Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. XHo. 11^-Whol* Ho. 1088. To tho Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 3 cents per copy?or f7 3# per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. _ A . THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price cents per copy, or $8 13 per annumpostages paid, cash in a lvanee. ... . ADVERTISERS are intormed that the circulation oi the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. II hai (Ac largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and is, therefore, the belt channel for hiinnrit mm in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PK1NTINO of all kinda executed at the mortt moderate price, and in the most elegant style. uviva nnnnnN ri'mnvt'i. Proprietor or the Herald Establishment, Northw?*t corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE 1 SOUTH Hl'REET, NEW YORK. m. m. m. m\ ~T*can be enKiged frornLireri?)ol hy the follow lug splendid packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of rackets sailing as antler From Liverpool. ._ 1 he ship COLU.M P.US, Captain Cole, oo the 16th February. The ship YORKSHIRE (n?w) Hailrv, ou the 1st March. 1 lie ship 0 A. VI BUI DOE, Cant H.r?iow, 16th March. Thr ship EN'GLAN I) Captain Bartlrtt, ist April. The ?hip OXFORD. Captain, 16th April. The >hip MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, lit May. The thip ' jlJIlOPr.. Capaaiu Fnrber, I6u6i May. The ih'p NEW YORK,'"attain Cropper, lit June. In adthlinn to theabovesiiperior ehipi, the subscriber's agents will have a succession of flr>t class Am rican shipa dcspati hed, ae customary, from Liverpool, e^ery four or live .'aye throughout the year, to the diffreot porta in the United Mates, by which passage can he s cored at reduced iates. Those snidiug for their fr euds iesidi"g in Great Britain and Ireland, may rely that every cate will be takeu to mak" Puaseiltte, s as ei.m'nrtable as they can reasonably eapect. and should he passengers not come out, the luusage money wil' be promptly refunded. Oralis can as usual be furnished psynb'e at lie National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and bmuches; Eastern Buik of Pcopand and (ranches; and on Mrssrs J. Bait, Son Ik Co., Bankers, London Messrs J. Darned It Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which ars payable throughout England and Wales. For further funicular.apply (if 61 Southstreet, near Wa'l street. N. B Passage to Liverpool and London cau at all times be sngeged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every five Java, and to Loudon an the 1st, 10th and tOlhof each month 0n application as anove. j12 ee TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE m m m. m. ARRANGEMENTS FOll 1844. The subscribers beg to call the ette. tioo of their friends and the public generally to their superior arrargemeats for bringing out passengers from, and reo itting money to all puts of Eogla d. Ireland, Scotland and Wales. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE QUEEN OF THE WIST, 1230 tons THE SHERIDAN. 1006 tous. THE ROCHESTER. 1600 tons. THE GARK1CK. 1000 ions. THE HOTT1NGIJER. 1000 tens. THE KOSCIU8, 1D0O tons TOO I IVt'BBrWM uu THE 8IDPON8, 1000 tons Sailing from Liverpool twice ever* month, and THE UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed o< superior, first class American packets, sailing from Liverpool four times in each mouth, an the ships in which those whose passage may beeugaeed with the subscribers wiil come out in, and it is a wbll krfbwn fact the above named packets aie the most magnificent ships afloat and the fireqneucy of their sailing, (being every five (lavs) prevents the possibility of passengers being unnecessarily detained at Liverpool. Regardless of expense, in order to meet the waute or the public and the wishes of their Iriends, Mr. Wm. Tappscott, one of the firm, lias gone to Liverpool to superintend the departure for this country of such persons whose passage may be engaged with, the subscribers, a fact, which to those acquainted with Mr, W. T., is a sufficient guarantee that they will receive every attention from him, and be quickly and comfortably despatched. Mboutd tnose sent for decline corniug, the passage money will be promptly refunded, without any deduction?us usual. Remittances?Those remitting money cau be supplied with droits at signs, tor any amount, payable frre of discount er any outer cnargai. m every principal town in England, Ireland, Scotland end Wales Appty IU ny letter, post poid,) to w * JVT. TaPBCOTT, 41 Peck slip, New x org?or to ITS WM TAP8COTT. Liverpool. HEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail irom new York on the 16th and Liverpool on the lltb ui eacn mouth. M. ift Fnuas New York. Ship KOSCIUS, Captain John Collins, ICth March. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. 8. Cobb, 26th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 26th May. Ship (JARR1CK, Capt. B. I. H. Trash, 26th June. From Liverfool. Ship SHERIDAN. Capqun A. Depeyster. 11th March. Ship OARRICK, Captain B. I.IlT I'rask, 11th April. Ship ROSOIU8, Captain John Collins, Uth May. at uimjuMu is1 n cnkh ii?l ft eso ships are 'all of the first class,'upwards of 1000 tons, built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine (treat speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every- care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, lor which ample stores will be provides These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re gular wl,'?">f lading are signed therefer For treight or passage ajpp1/ to i(?. K. COLLINS 8c IO..M South st.. New York, or to BP >WN. SHIPLEY k. CO., Liverpool. Letters by the pact rts will be charged 12% cents per single heet ; 50 c?iu per oanoe, and newspapers 1 cent each, mi rrc ARRANGEMENTS KOU 1844 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 Pine street, comer of South. and the public in general, to the lotlowing arrangements for 1844, for the purpose of bringing ont cabin, 8d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regular Line !' Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st,6th, 11th, 10th, 21stand 26th of every month. By the London Packets, to sail rum New York, the 1st, 10th and 20th?and from London on the 7th, 17th and 27th of each month. In connection with the above, and for the purpose of affording still greater facilities to passengers, the snbscriber has established regular liacol first class New York built, coppered and cornier taagened ships, to sail punctually every week throughout the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remittnoney to their 1 unities or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Basks, vis Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexfard, Belfast, Waterford. Gilway, Armagh, Atiilone, Colemin, B.tlhua, Tralee, Youghal, Euuiskillen, Monaghao, Baubridge, Ballymena, Parsooslawn, Uowupatrick. Cavan, Lurgau, Omagh, Dungauuen. Baudon, Emus, Ball'vshanno Strabane, Bkibereea, Mallow, Moneymore. Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. Engl.uK?Messrs. Spoouer, Atwood in Co. Bankers, London, If H lYttirilhV. Wsfsrlnn li/mtl l.iirsennul- n a irisl.lo in avneit ti s?arsa ' ill (irntl Britain. ) For further information (if by letter, roit paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, 100 Pin* ntroet, c< tner of South N. Y. OrMexare. P. W. BYRNES h CO, 36 Waterloo Road. jOnin'rc Liverpool TO THb THAVKLLINO PUbLlO. " ?1. m. iVlbsEtfGKR JmJulyc.EMEXT FOR 1844 Tlie aubucr.b.ri having complete:) their arranseirieita, arnow pr*|Mied to bring out naaneHgria from Ureal Onfin md I rrlaiid tiy the following lintel packet nips. one of which will leave .ivmpool on tne lit,6th, lltli, 16rii, 21?t and 2?tn ol ea< h mouth:? ParriCK Henry, New^ork, Hheridin, Virginia, Liverpool, Camo'idge, .Moiitcxjina, S.ddona, Geo. Waahingtou. Hottiugoer, Coluin'ms, United Statvn, K ncius, Aai'bnrtun, Knulaud, Europe, Sleph'n Whitney, Roclieerer, Indr peipienee, York,hire. Oarri. k, Samuel Hick, Queen ofthe Went, Oxford Ortilioaten of pawage can be obtaired, uudi very information Will |i<* giwu to rhosf neodiog for their friends, on appli> atiou I t-ither of our offices. They will alio be pre ored. on the opening of uaeiwratioo, to forward niua^nffen and heir luggage to Albmyr and Troy, and yii bJrie (Jaual to :!nffalo, and all intermediate placet. Ts alt pona of lh? Upper Ukee. Vit 1 ) wego 'o Toronto, Port lloi*, Coburg, Kingaton, and all parta of Canada Weit . ? , From Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada I* a?t via Ohio (.'.anal from ? Inarcl uid to Portanionth, Cincinnati. audi tertn?'li4ic placen .... , , South Went vii Philadelphia to Pittibnn.Cinciana'i,, and all part* on the Ohio Hirer to St. Louia, M o ; a id to a'l parte ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wiacon aiu Territory. REMITTANCES. For the accommodation ol [cre<in> wnhing to ??nd money to thiir I'tiendi in the Old''ouutry, HAHJNDEN fc CO. will give Dr. An on any part of England, Scotland or Ireland, payable at ainht, forxuma of ?1, ?5, ?20, to ?i00? or in any amount to amt the purchaser. OFFICES AND AOENTS. Charlen Craft. 120 Htaienrrcet. Boatou B. w. Whieler, Union Building, Providence, R I. J. W. Mills, 1 Wall street anil 16 Krontstreet, New York. N. < I. (low ird, 43 8i nih Third street. Philadelphia, landlord k Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. L.8, Littliuolin, II K.*?hir*?. Albany N. Y. S Clark, 119 Rtvrr street, Tror, N. Y. Utica.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H. Cook. Buffalo, N. Y. II. VrihughAOo., Oswego, N. Y. m!6ec M M ? ^^TfEW yUILh Ako HAvlfTn^CcKRT^^^ Second Line? The Ships of this luie will hereafter leare New York on the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as follows, via I? ? Fioa Nr.* To?*. From Havre. New Ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March. 16th April. Captain < 1st July. < 16th August. James tunck. 11st November. I 16th December. Ship BALTIMORE, (1st April IBrh May. Captain J 1st August. < 16th September] Edward Knock, f 1st December. 16th Januai r. Bhip UT1CA, S ut 'M?y- tfcth June. Captain t 1st September ' 16th October. Kreuerick Hewitt. ( lit January. 16th February, New ship ?t. NICHOLAS t l?t June. l 16th July. Captain < let October. { Ibtli Novemker, J- B. Pal 17 lot Kebrnary. ( 16th March. The accommodations ot tlieteslii|>a are tint surpassed, con billing all thai may be repaired fur comfort. The price of ce: bin passage is $111# Passengers will lie supplied with every re qiiimte with the exception of wines and liiiunrs. i <ls intended fur these vessels will be forwarded by the snb scrip, i'ree from any other than the ei(ietisea actually la nrredoaS., For Ire.ghui^s^^^ly je?i so *No. TonLaa Building, #of. Wall and water at :e ni NE CHINA. GLASS & LAMP MANUFACTORY. _TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND OTHERS. rPHu?oer?un?d respectfully inform ilicir caaiomei* and th* , public that the* litre reduced tli?ir price* tf llie .bora articlea, and hnriug b.'en iii:inuhc>urir( many year*, their expo nenco enable* them to funinh eheaper than any other hctue, and they warrant their articles, auch aa Solar Lamp* of all d* ecripiion*. Aalral Lamp* altered to Solar. A full at*' rtment of Cut and Plain (iliaa,new pattern O'rnndole*, Chandelieit, Candelabra*. Bouquet*. fcc , he Hall i Lamp* and Lantern* of a*I aizea with rich and cut ataaied lata AII article* matched to any pattern*. Olasa made an * ' cut to order Oooda for the country arnt free of expruae A r- j tide* loaned for partiea. Citizen* generi'ly are invited to call ; aud examine our aaaorcnteat, and aitiafy therea-lvr* aa regard ; quality and price*. STOU VENEL k CO. K 'Ctory 29 (told atreet. I Wholesale and Retail Store. No. 3 John at. near Broadway, i m2ft lm*te ' HKOADWAY AGAINST THE WORLD. Til h noted thoroughfare i> u"w admitted to he the ur.-itest i tnttrt for tit* s?le of gentlemen's wuarii ? sppaivl m the Unt'ed States, and the impression 'hat has heretof-re enisled in the minds of in iny t'l a 'pnrehascis in Bn>adw\y are nblig-J to jiav an esorhitant prire for an article "f dress," is lolly re- j bull d, from the known repot<tion as to the churn s established hy HOVVARU KOX, p'm.riruir of the City Cash Tailoring i Est Inishineui. So. 202 Broadway, llere is anadvauleue l? ; i merchantsand othersvhitlaf tru* city to avail themsetvss >! ' an ontfit fro"i a veri eitensive assortment f ready made clo' rhino in nuf ciureil froin the best materials ami in ill* inost | Is.loon .bl* style The attention of the t ublie is particularly | railed to visit rhis establishment and easniins lh? late style of I i twilled and fancy Casniiuere Oilice k rocks, designed lor the ap- ' proaehii.g s*oson. Also, ail assortment of rich Chone Velvet and Brocade Vest- i ini|s, Eaoey Kreuch Cloths and Cassiineres. h) the lue arrivals from the celebrited tn loulaclory of K Bio'ley Kils, nnd?e- 1 lected expressly for timspviug fashions. (jitrnirnli suprrbly ' nude up to order, and if required at a few hours > otic. EDWARD KOX City ('ash Tailoring Establishment. 202 Broadway, be:uw Kill toil st. minmt'ee TO HOUSE AND STORE KEEPERS, MANUFACTURERS AND OTHERS. C8. SMt'l'H St CO restiectfnllv 'nlbrm ilieir fri-nds and the pub-ic generally. ilira, they will attend pe sunnily to arranging and -elling rhe household furniture of lain lies rtin vimr or declining housekeeping, and merchandise of all kinds of persons relinquishing business, either at the reiidcuoa or stores o- the owners, or in onr sales room, which is admirably adapted for the purpose. Our sales room, Id* lest duep and well lighted, situated on Broadway, and rommaudinit the attention of this xr m th > roughlure, affords to manufacturers aud others lacilities for the exhibition and sale . f ev> ry description o( merchandise unsurpassed b? any other store in the city. Trniu moderate. The rendition and payment of sale prompt Liberal caah advances, when required, will be m;da on cousicnmenta intended either for public or private sales. CHAS. S. SMITH. HENRY E WILLARD, Auctioneer* and Commita-ou Merchants, m27 lm'rc Store JIM Brondw.Tr. c .r Duan?st. THEHEW"BRIGHTON COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, TS mTTTATir.n on Hr.t.n ... mil.. r.?m ,T?... V...L, A iu Lite el-cant chateau riveted by the J 'trph's at en expense ol 1)0,000 Tnis is the b-st ?ud cheapest Boarding Schol in the United hiat?s. Full courses of instruction are imparted in English, Latin, Greek kVrch ar.d Spanish Persons h yit g b 'ya to educate are invited to call and examine the School. The next term will CMiimeoc* May 1. Circular* and full information may be obtaiued of Dr. E. A Dice low. cast corner of Broadway and Kohon street, entrance 1)6 pulton at tar. apIO lm*ec GEO LK HOW. A M? P'iucionl. CANTON CHINA DIN1NC SETTS. DAVIS COLDAMUKC, Ml Bread way, neirly opposite Niblo's. informs hia frieip's and the public that he lias re ceired per late arrival* from Canton, a few Dining Sets, which can be sold at very low pricrs. Also, a fnll assortment of Crockery Ware, of all kinds, of the newest n-tterni and moat approved shapes. Cat and pressed Glass of all kinds?some new patterns D t;. makes no hnmbng:ng pretensions to "almost give away Crockery," but pledges himself to sell the same quility of goods as cheat), if not from ) to 10 per cent cheaper than any other store; )97 Broadway, opposite Niblo's nearly. all lm'rc fpOBACCU, tU bales Saint 'ago de Cuba. L 10 do Guisa. Coffee?50 bags Saint Jago. new crop. Arrow Root?ltoo lbs., in barrels and cases. Began?(0,000, just Itnsiug from the barque Gleaner, in n<sorted brands, new crop. In store, a general assortment of Sega re of celebrated brands, oflast year's stock, offered wholesale mid retail, by A. A. 8AMAN08, alO Im*re No. 6 Well ?t. unit mo rpOBACCO-FINE CUT AND SMOKINH.-Feeling inA cliued to close up an interest in a Tobacco Manufactory, I now offer lor aala a quantity of prime fine cat and smoking 1 obacco, paired op in the naoal wav, at very reasonable prices. I beg to call the attention of Western Merchants and other buyers to this, the quality of the tobacco being of the very best and prices by far lower than usnal. tn7 3m*rrc JOHN H. FAHKR. No 1 New at UNITED STATES DAGUERRIAN GALLERY. 175 BROADWAY, VP STAIRS EWHITIfi would resrectmlly call the attention of citizens and strangers visiting the city to his splendid Collection of DAUUEKKEOTVPE PORTRAITS. tingle, o- in cr?nps from two to fourteen persons m the same plate, which, in beauty aud accuracy of delineation, cannot besurp saod. Portraits taken in all kinds of weather, either with or without colors; the prices of which he has reduced te those chaigr d by the most ineznerieuced in the business. The American Institvc, ?t it. l?u whttiiim, aw?r.l. J Mr White the first premium lor the beat Diguerreotype likeness (for grouping and general effect), which is but another pioof of the superiority of his portraits. Mr. White is the sole ageut in New York lor the very sui*rior imported Herman Cameras; and at no other establishment in the City or State can they be obtained. N B ?Imported Herman Cameras; also French and Arreri can Instruments of the very best duality, with Plates, Cases Chemicals, Polishing Materials, lu , always on baud, for sale at the very lowest prices. f24 3m*m FIRE BRICK. PPHE SUBSCRIBER, living in Washington, South iliver, A Middlesex County, State of New Jersey, is manufacturing a superior artic e of Fire Briek. that surpasses any thing of the kindever yet offered to the public, which ho "ill sell at reduced piices. HKO. W. REYNOLDS. Washington, South River, March 15, N. B.?Apply to C. Kane use, A gent, Jersey City Iron Works, New Jersey, who will always nave an assortment ot the above article on hand, at all limes, or to the subscribe*, U. W. REYNOLDS, Manufacturer, mt8 !m*re Washington, South itiver. SPRING GOODS. WILLI A M T. JENNINGS fy CO., DRAPERS AND TAILORS, No. 931 Broadway? American Hotel, OPPOSITE THE FOUNTAIN, A HE in the receipt of a lar(te assortment of New Hoods lor A Spring wear, including hieneh and l< ngli'h Caisimerei in new stvlm, atri|>es, plaids, Ac.; rich fr'ilii, Satin and Cliallv Vestii g", direct fr.'in their London nnd Pans Agency, through whir*} they will be enabled to luri uti at nu early date all the novitir* of the season, and by a airing of the importer's profit pi afford garments at still lower p ices than those which have characterized t^e concern, whilst every attention will be directed aa l.ep tofors to the chief points in th? economy of a garment, i a. hrst rote woikmausMp, with style and charade* in out mio lm'ei J. F. It. BLESBOIV, C0PPER8MIT1I, FROM P A R 1 3, HAS 1HK HONOR t" inlorm the puD'ic, that he has jutt til en.d a store at 263 Greenwich tLrwt, where lie mannlaC luret md haa l'.?r ea'e, h'itcheu J la.-, yea and Trfkle, tic.. in a tyle altogether new, mule of on* piece of metal. Mouldi lor D airy ci'iki, ofiiiU'itntnodda. alamtugue Bulbing Tulia, Half Bat'-* He alto manufactures wrought iron, tiu. tins over a il repairs, at ccod at new, all Kitchen Rang ? arid Tactile; on) li; agreement will deduct tilty |er cent to ditft-reut hop It arid hoarding houses n 7*"The ahove mlif let will be le'it Olit IS. B.?Waut'-d at the iihove plirc, a jourr.evmati liuuian, and a ynuug m ui who can limit K reach aud Knglitii it 2!) tni* in CHEAP, SELECT, C110ICE ANbTiOOD, R.M, KV a NS' Lac , Ribbon, Hosiery and Glove Store, 31 Catharine tireet, New Vork, and 91 Oxford ttreet, Lindon, hat just received |ier Cul-duma. 10 eatet Nets Liters and r.ditiugi; 8 ca loons Thread fdgii gt, Bilk and L lieu Hdkl't; Kid, Silk, L s'e Thread and ( oiluu Gloves, of even,- rtyle; 1,000 dozen of Hoa.ery, Iroin It, ; ^e-dlrwork Trimniinitt, dmall Wares. Also 1U botes f elegant Ribbons, from't. a yard; a lew carloont tleg.uit Ciavatt, cheap. Country tnerchantt tnil ttorekeepe-i would ih? well to call at hit attoitineut it trlrct, ai o re oid elieap m9K lm*rc VICTORIA RAZAAR. THK HOUSE AND STORE, No. 4?t ittujied on the trintr etijihte |iart of Brcadwiy at a limine,! location, and the whole of th" blildiny - ill he alter-d ami lilt.d lie in thebottity'e. at a Victoria UaAar, with courle-t, gl us caret and ether convent met. I he cnunfrt and catet will b.r I I tepantrly for tha ta'e of Staple and fancy iloodi, via Silkt, Lacet. Gimps, Millin-ry and Bilk aud Wo'ited maeiialt. Alto. Lades fashionable Head "re tea and other Orntmenta ; Gold, Nilrer aud Pfit-d Wa e, Wat-Ilea and l-locka, Lam;*, Chandilieri, and Kiur r'utlery Alto, lich Cnina and (Hast Ware ; Anruala and other rich Bockt, I' ckrt Books, C tin t, U. br I,at and I'aratolt, Confer tin iiry, Perfumeiy (hurl m-u and Lf'iet Kurnph i g Stoie, Ladies Hit e? Blur-, Toys, and rich goods of r v ry description, and lor th- acc mmod itioj of Miniature aod I'ortrut Painters, Dennits, Idshiiinr.ble Milliners, Dress M.kert, M--rili.Mil 'dailois, hatters aud other*. And in order that the Buzi.r should become a fathioDi le retort, and worthy of pub'ic patr n age, ro conn eri wtl.l. tr i ST for the ante -of uf rinr or ilntiigrd goods, aud a certilWate o< rrcominendatiun will be rei|nt>ed from the geutlruieu and ladies won intend t > like cl arse of tlie counters. The proprietors intend, if possible, that each counter shall contain a different kind of good., a d th - articles exhibited will b* <rr.|uei lie published in the jon-it tit of tht day lilt i c met will alto he fitted np f,.r exhibiting premtam goods and new inventions. A counter and other eonreniencet in the bark part of lite Ulnar will be let at an Ice Cream Htloon Tut rtTtni.itHMKNT it also heated, lighted, and kept clean by the proprietor!. O" A few counters and g'ati cttea still to let. i he baaemsnt tores will he mad* nnder the Dtzttlt.and fitted with glats rates and conuters. Tf.ev will alto b-lel for Gent'emena' Boot and Bhoe store, Kaucy Baskets, and any other es ectable botinesa. V li ? Ppfdmu U'hn with tn hiw? atnmla in fha Bataat ?*?ll ple.ue to apply at tlie prrmiiea. a!7 2w*ee WILLIAM PETTET, DRAPER AND TAILOR, 90 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. TB now prepared to funiiah all who may favor him with their i order*. For the chaapufas and durability of hi* work, and anrina thirty p-r cant, he olfera for their conaldcraliou the following liat of price#:? Hiijtcrnw Dreaa Coata, made to order, fit Wool dyed bltcke, Irom It to It Casaimrrt t'auta fto 6 Fancy Veata 2 to J,75 Back Conta 2,50 to 5,CO Peraonafunitaliiogthei'oen materiala?making and trimming in the neatett inauner at the following pricea Oonta from ffi to I P'ntaand Veata I to 1,75 Naval and Military Uniform! made in the heat ityle. JN B?Clothing nadeftr the aontliern and wraiern marketa with iratne<? aid i ipateli A ahare of the pub'ic patronage ia aolicited. a 12 Im'rc (JOLI) AND SILVER WATCHES AND JEWELRY 'Pill (HE who wiah to pun haae (fold and Silver Watchea, A Onld Clui a < I ihl I'entila, Key*, bte., will final it greatly to their .dvant ute to col on the aubai . iher, who ? celling nil de*e.ripti ol '.lieahote, nf retail, inuch iow>-r ihao ?uy otl ar houae in the city. (Jold Watch a at low a* 2ll to 25 dnllaia each. Watihe* and Jewelry ex Intngcd or boiraht All Watchea warranted to keep good time, or the money r tarned Watchea and Jewelry rapaired ia the beat manner, and warranted, lower lhau at any other (dace. 0. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watchea and Jewelry, _ Whol-aale aqd retail, 20 Wall atreet, IT lw*r? Up-?uart. : w y < W YORK, SATURDAY A MTO LKT?Kroin the tint ef May nnt, the two story buck hoiue and tueum-a No. 10 Tweutv-H irst street, k few doers east of the Third A v.tio^. Apply to 0100*0 K BOWMtN, No. 2 Exchange Dace, corner of Hancver, apllec iu Deri's Building TO LET?A bouse situated at Blii-imngdale, abont [ six inilrs from the cite. It is delightfully situated nq iJKthe beak of the Hudson, and is remarkably healthy. The house contains seven rooms, with pleasure, garden,lie attached Kent fJt-Oper annum. Apply at the Abby ilotel Bloeming dale. ap3 Im*ec Ml'il LET?Two (inc. modern huilt thr.e story houses, Nun. 166 a-d 161 Twetty-Kirst slrerl, u few doors east of 1 iulith A t' |6< 21st stieet. in?4 Im rc KLKtM.N 1IY t ITn.Nl Htn lisiIIUV frt I I'T ' MA UENTLICMAN. wiio ir ir iut to renre into the ' coun'ry wi^n to Irt the who'e or part of his dwelling 1 house, No.96 Waili, r giro) t Th > Imuie. situ ited bmT I lira .uway, is bei.uti ally nimulied esipeud, >ud consists ' efa front mid hack basement, dn,w irg-room woli folding doots ?IU III thir'o-n good r >o in. There is alto a pretty garden bo hind ill h?u-c? aM-'urc. AmA Tt> LK ? 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All persons selling property at this establishment may rel; npon having a truk account or salk rendered, audftlie rt i.c amount or proclkds Wrill, in all cases, be paid p.-omiuiy m cuurent money. The AMEN A of this establishment is built on an entirely new and most convenient plan, l>< leg detach d from th man b.vding and stable, Ihercoy cot interfering in ths least with iii'y oi sale horses going out or coining i j on the day of auctiou sale. m ru inner iimes in* Arena in It- pt entirely clear, an J if sened far the acotnmodaliDU of ptivat? bor?ea and Ulnae on ale. alfordiug eriry lacilit) form rciae.traiuiiiir and ahowiay COWAN AND DILK8, &12 lm*ec Proprietor* TROTTING MARE FOR. SALE. ?<1 WILL lie li'ld <oi aalenniil tlie30tn of May rear, '.ell S an untrained Trolling Mart*. < f unuiual a|?ed and ' ' S a hnin.m?h-li. yaj to oe thr fiileil u I'U'al troifr i?r pioduo.u ia Ne* J.r.fv, Sh.'ia warranted a.iund aid kind Hi all harness, nr nndi r thr aaddle. 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No aervanl beinit (baa b a < (Hoe nbont tht ino-t caielul in eealigatioo iu'.o c iarai i?r ud capability. From h . n'enaive ?cquain nnce \v itli tie le ipect iblr bouaehohh < aud dom atict ol thii i ity. he liopra to be ab'e to a< pplv all O'deia pro .iptl? and with every aatiafactiou JOHN M'CABK, Formerly of 99 Nauru atrerf. N B ?He wiahea a'l who in.?y at ?tiy time diachirge ih?ir

aeriailtt for improper conduct, to rend word to llie oltlie, at a b ink la kept for tliat purpoae If lliu l>- a, tended to. it will rave a Krtr a urui ei unuoyaiu ?* nun i>n;%eiu imposition ap;o i??if*c GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STORE 121 CHATHAM ST., N. V Itianch Stores, 318 Blrnkrr ttrn l, New York. 3HI (hand street, near Suffolk, 101 (Irermoich, near Feet tan. 116 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Jllea, Comer of Maine ond^lloulon sheet, Put tor tan, X. J. ,'Jn<l 43 North Fifth street, Philadelphia. INVITE Til" ATTKN I I IN OH" CI TV AMI COUVi TRV KA.Mll.IEs AM) PUR" HA8KK8 to the r ? vrr?l ra'ablialiinentr, nhm thev ihuik w.ll be found !>, tar the be?*. hcllom of pore mil Dnmllrnlrd Tea in the Unite I Slat". The universal p pu'aiity and renown of their bona" with reference to huth ipi .litter, low pries ami upright dr ding, la too wall uudeisto ?d to render comments nece aary. Ongii a) ami culy Warehouses lor tl e aale ol Howqua'a Ulack Tei. 'Obs.rve ! ! Strang'rs will lie particular to rnni inher the number of the principal store in Cli ithain atreet, VI* : 121, between Pearl and Kosevrlr streets. The public will alto lie pleated to take notice, tha' the (' upon Tea t.ampany here no thing to do with any other tlorea tlioae dercrit rd at I lie top of thia adeertiaeinent. apW 2in*rc rPHE BOOKS OK 8UB8CHIY1 ION to ihe Capital Stock * ef the New York and Erie Itad Company, are nnw oiieu at the Office f tho Company, No. J4 Wall atreet, be;wren the houri ol 10 and J. WM. M. GOULD, Secretary. Naw York, April 2Jtb, 1140. ap2i tf re NEW GOODS AND REDUCED I'RICISAT M A RTIN'8 CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, lit WILLIAM ST. CORNER OK ANN 81\ A SINGLE TRIAL will coaviuce any gentleman tehat there the |, at valor ii given tor til" prices charged, vig: t| lerdid Press Coata m.ide in nrder, at from $12 to $20; Paelt from $i to $8; Veita Iroin S2.V0 to f l Ml; nud every nth* r arte le m ilie line pnipnitiiinably low, got up in the beat ttylr and a good tit wi-ranted, t/'Jnai receiied a large araortment of Kanev Hummer Ci?. aimrres end Veatioifa. neuos. st)ie. I'leaje call and einmne betnre gmnt y< ur ordera. <isnth men furnishing their own Cloths, Stc . cm luve ilmm mad' and Himrrr I as u u il, ,n the beat manner,at the folio wing prioe?:?Dress Coats $7 to $H M>; Krock Costs $g to$ ,.'>0; I ants mid SI iO to $1. Terms ceali on deliveiy. at2) iiu'ic MICHAEL 10. MARTIN. T? PLATERS AND MANUKA" 1'UREMH?Kleit ? 2- Galvanic Plating?The suliscr.b r, who is cspible of o ik inr s|hioiis, t a sets, Itc. and ii perlectly aci|na'iitsd with ilia DCt n>d of plating by tne above imiress, wialias to obtain in* J./oiwL Api'lyH, church st. NY oik. ?Wi.*r? jk *1 1. mmmBtmiMmmmmmtmammmux'Ttm ORK 1 10RNING, APRIL 27, 184 Kuropean Correspondence of the Herald. I Leklin, Feb. 25tb, 1844. Send Movements of the Zollvertim?State of Trade . r ?Postage, S/<. tfc. 1 %j ainss v*uiii/v^ jj&ijpiati , limj,? *<* -. . :; The political horizon appearing quite clear ut A present, and all the cIoucIh that "lowr'd upon it n being in the deep bosom of the ocean buried," peo- y pie arc now turning their attention chiefly on inter- * nal improvements and commercial atlhirp, such us tl the duties on importation, <fcc. The Prussian go-111 verntnent, one of the most enlightened in the world, i J has ahvaya paid special attention to matters of this I J sort; but here, as elsewhere, mistakes and niiscal- i' culations will occur from time to time, and the ut- r most care and circumspection only serve to show * that, with the exception of his Holiness the Pope, . we are ail fallilUa mortals. There has been a soit t of Congress lately held in this city, composed of j delegates trom encli of those German States that t constitute tin: customs league,(Zollverein.) alluded 1 toby Mr. Tyler in his last message. They have ' had several conferences; but all their proceedings " being enveloped in profound mystery, like every [j thing else that has the least connexion with poit- c tics, the measures resolved upon have not vet jt reached the public ear. Something, however, has t< leaked out?several of the delegates, for instance, n proposed higher duties on the importation of Eng- ' lisli iron, this being now produced so low in Eng- {J land that, after paying freight, carriage, and other !' expenses, it is solcf lower than the iron ore can be J smelted in Germany. Several furnaces in Silesia a and on the banks of the ilhine, have been obliged p in consequence to leave off work and discharge v their men, and the masters are now crying f< out for a protecting duty as the only incurs of enabling them to compete with the Eng- '' halt iron. The railroads, too, 111 this vicinity 1' and almost every other part of the country, have 'v had their rails supplied by England, a proof ., how backward they are in the manufacturing of 0 this and many other articles. On the other hand, ? the ship owners in the seaport towns of Prussia, t; who want the foteign iron lor ship building, have ? petitioned against raising the duty, nnd there will, * probably, be no decisive measures taken ut pre- c sent. t _ J Another annlication has been made to the eon- .. ference by some of the cotton spinning establish- t, ments for an additional duty on cotton twist. There <1 is a duty now charged, within the limits of the t "Zollverein," of two Prussian dollars (he KM) lbs., ? and if reports are to be trusted, they want to have s it raised to six Prussian dollars, hut they are not ? likely to succeed in this either, as it is opposed by j the cotton manufacturers. The latter would have j, to give so much higher prices for their cotton-yarn, c which is chiefly imported from England, the spin- ? ning mills ot ('reriuuny not producing half the quan- ti tity used by the manufacturers; besides this, they 1 do not spin the higher numbers, from tiO's upwards. ' All cotton fabrics are subject to an importation duty 1 of fifty Prussian dollars per 100 lbs. The duties on jj' importations are charged by the net weight, nsfixed c, by the Prussian tarill'of ISltf, and adopted by the w " Zollvereinthe consequence is, that line goods pay less duty in proportion to the vulue tl or cost, than common, making it tall heavier on " such articles as are consumed by the lower classes. n It amounts, in fact, to a prohibition on common " goods. The German manufacturers being protected * by thishigh duty, they can afford to sell their pro- j, ductions lower than the English, and only a few fintf articles in muslins and other light stulis made h of cotton, can be imported for consumption within r the limits of the "Zollverein." Under these cir- g cumstances, it was to he expected that the cotton 11 manufactories in this country, particularly such as * carry on the spinning, weaving, and pruning of cot- & ton cloths, would lie going ahead famously, but the j, reverse has been the case hitherto. Some of the H principal establishments ot this Rind have gone c by the board, ami even some greut printing work* p in the vicinity of this city, that hud adopted all the c latest improvements, and whose printing equals any thing efiected in the same line either in France n or England, have been obliged to stop working and B diaolmrge their hands in suite ofthgir bv'iUt assisted '' by noviihces troni government on mortgage. ine caprice of fashion has contributed in some degree " towards diminishing the sales of printed cottons,although other printed goods have supplied their place since, for instance the lhniisselines do laine, which the printing establishments alluded to exe- S cuted likewise in good slyle ; but it is clnelly laid , to the coinputition of the owners of print works, who try to outdo each other in reducing their rates till they reduce their own profits to 0 zero. In the manufacturing of brown domes- , tics, they would be quite unnhle to com- i, pete with England, if it were not for the pro- b lectine duty, as mentioned in tny first remarks, tl The silk manufacturing was introduced here many ? years ago by French refugees, and being always J1 fostered by prohibitions, some of the silk goods produced at Berlin have attained a high degree of 8 perfection, as tegards quality and colors, cliiHly c black, which are n<?w bought largely at the fairs by v the Poles, and exported to Denmark, Sweden and c Norway. The duties on silk goods, though upper- tl ently high, (one Prussian dollar per lb,) do not " operate as a check, upon the importation of French " silks, being less onerous for light articles, whose weight 1b trifling in proportion to their value, than for heavy cottons. This is another proof that the |, system of charging duiieshy weight is far rnoredis- tj advantageous to the poor than to the rich ; expensive French silks, which can only be atlordert by u the more alliiient classes of society, being taxed in some eases only 10 to 12)? |>er cent, when the duty would amount to 50 per cent on common cotton roods, that are worn exclusively l>v the lower or- .'I tiers. A similar inequality prevails in the rates 11 charged on foreign wines and spirits ; the duty !>y weight is the same on common claret as on champaign, wnicli makes it over UK) per cent on the for- v iner and less than 25 per cent on the latter. On the P whole, therefore, tiie system ai iul valorum duties " is preferable, although it occasionally gives rise to disputes: hut the plan ot charging by weight bene- t| fits the few manufacturers tit the expense of the < public nt large. This is pretty strongly telt here, t and many are the heartburnings it gives rise to. c A grievance chielly felt by the merchants, hankers, and trading community in general, is the high !' postage. The example ot a great reduction Was set a few years back by KriPlanil, and followed to *! some extent by Austria and Kussia; it is to lie c hoped, therefore, that Prussia will not allow her- f [self to lie distanced in the march of improvement. < As yet the authorities of tins country have not ' been able to screw up their courage to the idea of (' parting with the enormous revenue deliveil fiom 1 this branch of administration. Including the monopoly of forwarding all parcels and packages he- * low the weight of l(f lbs., as well a< a tax on post o horses used for travelling, the post office depart- t< rnent has brought of late, it is said, a revenue of two million- Prussian dollars per annum. < living this up at once, Would of course he attended with no small inconvenience, and it is hardly fair to ex- J pert the Prussian government to make so great ii n sacrifice without some hesitation. A reform may, to nevertheless, lie confidently predicted in this as >u .1...II . _ , ii ?.tl icr iIhiii rlmi-nli n ere lit ileal hasheeli fo already Hlected sintfn the accession of the present monarch, and he is admitted on nil hands to have the will, us well as the capacity ol placing lii.s r, kingdom on a level with the moil enlightened and ?t nourishing states in either hemisphere. A. B. />l ? p| Island Porto RI?o. ?! Cl [Oirrenpondecce ol the HeruM.| ^ St. .Tohms, P. R., tiili April, 1811. Maivi's Circus?lit Movements and Success? Markets, fr . ?j I hive the honor to inform yon, that we arrived th at this place Irnm 8t. Croix, on the 22d of March ; ''j showed nine nightsto lull houses. Col. Mann and >i IX-lavan desires their best respects. We sail to- ?' dav lor Mayagurz; all well on hoard. The numerous arrivals from the United States at the different islands we have visited, and the very short passages that have been made this winter, has almost induced me to believe myself walking cj down Broadway or South street, as almost every ilay I meet some captain offering me Dennett s n' llerald,oolylmne, aoine ten,some twelve days from !' the press. All we want are your newspaper boys at the island to realize tlie fncts. The mark eta are over stocked wish American i produce. Sugars high, last sale, 4 a 4.J. !, The brig Lawrence II. Adams, with Mann's cir- |, cms company on board, sails tins day for Mayaguez, p all well on board. Mann wishes you to report Inm. o I'iacn Vitittil thit Winter In/ the Virntt.?Par- n rannnbo, (Surinam); Ikrbice; Demerarn: Port Spain, (Irinidad); 'trenada; St. Vincents: Burba- w does; St. Luca; Ht Iwhn's (Antigua), St. Thomat | !' St. Croix; St. John's (Porto Jlico); Mnyagutz (Porto Kico.) ,, 1 think from the last place we shall tail for Mew i. York. u HERA 4. City Intelligence. Lower Police Ofllce?Friday.?Fora I'oucr Okrcr.iu in th* Towai roll Arrkiunc a. I'lcarocarr, imi ri hk PicsrocucT at Larck !?Strange &a thia announce- v lent may appear, it ia no lias (rue, and that to the very [, lilar In ntir vAttnnlav'i o.litinn u-h iravn thtf lull lur. iculurs of the arrest of Jack Milton, alias Hat Held, at v .lbaity.on Thursday of lust week, charged by S. ii. Tollman, Kaq. of that city, with picking his pockets of u . allet containing $C2, while he was paying his passage t the captain's office of the steamboat Knickerbocker, at le wharf at Albany. Also, his subsequent arrival 111 | his city in custody for the ofUnce ; after-committal and it-charge on hail, under a writ of /tubea* corpui, belore udgo Vauderpoel, and re-arrest on Thursday by officers ' iwcet, Fream, Brown, uud Frank Smith, while attending ' crowded auction sale of splendid luruiture in Lafayette 1 'lace, at which several ladies'reticules were, relieved of] heir contents by light lingered gentry, lie was then 1 rikeu before Justice Barker, with two olheis of his class, | in csted at the itme time, but there being 110 actual com- | ilsint against them, they were discharged. A warrant from Justice Coiimtoc.k, of Albany, laving been sent to this city for the apprehension if Hatfield, on the charge of picking the pocket of Mr. 'j 'enniinan; which, it was supposed by the ollicers, had | men issued after the Justice had become satisfied, liom dditional testimony before him that the offence had been ^ (iminitted in Albany county before the steamboat left tie wharf, they conceived it their duty to keep Hatfield in 'I tistody and deliver him to the authorities of that cily. a .Iter a scuffle, in which the coat oi officer Brow 11 was ii urn from his back by Hatfield, he was handcullcd and J laced on hoard of the 1'oughkeeptle boat in custody of w frown and Fream, who proceeded as far us I'eckskiU.and (J, hen crossed to Caldwell's, iu order to take the Albany oat that left this city the same evening. The object of iking the steumboat (she then being :l bout to leave the wharl,) was to avoid tb? service of writ ot habeas carpus, which tliey supposed would lie ul sailed by his counsel 11s soon as it was ascertained that lie C( .as in custody of the ollicers. Such proved to tie the w ict, as a deputy sheriff was despatched to Caldwell's with 0 writ of habeas corpus, by the evening boat of Thursay, to meet tho officers and demand the return of their _ risoner beloie the Recorder, who issued the writ. 'The , cputy sheriff met the prisoner and the officers at Cald- , ell's and served his writ, demanding them to return the " risoner to this city. The officers not being satisfied fthe legal effect of a writ issued in New York to compel S return of a prisoner while in custody in auother conn- ti i am. nnicu in go 10 .iiuuiiy una man uuvice, uuia, n J ecessary, to return to thin city by tin; morning boat of ,M 'riJuy. This was accomplished ; and finding tliey were .1 oinpellcd to obey the writ, they returned to this city lust veiling with their prisoner, and presented him before the [reorder. After n partial hearing ol the casp, Hatfield fun discharged on his "parole of iionor," lint wus ordered 01 j appear again to-day, when the Keeorder will give his w ecision in the case. In the meantime, the counsel of ai latfield wus not idle, ile hud obtained an issue ol two ct rrits against Justice I'uiker, oflicers Brown, Kream, weet, and Krauk Smith, the first of which culled for the lodest sutn of f6600 bail for each person, 011 an action tor -n amages for assault and battery, false imprisonment, abaction, 8tc., of Bill Hatfield, alias Milton ! The second, 1 the sum of $ 1,200 each for disola-yiug the writ of habeas ol orpus issued by the Recorder. Deputy Sheriff Spmks it! ras deputed to servo the writs upon the par- h es, and the officers, with a disposition that reects credit ujion their position, refused to enter s< ail, and allowed themselves to lie locked tip in the p ombs, while the pick|ioeket was set at large upon the ummunity. There is 110 doubt that the otHcers may jy ave committed some slight violation of legal duty in the f otirse they have pursued in endeavoring to bring this {' ell-known pickpocket to justice?but wheru is the citi- >> an who would nut step forward und sustain tliern aguinst pi ic influence ol legal counsel who would thus incarcerate 01 ten in a public prison for endeavoring to rid this com- k lunity of the gangs of pickpockets who are tho meauest, lost contemptible thieves, that ever infested society. 'here is something like a manliness of spirit in the bold ad daring acts of a robber or burglar ; and the man who ?ses his property or money by such means is partially " itistied, when lie'perceives the manner in which it has si een token?lint the mean, sneaking, cowardly, dastardly ft Ct of a pickpocket, who oftentimes under trie assumed t\ ail) ui un .UMjuamuim u or lnciiu, win ?iu*n iiii* iubi cciii [\ man may have on his person?be it hundreds or thou- ? amis?deserves the universal condemnation of every ood citizen of any or every community. If olttcers are ot to tie protected in pointing out, " spotting'' utid arrest- . ng pickpockets, under circumstances calculated to eveite '' uspicion, 'tis time the police force was disbanded and the o ominunity then will best know how to rid themselves of K ickpockets and other sneaking thie\es that infest tins tl ity. * w Bi Caooht.?Otticer Wm. it. Stephens secured w nd caged four burglars yesterday, named Jim Waters, ill Waters, Ned Ward and John lllley, charged with rt ircihly entering the workshop of John Campbell, in |( " ? .?i i?nls lor the ranulacture of bird cages, Uc. A portion of the property fas recovered where these rogues hud left it. Latest from Canada.?Montreal papers of the ^ 53rd inst. are received. They contain accounts of e >ne death in the recent riots. n [Krom Montreal Herald, April 23 ] Two companies of luluntry and Captain Jones's troop if Dragoons wero ordered to I.achine on Saturday last, vhcre they rcmnin stationed for the protection of the * uhbc works, Mr. Drummund's constituents having <1 roadly hinted their intention of destroying the lo. k . on ' he canal, unless they were taken back into the employ- K tent of the contractors, whose service thoy deserted on H 'lies,lay and Wednesday last. All is now quiet along the 11 no of the canal, detachments of soldiers being stationed t each lock. Julien C'hainpeati, bargeman, out: of thu nu n who re- 0 lived bayonet wounds on Wednesday, near thu Queen's Vard poll, died on Sunday morning at one o'clock A (l oroner's Impiest sat yesterday, and assembles again in j" in Court House to-day. M. t artier is doing his petit /">? ihlr to make a pnliticul affair of it, and behaved in the lost unprolessional manner, towards the Coroner and ttry. The Jury being composed ol iirm and intelligent 'I lefl, soon silenced hint, nor will they put up with any of u if interference. Much elforts to create excitement and ad blood ought to be frowned down, now that the el"c- ai on is over. We understand the Lachine ( unal will not bit opened d ntil 1st ot May. ti The opening of the navigation between Quebec f nd It lontreal took place on the'JOth inst. That day the ireridge opposite the Chaudjere gave way, anil it has la en \ assmg oppositethe city since, in immense quantities with " he ice from Lake 8t. Peter. f# h .Trade iv Canada.?Throughout lite line of naif;.ition, active preparationsure in progress, on the an 01 inn torwaruing mercnants, to meet the exigencies " f l!i?; trade. The quantity of flour manufactured from I' uuadiun wheat, now ready for shipment from the inteior, surpasses the quantity which former year* presented he actual amount must ho very considerable, quite mt'.i- ^ lent to afford amide employment to the river cratt during he wilier purt ot the season. Those connected with tie a arrying trade ol this colony , w ill not regret the combiiittion into which the forwarders on the hriu canal haw f ntered. The advance in thu freight ol Hour from bulla- (| a to New York, although comparatively trifling, Is jet ( |Uite sufficient to turn a large i|uantity of produeu down j. inr waters that ix to say, provided the imperial urcragrs t continue nt the present favorable quotations. It is sanl, n ind we believe with truth, that the forwarder*on the K/ie y "anal line lost money hy carrying flour at tttj cent* | n n ihl. from Buffalo to New Yoik. If this he the fact, it al- f, ordi lissome prospect of a permanently inrreasing carry- ,, ng business because, taking Buffalo us the portof depnr- (| are, and Liverpool as the port of arrival, flour Can he con p eyed via the river St. Lawrence, upon terms more favor- w hie than the New Yoik merchants can offer, whenever ()| in rate of freight on the Kric canal is advanced from Iff' t( > MJiJ cents per bbl.?Montreal Timet. f, Camden Racks.?We learn that Joseph llellings, ronrietor of the Camden and Philadelphia Jockey r liih Hare Course, is making every exertion to iiiftiie r week's rare sjiorn. Home of the host hor?es are promised i be present for a participation in the sports, urid there _ e now in the stahlos several fine younglings in training r the la-ginning ol the hunt. Death of a Distinguhiiku Clergyman.?We ^ gret to leurn tlnti the Hev. Joseph I.yhrand died ? hit residence in Spring (inrden, on Wedneadav, in tlie tli ?t year of his age lie win a member of the Phil add- M lift a niift>l<>firi> ol (111! \I I 11 <t.l i at L tuaniinal I liHrol. aw.I io of !hc rnoHt eloquent, dr voted and *elf aacriiicing I V orgy men this country ha* ever produced. Philadelphia I V. rmrican. I |j Hon in no tiik Cutinv.? Four clergymen, ol the t, invention now in scan ion nt the i*'iri?t Hnpti t w linrch, Second afreet and I. un<< Place, fitting loonier in tin- aocond row of Hcatn from the pulpit, had tln-ir >. Uut* pick oil by Home dexterim* thiii on Wodni*d?T I ternoon. One of them, tin- i!?-?. Mr. Colgate, tiea ' irer of tho American f oreign Ditile Soeiety, wan robbed ?J $196, fund* of the society. Another, the Rev. M. Moiaa, lout ? mm of mono), and a number ol valuable pa- ? ITI.? Philadelphia (inrettc. New York Leoisi.ati rk, April 25?In A^f m- ) i.y.?Mr. Hoe worth liati leuve to report the N?w J" oil. Police Ilill, with amendments? which con<i?t i>iit'lly in providing that no part of the noli < ri gnlatioi a loold take effect until the Common Council, bjr nrdi- in nice, should adopt it The bill was ordered to a third 'tiding. Amotion by Mr. Itoaa, to print double the mini *j er of the bill, wax but. ? More Smootino tn Mow i.e.?We ropy the fol? o iwing l'roni the Adverii -'T, id the 15th. Another ' iigir. scene with a revolving pistol conn oil in tin. city ml night at the Wuverly Monae. t difficulty b id taken lnca on Saturday. wo learn, beta*cin .Inme* L. Mcl.i tn, f the II rm of J. I, Si A. Mr Keen, and th. ir (lerk, a young inn named William*. I.a?t night J. I,. Me Hi en and Wit I. ama came in contact in * me way ut tiic Wmiily, hen high word* ensued, which tvi re we * re rightly Informed, followed tiy blow* The parties, y, were acpaiatod aoine three or tour pacei, when to Villi inn commenced bring ti|K>n hi* antagonist with a I'volving piatol lie tired three time*, hut we cannot 7 oar with certainty that mora than one shot took effect J 4>ou McKi sri| and that made a it rioua wuuml in hU heel. !i LD. ? m Prlto ?>a Ckfltli National Armlt my of Designs. We vim ted again this In-tituiion yesterday and >gret to say that the exhibition of jwintiivs of this ear loses muc h on comparison with that ol Un ; tin* recollection of pictuies such us Leurze'a Landing of Columbus incliuins," "teirW.Kah tgh ikingU we of his wife," and some few others,are as ivid in the minds of the picture-fancying cotninu.ty as in ours; still, although there are less productions which arc entitled to he ranked amongst " the irst rate," it i- satisfactory to hud that tmprovenent hits made such rapid strides amongst a Burner of artists who did not hold so high a rank in heir profession. There arc some, however, amongst the number hat in all conscience we cannot notice, as we wish a deal lightly with the aspirant urtist. No. Glove Koah, Catskii.l: by M. Livingston.?lint for one or two small Units, tlus would ave produced a most striking tiled. The want of ireal perspective in the distance, especially towards lie extremity of the blurt in the landscape, and the iver-gla/lllg of the fore ground, deteriorate mneh rout its general atipeurunee, hut the middle disance. the foliage, intense depth and haziness of he dell to the left of the road, is,indeed,admirable. I'his artist's style resembles much that ot Copley Melding. No. <? Portrait of ins Wife?II. 1*. Gray. J.A.?The affectation of age which we trace lirough otic or two of Mr. Gray's paintings, takes way much from the intended effect and beauty is pictures really possess. However, we feel dillient in casting any slur on the work of an artist ho can accomplish so beautiful a portrait as 259, I'which we shall s|ieak by and bye. No. 8. A Head?G.G Thompson.?'I'his is really chaste, free, and spirited study. Mr. Thompson, itli application, would soon tread on the heels I Sully, whose style, he shows his good taste in apying. If the back ground was a little i?oler, it 'ould perhaps tuke away a very alight iloutlineu I coloring which pervades the flesh tints. No. 12. Tiie First Sorrow?W. T. Van Snndt. -This picture shows a good deal of conception, ut not much expression. The coloring is toleraly well managed. 18. Full length portrait of the Hon. W. If. ewurd: C. b. Elliott.?To us this portrait looks )0 lormul, but it is the only fault we can find in it. 'he coloring of the face and bauds, the drawing, orportions, Arc. are good, with the exception of te torshortening of the right foot. 25. The Picture Dearer : F. Bovle.?Both laces i this art- very well painted?the. expression of the Id ronnoitsiur examining the picture, together ith the apparent nowhaluncc, hut suppressed tixiety of the dealer, are well executed, out we innotsay so much tor the proportions of the handH id arms. 27. View at Littlk Falls: J. H. Cafferty.? he artist would have succeeded better in his atmpt had he paid more attention to the progression F his perspective ; the middle distance is as clear, id nearly as strong as the foreground ; otlterw ise e desvrves much credit. :5<). Wreck of the New York packet ships I'enn'lvunia and St. Andtews, near Liverpool: J. ringle.?We are not aware whether the appearnce of a ship in distress or a storm at sea have a iflerent appearance near Liverpool from what they uve oil' this coast, but we are sure the "oldest inubitant" has never witnessed such a storm as this cture represents. The great predominance of the rte color, grey, throughout this attempt, would ill better drawing than is here exhibited. The Solitary ('as: A. II. Durand.?Here e must dwell awhile and rest our eyes. We have ever eeen a Jrtign come nearer to nature than lis one does. The grandeur of the warm setting tn, the Claude-like stillness of evening, the aringenicntof the whole picture, and the bold novelr ol placing " The Solitary Oak" in the centre of te painting,'deserve the very highest praise. The lanner in which the lights are managed in this icture, is, indeed, well worth an artist's study?the flections of the Belling biui are no progressively rilliant; in the distance the lights are c lear,but the bjects indistinct. Willi what management is the rcy rock placed in the foregiouud to cool down ne warmth ol the reinuinder. The cattle, too, 'hat a bold relief they present. Mr. Dutand has, re think, with great taste, left out any figures. 44 Thk Sistkks; T. Stilly.?In seeing Mr Sully's line amongst the list of contributors. it would ave been inducement enough lor us to have visit l tiiis; H?IWy Here, indeed, ir< purity ol style and race ol drawing. It has struck us, that Kotliwell, lie celebrated lingli.-h portrait painter, resembles ully in coloring, in the boid way of oashing in bis hadows, particularly about the eves. The. sweet xpression of " The Two Sisters" face s, and the ir of simplicity throughout the whole, render it a irelesssubject for the eye. Steam Boilkk Iixfumcn ?At l ittaburgli, on >Ionday last, one ol the st"aui boiler attached to lie i ngme ut the Iron Works ol iiaili v. Brown u C o., xploilinl at the side, blow ing tl . < ngin<w,i licmus I [derail', into the pit oi the lly win el wbiiiiwii* in motion t the tune, am) n aiding and bruising liim in such u mailer that be (lied shoiilj utter. L.v r Win; kit's rr.-.ow.?Mr. James fi. 1 hick nam, I this town, says he h is kept a true account of the (gregate depth ol snow w bicli baa laden since the .'.id of ctober last, and states it at 7 feet .1 un ites. Ida the year r*?VJOU*. ll?? fcfi\ i. !llf .IPI/M 'Jiitf uriK M iut.t 1111,1 :i melioB sing a dilleriinCB ol two lint. Northampton Oasilte. Tim I'litE in, N.C.?.!tist ulter ark nn Saturday night, fire was discovered among pile of naval ifores 011 the wharves in the Southern art of tho town, used by Harry h. Kryunt ami VV. Latimer a naval stony and lumber yard*. Owiug to tin* inflamtable nnturc of the material*, tlie fire could not he subacid until nearly liiOO harril.t of turpentine, 2000 barrels ir, two or three shed buildings, a warehouse and some lmhei, were burned. Aggteguto loss pruhuhly ^H.ODO. The Milieu ri here are VV'. Latimer, Hairy Ik flryant, Vm. I alder, (building.) estate of A La/.iirus, (building*,) ml .1. K l.arkins, eooyer. A considerable part of the loan ill* upon persons abroad, on whose account naval stores ad heen purchased. There was no insurance on any of ?c property destroyed ? Wilminnlon (AT. C.) Chronicle. ('en.. Ai.monte, the Mexican Ministej, arrived ai arnum's l ity Hotel last evening, and lett again to-day at 1 o'clock, noon, lor New Vork. Bait, patriot, ,'fpril 46 A Tornado? Its Progress and Ei i ruts.? Vedneadoy evening lant, u tornado or whirlwind, ouimenced a little south of the city, crossed the Delaware ml rushed with much fury lor about ten miles through few f lersey. The breadth of the tornado is estimated at ess than n mile This side of the nt er it did consiili lulde amagu in tin- lower part of the county. The loolwaa oni from th? Methodist < linrcli In Wharton itriet mar 'mirth. The t hronicle states that " the root in falling, truck, a lioy whoso h i? war broker,, ami 11 small girl win ,staidly killed. A wagon on Dm I'oiiit Hum,- Itoail wan verturiied in an I' slant." The steam ferry bout " Knrler," had h< r smoke pipe carried away. The account* oni New Jeraty are an yet imperfect, liut we leatn with gret that much damage was done. In South Camden, hum wita blown down, several windows of houses were Inwn eompleti ly in, buildings unroofed, fences levelled ith the giound, and in Camnen, n building in progress F erection by the Camden and Amboy company, lor a iitndry was much damaged. Damage, $6,000. ? I'hila nptr, *tpril 5b. REMOVAL. It S. P. KOCKWKLL have removed their VV.urh snd J- Jew,try establishment, Irom No. 9 Astor House to No. I Broadway. .mil ('locks csrefnlly repsirej *26 Jt're LEFT THE STACK. I' K. LENNOX would inform his fillets and the public, L tbar, es he h.u left ill- Staic". trust* tney wlit tshe tha Mf?, (or Itail Hoed Csrs) sod suit t,i? new residence, the AIL KOAD IIOIISK,Mth s!rre> andSlh svenue k?rh?|i|r, iiere he will satisfy their syi etile or sums* and invigorate iem ata usme (.fldiiiiils. fit. >*atn'day ? Id t. ut aid eitnui i warm the etomirh ss ?> !! at tlie hones. Cam stop directly opposite the door. th ttc TAP1TAL PUMSHMkiNT ! !? Lectures upon the aboliJ tion of this barbarous and uneliri tin u.iar will beds vere,I by CHAItLKS < lilJKLHUH, ol I hiladelphit, on ridiv nnd Siliirdiy Kseni?|?, 21th sud 17th inslnnt, at the /"Ilia K'lorm Vi|e-'i IIr aa\ relented h'y Itev Mr. Theever, rill beeonaideeed. I" commenreat 7^ o'clock 'I'ickMa 12>. centa, l<> defray eipeoeet?to I" had at Ihe door. ?X 7t* rc . _ _____ 11ST ilK< Kl V Kl>?Krrrn Amaterdam, |>er >hip Angelica*. I inn *i c? nrw Uotch ll?rriitt?. 2<WI Inmiwra I'titrh I'otatoea, || n| the beal'iuaiHyi lot'* Smoking t'i|ei; Haaony Canary ,I t . I ?iiar> and IU|? Herd.fcc k< Kor tale wholeaa'e and tail, it tl e Orocery Store, No m Greenwich at. ni>j>oatte lhaay.t JOHN B. VAN Ut WlllLE. aJfi I ' re I'd LAW V Kill ?WANTK.I).?A young gentleman, I (rri'mhrref the New Vork State Bar.) WHOM feel happy fn ming a cooneiion with a r r|wc'nble lawyer. Would da r to go Mouth, anil i kr charge ol either Attorney or < nan1 liimo' ?i. at a moderate aalary Hat no objection to rem on tni? ' itit. provided hia a nary wan d compel a.ite him nrcordK to hia piMent hmineaa. The heal of rtferncea giv.u, aed ne need anawer tint ei mmanieiiti iii with"Ut thev tenptocate cordinvlv. A to e Ir It at Upper Pri-t Office, di o-iol i > F. II . will ini'i't e ih immediate attentioa. ??? U * rr TO JOIMlNKYMKN I'AINTKHS. IX C.OOD WOHKMKN WANT' h, and to whom the hint eat wagea will be given. A nly t" CHAIlLKs WOOD. a?f, 1t*rr 7 III'fca afreet Br?ok|eo POST OKKICK. } Nl w \ ona hi til *' '?M 'NOLI n V A11 ? Letter Hair. . er H V .,1 S ea-et < A' AU'A. ?>,<( l-.v f t V'lWth il- i?ei. lift n>- tl Low lu.f Uflieiin thi. c ly, I nrtr. 'h?* Ofti II ?r , It i t nun ?t'"? ? I. ThtomUud p< (?*' ??f l?>| ? nr? on ivviKle Uttrt aW tire**"*' IQIIN I.OHIMKH tlUAUAM. P. M. j AMB??? m reea, iMmdiomely rnt ?"d eor?'i, fo ante in lota ' to ?aitpu"ch.virr?i by K. K. COLLINS k i o. g?) '."A South itrcet.