Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1844 Page 4
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Umlmm at Dtucki at Phlladt lplUa. Kib?t B?am>, April li?lU abate* Guard Bauk 7|- SOOO State S'a ii-?; *4000 .lo 6'a ciah. 84; fMM) <i? ft"* b .11 #4 J; *5000 Jo 6'e a a t 01], 20 *luu?? Union luanraurc., HI, ii Uo Healing RRoad, 22 J; Ml Jo Jo 22'; 2J do Jo 2iJ; $2000 Heading Kltod.i BouiU, JOj: W-aUiare* Mechanic-' Bank, 27J; $.'100 OlJ County ?>*8, fsBO, 9SJ; * WH Pmn'a ti'? lew, liew aiin, OsMlS aUutea Mauuf & Mac'* Bank, 26: n do Wilmington Railroad, !6|. Srco o Boabu?April IS ?*10000 State Ma, Ca?h, W; $13000 <?o S'? flt; 5?kHW? Jo 6's, allf t>?; <11000 Kentucky ?'? 101; >2100 t lie,apcako and llelaw am 0 ?, IHJ6. ktjj jnO" Wilmington 6'*, 1S58, 78}; 80 ahfcre* Parmer* anl tfreliunic*' Bank 83}; 14 Vick?tiurg Bank 10 LATKIT SOUrUkKA SUSP ItkWl Phi.aii- Lruta. April 15?below. Zoloft', Own. fin lliodr Juiei'O, I-' 0. 15; Sun. 11 tier, fin HdsLou; JtiilnaunJ Sea v *y, fin 11a1 au-; Al.o, two b'iga, unknown. C't'd. Br. bri* M-1chant. McLe-u, 8. J hu, NT B. ' Baltimork, April 15 ?Ar. 1 eutic, l'cd-\ l-anuiia; VeorArd fr m Win Janeiro; I'liJi e ,\1 in n fiem Rio J uiei o 2 th P(b, to K BlUlle ictona I'welill hfl >rr l*| orted S|?ill. Marc It la , lal 2J s, loo i W. bus t .troKuf 4. Vlary Bo* too fir Rio 85 <l>y? eat fn cii J re, Thoinponj. Iron I'.I to K Maeeu Le't Ji>na_Crua?yl Hopklua,_l >r M yuu"x7V'T:">*l foi >?V V Voski Wr?. K Norton, for Ho*. t>n iooo' N.ivo ?, ir. u? N**wf York, tinned .an ; N Undid. Shackelfo/d, u> t*il 3ut f ?r N\.u?bo, t> lo d lor N Vurk; Talmn 11 >in ih, fowl day lor Vvurtnan; Mary Anon, S ankljiti) lor P'ui uksli'to 4 ?o , Ulei.iU we , t'jr N??r- I folk, next diy; A m.k- . .Martin, fj| Pal or a St?**, to loan IV,r | Nrw Voik- l>*nWl ^obnet, VVir % lot a/rall Botttoigd*; Jtiiu tfniiih, Jarti*. fm Areuib i. I R. Left Couiuf Tce.Pria e. for lit t?ni ?? , ichrt Nonpareil, for Pn V.? rl,?hii, next d?\ : ?nd Kchor fur NuiloK, I ?llautAlaiy, I viu?,f urn Mdud e*t-r EutnouJivo, PoiM K:C6; 'fiotie, Stubbi. Bu kurort: Si Th< tiui, Li ** u, lio.tou ; Ma ia, liirkruon, Nrw lied'u il. ? Id?Iowa,Th lup.'Oi , Rio iff la eiro nud t inaakvi; Jau e* P. w?*, Ke*tn e. *\ 5tiu, N r Md?Br Dover, l'erciva , lor d 'ttoo BOARD IN BOND STREET. PLEA^A VI UUU 'ud w tu Board ca.i be i buiued at No. 2 bond tlrrrt all lm*ra bo<Trd in a imiiv ate"family. AQUT-;T GcNTEL FAM1L V, i, ivu g wk.u a p nrai p. u.a in Blocker .(.reel, wf.icb tl*ey wui occupy t-rfijr lee in of 'l?y MristucK l>> rc'uc. > It ir e?, are desirous of t' a ft t'0 nan ,n<< famil.. ur , <-(>ti| le ol a en'Ir men, r a nunc I'll! io liouU Willi II rill They will inueuvor tn give them all t b couitoiti of a rjuiet ili-u?i,r hnmr. Uefereucps given .mil renuirvu. Apply a. At lirec iw.chsuett. a9 lw fh Boarding vr r < ouktlandt street?Tm stent and pe-nia. i-ul boarding for single or maried gentle, inen w itn Co niorUb c room,, turunlinl or uulurrialied, l,y MIIS IIKIo' 1 i II " ? , |?,?ee A CARD. CLINTON HOTEL. No. 3 IlKEKMAN S'J'REET. Tin* H . TEL, u r lti? Pa k, iu . highly e'igibl* and cec> Ir l n i.ati. ii, i a, lately tiudergoi e mvy ie|> ir. dml alt ation.c leu 1*. fan, in Lt t a l umlort of ihe rr.v. 11-r lt? ii opriruii PRE "TU.N II 'DOES, demro < ? in', rin thepu' lie ami h , pi nui cmenall that, Sycanftr attrition to their Wants, lie ' lire, to merit iheir suplio t . he b?gs to add .t the !,?? time, that lis price | er da lie. eel' r'r. will be lor tansient boariie . S '.conformably to that o! other hotels iu the cit, of *i|?,| re<i e tahility Ntw \ oitu. A, r.l I3tn, 18(1. all hlt^-c HAVANA MANSION iFobSb llO 1'lc.X. THL undersigned takes occasion to intorm Ms menus in lb* public, that the Mansion House is cow located in Itquisnur street, No. $7. in the ricinil] *f th* steamboui '.and;..: uud vegetable market, having ecu; u.dious lainilv apartow ?i? ?i ranged in the neatest order A , rts.,.' i* employed to procure permit to l.v~e. f& baggage, tkc who will ho?.'d voasels ttnme-J lnt*)r *'ier th? visi 01 the revenue officers. N. B.?V i?iuir? to this island should p >ente * passport troy the Spanish ' oasa! it tne port of nibarkation, to ? viate di' tiCuillAl *.nb "JIM. s??f* WILLIAM KIM,TON UNION HOTKIj, CORNER OF URHENWICH AN1> RECTOR STS PI ELL iMOTTH hit't" i form tn? I'ohlic that he h o newly ft te- op in* H t*l, and i,a? tsk'n the louse N o 91 (lieen sic str et, a'joi bug th t uow occumfd threw nir tilt iv ole i to oue embracing an el g<nt ladies' a.lor saloons Im ii iva e partus, I so a fi .v re,d ug ,00 r, besides cuff, e anil billi< <1 moms The location it u sup <sed tor Mlu>> ity a d c n '?>urn e r tnebusire.s resort* of he city being in tlievi cinitv uf the Barl-iy, u williiu he. walk of the Custi in House and r xcha.ig f. U. tvi i spare do endeavors to deserve a good share ot pub lie patronage. Persons de*irnns of acquiring the French Larguege will hare Iter sitpei ior advantage in tin piosecution ot t eir studies I'ermaneut boarJeis cut je accounnoual'd with tine rooms on reasonable t rint. mil tin rc PhkNIX HUKrtiTBAiiAAK, NO 189 JINL) 1U1 MERCER STREET, NEXT TO BLEECKER STREET. ?f> Th- nut regular t'UULlt AUCTION 8ALK. 'aP* will'alte place a th s esuo i.shtni nt, TUESDaY. ' ' s ? * "! 16. rotnmeiiciuir at e'even o'clock. with Cai" riane, Harness Saddlery, tie., new and second liauil. At 12 o'clock, wi.l be offered a catalogue of very inperioi horse*. iirntlemen in the country having property to dispose of. either at public or private iile, will have fhtir orders faithfully atteuded to. At Private Sale?SO fine young country horses, kind and sound, just in from the western part of the State; two aujierior matched pairs of Bay Hones, a fine pair of Brown Horaes, c splendid par of Bay Carriage Hors-s, a pair of Bright Sorrel H"rse, young, souud. kind ?ud very fast trotters. ve y fine -addle Horses Also, at private sale, two very uanJsome Kockaway Wagons, and a uumler of new and second hand Barouches and Light Wagous. Horn, s taken at Livery, and kepi in superior style. Accommodation* for dealers' horses, in stables unsurpassed by awy establishment of the kind in the United States. St'OK AHK?-Vehicles of all description taken on storage it th* large an > r.onveuieail Repository ot the establishment W, fOiVAN will attend personally to all orders for buying an l selling horses. All persons selling property at this establishment may rel, upon having a tuck account ok >ci.b rendered, a. d the trtt amount or raocecos will, mail cases, be paid promptly in run rent money. The AiaENA of this establishment is built on an entirely new and most convenient plan, bung detach, d from the main t> vdlug and ctebl*. there ly not inter'eriag in the least with i>|*y oi tale h rscs out or ccuiing in on the day of auction ssle Ai 11 oUi?r Simps tli* Arena is k-pt entirely clear, anil re served f ir th" r.ceotmnodajioa of private horse* and those, on* sale, affording m ry lacilily for ea-rci?e,tiaiuinit ami showing horses. COWAN AND DI1.KS, ?13 Im'rc Proprietor*. NEW HORriii 1>AZAAH^ NO. 31, 33 AND 33 CROSI'Y STREET. tfl TUt PROPRIETOR would infoiinlu* friends ijaiNiau the public that he has on sale, at his lirga and jLi2A?tpacious establishment, upwards of seventy flora', just sir ved renin lh, country, young, sound aud kind comprising very line pai s of Match Carriage Horses, from Ontario Count", suitabV for family u,e, a I ant' number ol fine single Hoed and rhpidle Horses, of good style and action, fast tr .iters and o! great so durance Also, a very large numbtr ol g >o ' Horses, suitable for heavy draught, kma. s?.. tie and well broke in harness. The above toe* *rea!i .veil wo thy ihe atten'i' n ol purchasers Drovers ana llor-eiiieu V'titi--* this intrket. with II >rre* fm sa'e, -a ill fmd the accummod it isis of this ei??hl,.aliment uni nri-ass-d by any o her ol the kind iu the lli;it?d ?Ul s. Tin St bins *re vi ry iry and cOu' eui'n". and capable of stabling 100 Horses coin! ntibiy. (Jentlemen having Horses to k?cp ro livery, by sending them to thm rstabli-.nnieuf may rest assired that they wn I rec> iv the utiu i t c-r- aud attention, with liberal ch irgi-s. T e propr. - ir w. nld also inform his tr?eu< s tiiep-'blic. thai the Auctiun if Outness it di.i;outinu"il l this enta'dlshnrnt WILLIAM W1L.MA ItTH, uirlUlm'rc Proprietor k OP TIC IA N t / ' 11 O M GERMANY, M"St respectfully informs ihu cirizeus of New York. a.d the public m general, t"at he has located himself iii 'his ci V, and opuns to-day at 437 Brand a av.a large and most cornplere a?sonmsrt ol S ectic a, and Reading Glasses, iu (ioid. 8il>er and eteil Fr-ines He would also remind the rut I c. to whom he is pirtfy known by his annual visits to erntngn Springs since rhn last ni. e years, thtt by Ins knowledge of the optic I science he is enabled to determine the g asses suit ible for any eye Pers us witn weak eye? can fce supplied wi'h glass-1 wh ch will gr-a'lv heurlit a id not strain the sight Par I ruler atte-CiO'i is C-ll dtia i.ew style of [wrspertiv ground glas'es of the finest tluit, which ttiruug* tl fir high polish a d true groond, produce 'he | urest'vi?\on, and hat* beeu highly rrcoMme ide < us the b'st in t'etreff-ft* upoc the eye for or se v <ng and improving the sight in continued writl g and readi is. hluit-s ghlrd oer.ous, aud such as have h-en opera ed upi n for citarsct csn also be suit d He mse'ts like in uew glas-es f snpeiior ,|m It y in old frames, and solicits the patronage of all in want of his articles. Please call * M. WISE, Optician, alO 3rn*rc <37 Broadway. TO (jYjVjnTRY merchants' ~ DM. PEYSER 4c CO. (lately removed trout the corner ol William aud John, to No. 6<l John street,) offer for sale on liberal terms, wholesale end retail, tho following ai tick's, rec'/imd by recent arrivals ? Eeilm best Zephyr Wonted?the meat complete assortment in tins country. ... Canvass, for Embroidery, of cotton, silk and worsted, in all widths. Berlin Embroidery Patterns?of the choicest and newest de?ciiptiou. Embroideries, nnisnen ana commenced on velvet, silk, worsted and cotton, worked iu the most tasteful Parisian style Tassels for Hair Dresses, of gold, silver,and silk and tinselled; Bracelets, Comhs, Hair I'ms, and n largo variety of other Iwaut ful Paris e-uicv Articles. Purse Ornaments?y;ree|, gilt ami silver Beads; Bugle's Purse Twist, platu and shaded, in sticks and spool- 1 moroidery . and Bower Chen ' |e, of silk a id me'al ami s Ik. Also. Fringes, aud Cord and Tassail, imported and ol tbeir own manufacture, ol gold, silver, silk, 4tc. all colors and widths IJT Branch Store s 3M Btoadwav,(formerly 437 Broadway ) f 7 Irn-r # CAST OFF CLOTHING. or I'lmili* i f converting tlifirlef. off Wearing Apparel into cash, cau obtain fur the uw the highest rash price. To families and gentlemen qnittmg the city, or changing resideuee, having any superfluous elf t? t? dispose of, w ill find it much to their advaut <K to send lor th- subscriber, w ho will ulteud them at their residence bv appointment, II LE'ETT,* lohnitrm. Broadway. A line through the Pont Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. Ulnthmgc enned and rrpa'red. in!>mi*re GENTLEMEN'S LI'.'FT OFF WAKDKOBL rPHE HI 'HK->T PRICES e?n|tm nbauird by Kcnileirieiior J fami ms woo a.e de.irous of consenting then leftoll v m inir ap. arel into cub. To families auo geuttem?ii nuitting the ei'y, or chancing irn dence h iving anv Mipi-rfl'imis effects to dispose of. wi I lind 1 111 ich to tueir advantage to send f r the subscriber, who wil attend trvem at llieir rnsidmice by app un'.ment. J Lr. V KNBTYN, 466 ft road way, up stairs. A lin" through the .Post Office, or otherwise. will rece 1 vi prompt attention. m2l I in e d?ff. The Urruteit invention of the Age* TUB INVISIBLE FAH.TINU3, OR OEN I'LKMEMS' RKVL IIIOA H OH HAIR, beini the latest and ere ire,t improvement in the manufacture o WIGS AND SCALPS, And the Subscriber 1* happy 111 being the fust to introduce th?t? here They di-td ty the forehead and trmii'ei to any height, a po'nt in wig mtlung neeer lief,ire attained. Tney an- composed of ventilating or gissam*r work, the haira in the parting being singly iiis?rte.1 and a >?una|ly distributed as to anpetr jnst isste ing from the ?kin. They fit ?n the head by a niee.hautcal con trivancn, entire!; new They are put on ill a moment Tney immediately aiipt t',eai<.? vc, to ti e connten nice, and at ore.' pvt .nd (earcel of th? ivi ? mm. They do note "ch the natural course of perspiration?thi< fact alone 1. woithyol great Co .aidcrati in to southern gent'rnpn Ity being c imposed of the finest n KUral curled Itiir ihey uerer require cresting 01 ar>a igement; and hey are in.d on a new re t; they neve, shrink tf-ntlemeu can have t choic-of several hundred Wigi and Zealot, and a private room to fit thern on in. Prices from $5 to ? i5 B. I'halon respectfully mvit?s all weareri to examine tiii stock of Wigs and Scalpi beforr lurchasirg el,swhere. i;0pi theadilreas K. I'HaLoN. mgg lm*ec Bro osife hi. Haul's Church. F*Ott to -V TO C LOS el A COM KH\-I Lrg" double I on 'afe, made by I". Delano, suitable for Bankso lMorsi.ce offices, I f iur col. Doric Nlove,Biv'ei's Pine, tic. So 1 Mitchell % Map of the World, Store and Office Tahjes,1 U 111 IIUs Itc , I Mahogany Dressing Bur ail. 1 Sofa, I W'a hiliiM CardT.bN, 1 Saddle and Bridle, alb lw*uc 15 South William at., upstairs. H^PICR Oh' THY NKW YOHK AND EIUK KAILROAD COMPANY?N?w Yoi.k. April 11. IHt-1 he ri I unmiiti r<,uiicit htviu ilrt't-'fd bv reio'uuou, t**ac it it not J *x ( ? (!i?ut tlunliet i v of New York ?n ul<J rubtcrili* to tlie r, Capital riotk of tlie New kork tod l.r-o Kailroad Coin ? .y, end having dec ined to unit* ia thr tp^licatwii to Mir Lig'iu- y ture. ttie- I >.i-< t >r< ere aid r tli m-o ?i t y i I' prang the ookt w (or pri??i'- ilneriiniou witlio it t'>e important tw whica the M eo-onrrali u ot tlx city woulo have altoriirdW illi th.-ir roiirir ioui *? iu the importance of the I'oad,? ilieaiii U .I of c?: dal re tuirrd,?*ud ill.- principles ou which m e [In Uoa.d wrr Willi-K to uwhrlake its completion, they roil J nut coptitlejtli derliue to brmK forward lit? qoettiou of a city M i riptiou At the ?tmc time it w > I ell Our thegr n'. r re?|ioii?iliility involved in the derii! u of that que* ion tlio Id J u. I :ni wu!i tl em, even iudi.erlly, bnt brl -nted either to Urn |? ( iniiii.ou i ouncil.tiie 1 egialrtuie, or the people tl B , tlir ron ? punned llieipit-uiou could uot nach the people without the iturtiou of th-tommou Council tud the tnth rit nt the I.egivUt re. Tli*. inaction having beru rlutej, ihe pplit jinni loilu Lritivl itum will n it be m*de ; aud tlie completio . o! the New \ oik nod Eric Kailroad now de, rutin eucirrly upon the ouiouul that cau be obumed bypiivate tubscnp- w 11 foie ilriermii ing ilw cocdi.iont on which bookv of tub- < crip.ion to the ca; iial viock are to be opened, the Bo ru hive - a:ii had 'imlef r. "isi.ler Hum til* p liliou auuin-d in t eir reri"t,i'i iU S|X V',"luu' of collars are uecittary before the work f Alter much de ibemim, the Board continue of opinion th it > the couditi' us of the sub criptiou should require that t e H am ur t to he subscribed before the re*um.*tiou of the work a] should turh a* would piece th- Cu triplet ion of the lload b .% yond ordimry com nxiMin, and thiv Qeuaoi itUtff theni- * *el rg tint a sinal er sunt thau six mJiious will comply with una aoeditii n. ' 1 he Board have not ore I ok*d the imeo'tant conside.atiom wntch induce a ?u? to b. lieve f a' a smaller sum. in eoni'imoil with u?e ot^e* i*?"urc*a olrhecoaopwy would b- adequate, but those tousid ntiouf in Uo>< opntou are no' sulfiir n to remove di reasonable oou *t and no other bis * would ?e cm i s tent with th view? >C th? Bjard, the respooaib lilies of rhrir |) iinou, aud the principles o. which they cuustuted h to uude r?.k* ih-m p lii th ir iiiuti' to remove firry circumstance which may hi?e.itiu f<v r b'e in tin uc- on . ew subscription*. the Board linyelH-.u countr.jiued to dote iinifute b4,we n old and new lock, ud t at h ? may be ettec ed wiihout p#rm?uai?t ) j <rVt it in v. o ti e inters t- of dd *t< ckhold? rg. it has bean doneia she in inner *ti uUted in the Comillions ot gu scnptioe. Tht pr*< rity of di\ideud thus to b* greured to ire new stock is in u.- dep . on the . cti'.u o' individual holders of stock I a re.iissued. in to vqueue- of th leual ot-inioo that ueit'.er " th Bo .id ot f?i eci? rs a.*r th* stockhuld-r* legally c-mve.i d, i! pust^s i|?; power to make any diGtiucti ii bet Ae-a stocks is- n sued ?t dilf rcn' p-tiods b !u a<c>idnic? with ih*re virws the following ere th* conditions uud-r vt hi'h the . ubsTiptO" 'oolu are to bo opened t< '* We the uuf'ersii, c(l esp cfively subscribe for th i number cfih ires oi the i' pit ii Stock f the N V. and K. K. H. Co. a of one huudr d ilolia-s ei ii, te opposite' urunines and hereby .line 11 pay t> u anll?rs on each shar withui twenty days aft r hecluli u of t' e o'>ki. and th suh equ-ut lostal m-uts a* they shall tie'egj.'lv clledfir, "provided, * Is That b >im II e subscription subsequent to 1st of March an 1 i nor to l*r of > i gujt lb14, shall (.mount Co the sum of ?iix Millions ?' D I irs n "2d. T' at .he iustilma u thill net exseed thirty th ee and one third per cent pen nor tun ^ "3d. 'Ill t b' th- udivr'uil a< ts of tvc hoi Vr? of at lean *4 thrre-f uri hi of 1 he amount of line* issued pr or to thelsti.f 3 Mar h. lfti I ti sh i 1 be leg illv estahlt lied toat dividends when made si ill be. decla e l on t e f dlowum basi? ^ ^ "1st That - he >i, ht of dividi-iidg on at least serenty tire per rent ??f the old slock s all he deferred u itil a divideud of six per ceut ?>li i 1 be ceclired i.n the new st.' ck " 2d. Tint wren the net earnings shall eiceed thearnouDt nr* ceasiry to p iy *nch dividend to the n w stock, the excess shall f be upnropriated to dividends on thp old s* ck. 1' * 3u. That when dindei ds to declared ou old stock amount to six per ceut per auuuin, Ihe old and new slock thai be pu* " ?ti a iar, auu all dist uciions between them shall tlwreiIter f c ase ; k 'I he Isoar-I hive the sati-tftction of believing that the great n qtiestion o? the completion of the N Y and K. it li is uo* a. I ef e t lie citize of N w York r.nd of the count os inheres erl J.1 lu i;s c'iOfttuii lion, Ireed of all extr l e us coubideritioiiS, ihat ' . .. I. ? w C..II.. .1....... .Ka . ..I u..O ih ? Cj here |>revaiig tiro'Kh un the c.,in euuit ?n Hi preciat'.OU of the im; ertanc" of the road aua a confidence iu i's success when I' . iinil'lend to I.slte Erie that are of tne most eucjur giug cha- . r.ic er. IJ I lr" Bnar 1 will a'opta'l suitable measure! to obta'ti the very Irtm ral action 0 this subject which the la'ge araoil't to he " rais-d leiiuers necess iy, nun trust that their i fforis w ill te em- " neiilly s'couded by all who unit- with them i i opini n t' at ill completion < f the N-w Verb aid r'rie ' ilrintl whi'e it . .(fords every pto.p ct ?l tetnu eritiu-' divijeiuls to s'oc- hoi '- JJ -rs wtil b.'of great and neru.aiienl bei.elit to ihe city slid o tincty, IIO If AT I' > VLl.EN, Resident. JA vlKb BROWN, Vice l'resideut. 1 DIRECTORS I D. A. Cnthman, Charles M. Loup, t! Harvey Weed, Kias W K liin nds, e bil ig urown, Ausou G- I'helps, n The.i. Dehou, Mitt a w Mo-gau, u I' bpolford, Joh'tf. (ireeo, I Wm. Maxwell, A b Diven. t alS3trc Klijih Hialey. v Office Croton Aqueduct Board. > e 15th April, 1841. J NOTICE TO WATER TAKEU8 ?Water laVen?rer> ' quired to abstain from the use of the str. et " ashert alt ich >'d to i h ir service pire for the frtn alii eodoig SO ill A. ril, ait I fer the ram 1 peri d ol tiu.e to be veiy caieHtl tu ustug uo trior' water tbau is absolutely tiece s ny ; and citiz-ui generally are r.queste to aid tins dep rt> ent i, prtveuling toe umiecessiiy aaste of water from the hydiuuts now i. me, as the supply both ordinary and extrmr in ry for the city for 'he u< it four iee? Hays will be frutn the water cow in t) e r servoirs, ihe water brio, shut utt on the v hole lior of the i queduct, to entile th engineers, M ssrs .larvis a* d Haatie, to make their semi-anuun i x.imina ion of toe Ulterior, with su,h repairs as may hefouad . bubjoined is au exfart ftoin an ore.nance pused the Cntntncu Council, winch will ha rigidly enforeeu : i I. No parson or rrrsons, except the Mayor,Aldermrn or As sistant' f the re>|iecl ve wards, shall with' ut bievions permis siO'i iu writing Irorn t e Cmtuu Aqueduct tloird u.iscrew or i< open any hydrant" belonging or aiticl.ed to the Crotou Aqua | duct Works, erecting fir the exttiigii s'nntnt of fires excel t in cue of fi'O in the ueighboihnod, to r ihall leave said fire hydrant open for a longer litis* than xli.ill h> limited in ssid p trnigtiou uor sh 11 use the wate. IVr other pu'poses thau may J I" menli nail in s iiit permission utidrr the penalty of twenty - a live dollars for each otfrnce. By otder ol the Croton Aqueduct Board, a!5 lwrc J AM KSi A. COFFIN, President. ' wedding parties, BALLS ROUTS, Jsc. SUPPLIED vithall the different varieties of I'astry, Iced 1 he fruit, Pound ai.J Kpenge Ca*e, Uruauieut-d Pyramids, Rout Cake of all the different v iriettrs, and the greatest assort- * mi ut of Tea Cake mat can be obtained at any establishment in 11 the cry. Also, all kind* of Biscuit, front Pilot Bread to the una lest Pic-nic I' r the t ,bl?v Kre.h Pies of seasonable variety, Puff Paste forms for Dinner 1 antes. Ciders tbauhlully received aud sent to any part of the city or country JAMES TOMPSON, At the Premium Bakery, to Lispen&rd, near Church, mil 1 in * " ' Spring fashions, " AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, Ma era sin tie Modct, ()0 Canal street. AAADA .t ili' HUMAN, in returning thanks for ihe last eight t'f yiars patronage, bets nisi reape tfuliy f? iiitwmhei f'iends, en?tonti r?, and the public, that she has received hei S,nug fashions from Paris,a<iu best to be fivon d with an earl y r c II to examine tier v .ried ud elegant stock ofeuttre utw styles of hi k. as we. I ,ts Straw Hats , Madame U. tlat ers herself rhat the same rre unrivalled in tin , city, boilt as to s'yle, quality, shape auu prifce. A call will convince them ef the fact I MAGAZIN DE MODES, rnlH lm*m 6li Canal street. | HIDES, EAT AND CALF SKINbl r THK HIGHEST PAD E8 given for Hides, Est and Call ^ <- hkins, cash current money, on delivery, at the Hide ao< ! 'at llonte ol the subscriber, where ruutrncti will be made fin i allskius by theie.uou,or thehifcheatprice given hv the pound , JUMfN HUrVIM. . f 1' Voi*r#- y/ft El,sahe?h.;et Iriwf I. I'riroe and flnnatnn Lj^vL/ili l.M'.NiUK THE Kt I.TO.nTE.aCOON." < The subecriber having enlarged Me Saloon to now r.-ady if ' accommodate customers witli plenty of ro m, and also with ail tlii* delicacies which our market affords. ilia dining rooni will accommodate at least I2i> persons a, a time. The Saloon ' has hern newly painted anil redecorated, and for convenience it ' > now -lr.surpossed ' The subscriber lakes this opportunity of returning his sin- 1 cere thanks to his customers for the eery liberal patronage late- j :y bestowed noon him, and is ,-leased to be thus assuied th it his eudeavnrs to pie isr hare been duly appreciattd, and he pledges , himself to spare neither pain* nor expense to merit a coulmn- t tree of past favors. His assistant, the Judg-," will be ever ready to attcud to the wishes of the most fastidious. , DAVID A. GOULD, Proprietor, m7 tm*m No IU Kolton street. , CHEAPEST CARPET K8T.CBU8U.MENT IN THE ' U. STATES, NO. 00 llOWERY. I ANDERSON L DOBBShavejnst eceired a large aed*p"end-d a-sortrne t < f u w patterns of sup rior Eng ish 3 p'y extra double siuer, so,arline and common ingrain C.-rpeti g. Ve itian hall and scair Carps*; k 1 or il Cloth,: Tnfred a .c Curk-y ugs; Pan r Door Mats; T-ble and I i,no Covers, itc . al' of which wereoideied, and purclnsi! for cash, prrv us to th" glen sdrauce ou th* above description of goods, and i will be sold at the usual low prices, at 59 Bowery IVe advise -ill who are about purchasing, to call soi n and make the.r se , lec'inu ANDERSON & DOBB , j a) 2w*rre 99 Bowery, istrtor* above H< ster st IVINF.S AND LIQUORS OELLINflAI BED! CED PJUCES?The Snbscriherwish 1 Ep nig to retire from husi-.ess on acci lint r f ill health,offers hit entire stock of old BRANDIES VVl NES and Liquors, at a bargain The reputation which hit house his maintained lor rna iy i ea's, offers a rare chtuice to any person wishing to emhark in the business. Early appl.cation should be made a!2 Im'sc E AltNAUD, 3:lHi Ann ?tre?t. 'POBACCO, 90 bales Saint lago de Cuba. I 1# do Ouisa. Coffee- ,'i0 bags Seint lago. new crop. Arrow Root?l' #0 lbs., in barrels and cases. Hegart?uo.ooil, just lanaiug Irom the barque Gleaner, in nrsorted . r nils, new crop. lu-tore, a general assortment of Began of celebrated brands, of last year's stock, offered wholesale and retail, by A. A BAM ?N09, alO lm*rc No. 6 Wall st, and 219 Broadwav, n'HE 81 UlSCRIBER is ItT w prepared to sell WATCHES * anil JEWECKV of all kinds at ihe lowest possible prices, viz:?Odd and Silver Lerers and i.epines, Anchors. Ike . Ike a .d also a rerv fine ssiortment of Jewelry, consisting of Gold 1 Chains, Pencils, Bracelets, Pins, Ac , he, which he is determined to II lower than any nther house in lh? city. t JOHN ,vl?EKS 89 hatr-am street. N 0 ?Don't forget the number?80 Chatham street. rnr2l lm*m TO M A NIJ FACTU R Ells AND DEALERS IN ' WOOLLENS. HEX ft Y MKJEOX, CORNER of Caight sud Washington sireeta, New York, 1 kindlier of Cloths.' aesirneies. Saliu-Is, Ike., respectfully uiforio the inniml ?riure-i .oid deilers in woolleus, that his estihlp lime,it is now in su rrsiltil.-pention. and that he is pie |>-red I - execute with 11 orders in hi* line that may r be confided to hnn Specimens of Ins workmanship may le se. n on ap, Ucation to ill geiitlem-n whose names are sun xed, and to wh.m he h is libe.t. In r-fer t Orders m.i he left r.t 11 ai d II I'm"street. 1 i . K-.kEIte.Ni E8. ? oleot' it 8U!s, 01 P:te strest. W.< I. mi ley . 81 line meet nai?i*?<i iianifs an ? . 31 IVtssau Him, U. ivriuKUMin. 60 Pii * icvt. ' H.J Jones k ,o , )2 I'inrstrrft. ap5 Im?ec CHINA, GLASS\v j.amI1 "MANUFACTORY. TO COUN'l'rtV V KM:HANI 8 AND OTHERS. rPH u; designed fsiircifiiliy inform the?r cusfnmeis ?nd the 1 i ublic thai f e. have reduced their price* of the a bo v*? article*, ar fl having h.M'u manutic. urii g many yearn, their eipr- ' neuCf enables thein t> lurnnh rhexper than any other house, and they warrant their artie? a, such *, Hotar Lamps of all da sciptious. Astral Lamps alieiec to Solar. A full *t? rtijicniof < ut and Plain ill ?,r*w pattern Oirondolftt, Chandwtm*, 1. Vi. ft.a'>rin, iloucpi.t,, lie , fee. Hell l..imi? and Lantern* ?l *'1 mm witn ncn and cut Mamci I ifl.ui Allnrticln milcli?lto?qy pmicrn'. <?H?? mad* ei\? ' cmtoorn?r Onou* lor tlif country ?cnt frr* or i.?p.i,,e Ar- < ticl- ? loaned forpaitn*. Cititet.* gener* ly urc invited to call 1 ell I nam lift car a??ortm?ut, Md i.liiry their* Ive, m niud quality aud price*. SiUUVh.NK.U M o. ! ctnry 20 Hold *t eet. Whole*.Ift and Retail Store, No. 3 J"liu ?l. roar Uroudway uiD lm*rc "fi)<,DKK.FOL l3lSi :<)V EItY~ QTHIKER'S SOLUTION KOR THE HAIR,which will change grey hair to its original color m a few minutes, ihn tolutiou is different from iuy yet offered, and cannot fail of sn? iwrccdiuf all othei*. ft is highly efficacious, and possesses the grvat advantage of beautifying the hair without injuring its growth. Those w'so doubt it* virtues are rs<inested to haye. their hau , changed before paying their money. If humbngs would Udtf i- this .??M ft there wo j Id be no reason to complain I, Uue< < is I will prove the fact. Hold * uoiesale and retail, and applied, at No. $ Chatham St. oppr cite ihe Hall of llscordt New Yorlr, ap itairg. in J !?. #< CLOTHJNti MANUFACTURERS. pHE iiWiibtri would inform merchants visiting the city I who wiili their own guods manufactured. that they ar epated to m n ut .ciort every deacnotioa oi CVthiag hron ir being tecum ined to in inulacture for the Southern *a> 'fkt'ro marl.! u lor the lait twelve years, th-v feel confident ith the huge Dumbri of ham's in their employ, to get up oek at snort aoltce and with mure satisfaction. MANN It McKlMM, *5Carminestreet. L7" Kuirk-rbocUrt Stages pass close to the store. fM 3m * rrc UydEltMAN LINENS. PHE SUBS'/HIBE 11 h gs leave to inform lui friends an I the |iiibl*c in goer-J, ths he h 1 received f'U'n Germ inv. ixge assort useot 01 the celebrated iludrleid Liueo, iu all quiui es, rouKistiugof? Oiuiask Table Cloths, browa, half brown gad whits, do Nankins, do do do do To teis, do do do do Tea sad Pessert Napkins. do Handkerchiefs ef the hurst quality, Ike., which he offers fu lUat'helortestpne*. L. NKUSTADT, mid lm*re 357X Broadway. SHIRT M.iXUyjtCTOIlV, AND GENTLEMEN'S KUKMSHING STOKE, 1(1 MAIDEN LANE?Just received, the lale t and not ' J approved Ercui h pattern Starts. A geurrsl assortment o In'ts, iJr.d*r Garments. iiotsery Ciavats lluiidberchn fs. lie hirts and Under Gtrirrnts made up to order aud ivuaiivd a iinrt notice Also on haud a general assorrm ut of Head lade Clothing, which will be told at the followiug prices iz Over Coats, from T to it Sack do 4 to I h iock loo* o< ? ? 10 to IS Urea* do ? I to 14 Pant! to 8 to 4 All made ol tin* best material! and cut iu the modern style p. rinji furnishing their n*n matritale :an dapesid npo &viug tbeio .o ,.!e is tie lii'1."-', at the ffllicwi'i "'overCoau, wad' and trimmed W to If 'JO Dreal do do do 7 to 10 CO Fruck do do do 8 to i2 00 Vesisar.d Pantaloons, 91 50 to 175 url lm*rc SCOTT'S BAZAAR, ~ "\KY 8TRBET, Na.t'*r 17, Dotw-n Broatlwar an J Gmuvi ich SANDS SCOTT return* hit inoi' sinen mull, to hi* f-irnds and the public al la/so I r the I tlx il support received ?i"Ci haopeiird the above hoiwa, and hope y the same itrici ett> itiou to mem a continuance tnereof. 1 he qualitii* ol jiia Alev. Wiues, Lienors and Cigars, at so wcl! It own t > ueed comment. A laws assortment ol Refreshments to be had at all hoot ntil 12at night, such a?? _ Beuf'dtraks, Poached Eggs, Sirdiues Mntto: Chop* Cold Ham, Buckwheat Cake Frt- ii Kidneys, Cold Corn'd Beef, Cotlee ajid Tea, Ham and Eggs, Pieklao Tongue*. Welch Raehiu.fcc Dublin Brown-stout always on draught A good Dutu-r <u Koast or Boiled Meat* for one (hilling err ? day from one to three o'oloca. Families supplied vi'h the h?*t Scotch and Irish Whisksv io h use better supplied with English. Irish, fccotch, Weir! id city Papers Always the latest possible news by th unmen. ( nod Hooms for Private Parties, Clubs, Meeting* and R; renee* f2 3m*ee 15ROADWAY AGAINST THE WORLDPH t> no'cd thoroughfare is n- w admitted to be the creates * mart for the sale of seutlemcu's wearing apnarel in th JuiteA St tea, ant the itnpressi iu .hat has heretof re eiisted ii be minds of m my l at 'purchasers in 11 roadw y are oblige a pav an exorbitant price for an article "1 dress," is fully rr utted. from ihe known reputvtiou as to the charg s e-'ablithe y F.DVVAllU FOX, p orrietor of the City Cs?h Tniiorin ' t'hlishinent. No. tit>2 ur.aoway Here is an advantage t lerchauts and others vi iting this city to avail themselves < n ouifi' from aver, eiteu.ive atsoriin-ut "f readv made clc ling in nufiC ured irom the best material* and iu ihe mm ihioii.ble style The attention of the public is pnrlicuUrl ailed to visit this < slaoluhment and examine th? rate stylei willed and fancy Casxiuiere Office Frocks, designed for the ai roaching season. Also, an assortment of rich Chene Velvet and Brocade Ve? lgs, Fancy French Cloths Mid Cassiuierea, hy thp latearriva om the celebrated manufactory of K Bio'ley Fits, atol a ir.,, r..o. n, _kt tade u|> to order, and it' required at a few hour* notice. EDWARD FOX, City Cash Tailoring Establishment, 262 Broadway, ne'e 'ultoiist. m83m*ec NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. OE IT KNOWN that IJJOHN U the ye O of our lord, on* thontaud emht hundred ai d thirty Ion hen ,i c tizen f the State of New Vork, did m'k- and paten d en iinpr Ted sp-ral propelling wheel, as by let era intent i ny possession w II moie fully a|il>ear. 1 therefor* give puhli niliee that ihe proinllin* wheel, commonly called r.rricssou r peiler, ii included in my sa'd letten patent, and I aim n< ify all permut not to make or U'e the raid prop linn: whei rr.hont authority f om me. 1 reside at p<eaeut at 339 Pea tree', wh're 1 shall be pleased to receive all persons int. res d. either in the title or for the use < f ?->id propeller afi m*m JOHN B. ( MEHSON. TO THE AMEIMCAN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, twenty-five years old, ha imr been sereml years Teacher in a Colleee of Paris, woul le happy to b stow every day some hoars in giving private le ons in the French Language, during his sojourn in this cit t you wish to lea-n rapidly this be, utiful and necesia' aRguage and to have tna best Parisian aceeut, you must wri 0 the following direction and you will ffbtuu exactly wlr rou desire. MR X. G. DE CALMONTIER, mil lm*re ?S Reads street. FIRE BRICK. PIE STTBSCR'BKK, living in Washington, South Rive Middlesex County, state of New Jersey, is manu'actnrii 1 superior artic-e ol 1? ire Buck that surpurcs any 'hing of tl liii.l ever yet offeree t* the public, which ho will sell at r*duc< ,rices. GEO. W. REYNOLDS. Washington, South River, March 25,1844. N. B ?Apply toC*. Kinnuse.Agent.Jersey City Iron Woik dew Jersey, who will always niveau assortment ol tkcnboi Jticle oa hand, at all times, or to the subscriber, G. W. IlEYNoL'-JS, M.iuufietnrer, tn28 Im?re Washington, Sou h Hiver. WILLIAM PETTETj DRAPER AND TAILOR, 90 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. rS now prepared to furnish all who may favor bin, with the - orders. For the cheapness nu t durability of his work, an aving thirty per rent, he offers for their consideration tlie fo awing list ol piices:? Superior Dress Costs, m,de to order, $10 Wool dyed hi iclu, from 14 to 16 Cassimere Pants 4lo 6 Faiicv oests 2 roS.TS Hack Co its . 2,50 to 5.00 I t'rioil* ll'HIIlMUR l.'U'l' owe lltai ena::?mann-a >iuu minimi D the uMti"t manner at the following Prices I'onti from $6 to i Puds and Vests* lto 1.75 Naval and Military Uniforms made in tha beat style. N. B.?Clothing made f-r the souliern and western markr with n'atueis ami de patch \ share ul the puh'tc patronage is solicited. a 13 lm*rc ~atent elastic SHOULDER Bit ace. "PHK sup riority of Uiit Hrrrce over all others in nu.acuire J- is ucxu"w|edg ul by all v. ho use ill-ill. and ibe ext-us ' lemano for ihe ar'icle curing the l as year is a si fli n t gin i lee of th'ir utility. 'I his article is interne 1 t j brace t! h Milder., str-nghen th bach, and expau'i 'In clnii. gitu r*e a tion to the ui gs;aud h.-iog lorn.til w I th au Italic '.at vitl be Inuud of i.i- on. tdiluent to the fric use est the arm '. 'e ts and gua.dians are particularly nnr*t'd to txamii Ins artic'e, as it will be fouud of inn euse Penrfit to cftildr it t-iiher iex whohav arquifcd the I of itoo- hit. and i |is|ei.? he to all persons of studio'n. or ?e 'e t ry hsnii i bit lira e is manufactured under ihe unmedi l-mrr tion t1r. fe.rit lls, who In* been engaged for ti e I .* o t> i y lis nai.ulacturiiig diffiieut artichs lirtbr aroe | U p > e, ami m loulidently liters t"e Patent Elastic hry. e a* su.e.i'.i to a .rtn leever brought umlei hisolmr-s i n. The ahoi e named ait cleg sre Diaiiuiar.rur *l, and mar iblait etl whole-ale or re t?i i at th- rllist b!i*nrie*i t f I'A] IKLCS Hi AOAJ'E, 2.7 Brradivav, c Muerui P.ik Pi ce P. A. continue ihe usiiotaotuie of their sup. no. amhe Elastic Hiding Bel t The superiority of this aru-1 ro ist in its per'ect Japtatiou to the form of the we re*, i-s e-? igi.tness and dnrahility. a4tmrod*m BY OitDEK OK AAKhN VANDERPOEL, juTTic?the Superior C .urt of the City of New York, Notice is hereby giveu, pursuant, to the piovisionsof t oaiutesuth riling attachments against mm-ie-ide. t dehtoha an a* achme i has issuej agsi st the e?t?te of CH AH Lh NlCtlOLS HTriodeuroi Amsterdam, in Holland, and lhatt tame will b* sold for the payment ol hit debts, unlets he appe nd di,charge toe i <tt chment, according to law. withiu ni "uoiitna (rum ih" fost pnblicatiou of this notice; and ihst t ay mem of any debt* due to him by residents of this sta'e, hi lie delivery to h in or lor his use, of a. y propeit withiu tl drateb lon?in? to hin.and tlie transfer of any inch property I inn ,?r* forbidden by I w and are void Dated tne7tu djy of Ei bruary. 1841. WEaI'FHN St EDWARDS, At orueys lor Attaching Creditor m*3l ltawJm*rc r BRASHLAKS tc IIEWSON, (UCTION AND COMMISSION MHUCHANT C/iV (JIMN%d Tl OHIO, LT AVE ESTABl.Inlt !.D tvmaflrei at No. 4 Mercliani I t Kow Cclutnh'a clreet. Any cousi/umrnts made to the if Groceries, Dry (}ond\ Hardy*-ire, or Merchandise of any (I .crip ion, will receive their undiridee att union,aud meet yvi irompt returns. They relerto? altssrs. Sprinter 4" HTu'teman.l ' Strutter <p Oorman, j " Jl H Howler 4" Co., I " Httrrows 4" Co., t Cincinnati. Joualt l.otorei cc Esq., | H Huehanan, Esq., I Ji Irwin, Esq . ) J, H f?h en Verger, Esq., < n:,..!,...-!. Henry Ma^raw, f 1 Ittsbwgli. is. h. Williams, Esq. J Baltimore. Isaac Muuroe, S Messrs. E. W Clark St Co., f ('. ,VIycalester, Esq , /Philadelphia Heman Cone, Esq , J Messrs. Dyh*rs k Alstvne. i " Window <k Perkins, > New York " J. S. 8t M. Bates, Jr., ) ap2 2wrc CANTON' CHINA DINING SETTS. DAVIS COLUAMURE, 597 Broadway, neirly npposi Nihlo's informs his frien-s and the pnhlic th?f he has i : ived iier la'e arrival* Irom Cautou, a few Dining Sets, whn an be a dd at ver, h.w prim s. Also, a full ass Kimi lit of t'roe.Very Wer?, of all kinds, h neaest " tteri t slid mnt approved shapes. Cntandirn d (?|jts of all kiinis??ome nev* patterns D \.. makes uo hun.ling ng i r?t?r.?iO"s to "almost gi iway Crocksry," rnt plei'g-s Inmse ft > sell the same quali a< goods as cheap if nut fr. m i 10 per cent che.ap?*r than ai other store; 597 BroaHvay, op,aisite Nihlo's nearly. all Im'rc * FRENCH CHINA. No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, (UP 8rA;K?) Au\CE8.MK, Importer ai.d Agent for Manufacturers, I al**ays on hand a Ivg" assortment of dinner and tea si in plain white and gill Erpuch Poriflain, as well as oinuer a lie sert I late*, ol j I ?i/.-s, asror,td Dishes, Soup j ureei Covered Dishes, sdad Bowls, Kruit Baskets, Custards a Standi. Also, Tea and Chocolate \V ire, Creek, French and Am? rau shape All thr article* are warranted of tlie beat qnality, and to old on liberal rerun, and in iota to suit purchasers ml* 6m rn TO KKSTuK K, BEAUTIFY AND DRESS THE HUMAN HAIR. TO ACTUALLY FORCE ITS GROWT1 AND CURE DANDRUFF, fyr. TRIAL BOTTLE 8?T II REE 8 H I L LIN O TPO THOSE who have uied lonVs Coral Half Resto.ati A know its eiclleut qualities: to thoie who have not, we s that 'he fact of our sellout I ihilling b ot'les innat prove the trs of on ststi m?nt?and that we are not afraid of persons t. yittl im II quantity" it oral. We warrant it to pineai,the followi qualities:? It will force the hair to jtrow on any part wh re i tore lotem'e hair to grow, atop it ftllinit off cure Scurf Dandiuff, and u.nlie Imht. red or grey hair grow d irk h dreirinK the h.vr aolt and silky, nothing this It is, deed, the inoiit c.'uomEal, yet auperiur, article made foi I hair. Sold?price 3. 5 or S ehillii r? a hottle?at the 9i(tn ofl Aai-ricui Eagle, 12 cha hsui street, New Yoik; ll'.l Kniton Brooklyn; 0 Stat,1 street. Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings. Tin 'lelil.n VII7 hootBt'ret Charleston. M. </ ap.l It*** R KEF! BEEF! BEE F! 0N 'JAM''..A NO Fhll 8\LK, in lots to suit purchaw \1 n ALENTINE'S, Fulton Market, lMJ barrels It's Al-ss "' f a choice aitt'le, all selected pieces; 2ti I arrrls C Inspe, ted Mess Ur f, warranted; and 300 half barrels ol haul nt- iided for the ?iuih?rn market. 1 lie above livrl IS packed in a careful ami judicioas mant 0,14 No. 46 Eulton Market. MEDICAL. > ' ON STRICTURE AND ITS CURE. 1 rPHE following few ma ".arks apon Striatals, it it Minted , 1 will be deeply intcres-iug to many people t Stricture it a very common malady, and freqaanil] null in Lhote who art not the Irail aware of it. ind?Tliat a ?ery erroneous notion prevails with regard U Stricture. 3d?That although a Stricture may long remain to dormati at cot to beauspected, it is alwsya tending to other (orms ol , miuiI ditorder. , . d 4Ui?'l'hal tkc/e a.e three circumstances in particalar bi ft which a Stricture may always b? known. , I" 5th?That he of striqinre, especially m its sarly etage is certain free from pain or inconvenience, and generally *c 1 comvnsnm tu i eery iiiiif unc. ... | l-With mud i?,thr fnoienci of htncttw, this will noi surprise if it is considered that this complaint l rnceeds from uauiy vtea?d Gonorrhoea. If, for instance, a lonorrtuwa.nai r been inhered 10 continue on bom month to month it diaen inM > gleet. Now, there it no pain or iacMveoience ui fleet, ere on tliia account it is often mffered to remain for any lenfO " of tune. But it should be known that gleet i? generally eon i nected with chronic inflammation, which naturally trrminatn in ihickealug, and Litis chickening in one part or other of lh< J uriaary passage ii stricture; and fnither. with regard to it ' obecuiity this thickening may exist without a geel, and u 'j that case there is nothing whatever to roll the attention to It ao that the sotierer inmt remain in perfect darkness at to thi ? real nature of hit m .lady. . ' a?Another thing that leads the attention off from this disor i tier ia the erroneous notion that tincture cannot fX'it >o lent ?s no imiicdiincut to the flow of urine it obse'vid. But thl i quite wrong. A atricture invy exist for veers without |i'0 .lueitig any striking ch uge in tnia resixct. indeed, thit elfae I anon th? u iue is nbterred only in advanced and older can white the visible off cI of early stricture it not on the part it self. but on the r.und, catling lowue of ?pi-ita and want o ' It* iHtftOQi ? id?"at although a inihl or early stricture is seemingly in k active, and of uo account, it is far from being really to. It ii .ccrCcly possible for ihoae not acqn ii..t< J wt'h inn utc ana loan,'? imagine tlui delicate and peculiar structure of ti.e par : winch is of thit due 'se, and how little is sufficient U derange it. Nov*, ihis morbid condition of the puisa*.' wh-ther conncc ed with stricture, or induced by ntnerand p- r , niciows cauaca, is ever lending to destroy these delicate organs , layng the foundation ol some of the most distressing malad.ei . of huuicin na'nre. It ia 'n th-a wav that certain um..ituial ac ! tions, d"bllitv, an irritibla bl iddsr.aud other like diseases ' proved fmuia mild and unsuspected stricture I 4th?Nothing, therefore, can lie more desirable than to hsv * auuie plain and rsady tnea' a of d<-tect<ug stricture in its inili i and on ly stage; and forlun,?tuiv, tlwre are thr.e pamculi * I circumstances which for nuuy yejrs the anchor has found ti serve this purpose. They are the following The first i el ah It I CO? i Th? Maisueu or tlBinaTiKO.?It has been said alread! dial the itre'in nerd not be much diminished or impeded, am * that is true; bat observe wh-t happens alter this ia finished, am the do-his are rr-adjns'ed, and if ll should be lound that a droj ' I oi two will afterword steal way, so as t-> wet a little, this,.in i rlmg as it may seem, will afford a ground of strong suspicion " 1 The m xt regarus Thk Time a VOHMKR OolVOREHtXA MAT HATE REMAIIfEl i* Uncuiii:o.?It is not so much how long ago it may have oc " cured, as how long the gleety stage may have continued. I Ni-itr er is it possible in esery case to state th* length of lime ! Gleet may run without Stricture, fo< one is natural | ly m .re disposed to St'iclure than another. As a general rul' _ however, il a Gonorrhoea has been suffered to continue for period of from siv to eight w eeks, this would strengthen on1 oih r suspicious cireumitau'-e. The third is ? The Eekkct a .-stricture has uron the Muvd.?Thii ' : in the irIv s:.i,'e. is in depress the spirits and to lessen inenta [j energy. It is also one of lis most invariable effects. Not ilia " this is seen iu the a.iine degree tu every individual, but it is s 1 common that the writer scarcely sees a ease of Sine lure ii which the patient d >ea not complain that ha is less active, mi * less raiiahle of business than formerly. Much uuglil be advaui , ed to (how the natural connection of the inind end g< nerativ orders, but for this the reader ia referred to "The I'rivate I'rer use," while the (act itael! ia proved by dm return of mental ec ? ergy as the cuie proceeds. S. On the cure of .'.netur* it ia repeated that this is certain? freef'oin I'ain or inronveui?nc\ and generally accompli-hed ii a very little lime. 3o mticli as this, however could uot liav , been attvancid some years ago, bnt such have been the late ia l" prove meats in this art, that by projirr means, and in tlie hand of careful and experienced persona, the cure ia uow accomplist ed in as many days as formerly it demanded mouths. Man; ' also, who cannot consult the writer |>eraoually, on account c distance, he. undertake the cure tliem,elves end happily ?u< ceed. To these are I or warded the most suitable ana prop* m.'.ins, together w nil the author's " Private Treatise," end sue _ remarks as anv particular case mar call far. The fee on thei occasions is git. Or. Ralph also takes this opportunity of saying that he may li tr eon-ulted on tbosenlelicats diseases referred to in hie Trivsl r. Treatise"?ai Ins dwelliug house, 88 Oreenwi. h street. Net t- Voik, at any hour, and tliose who apply iu the earlv sbige c n these diseases, will tie surprised at the simplicity and little ii ;e convenience that a!U-na?l tut-ir cure. JUe believrs, however, i * is chiefly those who have cuff-red long from a certain class o -> advertising people and otner causes, v. ho can properly apprec p aw his services. rl l)r. Kalph further considers it a duty, especially to those wh t* are strangers in this city, and also to obtaiu the confidence ( every oue, that he should make the followiuc statement of hiu self Besides his rank as (irailnate of Kdiuliurgh. he. &c Ii ? has becu engaged in the cure of these diseases, both in Iioepitr nud city practise, for more than thirty years, anil lias publish* three editions of a work expressly on them. Also that he hi v: letters Irom the most eminent Physicians in Europe to the mui Id eminent in America?as Sir Aslley Cooper of London, to O s- Mutt, of New York ; Or. Phynck, of Philadelphia, and otner y. and that lie is permitted to tet'er io almost every Physician < y eminence in thii city. The " Private Treatise" it $1. Ai W diest Or. lUlph, ten,. 88 Greenwich st. f!3 1m * rc MADAME COSTELLO. _ T^EMALE PEKIOOICAL PlLLB? Oua'nnfed in evei a case wheie the monthly peiiods haw become irregul from colds, hr. Their certainty of action has long breu a J' kuowledged by the h edical protession, and huudieds that hai '* nsuletsly tried various boaste I remedies Care is sonietimi JI n?e?isary to their us^, though they couta:n no mid-cine detr men'sl to the constitution Advice gratis lo ail those who u' the Pills, by Madem-CostelJo, 31 Linmia'd street, betwe* Walker and Canal, v. here the Pills are sold. Price $1 psr box ^ tiias lm*rc FEMALE PHYSICIAN. IkffADkM LA CHOIX educated in the flledieal Facility, i 1U Berlin, and graduate Midwife?apprises tit* ladies of Ne? York ai. J f< male* nee ally, that the cuu he consulted v. itUtl strictest coohdence at hrr re.,idenre on all ca*es incident to hi sex. Midi in L. having had long exiwrience in the uin celebrated hospitals m Europe? t-ermany in particular? woul respectfully sr licit tlie patronage of female* laboring under o 'J slruction. irreeuianty, supi rea*i>u of stoppage, *c. Mada " La Croix would inform ladie* that ?lie officiates personally f" all can *. II.'r im> 'e of treatment i* fouudu 011 the most scie tifi" princip 1,10 a* to nquire but a fen day* to effect <i iwr'e cure. Siunle and married ladies may rely with confidence < h*r professional abilities m fun le physician ; howeverditto* iug may be their coinptninta, h'r medi al acquirement* will 1 found ydequa e to the exigency of the ca e. In short the groan thij notice to the ladies _ou the rc.'.ult ol'a th r ugh tn*ilie Hf education, and 11 ju*t reliance on the npiKiiuted means of ii l? ting lie Ith, visor, chceriuln*?< and consequently happier to all tho*e who inay hon r her with their cuundence iN B Reiidenre of Madam La Croix. 79 V -rick itrcet, ne Canal. wherlsbe is preparrdio acc minorftle Indies on thepoi f* of eiicfiu-inuit, and to administer medicines for ell diseases which her sex an: liable. All communication* aud let.en mo b.-post paid. mil lm*m MADAME COSTELLO, T7KMALF. rilVSl' IAN, EDUCATED IN THE MED r. " CAa KACUlTY IN PAlXIfl, and Graduat* Midwife >,r offer* her professional ??r?ices to the ladies of this City ai p. eoun y ? Havn c had loot experience and surprising aucce** a the tr-atme t of diseases incident to tier ?< I. api rue* vuies i the punt of confinement, or those inff-rii g from suppress io i,? irregularity, obstruction, (Its. 8te., 'hat *he will ' e happy afloid a comfortable temporary rc?ule-ic. whtre thev can way* have the best me -ic-1 tr atme t and (he moit matron , "are and curing, or, if preferred, will wait on end at'ei , f | them t their own h ,i.v, until perfectly re*.or d M id .one 1 ! ,i I. marly begi to iinp*e*? on the utntds 'I the delicate tli ,v | > e otQcia'ea p rsinally pi every caie, to that hesitation or dre . ever need he apprehended I N li ~M d.iim-Cooe lo \s ould inform ladies residing oat y,, j the coy, who?t health wnu d r.ot admit of riavell n-", that s [y. | w uld devote her personal attendance u, ou them to any part : the Uuiird Uiates within r. atonalde distance. |e Madame C. can be ronnulird at her residence, 31 Li.Pen* inert, at a'l time*, and with the it ricl"tt regard to the wishes ,'y. ! h*r pat cuts. All communications aud lette s mu<t he p ' I paid. m28 Im*rt of YOU CAN BE CURED. . \TES, by the deepest research, long *tu1y, and untiring ja , * *-verance, thrre ha* been discovered a specific, a medic a comhinstion usver before vtttmpled r.y any on?, composed J~ new mats rials, ?nd posteisin" powers far surpasaing auy tliii ne hi.herto employed, or that the imagination ha* ever conceivi *r ittiQisivie to employ in the treatment if Oonorrhra, (fleet Pe Weakness and diseases generally of the Ur thra, in male or I , male. No n alter how long standing, complicated ordangero 1,11 thecse maybe it will yield sp<*dili aud r aurally to t !u pi.atautand cer ain cuniive powers of thii new remedy. M nv imo * wiili gra'imde have acknowledged that nolhii within their eii>er in re can equal this ne- areaueam. THOMAS'S SPECIFIC PILLS These Thorra*'* Specific Pill* are not unpleasant jo the tail or naoseatiug to the stomach, and neither diet, regimen or a i'ii,ejic from bi sines* iv r q ired to a d thitn in 'spelling di ease from the system So coufid>nt is the proprietor of ihe at U p.usinc efficacy of this remedy that he i hallenpes the whe " mi dical talent of the worl to pr>duee anything equal to an i conlidemly assures all snffrreri that if they will mvfee b ts' one trial of Thomas's Specific Pills, thvy will snevdv ai m safe relief, let their cesa be ever so coinplica'ed aud revere, le- The Pills are piirelr ve etable, and act na a diuretic and astri th pant, also as powerful purifer* of the system, nod br substit tins neahhy for diserde . d action in iheparts affected, toon n t ire th patient to the lull anu happy enjoy m-nt ol a'l hisjhea! ilia vigor as iu th" pristine day* of unblemished youth a innocence. Price Cl per boi. Agents at V.i Broadway, con j Chambers street, (Iruuite Buildings ; 79 Knlton street; 77 Ei I Broadway, mis im* m 1 MADAME LA CROIX FEMALE MONTHL PILLS. rPHE8E FILLS, which have acquired inch well deaenr celebrity tbrunghout Europe, for their cert lit tv in prod ciug the monthly tarn*, are now resi ectlilly submitted to l f miles of America as en effectual remedy in all cases whe i be operation* of nature are impelled from any cause whatevi Ladies in delicate and precarious health, who require, the aid sa uiary and effective remedies, would do well to provi themselves with these invaluable Tils, p.s the combination iogndient* of svhi h they are composed render them the mo harmless, yet efficacious specific ever discovered for the rem ? val of obstinate casei of 'einale irregularity, suppression, el Price $2 per bo*, with full and particular directions for th< ite nse. re- N.B.?These Pi lis must not betaken during pregnancy, ch they are sure to produce miscarriage if used during that perm To be obtained of Madame La Croit, Kt male Physician, 79 V of rick street, near Canal m2l lm*m " OKCANNO.VA COMPOUND PULMONARV SYRU ve 1) for t> e cure of conghs, folds, consomp ion^ asthma, pai ny which > inauvanxiotu iuqnties have been In't-ly made, a ! which ha* met with the oc.qaal fied suction of lh" ft] edit Kacttlty, nu now be hail at the follow ing place* Saml. t ~~ inr, IR6 Wrstrtreef; James Tarrant, 2M (traenwich j're I Mr Yhurinau, Vestry and Canal; Mr Aed-ris, (Irewiwi I iud Vestry streets; H W. Allen, jr 7i Division street: I*. 1 le Hee, Harm a' and MiDniigtl strata; Alfred Hill, 2(11! (irei as wieh street; Mr. Kisar, IU7 t^anal street; Drag Shore, corner ti Walker and Centre streets; B Waul, 279 Spring street; ft ?j browir tir?en and Spring streets; Mr Somervrle how and W ioster s-rceti; Mr. llichard. McDougal and Waver place; R D Complnn, Varick and Vaudam streets; Albert Smith, Varick and Broome; Ucnjimin .Martin, Catharine, < ,n PO*ite Oak street; Mr Lippinco't, Vestry and Waslungtr Wti Harrison North Moote and West itnets; Mr. Lint ston, Uri*n ami Knitrt i streets; Mr Hart, Oiand and Morfc streets; Win tlurtnell, Bowery and Ht Mark's place; Kntpp 210 West street; C W.TIieall, S7ll Grand strret; H. ? Kirrsted, Srriog ?nd (-roadway; N. K. Unnce's, South a Catharine streets; Oi man and Conover, Lanrrns and Bpri strrets; C. Doaci er, 61 Olivrr street; and of the Propriet II No C3 Vest y street. Trice 37!? cents per bottla. '*> Brooklyn?A. P. t'arsous, 44 Faltou street, office of Da Adyertiser. 8. Williamiburgh?John Moore, King's Conuty Hotel. |T(> a9lm*rrc itk vegetable bitters. IS rtR BOTCK'8 AROMATIC INVIOOKATIVO v ng LJ CJRTABI-K BiTTKRS, for the cure of D-spep i t- -nuriieisol .Stomach. Loss of Arj>etitet Weakness and (len,or Lvbiiity, is deity iner-asiug in popularity, owing to its inti 'or sic worth. Th.-v luve b*eii nseil with unlnn.ud turret in- Fnlpitaticn of the Henrt, intermittent Kcver, a'd all AIT cti< he of the Nn van. w here the syati m hut become il?hili(nied 'I immcdiab improvement to health by all who have heen so I he tnnste as in pis' e use ol ihcm is truly astonishing. 11 used st, corning; to the directions tliat accompany bottle, theirgc a elTecia in the shove dis- asea will be quickly r?i>eiie.nccd. i" Price id rents ? IMPORTANT TO THE TUHUC. Cowcs ntkatpd Castor Oil, in capsules of (jeleatine, T*. the saf st and moat pleasant medicine now offered to the p tra lie. an I ere particularly racommemled to all who wi uld as ity mild anil agreeable laajtire. Th? snbae-iber is the p -ri ily who his m-nnfactured this article in this conony, hating tainedth- original receipt Iron London, lie on your gu ler. against inipositmo. lie Ti e above sold only at C. H. PHI LLII'B' Drug and Che , cal Store, 32 Ccekmnn, corner of William street, N. V, rat lio'ec CHEAPEST STOR1 FRESH JMPOR TO MY OLD CUSTOME1 ' DR U G S, DYE STUFFS, P A I NTS , 188 GKEKNWICH STRKKT, j | JOHN C. M f Offers for nit oa the moit lib- ral t '.rm? for ca*h or cieJit, a Ttry which he would c<tl A pot hccnrlca, Paint era, Confect i Opium, Window (ilu> of all Platl. Camp i<>r ? x ? anl qudiitoa anil Ui ( ra.m 1 urtar Wlute Le .u dry an"* in t Cai'ilasoap R-'l LeiJ [oil Ooehmeal, i f,i<iuiri<-? Lithtne i Nutmegi, i Bt'iim Coparia Hpi it? Tupeuline Mice. ? Hhabtab Paitr Clorea, I Ja_'ap Whinoa I CiunamOBj I AKies I V riu gn, ury ana III on uium uuui, H?n Chamomile Curou.e Oieen Allspice I f-nin Arabic . Chrome Yel ow Isinglass, 5 Cs-lor Oil Yellow Ochre, French ft Traiat I Quicksilver ; and Ami r c in ii.un Arabic 1 Nlajn-sii Pronto* Llue Ijnm Uamlx , Mm ci ! Vermillion Oil of Komi > Roll snd Floor Sulphur j IIoHim Ht.wie Prn|>eri Alcohol I lyorv Black Wititai Bor ! n-fiued anil crude U mLoial Lemon I Calomel Paint Brushes all lim ("inoar I Roil Piwi.-nt to ; llo.e Pink Ump - Corr sivr S ibliinate . L imp Black Barman t A"ca Aniinmna 1 BnliJi Lustre Aouiw , lap. rita Nine Lult-is Jlue of all sorta Absyu Su.jnT nnate doila i O ?i<l iu<l SPver Lrtaf O.imv f Tularin Ac d I Ould .ml Silver Brome i Juaipe tp?oin Salia Capper Bronze ! Rose, Oring -'lai.uin h Ik white and red waters, I 'etjua 1 Pari* White Manilla Boar Sulphre Quinine So muli si rowi Tonqoiu Be t Oil lVpprraiiul end all V m R d Coriander Si > essential oils "*ai d l\.l>T Carnwey w , floio Mjr.h i'utnice Htane Viinisseed Cantharideu ) T?r and linen lujulie Pu.fl , llu . l'rsfacanth I lupin ?'tp-il. Couclijtnd Pearl.wii Pi.wilwreo B*'k ] Harness Varuisii Snleraf'ie Corki rl'ali kinds , Tu key Umber Super Cirbo i St ei|wr lla ' T*ua de Sieuua Tartaric Ac HiDDKe* coin* ami fine 1 Red I ha'k (viiiger, whi e Druggists' glassware 1 Oum Shellac Oieger, Kasl J Viale Bright Varnish hit-audi < OtmOarob'ge Sain Tool. of til sizei Pepper n Colocyuth , Black Lead Allspice ' OIL? Kail, Winter and Summer Strained STUN M; Bl'aehed. f ner'n. Train, Lintee I, Raw ami Bailed, Sia Klephaut, Lard, Neni 1 Caniilea, Alcolnl and Campheur. 1 Patent Medicine Dealer*. 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"t Also, articles for Manufactr.rers of Gla-s and Stone Ware, C I Artificial Klow.ri, Fire Works, Sir ; lor Floor Oil Cloth Paiute * Paiutera, Gilders, 1 udian Traders, Dentists, ten.; for Coloring Bi y European Mediterranean and E<uit India Drugs. Perfumery i 'f Paints and Colore. Chemicals of all kindi, French, English and !' JOHN C. MORRISON. flatten himselfthat no establishi h trade to the businrii people audr ssed. Physicians, country mi w ti aken, ronlecliorers, dyeri. a: d clothiers, will find it much to I inn ch-apand gnod articles. He has, with much labor. e.tsblishe vantages which the different markets of Europe and the United Si - lug iliein ?t the che>p-st rite. * liy*The prompte t attteution given to city and country erde >f yzy-All Articles Genuine. STATE Of MISSISSIPPI?OKTIBBEHA ? OUNTY Circuit Court, Wednesday, November 22d, 1841. ' I Pamnel F. Butterworth ) This day came tiie plaintiff ? <713 as. >by tus Attorney, and on hit t f Warren Kimball. ) motion, it is orde ed bv the Court. " that publication be made in the Naw York Herald for six " weeds successively, notilyiug the defendants of this suit, and unless he, cu or before the next term of this Court, plead or J answer demurrer thereto, judgment will be eulered against him ,, by default , A true copy from Minutes of t&id Court.'* " A. MAXWELL, Clerk. , March the4th, 1844. m22 6w evy dv rc TO DRUGGISTS AND PATENT MEDICINE J" VENDERS. CIRCULAR. NEW YOIIK, March, 1844. ry THOMAS ROBERTS It CO. of 304 Broadway, Druggists jj I- and proprietors cf I ha popular medicine kuo u as Parr's c. Life Pills, take Iraveto iuform tke Druggist and dealers in Pa,, lent Medicines of New Y ug'ai.d, that they have this (lav apn pointed Messrs. SMITH It FOWLE, Druggists, ol 1J8 Wasliimtti.u str?t, Boston their sole and exclusive agents lor the w vale ol Parr's Life Pills, in the six New England Slates, for a .? definite term of years. Thomas Roberts It Co. have to regret that during the course of a chancery suit, instituted to protect tneimelvei from the - frmdulenl intentions of a former agent, many sub-gents and others it a distance, were disappointed by orders not receiving proper attention?thus situated. D Thomas Roberts It Co. were indebted to Mr. F. Brown, n Druggist o< Boston, for artinu for them reudi' g the decision of J'1 thecaid ?nit, which being settled in their fivor by the Acting Chancellor, they are now able to place the Agency of thsir '! estnusive business in New England in permanent hands. u The tespect ibility and businees character of M-ssrs Smith "" Si Kowle are guarantees that sun agents .and the trait* general.y, will have their orders and ' ther busiu- ss promptly alt. nde > to. 111 All accounts former.y due to (iearue Robs.t?, of irOU Tre"1 moat stre?l but transferred to us by It e issue cf th* chancery CI saiL will be received by M sirs Smith Ik Fow le, on our ao ,u count, as also those made he Mr. Johnstone, our Travclliug i*' Agent during November ant) December la>t I* mil lm* rc THUS. ROBERTS It CO 304 Broadway. ^ PARICsTlFE PILLS. " 4 1 THE WINTER IS ENDING, and SPRING COM" lk- I NO, this popular medicine should be rak by every one valuing their hea th. No mat erlrew well you m.v leel, the hange cl season imperatively demands a cleansing of the aysJ" t -rc?and being will.out mercury, are peculiarly ca'oulaieJ for ' b'iug taheii witli safiry at iliiscnatigt fu. period. The proprie" tors beg to state to Spaursn, Portuguese, German rnd Freuch _ Houses, that this popula ' Medicine is ; ut up with wrappers and directions in each of those languages?accompanied with a neat Book (w i;h engravings) of lire Life and Tunes of OLD I- P ' RR, whose pr rlouged tile of p.2 yrars hae long hi en a sub ject of curious sitecitl iliou to those who liave wis ied for length id o| days." M .ny medical u>? and tho?e a quair.ted with l'hvi<. siology, have deduced from the history of 1'hoinas Parr, that :n the use of a Herbal Vredicine, and nva'arity of life, are tlie prer, dispc-iogcauses which led lo the "numiterof his days." As tnn to opinion is corroborated by an extract from Tarr'a "Lust Will . - .aid i esUmei.t,''such deduction is reduced to a certainty. 1> Th' rubscricers hiving hv pun base become p-oprietnrs of nd this Medicine : ow offerit as a vj'.nitiie remedy o tn? jrablie. ': Tile hundred., of unsolicited testimonials ol its effira ey in their at 'OSsestiou, y arrant their soliciting anv r ue who may suppose a<t Parr's LifrPil's to be oi.eemong-t ihem ny rjuack i.o .trums otle ed to >Jie public, to convince thorns lv* by a call at their of of lire or noon anv of their Agents in New Yolk?amongst whom h. theynumber all the principal DrnceiaU. o! THOS. K0BKHT8 k CO., iul21m*m li t B; >adwsy upstairs. r.l UK. "JOR DAN'S .1 PRIVATE SPECIFIC PACKAGES, F~*K T1IE CUnE of Secret Diren-cs. offer advautng not possessed bv any oth-r advertised r?medy to wit Int. The. cor.tuiu rve y thing reeuii.te fir in.ernal and external us*, i 2.d. Appioiriite remedies lor every symptom 3d They ere il see mpmiied by the a treatise n secret disease ,with o' full directions and cdvice. 4th. Th? patient tfficis a safe and an perm 111- lit cure wi.hout con.iulut.ou or exposure i'li One ed iwi huge effects a cu e; but if in any cvar nih?r medicines are s, r.tjuiied p ey are supplied withoutcharite. 6th The patient is ft lot inhj'ctea to loss of time or other iuernveuience; aue lastly, os ihe .Moi itor points out lli-onl? mr de of prevention, "o. I is he for the cute of Iionorrhcte, <*leet, Seminal Weakness, Stc No s it for Veu rial di ease iu al its stiKes. No. 5 for Fluor Albas, if or Whiles The Monitor is 30 rents '! he packages complete S3, securely I.TwarCrd to post-paid remittances bold ou'y at Drug Store Ml I'riiice st.r-t, comer of Marion, a te, lew doors east of Niblo's I'rivate entrance 69.% Marion st, c n,h tniuation ofOntrestreet. ai3 lin'm dUWB XltlSSES lie NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. It DCKSONS afflicted with ntptu*es may rely upoa the best uj a instrumental aid the world affords, on explication at tht nd o.fics, No. 4 Vesey street, or to etcner of the agents in the pria _ si pal towns in the United Steles. Be careful to examine th< n back pad of Holl'a Trusses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr. a Hall, in writing. None are geaaims, or to be relied upoa as n good, without his signature. il Many persons hare undertaken to vend imitations of Hnll'i , J celebrated trasses, and thousands are imposed upoa in conse luence. These imitatioc: cannot be reijod upou ; they an ,,, made by unskilful mechaaics, and are bo better thai the ordi i i?t trasses. - Rooms bare beau fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, exetusiyeh \ for ladies, having a separate eatr. see from the business depart " mewt, where a female is ia ecestaut attendance to wait npi? female astieuro. mil lmrre a 1 TO THE LADIES, lie on. HULL'B UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER re "PHIS new instrument for the radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri -r. * or Falling of the Womb, by external application, superof leding the use of the objections! Peasary, is confidently r-e.omde mended to the atilicted aa the means ofperfrct restora'.mn to of tsalth, it never having failed of performing a curs, eyaa undet at the most aggravated circnoutaaacm . . . _ o- The supporter has attained g very high character is Europe c. ta well us iu this country. It is adopted to the entire Junto ol lir Masanes, and all other painful surgical expedients, in the Lylagia-Hospitals of London and Paris, and is universally roes commended in Europe by medical men of tht highest rank.? id. IU this couatry it is sustained by the leading members of tbt 'a- faculties of Colleges sad Hospitals, sad by I'll the euiannt i tnvate practitioners. ? Rooms have beea famished exclusively for ladies at No. 4 l? .'eicy street, having a separate entrance from the business do ol Trusses sad Supporter* io fi-maie p-iti?nts. mil tmrrr. "1 HEAD WHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENGES HAVE DONE. rt.: VfR. DAY, boot maker, Mo. V> Tillnry street, Brooklyn, rn i."l suffered greatly for eighteen months with emaciation, <!rL" oility, sickness nf the stomaih. loss of appetite, shooting pains "u 10 ihe bowels, his stoin tch neglected almost crerv kind of food, P' -zcupt sugar. He had been attended by various phwiciant and ,'f for two months by tho professors of the University, and all to i? 10 purpose. On reading Or. Sherman's Book descriptive of the symptomof worms he thought they met his case; so he parciiased a bm >p of Sherman's Worm Lozenges. A few il sw trough t away, as he judged, about two quarts of worms, swdsstirely cored him, 'R A multitude of similar cases might be msatsoced where clnlIren and adults had suffered oil nut dsath from worms, and no,!; Jung garerelisf but Sherman's Loaaggaa. 1. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Whooning Couh and even Conu" mmption, are all sooner cored by Sliermaa's Cough Lozrcgri n* than any other known remedy. They sUas the tickling in a few seconds, and enable those aSrcMm with the most ip naming coughs lo sleep whole nights. The Rev. Dr. "> Dunbar, Rev. Mr. De Forest. Rer. Dr.KasOmond and hundreds thousands can attest to their happy rinses as others can to the Jficacy of Hhrrman's Cough Lozenges, for headache, Palpitation, lownets of spirits, sea sitkneas and lassitude, Horn bodily or mental rzenions, and for the wonderful properties of Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, which costs hut UX E-, *nts,auil ia * warranted cure for rhrematism and lumbago, tie uin er weakness in the, side, back, or any part ?>I the r-l aidy Ask for Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, and tee toat hie in iame and hi* fac simile with directions for use are on the ba:k, i ii. There lire a great many worthless im'lstious hawked aooul and us mid by unprincipled druggists. Ksinsmbcr to get Sherman i 'hi Lozi-'j^-nge* and Plasters and Truss? neos others, or you will or .edeceirrd. ac Dr. Sharman'8 Warehouse is 10# Nassau street. Agents?2?l or. ilndsou et c ir Spi ing: 1(8 Bowery eer Kpnng; 77 East Broadray cor Market; ( William st; 110, 173, i'/? and #<)1 Broad. * >y. In Brooklyn, iMra Hays 1 JO Fulton, and Monnraiu i Irug store 333 Fulton. Simson cor Prospect and Jackson si ?? In Jersey City-E Kandall. Orncer. InNswark-J K Tripp, ?{! ?,d David Brysan. Philade'lpliia-Zieber k U,? Ledger Bt'iH .. g,. Boston?Redding h Co,( Hiate ?t. Albaav-A Uuthrie . Htsneu Halt ?** " i.b is KNTINU AND COLLEoTINO OFFICE.?TKTLH aril IV \YMAK. baring again commenesdthis old busu.e-i o Heating, Collecting ol Hents, Bills, lie.J respectfully solicit tni- the patronage el i en public, at his O.Tioe, No. U4 Nassau socoiiu ooor below keck man it f. A) MAR.t - ml lm*rc S IN NEW YORK. TED GOODS. IS AND THE PUBLIC. T M E D / C INE S , U R O C E R1E 8, frc.' Veaey uid I* 111 ton streets,) ivirw vnRir orth River .Hoof the city. J OBK' OHRISON, rs entire fusortmret of goods, among them ths following, to U the aUenuoa of loner*, Grocer*, Manufacturers, Her* IJr?on To* t All Mum aker*, >"g Hyson I o?ught Blue Vitriol Imperial I a> Opens i. fcaglish and (iunpowder > Auc ion Aits/icm Hyson Skin [ at the >il Vi?ol vjuchong | India iug?r i.-iu li)'e? J 8ik>. Beaching Salts 'tench Brandies ochineal Spanish H-giis \<i<ia Koitia .Jot and Pearl Ashes Nutga Is <Urch Auoatto anth. Linnir ea Ball SiJa Ash , Turkey ?-ii B.iek ''ot a- d Poarl Ashes ura Mmi Lx-ract Logwood i -'ig Blue IVtihC Acid mint Powdered Ginger Root Biehrnm its of Potash rgrurn Mom 4U Soda i JliieOil in betties and Gum Shellac son b 'aksts ' udhear ? Votmaes VVood not Uli,>'re crude and re drain and Bar Tin etd dn d Fuller's Ksrth Lh IV|i[>e Since -ladder, Duich & French ">J idaCMiov S?ulT ludigtes ol Uenga'. r Scotch Snufi <' itraccas and Uua e and Peach 'am da I'.d ei. Piotant 'Vhi'e Taita* la lastile Soap ll^d Tartar ins ';lore$ iiue eeu ' a-t ;r Oil in bottles duinie sec V ciliol Lac Dye ' ipion Salta <t?r?h .liunatnon i'russiate Po'vdl >rietluu M'i'ches Gum 3>,,egil ' Carbouata v inonia os'i ed ' uriuma nateofSodr British Lustra P-w'ered Blue Sma'tf id S ma for w taking ijurrcuroo li..ria le Jamaica Muatud, Lonnou spiii's Nitre Fortii , India O iyeaas Pepper Sal.t Prtr* J rown Soap Powdered NuUrgs driiith Gum do Cinaiuiin Si'rie Acid and Oxaiia dolojne Water Acid White and Natural. Refined ar.d undefined WHALE t Tanufoot, Olive, (in bottles and; Patent, bpeim and Stearic Paper Makers, Hatters, dee. Rl aching Powders. Nutgalls, Powdered Blue Smalts, Blue Vit-ol, Olue. Verdisri', Oil Vitriol, Copperas, Copper Csix, Sal Ammoniac, Sh-llLec, Autlnuny, Alcohol, Hug tr of Lead, Lit act of Logwood, Aiu-u. anufucturerg. d, I R'd S tnnders, I Hypernic Wood, I Huch Wood, I P-*ch Wood, 3d, I Red do I Ebony Wood, JLASS WARE. o't'-e, Col igues, Kiucv Puiients. Dtraggisti' racking 3 ttloi, or Varnish, Pemijohns, Flasks, Inkstauds, . ji'ardi, Suufls, 4tc. Stz. Htainrrs, Spice Grinders, and Sugar R.'finsrj, Coach Lace and Marble Polishers, f i Workers in Iron and oilier Artiisas; lor ream. Soda Water and Hoot Beer, for Assayers ard Refiners of olori, Chain, Loco Foco Matrhes, Looking Classes, 8 lap, Ink, rs, Fur Dyers, Morocco Dionn, Siraw Hat Bleachers, Sign itt-r aud Cheese; for Steamboats, Houls, Ships, Vessels Sic. ard Soaps. I'?(cut Medicines of every description. All kinds i American. , nent of ih* kind in Now York can offer greater inducements of rrehants, city grocers, tnanifac urvrv, painters, hatters, paper their interest to purchase of him, if they are desirous of purcha, d act ire agencies for tie pti'p >ie of availing hnivll of the id lates afford for selecting articles of the best <j'i xliiy.aud purchases, apS Im dy&wy ea TNFORMA 1 ION WANTED of JAMES K. MILLER, a 1 native of New York, and a Seaman by profession; whan last heard from he was in Bristol, England, i into. Stionld he be alive, aud return to New York, he will heartifsome'hingto his advantage, ou applying to,William Steel, Baker, No. U1 Cherry strrer, Nrw York. m7 3mdSiw*rrc , TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN?A PllO CREATIVE ELIXIR CORDIAL. 'T'HE great-it discovery in medical science is that of M. M. A Desomeaux, of Paiit. He has entirely exploded the generally received opinion of the existence of incurable sterrility or barnnuess, (exept indeed in cases of malformation, which are extremely rar-.) The iovaritble aud universal success of his Elixir Cordial, in every iLstance, ol producing that sta e oi health which resu'ts in the wife becoming blessed as a mother, w ho for years piued in childless loneliness, has fully established the fact, thu what is usua'ly termed " is curable by the use of the Procreative P lixir Cordial It is iuftllable in senurial wenki ess, tinor albus, debility, incontinence, and the various train of complaints arising from excess, illness, or impiudence. Its great aud invariable success is its recommendation. Thefameof this wonderful E'ixir Cordial is well es ta'di bed. A sale of more than fifty thousand hotil.-s aud pack ges is rufficie-t evidence of its excellence and the estimation in which it is held It is pleasant and agreeaale to the taste The uude.signed is tin: only authorised agent for this conn try Price $2 a bottle. For the conveirence of those residing out of the city, the ingredieuu coo^KtMug the Elixir CordmT are put Hp in packages for transmission ty mail, with lull direction for preparing. Price ol package $.1, makmg three bottles. All Ktteis must be postpuu, and dir cted to br K. MELvEAU. tioi2i. N York city m21 lm DSiW *in Olfiie 129 Liberty st. TO MARRIED LABIIS3. AAADAMS RS8T ELL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS. ^ ?Those ir.valuable Povsd- rsluve be. a universally nilopteg in Kurope.bat Frauaeis partiaulv. for upwards ofthirty yean. (a well at by thousands in th>s c.-uutrr. u being theonlr mile, safe and c'ficnci r.s remedy for married l&uies whose health for bills a loo rapid increase of family. The results of their adoption to the happiness, the health, nay, often the life, uf raauy an affectionate wife ana fond aether, are too east to lnueh upon withi-. the limits of au advertisement? risuitr which ffvet not the pi? rent well being ol Parents, but Lire fulur- happiness of their offspring. Is it not lut t?o well known that the families of the married often increase beyond the ha-ipini-m of those whngavi thera birth would dictate / In how m.uis instances does the hard working father, and more especially the mother, uf a poor family, remain slares throughout their lives, tuggiug at the osr of incessant labor, toiling but ! live and living but to toil, wiieu they might have enjoyed coindnrt and comparative affluence, and il care and toil have weighed down tlic spirit, and at last area en the health of the father, how often is the widow leil annuls. with the most virtuous intentions, to save her fatherless utfsiaiug from beSomiug degraded objects of charity or prodigals votaries of vice! Iven though competence and plenty smile upon as, how often, slas-J are the days ol the kind husband and father embittered in beholding the euieciuted (dim and declining health of the companion ol his besom, ere she had scarce re tched the age of thirty?Irac sinking into a premature grave?with the certain prospect ot himself being eaily bereft 01 the |iai iu?r of his joy*nd s >rrows, aad hia young a.d lujp!ess cliildier of thos- eu dainfg attentions and \>>ilchful eoliciindr, which a inol*"i clone can bestow, uot uufiMJurntly at a lime when I "as' able to support the heart-rending aihictiou 1 Ii it assirable, ihen.?ts it un.ral?for parcnis to increase their families, regardl.-ss ol t' ^sequences to themselves, or the well bemg of their offspring, when asiittole, easy, healthy, aud ccrtuiu remedy ir, with'ii oai coutroll fne advertise, reling the of this subject, f.od estimating the vast bra tits resulting to thoasxads by the adoption of means prescribea Sy her, would rotpectfnlly arouse tie attention of the married to .'s consideration. Is it uof wise p.m. vuraous to preventevils to which tve ere subject, by simple and healthy nice us within our control! livery disrassioi,.\te, virtuous and enlightened mind, will nnhesitatiaglr answer in lite affirmative. Price live dollars ? caehsge. accompanied with fall sod pgr t:eular directions. They can be seat by mail to all parte of the United States. All Idiots must be post paid, and addressed to aox "MM," N Y-.or MA-D.VMK KtS'f huLL, KemaU Physician. Principal office, 141 Greenwich street. New York. Offics hoars Irom 9 A. M. to P. M. Bostea office, No 7 Essex sc. OB lm*m silliAUt KtlUtv, Ft MALE fU P3YC1AN, Office and residence, 141 Usise wich street, between Cnnrtlnndt and Liberty streeta, whait she can be coasolted with the strie.est socfideaee oa aox plaints incident to the fen^ale frame. Madame Kestail's experience and knowledge m the creatine*. of obstinate cases of female irregularity, steppage, suppression, fee., is snch as to require bat a frw days to effect a perfect core. Ladies desiring proper medical attendance daring confinement or other indisposition, will he seconraode.:,d daring soak time, with private and respectable board. < " Preventive Powders," fo< married ladies, whose delicate ol rrrearions health forbids a too rapid '.ncroase of family, will be sent by mail to any part of laa United Ststee. l'rice Ct> a pack age. All letters (post-paid) addressed to box, Ul, few York! boston Office. No. 7 Kssex street." N. Ji.?Madame HLHTJLL weald inform ladies re*.diss oat of the city, who cannot mske it convenient to come to the ciry, that she woulc aevotn tier personal ntteauuee noun the I, say part of ths United Stains withi* iss??ushi? 3;,. unee fll In'm JTKMALK MONTHLY PILLS. WING to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable tateese el Madame Hcscell's ?nule Monthly Pills in all cases of hi regnlsrity, suppression, or stoppage of those functions of na* tare upon which the health ?f every fecraJi depends, sinos their introduction into the United states,now shoot seven years conk.rrieits and imitations are covstontly attempted to bs pelmcrt off for the genuine. Cheep common pills are purchased H twelve eents a box, pat up in different boxes, and called? Female Monthly Pills," with the object of selling them. il possible, at one or two dollars a box. Females are therefore ttationed against these atismuti to impose npon them. It is saffic.ieut here to state that all Female Monthly Pills are eon*, terfeits, except those sold at Madame Result's Principal Office, 141 Greenwich street. New York, and 7 Kssex street, Boston! Price ftl. Madame Heetall's signature is written on the novel of eaeh box. N. rt.?They can ha rse?i by married or single, by following the dir?cti?'ns 'i1*' vsed inside of each fcor. fia tts*m CAUTION TO KttMAliKS , A/fADAMr. RBBTRLL, KJCMALK 11IYBIC1AN, would J-vA inform ladiri who. with a proper d- honey, have a repugnance to the treatment of llieir complaiut-i icept by one of their own sex, that n all cases she attends tc i.-m personally, ha sjr-rience, practice and knowledge en*bl-? her to do so ribs deems it at aessary to state this, as si" lues not wish to bs classed with the pretend?n continoiiliy appealing and disss I rerring. adverusinc as Frmnla Fhys;c: ins, who too igas rant ami incoi/ipeteat theniarlvej are oh).- -u to set aotne tctrti If Wti malut uuack to eipenroent unread, Uonja ting par !on tail remdraoe, 1*? Greenwich ?trc:t, between Couijland IK Li-arty n-MU. IJonri i<.' *U?nde;.ee from ? A. M. ti I r.H f1?3m*m rOR-TUOUESE FEMALE PILLS. IWfxnTED kKO fRnPASKD IT M. f) r. BOUDELOQ.U ?. M.D.. LISBON, PORTUGAw rpHR Science eembiuaiion of mr.iedienu ol'which the* Pilln are ompnaert, hare tiirui the wond<>r and admiration of the wo rf'l. 'i h?y are known all deer Europe to he the only preparation ever dneoyered that h.\( proved invar,?bl? certain in producing the monthly fnrna. Their certainty, in all eaten, being raeh that they cintt not he nted daring pregnancy, for thoagh alwny# mild, tale and healthy, they are eutam u prod nee raiicarnngo if med daring that period. The direction! are tranilated into Kngluh. and areenreloped rovad with the teal of the importer, tumpea. Etch hot eon Uini the aignature of M. de Unndeloaue. and the Kngheh direction.* hare the iignarore of Dr. K. MKLVEAU, anthnrined agent for theeortinent of America. ji'hey ear he imotmittrd hv mail to any part of the United Btaft. hlold by Or K. MKLVKATI, awnt and importer loi tiie Uaited Ktates, olTiee 1*9 Liberty itreet, near Greenwich ft. PrieefS?half beiea tl No hall borra trnt hy mail Sold , iu llofUw, at No. 9 Salem itreet. Letters directed to Dr. If. D'etvaaa. hot H, New Yoik, will meet with immediate att?t| i tica. AlUrttrrr malt be pott paid floJin'm I 1 ... _ . . - i U ' PUBLISHED DAILY BY JANES MOIIUON H K N N K T T , i N. W. CORNER KULTON AND NASSAU STREETS. , The New Yoan Herald?A daily paper, it*ued every onlM of Um werh?prif e two cm h per top* Uniot anbf rihera furnished at the oanie rate, f ir any fprcilic period, , on a remittance in advance. No paper teat aulr*t paid in adVance. ; The \vcan ly Hkrai o?Laoed every Saturday morning at 1 tea i.'clock?price ?n tno a isi'arter ci *Tt p?r copy?forniahed to country ?aoteriber?. a- $.1 vj per annum, in advance, or at the i~une rate lor uv ?pee i fie period. ConanronnE.M f are re?|noa^d to addreu their lettern to Jamm Oordou bteatir, Proprietor and Editor?and all I** en oo baniaem nut he pen-paid.

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