Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 17, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 17, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., No. 138?Whole No. 3708. To the Public. . I THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pubIt t'ind every flay of the year except New Year's day anu Fourth of July. Price J cents per copy?or $7 26 per an- , urn? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD? published every Saturday inn-mug?price 0| cents per copy1 or >8 1*1 per annum? po <tages paid, rtuh iu si vanes. . ... J ADVKRTISER8 are informed that the circulation ot fh > Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last It hat the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and is, therefore, the best channel for business men in the city or country. Prices moderato?rash in adva ice. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, raoraiEToa or thi Hkhai.o Kstablishmkivt, Northwest comer of Fulton and Nassau streets. msm^^rs "?gr? ?tuggrv f riuii DRAFTS ON ENGLAND. IRELAND, yAyaBf bin.?Persons shout rrmittiua mouey to their y^9lKii^E*M'r','!1d? iu the Old Country csn be supplied with drafts in sums of XI, X2, X3, X5, XIO, ^ ^^^^^^^^ XMjXW.XlOO.XtOOO or any amount, payable on demand, without di.conut, or any other charge, at the NationsBank of Ireland,Provincial Bk. do, Messrs Ja's Bull, Son hl'rt., Bankers, Loudon; J. Darned k Co., Exchange and Dieeonnt Bank. Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotlaud; Gresnock Banking Lornpauy; 8ir Wm. Forties, Hunter It Co., Scotland; and the hnncket in every post town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the packets of tin* 11th, 15th, 2tst, and 26th, or the Rnval Mill steamer sailing from Boston ou the 16th of May, Apply to W. It J. T. TAPKCOTT, At their general passage office, 76 South street, ml2 corner of Maiden Lane. N.U ?All letters from the country must come port imia. " u,NEW YORK. SCHOOLE > 'S MU U N TA1N fKAVK the foot of Courtlant street, daily ed,] at S o'clock, A M . by from Jersey City to Moiri it wn direct, without change of Or?from thence bv l'oit Loaches 'hrou.h Meudliain, < In ster. Sell oley's Mountain, Port Colde.i, Washiug'oa to Eastnu. .At Washington n dally line intersects to and from Belvidere. For seat* apply to J. HILL, at Joliu Palteu's Commercial Hotel, 73 Court laud t slrvet. N. B.?r.stjas furnished at the shortest notice, by applying t? VB LUKE, Morristown ar26 Im're flmA j?6flBsslS qr^tsnr jgy GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (385 MILES) ?y HAIL HOAD. The only Office > IkK York established by the several Hail Hoad Companies b>^^>n Albany and Buffalo is at No. 59 COURTLANDT STREET, JOHN T. CLAK, General A cent. NOTICE TOIMMIORANTB. The Bubie.rihers having been appointed agents Tor forwarding Immigrants by Rail itnadfroui Albany to Buflilo and intormeiliatr places, are enabled to send them during ihc Hummer from New York to Utica lor $2,06; to Syracuse $2,93, to Auburn $3,36; to Rochester $1,61. to Buffalo $5.50. Children from 2 to 12 years old at half price; under 1 years free; and all Biiggnge from Albany on the Rail Road is entirely fiee. It is evident tlut it coines much cheeiwr to the iimnurrant to trav I by Rail Road titan by Canal, be reaching Buffalo per Steamboat from New York and Rail Road from Albany in 42 hours; wh-rwvs, it tikes per Canal from 9 to 10 day*. The following calculation shows the result, viz :? I'itstat e to Buffalo per Rail Passage to Buffalo per Calload $5,50 ual.aay $1,00 Luggage from N. York to Lnggase to Buffalo, 50lbt Alhanv, lOlllbs free, bal- free, balance for lQOIbs- 56 auce for loOlbs II Loss of time at least 9 days Luggage fram Albany to worth to the laboier, say Buffalo free 50 eeuts per day 4,50 Living for 42 hours, say--- 75 Living for 10 days, 50 cents per day 5,00 Total per R. Road $6,43 '$12,05 Deduct fare per R. Road 6,43 The traveller per R. Road saves $5,62 The; also forward pnsseagers'to Cleavelauil, Portsmouth and other places in Ohio; Detroit, Ike., Michigan; Green Bay, Milwaukee, he., Wisconsin Terr tory; Chicago, Illinois; and to diffeiWt plnc-s in Canadn, at the lowest rates. All information as to the different route* given gratis, aud Tickets to be had (>nly at the Albany and Buffalo Kail Road Office,59 Coartlandt street. WOLF h UlCKEUS. inyt lm*rc SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. BLiDlCVIlNUUAL.E. MAMIATTAIVVILLB AND FORT WASHINGTON LINE OF STAGES. ?i Fare to Manhattanville I2X cent*?Fort Pff'R "Imi^ Washington 25 cmls. This Line will com, running ou Saturday, May 4th, 1844 e? i ii. * Leaving Musihatttnville, at 6 o'clock A. M., and continue running every hour until 7o'clock P ivl Leaving New York corner of Tryon Row and Chatham St, two doois rastof the Harlem Railroad Office, at 7 o'clock, A. M , and contitiue running every hour until 8 P. M. Stapes leaving Fort Washington for City Hall, 7}{ A.M. and SX, 1IX, 1 P. M., 3X. 4 and CX. Staees leaving City Hall for tort Washington, 9 A. M., II and 1 1*. M., 3. 4 and6. '1 hese Stages peas ou the ronte Rred's Hotel. Burnham's Man siou House, * Asylum and Lunatic Asylum, Snicker's Ray, Abbey Hotel, Trinity Chnrch Cemetry, High Bridge to Kurt Washington. B MOORE, ml Im're Proprietor. "YOUKVILLE, ASTORIA. HELL GATE FERRY. KAVEN8WOOI) AND NEW YORK STAGES Will commence running on Monday, May Hfc8, ,8,L 1X5 follows :? Lravii g Astoria, at 7, 8,9, and 11 o'clock, rs ,?i , i. . 4/g. IX anu 7 I'. M L?ivii.g 3 Cn thara street opposite City Hill at7,9, 10, and II o clock A. M . I. 3 4. 5, 6 and7o'clock P M. This Stage will call tor Iasteugers at 20 Bowery, corter of Pell ureet. aud *t Hazard's, Yorkrille. All liaggage at the owner's risk On he arrival of the stage at Astoria, it "ill im mediately he in readiness for conveying patsengers lo Ravens wood and Long Island Farms. I2X cents Horses and YVacons to 1st. LEWIS 8i CARTER, in* I in "ee Proprietors^ PLEASANT AND CHEAP EX'HJKSION8. SUMMER J1RRANOEMEST. NEW BRIGHT,.N. PORT Rl< HMOND, (STATEN INLAND.) It NEW YORK KERRY, From Pier No. I, North River, foot of Battery Place o'ttetSl /*H_ The btramhou CINDERELLA, will ran iWSur11 follows, duly:?Loaves Now Y'mk,at9 and - >w -P ii o'clock A M , at 3X audS P. M. Leaves Port tticliuiood, at 20 uiinulcs to II, aud 10 minutes to 10 A. M.; St I, and ?X P. M. Leaves New Brighton, at 8 an ! 10 A. M.; at IX and 5 P. M. tin iinday?Leaves New Y'urk, at land II A. M.j at 3 and 6 T. vl Le.<ves Poit Richmond, at 20 minuter to 8,anil 11) A M.; at I and 5 P. M. New Yoik, May 8, 1841. my 11 Cmrc aTA Nj?LAN1) FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. The Sleumhoat STATEN ISLANDER,will rnn as follows ou and after Monday, I2d April, uutd fsithrr notice:? _ jlt%.uvc new mutk. i*eave siaien island. At ? At 8 11 18 J 1 ?x apifltf re 6 5 SUMMER AttRANOEMENT. NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY 1?J CENTS. THE NEW AND 8WIKT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY, ns^MQ yd On and fi/Vr Monday, May 11. will ran as CL follows:?Leavs Newark, foot of Centre at, at 3EmJK3E>7.H A M. and IX P. M. Leava New York, Toot oi Uatcriy at, at 10 A. M and 4 P. M. Ou Sundaya?Leave Newark at 8 A. M. and 2 P. M.and N-w York at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. Freight carried at very reasonable rata*. Slay 10th, 1144. ml Ire PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. jUM DAILY, Snudaya excepted?Through Direer at T P .VI., from the Steamboat I ter b? _JKsK.twn>n ConrtlantU antl Liberty atreeta. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St John, Mouil y, Wednesday and Friday rveuingt, at 7. 'i'lte Bueambont ROCHESTER. Captain A. Houghton, on Tuesda", Thursday and Saturday Evenings, at 7. At Fiveo'clock, P. M.? Landing at Inteimediate Places:? 'the Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain???, l'uesday, Tlinraday and Saturday eyninge. at J P. M i'lte bte.imboat CURTIS PECK, Captain W H. Peek. Monday, Wedneaday, Friday and Sunday evenings, at 5 P. M. Passengers taking this line of boar* will arrive in Albany in amole time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or we*tThe above Boat* are new and substantial, are famished with new and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled ou the Hudson. Korpaaaage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Sehnltzat the nflicenu the wharf. mil h A L, ti A /V y I) A Y I. I JS E . AT 7 O'CLOCK, A M. -eel KOK ALBANY, and Intermediate l.andgL? ? irHL%r3?iny? i he row and iplendid itfamboat *5^^3H3E-!iOirni AMKKl<m,Cai.tain M.H True.tleil, will leure (.Iw ntoimbou |>ior foot of llob.nioit itrrct, ou baiunt' v moruiiigi, Jtay ?11?, at 7 o'clock. Kor puartite, apply on board. mllrc Mtn -m ALBANY DAY LINK? Kor Albany and Pv?'tsngr Intr rmerli ite Landing!, at half-prut? o'clock, jC^JljCkA. M ?'Dip lira and co.ouiodioua it ram boat SOOTH KICA, Captain M. II. 1 rueedell. will learr the loot of Kobintou utrwt, on Monday, Wednesday and Kridiy mornings, at OH o'clock. . ... ...... The SOU l'H AMkKH'A will leare Albiny for Now York and intPimndialP landing!. ororf Tu'tday, Tnuradiy and Sal it'day morning*. at #!j o'clock. <n8rr. N KVVKVKN I AO LINK 1KOIl ALBANY. Kara $1?bo tin SO cpn'a. Dark 6*. ...... &a The New and Splendid Steamboat N KW ^rr-p'^Wywad^JKHSKY. Cai.i 11 H h'urey. will hare the LU*.....Tr tm pi'r foot of Barclay itreet (a-rth aide) on >h'edneiday e> <nng. Ulh inrtnul, at ?p?cu o'clock. ''egitlar daya from New York, Mondavi, Wrdneidnyi and hridavii Iroin Albany, Tondayi. Thuriuayi and Saturdays. The New Lncy haa been rebni't and remodelled, and lilted up in thp la-it i?ji?iblp m inner. She hat a 'argenum'or Ol eic* pant State lloome, % large and commodious Promenade Deck, a L.idin' Saloon with sleeping aecommodaiioui for 100 pirtoni and eiteniive and airy Lamas Altogei her, the nat ile?ping arcoininodalioni for nearly 700 penooi. Her draught of w<t?r a lig't, ?o that ?h? will alwiyi be able to eroii the ban wilhoat detintion or iranilupinent. mil jm*rc ?fT KKMli'TANCEB TO IRKLANU, lie The tgEff^W in bic rib'r contineet to trannnit money m in mi larer jjffifiifanr mi all, to persona residing id any part of Ireland in tr\i I line in inner ni lir and hu predecessor in buiinen hare done lor the hut thirty yeare aud more; alto, to any |<art of Kngland or Scotland ... , ... Money remitted by letter (poet paid) to the inhicnher, or i rmmlly deposited with him. with the name ol the person or l. lanui in lielaud, Kngland or Scotland, to whom it it to be ent, end the neareit i>oit towin. will be immediately transmit, ud aud pa<d accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or "warded tc t'ie pieqder. In like manner money, or rlairni on perinm in any Part of Ireland, Kngland or Scotland, ran be collected by ihe suvscrib i fur larsons residing in anv Part of the United Slate. f ii tda, and will be paid to them accordingly. io2f.lm*in OKOROK XI-ittUOK. Jr.12 Odar MONEY TO L K N U . ~ \ BRAHAM J. JACKSON, I'awn Broker. No M Read* LX utreet, near timid way, hum* money in large or amall tumi, aj may be rmnired. on W a tehee. Diamond!, Jewelry. Hilrrr W.te, Dry O.iodn, Wearing Apparel, and peraonal pro|ierty ol erety deaenption, nphlm'rc I PT IV P! MUSICAL. CIIUN'OH (i LO BUNCO, from Italy, prcfusor cf mutic -r and for maay years established ii tin* city, nitres to devote a few hours ol eich day, which lie has free from his usual occ ii atious, in giving lessons in musical theory *ud p'iras'V insl. iction on ifr piano and singing prom sing to such as may hot or him vri h their confidence in iPdica e his au'ir* energies in Preparingihrm for the hiaher brauches of musieaJ education 111 sa who wish 10 av ail themselves of this oppaituuity will idrave adorns a note din-ved to Mr T. F Nuunt. viusic publisher,"10 Broadway atihestudio of S'gnor .tf arsiglia. No 75 Manny street or Mr. Undone, 403K Broadway, stating nmnr am residence, which will be promptly attended to. mli 2w*ec hoarding^ A T 27 COURTLANDT STKEKTV?Thia establishment ah having -enroll v be*n taken on a lease, is now ready to rereive single geuilemen or families who may with iieriuaneut Board, with comfortable ataitm'nts. Enquire of Mrs. Uere, No. 27 Courtlaudt street. a30 Im'rre DR. S. C. FOSTER, HAS REMOVED from Ins late residence, No.46fi Hons ton to No 17 Amity stieet. mli Iw'rc B iTEAKT-IM NLU8T. AN OBLONO BREAST l*l N, com,iosed of Brs'ol Stones of an inch long, balfan inch wide; probably I all thirty to forty small stones, similar to glass. Bring an old keepsake the owner will pay a to any person who might had it, il they will return it to It. PUTNAM, mil Gt*m 33 Cociittes' Slip. B~OAltD AT NEW BRIGHTON -The establishment known as the " Brigh'on Housr," having been lately refitted a .d repaired, is now pen lor the reteptinn ofb arders The many advantages which New Briqhun |M>t?rn>a beii g well is deem el unnecessary io particu arise them? any information cau be obtained by applying at No 2 Broadway. in 14 Iwjgb TJM'RN SHED ROOMS lO LET-With or without Board, " hi the ci rt eligible part of llrt adway, near Krsckliu streol. Kor pellicular* tuquiic at 366 Broutiw - y, belwien the hours ol I and G P. M, Also, the bueoientcf said house suitable ror a Phyiirian.w ho can, if teipiinte, ob'ain board as above mil here REMOVAL JAMES UTILE, DRAPER AND TAILOR, Hat removed lrom 2lj Hudson street, to U6 Broadway, ml] Itn'ec REMOVAL. ~ TAR. J HEINE has removed to 20 Duane street, between O Chatham and Centre streets, where he continues to be eouau'.ted on the various brancnes of his profession, in his native (the Herman) or English laugnagra. in2 lm*re _____ T^HOMAH WARNER, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, na* removed tin office to Do. II City Jla.ll rtace, comer fDwine street fi|>2l lm'rc REM0VA]r; JB. 8TOUVENKL, Importer and Dealer in Winn and Brandies, wholesale and inform* his Trend* and the public, that lie has removed his establishment front 21 Ann st, to 24 John street. He invites lovers of Uood Wines to visit hit cellar, where lliay will always tind a constant supply of Botdeaua Wines, Burgogne, Champaigne, Madeira. l ort, and other liond Wines. He also imports Absynths Kirtchenwassrr, Stc.. of the li st lious s in Switzerland. All orde.-s delivered 'ree of charge to booses, by the gallon or dozeo bottles. Mr J. B 8. will attend to bottling wine for any one who may desire hit servi'as. tu7 lm*m To MERCHANT TAILORS AM) CLOTHING MAN1 UFACTUKER8. WILLIAM . FITZMAUHICE. Teacher of the art of neatiiriug and drafting garments in the Parisian and Loudon styles, respectfully infoimt the trade t'at he is now fully prepared to give instructions in the above art, in all it* branch.*. He would particularly call the attention of all manufacturers of clothing to In* beautiful style of coats, overcoats, racks, D'Orsays. Htc ; also, his paiitiloous at d vests, for which he is ready lu fii-iush patterns of every size, shape and style. A line addressed to him, 91 Dunne stieet, will meet with immediate cite .lion. His reference* a*r the first master tailors in the city, myli lcn*ec M'O SCIENTIFIC PRACTITIONERS, Chemis.a and a l'harcnacrntists. aud all otheri?I wish ycu all to follow my footsteps Ycu only who have confidence in yoorown practice, I offer to yon anil the public the benefit of niv new discoveries, on the most liberal terms Advice and medicine famished wilhont chirge until the patient is sntiifie! a cure will be made Physicians having obstinate cases of scrofula, hr. insy, by introducing me to their patients, have them cured on tr.e aame terms. You * ho have sought. in vain lor relief from other physicians, be not discouraged, but call and see me, and you shall i-c cured. SOLOMON HEINE, M. D ,47 Readest mil lmeod*ec a tew doors north of H oadway. NEW YORK SURGEONS' BANDAGE INSTITUTE, M"0. 1 A >N STREET, [under the American Museum.] 2d ! ' door from Broadway. Burgeons, Physicians, and the afllicted are hereby iufortned tha'. they ean obtain in this Institute all the latest improved B indices for the cure of clubfoot, t.nta,.I i ?r .k. . ...i i a. . .. ch rue or cases of deformity will be taken by the > rincipsl ef the Institute, who has devoted much time and attention to the cure of Clubfeet, Curvature of t. e Spine, ontracted Limbs, ike. He also has invented a Truss lor the rare of Rupture, woieh his gireu general r.iMskictiou, as it is worn with cotrparative comfort, a"d has . . ? many cases of long standing. In a wold, it can b,' worn b| the youngest infant with periect safety. Pat-'ents from abroad a-e rrovided with hoard at moderate rates ; also altention is gi*en to the e.location of child'en whilst under treatment lor tbu cu e of Clubfoot. Curvntaie ?l ti e spine, how-'egs, or knock-knees, diseases which are readily cu en m children without detaining them from ictiool. J. KNIGHT. M D , mil 4t*eodre Principal >.f the Institute. TO KAHMKKb HORTICULTURISTS, fcc?H..lph.ia J- Ainm >nia for forcing trie Crops?Sulphate of Soda?Nitrate Soda, constantly oo hand by DR. LEWIS KEUCHTWANOXB, ml.') lmeodHGtW* rc No. "tA Maiden Laos VA ITK'8 GLOBEAND TRANXPARE.-NTCELESTIAL SPHERE, comnaou size, for schools and private families, and lsr?e size for Lectnres, for sale at M?. Vale's Nautical Establishment. 91 Rusevclt street. New York, and at Nefas It Cornish, 278 Pearl. T he eb ve initiuraent is now nseil in Vale College, and has ih* recommenuaiiODs 01 Doctor Larduer and Professor Olms'ed. Krom its simplicity, H is alto used iu our common schools. Letter* of inquiry, post paid, wi o attended to. Mr. Vat- will make a ?hort visit to Boston the latter part of this moo h, (May) and introduce his h'g* Globe and Sphere He will lecture on the 16th instant at New London, Conu. my 9 lmeod*rre GENTLEMEN'S LEFT oPF WAkDROBE. THE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Gentlemen 1 or Families who art desirous of convening their left off wealing apparel into cash. To Families and Gentlemen qnitt'ug the city or changing residence, having any snpeilluous effect* to dispose of, will find it much to tneir advantage to send for the subscriber, who will attend at their residence by appointment. J. LKViNSTYN. 466 Broadway, upstairs. A line through tL.e Post Office, or otherwis-, will receive prompt attention m4 Im eod*re WATCHES AND JEWELRY VERY LOW. AS THE SUBSCRIBER it cousrantly receiving al Ideaetiptions of O, Id and Silver Watches, of the newest styles, from the manufacturers in England, Krance and Swiue-laml he is enabled to offer a larger rssurtine- I. and at much lesa prices at retail, than Gold Watches as low as S20 to $25 each. Watches ar.d Jewelry txcharged or bought. A'l Watches warranted to krep good time, or the money returned. Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry repaired iu the best manner and warranted, lower thau at any othsr piece in the city. O C. ALLEN, Importer of Watcheiaud Jewelrv, wholesale and retail, in!6 lm*rc 3u Wall etreet. up staire. llAlii CUTTIN O OS * xva tv riwscirLE. A N EXPLANATION 13 NECESSARY, IN ORDER as- to fully cornpnh-ud the grant advantages which will miss fr?m patrnuizing Phal in'a new plan of llair Cutting. Ac ? Every body h?? felt the on pi' lunt tentalions creafd by hating the dirty hair brush applied to hia brad, for the forty-s? ventn time in a day. (and ui aome instances used apon the heads of in valida) without clranauig. In view of tlua, the subscriber baa ilrvotrd bia rutins eilibli-hment for introducing a new fralur' in the treatment of thr hair?that of having a large nun her ol lirst rate brvahrs, and in no instance to l>' uard a second time withont a thorough denoting. By giving tha ecienc* of Hail Dressing and Wig Making hia aol? tima and attention, tngrthn with thr gre?t perioral comfort rnaurrd, at hit italiiialint'Lt, he eolicita a trial, aatiafied that tboae who give hia ayatetn ore trial will aprr ciate the benefit and luxury afforded at no aimi lar concern in thia c ty A private room la fitted up for ladiea. Shampooing and Hair Dreaaing. EDW'D. PHAI.ON, m7 lm"tn 114 Broadwav, opposite St. Panl'a. T OST?I aal night, on board the Jeraey City i team boat, catli ryiag til'passengers of the Philadelphia train, a Pocket Book containing ttindry payra of no value bnt to the owner. The finder will be lib-rally rewarded by leaving it at FOSTER k Nh,K ERSON'S ml* re Nn. ii Honth stree-. SPOR'I'HiviEN and Ownerer f Dog* are invited to attend a tweetiog at Mr SANDS' Dutch House, corner of Brooire md Fa ray in atreet, on Monday Evening the 20lh instant, i.t half past 8 o'cli ek, tu take into consideration the beat me?n> of etilioning the Corporation for an alteration of the preaent Dog I.twa. It ia hoped that all peraona interested iu the same wi'I ettrnd. mltnterrc CAFH TORTON'I, TABLE D'HOTE, every day at four o'clock, Cold mul Hot Punrh, Mocha C'ojftt, Sfgari, <$v. No. 7 Park Place, inlii 2wre J BARDOTTE. voyaue: t<> various pouts in kurope, asia, AND AFRICA, IN THE MEDITERRANEAN. A firat claaa vevael, with superior nccommod .lionv HXjVWfir passengers, will he dispatched as anova on cr about MMMmthe 10th proiimc, touching at the Azores or Wu'era Mands, then p'neeeding to Uibralttr, thencn to Malta, where Medit'rranmn pilots will be taken I hence to Athens and the (irecian lalainla, thence to Constantinople, wh?r" tue pn rip.,I inrt of the outward cargo will he disputed of from thenc" to Tened'a and the Ruiua of ancient 1 rov, thence to Smyrna, "cm, Samoa, Rhodes, Cyprus, Tyre. Snlnn, Casaaria, and Joppa, wliere the vessel will remain a soffieicat time toenabie I naengera to visit Jerusalem, then return down the Me literi mean via Egypt, Tripoli and Syracuse, and if Hum w ill permit, and the ptstrnji'is desire it. the rnriae may be ft tended to Meaaina. Naples, Civita Vecchin tha seaport of Rom-, thence to Corsica, Elba. Leghorn, lj?aoa, Nine. Mars'illeu and Barer Inns, touching for supplies at Tangirrand Madeira, and taking the southern paasage acroia the Atlantic, milinn if ? brief stop i\t Charleston, H 0. to Inud |mnrnv>Ti unit their eITecu. anil theuee to ihit port The voyage will probvbl* oecopy about 7 mon'ha, during which time much valuable commercial aud other information mav be acquired; alto highly inler-ating ca ineuof cariosities. Icc. may he collect*if l'hie pione-r njoditlM, projecled for the purpose NtpMMMW avenues lor trade between the old and new world will douhtleaa be one of profit aa well aa of pleasure In the passengers, all of whom, besides being proiided with every iKissible comfort and conyeiuence to be (onad on hoard of a ship, will b* allowed to take wilh ih--m the cruiae round, a certain quantity of saleable goods to dia|Mtse ct by Inrteror otherwise which privi'rwe if improved will prolmbly yield a profit sufficient to nearly or ijaite cover the price of iwasage. The charge to each paasencer. provided a sulfic.ent nnmlier offe.a in season, will not esceed the naual es|' niesof a gentleman passing theininmvrat Hnntoga or Niagara. Ihoee who may wish to avail themselves of this lavorable "?l>ortaniiy for acquiring practical commercial knowledge and v'siring i he Holy I.and. and many other rlacea of importance to the student, the man of p'eaanre and of hnsm'si. will plaase make early application, aa Ihe tir.e of ilie vessel to be employed o i the voyage will depend in measure uiyiu the number who come forward early engage p.usage. The company will he select, ard will he famished with eyrrv posaible infnrmation respecting the articles most saleable at the potts intended io he a isited, and ihe most advuable investments to lie made la return, r or freight or passage, apply to | ml?2w?ec sXMl. W DKWKy.lM Kront at. ? ?WW? W YC INEYV YORK, KH1UAY M The Next Prc?lilnicy-Jor Miiiltls, the Mormon Prophet, <I< II11I1<X hln PoHltlon. The wine (hall inherit glory, hut shame shall be the promotion of fools. ? Solomon's 1'iovrrts. In the daily Globe oi March U'.h, Mr. Blair notices my "Views 011 the I'ower anil Policy of our ( overnmeat," under the head ?f " A new advocate for a National Bank," witli remarks and extracts. As it does not bespeak a gentleman to tell all he knows, nor indicate wisdom to murmur at the oddities of men. I rarely reply to the many remarks, sayings and spec illations upon me anil my plans, which seem to agitate the. world; lor, like the showers ujiontho verdure of the eurlh, they give me vigor, beauty, and expansion : but when a man occupies a station in his country, which ought to lie honored as an exaltation; which ought to be sustained with dignity; and which should lie tilled by a friend and a patriot of the nation, too wise to be cozened by counterfeit principles; too great to blur his lame with sophistry; too proud to stoop to the vanity that is momently wasting the virtue of the government; and too good to act the hypocrite to accumulate wealth? or to frustrate the ends undaimsof justice; I tori it my duty to bring forth the truth, that the man and his measures, if right, may be sustained; and, if wrong, maybe rebuked. Without reference to men, parties,or precedents, the plan of banking, suggested in my "Views," is assumed upon the all commanding, and worthily considered,omnipotent petition of the people, and whether, as a "fiscal agent," "great financier, prophet, priest or king," I act wisely and righteously, ao as to answer their virtuous prayers, without fear, favor, or partiality; and produce union; give satisfaction to twenty millions of freemen, rather than sport with their holy supplications to boost a few hungry.crafty hypocritical demagogues into office to gamble for the ' loaves anil lishi s" no mutter whether the game is played "ii|ion the tables of the living, or the Collins of tho denil "?or whether 1 raise the lienor and credit of the nation above the little, picayune, cramped, narrow minded schemes of the dominant, tindominant, and would lie dominant parties, cliques, knots and factions ; or whether, like the venerable fa'bers, I launch my new ship into the great ocean of existence, and, like them, luckily bring relief to the oppressed, is all the same, so long as the people are honored as noble in their patriotism ; and almighty in their majesty tor pepuli? vox Di i! Hut it in extraneous, irrelevant ana kick snawing to connect me or any part of my " Views on the Powers anil Policy of the Government," with Mr. Clay, Mr. Webster, Mr. Adams, Mr. Benton, Mr. Calhoun, Mr. Van Buren, or any of their galvanic cronies?what have they done to benefit the people 1 TBe simple answer Is?nothing but I draw money Horn the tieasury. It is entiroly too late in the age of tnis republic, to clarify a Harry of the West; deity a Daniel of the Kant; rjuiilify a t^uincy ol the Whigs, or bigify a Benton of the Democrats; leaving Mr. Calhoun and Mr. Van Buren such fair samples of bogus-democracy, that he that runs may read. As the beautiful excellence of a QLf- head -?lJ) may be a desideratum only remedied by the " K.xcelslor," ol the brain, so a great man ought to exhibit his wisdom by his liberality to the unfortunate among men as a token ot philanthropy, unbounded by party lines, unlettered by chain-cable opinions, and untrammelled by cast-iron rules. Why slur tbe noble project of letting the prison ers go fri e by petition f It is sanctioned by uncient custom; it is the counsel of God, and would lie the only visible testimony to the world that this realm is what it professes to be, a Government of Liberty Heaven, earth, and hell know that the penitentiaries of the several States are a disgrace to thu United States, and a stink in the nostrils of the Almighty. And the county and city prisons arc still worse. Unfortunate men, and in nine cases out of ten, innocent, are hurled into prison by corrupted Judges, suborned witnesses, or nngodly men who gamble themselves into < ongrcs.?, into Legislatures, into courts, into churches, and into notico and power,and then damn their friends and fellow beings to prison, wretchedness and ruin. And in ninety and nine cases out of a hundred, the prisoners are treated meaner than dogs; half starved to put money into the pockets of speculators; fed upon unwholsome provisions; whipped without mercy and even murdered with impunity. Look at the beastly conduct of WM to the female in Auburn State Prison, N. Y. Remember a man was whipped to dentil, not long since in Alton Penitentiary. Illinois: and it is not urcoramou to lacerate with tho " rope's end" thirty men at once, in the parish prisons of New Orleans, so that the voice of reason now cries from the vast numbers of pri sons and the multiplying number of prisoners in the United States for relief; and the death like groans from cells, bastiles, castles, Rhd cursed holes throughout the whole earth, is ascending up into the ears of the Lord of Sahhaoth to be avenged of such cruelty. And when great men, in high places, see a Governor lteynolds shoot out his own brains with a rifle ; or gaze U]>nn the havoc made by the bursting ot a "great gun" among the" Executives'" of the nation, then know ye, the hour of his judgment is come ! The United States is the boasted land of " Liberty," where "these truths are held self evident?that all men are created equal : and endowed by their Creator with ourrtain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liIwrty and the pursuit of happiness but at the same time id the face of these truths, slavery is tolerated bylaw: imprisonment is tolerated by law : and murder is tolerated by law : and even fifteen thousand free citizens are exiled from one state to another? and the < ienerul Government has no power, (according to the opinions of Van Buren and Ben'on) to redress the wrong. O, Queen Victoria, and ye lords and com?.ons of Great Britain, what think ye oi a Republican Government ? and how do you imagine your daughter will come out in her attempt at equal rights and retgniug in righteousness ? Pshaw ! (will they answer,) your cotters are robbed with impunity ; youfcltizens are mobbed, and driven like chad' from the threshing floor, and the government, controlled by nset of money gnmnling, chicken-hearted, public fad cowards, cannot redress you ! Ask the reigning sovereigns of Europe, Africa and Asia, what they think of the boasted Republic in America ! and will they not laugh in the lace of the whole world, and taunt the United States, hy exclaiming ! Ah t hah ! ah ! hah ! If there is any power in a Republican Government, in a real case ot necessity, rnJUVI failed to M just men to exercisa it. Party spirit cuts the cords of union ; patronage veils the face of justice, and bribery closes the lips of honor, and when the wicked rule the people mourn. PfrhftnK it mav hn gaitl tlip lai^rnmiii/ Lt A?#ti nHpnnoin to the calls of justice ; and I answer, if it has, it was he cause the officers in authority considered their iionor and the rights of the people, paramount to palrnnagt, prtf, and pnmUarily ! They were patriots who carried out the poet's explanation of true greatness? " A wit's a feather, and a ehiel's a rod, But an honest man's the noblest work of God " It is said that " out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh,"and when men are called " quadrupeds,h and ridicnle occupies the place of reason, ami the virtue, dignity, honor, power, and majesty of the |>enpln, seem to he buried in rubbish ; covered with dust ; mildewed with fog ; tainted with treachery ; burlesqued by blackguards ; or humbled by debauchees ; it is high time for humanity to exclaim :?" flow hat tht gn/rf hrconn dint, and whtrt hat Ihr qhry drpartril The only suggestion wonhv of commendation relative to a National Bank, in Mr blair's remarks is, that the mother bank should be located at Nauvoo. This is correct, lor Nauvoo us a city, collectively or individually, cannot la? reproached with dishonor, crime, corruption or bribery. Neither lias a Swartwout or Price mingled his miliums with the majesty of monarchs by walking out of the unwalled and ungated Nauvoo. The blood ol commodores and congiesamen, shed by the hea: ven-daring, hell-liegatien, earth-disgracing practice of duelling, has never staineil the virtuous soil or city ol | Nauvoo. Nor does a slave raise his rusting fetters am! . chains, and exclaim, O liberty wbere are thy charms Wisdom, freedom, religion, and virtue, like light, love water and air, " spread undivided, and operate unspent,' in the beloved Nauvoo ; while the gay world, and great politicians may sing, and even the "great Globe" itsell may chime the melodious sounds : ? llail Columbia, "free nnd eqiiBl"? Lo, the saints, the Mormons, bless ye ' Kelt thy glory most severely, When Missouri gave them jrsse llail Columbia, "free and equal"? Negro slaves, like common cattle, llought and sold for cash at auction ; Prayers and chains together rattle 1 Hail Columbia, "free andeutial''? "Liberty," (as patriots won it,) i row nM the "head" of freemen's money Now the goddess sits upon it ! Mail Columbia, '.ree and c<iual""t Mlil and silver" Is thy "tender Treasury notes, (aside from Biddle,) Kor ugn loans, and fallen splendor ! As the "world is governed too much," and as there is not a nation or dynnsty now occupying the eaith which acknowledges Almighty (toil an their lawgiver, and as " crowns won by Mood, by Idood must he maintained," I go emphatically, virtuously, and humanely, for a Thkoi?:Moi:nacv, where (tod and the people hold the power to conduct the atfalra of men in righteousness. And where liberty, trco trade, and sailors'rights, and the protection of life and property, shall he maintained inviolate, for the benefit of AM.. To exalt mankind is nobly acting the runt of a (tod?to degrade them, is meanly doing the drudgery of the devil, Cnitnt, lihrrlat, niiitai ?rttu ptrfir I It If ! With the highest sentiments nf regard for all men, lam an Hdvocateof unadulterated freedom. JOHKril SMITH. Nst.'voo, (111) April 15, |S44. Mi runit tvii.i. out ? We learn verbally a strange story of n murder said to have been committed at or near Chippewa. Adapt itrundage, who some years ago ran the little steamlroat Victory between this port and I nippewa, and who haa since resided at or near that place is the party implicated. A woman and child were living with him. Some time ago, hut how long we are not informed, the woman, who had some six or eight hundred dollars in cash, and her child disappeared, hut no suspicions were aroused until one morning when the sexton went into the grave yard and discovered a new made grave. Me wondered who dug It, and the incident giving rise to some remarks, it at last came lot'-? cars of n half crazy follow, called " old Moses," living in the neighborhood, who related the following story lie said he was lying in the grave yard thr night before, when Brundagn brought in a woman and child and buried them. The grave wan immediately opened, the bodiea of the woman and her child were found in it, Brundage was forthwith arreatnd, and ia now in the (all at Niagara awaiting hit trial for murder.? Buffalo.14t. May 11. A imnt-too MtrcH.?a man in nr#vi|le, m (he western part of New Vork, has lately tx en arrested lor luif imy, in marrying a Miss Amelia Drop, while he had a Wife living at the eastward. IRK I] rnpntna may it i?/1J LV/xmi JLA1 VJ JLTAilX A a. 9 y ClimicHtoii. | tOrreipoudejie rfde Herald.] Charleston, 5. C. May 12, 1841. Effect oj the I'hiludcl/ihia Riots on the Public Mind, ? Circulntion of the Ilrraht? Texas Meet nor? Trade, tfc. Great excitement exists here to-day. The news from Philadelphia is of ihat startling character which gathe-s crowds at the corners of the streets harrows up the savage feelings, it implanted in the breast, set'ing friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor, till discord pervades every portion of society. Tlie sensation produced here is the more deep, from the circumstance of the Ifev. Dr. Moriarty being now in our city. lie has been laboring here for some weeks, attracting by his gteat eloquence, and power, crowds of people to listen to Slim. The circumstance of the burning of his church, his house bin library, which spread like lightning through the city?Io not at this moment, 12 o'clock, known to the llev. Doctor himself! lie preaches at St. Mary's Church, which is filled to I overflowing witli 'Hose who expect to near linn on | this subject, so all-engrossing to every one else. But they must he disappointed ! The lleverend gentleman was seen to enter the church with n light step, a cheerful smile upon his countenance! llis friends thought it most prudent not to disclose the fact ol the utter destruction of all Ins earthly goods at such a moment. There was no mail north of Baltimore to-day; consequently, hut little is known ol the extent io which the riot has run in Philadelphia. Some lew papers reached here I?y passengers; and from the nature of the intelligence, it is presumable that the state of things at Philadelphia interrupted hemail The Ilerald will lie anxiously looked for for some time to come, though it usuully is the only paper reud here, t'ifty readers to one subscriber is a lair average; it is impossible to gel at it at the reading rooms, bar rooms, tec. It is the same everywhere South and West, where I have recently been. If your friends of the newspaper press would work a little harder, and make their papers better, instead of charging so much for their private characters, would it not be better for them! And the "Chevalier!" Is lie visible to the naked eye! His letters have produced a great deal of merriment here. Can you not give a portrait of him as he is now! We have all seen the picture of what lie is likely to become. A great "Annexation Meeting" is to come off the coming week. General Hamilton is here, and will probably take a part in the proceedings. He and his friends arc deeolv interested uecuniarilv in the fate of Texas. The i ienarttl's stur would rise agaiut should this project of annexation succeed. Business is dull. The revulsion in the cotton market operates pretty severely here upon the prospects ot trade. In liaste, yours, See. Philadelphia Kiots ?We take the following from the Philadelphia Chronicle of yesterday:? The city still remains in a perfect statu of quietude, without the slightest probability of any renewed acts of outrage. A guard is still kept round the Catholic Churches, but the main body of the volunteers are in the Arsenal The armed nnd unarmed citizens of the different wards have discontinued patrolling the street!. There was no truth in the report that a soldier had been lired at while on duty at ht. Phillips Church an Tuesday night. The General Orders of lust night, merely embrace the disposal of the troops, and the protection ol all the different points in the city and county. The orders aro strictly private. The disposition of the troops, wc are olllnially informed, is about the same?as previously published Kvery tiling is quiet-not the shalow of an attempt at violation of law. We understand that ltecorder Vaux intends raising a i;iuifi military company, which may be called out at a short notice, for the purpose of suppressing any sudden riot, tumult or outbreak, in th.i city They will be arm ed and uniformed, with a cap similar to those worn by the New York firemen, and u close bodied water prool coat. It is said that arrangements are in progresg for the pur l?sc of securing lite services ol four hundred able bodied men, ready and willing to aid in preserving the public peace They will all lie well armed and disciplined. This, added to the present pelice and watch, would prove a strong force in case of any outbreak. Naval.?Capt. McKeever, of the II. S. Navy, stilled from Norfolk, on the 14th inst., in the Montague, fort, naton He goes out to mmimu the command ot the 8t. Louis, attached to the Last India squadron, under command ot Coin. Parker. Cammander I'aync went out in the same vessel to join the brig Perry, of the squadron late under commnad ot Com Dupont, relieved by cause of ill health. Lieut. Greene has been detached from the U. 8. store ship Lexington. The U. 8. steamer Union, which lett Baltimore on Saturday, arrived at Norfolk the same day, and anchored oil' the Naval Hospital. Canada ?We have received Montreal papers of Tuesday morning. They contain the following " A proclamation received yesterday afternoon convokes the Provincial Parliament to meet in Montreal, on Jlth June next,' there to take into consideration the state and welfare of our said Province of Canada, and therein to do as may seem necessary.'" " We hHve much pleasure in announcing to our readers at a distance, that the health of His Excellency, the Governor General, is improving rapidly. His Excellency, we learn, has received much benefit from the medical treatment of Or. Pollock, recently arrived from England." ? Kin'ston Chronicle, Il/A init. Cotton Factory.?It gives its great pleasure to state, that the gentlemen engaged in establishing a cotton factory in this city, perfected their organization last evening under the statute applicable ta such companies, and will commence operationa very speedily. A small portion of stock yet remains untaken, hut the enterprise will go on to the great advantage of those Immediately engaged and the whole city. To our merchants especially will it prove directly advantageous Domestics form a large portion of a dry goods merchant's stock in trade, and when western merchants learn that they can buy domestic goods ns cheap in this city as in New Vork, or any other enstern market, they will be very apt to stop here and purchase instead of going on as heretofore. Such purchases will open the way to farther and more extensive sales of other goods. The resulting advantages it is unnecessary to mention. They are obvious to llL?Nnffato JU?., Mty 14. Wild Cat, Alligator and Tiokrtail.?The Memphis Kagle of the 27th t-ays: The Seminole Indian Chiefs, hut recently the terror of tho inhabitants of Florida, and who finally buried their murderous tomahawks and consented to move to our Western bonlers, arrived in our city on Thursday afternoon from Arkansas, ou the steamboat Export, on their wuy to Washington ' city. Wild Cat sevmed to tie the grent one of them, nnd attracted much attention. He is certainly the flueat speck ' men of oar ahoriginul race living. He was finely arrayed in Indian costume, with silver plates anil a gold-hiited poniard banging ou hi* breast, and an ostrich feathei gracefully waving from his cap. His limbs are almost ner fectly symmetrical, hi* bunds and feet small, elegant fiery features, and gestures and mien gracefully dignified. We . I,,,.-..,I kin, o? tin id an l.ntnm.-.l uGLI,. ...I I,.. looked aa if hr required hut a alight inault to make him again panther-like to lean into the ambuah ami laugh ax he dealt torture and death to the pale face. He la a noble light in hix untamed xpirit, and hi* graceful gestures and haughty, dignified bearing, and fiery, noble luaturea, make Wild <. at a ri al lion. Titic Wkathkr anij tub Crops?The Feliciana Whig, of the 4th instant, says: with the exception ut a light xhowcr atmut a week ago, there ha* been no rain in thix section for a long period, and the farmer* in thi* and the neighboring parishes, begin to fear the moit xerioux ronfequenrex to their crop". In xome place* the corn and cotton ii dying for want of muiiture, arid unless rnin come* within a xhort time, the cotton crop, eipecially, will be a very light one ; for tew of our planter* Jluive seed to replant with, did the aeaxon |>ermit. We learn from the xoutheni parishes ot the State, that the Jrought is xe. vpiely felt in that section On many of the sugar plantations the young cans, which previously looked unusually promising, is withering up. Sin and Sorrow.?A fellow hy the n.une of Valentine Peter, who had kept a bakery and grocery in this place for some time past, clean-d out on the Hth of April, and it wax afterwards ascertained that he went to Huron, where he waited three or faur days, until tie was .joined by a woman nninad Mary Mencer, from this place, leaving a husband, and a daughter I'l years old, (but not the daughter ol her husband ) It is understood that the guilty couple left Huron for l hicago The husband of the absconding woman, (Jeorge Mcncsr, a cooper by trade, was much affected by his wife's infidelity, and it Is sonrated became partially insane, tin the night of the iflth, he went into the grocery store of Harney Karrell, where his step-daughter lived, gave her his pocket-liook, and a writing tic<|n<-ittiiiik to her a box in the possession of Mr. Doll. He told hor he was going to drown himself, and loaving bin can with bar, went down on to Caswell's wh.irl; since which time he had not been aeon, until yesterday morning, when hia dead body waa lonnd floating near Hubbanl f* Co.'a new dock ? Sandusky flat inn. Fkmai.k opftutivkfl.?We xaw the other day a letter addrep ed to it gentleman of this city, containing ? power of Attorney, from a Icmaln who reaidea ia Vermont, and who formerly worked in one of the milla in thia city. The gentleman waa empowered to withdraw from the Lowell Savings Dank, the nmouat of her savings, which aha had deposited in the Institution while working in Lowell. The wholu amount waa five hundred and one dollars and thirty-three cents. By a law of our Savings Bank, where a deposit* excaeds the sum of five hundred dollars, no interest is paid thereon, which waa the renson lor the withdrawal of the money. Thia i? hut one instance of the many whirh we could adduce to prove, if necassary, the frugal and exemplary character of our female ope. rative population, and the good wagea which they receive for their labor -fowdl Courtat r E R A A (anit-rnl HcmnIoiin. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Kinman? and William*. Jon*! B I'llii Lira, K?<|, Acting Ristrict Attorney. Mar Iff.?Trial far Grand l.urrtny.?A colored girl named Adeline Bell was tried for a grand larceny in ?teal ing on the 3d of Apr'llast a cloak worth $4<?, the property ot Mr. Ueorge S. Hough, No S'ij Broome street. The prisoner attempted to pledge the clonk at the pawn e*. tuhlishment of Simpson k Co. In the Bowery. It was deturned, and thu prisoner urn-sled by officer Kinff The Jury were charged by the Recorder", briefly, and with" evidence was not conclusive that the property taken exceeded in value f-ib, u verdict was rendi led ol guilty ol petit larceny only, anil the war sentenced to the penitentiary for six months. Hiir?lary.?Uriah Penrsall, a mere lad, was next tried for a burglary in the 3d degree, in breaking into the store of Messrs. W.lletts at t o , No. 70 Market Klip, on the night of the hth ol Aprfl. Verdict guilty, and tlie Court sentenced him to the State prison tor two years Trial for Faltt Prrtnitn ?Bowen *. foster wus next put on his trial tor obtaining goods under faUe pretences, tn the amo*"it of $401), in October last, irom Messrs. Carets and Huntingdon. Thu false representations alleged were these :?That Foster -bent to Messrs. Carets- i.1 ii'i store in Beaver street, No. 7J, in tho middle of October, and stated to the firm that he hud commenced business at West Lrydrn, Lewis County, w ith a Mr Belknnp ; that he hud put in IIMIO in the business, and Belknap had put in f-lbtn Upon these representations, u Mil was made up uinl a credit was given on notes pay uhleat difh-ient dates ; on their coming to maturity, they wt'ie all dishonored. The accused stated that Belknap nlso owned a latm . tnat the $1M0 put in by him was reeeired from a gentleman from I ?tica-occuited having previously taken the hem tit of the bankrupt net. Accused also gave reference* to u Mr Hailing, who partially corroborated the statement* made, and in conscciuence the credit was given. On the firm of t urew & Co. going on to West I.ey. don, or rather one of them, (Mr. Huntingdon) they found i the store closed anil foster gone, and that he had sold the goods purchased ut auction sale, and that Ilelknnp did not own a farm, or was there any other property to he found ; fester was complained of hero, and oriented in Cherry Valley. Tins chuiacter of evidence whs introduced hy calling Mr. (Jarew and Mr. Huntingdon, the members of the Frm doing business at No. 7i Beaver street. A uumlierof witnesses were examined, amongst whom wus Mr. Uauc Peck, who corroborated the statements made hy Messrs. Carew V Huntingdon ) the accused stated that lie came hy the f laOO hy receiving it as a present irom Mr. Camp, ol I'tica-for services?aud witness sold him a bale of goods. The witness also staled that he sold the accused three or more hales ef goods ; upon his reference to William A. Darling of Cedar street, tile last of which was packed tin according to the older of the accused, hut not deliver ed, as suspicion was aroused in the mind cf Mr. feck that all was not right ; a tormcr credit on a note ol I months f/.>. ton ku nur luan inn.I In December theucc used reiterated to him hi* former declarations that hi* j>artner ami Itlfhll JKKXi employed in tlieir business. WtUJiX W. Fmo, ot 3t> Lcilar stree.t, deposed that the accused cume to hi* atom in October last, iti conseipience ol the *ume representation* that have been previously nuiuud, ho *old him u bill of Rilk good* on t> month* credit, amounting to about tf?llK)?al*o another lor fi?0. It appeared that all thu unpaid note* c*mo to maturity after the prisouei's arrest and incarceration in the City Prison. Sami'ki. Williams, of No. 117 Pearl street, deposed that upon the representations previously narrated, and which Foster followed up, he gave him credits for *125*, on vnriottH notes, payable at various dates, none of which were paid. At this stage of the trial, the Court adjourned to Friday at II o'clock, A. M. Court Cnlt'iitlnr?1Till* I)ay< Ciact it Court.?Nos. 40, II, o, ol, i, 49, -17, 17, 00, 40, fl, 4'i, 20, !1?, 42. II, 33. In Swi'rkmk Cot ri, May 11.?The following motions made at the March Special Term last, were decided by Mr. Justice Bronaon In the matter of the election of Directors of the Dank of Dausville?Motion on behalf of Mamucl W. Smith and tire others, for an order constituting (hem directors elect of said bank, in the place ot Lester Brudncr and live othersdenied. In the matterof A. Cook Hull?Motion for a mandamus command-tig the Medical Society of the county of King* to admit the above named A. Cook Hull as u member uf ** >! Society, be?granted, tlanievoort vs. Nelson and others, exrs Ac. ?Motion that plaintiff* taxable costs lie recovered against defendants a* < xecutora, aim to be levied against the property of B Wright, deceased ? granted, without costs ol motion. Tathum and al ads Kentish?Motion that all plainnft* proceedings be stuyed, until he shall pay costs of a former suit, be?granted, with cost*. The People ex. rel. Clinton Bank vs Flugg, compt ? Motion for a mtndumns, requiring the ( ompti idler to receive mutilated circulating notes of said hank, and issue new ones in the place thereof, ho ? denied The following motions, made at the April Special Teim last, were decided by Mr. Justice Beardiley : Stephens imp he. ads. Brirgs?Motion to set aside inquest?granted, or. term*. Cocy ad* Dorr?Motion to sat aside two judgmts.and execution ?granted, with F20 costs. Smith vs. Miller?Motion to refer?denied. Miller ads Smith?Motion lor rrtaxation of costs?granted, $6.M struck out. lioyt, late rheff. ads. Bhepard? Motion thai deft, have liberty to take the record of judgt. on file in lhh came from the files, and cancel thedorket, and file a new record of judgt including all his coots?the entire bill o ousts to lie relaxed. Bitbcock and nl vs. James and al Motion for relaxation of costs.and that deft* la- allowed kill one hill, granted Wilry v* Van llensseloer and three oth nrcausp* ; motion to set aside default and subsequent pro readings in each mine.for jriegulnrity .gianti d with costs Howard ad* Wilcox?Motion to refer?granted Walrath vs. Van Dusen and al. exrs. he.?Motion that plaintiff lie allowed taxed cost* of thi* suit sgainst the ex'r and ex'x ol John (J. Van Duoen, deceased-granted Van Dusen and al. cxr he ad-. Walrath ? Motion that plaintitl pay the costs of defence In thi* cause, mid that the defendants have judgment ami execution therefor, he denied, with Costs to lie paid out of the estate cf J. li. Van Dusen, deceased. Frosch vs limber and al. ?Motion to refer-denied. Brown and nl. nils. (loon ? Motion that plaintiff put in hail and justify, he.?gianted, on terms. In the mattei ol !ha application of Moses I). Burnett vs. Wright, super iOtlsMt of f Inmdaga Salt Spring* -Motion lor iruiiliiniiix to compel the auperintendont ol Onondaga Salt Spring* to pay said Burnett bounty on ct-r tain salt Jtc.?-denied, with r.oat* to l>e paid by relator Hilton ami al*. va The Albany City Bank -Motion to ?el aiiile execution, and lor a perpetual atay a* against ih-lt Hilton?gruntad, w ith coat* Many and ol va K.mtnon* and ?1?Motion lot an order texturing the aherill' ol Ot aego county to apply certain money a arising oil lale o! renl estateof Ira t urpenter, to an execution intavoro' VV'm. t :. Kir Ids vs Ira Carpenter and al. 4to ?denied,without prejudice. Witlierell and al Truiteea,Ate. v*. Acker, ahfT &c.?Motion for a mandamus to the Superior t ourt, New Vork, requiring them to vacate an order requiring pill, to llle aecuiity for costs?denied. Strang va. Iliitcliinn ? Motion to refer?denied. Same vs. Same ? Motion to refer denied. Whitman anil al defta. in Krror nd? Ciirnpbell, pill" in Kiror?Motion t>y deft*, in I.rroami order that the default mentioned in tlio rule ol Dili Sept Iht:t. and all subsequent proceeding* on the puit ol tin plfT in error, including the sole or real estate on the c\r cntioii. be set a*ide on payment oi the cont* ordered 1>J aid rule of 9th Sept.? .lliany ,'ltla., May 1*. Mani kat ruRius.?The Augusta Farmer says fivi new Woollen Factories are going up iu Maine, at the pre lent time, and the call for machinery i* so gieat that it i with dilliculty the mpply nan be obtained. j Case of tiik Pe Soto.?The U. S. Circuit Court at New Orleans, hav n conlinned the decision of Hie iiis trlct Court, awarding fl J iHMi in favor ol the l,uda, for the Ionh and dainagea which ahe sustained in coming in contad with the De So'o. I Dcrl at VirKSHt.Rii.?We undestand that a duel wa? fought at Vickibiiig last Saturday, between James M. Down*, K?q and Thomaa K. Hobbini. The wen|Hjns used were rillea ; a? the (irat lire Mr. liowna waaaeverely, but not dangerously, wounded.?O. Tropic, May a Cotton Crops throughout the .State are said to look unfavorable I,ate trout* have killed the earlieat planting ; good need hare been very ararce, and the worm ia now cutting down the atand rapidly.?Natchez /Yii Tinier, May I. Co ! the poor Indian.?Kighteon Osage Indians and thirteen BtiHaloea were brought here on Sunday last, on the Hie Vernon They are to betaken Ka?t for exhibition.?.St. Jaiuil Rtptnlri, May 7. Tornado in Mdwmri.?A violent tornado occurred near Marshall, Saline county, in thiH Slate, on me Jill '111, /A sluilo* v..? name*, wu Mown down, and lie and Ini family buried in the ruins Tim riti/rns of Marshall rrndred to the niina and succeeded in extricating thum Most ol thr.m uers most horribly mutilated, and a small child crushed tc death. - SI. Louit llrporltr, A/>iy 7. Nationai loritiv ("bt'n Ua< k?.?Kmult t?l firm day'a rare* hi rat llarc Sweepstakes, inile bents Thompson and lireen's gray tilly Ktdellty, 1 3 3; r It Johnson'a bay colt, liy Cetus, 3 1 1, Hoffman and Teiry'i chestnut rolt, by liunne, paid forfeit, lit licit, 1 M; '.'<1 heat, 1 hi; 3d heat, J 1. Second heat -Proprietor's purse, mile heats?I'. It Johnson's bay mare, by l'iinm,l 1, II Walker's bay colt, by Mazeppa, J 3; ''ol h' Thompson's bay colt, by Ihtane, .1 4; I) Crawford'a Ho.a Matilda, by Thornton's Hauler, 4 distanced; W. II. Watson's brown horse, by Kelt, h h, Wm. 11 o I mead a bay horse, by Zings nee, A3. I at heat, I hi; 3d heat, I IM \H Ini Afcy |h ' itanf.k ok Cf.RR'iVMK.N.?It is it lilil'- singular that the five regular societies in this town have each ol them n new pastor within a short time prut toni ol them within a week of each other' A I BnMidi, ? npm, ml * Univerullat preacher rami- into town in the ?ame conveyance, e?ch to commenra preaching for hla ai pa. rate aociety.?/hirrn ifas'llt. Hkavv Rain*.?The Springhalt! (III.) Jnttrml says: ?Within the luat two work* thin urction of country liaa hnrn drenched with treinrndoua raina j and from the fact tli?t no aaatern mail haa keen received lot a week, * > auppoia that the norm* inuat have extended onto diatance aat. The creeka in our neighborhood have been higher than known for yeera ; mi l many vain ahla bridge* are carried away. The Kangaroo, in aonn p area haa been the naual width of the Vi?aj??ippi ; Hni the watrr hna riaen nearly n? high ? it w?a in the famotti year of the *' deep mow L, . 1. I LD. | Prtce Two Ctnli. Common Coiitirll. Boibd or Ai.m rmsx, May 16--The hour of meeting of thi* Board was lixod last evening at 7 o'clock, hut lorebefore this pe: i??d the avenue lornling to the hunihrr ui the Hoard was crowded to exres* svith ipectators anxious to obtain entrance to witness the anticipated decapitation of heads, in the joint meeting. At half past 7 o'clock the Hoard was rolled to order, and the minute* of the lart meeting rend and adopted Printing.?A petition Ironi the franklin Typographical Society opposed to giving the printing to any printer who doe* not pay full price*, wu luiJ on the table, on motion of Mderninn Drake. \ petition from s. \V. Benedict lor a ?liaro of public printing, was referred to ? ommiltie on Application lor intice. Mayor'* iliuap.-Ou motion,that jioitioii of the Mayor'* Menage relative to cleaning street*, was referred to the i ommittee on Strict*. F.atlrrn Steamboat*.?\ petition Ifom sundry prison, in l.ilor ot allowing the eastern ateumlioat* to use Fulton end ea*t slde'of Peck slip, was referred to committee on wharves, piers and slips. Joint Meeting?The Presidrnt requested the Sergeant wt-Armi to inform the Board ui Assistants that this Board wa< ready to meet them in |oint ballot. dm H.?v? attempted to leave the chamber for that purpose, but the dense crowd of ollice expectants in the ball iire**ing against the door prevented his egiess for nearly naif an liour. Notice wi t tinally conveyed to the other Board, hut tliu morn of applicants was such tiiat they were compelled to almost tight their w ay to the entrunee to the i 'liumhef ot the Board ol Aldeimun. The leading ol the minute* ol the last meeting were posti>onid. Alderman Kiiiiim presented a communication from Mr. Mo**, late superintendent of the Alms House, w ho wn* removed on '1 nesday night, in wliich he pronounce* the "card'' introduced with his signature on Tuesday night by Alderman dale, as a forgery. Alderman Kimiim moved that the communication l o entered on the minutes of the meeting. Several majority members moved to Isy it on the table. Assistant Aldermen (mains and Haibroitb advocated the entering on the minutes, and the former stated that Mr. Mots would make application to another tribunal more equally divided, for that justice that wu* ubout to be refused by this liody . This had the desired illect, and the motiou to lay on lint tfttile was withdrawn. Tkr J9t capitation.?Alderman Dsake, ol the Mh,wl.<> it appears was selected as headsman, then toseand offered resolutions to remove the following officers:? Tieiio A. Young, Deputy Coinptioiler Samuel McAllister, Clerk in the Mayor's other. Assistant Alderman llisnr rose and said that Mr. McAiiilUr had resigned. I'eter A Cowdrey, Counselor the Corporation. John Kwen. Street Commissioner. Alderman llsiaam i a and Kmmaks, opposed the reino val of Mr. Kwen. and asked what wu* the cause of such proceeding, hut no answer came from the majority. The motion to rrinovr was then adopted hy a vote (if J-J to Id. Some one of the muss of applicants at the door cried out?" Sch( tt'elin , let lis in." (Laughter ) I'hssipi s i.? Otliccis keep order there. W'm. ting", 8u|ierintendant of Streets, w iis '.lien temov ed, and John flogert, Clerk of Alms House Commissioners. James Smythe, Clerk of the Alms House. Jesse Brush, Inspector of Weights and Measures of thn 1st district Wm. W. Kidder, from the same office, in the second district. The Street Inspectors ol the 1st,'id,8d,4tlr,6th,9th, 10th, 11th, l Jth, 1.1th, 14th, lath, Ifith, and 17th wards were then removed //rarfs on.- Alderman Game then nominated John I.everiilge, as Counsel ol lhe Boatd. Alderman Huston s inquired if he was a resident el this city. Alderman Bvsnso said he enquired of Mr l.everidgp, and he hud informed hici that he always voted in this city, but made his residence during the summer months en Stateu Island. Alderman Hasbrocc* nominated t'cter A. < owdrey for Counsel. The bullot resulted as follows I.cveridgn .13- < ow drey 10. Samuel 8. Doughtcy wan nominated ai Street Committinner, in place ot John Ewen, and elected by a vote or '13 to 0. Sydney II. Stewart waa then appointed Clerk of the Almt tlou*e. .lumen Y. (iilliipie, wai appointed Superintendent rt Lampii and Oat. Samuel 0. Jollie, Intpector of Weight* und Measure* of the lit district. lieury Sword*, Intpector of Weight* and Measure* ol the Id district Ueorgt; llakewell, Superintendent of Streets. K O. Lucky, Clerk in the Mayor's Office. Alderman Bi then offered the following rriolutinn* of removal, which were adopted. Wm.C Ilrjunt, Piinter of the Common Council. Itobert Kilnatrirk, Dock'.Master of the I'Jth ward. Benson S. Mcflowen; Superintendent of lload* of the I'Jth ward. Alderman Usuc then olferod the following appoint menti, which were adopted John Meigt, Superintendent of Streets of 11th ward, and alto to |>erform the duties of Dock Matter and Street 1 Inspector. John W. Close, Strod ln*|ieetor of the tat ward. ' William Shat zell, lor the'Jd w ard ' William H William*, for the 3d ward. ' John H Weigand, lor the 4th ward. Jamc* K. (iivlney w as nominated for the tith ward ' Assistant Alderman Hr.itav nominated Samuel l'iay. The tiallot stood itl tor i ?edriey, in I or Pray, hlank 3. Ezra Bench was nominated Street Insjuctor of the fllh ward. Alderman lUsssori k nominated Walter lleyi r, who he said w us " to the manor horn ' The hallot rtood 13 for B< nch. - lor flvrer, blnnk '1. John c. Smith wo* ap|>ointed Street Inspector ol the 11th ward, ffcorge W. Bruce, for the 13th ward Anson f.. Story, lor the Utli ward. II. Mien fox, lei the 16th ward. It. Mitchell, lor the 16th w ard. Benjamin Merritt, for the 17th ward Alderman Bruin, then took un the hatchet, slid moved that Jonathan O. Wicket, Street Ins|icctor of the 7th ward, be removed, as they intended to put a better man in hi* plare. Alderman Cntai.n a *aid that they could not find a belter man. ' Assistant Alderman Mori aaid the reason why Mr. Wieke* wo* removed was became be did not attend to hi* buaineta. Alderman Kumivi effered a resolution, avowing tha' ' the removal* made by this I oinmoii Council aie principally from iiolitical giouml*. Alderman II ??ssni< a seconded the resolution, and was shout proceeding to enquire the principles that governed the majority in the removals from and uppointmrnt* to oilier, when hi??e* were heard from the lotihie*. lie proceeded with a withering rebuke to tho insult, and mated that it the Chair would not protect him in hi* seat, ho would, us a magistrate, protect himself ' The resolution of Alderman Hmsi?s? w as then defeated by a vote of 31 to 13?two of the Natives having rotnl for ' it. Elliot Walker was then apfiointed Street Inspector ol ' tho nth Ward. Isaac II Brown was then appointed Superintendent of llneks and Cabs, in place of Peter Brown, removed. Bound oi Ainm?i?>.?The Board thru risnraed business. fc Aklermaii Haihsou s moved that ?o mneli of the me?. saga of tho Mayor a* relates to police be referred to the Committee on Watch ami Police. The Board then adjourned to Monday evening next at 7 o'clock. 1 Boiruov Aounsri?The Board met at 7 o'clock last evening, the President in the chair. Mr. L iiusi.ick offered * resolution proposing that Mr. Emmrtt ho instructed to continue tha suit commenced by Mrs Bell, against the Board of Common Council in rela 1 tiou In her right of dower in Blaekwell's Island A Iter the adoption of an amendment on tha subject of reference, a committee ot thiee w ere a|i)ioiuted, and the resolution ? a< refcrrtd. Tli* Board hereupon look * recess ; anil than want into Joint Imllot. The Common Council then adjourned until .Monday evening next, at 7o'clock, mid while we wcie <-loeirtf; up, one of the removed office-holders Imnilrd us thr follow Iuif old but happy couplet: " In Kraiice, that enlightened and head chopping nation, A head once cut off ne'er return to it? slstion, I low different thacaac i* with hetid* cut oil here, '1'hey only remain oil the apace ol < ) enr , The atin will luatpana through the Zodiac, nnd then All the lie.ida will come back to tin ir places again. L" K. < CM.LI NH ft i I) . y> fouih atrrrt, hare on band ami Cj. (fffr frrtvle. 111 Inn to soil purrhaaera, fir:? I Twines?3MI tales llri-'r?"l H-ine, Herring and Oil I Nrll Twines. fro in m i# Itn, of auperior myiufactcre. ' or|ier??0n i*ra tib-aiiug. from 14 to it at ' Kelt?Itn hi|p? 1' t'i.t Miening Pap" or Kelt > Durk - '>0 Hil"i auieriar Lrilb and I'mllii, from No I to J. ' otton l>urk ? lain Am'iiria Pilot Doc k.euual to any in rn -ikei, from No I to Alao, M balra Katra No. I, >. 1 nail t, mansfnc'iitrd riprraaly for Pilot bonia i I'd - .00 twr'ela Pure Ltl Lard and No. t Cam 'joo halfbirieta do do '00 kega Kilra C<'|f La'd ITillre-l" bar rla W-eiern lleinlered, very bamtaoina Pork?l*t barrets i lear fork. ft. V. Inspection. ?00 ilu t ?ira l tear Pork, uo -'no hi do Mesa rurk d > 'am do k atrt ?'ns I'uik, do llfl do Thin Me?a I'oik, do iM it? I nma I'oik, d-> H.ima fthouldera. fcr ? Mlraiks Smoked llama. 1 do do Hides. JO do 8 do and Shoulders. SO do Hams in dry salt IJ0 so do ds 10 do Joles do m do r if hied llama lit barirla do do It do da Hhoiililrri Hlieullri. anil Bulla?1W, barrels. iliifn-2* Western Dry fiiltH JWiwa*?I'iMI |?m Western Yellow Ltrd ()||?birrrlf. t'< w hr*?' o bnrrr|?, r*?*d nn*l In fin** order. ,n " r B B k 9 ! BKEFr BE B K ! ON HAND ANJ) FOR HALK, in I.U ? Mut pan-hanm, *1 VALKNTINK'S, ?? Fit'tno Market, 1W barrel iTilrr M??n Heef i finite* article, nil elcclol pierce; **5 Nurdi City f&stw?rteH Mm L??ef. wnrmnleti; tml it'" li*lf btrMi of Kwrnly Reef, eery fin# ief-nded Inr the nontbern market. Theabore Berl ii parked in * eairfnl and jndicioni manner nnil will krep amid in my etimatc willtiittiaettin. 'nn It He member VAI.K.NTINK rt OLD l.MTA BLIHIIMKNT. i mil trc*e# i'l, w P'mIih Market 1 I \RD???) ??rreli.?n<l hnlf barrell nnil MO krni Pi line I e* f I ' l,iril, I indimi'llni day liom ihip Yaron, for aal# by mil lire K. K COLLINS St CO , % South it

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