Newspaper of The New York Herald, 24 Nisan 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 24 Nisan 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. JU, No. U3.WIM1* No. 3685. _ SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. ~~ KOHT '^VABHIfl JTO^HSL1NK^)FV|8T^C'}A*SD b are tg Mnnhnttannlle, 12>i 1-eoU. Fare to Fort Washington *i Oeots. Tbis Line of Stages will commence running SEJnpig Mudiy, April 1.1M4, as follow* LeavManila!urmlIf at 7 o clock, A. M , and couuuue . u..?,?x every hoar uul'l 6 P M. , Leaving New York, corner of Tryon Row and Chatham at, two door* last of the Harlem Railroad Office, at 9 o'clock, A. M , and eoutrnn* running every boo* until IP. M 'i liia Line of Htigra pisses the'Indian and Lunatic Aiylum*. Buruli..ins .V.antiou House, the Abbey and Backer'. Hotel, Trinity Church Cemetiy, Uie High Bri ge and knrt WaJuugtou. B AlOOilK, i in27 lm*re Proprietor. ^ HZ. K O K I1AL lb Ah VXD I.IVKIIHM iT The Royal Mail Steam Ship ACADIA kbot^o' Hyri? Esq., Commender will leave Boston for the above rent a on Wednesday, The steamer HIB_.itMA, will leave Boston on Thursday, May IGih. Passage for Liverpool $120 1'ossage for Halifax 20. ^ rrlyto D. BRIUHAM, Jr., Agent, 8ac No. 3 Wall street. f t-*- im DRAFTS ON ENGLAND. IRELAND, /BiMPW etc.?Persons about remitting money to their . ^dmyf|\3Mi<^bfrieiids in the Old Country can he supplied with drafts in earns of XI, ?2, X3. Xi! JEJO. ?2(1,.CM, ? 100, X1000 or any amoaut, payable ou demand, without discount, or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland.Provincial Bk. do, Messrs Ja'a Bait, Son bt Co., Bankers, Loudon; J. Banted A Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bauk of Scotland; C/reniock Banking Company; Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter & Co., Scotlaud; ami the branches in every post town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the pickets of the 11th. 16th, 21st. and 26th, or the KoyalMail steamer sailing from Boston on the 1st of Mae, Apply to W.kJ. T. TAPSCOTT, At their general passage office, 43 Peck slip, felirc corner of South street. N. 11 ?All letters from the country must come post paid. ALBANY DA Y LINK. Stfl * CK ALBANY and lutermediate Land* Mints the new and spleud d steamboat 3LaJl3LallUTH AMERICA, Contain M.H '1 roesdell, will leave the foot of Barclay street, north side, on Monday, Wednesday and Fridiy mornings. at 7 o'clock. The South An erica will leive Albany for New York on Tuesday, Thursday a'd Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock For pass'ge, apply on beard. a22rc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. nl'WS) Stfl DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through Di5Ae-e-a*isaiA*rect. at 7 P M., from the Steamboat Pier beW i?aBLdg?tween Courtlsmlt and Liberty streets. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. T- St John, Mondy, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7. The sieumhoat ROCHESTER. Captain A Houghton, on Tues-'ar, Thursday end Saturday r.v-niogi. a' 7. At Five o'clock?L-ii-ltsit ?t lutenned ate Places:? The Steamboat CURTIS PECK Captain W H. Peck. Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday at 5 P. M The Steamboat NOA'TH AMEKiCA, Captain R. G. Cruttenden, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, at S P. M. Passengers taking this line of boats will arrive in Albany in amele time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. (T7~The above Boats are new and substantial, are famished with new and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hmlaun. For passage or freight, apply ou board, or to P. C. Sehnltr. at the office on the wharf. a22rc FERR v. as^aFOOT OF WHITEHALL STRKET. Th- Steamboat 8TATEN ISLANDKR.will rnn as follows on and after Monday, Md April, uut l fiith-r notice:? Leave New York. Leave Stolen Hand. At 9 At 8 11 10 8 1 SK ap20tf re 6 ? NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY 1 %k CBNT8. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY. dQMfl jg Will comoMM her trips lor the season on CV. . .'Wy^dE Thursday. April 4th.and run until further no3li^3CK.tic? et follows Leaving Newark at 7K o'clock, A. M., New York 4 o'clock, P. M. The Rainbow has been enlarged, completely refitted, and ndartpd to this route, and having a large deck saloon, she can comfortably accommodate a large number ofspassengerj. Freim carried at very reasonable rates. New York, April 3, 1844. at tf rc /M NOTICE The Steamboat PORTS LmacSo'1^ MOU T H is now being thoroughly repaired 3E38aE.as4 will be ready at the opening of navigation to tow boats intermediate to Troy. Albtuv aud New York Thin boa', will h ive capacities tor towing equal to any on the river; and it it h'ii?d that it will obtain a fur support. nu2i lm'ic P COMSTOCK FOR LI V KB POOL?New Line-Regular Packet WsHMPWof 2Gth April?Thesp'endid packet ship SIDDON S, SWwkH&Capt K. B, Cobb, of 1U80 tons, will sail as above, ber rtcular day. For Ireiitht or passage, having accommodations nurqualled forsiilendor or coinf,rt, appl, on board, as Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS St CO. 36 South at. Price cf passage $100. The packet ship Sheridan, Capt. .1 F. Depeyster. of 1000 tons, wilt succeed the Siddons.and sail the 20th of May, her regular PtMgcgera may rely ontheshipsof this line sailng punctually ainWve.rtiaed. ni27 to a2Grc FOR L1VKRPOOL?The New Line Regular ti'-WlV Packet 21st Mav.?The new and very superior New ^JSrj Y""'* built packet ship QU&KN Oh THK WR8 l , Ctpt Philip Woodboute, 1230 tons burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. ... For freight or passage, having elegant and roomy aceotnmo dations uusurpa sed by any ship in port, tpply to t> e Captain on board, at weet side Barling slip, o-to WOOOHl/LL Ik MINTUKNS. 07 Sopth it. Pnce of passage $100. The packet snip Rocheitcr, Capt John Br.tton, tOO tons burtnen, will succeed the Queen of the West, and sail on her reznlnr dav. 01st June. ailrc Xdf?*- FOR LIVERPOOL?The splendid, fast sailing ?$$?ytliip BRUNSWICK, Captain McMinus. is now ?MNHm'oadiug aud will be despatched in a few days She nas superior accommodation* for cabin and steerage passing* rs, who will be takeu at a moderate rate. Apply to JOHN HKIIDMAN. 01 Hiiuth s.reet N. B ?rnsaage from Ureal Britain aud Ireland can at all be secure] bv the regular packets sailing every five da) s hum Liverpool, at the lowest rates; and drafts cm, as uinl, he f- rw -rded for any amount, payable at the Nstioual and Prcvincial llai.k, Irelind, and "ranches; aud alsoatali the pn'uciral Hanking l iatitutioui through jut Knglaud, Scotland ai.d Wales, on application as above. a la V rc AMP- FOR CJLASO'JW?Di-ect?With Dispatch? Phe first cla*s Packet Ship SALKM. Capt tin Heron, will flbBlfiMlil as above. This well known ship has very superior accommodations for (U'.HII, srcoou CB'Hn UIIU lirriBir |iuirilttrii I rung lui'iiumg tn rmbtrk should make immediate application nil board, foot of Maideu Lane, or to J AS McMURRAY. ion Pmustieer, corner Sooth P. S. This very superior vessel will return direct to New York, and affords a fa ility for petisous desirous to embark I'roin the neighborhood of Glasgow, or (lie North of Ireland, seldom to be met with Steamers from Belfast, Londonderry. Port Hash, Coleraine, Stc , rly weekly to Olatg .w, and at vary moder?te rates Persons wishing to send for their friends or relatives can secure a passage by ai'idying as shore, a # rrc NEW LINK OF .PACKETS KOR LIVERkAjpsfWPOOL?Pack-t cf 2f>tli April?The splendid and Vorite packet ship SIJuDU.Nfl, loud t'<ns hertleo, Is t K B. Cobb, Will tail ou Friday, 26lh April, lie itgular day. The ships ofthis Ime being hll |noo tons and upwards, persons itboiil to embuk for the old country, will not fsil t > sre ilie advantages t> he derived froin selecting Una line in pref rence to any other, as their great rapacity r nde s them everyway more comfortable and convenient than ships of a smal er el us, and their accommodations it is well known are superior to sny others. Persons anlimj to secure b rths should not fail to uuke early application on board we<t side of Burling Slip, or to W. i* J. T. TAPS- iITT, At (he General Passage iHBce, 43 Peek Slip. earner of South street. A cents in Liverpool?W. Tspicott, or Geo. Kippaid Ik Son, If, Gone Piaxz is. at' ie SiFE- BLACK BALL. OH OLD LINK OK LIVKKkf?S(VroOL PA' KhTS-FOtt LI VKRPOOL -Only jweUaBaKrgular Packet i f the l?r Mav ? l'h? well-known, la it -tailing, lavuri'e packet ship' OLL MBUH, Captain G. A. i ole, will positively sail on Wednesday, 1st Ma-', heriegular day. Toe accommodations of the Columbus, for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, will, on inspeciion. be found to lie lilted out i i a mauirer ilivt cannot but add to the convenience and r O'ltfnit ol those embarking. IVrsous proceeding to lh* old country, wi'l at all limes find this I na of packets a nptt de irab'e coureysiice. Kor terms ot passage apply on board, foot id Beekmsn street, er to th- subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHER* It CO , 3i Kaiion street, neit door to tha *73 t\l I rc Fulton Bank. JCflFS1 PA "SAGE FROM DUBLIN. CORK, WATEKiMBWFOHD, DERRY. COLEIt AINK, BELFAST, Jwa&MEai^ewrr. D'ogh-da, *c?Persons wishing to trud lor their Irieodi can have ih< in brouslit out Irom any of Pie above ports in tirst clans Aine ic u Packet Ships, on the most reasoualtleterms rag without theirej|ierieiicing any unnecessa-y detention. Mr W. Taoscott, on- of the firm, will be on the spot to give his |ierioual attention to th * passengers engaged by (lie subseribers or the,r a?eats here, oud persous may rely that the wishes and comforts of those wh'ise passage mitr Ire emptied by them will h ive all due anf proper attention. For particul its apply. If by ictfr, post-raid. to. W. 4c J. T. 1'AI'SLUIT, at th*ir (federal Passage Office, 11 Peck Slip, cor. South itwt, where. alto, Draft* inay b? obtained, for large or small i?mi, payable i?? tlemiinl. with ml discount or any other chatge, at the National or Pmviucia' Banks lof.lrelanJ, ur any of their* fhmnvhnnf the Kinadom. fe29 rr PAMAOC rilOM KNt-l. A N') IRELAND. SCOTLAND AND WALES, V|A LIVERPOOL. 1^- TDK subscriber hu made unequalled arrai g*m*nt* aVWPyfor hringi. g ont emigrants thi* year. <<41. Thoar JJHU|fir>rn<linK for thrir frieudt would do well to apply at the aid rstabllshed packet office of . JOHN HF.RDM AN, ?1 Sonth at. N. B.?The thins ol thu hue nuw leave Liverpool avery live dava, and drafts can at utntl be furnished for any a an mot. payable at all the principal banking institutions throughout tne niiitrd as ahove. tpgl rr "jjjBET REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, he?The afftH^inlnr. ih-r coutinnea to transmit money in rums large iSMMm"' sin*"- " P* ,"."* "e'ding in any part of Ireland in theatnie m toner us lie and his predecessor in business have done fur the Inst thirty years and more; also, to any part of England or Scotland ... < ... Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber,or p rsonally deposited with him, with the name of the p-raon or persons III Ire and. r.Dglaud of Hcotl iud, to whom it it to he s?nt. and the nearest post town, will he immediately transmitlt>,l and pi d accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or lorwirded t' t"? sender. Ill like manner money, or claims on persons in any part of Irrlaa I, England or Scotland Ran be collected by the sunscriher for person* residing til any pirl of the tJmtrd Sta rs or ('.? nadi. and will be paid to them accordirglv. inZiiSm'm OEOROki McdRIPE. Jr MCeda*tt icj. PACKET FOR H AVRF-Seeoud Line?The EPj^YVShip Ui lCA. F. lieu ill Maslvr. will tail on liie 1st .fiMisNhMay. For freight ?r posage, apply to BKYuk HINCKKN. o No.# T 'Buiidmg, cox VVtll tad VYstex iia* ; E NE NEW Insurrection In Canaan?Terrible State of Affairs. We have received advices from Montreal to the 18th inst. They give us particulars of terrible elec- \ tion riots in Montreal; intelligence that the seat of ? government was completely in the hands of the ' insurgents. I These accoun's are funnv and melancholy enough. It is only laat week that we rend violent ) articles in the leudingCitnatliiin papers,on the institu- , tions of thin country, and against our elective t franchise. lmmediatt Iv after these tirades, the , election took place in Montreal, a place about as i large as Brooklyn, and with about two or three r thousand voters ; and that city was at once t iken \ possession of by a thousand rioters, who kept the 8 polls entirely to themselves, notwithstanding the 8 appearance of a large military force, and the reading of the riot act. ??., c Ilere is a pretty state o? iings to bring in coin- x parison with the quiet elections,and their happy re- 1 suits, in this country. In .. is city, with a popul.i- s tion of four hundred thousand, and a vote of ( fifty-one thousand, there is not so much as a single ] head broken, or a link bruised. All is charac- ? teri/.ed with fun, goud humor, and quietness. No ' confusion, no ptislti , and lighting, no more dilli " culty, in fact, than in attending a crowded church ' Vet the Canadian editors would fain make their j readers believe that a democratic election was ono r of the most brutal affairs in the annals of a nation, t These two pictures should be looked upon in "] their true light, and we, therefore, place them he- <! fore the world. J (From Montreal Times. Apr.l 17 ) j First Day.?Yesterday the election Tor this city com- . mcnced. Upon the previous duy the whole of the laborers from the Lachine Canal, numbering about lout) men, were brought into the city for the purpose of carrying Mr. Drummond's election by force ; a large number of men were also brought in from other parts, and some from as great a distance lis Malone, in the United States. The houses of several farmers in the neighborhood of Lachine were broken open upon the previous evening by liodies of armed rutlians, who demanded their fire arms. A ipiaa tity of arms were also brought into the city from the cunal, and an affidavit was sworn on Monday, to the effect that Mr. Tully, the city councillor, boasted that lie bad plenty of powder and ball prepared to use against Mr Nielsen's friends. It has been stated by the opposite pat ty that a body of men from Glengarry were brought in by Mr Molson ; this is a most infamous falsehood, neither from Glengarry or any other place was ono man procured ; and we defy the originators of this story to prove to the con irary in ine morning me jioiii were taaen possession 01 by large bodies of canal men, who drove hack every elector who came forward to tender his vote in favor of Mr. Molson. Magistrates,merchants, and traders of the highest standing, endeavored again and again to enter the polling places, but were hustled and knockeJ down,and their clothes torn from them. At the Viger Market the two parties came into collision several times; and soon alter ten, ahout 140 of Mr. Molson's friends marched down with u number of electors to protect them in giving their votes, but no sooner did they approach the Weigh House, than they were received with volleys ol stones, of which there are large heaps in the neighbourhood, and a rush being made upon them bv about 600 canal men armed with bludgeons,alter a struggle for a tew minutes, during which time many were injured on both sides, and one wo understand mortally wounded by a pistol shot, they were driven back and the poll left in the hands of th? ruffians. After some time, Mr Delisle, the Returning Olticer, the Sheriff, Col. Ougy, and several other gentlemen, rode up and endeavored to obtain order; an arrangement was made for Mr. Molson's voters to go to the back part of the house, while Mr. Drummond's polled in the front ; but no sooner had they left, than the old game was renewed, and Mr. Molson's friends were driven hack. At length it was tuund necessary to obtain the assistance of the military power, and two companies of the 43rd were called out; hut, owing to had management, they were of no me. As soon as a vote was polled for Mr. Molson, the voter was literally stripped by the mob, the clothes being torn from his back, while the troops stood by without power to interfere. In other wards it fared much the same, bauds of canalmen intercepted and kept out the voters, and had proper steps been taken, the election would have hee:i suspended until troops could have been stationed at evury poll to keep back these armed ruffians who are brought in to diror.t the representation of the city. A more disgraceful scene than that of yesterday we never witnessed; the city was throughout the day in the possession of, and at the mercy of, a body of canalmeii ; the citizens were deprived of the liberty of exercising their franchise, by men having nei- I ther stake nor inturest in the country ; valuable lives have been endangered, und peaceable men seriously 1 wounded ; and even at the time we write, the city and the i citizens are without protection. As early as Monday an application was made to Mr Drummonrl, try Mr. .vioison, . to join him in a requisition to the Returning Officer to call out the troops to preserve order at the polling places, but although this requisition was backed by some of his suppoiters, Mr. Drummond refused to do so. The following was the state of the poll at the close Molson, 27i; Drummond, 423. [Krom the Montreal Gazette, April IB ] Ski.omd Da v.?Karly in the morning, requisitions wore 1 made to tlio military authorities from two quarters for ' troops; from the magistrates, for the puqiose of preserving . the general peace of the town ; and from the Returning , Ollicur, with the like, purnoso of preserving the general communications of the different districts with each other, 1 menaced and interrupted by hordes oi ruffians stationary ia the avenues of the polling places, or {patrolling in ' bands, and relieving guard with military punctuality. An ! attempt was made at renewing the polling, but the scenes of the preceding day were renewed witli even more violence. It was a work of danger such as there was no inducement to encounter, for us to keep an eye on all the different polling places ; and to combine all the accounts which have reached us up to this moment, into any thing ' like a consistent whole, is utterly impoatible. But tl e history of one is, troiu all that we can leant the history o( all. At the pollingplacein the Hay Market, the avenues were 1 all, from the opening, beset with crowds of the Dram- ' mondite canal laborers. These were organized under ' leaders, whose signs they obeyed, who recognized Die Iunties who came up to (roll ; if of Molson's party, they lustled and ohstruatcd, and, if they persevered, and even sometimes when they did not, most brutally maltreated 1 them. The military were then called out, and occupied the square in front of the polling-place. The only effect was, to make the Drummondites withdraw to a wider circle. There was no protection except under the bayonets ol the soldiers. Whoever approached the spot, and was hostile, or suspected to he so?indeed,generall} speak ' ing, every one who looked like a gentleman, waa assault- 1 cu, a 1114 Ills CIUIIICI urmiuyru i?y tuiwi)|( lunnimrmi, Him all access to the poll by Mr. Molson's friends effectually 1 debarred. Ah soon as this was known, Mr. Molson 1 resigned under protest against the legality of the election, 1 ap<l withdraw his jlolling clerks und agent-; from the ' booths From within an hour ot the opening of the poll, it may he said that the struggle had ceased, though indivi- j dual electors continued to offer themselves. Whenever this was the case, it was the signal for the renewal of the brutality. In the ward to which we hove just referred, one elector, attempting to get up to the poll, was thrown down, his clothes literally torn from his hark, and lie would reitainly have been murdered but that the soldiery rescued him, though not without inflicting some severe hiyonet wounds on his assailants. The absolute impossibility of clearing the polls without military execution, which must have hcen attended, not merely with the entire suspension of the election, hut with the shedding ol orients of blood both of the Innocent and 4he guilty, by indiscriminate tiring.must have been evident to every one The polls being deserted by Mr. Molson's friends, mi l open to all who chose to go up in Mr Dnimmond's name, a great number of persons went up in the course of tinday whose names were, of course, recorded without i|ucstion in his favor. The lollowing were the numhrrs drc.Iar d by the Drummond party, at Ihe shutting up of the polling places at live o'clock:? Dri'mwoxd. Moi sox. Total 1,3*3 4(>J 401 Majority for Drummond, !?JO The returning officer will make his declaration of the result at noun on Friday. The matter, ot course w. ill no' i rest there. Death op Lieut. Andrehon.?ft lifconiM our , duty to record the death of Thomas < btkley Ander- j son, formerly a Lieutenant In the If 8 Navy. This event took place the 14th inst after a distressing illness. Mr . A. was the son ol Thomas Anderson, Ksq. and was horn I in Newton, on the .1.1 fitly, 1*13 At an early ago he en- i tered the Navy an Midshipman and shared in Hie roman'ie and dangerous enterprises, projected and executed on the Mediterranean, during the war with Tripoli, by such dar ( ing spirits ns Deratnr, Lawrence, McDonough, liain hri.lge, Stewart, Homers, Thorn, kc. In many ol the ex- [ ploiti, which nt that time raised the fame of our infant na- f vy at once to the highest pitch. Mr. A wa? an active par. j ticipator. Kspeclally did he distinguish himself by his ( bravery in the orowning enterprise of that short hut ^ eventful war?wo mean the destruction of the frigate Phi- j Indelphia, in thn harbor of Tripoli. The names , of the officers engaged in this unparalleled exploit , were Lieutenants Decatur, Lawrence, llainhiidgc ami f Thorn; Dr. Heerman, surgeon; S. < atalano, pilot; and j Midshipmen McDonough. Anderson, Izard, Morris, Laws, ( Davis and Ilowe. Of ihese, Mr. Amlersnn was for (OHM , time tlie last survivor. Now, all are gone ! Not one re- r mains to watch the action ot Congress, from seasion to | session, to see whether ju.ticc is to he done to the gallant , hand. Kor forty years compensation has been demanded ( for the destruction of the Philadelphia - the jiiRtice of the r.lalm has been admitted again and again?und yet not a ' farthing has ever been appropriated to cancel the deb*. J Such is thn gratitude which has been awarded to these . brave men ! Mid. Anderson was promoted to a Lieuten- , atiry shortly after the close of the Trinolitan war; which J commission he subsequently resigned, and, returning to , his native village, ho has for more than thirty years resi . (led among us. He did at the ?g? of till years, il months , and II day*.?Niwton (Shis.r Co. N. J.) Remitter. ' lioDY Fiiir.Ni).?The body of a middle aged man, ' respectably dreesed, was found yesterday floating 1 in the Delaware at Lombard street wharf; a handkerchief which was found in a pocket of his coat had upon it the ' initials " L. L li " The Coronor was called and held mi inquest and lite jury rendered a venlict accordingly. The J deceased is suiqiosrd to he the person who fell overboard J from one o( the lerry iioats, whilu crossing from Camden ' atiout ten days ago, and who came on the same day in thn " cars as a passenger Irom New York?f Ada-L' S Gazellt J Jlpril 33. J* ! W Y < YORK, WEDNESDAY i Kupcrlor Court, c Before Judge Oakley. 1 Moxdiv, April 24.?Chnlrrtaan rs. Cnx.?This was ail a iction on the title,anil if one of a class of cases now before ;hc Supreme Court- It was instituted to try the right of e jpening 35th street. The corporation cleik was ex- { mimed. The jury found a verdict for plaintiff, subject to a case o he made out. ^ Shunter Casr.? CharUt 11 a Unit ami Mary Rulanil (his vile) ei. Chailes Jrjtfurtit unit Ellen J>JJ'm Ji (his wife).? ? l'his was an action of slander, and ought to servo us a 8 valuing to talkative ami gossiping women, to "put a bri- 8 lie on their tongues," and not go too far ahead in running | I lown their neighbor's repu'ation?particularly when thai ! { icighbor happens to be a female, dependent on her char- j . ictcr and reputation as the means of subsistence The vitness box was crowded with a host of highly fashionable ; ' uid remurkublv beautiful looking ladies, who had bean ' 1 lummoned on both sides. Mr. Tshiiv stated the ease. This was an action of slau- , ler, brought to recover damages for words spoken by the | , viic 01 uiu ueieuoaut, ?u ami concerning iiiuwiioul mu j ileintitl', on the :tOtli December, 18-1.1. The words charged in the indictment are those which iro imputed to thn -leieudant's wife, having used them , oncoming Mrs. lluhind. " I saw you in Mrs. Bourne's | tailor witli the box (a box of silver which had been , .toleu on the said 3bth of December liom u Mrs Bourne,) , n your bunds. I saw you suddenly throw down the box, | mil catch up somethiugin your apron, and suddenly dart rum the room. And utterwards I law you come tiptoe lawn stuirs, and act suspiciously, and then Mrs Journe discovered that she had lost some silver, and for ny own part, there is no doubt 011 my own mind that yon Hive stolen them, and I w ill tuke my outh of it'' ( rhis, gentlemen, is the allsgitiun put forth in the in- c lictrucnt. The circumstances in this casu are, that upon s he 1st January and un to the 7th February, there existed , 1 little unpleasant feeling between those two ladies, who ? ived in the same house, and it is unnecessary on this trial j o introduce what these difficulties were. Mrs. Jcfl'ords 1 >wed Mrs llaland a draft, and out of this transaction , ;row this diiticulty, and then Mrs. Jelfords commenced , his attack, accusing iny client of stealing silver. The , duiutilf ill this case is a respectable man, and of un ( ilcmished reputation. The defendant is, also, respect- ( ible ; but there is nothing in this to justify the prouiulgaiou of a foul slander 011 the part of his wile against the , bine, character and reputntion ot a defenceless and re- | ipcetuble lady, whose reputation she has sougtn to blast , lud injure. When she lirst was called upon to state whut tharges she had to make agaiust Mrs Roland, she did state hem, and then went to the upper police and got out a | warrant agaiust this respectable woman. Mrs. Kulaud , was brought before the police, and ox investigation was at j JUCJ discharged In this case there was something more | valuotde to the character than in ordinary actions of , ilauder. This lady sought to make a victim of an innocent anil helpless woman who has two children ; and the 1 dander, under all the circumstances, was of a most ng- | ;ravated and heinous cliaracter. The damages she bus mstained after the investigation at the police oflice, she would have looked over, ami allnu-r.l th?. matter tn ,lmi, I lad she not continued systematically to slander und nalign my client, by which sho exhibits the most wanton | malice. The case, gentlemen, alfecta the domestic and | private circles, and the moralr of society, and I ask you , ? look at the entire circumstances as husbands, as "athers, and to award such dumnge* as will compensate die honor and the reputation ol an injured lady for tho | words that were spoken. Mrs. Mart Bocmnic, sworn?Kxamined by Mr Ttaitr? I know thu parties; my husband is a ship news roller- I lor; I know Mrs. Kulund; 1 never heard anything bad i about Mrs. ltuland save what I heard sail by Mrs Job lords ; on the 7th of February I heard Mrs.t Jellbnls say that she saw Mrs. ltuland in my room near the box which contained articles that were stolen, end saw her roll up something in her apron, and then Raw her go into an adioining room, which Mrs Kulund occupied; and that she then saw her come on tiptoe down stuirs; I then asked Mrs. Jeffords it she was sure of this, and Mrs. ltuland aid she would go into any Court and provn it; I lost Rome liver out of my trunk; this was about the :10th of Deceml>er, and the conversation occurred in February; when my husband came home 1 called him and Mrs. Jeffords logether, and she repeated the same words in his presence; :he words were spoken deliberately, and not iu the heat if passion. Counsel here put various interrogatories hs to wi'lesses' impression of the motive of Xlrs. Jeffords, which were objected to. Witness went with Mrs. Jelfords to the Upper Police jftloo, when the charge was made. Counsel here asked witness in relation to Mrs. Uuland's character and respectability. Objected to lor defence. Cor at.?We know nothing as yet to impeach Mrs. [Inland's character. Crom-rxaniintil liy Mi Fv.arivsois.?I can't say I anion good t? rms with the defendant. Mr. Hmith Rulanu sworn ? I am a ship carpenter; I liave seen Mrs Jett'ords since the commencement of this tuit; I heard her say something si nee this suit commenced. Mr. Fkkquson.? I ohtect to this testimony. What do yon mean to prove liy it? Mr. Tkrrv.?1 mean to prove that Mrs. .Jeffords said she would beat any man or woman that would prove against her on this trial. (Iloars of laughter ) Court.?This is not evidence. Witness withdrew. Mr. Wili.i in IJoi anc sworn.?I am clerk in the employ af a house of trade in this city ; on the 7th day of February I was present at my house when Mrs. Jeffords said jf Mrs. KnUnd,"that on 30th December, as she was going ap stairs, she saw Mrs Rulaud in my front room with a box in her hand, and thutshe saw something in her npron, ?nd saw her leave the room and go down stairs on tiptoe, ind that she had no doubt lint she had the tilings that ware stolen, and was tea y to go before a justice to prove itshe said, after this happened, "that Mis. Bourne oh" ierved she lost some silver : I understood this as charging Mrs. Roland with the stealing. Crum-rxnmintd.?My wife lost some silver on this day ; I am not distinct as'te the word "stolen" lining used ; perhaps the word "lost" was used. Counsel for defence moved for a nonsuit on the ground of the only actionable word in the indictment, namely, "stolen," not beiug proved. Mr. Terry contended that, though the exact words as "harged, may not have been proved .still if the snlistiintinl oliavge. according to due import and meaning, was made out. it fully sustained the indictment. Coi at.?Have you any fuither testimony for the lirect f Mr. Tkrry ?We rest on this, your honor ; as wc have Tilly sustained the chaige. Court.?Have you no defence, Mr. Ferguson ? Mr. Fmocsox ?Our only defence is, vour honor, that we considered this charge as a privileged communication. Court.?A privileged communication J Mr. Frrhusow.?There arc cases which I can cite in mpport of my views on this case. It is concerning a certain defendant in the case of Messrs. Wright, the bunkers in London; ami Lord F.llenhorotigh said that for a comsiuniration ol this sort an action could not lie Another tase, in -Ith Bingham, that of Robinson vs. McDugnl also kuitainsthis view. We propose to show that there was no malice in this case, and that she simply told the stoty to fuither the ends of justice. Mr. F. lit re moved for a non-suit, on the grounds that the plaintilfa lind net proved their case, the express words used must be pioved, and witness had not proved them Mr. Trrrt contended that where the words were proveil snllicient to substantiate thecharge in the decimation, it sustained the iudictmeut. The w ord " stoleu" wus not absolutely necessary in proof Mr. Frrhusoh.?The general rule in un action of slander is that the exptess words?similar to what were spoken, should tie proved. The word "stolen" was not in est deuce. Mr. Tirrv.?We huve no further evidence. Dh ik i Mm M?kv Harwich, a remarkably !<< ititiTuI and interesting young lady of evident respectability an.I highly [j ihlonnhh- appearance, was here call<il to the stand and i worn?K variolic J by Mr Fenni'Sois I was present at the time the charge was made l>y Mrs Jeffords; Mrs. Bourne lo'd me she lurpected Mrs Kiihrnt, and that she had rea ton for her suspicions, because o( having heard something bout it from Mrs Jtlluiils Miss Harwich was not cross ixaminad.and gavohcr cvid ucu with much lady like canlor an 1 fairness ? (.'oi.rt?Any furtlicr testimony for the defence I Mr. Faacusox -No, your honor. Mr. Ti kh*?Then the rase rests. Mr. Firm son addressed the jury, contending that the i)lnderous words as charged were not proven. The word , 'stolen" was the only actionable word in the indictment, ind the Witnesses foi the prosecution had hilled to prove | it. 1 his was a privileged communication, and to the injured party his client lias a right to ti li what she had seen Neither jnmoii nor property would lie sain, if for a privileged communication nn action for damages could )? brought agiinst a party who had seen a felony'comnitted and testified thereto. Mr. 'i'r.aav followed, arid dwelt on the utter injury -.noli v course was calculated to inflict ujajn n party situated in il? as his clients were, provided they did not get ptoper irotertion from the laws. If his client intended to keep a >oarding house,or uny othar husiness.tliis slander was calminted to affect himself and .Mrs Kuland In every relation n life. Tlio malice of Mis. Jeffords was manifest throughmt, for she repeated, and continued to repeat, the slander the still pursues the samo course against an innocent and in injured woman ; anil hie client came into court to pro hci nrnnn unu hub lor justice. riiir uiKes llie only Ieilli ly which the law left open lor her; and if in any other wintry such n slander had been pronounced aguinM on < nnoccnl woman, she would ho put to sleep under thn lod* for the foul dander. This slander whs calculated 0 rob the worth of Innocence which "topped on the brow if hii maligned and injured client, who hod been assailed ly a rnthles* and maliciotia alanderer. They all knew orhat woo the feeling of the female breast. There were diorda there which could not he touched, and if the slanlerer dared to touch them, it could not be done with iin unity. Society might a* well be dissolved to itsoriginal ' lenient*, if audi n state ol thing* wn* to be tolerated. 1 rhe jury were husband*, and had wive* and daughter*, 1 indlf such loul charge* ware made against any of them ' he jury should consider with what state of feeling rii in- ' locect wife or a daughter would tecaire such a ion I ' :harg? would lie, perhaps, in the recollection ol the ury, that in the ra*u of General Hoot, who hail liein ' '-barge 1 with being Intoxicated, while presiding as Speak- 1 ir of the House of Assembly, he brought an action and relorered $16,000 damages. ' His liovoa charged the jury. dwelling particularly < n ho fact uf Mrs HV?rd'? allowing tlia matter to ri rna-n rom the 30th of liecemher until the 7th of February, | vhnn she openly brought the charge against Mr*, llnlatid. | 1 her motive was to further the end* of justice, Mr*, lei- | ord? ought toliave brought the chargu on the instant, and | is to priviljged r.ommiiiiieation referred to lorthi deb t ohere was to bu do such a privilege; but the jury should tear particularly in mluil the fact oi the delay from Ve- , ) 11K 40RNING, APRIL 24, 18icmber to February, and weigh well the motives and all he circumstances connected with iho cose. The jury, after an abseuce ot fifteen minutes, rendered t verdict for the plaintiffs, $IM damages and U cents cost. Fuller i s Leeds, Hairs if-Belt.?An action to recover a luarters rent, due out of premises -19 Ann street. Verdict or plaintiff, 10. Aram 23?Jllwell vs. Smith Howell?A Mr. Kgbort Vetmore oud a person named Taylor, owned the house 140 Broadway ; in September, 1040, Taylor sold out bis .hare in the concern to Wet mo re lor $iui0, and received l noto payable on demand, and a mortgage on the fixtures ind furniture to guaiautee the payment of the note , the iluinlill alleged that shortly afterwards he entered into lartaership with Wetmore, and brought furniture into he premises, and lilted up the concern as a bowling sa'kiii. Taylor, in the mean time assigned the note mid nortgage to tlie defendants ; the latter shortly after took lossession of the promises with its contents and turned \twell out. The present action is hroiiuht to recover the ' /uluc of the property alleged t>y At well to have belonged 1 u liim, ami tor the trespass. The defence wan, that nlali<:itt had 110 interest in the concern. The Judge told the tiry that the evidence adduced uy plaintiff to show his title was very vague, anil remarked tnat the evidence of Mr. Josephs" the officer, was very distinct in reference to the i leclarution made hy plaintiif when possession was taken liv deiendants, that ho had no concern in the premises, 1 ?nd they might infer that the partnership between him and Icfendants was never completed. A sealed verdict will 1 je brought in this morning. V. S. Circuit Court. before Judge Belts. , Aran. JS?Trial of Mmhtvei <> a Charge of Piracy? i Jeorge Mathews was put to the bar, charged with jura:y It will he remembered tliat this prisoner was the as- > oeiate of llala;, who has been convicted of piracy and nurder, and now lies under sentence for execution in the i rombs. The prisoner is a young man about twenty-three i fears of age and strongly marked features. Several on lie jury panel were challenged peremptorily; andothers ] ivere excused on the ground of entertaining conscientious icratdcs on rendering a verdict of guilty where death i would he a consequence on a charge of piracy, declaring hey would not take life for such a crime. A tales was 1 >rdered. ' The following Jury were then sworn Henry P. Simmons, Jacob L>. Lux, William S. Bishy, Joseph W. Mecks, i Hugh Olbsen, Charles Pitt, Joseph II. Coutes Daniel Coaover, Thomas M. 1.eland. Jamos Bergen, fcer.iy King, i and John (iassner. r* . i Mr. Baiikett slated the case. The | atfcje bar I stood charged with piratically running,, with the lohooner " Sarah Laviniu,"in July last Tnerc were four I Indictments against the prisoner. One for the murder of < ihe captain of the vessel. One for the murder of the first l mute ; one for lh? murder of the cook ; and one upon which he now stands charged lor piracy. The " Sarah 1 Lavinia" put off Irom Alexandria on first of July lu.t, hound for the West Indies; she had six men as a crew, 1 among whom were Mr. Dearhorne, the captain, Walter I A. Nichol, the first mate, uml the cook, who were murder- 1 s.l ; Babe, who is now convicted, a man of the Dame of Webster, who has absconded ; uml the prisoner at the 1 bar. Counsel detailed all the particulars ol tho capture of the vessel, and arrest of the prisoner, with the entire circumstances connected with the case oi llabe, such as will i be foUJMl detailed in evidence. 1 The written deposition of Qkoruk J. Tiio.mis, was put In and admitted, being tho testimony of the owner of the vessel in relation to the registry and chartering of the "Sarah Lavinia.1 The testimony went further to jprovo me nil-limy "i iillltifj UI ? idling apparel, DelOIlglllg 10 some of tho deceased, found iu possession of Babe and the prisoner. Tho deposition of Krkdlrick Victm.T of Alexandria, n shipping muster, in relation to the identity of the privoner end tho registry of tho crew ut Alexandria on tho 1st ol July, 1843, was hero put iu and admitted. A copy ot the minutes ol the Judge, takeu on tho trial of Jiabo, on the examination of Kboiuxer Berry of Now llaven, detailing tho coudition ol tho " Sarah Lavinia," on finding her on the coast at New Haven ; the marks uf blood wero found in tho captain's berth ; and the vessel wus cut up on the deck ; trunks and vaiious articles belonging to the vessel were all strewed about in confusion ; tiie vessel wus uhandoncd ; this wus near Westport; this hat [produced] had marks of blood on it The books and papers found in tho vessel were here put in and admitted. Mr. William o. Hi xskli. of New Haven, sworn.?I saw tho vessel " Surah Lavinia" on the 13th of July last ; 1 found tho cabin floor cut up, and found a hole cut in the vessel, which wu.i stopped up with a plug of timber und a piece of canvass ; I suw a trunk which was broken open ; und papers in it; 1 louud these shipping articles, (piodu ceil,) also the log book ; a mallet ; the register of the volsel; there was blood in the waist of the vessel, and in the cabin ; I found a xouwester also, and there was blood on it ; 1 was the person that first arrested Mathews the I risourt , 1 louinl the chronometer produced, in Mathews' trunk ; the chrornetor was then locked , 1 got tho key ol ii from the ulisouer ; the kev litiwl the n una prouhced was the one 1 opened ; it belonged to Mathews ; the coat produced 1 also found in his possession ; some of tho articles produced I can certify us having found ill the possession of Mathews ; I got the key of the tt link from him. and asked him where his baggage was ; lie jiointed them out to mo in the trunk ; 1 asked him where wus the quadrant ? lie replied, " he had sold it." to nricut these |>elaon* ; 1 cume to arrest lour persons; when 1 went on hoard, there w<u one anchor in the vessel ; I went to the stems Unit on coming ilown, ami the bsggagu won put into u cart and carried up to a house in Washington street When I arrested the prisoner he wns coming down stnira ; the prisoner told me that Babe went olf the night before, ami that lie hu I not seen Webster since they landed. I understood at this time that Webster had not been at this house with Matthews ; Mathews hud no money about him ; he said that the quadrant and the rest of the things were sold ; I think that he said he had sold them ; I asked him where was the watch I He said, " that Babe had got it." Dahecsrne down to the boat, ami was arrested lie was honed on being arrested ; I also ironed Matthews on arresting him. To Mr. Marhury.?There were several persons present when I hod the conversation with Matthews ; 1 cannot mention tlie names ol the persons , 1 had uJso a conversation with him on coming to the house. To Mr. Na?h The rtrat conversation about the property took'plurc on hoard the loot; 1 then lelt him in cnurge on board and went to Moves' house, w here he told me I would ft ml the property; I went there and lound them; 1 found the trunk and the chiouometer. Miikiiim Rai<.Kit,*wurn?Kxamined by Mr. Bsnavn ?I re tide at Kail River, Massachusetts; I saw the accused on their landing; 1 saw a strange boat coming on under sprit sail; the men w ere bailing lirr; they allowed her to go about; when they landed, they jumped ashore, and ran about, I advanced and addressed them; Babe said the boat belonged to him, and was not wrrth anything: I asked where the cook was; he said ho died the day before, ami was then thrown overboard; that the captain had given them the boat and the conifstsg; Babe ottered them to me to take them toRhode Island; the property might lie claimed; he gave us ft .'SI; Babe pulledout the gold watcli from his pocket, and told us the time of day; after they got on hoard our boat. I left them, and my partner landed them at Scape west, east aide of Newport; I recognise the trunk and chest as part of the luggage. It. llsRsie sworn.? I was on the shore the time the men landed in the boat; I saw Mathews at the time; he wore a short coat at the time ; Untie said he would ride; he got into my ear ; I asked Balm how they got across ; he said they w ere tuought across by ; he said lie e ime from New Be Itor.l , they paid me a'.silver dollar. t uts S kviiiiiT.? I k>ep n public, house ut Newport; i; itv callfil oti me and naked 11 i roul.l,accommodate them lor alow day* ; I Aid I could ; the last wit dps* had tliHr baggage on thn our ; I desired them to lay the hnggnge thereuntil evening ; Balie went out nn.l remained until evening ; ho came back, sunt I saw thorn whispering ; Italic had that watch ; fpindiirud,] h? said he rot it in Liverpool anil paid filtlO for It; ho took it out n second time, ami said he got it from hi* father ; I said ho had got n ahrut memory ; tlioy left my house and went on l<oard the "lowti," hound lor Providence. Crtm-rrnmintd by Mr. Manner.? f got here In August, and I saw the prisoner orrested ; 1 heard him any that llaho had taken them out and (old them; I found no otlieia present with Mathews when he was arrested ; I whs prei nnt when the trunk wa- opened; there were a good many preaent at the time ; It was opened on hoard the hoat ; I Relieve that the key of the chronometer was found in rase ; the prisoner said he had something to say to me ; I wjs passing hy, and he said he wotll I stop for two or three .lays anil would tell me all ; when he said thin lie followed me towards the yard ; Webster remained in the entry as 1 passed out ; Mathews returned after an absence of a lew seconds. Mr Kosrs.a Tivmsr, sworn?I am a watchmaker; 1 bought this w atch fproduced | from David Babe; I gave liini 5"10 in cash and <20 in goods; he told me ho got this watch in Liverpool. To Mr. Mahicry ?Ilahe cnmc to my Morn alone. The deposition of Miss I,add, of Memndria, half siiler 1o Nichol, the first mate, was here put in and admitted It went to prove the idt ntity of Nichols' clothing, and the gold watch, [produced] aad that thu articles belonged to fs tenet. Tim 'deposition ol John La<M, half-hrother to Nicho), was also put in, in corroboration of that of Miss Ll'ld. The ib petition of Mrs. Dearborn, widow of the decr.asc I captain, was hete put In, in proof of the identification of several articles of wearing apparel, which were produced, and belonged to her husband Deposition'of the manufacturer of the chronometer (Mr. Barton) was here put in and admitted. This testimony also proved the identification of thejgold watch. AtTKRISOOfS SisaiON. The court took a recess of an hour. ^>Rraitcft. Mr. N nil spoke to e?| lence, mid opened the cue for the defence ; they would h? able to show that Untie and Welt iter were the persons th it murdered the captain, mntP and rook ; that the prisoner w as a mere iterative spectator in tie- matter, and had not theenpacity to take away the ves<el that he was chained with taking away according to the true construction of the term "piracy;" and that it was proved in evidence Hint llalio was held forth as the awner of the vessel , that the vessel was found in a state at incipient wreck. The learned < ouniel went on at length to dwell on the charaeter of the testimony reqitirml to sustain the charge of piracy ; the penalty of which was death Josrrn Bin hstovi sworn?Idas mined by Mr. Nash I remember Babe and Webster having cotnti to iny place; I heard Webster say to llatm "you hnd better come to Philadelphia," timl Babe refusal ; YVntwtnr said "you bad Setter eotne along or elso you may rue it Babe oflciel die quadrant for two dollars; Mathews Old not oiler to tell anything to my knowledge. Ci "f-txiimtnrd by U. 8. District Auorskv I did not Co any ol the clothoi or bsjfgage taken at the time , 1 UERi 14. lieard tiri* conversation at tli>- <Ioor; when I went in I did ! not mo Matthew* in the room. Nfr. Uuiur Km. tworu, ami examined by My. M ?h. nuv-1 am a farmer living in Maryland ; I know the pri ouor ; ho alway* had an excellent character; I never icard anything against George, the prisoner; Ins father is n humble circumstance*; prisoner was in my employ , gent him on a voyage lor me; I live in Somurret County. | Isaac WAiNwaionr.?I live in Marvluud; 1 know | Jeorge Mathews ; and I never heard anything ugainst hi* diameter, until this. Crott-txmmintd by Mr. Hackett? George's character iva* always good until this charge was brought. The deposttions of Geergo If. barman, James Demon, ! saac Ma/.eck, Washington Kobinson, George Kobeitsuu, j tumuel White and If.dwaid Trovers, in relation to the ] food character ot the prisoner were here put in and adnitted. Mr. M.uinunv summed tip and was replied to by tlio district Attorney. The Judge hereupon charged. The Jury returned a verdict of " Not Guilty," Board of Supervliort. The Kccorder in the Chair. April 'JJ.? J lie minutes ot tho last meeting were road mid approved. Chargtn against. Colonel Stone ?The report of the Special Committee on the charges preferred against Coloml Stone, as Deputy Superintendent of Common Sc'-.ools,was called up and rend. It was a very voluminous document, and stated in substance that the committee hnd attentively examined all tho charges, and the evidence offered to sustain them,were of opinion that the charges were unfoundsd, and concluded by asking that the committee lie discharged. The report was accepted,and the committee discharged accordingly, Several reports recommending the payment of sundry imall bills, were adopted. Ctnim of Judge Lynch.?ltcport of Special Committee in clBim of James Lynch, Koq , was next called up und idopted. Report of Committee on annual taxes, recommending payment ol several small bills Heleuedto (Comptroller, with direction to be by him sent to the Common ( vim Ell. Ej-Slirrijf Hurl's Claim.? Report of Deputy IComptrolleron communication from M. U. Hart, Km| , late Sheriff, explaining the reasons for not settling Mr. Hart's account. The report stated that tho Deputy Comptroller had struck i balance in favor of .Mr. Hult of $'2!t fto, and drew his warrant on the Treasurer in favor of Mr llart lor (hut amount. His Honor the Mnyur refused to countersign it on the ground that the items of which the balance was made were illegal. A resolution was then offered by the Supervisor of Ihe 17th Ward, that the Comptroller he directed to lraw Irs warrant tor the sum reported due to the late Sherilf, and presented to the acting Mayor lor his signature. Altera snort discussion tho report and resolution were laid on thu table. Reportof Committee on Annual Taxes on petition of lleoige I'almer to be relieved fiom taxes, asking leave to lie disc barged, and that the report, he sent to the Common Council. Adopted. Repot t of sume committee in relation to hills for gas light and stdtionury for the use of common schools. Adopted. Jlpjiliculimt of School Fund Commissioners?It was moved and seconded that the application of the Superintendent und Commissioners of Common Schools in the 1 llh Ward, seeking for nil appropriation to proceed with the erection of a school house in that ward, lie taken up. The ayes and noes were called, and 7 voting in the negative ami 8 in tin* ufhrmatlve, the motion was loft. The Hoard then ndjoarncd without u day. TJ.8* Commissioner's Office. Before ( ommissioner Ttapalje. A I'M n. ?t.eorge Bush, u sailor on hoard the American brig Ann Kli/.a, was committed this morning for confining, on the 18th of Apiil 18-14, Charles II. .Mai lory, tbt master of said brig. Common Plena. Before Judge Ingrahnm. Aran, 33.?Josiph Smith vs. Mayor. Jl!iirrmtn, 4'c- vf the City of New lurk ?This was hii action of trespass on the case. The pluintitt is a gardener, and resides on the 3rd Avenue, bet ween :wd and :i3d streets, and raises vegetables and flowurs. on two acres ol hunt accupied by him in that locality. The defendants dug a sewer in 3:!d street, and by reason of its not being sullieiently large to carry otr the water, the plain1 ill alleges that his lands were overflowed in August last and the produce destroyed. The present action was brought for recovery of damages. It was proved, by a witness named Cooper, that plaintilf's grounds were three feet under water, and continued so irom one to three days. It was proved by another witness, named Moor, that the overflow was caused by the cuhvcit or sewer not being stilflciently large to carry oil' tho w ater. The defence set up was, that tho overflow was canard by an unusual quantity ot rain that fell in tho month of August, and that tin; culvert was of the usual sire. The jury Lre to bring hi " ' -d verdict this morning James L.yncn, hsq., for plaintifl ; LI- Cowdrey, Ksq. lor defendant*. Court Calendar?This Uny. Sorekion IJqvst.?Nos. IS, 4, 44, 80, 6U, .'14, 6 >. 1J. Ml Common Puka* ?Nos. 61, 61, HI, 67, 6?C 6'J, 71, 73, 74, ti. KrlcMon'* Propeller*. James Gohtion Bennett, Extt:? Sib,?# . Ah advertisement appears in tlm Herald signed l>y one John B. Emerson, stating that the "propelling wheel coiiimonly called Ericsson's profiler," is included under certain letters patent alleged to have heen granted to him in the vear l&'M. Among some score of similar claims that have heen set up within the last four yeur.-; this of Mr- Emerson is perhaps the most preposterous, I hnve brought an action against illr. Emerson for making the publication in question, and lie h. heen ludd to bail in the sum of one thousand dollars, by his Honor Judge Belts. I liring these facts to your attention with perfect confidence that the knowledge of them will induce you to cause this advertisement to lie withdrawn. As the claim therein contained, however absurd, if it pass without notice or contradiction, is calculated to do rne an injury. I shall esteem it a favor if you will give publicity to the contents of this communication through the medium of your widely circulated journal. I am, rcs|x ctlully. Your obedient servant, J. EricssOK, New York, April 23,1844. From St. Do.n.Niio.?Cupt. Hurd, ol the .J, <<>b Story, arrived this morning from Aux Caycs, 27rh nit., state* that the city of Aux Caves was in great conktenmtiuii for the week previous to his sailing, on accouxi' of an oxpectci! insurrection of the Muck*, on the plains ol Aux I'ay e?, by an arrest of one of their numtsr on the 2Uth. He conlessix] that it wua the intention of the him Us to hum an?l pillage that city, uuil masonic the iuhohitllTltw. The National (iuards have been on duty every night. On the night of the .itith, the commanding olticrr ol 11< place received lulormiitlon that tin- negroes were inarch ion for the city, ami many of tbe inhabitant* commenced removing their effect* on lioaul the shipping in the harbor The If. s Consular agent iemove.1 on board the Amcth :>n schooner, William Wilson, < apt. Baker, at 1 o'clock, A. M. with Ilia effects. The negraM it is supposed, rreeiv ed mformation through s< me of their spies in t lie city, that t place was wa ll ill tended. which prevented the meditated attack. ? Hull an Ktihmi^r. lt?oki,.l)irit Ladies of Nkwakk.?aortic lour or live hundri <l ladic.s of ill in <-i r v have united in ait earnest apjienl to llohert I.. Stevens, of Ilolioken, to put a more pleasant and commodious steamboat on the river, between this city and New York,than the Kainhow. The petition act* forth, that inasmuch a* " we nre naturally nervounnil tlie moot tin bailiff subject to the atck heiid-.iclie the ' noise of her machinery is insupportable und time is not u pillow to rest our lo ads upon." 'I lie will tie presented to-day, and as Mr. H. is a gallant I ncln lor, he will scarcely venture to di ny Uieir right o( pen tiou especially as it is leap jear. -Nriratl; ,'hlr. , l/ml JJ Amusements. Chatham Thkathk.?The gmeml cry anion? theatre-goers rtow-a-dny", is " We're nil going? going"?to the Chatham. The reason is, that them is in the company more talent than was ever collected in one house hi fore. A succession of lull houses is the manager's reward ; arid if ho continues onward, in the same course, he may look lorward to an ample fortune on which to retire. To-right wa are to have the "Wife," with both Conner and Mts McClure, Winnns and Wkarain sustaining the chief characters. Mr. Siishee, the "greatest yankee of them all." appears again in u new Mice ; and the inter ludns are filled with the richest v ariety of songs ami dances. fff- To-day is the usual family Holiday at tlx* American MtiM'urn, and nugnificent periorirtttnces take place at .11 o'clock, this afternoon, and at h in the evening, !>y the Kentucky Minstrel*. Mr. < tile, Min t Adair, Cerilo, the Dog Hilly, end other*, and at the gi ant and ginntes* are to tic ?een nt all hour* of the day Mid evening without incra charge, there will of coiiree he full house*. The manager ecem* determined that no iilaccof amusement in the city (hall lie aide to vie wi'h In*, in the character and diversity of hi* entertainment* the reel merit of his novelties, or rs?pertal>ility of hi* place , end we ho|icthc public w ill sustain him. Tom Thump, it ift'iim, lut made In* itppearmier he (ore Quccfx Victoria Kndo Hc.uf. tin1 LapUm! ltwnrf, h i* lieen present r.I to the people of a fr< e and i nliglitcnnl republic. which it the pir< ulest honor. Dune doutit might Iw entertained ion the nlhrr si !c ol the Atlai tic. On II,it hut one opinion can < \i?t. To parody Burns? " A t^ueen c in make a heltcd knight" A marqui*. duke ami a* that A Van*" i'ie?i.f? ahove her might, " (in le faithl aiie maun na f.?' that " Whether Tom Thumb will become one inch vAoi/rr in con i qiu'iicc of hi* introduction at Court wo much qnei. tlon. The f.upland Dwarf will have the di*tingui-hcd honor ol lining pieaented to the ciliren* of New York, at reals'* Museum, lo-Jay nt it o'clock. After which n performance w ill take place, when Royalty might, wither! derogating Irom it* dignity express it* printrly appro he* tiou. t L I). Prim* Two llsnta. City Intelligence. Cower Police?Tuesday, April 23?" 'I nr. Lhi. riiTLii Lcnr.K.?Yesterday moaning Kicliard Wyckotl a carrier of newspapers, presented a scaled printed circular, directed to "Dr John Mtaklm, 511 Ilroadway, stamped with a circular seal, " April 21, 1844," and the liguie " 0' marked on the opposite corner, somewhat in imitation of the usual post ottice mark*. Dr. Meakim opened the Idler, supposing it to be a circular from some friend, but perceiving it was u letter sheet of literary extracts, refused to pay the seven cents demanded, until he was reminded that In: bad no rnrht to break tlie seal otien. Mr paid tlio money, but arrested thecarrier, and conveyed hint to the Lower I'olice office, whuro l?u letters were taken from his possession. lu a few minutes after, another newspaper carrier named Oilando Wood, was brought in by John Dliss, of 4J 1 ultou street, on a similar charge, and in hi* possession was found u large quantity of similar letters, directed to various persons in the lower part of the city. The carrier stated that they had received the Utleis from Silas K.stnbrook, printer of Pulton street, who had requested them to bo deliveied to the persons whose superscription they bore, and demand tux c? nts lor the latter, and one cent lor ita delivery, Uia lust being the profit ol their labor, and the six cents to ho returned to him. Kstabiook was immediately sent utter, and offered to cuter bail lor the carriers, w Inch was refused, lie was then committed to prison on the charge ol fraud, and refused to accept ol bail, although some of his ftieiids tendered their set vices tor that purpose. /The letter is somewhat of a curiosity, being elegantly printed on throe letter sheet pages, in line miniature type, comprising selections iu prose and verse Hum some ol our I>cst writers, which bio interspersed with the editor's comments Its contents ure neatly arranged in fourcelumtts on each page, with the title, ' The Unexpected Letter," in a scmll propelled by a Locomotive hngine passing ii guide pest sustained by human skulls, with the additional words below, " A Truthlul Joui nal of News and Miscellany?edited by un Invalid?New Voik?published two or three times a mouth by Silas F.stabruoK, und for sule at ibe periodicul dealers?No. I?sixpence." At the termination ol the first page we lind the lollowing editorial notice, u Inch may serve to show the motives ul tho onginutor ol this peculiar proceeding :? " llere allow me to take bieatti and remark, that if perchance any good individuals, having eyed our pengnnations thus far, should happen to begrudge the expenditure ol this purchase, and slgli lor the luxury of repossessing it again, let them forthwith repair to my sick room, at No it, Lley sticot, and the taliamunic sixpence shall he relunded. Hut, my good friends, und my evil friends, lie sure ol this much i that however kindly or reprovingly you may view the present voluntary intrusion of my little thought-messenger, this is the only time it will trouble you, without your own especial command. ... And now, peradventure, it " The Letter" tie so lortuiiuie as to meet with une welcoming smile, l pray the sainted lady or gentleman* to drop in a line at tho Cost Office, directi d, " Editor of the Letter," communding its regular visits. And I HO uiso earnestly cnurui 01 sncn, t? enclose mi; uny enusion ot lin n's which liny deem worthy ol publication, and il worthy it he, 1 promise Unit " The Letter" shall go out lo the wavy multitude, freighted and enriched with their ow n ideas. Lend me y our countenance and your mind's treasures, cud 1 w ill hold up to human gaze a casket more sparkling than eye liutli yt t beheld, and it shall gladden and giorily you. . . , Turn Irom this to the attiactive nairuliou ot the 1'ig-Stealer, coiueuciug the next page." bstabrook relusrd to give hail for his appearance, although the carriers had succeeded in obtaining icliose by this means, and lor tiia purpose ol ascertaining his reasons lor such refusal, our police reporter visited him in his cell, where he was in thoactoi finishing tiie loliowing explanation :? OJ all Errnt v the brightest ?laiue of a mw and uuii/uc offair .'?55,0011 capita prints il. hut nut many told !?The l'ulice to the Hiarue '.? The Editor in the 'J'omha !! Uti Tuesday morning 1 came out with the first number of a publication which made a most unexpected noise, and for the consetpienros ol which, I am now incarcerated in the dismal dungeons of the " Tonus." The ciicumstuncea ure simply these: During (he past season, 1 have suffered under a virulent disease?the small ihjx?which has conlined me, lor the most ot the lime, to my mum. 1 um yet panting under its blighting power. During this procrastination, I conceived the idea of my presi nt enterprise, and forthwith, as far as in my [tower, I begun to pre| are lor its execution. Thus came into thuwuild, yesterday morning, Number One of the "L'm.i i-sxi s.n Ls.i,"- a t r tit htul journal of News and Miscellany?1"Kdited by an Invalid," printed Irom the smallest miniature type, on a sheet of first quality letter pat>er.rach copy lolded and sealed alter the usual manner ol a letter,with the date stumped and the price marked on the euvelope. lam that Invalid 1 And, encouraged by the udvice of many (ulas ! loo anient 1) friends, I left no method untried to bring my publication at once boldly lorwaid. To this end, 1 caused an edition ol upwards ot >5,000 to be printed, and urgunized u gentlemanly and moat cm-tent corps of carriers, intending by their aid to circulate tin whole edition in one day. At a given signal, at it they wint, in right good earnest and every thing bid lair lor the most complete success, fatal delusion Not three hours had they departed on thtir mission, happy and juytul us my sill, lit lore the tidings came on tl.? w ings ot the wind, that the < ity I'olice were h ugging my faHhlui est riera into the ' -Tombs" on aeharge of iieinofc'ni; l/i? jnojilt! At this uitouiid'ug new s I reel, cij to my couch ami tainted. I could not believe my sensea. "What waa the cause!" I nskeil.?"Because you have, stamped the date and put the price on the envelope," said they. And it was even so?the die was cant, and whether dead or alive,'persecution must grasp me with its rrmorseless jawa I immediately repairtxi to the I'olico, assumed the responsibility of the whole matter, an i implored that the innocent rurrjera, at least, might be liberated. But the iron scull'of Mr. Justice Barker was nut thus to he softened ! Me deliberately pronounced me a lunatic, and lemarided in? to the flea-breeding ccli, where I now lay. All this is to me a proiound mystery. 1 have not bet n told, nor can I define, the cause of tins itithlrss proceeding, lint I wish to assure my friends und the public, that, though bolts and bios enchain me, the immortal iinnd yet ii vela in its freedom ! Pirseculion and malice shall not cower nie. I defy their power. My carriers have procured their libeity, and are determined to standby me, come wlui' will, and, with their assistance, I will make the air ring Willi hosannahs, to my little thought messenger, "Unexpected LeUer I shall send it tooveiypei on hi thecity and country, whose names 1 can ascertain through town dirictnrhs or otherwise, during the present and ruining wok. I will return the money, in all where the buyer is di-satisfied. I shall also offer it for sale at the counters of nil the news offices in the United States. 'J be newsboys will cry it about tiie streets, and old und young w ill hail it. To make its contents varied and interesting, I have procured original contiihutiona from many ol the most distinguished writers of the day, and shall continue to do so, at gieut expense. These are the simple fact*. I now appeal to u candid community to sustain me. HI LAS KSTAiUlOOk, Put.I.-her of the ' I nex r? rt. .1 I *H?r ' Since the above was w ritten, Kstalircok litis been discharged from ptison by Justice barker. Deatu ot* Mrs. ^Thayer.?We learn by the Vi':k?burgSentinel of the l()th, that Mrs. Caroline Matilda Thayer, an estimable and gifted lady, whore contiibiltiona in |>ro?u iiiul pot try to the eartetri pciiodicals have earned lor her a high literary celebrity, died suddenly nt Harrissnnbnrg, in this State, n 1?\v days previous she wmm the giond daughter ol (>en. Warren, win) fell at Hunker Hill, and her only child, worthy of his lineage, while yet a youth, took up arms for Texas, and perished at the storming of the Alamo. I!ev l-'itAM i i. II.wvi,'..?tin- ili lioguii-hfcl ilivine, mi long and ilevouleilly engaged in wt rks ol eliristiiin elonityand ta i.evoltnce, has commenced his labors in Holly Springs, uuder very luvoruhle circtimstances. It is said tlint his school will he well attended fiom all sections of the State. Xatrh-z On; .'Ipril H. tf-y- litlY'ATK MKD1CAL AIL).?The mniriheis of the Now Voi k college of Medicine and Pharmacy, in returning the public, thanks for tho liberal support they have received in their efforts to " suppress quackery," 1??*3 leave to state that their particular attention continues le be duvet ml to all diseases of a private nature, and trorn the groat improvements lately made in the principal hospital* of K.urope in tho treatment of thote diseases, they can confidently otter to persons requiring meilicol aid oilvantages not to be met with in any institution in Wus country, either public or private. The treatmevitol the Liollege u such as to insure stircafi in uvi ty case, and is totally different from that wm r nu practice of mining tho constitution with mercury, an I in mostcascs leaving u disease much wonetiiaii the el iginal. One of the mem| tier* of the College ,f< r nrany years connected with tho principal hospitals off mope, attend* daily ior a consultation from !) A. M. tv ? i' M. I f*rUiK A'lVH ' ' ' I '? ? k"?l?UTOI. (Mron-raiT tii < f. rnv l-.t*i id ?Person* living In the country and not finding it convenlmit to attend personally, can' to rw on lot to them u chut containing ill m- dicinos rc.|ni?iti to perform aprrfect cure by stating their ca?? rif licilly. together \ulth nil symptoms, tlm? ot contraction ?n ' trcatm nt rrifiuved elsewhere, if any ti.l enclosing $ >, ''" I eniil, Bililrenrd to W 8. HIOHARDAON, M. D., Afen* O'tic- and ( omuiiing room.i ot lira College, 94 Nassau tJ'HCt (ft- Hit OllD'8 l'A 11181 AN ALTKRAT1VK MIX TURK Kor the c'irc ot primary or secondary Syphilid, mid all affections produce I by an Injudicious use of mercury. The great nd vantage* possessed by tltie powerful alterative over nil other pi eparation* lor the euro ol Syphilid in, that while curing the disease it improve* the constitution, while! inereury generally leave 11 much worm- disease thin the one it in administered for. The hi -t recommendation wc can give of it in, that it is now extensively ttrescribed by the medical (acuity. Who lor merly considered mercury the only cure for tho?e complaint*. Sold, in single bottles, fl each ; in cans of hull dozen, $ i, carefully packed, and sent to all p: i ts of the Union. Otftco ol the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, tin Nassau street. W. H Ulf tUnOSON. ,M. I), Agsint QCj- ( ONRTITUTIONAC U K B fLIT V CUKe.u.?'J'lic Conic Mixture, ptcparrd by the i nllec-- of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New Vork, is confidently re. commended to. all cue s i t d? biiity produced by secret in diligence or o> -ess of any kind. It is an invalunhle reme. dv for im|sitence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depending on mal-format ion.) Single bottles >1 isrb . c e=-s of half a dnrcn ; carefully packi -1 and sent to all i art* of the Union. Office ot the College of Medicine and Hiamacy. M Nassau street W.S lllCKAHDHUN, M. 0 , Agent.

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