Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1844 Page 3
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thoroughly than all tho hank* that ever were created could in yeara. Quotation! ion Hri.cir.. Pir cent f 'ulut Am (.old, old... .100 alutij r.irolun dollar-."f.I OA a 1 07 Do do, new., .loojaiooj Kive franca. . . 0 ou^a 0 OJ II ill' dollar* par a Duuldoon* . . . 10 00 u!7 00 i'ortucueao gold. .100 alOOl l)o patriot . . . li 00 al7 00 Hpanuh dollar* . .104 alOi Sovereign!. ... 4 S3 u 4 66 Do quarter*. 90 allKI Do light 4 Hi a 4 S4 Ml.vieon .'..llu.u IllOlnllUlJ II.... > .. . . .Lit .. Do quarter*. UU alOO Napoleons . ... 3 83 a 3 85 The annexed statement of the affairs of the Stonington llailroad comes to us without any official marks stamped on it, and we consequently cannot vouch for its correctness. We give it lor the benefit of those interested : ? Stonington Ruchoap. Capital $1,300,000 I)ebt reduced this year from $1,300,000 to 630,000 Debt bears interest at the rate of 6 per cent and payable in two, three, fifteen and twenty years. The receipts ot the road have increased about 40 per cent, and will amount to..... - $160,000 The hoard set aside for first bonds, as sinking (mid $11,000 Interest on debt 30,000 Expenses of running the road 60,000 Dividend to stockholders of 4 per cent 52,000 Surplus 8,000 $160 000 This road will undoubtedly receive its share of the advantages derived from the increased travel by that route, ;n consequence of the new arrangements to run a day line alternately to Stonington and Norwich. The Stonington Railroad has been so connected with the Sound boats that its receipts could not be separated very well.? The boats carry passengers lor so much to Providence and the income is divided between the two companies . that is tho steamboat company pay so much forthe road per annum, and iuii the cars themselves. If the railroad can declare a dividend, the boats must make poor business of it. The semi-annual official report of the Banks ot Georgia pcrseti the annexed views of their position : Bask of tiik Statf. of Gfoiusia and Br anchks. Oct. 184-J Jtpril 1814. I.nnvs Specie. Loans. Specie. fuvaaosh, 176.136 III.Ml 360 299 109.S7I Augusta, 237.610 137,151 275, '5! 113/68 M ll>dgevilte 67,815 1,2 3 48 503 1,291 Washingum, 121.140 51,806 141,481 36 663 KatPiHoe, <38 217 35.300 151.401 48,7)| Greensboro'. 3.851 ? 3.725 ? M cou, ' 105,071 2,831 1IHC937 2,371 Al!iui?, 122.955 06 188 129,099 68,554 Total, 1,161,751 409 ' 81 1,219,898 381.521 Circ. Hep . Circ. I)rp. Kirinuah, 175,139 111.790 278 051 186 B"8 A"8ii .f.i, 127,7111 33,867 226,36 2 45,131 MiPedipev III), 3.386 268 3,063 268 Washinaniii, 52,573 35,311 80,999 27,821 Kn ton tou. 66,741 19,161 1841 915 51.928 Unemboro' 1,813 ? 1,770 ? M??ou, 9 959 18.987 7,809 13,823 Athena 63,862 52,450 90,085 66.574 Total. 580,387 291 270 795,14 1 395 443 These aggregates gives the following comparative result 1812. 1813. 1841 J) pril. Oct. Oct Jtpril Iioaiu, 1,311,68! l.'83.931 1,161,751 1.219,898 Specie, 188,310 201 261 109,081 380,521 'ireulation, 377,595 219.171 500.917 795,141 Deposits, 201,915 208,672 291.270 395,443 This statement exhibits a fulling otf in the amount of specie of $28,663; an increas;: of loans of $5/5,147; ofcircu lntion $.94,407; anil of deposits $104,173. The loans ami discount lino remains very steady. The increase in the circulation and the amount ol specie less than at the date of the last report, have probably been appropriated to the wants of the cottor. dealers, to operatu in that staple. Old Htiiek Kxehange. $50 0 U s 5's 1853, coup 102 50 Vicksburi; Bit 9 11100 NVS lie 5's 1858 100 50 do 9li 500.) Oh o 6's 1860 94V 100 '-tersou JtH. 80 16(1811 do 93 V 50 Western KH 65 2",000 P.'mi 5's 66 25 Mohawk Kit b60 67 ll'Oifl do nnw 66 10 do 66 !000 '11 8|.cl Bonds 41V 50 Harlem ltR, 70l? l 00 do sl2mos 38 50 do 70 7COO do 41 50 do blO 70 5000 lud Dol Bonds 37% 150 do bl5 70 50 ill's Much Bk Asso'n 97% 100 do 69V 31 Mechanics' Bk 108 308 do 49). I B, nk IM V" 120 50 do llO 69)2 12 Ciiy Bank 105 X 50 do 69l4 50 Bank Coin scrip 97V 50 do ? sin 69 75 Uinois Bk 20 25 Nor 8t Wor 11R 30 51 2i .. .. 20275 d? b30 50 13 Merrh i: * Co 22 50 do 49V 45 do 23 50 do sS) 48', 22 barmen f rust ( o 39 125 d> 49)2 100 do bnw 39% 125 do 49>i 250 do bCO 39)4 50 do slO 49', 475 do 38)4 50 do 49)4 550 do 38)4 66 do 49 400 do b30 39 25 do s30 48)1 100 do 160 39 150 do 48V 333 Can Ion Co 41 175 do 1(30 19)j 300 do 40 V 50 do i60 18'', 27 do 40% 50 Lonn Island Hll 73 50 do b30 41)? 50 do 12\ 50 do 1)30 4'V 375 do 72), too do Isio 41)4 H:0 Stosmt't n RK 39 100 do b60 42 Second Hoard. 3000 O i l 6's 1861 93V 100 Nor St Wore 47V 51!U liertiicliv 6's, 33 yj 101 6 da 48 5608 I) S 6'#, 1862 i'2% 25 do 48)4 1000 ? do 5's 102 100 da 47'i '50 farmers' Lean JSV 25 do ?10 47); 50 Canton 40% 25 do stw 48 7 do 40% 50 do sl5 48 New Stock Uxchange. $' 000 Keir.'v G'a 30yr?, ?30 I00)? 25 shires Mohawk bl 66)4 inp'i J t'linsyivJlila, ?10 6 ), 25 do do bl 66 1000 do *60 66)s 5 do do law 61); 210 0 do boo 68 100 do Harlem 60'., I' 00 do 60V 60 do do 69 'n? .lisrp. Krie Rtt. b*0 211 2, dn Htmiillfitm) blO 41 50 So Ca,-ton Co b1 40% 25 Ho do 30 , 2't ilo do 10% 75 il i Nor k Wor &4#3a 05 do i'o <0,% '0 do d > b3 5(>% 100 do do >3 40% 100 do do b3 49% 9't i'o do 40% 25 do sow 50 05 d > do blO 4(1% ICO do 19% 75 do do 40% 25 do >3 49% 15 do Mohiwk 6' % 35 do 481, 35 do do 66,% 25 do b!5 40% 8t?to of Trade* ashm?Pota are slightly improving. We notice small sales at *4 50. Pearls are not ho lirm as formerly. Sales at $4 !>4. ffiiKADSTrrrs?There have been sales of Genesee Flour ut *0 06}. llye fetches 71 cents u bushel. Northern Coin 62 a .53 cents. Bkkhwah--Prime yellow is in good demand, hut prices are not ho (Irm. We now quote 291 e<-nts as the highest price. 85 Cotton.?Tho market yesterday w more feeble than for many days past, and though we cannot ouotc any positive decline, yet prices were easier, and there was also rather more disposition to effect sules. We did not hear ol over 100(1 bales being sold. Fish We notice sales of smoked herring at 24c for No. 2, 3.5c for No I, and 60c lor scaled. Hat?Sales of common North river hale at 37} a 40c ? Inferior s dls at 8.5 a arte. Provisions.?Pork is rather dull We quote sales ol Mess al *9 31} a *9 37}. Prime *7 a *7 12} Beef is verydull limitation* remain without alteration Sales of City Prime at *4 25 a *4 50 ; do Mess *H 2,5 a *6 -50 Country Prime *3 87} a *4; do Mess $5 97} n *6. A fair demand exists lor Butter. Wo quote common 0} a 90 ; fair to good, 10 a He Prime dairy 20 a 22c. Lard is rather inactive.? i Cheese u quote -II a 6c. extremes. Real Km ate.?1The following sales were mftde by auction : No 6.50 Broadway, (Constitution Hall) 29 leet by 135. running through to cross lane on the rear $15,6*1 Three story attic brick liouse No. 69ftBroadway, lot 23.j by 7ft: house 23} by 60 feet, bought in (or $12,9(H Three story attic brick house No 16 Clinton Place, and lease of lot, 8} years te run, with * covenants ol renewal. Ground rent *7.1.75 ? Lot 21} by 121 feet. House 60 feet deep ? Bought iu for *0,3(lf No 64 Columbia street. 23} feet by 100 $5 Sot 146 acres on Unkerny Neck, Oyster Bay, L I... *8,20( 9 acres near Vonkers *22.* 32 do do *13" The Peters'Place, Stuyvesaut landing *l,.30t t acres, 3 roods, 4 perches land on 8th, nnd extending to the middle of 9th avenue, and he1 vi en 70th and the noitberly lineof 76th at. .. *1,MK 24 lots on 7th, SCli. 9th and 10th Avenues, between 73d an 174th streets, each *90 *Q,16< Brighton Cattle Market. Aphii. lft.?At market, 4sO beef cattle, 40 pairs work ing oxen, MM) sheep, und 940 swine. 140 beef cattle un old. I'riees Ueef Cattle?Trices have Rgain declined, nn<! we ieduce our quotations. Kxtra $6; first quality $4 ft( a $1 7ft; second quality $4 a $1 60; third quality $3 6(1 n f t. Working Oxen- Sales nt $70, $78, $86, $rtH, and $06. Sheep?Hales from $2 60 to $3 7ft; a few Cosset Wethers, $6 Ml a $0. Swine Sales quirk, lots to peddle nt ftc, for Sows and #c for Barrows; old Hogs, 4, 4J a ftc. At retail, 6 to 7c flnrrlrsl, On Wednesday evening, 17th in?t ..if, at the Moravian church, Fulton street, by the Rev \. Uigler, Mr. Evan Bi ?< ii, from England, to MisiLvcv Smrron, of this city. Passengers Arrives!. Hwm:?Ship Hi Nicholas M. DHeynior'. Mr Mel inethon, I. Sejmote, v r Lullemnid. Miis 1. Collin. Mr T Card, Mr Hrrksch?r, and ail in |he ater an-. "arstgn imtHiftatinns l.ivaltrooi ?Hhip Emblem 161 tens |>itr iron 2126 s> salt Re \ch, Brother, St ro?9 Ida 1998 .Ufa t C 11 MaratiMl?2 HI. 7 el's ' rmnmell fc Brown MO* Pie Ripl *y St ro; I r?k B?|. lot tp & \Vyck'JT-~2 tfo Kind lit B < k? 9 hkt? Wnl#h & MV> rv-4 <lo II St r??I r< Wil.ou fc (rillwpie 10? tuna roat :m elrs 100 hamper' (apatoe, to . rd?r. Kami. -Shi,, Ht arbol ia-11 caar,T Cartl-2 <>.f, Br r St W,av-2 Wintertioff. Peper St KrrrU?( T A Voiani Is. m-8 P " StemHtraPer?11 T ,V1 Opreuheen kc>?I llenn St l{,h."-2 Bottr Id ivern fcr , Mo.?n k l-lin-26 It t hm -to ! V?v';-2 w K,dde-6 Mrrfcr, Pla>t Ik " o-l L (, dd.tlimid St rn 1 B O W inwriitat?1 DO I'rck U co-l | e'rrl III .iii fc CO?1 h Brne ?I K C dliar.l?I Calltrui St am. -2 LirHe. 61 dm fc">-l H ( oclirnn-ifi ]le?artl fe co_,| 'f II A. h-ltT-l f.d.n Mnam . fcc.-e I, lk B C'erua-ll B-nkarJ ft Hntt- r-l E Boasansc?7 E Drchaut-l K Dupre-1 S Ro* i fc r"-l \ S"iit.irt;- Si ci-1 C Bayed-2 A S I, ,af-l A II W.rd fcco-l A Rlb-m son?4 t. B Ba.aaelSt ro?I B. c <i in n fc ro?2 Sill j* Thorn so??2 C: Oi|n U1 fcC()_iHe., ?fc( l.fivra.t-l Wm B..ot-2t lioa-r, Oi,||?n,I1B Jt co_ tlitl bakts llm.ker St co? I ca I .ton fc rttew rt?I H Dm... .tea?* Mart'l'r fc Holdrrman?I H tinker-a Barclay St I .v I'K'ator?12 K< ntienet?2< I) rt?I PI tit k Br' th-r-1 Dnbiirr 'C ,c t V ro? I I Uur.and fk co?2 AUininger h co?17 It,,,., I. . Komi St. ro?Milbaat<-ti wi-.? T <r fc P. linker?1 rt V (( It .,... ??l E Berjfnnan?1 \V H ( oles? I l.arhairr fc kauri., I] W I Pick, ."if I I. St I I? I 11 - r loo St Vaa.tammr-8 P q . . ic- 8 Ma'riirna. Oourd St co?2 K Tburst eeken fc r??2 II V er? l>e. c1, nil St W|?idonck?Hchmitt fc Vnarl? | Bdl.'nfc* .ml-i ?7 Drra.n. .St llo.t.rd?'? E H rinheil ? i h . ....I in?1 M . i 1n.17.rL St .tit??I K I. Kinpry?1 Baker? 11 ra .'llw St Btrr-y ?126 haakeia ?iH < ten!, eg St Km,kit int?6 ta it Abunf/dt 2 Ht hur.h >?d St kanve fc coi i ainminffc Urarh?I W Benjamin St Co?I Wight, H'nr nia fc Mh w?10 Therion, Milliard fc Co? I 1) M Peyser fc Cof>'i biaketi wine Hcl ermerliorn St Marjli?7 cases Fabrequette I K l. Sc \fina | 1 Aim ten St Spi'?r-I J"b'\ U*?'K-Vr5^2 w L 4 W <bt St S*vrn-20 Re- It St Co?J ohe^lMig * 'P * VI l< < Joi (III if & < II?V Ktfiri St UroJliff?? * " Hrunf<iu o IV ct< r AV1 ,| ! St Arh?li??I Ur..thfr.-0 <M Kr f" "" Mf I ? illi'W H n 11 t'-t fi!?-l < "? ' V.iin-1 ( Vv?i*-ISSt.. LH.J, k co ?I 11 T"bi? ?I < '"" 0re? * o?* I; . r. , | ||?:d )ii kco-211 E Hyde St CO?3 A 1 hwwsit St co-t-vem! Sot packag"* to ordtr. . DAV AMfTKMDiM-Ba*qu# Po^om? CO pipes Kill '00 bits r ft. " \jf| 20) ?k? mrM 15 k*s d ? Sck*ubardts co?250 bus inJ?? M ck yy rn j,? il ch**ts Vi?u>r k Liu k * i?n? 3b cks ?utuiegi Goodhue < Q\ co?2ck* iid?- 1 do *tvd I Iniiiprr tree. S < Thorhuni?I <as* y|r' (j M Dusieldorf?Icaskiml J *> 6c K Bokrr?1 c* mJie J Dur-md vjr 3)4 ffiu J Kinley?300 k* g? herri g 2pip?e win 4 cks rslm*g? to or 'er. Overt Amsi khdam- Sw b n|ue Ocs idfiiter 19 cks roaddfr ,fai- Monghd-e 6c Muster?11 do Bmestdiu. K?>op Ik co?10 pipe* giu Bash i^( j, 6c Uuk* ardt?10 ck* iii dder J Wichtlhau;eu?60 Og* lag s to j lVQ order chel ? Olc iVLAKrl lMfc] HERALD. HSU , . DmIoi <?.!llrig Mays ?f tliF Hi??m mov uirrRron<. rno? imkiu Aculia, Hhiin oa Apr. 4 May I Ouint Hibaruii, Kyrit Apr 19 May ifc rij O Wfiifrn, Mntrlu-wa Apr. 27 'lay 23 VIS Britannia, Hewitt May 4 Juue I lu<ru l/.tleiiiMiia, May Itt June 16 to O. Britain. Hoaken Mnv 26 June 20 H?l0 Notice to i*llots and Captains of Vessels. wl All rilou aud Captaina of venelt are rn|ntsted to note the 8<>|ofnct lhat llobertB. Martin, formerly our uliip nrwi collector, lauot now in our employ, lie it not, tlierrfme, to receive any Kiawl. uewtp pert or report! intended fortlie>evr York Herald ^ iC7* Foreign Letter U.i?a Hi'rmftff, Letter and Newa|>ajH*r Buns lor all pnru ol the ? World, will be made up at (be Hkraud Orrica GRi Si !j, IQ4?t?ri J2 r i'. ill fjtr.m it a Jtvor, if f v.piajts of Y'easeifc wiL * ? {j.'.1' u Commodore IIoiikri Silvky. of our News Eletsj,. It- . *mx of the Shipping 'efl U the Port whence they sailed, tii?? r.-TKii Vessel* Hp->h.*n oh their Passage, a l ist of their Car*,, \u. 1 i-y '.'( roiRr, Newspapers or Newt they may have. lie wil* m beard rimn mineditiely on their arrival. Amenta and f'.-r ?v? respond^'*, at home cr abroad, will aUo Coolitr a favo. bj ,,,V ff rsjicfr to tfiia Office nli too Marine Intelligence t!i*y ?? , . 1 (v Nfirmiiiiuiof <ui? kii4 wiu Mlhicua WW ?-?- V <?<>KT {**- NVW VOSIKe RVNXL i? Si/w 5 17 I erooif 8 54 \\ ai.'m 12 i high watkh 10 11) y I n a Cleared, rrs of Ships 8t Mirk, Butmsn, Liverpool, B Richards; Sarah |?ub*u Sheafe.CJray Autw* rp, Gerdit k & KuuUrlmm; Unca?. Lttham THE, Havre, hi 1) llti'lhut it To; Nile, Johnston, Liverpool, J B have i IVvlor?Bsrquee James Doorman, Coweg, Boorman, Johnston a?ou ( 8t Co: Rio Grand, Cousins, Turks laltud, Nesinith U Walsh with ?Biiir?Sir< lias rorbes, Lmidavale, Cowes, Moorman, Johnston St Co; Magnolia, Bnuier, Portland. Butler k (iardner; Clio Maxwell, Mstanz s, J J i v I t; Hallowell, Smith. Mobile, J Nortou. Jr; N O Bourne, Perry, Matagorda. A Caielli?Schrs K.xile Scout, Ktppehauuock. N L McCready St Co; Select, Atcliimou, Baltimore, J B (Jage; Chesaiw ike; I'ost, Baltimore J B Huge. Arrlvea. Sli p Gladilor, Britton, from London end Por:smouth Marcli y,,. 10, Willi indse to J Or.swnld ,t? Ship emblem, Pyer from Liverp >ol, 5th Ma cli, with mdx- ,? \.L to K P Huilbntt, I6(h init, Nantucket shoals bearing WNW, , y an distant 85 miles tiaared the mast of a vessel with all the tails, oiBr rigging. kc, attached to it; it had not been long iu the water; the m st had been carried away about live fret above the deck. 251 a eer ge passengers Pocket ship St Nicholas, Pell, torn Havre March 18th, with mdte, t > Boyd k lliucken Swedish ba'ijue llecidentf', Peterson,'40 days from/Amster- ... datn, with mdie to Boorman k ! linsion L Baiqae Pomona, Colbv, 40 <'avs from Arm erdam via llama AT (tat", with nulse to Schurhardt k Co. Left at Ramsgite > rig tl, Sun fm Antwerp fur N York, put in iu distress with loss of an- iiistai chors. who Schr Olive Branch, Snow, fr?m Kastpott, with laths, to ti e pug, master. disco SchrSallv k Ue-.ty, Howell, 5 days from Marb'ehead, with lisli to the master. Jsi Selir Sea Klower, Baker, 5 days from Marblehead. witli fish Hk to the master. ?h'elir Hare. ( Br) Wright, 9 days from Bighy, N. S., with po RC)? tntoes, lish. ke , to neater. "chr Klizabrlh. (Ilr) Jciee, 13 days rotn Halifax, N. S , -rj-r with coal to J 11 drain. yy Bthr Mary, Crane, Kali River, mdse. Perei Btliiw. point Prig Rival, from the West Indies. of ch grspl Ittleceltaneoua cati A Launch ?A fine ship of 000 tons was launched yesterday SL0UI from the ship yard he ow Hancock, on Alloway'x Crook, V'!* N.J. Scbr Robin llood, Brrry, master, fym Gu daloupe for B ltli, * 11 Me ill ballast, went ashore in a fog on tint yliunk oil the 8 h I"*'! Ills'. She l.?ys iu a safe positiou oil the Sound side, and will fj? probably-be got off. Assistance was sent from this place yesterday for hern lief. *l? Whalemen j? New r*s;DKottd, Aiinl 16?Arr, Parker. NW ('oast. Mi Tahiti, Dec 10, Willi 2200 bbls wh 125 do sp oil. 20 000 lbs boue. I a Left at T. Urvmo, Hammond, of and for Sipyican, a few oays, M GOO sp. Spolte Jan 8.'at 46 40 S. loo 121 W. Martia, Moslier, Rj or aud lor KH, lull: Feb I, 15 SSK. of Falkland ial mill Benj N. \ Tucker, Sands, fm NB, fur Pacific, 25 up; 7lh, lat 46 10 8. Ion GO W. Ml Veruon. Covi-ll, <)o do clean; 8th. lit 40a. Ion 58 24. ; Covington, Devoll, f-n Warren fnr Pacific, cleui; ll.'th, lot : 4112 Ion 50a. I?'a-1, Finch, Im NB for Pacitic, 18 sp; llth, I it [\Il , 37 23, lo-i 72ja. Ilriirv. Brown, fill Pacific for Naut, 1700 sp? had spoken k eb 1, ft Cai>e lloru. South Aincr ci, Sowle, fm "n . ; Providence for Pacific: April 13 im Marcia Mr Johiutoi.e , f mare of Beuj Tnclcrr of this port, i> passenger in he Henry. Died on board Midas, Oct U,'42, Pardon Howlaud, Jr. eged 13? he tell from the f re topmast crotsfe-a, to the tleck, ojq killing him iutlanily; Aug 32, '43, ShuLel 11 She .rinvn, fell fin p the ?;crn nve board, at d waa druwn-d. aged 20. i [ April 17?Henry. llrown, from Pacific Ocean, of and kr " Nantucket, with i7u0 bhla ap oil, pained d >wn Siu .d, pester day afternoon San IIauiiouii. Apr 1 14 ? Arr Portland, Payne, Bum NW rpj . Coast, with 2500 bbli wli 50 do ?p oil, at il 23,000 lba bone ? I , Spok ' D c 2;, '11, lat 42 3t> S Ion 150 58 W Ump r, Lawton, va N H, 2250: Jan 10, 5 Peg. W. of Cape Horn. Richer I Mitchell, i^ 0" tiava tin Nam uck t lor Pacific, 3u ip. At. Pern am bit cn, M a -c h i(J 13, (hip Hoi hia til I'.liza, of Duxbury. bouud home. lleard from fl, Aiik. 18, i'eur Lee, 1050; Ann Mary Anu, do 1150 Alao arr doze Hud-no. Nn, from NWCoest, with 245) bbla wli oil, g, and 23.000 'hi bone j? Kdoartow.v, April 15?Arr Henry, Brown, 85 ds fm Mannfuero, 1000 bbla sp oil. Spoke off Maastfue o. Jan 12, 1814, ?|i Moas, N IS, 26 inoa. 600 sp; Alinira, Kdgarto an, 7 do 80 sp: I4)h ?7 NBeillord,Cr iwell, Nil, 45 do. MOOsp; Capt Crowell, rep off Mnssafuero, Jan 17th, C W Morgan, NB 27 inns! 1100 sp; Statiri do 4X tlo. 80 ap; 18th, Mary, bide, 2000 (700 sp.) Spoke tat 30 25 S, Ion 81 30 Vv, Helen r H 85 ds out 1 b!k gsh; Feb 8, I t 57 30 S, Ion 73 30 VV, h rancea, N B! 9th, S America, I'rov 85 ds out. all well; lat 57 40. Ion 09 23 W, B Tucker, Nil, 75 da out all well; April I, lat 25 N, Ion 61 8 W, Mareia, KH, fm North Wert Coast, bound home with 2800 libls wh oil. Mpolten Swan, r f and for Boston, 10th iust, lit 40 35, Ion (9 40?by the Kmblfin, at t'-is port b nc'-tnge, 25 d lys from Port nu Prince for Boslou, 17th, off' ? Fire Island?by the s-me Banker, Boi.oii. Boso n, fir Mobile, April 3, lat 30 N Ion 7 W Chatham, Am, Bo-toil, for Baltimore, Apiil 13, lat 38, Ion M 72 45 Mil. Globe, 1) istoii, for Stndwich Islands, Ion 28, Ion 23, W 176 lou 41 48. Austeiiltz, of aud from N Orleans, April 9, lat 36 00, Ion 70 |m 59 W ueisForeign Porta BoRiikai'x, March 12? lu I or', Nicolas, Savier, NOrleans, snoot St Andrews, do, do; Trio, do, 21st; America, do, do; Ten Brut- era, do, Aid 3; Lrnwis, Charleston, soon; Arabia.., alB New York, do; Win Keun*dy, do. 20th; Alpiue, do, soon; ?? Ohio, Phil id, do; VVacainaw, do, 25(li MM Calcutta, Jan 2J?In p> t, Il/.aide, Tnayer, for do2lth; j;;j| (h utoo, Mollis, for do, I or 5 days; hail sailed 22d. aud anchor- a Js ed about three miles below wlieu a British slop cming up in { "*" tow of a ?t- mer, rat- i' to h r, carrying away jib hooms. top- hi us inast, backstay, two or three stauchroiir, and some of her head PruV Itivi- tic w Gkroa, March 2?In port, Aibelit, Jordo", to load for Bos- J'1"' ton 'f* Havrk, March 10?In port, Luchesse d'Orleana, for N 4 ork, , 2?th: Sully, do. Ai I i; l)ul li i, NOrleius, soou; Octiviui, do, ?| ' lo; Louis XIV, do. 21th; Vesta, do. Apt I. '![, l' Mavkk -arch 8? Id K Btuce, Day, NGrleam. *" ' Ill'i.i.. March II? Arr Potomac. B- ase, NVork Sid 6'h. Vf- ,.? fort. We 11, llavant and was off the Wight 10th. Havana. April 5? Vrr Agues', Wetaerill, for owes and a ; ?Al market (gen C2 12 0.) Ba'tir. S|ieir, lor do t2 15;) Sultan, Bu well. Boat n. arSd; (lardy, Thompson, for Boston, Isle; 1'atnot Smith, fin Savsuuah. CI 3J, L>eiim-rk. Mereen, N Vork I HlUM, April 7?Arr Heicnlcs, Puller, B it; Wl'ltM, ?? Dugg-n. Boston cm Her u a, wheie she |>ut in iu distress; Ctli stag . h, it her Kinery, A lex-ndria. . i Maiiras, Jan 25?lu port, Mattakecset, Westou, for Calrutta, soon re a .Manilla, Dec, brtivien 12 and 15, Gambit, Wa lis, Frjee, huso Is'ands inik Matarzas, April 2?Iti port. Mary & Jaus. Flitner. fm Bo - by a t ton to load for NVork; Attica, McLellan, for Cronatadl ill- 12 A . -ret; America, for Boston, Idg. ChlStb -go, Coffin. Boston, at" Sid Kliz\ Tuwnaend, Cowes. ' Mavaiu'i z, March 31?In port, Hider Ali, Tiki-.h for New > York,3 cr 4 Os via Ponce; Mentor, Trefetheu, fin Wilinin' too, i NC.wtgea gi; I ucy Lnll.tor NVork, soon; Watson,D.-ckI sy.ldg . Ma-s Hill, M'Uilvey, lor N Vork. soou; Patriot. Cur I ' lis, for do 2, Floreuce, lland 11. lor do 3 or 4; Carol ue, Patter, ? ? .. i.... ...... vi no i. p ii .... i in rroc in. In Sniih ld? Cor Boston 0T, Tkxkl, March 2?Arr Abaona. Doau*, (Jancoi. *P Lake Porta ^ Hochkatk*, April 9th?Arr (.tare, Kerr, Cobonrg; Oneidi, < hilds. Ogileiiiburgh; Phehe,, Port Alcotl. lOth.A'r m L*dv of the Lake, Taylor, Ogdemhnruli. Hth. Arr Wood Duck, Cross. Yuuiigstotvii Alt, cld Oneida, Child*, for <>g- V dausbiirgh. Iflili, eld Lidy orth" Like, for do. lllth, cld Ujra, Ke r, for Column;. i_*' liomt Porn ' T| Pawnon, A"til H?Arr St Patrick, Dyer, New York; Kmc- ink 1 rv Urummiind. do. K I East Mac:hia?, April 7? Arr Hagadahock, N York (and Idit 'II mill for B 'slou) avail Wiii nirT, Apiil 15?rid Minbunr, Houdleite, Havana 't'l I'o* i land, April 16?Arr Baninard, Noon in. Richmond; even Varinilli >u. Seaman, Bait more; James, II ill, do. for Bangor. Tl ( III Cyclop*. Mountfort, W India* liiih, ?rr Exchange lugra- ter, him,.and Delta, Evans, T hcminlon, for N York Old Eastern and -tar. II ikar, llav ino the ( Unaiotx, April 17.?Cld, Hock"?. Bowdeo. Cardenas: An- Ki t>ret, liallett, ' lotad; Otaudre (iilcliriAt, Thoo'sstou; Eh/.v w'i? l>?th, Beaston, Pliilad: K*in?, Cruwell, do: E Town no d. In I uersnll, N Vk; A M H..I?, Bww, I omar, Ka t, do. Arr 16tn, r*(; ) r'a Dow i nif, llolmai, rrovuicetown I,tit tin* morni' g !? O , YAl, J W 1'iqp lime* lor daltirnore; xeb Mary, do fur Ilirtlord; an a iop?ail ?cfr anppnied a New York packet ,r, , I'Movinr.M /< pril 16.?Arr Victory, Kranch, New York; ?,,,i Midi*. D-nm*, do; llienr.i, DurlVe, do. Sliled, I5tn, Orr.ijr fj l'afi, Lovair, Charleston, a. KlxiiRTOVVN April 15 ?A'r /cphyr, CCiekait, N York. hd ? E; ll'l >i M'r Ver.ill, N Yo k lor Hallowell; Alphejii, Kilnou, dolor Nr < borpjrt; ll-nry, do for B (mi. 16'b, in port, ll a abova, Uiidiuii ad. Coffin, B ton; a"d ioin< other* lid K, I'lliPal>il.rhi?, April It?Arr WilliimH lan.ei, Raid, Mi.- , bile, Milla, Haegs, Bo-ton; (Ray, I'luu-rnrr, Cubic; ,,._u C?is, Honeywell, New Yoik; iVm Ha iry, Mount, P Ambov. Ualow, a barilla, two hrnra, and several ic><ra. unknown;* brig rrporlad tha lit.niton. ami arhf Wniucott Cld, Brandywina, S'aph* n ton Tmy: Daniel. B her. Kali Rivet; Vesta, Ladlam. do; Trx is, Emer*'n, Newark; Silvia, l,aa. do; P ma, Cox, i \ York. Arr in Schuylkill, Odd K. How. Kritr.. Hud* n. ' UicMMoM), April 16? Air Howard, K.ldridge, Back-port; .....n Thoa Ir-land, S mart, N York HI K.itio, llohiiiaon, Boston; mi, Machauic, Sawyer, Sandwich; Minctta Burr, Knapp, Naw York. a r III.NT01, N. (/., April I.'I?Arr Daniel Wabat'r. Darnarau, p NYork; on ' Demareat, Svlsby, i.o; Tlinrn, Cola Boston? |) 14 iP'ii'iicad savara waat' ar off cr.icoke. and wia blown to ia? i.,', 1 17 dvvi aft"r aha had ttkan a p.lot, Sid, Olira, Corson, NYork. 77 1/ 1 1 niw. 11 . 1 TO MANUFAOTUIlhHS AND DEALERS IN : WOOLLENS. TH HENRY MR}EON, ?t| COHNEIl of I.light end Washington sreett, Nlw Yo<k, 1W1 a ,ni-li < of Cloth*, 'ttsimeies, Satin t?, Ike , rcaprctfullv ' iif.irtri tha ininufactunr* and daila-s in woollaa*. that hi* ft1 "?tiMi hmaiit is n iw in to c.i **fa|npar*lion, and that h? it p.a , pircd to ex '"tin vtitli 1 r iiniitiia??,al( orders in hi* line that may pj ,? I in!'da I to S|W men* of In* workman-hip may he f I 11 on an li atiou to the gr .tlrinan whose name* are ana led, j,oari I utd to Wa m he has I iberti t-> r. f-r |M-rin 1 I'r'mmi) be left at 63 and til Pin??tie't ,t, r. ! iix.k" It -Ni. m ? Wolcott k Blade, 67 rre itre- t. r)^ W. C. I.auglav. e,4 I'iua <tra?t i JlaLlrd Hun a* 5t ' o . 31 Naas-ui sirae'* notir I). Unogham, 60 Pine ai-aat. side , H. J Jones Ik 1 o , 12 Pinestreet. sp5 lm*ec AL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. W. J.DAVIS r aiectluilv acuuatrta hu fnwjj' ?ud i? public lint bit Conceit will take at lha A|k>1Io Hooina irday K vacuo; 2>d Apr I, on whi'h occasion he will b'dry alerte Orrl.cjtni, comprised fortv ol the moalcDW Munutua iu the city, rttd ry the lollowiuK celebrated iL-Mri K I ODKH, M'i WARDWICK, Mr PHIL Mr WATSON. M. LODKR. Mr MA8SRTT, aud iAYNAKD. u Imtiii mhtii.-VioI'P, Mr. MARKS : b lut-. M'. IS, Piano, Mr.TIMM; Clarionet, Mr <iROK> VKL1 ?n Ma ksand.Mr. Mui*riff, by the kind permission of Mitchell, K?o _, OVOTOM*?Kirt Part, Mr. W. ALPKB3 ; Second Tart, K.UfOiK LdllKIt Tl MM wiM | reside at t'e I'iano Knrte PllOtfHAMMfc?PART I. u"? ?"M'i li un Tell,'' lull Orchestra Ilnaaiui. You icy we part forever," Mr? b. LODb 11- Aubcr -Klute, Mr 0 A VIS, Introduction end Vari.1 oina ou thr irile erench Air, "Aucta-rde la Luue," with lull Orit' tl Accoinpanitnen'a Nichols n - 'By *'-tlia's Arbor," Meaar-. LOuKll. PHILLIPS, II lTSON,and MAYNAMi) lloraley K?ar ne'er asntil me " Mia II AUD WW K Biahol> jo Brillanl"?b'lntr and Clarionet, Messrs DAVIS aud OKNVKLT, Introduction Tema, Brilliant Variation!, b'inala, with full Orrheair-I Accomp.tuitnei.ta* -Bocliaa PAHT II ette?Pi ano Knrte Vu liii, I'ruor, B.tia and Klute, Meajta. h.yi, ivi/\ivivr*, WMUMis, >1Uholiulp r ana uj\I Spohr j A ria?' Km iiu ittaute," Mr* LODEK, Flute ObligaMr DAVIS Solo Viol,it Mr. M tllK^ Maysede, "Wlie e iIip Bee SqcIu," Mr*. LODRR. Mr? H \RDK.jYIr. PHli-LlPS, *m! Mr MA8SKTT. [ Arue and Jack* n Flute, Mr. UAV1H, Tetn*. "limn-man'* Chorus," with liaut V.iudti 'U* ai d Orch*str<il Accompaniment!. [Drouet ?? Overture. "Obemn," full Orchestra Weber " Tickets Fi'ty < euts. to be had at the inidence ? f Mr 21 Wh'te it r t at the \.mie Store*, and at th** Ooor * Titedoucrrl will oauiinmcr dtBu'e'tork precis*! \ No ?nernniit ori ncoiiut of the wen* her. nl9'Jf."rrc FRfitM iND MUSICAL As MASONIC FESTIVAL, URSDAY. April 25th. 18-11, at the TABERNACLE. >r ?he Benefit of the Asylum h'nn-i o' the Wi 'o.vs ami ir.? of the Grand Lolue of the State ol New VoiL. f Comm ttee of the Grand Lodue of tin* State, hiv gre*t ire in ariucuociu*; to the Masoiiic Fraternity, ami the " in general, that. at. the iiis'ati'i* of keveial Prolentor* of me in rhi* citv the, iiiTeud t ? give a Gran I Musical and nic FESTIVAL, at the Tabernacle, on Thursday. April 1814. t following emineut Perfor;r.rrj hare already proffered services : ? HIGVORA E BORGHKSK, I ADAM E OTTO. MRS. K LOI)v M. I US H * KDWICK MISS E W ATSON, I'ME BUUK H Alt l>T, Ml >8 TAYLOR, [ By pernio sou o W Mitchell,Esq. IO. PE*OZZl. Hill. ANTOUNINi, IK. A PHILLIPS " MO. MAYER. I'?. DHUUUH. nr.a SIG NANqUIRl' O. idditmn to the above G Jaiv of T.ileiit. several Pi rformMiiwe* tiave i ieu t|T|tliijJ tn nnit thtrtrnana ttIH lit tiled an sosn as iriwri c in be leceivn' MKMBKKh ok the n. y vocal society in th kind-it manner consented to perform (fo* thii cccainly) Mem). Issohn*s Koity-'eiond Psalm.tor KullChoir, Soli !, Quartrtti in<1 Ku'l Or In-slra of Kifty Perforin--ri. AN ORATION Will ti? delivered by 'lie Henorible BHOTHtR, N . B MORS K . I.eaiier of the Band Br >. M irhs Organi?t Mr. A Ipe a. < onductots Bros Lod r slid Timid Piano Knrte Mr. W A King 9 GRAND LODGE will attend in Knll Regalia, ar.d all mil a.e renue?reil to a|i|?ear in Vlaaouic thee nartirularain future advertisements. "Ticket! One Dollar?To admit a l.a''y air! O'lit'emiu, obtunad at the Music Stores; or Members of the Krateruinl at the Grand Serreiary's Office, Howard House, corner aa-iway and Howard street, and of rlia Coinmittae. A. H. ROBERTSON, D. G M WIL' 1AM WILI.H, P. I) G M. J VMES HERRING, G. Secretary. JOHN HARwPoOL, P M J. 11. ROGERS, R. G L. C. 8 3lis*rc ' * MEETING of the Joun.evinrn Stone Cut'ers' A?ociation, held at Montgomery Hall. 7ti Prinee streer, I7lh lit, it was R.solved, I'hat we consider those MechsiiICS a e working in concert with convii I labor nt Stone Cutal Grace Church, to be our enemies, and sf all be unteninc d by us as such THOMAS AITKIN. Pre.ident. vtf.s DtcKsorr,) NHY Lahkin, s rcr lanes alOJt*rc SSVTLLK HOA KDIN'C, SCIIOi >L,~ STATEN ISLAND. VVESTTHORP rrsiectfullv informs hit friendi and the public that M has now an Opvnmg liirseveral |)U|nls. its and guardians ?rr also infmined W. W rrak -s it a nf conscience tn guard in every possible w ..y the mortis lilreu cniiiinit.rd to his care lt-adiug, writing, nrthoiy, arithmetic, geograntiy. a-d grammar taught. The lou is delightful and healths, the orchard, gardens and playud are spacious; abnnt leu minutes' walk from tli* landing leamnnat inru?u leaves Barclay suee: every uiyat.i ck for Rissville. run, for lioartl and ?ui'ion, including walking, $25 per ter, px'd in ailvc" en. Ref-rencej: v Uavid M re. Stateu I aland. . N. Seymour, Esq . 4 Chatham iqnare, N Y. nry Stewart Segmne, Esq., Stateu lshnd. in. Ludlum, Esq . 124 Beek man street Im Quoin Esq 20 Monroe street 'isrs Colviu it Kleming, ICsrjrs , 16 Cedar street, pi. Kdward Eerb-r, Esq., Hicks street, Brooklyn. r? Vari?n, 21 Kldridge street, New York, ch'it. Mortimer, Ksq , 4 Mortimer Buildings, Wall stre't, end 823 Broads-ae. a 19 linrc Natiomai. Acadkmy or Opsin*, I New York, April 18, IB44 S JTII'F, TO ARTISTS.?Exhibitors are iii^.r-.iied that Mond <v. tl e 22,1 inst. is appointed th- varnishingday. Vednesday, the 24th inst. the 19th annual eshibiti > of the oual Academy of Pesian will lie cp-nel to the pub'ie. Byordei of the cnuucil, >'o24 rc .1 L. MORTON. Sec'ry N A. 'ITCH 1'IU IRON.?51 tons ol'Ulengarnick No. 1 Scotch ig Irou, arrived per shin Kmhlein, ruin Liverpool, and for by ROCHE, BROiHERS it CO, ec 35 Knl'on street. WINKS, BRANDIES, RUifl \-c. Scl " IE tnbscrilrr offers the following articles at No. 45 Tine corner of William street. adeira, in pipej, half do. qr. casks, and in glass Tries, do do do do rts, do do do do rrgundies, Champague, Hock, (laret, itc. ia rssej of one n each audies in pines and half do, Otard, Dupuy 8tCo.and Hnin as? Th? articles are of superior qual.ty, and tvir* (I as such,expressly fur fainil / use ) 3trc (IIL'JERT DAVIS 'r K < i N*? i ONOAV, April 22d, it 2o'clock, a Mitch for $y0li. Two H*ats uuder Saddle, betwe-n? H. Woodruff hr. g (Jeorge Wash ncton Wm. WheUos h m. Maid im<liat?ly aft.r, a Purse for $50, Two Mile H ats in HarS. McLaugbli enters h g, Jersey Blue O. S Uertine cli g Sir Charier H Woodruff cli. in. Oneida .Maul I Jt'ecKSM r HOUSE OR BOARD WANTED ?The, ? nil s* family consists "iilv of a wife and one chi'd. L W* d about live yeirs, withe* to meet with a small gen.oust in * we respectah'e part of the citv, < r part of h e. with au ag eeibte family, would not lie objec ed to, ided 'he situation is plcasmt, and the rent mod-rate; or on Id he willing to engage Board for the ensuing year, on liable terms, in a private familv.Hr where there ire hut hoarders II" wou-d retjune a I'arl r and Bed Room, :li he wonh fur.)ish himself. A location on the e*t side c.'v, 'oid <n toe lower part of th? Seventh, or npper pari lie H north W.irJ, would be preferred Address \V , 101 er street h i!> ft < 1 TO LET?From the firs' sf *1ty nnt, >h* ta o story a bricic house and premises No. 10 Twenty-'* irsr s'reet, h I few do rs east of the Third Avenue. Apply to tiKO ?GK BOW VI \ N, No 2 Exchange IMae , corner of Haaover, IRec iu Don's Building kB^OBE ro LET-8tock, lid., for si, aiturtod ii a ce oral and gre?t business pa;t of the city. Th * profits are fifty per e.-ii'i nd th- business first r.te The only n fsel'ing out is the present occup-nt is ?i< ared in othei i.ess This is a chance that ? ay never he offered again tr e money. Th? nature o< bu-?nes- will he tally explained pplytnu to J KENNEDY, vo 142 Fulton st , from 10 tt vf Ab ut $>00 cash w i 1 lie r quir< d for the w. ole r 1t*'C IMPORTANT TO THOSE WITHOUT " CHILDREN. I USE Interested, will | e.ce re ha* an ng*rry is establish m! for t e siler' M. M. DESOMr AUX'fl Wonderful rcative Kliftr Omifiii. ?**Hee advert-seine ton last column of fourthpag*. 10 Irn is *in EW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE mg% Jtm FOR ALBANY AND TROY?Mori iny Line from tk?- foot of Barclay street, lauding i- ti' mediate places. ie steamer TROY, Lap tun A. (iorham, to-morrow morn11 7 o'clock ie steuner THOY, Cfaptain A Oorhain, Tuesday m rn t 7 ,( . U veiling Line from the foot of Ci iirrlsndt stre t, dirct. ie steamer HWALLOW, OpUin A McL an, this ing, at 7 o'clock.B ie steamboat A LB AN Y, Oar tain R B. Macy, to-morrow i^K, at 7 o'clock. ie B <ats of this Line, owing to their light dratig v of waare able at all times to piss ti e bars, and r*aeh Albany I'ray in ample time to t*k* th" morninp train of car# for ait or west. ?r passage or freight, apply on boa'd, or at the offices on the rves a!9rc ARPA b AI'OU^TIC OIL.?Fur des(nets. pain* in the ars, mid also those disnyreeahL no ses, like tne buzzing of ts, filling of water, whisriiik of steam. Ike. Sec , which ymptmns of approaching deaft.ejs, a-.d also i?eu*Mlly at %nt witli the oistase. ie following is from the Albany Argu* of Feb. *2^1 b, 1811 ) other re narkabjp cure of Desuirss, performed by "* Acoustic Oil," iu this city. Let the c.ise speak for itself ai ihvy. i" ehrna'y z2ri, lot r. Outhrir, 4 Htanwia Hall, Maiden lug* : Dear nir?I owe an immenne dent of* r.ititnd" for indue in* me to try " frri ompou'd Aeon ?ic '?il," I h<(| he-n ?n v-ry d?af fir t yeir? tr.ia winter, iha: I could not ro vernation with ,r trumpet without th* voire h-in* much'aiied I have tuina the Oil about ! werka iu one ear tlial w in far the it, anil with whirh I wan nlinoii totally deaf, and I am lyto inform you that I ran now hear mdiaarr con <nation lit tlio tiumtiet. I ftel th t I woo'd like to inform llie ledr.f rommunity of the aitmrahinir i (feet of the above c ue in in7 raie I ahall h- phaaed to ?*e any p'-raon who deal re to rail ti|ioii me to nrnke ii qnirie* roBCrrning my Voura, tec JOHN DAVI?, No 27 Dean atrrrt pored hv B Be | and wild wholroMennd retail hy A B. Ik ANUS, Drngkiiita, 79Kultin atreet, corner of (fold atteet ; aoldbvA.B Sanaa It Ho 273 Broadway ; D. H mi da St Co ni broadway iitmii'n HIDES, FAT AND CALF SKIN&.

IK HIOHKBT PRIHKS (tiven for Hidea, Kat and CaiJ > kina, rnah onrrent money, o.i drlivery, at the Hide and Home of the anhartibrr. where rouiracta will be mode for ?fcby theaeaaou,or th?hiaMst price given hy the pound JOHN Hl'NN. Ind'e 713 hetwaen Prince and'Hi'oatnn CKJBT SHIP SHERIDAN 'ROM LIVERPOOLOotia'guera by tin- (hip will pl'aae tend their permit* on d, nl Orlrona h?if, foot of Wall vrr-t All k odi iioi iltej i,i live d.iya, uniat uuaroidible be aent to pah'u tS Hie ' KKT ship tiHK.KN OK THE WEST FROM Lly f. )\rpOL?4 ontifttct by thi? vnicI w ill plcm* 'nk* ? ttiat ?h* iiuoH diichartfinif. nndsr ren#rnl ordei. RtWai Burl.ngSlip. WUODll 1,'LL St MINTURMS, 'itrc |7 south atreeu AUCTION SALES. I , , p V ; / M . im I Store So. 11 Spnue tlretl. l<eKuUr Salra m uiiiiil of Farnitur* rrery Wn'nrid.y and Saturday. Alto, of Dry Ooodi, and all ot'.rr rar'rlira ey*ry Turad?y and Friday ^ ,.o. L- i,.? T ble Organ and Knrr iture at IOK o'clock, at No SiAunatm-t. Alto, at II.S o'clock. Dry Good- aud Pledged Article*. at II Spruce*:. TH'iH BELL, Auctioneer. BATUHDAY A eery large aiaertmeut ol choice Furniture. numernn* Cary?H. 4tc , at IUX o'clock, la the iale? room, 11 Spruce >t THOS. BELL, Auctioneer. MONDAY Sale of 1'iano Koilea, Painting*.and Kurnilure, at 10,'a o'clock at No. II Sprue- ?t. THOi BKI.L, Aucuoueer. \ TUESDAY. Kale of ralurble Furniture at It',1* '"'clock, at N". 19 Thoina* *'teer. TirOS. BELL, Auctioueer . atfirr " A. C. T'OTTLE?Auctioneer. KARDWARE AND t'UTLKHY SALE, LOOKING Ola * Plate* Stationery Guna. Piatola, (kc. JACOBS PLATT will aril Thi* Day, at 10 o'clock, at the L Auction Room. No 21 I'latt *t?eet. 285 catka, can* aud lot* Hard w, re P rury Good*, Cutlery, fcc. P'cr particular*, tee nuder auction herd iu the Journal -f Commerce aud Courier tt EMuirer AI?o, an invuieeo' 8'atiooerv with whi'h the aal* will commotiie via: Green, Marble and Coined Kolio Poat, Medium and (ilazed I 'd|> Paper; a-ipeiflne l^niHi; C ugliali Lead Pencil*, 'laying I orda, fix : r agle, I'eratur, Highlander, Harry 8th, itc , Stc. A lao, S ea?r* le>snp'i ahert and qui re caat ated Alai. 3 lialea wi ite. brown and gireu Shoe Thread, closing Thread, wait* Tw no , St". Alao, 12 caaka wr ught >r n 11 mil d Hadiroiia. I Mao, Gr pp ra. audh'Tae and roae herd Nailr Alio. 5 o?*e? Poughkrepa.e Woo<"acr. w? Ala , Hickory Aie handles, Barry & Va 'a bench a.d lie milling Planes; ritual -hnU Augers; Hindiimtan Oil Son-; lohia cast ateel Mill SHw?; Log Chains; Slergea, Hlin- t I .-* ? ?orl llarrlivuna i?f aitoripil LinflK t Alio, Fine Iv?ry Knivt-s and Forks, in sots: stag, buck, J bone. tip, sham-buck. l id other lable anil dessert Knives, Forks aud'aivrrs ... . M A'sa. 100 I its pocket anu ;-ei>ltuives, scissors, razors, anu shears, of every description, in dozens aid carded, w II worthy v a'tent ion, J1 Also, nuns and |m| ols. ' Also at 12 o'clock 50 boxes looking clam plates, assorted. Also, not in Catalogue. 200 dus. best st?|{ table Knives and S Foks. sligl tly damaged Alio at 'Sine tune, <-n? cask stag, white bone, ami sham buck, tab e and Des-rt Knivs and Forks, too late lor t'ataI >gne a!9 It u "rfios. BE 1,1/8 AUCTION NOTICE. SPLF.MD1D FlIHNITUHF,.?The entire elegsn' Furniture contained in ilia modern ihr-o story House No. 4' Vesey , street, will b" sold on Moudsyat 10'i o'cloi k, rnmnrising as 1 fine nud va'uable an assortment ?f choice Fu nit are for p rlor, ? drawing room and bed rooms Ins-meats, hall, stairs, kitchen, ; Sic . as otfe ed this aranm. Further parucnl-r* ii time s!9 3'?rc THOS BELL, F W. B-.ARNS? Auctioneer. 1 BY D. I) NASH?Store No. 139 Fulton sirett WEDNESDAY. 24th April 1 HOTf I. FURNITURE? At 10 o'clock at the Hotel Franrais 57 Broadway, the entire kuruilure cmia-ned on the premises. together with a large iiuant sy of Silver I'ste, Plaeed Ware, lllais, tkr The 'urnimre consul* of Sof-s. tea and - dining Table.; Mahoh'nv Chairs: ca-? and rath seat do . n-nlionenv Buieaus; Warh Stands; Oil < loths; B-ussrli aril la- , Urain Car "Is; Mirro and Mio'le Glasses: H?ll and Asttal -j lamps', I'lork; Stove Mantel Vases, Frrnch Bedsteads; me pie do; Fea her Beds; Iliir Mattra'ses: U-dding. Toil-r, Tahies; Window Cnrtn-us and Shades Also, Dinner, Tea and breakfast I utlery, with the Kitchen Furnitue, with which the sale will commerce N. B,?The Silver Plate will be sold at 11 o'clock. Oata 1 gu?s nan be obtained ?n the premises, or at the Auciion l<ooin the dav pr-vious to the sale. a'tjfit'ec $ (' a F[.I AS, MO-tH UllSks, St- A '" A UI'IK)N Lb V V Sc SPOON F,R will eel 1 on Friday Mnrtiiug, at II (i'clonk, at 15' Broadway, an rxt-nsive and brilliir.t a'sort- ' inent ?f Caineliis; 200 Mms and Perpetual-grifted l(n es, in ' line order; 200 Dwarf Apple Trees, ol select-d choine fruit, to set out in vitils or giideus, fell of fruit bads; Oranges in a tlower and fruit; O.nruati'ns; Biiu-bou Rete Bashes, of the Ml larielies ? Also. 100 Rhododendrons, large size; 100 I.arch or Fir Trees 1 ? wit a a great variety of otner Ornamental Plants aud Shrubs. . S il positiv 1 Catalogues on the morui-g of sale. , alt 2t*m __ J RICHARD VAN t'YKF, Auctioneei fl OUBEHOL.D FURNITURE st No. 30 Vrsev sr eomer of Church street?ANTHONY .1 BLKECKFR & CO., will sell a'aoctimi on Monday, 22d ol April inst .nt at ten ' o'clock, at No. 30 Vesev s'rt-et, S|| extrusive of . Household Fur iture, c im"rising Mahogany t'h.irs. Sofu.Ot 1 tomans and Ilo'kiug Chairs with hair cloth seats; Bre. k'att, 'i'ea. Diiiiuganri Card Tables; Pi- r Tables with Egyptian Mat- j h'e Pops; Sideboards. Bureaus, Washstinds, Fiench ?nd other * Bedsteads, Feather Beds, Mattrasses, Stc ; Maple Cane-seat 'illsirs; Pier and Mantel Looking Classes; Astral aud Hall 1,'impa, Girandoles, Vases, Mantel Ornaments.Plated Articles, China, Cut Olass, Ingrrinand Vr-neti.n Carpets, Rags, Oil CI. rh, br-ad brass Ko-'s, Toilet Tables, Wash Stands. Stoves, ill- Kitchen Utr-nsils, Sir-. Catalogues rosy belral of the Auctioneers on Saturday the s 20'1>. a)3'o22in a t ???-?-????l _ ,.i TIT" ANTED?A Protestant Woman, as Cook One who uti v* derstands her business, aud can bring good recomm'nda 8 tions. may spyly at 12 Washington Square. al9 3t*rrc j WANTED?Br a young Lady, a iituat:ou as Teacher in a school; she is capable ol fetching the fundamental branches of an English education, and would pmfr-r going South. Ad dress L , post mill all lw*rc SITUATION OF HOUSEKEEPER WANTED. WPANTFD BY A FHF.NCH UAUY, who can speak vv Knglish.and who can give the inoit unexceptionable lefererres of character and i apacrpr, the situation , f a Honsekeeper in a French family, or to superintend a Boarding House I in the French style. Application, bv letters addressee to M dame A. L , aud left at this office, will be attended to al3 I?jgb ATALKT TO A SINGLE GF.NtTJeM AN?By a well v educated virung Germ ii, v. holms heeu sis years travelling servant in Europe.and cm produce the treat o'testimonials; henlselus h.-en two years in one of the principal hotels in this cits-as waiter, as d ran give the best of references by his einployers?he has so objection to travel with a single gentlemau or small family, in this or to any other country, /s line ad dressed ' Valet" aud left at this office will meet immediate atten'Kin a!9 It* rc TO DRUGGISTS.?Agents for' Sir Astlev Cooper's Corn Salve," from the South and West ere furnished with a rnagiiilieent glass caid f--r the window, lies ides the splendid rliow kill. Druggisti who wish to become agents will please cell un D- Milurir, Broadway, comer ol John street, nearly op rosite the Franklin Home The labels of the genuine are copy ??,i ,r ,.r ii, M.i..?- . ... i,r m9 I to're FASHIONS. TVA ItH MAXWKLL solicit* a call at tier r-wly-opened 1V1 French Millinery K?u?lnhment, No -II Canal street, uear Broadway, where ahe has constantly on hand ?n elegant assorttnenf of the latest and most fashionable aiticlfs, at the low est pr ret. a 10 2w?rrc A YOUNG MAIN FR'/M TltK SOUTH is d-*rous of 0 tttfling a situation a* (' lerk or S i'e>in;?u hi -i Wm.* or Liqnr Store lie is t-erfectly acquainted with the various mode* ef improving and refining *Vres and Liquors, and would be willing to devote his whole time to the interest of his eiTit lover. A moderite salary would be required A line adorst:ed to lIK/tUKI T at this office, will meet with prompt i attenfi ?u a 17 3 je A OARD. ^TMIK Administratrix is i!e*iroui to flose the concerns of her A late husbnud, Michael Pall*, off-rs tor sale litre** original Pa<i>'in*s. ?n ?al, perhaps superior to any in this country First ? QuKKN KSTHKH?by Vandyke;?supplicating King Ahaueres for the fate of the Jews, iu which all the |>eison'ges are portraits of most eminent persons connected with th- stnte and the art*. Sec >nd ?A UGLY FAMILY?by Unrregin. Third?DKSCKNT KIIGM THK CitoftS?by Rembmnd. The al> ve Paiutings ae too well known toured any coin tpent or description i f their merits at prrsert Th se desirous of p?? -easing eith-r ofthe e gems, are solicited to call at No. 301 Hudson street o posite the itncnwichbank,1 w her" they can be s*eu and will be disposed of ? a r? asoii *ble r. i in. nif in?d rc STRANGERS BEWARE. ' [N THIS A OK OK OlJA< KKRV As I) HUMBUG, it is 1 most importmt o rTi > #? an rgprrienced Physician?DR. J. KVAN > has removed his Old Galen's Head Uiiimnsary to No. 268 Pearl, con er of flerkmvn streets wh^re he continues bis p..oat citriorJinnry cure, of all d?lic*te diseases, no matter i n >w c.i tnplicat d He apprises the citizens and strangers that there is no Br Kv ns in his old stair', and hat he h is no con nection whatever w ith an v other office. J lis charges arc moderite; his consultations rtrictly private. N B ?Obsfife th* i uinh -r?mi takes ar-* often dangerous? 288 1 ** ?r I g( i Vledicines and dir. ctiors sent to any pait of the Union ? by i a*ticularly stating the case, and cnclosii g five dollars, ll'l 11 cC ; FOR THE FILES. UK A I) the follow i. g interesting case ml remarkable cure of Piles Mr J Bowtn\n, h distinguished architect residing in Broadway, ha. been afflicted with toe Piles for fourteen years, lie consulted me about three month* s nee ; In tongue,was f< ul, ippetit? t?,vd. liver orpid, or casion * I pilpilation countenance psle and languid, complains of pains over the kidneys, gr? at iriitui->n. tension and weixht in the lower xeeitou ol the bowels, attended with pile tumors so much inflamed at tunes I as to produce intense suffering, at otwr timai relievi g UMiBa sclve. by i proluic disenary* of h!o?.d inducing gr-nt debility ; 'he tousi lesrf ih- bcrK from th- long continued irritation had Ill smnr u^ni- ir?i ineir |>n uimtmii; iuiiiuuku, wnti n " in with much difficulty that hecoulJ walk: his,*tep was #eebl#? and infirm. bad xjmmmI <i more th n Tivp hundred doll *r? in fourtevn | years f?.r this cninpl tint, and had obtained only temporary relief; if now entlr lycored, Uavmik tiken only Dree boxes of in)- I'll.i. Ki kc it arv ; has travelled in >rp tlnn two thousand ' inressince, and feel* n > return of the complaint ; is an well mid active now at he was thirty years ago. and Ht'ribnfes it *1 to that n tnimable mm My, Dr. Upham's PlLf. Klsxtitarv. K> adrr, this is onl / on-* of a ihnutujd similar cases cured by thettmp in*ms * Hp Pile Klectuar.*. au lulerial remedy, it old by the j ropriefor it bin nffir 195 Hovvi r v 'our doerti above Spriup street. Advice gratis. Rem'mher 196 Bowery. Age,ts, 1 J# K Warner k Co, Utica i 1 B Fitch St < o Hyracu*-; L. ll Swan, Hochester ; Co!mai k Co. Bull Jo. *19 3in dkw#ee SOUTHERN HALM! ' \ATE WISH KVf RY I'KRHON AKFLK TKI) with Con *Y lumptiou, Li ver Complaint, Cough*, A tlnna Bronechilin, Slitting of Bloo', Hor-across tb? Chest, itc , to c :ll upon u? and look at tfti.e rrrtiftuitea of |?ers"ns who have hern cured by the uie of a bottle or two of the HdlJTHKIlN BALM. W doot want ycu to biy hall a doy.*n I ottlet to trv but onlv rne or two. * we know that alter doing ?o you will aclij.owled/te i ,* sutrerinr.ty over cvry wlher medicine In fh winter of 1842 I wat ; fllir|ed with a revere cough. I was rHtommend'd by a frier d to u?? your Southern Balm, and I exp -r er.ced i e?y great he'"lit Iroin it* u?* Subset}ue illV reconimendt' i it to mine ol inv fiier??'s having lung compl <ii tf, iftnn> of whom d rived very local Ire iefit from it; and it if my C* .ii'lid opinion, that of all the me lielnet for Im k affections puffed tip from day to day in the i ewspa: er?, there * none to viiluabie af >oar ^outhein Balm. JOHN M IIOYVK, Demist. 2l?9 Oru.d at. New York. Me J, r b Doree, atU"hed to the Htear; ship Or?it Wt stern waa tro"hd wit.i * violent cough and |?aiu in the side nine years. Dunn* that time he Ind been under the treatment of , he most relebrtfed pnytieiius in Kngland end in t hi a rounfrv. but could ob'.aiu no relj f. He obtained two bott les of the Houtheru Calin cf Dr. Uphatn. which i ntirely cured him I vt*.? o fn exhausted with coughing, raising of phlegm.?pirtin / <A hlno ! nd night swats, hat I waa given upa? mcuiahle md icflf ? of I . thru a mtb? I h taJ en foav bottles < 1 ' > 1 I " "M ir !- \ i op. I w ?. Ir>ltl s <?l 111 i-ir !<< ! Ii.?fl '? Pre* a ration, And other in di he a, but ohtained no reli-f. I tri? d one boftle of your -outbern nalrn?it almovt cured m< ?I oouffht anoiber, tOok it, nnd em now a we'l mail K. A. ROSS, Merchants' Kichange Katnig Room, YA all ft. I l^rebv certify that I wa? troubled with a severe cold aud hoarsene s. which various leineties failed to rem ive, but was i' I cur ?1 by leveral do?es of your Bairn K A VANDKIIHOKK, 115 Wale ftfre;. HM K' I T Si (X) , Principle ()il. e 2ST', BroaJwav corner of It eil *tr ? t, N Y . ; VV. K. Northa|l, Ag nt for the city of Brooklyn. For j?!e at Mr Km;'f, Kulton?fr et; Dr Kirfer, |h? ( nal street: Mr Lo\d, 3 Prmce ftreet corner Avenue D a > d Third fir ?'t; VV. K. North all, f 0 K ullon *t*ert Brooklyn: It V'i, 5ti lienry ?trv t; He.dicg k Co , Boston, Albany, A 4 e trie* Hhd U*tC |7DR SAi.K-PAl.MO'.H (|?te) COM KMT SALOON, F %()YV OPKN.?The above will be told low. as the prop ietor if retiring from btniueM Apply to T YV KAIr LK NF.K, a!2 lwilfrc 104 ( hambers ftrert. | AMUSEMENTS. ' s yoKK opicka iioi;mk. Willu|fn QDiWthf Dirrction nf Hiinor 0?l BEliNIB, on WKDNKHUA V KVENtNO. A in I M'H. With Hossiui's retehra'p-l sud brilliant < Ipera Bura, II. BARBIE UK PI 8IVICJL1A TT^* Admission One Dollar, to all parti of the house oois oi'Cii dt 7?IVrformaiic* fo c? mineaee at half-past 7. he following Eminent Artists are -de1 f(e<t to Perform dur iiK * a Hem on of Pwelre Hep earn tat iotis i rrnn i Ponna Miynora ? Borghese. p"?? H?. r?"<.?i. I Pr mo Jjutfu Hiy. De U'*nu. , a'l', o'? Sl* **" Allro ' Buffo sig Si. ti.i. , Srcon-'a Dona,,ort A ll*-iU*xi. 1 Hrcoudo Uoon- A It .Haitii. I ^ Uj02"""" Beortu. Wee on do Basso s ... * i,i,il#.r,.MU t Villi a full and rffrctivr ( lioro., N,w lluiicmri. Nrw Bcurry, and PecMrntiotis. -f 8IONOE K. PALMO J Ll?oannounces lielias concluded .ill engagement with the * [liment I PHIMO BASSO, HIUNOR SANTINI, wlo is daily esoected from Nrw Orleans. .EAUKR OK THE ORCHESTRA". 8i(i. RAPETTL Combined wuli all tli? former Distinguished l'rof. asi r?. 1L bAltBIERE Dl SIVIGLIA Rossini Sig'a E Bnrghese igaro Sig Or Unguis I out* Pig I'eroxxi Doctor Bailolo Sig Saui|uiricn l)on Baailio Sig Mart in Brra Signers Alberiaxxi IJIfixiale Sig Albert ixxi Kiore lo Sig Benelti Noturo Sig Album I preparation for thetir.tturn- in Am HIT. M JMIgiltOy performed, Bellu i'> Grand Oiieraof I.A SONNAtoUI'LA. Aim, ELI*I H E O'AMOHE The public ere r*?ifi tl'.lly iufiinii d, th l during the receis, he Upper Tier of Boxes has beru eutitely remodelled, allot he centre s<ats hiving le u raiied, m as o all ud an eicelleut lew of the Stage from every part wi'h the ud,litl"n of Kour .'onim >dious Private Boxes on each aide, which will b'let liahlly. or for the season N. B.?The Box Office ii now o|en every diy during the reek, from 10 o'clock A M.. until I o'clock P. .Vf., when teau riay he secured for the ensuing season. Regular sea?ou seats rausferakle Price $10 for Twelve Representations. Subscribers not securirg seats, the price ol'tirkets is placed at li for the season?not transferable. Acting Manag-r Sig Martini ITT'TI e public an-1 e?i>ectlully lufo. med that the Baths have een newly arrangi d and lilted up in a handsome style, and are I full o|ierari*n, night and d v &A UK TIIEATl. C Bores 50 Cents?Pit 25 Cents?tiallery 12X Certs. 'HIS EVENING. Airil 19. will lie | erformrd UK HARD III.?Richard, Mr Booth 'o conclude with KOKTUNIO ! Cll ATI! A.HTIIE AlRkh Poses 25 t ents I Pit I2>? Cents 'HIS *'Vb MNG April 19 toe mineece with THE HEIR AT LA W?Or P ngl'ss, Mr K S Connor. 'o conclude with '1'III-. It'HIIIKitS (Hll'CHHLL ti (I t.YHIPli; THKATbJt BENEIOT t>K VIIt. MCKINSON. 'HIS EVENING, Arr.l 9. to cminiuace with C IN HERE LL \?Cinderella, Miss Taylor Liter wnich a variety of sougs. Sic ' leoiclmle with the IRISH VETERANS. A Mi AN ItlUSlAA, A ND I' KIIPETUA 1. FA1K ONE o-'K.KK MORE OK THIS GRAND ATTRACTIVE BILL ! Comm-neing on Monday. April 15th. SIXENI)ID l*ERFC)IIMANCKS Jvery af cruoon at hall'past 3 o'clock, and every t ver.tng at a ouarter before H OIANT AM) GIANTESS! ! ['he I (West in tin- world, anil of the lineit symmetry and propo> ions. They are MAN AND WIFE, nil have been lis'ted in y urop- hy more than ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PERSONS! tiring the lest year They may lie *eeu from 10 u'clock A. M ill I. from 2tiI half-past5, and from 7 till 10. THE KENTUCKY MINSTRELS, Mr COLE, the )OG. BILLY; Miss E. ADAIIt LA PETITE CERITO, fir H. G. SHERMAN, MR. WIIITLOCK, Mil. T. U. lOOTIi, Mr WILLIAMS, and Mil. HOWARD, and i then. TheOITSY FAMILY, ail in uumber, recently from tier amy, ami faithlul representatives of the ancient l?-orle of ' K>'pt. may lie seen in *.Ii"ir native costume. TheGlPSEY QUEEN, the Fortune Teller, inay b'prion* y consulted at all hours of the day and evening. Ticket* 25 cents?children under ten years It^cest*. Tw- n v-fiveceuls estra. for private consultations with t.ieOipaey feUM. ill rc PK VLK'S 71 MW IOHK ffltlNKI n AND FU TURE GALLERY Broadway, opposite the City Hall. SPLENDID ATTRACTIONS! AND BRILLIANT SUCCESS P- RFECTI.Y UNPARALLELED !n \ LAPLAND DWARF, THREE INCHES SHORTER, AND THE SAME AGE AS TOM THUMB. With Eight Prrf, rti.ers, all lor Oue Shilling. MR. H. BENNETT, Manager t'k.a peculiar pride in pielentiug to the public an Amy of Talent that cannot lie sur passed a-auy place of ainus-miut in the city, aud that too at kalf Price. The Manager announces au engagement with Mr CONoVER, the Protean Peiformer. I. A PE I ITE CELESTE, the .tuneful Dancer. The GREAT WESTERN Mrs. WESTERN. Miss ADAIR, the Unarming Songstiesa. Miss BLANCHARI). the Grecian Juggler, si. Mr. nllOWN, the Comic Singer And the GIANTESS! I wh> stands a# hiuh iu public estunition as ever, aud sunprites every visiter. The Manager respect'ullv announces that he has diminished 1 the cumber ol seats lu tl?* Lecture lloom, but inciea*'d the iinfurt of ilit* audience The Kirs Sis t rout Rows will couititnu* tlx* l'dt*|uelle. they ale rewly MahtOMJ and the becks spiffed, >o thai every scat will be entirely sepa'ate. each one firming on Arm Chair. Krom their being constructed in tins mono* , and a certain space allotted to each\nit**r, the audi MgWtMAtMS rience the inconvenience ftCQHStt) OOCMS rtoin tl * crowded tt*t* of the rti >m. The Manager has incurred consider .bit* expence hi a 'optiinr this |dan?liowver, as he profrss* s to p*omo'.< t'*e pleasure nf Ins f?ir pit ions by every means iu bis power, LADI r.ts WI LI BE ADMITTED TO THE PAlUfUK I TK W1 i IIOUT ANY EXTRA PHICE, but Gentlemen will be limited an sd i'ional sliillniK. LOIIKA DOROTHEA W AON EH,sis ror the celebrated Giixey Queen can be consulted ouitna u*r .1.. *! eu cir ITT"An Afternoon Entertainment on WrduesdHys and Saturdays at 3 o'clock; and every evening at n quarter to H o'clock ADMISSION ONE SIIILL'NO NIHItO S GAKUEIV, WM NI11LO r-s|ieetlullv informs Ibe public lbs' be has made arraiiK <nients witb that popular Mail agar MR. W;M. MlTCH El L . to take the avliole rbarite of getting up th?enter taiiiinents to be produced at bis Garden the ensiling cummer. Measures are in antiv preparation 10 produce a series of novelty of actiaracier suited to the establishment, on a maauilicent scale, and no evreuse or eserlion will be spared to maiutiin the p ipalarity the (>ar*'eii has hitherto' nj yed a 17 Jtjab EXHIBITION OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS. NATIONAL OA LI. Lit YOF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS OH THE i)|,|) MASTERS EXHIBITION ROOM, IN CLINTON HALL, Corner <>f Naiiau ami Hrrkman streets AMATEURS AND ARTIH I S are informed, that the G*1 ler of I'aiutings nt Clinton Hall is tow open from II A. M. to 6 o'clock at night, or later, according to til season They will therein find a choice collection of t e In,est Paintings winch liavi* ever ad .rued any European Gallery Artists will be allowed to study in the Kxhibitiou Room The pub! c will find a Catalogue, which w ill explain all the histori'.al ami other piec-s, *|uoting the inisinKi-s of autliot* Iroin which the subjects iiave heel) taken, OCT"Admittance >nly 25 dents. im"jgb THK PICTURE GALLERY N K IV AND '() l"i) IV O II L D S , To consist "f s *t*"*n large folio pages SPLENDIDLY I L LU A ? il A T E U N ile or mor* MAGNIFICENT KNOKAVINC S. Comprisirg BEAUTIFUL VIEW a OK THE SCENERY AND PUBLIC BUtLDIN .? OF ENGLAND, KKANi E AND I'HE U. STATES. Ton KT IIK H WITH POR'l RAITS OK DISTINGUISHED PERSONS OK EUROPE AND AM r.HIU A . WILL BE PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY 27TIS I.tst It V" A very large edition of the firs, number of ibis work w ill he I ublished. Advertise*,e ti must therefore be seat ill to the subscriber on or balere Monday ?2.l i at. i ountry Ageuts who w ish to he supplied early, shou'd add.esr. J. MOWATT, 171 Bioadway, nib 3'in?ic ~ THE ANATOMICAL VENUS. rpHE ou'y comp ete Model ol ,th? i em*le Komi ev r seen. I and fourteen other Modals representing the pecsliariues *i the fern i>? struct'ire, and als.i of toe Infant le*i g. he., m as m my UHiereni slagea 01 ueveioi m ui, III ly now rr ??'P1 umiy m Sat'oual Hall, < anal atr.-et, a few dnora east of llro dviy. By Oe?ib?rnen, U 10 foieuooo, and 7*^ in 'In- evening; for L idirsouly at 2Y* afternoon. Adiniuiuii, B chiIi. Dr. Hot link* Lectures on the Org m* of Ke-prult ct. on, Seiual It lationa, &c : , have produced so rnnrli i.iferes*, and tf.e desire to have t ein repeated im ao gr/nt, both inoi g his f rmer audiences and those whocoafd not attend the previous Lecrures that be Hill re deliv-r them iirat w? k, (cfwhieh doe notice will be given) to Ladies and Gen'.leinen at seiarate tint** [7s" (1 n tie men of the press i.eed only (fire their addresses. alt Iv* frr THK RKFETITION Of THK GRAND M 1 "t Kl.LA NM1UH CONCKHT. f r the BeneM f the WIDOW* and ORPHANS of the NKW YORK FillK DKPART MK.MT, n unavoid.t'Iy postponed until ' UKSIlAY KVK.N ING, 30th April. the Broadway I aberuacle TheTrniteei "f tin* Fire 0Qpart't respect fully beg Je ?ve to in form {the i ub* lie, that ill consequent c of tin1 ntimherof i eraona whorouluuot obtain admittance at the ( oner, of the Jld instant, the* have t?een induced to re|HMt the Concert on theabeveevmiog, and on which occaiion thev hive gre t pleasure in announciug the following eminent Vocalists, v ho have gi itaitoualy volunteered their services, viz MRS. SKOUIN, By ptriinnsion of Mr Si >son, I Park 'ihritre MA DA ML () i 1 O. MRS KDWAIIU LODKIt MAD A MK 111 KK II AliDT, MIS4 IV \ f w O x, M Hs MARY C TAYLOR, By pr rrniisi n * I Mr. Mitchell, Olympic Theit'e. SIONOR VALTF.l LINA, MM. SKGI'IN. > By permission of Mr. MR. *11 RIVAL.) * i nr. pi on. MR BROI G|I. HIGNOR MAYKR. Ve srg._KYLK and (HIONOVKIK, have in th* kiod? *t tiiM.nor oIfrrrd to |?r mm i u ?iia i oucotti on ine IMuto .n<l Ulnrionett* 1 ho NKW YOKK HACHKI) MUSIC SOCJKTY kindly r.ivrnU t > rr|KMi tli> ir Grind I hurmn; .mil II ( TlMM, K?i|., ultn kindly v.limit ruin (WiiAettlh* l iti" k.nto 'I l,p M lull* to lie under the di.notion of Mr U C. HII.L, Levler, mimed by ? poweiful unit rffo. tiv.' O/elie-tn, ' r "Tirkeit One Uollir. ndroit*ina * l.tdr nnd Womb ihmi Ktin Luilien Tick ( M rent*?To l?- hid It the prinrli'.ll Mtiaic Ftoiet, of th? OIKrenof ilia l>e,?mm?uf, it l.mbrr-'i llii.ili?tniii, 131 Bowery, of I lie < nmmiit-i* mid I il uv r tniio) it til" dour (III III* ?i?umK of llio ' uiieert I b" ournli i id ttoketi be.nft hm'ted, th ?e widnnu In would l> ?' 11 |i'ii?.d" llii-inii'l?r? in Him- Thmr who |mr * d no'> t? for III* Conner CAuent mid tould not obi n i idm tl?n< ? ill I '? < * i nil on either if tin* under oininit ee, a .<i hnre them elchinied, iviAIITIN W. KMMONH, It m|unce .treet, > KOHMYTH LABAUH, 51 Wr.tit f t. /Committee. JAMKH PKYk.K. 2W Front .imet, ) *17 Jiie're WlU'Sgt U.'.t NKV- HON HI- A M K It I (IAN HfcKPUNOH Arn it". Hiiuiionraiihoa* tli HAHII M?, linn a. .111.1 I)iMl I>* if ?"? midy of thi in in lino bloom ?' the fiai lm mid ( ,??r, rafnnr, in llnry .to-,!, i.eur I III- Hunt I, K.r y. Hr.i*lv?. (I'" o. t III Mr IVrri ) lilt new viru-l I Hiiurionr aiiHiia He turnri on* '? the roost wi'Mfiit/ti rnl lluwrrm* l lmt now in tln> coinirr ml nmiuot be?en, It "i? ' A*tlw? couiwt of both Ortenhnot* m<d I it ? I' r.Vn nil' lot i?? Dtlll ttt. Laii* atiini iitoi i'd Mm W i h.t i *, nrr now for ml*, in roott or |i unit, from *? t '" renttrmh. Bot'ni i. r?, liomtitully mmlo up, r.t leuniuble price*. ?I7 Iwit'ic FOH.TUOUKSK KKMALK PlLLn. 'pHKAF fir frond end e.el*hnted I'il'o. "*om I'mtnful, ir? I werer to obiviutti . ?d in tl.i? r natn tilyrftiM ml on . in '*(t co'trm foirt* i?*t. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL* From WHhlnKton. In our accounts from Washington last evening, as will appear iu our correspondence, there will be lound plenty of ?|>eculations on the candidates for the next Presidential contest, and we aee that Commodore Stewart is named. Now we happen to know better at a distance about these matterB than they know at Washington. Commodore Stewart is a good man?and Captain Tyler may >e u good mail?but the people at Washington may 'est satisfied that Clay and Van Buren, and only hey, will enter the race for the next Presidency \I1 speculations on other candidates are idle. The tame is made up and it cannot be altered. The tontest will he between Clay and Van Buren, and t tight und trying one it will be?that is certain. Wuhlnrtnn. [Correspondencs of tho Herald.] Washington, April 17,1844. 1 cannot be mistaken in saying that there is a good deal of ulnrin here among the democracy, in relation to their disheartening prospects under Vanlluren's leadership. At every corner and in every private room yon may hear their low whispers und murmuring*. They say the |>opular feeling is evidently excited in favor of Clay, and unless a counter popular current is excited in favor of some democratic cundidate, there is no hope for the patty. And the feeling is almost universal, so far as 1 have heard, that Mr. Van Buren cannot ex Cite this popular feeling. This want ol confidence arises troin various caufl sea. The leading cause at present is the uncertain and doubtful position of the party with reference to the new tariff hill,which th" House seerus disinclined, not to say abtotute/y oppoud to taking up? for so their vote now spiiHlsrecorded. Mr. Wright is going to make a counter movement, in the way of a speech in the Senate upon the tariff, in which it is supposed and presumed that he wilt come out in favor of a modification of the present tariff. Strange rumors are afloat, of new and extraordinary Presidential tickets, some of which, when published, will take the country with surprise and astonishment. 1 hope, before 1 close this letter, to send Voil one of an extraordinary character It has its origin in tin* prevailing and defining conviction that the only salvation of the democratic party is in some nkw man?some new candidate. [have marked this letter "private," with the hope that it may make a deeper impression upon your mind than in the usiialform, and that you will make some remarks upon these extraordinary movements,of which you, at a distance, are mucn better <iualitied to take a calm and deliberate view than we are, who are in the midst of the excitement. Some short time since, I expressed my then conviction, from th" best evidence at hand, that Virginia would go for the democracy. But it appears to me now that a change is coming over the'spirit of the dream. The conviction is evidently gaining ground that nothing can save the democratic party, by convincing Van liuren of. Ins inavailability, but tlie defeat of the democratic varty in Virginia. And under this conviction, [ have reason to believe that democratic influence is now at work to cause the Virginia elections logo against the democratic party by default. For it seems to be agreed on all hands that Van Buren cannot survive his detent in Virginia. Many schemes and plans are under discussion by different knots and cliques?according us their different interests and prejudices lend them. Of course, the friends of Van Buren are willing that every section and State of the Union should run it's own candidate. This, it is thought, would bring out the whole disunited aggregate of the democratic votes?beat Clay, and throw the election into the House, where Vun Buren would have a majority of votes. But it is very doubtful whether the other condidates would agree to this course.? Cui Iiono to them? From the rumors this morning, it is very possible you may have some curious developments in relation to certain propositions lately made in New York by President l'yler to those proposed to succeed officers to be removed. It is said a committee of the Senate may be authorised to send for persons and papers. Wouldn't a tale thereby hang? Wonder if John McKeon couldn't tell a tule? It is said Mr. McKeon speaks very plainly and intelligibly on the subject?suppose yon ask him what lie knows about bargain and sale. Was he, or was he not, offered the Collectorship on condition of turning out all opposed to Van Buren, or something still nearer to the object in view? I have inquired at the Post (>flice and ascertained that the reason why my Saturday's letter, containing the new Texas treaty, did not reach New York in season fur Monday's Herald, was a change of the times of running the mail. No mail now leaves Washington through to New York, from Saturday P. M to Sunday P. M.?Thus?present arrange,, ment:?A mail from New York 'hrough to Washington every morning?A mail from Washington through to New York on Saturday, P. M. No mail from Washington to New York, after the last named, till Sunday. P. M. No mail from N. York to Washington on Sunday, P. M. All other mails its usual. 8. B. Washington, 17th April, 1844. Important Political Movement?Withdrawal of Van Buren?Union of the iMcojoco Party upon New t'anilidntcs?Intended Nomination of Old Iron Side* of I'enntylvav in, and the Black Hawk Hear' rior of the ll'eet. One of the most strange, curious, and eitrnordinury movements, or rather revolutions in public sentiment, so fur as democratic members of Congress are concerned, has been ellected since its organization last December. More thun three fourths of the locofoco members when they first came here, were favorable to the nomination of Mr. Van Huren; nnd the election of the officers of the House, the appointment of commitees, the giving , out <>f places from the most honorable and lucrative appointments down to the very gate-keeper, and the general policy of the government, were all made and directed with reference to the election of Mr. Van Buren. But since that time?gradually and imperceptibly, tho original enthusiasm has all vanished into thin air, and those who were loudest in advocating Mr. Van Buren, arc the most decided in their conviction?while ttiey would prefer him to any other candidate?that he cannot be elected. It is impossible for me to give you my authority for these statements- I hear them on every side? it is atmospheric?you breathe it- 1 wan told by one ot the Iniliaiin delegation (whose name I forget at this moment) that from his district he had received a budget of letters from Ins constituents, which satisfied him of ttie entire iuavailahility of Mr. Van Buren. From Illinois, the same. From Ohio, the same. And in Missouri disaffection or want of confidence is rapidly prevailing, and a feather would turn the scale if Van Buren is to he the candidate. Mr Benton is alarmed, (ieneral At< heson, Benton's colleague, is very doubtful, the more especially that had news relative to late nominations there, in which Mr. Hughes has been superseded, has this day beengreceived. Mr. Allen, a firm and leading democrat, is dealing out anathemas against those who show symptoms ot rliange. Judge Tappall is importuning the Indiana I'elegation to quiet their fears. Mr. Wright sits quiet, not breathing, not (apparently) knowing, not sits|>ecting the state of public feeling. Mr Woodbury is fully awarr of the state ot popular sentiment. Mr. lUnnrgan fears the worst These are Mr. Van Buren's best friends in the Senate. In the House, I have heard eiinumerated uvrnty democratic members who declare ihat it is perfect cruelty and madness to run Mr Van Buren. You may rely on this as a correct statement of public opinion here The Van Buren men say d he is not nominated, they will not submit to the nomination of any of the prominent candidates now before the party? vkw mkv must be taken up j men who, while they are orthodox, must have about them |aiwerfal ele >?lunfu u/lit/'li urn ?!?!#? to itBnihilutA merits <" - ? -- ? ? Henry ("lay Von will If astonished and the public astounded ?I,en ymi an- informed if I have been, that a large mil/in I"/ "1 Ihr Democrat? in Congreu suggest and will urge before the lialtimnre Convention the noiiiinntion id Commodore (' Stkwart, the gallant Hero o! the last War, whom our sudors delight to call "(Mil Ironsides," as candidate lor ihe Presidency?and Oknekai. Hksry l>or><;k, now Delegate f rom Wisconsin, as candidate lor the Vice Presidency. A? to ComintHlore Stewart, the whole country knows Ins gallant ichievements, and! puss hitn by I>111 an to General Ifodge, lie may not he so well known at the Cast. although lie is universally known and loved at the West. There he is known as the great Western Pioneer and Indian Fighter. It whs I lodge who conquered the famous warrior, Mlack I lawk There is, besides, a romance connected with his history, which it is said would make hitn hi irresistible candidate in the West. He is the lirst w hite m in horn in Indiana One of the westI eru members of Cong re-s told me the General came into this world on a i nn Some sixty-two years igo, it seems a hand id pioneers were attackeddhy i horde of Indians?a part were cruelly butchered, mil a part escaped. While on their flight,from these red men of the forest, a mother gave birth to an infant hoy on the spot where n?w stands the Hour