Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1844 Page 3
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WHAT 18 SICKNESS??It is the retention ol niorhij nutters in the system. When this is the case we are hourly becoming worm until theie mutters ure reft moved. The weather, for instance, has been steadily ? warm or steadily cold lor some time, our liodi-s have become, as it were, i.s. 1 to the action of warm or col l as the case may bo, and we enjoy good health. Suddenly. r however, and without any warning, we find that tla ol our thermomt ter has become 60 and if the warm spell bah been upon us tat degrees has in a few hours been cooled down to 10. Can there be any wonder that the suonges. constitution, are bowed down by sickness in so changeahb-:?climate us this! Our great object must ho to receive as little injury as the circumstances of the case will per mil. Whether it be lntluen/.u or a cough; a common coM or rheumatism ; whi ther it be a pain of the hack, ol the head, or of the bowels, that affects you, resort at once to tho Brundreth'a Pills. A few good doses will remove all morbid mutters from the body, wherevci situated, and the particular organ ulfected will be relieved, and u few days will bring back health and vigor. Sold at -J4I Broadway, 27-1 Bowery, and 1491 Hudson street, New York , T. Martine, Twenty-first street, corner of Ninth \venue : and by Mrii, Booth, Brooklyn, ut S? cents per iox, with full directions in all languages. OO-OOLRAUD'S BLAVC D'ESPAGNE, OR SPAN' ish White, for the complexion, is meanlv counterfeitedBuy only at 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway Of?- CAPTAIN BROOKS, OK STEAMER N1MROD reports as follows He crushed his firger and it swelled and pained him so excessively that he was laid up five days He was told he would be laid up lor months, lie Went it noulticed. but could not reduce the swelling nr , pain till u friend told him to take off the poultice and put on Connel'i Magical Pain Extractor, from Comstork At Co, 21 Courtlandt st. Capt. B had the salve and need it ut once, and in eight hotim the swelling was removed ami the hand cured. Capt. B. has also seen it used in cases of hums, and says its effects are most miraculous. He took a dozen anil suid he would as soon he without bread as this salve. He has sunt dozens to get it, and will verify all we herein soy, and much more. This Salve will cure any of the following complaints, or all pay is refused for it :? Hums and Scalds, Sore Eyes and Nipplos, Piles, Hi uires, Salt Rheum, Tender Feet, Chilblain and Old Sores. Caution? Uuy only?Remember, only, in this city, of Comstock St Co. 21 Courtlandt street. MONKY MARKET. Thursday, April !4.T?Q P. M. The Stock Market to day was very fluctuating. The sales were quite largo. Long Island advanced 1 percent; Canton, } ; Harlem, 2; Norwich and Worcester, J ; Farmers' Trust, } ; Mohawk declined j ; Pennsylvania 6's, 1 ; Ohio 6's, h ; 75 shares of Morris Canal sold at 2 per ent. Some speculators are making efforts to resuscitate this stock. The Concord Bank, Mass , has declarod a semi-annual dividend of three per cent. Receipts of the Massachusetts Western Railroad for tho weeks ending April 20th 1843. 1844 ' . Passengers . . $6,614 $0,043 Freight, Stc 3,491 0,690 $7,004 $12,042 Receipts for 10 weeks $107,008 $142,440 I The increase for the week ending the 20th inst. is about f eighty-flve per cent. The increase for the 10 weeks abaut thirty-three and a third. The Comptroller has given notice that the bonds nnd certificates issued in 1842, and made payable on the 1st ol July, 1844, will be paid on that day at the Manhattan Bank, and that no interest afler Hint uilll t,oi.l The Banks of this State hare but o little time left to make up their quarterly report*. Many have already been forwarded to the Comptroller. The returns for this quarter, of the city hanks, will show a decrease in the amount of specie on hand, and in the depositee. The loan and discouut line has lately been enlarged. This has been produced by the increased activity of business, and the demand for money from the interior. Advances have lately been made to a great extant; on produce coming to this market from the West. Loans kave been called in from stock investments to meet the demand from the mercantile classes. The rate of interest has advanced. The ruling rates for short loans, is 6 a 7 per cent Money can, however, be obtained in the street at a trifle under seven. The banks will, probably, have as large offerings lor dis counts from the commercial classes for the next month or two as they can accommodate. This will affect the prices for stocks in Wall street. Money is, however, still abundant, and so long as it is, speculation in stocks will continue, au 1 prices constantly fluctuate. The indications for a very extensive trade through the season, arc more favorable than they have been for years. There appears to he a disposition prevalent to extend credits, which, unless checked, may lead to difficulty. Tho excitement attendant upon great activity of trade, is apt to lead those engaged into extremes. Imperceptibly they become involved to a great extent, and from which they find no means of redemption. The past has been so filled with revolutions and explosions, that we look with distrust / upon any great exteniion of trade. There is great danger in sudden expansions. It is impossible to resist the temptations the mercantile classes are daily exposed to in a time of prosperity. The lute decline in c??tton has broke down two houses engaged in the speculation. The advices by the Hibcroia, may?if they prove to l>e as bail as anticipated?make mors bankrupts. The principal speculators in this staple, this season, have been houses of rather limited resources.? They have gone deep into the business without sufficient capital to stand the great declines that have been experienced. In the operations of many years past, those engaged have been strong enough to control tho market,and sustain prices to a great extent. This season the most trifling rircumsinncc causes a decline, and holders are compelled to submit to the loss at once, instead of holding on for a chnnge in prices to muke themselves whole. The stock in mis market is principally owned at the south.? Advances have been made in this city and the stock here accumulates. The exports of cotton from Mobile and New Orleans for NewYork this year, compared with last,show an enormous increase. 7711* yrar. Last year. F.xports from Mobile to New Vork, bales, 6&074 3ft 13ft do do New Orleans, do do 74,743 38,471 Total, bales, 143,818 04,000 An increase of morn than one hundred per cent from those two ports. The stock in this port, at this time, varies very little from 175,000 bales. Quotations of Foreion amies in this Markf.t for Armi. London Parit Jhneter'm Ilam'e Brtm April 3---8 a 8% 5.23V a 35% 73% " r,...R%a8% 5 28%s 39V a 35% 73% ' 1?...8%?3V 5,27% a 5,'8% 39% a 85% 78% " l3...8%a8V 5.27% a 5,28 43 a 35% 73% " 18. .8% e 8% 5,27% a 5 28 39% a 40 35% 78% " 28-. 8% a 8% 5,27% a 5 78% 39% a 40 35% 79% " 25 1% a 8% 5,27% a 5,28% 39% a ? 35% 78% The rates nile very regular. Exchange on London remains very high for the season. The demand for the pack, rt of the 1st proximo is daily improving Those in want of bills are waiting till the last moment before tha closing of the mails for the st,;amer, with the hope that a decline will take place. Domestic exchange remains without much alteration. The ra'es continue very uniform, and very much reduced. Domestic Eichanok Afiui. 25ih, 1844. Boston. %a % <1 is ApalaclucnU, 2 a 2% dis I'hihtdelphia, %? % " Mobile, 11 a 12% Baltimore, %a %" Montgomery, II a 12'-. " Virgiaia, %a %" Tuscaloosa, 11 a 12% North Carolina, 1% a 1% " New Orleans, %a %pm Charleston, % a % '* N'asbville. 2 a 2% dis Savannah, %a %," Louisville, l%? 1% " Augusta, % a % " St. Louis, 1 a 1% " Columbus, I a l% " Cincinnati, l%a 1% " .Vacon, l%al%" Mobile, (specie) %a %pm Union, Florida, 73 a 75 " Treasury Notes, Hoiitli. L.IaT. do75 a 80 " new emission, par Mobile funds are rapidly depreciating. Tne slight variations made in tho quotations since our last,are principal* ly tafavorof this city. Quotations r?r Sff.cie. Per renl. Value. Am. flold, old. .. .108 alofll Carolus dollarsf.1 Oft a I 07 Do do, new.. .IDOlalOOf Five francs. . . 0 !>SJ|n 0 0t Hall dollars pnr a Doubloons. . .ill 7.r> al7 00 | Portuguese gold. .KM) alOOj Do patriot . , .IS ho all) 00 , Spanish dollar* .,103|?104 Sovereigns.... 4 HI u I ha i Do quarters. 00 alflO Do light 4 U2 n 4 84 | Mexican dollar*. .lOOjalOOJ Hourv guineas r? on a Do quarter*. 00 a 100 Napoleons .... 3 t>.) a 4 If A On the rote being taken in the Senate of Pennsylvania, on tho final pa-suge of tha revenue bill, t was negatived by a vote ol 20to 12. The vote mny he re-considered, hut we have very little faith in any thing resulting favorable to the State creditors. The cou*se pursued by the Legislature of Pennsylvania in re lation to the public debt, has been most disgraceful. The whole session ha* been fritted away, and the passage of any el the proposed hills is no nearer now than when the session commenced.? There appears to exist an obstinacy in a majority of the members, that prevents the accomplishment of any thing likely to afford relief to the suffering creditors ef the State. Very little confidence exists in the honesty of re presentative* who will trifle with creditors in this manner. Kvory one is fully convinced that the Legislature will adjourn without passing the law providing means to meet their indebtedness,la few broker* in Wall st, except who are interested in keeping up the belief that some thing will finally be done to pay their debts. Provided this revenue hill should eventually become a law, what guai anty have the public that it will amount to anything! The inhabitants of Pennsylvania are descendants from a people lamed for their persistency, and will not *ubmit;to uny law taxing them more than they are disposed to pay. The Whiskey rebellion of that State is still fresh in the recollection of many of the present day, and the result ol that movement plainly show* what we may expect again under similar circumstance*. Taxation presses heavily upon the |ioople of Pennsylvania, and an addition to the present amount will meet with little success in the way of collection. Still the representatives should do their j duty, and deal justly with those who have loaned them r their last dollar to complete work* of internal improvemerit, the people of the State are enjoying the benefit* of. I'eiuuylvaiiiu State atock moat-depreciate ia value very rapidly, unless aomo declaim t measures are adopted this session of the legislature, to meet the interest on the debt as it occur*. Old Stock Kuhange. $1 coo Ohio (i's. '00 91l< 14? 'has Fanners' Tr bnw 38', soon do 91 ? i'S Canton Co 41 v_ 8000 do btO 91 3) do ||? SM0 do 30d 94),' 110 do ||C 5000 ?o May 1 94 75 ,lo 4} 1000 do 93J* 75 do u\4 toon Indiana S bond* 37'4 25 do 42C l'.?0n do 37 tj 5?o L Ujoid UK )2 tOCO do *30 371, 10(1 do y->i. rrU" 4'1 . BU" 110 do 1)10 721* 2('000 <a> a 10 05 I I'd J,, ?w 72*1 ?2ofl do !l?i - 100 l!o b3U 73 222 I to-4 3')0 d? SJU 72 Cin /' 64K 71 Harlem Kit ?9), bam in: " ,,l(i 6-' ( If# do G9?4 ? ?i i Illinois spcl bds 40*5 50 > 0 .11 w 70 11 sha* Manhattan Bk 87 200 do 70 ' m I.L- o, , ?v b90 85 50 do bnw 70*5 ! 0 I? NVr ? ?"S <50 do 7og 12 Bank Com. full ?J7>2 100 do (3? 70 75 Morris Canal 2 isu do bnw 71 0 Meren'. Kic Co ll? 50 do snw 71 IHS? 100 do I>I5 71 .1? v ,J:1 1H 150 do b20 7I>4 *'ck,.,>ur< Bk 9)^ 300 do 70 ; do i? !i 275 Nor k Wore KK 49,), .1? ? do , ... ?10 9 179 do 49X 50 farmers' fruit 37% do $0 300 do _ 38 ^ 50 Reading Ull 45 | I J" U ) W>U j'C-a 73 MCllSWK UK tti 330 d > wy% Nccond Board. $14000 Ohio 91 125 ?>>a? Nor fc Wore 49% ! 3000 IVnn'a 5'a r30 6*% 100 do 49% 3000 Illinois 41 30 do i3? 30 30 . hss Canton Co b3 42 23 do a] 30 23 do 42)4 30 Pstersou RR b3 78 I 30 Farmer*' Loa.i 38 l*?w Stock. Kxchaiif(t'> ! $2007 Ohio 6'?, '80 *80 93% 23 flu* Canton Co (2% I 1000 do 93% 23 Long Island RR 72)4 4000 Ky C's, 30 years 101 K0 VichsburK Bk 9 I000 do Ii30 101% 23 do 9)4 I li'OO do l>20 10121 StcnioRlon KR 42% I 3000 do l>20 101',' 100 Harlem KR 1.9% | 1000 Indiana 37 23 do 70 1000 Vkan?a?6?? 30 38 do nw 71), 1000 IVnn'a 3s t20 64% 23 (to uw 70), ; 330 ihas Karmvrs* Ln fc3 38 123 Nor (k Wi re 19'. I 30 do 38% 125 do S3 4"% I 100 do s3 38% 25 do 50 I 30 do b20 39 25 do blO 31 25 Canton Co 42 50 do buw 51 State of Trader A i11 n?We quote pots very inactive at $4 2.) a f.4 50. Pearls are still held at $4 1)3} a f>A, with trifling sales BiiKADsTt rrs?There is a very small business doing. Brandy wine tlour is ijuoted at $5; Georgetown the same; i Genesee the same; and Ohio f.4 87 J a $!> Our accounts from the west are quite encouraging. 1 F.very where the growing wheat looks well, and promisI es abundantly. ln Chicago, on the 17th inst. wheat was selling at 72 ! cents?freight to Butfalo II cents. In a violent storm on l the ltitli. the schooner Windham, with 10,000 hushels ol wheat, was lost?the wheat totally. Coffee?The present demand is not very active We quote transactions in Rio at 6f a 7Jc; Cuba, 7c; Laguyrs, 7ic. "Cotton?The sales to-day are small, amounting only to about 800 bales, at prices paid yesterday. Holders gene rally were less disposed to sell, which had the affect of retarding operations, as buyers would not advance. No change in freights. 11av ?i ne siock in hub mantei is quite intge, aim tnc receipt* are daily increasing. We quote sales of fair qualities at 35 a 36c. Provisions?Poik is not quite so active as wc hare before reported. We quote prime at $7 06.|, and mess <>9 93. Beef continues very dull?prime country is held at $3 73 a $1; mess de $6 a 6 35. Lard is rather quiet. We quote sales of kegs at 6} a 6jjc for prime, and 6j a 6c for inferior. ' Cheese we quote firm at 3 a 6Jc. Bi.'oar?Tliis article is quite dull. Wenotice small sales of Porto Ttico at 6 { a 7Jc; Cuba Muscovado, 6j|c; brown Havana, 6j a 7$c. Hkal Kbt itk?The following sale was made by auction Two story brick house 807 Washington streethouse 18J by 40; lot 00 feet deep, $3,030 Brighton Cattle Market. April 33.?At market, 300 beef cattle, 15 pairs working oxen, 630 slieep, and 1360 swine. 40 beet cattle unsold. Prices?Beef Cattle?Higher prices were obtained, and we advance our quotations to correspond, viz :?Extra $3 35; first quality $4 50 a $4 75; second quality $4 35 a $4 75; third quality $3 50 a $4. Working Oxen?Sales at $65, $68, $76, and $83. Sheep?Sales from $3 60 to $3 75; a small lot of Cosset Wethers, $5 a $6. Swine?Sales quick, lots to peddle at 5, 6J a 5|for Sows, and 6, 6| a 6j for Barrows. At retail, 5 to 7c Foreign Markets. Havana, April 15th ?The late accounts from Europe have been favorable for our produce; prices of which nre firmer. Wc quote white sugar 7n9ra; j ellow 4^a6rs; brown 3a4jrs. The export from Havana and Slatanzas to date, amount to over 300,000 boxes, against 160,090 last year. The greater part of the excess has gone to the I'ni ted States Cottce has also improved?itis9a7rs. llice ?We have had no arrivals since the Zephyr, which sold at 9(5, the balance in store has hucu disposed of at llrs Molasses, 1J; lard 10 a 10^. Exchange on London 9J; New York, 3.i3 dis. Died. On Thursday memlng, 35th inst. in the 31th year of her age, Martha Math.da, eldest daughter of William Pratt. The friends of the family, and those ot her brother-inlaw, James 8. A. Bartley, are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, thi? afternoon at 41 o'clock, without furII,..r intrituli'.n Imi. V? n \T ? I On Thursday, 35th in?t Jami - Ai.kiands.r, infant of Jamra and Catherine Uanigan, aged one year and four months. The funeral will take place thi? afternoon,nt 3J o'clock, from 447 Washington street. On Thursday morning, 4.5th inat. of consumption, Jan Imlat, aged 46 years. His friends, and those of his brother, Wm. J. Imlay, are inviteil to attend his funeral, at the residence of the latter, 564 Fourth street, at 3J o'clock, to-niorrow afternoon. Paisengers Arrived. Hamsi bo-Barque Franklin?Kngrl Ma.chand, Madame Mnndel. and 20 in steerage. Nkcvitas?Barque California?Joseph Sanchez, lady and 2 servant". Pev Wm B Sewall Don Ca lm Juan Polhamus, K Mellibb. , Citsrt'KOOs?Briir New Orleans?Mr Stump, Mr Patrick. Ol'atama?Br;tf Cornelia?D Leavitt. New Orleans?Ship Alabama?.Mrs Oliver Fuller, child . and servant. Philadelphia; Mrs f.dw Fast in, New Orleans?So in the steerage. Korolsci lm|'onat.lni>a IIsmiii'RR?Ba'one Franklin? 2 pkgs B d'lvernoisIkco?13 I) M Peyser Ik co?7 Nannie a Ik Koster?78 Von Seht Ik co?97 ( Wiencke?I J Engel ?I A Wiirbury A co?4 Crocker A Brewsirr? I M Witte? IT II Sacknauii ? 1 A A A M White?9 O F Oleim?2 F. tv jencke?s Sell y A Heveninu?2 Meyer A Poppeohoscn?13 Bnrlage A Hurler?2 F S Schleurger?12 F. Lip- 1 8 Hre tliaupr A I 'liun?1* F S "cMe?inger-3 d d'lv r.inis Ac. I Ileilbuth A Schultz?9 C f L,readier?1 F.i -htiial A Be-nha'd , ?5 M We kmeister?18 D Wilhelms?10 K Fiedler?2 Kersler A co?I K Fied cr? I Brusilein Knnp A co?1 T T I)ol<n A . s'n ? I YoBRke Smith?' Soger* A Sue la d?i Hoadlev , Phelpa A co-4 Wiley A Pntnatr.?2 liurla-'e A Hurler?25 ' II ii'Iit?4 C VV Vorwerk?51 do 622 plates spelter F W Sch midl I i A Voire'?i pki{ A 4rhlr?ii>ire ?6 LX Meyer?1 Markoe A|co ?2 L Bramson?25 Sctley A Seveuo.g?8 \v A A A M Whit.? I L T Cohen?3 T Leischer?2 E Lu poid?2 Metz A P dlqz? J 12 Schmidt A Balden?2 Meyer V r..pi>enh'isen?12 T B Cod di'gton?7 C WVorwerk?3C Kimr lie.?I 8ch>*icger A , Henschen?I H-nsrhen A Cnkart?6 T W hchmidt A Vngel ? 60 T (iruuenthal ?6 L Oo'dscronidt?2 I'D Freudenthal?7 II E Morin.?56 T M Orp?nheim A co?1 Scldeaiuger A hen?cl.en ?2 Selle A Sevening?539 |i stes spelter T Des Arts?1030 do ' Mot7. A IVIIi'z?1 cs smoke I liecf It Lepinano A co?1173 pla'.es spelter P) elj s, Dodge A co?2?0 do F C Muller A co?29 plies to order. ' Ni:uviTAi?Br.-i|ue California?70 logs mahogany 50 tons , fustic 16 hhds molasses itreit A Vose?I Jt do 119 hnils siigsr ' Holt A Owen?28 casts segars J ,M .thews A co-20 bals 5 tci Poxcf?lVri|uc Henry Kclsey?186 hhds *u|{tr57 do inoUssrs Rowland Si Aspinwall?80 ilo sukar Souther Brothers?40 do Dninnb k Btckmdi. Uuayama?Brig Cornelia?223 hhds 2 bills sugar 4 hhds ino1 .ss-s U De Form Si son. 4'iKfFUcoos?B ik New Orleans? 316 hhds tnlassrs Chastrlila si Poavert, St DoMtstuo Citv?Brig Witchmau?171 logs mahogany 186 ^ c'otches do 110 cannon logs It bbls yum S pieces satin wood Aymolt co I'iivi i-Brig I ord-lis??fl0 lihd? s"KU00 hb'o 70 c'et mol.-i- , sea II >t n'lirna*, d St sou ?10 lilult sugar I W Archibald. Maracaibo Schr Hi',cn?i27l) bays coffee 111 lodes 3|bdls skint I pkg Schmidt Si Vcgel. . M.iTAOi'r.x -Scbr Mtri ilill?260 hhds 2.7 cka I tec taola??c? t Alsop Si I hauncey. v Domestic Importation*. Nrw OftLKAn*?Ship Alabama?72 bales cotton J Cram?I 0 box pointings I < rir/.tnia ?15 b n?s wool I Jcivilt Si sou?69 bis " in.In lliitarv II M ckcy?22 hhds t hacco T Si II Msttinged? I csl; 2 by. b vrn N fus U Cornish?362 bl cotton Giiiiiuey, Hrnrr Si -"inith? Ml hhds tugtr Mrus on, Pop- Si cr>?31 do Ro- J Kurt Si Will mo.?-61 hblx pork 4 tcs burnt ll he i k Si co?481 bids pork llobct Si With urn?10 | kgt milir II G Thorn tuna - 4 20 hhds t.ill iw II cks Si co- 1,7 i.lnlj sug.r Hubert Si VV illi.ims ? 8 bis cotton S Draper, jr?75 hhds suxar ll'.Diro.k, Nelson Si co AfiM.HU ola?Ship Wibont?2.11ba'es cotton V Avcrill , Si co? Iti'i do . Si K It Grates?101 hales N McPatricki-9 J balet III oit Si ("i ? 30 ba| s ( core- Si co?110 do I'o.t St I'h l i/?? ? ? rfrwir ? riarri?rn?.11 "O .1 vi j dim^r-Wi OO I'nr millf, Kilhaix St II- khti?J6J do <' it A Wetmor*?40doB< sjart St Kntrl** il-M do .1 <!?* Dunham St r.o?20 Iwef litdts Boiiart, Murray It StTpson?1 boi 1 krg to orde*. MARITIMK HKUAU). of thr HUam Bbip* I O 'm AM! P? Acadia, Jtyrie ......... May 1 ?. Hibernis, Judkina Apr 19 May lb T B(itii.iinia, Hewitt Miy ^ June I re Caledonia, .Vny 19 June 16 tc 9. BllHili Hoaken Jiff It Aiik 13 (1 Notice to Pilot* ?nd ( nptnlnu of Veurli. All Pilots and Captains of vessels are requeued to note the |>I feet that Robert 8. Martin, formerly our ihip newt collector, is not nowlui our employ. He it cor, therefore, to rrceive tiny newtpapers or reports intended for the New York Herald ri Foreign LMMf Uaga. ?l llereaftei, Letter and Newapaiier Hags lor all parts of the tn World, will be ni.ide up at the OrPICR. POUT OP NKW WlltK A I'll 11, 40 rat* RISKS 5 7 I moo* skts ? I 16 8 49 IHI?H I J7 . / Cleared, it Ships Stephen Lnrmau. Huu?n. Liverpool, Oelrichs Si Kru- $ll Ker; Anson llirkmau, (hi.r'-aten. ' Huttou ? Brine Hrnl In Marion, Shephenrd, Port an t'rirre, K llrilfniK Si t'o; Over- w inanu, Davis, Ponce, I'll Tobias Lord; Kllaworth, llom-r, '.i*rdenas ?Sehrs Alida, Uaher, Havana, K P Pans-n; Illinois, ait JJowd, Beinfort, Ni! N L Met ready Si Co: Pair, Smith, be Waahinaton, Nt;. Hl.Vljtrhell: Thvldens, Walpnle, WilminK""o INC. K S Powell; I. Tomlin, Towi aend, I una, N I, in ?lct-ready ttc Co: Lady I Cntou. Cram r, H hinond, by tl e pr j atmot, 'I ownaend .In, Vlon \ an Si ISeera; Amelia, an ftJ[r CL(I K''r; Mail, Kaulhlin, uid Kid, Lo Arrlve?i Ship Alabama, Bunker, 20 days from New Orleans, with cott n, Stc to yVm \*I|0<1 Ship Wehona. Borland 18 dayr front Apalachtcola with con in, to W M Hnwiaii V Sou 'I inhurit Kri I.I11, Sleeboom, todays fr< rn II imburit, wilbrnits* to Schmidt & Ba'cheu. Has been becalmed 3 dtys on the tout liiiijue California, Mayhew, from Neuvitaa. April 13, w ith mobile s, Vi'. to Rieti ? Vose. B?rt| ie ll-ury KHiey. Orav,from Ponce, PK March to with tngr. to unite- Mai be?n lOdiyi Norih ot D'Uwa e anri, tod h i* lid a pilot oe I .mi'd ft dsvn Swedish lire Active, BeirT, 38 days from l.iibon, with ioo ?l?vi sa't to ttr.nn II. Miulu'li St Co. B'ii; Win Purringloo Barnes, from Ouiytma, PH. April 2, oh no lanes, to , riler. B'iti Come i?, (liven, Irom Ouayama, I'll. Ap il 5. with sugar Sir. to J Klweli It f'o. Brut New (Mriv.i. allien, from ("iei.fnegos, April 1, with mn'ann, to Badger ft Pe?k Pr e Watchman ('l??k. frrni St Domingo < ity, Apiil 2,with m hi g>nv, to Badger St Peck Brig O-age. Brow ,, foun M vigoex, PH April 1, wiih 307 rks nmlssie* 26 do sugart > 1 1 rk Ik Co, New Haveu. where the O i< h utnl Br.g Cordelia Ha'ch. from Po-ce, PH. April T, with sugar, t II S"uthmavd St Son. Brig Denmark, Mereen. prnm II vans, April 5, with 280 hhdi 10 tei niol uses to Spofford. Tileitoti St Co. Pr>g Leonora Collins, 5 dayi hum Wilmington, Nl'. with naval stn-es, to John Oiden. Sailed in c< . with icr r Orandee, Oogasoa Cor Newp rl Schr Hele- Rogers, from Miracaibo, March 27, with coffee, to Badger St Pet k. Sclir Man Ilill, McOilvery, 10 d,iy? from Mayag-iez, I'll, with mnlaiiea. to Rurk St Pi ters Setir Rrgului, Ilswltiua, from Wilmington, NO. with uaval lt"'el Schr Traffic, (Jardner, 1 day? from Baltimore, with indie, to J St N Brings Homer, Kent, 4 days from Boston, with nulie, to K J Herrick. lie tow Oar barque, unknown. Sailed. Ships Ville tie Lynn. Stoddard, llnvtr; Normaudie, Hpald ug, do; Crii'oval Colon, Smith, Havana; Duncan, Daggett, N Orleans; Mariauua, (irocker. Apalartrci-la; harnuei Triton, Luce, Liverpool; Broihrra, ( Br) do; Nancy W Stevens, Stevena, .'nit Strafford. Hcbion, NOrlrana. Alio, ship Catharine, Charleston; brig Thrmia, Stockholm, and othrrs. miscellaneous I'ackkt Ship Niodoss, Cobb, for Liverpool. will tail todry Her le'ter bags arr at tliia office. I it'KKD I'p.?The Dimon, Charleit?n. p'ckedupoff Cape Look Out, one round hale nf? Cotton m rk "| N 11 a diamond. 'l ie Oiear. alto at Charleston, pick'd ui> l'Jili iuilant, 30 niilra S W from Cape Look Out. 12 >u ' r? bales ' lotton, thoo|v leriblr in oka are, one "Kit of H M." and on the balance the word "Capers,"' printed Whalemen Vkw Dkpforii. April 21.?Arr Dragon, ('lark, Indian Ocean, |) c 21, via St H-lena, Feb ill will (loll cargo) I2lin libit ?h 110 do t|< oil, a< d ItllO'l pounds li'iiir Soibr Oct 30, ?4J, lat 3t in S, Ion 63 80 E, Friends, Jeffrey, NK, 5 wha; Com I'erry, Hainpitead, do. 850 wli?reported in July at OeDgoa Bay. 1401; Nov I, !?t 33 50 S, Ion 66 50 K, Dryads, llogcri Vatt. I'tOO wh 200 ap and ? whale alto glide; Nor 3. I it 31 15 S, Ion 68 48 K, Isatc Howlautl. Fither, NB. cutting ber 6r$t wltale; Nov II, Lit 31 25 S, Ion 60 IS 6'., Neptune, Oreen. NL, 1100, 2 wltt (hit season; N"V 15, lat 31 30 S,' in 69 K, Teu'dos, Ches', I wh thisse-son; Nov 21, lat 31 2 S. Ion 69 45 K, H-urv. Brown, Sll. 8 win; Dec 23, lat 36 6 S. Ion 70 5 K. Lewia, Tall man, N R, 450 ap, 5 rt wlit bound to ( rosettes, Jan 17,no lat, Sic. off Fort Dauphin, Montesumi. Allen Wareham, 90sp; Feb 29, taw an Atn whale btig, showing a white aignal, with a tp whale hi the centre, going into St Helena, pr dnbly the Inga. Cudworth, nf Wareham. BninriKPiiRT, April 73?Arr Harvest, Table Bay, with 2360 bbls wh oil and 18 070 lbs bone?has been .bsrut 21 months; her cargo is aupnnied to be worth some $30,0W. Panama. Cummings. of Fall River.reported Aug 5, '13, w ith 200 bbla ?p ofi. Spoken. Albert, of Boston, walking to the eastward, April 15, abreast of Tortugas?by the Alabama, at this pott Orleans, of Richmond, steering West, April 17, off Salt Key Waveily, of Richmond, ste-ring South, April 22, lat 37?by the same. Agswam, hence for Mat in/is, April 20, lat 31 41, Ion 75? by the ve-e ()r!e na at thi? port. Alderman, Wilmington for Boston, April 12, lat 34 35, Ion 71 ?bv th? Dmuiirk. at ihia port. Ami Maria, of New Bedford, bourd to New York, April 6, lat 12 to, h n 74 35?bv the Helen, at thia port. One. o. Drew, of Dmbury, from New r eana for Liverpool, April 1, lat 10 31 Ion 67 45?by the Hy Kelaey, at thia port A bright side i ship showing a while signal. red eroaa, sopposed to b- the '"h-Talier front New-Orleans for Europe, April 12, 'at 34 30, lan 75?by the aime Velaicn, Boston for Havana, April 13, lit 28 (7, Ion 75?by the Cornelia, at this port. Charlotte, heme for Kd-nton, N'\ Apr It, Ca|>e Henry KSK 40 miles?by the Mars Hill, at this port Km fr in Wilmington, NC. for Uostou, Apr 21,4 -a|>s> Henloi'eu NW 25 miles?by the same Missouri, from Boston for Mat&nzia, April 9, lat 32 10 N, Ion 72 50 W. I Itirlew, Ciowell, fm Porto Kioo, Api'l 12, lat 85 55, Ion 74. G'endower. Parsons, of Portsmouth, from N York, bound H. April 15, lat 30 4, Inn 73 20 Allegh inv, Brown, fm N(41leans for Philsd, off Cape Henlopen, April 23d, with loss of fore top irallant mas'. Dresden, from Augusta, Me, for Savannah, 17th instmt, oil Augusta, from Ntw York for Savannah, 17th inst. Korelgn Porta Htvaisa, April 18?In |>0't, Daniel Webster, Barber, Baltimore; Bvron, Pearson. Boston, disg; Sultan. Burwell, dodo; Chil >. Lambert, do do; Mary Krauces, Thomas, for Co sees, Ids; Came a, Dunbar, Gibraltar and a inarkrt, do; Mary Kimha I, Ortfory, waiting: Tartar, Smith, dot Bating Brothers. Crocker, do : Ta i<mau. Somes, do; Cordova, Vorse, Bath, disg; Higa, Nason. wtg: Jane, Drinkwnter, do; Gazelle, Churchill, for Marie!, 2 days; 16th, sld Emetine, Church, Cardenas NurvtTis, April 13? In port, Vandrlia, Wall, from and for NYork. lag; Neuvilas, McKarliu, and Mazeppa, Colson, from d*. disg, to load fnruo; Wampnnoag, t'olsou, liom Charleston, for Havana 4 days. CiKNFumos, April 3?In nort, J'-fTerion, Dyer, for NYork 8 dlys; Huntress, Philadelphia, toou. Pniscv., PH. April 7?In port. Condor, far NYork, abt I2da-s; llyder Ali. Tikiob; Kyelioe, Walton, and Edward, Je. ni y, wtg cargo; Uoui ty, Wallnt , Idg. OutvtMA PR April 5?Arr Diploma,??. Sld 2d, Don Juau, NYork; 5'h, k, gle Sr Domimco Citv, Apri' 2? In (orf. Allen, Manion, I for Boston 12 davs;' isceola, Churchill. NYork, Idg MaliscaiHo, March 27?In port. Speedwell, Pratt, for New York. 10 days. Lake Porta. Bi fkalo, April 22?Arr Chesapeake Keliev: Chesapeake, Anitell- Lexington. Martin; Osceola, Pease; J Palmer, Titus; ^tCtair, Robinson; Ontario, VCner; Illinois, llossui <n; Argvle Tea 1; BalCc, Ncufull.aud H Norou, Scoville, Detroit; K II Scott, Nspier, null M L'nusinaii. Short. St Jos-ph; Hoggles, Montgomery,, Mitchell, Biddle, Bartholomew, anil Sandusky. llnviion CI v-land; Independence, Burr, Hinrtu ky ; Li'nllilrr, Wf.Vn, Caroline. McManoen. Billow, Murray, and T Cnrwtn, C?ae, Moon e; II Clny, B me, and Lumberman, k rie; Whittlesey. Hvnrtvk, Ashtshnla; Oranger, Vromin, Kaitport. Cld, Kult n, Hart, Buffalo, Allen, and Scott, Shook. Detroit; Home S.arkett. Sardasky; H Clay. Bone, Krje; W Trader, Ab II, Duukirk; Caroline, McMaiinrra, Vlanince limits. Port* B\xc;on, Aptil M?Arr Challesge, (/raffs m, NVork. 9ld 9t Patrick, Lnncil, 1) aton Portland April 22?Arr Splendid. Brown, Harrington for NVork. t Id Financier, Sargent, Matan/.is. Huston, April 21?Ar Mauran, Williams. Mobile; P;on?er. Mitchell. A nlachicnln; Onecn Butl? . I'luladrlphin; '1 II Thompson. Bishop, and Pieaident, Leighton, do; (leu Scott, Drughty, St Domingo City; Pern, Parker, NOrlrana. Siitml for a brijt. t'Id l.oudon. Bara ow, Sumatra; Franceses. [Sic] Vella, N spits and Palermo: Neptune, Foster, Trinidad; Casil la Good II. II ivaua: Ilellespoi f. Snow, Mar inii|ue; Inliilk Hi |en, Atnesburv, .Afobile; Alartha. Parker, Baltiirore; IV.IIa, Whelden. PI ila'lelphia; Vermont, Ainea, Albany; Trio, NickMN, NVork. New Bmikokii, April 23? Arr Henry, Caawell, Darien via NVork. F.puahtown, April 23?Arr Nantucket, (Jifford, NVork for Nantuc ket. Hoi.mfs IIolk, April 23-Noarr.ral In port. Homer, Sarah 1 Young, Marv I ind, and Coier.e. 1 PnoviDtrrrcK, Airil 23?Arr Benj Franklin, llondout. Kali. Kivfn, Arril 22?Arr Vamic, (lurfee. A hanv. Naav Havfn, April 23? Ari|Pacificjl'raacott, Albany; Kmri"'. Kelt v. N 1 ork. I'll11 \m i.riiia, April 2.3?Cld, Harriet Thompson. Harris, 3 r.L/.i I; Mary Howard, Perry, N Bed lord; New Zealand, l'i.- ' and. Button; 11 Brown, Lingo, Kail Hiver; Alias, Walker A Lord, Pitt, end Shark Stevenson, NVork Below. Prnoh- ' icot. Mobi'e; Huicrb. ileron. Charleston Arr in Schuylkill, ' Isabella, Hand and drum, Noyce, Nverk. Richmond, A|iril 23?Arr Ann M iria, Grant, Thom.uton.? Br'nw, hound up, Wm Hoary, Noma, with lima. OgoiiiikToWN.SC. April 13?Arr Kagle, Dyer, NVork; 20th Ibhn Hill, Rowe, NYork: Kanny Coit, Baker, NVork. I?th, !ll I telrillt. A lie SOU , N || ll -I I Chahi.kston, Aotil 22?Arr Dimon Hohiuaon, New York; ( ors, Heed lli*a a Cld Lewis, B arse, Weft Indies; Thetie, (Danish> Mrchelsen. VVilmtc'ton; far h. Bovee, Havsis| Lore, Nirberanu II?-ton S!d Mmllt, Hum Havre !l?Arr I teoritiauna. I! hin, Philad'lnhia; "can, Willartl ' New York; Sutton. Galloway, New York; Waratch,Weeks, ] lo; II iviie, T escott, Havana wld Caroline. Legraiar, llav- I t ; Othello, Tucker, do; ( itharine 11-rry, N Y; St l.awrenee, i Brown, do Arr 2'llh, Urrtraiid, Smith; Jaines Perkins, Hall; ' I,a Grange, Porter; Moses, LoveHud and Moon, Hayes, New k'ork ; C: nary. Kelly, N London. Sid Lady War.iugton, Bonley. West ludies ^1 o h ill:, April 18?Cld John Beotley [Br] Dishrow.and ( 'A'm Perrie [ Br J Aenew, Lir wpnol; esi'x Kaynea, Matau- i sis ? Arr Ann, itodfrey, NYoik. __ _ i .nmv uri.k\nm, April 16 f Id. Tainmcd, L'vett, Lire>ool; OcPiiii Quern, MrBride. L-v^rp ol. I< -1mlr* r. l)'?me, larhadoes; Garland, Ilewit. Sr John N B; T-iakar, Lovell, Piston. Arr, Siiviih, Ryan, New Vork; 4 u-ribeau, Mo (toil, Ihiomusfmi. (Mow, ranton, Ot ?, New York. i 11 ? ? I IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. [ rHK HUB8? J< IBKR ret|?ectfuil v info ring hu friend* ami -* the public, that, he hat again oi>ei:e?i an intklligrnck oh kick, t No. 80 Nassau feet, which will be conducted with the rrictest rare and attention to all orders he may receive. No 1 erva t 'hall be sent from hit fTire without the moat careful in- J estimation into character and capability. From lot extensive 4 ciiuaiirance with the reijiectihle hou*<-holrW* and dom<*tics f thin city, he hopes to be ab'e to srpplv all orders promptly tid with every satisfaction JOHN M'CABE, Formerly of 99 Nassau street. f N. B ?He wishes e'l who in ty at ant time discharge their ervants f?ir imp ot?er conduct, to send word to the office, as a J >ok is kept for that purpose If this be ait'-nded to it will rase I me t d-ai ot annoyan* e ?.?d preie it imposition ap"ti lam v GENUINE TEAS, i WH'H ESA lis and retail. VIIE VAX TON TEA CO Ml'ANY, ( rHIN< 1PAL STORE 121 C IATHAM ST.. N. V. | llranrli Stin t, 31* Mrtrkrr street. \ew York. * 361 (/rand ttrect,near Suffolk, ' lfll Greenwich, near Fulton ' 116 Fulton street, Hrooklyn. Ilso, Corner oj Maine unit\llonhm street, Patterson, N. J. Jlmt 4ft North Fifth street. I'hilodeliihia NVITE TH? ITTENTLON Of cm iND COUN'I IIV KAMIL'K?J AND PIJRl IIASKKK to their a-yenl I'a'.ilithrnenta. where tliev think will l? i'.xi<i>1 by far the beat '! dectioua of pore and nndnlterited Teea in the Unite I Statea " he universal |i<pulnri'y ami rcmian of their honae with C Terence to hilli i|nalitiea, Inw pnc?s null ilpriyht dei'inn. is " in well uiderifond to render further comments tiere ?ary " riftirai ami enlv W'arehnunea fur the sale n( |low<ina Hlark et. 'Observ* !! "?Strangers Will be partienlar to remember ^ ie number nf the priori. *1 store in (,h itliam street, vrr. : 121, tween Peirl ami Rnaeielr. itreets, The public will also he r"| - .eil tri tall' notice, that the ( intuit Tea < ' mpany have no | nr v to ilo with any other rtotea t ?cept those deicril ed at the ? ip of im MVtttltMMBl ap26 3m#i c ^ nilK BOOKS OK SUBSCRIPTION to be Capital Stock < i t f the New Votk and Krie Rail Road Company, are n-w ten at th * 4 Iflice f the I omimny, No. 34 Wall atiect, between ie bonri of Ill and ') r1 WM M. (lOULD, Pecretarv New Vork Ajnl25th, 1814 apfh'i tfrc w 'K.VV GOODS AND RK.Dl'CKD PRICKS AT m artin's . ASH TAILORING ES TA HEISHMENT, ' , i WILLIAM st 1 or! 1 It ok kNN ST. m t SINGLE TRIAL will convince any (entlemill th?t then II a. the b-ai nine it given lor t h-prices rharged, via: apleirlid rc.a Coata made 'o order, it from *12 t" $20; Panta from $1 to I; V. ualrom $2,Ml to I CM; aid every other arti Ie in the I ie pro|mrtionably low, lot np in the beat st> Ie ami a itond fit 1 i>ranted. X~f~ Ju?i reeeit ed a I ir.'e atno'tn nl ol k an' v Summer < asmere, end Veatings, newest style. Pleaae call and examine ~ lore uivin* yr nr ordera. I I.enlTetnen farnithno,' their own < h>th?, Stc , can have them ' ail and tri.amed aa nil il, in the lies* the following icc?:?Dress Coata $7 to $8 30; h rock Coata $8 to$i,'?0; Panta id Vesta $l,.10to $2. L T' rma caah on deliyrry. ap2j lm're michael k. martin. AUCTION SALES. ' '"!> ?v BV!,L. Acet.onee Store Vo. i 1 Spruce tlreei. Regular Sales as usual of Kanuture every We^uesiLy tuid taamy. Alan, of Dry floods, an J nil other varieties every Tuesday Hid Friday SATURDAY, . . . . Large Hair of < In-ice K uruiiure, it ha!f-paat 10 0 cl ck. m In* Sain Kuoin, II Spruce strut. THOS. BK.LI . Auctioneer. MONDAY llai-dsomc Furniture Sale, at hall p 10 oVI- k. No. 711 Broadway TH08 IIK1.L, Auctioneer. a?J 5t*in

A. I . 'i UTILE, Auctioneer. BY JACOB S FLATT. IUiidwahk, Art tion (Ikisfkai. Aoarsiv ?rn I'iduhhios BimiNasa. TIlia ay to o'cl' ?k ut tile Au- Hon Kooni, No 21 PDtt ?t . TWr. N'1'\ KOI Hi 11 SPKINUTHADE HAHOWARE S ALE this season?en a cr-ditol i, mnii'lu for approved endorsed uot-??300 pack -gee Ireili nop- rted Birmingham a d -li-lli-ld Hardware ai d Cutlery, German, French aud American Star'!* und Fancy Goods Site positive, aud will uot he postponed. Also, 2d asrs ilat'-s and 2 casks Slate IVurils, with which the sile W'M ciMiun-ncr. Also, t'j biiM lliiivos'aii oil stones. Also, whi'e. brown and gresn Shoe Thread. AL , a sloe It of II I'dwai* and Cutlery, of great van 'y, catsist 'y ill I a t a line p?n, cricket, and di'k Kmtrs. Ilia?r , A allele, I'ocaer Unoks. Sp-'claele Cases, H'.avu.g Brushes, lit/or Strops, Pocket Inks, Plated l ei and 'Paid* Spoons, salt do, Letd Pencils, Scissors, Shears Kidding Pocket and Ivory Co-ill s, line w hite, anil f reeu Spectacles, Gcggl s, Po.ket Pistols, Ike Also a large aasortmi-nt of table and desert Kuivei aud ko,ks a-d C.irvns via: ivory, stag, self end black iip, buck, * hire bone aud sham buck, nl gie.t Variety, in assorted lots. Als >, 100 h ts ssssrie-1 si nil cutlery of every descrip.ion, i-i: I, 2, 3, and I blade neu aud | ocket Knives, pearl, ivory, aud stag I K.iius, Sciaaors, Sh ars, Ike. AIso, lllld hunthea ''Ut glass Pi ads Hid 20 do/.. Toilet Gassea. I Also, IUO purs pocket and belt Pirtoli as'ortej.snd 20 Per *<uv? ..I auca cr rruri U irom nusiuess j Al o. SadiroDs.Withlwio'Jgut irou handle*, brii lit and tinmd bowl IrvinK i'hub, shdKei and hunin'rs, rim locks, pad and trunk do, trac chains, brass chamber ranch sticks, garden | tones, sai d |?.i* *r \ rlolk Im. hrs. Ol.i.? \v.? ?d %w blidii knitting pint* anion twin# roaanvk g tnblets, Scotch t race ami hit to, bark pa mm 011 board i, stee|\ards, curtain I'ins, I ancos hi re table lunges, garden lioei, cork screws, it And cost hooks* notch and *t wtiip thi nn In id pattella* iron weight*, lather boxes, wax ta|>ers, i>ritt ini v table and teaspoons, German silver doA'so, 1 cases A merit an wood screws. Alio, 20 uales rjprs, See. ' B. Pan t din tthlntttd pn*knt Cvttaryisth stock of a r'ealer. aimnu winch are many choice patte in, audol most re- \ s pec tab I" makers, v/.: Stent on. Wcstenholm, Sic., *nd the en- | tire cit.iloi'U" will bj s Id without reserve t? the hi; hest bid* ' d-r. and is deserving f he a tention of country as well as city , deile's. in t). ino limited goods received |26 lt*?0 ' BENJ. MOONEY, luct Auction notice?uamagi-.u iiakdwakk, CUTLERY St* Aic.. toucthei with .i itein-r.*! assortment of oth'r Goods.?B. MOuNfcY St CO wi I s '1 this day at 10o'clock,attbn store, No*91 Maiden Ltno* v /.: thobalsnon of the Hardware, Ike . damaged onboard the c?nial llout Gy, on S itrnday eveuiug last fot account of wt out it n iv concrn. Also,a general assortment of Heavy and Shelf Goods, Sic. See auciion heAd iu the. Courier aud Enquirer aud Express. tM If 6C | AHOE BALE Ok FUHN1TURE AND PI AN OA? *s This day at '0 o'clock, at the store, will be sold the fur* nitureof a fami y removing. consisting nfe'egant Wiltou Carpets, Brass. Is and 3 plr Ingrain d ?, Sofas, Sofa Beds, Oil Clo'hs, Pianofoite, (iir udoles, French Bedsteads, Ottoiraui? also, a g.en quantity of Ind-room Furniture, Glass Case and Counter suitable for a milliner , Saturday, at the store, on account of whom it may concern, 6 beautirul Rosewood Pianofortes, grand action, with all the iu dern improvements worthy of attcutiou, with a large assort inent of furniture a2G It r W "L Vc CORMICH, Auctions r AU'TION NOTICE? Extra Hale of Valuable Furniture, This Day at. 10!a o'clock, in the Sales Room, 11 Spruce st. T ik aatoitmttit wih he found dea nring the attention of hi keepers, Ike , and on account of be ing the property of a sceased Ken^emin, who is mostanxioun to h we tin accounts closed; inust be removed the same day. THUS. BEL L, a?6 lfec Auctioneer TO CARVhRS, GILDERS, Corrmositiou Ornament T Man tfnciurers, and others, engaged in the itifrior decoration of h; uses.?The entire and valuable e .llecrmn nf llwcian ' otitic, Kiecch ami Papier Mdctie Vi< ul?l*. trgeth*r with, the took conaiitiiig of oliimn m il Anttr Uaps Papier Majhe Ceiling Flower*, Hoietla, I'.itreaj, &r 4tr , the property of JAMES MI'KI'HY, d'eliiing hui:nesi, will ho ?nld at "UClion by WILKINSHi ROLLINS. .it A55 Broadway New Yotk, on H.itnriU-. 27th April, !tt I, ?t 10 o'clock forenoon. To pe iiona e i: *ed in the ?tiove br'iichea, this sale will preaeut a Mrechame ol ob.anting valuable Mould* and otlirr article*. 1 Tip* i* uu opportunity which should not be neglected Stile positive. aI5 3t*m 1 B Y AUCTION-IMPORTANT BALE OK OIL PAIN* TING*?LEV* h SPOON EH will veil on Friday inoraia(, 26'.h iiutiiit, at their sale* room, I'll Broadway, at U . o'clock, a number of'ery valuable painting*, of eata'd nlied chancier ia lhi> city, imporied iu year* i aat specially to incorpo'*t* in mme national iaatitution, and now brought to peremptory sale. Tin y wrr pur. baaed at high coit Willi able advisement, from the fountain leid m Euro|ie, and worthy the 1 notiee of persons making public or private collections. The unci imp-era are warran'ed iu 11111111,' tliat tl ere >a uo re?erve whatever, and thit the biddings will be iierfectly free. Can be vev. ed with Catalogue011 Wednesday, '1 liuriday cud niTuing of tale. ?24 3t*rc TO ARTISTS. tlT.A NTKD?An Artist, to nipple L.andaeape and oih-r vv Sketches of Am- iran Scenery, Buildings, Ike , for a first rate London Pictontl Work Apply to W. K BltOUOH, *2ti lt*rc No 311 Broadway 1 opatairg, WANTED?Br a foopeetoblo yovag wnm, a situation as chamt ermatd, r to take care of children and do plain ewnm in a private family Pleaae call b-tween the h uraol It) and 12, et 62!? Broadway. The beat city references will ba giveu by the lady ihc lives with a 6 If rc WANTED?\ Situation, "y a Young VI ai tweuty yea of au'e, a travelling att?nil-.nt on a gentleman going south or to Enrol*1 Can enmr well recommended and of good etu , catior. i'leoae address a note to L. S 411) (ireeuwirli itnet. ap24 lw*ic rPO LAWYERS?WANTED.?A young gentleman, I (member of the New York state Bir ) would frel hippy in fo'initig a nonunion with a re?|iec'nhle lawyer. Would de re to go Soma, aud uke chirgv of either Attorney or Counsel hniiu.'ts. at a moderate salary Has uo objection to remain 111 thi? city, provided Mi salary w?i|id compensate liim according tn Ins present Inn illns. The t.est ol refrreiicei given, and none need anaw r tint rominnmc ti >n without tliav reciprocate accordingly. A to e h ft at Upper Post Office, dpecteil to K. ti H will meet with immediate ?ttHltion. a26 3t*rc TO JOURNEYMEN PAINTERS. (sJIX HOOD WORKMEN WANTED, ?ud to whom the bd niglieat wages will be given A oplv to CHARLES WOOD, a36 3t* rc 7 Hirka street, Brooklvn (2.1RLH WANTED TO 4KV UMBKEI.I.AM paiia. VI SOLS AND SUN SHADKS.?Those acquainted with i the V ii mess, rud a few tb Hiring to learu can find steady employment a' | r ces equal to nliy in the city, by applying imine- i diately at the manufactory of the subscriber, No. 3 Cedar stre?t, II! it in . I The w <>rk can be done out of the shop if preferred. I a21 3tis*rc A. MAC DONALD. ' PA N N Kit's ATLAS, No 2?This d iy is published and ! for sale at the Map Store, No. I5J Broadway. No 2 of a a new sndelss at Modem Alias, containing Maps of the States , of New York and Virginia, and France. Price 25 cents. No 3, containing France, Illinois and Missouri, will be pub- j lished on the 3d pro*. a26 It*SO j npO FLATKR9 AND MANUFACTURERS?Electro A Galvanic Plating?The subscr.ber, who is capable of ruak- t ng spoons, tea sets, Ac. and u perfectly ac<|ttaintad with the ' tn* tliod ofplating by toe above proresa, wishes to obtain emI yj'.enr. Apply It. W , 185 Church at. N Vork. a261t*rc post okfu:k. t" Nr.w vork, April 25, 1814.s I^NOLI^H MAIL.? Letter Bau* per Royal Mail S eatner 1^ AgADIA, wh'ch leaves Boston on the 1st of May neit, wlit be closed at the Upper and Lower Post Offices in this city, in Tuesday neit, the jOtli inst . at 45 minutes past 4 o'clock, l\ M. The overland |?cstage of 1 cuu ou each single Utter must l?e paid. jrtfi lire JOHX LOIS IMKII GRAHAM, P. M. j rPHEsubscriberwill "p n on Frday urcnl cases of the 1 most choic* Parisian Goods ojf the season, received l er St. \ N<ch'i|a? in?l Albmv, selec ed with much c re by Mr Win \. I bnets in Paris, which ladies are invited to call aid r famine for t hemselv-s MRS. N. SCllKL'l KM A. (Sme.s), \ a'46 1tis#rc 258 Broadway. |i 4T HE* kivk.d-From Amsterdam, per ship tngHiqnt, ' 1 (10 kegs uew Dutch Herrings, 200 havniiers Dutch Potatoes, ill of tlie best quali'v: long Smoking Pi|e?; Baiony Canary iird , Canary and Rape Seed, 8tc kc. For sale wholesale and *1411. at t*e Grocery Store, No. 123 Greenwich *t opposite \lhanv at. JOHN B VAN uk' IViKf k a2G 3* re ' """ """* , DIANO FORTK?A ipli'iiifid Rosewood Piano Forte, with L French plate gUts Reflectors?original cost $50':?for sale < d e.ap, on accou? t of etnoval from t - ?tit v. To he seen beween 10 A M and '> r M, nn Friday u:d Stnnliy, at 112 ( Lin <1 street, nrit to the northwest comr of Broalway. j ap23 2tis*rc A jVTOTH i*'.?To the friends of the deceased relatives who are , *-v inferred i i the late Baptist Bethel ttnr ins 'rounds at the or .cr of < hrv?tieand DeUncvy streets, ui i?ie- d a mewir.g t> . >e held this evening at the Lvrrure It om vn?b r tliv Church \ turner of welaucfv nod < Ihrystie streets 'o limr li e report of i li- committee appointed April I. By order of IrtAAC S. SMITH,Chairnrtio ?, K Mc Adorn,Bce'jr. ?h. it r? REMOVAL. ? ff Ik S. S. ROCKWELL have removed their Watch and Hi. Jewelrv establishrrent, from No. 9 Astor House to No. r i i Bro dfiy. Wa'ches and ('locks carefully repaired ra26 3t*rc I.KFT THE STAGE. rK. LENNOX would laform his friends end the public, i,? that, ne he has left tl? Hta<e, trusts tuey will take the ^ >t'ge, (or |< il lioad ( an) aid visit t?is new residence, the tAlL It OA t) HOURK. 8Gth strret and 4 th avenue. Vorkvi le, ( vhere he will r.-?tisfy tneir appetite or amuse and in vigor ite <, he;n at a game of Quoits ()r? '.<*to<day a Cold Cut nd extras o warm the s'oinach as well as the house. , ids stop directly opposite the door. ?85 3tc CAPITAL PUNISHMENT !!?Lectures upon the abdi^ tinn of this bsrharou r and unchri (inn giH>, will he deivr i-il by OH AKLkifi I' IIIJKIA'.lliil, ol Philadelphia. on iridtv moil S.iiurday Krenings. :'6lh ami 27th instant, at the . Vpol <> S ,1 >on *10 Broadway, when tli- l'.? ul.r (tin lions ^ n this K. lbrm, fapecially as pre.eiiled hy l<?r Mr. Cheever, > i ill h mini I.T "t T > commence't7)i o'clock Tickets 12.'a rents, to defray espentes? to In had at the tloor. aXi Hf rn w f PARKER'S OIIANI) KXIIIBITION BALL ha?iny T I. i: n 1 irli ner" situ* i" ion to n nuinrronaaud full- " iii.ylile lasemblag*, will b? rrpett.-d on Kridty evening rest, 111 ie Xith of April, when all those dalcei ihat an delighted the yl iiinpnny (that ?*?rrnl of thein wens encored) will be brought nw <nl hi lh''lime order i b"f .re Tlioae prrsons that ?e" nahlr to obtain admit'aoee on the linn night, their t-chett will limit, them on the evening of the 2iith, The rthibition will uiiinie ice at half past 8 o'clock if pmaihle, a2', 2t* rc " NATIONAL AGADKMY*?F PKSKiN. I riv. NINKTK.KNTH ANNUAL KXHIBiTION of the Academy is now open to th" public, from 0 o'clock. A M .. mil in o'efr ek, P. M.( at the rooms, corcer of Broadway and ? anssa rd ipirt w I'' ";eaion Tickets AO centa; single admission I2!? cents; |n atalogtm l'd>? centa. a24 :?tisrc PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. r?"K LAST CON* KIIT of the Season will take place at ~ i. ilie Apollo Saloon, on SatMrday Kvening. .... ,t :i o'clock. By order, rl &2I :pis*r? WM WOOD. Serrelsry. I of )LK.8"UIIK BOAT KOI* MAI,1"'.?Aline Pleasure Boat, tin teen feet long, fitted Withsri'S oars, 8t( . is now for ,le m a very lo v tin e li ran he semi on application to MIN !'A KMKN TON, Whitehall Slip, at any hoor. f aMJtialh * JAMS A N I) SIIOI' I. DKUS?in caaki and M barrels HMN M 1 and Shoulders, landing es ship Ocrnnlg -e, *"r sale hy cl K. K. COLLINS It CO.. ra alii 3trc ifi South street. M Aid)?J3i rr- 1 Prime Leaf Lard, Uridine es ship Ocmnl- In ' gee, for sale oy K. A COLLI.Nn Ik CO., L afc'i It'C 56 South street. 1 AMS?8*1 tierrea, handsomely cut and cured, for sale in lou *a 1 ro suit purchasers, b" K. K. COLLINS Ik Co., a25 lire M South street. I AMUSEMENTS. PAL.MO S NKW VUHK OP K it A HOII8K. POSTPONEMENT OF THE OPERA. kkKDINAND I'ALM') bra* leare re?|i*cifully to inform tnp public, alio the Hraaon 8ubscrit*rs and all fhote *ho "?u,'rd Out tht* G[*M of IL BAKHIKKK UI si V U(LIA will I* |xu!iii.ued until Monday Wlh inaUt'li in rnnaeiiurnce of tlie irm put of New ()ecoralioi.? the New Scenery and, not y? t brio* coinpleted. New York, April 2ld ltM?. Will opon under the Direction of ttignor UK BEONI8, on ... . MONDAY KVKNINO. April ?th. With IIOMIUI a celebrated n?,l brilliant Opera Buffa, IL BAKBIKRK PI 81VIULIA. ? IT7"Ailmi??iou One Dollar, to all pnr7i ol the houae -/ H Doota ojan at 7?Performance to commence ,u half-paat 7. The following Eminent Artwta are ruined to Perforin during a Seaaou of Twrlve Rep e?n utioua Prima Donna Hignora K UurKhete. Priino Teno 8i?. I'eroxxi. Trimo Buffo Big. be Beam*. Priino Buffo Sig San Umrico. Altro Priino Buffo Sig. Maitirj. Seconda Donni Piguora Alberiazzi Recondo Tenore Six Alberuzti Secondo Teu 8-g Brnetti. Sernudo Baatu Six. (iuilieruau. With a full aud effectire < horua, New ('oatumea. New Scene IGN OJt P PALMO Alio announces lie In* concluded on engagement with the eminent THINK) BASSO, SI ON OR SANTINI, who it daily esoeoted from New Orleans. LEADER OK THE ORCHESTRA BIO. KAPETTL I ombincd Willi all the former Distinguished Trulrsion. IL bAKBIKIlC D1 SIVIUL1A. Komiui- Bin " P^fllSII Kigaro Sig DeBrguis l onte Almiviva big Perozzi Doctor Battolo Sig Hamiairico Don Bssilio Sig .Mart ni Ber.a Siguora Alberlazzi I'flizialr Sig Alhertazzi Kiorolo Sib Bwietli Notaro Sig Albaul In preparation for the lirat lime in America, aa originally performed, Bethel's Uraml Operu of LA SO.sNAMBI'LA, Alao, ELISIKE U'AMOHK. The public are respectfully informed, that duhcg the recess, the Upper Tier of Buias liaa been entirely remodelled, allot' the ceuire S"ali having i e n reued. to aa 'o alford iu aicelleut view of the Stage from every part, with the additru of Kour Commodious Private Boaea on each aide, which will be let for the aeaaon. N. t).?'The Be* Olhce ii now open ev?rv div during th? week, from III o'clock A M., until I o'clock P. M., when aeata may be secured for th* e ..suing aeaaon. Itegu'ar season scats transferable Price $10 lor Twelve Representations. Subacribera not tecuri. g aeata, the price of ticketa is placed at Kb for the season?not transferable. Stage Man ig-r Mr. Weill. BZ7*"Tbe public are lesivi llully iiifoimed that th> Baths have been sewly arranged and luted up ill a handsome style, and are iu full operation, night and d iv. PARK 'I'lllvATH^ Boaea SI I Pit SO Cents | (J.illery 25 Cents. THIS EVENING. April 2G. will lie |ierforined the 0|*ra of LA SON NAM BU LA?Count Rodolrh. Mr teguin; Klviue, Mr Sluival; Amiua, Mrs St gum. After,which?A Dance ny Miss lulia I uriibuII. To conclude with BaMBOOZLI NG?Sir Murmadulte Nlea uows, air i rupieunaie CHAT I IA.H TI1KATKK. Boies 2J Cent* I Pit 12% Cents. Brnefit of Mr. W. S. Deverua. THIS K.VK.NIINO, April 26, to commence with SAM SLICK ?Sain Slick. Mr Silsbre. Followed by a variety of Sons* anil Uanc<*. To conclude wuli LuClLLK?St Cyr, K S Conner; Lucille, Mr* McClurn MH'l HkbL b ULYMPIC THKATitV Benefit of Mr. iiraham. THIS KVKNINti. April 36th, to commence with the 1st act of KRA DIAVOLO Alter which A LAlrY ANL) (IKNTLKMAN iu a Peculiarly IV ideviuii Predicam nt Kollow-d ny the Kilt'-!' Kit ATU1CIUK. And then the I'AV A K 1 KK 'I UK K A IK. I o conclu'r with the K' NTIM KV MINSTItb 1,8. NliW KNlOKKRllOCKRRjTliKATRE, LA I K. A M I' II 1 T II E A T II E , II O \V E II Y , UNDKK Trtr. HOI.K M \ NAOK.MKN P OK MR. T. B. RUSSELL. MR. T. B. It bees to iafoim the public that he ha* leased the all ;te establishment and intriid* maSiilK altera ions iliat will eaable >.1111 to play Tnydy, ( ninedv, M?lo Drama, Ope'a and Karce, equal to anvTheatre in the city, and lily inks anliere of that pal rouays, ev> i In aluwrd on sleiliny merit, by a discernii.k public MR T. J). RICE, The or'itiual Jitn Crow, is eiiKaited f<>' a lew nights, and will make Ins appearance in a new Opera written i xpresslf for hi "i, N. B ?Ladies and (ient'emen ol ili e profession wishimt eu " n2l ' a miaiuc a n mm to ifS, A N D P K R P ET UAL K A I K ONE wKK.K MORE OK THI3 GRAND ATTRACTIVE BILL ! Cnmin iirinK <> > Monday, \i>riI 22d. SPLENDID I'EIl>t>RMANCES Every afternoon at half-pail 3 o'clock, ami every evening at 8. GIANT AND GIANTESS!! Tb< larieat in the world. and of the lineat lymmetry and propotliou?. They are MAN AND WIFE, and have been vivtcd in e urn p.- by more thai. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PERSONS! duriiiR th* '"at year They uiay la* jevn fiont 10 o'cloi k A. M till I,drum 2 til! halr-l a?ti, and from 7 till 10. THE KENTUCKY MIN ST It ELS, Mr COLE, the l)0(i BILLY; Mm E. ADAIK LA I'E 1 ITE CH<(TO, .Mr 11. <J. SHERMAN, MR. WHIT LOCK, MR T ti BOOTH. Mr. WILLIAMS, and .MR. HOWARD, and nthert. TbeGirSY KAMILY.iix in no inner, recently from Oer many, ami faithlnl rrprmrntalives of the ancieut people ol Egypt, may be aren in ilirir native coituine. TheGlPsEY QUEEN, the Fortune Telb r, mar be privately r.t.uiolted at all hour* of the day and evening. Ticket* 2i cenU?r.lnldien nnder ten year* If* ctnu. Tw? tv-tivecenU eitra^for private coninltatiom with tbeOipiey Qneen. all rc PEAIiU'h HKW YORK. nnoKBR BEST BILL! BEST PRICE ! ! II I. 8 T P E R V O It M A N U E 8 ! !! A DWARK AS OLD AS TOM THUMB AND THREE INCHES SHORTER! AND GIANTESS! ! AND Seven P. rl rioers?all (or One Shilling. MR. H. BENNETT, MANAGER Til - following lerforniem ivill ap|e-?r The ORE V?" WEH'I ERIN, Mr CO NO V Ell. the Protean Profevaor, CELESTE.Ithe Hanceuie. Mr*. We STEIt N, Mm ADAIR, Mm BLANt 'HARD, and .Mr W. CON OVER, ;he e.omic linger. The Man g" if happy to announce that !.e hai rec ived from Europe a lplendid let of COSYIORAMIC VIEWS, painted ?y the mint eminent artiiti P\t OUKf^rK <?-r th<* *cco"wm>?lation of fHKLA^V I WHO \UK ADMITTED Kit EE. Gentlemen *r? charged in ritra shilling Tin* Manager Ins adopted this |>l ui to |>'?irr?f tin* hut seats for his fair pstrons. DOHOTHr A WAU.NER.sis >r of the Oipsey Uueeii.can >f consulted during Hie day anil evening Also to b?" seen the \lhino Lady with white Inn anil pink eyes. Performance in ihe Ltrtnre Room to commence at It o'clock. irT-An Afternoon hutert tiunient on Wednesdays aud Istordayi it 3 o'clock, A OMISSION l O THE WHOLE ONE SHILLING, nii'i rc EXHiMTION (>K (HtlOiNAla PAINTINGS. NATIONAL GALLERY OF ORIGINAL PAINTINGS OK THE i)|,0 VhtsTKlIN EXHIBITION ROOM, IN CLINTON HALL, Comer 11/ Natiau and Rrrkman s/rrefs. AMATEUR'S AND ARTIS'8 ire informed, that the Onl l*ry of Paintings nt Clinton Hall is now open from II A. VI. to 0 o'clock it night, or later, according to tin s.vison They will therein find a choice Collqctinu of ti e finest Pamlinrs which ha?" ever ad 1. on! ?ny ' 'oropem Gallery. Artists will >n allowed to study in th" Eshibitien It 1001 The public will iad a I' ilalogne, v. hicli w ill espl liu all thf historical anil other ores, quoting the p usages of authors from which the subjects lave been taken. [T7" Admittance only 2.'i cents. inI7 lm'jgb PROGRAMME OF 'PHE REPETITION (IK THE ORAM) Ml"l EI.LAI N Et H'S 1 ION' I. ILT fr tlie Beneut of the WIDOWS ml ORPHAN S of the NEW YORK EIRE DEPARTMENT, on t UESHAY EVENING, 30th April. 1814,at the dm nlw i\ i al.eriMi'le. PART KIRHT. Irand Chorus?llimbeig By the New Vork Scored Music Society lavatina Madame (lui dninauta?"Bergele," Kignnr A Viltelluia Aria?"Live in.w in my In art," (arranged lorkei) from Ninhe Mrs Hegutii [Joncertanlo?Clarionet and Klnte Messrs .Grouevelt and J A Kyle Song Mrs Edward Coder Si.n? Miss Watsi II Jong? i oinc r nniaa ana i laren to inc ?uory irom the Opera of tl?<" Postillion Mr Hhriv ill I nit?vlanuxcript. by Mr Woolf Miss Taylor ryrolean?"There'a no home 11!< my own,'" Malibrau Madam* O Borkhardr *olo?(Juitjr Siunor B-nedid )tiet?"Take them,! implore th#""* MriLoderand M M W ' I *?'!( ong^"Lo hr..r the gentle Lark." Bi?hop, (by desire,) Klote Obligato, Mr J A Kvje Miaa Tay'or long? My Boyhood's Home, [by desire | Mr -"ftin ong?"My Ka'herlnnd ''[by particular uenre] Mad Ot'o cem?'*Kiii!j Death, ' N'*konnn Mr Hrongh avatina?"In < hdi i," fr?'in Tor<|tiato 'J'naso,* Mr? H^kuiu Irand AriH~Belhm Mignor .v;ayrr long?"harcswrll to Ike I lorn-'of rny I bib'bond," llarnw*y M idani- Burkhardt irand I) ubleLhom*?"He gate rhernMailalor.eii. Handel &>' the New York Sacred Muaic Hocifty. Tl< KKTH LIMITKI) No postponement on aceouut of the weather. ' > Ti< k?'t* One Dollar, admitting a l.ady md Oen?|rman < 7 ra L' dim Tr k?ta hi cents?To had at the principal I luaic Htojrt, of the (tffw v* "f th* Department, at lT.iabr?*'a * ookatore, 111 Bowerr, of fhe t < mmi'fee, and tit any remain) : the door i?n the nf'termv n <h I %v? ni*.k ol pril? rmuur II... it. ?.. r of f.eU. i. tin. o-H ft. ? ....I mi I (I do wall tn |i'nvid tiiainaalrrs with TlCkata in tuna ho.a who |iurchani titki-U lot tha liimiar ( oowit ami i llld not owll ?dwlni?li will pkw call mi ntlirr ! tin ' C onnniCar, ami liana Iham a.chnni(ad, Tha m t&tion. tha I ut' rt will nit b* ailin.t'a,) ? AHTiN W. fcMlMONH, II M|irur? ttrrrt, ) KOKHVTH l/.AdAHH.M Wfiiit wt, >CnmwitlT J AM KM I'KVKIt. Ulb Kruiit .treat, } atti l(j?*?? rtil'S- mil.I) l- IJUNITI It I HOI't IIIT -1.1. , t twinlir k in remove, nr r.lin'itii.h h-iute-kr-jiiiK, wi?li * K to illi(?i." nl their II niirlnilil Furniture, either entire. in p irt, Wllliouf the i il""ir r ik iiiil Inconveme h i-< iitennii-n '' imblir .nip by addretainK, either |?-raoiially or by letter. ' i I he railed ii|,on by lli? .tih.erihera, wh ir- |iretiarrd to ? .ke 1'beral i-itimale., ami pay tin* .nine in ci'y Inula. CHAi. S SMITH ?i < O , ? Auctioneer, .ml ( omTiimioii Mrrrlianta, a|>2t It* in J04 Broadway, dor Duine.t. . REMOVAL. "'HOVIAS WAHNF.K, Attorney and foiinrallor at, haa removed In. officii to No. II <-it? Hall Place, corner Dmm .irert 'l^1 1 in'ec 0| cut stock or ( I.o'ihs, T.OM|M? r?w (. AT MUS T Ofl'I. IT No. 20 MAIDKN I.ANK.?Th- ?t'*ck ?l < InblierV rloain* nit at the above .tore?1? fferrdn' lir.t an.-. in loll anil pnrrhawra (or tin- entire atnrk in if br b id a liaml inn iliaeonat f-mri i-ml>) The object of the luliarribrr it. to 1 OM- il l til" nil i-.-rii immeili fly. 'I ha yooda (hough! for all) r.m.iat of Blark, Bloa an-l kanav I'liitna, lllark, Ulna, , i.t .ml V;|, i | I ,jairnar.-? and l)f i-akin. Tw.-'da, S itinatta, 1 ii irinaa Pilot and ll?a??r ("lotlia, Wnratail and Silk Seric, v irk at | .Iran a we||ri?a. Woollao Plaid, Va.iinica, Drilling., ama (.Intht. Blirk Italian Cravata, iiew.tyb .aarfa lie In \ B ?Daalara from tha rnantry and aitV ara inaitad 'o rail d a.aniina tha abo.a .took, which i. tn be tola either at pti- f ta a,ili* or at anction, bafora tha lat i f June. I < ONANT Ik CO, iia 2w ?od*rre 10 Maiden Lane. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [Corre*|<ot.d*t>ce cf the Hrrald.] Washington, 24th AprilI lie all-absorbing topic here among the members of Congress, is the fracas in the House yesterday. Mr. Kathbun has behaved very handsomely upon the occasion?feels deep regret?and deserves kindly consideration. (See report of liives, in < ilolie.) Moore is represented to have fought like a tiger, before lie was miscellaneously secured. Rives -ays he never saw such a wiry fellow. It took, about a dozen to secure him. Duncan made a speech upon the counter of the Post Office Members leaped over the benches on every side in the melee, t len. Dromgoole shouted in a voice of thunder, Pivery one rushed in to keep others out. It came very near being a general fight and bloodshed. " TWKNTY KIUHTH CONORBIH. FIRST 8 E 8 8I 0 N. Senate. Washington, 21th April, 1844. annexation of texas. Mr. Walker presented a very numerously signed memorial with resolutions, from a (Cr^at meeting in lavor ot annexation lately held in Philadelphia. It was read. A lurge number ol the delegates to the second proximo whig convention at Baltimore, are upon the floor of the Senate They are uoon the whig side of the Senate, and Gov. Morenead iB busy with them. post office bill. Col. Merrick called up the Post Office Bill. Mr. Archer moved an amendment to restore to members of Congress the franking privilege in full during the recess of Congress. Mr. Bt'ciianan resisted this amendment. If it should ore vail, he might vote against the whole bill. lie could not vote for it. Two P. M.?The Bill is stiil under discussion. Later.?Mr. Archer's amendment was lost, 2fi to 17. In the House, the daj' was consumed in Committee of the Whole on the tariff bill. There were some half dozen speeches delivered, mainly on the protective system, and its advantages and disadvantages. Pennsylvania Tax Bill.?The .Senate, after a great deal of procrastination, have at last passed the tux bill nearly in the same state as it came from ii>? n....... ti.. 1 ! ..vuov. x iic 'iiiK'iiuuieni inserting u iwo mill tux instead ol three, was reconsidered, and the original amount replaced. Now let them pass some law enforcing the collection of this tax, and w? .shall have some hopes of the Htate. Mb. ('i.ay.?A gentleman who reached this city yesterday evening in the steamboat from Norfolk, MllM that Mr. ("lay would leave the latter city thin morning, land ut Annapolis this evening, and proceed hy the railroad to Washington.?Baltimore American, April 29. Hales of Stocks at Philadelphia. Kih.t Hoard, April 26?$7000 States'*, 671; >1100 <)o lit. 'Moo do li?J; <.10,000 do RSI', 07J; <..>000 do #7 J; <.1000 do 67J; $266 do 00; 300 shares (iirard Bank, 7J; 8 On do 7j; <.000 State S'?, various loans, 60 !) lharei Com meirlul Bank, >li; 100 do OaR Hank. .'0, 10 do Annuity, 93; $2600 Camden and Amt>oy Bunds, 96J; Htliures Mechanics' Hunk, '27. Second Board, April 34.?$7000 State ,Va, b.V, 64}; 6000 do, c, H4jj; 1000 do, 61 j; .'>000do 641: 1000 Cincinnati hnd*, 102; 11.'> shares VVilniiugton Kit, I7f; 10 I'nion Insurance, 62; $626 State 6'r, 1846; (new annual; 08j. SHIP NKWI. Uy This Morning's Southern Mall. I'hii.??> i I'HI. April 2'j?Arr Mary Ann, Sbanklin, Rt J.din., PK; Suo-rb, heron, ' ha'leitnu; Peiiob?rnr, llulte, and Whale Baldwin. New York. Uidow, Mnduou, Kostes, lrutn Newport, W; Pallia. Haven, I arilena. Dai.timosi , A|>ul 21?Arr Prompt, Dn?u, llnitou: Andro?cokki", Uavii, Portland; < hetaptakr Po?t, and Mary h' ?nr?i,, \ V ik C Id Lai robe Allen, l'i-raamhnco and a n.kt; Kr ncei Jane, Konit S Tie mas and a ink'; Vir'ory. Klwell, do; A1arv Ai n [Brl Voucp, NP. Sid Blark llawk. Yeitou, PortlaLu; Trumpet, Case, Boilou; Hucliratrr, Kounta.u NYork ""okkoi k, April 22?Ar ItoKvra, NYork. Hbl Abba'hula. Kelly, Cortland. Elizabeth, Buow, West Indies. hdwBlakr. ( ole, for Writ Indies, went to sea yesterday afternoon. Air 23<l, Corvo, Crockett, Thtinaston Mil IVru, Calhoun, 8l John, N B. Savannah, April 21?("Id Kglinglon. IBr] Vlnir, Liverpool! Tamerlaue, Thet bald, do; Jam*, Sum, .Nassau, NP. P'orcl^n Porta St J< iins, I'll April 6?Sid Wasson, Boston; (Jlendower, Norfolk In port. Nanvoo, *ud Ponce, iliig; L H Adama, for Mayagurz; John Dui.lap, dug ROOMS WANTED. Jjvi WANTED ?Tito or three roomi, with kitclirn priviffjW l?-nr?, Sto , lor a am -.11 family. Addrrn I'., with terms, . Herald Office. a26 Itp kd TO LET OK LEA8K-A large, convenient dwelInn; house, he , ln-mi 11 (ti 11 y situated on the East Ktver, j!^UL"t tin* foot cf 61a: street, about four miles from the City Hall Tha garden contains S'lmr fine trnit trees, grape tinea, and other shrubbery There it alto an excellent privilege for salt witer hatning, and n good act ool in the vicinity. K.ioinire of J TOWLK. opposite the premiars. or at the Naval OIKce at the l ustotn Mouie r.2S Jti?*ee ELEO ANTTY~~kUKNI I1KI) HOUSE TO LET* tA (SKNTl.EM AN, who ia g. ing to retire into the country. wi?hea to let the whole or part of his dwellinghonre. No. 2.'i Walker street Th,? house, situated near way, ia beautifully lurniih'd and carpeted, aud consists of a front and hack basement, draw tug-room withfoldiug doors ?in all thirteen good rooms There is also a pretty garden ha r> 111 Hi" Imuai-a a36-ltrc. iM TO LK Poaaeaaiou immediately, TWO NKW jwvW I OTTA I IKS Oil 7tli iwiw, l> twr.u 2i li and 36th all, J'Jlwi h 1*0 t? t nfirarilrij ground. Kerh houar haa * pailor tmi hreakl'aat room with (oar i.edr oma. balcomta. lie . Ite. H-i.r to a truant $300 rich Apply on the prnmara. K> 31*111 M ROOMS TO RKNT?With Stram Power Apply ru ih" prririaca, .it tnr line Manufactory, 34 and 31 Gold atrrrt alt lat MI rc BKKK TONOUKH?100 di'MU smoked, in fine ordrr, aaited for auy clim ilr, liiraale t y K K. COLLINS fc CO , a2'i tirr 66 South atrrrl REMOVAL. MRS CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR AND SULPHUR BATHS, will la- removed, the lint of May. from Conitlandt alreet, to 316 Broadway, two doora above Re City Hnapital, wlieie the will be happy to aee her frienda and patrona ap33lf ia rc IMPORTANT To TIP'SK WITHOUT CHILDREN. THOSE Inlrreate.!, will |r'crire ha'an nfeney iaealabliah* ad fur tor aale i>! M. M. UESOMr AUX'S Wonderful Procr?ative K.lmr crdiu. (t /^Se- adrertiremei.ton l.-ut column of fnuithpax*. apm lin ia *m DJ{. (HiKUOKV, No II Barclay treat, ib Hill at homadar and evening, until a l it* hour?Strangera and others will lin(1 Dr. (J air#uUrand legally qualified phyticiau and aur Kpu", atti ndinff |**f*otially to thoip prcnliar diaraaea and dietr*a*M, which for many n-.tamja may require to bp managed with c.'iution \nd discretion, in order to obtain perfect curea. without ii.tprfpriuK with thp personal comforta and habits of thp "a'ient. [f7" Kor sale at abevr. .1 Private Treatise on private diseases, ecrc. habits, Ik* iuipititina to both neiea, married or single. Piice 5')r?nt? h26 lt#rc UA< kTt HI I IP IMDDO.NS KOH LI V KKPOOL?P*saeo grra by thin ship will please be on board thp steamboat Hercules, at Whitehall, to morrow, 27th? instant, at 12 M., at which Jimp thp ship will sail i Letter hags wi'l cloip at Halo's and Oiipio'a News Hoomi at II* o'clock, A M. a26 lire aoM """NkW V?HK. SCHOOL*-:*'* MOU .%T A IN Jg%l . foot of * -ofirlla )f at reef. daily p I. ] at 8 o clock, A M . hv lUilrnad from Jeriey < ity to Morrnt w n direct, w ithout change of i'.tx?from thence by Pott Co nrh'a ihrouffh Vend ham heater, Hch< oley'a Mountain, |>rr> I U\..I..r.? b'aat,.,. a* %!/ ?u: J line interaerfs to and from llelvider? Kor teats apply to I. Illl.I., at Jol.ii Patten'a ' mnmercial Hotel, 71 I nurtlandt 'tiret. N B?Turns furnished at the shortest notice, by applying V II I.I ?K, M tit- mown .t|>2rr2m*rr NKW KVr.NI NO LINK V()K ALBANY. At 7 n'rlorlt from the foot of Harriot/ nt. North tuir VB" TH h. NKW ?nil splendid Meamhnat NKW bmJQKif JKHHKY.I'ipt. II >1 Kurey, will emnmere* -her r Ktilar tripa lift wren .New York and Alsant. lestinj New York on Monday tha tiih of May wit ller egul tr ilos fmm New York wi'l lie Mondnta, VVedieadays, sua Fridays; from Albant , Toeadays, Thiradays and Aarnr. lata I he New Jera-'V h-a heen enltnred ai d remnddled; her lurtlien la 790 torn; she Is lltieil up in the lieac poatihla manner, ?d has sleet inu aceommi id tlione for SHI persona 'he haa a arye number of elegant stale-ronma. a l>r*e and rntrmodioua in met asle ilerU: her eabina are wi le, eitenaise. and airy, and mil lier Lndies'J Aa'non haa sleeping aeroinmodatinna lor rn. The h'.nmie and Boile a are all new Her draft of water >eini{ hut three le t, she will ?l? iv be ahle t" oae the bar, a ithont d tent*o*i or rnn*' ii in- u'. ami t an time alwaea de end npon reat-hirr; Alhanv hi til"' f"f the conveyances going ast and weal. tk tOflH^K HEW YOIIK ALBANY ANI) THOY STKAMBOAT LINK. KOIt ALBANY AN I) TKOV-Mnr-ing \.\ur n-m in' hhji ??i u arc my Hirer;, u. uju? 9E^b31E3E?4! inti : ntcdmfc pl.iCM. 'I ??r utrim^r rH')\J A. <torhnm, to-rooriow morn* "the' TKOV, Captain A. Uorham, Thnraday m ! ink ill 7 o'clork Kerning l-i'i" (""'in th' ( 'urtlandt atrnrt, direct ') |k iiramir SW W.LOW, < aptain A. Mr, thlB cve?. nil. at 7 o'clock. > I hr iiMinln*' ALBANY, Captain 11 B. Macy, to ratrrow rriin it. nt 7 o'clock. The l! >U of till* lone, owing ?<> their light d'augnt of wa a, arerblr lit nil tunea lo para thr bari, god reach Albany III I my III ample tttii' to tnk" tb' moruiDR trnm af ran for ir raat or not Y or iwaarge or frright. apply on boa'd, or at thr office* on ill* hareea *Xrc 1ft KOK NKW OHLKANM.?LOUISIANA AND fJfWNK.W Yllim LINK -Krg.ilnr Packet 4th Mnr Iftfa I'll' laat mil I Ilk pnrkrt at it> Ot MI'I.WKK, Captain "t, will poaitieele tail aaahoee, nrr regular day Knr frfiglit oi pntaage, hieing luinlantnr ftiroiahed ncmmronitiona, apply on board, at Orleana Wharf, foot >.f Wall ttrrrt. to K. K. COLLINS k t O 4? Month atrert Agenta in New Orlnnt-M'iin, Hnllin tnd Woodmll, wh ? ill promptly forward all gooda to their nddrraa Mhiptiera hy thia line inav depend npon haeii f their goonn lrrrtlv nvaantrd, and that th? ahipa of llua line will rail met tally ta iilttTtifnl * * to marc XX3P- KOIt LIV KRTOflL?-Thr packet ahlP Mil) DONS, MWC ilt iu < obb. **i'l ml ou the i , . r R&HbPi.k.t .hip < l)l.\ M. ' *. 1 "" thr tat of ^^^nrir regular davaof t i ll 'X, hy wlnrh ptfsagecan be '' 3? ;;r:h'^ ToOT'flTpMA w. *\ * 7kAci 1KH- 40 bar rela Dried I'eaehea, in fine order, landing from ahlP Orrnolg". for aale in Iota to an.t j-nrrhaaeea by ,(j Jut M South atrwt

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