Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1844 Page 3
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possesses no more actual value than before speculation 3 existed, and prices for all kinds of property finds the B former level. Bonds and mortgages are hardly worth the | parchment on which they are drawn, and the sufferers L M open their eyes and wonder now they oould have been deceived. The excitement of speculation is so pleasant. that former victims are not taught by experience to keep outof it. There arc hundreds upon hundreds in this city, 4 at this moment, who only fairly live during the existence) of some gieat speculation; and while these individual; h have no (tetter employment, we fear the result of thu '< slightest indications of overtrading or bank expansion. J, The treaty made betw t en the ZollY'erein and the Uni- 3 ted States, may be con'id 01 ed a new era of great impor- ^ tance in the commercial relations between the United 3 Status and the nations of Europe. It is but the 3 commencement of a morn liberal arrangement that must eventually be pc'foetid between all the com- j mercial nations of the world. England has, within a year or two past, made soveral attempts to 1 form treaties similar to this one perfected by the Zoll-Ve- a rein. A system of reciprocity has been proposed between y the United States and lireat Britain, by which the products of both countries, not conflicting with any domestic interest of cither urnuld be admitted on merely nominal duties, com pared with those now exacted. Whi'o Great tj Britain has been negociating, the powers com posing the L German confederation have acted. The Zoll-Verein treaty will spur up those nations of Europe, that have heretofore demanded every concession on our part, without extending equivalents necessury to make a fair off :ct. Jealousy L will do more than anything else in consummating the eb- ^ ject we wish. The successful negoci'tion of this treaty has produced an excitement throughout Great Britain * Qtid France, that will probably lead to some result sati-i- j< . factory to all parties. A reduction of duties on our tobacco is already talked of in Great Britain, and we have no doubt but that negociutious will be immediately opened in relalion to this subjt-ot. The appointment of Mr. Col- (J houn to the oitico of Secretary of State, has given greet g satisfaction to all parties in England, and his liberal poll- a cy regarding commercial systems is well understood. 'l The opening of the ports of the confederation to the trade Q of the United States has alarmed the manufacturing inter- ? est of Great Britain. A meeting of the Board of Trade ti was held in London, previous to the departure of the Hi- 'J hernia, for the purpose of taking this more on the part oi the United Slates into consideration. This shows the j, feeling produced by our success. The competition that a now exists between the manufacturing interests of Great Britain aud the United States, in securing every market ?j lor their produc'ions, rsges very strong. We have he. 7 come serious rivals England has heretofore enjoyed a 8 perfect monopoly in supplying the markets of the continent with her cotton manufactures, particularly cotton ? yarn and twist She has had no competitor until now. s< Great Britain has, until the formation of the new treaty 1 with the United States, retained exclusive privilege* in ? the admission of h?r manufactures into the ports of the . confederation, by which she has been able to destroy the markets for the manufactures of other nations. I Tahiff of Duties ox Merchandise ikom the Uxited h ' States impukted ixro the Por.Ts of thf. Germax CONFEDKR ATIO.X Candles, sperm $2 77 16-100 per cwt. Cotton Free. Fhmr 1 86 68-100 " Hops 1 70 72-100 " . Oil, whale and fish 1 13 82-100 " Rice 2 04 87-100 " > Skins and Furs 16 02 38-100 " c Spiritafrom Molasses 6 40 32-100 " Tobsceo, nianutactured 7 61 10-100 " l?o iinmantactured 3 75 60-100 " Turpentine 11 00 38-100 " / Cotton Manufactures 34 14} " h Wheat 00 11 38-100 pr 1} bu'l Corn The same. 1 Ashes 00 17 7-100 per cwt. * The pr. sent duty on cotton manufactures is very high : it amounts to prohibition. The new treaty reduces the j duty on these goods, and admits them on a par with tho most favored nation. The duty on rice is reduced to a j mere nominal rate. Tobacco is admitted at about half the n present duty, and the percent placed on lard is so favorable that the article can be exported from this country " upon very fair terms. As favorable and important as this . treaty is to this country, it will be used as an instrument in producing a complete overthrow of the restrictions that have heretofore been placed on the different interests r of the States. It will be the precursor ol a better and i more cnual svstem of commercial intercourse. Mr I'nl. : houn will avail himself of this opening to extend his policy, and, if possible, perfect treaties of reciprocity c with ell nations. | The strongest advocates of a high protective tariff are in J favor of reciprocity, provided the equivalents we receive , are as great as those we give. There is a vast difference 1 between a tariff of i eciprocity and a rever ue tariff, or fi re < trade Treaties similar to that made with the Zolle Ve- 5j rein meets the high tariff men on tUair own gruund. - c There is more actual protection to our cotton manufactures in that treaty t.ran in any tariff of our own we ever hod. It opens a market of 26,000,000 people to our manu- ' facturt s and protects our local industry from competi- j tion, by a retention of a protective duty. The wooden g clock manufactures of this country have not obtained a 1 market by this treaty, as fhe people of Baden are cxten- rl sively engaged in that business, and the elector would j not agree to any measure injurious to their interests.? \ tVlih the preciso duty fixed is on these machines, we are s not able to state. Mr. Whcaton, our able and talented Minister at Berlin, must have had many difficulties to con- j tend against, on account of the numerous interests to sa- 8 tisfy and prejudices to overcome. Tak< n as a whole, we j look upon the result of his labors as being one of the great ' est i evolutions in commercial treaties that has ever be- i fore been produced, and it will do more to harmonize na- , tional interests and create permanent prosperity and peace I throughout the world, than any political, religious, or- j commercial movement of the ago. ( Old n toe It rizchange. f $10*0 NY Sut*7's,'<8 107 50 shas Farmers1 Trust 4 2 hi 1000 <1 < 5k'j. 'CO 102>f ion do bin 43 500 NY CitvS'a.'jll 93 50 Reading RR blO 32 2 00'ai's 75 50 do b30 32 40(0 i'o b30 75 25 Manhattan Gas Co 88 lfcOO do 74? 20 Utic. 8c Schen 129 8000 do 7< V 80 Ho 130 $00# Indiana stg bds 42 ? 1(0 Sv St Utica RR 120 2000 Illiu is ijcl bds 46 l'l Aub 8c Rocli 10CV? 1*000 d 4 X 10 do 106V i 6oi0 do 45>* 130 Mr hawk RR 73 119*0 I. dilua $ bonds 41 125 Harlem >< R 83 ' IOIiOO do bnw 44 125 Nor 8c Wore CIV. ( 2400 Ohio r,'?, '60 98V io do 6IM 3000 do '.HJi 250 do 62 10000 do bso 99 75 do 62V 15*0)0 i'o bl5 99 2j0 do bnw 63V6 20000 do bn'.v 91 109 do b!5 63K 19300 d > 99 187 do 63 1(0 Ohio 7"s lul 140 L Island RR 82 3000 KentnrliV 6'? btO 104 V 5" Ho b30 82 5IK! Atl.iitic ?cri|) 82V, 50 do RlV I sbar N York UU H6Ji 50 do hi.', Slit ? SIS 1'lirnii Bk 90 100 do C 80% 00 rt > 90% 400 tin 80 Out* U 8 Bauk 7 125 do 80% UNO Canal 8c BIik 41% 100 Stop ii Ktun Hit 50 25 Lalny. Bk, Ciu 65 ij ?'o 50% 125 C.liltm Co 53% 30 do btw 51 50 do 1.20 34 50 d i M % 50 d) ?3U 54 125 t o 51% i 333 do 34 50 do b30 32 i 73 i o U 2' Patrrmn RR 82 150 do 55% 50 do b60 83 73 do b30 33 50 do HO 82% 50 do blO 35% 150 do 71 Second Board. 93(00 Illiroi. bond. 46 25 .hat Caaton Co 51 l< 2KKJ do 45% 50 do 33 1 518 ' Ho 4# 30 Nor 8c Wore 63% 1000 K'titnrky 103% 25 do 63% 1 5<U0 lliiitiG'a 99 75 do 6:i*t 11000 Inditca bond. 44% 50 do 63% 23?ha? 4 anion Co >3 57 30 L (.land RR 2(d 81 50 do 37% 50 Pjtfnou Rlt 83 26 do 67 k 50 tlti 82% 25 do 57% 10 *>Y k it* In. 9 A 23 do bnw 57% 50 Firemen'. In. 110% New Stock Kiohange. $6010 ChioC'. nw 99% 26 ilia. IVcrion RR 430 81% ' lOi'li d" ban 99% 76 do b3'i 82% | liil'fl Pe n'aS'i .3 75 25 do >3 8i% HirO I1 iltO'. '60 Ht-it 42 .60 do b3ll 8V% 110. illint'i., >70 13% 100 do b2'i 8.1 1000 Krtiiiif 8v 6*4 bin 104 75 do r, 82 , 7000 411'Iintta State s30 89% 100 Nor 8c Were He* 02% 100,Imn 1. I,laud RR 8i .6" ''lit initial I'k >15 81 25 d i ?90 81 25 H'd on in I'd 50 i 150 tin biO 82 26 Stori Bio RR btw 51 | 50 do 84% 73 ba.tri'r?'Ciian 42 , do blO 81 50 do 42% 175 .1.. btw 84 % 25 Mohawk RR hi 71% '3 Ml. Bk 4'f 32 100 llarlem RR ?J0 82 150 U'ok U 8 b3 7% 50 co 82. 60 ? ani'iK 4 o 34 100 do L30 84 50 Ulica 8c Seen 1.30 129 50 do 82% Mate of Trade. ( Ahhh Poth ore slightly improving in demand We quote $1 :7|. The receipts urn quite heavy. Pearl* are very inactive, and are held at $4 75 a $4 ?7| 1 b? Ktwtx ? Seles to some extent have been made of Not thern Yellow for exjiort, at 30 a 30$ ItirxAOai errs?We notice sale* of bJenesee at $4 07J, are 1 of Michigan and Ohio at $4 8IJ. A decline of 6|c. In these brands has been submitted to lincc the arrival ol the xteairyr. New Orleans we quote at *4 8Ij a $4 H7j There is very little doing in Southern descriptions The ruling prices art. lor Richmond country $>4 H7j; Alexandria. $6, and Richmond City Mil!,, Maxell and Oallego, $0 60. We quote $3 13$ a 3 ImJ for North River ltye Flour Corn Meal is in moderate demand and sales are made at $ 0S$. Cottois?The sales lo-day are 1700 to 1600 hales,at prices generally without change, though we hear of some lots being sold at i and declining since the arrival of the steamer. ( oint?This article is verv dull A sale of 10,000 bags of Brazil was announced lor to-day, of which sale. WTe ma le at 0J, 8}. 8.1. tijj and ll4'c per lb. At privnte sale Lagunyra I* held at 7J a /Je. Cuba, Ojc. Fr v.mih rs ? At e dull at 6 18 a j| t ;??i\? Wheat is very scarce. We hear of no sales.? Ttyi is hel l at 70c. Corn is in fair demand. Northern yellow s: lis nt nie. sight. Southern is held at the saint price. Hay?North River bain, good qualities, sell as wanted, at 3.7 a 38c. (Quantities for home use are held at 37J a 40c On?Whale is very dull in this market; holders ask Sc. At New BedforJ. on the 6th. 6<?0 bhli. crude whale old at 331, 34J a 36c ( rude sperm was held at 92c. The rnp'trts ol sperm oil into the U. 8. lor Aptil, 1844, were 1,670bbl*. of whale 61,301 do, and 611,000 lbs. whale one. I'm?Imi>orted in the ship Delhi. Terms, notes at 6 tenths, payable in the city of New York, to be made sa Isfar.tory to the sellers. H) sou- 13 halfche ts HO cents psr lb; 67 do 75; 9 do 63]; ) chests 59; 40 do 56; 16 do 551; 36 do 51; 40 do 50. Younp Hyson?14 hub chests 73; 11 do 71; 63 do 60; 7s ,i 07J; 11 do 6.5; 13 do 61 J; 36 do 60; 14 do 691; 40 do 60; ildo 56]; 13 do 67; 46 do 56; 116 do 561; 29 do 65; 39 do 1; 193 do ill; 36 do 50; 1(1 do 18; 13 do 451: 4U do 141. 0 do 44; 45 do 4.3]; 319 do 13; 135 do and 35 chests 421; (Mil alf do 41; 159 do 41; 10 do 49]; 121 do 30; 36do391; 47 do 9; 261 do 37]; 49 do 37; (197 do withdrawn ) Hyson 8Win? 28 chests 51; 30 lull do 49]; 19 do 47; 22 o and 55 clients 371; 72 do 361. 72 do .361: til half ilo *) ddo 31; 93 (io 101 42 do Jtij; 25 Jo 2ti;"02 do 25; 70 do 4]; 08 do -23; ('27 chests withdrawn ) Otinpowder?24 hall cheats 80; 7 do 75; 20 do 70]; 6 do fl; 50 13 lb boxes 60; '200 6 lb do 62, (150 13 lb d* withruwn ) Imperial?6 hf chests 70; 13 do 664; 13 do 051; 39 do 06; 6 do 641; 30 do 64: 50 13 lb hxs 5H;"75 6lhs 60. (153 13 lb* nd 125 61b do withdrawn ) Oolong?10 hf cliti 64j; 10 do 63; 25 do 621; lOdofll; 7 Jo fill; (114do withdrawn.) Souchong?80 hf Chts 30; 220 do 24; 202 do 22J; 220 do 2; (400 do and 300 chs withdrawn.) Cassu?3200 mats at 17] cents per lb. Real Estate ?The following sales were made by aucon :? ot corner of Mangin and Stanton street, about 20 by 70 feet $1,750 ot adjoining on Stanton st 1,000 remises in Division street, 68 feet from east line of Montgomery street, M teat by 43 3,350 ot N. side Twelfth it. 175 feet VV of Fifth Avenue, 25 by 132 leet 2,900 'wo lots on Thirteenth st. near Filth Avenue, 25 by M feet Mob 1,850 34 Pearl street, 26 ft by 87] one side, 73] the other 5.600 II Delancey street, 25 by 1 no feet 6.tun 14 Madison street, 19] by tie feet 5,100 Cotton Markets^ Sava88aii, May 4?We consider the decline since the teHmer's news to he ] to jjc per lb on fsir and fully fair ualities, } a Jc on middling lair, and ] a ]c. on the lower rades. and we now quote?Interior, 5] a 64; Ordinary, 6] 6]: Middling, 6] a 6j; Middling lair, 7fa7j; Fair and illy fair, 7j] n 7j. Mobile, April 30.?Previous to the ai rival of the mail bout 600 bales were sold at rather easier rates Thy ewrt from Liverpool by the Boston steamer had the effect ) suspend further operations. The rales for the l ist 3 uvh urti as Inllnwa?Kutiirdnv lOOll VlnnHnv l.*?00 nml ts^ uy 600. Receipts same time '2786 bxlei. New Oki eans, April 30 ?Dealers in Cotton were disjointed yesterday in not receiving the steamer's accounts, nd as a consequence, only a mnder.-te business was ransacted, amounting to about 2000 bales. Prices are un hanged. Liverpool classification- Louisiana ami Misissippi, inferior & a ii.j; ordinary, 6} a Oj; middling, 6} a }; middling fair, 7^8 3; fair, 8} a 8}; good fair, it aPJ; ood and tine, 10,}. Baltimore Cattle Market. May 6?There were about 440 head of Beef Cattle at the [tales this morning, 1110 of which were driven North, and B0 sold to the city butchers. The prices paid ruled at 3 30 to $3 87j per 100 lbs. on the hoof, according to uality, which is equal to $4 60 n $5 60 net. Married. On Monday evening. Olh inst. by Elder 8imonton, Mr. , lew is La Bash to Miss Bi.andina Sawvlh all of this city. May they he blest for many years. With all the happiness this life can give, Until the world one vast Elysium appears. Made but to please them while on earth they live. On Wednesdav, 8th inst by the Rev. Joseph McElroy 1r, to Miss Catherine 1). Welsh, oungrst daughter of the late Oeorge Welsh, all of this Uy' ______ Died, On Wednesday. 8th inst at the Waverly House, Mr. Li pert Valentine, of this city, aged 37, after a lingerng illness of several years His friends and the friends of his family are respectfuly requested to nttend liis funeral, of which future notice ui 11 he given. On Wednesday evening, 8th inst. after a long and se ere illness of consumption, Tunis Hauohwont, aged 31 ears, 8 months and 8days. His relatives and the friends of the family are respectully invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, 39 Bowet v, to-motrow morning at 10 o'clock Ilis reaains will he taken to Stnten Island for interment. On Wednesday, 8th inst. after a lingering illness, 8aah. wife of Capt. Shuhacl Swain, aged 61 years, 8 months nd 31 days. Pn iifl? nArrlv?rf. Havana?Barque Oenl Harrison?J W Brown. G Walker. Wr Garr. Port Republican?Biig Republic?A C Honiere and ser'ant. of New York. Worelfjo fmpoTtnll'iHi L sr. horn? Swedish ship Minnet -J00 bales rags CGO braes ill H L Itoulh?1 pkMasters, Makoe Sc << ? 4 do ltees, Urnhers 8c rn?5 cs G l!.iH?nbnrg St en?4(1 his De Uham Sc Moore -6 pl its 1) Hadden 8r son?4 hot*_ C Lord 1 cs IK pkg* A I! Wa^vr?I Oil Ins oil Brus'elein. Koop St co?8 ci alabaster Veii ifilto?17 d > T Denney?35 hf rh'*t< ml 20 bxs do Curtis St Steri'n??'.?13 do d R ArmitHtis?12 do A Barnnte?32 tlocli* matble E Mini dole?58pkss hats 15 do rtraw plaitio. 'I abs chip hats |8S bales r gs ' V' ?" 21 pigs hat' 17 os do A 'asselli?12 pkcs straw plii'ings 4 do s raw hats A R Waller? 100 hfthes's 50 has oil Draper 8c Drfalin?61 bale* 20 cs If Jongles*?2 oka 3 cs 50 blks marble 2 kes mdto 210 bales rags 25 eO bnu cliveoil UJPSS 100 bis ol'?e ?il to .ir'er Ruxtsos Arftiis? otic Johann Gtttlob?840 bides 536 bal-s y. ' I W \V De Forest 8c co?6 do iiutr a skius W A M White -31 bales'1 bass wool Van D'ancan 8c Chanulain?10 bales ><<rich ft' :hers 400o horns 1 bale nutria skins to order Havana?Birme Genl Harrison?743 box's sneer 98 hhds do 3r.ri.rll, kJin'orn Scco?140 bales tobacco 1 do milse E 8c T ' ppe?38 lif bts smrar Collornb It Iselin?2' I bxs do F. D Morton?348 do t ras segars J B Elliman?1 case mdse S Sturge.,? b tx sweetmeats 5 do sugar to rrder. Port Rkpi'BUCan?Brig Hepnhlic?IS8n bags coffee Ske|. ling St Ferris?729 H P Moring?114 .1 C Muller-54 L Hill? 0 C W Smito?19 f' hn M Smith?162 M Dru-y? 82 Johnson 8c }roih->rt?76 H It VV l)elafi*ld?100 Al'en Sc Psxfon?35 Moses Wh tcomb?35 Copeland Ik Stabbins?7 cases mdse A C Rosi-re 8c co. Uomaitlc Importation*. Nrw Orlkan.?Brig Mississippi?62 cks bacon 10 do hams 0 do shoulde 10 hbls fl Lees 8t CO?20 has e.iilles C Adam< ? 17 I bis lard 40 do tallow 90 kegs lard C Smith 8c Co?1018 pigs M ItrMnaa m Scott ?15 hhds tocyco k. Goodwill?I tase tliluauKs 8c c?? 0 bis cotton 2 5 bb's perk 600 do Hour 163 kgi ard 40 bbls tallow to nrd-t Mobii.f ?Ranpic Weybnsset?12 bales cotton C Williams? 0 Vlacy 8t Hnldiidge?111 Lawrence 8c Trimble?128 Vewb'dd It Graft?52 Mel Cue 8c Anderson ? P J M Prescott?8 l'er- se 8c drnokt-8 Churrli.C Sc Deck r? IPO J U S'acy?70 M C Piatt ? bbl Dunham St Dnnon?2 pks Wood 8c Masou?toil hill* ski is 1 bens 8c William?8 bkts 5 bbls A W irapp?138 bales to irder. Savannah?Brig <5 B L?mar?150 c.sks 5 bbls 21 hf do H K d zard?I50cks five Ora" St Cros.iy?3u bales cocton Gi.wdy k Wells?v2 K 8c K K Graves?43 Lawrence 8c Trimble?48 Sar'tow Sc Pope?9 chts tec Cl-.a "t ney 8i Allen?16 bbls Hoar vi r.ina?iu?fi?iu mill* Dome* 11 ci stare MARITIME HERALD. ' allla* Mtfd of tin tittara Ship. . mm i.iviki-col. rRove . fibernia, Jttriliin. Ma* lt> Britannia, Hewitt May 4 June I aledonia, Lott May 19 16 J. Britain. Hoskeu Julv 13 Aug. 13 Snip Kaltarl ami A^anta Wi shad ritmiii It a favor, if Captains of V*?? >? rrtiir:,. } Commodore Itnm.itT Sitrgy, nf ,mr We-vi ''leec, r. rortot' the Shipping lfft at the Port whence the y sailed, th " v Spoken on Uietr Lin of (Mr Cargo, an ny Krreiirc Newspapers or N,-wt they may haw. He air nyrd i It''in itiimcdiairl y on il.rir arrival. Aceu ? aail Ci: -r'.pnudtntt. at hoitteer abroad, will al?i> confer a liw- |,v landiuir to this i.'tfic- ?I1 the Marie. Intr-liirener ther oar vbMio. f.ick . toraatici of *? k'v' * ' MtltaaU.' "e.lVMl I'OHT OF RKW YOllK., MAY 0. ioiv 4 311 Moort niii 12 46 7 2 I HIUM W.TKH 2 2 Cleared. Shipa Alba iy, Crawford. Havre W Whitlock, Jr: Brooklyn, Hicliardt'ii, Liverpool, IC llichardanu Si (to; Adelaide, Adams, Hay na KpnlTord, Tile.ton Si ' " ? I! 'tjue alb rtina, (Swee) Ha' drinau. Aniweip, Win Weiorr ?Buy. Kmelia Si I ?Ittina. (Sir) 9t arvce, * ap'ea, I, Palmieri; Wanderer, (Br) Davison, 8i Jnhiii. ."MK. T vim,jut; Lucy Lul II va-ia, K dp/alil?; Kmily, *h?rwt.od, ? hi I .ton. L>u bam Si Dimon; Jefferson, Milla, Hemfirt, NC Byi'yer Si IVck; Be'le Mver., Wilmington Ml S Powell ? S"b.-s Uoanry, Wallace, New'em, NC Dp P-wt r St Whi'miTnli; Heg^lus, Hawkiui, Wi:in my ton, Ml. N L MeCready Si Co. Arrlvea. Swrd'ah ship Minnet, 56 days fiom Cpyhorn, pas ed Oibts!tvr ot wini mil,p. t > oriier Biit|ii*Or I Harrison, Smith, from Havana, Arril 30, with niusr, Sic lo master. Baii|U? Weybon't. Collins 22day>frm Mobile,with ci tto i, lo Diinbim Si Diiiioii Ha t urjr hri.'.foha-in (fo tlob. Moth r, 70 days f oin Bui-iios Av rev with hide. to or*'er. Bug Packet, 4 larke, 17 days fr m V jar.'o, PR with 10', I,lid* ogvr 42d<> in laasen in .lohn B Laaa a; li bah ?ugar 1) Bugaro L I' no A etican r ??els. tfijg loan, Scu'1,20 Jays from Bonaire, with 1360 1 Ids aalt In 1 r milk V Sen. B in H' l ublii', Unit, f ona Port II rublicin, April 20 with Ci If re, to Skeldii v Si karris. Una Mi si-" ipj'i It r ilen, 22 days I. >m New Oriraus. w it it I o k ml laid, 11 or.I r. Brig t4 II Li" ar. S.iirermau, 4 dan from Savannah, with tot" n, to "hu'eev Si Irartn in odn M to, llovd, 0 day. fr.m Port an Plait, via Turku Mynd 7 day., w jilt lo-wo .d. to K Howe, 10 f na do A < llos> -re Si I'n Brig Cl?re, Dunham ws.s lording at Csban t, to nail for \fw Yn'k III two (1*IS. L-ft at Sa't K-y brig Heliny Idg; rt the Grand l urk, irhr Crescent for Philadelphia n il ay Stfhr Gilbert Hatfield, Powell 14 days from Trinidad, ' u'a, nub 2ni> hh 'a 87 tcs mollis > to 1 hsstelaiu ki Ponvert; 2 bhd< Honey to oider Norway. Oilpatriek, .3 days from Doboy Island, Oa. with .imber, t < Clerk k Co Srhr M nlaity Hym. Wendell, 4 daya from Ocracoke, NC. with uar I a ore., lo tensou k o. Otlnw, One baiiue, two brigt, unknown. lUrnlil SI (trine CorreufMitidr nc.e llni.Mr.a' May r, 3d ? Arr Martha it Sawn, Dtrit, Ilock|>< rl for vew Ymk, A M-tr lull, Philadelphia for betton. Splendid H< !>?., m, Wilmington for do- ?aw * whaling bt que off HeUtrea, cruianm for while. Slil A > rthall *.,il 2 oil, ra tit.-An b'a riield dorr, Now York for Salem; Black Hawk. Yen m. Baltimore for Portland. I'uteJ by. Chatham, from B Itiinaro for Boaton i;h? \ > r (Yniid Tuik, Btltimor" for Rot ton; Renj H Ki?ld, phil.i(iiIrhia f r ?P ; Ann K ir.iheth. 'lehmonil fir Nantucket. V< ucl tl, Alt' ri'-n. I hittde'i hi i lor Sands-. ich 'J he fl-rt t!m arrived h. re yeaterday an tied tl is morning 8th?P**?e I by, Ci ruelirt. taiim, N York for Huh. Paued Sy to ihe W. n at tin i.H>; eller from Maine for IN York, to ?t her engine, name nnltnnwu 10 a M?Wind to the Hut. 'Ihe ffett have nee ly all tilled. miecellanroue. Kkv, April 25, 1841. The hrii( Peconic it al<ll w itina 'or ine'eriala fr na Si York to Complale her r?paira Ihe tatetl toe llrilith ba'k ilote. Copt. Jeffrey, is to bo tried to-day, fore I lie lap or pr-tnit nd ? irelty judge Buiaa hit e i'oh.u ion eaprrd . I?w diva apo tl d hit II -tpiMiintineut, if ma 'e, . 11 t vt known here, hit deei non will not have the format.IV or iianal sanction ol our Cnu't of Admir 'tv Tl>*ouf is m^inittrd to him by rnnmwi of putiei. The cargo ot th? Bnpsh ship Wellington hi* not all arrived ?t tun pi ce. All is saved however * ept lid ; Isles cotton and about JO burr.'? of lard, whu h <re in the hold I the ship, wife I am informed they wi'l remain. April 2ti ?Th? Cn?? i.f ti e b i/ijO' Mote 11 decided, and tim.o awarded to th'salvora. I< y o.k THt Banna ?( apt Allen, of 'he ahip Caledonia, at- | lived at Quebec fi m Glasgow report' tint he has never leen ?n. '? i lar, e iju intiiv ol heavy ice and i eueigs to t; e r tstward . , I the Ua .lis. , ha h>< ihii senaoo. It had very little appea.ance of decay. Saw 4 bug. and a bao]u? ru the edee ol it Saw no tea in tlie Golf. Captain Hwineborue, of the Ur at Bri- 1 tain, alait arrived tt Qu*bec. reports that on th" 21st ol April, ? It "u in lat 16 I N, loo tb 14 W, Wind light froin llie in r heist I fell ill vti'h a heavy field of ice tosvonj wh eh steered to the \ S'U this aid 'or a IV w hour* and got through win re it wai narrow < and thin. 21', I it 45 20 N, hoi 47 40 W, fell in with the ice again the wea her beiug v-ry foggy. holered u and proceeded until it lierame so heavy we ci nld go no furllier. wor ship aril | sleeted to the ,nstw. ri ?g it out of it uu the iveni c ol the 13d, tun .'long the edge siatv miles t* the s lu'hwatd. and fina'ly got ro tid f it on the in ruing of the 21th, in la'. 41 2" loll | 48. Wlira.l?men, ('Id at New Bedford C.h inst. Two Brolhers, Jenney, Indian Ocean. i Spohrn 1 Msria J KstcH, 8 days fr< n> Bos'on for Mobile, no date, 'at 27 31, Ion 72 45?by the Hero, a >his i ort I euipico, Nagle, henc: lur Alt l>apa?, no dat", 1 't 37, Ion 73 1 30?b< the seme Howard Hi'l, steering Kast, (fom New Orleans for Liver- ' pool) May 4 let 3213. Ion 74 SC? by the Kepub io at this port. ' Luc**. NOrleans f* r Lirernool. Annl 07 off Gisml Cm. ?i,u the Mississippi, at this norr. i David, hum (.Juidalonpe, 30th ult, fat 35, Ion 65?by tit* Minret, at 'his port lyd-a, of Por land, from Cyrdenaa for Boston. April 27? 1J 2 d \ a preriou*, but got agrouud coming out ol the harbor, Vihich detained her one day. Fore Iff ti Port* Havana, April 30?In rort, Bvrnn.and Hostel le, for NYork, i Idg, and othera. 8Sd 29th, Al.orf, Snail, New York; Vernon, i Bunee, Trieste. Trinidad pic Cuba. April SI?fr pert. Zida, Caonirfham, of Wi?caas? t. ja?f comma ced Idg for N V o'k; Cneilda, Chapman, of do, Idg for Bonroit. Whitton, Cart a, of Prospect, do do; American, Adia. of Portland, ding; V.ash in; t w. tfa-ilett. of Prospect, lor Boitm, ill 3 days; tVm Crawford. Hiffgina, ol Mount Desart, J'Jit commenced Idg for Phi ad dphU; lUnuh li Abiuaii, M tore, of Cranberry hie*, for NYork I g; APe ti/.a, Joyce, of v ewporf, d tg; Origka, Smith of WiaiMss' t, lor M Lanzas 3 days; Jerome, We^ks, of Portsmouth, for N York, S days Bonaibr. April P?In port. Alikaua, Ranlt tt, for New O:lei'ia, few days Port Ih public an, April 2S?In port ArcheU'?* Newcomb, for New York, mi 2 d&vg; Ann. Remmick, a* dCnskMt, VViU- n, for B ?'o?i; Falcon, Moore, fo do, mi dav; Ktisaoeth. VV a c ?t.t. jnat arr I'n m J mairaj Mary, from kast iMacI i?t, di*g; u brig from Wilmiugton, NO. wig ?ale. ( aroknas, April 27 h?In port, Highlander, M-ty berry, diag; Th? b Cntt?, F*-rhi g for 0n?tou3 days; Mary P?*un*ll. M-rry men, for lo Cm fide nee. Buley, for Newpor. 30ib; i * VV Knight Si (ford for Portland.2;Cardenas, (J odiug. fordo, Idg; Lai'iel, V\ tthuiii, do do; M unco, Wording, sud North America. Richardson, from Havana, just ar, loth to b ad for < Bcstoot Waa?pinoag, CoIho ", for do 1st; Neuvitaa, M'Farlaud, do 'o^Rupert Kankin, im Frankfort, via Mat&iiZA?, diag; AJ- , 6; Ta?so, for Newpuxt, 30; G?-o Ik, William, Park, for POtt I:, sl'4 96 ! St I humas, pril 23 ?la port Isaac krnrkiin, Harriet, uounrt 10 Vnyjfneii I'll; Bunker ll?ll, Sheffield, sailrd foi MftyifttfS, April 19, Hkmi r a r a . nod'te?Ic port. Metamora, Wight, ding; Aidebaron. Kales, for Cur*coa, next day; Neptune, from Philadelphia. Just arr. vIontiikal. Miy 5.?Ar. Great BrsUin, Swiuburu, London; Caledo. is, Brycs Allan, Glasgow aud Greenock. Lake Porta Buffalo May 6? Arr La BaHe, Chicago; Caroline. Uecla Tom Victory, and Dex'er, M*iir>e Juliette,Det oit; K Jenny, and Sandusky, < I vem d. Cld Km grant, Aodover Amazon, and H Goiviu. Cb cago; itirhtn nut. Sf Joseph; Misioun, Bugbe. , BiI'aw, and Navigator, 'loledo; H M u tain, mid Hunt, D-troit; St Louis, Aiusworth, and Home Michigan City; Kingm o. Wabash, Hoch**ster, and r.uititor, Smdu-kv; HareUna. Hr Cahanue*, C W; Carol ne, Whig, Ktna, Cambridge, and Lea ider Mo troe; Scioto. Ma shall, aud Mitchell, Clevelaud; Pomona, an da; Ka ily, Milan Honit Portt. B\i<ion, May 3 ?A r Brilliant French from New York. oktland, M*y 4?Arr Vesta. Haupt, Calais for Philadelphia. Nkwbvryport, May 6.-Arr Kirhirond, Kilborn, from Phila 'eli hU. Boston. Mav 7 ? Ar Pennsylvania. Bacon. Sa'em. N J; Eliza Lei i d Pen dirt n, Cardenas, 87th nit; lossph I!?1 ?*. Hvi*. Baltimore; L- *? gton, Wass, Philadelphia; Hei j Bigepi*-., B iX'er N Vo k Belo Birmingham. Romiikou, Com VI obi U via Nairnu Telegraphed^-Caroline &. Miry, Cole irom Kio Jane ro; Cov<l lia CI r p 'r in Trinidad;* hath in, Dans. tm B itunor ;Sp e < ii, 'rowch, I'm " e- York. Cld Napn emi, Gregg.H av ma; Lever'.. Br wii Bowdoioh tin; k'xeel, NYork. Ar 6th. Liliu* Sinalley, N Orient; Am*ric i, Tieartwell Matan 7. Adamant, Pu riugton; Htuliou, Merit hew, Ihil d; MerC ian. arl'sl*, N Vork Nr.w ondon, May j ?Ar New London. Fitcb. NVork; Na-c II Bo ? e", L w *, K*II Rivrr for New York; 6th, Joseph Law ence. ?mi,h, NVork; 7ih, James Lmiph-er, Ke.iuy, Pro vi fa ce i?>r NYork IIaKi ki)rd, May 4.?Arr Huli'ah Ann Went, Barkc, New V r?; Lois, Hoi. vy* ell. Phil id. Hid, Se eci, Francis, New York; Mohawk, Cfarlc, V?ba v: Hector Bui hnell, Se w York, ' tli, at, Equity, Francis. N Y"rk; Uncas, Mills, do ; J M Parker, Tucker, do; 6 h, Vary Ann. Cox. Kingston. Afr 6 b, Lmper r. S tores. Norfdh; Uocas, Mnls. -nd Lady (Clinton, Smith, NYork; 7fh, iohu Thoitip?on, Godfr?y, Norfolk j Nkw Havkn, May 7.?Arr, G olie, Serley, uemerara ria 8: Thomas; Moselle Stau:ar', Albany. Id, Liou, Letnan, Newbem, NC, S R .' mi h. Hpe ly. Albany. Also an, Pacific, Pre*colt, and Celeste, Wright. Albany. Piiiladkupmia, .? ay U?Arr Washington, Lvle, Cardenas; j L trkin, Cliur.u<k, B stnn; A ?iga l N Eliza, Th >mas, B rataI ra, La; Nntus. B~?se, and Atston. Bern diet NYork Below, I Pennsylvania, Turley, and Grecian. Benedict. Trinidad d? Cuba. <'Id Cheater, Vandyke. NOrleiei; Delaware, Fisher, IIHon; Orion. Wilkms, Ln CJuvyra; Marv Ann, Siiankiiu. St Vincents; D Baker, Baker, Albany; Margaret Ann. Godfrey, Providence Savawjratt, May 4?CM Ma-chant, J"rdan, Hivre R|,l Howard. Callan; Severn [Br] L)ri>coil, and Nelson Village. [Br] (lilies, Liverpo-I; Dresden, Stearns, Bath, Mr. rdd ad, Chan Joseph, 'I'i*lintchaai, Liverpool. Nr.w Hmvuh, Fla Arril 21?Arr S iltaca, New York; May Flower, New Bedford; Oceola, No'foik; 22d, North Carolina, and Fr.ntor, Button Mohii.k. tMiy l?CM Ivaac Hicka, Lawrence, and Elizabeth Denniroa. I'oit, Hivre; Znl-t'e, Kelly, Boa'pti. Nr.w Oui.K.srss, April 30?4 I v Uo'nln I in. Thoi. pson, Havre; New Ham, , hire ( he?"; St Lawrence, Cnase; Alb-ina, Crowell; Huss-ll tilover Howei, ami Robert Buce,[Ur] Voir tf. Jtireroi.ol; Kdmitnd P"rkn>* loyemoil, NYolk; Tui. Sib it-, and Kennebec, Sin th, Havana; Carib, Porterfield, St ^1,1 ill1 full! ?wwwwwwa-warTr?' MRoO'i in a PkIVaTE family?a reapectahle private family have a Urge and pleaamt room, which th?y w lull to let to one or two single gentlemen, ait her witli .,r without bieakfaat and lea. upon mode, ate te-mi. The hait e ii w ithin a tew minute* walk of Wall *t. Addr-sa to U at tin* office. ii9 It'm j*A ROOM TO LET? Foi one or two gentlemen, a )??? hand?ome front room, furnished,and on the fecund tl>or, JlJHLi'i aP:ivatr family, will or wirhout brvakfast and tea. Term* moderate Apply at 94 White ?rreet. m9 Mtre aw FA 11 >1 FUR. SALE, OR TO LET ( HLA!'?At JKWhc villape of New Hochelle, nineteen mile* from New v'?L with considerable fiuit, pasture metdi w, Ike ?an old atone house, barna, lie. Poaaeaamn iininedia'ely. Apply to JNO. R. PETERS, or LKNT It PETERS, m9 3teod*rc 22d atreet ami Ithavenue. "^^TPKIVCF.'S NEW CATALOGUE OK UAHLlAS, fflii reduced pr c-a.? WM R. PKI N' F. (It CO, Flu.hing, M,r?r to the putilic ill moat a 'endid and tare coll-etion of Dahlia* 10 be foiled in the Union, the new catalogue* of which, with v ry low prirea, miy he obtained at 23 Pine atreet, or will be sent per mail to every putp'id applicant, Widnall's Consolation and Widn-ll's new Queen of 11 tea, wti ch c i t 4 guinea each, and Sparry'. Lady Aulrohua ami Aurantia. Drummond's Prince of Waterloo and Sir II Pottinger, D-nnT* Mainline uud Anaell'a Clan, winch c.i'i lh.eeand five turner* each, and above id other vsricti a not 11 be to n d in an oiher collectian lit America, will be t at trices 1U P'Op rt on to ihe>r cos*, elegant varirtn* n assortments, each ? beautiful diatiuc vanet i by nem will l,e ?uml.rd -t Id. S'> end $1 p.-rd r. n Splendid nnations of 201) nnmrd is irtiea in a?a -rrmenta a* $r>, S3, lo'il ner dozen, and 70 elegant varieties of chrysanthemums at SUn $ ter dor n ( luurae Tea, Dml , B lurbon, Ht brid, I'-riietual, and o li-r monthly m*e?, in asanr rents, at {'. for 12 a <1 tlOforP") superb n ined varieties, all of flowering a ze WM lT PBINC E It Co. Prince's Narsen a Flushing, Mtv6, 1941 N. B T) lil i in grown inputs should not bs planted unti the chilly v.ea her hat rnbaided in9 3t*rc I N CARPET MACHINE a. F'OIl HAL. '*?At a low price for east .live of the abnV't Machines, complete and j'-ar tiuivhed Andy t DAVID EAsTON, M-chineat, Washington at, be w>en ..outpoinery and Yo k art. m9 It're Jr ?ry City. VRD*OF TM)' MAGI, FOR ASCERTAIN! N~(7TN Y L l)YH NAME, Dtt. HNIllMi aNV PEKSO s AUK?The e cunoua Card* are u iw ready fur sale I hev Ir-vr been t> e source of the gr-a'eat amutemi nt wherever Intro Iriit In orivate n.til it a lie ir in. alette, ini-itl vi - n iiio ,l.-oi in m ih maiie* which produce* the inoit unrri'iiiuit remit* Price, i.i a lifat ilt'*?r with rrick, 37,^4 cut* Ituokirller* and the pai'.e *uun i-d at 1 il .t-oui.t Ku ?aU at WOOD WORTH'S, (lite Donfauti'*,) ml lt*rc 32.'i Briiadrvay, or tr the lloapitat. , OUN I,h H SmKI.VI.N'*, Stc' f~|K A DRV tlilOD^ HTOHK, to he v.Id a harsam il ?[ a-e plied for iintnediaUly, at No Ml Broidway, brtween Keed and .)u*nr (treat in9 It*in LEECHE8! LEECHES! LEECHES! A(\ nnn KIIIST QUALITY LKBCHK*. ju*t received *xv/)V/vJvr by th" Sw.eili.h lui, Alard, aud for tele whule*1 e a d r-tail, at verv low price*, i.y C. J. KKn DIN AND Si COPPA, ml Im're Imponcr* of Leeche*. IP) Nu*?ari *t. ~7 THE SOUTHEltN HALM. TI7E again run- with our testiwormla iti fur r of t' it unri?a le i ? o- it ine. e d / not want ro e co?tii uall\ hd-pin? ahotit cur Bnlu?, but so many surprising cures ? e be ug daily performed by its ua?\ ilut W-* tioiot ip'rain fr?-m n HI i all i>:k a certificate or two In all ca>e? #./' cou.;?mi ptioll, mug' *, liv r com 'I i ir?, uKthina bronchitis. Ike , flic., it n un-qiull <l, and a trial of one t utile must s.itt* y the most skeptic if. HaiUelM, April 24, 1811. Mi-MURK 9hrcut 8t Co 1 wish to l vc u n a i latn statement o facra. I have been h long timeaffl r* 'd w th an affection ? f ?h-h ngs, and w ,s to mu< h'edi ced tli if. I was icarerIy b!e to >tunl. My cough w.*a vio'eut hi rbeexr-in- ?nd I niitlrrnd so much pn-i tH?f. vru oh iged to lie ?t night on my st u cl\ >1 phys ciana ro'd m- tt e e w h no u*e of r o leg any rnor" ? edicin s i uu?* wi uld d?"> me any irood air. Ford, (firm of S aple at Ford, grocer* in t ?Bo . ery,) Wn* wi.m iiiv ?ir.tiotion, ud I now. (j nf ihe w? nde.fu cure- p* rf rined 1 v * our *oa'h-rn Balm se r me .* bo ne of it, whim I t ? k The result is I arn n<?w restore.i c b alth?can rleep nd ' is htar y -s a.y otp?and attend to busin *? iegu nriv without mcoi v i ienc* I im n >w t kn.g the >e ond boit in orde t ' 0111..I t- ly ivatore fii, ?t eiigr.n. ! h ?**e h?i?d o| wonderful core-, bin. nev-? La"*- 1 known atneiicoc #q ai t yoti.V Mv V end. c m hardlv belieye it posttb e hit any id- c ii r.ii e ti 1 mr?n y? ur Southern Balin h<ta rui ed up ?n s-i| ; I im:? iinrend .>v? ry [?e s n hiTing ? ulDiouary nil t ior s to me v.,nr B.i'tri, as I am c.iulident tbey will i' . Im< ti irnr/ edi.u.- bent lit from it. B N.N Y O A UNO, force' llO h a reet \nd 3d Avenue. Hbecuf k f o , 287>^ Bro' dway, PrKeSf Ag? * s* ? IJ r A. lJrham.1% Bowery; ^Vrfn King, .Music 8 to re Ml FuT n at.e t; Dr. Hirst, 187 fan ^1 atie f; it I,lo il Pi nc.e atiret; l)r Li ggett, avenue L) ?>id 3 i treat; W. K Nortb dl, ii'o kivu; A On line, Albany; Ii-ol lug 6l < o*. Bo.too; Wood, Hvibm. n?7 3teodii* oifi FOrt -K' oi i bN? LOUISIANA AND \ Oil- Li M' .??I ositivrdv First Hegular SHmrnmmPacker, to tail |5tr Msy?The fast si' picket al jp (i AS 1 t > N'. f.iotiin Kldndir*. m/ill iin?iti'-l? **il regular day. Ko freight Of I'aaaigr, having hill lioinr flirnialnd aeenmo'O.l-jtioiu, ni'l'l y on bo irti, -1 Orlcina Whuff, foot "f VV .?11 airret, orto K. K. COLUN8 k CO 56 Month atrrer \genr? in New Orlennt?M-nara. Hnllin anJ Woodruff, who will iToni|itlv furwml oil ti< da to their addrmr Ship,ten by thu line ttnv delimit! upon hiring their gnn la correctly mr-uuied, find that the thipanf ihia line will tail pnectnallv ai ad Tar dona mA h tlM*- YA''H 1' KOK 8 ^ Li1*-? The we'l known nod fastfjlvjy. an I'lilt alonp-'inilt Y.irht l,U< ILLA IIO' hJwwiL Wh.Lh, Irt tnna, fonn-t unci furniahetl in ilw mint corrii'lete manner, with Jib, mii a.til flying jib, and g,If top aalt.'hr r ai chot ud chain-cubit, hating fur bertha, with Ir-at CUfh'd hut ma t iiaea, bedding, dun i a cnahim.a c irttint, Vc , c i king oikI cabi-. atore, china, gl ita Stc.? wil* he told on rt.ui untile mritu I'.i.'| at the office of .Vtc'Ol.' N (k t'LAKK, U VValUtr et ml liai?" (;UOI(' 1 lAVATa'A SKC.AU8. MU JOHN .1 V > VI, "It mil a. II t l ur i?n throngh I' (k H. PKLL St I'U , on '1 liunJny, May 9 at 10 o'clock A. M , in the atore No. 8 i Wall atr ft, nn entire invoice of very aujierjor Mai ana Megnna,entitled to dehentuir, imported ler alnp WVlga, conaiatirg of JAl ncii Ucjili t, Pan ueli t, and the general aaaortment of a dmcription einctly anited for firat claaa hotali and the retail trade. mal &t*nodrc AUCTION SALES. T'lOMA H BKXC. Acetwaer t Siwe \'o II $pruc* rfrte/. Rrirnl&r Balce as usual ol' Kaiuiliiie every Wednesday and Saturday. Also, of Dry Goods, and all oilier varieties every Tuesday mil Kndav A. C. TUTTI K, Auctioneer. HARDWARK. (UII.HtV. I < UN'S, DAMAOKD liOODS I At '111 S I, A I T'S Twenty feveutli sprit* r*u - u.truw ip? ?av Tills Season w 'II t%?e PIP*'* 1 nil ! Vio ruing at 10 o'clm k, it the vale? Room No- 21 Ti t t itrfit, unbracing (lie u?ual a*?oitmei)t of Ha'dwar* Alio* 2 cft?e? Gem an Mates; I e;?sk iron Wfightl Also, 2 cases Van Sand's mortice, run a? a sliding Door Locks Also. 6 cases Amerce to wood Screws, well assorted Also, for account ot wh in it iuav coucero, and with which he sate will coininfucc, two eases Japauned Tea Tiays and Waiteis. Al*o, an invoice of double and s ingle barrel l?un i. Also, an a^sortmen' <?f Tab'e and Knives and Forks, ro.y sets. Carvers. Pen ai d Pocket 1, 2, 3 aud 4 bla ? Knives, llexora Scirsors, Shears, k^ Also, II casks American Sadirons, with wrought h-ud'es. Also. Filter's Frying pans, Hoiks' C S Chopping Knives, Gl-aas Scathes Gard n (take* lla* Forks Parkers* sou ire and onnd shank I - S brght Augers, Win el Head*, Hand a d Punoel Saws, whit?, brown ami Shoe Thread, Su.d Paper, kc Also, 2' gross C S Taper Files. The whole bciug worthy the i tendon ol the f r.i!. n9 u * i > \VM. Mct'OHMICK, Auctioneer. PKKKM P'l Oft V SALft of Phuos, Furniture and Carpets? WM McCORMHK k CO. wiP sell this da * at 10 o'ctk, it No. II Cr urtUudt street, ou account of whom it may concern, 3 benutitul rorewo od and wA'Ogauy Piano Fortes, with ill the iniprov-inputs; an . leg lit Wtltou Cnrpet, sweral Ingrain mil llr usee's t opt'a, from a hot I; baoi'noinc French Beds'euds, mihof inv Cna>rs, Voltaire no, lamps, ?iirmicoleu. Bureaus, Bedroom Furniture, tkc ,2 second htnd Guns, Sola' Lamps, Plated hnee.with aandry otherarticles* m9it*m DAltLlAH. CAtt N'ATIONH. kc7 AT AUCTHV\~- ! l> VY k MPGOMLK wi I ' his Momma. at U <.'clo<k, ! at 151 Broadway, an esteusivc assort muut of choice Plants, in | tu I Moom. cou istiut; of Dahlias in pots, Caruaiious, Ho es of I evrr. sorts, Verbenas, ?ucltec*t 4 ierauiums, Lactus', kc with 1 inuiy other varietii. Sale p si ive. m9 lt*rn | BKNJ AMI IN m<)<) >?? v, Auc.iwi eer. |J ARDWAHhi. CUTI.EKk . FA*CY GOOD*. kc Ike. I n ?R MOON K Y k< o wilis-lt This D .y, m l? .?\|.?ck. atth-fto'a So 91 V'aidei Lane. a uenarsl i?sor'ineiit of lleavv and S..elf Goods, fur* Tab Is and PocSrHCutlery, together with s ge. etal nts >rtm*iit of German and Frencti Good*. For j?Artic-<l?4"? see auction head C> uri-r lit Enquirer and h xpess. ? at 'tog u s are rtmdy.aud the goods can be ex mimed tj the h-ur i ol *1*. in9 it*m K.J BKAuNS, Auctioneer. By O D NASH. T I! IS I) A v . LARUE SALE OF F.LF.G 4 NT Second Hand Houiehold Furniture, Catch, , at 10 o'cl ci' a* 39 Fo'ton rtr^et. a quiLtiiy of Ktegaut Scond Hand Hon 'hold mid Ki'ch^n Kuruita e, comprising pa n nod tut'ed "it SjIju Dining lablc*. ^reuaf.iit, t i i nd ceii re do . pier, work and h-iU'. do., iVianoK nv Bureaus. '> Ma!.o any Wardrobes Book* case*, hJf and Toll French Mshotioy Cnair?. care and ru?h -.if do, pi'r and manttd 1>1 tssf.s, looku g .ad diessing d , Oil Pai'ling l"d Prints, Lamp , br?rx* raaiitel V^n ami Shades, setgoM and broil re Gir*uunlev(3 \ ie> cs ) white and a old < hioa Dinner Set*, plain white do. rich cnt Dinner Glass, ivorv handle Tallin I'll lerv.suve platci wruit Baskets and < a&tors, Brussels. 3 idy ingrain Carpets, itiir do, Oi* Ch tba, ma' ogauv and mafia Waahstands. Bed*utdi. Cota* Fnftr Beds, Pit Irwa, and Bo'sters. Ma'tresses, Paiianiem, Chau'b r t>ett. Quilts, Blankets, Window t luiain*. Stair K d? Ike , with a quautit f K tcheu Fun iure iu k'mh! order. :Sf B ?Th? above ?ale compri es the U'ge?t asror'mant of Second Hand Household Furniture offered rhia season. and is welt wcrthv the atten'iou of Iluus'St.d Hob I ke<pets. Dealers, kc kz. N ?. Ca alok'ues ready early on the morning of tale. The Furniure eau he exam ne I thiaaft* rnoon. ?i82i*ec ~mym CHOICE HOUBuT5AHLIAS.-J B. OLOVKR will sell by uuc.tiou, or Kridai. May lOrh at II o'clock. i<t i ft info's Coi.serv.aory N> 67? Broidwxv, a spleu<*iu to'iee ion of isouMc Dahlia PI -tuts, which have hee.i propagated with tn it if tnd itt nt on, ( on inpo t 4 bttibs< piincii) lly ol the most choic4 and prize flower?, exhibited in v ng an dunny the last two yeais. All the i Lots aie in fin** order for immediate t-laiiii.g out; a'" w.trran ert iru* lo name and deacr-pt !? aa giv n in the ifaird .n. ual t aoilogue. just publish d whicn a ko c? t uns copious iiistiuctioea for succ<-jstul cultivation. Tney ill h.* ?o'd iu io'i to suit the wants of ell civ sea f purct?aer . The pl*nu will be o>> view on the mori. i"g i f sale, at wuirh tuv;e'ogu?s will be ready for diatributiou \ colli ct on tif ^lowering Plants, i?.: H ?seg, Hef1' iu*.n? kc v ill be offerea after the a le ol Dahlias. ui88 is By J GEMAN, A ncti nwr KKl AV, v ay IP. At HI Vloi'k, at 11 ursrli * < rd 'p. corner of Henry and Pacific ftptvii in-*' Sou ti F#rry, Uokltn, GHKF.NVK'I -K AND UAUUK - i L.iM'B-r?00of fha b"it !r nglinh n um-d go'-peherr* l?u-has with color .>f fruits, 2.^0 red and 2tl0 whi'. . una. ts; 3VI of thelorae r-?l and white fiuited 'pnpb"rries?*11 iu fi e touuiti'in for iranrpli' li H Also, a choi? e c lUr n-u , f g eenl ouae a.oi )i*x ?-.i ol ous, (as mported per ship (? adi.i or, IV- in his h ? ther's London nursery) e.z i oses Magnolias, i- hododenurous, Ax-tliai, Dahi..i^, T?Mn tfs li Brooklyn. .? av 8tV 1844 m8 2t#rc A1 iiw.a .-?!( I I HI 11*111 iii.d inol'em T'siuiiurs, by the best maete's on THUHSDAY, a; 10>? o'clock, iii the new *a'e? room, II Sp>uce street in8 2t'ec lllOS B F I. L. A uc'ioneer. WAVI KU? Bv aiiuule gentleman.a single room, w tn full b >ard. within live in mules walk of tin* office Andre** 11., at tli'm office. mil 3uc TIT A N'l'KD?A Woman to i o the cookitiK and washing iii a large privatelamily. None need .n ply unlei* tliev understand tlioir liuniiesa well, and can give saiikfictory reference* a* to chsr&cUr. Apply at 18 St Mark'* Place, from 9 A ,vi to | 1' M mil It ie KD? Kiv-mtn who perfectly ttndertta*d ibe menu* facture of Scisso ? aod Shea's. A I*", one who i? a go d turner in bra** or irou. Ii.lit work. N^iie but ihe be*t workmen need apply to ROCliUS IIKIN'SH, Manufectuter af Tailor*'* SneaTK, Scissors, ttc., Clay street, Jerotamau's Itutid my, Aiewark. Now J?r?*y. ill9 J'?m "IXTANTKiJ l MMKUIATltLY?A Journeymen Barber, at IIIBfthMS ItfNt, J AV'KKS. ml it !? WAM'Ki?Two Boy*, (torn twelve to si'teen yea * old, a* Wnit?r* iu a R?'rctnr?t No*. 7, 8 ?nd 9 Fulton Mamst. IS one need inrle itlo*e that ilntl, ihr kuaiui*, 1119 lt'rc Chi (111 1!KWAIID ?Kicneil from the I'ity Pruon, Wm ijplv'VJ Hoppy, alia* Tbetfo'd, Abraliatn* baiil floppy I* about 5 feet 7^4 inches high, rather *tout. I ght cumpleiinn, Kotnan note, ha* so rewhat of a li*p in converaanoii. Is so englishman, and well known to the police of the different cities of the Cnited Sta es and Canada. The above reward will be given tor hie apprehension, ou application to M. FALLON, Keeper of City Prison, N. Y. May 8, I8M. m9 3tc yj i. v rt iilobk andthanspakkntcklkstTal * SPIIKKK, common sice for schools and ii?iv te families, ami I ir*e s./.e for Lectures, for sale at M?. Vale's Nautical Kstanlishotenr. 91 Kosevelt street, New York, and at Nefas 8t Cornish, 278 Pearl. The sb-ve inilrumeul is now Used iu S ale College, and has th* recomnit-inl.itiou* or Doctor Lardurr and Professor Oltm'ed. is alto used in i U' rommor schools. Letters of inquiry, post paid, will te attended to. Mr. Val will make a short visit to Boston the 1 it'er part of this mon h,(Mav)a d intreilucr hi* lirgeljlole* aril Sphere He will lecture on the |#t|i instant at New London, Conn, iri 9 lineod'rrc A MKltl. AN TF.M'Pl-TtTA\T;i0WlON^h.~Kial.ih \n ** uivertarv of tin* hi?t tution will be held Thit Kveoi g, m tli Bro.vdwiy Tabernacle, at 7). o'clock? He*. Dr. Bacon oj IS'-'w Hariri), M (Irani, Kt?| o|Ilo?tnn and .Mr J U <)"Uuh. will addmt ll e maune. Air Qongi. will relate hit bitter ell fiance and "in* The Uebriaie't Limeut M utic by the B md liom the North < .voliua. ii9 (.Kiel LT? II \ L VI A(- IIINKH OK ALL DhX KIPTION8?Horey't Pn*ent Straw '/Ut'er, n urw anil irnl.roveil mi^hine for rutiicg hay, ?tnw nnd ufalkt, for t?le at the manufacturer) i>n *p. Alto, Plough* of ail thetmi'roted IMtfO l.ft I' tl 'h < '(taf itifr? ( j nlvn lUll^. *n,IM,.. . kc. con*f:inflv r hand a; d for aah* cheap,at the old established AtriMlton) \v ir?' HooiCi 187 Wateritrfit T? s ? Wire Cloth, h tares Scteecs, kc. kc , for til** and ninafctu d to order mfl Si * n WOUNTaIN IlfcAl). 8 Muray street?'I he subscriber har* i a if take i the av?ov house, which he it t'uds opening *s a hnnse of gen refresnmenta on a p an r;ifh?r different from any yet eatabliah'd in ibis city, btga inivf rrapeetinlly to inform It is fiitsud* and the pubnc generally that he will be hai>pv to tee lhe?n at hi* o. rniiiif on Friday, Itifh inst. betweeu the hous of A and 5 P. M., when he ho pea thv the number o' h a friends piwiH ??> grace theoccaaioti will been earnest of tml pitronaif which it will i??: hit constant daiirp f<? to#ril mOJt^rc PKTf.K B WARTS Ml) IS?c.'i? dty sunt eru, laud.tig ?x :hip Ynx >o, lioin ."New < )ileio>, 1.1 sale by i r?\. K COLLINS 8t f() % South at r?*<*t O ' I <?l ! I: U I T s - 1V1 M'U I 'it g i >lni? V iz f r ^ ?.l by K. K COLLINS 4 CO. my7 5ft S?ajh strwt T K K \ TO ^ 'ICS. THK 8PRINO Mfe.KTl OwHc mmrncrnvi" the K.'rIi Course. Treuf* n. New Jcr? v, on Tup??l ?v. Vlay M;h First I/?y?Sw rp tafes f>r three \ ?ar nldt, mile heats S m* Dav?A Purse i f $140. two mil" h ats. Smne l?ny ?e Purse of $7j. " lit* bee's HpCoi d Day?-A Purse nt $150. two tnih heats. S:i" e Day?A Pu't* of $75 mile heats Kntnea Mill close ?tf th- Hoi* I, on theevening previous to h iaee a loVtock. \ t No ? hanre ? the ccuts to the Public Stand? Members Tickrta 3f. PIORON sifOOTINfL On Thnrsd ?y. M> Iftrli. r.he d.iv following the Pace*, a Sweep ta?ie for Pup no Shooting w? I me off sub t?5 a^ch p, p the b *f. ?n evn th t?, cl ?**'! with five ?uh ethers On he day f Mow tig, a Purse o' *50 w? I h '2 v. n f. r Pigeon, the beat u live ?-hof?. dtsu.ire (V to the fiao twenty \ or?l? e'$.5, to cloae at' he ! i . Morel, on the even.ny preri ?* ? the shootu.g et 8 o'c)o< k C ** ^ . trussi u to the Courae >tinl Siauda on the tl iya of tht Shooti k. Lee For fur*: er p.irticuUrs >ee Nov YnrW Spirit of the Tirnea. IAMKS DROWN, Proprietor. Trrn ?n, N.J . May Wrli. ID11 in9 Ct*rc ' liKAms'mi K$K-TR()TTIN< > THURSDAY, May 9ih, at 4 o'clock, P M ? Pnr?? $79 Mil* Ilea'*, h*ai in ' > in hern***. W m. Wheelon enter* b g Uortar. Win Kmihhi enter* -br. m.Lady Wa?hiii|ton. l'apt. Underbill enter* br * ( o I umbo* (1 Woodruff enter* br. m Amina. (Jen Yandenbnrith enter* b g Win T?ll May ll'b?Torre $lf.n Two Vile lleata nmlcr rh* idill*, free for b.,r? never won * put** over SlIHI, not etcltid nig Kat* Horn. Miy 20ib?Pura* $ I'(l. 'l'wo Mile lien'* in li*rne*a, free foi I' rve. never won e pn'?e oye $n(i, not ncludinii We. Im.rfirin i r Hal* Hum M iy illl?1 nr?e 140 i Two Mt'e He?t? in Harness, fr e for all 'rnitinir hornet $ifl iro to tli* eond heat horie. M iy JS'I ?Put** $l"0 Tw i Mil* heat* under the ? pldle, fre? for to reea n?ver wmi a purse over $7J, not exclniliDp Sir William. Kntri-* to h* mole Thursday, M?y 9th, M R SMI TH'S II Park Row, by 9 o'clock P. M , three or more to make a race m9 lr*rc ~ FoK-TUUDKSfc PEMALB PlhUS ' IMI KBK far famed and e-lehrated Pill*, f-om Portugal, am * wei?re*ive. to oh ?iataiiie<1 i* thia e-matra S*? ?ilyrrin?| ment on th* last ao|?i*s. foartk * * , AMUSEMENTS. PARK THKATRk Bnxaa $1 | Pn.- W Caan | Uallary ? Benefit of ?ln S'HU THIS K.VVXINC*. Max 9. will Ix performed the OP"* off INDEHELLA?Prioea Fein. Mr Snnvali Dandiui. Mr Heguin. Cinderella. ,\lr? Seguin. _ ? To conclude w ith the 3d *ct of ERA DIAVOLO?Fra Dia?ol ?. Mr 8?Tiviil!; O.acomo. .Mr Seguin ; Zerltna. Mri Hrguio. ___ cii AT11A Si TIIBATRiC. Boin... 2i i ... n | Fit I2)< Centa THIS ?VkAi Mi Mary 9. to ci'iiuaace with YANKEE IN SPAIN?Sv ?ato. Yankee II II followed bv ;i I oncer! b? t'ie >.g.> Melndiitl. Followed by CUT AND COS E AGAIN. After which a Heco.iU Concert be the Congo MelodiaU. To conclave with THE i. no SOTK. HI n iiEhi. STJCVWpit TUKATUIO THIS EVENING. May 9th. to coaimeoce with THE ALPINE MAID Followed hVTH PET OF THE PETTICOATS* Aft-r which THE YOU Mi HC aMP. Ta conclude with. MRS WHITE?Siri White, Mr? TlaUB NICW KNICKKKBOCKKH THKATRK, AMPHITHEATHE, HOti FRY, UNDER TH" MANAGE MEN I OJ. Mr J. 0.RUS9ELL. Benefit of Mr B. Will iron THIS EVEN NO Oy 9r|i. will he performed. IRELAND AH IT IS? Ned O'CvolUn, Mr Dawea. Alter which CONTENTMENT AND RICHES Fol'owed by a Con-err hy the Kentucky Velcdieta 'IS. c.i.clii.le Willi >1... k I \ . m.SKIlTrH V AUttKICAN ni'frllN, A N D PEUPETU A \. V /. 1 H . Comer of Broadway and Ann *trret. Opposite {hp A>(0r Honti* THE MOST BRILLIANT AND TRIUMPHANT su< ck*h OK YND fr KKOK.MANCKS At half.put 3 o'clock ever* afiprnooii, n- il H every eyenine. The Ol A NT AN1) OIANTESS! ! ihe iwp gr> ate*t wonder* .,f the ?KP,m>iv be >evn from is o'clock A M till i, from i til1 hal -i n?t S, and from 7 till ID. The m nager i? happy to anuounce **n engagement, for one [ week only, with the ORPHEAN KAMILY'. of Ave parsons, all mu-ici vis of lie liraf cU<*. I v,r W1N< HELL the inimitable Dtollerist; Mr WM COLE, 'he ('onlortioinr t ; Mr LYNCH; -A I EllTE i CEHlPOt ili" POiiliil Y. and other*. A Beau'tin'Collection of Wai Kigiir>s. ThetJII'SFY y I' l .r.N. the I1 ortuae i -ller, may be private ly cor*' 'red ?t a'l Hour* of the day ana evening. Ticke's 25 C?uta?children underlet! year* Its cents. Twer tT-livec?nU ertra ' r nrivnte consultations with thell'M'j (|ofen. ill re PKal.EH > till K "ftl'fO-ol llll AND PICTURE HALLKHY Broadwav, apposite the City Hall. A DWARF AS OLD AS TOM THUMB!! AND Til HE E I x'CHES SHORTER ! A O I A N T E *> S ! ! AN ALBINO LADY. With Whi'e Hair and Pi' It Eves. AND HEVr.N PERFORMERS'. '. All lor line Shilling MR. 11. BENNETT. MANAOER, Reppctfnllv aonouucei that h- ha* effected an eng igen rnt with Mr DELARUK. the celebrated Miotic, who will Rive hia inui li admired imitation o' HENRY CLAY. Tti? following rerformera will alao appear The WHEAT WKSI'EHN.Mrs. WraSTERN, Ch LE8TE, theRracefnl Danaeuae Mr H. CONOVEK, the Protean Perform' r, and Mr W CONOVER, the celebrated Comic Singer. Tie Melodeon, ilia' playa a variety of brilliant Overtures. Half a Mil'iou ol l.'urioailica. Grand Co-it.oramn, and Splendid eje'ure Gallery, eontaiuiuR all the celebrated character* during the Revo utiou Tht 1*11 SeY UIHL, can be conaulted at all hours Afternoon Entertainment on and Saturday at J o'clock. Performance in the Lectnre Room to commence at 8 o'clock. m( fwij OA LI Ell Y (lit' PAINTINGS AT ( I.lT* TON t Hall, im nred with the intention of commencing a National Oilleryfor llie ar'uu and ?tu 'euts of N?W York Iii now offered (orsal* to a" iBntinn and connoMtcan af painting*. It i* considered useless to mention anything in lavor of itie different paintings which compose tkw collection, the public an.I the pre** haviur too Ir.qnenlly ipokeu of it in ; ../ ,i._ . i mi... . i._ mrennl for inspc tion cv-rv day, anj the paiitinga will h-sold at public anctimi on H'ednesdav. the Mth of May. al II o'clock. A. i\1 seats in ihe reserved lor ihe ladie . tdtnissinn l'*a. mktvMrc GL'MIIOUS N EWS?Soirrth i g new anu iuti-iesting to al classes?jIlHN A < OL.LINS from the SLuiicaleles Community, is no>? in the city. ami will continue, at Conceit II ill ton Broadway, on Tlmrailay rv now. May 9tli, al Half p ut 7 o'clock precisely. lilt course of Lectures on Social Science, embracing ihe evils an>t antaitoniaina of ihe present social arrangement, ihrir cause and remedy. All p-'a"na are respectfully invited to be present Seals rerei veil for the ladies Entrance fr-e m'J 3 *rc WV( KOFF*S SALOON. OPPO 1TE THE CUnTOM HOU*E, IN TDK RAHe.MKNT, SERVES UP THE EATABLES in a sty le not ta be stirpassed. Mhiiv, nai, the majority of our business me. , nrr compelh d to get dinners ?! a |iertect hurricane halt*; thev can't < slay, rren if hey ahotihl be inclined to spend nu hour at the table Wyckoff'a Saloon ia pieciaelv the place for such gentleirieii to patronize Plates, knives and f rks fly ronnd with aslonichiuc velocity?tli-y come and tro like maitic Thu ia because iheatteudinla are so ac'ive. What ia sixpence or a hilltnit lor a sulli ieut meal??absolutely nothing ! (Jo onego all to Wyckoff'a. mil 3t*m NEW MUSIC. SIONOK HEN Er IIJ haa just arrai ged and published for the (iuitar lioin the celebrated Open of Luciano Lainmerinoor, " Doiinir-uisrbria Frafico atoe ricolero " I his piece ia beau tifnllv arrar ged, aud made easy to h? performed, having all tie fingeii"g i il| aasagea marked an plainly for the iusuument thai auy one hot slightly a qu-lilted \? ith the Uuitar can easily per f irm it For sale ai the priucipsl music atorea m9 lw*m RE MO VA L . MllS CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR AM SULPHUR BATHS, will be removed, the first or MaV froin Conrtlandt street, to 3Hi Broadway, two doors above ,1. i Ity Hospital, when- she will lie happy to see her frieuda am patrons np23tf is rc 1' A P E R II A Nt*IN OS . IE y D OURTIS, NO. ft '4 MAIDEN LAN K , WOl'LD respectfully call the attention of th-ir numerous cna'omers and the public gei ei 11V. to their Spring linpor t stion m of new style PlP"r liaufiogr of every deacriptiou ant quality, wlii-h they offer for sale at inch prices as cannot fsi to give satisfaction ta purchasers They have also on hand am made to order, a superior article of CURLED HAIR MATTRA8SKS, which for elasticity and curability cannot be esc-lied; togethe with Purified Live Geese Feather Beda, Straw IViaalrri, an' very article in the Bed ling and Upholstery business atlas prices. m3 Iwis'ec LARD?161 half bbls. landing ex ship Vaxoo, tor sale by ni% 7 E K. Cl rL.1,1 NH fa r () M South stre. t. IM Ul iK'i A N'T T< ' Till >SK WITHOUT CHILDREN THOSE Interested, will te rear .hat an agency iseatahliah -d for tre sale oi M. VI. DESOMr.AEX'S Wondcrln Prncieative I" lixir (J* rffiai. (U7"S< advert semitutoa last Column of fonrthpagr vo!0 lin is *m SCARPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL. Astonishing cuke of deakn ess.?The roil >w II.I crtiffca'e as h -en 'cci ived by Mr. Whipple, our agen iu Newburyport Miss.: 'This it to certify that my wife hav ing been afflicte t wl.l the loss of heiriug tor s year and a half hat sadden 1 v recovere. the same. by the useof Si*iu-a'? On. you UxsrixMS Itwa wilb much reluctance that she in de a trial of it; hot heim en-ouriged by tic example of o'hers whose names were iirn due d lit favor of its utility, her consent was obtained, and let happy to aay th.a' her hem * i? mom than ordinarily accnie I 1 .n i h. .v.* .nlfe or umler I he < i m-> iodide inurht 'roar. do lik wiic ' "thomas k. pk&8sic!y, Nkwburvport. April .5. 184j For r*?#? b nefit of |wr?oni? at a di tauce, I wonld add that M Pretsey is a merchant of Pleasant street, ard will be happy t give any addit'oual particulars to those who inav w rli ton quirf of him. CliAKLKS WIPPl'LK ISnu?' genuine unleis with the words "Bca'pa's Oil for D?a uena" bio<11 ?uh bottle, and with the written signuiuie i 13. Bell on the wrappe*. Prepared by B Bell, nndsold wholesale and ret il be A. St I). S-uid*. druggists, 79 Fulton street, corner of Oniil; alt sold by A B, Bauds U v.o No 273 Broadway, and So d? < ? 77 t* . st Brmtdw i mi mi> re rPHORN*B < OMPOUND KXTKACT OF COB A IB * AND S A liS A PA HI LLA po? art a few advantages in njoyed by any otiter tntdtntnn for the eureofa leexa I <i senses,and which must, with an enlightened public, tender .txturtdly highly, e< d a draidmt utn long sought f< in <he medical w? rid I- need* no confinement or c*.;iuKe i diet In i:a approv?d form th i* of a paste,-t m entirely tast lets, and cinset no unpl'asant sensatioo to the. atient. It ha* acquired the in*?st lame in Almost* erv part uf K rope; it h*s ' ?0 examined, sppioved ?f and sr ictioned bv tl f cul y of rnedic*ne, and recommended by the .anet eminent the profession Prontd by J B. 'I home, chemist, Londu and tor sale whole* ile nnd ret il hy JAM&S TARRANT, 266 Greenwich st, corner ol Warren street Also, at 2 Park Mow and 581 Broadway, 183 Broadway, 3 Broadwav. comer of Waliier street. tn3 2wuis*i IMiKI'AHK FOR snviMKR. VOW is the time to purify and hrace the physical system i iN at to enable it to b ar up 'gainst the et.cresting h"?*ts summer 'I be condition of the blond at th* eipiratii n of ?i ter, owinir to .mctive perspiration during thit a?nn, and fro other * ao*es. is not in a pro| er state t?? n**ist die**#*, ncra the il' esti e powers, which ?r general y orer taxed bv the %| i n n. it <.1 w wither in their I I er go In fact, < ctuafi ' i he state of the an mi <1 m tchliio t?? meet a new climate is a.i n ce*s%iy a* a change ol clothing To puree from the blood i unhea'tby pur-icles mid irn.arttn it a more tint itive chiract ?to I've ione to the s omach, and ?ipe| obstruct in a from tl bou<1*?m short, to reinforce tie whole system for the car p ivu of Hummer, there is no prr| action so effic ac.n us as B \nd J BtrsiparilU. F? r further porticulais and c?i? elusive eviden 1 of its superior mineind * litucy, *#*' pump! lets, which mty I obUji cd of agents iimMs. Prepared mil sold w ho esale and retail, by A B &i I). Hand whops <ie druggists*, 79 Fulton st New Yolk?Bold also 2 | Broadway, 77 h ast Bro-dwsy, and by du.,.gtsi* genei ill I thr< uubout the IJuit *d ie? ml 6f is rr yorkvili.v, astmiia. i'kll imtk fmiry, h avh nswool) and >'?:w voitK STA? h> i -- ,,v ?!' ('" mei.r* ro'iniugou lond.iy, Mi ; S33B *' ' a'-'i ?t 7.0,? tud 11 oYI'.cl . . (S | I P. M ? L .v,. - j , if tin afrret <>' p< ?ire ( ity 11 e 11 it 7, 9, 10, an l! <? el..i k * V, i 3 U ?H ToVP ca P >1 '?'hia Btage willea'l fo ?ss? ge <f 20 Bowery, cortur i Pellmrret, all I st llax.ra'a V ?? kf|l|e. All hsKgnge at tl owner's risk Om he arm I of fb** stnip at As" - ill i medintelv ba in i soiiiess lor conveying paiseogrra to ItaTen wood and Long Islaud Farms. F.i e i2K iei ts. Hors- s and Wagons to let. I.KWIB St ( ARTF.R, ill , .. Pvn| n ors I NKW VOKK, ALBANY ASU THOV STKAMBOA I.INK 1 M HO II A 1.11 AN Y AN') THOV-Mr.rn. r?jd?Line Iroin ihe foot ol Barclay atrert, laudu jKi^_1E3E.?( inU"in?lni*pl?e?? The ?t...rnrr THOV, aputn A. Oorlinm, thia inor i lug at 7 o'clock ! The aieamer KMPIHK, Captain S. K Hoe, to-morrn I m Tning. at 7 o'clock Keening Lille (inin the loot of Conrtlindt afreet, 'lireet. ; The aieatner ALBANY, Captain It. B. Mae.y, tint eve; , ing, at 7 o'elork. I The ateamer HWALLOW, Captain A McLem, lo rnorro ! evening, at 7 o'clock. The linata of ihia l ine, owing to their light draught of w ter. are able at all tirn?a to paaa the bira, and r-ieh A Iliac ami i toy in ample time to lake the morning train el cara ft the eaat or weat. i I'or paaaage or frrigiit, apply on hoa'd, or at the nflirea '.n I 1 whareea mtl'C .Mf) jga \ li \ \ V I? \ V LINK?Ypr Albany at fit J*V .'ail* InI nil li " I dinga at. half-paat 6 o'ch.r XV YT igr \ M -I he new a- U cri nmodiona nleiinbo I . <? it tilt it. lap-, in M II irneadell will leave il foot of Hobinoni air-rt, on Monday, Wedneaday and Yridt nvrnini-a at II1, o'eli k T'he.atll itl \.\1K HI' A will leave A'lnny for New Yn and intei mediate I ndmga. ???tf Tueadiy, Tnr.div ai ; I flatl! dav in on.ijgt. at to'clock mt'C LARD 200 b la and MO kega I m- Leal I ird, landi hip Ya*oo, for aile bv j in 7 B.K, COLLIN8 A CO. M IwAgmt, J< >VV LB?Si J iihda, in dry aalt. lor >al? by K K. COLLINH k CO , 1 mtrc M Bonlh a treat I I ?* BY THE SOUTHERN MAILWashington. f [Corrrtpoadrcce of the Herald.) WASiintoTON, May 7th, 1?44. Ol thr fifteen member* of the House from Virginia, there are only four who will give support to Mr. Vau Buten?to wit, Messrs. Dromgoole, Steenrotl, 1 aylor, and Coles. The beet judgment of the balance of the delegation, as expressed this morning in conversation, is that niiu-tentht of the votes of Virginia will be cast against Van Buren. This judgment informed from letters just received I by them from all parts of the State, and from direct intercourse with those who are here immediately from the people. They unhesitatingly express their opinion that the result will be to break down Van Buren, Benton, and even the Globe itself, if it do not pursue a liberal course of policy towards the lour fifths of the democratic party who doubt Van Buren's availability. Gen. Chapman and others will probably frankly publish their opinions and define their position in the Richmond Enquirer. Their letters?some of them?will appear in to-day's Enquirer il iliey reached Richmond in season for in* sertion. All the stirring news of the day is now to be found in the Globe. The extraordinary course of the Globe un<!?r the master guidance of Mr. Benton?first, the public avowal of Mr. Rivea? which I published in the Herald?that he waa, heart and soul, for annexation of Texas, and even of Ireland, if it wanted to come into our Union? next, the powerful urticle of Mr. Blair about the time the trea'y whs sent in, strong for annexation, hut written and published during Mr. Benton's abstnre?next, Van Buren's letier, and a consequent complete somerset of the Globe siiong against annexation?then, again, we have the Globe lauding ail caelum Mr. Calhoun, and coi gratulatiug the country on his appointment to the ^eeretarysnip of State, hut written during Mr Benton'i illness? next, its entire somerset, coming out great guns and catapults against Mr. Calhoun. I say these.* matters are the subject of conversation at every corner, and especially the extraordinary letters and developments with w'hich it is daily filled. A good joke is passing about, that Messrs. Benton and Blair both had their brains injured by the shock from the bursting of Captain Stockton s big gun, for both their heads were severely damaged, shocked, and, by-tlie-bye, Hitchie's Shockoe Hill Resolutions have given them another severe shock; and amid ull these shocks, it is gravely feared that their senses have been shocked also Never before did Washington experience such a dust and such a gust of wind as caine over the city yestetday afternoon about halt past two to three o'clock. It was iurious, riotous, outrageous, awful. I happened to get caught out in it, making a desperate etlort to get down Pennsylvania avenue before the storm came on. The wind almost took me off my feet, and the dust was so thick and stifling, as absolutely to obstruct all vision, and all respiration. I never saw anything like it before, ana hope I may never experience the like again. That renowneel personag'- "the oldest inhabitant," said he never saw tlie like before in Washington. S. B. Washington, May 7, 1844. I was in the Senate for it short time this morning, during which the lion. Dixon H. Lewis was presented to the President )>ro. tern. of the Senate, and sworn in to /ill the unexpired term of Mr. King. He was warmly greeted by the Senators; but the President omitted the usual act of courtesy?that of ihaking him by the hand. The Turiil bill was discussed in the House to-day by Messrs. Duncan, Hardin, llhett and Caldwell ; nothing new was advanced, and in fact every body is sick and tired of the subject; and every body is delighted that to-morrow the discussion closes, and the bill is to be taken out ol Committee and voted on, and disposed of. It will be u great scene. Carusi's grand May ball conies off to-night, at which all the most beautiful women in the place will be present. Mr. Niles' case will be reported upon in a few days. It is said that it will be favorable, and that he will be allowed to take his seat. The Virginia delegation still stick to their first : love?Mr. Van Bnren, and cast their votea first for i him in the Convention. 1 Rut Indiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, and Louisiana, and Mits-issippi, will go dead for Commo dore Stewart Washington, May 7, 1844. ! Gov. Rugby's speech to-day is highly spoken of, although it contained nothing specially worthy of notice, excepting some pretty hard hits upon old Massachusetts. , The Senate went into Executive Session, but did j nothing worthy of notice. The most important and exciting news of the 1 day?and the universal subject of remark at Washington?is the extraordinary course and position il now taken by the Globe, or rather by Mr. Renton, * who dictates its course. I have already wrtten you " a letter which has not yet returned to Washington, . in which I stated you might da'ly expect Mr. Renton to do some desperate deed. 1 did not then ex, peet the prophecy would so soon come to pass.? it Rut what do you read from his |>en in this morning's (.Jlohe 1 These most astounding words : " IVt. thai/ never tvpvort any human being brought - forward by their rlanilettine mathinntiont." The word "their" refers to "the enemies of Mr Vim Ituren." This, therefore, is a blunt rate. ? gorical (ieclarntion fhut Benton, Globe & Co. will h support no man?" no human being "?but Mr. ii Van Buren. Thin is mast extraordinary language ' for the first party organ to hold. When and where can the history of politics show such a specimen " of high autocratic dictation f This is whipping-in j with a vengeance. What will If itehie say to that 1 I know not what he will say to that, but I know what he says in to-day's Knquirer: "We must frankly tell the Globe that there is no press in thia j'. country which is able to dictate to us!"?"Mr. Blair may rely upon it [the italics are Ritchie's] fj that we will nev? r so lar lose our self-respect as to bow to its (the Globe's} dictation " B The fact is, the Globe is plunging desperately ' under the whip and spur of Thomas H. Henton? " and, if it does not lo?k sharp, it may lireak its wind. Mr. Henton lias staked his n!l on this last throw * of the dice lie has dei reeil that one of two J' men?anil only iw<>?shall he elected President of u (he United Staes, to wit, Henry Clay, or Martin > Van I'.uren. It either of these men shall be elecjjl ted, Mr. Benton may run successlully (I) in'48. Hut should Mr. Van Huren be laid aside, and, for ^ example, ('ass, Johnson, or Stewart, be taken up? the whole party organization is broken U|>?certainu, ly Mr. Henton?another western man?would not be thought of to succeed Cass in '48. Calhoun would be a candidate to succeed (.'ass. Hint tUat 199 irae. Calhoun must, therefore, be destroyed?or like Carthage of old, blotted out. Hence the most extraordinary somersets in opinio ion, which Mr. Henton is now daily forcing the Globe to make. Such antics are rarely seen even in a gymnasium. Some of ihem I have already r< alluded to in u previous letterto-dav?and will now P state another. At the opening of this session of Congress, Mr Hlair in Ins anxiety to secure the u printing, and apprehensive that he might not suc i ceed without tfie votes of Calhoun's friends, pro* mi ted voluntarily to tujwort Mr. CaJhoun for tkt i,' Prrtidency in '48. Hut Mr. Benton was not conr suited, in this arrangement, and so Mr. Blair un' fortunately reckoned without his host. Such isthe i, somerset Mr. Henton now compels poor Blair to 't make. v Mr. Tyler, io his recent appointment of Mr. Cueullu ns Collector of the Port of New Orleans, eems to have been grossly imposed upon by repreiy -' illations made to the President, iliat Mr. Cucullu was a warm and devoted |ro nd of ihe administrak' tion. Mr. Cucullu's first official act was tolemoTO i,j Iroin office everv polito-al Irieml of tlie President. This act of treachery came like a clap of thunder' ?! upon the President, and places both him and his " friends in New Orleans in a curious dilemma. Mr. ?- Tyler has but one course left for him to pursue, nlier to remove forthwith Mr. Cucullu, or see his political friends sacrificed. His duty seems to be a plain one, and urgently called for to vindicate his T own dignity and as a paramount act of pistice to Ins political sup|a?rters. 8. B. '* TWKNTV-KIOHTH COROUICM* " MltUT SI'.HMOft. * Im*U. Washington, 7th May, 1844. The usual number of memorials and upon the ? usual stibjeets, was presented. Mr Hanneoan presented a memorial from eiti' r/n.H of Indiana, praying Congress to establish an ,r Agricultural Institute, and appropriate a portion ot the Smithsonian lltqunt to that purpose. " Several lulls yesterday ordered to he engrossed, - were finally passed. I,' fMr. Hnyard'a Hill whb paaaed. The Globe has, ai 1 see, anticipated its passage, and published it I < will refer you to it, as I shall not be able to get a 'V copy tor some days.] ik ntr. hon. ntxoN m. i.swi*. i Gov Hagry moved that Mr. Lewis' credentials he read, and that he he sworn in to office. Mr. f? Lewis accordingly appeared and was sworn in his hig chair was produced from the House there being none in the Senate of sufficient capacity to hold the Honorable Senator?and he tookhia seat at the nearest desk upon the extreme light of the

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