Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1844 Page 3
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Kranee- 46 rents 71 mills for 220 pounds. tiieat Britain?$3 60 per 112 pounds, rough and in tti husk or paddy 34 cents per quarter ol 8 bushi ll&nscatic Towns?Hamburg, } percent; Bremen, J pa r cent; Luhec, } per cent ad valorem. Netherlands? & 45-100 Cents per 220 pounds Portugal- From foreign countries, $ I l!ip?r e>8] |ioundi !' uhsia ? f> I 3d Ijjt-100 per Prussian cwt. ol' 113} pounds. Kuimu 4.'i cents per 3d pounds. 8pain ? Under Spanish flag, 10 per cent on fixed vuluec $1 50 per 25 lb. 7n. Foreign flag nne-thir n.ore. Sweden?11 cent per 15 oz. Convoy duty 15 per cent o imports. Town dues 2} per ceut. France, (treat Britain, Russia and Spain enforce a dut nearly amounting to prohibition on these three producti viz. tobacco, rice and wheat. Russia places a duty < >4 50 ou .10 pounds of tobacco, in the leaf, and $9 on tli same quantity of stemmed, while wo only place a duty < twenty-live par cent on liar sheetings, hemp anil iror There is very little reciprocity'in this. Krunce prohibit the importation of tobacco otherwise than for tha goveri rnent manufactories. Her sliding scule of duties o wheat amounts to a prohibition, and the duty on ric reaches nearly one hundred per cent 011 the cost ut th place of importation I11 return for these restrictions o our products we enforce a duty of front twenty to fort per cent 011 all silks and manufactures of silk ; froi thirty to forty per cent on all her woollen and worste nianfacturcs, and from twenty to forty on her boot, sho and glove manufactures. Oreat Britain enforces a dut of seventy-two cent* on titty pound ot unmauufacture and lu u dollars sixteen cents on terry pound of mauufac | turod tobacco entering her dominions from the U. Stati s her sliding scale on our grain amounts aim rat ton pre liibition ; a duty of three cents per pound?amounting t one hundred per cent?is placed 011 our rice. All the rc strictions of other powers will compare in the same ui lay arable light. The utmost importance is placsil by al the nations of Europe on their commerce with the Unite States Our tariff laws are watched very narrowly, an any modification made from time to time, in their favor, i hailed as an impetus to their trade. Concessions are en pected from the United States, without granting 0 equivalent in return. Oreat Britain has very recent); granted a more liberal scale of duties regulating the iir pollution of American provisions, for which she expect something In return, forgetting the existing difference bt tween the tariffs of tho two nations, so much in thei favor, and which will require further concessions on thei part to equalize. Tho principal cause of the liboralit; shewn in our tariff la ws, compared with that of every othe power, is the numerous interests at work within ourselvci No ether country in the world has inch a variety of in t crests striving to work out their own advancement. Th effect of this is that compromises are resorted to and taritl perfected, meeting, as near a3 possible, the views of al parties Foreign governments seem to be well acquaint ed witli this fact, and leaves us to the influences at worl internally to briug about changes in our commercial syi tern meeting their expectations and wishes. The late dc , cision in the lower house of Congress in relation'to th present tariff laws, will undoubtedly create much disaj pointmeut throughout Europe, as tho different loreigi manufacturers have looked for modifications and alterr tions in the existing scale of duties that would tend to at extension of their trade and an iucrease of their profits. Old Stock Exchange. $1251 N V Stslei's, '41 100 50 that Heading RIl l>30 543 2 00 do '16 100 109 do btw 50 35000 Ohio S'*. 00 99ht 100 do blO 56 25'II0 do btw 99!i 242 Mohnwk Tilt MOO do MM 100 do ~~ b30 79 ( 000 Kentucky 6'? 103M 100 do b '0 79 innn do 5's 87 100 do b!5 79 10: o do Uf>M 8 Syncuse (k Utiea 120 18400 I'ruu'a5's 77 50 Aub lie Koch KR. 107) 8000 do b30 77 X 7 do 107 mono do 77*? 250 L Island KR b40 81 7000 Illinois spcl bdt 45& 100 do s60 8J 5000 do 1(30 46 50 do 83) 200(0 lndiatm$bd? 44 300 do 83 30110 do 43% 200 do 115 81 40;lias Mechanics' Dk 105 100 do 1>45 83) 20 Notional l)k 99 150 do b30 83) 20 Seventh Ward Bit 90 100 do |3U 83 10 Bk Stale Nlf 85 100 do 82) 25 Manhattan 13k 89 50 do 82) iflO 13k Com. scrip 9f% 556 Nor St Wore 69) 10 do full 100 500 do >60 OH* 50 N Am Trust 14M 150 do tw 69) 150 F?Tm-rs'Trust 42 150 do bnw 69) 100 do >30 42M 250 do bnw 69' 200 do 830 42M 50 do bnw 69) 50 Vicksburg Bk blO 10M 60 do bnw 70 200 do 10 150 do 09 25 Canton Co 58M 1"0 do >60 68 25 do 58*j 50 Harlrm RU 83) ion do :30 58M 51 do 83) 175 do 59 100 do 8} 150 do nw 59M 25 Stoni?Bton Kll blO 54 75 do nw 59 100 do opit 55 60 do 59% 400 do >30 65 60 do tw 58% 25 do blO 55) 30 Mutual Ins 103)8 50 do b20 55) 350 Heading KR 55 50 do b30 55) 50 do tw 55 100 do buw 65) 59 do btw 55 Second Board $5000 Ohio 6's. '60 99). 50 sbas Nor Ik Wore Itw 67) , IOCO do 99)6 25 Mnnbatlan Oas Co 88 J70 shas Nor !k Were *3 67M 40 Stnninnton KR blO 54) ICO do bnw 68 50 do 54 50 do 67M 100 Canton Co 57) 100 do >30 67 100 Karmtrs' Loan 41) 50 do >3 67M New Stock Exchange. $101)0 Kertuck* 6's, pav- 100sb?s Stuniritton opg 54) able T NY b30 91 40 do 54.' 1000 Illinois 6's. ^0 43M 5U Canton Co bid 55' .40 sbas Morris Canal >3 6% 75 do c 58) 38 N Am Trust MM 150 llarlem RU 83 2.4 do 15 75 b'armers' Loan 62) "5 do 15M 75 Nor & Wore 69) 124 Illinois Bk blO 31 60 do blO 70 26 do 616 31 25 do 69 24 Utica it Scheit b20 132 200 L Island HR c 82) 2) 1'aterson KR bl5 83% 25 do b3 82) 50 do 83 25 do c 83 75 do b15 83M 180 Mohawk RU 78' State ot Trade. Ashes?We must continue to quote pot* at $4 37] pearls are very inactive, and are held at $1 93]. tfp lo rmt The sales to-day were small, amounting onl; to about 800 tmlui, anil at the same rates as at the close c lust week. ki our?We find a little better demand this morninj I'rlcet, however, are unchanged?Genesee $4 75 Hav?The receipts down the river continue very lHrg? and the transactions to a fair extent. We quote commo qualities North River bale at MO{ prime 37J. Provisions?We have nothing new to report under thi head. Pork and beef continue very dull, without chang of prices Whiskey? Drudge casks still command 22c; prisoi barrels an held at 23 a 231, with very trifling salrg. Heal Estate?The following sales were made by auc tion House and lot 112 Cherry street, next door to corner of Catharine street; lot 221 feet by 98 $10,75 Krame house and lot 24 Hamilton street; lot 25by 109 feet 1,93 House and lot in 21st street, between 8th and 9th avenues; lot 25 by 98leef 1,61 Cattle Market.?At market, 1,200 beef cattle (90 southern,) 80 Cows and Calves, and liOil sheep and lambs. Prices?Beef Cattle?Owing to the unusual number a market, prices were not so readily obtained, but we con tinue to quote prime at $0 00 a $7. 200 unsold at th ' close of our report. Cows and Calves?All tsken. at $15 a $30. Sheep and Lambs ?Sales of the farmer at $2 a $4 50 and lambs at $1 75 a $3 60? all taken. j iajr ? uu a oo cents per ton. Coal Trade. According to the I'ottsville Journal, the shipment* thi week have declined a little. We also learn that the trad will he checked to some extent by the riots in Philadel phin, which have dispersed a number of the laliorers froti the wharves. Only sixty cars arrived yesterday at Pott? railroad Freights to Philadelphia, hy canal 65 ti 70 cents?to New York $1 76 to $1 80. StNT FOR Tilt Wl.tK ENDING ON THURSDAY KyENIRi LAST By Canal. By Railroad. I'llUMile. 1.218 Hchuvlkili Hiven,*** 4 290 0 NehuilHM Hav, n.*?** 2.912 Pottsville, 3 579 I Lit'le Schuylkill, 1,460 7 875 11 Prr last report,- 87,091 0 Per last report,* 37.40Q <M 966 1 16,290 III Agareaate, 141,262 1! Amount of coal transported over the Little Schuylkil up to Thursday evening last, 10*2 boats, 6,506 tuns. Married, On Friday evening, 10th inst. by the Hcv. Mr. Stohl man, Mr. Krkdkrick Kanenhly, to Miss Mf.t* Meier both of Hanover, Germany On Sunday evening, 12th inst. by the Hev. Mr Bir chaud, Mr. Daniel II. Underhill, of the city ot New York, to Fran, es Matii.oa. daughter of MaryAnn Henry of the same place. Died. On Monday morning, 13lh inst. Frances, youngest 'laughter ol Theodoras Van Tine, aged A year* ami II months The iriend and acquaintance* of th? lamily are respect' fully invited to attend the funeral, from their residence OS lane street (Adingdon square) this aiterneon at 4] 'luck withnut ? On Sunday, lath inst. in Jeriey I ity, Pr.rt:*, son ol John and Jnne Gilbert, in the ??th year of his age. Weekly Report, of Interment* la the City and Comity nt Wew Vork, from the 4th daf ol M?V to the ] >th day ol M ,y. 1844. 49 Men ; "JS Women ; 41 Boy* ; 34 OirU. Total 147. DiiraiR*. Abscess, 2; Apoplexy, 4; lllce'ing Ir.m luiiitt. Is Burntd or icald?:l. 1; 1 asualtles, 4; 4^1 ol ra Infiniuin, 2; l.onsnntp tiou.43; t ouvuUioiia, R; '.roup 3; L)# In I ity, ti; Delirium ire mens, 2; Droji*y,2; Dropsy in lie* hend, 7; Drowned, I; Dysentery. I; Uytpei set, I; Kpilepev, 3; Kever, I; do, I; do pu--i petal. 2; do scarlet, 7; do typhoid, 2. do til.Inn, 2. |>?..a,e .,f Heart. 4: Hooping cough, 2; Inflammation, 3. d.i ri brain, 4; do ol bowel*, 4; do of client, 4; do of lung*, 9; du ti inith, 2; do of throat, 1; do of liver, I; Jaundice, I; Luet Vh erta, I; Mara*mm, t: Mertihcation. lt Premature birth 2, t-rrolula, I; Small io*,2; irethiug, 1; I'nkiiown 2. nit. r'nder I year, 21; I to 2, 14; 2 to 5, 19; 4 to It. 6; ltf to 2t, 13 art to 30.22; 30 to 40, 18: 40 to 50. It; 50 to ii0, 17; 60 to 70.7; 70 to 8(1, A Pnaacrifc*ra Arrived. I,n*DO?r?Ship Wei i gton?lieu Washington Barrow, late ( Inrie d'AlTnirf* to P-ilugal, lade end son, of Tetine??r?- L,| It 11, I' 8 N ol I'tiil <d lp ia; Lt K8 l.aue, Ohio; i apt Sam) Stichnev ami lady, ,\li*? Knuly, Mm Mvy, Mi-i Susanna, Miss hliztbeih Ann, and Mr John K Sti. kn?y, ol Hn'on; Mr Bov?r and lady; Dr Morton, of (Canada; Mr Kraut ?nd lady, of .New York; Mrs Brown and *on; Mr Partridge, Mr W^wHI, Mr Ooddard. rf Lnodon; Mr Martina India * ilJ.r I'mniiui;. Allwuy Mr H^udall. 1 ?dy and child; I litem ('ton Mr 1?yon Vr KinrM'ord nod '04 in th'"te^r ae ... L?\jlkpooi ? Ship LViar-ii?Mr Lya-tght, Mr* MetcaT i 20.i ia the terra a Cjuayama?Barque Tender?Mr* J P?r Ki*era, 2 child nod actvatii; Miaa A Aldn, Mm VI Var?uueg, Maatar A Al ?. A lender, eud Mr A D Cartwight. Ha r*U'da?Brig Maje*'ic?T M VcFar'aiid. y > V vit At ? Bri* > en vit?a ?Don Maria Kstrauda Junta 1 i ll'ncii, Kmmue! Anguin KrtDcisco Caitr'li FrancucoDel (J dia. T H Cogffnli?!) D y-)retj;ji London?Picket ahip W* lli.>Kton?300 tout rid iron (J. uell, M'ntirn It ro 1 ciaa W A < olrnau?10 ' < A St (i K F.\ Y aOL?vyn 4?{i? ?Uht tin Helps. I) ?d*e St ro?46 < kt VVin II i riui it?'5 eg ?*? r|?r-r U Broth* g?100 L irt O F Giljtu*? 7 it ' Barht* rB-oth?ra V co?7 clit ( Mo ewood-5 c? Barth tr St > >l foid?3 ck? H Bhaw?3 cha Fnic?r Feebler?3 pkgi S He i Rout?2 I'aton St ritewart?12 bra lUhliion 3t fo?4 pkg M B for*?7 ct Cnppa St co?I!>3 pkga uinmins & Head?II r<t )l Chandler Hoara d k r ? Bmtou-3 c? Howe Si co?13 nkir M OiM^uh-nn? 3 F VV l.aaak?in S Hadden It 8mi??20 fc l' iroilfrry, ll-'vrg St Kobirgnu?5 cki K KnrUw 11 n.< - V g Gardiner?3 Prim* W&rri. k ini'81 c<>?4 kih'U 8 qr rks Sit lukliv;h Ik on?10 lnlg K Blackburn ?8 pks & B other l* 2 J M Kiug?4 Apideton St co?5 Lewis lie Br*the*s?S <1 n ^ Bluet?3 1 k$ L Co* m?32 J C Kroetiru' 2 W B Oor ?r 2 H L Knth-2 H I) n. l.n.?40 S llnr?ye PnM.11?2 N via* fct co?2 H Page? 2 S fciuidc lie co-2 OMH e wod-42 VV Hil*cy & co?I M ii Fori-. -** J Philir* I* co Young It S'f.-th?30 rk* i *?r A I\ Waller-10 bis B Koop Ik n ?30 k H Zont'iil'* Ik co?88 Idols brar.'lv S Marh^wn Ik co? v T%ylorkc??IOi>kg?4J Vya??224 Clark k McCvmto-l ' Kiinbal? 1 I* A ^\IeH?fr?I H 0 VVendrl?i A t* Lagrav*?J n Lord?I I* I,* Mvre? 7 J A ?1 <' King?1 I) IVi^c*?1 I <1 W Blunt?' J rhorburn?I Hto'e* ? Antho y?1 It Ash ? St Sou?I J Urjtf.'u? ?*-vius Ik Fischer?I I <4 King?I R e Ilebdei;? i I Morton?1 Wooil Ik Fo'ir- r?1000 1?r s iron (i 1 hue A co?21 K Itowc St co?26 cozes 21 ales 78 casks 4 pkgs y t% to onbr. S Llvt lif?or I.?Ship Denmark?3ti <*ts*t 44 B MenrewomlP? u'tsry St eiikms?16 *c$ W S Clou-h?48 W S C Mc ; tosh?43 S K iip ti?l3t> crate* F CauldwrP? -0 J Wells? Hillbu'gh?80 Wilson St Brazil?22 S n N, Fuller Stco-2 > H Russell?16 O Hodges?<5 J A Newbou'd?1 Newboub ) KiiKMt-ll?4 T Norris?4 Nevirs It co?10 Wilmerdiug Si cn M C Rollins?2 Vandcrvoort St Ifuyward?I J Orison?>715 I 0 iron 50 tons do order ). Upayama? Barqae Ten dor?132 lihdg gag ir IqI do molas B De Forest St co? 12 hhds sugar J B L^iaTa? 1 bbl Migar 1 l" coffee I beg do to mister 11 Mansa*illa?B< ig Majestic?326 logs tuahogacv 100 do dar 1158 bills palm leal* 17? mat* 10 tons fustic J B L&sal t. u St Ia?o I)k Cuba-Brhr Phebe?110 hhds sugar 14 bbls j 273 bans coff**e 12 hh.l* molntse* 10 bids do J B Lasils. 8 iZ maritime herald Sailing Days of the Steam Shlpa. y from liverpool from amf.hi i. Hiberni.., JiiilViiu May Britannia, Hewitt May 4 June 9 ( aledouia, Lolt May 19 June G. Brita-p. hntken Julv l'i Auu G. Britain, Hot ken Aug. 31 Sept r t}. Britain, Ho?k?n Oct. 14 Not. Ship Masters and Agenta. ' W? ahall e,tfm it a favor, if t.'aptaiua of Ve??el? will u r to i ommoilore Hobfrt Sii.vkv, of our New? Kleet, a Hr| of the Bmppipc left at the Pol'. WnMOO thev (ailed, I lie Vet, R|iokeu on their |>a>(aKe, a List of iheir Carlo, and any I eiga Newspapers or News they may have. He will hoard th immediately on their arrival Agents and Corresponi'eiits. c lirmaor abroad, will also confer a favor by sanding lot s ' fTice a'l the Marine Intelligence they nan obtain Nsuti U Information of any kind will be thankfully received. "IIRT f?F NKW YOltM, MAY 14. k (i v Risen - 4 46 | moor Risks -3 7 7 i Htr.H watk* 1 e Cleared. Ships Hercules. Mniligaii, Liverpool, J Ik K Bridges: Ala ma. Bunker, James River, Va, Slujfes St Clearman; H Al' 0 Wilsou, Charleston, <ieo Sutton? Barque W W Brett, Ar West Indies, Brut a Vosv?Brigi Iludsoa, Br.gden, Cardei T L rd; Helen Mar, Card, St John, NK. T Winnerett; Kv a Johnston. - Savannah, Sturges St Cle.rman: John Bsrll Graves, Kdeiron, IMC, T MnAdams St Co; Hardee, Hiti >t iiiinuKiiMi i-iraillli ii ol vr?IIIl? lir? VICl ria. I>rOWIl,.>i lego Ray, J Ktwell Si Co; Weymouth. Couch, Kichinoutl, len &. Paxsor ; Ann D, Bedell, Norfolk, Surges St 4'learm 2 Arrived. Pricket ship Wellington, Chadwiek, from Condon and Pn mouth, 2d April, with dry poods. 8tc to Grinnell, Miutur Co. April 25th. lat 45, 05, N Ion 49. 10 W. fell ill with n m her of icebergs and Urge quantises of broken ice. run ihe s six hours to the Kastwaad in order to char it. On the 28th 43, 40, pissed several large icebergs. The W. left the Lizard 4 the 8th April. Ship Denmark, Krost, ftotn Liverpool, May 1st, with mi to O Mauran Ba-que Texidor, Clark, 9 days from Gttayams, with tin - to J B Lasala. Brig .\l?je?ti?. Trie, from Mantanilla,Cuva, April 24th,w mahogany. Stc to Badger (it Peck. Hai'ed in co with Millm z (Jalhrith. for Liverpool. Left Persevance. Leach, for Bost in5ds; Aurora, Gould, do 6; Curfew. (Br; Smith. Liverpt * Sir Lionel! Smith. Holding. Moutego Bay. in V / Brig Rodeev, Smith. 21 daji fr-m Mafgo-dia. Tizss w * 353 h'les cotton C3 h'des to A Caselli. Brig Kore?t, Cors ' sailed same day for NVork ?The Wm Iry, lYnung. weni * shore on Pelican Island, mi the 14th, will be totally lost?ca 5 nl crew saved. } Brig Neuvi'as Mch'arlaml, 10 days from Neuvitas. with - gar, Stc, to H. It it Owen Le t Mazeppa, for N Vork, nzt d , Br ithers. Mayo, for do, disg, the only Am veste's ia port. Sclir Thomas. Billings, 25 days from New Orleans, with hhHe innla'ses 25 tcs 34 bis 102 do molasses J S Taylor. Sclir Ceylon. I^rocker. 8 days from Jacksonville, KK, w y timber and hides to i Gilchrist. Left Kev cutter Nautil 2 C?pt Walden. on a croise, having on hoard K G Stacey, K inspector of lights for the southern district. Schr Pliebe, Heeley 12 days Irom St JagndeCuba, with ?;ar, Sic. to N L Met "ready Stco Left Robert Bruce, Oardi or Savarnnh next day; Anatin, Perkins, Boston. 2 ds; He u Jenkins, Lightbourtte I'm Savannah. dig; Sterling, ftp St 1 ' ry? just. arr. Antves, Halch, sld 5 ds before lor NYork. ~ Sellr Excel, Lovell, Boston, with 4 Below, One barque and one brig. At Hurl Gale, Br brig Wasp, fm Windsor via Newport. ^ Silled. Par ket sh'ps Montreal, for Loudon; Stephen Whitney, A Hercules, Madegan, Liverpool 4 JUlaccllatneona k BaRqi'k Wim.iam Ivy, of this port, which went ashore the 17th ult, on the Pelican Islands, while on her voyage fi this port to Matagorda, was goi off without sustaining m ,, damage. '* Bpokcp. ? Claremnnt, of Thomaston, steering 8 West, 4th ins?, i/ Orange Ke~ ?bv the Neuvitis, at this port. * Nshmakauts. fiom Rio Jineiro for New York, 12 days ( \s April 17, lat II 12 8, Ion 33 37?who reported (Jen Pinckuey sail in 10d>ys. * Korelgn Ports. MaraoVKZ, PR. May 2?In port, Wm Shroeder. Haines. .' New urvpor', disg, to sii in 10 ds; Isabella for NYork. w i Mars Hill, for do next day; Bunker Hill for do 3 ds; V Klower, for NHaven, 7 ds; Southerner, for NYork. 4 ds; 'Is i Kraulilin, Harding, do do. Shi Sidney, for Norfolk. St Johv's, NK., April 25?In fort, China, Small, fm N York, just arr. only Am vessel; Diana . (ireig, I'm do, arr 13 Kl'iafceth, S ewart, for Sydney and NYork, sld about 15th. !> Lake Porta. Buffalo, May 10?Arr B Iiitl Ch cago; Frank'in, Tol* y N Carolina, Sandusky; Alpi, Detroit; Baltimore Mich Ci >1 K Jane, Point Dover; Oceana, Huror: King, Cled'Hand; CI Erie CUI, Constitution, Chicago; Hunter, do; PhilaiMpI f do;; Gazette, do; Lev.i.rton, Dttro t; \ Bait ** do; \j Tom, do; Franklin, Toledo; Kft-i, Amhttrsl.burgtii Oliver, St. Joseph; Marengo, do; (J VV^ik r. Mich Cir.v; I h dura, do; B Barron. O Haven: M Fr n e f l'veiaud; Sand n ky, do: Victory, Moare; K Granger, (.? liiver; nth. Perry, Perryibnrgh; Maditon, Chicago; Fulton, Toledo; N England, Detroi'; Jeff r#oo, do; Marcy. Monroe; Nile, (, cftgo; Kuggles, Detroit; Owp.-uicaK Detroit*. Ath' Mi ? City; SaVAnuah lUciit*; H'vaua, D tr-it; jVf'Trhmt, lietn Benoingt-n. Athtahula; Lndi, ( onufaut; Troy, 8nuthp< Q Dolphin, Sr. Jo?eph; Sylph. Cldvelnii1'; c'd, Coustelhti i Detroit; Fulton, ToNo, cu?iker Ilili ' hicago; Chin Detroit; Columbia, Michigan City; 8-vallow, Toledo; H? deer, do; North Catoina, Detroit; Baup *, Bt Cathar.t C W. i and, May 8?Arr Sylph, Oswego; O.h, Moses, t D I'" I 'as. do. Dktroit, May 7?Cld Liverpool, Oswego; D Home Portii Habtfohp. May II?Arr Handy, Tyler, NYork; Sere 5 Fnnris, do; John Hhinin ml. Baker; Unity. CU>too; M* Elizabeth, Stricklvnd, and Mohawk, Clark. Albany. S!d, Jc Thompson, Godfrey, Richmond. 1'hii apki.phia, May 13 ?Arr Helena, (S* ) Isinda. Mi t ga; W M lingers, Harding, Boston; Wm A Caldwell, Hon [. Mayagu'z; Arab, Haven, A llov. aystown, NJ; Mar** llowa e IVr; v. N Bedford: Mary St, Eliza, Bailey NVork. Cld < h Brown Boston; Ryder, Boston; Notus, Be*r.e, W? him. Mass: Larkin Charhnck, Boston; Columbia, Berry, lem; Philadelphia, De Hart, NYork. i Bai.timohk. May II ?Arr Creole Norris, I'm Beeuo* Ayi Den mark, Davis, New York; Tryall, Gibbt Piovidence. ( Emily, Perk'iis, L^guayra; Kinma, Co>t NYork. Washington, NC, May 6?Arr Raleigh. Stuart. West diet; G\Hna, Abbott. do; 3d, cld Fair, Smith, NYork; V Gny, Jams, do. s Charleston, May 10?Arr Orray Taft, Lovett, Provides e f'ld Chit ah>ochee, Whit ten, New Orleans. Sid Hnperi I Gallaghir: 0 mp'on, (Br) Chapman, and Isabella Lytld, v^rp?iol: F A Brown. Weitbrooi. Cub-;9th, Auu Stille.VVe 1 | Philadelphia. Arr Lelnud. Kendrick, Iv ston. I* Savannah, May9?Cld Columbia, Bnrbas, Bostv; K 3 rnr, Forrest, Baltimore Sid Hum*, Wilier!, >'ewYork; ? du Mi. Bulkley, do; Cairo, Mrans, Portlud; Imptrial ~ j Providence. 1 | Ja< ksonvillf. April 30? Arr Kxcellent. Divis. from N j York. W hite off Cape Hatterac on The night #f the Ifth i it beiog vry foggy, was run into by n barque from Near Y( * I hound t? Charleston; broke rails Ktove bill warks, carried aw 1 I 7 sf luncheons, and received Mherd-im;ge " | Pknsacoi.a, Slay 4?Arr N L M<*Cre-dy. S mers, NYork i hicoi.a, May 4?Cld Colossus, Lennox, Liveric " I Tarolinta Sm th; Hebron,Woodbury; <>alv-von, Bu r; Lc ~ I Wharf, Nickers *n, and H rankford,Or nn. NYork 4rr(ilo Biazi r, Boston* In port, ihipi Rothschild. (Br) Fell; (Jlo " L ?wry and r.oglaud, (Br) Boothhav, for Liven?oo|t Inadii " Martha Washington, Tyler and Mien Prrble, Perkins, fir " York, hndiog?Ba'ques Commerce. Rogers, for NewYo 1 loading; Cumberland (Br) Powers, Liverpool, do; 1 iberi Howes, N vork, do; Glob*, Bmzi?r, ami Alabama, Merr writing,?Briff* Manhattan .Doane, and M goolia West, NYork. loading; Paragon, Bnytou, wtg.?Hchs T?xter.fini f^r NYork; Cajn' Osu. Nicker*on. for Boston, Idg; Hcj Hammond, and Thames, Sawyer, wtg. rpHK PHVHIOLOOV AND PHILOSOPHY OF RKPR L DUCTION?Dr. HOLLIC K'tt (.en ures < u thii sofj will be again repeated for the eighth and last time positive >11 Wedrrsday, Thursday and Kriibv Mat* 1A in u.?i n , N*' ion ! Hill < mtl ilip-t a few dno'r, rati of llrnviwiiy H o'clix-k in th?? ptpiiIiik. for (PutlriiiPii only Adfni.?ioo c?i ii ?'n*le leciuro, or oni- dollar tlx* c.onr.r. Illnatntril lifln'ii ?i>|piidid nio.|p|?, rr|>ri'apiiiicK thp (rmal- f.rin. ihp Iib hr ill aa n.any diirpTPDt ataRPaofu pro kp la'ion All 'nil a [ and p*rf'Ctly trap to na'iirp. TIip?p mav alio br ippii by a iIpiiipii pv-rv m rnii ?, from half |iaat 9 till half r*at II, and town Monday and Topi day pvpiiiiim, from 7 nil 9 Adin ion U CPiiU?dnriim this WPPk only. Nn othprmodrli li 'h III I II ||P AnhM in tint n 1111 try-, MM rrta in Mr n dil <1 I , I'V'Pt. I hack Lrcture it ComMttcin lUtlf, lh iiah th? wholpfnrn connr rait 3t*i< r 'THE NEW VOHK LKOAL OBSERVER?MO :> ? f III tout tins Act I. VI i<-sa<*htiftatts an I .Maine?the j?ir prudence of Maiof, its Bench find ?Practical Points, K cutor'* allowance. U S !) >? rict Court, Main** (in Admira't ( a'lfftin v. Davis, right of Master to correct a roan. < haur I lor Walwortti'a <-ourt, V in Kensu'laer v. I ins* *1(1, i jniicti tor.? era in cooimiaann of indtrubl olf. nee Vic* l hucell wa?i<lfo'd'( (/Oiift. Jsckton v. Cornell, asigDintat bypartr ? f separate estate to pay partnership deb's. Vice ('hanrell i \\ sej 'a Court. Townsena v Corniif interest on trreara intef?Bt. Uusury. * ourt of C^iieen'a Benchi 1*111(1 ?nd) Tor/en v. Gibbous, what p'et of not guilty puts in issue ou am i n ?h? rase?.VUsrelUp*oas, &c ike. Digest of kiikl'ih Csaea. part 5?this digest comp-i/es t ' whole of the fane* report d in ihe t ngtisn Courfs, at v eil J the coin t of th" ('hancellor of Jrelmd and is arranged |o Hi'ly Fnbliahed on the 1st and I6rh of ever* rr.ont?? it per atiuam in advance, including d g-it. at the nlflre, \2 Ann i m?4 ll? * IMUfcL Owl v Ktito PACKKT SHIP HOf.HKSTKK FROM LIVKRPOOL C'>ra?gnrfR t?'r this ship will ph-ise send ilirir permits c hoa loot of Be-kmaii s'reer. A II good not permitted in live dsya are liable t ? bf sent public storv. WOOUIIULaa !t .Mll\ TURNS, in11 'tire N iuth aire*f rV PITH, TKKTH, PRY( KB Rf Dl CCD7S PER < RN A Why will vou go wiilv ut teeth, and suffer with decay< teeth. wh-& vou cau have them in?ertad or filled with gold cement, and warranted t?? last during lile Heferei ce* an specimens can I* aeen at the * Hio- N T vYLOK Ptirgec ()entist( No 62 Kaat Broac < . (aucce anr . U I U" n, De list)?1 oolhachf curad, pi ice id) cciita. malt lm*rc * ; W*NTKD-. r a Youoic Mu of raaprctable connection.,? Mi ** situation u clerk iu a wlio'rsale warehouse or ature M i aid ht?e do bjrciion to bo truo'tlb ui*ln'. Heeau |i o- ? mii dn'e .atisl ctor,- reference 1'Uase addma T. K. C at thia iflica. in It 2i*ec d'o WANTtU-A Mao Waiter who nnderatauda hu linitea-, and can ciimn w-ll reco.iiusuded, none other ucrd apply, | i lio offiro ?ji >y aahitigtou street, between 12 aod J. s.l L>?-> ?I4 jfM Hi MUH8K WANTED-Wraied immediately. >n sa-enenced I-11 and riap-cta1 lr Muni' to attend a yonric child. Persons m wiili ifn'id recommendations uai apply to K '' atthadaab <>i m IHMM ml'? *t*j?b J, in- A SINiiLu MAN WAN't'b a hituation aa Waiter has ?" >r- I yd lor u a'ly tw> v*>'< in cue of the up st "si ecahle [af. tamili a m tne city, and laaves in cocaw|uaoC3 of tn* fio ily I v s n.n ' l" ur.i' iv K'. iuri* :i: 17 I!. si. inltdt'ii: ^ W TO DRE8S MAKERS. " ?' atk. VAT A N i>.D?A Your# Woman rtrajrcs a tu.itiou f>r tl??* J" >!? a n*!?t thru* Miontha in *a*hi? uable rir'ii mikioi; e*tibli?h J ni'iit, uruited be law OimI srrct't Shf has c ut'.iWhbl.rI kic wl?'d. * of Ik r tr A*, and .*ki*rt with her ? wlir; aud will , ' \1 deem the inl?rDt:t'i n !hat ?h* receives an eqaiVetten'. for her >tt a? rvi?t? Address A. W , to h- fc't at the office of the Herald. g? iiiM 3t*rc ___________________ "" urA vri n a .;.i -t? .1- 1- r _ ? V"V I rnily. Apply 4 ion Miiih rry street tula tl'je J? H- TIT A.NTK.U?Bv isnigle geutlenian, a single room, wtli lull ,ld ?2 VV |, mill. ? iihiu tir?" punutrs walk uf llm office Aedress *' c; H.i at 'his ofifle. niistic it W Bit KAMI' PIN LOS I'. Jf [( A N OBLONQ BHE \HT PIN,c?n>[oted of Br.iol Stones Jf1 I, St a a. of an inch Ion'.', half an iprli ? isle; pub ibly I olfthitty to | ? ' urn forty small atones, similar to gtas. Being aa oi l keeps ike the 11 VV owner will pay a *aa- price to any perron who might liuil it, if otj. they w ill rtturu it to II. PUTNAM, i 28 inlltit-m B C' rutins Slip. _ POU^U?In llir u|)|vr ja'tof th# ri'v. a Gold Pencil ( a?e J I " which the owm-r ' ay ootin hy culling at Ncs 1" am) 12 J1 Mnol'*nta' Kscbauge, ii.*, time betweej lo hours of 10 V..VI. " j j, and ft P. M. inllm jj I St A MMii K <J 'NTLK ^'AN can be handsomely arcomnm- ,d i?j TV date' with nratlv furnished rtv m or ronm< with brrakfist qi lart and ton, or full board,in n ?in all irel private family, living in al l wrllthitrrrt. b< veral lines of ruges ar* r-i nmg in the ??ei- ,,l it's nitr. Addie?t, post-paid, under letters, P. B., st th# i Hi ?of in do thia paper. ml4 0*im a CH. DOAKD AT NF.W BRIGHT 'N?The establish'. rat J1] D known ? the " Brigli'on House," having b,en litely re- j( ,i? litteda d repair*.' it now ' pen lor the re- eption of boarders. .? 'i hn many gdrau'.aget wliirh New Brighton possesses being ? w*ll known, it is iieein??1 u'necessary'O particii'nrise theui? r( any information can he obtained by applying at No 2 Bioadway. ml) Iwjgb ? T71HNISHKD ROOMS IO LET- With or without Boaid, f " m the in, ?t iligible part of Broadway, near Franklin it-eet. For p rticulars enquire at 'Jfili Broudwty, between the hoari of c;- 4 and d P. M. 0 , Also, the b"i?mont of ?aid house suitable for a Physician,* ho ? lj can, if requisite, ob'ain board a* above _ ml4 Iwrc (; ? ae7n (\nn'ir? | oan <:n bond and moot- " ? s VrjY/V/V' GAGF, in sums from one thausnud dollars ? nail upwards, < n Heal Estate in this city or Brooklyu, at 6 per ? cent lu'eiest MONEY LOANEDcn improved fane sin thisStatror New , iv* 'property BOUGHT, sold and exchanged to any ? 1 f auiouut. Apply to J. C. DtiLLMAH, ft# Watt at \ UJJ Office hours f.-um 121" J- inII It' in 23 HAMILTON HOUSE, f hm AT THE NARROWS, LONG ISLJI\U. * cal era 11j-; St'BSC HI B 11 having le*??d (of George 8 Gelstou, ai 4- Esq ,) thi> splmdii establishment which will be opened on ~ the 25th of May iustant, begs leave respectfully to call attention to its superior advantages. T The House is situated at the Narrows, neir p ort Hamilton,L. L !, eight miles from the citv of New Yora, on an eminence | ' commune ing a pros|ieet of the Ocean," the Bay, Staten Island, 1 " the Fortifications at the entrance of the Harbor a beautiful 0 winding beach, and aj agreeable, diversified portion of the plea- 0 din scenery <11 uoug it'anu. _ Tii l''e invalid seeking comfort anil repute ; par:i-a of ,ilea' ' sure lookirgafter amui-m-ntt and recreation, at veil at to th* H innn of business, who with** hit family to enjoy the benefits '.f country air. sea bieez?t, acd the luxury of sea hathiug, while he ? ,ct' ii compel'eil to atunil to btitlness in the city?f ere ate few oth- w , t|' er placet, if any, possessing the tame advantages. al 1(lf' Steamboats and Stages wil' ply doit , teveral time* each day, " (of th - hour* uf starting due notice will be given )?o that th< t. nj ^|. w ho do not choote to u'lvc their own horses. can leave in th ' au boat or stages after bieakfis*. and be in 'he city i efore nine in 'J ' the mormug, attend to their buiinett, and return in time to dine s with their faini irs. b rft- The Hotel itwell adapted (or the purpotn for which it was den & signed, and since last year, hut been greatly itninoved anil en- L it?- Urged. The Diuiug ttooins. Pari vn, Keadi ig Rooms, Billi rd h'P mid Howling Saloons, are all tpacioua and well artaCKed forau * 1st eitensive Hotel The Bed Koomt are unutnallv la'Ke and airy, ?' on and (uruithed m a neat and am ropriate t'yle. Fvery attention ri hall be paid t > render the " Sea Bathing" all that the mutt fatIs*, tidiout could desire ' There will be attached to the House a Band ol Music, and " tar, Ralls will b-Rotuo in a splendid sij le?and in fact eiery other s< amusement that will tend to gmtl/v those ladiet and ittiitlenien ' ith wbo kindly patronize this establishment " an, Th" cnarge for hoaid will be from SB 'o S12 per week e-ch on, person, (children and servants half price.) according to tncsize Ji lot, and situation of the rooms, f.ud the Irng'h of time yvliich they < lire occupied. n. 'ith Kor the liberal and distinguished pa'rouage which was be- ' on, ttoweil upon the "Marine l'avil on, ' r t Rockaway, the hve v on \ears that the subscriber was one ttfIts proprietors, at well as P rgo lor tli* generous patronage bestowed upon i lie various otl er n- fi tabl sluneuts which he has heretofore h eu conrected wi ll, he 1 su begs leave to return hie grateful acknowledgements. With re- ji ay; newed eierliousou hit pari to, lie trusts that he shall gam ii lor f-p " liainiltou House" the appr-batior of its guests. si 128 AL ?NZO UK ED, i< Formerly of the WavKkLT House, New York. ti ith N. B. Th* iideudid Hotel (Wadawrnuck House,) at 8ton- o us, ington, C.t , will coniiuue to be conducted h-iny orinrr par'- fi iO<l cer, Mr. Blake Any couununi-ntiont for Mr. lteid, left at the q "Ajtnr Home." New York,, will be promptly attended to. h n* mv 14 3tawis2wc il ivy (tODI'-Y'S MAGAZINE AND LADY'S HOOK, " Ila- KOR JUNE, 1844?VOLUME XXVIH. a Rich and Rare Embellishments for the June No. of CJodey's f' Magazine. [j The Belle of the Ball?Kngiaved bv I'.issel while " 7 The I'i -Nic?Engraved by A L Di k. !> h'aibions of ti,e Olden Time. Kaihioii Plate?Walking Dress?Evenieg Dress. "d 8ora Table. I Unique < lornice and Curtain. |? Kashionable Sewing Chair. ? Music?Le Desir: Oh 1 wi re 1 a bird." (( -om CONTENTS?ORIGINAL. .i ueli The Pir.-Nie, by Jane T Kleiuiug, tea Plate.j . Tho Maodertiehit, by slits Leal e. _ - u Vortim?r and Lilian P.itt II. by George Broome ?r The lie1 le of the Ball, by Ali-e He'vev. see Plate. " The Li m's Crag, s Legend from the Deep Drawer, by Mrs. .... H K Ue. ' Attectatiou, by Mrs Ctroline H Butler. ' The Tiue Higlits ?f Woman, by I'ark Ber.jamiu. Country Life in Mem* England, hvTh"o Ledyard Cuyler. , Staazat on Cnnnrrne's ' eauti'ul Painting of "The Sleeping Twins " by Charles W, at Thomson. ,* Autobiography of ail Old Sofa, by Helen Maitland. r lay 'j-|? English K i'cbeo, by Prolessor I Sanderson. aac Tbe Broliru Circle, by Samuel D Patterson. b The Costliest (Jilt hy S H Browne. ** lie O'lettioucth the Sympathy of Nature, a Discourse by w Ernest Ilelf-iiticm tl Fine Colorings for A'tifieial K'owers. by Miss Leslie w Music?Le 1>- sir; Oh! Were I a Uiril ! by J T S Sullivan, n do: O Sing me (h it Song, br the Poor Scholar. iv- e.ditora'Table ,, ay, Editors'Book Table WM. M. CHRISTY, Agent, ,1 ,j4, m!4 lt?ec No 2 Itfir House. u5f ~ J. 13. W1NDLK iV Co., 11 fin. importers ok amd iri |?,. TABLE CUTLeRY HARDWARE. TIN WARE. ,rr WOOD WARr , BRUSHES, BASKETS, ew MATS. Stc :hi- No. 86 MAIDEN LANE, New York. uh. Packet ships, Steamboat*, Ho.els, and Private Homes, for nit; Dished at umniifectiirinK price*, at the .sUortest notice. >rt; They import rd w^tain 'heir good* direct from 'he niinti* on, facturers?purchasing entirely for rash?having the largest so; store ami stock in the United Stafet?they offer inducement* 'ir - that can Iw ibund no v here else. ?e*. N B ?h.v-ry article in their line maDnfactured to order of th" b'Ni. material and workmanship. u:d i -1 ,iI ; . !.? fuel at lb.1 stor-. mU lt#rc THE MYSTERIES (>F ELEUSIS WKIU-. THK f>?T 11KNOWNKD of all the ancient myst^rief, and are i timatelv c^nuect^d with the in%ti* ?, ,rfJ: tutions . f b'reemaaonry and O ld k el'ow?b ; and whose secerti * dn wrrt> rHKerly sought aft?jr by the most fani-nia ??f the philon sophie wrrrld. a constitution the hei hth of h^titso wisdom. HUT THE GREATEST MYSTERY ?. 1P'r, of th* present i.hv is how G. B Clark*, Tailor, 132 William r,l| street, can afford to make su*h liaadtom* Froach ' loth Dr.ts rf| Coals for t!tt, and other garments at equal y low pricot. r*- The firmer mystery the tubscrih'r will ia a short time fully S.i- nnravel to an enquiring public. But the Intt r myiler) can be ^ solved at once, hy slatiiiK that tot tubtcriber it with ,|| v y rin ill p olitH. and Ii nig it moderate evpeiuet. y,| j;|i| '1 h* ttvle getting up of tbe work will he th" tatne at that of Brniitlage, Trynn, St* frim whose well known ettablithln. maiitt the tubsenher hat hut recently retired. /,,, G. B. CL.\BkE, 132 William ttreet. N B.?Office anil Soiruner Coatt, ana a few Vests, 6tc. will, for th* convenience of> r., tic. lie ilw i s no "ami ?r rry A SPECIMEN Ob A $lti COA I CAN BE SEEN Li' AT THE STORK. myl3 lwis8c3wot*?*c STU) THE LADIES?If you have hairyeacnteac s, conceal|^.. * ing a Inoad and elevated forth* id ; il y u have ihe unsiuhtVla It aic c,.i!ag" of a beaiit on your upperlipa ; if > oil Invetuie. flnoiM hair iifiguriiig any parr ol mur otberwee heautilul f<' rt.. the I'uud'e .-iiblile, invented by Dr. NjlO urauc, will ,, w '!>,) r i j l'-m loir v rr r - all lean-, Wlllo.lll lilt' sll. lireM III III r V or ,lt ni,coloration tu your akins?thii von cnu be sauatied ?> by ire )fV ing the preparation tested ?t me Doctor'* olfiee , *11 doubts of ray tnesrtiile being* humbug will quickly vaoish. K *r tile ouly at 67 WhIIu r street, one <1 or from the corner of Broadway?$1 per bottle? where imy be liotl (he following article* all wa.- t 0;. rattle The clebratied Italian Medicated Soap, for curing all hit tell-'*, pimple., freckles. I >n, inorphew. scurvy,itch, redone, ,e tallowoen. i i roughness of lh" akin , for chapped baud*, l ie -. (,e' or inurqii to bi'ei lie effeet# are uumediete ; in the wath'i.g til n?I citildrt ii. in allaying all irritation and i haling. ite prnpe.urn are \ rp illy a'toiiiahing an oltt-ning and healing t nit no mother ahonld |> r|( b* without actbe Onecalce io cent*, n aulficei t. and we war ?( rant it or return the mouey i'inn ncce.aful Be on your guard n j(t' agiust a hold itnuntion, and buy no whcreelre but at above |,,f O'liratid'a Kan tic Benuty, or Trne Water of Beauty, i* a I, well known and approve I ctiatnetic for clcinain r, healing, puri- s, lyityr, and beaittifviug the rnmp.eiin i, and by i'a dtl itin t pro- tr ' pertna prtrentiiig thelioina'ion of wrink' *,and hiniiliing them I wI.e.. pte.ent, St |er bottle. (louraud'a lloir Dye will rhinge red or gray htir to a beauti<) 'nl dark hrowu or olar.k. w ithout it Mniiig akin. SI | er butect tie. Whisker and hvebrow Uye. '5 centa per hotlle ly. tionrand'a Blum d K.spsgne. or Sp nnh wbi.e. gives a purr at I if. : ike alabaster whitrnrsi and aoioo'linraa to the akin?fire . *r from nil injurious ingrrdteiua, and iseattrrly annihilating comSO tnon clnlk and fl.ilte whitn. I'ut in elegant bore*, Ui cents by each. This, wit a other of Dr. (>'* preparation*, ta imitated tin Buy no where elae bat a*. 67 Wa'ker s'rret, juat one door from ii* the comer < f Broadway, w lu re will be loand an assortment ol ! en* the moat d-ltcate and cho'ca I'eifumery, un|iort(d from all al- part*. i?" A*ent??Jordan, 2 Milk itreei, Boiton; 76 ( heal out atreet, ke Philadelphia; Bobinaon, tlairialnirgli; Ifernitch, l.ancaafer; ol- Seabrook, Princeton: Trippe, Newark; Touiey, Rochester; t aisw II. Lookpnrt; Smith, Palmjta; Origs, Hamilton conn ia t?; irnthri*, Albany; Heinatrert. Trov; Gray, Pouglikerea e; f : fell iott, (roahenj Myeta, New :lav n; Dyer, Providence; Taylor, Ni-wp rt; Carleuia, 1 owell; Ives Salem; H -dge, Newhn ol. ryport; I reatou Prutstr.otith; Patt n. rortl u.o ; (tu ild, Bangor: Luth*r WliiU*. ?JaU *; Hwb h. H ilii*, B*?ltimorp; Helby ark* r W i*hiiiUtoi); Mm I'rHfer, Rirliiuonc, M Uitcwfon, Norwich, y) Conn; Bui . Hartford; K. C. Kerif, Middlfiow.i. H- in 11 Im dyliwy to to

NOTICE TO SEAMEN. M ""r A M K.KTINI* of ihr Seatnen ot theonrtof New Vnrk will "I ft lie i,eId at I'retoo Hall, on Til .day, Ih ins ant, at 2 ' 1 o'cl itk. P ,V1 Punctual attei dance ia arneatly requeued, aa o. rp buiit.rta of the iiitnnst importance to ae.ini'ti will tie htoii-jht 0,1 b' forr the tne'ling, ird also aotne arrangemeuu will he pro- ( , posed whereby Bailors lights m,y be protected, and a juit com- wa p-uaation lor their l.aboi secured to thern, i'?, B.~Seats will he ri served (or ti e ladi's that will I tutor , ,, g.J the meeting with their ineaeocc. m'3 2l*rc 1 " I'llllliN'S i OMP.ilNI) KXTItAI T OK COB AIBA Sl| I AM) SARSAPARI Li.A posaeaI a lew a-lvantagea not ~ enjoyed by any other medicine for the cure of all sesu il ill ? teases, and which must, with an enlightened public, lender it is is.uridly highly popular, iud a drsiiirra'uiii long sought for re in ihe medical w?r!d. It needs no confinement or change ul I to diet In ils approved form, thai of a paste, it ;s entirely taste i, lest, mil c 'uses no unpl-asant sensation to the; alien t. . It has aci|iiirrd ti e utmost Isin* in almost erypartufKu? rope; n has een ei limned, approved 11 and se ictioned by tl e I" ficnl.y of medic nr, and reconiuiended by lh# .aoat rnunent uf *d the piofeasion Prepared liy J. B. Thome, chetniat, London, in u.d lor aale wholeaile and ret,it h r id JAMt.8 TARRANT, 266 UrMwich at, in corner of Warren atreet. "rr n- Al o, at 2 Patk How and 681 Broadway, 183 Broadway, 399 i? Broadway, corner of Walker atreet. tn)2wina*r * AUCTION SALES. THO.VJAh BKLL. A actio?>r Store Ari?. 11 Spruce street. WfcDNCHDAV Splcudid Sale of Kurnitur* Pia?0 Knrres. and Hoosnfca'ping .icles generally, at o'clock, in the new salesrooms, 11 inice st. ml2 4f ?c SECOND <?MANITHALI: OK ECHOU>- DOt/BLfc: DAHLIAS.?J B. OLOVKR will sell auction, o Tuesday. Miy lit It st 12 o'clock, it .NiHo's Conservatory No 57* Br >adwsv, a splendid lie*tiod of Double Dahlia Plants, which have been propsgaI witu great and itt- ut on. froin impo ted bulbs, piinciIIy ol" the most choic and priae flowers, t-ihibi^d in " ugII daring the last two years. All th* plants are in ftu- order r immediate planting out ; a** wtrran e<l tru* to name and M* iprw?n as giv.-n in the third Anuual ' atalogue, just pub ,h*d which also co'tiin* copious instructions lor successful ltivation. Tnry will be sold in !o's to suit the wants of ?ll i*srs of purchaser j. The plants will bt on view on the >noDK of sale, at whi?h time catalog net will be ready for itribution. A c dlrcfon of Klow. ring Plants, * ir.: lt?ses, er miums, Htc will be offered after the 3 le of Dahlias uiH His WM N1BLO - ? A I -u III' I'lUlii L- I*, it i j i .~t? ii . . a o - rv Still KKNHOlTKVl.A NTS - I he'sub^r*bett wiM ?? by auct on, at their large store 63j Broadway. on 1 burs ,y i.eir, at In o'clock, 2080 iit?-n Home Plants, coasts iug '>1 i e [wri ot var oris km ft ftuit tbl* for cover ng u'bori or trel is, nc, in nmnv vanr?r?, (J-HM.uim. actus, oleanders' air isinines. Hyarangwvs, Kuchiis, Erica-., auil t number of other ist* ru Table'or oimwimi'i flower ginieus Our Dahlirt a ?() well knew II that any couimei t u iVein-d unnecessary, rther than to stateo a' they *r-ri|uil to any that wj have sola ir outlierOU* cu?tom- rj lor the l#>t leu years DUN LAP Ik CARMAN, ml4 3t*rc Sredtmeo and Florists, egT TIIORNB"IOCS U 4IILI ' K-The YuTTTnW{|'>er# he>t r-? hilt to lui'orin their friends out customJ-? .ft That th?ir lifftt pn lie sale m D hlias this b. asou wi'l ke place ou F'id y. May 17. at i2 n'c'oi k, iu thJ saloon, No. Joli Street, liil.'l m ill be soi l lie -tly (iut up in haske s of sis ch. and all uo'l r a .me. regard > ill plan's and the lalitt of the fl users, ?utfic ir to ?ay thai oin collectm- u fog t er unrivalled iu this country " iu till* sale will b' fcri'd mam ipleniiil van-cat'd s"ru in u olli > collection te Thr plants strong a d roo-etl through the bottom of pots, il rrat be turned out info tbe iciouniT as sooo et i'e| vered, he middle of' M.iv is as early -s p'udeuc.- warrants this t am iinrii.g, and from the uuusii.l fiueueas of the season will, no lubt, meet t'e highest esp-ctation. Will he warranted as le 'eseuteil in cnaloKues Catalogues ready tor delivery on Tuesday morning. 1'lauti udy I'm view oniThursday in rnn.a J. M. THORNBURN kCO m'lttisem ifluTl K I'LAN l'SATAlii ITION.-LK V Y k SPOON J Kit wrli sell >liss in rniug at II o'clock, at 131 Broadway vary tin-ice collection ol I'LA.N I'M, consist! g ol Cauielfus, a e Jasmins, Roses of utauy varieties; Pit'isphoruins, Car. ttious, Lemons and Orange 'frees. Verbenas, (Jerau urns, ictus ol many sorts, with iniuy others to i numerous to deit Also, Hugir Bert, Garden and Flower Seeds, in 14 It'ui M (I N K Y T 0 LKNU. 1 BKAHA.M J. JACKSON, Pawn Broker, No. 48 Rende V street, near Sroidvvay, loans money in large or small sums, i may be repaired. on Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry, Silver fa n, Dry Goods, Wrarni|i Apparel, auil personal property ol erv lleiarlrtioa. ap23 tor*re JAIvOUl UK hull SALK?A second baud one, but little ' used and as good as new. suitable for one or two horses ill lie sold chea". Apply at 186 Nassau street, or at 142 Sixth lenue, where it ran be seen. inU dire Post Oriicx, Nstw Yokk, ) Mar 13, 1814 S ["NGLISH MAIL?Letter Bags per lloral Mail Steainei -4 Hiberuia, will be closed at the Upper and Lower Posl Ifices in ibis city, on Wednesdiy the I5ih instant, at 14 nun Las past 4 o'clock, P. M. file overland postage of 185* crnb i each single letter, must be paid m12 3trc JOHN LORIMKR GRAHAM, P M piF'FANY, YOUNO k ELLIS, 259 and260 Broadway, corI ntr of Wanen street, Importers of the various Fancy Msufutures of France, Kngl>nd. Germany nil China, nave al ??? lor sale. the la'gest, aud beit collection of elegnul tides of taste and utility suitable lor presents, to be found nil iu rule of the Atlantic Alio, e bant assortments ol plain ul fancyStafioneiyJ'.ipera ami Knveln|ie*, French and English rrfninrry, Coini*, finishes, end article* for the trilet gem r-l ; Cntbry. Chineve fane, articles, Kreucli Parasols. Sun hades Umbrelas, 'Moves of a Very superior ipiality, tench, India nod Dresden Poicelaina; Kreucli and Bohemian da??; K nc.y euro ture mil fliairs; Papier Mache and Kroner I ?>ds; Kan* of all descriptions; rich Driving anil Hiding Khips; Walking Canes; Drjk, I'apeteries, Drersing <' ases alio ancy Boxes for all u?e; Purses. Pock' i Books. CardCasea ml I'ortfolio*: Swiu < hairs, Tillies end batket* in grett ?? etv; Beriiu Good*, Indnn Uuod*. French Jewelry, Itc Tliey invite particular , otic, to lb" laet that their good* ar? 1 ol Knit Own iinpoilaiiim?made to older expressly lor th-ii tail i.alet, or selected by one ol their firtn, troin the be* turret; aud can thereto.e ha recommended, not nnly a* ol h*l r utialily anil liner finish tliau nrticle* for iteneral *alc t"owrr in price and newer ami more select iu ?tyl Ai their establishment is the la'g-'st ol its kind in the country ml h u become one of toe atlraclio's of the citv, l ev respect illy invite the visitv of strangers, with the asaurauce that th ) >ay eiamiue the collection without incurring the least oblige on to make purchases?that thes'ine politeness asd att'ntioi ill be ah >wu whether the object of the visit be business ol lea sure in 3 21 aw ills Imrr l/IADAMK FT BUHELTEMA iSuiets) informs her ens *? turners and the ladies uf .sew Vork generally, that she hs; 1st received |?r la-t Hsv,e p'ckrt*, a '-e? aud splendid assort I Vt of rich embroidered "aid other Wedding Dresses. Also jme very rich Thread Larc and Bridal Scarfs and Veils tme very beautiful or indiaud colored Muslins of all d"st r;p out ; Bareges, rew style ; spier il'd Silks, and every vjrieti f rich mvterialt suitable lor day aud ever lug dresses ; henuti il Onrs, suitable fit watering places, which ladies who r? aire such articles would do well to rail and examine, at they ye bteu expressly ordered at this time in order ta give the In les in opiortunitv t select at their leisure Also, an enlin ?w style ol Straw Hats never befine imparl* ' iu this country (prnslv adapie for country use?Vvrv beautiful and verv hi' MUOg; an entire new sty e M Fteach Parools, M (! rellas which, together with her usual varied aasortinout o nicy goods, she will ha happy (o exhibit to those w ho inn1 ivor her with their paMOMB*. ml 2tvtitlm'ec 1. RICE'S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT. VT 191 Canal street, may be fnuad a general assortment o (ILOTII9, CA8JKMKH tM AND VKHTT aGh, of ih dev. |i4tt-rns, bought rt|ire?t|y for Spnng aail Bummer wear Inch will be made u,i hi the mist fashionable style, at price i suit the times, for ca'h only. Geuth men furnishing their own cloth can have it made up it ie latest fashion, at iery low prices?Good tits warrsut-d ,l*o, on hand a large stock of splendid Bark Gnats leady made : ..xtreineiy low prices. Don't forget the number, 114 t ana ;re< t, near Hudson. Mr, KlCk. tendei* his sincere thanks to his former customer ir tv?ir esteuvive and liberal patronage, and holies by assidiou ttentieu to 'lusiuras to continue to merit their favois. m>11 lm*m BEACON COURSE. GRE.IT FOOT RJiCE FOR $800. rHK proprietors of th* above Course tier * premium for Knot K ir,\ to take place ou t'm Beacon Cou'se, near Ho okeu. on the Jd of June next, as follow*:? A Pr-miuoi of $.911(1 t> a y one who will perform lOtg mile it I h in the hour?SJOO to th second in he race, and $100 In Ih ii d?i r~voted th,'second or third |ierforin 10 miles or tno-i ,thill 'lie hour And ill case 10hi miles is not perronned with I ill- hoar, S <00 only wll be given to the best in I Is- ran*. Entrance to be inade, and all Information given by the sub triher Those wishing to enter for the Hace, are request "d ti o so as soon a' conveuie t. No one will lie allow ed to start who does not enter Fit 1111 lace on or before th- S8th instant. JA VIES 1). M'MANN, No. ICI Varickstreet mil lt*rc hetveen Vaudsm aud Charlton, N. Y. "" il i; A('(?^\?'r 1!' ?TTIN<:' HIIK^DAY, May 18th, st S o'clock.?A Matek for $1000 two mile heats, under ilia saddle. H J nes mines br. g One Eyed Riley A Concklin do bg Sultnu IDs day, at 4, Tu-se $109, Two Mile. Heats under the saddle J Whelpley enters b g Kifle (ieu K.dw idsdo ch g. Horrel Billy W H Heed do *r g Snaffle Geo Spier do ch. g Tom Benton Iso, Same t-av?A Match for $900, Mile Heats und-r tne sad ?. h-twe.i II. Wnodruft's gray mare, and A. Concklin', ck mare. mil lt*rc < i : \t i: k v11, i. i ; <: < m i; s k ' t i:< >tt i x<; TUESDAY, May Mi'\ at 1 o'clock P. M.?Para* $500, tw il* lieala M harneia. 'ill* foil iwiuu ceMnated huiaes ar tered:? ii Jonea ir k Waihington H Har'iaon Ii k' Hiplon II Woodruff hrm liutcheaa Ii Brunt gr in La V Suffolk Ariimiaion to 111* enclosed apac* and Membert Stand, $1? iiIiiic wtn, d. 50 cents M*nib*rs tickets will h* given 011 iln ii v div to thoa* that piefer them, in prefeiene* to paying foi en tr?t during th* a**son An eat'n train of riir* i? provided for the conveyance of pas >, ger. rn and from Mir Ours* on th* above day, leaving th< nith Kerry it 2 o'clock, and the Coarse Imnudlilrly if'rr lh< ?r. Kara eachwav 25oanta aaiHt*jn TIIE HPKiNti MEETI "SO will commence over the Kiglr nun*, T entnn, Near J*ra-y, on Tmdiv. Vtay Mth. Kirvt Day?Sweep,taker for three vear oicia, mil* hints. Sim l>av?A I'll' * ol $150, two mil* heiti. w,ime Day?a Puraeof $75, milehetit. Hit.ii,d Day?A Purs* ol $15(1, two mil* heats. Ha.i,Day A Puise fit $75, mile haata Entries will elm., at th I1'. .glo Motel, on theereuiug previous each race. at 8o'clock. E~V" No charge at ti,e gate?25 cents to th* Public Stand? -intern Ticket* $1. PIUEON HHOOTINde. On Thursday. May Itith, th* day following the Races, a *e,p,tike for Pig-uu Hhootiiig will coin-oil. ml, $25 each, ii , ilio li-a' in iHven that", clos*il with lire subscribers. [In the day f'Mowing, a Parte ol $.5# wi I b* given f,.r Pigeon looting, the h*tt in live shots, dlltauee fr in tlie trap tweoly entranc* $5 to clot* nt ih* Eagle Hotel, on the evening avion to the ahnotiag nt K o'clock r?" Adtnitaiou to the Course and Stands on the dayt of th* looting, Iran* Kor further particular! a** New York Spirit of the Tim**. JAMES BROWN, Proprietor. Prenion, N.J , May 8th, 1844. m$ tit* re '() SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MEHt HANTS, L'rnggiiia and Country Dealers.?Vnu will find It to yonr .antag" to obtain a tupply of Ur. Holt's in. dirin*,?a.? ad tiiemeiit, 5th column laal page m5 lw"ec IMPORTANT To THOSK WITHOUT CHILDREN HOSE luif retttd, will perceive ihat an agency itettahliah vd lor tie .ale of M. M. MEMOMEAUX'S Wonderful .creative Eliair Cnrdiai. See on loat Column of fourthpage j, 10 Im it *m AMUSEMENTS. PALMOS \Ku tlWKOPCU HWIK, 'T r" V 1m -pi < iu?* Hollar, to all part* of tho honao Duma o|.in at 7 ? Performance to commaac* at half-paat T LKADPROh THh OKCHEwTllA-.- 8M?. RAPh.TTI < oinb-uf' with all the former Diatiogoiahed Profeeaora WKHNK8DAY KVENiNO. May Uth, Will b? performed i h .-lebra'eil aud brilliant (Jpara of _ LA 80.NNAMBULA. Conte Rcdolto Mjg A Valtallioa Amiua Hignorp K Borgheaa Khuio Mia 1. Peroxxi Tare a Molmvii Sig'a M Adair ';I1M Big'a V Bwulard Aleaaio -.............. .^lg <j Beuetli N. B ? '1 ha Bni Office n now open every day daring th? week, fro in 1U o'clock A M., uulil \ o'clork P. VT.. when teaU may be |.rurpj for the rmninit aeiaou. Ilpyular iih.ou genu transferable Price $10 for Twelve Itriiregeutationa. I Hubacriben uol securing seal* the price of ticketa li placed at $6 lor the aeaaon?not transferable. Stage Mauag-r Mr. Well) Or?" The public are resiecll'ully informed thut the Batha have been uewly arranged and tilted up iu a haiii'aorne atvle, and are in full operation. eight and day. PAUK TIlKATIlm. THIS KVKNINUr\iaV ml,. "ill ^"Iwrfonn^1 THE VOUNO S<- <\ VP A 'Lri which FOR ri/NIO?Kortnnio Mr* H Hu"t. To .-ODclii-U with the THUMPi NG LEGAL V-Ro?eti?. Vim Maywood. CHATHAM THKA'I'Klu. Joien 2i Cent* I I'it I2*>b Cent* Benefit of th Congo MeloJijt*. THIS v vy ivi rutt May >uh, to curauwce with tne play of RICHELIEU IN LOV ?Cardinal Richelieu, MrLoauer; Queen A nil* D'Autriche, Mi*? Reynold* t*'ol:owed n" a I '<'0Curt b< th*- Co ,*.> Melodists To conclude with Til E Si I'IT KI h E ITCIIEIilj'8 IK.tMIPlO TIIKATIO THIS KVKNING May I4ih, to commence with A MIS'1' V K K.N S'l'OK Y?Mr I icaniuuy, Mr Hull .nil Aflet which CATS IN THE CARDER. Followed by THE VOUNO St.' A.MP. 1 ToMMradawithTHE ALPINE MAIL). a;nkinvah niumTl ji, ' VDJD PEIIPETUAIj FAlh. Corner of Broadway and Ann ?trret. Opoositr th<- Astnr House THE MOST BRILLI ANT AND TRIUMPH ANT SUCCESS ORANDPERFORMANCES At half-pair 3 o'clock every at>rrnooii, and II rvery evening, TheGIANT AN1) GIANTESS! ! the t we greatest wondrrx of the age,may he nt-vn from 10 o'clock A. M till I, from i till half-panti, and from 7 till 10. The inuiagrr i? Eippv to announce an engagement, for one week only, with (he ORPHEAN FAMILA I of live peraon*, all musician* of the tir*t class Mr VVINCHELL, the inimitable L)iol|eri*t; Mr W.V1. COLE. the Contortioniit; .Mr. LYNCH; LA PETITE CKKITO: the DOG BILLY: aud other*. A Beautiful Collection of Wat Figure*. ' The til PHE Y t^UEEN. the Fortune Telle,, may be private r ly consulted at all hour* of the day aiot evening Ticket* 2'j cent*? under ten year* U.Qceat*. Twe?, tv-livecents e*tr? for private consultation* with theUipaey Queen. n'iO rc i PK'LICS SK W YOtCH. MPSKt n. AND PICTURE OALLERY. Broadwav, opposite the City Hall. MR. H. BENNETT, MANAGER, [ A DWARF' THREE INCHES SHORTER ! AND AS OLD AS . TOM THUMB!! A GIANTESS, NE?RLY SEVEN FEET HIGH; AND EIGHT PERFORMERS!! All lor One Shilling. Th" following performer* will appear Mr?. PHILLIPS the songstress; Mr. ASI1WICK, vocal lit! iiK'Jnnni nr.->i nil.", p.n 1 P.L.IM3IE, the graceful Uanseuie, Mr H. ('ONUVKll, the Protean Performer, and Mr W. CO.NOVEK, ihr celebrated Comic Singer. The Melodenn, tii it phys a vari*ly of brilliant Overtires. Haifa Million ol Curiosities. Oraud Covinorama, and MpLmlid 'icture Gallery, coutmuiug all the celebrated character* during the Hrvolution Afternoon Entertainment ou Wednesdny and Sitnrday at , S o'clock. Performance in the Lecture itoniu to commence at H o'clock iu the evening. in 12 THEATH ( AL N O I'ICK?The undersigned, litvinz leased tli i Montreal I h'a'rc, would be I sppy to mte' the view* if possible. of such ineinlieri of he ptofe siou a* are d |Mi?ed to join in a pleiuani summer engagement. Pirate apply, by letter, ' or iier?ou?lly between i and 4 I' M. to LK.-vNDKR RODNEY, f Bill It'rc Lorejov'a Hotel, N V. ! ' RAYMOND & WEEKS' G RAND MENAGERIE, : CORN EX OF EIGHTH STREET AND BOWERY. FOR ONE WEEK ONLY. Messrs Raymond u \v> kks re.pectf..iiy in'orm the citizer.i ol .Naw York, who ao li>rrtlly pa'ronixed iheir ipleudtd and ?,v r?ilietexhibition of Wild iniuial* Lai season, that tU'y fti's da? open t'ieir Grand Menag-r>e at the i corner of Eighth itieet and Bow?iy. rrc-essiMe by O" uikvs?e? . and stag-s and but a lew niinu ea walk fr m th? most cent al ( part! of "he cits The I lini had rnauy cew and enri; oils suiwi ili added to their previous collection a-d can stun' . e iiipetiti 11 with anv similar establishm-ul in Eu-oie Hours 1 of exhibition from ill to 12 2 tat and 7 to 10 in the em mug Herr Driesbach will, as usual exhibit those instances of cm, ageoas discipline oyer the < ilde t savages ef the fire?t, that j have render n his reput tion iin|ieiithable ml3 Iwrn ; jms GALLERY oil'" PAINTINGS-AT CLINTON s. Hall, im-or ed with the intention of commencing a N?' 'tonal Gallery lor the artists aud stiplents of New York, is now offered for sale to nil ama'eurs and connoisseurs of paintJ logs. It is considere.l useless to mention anything in l.ivor ol ' ine different paintings which compose this collection, the ' public anil the press hariix too frtiinenlly spoken of it iu . teiins of the nixhr:t commendation The gallery will he o|>e.ncd lor public inspr'tioa evry day, and the peintiugs will he sold at public section on Wednesday, the 32d of May. at II o'clock. A M Special seals iu the saloon reserved for the f ladies. Ailmissiou free. nikrr22rc ' THE FIM; ARTS. VTOW EXHIBITING at th late APOLLO GALLfRY, d-A corner of Broadway and Chamb* s street (entrance in I I li'mbcs Street, t collec .ion of OrigiralOil Pniutings, in per - fel t order These who have seen the first galle-i?s of Eari p, pronounce this cullncl.nn to be equal to a .y ther have seen ' Admittance 25 rents, citalo,ues included. mil lw*re | ?iiu?suu srr. is, <1111 nan narreis kmu ihi Kegs rnme l,?ai I 'J l.a il, landing this day uom (Iiiii Yazoo, for sale * y I inH 3trc K. K. <'<il.Ll.NS Si I'D , 16 South it. LI A Vlh. SHOULOKo S, Sic ?;o cuki Smoked Hatn*. S casks Smoked Hides 20 ito Smoked Shoulden. 1(1 do I lams 'ii dry Salt. 120 do Hhonlders do 10 do Julei do ^ 60 do I'trkled II tun. 10 do do Shoulden. lit) b.'itrli do Hum. All in fine order, and handsomely cu'. [aiding thii d.ty Croat Yatoo and lor ? .1 in Ion to init purchasers, hy mil 3tre K K.COI.LINS St <;<>.. .18 South it > W K.I 17WORTHY ATTKNTION?Pleasant Apartmeuta' *" furnishe l or unfurnished, with or without hoard, can be abt lined o i INIMM tUM .it "tl i'*/ slreet Persons desiring to live in peace, comfort and quiet, aid invited 11 call, iii II 3t*re tTO LKT?t he Store No. 61 Liberty street, now occupied hy the suhicriben. A very dei.ralilr location lor the Ur\ Hood* Jobbing Bunum. ronriiioii can be or before Lt of August in2 ltun* I'KHSMK Ik BROOKS. jS ROOM TO LKT? Kor one or two gentlemen, a pit hau''?oine front room, furnished and on the second tloor, JljJLio a I' it It* lumly. With or wiuxxtt breakfast nnil tan. Terini modern te Apoly at !?< White itreet. m9 19trc NKW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINK. 0*t KOR Al.llAN Y ANL> TKOY? Morning Line Irom the loot nl Barclay street, landing jK*wJl^3E>at intei mediate placet. The ite.roer TROY, Captain A Oorhnm, thii morning at 7 o'clock. ' The steamer KMI'lllK, Captain S. 11 line, to-morrow m .ruing, M 7 o'clock. Kvemng Line from the foot of Cnurtlendt itreet. direct The iteamer ALBANY, Captain R. B. Maey, thu evening, at 7 o'clock. 1 he steamer SWALLOW, Csptain A. McLean, tomorrow eveuiug, at 7 o'clock. The Boats ol thu Line, owing to their light draught of wa . ter. are able at all timet to pail the ban, and reach Albany , ami Troy in ample tune to take the moruing train of can for the eait or west. Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or at the officei ou the wharves mHrc 111. At! K I) AI ,L .OHO I. U LINK" OK I.IVK.RJflWyPOOL I'A< KKTS-KOH LIVKIiroOL.?Regular MBHIEwl'ackei > f lfith May ?Til* new magniticeut and c*lebralcd last nailing packet ship YORKSHlKr., bur lien 1110 tons, IJ <i. B.tliey commander, will positively sail ou Thurt day, 16th May, her regular day. It in well known OMt tb Yorkshire i> fttted out il a MM taperb ai d cm ly manner, with every modern improvement and convenience, that cannot but add to lie r.oinfort of those em harking. IVrmns visiting the old conntry, should call and j?ethit splendid specimen of natal architecture, befjre engaging pusage in any other vessel Kor terms ol passage apply ou hoard, foot ol Beekmau street, sr to the subscribers KOCrlE, BROTHKHS Si CO., 31 Kill Ion street, nest door to the r ml I to Hi rc kali.Ill Hank ague KOR NKW ORLEANS.?UJUTSlANA %NI) iHVLNKW YORK LINk. Positively hirst Regular J^MMfasPacket, to sail 16tn inst?The last sailing packet tl ip OAS I'ON, Captain Kldridge, will positively sail as above, - her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having handsome furnished acenmmor Jntioiis, apply on board, at < Means Wharf, foot of Wall street, orto K. K. COLLINS fc CO. 16 Month street Positively no goods received after Wednesday evening, the l lllh instant. Agents in New Orleans?Messrs. Ilnllin and WoodniII, wh3 will prmnpllv lorwanl all goods to their address. Mhip|<ers by this line may rely u|am having their goods correctly measured, nnd that the ships of tins Inn-will sail p?WHIT ? MWKHH giH3trc IJ3? NK.W LINK OK PA' KKTH K OK LIVKIl|Mn POOL?Packet of 21ot May?The aplendid new, JHHk mil fifurilt packet ofii|> QV'b.b.N OK TIIK VVp.^T, Hid h ra hurtl en, i art I' Wnudhniiae, will tail on Tcetdav, 2 el May. he' regulni day. Thr alnpe nl thia line b i ik all 1000 tons iinil upwarda, per?oua oDont In embark for rlie old country, will not fail to ?re I lie advantage. to be derived from (electing thit line m pref-ienci to any other, u their great capacity rrnde.a them every wny inort comfortable and convenient than ahipe of a una I er cllu, and their accommodation! it it well known are auporinr to any othara. I'vraoua wokoig to aerore h'rtha ahould not fail to maka early application on boaid loot of Hurling Slip, or to \V at I T. TAPSOflTT, At their (reoaral I'aaa.'ga Otfice, 76 South nt->et. In'lm cor V ild-n l,an* PA"?A~Ut KKOM DUBLIN CORK, WATKH JnVWKOItl), OKHHY. AIN K , IlKLK \?T HbN,*r'. D'ogh. da. ?tc ?I'eraona wiahing to >i od lot their Inenil' call have tin in brought out Irotn any of the ahov porta in foal cl.taa Ame-ican Packet Hlnpa, on the moai t. aaoo ableieroia. and without their eiprriai.ciug any unoei eana y d tention Mr VV. Ta acott, one of th- firm, v. ill he "ii lb a pot to give Ilia prraonal allrution to the paaaeugeraengaged by the auhaeribera or their ar.ei.ta here, and pera'Mia mat rel> I 111 I the wiahta and Comforta of Oman wn ae paaaage inn I" 'ngaved by tlieni will have all due and proper etleutiou Knf imrticulara apply, if by letter. pnel-| aid, to W. k J. T TAPBCOTT, at their lieueral Paaaage Olke, 43 Peck *lip. cor. H nth atreet, where alan, Dratta may to obtained, fur large or arnall anrna ayahle on derniuil. without diacount or any other ehage p the National nr Provmcia llaoka of Irelaod, er any of then branehea theornrhnnt the Kingdom 'eW rr J'Olt LIVb.HfOOL?The New Liip Haguiai Packet 2l.t May.?The new aril very a l-riot New 3UBlCaV ork hmlt piickrt ahip till b. K..N Ob I II b, WtHi, '"apt Philip Woodhonae. I2i>) tone onrthen, will auil aa above, er regular day. Kor freight or p.uaage, having elegant and roomy Mciimieo lltima niiaur|iHiaed by any ahi|i in port, applv to fe I iplvn on inard, at weal aide Hurling alip. " to VVOODHI'LL A MINTURN8, 27 Mouth at Price of paaaage two. The packet amp Hoc heater, I un lohn 1 ritto.i, KW in hgrtheo, willaucceed the tdneeu ol the Weat, aod rail no uei regular day, Hit June. mlrc j BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. M'orroapou<1?u< e ol the Herald.] Washington, May 12. 1844. 1 he course ot the Globe, about these days, OC* cu pies so Urge a share ol public attention, produces bo great and important effects upon public opinion, und the interests ot the nation, and is so generally commented on, that 1 must call attention to Hiiother most extraordinary article in the last number (of Saturday night). It is the more proper that I should do this, as 1 am probably the only on?- at Washington tvho has both the necessary information and the position to put the Globe and the country right in the premises. It will be recollected that first tho Globe came out strong for annexation. Next, Col. Benton discovered that "armistice," which Mr. Blair unfortunately "forgot." And this fact,tlie existence of the "armistice," was the reason, and ths sole reason, why the Globe made its remarkable somerset, and came out strong again* ninnratio.i A ml not .n.Iu on lliiu slums* mf gotten "armistice" wan the only ground (as the Globe states) of Mr. Van Buren'a objection to immediate annexation. In proof, hear the Globe of last night. A treaty is negotiated with Texas for the resnnexstion of that territory to the Union. Before tbia treaty if submitted to the SeuaW, a letter ia despatched to Mr. Van Uuren to know his view* on the aubject. Ha answers that ha ia ugninst the ratification of the treaty now, in consequence of the cxnting relations between Texas and Mexico The letter refers to the efforts of the author haratoforc made to accomplish the reanuexation, and its whola tenor shows great solicitude on his part to clfect it yet. But, always alive to the hunor of his country, he will not cob sent to take Texas from those who, Ay the exit ting armtelice, acknowledge that tliey have not complete title to the toil ?acknowledge that it is nuf yet redeemed from Mexican dominion?and atop themnhei from conveying it to us. But with the expiration of the aimietice thie ertoppel oasts, and (As only difficulty tugeeited by Mi Van Harm it removed. This occurs within the year, and before the November election, 'l'hus, before he can be railed upon to act, ha will be free to follow hit wtthet, which he declares to ba lor the reunion. Where is the issue, then, with himt What is it the friends ol the measure call upon him to do that he will not be ready to perform I and that, too, with a discretion and success which, perhaps, no other living statesman could secure. . ? . ? ? We have stated the on/y objection of Mr Van Bureu to the treaty. Is that a valid objection 7 We confeaa wo think so, as it induced lie to change our petition in referonce to it. We were reluctant to do so, of course; but the fact of the war, which we regarded in our first article aa a mere paper war, being established by the armistice, which we hail forgotten, obliged us, out of respect for the honor of our country, in which its true interests are involved, to change our riewt of immediate action without the rnnapiit nf Mi'nirn which th?? pvistincr cirr nmitunrM r?n dared neceaiary. This most extraordinary and important article establishes several strong points. First, that "Mr. Van Buren's only objection to the treaty" (such are the words) is that tfie "existing armistice" is an "acknowledgment" on the part of Texas, that "they they have not complete title to the soil?that they are not yet redeemed from Mexican dominion"?and have therefore "estopped themselves from conveying Texas to us." Second, that "with the expiration of the armistice this estoppel ceases ; and the only d\ffirulty Iup vested by Mr. Van finrrn is removed." Tnird, that this "armistice," in the opinion of the Globe, is a "valid objection," and the only reason that "induced us (the Globe) to change our position in reference to it" (the treaty)._ "The armistice, which we had forgotten, obliged us (the Globe) to change our views of immediate annexation," dsc. Here, then, we have the explicit declaration of the Globe that as soon asthe "armistice" shall expire, all "difficulties" and "objections," on the part both of Mr. Van Buren and of the Globe, will be removed, and they will then be ready to go far "immediate" annexation. Having now nailed and clinched the Globe and Mr Van Buren to these positions, I have only to add. what I wrote you yesterday, on the authority of the Texian ministers, and from President Houston's own hand, that no armistice ever had an existence at all And the reason whv it never had an existence was the very fact that President Houston would not "acknowledge (in the words of the Globe) that Texas is not yet redeemed trom Mexican dominion, and that they have not complete title to the soil, and thus estop themselves from conveying it to the United States." The Globe is now hound, " out of respect for the honor of our country, in which its true interests are involved." to make Somerset No. 3. and Mr. Van Buren is bound to make Somerset No. 1. and both come out ptomptly and boldly in favor of immediate annexation. Mr. Blair complains of an "abscess in his ear," but it is probably an "armistice." He complains of "forgetting the armistice " He should learn hereafter not to forget what never existed. There were two meetings of democratic members last evening?one in relation to annexation, and (tie other in relation to adjournment. In relation to annexation, many ojunions were expressed, but nothing concluded on. fa relation to adjournment, no t mm was agreed upon ; but the opinion seemed to prevail that Congress could nor adjourn before the lOf/i of June?and from all 1 can learn there is no good ground to believe it will ad)ourn before that day, it it does then. S. B. Washington, Sunday, May 12, 1844. A caucus was held latt night by the locos. There was a great deal of jarring hi.d quarrelling and fighting, and finally they broke up after informally agreeing to adjourn two days before the Baltimore Convention, ih> 25th inst I think it (jiiite likely they will adjourn then. The longer they stay to gethrr the more they will quarrel. Mr. Archkh, in secret session, moved to exjiel Tappan, tlie amiable and pure christian, lor (tending nut copy of the Treaty to the "Evening Poet." Tappau took up his hat arid sloped. He is to be severely censured for violating the oath of secrecy; not expelled The Senate are discussing whether they shall discuss the Treaty with open doors or not?the quibble is on the wording ol the resolution. T presume it will be done openly?if so, you will have a report of the whole. Jay by day. I snail go to the Baltimore Convention on the 27th and send you a full account. All will be stagnant till tlien. Alter that, look out for squalls from all quarters. Van Buren, Stewart, Dodge and Case, are the names. Woodbury is coming out with a letter in favor of annexing Texas instantly. (& The Mayor of Philadelphia has offered a reward of $1000 for the apprehension of the i>erson or persons who fired St. Augustine's Church. The body of an Irishman was found yeBlerday afternoon among the ruins in Cadwallader street, Kensington. Sales of Stocks at Philadelphia. Kiiut B<><nn, May 13?139 ?h? Wilmington, 18$, $3100 do li'a'58. ?7; $6000 ilo Sft, $8000 Heading It K Bond*, 71; $3000 do bftf 71; $I00U do tfif 71; $1000 .Vg, 77$, $7000 do 77$; A aha Louiaville Uk, s7f, I3H Oirard Bank, ?f; $'700 State A'i, 70$; $1000 Lehigh fl'i, IS4A, 37$. 34 shares tiirard Trust, 31 , iooo Lehigh 6'a, IS4A, 38 : 30 shares I S Bunk, 9$; $7000,8101* A a, 77$ , AO ahare* Union Dank, Tenn, 01$ , loo do Wilmington, bAf, 10. C.ATKST SOt/TIIKHtl SHIP ItKWI Piiii.aui i i-hia, May 13.?Arr t'rn Seott, Shaw, and Kran cei, howler, NYork; John Mention, Albany. It <i t imoki. vi?< 11 - Arr Lodi, Nlekerson. Boston; Joa B Ich. Ilil'ert, do; Jidin Dniilap, Ililtiinl, from Wt Jolina, PR; Si r. Surdieor. N York?Denmarka, Davit, do?Tat all, Oibha, Providence?Kli/ It Rebecca, thmi. Cld? K.roilv, P* fkina. I.agu tyra?kmma, l ute, New York. SI MMKK ARKANGEMKNTS. II LOO Ml .NOD Al,K, MANHATTANVILLK. AND KOIIT W ASHI NOTON LINK OK 8TAOKH. ? hare to Manhallanvilje 12k centa?Kort j^WKT3^"4IIWaihington 25 crnta. Tim Line will com? IMii "ASt-a^...enre i.ii.nin. on Saturday, May 4th, 1144, aa I' li"?< :? Leaving Man! atlanville, at t n'elnrk A. M . and cnntinoa running every linnr nntil 7o'elork P vl Leavini New York, corner of Tryon How and Chatham at. two iloora raat of the Harlem Railroad Office, at 7 o'clock, A. M , and conliune raniiiuk every hoar until I P. M Stngei leaving hurt Wna'aingtnn tor 1'itv Hall. 7A M and Ilk, I P M , 3H, * and ?'?. Staara leaving < ity Hall for $ or t Waahiagton, 9 A. M., II and I I' M.> 3. 4 and6. Theie Stag-A paaa on the route Reed'a Hotel. Buruham'a Man ion Houae, ilrphan Aavlurn and Lunatic AayLim. Siricker'a Bay. Ahtrey Hotel, trinity ? hurch Uetnetry, Hinh BnCge to Kort Waahincton B MOOIIK, mt lm*rc I'ronrietnr. YORKVItTl.h ASTORIA. HKLLOATh Kh.RRY. UAVKNSWOOD AND SlK.W YORK HTAUKS ,?t _ , _ Will co >.mence running on Monday. May jJpsrapwjta?api, iaii, a? lollowa :? wliy"ait>>ay Leaving Aitorin, at 7,1,9, and II o'clock, .< vi , i. 4. i M4 anu 7 P. M I. , I' ihaia aireet O'pmi'e I'ity Hall, at T, 9. 14, lad u ..'clock I <1 I 1 I. A 5 and 7 o'clock P M Thia Stage will cnil lt?r | an?e'gera at 20 B>iw,ry. conar ol Cell erect <n'i ?t Hat.rd'a Yorkti'le. All baggaga at thn owner'a nth (In 'he arriv-l ol th- alag- at Ait' ria, it ill im mediate! v tie in leauineaa lor conveying pavaengeri to Ravraa wo'si oid l ong lal oiil harms, h'a'e I2tg cei, ta. Mors a and W utona to let. LKWIR k CAKTKK, inH I in ee I'repr leturi si mm, ft AltifAStif.MKNf NEWARK AM) NEW YORK KAHK ONLY ltd I CENTS I'lll. VI W A Ml UU/IL'T ,TL AMt'll llAjanUf CAPTAIN JOHN tr'aKKY, 00 On i"il after Monday. V?y |3 will ran u Mr - -I^*j-nJPf"tlow?:?Leate I fwnrt, foot of t cnrr* tt. ?t jBmwJKJEbIS * mhI IS ' M. Crarc N>w York. tool 111 lim n, it m in A. \1 nn?< 4 P. M. On Hiiadayi? Lenye Newark at I A M. and JP M. and N-w Ynr? at 10 A >i and 4 P. M. Krruni carried at tcry reasonable ratra. May 10?h, 1044 inllrc jAfc KOK I,ON UUN-H^oiar Packet ol th? jy Ma? Tlie hrti-elau, f-ut ainu*. ?lnp Mo.NTRb.AL IKNbY.. (i. 1 inkrr, master, will aaii a? ahoyn, her ictnlar 'I'Iip accnramod tiont for cabin. Id cabin, and nteernan paal icnarn, arc eery ?0|cnnr, and aa a number of her bertna ara already TOKaacd. i?r?oua .uicoo 'nr tii rmbark thoald ina^a aarly application to jOHKI H MeMURRAY, oi4rc me at. coraar loalk, N. Y

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