Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1844 Page 3
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I . Paicasroa Tobacco AT New Oacr-Aia*. Jvbu. 1, 'it. Oct 18, '40 Oct. I, '41. N?r I, '12. Nov.*. '4 litquAl. 11 alt Tfcattg 8 >9 4X*4>? 4V a 4 m J".. " R 12 SH*7>t 6 *?* 3**4* 3V*4 W Crou d, 7?alu Mini ?X?i "*a2U 8**3 U*l'. 8Hfa9X? hTX 4* a 8 4 ?3H J *1 Cuba. 24 a Ju 21 a 91) 24 a JO 21 b'JO 24 a 30 Wesreh'-rca tremendous decline in about Ave j ear The crop baa not varied so materially aa pricea. Crop or luaieco imiii: L'sitku SurtatoaTts Ym 1833. hlida. 133,4117 1877, liliJa. 1*4.* 1831, do 11(4,911 1838, do 124.7 1811, do 18il>, do 98 71 1814, do 117.941 1810, do 149.31 1818, do 136,802 1811, do 181,'I It will be obaarved that the la?t period of high pricua wi a short crop year, but still the value far exceed* that i previoua season*. The yield of 1841 wai larger than fc any preceding year. Thia wa* more than an average ere in quality aa well aa in quantity. About one half of tf tobacco crop of the United fetatee ia at thU time product w r.-,i ui iu? mountain*, roe duik oi wtiicn pu**eB uv~? - Western rivers te New Orleans. St. Louis and Louisvil must in a few years become great depots for this articl Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, and in fact all the Wcstei States are rapidly increasing the production of this stap! The different powers oi Europe have late y devoted a goc deal of atteniion to the duties on this 8xjx>rt from th country. Oar government has within two years past de patched two agents for the express purpose of travellin through Europe and obtaining all the information nccess ry to govern us in forming treaties with those nations. I Great Britain, the tobacco trode has lately been a subjet _ of much discussion. Mr. Hume, in the House of Con mons, on the 11th of March, moved that a committee h apimlnted to examine into the present condition of th tr.tde, and to inquire what effects have been produced b the changes in the law relating to it, and to report whi mav be advisable to promote the trade, which was agree to. The liauks of South Carolina have again made the monthly report. It presents a slight contraction < credits, circulation and deposits : Banks or South Carolina. Jiprtl 1 March. I. Loam. Specie Loons Sped R.uik of thy S'ati", 960,843 312,391 931,608 296,21 Brji'di at i nluiub a, 897 911(1 3.13) 810,950 3,1 l)o Cam Jen, 393 930 966 4fti,902 .3 8 utliw tern It K, 965,738 69 596 473,577 183,8 Planters' Si M. chin's, 1,012 434 131,215 956,403 134,1 Union Bank, 611,435 134,217 688.471 134.7 Stat- Bank 468.193 138,266 479.528 130,8 Ba,;8i)tS. C. 591 572 135.533 560.511 101,8 C'ir. Dep. Cir De j B oik f the Stats, 1,101 090 536,319 1,802,551 481,9 B,a- oh .t Cdamhia. ? ? ? 101,3 Hi C imd?m, ? 44,064 ? 47,0 Sou ill v. r I It It, 450,660 500,103 453,475 528,9 Planters' Si Median's, 389,554 302,919 35 ',310 262,9 I niini Bank, 41 611 219 214 22,362 198,7 Stan- B nk, 211.857 2 32,257 199,7b7 206 9 U.i ,k uf S. C, 1 7,025 263,851 I03.7G5 252.2 Jan. Feb. March. Jlpril L'.tm, 4,072,4*4 4,171,014 5,421,100 4, 01,549', 71 ,236 709,304 931,717 980.138 ? i cul tion, 1,898.706 1,902.0*1 2,325 428 2.213,220 U.'positrj, 1,180,258 1,672,539 2,250.522 2,080 112 These comparative return* shows a very great reguln ity. The slight fluctuations noticed are caused entire ! by the variations of trade. The Bank of South Carulii , appears to be conducted, judging from the monthly rcturi , ?on sound principles, which, if adhered to, will do mo ' to improve trade and make mercantile transactions pt niancnt, than any thing else could. The circulation of specie throughout the country very large and rapidly increasing. It is last becomii the principal circulating medium and the basis o f the | per money afloat. This seems to equalize the value mouuy in different section" of the Union :? CoirSAur. or thk Bhanch Mint at New Orleans. In 1843? Jiui'y, $14,000 Gold, $918,0 Feb. 641,000 Silver, 149,0 March, 600 000 $1,065,000 $1,064,0 In 1844- Jan'y $'268,000 Gold $1,248.0 Feb 276,000 Silver, 330,0 March, 1,044,000 $1,678,000 $1,678,(1 Kxcess of the 1st quaiter of 1841 over the same of 18* $613,000. Old Stock Eiehnnge. $3090 N Y State7'? 1849 107J4 262 do 41 7600 N Y State 5's 1851 106 ^ 50 do 41 1400 do 1858 lliOtj 50 do b30 41 I'Hino N Y City 5's 1878 99 5'? do 4 1000 fill's Spc'l CondB 4\ii 150 do 4 1 |*H:0 do 42 80 Canton Co 4 8.70-1 Alalnma Fives .44 1350 do 4 3J000 Ohio6's I860 1)60 96 25 do 1)15 4 r noo do I* 9SVf 1.40 do 4 foot do bl5 96 1a 50 I'aters.m RR 8 2000 do blO 90% 100 liarlem RR 7 201)0 do SW^ 100 do 7 "Ddll Ken ucky 6's 102,*4 600 do 7 7i>0i) do MO 103 25J Long Island ItR 7 5010 <lj I16O 101 100 do 7' If,00 do Ifl'Js 50 do 7 111,11 do Hl->? 200 do 7 81 0 do long bonds ion 100 do tw 7 6001 Penu'ii Fives 6444 JO do b30 7 5000 do 61J4 25 Nor 81 Wor RR 5 12000 do 6J 25 do 5: 15000 do blO 65 100 do 5 Ii'Msi do tw 65 25 do 5 1 3"'00i |rdii.-a Bonds 30 36 do 5 37 shas IS Am Co MX 125 do 5 50 do blO 14X >60 dj 5 125 Illinois Bank 10 25 do 5 |!1 do 20 675 do 5 56 Vicks' nrg Bank t30 10 25 Moh.iwk RR G 150 Ktime/'a Trait 42)4 50 do 6 ll'O do nw 42 J, 25 do blO 6 110 do b|5 I 244 100 Sloningtou RR 4 50 do b30 42X 150 do 4 110 Syra'e & Utica RR 11 (lew Stock dUxcnaii&e S1000 Ohio 6's I860 061' 40 Mohawk 6 104-0 do ew fl6.'i 50 do btw 6 94000 Kentucky l'? 30 ys 102)1 150 Long Island RR 7 li 00 do bio !02>, 25 do btw 7' 101.1 K-n 5*4 pay NY blO 9"X 75 do b3 7 150 sh* Farmcs Loan 42 50 do bl T 25 Vickii-Htg 10V 50 rafrson b3 8 100 do btw 104n 100 do 8 75 do lofa 25 S.onitifttou 4 50 do 1044 25n Htrlem 7 50 Canton 44 100 do btw 7 100 do 44,4a 75 Norwich St W01 51 75 do 45 25 do 5 125 d? 4544 50 do stw 5 50 d> btw 454i 50 do tw 5 ? 50 do s3 45*s 25 do M 25 do blO 45 X 50 do btw 51 25 do b3 45)4 50 do b3 5 50 Mohawk 64)4 175 do btw 5 5'i do 65 25 do 51 State or Trade. Asiies?Pets continue very inactive at our former qi tatious. t'earla arc .slightly falling off. We now qu< $4 93J a $5. Beeswax?Primo yellow aella aa faat as it arrives, I export, at 30) a 301c. t 'otto.x?The rales to-day amount to about 2500 bal< at the prices of Saturday. The foreign intelligence dc not appear to have had any effect on our market. Corns:?This market is rather heavy. We noti small salvs of 8t. Domingo at 51 a 5Jc; Laguayra. 7) a I, 6] a7J; Cuba, 0J a7j; Mararaibo, 7Jc. The sal are CMiiiined to the trade. Coal?The stock in first hands is very small. The SI ridan, just arrived, has a small lot on hoard. We que small sales of Liverpool orrel at $8 35 a $8 50. New C tie $7 76 Flock aid Giiaiix?Western Flour i.4 up an eighth Saks cannot now he made under $5 13j This is anott attempt to Irolster prices while there is a temporary sm supply in the city. We continue to receive advices fri the west of large supphes coming forward It is suppi i-1 that at St. Josephs, in Western Michigan, not less th 70,000 barrels of fionr, and 60,000 bushels of wheat, w he ready for shipment by the first of May. If we es mate the barrels of flour ut five bushels, we then shi ship 410,000 bushels oi wheat, which, when in New Y01 at the now market prices, will bring $413,000 and 1 waids. Uav?The receipts down the river are increasing. \ now quote fair qualities at 40c; prime will command 4: There is a fair shipping demand Provisions?Pork remains very dull. We quote m< at $0 371; Prime $7 124 a 7 25. Beef remains very ini tivc; country prime sells in small lots at $3 871 a $4; in' -s it *3 a "iO; city prime $4 23 a 4 50; do mess 2 mi 6 50. Laid is i.ither dull, but prices are firm at 6c ( lii-> * n held a' ij 117c. Rn ? '.V0 notice sales ordinary to fair at fu 70 a $2 (food to prime $3 a 3 124. Halt?Ashton's quickly commands $1 A3). There very little in first hands VYiiali.bowe?South Sea sell* at 35c, and North Wi at Mb 3Vhi?ki y?Drudge casks are in very limited demand 23 'r. W e quote prison barrels dull at 24^ a 25c. Real Fa tat v.?The following sales were made by ai tion :? Lot in VTnngin street, 75 feet from 9 E corner of Kivington at i out, 21 by 100 loot $M No 146 Spring street corner of Laurens at 31 No. 149 Spring street 3f No. 100 Spring atrcet 3,3 [ Pne above lit feet on Spring an.l 65 feet on L mrens at ] Suit of property belonging to the city <>l New York No.38 i hatham atreet, 25 bv ilSi feet, leased till May I, 1848, with covenant of rt newsi, at rent to he determined by appt uisera; $400 ground rent per aunnm reserved $9,( No Hi' hathani atreet, corner of Duane atrcet, 36 by 95J feet. Leased till May 1, 1847, and c.ovinaat as above. Bent $375 11,5 Corner of Beaver atreet and Hanover, 9ft| feet on former; 6 feet lOon latter. Other sides 19 and <tj feet. Leased till May 1, l?46. Kent reserved $41)0. No covenants 30,1 Eight lota on Madison avenue, the whole front between 31st and 32d streets; each lot 24 feet 8j Inches, by 96 feet. $610 each 4,f Eight lota on Madison avenue, between 32d and 33d streets; same dimensions as above. $560 eacn 4,' Seven lots on Kllth avenue, commencing corner of 31st street, same front as above by 100 feet deep. $1025 each 7j Lot adjoining corner 7th avenue and 32d atreet, same dimensions l(l Lot on oppoaite coraer 32d street, same dimensions 1,< Three lots adjoining, same si/.e, $876 each 2,t Three lots adjoining, some sue, $825 each 23 Co "net 33d street, same size I Tinv. ;'.i i' lot on 6th avenue nej:t to the corner ;;i i -front, 41,J feet fiout 75 feet one side, f>2? the o'her f I.of adjoining, 24 feet 8} in front; 62 j feet oneside Ha) the oilier f I . ii lou adjoining, 24 ft et 8j inches by 100 feet, $I09S each 4,1 Cm ti r 32 1 street, same sue 1,1 Sixteen loia on Madison avenue, whole front 3lst to 32d street, $600 each. Sim as above 9,< Lot corner Fourth avenue and 32d street, same size. I Threa lots on Fourth avenue, adjoining, saina six* s $770 each .7.. . .. 2 810 do ilo $730 each 2 '?? Cattlk Market.?At maiket 760 beef cattle (3-?0sonth^ em), 86 Cows and Calves, and 300 sheep. I'noes?Bref Cattle aie a little cheaper, and wo reduce s. (|uotationa to $6 a 5 76 to *? ?? 60 lor good cattle, with aonie extra at $7; 360 unsold; 40 taken for Bermuda. Cowi and Calve*?An iinpiovement of $3 to $4, and w? " quote $17 a $28 .\ lipoid. Sheep?The lew offering were all taken at $3 a $tf, as jl ' The number of Hoga killed in Cincinnati, during the j, last winter, was 100.133 The whule number ol hog* packed there during tlie same time was, in round numbers, 040,000?10,000 less than were packed there the pre3 vious winter. >r Coal Trade. 1 The business is gradually increasing, but thejrmand ie continues limited. ;d We have received no returns of the quantity shipped to by Canal, from Schuylkill Haven; the quantity however, . so far is small, not exceeding 3000 tons lv Itufaivo.l hv Tluilr..u.t e" " Canal 70,330 " e Aggregate 182,677 ton* We presume the above statement to hit correct; we >(1 made it from the returni published in the Pottsville Jouris nnl They are not very clearly given in that paper for a s. distant reader. All may be clear enough, however, to ^ those living near the mines. a- Foreign markets. ? Havana, April ft ?We are in the midst of the Holiday's, and nothing is doing in the way of business. The last sale of Itice was 'Jj is. to retailers; a cargo is just in from a Savannah, unsold, and sevetal parcels liom lour cargoes ? remain unsold. Coffee 4} a 6; Sugar, box, brown 3} a 6 rs ; White 0 a 81 ie Ouatama, P. if , March 26.?Tha market is well supy plied with American provisions. Sugars commanding 4t from to $4 cwt. Molasses $13 100 gallons, without id CMk- _ Died. ir On Thursday morning, 11th Inst. Mr. Joseph Gill, a 0f native of Sheffield, Eng., in the 31st year of bis age Mr Gill was asaw maker ny trade, and for several years a respectable resident of this city. On Monday, 13th inst. Mr C. Bishop, in the 46th yearofhiN age. jig His remains will he taken this morning to Mamaroneck, uo Westchester county, for interment. At Philadelphia, on the 10th instant, at his father's resi1" deuce, John P. Anode, in his 23th year, late of New Vork. 711 j1,' Weekly Report of Interments 43 In the City and County ot iMew York, from the 6th rtav nl ' Ai>ril to the I3'h day ol A-r.I, 1844 10 41 Men ; 38 Women , 37 Boys ; 38 Girls. Total 131 ?? diseases. J.7. Apoplexv, 1; Blee-J ing, 2; Ca cer, 3; Casualties, 3; Colic 1 Consumption, 21; Convulsions. 3: Croup 7; Delirium "Pre "i mens. 1; Dropsy, I; Dropsy in the head, 13; Drowned, 4; i . J arihuei. I; Epil-I?y, I: bever, 3; do puerperal, 3; do scarlet, 6 do typhoid, 3; D-s-a-.e .f Heart, 4s Hooping cough, 3; In Hainir.aiiou 2; lull unman >u of bladder, I; Inflammation ol brain, 3; do of bowel., 4; do of chest, 2; do of kidneys, I of tunas, 16; do of stomach, ; do of threat. 1; Mslfnrin ttinn I: Marasmus, 3: Mensles I; OM Ace, 3; false, i; 1'reinattin hirh, lUieumatom I; Spinal Disease, 1; Sprue 2; Suicide 1; Teething, I; Tetanus, 1, Uukuown 3. II- AOS. Under 1 year, 33; 1 to 2, 13; 3 to 3, 13; 5 to 10, 7; 10 to 20, 2 ly 20 to 30,11; 30 to 40, 2' ; 40 to 50, 9; 50 to 60, 7; 60 to 70, 9;70 t? la 80. 3; 80 to !IU. 3. "s Pnucngeri Arrived. re Afalachicola? Ship Huron?Mr Boyle Foreign Importations. is Canton ? B t'q it Rouali'son?7 8 chest souchong 998 hf di 413 rru ratty box-ai do .61 hf cnest potfhoug 10 chest or tug s pe co 100 hi do do 300 Irn catty box s do 57 chrsts young hysou >a- 122" I ull ' bests uo do 11 1) theme to.ku GO cheats In son 40 lit <li 15 chests In soil tkiu 4 i hf chests gUIIOOwdsr 50 tru c Ul" hxr Hi 01 5 li e do 50 canister do 30 h' cheats imperial 0 ten r*ttv bx ?'< fixe do five cinis'er d* 500 ' x* g no r 1000 ! is fir* r after 310! mats casta Gordon & Tallin?159 rhests souchong 411 hf Hi 100 bits d > 4 clie t? Pouctmn'r 206 hall' do 100 hf ch s't mug' 00 p*ccn 00 hxari>887 half cherts voui g hyson 25 c osts hy nt ,.(i 50 i f d i 61 chests hyson ik n 39 ha'f cheit- mnpowdrr '>0 t?> cat.' bxxdo50 fivr do 50 eauister do4i h-lf lifts mpenal 5' tan ea' v b xee do 50 fivr do 59 canister do GO bxes do i albot ? Olvphant Sc co. 00 marseille.!?Swdixh Barqua Hopbia? 3 balaa mil7. hailn ? It (T?40 crsks d" Vietor 8t Ducku itz?Go hairs cork 2t haK)0 kets oil 31 hags almonds 50 do '?alnnc? J M icii-l?G''ol a c r ^ 1 case ind7.29 boxes do 1' A B'utlnvil t -SO loses liij in i f t Schnidrr?12 cases madder 2 do verli?ri? 2?o b >x?> s a.' I. VI Chelhiuiai'ii?3d boxes rnudd-r E I; Hui ieril?79 ra-k* m n. t ? ' 11 Kruespu'xet?40 boxen A Loi b t?b baUa a k <4 >'.i"ri,<' K)0 ?250 b'tx^s pickles J Michr'?gMI b xer oil J Dui .ml -100 do cases todz 152 boxes snap 29 bays abu ?'s 43 il s ' pli ir Mot: * '? 8c P dlitz?35 cues do 303 boxes soap A B 'n.d"i?75 uiJPt390 bkts b'l 20 bales corks 200 bxs ap 36 ha. s almonds Sim mall, Fiti li Sc cn?75 casks wi eh. Gn n .i*r.r?CO bills c?Pi er 1 bxs sulphur 2 bales seeds 71 cisxs m d In 15 bxs 1 cace, 500 bal 1 corks, 306 bxs s sp W Brown, to order tii sierra lf.i ft?Br brig Janie. il?v?go tons cam wood 5 lli hid>s 1100 pound pepper I cask palm oil P I Nevius 8c son. I?a ponce, P R?Brig Overmanu?60 hhds 21 ca?l.s J-In V '5a Archival?51 casks 32 hhds Tobias Lord?20 hhd? I t cislis Wn I P Kumtse?86 hlids 21 casks Pie Harmony?37 l ag i 13 bbl 5 Tobias Lord. 5 guayama, PR?Biig AColns?127 lib ls ugar 106 cks mala* lis ses 59 bbl" sugar k Duusconib 8c Leckwith 1_ gcayama pk?SrhrCurlew?185 hhds sugar 50 do molutn 5's 10 tcs do Mason 8c Thompson?82 bxs sugar S W Lewis 35a t',, Uomeitlc Importations. 7 1 new orleans?Ship Mariposm?1 box mlr. Hnwlard 1 xj A-penwall?21 1. 4 Bran-on?I- 1) Chappal?7 J (5 Canmytr71.; 1 11 Kingalv d?1 J B-rnnaii?13 ck. br >ns T II .Viagh-e?4 | k 7j, mdre Woodward?6 trs 1 hhd 17 hblidn, 19 l egs lard Reed i ? rmerhori.? 4 bxs hacsw x B Bo llards? 3 A R Milbank 1 111 kegs M rrit 8c co? 8 hbls do I bundle skins 4 sacks feather jxj 27* bxs tobaceo 1? 8 Babcnck?1 bale wool 9cks copper K Iticl p' ards?' 5 pks b. ggicg Burretr St Johnson?20 trs loims llobrri jr.* 8c Williams?25 do 'Vikei *t Hrown?53 'tnchini 8c Scolt4?i 31 G Diugl -???61 bills pork 40 caret mdse Small St Willi mi 5 54 Jackson 8c Loren?105 italicick a cn?250 11 Btvdenbnrg? pir hhds se-d 25 bit cot Geenwey, Henry 8t Smi h?20 J F Pacer3V 25 bxi Siona. Wood St Kolger?15 do Wolf 8c Bishn|i?45 ba li bxs B H Field?14 casks Hurry >c McKay?382 lodes 12 bah i; m.lse 3 bbls t :llow 2 do be'twax Sprague St Kobi.:tou?50 bbl pork O M Haywood?6 baler mdse 44 Irwin 93 hales hen gLr Bpofford, Tilotat'n 8t co?I hlid 17 bales indse 19 keg? lard 1 lv casks h ins 138 bb's Hour 144 dn pork 21 do lard Snydam, Sap j Ik co?150 hbls i ork 25 hhds hams Matters, Markoe 8c cn?9 h* 6 4 kegs hrd 12 bales colton H H hhelB'n?87 halerciiltou Ti dale, Moore 8c co?78 bbls pork 190 kegs lard Conduit 8t Nobl 59 bills pork 13 kegs lard 9 libd i shauluert C M Sunt ?24 bag 5 fcinting B Gabnertock?I rask b-etwax 3 tcs ie?<l 13 bags f.i lik tbers J H Mayb e?$7290 J Little?1 fcx mdse A (iartwaite?1 7 balascort n GCdlins. 7 new orleans?Brig To-diff?799 hbls pork 7 do lard Suy Pam Sage Ik c.>?J c -sks perch s W H Hun'.ei?2 do B Harkeil 7 CO lihli Ur *nry k'H trrntn?80 Ibi la(%?16 do 21! ke*H CO bbl 2V tallow <. Smith?7<) empty bblv firlatnrr It Bullock?53 Dr.l e"t>on N Hogan. g MA RITIME HERALD | <*UJng (??|ri of iht *% *.in Stil pa rpom Liv*?roo? fi'.on *MKfc?n* 5 Acadia, Shun on Apr. 4 May 5 Hibernia, Ryrie Apr 10 May i S (J. Western, Matthew! Apr. 27 May 3 ju Britannia, Hewitt May 4 June ci- Caledonia, Lntt May 19 June I (J. Britain, Hoik en Mav 26 June 3 J0. Packet* to Arrive | Packets to Mall }(o KROM I.IVLHftOI.. I HOR UVKIirooL. Cambridge, Barttow , Mar. 16 I New Yt ra, Cropper, April 1 .. li. Woshmyton. All.n,Mar. 21 | Liverpool, Kldndge, April 2 lor rfcOM eoKTiwourn. I ton pohtim.m tm Glndi lor, Bri'to i, Mar 10 I Weatmiuiter. Hovey, April 2 ??, Mediator. Cludwick, Mar. 20 St. Jatnra, Myera, May rkok hi. vr* I FOR Havne Albany, Watson, Mar. 1 I Franc i? I, Ainaworth, Apr. 1 . L. Pnilipiw, Rich, var. 8 v . de Lyon, Stodda'd, Apr. 2 If, St. Nicola*. Pi ll. Mar. 16 I Utica, Hewitt, Mav 'e!< Notice to Pilot* an<l Captain* of Vessel* io. All Pilot! and Captain! of veaaela are requested to note th >te fact that Robert 8. Martin, formerly our ship news collectoi ax- it not now in our employ. He ii not, therefore, to receive an newipipers or reports intended for the,New Vork He'ald. ie,J foreign Letter Hug* Hereafter, Letter and Newspaper Bv*s for all para of th 5m World, will be made up at the fli Rani Iioh v: M- - - - IB I ft M altera antt Ago n<* v* mill eiteetn it a favor, if Captain* of V*wels wilta., ? to Commodore RonicrT Sti-vsv. of our News Kleec, a II all f ort of t.lie Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, tl rk, v rase U Hpokeo on their Pas save, a List of their Cargo, an jp. ROT b'ori'iRu Newspaper! or News they tray have, tlewi board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Co respondent!, at Some er abroad, will also comer a lavor b *e ten lie* to till! all the Marine Intelligence they ca obtain. ^ Naitieal 'nfnrneriia of var kind will ha thatkfv > as* ? - " ic- PORT UK M?W YORK, APU1L Hi Ho C* Risr.t 6 21 j WOO"! risks 4 7 ? ton 6 39 I hiijh 8 3 W. Cleared, Hh"r? New York, Cropper, Liferoool, C H MtrnhVI; Krar cois lit. A'nawor.h Havre. Fo* It Lmrg?ton; Eos. (ajittii Gotten burg Boormao, Jnhu?t"n St (. o; Hu'ton, Galloway Pit ? htri'itMi. O H'ttoit; Jnlm Mint'irn. Sr rk. Now Oeleau Hfant' ? It r ro?t br gf Motto, Korh* s Cad.x, K- sfe-It Nick enoo; Wrn Nel?on, Kobioton, Port Heoubl'C, Hk'Idnig S" Km ria; Helen Mara. Bermuda, Tueker St Co; Hir c. Osborr Kasfporc. Me., P 1 Neviu- Itf on?'Madison, Hu'kley. Havat n* JC* ^ uroretc St r.lea'man; ( anoiiirua, (. oupUiid, Tritnda l de t u ba, Cha plain St Ponvert? cl.rsJu hoee, Lanry, Morteg fl y. black rirc. do; Policy, Reed Joliua NK, VV 105 X'r.Kie; Jane. Powell, NorfoU. Surge** St f'lrarmAn ol|\ hddir gton, f -lep.>, Wilin ngton. S W Lewi ; MrDonougl *n Tuck-r, Horbor Grace; M*ry Treeihen, Norfolk, N MeCie.i ' dy St Co; Pacific, Smah, Weal Indira AvmarltLo. [H) Arrive*. : H'io Maripoae*. Pa"?on, !G da; ? from New Orleans, v it, pork, fee. to A G St A VV Be son?10 |m*s*o g ra. Mlip Hvroii j iia?#e 81 dnyt L.'..i i*i iftt ' . with ir?: b cotton to Taylor It M?inII barque Ronald* n, Koi, from fnnton. 'an'y L / O'doi ! W 1 \ riot VctNli lm (he lam* as tepoitml >Y l?* HeKm *1 i hit port. S# i * re? tie Soplti*. Schult, from M trills via UiOrnit.v aj? March 0, with u??U** ?o J Viih**l. Bri( O^o Hrorv. BlakfUy, 18 d^* i fr m T"'V? fj v i I IV)0 ounh *a!tro MVdad PUft. Left no An. Th* 1 u?tf of and for Halt, tld the day before Brig Oyrrtran. Duvi*, from Ponce, f'll Much 2> with mi t (X) ind rn ? ? T Loid I?f11 Con lur wlgi. rati. It Ka ?? ia ty fortaa; Chariotta, v tg cargo; Urns. 11 ; L? I na. do; Pen ty, joat arr bii| ?oloi, Haliy,Mdiyi from llamiini. PR, *i'li mil **' t Douacomn It B>rkwitli', Y tg|a. Kiill-rro.>. Po tLir.i! di?K; tvn> Pnrriiigion name VV lain il* dg lor NY to tail i'<iia; Cnrr.alia, Oiyan,do. tttg cargo: M kuitnun, Daui.. tl |A0 Pi*trra, Hhermtn. Kt Thorn ia fur N fork; i O'law, fronrll Laguiorn, Idg at Patlnlga lor N Yor?ilia -. f K?i] Idg fo laTil'ai; Fratman ft 1 'how a.jnttarr Br brig JiniM Hav. wit*, to day a from ^larr* I. ana. witl I*? mdaa to P I Naviut it Son. I. fling Ori.-mal, r f and far Sa lam, 2 ilt; Nnrthumbailand, to tail initio- tth, for Malaco'n INO KI17.Oato, do; Freainan. Lo'd, lor ! ibam ilia 2<lit; Unz. lls f fa'ffn. condamuail. .,j. B m pliff, Girding, 21 tiai't from Now Crl<Aur, vr'.tli mdt , to buck Si Pa-art ' >'0I1' Curia .1 ' lourh. 11 Hav? from Grmyamn wilh angar ti IT.) 1 W I t?n. I.aft hug K.igla, FnPartoo. lor N 1 It. 2 i'?. VJ.'i "rlir It Tnuiliii. Tomliit 12 dtva front Pagm li Ora-idn, (f11 Na ) wit' aa'f to N L. icl raa-'v It o 1 i-a itogi-rt ?cn. Frniici? B IJrck-i' Ha d, 2 itai 1 from P< ill >l|>hii,vt itl IIA in Mar. . . . , S Itr f x lot jaa, Wilro* 2il Java fr"m Wika.ia". with md.i 1.1 n.a ier. L- It achr Wil'f-r, I.# *; I in 10 d i\ a. 220 ilicka 11 a 100 ft , iny t} .Y H. y ; 12 hloJi molium-a to in.itfar. H'hr John Kuril, hinilh. 2 .1,? f oin Iwclimonl, * ith coa UN) to lha mattar. I 2h N hr ttnuiual, Nicka.aon, 2 day* from Bolton, with rfldaa n old -r. on fchf Ng??au. Charlea, B dayg from Richmond, wilh mi'a* li Allan it ration 8chr Pirarro, Hliarmain, 10 dayt from Ouayamt. I'R, will rt() 73 hhda tngir ii bbla do A Major. S. hr Betsy Own Thomsrtoo, lint*. 8chr Wav*. Hoi brook. Tnotuatron. Iiroe. Bchr h lanhlin. Hy?-, Thomastou, ? 2C. vr*".' ut> Parker. ( astlne s|i*rs. i . i.V" Morris. Norfolk, corn, to matter. Sid ru eo with tchr United, fei Hirhmond for NYork Sihr k. 111 mi. Cole, Ba'timore, Johnson fc Lowdea. Bremen ihip Mete r, Bond, in anchored nt the 9 W Spit ^ Below. I ?hip. I barijae and 2 bugs?Wind Eaat gt'l miacelloneone g,, Pat. met Ship New York, for Liverpool, will tail this diy *?" at i t o'clock. Letter bag< close nt this office, at 11 U o'clock. a 8cHa Out. Tacott.? The Morning Su-. at Wilmington, N ? C fin Nass u,NI'. reports that the lien T*con, loaded with T riiffte and logwood, bo" 11 d to went ashore oil the Kith \j Ken. a 101 1 losi. I\trt < f the cargo hadarrivel at Nassau. s Th" lien T. was from 8t Domingo. I Bum l.MA, Mayo, pot into Key West en 'he29th irlt., frcm < irdii as, bound to New Yoik; cargo rcr,lass'st sprung . aleak th-first night out, ou lb- i7lh was obliged 10 s' v-deck Inid. 42 hlids.. i 1 euuwiiueuce of increase of leak; ab ut being * di*charge I. 8he is isuch strained p Br Unto Own ? The Pecouic on th' 22d Mt'eh, boarded J. tlio O hi. til t. n tfr HNNOI the Colorado*. Cuba, loaded * u ?ith mahogany, luslic, dire-dive, Stc , and took frotn ber sails 101 and other materi i's. . 1 Wlmlcmen, j We learn that the repoit ol the loss of! he John and Elisabeth ?!I or N 0 is thought to be without fuuudatien. Captaiu Long ,,," received the information from a aailor |iut ou bo'rd hia veaiel at ' Cape Town. Thia man atile. that the mate of theb.mieH'r- " vest, of Bridg< port, inf> med him. Capt Stnud, of the ship ' Shsw Peikina arr at N Loudon, waa ill co with the Harvest, ; Mir 22. and heard nothing of it from tr.e cap'ain or mate ulj Spoken. tm Hoiner, Watts, from New Orleans for Boston, llth inat, lat 37 33, Ion 71 1(1?hy the Toi litf. at ilns p"it. r_ Pilgrim, 3 days from Boat in for New Ptovid'nce, April 8, lat X" 32 19 N, Inn 69 53 W?by tne Koi ald-.on, at this port. |m Uood Hope, fm Newport. 111 for Havana April I, lit 27 28 lo"74 25?by the Geo Iferry, at thia port fr L 'iai d, of Bath, fm Mobile for Falmouth, Eng., 9th ina', lat 0 33 t5. lou 74 30?by the Curlew, at thia port VV hale ahip Dragoon from Indian Ocean, 21 mouths out with ., 1100 libit su oil bound to NBedfuO, had aloug side foer while which they had catight in lat 32, 10th init, iat 33 58, Ion 71?by theCu.lew, at thia port. foreign Porta. X Ann, Feb 9?A veaael ia leported to h<ve leen wrecked near ,c Slioogra. about GO milea N K i f thia |ioit, and the crew to litre ,u been seized by the Arabs || Batavia, previous to Nov 14?Gulnare, Singapore; A Locketby, wifhtaun, China X Blunt mi sv vs. April 5?Arr llcae Search, NOrleana Clvhk, 8th?Shi (i.lixahrth Htorka, NVork. Arr Kitchi*, ,v Kirr, NOrleaea Sid 3d, M Pricg T> dd, Boiton. |{ Cl'iHAvris, 5th?Arr Sir Isaac Newton, Wieuholz, NVork; lr, 2d. Vaiia, Kliutherg do; Nautilus. Dyer. Havana (; CoisstaisriNori K. Feb 13?Arr Pacift:, Miekie, Malta; 11th Si Cvrua. Mtlller, Newcastle |, Ceylon Jan 13?In p rt. Marminn. Ewiug. Bombay. w Cadiz, F'b2l?In port, Mour<e, Ctinpeachy; 21s'., (lulnare, , Tinker, NVork. Di al, 8th?Patted Angeliue, Ed 'trdr, New Diep for West- 1 ward. Falmouth, 9th?Arr Mar-atet Hughes, Hughes, London for w Billimore Ovsoa, Feb 13?Arr Rhoda, Alien. L'pool; Fras Whitney, H L'Ni Banitri Is Holyhead, 4th?Remains, Jean llaatie, Clark, Bo tou, diag I ; to go iuto the graving dock. b London, Marc1* 9?l.dg Mediator, Clis'lwick NYork; 17th; l gtoii, * hadwick, do, 27ih. Ent inward 4th, J Carznu, C ; Pendleton. NVork. L Liverpool, March6? Sid Kon'hasa-tr, Howes, Havana; S0s ' quebvnah. Mi rckeit. Philad; J H Shep erd Boutel NOrlus; ' , bill Amazon, B itchel-r. Boston 4;|tl Varinonlh. Mitheive, t.l Boston; 8th. L>uke. Potakill. N jrleaua,, Keswick, NYork. 2C Libhon, Feb 23-Sld Delaware, Grafton. Hio Grande. ' Loire, 2?t?In port, Ten Brothers, Crawford. NOl leans ( Malta. Feb 20? Arr I'nmcnn, Smith, Alexaudiia; 24th, Ore gon lto?e Cardiff; 20th,t y nosure, Yabsiey, Tne.te. \1 iinos Jan 2 ?Arr vl. tL'keeaet. Weston. Bnaron. Jr 'vIahskiii.h Vlatcli 2? A rr New Kuabutd. Welch. Boston; Magnet, l'arl, NOi leans; till, Rapid, Kncke, N Otleims; J VVi - ^ - son, Peckner, NYerk Newport 8th?A rr Baltimore, Meyer. Bremen. Sid Matli- ,, a n, Hosier, l'ktlad; Justus Block, do; 7th, Kuterprise, Serf ,' ) Vorlt. < 1'oirr V1ah< n, Feb R?lit port. Hopid White, Marseilles, *' i Shirlus, 7tb?"Id Diamaut, Juisen, N York; 8 It, Washing- " ) tin. Westl.ike, Marseilles i Himjapork, Dee II?Arr Anus Robottson, Hutchiusou, Mai nillt. i I br Johns, N'B, April 8?In port, Knwaltl, Leighton, fm 8>J > rantiaii: H Itzabelli Beutly, McG'ettnr, do; A H dinond, fining "I ; do; Mary Caroline, Btewer, do; Abeona, Brvson, do; Ad- ing ' i o n IMmcv. fm NOile?na; Baltimore, Beckmore fm Phiiad; a i Wco :lands, Jobuson, do. \ Lake Parts. 11 Bi ffai.o, April 13?Arr BnflMn, Allen. Krie; Scott. Shook; 1 1 Fulton, lla-t. and Hercules, Wh*el?r, Detr> it. Old Clevrlana Hart liicayo; Fatrpert Davis; Jefferson Dobbin, and FranIt i Int. Shoo1-, Detroit; Lynn, Klisyy, Toledo; (hanger, Cleve- ~ 1 land; Miuerva, Spencer, do. \ r Home Ports. c !t Portland, April'2 ? Arr Laurel, Bibber, Baltimore for i. 11st to we 11; Ann, Nutter. (J. tildsb' rough lor NVork Bki.kast, April 9?Schr Santee, of Hampden. Rid-r. for Bal limine still tewains in port Launched from the t aru of MasIt terjam a 8 B Burner mi Thursday II.h inst the hue schooner "\ s Squirtel of ebou* 90 tons burthen?owned by Win Tildeu and to he comintud- d by Captain Jas T Tildeu. 0 I) Salkm April 13?Arr Reaper, (iallop, Wmnebali. (sold tl sc.:..: L-.I..I., i ?r. .... a . -I. SIM;.. ?.. ! with Kh deiick Dhii, Sims, aid Smithli-ld. Duff. for Acre. n it Anainhoo.F'eb 18 h, Cheiter, Uohinaor, for leewa d. 2 duyi; 1 s America, Pomeroy, fm Havana, for Cape Coast, same day. At Klmima. Feb 18th, sbi Decatur. lor Cape Meaurado. i Bo ton, April 11 ?Arr Ids, Hilletf, rialtimo'e ; Shawmut, I Higgi.u. Kio Janeiro, Feb. 18; F.rie, Bax er; Jolu M'Claytoe, i i PaTier; Increase (of Thiffimt n.) verri'i, Phi'adelphia Wil- J <is Putnam, Cook, Cnracoa 20ih ult Spoke 9!h inst., let. 39, Ion 73, ship Saratoga, from New Vork for New Oileana. FVuces Hille c Uernis "icl mo, <1 ; Vesper, Snow, ami Medium, lltiri?ina, Norfolk; Sparrell, Freeman, Craney Isla d Va; Lew- ] k ri Bruce, Stuiley, Ba't mnre ; Fountain. Yoik, Phi ailelphis; J - Jaue, Ooaue ; bat-nee, Bickerion, aud Vermont, Amex, New * Yoik k New London, April 10?Arr Shaw Perkins, Stroud, trnde _ to Columbia, Oeaolatioa Islards Jan 0th, St Helena Feh 28. 1 with 115 Ihs elephant' il. March 2;d, lat 11 30 N 'on 47 20 VV I- .ii ike H'rvest. of Bridgeport, 2100 bbls; rewired Oct i8ih, i ? k rie-dl, Jell y. N L, 3 whs; Dee 10'h, Jason, do, 8 wns this ssa - son 12th. nrr Hand. Lour, lender to olumh a, lioui KerauilI mi's Land, Jan 6th, Table Bay, C G Hope, Feb Ifilh, with alHI Ii 9 hlil < elephant nil At Table Bav U 8 ship St l.'uis fm Boin- a ~ bay; Cyprus, King, Ir m Manilla Nov 6 n, lor Salem next day; _ f ehr Pacific, Herns, NL, condemned March 13th, at I N, Ion * '17 IV, ie t the ihnck "f an ear ho vibe , '9th, lit 2J 13 N. on ? Gltl'i iV fell in with (rleanor, of Mou I De ert, [before repor- i P led] April 1st, lat 28 311 * loll 87 3D W, s nl'e VI id is. I'.ir'ei, ? N B. fin Pacil'c OJean, 2400 bMs;5th, lat 31 30 N. Inn 71 40 W, ' I rail Ferry, Chase, 4 days fill Plrilad for New Orleans, Philadelphia Ap il 15-Air schrs Siar.Cogrrs, NYork Linn, Lewis. NYork. C d lloaM Hill. St Tnouiaa and St e Croix; Anna lteynojdr, Matthews, Boston; Wrn 'I hatcher, s Decker, Montevideo; Palm Nickerson, Bos'o"; Keward. Ka- f ' ton. Halifax. N b; r.lizi 8t Hus-n, Dyer. Falmouth. Ja ; co- J II liimliia, Jnrd n, llostou ; Caroline. Htudley, St John, N B; e CI nton. cl ase, John. N B; Daniel Parker, Si'liman. Troy; H Voit". Fonrnier, N Vork; Whale Balil'in NYork. k N hkoi.k. April 12?A rr Ann D Badell, NYork; John II ? Hoagland, Denman, hlizabethport N J; sue, tiilchrist, 1 l? Tnotnaston; St Leon, bahson, ( a" den; a barque came in front 8 pi -o-d y ami proceeded up the river?suppoted to be the k.inily W lder, Boston; Haul, Bray,do | Wii.miniiton. Aptil II?Arr F'ox, No-ton, (ioadaloupe; s Clinton, Aiw. od. Martinique Leonora, Collins, Savannah; - Osee'la, Pierce, Martinique, via s't Thomas; Four Rtothers, '"rosby, I; Lvg nia, Smith, St Kit s, via St Thomas; Morning Star, I Br) Prui'den. Nassau; Cerer, Murch, Marie * galtnt>; Aurora, < b se, St Thomas. Cld, Union, Mitchell, ' M toiz s; I iiclulla, II ird n(, Havana; Oroxitnbo, Sirg?.inf, *> do; Talma, Cosklij, St Domingo. 13 Charleston, April 12?Arr Zephyr, llobv, Havana A ' I ,rge Dutch ship had been lest near the Mnro, during a north' r, b ou the 30th. CI', Kcbo(Swed), Akemn. Antwerp; J ssie, n Horn, Liverpool; Carol m, Sherwood, NYork; PA Browi , " We-itamok, llavaua I th. Sid, So,ill trwart (Br), Low, Liverpool; arr Warsaw, Parsoiu, HavrSavannah, April 11 ?Cld Newark. Merwin; Kscel. Smith. s New i fit. Sid Avon, Marrte.s ; Albion, Moran, Liverpool; Nancy J ne, Smith, St Dmnngo : Cayiifta J .oRson ; F x'ei, 1 Smith, New Ynrk;Hobt Bruce, Gaidmr St. Jagn de Cuba. n Mohii.i;, April 6? Cld I'.vegrein, [Br] I'euiy, for Liver- , . pool. Sophia, [Br] IVock, for t Join s NB; Yla.ian Cisge, 1 ol ins, for llasina; Croion Saullerd, for NYork Arr Mary a Fr, ncis, lluliba'd, fm N York; Peter Demill Lewis, fniNY; | n .Ylorea, Kdgar ImNVork; Priva, Bray, fm Liverpool; Parte- i, , ins, llardinit. Im Boston; John DmilaP. Camer fm Livirnoal; | ^ Uepublic, L?ce, fin Boston; Hinkiu, [Br] Vi ckie, fm Liver- t P a.l; Broom [Br] White, fm Liverpool; H W Tyler, Tv-er, ( . Im hllim ire; MigUi Icn, Sin,, h, fm It ostein; YV i II iain,Crocker, , lei llivaua; 4Jr wler, Uliner, fin Philadelphia; Northerner, p Lfot, I'm N York < ;, New oki.tars, April 6.?<*Id, Clyde, Brickford, Liverpool; t . Le|| us, Smal.iy, Boston; Oregon. Crow, II, NYork; Titi, Salme, llavant Arr Omar o, J miton. I'm Trieste; hliz* I horn ton, Stone, Ha-re; Maryland. It yms fin Liver ool; - Sarah Hai d, Bai'ey, PhilxCelphia; Nashua, Suaats, Philadelphia; Oc,ana, I hoinas ou. K i.v YV t st. Mar h 30.?Arr 251 >, Sampson. Saw er,NYork; Mariner, l.atham. Ila.aus; 26th P ca ic, Wilb r. Mammilla; 1 Roliert Br'ce, YVaihingto i, Haver a; Huron, Stitcher, Havana; 30th, liul elma, VI yo. Cardinal. Cid, 25th, Sampmn, ? Siwyer, Port Leo ; Variner La'ham, liar ?ta; 26th. Joseph I Helen, llider, Balliinnte; 27th. liub'Tt Bruce, Washington, a Havana J TO COUNTRY MfclKCHANS ! r BOOTS AND SHOKH. ^ I a * 4gP9 WILSON &. JOHNSON, !f | * (."lucre* or to John Hutching) have rem v??l from 120 to m . 112 t htih tin street, and have romp!?tpil their assortments^ j of |irio| Goodl, ?? tnprisnitf fhe imteit variety anil I irg? st assortment of Boots mod Shoes that can he found m the city*? hi very (hiuK in her line, consisting in part of 3000 ladies* vio i rorco Bm1 irt, 9000 ladies' leather do, 3000 ladies* ceinm in do. 6000 ladies'c mm on Mi |>p rs. 2500 gentlemen's do, 1000 ladies M tin Krcuchdo looo We?r Backs, 10,Oufl < hildren'* Shoe* of all [3 Minds - nd co ors, o 0 ladies* (Waiter*, black and colore*., 30 c-tes of gentlemen * tine calf sowed Boots 60 cases (legged do, 26 cases kips do 2>riii' boys' and i truths' do, and all other srti iclcs that can possibly lie called for in the hoot %rd sh? e I ne, ?* for sale, 149 hithtni gnet opposite the Chatham Tlstpi,* t. N. B. fhe?tore opened till 10 o'clock in the evening, ifivirg ouatrv merchants an opportunity to purchase nl.en ? of other wise engived. inR 1m* c * ft BOOTS A.Nb SHOES. ; ,h. M LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.^^^^ vLL WH< t W KAIi 'hv abov articles,and wish to save mo* v. J mo better lose uo tim? in al'ing a1 the l ?m!ii< t#> Bo . i; Hho Stores of N /' SEC Oil, No* it>M? *uu it,i Oriv :v. wn i, tr- t, where all may suit h,*; wit.i au article t ? t a>r i style or rrike, fashion and finish, cannot oe turpi;* jorper* '?IPS equalled |!t UllSCily ft. r 8. Iiegs to apprise in particularthosm * ;*nd gcntler?eu who consider i v. I Attic;; boo' or f J sable h rr?cle to the lout euifinhlt of all within tn t ? ai mondr, tl* at -.0)4 or <bl Oicuwich street, are tins ??oiy j>I ices n ic:k 0 'hey can ik p*u?l o.. b i.ig *ui c I N. JJ ? Ltdies.tnd M-S'.es (Waiters, ^.ir>es, Ice., always on k and ir endleis variety. 1 ri / "Hi member, J60# and id I (J: eenwichstreet.^7l Ar 9*1 FIN si. hi1 - - - I*nt NuUia Fur Hats (ordmari.> we rti it'll Beaver 1st th* low price ?f $3 ; supirior short i , a ol P iism r. .Vlolckio at $1. I lime hatsaie njut! in durabi- | ity and io tre to those soli * f $', au arte le at $2 60, a . ? very t ea'drrss hat. BROWN Tract cal Hatter k. oi2<* lm - n 140 f anal street. RICH FANCY AND STAPLE DRESS ARTICLES. 'i 'PHf. SUrS('lilBEH3 have received, rer late arrival* fr..m ' A I'trii ana I. adoo, an h. nftni.nt if r>ch and lieantifu) " * .firing and amnin r < rava ?, Mcarl. Olove., he , h-.. and in- 1 ' nti- thr ?tun?ion tf tt ?- r pitrom, and aii iuu r. .i.itinxthii '

' city, to ili"ir??'i?d and utrn.iva ...oitnint i>( Hcvf. I rarati, a , Ulinr Sn?|iri d f?, Hi'liiitf nd Mn. a, H. lti.l'ncli t Handhn- ' chi.'a, < r.;?.i- Muff nar*. Niglit f'.i|?, llmnry, I'or.n Lman r Collar* d Dion Kri.n ?, Oro.-in* and Torior Itnbn. Hu ok. 1 11 mil ( rav*t Mtcek. ni r*?at .iiiioi/lambcirnol. morinn, fl nnol. 1 '* ontiou. I men and .ilk liiidoi-.hiit. and Drawn*. L'mbrollaa, < Canoa, hi: he. t ' I'lioiiilur nor,'aninmrr f.a ion. oflinon nH ovi.lja Hliir:^ will i r iiiniid wi l il"?o vinn i.v tiOl.timi .1 aontloinrn who " "a, in1 lo i,?li*niali li cir w rlroli". ^ iiarlirul ir it a lion i< J H'llowril on ihi* b. ii en i flha niharribar. bu? nr??, nut only J i.vl.i. iriflr wifi .1 a. .1 i'in ,o iii *tr nail, .nil , ' ' tlitv, " ritU i'" k ft ol lh- li. i?l and *u|> ii rirv of * 'i fit, Crutl u?.'ii i. iv d 'i n Ik i a -nuad with i.y ,,f n. va in-nil ..a. d art rlf* of ?'ii>arinr ymlo > r ni .t (*ir .i-u v i.nnanlr t ric.i, l \ Callink it in o il i .tatil ihn nil ol rA IfflKlXH * AtlA I K. f I !37 Broadway cornar of T.irU Place " Panel I* h Agar* would imrtinilarlv call tlie att"n>ion of all V a |M'r.oi.a ho hnvi'ari|iiiied lie hahit ol .tiKifinir.'o their Patent k e.laitic Hhonlder brace 'Phi* ailicle u intruded to brace he a .hoolder, atraiigthe.t the back and exrand the cheat giving fr.e acin.n to the lung* and will tie lound of i niinen.e benefit It to all penon* ofitudiou* and xdeatar. habila. ai ltaeod'ee AUCTION SALES. TI'I'MJlt BEI.L. Ao'tineaer Store So. 11 ftjiruet itreet. Bo lUf.oHAY. fa'uab'e nls of excellent Furniture, at No. M Franklin ?et, near Dry ,ilway ill U*?c glr WEDNESDAY, At hal'-put 10 o'clock. '"utniture ?al.?A s .l of tlga I ! u ui"'ra .\t No. 17 ltidge ?e? near Broome?t e i ropeuy of . t milly (living up houi<r- K*oi 'J'iny. The CarpeU ar : beami ul Wiltoni, Vriielian aud In* i:ii; illlhr Cabinet Furinlure ?u iriai'e to order, aud i? iu beat keeping THUS DELL, Auctioneer. 14 4t en y A C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer w AWOE S.4LE UK HARDWARE. ( i TLFRY. F * N- w CY GOODS kc.?JACOB a YLATT'B Twiuiy r;ug Trade Hardware Sal* [ho Season will com ul uce Tim jimnr at 10 Viock, tt the Meicnan'v' h schiuge Auction >oin, No. 21 F<att Ureet, com i,i<ug of 32(1 p ,cl.ages, cases,and LS: a o1 d iitable end well teh eti d lieu y au J Shelf Hardware, iHl erican Uonds. kc Vlan, a aiaorinent, compritinr ICO Ion of Table ami cbel Cutlery: viz?Ivory la. It- nod l/eiaert Kn.vei aid rki: 1' n and rocket 1,2 3 and 4 blade Knivri, Razo.i, Sena. Shears Carvers. kc Also, an invoice of I'anirr Mai li e and Jepaaued Tea Tr.ys letv, Bread and Cake Basbetr, ke. Alio, part of til- ?to kof a Bl mi gh <iu house d. clini-K bulets.comprising Knob Locki.Bitti.H.u end I oat Tiiii,Ma,let's .lancei, Coach Meuderi, Shoe Pincers, Tinned Table and 'i Spoons, Cmkicrewrs, Dolti,Haher L hum, Carclinu Hoea, nry hu.ei. kc. Alio, Shi Hi Id goodi, viz?Bra-ei and Bi u, KdgeToola, md, Panu'l Mill "ipi'iiiK Hawi, lion Back do, Kilea. Hritau- g i Table and i ei Spooni. kc Uatalo..uis now ir&dy, ai d the goods can be examined till the nr ? f sale altt_U*ui Every af W. W. SHIRLEY. Auctioneer rOUSE FURNITURE?This Day, (Tu-id*v,) April 16th. . at 10 o'clock, at Mo II Le Hoy I'liic-t Llttecker streer, a Tnelarrj tidaome Msortnteut of Furn;ture. all purchased withiu a yesr Houa. J in pur, rich Uiu.sels and othrr < a |>et*.< abtn*?t Ware bought . , m the t>r?t city rnak? rs, iich Mauih Uirand let, Solar .n il *ud nav* her Lamps t Idled Ware, Curle-y. Ike , wi?h a reneial assort- , . ear ot b? d room and ki rEen Kuioitur* in i ue erder. Th - snle Vf1,0*,1 sitive, for cash, b ttkahl BM>oty. *16 U#B THF T j BKAh: 8 Auctioowr POO li BY D. D. NASH. Mr H. A ROE SALE OK FOR NlTlThE?This D^y, Tuesday. BO >TI J atlOoVl ck, at No. 119 Fulton stieet, a very \aluable as- others, irtin* ut ol lloutel old Kiiruiturr from t'rt e ftoil)ies, consist- The C ic of Sofas, " ideltoards. Divans, Ottorna-.s. plain and dressing many, urtaus with miriors at.d double t? pi. mahogany Breakf st, Egvpi, Maud Dining Tables, ' ilU a .d CUw do. Ex ension Diuiiig The ( 'ablet, Tier and Mantel (Jimses with Kiench Plate* inah'g'.- ly cons? Wardrobes atd Cioteti. lugrtin and Three- ply Car|>ets for Ticke re.j'y seven rooms, five Biusrels t a/j**t?, o f *erv elegant, ty-Avcc u7f, one Book l 'c<r, W ith Em i, Toilet Tab e?. Hair Mat* Queen. uv ?, be** Linn , Br< stools, Win ow Curtails, Shades, Bed . n .Mali gauv, Rush and Care-seat Chairs, Polished * ice! Eire Notts, Plated ('as* org, Car dlestieks, Hall and AhtJ amps, Ei ghth Oil <. loth PIUrd aud Glassware, Cr ckery ir?, Bales, Kitchen utei iis, E<-. s 6 It* ei; SPLK? RICHARD VAN YKe., Aictl necr. . _ ^V, IOU8EHOLU KUHMTUHK ?t No jo Vesey ?r corner A LAP ' i f Church street?A nTHO Y J. BLEECKE R tk CO., A ill *ell a# auction on Monde.y, 2-d ol April inst-uit at tsu ... c! - rk, at *o. 30 Vesey stteet, en ex'eusive assort me t of MH. I uu ehold hur itu e, c nr rising Mahnganv Ch irs, bofa.Oi- sen ting nidi * and lto# kins I Imirs with hair cl' th ?eatn; Bra k'a-.., ea, Dining aud Card Tables; Pier Tables with Egyptian Mar* "?!, e i ops; S?d-ooaids. Bu eau*. Wasbstovls, French nd other 1 1he > ?*dit-ads. Feather Beds, Matt rashes, Sen ; Maple Cane-seat Mr y; hai's; Pier and Mantel Looking Ota?*es; Atrial and Hall J*A 1 ampi, Gi andoles, Vmet, Mantel Ornaments,Plated Articles, The t ho a, Cut Glass, Ingr in and Venetian Carpets, Rugs, Oil 'J]:M L tli brass Ko> s, Toilet Tablet, Wasti Stands Stoves, Mm I ie Kiiehsn Utensils, fee. Mi?i* Catalogues may* lie r?a 1 of the Auctioneers on Saturday Ce kh. altfottm wh > stt 1AMKLUS AM) D'l'HK'.K Kl\'h. I'I.ANTs, Jkc-LK- '"iIiVa j v i <* oiu"?Ln ?iii i'ii uii imsuav ?i?ruin? mi me un 'clock at 161 Broidway, a latge c> llrctinu ot various kind, c >infor i i re-eiv. il Iroin Eurnp , c usiitii g I C .rneli ?, Eculia Ja stilutt't juicns KfOu M'lu Roses ol'mauy varieties, Iliou French Dw.i I stuffed, i) 1000 choice London ilo, Sum laril Hi.,*, of in iny liue sorts, forming lahnv Kquilid'a, llptwnt V??i fr nib to 7 let high, Plum muiue , 're*s, Purple Beacli, Crafted D ubl* f'arratn u?, Variegated eurecw lollies, Hawtvon ?fnr hedges lUmun Plum Trias, Ulioiloilau from tin ron Hi ads, . lownr Siailj ami Hoots, with many otliar choica The I i ts by ratal gue. a'3 Jt*ec fhisplai : ;?; . ; ? liis lair WANTED " A SMART ACTIVE BOV, to aiterd from 10 t j 6 *'c'ock. id i'ioi A Apply at this oire . wood reference mini ad alfi Itrc LOI' .XT ANTED?By a steady Young Man, a situation as Waiter '"''fv?L '* in a funily*. Cnu | roduce satisfactory rafarauras a,,,,,,iu to capability and at entii n tn Ins butine.a Address J. P. ?i.i,..i, lo. 415 llro?dwy. car* of Mr. Portrr or at tha office of this uper which will be puuctuafl v attei ded to alG 3t*rc .XT ANTED?By a respectable V ouna Worn in, a situation as EX II "V Cook or viouid m willing to aotkagmoiu wo'kof * SJITK n?t| family. ' Inou rafarauca can be given. Pirate apply 69 Lyeril ?tie t, in the r?ar. a'6 lt'ec ? [ITaNTED lMMtsDI AT;CL V ?Havaral bourst, i telligsnt ** and aattrprmint young wrn, to soli it subscriheis a d A MA ollect money lor a popular peri- dical. M*n acquainted with -is- larv be business, can m k? lioin five to sis dollars a da/, the year M. to 6 mind. None net d apply unless they bring good recommeuda will til ions as in their lioin sty, Sic Apply to which I alfi 3tis*rc ISRAEL PO'iT, 3 Astor Ilosia. be alloy 1ST ANTED?Bv a young Lady, a situapon aa Teacher in a lo'jii', ? * school; she is capable ot teaching the fundamental branchas ! if an English aducatiou, and would prefer going South. Ad n-j-/ In as L , post paid. alt lw?rc 1J ^TflJATION (IE HOUSEKEEPER WANTED. [XT ANTED BY A FRENCH nADY, who can speak S n .1 "Y English, and who can give the most unexceptionable ? ,JJ afare-crs of character and i apacily, the stnatuiii. I a Houaa;-rper in a French family", or to superintend a Boarding House b'ra ii the Kranah style Application, by letters addresses to Pruig, ilartame A. L , and tell at this office, will be attended to. * nteme a 13 l-jgb nil* y II DR. H. H.iSlIERWOOD, "?W? LTfH REMOVED from 126 Btoadw.y, to 102 Chambers Cjnt If street, west ol Broadway, corner ot Church street. tlunnir al6 St*m 1 ment. MR. JENYNS [X/ILL DELIVER A LKi .'i'l'HE to the Vonng People of r v _n ?* New Yoik, on'I linisday Evcui >g nest, April I8t)i. IH4I. I , n the Stuvvrsant Insti'iiie, cumin neii c at 7 o'clock. P. M., ,, ' 8U8J.4 T-LOVE. iYjIS Tickets V) Cents each, admitting a I id, iuid Gentleman. can ' a" had of tlie Jam or, also of t furies P emisder, 269 Broadway, t'rK?u* jutbl Lotkwood, 469 Broadway. alb 3t"je "fith '"7 POIl hALK?One set ttten'i, five feet diameter. Also, two eaat of " Presses, a.,d Machinery complet-, for making i.iniei d Oil. A'mm Apply to H. J. BAN'Kt/RD, ladies < h|i|( tm*rc 169 Maiden Lane. t on 26 ~ HaT AND CAP IhSTARLIsTlMIhNT, n,"nA. 214 BROAD "AY.(OPfOMTE SAINT I'.aliLH) MaUM rIE IMPROVEMENT in the mannfacturr of HATS, in m nt tr dnced ny the subscriber early this spring, (obviating the ill < r i.emature and dispioportiruate we ring onto' the edge nt the tioni, I :rowu,) h ivii g met with the sigiial approbi'o'n of the public, a d ev ie re pectfully aunouur es tlnu I i? st ck in full and complete, cents, ad 'hit inndditiou to thei. peculiar ndtantuger, hisHaUar - '*rt2J u ill o her resuects rpute eijual tu ail others now in the market. L./ (ienth-nieu deairiug a Hat combining the i| salities of Tasti:, )( u a it 11.11 v, and p.conomv, will consult their interest by yri\,i ;iviugtum a call JNO N. OE.vIN, ^DOi 214 Broad way, opposite Hmnt Paul's 4'bnrch. ]M EN. B ?Th< usual large and a.sorted stock of ltat?. Caps, See. f** ' t"., rlwavs on hand alb lm*ec h i wjat JO LET?The new four-itory House in -ourire tb the mm ItTjW .tre-1, r ear Ninth Avenue, with Croton water, auu all Kuril EJlothe-r ronveuieiices. i'o a good tenant it will be let low. App y to H. J. 8ANKORD, ]\/f K. nib tw'rc 169 M-i' en Line. 111 ' HORSE KOlt SALE-A fin* Abd.llah Mare. Hith !*f /ISTll.Vii MaimIb hiK^, A V'*r? uld kiud au" geutlf in bar- lowing LsL^^d *?. Kood uud-r fh?* saddle ^rh-r for lady or K^ntl ining; . ha.,, liar fl**wiiik mane and tail, aud will (rota mile iu thiee Vlar^ 1 aiautes; (I'rom (be. country. > Apply at Mr. M? 8 McLjkUGHLIN, Litery htaSle. Ylr M1 alft3t*m Jersey City, uear the Ferry. - od Mr MESSRS. KUSHTON .V ClJ7, 10 UI'OADWAY. 10 A8TOI1 HOU8K. AND CORNER 'r.rk Ok BROADWAY AND ? OU 111 EE NTH STREET, st-r.-. A RE THE SOLE AGENTS ia New York lor the sale at*l A of tl at form tu ORE A T ENGLISH RE ME I) V, n ., 'or tht Core of Cou%?fnp ion and other Uuwetpfihr Lai k? nfrfi" ;n?wn at BUCHAN'S HUN(L\KIAN BALSAM OK M / ^IKE. wi ic.i is no a ackntiw'^ilK ft by 1'hyxiCMus a?.d tbtrt > o i e *11 that ia required t?< UR . CO.SSU.vil' J'lliN A joint JertiBcatu of aeven di?tingni: h'd thviinans of Lordou ac:oini fu.y erich bottle of the B t 1mm I'r ce $1 p-r bottle. Spohr' Meisis R fic Co. will faruikh thepahhc with paperi v tllH :on'HiuinK d>a?vrtation<i on tvuiiaiiinotiou. jkr IVrsons al- n lifted v itli Rises&i's cI the Lungs, would *0 well to get oie L'ir-? i if tbtie pip!ia. L>. K BIlJULK, vj, 100 Court strict. Boston, vol* America ? Agent. ii , S TOU*K Y. Jos 1 id's Corners, Midi ion Coantv. ?16 Im'm (ieperal Ag?nt for the Bfate of New York- #on LTACHT ZKNOBI A.?This beautiful olfiiBn Yacht, of U.' * aboir firry too* 11, is 'or sale. Hi* 11 a new aenof - .? er ntire 1 y iclit, i opper-fastened, we 11 >uu<t. and a remark ibly .Vloven ast?tiler Hl?e ca bete n at Manhattai Island, Dry Dock |cn l* anv It tur in tlo* da v. Apply to Mr. JOHN H YKR, at James V1 "4' \ * erf fit i o.'s , 3f,?l Water street. al'i fh Ivlovfii I LMT PUBLISH!* D,(Thi?l)sv,) price $1, ?eut by post to any Moveu J n drei?, * The Medical t ?i?ti I tut." a practicil and popuUr So< a. rk on > erv us end h- iimI Debility, local and Constitution- Vladrii il Weakness. Iii pot* >* e, Sterility, a. d Cousumptioit. the Re- y, in It of Youthful Ksccsses Solitary Indulg-* c*, X or ti? rn^ I Emissions, &ic., fcc . eninraciiiff r ma ks on the destructiveef Vets, nettment end cur-*?-l Gonorrbmi, S plii i?, Mricfure. and Lud all diseises of ih* generative organs, witha*l iable advice H 0 those who aie incap if its'* <1 from fornn ig nia'rimonial at Madri. lances through a secret dre id ol for the di?rk<Uge of V< bv St red obl'gati ous o? m trriage, by 11. FAWChTT, M. (Jrai d > . V?mb*r of the* Itoy I Collage of burgeons of London and t,. r?d uhti*gh, * nd o' lh- Ji,fF,'so<? .Medical College ot I'll I add- Overtu >hi . His I)i, I mas fom these ' oil ge* can l>e s<*entiu/? led i j larg frames, in b.s * tree 1% Fulton s reel, i-i whi* li Mo j rre b" has contourd his priiafe consultations for the last To In* hi teen yea's All letter* must positively be post pard City Pimm, efixrs hauled in Offic- 196 Fulton street, Con?ulfafious ?-?? t'ictlypnvateaodconfidential. tpN im*rc D< K. foR M< )R KIS( W. VT O! i T11 RIVK# DiSPKNS > , 20t>, Fulton street ? \T II DU< TOR M 'i KIM)N continues to be consulted cor,- 1\ . r,. ideali *Hv tit all private due sea, which b cares without riser- tb lib* ury or'cstiaMt hi d et or pursuits; and recent cases, n-rt cu- strict a afly 'lron rihoni ' r.e cures iu th e* to sti days The mosr lur a cc ibstst. te Htrc*.ir? s yield'o Dr M 'a new a*d s cress ful treat- To tl neat, wrt"?iu psiii. In the worst forms cf Stucture h* wai- ly say. Wt* a ' e*f ft cure sines* NKRVOUS AND < ONHTITUTIONA L DKBILITY- esiiry 1 iiii ft don - nd the train of evils resulting fr>m a secret, and An ?s? ructivt habit in yonfb, inducing noturcal emissions and a!- tie t mi* mpotrticy, are radically itied by I) . >1. on pa li do i- *|*nf i ; ?| principle^, bv irrti tour the sysrern to a nn thy'o e and L di einsti' k its original vigor. A |>er!ect cure guaranteed or no tensive m i ? wji i11 \ ii ?Dr. M h >fds no commonion ?rith medic \ \ re'ende,* Katn sbo I li t he surgeons, as hf is, iierhsps. the only qnalifietl at a fat U in Uh ? I .v 06 hd I M : 1 * I * It his of- ||M|i ic*, vi'j 1 i ton ?ir?rt. Letters (sort-paid, and (out ininf a Mr. i e, vmI i ore medicine and advice to any part ol the Union, fern if >ffic? rOii Kelton, gear fJre?uwich. apl6 2m*rr v?l!e. p 1 oach. DU ( ORBIT'1' tmf b- coiisrt'ted confidentially at nis of ride,fr* tic*, 15 Puiui *tr??e', two d ???#s from Lhathaiu Simiofen New ire f s['*' ttuMy informed that Dr. Corbitt is a p en.ln r ? l the nirersity of the ci'.y o?'Ne*% York, and that h has eiclo- DAfil iveli confined Iiis Practice fro.u beiuK ve er 1 to the featment 1 ( t certa n f diss ases (now ov?r eleven yea;i ?n I' ecity board, if Ni w \ ore ) which eijgii/-*s his entne attention. T? e riiinala fiermitt if medic ii* do not record g.euer success than is to b* found in .st< rc. us practice. The Doctor coitions tb** unfortunate against she tsA ri is* of mercury, a* it has its thousand* of victims Rectit P i i :as*s IVi a few days rem -ved entirely from the system, rvp , , 1, 41 , mi arjndicruily trerted by a person lrgilly qualified, ""i n i 1 not by pretend rs ii' quacks, as there ?re sever* I ol them , ntheciu. Persons alllicted with protract*d and invr'erife n 1 ' n>es m- *d not despair ol being rrstor d to health, by applying i/ > ni r f orbit*. A p.act:c ol mauyytars has estilih ?be i the ; ct>r's repufa'.iou '< r - kill nd res pec ability. Hiricture* the D?>cfor's p/ofontil attention A m *dirice ma/l>e had A F n prevent certain di?e.*ae hi any i#i forms e ?1 1m#ic -fV |*' 44^* FOR LIVf IVOOL- The sple did, fast ssiling breik'a ^.j^VWabii* DRI NjsWR K, f ap aoi McMsnus, is now g*nf Pi o di k h <1 will be at? i in few days, tiufN w I,** ins superior acjr mm *dati.?ns for fHbin and st'^eiafe yas- tr si *' - u* rs woo will b-r tk* ii at a mo .'er te ia?e Apply to ,, Mil If ? ? D Vi * N (>' ?M.m IM>t Uv Mi N It?P ss g* from Cir-at tfritsm nd Dels d can at all * in is be s< cure . bv the p ckr*s sailit.g every hf* days pnetor * rn I vi r no . at th * lo west ? *' ?, and ? r.ifts c m, ai u ii *1, f w rd? <1 ;or mi\ at on. t i ayaule 4' the .N f ?i*?l isu f IV - al2 I iucisl Bs k, lre|tnd, miiI *franche , ami I'soatall t epr nri- 1 v| Hanking I ?nrutiuii? thoughmt'ai.d, ncotlsud and Vales, on application as above. n)6 3 rc rcm iuwi'.riv.tkmalb fii.lo. t"v ( 'HKS* ,b t PilU, >'"001 I'nrtncl, ,r. Procr-i w. i-rf-ir-, u? I>? oliU"?.1 r. 'hi, e.matrv bdr.itlM IT^1 oa lh. lul ?<> > loarth uui? .p|0 AMUSEMENTS. ??AUK TlilCATHIfc. ip? SO ' iiu - 1'it i < >ou?<Hilary UK C?nt?. THIS EVEMNO. April l?. 1?*4. Th? t?ifor"iuicr will coinin-nc A NEW WAV TO PAY OLD DEBTS. Uile? Overrr'fh Mr. Booth To conrludr with KOKTt'MO ! And Hi> Srvru (Jifird SrrTUUrlunio Mb. H. Hunt CHATHAM T'HBATRIE. "omb 21 Ceau I Pit-.-UK C?ot?. **'* -Vii Aii'il 16 toe mmeter with THE LOVE CHASE. ilur<tkr E. B <>rnrr Cttilft AllCt* . . \1ri Mr( Inrp '1 ciim:lud Willi THE HONEST THEIVKH ague Mr. Moaaop. mihuil dLVAfit riiiAi ul THIS EVENING, Apr I H, the Opera of A TRIP BY RAILROAD After which HAMLET TKAVE9T1E. After which THE " EW FOOT MAN. To conclude with OIOVANNI IN GOTHAM. AJHKKICAN and perpi:tuai, fair ONE WEEK MOKE IK THIS GRAND A I TRACTIVE BILL ! ('ouiiii',ucn it on Monday, April '5th. SPLENDID PERFORMANCES 'teruoou at half pa*t 3 o'clock. and every evening at a quarter before 8 GIANT AND GIANTESS! ! Mt in the woilil. aud of the lineal ay ininetry and proporI"hey are MAN AND WIFE. been viaited in e urnp by mure than NE HUNDRED THOUSAND PERSONS! he leal year They may Ire aevn from 10 o'clock A. M im 2 till halr-iiaat5, and from 7 till 10. KKNTUCRV MINSTRELS. Mr COLE, the IILLY; Mia a E. AD AI It ca PE ? ITE CKHITO, G. SHERMAN, Mil. WH1TI.OCK, MR. T G H, Mr WILLIAMS, and MR HOWARD, and ilTSY FAMILY, ail in nninber, recently from Gerund faithiul reiireeeutatirea of the ancient people o' may be aeen in 'lo ir native continue. rIPSKY QUEEN, the Fortuue Teller, may be private" ilted at ah hours of the day anu evening. r? 2'j renfa?children nude. ten yeara IX G centa. Twea cut* extra, for private conauluttioua with the Gipiev all rc UtLE'tr HEW tUUH fit SElJB. VND PICTURE GALLERY Broadwav, nppotite (he City Hall. 4DID ATTRACTIONS ! AND BRILLIANT CCESS P KFECTI.Y UNPARALLELED ! LAND DWARF, THREE INCHES SHORTER, ND Til - SAME AGE AS TOM THUMB. With Eight Pi rf irrr.era, all lor One Sh lliug. H. BENNETT, Mauag r tik-? peculiar prule in p-elo the public an Amy of Taleut'hatcanuot be aur ' any place of emm mcnt in the ci y, aud that too at ce. il.tiwfier announce* an engagement with ONoVEIt, il.e Prniean lb"i former, e'. ITE O LESTE, the ineefu! Dancer, iREAT WESTERN Mrs. Wr.STERN. A I) MR, the < narni'ng Song.fesi, BLANCHARD. Die Grecian J u k g I err na, KOWN, the Comic Singer Ann the GIANTESS.! ! >ery visiter. ilanager rcspect'ull" announce* that lie hu diminished lib r i f seats ill ill- Lecture Room, but increased the if r' audiecca Tha Fir*' Six Front Rows will conlie Pirquette. they ate rewly cushioned auu the back* in that every seat will be entirely separate each one au Ann Chair. From their bring cnuatructed in this aud n C*lt?iB spare allotted to etc'< visiter, the audiinoteii|i rience the incouvenience that frequently occurs B crnwilert st-t- of thv room. tla isger hi* incamd anuidanklacspenea in ideptlif a?bow ver, a* he professes to promote t*ie pleasure of pitrous by every means in his power, LADIK8 WILL (MITTEl) TO THE PARQUETTH WITHOUT .XTIt \ PRICE, hut Umtl. men will be charged au al shilling ISA DOROTHEA WAONKK.iiarerof thecelebrated Queen. can be consulted duriuR the day and evening An Afternoon Entertainment on Wednesday! and iy? at 3 o'clock; aud every evening at a quarter to B ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. IBITION OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS. ONAL GALLERY OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS ok the old masters. xhib1tion room. in clinton hall, Corner of Nassau and Heekman street). TEURS and ART1S ? h are informed, that the Oal o( Paintings at Clinton Hell is now open from II A o'clock at night, or Inter, according to the season. They erein lind a choice collection of the finest Paintiusi laveevsrad rnnl any Euro|>ean Gallery. Artist! wil veil to study in the h xhibitian Room 1'he public wif italogne, which will eiplaiu all the historical and othei luotiug the passages of authors from which the subjects en taken. admittance only 2i cents mZ7 lin'jgb JUVENILE MUSICAL FESTIVAL. UCH p'easure aid satisfaction have been expressed, i pnhlielv and privately by those who attended Mr. ry's Festival last yeae, and so urgert and r-iieated have ie solic'tations that he would give a aiini'nr one this that, notwithstanding the pressure of pr ofessional ennts as well as Ins pieieut indisposition f health tie mpelled to ei gnue in the interesting task. This Jnveteitsinment, will be given in the Broad way Tabernacle Inesday Evening, the 17th lust, commencing at half-HM >. The ch nusses will he sustaii edhy u| wards of I Young Singers Tickets, 2i c-nts; for sal? at thi i.d Music Stores md at Ih" d*or. n. B ?n postpone W.M B. BRADBURY, illt'w THE ANATOMICAL VENUS. mr>,ie with th? iinanurniit reipmat or Ins former ail ice, ndJotWa who ci aid not prtvioauj attend, Dr * haa contttlod to redeliver hia courae of Lectun-a to ami (Jeutlrmeu, at I-I>erate timfi, o i tin* Heprodurtivi in lotha'iea, and the reproductive proc??e id plant' imilt. I >n Tueaday . We'ne* a-, and 'l'huradiy April th. and III h, a' National Hall. Canal afreet, a f?-w doori Mro.idway Kor gent'emeu only, at1J< in the evening linn fO c?ula a tingle le:tore, nr$l lor the cour??. Kol nly, at 2Id in tin*. fernonna of tli? sun" iliv?. Ad in latent a these 1 return it ill be illustrated bv the onl] lh model r.f the female form ever teen m thit country latornie.'.l V-1 u?, and by fou tee. i other inodelt, renri j llie p-cnliari'iet of the leinal- form ami I e <l< velor of the infant being at at, many. different ?tiges rfec ly t tie to Nn'ure ! hetidet natural pri Intra Sic. ? enllem-n may alto tee time rvery in> rningat Id ery evruinit. ?*e?pi t out of rhr lerrinri ?17^. for > i adiet ever'aft riioon at Sj?, for 45 cents: great num whom arte id every day and are loud in theii prtitei. Ocntlrmen of the preaa need only give their addrntei al.6 t;iu* ec YL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT W. J. DAVIS re pectfiilly irqaiioti Ira friendt aui the public, that hi* HOMCEhT will lake place oi )A\ hVKNINO, April S2, at llie Apollo h.aloou, oi occailon lie will he arriatril by a Urge Orrbeatra and b; It einioeut talent, both Vocal and lutttiimrutal. ler particulars will I etbortlv anuouneed. alS3tia*rt AC'Sl'IN I'llll.l.U'S retpectfullv aurioiiiicrt to hi riendt ai d the i?u"lit. that I it A N NU AL CONCER'l te plac - at Nilil >'t 1'hurtday ' vening, tin Apr.1, when ht will h >ve ihe kind aiiiatiuc* of the fo| lalen ed arliates Mrs tlnrdwick; the M iriCum Vlitt Mary Augtitta Hard eick, four >e rtofagt: Mitt ravlor, by the tiuii iiermiiaion of W. Mitchell. Kail itt?t'.i Mr Miyoard; Mr. J. U. Taylor; Vr. ( lirehnkti rka, Violi"; Mr. Kyle, Mr. Divis. Flute; Mr.Tnnir N King, I iauo Forte, and aeveral menders ol the Nee rocal Hociery. Conductor, .Mr. It urge l.nder. ert to commence ai 8 o'clock preciaely rt? 'iO ce.ita each?To h< had ?t the different Mustt ol Mr. Aua!in I'hi lipa, at lot reaid-oce, 14 Walker at the door of the Concert Hnom on the evn'ugofpei ce o>tpnnement on account of weather aH S.*rc 11 ( I IMM hit ihe honor In announce that hi kNNUAL CO ?CKRT will t-lie place at ihe Apoll i, B.o&dway, on't U'adiy, li.tli April PROOoAMMK. I'aiiT I. t Double 8?mphonv lor I'wo Oichestriu?lllnatratini cde of good and evil lulluencca for in utery over th nd of - an. In lie?tr ?(Solo Instrument.)? Meaira W V. Wallace irkt. Wier.-re. Boucher. Hoaier, J A. Kyle, Wieie oi iff Wohi ing, Troiai I Orch-atra?M?aara Otto, A Dodarorth, H.Dodworth yrer, ll-ir. V, hipign. M uliui, Peterton. Derwott John i, Mtiag'iff, Mij.ui, Walker, Jicobi, I'irt'aon, Guides vi?, Hrier, St rk A Kile, Kn'lgraff, Mini ton. Noldi titer Mato .'l iicm. llelwig, Wrench. Wood, Ike Uti i nt I.?'lutancy'? 1 a utter helpleaaue a itt confolin orence. and how ratily o|ierated u|*>n lioth by goad an I. tent II ?"Youth"?The development of tl e varies pai nt it h r tioitrayed with great poet'c fo ce and b"au'y ml III ?The liual air ggleof goo ' and evil in ".Mai > I," ami the triumphant victory of the former, jal?"Down in a llowi' K vale' by the New in Vocal Society Keal 1'aht ii. ("ore.erto?Violin, Mr. W V Wallace, iooveinr de New Voik ' Wall it ? I?--Now ia ihe month of Ma, ing, 'by the >cal Society Mor|e Concerto in D miuot?Pi no l'.,rte, .Mr II, Tim Vendrlaao ire ro "Le Lac fee Foes Aube DlKKCTOR MR (J LODKR a ktponemeot on ai-connt ol weaiher. Ti ke'a $1 eichliad at llie ouiic Storea, a the residence of Ml . 161 I roab' rtreet. all 31*e.lMllTurc Annt.t nu / r. /,, 10?' KTRKr.l. BL')0>1?* UlMLK KOAD. I VA N llkN'SHJCLAEH, Propiietor of |h?* Abbey Iff w< uld itturu th *uks *o ut# citi/cns of New \> it a e 'if - /. .1 in . ; I li- | ? f ? asm 15 Uentinn tu the bustnets atid want* of his rues's lie hot# miinnat.ce <if *li?* name f?. . ( win have not visit d the place, he won Id respectful that \ 'arge, line old mansion, supplied with tin* neces i d Inline* of life?xrojnd? uuiur,med ui locs'ion and lov lineAS?corer d with green swee'.floweri shade, with attentive i.ost?wait tin if coming, lemeu w fh their fatnilis-t, will fin I n li'vf i oun Wil n tin cool ?Irida of thf old f o es of **0. ft am' f hildrcn r^n roim u j* ?> md qnief over the #i Krouii '* of thn place, and be as unmsturbed as in thei ivat# walk* ilies or single |?#rsoiis e> ii obt in hoard and good room r rat#, by n l iving >nn. Individual* or I',trues will h d with IlreaVfist. Dinner or huiper, at all hours. Vt'oro * Stages, rnnniiix from ih- I'ark corner of Chai nl and 'I ryon How, near th* llulroad, to Manhattai ass the place everv hour of 0* d iv ?la'# '2>* cents K o i and rueful driven, n akr this a cheap and p.egt&i ?rn lh* lie it and dust ol the city. York. April, 1B4I als Iwi <KI' Mill' Ml kit 11) A N MIDM flVKIIINlOl, ona guees hy this sh p will pl'ase *eud their termiu o si Orleans haif, foot of Wall stieet All x oda im ei in live days, must unavoidtblv be sent to pahli _ sir. Mrr <kr Mill' Wt/kkN OK ills WrMl him VlhllPOOL?ton si goes hy this v#t?el v i.l please tk hat she is now discharging, under treiivrj ofde , at Wra rl ox Hup WOOD HULL ?t Ml VH Il^rt, !rc S7 South street UtE OFFER To PLAIN KAM l LIES M U S I C . IK^T RATK I'HOK" **HOK OK TDK OA ( OitTK AM) IT M.IAN Hi Mil NO, ?itli.? f "?< i inn pUni *n<l r? |?r??l>V f.inilv f r < niri-ro in ini tt ?hich h* would'Nkp xloin-in In* room "?t ,??!* inoforte, which may h- used hy iIk pupi', b? ?ns .tbsen tiest part of the dav KiHtrsu ??I f uc#s liven Nd 'MlfHIl Mil' I. offl '* J*1' RA K?PAI.VO'H (I : / < ON' KRT SALOON >)V OrKN-'lli' <!. ?* will b* *old low, u the pro it rft.riBK fiom ln'irni |,KMK w i**rr IBI 1 hAmbers street. VU'OK I A NT T<1 THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN. SK. Inlnpttwd. iti'l '"'t' *?T?Y it mUMlth for f r *,lr n1 M. M. UKSOMaAUX'S Woudtrfu Ltitt . lint I rdiu. nrt *d>"lii*nH,i.t OO I Itt column of loutt)i|?gr Im it *m BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Important Intelligence from Wa&hington! THK TKltMD OK THK TKXA8 TKKATY. Interference of ENGLAND WITH TEXAS. The Treaty to be Ratified within thirty day* or Loet. THE NEG0CIAT10N WITH OREGON ARRESTED. Bold and Energetic Stand of Hr. Oalhonn. r/y j /.L. u 1^ "? I l^.TrwiWHuniw 01 ine jirnuu.j Washington, 18th April, 1SW4. 1 am glad to be able to give you the facta; it matters not whence I get them; it la enough that implicit credit may be given them. The leading terms of the Texian Treaty are aa follows:? 1st. The United States are to discharge or assume the debts of Texas, to the amount of what the sale of Texian Lands will pay, and no farther. T he assumption will only e<iual the sale of lands. 2d. lexas is to be admitted as a Territory, and to be allowed one Delegate in Congress. 1 am not positively informed as to the matter of the Delegate, but have no doubt as to the truth of the statement. 3d. Nothing is said about slavery; and on thia point 1 suppose will be the only issue in ratifying the treaty. 4th. The accompanying correspondence (which will all be laid before the Senate) will develops ths tact that England has been making overtures to Texas of an alliance. The government of the United States has beeu apprised of the fact. Mr. Upshur entered into correspondence with Mr. Everett upon the subject. Mr. Everett replied. Mr. Upshur wrote again. Since his death an answer hus been received. And the whole correi^ pondence will be submitted to the Senate. 5th. The treaty must be tatified?in order to take effect?within thirty days after it shall be sent into the Senate. Here is an additional important fact. The course which Mr. Calhoun him taken r-Utiv- ?? tlie Oregon Boundary has arrested the negotiation upon that question with Mr. Pakenham. Nor can it be resumed again until Mr. Pakenham shall have obtained further instructions from his government. I have but few remarks to make to-night upon the above facts. One is to call attention to the extraordinary dispatch (so unlike Webster's negotiation with Ashbuiton,) and energy, and decision ot character exhibited by Mr. Calhoun. It reminds one of " Old Hickory's" administration. The people like a bold, prompt, and energetic leader, who is not afraid to assume the responsibility. The fact that the Oregon negotiation has been arrested by Mr. Calhoun's position, leads me to think he will not relinquish an inch of bona Jide United States' soil, and hence the difficulty. If this be a fact, the whole mighty west will fling up 1 their hats for joy, and fioora [that's Webster's orthography] for Calhoun. Doubtless the object of inserting the " thirty days" provision is to compel the Senate to act upon the i treaty before adjournment. ' The facts respecting the interference of England [ with Texas are of an astounding character, and cannot fail to exasperate the people of this country, who will not allow a foreign power to interfere in a family quarrel between the United States and Texas. I had some time since informed you of these facts. The treaty must secure the entire southern vote ' ?and Mr. Calhoun's Oregon position will also enj sure it at least the entire dcmotratic western vote. . ft will also get several strong northern votes. In a few short weeks Mr. Calhoun's name mill ayain be run up for the Presidency (in 1K48) and nailed to the mast, all considerations to the contrary, notwithstanding. I don't give this as my opinion, | but as fact. I In my previous letter to-day, strike out a note at the bottom, in which I express a doubt about Calr houn's interference in King's appointment, Ate. ' Calhoun has not interfered at all, and I want the - statement to read to that effect. This is specially , important. I could say much more, hut my letter is full, j 8. B. P. S.?Colt's great sub-marine explosion took place this P.M. Beautiful day?great dust?thos" sands there?vessel under full sail, all blown to the & devil?full particulars to-morrow. f 'Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.] ; Washington, April 14, 1844. colt's srn-marine explosion. The Senate did not sit yesterday, and the House | took an early adjournment lor the purpose of wit; nessing Colt's explosions. The vessel to be ex' ploded was lying oil in the " Eastern Branch," not ' far distant from the Navy Yard. The time fixed . was half-past four o'clock, P.M. But long before the hour arrived, every avenue, street, lane, and by-path, began to be thronged with visitors to the scene of explosion. The day was unusually fine, n and very warm, the thermometer nt 80. Every species of vehicle was put in requisition, and all at exorbitant prices. Some rode in coaches at #5, < others in barouches at $>'10; some on horseback, sonic in gigs, some in buggies, some in cabs, some in wagons, and some in " machines." to the great admiration Hnd astonishment of the fat negro wenches. It was in one of these latter " astonishi, ers" that I bad the honor of riding in company [ with John A. Morrill, Esq , of New York, and sell verul other gentlemen of distinction, u The ride was highly picturesque and romantic, much resembling, as it was said, a visit to the fcn^ glish laces. 8ucli crowds Hnd eager throngs of i- travellers, pressing through the fields, across the lots, over the fences, now along the half ploughed t, field, where the plough still stood in the midst of us unfinished f urrow?and now along the newly grasscarpeted meadow,where the dandihons and daisies ,, gave presage of approaching May, and the delights of an opening spring Anon would thunder along ? the great thoroughfares some cavalcade of car? riHges nnd galloping horsemen, raising a cloud of r dust so large as completely to obscure, or more classically, to obnubilate the whole field of vision ~ in every direction. < >n looking back towards the city, all Washington seemed overhung and enr veloped in one grand and imposing cloud of dust, surpassing anything ol the kind 1 had ever seen. When we arrived upon the Imnks ol the Poto' mac, we found them lined with people, multitudes ' on multitudes, which no man could number, of every nge, sex, color, and condition?children puling in their nurse's arms, urchins just unwhipt from school, one grand jubilee of darkies, grinning , from ear to ear, and swnllowing dust by the mouth' ful, grave judges, sage Senators, foreign diplomaI tists, Member* of f ongiess, not forgetting long John ol Illinois, towering aloft and smiling at the dust below; Indian* of unknown tribes, and from ' latitudes never yet explored; some remained in their carriages, others sat upon their horses, the fences were covered \vifh kr?ifin<l the treeHfil t. led an with Mark hirrlr*; tlx- grass upon me river n i- HiHigin was spread out with individual handkerchiefs d which had been used lor less ignoble purposes; " here a riot of naughty hoys are amusing themselves Willi flirting stones, chi|*? and pebbles, some to fall " upon the heads of those helow, others into the wa~ ter to be chased by Irolicksome dogs:?there the " cab drivers and hackmen are cooling their horsea, r and washing their dusty vehicles, by driving the in in to an alarming depth of water ;?every 1 species ol water craft is in attendance, irom punt ' to steamboat. As to the explosion, I need say but little of it. The vessel anpeared to he a haruue of some 500 ton*, with all sails set When the ;ime arrived she was loosed frotn her moorings, the American > llag was taken down, the red flag oi death was left living at the mast livad?the wind carried her over j the latal submarine deposit, the galvanic wire was t fired, and a moderate explosion destroyed the vessel. She w as not blown up into the heavens liKe those which were exploded in the harbor of New . York. On the contrary, the explosion was very 'Hiiet. There were several other explosions under waier, which threw up columns of water to an immense height, and with a very grand und imposing effect. 1 have filled my Irtier, and it I had not, I should have nothing more of importance to say, except that I have heard of no unfortunate accident yet. S. B.