Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1844 Page 4
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I Provident of the Senate. lie was waited upon with much courtesy and politeness by his colleague Gov. Bagby. THS TARIFF. Gov. Bagby proceeded to make his speech upon the tariff 011 tqotion of Mr. Evans. Instead of undertaking to report this speech? made entirely for home consumption?i shall, after it is finished endefcvorto give you the suhstunce of it condensed. . ,? Further Particulars of the Riot. (From the Phila. (Jazeite ot y?s?'??rday t/isrnoou] Hai,f Past Onk o'clock?Mob* ok thk Kiots Our reporter h isjust returned from the ground, and brings the following report. livery tiling continued quiet from 12 last Bight to 7 this morning. At about that time group* began to assemble as yesterday, but under higher excitement At.Second dUdFrunklinthe American flag was raised, and with it the placard which was paraded through the Btreetsyes- j terday. At this period, the volunteers of the 1st Brigade were relieved by some of those ol the 2d. I >a-i? mvanized bodies now formed, and a search, fur men and arms was made through the houses in ] the square bounded by Master, Cadwalader and ; Jefferson streets, and the Gerui.iutown road. The | military did not interfere as perfect order was pre- 1 served. Several stands of arms, as rifles, muskets, shot . guns and pistols, were lound concealed, chiefly in 1 the out-houses, in a pig stye, iStc. They were almost all loaded. The inhabitants had dispersed.? j At about 8 o'clock a gui\ was tired in Jefferson | street, which for a moment created great excite ment, but it was at once discovered to be an acci- I dent. About 9 o'clock a large quantity of gold, ' about $700 dollars, was discovered in the embers of the fire in one of the houses burned yesterday.? Some 100 dollars of it were curried off by boys, but ! a guard was immdiatelv set over it by the volunteers, and the residue discovered und returned to the owner, an old Irish woman named Harrison. ! At 10 o'clock some companies of the third Brigade i also appeared. They took possession of the ground. | As they appeared, nil Irishman was discovered in i lite act of loading a musket, having just loaded one. , He was immediately seized and carried to Alder- [ man Boileau's, and (rorn thence to Mayor Cannon's. On the way down, and with great difficulty, his life 1 was saved. Arrived at that officer's, he was obli- [ ged to place him at once in a cell in his office to i save his life. The excitement was increased at the office by the fact that Young, one of the men shot yesterday, and who is not expected to live, was lying in the adjoining bouse?bis sister, a beautiful girl, was on tile steps of the house, in an almost frantic state, and the sympathies of the crowd were ! raised to an almost uncontrollable pitch. Last | night, in a straggling melee, an Irishman named i It ipi- wh* kIiiiJ in a Hlr**#M pnll#?ff Philin slrppl. The inuii Riee, an Irishman, a weaver, who was shot yesterday, it is now asserted was shot down in the act ot firing. He is represented as having been one of the leaders. An Irishman, at the corner of Jefferson street and Germantown road, during the hottest of the fight, was engaged in firing down .Teflerson street into Cadwalader street, among lite Natives, killing and wounding two or three. The edge of the house, behind the corner of which he would dodge, was literally shot away by bullets fired at him. lie was at last shot through me back of the head by a boy, who came through Jefferson street from the West. At 11 o'clock the crowd was entering the houses in Germantown road, searching them, taking from them arms and ammunition. They conducted themselves, though under great excitement, with much forbearance, destroying no property, and whenever they entered a grocery store to carry out the powder, placing n guard to protect the rest of the property. The houses in the immediate scene ot actum, anil within a square or two, arc all deserted, and the Irish have almost entirely disappeared. Some lew men are seen carrying off their furniture in cars. At 12 o'clock a fire broke out, but as our reporter left at that time, he is unable to afford any particulars of it. At that time, one of the volunteers belonging to the Monroe Guards, was fired upon and carried off the ground mortally wounded. Various rumors are alloat as to the assemblage of a large force of Irish from Manayunk and other l?oints, in the Second street woods, and above Richmond on the Delaware. Venous other rumors are afloat, winch we forbear to mention. OtJ- We learn from passengers who arrived from Philadelphia last night, that the riots continued without abatement yesterday afternoon, notwithstanding that all the military were out. More blood had been shed?and more houses burned, among which was u Catholic Church. Sales of Stocks at Philadelphia. ; Knu r Board, May 6.-46 shares Northern Liberties Bk, 40 | $ I a.00(1 state .VI, 14] i $.X>IM1 do 0-?? 74] , $T,Ot>o do ft-s, b6f. 74J ; $8000 do d's, t>5f, 74 j ; 100 share* U. S. Bank, t|! ; $1011 State8'?, 74 ; $4000do cash, 74$ ; 74 shs Wilin'ington Railroad. Isj ; $1000 Cincinnati Bonds, 0b : $:i50 Wilmington 6'a, ISOs, slj , 40 shs Reading RR, '44' ; lot) do Moriu Canal, o. si.coMi Board, May 7.?$4000 Tennessees's, "Sj ; $1000 Lehigh 6'*, IS14.3S , 400 shs Guard Bk. 01 ; 00 do U S Bank b4f, 6} ; 100 do do. 6J ; 58 do Grmnrl Gulf. 8f ; 10 do Union Bk. Tennessee 6a , io do do b5l, 04 ; $0000 Heading Bonds, 7 if , $o0U0 State 6'?, 76 ; $3000 do aOf, 7fc ; $60"0 do nw, 76. SIUP NKWS. By 1 lila AiornliiK'a Southern Mall. Baltimore May 7?Arr P u:tne\, Vn us', Rio Grande; Cot. W,n nnrron <>ach n. La < uarra; Km ma Cole, tv 1 ork < Id Mentor Trrfsihen, 11 stou > ia t'ocoin c. aid Portia,Te,v, NVo-k NoRfaLK, May 6?Cld Royal Sailor, Young, Matauxai. rurtian Huru. La GuaTIU April 17?In port, Deborah, to Mil in 3 or i daya fo* Pnrtn Celwllo. Rio liaarrus:, Marrh U?In rTt Argo, Reed, for Baltimo.e, ldg, t' (all I IU or 12 days?and others u t reported. M'l O LET?And Imrrrd ate Possession given?The elegant fwn Htory r loneru liuilt Hous-, No. 7 Tenth s-. l'.'ie H ii?h iv in the bear ??*te of repair, very commodi oat, and baa a large ya d anac*""! Knot mode-ate. Apply to N. MYERS. 99 Charpon tfrrer, or m3 |w?c A. LOCK WOOD, 17 Ten ih street, Mi TO LEI ?The Store No 61 Lilwrty strict, now ocpil cupied by the aubreriben. A very deairable location for | JlJlLt i# Pry Oooda Jibbing Buainnsa. Poaaeaaion can b? had on or befn.a lit of August n.2 l ore PKRSSE Jk. BROOK8. ^ I He. PROPRIETORS of the CLINTON BOOT Band SHOE MAKKEC, rerrrctfully inform their Bnamrrnus customers and the pat lie generally, that they hase lem ived their stock o( Biv>ta, Shoes, Gaiters, Stc . Ac from the old eiand at the corner of Canal and Hadaon atreeta to 186 CANAL atreeet, between Hadaon and Varick elraata, where they axe selling every thing in the Boot and Shoe line ch?aper than ever. Dont loreet the n?ine and number. A KNOX Hi CO . m3 Ira'rc 186 Canal atreet. B BOOTS AND^SHOES. M LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. \ ALL WHO W EAR the above nrticlea and wiah toaave mijeit* hid bet'er loae no time m calling at the faahionahle ai-.1 Shoe Storaa of S. /'. SECOR, Noa. 160R nod 161 (free > w h h ! atreet, wher-all may suit themselves with an article that, for atyle or make faabton and finiah, canuot be snrpvssr dor perhaps equalled in Ihiveire. 8. P. S. begs to apprise in unrticular those ladies and gentlemen who rounder a wen nuinp boor or gaiter an indispensable arli le to ih'uiwt eo'emhte of all within the iea'i monrfe, that I60X 16' Greenwich etrret are the only placea in New Yoik they rau depeuu on being united. N. u ?Lad es'and .\usaes' Gaiters, Shoes. Sic , always on hand in ei dleaa variety, o- Remember 160>b and 161 Greenwich a trait. >?0 Ll'i 3m* rc. P HEN IP HORSE BAZAAR, NO. 189 JISD 191 MERCER STREET, NEXT TO BLEECKER STREET. <\ r.gular PUBLIC AUCTION SALE .Iiel v will take nin-e at this establishment, TUESDAY. ' ' ' ? Ai.e.i jo. . oinm-"eing at eleven o'clock, with Car riitifa. liar ess. Saddlery, Stc., new and eceond hand. At 12 o'clock, will Le oil red a catalogue o f very superior Horses. O-'ut'emen in the country haying nroperty to dispoee of. either nt public or pnvati anln. will Inv- their order* faithfully attend d to. At Priya-e Sale?50 line young ro"ntry horsee, kind and eouud, just I" Iron) ihe wcsl-ru part of the State; two superior matched | aira ol Bay Horses, a 6o? p?ir of Brown Horses, it splendid pair of Bay < Horse?, a pair of Bright Sorrel Horae, young, sound, kthd and very f??t trotters. A ao several vary no* neslele Hnr?. Ali i at private aale. two very nandinme llnrLnirlVionn, and a number of new and i? iigd hrrl Barouche* aoil Light . Wagon.'. Honea taken at Lirery, *"< kent m erpenar atvle. Accommodationa for danlera' ho""*, in ciablei unaurpiuaed by any eatabliahment of ine kind in the United Sr?tra. HTOKAOfc? Vehiclen of all denery-.ion taken on atnrage in the lai*' md convenient repoaitory of the oatAbUehnvm W COWAN Will attend oenonnlly to ill ordria for haying and aelliug hueee All per? Hit veiling prope'rv et trua eetaMuhir.fnt may rely upon luvmn .1 mi l: account ?r r -adereo, and the run. AMOUNT or proi KKDI will. id *11 f'-g, be promptly in current mmey. 1'ne AKl-.NA of tni? eafaWiahmeoi in built on an entirely new ana moat convenient plan, briny detached from the main building ana alrth.e, wnetiv not in'a'f?nn? in the least with livery or a I: horaea truing out or ooi*io? in on the (by nf anctiou a tie At all other tiinea the Arena ta kmt entirely clear, anl reserved f ir me aei oinmooarinn of p':TtS? horaea and thoae on aale, affording every lacility for exarciaa, ininmr and allowing bor.ea COWAN AND UlLKS, _aU im*ec Froprietora OENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING 8TOREi"~ Ott MAIDEN LANK. /^JONST ANTLV on h ind, a General Aaaortment ol UKADV A> M AUK CLOTHING, of all d-acriptiona. Mhirta made to order if er the laieat and moat approved French patterja, at hort notice. Persona far alanine their own matrm'a can hare clothing of all ilaacip'iona made np in the beat etvlv at I he folio Wic it low pricea ?it : ? V rock and dreaa Coata made and trimmed, from (11 to tlfl Paotaloona and Veata H in lo 1175 Southern o.dera Mecnteil at ahort noti'e WM COLLINS R i? V?i" fop importer of KnuIJ. hah Frennb. and tferman double and .ingle barrel Fowling and Ducking <ro NS, horn I e lowot ui tin -at ouilidea ALo, alwayaon hand, an etterivirr M-ortin nt of PJMTOL.d hoth doable and aing|e barre.a, embrie <Ug iuo dilferent ku.ile' including the modern Sn Ha>ret IG'olrara, all which wi'i be ?old lowe th in any o.h-r li >u?e in lb'tra.le Meichanlaand On a Smith. are Particularly rr?in*"ed to call, prerioui to in iking iheir parcnaai a, aa they certainly will hud it to ihe adraniage. ?:i? (m?i,f HA VI st? ISO caaki, ludryaill, handaomely cut, a rery hand some article, for aale hy uiyv K. K, COLLINS h 00 V> Bourn .treet | I AVI B?IV) bill j pickled, mi gar cured, handaomely cot and 1 trimmed landing ri ahip <Jeiie?ee, for aale by fc K COLLINS it CO 56 South a'ceci AW AMKKICAN LAD.atatMU \caia of aft. wiahmfto obtain a aitaatiou in x Lawyr'. oftic*. or in a wholcala commiMion bouM. wouM b? urilliac to aoKane hiuiartfm either f th? <bora marrl j fur hia clothe. and bo if a lie can prwlaca caniiieamt from r##|ac*aMt netitlrmau of ihia city aa to charactr c nubility, Ice. Picaae addieaa A B., at thia oflica. inB ftec ALAiIV AND GtNTLifaiVl AN, or a kiugle yrnileoMU (preferred,) cm haudvxneiy accommodated with neatly furnished ro? m or room*, with hre,kfast at d Ira or full board, iu a small seot*l private family, living iu TwelUh itrwt. ^fvrrnl iiues i.f tsars ait* ruuuiug in the vi'iuity Address, post paid, uudcr letters. P li at the office of this paper. ui< Jl*ec T OS II h?? moriiitig (May 7th,) 10 rrosaiug the Park, a A-i purple mor? cco Pocket Book, coutaitiiug two duplicate bills 01 tLichang-*, ?t"?l other papers, ot uo uir t? auy oue but .... will cmutr h i .Yor oy murui> K i\ chr ugh th? Po?t < the*, to > o. 22 ( unties S ip. wH 2 #ec | Ml I'AWNBKOKKHS, D ALKRS IN JEWELRY, ?cC. I Vj I OLK.N I oin ihe h.,ose of Edw .id Thompsoo, 08) tireenk ' Wichu eel, One ,,'d fssh.nneil silver Wl'ch a d g,,ar\l; one brunch, Willi lire d ff*reut sorta of hair; one inou ni.ig ditto, w th l>ai ; 01 e obloi.g. cut coral, do; one gold b e ,it in; one ilk guard with clasp; four ?- li one k"y, me sluall looker, with hraiti joiu'd ind chain out] pollock mid lt>-y a tached,coral : eckjace, tma 1 foroise ihell box, oie jwir small iiockei oistola, (Cooper, maker, N- Y ) and some money. 'J hu vvetcli hat a sl,ep' erd and shepherden pan. to 1 011 the dial.aho ?ome sheep near the fignre six. A i?n, one pair cornelian ear-rnws; one pair of gold, ditto, drops. All p isons an re?i retted to stop the alloc., and gire notice to the owner. May 7, IBM. n<8 3t*je tfO SOl/'iHEHN AND WESTERN MERCHANT8, I Druggists and Conntry Dealers.?You will find it to your advantage to obtain a supply of Dr. Holl'i medicines?Se* advertisement. 5th C Juriiu last page. mi lw*ec BOA It DING. AT 27 COURTLA NDT STREET?This establishment kaviug recently be*u taken nil a lease, is now ready to receive tingle geigleuien or f.milies who may with P'rwoiiit Board, with eo.nioi'a ,|e niaitmiuts Kmiuiie of Mil (jrre, No. V Courtlandt street. a30 lm*rrn BOARD. PLEASANT ROOMS, witli Board, can be obtained at No. 3 Woosler street. The hous* and furniture are new, the location desirable, and ihe terms reaaonah'e. a|>27 2w*ni dr. s. w. moore, ' HAS REMOVED fom hit late residence, 531 Broadway rorn r of Spring stieet to No. 767 Broadway, one door below the oorrerofNiuth "treec ml lw*ra removal. Dlt J HEINE has removed to 20 Duane street, between Chatham nnd Centre itrcets, where he continues ta be consulted on Hi* various brandies of his profession, in his native (the Unman) r English languages m2 lni*rc REMOVAL. WA fcMETS, Importer af" French Embroideries and Eancy Hoods, has removed l oin No. 46 to 37 Beaver tt. opposite 1101 m8 8t?re removal. THOMAS WARNER, Attorney ar.d Conrsell"r at Law, has removed his olfice to No. 18 City Hall Place, corner f Dmute sireet ap2l lm'ec removal. T B. BTOUVENEL, Importer and Dealer in Wines and " Brandies, wholesale and letail. informs hit friends and the public, that he has temoved his establishment from 21 Ann st , to 24 John street. He invites lovers of (Jo, d Wines to visit his cellar, w here ihey will always find a constant supply of Bordeaux Wines, Burgogne, Champaigiie, Madeira Port, and other good Wines. He also imports Ab.yuthe Kirsch'tiwaxter, Oc. ol ihe fi si hous s 111 Switzerl nd. All orde a delivered free of chtigp to bouses, bv the gallon or dozeu botrles. Mr J. B 8 will attend to bottling wine for any one who roav desire bis servi es. in7 lm* m three hundred dollars reward. ryHE OFFICE and Stireof the subscribers "o 22 Beaver * street, was broken opep on the night of the 30th April or early in the morning of the first of May, on about S3,00i> worth of Copper Bronze stolen therefrom. 'I he Bronze w a all done up in packages of one pound each, which w*re subdivided into sixteen pirta, of an ounceraclt : each ounce done up in a blue paper, and nearly a'l of tlern marked with a private mark. 7 he iinantity stolen was about lour or five humJrtd pounds weight. It is pre.uinril that the robber concealed hi-eself iu the store until after the saini! was closed, and then broke die office o|ien, and removed the property by the back eutiance to lbstore in Marketfield street Tneauove ra Mtru will be given foany infoiination that may lean to the conviction of the thief auu mi-recoveryor in* property, anu iu proportion inereoi, i>t such ain mat a? iniy be recovered A' V other iufoitnalion in regard to any Bronze, that may be aold or offered for sale iu this or t ie neighboring Cities, or in regard to any person coming out of the premises in Marketfield strret after ail o'elo k oa the evening of the JOth April, will be thanklullv received. KOZELT k CO.. i my2 lw*m 92 John street, New Y ork. ij'UKNISHKO PAHLOIIS and Bedrooms, and Boarding for a Family; several single bediooms for geutl*inen mid boardI iuc, or breakfast and tea, or hoardiug without rooms, at the I pleasant location No. 411 Houston it- ml liv'ic THOKMJRN'S DAIILTATSALK. mytt THE Subscrirers beg rested fall V to inform their JftpSfriends aud rmtou.ers that th ir first publ'c sale of .aJLk DAHLIAS this season will take pi cfa Krlda-, May I 17. at >2 o' luck, in tile saloon, No li J lin st'eet; fiflO w ill te | old neatly put up in b iskets of 6 each, and all under name Caliloguea " ill be ready on Monday uesr Willi rega d to the plants snd the quality of the fl we-s, suffice it to say tint our I collection is ai og-nUer unrivalled in this country, and in ths ; sale will be offered many rpleudid variegated sorts in no nilirr | collection here. The plants strong and rooted through tin | bottom of pots, and mav be turn'd out iiiio i lie ground as scon 1 as delivered. The middle of May is as rariy as prndence " ari runts their transplamieg, aud from ihe unusual fineness of the | s stun, e ill, no do?bt, meec the Ingliestespectation. Will be warranted as irprrsenled in catalogue. I m7 Jt*rc o. M. THOKBUHN Ik Co. i Boors and shoes at Wholesale J A Large Assortment of the above named articles may he b id at the Munnfacturers D po', No. 2SD Pearl street. Among those on in iy be found in particular the following viz: I iVleua'fkttois'Kippeg'd Bouts I Mens'a?d Boys' Thick Brogans Do do I' and eal do I Do do Kip Pegged do Dj no I'nmp Bole do 1 Do do H.-wed d v Do do Half Welt dn [ Do do Calf do do Do do do Calf do Do do Pegged do n i-?t?|i Wawng an 1 i>. no rnu>|. e i. do Do Stout Pegged do | Do do Goat and S"*l do And a goat variety nf Women's Misses' and Children's Buskins, b.o'es, Slippeis, 8t: Stc. 1'igguJ end S.-wed, together ?i li i gM cral a??nr m-ut of Pant Leu aud Lag Hons lla ?. Coun'ry m-rch uts and oih rjare iiivibd toc ill audeximiue '-""galY-. Bt c'oTn*. 210 Pe rl ?t.. ml lm*m Vni'vd Snln Hotel Bii''<l<ug. N Y. ' I'IFF AN Y, \ i)UN(i>t KLLIH, :'V)aud2ti8 Br?dway, cnr1 utr of Warren a'lrot, 1in|i< rters i f the various Fancy VIjiiuleatuies of Kitncr, Ki gl oil Germany lid China, have always tor sale the la gest richest, and l>e?t collection ol elegant irtich a of taste an ' utility sun able |nr preseuts. to be founo on tli.a Hlileo* the At antlC Also, f e beat aaao-tm'lit* ol plain and fancyS'srione y.P.ip'rs anil Envelope*. French and English I'" lumery, Goin>?. Brush- s, aud ?r:icles for the f i'let (ten r I It ; ( nil. rv Chinese fa~cy article*, French Parasols, Sun -'hades and Umbre las, lorr-a ol a very aupenor quality j reuch India and llrrjden I'-reel in*; French an ' Bohemian idlass; F ucy F urn tore anil Chairs; Papie-Mache and Hn'irze ' g hhIi; Kana of all descripuoiia; rich t r?fU,n atnl Riding Wh-ps; Walking Canes; Dealt l'apcteries, Draiti. g( 'aaej and Kaucy Boxes f r all tiie; l'urs?>, Pocl"t Books Card Cases I and rortfolio ; Swiss < h-vn, Fables nd baskets in itreit variety, Benin G- oda. Indian Goods French Jewelry, Sic. They invite particular notice to th- lac. that their goods ar? all ol their own iwpoitaiioa?made to older expressly for thi i. retail aalea, or aelected by one ol their firm, Iroin the bea sources; und can there'oie be racomir.eude I, not only as ol belter quality aud liner finish than articlea made tor geneial tale, b l lower in price and newer ana more arlect in styl A* their i-at.abiishmei,t ia the largest ol it* kind in the cnoutry and hi? become one ol t ie attraeltoi a of the city, t ey respectfully invite the visits of stranger*. ? i'h the aaiurauce tliet th y may tiaiuiueilia c dlection without incurring the least obligation to make purchases?that the a-me politeness and all-nt ion will be shown whether the object of the vitit be bas'neas or I pleaiure m2 2t aw ina linrc M AUAMK N. rtCltf.l. r M A , tvm> tt) ililoruia her cut"A turners and the latli'a of j>ew Y- rlt gt-uerilly, that she has j mt received per I art Have pack t?, a ew and splendid assortment ol rich embroiderrd ntd other Weddiug Dresses. Alio, some very rich Thread Lo^e and Bndrl Scarfs *nd Veils ; ?ome aery beautilnl oreandi and colored Muiltna of all d>?rr rlions ; Bareges, tew style ; splacuid Silks, and every variety of rich materials suitable tor day and ever, ing dresses ; beautiful Caps, suitable fir watering places, which ladies who nquire such arti'les would do well to call aud et&nune, as they n ve been Mptostly ordered at this time in order l? give the ladie* an opportunity 11 select at their leisure. Also, an entire newsty'enl Straw Hats never before imported in this country, expressly adapter lor country nse?verv beautiful and verebe coming ; an entire new sty'e of French Par'roll, lad es Umbrellas. which, together yvith Iter usual varied assortmeut ol fancy goods, she will bs happy to exhibit to thme who may favor her with their pstronagr. ml 2iv,'islm*ec TO FOREIGN GENTLEMEN, AKHIV1NO IN THE UNITED STATES, Or others, desirous of purchasing a permanent COUNTRY RESIDENCE, PENNSYLVANIA. THE Subscriber, ties rout of changing hi* residence, offers for tale his Farm and Cuablial m*ai, situated in Montgomery Gountr, Pa.. II mil 's north ol I'liila telp'via. It contains 308 acres of land, 288 of which are in the highest sta'e ot cultivation, producing Wheat, Rye, Indian Corn and Hay, equal to any upland larin in the Union. The remaining 20 acres being woodland, tin the premises is a,t elegant Stone Mansion, 68 leer by f.'?, with a veraudaa'tach- d, 13 let t wide, exterding the leugth of the house, and a Urge Piazzi on t' e east the who e giving ample accommodations for a faintly of 20 |ierir>ut. The pleasure grounds surround tig the house are shaded with magni ficeut evrrgresus, and very beautifully laid out. There are en tee farm three stone houses for firmer* or tenants, tog ! her with lliree large sons barns, cntaining stab1 ing ano convenience* tor a hundred head of cattle aud for storage for 230 tons nf hiy, with coich-hnuse. wagon-house, granary, and com cribs attached. There are alsa the advantages of a fine spring-home, ice-h use. fish pon-l a ga-den of two acres, orchaids stocked with the linest Iruit; g'eeu-hoose slid grape-wai.1; a streim Of spring water in every field : a daily morning endeveuiug mail to and Iroin the city, by which the Plnlauelihia ard Nrw York oape.s of the same day are receive ,; ar.d an omuibos passing the gate morning and evening. In tne immediate vicinity are Episcopal, Lntiieran, aud Presbvterisn Gharches. Further description is unnecessary, as all persons wishing to purchase, are in vitrei to call aud rsainine tie estate. It rnav. however, be added, that for beauty, healthful situation, and odvntage* of every kind, it is not surpassed by any in the United states. To save trouble, it may also be well to mrutiou the price, which is $230 i-er acre. Apply to GEORGE BHKAFF, n30 2awi* <w*rc Whitemarsh, Mon'gome-y Co., Pa. Window shades ?transparent window BHADEU.? wM, BERRIAN, 131 < hslham street, will op n ibis inomuig. 28 cases, containing all |lie new anil fashion Hi" ityiea ann p,iit?rni now in nn, wmcii lir w ill iell hi pricr* JO per r"iu. lower thin thev ran hr ,|d ht ill any other alore Mr: 700 |> <ira from $ I 25 to $1; (> 500 pairi from $T to $25 ? ''nullify M-ichanti, Can?t Merchant!, Auctioneer* a- d other dralern in plinl. N B. Tii 'ir arr no other good* hut Window Shadea mid Hanging! iplil it U| i hntham atrret. mg Im-ee flKNKHAL AOKM'V AM) IN I h LL.OKNCh OKKI' K. BO Broadway, wh?re thr public will he tu|iplntl | Wl'h i Inn .eh 'III Snr.illtl, Waitrri, M .ileum, tic. nil thr >noilrit uutice, alhit oltic*, 330 Broadway. Oltice open from 10 to 6 o cl irk. N B. A geacy of every d-mcription donr at this offiee. Hrlp I always on hand. m? I*>* re C. B. CLARK. pEBfUMtRH, UHUUUIST8 Orneeri, Sugar llrlirrra, . Bottlrri, Coffee and Spice Dralrri, tllaCairg and Ink Manufacturer!, end all othrrci.ninmrra of , ..KANCV MIUIKM) LABELS arereirectfully informed that every kmrt of work in thr XVLO'JRAPH'C STYLE, in rirrutrd in Win bei: ityle of the art, ?ml [T7~at thr lowrit poaeiblecaih price. ."O at It IIEivlNU'A Xylographie I*rr??, No. 31 Maidrn Late, mg Im'rc removed In in 0 Wall itrret. rpilE BAHK'fJENESSEE, from New Utlrana.ii ditcharg i- inn it Pirr No 8, M. K Coniignrra Will pirate ntleuo to the receipt of thrir goo la immediately rm7 rc rPHE p-.chet ah.p YAZOfrom New Orleani, u din h irg I mi, at Oleana wharf, foot ol Wall itrret Comigneei will I'lraa- a t nd to the receipt of their goodi imrnen .lely. rn > 7 rc rrilE PACKET SHIP OSWEHO Irorn New Orlraun will * commence discharging hrr i a go thia day. May C, at I'irr j7 Kait Muer ' nniignrea will plea?e attend to the receipt of their goodi imRii'ili i t?Ty rngrc 1) At t)N? 200 caikt llicon Hanoi, Sheu'deri mil Sidei, now nnding et ihip Yaroo, !> in New Oilaani, for lale hy i?>T K K. COLLINS, 56 Soath itreet If'AjfsEEb?10 bbli in line ordir. for iale by ' m?' K K COLLINS k,CO, M South etreet THE EYE 1~\R. WHKKLK.Il. OCULIST, No. 33 Oreeuwioh 3 J continue* to ilevota l>i? evolutive attention to T I DISEASES OF THE EYE, "Jj trd OPHTHALMIC SUKOERY. Ho hit recently imported Nl to. r?... "'XTTiFTciirE'v-ES. g manufactured to u to reaemble, in every re*pect, the nutural eye Auy p*r?on who m?v be deficient ?1 an eye, can hive it artificially 'epiaeed by Dr. Whrerler. to cloaely imitating nuture t#1 a. t > defy detection. . . j [r/-()tfiie hi>u<i fro mis A.M. to 1 P.M.?liter which he vinta jj,, out dn r (nMenis in7 lin*m p|t CORLIS' BOWLING SALOON, AMERICAN M.SKUM. rIK SUBICR'BKR ha* re-npe-ed the tnoit perfect, elegantly furnished, and welt regulated B iwling Ha' r.. be f.uud ii the city Koor new Alley*, Boort d in a peculiar manner, wi h a inrlace equal, tmooth and itU)i?y. cnmpnted of wood of perfect durabi'iiy, and laid carrfnliv over the old bed, form the principal feature* of a room, with thorough hunt from eud to end?a Oallerv for apectatori, a Veranda lot *mokere, a d a Bar orequ 'led in the purity and variety of its content*?the attend rat* in the A* ley* active and obliging, the furniture aud ein"elh*hmeut* new nud couveuient?a:.d the whole, tituated on a atcoud tloor. loltv end cool, ndmil* of uo coinpe titiou. No gambling or un roper conversation tolerated. 1 He subscriber ever at his port, toil the object alone health and excirise, in a manly and exhilarating amusement, to hie nuinrroas friends and patrons. K COHLH, mT Iwic American Muteum Buildings. HAVANA SEGAItS. J QHfi nnn HAVASA SUGARS, consisting of Ifegilia, T OvUjUUU La Cabana, Almendarei, Panatelos, Woodville, ltuntatroni. and othrr hrande. Cavendish ar d bnuff for a.ile and debenture, at Broadway No. 314, (Gothic Hall Segar lator* ) m7 I in* re /"> HAIR rU I TING ()1 A N1CW PRINCIPLE. V; An explanation is necessary. in order |? to fu'ly cornpr, h ud th? great advantages which will anae fr >m palronixing Pnal ?n'e new plan ol' Hair, kc ? P E very body ha. felt the uupleisaut reuaations creat"d by haviug the dirty hair brush and ted to Ilia head, for the furty-s venth tune in a day, (and ill aoine inataocea used upon the heads of in valida) without cleansing. lu view of this, the subscriber lias devoted his entire establi'hment for introducing a uew feature in the treatment of the hair?that of having a large number of first rate bri shes, and in no instance to lie used a second time without a thorough cleansing lly giving the science of Hair Dress iig and Wig Making his sole time and attention, together with the gre-t personal comfort ensured, at hit eitaklishmest, _ lie sidioi's a trial, satisfied that who give his system 01 e trial will appr riate the benefit and luxury r.ff rded at no sum lar concern in this c ty. A private room >a fitted up for ladice. Shampooing and Hair Drassirg . *1 EDW'D. FHALON, -I m7lm*m 114 Broadwa?, opposite St. Paul's^ ph NOTICE.?The co-partnership h-ret- fore existiug as HOB- l' BV k .\1ILLS, Hatters, is this day dissolved by mutual an consent. Esther of tlm subscribers, is aulhorited to attend to ju the unsettled buttress. i New York, M&yflst, 1814. d, KDW'D B. HOBBY, " DAVID 8 MILLS. K The business will he continued at the same place (178 Broadway, Howard's Hotel) by the subscriber, w no takes this oppnrtunitv to return thanks to his friends end the public, for the ? liberal patronage he hrrs received, and hopes by renewed exertions on his put to merit a continuance or the tame, my73t?rc DAVID 8. MILLS. UPH(iL'4TEHV. TAPER HANGINGS, AND WINDOW SrtADES?The subscribers have removed their es- ^ lablishmmr to No 213 Broadway, opposite tie Paik, where they intend keeping, as usual, the targes', stock of Upholtt ry : Goods in the city, consisting of Curtain Materials and Triminings, Furniture Coverings, Plashes. Ate k:., together with n general assortment of Psrer tlangngs and|Rordert of entire uetv part-rut. end which they are Ce'ermined to sell at unprece- ^ detitad low prir s ju Their stock of Shades will consist, at heretofore, of the most r. mxtminreiit I" reurh Shades'.o the cheapest ki d, at low as 81. each, with 8 general assortment of bull and white Liuens and . Chinlx, fur Shades nf entire new pattern _ SOLUM AN k HART, 243 Broadway. m 17 I m * re nrtnnsi le the Park. fashions. h ]\4KS. MAXWELL solicits a cill at bar newly-opened J ivj. French Millinery Establishment, No 44 Canal street, near s( Broadway, where she lias constantly on hand n elegant assort- ! mi-.ut of the latest and most fashionable aiticlcs, nt th? lowest c> pner*. al"2w*rrc O MARSHALL HOUSE, C PHILADELPHIA. ?" THIS SPACIOUS and 'ashionable Hotel, eatendiug 75 feet C< on Chestnut street, and 150 feet to Cirpenter street. capable oraccomuiod.iti.iit 150 iiersous, hiving he*n irc-ntly much improved by alter tions of the front, new entrances, tttir ways, and other arraiigemeuta within, is to b let a', a reduced r ut lor {|j ateim of years. Apply to p1 SAMUEL POWELL, J* tr.6 lwrc 207 Cheitnur street, Philadelphia. ?] ABBEY HOTEL, 1031 STREET, BLOOVIINOIJALE KOAD. KH VAN RENSSELAER. Proprietor of the Abhey Ho tel. would return thanks to the cititeus of New Vons, for the libe.-al patronage oestoweo on his pluce the past, season. By strict attention to the business and wants of his guests, he hopes IM for a continuance of the same To thoie who have not visited the place, he would respeetfnl- ' ly say, that a large, line old mansiou, supplied with the reces- jr sariesaid luxuries of life?grounds nusurpssrrd >n location, W beauty and lovi linens?covered with gn-eu grits, sweet flowers, and lini shade, with attentive host?wail their comiug. licotlemeii with their families, will find a lew hours well spent in the cool shade of the old trees ol ''6. L-dies and Children can roam in peice and quiet over the ei i teniivegrounds of the place, and be as undisturbed as m their * owu private walks. ai Families or single persons can obtiin board and good rooms b at a fsirratr, by applviug soon. Individuals or Parties will be r? supniied with Breakfast, Diuner or Supper, at all hours. tl .Mr Moore's Stages, running from the Park corner of Chat- P tarn meet and Tryon Row, near th" Railroad, to Manhattan- ei ville. pass the plaee everv hour of the day?tare !2>* cents, geod di coach.-s or.'! careful drivers, make this a cheap and pleasant o ride, from the heat and dust of the city. cl New York. April, 1R44 ai6 Imre L la grange place. c BULL'S KERRY, NEW JERSEY. rPHIH BEAUT'FUL and healthy summer residence is now A op ii aid in reidines, fir the rec-p'ion of visiters. The House I)i-iii fit ted up for 'loa-deri and Private Part es. H 11 f~ I he B it is snnpli -d with ths choicest Liquors, Wines, J and Refreshments, at all times * Pames can b" e<-""i"?odated with Dinners at the shortest nonce. r? Target Kvcursions and Military Companies can be acccmmo- fit dale 1 with Dinners oil r--a?oiiabfe terms. All those going on w Tniget En unions wiild do well to ca.l on 8. ANNEX, before engaging elsewhere Th- steamboat Bos on runs to the above place. Forparticular. sit old Sun paper. P May, 1841. STEPHEN ANNF.TT. v rrB ltn'rc J rossv1lle boarding school, staten island. fi WWE8TTHORP respectfully informs his friendi and o the public that he haa now an opening forsevernl pnpils. tl Pirents.and vllirdiiui sr also inf. lined W W rnnki'a its ir point ?f conscience to gurrd id every possible way the morals of children to hii cure Rending, writing, "rtho- * graphy, arithmetic, geography *"d grammar taught. The lu- it cati o II delightful and In althv, the orchard, garde: end |<Uy- ir ground lie spinous a''out ten minutes' walk from th landing. ti Tba a team do it Itaritoa leaves Eartlay kt.ert every 4iyat3 u o'clock tor ItnaaeBto a: Tenna, for hoard ar.d foition, including washing, S25 per quarter, pa:d 'n advance. Ket-rencrj: tl Key i.avid More, Staten iilaiid. o W N. Meymnar, Esq., 4 Chatham square, N. Y. ai Ifeury Stewart Seguine, Esq., Staten Island. fi Win Lndlum, esq . 124 Bre'-.mau street. y Johu Quinn, Esq . 30 Munroe street. p Messrs Colvin (k Fleming, Ksqrs , 16 Cedar street. C?pt. Edward Feib?r, Ksq., Hicks street, Brooklyn rt Mrs Varivn, 21 Kldridge street. New York. p Hich'u. Mornmer, Esq., 4 Mortimer Buildings, Wall street, b N. Y., and 82J Broadwar. alfl Imrc B"Y0KdV.U OK~AARON VANDERPOKL, Just.ce of s! the Superior Court of the City of New York, Notice IS hereby given, pursuant to the provisions of the tf statute auth rising attachments against non-resident debtors, (1 that All attachment has issuej agar st the estate of CH AKLES n NlCllOLb aresidentoi Amtlerd .ii,.iu Holland,and that the same will be sold for the payment oi his debts, unless he appear and discharge such attachment, according to law. within nine mouths from i he first publication of this notice; and that the al payment of any debts due to him by residents of this state, and ? llie delivery to him or for his use, of any property within this Stale belonging to him.and the transfer of any such property by htm ,are forbidden by law. and are void. Haled the 7th day of February, 1844. WESTFRN St EDWARDS, Attorneys lor Attaching Creditor mr3l ltaw9in*rc Canada: new Brunswick, nova sco tia, and newfoundland r VTOTF.S COLLECTED, Bills and Bank Notes purchased, h and Drafts or Credits granted on the Branches of the Bank of British North America in the I'rovincea above, by , RICHARD BELL 8t \ WILLIAM MACLACHLAN. ' 6 and 7 Dorr's Buildings. I' New York, 17th April. 1844, ') Also, Notes of the B'auchetof the Bank of Britiih North jJ An,erica in Montreal, Quebec, Kingston, Tn onto, St John and " Fredericton N. B.. Halites, N. Scotia,and StJohn* Newfoundland, redeemed al the cnrrrnt tate of Eschauge on New Yoik. ap20 2m St"ikW'a*m ?|H) COFFEE AND HPiCK ivlANUEACTUREllS? A Labels pr'nted at fr^in 25 in CO cenu tier intltl ? TO SOAP AM) CANDLE MANUFATURERS? J, Large Fancy Labels for hoi 'a, of Family Soap, printed in two |, colors, forS 0 per |0(0, 11 indsome Plates engraved fnrJU." ;\?i n TO BLACKING AND INK MANl/FACTURERS? \ Labels piinted al fr"m 4n to 75 cents per 10410, at R. MEM MING'S .Yylograpbic Press, m8 tm'rc 34 Maiden Lane. french china. REMOVED TO I No. 65 LIBERTY STREET, . _ (UPSTAIRS.) * AUALK3ME, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, has P always ou hand a large assortment of dinner and tea sets in plain white and gill French Porcelain, as well aa dinner and Dess it Plates, of all sixes, assorted Dishes, Soup Tureens. Covered Dishes, Salad Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Custards anil Stands. Also, Fancy Tea Sets, and Rich Decorated Dinner Sets Also, Tea and Chocolate Wais, Greek, frrncti and Amen can thane All trie articles are warranted of the best quality, and to bs sold on liberal terms, arid in lots to suit purchasers. mrlO fim*re martelle and holdermann, 37 MAIDEN LANE, TVf ANUEACTUREllS AND IMPORT EES ol Omamrn j WJ .Hair Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bands, Onrlt, Meatus, Slid all kinds of llair Works, wholesale and mail. I i HLDES.FAT AND OALF SKINS. ' TI1K HIGHEST ruiCKH given for Hid . Fat and Call : kina, cash atiirrnt money, on delivery, at the Hide -oid , , jTit ITnun nf Tin iiihirrilwi wniii niinli?h will it mm w , C&lltliint by the?riaon,or the hin.liettprire given by the pound , john hunn. f lf? 2m*re 2?i it. between Prince ii'1 Hnn*tnn 1 DK. M. I. VK'I'T'a e,.tire new method of iuaertiuK Artifi- ' eiil Trrih. diflViiiii in innif MiWIi (Win any practised in llm United Stair , and which will he found superior fur mm ticalton, and thedrrrable requisites of the original teith, ejibracing th mo maple ol ntnvi plietie p:e??nrc 111 in faliett ei- ' t-nt, as originally inliojiire I In him in 1IUA, with ill* hkckut ' iMrHovr.MFNT, whuli it allowed to Lr the greatest that 1 tin* ever beej introduced in IJentti'ty. It jreieivea the ' original teeth?if any r'intin?and the adaptation held 1 firmly to the gum*. without any pain or prrnure rtn M 1 removed for draining with the mutt perfect eate, acd can ( he applied with or without, removi >g the itumpi In order that the public mav not be deceived by interested individual*, ' Dr. Levrtt aasiiret thoae requiring artificial teeth, that hi* plan* 1 and method* of littiut and modeling the gold plate to the gntn* 1 i* altogether pern liar to himaelf and unknown t > any I perion, m thoie of hi< patieuta who have lieen under the eate ] of other dentil's, can an fully appreciate. Ladies and gentlemen will li" fnlly rati'tied on their call- 1 iog at l)r, Leveli'i office. No. 2fl'i Broadway, corner of [ Warr'ii *treet, who will moet cheerful I yeiplain anil dearie tiem"ii?trite all in goat advantages To thoa w ho are mpc iinnin e I with Dr. l/evett'a reiut.tion anil tiamliug. he can nfler c i iiei ti.I* and recommend ttiona from the ftrit i i aoriety 1 ind the high?t authority in denial ?< enc-, nt well astheop n- 1 inn of the moat rer it uMe of 'he public p'et*, which la open lot impaction at 1>H. LiEVK l"T'a Office, No. 260 Broadway, corner o! \V oren ?trept.. ml) lni"c DoTTT'OR BA'KETt; " . M^C) llo DIVISION H I'HKKT, i* fonialt^il daily by stringer* and* of both afift. Dr. B. i? a regular ami legally otitiififd phvaiciAii and suigrou, and warrant! io enrf , or no jnsrt", all di?*Ms*a of n |?rivat^ uator#. Lnteri pott pud. with $i *nc)n*ed, itt^ndfd to in fmte, and mtdicinra sent to any pan of ti ? cmntry. !lour? of cnuaultati^n bttwren fl A \i and 9 1* M. 1* Private aptrtm nti for the con?"ni*nc* of pati#t)tf> ma Im*rt TO MILLINERS, Sc. ENGLISH BONNETS. MILLINERY, *c. U?T KKCfciVKD AT J. LYON'S, ?T John street, and M Maiden Lane, a splendidunrtnmt of ENGLIOH BONiTH, consisting of super Paten la, ft oe HutUndt, Albert aid, kc he. Alio, au elegant assortment or Taseaas, Babul, bilks, IT lowers, and reery other,article in the millinery le. Milliners and others are respectfully mnied to call and uoine the abort. The Imf hah Hats ar- the clearest and best the inaraet. All the shore will be told at wholesale or reI,at 3ft Maiden Lane and 17 John street. , . I. L. having concluded 'o give up the above bnaiaeee alter - LIT 111 .wlnoeinanta tl\ rhnftft* who DOAV b? weed to call.uot to be met with ill any other store ia thia city. ipl Im'ec J. LYON. OrricK or Jr.rnsR?ow IwaunaneB Cowi-aht, I No. 36 Wall ?t, oppoaite the Lichange. I 'HIS Company continue* to luauie againat Loaa and Darany# by Fire, on Roods* wares and m??rcnandixe, anu aiao iinitioss by inlandw cargoes. Thomaa W. Thome. Eliaha Hiegi, Thomaa T. Woodruff, Amoo Baker, JS R Kobson. M. D.. Joaeph DnAe, Thoiapaou trice, Joeeph Allen, Moaee Tucker, Jauiea Jb. Holmee. John U. Uaridaon, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Jamea R Whiting. Caleb C. Tunie, Win. K. Thorn. Kraneii P. Sage, Thomaa Morrell, John C. Menitt, Eug me Logart. THOMAS W. THORN t, President. BEO. T. HOPK, Secretary. "la O MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HENRY MIGEON, (ORNER of Laight eud Waahington alreeta, New York, ' Kini.herof Clotha, Caaaimeiea. SstiD'ta, Ike.. reapectfully form, the manufacturer* and dealer* in woollena, that liia Labliahmentia now in auceeaafulol?eration, nun thalne la pie reu lo CKfUW w 1(11 |'rtJ|U|lUieSS,U|l U|liw> 114 M1W lli..' ??! confided to him Specimens of his workmanship may w" u on application to the gentlemen arhoeo nanus are aim. zed, d to whom he has liberty to refer. Orders may be left -it 03 and 64 Pni' street. KfcFKHfciNOJiS. Wolcottlk Sleds, 63 Pine street. W. C. Larmier, 64 Pine streetHah ted lUiues k Co., 31 Nassau street; D.'-thain, 60 Pine afeet. 8. J J la Co.. 12 Pine street. apd lw*ee HaT and cap establishment, 214 BKOAO WAV, {OPPOSITE SAINT PAULS.) OHK IMPROVEMENT in the manufacture of HATS, in. traduced hy the subscriber early this spring, (obviating the eraature and disproportionate weiring out ol the edge of the uwn,) having inet with li,e signal approbation of the public, respectfully uuiiouik ea that his it ca is/u/l and complete, d 'hat in addition to their peculiar udvarUagee, his Hats ate nil other respects quite equal te all others now iu the market. Cientlemen desirimta HaT combining the qualities of Taste, jkabimtt, and Economy, will consult their interest by ringhitu a call. JNO N. OE.sIN, 214 Broadway, opp' site Saint Paul's Church. N. B ?The usual large and assorted stock of Hats, Caps, Sic. always on hand. a!6 lm*ec segars! segars !! Let the toper delight in his bottle and glass, I wi'l seek not his pleasure to tuar. But there's irothi R that c in the rnjovment surpass, Of a real Havana Segar.? The Smoker's Song. [EIXAS, at h's establishment, popular s.a"d, 3 iViaiden 1 Lane, Howard'a Hotel, contiuues io receive from hisi-genl liavau i, per esery a-riv .l S. gars of the choicest snd most proved brands tuai the market affords. His stock now ou ind comprises a grea'tr variety than can be procured at any her establishment in the Cits, iucl 'dnqat the celebrated extra iug and Q.u en Hegalias, Nor.aga. Esparanzx. Klorindn, orinas, Trabu a, Principe, and others, which h has no hasition in averriug aie sui-erior to any ever be ore import# '. Citizens a'd stringers ire re ,ne?'ed to csil at No 3 Maiden sue. Howiru's Hotel, and juJgt* forth mselves m4 m*rc rich fangV and staple dress articles. fHE SUBSCRIBERS have received, per late arrivals from I- Paris anu L nduu, an as oitmeut of rich and beautifuI iriuij and sumin r Crava's, Scarfs tiloves, Ike., Sic., and inte the attrntioii of their pitrons, and strangers visiting this ty, to their varied and rztensive assortment of Scarfs Cravats, Invei, Nuspei d rs, Hiding nd Money Belli,Pocket Handkerliels, Cravat Stiff uers, Night Caps, Hosiery, Purses, Linen ollars and Dress Fronts, Dressing and Parlor Kobes, Sleeks id C avct Stocks in g'eat variety lamkswoo), merino, tl unel ittnn. linen and silk Ucder-shiits and Drawers. Umbrellas anes. tic . Sic. The iiibscrihers' summer fashions of linen and muslin Shirts ill he found well deteiving the attention ol geutlemeu who -..ire to replenish their wardrobes. As particular attention is stowed on this branch of the subscribers busness, not ouly i making up t.e article with <l?e attention to its strength auu liability, tin: in thr neatness of th- finish and superiority ol in fit, erutlemeii may depend on being suited Willi toy of tbr love mentioned article* of a superior quality and at lair and asouaole priest, by calling at ili? <>'d establishment of HAKShLLS III AOATE, 737 Broadway eorner of Park Place. ParseUs b Agate would particularly call the atteuiiou of all ?rsons * ho have acquired ihe habit of stooping,'o their l'ateni lavic Shoulder Brace This articte is intruded to brace the loulders strengthen the back aud expand the chest giviug reaction to the lungs, and will be found of immense benefit i all persons of studious and sedentary habits. aS In-end" ec COUNTRY STOREKliP:PERS~PEDLAHsT AND FAMILIES, 1 RK supplied at extremely low prices, with PALF. Yh-La LOW r<OAP for family use. Almond nose, Windsor ud all kinds of Fancy Soap. Barbers a e supplied with the est known Shaving Soap, and surh other perfumery as they 'quire, lower thau cau be had elsewhere, Essences for le Handkerchief, Lavender Water, Oils, Pomatums Toilette owdert Tooth Powders, end Cosm'tics, Scent Bags, and rery d -scription and stjle of perfumery. Johuseu Ik Vroom rvote their skill aud assiduity jiersonally to the nanufactur' Tunique, economical soa't and iierlitinery, and profess to sell heap r a' Ihrir Soap Works and Laboratory, 79 1'rinty Place, umber atrept, than any other house iu tne country can do. all and exaiuiue beforr vou purchase. SOAP WORKS, 79 Trinity Place, m2 Im'rc near Rector street. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE. PHE Hl frtKST PRICES can be obtained by Uentlemer I or Families w ho arv desirous of converting their left oft euing appate. into cash. To Families and <J?utl>m?n quitting the c;ty or changing I.nvtki, any al?|<erttn(,i,a elferla In rl.apftas nf, will lid it much to their adsansge to send for the tubs nber, who ill alifud at iheir residence by uppuiuiinrnr. J. LKViNBTYN, 400 Broadway, up stairs. A line through tie Post Office, or otherwis-, will r?ceivt roinpr attenini'i. ml Im eod*rc JlGlfLV LVIPOKTAMT.?A* the season is last approach 1 in for the bed bags to again commeuc- t'fir ueprda ens, it is highly necessary, in ordrr to present th ir appear uce, tint a remedy should soon be applied, and mors articu irlvasthe first of Ma is so near at hind, wt eu people, more r Irss, are removing from one house to another subjecting tern, in many instances, to be overrun with this species of verlin. By the nse of this powdered preparation, which can be miied 'itrs the paiut or whitewash, and then applied to the walls, leie is a certainty of preventing their appea' Last sumit, mauv hotels, prva e hourcs, en. stenmboats, by the inely application ol this preventive, used as above, succeed-d i cluariug Irom the premises, for the whole seasou.all apptaraci of hed bugs. Thr. li unr, whieh is intended for bedsteads, fcc , and when le nowder it not anplcahle, is al-o certain t accomplish tht bject. lu no instance, wio u properly appl'ed, will K fail oi lowering the purpose, and oiler, one application is safficieni ir the summer. Many hu-dred bottles were disposed of las' ear, and not or* complaint has rvrr been made that it did toi erf irm all it was represented todo. Alto, may be obtained, a reriaiu and safe exterminator foi its, inic?, cnckroachej, and ants, wliicli is also warranted t> rove effectual in their total destruction; likewise tne cele r.t?,l li'tv Pause. The I'atchoully Compound < warranted to dispel and deatroj le mollis in woollens, furs, flume's, hair sealing, carpets, be jc. be. Also, the Compound Chemical While Oil Soap, a sure pro ction against the attai ks of ?ll deseiiption* of inserts ou trees owers, plants, be.; all of which, Willi a; ecific directions foi se, are lor tale by 1) ft. LEWIS VKXU HTWANOER. No (id Maiden I,.ne and 21 Liberty st. P.S?Superior Leeches and a general assortmsut of Drugi ud Chemicals, Extract of Logwood, be , in all quantities, f?i ale cheap nl8 |BSMffettV*V DR. H. BOSTW1CK, rHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, No. 75 CHAMBERS STREET. mi lm*rc DEAFNESS. )RS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AURISTS >Q1 BROADWAY.?Extracting J. " I cheerfully comply with the request of Lient. Mc ntosh, to t- stify that he was invalided home as unfit lor duty 9 consequence o( total deafness and discharges from hit ear bat white in Newr York, ou hit way to bins land, he placet imaeli under the professional care ofUis.t astle and Edwards annus Under tneir tier 'merit he recovered hit hearing, am at returned to his miliVaiv duty. Bigued, H. McNEVEN, M. D. Surgeon toll. B. M. Forces, Jamacin. ACOUSTIC DROPS. A in1* cure for incipient deafneti, earache, paint, buzzing ir tinging sound* in tint ears, collections of hard wax or vina sd lerretiout of the organt Their acoustic oil hit been a popu tr remedy at a cura'ive iu all diseases of the ears for upward* f twenty yeara. Offices removed to 281 Broadway, cornri Vhite street. ray# lm*ec ALOPECY, OR THE FALLING OEF OF THE 1IA1R. [JILL'S INFALLIBLE i'NOUENT, or never drying 1 2- Poinmade, hut been satisfactorily tilted during the last foui ears by thousands as being trantcendenlally toi>erior to all there offered to the public lor ameliorating the hair The fol awing are its predominant pro|>ertiet removing Dandruff ffectnally slaying the hair from lulling out, causing light oi ed hair to assume a dark hue, a csrtaiu preventive of gray nair nakes it flexible and mcliiied to curl, a potent momener, im ailing a glossy and luxuriant nature It supplies all deficiency f natural nutriment, and as a simple Pommape de i.a toil .T.TTk it surpasses all others rstaut. In a word it is the nit, tut pop of a good lend of hair. And all patents admiring i ;ood head of hair on their children, shonhl never be without it is it is tli - most nourishing preparati'n for the young shoots o air that can he produced, i'lie ladies especially will tind it ai mailable addition to ilieir toilette, as their hair is g nerall] vorn to an tttwn? length, to iinurun which la mauy curi :e Itiirrs a greater dram from the fountain of nu'riinent than th 'easels will in all iintanc?j supply; and whan a U ficiency o lutriment vsiats, debility With its contrijneot. vila ensues, par if winch ara dryness, hatshness, grey aid apparently li>le? lairs, and luially bald, e a. At the firatataK of dryness an arli icial natiiniant should be imirpdiile y applied; iucIi iillill' Jnuneut. and tile pn lic may rest assure i that it is pirparet *iih the most scrupulous precision in irgird to the iuuiush irope ties enMuM in tin- Ntltl] ntiti im-ut of toe Inir Th noat indubitable tes'imuny call be given as to the correctors it the above prop rtirs to all who fe?l mit rested in a good hrai if hair Wold wholesale and retail by MILL, the original and inimita ile llair < utter. No. 96 I'carl street, adjoining the Pearl stree louse. N*w Yoaa, March 39,1944. Hn. Hlt.t. Hn 1 latie pleasure in achnowlrdging the great benefit lave re1 eivrd from the uae of vnnr Infallible Onguent f r th lair Indeed. I ealue it to highly, Irom my nw n erjierience a u virtue, that I consider it my duty to recommend it to other ?ho may suffer as I have done from the loaa of hair. Aboo wo years ago my hair had bscomt ?o frightfnllv thin from it toniinnal filling off, that I had seriously thought of retortini ;o the expedient of shaving, which I had once helore adopted 3ut fortnnatelv I ivai diverted from thia purpuae by a friend (ti ivhom I had carnally spoken of ihe atate of my hair.) wni itrnngly urged me to try yosr preparation, which waa the fin ntimation I had of it, or eveu yunr own exi tence I am bar vr to aay that thia information lias been ol incalculable briiefi :o me, for I had not used quite two boxea of your Unguent be fore my hair entirely ceased to fall off, and began to g*ow innn assuming a trash and vigorous sptiearance?with contimi it applications it gradnally became thicker and fuller, until nd a better head of hair than I ever h id before. I still as- th Ungnent as a toilette pommade, and have no hesitation in sa> '??, that for preve..tiug the hair from fall'ng out and preaerv iig it mo st, or aimtdv as a toilette pommade, your preparutioi t the very best that I have ever seen. HENRY PALMER, 169 Pearl it. Yoaa. September 29, Mr, I do rartify, that I have been serious afflicted with riandrofl imt railing nffof ihehalr. and tnadense of several arlieles. san o lie a mi e lrnvoly fit tht same, *u t found no lieiivfit nnnni rem the r, hat quite the inverse. At last I became induced ti :ry Hilt's Ungneut.and the rem it was, that in a very short tun ha di-drnff was e, tirely readiest! d, and iny hair ceised lallmi i'it; sad, furthermore, it gives the hair a heintifnl glossy isp 'irsnc* keeps it moist and soft?and 1 would recommend an me afflicted with the above, to make use of it. being perfect) |*tisbed that they will rear great benefit from the sains. m7 lm*m VP i C LARKTM South it CHEAPEST ST OK. FRESH IMPOl TO MY OLD GU8TOME. DR a a S, DYE STUFFS, PAINTS, 18H OUKKHWICU ST11KKT, j oif thT> JOHN C. N Offera Tor tale oa the moat liberal lerma'for eaah or credit, a ear: which be weald e Apothecarlea, Painters, Confer Opium, Wiadow Ulnae of all Ulstl Campuor eiaca and ouauuee and Cram faitar White Lead dry and in Caanle Soap lUd Lead [oil Cochineal, Liquorice Lithane Nuttnru, Balaam Copara Hpiriu Tupentiae Mace, Rhnbarb Putty Cloyee, Je'*P Whitiof Cinnamon. A'oee Vrrdiaria dry and in oil Caaaia Budi 1* !ors. C hamouiila Chronic tirceo AlUi'ice tin in Arabic Chrome Yellow kinglaaa, Caitor Oil Yellow Ochre, French Quia Traai Quiekailvcr and American Onm Arebi MdEueaia rrnaaian Blue Uum (iaml Manna VennUlion uu ol Kos< Roll and Flour Sulphur Rotton Stone Pepiw Alcohol Ivory Black Wiut Bor n refined and crude Gam Copal Lemc Calomel Taint Brushes all sizes Cinni Red Precipitate Rose Pink Omni Corrosive Sublimits Lamp Black Bergs Aqua Ammonia British Lnitre Annii Spirits Nitre Dnleis Glue of all aorta Al'sv Hurper i.arbonate Soda Gold and Silver Leaf i)arra Tartaric Acid Gold and Silver Bronze Janir Epsom Salts Copper Bronze Rose, Orau Laudanum Clitile white and rad W?tei?, Senna Paris Whits Vanilla Bei Sulphate Quinins Spanish Brow* Tonquin B Oil Peppermint and all Venetian Red Coriander ! essential Gila Sand Paler Carnway 1 Gum Myrrh Pumice Stone Anoiaaeed Csnthandes Tar and Roam Jujuiie Pasl Gum Tragacsnlh Japan Copal, Coachfand Pearlaah Powdered Bark Harness Varnish Saleratus Corks of all kinds Tuikey Umber Salter Carfc S&issparilla Teira ue Sienna Tartaric A Sponges coarse and fine Red < halk Ginger, wl Oruigists' plan ware Guin Shellac Ginger, En Vials Bright Varnish White and Gum Gamboge SasTi Tools of all sizes Pepper Colocynth Black Loud Allspice OIL?Fall, Winter and Summer Strained 8PEKM; Bleachei uer s. Train, Linseed, Raw and Boiled, Sea Elephant, Lard, Ne Caudles, Alcoh >1 and Camphcne. Patent IWteillclne Ue?lcr>. Balaam of Honey, Anderson's fills. Turlington* Balsam, Lee s du Bateinau's Drops, Hooper's do Harlem and British Oil, Opodeldoc, Stears and liquid Sr idlitz Powders, Soda Powders, Stuugli'on's Bitters, Godfrey's Cordial, Kit.ruct Sarsuparilla, Thompson's Eye ?Vater. Calcined Magnesia, Dyer* and J Logwood, | Nicamirna, I Hapau W< Camwood, I Barwood, I Soaps, Fustic, I Brazeillette Woed I Brazil W DRUGGISTS' Common Vials, Prescription Vials, PaMut Medicine do , Aeid Custor Oils, Concaves, M-gaesia, Blackiu Jars, Lemon Syrup, J Articles for Jewellers, Silrer Smiths. Varnish Makers, Pap Kringe Makers; Snuff and Tobacco Manufacturers, Metal anil Ships and Plantations, for Cordial Oiitillars. for Maken of Ice Gold and Silrer. Also, artistes for Manufacturers of Glaisand Stone Ware, ( Artificial Flowers, Fire Works, &c.; for Floor Oil Cloth Paint Painters, Gilders, Indian Traders, Dentists, Stc.; for Coloring I Kurop-an Mediterranean and Hast ludia Drngs. Perfumery Paints and Colors. Chemieals of all kinds, French, English at JOHN C. MORRISON, flatters himself that no rsv.btisl trade to the busints, people aodr-ssed. Physicians, country i J akeis, couleetiouers, dyers, a"d clothiers, will find it mnch t< mg ch"ap and good an teles. He has, with much labor, ealablial vantages which the different markets of Europe and the United ing th-m <t the cheap,st rate. [T7""Th? pronipte<tattt/>iition given to city and country wr< yCj-Au Artickt Genuine. FASHIONABLE BONNETS.?The establishment 4111 1 Broadwat, two doors ab.ive Canal street, is uow open, and selling eveiy variety of Fashionable Bonnets u2l> lm*ec DR. HOLT'S SPECIFIC. FOB THE VENEREAL DISEASE, PRICE f 1 U $3 PER BOTTLB. DR. HOLT'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE, FOR GHONRRHOtE, $1 PER BOTTLE. 'T'HESE remedies are not got Hp for ipeculatinn. They have * been used for years pa?t with eminent success by the inventor, a highly respectable Physician, formerly of the United States Army, who knowing their intrinsic merits, now for the first time makes them public, conscious that he is thereby doing an essential service to society. THE SPECIFIC never fails to mke a perfect and permanent cure in Sy philis, primary end second try, even where the disease has tainted the whole system, either frt-m neglect 01 improptr treatment, or whrre the abide of mercury has le^t a disease equtl to the one it has removed. It completely eradicates every atom of Venereal Virus, Or Mercurial poison, and retorei ihe debilitated frame to its pristine vigor. THE VEGETABLE TINCTlJHE. cures in a short time, Ghunorrea and Gleet, with all their attendant Iraiu of ills, and like the Specific, will effect a cure wifl-jm interruption to business or danger from ezposare. Th.^Tre ^tr.ctly VegtUbli remraies p uu uirccuoiis accumpnu . rati, uw. Sold wholesale and retail at the Dry Dock Drug Store, cor 8th ft. and Avenue D ; Randolph St Panton, wholesale drug Kites No. 206 it cor. Beekman. N. Y. s D. Sprngtred, cor. Market It Hudton ?trt. Albauy : J iiiea Hawks, Jr ItoChester, end by J C. We lit, No. 158 Genesaee at., 2d door Iron the. cor. Kayetie at., Utica. _ . Mrr-ln.'.u and Traders from any section of North or South America, ' anada, Wett Indie*, end Mexico, eau obtain thi Medicines on liberal terns, of tna principal agent, A Hushes cor. 8th St. and Avenue D, N. Y . and make arrangements foi their fntuie supply in their respective places. Post paid order, enclosing cash, promptly attended to, and the medicine safely forwarded. a20 lm*ec. GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. DESIDERATUM IN DENTISTRY DR. A . C. CASTLE, 181 BROADWAY, eorte of WHITE STREET, has a. Paste for fillim decayed hollow teeth. It can be put into the most lende teeth without any pain or inconvenience, with which it be comes impacted into ONE hard solid body, thus restoring am preserving (hitherto pain I n I and nselesa teeth) artifieiuily aoum and perfect in all lhe> rrespective uses for life?preventing lr ALL CASES, the necessity of extraction. Ladies the mos distinguished in society, offer their testimonials in the mos vivid terms, as to its efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Pos says.* ?" It is admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervon persons, and Dr.Cnstle operates on the teeth with great care am ability." The New York Aurora says " It wakes the teetl in all respects perfect for life." The Hun says Dr. Cnsrle ha obtained ranch, celebrity for his excellent mode of filling th teeth." 1 ne most eminent gentlemen of the Medical Knculp nave personally fried and recommend Dr Castle's Pas to fo filling the teeth. Tooth-ache pills, one of which pat in th aching tooth will effect a permanent enre. I, LE CHEV'R. DON ANGEL CALDERON DE LJ i BAHCA, Ambassador and Plenipotentiary Extraordinary I from Donna Isabel H. Qneeu of Snain, to the United States, u t Washington, do certify that I, as well as many of my friends I have known Dt A. G. CAST LE. for many yean. as u success t ful and skilful Dentist, standing pre-eminent in his profession knowing his worth, and his being a gentleman of strict intsgri r tv, I with pleasure recommend him to those who may reqniri > the aid of his professional services. 1 would also recommeDd his excellent Composition for fill ill, teeth, having in many cases seen its superior efficacy. ' (Signed.) A. CALDERON DE LA BARCA. Dr. A. 0. Castle refers to the Spanish, Erench an English Arabaasadora, M. Stoughton, the Spanish Consul Rear Admiral Walton. Lord Morpeth, Gen. McCarty Gov. Mason, Dr. F. U. Johnson. President of the Medical Sc r ciety, 8. N. V.: Mr* General Gaines, J. B. Beck, M. D i Di J. A. Smith, Dr. E Uelalield, Dr. Beadle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Bn ger, Dr. J. C. Chevyman. Dr. A U. Stephens. Dr. J. Tony Dr Baylies, Dr. Wm Grayson, Dr. Herring, 8tc lie. Offlci i 381 Broadway. my6 lm'ec Br ECANNON'8 COMPOUND PULMONARY SYKUf fortne cure of conghs, colds, consump'ion, asthma, pain in kidneys, affections ni the liver, (kc. This Syrup abon which so many anxious inquiries h ive been lately made, am isfhi^h line innt untk thn nnmul YimI i*nel!nn t\f fk* \Ts<liPa Faculty, can row be hail at the following placet3auil i'a! m?r, 166 West itreet; Jatnes Tarraut, 266 Ureeuwich street Mr. Thurman, Vestry and Canal; Air Andreia, Oreenwicl and Vestry streets; I1. W. Allen, jr 74 Division atreet: P. I), Ic Kee, Barrow and McDougal streets; Alfred Hill, 206 tirreu wich street; Mr. Kirst, 167 Canal strwt; Drug Store, corner o ' Walker and Centre st'cets; 3 Waid 279 Spring street; Mi Brower Oreen and Spring street*; Mr Sornernlle pourtl ' arid Wooater streets; Mr. Richard, McDongal and Waverli ; place; R D. Compton, Vanek and Vandam streets; Albert V 7 smith, Varick and Broomr; Benj imin Martin, Catharine, o| posit* Oak sin-et; Mr. Lippiucott, Vestry and Waihiugtou I Wia Hirruou. North Mooie and West turrets: Mr. Livmg stun, Green and Fourth street*; Mr Hart, (Land anil Norlo I street*; Wm. linrtnell, Bowery and St Mark'* place;}] Knapp 200 Wen atreet; C W.Theall, 473 (fraud arreel; H. T Kierst'd, Spring and Broadway; N. H. dunce's, Uuuth am Catharine atreeta; Oilman and Conoyer, and Spnni atrerti; C. Doicher, 61 Olieer itreet; and of the t*topnelor No. 65 Veatry atreet. Trice 37)6 ceuta per bottle. Brooklyn?A. P. I'araoua, 44 Fulton atreet, oCae nf DailAdvertiser. Williams burgh?John Moore, King'i Coast? E?A >9 Hn*rrc FOR THE PILES. D EAD the following intereating caae and IWUUI Wl care o ft Pilea :?Mr J. Bowman, adistinguished eiwibeeS :teaidmi in Broadway, haa been afflicted with toe File* for tetfitT years . He conaulted ine about three muntha u*e l tua tar?>me wa . foul, appetite Ibid, liver >orpid, orcaaioual pupimltv, fount? I uauee pale and languid, c omplains of paioe flstf ffeQ rtiduevi great irritition, tension and weight in the lowr Milvi ol th bo well, alteuded with pile tuinori ao much itdMBed at time J aa to produce intense iuBering, at otner timea it'imti them selves by a profuse discharge of blond inducing great debility * the muacleaof ihe hack from th- long con>iuned irritatiou hat , in goine degree lost their power, producing lumbago, end it a . with muchdilTiculty that he coul I hisstoii was leeble am lutirm, had ripeudcd more llioi tire huudteu dollara in fourteci . yeari for this complaint. and had obtained only temporary rc neI : ia now euti ly cured, having taken ou'.y t'.ree boles o j my I'll.a UMnalf ; has travelI d in oe than two ihnusiuti j inileaainee. and leels no reinni of the complaint ; is aa w*l .. and active now in he was thirty years ago, dud attributes it ?l . to tint it estimable remedy, Dr. L'r ham's Pilk ci-kcti's iiv ? Header, this is only on 1 of a thsua ,nd similar cases cured b' C iheaauie means t he Pile Electuary, an iuteri al remedy, i , sold by tha proprietorat hisoHic- I9S Bowihv -our doers abov . Spring street Adric- gratia. Hememb'r ITO Bowery. Agents J. K Warner it o, Utica ; 1'. 11. Fitch h Co. Syracuse; L B Swan, i.ochesier ; Colman Ik Co. Buffalo. I al9 3mdhw*ec I MEDICAL NOTICE. , QTR\N(fERS a, d citizens afflicted with any form or variet I kj of syphilitic, merfunal. or otherdiseaie, o who have lirei only tialfcureil.hy the ijuarka.with whieh N Vork Wininds.ha . better cargl'dlly ionise the following letterl)r C, ope.t "ir :?Last July I contracted a rertaiu pr.vate diaena., and iai mediately anpliad to a doctor, who promised to enre rne in week ; I roiitinned with him two months, but was gradual! getting won*. I tried one ifter another, all the adveiliaiug dot j tort, ana each one proiniard positively to eure me I at lengt p discovered the object nf these men mo .ey, and that tin I were not doctors. I concluded to go into the h -r.uitil, whei , the due ora kept me unde' a conrse of mercury for eight w eeka . iny i hroat and noae was ulcerated, pains in all rny joints, an , my body entered with ulcere; I v aa a complete tkeleicn.ih ( dncP're considered it dangerons to give ino any more wrdicini anil ndviii-d a eontnera climate. I left the hospital, aril by ail [> Jiceol e>veral friends. placed myselfund"r >onr care on th j fin!.of January Inst I am now vrrll anil rratored to perfec t health. 1 wuh tiiii publiahed. THOMAS OREEN. t Carpenter and Joiner, H.irlem, N. Y. Dr. ( ooper warrants to cure ayery ease, nn matter how Ion . standing of gleet, slrir.tnre, anil ?eminal weakness anil mil I. caaea of pnraie maladies car d in 4? hours, if-rferin | with the patient'a habits With one e?ce|ition, Dr ? miiti r the only regular aurgeon and physician who ndeetlia in ,'n i . York. Dr. Cooper'a office, M Ituane atreet. two doora lioi l halhamtfpenr " Nnrnre en one " aH lw?o ? TO EXPORTERS TO SOUTH AMERICA AND THE BRAZILS PARR'S LIFfc PiLLS. THOMAS ROBERTS It CO , of 117 Knltoo ?lr*?t, (f.?i ? A mrrlv of 104 Broadway,) inform tllj riport?ri{ merchant of Ncw York, tli*t their popular medicine, PA Ufl's LIKI * PILLS, it put up in ftpnmeh, t\>rtn?u?t#, b rtmch end (J rinai 0 wrappers, eccompinieo with intrrfttinff btokn m the tame Jac f gnsges, testifying to the eae?ll n re and efficacy of li e ninlicinr ' Agents for Louisiana?A. Oiivei 8t Co., New Odoana New England?S W Towle, U, .ton. 1 " I anada?Alfred Savage Ik Co., Montreal, V And retail of all reaprctsMe drtiniit, in the city, and wholi sale of rBOBCRTQ It to., to? l?*n 117 rolton itreat, Near York E IN NEW YORK. ITED GOODS. RS AND THE PUBLIC. MEDICINES, GROCER 1JI 8, fie'. VcMy ind Fulton (treeta,} m tilts/ Vfinia forth Kivw aide of the city. \ YOKK. IORRISON, a^*ort enl of.goodc, among them th? following. to ill the attention of tloners, Grocer*, Manufacturers, Ulers Hywn Tr* A|1 Aiom loiter*, Yog Hyson bought Blue Vitriol Imperial at Uopemea. KngUah at Uunpowaer Auc 101 American Hyson 8km at the Oil Vitrol Annelmn. |?Hi, I.Md bohea J _ SdJtta. UkucluuK Salts fffnch Brandies ochine&l i, Spanish Began Aqua Form Pot and Pearl Ashes Nutgatls karcli Annatto icanth, Liquorice Ball Soda Ath e, Turkey aih Brick Pot and Pearl Ashes tout Sileiutua Kitract Logwood as Fig Blue P attune Acid ruiint Powdered Ginger Root Bichromate of Potash ergreeg Alum Sal Boda in Olive Oil in bettiee and Uuin Shellac i'.noa baskets Cudbear fe Nu tine Ki Wood iinot Saltpetre croda and re- Grain and Bar Tin need hacd Fuller's Kartb nth Pepper Sauce Vjadder, Dutch St French way Macabov Suufl ludigoea ol Bengal, or Scotch Suoff Carraceas and (iua ge and Peach Mace tamals indigo, Flo tost White Tartar ins Castile Soap lied Tartar cans C lores Glue Seed Castor Oil in bottlrs Sumac > Seed Vcohol Lac Dye Cpaum Salts Starch is Cinnamon Pruusiate Potash Friction Matches (Jam Senegal Carbonate Ammonia owdeied Curcuma ouataofSodr British Lustre Powdered Blue Smalts ciil Soda for washing Uuerciirou Bark lite Jamaica Mustard, Lonuon Spirits Nitre bonis t India Cayenne Peuper Salt Plre Brown Soap Powdered Nutmegs British Gum do Ciunamoa! Nitrie Acid and Osalin Cologne Water Acid 1, White and Natural. Refined and unrefined WHALE; Tan] atsfoot, Ohre, (iu bottlrs and betties); Patent, bperm and Stearic Paper Makers, Hatters, die. Bleaching Powders. Nutgnlli, Powdered Blue Smalts, Blue Vitrol, Glue, Verdivris, OB Vitriol, Copperas, Copoer Cais, Hal Ammoniac, Sh.-il Lac, Antimony, Alcohol, Sugar of Lead, Eitract of Logwood, Alum, lannfacturers. tod, I Red Saunders, I Hypemic Wood Haich Wood, 1 Peach Wood, ood, I Red do I Ebony Wood, GLASS WAR E. Bottles, Colognes, Finer Pungents, Druggists' Packing Bottles, k nr Varnish, ''emijohns, Flasks, Inkstands, Iastardx, Huuffs, tie. lee. it Stainers, Spice Grinders, and Sugar Refiners, Coach Lace and I Marble Polishers, f ,r Workers in Iron and oilier Aitiasns; (or ('ream. Soda Water and Hoot Beer, Tor Asaayers and Kefiuers of L'olors, Chairs, Loco Foco Matches, Looking Glasiss, 8?ap, Ink ers. Far Dyers, Morocco Dressers, Straw Hat Blsichers, Sign Sutter and Cheese; for Steamboats Hotels, Ships, Vessels lie. I r and Soaps. Patent Medicines of every description. All kinds id American. hi.ient of lh* kind in New York can offer greater indaeaments of nercliauu, city grocers, mm ifac urvrs, painteri, hatters, pipe i their interest to paichase of i im, if they are desirous of purchaxi-d ictive agencies for the purpose of avaitiug himselt oi the ad Suites afford for selecting articles of ths best quality,and purcliaslers. apt lm dylkwr m [ .N FORMAI ION WANTED of JAMES fc. MILLER, a 1 native of New Ycrk, end a Seaman by profession ; when last heard from he was in Bristol, England. in 1810 Snould he be alive, and retnru to New York. liewi I hear of something to his advantage, on applying to .William Stael, Baker, No. Ill Cherry street New York m7 3inil8iw*rrc TO THOSE WITHOUT CIlILUKt^-^ATPllOCREAT1VE ELIXIR CORDIAL. fPHE greatest discoveiy in medical science is that of M. M. A fleaomeaux, of Paris. He has entirely exploded the generally received opinion of the existence of incurable sterrility or barn uness. (except indeed in cases of malformation, which are extremely rar-.) The invari. ble and universal success of his I'.lixir Coidial, in every instance, ol producing that sta e of health which rrsn'ts in the wife becoming blessed as a mother, who for years pined m childless loneliness, has fully established the fact, that wual is usually termed >arrenness is curable by the nse of the Proereative v lixir Cordial. It is infallable in senurial weakness, lluor albas, debility, lucontinencr, and the various train ot complaints arising from excess, illuecs, or imprudence. Its great and invariable success is its recominenI datinn. The fame ot this wonderful Elixir Cardial is well es tabiished. A sale of mure thau fifty thousand bottles ar.d pack ges is sufficient evidence of its excellence and the estimation ia which it i> held. It is pleasant and agreeable to the taste The uudeisigned is the only authorised ageut for this cona Trice $3 a bottle. For the convenience of those residing out of the city, the ingredients composing the Elixir Cordial are pnt np in packages ' for transmission by mail, with full direction for preparing. Price of package Si, making three bottles. All letters most be postpaid^and directed to ! Dr. V. MKLvEaU, box 21, N. York city; ap37 lm UkW *m Office 129 Liberty st. I TO MARRIED LADLES. HVHTV.LL'U PREVENTIVE POWDERS. ?Those invaluable f owdershave be. * universally adopted in Europe, bat Knura ii particular, fur upwsriisol thirty years, as well as by thousands in this country, as die only mild, r safe and i-thcacioEi manly for married ladies whose health for( bids a too rapid increase of family. r The results of their adoption to the happiueu, the health. - Bay, often the life, of many an affectionate wills aad fond moth1 or, are too east to touch upon within the limits of an %d?erlise1 meat?results which affect not only the present well being of 1 parents, but the fatnre happiness ol their offspring, is it not t but too well known that the families of the married often tat crease beyond the happiness of those who gave tnein birth would I dictate) In bow many instances does the hard working lather, and more especially the mother, ot a poor family, remain slaves 1 throughout their lives, tugging at the oar of incessant labor, r toiling bat to live and living out to toil, when they might hay* enjoyed comfort and comparative affluence; and it care and toil e have weighed down the spirit, aad at I ut orukeii the health of r the father, how often is the widow fell uuauls, with the unut r virtuous intentions, to save her fatherless offspring from bee coming degraded objects of charityor profligate votaries of vieel Even though competence and plenty smile upon us, how oftes, I alas;! are the days ot the kind husband and father embittered , in beholding the emaciated form and declining health of the t companion of his bosom, ere she had scarce reached the age of i, thirty?-fast sinking into a premature grave?with the curtain r prospect ol himaell being early bereft of the partner of his joys and sorrows, and his young nud helpless children of those endearing attentions ana watchful solicitude, which a mother alone cen bestow, not unfreqpently at A tune when least able to npport the heart-rending affliction 1 la it desirable, (hen,?is S it moral?for parents to increase their families, regard! -si of consequence* to thrmselves. or the well being ol ibeiroffsprirg, when a simple, easy, healthy, and certain remedy is within our d control I 1 he advertiser, ;*eliug the importance oi this subject, i, and estimating the vast ben tits resulting to thousands by ths adoption of means prescribed by her, would respectfully arouse i the attention of the married to consideration. Is it not wise r. and virtuous to prevent evils to which we are subject, by si in ids i and healthy means within our control! Every dispasiioaite, virtuous and ralightessd miad, will unhesitatingly answer is | the affirmative. .... Price five dollars a package, accompeaird with full aad par - ticular direct.oaa. They can be sent by mail to all parts of the ', United Stale*. a All letter* rnnst be post paid, and addressed to box "kU," N t Y.,or MADAME KES'l ELL, henisle Physician. 1 Principal office, 148 Orcnnwich stieet. New York. Offies I hours from t A. M. to 8 P. M. llostou office, No. T Essex sk *18 tm* m j MADstMHKESTELL, 1 IPilMAL* PHYSYCIAN, Office aad residence. 141 Oresg ? 1 wieh street, between ConrtlaEri: and Lrberty streets, wbnrs 1 site can be consulted with the strictest eonlidense o* toe[' piaiat* incident to the female frame o Madame Keattll's experience and knowledge is sne treatises > ol cbstmstr ccsee ot tetnale irregularity, stoppage, uppretsiox ' he., is such as to require beta few days to effect a perfect cut* Ladies desiring proper medical atunu.ince durtug coafmoueri or other indisposition, will he accommodated during ill* : lime, with private and respectable board. F ' Pretoativii l'owdera," for married udiee, w.iuse iielieit* ei prerar.Ods liee.llh I'orbiiia a too rapid utreas: of la t 11/, will bs ; seal by mail lo any part of tue United .-ft. te*. Price 15* jac?. ago. All letter* (post-i?idl adurrsaod to box, Kl. Mow Vorsl * Boston Office. No. T Essex street." - N. 11.?Madame HAS I'E'LL would inform ladies reuuiug oat of the city, who cannot make it convenient to come to the ' city, that she would devote an personal attendance cpoa IHIM i> ur pxii u hi umm I Ivin minn [nivitoi'mr '?ao? ?1? lss*m r EM ALE MONTHLY PILLS. . dhtVINfi M the celebrity, efficacy, and inrariatila ntt*i tl 1 " Madame Res Hi's Kernels Monthly rills ia all cases ol in I Lgnlanty, r oppression, or stoppage of those functions of im ' (are npos which the health ef erery female depends, siaae * their introduction into the United Mutes,now about seven yeaie:ua?-neii# and imitationa are constantly attemi tea 10 b' palmed oft for the genuine. Cheap common pills are pnrchasef e at twelve cents a box, put up ia different boxes, and called? 1 " (female Monthly Fills," with the ohjoet of selling them, if * possible, at ore or two dollars a boa Kemales are the triors j (nationed against theno attempts to impose upon them It n 1 sufficient here to state that all f emale Monthly Tills are coosJ terteits, except those sold at Madam.- Kos tail's Principal Oilier, 1 141 Greenwich street. New York, and 7 Essex street. Boston ? Prieepl. Mtdrsis lleawii's sigaatars u written on the -iovs of eeeh bo*. 1 N. ll.~'Vhsy tsa be osed oy nuuriea or single, by fcl|nw*i the direetieei ??e' ,sed inside of each bor. a'.P tw'in CAUTION TO KKMALIC? I\X AUAMft KESTKLL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, woxl7 Ui. inform ladies who, lvirh a proper delicacy, have a r?r*j " caace to the trratioeat of their complaints except by on# of then " own sex, that in all oases she attends to thein personally, h?; ' ' experience, practice and knowledge enablesi her to do so .tie ' 1?ins it necessary to state this, a* she does not wis!, to t* s!?js?-l with toe pretenders continually appearing and diss? peanag. adr-rtisiag n? " Female Thysicmos," who too m* rat and incompetent themaelvoa ere oblig'd to art some tcrrsI* less .unorant quack to experiment instead. Cousaltina psi V Ion tiB'1 re#i<b?e?, MS ?i'teenw*e!i street, between ConrUud a ,.cd Liberty street* Hcem ?f ?lle*dns<v? frir. s A. M. ti ? d l a'#s?*ro r MORTUyUJhisi'. fKWAl.K PiLLfc * iwrrsTan sfd ranriaco ay V M. y* 9UUDKLOUUK, Id.l?.. LIIBOh, PORTUGAL T riiflK f'eieatrfin combination of innredienta ol which t?i?; h L 1,11s are compei-d, have mad-them the womlvr mid tlui y ration of the world. I hey are known all over Europe tubs * the only preparation eyer uncovered that hm proved invariably j certain in producing the monthly cures. Their csrtaintr, in afl eases, being sncli that they mast, nut I- ojed during pt'ttnaney. * for ?honnh always mild, sale and healthy, they aie certain u I produce miscarriage if turd dnring thai period. 1 The directions are translated into English, and are eavelopea ' roxad with the seal of the importer.stamped. Each bo- cca 1 tains the tiguatnie of M. de Bcndriom".,Mid tho English u roctiors hire the signature ol Dr. Y. MELyEAU, authorise' agent for the continent of America. The* can he transmitted br mail ro aay part of the Unites ? Stales, iuhl'by Hr *\ MEL VEAU, agent and importer far JJ the United btntei, ulfice IJ9 Liberty street, car Greenwich n. * i'rioe ti?half boxes t) No hall boxes sent by mail So'i in Boston at No. # Selem street. Letters directed to Ur. f. * H?lv*au. box M *>w York, will ra'i wii>) nameui-:-at ei| !:o?. All letters mnai ho post paid, fit Jm'n PUBLISHED DAILY BY JAM KB UORDUR BKNNBTT, N. VV. CORN KB FULTON AND NASSAU STRK&T0. " Thr. Nr.w Yor* Hr.nAi.n-A daily paper, iaaued every ? morn 11,a of the week? price two ci.nta per copy Country ' auhai ribera funiialiedat the time r.ite, for any specific p?-rio>l. n on a remittance in advouca. No paper tent unless paid in *d'* ynnce. _ , l. Th* %ri**lt HraAt.o?Issued eeery Saturday mominx at te.i o'clock?price sis arm A ni AHTi n ciaxa per espy?tuii aitlied to coanlry subscriber* at 11 2J per annum, in atfrtnee ! or at the eame rata tor any apceilic period. ' ConaitroironnTi are requested to addreaa their let e '.?* jamii Got do* biaaatt, Proprietor tad ?d;wr?? ' > art.n Knim auiNnitMit

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