Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1844 Page 3
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nONKY tUBKET. Friday, Hay 10?(J P. M. Stocks decline! to-day. The sales dill continue very large. Long Island fell off $ i**r cent; Canton oo. 3^ do. lUilum 1 do; Mohawk 3$; Rtonington } do; Norwich J; Indiana > ; Kentucky j ; Farmer's Trust } ; Prnnsy lvanin advanced | ; Heading 11. Hood j , I'dteuon J ; Illinois auJ North American Trust closed firm at yesterday's quo tations. Money never was mora abundant, or at cheaper rates. 'J'he New Vork Uuardian Insurance Company have declared u dividend oi five per cent, payable on the 15th of May. The Trust Insurance Company have declared a dividend of three-and-a-hall per cent, payable on demand. rmmturfuit Un, nn ll ^ Haxtr Pa. are in circulation. The vignette is the Declaration of Inde peudence, which ii not on the genuine note*. Counterfeit ten? on the Sank of Mobile ere in circulation The signatures are very well done, but the engraving it very clumsily executed. The coinage of the brtnch mint at New Orleans for April amounted to the value of $1,378,000?viz : silver, $140 000; gold, $1.338,"00. The Dubjque Bank, by a vote of the board of directors, wa* ordered to resume specie payments on all its legal liabilities on the 19th inst. The Last Boston Land Company have made a dividend in land of twelve dollars per share, equal to six dollars in cash. It is estimated that two-thirds ol the land will be sold after making this division. Large sales of the stock have been made at I'd a 13} advance. The bill to extend the charter* of the banks in the Dis trict ol Columbia, wan tukeu.up in the Senate. An amend, mmt was proposed to make atuckholder* responsible for uli transactions of the hank, which prevailed aiter a protracted discussion by a rota of 31 to 19. Another amend, merit proponed, made all the stockholder# liable aa partner* in trade nrv liable for partnerahip debt*, which was rejected. The Concord, N. H. Railroad Company, have declared a semi-anuusl dividend of Ave per cent, besides paying the tax on the road aa real catate to the town* through which it pa?ae?. amounting to some $5,000 annually. The Lowell, Nashua, and Concord Railroad Companies, have lately reduced the charge* for tranaporting the freight, and it ia supposed a reduction in the price of passage, will toon be made, as the charges are now excessively high. The Otii Mill* Co. have made another semi-annual dividend of ten per cent. Tar is offered for thia stock, dividend off Mrnuiactoring stock* have improved re* ccntiy very much. Appleton sells at 8 per cent advanse > Hamilton, it do ; Massachusetts Mills, 6 do; Suffolk nnd 'i r< inont, 10 do ; Dwight, G do. ltailroud stocks still continue great favorites, and are advancing very rapidly Th<- ruling quotations in Boston for the stock of the New England roads, are -.?Lowell, 34J per cent udvance ; Worcester, 10 do ; Nashua, 96 do ; Concord, 39J do ; Providence, 0} do ; Taunton, 30 a 31 do ; Eastern, HJ do ; Au. burn and Rochester. 6J do The Report of the Banks of this State was made to the Comptroller on the l*t inet; but we suppose owing te the adjournment of the Legislature, and the numerous duties such nil i-vcnt thrown uiion the Comntro'ler. have aire vent ?<1 the publication of the returns as early as usual jomr of thecoiin'ry Banks have published their return* in advance ot those to be made public by the Comptroller. CoMraHAiivc <AUARTK*I.Y KURORT OF THE CAYI-GA ( IH'MTV BANK. JtvK 18*3. N"V *3. Feb '**. May *44 Lovisnn I discnnnf. $491 631 330 V27 Sift,Til JKI.411 Si*-- 13.921 14,655 13 07t 12.29" < I rn'a'.m, 1X9,141 219 25 310.696 2-I7,.I7I D I?n 80.769 81,995 19.215 9i. 12 All the movement* of this institution are verv uniform except the di-count line, which has increased very much sine e last report. Comparative Quarterly Report c r the Highland Bank. Jlug. 1813. Nov. '43. Feb '41. May *44. Lnan? and discount-, *265.071 3DU.I.V1 31 >.816 381,9)2 S|?cie. 17911 13.8)2 13 613 11,24) CiiC' la int.. 146.IP6 170.0',8 16',749 197,410 Dei oiilra, 44 404 49,891 47,90) 78,)89 ? Since the loot report, there hai been an increase in discounts of $73,136 ; circulation, $31,661; depoaitea, $30,6?4 ; specie hiia diminislibd $3,366. Comparative Quarterly Report or the Mohawk Valley Bank. Ade I8i3. Feb. *44. May '41 Lorn* and discounts,- $17,798 35,5'9 09 Lit IVcie 2,013 3,739 2 86) 1 re lat.ou, 4) 881 44,661 59,469 Di-p- sites, 13.492 16,5)7 13 989 The movement ol this Bank is very limited, but the increase in discounts and circulation since the last returns has been h large per cent. The discounts are $23,699, and the circulation $14,868 more now than last February. The leading features of these three Banks are? Feb. 1844. Miy '44 liter. Deer. I.' !''.d di c oots,- $606,196 82) 484 2,9,288 ? S.'fCf. 29,425 26,400 ? 3,02) i iriu'aticn. 42',636 461 4)3 43.417 ? Depi s te., 153.707 188,090 34,383 ? The falling off in specie is a very unfavorable feature. The 'lrpodtcs show an increase of a little more than thirty-three-end-a-third p?ur cent. The great improvement in Railroad stocks is partly caused by the great improvements in tiie alfairs of the companies. The Harlem has increased its receipts this year wonderfully. The weekly returns of tho Western, und ail the other New Kng'and ltoads, show a great inereuse in the receipts over the same period last year.? Great speculations are going on in the stock ol the Norwich ard Worcester Railroad ; witiiin six or eight weeks prices have advanced from 35 to 6 > per cent. The com. pany have a very heavy debt hanging over them, but the increased revenue of the road will place them out of trouble sooner than has before t>eeii anticipated. Norwich and Worcester Railroad. Hemp's for tin- mouth erdir ; 3l?". Mnreh, 1841,- $14,311 4) for the mould of Mirth, l8i3, 7.292 91 Irrn-t-e. 7 218 54 Comparative Itcceipti of the first quarter of 18i3 and IRll Grim renpu lor J a ua y, Hit, 87,4 I 33 ' 1814,111.3 5 19 Do On February,1843, 5,992 66 1814, 11 786 47 Do di Mi eli. 1813, 7,212 91 1814, 14.51145 26,696 90 37 613 41 26,(96 9t Ircrsse. $16,916 31 ?for lit first qoa let; tqual to about 80 j er cent. Reeript* for Aju ii, 1813, $12,091 15 Do do 1844, 26 617 93* lrcrtue fertile month, 8.526 7 3 Orosa itceil ts for tin li:st f ur mouths of 1813, 32 88 6) Do ill do Co 1841, 58 231 34 Increase for fror months, 25.443 29 j At this rate, the total receipts for tho year will reach nearly $'200 060?an amount sutiicient to pay the interest j uii ?ic ???, niiu jibjt ? nvnusumv umueni 10 me stock- I holders. The now Tariff hill from the Committee of Way* and Moans, having been under debate for several day* past, tho House on Wednesday proceeded to take the votes on the various amendments ottered, which were divided as follows? To make the duty on these manufactures 26 percent, carried by a vote of t6 to 66. To increase the duty en raw silks, comprehending all silks in tiie gum, whether in hanks, reels, or otherwise! ! from I J} to 20 per cent, carried by a vote of 74 to 62. '1 he proposition to reduce the duty on all goods to 3o . per cent afier September, 1846. wasdispoied ol by tellers. I The committee were divided twice by tellers. Upon the j first division the vote was 61 to 61, and upon tho second j 76 to 64. A new section was added to the original bill-proposlug a_duty ol 2u percent on a great number of articles - j by a vote of 61 to 44. Anewtsiilf bill will probably "pass the. House this ses. i sion, vatying materially from the present act, and the one proposed bj Mr. McKay from the Committee of Ways and Means. bnt> o fear its late in the Senate. All parlies agiee that 'he present act possesses many faulla, und that some aheiati.n is demanded for the advnnc> me> t of alj inteiers. The In* commercial treaty with tho Herman coon-deration, will undoubtedly have a favorable influence upon legislators of this country, in the formation oJ ini't i-cule of duties. The propositian to reduce the duty on nil articles to twenty-five per cent after Scptem tier IHtfl, may lie considered decisive of the opinion the llnus- ami favorable to the adoption of some more liberal p<- cy in the regulation of our commercial systems, tha, ever before haa been matured. The change that it law 3 eari hat, worked in the public mind in relation to the fleet nit I influence of the tariff on the industry of every nation, la ao great, that future legislation on this feature of goveromenta must tend more to a mutual reciprocity, and to a modification of duties throughout the world, that will advance commercial intercourse and national prosperity morn rapidly than ha* ever before hern experienced It haa, heretofore, been considered as an incontrovertible lact, that no national interest could prosper unless it wilt directly protected by government by the establishment ol a prohioitory scale of duties. This impression has very recently boon disapproved, and com mi rci d nations are drawing nearer to each other by concessions, and the mlnn'lnn nf ns ' ? , ( ........ mi ITU A rommeneetm-nt bit* been made by Mr Wheaton in hi* impottant treaty with the Zollverein. Other treatie* of u <.,mil>tr nature will undoubtedly aeon bo proposed. The mow-men1.* of Mr <'tithing ami the Chineae government, jrt it l.ition to the formation ol a treaty between the two government*, ere m yet very little known. Great anxie" ty ia exprened to know the remit* of hi* negotiation*, ta nn iamenM trade depend* upon hi* aucceu. Old llMk Bufeui^SAOOO NY S'*N Ci, -60 100 : M ?h*? Aub kBnch or* I07J4 2" "4)0 Ohio '?. "80 99 l<> Ulir* * bchni 131 7000 do 98* i 7 ">-eV. F'J* Iu? 95 MHO do 9?v 2'0 Holding Alt 57 10000 do MO 99.S I?# Jo V:0 i' 3 01 K-ut icky?'? 107>? 100 (Jo ?I0 J(<^ U.dOfl do boo 104 10(1 do blJi>4-4 lin.llO do b30 104 100 do 53 WO IVou H 5'? boo 70 50 Moha*k RR 70 12000 do 75W 50 do bjfl 77 0000 10 K1W 751? 50 do b:i0 77 15000 do 75>? 50 do bid 78 cOOU d > bill 78 150 do blO 78 17'M0 lllinnit ipcl bd? 4525 do Toji 4'd O Indiua $ bd? 43>4 25 do 77 loon -*o b30 44 223 I.ouk Isliml [111 82v Jo'm Indiana s'tf ' dt 41), IM0 d:> b 10 03 630 A'l*itic crip 82>a Jofl do ?3 14 sba? Bk i f America 97 10" do nw 83 GO .'M V I! :d on 111)4 1(0 do s00 ?" ; 32 Vkchncic' Bk 105 50 d? bJO 83* 21 Bk Com. lull 99 159 do buw 037, . d" 99)4 125 Paianou KK 83 25 Bk Corn ncr.p 99 50 dh. uioguw KK 51 IMiuoift Bk ?3 50 do buw 53 2? > Am Tro t U5 do b30 53>i 100 N I ?Hk C'It Bk 21 loo do 52H 50 Vii'luburic Bk 9V Ml Nor k Wor? 63V 2j Li'ayr"*- 13*, Cm 61k 100 do <60 63k 25 barinrrt"Irust 42 180 do blO 64 300 ?J > 120 43 10) do blO 61k M _ J" l?30 42k 3 0 do bew 64S 25 'Dill.n Co 56,k 5# do 64 250 do 37 400 do 61k 24 do 58 50 do hlO 64k 24 do 57i< 475 do bl4 65 225 do 57 k 50 no b20 65 275 do bow 58 50 do bio 64k CO do blO 511 875 U.irlem KIl 83 * 24 d) nw 57k 100 do bnw 8484 do . Ii30 57H 50 do hjn 84k 25 do *15 K\ 150 do b20 8 k 50 do bill 57 k Kcrond Hon i d. 75*ha* Norfc Wore nw 65 30 * m? Vick bmg 4d 9k 25 da 65V 'hi Nock Wo c b; w 66 10 do 64 H' 40 co 65 5? ... do 64k lull Co g l?'an>4 l;R |60 H?k 74 Viek?burg 9?4 51- .Vioh wk UK 77 '00 I oiirnrrcial, N O 24 3'l 4. an too Co 57 100 Nor Ik W> re b3 65 7s do 58 50 Keadiug Kit 53k 25 S a!? l'k 85k *e>v Htock Kxrhatiga. $6000 Ohio 6*8, *60 i3 99 ,25iba- Canto! Co 5-k I0I>M do ai 08k 2'. do 615 57k 1000 <io Ok 100 Long 11 land RR c 82k 1,100 , .. do ,, ?3 !!?k 50 do b3 8S limu Indiana ?17 Hd* ?30 30?, 50 iiarlt-m MR inw 81.', 1000 lllinoiaK'i, TO c 4 4k 50 do blO 8|' ! '00 Petin'. J'? 75 25 do 8tJi 50 do u 42K 50 do 13 83), JO do C 42)< 25 S I'll gtJ" RIl how 61 26 N ' m Trust I4>4 HO do r J.;1 16 Ohio Lifi Sc Tr 1.90 10.1 10 do c 'Ji 5 Illinois State Bk c 31 40 no i J" III Vicktbuig c 9 ti> no ( i.Ji, 26 do c 9)4 115 Nor Ok Wore c 63)., 26 Fait River Ins c Si 26 in biwM 60 Cautou Co Mon 67)4 160 do r 0IH, 26 do Tun J"'., JO d i It <16 62 do c 57>4 25 W.s ein FiR 71 State or Trasle. Aihks -Pots continue in fair demand at #131}; pearlr lather inactive We quote $4 ??3j Berswix? I'rime yellow northrin veils a? fast at it airives, at 30 u 30}c. roTTO.x?T here was moredisiosi'ion shown toexecn'e ordera to day, on the part of exporters, and about 8 otx hah i were taken, at a slight decline on 'he lower gra le? Freights are firm, and rather brisk, at 6 16d for square aud ?<1. for round. Fi.our?Prices are by no meant ftrui. Genesee sells a $4 75. Other brands are as low. Hat- The receipis down the river continue large. We quote tales for shipment aud consumption at 35 a 36. I'rime qualities command 374 a 4uc Salt?T .ere it s'lll very little doing in this article Ashton'* would command $1 47 j a 1 52}. Whiskv: v? Dru.ige casks are held at 22c. Prison bar rels are very inactive, and will only command 23 a 23}c. Cotton Markets, Nrw Orleans, Msy 2?The accounts hy the Acadia steamer, received yesterday, are very unfavorable for col ton, so much so as to have brought the market to a complete pause We are not aware of any sales, and under existing circumstances have untitle 1 our quotations. Provision market, A sameness prevails in our different markets. At this season of the year there is no great variety of meats, o* any very extiaordinary beet. Some fine lamb has hen exhibited during the week. Poultry continues scarce Kin It is plenty Salmon is more reasonable Good ami large shad sell at lis each. The run so far has been very light. Vegetables are plenty, and the cry of " radishes" is heard in every street Green peaa, from the south, sell at 2s 64 the hall peck?not very good Strawberries and May Duke cherries were in the Ciucinnati market on the first of May. Paicr.s or Provisions Apples, bbl >$1 50 a3 00 Geese- 50 el 85 Beef, per lb-? . 0 a 10 Honey, n wr, Ib.---I84?a 35 Beef, percwrt $4 50 a6 00 Lamb,per lb 8 a 13 Beef, corned 3 a 7 Lard, i*r lb a ? Bacon. 12>?a ? Mutton .- 4 a 0 Blnck.ish 0 a 9 Onions, per bnncli. 6 a * Beets,each 1 & ? Parsnips, per httn-1 12X?1 25 Beans, hush 50 a 87)$ Pin-on-, doz, 1 25 al 50 Butter, fresh iter lb-14 a 18 Porter House Steaks 10 a *12 Buttrr, nrltiu, perlb. f> a 10 Pork, per lb 6 a 8 Basi lb 8 a |0 Pig. roasters ? hSI 00 Celery a bench, b a 12X Potatoes, bushel 31 a 75 Cauliflowrs. doz.,50 al 25 Potatnes.swt,---2h 6d hlf pech CreatorI to, a get-- ?I3 a ? Perch, lb 6 a ? Crabs, dozen l'.'J$R 25 Poultry, pair 75 al B0)$ t hickens- 50 a 87)$ Sl-al, each 15 a 18 Clnms, 100 -.- 25 a 37 Vi Salmon,stnnlied- -10 a 12 CalvesHistd.Otc !> a ? 8lru*>d Bass, lb-- 8 a 12 Cabbage each 5 a 10 Si,i|ie, dozen 75 a ? Cheese, new a ? Sausages ? a 8 Carrots, each. 1 a ? Smrltmh 8 * ? Ducks, per pair -,-50 n 75 Trimips, |>er bush- 25 a 31 E-ls 8 a 12 Tri!#, lb ? a 4X Kggs 12 for 12X Tnrkies 58 al 50 Fresh Cod 5 Veal 6 a 12 Flounders 4 a 8 Philadelphia Cattle Market. May 9 ?Offerings this week consist of 900 head of beef cattle, mos'ly Ohio dhd Kentucky, including 325 taken to N< w York ISO cow a and calves, 400 hogs, and 1,200sheep. Prices of beeves ranged from $41 to >0 for common to good quality, and a lew prime at $tlj the 100 lbs ? nearly ail sold. Cows and calves sold at $15 to $.13, as in quality. lloga?Dull at $41 a SI? the 100 lbs. Sheen brought f-U u f-U each for common u> prime. Ilav?Demand fall en od', and prices declined; sate* of good Timothy at 60 a 70e the cwt. We note sales ol preened for shipment at 66 a 65c.2 Straw is brisk at $4 a $i5j the 100 bdls. Foreign Ilarketi. Havana, April 29?The demand for sugars continues active at pricer J a J rl above the rates of 10th inst. The stock ol collet is small, aud selling higher than at that time. Freights to Cowes and a market ?2 IA a ?3 per ton for sugar. 1 he number of unemployed vessels having decreased, masters are asking for higher ratei. Married, On Thursday evening, 9th inst by the llev Dr Brownley, of the Presbyterian Church, Vlr Michakl Qi'inlan. son of Thomas Quintan, Esq Pes'ma iter Ooueral Crling lord, and of the firm of Fred'k L. I'alcoit &. Co. cotton brokers, to Miss MsNaut, of Block Buildings, (fij- Kilkenny Journal will please cony On Thursday, 9th inst. a1 Furdham, Westchester county, by the Rev. Peter J. Van Pelt.D. D , Join B Hasrin, of New York, to Miss Janf Vai.rstimk, daughter of Peter Valentine, Esq. of the former place Died, On Thursday afternoon, Ptl. inst. Alfred A. Smith, Esq. late ( omptroller ot the rity of New York. The relatives and friends o trie family are respectfullv invited to attend his fuuersl. tomorrow illernoon, at hall past '1 o'clock, Irom his late residence, 276 Mull-on rtreet, without lurther int lts'ion Paeaengera arrived. Ht Maiii- BrisJH' diviiev?l) C Mi His tua|wi ?i ? ?,.? Livr.seooi.?Pliip Ueidemons?IT a Inr, iron J II V1 I?2s r? K. F fs d rn n?I rk 11 J' sop?< I *1 s C n e mi k Br mi ? 10 4 B II 8c ' ?m ? 3 B rd <JiHilau k en-i et k I \ -.?* ?I 'lor-rtt tk 'ohnso..?2 Owen-29 ? P lurk? 7 c. ks 1 " It-3J09 lia' roil 4(1 Iri dic Ho, 160 1 iii, 7 .beer mi < 11 Hhi?'Hi? 40(1 Uruct- Ik Thompso. ?11 | t H Muin'^r 1 ?20 lust r.iIl 70,1 New ol Ik Ciu i?ii'i7 inn A O H s i) tk c<i?J c. It-1 kmop t Wi heff?3 C irui ? a on? l h i Ii ri 14 f. It ?< di? li Wi'P e 1 |, Pr esi S? M-m - 01 Pes 2> t. >< 9 cks J W lltrris? 260 hsmsrrs pr in > ojr.'i bars ir ii id . ill 30 i ki 4 'Ion- iron 3 H mil, d 20 ck . t Ii tan. , capi. palmai?Bug Fiances Lord?Its m i??? ? < s V pdm nil lipid lbs iri r 1 II I old CH| p-1 .M r- h-iik l.irnn stii ?ID tm.s i sin wood 6 c.i ks pal i. oil A Of i.k- 2 b s,s p ? series Laic 3c SAutlord iuineatls liupuiustiiina 8t MaRRI?ling J h Cheney -309 ba'r* i oti ?n vrl Co i Aud, r on?55 Uv ui k inch?id l enter kco-14 P me uy > Tapp ii?<7 1.' order. VlAKiVlMh H hk,\U> t '.'nywot -lire 4i>??idi OI'U|i B.OM ; : < fcii ,*00 ?Kfiv a Mm* Hiheniis J oily ins VI*. t>. Unlainii", Hewitt M?y 4 Jane I l l?.in:ii.\. I on VJ iy 19 it t? tSrnain, Milton Jul. |] Aug. IS ..tin Aytnti . ?t. 1tf at. tl apt* "is ..I V'tf ? . ?. . i i in 'luff IIo> i n "iiL*\ . >i nut linn Uni i . r "e > 'PP'i e '?" l "i thr ^or' time tin1, ?*iled, li ... ... n r., oc 'lieiT f*ui.ut, a Lnl ol their ''nr.;' ... ? "ii-igi. Nfvi'ipapers or Vnwt tl>.'? may hi? H? y . oi' V|. roitffli. tfly .it. t'n ii arri.aJ \yet.,a ami ' eip-tiig, ?t honker abroad, will * *o eouliti k l.-.rin i. edi'ir c.i 'i.1. !' the Marin' IntelUyeiic.* Cirr '. tV.Sl' Vy.ff.y. I,If." .till* .7 l(* I "fill P'tha**'*' 'ire- 1 POUT UK tih.W, IfVY II. t."t nin 4 49 1 mom* Risk.* 42 WH'fri 4 I rtini- statkR..- 4 21 Cleared. Shiot Montaok, (haw) VcMcnsel* (Jsilni, Wm S Whit mop"; Montreal, I nil rr L"ed e, J 4J iswnld; Newa'k. Mar wi\ Si o uih, Don'iam k Di on: ( h rlsston. B'ow , ' har'e, ton. (J* lliillilay ? II irqtie I hntan Je Inn., M ,tAni*> Ncholilk' raft - tings (Crane vlo t go :liy, I* ? W I. hi.. D.nub.', Berry t Johns, nk Th * Wi'niett; 7 oho. Ilyer, Harbour Grace, NK Bret' U Vn e; r tile.jr **, (Br) 4 rermu,, Literpooi, VH B'r lay * I. vingston ?Sch s Juli Tel'air Burns l>*m?rira, S I. Mil. hall; W B .Vahnne , MeI,<"tiIi iii, ' hirl sto N L MrlJiaaly k('i; ' irect, Brigg B'lii or.JkN Hiumi I" nl We'star. ''gdnu, t hiladrlphin, J .VIcKte; J W Smith, Jams, New London. *rrlvfi. ft' ip Pe cle ain, liild , ('mm '.irrrpnol. March 25, with mil*!', t < John llcrdin mi?241 steer .ye tat 'iter* ling kf >nce? l i'd Br wo. 52 d vs f om 'J .pa Palm**, Wet' \frie-i, w-t'i iy-ny, fcc to McOiaflie. k Liringston L, I h'.dw Burl y, biirfr if Botton S ilail VI;- eh II. I' S sh'? D at' r. I) |it A. hot, v>in wan'; I aiqne Palai in', II at if Boston. I r 44o|ii Const II 8 b .? i " jioite was a' K ?h r wn March 10, aurreyii g. No ci-n of (Vv?r o i hoard ailhei " "I. TaoU S seaman fr m l,ru I'ori oise camr pastcDger in 'lie ft'ianc. a laird. Bi'l J H Cheiiav. Bragi.on, U da' s from St M-riis, with cot ton, t? >asmnh k Walsh Sohr (iao Washington, Newell. 22 days from Frankl'i), La * aV? mol issas to II I. Say re. Sehr AI wie, Pu nail, 4 diys i om Wi'mngton, Nl with u .7*1 slums, to N L MeCrssdv fc Co ttebr Mary Ana, Brown, S days from Washington, NC. with oa^al U"ros. 'a roast*-r. HcHr Adrian R..U.1I a ?!.? . fr.un V^rf,.lu _; !* Stu rjea Si Clean 7 >i ' " Setu Mar>, H, from Calais, with lumber. Hailed. 'hip Newark, Mn win, Bavanuuh; brig Belle, Myers, Wilmiugmu, NO. and oiliera. iltrald Marine Corraapondenra Hoi.>in' Hole, May 8. 6tb?Arr Wo'cntt, NYork for Bo to.., Aau Klcza, Burr, l'hi l.t I -'i hi.i for Bneton. 7th?Arr Kremlom, <'base. Newburyport, with lo?s of both anchor*andchains last night ou Nai.tueket Sho.ile, Usurer Will hum, Parks. II days from Cardenas lor Baton?left, Aloine, breach for Bnatoo, ueit d if ; Wimpvio.g Colion. lor NYork. 8; A leiind. r. cl B Halt, roiidriuneil. Alio arr, Augnataa.t.e rtretown for Bnatfn; Union, 1'aine, H.nou f r Rectum lid; Nlail do for NYork: Harriet ? oiler a: d Italia, f on Phlad#lphi?; Win M Roger*, Ron on for Philadelphia; Myitis, i hurchill, N fork for Hiuiha n. 9 a u?\\ iud HVV, tie t all aai ed. Covbikr Orncr., > Chaiii.hton May 6?3 P M i Arr k'oreit. (before eit) I i-ulnegoe I p. k>- 29th u't, I at 21 8 Ion 82 If, Mad ord. 8 from > Or'eaul for Havre, bailed, New Zealat d [Br] Mackie, Liverpool. (Ulacellaneouo The Lco'don and Liverpool luc.els will tail this morning. tllsesTv:s ?In the gale on Lake Oi tirio, on the mo'niutf of the git invt the aolir Aurora waa ctpsize t, and tw? live* were lo.t I ai'NCH ?A flue bariju*, to he called the Homo, built for Cam Win Miaou w.i aunrhe I ai Baltimore Inst Ti uraday Sllir Bu iloinu.?Ship building *t Medford, M???. n very prosperous thia r-aao-i. We counted seven v aaels on the itocka there the other day. Whaletnin. ai... n >i.... i_uii.. " --ruriMii), .Tiiv ??^ rr iiiou ltwi*, r 'C : o ?/~?^u hif fui NZ* aland. wi h 3700 bbl? ( .3 ip)o 1. Spo eoff N?'W Z uIhm4 Nov 16. Pioix r Tall,,i*ti NH, ibOO; l).-e ll. Averirk Hemke 1 of 1 remeti, 2200; l*n 15, Mon.pdier, Tab'r, N6 Ii7u0 a d *nw her Ihe 2 -h n e*r? g NF, stippn ed her ?o ha homeward hound; one other ihip m c-?; Feb 2. L ?wall, Be, j mm, .\ L, 6 mot out. 800 wit 2u0 ?p h und fr NW Covl- h .d spoken i few ds p ev Jo* Vleus. T* er M\ttapoi?ert, 1(> tn?" ou','g 3 wb? to fill Spoke Ma ch 2 o f Oi*g ? Kimirea, lard" 1, Rinch. N B, 8 m<*s our, cl-au. *or N W Coast. SrowiwtiTow. H" 8? ?r Anrerien, Hubbard, NW * oast, via > Z alruid. with 26'!0 t bU wh 151) do up oil. hina. Potter. of N H. at tha Ule of Knu ce, J in 22, 7 mot out 950 wh?put in for medical aid, and sl<i2kih. 8 poke ii. BUek Hawk, of audlm N Vork for Rio Grand*, Mir U, Jat 21 13 S Ion 39 33 Foreign Poril. Canton, (Whimpoa) Jso 21? lu port. ZanoHn, Kemp, for Ni rk, r any; Hajgiitz, Blacker, fordo Feb I; Chvlotte, Gerr ,f r do I U, to comnln e her cargo *t v.ani'l ; Prohua, Hiifte , m#c; V* l^raieo. Look wood, for N Vork, Feb 1 SU, II Pn t, K* en? M , i ill*. part cargo of hemp, Macao Ja ? 2J?Md, Robt eulton, Drinker, vVhampoa l<i'i Jaikiho. .VI rch 22? In nor., Bel videra. Hnirrtiro^k, itM' lt*l?. Ptl frNvork Ida; Democr t, I'm Bio Gran dr, a ? lit ; N hfa' a f\. Tucker fin ? Yout, via Bermuda, arr 19'h; A Tyl r Knri.arrlDth vp |J 95-In ro t, Niobe, Locntw, for Cronstadt, (u'; Hi iml) 1 |i b 1 e. ' i rce, for i'o > as or Cronstadt. do; Agh Wef e'fl f r Hamburg, do; Sharon, Lucas.forCroi stark, h ; J-jpo Dir k . f rd i. i e^rly lo<d*d; Hichtno d. Gibbi fm Lou '< n j tsi rr; Q ?i> n- bv?g, Paiton for Triest*, !dg; T uii. Hi ti i r Ntof< do; Jaue, Drink water, lor B oaloir, r'o; ii, "*.n.e?nt fm Portland, arr 23d; Motto, Williams, I d ; ' \ *?%, v e rym u. I in NYork, do; VeutrosA, Davis, wtg P ; ? d oi he ? w- before. St J mn. NB. Arr I in ?Arr Mati'da. 8 ates, Philadelphia; vi y i Me h i McLean, do; Kurt Hill. Gray, do; 2d. rlip-e, r row H, % d ' ar lute, S udiey, do; I'e u, Cro^ou*, N Y'bk. 6'h ky jlUt Mutiri, i'lulad Old 1st. A.biou, Vr om, II Adv Ko (Hill, Ora>. ?or Philad, 8th. Lake Portl. ;Bitfalo. M>y 8-A r I ouetitnrion Duncan, Chicago; Leingroii, J'i: e?. who Putt 'o. A'Jen, Detruir; Uos'o. , P.u<?a. K. il muoo; Ac t i?. Bi wo, M c;? g o i itv Veloci'y, H.iwkin* vi rh e-.u * it? Cld Julm I'almer, Titus. e? d Uuit.d VV bititer, De no ; M as uri, Chicago Ho.-ue pvtrts ! i*a c. r IP? \rr M ntor. Baxter, Townsend. K. iviioH, > 6?Arr Chi I-*. Wo ward, Nortflk. Owi'e I'tsD >Uy M?\rr H r y T Hinc ley, Hannr'er*, k r I? r h an ; He ?-u M ', Verrill, ?as; Thomaslou for M \ ?.rl? a .d i <? h ?id i h "*\i v.m .M vl - i /. !'i?, Kau", Pira. B"f .'f, M tv1*?Arr \ u 'ir VV 1;', Charleston; Tr ub'i ii iii ? n?n nvvr k *0?? * : Uif?? i vleail*. and iir ei? II", uri*!tN, Miili f hii Or k ni, VVilmiutftou, l)e|; anner, L-v i? Alu >; 11' (, ('h N?-w VorK Below, at .iic or mi Broad ?u ?l, i . . u I. er, Iroin Mobile; in Vi' t-h't \oi<U S*-h V < .\0 Ifana .Signal To 4 brigs? ('Id I n iiO?t *. W'l *bjW II r? *; i tUnd-r. Kwer, K<? erd*ui; Penrl. l)o*ue. W i ! u P? .1 ?ra. Sheph5 rd, S..v nah; Hobt i l ili<!e' In . A ? if h, Fianklin, Gibhs, I'rinjd <!; S r-|, F vlu?i-/. < , Sm< r:ia, *'orharn Ktode I metro; Hrii'i Tii'K hi. *, K p m r ; Johu M CUyrou, P rk*?r l iJtole! h> .; V i I , Hub v Nea Y >m;8 rah Klilv Peih Tal'b t. Adili* u; A' w . Pre fh.t'ar rvm; Purveyor, ? * w rirv ' Milnle!|?-n , T jo Niror oi \ Y ork. Tv rt riiii, VI ?> I A ll rv ?. V. r\ *, Phil vh lphia; 2*, ' htA* , Lin 'o do *ld ' ? , M .ry ?? t liner, Norf ?lk. N>V\v dk-UKt'HD. M?\ H?X fa-e Bh e , Philadelphia ? 8' ! O e n, ? crn.ii, N.i ? Ik; M in r. H ? * M V?rk;C met, <iiv t. Baltimore; \ ir ll t*d IVrry. a d RoeiM, Noma, Phil del i? a Ai 9ih Fabi > .Vint. 4-e* Cd A^na, (8*) \leyer Ar twrrp, wit'i a c-igo ('u hal o I. kov11)knr.e, * ay H?Ait Ag n a an ord. N?w Orlj na; Vet'. Pe i leton. Ba gor; Whj H || rrMnu yhett. Vliddleou, NC;J ne Htudertju Mi; ion ' n.U.j tpbn; Heral '.Seudder, Alba'i ; *aiiip e, lildiv h, No?l la he u v, a iarge tupsti a hr* from an a-'cu port v*i n Lmli r I5kisToi., M*y 0?trrTarry Not, h Live Croi* 28th ult. for Middle.own. Cl. with rum pi m mi c omit el' head windg Left no American v ssel. i.>ur ug n h ji y -quail yesfe-day ino n'ng. Carrie * -awnv jibbuci*. 8lu twval, Clara, Phi'adeli hia; Mo arch, Tyler ilbauy. New Haven, May 7?An D Belknap A la y. 8'd Defoir, Hudson, ??: Moselle, Siannard, A Ibau , La y t euwick, Ward, NY .rk. A lb a nr, May 8?Ait Phenii, Hartford. cij M Lawk, do; Albany, Talcut. B-lance. .uid Ain*uda Bosl'ii,; I e jard, Prcv de- cc; k e4|?er and Jaufivy, iiew Haven. Philadki.fhia, ivjay JO?Arr trie, Baiter, Boston; Irei e, Bryant,1 alaia. Cld Abigail Grant, ami 1 onatehatum,Smith, Bust. n;Cnrreocy Ric rnoui', VVegt Indict; F I) D?-kk ". II*n I. 1 UIHi inrriv, i owns. nu, auu At ma Junes' >t bbs, Fall River; New Jeriry, Bell, Albany; h lion, Smith. New L.ii' dn Hichmoivo, Mav 9? Hid Ann Maria Grant. NYn-1; IV'm Ku<s II, K*eu, Hindu kv; Nsrra-anseit B iker, Hii aliain. < run. May 7?Air Brilliant. \lc Ui' re, hLondon ? <'Id Venice. Salter, Lveioool Bid Georce, [Br] liaelry, do. lUnut, O May 3?Sid Norway, <iil| air. en, N Vn> U Mnnn ? M.y 1 CIO Nile, lla no k, Antwerpand Ohr Nr.w OnukINI, Mav I?Air Elixi, [lir] Colliu. Kiugslon, lam; Pilot, Eversou. Vera (Jrnx; Manchester, Smith, IT--rk?i r Islai.d Be nw It diana, Bennett, from > Y- >k; Win iluuen. ' Id Leila, Hi/gins; Caledouit Urend.r, Decia, and Yorkshire, [Br] Bank, Liverpool; Washington, M.itiisnu. Ma villas; Vl illi.ry. Hii.'- i.. P irt veiiii. I ri ; Famiv l'.nter on. II iv-oia, ~ RE MOV A!.. Efe 8. S. ROCKWELL have removed their Watch and Jewlry Establishment, tram No. 9 Astor Hou-e io No. <13 B oadway. m I 3t*r? THE HATH. "nABINEAU'8 large. safe am! eau iil'te Floating Bath, haa 1* taken hi r station !u fine PURE wA TKH, H utli side of asile Garden, for ladies and gettiemeti The public are invited t > are for themselves. Also, powerful Showir Baihi. mil lt?rc ELL WORTHY kTTKNTION?Pleasant Apattinenta, furuishe) or ui furniih "d, with or without boaid, cin be .lit lined o i reasonable term a at '6 n?/ str et Peuons desiring to live in peace, c mlort and <|uivt, a e invited t > call i.. 11 3l' rc NKW YORK SURGEONS' 11ANDAOF. INSTIT1 PTE, NO. 1 A " N S'l ft e.l> T, [under the Air.erie^.i Museum ] 2d door from I', ton I way. Burae.i.a, Physicians, aud tue ?ftlicted are Imreb inform'"! thai they 'an obtain i" this Inititute all the Latest improved B ai l gee for the cure of I I 'bfiot, L.ierii i irwan erf the Mpiae. i ont'ac ed Limbs, U-., or rh rge of cases ot deform'tv ? il I be in. en by the ' rincip let tl e Institur-. who his devoted much tone and at ention to tt e cure of Clubfeet, I urvs u'e of t e Hp ue, ' outra t*d Limbs, he lie also has invented a Trnss lor t' cure of Rupture, w n 'li has givan ge. e at ratiafaciion, as it is worn with r rimparative con.fort, ami has cur d nont cases of long standi it. In a woid. it can he worn by the y.sunqe.t infant with perlect -alety. I .it nuts from abroad a'e provided with board at no der?te -ales ; al?o a lection is ni eu to t' e donation of rlnlrt eo whilst nnd-r treatment (or the ru e of O'ubfo l Curvature f the pice, h >w eps. or kiiock-k.'*e>, diseases whirl, are readily ru ei in child", n without daunting them I'r on .chool J. KNIGHT, M l> .. mil li rode Princ pal f the lo'titnte. KngLI "TI P* 'T iTur.S-Aqnaniity o 'Luuiuloe sis'' ofsupeno < y o> board p. cket s'ip Kiirlaud, from L veipjol, foot of Be kiuau street, si ply to C. H. MARSHALL, ml ji>c 3H Bu In u alii'. 'P ,r. i itr AdU REK < f lie Ki.e Tb parlii.eut Fund with i- much | le-a iie acenowlei'g a ihr :ec ipt of Out Hundred l)ol is h\ the i.-nils ..I R. W? M Htm. Ki<| ,si i ouatiou to hj Fna Uepaitn.ei.t Fund JOII > N OIL Treasut r Fire Det>artuieui Fuo '. Ne Vn-h. Mey '0. '8i?. mil tue T B' OWN rsione Beat t'.uanver Ml Rm..l?.s" ...... .o. I t i* P* k a % of Amu. Cmti, Uyphers, fcc cncr*t . Li it ' **14 P* m il Cat* a. *hRi>?t Kit gs, Ike. entria? U tii otitoi arm , c Mi names, or H?y dfvice. Diani'*? .U, %' , Too t? ?, fee. hougnt in th rnu^h. or cut to any 'o in. C nn ot A in I' iiu'l ?od paiut*d in any style, Irotn rw.nJwIU "U?J j w i d*, ,??id fo warded to any f'a't o|* the U. nut* Hi oka ol H r.lcry k pc with upwards of 100,000 names, in I ir*re 7 O^IpATj C P? \ 'TITI N' KS. Ch*mis.B. *?d Pkt u?c ntno ??-.< ?l otl>er4?I wish yr.o all tofol'ow nyfi ?? ?,?!? I ii hi | ??ni hive confid uce iu vour own pra'ic I ? ff t ? \ a a th- ? "flic the hvtn-li of inv new di?eo* i' , '? . clif motf ?h h! r?rm Advheu H mrdifti: e furnishw (Hoot h v u i t5ei# t em i? sA'i?ficl a cur** w it he *<J I'hi iri i ii vi g >iha i iie case f sc <?fula, 8lc. m ,b. liii' d'H n m-' h ?r patients h v th-m- u ed on u? ??m? crm*. Vi u h i ti'i tough* in v>'u foi ?elirl fr in oih^? |itiy,irivo, he . o 0 ic u <aJ, hut call auu s-e m\ a. d s t u shaii ?.? cured 5? )L< M ?N HF'flE, M V..V Kaadett. mil I. ?? iw'ioonm)fthoi H Maift E. <i \ 7 ..kV i APhO >H AND :)o I KKV -\ iK- s or m- f of O at* \ r i* hew .<tul hemrifol pat t h siol w ti. II the voi?tv I i ul * Also, l)ra?er, f r I ok iii si v??*? c.t*d p c(ui? fane of different. P'ttrn*, for 4 I- . ii k * it \ t Ni|R'?, mllAltl 'rC h - krnr* 7$ B f anvi noV" imm: k a7T~%" v1'H i^-i'f.i, ill"' r f vei y d r i; ioii ? h j ll x and c M ?n, ?e m , mr--%K wr ppx * |>*t I Vino otd III I ll'a fern's wine *ln>e th ? (I ii f i > viri; rv, in*'u n I &. W No 10, half il *r .d ?i'i ?cre i 4 I i * d '2 II B n ark an ' y-lw c "<?1 r o.h Mat h hH " iimm M mil la Hnaaia \ r c o h ?? i 4 d H a e* r k a d h le r??i?e of r?ery ) rnplio . t'oi l? v.eki k fl * uilitr i II X mid ro ton *r. et i ff? ?' . *? - ?l "i#i?j to|t ii i I, window p'a > rb rii'ip-to. .1- c<: ro.otih ; ? i , loir h st 6iC Sic ? For ? !? (? ? I r r It. .if-4 y t bilk ''UviOli. in I' It' eC 1% P I 'tre?t ft tf;i) II K in S i I. V I LKM K\,~ AHHIVINfi :n i ilr UN I I'KO STATES, Or ot irs. dt'sr nm nf /tut rhutin# n Permanent lOUNTli V u L?SI liL \OE, I" N'N>VLV'AMA. rIK " uhrciber, tie. i..? *? i <? residence, off-ri firarle Ira r air I . trNhlit III'- , iilihird in Vlfnt.omery ('mi' i , Pa.. II mil * nor h ??l I' il.t elp ? Itcoti'aina in* ?i*ri*i of I l 1 2 i* f whi t, ar- u ?' e h in tin ? u end.. atiou c iiunri- v ' h it I. ?, l di u I ? , ,t,d Hay. n|ml am upland-arm m the ouin IV f m ira. 2t< acre* hen,? woodland. ' *11 the prrDliiit it a i > rt I d'rile Ma. tioo 111 ri"t ?? tt, w th a vernidaa'taeh d. IJ ? I i r, . ? raiding the length of ihr hull', "lid a lira- I' ti . n i c ?| the who e {mini - midr ic ouitn d ti"iu or a Itu ily ul 2 tenant I lie l?atu e ground* surround ng l k. hnilur nr.- ?h <i* w i i. mum ie> n'tri-rgrruna fd an. bey itifuliy I? <1 o Thrtaair n e firm t'lren atnurlinua-a f r f rmrn or ie u i a, I if hrr Willi tea large % one ham a, c Unmix inh ina an ? nieucra or a hundred hi* id of call i - aud for atorag fm 2vi una of iiy, with co eh-hous" wagon-home, granary, a c m cribs UUCin>d l licic realm the advantages of a tV n i gdwusa. e-h nac. fiaii pond a gn den of t a o tores o ? -,t d. atocke.i *1 h ill. hnetl fill t; _g'"li-iiniiie ?nd grip w i ! ; lairatin I tpru li A'a'rr in every held : daily (Ti'irmnu end v i.i g n ,i j o and trorn ill CP v. ay which th PliilaUe||hi i n d iV \r Yo'l< inpe of the aao e il t. aie receive ; ard an nmoilmt .using > u;i r mmi iiik i..devening. In iie loitnrdiate viCih t, a,? - i i on I, I otnerm, a.d 1'ietbvmri'n Choiehrs. Fnnhi-r deacripl"-o it unne' s?.m\ nt <11 | vraom w i. hi tin P'trehatr, ar iiv.ted to all and limine li e -tut-. It n,i ii iwevi-r, be added, that for bin iv, henlthfbl iituaimn, and ilv ntaiiea ifri.ry Uni'l, it it i ?t to p tied by anv m th I J; iied . .tales. To tai e trouble, it m iy alto he well to mainiui the price, which it $fiO irracre. ipp y to OKUHOK 8HKAKF, a J# Jaw it 4w*rc White?arth, Mini'goine-v Co , Pn. PORT!MilJESL FEMALK PIKLa. Pf'KUK far fame.I au-1 c.-|e!irated Pit la, i"*om I'o to, i| ar ' we .arceiva. tooMtitiai'i*' ie th-t to atr. -e < I neat oa tbt laat ttliai. foarUiaaav, AUCTTON SALES. ItH'MAh DkXli. Aoetioeeai Start Xo. 11 Spruce ttreel. Regular Hale* aa naual ol' Kciuiiurr every Wedueaday anil Saturday. Alio, of Dry (iooda, and all other vanetiea every Tuaadai and Kriday. Kitfuiive Site of Supe.i' r Kurui'ur*. of all deacriptiona, a 10}i o'cl<-rWt in ih? new galea r irmi, II bp'Oiest. riion Ivor tea? 1 Uo, a*, il^o'-lock. 1 ap.rn' id Piano tortee and a number ul new anil 51 c>.ud hand Bnu?rl? and 1 Iher Cai peu. THUS. BKLL, Auctioneer. inlfl Jt*in 8K.COVD tillAND~SALK OK yet CHOI' h. HOl'BM DAHLIAS.?J B.QU>VKI K"<ft?vill vll h, auction, on Tu-.dai, M iy M'h at II o'clock 1 Jk? ' vimo'a I'oii"! ,'i iry .Mi 17- Broadwv?, a a|i!en''ii o V" iou of tiou >ir U1M11 I'lantr.. wliicn have heen oronuc ted with great* a** md alt nt on. Irom unpo'td bu bs! p.'iuri pilly of the most chmc oud pnxe dim era, exhibit* d iu ug ,*u l during the last two years. All the \ lauts aie in fiu- orde for i'nu.todi iia planting out ; are warwu'ed tru* to name an d*M<sriptooa* givu in t h.? ih*rd Anrual ' 'st-alogue, just pub lish- d whicn atso cod tin* copious iustnictioua For sue cess fu cultivation They will be aold in lo*s to suit the waut* of *1 cD?*et of Pircha.ers. The plants will l?e on view on tb morun.j of idle, at who b time cuaiog'it-s will be ready fo distribution A collect ou of Flowering Hants, -ix: Rates eriniums. kc will be offered after the a le of Dahlias mil 3na rC WM. MBLO. WA Vt KD-Bv asicgle gentleman, a siugle room, w th ful b ard. within five iniiiuu a walk of this office A''dr**a H., at thii office. if-9 Stic Was KD- Inmediaftely, a good Joornsyman Barber, a ISO Varick street. J N. HOBiNttON. rnIO -'t*rc. iLOl I REWARD?L? a*. o : th-7lh instant, ber eeo pier N i h- i r\ Dick, a P? > K*-T BOOK, with th ow? er's name ih r -in?-* J. Ken*, kt~aun r f 'l*o;a: a"?and cot tuning$100 i-i bills A'the Norwich, Connee i ut. uu ^ew YorkNwkt aud smiir rsceipt*. one o' which was ft S17 26, an-I signed A T ylor k v o. For ths return of th- inc ne/ and papeia theabov. re*ard will bo paid. App'V on hoar stein*. r Cleopatra or Worcester, or of ths agent at tht pier, in 10 3t*rc. "The skies are bruht, oar h-vtft are lignt. In B dtitnore the Wh gs unite : Wi 'll set our tonga o gO'>d old tunes, For the e it muiiC in tha?e'*i oons !?) llurr* ! hu >a ! the ewjn'n risin' f*or 11 rr r CI ?\ .*nd FVIiuskuy-e i " fl'BT PUB' HHf D?The f mous Whir ong of "t'LV ** AND I1 IfKli'NGHI'YSKN " s > g t Baltimore ?n elsewhere, with g-e.t'ii hu o'atrii, set to ths popular air of Ol Pan Tucker; " words by J Griencr, >.sq ? tyjee l >x ceuti j rada isiH'ii d Alt-, v i i out popular 8 nigs, Waltzes, Marches, kc , rr Ckii'ly <>; ? \ A PWILL'S, iniuitt in 201 Brou'wav. VfN|.;\l(fNO I'M HNY-Professor BRANCH. i rsviou to hit departar* for the We t will, at th?* rrquest of riend* deliver a Free Lecture on Mueuion c? at the tuyvestni In ti tute ou 'Linda nest, at h df-pnst 7 P. M. precisely Ti e fun cUtneut*! bi'is of Anne, Pa is wi I he imported to ths/adenc* and c >tnp?red with ihe copyrighted fundamental oasis of Pr lessor G^u rr d Th detail ol the two ay. terns * ill also b continued. T e frien< s ?f truth, jus'ice and tci-rce are n speci ully invited to attend. mIO Ukll is m LUCINA CORDIAL, OR T1IE ELIXIR OF LOVE. In oldeu iiim, 'in ur the J wa. 'That man ? ?en nd w.fe m gh cl oo?e, Wi?< s^tirit, h F> te a uuUu.dlv doom, J\' children bo e to bl-s-Hs ho ne. A tRictu i hut the Ho an matron Played to Luc n*\ the m d ife'n pa ron; Aif?, hi a ehacnsia, Cdil'd to heir aid the Pro ?U o> 'sis; A*'d even now the ine-k Hindoo? W <rm ?* hrr tl .i.e and ten dir. too? If childless twelve monthstr on her bridal, Ki e* v . p or o her n*.ideas i<>V And w.t > i i ? d hand in accents w Id, I'e uions 'Vonah for a eh.I J; y, ,r w- f'ir ku'? w s L ?" ahuQ-. to bless rim nindi o he I el t> * re oiea?. So tnnch fi r lo?e in da * by none, ud savage custom in our own; Bat! v,r e. ow,d ea Life - communion Him in ot'ii 'an , a atrril - onion f f* o, of. * in ^ coijufa' I lic.t., Is tnui U ? u bed-My. eVu P mis city? V t ?? , the b trr-i. ?f ih try The means. "iuc "wrrtuJ tnti t 'd /." W?th I *- - dim" lor h r trend, ri h c i d.e-.a i e*< . i-i..iu;. end. But?.nt the pr w rp iie j,0 er A I. M-, it tf is fit x i r"* new* r. Co tii,it to 1 i'K it will | ro ent, ^ i h ir r el the the tmro *< t; Sui I f - Kl. e what Vr ta d t , A d till t. ii tio.,Hr'ii vnt*; hruiiiMnx fi in t e .km ii h itea. And brunts ha k he r tv \ d til grace* : ' l i w rra n t u t?find ue*- r deceives her. From Flu. r Aibua tt r-hei-a h r And nich dia i e (wjih t?r |f?r eve. t o,) Her feir u , f nude firm ih heir to. 't he?e a e but tuui ii a. w ho ' alU them fiction Shall l a* e aleru proni n enn miIiuioii, Let era?all forms of tf?rUtio..? From the ma ofe erv nation; With Rrtielul in asivea f oni all quarters, IV ued by Dmense and Qua'^rtm*r\ ra. Thousand* who l*v, with llutVring breath, Almost within t> e jaws of ritarh; Now in ti e r nightly prayers repeat, Thinks to Life's n^nd, in N aaau street. And somet me name the vry num^e*? 4 Ninety-two N sssan"?even in their slumber? Or. ar*aming of Diseases ordeal, Cry out for toe MLuci -a Cordi J r Persons orderi. g thia me iciue from the country, by aendir a remittance ran have it boxed un mo sent to suy part of il Ui?i n. ' rice S3 par bo'tle ?r $21 pet ti 7#a. Alan, for ail* No 98 No'iii Sixihatreet, l')iiUd< Iphia. mil *.m*ec OENTREVILLE COl'R.SE?TROTTING TUKNDAY. Mar l<t ', at 3 o'clock P. M ? Purn* g.'ifto, tv irile t ratj i'i hnurai. '1 he following crUb ated hoian a enter* d:? H Innea gr g Waahingtnn H llar-iaou bgliiiiton H VI'iodrnff hrm iwtftmi l> KrUnt .. grin La y Suffolk mil 4'*Je R R A CO V CO\jRS E?T ROTTJ NO. MONI>AY, Mar |3th, at t P. M.?Sweepstake for $300; mi l?e>t? m l<n **? *. A f <??? ?klin namei fh g Rodolph 11 W'> (1 uff do gr g Stockton 4* Vfyktrr do cli g V .tin* Nept ne Th?r?1iy May 16th?Parte $400. Two Mile Hrau under tl saddl'* J Whelpley eoters** h K Nifl* G*o Kdw^rda do ch g Sorr?l BiHf WO U lt^.A A* Q- ? r do ch. K 1'om Bbi t-n Samell* ?Marhfor$4*k mil* he"* undei lh" riddle ' Co kill! I?l r* luirr; H Woodruff |rn Al?i>. m'trh f $H 0." Mo mile h-*t* nut) t th? Md'l<r, tl Jo. r* mmn br llii Kyrd ilev; A Oorrkiin nam* h ? Ku too Monde". Miylfl h?I'lirif $i00 Tm Mil* lira'* iri II tree* II Ion** n*rri iff jj. (Jen W 'hhiuKton J W clptci b if J', ill* U W... itnifT'1 >,r. in |i 'tell *i Jim Hi-' a hf r t'l'bd. ft r*'1 mi'r h**l? ondrr ih**ad"l il \v..odiu(f line* rr AJai; J Whelp ev name* b ?111? r AI 'O, inarch tlid), mi'e. htifl. b'M I n ) l"f * ; S vli-1, iukIiI'.i mmn b. in Lidy Tonipkin; i Woodr"H u .10 bin A'i I. Tur d I ! I. t 4 o'clnrk P. M ? "'line tiO", S100 to u l<> the *? ' > 1 ' b'*t bo'*a T wo Mil* llriia in Harurr*, f wbic1 r ? : em ih" foil wi i( c le ri' d h rse D Oii 11' ?n(<f* If . in. Lady Suffolk Jin K'lwaidado b. g P II J ne? do ffr. k. Washington Moure du b e. Ri mil (>ro "pic r do b. k at rrifui, M*y 21d, at ? P. M ? Por?* $100 Tw> Mi ben* under the iiddle. ife-Sp-e miera ch n Torn Be-f>n H Wood If il'i"' br k "'o Wa?h'l'*f"n tk" ! da?"l do ch. *. Srrr*l llilly New V..rk M?v9I>, 'Or*. mil 3l*>e NKW \OKK, ALBANY AND TIIOV STKAMBOA LINK. .KOK ALBANY Ahl) TROY-Monn Jf 1-*ll<r' *r'>m >oot ?' Barclay atreet. Undo jf\ 1H tC t-' medi ?te placet. The ??? iiM*r 'iM<OV, * ri|'(aiu A. 'Jorhnm, ihta raor true it 7 o'clock. Thi* amm#* EVPIRft, Capu*u 8 R Hoe, M nd] ID <rn? E t 7 oVf*ck hvc*? nig f oin the foot of Courtl?n<U din ct The ? k LB ANY, i nla ! Mary, thia ina. at 7 ./VI orb k Th- UeLOW, C vUiu A. McL an, Month evemoic at 7 V. l? .*b Vhe .i Nil iM< I.hi#, owing to 'heir light rirauffiit of w ter, ife ilH* i al float to : M ti.# tort ud fmflh Alton I 4ud rm i trni'l' ' to i ik th i .ori.iug tr.iin of car* fi 1 j th?* '*a?' f # i Kor 1 .?:?? op fr f.t. app - oil. ? !. >r at the officer on 'I I wba?v' * mi Ire A 1. 1\ A N \ D A V 1. INK. I 7 <i" LOI K A M ' *i ?:? ** 'i \I r ' r I I. termediaie L n | ^L~ * ? b- ? in.I kyirnd d >t..nnb" 7^*^.? "Ti. I "i'' I ' I ' M A, ' * tain M H I r.i" Jri:.?. i > ?' in oil pi.r fxrr i f Knbinton atreet,?. Saiu d v m. r in* > -> h. o 7 o'clrk K. r Ki'|iU uu aid. mlln S It UK \N< iK.MKNT. NK IVA n K A \ I) VA H YOlih'. HA UK ONLV I4i i' K VTH I UK NKW ANij SWIKT HTKAMf.R K.VINBOM APT At N JOHN (i vk ( \ .Mle^l ya Oil k"d kltrr Moid.iV. ?v 17 will rnn i /L?. t.?-.i* I iil.,vm:?L- f*<ri? f i t ot t ro'rr ?r. i "*t 7'j \ -I and i)a' i* M lx*nT' New Vor) f mh i i i a>< I y ?I 11 III A. M nit' 4 l\ M. On H Ii,il*y??Lr.vr vn?ir? nt 8 A. M and 2 P. M. in N'W York *1 l? A M. Mid 4 P. M. Eieiy " ea"i-dat vrry rt-ainii.ibln r.itni. May Iti'i, 1844. mllrc rLEA"?AVr AVI) ' H8'A" It X IJWHIDNfl .S1 MMEH . Ill IL'1\(, F. MENT NEW UKKilir N, POH r HI MMO.ND (NTATE' l-LA' t).)k NEW YORK KERRY, Kfum Pit No I, North Him, foot of H?ttrv PIicw .Mi") -ft Th- -! ?m o it ri v of RKI.i'A, will m iL!!r?l^wSa3p?'f'II"*". d- Ivt-li' vo N.*w Vi 9 an jK " BmJE 11 o'elorh A \l , it 3St and R VT. Lraici Port l(i< liinoi d, at 20 inioutra to 8, and 10 ininntii t 10 A. Mi, at I. an I P. iVI Lioh .Vrw Bright..II, at a iin-t 10 A. VI.; at and IP M On uni'at ?lit* v?i Nat* Y. ik .* 1 ai d II A. M ; at 3 and P. I.. V1 1.11 liirhinoml, at 20 iniriula. Ut l and III A ll at I and i P. M. Nrw \ wk, May I, H44. n*Ytl taN B'LKNul * X ' ii SIGN f?i - 'ii*- WSBUR1 .MJ} jgM Ti * a'w.imboat 'I HUH A AI.MOND. l'a| g??HH...JI Sahinii w ill Imip h nltoa Markrt w i.a f. c jL?SCUJL. linnd ?v inorinnf. May th<i 12 h, at 10 nVluc \ '.1. I i. v.- -hiiwahury at )>* P. M I oucliiua at thaOr.-a II. up Port Wathmiton. Micuirtown and Mad Bauli Kai meli way 3t)< entita. mtO 2t*rr IOWLM?Si? hhd*. in dry aall. (or tall by J rK. K. COLLINS It i'() , aire M Beatk ium. I AMUSEMENTS. ? PALMOV NEW YOKK OPEUA HOUS AC. IT"'" -<n.n One Dollar, to all parrs nf lire house .') I Uoun o,.u ?[ 7?Per'ormance to commence at ha if-past 7. I LKADKK Olf THK OH< HKof KaTT. WO. RAPKTTl Combined with all tin- former I'ntiniruished Professors , Mond^TvEWkTm., nth. t WiU be perform*) th crl*hr*i*<l *n<l brilliant Opera of In LA SONNAMBULA , | Cori? Urdol J.-"!* A ValteHina S? -* inina Higti"" fc tsoncri^ar VfJ Klviao Hie L Prrozzi Tere a Mohuiro *>ith M Adair til Lim Sik'h K Uoala'ti Aiewio ? sHi (?iitu< iu ki N. U.?Tht B^i Office i?u .w o|cw rvdn during th* week, from 10 o'clock A M , am >1 4 o'clock I' \f., when seats may be s^cnred for the eisuiric if urn Kvtfu'ar seiuou seats tf< transferable Price $10 for Twelve Kepreaematious. Subscribers uot secure k seats 'lie price if ticket* is placed at $6 for the st-asou?not transferable. ,iSuge Maoag r Mr. Wells IL/^l'be public are respectfully informed that the Baths have I" been newly arranted and tried up in a handsome style, and are Hr in fnll opera'iwn. light and d iv ^ ftK Ki rtt?trail. ' ~ C( Bnicfitof N r. Hrgoiu. c< Box*. SI I Pit - - 10 1>ih? | Ualkry 25. Cl THIS KVf NINO. H.v II will hp |idi>riued the I l act .1 rf ANNE B< ilihV\'-Henry ihe Eighth. Segmn; Lurd ",! Percy. "hrixtll ; *1 hp Bolpvu. Mr. Senuiti (. After which l.r net of th--np-ri f LA fONNAMBl'LA? <, I mint Kmlulidio, Mr Siguiu; Klviiio, .hi ShriT vll; Aitun* ,l M'? S??lllll To f" rluce with thp ti .t * t of ' IN DK H LL A?Pnrrr ll Felix, Mr Si.rtvnll; I)'.tt 'tm, Mr S*guii|, Cinderella Mn <> N?,I-iiii Ci CHATHAM fHKAI'HU. Boset" .11 '"pi ti I Pit 121. Cenu til B i"fl>oi Yankee Hill. h| ir THIS'- VWVIVO M <y it, ioc uiiucce with the OHEKN ? MOUNTAIN BOYS fc.1 " Fnl ow?J hv . Concert i>> th? tlM?| m||?u. U A fin which THK VANKt F. PED' AK Aftrwhich a Sernuu l'"K?'t bv lha t iwio Melodist.. a To cr.? lull*- vxih v W1E i-. E'lrt. A D AY. niTLH kI.L t~QLY H'lt J ill' *? C. ? THIS EVENING, ''m llth, to ciniinarce with POST L OFFICE'I ROUBLE. .. , After which BKAIT'l'V A ND THE BEAST. k Followed hy ih- L) ?Y AKTh K THE FAI I T.noucluile with H'?iV TO PAY iHEKK*T ll N K W KMCKKIt HOCKKK l'ii 10 CPRli, vv I A . L' AMPHITHEATRE, BOH' ERY, UNDER Th>. MANAUKMF.N' I OK -Mr J. B.RUSSELL |e THIS u VENINO nay |rh. ICT-^o Bill Kreriwl ?jQ] ______ AND PERPETUAL K AlH . (Werner of Broadway and Ann street. Opimsite th- AttorHonse ri ? THE MOST BRILLIANT AND TRIUMPHANT > success ill GRAND Pe RFORMANCE8 . A' half-past 1 o'clock even aPerooot., a d 8 every vninn The (11* NT A N D GIANTESS!! the two greatest won- (l( d?r? of the age.may He irrn from 10 o'clock A M till 1, from!l til* Hal .p?*tS. and fron 7 till 10 111 Tli in naier i? 1 apt y 'o announce ?n engagement. for one week ouiy, with the ORPHEAN FAMILY! of five prison. *U all mil icia a of he lint cl*?i ni Mr W|.\l IIELL the inimitable Droll-rut; Mr WM ('.OLE. ih- Contortionist; Mr. LYNCH; i*A PETITE CEwI PC; th- "IMiBILLYi and orhers. r A Beiu-ilai Collection of Was Fignrrs. "I ThetilHSEY MUEE.N the Fortune Teller, mar heprirate -p It eont' Iter! at all houra of the day ann evening. Trcketa 3i rents?children nndnrten years ll>A cents. Twen- P t five rents ertra for private consultations with the U'PSf ? (iuee- - 10 re 111 uEn.K'? s?;iV t ilitK niHull IR hi i NI) P!? TUIIE It VLLERY. Till* Day, Saturday. May llth. BEXEFIT OF THE LAPLAND DWARF< 11 IHuKE I .CUES SHORT EH ! AND AS OLD A > ' = TOM THUMB!! THE GIANT AND GIANTESS!! \\ From the ire.-icin Maenm, Iravi-g hren engaged at alienor ,1. meat tipfM*. to appear vpna this one sum l':e price of *dmis i.' n being < r i* day rai??'l 10 'i't crnis,children half pur- VI A GIANT. TWO GIANT* SSES AND u? A Kb '. TO til Be SF"N AT TH SAME TIME. A constintiig -<ne f ibe in at cat aordluary ev nts in ciisten e, . aud lor in l * he ?>? roe GI? N ? AND THE PWA1F vi undonh'# lly ih1 AiRt-ATE">T I'iiN'l IIAST the world ever |, w it-teased. I he p b'ictv II I e etihlml to r.a'itule a compare . on beta a n the " T'VO GIANTESSES! 1; and have au opportunity ol tltr-idim* whie i? he TALLE-T OK THE TWO, . As they v. ill tpp-ar npou tbest-ge (l ARM IN AllVI o THE GIANT AVD I'lfF. DWARF, ? /\"en 'ihk nt r'.e tune time TH 'KB PK.RFOKV1ANI ES wil. inke place daring the ;l dav mil veiling, at 'I, 3, an 1 B .'click uu eicli occaaiou ihe < ii.nit. lawnr1. m.d Gi*iu a*, wi'l be men trill || ?'H? OALi KKV O" I'AI NTl.NOH AT CUMOr ll I Hall, im ored with the intention of commencing a Na- u tional Oallery for the ariiau and ntu'Vitj of .New i ork, u now offered for tale to all ana'eurt and "onuoiiarnra of paint- " ing*. It i? COMIliwid tualeii to mention anythinir in favor of ina different paintii.tcs which coniioae this collection, the jw public and the prei? havinf loo frequently ipoken of it in . tenni of the kiahe.t commendation The gallery will be " o|iened fo? pnh'ic inirertion everv day, an.l the p unting* will V he told at public a"Ciinn on Wednendtt, the Hthof May. *t -n II o'clock, A M Special te?ta in the taloon reterved lor the ladiet. AtalMH Irec. mitrltrc ? ~ THFFIN'K ARTS7 i MOW F.XHIBMtNUat th? lateAPOlLO GALLERY, d-N cori er of Broadway e.ud Oliaint.e s ttreet (entrance in ' h?mb*r? ttreet, acolhr. lonof Origi. alOil 1'finting*. in per- <i _ net order Thi a* w:.o have reen 'be first g die let of Eur p? c P'onnncce thi* Culierten to be equal io a^y ther have teen. \d:iniunce 2i r ei.t", i: 111", ue* u.c nilel. in 11 lw*e<. " HAVMOVD ,v WKEKS' 11 GRAN l> MEN A G E R IE, ^ CORNER OK EIGHTH STREET AND BOWERY. " MESSRS RAYMOND.Si W* EKS retpertfully inrorm , th<*'zeiiii of >ev York, who so I eerilly patronized 11 their splendid and i\iv*r*ilie 1 eihibitionof Wild ? uiuidU lut <> neaso-, that, t^y v ill arrive witn t^i" Caravan on Baturdty | morning. iu this citv. and whic will be l?>c ?t d in a most com i tuodii os position, cotner of Kivh'li sttret and Bowexy. acceim* 1 hl? by o- rifcnsces, stagi'v fkc , and bur <t ?ew mint) e? walk ?( (l the central naft? of n* cit?. A Gram* P occasion wi!| be* |i r0 lo-ire* f 9 o ?loc ? ?u H dron str et.fhrwiiRh Abmo ?o . Sqasre, x ,e do fro Bleeder to the Bo very, turn off at Grand to Kaaf Broad* war, from tv cure t ? Pea 1?1? ocecd t*> Wall a* d refuru through | lire advo\ to the phre o exhibition T is sp'endid collection t of Ao'in^U ( no* h lurrr in numbers sin^e Itsf. reason,) , will l.?e?hihil#<l on * ru/iUf rtn.i u f..r thm rt-.f M..- -..,1 1 thn pario.l. nf fumm pii uinoin wi ) h. i' in Mutidav', M inpnr. Emirim ut on Inr p? viual taf?ty will Im airinlj |! ftnittiml lo 1'hn -.In, h n'? will npymar in thn rrocnttiou, \ c, rywe li" Mim fi nnt H ndo' tun ninn-ny. inlO ?ti> i? * SARATOGA. MT'l LET-A Store iipi'niitr ihr UaiH Ktatfi Uotr' li in Santo* i K.ii|iii- of ihn uainir, bi. KU N D A, or at i| -0 J )i annnt, Nrw Yoik. mil 3t*ee <1 KOK HaLE, a c-nmi col ml HORSE, aViot 15 >i nLi*.^?b-ii'l? huh.# n<va old, pnrf.-cth aound aud k i d in 1 ' ' ? i.?n??? nn m-rim ?a dln. I'n bn ,.nnn ai thn ?u- |' Mr lit Christie tuert. Eiquireof Dr. Wili.uni, vrfm'y ?ue geon._ inij H*B i GENTLEMEN'S OTJPfcKFLUOUH OLOf'Hi^U?Gentlemen or family O detirt as of coovfrtm, intA ni?b th< ir iiiprrflnrui nr cait I* off clothing. w II obliin from the subrcnner the ill .ill KS ] < rRI( EH. H To families or gentlemen quitting th- city, or changing r^at <lroe?,Ki?iu| ?-flwtir?f the kind to di?i>ote of, will hud it much in then advantage to send for tU subscriber. who wul ' atend them at thf ^ miilftirr bv annoiiitiKMi, ,, H LKVK'I T, Offi ? \o 2 Wall street, . anJ r?t 276 Haison street Order* fhr? ugh the Post Office, or otherwise, will he pa?< tua'ly sttfi.d il o mil lt*ec v \ STKAN<tEKS 1 US WARE. r IN THI1- A OK O* UU V KH KV A.U> HUMH'O, if t K ' mo?t j nport nt o chv.* an egpMVofrd Physician?DM. J h KVAN* has fm* oved his Old (glen's il art l)i*pet sary to N . 1 488 Pearl s-.. wrnf of Bee km .u street wit re .ie , out i nun I is ' uoal titriof tnary rirtt oil d ducat?, go m how ci mplicaf d Me apprise* the r ill sen* ar.d .tranger* lb t n chare l)r. t v m io ?.;? old ad bil n tit a# * . . e lection whatever with nnv other office. His charges are m< * lb ferye; his cMitu'Uti'nn -tncily private. Hi N U?Obs-ive the Ltimh n ? rni take* ere ofte.j dangeron*- t H h8 IV, I (?7*Medicine* acd directtors sent to any part of the L'niou o by ' a-tieuUrly statute 'he rase. diitr? ncl< mi.g five dollar* r t wtf ffrn | L~\ Dl H'VaiTNt H NHO^A?At J" BTMTL* Lr.RV, 142 Canal st?Ladn *'Kreu h Morocc' and j Kulhl tipe a,'1 yes an ' Buskins, it 0 nd 10 shillit g? per piit; (litter h ots at 16 S'd 18, and made in order at 2'> skilli .?s " "Q ia- t' any in t e cityi second quality uridrens*d Morocco * clippers and Tve?, -Uo Toilet K|.j?i?ers ?t 6 shtlline' and Bu | k-> at 7 shil'iug* per ua r Mis* - and Child '?'? Bn ?ts end i S ?o's of .11 uids and prices L die* who * ish e?"d shoes a1 mo era e prices in prele enc *o baying p o- I'Ktei .?t the f 'h?-?j -t.>re*( h ch are rarest ia th end) ^>11 ide.ise rail and**aiuuie lor ttiemeelec?, ??t J fl MlLLKIt'.H n.lCStis'r* 142 I'a a| ?t, he*ween Thninpsno a d livan J IMPORTANT TO THOSK WITHOUT ? CHILDREN I. |'H lntrml#<l. wi'l i?-cn ?n h?? ?' ng'nry i,nuhi,h ul fin t n mI? <>' M. M. 1>E80M?.AT'a'S Woud?rfiil r- Pfe? Bt ?n b luir V r4iu. (T?"""* *d?nrt.,nmn ton lut rnlainn ol fou-thing. li ip h t,? ,a ? m R E MO V A I.. M" n. ? ' -vuull. n .mr l?|? aim' v a ' \/ ?v l? ii JUL''HI R BATMfl, will hr remori d, the fi?st of .M **. ? 'rom <*o rtUnJt itreet, lo 346 Br? ?ulw*y, two doom ?tt>ore thr l' i?v H '?i#iLnl, wilt be nappy lo *+ her friend* *?.d a pStftoi 9. IpCltf la re iMinnN's i ?nir i mi k.vtrm i > ' i humua 1 ' \ N \) A ARB A PA HI L LA po*?e? a lew adtaiiUfe* not v J I# v any ? th? r r.o?<?ci.e f"f thr cu?r of al aeio I d? ? :**> ' i. ;I * 1 r'-i m??f with ??n r? ] j !i,? ijrd pt>hl|C leiu ?r it ^ ?r?i.r- ||!> I I |?oi Q ar, * il t I i " it tonff tot'ffht for J. i it di mI w rl<l li n<> cohfiurinrnt or cl.Auff ol * *t |c i a , iv d I no th* of a pfttte, it * "tifi ely Uuie- ' * *?, nd r ua?* < o ttoi I-;i-.. t rriaahon to the. atiei.t I: m l? h* icqu i . r e Htm t? .* in a I no ( 0 Tv.artufr.u a rote: 11 li*a o-umin . pp ored < I and ar .ctione*1 bv I1 r k ? j f C'?l y ? ' hi -I c 11. , d ? 1 oinn.?- d?*d I ' th/ .i? at rmiiit 't of he (irof'aaion Vr 10 bi J It. i liumr rlicmiflt. Loudon, r u.d 101 tale whole??I- i' h J A Ai'H TARRANT. ** Oreecwicli at. comer 01 Warn n itreet }l Alao, at 2 Park Row and .',81 ll.on.lw.iy, 183 ltrn?dw?y. 399 ( Broadwa**. corner ol W'alaer arr>*er. mltwina'r j ' ~ TIliTFoUTHKRN BALM. r llO', 4.41 n run. with our Iratimooials in far r of tk i? unri" TV ?a led ? iriur W r d , not Want to I r conj. ually l.vp11 nnrahour nr Hal i . Ii'il in many turpriau ? run.. ar It ng I daily prr'br.iod by >ts nsr, that Wf cannot ifi'mm from nbluh ' I' d H rrrnficmr or two In all riu., f ronwuipti'll. roughs 1 il " 11 v T cntniil iu's. natlim.i bronrhiti., fc? , fcc., ir n annjii.ill-il, ,, lull a trial of our hntllr innat thr most abr|.i > .I ilalti.ltM, April it, no. ' Mrstsa *Hr.cuT St Co.: ? j o 1 wall to II vr . |.? a plain statrmrnt o I hair hern a i ?| long tinir illl rt?d with an affrciion <1 ih li u??. au-l was ?o . o.urh iriliicril tint | waa tcarrrly 'hlr to stiuii. My r.mgii | 11 a was vio'rnt in tiir riurma, and I suffrrrJ ,o murh pain lliat I was oh'igrd to lir at nitht on rny stooch M. pliy.icians told y, thrrr was no n>*of taking any morr mrdirinr at noil" w. uM II do mr any good. Mr. Kind, (t"mof S nplr at h'onl, gror.rrt d III tor tiorrry.l knowing my iitnation. ?nd kuowirg of h' WOiidrifu1 cmra naif mini ><y '.our Moulhrrn Halm ar. f inr i It hoitlr of it, which I i-..k '| hr rrsult is. I am u..w mtiind to h alth?Can ilwn and rat "a lirar y na aay our?and atrrnl to hutin sa irgnMriy without inr.n ? irncr I ain now taking thr 1 r I nd bailtir, in urdm t. . in drt'ly r siorr my atrrngtn. I h<a-r i linrd n| won.irrful firw, hnt nrr ' t .?? I known a mriliri r rqial t I ynui's. Myf'rnd c i? hardlv hrliryr it lainit.r h't anv ir.rd i idr roirai.? ?' a man a? v. ur Hoathcrn Halm has lip Iiuarlf ; a"d I ri Ciiininrnil awrfy |ir son h ring I nl> monary aff ciions lo n?r vonr Balm, ns I r mfidrnt thry |"1 will i>riyr alrnoat iiniar.liatr bi'iirfil Iroin it. | ? , li NiSV OAHNO, -I k i 'orrrr llOili s uet and 3d Arninr. " Mhrcu' It To, WH Broadway, '* 1,7" I'rirril Agrnta? Iir. A llrham llti Bowrry; Wm o King, Mnsic Storr. Ml hull u stint; I)r Hirst, |87 t nil Lloid ] Priurr atrrrl, |)r l.rggrll, I) at .1 1 I ?rirrt; W. K Norlhall, Brooklyn; A On hrir. Albany; It. il lug St Co., Boston Wood, kiarlam B7 7t*idi>* * . 4 V^-. - * Y rHE~SOUTHERN MAILWuhlafUn. f (-or rv?iK>odmc- of the Henld.} Washington, May 9th, 1844. 1 had aome difficulty in ascertaining what wu >ne yesterday in Executive Session The relucnce ol Senators to disclose their doings led me to s|>ect that Mr. Tsppan's case had been nnder sere consideration. On pushing tny enquiries furer, I satisfied mysell that his case is likely to be ndly dealt with, and on the tollowing grounds: It id well known that Benton and Tappan are ex niely intimate, and that a strong feeling of poli al sympathy, kindness, lellowship and contain ce exits between them It is also well known at they both go their death against the treaty of mexation, and against Calhoun. It is also known at as soon at* they became acquainted with the intents of*the treaty, and especially of the acnnpanying documents and correspondence, they itne to ih>* conclusion, mainly on the ground of !< issue of slavery raised in them, as they soy, by dlhoun?that the treaty and documents would Iterate unfavorably to Mr. Calhoun, whenever ley should be in.ide public, and also unfavorably > the passage ot the treaty. On this subject their pinions were Ireely expressed, and the subsequent nurse ?d the Globe is corroborative evidence. II, therelore, they were correct in their concluon, and the publication oi the treaty would oper:e against its passage and against Mr. Calhoun, it irti* lentlv accounts for Mr. Tappan's motive in ivulging it, as it would produce results which ho nd Mr Benton wiehed to see accomplished.? .ud it also accounts for the kindly view which is ken of the subject by the wings of the Senate, dio will most undoubtedly oo-o|ierate with the iemocrats in measures likely n, operate either gainst the Treaty or against Mr. Culhoun. This is a luil and, 1 believe, a tur disclosure of ie secret motives and proceedings relative to this 'hole stl.iir The nrohahililv is that nullum? will * done, but the whole quietly dropped. No news to-day. It in reported that Clay will uve 011 Saturday next. S. B. Washington, 9th May, 1&14 Chess. There is great excitement at Washington. Moat irious and extraordinary moves are making upon e political chess-board. Probably never in tha story of this Government has there been so much id so deep maneuvering, intriguing, and managaient 1 have already, in a previous letter to-day, travelled one tangled political skein ; and I will 3w endeaVor to unravel one or two mora. The master key to all these intrigues is to ba Kind in the fact that Thomus H Benton and John yler are playing a oetqierale game of cbesa for the residency. John has one great advantage,because plays with but one object in view ; while Thomas is two objects continually to keep in mind,?he mst not only win the g one for himself, but he uist first win it for Martin Van Buren. However, is an odds that he i-i w-ll able to give?the more ipecially as it is likr'y to turn out u draw game. The rumor to-night is that Messrs. Calhoun and Hckliffe have both intimated to the President nit lie may supply their places at his earliest conMiience. Now as to Mr. Calhoun, 1 have nothing i say, inasmuch as 1 doubt the truth of the rumor. h to Mr. Wicklitle, it is pretty well understood tat John Tyler and Robert Tyler lind him ?ry unreasonably and inconveniently impracticale. Probably he will not remove ollicers under im in accordance with the present policy ot the Ixecmive, nor does lie seem able or disponed to x rt ttiiit intiuence iuiiim'H in tdvor 01 me rresient's policy which tin* Inner expects and demands fliiin. Moreover,Gov. Wicklifle desires a foreign lission. Very likely he may get the appointment, Ithough not the confirmation. Mr. Nelson isabout to receive his walking-ticket, [e is an impracticable Van Huren man. He is beeved to be intriguing against the President. He ill not resign. He prefers to be a martyr, and will oubtless be accommodated. The President's policy in making appointments i this: not to select tlieni from among his friends? is firm, tried, and avowed supporters, because they ill go lor bun any way ; but on the contrary he elects them from the tanks of his opponents, hoping y such hold policy to subtract so much force from lie enemy, and add the same to his own strength, t was on this principle that he offered the Judgehip to Silas Wright ; and I can mention a dozen thers?yes, fifty appointments, on the same priniple, while his tried lriends have been neglected, nd always will be. It was on this principle that Robert Tyler has ist now inquired of Mr. Wrllrr, of Ohio, if Mr. Jlen (Senator) would he willing to accept the llise of Secretary of the Treasury?an office with ditch the President has been amusing his tried iend James S. Green, of New Jersey?but an ffice which Mr. Green will never get, because the 'resident believes lie will support bun in any event, hit there is no man in Congress whom the Presicut has regarded with more cordial hatred than he iss Senator William Allen, of Ohio, whom he vould now appoint to the Treasury, on the princi ile that Mr. Van Huren will not be nomina'fd by he Baltimore Convention, (which is the general mpressinn now at Washington) and that the trength of the game to play is to abstract and secure ii hmiHelt the leading friends and supporters of Mr. rau Huren?arid few are more prominent than Mr. illi-n. Hut here Mr. Tyler meets with another snarl in ie tangled skein. The .Senate will not confirm re appointments which Mr. Tylerdesiresto make, 'he policy of the Senate (whig) is to prevent Mr. 'yler from strengthening hia balance of power osition, by which he may succeed in throwing the lection oi President into the House, and thus dejat Clay. This is thtir move u|?on the cheaaoard. Well, wtiat tloes Mr. Tyler dot What move oes he make 1 Why tins. He will not iiend any ppoiiittneiit of Treasurer into the Senate, but haa ppoinied Mr McC Young, the chief clerk, acting treasurer ad intnim, with the intention an soon s Congres.- adjourns, of appointing a Secretary of he Treasury ; for as the case now is, he cannot fill Iter the adjournment of Congress, a vacancy rhich has occurred during its session. Now, then, what is liie counter-move of the >enaie to thist Anwer? It will not adjourn. Peraps lake up the'J exas treaty, and dtscuaa It till cxi Ith of M trch. Did you ever see such a game of chesat Movng. counter-moving, checking, check-mating, and lute-in -.ting. Nor is this all. There is a ruinor that Mr. Tallmidge ;a going over to the support of the Pre?lent. t^uery, whether Mr. Tyler wauls him to un on his ticket hb Vice President 1 More of this nion. And tins reminds me thai il is rejiorted General Dromgoole has been induced to believe he could jet the nomination of Vice President on Van fu re it's ticket-and that this haa hern the secret of ns strong defence of Van Buren's nomination, hit it iHsaid to-d.iv, that lie lias rec> ived such con. i ii ,. i m tr Vun Itiirnn'w i II n va I In 111 I il V that ha .... I'. WW... ... . ,, ? ihh softened down exceedingly, nnd that his cat-o mm tails, with which he linn hem whipping in th lonbters, has dwindled down to a cat-o-one-tail, ind will soon become h cat-o-noiml He is unlotihtedly coming into Mr Ritchie's views ol the iibiect. The (Jeneral in a gallant man, and will indoubtedly come round right. S. B. Wahhirqton, March 9,1844. The only business done in the House to-day was he announcement of the death o| Mr. Hknry R. Iitivr r.rRitorr, M. C. from Ohio. He had been too ick all the sewios to take Ins seal in the House, fe wan 56 years old, and died of consumption. News w.? received to night from Virginia, t'hich decides Mr. ^ an Ibiren's fate. Mr Drornoole's district had released him Irorn his instrucions to vote for Mr. Van Bnren, and Mr Ritchie uia written to s?v ih?t \ an Ihiren cannot carry a ingle county in Virginia n< xi election. Th.. s?nili n.mdin i d< legation come out to-mor ow morning in the " Spectator," declaring that at list they main to tr? tn the Ihilttmort Convention, mil take a stand there in favor of Democratic printiplee, anil 'h'- Annexalion of Texan, without reerence t?> Mr. Calhoun, hut against Mr. Van Burn Mi-?i-si|i|>i, AIhIihiiih, Louisiana, Georgia, TenIn 'nun, nml I III noin in ran to (to the same : In y have all dropped Mr Van Buren The Ohio legation ItHvr agreed to drop Mr. Van Buren and ike up Gen Dodge A letter i* in town troni Gen. Cass?he cornea ill for the Annexation of Texas, though not so trongly as Commodore Stewart. It will he pubshed in a day or two There are caucuses of the democratic members eld lo re now daily and hourly. VWKNTY'KIOHTH COIMJKKMN. KIRST H K H 810 N. RMatti Washinotow, May 9, IA44 comptrol.i.rr ok thk ikkasi'ry. Mr. Lvass introduced a resolution making inquty into the reason why there is not proper despatch i business at the office of the Comptroller of the 'reasury. Col Mutinies slated the reason to be the wan f sufficient foiee in the office. The resolution was, nevertheless, passed. mCNST K. tlSINKKRHOKK The death ol this member ol the House was then

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