Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., No. 13U?Whole No. 370V. To the i'ublle. mTHJ8 NKW VOHK Hflftliff g*. ..on,mi uvi'ry day 01 tue yoar except inuw i uus uuj "ll,j Fourth of July. Price 9 cent* per copy ?or $7 96 per annum -postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publishedevery Saturday mm mug?price 6J cent* per copy, or $3 19 per annum? postages paid, caah in a Ivance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation oi the Herald it over TH1RT V THOUSAND, and increasing last. It hat the larr.rtt circulation of any paptr in this city, or the world, ami it, therefore, the but chamul for bueinrtt men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PRorniKTon or thk 11 child Establishmknt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. ? ? DRAFTS ON KNULANU, IRELAND. Re.?Persons about remitting money to their friends in ttie Old Country can hr supplied with drifts in nuns of XI, X2, ?3, XI, XIO, "^^^ ?*"iXa),XSO,X100,XlOOO or any amount, payable on demand, without discouut, or auy other charm*, at the NatioaalBauk of Ireland.Provincial Bk. do, Messrs Ja's Bult.Son ItCo., Bankers, London; J. Darned R Co., Etchange and l)isrnunt Bank. Liverpool; Eastern Bauk of Scotland; Greenock Banking Company; Sir Win. Farbes, Hunter lit Co., Scotland; and the brioches in every post town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will he foravarded by the packets of the lllh, 16th, 21st, and 26th, or the Royal Msil slramer saiiiug from Boston on the I6tl> of May, Apply to W. bt J. T. taphcott. At their general passage office, 76 South stteef. j m12 comer of Mnidrii Lane. N.B ?All letters from the country must come post pain. NEW YORK. H BCHOOLEk'S MOUNTAIN lEAVE the foot of Courtlaot street, daily [auuiid,. vnepied.l at 8 o'clock, A M , bv llailroadi from Jersey City to Morrtsl wu direct, without change of C?r?from thence bv Post Coach's 'hronsh Veudliim hrster. Hell oley's Mountain, Port Coldcn, Washington to Esston. At Washington a dai'V line intersects to and from Belvidere. For seats apply to J. HILL, at Johu Patten's Commercial Hotel; 7) Courtland ' street. N. B.?Extras furnished at the shortest notice, by applying t? N.B. LUtsF.. Mornslown an2? iin'rc dggL& JBte-SRAjdS 'ftriSnr GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO <385 MILES! JYY HAIL KOAD. The only Office i^Bbw York established by the several Hail R oh (J Companies Albany and Boffalo ii at No. 19 COURTLANDT STREET, JOHN T. CLAK, General Agent. NOTICE TOIMMIGRANTS. The Subscribers having been appointed agenti Tor forwarding immigrant* by Hail lloadfrom Albany to HuBaloaud intermediate pi ices, are enabled to aend them during Che Summer from New York to Utica lor $2,06; to Syracuse$2,92, to Auburn $3,35; to Rochester $1,61. to BulTalo $1 10. Children froin 2 to 13 yeara old at half price; under 2 yean free; and all Baggage from Albany on the Hail Ho a a ii entirely free. It la evidunt that it conirs much cheeja'r to the iuiinigmot to travel by Hail Hood than by Canal, he reaching Buffalo per Steamboat from New Yotk and Rail Hoad from Albany in 42 hour*; wh-reai, it lake* per Canal from 9 to 10 day*. The following calculation show* the result, viz :? Passage to Buffalo per Hail Passage to Buffalo per CftHoad $1,10 nal.suy $2,00 Luggage from N.York to Luggage to Buffalo, lOlbs Albany, lOOlbs free, bal- fiee, balance forlVOIbs-- 11 anr.e for lOOlbs II Loss of time at least 9 days Luggage from Albany to worth to tbe lahoier, say Buffalo free 10 ceuta tier day 4,10 Living for 42 hours, say- 71 Living for 10 days, 10 cents per day 1,00 Total psrH. Hoad $0,43 $12,01 Deduct fare per R. Hoad 6,43 The traveller per R. Road saves $1,62 They slso forward passengers to Cleave'and, Portsmouth and other places in Ohio; Det'oit, Ike., Michigan; Green Bay, Milwaukee, kc.. Wi-consiu Terr Dry; Chicago, Illinois; and to different plac-s in Canada, at the lowest rates. All information as to the different routes given gratii, and Tickets to be had only at the Albany and Buffalo Kail lload Office,59 Couttlandt street. WOLF k RlCKEKS. my8 lm*rc SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. BLOOM 1NGD ALE. M AMI ATT AN VILLE AND FOllT WASHINGTON LINE OK STAGES. egs. Fare to Manhattanrille i2K cents?Fort WKygt ^ Washington 21 cents. This Line will com, "ev"ea*sfrb inwire running on Saturday, May 4lh, U4I as i- Iiums :? Leaving Manhattanville, at 6 o'clock A. M., and continue running every hour until 7o'clock P vl Learing New York, corner ol Tryou Row and Chatham st, two doors east of the Jlarlem Railroad Office, at 7 o'clock, A. M , and continue ruuningeysnr hour until 8 P. M ,',w? ira?mu r '/ii TW <<SII HKI <U lor k/iiy nail, irt n. ,?l auu 9H. I1H, 1 I' M., 3){. 4 rirJ bf?. Stacrs leaving ' tty Hall fur b ort Washington, 9 A. M., II and 1 P M., 3, 4 and 6 These btages pisson the route HieU's Hotel,Uarnham'i Man ion Home, <lri>han Airtum and I.nnatte Asylum Strieker's Bay, Abbey Hutrl, Trinity Church Cerneuy. Hmh Bridge to Fort Washing ton. B MOOIIE, m2 lm*re Proprietor. ItOHKVILLB, ASTORIA, HKLL (?VJ'K KERRY, kavenswood anu new vohk staues Will r.o i.menc* running on Monday, May H*S. 1811, as follows Leavirg Astoria, at 7, 8,9, and 11 o'clock, a. ,n., 1.s, j. i/s, ibi ano7 P. M Leaving 3 Cn ttiiana street oi posite City H-ll at7, 9, 10, and II o'clock A. M-. I, 3, 4, 5, t? and 7 o'clock P M. This Stag* will call for fasirngers at 20 Bowery, correrof Tell street, and at Hazard's, Yorkrille. All baggage at the owner's risk On 'he arrival of the stage at Astoria, it * ill im mediately he in leauiness fcr conveying passengers to Havens wood and Loug island Farms. Fd'e I2>? cents Horses and Wagons to let. LEWIS Ik CARTER, mg lm#ec Proprietors* PLEASANT A^U I' H K. A ' EX' HKHONS. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEW BKIOHTcN, POK P HP HMOND. (STATEN 1ML\VL.) St NEW YORK KERRY, From 1'ier No. I, North Kiver, fool of Bellery Place. >861 The Steamboat (JINOK BELLA, will run K-r- - ?d*ai follows, daily:?L? tves New 9 and ... t*,rr 11 o'clock A M , at Jf-j anil 6 P. M. Leaves Port Kichinond, at 20 minutes to 3, and 10 minutes to 10 A. M.; at I, and ij-i P. M Ce .ves New Brighton, at B an A 10 A. M.; at l)< and 5 P. M. I I .. v.... V...U o .. .1 I A m . .. 1 I ? P. >1 Lntvn Pu;t Richmond, at 20 minuter to ?, 1UA Al.; t 1 and 5 P. M. New York, May 0. 1811. myll tmre FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. The Stwhom 8TATKA ISLAMDKK.will ran a? follow* on uad alter .Monday, 22<1 April,until fatther notice:? Leave New York. Leave Slaten Iiland. Al9 At 8 II 10 2 1 IK 2 K aikfltf re e 5 SUMMtR ARRANUEMENT. NEWARK ANl) NEW YORK. FA 11K ONLY 1?J CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY, jMQ ifll On and after Monday, May 13. will ran a* Qrr7?5r^3kfollowa:?Le-,ve Mewnrk, foot of Centre it, at BmwJK3K?7K A M and 1>? P. Al. Leave New York, foot oi Barclay ?t. at 10 A. M aud 4 P. M. On Sunday*?Leave Newark at 6 A. M. and 2 P. M.and ' N*w York at 10 A. M. aod 4 P. M. Preium carried at very reaionabte rate*. May 10th. 1M1. ml Ire PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. 0M DAILY, Sundaya rxcejited?Throach DiLLrraJ?A??Jereci, et 7 P M? from tlie Stennbnat Pier t?JM^^KwaE-tween Courtlandt and Liberty atrreta. The ateamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St John, Monday, Wedueanay and Friday evening*. at 7. The Wtewnnoat ROCHESTER. Captain A. Houghton, on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday Evening*, at 7. At Fiveo'clock. P. M?Landing at Inteimediate Places:? The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain , Tuesday, Tharaday and Saturday evuinus, at 5 P. M The Steamboat CURTIS PECK, Captain W H. Peck. Monday, Wedneaday, Friday and Sunday evening*, at 3 P. M. Panaenyera faking thin line of boat* will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Tram of Cara for the east or weit. QT/^The above Boataare new and anbatantial, are furnished with now and enfant State Rooms, ana for speed and accommodations arounrivalled on the Hudson. Korpumer orfreight, apply nu board, or to P. C. Sehultr. at the olhreon the wharf. mil h ALBANY DAY LINE . AT 7 O'CLOCK, A M. sUk KOil ALBANY. and Intermediate Landflu r>*i'ii ii><* now and splendid steamboat Tli Bf 111 "I' 11 i'i'I ll'f'i t' ii ~ 11 ii ,M.n Trn-nd?il, will leave the ateainboit pier foot of Kooimoii street, on Maturdoy morning., .May I'h, at 7 o'clock. rorpMaan*, apply onboiudv miirc ALBANY l>AY LIN a.-?Knr Albany and CL. _.-Hw3?|,ir, rtnndnfn l,andini;?, at nalf-pait G o'clock, JE^_KJE.A M?'l'hc new and co nmodiotw iteamboat I SOu'J'H AMeJlICA, Captain M. II. 1 ruesdell, will lenyc the foot of Kobinaon street, on Aloudly, Weduetd ly and Kridiy i inoriiiiiga. at OS o'clock. The SOU Tit AMICHI'JA will leave AUiiny for New York I end intermediate laudingi, every Tu-adiy, l'lmradiy aud i Saturday mornings, at sy, o'clock. intrc m BCLKNDII) BXCUIUMON, oi Jtaafe , iMgy* M?y I9tli, to Thmg'a Neck ami >ewi<? i - <mO*UK.' h> ile.~ |iteiinh'int SALMON, ( I tain Shall i?, ill leave Canal street nt B o'clock A.M. lier I N R. Rt a>?. kul'Oti Mark?t at Ol-j, and Delaneey street at 10. . Kaic c.cli way, iO tenia R-turnii c, will leivt New Ito. elielle at t o clock I . M ?lending at Thion's Neck each waymyl7 2*ec . i NfcW KVKNI >.<[LINK KOK ALBANY. * nr'? fa!"~brr th" 60 CP|,fi ^ ^,,1n?L^vVVd and,?^Jru,lMl m?mbo*t NEW Cact II H hurry, will Imvr the aTr gfc.3Z.pirr loot ?f Barclay atreet (n-rth aide) en \Vrdn??a<li%y erfuing, Mrn msttuit, at acireu o'clock cguUr days from NfW \ ork, Mondays, Wednesdays and Kriiiiv* ; from Aibanvl "esii**a. i hursdsy* *ifd 8Murdw< Thr New lrr,py 1. ^*^1 rebni t and rtmudMlcd, and fitted up in the best pofiiblf inuiafr. rib-has a Urgonul*' cr of ele^>\rir St,it- Itoomi, a large and commodious I'r.-m-n <*d? jjpfk a ieidirs' 8a\oou with alrrpihif accoinmoiiHtiona for 100 ptisona i,u.l rifnmr and airy ?'abina Altogether, sli* rlfl? aleninir accommodation* for nearly 70f> persona. Her dflftifcht of is lig' r, so that she will alvv 'ya be able to cross the hars'wuh ...If rldf. Hf inn f.r rr.i.ialniMiieiit. mi; 'l.o Mfc. TAWSCOTT* UENERAL PASMAUK II," !*W?y VIM-? Krmoved from 43 IVtk alip to 76 Mi utli at' ' mIhkU corner nl vUnlmi Una 1'rr.oiri ih-jirone to urn i fur their I inula in the old rnoiury, run l?y calling on lli? aiihac a Ibt? make the nrcnaary a rangemeiita on (li? mini ailvn.,ui'Miij| terma. Mr Win Tapimti b-ngin Liverpool, ic .ilrra actir g roch buaincaa with th m lntfhlv liri.e!i?i?l in all |ar:^0 wnlnng to have their fricndi coinfoiui ly nuil ouickly dK patched. . ^ llral'i for any amount, payalil* on ilamai d without any |ar. in.t nranv rlivge whatever. mall the principal towm throng* out I4ii*t Orita'n and Ireland, eaa at. all time* be eh aimu on application to IV. V J T TAPSCOTT. At lhair lieiirml I'aaaage Office, m11 re 71 Mouth at, corner Maiden lae* E NE M J-l THE MOST COMMON SAYING la that I would not give ons bottle of Dr. Swavivic'i Comrounn Sviu'r or \Vii.d Chlhiiv, forhalfa dozen of oof otlirr preparation. I have tried all (he popular onn, bat th e stands unrivalled (or the ciirenfthe following liitlm-nxa Coughs, Cold?, Conn:npti'V Spitting of Blood. Palpitation of the Heart, Whooping Cough, Tickling or Hieing tarnation in the throat,Broiichitis.Aslhr.ia, cr wnak.ifse of the Nervout ?y-,lei:i, or impairtd eooetitution from any cause, and to prevent persona irom falling into a Decline. this medicine has not its equal. And when too mneh calomrl or quinine has been naed, this medicine will prevent its evil elfectt on the system, and repair the biluary functions. As a proof of the ahove medicine living g"-at strength ami clearness to the voice, a (yen tie man from one of our large auctioneer establishments in Philadelphia, who has been using this Syrup, says that it is the greatest medicine to cry on he ever saw. Ofcourse. the Minister or Lawyer who have to naa their voices,would be equally benefitted. Hefereuce will bs given to the auctioneer, by calling at my office CAUTION?All p eparations from tins valuable tree.eicerl the origiral Doctor SWAVNK'S COMPOUND SYltlJF OF WILD CHERRY, am fictitious and conatMrwit, Prepared only by Dr. Swj; ne, whose office is now removed to N. W. corner of Kight and Race sireetj, Philadelphia. Agents?Dr. Wm. H. Miluor, corner of Broadway and John str,et, New York; It. A. Bauds, Church's Dispensary, 188 Bowery corner of Spring street; K. U. Waruer, 2G5 B'eecher si corner ol Minolta st, James Hir.esou, (fraud st neer itii, Willianuburgh; Pier-ion ti Harrison, 72'J Broad st, Newark, N. J : Benjamin Olds, 878 Broad street, Newark, N. J.; William <> Wood, M. D., Harlem, corner of 12th street and 3d avenue; G Iuglis, Jr., Main st, Paterion; Mrs. M. Hays, 139 Kullon street, Brooklyn; W. Y. Clerk, Montgomery st, Jersey City, f 18 Sm*rc SEURINCS RESTORATIVE CORDIAL Pi now universally admitted t > be a e-ruin specific forDyvpeptia,Nervous Affections, Weakues , loss of Appetite, Dbility, &e I'liysiciaus prescribe it to iheirpvlieuts.g-lUlemeu who luvs experienced its curative effect* gratefu 1! y recommend it. Ladii s have derived the ttreatest benefit from its exhibition ia nervous and oilier complaints, e icurfj are restored to their appetites, and the weak aud feeble made stronit aud vigorous Health, the jioor m.iu's ricliev?the rich man's bliss " hai th-ough its iLtlneuce been extended to all classes and conditions. Mechanics and intnufactarers, merchants and bankers, lawyers aud divines, philosophers, poets aud plasters bare all beeu cured by this medicine as their certificates and recomineuualiaiis satisfactoril . prove Vet llriusiunU upon thousands remain, who arr daily suffering torture, both r.l' rn ud and body, from the above complaints, when an infallible teiiiedy is otfe ed 'o them in the restorative cordial which is prepared by C. U. Srbriug, aud sold at Ins ulfice, No. 6 Murray street. Trice one dollar per boutsana nine per dossi. mvi tm?ee POISONS! POISONS! I'OISONS! ARE yen troubled with Veim n1 'The following preparn tious are warranted to rxfrmiuale bedbugs, cockroaches, moths, auts, rats, mice, tlies, tl as, mus<|uitoes, and all insects attaching 'lie vegeta'de kcgiloiii. The bed bog poison maybe used without injury to brdsleads and aud invariably sucesvlul. The Tat .lioully compound for des ructi'ii <f the mollis in tlinneU woollens, clothing, furs, chairs, cisliioni, tic., and iiivaluah'e fur cl nh, far aud llinoel dealers. The Compound chemical Whale Oil S up keepi the rosebugs, cuiculio, c iccug and ether insects from the trees, [ I tuis and vegetables. The celebrated Kly Taper will dispel llies and murquitoet effectually. There is no agency in this city, aud only to be had from the inventor. I)R. LEWIS KEUCHTWANOiCR, <i0 Maideu lane, 2d door from William street, Removed from 2 Wall street N. B. Br cautious not to purchase any where else, purporting t) be my preparations. mlllilaw fm'ec HEAD WHAT SHthttMAN'S LOZWSalia~~ HAVE DONE. MR DAT, boot maker, No. to Tillary street, Brooklyn, suffered greatly for eighteen months with rmaciation, debility, sickness of the stomach, loss of appetite, shooting pains ia ilie bowels, his stomach neglected almost every kind of food, eicupt sugar. He had been attended by various physicians, and for two months by the profersors of the University, and all to uo ptttpoie. On reading Dr. Sherman's Book descriptive of the symptom* of worms he thought they met his c&sei so be purchased a bos vi ojiciijiau > tt viiii ijui,cuku>. A huw1 UIUUKII i awnv, u hejudged, about two quart* of warns. m<1 salirely cured him, A multitude of similar cases might be MMMmid where cluldiea and adult* bad offered nil out death frees worms, aud nothing Hive relief but Sherman'? Loft'tens. Couch*, Cold*, Asthma, YVhoopiue Cowjh and even Con nmption, are all sooner cored by slMfaeajtli Conch Lozenges than any other known remedy. They alter the tickling in a few seconds, and enable those e.ftietee with Use most harrassing coughs to sleep whole nights. The Rev. Dr, Rey. Mr. De Forest, Rey. Dr.Eastinondmd hundreds thousands can attest to their nappy virtces as others can to the efficacy of Sherman's Cough Lozenges, for headache, palpitation, lowers* of spirits, sea sickness and lassitude, from bodily or mental exertions, and for the wonderful pro;>ertirs of Sherman's 1'oor Man's Plaster, which costs hut 12\ cents,and is a warranted cure for rheumatism and lumbago, ruin ?r weakness in the breast, side, back, or any part of the body Ask for Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, and see that Im name and his fac simile with directions for use are on the back. There ure a great many worthless im nations hawked about and said by unprincipled druggist*. Ksmenbcr to gel Sherman's Lozengeugcs and Piasters and Trass?none others, or yon will bedecciyed. Dr. Sherman t Warehouse i* 106 Nassau (treat. Agents?227 Hudson st cor 8pi ing; 186 Bowery cor Spring; 77 Fast Broadway cor Market; S6 William st; 110, 273, 429 and 601 Broadway. In Brooklyn, Mrs Hays 130 Fulloa, aud Mountain's Drugstore 333 Fulton. 3imsou cor Prospect and Jackson st. In Jersey City?E Randall, (Jrocer. Ju Newark?J K Trippe and David Bryson. Philadelphia?Ziebcr Ik Co,I Ledger Build igs. Boston?ileddiag tk Co.S State it. Aibaxy?-A'Juthrie 4 Htanwix Hall d2J re PHYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTIONS AND FAMILY UE a CIPES are pr-pated with accuracy, neatness aud dispatch in the mcst scientific manner, by Wm Watson, Apotln-cary' Hell, 36 Catharine street, from A. Oardeu's, Operative Che mist, 372 Oxford street, London. PHYSICIAN'S, COUNTRY DEALERS AND PED LARS supplied with Drugs aud Medicines on very reasonable tsrms; i-lso a large assortment of I'erfum-ry, Ilair Oils, F.ssencet, Ike. intended for Pedlars and country dealers, by Win. Watson, Apothecaries Hall. 36 Catherine street, New York. Uenuine Drugs and Family Medicines?a much larger and belter quality ol Drugs and Medicines than is geneially kept Forsale, wholesale and retail, by Win. Watson Chemist, tic., Apothecaries HaU, 36 Catharine al2 lm *ec TO THfc TRAVELLING PUBLIC. itt mPJlSSF.tfGER ARRANGEMENT FOR. 1844 The Hulncrtberi having completed their arrnnf tineuts, are now prepared to bring out passengers from Ureal Britain and I rrlaud by the follow iug first class packet ships, one of w hich will leave Liverpool on the 1st, Clh, 11th, lGlh, 21st and 28th ol Nth month:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, C'ninoridge, Montezuma, S<ddons, Geo. Washington, Hottiuguer, Columbus, United Slat**, Ilnscitis, Ashbnrfon, England, Europe, Bteph'n Whitney, Rochesrnr, Independence, Yorkshire. Oarriib, Samuel Hick, Queen of the West, Oxford Certiticatrs of passage cau beobtaintH, audevery information will he given to those sending for their friends, uu application at either of our offices. They will also fee |>rw^nr*?d. on the opening or navigation, to forwa'd pass?i>gert end their Iuggage to Albany nnd Troy, and via Erie Canal to Buffalo, and all intermediate places. To all porn of tli* Upper Lakes Vit Oswego to Toronto, fort IIo|*, Coburg, Kinititon, and >11 parti of Canada Writ. From Troy via Whitehall to Montreal ?rd <inebee, Canada East via Ohio Canal from Cleaveland to Portimnmh, Cincinnati, and iutermndiatr places South Writ via Philadelphia to Pittsburg,Cincinnati, Louisville. and all part* on the Ohio River to St. Louis, M o ; and to all part* of Ohio, MicbiKau, Indiana, Illinois and Wiscou in Territory. REMITTANCES. Forth* accommodation of permu* wishing to send money to th-ir friends in the Old Country, HAiiNDKN It CO. will give Draft* on any part of England, Scotland or Ireland, payable nt viuht, for sum t of ?1, ?i, ?20, to ? 100?or in any amount to auit the purchaser OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles ('raft. 120 Stare street, Boston B. W. Wheeler, Union Buildunr, Providence,R I. J. W. Mills, II Wall street, and 16 Krontatreet, New York. N. G. Howard, 13 South Third street, Philadelphia. Ssudford k Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsbnrgh, Pa. L. 8, Littlejohn, 11 F.irha"ge, Albany N. Y. S Clark, IM River street, Troy, N. Y. Utica, N. i'. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. H. Fi'.zhatth k Co., Oswego, N. Y. inl6ec all'ltANIiKM KNTH KOIl ISO OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 Pine street, corner of South. JUL itt JK& dfctBl SuBmL 3SBBm 'I'M E iiihaeriber begs leave to call thi^tteution of manendi tod the public in general, to the following arrangements for loll, for the purpose of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and atrerige passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st,6th, llth, I6lh. glstaod 26th of every month. By the Loudon Packets, tostil rem New York, the 1st, lOlh and hJtli?end from London ou the 7th, 17th and 27lli of each month, In connection with the above, nod for the purpose of affordi i* still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular line of first clui New York bnilt, coppered >>id cower ialiened ships, to tall punctually every week throughout the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remitmoney tj their funilics or friends, drafts are given, rayableat sight, on the following Banks, viz :? t'roviiyial Bank of Ireland, payable at I'orfc, Liin?rick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wetford, Belfast, Watirford, Ualvvay, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain, Bathos, Tralce, Yotighnl, Knuishillcn, Vous.ghan, Banbridgs, Ballymena, Parsons town, Downpatrirk, Cavan, Luritan, Oinagh, [7it.ig.oiu.tu, llandon, Knms, Ball'ysh.inno etrabane, Hkihereen, Mallow, Moneymore. Cootchill. Kilruah, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. F.nglaial?Messrs. Spooner, At wood St Co. Bankers, London; Iv. Mnrphy, Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town ,u Great Britain. For fo/ltler inform- ticn (if by letter, rost paiil,)apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, ccrner of South, V. Y. Or Messrs. P. W. BYRNES A CO, M Waterloo Road. J16m*rc Liverpool a MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. M M Ml ^BI^uTdermeiitiom d ships will He regularly-dispatched Irntii u'-nee on tire 1st, and from Marseille# ou the ith of each msiulh I'sriKk the venr a# follows:? From New York. Marseilles, MINERVA. Caw. Brown, Doe. 1 Feb 1 I REkCOTT, ('apt. Mynek, Jan. I March i ICRY THOMPSON,Capt Sylvester, Feb. I. April 5 HELLESPONT, ('apt. Adams, March L May 5 l'Wiihii,?hub, t.api. muie, . ? II hey ore nil coppered mid copper faateued, aud have excellent frcoininndatinna for i?uienf(rrii. , 1 he price of cabin ptusajp'will be $100* ciclojjifa of winaa and 11<] iion<. Oooua nddrr*red to the aeenfa, BOYI) fc HINCKF.N. wiH fca forwarded Tree of other r\<,<ryn than thoie arlually Paid. 1< or freiirnt or p'-rn op' apply to LAWRKNCK St rilKLrrt. 1M Front utreet otto BOYD ft HINCKF.N. A??nw, n>*? r*o 9 Tonlin* Bwildintt. W ?0 EW YORK, SATURDAY | BOARDING. AT? COUIITLA.NDT STREET?This establishment i dl having recently bwu taken on a lease, ia now ready to re| ceive single gen'lemen or fnnilies who rnav wish perwnneut B mhI. with comfortable apaitmrnts. Emtniie of Mra. Here, No. 2' t.'onrtlaudt afreet. a30 lin'rrc DR. H. C. FOSTER, " HAS RKMOVKD from hia laie residence, No.lfifi Ilourton. to No 17 Ainity street. mIS Iw're BiiKAH'l' I'l N LOH i~ an OBLONO Bit E.ART HV.r'imimi'd of Bra'ol Stones a*- of an inch long, half an inch wide; probably I all 'thirty to forty small alourt, aimihir to e'asa. lieing an oi l k?-| ?.k? the owner will pay a tar price to any paraou who might nod it, if they will return it to R. PUTNAM, in M fit'in 22 Cnutina' Slip. 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At this time the ule rations became very extensive, mv leys and arutx were so painfully con trictrd hat I was compelled to use crutches ; I applied to other pli'ticiaas b it with no belt r success. Bv this lime tl e ptiu in my bones and head became so excruciating and the ulcerations gained so rapidly, that I was confined to my bed, yiviay im all hones of ever beiuy tured. This was in the winter of 1013. 1 then tr'ed Ihe Indian doctors, and all tlie advertised uosrruins. but with no benvliciil result, At this uistr'ssiny stsye of my uisease, I acciden ally became acquainted with n i>r>in in physician, Dr. Joseph H-inr, who now resides -t No 20 Du ine st eel, ? ar Cha hain. The in dicine this yeutleman pr scribed for in* proved iuimed ately eflitacious, the pants in i my houes bryvn to subside, she ulcerations beuan to lira I in limbs began to gain strength, and lor the lirst liine hi twelve months f was enabled to place my leet upou the yround, with the assurance that th*y would sustain the weight ol my atteuu- 1 ate I body. This fuly astorisnioy rvilutioj in my sysrrin had been pr nliiced in the short of I erird two ill-nibs irnm the time I had lirst lake i Dr. Joseph He Left prcaciiptious It is impossible lor me to d-scribe what 1 have sulfered be aidi* the disease, lr?in ihe ham!* ol char 1st ins and quacks, and I oa'aienkaaly ttiiioa tba imbue an uit thein. A iMliig of juilii" 10 tne public,aud the eg illut physician nnder wnosa rare I have obtained a radical cure, his lu uced me (a in ike thia arkiinwlc lenient. Those who wiih to seeuie can finding ma at 91 Suuth air et, or corner of Maid n L<nr and Scutli. CAPT HICllAKJ YATES. N. 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'I'll- cliargr to rach pwarngrr, provided t tuffic phi nnmber off<*'? in ?-:uon, wilt not fir.rfd tl.r mual ri D mm of xitra tie in ui, auniK (hiMmmrrai Sar-togt or Niagara. , I'll.. < who may wiali to ovtil lhnn?i*l?ri of mi? favorable opportunity I ir acquiring practical commercial knowledge nnd viailiog ihe Holy Hat-d. ami many other [ lac?? of irwji to tn- atndenr, the in 111 of pleasure and of bitainega will plvue make early application, ? (heme of the vmacl to beemployed on Ihe voyag- will depend in a mraaure upon Ihe number who rum- forward early nd engage |maaig?. 'I'll- rompaiiv will lie releet, .11 d will h? I'nrnialied w iili every potaihle information rearcctieg tin* artirlm moat gr.'e.ible at th? poita intended to be vmted, and ihe moat adviaahlr inveatmeata to b? made in retarn. Kor freight or tmaage apply to mlt lw*?c HAM'l, W. HKWKV,109 rronttt. IRK 13 MORNING, MAY 18, 184/ Methodist Kplseopnl r?ftimWHi Having disposed of the business under consideration witliin closed doors, the proceedings of the ('onvention was continued, when the doors were opened about 11 o'clock. The appeal of James S. Lent from the decision of the Genessee Conference < was here taken up and read ? The charges preferred tit the Genesee Confe- < rence were, first, for heing inAlleguny cityjit want; | second, that the appellant had not devoted himself to the ministry ; third, that reports were unfavorable in relation to his not being acceptable to the ministry. After reading the application front Mr. Lent, Dr. Li cky rose and said, that having done his duly in relation to it. lie would now leuve the matter in the hands of the Convention. Mr. Gi.kasom Kii.t.mouk here rose and said it appeared by the document that the Genessee Conference would not elect him because he did not preach good sermons?the Geuessee Conference did not elect him because his moral character was bad?because lie was a contentious brother. The work was done by persons who loved liim?persons who had regarded him; bill I private friendship gave wav to duty. The uppel- c hint spoke of Ins long labors and his connexion I with the church ; and what was the history ot that s connexion ! He was received into the church in li 1*1:2, and was ordained a deacon ; in the third ( year he married, and on the lourth went on Ins [arm. He was not sent for the sake of liis health ; he was again readmitted ; he became n supernumerary, and continued so until 18:B( or 1830. He established a seminary, ami in the arrangements of the institution he was to have certain privileges.? The brethren did not Hpnrove, and the next year he was superannuated, lie said he had performed services lor thirty years ; but lie was out fifteen years on actual duty. From personal knowledge, he was enabled to say that lie heard it said that members ot the church had prayed they would not take him infected. At the Genessee Conference he called witnesses and had them examined. The decision of this Conference ought to he sustained, and John Parker said he ruled his family as best he could. The report of the (iencsee Conference was here read, aftui which Mr. K. continued, that was all hfe had to say n the subject, and he whs sorry that those matters had come out, but the tacts were facts, and the testimony were facts as they stood. They had got up the work straight, (laughter,) and they did it right. 1 in was then located. Dr. Lucky remarked that tie had nothing further to say on the business. Mr. Thompson said that he did not know the action of ( the Conference in relation to liim, uii'l oil that ground lie wan ot opinion that they should calmly hesitate halo re tliey allirmed the decision ot the Ueuessee Conference. There were specific rales in relation to locating without consent. A motion was made to the clfecl, that the decision be allirmed. An amendment was otfercd, proposing that the consideration of the ipiustion should lie over lor future action ?lost. The original motion w as then sustained, aud the decision of the Oenesaee Coulerencc was allirmed. The report of the committee ef the Chartered Fund was then taken up. It statial that the cummiltee were ol opinion thai it required no further action than the appointment of u committee ot three. A motion proposing to let the report lie over for consideration was lost. The report was then udopted and the nominations made. A motion was made, on the part of Messrs. White, of Phil .delphiu, and Richardson, ol New York, requesting leave ot absence until Monday, having been invited to preach, one at Philadelphia, and the other in another quarter, 011 Sunday ?granted. llitiior Hoi ck rose ut the desire, of the Delegates who had left, to offer their respects to the brethren assembled, lor the uniform courtesy that hud been extended to them A resolution was offered proposing curtain regulations in relation to uniformity and discipline, which was adopted. A resolution proposing the publication of the life of Ilishop Cartwright, was posted. Mr. Peck moved that the report on the subject ol Temperance be taken u|>. The subject was one ol the deepest importance, and one that required their grave consideration?it came home to them ail. Kvery member had a deep mterqst in it, and lliu -|Uoatiou ol' its classilivailuu 111 liltrules of the church ougnt to We considered, so as to have it formally introduced, in order to rid the Church of what lias been a dishonor and a disgrace to society. It ought to be introduced in order to show in families that the church were determined to root out this evil, by their influence and example. Dr. Smith rose and moved that the Resolution and Re- 1 port be allowed to lie over for consideration. (Cries of " question," " question.") Dr. Smith regrcttsil that the Conference should not in courtesy extend to a member the privilege of offering his remarks on a subject of such vital importance j he w as by no means op|iosed to temperance, and was one ol its most strenuous advocates and supporters abroad?and his object in moving the postponement of the question was, 111 ordor to afford an opportunity to the members of the body fairly und squarely ol giving their views on tho subject. The brethren may meet the matter as well ua they may by a course ef impromptu remark. The reading of the report which proposed the introduction ol one rule on the subject of imprudence, and then the removal ol a member in the event of the single violation of that rule would ultimately end in explosion of the entire ayatern If 11 member were tumid irililtv ol the violation of this new rule, he could he expelled ; and lie would ask ii|(On what authority the present (ieneral Conference proceeded to make a new term ol mrmhcnhip,without the consent of the several nunuul?'onlerencui,which rendered the measure more objectionable 1 Four years ago the subject had been introduced, but the movement Tailed ; ihe Annual Conference would not Rive its consent. On that ground the friends ot the institution should allow it to lie calmly discussed. He expected that a certain place in New fork would explain this, by what they called Nuxiors.?(Laughter) lie was opposed to such measures, Bud thought it better to avoid constitutional restrictions He was ot opinion that the ( onferencu hud no right to make a new section in the church, unless tinder the sanction of the several American < onferences. by introducing such a measure. The question they should have to consider was not w hether diinking was right or wrong, but had they authority to innku temperance a test ! Ardent drink w as, as he felt fully with his brethren, a great evil, hut a great moral movement was going on abroad in the land to check its pernicious progress, und thet without the aid of any rule in MethedMical discipline. This great moral movement had struck this new tire and it needed not Conference legislation to cairy it forward. Whilst it was admitted to he an evil, great as the evil was, lie relied on the successful operations of the great movement abroad It would ho an infringement on ecclesiastical law?they had temperance written upon their hearts and the spirit of Ood dictated it to them. Reflect- i ing men allowed that his brethren themselves Were not sensible of the magnitude ol the evil, from the fact ol their not having e\|>vrienced it. I)r l.tcry rose (interrupting) and moved the postponem1 at ol the consideration. Dr. I'm k wished the brother to proceed. A move that the fifteen minute rule be suspended Dr. Siuirii ?The introduction of the subject at the pre sent time was to throw the laboring oar en his fide, with- l out giving an opportunity to prepare himself. He wan- < teil to tie uilowpd time to prepare himself. There wu* n nobleness of sonl in coming forward and calmly and deliberately difcilffing u measure of fuch im|>oi tunce I I >r PMf (interrupting) - There w us nothing ol noble- t nes* of foul amongst many ot them, ami it would ho hard i to mike *omu ol tliem believe it. (Laughter.) He hop- I ed the motion would prevail t Mr. Si-h tin liopi-d tliat when hit friend would deep on <j tliif subject, and take the matter in foher coiifideration 1 (loud laughter), that calm reflection would iniluce him to t change hif viewf and opiniouf. Dr. Smith ? I always keep myfelf cool and flrep talor. lyMr . 8ru ? n lelt in relation to the rule adverted to by a brother,'hat ft at what wat called Wesley's rule, the whole of lido travelling preachert were divided on tlio subject I The history of ti'ni|H-ranc? wai well known, audit wa? a a measure of the greateat impoitance. c A Mnini a rooe to anueation of order. I)r. Smith yield- I ed the lloor for a specific object, and had not concluded x his .iddress. t Dr. Ssurti lelt very much pleased with thviouise imr- 1 sued by some of the brethren They had loaded their | guns, and he wished to give them a chance. (Laughter.) i Mr. 8i.ii rn was of opinian they did not wunt to kill, o hut they were putting out the tires. The argument of the c brother made the c|iiertion one of very trivial impor- f lance He spoke much about " moral suasion,'' but lio h (Mr. R ) would not yield to Htiy in bis regards and protec- t lion for the drunkard He would Keep him from the gut r ler ami piek him up, hut while he held that moral was good n its way to cure the drunkard, lie considered that legal ma<ion ought to bind thoaewho look care of the drum '< kard. The great reform to which allusion hud been made ll was very good to he sure; but when 'hey had been told that r distilleries were in course ol erection, and that no less * lhan five distilleries were in course ol erection within the compass ol one class -the whole traffic would extend to . mi altrmiiig degree, if they did not endeavor to check it. 1 Dr f.tu sv moved to let the consideration lie over for future action. Mi Si.n rs.?Very well, I will say the remainder of what I have to any the next time. (Laughter.) Dt.Smith.-- f did not finish. (Lond laughter.) tl A motion was made to make it the order of tlie tlay for y to-morrow. Amendments were ottered and lout, when, on t met ion, It was resolved to post|>one the consideration until the committee to whom the subject hnd been teferred, reported upon it. (Jnor* in Miomnmpi'I.? fcximct from h letter 'J dated Natclie/, lib May, |M 11: ? Unquestionably t ind beyond the shadow ol a doubt, the pras|sx t for the 1 crop bow planted has not boon so unpromising lor twenty I (ivc yrui m. we navo nan mc ion([ini ami ncvrn ti urougiu J ever known nt this NHon, Their i? a complete cheek to vegetation. There is nothing in thorn-Ms for Inured to feci upon, and consequently the rotton la ctlt down by worms, caterpillars and grai?Hop|>era, aa aoon aa it makea I its appearance through the surface Thousands and thon- 4 sands of acre* ire now tiring ploughed up and planted I over, and the demand lor cotton seed ia great so great t Hint <1 per lmshel has been lure! for large quantities tVo . plant about two bushels to tho ncra. i r t? ? a L JJi JL1, J. JL . I. Baltimore. [X'orretpondance ol the IleralJ ] Baltimore, May Hi, isil. Religious ami Political Prospects in Baltimore. On Saturday night last, Francis Patrick, Bishop >f Philadelphia, arrived in Baltiuore in disguise, md took shelter in the Nunnery. The excitement tccasioned among the Catholics ol this city hy llm ate riots is very great. So great in fact, that it vas feared by many tin outbreak would occur, as ome allusion, it was anticipated, would have been nade to tin* subject, at the great democratic] neeting held in Monument t?|Unre lust Monday light. Such, however was not the case, as every lung passed oil'with the utmost harmony and good cehng. No bitterness?no wrangling or bullying ?no drunkenness Neither was there any apoloiy asked or retpiired for the condition ol their speakers : all was peace, friendship and unity. Since the riot ol l*Ctl, when the people were taxed ind compelled to pay for the private residences ol lleverdv .Johnson, John Clen and others connected with the Jiank of Maryland, which, like many other I inks have done, mid will do again, in ihe " height if its prosperity" suddenly closed, and b it itsstocklolders and depositors to whistle for their funds ; J ince that time, we say, the people of Maryland , lave been shy of mobs. The impression that a | listurbunce would have taken place on last Monday , light, arose from the report having gone abroad i hat the meeting nominally democratic, had been t ailed by the Catholics, lor the purpose of passing t ^solutions condemnatory of the proceedings ol the ! S'ative American parly; thin report seemed ! tlengthened in the minds of many jtersons, from heir having teen the name of Win. Geo. Heed, an nlluentinl catholic, attached to the call of the , neeting, and presented as a prominent speaker on i he occasion, t licit a report, winch was altogether I vithout foundation, and calculated to sow discord < n the ranks oi democracy, was, we have too much ' ' ason to believe, die work of unprincipled politi- ] nans, who would not scruple at bloodshed or civil ear. to accomplish the defeat of their political o|tKincnts. II dissentien was their desire, it was liap>ily frustrated, for there was not the most remote cfcrence niacfe to (lie subject. Mr. Heed addressed the meeting a full hour, in anguage, clear, pure, and liberal, confining himself 1 0 political questions, and dwelling for a length of | inie in a most gentlemanly manner, upon the suterior worth and capacity of Henry (May. Yet dif- ' ering as he did with that gentleman, he said he " ould not but oppose the measures he advocated as i iltogether impolitic, injurious and destructive of 1 he prosperity of the country. lie was followed by ] dr. Allen, of < >liio, who is a capital speaker, hut vould never have done for a preacher?too long vinded. He commenced about ! o'clock, when 1 ve left it wanted 1"> minutes of II o'clock?he was it it still?nothing daunted ?hammering away like1 blacksmith, notwithstanding the many pulls and wiches his coat tail underwent. " I tell you, sir, i rou have nearly doubled your time! There are >ther gentlemen wish to speak !" " What, sir, vould you have me stop with my story half told 1" Vnd on he went. To he sure there were some half fo/.en of "small try," and large fry too, who hud icrewed up their enthusiasm to lever heat, and who i vnnted an opportunity to open their safety valves 1 md let off steam. But it was no go. He was a mem- j >er of Congress?had the floor, and keep it he vould, until he got through with his speech. And < 'ct, after all, we doubt had the rostrum been given ] ip,whether they could have found a man more able o occupy it, or one who would have been listened o for such a length ot time, and by such an itn- , nensc concourse of people, with mote satisfaction \t the outset he ingratiated himself into the good eelings of his audience, by a happy allusion to yhiel Justice Taney, who, without doubt, is the , nost popular man in the Stute of Maryland, tor the nere mention of his name caused the air to reverjerate with applause. It is somewhat singular, that during the whole ;vening no individual was recoinm?nd?<l to tin Meeting lor tlielr support, which proves beyond a loubt their intention to receive, centre upon, and itnnnrf tit.* nnmin?>fi nt lli?? I 111 If i ninr t* ( ?nn VPI111 f in vfiether Tyler. Cass, Stewart, or Johnnon ; one if them, probably, us it seerna to be pretty generally loncedea, that Martin Van Uuren in out of the inestion. linger 15. Taney has lieen requested to illow his name to he brought torwurd at the Contention, but declined. It seems the interest ol Mr. Tyler is not neglect (1 in Mainmort-, us t-very exertion possible is i>f iny tiiuJp to secure his nomination. A caucus meeting iat been held, consisting of gentlemen Irotn variott.>arts of the country, among the most active ol vboni wan Lewis 1'. Clover, whose name we suw nentioned in an uccounf ol the great Tyler meetng, published in the Herald some lime since. But ve fear the prospect for Mr. Tyler is dim, for if we nistake not, Lewis Cass will lie the candidate ol lie Democratic party. It is reported, that owing to the excitement oclasionedhy the riots in Philadelphia,many person* -ailed upon Archbishop Kecleston. to know vhetlier ihey were to submit to having their -hnrdies burned, and their religion insulted, and vhat course tliey were to pursue in case they i honld be assaulted in this city. The Archbishop id vised them to lie perfectly calm and quiet, give 10 cause for disturbance, and at the same time lie ire pared to defend themselves, l'lie Mayor bus -ailed upon ('apt. Ifinggohl, who has command ol 'ort iMrllenry, to know if be will render bis aid 11 case ot necessity. Captain llingold replied, that le was prepared to do so, hut if called upon he visited them lo understand that he would not In rifled with. Anna. I-'hom Memco.?The Kirkwood arrived yesterlay in live days front Vera Cruz. Tin- l?iano del iobcrnio had an article accusing a number ol' Frenchmen vhu bait closet their stores under the new law, of being iHnkrupt and of having made this law an excuse lot viping out their debts and ol getting clear ol their ere ;agcnient*. This has created some exciti merit and is dohired to he a vile calumny by the Courier KrancaJ*. Tlir ! iecretary of State Iuih given notice that this law does not efer to foreigners nnturuiir.ed, or alioiit to liecome so, and hose who have applied fur the benefit of the exceptions ire to carry on their business until their applications are lecided upon. Hopes are expressed that the law will he epealetl in consequence of the great embarrassments to v Inch it has given rise There ate rumors of revolution and pronunciamcntot which have t>e?n current for some days, hut the (foveminent Journal contradicts them. The fourth aiticle of Unlaw of August I tth, respecting the consumption and re exportation of goods winch it prohibits, has been postponed lor three years by a decree (luted .Kith March I*. II I inib ntin nl !l,,. Mier v.rWnncra came n nscnrrer in the Kirkwood, having been liberated through the intercession of OenaraiJackson.??V. O. llrp. May'.*. Another RKMC.?We were this moriiuiR handed t brana plate pertaining to a cross-belt ol u soldier ol lie both Regiment, which there iseveiy reason to sitiiiioe*via one ol the first iiiurd to that regiment It w a* lotUid >y the workmen who arc now taking down the haute in tt. Lewi* itrect, nnd was evidently beneath the flooring ir concealed hy chance within soma crevice ol the wall The fere of the plate, which i* aomewhat corroded, Im-uis , he following inscription : , "ROTAL LX AMERICANS, lit tin ' ' The 00th Regiment (only recently conatitu'eJ a Kille , legimcnt) was raiaed in the State ol New Vork, in I76i, i ind waa tirat commanded hy the bail of London, w luxe I ommission hear* date December ol the name year, t then eanaiated ol lour battalion*. The uniform w as ri d vith blue faolnga, and white lace Tht seenn I and tliii-l attnllona were preaent at the battle of the I'lains nl Atira lain, in I7.i*.l, but the llrat battalion evidently formed a iortion of Amherat'* army, anil did not arrive in (Quebec intil dune of the year lollawiug A refarenre to some ild records provi ? tin lit I ntt.ilion to have la-en in Ikjs liy in I "SO, under the cnmniand of ' ol. Ilaldimaml, K. I , and we presume they lell aliout 17'Cj The 00th being ioiii ly expected, will ifotlhtleaa be pleased to tocogni/e hia relic of the early daya of tlieli regiment Hwhr < Mn rtry. MottK I'lATOLl.lNfJ axriSrAMHINii.?A ease of tins ind ha* hap|rened in Mobile A f renchman named I.a alius was shot at hy a man named \V Smith, whom he in etiirn cut and hacked with a howie knife Iloth lire iii i- dc.l I i-amok, iw iiniai nimnui.?nc lenrn irom i lie went to <lay (Wednetdav) that n? the car* panned tin ictorica at 11 inHrta|?>, ono of them wan thoroughly on fire n>l it win thought must ho continued, except the wall* ' Springfield Ihpuli. , ROW in Kki> Kiykr.?We learn Irom Red Kivr hat the itream it higher than before kiiou nfoi runny ar*. Between Hhrlevoport and Natchltoche* the conn- i ry i? entirely flooded, and,ol course, the crop* de-troy e I I - AT. 0. Bulletin, May'J. , xhtionaj. joi kky <*1.1 ii kai;???hkm i.t nr >k'ond day'n itacks'?J'rnpririot'-i I'tirac >'2no? i Two utile IipmI.h ol. Wm. R. ./ohn?oir? rh h. Senator, hy rrlam. . . I I ; r. It. H Boyce'a eh h O See ! by Foreigner 1 > , II. Johnnon * h m Kee-wa-na, by t etu* 3 3 lonathan Beard1* ch, m retn, by I etna I)i?t Time - I at heat 1 ft? -'id heat 3..S3 Nat Int. May Id (jrkat llat b of Wintr Finn ? We uniJemtantl rom rreditatile noiiree, that the i nonnmu nnmlier of ino nnn white fl?h were drawn on rhore at one haul on .nut Haven llarhor Thi* feat wa* arcomplj*hed tiy nnl it; three neinca together, and the whale force of the ti?h 'rmen wa< put iii reipiiaition to acro-nplnh it .V?? //<i 'A t'juh'r. LD. Price Two t? ,?m. How at IUmsvk.i.e. ? Our village Iiuh been il.<cene ot excitement and riot. Some time a?o re millions Wl>ir Hi Hireling* neiu i?y un inui wuwll I individual* who were interested in having another t?*r? filiation of the canal in this village, that il the I ? ffi?la ure >li t not |>.ias a hill lor their relief, they wonM Jig hrough the hank* ol the canal at all hazards. On Tite* lay ev enieg the news arrived that the hill had been laid in tlie table in the legislature, and on the following no rnlng a large crowd assembled and commenced remov ng the hunks of the canal tin Thursday, the Superinenilent war sent tor. ami or rived dining the evening. When the news arrived on Thursday that their hill had lot panned, at datk the Presbyterian < hurch was enter'd ind torcibly kept possession ol, the hell tung. ami a laige rowd assembled near the canul, when ttiey resolvi I o let ill the water at all harardn. In the morning, hey reassembled and renewed operations, and were irdetid oil" by the superintendent, who commenced epa ling the injuries to the canal. The Miperinlen lent lelt town dining the loreitoon, having put the work in charge ol u subordinate Ah fooii as he liad [one, the crowd, to the numher of a hundred or more, reassomtiled ami ordered the state hand* to desist operations?which they retuillig, the moh tor i' lip the planks used by the workmen, nad hy threats and per or ul violence drove tliern ell the work, and i rue wed the remov ol of the banks of the canal. After these had her n low a i d to the watei s edge, the tinglaa lei - w ent to the lock t< tide r* ami ordered them to open the gates on the ill per level to draw oil the water in the canal. This tin y ifluted to Jo, and resisted until driven by force lioir tin r duty, when trie lock-gates were opt tied, the guard gate . closed, and t hi water soon drawn out of the uppi-i levels, Icuv ing several IiobW aground ami hindering others passing through the >Id channel of the canal. In the evening the water was It t nto the new aide cut, hut owing to its untinislied state, the illing ol the short level occupied tw enty four hours, to lie injury and delay of navigation. This morning the State hand# again endeavored to it|? r the injury, hut the nob re-assembled and again drove them li-otn their duty, l'he captain of the State scow, James li. ' (.'nit itmlu, iii-uik unci nuiii-u 10 no ma uniy, m?u;iii u 10 con ;intie his operations, tint agreed to unit until the Siipniiu. endent could tie sent (or On the arrival of Mr Hooper, lie immediately ordered hi* men to repair thu injury. The tieil wo* again rung? the moh rw-H?*einlilrci anil l y oath* lud throat* ol' immediate personal violence, again drove off the State authorities irotn their duty, itnd mob low leigns triuniphaut in our v lllupe. ? /luntritle Lr.ttn May 11 PHKNIX 1IOKSK HAZAA15, VO. ISO v/iV/1 101 MERCER STREET, NEXT TO }iLEECKEU STR EE T ?f1 The n*xt rryulnr PUBLIC AUCTION BALK will take Dlaee nt thisetfc>V.Uhmriit, TUKSD/vY, f 1 S A A nril 30, i euiinennnit at el"V*u o'clock. will) I at una, Mar, en, Sa'tdlrij', trc., new no' I'cnd h'litt. At 12 o'clock, will fce elfered a cstiloguo o f vi ry inprrior Hon**. Ceuthinen is the country havirR proi>orty to ilujiirnf, itle r st public or private tale, will hav their orders Imllilully Itll'lllh d to. At Priva'e Salt?10 fine yonnit ronntry hcrtes, bind eud louml juit i" from tlie wrsterii perl ef the State; two iu| nior Hatched | airs of Bay Hones, a fiuep?irof Biown Heises. ? ildendid pair of Bay i .?irny? llortrr, a pair of Bnitlit ?oml liorse, yonmr sound, kilui and ?rry f?rt trotters. Also, srveial vrrv line nui.iir llnr??? Also, si private sale, two very Handsome Ucckaway W>*ons, mil a number of new ai.d s-coud hud Jlarouches and Light Watone. Horses taken at Livery. ?nrt krni ip eprrior style. Accommodations lor dealers' horv??, ja stables unsurpassed ay any establishment of me kird mi the Untied States STOllAtlK?Vehicles of all itesc-etien taken on tlorsK* in the lauje end ennveu eut repository ol tlir establishment W I tlWAN will atli nu rersonslly to nil orders for haying Hid srlliuit horses All persons selling propeet* at this establishment may rely n|Hiii having a mil ai coca r or ? i r rendered, aud the li i. sMotiaT oi i'uocv.nus will, in all re?es, le paiJ promptly in current money. TheAliKNAof this esfehiitkmert it huilt on an entirely new end most convenient pliui. bury lictaeliril from the nieiu bnildiuK ana stable, ineietiv uot ui'erferiag in the hast with livery or sale horses jjoinf out or couiinp in on the day of sue Lion silt) At all other tiinei the Arena is keet entirely clear, and reifrved for the ae.i ommo oiiioa of prvate horses ami those on oris. COWAN AND IMLKS, t!2 lm?ec rro|.rirtiin FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLO WE Rm, itecT 1MIE aubacribcr* havejuat received. per laic arrival* front Havre, aud keep eonatantly od nana, a cotnpltta anortmant K ranch Artificial blower* Material! of all kind* Tor Klowera Feather?, llnir Ornament*. and Millinery article*?for illeby HENRY ItKMlN. Iin porter*. Jrn"rre IILikwtVabMk neatain. inlw LINE ok Liverpool r,\< kkio To tail iroin INrw York on the 3fith and Liverpool ca thrllth 01 racn month. ?& m.t&. Knim Nr? Iron*. Blip KO8CIU8, Captain John Colliu*. 2Sth March. Blip H1UDONM, Captain K. B. Cobb, iEth April. Alnp WHKHIUAN, Captain K. A Depey?ter, Kith Mav. Ihip UAHHICK, rapt. B I. H. Train, iibth June. rnoM Livrarooi,. Blip SHERIDAN, Captain A. De|iey?ter, llth March, ihip OARRICK, Captain B. I. II. i r iak, llth April. Bup KOSCIUH, Captain John Collin*, llth May. Bnp HlDlJONH, Captain K. B. Cobb, llth June. Tnae *hip* are all nf the lint clam, upward* of 1000 too, >111 It in Uw city of New Yoik, with inch improvement* a* touibine ttreat ?p"'"d with mutual eoinfSrl for i -.nvimrr*. Every care ha* tieen taken in the arrangement of their acenrinodntiou*. The price of p.mipe hence >* (1U0, lor winch intple atnre* will be provided '1 hen-, ?hip* ar? commanded l.y xperieuced matter*, who will make every earn ion to give ge Nrith-r the cAptatcs or owner* of the sh-p* will be re-r on.iBle for any letter*, parcel. or package. ta: by lliviii, tuii-a. repolar ''''fnf lading are .igccd theiefar For freight or i> anp'y ro |K. K. COLLLVH n ( O., 56 ^onth it., New Vork, or io BP ./VVN, KlIIPLLV Jt CO., Livarpool. Letters by the p-icl -ta will no charged U'\ cvula |*r tingle lioet ; 50 cent. per nance, and newup pier* I rant ?irl). mi rrc Ill K NKIV I.INK Of' I.IVKHI'OOL !\\( V K'l'S. 8k Ml M. m. To mil from New Vork 31at. and from Liverpool flth of each month. from New York. l.'pool. N?w Hl.ipLIVKItrOOL, 1150 100.,^'% ?> ?'b. b J Kldridira < April li! June 6 luar,a*e \ Auq. it Oct. 6 N.?hir QUEEN OK TIIK WEBT.f{!"? if) J'"- * 1250 loin P. WoodTioaee. } S*i>t 21 No* u New .hip ltOr.HKRTKn.l5t toM. fV,'^ly j! a!.',''!! John Button fe 2.' Ship HOTTlNOrKR. 1050 too., ?{ * Ira llorwly, jNor'rSl Jnn y 6 Tha.a .nb.tantial, fait wtilir.g, fir.t eln?a ?lup*, al I b.ilt in the city of New Vork, are commanded hy men of raprrifnee mil ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the Slit of iuMi mouth. SThnr cabin, .are elegant and ?ommoilion., and nrefnrni.hed with whatever c.iu conduce to llie rare and comfort of peiam ("? I'rica of pt.iage, S100. Neither the caption or owner, of t!t"ar .hip. will ba rraponlililw for any parcel, or package, .ant by llvm, uiil .i regular aill* of lading are nyned therefor. For freight or iauu? ajiply to WOIHMLLL St M1NTUHN8. 07 South rtreet, New Vork, otto F1ELDEN, BiiO'i'llKKS It CO.. jit ac Limy* o t'A^HAOK KIIDM l)i;i!l.rv7T(TjriiT~? VfKI! JHctVKOHI), DK.HHV, COLKhAIM-, bklkapt. iMMKaNewri. Drngtieda, Sic ? Periou* wuliiug to aeud lor t heir Irienili can linve them out Irom tny of ilia thove e"rt. in lint cL?. Ame iciii Packet Hiipt, on the mott riaaoi:tbleterm*. anil wirhont their cipn leucine an v nnneci ?.o' y dc tention Sir. \V. Taa.colt, one of the linn, * ill ke on the ?|.ot to cue hi* perianal attention to the paaaciigcr. engaged oy the ?uli?cribcr* or their agect.ljere, mil person* .uay rel that the wiahn and comfort* of thou* wn> in* p,i*,mge mav lie ngaged by tliain will have all due anil proper nltmition. For particular, apply. ,f by letP rW^-rai| t .Apsro.i T <( their (iencral Pa??ngr Office, 7ii Month ?t. cor. iMaulen Lane, where, alio, Draft, may be obtained, for large or .mall .unir, payable on deinamt, without ill.count or my other chafff, ?t the National or Provincial Bank, of Ireland, or any of their branches throughout the Kinirdom mt5 rr ~ ST .at K HA LL. OH OL I) UN K V F I.I V KH JWfyrnoL l'A< KETM?FOB LI V Kit POOL ?Kegular fiUUlEwParkrt of |6lh Miy?Tlw new magnificent and r-le braird la,t tailing |Nicketehip VORKBHIKri, hnr lieu II5H, I) 11 Bailey rorinnaudrr, will poaitlvvly anil on Thn.? Iav, Ifitll Mae, hw regular day. It ia writ known ih it the Yorkshire ia (ittwH r.tit in i mmf 'titerh and roaly manner, with erery modern iii-proTeinem ind conyeinenc*, that cannot but add to tlir comfort ol thua>* pm barking. Peraona viaiting the old country. ahmilil rail andaerthia iplrudid api-rnnea of natal architecture, I,fin- ei itagi.1 p.o lagr in Hiiy ntoar yrair! Knr trrnia ol i laaage i| | ly on beard root nl Berk man afreet. ?w to *he anliicriliert. NBW LINK OK PA< KKT* KOK I.IVKit nNV rOMI.-Paeket cf 2l?r May ? Ilir I'l'dtd If, SKtSmfm ?rd firoriie pnkit ahip W1 KhN Ol' TDK W r.*T, 12 'I tnna hiirtl "n , I ill I' YVnedhcuie, w.llfni on Tutadny, 2 at May. In1" ri-Kiil.ii div. Thw thipa il'thia Ion being a'l !"#? tnna and upward*. t ?-i Mint ntinut to cmbaiti for the oi l rnantrr. w ill not fail t ? n ? ha advaut.i) i a > l a derived Ifom aelefling ilua hoe in pre f-reiicr to toy other a t'l-ir rtpteity rmde a tliein rvr way uiiri' nilorlal and cniinenieiit than ahipa ol a ainal er rl iaa, and lli ' arrnram "I nlior.a it ia w 11 kuota i are .up?n. r to any otba-i. , I'rraont mahout lo ternrr IoiiIk ahnnld not lultoin,k<i earl. n: lo-.'t' n ia board of Burling Slip, or to VV. I* J. I . TAPS'lOTT, A I I heir >ereril Pun 'tic Office, 56 Sou'h t*i vt. in 11 in rnf M ijil'n I, n?* CASSAOK KltoM KNOI.ANl). IKK.I.ANlL SCOT LAM) AND WALK*. VIA LIVKUI'OOL ffg- I'll). auhaerlbrr hu mid' hip jualled arrai it'ornla djvjyior hringp.g out emigranta thia year. 1144 Tho? ::BiailWCii'" 'i'1'i'i for their frienda ? uld do Well to apply , t :h old ret ibllah'il packet olflra of IOIIN IIKROMAN, 61 South at N. 15.?The ahif a nl tlna line now len?e Liverpool er. ry tue lava, and drafta rau aa mu il be Inriuabeil for any ,mi nnt y i ible at all the harking iuatitntioua thrnokhont i' p inited kiaifdnm.apply ni ilnno .i| r(. ld^ KOR LI V KKPOUL?I'aeket ol ihe inat-M-WTffWTIi" apt lid. f.iai a il 11 ?iai p.irk"t abip VOUk *111111'. ' apt no Bailey, will rail aa ubni r ber rrgn ar lUy Her acrotrmodationa I' r pnaaengrru ia unanrpiiaed. 'I'll""* ?iallia u In rrrnrr bertha will l"|m e to make early .1 pin-ill. i lllllV III IlllVt iv . w IiM,,. N B ? r*??ni{n Irom I.Wrflionl ran nf all ijmr? In arrnrn.t li I.? rrtniir |i?rkru mi'ink frnoi thai |M>rt i?rrv iff*'."' ' owrit nin ; wiH Drnfu nn at iimal h? liirniaf*1' '"V nMiint, Imv-hl??t nil ihr rrincij"1 btnkt ijrl ihrir Iimim i i hioulimot Ei ulimil, lirUnt1, nimiltoil rml VEalrt, on ?P|'li< >. inn rt ilwte. mlS *' - '? a ?Jr|*i ?"*r, oflMOton.. will Mil a. i.'.aTurr hiviiiR aeeommotlatiort oo-oualM fn,\ptehor roi ",T.irl, ??'hoard. at Orl?u? wharh Ui <rf Wall tlrr.t, or t.J y ^ r()U/lyg k CO J? ftrtoih ?t. VhlTrwrkrlfthiPfi frrirfc <l?pL B. J II.TrMk.WiH tncf?W II,r SI rrnkm. inilttiltll* Will of Ji iir, lirr arititlar ill V ?W?? h

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