Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1844 Page 3
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HIM ''"nnsylvania will, after all the lime spent on these Mill, perfect and paw them thif session. There teems to lie a disposition to procrastinate, that augurs the most unfavorable results. There are only five days left of the sealion, and the movements in that short time must be more to the purpose than they have been yet, to get through this single bill, to say nothing about the host of others. The subject of prices is at the present time very interring, as the present position of trade is attributed by both ol the jtolilical parties ot the day to directly ditt'ere.nt causes ; tho actual cause, falling between t>oth parties. The prices of our ditferent agricultural products depends more upon eontingencies, than manufactured articles The supply affect* the demand, and prices are governed by lioth. It is im|K>ssible, uuderany state of the currency, to control prices in the face of abundant supplies. Thicks ok thk 1'hincipai. Ahtici.ks ok AosicuLtl sr if Boston skosi Auu., 1842. to Aran., 1MI. Jlug , Oct., Jan., JiUK., ,5!\ Artici, t 1842. 184 J. 1843 JS43. 1?M 1844. Berf, mess,city,- $9 12 ?7 87 $8 00 $8 SO $7 62 00 No. 1, 6 37 5 2S 6 25 T 24 6 37 ? Iisvy,. 7 J2 7 12 7 12 7 75 S 37 ? l'crk, elms, 10 75 10 50 10 50 12 62 13 00 12 110 IOCS', 7 75 7 12 ? 25 11 25 10 50 9 25 prime. .. - 5 50 5 50 5 75 10 12 9 18 7 50 I lain., 6S ' % <>X ? ? Kara, 6 $1 7? 6 6 )i 8 l.'liiti r ? *u J 7H S '.9 Ut ? 11,1 * OT Cora. 56 55 .'>0 611 62 64 Oats. 28 28 80 31 32 34 'ejus, wliite.1 00 1 Oil 1 36 I 36 1 36 1 80 Kiev, |wr 100 lbs. 2 84 2 62 2 76 2 75 2 7 5 . 2 75 This shows a great fluctuation in prices, without showing much improvement at the lust date, compared with those previous. The quoted prices for August show the position of our principnl staples at the close of the compromise tariff act, and just before the operation of the present act. The quotations for October 1812, show the state of prices just offer the existing tariff'went into force. We merely alludo to the comparative prices at theso periods to show that the slight variation in quotations cannot be produced by tho cause assigned by tho committee of manufactures in their report to tho House of Representatives, from which we extract part of the above table. " If the tariff act exerts that wonderful and unfailing influence on prices, how is it, that under the same rate duty, the price of the same articles?ior instance, all included in the i.hove tnhlo?fluctuate with the seusons, and without any visible cause. When a season has produced abundant harvests of all our agricultural products?when the supply is much larger than the demund, in all parts of the world?can any power in creatipn keep up prices I We cannot conceive that any political capital can be made by either party, in attributing the existing state of commercial affairs to the wrong cause. Political fanatieiun may blind many, and lead them to the conviction that nothing short of the success of their favorite pla a cm save the country, or redeem the commercial classes from utbi bankruptcy and ruin Fortunately for tho mercantile, and all other interests in tins country, the evils that often fasten themselves upon the business cla?>es, work out their own salvation. The tremendous ups and downs of trade, the complete wreck that every interest has experienced, and the thorough revolution in all the departments of business, have settled down into a regular, uniform, specie currency?into a complete system of credits?Into a business governed exclusively by demand and supply, without that aid and support from government that political quacks imagine indispensable to the community. i The great abundance oi money in all parts of the world, seeking investment, has induced those having great re- , ources, to employ their capital in operations of trade, instead ol allowing it to remain idle in hand. The most speculative movements that have lately been made in Eu. rope, since the cotton excitement subsided, have been in coffee. Operations and investments in this great article of food, were caused by the very reduced point prices had reached. The commencement of the speculation ill Eng iunu unu uouand was produced l>y a great advance in prices at several large sales. Since that time prices have been sustained, and the operations,althougU of a more private nature, have tieen very large. The stocks in Kurope nre very limited, which, with a yearly increasing demand throughout the world, has created an impression in the minds of holders that an advance must, in the regular course of trade, take place. We annex a market report oi u large coffee house in London, based on the actual authentic government statements of all Kurope, as to the consumption:? We have from lime to time given our friends partial statements as to coffee, the quantities produced and con sumed. The article has, for a time of lour to five years, been neglected, and prices continued falling till of late.? The low prices of the article, coupled with the increased < on sumption over the whole world, have brought it into more notice. In 1830, we last gave a statement, showing the produc tion of coflce to have been, for I83H, 3,040,000 cwt. British weight. On the same basis, we now continue our statement, showing to what extent the production of coffee has increased. Totai. Paoni'CTioji of Cofff.f. for 1843. Cwt. Brazils (1,170,000 bags) 1,700,000 Java and Sumatra (1,144,000 hags). . .. 1,400.000 Cuba 400,000 I'orto llico, La Ciuayra, fkc :<00,000 Domingo. . 380,000 Kroneh Colonies. 40,000 Kast Indies and Mocha 00,000 British West Indies 100,000 Dutch 30,000 Ceylon 70,Win Total cwt 4,530,000 This statement shows for live years an increase of total production of near one million cwt., or near 28 per cent, the area test iucrease beinir in the Brazils and K.nst Indies. while in the West Indies tfie production has decreased The extra production of llio coffee has been chiefly in the interior, far from the coAst, where it was planted at u time when coffee was worth 75 to 100 per cent more than now. Considering the rise of 100 per cent in the value of negroes in the Brazils, and that at present rates many planters, who have plantations' very distant from Rio, rati but just cover the expense of transportation of their ooffee to Rio, getting nothing for their eofl'ee, we certainly cannot expect a further increase of production in Brazil*. As to the production of Java coffee, we are unable to give nuthentic statements, but leave it to our readers to judge whether it can be presumed that the Dutch Company would have limited their prices ef coffee, and retained a heavy stock last year unsold, if they knew of an increase in production, or expected as large or larger supplies for one or two years to come. The increase of production in Java during the last tire to six years, is about 100 percent, and in Brazils about 7n per cent, but on prices double of what they now are. Is it to he expected that at present prices the production will increase, or he equal to what it was! In the British West Indies and Dutch and French Colonies, the production is decidedly decreasing. From nil these statements we should judge that the entire production cannot extend 4} millions cwt., British weight, while from official returns we know the consumption to be? Cwt. For ibigland 280,000 " France 480,000 " Holland and Belgium 850,000 " (Jurmany? Duty Union 800,000 Other States and Switzerland... 200,000 Austria-end Bohemia 300,000 " Itungaria and Fast of F.urnpe. . .. 80,000 " Russia, I'oland, Sweden, Norway, nnd Denmark 200,000 " Italy, Kurojtean Turkey, Levant, North Africa, and Mediterranean 350,000 " Spain and l'ortugal. . 100,000 " North America, Texas, Canada, etc, estimated 1,190,000 Total 4,740,000 Showing the consumption to exceed tlio production of coffee by 210,000 cwt The increase of consumption fur the last live years was 111 "in i miiiiuo* nvi ; inu.i on 01 proportion larger the increase of i.ioductiou The great eft increase ni consumption lain ino United States, being I.Vt'iercent fop five 7ears, and 80 lier cent per year for the (ant lire years. In the Prussian Duty Union it is 7A per cent for eight years, or 9$ per cent per year. Upon an average, the consumption In other countries has increased 27 per cent in the last five years, or ftj |ier cent par year The tntal increase of consumption of colfco is, including the United States, 4.4 per cent for five years,or H per cent per year for the last five years. In this rutin it will be an easy matter to determine the consumption ot coffee for 1844 and 181 A. if we assume the consumption of coffee lor 1st I to be for the whole woriil ft per cent more thon it was in 1843, we shall require ft,200,#00 cwt. British weight, for consumption, being 700,(KK) cwt. more than the greatest production yet known. We have caretully inquired into the stocks in all quarters ot Kurope, and can sssnre our readers that the prencnl stocks all over Kurope are, in every quarter nearly, smaller than for the last three years We leave ourrea<h rs to judge whether, considering Hint business is recovering, and better overall Kurope and America thnn it has burn lor five years past, an increase of consumption may not he presumed for this yenr, equal at least to that of Ivss prosperous years. Although this re|iort in relation to collee comes from high authority in the trade, we cannot agree with all the deductions drawn from the facts. The production of an article of food will generally increase with the demand. We find that for many years past prices of coffee have been gradually declining, and the quantity produced gradually increasing. The producers have it in their power to control prices, and until prices are raised for the article in first hands, there can be no danger of the supply falling short. The fluctuation* in prices have tieen principally confined lo the markets of consumption. This has been in a manner produced by the abundant supplies. Unfavorable seasons, or slight deficiencies in the crops, have not advanced prices In the markets of production. New Slwlc Richnngr, SIOOil Ohio fi's, I8C0 fl'-S I'd) Ka'iners'Lnm jn'i >000 do 1.40 95."* ID do jjtJ 000 do nw !)''4 Vi < ant"n Un )i? luMKI Kfiit'yG's,30 yi l>40 U2 25 di snw IS'4 1000 do Ii30 O-JH ' 24 do ( (?,' M.ltO d o 5s ).y N V 840 'W1 2 . do 11^ "mo Illinois hl4t"'? 140 Long Island 1.90 76 IIIOO d I 914 10 25' do iw 71 ,40 farmers' Loan nw 49 74 Mohawk 69 ,9 do Iw 49 50 llnrlrm 74"s 24 do 49 40 do 74 4, ?} do S40 3#Si 1H6 Nor k Wor i\\ Old Stork Ktehan|?. MM) N Y HcatrT'a, 1848 107 50 V*tT"Ut Co b30<i 49j( 800 <Jo 1U7J. ?0 Jo ?30d 39 3J0? N Y Htau5'*, 1858 HHiv? '/O Merchant*' Kx Co 19 1000 do I860 103 250 Caul on Co 41% 27000 ludiaoa Sirr's Bd? 38 2< 0 o? mw 44*4 8000 Indiana Dol Bd* 18 1M? ?' ? I>l5il44% 30000 Ohio 6'*, I860 blOd <<5 '?0 d> l>3tlil 44% irooo do f4,? 50 ro 41 5003 do iun 9134 l>0 do bnw '4)4 5000 do 94% 50 do ,ud 43 30M) do '56 93'. 200 do 4I\ 50?0 Ki-ntackv 6'? Ii30dl0l% 200 Nor it Wi r KK b38il 53 10000 IVuu'a 5'? l>30d C7>. 100 do s|0tl 52 8000 do 67 450 do 52 13000 do 66X 100 do 52% 10000 do b30d lil'a 2541 do nw 52 la lot00 llliuoia 8|> Bdj 41 200 do smv 52 5400 do liCOd i\\ 150 id j|?4 5000 do bGOd 42 50 do blid 52'4 I do b'JOd So Ja,''i,2,lk' S7'* "50 RR 73* 2? 5""fc 8i^*N v . 87 50 do l.ifld 74 IK vKU|k?f<','? '.a" 97 * ,9? d" b30d 74 l?5 Vick?burs Bank 5% 200 do b Od 73% ,? , , 1,0 ? , 9>4 400 do 73 100 Lalayrtt* Bank, C iuu 65 50 Lous lal.iud RK 72% '2 llliuoia Bank 28 200 do 72% 225 r armors' Ti u?t Co 30 50 do 72 550 do 39% 25Mha?kRR 69% 50 do slOd 39% 75 do DW 69', 150 do b30d 39% 50 Readios RR 49 Second Board. $5000 Ohio G'f, I860 b30 94% 125NorfcWor 51 2000 do 94 25 do 511% 125 Nor 18 YVui *3 51 loo VieksGnrs 9 125 do tw 51 25 Loos lilaud 72% 13 uo am 3i Zi? uo it 25 do b:i Vl4 25 Fanner.' Lean 3RJ? 100 do 'iOX 26 Camoa >3 43 Btstte of Trade Ashes?rots continue very iuuetivc. We still quoto 4 37i a $4 434. Pearl* are dull ut $4 93j|. The galea of both descriptions are very trilling. Beeswax?Prime yellow is in fair demand, but prices ate not so Arm as before noticed. We quote a '.>9;c. Cotton?The market was poorly attended to-day ; galea amount to about tiOO bales, of which spinners took tiOO bales ; the remainder in execution of foreign orders, chief| ly at a decline of J cent from' the prices of Saturday? buyers demand a further concession. The whole transactions were too limited to give a tone to operations. Flour?Another decline of course. Genesee may now be bought at $6. Hav?The stock in this market does not increase much, | although the receipts dowu the river are to a fair extent. We quote fair qualittes ut 33 a 37_lc. Prime qualities will command lOe. Whiskey ?Drudge casks sell as wanted at 23c , but the demand is very limited. Prison barrels are in better demand than drudge. We quote small sales at *44 a S4jc. Heal F.state?Lot on Clinton avenue, Brooklyn, 7# ft by 241 $ $900 House and lot No. 1 Stone street. House 23 ft by 31. Lot 23 by 110 4300 Lot on 6th avenue near 23d street, 24} by 95 feet, n#n Lot adjoining, same size 750 Cotton Market. Mobile, April 15.?Our market has been very quiet to day, but has abated nothing iu stillness. Buyers lor foreign account, it is said, have pretty well tilled all the orders in hand, which approach near present prices. The receipts since Friday evening amount to 3,269 bales. New Orleans, April 16 ?There was n rood demand for | cotton ou yesterday, and the business amounted to about 40.1(1 bales. The market is very Hnn, and rather blighter than in the beginning of last week Liverpool Classification.?Louisiana and Mississippi?Inferior, ftf a5} ; ordinary, 0 a 6J; middling, 7 a "J; middling fair, 7jj a HJ; lair, a B't good fair, 9 a 9J; good and fine 10. laateot Advices received at the new tore herald office 5 Anjier Drc. 26 Manilla--. Dec. 15 Africa Mar. 23 Malaga Feb. 14 Antigua Feb. 19 Madeira Feb. 7 Arrcibo Mar. 22 Mauritius Nov. 16 AuxCayes Mar. 27 Montevideo..- Feb. 17 A n... 11.., 1/1 11 :l? L-.L 17 Batavia Dec. 30 Mansunilla Mar. 25 Bay of Islands, N. Z*Sepc. 21 Matanzas April 6 Bermuda Mar. 20 MayaRnez Mar. 31 Buenos Ay res K<-b. 17 Malamoras Dec. 26 Belize. Hon. Mar. 4 Monterey Oct. 10 Barbadoe* Feb. 7 Nassau, N. P. April 10 Boko'* Jan. 21 Neuvita* Feb. 21 Bouaire Pec. 5 Oahu.S. 1. Dec. 211 Bombay Mar. 1 Para Feb. 27 Cape 1 own, C. O. H-Keb. 22 Pari* Amil 2 Calcutta Jan. 23 Port an Prince Feb. 28 Cardenas April 0 Porto Cabello -Mar. 25 ChaRres Jan. 1 Poiut Petre, Guad. Feb 1* Cienfuego* Mar. 23 Pernarnbnco Mar. 13 Cape Haytien Mar. 31 Pauama Dec. 26 Carthaseiu Mar. 4 Payta Nov. 20 Campeachy Jan. 3 Ilio Janeiro Feb. 29 Coonimbo July 18 Hio Grande Feb. 20 Callao Jan. 3 San J nan .Feb. 25 Demerara Mar. 21 8t. Helena Feb., 28 FJsiuore Pec. 3 St. Thomas April 3 Fayal Feb. 29 St. Jairo de Cuba* Mar 18 Gibraltar Mar. 17 St. JoTuis, P. K. April 1 Guayama, P. R. Mar 25 St. Croix Feb. 7 Galveston April 6 St. Domingo Feb. 5 Gonaives Mar. 30 St. Ubes Sept. 2a Guayaquil Pec. 5 Surinam Feb. 8 Oallipatpis Island* May 1 Singapore . Jan. 5 Havre. April I Sydney, N. 8. W. O :t. II Havana April 5 Trinidad de Cuba April 1 Halifax April 19 'Palcahuana Jan. 1 Isle of France Sept. 27 Tahiti Pec. 10 leremie .Jan 3 Tombrx Nov. 9 Kingston, Ja. Mar. 19 Tampico Feb. I London Ap'il 3 Tohaaco Feb. 8 Liverpool April 4 Turks Island Mar. 21 La Gnayra Mar. 12 Trieste Mar. 21 Laguna Oct. 31 Valparaiso Nov 13 Lima Nov. 18 VeraCruz April 1 Macao>? Jail, 14 Zanzibar-" Dec 15 Paaaengers Arrlve?t. Livkbpooi.?Ship Birkenhead?Mr JeiinitiK*. lady and child ?250 ill llie sterner Savannah?Brig Kxcel?Mr Marsh, lady and two children. I Mr* Grant ami two thilnreii, Mrs Cram and child. Miss F.I Harry, Miss Solomons, Messrs Beihwick, Bolton, Key, Coon, Davenport?38 in the steerage ChaRI.kstoi*?Brig Carolina? Miss K S Venderpno', C II llimllrtt mid lady: Lieut '/. W Sherman, II 8 Armv: Mm C K Van Au 1 tar, s B hminous and ion, S Wells, (? Whituurth?'i5 ill ihf Hivriur. <}r.onnr.Towri?Brig Juno?S Willinot, Mr? M Oerard, Mis* 8, Min A Spooner. fortlfn Importation* Liar iipnoi.?Br ship Birki nli-ad? ISO tons coal A W Newin in?211 tea in ill i" 25 hnds 11 key* colors I A Ilea (It Co?25 tc? vhI.i ash Poultnay Is Jenkins?I rile soda A Crita ? 772 Inrs iron 611 Ions do 8 Crook?1008 sacks salt Wnndhull Ik. Minium ?ttrksrnos-J Lee?276 11 Winklcv?7 do Thorn's St co?2 lids raruiali H Crook?13000 slates 100 bus tin pl.tea to order. Ahstikiuss-Nhip Angrlique?262 pila-fgin 42 cks madder I0M hags codec IIP hami>eni potatoes Nchuchardt, Kayre 8t Co ?I bi mdae Born St Hchuchardt?30 cks Z Diion St Sou?21 do Malleolus k I'aver.atrad?20 do 8 ?V ichenansen?20 do Meyer St Blueken ?IJ do 8 Wichenausen?12 do 50 hays Burlage St lluiii-i?17 cks Meyer St Uinkio?100 bags U K Mating?18 cks Brattling k Hoop?6 bis A T I'akker?5 cks K St T Poppe? I boa H Patrick?J ches's Victor St Unckwith?I boa C .Volt, Jr?100 bdls steel Oelrirks St Kruycf?200 hampers l otatoes 100 keys herrings J Kd wards?75 cks 71 bags I boa to order OoRi);a-Brig Arabian?(It po-ted yesterday)?20 hf pps brindy Aymsr k Co?10 do P I higuieres St co?55 do 8 Caswell?20 do J Wolf?47 rks DJkD Havilaud?3 cs I* Delesme ?30 hf 20 <jr cks brandy V Paialou? 20 hf do A Seigoetn?200 cs w lie A Bcgoden Stco?10 Uouchaad St Tbebaud?80 cases J Durand?10 cks wine C Melelta?44 fc H Lscotnbe?1 bbl Uortic?88 hf pps 28 or 30 es to order. Bt Cnoia?8vhr Julia Telfair?7 hhds 36 hbts sugar 4 hhdt molasses 3000 lbs ctpper 8 L Mitchell?50 ponchns rum Ayinsr St co. Uomeatln Importation*. SavalsjiAH?Brig Kacel?185 hales col'on Holh'ook, Nelson Stco?136 Harstow Pope St co?01 Kail, Porter St Collins?15 R De Forest St co?60 Paimelee, Kilhorn St lingers?4-7 J St S Stone?50 cks rice A (i Haza'd St co?3 bales pink root I St W IVnlielJ?7 tons old iron Win L Miller?5 pkga (Jriunell, Mia ram St co. CliAFi.F.sTo*?Brig Carolina?(Hennrte I yesterday)?CI cks r'ce 114 bales coltou Victor St Dtickwit*?76 d.i J 8 Sh ip er?90 Soniber Brothers?528 do 28 bales cotton T l)es Arts?17 Bernard St cn?18 J 8 St B Post?81 Nm ih. Mills St co?32 L.wrence St Trimble?61 Itenard St co?36 lugs feathers flreenwav. Wo.,... k, U... ,U I CI I tSI U II 1- II,...,... ? ?ui in?i uui *r <> nuwimiu?i uui j ir i rregory ? ro?' box II Lockwood?37 boxe* 47 hi do ramus Seymour fit l.e?li??1 box!" Walker - 21 hi bM? U Well.?4 bxt llavK<*itv St ion?1 box Seiiai?7 do H Bartlelt?6 bbli 4 hhda Petrie k Mann. (Jr.onoKTOwrr, SC?B'ig Juno?(Reported yeitrrdsv!?H7 bales cotton Parnielee. Kilb.>rn fit Hoijer*?MO H Coit St co? 7 Sscketl Brotheri?44 tci 'ice tar SpriKiie fit Robinson? 14 tci rice J N Hayes?43 cordi pine wood A Averill fit co. MARITIME HERALD. lalUng Days of the bUtm Ships. ?*om l.ivtnrooL. mom iMXiiii. Acadia, Byrie May 1 Hibernia, Jndkiui Apr 19 Ma7 lb Britannia, Hewitt May 4 June 1 Caledonia, Imtt May 19 June 16 <J. Britain, iioikrn July IJ Atnr I I Packets to Arrive. | Packets to Ball. mom Livraenot. I for i.iTKiircoi. ! (J. Waahmctcn. Allen,Mar. 21 | Siddone. Cobb, April 26 I U. State*, Butt, n, Mar. 26 I Columbui, Cole, .May I i ro.m roRTiMOUTH. I I r rurtT?MOUTH Mediator, Clpdwick. Mar. 10 | St. Jam** Myer* _ Mav ' I Wtlliuntm, Chadwick, Apr. 11 MLUtrnal, 1 iukor, Ma, 1" iko.u hi'ti I ion nam* | Duel em- rt'Orham, Mar 'i | V.daLv.n, tUjd.lard, Apr it Sully, Burrow*, April I | L'tict, llrwi't. nay : Notice to Pilots antl Captains of Vessels, j j All Pilot* and C'aptaiu* of vessel* are rrqneated to note the ' : fact lint Robert S. Martin, formerly our ship new* collector, ia not now in our employ. He i* not, therefore, to receive any j newspaper* or report* intended for the New Vork Herald. Foreign Ulter Bags, Hereafter, letter and New?p.xper Bay* for *11 parti of the World, will be made up at the HkR *i.n Orrict. Skip Matters and Agtnti. W? fhali e*te?m it a Piror, if Captain* of Veweli will give to (Commodore Kner.RT Sn.rnr. of our New* Kl**t. * i'enort of the Shipping left at the Port whence tl.ey tailed, the V'eiieli S(ioUen on their Pa**;me,a of their t.'.arao, ami ny Koreurn Newi|>*l*r* or New* they me.y have. He will board thein immedinHy on their arrival. Ae-nta and (Mr respondent*, et home or abroad, v.1 ill alsoeonfer a Isvor by end-ug to tin* Office all Hie Marine tnletlitt'OCe. they e*? obtain. ( Naitlcr.1 Information of ??T >'?d will to (Staffall* PORT OK flKW YORK, A 1*1111* 'i l ton BUM SlMOO.f 12 fl UN ?KTI 6 17 | H Kill WITH 12 22 Clfinred, Ship* V ill* d? liyon, HtndtUrd, IIivf, Kot h Liiinuiton; ?:rj*ti?v.?I Colon, Smith IUihii i, Si olf. ril S Tillatoo.?Bar'pic Niticv W Sw*ui, Steven*, Nfw Oilcoii, j Kiwi II Hi Co? ?riu* Thcmr, (Hw) Slniic, North of K.?r i?-, K it 'I I'oppc; PrrUTI'n, Wntunti, CardciiH*. Kirn.n ?!? Zlldo; \1aron, l.rwit, Surinnsli, R M iiomtll.? "ch.B John K#n"tll, l(< himnm M.v I KlwrllSiCn;', l>??rhorn, Prt<> ?hnr?, N I. Mr( ready Si Co; KilfHr.Wor.Uton, Philajrlphiu, do; L,i iinirion. Win, <lo, J Klwcll ft Co. Arrtvca. British ship Biik?nh??<), KviwicW, 27 day* from Liverpool, wilh m'Ur. to II Irvin Ship Ai K'liu , Kdwnrdi, from Amnteidniii, Mari li 18, with iridic, to Snhnrhnrrtt, Knarr k Co Britiih h?r>|iiii John Cia'K, Coiintllf, C? dayn from l.ondun, wnh untie 11 T W intlow Barque Itolhirhild, L.iurv. II daya from Card -nan, with 110 liloU It tr* mnln-11" to i I Taylor. Brin Kind, Smth, II day a from Havaanah, with rotion, to Slnritr* Si i lrnrinw. Brituli loif i urlew, Card, 'I day.i from Wind*or, NS. with 11 i?r r, t-> Ho |o Whitney Si I n. Srhr lull* Telfair, Burns, from St ('roil, April V Willi snmr, A? to H (. Mitchell Hclir M B Malumey, Mol.iiinhliii, Irom Trinidad do ( nha, larch 31, via Delaware Break water 3 ilaVI, with 27'l hhd? uio hwaca to Cl.aalelaiii k Ponicrt. Hchr Naoolooii, Su-elier, 9 days Jtnm Swantboro, NC. with natal gton-j, to De Pryater & Whumarsh. Schr Virginia Hodges, Allen, 7 days from Plymotth, NO. ; with naval Iloiw, to brvaut & Maitland KchrC E Thorn, Williama, from Wilmington, NC. with naval stores. to E 8 Powell Schr Saml C Abhott, Parker, from Wilmington, NC. w ith naval < Srhr Sally Miller, from Wilmington. NC. wi'li uaval stoics, to matter. , Si'iir Grove, Hughes, from Elizabeth City, NC. with corn, to master. Srlir Mary Ann, Matthews, from Kolly Landing, with corn, t to master. | Schr Oueidn, Hoper, 3 dayt fr:m Virginia, Willi wood, to matter Seh America, from Philadelphia, with coal, to matt?r. Sloop '1'rider, Collins, from Philadelphia w itli mdte. Below Shin Habntlis, Cot, todays from Apnlaehicola, with cotton, to order | Ship So.ithport, Grtrti h, 9 days frjm Chjrlejton, with cot- , ton, to If Sutton , Slop Calhoun, Weld.'J days from Cliarltvton, with cotton, to G Button. Hrig Echo, (of Philadelphia) from TnuiJad dt Cuba, Apr I. Unit Cayuga, Jackson, Irom Savannah. O" Ship Liberty, Norton, for Liverpool, is at nuchar at ] Quarantine. Wind SE, and foggy. Herald Marine Correspondence. ] TaLcahuaha, Dec 31. 10'3 i Arrivala of Ainerieau vejre's at 'Pa'cnlma-a since D-r 10? Mariner, N'ant, IMMsp; Pacific, N'B. 2100; Moctczuma, do. 3">0 iti'ilMJwh. .Besides the above vessels, which are all in port, the Kingston is here waiting n wind to sail fir lh* U Stales. Pacific reports?Meuurv. N C. in I at S S. Ion 110 VV. Nov 25. 16110 !>. Mariner reports?Off M*stafuero Nov I, I'mn Morris, Falmouth. 7li(l sp; Henry, Salem, 700; Deo 1, Isahlli, Nil, 1800; litli, Jeaunrtte, il l, 850. VU.ctrzuota reports?Off New Zealand Oct 25. Orion, Naut, 1500 s|>; No* 75, V.nlerPrise, rin. ",0I> >p '100 wh; Iris, N I,. 150 sp 1700 vvh; Hope, PruviJetce, 2100 wh; Mon.pcliar, Nil, 2100. Office or the Rhode Islaivdkk, ) Newport, April 22, 1844. { ArrandsH 19tli, Erin. G inluer, Diulifn 'or Norfolk Arr20th, Forone, Smith. Norfolk (or TlioirtBttou; Gladiator, Baker, Baltimore for Boston; 2Ut, Oiray 1'alt, Lawn, Proeidence via Kail River for Char'.esioj. Hlu22d, Foster, Bangor. ffllkcellaiioouit. Packet Ship Ville de LroN, Stoddard, far! Havre, wi'l sail to day. Her letter bans are at this office. Brio Index Coalfleet, of Windsor, N8. from New York for Newfoundland, with a einto of provisions, Sic. was totally wrecked on the uiehtof 17th March, at t ape l ine, while lyinit to in alieivy Kile from tue SK. '.'apt Lindsev, of Liverpool, Kng. who was a passenger in the Index, and who was to lake chartre of a ship at St Johns, was unfortunately lost. Captain Coaltteet anil Ins ere n, after enduftotc considerable fatigue and suffering, reached St Join s, with the i sorption of one man, who petished on the road when on their way fiom Cape Pine to St Johns, t :apt C. with his crew took passage in the mad boat Charles Bnchao, anil arnved at Halifax on the IGtn inst. It is said the vessel and cargo e ere insured ill New Vork Hnm Kosana.?A letter received at New Bedtoril from Caj.t Swilt , dated at New Smyrna, Fla. states llmt the Rosalia, wrecked on Mosquito Bar. had heen sold for 1300; a part of her cargo of live cas pad been got ashore Biiiii Lapiiei.. Seabury, of New Bedford, from New Orleans for NYork. has heeu wrecked on a beach not far from Mosquito Bar?vessel a total loss?cargo of piovisious, &c. saved, partially damaged. Sp*K?n. H Allen, Wilson,' enee for Charleston, April 16, lat 35 13, Inn 75 17?by the M II IVlahooey, at til's part. Hope, Mfllanzis for Cowes, April 13, off Charleston?by the Excel,at this port, iv'nria, St Augastinn for Baltimore, sune day?by the same. Muse... I nvelaud, heuee for Charleston, April 17, off' Chin-I coieagge? by the same > Goodwill, Davis, III days from Liverpool for Philadelphia, April 7, lar II 53, Ion 47 411?by ill- birkenh-ad. at this port Lady Gordou, Savauuah for Liverpool, so date, lai It 28, Ion 73 30?hv the iame. Matilda,of Newport, Irom Philadelphia for St John. NB. An'il2t. off Montauk?by the sam', Wm Neilson, Hobinion, hence for Port ltcpuMican, April 18 off Delaware <'apes?by the Arabian, at this port Exchange, from Pad illg for Boston. Jen I. lat 51 H Ion 53 V. Liverpool, Swinfuid, New Or cnua for Liverpool, March 8, lat 2.1, Ion ?. Aulanta, 19 Jays from Antwerp for NVorlt, March II, lat 47 50. Ian 37. Krnn*i?, from Newport, W. lor New YrrU, aud was supplied with (irevinous and w*ier, Ma'ch 20, lat 32, Ion Ii7 Effort, of N York, from Hull for Havana, 2 days out, no date, itc. KiTen. Foreign Porta. Antwerp. March 19?A'r Catharine, Sandman, NYork. Sid 2I?'. Goataf Wasa, Hsgstrntn, do. Brpmpiiiiaypn, March 12 ? Arr Isabe'li, And renin, NYorlt 21st. Illistou, Soderitrem, Charleston. Sid 27th, Louisa,Weucke. Philad. (Hp Bp achv 11 v. a ii , March 19? Colurnbus, Rotterdam lor NYork Bordfaux, March 8?Sid Spring, Hamilton, New Orlcaus; lith. Trio, Doane, do; Arabian. Kost-r, Charleston. Cuxiiave.n, March II?Slil Krauklin, Sleehoom, NYork; 28th, Sir Isaac Newton, Weiiiholtz, do Cadiz, March 3?Air A>abainn, Baulett, New Orleans; Oth, Mad inua, Wise. New Yoik; 10th. Saluda Washburn, do Sid 13:It, Monroe, Gilchrist, New Orleans; 20th a 2til, Alabama, ILuilett, do. Cardiff, March 21?Sld, Gov Douglass, llyde, NYork In thi: Clyde, March 21?Arr British American, Pritchard, Mobile. Cotvp;s. March 10?Arr Richmond, (iililis, Loudon, and sld 17tli for Havana. Cardenas, April 9?In port, Lexingron, Hickman, to sail ill 4 days; Tallmxdge, and Palestine, Idg; Pallas, 'or Philadelphia, 12 days; Harriet, f <r Port Leon. 0 Itvi; Susan Jane, Boston, 10; Lagrange, and Albe't Viual, Idr; Bataria. just arr. OH' the Kev, bound in. Washington of Philadelphia; and Lvdia. Deal, Mar< h 18?Arr / I), Bassett, Loudou, (and sld for N York); 20tii, Arethiim, Baxter, do for llnvana. (and sld); Son. Miner, Antwep for N York.laud proceeded for Itainsgale); 21th J Caiv r IVndlelon, London for Antwerp; 26th, Stephani, Klor, NYork for Hamburg; 27lh. Philadeli h a, Philad for IIaiiiburg. Passed hv April 2, Hollander, (Kel'ey, r parted master,) fm Hotterdam for Boston G i nil a i.t a h March 7?Arr K. Ceunison, Seely, Palermo.(aud aid for NYork); 12 h. Elvira, Meaaina, for Philad; 16th, Gauges. Pearson, Pal'rinu, (and si 1 fur Boston); Trident, Thing,N Orleans; St Lnwrepce, Mor ison, do Slu |7rl?, Levant, Deirick sou, Ma'egn; lfiih, Snwarrow, Sleeper, NOrlems. Gf.noa, March 13?Arr Calisii^ New York. Garonne. Much It?Arr Ohio, Itevuegom, Philadelphia; 29th, T-n Brothers. Crawloril, Nantes; 22,1, 'Aurora, Koater, New Orleans.' Gravebend, March 21? \rr Corsair, Aikins. NYork. Havre March 20?Arr lluhion, Kennedy, NOrlevns; 24th. Olympie Uellee, Savannah; 21th. Nashville, Peinlierlou, NOrleans; Warsaw, Hawkins, Mobile. Hid 19th. Octavitit, Colburn. NOrleans; 21st, lliililin, Skoltield, do; 38th, Duchetie d'Orleaus, Itichardson, NYirk. Hamrurii. March II?Arr Nautilus, Dyrr, Havana; Maria, K'imherg NYork; 14th, Trent no. Oliver. Havana. Helvoet, March 22?Arr Gartmie, Myers, Philad. Bid 17th, Carthage, Knapp, Cad z. Hai.ifax, April 17 ?Ar Kavorite, (llrl Monte s, Alexandria; I8lh, Maria. Nye, Wilmington, NC; bin Allen. Spalding, Baltimore; Lion, Baxter. Pliilsd; Bonndiry, Mouagle, N I org In |?>rr. Home, Howes. I'jr Boston, 20th; Acadian, Jours, for do, 23d Ii.phacumhf., Ma'ch 18?Arr Cnrl Justus, Black, Newport for Phil delphia, with loss of a csh r and anchor. Livkrfooi.. Anril 3.?Adv. Oregon Gliddei, for Nrw Orleans; Asia, Galilre, for I lurle tnn, 8ih lost; Casper, Smlk"r, for Baltimore, with early donateh; Others,! haae, for I'nilail , 12th; J Repli I 'nnard. Uoult, lor N. York. 6th; Sea. for do, 8th; Tallahassee, Htlie, Wright, Card j. iinniedia'ely; Atlantic, Maile-t, fordo, with despatch; Cairo, for Boston, April 24; Manama, Hassihr, fordo imuvedintrly; British Onsen, Walcli, lor do with despatch; Kockiiifham, lor d>, d<?; Davenport, Mckenzie, for do 12th. London, March 15?I'm irwards, Kliro, Perry. Ch*1 rleslnn; 2M. Napier, Snndford. B?lt. Ent ont earls 20th, Halifai Packet, Paulin, NYork ; 29lh. Viet ;r a. Mortan, do. Lfiiiioiin. M rrli 0?Sld Minuet, He lit. New Yotk. Lisbon, March 16-Hid Active, Berg, New York. Londonderry March 23?hid, Creole, Claik Phil idelphia. Off i hp Lizard, March 28?Carlhage. Hotterdam for NY MtiD-i.ii.i Manh |V?Arr_ Marcel la. Hagar, New York. Ml.I I i'ii, j,n wiiniui. ix kmr. Palermo; I nth. Harriet, llooier, S'ew I Meant; 28th, t h*rl?? W'lliatn. Keating. II uton SHIi?sim, March 6?Art Shamrock, Smith, CagliaTit 10 h, Wcahtogton. Monro*. from Cngluri, to load lor I'inUdephn; si I Keb 20th. Martin W Brett, Arery, New Vorh; Much 10, Shamrock Smi h, Baltimore. Nkwi'oiit ( W?le?). March 18?sm, MaaaachMclta. I'ritehard. I'liilaCclilii ; Ittth. Albion, link*, Burton. Oct NnnTH Korklasd, March 11?Tuacauy,Prince, Hull for N York. Pi.vMot th, Match 17?Slil, Virginia, White, Button; A?ia, Srirt, Baltimore I'on i rMoi TH Match 21?Arr Mediator, Chadwick, London for NYora, a::d rid 23,1. Kamao ?t e, Ma'ch 21.?ThkCnwior, I In ding ton, which nailed hence >e>terd%v lor London, wm obliged to bring np off the North Kereland, lo\tan> hor an.l chain, ami put back tlua morning and haa been hulled upoq the Patent S ip to repair. tlotiKN, March 23?Bid Troia Amu, Badin, Sn-anuah. Rochki.i.k, March 10?Sid Mar.e Ctiolme, Llogona, New York., March 18?Sid, HnbertSt Ann. Mather, NVork. Off hom it Yoke i.and, .Match 2D?Diamond, llallehr, Bretneu for I harleaton. Ot i Hi at'oiin, Match 26?(Ja/.e)te, NOtleanaforliottenhnrg. Tktt ?tk, Ma'ch I?Arr Venice, (Jill, Mattcm; 21 at, I'antou, Packard, do; aid nth, Sylvetter, Scliul.z, N Yoik. I.ake Port* I 't.ta t i.ami, April 10? Arr Sanituaky, DaviiUon. Buffalo; Mi'tonri, Jeuuiton, Sicket'a Harbor; Minerva, Spencer, Buff; R Mountain*, Wardtter, do; Kmc Trader, Karl, do; ( >!. IJ?utou, Whittel. do; Reindeer, l)nviao-\ do; K. Jenney, Dit iaon, do; C P Thompson, <'hritlnpher, Pt; den. Buk*, Pirraon, K'ngaton; Sarnie, Wheeler, do I I'd April f onatiiution, Wuie, D.triit; Col. Beaton, Whit'el.Monroe; < aldoma. Kiik, Kiugttnn; Reagle, Curdy, do; DeWit' ''luiton. Knrter. Pt Buiwell C P Thoinpaou, Cnrialopher, Milan; Same. Wheeler, Detro't flora Porta Banijou, April lt>?Arr Mount Hope, Buah, Klicabeth City; Tevaa, Pillaburv. N Vorlt; Jamea, Hall, Baltimore Pun i i.awh. Atiril 20?Cld Harraareket,Wilton, (iaadaloupe; Or i, Ilaley, Havana. Pop i hmoijtii, April IP?Arr Klor del Mar, VennarJ, Baltimore. Sai ' m. Aptil 20 -I Id Tiin Pick'ri -g, Story, Bissau and Kio N.ot"?; Mary Helen, (layman, St I'go; K H derrick, .New V' ik. Boston. April 22? \ir, Jac<>'> Story , Hnrd, Ana * 'yrs, 27;h nil?'eft Win Wiljon, Baku, for New Ynrk 10 dav*. si,, l. .)u,\. ..i, i.i- u ...i... ii..i .... i' : from S Ooiniiigo city f<r Ant Cayes; tub ins'. I t Hi,1*. Ion 72 Ont'rio, Vnal. from Nt? Yiok f r Cornroa Teleurilli-d?Y'rueiitli Mittliewi, IVnm liirrii'iv I Mtli nit la tli* ollinr. Allioth, Simpson, from New|wvrt, Waif*, va Bermuda. Cld. Alpine, Parsoua, Snrunin; Pennil Oarluin. N>* Oil',ills; llelph Cross, Clover, atrid-n; Lancet Shepherd,do; li Iiinc , Kelley, New York -, Win T Knu, Crowrll. do; Heroine, Calvin llikrr, New \nik Arr 2l?t, Acedia, (?' Hyre. Liverpool. 20th, ateain sclir August*, Blulghard, ll llo? ll, Si ill, ( 'rowe l, Norwi'li. ( Id, 2Mb, llvpj Krauklni, Klinn, Philadelphia; N?ilj|o..<vlt Baker., Page, Taylor, ami Ijciij Big, low , llntrr, New York, t'l.rMOUTH, April li?Arr Anifii'l, llolnei, Baltimore Nv.w UriifoRii, April 20?Sid Kame, Madison, North of JOnrope; 2'?t, Tiger, Cook, llMP-rdum. KuiiaRIoWN, April It?Arr President, Leigh ton. Philadelphia lor Boston; Peru, New Oileaus for do. JOili?iii port tt.e above, anil thore reported in my last?dining others, t in/*n, for Camden; llerry, for floatou Pmovihi m k, April 20?Sid Km?rald. Knneevillv, and W I' Walker, k dgecomh. Matan/.-s; Ari"n, Monro, NVork. Pllli.ami i iiia. April 2t?Air Olive k h/ilieth, Yale* l.ober; Oneco. Keril, New Bed'ord; Oereola, Means, blueliill. Me; Atlav, Walk r, NYoik Belorv,I olumhia, Ionian, hoiiml P Boston?put hick to repair damages. (Id Sulla, Bangs, and ( I lief, Silliiiisn. Boston; J?s Polls, Covert. Providence, Prin eess, Ksekeit, Kail Itieer; Miry It Deborah, Joues, Newark; liiilima. Corson, N Vork 1111 hmom>, April 72? Arr (filers n. Mason, Liverpool.? Sid Manche t r, Worth, New York; Amelia, Krisliee, Bos'on; B nrer,, Jersey City. ( iiAiu.i s row, April 19?Air Ceyloon, Cook. NYork (Id Othello, Tucker, and Moselle, Hunt. Havre; Ca htrine, ljtrry. NVork S.n ANisAM, April 17.?Cld Sterling, Hamilton, New Yoik ; ""laud, Law ton _H-van? Sid k'.sict, Johnson, New York ; ( aroli V Leon, (Kr.) ' hiniel, Charleston; Madawaska, Kogg, Bath, Me < Id Itih MiiiitieeMo. L?wtnn, Hsvre; Ann A I'.rPa-gar, Urighiman, Havana Hid /ennhii, Remington, Sr IVl -rshnrr; Poland, Havana; Henrietta, Bsltiiiiore Monti.k, Anril Hi?u 11 Agenora f lit J (iitl. i , . for Liverpool; (Jeni'va, (tooohue, for Havatia. Arr Arron, l.amlwrt, from N. Vork li'h?Cld Lord Ashhurton, [Brl l*/%uI I ?r Liverpool: Broth* [Br] M nd?al), for t?).??gow, Arr. /nlfite, Kelly, tf> dav* t'm Bodtou; Beria, l)o*ue, |.'* (1ay* fm Bnatnti. Nrw Om.MNii, Apri It?Arr Adrian, l)?tri?, Liverpool; T*g>mn<, Th?m'ion, Hivre; Th?*ii* (Br), Vann. Mobile; f iiinln Hand, White, M i?ae lie*; Talma, Collin*, MobPw; Mi nerva, ('orninga, Bo* ton; Saracen, filer, (ilaagow; Amploor, Trnpp, Bio I up iro: Mod to (Hp). Hi, Barcelona; Cdhb, Pur

tcrdeld, Birbadock; New York, Merry man, St Tlmmw; Ken iiufj, llarre\. N York; Lynnttire Mr Loon Mobil*. Lornin-ret*. Allen, I'rnvi enc( ; Hcmuxn, (Hp) He)int. \lm.1n71*; H?? Anfonio [.Hp] Punt, Havana; Iowa, I vrncy, Th>r?i-sfon; Mc/iirif iC(.ok, 'Irin, ' ?in den Lid tonafantine, Smipann; Boltonc Samiioo; n;\linvr?, B-iratow, and Bnrlirgtuii, Thing, Liverpool, M^gnnlicook, .Mayo, Bremen. Arkanaan, Bnrgeaa, N York; Wm Owy, Ltoahy,and Morea.Oill Botron; Is fterf, herrell, Kingat^n, Jam; Hildana, Mtobha, Biltimore; Kornat, Wilaon, iLhrattar; M ignet, Lewis, and Jane, liogert, Htr*na. i '-J. 1' '-1.' AUCTION SALES. THOMAb BELL. A?r.tio?*er Stare Vu. 11 Spruce rtreet. Regular S.ilea at u*ual or Karuilore erery WetJueadsy and laturday. Alio, of Dry Goods, and all other varietiee terry Tuesday nd Friday. Esteusive Pair of V'aluablr Furniture, ol all descriptions, on Wednesday, ai 10>i o'clock. at No 11 Burner anrrt, th* regunr'aalr room of TflOS.BKLU. Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTluK. Sale of liouarliold Knruiturr, on Thursday. at2ti Ory street. THOs. BELL, Auctioneer. HH HARD VAN OYKK. Ir., Atirt'r. HOUSEHOLD KUHNITURK THIS DAY at Mo'elnck, it No 114 Leonard street. ANTHONY I. BI.KECKER kCO. will sell at auction, This Dav. a? above, a general asoirtinri.t of H-uaehold Knrnitarrol nod house, embracing the mial vsr ety |>rtnilly led-room 'iirillltire a24 Itrc ANTHONY J. BLEKCKER Ik CO.Auc'r. Hy auction?important sale ok oil painTINGS-LEV* (k SPOONER will aril on Friday morning, y6th instant, at their sales roora. 151 Broadway, at It o'clock, a number of ?er? valuable paintings, of rstablisltrd r-htr.icter m this city, imported in years last specially to incorporate in some national institution, and now brought to peremptory sale. They weri pur. based at. high cost with able advisemtnt, from the fountain head in Kurope, and worthy the notiee of penous making public or private collections. The anc'-inueets nie warranted in sUtiuic that there is no reserve . whatever, aud that the biddings will be perfectly free. 4,'ati he > <ewed with cat all gue on Weduetdny, '1 hurjday and morning rf sale. a2tat?rc Ij'L BOA NT FUKNCH FURNITURE?At 17T Duane 'J Park, (Duane st )-C. 8 SMITH Si CO. will tell this inwuiiuh on?? wit- ruiiiliuir CUUKIKiru III HIP aim VP I house. consilium of superfine Brus?*U. Intermit auii Venetian ! Carpets, elegant and cosily French Hofm. Ottoman*, gprreruy, j Italian marble top Centre TdbtesfPier Glasses, Fir* Hcrems, ! lings, steel Fire netts. ricli cut gloss Girandole*, ( amiplebra*, Holar Lamps, Fiench and Cottage Choir*. lit caers. French Porcelain Dinner and Tea Setts, cut gl?ss Mantel Clock, eurlosed Washstmcls, To let Hpttu. Dressing Bureaus, French Bedstead* Feather Bed* r Hair Mattratses, Hie. Ike. Also, the Kitchen Fum'tar* and Utei? with which the sale wdl commence. N. U.?Tee Furniture is inost.y in the French style, tnade to order, has l?<e hut lit'le used and kept wi ll much care ?affords a deatrail* opportunity to purchas* rs. Catalogue at the sale. a2l li*w DAHLIAS, ROOTS AN1) OHNAMfcNTAL PLANTS AT AUCTION. T KVY & S'OONtH will ,.11 Thi, Dty. at 11 o'clock, at J-J 111 Broadway, a clioicc variety of Double Dahlia Root,, some i ew ,0'ti AR?. a great variety of Oruainertal I'lauti, in blooming order, O.iril.n,. <tc , Ike. iCli ll*re HY SNIFFF.N it l a Auction xotick.?nkvvcabinkt furniturk ? l lii, Day, at lb o'clock, at 170 Fulton 'tret, the enli e tnck of suiierior and f.uiliionnble city made Furniture, by one of our mott experienced manufacturer,, minuting of elegaut French Btdstetd, and marble top Dr.-,sing Uure.ut, Secretary and Book Case,, serpentina Sofia and Divan,, rosewood plusli teal do. Card Table,, Hat Mirk, full French mahogany < h ir?. antu|in' do, Wotk and Waili Stand,, mahogany and |dn,h Rocker,, Cribt, Towel Rack,, Dreiuiug Bureau,, Ike. he. well worthy the attention of housekeeper,, shipper, and other,. ( atalogue, ready, and the Furniture for examination Sale positive. a74 lt*ec ~ iiWUAWMllUNKY, Auctioneer II MtlONk'-Y St Co. will tell >)>ia day at 10 o'clock, at the 17. Auction Room, Dun aged Hardware and Cutlery, and i.liter (nods, Stc , damaged mi hoard of the canal tout -11v. on ti e pus,Me to Albany, ciui,i,riu|( of itu exlirsiie assortment of II-id tare, Cutlery, and other Co >tl? tu'eitiled far the w.-ttern inaik't, toutther with a g-uutul into t me ill of fretli imported Shettiel I, Biit-iii'uham. Ueunin, and Ainrictn Hardwate, Fancy Good,, Ste . tu?> ifl ca,k, cut nail,. For p articular,, ?ee Auction bead in the Coutier & Ku<|uirer, Fx pre,,, and Kvtciinr Hot &2t it'tc F. W. DKMINH?Auctioneer. BY D. D NASII?Store No. 139 Fulton sirert WKDNF.SDAY, 21th April. HOTFL FURNITURK?At 10 o'clrck. at the Hotel Francaia. 47 Broadway, the entire Furniture contained on tr.e premises, together with a large nuant ,y of Silver Plate, Flared Ware, (ilae,, St" The luruiture ccntist, of Sof->. tea and dining Tabl?; Malioli .tiv Chair,-, caue and roth vat do., tealiog-uiv bitieius; Waili Stnnd,; Oil Cloth,; Brtiurlj and Ingrain Carpet,; Mijro and Muii'lc Ulasses: II 11 aud Astial l.atnps; Clock; Stove: Mantel Va,e?, French Bedstead,; maple da; Fea'her Bed,; Hair M itlru,",; Bedding; Toilet Ta t>i?*a; window i.iiriaios n'm nnades Aim, U inner, Tea and UrenlUast Cutlery, with tlx Kitchen Kuruiturc, with which lire tile will commc. ce, N. B,?The Silver Plate will be ?o'<l it 11 o'clock. Oata logurs cbu he obtained en the premises, or at the Auction lloom t|i? 'lav previous to in? sa'c. n'll "t* or Wrt NTKIl?A Situation, t-y a Young Man twenu- y?a ? ?f ngr, an a travelling attendant on a gentleman going emit li or to Europe Cau come well rccotnmcndrd and o( good elu cation l'lraae address a note to L. S. 419 Greenwich atrret. ap2l lw"rc IXTANTED ? A situation hy a Yoni.|{ Man, (an American.) *" as Clerk or Porter in a store, hotel, or manufactory, where hit terviccs would b? available, la a good prim (nan, hdi a knowledge of bookkeeping try double entry, and hat hrcu employed in the grocery huaineai recently. Employment the principal object. Will give t it isfactory reference Pleas'address O , 38 Oliver stioet, which will be immediately attended to. a24 It* re IIII.H WANTED TO SEW tUMBllEU.AS, f'AKA SOLS AND SUN SHADES.?Thoee aciuaiuteil with the hii.iueas, nnd a lew dtxiring to learn can find Heady employment a' pricei rqual to any in thecity, hy apply inn immediately at the manufactory of the subscriber, No. 3 Cedar street, up stairc. The work cau be doue out of the (hop if prefrrretl a2l 3ti??rc A. MACDONALD. NOTE KOIJS'D.?A Note signed hy Samuel Ilobeits fur $109. has been sent to this office. The owner can have the same ou application at the desk. a 4 3t f h N'O ANNEXATION OF TEXAS. P* having h-eu aniKuned hy the Government organ that a Treaty for the Aiineiallon of 'l eans has been negotiated and signed, ami will soon be presented to theSr-nat* tlie undersigned call n* oil thecitiaens if New York. WITHOUT DISTINCTION Oh PA It t Y. who are I t" the ratification if said t r Miy, to meet at the Tabernacle Til IS, W h'.DNh SUA Y, EVENING, at half-part seven o'clock, the 24 th of Auril, to express their opposition to the sune. Uat'd New Vorlr, April 18th, 1814. Alls-it Gallatin James Kent William C Bryant Harper, Brothers John W Edmonds John I. Lawrenci Thoinas W Tucker James G King '1'hrodore Sedgwick George E Talmau Willttim D W rterncis Jacob Uwbc I) Dudley h'Mil Hubert Hi slop St San I John Si e'ow Philip ll-me Wni M. Mitchell N. I, Ik Gen. Griswold Smith8i Mills llirain Ketcbam Slaccy U Collins William I. S'oue I Hrowu, Brothers 4t Co Walter H Jones Miuthoriie Tompkins Edward Prime John 11 Crosby lloary C. Drilling Joseph B Collins Nathaniel Kichaids Hamu'l Ward Harvey Weed ncmiyirr l.mngit >n HowlanU k Aapiuwill IV . r (?. Stuvr*. inijt VVm. It. Oracle H|1-r,v:rti?n,1 EaukrrkCo. Caniel Lord, Jr. I.) i. . c .. Brnj.D 8,11,man kflchflin, Kod^crs & Brment VVm. Km?''g ?ii ?*w?n Henry K l)?vifi r*rk J^od win L). H Kennedy Aebedre Cook, Jr. Arthur Bran too (joodhwKtro. Hpqry K. Picrrvpant R*rry Nieoll Win. W. Lte korreitk Co N??in?, 1 owncud Ik Co. Walden I'ell M "?' Andr-w l.ea*?.r Ik to. u.i .i??"1' N T Hubbard Ik Chenery HchettC Cornell Rero C Ha nee , 1 '* Hyoffnrd. TillMton Ik Co nVB. . A P Hal.ev A W Maht II Miutum Talbot, Oliiihaat fc Co Walter lluthrrford V , ft/ Auderton Joseph Blunt John Hard 4c Co \ J Cornell jjpwru-. Unburn on Ik Co N (J Sterling Ik Ca It'll n I Vi i Aliop k Iihauurey r ?(P; afield^ Oielc-raon. Churchill V Co 0 1)1,111 tic Co Tbotnia h'e.neudeu Samuel horry U ? Bedford Jno lo 101,1 VV'rllinu. Hoot 8t Co U'"5y K7"'a,lat ltandol|>Vi Braut Wt lum Henry A Corkwood ci r,',"nn Clnrti$on Orer (h.uU k Atwawr Horace t ire. I Hoht?r?,ne Wm II Maxwell I homj. i MaEllrath W Jay Haakett \u n^""1 a K ?*o?'l'r* r??wiu?nd ORCollim J',\V'L' ThompaOU J W Benedict w n kir'aV" Kranklin Brown ui r u l. 'l 0?e?r W Hturtevant Wmi C B'hfrinerhoro Hubert Jaffray Ik Sou Banke-, Wrurjitk Cot Chirle. Uarii Hutchmaon, Heere It Hon- l.,ac Smith It Co A \Vr o n " [lull. C S Hubbard ? vurl'C*WI-\. * P nir^o"1""*!" Clira Kin* } nBwut, J*mr* '* Wright J{*2iD?.o,00l',r H H Carey a M 11 ill yer Jrwc Kip Holbrook, Nelaoufc Co Mareua Miring Henry Breyoort li-ury H I .red LaddkLord Corti. Holme. Ant u v T\l hundred nthera. a24 llec UU AND I.UUCK ~ OF THE STATE OF XEIY YORK. R Kr; rr t, aTTo'n s I CHIR TI IK OBSKRVAN'K OK TUB VltATKRMTV, I r at the Tabernacle, on Thursday hveuing the iiitli of April, til! Tha door? to l)<* opened at lialf-pait <> o'clock. The perform acco |o commence prectiely at 8 o'clock. The fraternity are cripr'ated to he in attendinre before halfpart 7, ilrrmeil in black or dark clot hunt, with blue L C2 A|.ror? and white (riot,a. 'I lie Members of the (jrnnd L" will attend with their ReKill. The (Jrnnd Offireri will leave their L idiei in any of the rem Ire pewa, |e,ti ieg the t*u immediately in front nl the (trcheatra I r the nrc'ipalion of the (Land dffh.eri and Meml>er? of tint I Jmr.d LC in foil Heuali i, who.aa repreaeuutivea of the whola Irmly. mad ait witSnnt l,?d>e? The remainder nl the centre pe w I irefserved until half pint 7 o'clock for llre'hrin Willi their Ladin. If ia rnr'icmarly reiueat"l that all the Memhera of the (fraud lO Who can poaiiblv separate tlirrrurlres Iroin the Ladjea in their ronipany, will repair immediitely to the Hemnii Room,at tli" hrrk of the Orchej'ri, (on the right,) to accompany the < Jrnnd Offlcrra on tcrir entry a< a body. Brethren who are auahle to attend in time nr who cannot find eiiu in tne centre pew?( or who pretrr to lit eliewhere, are rriju*itetl, notwithstanding. to ? wear masonic clothing. N B ?Tim VV Masters of L^? Will please hare their Baur en sen'to the office of the (Jrasd Secretary as soon u possible By ardrr of?lie Committee. __o2l JtjsMn JAM KS HKIUil M(J, <Jd Secretary 'I'llK MKMBKIU or the New Vork Lodge, >o. 10, I. O of ? <) K., are retpimled to meet at their Room, National Hall, Canal street, on Thnrsdny moriiirig, 2'rth it stint, at 7 o'clock, loptv the last tribute of reipeet to our lata Brother, 8AMUKL II. KULLKK. By order of WM. HILL, N. O. JOHN ERWlN.BacwUry a2irr naT1i >\ a I- aca i < k dkAicNI. 'PI IK. NINKTKKNTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the I Aridtffiiy m now open to th* public, from !) o'clock, A M. until 10 o'clock, r. M., at the rooms, corner of Broadwav nod Leonard it'eet, Xeaton TiehrU Ml e.rntt, ??nul<- admittion UUcenit, ClUllWM lt^ (Wli ?24 3l rc Ml.(1ST (IN MONDAY, tin* 22il llult-t. (mm 37 Lafayette Nare. a 8m.ll Italian URKYIIOUND SI.UT, nearly black, with white neck, brent, piWt. ihiI wtiit?tip on the till ; eye-tight very defective. A liberal |'W?|'I will be paid lor tlie lame. ill k*n . ^3 UOH MM/ND?On the 13th of April. a Ne^foamlland Mill, with a white ?i>ot on the ti|i of the tail, fore Jl Jl n iw> do. The owner ran obtain tier liy proving prol*-rtv # ml paying charge*, or elae the will be a.ild to laye?. pracrt. hnquirr at U2 Beach atreet a24 3t*rc TKOTTINO MAI!E FOR _ Wll.l. be held lor aale until the Kith of May neat, t-af' an ontrmecd Tmttintt Mare, of ootttnal at?ed ami f 1 jX-hnltrm?believed to he the fit teat natural trotter eter pioiliieen in New Jertev Sh? it warranted nniind and kind in all h irmta, or under the uddle Any |ieraon withing to purrhaae m i? prornie further particular. hy iicdretamit JOHN O TAVLOH, a2l It rr ' innaininana I'. O . New J> riey. I <)MrTROLLKR1? of l it v., , < 111 oi Niw 1 nil, April T'M, |h|| \ I'ROI'f >SA I.S WILL lie received at Ihin office until Thnrtdav, it e 2'ith 11 April (inatan' | at noon, for the re latin, ol STiO.fina "T. mp irary Water Loan" becoming due on that day. 'IT'.KMH?To heeotre <|on at the etpiratmn ofoneorlwo \e.rt (at may he verified in propotalt), and to hear an nitere.t at the rate of ait (#) per rent |>er Payable temeannually. I*. A. YfllINO, a2t 21 ec Deputy Comptroller, j AMUSEMENTS. I PALMO S NICW YOKK OPKHA IIOUS1C. postponement of The opera. KKRDINAND PALMO beg. l'?" respectfully to mfoini tli? public, al<u the Season rubs? rihers aud all those who have secured seats, that tin- Ofier.i of II, bAKBIKKE Dl HIVIUMA will be postponed until Monday, 29lh instant, in rniiirijueuce of the arrsi gtiig ol New Decorations, lha New " BOMfff l|l'l DiSNH,ant let being completed- a New York, April 21d I8it. Will open under ihe Direction ol Stenor l)K BK.UN1S, on . MONDAY KYKNINo! April IMth. With Hossiui ? celebrated and brilliant Ooera fluffs. II, BARBIk It h. Dl BIVIOLIA. 11 Of?" Admission One Dollar, to all parts olthe house ,t Doors 0|**|| at r?Performance to comnieace at half-past 7. The following Kminent Artists are encaged to IVrlisnn during H , a ffeason of Twelve Kep-eaenutiiius s Prima Donna Bignora K. Uorghete. Prirno Teno.e Big.Perozzi. * Pruno Buffo* Big De Begin. Primo Buffo Si* S?u (Juiricu. v Altro Piiino Iluffo Big. Ma'tii i. K Becouda Duuu< Signora A Ibertazz'. Mecondo Tenure Big Alhertazzi. U Secondo Tenate * Benet.i. Serondo Big. (tuiberuau. u With a full aud effective Chorus, New < osU'ines, New Bcene- i rv, and Decorations. 8 I (i NO 11 K. PALMO Also announces that he lias concluded au eugagetneut with the I III I lien t PRIMO BASSO, BltiNOll SANTINI, who is daily espeeled from New Orleans. UPiAL/r II ur A UTi WIVI ur*0 I l*A "I"; r* * *' Combined with all the iormer Diiimituuhfd rrofruors. IL. bAHBIKHK ill 81VI0LI A. I Rossini Hig'a K Borghese * igaro 8ig. D(B(|aii ' i out* Alinvriva Sig Perozzi i Doctor Ilaitolo Sib S&ni|tiirico Dou Basil 10 Sib Mart ui Berra Sigunra Albertazzi IHTlziale ......Big Albeitizzi I Kiori- lo Siir Benetti Nularo Sir AlUzui j la preparation Tor the first time in Amnici, a> originally performed, IMIili's (fraud Oiieia of LA SO>NAMBI!LA, Also, F.LISIKK U'AMOHK. j Tin* public arc resja-ctfally iufonn -d, that during the recess. the Upper Tirr of Boxen has been entirely remodelled, all of I the centre (eat* hiving fe u niir I, it) rI o alforil au eicelleot view of the Stage from eyery part wnli the adJiti'ii t>l Konr toininidious I'rivate Botes ou each side, which will be let nithtly, o* lor the semioii N. It.?The Bos Office it now orei e??ry day during th* week, from 10 o'clock A M., until 4 o'clock P. M., when seats I tnay lie secured for the ensuing season. Regular seaaou seats . transferable. Price (10 for Twelve Representations. Suhscrihers not securing seats, the price of tickets is placed at $0 for the seasou?not transferable. Actiuq Mauagvr Sig Martini I (F?""TI>e publie. me respectfully int'oiim-d that the Baths have | 1 been newly arranged and li'ted up in a handsome style, aud are , ill full operation, night and day. PARK TI1KA'l lkM,. | i THIS EVENINO, April 24. will be performed KORTUNIO , I ?Kortur.iii, Mis H Hunt. After which?A Dance *v .Miss Julia T uriihull. To cone ude with?INKLK AND YARICU?Vanco, Mrs H Hunt. l ~ "CHATHAM THKAJItK. Poxes 2j ('enU | Pit I2J{ OutJ THIS 0"vkSiINU.April 21 to commerce with TMK WIFE ?St Pierre, E 8 (loncer; Marianna, Mrs Met.lure I 'J'o conclude with the uew piece of BlIMPS?Abel llartsliorn, Mr Stlsbee. _____ j Ml'tCHKLl. tl OLYWPH) Tlli^iiiitfc, \lr?. Walta'a U-netit I THIS EVENING, April 21(It, to commence with LOVE ' IN UUMRI.K LIKE?Carliiz, Mr Holiauil 1 After wtiicli, KKA DIA VOLO-Bepp . Mr Miohell. T belollowed by SARATOGA SPRINGS Tncoucliide with the lirat act of ("1N Dh.KKLL A . I NKW KNICKERBOCKER THEATRE, LATE | A M P 11I T 11 E A T R E , 11 <> IV E R Y, UNDER THE SO IE MANAGEMENT OK Mil. T. B. RUSSELL. MR. T. D. H bega to inform th* public that ho hat leaxed the absve e,tabli?hine't. and intrude making altera'iuua that will enable him to play Tragedy, Comedy, Melo Drama, Opera and Karce, equal to anyTheatre in th* city, and only aakt a aliare of thtt patronage, ever b'atowed on sleiliuir m*rit, by a d liteming public MR. T. D. RICE, The or'giual Jim Crow, ia eugageil for a lew uighu, aud will make liu appearance in a iNew Opera written txpteaaly for I hi'"N. N.?Ladiea and Gant'emen oI the proleiaion wiabiug engagement*, apply at the Sox Office, or by letterx pott-paid. i\24 3t?in " THIS DAY PI BUSHED, HoOTT * < O 'si KAC-SI,MILE EDITION OK D LAC K IV O Ol) FO R A P 111 L, A CAPITAL NUMBER! PRICK K EDUCED T O TWO VOL LA R S A YEAR, | When taken in couoection with the Knur lfuvrt?rlv Keviewi Tint edition ol Blackwood it iu conttuuatiou of Masou's.and 1 being the only KAC HI MILK RKPRINT 1 in this country, subscribers *i 1 Uuow where to apply for 1HK OKNUINK AltTICLK. Tlie Uuvterly Krvnws for April, are alto received, and I wi'l be published shortly. Price of the Loudon Uiiarleily, Kdiaburgli, r oreign .U'miterly and Westmius'er Review*, $B p? r uuum. The lour Reviews and Blackwood $10. IC7"" Back volumes given at preiniumt to new subscribers. LKONARL) SCOTT Ik CO.. Publishers. a2l It'ec 112 Kallou street, near .Nassau 'Ireet. I'll11Jiaii miimc .<( u'li/n T~ rpilK LAST CONCKKT of the Season will nke plsrcst I the Apollo Saloon, on Saturday Kveuicg, 11th May, to at B o'clock. By older, CI 1 Jtis'rc WM WOOD, Secretary. DLRAMURK BOAT FOR BALK ?A Asa Pleasure Boa , , a nineteen leet long, tilted with viii.oais, Src , Is now lor i sale, at a very low iirire It cau be seeu oa application to JOHN PARMKNTON, Whitehall Slip, at any hour. u2l Itia I h J. 15. WINDLE & Co., IMPUKTPHs OS *VI> BKA1.KHS Its TABLK ( L'TLkRV. HARDWAHK. TIN WARK, WOOL) WAKK. BRUsHKH, UASKKT8, MATS, Ike. No. 56MAIDEN LANE, New York. Packet (hips, Sietmbovla, Ho.rla, and Private Houses, furnished at man ii lac tunny pricea, at the ahortest notice. They import soil ehtnin th?ir goods dirert from <he mini1 faetuiers?tturt hating entirely fur ruth?hat ing the larger! rlore antl tlork in thr United Staler?they olfrr inducements that call h? louiid no vi here else. N. B.?Kvcry article in their line manufactured to orjer ol the best and workman.hip. I 'atalogut s to he had at the store. a2l lt'ro ___ INVISIBLE WfO CO closely resembles the real head of hair that sceptics and k? ccnuoisseiirs have pronounced it the moat perfect and ettMordinarv mrenliou of the day. The treat advantage of this novel and nniijne wig i* iu being made without sewing or weavtug, winch causes its apta-arances so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in lightness nud natural appearance, us to , defy detection, iU tenure brum *o beautiful, to purouiand io free, that in nil eaaea of pcnpimtion evaporation i* unimpeded, ' and jie great evil* of other wigaentirely avoided, The aceptic and control*** ur arc alike invited to inspect tins novel mid town btal Win, kDd tl>n peculiar method of lilting the head, at lh? mnuolari jrrr a A U. Barry,144 Broadway, c?r?er nf Liberty atreei. aw atalrr. ?i>21 lm*r? STRANGERS BBWAKE. IN THIS AUK Of UUA< KfcRY A.\l) HUMBUG, It ii 1 innit important lo clnae au r*|<erieiiteil iihyaician?Mil. .J. KVAN4 baa remorud hia Old lialru'* Ilend Uiipeniary to No. Ill Fnrl, curnpt of Beck nun street* wh -re lie continues hn 1110*1 eitrvordinary cure* of all dolicate diseases, 110 inaller now complicat d. lie apprise* the citizen* aud tlrauger* tliat there it no Or. Kvtnt 111 hi* old tan'*, and that lie haa no con* unction while ver with any other oihce. Ilia charitea are moderate; hi* roaiultatiou* itrictly private. N. U -Obarive Ui* number?1111 Hakes art often dangerous? ;8il Pearl ?t. ft v*"MediPiiir? and direction* aent to any pari.of the Union, hy r .ntirularly slatiuic the cute, and enclosing lite dollar*. aX If re DK. UllhUOKY. No. II Barclay *tr*?t, ia itill at home day audevemiu, until a lale hour.?Strangers and oiherawill (in<1 Dr. I?. a uyul ir .uid legally <|*alilied physician and siirlieon. alt' ndii e perionally to those peruliar.'diaeases and di* tre**ea, whi h for mvny reaaoua may reipiire to he managed Willi eaution and (iitcenoii, in order to 0M-111 |?rfee.t tuiei, without interfering with tin- peraoual comfort* and haluta ul the ra'ient. UTT" ^ "r *!'' a* above, a Private Treatiic on private diaer.aea lerret haluta, Stiuteievtmg to both ses**, married or aiiuile. 1 Price53cent*. nil lt*m 11 E K F * 15 K K iK ! H K K V ! ON HANI) AND KOK SALK, 111 lot* to suit purrlmters, at VALKNTINh'.S, 48 Fit.ton .Market, liO harrvla K*tra Mr*'. Iteof n etloire M.riele -ill el**,.f?.l niiea.- II'. I irr.l. I .'r I ini|>efLed Slen U eef, warranted; ami JOO h.tlfl>nrrelg uf bitmily Bee t, very line ist-odml Cur the aoitlhern market. The above Uief ii packed inn carrfill and judicium m inner mil will keen food 111 any r.l i male ay it hunt vetting in mJi He member VALKNTINfc'S OLD K8TABC.lSn.V1K.NT, mil Im're N? 4h k'oiioii Market. NKW "V OH K A I. Is A N I AM) TROY h'i'KA MBt) \T LINK. *OI KOIl ALBANY AND TROY?Morning *r""''**'* *"(lt U'ltclny afreet, lauding 3LnK<E,<i i'it<imrdiiir|ilu>i. 1 h? ?!< iiiii"i TRO Y i LM'Iaiu A. Doth on, to marrow moru iik' at 7 o'clor k l'he ?le<iiwr TROY, Captain A. Uorhnm, 83a nrdty mine idg. at 7 o'clock. Kveumg Line fmm llic In t of Count unit ttieet, direct. '1 lie attain,r HWALLUW, Captain A. ivlcLean, Ihu earning. at 7 o'clock. I lie a train bo n ALBANY, Captain R. B. ,M icy, to-ratrrow evening, at 7 o'clock. The Boat, ot Dm Luc, owing to th- ir light draught of water, are able at all tunea to piai the liara, and reach Albany ami Troy in ample lime to lake the morning tram af cart lor the ran or weat. Kor pnaaage or freight, apply on boa'd, or al the otfirea n I ha wharr-i ,2lrc Kt III LI)N DON-Rr'giriar IV ket ul th.- toM ,The lint-rite, fait aniling, regular |>arkrt ihtp hT. i MflttfeJAVI KM. I apt \1 yen, ol HOO tuna, will imaitire ly aaiTan above, her regular day. I Kor p?a? i"e in cabin, 2d cibin, and ateerage, apply on hoard, fool of Mallien Lane, or to JOBKPIt Mc.MlRRAY, a2ltomlre KM Pine at. corner Month, .N V KOR YlVKMI'OOL Rrgnh.r Packet rd 7he~JS h ( H^^Apttl?The lirat-rlita, Put-tailing packet ilnp Ml IIJHNMbI><>>*, Captain K II Colili, of HMO rona, will tail at above her regular .1 ty. Ifavintt very interior ncecmmoilatu n? for caliin, lecoud c Inn and acrragr paaarngera, |ieriot w tailing to emtiira ihould maka early application to JOSKPH McMURRAV, 101) I'me alr.rt, corner of Soath P. H.?The Seldom will be anccceded hy the rery iplendol packet ahip Aahbattoo. (.'apt llu'llemn, mid ?ail mi 'he ' h ?f May. a??ti>7'.ir jjav kT?R LIV K It I'l?(> L- Britiah Mnp - W??l (CS^^tmtch?The yety'lloe A I, cop|ier-fa?ten?dBritiah ihip JHAbllr LKN THOMSON, f ,1,11 .in John I'etne it now ! ready to receive targo and will liaae neapatch lor the ahove port. ... r 1 Kor fr-ifht or ?t?ir r?om arromm??o*iinn? iiiif cdhin I'ucjioi, miplr i" rt"'1 on ooarfl, ?i rwr No. <? North Kivi?r,or ? > th* t? * ^ t a klH IO., BIIOTHKHH It CO . o2lec IV Knlton at. neit door to thevnltou Hank h'OH NKW OKLKANH.? I.Ol ISIANA AN|) Jilkv l VV VOI1K I.IN' I he I Kt aailimt picket al 11, JUhw<" MI 'MD.K.' 'I" K. Pwt. will anil lal May ? ' "k'oVTnlilil'o' p'lti.ige,having liandiome fnrniahed acromir.ndal.nn. amdVnn b.atrd.nt Orlean. Wharf, fool of Wall atre.i fationa, apply ?no K K ( ()U ,N!S y , ,, ! ,'ifi Month at'eet. Poauively no freight received after the evening of Pith luat ! Shipien In linn line may d-peod upon havicg He ir It I eorreeliy meaanied. I 'lie packet llllp tlAHTON.I tpl k.hll lilge, will turf -oil j the Of Ml'LOM end iail Huh May, her regular day | Agenla in N. w ' lilenna?Meiara. Iliillin anil WooilruH, wh ill ffoavtiy I"1 III '11 goorla to their addreaa. t2i ec JY THE SOUTHERN MAlLl Washington. (Correspondence ot the Herald.) Washington, April 22, 1841. I lie treaty wm sent t? the Senate tint day withiut tail \ ou may put down Una prediction at ure?that not over 21 votes can, in any event, he Dund in its favor. A large concourse of |>eople assembled at, and n all the hills adjacent the Navy Yard, yesterday fternoon, to witness a further exhibition of Colt's uh-marine battery, which has proved eminently uccessful and satisfactory. The Secretary of the ?'avy, accompanied by many officers ot the Navy, rimessed the experiments from on board the teamer Union, and the sentiment appears to be niversal as to the success and national benefit and itility of the invention, which should be adopted iy our government. O. P. Q. Washington, April 22, 1844. The Treaty has gone into the Senate this mornng, with all the documents, and a message from ihe President. The tariff bill has been taken up in the House lo-day by u vote of ltu to IM, the largest vote yet Uiken this session. 11 friends of the new tariff jill were absent, and t wings, (Clay men.) ana t\i\w /Itanituoin<. 11>.? *M.. I* ..l>?If <o into operation?list July uext, or 1st September, or 1st of Junuary. Important.?Theamendtntnt fixing ihe time the tariff hill should go into operation at July 1st, instead of September 1st, has just been lost?ayes, 48; noes, 03. Washington, April 22, 1844. Mr. Van IJuren has been written to for an exiression of bis opinions upon the question of Anlexation of Texas. He will answer. It is exlecteil to be favorable to axnexation. J shall have he earliest notice of the arrival of his answer?and iope to be able to lay it before vou at an early day. It was the intention of the lion. Charles J. Injersoll, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign delations, to lay his Report upon the Annexation >t Texas before the House this day, being the day in which ihe Texas Treaty is laid before th? Senate. Mr. Ingersoll is known to have pursued x high and honorable course upon this subject?a majority of the committee were believed to be in favor of annexation, and much disappointment is I'elt that his Report will not be presented ibis day, especially as the Treaty has come in. General McKay's Tarill Bill was taken up in the. House, by a majority of 10, as above. S. B. Washington, 22d April, 1844. The Treaty. i nave iiil sunsi acuon 10 lniorm you mat ny turning l?aek your file to the Herald of Tuesday, April Kith, you will find the substance of the Treaty of Annexation this day sent to the .Senate?with the exception of one point. In my letter then, it is stated that the time within which it must he ratified was "thirty days." On looking at the treaty it appears that the time is longer?say six months ?as I believe 1 have already informed you. With that exception, you have already so accurately published the treaty,that 1 shall not take the trouble to copy it. This error is very unimportant, and I should not notice it all, were it not for my desire not to mislead you, in even 1 he rtnalleat matters. The Treaty, with its voluminous accompanying documents, was read, and then referred to the Committee on Foreign Kelations, with whom it will probably remain for the present?till after the Pennsylvania Flection, and until there is time to hreuthe and cast about. According to the best opinions I can gather together to-night, it seems doubtful whether the treaty can paBs the Senate under a two-third vote. The vote, however, will test the question whether it can pass Congress as a Hill or Resolution. It also appears likely that the treaty will, in any event, injure Clay?especially at die South. It is believed that lie will not dare to come out for Annexation to secure the South, lor fe?r that in that fiiuM Wclwlcr U'ltlilil - mnl i? him nu u n/.rfhitm candidate. I think this country may look forward to a period of immense excitement. It is an era in its history. Col. lien ton is ex|>ectcd in town to-night. The city isrH|?idly filling up with Delegates to the Clay Convention on the 2d pro*. Mr. Clay is daily expected in town. S. B. Washington, Monday Kvening, April 22.H The Treaty was sent to the Senate to-day, was read in executive session, with the accompanying documents, which are very long, and ordered to be printed confidentially. 1 have not seen it, but there is nothing nnc in it; nor did it make any strong impression upon the Senate. 1 think the cause has lost ground since yestrr<Uiy. The democratic portion of the Senate will not go for it, in a body '/lit stock has evidently fallen today at least 2 rotes from my last note, giving it 21. Mr. Clay's sentiments will he immediately made known through the Intelligenter on the subject, and you will have thetn in New York on or before tlie 2.">ili HMt, 11'' collies out, as always, without disguise, in an open, clear, candid and statesmanlike letter, and gives Ins reasons for being ojiposed to the treaty o/ annexation. O. 1'. l|. TWKNTY-KIUUTH CONGltKSS. FIRST SESSION. Senate, Washington, 22d April, 1KI4. branch mint in nkw york. Mr. Wright presented a petition from the Chamber of Commerce in New York city for a branch mint in New York. ANNEXATION OK TEXAS. Messrs. Buchanan, Wright, Fairfield, and nfhf*ru nrcKi'nti'ii inpmnriiilu in fuuos of lion oi l exits. One or two more presented against it. treaty of annexation. The treaty of annexation, no long talked about, is at last sent in. The Senate immediately went into executive session. Malta of Stocks at Philadelphia. 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