Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1844 Page 1
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V . T H Vol. X., No. l!14.Whol? No. 5604-. To thi Public. . THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper?publ'shed every day of the year except New Year'a day ana Fourth ol July. Price *J cents per copy?or t' '*> I*r *0" sum?postages paid--caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or >3 13 per annum postages pai l, caah in a ivance. . . ADVERTISERS are intormed that the circulation ol the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last, [t has the largest circulation of ay faster in thie city, j or the world, and is, therefore, the best channel for business men in the city tr country. Pncea mouerata?crsh in ad- j vance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAM KB GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiEToa or ths hansen kstsrlishmkivt, Northwest corner of Knit on and Nassau streets. r rfinii <PKV i's wc England, Ireland, /iy^SKilH lie.?Persons about remitting money to their friends in imp Old Country can he sopplied i "^SSfeVtlSaSO with drafts in ?o-?? o? ?1, ?2, ?3. ?S, ?10,1 ?innn or any amount, payable on demaud, without dpcoun'. or any oilier charge, a' the MationalBiuk of In land i'roviiicitl Bit do, \l-ssrs Ja's Bait, Son fcOo., Rankers, L >ndon; J. Bannd St <do.. Exchange and Discount Bank. Liverpool; Eastern Bank ol' Scotland; l/r-euocg Banking 'loinpany; Sir Win. Forties, Hunter St Co., Scotland; : and the tjr>ncliea in every post town throughout England, 're- j land, Scotland and vV.des, which drain will be forwarded bv the packets of the llih. 16tS, 21st, ant 26til. or the Roysl Mail | steamer sailing from Boston on the Ltol Mac, Apply to i W k.l T TATttlOTT. At their geneml jraasage office. 43 Peck slip. fel5rc corner of South street. N B ?AH letters from 'he conntry mast come post paid. yoiitv, Uj' ll SCHOOLS 1'3 \10 U N T AIN ^ ' KAVK the foot of (' street, daily ed.] at t o'clock, A M , bv Railroad from Jersey City to Morrist wn direct, without change of Car?from thence by Pnit Coach s 'hro.ieh Vendham luster, 8ch nley's Mountain, Port Coidcn, Washington toKaiton At Washington a duly line iuter.tCls to and from Belvidsre. For seats atiplv to J. HILL, at John Patteu's Commercial Hotel, 73 CourtUuot street. N. B.?~?rn? furnished at the shortest notice, by applying f N.H LUi#'.. Morristown. apis 2m*rc GREAT WESTERN KAIL ROAD ROUTE, FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (325 MILES) BY KAIL ROAD. The only Office in New York e.tabli.hed by the several Rail Road Companies between Albany and Buffalo is at No. 39 COURTLAINDT STREET, JOHN T. CLAK, General Agent. NOTICE TOIMMIORANTS. The Subscribers having been appointed agents for forwarding Immigrants by llail Knad from Albany to Buffalo and intermediate places, are enabled to send lliem during the Summer from N?w York to Uticu for $2,06; to Syracuse $2,92. to Auburn $3,36; to lloch-ster $4.61. to Buffalo $3.59. Children from 2 to 11 yenrs o!u a'.hilt price; under 2 yrare free; and all Baggage from Albany ou the Kail lload is enti'ely free. It is evident that it cornea much cheeper to the immigrant to travl by Rail than by Canal, hie reaching Buffalo per Steamboat from New York and Rail lload from Albany in 4i hours; wh'ieai, it tab's per Canal from 9 to 10 days. The following calculfti-n shows the result, via :? Passage to Buffalo per Rail Passage to Buffalo per CaKoad $5,30 nnl.say ?... $2,00 Luggage from N. York to Luggage to Buffalo, 30Ibs Albanv, lOfilbs free, bal- free, balance for lOOIbs- 33 ancc for toolbs IS Lose of time at least 9 days Lnggage from Albauy to worth to the laborer, say Buffalo free 30 cents per day 4,50 Living for 42 hours, say. 73 Living for 10 days, 30 cents per day 5,00 Total per U. Road $6.43 $13,05 Deduct fare per R. Road 6,43 The traveller per R. Road saves -. - $3,62 They alio forward passing rs to Cleaveland, Portsmouth and otlwr places in Ohio; Detroit, (kc., Michigan; Green Bay, Milwankie, lite , Wisconsin Terrt iry; Chicago, Illinois; acd to different pUc o in Canada, at thel iwest rates. All information as to the different routes given gratis, and Tickets to be hail only at the Albany and Buffalo Kail lload Office,59 Couttlandt Street. WOLF tk KICKERS. ap2 tm*m NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA KA -ROAD LINE DIRECT, Fok Newenm, NgwBMjnawtck, Princeton, Tuciitosi, Bcbmntown And Burlincton. c*s^g*a~iiT3 THROUGH IN 91X IWUKS. Leaving Mew York daily iiom tin' foot of Courtlanat it. Morning Line at t A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4X M. The Morning Line proceed* to Bordentown, front thence by Itramboat to Philadelphia. The Kreuing Line proceed* direct to Cimdea (ciTOJitetc Philadelphia) without change of e.ars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office fool of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, with haggle cr.ite* on hoard. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to city, wtliout being opened by the way tram is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms cs^Ttisiy lor the ladies' nse. He taming, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wa! 31 street, bv steamboat to Eordentown at 7 o clock, A. M and by railroad from Camden, at i o'olock, r. M. The line* for f'altiinoie leave i'iiiladelphia at 7J< A. M., aid 4 P. M. hciuu * continuation of thelines from New York. jOSm'ni SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. BLOOMiJNGOALK. ManHATTANVILLK AND FORT WASHINGTON LINK OF STAGES gp7 Fare to Mauba,tanville ,'tcents?Fort Pfdjic*. tji fU Was' ing'.on ZJ c uts. This Line will coin^3iCM3 1 rnr* rnniii if on .Saturday, May 4th, 1811, Lrav ug Manbattanvi'.le, at C o'clock A. M., and contiane running ?verj h ur until 7o'cloik P. u Leaving New York corner ol Tryou Row ai.J Chatham st, two doors east of the llarlem Railroad Office, at 7 o'clock, A. M , and continue running every > our until 8 P. M. tv.agea leaving eort Wash ngtin for City Hall, 7}* A M anil 8>?. H*v. Ip M.. 3>?. 4 .ma ?**. htsves leaving C ity Hall fcr F> st Washington, 8 A. M., li and 1 P M., 3. 4 and 6 'l h?se kliges pus04 the mute Heed's Hotel (turn ham's Mansion Hon??, 'rphcu Asylum and Lunatic Asylum S richer'* Bay Abhey Hotel, trinity Church Cemetry. Hu h tin. ge 10 Fort Washington. H OlOURL, pit lm*rc Proprietor. FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. The Steambuv STATKN I9LAN DKll.will run as follows on and after Monday, Z2d April, until fmher notice:? Leave New York. Leave Stolen Island. Al9 At 8 U 10 3 1 arlOtf rc 6 5 NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY ISA CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN UAKKX. /?L enlI>n>?nce her tripa for the muoa on Cjr32'^#^*ThBr?daj, April 4th. and run uutil farther now K.gL.tic ? followi Leaviug Newark at 7>i o'clw k, A M, New York 4 o'clock, P. M. The K,inbow r.aa h-'en rnlirged, completely refitted, and ada-ted to thia route, and having a large deck aaloou, ihe can comfortably occon.m idate a 1 uge uumber ol pasaengeri. b rrigiu carried at very reaaouablo rate!. New Yerk, April 3, 1844 a4 tfre ALBANY DA Y LINE. jM KOK ALBANY and Intermediate LandQ?r?rjww?? rf?in?! ? i he uew and aplend d ateamboat SmJBSLsHUTH AMERICA, Cat-tain M.H Truesdi'il, will leave the foot ol Barclay itrret, north aide, on Mouday, Weduesday and Kridty morning*, at 7 o'clock t he South An erica will leave Albany for New York on Tueiday, Tnnnday ai d Saturday morning!, at 7 o'clock k Ki r pan*ce, apply on bnard. a22rc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. aAM *nM DAILY, Sundays excepted?Throngh DiPL^^VSjnrect. at 7 P .VI., from the Steimb >al ller br3K^JflCeSLtweeu Courtlandt and Liberty atr>eta. The iie-.mli at KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. 8t John, Mouil -y, Weduratiay and Kriday evening*, at 7. The steainnoat ROCHESTER. Captain A. Houghton, on Tuc*<tar, Thuraday and Saturday Kvningi, at 7. At Kiveo'clock?Landing *t inteimediate Places: ? The Steamboat CURTIS rKOK. Captain W H. Peek Tnriday, Thursday aud Saturday atP. M 'the Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. O Cruttenden, Monday, Wrdneaday, Kriday and Sunday, at J Pa*?enger?.tiking thia line of boat* will arrive in Albany in ainrle time to lake tl.e Moruing Train of Cari for theeoit oi C7"Theabove Boat*are new aud mbitantial, arc rnmiih-d Willi new and elegant Bute Kooini. and for speed mid accooi modalion are unrivalled on the Hudson. Korjmjugc ortr-ight, apply on board, or to T. C. Sclialtzai the officeou the wharf. a)2rc NSW KVENINO LINK "<OR ALBANY, At 1 o'clock, from the foot of Barclay ?t- North tide. . J?''. . ? TI1K NKW anrtipleudid Steamboat NKW ft>-i*cj?s?b.V'?i*JKUSK.Y, Capt. R. II Ku-ey, will commeiee J>* '" fffi {ff ti? r gular trip! between New York and Albany. leaving New York no Monday the tih of May nut Her rcgula- dxyi fioin New York will be Mondavi, Wrdi eadayi, auu Kudiyi; from Albiny, Tuaidayi, Tl.uriday* aud Sattir) daya The New Jer*ey h->* Iieeu enlarged and remodd>d; her burlheu ii 700 tone; alia ii line.I up in the beat poatibli manner, and has alee; ing accommodn;ions lor 68'J perionv. ehehaaa large number of elegant state-rooms; a large and commodioua prt tnerad* deck; her cabin* are widr, eatenaive. and Uji, and and her Ladies'j Saloon hai sleeping accommodation! lor inO. The K.ngine ai d Bnile'i are all new Her dtaft of water b-ing but three Irvt, ihe will alwava be able to con the bar, withoui d-tentinn or tranihipm'n', end tan ihuaalwara delend npon reaching Albany in time for the conveyance! going cait atd we?t. a!Hi tom4*rc ~A.?C REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, lie Thi k&AWKinbiCfibi r continnei to tranaaiit money in mmi large imall, to persons residing in any part of Ireland in the nine manner *a he and his predecraaor in buaineia have done for th* laat thirty year* and more; alao, to any part of England or Scotland . Money remitted by,letter(poat paid)to the anbicriber,or personally deposited with him, with the name of the iieraon or |ier*on* in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it ii to be sent, and Sie neareit poat towu, will tie immediately transmitted and pa d accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or lorwivrded I -the vender. In like manner money, or claims on lierion* in any nart of Ireland, England or Scotland can lie collected hy ihe anbacrib rr lor l*r* ?u? naiui... ... ??/ v.a^x. "w*iw ur ti uIh * nd will be paid to thewi iccordiuglv. mita n'm OKOKUK >'' !IU!)! ' . Jr. MOda'at. , ?<ir KOK NKW UKL..AMH.-M>III8I\NA AND U^WWNKW VOFIK LIN".-?t'ot.iiv.-ly Kirat Kagnlar UkAn^Paclift, to aail tt.n May?'Tli* laat (ailing packet .hip UHTOwJr.E. Captain K. Feet, will po.itivcly ml u above, her re*iil*r da7- , , . . , . K<> freight or pa<aage, having h.indaome rurmahed aecommo<iationi, apply on board, al QLUNSail'o 0,1' a# Southatreat. Po.itiToly no good. received after Saturday eveniug, 4t Agent* in New Orleana?Mann- Hnllin and Woodruff, w will prompt I.' lorwird all gooil* to their addraee. Hl,ip,cra hv thia lino may depwid upon having treirgo orr.'Ctly meaeni'd, and ?liat the ahipi oftthi.fline will punctually a. advettiaed. *? w,rc ENE GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES AND JEWELRY. 'T'HOSK who with to purchase Gol I am) Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, he., will find it greatly to thuir tciVvintUi'P toc.ll oa the i'tbscnb<*r, vtho ? tellum all descriptions oj iheabore, at retail, muth lowr Ihin <uy otter house in the city. Gold Watches at low it 20 to 2i dollars "ten. Watches in.I Jewelry es< h uignl or bought All Watches warranted to keep good time, or the inoury relumed Watches and Jewelry repaired in the best manner, and warranted, lower than at ally other place. G. C. ALLEN, importer of Wntches and Jewelry, Wholesale and retail, 30 Wall street, in27 I hi* re Up-stairs. FASHIONS. Mrs. MAXWELL solicits a call st ber newly-opened Kisbci Mi* littery Establishment, No 44 Casal street, tea' Broadway, where she has cnnstently on hand -u elegant assortment ol the latest and most fashionable aiticlrs, at the lowest pr.ctw, aid 2w?rrc BOARD IN BOND STREET. PLEASANT KOOMIJ Willi Binrd can be obtained at No. r 2 pond street all lm*r? ROSSV1LLE BOARDING SCHOOL, STATEN ISLAND. WWESTTHORP res, eclfn'lr informs his fronds ard the l uhl c that lie hoi now no npsnirg fur*everal pupils. Parents and KUardlaiu -r- slso il.formed sr. W it alter it a point ' f conscience to guird iu every possible wry the mortis of children commit.'d to his care Heading, writing, orthography, arithmetic, geography, a'd grammar taught. I lie locati n is deliahlful and healths the orchard, gardei s and playground ara spacious: about ten minutes wala Horn the lauding. The s'eamhott Ilsriun leaves Barclay sleet every day at 3 o'clock for llossville .... ,. ... Terns, for board ar.d tuition, incladiug washing, 525 tail quarter, pad >n advance lief r en ceo: Kav l.avid More, Staten Island. W N. Seym'ur, Esq , 4 Chatham square, N. Y. Henry Srewatt Heguine, K*q., Htateu Isltnd. Win LuClutn, k'sq , 124 Beebinan atieet. john teuton r.?q , ju iviuit'if .ireri Measf. Colvin Ik Fleming, 1" ?qr. , 18 Odar .lroet. ('apt Edward urrh- r, Esq.,Hicka street, Brooklyn. Mr. Virion, 21 Kldridg* atreet, New York. Hich'J. Mortimer, *-?q., 4 Mortimer Building., Wall atreet, N. Y., and 823 Bmadwav. al9 1mre " - FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED TO N e . 65 LIBERTY STREET, (UP 81" AI as.) AWALK9MK, Importer and Agent for Mannr?ctnre.ra, haa always on hand * law assortment of dinner and tea aeta in pi tin white and Kilt French Porcelain^ as well aa dinner and L)e?a rt Plates, of a.l aiiea. assorted Dishes, Soup Tureen., Covered Uiahea, Silad Howls, Kruit Baaketa, Costards ana Standi. Als?, Km ?y Tea Seta, and Rich Decorated Dinner Seta Alio, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, French and Ameri can shape. , , . , ... All the artielea are warranted of ihr beat qualify, aad to be aold on 11 Sen I terms. and in lou to amt purchaser.. mrl9 6m* re A PURSE of t7iwill be given. Mile Heats, best three in five, in harneta, for horses 'hat nrvtr won a purse on a regular Course, to come off Tuesday, May 7fh To close Friday, May Ju, by 10 o'cloe.k P. M , a: Jotes' Second Ward Hotel; three or n ore to make a race. A Turse of $500, will be given by the Proprietor*, two mile heats in huii??s, free for all trolling hors*s; $100 to go to the second best hotte in the race To cotneotf May 14th?to elose Friday, May 10th. by 10 o'clock P. M , at Jones' Second Ward Hotel; three or more firs' rate horses to make a rice, mi 2t* m PANAMA IlXTS. onn GENUINE JIPI JAPA OHASH HATS-For sale OUU by F. ECHARTE, m2 Jr.* in 29 Broad street. COPPER?R0 cases of anperior quality, manufactured from ihe beat ore with care, comprising an assortment f om 14 to 32 cz, for i&le by E K. CULL INS Ik CO., ni2 3trc M Soulli atreet. SNIPE SHOOTING. DIAMOND GRAIN GUNPOWDER. OMIE SEASON HAVING COMMENCED for Snipe A Shooting, the Subscriber begs to call the attention ol Sportsmen to the advantages claimed by using "Curtis St Harvey's" Uunpowd'r, "The Diamond Grain." Although tins anicle haa been but a very short tim* in the Uuiled Hutes, the trslimon y of soma of the best shots, aa to its cleanliness and strength, induces tha importer to so'icit those w ho conaider cleanliness and proper strength, desiderata, to give it a trial. Sold in cunutrrs of a pound each, by Mr. II. T. COOPER, 178 Broadway; JOHN CONROY, Fulton atreet; and J. StC. BERK1AN, Hardware Dealers, No 199; and w<>ole*a|e ol W. V. BROUOH. mJ7 lm*re 304 Broadway maiFtelle AND HOLDERMANN, 37 MAIDEN LANK, MANUFACTURERS /vNL> IMPORTERS of Ornamen I*-4- tal H?ir -vors, Wig., 'J'oupeni. Bauds, Curia, Seauis, and aU kind, of Hair Works, svlic.len.le and retail. rv n.?-1 nc lr?ue suppueu on reasoi.unie u-rm*. mrc HlDuS, FAT AND CALK tiKINS. THr HIGHEST PRICES given for Hides, Knt and Call hkuia, cash current mor.ev, ou delivery, at the Hide ai d Eat Hour* of the -.ubscrilxr, where contracts will be made for Calfskins by the ae.-jnn.or the. highest price given hy the pound JOIIN HUNIV. f 14 tn^rr /7S k' si, l?*/? I'riroe an-i Houston TO MILLINERB, +c. english bonnets, millinery, &c. XUST RECEIVt-U AT J. Lt ON'll, 37 'oho strevl., and 3b Maiden Lane, a splendid aassrlmeut oi KNULlaH IJONNETS, confining of solar I'aten a, lino Km: mils, Alb it Braid, See. he. Alio, an chgait a-xorlment of Tuscans. Ribbons, Milks, Klov.era, and every other article in dm millinery I'ne.. Millint rs and oiliera are respectfully invited to cull aril xar iue the above. The I'.ugltth Hata ar" the el'areat and boat in the marvel. All the above will be told at wholesale or retail, ut M Maiden Lane and 37 John afreet J. L. having concluded''j give up the above business after the preem: I seas< " will offer indncemenU to those who mav be (ceiled IO call,not to be met with III an, other aiore ia thit city, api lin'rc J. LYON. UrriCK ok Jkkkkhsoiv lan-nscv t ompanv.J Nn. 36 Wall at, oppoiite the Kxclu.igp. t 'PHIS Company coutiunea to lusu e against Loaa and Da's uwge by Kire, on goods, wares and merchandize, and also iguinstloss by inland navigation on veasels and their cargoes. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thorve. Klisna ftisgi, Tnnmas T. Woodruff, Anion Baker, It R Knbsin.M.D., Joseph 1/rakc, Thompson rrice, Joseph Allen. Moses Tucker, Ja.o-s K. Holmes, John R. Davidson, John P. .Moore, John H. Lee, James R Vnilia,', Caleb C. Tunis, Win. K. Thorn, Francis P. Sage, Thomas Morrell, John C. Merntt, Etig-ne Ung-rt. THOMAS W. THORN K, Prewident. GEO. T. HOPE, Secretary m3 m to manufacturers and dealers in woollens. HENRY MIGEON, /"VORNKR of Laight and Washington streets, New York, V biuisherof Cloths,' sssimeies, Hatin'ts, he . respectfully inform the msnulecture's and dealers in woollens, that hts establishment it now in tuicetslul operation, and that lie is pre p,red t' execute with promptness,all orders in his line that may beconlided to him Specimens of his workmanship may be lenog application to th gentlemen wnote names are anu-xrd, and to whom lie hat liberty to refer (Jrders may be left at 63 and 64 Pine street. HEFICRhNCtS. Wolcott It Slads, 63 Pine street. W. C. Langley, 64 Pine street Halsted flames k Co., 31 Nassau street^ D. 'Jiingham, 66 Pine street. H.J Jones h t.o, 13 Pine street. apS lm*ec Hat and cap establishment, 311 BKOAU'VAY, (OPPOSITE HAlNT PAULS ) 'PHE IMPROVEMENT in the manufacture of HATH, in k troduced by the subscriber carl / this spring, (obviating the premature and ditproporiicnats weiring out m the edge of the crown,) having met with the sigua! a| probation of the public, lie auuuum i-? null 1111 in I1J?H Iirmfint, and hat in addition to their peculiar advantage f, hit Hals are in all other reapecta quite equal to aJliUh in now in the market. Oeotlemen drsirinna Hat combining the qaalitiei of Tajta, Dvrahimtv, and Lookout, will conault their iuttmt by giviughim a call. JNU N. <JE?ulN, 214 Broadway, opposite Maint P.iol'? Church. N. B ?The otnal large aud aisorted slock of Hat?, Cape, Ike. fc?., alwava on hand alt lin*ee. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, &c. rPIIK aabeenbera hare jtui received, per late arrivala frcm f Havre, and keep cnnatantly on nana, a complete aisorlmcn' French Artificial Flowers Material! of all hinda for Flower* Feather*. Hair Ornaments, and Millinery articles?for aale by IlENtlY k KallN, Im portera, IBJm'rre 71>ertv rlnr nn fair*. VTORTH AMERICAN F'IRK INSURANCE CO.? Nine Thoutaud Dollars stock of thia company, of which llobrrt Aiualle ia Pre.ideal, and John MeU air i* Secretary ? also. 110 aliirea North American Truat and Banking Company, of winch rhoina* O. Talmage wa* President. Dau'l (J. Tylee Vice I'reaidiMi', and William It. Cooke Caaniei?for aale at moderate pricia, and on credit. Apply to JOHN F, DK.LAPLAINK, No 7 Newilivet, N. Y., ?who wiihe* to pnrehaae for cash, WO ahare* atock of the Jefferaon Insurance Co , of which 1 home* W. Thorne ia TreliJ-nt, and George T. Hope n Secretary. TO I.FT?Store No 1 New atreet, near Wall atreet ; three itory brick house 31 Walker atreet: two ?loiy brick house 329 Rivington striet, (table in rear ; and three jtory house S3 Hud?on atreet. Jersey (:ir.y. mli28 Im* rc THE IN VI8IBI.E WIG SO close!y reieublee the r?al head of liair thatacepliea and eonnoiasenra have prononnced it the moat perfect and eitraordiaary invention of the day. The greet advantage of thin jorel and unique wig ia it* being made withoat tewing or weaving, which ciascs iu appearances ?o clnn-iy to rreemhlo '.ho natural Lair, both in lightness and natural appearance, aa u> i.*fy detection, it* texture bin* *o brantifnl, so poronsand so free, that iu alt cases of perspiration evaporation la nnisi|>eded, uid .ne great evils of other wtgsentirrly avoided, The sceptic tod eonno'.aaent are alike invited to inspect thia novel uid bean) lllul Wig, and Hue pecoliar method ol fitting the head, at the '.tanolact'jrer'a. A- C. Bairj ,1" Broadway, enroot of Liberty iioot. an tul's ap2i Im'ra KKLNCH AND ENGLISH OLKOSTATIC LAMPS, AT 15 MAIDRN I. A MR AND 519 BROADWAY. J It I. COX beg to inform their friends and the puhlie yene rally, that they hate Just receivd an el-gam assoitin>nt of Kreuch and Kngliah OU'iatutic Lamps: English and American holnr La npa| alto. new pattern Chandeliers, whir h for 'atie'y and elejan-e, surpass any thing of the kind heretofore iffrred lor ?ala They have also a large n-sorlnient o( Haute /i'raping Jirticlr* consisting of irmidnles, C indehbr**, Tata.e Cutlery, Birmingham and Sheffield t l.r'.ed-Wares Hall Lanterns, Mantel Clocks, Japauuerv, Disoa Ik Son's Britannia JVare, Block Tin Dish Covers. Urns, Ac Oennsti Hilver Ware, Steel Kir - Su, Glass-Ware, and numerous otht r ariicle*. , N-IBn^-ConclanUy on hand a large assortment of St'inr re ore, Toa Sots, Spoons, Koras, fcc. tc.ol their own mrnnl'u tur?. Persons reatiriu any of the above articles, are res tec I folly 10 Tney will find tl.eir Goods as !ow as sry in thooity. *Mtw*rc H HI I TIT ~WT i I n I I NEW YORK, FRIDAY IV PROCEEDINGSOF T1IE WHIG NATIONAL CONVENTION, AT BALTIMORE. Baltimore. [Correspondence of the New York Herald ] Baltimore, Wednesday, 5 P. M. The Convention has this morning adjourned. It was organized at a quarter past II o'clock this morning in the Universalist Church, Calvert Street Church. Mr. Reverdy Johnson called the meeting t* order. Mr. Huntington, U. S. Senator from Connecticut, moved that the meeting do temporarily organize, and that the Hon. Arthur L. Hopkins, of Alabama do take the chair, pro tempo*c. Mr. Hopkins was conducted to the Chair. A prayer was then offered up by the Rev. Mr. Johns, who delivered the same prnyer that was dei: i .t. ,.f it,? ci-ci r> .?i 11VCICU Ul Uic VJ/Cunift w* mv, j. jim wcuiuicuiai Congress. It was about twenty minutes long, consisting principally of tlie service of the Church of England. Some one then read the 5lh chapter of the Epheaian*. Mr. Hopkins, the Chairman, then stated that the following were the officers of the meeting, as agreed upon by the Delegates this morning fHtlDtKT, Hon. AMBROSE SPENCER, of New York. Vice Pbesioe.its, Wm. O. Crosby, Maine. John S. Preston, 8. C. Ichabud Goodwin, N. H. W. C. Dawson, Oeorgis. Leveret Saltonstall, Mass. Gov. Thos. Metcalf, Ky. Saml. F. Mann, R. I. William Martin, Tennessee. Gov. Paine, Vermont. Jacob Burnett, Ohio. Gov. Ellsworth, Conn. Samuel Hall, Indiana. John 11. Aycrigg, N. J. Henry Johnson. Louisiana. Juhu Thompson, Delaware. Robert A. Ewing, Missouri. J. M. Strohm, Pennsylvania. Silas Edwards, Illinois. Gov. Saml Sprigg, Hi H. J. Thornton, Alabama. Benj. Wutkins Leigh, Va. H. ChJiiman, Michigan. Richard Hines, N. C. Jolia w. Walker, Arkansas. Erastun Root, New York. SKCBKTAItlKf. Isaac Monroe, Maryland, C. C. Norvell, Tennessee, O. Mason Graham, La., E. J. Haile, N. Caroliua, R. E. Horner, N. Jersey, Noah Smith, Maine. On motion of Mr. Archer, Mr. Keverdy Johneon and Mr. Archer of Virginia were appointed a committee of two to conduct the officers to the platform. This was done. Mr. Spencer, on taking his seat, said a vety few words. Mr. Benj. Watkins Leigh, of Virginia, then rose and said that the wishes of the people were so evident, that the ordinary forms of nomination were unnecessary. He, therefore, nominated HENRY CLAY, OF KENTUCKY, as the candidate of the whig party for the next Presidential term. litis was received with about fifty cheers. It was instantly responded to, and that unanimously, by the whole meeting. On motion ot Mr. Leigh, of Virginia, a committee of five was appointed to wait on Mr. Clay, and report to him this invitation. ^The committee consists of Mr. BKRIUEN, of Georgia. Mr. KKA8TU8 llOOT, ot N. York, Judge HUUNKT,{ot Ohio,I (pig tail and all.) ABBOTT LAWKKNCE.of Mass. Mr. ARCHER, ol Virginia. A letter was read front Mr. Clay, saying that he would not come to Baltimore. Mr. Bronson, of Maine, then read a letter from Mr. George Evans, of Maine, declining to be a candidate for the Vice Presidency. Mr. Somebody of Delaware, then produced a letter from Mr. John M. Clayton of Delaware, dechm ing the nomination as Vice President, when jiart of the gallery gave way, a dreadf ul rush was made?a cry of "Clear the galleries," "go out," "save yourselve,'" "O! Lord God!" "save us"? "the church is falling," und all sorts of confusion ensued, particularly to the annoyance of th llel>orter8. Order was restored at laBt, and Mr. Clayton's name was withdrawn. Somebody read a letter from John McLean of Ohio, declining a nomination as Vice President. Dudley Selden then proposed a plan by which thry could vote lor a candidate lor vice President. A great deal of discuss ion ensued as to what plun should be adopted. At last it was decided that the roll of all the deb-gates to the Convention should be called over. They were called over, and answered as follows :? Maine. Moses L. Applcteft, David Bronson, John Hubbard, Josiah S. Little, Robert Goodeuow, Lucius 11. Chandler, VVm. (J. Crosby, Abraham Sanborn, Noah Smith, Jr. New ll*Mr*Hl*n. lchabod Goodwill, Alfred W. Haven, Horace L. Ha /.elton, Benjamin M. Fruley, I'hineas Henderson, Joseph Sawyer. MASSACHUSETTS. Abbott Lawrence, George Hail, Jonathan Chapman, Leverett Saltonstall, Dennis Condry, Solomon Strong, Thomai Kinnicutt, George T. Davis, Wm. C Plunkett, David A. Simmons, Wm. A. Crocker, Geo. D. Upton. Rhode 1m.amd. Robert B Cranston, Samuel F. -Man, Charles Jackson, Klisha Harris. Veemort. Henry Bradley, Charles Paine, Calvin Townsley, J. H. Harris, John Peck, Erastus Fairbanks. CORRECTICUT. J. W. Huntington, Dennis Kimtierly, Wm. W. Ellsworth, Samuel D. Hubbard, -Solomon I'uyne, Truman Smith. New York. Erastus Root, John A Collier, Abraham T. Ross, David A. Bokee, James Van Nomhand, Benjamin Drake, Edward Minturn, Dudley Selden, Jeremiah Pierson, I'etei H. Schenck, Wm. C. Haibrour.k, James N. Mitchell, Kit lian Miller, Samuel McClellan, Willis Hall, Benjamin Ketchum, Alexander C. Gibson, Henry P Alexander James G. Hopkins. Samuel Buckley, Frederick Hollister Thomas Smith, Franklin Whitney, Wm. lluer, Hiram I'utman, Christopher Morgan. Win. T. Lawrence, Ambrose Spencer, Amos Sawyer, Barton Stoud, W. W, McKay, Porter Welch, James Dtirick, Calvin P. Bailey, Albert H. Porter. New Jersey. Henry W. Green, Wm. B. Kinney, Israel II. Clawson, Robt. K. Horner, Whitfield 8. Johnson, E. V. Rogers, J. B Aycrigg. Delaware. T. W. Thomson, Charles G. Ridgely, Senatorial; Robert Framo. pttssitvasia. William B Reed John Strohm, Augustus Baton, John Swift, Brla Badger, Michael Duy, Joseph Royer, John W. Hombeck, David Townsend, Thomas E. Franklin, John 8. Richards, Henry Maxwell, Wm. G. Henley, Mahlon C Moncur, Wm. L Harris, Jaa. II. Campbell, Edgar Cowen, Thomas M. T. McKennon, Thomas .M. Jolly. Samuel A. Purvlance. Maryland. lteverdy Johnson, John C. Groome, Samuel Sprigg, Richard Potts, Georgo Howard, Charles II. Pitts, ZabiFiel Potter, John Dennis. vislllnia. Rotiert E. Taylor, Wm Robertson, Wm. 8. Archer, Rd. 11. Tolcr, Wm. Martin, Uriel Terrill, Robert E. Scott, Lawrence Koine, Benj. W. Leigh, Robert McCardlith, Robert Y. Conrad, John H. Peyton, Wm. M. Peyton, Wyn. d in Robertson, Alfred Berkley, John J. Jackson, Edgar C. Wilson, Semi. Watts, J. Whyme, B. W. Finney, Thot M. Bondurant, tubal Early, Charles Cocke, Thos. R Love, Hugh Mercer, James Lyons, Hill Carter, David Gibson, Wm. W. Magruder, Charles L. Franciscus, John l> Sharp, Wm. 11. Hymr, Wadon Hodman, Wm. C. Hav man. Nortii Carolina. John Gray By num. Dockery, II. W. Miller, A. II. Shophard, llenry K. Nash, Ostium, Lipjiett, (hurry, Kdward Stanley, Oov. Dudley, Richard Hinea, Senatorial. South Carolina.

VVm. C. rmston, S. II Dickson, John 8. Prmton. Kit win DeLcon, B. K. Davis, Campbell It Bryce, Henry Middleton, Samuel Chadwick, Joseph Deland, Wm rattan, Oeo. W. Ilrown, VV K. Kerrel, O. Mills, O. S. Bryan, K. (Jammage. Samuel Itipley, J. C. Levy, O B. Hillan, T, Topper, S. 8 Willing'on, Oliver H. Collock. (JeonoiA. John McTherson Berrien, Thomas Butler King, Wm C. Dawson, Tloger I. Gamlde, Lott Warren, Hubert A Toombs, ( has. Dougherty, A. II. Kenn, J. 8. Calhoun, A II Wright. Kkntvcrt. Thos. Metcalfe, Squire Turner, A. Harpending, Alfred Allen, Benj. II Ileeves, Bryan Y. Owsley, John B Thompson, A. O Stephenson, Thos P. Wilson, Ilichard rind a] I, Chas. Kginton, Wm K. Wall. TcNNtssar.. Wm. Martin, Lewis P. Williamson, Oenrge Glasscock, John P. Mccormick, W. B Hoffa. Ohio. Jeremiah Morrow, Seabury Ford, 1st district, Bellamy Storer, Jacob Burnett, John C. Wright, W. F Harrison Jclin II Ballance, and. Nathaniel Benjamin, 3d. Iloratio , . ORE : *tvn mt*t/i h r i ir r? a a iwivr* 11> Kjt% 1V1AI 3, 1044. G. I'tiilipi, 4th. John Johnson, ith. Patrick U. Good, 6th. Abel Itawson, 7th. Allen Trimble, II W. Clark, Turpin Daughter!, &th. John L. Tay lor, Thomas Worthington, Oth. T. O Edwards, 10th. Alfred Kelly, 11th. Jamea Pendy, 12th Lowjs Meuagcr, 13th. Joseph Buukur, 14th. Daniel Comerse, lath Colson Davenport, 16th. Julin Hildt, Sr.? 17th. D. L. Collier, Anaon L Brewer, J. Andrews, A. D. Green, K. A. Doluman, J. Mason, A. J. En?Uey, lath. J. Harris, 13th, George Y. Wallii, 2lit J. I. Harris. India**. Jai. Ilariden, Samuel Hanna, lit. dist. Christian Coor, Wm 11. Boyer, Durhl Boy or, Saml. C. Dtiun, John B. Semaw, 2nd. Marston G. Clarke, H. P. Thcr.iiston, John W. Payee, A. J. Simpson, Wm. Graham, 3d. Richard Chamber*, Milton <?regg, Elias Conwell Smith "Varter, 4th. Wm. B. Butler, John A. Graham, Wm. C. Pelhum, Samuel Hall, Isaac Hands, ftth. Douglass Maguite, Wm. Connor, Haml. Herriot, C. C. Nave, Jas. P. Foley, 6th Eli Murphy, Geo. B Fingle, Wm. P. Stephen*, Wm. H. Bennet, D.P. Holloway, 7th. Jas. Farrington, Joint Ewing, E. W. McCaughey. John 11 Porter, Jas M. Mo Hit, sth. Alphonso A Cole, Kobt. C. Green, N. D. tlrove, Win. McKenlon, John Comstock, Oth. John i). Defrers, Tlios. H. Bassett, D. G. Hose. Stephen H. Combs, J. 8. llaxvey, loth. J. F. Allison, Saml. Moore, J. Waner, John M. Sluts, Aaron Houghton, 11th. David Kilgore, Nathan B. Hawkins, John B. Lee, It. N. Williams, Jesse Way, 12th. Elias Murray, Dousus Nicholas, K. L. Douglass, M. Sweetaer, G. W. Wood. Louisiana. Hon. Henry Johnson, Hon. Alexander tarroiv, Senatorial ; Gov. E L. White, Gov. A. 11. Roman, Hon. Tlios. W. Chinn, Hon John Moore, Gen. Felix Hardin, James Morgan, John L. Slieafe, Th. Pugli, J. Mountlort, J. E. Pepin, G. Mason Graham, J. B. Morcan, E. E. Kettridgr, A. Pilie, Hon. C. M Conrad, P. W. Farrow, Dr. Brashier, G M. Long, H. II. llaile, J. P. Wutfon, S. M. Houth, E. D. Olcott, William Taylor, W. H. Sparks, Edw. J. Phillips, G. W. Wartield, John B.Carr, James E.Heron, Alexander Baggett. Mississippi. Thomas S. Dabney, of Hinds ; S. J. Hughes, ol Ya/.ot; James Dupree, of Hinds ; Thomas I'. Falconer, of Clark; Joseph Regan, of Claiborne'; 11. E. Hammed, of Warren ; Samuel Yerger, ot Hinds; John M.Chilton, of Warren ; T. Jones Steward, of Amite; M M. Hester, of Wilkinson ; W. it Hawley, of Marshall; C. C, Hhackleford, ol Madison ; Thomas Coogwood, of Monroe ; E. 8. McGhee, of Lafayette; J. B. Warner, of Jelferaon ; 11. H. Brown, ; J. B Cobb, of Lownds ; William 11. Douglass, of Warren ; Gen. l'elk, of Marshall; Robert Hughes, of Hinds ; Col. A. L. Bingaman, of Adams ; Dr. Jos. Hall, of De Soto, E. Downing, of Lownds ; William C. Smedes, of Warren : James I.. Ilo.lee of Wilkinson. Missouri. George C. Sibley, James S Hollinii,' Charleii It. Morohead, T. T. Kwing, T. Morsely, jr. C. Cox, Robert A. Kwing. Ilmhois George T. M. Davis, L. B. Knowltoa, Senatorial.? Cyrui Edwards. Wm. II. Duvidson, T. T. B. Stopp, A. A. Fisher, M. (?. Wilcox, K. B. Waahburn, F. McNeil. , Alahama. Arthur F Hopkins, Harry J. Thornton, 1st, C. C. London, K. S. Blouat, It. V. Montague, 'id, Samuel C. Oliver, B. S. Bibb, Howell K. Chitty, :id, John S. Hunter, Duuit J E. Watrona, Jan. Binney, 4th, John Bonner, ltoliert Jen ,i. on, Janathan Bliss, Ath, Levi Todd, E. C. Muigro ve, John M Swoope, tith, Nelson Robinson, J. T. Bradford, Samuel 1'eede, Alex. Krskine, Robert Keam, 7th, K. 'Heydefeld, Wm J. Maclin, Wra. I'. Chilton. Michioais. H. Chipman, C. K. Green, M. Kacker, K. B. Bos jwick, E. W, Wiicntr. Arkansas. James H. Walker, Charles Stewart, John I'rcaton, jr. Ath diet. Micha Saul, Thomas C. Whiteside, J. 11. Jones. 0th Walter Coleman, D. M. I.eatherman. A. M. Rosehorongh. 7th W. 1*. J. Bums, Thompson Anderson, Simeon Venable. Hth John J. White, Joseph Miller, George W. Martin. 9th W. W. Pepper, E. H. Foster, Jr. H. H. Marable. It was then settled that those States that had an excess of delegates over their Congressional representation should designate who should cast their electoral vote. This was done. The names of the following men were, then put forward for Vice Presidency John Davis, of Massachusetts. Theodore Krelinghuysun, of New Jersey. Millard Fillmore, of New York. John Sargent, of Pennsylvania. The votinc was viva voce. Everv delegate wus called out, und he roue and named hia man, and the result was on the first ballot For Frelinghuyseu 101 " Davit S3 " Fillmore A3 " Suigelit 3H 373 Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Ohio, Indiana, 3 from South Carolina, '( from Missouri, 5 lrom Kentucky, und 2 from Illinois voted for Jo n Davis. New York, 3 each from Ohio, Illinois and Michigan voted lor Fillmore. Pennsylvania, Delaware (!) and llhode Island (!) voteu for Sargent. New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas. 3 lrom Illinois and 2 from Missouri voted for Frelinghuysen?on the first voting > A second ballot wuh bad immediately. Theresuit was? Frelinghuynen lis Davii 74 Fillmore 61 Sargent 34 (!) 376 Delaware bolted, and went for Frelinghuy.-ien; so did the men from Ohio, and two lrom Indiana, who had voted lur Sargent. The South Carolina men, and two from Ohio, and one lrom Indiana, bolted lrom John Davis, and went over to Frelinghuysen 00 this vote. Some one tlyn rose, and withdrew the name of John Sargent, anudst loud cheers. A third ballot wag demanded! The result was for? Frelinghu/ten 1AA (!!!) |)avi* i. 7S Filimuro 40 Ahient 3 37A So Frelingheysen (who hag been a citizen of New York city for the latt five years, and is Chancellor of your University,) was declared the nominee of the convention for Vice President; and Henry Clay for President. And then?oh, God! what a scene of whooping, yelling, shouting, and sweating! yes, and of crying ! for some of the old men on the platform shed tears. After this, of course, Tom, Dick and Harry had to get up and speechify. Mr. , of New York, said, though he was ordered to vote lor Fillmore, lie was delighted to see Frelinghuyseii nominated. Mr. Abbott Lawrence, of Mass., said, though he went hisdeath for John Davis, nothing gave him greater pleasure than to see Frelinghuysen notntn1 ated. ' Mr. M'Kennon, of Penn., said that though | John Sergeant was one of the best men that ever breathed, yet he was in exstacies to think that Frehrigliuysen was nominated. Mr. Kelly, of Ohio, s.iid that ^though every hody out west loved John Davis, and he had voted for him all the time, yet he was delighted to see Frelinghuysen nominated. Gov. Ellsworth suid that the Connecticut people loved John Davis better than any body else?yet be was delighted to see Frelinghuysen nominated. Mr. Liltell, of Muine, said little. Hon. Ambrose Spencer said that he was delighted that Theodore Frelinghuysen, of JVnv York, had been nominated lor Vice President. Cries of "No?no"? Frelinghuysen, of New Jersey. A.wnnosK SriNcia?Nol of New V'ork !?(Sensation)?lor he has been a citizen of New York for the last five years?(Hoars and screams of laughter all over the House, and cries of "New York has tricked us by having twoVice Presidential candidates.") Mr. Green, of New Jersey, responded to the nomination. ItjwH* passed with acclamation. The usual thanks to officers of the meeting?trustees of the Church, iV.c., iVc., not one of whom deserved anything but erasure tor their miserable mis-management, was linseed?and the meeting broke up at 5o'clock, P. Mainmort.j [Correspondence of tho Herald.] Bai.timorf., May 1, 1k-i1. This day ha* been a glorious one for the whig* of the Pnited States. The sun shone out to-day in gladness, imparting n feeling of gladness to every well wisher of his country. The eethusiaam and excitement is tremendous?think of a fourth 1 ol July in New York, und you have sonic idea of the crowds which throng the streets. The ladies, (Tod bless them ! are out, too?Market street nnd | Baltimore street is full of them One would think they were inclined to shut out the world, congregated here, from their sweet smilas. No, their I reputation for beauty is at stake, and well have they j maintained it. Such tall, fine forms, I have never witnessed, and they dress with a great deal of taste. Bal/.atincs are worn by every one, with i sueh enormous bustles as must cause arise in the cotton market. Ilarnum's Hotel contains over a , hundred snlendid ladies^ many of them Irom Kentucky. Willis llall, Esq., is here. Your regular I correspondent will give you the details of what % #f!? I i ?9E9Se-a9HBK=9BS=9 HERi has been done officially?I will give you the mottoes anil devices of ttie various banners which were placed in ihe rotunda of the Exchange, but w hich are now (5 i\ M ) being formed in a grand procession?New Yurk beads the van. 1st Delegation. Muslin banner?"New York Delegation." Lothian's brass hand. 1st Ward Democratic Clay Club. Portrait of Henry Clay?with the state arms, gfjit Ward Clay Club, (N. Y') Plain satin. Oth Ward (N. Y ) Republican Clay Association, 1H44 Reversed?P?rtroit of t lay. Motto?" 1 would lather be right than be President." Democratic. Clay Club, 7th Ward, (N. P.) founded, 1841. Device?Portrait of Clay with implements ol husbandly. Motto?" I have wished the good opinion of the world, hut I defy the most malignant of my enemies lo show that 1 have attempted to gain it by uuy low or grovelling action,by any mean or unworthy sacri!ice,b\ the violation of any of the obligations of hoi.or,or by any breach of any ol the duties which 1 owed to my country."?II. Clay. th Ward, (N. Y.) Device- Kull length poitrait of Clay sitting on a bank ol earth. Motto?" Protection to American Industry another, " Pioneer Club, 8th Ward." Reverse? Portrait of Clay, eneirclcd with evergrei nt. nth Ward, (N. Y.) a splendid banner painted by Weir Device?Portrait of Clay, proteated by the Hoddens ol Liberty. Motto?"The Star of the Wast, the Star of Hope."' Reversed?" Kaiiest of Stars, last in the time of night." 10th Ward Democratic Clay Club, instituted 1841. Painted by Weir. Device?Goddess ol Libeity sui mounting a capital likeness of Clay, with an Indian standing on the Kails of Niagara. Motto Justice to Harry, the Star of the West." Reversed?" Union is strength, distrihu tion of l/ie pioceeds of the public land#, one term, a tariff of revenue and protection to American Industry." IHtli Ward Democratic Clay ( lub, (N. V ) founded ls ii. Devicit?Portrait, of Clay. Motto?" Justice to Henry Clay- -protection to American Industry." 1 It'n Ward (day Club. Device?fine view of Ashland. Mot'.o?" Juitic to Harry of the West." K ent County, Maryland?" Tho Blue Hen'a Chickens." 'Sussex County, Muryland?"Henrico for Henry Clay" ?.Log Cabin?" Under this we conquer"?"The fireH of 'IB aie again lighted." ? Ward, Philadelphia -Portrait of Washington. "First in the hearts of hi* countrymen." [One ol the largest delegations present is that from Binghamnton, Broome County; they came in u large ark, floating down the Husquchauna, a distance of ;><K) miles. Another large one comes from Kentucky, on foot all the way!] Next in order was the Tenth Ward Albany Clay Club ?a full length portrait of Clay, painted in blue satin. Motto, " Assiduity IJelhi, New York?Presented by the ladies of Cecil County. Device ?(ioddess of Liberty. Molto?" We delight to honor those who guard eur liberties." Delaware?Banner presented by the ladies of North and South Milfor.1. Device?Farmers going to Mill. Virginia?"The Slashes of Hanover" Device, Presisident (day?" Henrico for Henry Clay"?Log Cabin? " Under this we conquer." Reverse -" Kiudrrhook in 1814, $30,000 and sheep? sheep walks?Van at home " Richmond, Va.?A sudor nailing his colors to the mast " Virginia still claims her Son." 1U verse,( lay and the Union." Pittsburg.? Goddess oi Commerce. *' Protective Tariff." Delaware.?Device, Harry ..B.. Cocks crowing over the Fox of Klnderhoo*.. Motto, " speed the Plough." Full length portrait ef Clay, 10 feet by (), from the easel of Nagel, of Philadelphia, ? capital likeness. Hagurstown.?A live coon, and ail tho delegates dressed in coon skins, caps, coats, &.C. North Carolina.?Tortrait of Clay. Motto, " North Carolina tears tho poppy from her brow." Reverse, device, floldea Ragle?" Watching overkis children with an eye that never winks?a wing that never wearies?a heuit that never pales?our country, our whale country."? Made of crimson velvet fringed with gold. Cedar Word. Philadet] hi*. A banner of foliage, with a stutied ceon and owd, surmounted with a half moon. 'i'ipaecanoe Club, Lancaster, Pa.?Device, (ion. Harrison tali irg leave of his soldiers. Motto, " (iontlemen, if you ever come to Vincetines, you will always find a plate and a knito and fork at my table, and 1 assure you that you will never lind the door shut and the string of the latch polled in '* " Ladies ot Lancaster, to the friends of Harison and Reform"?" Woman'soil'ering upon her country's altar?the blessings of thousands of women and children rest on Harrison and his gallant army." Lancaster Clay Association?Device, a boy riding hi* grist to the mill. Motto, " The Mill lloy of the Slashes" ?" The victors bear the palm " Lancaster.?" (food for -iOOO majority for Harry of the West?Lancaster county, tho Gibraltar of the Union." Ceutral Clay Club, Cecil ro Md.?Device, Ragle. Motto. "Pro Patria" Presented by the ladies ol" Klkton."Pick your flints and try again." Cecilton,?"United and unflinching. Tho patriot farmer, Henry Clay, the Champion of Liberty." Kentucky.- Hump buiiin-r with tow fringe. Device, Stripes and Stars. Motto, "Modify the Veto?A Protective Tariff- U. b. Bank,and the Land Bill " Burlington, Vt?Device, Ragle. Motto, "Harry our Reserve." "Thus do our sons respond to their country's call? Bladensbnrg Clay Cluh?Device, Battle fimnnd?Indian* in chase of the enemy. Motto, "No standing urmy of'JO,o?.i men in time of Peace." Reverse, "Buchanan ami the Working Man?we will reduce wages to the specie basis." Dover, Del ?A nest Jittle banner with a wreath or roses cinbroideied by lair bands. Motto, "We weave a wreath Kor the patriot chief " Massachusetts.? Device, Wtatc Arms. Insignia, "Old Bay Stale." Connecticut?Henry Clay supported by the Goddess of Liberty and the Spirit of Prophecy. Motto, "Protection to American Industry." Trenton ?From the ladies to the Whigs of Trenton, July 1SH). Itpvire, Goddess of Liberty holding an urn out of which the American eagle is "quaffing draughts o! liberty." Motto, "in w ar without lear, in peace without reproach " Cedar Ward, Philadelphia ?Presented by the Whigs of the other Wards in token of their glorious and Unexpectedly Urge majority at the October election in 19-10. He. verse, a magnificent portrait of (Hay, by Woodslde, with a ship in full sail umI implements ol husbandry. Motto. "Henry Clay, the Champion ol American Industry." The Prize Banner, at the store 1U8 Baltimore street, has attracted thousands of la-lies and gentlemen. It is the most gorgeous piece of skill anil workmanship got up in the banner line. It is designed and painti d on crimson satin, by Willium f'lirlett, for the whigs ot Baltimore, at an expense of <-8<K). On one side is a good portrait ot t iny, supported on either side by the genius of commerce nnd manufactures. Reversed, represents the motto, " The Union ?our strong defence. Impregnable to foes, priceless to friends," encircling which nre the JO States with insignia. It is richly mounted with gold lace, fringe, nnd tassels, and is aftogether u most splendid allair The stall which snpjsirts it bears on engraved piece of silver? "This stall'was cut for this banner by the hands ol Henry Clay, from the growth of Ashland."?" Presented by the Whigs of Baltimore to the Stute of ?, the delegation from that State being propoitiouahly the largest in the Voting Men's Whig National Convention of Ratification, held at Baltimore, May 'JdU, 19-14." Thousands ure yet on their winding way, and, as we return, are met with hearty cheers on onnouneing the choice of candidates. Willis llall, Erq., is here in good health. Timlama. Baltimore. [Correspondence ?f the Herald. J Baltimore, April Ho, lHd-l. Trip to Boltimore?Appearnnrc of the City?Wild Knthu*ia?m jor llorry of the I Veil?Movementi of the Mum. In common r/itli several hundred of my fellowcitizens, including the cportihr gentry, 1 took the train from New York for Philadelphia on Monday. The day was fine and every thing tended to make the trip n pleasant and agreeable one. The Delaware was as smooth as a mirror, reflecting heaven and happiness; and on its bosom were dancing some ol I'ncle Sam's Revenue Cutlers, the officers of which were making a survey of the river. The only objects worth notice ?< iks are the residence of Bishop Do." , ,ihio cottage, witli its?|uiet simplicivj ,'eligious appearance. It is built of grey stone; surmounting the top is a true Catholic cross, an evidence id the Bishop's faith in Puseyism. (ireen Dunk or II iver Side, as he ha.'/named it, is a lovely spot and reminds one of ail English curate's residence. The famous " Andalusia" where the master spirit of the} I'mtcd States Bank, lately sojourned, as also 'he residence ot ,'nsrph Buonaparte, are familiar to every poseer l>y. After a hearty dinner in Philadelphia, we were again on our way to the city of monuments, pretty girls, and political conventions. We arrived soon after midnight, hut the streets were as lively as the carnival at Home. Every house is literally filled -to overflowing, and " the cry is still they come." Barnaul's is besieged by the silk stocking portion, while the more humble portion id the whtgs lain turn in where their brethren will take them. A committee is in session to direct the delegates where their hospitable friends will take them in Hating a few hours in my hands to-day,Ipook the m irning cars for the Capitol, which irfVearhed in the short spare of two hours, VI'.. ...I l!l?,l?r.?l..,,?t, over a neauimn rem >* .. where *everul arent battle* have h? en fought; ndiotning which wn* pointed out tlie birth place ofWrn Wirt, Knq., an old faabioned honac o| Dutch timid. Mr. Clay wan at the capitol receiving th?? greeting* of crowd* of hi* friend* that awarmcd about him. lie appear* well, but somewhat thinner in the Ihcc than u*ual ; every one present, including a bevy of Indira, received a *mde and a wotd of cnngrntulation A(te weem* t?i wt nr heavy upon In* wrinkled brow, hut In* indomitable iron heart heat* mong in the welfare of In* conntry I returned to Haiti . ? ?*- -J iLD. Vrl.. ? ?wo \>tnu? more and found the streets still swarmed with frerlt arrivals Iroin nil Marts of ilie country?the t*mhubia*m is tfemenduus, as each mcceeaiig delegation marches up with banners and mottoes, music and cheering! Thousand)" are here and tens of thousands ure expected. Two magnificent arches ale erected on lfaltunore etrett, enibellisln d with evergreeasand inscriptions emblazoning the sentiments " Harry of the West." Every store is filled wnh Clay badges, medals, song books and pictures, whilst crowds of boys throng the streets with thein. Horace (Irreley litis been here since Saturday. David t>raitsnt, fiti|., Philip Hone, Charley Stetson, with his smiling phi/, and others to tedious to mention, are on hand. Several pocket hoi ks have already changed hands, and judging from the number ol sporting gents from the south alone, with their broad hats and fancy tied cravats, a brisk, trade will be carried on in that line. The following notice lias turn been issued. " The members of the respective delegate* ere requested to appoint a delegate of one from each State to form ? a committee tor the appointment of otliceri and drafting of resolutions for the Rutilic.atliiii Convention. The meeting will take] place at Cuion Hull, on Wednesday nt 1 IV M. I had intended to compliment the beautiful girls that float about Here like angels, but the mail closes ' and 1 urn done. Thai.aha. Twelve o'clock at Nmtrr. The Rhode Island delegation is just arrived and marshaling up to Column's Exchange with music and hurrahing " like mud." In front of liarimm's are several hundreds gathered in the square, whilst on either side of the hotel steps ure two minstrels singing songs. The moon shines out brightly, like a golden eagle iust from the mint, and the enthusiasm is tremendous. 1 expect it will he kept up till daylight. 1 should have mentioned, John I>avis, of Massachusetts, is the moFt strongly talked of for the Vice Presidency. T. Havana. [Cotrcsjiondcnce of the Herald.] Havana, April 20, IHd l Awful Stale of Affairs in Cuba?Condition rf the Markets?Drought and the Crops? IVhat is to be Done ? Dear Sir Since my last there has been an increased activity in our market, and sugars have improved in consequence of better advices from Europe. Shippers, however, very reluctantly pay the advanced rates, and they have only been obtained by a concession on the part of shipmasters and h decline in freights. We quote ordinary yellows I] a firs., fair yellows 5 u 5^rs., superior (i a 64rs., whites ordinary, fija74rs, fine 74 a Sjrs., superior f'i a Kl^rs. The slock on hand is very large, and the crop will exceed last year's some 2o,(JtM> ur llo.tit it boxes. Coffee?The stnull stock barely aflotds I sufficient supply for the demand, and prices ure somewhat better. Fair #04 u ti, good t>4 a tij, [superior #74 a 8.4. Molasses continue in active (lemand, and IJrs on the coast is freely paid. ..... >.M a.11 ..-.1 -- _ .... i itibmo ai<P vcsy uuu, mm III' siui'llllY ill I?lie*F. We quote trom ?2 7s Hi! to ?2 12s (mi to ('owes mid u market. New York #>!.{ per box, S'IJi per hhd. Exchange?London H a 9 per cent, New York 3 per cent, liosion discount. You will no doubt have heard of the barbarous murder of young Murphy iiere seme daym since. The excitement has somewhat subsided, but the feeling is yet strong on the subject. Hie corpora^ and bcntinel are both on trial, anil the evidence of many American seamen Iva been received. The body was embalmed and sent to Charleston per Warrior (arrived,) to the Seamen's Aid Society. We hope it will lie well taken cure of. The drought still continues; in seven months we have had but three small showers of rain. The cattle, poultry, and everything else, arc absolutely dying for want ol food. Although it is excellent weather lor getting in the present crop of sugar, if we do not soon have rain it will make a very gnat difference in the coming crop, as tl.e cane is already much wilted and will without water soon die. It scents as if the curse of heaven was upon us. The land and streams parched up?the negros in a most terrible slate ol discontent?the government making arrests on nil sides?incendiaries hi work with brand, and worse than brand, thousand* of seditious publications emanating heaven knows whence, in every hand?the government continuing and even increasing their severities and exactions?property worse tliau insecure, valueless; the fertile Island of Cuba is last t< i du g to a Mate of anarchy and strife, that ran only be pievented by a prompt arid thorough < Image ot measures. Liberty, thut is an independi at gOvcniiu nt, the p? eple are not yet prepared for, we bad almost said, capable of. uud iheir only sale'y lie* in n continuance of Spanish government, but a vigorous change of mpa.wMrcs.t I . Shot in tiie Strkkt.? On Sunday morning, in (leorgc Kaine, u lirayrnitii, in (lie en-ploy of Leecli 8t Co., w? walking down l'tnn itreet, in the fifth ward, jufct hy the William Penn House, hu was shot at by \t m. Martin, abaki r by trade, fmm hia iloor directly opposite. The gun wn? loaded with king* ami grape shot, and fourtei n shot w ere taken out of In* hark, and three out <1 til* aim, by thu physician* in attendance, I)m. Huzhtt and Spi er One of the halla atruck him on each tide of thu tiack bone, and enteriag hia tip lit Htm, cat the radical littery, which bled between thice end lour i|uatlM; and another ball glancing by htm, tlruck the old William Penn Ilou*e, and bounding from thence in a south weeteiu direction, atruck the United States Hotel, about thirty yatda distant. .Martin hat ear aped, and no clue to hit whereabout* ha* yet lieeii discovered to the |iolice oiticers. No hope* are entertained lor the recovery of Kalr.e, and thu phviician* think lie cannot live longer than a day or two at furthest. The origin of tins tragical affair w a* jealoit?y on the part oi Martin Kram what we can learn, name was a noaruei at mi nouse ni> to hrelay instil last, and had reason to suppose that he (Kaine) hud illicit intercourse with hi* wife. Thia resulted in a quarrel between the parties, and Kaine was accordingly dismissed trom the home But thin, it appears, did net appease the ire of Martin, for he wn* heard to say that nothing hut the life of Knine would i&tiaty hi* revenge, lie must have premeditated the deed, lor he wu obaei ved standing in the door of his house at a very early hour, ami on*lously looking around him during all (he time Kaino saw him an he passed, and hurried on, tearful that Martin was bent upon taking his life, lor he hail hem infoimed of bis threat* j hut he was not quick enough, for Martin *hot at him almost the moment he saw him. Kaine ran a few yards, hnt fell down, from the lois ol Moorl, on the canal bridge, and commenced catling lor help, fcc Several persons in the neighborhood, startled at the report of the gun and tho cries of the man, ?oon came to his relief and procured medical assistance Martin i* a married man, and has left behind him a wife and three children. Kaine was not married Pillthure Chrenich, Jl/ml 19. Urs ani> IhiwNs.? Horace St. John, whose operations in the bill market we hrtve already announced, was examined tiefore Itecorder Baldwin y ester day. The investigation showed that he had once been a man of haaine*s ?of legitimate business?and of acme political consequence? an alderman ol the corporation <l the city of New Vork, ami a member of the l.egislature. way, William Hmlth, and others, kiln to the amount of vera! hundred dollars. These gentlemen lourid hi* A</>? would not fly in New York, and had him arretted. It *p|>ear* that the money thua fraudulently obtained # ?? iatraded from him liy a certain chemical proce?* calleil gambling, by a clan* of proleainoiial genth men denominated blackleg* lie waa tent before the Criminal ( otirt. .Vci? Orlran* Rrjnihlxcnu, Jljnil it Texan Hxvrku MrssKNtien.?K. C. Murphy, henrrr of despatches to the Texan government, who arrived hare Irom Washington oil Moada) last, left thia city for the Bali/.e ye?terday afternoon, with an or oar from the Collector of the Port to the commander of the flutter " Vigilant" to convey him forthwith to Oalveatou.? Nrir Orlran* llrji jtpril iX Queen Victoria.? Wr ohwrrr (hit I'r. Pollock, aon of the Attorney ' lenernl of England, and n phyaic.ian of high repute, arrived by the Acadia, to attend to Ifja Kx.ellrticy the Oovernor t o neial Our advicea atato in addition, that thie mission hua ita aole origin in the kindly peritonei feeling" of the Ci'iei n tow ard* Ilia h xcellency, ?o much no that ller Majesty makes the experiao n charge on the Privy Purae Mmtlrral HrralH, AyrH at. ct.t.nton and Kai.ama/iwi i'anai..?The coiitriiet for the completion of thi* work between Frederick and lioclieater, wai ht on Hie 17th instant, agreeably to the act of appropriation of the last session of the l.egishttire . The work, we understand, will lw commenced immrdi. atcly. Ht. Clrmms (Mich.) Fo'rint. Sritx Another ? A line beautifully modelled steamboat of about 200 ton* burthen, was launched from the "hip yard of Mr. Amoi Crandall, of thia town, yesterday afternoon The boat in owned by Me*?ra l<. VVillard and J. I. Gardner, of thi* placi , and is to he fitted with propellers on the plan invented by f'.rir**'in. Hhe I* intended to nly between New York and I'rotiI'.ence. Hritlnl, H. I. lsllrr, Jtyril 3ft. I'iiknomknon.?At noon yeeterciay lire rare |Ji< nomi'non of a aolar rainbow ?a?viTy iliatinctly visible In the lienveni ? Hnllimnrr .Im'tiran, May ! Navai.?The I" N. hri*'"<in#orl, Lieut.Com K. I. Handy, tor Norfolk, sailed on Jtlth in?tant from ( harles ton, with a droll ol mrn. consisting of twenty one mm. men am! twntv two ordinary n on Sot'TiiKRN MANryAr roRiif* A spinning anil weaving eaUbliahinenf m about being erected 11 tlio Tallapoosa Mil', near Tnllnhaaaen, Ala. Tho two Conn Ilea of Montgomery an I Tallapoosa have now a capi. tal invested in manulartura , reaching nearly *ao??,(W.

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