11 e r1> r, i I vunn; Saarpiehannal., -*.? ? *eu, T' I H SVpbe * I, B ?ut I nf (I N Orleans. tt I'.itifnim flVit:*; I* ??>i? Uro >ii. fli m I'ha?: 7ih aid, S? ,ii \ri ! t. P.item m. N Yoi k ; r?rl, a I, I \rrn II ? / *n, Bachelor. Bo***/; Li hi, AI ' *i*der, jV.'bih , M*)*lmr. r? J Kraetmn. \( irl^ni^, J<iu? Ilofi, Cmbtr e, ii?>; iOth, ar Chump > try on, NOrj'-iuii. St roni mouth, March 10?Hid Eliza, N York; if b, ,1 I Milton Ik. Mobile ?. HouRAin, Dec 85?la port, Aon Maria, Millatt, f r NYork 2 k ndinc. Mt. ThoMai. M rrch 28?I p m. H -pe, Johni, from B r'">tf. iTea jiiftnr; Mv Flow?* Th mpio- , l.o T? .iia' for Poito , ii Ilico. d ?t; no, I '#< ok. fin \ etui**, ii' o month', fi*?i; ?- nnt <11 - ii i rroi? , pn* hi ?r at pidi a, (7 ? h. Ii a m !! ? .r >2 * Abu.' til, M ? tm fin ? Mind Ion].? f r !.* ? vml, * il d ? hii ? |t d i ; INev* Vnii, IVrrvttun, fin L) ?nriico for il n? 2 01 2 d Virtfivii, I* nidaM, <1? tor N r|e,iif, do; f'?iiii P?m> ?pt r- l"i ?td. f ? Ii r'-w ?'? ? tor d tl ; I imo, u, iS'ni n, \ev??, ft r do do: Vir^ii ?* tod.11. Manniq .d ? , ?>; K?ie?t. K II y 'run I* n,il t' l? 'I' hi n, nor; Kiu i?', H ?vt*n? fm New Vmk.C r I ? uri"''\, in * ?)> v ; L Si .ii: , I) ?rry, fin < reorfep w , ?l , ' fo. MtV r?r / d?j. ii 1 ; V i? 'o. Br 1 im An 1.11 >,/i t nir K mc; S hamrock, f ufuell, tDl *'o n .r t ? tin n.'vt day. Ij*Ite Porta. \ ( 1 ,f ti i.ami, Apr I i??K??t O 7.0 !e. Andrewf, IV r i'; Pi*,- ? ??> It ti-' f AfgM 1 Id 9fh (I <' '?! ' turl ff?? ri ft r ; <*? 1 t, ( 11 ii I? rland, ?'iir do; |( iijiivr Ur iv?r() il ; IVI t 11 B rimrd do; Vip Don, VtcKnuh', f)?*? * I',. fi Ko.d v'" ? do, W\t i, liich'iiond, Toledo; fi.**1 Ir, A drewa Detroit bt^ J liotn. Porta , I Huh April 8?f. Id Knltor, Oiml I up# Sid P?,. I S n tr?dg#, D ??ubt lUfiina 7 h, *r Ko.rm ,k . B si MYork. 1 ? ,r t Bk Fait, Apiil I" * X'rlirl u ol.i*,:Vlc< niuloi, U.%,t 'I I'oHiitNd A"'il 12?l.4iipe|. Bibb r. I w h.Aar Mi< Mi*?, April 7 ?Arr S.igt ialiock . Himp?onl .New 1 v r, V-k. I f.iI TwiMAiTOlt. Apr 1,8? BM Saline Knlea, NOrUunt f?'h. nr lieli ?, Vlair.e, Pilhbary, N Yoik Metallic, Him Richinotid; 7th 'I tr (1 rvo, Crockett, If York; 9 b, ar Freemtn, S;?enr, SOr4 leana. r liir, A ril II? \rr Sucan. 1'itoo. NYork. BoiTot, At ril I.I?Arr t iroliiM. K?l>eii?( NOrlpAna I?r 1 lift, off 1.00 Key, rov .Vtoomoutb, liyan, %od f Ion. Mil Ii I r bo;|? tin NOrl una for #>V; Mon?ooii, I'^yi,.-, Im -I ? b>r _ Uoctou; 2d. Ut 2 ? 39. Ion 79 40 W. t>a?ied \Vii*biiigron, Steve? % frndo for f iikrnltv; 3d,lftt2C37 IN, Ion 79 it W puiul >1 illiI nlea. [BrJ ?m do for L t>ooI Hebrew, Sbute, Mobile; Meaapn* x ? r, Smith, M.t aa< illn, 25ib ult Left Nerenv, Vimury, henri*. () <r 211, only Am. L'ertantei, I'ofta, * haiLtt oi; l/i.?ni'. Nick- (T t?oii. AleiiindriH, S kim| tor n. brig (tucpoied t h Stawmut, hoii fin llio laneir? . t Id, Leouor*. ?V1 iton, thrmiit; Anphiv, n Vl iore An *ibo. Pit; Urc'o, Allen. Port an Prinze; Tacituv. ~ " (lit of tros po.r) 1 'emormirille, of w?d for ,N fp?f rd; JiaVV M \ 'Sign. Taylor, It,11: A Pi*rkin?, < l?rk, Vlcbile; VV.n Pe.m, iff ' Pay lor, I'bilad; (fofteil*, < * lover. I unden; IViunrola, Hnlletf, ? ind Krn line, Jorda i, I'o'll ?nd; Orind Lhnd. Let unt, Nor- m?* f dk, t ity To 1 t and Kichraoiid; Lin*- aid Snow. Alextndiia; ?%o Orimman , Kellev, Albany; t inderella, Bnrge-a, NYork; My? rl?e 1 nr, Churchi'l, and Hub con, Donne, do; America rnwe I do; " } Mail, Franklin, do. 12th, ar 0?tk, Ryder; Oregon. Wincv; Per. aet rant# B'ack and lohu. Ynnor PhiM; Prra Harmon Liu ? . Norfolk; C.inbrida-, Hall. NYork. aw 1?un>Mu. April II?Air 8?i ator, Clifford Alb?o> ? Idrl-id-. l<i uin ii<>; Ilth," Mr-toyr . not .'.mtiic* .a It if !?-? idai I Birkwrl'. ' hflnr u, 8C >w nia?roHT, A , r 11 II-An Mon.auo, Klilr 'if, NYorh W in Bchr d r. Ray tr PorltKiCu Di:?i'.i\v> ji-ii ii?Arr I'aUnlR <*, Sturdiaaat, fm H rr k?hi,.K lo, Ht /oho N II I okt?moi'iii. April II?Air K.ifcIr Lawrry, Bait; I3lfi .1 jlryr.n?t. KuowlUn. do ir" lunar, i Hole. \piil 13?In port. I' i nt . Nam i. B kt'.heucr S.m*ui, Nj. ill) bit! idcf, Nickeriou. 1'obi York for . to KOTiDEitcr. April 11-Arr Marirtta Hyon. Whrl loo. N Ca , ua, Comnij-rcr Itavuor V'radtrirhaburg; Mirv. Bray Ba't; ?*! I iuinrnt. tliki, Albany; Velocity,Km th, do; Capitol, Smith ndout; At oa Mumrn, N Yolk Aid Uo-m, Rowland. Bait; rl,r oner, Nirkrraou; Pbilad ( i.tol, april 12?41,1 Klard, Haaclwn, fm Prov.dantr, of lor Breium. 'atl. Rivkk. April II-J rr Alriaudrr M. Look, Ball ; Al ?. ( ortirliua. N I ork; I H Borden, Lcwia. do pHI lit'hmono April 11?Arr I nplunt. Kobiaaoo. Boaton II ah it ?i or April ll-CId ti Brown. Myara. Liverpool; A oil, I lioiupanu.; Olire lir.ntli, Watt., Wilnnua- t|ip . N<"; L'fban, DvktMim. Antwerp. 10th, ?U Stand Aid Mull-u. L'^ul Arri'itthari e, l>'ry, .NV/rk A a v a pi n a h , April 10?CI<1 Albion, M nui. L* wool; Carlton t Aulry, Cork; 1 'avium, J.tckvju, NYark; Nancy Jta*. l*10 iih St bom >ngo v; . ?.w April 5-Arr Maryland. Ildiut. I- >>ol, On o. 1 nnlrt K Tuorntou. Hfoue, lUvrr; tfar*ti g/n id, Bailey, I'uilid; N ojdiuct "knalv, do; Ocmiia Cr?MgMo?i, . fXAHfttou. CI Clyde Uickford L^pnol; HmalUy, 1,1)1 ton; Till, Sabatr, llavam; Ortg&u. Crowell, NYork (j^ AMUSEMENTS. X PAIIK TIIKATKh. }'" Iiei Boies'4) 1 rnta?I'll i Genu?Oallery ItE Cent* ,L MONDAY EVENING, April li. 1844, The yertorr-ance will rnmmracr will) ''' H1CH AMD III. HIP Richard Mr. Booi.h he To eouclude with , SPIRIT OF I HE FOUNTAIN. wfl Lro'jiir vlr? II. Hunt ly CHATHAM THKAl'Hki. " Poxes. Zl Cei ts I Pit I2K Cenfa **!" MONDAY a.?' A|i'il O inc nuiierce with f'ln THKHIiNi IIHU K. hI) iter Walter- J >4 Sc -tt I *ir Thus Clifford--K S Canner f? , dui Whumm I Fathom Wuitus 1 Julia MnMrlllur | Helen Miaa Reynolds Tn conelud with H. HIS LAS 1' Lk GS. nn O'i'all jban Vr Mi-aaop dllTIIKIiliil OLYSIPIC TME4U.X 1 |,j! MONDAY KVK.MNii, Airl <i the ();>era of MAKK1 1UE OK FIG.xRO. V,. Figaro Mr Walcot ' An-onio ; Mr Holland I To conclude with ' a 8 THE ALPINE MAID ,i?, S.viB Mr Holland 2 _ 1 CP l INHIBITION OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS. LJ \ti0nal gallery of original paintings '?! of the odd EXHIBITION ROOM. IN CLINTON HALL. !uu Corner of Nassau and Rtekman sireels. Ill MATEUHS AND ARTI81 H ,m inlorin-d, that the (CI 'J lerv ol Painting* at Clint -n Hill ia now open from II A. r_t. to G o'clock at night. r,r later, accordion to the aeaj'hi They J I therein tiuct a choice Collection of l> e finest Paintings oil I ich haveeverad -rued any hn-npeau Gallery Artufs will at I Towed to atuily in th* h xliibition Room The public vi ill a Catalogue, which will explain all the hiatnri al auil other ?, i|Uorin* the passages of authora (roui which the aubjecta "Hi e been taken. jij|i 7*" Admittance only 25 ceiita ml7 Im'jgb sj|, JUVENILE MUSICAL KESTIVAlT f ) MUCH p'e.stir- aid ? lislactinu have Inert xnrexteil, yt-l both pnhlicly and p-iva'ely by thoae wli > atlei.d-d Mr. ilbury'a Festival last year, anil an urge- t ami r-iieated . i the aolic'tationa tint li would Rive a si ni'ar one (bit ' UK, that. ni'twitha'auJiiiR lie pleasure ol |.r ilesaional en- vvil emeota. as well an his peeut indisposition < f health lie ,y(.( a compelled to ei Kane in llie iuteregtirg task. Th'? Juve- ' '. H nteitaiiimeut, wi'l he given m the Itroillw \y Tabe-nacle, ' Wedtiea '" V Evening, the 11th ii a' c m em ing *i hof tuat lit" C'OC. i n* en w n i>e mi ?rvi'Mi t>y ui w iru? nl hive ..u udied Young Singers Tickets, 2'i cm-i*; for ^al at the and Mu?i>'. Hioiea 11;<I t tn* d or V H ?N po tpone- *'*1 J JVM K. bKADW RV a S%f** tut THE ANATOMICAL VENUS. !r"' compliance with th tinaoio out m|ii 'it ??f Ins former anriieuce, and 'oilier* who c< ulti not p? viouslv *t **nd, Dr. mil Ilea has comeiiu l to redeliver hi* court-* of Lis :ture* to I lies and Gertie men, at s per. te times. o the Meprodu* t?ve . puis in loth * sea, and the reproductive proce** in ptai t* , Auimils. On Tuesday We-'nes a \ aud Thursd y Apr I Ilia? \ i7th. and lit h, a' National Hall, Canal ?">et, a few dours J r of hroad vay Kor gentlemen, at 1% i i the ev?ninu ? , motion tO cuts a ?inttle !e!t?>re, oi*$l for t? ? cou?s* Kor i h only, 9t 2)4 in the *f'eruoonn of th- turn diva. Admit- ry i 'ib Ceii's. '?lie?e l ectures will to illustrated hv the oily Uv Ppl'te in idel rf the female form ever seen in th"? c untrv, Anatomic <1 V i ui, and by fourtec i oilier mode a, renr t?ug the peculiarities of tn* leuiale form and t1 e develo Hl? t of th*? iufant be ng at nni many , difl'? reut st*ge*f jr**| ptrfceily t ne to Nature ! besldea natnrel jr per - jj >s, Stc. >VnUein*n miy alt > ?* these every m' rniug t 10, . I every eveuing, except t'ose of 'he le 'futrs, at 7%, f r \5 *7ti? s I ndies everv aft riioou at ??? for *5 ec u: g ear nura- /V i -I wh mittti id every day and in loud in rhe-i. praises. yj( /*" (J uileineu of the press te d only give toeir ddr mi. e IV 4 i . ec ? xn: :~~r??mr 5 Pi? ?r- * ACHT ZKNOBIA.?Thii beautiful pleasure Yacht, of jt ( about fifty tons bu th n, is for sale She is a new trnoo- ,i rigged yacht, copper-fastened, we I f >umi *nd a remark ihly : : "tiler H|ie ca i b* se n ar Manhattan Island, Dry Hock lor in hour in the da'. Apply to Mr. JOHN II Yfclll, at James er It< o.'h , j''9 WatersU?#t all fh KKIfKT?rTHK NEW YOHK AND KUIK RAILROAD COMPANY?Nkw Yokk, April II 1811 ?The mmon Council hwui' decaiud by resolution, that it is noi * client thvi the City of New York sti' uld subscribe to the ?imI stock of the New Vork and Kr?o Nail road Conuany, I having dec ined to unite in the applicaft >n to the Lrg<rl<i~ e, the Directors are und-rthe necessity i f iienmg the ooks private subscript ion witho it the important aid which the operation oI tht city would have afforded. . 1 ?Viih their convic'ions as io the importau^e of the Roid,? lor i iitrr tint of capital reiuired,?and the prii cipies on vhich |>e; e the Board wen* willii g to ui?d? rtake its completion, they lid U?it ConsisteulK decline to bring forward th" question t.f 4 ity sn *'nptiou At the same time it w is frit iliat tliegr*nt ItiV pouaibility involved hi the decisi ii of that ipies ion sho 11 a pi est with them, even ii.diiectly, but be| m ed cither to tho .. mm on Council, trie Legislntnre, or lh? iipjpfe > iy the. pursued ihefiuesiiou could no rea"h the people thout the saurtiou of th common Council ?nd the autli ii- \V of the I .re. Tha' sane ion having l?eeu fused, the ..i. plicatiou to ti e Legislature v ill u<?t he m de ; a d the com- , Hon of the S-w i ork and Kne Railroad now de en.U e.,ely u (Kiii the amount that cau be churned by pi iv ate subtcrp- ' n. 0r [) Tore determining the conditions on which books of sub'iption to the caj i al sto'k are t? be opened, the Uotrd hive vICl mi 1'ad under consideration t!? p sir ion assumed m t eir ret, tint Sis Millions of i^o.lars are ueciii&ry before th? work L , h it uaed. Vlter much de ibenti'in, the Boarl continue of opinion tint i couditi us ci f the sub crififioa i ho hid re?jutrr ili.u t e wl unt to he *ubscril?ed l?<T?re the rc uin.uioii of the wotk w. >uld he suc!? as would place th' completion of the Road b irl ordinary cout?ng*i cn?, aud thev cannot sitisfy th-m- P**' es that asmal'er sum than six m.llions will cotn.dy with lilt b condition. t )l( I In- Bo^rd have not over I nked the important coo side ratio us licli induce mauv to b. Iieve t a' a smaller sum, hi conneti with tlie ot^er resoiircr s of the coinpiny would be ade- tll( vfe, but those consid-ratioui in tl e?r oji niou ire no'sufh- on nr to retnoveall reasonable doubt and no other hisis would con 'latent with tha views of the Board, the respoasih.lities their position, aud the principles on which they cousented hn Ufldf I lk ' tin in j||| n their .iiisi?tv to remove every c?rcnnisluire which mvy , re an ui fiv r hie inrtafiic-on i ew subscriptions, the Bi ard 1 re Deen constriineu to <ii*c iini i io-<we*n om auo irw ijut <k, udt at h h imy br ?ft'c ?d without pirm neut i jury, ~iiv, u the interest* of t lil *t< ekhold? rs. it ha* hem doup u; in inner ??i uU'ed iu the Coiid tion* of *u scrip* ion. Hie priority of dividend thus to be ?-ruH to tienews'ork n*de dependent 01 the ^ctl it of iudii i lual Imldcra of stock !\J >Mdy is ?ued, in ro queue* of th legal o| inio'i that ueit er , Board of irectors n'?r ih?i stockholders I*- ;.il|y c a*? ven d, "d ise-a ?h* power to make any disliurti .11 hrtwe-?u stocks in?d at <ii If Tent p-? iodn urirc <rduic? with th~*e vi wsthe following are ih - eondi- r M us und- r w hich the subscript o ' ook* are to be o:?eiiad * < ' We the undeifticred egp c ivrly subscribe lor th-number boi sh itc* I 'he I! pital Stock ?.f the N V. and K. R. K I >o oos huodr d dollars at it, MR opposite cur names sad hswby r*c t - piy t ii dolhir* en neb *har witlon twenty day? ?tft?r ''' ?tl??f i uf ot the Kooks. and th mh-equ-nt mm*)'in-ul* an **M y shall ru? b?g llv cslled f?r, " provided, In Tint b ti.i the subscription* subsequent to lit of March ,'ni ' prior to Int of ugu..t, 1H11, shall amount to the sum of fci* ' *or ilh ns o* I) liars. '2d. Trial fhe iostalme ta shall not exceed thirty th ee and I al* i third pei eriit pi t soi m l? 1 3d. lit th th* individual af ta of tl e hoi'em of t leant (hM r<-f- urlhn of he amount' f Hoc* issued prior to the !*t ? f ?o ir?'h. INI ?t ah nil be leg/til* established that dividend* when i ,M do snail b* decU?e i on t' e f dlowirnc haai? :? ('ri lat 'J h it - he ri^ht of dividend* on at leiai seventy-live p* r | J1*1 it of the old st ick n all be del rred Uutil a divideud of aix , cent vIt n.t lie oc I'red on the new nf ck l,v ' 2d. Th ?t when the net earnings shall exceed the amount n* i n*ry to piy nuch dividend t th* n-w stock, the excess shall 1 appropriated <o divideu on the old *?--ck. 2d. Th it when diviue. da so declared on old stock amount I ail per ce?it pc> a innin, the old and new stock >hil be nu' a par, arri all distinctions betweeu them shall th *re.iiier tie '' I'he Board liwa the satisfaction of believiny that thf great nation o* the completion of the ,N V and K. It l< i* now | f n e the citi/.e-'i of N w V'?rk and of the Cuir/f en infer en e.l i i(* c nistru' tion, freed of allritr ie ti? considerations, ihat j nlic attention hi* been fully drawn to the?t?ljec and th t . re prevail* thwi* gh<?nr rhe c? in -unit an appreciat.on M importance ?f ih road and a ooulideuce n i isncn-n when j mideu-d to Lik fclrie that are of Re rniat eoc ?ur-g m| cha I li UOAr l wn Rio pi V" *nn?nir miM^nrni n? mr v-it i i? rnl icii m o (Ins mihj^Ct which the U t* amount to he i i| ?rnarr? nereiinry, mi a trnat (haf fhnr ff?rr* * i!) be etfj- , ( ?rIy g*roii()fd hv uM who unit* with rhetn i ? o 1 .1 n ti nt completion t ihiN w ^--rk n..?l Kri# H ilv*in4? win rili "rrv tuo.p cr. n| renin rrifini' riiti feu?<? to y1( , will b' of gre^t and i^r-MAii^iif b-i.etit to ihe coy *nd r unU? HOKATIO ALU-;"*, P.endent ? JAMKH BHOWN, Vice President. DIRMJTOIH I). A. I'nghmtn, Chnrle* M. Loup, Harvey W?ed, K'a f W Kdm* ad?, 1 M Si I .? brown, Anton O* I h'lpa, A Theo. Dehon, M tt >fw Mo'gin, i 31 P ^pnfforcl, John< . (Jreeu, rl Win. Mat well, A 8. Divio. i ioj 15 3t rc Klijth Hitley I 1 ECONOMISTS ! OBSKIIVE ' ! 1 I ) those who wish to dhess well .?r tiie least i'd ssi hie em'esse : n I THK MPRI.NO nf tha yc.r, wan (rniUiirn throw ofT Or li?ir nrrraoa a Old rlonks, th..t vrrunl PAl'l, PRY, lb* | N, intruda. hia iui|uiaitltra't into 'h'diacr yanca <il ,(r I.ut Tnt'i wtidniKf. Thr ttkitmrn of t'i? inmi and thr wr gad at paaraorr ol lha button holaa, ilai.ota tout I IM t. I?? .a In. work?urinaria no toner wa.r ill ir trim and raah- W1 *h|a apyaatauca [t./~ Naw < lothnif brcoma, nrtually ur- lm try I | ndrr thaaa cirrnmgtancaa, lit" PR I DENT M\N rmln hi to find a Tailor In whom lha f ,11 iwing ijual.tia, ara tout I ? H? 1 ,r, t?? to alork hia aliop with gootla 1 li. i li-apt ?t ea?h plica enadly?Tai-i xt and TAaTK to alaborata a faahionabh A tout. S 'tiirdly? to fitayarv ahapa. * imrtlily?Itpi'.Titv it>.. and MonrnaTint ir I . i.tit : to tb.l ill'* purr* i thoughthay aatiali bun) to tr- -j bluing. luaurinua Uilor of Hro ulwar would ba l omidar. il n? all | o.nihility of rrrau'ii ration, ; k 'haaa in.ilihcitior a ara all rotnbniril at and in thr F.?ln"n ind aniiiniiiicaJ < aah Pailoring r.ttatih.liinrut, iii Wi! n itrart, thrif donta wr?' of Kmti.n i UKNKHAI. SCAI.K OK PRICK.H Dr aafoata, from $ I to $20 I .. Pasta, Cawiwr* d > '?to 4 I Vaata do 2 to I I MAKI.Nti ANU TKIMUINO V; Drfaa Ooata, limn . . $* fo *t , Pant', do I ,0 to 2 r _VtUU, do ' I Ml to 2 S /" A Huit ol Clo b'a m.ib-, it r.,".rrd, in torn \ -.t ? ita. I i b I.ARKK, Propriato', iy it* c Ut * 111 lam ?tr?at | Jk rtL PART OK A Hli1.dK. \V AN TKD- \ put ... , !1 ! Dwalliug Hou.H, I .mpr.aing aboil- tao i *rl- ia on t U ULlwx tloor i d iw o ihf.I rtouit ..Kita. will. ha.. I or kn hrn. la a I hn-iaa, alnulil ? loratr I i . a | l t naifhhortioo I. within fi'Jaan or lw nty -ninntra ? vh i ''?ik Po w i mi on or belore .1.- I?t ol May. Aurini I1 faloeity' at >o 2 Aator Houaa, (iring ??eri|,tinn of prrm I , rant and loc ton. tWIt'ed *? V THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Waablniiloii. + l< orrr>|iuiift?iicc ol th? Herald J Wamiingtos, A|inl 13, 1844 I h"P' m the coutse of thirdly to obtain an au ntic statement of the term* of the nrw Texas aty?1 have not hern able at this hour (12 M.) send you any terms on which you can rely? hough it would be easy for me to send you the nors in circulation us truth Jne thing I can state as /act, that the treaty has n formed on the most liberal and conciliatory topics towards all parties. It will prove to be - ~ ... ? iciun auu lonuiUOUa as nature ol the ease will possibly admit, mother import tint /act which I can stair on auritv is, that the day the treaty goes before the iate, tl(? (Hole trill come out decidedly, boldly unci >ni{ty in favor of annexation. It would have it* so some weeks ago had not Mr. Blair been abled Iroin writing by his sickness. He was ined on board the l'rinceton in his head?or rather ; drum of his ear?and fears are entertained that : I.earing m..y he permanently injured. His id has been much swollen, and suppuration has .en place iwo or three limes. But although Mr. ves does riot labor much in the editorial depart nt, yet it Mr. Blair should be unable to write, will take hold ot the peu editorial, and go the lole figure for Texas. Indeed, from the liberaliaiul expansion of Mr. hives' views, 1 would not surprised il he were willing in extend the diflert feathers of his wings not only over Texan, but 0 over Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, North and South America, and some of his tail ithera even over Ireland. 1 have it on very good authority thai lion Dixon Lewis will succeed Senator King Yet, 1 see t how it can be well ascertained at this early y, before Gov. h'itzpatrick can poseihly have been ard from. Ichit A Morrill, lisrj., one of your well-known w Yoik lawyers ha? arrived in town. He is his way to the Hon. It. M L Hunter's,to make pencil at aome Virginia political meeting. Hn nes any knowledge of being appoiuted to uuc>d Mr. Hoffman. get tired and sick of contradicting the fabricate of Washington letter-writers?one of which liHt the names of Alderman Shaler, and others, ,-e been sent in to the Senate foi different offices New \ork. The statements rn-o n<o tm? 1*. M ?I hear all aorta of ''(inflicting rumors itive to tlu- terms of the Texas treaty. They y convince me that nothing iH correctly known litis hour. Hut I have seen those who have prosed nte thi.-t evening an outline of the treaty on ihority. I hope, therefore, you will suppress all e rumors that may be sent to you from irrespon|e and hottile sources. v'o further New York appointments have been sent in, besides that ol Charles <i. Ferris, Qolt?r. hit on Monday next, William Shaler's name I he sent in as Navy Agent, and either (Jenerai L'tilarius, or Mr. Atwood, as Marshall. will further state on authority, that Mr. C&lin has not attempted to exert aliy influence at in the matter o| Senator King's appointment,* or t other appointments?nor will he do go in any me rates lie came hete to negotiate the two sties?Oregon and Texas?and will take no part my other matter pertaining to the political aduistrationof the (ioverumenl. now ascertain for some reason or other, the aty will not be sent in to the Senate till towards 1 middle of next week Inotiikr Fact ?The President wished Mr. King retain Mr. Ledynrd?continue hnn?as Secretaol Legation at France f to defend Ins lather-inv Gen Cass, 1 suppose] ?but Mr King wished have Dr Martin, a good Democrat fiom Virgti, and a smart, active, well-bred, well educated ntleman, appointed in the place of Mr. I.edyard. le President objected. Mr. King replied that he d not yet resigned Ins place in the Senate. Yfie etidrnl has sent in to the Senate the name of l)r. irtin at Secretary of legation to France. 1 Since wnting the above, I have heard mntradicted on responsible authority. It is said it King absolutely refused that appointment hee Ctilliouu came. * ? T\VK.\TY-K.1UIITU CONG ILK**. FIRST SESSION. House of Representatives. Washington, April 13th. 1844. the army bit.!,. VIr. Steknroh called on the Secretary of War copies of all the contracts relative to the Cuinrlaud lfoad. \ call was made on the .Secretary of State to before the House copies of all the documents alive lo the proceedings of Commodore Perry the Cwast ot Africa. Flie House then went into Committee of the hole, by a vote of IK) to 57. Mr. Wki.ler in the air. They then took up the Army Bill. This is the usual Bill reported by the Committee Waysand Means, making the annual appropriams lor the support of the army. It contains an grespite appropriation ol about #3,000,000,or half million less than lust year's Bill, liy the Bill to reduce the pay of the Army, ucli passed the House a short time since, and is sent in to thi Senate?the above Bill?orexnseg of the Army, lire cut down about #400,000 ire ; and the committee debuted us to whether ;y shall cut down this Army Approptiation Bill, the standard of the Bill recently passed to reduce ? pay of the Army, or wait the Senate's action the Retrenchment Bill. Two or three have already spoken on it; hut ve said nothing on the ipiesiion, und only make serable parly speeches. Half Pa-t Two ?The mail is dosing, but the ration will probably not he taken to-day. Om r. Crotos Arukdcit Boaru ) I'.th IM>. i OTH'K TO V/ATKR TAKERS -Wen u*?rt mm' qu red t?? abstain from the use of the m!r^<rt * athers *tt cbI ih ir >rr*?. e pipe for the f rtu khi endo g SO h A ril, au ' ilif r*m'|ifr dot tin e to h?* ve. y rnrc ul 11* using im in ?r? trr than is absolutely nece *?ry ; aid litileut generally ?re lueste to *id tr? a dep rt ent i pr? venting i"e nnnocm ?y ,*te of water f in the iivdaut* now i u.e, * the supply tli crdinar) ai d e*tr it in ry fof the city for lie n< it lourday* will Ir in rh?* water how in tie rtervoirs, 'he ter being hut off n?i the v* hole linr of the ijueduci, in wile th- ei girie'M, M ??r? Jarfia a d Waatie, u> make their ni'pi nuii x itnuia ion of ? n t? rior, with su< It repair* as ,y he found i ei m i*r . Subjoined is so fit art froin an ordiire piaae't the <\inmon Couoc.l, winch will b* rigidly eneeiJ ; I. No person or tenons, except the Mayor,Aldermu or At taul <f ill re jwr t ve w irds, shall w ith< ut previous permts 4 in writiug front t'-e ( rntoii Aqueduct Boird unarrew or i?li r???y hydrant* belonging or atUrl ed to the ( rotou Aqae ft WorVt, emting f. r the eituiguisnvneQt of Area except rase of fi e in the neighho hood, nor shall leave slid fire h> nit open for a longer time than shell b"* litr ited in sud p rs?ion nor sh II me the watei for other 1 u '|M>*ei than may menti ned 111 hai permission undrr the penalty of><: do'l ir> f r each offence By older at ihe Cmrnn ^ ., teJnr' H ?t<J, ill I WIG )AM?.S A. I ()! KIN, IV. ilcnt !IEACON CO!JRSE?TROTnifO. \ fiir-i* "I f." wil lie * I?HI to com. uff mi Monday, A|>iil I I wo Mil- (I in in tl rue.., lor Hor e* flint nrVrr w o a pur.'1 Ki.t u? In lie made . ' Sin lli'a. 31 l'?rk Row, on ni l*y f i'ii i.k Ai ril lilh, by 9 o'clock. I 11r.? <>r in > ? in mt i i iicr a)3 3l*rc I'FOI'LF'S USK OF STF. A MHO A TS FOR ALBANY. Mf| DAILY, eireionl?Through Di r-r?tV^reel. at 7 P M., from th* Sii-imb it rim brkaJKjLtitn'ii Cnnrtlandi mill Liberty ?tr?*ti Hi* atexmboat KIV|C KKHBCH'K KK, Captain A P 8t tin, Mnud y, WedneaOxy and Kridav, at 7. I tie M*"ni ioat KoCIIKSTKK ( apuiu A Houghton, on !** <* , Tliura lav and Saturday r'.vuiega, at 7. \t Ki?e o'clock P VI I nidi 'R ! Interned it* I'lar**: ? l'h* Steamboat CURTIS I'M K (apttin Win. 11. r?*k. inlay. Wednerday. Kridav and Sunday, at J P M Ilia Sbeninboat MIH'lll AMKKd A, I at'tatn 11. (1, uilendrii, Tueidav Thnradiy and Saturday at 1 P. M 'a?a*ng*r* taking tli ?lin*of boat* will amy* iu Altiany in iMeliin* to uk* tli* Mnriiiiig Train or Car* for th*?aat or at. I /"'The abov* Boataar* n* r aod luhaUntial. ar* furnished th new and eiegiut Stafr K?om? mu for apead and irron idatui't ar* iin.ivall* I on th* llndaua Kor iwaaig* or fr*ight ayidy on board, ar to P. C. Hehnlti at " olfi**on tli* wharf 111 SK.W YORK, ALBANY AND TROV STKAMBOAT LINK. ^ya KOR ALBANY A NII TROY-Morr lac "7y. Jt I in* ir m tk* foot ol Barclay itr**t, landing L?JBLJL'' inteijnedixi* place*. i I*. < *nii*i I'KOY.t aptaiu A. (iothatn, Tnrtdny moraiag J o'clock. I'll* at* me* TROY, Captain A Oorltam, Thnriday m ?rn11 7 o'clock K.toi iuK L ii* from tl.* tool of C,< urtl >ndt street, dirrrt. I li* ai*?miioa' SWALLOW, Optatn A McLean, Monday mug, at 7 o'tlork. li* itiamrr ALBANY. Cat tain R. B. Macy, Torrow evening, at 7 o'clock. !'h* Boat* ol ihta I,in*, owing to their lifht dmngnt of wiar* abl* at all tim'a to pan th* bar*, and r*?rh Albany I I rny in am|d* tun* to tak* th* morning train of cara for frlBf wr We?t. or piinr or freight apply on board, or at th* office* on tli* *rv*? atlr* ALBANY It AY LINK VQ MiI KllK ALBANY and I, i*rm*diat* Landnikf i I ir new and ?UOiw)lt " m aMKRICA. ( attain M.H IrrteaI will l*,?* th* fool ol Bir lay ?tr**l norili aid*, on VV*dday morning,Ami 17th, at 7 o rlork aljrc I'Oin 1'iiLhNK KK.MALh PILLS. 'IIKSK far famwl and eelehratrd PtHa, "om Portugal, art we eee* in be BhtAiiKNi * tbis M'WitN nt n? ?!? ' ?? e???tiu?e W4I

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