Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1844 Page 1
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III! ! I 111 T H Vol. X., No. 113-WHoU Do. M83! To tit* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapapw?publt-1 j . r.i ^ ar 1 Voar'a . a* anil iixueu every uay ui iae year except new - ? j Fourth of July. Trice 2 cent* per copy?or $1 ' ** P"r an" Bum?nostages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price #1 centa per copyi or $3 19 per annumpostages paid, cash in a Mrance. ADVERTISERS are inlortned that the circulation ol (he Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It ha* the largeet circulation oj any paper in thi* city, or the world, and i*, therefore, the be tt channel for butinesi men in the city or country. Trices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the moat moderate price, and in the most elegant stylo. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. f PaeraicToa or the IIkhai.o Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Naaeuu streets. _ ? ^ arm HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL The Royal Mail Steam Ship ACADIA Kyri* Es<i., Commander. will laave Boston for the above port s on Wednesday, oaiBBBMfca May lat, uest. The steamer H1BERNIA, will leavt Boston on Thursday, May 16th. Passage for Liverpool Passage for Halifax - 2S. Apply Co D. BR1GHAM, Jr.. Aaaot, See No. S Wall street. SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. BLOOMINUIMLE. MANHATTANVILLE AND FOItT WASHINGTON LINE OK STAGES Fare to M inhettanvdle, 12>^ Cents. Ka?e to Fort Washington efli Centv. ilk. Ti.ia Lin# nf Hi air#* will rnmmoMim runoinil >n M nd iy, April 1, 1114, u follows :?LcavB> fltWWMt ng MAi.livtauTil'a at 7 o'clock, A. M , and .u._,.ig every hour uni>l 6 P M. Leaving New York, corner ol Tryon llow and Chatham at, two doois rait of the llsrlem Railroad Office, at 9 o'clock, A. M , and routinue runniugrrrry hoar until B P. M. This Line of Slices pissei the 'rphan and Lunatic Asvlnms, Buruh.m's Mansion House, the Abbey and Backer's Hotel, Trinity Church Cemetry, the High Bridge and hurt Washington. B mOOUK. my? Im*re Proprietor. I?tw VOUK AND PHILADELPHIA 1LA jAOAU LINE DIRECT. ? Fob Newabk, N?wBnunswicK,Pmmc?Toi?, Trenton. Bobbentown And fluRLijioron. THROUGH IN SIX HOUR*. , , r Lear lug New York daily from the foot of Courtlandt at. Morning Line at? A. M.?Mail Pilot Line attX P. M. The. Morning Line proceeds to Bordaotown, from thaaee by Itenmboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite tc Philadelphia) wjthout change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot ol Courtlandt street, wherp a commodious steamboat, will be is readiness, with b.iggagercrates en board. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to city wihout being opened by the way Each train ia provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms eg^reaaly foi the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from'the foot of Walnut street, bv steamboat to liordentown at 7 o cloak, A. M, and by railroad Crom Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The lines far Baltimore leave Philadelphia at IX A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation of the lines from New York. j9 8m*m jfflfey riONrnmrv AND PITTSBURG, BY THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL It RAIL ROAD, Thia superior Lin* of Packets is now in complete order New Boats have been placed on th* Line, and every arrange incut made that can be desired to secure the comfort of travellerj. The interesting couiftry which the route passe*,renders it th< most agreeable that can be taken for the West. For iamilias travelling westward, it is preferable to all othei routes. No effort has been spared to make the accommodatieni on Doaru ine Ouats ample and coin pie. X hey ate in ctiargc 01 experienced, attentive, and obliging captains, ?o that the tril from PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURG, U rendered one of pleasurerather than toil. FARE ONLY $10. OFFICE N. E. CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT STREETS, Where every information may be obtained. (TT9* Bean may alao be secured at 13 aouth Third it,and at thi DEPOT, 274 MARKET STREET, where the Can itart from every morning at 8 o'clock. m26 1m* rc A. CUMM1NGS, Agent. 1M4. GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (325MILES) . "AIL ROAD. The only Office in New York established hy the leveial Rat . Road Cotnpaniea between Albany and Buffalo ij at No. 59 COURTLANDT STREET, JOHN T. CLAK, General Agent. ? NOTICE toImmigrants. The (subscribers having been appointed agenu for forward ing lmmigtanta by Rail lload from Albany to Buaalo and in termediate lUcet. are enabled to lend them duriug the Sumuie from New York to Utiea tor $2,06; to Syracuse $2,92, to An burn $3.36; to Rochester $1.51 to Buffalo $5 58. Childre from 2 to 12 years old a' h *11 price; under 2 years free; und at Baggage from Albany on the itaii Itoau is entiiely ftee. It is svidsnl that it comes much cheaper to the immirrant ti travel by Hail Road than by Canal, he reaching Buffalo pe Steamboat from New Yoik and Hail Itoad from Albany in 4 hours; wh>rea>, it takss per Canal from 9 to 10 days. The fol lowing calculation shows the result, viz Passage to Buffalo per Hail Passage to Buffalo per CaHead $5,50 nal.say $3,0i Luggage from N. York to Luggage to Buffalo, Milts Albany, lOOlbs free, b&l- f,re, balance for 1001 ba 5 ance lor lOOlbs 18 Loss of time at least 9 days Luggage from Albany to worth to the lahoier, say Buffalo free 50 cents per day 4,5 Living for 42 hours, aay->* 75 Living for 10 dayi, 50 eenti per aay??> 5,0i Total per R. Road $6 43 ? $13,0: Deduct fare per 1L Road 6,4. The traveller per It. Road raves $5,61 They also forward pasiei g*rs to Cleive'aud, Poitimouth ant other placet in Ohio; Umoit, Ac , Michigan; Green Bay. Mil watikjc, Ac . Wi'Coriin Teirtiry; Chicago, Illinois; ar.d tc diffeifhc pice in < anada, at the lowest rates. All informarioi as to the different rr.u;ei given grafts, and Tickets to be hat only at the Albany and Buffalo Rail Road Office,59 Couitlaad street. WOLF A RtCKERB. h;>2 lm*m TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC"! jfl m KteaiiaM pj.sapvoer jflbfocme\t Tor 1844 The Subscribers hiring complete I their arraneeinaats, an now prepared to bring oat paueugen from Great Britain tn< 1 relaad r>y the following first class packet ahipa. one of whicl will leare l.ivetpool on the lit, 6th, 11th, 16th, 31at and 28th o each month:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Camundge, Moutezamn, Siddons, Geo. Washington, Hottingoer, Columbus, United States, Koacius, Aahbarton, England, Europe, Steph'u Whitney, Kochearer, Indcpeadenoe, Yorkihire, Garruk, Samuel Hick, Queen of the Writ, Oxford. Certificate! of pillage can be obtained, and every informatioi will be given to ihoae lending for their frienda, on appliuatio at either of our offices. They will alio lie prepared, on the opening of navigation, t forward passengers and their luggage to Albany and Troy, an via Erie Canal to BolTalo, and all intermediate placai. To all porti of th-Upper Lakee Via Oawrgo to Toronto, Port Hope, Coburg, Kingaton, an allnarta of Canada Weat. From Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Caoi da Fan via Ohio Canal from Cleaveland to Portsmouth, Cin einnali, audi-termediatn placet South Weat via Philadelphia to Pittiburi,Cincinnati, Louii ville. and all parte on the Ohio River to St. Louie, Mo ; am to all parts ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wiicou sin Territory. REMITTANCES. For the accommodation of peraoni wishing to rend mone to tbiir friends in the Uld Country, HARNDEN It CO. wil give Drafts on any part of England, Scotland or Ireland, payi Me at siaht, forsnms of A I, ?5, ?20, to ?itO? or in anyamoun i to enit the purchaser. OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles ('raft, 120 Sta'e street, Boston. B. w. Wheeler. Union Building. Providsnce, R T. J. W. Mills, 3 Wall street, and 16 Froutstreet, New York. N. G. How.rd, 43 South Third street. Philadelphia. Sandford It Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md. rittibargk, l'?. L.8, Littlejohn, 11 Egcha-ge, Albany N. V. 9. ClatU.IVJ River street, Troy, N.Y. Utica, N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. H. Fi'ihugh A Co., Oswego, N. Y. ml6cc S M M YOKiW\Sfn HAVRCTACKETS. Second Line?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave Net . Y'ork on the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, as to ' lows, via From Nrw Yog*. From Havre. New Shin ONEIDA, ( 1st Mnrch. 16th April. Captain < 1st July. 16th August. James Knnck. ( 1st November. 16th December. Ship BALTIMORE, (1st April 16th May. Captain < 1st August. ,16th September ... . . Edward Fnnck.f 1st Decern bar. I 16th January. Bhrp UTICA, I 1st May. 16th Jane. Cants in < 1st September 16th October. ., ll/oderieh Hewitt, r 1st January. I 16th February. New shin St. NICHOLAS 11st Jane. i 16th July. Captain < 1st October. 16th November, J- B. Pe||, ( 1st February. 16th March, I he accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, eon Dining all that may be required for comfort. The price of ei bin passage is 1100. Passengers will be snpplied with every ri I1'1'" j w."}1 J'ception of wines and liquors. (roods intended for these vessel, will be forwarded by the sul Ju^on^mrr??o^ifc^^%"^ &clU4,ly " je?1ee No. ? Tontine Building lor. WM ii^'water i L AN D. IH EL AM ' i er?>n, about remittmit money to the '.'n1**' ^ld Country can lie supplis ^ . ?' "n7 "mount, rayah on demaud, without discount, or any other rharsn ,1 ik, M, tionalBank ?f Ireland. Provincial Ilk do. M^.r'ja'.BaU S? A Co., Bankers, London; J. Barued A Co., Kchamrl and Di count Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland: (rreenoc Banking Company; Sir Win. porbes, Hunter tk Co. Scnrlaiu and the brsnchrs in every post town throughout Eualanil ir, land, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded h the packets of the llth, 16th, 21st, sad 26th. or the lloyal M, steamer sailing from Boston ou the 1st of Mav, Annlv in W. A J. T. TAVSCOTT At their general passage office, si Peck slip felirc corner o f South street! 11 ? All I'tters from the country must come post paid. PACKET FOR HAVHE-Sccond Line-Th kdtY&Shin UTICA, F. Hewitt Master, will sail on the li JSBWiaE.iy. k or freight or passage, apply tu ,, W'Yit A HI SCKEN, ? No. v r Building, cor Wall aad Vaster at*. E NE NE KOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. The Steamboat hTATEN ISLANDER.will rou follow* on and alter Monday, ?2d April, until fatther noticeLed it Ntw York. Ltaut Statm Itland. At 9 At a II 18 | J I ! ? , sx ix i arlfltf rc 6 4 ! Newark and sew yore. KA RE ONL V lili CENTS. TIIE NEW AND SW1KT STEAMKH RAINBOW, t i CAPTAIN JOHN OAKKV. 1 aMWI Will enminRDce her for the season on c Thursday, April 4tli.and run uutil further norKa^JK2K.tics Ft follows :?Leaving Newark at 7X o'clock, A M., "evr York 4 o'clock, P. M. The Rainbow has been rnlvrgrd, comrle'ely rr fitted, and da ted 10 thin root', nod having a large deck saloon, the can cootfor'ably accommodate a 1 (tire untnber o ftpastaiigers. Frt-igni cirricd at terv rea,unable rite*. New Yaik, April 3, 18H a4 tf ro I uMfl NO PICK The Steamboat rOttTfT |j flnifflilarfMOUTH ia now being thoroughly repaired 3^MwBK3K.and will be ready at the apeuiaH of uavigntiou to tow boats intermediate to Troy, Albiuy aod New York Thia boat will have capacities for towing equal to any on the riser; and it ia bopai that It will obtain a lair support. mrll Im re P COVIMTOCK ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1844 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 Puia street, coruer of South. Ok. M. M TTu^ubscribeHieg^reve to call tn^tteution of hit Iriends and the public in general, to the following arrangements for a 1844, for the purpose of bringing oat cabin, 3d cabin, aud steerage passengers, by the Regular Liue of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st,6th, 11th, 16th. 21stand 36lh of every mqpth. By the Loudon Packets, to sail mm New York, the 1st, 10th and 40th?and from Loudon on the 7th, 17th and 37th of each month. In connection with the above and for the purpose of affording still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has establisheda regular line of first class New York built, coppered and copiwr tautened ships, to sail punctually every week J throughout the year. , For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their 1 unities er friends, drafts ars given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, via Provincial Bank of Ireland, parable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, ' U.ilwaf, Armagh, . Athloue, Coleraiu, Balkina, Tralee, Youghal, Kuuiakiilan, Mouaghan, Baubridge, Ballymeua, Psisoaatm, , Dowmuitrick, Cavan, Lnrgau, Omagh, < Duugannen, Bandon, Emus, Ballyshanno . Suanane, Skibereeu, Mallow, Moueymore> Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. ' Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. ' i Englaikl?Messrs. Spooner, Atwoed it Co. Bankers, London; R. Mmrphy. Waterloo Road, Lirerpool; payable in eyery town [ in Great Britain. i For further information (if by letter, post paid,)apply to JOSEPH McMUURAV, 180 Pine street. ocruer of Boulh, N. Y. ; Or Messrs. P. W. BYRNES St CO, 36 Waterloo Road, r j3 6m*rc Liverpool. fcEK- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Liue-Krgnlar Packet 36th April?'J he splendid packet ship SIDDON8, JniaaaCapt E. B. Cobb, of 1060 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations nn-qiinlled forsplendor or comfort, appl . on hoard, ai Orleans wharf, foot j of Wall sum, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 96 South it. Price of passage $100. The packet ship Sheridan, Capt. J F. Dnpeyster, of 1000 torn, i will aucceed tha Siddoui.aud sail ths 36th of May, her regular . (lay. rupseri may rely on the ihipiof this line uilnit punctually aWBrertiied. m27 lo a26rc FOR LIVERPOOL?Briliih Vessel.?The very tnrJRJWfiiie A I, eopper-fastcned British ship Hf.LEN aBKBfii l'HO MSON, Captain John I'etne. will be ready to receive < argo in a lew dais, and will htve despatch for the I ! above port. J Shippers of colonial or domestic produce will find-heramott ' ' desirable conveyance. For fr ight, apil; to the Captain on 1 [ board, at pier No. 6 North River, or to the snhscribers, I ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO., ' aUec 95 Fulton it, next door to the Fulton Bank. Ijg. FOR LIVERPOOL?The splendid, fast sailing iMIfWship BRUNSWICK. Captain McManns, is now JSttfllBw'oadiug and will be despatched in a few days. Sne has superior accommodations for cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken at a moderate rale. Apply to JOHN I1EHDMAN, 61 South a.reet ' . N. B?Psaaage from Ureal Britain and Ireland can at all timet be secured by the regular packets sailing every live days fiora Liverpool, at the lowest lutes; and drafts can, as usual, he lorw-rded for sny amount, payable at the National and Provincial Bank, Ireland,and ('ranches; and also at all the princiI al Banking Institutions tkroughyut England, Scotland and Wales, on application a< shove. al< 3'rc FOR (ILaStilIW?Direct? WllhUlipatch ? t he JKS*>first class Packet Ship SALEM, Captain Heron, will OUnSSmsail as above. > This well known ship has vqry superior accommodations for rabin. second cabin and steerage pisseugers. Persons intending , to embtik shonld make immediate application on board, foot ' of Maiden Laue, or to JA8. McMURRAY, 100 Piue steer, comer Sonth. P. 8. This very superior vessel will return direct to New York, and affirds a fa' ility far peisoiu desirous to oinb&ik from the neighborhood oi Oiasgow, or the North of Ireland, seldom - '"tfeumCeriTi ?, Drtr?i, Londonderry. Pot Rush, Coteraihe, fcc , ply weekly to (Jlatg iw, end at very moderate rates Perf sons wishing to sand fur their friends or relatives cm secure a pass age by applying as shore. a O rrc 1 ~~?&?- PACKET FOR .MARSEILLES?To sail on the MMfyPyiat May?The ship COURIER, Captain Luygau.? , aab- ^'-arisEtWSi'i; phslps. 2 No. 103 Front street, or to BO VD it HINCKEN, aljtomlrc No. 9 Toutine Building t PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND. IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. VIA LIVERPOOL, y |*g. THE subscriber hia mads unequalled arm g-m*nts 1 for bringing out emigrants this year. 1011. Those MflmHhsendiug tor their friends woald do well to apply at n the eld established packet office of JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Sonth it. 1 N. B.?'The shins ol this liuenow leave Liverpool every five . days, and dr'fts can as usual be famished for guy cm uut. pay y able st all the principal banking institutions throughout toe 2 united kingdom, apply as above. inJI re : REMITTANCES* TO IRELAND, Icc ?The i I<9?V>ubscrib-r continues to money in sums large JCUMMfasor am til, to persona resi ling iu any part of Ireland in ' the same manner as he slid his predecessor iu basinets have done ' for the last thirty years and more; also, to.any part of England | or Scotland 1 Mo:-cy remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or p rtou.illy deposited with hint, with 'lie intnie ol ths person or peraou* in ireauu, r.ngiiniu or ncuu.ina, ? wnom u i? 10 or *ent, and the neareat po?t town, will be immediately transmitI Ml snd pi J accordingly, an<l * receipt to that effect given, or forwarded tc the aeuder. In like manner money, or elaima on peratiua in any part of I Ireland, England or Scotland can be collected by the aubacriber for p*r?ou? residing iu any part of the Umtod Sta'ej or Canada, and will be paid to them aceordi gly. m2C 2m*m GEORGE MeMlUDE. Jr. UCedarat. . . ?? 1 ft BOOTS AND SHOES. 1 M LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. ALL WHO WEAR, the abore article*,andwiah toiave raou,*y. had batter lore no time in calling at the faahionahle Bo it and Shoe Store* of 3. P. SECOR, No*. ltf>X and 161 Gree wen treat, where all may auit th'ioaelve* with an article t rat for atyle or make, faahion and finish, caauot be anrpxtaad or perha pa equalled in thia city. 9. P. 8. beg* to apprise in particular thoael? I and geutlemen who conaider a well fitting boot or gaiter in jndnponi.ihle n article to the tout tnteuihle of all within the i tudi mnntir, that n lbOX or 161 Greenwich street, are the only plaoe* n New York they can tbpend on being iniicd. 0 N. B.?Ladieaand Miaae* Gaiter*, Shoe*, lie., always on d hand in end lei* variety. (T~?~Remember 160X and 161 Greenwich atreet._/~H f 15lm**p J SPRING FASHIONS, ? AT THE OLH ESTABLISHMENT, Ma gas in dt Modet, 60 Canal itreet. t- A/f AD AVI BKHKMAN, in returning thanka forth* last tight 1 T year* patronage. beg* moat raapectfully to inform her * frieuda, customer*, and the public, that abe ha* received her Spring fashion* from t'aria.aud bega to be favorrd with an early call to examine her v..ried ud elegant atock of aulire uew atylea of Silk, aa well aa Straw Hat*. A Madim* B.flat'er* heraelf chat th* same are nnrivalled in the city, both a* to atyle, quality, shape and prkb*. A call will . couviuce them af the fact. lt MAGAZIN DE MODES, m21 lm?m 60 Canal atreet. fc+GERMAN LINENS.-tf, rPHE SUBSCRIBER bega leave to inform hi* friend* aad -k the public iu general, thai lie hi* received frem Germany. a large aaaortmeot oi the celebiated Budefeld Linen,'iu all qualities, consisting of? TableClotlia, brown, half brown and whiie. do Napkina, do do do oo To waif. do do do do Tea ana Deeaert Napkins, do Handkerchief* of the finest quality, Ike., which he offer* for aale at th* loweat price. L. NRUSTADT, inl5 lm*rc 367X Broadway. SCOTT'S BAZAAR, L STREET. Number 07, between Broadway and k-/ Greenwich. SANDS SCOTT retnma hi* moat ainvere thank* Jp hi* frienda and the public at large for the libe I ral aupport received aire* he opened the above hoaae, and hopea by the aaine atrict attention to merit a continuance thereof. The (-0 ill tie* of hi* Ale*, Wine*, Liqnora and Cigars, are too wni itoown to urea commwi. A large assortment of Refreshment* to be had at all boon until 12 at night, aurh at? Beef Steaks, Poached K.ggt, Sardines Mutton Chops Old Ham, Buckwheat Cakes 1 Fried Kidneys, Cold Corn d Beef, Co flee and Tea, Mam and Kgga, Tickled Tongues. Welch llarebiti.KC. Dnblin Drown-atout always on draught. A good Dinner ol Ho ait or Boiled M?ata for one shilling every day from one to three oV.locu. Families supplied with the brst Scotch and Irish Whisker. ' No house better supplied with Knglish, Irish, Scotch, Welsh and eity Papers. Always the latest possible news by the Steamers. <1 (food Hooms for Prirats Parties, Clubs, Meetings and Re * f21m*ee ?; BROADWAY AGAINST THE WORLD. 'T'H'B noted thoroughfare is new admitted to be the greatest 1 mart for the sale of geutlemen's wearing apparel in the , I'nited St ties, and the impression that has heretofore existed in the minds rlf many that "purchasers in Broadway are obliged }> to pav an esorhitant price for an article of dresa," it fnlly re. tr hutted, from the known reputation aa to the charg's esiahlished 'I by K.DWAllI) MIX, p'opnetnr of the <'ity Cash Tailoring 1. KstabliahnKiit, No. 202 Broadway. Here is on advantage m '? merchants and others tinting this city to avail themselves * sit outfit from a very eitensire assortment of ready m.ide clo"> thing, m nnfteturrd from the best materials and ia the most ? fashion ihle style The attention of the public is particularly * cal'ed to visit this establishment and eiainina the lata style of I; I wilted and ftney Casaimere Office b rocks, designed for the apf* preaching aeason. , ? , . _ . ? Y Also, an assortment of rich ( bene Velvet and Brocade Vest'I, Fancy French Cloths and Caasimeres, hy the late arrivals from the celebrated manufactory of F. Biolley Fits, and selected expressly for the spring fashions Oarmeuts superbly made up to order, and if required at a few honrs notice. KDWARD FOX, City Cash Tailoring KsUbliihmeul, 202 Broadway, be'ow Fulton at. m83m*ec " ?ft - FOll SACK.?At William < lay hi urn's Liveiy , V"SStahle, Jersey Ciy, 12 eifgant Horses, among, them * I i lil Pairs of very line, froui Cayuga, Blate ol New Hoik. s20 4t*rs W Y ( ;w YORK, MONDAY MO 1(1 l.k'.l'?l'n.m th. r.r.t .r Vf... .... . 1.- I htick house and premise* No. 10 Tuealy-6 irsl street, a UAfrvi do.rj nut 01 the Third Aveoue. Apply to OKII KJV', ?OW.? ?N, No. 2 Fachiuge Place, comer of Hanover, apllrr in Don's Build-ng to ageA TO I.UXJTh" u?w four alorv lioese iu "oorteer.lh ] street, neer 'mh Avenue, with ( rolon wale', and all 1 UUl other eouremtuces. To a good tenant it will be let low. App'y to II J SANkOIlD, to a!6 Iw'rc |y> Msi<Vn Lin*. fri Ojk TO LET?A houie situated at Bio uuugdnle, about 48 pjW ail milra lr> i.i thr rit-?. It is d luMl'nlly sitnated on UdtfL'he bsuk (.1 tlic Hudson, aud is rr'nailtibly healthy. 'I'ha (It !( ? contain! seven rooms, wpb i leastim garden, Sic attached nr ten'. |3t'0 |>er auuuiu. Apply at the Abby Hotel. Blo*uung r; UJr. ap3 1m ?ec aT J LET?Tw> fine modern built three story houses, B, N<*. 16k and I6S Twenty-First street, a few doors nasi of _, Eighth Av?nue. h'n<|uim 164 21st street. m24 lm rc MA TO LET OK LEASE? For a term of years, the ad |rj>m modern built two story and atiie house, leirlv new, No. n U&76 Gr?eu stre> t uetr Spiiug. Tho house his zn under :el!ar, the rooms m<rbl<* mantles and urates in each story, has 81 iceu recently painted, and is iu good order. Te mi moderate to 31 l good tanaut. at Also, seveial small tenements in Barrow and Green streets, oi Apply to D. L.BEN NKT, .. s3 2??re 109 Springst. eal KOK BALE OR TO LET?Two pew Tiinf-storv M pTjW Brick iHou?'s, with marble mantels, sliding ooors, and a, iUHILcouTi'iiieiil closets in all the rooms. The houses aia 2j ft Irout and tear, by 36 feet deep Each house hu an under , : liar, well ada'tod for llie pur, ones rwiuiied The Lota are 10 uch V> by 100 'est. In the yard is a spacious cistern. P. ice for n< ach Mouse and Lot t3,.'i00, of wlpcli two-thirds can rrmain, it th In i red, ou bond ind mortgage at 6 |?r caut fair annum. The til eut for e'eh house is SJiO. (( The lloua's are situated in Bridge sties', between Tillarr _. nd Johnsou streets, Brooklyn. Apply to JOHN A. WILL1NK. At his residence at Flatbnsh, or his olSce No. 7} of Nassau strrer New Fork, or lo to STEPHEN MAVNES, mK lm?m In Lawrence street. Brooklyn. ^ D. BOLL, FLORIST, ' ot eutt CORNERof H'ifueih street and Blooming lale road, a K|q|oirera for s?le a splaudid selection of Huendird Rosea and is ue^r thi rs, in po?? coinpnsiug ih _choicest and newest va- m le'ies ol 316m, rsryelual, Bengal, Tea, INo.sette, anil UourMi, the finest collection in the r.oantry. 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Physicians can be ref'rred to who use it doily in their practice Bat mioJ it is Jones a Soap l as d ine, and still effects these cures, flat it no wheie else iu this city hut si the sign of the American KuK 82 ' hatham street, and MJ Broadway, N. Y.; in Boston at Heading's. * Hute street! /riher, 1 Ledger Bnil.t ings, I'hiledslphin; 2u7 King.street. Charleston, B.C.: Uish, I Lancaster Pa ; aid Mrs. Hays, IJ'J Fulton street, Brooklyn, L. I I. apS lm?ee ( ATTEMPTED IMPOSITION. s^M ? SPURIOUS FEMALE MONTHLY PILL 1 A TTKMPTB are contiuuallv made to paim off spurious and ' a*, miserable compounds for Feinaie Monthly Pills " live- ' ry variety of cheap common pills, purchased for about sis I cents a bos, by being pnt lip in different botes, are attempted | to be told to the ignoimit or unsuspecting, for one or two dol- , bvnig called " Fein tie Monthly Pills." This trick it resorted to because Madame Itstell's Kemale Monthly Pill* having gained great and deserved celebrity, 1 (since thrir introduction into this country about seven years since) it it supposed, thu by imitating the name the public will be thereby de vived. Some of the i spur.on* (to conceal the trick) have the following:? . N. B.?These Pills must not be used during pregnancy, fcc ? This is perfectly true, for they are jwrfectly useless, if not injurious under any circumstance*. 'I he only safety against iini>osition is in no case to purchase "Female Monthly Pills," ctcept at Madame IlKS'l'e.LL'S office, Ui (Jreenwich street between Courtl.uidt and Libsrty at*, or io Boston, No. 7 Ksses street mat Im'rrc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, dec. rPHK subscribers liave just received, per late arrivals troin Havre, and keep constant! y on hand, a complete assortment French Artificial Flowers Mat. nils of all kinds for Flowers Feathers, Hair Ornaments, and Millinery articles?fol ale by HENRY Ik KAHN. Importers, U Im* rro Tl Liberty street, ap stairs. ] )RK ] RNLNG, APRIL 22, 1844. [Krom the N. O. Bulletin.] TO OEOUOfc McDI'KKIK, K8q. SENATOR OK SOUTH CAROLINA. | Mr Dr*u McDckhs Yon must find my apology for . is public cornniun.cntioii, in the relations of our old and ' ilued friendship, and the interesting subject which con- . Itutes its sole topic J On reaching this place last evening from Texas, I read i r the first time, the lellowiug extract oi a recent letter i am air. vy i.iiith, to some of his lriends in .Vlussachu- | tt?. " 1 irankly avow my entire unwillingness to Jo anying which shall extend the slavery ot the African race, i this continent, or add other sluve-hulJing Statu to the hion. * * * We have slavery already amongst ur. he constitution found it amongst us ; it recogni/.c<l it, id gave it solemn guarantee. To the full extent of these taiantics we are all hound in honor, to justice, and by e constitution. ' " Hut when we come to s|>euk of Imitting new states, the tnhjert assumes an entirely differ- . t aepert Our rights anil our duties are then both differ- | it. ' ' In my opinion, the people of the United ates will nut content to bring a new, vastly extensive id ilave-huhling country, large enough for half a dozen - a dozen Urates, into the Union. In my opinion they ifht not to ronsent to if." We cannot misunderstand this remarkable manifesto, 'lulst it asserts broadly that no slare-holding State is ;ain to he admitted within the pale of the Union, it leaves > a necessary implication the door open without limit, > the admission ot tnose in which domestic slaverr dors >t exist. In other words he tolls us, when we adopted 0 Federal Constitution wc permitted you to come into ie confederacy with this taint of moral leprosy. We must and by our bargain. We will, however, contaminate < ir household no further with such associates !! , The meanest whit* slave, who crawls in his cowardice id servility among us, can give no other interpretation this anathema. It must come to this complexion r.t last. When this doctrine is avowed, when this brand of Cain put upon our foreheads, what is and what becomes of ' ir situation I Keinember, too, this language comes from I man of mark. From " a vaice potential"?from one who at once regarded us the Nestor and Demosthenes of that trt of the Union which lays claim to the largest share oi 10 virtue and intelligence of the country. For one, however much 1 may lie satisfied of what the ' nited States must lose by rejecting the proposition for ! ie annexation of Texas, yet if she should lie repulsed om considerations of political power on which parties < >ay fairly take antagonist ground, I should lie content j tat this question, like other public questions, should be elded by the arbitrament of the public will, with a due :gard to that spirit of compromise which formed the conilution. But the principle of exclusion, as avowed by Ir. Wubster, (and doubtless he speaks for a party which ' us taken its stand) involves insult ami defiance to us at ie South. In one word that we belong to a moiulhj de- i raded caste. 1 ask, my friend, as men can wc stand this ? Even if we ave a craven willingness to remain in the house of our itbers, insulted and reviled as long as we are permitted i abide, what security have we that we shall not ut last b kicked ignominiously out of doors and sink to the svel of our owtt rlavcs ' With all possible moderation tlow me to ask, it this is the ground on which Texas is > be excluded from the confederacy, have we any other Itornative but iHSnutMS or disunion ? There ure mrs ami occasions in which me nesi discretion is to uu tund in the highest courage, anil if slaveholders are not t to be admitted into the Union, we are not Jit to be there. 'hu argument ran hare no other extent but this. Ilumbli; an individual aa I am, I desire my position in thia subject not to be misunderstood. I have itherto tuken no part in the battery of this question, 'o the best of my recollection, i have neither written to Ir. Calhoun, yourself, nor a single member of the South arolina Delegation on the topic. I do not even know our opinion, intimate as our relations have been. I have een restrained by considerations of peculiar delicacy have large t|>ecuniory claims on the Uovcrnment of 'exas, and desired no distrust of my mutives. Besides, 1 rocured the recognition of Texas from the lirst and most owerful nation on the face of the earth, and from two of le second rate powers of Europe, and co-operated in ohlining that of the King of the French. After assuring lese Y'owers that Tux-is desired to be a sovereign and inepeudent State, it was not lor mo to take a prominent art in measures which were to place her in a subordiate sphere, by contributing to areversul of my own as11 ranees. But if the ground on which Texas is to be excluded om the Union, is the ground assumed by Mr. Webster. ie question of Annexation itself, sinks absolutely into omparative insignificance. The Union is, in fact, disolved, if tho principle assumed is allowed to bear the itter fruit of its insult and injustice. That is to say, if ic sordid cultivation of cotton, rice, sugar and tobacco, as left one impulse of manly pride and courage in our osoms. I indulge in no feelings of resentment towards Mr. Wubter. As a Northern mnn bo is quite at liberty to enter lin and express the opinions he does. We have an equal ight to entertain our own. I have much personal kindess and consideration to acknowledge at his hands, and nTidttfCcY'whose v'igur gives botli simplicity and grace o its extraordinary elegance and accomplishment His pinions, for aught I know, may suit. Now England, but hey will not suit us. On this question of State pride and National honor, 1 lisdain to enter into any sordid calculations of profit. I will not tell you what a star Texas will he in the ;alaxy of this Union. 1 will not tell you ef the marvuloils fertility of her rich river alluviums and boundless ilainr?of her ability to sustain the finest population on artli?of how much vastly more in the sum of the securiy of tills fine city, and the Valley of the Mississippi, it could be, to have her poopluil by the hardy riflemen of the Vest, under our own glorious banner, " bone of our bone ,nd lleth ol our flush,"tliaa to have thelazar-houscs, stews ind penitentiaries of the old world vomiting forth their nmates on her fertile shores. I will not tell you that our rade with this young and growing country is fast waining -that amidst twelve or fourteen square-rigged vessels in no port oi wHivMion, mree uhj ? siaue, i *??>v mo ii-?g y? nir country hoisted at the mast-head of but one ! I will lot tell you that the manufactures of New Kngland are lenriy driven out of the country, and those ol Kitrope subtinned in their place. 1 will not recount these things, localise I will not dishonor a questian of pride with the iase traffic of profit. If the South, however, after listening for one hour (yea, i stated hour) per diem for the last lour years to reproaches ind insult, in ail assembly which ought to he blessed by lie spirit of fraternal concord, should put up with this inligmty, not gently intimated hut Hung slap in her face, vhy I do not see, my dear Mai , that yon and I have any ither fate but like the rest to tie contented and infamous, in<1 make cotton and rice as long us our masters will pernit us to do so. But if, on tho other hand, the Southern delegations ihould rise to a level of the spirit which once distinguishd our I itliers, and they sound the tocsin after Congress hall have declared its authentic sense, that no more later states ark to be admit i cd into this union?Why hen , humlde and stiicken as I am, 1 Lionise to rc-echo he blast in at least three States iu this Union which I ouch in social sympathy and contact. I think wo mnv :ount on all of them. Ar to that noble old 8tate to whicn vn both owe, with our loyalty and affection, so much 'latitude, ns among the favored of her sons, shall we loubt her? No. "She knows how to die, hut never to lurrender" Sincerely, your friend, J. HAMILTON. St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, April lltli, 1S41. Superior Court. Full Bench. Arnn. 20th? Decisions?I I'm M. Milchtll m. Main Y Btm h. -In this case an action was brought by the public administrator against defendant, for the recovery of the property of the late Mr. Ward, of Chambers street, which the defendant had possessed himself of, undci an alleged assignment from Mr. Ward A new trial was ackt-d for, (amongst others,) on the ground that it did not appear there was any creditor of the deceased for whose benefit the proceedings were taken. The court was of opinion that this was the only ground for disturbing the verdict, and would send it hack that the public administrator might prove that fact. New trial granted -costs to abide the event. John fan Durrn n. Uriah Tlii!sr.?In this case an action was brought on h iteplevin Bond, by one co-surety, against another, lor recovery of a portion of the Bond debt; the plaintiff being compelled to nay the entire of it Court.?We are of opinion that the plaintiff cannot maintain his action on a Bond entered into by himself against his co-surety ; if he were recover at all, he should recover the full amount, which clearly lie would have no right to do. His co-surety would tbrn have a right to turn round on him, und bring his action on the same Bond, anil recover back from hiin. The planum would, however, have a right to bring his action for the portion he paid, and if there were three or more sureties, recever pre rata,we are of opinien, therefore, that tho dsfence set up is a valid one, and the defendant is entitled to judgment. Mmn vi. Mrmlf.?In this case an action was brought on s warranty on the sale of beef. At the trial, the plaintiff relied first, that there was ao express warranty, and ICtOUll, Ulliv IIIWT wnn nil will". inn JU'J ?""? herr ?M an implied warranty-, and found a verdict lor :h<: defendant, without expressing any opinion upon an :tpress warranty. Coi'BT?It is somewhat a question how lar under the cir umstancaa, the Court ought to lend back the case for a new trial, at it strikes ns that tha jury might he coiled hack to that point, as the other was the leaning question between the parties at the trial, ami upon the whole mat:er we are inclined to send it hack, to let thejury pass on die question whether there was an express wairantyor lot. In considering this question, it is fuir that the court ihould say they entertain strong douht* whether n jury an find an express warranty ; hut still we think the dnintifl ought to have achancn ol going before a jury and presenting the question to them tree from all embarrassnent. New trial granted, costs to abide the event. &t*ton vi, Corwln.?New trial granted, costs to abide he event. Before Judge Oakley. Ellitin. Chamhm ft n/s.?In this case, which waarc. ported yesterday, the jury lound for pliiintilf f.W) damages mdfl cents costs, Conrt Calendar?This Bay, Srrri'ioa Court.?Nos. 30, 15, 70, 71, 7.i, SI, 4,43,40, ft?, M.44, 31. Compiov ?Nos. 47, t>7, Hi, U, ftfl, 57, 59, 00, 79, 31. IlKwaitn.?The Governor lute offered a reward >f fdOO fur the apprehension of the murderer of Charter ). Corliss, in New York, in .March, 1*43. Hoat nrrit.DiNO.?Forljr-two new canal l>o?U, nearly all of them of the largest si/c, have burn construeted at Rochester dui rug the past winter. HERi > Theatricals. Park Th*at*i.?On Saturday night's Mr. Rooth lad his benefit, and played in two distinct characers; first its " Luke," in Sir lames Nurses' pluv of ' Riches," und then as "Jerry Snevk," in "The Mayor of Garratt " There are several Rood points n the play of Kiches, in which Mr Rooth, und tlso Mm. Sloman, had ample opportunity u> ilisplHy heir powers; but as u whole we do not like thus lay, or think it sufficiently varied in incident, or tpirited enough in detail, to interest the majority >f Hn audience. What was wanting, however, in 'Riches," was admirably supplied in the " Mayor jf Gamut," which we do not hesitate to commend is one of the most entertaining and laughter'Xciting farces that we have seen for sometime. As " Jerry Sneak," Mr. liootli was excellent, and ihowed himself tn be as good a comedian as lie has aeen allowed tube atrugcdiun. His song of " Hilly Taylor" was capital, and elicited much applause. The " American Melodist" had better reserve his " Fireman's Call" for some other place than "Old Itrury," for it was a call sung in such a way as to elicit no reply from the heurts of iitu.-ir.,l amateurs. Olympic.?The entertainments for Saturday evening, were confined to the " Marriage of Figaro, and the new farce called the "Irish Veterans.' This was an unusually smull bill for a theatre so " large iu its givings" as the Olympic. There is i-nough, however, of Figaro, for n reasonable perion?provided, always, that he lias not seen it loo often?or, in other words, that he has not been oi ate a constant attendant at this theatre, t It is a pitv, that when a good thing has attained ;o the full flood ot its popularity, it is kept so long oefore it is suffered to turn. Chatham.?"Richard the Third" seems much of a favorite with the dwellerB in Gotham, for not only wus it played at the Park on Friday, but also appeared at this theatte on Saturday. There is, however, a great contrast between the two heroes of the play, u;hich is not certainly in favor of Mr. Connor; it is :not any disparagement to his general noting to say thus much, tor it Would be hard to hnd several men who should play lite same character so c<|Uully well as to preclude the possibility of discerning u difference. Mr. Booth is, by general consent, tin Richard, and it is almost matter of wonder that any other actor at present in New York should have hurried so immediately on his footsteps. The "Loan of a Lover," which followed "Richard" is an excellent farce, and admirably acted, both by Miss Reynolds as "Gertrude"and Mr. Winuns as "Peter Spyke." The songs too that were interspersed throughout the performance, were excellent, and this part of the entertainment is a decided feature of superiority in the Chatham over the other theatres?that is to say, generally. The performance of the legitimate drama, as given out in the bills, is still postponed, owing , continued indisposition of Mrs. McClure Paumo's Opera Hot'sk.?'i hie house will open on Wednesday night with "11 Barbiere di Seviglia" (see advertisement.) During the late interregnum greut improvements have been effected in the internal economy of this house?the upper tier of seats has been elevated so us to afford a full view of the whole stage, even from the most distant seat?hull a dozen private boxes have been added on eithei side of the upper tier, and ventillators inserter in the ceiling, so that the ladies will have little occasion for the labor of fanning themselves during the ensuing nights of the opera season. These are all the improvements that were before needed to make this geni of a house perfect; and now, with a company which is to be harmonious,notonly in voict but in bearing and temper, we may expect matters tr go on flourishingly. It is said that the last rehear sal of 11 llnrbitre was splendid, and perfect in ever) respect. It will be produced on a most muguificem scale, with new scenery and costumes. All tin conflicting elements in the Opera House have heei harmonised under Dc Begins, and the utmost goor feeling pervades the company. Of Musical and Theatrical matters, out of ou city there is a present dearth?one day or two ma] supply the deficiency in this department of news. Spoiling Intelligence. New York Jockey Umiii.?Ry h new rule paaset V'nrfe* and '^Loug fsfani/ are excluded from tlie en closed space ut the corning races, unless by payiiu the annual subscription ot $20 yeurly. Ry pnyin: #.r>, all strangers will enjoy the whole privileges o the Course. Subscribers nnd members of the clu! will be admitted to every race throughout the vein Members of the Club, with their families, will ot cupy the ladies' stand; and none, hut those intrc iluced by a member orinvitcd, will be permitted t dine with the Club. A Forfeit.?A gentleman, in Philadelphia. lat< ly offered to ride one horse to Jersey City anil bar in 40 hours?a distance ol 105 miles, lie has in done it nevertheless, and therefore forfeited $5(g ThkRifi.k.?It is proposed to open a subscriptio for a new Rifle Shooting .Sweepstakes, us <ieiieri Dunham will pot he able to attend tfiat about t conic off at floboken, and u postponement cantit take place without the consent of every subscrihei Louisville Racks.?A match is to come off be tween the stables of Duplautirr and! freer for #100 aside, at the 3d June meeting. A (>reat Rack.?Two BuHaloes escaped from i flock the other dav, at Cincinnati. One was pur sued and secured by the lasso, alter a hot chase the other tsok the water for it. A steamboat wit sent in pursuit of linn. and alter a "full speed chase, catnc up with the fugitive, who defende himself with great intrepidity, but after many coin ageoim assaults on the steamer, was obliged to sui render. A Curious Race ?A gentleman announces i the Louisiana "Chronicle," a race thus:? " The proprietor informs gentlemen, fond of fin things, thai have line horses, that he has selected i the city of New Orleans, at the lowest cash prices the foMwiaar articles, to be ran far over the Pwhio oil the 21th day of April next i? One elegant, large, chaate-wrought lilvcr pitcher, One fine Sheffield waiter L One large prr/n gotdet ( One smaller lize < The two first articles to the best horse, the gol let to the second?the second goblet to the lliu best; free to everything ; forfeit twenty dollars." IIaltimore Races.?Some alterations have bet made in the regulations concerning the R.iltimo races. One of the principal is, that the second lu horse which may start for the Jockey Club Pur* will get #100. Mr. IJoyer's " Oh Fee" has happened with an a cident, and will not go to Newniurket. Fine sport is expected at the ensuing Petersbi races. "The Colonel," of Mr. Johnson's Rail more stable, lias gone there. The Colonel is u hori of fine character. Common Pleas. IKull Bench. Aran 't0.? f)*rition.?l.udlaw rt alvi. Ijingirorlh.?T1 Inlainlilt, im ? real evtsto agent and broker in the city Now Vork, brought hia action to recover conimi*?iom c the alleged unlaol property. On the trial a noimuit wi moved lor, ami granted, on the ground ol die IWtUHoISM ,,l...,>,. f ,.,,,1 ..lolnliH' I lull'.. I t.HOI It. delivered the folfowing opinion ol the < ?nrt : ?My in prcssions on the merits of tlie case are still thoie whirh stated atjhu trial ; hut the points then suggested must I submitted to the jury undci t videncc " n considers The plaintiff's evidence wu.; defi"-' to the partuc ship, and Mr.Russell was under ' y ing, that plai till had sgrted to the caneelint i,. agreement. Tb case In this respect is now altered, hii I tdnintiffs do in appear as having cancelled. Ah this alters the evident materially, there must he u id w trial, as well lor thu pti pose of submitting the contested jaiints to the jury, as give plaintlll'an oiqioitunily to furnish proof of the pai uership. He would have been allowed to furnish th proof at the trial, but it was offered alter adjournmen and after I had made the suggestion* of the law of t' case. As proof was supposed to establish the assent oft plaintilf to the abandonment of the sale, it was not thong worth while to go into further evidence as to partnerah We think there ought to he u new trial, the costs to ahi the result ol the suit. I)ONK HgVKRKhY UllOWN AT PoMIHOM.? On Pi duy, 12th, u manufacturer, who reside* in We Cambridge, came to the city and drew J^hu out of tl Colon Hank; hut instead of returning home, lie iri the i tenionn loitered round the north end, anil entered s lave in Hanover street, frequented by "ail sorts," and join' three celebrated characters in a game of dominoes for II liquor, which he lost, and paid for, and beyond Ihnt h memory goetli not As ho had not arrived home at tl usual hour, his friends, who knew something of Ids h hits, enmu to the city in search of him, and about three t Saturday morning they found him staggering drunk Hanover street, with only fto about him. On Wndne day, the three men he played with w ere called into t'Jsj Sc I'o.'a police office, and confronted by the sulierer. Th? admitted beating him at a single game for liquor, and n thing more, and there being no evidence lo connect the with the missing *7t?, the officers did not feel .uthoris to proceed against them lor stealing.?Hniton Po?t,J1jn 30/ft From Niw Bri'.hswick.?Laie papers from f John announce that the project haa lieen rcviv for a removal of the sent of government to that pltce In Kredermton. A |>etition for this Change, to he prr??n to sir Wm. Colehrook, the governor, is now iucncu tion. LLD. W* Two Cwtli Three Dmy? Later from France. That remarkably fast sailer, the Andiodus, Capt. Ritchie, urrived yesterday front Bordeaux, with advices to the 20th ult. inclusive. There was a Paris paper of the 19th onboard just before she sailed, but unfortunately it was lost or left behind. It is believed that it contained no political news of consequence. We learn verbally from Captain Ritchie that business was in a very flourishing condition in Bordeaux and freights plenty enough. It is to be hoped that hereafter such fast sailers us the AndroJns, will be supplied with papers from the port whence tliev sail. We like to set them sind will always give our own in exchange. Latest from Mexico.?Geo. Waddy Thompson, lute Minister of the United States to Mexico, arrived in this city yesterday, on liis return. He came in the U. S. brig Baiubridge, Commander Mattison, which sailed from Veia Cruz ou the lit instant. Gen. Thompson, previous to his departure, visitid ' Santa Anna at his country seat, and obtained, by his ear ' nest solicitation in their tiehall, the liberation of ttie re> mainder ot the Texan piisouers taken in September, IMI, , at S-tn Antonio de Bexar. Gen T. speaks very highly of the handsome conduct of the Mexican Chief in granting him this request, which was not ollicial, Gen 1'. having resigned his place as Minister and already tuken leave ot the Government. Tliit was not the tirst request of the kiml which Gen. T. had hail occasion to prefer. He had already been instrumental in procuring the liberation ol' a number of the prisoners who were taken at SaH Antonio as well as of several of those who capitulated at Mier. Gen. Thompson, we understand, will remain but a day or two in the city. The number ol the prisoners whom our late Minister had the pleasure on his departure to procure the liberation of, is thirty-live; of these, thirty-one came on the Bainbridge, the remainder preferring to continue for the present in Mexico. These prisoners had been confined aliout eighteen months, mostly at the castle of Terote. They express their gratitude and estimation ol Gen. T. in the 1 strongest terms. The Texan prisoners still remaining in Mexico are the survivors of the unfortunate Mier capitu1 latinn, about one hundred, as we are told, in number. Tliu following list comprises the names of those who were released on the occasion of Gen. Thompson's fsie. wull, viz.: Win Uugg, Jas. 11. Ilrown, Kdw. Brown, T. B. Heck, L. Colquhoun, David J. Iluvis, Augustus K.llv, Simeon Glenn, Nath'l llarbert, Thomas Hancock, Krancis ? McKay, 8. L. Noble, H. S. Neighbors,!' W. Peterson, John Perry; M. L. U llapcr, Geo Schaeffar, Sam'l Stone, A. J. Leslie, James L. Truehart, G. A- Voas, Jno. Your.g, Nath'l W. kaisun, Melvin Harrell, Kdw. Mantom, A. II. Morrcll, Jag. C. Knbinson, Joseph Shard, John I.. Lehman, Cliiiunrey Johnson, John Lee, J. C. Morgan, John Smith, II. A. Alesliuiy, Isaac Allen. The four last named are those w ho remaiued in Mexico.?N Orleans Jtulletin, Jijiril IJ III. John Gordon.?It will lie seen by the report of the proceedings of the Supreme Court, that u motion has been made lor a new trial in the case of John Gordon. In consequence of the sickness of Mr. Atwell, the motion was postponed and the indictment continued to the next term, with the understanding tliut the motion would be taken up and disposed of on the tirst day.?Providence Journal, Ajn il 'JO. The Canai.s ?The business of the Collector's I office in this city, continued throughout yesterday r with great activity. AtHo'clock last evening the nuini ber of lionts cleared was thirty-two, and the toll collected $4,145. The total amount of tolls collected in this city lor tlictwo tirat days is $12,ir.'3 Hi. The old Clinton Line, Wm. Monteuth, agent, paid toll on goods shipped on tliu first day of canal navigation, to the amount of $1,315. The amount of toll received at the West Troy ollice on tho first day ot canal navigation, was $fi,lH'J. This is the lirgvst amount ever taken in one day.?Albany Alias, April 30. Weather in Mahsachitsetth.?We clip tlie following paragraphs from the Barre Gazette of yesterday : K.bene/.er H Kgery, of this town, brought into our office on Monday, the lfttb instant, a branch ol apple , 1 tree in the bud Three days like that would evidently i bring it out into full hlosfom. Mr. K. says that just a week later in April, last year, he was breaking roads nil day. The weather hns continued remarkably warm, with a V prevailing north wind, which is evidence that there are no snow banks in thut direction. On Monday the thermometer stood S3 in the shade. It is roolor, but comforthie now We nre writing this paragraph (Thursday, 4 P. 1 M.) with opan windows. 0 Wall Street in Boston.?We learn ui?u ... ? brokers had a lapiahhlo in State street, on Thursday evej nlng They quarrelled about "stocks," and both tumbled | their "dickies." Urokcis should not try to break" each otheis heads.?I It si an Transcript, April "20. .. Ambitious.?We read in the newspapers that the people ol Kairhaven, Connecticut, having bMBiMCCM* ml ill the oyster business, have purchased a ship, and in" tend going into the whaling line. Quite a step, lliat. They are Gomino.?The steamboat Pennsvlvak nin arrived from New York this afternoon, with eleven it boats in tow, all heavily laden with freight.?Albany At), las, April 2<l. HULL'S TRUSSES ? HOTJC*. TO KUPTl/BED PhiRSONH. DERSONH afflicted with ruixores tony rely upon the beat >' A lastrumertal aid the woria affords, oa application at the r. aflSee, No. 4 Vrsey stteat, or to eaner of the agenta in the priaoirsl towns in the Coiled Mtslea. JJe careful to eiamme tea bat L pad of Hull's Trosi-s, to see if they are rudoried by Dr. 0 Hall, in writing. Now are maniac, or to bo relied urea as food, without his signature Many persons have undertaken to read imitations of Hull's a celebrated trusses, and thousands are imposed upon 10 conteIjerce. These imitationa cannot be relied upon ; they ara nude by uuskiifc) raechaaies, aad are ao better than the ordi > airy treason. s Rooms hare been fitted bp at No. 4 Vaaay street, etclcsively >? for tedies, having * te( \r*'.? entr. nee from tne buamesa depart< meat, wheraafemaia u ib toastaat altcadaaaa to wait npaa li f.e.f, all lmrrs r'. TO THE LADIES. BJ*. HULL'S UTERO ABHOMIJNAL SUPPORTER. 'PHIS new instrument for tit* radical earc ol Prol?i*aa Ulsvl n * or Falling of the Womb, by external application, superseding the ate of tho objection*! Pessary, 11 confidently r*eomneobed to chn afflicted u the mrana of perfect reatorat.on to p health, it never hating failed of perforining a euro, erea under n the moat Aggravated circumstances. , The bupporur lias attained a very high character .a Karopa u well u in thia country. It it adopted to the entire Ma ( " peu&rea, and all other paiafal surgical etpedienta, in lLa Lyiaa iaTloiliitals ol London and Paha, and is universally n_ commended la Europe by medical mra of the highest rank.? " la this country it n taste med by the leading members of the " Caealtieaof Collegea and Hospitals, aad by <1! the eminent >0 rritate practitionan. Hi Rootna nave beea tarnished exelativelT for ladies at No. 4 Vetey atreet, Imriig \ separate rrtrance from the haainrss dell sarttneat. where a lady ia ia constant ueadaaee, to apn'y rd Trusses and rtnpportprs to female patients. all Irarre TO HOUSE AND STOKE KEEPERS, MANU'n FACT!JREHS AND OTIIEKS. re r~y S. SMITH St ' O reapsctfnlly inform tlinr friends ami i^l V_y. |he public generally, ilia. tbev will attend personally to arringiuff and lellinir llie houaeholil furuitme ol families re? ineviuir or declining In iisrkreping. ?ud liiereh.iniliie of all kinds of persons relin<]uialiing hutineaj, either at the reiidciires or sto.-ea ol the o arm rs, or in our sales rooin, wluch u admirably adapted for the purpose. Our sales room, p.O Int deep and well lighted, situated on Broadway, and commanding the attention of inte fn at llio rh rouglilare, alfnrjs to mauul'.irtnrers and other* tarilitira for the II- eahihitiou and sale ufev-ry description ol merchandise unsur?e pasted hv any other store in the city, 'I erma m ideratr. The rr noitiou and iMVOient of sale prompt Liberal caali advances, when reijuired. will tie madt on consignment! intended ritlirr furpnhlic or private sd-s. CHAS. a. SMITH. HENRY K. WILLARD. Auctioneers and Commission Merrhants, IP m27 lin*rc Store 301 Broadway, r.,r Hnaiie st. oi ~ TIIE* NEW BK1GHT(>N COLLEGJATEiil SCHOOL, M SITUATED on Htven Island, nil miles from Mew York, r A in the elegant chateau erected liy the J< seph's at an ei|>eoie of H liftjtlOO 1 Ins ia the beat and ilieapvtt Boarding 8ch nlin the i United States. Full courses of iustru lion are imputed to I English, Latin, < Ireek. Kreneh ard Spaush I'ersona lisvu g ?. o iya to eilucate are invired t call mid e? .mine the School. I t he neat term will rpinmenre May I. ' irciilars and full in' formation may lie ohtained of Dr. E. A Bigelow.i '?i corner of ' Broadway ana Kulton street, ent.-m.c" IV1 Pulton stoet. " spin Irn'ee UEO I.E HOW. A M . I' meipel. '1 I'if ./TTk HAN'S -p pjiivate specific packages, f U"">R THE CURE ol Smret Diseases, offer advantages not I r possessed hv any other nJrcriucd remedy Ui wit : ? 1st. . They contain ?v?:y ihmg rranisitofnr in rruil ami eitemal ua?. It v.,a remedies lor every symptom 3d. 'I hey sre ill arcmiMoird ii) the Mrniit ra. a trratiaa < n areret diamcc. with it, fall direction! and ailfirr. tta. Tha i-utirni ellecta a tare and he t?rin ?ii' ni rare without coii-olutioo or -nc aure Jth Una I,, |in>'k*K rffrrta a ore; bnt il 111 my r ue 01 medinura are ,, required. the\ areinpidie.l without charge. wn The patient n hut nilijTi' <1 to liaa "f time or other incrnreuirnce; tor Uatly, '[' ihr Monitor pottita out th-oulv mode of urureutmn. No. I m ilc i'of |tir rnfi of (ionorfhotr. Srniiui' WrUoni, lu No. ll.ii Yen'rial diamac in all iu it mii. No. J for Klnor AIW, or Whifra Thr Monitor ia 10 t enia 'I hr packagea Complete r. |3. ciirtlv I ,r>?a'<t. ,1 to I 'it-pa 'I r?miit?nc?t. Mold ouly it Drag Store HO Prince iUmI, rorarr of Mirion, M lew if or. nnt of NiMoV Pmr.te entrance MX Marion it, C'ti>ie tinnanon oft entreatreet. ill im*ir 11 LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES ! r'.' CURST ?l?f AI.ITY SMYRNA AND SWEDISH " ' LEECHES, eoiAnrtlv oa hand and foritlr wholetaleaad " retail,at rrty low pr.' ea.hy i? C. J. FERDINAND A COPrA, .e Importeri of Leeche*. Ml Naatin it. D- N. !. (,, J. Kerdinand A Cnppa will alwaya warrant the in ?f 'he lecchci aolil hr them mil lin'in iu CH IN A, til,ASS* vV. LAM1* MA.NIFACTt ?KV. 1 To COUNTRY MKHCIlANTH AND OTHERS ip 'I^HIi undersigned irapertfnllv inform the'r raatoiperaand tlia ,, t | ublic tint ti ry have reduced their pricea of the apo?e ar' ticlea, atd hating hero manufacturing many year*, thairetp# ' rtence enahlea them to fafniah cheaper than any oilier honae, m and lliry warrant tiirir artic>.?, and. ar Molar J.ainpa of all dr N'1 iClil'lloni. Aatrml Lamp* ulte rd to Molar Til A full .irantnent rf t nt mil Plain Ol.-aa, naw patt-rn (lirondolra, < hmitrlir a, Caur!elahraa. Poitqiiera Ar., Ac. Hall Lamia and Lnntrrna of a'l ainea. wita urn and cnlatahird glaas All wtirl-a matched to any patterna. inada and il. ru'tooriLr (Jooda for theeonatrf aruit Irrr of awpanar At...? ticl'a loTo d for pnitiea. I'itueiia genera !|y ate invited to . ill audcfanima .or laaortniaul. audiwrigird 'U quality auj puree *'^Nf1 ?' led p actory 20 (fold atteet. ,|ia- Whotcaalc and Retail Store, No. J John at. near Broadway. Ii 2? 1 an r?

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