Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 18, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 18, 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol. Mo. 100-WUoU Mo. 307W. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HEllALD?daily newspaper?P???Lished every day of the year except New Year'* day ana fourth of July. Price -J cents per copy ?or $7 'M por annum ?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD? published every Saturday morning?price 61 cent* per copy, or $3 IS per annum? postage* paid, cash in a lvanca. . , . ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol fhe Herald is overTHlRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It tuts the largest circulation of any j.aj.rr in this citi/, or the world, and is, therefore, the best channel for bueinest mm in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate prho, and in the elegant style JAMES GORDON BENNETT. ] Puoruii.tos or the IIkbalo E?taiii.ishmest, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. i- r~n M.. "?'* HADIKAA AND LIVES POO). The Roy.d Mill Hl.-ani Ship ACA'llAi y/mjjSnTOMhA. Rrri* Hop, Coimnai.'drr will leave 'JlthdV A Boston for the above i>ort on Wednesday, MCSV'WttSM* Me y 1st, nest Hie steam* r HIU vR'a'lA, will leave Boston on Thnndsy, May I6in Passage fnr Liverpool $11?. Passage for Halifax 20 Appl; to D. BR1GHAM. Jr.. Agent, 8<n No. 3 Wall street. SPRING- ARRANGEMENTS. bloominouale. manhattanvillb and FORT WASHINGTON LINE OK STAGES Faie io M<nh*ttanv.|lc, 12>? Cents. Face 'o Fo't Washington 2i Cent*. as,. This l.ineofH'ages will commence running >n M nd.y, April 1, Hit, as follows :-Lraewiagwajda Ma-ha!tsuViPe at 7 o'clock, A. M . and c7..7 u~m!a e'ery honruuil 6 P M. Learing New York, corner ol Tryon Row and Chatham st, two doomi&itof the ItrrVm Railroad Otfice.ut? o'clock, A. M , and continue running every hour until 1 P. M 'I hit Line of bt ges p >ssrs the rphen aud Lunatic Asylum*, Baruh m's Mansion House, the Ahbey and Backer'* Hotel, Triuit. Church Cemetry, the High Bn. ge and Knit Washington_ B iviOORE. mat im'rc. rropriftT NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. /COI ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1844?MORN 1N ? LINE?From the foot i f Barclay cot, 3fc??W?rj^L at 7 o'clock A.M.. (Sundays excepted.) The Steamboat TKO V. Capt A. Uorhara, and The Pt-amboat K *IP1RK, Capt. S. 11. Koe. Kerning Line? Direct from the foot of Co.rt.'andt street, at 7 o'cl ck r. M. [Bn.idayr netplcd 1 The Steamboat 8 WA LLOw, C?t?t A- McLeon, and The Steamboat ALBANY, Cart. II- B. Maey. , The proprietor* of the New York. Aibuiy and Troy Lit* wou'u reapertfally itf->rm the rublic that their boat* have during rhe recce* of navigation the pait winter, be.-u refitted and replenished throughout, and many improvement* added to the comfort of the traveller The Troy and Emnite. R? heretofore, will form the Mor-iing Line, from the Hleamho't Pier foot ot Bvclay itreet, running daily [Sunday* excepted] making the principal intermediate lxndiug* on the River. The Swalh w and tlbruy will lorm the 7 ocloik Evening Line {through direct) d.ii'y (Sunday* (excepted.) Theabovr boat* are ofthe brat elase ol Ste in bona. end for ipeed and accommodations > re n surpaared, ar.d whit i* *f greater interest to the trsrelhr, ate under - he comma, d of oflicer* well known to the put lie?their i.ame* alone is a sufficient guarantee of kind attention. civil deportment and safe management. New York. March 12 1814 ml5cc P EW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA uROAD LINK DIRECT. Fox Newtek, Newbui'nswicb,rntrccgToiv, Txxxycx, BonazrtToyTN A so Buxlikotoh. IP . THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leavinx New York daily from the foot of Courtlandt it. Morning Line at t A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4>i P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentowa, from theses by tuimboat to Philadelphia. _TheEvening Line p-ueecds direct to Cam ilea (oppoiiteto Philadelphia) without change of can. Passengers. will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be is raadiusss. with baggage crates ou board. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to city, Wihout being opened by the way Each train ia provided with scar in which are apart menu and dossing rooms er-rtsalv for the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walant street, by steamboat to Borilentnwn at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 n'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7W A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation of tha linen from New York. J9 3m* m PIONc^ j p OR BY THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL A HAIL ROAD. This superior Line of PackeU is now in complete order. N?w Boats have been placed on th? Lin?, and every arr^nye* m*ut mad.- th?.t can be tie*ired to secure tlie comfort of travelMrs. The interesting country whi-h the route pures,render* it the Oh >m agreeable iliac can be taken for the Wat. r or families travelling westward, it ia piefereble to all o.her routes. No effort ha* been?pared to make the accimmoda'.iens on b-iaid the boat* ample and coutple. '1 hey aie in charge ol eg.ierieaccd, attentive, and obliging captains, so that the trip from PHILADELPHIA TO riTTSEURG, is mattered one of pleasur* rather than toil. FARE ONLY $10. OFFICE N. E. CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT STREETS, Where every infoemet on may he obtained. [T7*"Hea'* may also be aectfr d at 13 south Third it,and at the. DxP )T 271 vlAUKKf STREET, where the Car* rtart Iroin every morning at 8 o'clock. ui'6 Im* rc A. CUMMINOS, Ag-nt. KMiGREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (3*5 MILES) i BY RAIL TO 40 The only Office in ? sw York < --t?bli h <1 ' y the leve al flail Road Companies bm? ? Albany ait'* U (Tain is at Wo. 39 C JURTLA>DT m CE < J', JOHN i . I L 4 K, ~euer<il Agent. NOTICE TOMMIGRANTS. Tlie Submribers having been appoi.nei e,.?nts for forwarding Immigianls by Hail itoad from Ail-any i > Unnaloaud inr< rmeUiare 11 ,cet *r-enabled to send them outing ih' Summer fr in. Wow York to L'lira mr 52,06. ro ">yr*cn?e *2,92, to Aubuio tl 36; ti l.oclrele. $1.61 In . 55 5). Children froui 2 to 12 years o'd a! Ii <11 price; under 2 years free; and all ! JJaggaie from Albany on the Hail Koso is e.ii ely fie.It is **iden* rb?t it Comes much cheeper to the unoiirraut to I trar I by Hsil Road liao by Canal, he revhlug buffalo prr I Slomb >si from 'srs Yolk anil Ha<l Hoad from 4 limn is <9 hours; wh teas, it tak s per t.aual from 9 to 10 days. The following ciicul iti n shows the re>ul , ris Passat* t< liuttalj|>e- Kail Pas.age to Uuffslo per C?ttosd $5 50 oal.say $1,00 Luggage from N. York to Lngga.eui Buffalo. 'Olhs A Than , loolb. fr e, bal- fire, balance for U'lilhs- 35 mils for lodlbs It Lost of tiuie at least 9 days L"gg i*e from Albany to w <rch to the lanoier, say buff si) free 30' entt |ier day 4,50 Living for 42 hours, say- 73 Living for 10 days,30 cents per day 3,f 0 Total per K. ilosd < $C 43 ? ? 512,05 Deduct fare per K. Road* <6 43 The traveller per R. Road eaves - 55,62 Ther *Uo forward passe> ro Cleaveland, Portsmouth and other pLces in *>hio; Dstioit, kc , Michigan; Gteen Bay. Milwaukee. kc. Wi conin Trirt'ry; Chicago, Illinois; a-d to differlv t pl <c iu Cauada, at the lowest rates. All information as to the different ruu'.esgi'eu gratis, and Tickets lo be had only at tha Albany and bnttalo Rail ttoad Oilier,59 Courtlandt s'.ivet. WOLF k KiCKEhS. api Im *m TO Tlih TRAVELLING PUBLICS KISHENOER .1RR.WGEMENT FOR 18*4 T?e ?ub<cr<b.-ri luring completed their trraiirrmeols, are now prepared to bring out pass'ugert from Great Uritsin and I rrtaad by the followiog first cists pa-ker ships, one of which will leave Liverpool on ths 1st, 6tii. 11th, 16th, 2tst and22(Dol each month:? Pn'rtck Henry, New Y ork, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cam Bridge, Montezuma, f'ddons, Geo. Washington, Hottingnar, Colutn' u-, United Stave, Roscius, Ashbiirtnu, England, Europe, Steph'u Whitney, llrclirsier, ludrpeudence, Yorkshire, Gsrrick, Samuel (lick. Queen of the West, Oxford I ertiftcstcs of passage can be obtairwl, and every information Will begiren to those sending for their friends, on appli< a(iou at either of our pITiccs. .... Thev will also he prepared, on the opening or navi"ation, to forward paas-*i.*e's and '.heir luggage lo Alhiny and Tioy, and Vii line Canal lo Hnffalo, and all intermediate places. To al'. ports of th-Upper Lakes. Vis Oswego to Toronto, Port Hope, Cflburg, Kingston, and all parts of l aeada Wist. ... . _ . from Trov via Whitehall to Montreal ami Qaebac, 4 anada East via Ohio Canal l-oin Clc-trelauJ to Portsmouth, Cincinnati, arid i tvrmedia'e places .... ... South W-st via Philadelphia to Pittsburg,( mcinna'i, LoonI ville. and alljiarts on the Ohio River lo St. Louis, M <> ; and to ill parts of Ohio, Michigan, Indians, Illinois sud VVneontin 'Territory. REMITTANCES. . Korlhe acenmmotlrtinn of pe-rson.i njshnij^ewnff ^morswyr %" uj-jc I'lmui in uhj < oimuv, ^ aiT? Drafts on any partof F.nitiard, Scotland cr Ireland, r*yaDM at suht, for I'imi of A I, AS, -2V, to ?.90- < r m sut amount to toil the purchaser. Ot- KICKS AND ACiKNTH. 'hastes CmR, 100 8t?ve stret. Boston. B. W.AVh'eler, Uniou Building, I'royidenee, R I. .f. W. Mil's, 3 Wall street, and Ifi Front stiee'. New Yoik N .O. ||?w rd. 43 Hi nth Third street, Philadelphia SanJlord It Sli'.'uwker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md. . . . , . Pittsburgh, Ps. L. 8. Littlejohn, 11 Ki-haMt*, Albany N. Y. 8 Clark, 199 Hirer sirsct, Troy, S. Y. W. A. Cook. Syracuse, N. y'."' Rochester, N. Y. \V. H. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. H. Fpihngh ItCo., CJswego, N. Y. m!6ec DRAFTS ON KN?l,AND. IH KL AN D. j ???"??> t remitting money to their /M||^K|nfrirnos in the Old Country he supplied Willi dr ills in sums ol'Xl, XU, ?J, XS ?10 ??II,?,W,? 100. ? moo or any mnoant, payable on demand, without discount,or any other charg-, at the NalioualBauk of Ireland I'roriuenl Bk_do, Messrs .fa's Bait, Sou Ik Co., Bankers, London*. J. Baiued at Co., F.irhaiige mil Discount Bank, Lirerpuor. r.astern Bank ol Scotland; tire-nora Banking Company; Sir Win. t orbes, Hunter it Co., Scotland; and th-nrmehrs in every post town throughout Krigland, Ireland, Scotland and Wsjes, whieh dralta will he forwarded by the imckeia of the 11th. 16th, 31st, and Hith.or the Royal Mail steamer sailing from Boston on toe 1st ol May. Apply to W. ?t J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their general passage office, 43 Peck slip, feUre corner ol South street. N H ?All letters from the country must rome post paid. *??- PACKBT FOR HA VRF?Second Line-The swyJWHhin UTIc A, F, Hewitt Master will sail on the 1st fi?ttifaMay. For freight or p<>s*g?, apply to RltYir Ik MNCKrN, e? No. 9 T ontius Building. cor A V a 11 and Water sis. E NE NE /"L MTATEN l.SLAND ^?>g> ,ML KERRY. On aud alter Tuetday, February rth, the Boat* will leave u follows, until fnrtl er notice :? Ltavi Stolen Island. Leave New York. At 8* A. M. At 9 A. M. io ia 2 P. M. 1 x P. M. 5 " 5 " N. B. On Sunday the boat will leave at 11 instead of 12. C."'Or/* NEWARK AXI) NEW YORK. t'Allb ONLY 13^ CENTS. tiie new and swift steamer rainbow, CAPTAlN JOHN UAKFY. Wit! conim-nc" her trii-a for the inuno on Lj.? y^Thcrt(??t April 4th.and run until further no-|T' c - foil .ws Leaving Nevnik at 7>, o'el'.. k. A M , "Vvr York 4 o'nluck, I'. M 'ilia ll.irbov i a< b en ruLrg-d, enm.le'.ely r fitted, and ada tt'il in i.'iia rout', and haying a lug* deck ti.loon, ibe can CU'itfor ably ?< o i m 'date a I wga initio r ultpdsse.'gers. , Frtinji c m datveri r-v ou.vble nt a. j New V- k April J I8H r.4 tfre EEOELE n i.IXE OF STEAMBOATS FUR ALBANY. aM DAILY Suudnya eieepred?'Through Dp Qpc^??jig|S*rret, at T P M , fmm tile Stevmb at Tier b<"** i ~ *T~ ||T ' ? OoiirtlanUt uid Liberty slr.ets Tl.e u-innai KNU.KERBO' " Kit, Captain A. P. St I John, Mon l y, Wedrriday ana Friday, at 7. The Me-m-oil KuCHE&TEH. Captain A Houghton, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Kv'nirgs, at 7, At Fiveo'clock r. M.. I.endii g ?t lutnmed at" Places:? The Steamboat CURTIS PECK. Canttin Wm. 11 Peck. .Mr ii lay. W i dnnday. Friday and Sunday, at 5 P. VI. The Steamboat NORTH AMEKiCA, Captain II. O. Cruiu'iiden, Tueiilty, Thnudty and Saturday at 5 P. M l'a?irncen taking th'i line of boatt will arrive in Albany in ami le lime to take the Morning Train of Can lor the eaa or went. (T/"The above Boataare new and inbatantial. are furniihed with new and eiegaut Stale Room*. anu for apesd and accommodation are uin ivtlleil on the Huttaou. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. C. Schultr. at the otbeeou the wharf. ali ALBANY 1)A Y LINE. yafl FOR ALBANY and Intermediate I.andtl . -T'imi r:? 4 he new and rleeaut tteamboat SL?>flCcLkOl"ni AMERICA, Cantaiu M.H Truesdell. will leave the foot ol Bart lay atreet north aide, on Wedneaday morning, April 17th. at 7 o click a 17 re ?HlPUi 0m NOTICE Tne S'eamb Mt PORTS ui*MOL'TH it now being thoroughly re|wired i ftlTnu^ *" * will be readv at the wi euiog of navigation to t.iw boata intern.ediate to Trov, Albany aud Near York Thia boa' will have e ipacitiea for towing > ijual to any on the river: and it it h iped that It will obtain a lair anpport. I m>8l lin're P COMSTOCK AjfX^ LONDON LINE OF PACKET8?Packtt of JHHPW20th April ?The splendid, well kuowu.and lout sailMKOBa'i'K packet slip W ES i'Ml N SsTtR Captain llovey, will aail noaitively aa anove tier regular day. Site hat tplrudid ar.comnindationi f>r cabin, aeeond cabin a ud steerage pass-ugers. Those about proceeding to the old c'Uutry will biid the Wrstmiu.ter a d-yrable couveyaroe. Ceiaona wiliiiuz to secure bertha should make rarlvepplication to W. Ik J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Perk tl'p P. S ?I'eriona wishing to seed for their friends in the old couu ry, can have 'twin brought out iu ihi? packet, or any of llie regular line, on the most advantageous terms, by appl > ing aa above. al3u>2lrc A'flrt FOR LON DON?Regular Packet of the 20'h April. mMuWl?'The well-knowu fastsaiijg picket ilnp we81CksaCSaMINS i ER, burthen lllOU torn, Capt Hovey. Thia auperior vessel it unw loading for Loudon, nod will poa'lively aail o? the 20th April T he accominodationa for cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage puaengfra are uusurp-ittrd by any ether vejsel in port; and as a uuinber of her raueiigera aiealreidy engaged, those demons ol securing berths should make early application to JOSEPH MeMIIRRAV nl4tn20 rc ICS hm ?t. comer South, N. Y. &gg- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Lme-Kswulgr racket Kf-jS&V"' l?1'1 April?'I he pV'.idiJ packet shin SIUDO.NS, ' tiiiKs ?l" E. B, Cobb, of 1060 tous, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, hiving accommodations uarqnalled for splendor or comfort, apply uu board, as Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 Sooth st. Price of passage $100. The packet ship Sheridan, Capt. J F. Deiieyster, of 1000 tons, will succnrd ths Siddous.aud sail tlis 26t)s of May, her regular day. ruupgera may rely on the ships of this line sailrg pnne'nally afWvertised. in27 to a26rc tfdj- FOR LIVKRPOOL?The New Line Keguiai SOvVrac!.,'t 21st April.?The snpeiior New York buill /aauKsPacket ship LIVERPOOL, Copt Jolm EMml^e,! 15c tons burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. For freignt or passage, having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on tx-ard, at west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL (k MINTU11N8, _ *7 South st. Price or passage $190. _Tne superior packet ship Queen of the West, Capt Phlip Woodhouse, ,2'i0 tons hnrtr.en, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on ber regular day,21st May. al0toA2l FOit l.lVKItl'OOL ?ihe New Liue-Krgul.ti SjCTif'VPacket of 21it Arml?The sp'endid New York built MKanMPtckUship L1V KRt'OOL, Cptain John Eldndg.. 11:3 to .? burhea, will sail as above, her regular day For freight of H O hilei cottun, or bulklhereof Ike ,or p.vsige llivjug acd PimcdaUons UlllUrllaa.e'l lyjiwilie ?? . -rrh to tlie captain uu lo ud, at west side >it Burling elip or to WOO.iHULL kt VIIN I URN8, 67 ??uih s?. The picket ship QUE EN OF THE WEST. Capui- Philii Weodhouse 1290 tons, will succiel the Liverpool, and sail or ber regular day. aHec VSlt FOR LIVERPOOL- Briiiih Vessel ?The 'velj (/. ./ Sili" A 1, copivr-faitanrd British ship lleLtN jaaMlCt THOMSON Captain John Petri* will be ready tc receive <argo iu a lew da>s, sod will hive despatch for lh? above port. Shippers of colonial or domestic produce will find-heramosl desirable conveyance. For ft ii.Lt, apilr to the ' attain or buai J, at I ier No. 6 North River, ot ro the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS &. O , aI4:-e 39 Kii'tuu at uevt door to the Fulton Bank. A/nO- FOR LIVERPOOL?The splendid, fast sailing ajs3f&yship BRUNSWICK Capiaiu McMiuui, is now asSaUot Hiding and will he lie matched in a 'ew days Stie nu turerior s (or cabin and steerage pas seng' rs, wiio will be taken at a moderate rate. Apply to JOHN MM* OMAN. 61 couth s.reet N. B?Passage from (ip-at Britain and Ireia.d can atal rimes l.e ? cured bv the regul ir p,cke's sr.tliruc every five dv,, I. v. r,uol, at the lowest ates; and drafts em, at u u 1. be fnrw riled lor any an ouut, payable at the Nt ?u4 Pn vi, Cal Hi V. I rel tori, and 'WMmi( and also atal' the prtuci ' a I 'auking Institutions rhiongh iut i.ugUcd, Scotland ami 1, lea, on application at above. alt 3'rc fijnp FOR LIVERPOOL?The regul .r Pxhet Ship c Ills 16 h f April, will po?i vrty sail on In r reguiu WSK{? day?her accommod t lous are very superior for Cabin second cab n and steerage I w i grrs. IV sous in'endiug tc ermart shanhl mslie eary applic.ui nioJ McMURllAY, i 11 top re 100 Pine st , ccnrr , I South. : A: FOK Ll VEKPi iOL-PacKet of 'he It'll mat? kPjra^bThe su'eu'il packet ship NEW YORK, Lapuu. Jfrffilftiii1 rn I *T Will a il US above. F ur pa rage, haviuc superior accoinraoib.timj. apply t > iOHN HERDMaN, 61 South sire t uenr tVa I. N. B. ?P sssye from Great B itain mid Ire and vii biiverpom. ran ue n-cuiTy at tnr iov. curates oy ina aoove snt| n-an v of .'-.e line titling from Lirnpool ? vry fite dus; aim those remitting lammy to ill ir f,i.-nds c?n h?ve drafts fo.-an amount, pay dili: t-WI the principal towus through' ut th? United Kingdom, .ted 01 v rssrs J II tmed & 1:0 , IU .vers, Liverp.o1, and Messrs. J. Bull, Sou Si Co. For fu. ther par tic.ultrs. am lv as above klttollr KOIl OL ASU< HV?Di'ect?WilhDiapntch? I'h first cl.v s Packet Ship SALEM. Cspuin Heron, wil ?l?ftLaiilaa above Tin* vveil known ship has very superior accommodations for cabin. second cabin and steerage passengers Persons intending to embark should make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to J AS. SleMUJlRAY, 100 Pine st'eet, corner South. P S. This very superior vessel will return direct to New York, and afford* a la ility for peisona desirous to embark from the neighborhood ol OlatRow, or the North of Ireland, seldom to It inet with Steamers trom I'elfist, I.nndonderrv. Port Rush, Coleraine, Sic , ply weekly to (ilasg w, nud at ?ery Binder legates Persons wishing til se >d for their friends or relatives can secure s pssssge by applying as above. a 0 rrc PACK.FT FUH MAttSFILLFS-To sail on the rfrSrVlst May?The ship COURIElt, Captain Uuggiu.? jTOWflbaFor freight or pissajre. apply to LAWRENCE Ik PHY.LPS. No. 103 Front street, or to B'JVD St Hl.NCKEN, alS'omlrc No. 0 Tontine Bnililing. PA38AOF. FKUM ENULAND, IREl.AND, SCOTLAND AND WALES, VIA LIVERPOOL. THE subscriber his made uoequslle-l arrangements tgfjMjy for hringi. g out emigrauts this year. Ual. Those dyHHbsending tor thrir friends would dio well to apply at the ?ld established packet office of JUllN IIERDMAN, (I South it. N. B.?The silica ol thia line now leave Liverpool every fire Lava, and drfts can am usual be tarnished for any amount, payable at all the principal banking institutions throughout toe united kingdom.apply asnhova. ir>2l rc !*?? ~FUR NEW ORLEANS.?I.OuTsi AN A~ AND wJR^NI.W \ OUK LliNk.?(tegular Pache flHlfa-1be fast sailing packet si ip DUNCAN, Capt P Dag.e t. will sail as above, her regular day. l o' Ireight or passage,having lundsome furnished accommo. cations, apply on toard, at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall sireet, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. _ . . , ... ... i# South street. Positively no freight received after the erennig of the 20th instant. Ship,iepi hythisliue may depend upon having their goods corrcitl; ineasuied. Aanits in New Orients? M-sirs. llullin and Woodruff, wh< will trompily lorv.'ird all uoi d< to their addicts. ' c.. ..I.. . ,i... ilrMCI i., P b- I' ..ill.... i lh? Hiincan And anl lot May afire HKMI'lTANCIKH TO lltKI.AM), kr The W.'yjWlubtOfilc r combines to trsus'iiit money in lumi Urge ?'r ill. In reraoi.s r- siding in any part of I inland in the imir manner as lie and hi) predecessor in busi'iras have dfine fur the J a it thirty years and inure; also, lo any part of Ungland or Her it I and Momy remitted by letter (pint paid) to the tnbscrtb?f, or p rsonally deposited with him, with the name ol the person or (persons hi Ire'and, Kncland or Scntlnnd, to whom it is to hi' sent, and the ueareat post town, svill lie inunediarely transmitted and p.? d accordingly, aud a receipt to that effect Risen, or forwarded In t-e sender. In lilie manner money, or claims on persons in any part nl Ireland, F.nglaud or Scotland, ran he collected by 'he snbseriber for persons residing in any pirt of the United Sta'ei or Lanida, and will be paid to them accordingly. m2(lig'in UKOliUK McBKIDK. Jr. 62 Tcdarst. J BOOTS AND SHOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. ALU WHO WKARihe above articles,and wish tosayc mtaiey, liar! better loscno time in calling a', the fAihiouable Bo it ami Shoe Stores of 2s'. 1*. 8ECOR, Nos. JGf'X and 161 (Jnv re ICII ?trct. wbcre all may suit tli inielvrs with an artiele t iat lot atyle or make, fashion e.nd finish, cannot be aurpttsej or perliapsepialled in this city. , ft. I'. 8. beg* to apprise in particular thoiels i i nndgentlem?'i who conaider a well fitting boot or gaiter to inditpensahla article to the tout eniemht* of all withiu th* r rmi Monde, thai MIX e.r 161 (Iteenwieh street, are the i.nly places n fSew Vorlt they csn d i**nd on being sniieil. N. B.?Ladiessnd Missee (J.liters, "noes, be., always on hand ie emtless variety. , JE7"Hemenilier. 1S0X and 161 Greenwich street.-d_J) f lfJmVe rra. sswaeV11' H- iTsHERWOOD, I / IE MOVED from 323 Broadway, ti 102 Chainl'tri w#fll Broad w?y\ cjrnar ol Church am it m W YC f L'S ' ~ 1 ?. ? y > * V W YORK, THURSDAY M( Circuit Court, Klnga County. lielore Judge Heat. Aran. IT.?Divorce Can?John Doe nr. Richard Roe.? Fro in on early hour in the morning not only the Court C room.but.every avenue leading to it,wo densely crowded y,( by tome of the most fashionable and respectable citizens 01 iirooklyn, who both collectively and individually w seemed to take a great deal of interest in the result of the pi case. About half-past ten o'clock, Judge Kent arrived, ,b accompanied by J anion 1(. Whiting, klsq., who wasspc- w daily engaged at leading counsel or (lie deluwam? Alter tho Juugc had lukeii bis at at, the a vl tb>-jurors were called over, and hie honor direct ml delendiut s coun- ci eel to jiroceed. in Mr. .Srooxsa, the junior counael for defendant, ltd Mil. O*born, a very fashionable and lady-like worn in, 'o the ,1, witneas'a stand. It will lie remembered tiiat although tu tin* lady ia not a party to the record, the la the person J, who will he moat essentially aflrcteu by tho verdict ol' the It jury, n it be in tavor ol tire plaintiff, it being with her the ? defendant ia charged to have had criminal intercourse. g< Mrs. Oiboh.-i testified that she whs married in liUl ; 0I knows Doctor Van Co it ; lived with her husband at the corner of Kulton and I'owera sheets ; was iu a very bud hi state ol' health lor live years, and not expected to live ; T was introduced to Doctor Van Cort by Mrs Humming* ; f; he prescribed lor her; was acquainted with him a little w over a year before slie and her husbund removed to Doctor pi Van Cori's house ; witness' husband was consulted before ]| they removed ; she said to him it w ould he a good chance; the Doctor said that lie would not charge any rent ; they it ow -d their laiidlotd rent at tae time, and she told her husband that she was apprehensive he would turn them out; but she siiid he migut please himself about going to the Doctor's or not; tue next day or the day lifter, while witness was from home, her husband took all the furniture to a the Doctor's house ; on her return to her own house she |1( met her husband, with a picture in his hand, going to the .j. Doctor's; positively says she never made any threat to m burn the house or stables ; she might have said to her hut- j, baud, but long helore the temovul to the Doctor's was talked ol, she disliked the house in which they 'w resided in consequence of the offensive smell from the sta , j( bleu and the number of them about the house. Witness lt was never charge 1 by her hushutrl with inlidelily until m alter they remuved to the Doctor's; ha was unable to sup- c( port her belore they removed; hu was very badly oil' in or money matters; lie wus ia no business and eariiiug no money; alter they got to the house ill 1'eurl sirret her lius- q, band and she did not sleep iu the same bed; nor for a considerable time before we went there; her health was very j,. poor and she asked him the privilege ot sleeping alone, as she found she could rest better; alter they camu to tho i octor's, he bogua to tease her to sleep with him; and she still intreated of him to allow her to sleep alone, us trom the character ot her complaint,such a course wus absolutely necessary; knows the man named Lyon, who was examined yesterday; positively says that the Doctor never kissed her, nor put his hands round her neck, nor s? did she ever put her hands round his neck; he wus much tli more intimate with other ladies than with witness; never hud any improper connexion with the Doctor, or with any et other man ; never was locked in a room with him except 1<J upon one occasion she wus sitting with him in the purlot dt to which there were two entrances, her husband came tu O the door w hich happened to be locked ; the Doctor imme- Is diately spoke to him and desired him to come to the other J'1 door, which was not locked, and he accordingly came, t? and nothing was then said about it ; in reference to what te her husband uud sworn about seeing her come out of the w Doctor's room in the morning, she stated that the Doctor pi had one night been taken very ill and hail to go to bed ; K< her husband wished her to set up all night with him, but ti L the Doctor would not allow it; she went in very early in the morning to see how he was ami her husband happen- A i.ll til !<>.< h.rmmm??..l . Il.ot --- ! -1" ? wax ever in his room while he whs theie. fa Whitinb?Now, Madam, ituto under what circum- tl stances you went to ride with the Doctor the day your w husband abused you after coming home. fa Witness?The Doctor was going to the neighborhood 61 ol Bedford to visit his patients; 1 had some irieuds in Bedlord that I was in the habit ol visiting; I stopped into his carriage aud took my child with me, and he set me down there, and I visited two or three of iny ftiends, and remained there until he visited hit patients and returned; he then took my child and myself into the carriage and we returned home; tins was the only occuxion I ever went out to ride with him without my hushaud's knowledge, h and us 1 went with him before by his desiru, I thought it was no crime to go this time, cs he was not in the way to i ask iiis leave; When I came home iny husband was in a great passion; I was afraid ol hitn and I went up stairs to , the doctor's ollice; 1 do not now recollect what was said upon that occasion, but it is false that I ever threw a lamp at him; 1 had u lamp iiimy had and he caught hold ol me, and iu the scuttle the oil spilled on my dress; I do not recollect what passed, except that he said something about I riding out with the doctor; I told him where I hud been, and said I thought it was no harm, as I had often gone \ with him before by his own directions, and begged him to t leave me alone. , , Whitino?Vo?l heard Klizakelh I.amluirsoutestify that you walked up and dowu the loom with your arm round the Doctor's waist. ??d hi* arm round your's. Wiw ' so I Witness.?I never put my aim round his or any other i man's wsust iu my life, except my husband's, nor did the i doctor put his huud round mine. Whitino.?Now stale what tnok r.larn after vnnr bus. . r band left the doctor'* and went to Mr?. Dawson's. Witnkm.?After my husband went to Mrs. Dawson's > from the charges he made against ine?the manner in P ' which he worried me, and his violent temper, 1 was afraid t to go with him; but alter that 1 never stopped at the Doc- c [ toi s; I might have gone there occasionally, and might ' have slept there a half a do/.en times, Jiaving no other j |dace at the time to go; 1 slept at Mrs (Jumining's the J, three first nights alter we lull the Doctor's, hut the place was so uncomfortable 1 could not stop there any longer; I had to conceal myself from my husband, he having ' threatened my life several times?upon oue occasion he 11 threatened to shoot me; he also circulated a report that 1 J! was insane, and that lie would have nie taken up and put . in a lunatic asylum; I then came to New Yoik to Airs. Ho- ;! gnrt'a, in Gocrclt street to sleep, and conceal myself lion: , my husband. Crohs-fxnihintil hy Dikkman?Was mat rip.I in Madison | county, in this State; has brothers and sisters living in that county; witness' husband was consulted about g<> , .ng to the doctor's; the doctor talked to him hIkiul il, knows n person by the name of D,iiuiaher, a tailor; doe* ! not recollect that he came in when witness mid the doctor were eating strawberries; doe* not know that the doctor ?eiit to Dannaher's for tlie spoons to cat the strawberries; remembers the nignt the doctor threw down the pillow; it was the night Miss (Jammings slept Willi w itness; do< not know what part of the house the doctor slept that night; it might be in the third story; was never in the i doctor's room after Mr. Oshorn left, except the night wit- v ness' sister slept wilh her; they slept together in the doc s , tor s bed that liighi. ^ , Q?Where do yon reside, madam? A?In Hudson street t( Q?What part of Hudson street I A?1 don't wish to tell; I am afraid of my husband. t, Dixr.suis.?I insist upon an answer, madam. Whitixu.?If the Court please she is nut bound to answer the question or disclose her residence under her present circumstances. She is at this moment watched by her husband, and he lias persons now ready to seize and r carry her oft'on a charge of lunacy. What has her an- " swer to do with this easel and to what end can the ques- {' tion 1)0 puisued hut to furnish her husband with Hie ' means of pursuing her. If the counsel can show that it '] will elucidate the truth, or bear on tho case, I have no 1 objection tliut he should follow it up. ' Question repeated, with liberty to answer it or not. 1 Whitixu.?Answer the question. Another room shall he provided lor you before you leave Court?you shall be '' protected from your husband. ? Wit.xcss?The room is in Hudson street, near Canal '' street; I don't know the number; it was in the Doctor's , house my husbund threatened to shoot me; I don't remember thore was anyone in the house the day the Doctor sent out for the strawberries When my husband wpnt " to Mrs. Dawson's, I said to him as I have already said, " that he worred me so much before, that I would not go with him. Q?Did the Doctor buy you any dresses since your husband want to Mr. Dawson's. A ?He bought me 3 two dresses of shilling calico at the request of my hns- !' band; my husband tola me that he went totbc Doctor, 1 and desired him to do so. Q. Did ha ever give you any 0 money A?No; Mrs Cummings gave me $3, and told " it was given to her by a Mr. Mills, who owed It to my " husband; I earned the price of my board, and paid for it [' as 1 formerly did for my own and forOsborn's: never told Mrs. Hulfish that witness expected to be a widow in " two years, and that she would then be married to a man that loved her very much; Mrs. Hulfish and she was v speaking once, and she recollects saying to her that some 0 one hail told her she would be a widow, and witness replied that she did not believe it, as she herself was much innro lilif*lv tn r!ii> thffen Ofclmrn 1). litncitMA* Hworn ?Thi? witness testltipd, that Os- . born niter the difficulty between him and his wife said in the presence of the doctor, that lie believed her to be || a virtuous woman, and that nothing e.riminol ever passed , between her and the doctor; he alto testified that Osborne (j aid, he heard hi* wife wanted money to cro>t* the ferry and asked the doctor if he had given it to her; the doctor aid ho had, ond Osbnm said he would give the doctor ' credit for it; this wo* about ten days after the affray be- J* tfMk (Inborn and hi* wife. W'ii.mim Mofbtar iworn.?He teatiftoil that Osborn and the Doctor came to his home together : they *lopt in the name be<l ; Oihorn always spoke well ot the Doctor as a physician ; he.once or twice said he had the nnpearancn of a gentleman. When they came, they always n took tea together, and the conversation turned on " tho wants and wishes of their wives. Oshorn said ? tho Doctor tisd raised his wife from tho grave ; hut the ' last time Osliorn came to his house, it was on Sabbath '

morning ; he said he come to pray to the man above that '' his wile might he rcatorcd to him. Witnesa said " Was c she not already restored to him P He said her affections n iiad been stolen by the Prussian, and he came over to ' him pray that they might lie reatored to himself. ? Two or three other witnesses were examined to the same point, after which the case closed, and the counsel K on both sides occupied the entire day summing up. The r' ' Judge is to charge the Jury tail morning. c J Latum Kibi.s.?A farmer in Orange, in thia conni ty, ami we have hall n dozen eggs now before us tl from his hens, which are larger tlian sj inches round in f its largest dimensions and 7 in the bulge. Some of them are quite as large as an ordinary goose egg The six i weigh 1] lbs , ami Mr. Dodd tells us that they were laid by v I common (owls and that the size of the eggs results entire- * ly from the method of feeding?giving them plenty of '? grain and keeping it whero they can find it all the time. ? ' His hens do not oat so much, aa they did in thnold way.? ' Newark .Irtr. ,1pril Hi a ? o Hi.ave Tuann ?Late Ilernnida papers state that r , the slave trade of Otiba is rapidly on the increase. During y the last two months upwards ot J000 Africans have been ? landed on the Island directly from thu coast of Africa t ,i i i aegBBBeagHHaaegsggsMBaaag IRK I )RNING, APRIL 18, 1844 (superior i nuri. Before ( hief Justice Jones. April 17.? In the rate of Catel'i it. the Oetan Inturance | .impanti?The jury tendered a verdict lor the plumlilf, ) 911 40, with costs. The case oj Hull m i t. the American Insurance Com/jany I a* then resumed and occupied tlie Cliicl Juatico, who I -esides in the second branch of thin Court, during the I >y. The case is likely to last lor the ivajauidtr of the I eek. Before Judge O.ik'ey Morris ti. Cartes.? 1 he jury rendered n verdict in this j Mi Wfomiy satarday, wr plaintiff of S-'Jo, innlwt'rf I ,t crest, with six cents costs. Hairy it Janet, rt alt ?All action of '.rt spats to recover j images, and the amount of value ot a quantity ol good a I ken by the Slu rill'ol'the City, under execution, on lath ' liiu iry 1st I 't he plaintiff, and a gentleman Hatred { swley. resided on premise* In Broadway ; a stole waa tached, in whi-h were exhibited a quantity of fancy )ods, wig?. perfumery. kc. There wercdso tnuau'ity 'household turnilure on li..' premises, w hich d?fi u 'auU | ledge belonged to Hawley, i gainst w hom an execution j 11 been issued, at the suit of Carpoutier. the dels ndant he Sheriff levied thereon and removed the goods and luttela. I'laintitf sues on the ground, that the goods ere his (plaintiff's) property, the title and interest many rrtioti thereof having been duly assigned over to him by awlev. Verdict for defend.'int Attorney* for plaintiff, liuii?on & Noyes ; for defendant, lunt & Cnrpsntier. V. S. Circuit Court. Before Judge Botts. Aran IT.?United Slain against Michael Ihiggin and Jdisen }t (irindir.?Thin prosecution was instituted ider the statute of United States, dated :M March, 1625. be ilepoaitiona of the prosecutor, John < iilbort (a colored an) and two tailors, were read by Mr. liurrett, associate istrict Attorney. Ship "Courier" was 1) ing in the irt of Messina, in Sicily on Mth March, IMS} (iilhert as cook therein, and went onshore to take a jolliflcajn, Grin din. who is first mate, on Gilbert's return, took into his head to inflict a cassation on the cook for reaining too long onshore This case occupied the civil lUrt before. The depositions of thn second mate and te of the crew were put in lor the defence. Capt UuiiuiNs oi the ship "Courier" was sworn, and ipoaedto the intemperate habits of Gilbert. Dr. IIasiikook attended Gilbert in his illness produced I intemperate and licentious habits. Averdictot "Not Gnilty" w 11* rendered. The Court Ijoururd over to this morning. Common Plena. Before Judge Irgraham. Wr.oisEansT, April 17.? Ilridt is. Mutt? In this case a ?led verdict was rendered for plaintiff, at the sitting of ie Court, for $196 76. Ihinshury vs. Hawcs, rt al.?An action of replevin to reiver the value of 500 pairs of shoes, taken under a landed'* wartaut on 23d August 1*13. I'laintiff was tenant to fenilants, on premises and a store situated corner of rand and Allen streets, under u rent of $1000. The indlord having determined to inise the rent to $1200 per par, tlio plaintiff resitted the increase of rent. At the irminution of the quarter, the InnJlord applied for a quorc's rent, at the rate of $1200 The plaintiff refused, upon hich the landlord levied lor $300 instead of $'250. The resent nction wns brought to recover the amount of the aodi taken away, and to determine the rights of tho par cs. The jury rendered a verdict for plaintiff?six cents images, with the amount of property taken away. date vs. Tut tie.?An action of assault and battery and ir false imprisonment. The Court stopped the cose for ie direct, it having come out in evidence that the case as compromised, plaintiff having settled finally with dendant, on hi inging suit at a former trial. Verdict, nonlit for defendant. Tho Court adjourned over to this morning. (h-neral Session*. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Brady and Hatfield. Jon** B. PuiLLirs, Ksq , Acting District Attorney. Aran. 17 ?J.lltempted Grand larceny.?Michael Maneim, a young man from Charleston, was tried for atimpting to obtain seveial boxes of cigars, valued at $t<3, om the store of Nile* P. I.asson, 12 Wall street. He Bled at the store of tho aliove named firm on the 27th of larch and said he wished the cigars for Wiiiiam Clark, arnerof Charlton and Hudson streets, and that when do vered the hill would he paid. The accused was uccomanied towards tho place by Mr. I.asson, ami when oppoite Pinteux the accused entered the hotel and went into to yard and did not return. The cigars were taken to in place named, but no sticli person as Clark residing lere, they were returned to the store of Mr. Lasson. 'lie accused took a pocket MM Of the cignrs from the ore at the time ho ordered tho boxes, which was found l his possession alien arrested by Mr. I.asson The rhole transaction evinced sufficient In satisfy the Jury of re intent of the accused to upprupriato tliu cigars to his wu use, nod iliey, therefore, found him guilty. In contention of his having been confined in prison since his rrest, the Court sentenced him to remain there one month >nger. We understand that he was sent from Charleston a this city by his friends on account of his had character. Burglaiioiu Demonstration ? A middle aged man, iamed Thomas Rears, was tried on an indictment for atcmpting to forcibly enter the stores! John Roach, optiian, of 72 Nassau at, on the night of the 2d of April. The I tore door was locked, as usual, at 10 o'clock at night by dr. Roach, who niso placed a padlock on 'lie outer door.? i ntne morning tint pu'llocK was loreed lioni tr.r door and lie ha p strained, lint the store not entered. .Sam*: !! .1 Iherwood, un insurance watchman, saw the accused with wo men, in the net of attempting to hre?k the dour of the lore 0[?ii, and gave the alai in, when they fled, nnd the ccused wim arreste l hy the city wn'chmeu. A screw i river, two pieces of Candler and matches, were found .a lis jKieltet when he wus searched. Mr liotch ulso -'nted, hat on the day previous to the commission of the ?.Hence, henecused reme into his s'oiuand looked at a pnirol spec aoh'S, saying that In would call next day and purchase hem. Eugene McOrath, a city watchman, who arrested lie accused, recognized liini aa the |>er*on running down ue street lifter th? alarm wrs given to "rtsp thi< Mr. 0*ink>:r summed op for defence, h it produced no vid-nce The jury rt turned an immediate verdict ol 'tnlty of an attemp'ed burglary on the thiid degree, and lie i unit sontenc d him to tlio s'ate Prison lor 'wo j ears .11 six months, lie is an old cll'tader and known by the tiai ol lit an. Thitrinf hij a Servant ?A woman named Hinmh Vl'Oee irou rly a servant in the family ol Thomas bilvcr, fi& 'uriek street, was tried on a charge of stealing clothing aim d at ?3<>, a portion of were lound in tier trunk ihc was defended hy Wim ia?i Siii..?,h, I'. i| , ar.d it Ver ict of petit larceny given by the Jury. The Court then entence.d her to the City Prison lor two months. .1 Nolle Troin/tii was entered in tho case of John Riley, adictcd for an assault and hutery on Hridget Kenny. The Court then udjourned till 11 o'clock this morning. From Jacmke.?A Blip from the Charleston Cottier office, brings its news Irorn .Facmel to the Hist ilt. All the disposable forces at nnd near that place, had roceeded against the rebels in the Spanish part of the iland. A detaelnnent from the regular army had taker ossession of the rtpanish town of Azua, Oil miles west of he city of St. Domingo, without molestation; after which hey were tired upon hy tho Spaniards, who in return were mnishi'd almost to annihilation. Notwithstanding the well known strength ef the lortication of the city, the Ilaytiens marched With perfect ontidence in their ability to route the Hpaniards; hut a aw hours previous to the departure of the .See Eagle, the '.lizaheth brought accounts from the city of the arrival at hat place of a h tench frigate and n sloop of war. It was lelieved that these vessels were there for the object of ustajning the rebels, and that this was the " foreign aid" tinted at hy the President in his proclamation at the outreak of the rebellion. i> nilUnl t?n.l, r In 1J.H in.l ? ccomplishcd ollicer, wni in command at Jacmcl, which laco (filled with women and children from the city; wai tin; absence oi it* National Guard, under the protection f the people from the mountain!. Besides (>?n <?. several thcr distinguished individual* in the aervice, all " eager )r the Irav," were kept from the acene of actkiu hy the rdcra of the President, consequent upon this, order had een preserved throughout the important arrondiaaeraent I Jucmt'l. All the porta in the laland from Jacmel to iontei'hriate on tlio eastern and northern hoard, were according to the declaration of the President) In a state f blockade. 10AUTitqtWKft.?On Monday evening last we were isitetl with tlie first thunder shower of the seitaon. In; lightning wa* very vivid, hut did not approach near ii? vinclnity. When the shower wa? at its height, about uarter past U o'clock, a shock was felt which occasioned slight trembling of buildings, the clattering of windows, nd then passod oil in a rumbling sound, unlike the thurier which preceded und followed it We have heard Hinder much louder hut never knew the mo?t violent to rodtice inch a rone nation. It was noticed in all sections f this town, ami M learn that at Newbinyport it wai iltas violently at the tame time, hut coming as it did, in ip midat of r thunder ahower, it waa at the moment enerally regarded as thunder.? Porttmnulh Journal. Ctvit. iiittktity in Canada.?A most atrocious ttaek was committed l?y the partizuns of Mr. irummond, on Tuesday evening, on a young gentleman f the medical profession in this city, lie was returning om a visit to tils friend, with a bulky medical work liner his arm. As lie passed the outskirts of one of the Irummond mobs, at the head of M'Oill street, one of them ailed on him to liurra for llrummond, of which he took o notice, and another person, hy hia voice presumed to e an It islunnn, cried out. "lie's a any, he has got a Bible nderhiaarm." This was a signal for a general assault y a number of ruffians armed with axe handles, and the entleman with great difficulty escaped, but not without reviving many severe and dangerous blows, which have inco confined liirn to his bed. Matters huve certainly OM tO a putty pass if Iter Majesty's rnbjects cannot iass quietly through the streets, without being accused s spies on the movements of the rultians wiio occupy hem, under the pretext of holding political meetings.? \lonl)'al llazi!!'. ___________ f BASON IN (-ANADA ?The weutlicr preserves lis omul character. We have warm days, with light frosts at night. I.ast night, however, a heavy ram ill, which has washed away a great |>ortion of the supertratom of filth with which the streets have been loaded ;,r a week past. Most of the sidewalks are free bom now, and tho ground appears in many of the stieets f the city. The ice still holds in front of the city, but is loodyl with water. The ice of the St. Charles 1* sadly Iddled, and large holes are visible in it, near Dorchester iridge, end above it. That nt f'arntigeii also breaking ip We understand, that the ice on l.ako < hainplain is 10 longer sale for carioles.-(lurktr iVwory, 9. * lERA ; Phllatl* lphla. [Correspondence ot the Herald.] riin^DKT.riiu, April Hi, 1844. \ A Full Account oft lit Lute Hurt. The long and much talked of duel between j James Schott and l'ierce Butler, Esqrs., of this t j city, came oil" yesterday morning in Maryland, at' Bladensburc. Mr. Otis, of Boston, was the friend ofScholt; Mr. Alkton, ofVirginij, Butler's friend. The preliminaries all arranged; at the word, the parties wheeled and fired twice without effect. Mr. Scliott being the challenger, Mr. Butler selected the mode of dring. Alter the second shot, the friend of Mr. Schott, on acconnt of his lameness, and inability rn consequence, to wheel as quick as Mr. Butler, required ttie parties to tuke position and lire in the ubU/tl way?to which the friend of Mr. Butler dissented, and replied that the terms had been ugretd upon and would not he varied. The parties separated without injury. This painful affair has spread u gloom on a very lurge circle of friends in tliis city, and caused much pain and suffering to the respective families of the parties. It is not for me to invade the sanctity of the domestic circle and lay before the world the thousand rumors afloat as to the origin of this most serious and calamitous transaction. It is enough to say thrt it arose out of ail acquaintance and social intercourse between Mr. Butler and the lady of Mr Bchott. I say nothing, as 1 know nothing, in reference to the facts of this matter.? But I embrace this opportunity to sav that 1 never can or will subscribe to that code of honor which requires u husband for an insult offered his wife, or for an undue intimacy with his wife, to challenge i the offender and give him, an equal chance for Ins life, (who had rendered the husband's home deso- 1 lute and life a burthen.) I would not Berve upon a ' jury in a trial where the verdict was life or death; 1 yet I would, without a moment's hesitation, charge well my pistols, walk up to such an offender, send him to his final account, and take the responsibility ; believing I had thereby done the community a service and obtained certainly the only satisfaction lott me in this world; and where is the man who would condemn me, or the people who would sef me sufler for the art. It is matter of serious regret to the thinking and intellectual portion of our people that Kuropeun or Parisian habits, customs and manners have obtained among a portion of our peo pit- advocates and imitators, so that it is truly un- , genteel to pay any attention to your wile, who is in many eases, and ought to he in all. your best and dearest friend, and entitled to marked attention from you every where. It is the highest com- 1 pliinent you can pay her, and is her just due. lhit if a man neglects his wife, and shows want of affection for her, presses her into society, where ' lie leaves her to enjoy the company and friendship j of others, his neglect is pointed and observed; the , vacuum of the heart must he filled; and he courts . his own shame and leaves to another an opportunity of doing the greatest wrong which one man can do another in this world, while he exposes to shame and dishonor she whom he was bound to protect; and while all would unite in condemning the man who would invade the sanctity of another's peace under any circumstances, he could survive the shock, and live out the storm. Hut society is so constituted, that the lady who falls, or upon whom the breath of suspicion lights, is gone forever, innocent or guilty; there will he ever found those to say, "if she had conducted hersell properly, there had been none <>i this, and no mi tonduot of the husband can palliate oroxc. * t! delinquency ol the wife, particularly in the estimation of virtuous minded women. So that these European or .Parisian customs and manners are not fitted for our young and growing country; and 1 must he permitted to observe, that whenever they obtain in this country, the ladies do not enjoy very enviable estimations; and I must acknowledge the hardship, as it iB without doubt the fault ct the lords of the land in every instance. Our ladies areas pure, singlehearted and lofty-minded, us those of any portion ol the world, from my own observation, I never knew an instance where a husband was a man, and p srfortacd his duty, that the wife did not. "Allannot men that wear the human form; some are hut children of a larger growth." I have allowed my pen to run on to a much greater extent than I intended when 1 sat down lo give you .in account of the duel between Mr. Behott and Mr. Hutjer. My remarks have been general and are not intended to apply to this case in particular, or I should have gone more fully into the merits of the respective parties and their auurrel, nor disguised one sentiment of mine in reference to either. Cut as I have no knowledge of the lacts, I could not of courae write of them. You shall hear from me in a day or two, when I hope to In aide to give you ail the facts. I have been promised by a Irlend ot nun. , who has full opportunity, Hum his position with the parties, to learn ulI about it?a coriect ftatenient, which you shall have. Ah llevoir. Cato. Th? Military Koice. Hy an examination of the last census, it will be ,-een that there are r.00,000 males between the ages of l.r? and -to years, iu the State of New York.? Two-tli.rds of this number would havo no real exI ruse, in case of war, to exempt them from military luty ; leaving over 100,0U0 men in the .-state between and 60, lo uiieiul t? civil matters. It .nay he safely calculated, that in case of necessity (lie .State of New York could organize three hunIri-d regiments of lttOO int-n each. These might h* so arranged (us proposed by the late (leneral Hernard) as to insure their services in the most elliciei.t manner, ut any point where their services might he required. This force might be divided into three classes. 1st class, single men ami married men without families. 2nd, married men under thirty-live. 3d, the remainder as a corps iltrcsrivt. With such an organization in the different States, with the facilities now offered hy steamboat and railroad, 20,(Kg) men could be placed in New York in 21 hours, and 10,0t?( men every succeeding duy, it required, for two weeks. And even a larger number, if required. The only difficulty will he in the Quarter Master's department in furnishing quarters and provision for so large a force. The number of arms in possession of ill" different States and the I nited States lias increased so much during the last twen ty-five years, net to leave no <|UPstinn as to llie su|?- I ply of artillery and small artim. In time of peace a well digested plan of action ought to be formed and understood in the War department. The loss and contusion which took place at the commencement of the war of 1X12 would he then avoided. Oi,n Times. , Chaim.y's Treatise on Midwifery? Kdited by Dr. G. S. lledloid.?This practical (realise on a most important branch of medical science, is welcomed by the profession us a valuable contribution to the cause. It embodica the wide experience ot the most eminent practitioners in Paris, the medical cnpitul of the world, collected with grout industry, nnd arranged with especial reference to the necessities of those who are actively engnged in the prncliee of the profession, and who require praeti eal instruction rather than speculative opinions I The work has received the highest encomium* front the host Kuropean journals, und is professedly based ti(>on the instruction and experience of some of the most celebrated physicians of Paris. With those in thiseountiy who have resided abroad, nnd made themselves familiar with the reputation ol the gentlemen whose practice has furnished the material for this work, it will have a very lush value. Its publication confers honor on the newlyestablished, but already well known and popular medical institution in our city. The Harpers have done the profession service by the reries of standard medical works they have recently issued. This one is very handsomely printed in u large volume of over five hundred pages, very profusely illustrated by neat wood engravings. PnosntrnTV or Campkn.?The Camden Eagle aays:?The city of Camden ha* ne\er advanced no rapidly ua at preaint. I.very hoitaoin < arndem proper i* occupied, anil flltv more might t?: readlty let if they ware erected. In Ketterville every ia rife with bulldinga-about thi.ty houaea, w .being already undertaken. It it thought that ' . year will ?e? more than one hundred new dwuiiuiga put up in that flouriahing quarter of our corporation, and north < araden wdl improve correapou'lingly." New York Lk<.i*i.a rt-rk.?The Assembly to-day panned the hill to aid the State Lunatic Asylum a" Utica. By meana of this aid aeveral ailditiona will he niad< to the acrommodntiana now enjoyed l>y the institution and at the aame time enable it to extend it* heiiefi'i to many who are now depiived of them. The hill in relation to the lludaon Lunatic Aaylum a moat worthy ill atitution, auatained hy private enterprlae and philanthropy for many years, and which now encounter* a fatal oppoai tlon in the State inatitiition appropriating fAOOo pei year ior six year* to ita aid, was lost by a vote of .W to 3?. ?Ilhany Jltlun, .4/itil I# _ _ Titr ^rfiixn.?''f he \ewhnryport Herald of yesterday s.ij ? "/.art year horaea croancd the Merrimac a Ameabury Kerry, on the IIth of April Thia year, at thi aame date, the frost w?? out of the ground and the road: aettled." ____ Warm WgATHgg.?'I'lie l?M two days have heer. very warm, we have ha.l in them aumtner heat. The thermometer rtood will in a frnction o( ;<V in the shade, and 117 ' in the aun. C'tm ma't UutiW, ,1pril l'l sii I II ID. Mh Two Conta* Amusement*. Chatham Theatre.?This favorite place ol' unusenierit is now in the full tide of succe.-a. The nunagrr liu* certainly secured the mo?t powerful and ({. tctive company that ever graced the board* ot a New V j?, L Ihuutn. Tl.- n.anaaor U onlltlorl ? Herniation for hi* persevering effort* in liehalf of the rcronneil it age Mr*. MoClure, who ha* ever been a uvorite with tue New Vork public, ho* become, liuco her return, many told mora ?o, and now ?he i? able to compete with any actrei* living She bis already played Julia in the Hunchback, Constance iu the Love i ha?e, ami Bianca i' alio, awl nil to immense applause. Mr Connor hat in the tame piece* sustained with infinite justice and perfection the hemes of the Mime jdpee*. Mis* Reynold* i* another star at thla hot:* ; of the lirst magnitude. Cut her in whatever part you w ill, even if the character be but indifferent, she will impart a life, vigor and ipirit tbeieto which w ill render it a principal one. She i*. in fact, a prime ornament to our stage, and fortunate i* the manager who *ecure? her aid. Tonight we are to have the beautiful and classic play 0t The Wife, Mr* MoClure sustaining the pail of Mailauna and Conner St 1'ierre, which with songs, dance*, fee , and for the first time the new melo drama of Louise, will constitute the hill. Tiikrk wan ANorm-.n chunk mmi last night to see the tiiant ami liianti -s at the Aineiican Museum, and to-day there wll ho two performance*, one at half-past three o'clock in the afternoon, und another at a quarter before eight in tho evening, do early. I'eai.k's MnsKtrtt.?At ho place of uinusement in the city, is the comfort of tnc fairer portion of the nndience more consulted than at this establishment. The Manager ha*, for their particular accommodation, constructed a parquette, to w hich hi* fair visiters are admitted free. Oenticmea are charged an extra shilling. This plan is much approved of. as it always secure* the lndiea good seat*. The attractions, too, at this estahlishmect are of the highest order. The Lapland Dwarf, smaller than Tom Thumb; the Oreat Western; Mrs. Western; Lonover, the I'rotean Professor; Celeste, the delightful Danseuse; Mis* Adair, Mis* Blarichard, II. I'onover, the Comic Singer, and lust hut not least, the Clianteis, and all these to he seen for one shilling. No wonder the place i* crowded to excess. No other place allbrd* half as much entertainment for double the money. Westward the Empire, iVc.?Emigration continue! to (low wcstwurdly iu an unabated current. A steamboat l?(t Louis villi; for St. Louis about ten day* since, with four hundred and eighty-six emigrants aud their baggage, fcc. 0CJ- A grand Tyler State Convention huts recently been held in Illinois. There were nine (lereona presi nt. Three or tour gentlemen excused themselves by letters from atte-nding?one in consequence ol the sickness of his wife; another, disinclination to out of-door peaking; and a third troni the dread of being in such uu " immense crowd."1 The Weavers.?The weavers in the District of Kensington, have ctrucklfor an advmice ot wages. Wholesome Ji-stice.?A citizen of Iowa Huh re:ently been convicted of crossing over to Galena, Illinois, it an election, and swearing iu his vote, and has been sen:<;nced to the penitentiary at Alton for one year.?Louisi-Hit Journal. NEW YORK HORSE BAZAAR. NO. 31, 33 .INI) 35 CROSHY STREET. THK PKOPKIKTOR would inform his friends -LaisCVaud the public thnt lie has ou trie at his large aud ' s > n.pItnii rst.iblishment, upwards of seventy Horses inn arrived from the rountrv. yoang, >uard end kind comprising several very fine pairs of Maun Csrriagr Horses, from Onuiio County, suitable for family use, a large number of fine single lload and Saddle Horses, of good style and action, fast truttrrs aud ol great eudnrance Also, a very large unoiber or good Horses, smrablr for heavy draught, kind, gentle and well broke iu liajness. The above dock are all we'l wo: thy the sttrnti' n of purchasers Drovers and Horsemen r-siin g this market w ith Horses far sale, willfiud the accoinun dat-ons of this establishment on stirgassed by snv oiher ol the kind in the United brats. The St >bles sir viryeiry and convenient, aud capable of stabling 100 Horses comfortably. Ueutlemen having Horses to keep on livery, by sending them to this rstablisliinrnl way rest assured that ihcy will receive the utm-wl care aud attention, with liberal clirrgrs. Trr proprietor would also inform his irieni s the peblic, that the Auctinn Hales business is dirroutinued at this establishment. WILLIAM WILMAItTH. mr!8 lm*rc Proprietor. PHEN1X HORWE BAZAAR, NO. 1HO ANL) 101 MERCER STREET, NEXT TO ur L't'ovi'ii vTL'pnr ft The mst'regular* PUBLIC* AUCTION 8ALK ' jO* will take place ai this establishment, TUESDAY. ( I A? Ami |6. roirnnenctng at tltren o'clock. wi:h ( arriagis Harnees baddlery, fcc., new gnd seeond hand At 12 o'clock, wi l be ollered a catalogue of ?itv superior horses. (Irmlrincn in the conn'ry raving P'o|erty to dispose of. ailhir at public or private sale, vs ill bare their orders faithfully tttrnded to. At Private Sale?60 fine young country hones, kind and sound, just iu from the western part of the Hiatr; two superior toatrlird pain cf Ray Horses, a Ana pair of Brown Morses, a vpleudii* pair of Bay Carnage Uo-ss, a pair of Bright barrel noise, young, sound kind i i.d vei y fail trotters. Also, several very fine Raddle Horaea Alao, at private sale, two very nandantne Kockaway Wsgons, md a uumDer of new and second iuu.d Barouches and Light Wagons. Horai s taken at Livery, and kept in superior style. Accommodations for dealers' horaea, in stables unsurpassed bv ary establishment of the kind iu the Unit ed States. HTOKAOE? Vehicles of all description taken on atorage in ihshiryeaud convenient Repository ot the atabliakmeuL W. CO WAN will attend pe.rsouull y to nil orderb for buying and selling horses. All | etsoris selling property at this establishment may rely upon having o trii: accoovt or sai.r. rrudereu, and the ruu. ssiol'Ist or ruoi will, iu all cases, he I aid promptly in run rem money. 'i lie A HKNA of this establishment is built on an entirely new .end most convenient plan, Li tre detai le d from lie main brvdiug and siabl*, thereby uot it! rfering in the least wilh ll'y or rate h rjes gotug out or coming 1.1 on the day of auction sale. At ell Oilier limes th? Arena is kept entirely clear, and re ?erred I ir the ai eon mndntion of private horses it ml those onsale, n'lording every facility for eii rrtse.iraioing and showing horses. COWAN AND DILKS, all lm*ec Proprietors. 7 MKDICAL NOTICK. Sj TH A N< JEUB aid rutins a til rted w itli any form or variety '' cl" syphilitic, mercurial, or utherdisease, o who have hero only halfcurrd|by the ipiocks.w ith w hitii N. York abotinds.had brtter carefully irruse the following letterDr C'coeei ? irLast July I ronlMClrd a rertain private disease, and im mediately ai (died to a doctor, who pr< nosed to cure me in a a..,.', I e?nli?,., ,1 ? ifl. I.,m IMi, m/,. I...I u .. ??, Kitting worar. I uinl(iM>rtnuoihn,ill the tilvnutiri doetor?. ami each 1'iif i'ii.urn* il imtitivly to cure me. 1 at lerKth diacuvared the ntjert of theae men ?n mii'ay. mil Oat they weiean do-tora. 1 conclui'ed to go iuto tin- haat'ital, w haie the doc nra kept ma nude ? eourte of mercury fureinht uaelia ; my tl>ro..l aud note w it iilceratrd, paius in all my jainta, and in v body covarrd wub ulcrra ; I v aa a complete ik< Iffon, ihe doctors consider! d it ?:a"*arc>ua la give m* any mora medicine, ind advised a aou'hern cliirala. I laft tlia hospital, aod by ud viceof ovarii friends placrd mvaalf under yonr careou tha fl U of Jimiaty lest I nin row wall and raatoiad lo perftct health. I wi?n ilm publulnd. THOMAS OHKKN C.irpecteracd Joiner, llarlam, N. Y. Dr. Cool er warrants to cmc amy case, no maltar he w lane itAjdinv i I' ulaat, stricture, and rrminal waakuiia, and mild rases ofprivate inaladiaa cur*d iu 18 honra, without interfering * ith tha patient's habita. With ona exception, Dr Cnopar ia liannly regular surgeon and I who dvertiaa in N'aw York. Dr. Coo| cr's office, It Duma altaat, two doom froin I..Hham (treat. " No cute, no pav.'' a!7 lm*ec g SHERRY WINES AND GENUINE DC LA CRUZ I'll INC IPK < KM IIS. THK M'RSl Ul'ic IIS Will rail at aurtion, through D. C. 1 ?t VV IT I I. U I <> ,1.11 b riday navt tt.a 19th ii.afant. at 12 o'clock, in (runt "I rlieir (John B. Laaala it I n 'a) stole. 49 Broad Itraal, M hlida Sherry Winaa ol ilia (avorrte brand "O'.s(on li (Jiitricionfi. ' iMO.OOO (M*nuiij?* ' D?* J* t iui rribci|<? '"flie attantian of hotel kaepers and mliara i? reqnasted to tha aboya aula. JOHN D. LAHAI.A It CO., 4'J Broad atraat. New York, I6th April, 1841. (17 3t*ee C? tl'l'i'tt.N i.l I h 7(jii l"l.a American 1'ilot Dock, com I'riaiog a compl'le aatori mailt from No. 1 to J. miaul actum) with araat raie. and rqunl to any in market. Alao, 10 halaa Kltra No. land 2, a eery snpenor article, mar.i'Xiclurad espreisly fi r pilot-boats. For aala be alK. K. COLLINS It CO., S? Rotih at. WONDERFUL DISCOVERY STRIKER'S SOLUTION KOR THE HAIR, which will change grey hair to its original color in a few minutea Tina mlutinn ia different from any yet offered, and cannot fml of superceding all olheia. It ia highly clf.raciooa, and potas raaa thn treat advantage o< bciutifyicg the hair without injuring its <rowth. Thoaa wVo donlt itayirtaaa are r?jri?aud to (mre their hair charged before paying tlieir money If humbugs would laka thia maihod there would be no ranaon to complain. One tr;al will prove the fact Sold wholesale and raiail, and applied, at No.jf I. ilham atraat, oppoaite tha Hall ol llecoida, New Yoik, up stem. api7 lm* ec _______________ VAIJir ZKNOBIA?'I! is I" 1'i'i'al ph-asorc \ acht, il J about fifty tuns hnitlin, it lor salf. Mi' it ? new srhoo?er rigged yacht, copper-fanned, w 11 juio. and a remarkably lastnil'r hlie can bi ao*n ?t Mmhutni lal.ind, Dry Douk, at any hour ia lli? ilnv. Apply to Mr. JOHN IIV FR, it .Ismrs Avery ItCs.'i . 3iyi\V.?t'riire*i all fh /alliLA NOEM KNTS KOtt 'Ms OLD LSTABLISHKD PASSAGE OKK1CK, JO# I'm' street, corner of Sooth. m M m TTTC^tih'cribci U*Ks bsve to 'all tb' attention of Ins tri'tida nd the public in general, to tl" following arrangements for HI, for tb' porpoa* of bringing out cabin, 2d cnbin, and streritr I*ua'i'i;-r'. by the Regular Liu' ?( Liverpool Parketa, tall no tli' Int. nth. Ilth, Iflth. 21st and 26th of every mouth. By he Condon IV.sketa, totail torn Now York, the 1st, 10th and mli?and from London on tb' 7tn, 17th and 27th ofaach mouth. In connection with th# chore and for thn prirpone of affordng atill grretev facilities to passengers, the subscriber has esablitb'd a rrgtilar line of first class New York built, coppered nd nonpar instened ships, to tail punctually every wra-k hronyhont th' ymr. Kor '.if accommodation of parsons wishing to ramitmonny to heir I unities or friends, drafU ara given, payaklr at tight, on he following Banks, via Proyiiyisl Bank of Ireland, parable at Limerick, Clomnel, Londonderry, Migo, W'tlnrd, Belfast. Watirford. hl?tf, Armagh, Athlon*, Colerain, Ivlhi.a, Tralee, Youghal, Eiinukilleii, nonaghan, Rmhridgn, Ballvinena, Parsonstosm, Dowi patnek, (.lavan, l.nrgau, Omsgh, lunginnnn, Bandon, Funis, Ballysh'cro dtrahann. Hkihe'.ww, Mallow, Monev.n<.rr, "ootclull, Kilruth, Dnblin. Scr.tland?Th* City Bank of (ilaagow. K-nvlaml?Messrs. Hpooner. Atwood St Co. Bankers, Loudon; I. Murphy Waterloo lload. Liyr.-ool. payable in every town n 'Irrat Britain. Kor further information (if by fetter. post paid,) apply to JOSEPH Molll/RRAV. ion IW timet, c? uier of South. N Y. OrMratra T W. BYRNES A CO. 16 Waterloo Knad JO 6m *re Liyerpool P()Hf UCJUESK FEMALE PILLS THF.SK far him?I and celebrated Pi I la, >om Portngal, tr* wr^rr# iv- tn o*l\iot?*rni ? th?l tC'JVtn . m-nt <n l!if !# ! tol**?. HW.