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April 19, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. Mm, Ho. 110-Whole Ho. 3080. To the Public. . THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newipaper?published every day of the year except New Year'i day and Y ourth of July. Prico 3 centa per copy?or >7 3d per onnum?pontages paid?r-ash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahed every Satrrttty morning?price 6| cent* per copy, or >3 13 per annum? portages paid, caah in alvonca. _ . .. ? auvmu'iskim are intormwi sunt circulation 01 fhu Hurald is ovur THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. ft kui the largest circulation of anu paper in this city, or the world, and is, therefore, the best channel Jor hutinvn men in the city or country. Price* moderate?cash in advance. l'KINTINO of all kinds executed at the moat moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PsoriiiicTOR or thil IIcnaMi Kstabi i.hmkst, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nuanau atra et*. r?MPTg? I IIIU. maTM3?CTn?-L l-J HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL l lie Royal Mail Steam Ship ACADIA ytj, A. Kyri K-q., Coinineuder will leave Boston for the ibn?n ports on Weonuaday, "*" M?v st, n?tt. 'Phe lea.-nrr HI By. It VlA, will leave Boston on Thnraday, Alay IStn. Past Life for Liverpool $130. Pic. -axe for Ha! ifai 34. Apply to D. BKIUHAM, Jr.. Ayent, lie Xn S Wall ?tfCTtSPRING ARRANGEMENTS. BLOOM INOD.ALE. M A Ml ATT ANVIL LR AND FO'ff WASHINGTON LINE OF STAGES Faio <o Msnli'ttmv lie, \2% Cents. Fv* "> Fori W .shi *t>u 3J Cent*. #3%, ??1 ? Ti is l.inrof S ages will romraeoco miming PPPUT'Nil?^ >n M nil .y, April I, 1814, a? follows LravTM*tw%SP*%^l ilf ng m , ha't.u.V'1'e at 7 o'clock, A. M . and Cd. ..... a terry hoar un. I 6 P M. I.eniua New Y. rlt. corner 01 T.yon Itow and Chatham st two dno s ?a?trf the Menem Railroad Office ?i9 o'clock, A. M , and rputinn" ru.11 ingevery hou' until 8 P. M 1 Ins Li if 01 m set p sses the rph oi aud Lunatic Asylams, Bnrnh m's N'ansiou House, the At>bey aud Bucket'. Hi tel, Trinil Church Ceuretiy, the High Bn ge aid "nrt Wuhmiton. B MOORE. m37 lm*rc Proptiet"r. NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. **t ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1841? MORN ft. %^.&,^SvJslNO LIWE? From the foot 1 f Barclay s <et, tT"' ...ikt ift" ti'7 o'cl ck A.M., tSundays excepted.) The Steamboat TUOV. Cat*. A. Ooihvm. and The im-amboat EMPIRE, Capt. S. It. Roe. E>->ni..s I. 1. ?Direct from the foot of Co;rt!andt street, at 7 . 'el ck^. M. [Su itlayi excepted 1 The Steamboat *'v ALI.O tV. Cart * McLeon, and The Steamboat ALB AN V, Cart it B. Vary, r Th* i<(>'pri?t >fs of the New York. Aibuiy ind Troy Lite Wou'u n-epe. tfullv i firm the ublic ttiut their boats have durir.i; the receau of ravi^aioo ihc osst winrer. been relit ted ami r plauhhed throu. hunt, awl intuy imii ovatiu uu m'ded to the CO'. Irirt of It * met tier Tin-Troy and Kiuuiie, as hereto Ibf, will 'O-v. th' Line, from ih? Sleaml-o t Pier ftito B \'c'ny ittiwl, runni,.g daily [Sundays '*c*l tt-d] makivK '-he i'f" r>ptl lut ttotdiate landings >n the Riser. ThsWwill wand illi.iiy will lorrn th.: 7 o'cloik Kenning Luc (through ilirtrt) d .i'y (Sandays (escrpred.) Thnaboetkotbait of the list clan ol Ste uiiiuits. fad for speed and acrouimodatio ? re uriUflMu?l, a> d whst is "fgrvaier interest to 1' e trsvnll r, are und-r'he comma. d of officer.. well known to t'.e pn'tlic?their i amos alone isa sufficient gnarantau of kiud attention, -ml dportnact and safe inanagtrarut. New Vi.rh. March 12 1844 ml5ec MCW \OttK A ND PHILADELPHIA HA -ROAD1>IN* DIRECT. Fok Nt'.ta?g, Nkwbrunjwcs, PairecgTow, Tbektom, Eossrarow.' Awi> BCRLir?GTor?. . THtOUOH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New V ork daily from tlie foot of Coutflondt it. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Liue at <X P. M. The Morning Lin? proceeds to Bordentown, from thcnco by tvimboat to Philadelphia. _ The Kenning Line proceeds direct to Camdea (opposite to FhtU'lelpoia) without change of ears. Passengers will proenre their tickets at the office foot cf CdPrtUnui ?tr*-t, where a comniodiou* steamboat, will be in teaJinM,*. with bngaagefcratiso ou board. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to eitv, Wihout being opened by t!.e way Each train i* provided with a ear in vvluch are apartment* and dressing room* esiveasly for the ludiea' nso. Returning. the line* leave Philadelphia from'the foot of Walant * treat. bT steamboat to Bordeatown ?t T o clock, A. M. and hy railroad frotn Camden, et 5 o'olock, P. M. The line* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at If A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation of thelinea from New York. j? 3m*m PI O.N r.t.n flTTSBXVRO, BY THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL A HAIL ROAD, ' superior Line of Packets i* now in co mplete order. OodU have be?ad laci'vi oa iht Line, tod every ar^nm*meat mad: Ihat caa be desired to secure the comfort oftf****" kr? Tf?einterfY.tinff country whi- h the ronte passes,renders it the ~r6.TamnU? ffifdifn,lr\?a!rfw/tu-. 'hi > . route*. No effort ha* been I pa red to make the accmmodations onboard the boat* ample and couple. 'i hey aie ill charge ol ea eiienced, attentive, and obliging captain*, to tliat the trip tC"m PHILADELPHIA TO riTTSHURO, is rendered one of pleienr-rather than toil. ( 'ARE ONLV $10. OFFICE N. E. CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT STREETS, Where every information may be obtained. d"7*" Sea's may alto be secut'd at 13 tuuth Third it,and at the Dh.ruV, 271 MARKET STREET, where the Car* ttait from every morning at S o'clock. in 16 lm? re A. CUMMIN (IS, A gmt. GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO {3i3 MILES) BY RAIL llOAD The only Office in N*w York established ' y the reveral Rail Road Companies between Albany and is at No. 69 COUUTLANDT iTUENT, JOHN 1". CLA K, Oeueia! Agent. NOTICE TolMMIORANT8. o..i :i i . i , ..... r,._ r i iar Immigrant* by Rail Hoa-I fro<n AlVmv in Hue alo uid iuf<-riii?4jni> ;l-en. are enabled to send them dnrii r ?h" Hummer fr >m Now Yorn to U>ica lor $2,00. to **vr:ic >-e S2,II2. to /unburn *1 3fi; 11 I'oth ilrr Si,hi to Cuffulo S3 it). Iliildnn from 2 to 13 ,ho oid t h >lf price; uiidi r 2 tnn fr~e; and oil Jjiittrtu-fro Albnti y On the l(n>l l."au ise.ti ely free it in evident? . it it comrs much ch>?pur to the rigniimut to b> l'.?l :liou byOiutl. he reaching Buff\l> per S rmb'-ai from a.'?? Y,iik sad Itnait fr m Albnn' io 42 hours; wl> ..-i , it t ilt-* per Caonl from 9 to II) day*. '1 he following cticolntinn ubowethe rotof, nr. :? 1'assme > PalUloper liitil l'aa<age -o Buffalo rer CiKoad $3,30 i.Hl.Nty $1,C0 Lnggage from N. Yotk to Luggage to Buffalo. SOIVe | Aluanv, lOulbm fi e, b*l- fn-e, balance forlOOIbt-- 53 ance lor 1 tf'ibs IS Loo of time at least Ddays L"ggtge Iran Albany to w Tib to the la?oi?r, ?ay Buffalo free iO-'oca per day 4,50 Living for 42 hours, any- 73 Living for 10 daya, 50 ceota per day 5,00 Total per R. Read $6 43 ? ? $12,03 Deduct fare per R. Road 6 4 J The traveller per R. Road ravea $5,01 Tliey alao forward pa?sn. frto (. letve'aud, Peru mouth aud other pi-era iu Ohio; l)u oit, Sic , Michigan; (Jreeu flay Milwankg. Sic Whe n sin Teir t i*t; Chicago, Illinois; ard to difl tf L pi-c in au tda. at the lowest rates. \ II iuforma'ion aato the different roa wgireu gra/n. u.d Ticket* to be Imd only at the Albany and Buffalo Rail Html Office,59 Cou ilandt it rent. WOLF U HiCKLkS. ,il>2 lm*m TO THK TRAVELLING PUBLIC. iZii>sKt*QER JhRJlffQEMEtiT FOR 18** Tne Bubscr b-r< having eomuletej their arrausemeoti, are now prepaitu (0 bring out passengers from Orrat Britsiu and 1 rrland t.y the following firat cl packet ihipa, one of which will leave c.ivetpuul ou tua 1st, 6th, 11th, lOui, 21u and 28th ot each month, (Vric< Heutyi New York, Hheridin, Virginia. Liverpool, Cninutulge, MouUuma, Midilona, O-o. Washington, Hnttrngaer, Columbus, L'uited State*, K tcnit, Ac hurt ii, Kr,aland, humps. Sleph'ii Whitney, RochesreV, independence, York, hire, (lirri k, H-imuel Hick. Qaeeo of the West, Olford Certificates of pauage can be ibtaiued, aud every information will he givn to ihoie tending for their friendt, on appli?aliuu at of our othcu. They w ill alio Ire pre-ared. ou the opeurng of navigation, to forward oa-i-ngera and 'heir luggrge to Alfimy and Tioy, and via trie Cam I to Bntfalo, and all intermediate place*. To all por.e oftli- Wpper Lnkea V ia Oewego to Toiontu, Port Hope, Cobnrg, Kingtton, and all parts of i an ada..... ,, From Troy via Whitehall to Montrsal and Qaebao, Carada Vast via Ohio Can-I from Cleoveland to Portsmouth, Cincinnati, audi termed,ate placet ... South W-si via Philadelphia to Pittsburg,Cincinnati, Lootsk villa, aud all oil the Ohio Hirer in St. Louis, Mo ; and to all paila ol Ohio, Michigan, ludiana, Illinuia aud Wisconsin Territory. REMITTANCES. Forthr aecommod'.'i'in of parsons wishing to rend money to th ir ftiendi in the ?lid ' onutry, HARNDfcN & CO. will give Drafts <11 any pirtof England, Hcnilaud or Ireland, payableat aieht, formula of .El, ?J, ?20, to ? .03? or in any amount to imt the purchaser. ... . OFFICER AND AGENTS. Charing Craft, iao Sia-esf.r et Homou Wbeelnr Union Hmldtntt. I'rovideare, R I. N 3.AValt atroet and 16 Front street, New York. J. (J. Mow rd 41 S-o.h Third, Philadelphia. Sandrord & Sli' emnlrer, 7 Light street, Batlimore, Md. _ Pittsburgh, la. ?- *1 11 Et'lia-jfe, Albany N. V. fi Clark, 1W Aivar au?t, lroy, N. Y _ . ,, . ? Uticg, N. Y, W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. V. llorlieater, N. Y. W. H. Cook. Buffalo, N. Y. II. rjtahngli A' o.. '??wego, N. T. mitre KN(,CAND. IKKLAND, r*: . ''""I" *.*???' .remitting money to their P , ^ Country can be supplied <>SiaJaiau[ with drafts i? sum?of?i, ?g ?i ? , fir, SIHiMBaB 6v0, C>o,? 100 Xiooo or any amount, payahle on demand, without di?connt, or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland I rovinrial Bk. do, Messrs /a'? Bait, Son nCo., Ra-kers, London; J. Barm-d .< l .0 , Ktchange and Disronnt Bank, Liverpool; Kisteru Bank of Scotland; (ireoiorH . Banking Company, Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter b I o., Scotlandand the lirsnrhe* in every post town throughout Kuglatid ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded bv th? pickets ol the I lib. 16th, 21st, and 26th, or the Itoye.l Mail jl.-imvr sailing from Uoslon ou the 1st ol Mav, Apply to W Jt J. T. TAPHCOTT, At their general passage otfiee, II Peck slip, felSrc corner ol South attest. N it?All Nt'ers from the cnnr.rry m i<t , nr.- |,,-nt Paid. &*-? PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Line-The kdlfJfTVShin UTICA. F. Hew itt Master, will sail on the lit UijaldbVlay. For freight or p usage, apply M - BOYD k IHNCKEN, ec No. 9 Ton'.in* Building, cor Wall aud Water ats. E NE NJ ST ATE N iaLANp"^?^"<iir m "ia it ferry. . SfeSafie. On and altar Tneadty, February 37th, the Boau will leave u lullowi, nntil further notice I.tuvt Stat en Island. Ltavo New York. At S Si A. M. At 9 A.M. 10 " 13 ? F. M. 3K P. M. 5 " 5 N. 0. Ou Sunday the boat will leave at U imtead of 13. feWrc NEWARK ANl) NEW YORK. KAUK ONLY J?j CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN UAFFY. _ rj^j-l 0m Will eommmcn her tripe for the veaicn on rl. TXt?? ^eThnrniev. April uh nod run nutil further no ^ ' > follows Leaving Newark at 7>? o'clock.A M , v(* York t o'clock, I*. M. Tire R inbow has b en mlirgrd, com i le al y r'fitted, and adap ted to ihis root \ and hsnug a Urge drck saloon, r lie can coo,for ably ee-nn.m da'.e a I rge unmb-r ohpasaeugers. Kr?icm cirrit-d at cerv r?a-oa,.bl;- rat' a. N-w \ - k. .<\; r 1 3 Uti a4 tf rc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALU ANY. gMn a! DAILY, Sundays eacepred?Throoirh Di* flr-JnfcRrf?-^Precr. at 7 P M., Com tlie Staimboal Pier beKUUL'xrin Cinrtl-ndc and Liberty atr ati. The KNICKERBOCKER. Captain A. P. St. John, Muud y, weduegaay and b'ridav, at 7. The S:e m out lluCH .STEH, Captain A Houghton, on Tnnadav, ThutsiLv and Salt-day r'.vuh g?, at 7. At Kiveo'cfotk P. M. 1, -ndi u -t luteitnel ate Placet:? The-'teemhnat CURTIS PECK, Capltiu \Vm. H Peck. M< nday. Wednesday, Kri lay and Sundav. at 5 P. M. The Steamboat MM'lfl AMfc'I CA, Captain R. O. Ciuip'ndeu, I ueadir. Thurtdty and Saturday at) P. M Pa-ai utters takiiig th a Line of boats will arrive in Albany in an: la time to uiko the Morning T;oiij of Cars for the eatl or writ117^The above Boats are re v aud substaniial. are famished with new anil-leyiut State Rooms, niu lor speod and acco.nmodatioi s are unnvsllod on the Hndaoa Kor prssage or freight, apply on hoard, or to P. C. Srhul tz at the olrreou the wharf al) ALBANY DAY LINE. s|%M?| gjH ECU ALBANY and 1. immediate LsndflL ,3t*w?tJ?iii.a 1 he new and elacaut sLamboat 3E_j3SC2E--OUTH AMERICA, Ca< tain M.H Trteadeil, will lir.'Ve the fio'oi Barclay street north aide, on Wednesday inoruing,April l'tli, at 7 a cloak aljrc MM NOTICE Tne S'atmbest PORTS iJrMP"'1'" is now heinir thnrmiehlv repaired 3 . . an 1 wi'l be ready at the evening of navigation to t.?w boats iutsrirediate to Troy, A bany and Near York Title boa'will h'.ve c parities fortowingequal toaay M toe river; ami it i? h qci that it will obtain a f air upport. i-2l I in * re P COM8TOCK allKANOKMBNTH KOK 'Ms OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 106 Ptue street, corner of South. THE subscriber begs leave to call tliu attention of hn trieuds and the public iu general, to tlie following arrangement* for 18-16, for lire purpose of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st.bth, lltli, 16th Zlstaud 3bth of every month. By the London Packets, to sail rem New York, the 1st, 10th ar.d tilth?MM from London on the 7th, 17lti ami 27 th of each month. lu connection with the above aud for the purpose of affording still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has c?tablishei; a regular lineol first class New York built, coppered and capper tautened skips, to sail punctually every work throughout the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their 1 unities or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, viz Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmrl, Londonderry, dlico, W'eiferd, Belfast, Watcrford, Ualway, Armagh, Athlnne, Cob-rain. Ballina, Tralec, Youghal, Kuniskillen, Monaghan, Banbridge, Ballyineua, Parsonslowu, Downpatrick, Cavan, Lurgau, Omagh, Dniigauiion, Bandon, . Funis, Ballyslianno Strabaiip, Hkibereen, Rlallow, Moneymore, Contchill, Kilrnsh, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. Fiiflaml?Messrs. Spoouer, Atwwou it Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy. Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town m Great Britain. For further information (if by letter, post paid,)apply to JOSEPH McMUKKAY, 100 Pine street. corner of South. N. Y. Or Meurs. P. W. BYRNES 8c CO, 36 Waterloo Road, J9 Cm* re Liverpool flgg- LONDON LINE OF PACKETS-Pacurt of lK]fVV20ih April.?The ?pl?utlid, well known,and fast sailJwMWe'ijg packet clop WESTMI .NSTEU.Captaiu llarey, will sail positively as a?ove, her regular day. She has splendid accommodations f ir cabin, second cabin a nd steerage passengers. Those abont proceeding to the old country will nnd the Westminster a desirable conveyance, i eisons wishing to secure berths should make earlyapplicatiou W W. it J. T. TAPSCOTT, ? ... 43 Peck sDp. P. 8 ? lersons wishing to sei.d for their friends in the oM conn ry. can have them broaght out in this packet, or any of the regular line, on the moit advantageous terms, by applying ai above a!3tn2Brc dCSSt FOR LON DON?Regular Packet or tlie2Q'h April. wWwVr;T.',e wll-known fast mi ling packet ship WE81aJcfeff&MINS I Ell, burthen 1009 tons, ('apt Hovey. Tins superior vessel is uow loading for Loudou, and will positively sail on the 20lh April. sergeri are pusurpsseed by nay other verse! iu pore; and an a number of her ra'sengers are already encaged, those desirous of securing berths should make e?rl v application to JOSEPH MeMURKAY, al4to2# re lC# I'inr st. corner South, N. Y. KOK LIVEH POOL?New I-ine-Kerataf Ticket WT-#VW.of 2f,:h April?'I he sn'enilid Darker shin SIHDONS. JHHMnsCapt K. b. Cobb, oi 1UM torn, will sail as above, her regular tiny. For freight or pissae*, having accommodations unequalled f'r-pl "m!or or comfcit, appl, on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of U'all street, or to K. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 Sooth at. Price of passage $100. The packet shin Sheridan, Cspt. J F. liepeysler, of KlflO tons, wil, succeed the Snldous.and sail the 16th of May, her uvular day. Puttngers may rely ou the shipsof this liue sailng paternally aJWvertisvd. inCT to a?6rc FOR l.IVEHPOOL?the New Line-Regular h5!5j^k.Packet of 11 t April?The sp'endid New Vork built iCEdjLp.cketshi.v LIvKRPOOL. Ciptoin J oho Kidiiilgv 11:8 to > nurhe *, will tail as abase, her ?eg'iiar day For retght of WO balej couon, or balk thereof. Ste ,or puvsvgr, luting hcci minodalior> un .urpas:e l by ?r.ip in port, apply to the caplaiu on hoard, at wr.t side of Burring "I'P or to WOO'iHULI. Ik. MIN I C.'RNS.fcTBomh st. The p.ickrt shin QUEh.N I IF 'l'HK \V EST, Captain l'hilip Woodhnuv '250 tons, will saccte the Liver| ool, and sail ou her regular day. ___ _____ *Hec M&ir FOR LIVKRWioI.- Briti iH Vessel.?The very fi e A t, copper-fiivtcnrd 11-irish i hip ll.*LEN 4MPWsil'IIOMSON C.ii taiu John I' will he lendy to receive cargo in a lew dais, aid will lute wspttch for the above port. Shiprers of colonial or domestic proil"ce will find'hera most desirable conveyance KVr fr i?nt, aril, to the ' aptiiu ou b >ar J, at Pier No. 6 Nrrth River, or to the rnhacrib rs, Roi'Mr., BROTHFitS St O. aU'e 35 Kn'ton at. nevi door to th Fulton Bank. "iW FOR I.IVic'riPOOL?The spiearid, fast"iaili.-g i>S3p?^ahip UKIJNSWIOK Cap sin McMenna, u now JOjUBb oiding a .d will he deipa'ched in a lew dayi E>ie n-? su, frinr sec mmodati its for eahin and steerage pas engeis, who will b.t taken at a uiodrr.-te rale Apply to JOHN IIKhDM aN. 81 HoutS sjeet N. B?Paasag* from Ur.-at Britain and Ireland can at all times ha a-curei by th? ,-gnisr packers sailing every live days f om Liverpool, at the lowest <ates; and Oralis can, as u<ual, be forwrrdra lor auy amount, payable at the Nctional and Provincial Ha k, Irelind.and -rancne*; and a'so at al' the pr nasi Huuking Insiitations thoughiut'apd, Scntlaud soil Wales, on application as shove. alo 3 re adlk^ FOR (IL, \Su' 'W ?Ui nut?Willi Ltupatuu ? a i e i?M first ehus Packet Ship SALEM, Captain ileroo, will MUMwsiil as above. Tin . we-.l known ahip has verv superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin aud sterraire passenger*. Persons lutendiua to rmbaik should make immediate application on board, loot of Maiden Lsue, or to J AS McHUHIlW, 100 Piue at'eef, corner South P S. This very turerior teste I will return direct to New York, and nAT rd? a i? ility C.r i-eitona desirous to embark fro.n the reighhorhnod ol (rlasitow, or th< North of Ireland, telJoin to he iu>'t with Steamers li-om Belfast, Londotidjrry. Port Ruih, Colersme, &c , ply w.-rkly to (Jla<g- w, nod at vary m id.*i to ram Person* wishing to au d for their Iriruda or relatives can arcare a pjssigt by applying mahovo. a 0 ire PACKET* FOR ,M A Its H.i LLES?To tail oTthi uJaM^kUt May?The ship COUKIElt, Captaiu Duygau.? jA3afl?ah'or Height or p usage. applr to LAWKKMhE Ik PHELPS. No. 103 Fr. ut a'reet or'0 BOvD it HINCKEN, aljtomlrc No Building. PASBAUE KHUM E.N' >LANII~UlKLk Nil. SCOTLAND AND WALES, VIA LIVERPOOL. THE subscriber It ta nude unequalled jrrc g*m?nt? yExyVfor Itriugi. c out emigrants llaa >c..r. IRK. Those bMHulbau-iiiloiR ior their f'ieuda would do well to apply at the nil eatabluhed packet "hire of JtlHN I1KRDM AN, CI South it. N. B.?'Thu ahina ol thia hue notv leave Liverpool every tire (lava, nud dr.fra rau aa usual he furuiahed for anv amount, pay able at all the principal baching inatitutioiu throughout the united kinedom.apply aa abor*. mil re iVflfl*- FOR NEW ORLEANS.?LOUISIANA AND i?WyNEW YORK LIN? -Regular Packe olIl.tApnl AwWBm-1 Mil nit picker. ?l i,i IIUNCAN, Capl P!,r t, will ml aa tbova, her regular day. ho frnght or ita-atge.hivine hiudiiime fumiihed aecrinmo. datious, apply on hoard, at Orieana Wharf, foot of Wall ireet. or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. M South stieM. Praitirely no freight received after the evening of the JOth iirtmt. Snippers by thia line may depend upon having their good* correctiv metunied. Agenti iu New Oilcans?Meaira. Mnllin and Woodruff, who will promptly lorw>r I all go' !* to their addieaa. The packet ihip OCMIILOEE, (.apt. F. Pret, will succeed the ftl'nrnu mil nil lat May a I Dec REMITTANUKS TO IRELAND, Ac?The CTj^V'i'htr ilwr continnea to rrn.i ey in sums IsrgJNMUlhtOr am ill, to peraoua residing iu any part of Ireland in the a une manner aa he and hit predecraaor in bnaineia have done fur th* | -vat thirty yeara and more; alao, to any part of England or Scotland Money remit'ed by letter (poet paid) to the subscriber, or p-raonally deposited with him, with the name of the pcrami or leranua in Ire and, England or Scotland, to whom it ii to he ?ent, and the nearest poet town, will he immediately tianamitteil and pa d accordingly, and a receipt to that rffrct gtran, or forwarded t? the sender. In like manner money, or claims on peraoua in any Part of Ireland, F.ngland or Scotland, can ba collected by the subscriber lor peraouci residing in any part of the United Su:na or Cauada, and will be paid to 'bem aeeordbglv. m2S2m*m OEOBIIR MciJKIDE. Jr. #? Cedar at. 9 HOOTS AND SHOES. J LADIES AND GENTLEMEN."-^^? ALL WHO WEAR the above articles, and wish to save money, had hotter loaeno time in cal'ing at the fashionable Bo it and Shoe Stores ol S. I'. SKCOIt, Not. 140,ha and 161 Orer-wrim street, where all may suit themselves with an article t ;at "or style or make, fashion and finish, cannot be surpassed or perhaps equalled iu this city. . . . , . s. r. S. begs to apprise in particular those!?l ? and gentlemen who consider a well fitting hoot or g.uter in indispensable article to the taut Imtmtle of all within the r i oai mnndr. that IdOM or 1*1 Oreenwich street, are the only plao'a n New York hey can thpend on bring aoiteil. N. B.?Ladies and Musis Oiitert, a.ioe*, lie., alwava on hand in endless variety. r,iI7"R*t?ember, HOX and 161 Oreenwich street-.?3 I 15 W Y< EW YORK, FRIDAY MO (ireat Meeting In favor of tli* Completion o the Rrie ltallrond, at the Tabernacle, laai Kvenlng. A very large and most respectable meeting wai held in the Tabernacle last evening,for the purpose of hearing the appeal of the Directors of the Eii< Railroad Company, on the completion of that grea work. The Tabernacle wns well filled, and among* the audience we ret egnieed a vast number of th? most influential of our citizens,of all ranks and pro fessions. The meeting was called to order by Aid. Under wood, who nominated the following gentlemen ai officers of the meeting: Pbriioe.-IT. OEORGK GUIS WOLD, F.fg. VlCS I'liimULM H. Jai. Harper, C. W. Lawrence. 8uul Alley, Thus. SulTern, J Oil. Doorman, Muse* Taylor, John N. Micks, J. D. P. Ogdi-n, Jacob Little, P. S. Yanheusellaer, Itob't Smith, Wm Burns, Jtich'd K. Oarman, James Donaldson, Wm. Tucker, Uiiduer O. llowiand. SlNltiBIII. Chat. Mo Wan, ('has Dennison, Isaac Townsend, Chus. P. Brown, James Kelly. Mr. N. B. Blunt then addressed the meeting. He spoke at some lengthof the position of New Yotk, as respected its natural facilities for communication w ith the interior. Compared with some othei cities of the Union, New Yoik wa'i in as destitute a condition in this respect,as if she were altogether without roads. Kroni Boston to Albany they hail to encounter immense difficulties, but they had successfully oveicuim* them, and constructed a railroad. He then spoke ol the great inducements presented by the natural features ol tue country itself to undertake the formation of a railroad communication between rvew York and the west. He then adverted to the very greot inconvenience auil loss to the farmers in the interior, in consequence of the waut ol a medium of communication accessible at all seasons. The spring trade of the city wonld be immediately benefitted by such a communication, as the go?ds torthe spring uml winter were wanted in the interior long before the season when the water communication was open. Tho capitalist?the merchant?the farmer?the dry goods man?the carman, were ail deeply interested then in tho 'construction of such a road. But tho most important consideration was that of the market for articles of home consumption. Fish, poultry, milk and eggs would be made much cliaapei ; milk would be made one cent a pint cheaper, saving the city a day. Sinco the opening of the road 100 barrels ol milk a day have been brought to the city, uud already the reduction in the price is considerable ; it lias been on an average four rents a quart, and a much better article Then poultry, fresh meat, uml other articles of that kind, would all be reduced in price. During the past year there had been brought down to the city from the iuterior the following articles :? I .in Pallia l-in.l In,,a fnK-.-a mill.,,. llogK 3J-t " Sheep and Lambs. .3*7 " Fresh Pork lftUO " Batter tsktu " Apples 700 " Grain (shout) sot) " Milk 6000 " 1 he total amount of money expended in this city for ar tides of this description was about >15.000,000. A saving ol five per cent, on that amount would of course add greatly to the comfort and prosperity of the city. Mr B concluded by appealing to the meeting in lavor of tli* completion of this grout woik, which whs responded t? by loud applause. Mr. Blunt then read the following reso lutions Hesolved, That the interests of this city imperatively requira a railroad communication with the interior, a* well to promote the supply ot its domestic markets, as t? secure travel and business during that period when the communication is Interrupted by winter. Hesolved, That in the opinion of this meeting the com pletion of the New York and Erie Railroad will be an er? in our history equalled only by the Erie f'anai ; that il will bring to our market throughout the year an Hbundanl supply ol provisions, and thereby greatly diminish the n pense of living; will open an avenue for the hitherto ue glected, but extensive and fertile country, embrsced in tho Southern line of counties ; will prevent the diversior of a valuable portion of the business of this city, and mak( new regions of the bonmlless west tributary to its com mercc, thereby increasing tho business of ailtraies am prolessions, and enhancing the value of all property it the city of New York; and, believing that the present Board of Directors have placed the allans of the Company in a situation peculiarly lav arable lor the immediate pro sedition of the woik, this meeting doth declare that it in the duty of the citizens of this metropolis to make < very effort to raise tue funds necessatv to cvniiilete it toFcoifoCting sub.ciiptioiis. |lleie follows the name* o one hundred and thirty citizens, consisting of the shippin) merchants, importers and jobbers, butchers brokers, cart men, grocers, lawyers, leather dealers booksellers, prill ters, produce commission merchants, druggists, jewellers builders, hotel keepers, soapaiukers, cabinet makers,shut makers, tailors and bakers Resolved, That a Committee of five bo appointed fron each election district in this city for the purpose of pre curing subscriptions 'o the slock of the New York un< Erie Itailroad Co eud th"t it be referred to the Board o Directors of the New Yorit an l Eric Hailroad Co. to ay point the saiJ committee. Mr. Patterson, after e few introductory remarks, tai that hi; would endeavor to draw the attention ol the me-1 iii^ to a lew 1-ie.ts, which were not alluded to in the rej or of the Committee. He called upon those present to folio* up the example get them by thiijpeople of Boston and Penn sy lvania last year in the lormution|of a railway of so nine! ini|>ortance to thil city It wos true that the people c these ports had peculiar advantage* in having a more uu derate character. They had also made similar cllbrts i forming 1H0 miles in the Southern State*. Nor was Mai sachusetts backwards in taking her share of the gloriou spoil oi the West The original position of New Yoll would he changed unless the inh ltiilants looked to then selves, for they were bound onon-' side hy the enterpri ing peopleot IVnnsylvania end Massachusetts, who wi oon outstrip them it they sit down without making on ei donvor to prevent it Then their fate 'von 1-1 tie like that t Genoa, Venice, and Amsterdam, who neglected thei tiade when it was in their possession, mid when the sought for it afterwards, it wa* in vain It w as hut a fei years since that this port wa* reckoned only as the thii in the country, now it was the lirst, and upward* of tw< thirds of the revenue was received in it. The people < New Yotk were n practical people, and 11 they wet called on to advance s.x millions ofdolUra?unless it wi shown to ho of advantage to them?they would nor giv it. He would end.-aver to show it was hoth practical)! and profitable. This railway would ho the best route t the Mediterranean ava, and would be open all the yea while the canals were not so. was easily demoi strated, that no road could compete with this. Accordiu to the report, the am sunt of expenditure would he f-iftl 000,000 Taking a radius of thirty milea on eac side of this proposed railway to Dunkirk, there wei twelve million of acres oi land, Iwing more than the who! of Ithode Island end Massachusetts put together, and cot taiuing a population ol At,00$, Km there was somei the finest timber in the country, which this road woul bring into market, and which was not allnded to as source of income to the company, but which might b calculated at the least at fifteen percent upon what wt already laid down. Then there were two other startlin facts not allude 1 to in this calculation. By this liue tl distance to Oswego would be 240 miles, Utica 40 mile Chicago Bridge 3rt mile* Now, this might he run in lei Uian seventeen hour* Then where was there any thin to compete with this) It would cause all in this norther part of the country to wotk to this line. Now, a pc son desirous of going this route could not do so an way, but must wait till the billowing morning, on then it would take him at least thirty-six hours to g the samo distance, therefore there would be n savin of twenty-niue hours in going hy thi* road in preferenr to the one at present existing. This must meessaril command a great inlliix of atrungcra and promote the trail of the city. Then there were five oompnnies to treat wit to reach Chicago Bridge?hut with one company and or line of cars, there must saving.There was another important point alluded to in the r port, which stated that the committee were not able t calculate what amount would be derived from the wester trade. Now Mr. Hamuel Young, in hi? report, reckon* ti amount of the western trade at twenty-three million* ( dollars lrom Buffalo. Now there wu no saying what po tion of thi* would come on to thi* roail. but tbei wna no doubt hut it would bo consider*!)! greater than all the trallic on the rivor at tf preaunt time. If only n (mall ihare, it woul make the tockholder* rich. Then again the i como f.-om the transport of coal wouUlQhe conliderabl The Dolce of Bridgwater thought it worth his while ' construct* canal on his property for the purpose of Iran porting thi a commodity, of which ho bail abundance c his estate and made a fortune thereby, flow much mo

so would the shareholders In this undertaking- The rnrain It was calculated that 9,000 passenger* arnve at Bti falo each yenr. Now If only 4,000 of them went by tli road, there would ho a considerable incomn to the cor pany therefrom. The usual expense of running an c gine in all countries was reckoned nt a dollar mile; now by thia they would have at a low ralcnl tinn $1001 n day which would afford a good di?!don altogether an incame ofsix million* of dollars,which the wore now delaying to put in their pocket*. Beside*, would ho aiding in the clearing up ol the country and pri motlug civilization. Therefore, if on no other ground leaving profit out of the question, he called upon tl friend i of humanity to step forward in th.s great und? taking. The gentleman then proceeded to show, by rea ing an extract from some paper, that in Kngland, with very limited extent ol country, and with little or no a vantages compared with the proposed railway, that rai way snurea In that country were increasing in value c the average III conclusion, tin-gentlemen called npo those who were favorable to the undertaking ts imitu the example ol the people of Boston, and go round amor the carmen, hackmen, porter*, and such like, tosoluthem to take nn interest in the undertaking, so that, lil those of the latter place, they might say it was "the road." Mr. A. D. Oni-ri* of Illinois was her.- introduced to ti meeting, and offered sonfb remarks laudatory of the ?pir and enterprise of the people of Mississippi and Illinois relation to Railroad speculation^ and its vast adv.mtag to a commercial and tradingcomnnity. The people of I nois felt a deep and abiding interest in this great work and looked upon lf as a connecting link between tl Western World, and this great Kmporinm of Americr Commerce and Trade. The people of Illinois was hour to the New Yorkers in sympathies and interest; their r* )RK I RNING, APRIL 19, 1844, t ly associations were with 'he |>eople ol New Vork, and | t tuey were anxious to coma to thin great metropolis, proviTided the proper facilities existed. In summer they had op- <] pnrtunitie* of carrying on trade operationa, but in winter ? 9 all intercourse was suspended, the canala being locked up. ; tj Lines of Railroad hail been laid down in many parta of y 5 the country, and every where that they had been placed j > they had worked to the great advantage ol the public. 0 , Railroads were completed to Toledo and several other 0 parts of the country, and aotne had been atopped on tho t works suspended in consequence of tho punic of 1H37. j, , II the Western Woild had the means, they would embark in such an enterprise as would at once thiow open a com- ? munication between the item counti lea and New York. t| lie was of opinion that the pre at West would raise this season about one quarter ot u million of sheep, betw een ai Wisconsin and Illinois alone?na the farmers wero recoi venng from',the panic of 1H37 and succeeding years, p This vast stock would be a source of deep advunluge to s thetradoof New Yoik, independent ot grain ami all the n farming produce of the West. New York was boondio protect her own intercuts, as the Canadians were about ft granting a charter to open a line of luilroad (torn to Detroit, so na to open an avenuo to the St. Lawrence; and Knglend, therefore, was watching them at all aides, in order to hem them iu and cripple their trade and commerce. They should therefore, look forward to their own interest, as this move of Knglimd was donu with a view ' of carrying away the pruducu of the Northwestern ' Worid to its own advantage They should also look to the " trade of New Orleans, w hich was opening another ave- " nuu against which they should have to contend. At 1 Hi- '* noes ulone there was no leas than half a million on the " b.iuka awaiting the opening of the Canal and all the pio- " duce of the Western Woilu was subjected to the samo in- *' itirirmc rptfrirtinna fn.m wantnf a milrnail \tr i\ wunl II 1 on to explain Hit! jrru.iu.ilIy ri?ing am! flourishing condi- d. tion o! the agriculture and commerce of Illinois, and con- 1,1 eluded by urging on the meeting the necessity el inline- n diate action on a subject of such vital importance to the i interests of the citizens of New York r< Mr. liurriT oll'md a revolution, proposing that the reso- 0 lutions adopet-d by the meeting be published in the city ? papers, f'arrir.l. ' 11 A share list waa then openhd and circulated through 'I the meeting for the purpose of obtaining signatures. The u following is the form " We, lire undersigned, hereby agree to subscribe for the numbcro! shares of one. hundred dollars each, of the capital stock of tho New York and Erie llnilroad Compa- sl i ny, set opposite to our respective names, upon tho terms P oiid conditions published by the Board of Directors, under ' date of April 11th, 1341. Theatrical. Park Theatre.?Last night, Mr.Booth played in ti the character of " Junius Brutus" to a lull house, h | and never did he appear to greater advantage. The dl : character of Brutus is finely drawn, though not d ' equal to that of Junius Biutus in the Coiiolanus of () ! Shukspeare. There is, however, a noble indepen- a j (fence in the character; a conscientious love of justice, and an unflinching determination to maintuin I it inviolate. Well does Mr. Booth impersonate this lawful tenacity of purpose, and inspire his an- , dienee with the love of honor and justice, and ha- v' tred of base and nefarious actions. What right- o! thinking individual would not support this play as ^ an excellent moral lesson to the public 1 From grave to gay is but a step; or rather, in the present w instance, hut the shifting of a scene or two; for ? ; after Brutus came " Fortunio," the nr plus ultra of 01 1 fun and laughter. This extravaganza is decidedly " a capital hit?is it not T s Olympic.?Mr. Mitchell was in the vein last a night, for he acted in three distinct characters, and u in all with his wonted success. Four pieces, viz: P "Aldgate Pump," "Cats in the Larder," "lavage '1 and the Maiden," and "The Three Ghosts," were enacted by particular desire ; which said desire is a particular frequenter of the Olympic, desires being as common there as the ramifications of passion are in mankind. We cannot wonder, how- |{ t ever, that the public should desire to see Mitchell a t as " Broomy Swash," " Fernando Villybilly," and tl " Mr. Crummels," in all of which characters he is fi excellent. Let such desires, which are innocent in their indulgence,and easy of attainment, be gratified by ull means?the olienrr the better. Chatham?Last nightSheridan Knowles'"Wife" 0 l was played at this theatre with much success and cf- " 1 feet. The scene between Antonio, Lorenzo, Leon a 1 and Mariana, in the first act, where Mariana is j ' (mentioned us to her affections, was admirably v , done, Mrs. McClurc enacting her part to the life, p , The instdion# questioning ol Lorenzo? " Come. c#?n? I knnur v ah Uwo. i That thereupon I found my proper p. tin, i f Whs admirably contrasted by the naive confession " of Mariana, where to the question? i " Was't in Mantua yoti met?" i ' She replies? n " So, Signor, in my native land." 1 i- Ard then goes on to describe the growth of her I passion? i d "Ail my itaturp grew, > Which tone without my noting it, until i They laid I was a woman. I kept watch J J Beside what seemed his death-tit d. From beneath I An avalanche my father rescued him, t The vole nun ivor ol a company / v Who wandered through our mountain!. A long time I i- Ilia life waidoubtful. Signor, and he called i h For Indp, whence help alone could come, whicli f, i il Morning and night, invoked along with him. i- Ho first our louL did mingle!" i " We regret that space will not permit us to give ,k more than one extract Irom this thrilling play, ' l< where Mrs. McClure displayed her tnlents as an , i- actress, and her feelings as a woman. But we must ( s not close these few lines ot notice without giving t II VI.. Uio /In*, in fit** * 11 u ru /?I ** r /.I Si? Pinepn ' Upon the whole, his impersonation was koo<I, ? 11 although tliero seemed, to us, a degrre of stillness I r in the acting,which the fr?c and reckless character ' * of St. Pierre does not certainly warrant. A little ' d more abandonment would have improved this char- 1 ). act^r vastly. Theatrical (iossip.?We Imar that Madame ' * Ointi lfamoreau, and Mons. Artot, are engaged by < the nt?nngrr of the " American," at New Orleans i l0 lor a few nights; when, among other musical enter- ' 0 tainments, several operas willoe performed. r At Philadelphia the opera of Anna Jloleyn is still ( v performing at the Cliesnut; and ut the oilier thea- i * tres, 'The Stranger,' 'Paul Pry,' and the Comedy i jj of Errors.' e Thus dramatic aflairs seem to he once more ' I" "looking up;" and time enough (is it) that they a: should. I jf Id A Pii,ot Indicted.?Hecently at New Orleans, a the grand jury found a true bill for manslaughter j against E. Klady, for negligence and misconduct while | an duty n* pilot of the ituamboat " Buckeye,' by musing K the collision with tlisr steamboat " lie Soto," and the "0 downing of several persons by the sinking ol the former boat Klady, it will tie recollected, is under bond* in the " attin of *6,000 for hii appearance before the Court to ante swer to the chaige. r" Eastern Shore, Maryland, Wheat Crop.? l[ The Keut News ot Saturday says Wo have been stir1,1 prised to see attempt* made already to boast ol the prospert for We have rarely seen wheat more unpro- ] 1 mixing at this period of the season?but while there is i j nothing to di'courage. there is nothing to authorise con- i y fldent expectations No judgment can be formed of the i '* probable v ield of wheat !! Fai.i. River Railroad ? It will he seen by a no- ' e- lice in our advertising columns that the Corpora- ' o tion ol the Exit Itiver (load will meet for organization in n a few da} s. Surveys liavn been completed of the route, io and th? estimated cost of the road is aliout *.'00,800 ; ( jf which sum aliotit halt has alreaily been taken, and the j r- residue will he speedily subscribed. It is ex|iected that re the road will ha completed and ready for travel ou or bev fore the first January next. If ? , I'l Fioht in tick Exchange.?In cnnsc<|uonre o( a ^ i- paragraph relative to the recent duel between Mr p Butler aii<l Mr Srholt, which appeared among the new* . 10 itrmi ol critain morning paper*, n gentleman relator! to ' * one of the parties alleged to liavn been implicated in cans- , in Ing the duel, attacked the gentleman who maile the pub- , rc iieation. The former was passing through the rotunda of J n the Kxchange when the attack wu? made, am) a nhort t lf fight, in which leveral severe blow* were dealt, mined The jiarties were separnted by friends (Jrcat excitement " wn* manifest in the large crowd which wa* present.? n" Phil, (-'a*., Jljnil 17. * . ? _ ? Important ligcinED.?A final judgment ( ' wn* on the h instant, given in the Supreme Court , if of Louisiana. in the long pending ca*e ol the State v* i Wm. U. William*. In the soring of Mil, William* was , " tried anil found guilty for bringing into the state, contra- ( ' ry to the statute, *ome twenty-six negroes, which hail t tieea convicted of feloriiou* oflences in Hie Slate of Virgi. , j" nia. The verdict Of the jury waa, lhat he he fined $11100, , or in default of payment thereof, tie conllnad I t months, a sad that the slave* tie forfeited to the state. An appeal [1*. was taken to the Supreme Court. Tlie attorney general ' moved that the appeal be dismissed, and the < nnrt MM- J taincd the motion of the attorney general , it decided that ' ,(l the uppeal did not lie. To this judment there were two ' disaentianta?-there being presont a full bench?fl,ve ih The TitPiASt'itY Note Hiihokrv STI"" <?rand fr Jury of New Orleans have found tw lulls agnumt John W. Drradlove for uttering and publishing altered le cancelled Treasury Notes : two bill* against Marshall C. 'it flolliday, for uttering and publishing altered cancelled in Treasury note* ; a true bill against Marshall C. Ilolliday os and J. A II Watson alias Britton The first for aiding li- and assisting and the latter for lalsely uttering and forging - the said notes by extracting the cancellation. A true bill to against J A. U Watson and J. M. It reed love The Irst sn lor extracting the cancellation, and the latter for causing id and procuring to t,o lalsely altered and forged, the said r notes by the tormer. IERA Board of Supervisor*. Tsilrsi'st, April lb?Alderman Clavt** in the chair ill "he minutes oi the lait Hireling were reail and approved < a f. The Ke|>ort of the Couuacl to the l orporatiou in rela da ion to the leasing of a lite of a School House in the -1th Vard, oania up for discussion. On motion ol the Hecor- m er, it was laid on the table, to give some of tho members se fthelloaidan opportunity ol examining the Counsel's re pinion previoua to the neat meeting. tn Tho Board then adjourned to 7 o'clock to morrow even- Ci ig, when the question will be again taken up. ci A resolution of the Beard, formerly passed, that no hill <p f a District Attorney should be thereafter uuditcd at more m Iran M |*erday, was rescinded. I* Communication from the Comptroller recommending to C ettle compensation to be made to Ward Coileciori of taxes !> Communication from the Inspectors of the 11th Ward, j" jr the appropriation of to purchase a site lor a ? chool in that ward, lteferred to tlio Committee on An- <' ual Taxes. Several small hills were then ordered to he paid, ami ome others referred to their appropiiutc commit lets. Ci Kupvrlor Court. p Before Judge Oakley. ' Aran. lath.? H'illiam It. .'Mm it Kxrkul H'a<U,Jr? K ["bis was an action to recover damages lor assault and h! lattery, committed on the first Februuiy hist. I'laiutill' is j' member ol the bar, and was employed professionally by 1 party in negociatiug legal business with which the do- 1' -infant w as connected. At a certain Huge of the muuogelent ol the husiiiess, plaintiff accompanied his client to 1 efemhint's house, with a view to make a tender on the abject ol a lease, and perfect an agreement. Defendant u eieupoti committed the assault. The plea set up lor the w efeiice was, that Allen, the plaintiff, went to deiendant's J* ouse for the purpose of creutiiig a disturbance. Tue jury inbred a veidict for plaintitrol f.10 damages. * V'andcrwater it. I'auderuialrr.?An action of trespass to c' icover damages for loss and injury sustained by reuson 1 de.endant, who is captain ot the steamer Cleoputru run- V1 ing down the tow bout Wave, in November lust, and sink, ig her in the Kust Hirer. The case mvoh es the usual uestioiiM ol neglect on the part ol' the captain, and want ti f proper precaution in not stopping his engines on coin- \ ig Dear uio tow noat. -p Before chief Justice Jones. j? Hullon vs. American Insurance Cumjiany.?This case is sa till helore the second branch ef this L out t. it is not ex- i? ected to terminate before Monday or Tueiday. Adjourned over to this morning. tf U. S. Circuit Court. before Judge Betts. bi A ntn. IS.--hi the matter oj Julin Harry.?The petionsr is invited to argue the iollowing points, and we Mr. Burry in person will proceed at large to S ay With them :? !r 1.?Whether the United States Circuit Court has juris- m iction over the subject matter of liio petition' k< 'J.?II such jurisdiction exists, do the facts stated upon ur le petition give the petitioner, under the law of tlio land, lh title to the remedy prayed for? ro vt [I'. S. District Court. to< Before Judge Betts. ^Arnii. 18?The Vast Office-Mr. Spaoner.?His Honor ispused ol the motion to lessen the amount ot hail for W lolatiou of the I'ost Ottice laws, adversely,on the ground te 1 having no discretiouury power under the net oi C'nite-1 ot tales i'ost Ottice Laws, of 18J6. I < The case of llolf, indicted for robbing the U. 8. Mail w 'as then called on. This case was tried at ttie last term to I this Court, and the jury did not agree. The robbery w a which the prisoner is charged, was committed lart oi 'inter at Iiudsou. The indictment is framed under act th I U3d March, 18:13. l'risoner was ill the employment ol ' niith U Miller, at Hudson, who ure mail contractors.? pi iter die mail arrived from Hudson, at Albany, all the "> tail bags were placed in this ottice, and prisoner w as hi laced in charge of them .Several of them were subsc- " ueritly found cut up, floating in the river near Albany. th Adjourned over to this morning. A hi Circuit Court, K-lnga County. iy Beiore Judge Kent. r) April 18.? IXvorce Vase ?Doers. Roe.?This case was "t uhmitted to the jury yesterday morning, and alter atiout P' n hour's cousultatiou they returned w itli a verdict tor <?< le pluiutitf, which entitles Mis. Vun Cort to a divorce oni her husband. II Court of Common Plena. ^ Ahrii. 18.? Horn vs. h'iesale?An m-L. :i of nssumsit jt m account between landlord H" a.t, brought tor ,, rreais of rent. Verdict for phtuiuti, $134 64. ^ liu?iu itus nv Child.?This was an action of trespass tor insult and battery conimnti d on 1 :fiti .September, 1843 ? ['lie assault was uu aggravated one, and piamtill 's nose ras severely fractureii, and his eye won injured, as up- " eared by the testimony cf the medical attendants. a1 Verdict lor plaintiff, $3oU damages and U cents costs. mw? General Session*. ft Ilattieiu. V James R. Whitish, Esq , District Attorney. . Amu. 18.?L'astof Henry Cotton ? in the case of Henry otton, iinpfoaded with Ktdridge Foster, AV?i. M. Price, K.sq , bi3 counsel, appeared ana demurred to the indict- . meats against his client, as not being sullicient inlaw, ( and asked hit discharge. . The District Attokmlv anted lor mp points 01 tne demurrer. Mr. Prick replied that there wai stittioimt to order the plashing of the indictments, as he would convince the Dutiict Attorney and Court at the next term, on argu i nent of the demurrer. I Triil of Jumrt 11. If'aitl fur Emhezrlrmm' of f lair Hoi- t iHal Money.?The trial ol James It. Ward, late Kirst | Marshal to the Mayor, tor embezzlement ot Hospital nio- j ley, as the agent of Dr. James It. Hart, Health Commit- t doner, from March, IS3H, to March, H40, was commenced t lames T. ltrady and Henry 1'. limber, Ksqs , appeared lor t lelence. b Mr. Wiiitiko opened the case lor the prosecution. lie I itateit that the accused w,u entrusted by Dr. llnrtto re u :eua the Hospital money belonging to the btate, I while Dr. Hart was Health Commissioner, at a per " tentnge of I j per cent. The indictment ehaigi d the ac- * Mised with receiving 01. the 30th ol Decembor, 1639, the ll mm of ^'i6,7A for hospital money, from the owners of tin * diip Charles Carroll, which money was lint paid to Hart " ile then proceeded to oiler the testimony of Dr. Hart, that lad been token dt btnt tisr before Justice Taylor, by Con- 11 lent of counsel lor defence. Mr. Baiber objected to that c estimonv i t l)r llart,on the grounds that the public pros- ' senior had no right to take testimony ,lr kenr t sis, but that 1 itch right belonged to the accused alone?that Justice 1 Taylor was not authorized under the statute creuting his 1 illice, to administer the oath to Dr. Hart on making the itlidnvit, and although the defence consented, by conipul- u lion, to such a course, still it was not binding in a legs* p ien?e if the magistrate had unlawfully administered the < Jnth lie also argued that the HlfldHvit was iinpioperly ? ntitled, as the name of the county of the Court ot Hes lions before which it wus to be issued, bad not Iwen in p lerted in it. ? Mr. Whitiio stated in reply that the consent ofconnstl j, jf defence to allow Justice 'Taylor to take the testimony ? was answer sufficient to the objections urged by defence The Court concurred with the District Attorney, and " ;he testimony was admitted under the exception of the defence. The affidavit alleged w ith other statements that the de- ' [>onent had not received any puit of the lb charged in ' the indictment. Kuwarii IIiiscxr.k, ship broker, stated that either he or < Mr. Boyd were in the habit of paving the hospital money < for the ship Charles Carroll, and that the receipt for the I sum of f Mi 74 for such money wan in the hand writing of 1 the accused, and, therefore, he thought that either lie or ' Mr. Boyd had paid the money. Justice TavI-or stated that no entry of this sum was " made in the book usually kept by the accused for the purlioiejof entering the moneys received by him. t Mr. Basor, lor defence, then presented several legal r points for defence, alleging that no olfence had been com- h mitted. 1st. That the indictment did not deacrihe the mo- h aeya embezzled or any part of them, in accordance with t law. 'i j. That there wm no jiroof of the cut put delicti. t M. That there was no proof nl embezzlement--lor the p nere omission to enter money* in a liook does not consli c :ute embezzlement, and that the indictment should hate v lescribeil the money as belonging to the Health Comoiis o doner. C II I*. LUrarn. )'.s<|., then opene<l the case for defence, t< ind called Dr James Mauley, Benjamin Wood, .lames i tl stom all, Tbilo Doane, M. M QuackcnbOfs and Ahlerinan a I at field, who testified to the good character ?l the accused b in to the commission of thu act for which he (lands in- p Hotel u j ami t. Braiit, Em., anmmed up for defence in an able irgument. and wu followed by Jamk* II. Wiiptinu, E*q , vho clo?ed for pro?eeution. tl The Jury, altera short absrnce, returned a verdict of t piiltv The caae will he carried to a higher Court for a a Icriifon en the |>oint? of law, to winch exception* were t aken by defence. There are two other indictment* c igainat the an u*ed of the Maine character. The leaat pe tally under the conviction ii two year* puniahmcnt in lie State I'riaon. t Court Cialrndar?ThU Day. Common Pima*?No* t'J, -13, 44, 44, 46, 17, 41), Ml, 41, Tfl. ?? . _ I Adams iVc Co.'s LxrttKNN.?We are indebted to ' lie express of our enterprising friends in Wnll ' itreet, Meiir*. Adam* It Co. almost daily, for paper* from lloiton anil ettaf, and only omit a daily mention, leal uir acknowledgment* of favor* should be deemed Metro- r vprd. The?e gentleman, by atrir.t pertonal attention to heir legitimate btiainnae, and the employment of trtnd- ' worthy conductor* and agent*, arc winning u golden burreat Navai, On Drrs?'Jlte Mobile 7' .Id of Sun- J lay nay* that Lieutenant Commae-* lite of the . [trig Homer*, now at Penaacoln ! > *d hi* reafgnalion, which ha* bean accepted, ar ere i* ? lleuten?nt attached to the navy yard, who either b..?, ought to, or will reaign in a few days Naval.?The V. S. ship Krie, Com. I?alla?, was i at Tahiti, from Oahti.on the loth of December, to *ail aoon ( lor Valparaiso The T 8. "hip Macedonian touched at < Sierra Leone about the 1st ult, and nailed for the ( ape do , Vetd Island*. I Tttit Norwich Kx plosion.?The four hoys ve i mentioned a* having tieen wounded, have *ince dieil Their name* were, t harle*, ?on of widow Ann Wilkin on ; Leonard, *ott of widow Hannah l.amphero ; Renja min, ron of licit) tiatkill, and ffeorge, ?on ofWrn. Whipple. LD. Wm Two CtaU> New York Legislature.?'The bill to. authorise ie Utica unci J'clieneclaiJy railwuy company in irry Ireigbt, paased the committee of the whole y cater, y afternoon and wan reierred to a select committee. In the .Senate yesterday, Mr Wiight, from the comittce of conference, reported finally, and submitted six partite and diatiust amendment! of the conatitution as the ult ol the joint comultationa, viz : In relation to? 1st, e supreme Court?2d, the Court of Chancery?3d. tho uurl tor the Correction of Krrori?4th, removal of JudialotUcera Alh. liability ol stockholder!? title property lulilicution lor oltice. In relation to the judicial uruiiidunti, there it little divenity of opinion, to lar at wo am, touching the proposed addition! to the Suprame oiirt and the couitof < hancery. Beyond that, the i'lressiou ha? been limited. These amendments were reorted in a ?pirit ol concession by the committee, aa ?tatcd I their report, and they will be acted upon, we do not mi hC ill ll liLi? cant 1... 11... .1 _ , im irii*vu> v Irgus <p -I'll' , dpi if 17. Fjrk in Aluany.?About 11 o'clock last night, it re broke out in u bakery on the youth tide of errjr street, near the MethoilUt Church. The building i which the lire broke out, und one on each aide of it, toether with some outbuilding,, were the only one* do. royed. They were frame buildings, aud though of comaratively little value, sre a heavy loss to their owners, 'wo ol them were iusured, hut toe furniture ot the cccuants, mutt of w hich wu lost, was uninsured. Theresitrice of llev. Mr. Suxe, the minister of the Methodist hurch, suffered consideiahle damage, and it was Uaicd icchurch would be destroyed. The buildings destroyed ere owned by Mrs. Hughes of the Minetal ClarCcn, unit ere in>ured hi Mew Foils. The church was alio somehat injured by the lieut Ironi the buildings on lire, urnl id it not been provided with a tin roof, would undoubtlly have been destroyed. U'c understand that the lurch was fully insuied. This is the second time that e congregation worshipping in this church have been sited by tire ? Jtlhany . Itlr.s, *1pri{ 17. A Factory Durst.?The dlobe Factory of Marti <'ayaity, about ttvo intlcd above Florence, la., was burnt to the gtotind on the night of the 4tli in-1. ho tilobe Factory was the most extensive mumilucturg establishment in the south. The Florence I omier tys It supplied u large portion of the country with tho rst of cotton tatirics, and attorded employment to nearly .0 persons, who had no other or better dependencies lor icir subsistence. The property destroyed was estimated about $30,(100, uj>on which an insurance of $10,000 had 'en secured. It is believed unit the tiro was occasioned y an incendiary. From St. Johns, P. 1<.?liy the Talisman, Cnpt. mith, front St. Johns, J'. K., we liuve advices um that place to the 1st Inst, betters received by u comcrcial house in this city continue to represent ihe mar t in a languid being over-suppiird Willi every tide ol American produce, ( apt. .Smith intones us ut the rainy season had prevailed fur some time, and in iliseriucnce, tho produce ol the island was coming in ry slowly. Flour was selling ut $13 per battel ; guides ut $3 ; I'. 1\ lumber at $20 per 1000.? Savannah Oto. Enraued Ele chant.?Raymond's Menagerie, Inch has been for some days in tins city, lelt yesrday morning lor ( umden, on flic way to Woodbury ntul her towns, before the elephants had left the city, it ?]> urn Unit ti e keeper of "C olumbus," one ol the largest, us compelled to chastize the aiumal to subdue his rclracry spirit. Kor this purpose he made use of a long stick ith a hook ut one end, with which, us we are informed, le of the elephant's ears wus lacerated. Alter crossing ie L)eluwure,uiid while on the wuy to the cricket ground, nmdeii, where the Mcuugcrie is to be exhibited, the ele sunt seized the stick with his trunk, broke elf the hook, tacked his keeper, and threw him to u considerable eight and distance. A second keeper then came up,and ideuvored to overcome the rage ol the furious aniinul.bu lis man he also seized, mangled and tossed in the air.? lurge dog then flew at thu elephant anil soon quieted m. We regret to learn that both the keepers ure senousinjured, and some doubt is entertained for the recove'ol one of them, 'i'lie most emiiient burgeons ot turnim were immediately sent lor, and every atteution was rid to the condition of the unfortunate, sufl'erers.?I'hileIjilUa Timet, Jj/iril 17. Agreed.?The cull of the journeymen cabinet inkers tor an advance on their wages, has been 'sponded to satistactorily by nearly all the employeis. his shows Ihut propitious times, caused by wholesome iws, producing piosperily to master woikinen, must also (tend their influence to the employed ?Baltimvrt l.dhr, \pril 17. eastern Navigation.?The Kennebec and Peohscot rivers are bolli clear of lea to the extent ol naviution. The* lumber busim ss will o|ieu rich this seusou. North Branch ('anai..?The Danville, Pa., Inslligeiicer ol the 12th instant says :?"This canal in Ana ryu.r i.r-jl.1,. nnlMl* and u number ill hum* aru e dune oil litis line tins season, as a quantity ol real, iron, .c. have already been sent to market. Danville and viciniy begins to assume u lively appearance, und hu*iness of 11 kinds is improving. The luge aud extensive Monteur ron Works are undergoing the neceastiry repairs, and hey will Dc put in blust as seen us completed. They arc he largest works ol thu kind iu the State. Amusement*. Chatham Tiieatrk ?'i hi.- evening lite Mnnager, n obedience to a universally expressed with on the inrt ot the nudience, lias In en induced to repeat the bruit iful comedy ol the Heir at-Law , in w Inch Mus lit y noil's u rsonates the cbniucter of < icejy Homespun, w hicli slut day* with all the spirit, life and truthfulness that the am hnr himself even totdd desire It in a rich treat to *e? his lady tijion tin* stage in almost any character, l>ut in Iiin she ha* " ampin room ami verge enough '' to '!is| lay er extraordinary powers to tluir utmost extent. Dr. 'anglou will bo sustained by Mr ( onner, which we rem as one of hi* happiest charartem ; tnJ in /ekiel lomesijiin Mr WinaiiH, the prince of comedian4 an well * good fellow', will make liimat II entirely at home. It nould Ilea hard matter indeed to find no good a Lord Dtterly u* Mr. Hull?and Caroline Dormtr, though but n inuil matter, ia well entrusted in the liandi of the modest nd pretty Mi ..* Kirtiy. Hall a score ot Song* and Dante * <y Mi * Wood, (Why don't thia splendid young vocalist rticulnte w ith morn distinctness ' She haa all the power >f waihling w ith tho sweetness of the nightingale ; hut irr auditors are desirous of hearing hrr words as well u* lote# ; the farmer could ne unite as current as the latter.) dr . Winans, Hull, und ihouks. The iiei lomuiice comunices with the new romantic drama ot The Robbers. a Hush was never known at nny place of iinusenient hi this city as at the American Museum ins been blest with since the airival of the enormous iiuiit and (Dante** They are perfect wonders, and it is io marvel that such crow ds floik to see them. The man. gcr makes out to accommodate all by giving two every day. This alternoon, at half past thri o clock, there will lie a grand entertainment by that in mitahln and genteel si tist, Mr tJole, the Kentucky nuntrch, and a host of others of rare talent. Don't fail of ;oing ladies, for you will be auro to enjoy yourtelver. A plendid performance will he given iu the evening .m o Pealics* New Youk MtrretM is better patronized han any jilare of amusement?the reason is cbi mus inough, by the arrangement the manager ha* made in the nlrodiiction of the pmt i/utltr- l.adies can always dejiend in ohtaining good ri als, and the attiactions arr such a* annot he equalled elsewhere for double the money The l.aplund Dw arf, three inches shorter than Totn Thumb, he (iiantess, the (in at Western, Mrs. Western, ( onover, eleste. Miss Adair, Miss lllanchard, and II. ( onover, tho omic singer?nil for one shilling?cheap, truly. /vs- puivatk MLDKIAL AID.?The . meinncis of ho Now York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in oturniiig public thtuika lor the liberal aupport they iav? received in their cl.'trta to " supprcaa quackery ? * leave to state that their particular uttenllon continue* r l>e i!ir?"Cte.l to all diaeaaea of a private nature, ami I rem lie great improvemi nta lately made in the principal hotitalt of Europe in the treatment of those disease*, they an confnleiilly offer to persona requiring medtrnl aid mlantagca not to he met with in any institution hi Mita omiliy, either public or private. '1 he trratnimit of the follege iiatich as to inanre success in every caae, nnd is >tally different from that iHtriirotis practice o( ruining 10 constitution with mercury, an 1 m most ruses leaving disease much vtom than the criguinl. One el the memera of the College ,for many yeura connected with the rincipul hoapitala ol Knrcpo, atteuda (iaiJy lor a cousultaion from B A.M. t?H r.M. Terms?Advice and Medicine, fft Acure guirtntscd. IxroavsnT to Couhtsv I.vtsmds.?Persons living in he country and not finding it convenient to attend p< rdually, can have forwards! to Mieai a cheat containing U medicines requisite to [>crform ?|ierfect cure hy atatmg heir cum explicitly, together wsth all symptoms, timaoi :on'raction and treatment received elsewhere, if ax>y nd enclosing #5, port paid, addressed to W. *. Rl? HAKDHON, Agent. Office and Consulting rooma.ol tho ColJogo, DA Nassau root ftrp-TME CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF BAR t A PAItIM.A, (ientian and KusafYas, pn pared bv the New Pork I ollegeol Medicine and rhai-macy, eatafiliahed lor h" rupi rssaion o( quackery. Thia powerful extract, e|>?rrd by acientiflr and medical mei^, will lie found in initely superior to the mixture wild bv (huiggists aa aarsalarilla, who out totally ignorant of tnw medicinal proper e? ol the roota from which they make the extract. In nil laeaae* arising from an impure atate of the blood, aiicli an - rqfula, aalt rheum, ulcere, chronic rheumatism. pimple* , uatulea on the face or body, nodea, paina in the bouea or inta, and all complaint* arising from an improper use I mercury, thia extract wilt be highly lieneflcial Mold in ingle bottles at 7ft centa ear n, cast a of hall doim, f3 0<ii , I dnrcri, fit, carnlully parked and sent to all pacta of no Union. Office of the college, HA Nassau at. W. H. RICIIARDBON, Agent. N. B. A liberal |dlaeount to country practitionera and (hy- RICORD'9 PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX HIRE Kor the permanent cure of primary or secondary lyphilia, and all affections produced by an impaoper use if mercuiy. Thia powerful alterative should be mil by ill pet sous inspecting ii venereal taint in their system com lormer dlaeaae. It i? warranted to remove all impnritiei from the blood. Bold, in singl'bottles ?l each ; in 5Bsc* of halt doron, fb, carefully packed and sent to all porta of the Union Office ol flio < ollege of Medfcwa nivl Pharmacy, PA ,Niw>n /itrent y, w H RICHARDSON, Af?nt N B?A liberal diacomit to ountry practitioners and meilicine vender*

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