Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1844 Page 3
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Old Mtork Kxciinnge. $20('o IT ?)i'( 'J3, cpa 10314 IOiIh, Merch'i Kic Co 20 'i 00 NY NUtf V|, '15 99jt% ISO N OrliMin, 44n? Co lOOV 1700 NY St.I* 7*?,'4# 107 S Mr ch'? h ire In, 91 2'100 I'tiu't i'? 70 10 Wi-otrru lilt 71 10O0 <ll 76V 10 do I>I0 711. 1C00 do 711* 41 ( L I?l*ud lilt bio 81 10000 do 71,1% 1.0 do 0 W 84*1 1000 1 lUiu S bd* b30 46 10 do buw 8i>? 2000 do 41 :i00 do 84 oooo lliiuoit I|>cl bdi 14 380 di hi\ 1000 do bll 17V 110 do till 811* 1000 do h30 17V 300 do 030 841, 1000 Uo I'll 111. 1 0 do l>30 84 1H00 do Ii30 4'1* 100 do 8)5* 1( 00 OblO 6'?, 'CO 99 V 11(1 do 83*4 '1001 do blO 9914 100 do 8J14 |i)00 do l l-v 99 100 do >60 83 0010 do li30 9914 10 do .30 ?3 1000 do bio 99 10 Mohawk 11U 030 73 10000 do bll 9914 Ht do 72X .'idOO Kentucky 6'* .60 101 10 Hariem l?K 8IH 6000 du III i >4 100 Hyr Ik If tic t b30 1181, lOono do 10C; lo Aub fc Koch 'J?., 190 ?l,a? Pheu.a bk 9( SO do 10 IT a bank 7 32.1 Stoniugt in 13 K S? 100 do >10 714 10 <!'? 110 do 714 10 do b?# J? 70 Illinol, bk 31 10 do bb> 58 10 do nw 31 218 <Jo b6? ? HO fca'men'a Tiuit 4C0 44 Ml do b3U 52*4 100 do K30 44 M NboeyHH 97 100 do g 4314 HO Heading HR 12 TO do* 43 50 do blO 12 10'( do b60 4314 "10 do b30 14*4 100 do .21* 10) do 160 13 100 do 42 100 do b30 12 111 O.el.... I . 030 17 21 do 1,611 12V 175 tlu 56 25 Nor & Wore 6()4 25 do bu* H 6') do 62 100 do b30 56 511 do k6ll 62 25 do b!5 56 275 do 62 10(1 do low 5'i :.U Patcraou UK 62 50 do b30 56<4 50 do b60 03 50 Men h'? K?e Co : 0)4 50 do 82K 25 d > 20)4 Second Board. 5000 Ohio C'? 99 10 ahM Morria Canal 6)4 !'? . >30 98)4 25 CaidonCo 5354 6 ?>?i Bk cf,Am?ri a 97 28 do bl8 5i'4 75 Nor & v5 ore 6254 50 do b3 55 '5 do 6?)j 25 Str.ninicion KIl 51V 6" d? bl5 62)4 25 H-adinir KK 51)4 "'0 do ?3 62 50 L lilaud KK H2)4 160 do bl5 62)4 75 do 82 New Stock Uxchnnge Jtinr.6 Indiana, 75 yrj >3U 45)4 50 ?ha> Pateraou RK b30 81)4 8 00 do 4b 25 Cautnn Co btw 56 1000 do <3 45)4 25 d 1 b3 55)4 1000 U u. lurkv G's c 104)2 25 Nor 81 Wore 62)4 1006 do bi 101)4 300 Harlem KK ht? 81 1600 do blO 161 175 do b30 84 1000 ObioU'a, '60 99)4 100 Long blind btw 85 26(11 do b 10 99)4 85 do b3 81)4 266(1 do 1.66 160 25 do 81'a 1060 do h3 98)4 75 do b3 81)4 , nil 0 Illinois, 70 <j!? 100 uo bow hi', 701'# do btw 4b 1-i ion do bnw 81 I HMO . do *3 46W 100 do iw 83>? I 1000 do bio 46', 25 do bnw 83.', 3000 ilo lw 454* 50 do blO 03l# 2000 Illinois, '00 40 50 111 State Bk >3 30 1000 do btw 44 50 do bOO 38 25?ha*. StouinKton btw 52}, 10 do c 32 25 do c 52 50 Morris Cnnal 6 50 Fanner,' Loan c 43}? 50 Vicktbnric 'J.U (State of Trade, Ashes?Pots are very dull nt our previous quotations We have no change to give in pearls?$4 03 is all that can he obtained. Beeswax?Prime yellow northern is in lair demand for export at 29J a 30c. The supply is taken as fast as it arrives. Cotton?The market has been very inactive to-day, the total sales amounting to only about 600 bales, entirely to spinners, at a slight reduction in rates current at the close of last week. Exporters show no disposition to enter the market. Hay?The receipts down the river continue large. Common (juali'ies are in demand at 33 a 34c. Whiskey?Drudge casks are held at 23} a 23c. Prison barrels we quote at 231 a 24c. Cotton Markets. New Orleans, April 29.?The sales of Cotton on Saturday amounted to about 2500 bales, at the same prices paid hefore. We have received news from England to the ltith lilt , being three days later than the last accounts. Tho Liverpool market had declined Jd, owing to advices from this side, which represented the crops as likely to turn out larger thau was previously expected. The steamer's news is now due, and will probably reach us to-day should there be no failure of the mail. Morilk, April '29 ?The market continues very quiet, with little doing, and no perceptible change in prices? both parties awaiting the arrival of foreign advices by the steamer at Boston. Charleston, May 4.?The highest point of the decline is chiefly on the inferior and middling qualities, of which tlie principal transactions of the week consist, the finer grades being quite neglected. Total sales of the week 1)772. We quote Li v. Classification, inf. ami ord , 6 a 6 j ; middling a middling fair, 7 a 7JJ ; fair a fully fair, 7jj a 9. In regard to these quotations, it was suggested to us that it might, perhaps, be dilticult to effect purchases to any large amount of the fair and fully fair qualities, although the few that had been made were at those rates. Diet!, On Tuesday, 7th inst. Isabella , youngest daughter of Mrs. Kilroy, aged 17years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, lrom the residence of her mother, Id Orchard street, to-morrow afternoon at 4} o'clock. On Monday evening, 6th inst. of consumption, James Cakroll, the youngest son of Mrs. Kluanor i'inkerton, in the '24th year of his age. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, 3fil Water street. On Tuesday morning, 7th inst. of scarlet fever, Eliza only daughter of Jonathan and Jane T. Burr, aged one i year and six montns. On Tuesday, 7th inst. Davio Evans, Sr. in the 74th year of his age On .Monday, Otti lust, at bis residence, '278 Madison street, after a painful illness. Mr. Edward Stack,formerly a respectable merchant of Traleo, Kerry, Ireland Mr Stack bore at all times a high character for integrity and moral worth, which invariably insured him the regard of a numerous circle of friendR. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from the above named place, at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Passengers Arrived. AfalacHicola?Brig Csroline E Piatt?Mrs Demand sail kt ' at, Mr. Seyler a id child, Ge.) Fuller, iloary Bretnmel?fi in th? st-e.iiire CHABLK?To?t?Brig Dimon?Mi i IT. Williams, Mn K H Willi ins, r1i-s J Weir, Vrs R Myers ant child, J (iibbs, <i A Hyde K C Mowry, M W Hal es, f fileuny, K C Harris?1 in the steerage. fnvtti;'! <ni|ioriMI<ir,o PortoCaiikli.o?Brig Token?'6 ceroors iodg> 213 bags coffee Avm'r St cn?pj <l 8 O Small?'5 Small.-y Si Wal n? It H Smith?43 W K Hitchcock?40 Miillaud. Comrie Sico ?100 O Dnuelass?152 Aranguteu?150 J C'am Ma vauukz?Ba'que Cm dor?31.3 lilids sugar 50 do molars"* Alsop Si Chaunc?y?t hor*e M l:i?. It'll too A?Brig T ain C)'""h int'-r?70 hales ((oat skins 500 bids salt 40 tons i-yewood / h'oti'ke Si tmj?13 bis itoat skins Bnoueu I j raves Sic ?5 hxs cochineal J Hoyer. Nkvvitss?S3ri Vandslie?143 pes irahcgany 16 sticks cedsr 24 to s fustic % hss 26 ' hds 7 tcs sugar 47 bhds 15 ics do 5 libls honey Hole Ik Owen?4 cs Brett Si Vose?5 Spotfoid Si Til. .t,u Pon< t: ?"4ehr Pampli.o?90 hhds sugar Spofford Si Tileston ?3s do mo'sssei to in wa r. St Croix?8ch- ln'i? li Ma'ths?101 hhds sugar <0 punch's rum A iioar Ik co?15 blips 5 bbli uiolasscs 1 pun ruin 4 hbls sugar t" ordir eisai?"(lir Challenge -1779 his ext'sct logwood 223 h U grass 676 hides 76 bdla uo, 00u qils I gwood Bcuih?ud Si Theband Mata>/as?Schr Nassau?14 libls molasses 972 pine apt les !6 hunch ? bananas a quantity plantains m master?160 dozen tone sppie* 50 buncht s b unites, Cropsey St Oilma'lin. domestic Importation*. A palai hicola?Br g <' K Piatt?10* bales cotton 8 Bron-on ?49 H oil I" i o?63 Boormau, Join,sou St co?1 11 8 B*"wn? I Psrnielee Kil'nun Si Rogers?5 bis tobacco Jenkins St HonMils?I Ix indse B shop 8wif; St e i?cedsr M Kin nue|?4 lulls * s mptesCollomb St Is. lie?t do to order. Vkhmili.ion Hav ?B.-ig Wolcot'?I i0 hSds 210 h'h moI Marsi t C. mritoii ?35 bhds sugar Roberts Si Willieins ?too bris molasses DejieyUirSt Whitiaarsh?20 hhds sugar' n> order. ( hari.dstois?Bri' Dimon?30 casks rice Dunham Si Dimon ?7u do 8 Shapfer?106 bales e?-?ton Vet.-r Si Unckwitz?10, 000 staves W Hatch?I cs tndie J B-rVy?2 C Kay?I L 8 Wvcth?4 Lee Si Brew?ter?5 J ?? Forbes-1 J L Allen?I cmk beeswax 26 hampers to order. Oaiiikn?Schr Roswell King?246 bales' cotton Lawrence St Trimble?13 H Coil 8c co. MARITIME HERALD "*15? lift o% Sit* Hhii'-ft. fltC'i *.!T fcftFCOL *ROM AK'.-.P-i? . | Hib^rntA, Judkint May 1?? Britannia, Hewitt May i .June I 1 aJcdoiiia, I?ott May 19 .Juno lf? li Hr-tla... 111.jig..II Ill I tr II A HIT 11 IMp Vtnt'm mill AifniiU. ? /? filial rKtee.n it a favor, if Captain* of Venrli w: ii f! M-iodorf Homut Suva*. of our Ne-.v* Meet, * ,iei Tv of the Shipying left fit the Port whence they Mtled, the Vr?|r'a Striken on their Pwiaiie, a Li?t of their Cargo, rod irp foreign Newspaper* New* the/ may have.. He will loan' them immediately ui their arrnal. Agent* Cor ie.?p.)'ii!entl, ot home -r abroad, will eUo v.onfer a lavor h I i.-rutin,' to fh.i? ft,fire nil the M.vnre 'niellitrrr-e they e?-. t.m?i< "?eating >'"ti.ia'.io* of a*y ki*d will V? thankful!* fettiT"'! I NUT OV NIWV YORKI MAY H. ?-'V mini 4 52 I mooi* M*M 12 13 7 I ! HfllH eitil I 2 j Cleared. f-hip Aihhnrfou, Huftleaton, l.:vi rponl.drifinell, Minfurn St ; I n ? Bullae* Kogere, Itiieue, Vera I'riir., Ihrsnui Brothr i St t o; Refi rm, Tilypq, Mobile lh l> llor but St Co.?Bnga .New 1 tHeana, Alrti o, Bermuda, Tucker St Lith. bourne; Cayuga, i ! irkann, Savannah, lohn Ogilm ?Sehr lloeneiier, Joliiaon, 1 Hi 111 m re, Johniot. St Lowden. Arrived. B inine Condor, Ward, 10 dayt from Miyaguei, w ith tugtr, ; to Alien St I ibuiinery. ISriu Pedrali, llnfvh'nioii, 20 daya from Poito Ca^ello, with. 2151 h' U' < ' ir e 1 lO hide* to P H.vmony'a Nei liewa St 1 < . JOlh March, fell In with t u wreck i f brig (, if Mt Darrt, ( rep" ted) watrilpged and abandoned?tvery thing inovesh'e P'.k-n awyNjopea of gin m her hold. Brig Token, Lovi-lami, 21 day* from Porto Cabell i, with ruir-e, lie to <> W httak^. Bi it Vandelia Wall, (of Warren, Me.) 9 d iy? from N un111 with mola- se?, he. ro Holt It Own Brig l am O'rthanfer, Tborsai, 23 day* rrom Cnracoa, with collee and hide*, to J k'ou'kr St Son. ling Dil'hwnn, h I ,e, 20 day* from (Suayania. wi'W. 73 hhd* 0 hbl* ?ng-r 200 hh.i* moliifM to J B Lanla. La. 13, loo 67 .0,' n-rif il tt wan Ii .id of fofcumAt. I'.rij W. 1 rAir, ffuin Vrrmi|lioii B.U' Li ?u?v. h.c. l? I" Peyrter ? whitmarah. iwi.M ' roll h K Plan, Hie, tt d,?r? from ApalachjcoV' with cotton. t> Port k Phillip* V vw_ Hri UiaiD.i. Hobinr .n, 74 hiwr? ffain <%dr!e?ton, with cutI tn?. Sic to l> nham fc t'ltran. 'V. Itri* (b-orgi.t ?, BeJell, 5 dat? fri m S n *> n?h, with cotton, to Jnha Ogden. * S, -?f Vrstrv, Vorriion. 21 d<V? front Piy Ha lor, Jam. will, I'll, ira pimento 11 tnnr h gtr ooil KTdofuatic ti llo*l*cd ik s intvall. The V ?M towed up by piln- brat'1' II Bmi'h, having l"?t her aail* mid contained other il.imane by r mnini > i .to tlte br.g Pednr.t vrtterdty, whila laying at anchor off the Hon''. The Ploai Jibbo. m. t-'i If Adalioe, Linrrotl, from Havana, April 24, with 2111 Uda rnnlaatea to Hpoffonl. Til'ntnn k Co. PchrJnliaK v ar;ha, Plohbtm, I* dava from ft Croli, wltl . | angar, to niaiter. I Hchr rhallcuK*. Nichols, 16 dayi from Siial, with hides, to Nesmith Hi Walsh . Schr Punp!i?i, Kulford. II days from Ponce, PH. with sugar, to Ne?inith Si Walsh. mi . SchrN.tssd t. Howe, 9 iLi>? from MaUnsas, win sugar, te lieed Si H jppork. , ^ SchrKoswtll King. Bolles, 4 days Irom Daneu, with ottos, to roaster _ _ , _ ... Hclir Wildtr, Tu kler. from Frin*lm, La. v ith timber, to Schr'lVIar a, Latureif, Com Baltimore, with tlour, to John on Si Lowd u Schr lleury < lay, Chance, Irom Folly Landing, with corn to master _ Schr Martha 6l SOitn, Divr, from Boston, with potatoes, to masre'. Schr 'V'roit D? uung. from Bostoo, v ith mdse Schr Henry Curtis, Allen, frotn Boston, w ith uidse 'feiov* nnruim siiih .Mimii!., uoien, in days irorn .Marseilles with mu?e. f> oru* r. Brig G B Lamar, S iiufriiuu, l <!?.?* from Savannah, with cotton, to *turge? ( harm to Also, | ship, 2h;ig?, unk-owu Called. Shies Aihburtou, Until.-.ton, Liverpool; Charlotte, (Swed) Andresseu, Amsterdam; barque Ionia, Parro't, La (iuayra, and otli-rs. Herald Marine Correspondence Orrtcs or thk Hhouk IsLanokH, \ N> wroKT, Mav 0, 1844 % Arr 4th, Carolii.e, Charles'on; Fair Play. Norfolk: Florence, F Hirer for Biltimore; Lucy a Abigail; H Ame*. Blake Thudton for l'hiUd; t harf<-?, Lincoln, Ho for NYork; Itisiug Hun. rnd Kuscius, frn Tar ton; and Portsmouth, Warren, all lor N York. SI i, Providence, Juno 1 II Bordeu. and Kinpue, for N York Arr 5th Helm, ^en^odf, Atlantic ''cesn, lent On Grand Cayman. April 12tf?. with I'lO bhls sp oil and 10 d ? blk fish?ab?e -t 8 month*. Tne H. returned h^me in consequence of 8 ol her crew rutin nit away Sp< ke April 6, oft* the \V end of Jamaica John B Dodos, G***n. ol Province** wu. 5 ino? cut, 58 kbl? ?p and 8 do blk ihh; Ilienzi, Cool1, of d . 1*t diva out lean Capt MeKeuzie, and vir Thompson, Ut ofFi er of^chr T- azer, of Salem, camepassengers in the Helen, fin OrmH Cayman Cat t McKenz e u t..rin< us that he left Trinidad, Cuba, March *?rh, with a cargo of Kiivur, ho ?nu to Boston; and on the 6tli bl< wiug re*h, witli iit?< k weather, th- achr struck at luidnislit on Lnns Key lleef, (one of th** Stone Ke.s ) Oa the 7th, th- Br schr Klizabet;, <fO:aud Caym*u, cine to iheir assistance, aud by their aid *uce*ede t in mviuK 108 boxes nirar, aud lauded it on Louie Key; and after every atteriipt had fii'td to gei her off, she was abandoned, after having saved in all 134 boxes sugar , and her an* hnrs and chains, aai's, k.c. On the 9th she bilged an filleo. The Cant a^d crew th*n took passage in the Klizabeth for the Grand Cayman, where they arrived oil the I81I1 of March. The cargo and materials saved were sold a: Grand Cayimn, one half the proceeds to the Salvors?the crew i f t? e T. were io tike passage for New Orleans, and were to sail the 18th ult. A'sn arr, Caledonia, Providence for Album*; Shv lock. Mobile; Triumph, and Krin, Norfolk: Jai l.ainpheer. Providence; Yankee Fell K.ver; Fra-kliit. Nantucket We:t Falmouth. Fa I moo th. a'I for NYork; Capitol aud Velocity, Providence for Rondout; h xperiment. N-rfolk Sid. America. Kllswnrlh; Angus a. Granville; Mary. Montezuma, Adelaide, Hornet, and Charles, N\ork: AnabelU, Invincihle. Princes, H Ames, aud Amity, Philad; rransnort Albany: Try all, Baltimore; Advance, Albany; Grande Wilinii Ktou.SU, a number of other. bo ind to the Kaitward. Jtllacellaneoua Shit Vatii'i. Hoofer,bound tits Cadi/., in bea.irg out of the Ka.t River yetterday incruinK. Jot as lore on Go*eruoi'?, but w -a act off at hiKb water laat niKht by the .trainer Jacob Bell Sloop Romp Koulk capsi/ed in the harbor of Cnraooa2d ult. No iiTf. lost. Whalemen. New Ut.nrnitii, May 5?Arr. John Ailam., Bradford Indian ('can, with rOOO brls fp 30(1 do wh oil. Spoke Oct 20. lat 21 '6 S, Ion 63 21 K Macon, Merry, Ti.burv, 200 ,p 1200 wh; Not 26, If 37 4, lou 65 33, Philip Tabb Webb, W?rre>, clean; Nov 20 lat 36 2, Ion 63 30, Concor d., Cartwr'ght, S H, 1 wli; lie .id I'.-om midd'e o November, America, Ki.her, SB, 5 wt-.; I bain's. Bimop. *14, cl-an Also arr Avrrick, Michell. Now Holland. St He!?n?, March 5. with 2100 bb'a sp .100 fo wli oil. Spoke, J one 1. lat 22 S. Ion I0!l K. ' barn: ion. Cook. VVestport. clean, all well; Oct 15, off N Holland. Jnhn St ? liztbeth, Miller, N London, 200< bids, hd to Katg roo Islands. ('apt Miller rep Majestic, Hawes. and Lancatler, Barker, Nil, leaviuit Middle Is and B'yiu Sept bad taken 8.0 bbls each, and were bound to Kangaroo Islands; Nov 17, Parachute, Cole. NB,7 whr; Autumn, Wndv, NV, 2 whs; 21st, Mississippi, Havre. 800 wh (1 whs this season;) 23d, Flora, Al'en, NL, clean; Brighton. Co*, NB. 1900 wit 70 ?|) (4 whs this s asou;) l)-c :(, Hrraltl, Mayhew, do, clean, bd K; 16th, Bowditch, Sowie, Providence, 200 wit, bd toA"ckltnd Islands. Sailed fin Geographe Bay, Dec 10, ICm ltos, Ludlow, SH, 2200 (130 s|>) I wh this season: the II. had been in cont-ct off S Coast N Holland, with a French snip in a strong ea'e. Left at St Helens, March 5,Ingi, Cqdworth, Warchim, 100 <p (has been incorrectly tep 400) to cruise on Carroll Ground Mil .July. Arr. .vlnctcznma. Tower, N Zealand, Talcrhuana, Jan 14, with 3100 bbls wh 450 do so oil Spoke, Oct 5, lat 35 S. Ion 135 W, Kuterpii e Caotiou, Nnnt. 1200 sp 660 wh; 29th. lat 35 40 M, Ion 171 W, Ho|>e, Heath, Prov, from NW Coast, 1700 (50 sp) trep Oct 20, 2200 probably incorrec ); Nov 13, lat 35 32, Ion 166 10, Montpelier, T .her, N B, 2l00. boiling, for h'.me soon; Feb III, lat 53 38. Ion 63, ('orinthian, Mnukley, Nil 90 days out. '00 sp: Calumet, H.inoo*. Stop, Hill days out, 100 sp; oft the River late, Edward, TaStr. Matt, 4l? irinr out, 180 so. 81(1 .In met Mitt me. Hardteg, Indian nnd I'acifi". Oeeans. May 6, arr Elizabeth Eaetlnm. Indian Oceau. bshia 38 days, with 500 bbls wh 600 do spin oil o hoard; sold 1060 hbls wn oil at Bahra, u t 39r; touched at Tristan d'Acuuha, Nov 14, Octavia. Barker, N B, hd toCaieGood H?|ie for medical aid, chief ofheer having been sick 00 days; Dec I, Brandt, H impsoti, do, 300 wn 100 spin; Jan 20, Wm Tell, Glover, HH, 200 wh, bd to ('rosettes; 2vd, Brunsw ick, Almy, NB. 75 ds out, 100 sp; Manhatttn, Cooper, SH,78 ds out, clean; Feb I, Maine, Tobea, Boston, 70 ds out, 25 rp; sp ke, April 17. lat 18 N, lou 54 W, Itis, Douglas, NL, 2200 (280 sp) hi.iind home A letter from Capr. Baxter, of Martha, of NautneUet, reports her at Call -o, Dec 7, to sail next r'ay, 1300 bids sp oil His mate was recovering fast and would go out in lire ship. Also rep. that ship I (institution. Bunker, Nnnt. touched at 'aPao. a few days previous to Not2.1th, it land 2(1 officer, Mr. Riddell, who was aick and would returu for him in about month?ho ia recoverinu ,The C. had 200 ?(>. Cant. Baxter having heard of the low oiice of oil in the United States, aold 120 hbla body oil at at 87>aa P" gallon A let.s r 'mm Captain Gihbi, < f the Ontario, Inm Nantucket, reports her at Oallao, Jan 12 with 350 sperm. Spoke, Jan. 5, lat 16 9, Matth.i. Bait-r, N antucket, had not taken atiyml siiic? leaving Callao; 7th. lat 11 S 80 miles IVotn land, Constilotion, Bunker, do 200 s;wrin -Id trout ('all; o, Jan. 10. John A?ain?. Swasey, Nantucket, 400 at ertn on a cru'a" Rieuz', of 1'iovinretown, 5 weeks out, with 7U bbla oil, was spoken 18th ult, lat 27, Ioii 85 15. At Ilobart Town, Bee 10, Gtecian, Watsou, whaling; Nov II, Camilla, Gardner do, and aid Dec II tlpukan liegulus, child", 14 days from NOrleans for Liverpool Apri' 30, lat 31 20, Ion 77 40?by the Adaline.ut this port Abbott L?rd, Cnrtia, NOrleans for Liv?ri>ool, VaV I, lat 32 40, Ion 79 11?by the aaine. Florida, banc# for Turks Island, May 1, lat 29 41, Ion 71 46? b> the Tarn O'Shanter at this port. Cashier. I'ike. hence for Havana, 36 hours out. May 5, lat 38 30, Ion 71?by lh- Vandalia. at this imrt. rresnhnt, of Freetown, Savan- ah for l'rovidenc?, May 4, off Cap? lintteraa? bv the llo well this nor'. Empress, Neweomb 55 tlaya from NYork lor Valparaiso, no date, lat 31 30 S, loo 55 58 Win T U.vant, of Elizabeth 'ity, for Guadaloure, Atril 21, lat 21 20, Ion 61. Ann, ' f Wells for Trinidad, April 25, lat 25 50, Ion 67 Nile, Bell, of Kruuehunir, 8 (lays from Norfolk for Jamaica, April 29 lat 28 40, Ion 69 30. Caroline St Mary, fm II ;o Janeiro for Boston 7th ult, on the Ki[Uatnr, Ion 40 20 W. Adeline it F.liza, Hopkins, 5 days from NOrleans for Boston, April 17, lat 27, Inn 85 .37. Halcyon, of Bath, 16 days from Mobile for Liverpool, April 23, off rortngas. foreign Parti Antwerp, April 14?Arr Harriet, Hannine, NVork; Cecelia, Probers, do; .lanchcs'er, Jar nan Savannah; Favorite, Ariaus, N"rlrans, < was repotted leakv. in thn ('tiauurl 1 Bordeaux. Ma'ch 31?Shi Win Keunedy, Martin, NYork; 9th, St Andrew. Rich, NOrleans; George, do; 10th, Oh o.Heyuetiom, Philadelphia Bn.nos, April 10? ArrChae Hammond, Talhot. NOrleans. Batavia, Dec 22?Kid tveo Ry n, (lodgers, A iwerp Bremen, April '?Arr Hudson, Hrhillirg, NYork. Bahia, Mar 27 In po't, Sony, of Newpoil, for Africa, Idgt Albert, Woodbury, of Bosion, do do Copenhagen, April 9?In port, ldn( Jorgers'u, < liarleston. Carnarvon, April 9?The Sjriou, Cnou, h*nce for Boston, has d ig h r caigo, and will be put upi n the (intent slip these snrlng tines Cowis, April 12?Arr Elite, Bock, NOtlrmi, (andsld 14th for Hamburg;) Constitution, Hotlil'us, do (and aid I6tli for Hamburg ) Clyde, Apri' 7? / rr Adam Carr, Scott, NYnrK In port, laa Moran. tor NYi.rk Id.; British America, for Boston and St John. NR. Calcutta. Feb 5-Arr Carthage, Archer, Boston, cep'6; 6th, Ville de Paris. Stnrgis, d?, A ng 39 In port Feb 21. Cartt>sg , Archer, for Bos'on, Idg; VlTle de Tar s, Sturgia, far N York, do, Ciknfi boos. April 17?lo port. Kin, Young, f r NewYork. Idg; New Ca-tle, uo do ; Cardenas, do do ; Eugene Skw.ner, from Cu'acoa. unc. fining in, 17th, Hope, Johns, aid a large font and af sehnooer sliowii g a bin? burgee with rid border acd the name sis whit I Iters < t'racoa. April 17 ?In tn rt, no American vessels Kolius. Haley, fur V arblehead, sld R'ds i revious; Tangent Beard man, for Button, s'd 3 Cs previous Deal, April 4?Arr Sir I vewton. Hamburg for NYork; Osprey, Riplv, d i, and shl 17th f r H tvina: ITtli, Mary Barber*. Marwood do, aud sld for NVork and Bhilai!; Emanuel, Ayr?", do, and si I fir NYork. _ Passed bv, Louisa. 1 Jeelts. N York for Hamburgh; Eortisiia, K'eme, I oper,hagea for NBedford. Dublin, April 11?Sld Agitor, Heury, and Perseverance, Scott, NYotk at Mot Tit, April 17?Sld Victoria Trewarthy, Philadelphia. Iiinraltar, March 31?Arr Caroline, Thnraaa Boston; Patriot, KeHboctem, Smyrna for Boston; April 4. f liw William, Keating Marseille* f r do Sld 30' la Itnmr.lPrown, fm Sumatri f<> -Trieste; 4th, Trident, Thing. Ma'aga. In poitS'at, Hanet. Hooper, fm Maraeillea. for NOrleans arr 30th. Greenock, \pril 9?Air Syrinx, Sr. lay, N Orleans, and proceed* ' for Gla gow Gravkiend. April 17?Sid Kmmannel, Sayrrs NVork. Gijayama, PK Aptil 19?In pn t Joseph, Coring for New vork t> ' iv*; Monaco, Gilehri.t, for do; ??, vVeirort, fin S Thomat for New Y< rk, Idg. Sld Champion, Sonic, for the hewaril, to load for N York. Havre, April 14? *rr Iowa, l.inea, NYork; AUi>nre.Tocker, Charleston: 7th, Zurich. Johnston, NYcrk; fith, Karitan, Adtma.aud Aleito. Cook, Nt)rteau ; 5th. >a'nitan?et, Destebecho, do; Anna. Mobile; Gni'laume Tell < 'hatlestnn; Km"I raid, llowe, .NYora. Sld 9th, Burgundy, W t'on, IS-w Yoik; 7'h, Itunicou. Kennedy, New Orl-nna; Rth, Wir??w, Hopkina, thai let. Ki. Veaie'a up? Oneida, Knack, New Yo k, Apr I-"; Su'ly, K-'ga-, do, 34th; Zurich, do May I; Na-htiMe, N-w Or) ana, Apr 18; Narragenaet. aud llama i, lor do, 20th; Aleato, do, 241 h IIonii Kono, Dee 86?Sld Pefe', Itoaers, M mills ax, NH April 31?Arr t hale*,Tony, Tove, Wi'm niton, Nt'.; ;|. th, Reward. Katon Philadelphia; Mae I, Martha, M'Alp.lie, do; 3d, Acadia,,a) ltvrie, II.> ton, 48 honra, detaine' lOnxf. g. C'd lat, Favorite. Matters, Alexandria ' I avara, April 28? In Port, Winn<g?'.c-. Lowell, wtg; Ino Vu ahall, Poylhre.a, fm rhilad, do| Angmtine Henr i, Farley, fm NYoib for Rnaaia,do; Cord. ?a, Mora* t'n R,th do; Jaa Kdward, Webater, fin Boaton for < owei and a market, aoori; 4'eylnn, Trott, fm Bath, diag; Mary Franeea, Thomas for rower and a market, in 3 or 4 da; Cores, Gardner, (m Providence, une; lliga. Naaon, fm Beaten, wig; Ariorta, vOrleam, d ig; Condor, Ma-n, fm Hxvie; wrg; Arnoi Patton, Tliompien, fur Charleston, une; Jar ng wrjthera, Crocker, lor Cower end auiarkrt, arror; OI"f Wyk, Meaeom, (in Boaton, Weaiacumeon. .larqeet, do; Talisman, Semera, do; Gen Harrison, Smith, fin St Thooiaa f >r NYcrk, coon; Florn ce.Decker, fro lloaton, wtg; Br .noes, C at a. fm NVork, unc; Bohemia. Naaon, fin Konnebunk do; Velaaco,f'hnale, tor Mariel, ex" dy; Vernon, Bialne, for Trieste, same day ; Apo'lo, Hunt, fm Havtr for Boston; J 1'iiHe, Young, fm Richmond. wtg; Suit, n, Burwell, do; Mary Kimball, Gregory, Im NVork tor tit Petersburg Idg; Huntress (drilling, fin Boston, n c; Byron, Pearson, fm Boatpn for N York; Swiaa Bov, Blaiad' Keniieliut.Ufor Mr?eillrs: Nimrnil, Wise, fm llo-ton for Cabanas, same day; Alfcaun, McNear, for Cardenas, to load for NYoik; Oak. Howes, fin Boaton for Knrnia wtg Sld Thames, Prince, Mataetaa, to ond for N Yoik. _ Isi.k "k Wiiiiit, April JO?Off, Atlantic, Brewer, Bremen for N York Lived root, April 16?Sid1' P Cope, Mierck'n.lliil.u'rlpliia; 1 j h, Prn-ence, ?' <l*rr, do l.oannsr, AoriH?Kut inw:rdi, Quebec, N York: Ilih, Jno Gray, < arter fin Jam ? llieer; li h, H *Hti"?on, NYi.rk; Kmpru. Hcntt. Button; 16th, Jaa < aikie, Pillsluiry, Ch-rlea on; 18th, Sttik-hli-y. Out, Bnaton. (at Ora?e?eud 16th ) I'M Uth, J me, Ouodwiu. A Yoik end M 1 I7lh, Krancei "urr, Konte-. Boston 'u put lilh. Napier, Stanford lor N V oik, ld? to mil April 25th; Victoria (Jti-ix c. and 11 lludion, do do; Albrrton, i <*am,itie!l. fur Philadelphia, do. Mamt ii.t.ra, April J?Sid Marrella, llaear, Palermo; Hh. T ete.rtt, l.iA'rence, New Yotk; Mh, New Knulino, Welch, Boston Mantua, KrhO-SW Mattakre-ett.'.Wraton, ( alrntta -Manna,a, Jau !)?Art Ko-dk Waned, Pr^tf, liontf Konit ? Sid Jan l?, Akba- IU'let, China. , Mataih-h*, PH April 24?In p-rt, Hunker llilt. Sheffield "rem .It Thomai; Laic Franklin, llardinK, fur NewY >rk, ttuc rt utherner, Crowell, fo do, 1 diyt?anil others ?? he.'uie. .Matnniiasri;, April 26 ?In pott, Bowdiieh, fciu-ry, dint, only A;n veaml Nkuvitai, April 27?In port, Neuv'taa, an I Mire pa. ">r N Yoik.iilit; llrotneii, Maylm - from.NYo'k IJ da ?,arr2Jd Nkwport, At?riI 11?Arr NhuiiIms Hyer. i nihirir Slil lilh, Mecca, llale, N York; Mayflower, Coikham, Bolton. I aLermo, A|>nl I?Id port, Venire < i.ll, ail J Prudent, r, from rie?te. *rr Mar 31. Ponce, PR April 23?In port, OutnU,1 for NYork, I J?H, xrr Will. I,, ckiuri, and Kmily Cuinaiirii?, W hiluey, for Philadelphia, Ids??IH! nthert. Porto C.. heilo, April 16?In port, Anita, Baker, for.Boi(on.2 diva H Ht f'Rnia, April 23?In port. ( Iiiurr-llor, Cnlliua, nod Ann ^at until. Mmpra, ol" and for NlUvra, Ida; fcincline, *'ooper, of A rtonton, for New York, 20 diyi; Clara riaher, of N?wb-ru, for Ul,| II ainn ld|{. ?? Sr Helena, Krb27?Bid Borneo, from Snm.tra f,r Rolleri|? m BiNflAroRE. Jan a?Arr Jenore Meaeom, NYork ?nt PenauE ? ud >H 23th for Macao; lltli. India, Ni it, Batavia Trim., April 4?Arr Merchant. Murphy, Baliiiunre; 7lh, C Senator. Lonir, Beaton; It'h, Johanna Btom, Boi jer. Nioik hop Tohhav, April 10?Olt', Rubicon, Remedy, Mure for New aire Or'eaus. Elom? Poi ti Diu I-ai %! ?, April 2.').?Arr Polunur, Loriu;;, N York; Irene, " Hryai.r *n<ft \ eitu, Haup, n?:Laiicl^hia; Boundary, Shack ford, Ctt*j Alexandria. d, Auoi'STA, April 29?Arr Helen Mar. Vertl', N VorU. Sid ' A' 2 th, Comet, Robinson, Bait mire, 27tli, Daniel Calitt';2?)h, !**' if ox ?na, Pcdleton, do H11 Porti ami, May 3 ? Arr, Outaro. Matarzas; Delaware, N Yoik; Mary, Kr^ricksburu; America, NYoik; (?enJack?on, un B*?k r; eeriowu, Camden; Grampus, NYork. Sid, Charles ^,l? Thomas, Cnb*. Oloihkstkr, May 3?Arr Hudson. Tarr, N York. ** AaLKM. Ma? 3?Diana, Final!, N York; Mb, Gil Bla*, (1 Laimon. < Jeorifetown. SC ^ j Bono*, May Arr Veipaci'ii Harlow, NOrleans; J Hoi- " land, Henderson, do; Odessa, < oilio, Buenos Ayr ?; Draco; r*1 Sears, Kio Ja eiro, Ma/ch i7; llnl^i d-r, Kwer, * ^ Casil'la. CruHree Trinidad; Frances L<ni*m, Preble, Carde- ' nas; Levari', Brown, Mar eual iu?e, 20th ult; Aluieua, Dill, Bel- " timore; Kjul* ** egientden, N York; Slaiisou Coleman, Curecoa a 17th ulr; Si H l?n *. Itar'ow, Ha* iua; Love.N'ckrrson, Charje- /Y s*on; Hri#udid, Robinson. wilmioy; on, VC; Amelia, F'isbie. f| Richmond; Atlantic, Elliott, No*folk; Florence, Lovell, and ? Louisa, Otis, Albun; Mary Maria, Dimn, and Atlantic, 1 Weare, New York Cid, Shawirtui, lliuiCn* IIii? Janeiro; +** Georgians, Crispin. Cod*na?; Juo Browrr, Baltimore, to load the for Amsterdam. Arr.vb Br steamship Hiheruia. Judkin? Li- * < verpo d; Adeline St E'izi, Dopki s. Mew Orleans; Wm Allen, Fii Snsuldug, Halifax. ?8ch ult Left [Br] Cambridge, IVlor, Ko from Baltimore, jmr a-. Ready Rhino, Curry for New York, an soon?sld in co. with Lion B xt r, for Phi'adelphia: arr Cam / l?r due. Hall, and P 'ire. Taylor, N w York; Cicero, Nicks mm, ?u' do. Cld, 4th, Caroline. Brown, Salem; Anna Reynolds. Mat- cat thews; Win M Rovers, Taylor, do; Squire St Brothers, vn S'.eelman, ,'htlad; Utica, Be^rs-, A loany and Troy; Grecian, alii Chase, n York New Brnn.nn Vhv 4? A.r Ann* V1?et-nrti??r i-.-AmnU Mk for Autwe-p. Sid t 'oru-lia, Lang, .\York ji duitry. Brown: Sachem, Hunt, and Wm Peun, Kelly, N York; 2 Til-r. N\e, \lbary; lames & Lucv. heene, and Georgia, II-Tie, Savannah Sid Maria, Hicketsnn, and Comet, Gavet, ,?lt Dalti-mre; Mary Howsid, Perry, Philid Iphia. ,, ,j K.DrjaBTOWM, May 2?\rr(" rue'iug C /Cabriskie, Philad lor |,? Boi'nn; L-ader, NYoikfir Nauiucket; 3d, ( haa Carroll, Nant f()r to lit fo* Pto ifk t . ,|a, Piiovidknce May 4 ? Arr Mary St Lydi i, Toiier. Elizabeth |,,i (lily, N''; elizi Ann. Tyler, Billunore; Sonihpoit, Oorham, ...i NYork SIH. Ht'le, Clnntr York Hive-; Star, Lane, Hall; c|., l aledooia, 8|>eiinan, Albany; Proof Olsai, Blvdenb'h, N York. m? Arr May ft, President, Wimor, N r'olk, Kair Play, Rojrera, Norfolk; Cor una. Handy. Baltimore; Kadirnt. Wilsev.Ron- (j, dnu*; General Bertrand, Rondiii'; Arion, Munro. N York; , Willard, Miller, Nrw Voiki Editor. Dayton, New Ya k; ? Tranalation, Weill Ne;s York; Sid, Mary t aroline, Nicholas, Oeraeoke, NC; ltei|ier, Sears. Baltimore; Seaford, Pugli oo: Jimn Barbour, Bak-r. Philadelphia; Jamea and Samuel Mil- At ton, do; Mexico, Tomlin, do; Leanuer, Johnson, N York; Jaa Lampheer, Kmiy.fl) ' PHtl.adki.eHia, May 7?Air Ariel, Sturdivant. Haviu>; J bet Cohen j', Mrh'arland, Areciho; Wacrainaw, Vincent, Bor- 2>< deaiiz; New Jer?ev, Bell; T B Odell, Smith; Notua, Be aa, and Itu Klaih, Lake, NYork; Ueu Lafayette, Jams, Snybrook; Moui- ?o tor, Bess", NLondon. itn Richmond, May 6?Arr J A Lanciater, Lovelaud, N >rlna; ?ei Nartngsusett, Biker. Beaton. Below, Washington, Adama, lis from Liverpool, gt'ld fEdus, [Nor] Torbijense.i, Antwerp ? 1 Slil Coivn, t.rocket, Portland; Pattnos, Towciend, Wnreham; ? Lidy Clinton, Cramer. Nantucket; Catharine Wilcox, Liac inh. aud Le* niton, Van (Jilder, N Yo>k , CllAKi.raTON. May 4?Arr l)i unant, [Bre] Ballaer, Bremen; Velog Jupiter, [Spl Basiagoi'i, Baracoa. Cld George [BrJ ? Hsnley. and Hob Roy, Marah, Liverpool; Tramont, Taylor, 1 Havre; Ilrews'er, Doanr, Brat, u; Harriet, Brown, Georgetown L S' ; Leo, [Brl Sawyer, and S trail Ati'i [ tlr] Wright, Nassau, at NP;Cota lleid, VV Indies. Arr 3d KA Brown. Wertbrook, Hi Havana Hid And-iett, [Sw], Antwerp; C/.ar, [Brl nt Eowl"r, Glasgow. er Savannah, May 3?Arr S.vamiah, llawley, NYork. Cld oil Howard, C.ilfan; Seve n, [Brl Duacoll, and Nelson Village, [Br] Giiles, Liverpool. Sid Importer, [Brl Mcl'heraon, aud Pr niroie, [BrJ Irvine, Liverpool; Oberliu, lloyt, Glasgow; G y B Lamar. Sannerman, NYork; President, Cudwor li, Beaton. Arr 2d, Tea/.er, Olidden, NOrlotna u" Mohii.i , A ril 30?Arr Viola, Jamenoii, Bntm; Vernon, P1" Kelly, and Metatnora, Aahby, N York. Clil Kliztbelh, Allen, Havana. "1 AiN AMERICAN LAI), sixteen years of ag', wishing to t obtain a aituation in a Lawyer's othce. or iu a wholesale if Commission liotise, would he willing to engage Inifftelf in either a of the above merely f.,r his clothes aud bond He can produce certificates from respectable gentlemen if I Ins city si to char ,c- rv ter. capability, (kc. Please addren A B., at this office. ? ' inB 3 tec _ A LADY ANU GENTLEMAN, er a tingle gentleman (preferred,) ciu be handsomely accommodated with neatly furnished roi m or rooms, with breakfast and tea or full board, in a small geuleel private family, living in Twelfth sire-t. X Several Iiues of tages are rnuniug in the vieinity. Address, V past paid, uuder letters. P B at the office of this paper. ta tnk 3t*oc qt LOST?Phis morning (May 7th.) iu rrossiug the Park, a tu purple morocco Pocket Book, containing two duplicate m hills ol Excliauge, and other papers, of no use to any one hut theowne'. The liudir will confer a favor by returning it * through the Post Othce, to No. 22 Comities Slip. inn 2t*ee! w LOST?A Silk Purse, tontainiug about eigut doll irs in n.o- >, ney, near Franklin street. The lijder will be liaerally rewarded by lemiig the same at 31.9 Broadway. inR lt*ec T TO PAWNBROKERS, DEALERS IN JEWELRY, StC. . OTOLEN f'om the horse of Edward Thompson, 381 Greenk-5 avich stmet. one old fashioned silver watch arcl guard; our w hroarl, with five ,11 IT-ren i .r.?. nf I,.;..., ; I) with iiai'; i>n? oblong, cut coral, do; onrgolil brcrnin; one b milk guard willi cliup; four mtU. one k?y, one amall lo'k'i, with licaiU joiurd and chain and padlock and k?y attachi j,, ral iccklacc, ima'l tr.ri"isc shell bo*. one pair amall pocket l'iatola, (Cooper, matter, N. Y ) and some money. The watch Ims a shepherd and shepherde.s painted on the dial,alto som- sheep I.enr the figure si?. AI?o, one pair cornelian eir-riuga; r| one pair of (old, ditti, dropa. All prions ara reijueited to J atop the above and give notice to th" owner. May 7, IHH. ?l tnR ilt'.je Gllr'.KN TUR.TLK SOUP?A ftua large Green Turtle will be serred up in Knup, and Steika. 1 tin l)av at Uo'cleck 11 at the I'henix. corner rf Pine aud Nauau afeeta Houp* two thillirga tier bowl. All lovera of the at ove will do well to c til. tnR lt*rc GLORIOUS N KWH ?Hoincthb.g new ana intciratlum to all classes?iOHN A COLLINS from the Skaneatelea I Community, ia now in (he city, aud will continue, at Cou- 1 cert llall, Broadway, thia, WeJu-silay evening, May ft. at tl half p ist 7 o'clock precisely, liia course of Lectures on Social si Science, embracing llm evils aud aulagouigms of the present f< social arranc-ment, their cause and reined'/. All persons are respectfully invited to be presnut Seats re- |; ae. v il for the Udies Kutrance free. ml lt*ic a: REMOVAL. a WA t MKTS, Importer of* Krench Embroideries and Kaney Goodi, has removed Loin No. 46 to 37 Beaver at, s np.'oaite aide m8 8t*rc LA ('.RANGE I'LACK, o BULL'** FERRY. N R W J K R S K Y . flMll8 BEAUTIFUL and healthy summer residence ia now A * opm a* tl hi fndiMai for Im raeaptioi ??f ?Hw s Hmm Ikihk fitted up for Boirdm and i'r rate Part FT/-The Bar is supplied with tin? choicest Liquors, Wiues, I lie Refreshments, <?t all inn v Private Parties can he accotmnud Ued with Dinners at the < shortest notice. ... ri Target Excursions and MPiutev Companies can be accunmodate'l w ith I>i? n Jrs oii reasonable terms. AB those going on " Target Excursions would do well to ca'l on 8. A.N MET, be- * fore engur?nir elsewhere Th" steamboat Bos on runs to the above place. For particu- \ lar* see Old Sun M i \ May, ItH. STEPHEN ANNETT. p rnH !m*rc ,> WIND tW SHADES-rRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADED.? v sVl, BERK! A N. Ill i liatham street will ? op mi 'his mormmig, 20 ca*es. containing *11 the n*w and faslu n- 0 able atfrn und patterns now in uae, which bo vvill tell prices & 2S percent, lower th "i they can he s >ld jt in any other store 1 ?i/.: 700 p irs from $i *5 to $<; 6MD pairs from $1 t??$25 ? ? i oniii v M-* cinnts, Carpet Merchants, Auctioneers a d ether j de*| T? 111 p.lfd 1 N B T -e ar- no other goods but Window SVde? and j Hang ng< s hi at Ii 1 hwtharo attest- m8 Im * er. ; phNKKAL \OENry AND IN I ? LLiUENCE OFvT FD Fa. 130 Broadway, wh*re the public will he supp'ied i li Household Srrvtnti, wiitrrs, vl aiejuti. lu on tm I ih.> rest nance, at his office, 330 Broadway. Office open from j |(l to 0 o'd eki | N B. A gency of ever/ description done at this office. Help alvravs on hand * j m8 l*n* rc C. 8 CLARK. PER 'TM hRH. DRUGGISTS Oncers, Sugar Reftcera. BotHem, Coffee ami ^pice D?vl rs, Bhcairg and I M i Manufacturers, and all other c iuuiners of f FANCV COLORED LABELS J a*e reirer tfully informed thate*ery k'nd rf w rk in the j XYLOGRAPH <; STYLE, ; is executed in fthe best st> le of the art, rnd ;; , *at tee^lowest 1 POIIIDII' MHI pNCe._^JJ *1 l? III*'. I "I.NO'S XyTugraphiC Pre?a, No. ]-l Maiden Lace, ' nil! lm'rc removed from 9 Wall *ir>ei. c t rf'0 COKFEE AND SPiOE MANUKACTUItKHS? > Label* printed at fram 2J m 60 rent* per IftdO Tl) SOAP AND CANDLE YIANUKAT' KKU-'? Large Fancy Lnbrl* for bo*e*, uf Family Soap, printed in two color*, for $ '0 per .00, II oidaornc Plate* epgraveil for $0 * TO BLACKINO AND INK MANUFACTURERS? Label* printed at from to to75 cent* per 1000, at K. HEMMLNO'o Xylogr?phie Pre**, * m# lm"re il Maiden Lane. I __________ & Co IWPMRTKRS OP *1*1) IIEII.IHI I* TABLE i UTL*.HV. HAKDWAKE, TIN WARE. WOOD WARE, UHU.-IIK8, BASKETS, " M vrs. Jtc No. 56 MAIDEN LANE, Nkw York. tl Packet thipa, Steamboat*, Hoirl*, and Private llnnie*, furnished at manufacturrntt price,, at the ?horte*r notice They import Mid abtain 'heir good* direct fr. in 'be ma u fact il rer*?purchaning rntirrly for caih?having the lamrtl p itme anil \tnck in the Unilnl Stnlei?tliey offer indacemen:* a that can l>? found no ? here el?e, t N. B?Every article in their line manufactured to order of ih bt material and workmamhip. ? Catalogue* to Ire had at the *tor . roll 11 rc (vENTLEMKVS ' i aUPKUFLUOUM C LOTH I NO?< Jentlemen or f.imili-* J k' deairuo* if coaveritn* into caah th< ir aupcrff rinu* or ra*t r otf clothing, will obtain frcm the anbicnber the HIOHKST t CllM PKH ES a I o faimlie* or gentlemen quitting the city, or changing re*p deuce, having effect* of the kind to di*po*e of, will find it mncli to iheir advantage to *etrd for th' auhacriber. who Will a attend them at their re*id< nc-bv appointment, e H LEVETT, Office No 3 Wall meet, and at 376 ilunaoii street Order* through the Poat Office, or ethcrwiae, will he pom tnal- * ly atieucl il lo. in* lt'ec I IMPORTANT TO THOSE WITHOUT

CHILDREN rPHOSE lnt.ere?ted, will p"cr ve 'ha'a-i agency it establish * ed for t'e aileiff M. M. DESOMeAUX'S Wonderful ] Preen rtive : Inn f -rdi il. i i)f7"See adverti?emei.t on lajt Column of fnarlhpege. ( nl>l<l Inn'm h SCARPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL. rf ASTONISHINO CUKE OF DEAFNESS.-The follow ' n g certificate i a* been leccived by Mr. Whipple, onr agent in \c-wbnrypurt Mm, : 'This it to certify tint inv wife hut iiik bee,i affljtte I wl h * lh? I Oft of heir m K lor a year and a hilt", ha, suddenly recovered th? i a,ne, by the iiof Scaiips's tin. for lie irn? It was c wilJi much feluctduce that she mule n tiial of it; hot beiiiR P eii-ouriite I by the esernple of others who?e mine, were proJucil in r??or of its utility, her content wu ohteineil, nr.d I inn i iinprty to say tha' her tie,m it i, more than or.limnly acrnte ? j I wi? i those i'ltfeiii R Under the nine malady iniut.t " go r do till wise" " THOMAS K. rKMHKY, %i N? wRUHvroRT. April S 1KU I, Kor the h i.elit of person, At a di tance, I would add that Mr. * Pre?sey is n mercha t ol Pleasant street, and will lie l.nppy to r give any additional P'.tticulars to those who mi? *iph to en- i mure of Imn. CIIAIILKH VVHlH'LK. . IN one genuine nnle,, with the s?r rils "Sca'l>n's Oil for l)>af- | I ness" blown on each bottle, and with the written nntnattire 0/ ' B. Bell on the wrapper. 'repnred by H Bell, and sold who''sale aril retail bv A. I, 1 . -V D. Buds. d r n g g 1, ts. 79 rnltoi street, 1 urner of (fold; nlno. 1 I ml I by A B, N,t,<|s St 1 0 No 17I Broadway, aud Hands It lit 77 ! cat Broadway ml Btia'rc ' lOWI.H?Sis bhds, in dry salt, for >sl* by J K K. COLLINS SI CO . mSrc A South street. | c AUCTION SALES. niOMAh BKLL. Auction* ; 1 * Storr No. 11 Spruit tlrtti. 'k'llnr H?lc? a? u?iia1 of Kaiuiturr erery Wedurtday ami ( nrtlay. i Do t?o, of Dry Uooili, and all other rarietira eeery Tuesday . K Kridav | Ljt K.J. BKAKNS, Auctioneer. Uy |i D NABH. T H U.ti S D A v . AHOA SAI.K. OK KLKOANT Beroud Hand Houseil b U'uitiire, I ir|rU, 6tc , at II) o'tl'ck. a'. 39 Kill ton I I. a larite qu intity of hleic.iut Second Hand Household i , Kitcheu r uruitu e, roirpriiinv |i'aui and tailed seal Solas, | i UK 1 abler, hreaklast, t a and centre do . pier, walk and I w' at do. Vlaliniro.v It ?. M.k?. \*7 T ..I .?l^. UM ?u. hijf and full frencli Mahof?ny < hairs, cv * ami rash ! lr*j L do, pi r and inauttl <iUs*'*, lookt* g atd dressing d\l?il ' ?t?OK * nnU, Ltmp, brotz * mautrl Vases and Mhhdes, A? gold aud bronze <?irauuoles,(3 pieces ) white and gold China ?urr heL. plain white do. rich cut Dinner Glass, ivory [] idle 1 able < u ve platei *ruu Basnets aud < 'astors, bee issel* 3 ply Ingram Carpets, ?t*ir do, Oil < 'Inths, mahogany in I uiaj le Wasbstauds, Bd*tiadr, Cols, feat r Beds, Pit- ?? '?* ?! B0,|ters. Mattrrs**s, I'aliaMers, Chau>b*r &ets, ills, Blanket#, Window C ur aim. Stair H? d# fkc , with nantit* rf K tchen f un itnre m good order. ? B?-Th? above *hIh com|irin*? the largest assor ment of 'Oud Hand Household furniture ottered this season. ard is liwor'h* th" at'? ii'iou of House 4*.d Hot* I keepers Dealers, Ate. % T 4 ?' < ralo;uPi tradv early ou the moruirg of tilr. The mi tore can be siammm1 this aft* moon- n.8 2t*ec 'LL.7!^'^ NO I ?C ^ ? Kk'eusiveS leol Choice furciture, THIS DAY, t 11 Spru? e ?ti?**"t. ' > "R ,f 'C THO^ BELL. Auctioneer AHU' 8 \ Li i-UPKKIO... Kl'KNlTU?< K ? T1 S .1ITH it O. will sell tuis ouirniua, At IU)? o'clock, ?u .. store. 31.4 Broa ?wav, corner of t'u\ue st c? t hy catalogue yl4. I without ret* rve, .* Urge assortment of Superior city made ?V nil tire embrscirg almost every desirable article iu us-.? "?( rpirticoltrs Auction Heiu iu Courier. Kilning Post .Jj Kxprss. vU >,j parlor Organ, in a rich mahogany case; has i power f cient for a a . all church The goods may be examined hy Mogue any time previous to the time of sale Strangers T itiirf the city'to purchase may have th-ir goods packed and pped wi h tare and |?oruptt.e*t and at the lowest rn'r* K m? lt*ic A M CHOinfc, DOUBLki DAHLIAS.?J. B. OLUVlR I >^||wi!l sell l?v iiiciion, or Friday MvDhh at LI o'clock. Ik*, u tfiblo's Conservatory No ; l'r< n!w r-.ft splsadtd 're ion of DouWe Dahlia Plants, which ha*e been propagtwith great t are and att* nt oil. from impo*t*d bu'hs, piiuci- .. ly of the most choic* and prize Bowers, cxhibi'id m w ng- U | daiing the last two years. All the plants are in flu** order ?j* i mined lite planting out : are warren ed true to mime and Ciipt'oii as giv? u in the third 'initial < 'afnloKue, just pub- a, ? <!, which a'so cr.i ttins copious instructions lor successful tivition. They will he sold in lots to suit the wants of *11 sses of purchi*ers. The plants will be on view on the ? rniog .of sal**, at which lime catalogues will be ready for irihutiou A collection of flowering Plants, *iz: Hoses, ro iuins, ?kc will be offered after thes le of I' thlus oR3us VVM NIBLO. By .1 HI .OK.MAN, Auctioneer. FRIDAY, May IA 10 o'clock, at Russell's Harden, corner of Henry and Pacific streets, near Houth ferry, Brooklyn. }RK?NHnU?K AND OARDKm PLANTB-500 of the it fuglish named gooseberry bushes, with color of fruits; df ) red end 200 white curra* is; 360 of the large r*d and white ti nted raspberries?all iu line couditiou for transplanting Ah , a choice collection of greenhouse and garden plaius, (>u w ported per ship Gladiator, from his b'otner's London our- al t)vh. Boies, iMagnolivs, lUiododeudrous, Azilias, Dahs, Tuberoses Uc luc C Brooklyn. !Mav 8tk 1844 m8 2t*rc C I'CTION NOTICK?Large Sale of ancient and inouern L Paiutings, by the best masters, on THURSDAY, at 10^ |v Bock, in the new sales room, II Sjirucestreet iw8 2t*ec TnOS BKLL, Auctioneer. \ kHLIAH IN i'ots, ROSk - AC. AT AUCTION? Q ' LKVY Ik 8POO kEH will rell on Wednesday morning, ~ II o'clock, at 161 Broadway, 600 pots < f Dahlias of fiue sorts. ores. < iriMtioiM, Vrrbruas, and a va'i'ty of lirr plants, M ill line onier, with a p*r?'?*l of gnrdtui und (lowseeds; ami Friday 100 pots of choice Ctunelias from four to A the I - i In.: h. u,7 2fm AARON BUTTERFIICLD, Asetioottr. [TILL SKLL, on Waduesd iyt M ?y Rth, *t 10 o'clock A. M. * all the Kuruitu'e "untamed iu the North American Hotel, the corner of Bow ry and Bayard streets, consiuiugof ('arts. Beds and Bedding, Bedsteads, ("hairs, Table*, Bureaus, >f*ij Window Blinds and Shades, together with the Kitchen >i i mi tare of the house, See. S Be positive, rain or shine. i my7 2t*m iV ? . ? m t 'OT A < i K TO L-.T?( )ii the 7lh arenne, |? tw? en ?j 25tn and ?6(i) st'eets. A modern well hulit cottage, con- ' ^jyLiainiog oue parlor, cue hreik'aK* room, lour bed rooms, : , ike , with live lots of garde.i ground, planted with ?liuhb<?. . raddistie*. g.-'pe vines, Ike Hen; *100 to n geuttel s'rall u inilv Apply on the piennses m8 lt#rc 1' A 1> ! : K HANGINGS. {] IV. Q- G. CURTIS, , NO. fi *4 MAIDEN LANE, al ITOULD r.'s|>eclfiilly call the attention of th-ir numerous " cus'omei. nn J the public Kn erally, to their Spring Impor- J linns nf new style I'yier Hangings of every description and 8 lality, which they offer for sale at sucli prices as canuot fail r (tiveeatiafictiuu t > purchasers. They have also on hand and de to order, a superior article ef CURLED HAIR MATTRA8SE8, " l.ich for elasticity and curability cannot be e scelled; together ith Purified Live (Jeese Keather lied., Screw Palliasters, and cry article iu the Bedding and Upholstery business, at lew !, 'tees. ml Iwis-ec. ARD?101 half bhls. landing es shin Yaioo, tor sale by ? -t my7 K. K. COLLINS It CO 56 South str~t. > FASHIONS. %i ' 1 ^[RS. MAXV.'KLL solicits a call at her rewly-opened Krench Millinery EstoHijhir.ent, No ? Canal street, near roadway, where she has constantly on hand an elegant asaort- ( lent ef the latest and most fashionable aiticles, at the lowest ricee. al'lt!w-rrc MARSHALL '1IUU S E, PHILADELPHIA. PIUS SPACIOUS and fashionable Hot-I, extending 75 feet l on Chestnut street, and 150 leet to C?r|ienter street, capable farcuminodati Jg 150 persons, having be-u .ec-ntly much unroved by alter'lions of the front, new entrances, stiir ways, id other arrangements within, is t j b- let al a reduced rant for term ofveari. Apply to SAMUEL POWKLt., ten Iwrc '207 Chestnut strert, Phila'elpliia. ABBEY HOTEL. I0?'| STRKcr, BLOOM I NOD ALE HOAl). / H VAN RENSS..LAER. Proprietor of ihe Abbey HoA * ml, would letnru thanks lo the citirens of .New York, for ir liberal patronage bestowed on his place the past season. By trict attention tn the business and wants of his guests, he hopes ir a continuance of ihe same. To those who have not visit'd the place, he would res|iectfuli say, that a large, line old mansion, supplied with the necea- ' tries ai d luxuries of 111w?grounds unsurpassed m I. cation, eauty ana loveliness?covered wiui green, iw??uow-rs, nil li is shade, with attentive host? wait their corruug. (?' tleineii with their familivs, will find 11 lew hoars well " pent iu the cool shade of the old trees of '76. L ull s an Children can roam in peace and qniet over the cx miy> fTtfui^i o( Che plaosi 11C be se BBdntirbM es ui their v b prints wa|Iu Families or single arsons can obtain board and Rood rooms f r a fair rate, by applying soou. Individuals or Parties will be i applied with Breakfast, Dinner orHuuper, at all hours. j Mr Moore's Sraues. rtiiiniiiR from the Park corner of I haf in street and I'ryon Row, mar the Railroad, to Manh ttunilie. pass the pl&ee everv hour of the day?lare 12>4 C?uts, u od 0 aches and careful drivers, make this a cheap an I |??e t id**, from the be it nud dust of fhr city. ' New York April. 1844 alf> mire IOSSVILLE liOAKPI NO SCHOOL, STAT EN ! ISLAND. ' IT WE8TTHORP respectfully informs bis friend* and J '* tle publi- that he ha* now ap oiiemuR for sev ral pupils 1 '*ren's and guardians ar* also inhumed w . VV. n ak-s its [ oint of couscien e to guard in every possible w*y the mortis ! f children commit>d to his care R .ding, writuiR rtho* ' r-ipby, arithmetic, geography. and grammar tauRht. The loaf i n is delightful nid n? aithv. the orchard. gardens and play ' round ar? spacious, about ten minutes' walk Irwin the lauding 1 'he nemilvM Kiritau leaves II arc lay street evrry day at'J 1 dock i u Rossi ills Terms, for board and .'ttifion, including wishing, $2 per narter, pa d n ad? nee lief, reuceat It**v wavid Mlre, St* ten Island. W S erym??ar, Esq., 4 Chatham square, N. if. Henry Stewart Segoirie, K?j., blnteti Island. Win Ludlufnt Ksq . I'M Beck man street John Uumn. Esq ,30 Monroe street. Messrs I'olvtn at rlem?ng. Ksqrs , 16 Cedar street, t ipt Kd-'-rd kerb-r, Esq , Hicks street, Mrooklyn. Mr? Vari?n, 21 Eldrtdg street New York. !%ich'< . Mor -rner, iq. 4 Mortimer Buildings, Wall street, Br I >vt iBImn ifo \K\ IU 18TOR1 \. HELL liATI TI RK1. \ V> NSWOOD AND NKW YORK STAGES Will co i-m^ece iniiliiig on Monday, May ! I?ll. m lollnw. ifwiry;ayv4 Leaving Astoria, at 7, B, 9, and II o'clock, v . i. . i ?. 5>fi ana 7 P. M l.i'oin; .1' tnam street opposite City Hill at 7, 9, 10, and 1 o clock M . I, J. I. 9, G and 7 o'clock P M. This Stage will call for i assenger* at 20 Bowery, corssr of VII street, an I at Hannl'i, Yorksille. All baggage at the iwner's risk On 'he arrival of th? Hag* at Astoria, itill ironediatelv bv in leaaines* for conveying passengers to Raveusvood and Long Island Farms. F*?e 12^ cents. flora's and Wagons to If t. LEW IB St CARTER, n * fjO ' flon. <fEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY BTEAMBOAT LINE. KOI( ALBANY AND TROY?Morning iW ' JT Line from the foot ol Barclay street, landing intermediate places. I he steamer EMPIRE, Captain H. II Roe, this mora' g at 7 o'clock. The steamer TROY, Captain A. (Jorham, to-morrow n >rniwg, at 7 o'clock. Evening Line from the foot of Conrtlsndt street, direct. The steamer HW A LLC)W, t plain A. McLean, this even- ( li. it 7 o'qIhI the steamer \LBANY, Captain R. B. Macy, to-morrow ventng, at 7 o'clock. The Busts of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa ' rr, are able at all times to pias the bars, and r*ich Albany nd I roy in ample time to take the morning train of cars for be rast wr went For paskige or freight, apply ou board, or at the offices on the rbarves mflrc A**: BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVERJHfVPOOL PACKKT.d?FOR LIVEIIPOOL ?Regnlar ^y>si'Vk"t < f tlie 16'h Mav ? Phe magnificent and celeiTatc.l fast sailing, packet ship YORKSHIRE, bur'hen 1190 nns, D <? I4.iiit-v commander, will positively sail on Thursday, !6th Mas, her regular day. It 9 well known that the Yorkshire in fitted out i i a most Mterb and cos ly manner, with every mordern improvement .1*1 convenience, that cannot but add to the comfort of those mbarking Peri or s visiting th* old country, should call and se^ this plendid sjiec of naval nrchitecture, brf ?re engaging pa,rge m eny otner vessel, b'or farms ol passage apply on board, not ol Beekman street, ?r to Mie suhtcriher*. ROCHE, BROTHER* ?t CO , 3.9 Fulton street, ueit door to the rll t!6 rc ______ Fnlton Bank. FOR NEW ORLEANS.?LOUISIANA AND ' VftfVNEW YORK LINK Positively First Regular 4tilMlk?pPnrkp?, to sail I9tb M <y?The last sailing imcket si ip 1 TasTTTN, f'aptain Eldridge, will vely sail as above, er '?vI'I ?r drt v Fo Ireight or passage, having handsome furnished accommoations, apply "ii boartl, at, Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall street. if (n ?* x ? u M Hon tli BtfW Ay, tilts in \f? Orleans?Mi surs. Unllin tld Wood raff, wild ' rill orompilv forward nil grinds to theiraddress. Hn|i,ern by thin line may de|aeid upon hnsing their good* J orn-ctly meanured, nml that the ships of ilm inn-will mil nnrtijnllv as mlwitiml re \ A' HT ffOR, NALK?l'he well boo wo and fast>.i lout sloop-built Yacht LUI'IIiLA KO< KWKM-. in lonn, found nml furiiinheil in the omit mn; 'e?e manner, with jib, main-mil, llyinujib, nml it?ff ion nil.ilir < nnehors nml chain-cable, hnvmit four berths. Willi ml < iifl>'ii hair mdt'niiri, bedding, il nnuk cushions curtninr, tc , r >< king nod cabin stove, china, gl'ss Ikr ?will be rnld on ran,.liable irrini. Kmimre nt the office of Mef'OUN V SLAHK, H wall street nM i?n* r ARD?Jt* bblt, tad M kr^s'i ore L?nl l.iril, landing e? la ship Ynr.oo, for sale by In ,7 K. K. COLMNH fc ( '>. 'A South strce!. , 171, /VXSKKD?I# bblt. in lire ordnr, for sale by P ,nv7 K. K. COLLINH It I (). M flftulhttree*. I PORTl'OIJKSK KliMAUkIMLLS I PHKBE Ihr-fiimsJ a?d celebrated Pills, ,"-nin I'nrin .sl, a s ! vrp rr .vr to v iinniniil m!i:i r irrio. V* n>?: ,,, nenton ih? ? .! ??? <?ertn.i?e??. AMUSEMENTS. t ALMO'H ilEW VOHK OPiCKA HOBWC. Under the Diracuoi of Suror V ALTKIXINA. f f~ Adi-nion On?* Dollar, to all |>nrWolthe hooae ors ojt*?i ,u 7? Performance to commence at half-paat ? ADKR OF THE ORCHEtTMA"' IIIIJUKTT1 t. Uombinad with mII th? format DiatinBaiahad Profaaaora. WEDNEihAi EVENlNO. Mayftk, , ? Will ba iM-rfurma I ih ra|..bM'ail and brilliant Onara of n L. t 1a. Ul LAMMEKMOOK Lucia ili Laininerm Sig'na K Borgh'se I) Lord ll*i ry Allium Kig A Viltrlliu-t Sir Edg ir i I' llivruivinod Si* L I'rrnxii J *1. B.?The B * Ottic* is now open every day during the il rk, from 10 o'clock A >1 , until 4 o'clock P. NT., when seals y be secured for tie ensuing srisnu Regular inouu seals MM^b Prin fit Ihr Tnrlu Bkjiriiwititiim u lubscribers not securing seats ih* price of tickets I* placed at Tor the season?not transferable t| Stage Manag-r Ml. Walla. |, L/~Tbe public are resiirctfully informed tbat tbe Baths liava n newly arranged and fitted op in a bands >me style, and are full operation, rnrht and day. . PAHK TllKATrtm 1 Boxes . $11 Pit JO ( euU I IMIIery '55 IIS EVENINO. Nl ty U will be tierforined tbe grand (Iw-aof tin POSTILLION OF LONJUMKAU-Chapelou. Air Hhrtvall; Uuou, Mr beguini Madrlain*, Mrs " Seguiu. I i couclud* with tbe OLYMPIC If' VF.LS?Prometheus, I Mr Seguiu ; Swiss Boy, Mr Sbrivall ; f'andira, Mrs Seguiu. i t; IIATIIA M TH K AT IttuT I 'oxes 14 Oats t Pit* 12)? Cent* , -||SUV*? May 8, tor oimeacc with NIPT I.N* THfc BUD?'Mail Oalocbrrd Mi?? Reynold*. bv a (roocert k?\ 0?t? Cooi{.> < fter which UA8I'A?< H AU8KH?Dr Loti Whittle. Hill, vllowed by Nr.IV NOTIONS?Maj V\ l.-ler, Yhiike- Mill i> cnucln e with a Second Concert by the Congo Melodists I DIl I't UKLL S Oa.V Sll'tt pi t Vs. 1 . . Benefit ot Mr Marks. HIS EVENING, May 8th, to commence with THE YOUNG SCAMP ollo sed by PARSON'S NOSE?Mr Bobb, Mr Mitcb-ll. fter which A Vocal ard 'nstrutn-ntal CONCERT, o conclude wnb OLE KINO COLE. NKW KN R KEItlKM KKH THK ATHlti, LATE A MPHITHEA THE, BOWERY, THK MANAOEMKNT OK Mr. J. B.RUSSELL HIS EVENING May Rth, will he performed, IllK- . LAM) AM> IRISHMEN?Neil O'Carollan/Mr Dawn I Iter which, THE FOREIGN riUM'K-Jim Crow. Mr. llice. ( - conclude with. JIM CHOW IN LONDON. f ANKKiCAl nV K. 1)1". " " ( A N U PERPETUAL FAIR. Corner Tif Broadway anil Anu street. Opposite the Astor Honse THE MOST BRILLIANT ANU TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS. Oil ANU PERFORMANCES At half-p ut 3 o'clock every afternoon, and 8 every evening. The GIANT AN1) GIANTESS! the tw? itrentest won r? of the SKe.tnay lie seen from 10 o'clock A. M till 1, from 2 H hair-pott5. and from 7 till Id. The m ill inter is happy to announce an engagement, for one eek only, with the ORPHEAN FAMILY'. of live persons, 1 musicians of rhe lirst class. Mr W1NCHELL, the inimitable Orolleriit; Mr WM OLE, the Cuiitortioiiiit ; Mr. LYNCH; L.A PETITE I EH I TO: the DOli BILLY; and others. A Beautiful Collection of Wax Figurrs. TheGll'SEY tiUEEN, the hortune 'J'eller, mar be private ' consulted at a! I hours of the day and eveninit. Tickets 25 cents?children under ten v?ais UN cents. Twi-fiveceuts extra for private comultatious with theGipsej neen. e30 ic ~ PKAI.K'!! 4EW YOKU MChKlilH 1ND PICTURE GALLERY. Broadway, opposite the City Hall. .DWARF! AS OLD AS TOM THUMB I ! AND THREE I VCHE8SHORTER! A GIANTESS!! AN ALBINO LADY. With White Hair and I'iek Eves. AND SEVEN PERFORMERS! ! All 'or One Shilling. MR. H. BENNETT. MANAGER, espctfully announces that lie lias effected ?r engagement with Ir. DEI.ARUK the celebrated Mimic, who will ttive his lUth admired imitation of HENRY CLAY. 'he fnllowinir performers will also appear The (?H E A T W EST E h N. M rs WEST E UN, C EL EST E, tc graceful Danseuse. Mr H. LONOVKR, the Protean Perinner, and Sir \V C'ONOVF-R, the celebrated Comic inger. The jMelodeon, that plays a variety of brilliant Overtures, lalfa MiMion of Curiosities.IimndCostnorania,and Spl-ndiu icture (jtollery, containing all the celebrated characters during ie Kevoltition. ThtUll'SKY (ilKL, can be consulted at II hours Afternoon Kntertaiumcnf on Wednesday and Siturday at o'clock. Performance in the Lecture Koom to commence nt o'clock. im? pHK OALLER1 QV PAINTINGS AT CLINTON i Hall, imported with the inteuhou of commencing a Naonal Gallery for the artists aud students of New York, is ow offered for sale to all amateurs and connoisseurs of paintiga. It i* considered useless to ineution anything in favor of ie different paintings which compose this collection, the ufclic and the press haviur loo frequently spoken of it in mils of the ^ ighei t com mend at i on The gallery will be pened for public inspectiou everv day, aud the pointings will e sold at public aectiou on Wednesday, the 14th of May, at I o'clock, A M special seats iu the saloou reserved for the adies. Admission free. inBtrMrc DR. HOLLICK'S LKCTURKS r\S THK PHYSIOLOGY and Plnlosopy of the Origin and Maintrn *uce of Human Lre, which have already heeu deivered Mil times, will beagiin repealed, on Tuesday, Wedneslay, Thursday and Friday, May 7, 8,9 and 10, at National Hall, it il str.'H This will probably he the last lime,and the course will contain in ntra Lecture, io allow of the subject being more fully treat d and of several New Topics b*ing introduced. First Lecture?Tuesd ly?The Anatomical and Physiological fse I'blance-and differences iwtween the seies; Generation, i's arieties ; Fissiparous, G^mmiparous, Hermaphrodite, auo Mil Second Lecture?Wednesday?The Male System; the Female lystein ; Impregnation, iu I'tauts aud Auirnah; Gestation, sin ei fetid ioi. Third l.e< tun*?Thursday?Theories of (hurrslinn ; the I 4l?eiinati*u the (Ivists . 8vnjjeu?*sti, b volution. and Kpigeneiis: Utero Gestation; Fetal Evolution; Parturition. Fourth lecture-Friday?Nutritiou , Circulation ?<i the Dlood: Kespirjii n, with a description of Ml the organs concerned in these i roceases; and the piincipsl deiaiigemmts to which they Hre all liable. IlinstrateJ by the c. Dbrated Models, Natural Preparations, kr , Ac For G"ntlern*u only, at in the Kveniog?Aduiissiou 60 :?ills eir.h Lecture, or SI 50 lo the bourse. Kor Ladies at 2% iu ifise Aft* ruoons of the same days?Admiii?o?* 25 cents. mS St#rc H E MOV A is. lifKH. (AKKOLL'8 MKDICATKD VAPOR AND LH SULPHUR BATHH, will he removed, the first of May, Tom f'ourtlaudt street, lo 325 Broadway, two doors above .b ity Hospital, wheie sue will be happy to see her friends and ?i ? r??: s np23tf it rc DR. M. L* VKtTM erlire new method of ioacrtiug Art;' cial Teeth, differing in many res|ecl? from any practised u the United States, .and which will he found superior for masicalion, and the desirable requisites c.f teeth, e*jitreeing th principle of alin<>?| ' eric pressure, iu iu fullest esept, as original!y introducedbr him in 1H36, with his hkckni mphovfMI \t, which is allowed to te ti e greatest that ins ever been intro luced in iHtriity. It preserves the nginnl leeth?if any remain?and the ndaptatiou held irmly to the gums, without any pain or pressure ran be ernoved for cTrautiuty wi?h the most perfect ease. Red can ie applied w ith or without removing the stumps. Iu order hat the public may not he deceived hv interested individuals, lb. L*vett assures those requiring artificial teeth, that his plans iml methods of fitting aud modeling the g Id plate to th? gums is altogether peculiar to himself and unknown to any other p*fscu, iis those ol his patients who have been under the care of other dentists, can so fully appreciate. Ladies end gentlemen w?il no fully satisfied on their calling at Or, Levett's office, No. 260 Broadway, corner of Warren strict, who will most cheerfully eiplam and clearly demonstrate ail its great advantages To thos whoareuinc luaiu't-J with Dr. Levett's reouttlion and siandtug, he can ofler cruder tiaIs and recommendations from the fir*t ie socie'y ind th* Inuh *?t authority iu denial si mice, as well as the opinion of the most respe taMe of rbe public p'ess, which is open |.?r inspection at I'll. LKVKTT'b Office, No. 260 Broadway, 'rii^r of Warret! street i *M uncroTrnexKEKT NO. HO DIVISION 8TRKKT, is consulted daily by strangers and einxens of both ?' *? *. Dr. B. is a regular vodleua'.lv onatitled physician and snrgron, aud warrants to cure, or no en irge, tl' di cuts "f a private nature. Letters |k?b( paid, with $ 'i closed, ntfemh d to it) hisie, and medic.nes sent to any part of tt e country. Hours of consullati u between 8 A M and IP M. P S.?Private apartm uts for the convenience of paticnU. rnK liu'rr 5tk ang brs beware. IN THIS AOL OF (iUA' K FRY AND HUM QUO, it is * inoKt i-nj*>rtint to cimse an experienced Physician?DR. J. KVANS has removed his Old Galen's Mead Dispensary t" No. 2R8 IVarl. corner of Beckrritii str.ef, where he continues his most extriordinary rurei of nil delicate d.s.nis<'f, no matter now romplirat d. He apprises the citizens and strangers thM there is no Dr. F.r us in his old stand, and 'hat lie has no connection whatever with any other office. His charge* are moderate: his consultations strict I y* private. N. B ?Observe the number?mistakes ?r- often dangerous? Ml Pearl st [?7**Medicines aud directions sent to any part of the Union, by particularly stating the case, and enclosing five dollars ml lt#rc HPIIOKN'H i (IMPOUND KXTRALT OF COBAIBA A AND 8AR3A I AKILLA poises a lew .idvanLiges not enjoyed by any other medicine for the cure of ailsesusldi leases, and which must, with an enlighoued public, tender it issiiredly highly popuiar, *t.d a desidtm;nin long sought for in ilie medical world. L needs no ctWinement or change of iliet. Iii its approved form that of a paste, it is entirely taiteieas, and cmse* no unphasant mnsation to the patient. It has acquired the ntin >st h.nw in almost every part of Kuroi?e; it has i een rivmined, appioved * f and sanctioned by ti e ficulty of rnediC'ne, and recommended by the most eminent of the profession Prepared by J B. Thome, chemist, London, and for sale wholesvle and r*-r-ii! by JA.MKH TAUUANT.M Gre^rwich st, corner ol Warrm strret Also, at 2 Park How and 681 Broadway, 181 Broadway, 399 Broad wav. corner ol Walfcer street. inliwius'r ^ KM KNCIl CI 11NA. H> MOV'KD TO N ? . 6 5 \j I r. K li T Y S T It K E Tl, (l)l' BTAIHH.) AUAl.C.SMK, Importer and Airot lor Mannfaclnrert, haa alwayt on hand ' large attortinenl of dinner and lea tela in plain wi itntad Kilt ytench Porcelain, at well nx ainner and Ii<ii-rl Plilei, of i I nwi. aatorted l'i?li??, Soup TureeUi Cowered Itiahea, H?lad How It, Kruu Batketx, IntU.rdt and Hianda. A Ix-. KltcyTfi Seta, ami Itirh Decorated Dinner Hra Aim, i en nod Chocolate \V?re, Orerk, ranch and Amen aim shape Ml tne article! are warranted ?l the hett quality, and i > h? old on li'ernl trnui,mil 10 iom to tall pnrcliaaerx. inrlh 6m* re CHOICE HAVANA SEGAHS Mli JOHN J TAYLOR will Mil ?t Anr ion tlironfli l| iy. lit II. I'KLIt 8t i (I . on 'I hursiny, May ?, ? ' lock A. M , hi th* 'orr No. B'j Wull sir ?*t, an fiitir** i,i?mo' ol ?rrv junrrior Htt ni Hffin.ratitteil to drbfi > Vvolg*, consisting of !ilI,Oft) K^ciln, V'*iiJtU?li?. mi iIf k** >'ml assortment of n i ncrij (ion rxictly suited lor (irit ci*?? ! ?> ''t Mid (In- r?M;o| tr*di? HI l I MAKTKLLE AND ll?>M?KK\IANN. 17 MAIDKN LAVK, Vf ANUWA<iTUKiOKS AND IVII'OK IHIH '.f On.amen ml H*ir vVork, WViir-, Twii^i lUiius, * oris, Ncaiii , irnl ill kinds of II iir Work*, wliol*?*l* l'?d r^Un n II - r}> ' f (<!' ?ti, ; i' . rrmn < 12 1 rn r< HIOKS, FAT AND CALF SKINS. rPHK MI'JIIKMT run KHtieen for Hidet, H it an I < al] * ^kins, Ciuh current rnonfljr. on drliffry, ?l in* Mid* < ??.>t lion#* . f fh* sul?scrib*r, wh#r* contract* * !. mud*' ; ? .-.Jltkiut by theteaaon.n'thehiKheat pon r (ft ? Mitarwlh at. hetwner I'fiare m l OKA?<M'dry toil* ern, land i.t -a imp 1 tt to, ftM .New (lilexca, fx.f aale bv myfl K. K COLLI NH ft ' (I '*> S.iulh at rent SIKH BII TTM? I V> hblx. I i ding ei ahip \ aim,for ale bv K.. K COLLINH i ' ( iny7 M Mouth atreet. )Y THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. I <'i>mapood?iie*of lh* Herald 1 Washington, Hth May, 1844. The coullict rages with renewed violence beweeti the old Roman house ol Lindenwald and ie Goths and Vandals, who hid lair at present to verwhelm it as with an avalanche You hear otlung but the sound ol the whip?whipping out, ud whipping in. At present both parties contiently claim future and ultimate success. Tlie lenders in the Senate en the aide ot Linden'ald, are Benton, Allen, Wright and Tappan?and lese are the only avowed supi>ortera of Mr Van iuren in the Senate. In the House the leaders are Gen. Droingoole, le Ohio Delegation, and the New York Detention. A large number of the members are preparing to mine out with letters in lavor of some other candilate than Van Buren. How far they will have :ourage to back up in public the sentimenU they ivow in private remains 10 be seen. That they are irep.triug letters, 1 know. \ou are right in saying if Van Buren be dropped, the ijuestion lies between Cass and Stewart. It is 1 eported that a li tter from Cass is in town, in which he cornea out ill favor of annexation. It is mid it is a short letter, the mere precursor of a longer one to be prepared without delay. Mr Ritchie's friends positively assert, that neither General Droingoole. nor any body else will ever succeed in whipping him in again. Nitui tterrom All the members of Congress are overhauling their old files of letters from their constituents to discover what the vnr prrpxdi is. Multitudes of these letters will prabably be published in the Globe. The Sergeant-at-Arms, Mr Dyer, has returned from New York. He got back on Friday last, bringing with him the body of one Boggs, the reputed proprietor of a paper called the Post, in New York. Boggs came?saw the committee?and conjuered?as 1 suppose?under cover of Senator Tappan's confession of guilt. Boggs immediately reurned to New York. S. B. Washington, May 6, 1844. In the Senate, to-day, they passed Mr. Bayard's Navy Bill by & large majority. The Senate then went into Executive Session, and took some action open a few minor appoint* inents. Mr. Tappan's case has not yet been acted on? will be, very likely, to-morrow. Probably the Senate will decide to-morrow whether they will discufcs ihe "Treaty" in open session or with closed doors. If they decide to discuss in open session, you may make your visit to Congress next July. I hear, to-night, that information has been received in town to-day from the Hermitage, that (fen. Jackson is failing very last. It is reported, and is probably true, that Mr. Polk is coming out in favor of annexation. I understand, also, that the Indiana delegation are coming out against Van Buren in opposition to the late manifesto of the Ohio delegation. Mr. Benton is expected to do some desperate uct; ditto, John C. S|iencer. S. B. TWKNTY-KIUHTI1 CUNOHK8R. FIRST 8 K 8 31 O N. Senate, Washington', May 6, 1R44. jo smith. Judge Semh-k presenied a memorial from Maj. (fen. Apostle Jo Smith in favor both of annexation nndjthe occupation of Oregon. [Note.?The Whigs are "in town" again.] A great number of the Whig delegates are still lingering in the city, and make their appearance flnw tiiftniinir in tlw Mr. Niles has just come in. The lion. Dixon II Lew in, Senator appointed, has just come into the Senate?hut he noes not seem disposed yet to take the seat to which he is entitled. Perhaps he is waiting to gi ve his vote first in the House upon the new Tariff bill. private bili.s. A few |irivate|bills were taken up, discussed and passed. 1'hey ure ot no interest. the tariff. Mr Baosiiv is exacted to address the Fenale on this subject to-morrow. THE CtJMHERl.ANL) ROAD. The hill appropriatiiig$il(M),(NN) lor theCiimberland road in Ohio, $150,000 m Indiana, uud $150,000 in Illinois, was taken up, and ordered to be engrossed by a vote of 2d to 12. TIIE navy. Mr. Bayard's bill to regulate the pay of officers and others in the service of the Navy of the United Slates was taken up and discussed [Note.?This is the same bill which has been re|>eatedly discussed, and the discussions reported for the Herald. It provides hy law for indemnity and remuneration in cases of such accidents as the loss of (he Missouri, the (irampue, Arc. The discussions relate to the rates of pay proper to be adopted, as well as to the general principles of the bill. I shall advise you of anything worthy of notice in the progress ol its passage through the Senate.] 2 P. M.?Mr. Bayard is speaking. t'RKAT FmJOD ANO ToRNADO in ARKANSAS.? From Capt. I!. Houston, of the steamboat Trident, arrived yesterday, we have the following hasty particulars of a tornad i which occurred about the 22(1 inst., and of a great llood hi the Arkansas river. From the Pine Bluff to the Arkansas Post, a distance of some 175 niles, the river is frightfully high?being within a very lew inches of the great rise of lJSW. Destruction is along the whole course ; plantations and fields ate under water, and of course the crops are all ruined There were only one or two places where boats could land. Besides this, a violent tornado had passed over a pari of the country between the Bluffs and the Post ?the particular point not mentioned?which also did much damage. Houses, fences, trees, and every thing in its course, were prostrated ; all which, with th>- ravages of the flood, present one vast scene ot havoc. It could not he ascertained whether there was any loss of life or not: bnt the prob Illllliy I*, l nil I frvriiti iitiPiuir muni iinvr |irnnicu. (ircni|>9oi people and cattle werf seen nbout on the higher points of land, hut no communication could he had with them. We tear that we shall yet have sad accounts from this quarter. As low down as the town of Vran liuren, as we learn by a private letter of the 17th inst., the river was full toils hanks, and, in anticipation of an overflow, persons were moving their goods, Jfc. to places ol security. The hanks and trees were continually tailing into the rapid current. (in the 18th the river had ceased to rise,and was at a stand,and on the 19th it was tailing slowly.?JV. O. Tropic. N'avai..?The U. 5. schr. I'hirnix. Lt. Com'dt. Annu a Si.nci.air, arrived on Saturday from Chagres, alter an Mhsenee ot only forty days with a mail from the Pacific. Spoke on Friday, of! Hatteras, Itrig Camilla, ot and lor New York trom Apalaclncola.?Norfolk Herald. May 6th. Males of Stocks In Philadelphia. km*r uoaiiii.-May 7. -4 *h* Ky Bank, 7ftj ; JinoonU. Statea ?'s 1863 *61 |h3$ ; 10 aharv* ( timden k amtioy i lot , joo do n o (Jan 30 ; 100do i,' h Bank 7 ; 7 do i' Town?hln 31, ffios new ( ounty 5's 18tUI <17f, f J.'tOO <nm annual ti n |h4(| 'Idf 70 I $300 share* <i Rk 0j ; I00O do h itk 16 ; 1IHI SIhti* alif 7ftJ; 1000 do, bAf7AJ; A# iharea 1 H Ilk, b'l.rtj; f.jOOO State ft'a, 70J. AO nhori'D Urn.ling KR, h6f, JOJ; AO do, 3dl, 30^ 1 nilnrc PennayIvanin Bk, .'4M,47aha Mannf h Mocha' Rank, 34}-, 30 do I'nion Bk, Tenn, baf, ?J, $IAOO< nmden V Amboy Honda, Wf. $*> Wilmington ?'?isab, sn Sacoan ftoann, May r, JOO ah arc a (firnrd Bank, 9J; s>|r. )mm? f'.hea k Del B*a, Is.NA, aa|; lAahnna I S Ok. ?|; AO do ?}, $3tKKi State A'*, 7fl, $.wB Seme Annual, Is4d, so; $hi j now, so, $1,300 < ity A'a. |S.V? |0B; $1000 Ilea.ling RR, liAf, 704, $4000 do 71: $1000 do, 70 , aharea Wilmington, is). Ml IP ItKWR. By 1 hla Morning'* Southern Mall. Pmii am i.rtiia. May 7- 4rr Dulcimer. Chevalier; V I) Debkrr, Hand; Dai.I itild. Baker, and North America, llall, Nrw York; KI,'en. Srn'lb. Nl.oudnii Hair iMnar. May 6?A rr Mary, Mara ton. New Or leant; Ma, llnlleti. Button; Shamrock, Smith. Meanna; tfertrode, <>irdlr, \l- I aaii' ? . Hare Auhrey, r handler, Mobr'e; Karni ean, Kllia, Worn I hi P I Neanu, ( Br ] Stoop. St John, SB; Kllea, It .ckliff, Wareham Maaa, Martha, th, t rnmwoll, Triiii.l <t Beluw, Punitory. vt?n?r from I'io tl-ande. Amnmu, May 4?Sl.l Viciory, New York; Virginia, Boaton. Nolo oi k, May I?Arr Andr meda, Willi ami, Thomaatnn, to <li Soled Howena. Willi.mii, for Oeracoek, and Kodman. Cobb, N Bedford. Ipakan "John Molliiu," of War en, Me, fin NOileann bonad lo Boi> ton, nut II di. April 22, Int T< 27, Ion 14 Sabn.e, Rlarkiiianoi I'm NOrle?a boand to New York, out 17 dn. At r.l 28. Int 21 20, Ion 82 10. PRKPARK FOR SUMMKR. W ii the tune to purify and brace the phynrnl lyitem ao 4." aa to enable it to hear up ngninit th? enervating he.iu of niniorr 't he condition ot tb'blood at the eipirarina of " inter, owing to inactive |erapiratinn dnrina that waa<>?. and froaa other Cauiei, ii not in a proper itate to r?aitt diaeaae. ror am the ill eatiie powera. which are general v over laveil bv the apl"wtite in eolil weather in their lull vigor. In farr, a change in ilie irate of the animal machine to meet a new climate in an peeevaary aa a change of clothing. To pnrce from ihe Mono ita unhealthy pnfiicp-a and imiail to it a more imtritMe character ?to give lone to ihe nomad*, and ripel ohirructiora from the bnwela?in abort, to reinforce r'-e whole Uilem for the gaoiP'ign of lonuner. there u no preparation at. rmraci"0l < Sandv Baraaparilla Y?r further I and eni evidence of ita lUivrtor value and efficacy, iee patriphleta, which may be obtnireil of agenta gra'n n a. n a n Prepared and anld who nale and retail by A B fc D ?a?Ja. wholvanle drneguti; 78 Kultoo at. New York?Bold aha ntrs Brnedwu. 77 ha?t Broadway, aod by druniati generally throughout the United Mlaioa, ?4 81 la re