Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1844, Page 4

May 14, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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?OAKD IN WiMU HTKEKT. PLEASANT KOOM* ?i.h Ji?w??UI fas -oMiidm! itNi t go. dtuast. .. >U hoarding. * r IT t OPRTLAhDT 8 TKliKT ?Tb't ntablithme, A hjv4t reo-^ily be u take.i 'u lease is Due ready is i rsiresugle geu huieu or ( millet who may with i>-rmieri Uoirrl. ?i'Ii <?miuiinile a><aitiuttils. Kuquirt i>f M ? (Jer \o 1' < Ouriiauiit turn. sM Iru* rn IlKHOVAL JAMES LITTLE,. DRAPL'H A NO T A 1?VI Ft' ,* Hat r moved troru 24i Hudson 'to IMViwhdway. ml J HUM , KKMUlVAJL.i Dki J HK1NK. has removed lo J#- rtn.yur afreet. Iiatvr.r Chatham *nd Centre nrreu, wh-rdhe continue! tstfrcoi tailed no eh - vanoat bruicura of ins profrtaios. m hii uatu (the Urrirmn). r Knghth lannuag-i m> Im*ir .-tJlEMOVAL. WA fVlF.llBV Importer ?f Krraeh Embroideries an Kaucy Uoodi, lots removed J om r^o. 4ft to 87 l?e*ver si op osile ujrte mB Ht'rc * kemuval npHOMAH VVAKNKK, Attorney ar-cl Counsellor at Law A has removed hu utf-? to No 1* Liu Hall Plata, corur f Dwne street hP3I im'cc KJSMOVAL. JB H'l'OUVENKL, Im, oiter mid Dealer in Wines'li I'rT die., >?' olisalo and ; tuform# hl? fr H'da and th pu i1 th p lie has mmuved his establishment from 21- Ann Vt pi ri /. I. ?t"ei H i .vile* lovers of Ot>. il tV.nes to visit li ceil* , ?li i"'Ii"y will al liud a a ? st?u? supply uf B?n d-ms vv i n, lima. ku<*. Chants, itfue, Madeira o*t, ai.d oth> ?uod VV't e... Healj 'imp ts Ab yuthe Kirsctn nwasst r, ?c il ihe li ?. Ii a. * in 8wiir?rl nd. All rdr del r, ere d frtu i cli me to Smi> s bv the itallnu or doteu holies. \lr B 8 wdl am ud to bottling wine fur any on* wh in.i. di-ai'r M? tern a, ni7 lin-m REMOVAL. Mltd carrolls medicated vapor AM AULFHI'H BATHS, \s 11 be removed. the lint of Mat liroin Conrtlaudt street, to 3-rJ Broadway, two doom above ill City Hospital, wheie ahewill ba happy to see her friends an pnlroi ( ai'23'f i? re '7IO(OFFKK AND~?PICK viANUVactuukhsa Label* printed at I'r m SI t" 60 roup, pet WHO TO SUAe" AND CANDLE MANUKA t'J'^e 1' iucv Labels for boa's, of Family Soap, prirled iu tw coin ?. 'or $ 0 iiei 0110, Handsome Plates euurtvtd f r $8 To b LAC KINO AND INK m AN' k act V U.ER8Labels piloted at from 4" to75 cents ta r WO at II. HENIMINO'S Xvloxvaphic Press, ml I in*re M Maiden Lire. ^OTIC'.^?d onsiituees iii March-mil e per ship Desd inoni ?N I at l Chtlds fro'n Liverpool. will i Iras' send thai p i Slits on hoard (he ship at f lot of t arlisleit"et, N. K , or to th oHi e of th suhsr-iber, with lit delay. All iron' s not p ranl te i ii tive.days, must unavoidably b? s?ot pi tie public srore. m 13 life JOHN HKKDM AN, 61 Soulhtf. ni- PROPRIETORS of~"th7~<LINTON BIiO'l |?SM) SHOE .VI ai.KK r. rrri 'Ctfullv infort i tbei uumerim cns'rraers and 'he pnfclie generally, that the; Aw li*? e ism leeii P eir stork <> B ? !", Sim's, Oaiters, tac Ate from the old maud at ihr corner of tlmiil and Hndsoi sloets i" IBS CANAL sure", between Hudson and V.rici streets, when thev ire selling ee-ry thil g iu the ti n t and Sho< line ch p r tnau ever Dont turret the nsnie nd on or or A 1th flX It CO , ni3 lm#rc Hk> ' anal street | boots and shoes. Ji lal'les and gentlemen. ALL ' v H > > i .Alt .lieabove articles and v.ish tosr... m> h d bet er lose no tire in "nlHiiy it1, trie fushiouabis Bon Shi e M "e? A F SA1 COR, Not ldl'X and 161 (Jr-'ivn atrn svoeie all rnuv .mi th inseivea with an urticlr that ;i s,ty i or ke i.i? ii n nod finish carnal be >0"ii.i dorpe U 'l 't'l i u n " J*. I'. g? o ap "rua m o.irticuhtr ihoae luili's sedgeumuieu w h > < <>?? >it n'tin" liooi or g&itcr <n indtapenanbl ani '* P ih- vt (U -eor/e of nil within the hta'i nnmlr 'h, t>0'i r 61 <*r mwi h.sir ri are the orly plates in New Yoi thev ran dope un h .tigr? f : N. e- and iiur-ei' Gpffefs, bhcea, Sic , always o ha il in ri d'en* i . j?ty. ir?" In tnu:?b<r 60si and 101 Greenwich strw-t t i'i Jm* c LOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE _ A Large .itsnr uient ul the above named V articles may lie h il at the Manul'iciurers J D pot, >(1. 2611 Pearl street Ann up tbi se on n uu uii JW 6a t?iuu(1 in particular the I'ollowii g viz: Mr s'sulu?' Kip tieg d Bouts Meua'and Boya'Thick Brogan D i do '? and -ml do Do do Kip Pegged do IJ i un Pump Sole do Do do 8<wed do Do do Halt'Welt d> Do do ' alf do do Do do do Half do Do do Pi-gged do I) i ('alt 8ew-d do Do do Pump S le do Do ntouttVaged do Do do Ooai and Seal do ind a K' a' vaiiety of Women's Missrs' and Children's Bni kins. It oie s Slippers, kc kc I'tggncl end Srwed, tngethi wi li a ge.ernl asoir ui-nt of Palin Leaf and negliorn Ha s. Coui.'ry m Tch<nls and nthi riare mritrd tocrll acdexamini All told low for cash or citi acreptances UALK U CO., No. 360 Pe rl at., 7 lm*m I:nitrd Stales Hotel Building. N. Y. YOY A OK 'I (?"VARDTusToitTS IN r UKOPib. ASI \ND Ab'KICA, IN Tilt McDlTKKUANfcAN. Afirstclass veuel. with superior accooimod tint KjjjyV f"r passengers,will be dispatched as aoove on nrahot IIUb'L 'Oih pro* inr, tone bin* at the Azores or Wetiet IhI nd?, thsup acceding to Gibraltar, thnics to Malta, wbei Mrdit rr.iiin.) pilntj v. ill be tik-n ilierce to Athens and t! Oteciau lamnds. thence to Const,ultinni-l-, where tnepiiscipt of the out ward cargo w, II be disputed of. from thence I feui d' s and the Ituins of nucient 'irov.ihenct to Kinyru Scio, Samoa, Kbudei, Cyprus, Tyre Sidon, Ca?sar:a, an J'?< pa, where th<; v?tiel will rem tin a tcfft tie 11 time to enabi paaa-ngers to visit leras Vein, iheu retitrn <lown the.Me lite laceau via. kgvot, Tiipoli and Syricuse, and if time will pe init, and the n iDaire it the irnise may he extended I Messina, Nil 1-a. < iviti Vrcc'vio lh-< sesp rl 01 Horn-, tlieni to Cora'ca, Kltm, Leghorn, Genoa, Nice. Marseille! and Hoc loua, touching for snpplies a' Tangier and Madeira, and tnkii the a.> >iheru passage. across the Atlantic, making if d' sired brief sinp at. Charlsnion, rt C. to laud passengers and the effects, and thence to tins p >rt 'I he voyage will probable o cupf about 7 men lis, curing which time much vnlurble en mere al and other mfnrnia i oi tniv lie ac'inn-il: alro highly- i lerstiugia ineta of cariosities tie may he collect-if Th pi no r igpedttioa. projected lor itie I urpose of (ipruiug tie' avenues to- trade between the old and nctv world wi djubt'tis he one of prcft. -as well ua of jileasui iii the |ivh*i i{r., all ol wnoui D>'?nh?s tci-ic pro< id with cv-ry possible comfort a il cnineiiicuc" to tc ouod u board i f a h>i11>. will ti? ullowt-d to tike wit:i ihei the riui*' toutd. a certain q la'ititv of saleable gmds 11 dispot ol by I) rcror tthcrwise. whith priei eoe if imiir..veil wi prnb ii IV J irlJ a profit aitfficirui to netrlv or quite cover tl pne? of p<m age The coarse t" eath passenger, pr vuled Qlfic oat number offe a iu * nsou, will uotexc ed the u.uil : P u e. o' a geotlrtnau : a-.tiiig t ftummariu *ar tog i or N ingsr i Ii w tfeunir v tali to arail'h-uia lre>of lilt favorali OMi'ortoni'V I r anj tiring prat trcal commercial knowledge ai visi'ing i he Holy La d nod uianvotlier | laces of important loth studem. the man of p easur" end of business, will plea mare i-ittly ipe.ieiitioti, a* the ii?e of the veaii 1 to be employ < u ihe r i\~ge will dtp-nil in a measure up iu the Dumoer wl c m-forward early nd engage imi ge. Jh-company will I select. a< il will t?a famished wilh evirv possible informant respecting ih" artiabs moat saleable at th poita intcudrd to I vi I'ed, an"'he o otl advisable investments to be made in r turu. Kor f eight or piaa ge, appl i to ml2 2o*ec S/tn'L IV. UK WEV, 109 Front at. PLElMNT A NO i'HKAp "X U'lSIONS. SIL'MMKH .IHRAJfOEMENT. NEW BHD fill' N, I'ORl ill H viu.vl). (STATEJ l-Ll'0.|k NEW i OH K KERRY, From Pier No I North Kiver, foot of itstierv Place. ..*M The rtrain <rit HINUKREL'.A, will rn fi ifiwa. dtily:?Leave. N?w Y''J m 'Aim^mmSkmmSLrn 11 o'clock A II , at 3)g and fi '. M. Leaves P it iliilnnoud, at YUnuuutvs to k. and 10 mii;ute.t t 10 A. Vi.; at I, and 4)4 1' .VI Lei vet New Br grit n. at a and 10 A M.: at 1)4 *"<15 P M. On tiqdav ?Leiv-s Sew Yolk, at II A. M ; at J and r. >i Leavra ott Richmond, at 20 minute. to H.tuid 10 A -VI. at 1 and 5 P. M. New In k, May 8, 1844 reyll 6mre NEW EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY. Fare $1? be the 50 cents De'k fim. . itSacae^ am the aud Splendid rlermboat NEV p*y i q^VpL^^JI iUKY. Part 11 H Furey will have th Ji " wlim | rr foot of Barclay street (north siJe) o Weduesday e.emng, I5:h in taut, at ?ryen o'clock ' egular days from .Near York, Mondays, Wednesdays an Fridays ; Iron A.baay. i'resdays. Thursdays aid Saltirdiy< The New !>r.ey has bc-a rebui t and r.mudrlled, ai.d li.te up in ihe best possible m tuuer. .-h?he? a 'argendin'er of eh gant State, . la'g-and t ommo liuus Pr m-nade Deck, Ladies' Saloon with sleeping accoininodatious 'or HrO psisnna a oil eitrusi'e and ai'y I at oiii Alt tge'her, sh* la- ?le pio accommodations for nearly 70# persons Her draught of w i is lig't, to that she will alw ys be ab:e to rross the Lars will fUt detention nr tram hi lucent ml llmTe PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. jgQl DAILY, excepted?Through D (gpsr* mi 7 P M., I com the Stevinbo&t Pier b< CourtUndt *|H Liberty streets. The sUMinbtat KN|C KKHBOCK KH, CnyUici A. P. 8 John, Mood y, weduc?*ay and Kridar evening', at 7. The Alee to 'Oat ItoCHe^STKK. Captain /v Houghton, c Taenia**, Thnradar *a<i &*tiir*tny fcvni"g?. a' 7. \r Kiveo'el.'C k r. M.?Landing ?l Inieimed Ate Places;** 'Che Stetunhf-ii COLUMBIA, Ca?'laiL - *, Puesdu: rhui?Ua> and Snturdny ev outfit, at 5 P. M The "tejimbf?at i UH 1*18 PfcCK. Captain W H. p^J Monday, W dnexday, Friday and Sunday e%tnlogs, nt Pa Ms Pa?K n:ter? taking this line of boatc will arrive m Albany i vn 'vine to take the Moruiug Train of Car* for thepn?t t W??lil ^"The rtbove Bo?iu are new an?1 ubstaniial. ar? turnuhe with uvw uni fifgrun State K?oiiu, auk for speed and uccon tnodaliori are umivaliel on the HiiiUoq KorjtaMage or freight. Apply on board, or to P. C. Hchnltx? the nflletou the wimri ,?nl3 h ALBANY 11 A Y LINE . AT 7 O'CLOCK, A M wAegJT FOR ALBANY and li.ltirmediate Lam A s5>?A^'".''A~.-..ff* and spleml d ?ten mhoi ? kM?a??UTH n. iIKKICA.' ai tain vl h Iruei dell, fvi.llt-.vr th" tie J in boat pier loot of Kdbmson street, o Satu d?v cnoriiiug* ?.ay i? h, ,vt 7 o'clurL K,,r (mm '?*. applI on b 'nril mllrc MM jd ALBANY DAV I.IN K r Albany an ffl.?i ?t. nnedme Laud<ugv at to'clorl SLidULA VI ?1 lie II'M * Hi CO Hill.. 1|?.,t ml.,,; mi in ... KH'A, I'apuia M II ?rWrll, wd )- ,ve , of Kobinvmi afre-l, on.VIondiy, Wedneaday and brill, morn inn* at 6H o'elot h 'I hr SOU t II V>1KK11 A will leave AHnny for Nm Y< I and inir'm",'late latitlmif*. ev-ry liteaday, I'nnrad.y a, Watn ilav ni .iniiiKi, at b^a o'clock. m8|f rut. IN Via IB LIS WIG ou cloaaly rcaamblea the real head i nau thatKeptaea i hJ eonnoiaaenra hn*e pronounced it the mm. perfect and Ira .liar-, inventi ,. , f the dn y The erem advantage of i.| no I nd unnjue wiK ia iu bfiu* made without eewinn w->ving which c.inaee it* apiearaiicre to cloeely to ra??rnl trie hair, liotli in liphtueae and natnml appearance, na ,|*fv it-,act u,n, III let tore heiim ?o beautiful, ao poronannd - I t HI di rate* <.f peripimtion ev apnratmu ta iinunpcdi ,, ateat ,.v,la of other ivnii entirely avoided, i'heacepl and roum.lav it vie alike invited to map-ft llna novel mil bea tilni Wit, and the peculiar method of fitting the head, at t* a A C. B* wy.lH Broadway. ooner of Lipar MM ve-i-.x. ipIU iiw ee GENUINE TEAS, WHOI-KSALh, A.NU RKTAIL. THE C A X T 0 V TEA CUMPA.Vl ruiNt;iPAL, sTOHt in Chatham HT., N. Y, tiraneh Slorrt, 818 Hle.cker Hreet, New IV*. dfil Grand etreil,n*ar Suf/olk, H>l Grrenwuh, near Pulton. III! Fulton tlrerl, Hrooktyn. ilnt, Corner of Main' and llonlon tln-t, Patterson, NAnd *l> North Fifth street, Philadelphia. INVITE I H- ATTH.V |M\ OK I I i > ad , ()U> I fit V KAMI LllC.i AND I'UKI IIAHKhS to il,e,r .e,ei -a'ahlieh Client., where they think will Iw found by tar the t>? a-lacti.oie ol pure and undnltereled i'eaa in the Unite I Hint. The IIII,vernal p pulariiy nod renown of then honae Wl reference t > luwh rju ihtiea, low price and upright de ding, t,..i well unde.atood to render limber cmntneinta were ... Origital and only Warehoneea for the eale ol llowiua'a Uln I ev "Ohaerv- ' tjtranf-ra will be particular to rein-ml t> unmher >.( tl?e*l atore in Chatham aireet, vi* : I between IVirl and Hoarveti atreela, Th* p?blic willalan -d to uae notla*. ihat ilia Canfoo Tea < cmpany have i ro do With any ntfwu at,we. ear. pt liioae draeritied nl I tot thta adva^tla^>mel, apM 1ni*.< PHKNtX- HOKHK BAZAAR. ? SO 18* JAXi m MEMOJU*STREET, NEXT TO BLEECKER STREET art The 11*1 AUCTION SAL* nt 1 I a wdl i?k? <*< * ciftViihaMit, TUKSDAY l ' \ A am 30, .miimoiwiro at el'voii o'clock, with Cm r.ajir. lur mi s*itdioiy. &c., a?? o"'1 ?"eoiid luiut. " At itoVlock, will ce offered catalogue o I ?ery npcrior Hi'BH ? . . . , _ CutVinrji n the coautry h??utc iwoporty to di*po?e of -iiti'f t public or privet* lie. will h*y- their order* foithfalh At* ci d d to. Ai f'.irk'f Sale?50 fin? young cin-ntry horiei, kind and aouud jint i" from the western oort ef'.be State; two superior mitred i?ir?ol Bay Horses, ? fiu?!??ir of Brown Horses, rleudid pair of Bay ? " > <?* Hoo?. a pair of Bright Sorrel Hone. young ?ound. kihd and ?ery frit trotters. Also, several very (iue raiiele Hor??? Alio, at private tale, two very r.aoiWma 11 ockavray Wagons, and a numter of new and arrond hani Bnroachec and Light r w ago up. Hsraai taken at Livery, Tit Pent in reperior style. Accomuiod ilium for daalrrt' hor*t, ia stables nnsorpitsted by any e?i ibliihment of tee itt-ii rn the l.'nilad States ?T? >RAOfc? Vehicle! of ail rte?e-irt:oa fakiu on storage in i ! the jnd couveo ent r?po?itoryo? the ettabUahmrnt . ' wt" Utend oei?oua|iy to all orders for hayic; . j and lelliug It n-s I All per? .in ieiling prnpernr at thia eatabluhicent inay rely I npou he*u.g a raus hccocht ?? aire r-n<!ered, and the yru. imoi/mt ok rHuiiLfcO! will, in all cat"!, te paid promptly in Curia, t ui-nav. i tie ?ULNA of tnn <l?hli?lnnwt n (mil on an entirely new ?a<: uiom come lent plan, btiny detached from th? inaio j l> Aiding ana si b e, rnv not inrr.t'ering in the luut with IU : irtety Viit 1* horses going ont or minir? in on the day of sue 1 Clotsn le * | At all th-r time* the Arena ' k?rt entirely clear, and rer_ I aervee f r tie in nuiii > ( on of crate horse* anu those on " -ale itftordiug isvcrj lacility lor e*. rc-i**, > <ioiuir act showing ' tot.'* COWAN ANfl LMLKm, .( | ?I2 lm*ec Proprietor*. LADIES~ S TUAI r H A 7 \S\ -r^V ('AM KINO, till-Will ..IIown nil wlib'alci! Kirst naAji'r-iiiium I toe m auil 8.taw Ha. Maauf<Ciurrr, rr*p;-ctull> inloruslh <adie? of New \ orh null 11?TiciA y, lie Si a* 0'i liiio) a larg end aihiocable js oiiiih'A of St aw if Hals, viz :?Tun in, Birds K> II cry I'ouib, Alb->t, i'aliut | DuusuMis, Rutland*, Pedal* Itice Straws, Neapolitans ami ! ' \e.pulil n L ice of veriou* patten,*, cot to ve (quailed A d cill at1 art K.ic?'*, No. 17 Division sheet, will ccuviucs tl.e . public of Hie lad "I N. B?A speudid and fashionable ossoumoit cf rich Peril | Ribt'iiu*. m (I Hin* in - i J AIM KS LACY, ? ; D 11 A PE R A ND T A IL O R , - . 03 JOHN 8TKKKT, NEAK WJLLIAM* , HON 1 \ UES c<> in kr up Gt*ntJrni?*ii'* Uh menu of?up*r?or v-' workiiiau?ii>p. riuU in ih?r mon lakhi "tidbit* t le. at ununai' ' low | re es. ills s'ock ufuovd* comprise* n jftiirrai *><>iiinenc - 1 of MiK'ish at d Kient h Cloi.hs, CassimnvA uu<? Vestm*** to * I winch he woulJ solicit (he atteotio.* of peullefoeu before r poxciMsiiitf 'Usl received ad extensive ms. rtiiw tuf * I SPliJSO AND Sl/.VIMER GOODS. l' i ^oosiatintr ol mAJ cup m iv and laahioiMbl" style of icoodsto be Innnd in ihe market. Alio, Olhcei out*, r ady made and made : I to order 0"TKKM6 CaSJJ ON JI'AIVEkV. pi mi lin'tc MAKTKLLE & IKILDERM AN, 37 Maiden Lane, maou actureis and i r p r>er* f oru me .'al hail work, wigs, i outers, haini , cart*, seam*, B.ndeau hair, aud all kind of lm r i work*, wholesale aud retail. I N It ? 1 lie it id? i uppl ed ou reasonable lernts. mlJ loi*rc NOTICE. THE CASH TMLOKiNG ESTABLISHMENT, 127 A Kultnii ? re t.?M u. 8 N OFORn havi a old hi- entire I .uick to W.\l. M A'fTHH 88t>N ?i.| cmtnue to atiei.o to , I Hi i utiiug dr. aitus m, and solici t ie pa ron-ge of In* t 'rnier I utt lue * md ihe puld c to Ins ? ell kuowu e?Ubii,Iinie?t uett doct p. the Herald ' III e. ? lb men w ist.iini 'o purcha'e Barmrnt., cfgood materials, well undo a d la* riully reaso able rates, *uul.: uo well v to call ai d x iiune t..t cioi.e and well selected assortment cf * ri?.g g.'ud., tunable fsi ilieir .ear ' I o, Ouuiit uk , cuusistii g of Shirts. Drawers, 8ca'f?, ' Gi .ves, C.avits, ri . udkrichiets, Stupe den Uu.brelUs, Ike Pn a?u leuieru .er io rail at. and rec llet l h- number, 1*7 r niton ntst lo Her .Id Office, in 12 lin'er W.vl. M \T 1 HIE -HON. k ' fToTu ANII SILVER Kr KlNhllt AMI AS.-AiUlOS ^ dk.TAL8.-B r Isold, Old Gold and Silver, Jeweller's u , and Siliersinith's Bweepiuis bought by A llAKNARD, Office 1 Wall stteel, Works 241 Mercer it. Kine Gold, Rolled Silver I'latink, Brass nud Plnied Metal, * , rnatanflT im lined *?i3rfi*n? 1 t* *i'i|i| oi-OlV.,. >1 i :. I... r..i ,.i ? ..i I ' about liltv tons bail!) a, is Tor sale Sne is a new ictioo* jar ringed yacht, copper-fastened, wr I founu. and a remark ably y usl sailer She can be seen at Manhattan Island, Ury Dock rtant h mr in the day Apply to Mr. JOHN H VBR, at James ' * ! Hen Silo's net Water?!'??' *15 Ch i ON THE CURE OF -TRICTURK. TN AKURMLK v0VJs.Il L'lSUMENT ON STHIt-TUIlK. 1 1 in net. paiis was takru to en; lain its nature?'he |il?l(| which were mistakeu tor it?its consequence aud its cure? also the fact tha. Stricture frequently e>ists in tuose who arc ,r unt lu the least aware of it. 1 hose, however, uccupv out too I much space, the following renia.lts Will be confined to certain f i ircuinsiaiicet which will enable out to judge whether he has | this compliant or no, nntl its proper means of cure. Amung other thiu s it was rem rked.that it was by no mean: necessary that th. stream of urine should be obstructed, or even _ ! uiuch diminished, mac se of stricture; this, indeed, occurs in i, bad nod long established cases, but stricture may exist for months and eveu years without producing any linking change i< ! ,n this respect. Neither is it necessary there should be puin, or it any thing d rcctieg the attention to the tiatot this nisease. n I'aiu. certainly, is now ana then complained of, but it is only re ' win n inflammation happens to be superadded; aid, v. ith rei* ! card to othe, effects, especially of early cases these arc observed il i .o.l ill upon the inindauu nervous system, rather ihau the part ifo I self Thereare,however,threecircuiostiiiceswhich moatpeculti. | arly belong to stricture,and,especially when they meet u gether, I 1 should neves' be lust sight of, but lead to iuimtdiate means oi ie I cure Many other symptoms might be mentioned, but most of i- > these belorg to other maladies as well , or rela'e tostrictn-e in its r- I more advanced and settled form, while the following tores beto | long to stricture in iu en..Jv stage, and when it is s? easily mid ;e | ceruviuly removed 'A'he tirst of these relates to e 1'HS iVIannkh OF liam?rIno.?it uas been already said ig the stream u ed not be much diminished ot impeded, but what a 1 is to lie obseived is in- peculiar way iu which it finishes, if i ir I should happen, after the clothes are rc-udjusted, that a drop or c le/n should steal itt.iv. so us Lu wet a little, this, tri/iim/ :is i: n- may scm, wuuld tlford a rtroug suspicion. Not that tins Urup a- or two can proceed front no otH-r cause trlntrreri bat, curiam ih j Iy, no sirtrture can ?*-st without it. The cert u n i i HI i'lHt s KOIlMMt triiKUKIIHUi Ml I HAVE Kl.T'lalNet. i; ' Uncus so.?A gonorrhoea, though not the only, is byiart..e r I moil frequent cause ot stricture It it not itt icvniiy 10 rnucl, (I I ,*til.- ifnUT.1 of now to cioety itox* ouf iu?ve imtMiui a' 1 it to be lonsidered Neit'.er is it possible iu every case to uta-i ui ; now lom; tint may coutinae without producing Stricture, fo e j .'Of i? naturally more disposed to btneture Chun another. II, II floweret, it should have continued from six to rutin week*, ve | thiBleinttlioltiiueatieast would at.eugthen a_iT othor suapta ciotu circumstance. flic third is i 1 I'm. Kkkkct a Mtuict una. h vs urorr tiik Mini).?Noth?. i lag in <*ore certain th in that the ejiect f Stricture is to depress le the nuriu turd to lessen mental energy. Not that thia u comill j pLamrd of iu the same degree by every individual, but it u at e dromon, iu uue degree or other, that lite witter rarely sees ve j \ caie til Stricture iu which the patient does not observe that sd he ii not 10 active, or capable of business as formerly. Thi? ? > iIbo ii a i.riom effect; though little uiideritood, bruit is uu lie | qnastiouably true, ludeed whoever t. 0 uaturai cou 11 ucctioii ol" 11,ind aud sexual organs, will ea?tly imagine that, as re | there it a medium by tvinch the nurd so powerluli> acta upon e- cues." organs, so, through the *.wn." mediniu the eaxual uiga .1 | re-act upou the niiud. '1 hi* however ii better explained 11, I 'The I'rivate 'i'reaine" of the author, a little volume wuich u - ier.t to utauy parti of the world. A* he cure cl' Stricture p:oceedi,ton activity of mind invariably returns. With respect to The Cure of tslticime? tins, it is gralifytugt' V (tare, is fti'ueraliy accomplished iu very little tune, end without puia , r incouvenieuce .Noilnnu cau excerd the un< roveui. u; of late years in the treatment ol tins compl int. Indeed, 111 the u | 'lauds of p.operand experienced persons, the cure of Stricture d is now accomplished ia as taauy days as formerly it deiaaudei inoutha Many 1 tasous consult the writer who come uu bus,, u 1 ueas to this city for a short tiuiu only Put retain perfectly j urrd, though it lias b.en a source of trouble aud anxiety lor ,?irs.Toitiow' wuo cauuot I are their homes the write, lur-iiib et his own peculiar iBMoa o. cure, togmher With his "i'rivati ; j Tre tise " which has .111 1 f r sln.y 1 n .pter, giving every tufor | formation on the suuject. nod wrilteu iu the plain. St manner I l>r. ilalph taaca LUIS . ,i|<vttiuul) o? saying Uial he may 0'. - contullcd ou the various <Jis?air# referred to in Ins 'fnvab 1'realise"?at Ins dwelling house, No Sk Greenwich street it any hour; and, in consequence of Ue snnibu of preteudes ,' and books ofquackcry which infest this city, he deems it pr.?per to ma ethe fulluwiug ilaiemt ut,ds-a laliilaclory ground ol , confidence to strangers fit-sides his rank as Gradual.' jf Kdiuburgh, Ike. Sec he has been eugaged in the ,1 cure of these diseases, both in Hospital anil city prac, lice, for more thnn 'thirty years, and has published j tnree editions of a work eipremslyon thorn Also that he liar .. letters trum the most eminent Physicians in fciurop* to the most ;1 eminent in America?as Sir Asliey Cooper of London, to Ut j Mutt, of New York ; Ur fhyaick, of I'btladelphia, oudotncis . and that iie is permitted to refer 10 olmo.tavery rhysiciitn of r eminence in this city The " Unvate '1 rvatiie" is SI. AJ, 1 dress Ur Haiph, ten . 8k Greenwich at ap2l Uu'jX - j MEDICAL NUTlCh WHLN Celsus treats of the diteasei of the aexual organs he lure entering upon me subject, he apulogize* lor the 111 decency of tiu subject, as il a medical man could ne reproached ' fir 100.lin g .'itt 1 lug humanity. A w.ll might besvid that there were irdrccut ihings iu . anatomy 1 ouxhi u t to that 1 should iu my turu, be 1 iccu-ed f I in in rality H .v,i,g f. 1 several 1 r.r* e.uufinrd rnyj ie I to .lie tr. .tint 1 t .f these .uiect'on , and luvc.ligaied ti.u ' > vanou. inetlu ds of tr ntmei.l, the iiqult h .1 le i me to ado t a , mode, the uf wli ih 1. well known to th >.e who have lia asmn 10 p ace ile'tuse Ives nndei my care All the bad ? ?Inch gen- ally I tlnw tr.e o.d nidlicd 01 treaimeut.suchai Itheu ,?tism Atf c lolls 111 ihe lln. es, Ulcria I j Hun, n<e he eby <?v nd-d O d ca?es protionucid incurable by I o her 1 h siciani. will 1 jelu very rapidly under this method ol I treatment 1 nan refer t > seve,al rase, of dial kind Ur. JOAmPH nlCiNlP, 2(1 Uusnt street, near I in 1 1111' er lia'hain rprtnber of the Mrdic.l Society, .N V I SALTAsND FISH STOKE. ! Ann BBLS H VI IK X No. SALMON; llOfl Not. 1,2 j ,, 'v/vl .,ud 3 \lacke el; 6ou h lf do, do do do, lOt) tbls No I Mess shad; - iO half ' bis No. I Say brook Shad. 3cl) bb a. Lod and Scale Knh; duo do .vo. 1 Gib'd Herring; liuu b' ti'S scaled do j 300(1 lbs Stnosed Salmon; " i 3110 kits Soused Salmon; 100 do Souuds aod tongues; b 20011 quiutuL ( o.ifirh. kuitable forjshipping; 1000 sacks Vshton'. Salt; _ Dull bbit American Salt, lie . Ike. ". All for sale in lots to suit purchasers bv d NKL8ON, WKLL8 St CO., ! ap27 I in in HI l)ev street | v CANTON CHINA DINING SETTS. DAVIH i OLLAsMUllK. 697 Bn-adtvuy, nearly opposite | ...frvrr... k.. fr.s... . ..wl ?Was ...ll.l.r llinf It. Htx> rr? id 1 <*.. i\<*d per late nrriv J* iroin Canton, a few Dining Sets, which j ' can t** t dd At v?*r; low prices. Also, u lull kso-uip ut of Crockery W.tre, of ail Hinds, oj uv- newest p tltrus and ro ?*t approved shape*. Cut and pressed i *L*i of Jill kinds?some new paiterus l> mtU?ts no humbtig-ng pretensions to "almost give uvay Crockery," out p!eiig?j l.imsef to sell the s\me quality ?c ft) goods is i.-ip, it not from 1 10 \*>t cr-nt cheai?er thin any f* j other store; V)7 liroadw.iv, opposite Nihlo's nearly. OT I ?l|lH>*rc _| ilr TAYNK'S II/VIK TONIC? hi r ti * p.iowth, preservation i to *> Miiln ito. t?ou f t the u.m . The proprits. r having devoted i o many ymr%. I study to \ e*tm ut of tt? hur. Ins at I ngih j ldi ?ucce? d -d iu compHsiug a pr pnratioii, which has proved emi- i be neatly lOCfei Mil hi very nuineroa-t instances, in prornotiig the growth and stir .nlhemog the roots ot the hair aud iu several lis oas^s, wh^re bildapss lias ?xiticd lor years, if h.u* produced n t? flue vigorous growth ol tr..? hair, as is testified to by seweral I _ highly rrapectablo individuals, whose certificates accompany the preparation Tw the ladies the Hair I ouic is particularly recommended; it j gives a lumnant brilliancy to the hair, and preserves the curls r I mm the a fleets of dampness. ? <i? uthm?'ii whoiv ish to imp'ove their whiskers, will find ! th * a most desired assistant, giving thi m a thick, glossy, line | curling appearance. Prepared and told by Dr. D Jayne, I'hihdelphia For sale by ' A B fc I). HANbfl, 1 79 Fulton strut, 273 Broadway, and s;.aa lm*ec 77 Kut Broadway. ' tirr Dl v SHADES ? TKANSPA AKNT WINDOW v; ?V SUAI>fcb.- v M, HKKRIA>. i3 t.Iwiham ktrrrt, will 1 J r his mom*nfft20 c*?ei. containing' i fho ntw and fsshi-n. bin style a and pattern* now mi use, wh *h he w ill ?eil at pnets 2.1 |ier cent lower th<n the? can be Sold at iu any ot tier store, \r. 7<*lp<ii% I mft r> to G MiO pairs from $1 to .. ouutiy M?<chants. Carpet Mfrchnatf, Auctioneers ar.d other v draiws *U' plied. i ll N 11 J i e if no other giods bru Window Shades anil ^i?, n.mvugi snWl ar 111 i n ... ? mB I ro * f & P tl.hH f.iTATu .>?Aniaaiityof"i.iwWiMwUgg?" .' 1 ' ?>! Ii > Iki.t , ( h.l ti ll' Knt.lM?l, Irmn ,h, | 1 ' i?ni i.f B.'hin'in n ply to , < h >1 AKSIfALL, J inlj f>lo* ! Flgrlinff Nhp VIAFt "LOBE AND TRAN?PARENTCELEBTI Al ~ nCHERE. cumraou aizr, fur acboote and prirue fatallie* and Ur, a ?.zr fur Lrciu ci, fur aale at M?. VaU'a Nautical fca Unliah ' rat ill Huttrrli trrel, Natr Yoik. and al Nefaa & Corniah, 2'g Pearl. J lie ab ? iua tiymeul ia now aaed in ? all College, and hu th* reco?> tneue.?t >oua ot Doctor i.ardue ud PiorekKir UIuumL Emm ita aiipidicity, h ia alio oaci n nur common acboola Letters oi inquiry, post paid, wi o intruded to Mr. Val will imke a abor' visit to Butoi the lifer pert 01 thiamin! h,(Ma>)a d inn-duce his U'geU.obe and Sphere tit w ill lecture on the Itith ma taut at New London, Couu. _ in j k i loeod rrc : OrritK o? Jure union lnai'uaucK roiaraRT.l No 3d Wall at, oppoaite the Exchange. ) r],H18 Company continues to luaure against Lose and Da X na? hv Eire, on roadl. aim and mereliandian and alal against! oas by intend " Uj ft)/CT (j) I k '' Thomas W Thori.o, Elisha Rings, Tnamas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, tl K Itohson. M. !>., Joseph l>'akr, Thompson trice, Joseph A1 -a. Motet Tucker, James E. H ilmes, John H. Davidson, John I'. Mo >rt, John H. Lee, Jjmes It. Waiting, Caleb C. Tunit, Wm. K 'J horn, Francis P. Sage, Thomas Morntll, John C. Merritt, Eugene Bomrt. THOMAS W. THOHNK, President. GKO. T. HOPE, Secretary- mini HaT and cap establishment, jm bkoau "ay, (opi'osite saint pauls > the improvement iu the manufacture of hats, iu A induced ny the subscriber early thi* spring. (obviating Iht pi.,mature ami dispfportp uats we,ring oat o die edge <>' tht crown ) h i?i? g met with the approlnt'oa of the pub iu, be respeetfally announces thai iut ck % full and cum plete, anl hat ,uaddition t , tbei, peculiar' udvanlugtt, hit Ha' -or in all other respects d'i lie njonl to ail cthms now in the niaiket <je,itl.-aiea desiring a liar combining the qu .titles of Ta?l > Drn.tiiii.iTV, in d, w-ll coutult their iniurrrt b> giviiiKlijiu a call jno rv.tiK-.lN, kit Broadway, opposite Saint Paul's Church N. 1! ?The usual large and assorted stock of tints, Caps, Sac St-., always on hand a!8 lui*ec SEGAKS! SEGAR8 !! L-1 the toper relight in Ins bottle md glass, 1 will S"i k not Ins p'er.sure to mar But there's nolhi g mat c ui the eujiv merit surpass, Of a re-1 Havana Stgar.?The Smoker't Song. SKIX\b, at h s establishment, popu'a' a a d. 3 Maiden Lane, Howard's Hotel, continues -<>. receive from Ilia igeu iu Hivan , per "very a rival Sugars of the choices' end ruosl approved brands t,.at the market affords His stock now or hand Comprises a grea'er >arietv than can We pr ,cured at anj oilnr establishment iu t e Cit , iucl dmy the eels' rat-d estn Msg and 4^u eu Ucyi'iaa, Nor. aga Esporat zee Fioriudn Noimas, Trahu a, Pimcipei, and oihs v, wlncH h has no Inch tan iu in averring aie su erior to any ever be ore importe . Citizens a d srraugen are repira'rd toe*./ at No 3 Mindeo Lane. Howaru'a Hotel, and jndge f?r th inielves mi in'ic I? A SHI ON ABLE BONNETS.?The eeublishuient i 1C " Brondwat, two doors above Caml street, is now open, and selling eieiy variety of Fastion an'" Bonnets *20 Im'ec DR. H. BOSTWlCK, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, No. 75 CHAMBERS STREET. lull m* re UEAFNE8S L)ItS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AUR1STS, ?JQ1 BROADWAY -ExUaet:t>OJ. | chi-frCul 1 v comply with the request of Lieut. Mc* lutoili. to t sttf, that li? wh? invalid*.) home as uiifit lor doty, in cunsequuuc ot total deafue*t and discharges froin hi* far; that whim iu New York 0U hie v?ay to vnigland, he placed hi'i'eel u-'der ih< professions! care of Dis.^sstle and Edwards. Au-ists Under the r tieo'meut tie recovered his hearing, and has returned to lus uutitiiy duty. 4 Signed, H MeNEVEN. M. D. Surgeon toll. b. M. hornet, Jamacia. ACOUSTIC DROPS. A sure cure for incipient dealhes-.earache, pains, buzzing* or sitigiug sounds iu the ears, collections of bard war or vnia tod secretions of the organ* Tuntr acous' ic oil li t* been a popular remedy as a curt ir-iu all diseases of the ears for upward* of twenty years. Others removed to 381 Broad way, corner White street. ray6 Im*e? TO EXPORTERS TO SOUTH AMERICA AND THE BRAZILS PMtR'S LIFe PtLLS. Thomas Roberts & co ,of in Kuiton street, (fornierly of >01 Broadway,)inform the erport'DK march :nti of New York, thu their popular inediciue, PARR'* LIKE PILLS, is put up in tfpanish, Portuguese, Kreneh uud (Jerioan wrappers, accompanied with interesting banks in tlie same languages, tealifv iug to the t-rcll ? ce and rtiicacy of the medicine. Agents for Louisiana?A. O'ivri Ik. Co., New OiUsusNew England? 8 W. Towle, B< ston. " Canada?Alfred Savage Hi Co., Montreal. And retail of ail respectabledruggfts iu 'he cty, and wholesale of T. ROBERTS (It CO., ml lm*rc MT Kultonstrwt, New York' TO THE LADJfcS. DV HULL'S OTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER iHli? new inttrament for the radical care of Prolapsus Ut?! -* or Kallicf; of the Womb, by external application, surer sadiet! the use of the objections! Pecsary, is cooiidently recentueoded to the afflicted as the means of perfect respiration U uaalth, ri River havtsg failed of perform lag a care, ovea nude; the most tggtSYCted circuoutaiicej. The t.ippportsr has attained a very high character ix Europt an vreli n iu this country, it is adopted to the entire duuse n; pessaries, tad nil other painful surgical expedients, ic the Ly t*S! ix-iiospttaUoi L undo a and Paris, and is uuitrrstl/y r? commended iu Europe,by rseilical ineu of the higlirot rack.!u trii country it is sustained by the leading members of th< Realties Of CoiHg-s ted Her.pi Ills, aid by all the emitter, bri vttc pMCiiueaers. Rooms live keen furnished eielssivety for tidies st No. Vatey r.i'r:t, Vt.'i'jg a s'"urate eat.race from the business dci par'iac.t. e h?fe s ltdy is U eonstaxt tteadiece. to apt-i< Trasses and Supporters to female patients. all Iiairc READ WHAT"3HERMA^'3LOZEN(JEoHAVE DONE. Mu DAY, boot ioa!, No. 3' 7'illaxy street, Brooklyn r'A suffered greatly fur eighteen uicutits with emaciation, dr bility, sicknovs of the stom.vh, lous of appetite, shooting raiui is ihe bowels, his stomach neglected aJnsostevorykiod of food e*cc| t *ugar. He had been attended by various physicians.em f ir two months by the rrofess'.ri of the University, and all tt uo pacposc. On fading Dr. Sherman's Oooi descriptive of the symptom' of verms he thought they met his c.rsnt so he purchased a boi ol Bhannair* Worm Lozenges A low derm brongli I away, m i.e judged, about two quarts of vovies tiEdex'.irely cured htm A multitude of similar ceaea might M avauuoued where chil drenocd :tdnlt? bad suffered til nut tmk> 1>?4S wormi, and no ihtuR gAverelief but Sherman'? Loncjci, Coughs, CoMi, Asthma, Whaoomit Couth and uvea Con cu nipt ion, are all sooner cured hy Slwrcuit'o Courh Lozeugthan nay other known remedy, They i!Ur the tickling in a F?w seconds, and enable those silicted with the Jtea liarrsasing coughs 5a ?leop wiiole uqhts. The Rev. Di Dunbar, R-'V. Sir. He Korcet. Rev. Dr.ICattiiaondad hundred thousands can >if tost to their nappy virtues a* other* can to th ' Kicecy of L.! tt/man'? Cough Lozenges, for headachv paJFituti.;a, lof tier* of spirits, ?ea sickness and lassitude i'rembodiiv or mental exertion*, and for the wonderful proper Ufa el* Sherman'* Poor Alan'* Plaster, which coat* but 12> cento, nail :a a warranted enre for rheumatism end lumbago ouiti ?r weakness iu the breast, ride, back, orauy port of ui Body A?k for Sherman'* Poor Alan'* Piaster. and see tliat hi name and hi* fac simile with direction* for u*e are on the bark There urea great many worthless imitation* hawked about and sold by unprincipled druggist*. Rtmstabcr to get Sherman': Lozeug.-nges .-.ud Plaster* and Truss?none other*, or you wil be d-ceived. iJr. Shertran'S'VVarehoai Ms Jfl# Nassau jrree;. Agents?22 Hudson it cor Spiinc; 1S5 Bowery ror Spring; 71 Rasa HioaJ way cor Market; <5 William at; ltr, 77S, an'1 6b 11)road way. In Brooklyn, Mr* Hay* JFnlton,and Mountain' Drugstore 33J h ultou. Binson cor Prospect sud Jackson *t In Jersey City?K Randall, Hrorcr. In Newark? J K Trippanu David Bryaon. Philnd-Iphia?Ziehc Ik Co,1 l.eorr. timid ig* Bonon?Beddiup Hi Co s 8tM**t ^Ifcimr?\ l.tiithiie t ^*i*-i He'I re P~ HYSIClAN'n PUKSiRIPTlO.NS A.nD KamTTTi IiK CiPRa are pr pared with accuracy, neatness and dispatch ill the m wt *c <-mine taa -er, b/ Win Watson, Apottvcary' 11-11, 16 Catharine street, from A. liarden'*, Operative Cnr mist, 372 Oxford street, London. PHYnlClAN'8, COUNTRY DKALk'.RS AND PKD LARH supplied with Drags and Medicine* on very reasonabli terms; nlso a large assortment of Perf um ry, H-ur Oils, hi srnc'-s, (kc. imeud.d for Pedlars and country deah-is, by Wui W- lion. Apothecaries Hall 3? Catherine street. New York. (Jenaire Dregs and Kainilv Mtdiciurs?a much larger am better quality of Drugs and Mediciues than is gent-rally kept Korsale, wholesale aud retail, by Wm. Watson t hernial, Sic. Apothecaries ha'I, 36 Catharine all 1 ai*ec THE MOST COMM ON SAYING Is that 1 would not giyeonetiottlcof DR. SwATisg's COMroi'.-vo dvHi'r or Wn.i> Chkhkt, for half.i dozen of aoy other preparation I have tried all the popul-u ouea, but tlr* stands nnnvalled lor the care of the following diseases, vie: Influenza Coughs, Cold*, Coni-impuj. ripittug of Blood, Palpitation of tl.e Heart, Whooping Cough, Tickling or Rising semation in the throat,Bronchitis.Atlhni*, or weakness of the Neivons jywcm, or unpaired constitution from any cr.u*e, aud to prevmt persons Iroin falling into a Decline, this medicine bat not it* equal. And when too raneh calomel or quinine has bean used, thi medicine will prevent its evil - If-.-ets on the system, and repai ths biliary functions. As a proof of the above medicine giv ing g-eat strength and clearness to the voice, n gentleman frnii one if Odr large auctioneer establishment* in Philadelphia, win lias beeu using this -vrnp. says tbat it it the greatest inedicin to cry uu he ever saw. Of course the Minister or Lawyer win have to "ie their voices,would be equally benefitted Kelereuc will b? given to the auctioneer, by caHug at my office CAUTION?AJI p iqiiralions from tli's valnaliis tree.eycep the Doctor 8 WA V N l-.'S COMPOUND BY RUT Ol WILD -JtiKKKY, are tictitious ami counterfeit. Prepare only by Dr. Swuyne, whose office is now removed to N. W CO'aer of Right end Race sireets, Philadelphia. Agents?Dr. Win. II. iMilnor, corner of Broadway and Joh street, Weir York; 11. A. Bands, Chuicti'* Dnpenoary, III Bowery .corner of spring stseel, K. B. Warner, 201 lJ-eecker < coiner of Vliuetlast. dame* Hiueson, (irand st neardth, Wi liiinahnrgli; Pierson fit Morrison, 720 Broad st, Newark, N. J Benjamin Olvls, 278 Broad street, .Newajk, N.J.-, William' Wood, M. D., rlarlem, Comer of 12th street and lid uvenue; (. luglis. Jr., Mail'st, Peterson; Mrs. M. Hays, PW Knlton stree Brooklyn; \Y K. Clerk, .Montgomery st, J rrey City, f 18 Jm?rc DDCTOK, NO. 110 DIVISION 8 PRKKT, is Consulted daily b stranger* and citizen* ut both seies. Dr. II. is .ireguh \nd legally uualilied iihisictau sud smgeon.and Warrants i ! cure, or no charge, sll diiones of .l private nature. I,e urs po I paid, with $i enclosed, r.t:*udcd to in haste, and medic,nes *ei ! to any part of tt e country. Hours of consultation between ! A. M. and 9 P M. P 8.?Priysto apartin.-nt* for the convenience Of | .itieuts. mH !m * re "GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OJ F WAKDROBE I'lir* r.i i.if.oi i it;> r. ' c.tu inuunea uy i.ieiiiiemi or F'aini'i. who .tredrairun* of i inverting their left o ne.uinu ippare into r. ij.h. To K.iinilie* firnl Uemlr inert'nj die city or chiDirii reticence, having any atipeiflu,n? i ltt-rtjj in di?po?e of, wi liod it inncli Co tAnrutnui* to u'lul for the aubi* nber, wi will attend at their rcaideuoe by appointment. J. LKViNSTV.V, 466 Broadway, upttair*. A line through the Poat OfTice, or otherwia-, will weep prompt attention. ro4 Im wd'rc KKBKK\(<"S HKKTORATIVK COBDIAL IS n"W universally admitt* 11 be a c rt?in specific forDyape eri.Mereou* Affections, VVeaknea , loss ol Apiar, ife, D bilit Uc rii)?ici.ui? presrribe it to theirpitionta.icir.iemen who ha' experienced ila carative gratefully recommend it Ladi have derived ihe itre.ileat heurlit from ira exhibition in neienl rid r her eoniVI?int', e icnrea nrc reatoied to lheir appetite .hi J (he wenk Hud Irenle nude strong and ?ig.iroua "Hedltl the poor in.if* riche<?ihc rich nun'a bli>a " hue ih'pegh i lull i-uc.? been ei tended to .ill claima and condition*, vlecha; ica d m iiiifo'lure.a, merer aula and bankers, lawyer* nr div i *i, p'n (iso.ihf r, pur ta ?ud i haters have al been cured I' ill x iii 'tiiciue .a their certificate* end recon. inclination! tail 1'ae.tnrilv ptnve Yet thousand* upoti ihouaand* rem ,in, wi' a i' *1 - iti nil ling inrtuir, both i.f in uu mid body, irom tl ' ' < :vi| lainia. win n an infallible remedy la nffe ed 10 'liei i i 'be ir..: rative coiihil which i? prepared by (J. I,. Selnim 1 in I at In* office, No 6 Murtay atrect. i'riceon* dollar pi I '"Uu! nine pe d'i/.rn. mvl Im'ec i. ...< HE PI '.iv HE8! LEECHES ' ' 40*000 V" r Ul'ALlTY LKKCMKS. jaat receive 1 , ''V Hie Bweednh brig Alsril, and for sal# whof I " e retail,*t Very lew price*, by m0 . J, KKKDINAND kCOPl'A, ' " rr liwportera of LwoJnw, 149 Natasb it. THEE YE DK. WUKfcLKR. OCULIST, No. |3 Ureeowich otno', coutiuuee to devote hi> eiduaire attention to DISEASES OF THE EYE, and OPHTHALMIC 8UROERY. He Kw reeeatlr Imported , j frem ^XtfeMBTftE* ! maaufactnred-ow es to reeeinble. >n ??ery (repeat, the net arm I f eye Auy pdrtod Who mav be deficient t>l *u wye. caa hare it

. artificially eptaced by Dr. Whterltr, eo closely imitating n.lure ! a> l > defv detection. .. , 0"0ffice (mate froinit A.M. to I P.M.?after which lie rum out do"r pa'ieute tn7 lin*m I ' COitLIS' BOWLING SALOON, AMERICAN M ,BLUM. ) THE SUBSCRIBER hat re-ope-ed the most perfect, A elegantly furnithed, end well regulated Bowling i be found 'II the city Kour new Alleys. Boon d m a . manner. wiih a aortace equal. imooth and glossy. composed of wood of perf-ct dnrabi'ity, aud Lid carefully over the ufd bed, form the principal featuree of a room, with thorough light from end to end?a Oallerv for ipectatore, a Veranda lor smokera, a"d a Bar unequ "Med in the purity aud ra'ietr of iti contents?the atteudani* in the Alleys retire aud obliging, the lurnitureanil eiunellithrnenta pew aud convenient?ncd the whole, ituatrd on a second floor, lol'ty npd cool, admiie of uo competition. No gambling or improper convenatiou tolerated 1 he nbar.iiber ever at hit pott, anil the object alone health and exerr ice, in a mauly and exhilarating amusement, to hie numerous frieuds and patrons. R CORLld, inT Iwtc" Am*ricau Muieam Buildings. HAVANA SEGAKS. -inn nnn HAVA a St.QARS, couiistiugofHegalia, OGUyVJUG La Cab-nu, Aline'dare., I'austelos, tvood' vil'e, Rantetruns. and various "ilirr brands. Cavendish and i i- nuff for > v'e ?is<l debenture, at Broadway No. 311, (tiotliic ! 1111 -I'-anr -1ICII- / .... ... . ' I HAIR U < TING O < A MOW PRINCIPLE AN t XPLAN ATIO.v IS NECESSARY, IN ORDER to lu ly rriin, r.Ii ndllie great advantages which ,will niae j from Patronising P >sl *u'? new |i ui of Hair Cutting, fcc? , Kvtry bod, ba felt tin: uuplr a<ot entationi creaf'd by lia? log i lli* dirty haw brush applied to bia load, fur the forty a ventli tune in ? day, (and hi aoine instances uaed upou the heads of iu ' valids) withou'disusing. lu view of thia, the lubacriber baa dt voted lua entne eaubli introducing a new feature in the treatment of tin* hair?that of having a large tuu ber of lirat rale tin ahea, and in uo instance to lie uaed a aecond rime without a deausing By giving the sci'ncu of Hair Du'aaoig an t Wig Making hia aole time aud aiteiriuu, t> grille' l wiihihrgre t l*rional comfort enturedr at hia eit-bliibma. t. t he aoliciia a trial aali lied that tin &e who gi>e l i* system o> e I tual will a|>rr ciate tl.o benefit and luxury i.fl rded a' uo aiuii lar couc" u iu lliie c ly A private room a fitted up for ladies. Shampooing aud Hair Dressu g k KDWD. PHALjN. I , m7 lin'm ill Broad ?a , oppoaite St Pan I'a. an ' ttph- L'tkry, paper hangings, and wint-J DOW Sn AUEH?The tuhacriben have rtmoved their eatabliahun nt t > No 313 Broadway, oppoaite ti e Paik. where ri Ihey intend keeping, ea nanal, the lareee'. stock of Uphoht ry O Goods in the city, consisting of Cnrtaiu Mau'iia'aaud Trim- tioi rtiiuga, Furniture Coverrnea, rtuahea, Ike fc\. together wiliia an< geuciai aaiortiu-nt 01 Piper Haag nga anilsUoroers of entire iarl new part ma, end which they are de ermined to aell at uuprece- 0r den'a'* low pric a the Their atock of Shades will conaiat, aa heretofore, of the moat mlj int. nilKent b rench >hadea o the cheapest ki d, at low aa 8a. ( each, with a goieral aiaortment of buff and white Liueua and wi l. hiulz, for Snadea of entire new patter'a the SOLUMAN &HART, 343 Broadway. ? my7 lm*rc oppoaite the Park. tjB MARSHALL HOUSE, PHILADELPHIA. j rPHIS SPACIOUS and aaliionaiile Hotrl, extending 75 feet the 1 on Cheatnut itreet, ana 150 feet to C-rpeuteratreet capable obj of iiccomtnodaii ig 15U persons, having be oi itcorly much iui- au> proved by alter tiona of the front, new entrance*, itair w?y?, for aud other arrangements within, ia t j b- let aL a rtdaced redt for yen ateim of years. Apply to par SAMUEL POWELL, / it.8 Iwre 307 Qheitnnt atreet, Phila 'elphia. rat ABBE YHOTEL, In 103d STRF.Kl. BLOOvllNUDALE ROAD. J KH VAN REN She. LA ER Proprietor of the Abbey Ho- the tel. would return thinks to the citizens of New York, for ice the liberal patronage uearowro ou hia place thepaat a-won. By j airicl allemion te the buiiiieta and wants of hia gueata, he hopea tee ' fir a continuance of'he ?atne. ilo To thoae who hare not viaited rite place, he would respectful- nv ly nay, that a large, line old mansion, supplied with the necessaries a-(I luxurtea of life?grounds unsurpassed in location, beauty and Jovrliuess?covered with green cress, sweet flow era, J aud line shade, with attentive tioat?wait their coming. am (iertleinen with their families, will find a lew hours well sal spent m the cool shade ol tha old tiees ol 7(i. . ' Lvdies aud Child'eu can roam in pence and quiet over thee* c tensive grounds of the place, and be aa uuuiiturbed as lu their ' own private walks .... A Rami lies or single persons San obtain board and good rooms /I at a fair rate, by applying soon. Individuals or Parties will be am supplied with Breakfast, Dinner or Sapper, at all hours. bei Mr Moore's Stages, running from the l'ark corner of Chat- re,, barn itteet and Tryon How, near the Hailroad, to Manhattan- ,he ville. pans the plaee everv honr of the day?lave 12X cents, good p0, coaches and carefnl drivers, make this a cheap and pleasant eve rUle, from the heat and dust of the city. . dev New York. April. 1814 al# Imrc 9f, LA GRANGE PLACE, c> BULLM R E R R Y . NEW JERSEY. CJJ 1 tpHlS BeAUTIRIU. and healthy summer residence is uow J- oprn aid in reidiuess for the reception of visiters. The ? Hem- being filled up for Boa'deri and Private ? FXT" i'he Bar is supplied with the choicest Liquors, Wtnes, anil Refreshments, stall times. . , Private Parties can be accommodated with Dinners at the | shortest notice. 1 Target Recursions and Military Companies can be accommo- Q dated with Dinners on reasonable terms. All those going on > Target Est unions would do well to ca.l on 8. AN NET, be- pQ. . fore engaging el sew hers. ? .on, . The steamboat Boston runs to the above place. For particn lars see old 8nn paper. May, 1844. STEPHEN ANNETT. 1 "8 ROSSVILLE BOARDING SCHOOL, STATEN ISLAND. 71 WWK.STTHOR? respectfully informs his friends and aft the public that lie has uow an opening for several pupils, of Pirentsand guardians are also iufoimed ye W. makes it a grr 1 point of conscience to giurtl in every possible way the morals me of children coinimt.rd to his care. Reading, writing, nitho- au, ' graph y, arithmetic, geography, ard grammar taught. The lo- Sli I call >n is delightful and health". the orchard, gardens and l>1 iy- cal ground are spacious about ten annates'walk from the landing. ,,, ? The steainbou Ruritan lmves Barclay street every day at I in . o'clock lor Rossville Terms, for board and rnirion, including washing, $35 per . 1 quarter, pa>d 'C advance. Refr renew: ? 1 Rev uavid More, 8uuen Island. W N. heymour, Esq., 4 Chatham square, N. Y. O Henry Stewart Segnine, Esq., Stateu Island. O Win Ludlum, Esq , 124 Bevkmsn street. on John Q,umn, Esq , 30 Manroe street. bei Messrs Colviu it Fleming, Esqrs , 16 Cedar street. t), Capt Edward k'erb"r, Esq., Hicks street, Brooklyn. mi L, Mrt Vari-n, 21 Kldridge street, New Fork. wt 1 Rich'u. Mortimer, r .sq? 4 Mortimer Baildings, Wall street, g,, N. V., and M3 Uroadwav. a!9 lu>rc toi < pENERAL AGENCY AND IN I> LLiGEN'CK OKi, vj RR'E, 330 Broadway, wh*re the publ.c will he supplied i, wi'h Household S.rvoiits, Waifrs, Al siciaus, fcc. on the - iho,test notice, al his olhce, 330 Broadway. Office open from ' 1 10 to 6 o'clock. _ ... >, N fl. Agency of every description done at this office. Help ^ a always v>n hand. . s milii'rc C. S. CLARK. i* V[Y) 144 HILTON STREET ?Th- central and c.mmi>- '?? I dious premises occupied by the late John Sweeny as a He J f ctoiv, with all ihe furnitnre of the rating room and ki'chej, wi'h Crotou wattr, and every eonv 'nieuce uece,sarv to lOnduct ' 7 an est, c.pable of producing from $80 to $100 |ier day, ,u . will be sold out ou reasonable terms at priv ite sale. Apply lor ca conditions and further p-iriiculars at 74 Vesey st. mintfrc wi ' FRENCH CHINA. Y. REMOVED TO ci No. 65 LIBERTY STREET, (CP ? FAIRS.) v Aufl.LK8.ME, Importer and Agent for Maiiufacluten, has J.' always ou hand a la-gi- assortment of dinncrauil tea sets r?| in pEi'. wiiiteand gilt French Porcelain, as well as oinner and ! Deal- rt Plates, of a.:I sizes ,utor<r.| Dishes, Soup Tureens, i,, Covered Dishes, SaltO Bow'U, Fruit Ift.aeis, Custards ana Stands. Also, Tea 9eu, and Rich Decorated Dinner Seta ' Also, lea and Chocolate W ire, Ureek, preach and A men , eau sba|ie Ti All th' articles are warranted of the best quality, and to be ( e ' sold on literal terms, and in iots to snit 'purchasers. j inrio f.m?tc Cil MARTELLE AND HOLDERMANN, 37 MAIDEN LANE, ch, . ]\ff ANUVACTUHEK8 AND IMPORTERS ol Ornamen ,vj tal Hair A'org, Wigs, Toupee*. Bands, Curls, Seams, aI| and all kinds of Hair Works, wholesale *nd retail. f,e N B.?'I he trade supplied ou natonable terms. *12 lm*'re p., Drt. M. L VE FT'a e..tire uew method of inserting Dj cnl Teeth, differing in man. res.ecis from any pr-ctised iu the United eta e., and which will be lout o superior Inr m #ticallOU, and the desirable re,] nsi'.s of the original teeth, euib> >cing the pmiciplv ol atino pheii< put sure ,n iis fai eat eiP nl, as originally mtroiuceib linn in 183.3, with mis rkcknt pi iHPHovr.Ms kt, whiih is allowed to >.* the gre test that fj | lias ever been iuirooeced in Dtutrivty. It | rnse> ves the original lerih?if auy r-mnn?and the adept tiou lield , firmly to the gums wi'kout any pa,u or pressure ran b , ' I removed for cleansing with ihe most perfect ease, aid can lie. applied with or without reinovi g me stumps. In orner ' thai the public mav not he deceived hy luUrrsied individuals. Dr. L-vett astuivs those requiring artificial teeth, that his plans I and methods of tiring and modeling the gold plate te the gums r 1 is altogether pt-tuliar to himaeif and uuUnowu t> auy otner , l p.'riou, a> those of hit patients who have been under the care of other dentists, can so fully appreciate. * Ladies and gentlemen will be fully sativlied on their cal'- '' , ing at Dr,'s ofice, No. 2(>o Broadway, comer of >, , Warren street, wh-> will moitchevifullyesp'.iin and clearly de- . inonsiralc all itt gr-at advantages To ilios who are tunc n quditued wira Dr. t.evett's reputrtion a d standing, he caa ofD ler credentials ami recommendations Iroin the first iu society ' f and Ihe highest authority in denial science, as well as ihe op>n- (| B ion of the uiost reij e tahle of the public press, which is open e lor inspection at DM. LEVA, TT'o Oftic,', No. 260 Broadway, . corner ol W irren street. m8 lin'ec j-j S TLIHT Pl'BLI8HKDt(TliisD*y,)price$l,sentby post to any " I J a 'dress, "The Medical Conlid ,nt," a pra. licil and popular w work on Nervousaud Mevnal Debility, local and Constitution al Weakness. Impotence, Hterilify, and Consumption, the Re- m suit of Youthful Escesces. Holitiry Indulgence, Nocturnal ?{ Emissions, Inc., he., embracing n-maihs on the destructiveef- ol " lects. treatment and cure of Uouorrhuaa, 8vphiiu, titncture, ,. . aud all diseases of the generative organ, v/ th available advice j'; to those who arc mcaiweitateil from foimi vg matrimonial al- 11 , I I iaiices lit rough a secret dread of incapacity for the discharge ol ,, , j the sacred obl'italiont Ol marriage, by 11- RAWCETT, M. ' i D., Member of toe College of Murgeons of Loudon aud ' Edinburgh,-nd of the.Jelft>r?o:i Medical College of HhiladrJ. b] i phta. liis Diplomas from thus* Coll. get, can be seen, sua- " :>?ndej in large frames, hi his office 130 Rultou str-et, m which " itr-e'. he lt?s coutinurj hi a private consultations for the last ** .. ' thirteen veins. All letters must positively be post paid City ! tv ' lett-r* handed in tlffice 19G Kultou siren. Cmiaahatimts " strictly pnva iMBfisimlMl tpll iin?re g ,?t " "MlTsaSaritiJSHTON <se oo., ' HO HUOAOWAY, 10 AH'l'OK HOl'SK. AND CORNER at 8 Oi?' BROADWAY AND cOITRTKI-NTH Hi'RKKT, ia ARC THK 80LK AUENT8 in New York icr me.ale l" of that to ORE A T ENGLISH REMED F, ^ For the Cure of Consumption noil other Disease* of the Luncs, *' ; Imewn as BUCHAN'S HUNOAUIAN BALSAM Oh' fj LIFE. which it new acknowledg i) by Physicians and ..then ,, to lie all that it required to CUllKCO.MHU .VJi'TION. A join Certificate of seven distinguished Physicians of London ac.7 comi any each bottle of the Balaam 1' fl p-r bottle. " .Me.,ire it. St Co. will furnish thepablie nmrii with papers contAining dissertations on Can.iuinytion. Ac I'eriom afflicted w ith Diseases of the Lnrnti, would Jo well to get oar of theie paper*. D. V UHAULKK, IW Court street, Boston, aole Ainc-iran Agent. .. " B. TOUSK.Y, ?' Jotlio's Corner*. M-nflson County, lr ?16 lm*m (fenrral Agent for tne State of New York. (( p. eii() DHUUUIBTH.?Agents fer "Sir Anilev Cooper'* Corn tl V, J- Salve," from the South and Writ are famished w ith a ? re magnificent glass card for the window, besides the splendid f > ,how bill Druggists who wir.h to become agent* will please 0 is call on lit. Milnor, Broadway, comer of John street, nearly op w s, o?it? the Franklin House. The label* of the genuine axe copy li. righted, and if yon get of Dr. Mtluor yon are right. t? alf?l:n?rr. k [j 1 AYNK'S TONIC VKKMIFlfOb'.?womn medie.ine* war- li ,y J ranted to 'V.rstroy worms in children," are very well ca'ru l< listed to destroy children too. This is not the case with li J.iyne's Tome Vermifuge It doe* not contain a simile inure- ti ,e dient which e?u harm the most dencnte infant, and yet it vain pws Worms f'retn the syst-tn with a facility, and certainty, tl , perfectly astonishing. Nor is this ita only sanative property; it n it a line Stomachic, and in tvinittent and intermittent l-vers h tini been administered with most gratifying results. Olulinate c - asv* ol files hnve yislded to its mflu-uce; and ita tome tjiiali- n ti.-s rendor it an ncellunt medicine in the conrs'eseent stags of id all iliseniet. b > rretiarsd only by Dr. D. Jayne, PWl.idelpbia. bor sale by, ' A. BH D BANDS. 79 b niton ttreei, J7J Broadway, and apM lm*w TT Knst Broadway, d LUCINA CORDIAL, JNKC OK THB ELIXIR OF LOVE. fej la olden time. am nit the Jew*. T >tw 1 hat man a eecund wife 'Jt'fht crooee, Whce- firat, bv Kate unkind y doom. Nn children boie to bUaa hie home. I Afflicted thus. the Ho an nia'ron 1?''? riayrd to Lnciur the mid? iff ? pa'rou, poi Kgyt tiau ?ei?i ?, iu euch a crieie, Thcv i Cmled to ihair aid tlie Prima 01 lam Jua. A A-d eeeu now the tne'k Hindoo? jec m Warm ,g her cl>u>e. and tender, too? full di If childleaa twelve moolha from her bridal, permai r'l ea w-ipmg <o her arngeleaa idol, packal And .with raiaed acceuta wild, reqnin retinona Bramah for a child; not an' f?Vr well *h* knowa, Lore ahuna to bleea the Mi 1 he Hindoo bed of baireuneaa. for the So much for lore in dava by (one, ' hw V And enrage cnatom in onr own; 22 But a iv, even now, doea Love'a coromnnion * h1,' Bleaa in our Ian a aterile unieu 1 , 8?," r>o, oft limea conjugal leiicity, few dc la Lima d.atu bed?ay. e'en in run city? tusoat Vet may tl?e barren, if they try T"kK With 'Love's klixu" for h r frisud, Pain i childless wile's repining* end. anj ( But not the proereitive po ? er cases Alone, i> this Lt xir'* uow?r. OR Consumption's ills it will prevent, ?'kL Wjili vigor cl' thv the impotent; b'uiprus* * gleet, whattVr its date, Tp1* And all life's luo 'Hons ren- vate; V * t.iui lions fiiim the tkiu it chases, f~.a" And briuga fa U bet"t> and lh? grtces : luxuri 'Ti w n a i'a t u .t?ai d lie', r deceive! her. Flora Kluur Albus it relieves h-r, MJCN And each dun e (with proper eaJ?, t"0.) ped hi tier lairaui1 fragile form it heir pi. raclii 'i hew a e hot The i IK, who cull* them fiction bo*. Shall have aieru prowl ,u coiMadiuiou, n'j? Lepers?all fortniol* Tteititio,.? unive From the ofe-erv nttiwu; matte With grateful ui aiivea C ora all quarters, anabc Penned by Disease and Quicker,m-r'vra. or |t0 Thousands who lay, with fluttering breath, gl , Alui'si within the jaws of death; N.,w in tl e r nightly pray era repeat, Oram Thinks to Life's rh ntl, in Nassau street, And soipet me- t ame the very aam^er? ' Ninety-two N usau"?even in ihsir slumber? Or, ur*araiiig of Diseases ordeal, liitil Cry out for the "Luci.ia Cordial " IT 'eraons nrderi g this me 'icine from the country, by sending Office, imitlauce ran hare ,t bmnd ul> ?ud sent to nuy part of the Oipiu I i n. ' rice $3 pvr bottle m $21 pe. il.zea. Also, for sal* at hack ' 99 North aiSih stft, Piiiladrl, hm. mil !m?ec HulJ, lOl'LV IMPORTANT.?As the season is fast approach *?Mai in for the bed bogs to again coimneuc* t' sir aepr da- ??),.br is, it is highly , in order to ore.eul th ir appear anenc le, that a remedy should s .on be applied, and mora h&iticn nude ly as the first ot Ma is so near l li >ud, w en people. more au. ( less, are removing from one house to another suhjecting R4( m, in many instances, to be overrun witn this species of ver- for j,, ly the use of this powdered preparation, which can be miied ?!??( tn the paint or whitewash, and theu applied to lha walla, .< it a ceitainly of preveutiog their appeaiaace. Last sumr, mani hotels, pnvae bouses, eu steamboats, by the lely application nl this preventive, need as above, succeed d clearing Irum the premises, for the whole season, all api>ear:?s of oed bugs ['hi liuuor, which i> intended lor bedsteads, (tc , and where rpH powder is not arpl cable, is also certain tn accomplish the A b net. in uo instaucn, wmn properly appl'ed, will i. fail of vento wiring the puronse, and olte:. on- application is snflicient Statei the tutnoier. Many hu drrd bottle* w<r? disposed of last first ti ir, and not or.e complain has ever been made that it did cot an est f irm all it was repr?w<uied to do. TM Llso, may be obtained, a certain and safe exterminator for nent < i, mie*. cockr?*cl>et, and ants, which is al?o warranted to diseai >?e effectual in tlietr total destruction; likewise tne cele- impri ted Fly I'apcr. diseai [Tie t'atchoully Compound is warranted to dispel and destroy eaten moths ia woollens, furs, llouneis, hair seating, carpets, 8tc. retore . ?tc. I'M Vlso, the Compound Chemical While Oil Soap, a sore pro- Ohoo tiou against the attacks of nil descriptions of insects on trees, like t wers, plsnts. fkc.; all of which, with srccilic directions for sintsa s, ate ior sale hy remci OK. LEWIS KEUCHTWANUKR. Sol No tiO Maiden lane and II Liberty it. 8th s '.8.?Sniierior Leeches anil a general assortment cfDrugs gists i Chemicals, Extract uf Logwood, be., in all quantities, t?r r.or. I cheap *18 Imeod?b4tw?ui cheap IOUNTRY STOREKEEPERS,' PEDLARS, %% AND FAMILIES, Ame, RE snpplied at extremely low prices, with PALF. YEL- Medi< LOW SOAP for family use. Almond nose, Windsor e?r: * I sll kinds of Fancy Soap. Barbers a s supplied with the their t known Sharing Soap, and such other perfumery as they Pes uire, lower than can be had elsewhere. Essences for the Handkerchief, Lavender Water, Oils, Pomatums. Toilette wderi Tooth fowden, and Cosmetics, Scent Bags, and ry description and style of perfumery. Johuson b Vroom rote thrir skill and assiduity iwrsoually to the nauufacture T~)H ani<iue. economical soaps aud perfumery, and profess ro sell X/ tap r a: their Soap Works and Laboratory. 79 Trioty Tlace, decay mber street, than any other house in the country can do. teeth II and examine before you purchase. come SOAP WORKS, 79Trinity Place, presei si lm*re near Rector street. and t> ?? _ ? ALL distin iVl. tWlbt-, ???, P TIC IAN. FROM GERMANY, abilit Host respectfully informs the citizens ?f New York, and the ,?,a" blic in gcueral, that he ha* located himself in this ci'y, and ""H11 rns to-day at 487 Broadway, a large and mast complete as- teern. tmvnt ol S,ectasias and Reading Classes, in (ioid. Silver 'ljiYe' 1 Steel Frames He woold also remind the public, to whom tulini is partly known by his annual visit* to Brntoga Springs achin ce the last nine yen's, that by bis knowledge of the opticsl ' euce he is enabled t? determine the glasses suitable ior any BAB '. Pors us with Week eyes can be supplied with glasses ,vm iich will greatly benefit and not strain thu sight. Particular the finest flint, which, through their high polish and true ?u'111 mild, prodoce the purest vision, and have been highly recom- know u(ltd as the best in their effects upon the eye (or preserving *7> 1 1 improving the tight in continued writing and rradirg. tneiu i<m-sightrd jiertont, and such at hare Iwen operated upon for 1 * i.iract, can also be suited. lie inserts likewise new glossee oi teetn. perior quality in old frames, and solicits the patronage of all .. want of hit articles, rieiue Call at ... , M. WI3Y., Optician, kngli >10 Jm*re 437 Bioadway. MEDICAL NOTICE. _ cietV TRANDERS aid citixeus afflicted with an; form or T&ntty J A: of syphilitic, mercurial, or other disrate, o who have been ly ihe quacks,with which N York abounds,had J" { tier carefully perute the following letterDr Cuoee.? a*1 " rLast July I contracted a certain private diteat.-, sua iin OtP diately e.tplii d to a doctor, who promised to core me iu a D j; wk ; I continued with hnn two months, bat was gradually ju Ui .ting wotae. 1 tried one \fter another, all the adveitiaine doc- whic rs. anu each onr promised positively to cure me I at length whic icovered the object (if these men was iuo .ey. and ttat they fr'acti ire no! doctors. I concluded to go into the lr spilt), where n,.r< idoc or? kept me unJe a course of mercury for eight weeks ; Mr." r throat and nose was ulcerated, pnuit iu all loy joints, anu and ! , body covered with ulcers ; I v as a complete skeleton, the |o Ur cu rs considered it dangerous to give me any more medicine, wich 1 advised a soumeru climate. 1 left the hospital, and by ad vVsll :e of several friends, placed tnytelf under your care on the Brow it of January last 1 am now well and restored to perfect and ilth. 1 wish this published. niaCe THOMAS UllEEN. Carpenter and Joiner, Harlem, N. Y. posit Dr. Cooper warrants to cure every esse, n? matter how loug Hiding of gleet, elrietura, and seminal weakness and mild ston, see ol private maladies cur d iu 411 hours, without interfering streel th the patient's habits With one exception, Or Cooprr Is Kn?[ eonly tegular surgeon aud physician who advertise in New Kien uk Dr. Hooper's office, 14 Dunne street, two doors from larham street " \nrne no per '* ?i7 lm*ee Jtr.-el DOC TO it MORRISON. NS_! TOHTH IIIVKit DISPKNBARk , 204>,' Fnlton street.- a(lv< ' DOCTOR M'lKRIhON continues to be consulted con- \y enually on all private dise-tes, which he cures withrut mer a9 ry or rrstraiut in diet or pursuits-, and recent cases. | a- t-cu ly "(Jon rrhuaa." he cures iu three to sit days The moat stinatc Strictures yield >o Dr. M.'s new and successful treats SJT1 >nt, wit-oui pain. In the worst forms of Stricture he war- cl its a perfect cure solut VKKVOUS AND CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY- perce lit affection, and the train of evils rrtnltiug from a secret, great uructive habit m youtb, inducing noturnalemissions and ul- Krotv nate impotency, are radically currd by Di. M. on peiholoH- Th I, by resionug the system to a wealthy tone and cluuu nstatiug its original vigor. A perleel cure guaranteed or no this i urge. On N. B.?Dr. M. holds no communion with medical pretenders Soli 10 claim to tie surgeons, as he is, perhaps, the only qualified oppo vertising Surgeon in the cry See his Diplomas, at his ol apl e, 204>4 Kultou street Letters port-paid, and co-tiining , will insure medicine and advice to any part of the Uuiou dice a04>< Fulton, near Urei nwieli aplS 2-n*rc ALOPECY. j"?' OR THE FALLING OFF OF THE Kf HAIR. I mute riLL'S INFALLIBLE NOUENT. or never drying greal 1 Fommade. has been satisfactorily tested durinv the last lonr bowi ars by thousands as being trauscendeotally superior to all as to hers offered t the public lor ameliorating the nsir The fol- selve wing are its predominant properties removing Dandruff, ihe n 'actually staying tbe hair from tailing unl, causing light or in so 1 hair to assume a datk line, a certain preventive of gray uair, with tkes it flexible aud luelined to curl, a poten' inoisteucr, im infirt Tting a glossy aud luxuriant nature. It itu plies all dcficieucy y. ari natural nnrnnnkt, nod as a a tuple roiuiaog BB LA toiu- Isrl'i iTTE it surjiasses all others extant. In a word it is the urn. my 1 is wof< ol a good In-ad of hair. And all patents admiring a mile. >od luad of hair on their children, should never be without it, and i t is th moil nourishing prepauiii n for lite ) oung shoots oi' to th irthat can be produced, i'lie ladies especially will nud it an Kent valuable addition to iheir toim'te, as their hair is g uerally tliesi i)ru to an extreme length, to uottrua which id ma .y cases e- sold lires a greater dram from ihe fountain of nu'timetit than the IJpn ssels wi.l in all instances supply; and when ad ficirncy of J E itnmeot sxists, debility with its consequent' Vila ensues, part B. W which are dryness, harshness, grey aud apparently li clean al! ,irs,and finally baldness. At tec first stag-of dryn-ss m arti lal natriuieut should be immedii.te y applied; such is Hill's T~\l undent, and the pu'lie may rest assured that it is prepared JJ iris the most scrupulous precision iu regird to the iiiiriiisir are r ope ties contaiuid in the uaural nutiimcut of toe hair The Uui< ost indubitable testimony can he given ss to the correctness airel the above prop-rties to all who fed interested in a good head of ci hair ... of > Wold wholesale and retail by HILL, the original and trirairs- of m e Hair Hatter, No. fti l'retl street, adjoining the 1'earl street hi* r ouse. use i Nt sv Yoag, March 29,1944. cas-i la. \Fh.mam Hill:? that >iit1 tike [ilea iirp in ackr.owleiliriuff thr great. benefit I ami ive re eived from th* use of ynur Infallible OngU"i;t for th" III th air. Indeed, 1 value it to highly, Ifom my own experience of ciuin s virtue, that I consider it my duty to rrcomvn?nd it to others to l? ho may noflVrai I have done from the lo<? of hair. Abont Due *o years ago iny hair had Income to frightfully lb hi from us guyr jntinoai f 11 iiik off, that I had seriously thought ol resortuu to pi i thr expedient of skiving, which I had once belore adopted. at fortunately i w n diverted from this pnrimse by a (to ? () liooi 1 had casually spoken of ihe statu of my hair.) who really urged mr to try yonr preparation, winch vvjj thr lirsi itunacion I had ol' it, or rvrn your own r\i ti-nce | am hap- I 1 I to say that this iufo'matioa lias been of wctlciil ibl? benefit i in", lor 1 had uot ua?d quite two hoses of yonr Unguent br- ralM ire uiy hair entirely tensed to fill off, and began to g'ow; bare 1011 assumng a iresn and vigorous ?|iiir?rance? wild coatinu- **tri I applications it ([riidualIy became thicker aad fuller, until I fclij id a liettrr head ol Iwir than I ever htd before. I still use the hen I Dgaent as a Uiiiett" [K?minad?, and have uo hesitation mi sayI'-at for preventing the Irom falling out and prrserv- "1 tl ig it moist, or simply as toilette pommage, your preparat.on tlin the very beat that 1 have ever sen. "? ?< J1ENK Y PALMHK, If,9 Pearl St. 'be imp Ni.w York. September 2b, 1811. I do certify, that I have bteu serious afflicted with dandruff, tan I id falling off of i he hair, and made use ol givera! srti"les. said OTJ.1 i be a suie irmedy f ir the same, sn 1 loiind uo IwutfiiaiiiinK .' them, bat quite the reverse. At last I became induced u> * y Hilt's I ingucut, an J ihe rem t was, tint in a very short nine try. mils druffwane firely eradicated, and rnv hair oated tailing J.' at; and. furtherm re, it gives the hair a beiullful glossy ai* *, etrance k-e|is it moist and soft?and I wmld < r miiieud any jfy ; ne alHu led with trie above, to make ai? of it I. i ^.irlecly '"I,, studied Hint they will recp gteat h'.ielii from the same. A m7 lm"m W. Y. ? L.AI(K, Ua South st " HUB'S CRJCAiVI SAPOMINiC ruRffHAVINU d- (feritleinrn accusiomed to shave themselves will find th" hove articl a prixe All who have meg it pronounce it lines! e mfHisitiou of the kind i-ver introduced, 'i le loPOWiiig j <im the Alias of 2llh March, is ouc of the many favorable tiucea it has received Nrw Articlk?-Among the'manyn'w inventions toadrinc" le oomfo'ts of tl e toilet, is s superb Shiving ' -team. 1 hos" mm ihorightly appreciate the luxury ol an easy tluve aud like to ml), are it at a reasonable Cost, should purchase aud uic llua eg- on ? ellcot componn'l. We can confidentially and conscieatiously var.i commend it to soy and all. , T Theahove article may he had in anvqaantity of the suhicri- rer r agect for the man a facta rer, and in caint does not prove ,u|, II isis fenrceented to he, ihe moaev will lis re undid. ors jf. \<r. H0LBKKT0N.7S Maiden lane. 7 Al?o to be had of the principal druggists anil fancy goods ealeri in this city. m 1 !m"ee ,,?! I >RMA'l ION WANTED of JAMES E. MILLER. ? TO of Now Yotk. oad o Seaman by profaoaina ; when lui from ho woo in Brittol. England, in UM Should Uo be lad return to New York, 1m will hoar of totneihln* to bio *Oe. on upplviMtlto,William Steel, Baker, No. Ill Cher* et New York 7 JmdHtw*rre __________ . private specific packages, THE LURE of Secret Diwarcs. offer ad in la* to not wetted by aav otlier advertited remedy to wit i?lot. contain <-very ihinp miuirile fer iuterual aud external uoe. pproi riete reinede'e for errry oyaiptou) Id They m pan d by the M< nitort a treatioo < n oecret ditea-e .with recnono and adrice. dtli. I'lie patient (ffrcto a rife and irntcure widiout conanltaliou or expnoare 6th One [e effect* a cure; bat if in any ctae oilier in?diriui?ar? Ml, thev are (applied * about charge. 6th The patient io tijecled to low of tiiue or otlier iucouveuience; ane lully, jqttiir poiuto out theonlv m< de of prevention. l*o. 1 u : cuie of Oonorrhoae, ??leet, Seenoia' Weakneao, Ac No. ren*rml direare in all ita rtaiteo. No. 5 for Klnor Albuo, litre The Monitor it JO cento 'l hr packager complete :urely forwarded to poat-paid ramiUancre. 1 only at Drug Store 60 Piiuce rtreet, corner of Marion, a ion estt of Niblo'o. Private entrance 69>k Marion ot, eonion ofCentre at reet- a'3 lm?m ALLEN'S BALSAM OK HOREHOUND, LIVER iVORT. and PLEURISY ROOT ?Coughr, Coldo, n the Sole, Palpitation of the Heart, Shortneraol Breath, lonrumptiou, teem to raniah under! ito uoe. In recent it may be raid naver to fail Price (1 50 per bottle. VAN HAM BERT'S KKMAlE RENOVAflNO S from Germany.?They remove and prevent thore obiona common io single or marrieu female*, and will in all re?tor?ibe untoral condition. rrice ?i per oci iRD'S VEGETABLE II \1K OIL, tor the restoration owth of llttir, giving health and besuy, and preventing ess, will turn the hair gradually dark and sake it grow antly ill a very lew day* I'rlee 75 ceuts pop bottle ATKINSON'S VEUKTAHLE GOLDEN OINT'i', a certain cure for all acrofulous eruptions. itch, chapinda. salt iheuro, tetu-r, ring worm, scald head, soieears ildreu, gore eyr?. and cracked lipa. I'rice 50 cants per KCULANEUM PILLS?They arem to have but one ' rial actioa, th .t ia, to aearch out disease, and care it. no r where seated, or how loug it has existed, whether it he hiss preying upon the lungs, heart, liver, spleen, paneras, inaeh, or ulcer or cancer upon tlte trunk or limbs. I'nce per box. the above for sale at K. M. Union's, 117 Bowery, comer 1'treat US 1m* ec HUIaL'b TiiLoabit, NOTICE TO RUPTURED PltKBONfc. tSONh with ruMcres may rely upon the pen son mental aid the world aUurds, on application at the No. 4 Vesey street, or to miner of the snouts in the priaLowna in the United Uletea. Be careful to examine the pad of liull'i Trustee, to ace it they are endorsed by Or. is writing. None are searip.s, or to be relied upon as without his signature iy persons have uadertaknu to reed imitations of Hull's alui tnuaes. and thousands are imposed upon ia consv e. These imitations cannot be relied upon ; they are by unskilful mechanic*, and are no better than the otditmiirn ires hare bean fitted up nt No. 4 Vesey street, exciusirely lies, hsriug u separate estrones from the business departwhere u tsrssle m in nopsbtus stiesusse* to wait cpoi a i? all linrr<* DR. HOLT'S SPECIFIC. the venereal disease, prick $1 It $2 per bottle. DU. HOLT'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE, ron gkonruhoce, $1 pee bottle. ESE remedies are net got np for speculation. They have eeu used for years nut wiln emiuent success by the ?ur, a highly respectable Physician, form-rly of the 1'uited i Army, who knowing their intrinsic merits, now tor the m? i,likes them public, conscioas that hp is thereby doing initial service to societ j. LC4 oi c.v?ir iiy UCT'T I*U1] IV u'Hr n |p-nrti auu um ars iu Syphilis, primary and secondary, even where the le has tainted the whole ststem, either fr? ra uealect or iprr treatment, or where the nl)trie of mercury hai left a te U> the one ll lias removed. It comolep ly oradievery atom of Venereal Virus, or Mercurial poison, and s ihe debilitated frame to its pristine vigor. IE VEGETABLE TINCTURE cures to a short time. , iorrea and Gleet, with all their attendant train of ills, and he Specific, willetlect a care without interruption to bui or danger from etposure. They are strictly Vegetable lies b uil directions accompany each bottle d wholesale and retail at the l)ry Duck Drug Store, cor. t. end Avenue D ; Randolph Ik t'anton, wholesale J rugNo. 206 Pearl st cor. Beekman. N. V. iD. SpringteM, darvetfk Hudson strs. Albany : J iocs Hawks, Jr . Ho r, and by J C. Wells, No. 158 Gouossee si., 3d door from or. Fayette st., Utica. rchonts and Traders from any section of North or South rica, < anada. West Indies, and Mexico, can obtain the cincs on liberal ter.-.s, of the principal agent, A Hughes, llh st. and Avenue D, ft. Y . and make arrangements for future supply in their respective places, t paid orders, enclosing cash, promptly attended to, and ediciay safely forwarded. alio lm?ec. GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. DESIDERATUM IN DENTISTRY . A . C. CASTLE. 391 BROADWAY, corner of WHITE STREET, has a Paste for tilling ed hollo.7 teeth. It can be jmt into the most tender without any pain or inconvenience, with which it be? s impacted into ONE hard solid body, thus restoring and rving (hitherto painful and useless teeth 1 artificially sound erfect in all thei rrespective uses for lite?preventing IN CASES, the necessity of extraction. Ladies the most iguished in society, otfer their testimonials in the most terms, as to its efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Post ?" It is admirably adapted for tender teeth anil nervotu as. and Dr.Castle operates on the teeth with great care and y." The New York Aurora says " It makes the teeth reaper's perfect for life." The Son says Dr. Castle has aca much Celebrity for his axcellent mode of filling the " 1 ik most eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty personally tried and recommend Dr Castle's Paste for [the teeth. Tooth-ache pills, one of which pat in the g tooth will effect a permanent cure. "e. CHEV'R. DON ANGEL CALDERON DE LA CA, Ambassador and Plenipotentiary Extraordinary, Donna Isabel H. Qneen of Suaiu, to the United States, at 'inglon, do certify that I, as well as many of my friends, known Dr A. C, CAST LK for many years as a successid skilful Dentist, standing pre-eminent in his profession; ing his worth, and his being a gentleman of strict integriwitn pleasure recommend him to those who may reqaire d of his professional service*. ould also recommend Ins excellent Composition for filling having in many coses recti it* superior eflicacy. (Signed.) A. CALDERON DE LA BARCA. . A. C. Castle relets to tne Spanish, French and wh Ambassadors, M. Brought on, the Spanish Consul, Arimintl \V?ltnn. l,nril Mompth. flen. Maton.Dr. K. if. Johnson, PresiJent of the Medical Ho , 8. N. Y.: Mrs Uuer&l traines, J. D. Beck, M. D ; Di. Smith, Dr. K Delofield, Dr. lleniUe, Dr Boyd, Dr. Hair. J. C Ciwimti. Di A U. Stephens Or I. Tnrry. ay-lies, Dr. Wm Gray sou, Dr. i>rm:ig, be be O/flcef Iroadwty. tny6 lm ec LAMNO.v'd ?JuMPOUNO PULMU - AK~V svTiUT, ?r t?e care of coaghs, colds, consump inn, asthma, pains dneyi, affections ol the liver, be. Tins syrup about h so many anxious iiuiuirir-. have been lately nude, and h has met with the uuqual lied sanction ol the Medical Ity, can now be had at the following places :?tiainl. Pal 106 West street; James Tarrant. MO Greenwich street; I'harmao, Vestry and Canal; Mr Andreu, Greenwich fes'jy strreu; b W. Allen, jr 74 Division street; P. De e, Barrow and MeDougal streets; Alfred Hill, 20U Greenstreet; Mr. Kirst, 1(7 Canal street; Drug Htore, corner of ter and Centre sfcets; S Ward 279 Spring street; Mr. rer Green and Spring streets; Mr. Somerville, Ponith Wooster streets; Mr. Richard, and Waverlv ; It D. Comuton, Varick and Vandam streeta; Albert W n, Varick and Broome; Benjamin Martin, Catharine, ope Oak street; Mr. Lippincott, Voslry and Washington; Harrison North Moore and West streets; Mr. LivincGrnen and Fonrtnstreets; Mr Hart. Grand and Norfo'k is; Wm. Unrtnell, Bowery and Ht Mark's place; B. ip 230 Wesi street; C W.'fneall, 57# Oiaud street; H. T. itrd, Spring and oroadsray; N. R. Dunce's, ttonth and arii.e streets; Gilinui and Couover, Lisr. ns sad Spring :?; C. Dosei er, 61 lilirer street; aud of tlM Yryprietor, (3 Vestry street. Price 37!~ cents |>er buttls. joklyn?A. P. Persons, <4 b ultou street, c:Ccr? ft Daily Ttiser. illviiaaburgh?John Mooie, King's Cotaaiy lm?rrc ^OSIJEHT'ULi " mew ;UVKK.S. HI KICK'S SOLUTION POR TilK HAIR, which will linage grey liair to its onsrnal color to a lew minutes. This ion it different from any yet offered, and cannot foil of sudiog all others. It is highly efficacious, and possesses tha advantage ol beautifying the hair without injuring its th. osewso doubt its virtues arersqaettsd to have their hair led before paying their money. If hurobogs would tain nethod there would be no reason to complain, e trial will prove the fact 1 wholesale and retail, and applied, at No.5 Chathamstrsot, site the Hall ol Records, New York, up stairs. 7 lm -oc ~ FOK THE Pl"LE?. AD the following interesting case nd mt'idjibrc cam ol 'ilea Mr J. Bowmio. a distinguished areJ>->?i hiding oadway, has been afflicted with tor tiSee for !? '. * > n years, onsulted me abouc three uiouths a sMj Bin Wappe was appetite bad. liver orpid, oecasiousl gslpitCtffV, dountee pale aud languid, complains of pains sear Mm moneys, : irritation, tension sad weight in the lower MMtss ol the lis, aitejided with pile tumors to much isMonff at times produce intense suffering, at otaer times nslioSMl theras by a profuse discharge of blood inducing grant debility ; ausclesof ihe back from th- long roniioned irritation had roe degree lost their power, producing lnmbago, and it as piuchdifficulty that he coul.l w?lk; nisslep was feeble anil n, had expended more linn live hundrea dollars in fourteen i fur this coo plum, aud had obtained only temporary nis now ruti vly cured, having taken only three boxes of 'ilk klLKCTl'anr ; hat IravelTid more tlian two thousand since, and leels uo return of the complaint ; is as well irtive now ns he was tinrty years ago. and attributes it all at inestimable remedy, Dr. Upham's Fill LlsctviIV. Irr, this is ouly on-of a thousuid similar cases cured by auie means. The Pile h'.lectuary. so interial remedy, is by tha proprietor at hit olfic- 194 Bowkrv >our doers above is ureer A dw tee nratis. Hem.mber 19C BoWerV. Al/e.itS. ^Vamer St Co, Utica ; f. B. Kitch & Co. Syracuse ;L. wan, Mochettnr ; Colraaa U Co. Buffalo. I 3m ilkw'cc I COK01TT may be consulted confidentially ac mi of lice, 16 Jjoane str?et, two door* from Chatham. Stmnjter* rape tlnlly informed that Llr. ( orbitt is a member of the rrraity of the city of New Vorit, anil that he tuu evelny confined his practice from beinu geuerai to the featment rtain elisroe or diseases (now over eleven years in toe city lew Yora) which engages hit entire attention. Trie annals lerliCine do not record greater success lhan is to l?* louud in itactic". Tlie Hector cautious the unfortunate against iho if mercury, as it lets its thousands of victims Hauat i are in a few days removed entirely l>om the system. *? you are judiciously treated by a person hgaily uualined, not hy pretend rs and quacks, as llirre air several ol them lerity. Tritons a til ic ted with protracted and inveterate I ne-d not despair r.t being restored to health, by applying r. (,'orhitt. A praetie.t- o| many yara has establuheu the tor's repntation I r skill and respectability. Strictures en the Ooetor's profound attention A medicine may b? ha 1 rveol a certain disease in any of its forms. apl6 I in ' re those without children?a pile creative elixir cordial. 1K greatest discovery in u?edic,nl acitiee is that of M. M., of Paris. He has entirely esploded the grner received opinion of the riiawncef incurable aterrility of * innets, (ese pi indeed in cases of mslformalion, which arts rtnely rar-.) The invari ihle and universal success ol hie ar Cordial, in every ii stance, ol producing that sti'e of Ih which run'u in the wife becoming blessed as a mother, i for years pined in childless loneliness. has lolly estabuhir facr.thsi wruil is usually termed earreunuss is curahle or use of the Procrealive h lie ir I'ordial It is infallaldn nnrial weakness, finer albuv, debility, incnntinence, and various train ol complaints arising Iroai eicest, illness, or ruderce. Its great and invariable success la its recoinmer.r>n Tliefameol this wonderful Cixir Cordial is well es tsbed. A sale of inore than lifty thousand bottles and peck it sufficient evidence of its excellence and the estimation in ch it is Held It is pleasant and agreeable to the taste lie undeisirned ia the only authorised agent for this conn Ice 93 a bottle. I*r the convenience of those tending out of the city, the mlients composing the tlnir Cordis] are put np in packages Tainimistion hy mail, with full direction for preparing. ,\c? ti, making three bottle*. II letters must be Postpaid, unddirecied to t Ur. h MLlVKAU. nniZf. N. Vork city iU7 'm litrW ?m 'nllr. HO Libert* sf. PUBLISHED DAILY BY ' A M K tf UOUUUN BI0 9INRTT, W. CO UN til FULTON AND NASSAU STRV.KT*. UK New York Hv.ksi.ti?A daily paper, issued rvrry u'lic of the week?iirii e two i: sivts per copy Country it ribeis farm shot at the same rate, for tiny specific period, i remittance in advance. No paper sent unlns pssd in aj? ce. Hz WcriLr HtlUlo? Issued every Saturday morningal o'clock? price us arrp a itt'anrKH cwti per copy?itrI'd to country subscribers at X1 3 > t-r annum, in S'/vtr.ce ttbe same rate lor soy speeiiic nenod. OR?r.?ro?ton*ri era requested to address their ict a -is i*i Un*Do? b*gg*tr, Proprietor ssd ted '? r? Hssi*?*s,??!|? "vr.?<r?t rv4.

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