Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1844 Page 1
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r ' T H Vol. Mm, No. Ill - Who! No. 8681. M HOUSE OR BOARO WANTED -The advertia'i wh ?e family cou.iati ouly of a wife and our child U(?d about lireyetra, witlira to meet with a imall K*u Ue ..ouir in aoine reipeetab'e part cf the citv. or part of houtr. with an ai( enable family, would not be oliw'w to provided ihr aitnatr.iii iaplraaant, and tlir rrat moderate; o he would br willimt to rnKacr Lloaid forth* enaumg year. 01 p-asnuabl* term., Iu a private family, er wh*r* t h e re are bu few hoarder* He would require a Parlor and Bed ltoom which he wnulu furuiah himtrlf. A location on the ? at aid of the city, and in the lower part of the Seventh, or npwr i?r of the hounh Ward, would be preferred. Adireai W , 19 Waicr .arret. ' al? 3fic wni I O LET?Krom the lirat ef May neat, ihe two ator ffrf? hr.Vk l,? -_.i V? in Tmmiv.Ii ir.r > Jdlfcw dosn^^ofth^^hir^Awn^^^^jTro No. 2 Exchange Place, corner of Haaover, apIVc in Port'i Building. , JUL KOOMB TO LET?In the third and fourth atory ni ffSw building No. 217 Broadway comer of Murray ?tr?"t ? XjyLe.miuire of Edwarda, Anthony & Cliiltou, 011 tlx liifin'Mi. oi Ma'co'ro lit Hani, l^i I earl it. ml2 lm*rc anrt J O LET?The new four-ilory Home in ourdei tl ffTjWttreit. ii'ir Ninth Avenue w .tli ( roiou water, and all il'iVWi"'1? convenience*. To a good tenmir it w ill be let low Ap|>iy to JJ. J. BANEOllD, alC lw'rc 160 Mait'en Lane. J|Wl ,'HI LET?A home situated at Bin uiimidalr, abunl |* W six niilea from the city. It is delightfully situated on it 'Ml benk ol the Htxlaou, and i< remarkably healthy. Th< niwe ei.nlaina aeven rooini, with pleasure Harden, Jtc attached Kent |3'0 per annum. Apply at the Abby Hotel, Bloaming dale. ap3 lro'ec MT J 1,ET?Tw? fine m"<lera built three atory houses, Nr?, 166 ard 161 Twerty-Kirat atreet, a few doora east ol f ichth Avenue. Enquire 164 ?lat atreet. n?7J Im re K) LET?k'UltMSHEO APAHTMENTS, wit'; pvTW Breekiaat and Tea aervetl in the apartmenta, and Dinner Jm'/J. <lao if rtqniioi. Apply at 50 Warren atreet. apU Iw'rc MTO LET OH LEASE?Kor a term of year*. the modem built two atory and attic houae, nearly new, No. 76 Or en at re-1 near Spriug. The hnnae liua an under cellar, the roouia mvjble mantle* and gra'es in each story, haa been recmtly painted, and ia in good order. Terms moderate to ag> od tenant. Also, several small tenements in Barrow and Oreen atreeta Apply to D. L. BENNET, n9 2?*re ion Spring at. TO LET OH LEASE?The Home No 45 dan* atreet, muring through to L speniard at:eet with a teoarate dwelling on Liapi-uaril atrret. now occupied bv Mr. Win. Wallace** lite Dolphin Tavern. Alio, a 8.. all Store on Canal street, ac!joining the above AI<o, tlr- Lot of Ground with 'lie Buildings therei.u, on tor CJst-rly tide i f Broadway, immediately mljoining 'he uortl nr. ly aide of Niblo's Osnlei. The l.ot is 27 f*et 6 incliri front mid rar, by U5 feet d.ep, mnuiuit through 'o Croiby street. Apply to W. M ACRE A, a!3 'w?m 51 Liberty street. ' Ask " LET ?Tlie arge well bui t two itory brick h?|hl house No 23 Hose street, is in complete order sr.d ^ o'Jf'' two story t a room attached to it. Kor particulars, V t0 GFRDINO 8t KUNKEI.MANN, t5 Broad sr. TO LET, ?t Brooklyn, n modern built Ms story and nltir brick lv-U*e situst a at the junction of Fulton and Navv streets, fronting tlie latter. The lot, HM1 f. et deep, runs through to Knlron st'eet. wi h a on the same A' h uiesdjoini.i* Navy ?treet For terms, applv to at 2w mGKhl) NOitKU KKLMANN. 15 Broad at. N. Y FOrt BALK tin T'3 LET?Two new Tiireo-atorv !'" Brick .louses, with marble mantels, sliding doors, and J^JJLconv.'uient clo'.eta in ell the rooma. The houses aie 21 leu front anil irar, by 36 feet deep k. ach house has an uudei c liar wi II adapted for the purposes rt-qui.rd The Cois an each 25 by 100 'eet. In tbe yard is aspacious cistern. Rice foi each House and Lot $3 300, of whcli two-thirds cau remain v il desired, on bond iud mortgage at6 per cent per annum. The rent fo. e-ch house is $350. 'l b-Hous s are situated in Bridge street, between Tillarj and Johnson streets, Brooklyn Apply to JOHN A. WILLINK. At his residroce at Klalbns'h, or his office No. 73 Nassau street. New York or ro STEPHEN HA , NE8, ml* lm*m In Lawrence street, Brooklyn. MKOK SALE?By order of the Court of Chancery, al the Merchants' Esc ange, on the Nth day of April, hy E.LUDLOW at 12 o'clock A. M. that valuable Lol aeil House known as No. 62 Broad street, lately occupie* hy William Conkliu, about twenty-three fa t niue inches in front on Broad street and "bout one hundredaud thirty feet in depth, with a four sloiv brick building,used as a workshop, in the rear. Kor further particulars apply to THEODGlls. BF.nrjwti ir am;.:.? _ ? .. 20 Wall street, or'to ObOKGG U. SI KM ON, IO-civpr, aJtoI9*rc 78 Mrioen Lane. D. BOLL, FLORIST, jJMt CORNER of Kifiiein strret and Bloomingdale road jKjSS'.ffrra for s*le a splendid selection of Standard Roses ant ?dtm.cthi n, ill poll comprising the choicest aud newest sa rieiiet of Moss, Perpetual, Bengal, Tea, No sette, and Bnur bore, the finest collection in the coantry. Alio, a splendid te lection of Camellias, comprising upwards ol 400 varieties Azelia. Rhododendron, and other green house and hard; plants. Moore's Bloomingdale stages pass every hour hy tin door, startii g from io mr of Chatham and Tryon Row Bonqu-ts yur up tarte'ully. a2 m*m FRR8H OARDKN SEED?Consisting of anoo ins o IKW Radish; 1009 lbs of Beat; 1000 lbs of Turnip; 800 lbs o dW. Carrot; .'i0il lbs of Uoiou; 500 Ids of Spinach; 250 Ins o, and about 5000 lbs of other Seed in all the choices specie- and varieties. For sale on moderate terms, and ii quantities to suit . urchasers, by T. BRIDOK.V1AN, At hi* Permanent Family Establishment, Broadway, cor F.tghteenih street 0"" Also, by his son, Alfred, on the same premise*, a genera assortment ROIIWHOtll Pi A NTs SUMeiH about 00 o the choicest varieties ol Geraniums; all ftie be t kinds o Monthly ltos s; together with Camellias, Carnations, Cac tin's Varber.aa, and ottier llow eriug and ornamental Plants, in eluding Double Dahlias. &c., he. By- AMERICAN STANDARD HORTICULTUKAI BO .'K*4, r.nntainirg the results o 24 years' pneti-e in the vi cinity of New Yolk "The Yonng Gardeners Assistant " thi tenth edition improved. 5C4 puns octavo; "The Kitchen Oar doner's Instructor;" 'The klorisi's Guide," and the "Frui' Cultivator's Manual," fir sale, wholesale and re'.nil. hv tin Au'. ior, Broadway, corner of I'tli street. al lin*ec fW JUST FINISHED?Elogant Nutria Far Data (ordman termed Beaver) at the low price of if ; su|ierior short lian ol Prussian Moleskin at S3. These hats aie equal in durabi lily aud lustra to those sold at $4. Also, an article at $2 50, i very neat dress hat. BROWN Practical Hatter iri26 lm"m 148 Canal street. HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, 214 BROADWAY, (OPPOSITE SAINT PAULS ) t"PHK IMPROVEMENT ill the manufacture of HATS, in J- trcduced ny the subscriber early this spring, (obviating t' i premature and disproportionate wwriug nnt oi the edge of thi crown,) hiving met with the signal approbi'ion of the public he re-pectfully aunouiiees that ris stick mfull and complete and 'hat inadoition to their peculiar advantages, his Hats nr, 111 nil other respects quite equal ta all others now in the market Gentlemen d' tiringa Hat comhining the qn ilitiei of Tastf Du n a ii i li r v, and Economy, wll consult their interest bv giviughim a call. JNO N. GEt>IN, 214 Broadway, opposite Saint Paul's Church. N. B ?The usual large and assorted stock of Hat?, Caps, &c It a., always on hand ai6 im"ee PHEN1X HORSE BAZAAR, NO. ISO AND 101 MERCER STREET, NEXT TC ULEECKER STREET. aft The negt regular PUBLIC AUCTION SALS JjeCt will take place a'this estab.ishinent, TUESDAY f Y >A *nnl 16, coinmenciug at e'eveu o'clock, witli Car roups Harness. baddlery, Itc., new and second hand. At 12 o'clock, will be ofTered a catalogue of very superio hones. i?t-utlemen in the country having property to dispose of euherat |>ublic or private sale, Will have their order* faithful! j attended to. At Pritate Sale?50 fine yonng country horses, kind anc sound, jnst in from the western part of the State; two snperio matched pairs of Bay Hones, a fine pair of Brown Horses, i splendid pair of Bay Cerriage Horses, a pair of Bright Serre Horse, young, sound, kind sud very fast lrotten. Also, several very fine naddte Horses. Also, at private sale, two very Handsome Rockaway Wagons and a number of new and second hand Barouches and Ligbl WagonsHorses taken at Livery, and kept in superior style. Accommodations for dealen' horses, in stables nn surpass* by any establishment of the kind in the United States. 8TGH VGE?Vehicles of all description taken on storage it thalargennii convenient Repository of the establishment W. CO vVAN will attend personally to all orders fsr buyint an I selling horses. All persous selling property at this establishment may rel\ upon having a trus account of sale rendered, and the fuli amount or rROCKEDi will, in all cases, be paid promptly ii csuient money. 1 lie A M.EN A of this establishment is built on an eutirel; new end most convenient plan. b< lug detached from the mail hrvding end >l*bl', thereby not interfering in the Irast wit! i! [ay or sale hurses going out or Coining in on the day of nuc lion aria At all ntlir r times the Arena is kept entirely clear, and r< served th* accommodation of private hones aud those on sv'e srfordiug every facility for ex rcise.traiuiug and showing t,or.e? COWAN AND DII.KH >12 lm*i-C Proprietor*. NKW YORK HORSE BAZAAR, NO. 31, 33 JND 35 CROSBY STREET. ^ _ THK PROPRIETOR would inform lua fr.enili ?" ? a^--" ) ? public that he h it ou Mir at hit large am f V > V . arioiu raUbiiahineut, npwardt of aeventy Horae, j jit dii veil from lh, rouutry yonuir, aouud uid kind com priaing aeveral vny fine inura of Match Carriage Hortrt, iron Outario Couutv, iuiwbl, for family u?r, a large number o tine angle Iio,id and Saddle IJorana, of good Kyle and action faat trotter, and ol great enduranca Alto, a very Urge unrulier ol good lionet, tuilable for limry dra-.ntht, kind, gentle anil well broke iu ha-ue??. Theabuvi aloe* are all well wo.thy the attention ot purchaaerl UrnTcrt a no Horaetaen vntti g thin market, with Hortea fui an'e. will hud the accominodaCnua of thia ratanl.ehraeut uuanr i fuaed by any other of the kind in the Uuited wtat a. Tin St >blea are aery thy andconveniant, aiid capable of aublug 101 Horace coa/trfakly, i'ntleineu hiving Hortea to keep on livery, hv tending therr to thia eatahlulimrnt may reat aaaured thai they wiil recrivi the mmo-t rare and attention, with liberal charges. Ti e proprietor woald alao lulnrm hia lr,enea the pnblic, thai the Auction N,l~? Ruaiuea* it ilitcoutiiiiieil et this eataMiah ment william wilmakth, ailr 18 lm*re Proprietor. TO RESTORE, BEAUTIFY AND DRESS THE HUMAN HAIR. TO ACTUALLY FORCE ITS GROWTH, AND CURE DANDRUFF, frr. TRIAL BO T T L E 8?T II It K K 8 II 1 L I, I N O S ' I'V ' " . *.(? have uaed Jouea'g Coral llair Reaiorativi , know lU ?*vcfllent to tho?r mho bar? not. wf that ?h?? fact of oar tiling 3 thilling hot'Jrc mutt prove tnc trutl of ou iUt^mant?wia that w?am not afraid of p**non? t'Tiog t amMI quinittyol it brat. We warrant it to pnaaraa.ihe fcMowtui ou.iliti,!-?It will force the hair to grow on anyptrt where na it't<" intended hair to grow, atop it fallirg off. cnre Scurf o Landiufl, and make Ijaht, red or grey hairerow dark Ko drrating the hair aoll and ailky, nothing exreerli thia It ia in rl.rd, the moat economical, yet aupartor, article made forth hdir, Sold?price 3, 5 or 8 ahillicga a hottlr?at the 8irn of th< Amerieao Eagle, 22 ' haihem atreet, New Yoik; 119 Knltnii at Brooklyn; 8llute atreet Uoatnn; 2 Ledger Uuildinga, Phiia delpioa; 207 King street Charleatou, H. C apt lm*ec North a vie km: an kTre insurance col Niue Tlinnaanil Uollara atock of thia company, if whicl Hubert Ainalie ia Preaident, and John MeB air ia Secretaryal.o. HO ,h*rea North American Truat anil liaukmg Company i,I wn'ch I huinai ti, Tilmaga waa Preiiilent. l)anl (J. Tyiei Vi, e President, and Wiihain R. Cooke (\uLier? for aale a m >dera,H pucea, and on credit. Apply to joils k. delaplaine, No 7 New atreet, N. Y. ?who wiihea to pnrcliaae for raah, J00 abarea at. ck of th, ,'efferaon Itanrarce Co . of which 7 hoinaa W. Thorue ia Pre aid-lit, and (ieorge T. Hope ia Secretary. TO LET?Store No J New atreet, near Wall atreet ; thru atory brick hotiae 34 Walk?r atreet: two ato,y brick honae .12' Hivingion atrial, alible in rear , and three atory home 38 Hud onaucet, JeraeyjCily. mlt28 lm* rc I "Hi ?H??MMgE E N E NEW 7a CANTON CHINA dining setts. I "T\AVIS COLLAMOHK, 5S7 Broadway, netrly oppotite - JJ IMihlo't info run hit frirn'a and the public tint he hat re a cived per la'e arrival' Irom C&utou, a few Dunn* Seta, which ' can be >n|d at very low print. ' I Alto, a full aaaortintut of Crockery Ware, of all kindt. of ? ? i*."i**?*1 n!1 ttfrnt aurl m'tt approved alupet. Cut aad prata1 ed (tlaaa of all kiudt?voire uew pulleriia D ll. rnrkvi no humbug ug prrlenaiona to " almoit girt away P rockery, ' out pledfa Minae f p> tell the time quality of loodt at cheap, if not from J to 10 jier cent cheaper than any otlier ttore; VJ7 Broadway, opposite Niblu't nearly. all Im'rc [ FHENCH CHINA. 1 Ne. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, . <UP8TA1K8.) AuALKSMK, Importer and Agent for Manofacturen, haa alwaya ou hand a )arg* aatortinent of dinner and tea teu in plain white and gilt b'reuch Porielain, at well at oinuer and I DejlTt Plate*, of all tize*. aatorled Dlahea. Soon Tureen* ' Covered Dishes, Salad Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Costards and ! Stands. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Oreek, French and Ameri | can shape I All tne articles are warranted of the best quality, and to bs sold on liberal terini, and in lots to suit purchasers. m!9 Bm?re BEEF! BEEF! BEEF! < AN HAND AND FOR BALK, in lots to suit purchasers, ' at VALENTINE'S. 4? Fu>ton Market, IMIbarrels Kstra ! Mess Beef a choice aiticle, all srlecled piece*; 249 barrets City ins|>ectcd .Mess Met f. warranted; and 100 half barrels of Family Beef, very line iso ndrd for the southern market. The above Bief is packed in a careful and judieions manner, and will keep good in anv climate without getting to salt. He I member VALENTINE'S OLD ESTABLISHMENT, in',4 3m*re Nn. 41 Faltnu Market > WEDDING PARTIES. BALLS ROUTS, Jec. OUPPLIED with all the different varieties of Pastry, Iced to pair i'ouud and Speuge Cake, Oruameutad Pyramids, I Rout Cake of alt the different varieties. and the greatest assortment of Ten Cake that can be obtained at any establishment in the ciry. Also, all kinds of Biscnit, from Pilot Bread to the I sma'lett Pic-nic f r the table Fresh Pies of seasonable variety, i i Puff Paste forms for Dinner Parties. Orders thankfully received and sent to any partef the city or country JAMES TOMPSON, At the Preminm Pakery, 40 Lispenard, near Chnrch. ml4 Im'rn I SPRING FASHIONS, , AT THE OLB ESTABLISHMENT, Magazin iIt Modes, W) Canal street. 1VAADAM BEHRMAN, in returning thanks for the last eight , ivl years patronage, bags most rrspeclfuliy te lufotin her friends, eu'tomers, and the public, that she tins received her Spring fashions frum Paris.and begs to be favorrd with an early c >11 to examine her varied sad elegant stock of entire new stylee of Silk, as well as Straw Hats Madame B.ffaters herself that the same are unrivalled in the city, both as to style, quality, shape and prlte. A call will convince the'a of the fact i MAGAZIN DE MODES, , m24 lm*m 60 Canal street. ( REMOVAL.?FRANCIS R. CRUMP. CHRONOMETER. WATCH, CLOCK MAKER AND JEWELEll, (formerly 8. I. Tobias, for nearly sis years 1 and lec-ully with Mar<|Ua< d's * Co. Broadway, upwards of i three ears,) begs to acquaint hia (rieud- a:.d the puhf-c that he has REMOVED Iron 248 GRAND ST. t? 83 BLKECK I KR, t o doors west of Broadway, where lie intends to practice the ab-ve business, and trusts, from hia long eiperimce I and known ability, to meet with t^at share of patronage to , which his abilities entitle aim. In returning thanks for all past r favors, he would viniud his friends that he repa'rs every dei acription of watches, Heisaters inuscal and daples. the most , complicated that can lie procured Also, jewelry and diamond I I work set Pearls restrung. Olasses and Keys couatantly on , hand N. B ?Cash paid for old gold and silver. mT lm*m fof~GERMAN LINENS.*4% rPHE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to inform his friends and A the public in general, that he has received (rem Germany, a large assortment 01 uic ceieuratru Daarie.u Jatueu^in all quailIlea, consisting of? Damask Table Cloths, brown, half brown and white, do Napkins, do do do do To arii, do do do do Tea and Dessert Napkina, do Handkerchief* ?f the tiuest quality, Ike., which he offer* for ale at the loweat price. L. N EU STAUT, m!5 lm*rc 3ti7>? Broadway. ' SCOTT'S BAZAAR, TVKY STREET. Number 37, between Broadway and Greenwich. SANDS SCOTT return* hi* ino?t sincere thank* to hi* friend* and the public at large for the Ube al mpport received since he opened the above house, and hopea by the *ame itrict attention to merit a continuance thereof. The qualities of hi* Ale*, Wines, Liquors and Cigars, are too well ktown to need comment, i A large assortment of Refreshments to be had at all hoars ' antil 12 at night, such a*? Beef Steaks, Poached Eggs, Sardines Mutton Cheps Cold Ham, Buckwheat Cakes Fried Kidneys, Cold CornM Beef, Coffee and Tea, ' Ham aud Eggs. Tickled Tongues, Welch Rarebits,dec. ' Dublin Brown-stout always on draught. A good Dinner ol Roast or Boiled \leats for one shilling eye' ry day from one to three o'ctncm. Families supplied with the best Scotch and Irish Whiskey, f No house better supplied with English. Irish, Scotch, VVelsh f and city Papers. Always the latest possible news by the f Steamers. t Good liaoins for Private Parties, Clubs, Meetings and Re a ferences 12 3m?oe UttOADWAY AGAINST THE WORLD. l. rPH r noted thoroughfare is new admitted to be the greatest 1 A mart for the sale of geutlemen's wearing yiuarefin the I United Slates, and the impression that has heretofore existed in f the minds of mauy tual 'purchasers in Broadway are obliged . to |>av an exorbitant price for an article of dress," is fully re. butted, from the kuuwu reputation as to the charg s established by EDWARD F OX, proprietor of the City Cash Tailoring , Establishment, No. 202 Broadway. Here is an advantage to - merchants and others visiting this city to avail themselves of , an ouifp.from a ver. extensive arson in-at of ready made clo. thing, m nuf.ciureil from the best materials and in the most t fashionable style The atte,.lion ol tlie public is particularly > called to visit this establishment and examine the late style of twilled and fancy Cassitnere Office Frocks, desigued lor the ap; proaching seatoo. " Also, an assortment of rich ('bene Velvet and Brocade Vest1 ings, Fancy French Cloths and (Jastirneres, hy the late arrivals " from the celebrated manufactory of F. Btoliey Fils, auiise1 lected expressly for the spring fashions. Garments superbly inade up to order, and if required at a few hours notice. EDWARD FOX. City Cash Tailoring Establishment, 202 Broadway, be'ow Fulton st. mB3m*ec , NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC, a T)K IT KNOWN, that IJJOHN B the year , A> of our lord, one thousand eight huudred and thirty-four, , then a clizen < f tlie State of New York, did make and patent ed an improved sp'ral propelling wheel, es bv let ers patent in . my possession w.II mote fully appear. 1 therefore give public , notice that the propelling wheel, commonly csll-d g.rricsson's r f'rpeller, is tnclcuid in my said letters patent, and I also notify all persons uot to make or use the said prop-llmg wheel without authority f inn me. I reside at present st 339 Pearl itreet, wh're 1 shall be plessed to receive nil persons interested. either iu the title or lor the aie r f said propeller a6 .m*m JOHN B. EMERSON. ) TO THE AMERICAN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, twenty-five years old, hav ing been several years Teacher 'n a College of Paris, would - be happy to b-stow every day some hours in giving private lessons in the French Language, during his sojourn iu this city. I ll you wish to learn rapidly this beautiful and necessary language and to have the best Parisian accent, yon must write to the following directinu and you will cbLatu exactly what I you desire. MR X. O. DE CALMONTIER, ml3 lm*re JB Reada street. I FIRF BRIOR | THE SUBSCRIBER, living in Washington, Sonth River, | J- Middlesex County, Stace of ,"\ew Jersey, is manufacturing a superior article of F ire Brick that surpasses any thing of the kind ever yet offered u the public, which h* will sell at reduced . price*. GEO. W. REYNOLDS. Washington, South River, March 26,1844. N. B.?ApplytoC. Kanease,Agent,Jersey City Iron Works, ] New Jersey, who will always have an assortment ol tke above article on hand, at all times, or to the subscriber, I G. W. REYNOLDS, .Manufacturer, man lm?re Washington. Souih River. ' WILLIAM PKTTET, ' D R A P ER AND T A IL O R, UU FULTON BTKKKT, NKW YORK. T9 now prepared to furnish all who o.ay fsvor him with their , A orders. For the cheapness and durability of his worlt, and , savins thirty per rent, lie offers for their consideration the fol, towing list ol prices:? Huperiiw Press Coats, made to order, $10 Wool dyed lilicks, from 14 to 16 t Cassimere Pants 4 to 6 Kaucv Vests 2 to 3,75 Sack Coats 2,50 to 5,00 Fersous furnishing thei- o so materials?making and trimming in the neatest manner at the following prices > I 'oats from $6 to I Tents and Vests 1 to 1,75 Naval and Military Uniforms made in the best style. N. fl.?Clothing made f-r the sonlhern and western markets with n atners aud despatch A share of the public patronage is solicited. a 12 Im'rc BRASHEARS .V. HEWSON, AUCTION ANOCOMMISSION MICHCHANT8 CINCINNATI OHIO, HAVK KSTABlIisHKU ti-mselves at No. 4 Merchants' How Colombia street. Any consignments made to them of Groceries, Dry Good', Hardware, or Merchandise of any d,~ scrip ion. will receive their uudividee attention, and meet with prompt returns. They refer to? Sfturt. Springer If UVu'feman,') *' Stradtr A Gorman, j " II II Howler if- Co., I " Harrow* + Co., } Cincinnati. Jonah iMwre ire Knj,, K Ihirhanan, Kn/., 1 ?/f Irwin A.'sy . J J. H. Bh 'entierger, Ksq., / Henry Ma<rn<v. ^Pittsburgh. IV K Williams, Ksq. n?t,._?.? Isaac Monroe, Baltimore. Meesrs. K. W. Clark It Co., C. Mscalester, Ksq., Philadelphia Herman Cope, Ksq , ,l i Messrs Dykers It Alstvne. ]i " vVinslow <k I'rrbins, New York J. H. St M. Bates, Jr., ) apt 2wre MEDICAL NOTICE. STnANGKRS a>.d ritixens sffl cted with any form or variety i f syphilitic, mercurial, or otherdisease, o who hare been only halfciiT'illhy the quarks.with which N. York ahounds.had liett-r earaliilly |erute the following letter:?Dr Cooper? . Sir Last July I eoutrart'd a certain private disease, and im e mediately at plied to a doctor, who prom'sed to cure me in a week : 1 emit Mined with him two mouths, hat was gradually e getting worse. I tried one after another, all the adveitismg doetora. ana e&e.h one promts'd positively to cure me. I at length ' diae.ovtred the object of tlieae men waa mo .ey and tbat they were no'die tors. I conclude,I to go into the h'<tt>itll, w here - the docors kept me unde' a ronrse of mercury for eight weeks j - my ihroat and note wamlceraied, paint in all my joints, and ' my body covered with ulcers ; I w at a complete skeleton, the - doctors considered it dangerous to give me any more mediciue, . anil advised a son-nern cliTale. I left ihe hospital, and by ad * viceof several friends placed myself under your care on lbs t first of January list I am now well and restored to perfect Iwalth. I with this published. thgMAS GREEN. CtrpVBtOTMd JoiMTt lltflra, N? \ p Dr. Cooper warrant* to cure *very no matter now long " sta idinsr of stricture, ami reminal weakness, and mild cxt*n V rritate nttUdie* cur*d in IB hours, without interfering p with the patient's habits With one exception, Dr Cooper u (Ln|yf"*?,%r |ftfiCeon and rhysician who advertise in?w s l . '* hooper1* office, 14 Ouane street, two doom from Chatham street. M No cure, no paya!7 lm*ea 1W Y i r YORK, SATURDAY MC THREE 1JAYS LATER j FROM ENGLAND. ARRIVAL OF THE CAMBRIDGE. Extraordinary Increase of Specie in the Bank of England. STATE OF THE MARKET. POLITICAL AND FASHIONABLE INTELLIGENCE. The packet ship Cambridge, Capt. Burstow, has arrived from Liverpool with advices to Sunday the 17th ult. inclusive. News from the continent has been anticipated by the St. Nicholas. The most important intelligence from England is the state of commerciul affairs in that country. There has been a most extraordinary increase of bullion in the Bank of England. The Cotton market was in a very unsettled state. Brices had a downwurd tendency. In tho English markets prices generally were without change. Two packet ships, the Rochester, Britton, and the liarrick, Trask, had arrived out?the latter in six teen days. We may mention by the way of a statement ol the Newry Examiner, that Lord WarnclifV will succeed tne fcarl ue Orey as Rord lieutenant of Ireland, and Lord Langdale, Sir Edward Sugden as Irish Chancellor. It was rumored and believed, that the Duke D' Angouleme died at Goritz about the Sth inst. The Emperor of Russia was expected to visi England in the month of May. There has been an excitement at Marseilles, in consequence of a row between the crews of an English and a French merchantman, which resulted in a sound thrashing given to the captain, ollicers and crew of the French ship, on their own quarter deck. The French, in Marseilles, were greatly exasperated, and wished to make it u government affair. The London Post thinks that the banquet and glorification at Covent Garden Theatre, in honor of O'Connell, was highly disgracelul to the English national character. From an olficial return of the French municipal authorities, it appears that on the first of January last, there were no fewer than 60,000 English residents in Paris. Accounts from Paris state that the Duke of Nemours is seriously indisposed. The complaint is said to be sore throat. The Bresluw Gazette says there is a report of a projected marriage of the King of Hanover to the Dowager Grand Duchess Alexandria of Mecklenburg. A letter from Berlin, of the 22d of February, states that the King of Prussia had been attacked by mea* sels; but the symptoms were of the mildest iorin. The Marquis of Larochejacauelin has been >ed member for Ploermel, so that the whole of legitimist deputies who resigned have now been elected. A letter in the Rhine Gazette says?"Th< vorce of Prince Wasa from the Princess of j 11 is definitely determined on. It is stated tli Princess will repair to Manheimto her mother, her daughter will follow her." Should the negoliationsfor the marriage between tlw ArnlulnllP Sfpnhpn of A iialrin u/itli Prin/muu I Olga of Russia, which arc at present being carried on, terminate favorably the dowry of the princess is to be 2,000,000 of silver rubles, and an annuity ot 30,000 ducats. We see by the. Cologne Gazette that the verdict of the tribunal of Al/.ei, in the case of M. Ilaber, for the duel in Germany, which ended so fatally, lias been pronounced. M. de Ilaber, having been found guilty, is sentenced to the minimum of the punishment awarded by law. lie is to be imprisoned for six months in a fortress. The seconds were acquitted. Teas.?The public sale which took place yesterday gave no evidence of the opinions of the trade having become more settled respecting the probable range of prices. There were upwards ot 10,(KK) packages exposed to the hammer, about onefifth of which only met purchasers. The importer calculate upon a considerably extended consumption during the present year, in consequence of the improved state of trade, whilst the shrewder iiart ot dealers held off buying,on the presumption that the quantity imported will, in till probability, be on a still higher ratio.? Jjjndon Standard, March 13. Her Majesty's Levee.?The Queen held a levee on Wednesday afternoon, 13th, at St. James's Palace. Her Mujesty and Prince Albert, and the royal suite, arrived from Buckingham Palace, escorted by a party of the Royal Kegiinent of Horse Guards, in five of the royal carriages und four, shortly before two o'clock. The royal suite included the Viscountess Jocelyn (lady in waiting,) the Marquis of Orntond (lord in wuiting,) Sir Frederick Stovin (groom in waiting,) Lord Charles Wellesley (clerk marshal,) Colonel the Hon. Charles Grey (equerry in wniting,) the Marquis of Iixpter (groom ot the stole to the prince,) Marquis of Granby (lord in waiting on his royal highness,) Captain Francis Seymour (groom in waiting on his royal highness,) and Major General Sir Edward Bowater (aquerry in waiting on his royal highness.) Her Majesty looked remarkably well, and went through the fatiguing duties of the day with her usual urbanity and grace. This, we trust, will silence the contemptible rumors afloat of the state of Her Majesy's health. This being the first occasion upon which the state apartments have been thrown ooen since they have been newly embellished and furnished, their improved appearance was a subject of general remark at the levee. The whole of the materials employed are of home manufacture. The dtaperies in the throne room, and the Queen's closet, are composed of crimson and gold tissue-de-verre. relieved bv crimson velvet, which it was allowed might challenge a comparison with the most elaborated productions of the foreign loom. The walls lire hung with crimson brocade. The hangings of the throne are of crimson silk velvet, emblazoned with gold. Her majesty's seat is formed of the same rich fabric, edged with deep bullion fringe of a costly description. The window curtains are chastely embroidered. The two large drawing rooms are finished in a style of corresponding magnificence. The valuable paintings which cover the walls of the apartments have auto been cleaned. The effect ot these renovations is extremely goad, and elicited general approbation. The alterations have been made under the direction and superintendence of her Majesty's Commissioners of Woods and F'orests. Theatricals. Streetss or Mr. Hatton's Opera, " PabcaI. Bruno," at Vienna.?Wc have been favored with the following extract of a letter from Vienna, and we learn with great pleasure thut the unexampled fact of a work produced at the Imperial Theatre, before the critical Vienese amateurs, had been attended with much success. Mr. Hatton was formerly

chorus-master at Drury-lane Theatre, and was known as a pianist and bass singer of ability:? " Vienna, March 4 ?I write to you according to promise, to inform you of the success of Mr. Button's < >pera. which was given on the 2d, for the benefit of Ilcrr Staudtgl. The first act pleased very iimi'ii, rtimorvrmi jurt co nriu rucwicu, iiiciuuiu^ the first song of Staudigl nnil Mdlle. Lufzer's son*? with (he caslHgnettea. Mr. Hatton was very much applauded, and wax obliged to rise three times from his seat as conductor to bow liia thanks. After the first act there was unbounded approbation, and Mr. Hatton was called before the curtain, first with chaudigl and Lutzer, and then a second time alone. The second and third acts did not please so much, and I assure you we suffered lor Hatton, because Ins opera whs miserably performed,Lutzer and Staudigl excepted. M file. Hichl sang so badly that she was compelled to leave off singing in the middle of a duet. I cannot conceive how Mr. Hatton could allow her to perform this part, because the finest opera must be ruined by such a singer. It was not repeated yesterday, as she threw up her part, which she would have done right to give up before the first representation. You will be sorry to hear that poor Charles Filloch, the. pianist prodigy, is so unwell that he is about to proceed to Venice, where lie must remain n whole year without touching Ins instrument." 3RK )RNING, APRIL 20, 1844 The Operatic Wori.d.? Activity reigns at her Majes'y's Theatre. The rehearsal of llerold's "Zampa," are frequent, and ofu nature to realise the expectations that Knglish amateurs will confirm the judgment of Italy and Germany as to this rhft d'lTUVre. I'ersiani has a tine narl ?li#? h?r/iln? her requisite science ami impassioned expression will do ample justice to the music. The same week Mdlle Favunii is to appear in "Cenerentola." She arrives here with all her Neapolitan triumphs, and as our fair countrywoman should be enthusiastically received even if Italy hud not "pronounced."? The. favored Carlottu* irisi's star cannot be prolonged beyond the end of the week. The performances this week, 16th, at the Theatre Royal, have been unusually attractive, and lull and fashionable audiences have been tbe result. Mad. Vestrisnnd Mr. Chas. Matthews commenced u brief engagement on Monday in the "School for Scandal," which was repeated the following evening. Galli'b Concert.?Tins was one of the very best concerts of the season, the veteran beneticiaire being assisted by the principal Italian artists, and Barhoilet, of the Grand Opera, who with Mme. Grist, Salvi, and Ronconi, carried oil the applauses of the auditory, winch was sullicieutly numerous to lill Uerz's room. Mr. Wtr.soN's Entertainments.?VVe are glad to perceive that tins distinguished vocalist is to visit us again; and still more, that he is to give Ins Jacobite songs. The "Adventures of l'rutce Charlie" is his masterpiece, in our estimation, whether we regard tin- historical sketch ot the subiect or the selection of songs. The account Mr. Wilson gives of the rising in 1743-6,is exceedingly well arranged, described with both spirit and feeling, and in itself, even without the songs, well worthv of attention. But when with this we have combined the beautiful souiCH which the tuciiliileu cnnninn-lu we<lil?fl ii? the finest Scottish airs, a more delightful entertainment cannot well be imagined. We observe, also, that Mr. Wilson is to give a morning entertainment embracing a miscellaneous selection from the Scottish songs, and including several of his hest performances, "Saw ye my wee thing," "Laird o' Cockpen," "Get up and bar the door," "Allister M'Allister," "Lizzie Lindsay," icc. We find by the London papers, that Mr. I5unn proposes to continence a rivalry with her Majesty's l'heatre this summer; so we read in the Standard of Wednesday last " It is said tlut a plan is in agitation to give a series of Italian performances at one of the large theatres in the metropolis during the ensuing summer, and that liubini, Tamburini, and Madame Viardot Garcia, have been applied to on the subject." A monument of the hest kind is preparing just now to the memory of Handel, namely, a perfect edition of the works of that truly greut composer, to be published by subscription. Princess's Theatre.?A new ballet, in two acts and font tableaux, was produced at this theatre on Saturday night week. The Rcene is under, on, and near the Lakes of Killarney ; the music, which is composed and adapted by M. Corri. is well selected; and the dances, which ure arranged by Mad. Vecly, arc national and characteristic. A new piece was also produced at this house on Wednesday under the name of "< tone to Texas." The plot <>f the farce, which is in one act, and evidently written jor Mr. and Mrs. Keeley, is not destitute of ingenuity. The curtain fell amid partial applause, and the piece, without uny dissentient symptoms, was announced for repetition. Her Majesty's Theatre.?The commencement of the season has, as we anticipated, been most auspicious. "Adelia" and " La Esmeralda" have been repeated with enthusiastic success to crowded and fashionable audiences. Carlotta Grim, Madles Adelaide Krasi, l'lampiet, Schefler, Ferdii rville, have all obtained deserved applause. This theatre is now in the hands of a gentleman, who not only considers himself called upon to perform lus every promise to the public,but who also deems himself bound to strain every sinew for the purpose of surpassing their most sanguine expectations. Naples.?"Margherita d'Arragon," a new opera, I by V'incen/.o Dattista, has been played at the Sail Carlos with great success. The principal parts were taken by Coletti, Frascheni, Gruitz, and Goldberg. The first season of the Itulicns in the Russian capital bait closed, having been attended with a degree of success and encouragement towards the principal nrtiites which promises to make St. Petersburg and the Russians become what London ami ths English have been so long?the golden dream of every artiite of eminence. InTeadingof the magnificent presents made to liubini, Tamburini, and Mine, viardot, it is impossible to deny that, whatever may he said of imperial despotism, it appears only to be made visible to our great singers by the princely generosity of the Emperor and fiis Court, and His Majesty's amiable condescension towards them. Milan ?Pacini's new opera " l'Ebrea" has not altogether realised the expectations formed of it; but unything short of brilliant success from the pen of such a great and gilted composer, is at once construed by the million into a failure. The work abounds with beauties of the highest order?some of the concerted music is magnificent. Amongst the pieces, and air for the tenor, and rondo for the soprano, appear to be especially distinguished, as they never pass without a repetition, and a call for the composer. Ivanotl and Mine. Montenegro did full justice to the music?the latter in this, the first original part in which she has appeared, more than justified the opinion formed of Iter by the representation of "Norma." "Linda di Chaniouni" lias been given at the Scala for the first time during the past week. Its reception was most enthusiastic. It is regarded by many of the journalists here as one of Donizetti's best works. Queen | )onna Maria of Portugal has conferred on Donizetti, for his dedication to her majesty of his opera of "Don Sebastian," one of the civil orders of knighthood. Meyerbeer's opera, " The Huguenots," which has been performed for many years at the theatre at Wiirzburg, has just been interdicted, upon repre sentutton oi tiie clerical uuttiorities ot mat city. Spain. We have received the Madrid journals of the Oth, and those of Barcelona of the 8th. The only fact of interejt contained in the former is the announcement of the surrender of Alicant, but tlie few details which are Riven in addition to the account received here by the telegraph are riot of importance. The Heraldo states that Bonct, the insurgent chief, had effectually succeeded 'in making his escape across the lines of the blockade, but that some of the persons who were with bun had beenretaken, and were to be shot. It would appear that the C'ommandnnt of the fortress of Ahcarit had been in secret negotiation with trenerul Rnnculi, and that lionet having been apprised of this oircamaUaee, and of the probability of Ids joining the Queen forces,immediately resolved to provide for Ins own safety. The news of the surrender ot Carthagena was hourly expected in Madrid. From Barcelona we learn that Queen Christina had reviewed the troops, by whom she was received with great enthusiasm, as was the ease also with the populace generally. Italy., Fkb. 21.?The King and Royal Family have this year greatly encouraged tlie gayeties of the carnival (which, for many previous seasons, had been very dull) bygiving numerousJettini, anil fref|uentlv driving through the Toledo. The King revived the old custom of distributing confiti among the mas>|ueraders, and his Majesty one day, attired in a black domino, attended by eight gentlemen ot the Royal household, threw from Ins vehicle an abundant quantity amongst tlie multitude, which was eagerly picked up, and many of them resold hy the poorer possessore. On last Sunday the King for a full lunir, mixed in the vast crowd at the Fcstino ill Ballo, at the San Carlos, and appeared greatly to participate in the freaks and frolics going on there Alter midnight there was a grand banquet in the Royal box, at which the Queen was present. The grand assemblies generally given at tins period of the year hy the leading members of the haat ton have, however, not been so numerous tiiis season. The news of the demise of the Infante Uonna Carlotti has caused the Court halls to he postponed. The projected marriage of Count Trapani and Queen Isabella is again on the tapis, and strongly supported by the Queen Dowager and the Duke de M?- . The young Count was to have been sent to Paris, but this was strongly objected to by the King. A terrific sirocco storm raged here for three days last week, which, being so uncongenial to h Neapolitan climate, occasioned much illne?s and a number of deaths, besides considerable damage amongst the shipping. In the gulls of Salerno and J'olicastro many vessels have been lost. A French frigate, with wounded troops fiorn Africa, was for some time drifting off here, and was in imminent danger, but their signals of distress having at last reached tins shore, a Koyal steamer was sent to their assistance. The wet.(tier has prevented the Count A<|inla's departure for the Rra/.ils. Amongst the foreigners whose presence causes some attention is t'eneralBustamente. The traffic on the Caserta Railroad is immense and on several occasions the trains were so full that numbers ol passengers were of necessity left behind at Caserta, amongst whom were numerous HER J. English, who, although always ready with theii purees, were obliged to put up with an uncomfor table night's lodging, there being as yet but i very limited number of hotels established. Tin San Carlos Theatre has just produced a new open entitled "Margherita degliAragonesi," the ruuair b; Battesta, with La Goldeberg as prima donna. Tin work was favorably received, and is likely to tuv a successful career. Sweden. A letter from Stockholm, of the 1st inst., says " The cold continues here. At 40 miles north i Stockholm, we have had for tlie last three weeks cold of 40 degrees. At Stockholm itself it ha been at from 17 to 20. The sea, between our coat and Aland, is entirely frozen over, and the ice is s strong,that a few days since, the mail-coach to Km sia, drawn by four horses, travelled for 10 mile over it?nmiielv friini Klcern In ( iritlelhiini." Germany. The Manheim Inurnnl stat: . luun Vienna, tha the first prize (250,tH)0fr.) nt hie Ktute lottery l'o 183!(, which was drawn on the l*t. in-t., has bee gained by the house of Rothschild. We read in a Berlin letter of the 7th inst , pul Ushed hy the Bremen Gczette:?" The Queen Rowland and I'rince Albert are expect at Berlin o 15th of May. It is not intended to attach any polit cal importance to this visit. The Emperor ot Rui sia will arrive at about the same time. The Quee of England will visit the hanks of the Rhine." The King ol the Netherlands has just sent out vessel with presents front the Emperor of Japan They consist principally of candelabras aad olhe articles in bronze and crystal, arms, works and in struments in astronomy, Ac., and filling altogethe IK cases. Amongst the presents is the King's por trait. Hungary. An important measure has been recently adoptee by the Hungarian liiei. Hitherto the nobles o Hungary who are very numerous, many even of tin smallest farmers being noble, have been exenmtei from the payment of taxes. The Diet lias resolvei that this shall no longer be the case; but the umoun and mode of taxation remain to he decided. Sardinia. The Sardinian government lias just contracted i 5 percent of loan of l,<M)0,000f. (jCHiOJkK)), a por tion ot which is to he paid off annually hy lots dur ing a period of 21 yearr, until the whole is reim hursed. The object of this loan is to provide a funi for public works of utility. ItUMla, We leal n from R ussia that the Emperor has is sued an ordonnance suppressing upon the Europear frontier of his dominions the duty hitherto leviei upon the importation of horses. The 1st of last month being the lOOlhanniversarj of tlie incorporation of New liussia with the Kus sian empire, was celebrated with some pomp a Odessa. The Odntvi Journal gives the lollowini comnarative account of die state of the country 11H years back and at present:?" New Russia," say that Journal, "100 years ugo scarcely contninei 100,000 inhabitants, and these were a collection o various bodies, living by robbery and violence. Th sHine country now contains 00 towns, 200 colonie of t lerman, Bulgarians, Servians, and Jews, 200 domains and villages, and 1,300,000 souls. Th commerce with foreign countries throws ever year 2o,<(00,(HJ0 silver roubles (the silver rouble i worth about 41. 50c.) into circulation. The com mercial movement of Odessa, in 1843, was 17,141, 023 silver roubles, the export being 7,897,1112. Mos cow curtained in January, 1843, 357,185 inhutn tants, and the value of the buildings is not lcs than 70,000,000 silver roubles, the insurnnees o which amount to 23,500,000silver roubles." Markets. I.ondox Moni.v Market, Kiiitay evening, March 16.There was nothing special passing at the Stock K) change to-ilay. The ipiotations lor Knglish securltii were better, the broker for the. commissioners giving, fc about ?30,000 Consols, the rateot %J. The increase i the amount taken by hun yesterday uml to-day created little surprise, hut it appears that, besides the sum regain for the savings hanks, he has hail to invest in l 'onsets tl proceeds of some life annuities which have recentl (alien in. Hank Stock for the account left oil' 198 to t India for the account ?304 to 0 ; Thrnc-and u-llalf pi Cents, Now lO-Ji to I : Consols I'hJ to > tor money and a count, Kxchequer bills 71s to ?'4? prem. It was settling day in the foreign market, anil the a justment of ditferences among the jobbers occupied tl chief attention The quotations remain in the men while nearly the same. Two-and-a-llalf per Cent l)nt< Stock was 57J 10 I i Five per Cent ditto 101 'J to 1 ; Bi zilian Hi to I ; Mexican >8j totl' ; Portuguese 46J to Kive per Cent Spanish 'J5 to 1 ; Three per Cent tlitto 351 J ; Deterred 14 to } ; Passive ill tn J , Venezuela 39J to 41 The markets were all well supported, that lor shai forming no exception. I'komissort Notes, tic., am> Bank or- Knoland. March 4, I M l iviii.ASn Bank of Kngland, .... ?91,471,( I'rivate Banks, 4,992,1 Joint Stock llunkf, 3,427,1 scotland. Chartered, I'rivate, and Joint Stock Bauka, 2,664,1 ireland. Bank of Ireland, 3,609,6 i'rivate and Joint Stock Banka, - * 2,436,4 Total, Jt'38,612,6 Bullion in the Bank of Kngland, - 16,011,0 London Proviiion Maiikpt?Thursday, March 14?Ti Irish Bucon market continues to advance, and 2s high rates must lie noted on the best mild cured qualitii Prime Watertord is 40:; to 42s; heavy, 3*s to 39s. I.a in good demand for all qualities, and rutin" dearer, Kit Irish Butter is scarce, and fully us n ut the iuferi lots, oi which thu supply isists, is slow sale, and prices lower. The su u. ' iltar in London 42.000 casks, and lo.noo more tlian in .March lost year. Liverpool Cotton Market, Kriday March 14.?T demand this week was gradually improving up to t close of Wednesday, when prices of the lower qualities American up to fair, had almost advanced jd per lb up what could nave been obtained on Kriday. The steame accounts to the 29th lilt., received that night, had a t< dency to check the then improving aspect of the mark and it opened with comparative flatness yesterday, t demand subsiding and prices becoming unsteady; wli they had advanced was aguin lost, and to-day those wl are desirous to sell would be scarcely able to obtain tl rates current for the qualities above noted, this day weal Speculators have taken 7600 bales of American, and e |iorters 460 American and 50 Sural; the trnde 18,600 bal of all kinds, The sales to-day are alaiut 3noo bales. Tl import this week is 6,726 bags; the sales 26,600, viz : Sale' this U'frk. 11. tl. Samr period in 1643. tl. i 60 Sea Islands 12 a 20 1 HO Sea Islands 9 a'2 10 Stained do tit a 04 20 Stained do. 3 a 7,6nO Upland 6} a tij 7,040 Upland 3f a 12,090 NewOrlcnns 51 a 7 13,360 New Orleans 31 a 2,750 Alabama kc. 5] a tit 2,740 Alabama be. 3; a Up to March 15, 1*44 and 1643. Hales. Half. Taken on speculation 236,500 6ti,200 Taken for export 1,510 9,400 Taken by the trade 259,630 256,650 Stock in Liverpool 610,700 619,list Liverpool Cotion Market, March 14.--The sales slni Kriday, amount to22,000 bales, of which 7000 wera taki on sjieeulntion To day sales are 300U bales, of which 4* American are taken for export -prices are lowered jd p lb. Arrived, since Kriday, four vessels Irom the limit States, and one lrom Brn/.il. Liverpool Corn Marret, Kriday, March 15 ?The aev rjl duties on grain and flour of all descriptions rem a without alteration; that on foreign wheat will prubahl continue at the rest of IHg. for several weeks to com when a gradual further reduction is calculated upo Notwithstanding the prevalence of tempestuous weathe tlie arrivals ol Wheat and Mnlt into this port since Tne day an-to a fuirextent coastwise, anil we have a lew pa cola of wheat, with an average supply ot oatmeal an Klourlrom Ireland; several cargoes til wheat are alao e: tered from the Medilerrenean, in well an 3W70 barrels flour Irom the United Statu. The dullness existing i every department ol the ( 'orn trade at our last market, r mained unaltered by any features ol an improved chara ter up to the clone of yesterday; in the general range price*, however, no variation was apparent. Having no extensive purchasers of any article at tli day'a market, and the same unaccountable indifference, described on Tuosday, continuing to prarai] gonerau we have again to renort an extremely difficult sale for i kinds of Wheat, and :i further decline of at least Id p 7<tit) indiscriminately. Hour likewise remained in a an ilar languid state as before, and was nominally somewh depressed in value. The multstera, to all appearance, st wholly on the reserve tlie late arrivals ot barley ha been mostly landed In Orauary, and except a few limit parcels taken lor seed, no sales are reported: the price this <irain, as well rh lor Malt,is consequently rather lo< it. beans and Peas, allhongh In slow request, maintu our last quotations. Oats, having moved oft very sparin ly, hardly support their previous value; and Oatmeal, which the transactions to-day have been extremely unit portant, has again declined 3d per load.the best Irish ma ufacture scarcely exceeding Tl* per 1401b. The I Ml ba il ls of Daltimore flour under lock, which were offered b auction on Tuesday, nnd withdrawn at J-is were dispose of subsequently at 'its f>d per tiarrel for export; but i Wheat, either in bond orto arrive, little baa transpirei only two or three contracts of minor extent having bee made on rather easier teims. Llvxarooi. Msaan, Marrh 16? Our cotton market I i been to-day very dull, the sales reaching only i"iKi ha lei at prices establishing a decline ol hi. ja-r lb. since the ai rival of the Hibernie steamer < orn market very dul and prices of wln at and flour have declined Turpentir in fair demand at higher rates; 900 bbls sold at auction, I is 4d a 6s. 7d per rwt. for fair to fine qualities Lirrr-fooi. Psnvisiov Missi r -I- riday, March 15 Lei activity has la-en experienced in the Irish tirovisic market during the past week than we had previously notice, with ju ices about the same lor Bacon, Hams, ar Lard, as well as Beef and Pork (or ship stores. I ' LLD. Wh Two C?nU< nine Of i HAOK, L.I??.nruoi..? oiutc ?ar iasr liuoiicatiou. we are in receipt of letter* from India and America of late dates, and so far as respects the trade of these countries with Kngland, the news to hand must he consult ret* in a favorable light For Manchester goods there is again likely to bo a good exjiort demand, especially as f prices may shortly be expected to decline a little, owing e to the altered position of this market for the rnw material. C Spmners still buy cautiously, and what speculators do is not sufficient to prevent a gradual giving way on the part of sellers. The decline from the highest jioint of the market tiiis year, is not less than Id |>tr Hi , and the statistic* - of the crop brought by the ilibemia, indicating a produc>1 tion ot 1 ,'.Hit),noo hales, can scarcely have any other effect a than that of causing increased depression on the market. s The cheapness uf money is slowly inducing speculslion in articles ot minor importance, and now the amount in0 vested by capitalists and adventurers in produce generally , is greater than it has been for many years. Tho feeling that an alteration in the sugar duties is intended, s is becoming more general; and it is pleasing to find a modification recommended even by some of our West India merchants and others, who consider that their own interests would not lie injured, and are at least it willing to support the attempt 'I he market in tba >r present state of uncertainty, is of course not very atiiman ted. There is a large and rapidly extending export business going on to all parts. The demand for shares has been considerable, and prices generally are higher, Li?j. in pool Aftreury, March 16. Stvik ni Tbids, Misi hiitis, Friday K.vening Wo have hnd hut little chance this week either in the demon,! or value of cloth : the exception* are that cloth lor IidIiu " and < hina is rather higher, with a brisk demand, whilst It printing clo'h in again ruthrr lower, even since Tuesday. Varus are without any decided change, except *uch a* a are suitable lor the L'rudlurd market, and these are rather ! dearer. r Rochdade Fi.anvkl. Market, Monday.?To-day there has been another quiet market ; much similar to that of last week. Prices are low, and the demand more limited r than it was two or three week* ago. In the wool market " there is very little change, price* firm, and sale* limited. Haiifax, Saturday.?The demand for all kinds of goods continues brisk, and prices very firm at the late udvance | on all descriptions. From appealances, we may with cer. t.iinty calculate on a continued fair demand, and at least present prices, as the tendency is still rather upwards 'J than otherwise. No change in wool or yarns. 1 Leeds, Tuesday ?The demand lor cloths suitable for il China is still good, and storks cf this kind are getting t very low. The large advance which has taken place 'hia year on low goods is likely to continue, if not increase. The lino cloths are not so brisk as the low and middling qualities ; but on the whole the trade ia decidedu ly healthy. Uhadeohii, Thursday.?'The piece market is yet brisk and manufacturers readily obtained lust week's prices.? Varus are scarcely so hri*k as on this day week ; stocks j are low and prices Arm. Wool in good supply, and if any ' change it is In iavor of the buyer. Latest from Texas.?By the Neptune, at New . Orleans, we have Oalveston papers and Houston ! papers of the 4th in.-t. j The papers are tilled tvtilt extracts from United States journals touching the ull absorbing question ol annexation. The news by the Neptune is altogether w ithout J interest. Gen. Houston and Gen Murphy the American \ Minister, were at Oalveston when the boat left, s having arrived the previous day from the seat of I Government. , Mr. Elliott, II. B. M. Charge d'Affaires in Texas, ? we learn,cuntp passenger in the Neptune from Galvest on. ("apt. Klliott, has retired from the mission, j. and is now on his return to England, intending t<>_ pass, previous to his departure, tor the benefit of Ins health, which is not good, some time at the ' White Sulpher Springs in Virginia. The Journals , of Texas express much regret at Captain Elliott's ~ departure f rom their country, f The result of the Texan Mission to Mexico had _ not transpired in Texas at the departure of the * Neptune. It wns not believed, ftowrver, that any " permanent or definite arrangement had been made, l'rivate letters, which we have, seen, lead to the supposition that the policy which Mr. Bunkheud, the present British Minister to Mexico, is charged _ with, will put a new face on the relations of Mexico t. ami Ti>tu? in raw tin, hitter I'ltnnlrv he ncuin spurned from thiB Confederacy. ir Gen. James Hamilton, came passenger in the 111 Neptune. There is little news by this arrival from Texas. The same theme that here engrosses the public y attention, also absorbs every tojiic there. >; There was a white frost in Houston on the 30th sr ult., and a hail storm near by on the Thursduy c- previous. The first " cahbalada" of horses seen in Houston since the war of Canales, were brought in and offered for sale on the 1st inst. There are now about oop hundred and sixty *a. families in the colony in the Cross Timbers. Thirty 7 j of them are located West of the Trinity. The to company will forfeit its contract for this colony, M unless two hundred and fifty families are settled in rv? this traci by the first of June next. The mails are aeain in operation. The average cost of their transportation, by mile, is set down at eight dollnis and sixty nine cents. The Knglish brig Leviathan, fiom Liverpool,ran I00 upon a bar in entering Galveston harbor, on the 4th. "? A portion of her cargo had to be thrown overboard and there were four feet of water in her hold when 91 taken to the wharf. There are some thirty fugitive slaves from Texas no in and about Matamoras. They are with one or ,iih two exceptions, idle, ragged and discontented.? The highest rate of wages for those who are willing *7 to work, and can get employment, does not exceed 1:0 five dollars per month, and clothing and goods of he all kinds are so dear as to render it impossible for er them to live in decency upon such wages. Immediately alter the arrival ol the New York, r'1 saysthe Telegraph, about ten days days since, des patches were tor warded in great haste to Washingc( ton. It is not known to what they relate: but it is j5 understood that they were from the British Mirss (er m the United States. The (ioverntiient prohe bably considered them of little importance or was not desirous to answer them promptly, for the ?f messenger who took them lo Washington did not ?.n return until long after the New York had set sail f* on her re turn. Jndcckxt mope of Walkiivo.?Allow me to call your attention to the new and indecent manner of l10 walking in our public streets, practised by a few 8,. young men when escorting ladies in our tashionak. hie promenades, by the gentleman lapping his arm x- and shoulder behind and against the lady's, in vety e? close anu improper contact. h" It appears to me that none but 'he most impudent fellows would dare to take such liberties in open ' day, and in the public streets; and it speaks very 1 little, lor the delicacy of those young Indies who ''*! submit to it. I should be vrry apt to kick a fellow who should dure to take the liberty with a female relutive of mine, and if she submitted to it, I should soon put an end to her promenading. 1 saw this morning, a young lady in Broadway, escorted by two gallants in this manner, one to each shoulder, and at a distance, I thought they were two constables, lugging otl a girl to the Police Ofliee. ;e 1 trust that your animadversions upon it, will put n an end lo this insipient and indecent practice. ' 0 Censor. i?r - ? td ArroiNTMKNTs hy tiik Governor?April 10 ? I; ichinond Co.?1! icliard D. Little, judge, vices. P. Cod lington, resigned. in A pill 17. Jamcii I'halen. of New Vol k, Brigade Major Iy and Inspector t> Brigade Artillery, place of W m Horace e, Crown, resigned I.ewli K. Hmitli, oi Saratoga Co , Brii). Rude Major and Insjicctor of 9 Brigade Infantry, plare ol r, \Vm (iates, jr., resigned. Jolin IS. Kulsom.ol Wyoming, s- I trig,nle Major find Inspector <1 Brigade Infantry, place of r- ' II. Turner, resigned. Hamilton A Brown, ol Otaceo id county, Brigade Major anil Inspector ol a Brigade ii- lufuntry, place of lohn II. <fngg?, i. signed. John of II. McKftrland, Washington rotinfj. Brigade Major and in Inspector of 10 Brigade Infantry, placed M faircl.ild? e- resigned. Jacob Braisted, New Vork, Bngade Major and c. Inspector 1 Brigade Horse Artillery, place It Brown-ie. ol signed. Peter < ornpton, Havana, ' hemung ( o? Brigade Major and Inspector H Bngnde Infantry, nlaee W. Skillmger?resigned foseph Hunks, Salem, Washington Co., ^ Brigade Major and Insneetor i Brigoile t nvalry, place ( y. y renus (Jibln?resigned. Extraordinary I'tKJ ? The hostile meeting "r which lias I or some lime past been in contempla"V tion la'tween <?en Sanimanai and I ommodoie HiriiAi n, "* took (dace yesterday afternoon on the Kortin I'lantation, Uentilly Road. The weapons were pistols, and the disv',' tamo ten paces. Three shots were exchanged before the ' ' conflict terminated. On the first round, Com Kiehnnd's 0 pistol misseil fire, in consequence of hi* opponent's hall having entered the muzzle The ser?nd was without e/lect. On the third un l last, ' om Hienaud received his F? adversary's hall in the left breast, above the nipple, while at tin1 same time i ten Hantmariat was slightly wounded in " the groin, t orn llichaud's wound, though a dangerous ' one, is not considered mortal, and confident hopas are entertaineil that he will reeover. ,;i Another account says that a sanguinary duel took placo n yesterday, in the vicinity ol the city, between Com. Hie 1 band, formerly of the Mexican Navy, and (Jen Santmn nut, recently Governor of Tohasco. It was agreed, we hear, that the parties should tight with pistols, at ten paces, until one or both fell. At the third fire, fliebaud w was shot through the body, the ball from the pistol of hit b adversary, passing near the region of the heart It was not supposed, however, at a late hour last evening, that he was mortally wounded.?JV O Tropin J R'p .7;>nf II. Ohio Hivkr.? At Wheeling, "u Monday, the Ohio Itiver had eight (eel ol w ater In the channel, and ?? was falling. to Warm.?The Thermometer on Sunday nfternoon id stood at 83 in thn shade, and HO at sunset. This Is remarkable for the middle of April.? JintSrtltr Demount.