Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1844 Page 3
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basis, should not fetter the action of Congress in legislating for those who have much to contend against.? The most ultra protectionist only demands incidental protection. The most radical tarilfite does not demand protection any longer than the infancy of our institutions requite it. There now exists au opportunity for every interest to establish itself The present tariff at least, has two years to run ; it lias us long to live, at all events, as it has existed, and the time should he improved. Capital s abundant, and seeking employment. There does not exist a more profitable investment than in the production of domestic manufactures. The dividends paid by those ,,u ai me ujimamiii, unu me demand lor their stork, establishes this tact conclusively. There never was a more propitious period for the advancement of this branch oi trade, and we have no doubt it will be improved, There has ever been too much importance attached to the influence of the tariff. This Influence has been magnified for political purposes. It is natural for every one to advance his individual interest as much as l>ossible,by the sup|>ort of government, and to obtain all the exclusive advantages possible upon the plea that the whole prosperty of the country demands it. Oltl Mock KxclsaiiKs-. 61500 NY Htata 7's. 'IS )07.V 10 alias 8t r Si Utiei 120 '000 Jo 5's, '01 103 20 Aub Si Koch 1 l>0V^ 00 do l's. '15 100 83 N Haven Si Hurtfiud 80 13' 0 NY I ity 7's, '57 112 50 NYork Si (> rie Jill 17 17000 Ohio 6'a, '60 99 V .50 Mohawk HR 75V ' 100 do b30 995a ISO Harlem KK org 81 5000 do 99 V 50 do 8IV 1000 Ohio 7's 103 50 Slou otltoii HK 10 l'Ml'l Kentucky 6's 103V 50 do b21 5U 2000 do 105 50 do b30 15 1000 f'enu'i 5's 76V 100 do b30 4 9V 5?00 do 76 V 300 do bOU 19V 5000 do blO 7654 25 do 4li>! 5MH) Illinois spcl bdi b'JO 46V 25 do 18 W?, do 10 3.0 Petdiug RK 50 7 tints Bk of America 9?V 100 do b30 57 25 Ilk Com. fall 99V 310 do j5U ' 2 do s-iip 98V 275 L Island RH 79 200 VicksHarg Bk 9 V 100 do 79V 11,0d,?... ban 9>4 200 do b20 so 50 Illinois Bk 1)90 34 100 do b'.O 80 <8 do 28V 55 Pst-rton KR 82 25 Jo 28 50 Nor tk Wore s4m 60 500 I< arinert' Trust 41V 150 do 65 75 do b3fl 42 52) do 64 50 do blO IIV 150 do bow 64 50 do 41*2 75 do 63k 100 Canton Co s60 59 100 do 32d 63 V 68:. do 59 50 do s60 63 50 do b30 59V 50 do buw 61V 175 do b30 60 50 do buw 65 175 do 59V 50 do buw C5V 25'i Esc Co 20V 500 do s4in 60 30 Karmiugtou Canal 10 125 do 64 V 25 Western RR 74 50 do b30 65 New Mock Exchange. $1000 Indiana, 25 yrs 41 50 thas Norfc Wore 65 1(100 ni do _ _ _ 43V 25 do buw 65V I riuiiuu \-miiu <> >, mi o.iu inn 21 do ?:I0 6154 1000 do c 99V 60 do buw 66 I000 Illinois 6'i,'70 43V ''0 do 66V 12.1 alias 4 'Hilton Co GO 160 do nw 61 26 Farmers' Lu rcg 41V 26 do buw 66V 60 do 40 26 do bnw 66V .60 Htouiutrtou BR s3 49 100 Peterson bSO 83V 76 do slA 48 50 do b30 83V 25 Mohawk Rll b3 76 50 Harlem RR bl5 83X 25 Loog Island RR s3 60 26 do c 83% 100 do s3 79V 10 do c 84 Slate of Trade. Ashks?Pots continnu very dull, as before quoted. Pearls remain without alteration, both an regards price Hnd demand. Bf.kswas?Prime northern yellow sell* as fast ae it arrives at .70 a 30}c. principally for export. Cottox?There was a more decided disposition to purchase evinced to-day. The total sales were about 2,001) bales, of which shippers took 1,600 bales and spinners .600 bales. hrcights remain dull at fi-ltid. lor square bales to Liverpool. Fi.ovn remains as quoted yesterday. We merely mention the rates?(ienesee, $4 7.5; "Michigan, $4 624 a 4 08]: Ohio, $4 021 a 4 08]. Annexed is a statement of Aour and wheat exported from Cleveland during the week ending May Uth, 1844:? Bhlt. Flour Bus B'hrai. To United States ports 9,200 . . . 18,097 To Canada, 700 ... 1,820 9,900 19,917 Teas?Imported per ship Delhi. Terms?Notes at six months, payable in this city, to be made satisfactory to sellers. Hyson?10 half chests 83 cents; 22 do 82$; 13doRl; 10 do HOJ; 20 chests 79; 19 do 55}; 44 do 40; 35 do 44; 30 do 431; 150 do 43, (21 do withdrawn ) Young Hyson?10 naif chests 771 cents; 11 do 77; 42 do 76; 100 do 65}; 26 do 64; 45 do 61}; 59 do 61; 30 do 69; i.n uu mj; .id uo ons; m l do 40; 22 <1o 42; 235 do 43; 04 do 42J; 221 do 42; 20 do 41: 37 do 40}; 260 <lo 40; 124 do 30; 26do 36; 54 do 33j; 77 do 32; 21 chests 31}; 15 hf do 40, (721 do and 111 chests withdrawn.) Hyson Skin?32 chests 53 cunts; 40 do 26}; 100 half do 25; (200 withdrawn); 10chests23J; 312 do"23, (137 wit'udrawn.) Twankay?10 half chests 35, (17 withdrawn.) Gunpowder?6 hf chests $1; 0 do 99 eta; 26 do 68}; 165 do 35. (14 do withdrawn.) Imperial?10 hf chests 79 cts; 67 do 60; 10 do 60; 18-1 do 681, (40 withdrawn.) Ningyong I'owchong?20 hf chests 35; 54 do 31 J, (346 withdrawn!) Ningyong Souchong?52 half chests 364 cts> (?1 withdrawn); 69 j chests 33j (211 withdrawn ) Goku Souchong?10 hall chests 36 cts, (80 withdrawn.) Souchong?10 half chests 23 cts, (332 withdrawn.) Cassis?100 mats 10] cents. IIkal Estatk.?The following sales were made by auction ? Trinity Church lease of lot No. 6 Grove street, 18 by 76 feet Jll,7dO Do. No. 9 Grove sticet, I8by 76 feet 1,550 Provision market. During the past week some fine steer and young beef has been for sale at our different markets, and some of very good quality at many of the ptincipal meat shops. Poultry has been quite plenty. Lurge lots csmc down the river by the tow boats. Eish are in almost every variety. Salmon sells at 3s. a 4s. the lb. Green vegetables are plenty and cheat). We saw some line marrow fat peas from Jersey nt 3s. tne half peck. In eaily fruits we have strawberries from Long Island, but they are very small, and have a cold appearance. They sell at 3s ana 4s. a small basket. Currants and gooseberries are pretty fair. Eggs never were more plenty?by retail, 15 and 16 for Is llutter keeps up in price?say Is. 6d. and Is. 8d. per lb The grocers ought to make the sloop and barge captains take smaller commissions from the farmer, and sell at a fair price. Potatoes should be cheaper by retail. We have them by every vessel, almost, from Europe, as well as large quantities from the eastward and down the Hudson. Pricks ok Provisions Apples, bbl -$1 JO ?3 00 Lamb,per lb 8 a 12 Beef, |>er lb 8 a 10 Lard, |>er lb a ? Beef, |?rcwt $4 50 a6 00 Mackerel.fisih, I2)4? 14 Beef, corned 3 a 7 Mutton 4 a 8 Bacon. 12)?a ? Onions, per buach. 0 a 8 Blackball G a 0 Parsnips, per liuo-1 I2)jaj 25 Berts, each I a ?,- I 25 al 50 Beans, bush 50 a K'% Porter House SteakslO a 12 Butter, fresh per lb-14 a 18 Pork, |w lb...... 6 a 8 Butter, firkin, |wr lb. 6 a 10 Pigs, roasters ? aSI 00 Ban lb 8 a 10 Potatoes, bushel 31 a 75 Cel?rv abnrch.--- 6 a 12X Potatoes,swt, -2s Gil hlf peck ''aulillow-rs, dos.,50 al 25 Perch, lb-- * 6 a ? Cranberries, a qrl.- 15 a ? Poultry, pair 75 al SOW Crabs, dozen 12Xa 25 Kadishes ? a 1)4 Chickens^ 50 a 87^ ? ??>_ * 1 a 2 ....... .... - a j./? - nil J, earn * III CaIvs* Head, Ike 25 a ? Salmon, fresh, 37$^* 50 Cabbage, each 5 a 10 Salmon,smoked 10 a 12 Cliatw, new 6 a ? Stripeu Bass, lb I i II Carrots, each. 1 a ? Smpe, dozen 75 a ? Ducks, per pair. -50 a 75 Sausages ? a 8 Kelt 8 a 12 Smelts lb 8 a ? Kggs 16 for 12X Turnips, per bosh* 25 a 21 Fresh Cod a 5 Tripe, lb ? a Flounders 4 a 6 Ttirkies 56 al 50 <leeae 50 al 25 Veal 6 a 12 Honey, n. w. Ib...-I8ka 25 Plilladelitliln Cattle Market. Msv 16? At market, u7n head, mostly Ohio Beef Cattle, including 420 taken to New York; 220 Cows and Calves, 300 Hogs and 1100 Sheep. Beeves were rather brisk nt vl a $6 for common to good; a few extras brought $0} the 1(H) lbs?about 60 unsold. Cows and ( nlves sold from $15 a $30; extras $35. Hogs brought $4J a $4J the 100 lbs Sheep?Sales from $2 to $3, as in quality. Hay?There | is a better demand, and prices have improved; sales of good Timothy at 65 a 75c the cwt. Pressed for shipment j .it 64 a 64c the 100 lb>. Straw sells at $4 a $6} the 100 bun- 1 as.? ?; Married, On the 27th tilt, by the Itev Mr. Haight, Mr. E. Erne, and Miss Emma K. Pkckovfk. Died, | On Fridny evening, 17th inst. of consumption, in the 24th year of her age, Sirs. Miner A., wife of J. II. Bailey, and daughter of James and Sarah Dudley, of Norridgcwalk, Maine. Maine and Lowell (Mass.) papers will please copv. On Thursday evening, llitli instant, at Williiimsntirgh, ot consumption, Hkhrietta Lakk, wife of William Lake. The friends Bttd acquaintances of the family are re- ; spectlully invited to attend tho funeral on Sunday after- | noon at 4 o'clock, front her lute residemce, Water street, j 1 Williiimsburgh. " i i aw. iu?r. ? MM Isateet Art vlcm , RECEIVED ST THK HEW TORE MURAL.I) OFFICE Anjier Jan. 1 Manilla Jsn. 20 Alnca Mar. 30 Malaga April 8 AntistiR Keb. 19 Madura Feb. 7 Arecibo Mar. 22 Mauritius Nov. 16 1 AnxCaye* April ? Montevideo Mar. 21 < Augustine Bay May 16 Maracaibo April 26 i Bataviaj Dec, 3(1 Miutsanilla April 5|l A * 2| LYlalail7.*? AHV I B*rmada Mny H Maya*nez Mar. 31 Bni'iint Ayffl Mar. 30 Matamora* lice. 26, Belize, lion. April 6 Monterey Oct. 16 1 Barbados April 20 Na??an, N. P. May I ! I Bogota "Jan 21 Netmtaa April 27 I ore April 26 Oahn.B. I. Dec 28 | Bombay " Mar. | Para April 20 Cape lown.C.U. H-Mar. 22 Pari. April 17 Calcutta 21 Port au Prince April 28 Cardeua. May 5 Porto Cabell April 16 1 < liagti'i V" , J J*"int Petre, IJpad. Feb. 18 inifuetro. Apn 25 Pernambuco Mar. 21 Cupe Haytien Apn 14 Panama ^ Carthage April 7 payt, Nof M 1 unpracliy Inn. ? Ilio Janeiro Mar. 27 toouiriibo July 18 ",o Hraade ^liri, 3 < ulUo feb. IS Hun ./nan b>h ?S Doinfmra** .Mar. 21 St. HtlfniM r {>. KUinore Dec. 3 8t. Thornaa Ann, 2 Hftval beb. 29 Hi. J.iko <le Cob?#... Aoril 22 Jifiraltar April 12 8t. Jonni, P. K. April t; <tu.ayama, P. R May 2 Bt. Croix' ... ,'i llrl vex ton April 30 Bt. Domingo April a I loii.'iivea Mar. 30 Ht. Hept 2<< llniy?|nil 'Dec. 4 Surinam Mar. II '1 'lipagoa lalaud*" May 1 Hinaapore Jan a i; April 16 Bydiief, N. B. VV. . O :t. || lliv.uia May 3 Trinidailde Coba April 21 Halifax. May 3 Talmbimm Jan. 21 isir oi i? r-iiicr nt jii. </ i arilCl ? IJec. 1(? Kfini April '? Tomb?* Nuv. 'j > imratoa, Ja. A| ril 22 Tampie K?l>. I London ly lolianco K?b. t Liverpool April 10 Tniki Inland April 30 La (iuayra April 17 Tricat? April 6 i i.ajrnua <?et. 31 Valparaiso Kt b I Lima K?b 23 VcraCrnz April 2 Macao Jan, 23 Zanzibar Feb. i * Panne rig era Arrived. Mar< r.iu.t ??8hi|> Tr?M ott?Char!e? Gilford and K A Uiffurd, Kkv We?t?tfehr H'urv CUy?Vrv Mr Serily and lady, Mi?? Gn". Baifer, Y L Ktfenburgh, O K Thome New Orleans?B*i<|ue Ranidhouroy?Mn. Hngm, Mr*. Wentworih. M? A Baldwin. Mm Julia Y'ting. Mr. Stephen Holt. J L Lord. J r W K Duuurody, D K.Hull, Win Thompson, J. Thompson, <?. Cururen, G. Dickiosou? and lire in I he steerage. 8av ^nnih?Brig M'idii' ii?Mr* ! orter and rh.ld, Mill Mitchell Mm M Gin. Mr Johnston and lady, Mr \ ouiiir, .?dy ...t, K.I.I Mr Mir in IhiI v ai:d three rhi'dreii- It... IU I ... dciu <"'ori><>ral Hi!l Mru'ii I L S Morri?, ( lua Onvi? ? Ho'n, W 1J Miller, W 11 Boiiwick. A H L Myera?'T ^sVvi'iinAH?Brig M*cod?<' <|>uin II < Billi, J H May, B D Willi. T M 8licy|nrd, T <i Fuvcy, 11 P Perrv, II K Bmh, M Waldy, Mr* ami Miti WiugPwiteiigcri Sailed. Livr.Brooi,?Iteam ship llibrrma, Irom B..?tou?Mi* CleveUud.rhilil iiBil servn> t; Win Ward, lie. rer I' d.s|mtch>?to l.wni'i n; .Mrs W ard Kilw I' ikins, I) A I'ierce, J ns I'owi *ud lady; fcdw Jaeksim (Jen Wiu*low <i W Waravn. VUth.w Bryant, A Melcall, J W p L'wis. and John Gordon, all of Boston: r Jones. v1 Brown, Mhos Robirs-m. of Kugland; \V F Scholfirld and lady, John 8 Henry, M M ?nniug, of Man' c letter, Eng; ( h s Kav, bearer of derpa'che* to Franc; Frauk liu Jours i I Oregon; Joshua Ooit, A Fielder J M Bradbury, Jos Owe , \1 Kabcdii, U Gibson. W Hiberthaw. W M Gibsou, Hmi king Wink ley, I F. Kendall, Heury Norris Mr# Isaac of Ps York; Geo J Cross, Chas Ellet, K Pleaseut. of Philad^jplua: Dan I *S Hrulmk and lady of Cincinnati; Miss M H Willard.o' Wilpole. NH, C Lovrrim* of Baltimore; A Sainpavs, attache to the Freuch legation; Si ^ainnays aud servant; ' ha Davis of Woici'st- r, Si?: Tlnm G Cerey, A Sillers, J D i Bugbee, of Columbtu, ti><; Win Dimeiu. of J,rovidencde, F I Lavillee, Freuch mus'il at Tniiidad; Rev W M Herchiner, and | lady, L&wrence Herrhtnt-r, Henry Herchmer, Frances He clti iner, and two 'entitle sei van's of Ki .gst n. Canada; t lis Luth er of Prussia*. J F Powell ? f London; Jno R Meers, J Whitehead of Holland; >r * N Cbapinan of Nassau, Nf; Rev i>r B.trues < f Scotlnud; Mrs Brand of Illinois; Mr Soyder. lr.?f>or<.ath>ri? Manskili.ks? ShipTrescott?160 hags linseed?125 b?Ds a'mouds 500 ba-kets < il L-wr-nce Ik co?m? chs madder Dutell St Louden try?010 bkts oil Mshuu to Thornra >n?3 cks verdigris K D Wegt?45 b ''es Pelot Ik B rhier?10 em u madder ' 00 bx* 300 btkrs oil 10 bis leeches ord-r?1 hx wine Dyson?300 b< xei soap 16 h lei corks 3 "ts verdigris T With hauseo?300 bisk's oil E Broi auee?i bx 2 bsk.s G (J Boyd?22 bale* k* H aIIiet? 93 pkgs ';i '/. F Michael?40 hairs almonds 460 i-xs oil Diaper Ik ?'enliu?*200 do * urtis 6t Stevegon?40 biles corks T Augue?27 hf cks madder E Fiedler?M0 boxes leeches DO bate? altnouds ( Bossatiffe?100 bskts oil Godf ey Ik Robinson?1100 do Draper Ik Devlin?40 bans Matz Ik Pollitz?590 bxi C Lambert 5 do sewing silk Goodhue Ik co?5 do J McC?ll?2 bales corks T P Augue?2 biles nu'ze G Meyer Ik co?21 bales corks I Mehil? 51 do wool I bx mdze, order. Mayagulz, PR.?Brig idney?(Reported yesterday)?137 hbds 27 hbls sugar Ay Ik co. | Mayauukz, PR -Bchr Daac Frauklin?180 hhdi sugar HO cks sugar Mason Ik Thompson. Domestic Importations. Nkw Out kaivs?Bark Ramahonrov?58 hhds hams 8l> bides ! North.nn It W<IIiam ?93 hbls pork 500 ke:s lard W Wh Dock - 5 cask t .llow L Wood?17 bbls butter I. Banker?16 bale roj ei F T Tucker?4 casks v iriiish Decker 4k co?9 hbds tobacco J H Maber?'2 boxes do Storms. Dubois Ik ro-18 bsles coi'ou b nruip I nice?II casks 2 libls beeiwex M Fiedler?207 bbls tlour 2*>7 pork 114 lard Kuvdarn & Snge?207 kens lard Small Ik Williams?HI bbls cork 20 liamt II lard Lockwood Ik co-200 pkgs l>ueralo robes ( lielaii, Son St co?50 tcs 6 bis md7. How land St co?5 do lla* seed to order. _ Kkv West?Schr Hen:v Clay?250 tiides 50 bales and a quantity of rotenrooH to R St W Thome. SavtssiH-Briir Madison?105 bale# cotton H Coit St co?66 do Bnrstow. Pope St co?118 do Van Allm St co?22 Holbaru, Nelson St co?03 J St 8 Stone?36 Barstow, Pope St co-sundry packages to order. Savannah? Brii; Macon?38 balm cottan B Coit fr co?30 Barstiw St Pope?20 Hit Graves?tl GCollins?>3 W il How land?15 do 15 bis candles T. L. Stone?90 bales cotton to order. Savannah?Barque Huma?9hhdi*ugarG H Brighain?32-i casks rice Ooudy St Wells?lOdoCollomb St Isliu?30 do l)e peyiief St Whittnarsh?30 do Dnnsni St Dunon?200 do Jos L (inrdner 166 bales cotton Barstow. Pop- St co?25 do E Ik R K Grates?114 Barstow, PopeSi co?89 H Coit Si co?106 I(K Oraves. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Days of the Steam Ship*. from liverpool. fiiom amf.rica. Britannia, Hewitt May 4 June i Caledonia, Lot! May 19 16 14. Britain, Hosken Julv 13 Aug. 8 G Britain, Hosken Aug. 31 Sent. 28 G.Britain, Hosken Oct. 19 Not. 14 Packets to Arrive, Packets to Ball. from liverpool. ror liverpool Gnrrick, Trask, April 11 Queen of the West, May 21 Oxford, Ralhhniie, April 16 Sheridan, Depeysfr, May 26 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. Switzerland. Kniebt, April 10 Gladiator, Button, May 20 Victoria, Morgan, Apr. 10 Mediator, Cbadwick, June I from havre. for HAVRk Bnrr mdy, Wottou, April R Louis rhilip:>e,''astolf.May 21 Oneida, Fuiuk, April 16 St Nicholas, Pell, Jnne 1 Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Silvf.y, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, ihe Vessels Spoken on tl eir passage, a List of their Cargo, nod any Foreign Newspapers or News tliev may have. He will board them immediately on their arrival Agent* and Correspondent*, at horn* or abroad, will also confer a fivur by sanding to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF HEW YORK, MAY 18. un risks 4 42 i moon set* , 0 59 SUNSETS .7 II I llllill WITS* 9 48 Cleared. Ships Hindoo, Proctor, Charleston. H N Peck Ik Co; S Baldwin, Glidden, Liverpool, Burs'ow. Pope Ik Co; Mount Vernon Gain. Liverpool, C H Quince, ? Barque Franklin. Uleebom, Hamburg, chmidtk Balchen?Brigs Fidelia, Small, Bermuda Middl.ton ken; SterLug 11 -mi'ton, Savannah. Dunham Ik Dimon; Geu Wilson, Moon-, Apalachicola via Key West, ED Hnrlbutfk Co; vjoses, Lnvelatid I harleston. G Buckley ; Watson, Docknay, Portland, Me?Schrs Erie, Matthews, Marauham. E Coming Ik Son; Henry (May, Martin, Perth Amboy. ii l. mc<-r?auy at to; nociwitor, fountain, Baltimore, J & N BrigRs. Arrived. Ship Trrscott. Lawrence, 42 days from MarceiPei, with rod otto Lawrence & Phelps. Was 12 do to the westward of Georges Shoals, with westerIA winds. Left *hi|> T.ilrna, Carroll, just arr I'm NOrleaos, the only Am resoel Bsrqiia Ilio, Young, 19 days from Cienfuegos, with 310 hhda sncirill) 111, I 1 -Ci to order. Barque Ramahonroy, ( into, 21 days from New Orleans, with provisions to J Elwrll. Sid in co with barque Helen, for New York. B?rqueHuma, Williard A dots'roiri Savannah, with cottnu t- order. On the 16 h. i used off Hatteras, new ship Republic, of and Irotn Providence for Savannah Brg Naniakantha, Tucker 40 days from Uio Janeiro, with 2.6U b,-?s coffee to C l> Moritsn. Brig Kugere, Orinkwnter, 15 days from 8t Johns. PR, with 219 bblt i.Ufc ir 46 casks molasses, 2991 hides :o Mason St 'i h.inpson. Brig Sidney, Hall, of Norfolk. II days from May-ague/. PR, with sonar to Aymar St Co. Sid in co with schr William Calwrll for Phil id, Brin Mscon, Lewis, 5 days irom Savannah, w ith cotton, to R M I) mill Brie Mndisno, Bulkley, 7 days Irom Savaunah, with cotton to *turx?s St Cleirtoan. Brig (iranite, 1lagerton. from Lubec, with plaster, to the manor Brig deluge, Hull, 6 days from Charleston, with cotton to G Buckley Sclir Kmina, Cole, 5 daya from Baltimore, mdse to Johnson St Co don. Hehr Isaac Kratklin Harding, 12 days from Maysgnex. PR, wiili sugar to Mason St Thompson Sl,l in co with lirig Mars Hill, Isr<k Bunker Hill, and schr Southerner, for NYurk Sc lir Henry Clay, Tucker, 10 days tin Ke/ Weit, witn hides, Sic. to Ft k W Thome. Brig Moh gan, Small, K as-port, with plaster, to S W Lewis. Hchr Preiidrn', Like. Cherryfleld, lumb-r. Schr Ja*per, Howes. Boston, irulre Schr Compliance, Kellv, Boston, mdse. Sc'-r Lafayette, Snow, Thomaston, lirne. S hr Koxmna Pe diet n, Augusta, Me, potatoes. Schr Zephyr, Crocket, Tiioiniston lime Schr Wm Wallace, Keller, Thomast n, lime, Schr Olranto Whitney, Lobe plaster Hchr South Carolinian, Shadwicx. Be.ufort, M Piatt, dalnsv A barque. supposed to be th" barque Valparaiso, Irom Canton, teas and silks to Carey St co Also, brig Joseph Atkins, Homes, from West Indies; also bng Peter tmiil. Two ships, 1 bat'iur undl brigs unknown. Sailed. Slii. s Noima, Havana; Child ' Harold,'GeHnoa; brigs John K Gardner, ilouduns; He|ublic, Port an Prince; Sterling, Saaauuah; New Jersey, do; and outers. Herald Marine Correspondence. Orricx or thk Rhods: Isi.avokh, ? Nkwpoht. May I#, 11144. > _ lath?Arr Kffort. Spear, and Mai/e, Brown, fin Thomaston tor Work; Kxcet, Hemming fm Kail llivtrfor NYnrk ^ Mlecellaneoae. . .?.?n mix niirm 01 m? west, lor Liverpool, eud the (fladiator, for London, will tail on Mouday the 20'h inat. MiiiiiMauv BhioIIT. Bright. which sailed from thin port about the 27th of Ki Inn try for I'ort di I'aii, n autp ? d to be [oat, ?? nothing has lo-oi liea'd of her nine the left port. A wreck was fallen in wilh about the 2d of March, off I ape Mattenia which nawered to the detcription of Mary 11 AsHnm.?A aktpper of a slo>p, arrived thia morning, reports that in passing Bar rgat, lie aaw a brig about one mile south of that place, which he opposed to he at anchor, bruin appearances they had cut away he' nnata II- alto saw on the bench a number of articles, which he took to b* her tails and rig Kinir. 'l'hs brie aeen point into Bermuda, in distress, by the Kalcou was a herinophr ditebrig Hour PLOircrmor, 1'ierce, fr m Bintnr with Inmber for Providence, went aaliore on the k aat aide of Vtn'uck-1, in a aqii II, night ol the B'fh H- r roil tier is unhiint. but ?. hen I ?st 111 aid from she w-a tight She it very much eapoaed to the Kist-rly winds, biitrhould the weather on iuna moderate.will probably begot cfi after discharging deck load. Schooner K A Htkvcns, Hriggs, master, froin Baltimore to New ork, took fire on Monday I nt in If vmptoii lloads and was a-nitled and sunk 'I he lire w.u thus put out, and til" ichoruier has line- been railed and towed up to Norf Ik, with considerable damage and the cargo en iiely wrt this lire it sopt'osed to have been occasioned by a sliipme t of amis The frrqaent clandestine shipment of acids, locnfoo tnatctcs and articles subnet to ignition, is ccrried on to an alarming silent 'ib' dispositi >n to slip tuch articles with nt ptving an additional freight the-for, and without diaries n- i e du.geroiis ehuacter of tt,e articles, so that suitable cue. c<ni he raki n cf them, f>e<piently jeopiiopardises the lives of cews and ;asseogers, and lai vamonnls of property, which should in s< me wa> Ire ?topp..l by prosern[ion ol tie- parties wli < thus in a clandestine way occasion the Ion of life and of property otl er than tti-irown A rh p from Bo,ton for New Orleans was totally destroyed at s-a it. the year 1812 with a cargo estimated at over <100,DIM. supposed to have it isen from t stmil ir slnpin'nt, ami a number ot others frr n thei ports, and probably a nmnlrer of others never hi aril from have been destroyed in like maimer Persons taking passage ihnuld objct to go on hoard reas-ls if precautions are u"t oh,rrved to eicltidn articles of .his dangerous character, dpoktn Voikshire hence for Li vrcnol, 17th lust, 40 miles test ol dandy Hook?by the 'I rescott, at this port Stephen Wiutney, hence for Lite-pool, 15th inat, Ut 10, Ion 70?by the same. Tamptco, lienee for vra?klin, La, lllli inst, l it 33, Ion 7J?by the Sidney, at this port. Whaling brig Soien, of Mattapmsell, I da nut, all wrll. Mav ii, mi jo, ion 1113??y ui'- irnc h r.inktiu, at (hit port. ' i foreign Portn, April 29?In pott, Hope, Johns, Idy for Phi a- ' Mphli; KnMM, nkinMTi Idg fol NYontl .idiou., Ilurrnwa, Id it f r .NYork; Orxka, Nmith, Ida lor U 8, unc; PoitUud, , Clouyh jnvlarr Mavaoiii /., Ptt, May 5?ln pet, New Haven, wta r.ufo; i H b >1*. Idg, tor wrier. not recollected; Wni 8ohrowder, from tloaton. di?|i; Hman, frn Boaton, iliaa; Mayflower, and Cham pom, lor N Haven, Mrs. I'mta, for N York, in i or S da. \Vrn 1 I'olva, for I'lii I ad. aid I ila bef re. At 8t Juan, C A, Tliomaa H Benton, NYorlr, 14 da. Mikahoam:, April 23?In port, Ilurae, Conklin, lor NYork, I in In diya. I St John, NB. May a?Arr Jaa lliv, VVitemnn, N Yo k; Lit- i cr. Ilny:?, and Kleauor Jon Kielda, Alt landria; Houih K?k, ICberttoD. L'pool, via lloaion ' Una "ec. May 11?Art Bell. ra. Anld. OImoow; 13th, Sir It I 'ai hann, M'Oarry, L'pnol; ' la i . . . . \ . i hark i and lour brigi,apparently i.i I,ail1 t. C.d ', "mo , .VIon iroae. i Lake Porta. Burraui, M?y U.?Arr, Comullation, Detroit, Franklin, Toledo- Harrison, do; Islington. Detroit; Kent, Amherstburg; M Ney, Cleveland; llesolutiou, I't Hawaii; Keotueky, T< ledo; IV?i>m!v nU do; I o in in o do re, ( bveland ; Wiudlain. Nt .Joseph, tiirinnigh ?ni, Toledo; Law leuce. Irving. ('Id, Wirtkiiisnn, Chicago; Buffalo, Detroit; La Salle, M City; Platioa, Toledo; iVunsylvat.ia. Cleveland. Clk\?:i.a*d, May 13 ? Arr () Kichnioud, Outdo; Hudson, ()?*-go; Sandusky, buffalo; Walter; JYaas, Oswego; Huron. Buffalo; M*dieon. Oswego; Independence, Buffalo; Pennsylvania. do; Ohio* go; iujmi. Iliclj Ri i; H'ttb* hud'T. Si Ofhenut^; Amherstburg, Kingston; Hos-. do Cl\ Kmp re St Joieph; Commodore, Buffalo; Sanduskv, do; Ney, do ; IudependuLce, Oswego; Missouri, Oswego; D We. iter, do. llomt Port* Li HM , May 8?Arr Kredenck Pearl, Snofford. Deer Isle. ("astink, \Ihv 13?Slil Adams, Gay, Charleston Portland, Mny_ 14?Arr Little Mary. Davis, NYo k: 11 P n-irden, Uuptil, Th-mast??? for do; Elizabeth, Bilious, Lul>er tor do; Banner. Brown. Cherrylield for do. Salem. May 15?Ctd Elizabeth. Wiley, I'llilad; Fairfield, Burr, NYork. S|d, Star, Smith. Zanzibar; Orient J, B-sselt, W ( 11 ' "i Adrit a; Victori*. % I'm!. N 5 -i Boston. May I?i.?Arr, Ueontc, Chase ot and fin Frank!' ri; Varb eleud, Pitman. Miragoare, St D< nvugo, 29;li n't Le*t, Hume, Coiikliu for NVork, only \m vessel Alio arr, Albi ou Phillips, Baltimore. Telegraphed, Chart's, I'm Cld, Hibernia, Judkins, Liverpool; < aroline, [new. of this port. 191 79-95ths roim] Lane, IVrnain uco and a market; Saxony, Kl dndge, Havana; John Himm us, [new, of PioviHcetowu, 103 69-95ths :oo?] Small, La*uvra; (JuieOie, Jenluu8, <'ape Haytien; Baltimore. Browu, B liiinoie l*)fh?Arr. Anita Baker, Porto < abello. 29th u!t Left no Am vessels; Deborah, Rob nins, for N \ ork, eld 27th Ais? arr, Eineliue, Kllis, of and fin Bang r; Charles, Berry, Wilmington. NC; Kdding'on, I I'PP, do; ' livmrock. Carrel I, K edencksburg; Kittle, Piercy, Fredericksburg; A man 'a, Nicktrson, Albany; Balance, do; Henry, Nickers' ii, N V- rk. Tarpvulin < ovr.May II?Arr Reman. PendUto". Auguita, foe N York; Boaton, Abbott, Pembroke fordo; Win Wal lace, Keller. Zephyr,Crocket, aud Win St Henry. Storer, Thornastou, for do; Adr ance, ltow?, B iigor for do; ?3tn, M*ry Stin? ii, Be.irse, Bonn-, for B it more; 14th, A M J a e do for New Yo'k; Fame. Robinson, M acinar, for do; Chief Bachem. Matthews, Fust, ort, for do. H ai.l River. May ll??ld, Lodemin St Fliza Soners, for h*r!estn?,; 13th. arr. Nin tta, B .yuore, Philadelphia: llth, Cha'e Hoiki a. Ualtim re. New HhDFOHD vihy li?Arr Monitor, B?-*se. aud Notus, B^sho Philasl. Sid, Corut lia a d Herald. N York K dhartown, May 13?Arr H roine, B k?*r. NYork Nantucket, May n?At Silvia, H gb?-e Phi?-d Sid 13th. Mi erva Bnmatt, do; Klizah'th B ur e, Wiltniugfon. Providence, M y 15? Sid, W"i H Htrrison, Mydiett, Midtlle'ou, NC; Herald, ScuiL'er, Alb uy Philadelphia. May |7?Arr Suu, Ryder, Boston; A Marshyli. Johosou, do; < h s Pumati, I'owmnd Dighton; Aui Stille, W<|ls i bar! est on; Wyoming. Nickersou, Portland Below, Albion. [Br] Yroom, Im St John. N *. Cld, Irene, Bryant. Boston: Vilas Wnlker, Pr >vidence; Columbia, Hooyert Full Kive>; D M Messep le. Young. NYork Richmond, Slav 16?Cld Janet, Buck, Perm mbuoo aud a m irket Arr, Leader. Somer?, PhBad; F ancis Haller, Lewis, NY- rk; Patriot. *uiith. Island of Cuba; Kura, Overt in, York; M irietta Burr, Ba te<, do; Sun, Staulon, Stooiugtou Sid, A Brown, Davis Greenwich; Howard. Kldridge, B stru; Kio Or ffi i, Jersey City. Below bound up, Bachelor, llortou, NOrleans Charleston. May 14?Air H G Kiug. Wairen, Boston Cld, Moscow, Carter, Hav e; Shakspeire, Henderson, L'pool; Carol I et Leon, [Fr] Chan iei, St Louoi, Senegal. Arr llth, Sonthporr, Griffrh, NYork; Caronia, Mierwood. do. Mohilk May 9?Arr Manau Gage, Collins, Havana. C|?l, Sped. Ellis. L'pool; Gazelle, Allen, NVork; Abby Baker, Pratt, K- s V- ii krallu,,... j'imu. ? " l nl!1 .1 U ov u<'um, .tiaras, rnnaueipiiia; Ana, tJobliey, Boston; Columbia, Haley, Liverpool: Berlin, Baker, Liverpool; Bevs, Cadiz; Hiram 1 Tyler, Ty|er, II10 doJineiro: Agnes I Ji'inoie. (Br i Anderson, Liverpool; Trio, Dogne, II tv ma; Kliz t, (Br I Cotriu, Slielbunrn .aid arnkt; Abo, Kooki. Baltimir. Arr, Soldsn, Hlnw, Boston; Oconee. Ja kioi , N York; Beaver, Kdmontla, N York; Kirkwood, V'-ra Cruz. Km Wist, May 7th?In port, Ronoke, Idg with salt for NOrleans; Rudolph. Crouing, and Joseph, Oorham, Idg for N York, to sail in n few days; .lie Vomnia from Haraua. with a c irgo ot sugar went ashore <0 miles sonih of C.a|ie i noioval M NIBl.O'S GARDEN.?SPLENDID DAHLIASWCTl'nie third and last grand sale of magnificent Dahlias w ill saJLa-take i'lnee on Tuesday, May 2', at 12 o'clock ; thev were all iniport'd this season fr< in Mr. Charl woou's, Loudon. In this rale thcrewill be many new varieties never \e; bloomed in this country, of very high cost and ch.tract- r. The plants are well grown aud will lie warrauted true to the names giv n. There will also he a large collection of k lowering Plant' offered, suitable for the Parlor and 1" lower < fardeu The ladies are re.pectfully invited to attend in:7 4tey J. B. GLOVER, Auctioneer. TYLER AND TEXAS. rPHK OK MOCK AT K; REPUBLICAN ELECTORS of Y the City and Couui v of New York, friendly to the nomination of JOHN TYLER,as the Candidate of the Democratic Republican party, at the approaching Presidential electiou are requested to meet at the following places, to appoint Delegates to represeut them at the Tyler Baltimore Convention, on the 27!h Alav iutt., viz : The Euurth Congressional District of this State, comprising the Siith, Seventh, Tenth and Thirteenth ward>, at Duun's %th Ward Hotel, corner of Duaneaud Centre streets, on Mond iv the 20th inst. at half past 7 o'clock, P. M The Fifth Congressional Dist'ict, comprising the Eighth Niu*H mid Fourteenth Werds, at the Forrvst House, No 31 Spring st on Tuesday. the 21st at ha'fpast 7 n\ lock I' VI. The Sixth Congressional D'slrict, comprising the Dih, 12th. IS'li, Ifathand 17th warda, at Hermitage Hall, corner of Houston and Alle i streets, on Wednesday, 2 !d inst at 7^, P. M.. and The Third Congressional District of this St'te, comprising the 1st. 2d. 3d, 4th and 5th wards, at th> Shakspeare Hotel, cor uer ol William aud Duaue streets, on Thursday, the 23d inst., at7'? P VI New Yor?, May 16,1844. Wm. Shaler. Peter Smith, D-unia McMahon, I,. K Campbell, Henry C Atwood, J. P. C Mnnhail, John Oraer, Jabex Smith Anion Merrick, Wm Leander Boycr, Jacob 'oyce, Tarleton B. Karl, Abm Dally, Jr, John B McPheraon, ' imea Dusenliurv, Joaeph Yeinana, Lawrence Van Wart, J H Pratt. Wu. Jeiininga Frederick J. Tucker, Jainei Oabom, Wm Brrry, John W. Hyatt, J. Kinual.iud, John Barber, C. Kill*, John Boijdit, Patrick Tempany, K.J.Lee. J Hyatt. C'litrlea RadclifT, (Jenrite Htibbell, Joaeph T. Sweet, J D. Meeker, John Stewart, John h Plume, Thoovia Butler, Kd. 8 Derry, Joaeph H"pkina, John g. Tihbeta, John Ki t Iiuiii, Benjamin Brown, J. ('. Potter, Geo K. Baldwin, Geo. Montgomery, C. K. Liuehrck. tan Mtat othkri. raalll Ot?rc BRACELET LOST?In KoinK from Wnlker atreet to Chambera atreet, through Broadway, ou Wediieada* evening laat,a Sapphire Bracelet? five stonea aet in *old with a flat chain at'ached The initial* M. C B, are eimraved under the middle at"ue. The finder will cooler a favor aud obtain a aui'able reward by leaviriK it at llakk, bininger st cozzkn8, in 18 31" in 56 V.-aey atreet Mohawk and hidson hauTroad bonds, dated '837 aud 1812.? Notice i* hereby ciren that the inter at doe aud pavnble on the above B inda on the tut of Ja .e, 1811, will he paid at the lyiecbaiiica1 Bank, in the city ol New York, on preaettation of the coiiponi at aaid Bank on and after the lit n-nx mo. OKOKUK LAW. Preat. ,Nt w York. May 16th, 1841. mUtojla'm TO JO RNKYMKN HOKSESHOKKS?A apecial meetJ i it ol lb* Journeymen Horaeth ieii will he held at Montgomery HaU. 76 Prince atreet, on Saturday evening May the IRlli et 8 o'clock. Buaineaa of importance will lie lain before the m IWiui( which ftqaim the ll-nila i e of ill m nib. m and all thoae within* to li-c ime memb-n, aad all to tree! nt Momniiiri -rv Hall, 76 Priuc* atreet, on Mondiy in rui'iit at 8 o'clock to itnk* for weit*,. and hourt. By order cl HENRY TYLER, I'reaideut. THOS. HKAltN. Secretary. inlKir-rr HOUSE CARPENTERS THE JOUK.N e YMKN HOUS < All EN TERM of tlii* 1 city, lire particularly requeued to attend a meeting of the trade, to be held at Ouiral Hall, corner ol Urind ilreet aid Centre Market Place, on Ylotday ereuinit, May 2?th, at kail |iaat reran o'clock Every Journn) man Carpenter iu lira city, hould cnnnder i Ilia duty to attend, , sbuaiueai of vital import .nee In tlie bent inter".! of the trade i< to be rr'iiaacird lluder the prrieji' condition of the trade, it n to be hoped ihat the hall will he |i led, and not leave our ipeaker, (aa hiia been the rase Hat a lew weeka paat.) to deliver an nulti M to the bare walla and a'tnoat vacant aeata By older of J. T MOFFAT. Pr-aid-nt. WM. HOLMES, "ec'ry pro tem, in 1II lt*ec Cat!'!': in TO THE PUBLD .?w henna in > wifa Emma Hoy auc . hna left my bed and hoard, aud Una notice u to fjrbnl a'l Derama touting her ui in name in 8 If re .1 'UN RON HM'K, MIS* AlJUU'''A BuOWNi . I h.mpoacr aid Prof*aaor ol Mu.ic noil Oritaniat of the Rev Dr Dot'a church (U'uoklyu,) 'Villi a :o inloriu the ladles ?f New Yor* and B rokiyn, that hei father, la. S. BROWNE, P.oleaair of Lofier'a Sya'eof Muaic, haa removed to 7H I'ine Apple it, win rt ahe will receive applicationa for leaaon* on the Piano Eorteand O'gau. aud in Singing aud Composition Her uuiin ni ? r mpotitimu lor vale is . h.,e ml* U*ui I (>. OK < >. I' rPHE MEMBERS of New York Lndg- No 10. I. O.ofO. K. 1 are leque ted to attend a meeting at ilieir Lodge Room. National Hall, on Saturday evening, IB'li out, at 8 n't I. ek, ua buaiuvaa f importance will he brought In fore thorn. WM. HILL, N O. J IRWIN, Sett', mil It** NOl ICE TO CONSIGN EES?The ahip Deadeinoua from Li erpoo1, ia now discharging h*r cargo at Piei No. 1 N K Omnia not permitted to day, will be diachnrged hy general order on .Monday the 20th inatant in IS Aire JOHN H f R DM A N. 61 Sonth at N'fcW WORKS?JUST OCT. The Prairie Bird Price 2A I >nt?, ('hatawonh ' li>>? do. The Young Sailor " 17,^ do. La Mcchianza " lih do. obert Emmet " 12>g do. Li'JyAirabel " 2A do. h reuch Made Eaay, hy Bernard Ullrnan " 2A do. Shikapeara, No. 7 " I2)g do. Neal'i Hiitory of the Pnritaua, iio, 1 " 2i do. Richelieu in Love " 19% do. (fibbon'a Decl oe nr.d Kail of Rome " 2i do. (IUDEY'h LADY'S BOOK, GRAHAM'S M AGAZINtL n I LADIES' NATIONAL MAOAZINE lor June The PHILADELPHIA SATURDAY COURIER AND POST. WM. M UHRIBTY, ml* lt*m No. 2 Aator House 17 NOR A V ED BTEEL AND COPFE R f L A T hi-fi) plate, , Ca ji ? repaired from l.osi.lon Inf..lei.. mil Jt*'C D"Tl'AI?r?KN t SON. 61 Tin* it NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. PATTIHON, NOK t*. CO , Patentee* of the Neapolitan J Oooii?t. respectfully inform the public they hare retnofed their entahlitl ii' Mit from Third to 27 I'elaney itreet, ncir MMniWlMI moil mi peril article in COMfMtiy kept n hand. They ulio raatiou the patilie e,taiu*t a very inferior bonnet raa'to by other*, not only infringing our patent right, hut tell Mil! their lloneelA a> our innnufeciure Dealer* can lie mpplied ?? iiin11 liy Thorn ai Vyne, 172 Peirl it. roll Iwn^in (>EN I LEMEN'S aUPKKK"LUOU? t 'LOT HI NO?Gentlemen or famili"! C7 ilwlr> hi 01 coayerting intoctih thur supeillaous or rant nlf clothing, will obtain from the mibtcriher the HIUHKST C A ill I'MH KM. To lumliet or gentlemen i)ui'ting the e.j.y, of changing remJeuce. Iia?leg elfec'i ol the kiud to ditpotn of, will find it

much to th> ir ndv intige in lend lor toe *nb?criber, who will mend them At their renjdence liv Appointment II I.KVK rT, ' I ditto No 2 Well atreet, in'i At iiH Million it. Orderi through thepcit. office, or otherwise, will t>>> { illy Attended to. m!8 it*rrc STKANGEttS BEWARE. " ' f N THIS AUK OK UUAUKKKY AND HlJMBliU, it i? : moil important to choie an eiiierient etl physician?1)R. J ' '.VANrt 11A! removed hi* Old (ialen'i Mend DiMiensary to No. i It I'e.irl it., corner of Berkinvn itreet, wh re ,ie coutinuea hii most eitnordioory cure, of all d?lie*te diseases, no matter now'd. lie apprises the citizen* and strangers that \ there it no Dr. hvans in Iiii old stand, find that he hai no connection whatever with any other oilier. Ill* charge* are mo- . derate; hi* conmltationi itrictly private. ; N. H ?oilier ve the nnrnber? ini-.ukei are often dangerous? 188 Pearl it. ' fT7" Medicinei and dirertioni aent toiuiy part of the Union, ay artiruUrly stating the raie, and enelosir.g live dollars. ml8 ll'rrc J 'pj ham tailorsandi~m>t iiinii may ! I UKAt ri KKRS. WILLIAM HTifMAUHIOK, , feacher of the art of ir easnrinK and drafting garment* in the | Parisian ami London ilvle*. rripectfully inform* the trade t> at , le ii now fully prepared to giir instructions in the above art, | n all its branch's. , He wool 1 particularly call tiro ntteutio.i of all manufar.tar- t r? of clothing to hn Ireantiful atyle of rnats, overcoati, lacki, , D'Orsays, Sic.: also, hii pantaloon* aid veita, for which he i* , rearly to furnish patterns of every size, ihape and ityle. A line , iddrested to liirn, !)3 Duane meet, will meet with immediate < Ittr T on llrs reference* ate the first m uter tailori in the city. I mylJ lm*ec j AUCTION SALES. THOMAS ' Anctioaeer Start No 11 Sprue* Urttt. , . SATURDAY. At 10V* a el"chi, in the aalei roots, II Bpruee afreet. Large Sale ol KleRaut Furuiluie of all de?c notion* Alio, two very large Fmich Mirror*, 7'J by 36. iwrfect |tl ?te? aud frainri mlfi Sire aSAI.* OF~T>AHUA8 AM) OH KF.NIIOUSK PLANTS-DUNt. V tt CARMAN' S flecend Bait of PI-ICU wi'l lake pi ice at their store, 635 Bread way. ou Monday next, at II o'clock, and w II couipriw a choice a?*ert inent, euitihle for ornarnetitinR Flower Harden* or Plea*ure Orouud* Our friend* and ih* |iu lie are mvit d to view a beautiful tpecunen of eiienth-* I ntillitor ia, or Pitcher Plant, at'our **t?nli?f meat, 635 Hr< dwa . ?*1 St**< WANTKU?A strung, active I'oller Boy. Apply ar lourth story Herald Buildings, Nassau ?treet, corner Fulton tiiift lire A^OBKK, INDUSTRIOUS MAN waut* a situation as Copyist or Assistant < lerk, m a Commission, Flour, or kU -h store. Has had eleven ye^rs experience as Clerk and Salesman in three houses in the city Keferrnce to the owners of hoid houses. Apply, by note, to A. C., Herald office, in 1dec WANTED- V tidy, res peer hie girl to do the work of * w jun.llfimilv A i .ply it inn \lulh rry street ml'itfje BOARD JTaNTED?III BrosklyBt by i \? ni>c M.m, iii n genteel family, within five minutes walk of the Keiry. Address W., stauug terms, fitc., (which must he moderate) office of Ins paper. n 7 Rrc JOHN QROOM\ IS. BY HI? ANXIOUS AND A MOST HKARTl BROKEN WIFE, most ear e tlv sn'r^atei to fit her know, either by letter or m-is ge, whee she can either y<- r te to him or see him ft? she has 7 coiinnunird*ion to tn?.k< to him v hich she pie t^e* her word will entirely tree him fiom his resent uneisi ?es and also inert tns wishes for the fu'.u;e and r nder them both happv She cum t, tr.r 11. h the medium of a newipapet, e more eiplicit?' ut begs of him, by his affection for tier, to 1z \e In-r an e ?rl\ opport miry oi curium ira tug to him the information which she % so d sirous of 1 iviug, and which is f such impo't^c to both hat i?e s '-ml J k ?w She * illca'lat ihe Post ?ffice in case he should prefer *endingth?re. ml7'U'rc GENERAL MAPS. AyT A P of the World, 5 fret bv 3 f?et Pric? $8 00. I iYl [)0 Euiore, 1 44 3k?Wt... # 00. Do Asia, I M feet- 4# 6 f>0. Do Africa, 4 ,4 3)i feet*-- 44 6 0C. Do N. America, 6 44 4 fret--- " 0 00, Do S America, 4 44 2)gf. et--- 41 .0 00. Do United States, 'j 44 4 feet--* *4 6 L0. For-ile by T. U. TA*NEI?, mf8 It "re I'll kroadwav. ""PULPIT AND ToU ENSH"5 ELOQUKNCE. MR GEORGE VANDENHOFF RE8I ECTFULLY Members and Students of thei liT'Oiland Legal promsiooitud to th* Principals of Uuive'siiitw and Colleges of New Yo k ud the neighborhood, ttutt he intends on the l? Ju ir next, to open r? 01ns as AS HOOL OK UIMTOKt, for gentlemen desirous of attaining, uuder tiis instructions, a finished sty le of Elo?uii<n and -ppropriaie Action?so ntcesssry to the formation of a perfect public orator Quod n agisiid vos pertinet et nesrire malum eit.?ifor. Mr. V receives no >ui?il under fourteen ye,11s of aire; but attindf Uniymitws, CoDeges ke, pnpifiai tbs Staouts tur public exhibitions in English, Latin and Greek declamations, Cards of Mr. V,'s Terms, -t 129 Greenwich street, where a hook is now opeued for the entry of gentlemen's ramus for tfie peat quarter. m!7 lm*ec TO KOKIOON CKNTLKMKN, ARRIVING IN THE UNITED STATES, Or others, desirous of purchasing a permanent COUNTRY RESIDENCE, IN f KIN NSY LVANIA. 'T'HE Huhscriher, desirous of changiug )11> residence, offers I forsslehis Farm and Establishment, situated in Montgomery Counti , Pa.. 14 mil's north ol Philadelphia. It contains :i"8 acres of I ind, 2HH nf which im in the highest stn'e ot cultivation, producing Wheat, Kye, (lorn and Hay, *<) to any upland farm iu the Union. The remaining 20 acres being woodland. On the premises is an elegant Stone Mansion, 60 feet bv 45, with a veranda attached, I5fett wide, extmding the length of the house, and a large Piazza on the cast the whole KivniK ample accominoditious for a family of 20 persons. The pleasureicrnunds surrounding the house are shaded with magiiiiicent evergrcmn, and verv heautifully laid out. There are on tke farm three stone houses fur farmers or tenants, tog-iher with three large s'one barns, containing stabling and conveniences lor a hundred head of cattle, and for storage for 2.'>0 tons of hty, with coich-house. wagon-house. granary, and corn cribs attached. There are als* the advantages ol a fine spring-house, ice-louse, fishpond a ga'deu of two acres, orchards stocked with the finest fruit ; green-house ?nd gripe-wall; a stream of spring water in every field : a daily morning and evening mail to and from the city, by which the I'liihnleli hin nod New York Pipecs of the same day are received-, and all omnibus passing the gale morniug and eve ,iug. Ill liie immediate vicinity are Episcopal, Lutheran, ami Presbyterian Churches. Further description is unnecessary, ns all persons wishing to purchase, are invited to tall and examine the estate. It may, however, be added, that for b?anty, healthful situation, and adv ntnges of every kind, it is not surpassed by an" iu the United "tatea. To rave trouble, it may also be well to iiieuiuu the price, which is $250 per acre. Apply to OEOUOK 8HEAFF, adO 2aw is Iw'rc White'earsh, Montgomery (Jo., Pa. CANADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, NOVA SCOTIA. AND NEWFOUNDLAND NOTCH COLLECTED, Billsaml Bank Notes purchased, and Drafts or CreOits granted on the Branehrs of the Bank of British North America iu the Provinces above, by KICHAUD BELL. (It WILLIAM MACLACHLAN, 6 and 7 Dorr's Buildings. New York, 17th April. U44. Also, Notes of the Benches of the Bank of British North America in Montreal, Qnebec, Kingston, Toronto, Ht John and Fredericton N.B., Halifax, N: Hcotia.aud Ht Johns. Newfoundland, redeemed at the curreut rate of Exchange on New York. ap20 3m Ht'sfcW's *m BE AC( >N"( g I MONO A Y, Mi?t 20th, at 3 o'clock, P. \1., match for Stoon, Three Mi'* Heat', uuil'r th* laddie II Woodruff Aja* J. W'iielpley do brer Rattler 8ame day, at I P. M., Purae tlOO, Two Mil* Heata, la haraeaa II. Woodrnlf entera br m Oufheaa J. Whelpley do b a Rifle H.Jonea do .r a Washington mil lt-*c BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. A puk8k of $100 will be given, to come f! over thin ( Mm, M intfiy. M yl7th Two Mils Heats, under tha d? die. Kree for horses tlrtf rever wnr. a purse over $100 hntriej to be pti *.t K. S lllTHH, JI Pu U How. Ai '! . M IV IHh, by 9 o'clock, P. M. T hreeor more to a?|fl * race ml8 3t*rc II A MILT O N HOUS K , AT THE NARROWS, LONG ISU1VD. rPUK 8UB8CHIU* K hiving leased (of George 8 (ielston. I Ksq ,)?hi spl-ndi establishment which will bp op-red on the 25th of May mutant, b? gs leave re*pectfully to cu'l attention to Itaat pi ioi lv rat ige* The li? u?e i? Hitu i'fJ at the N rrov/i, near Fo*t Hamilton,L. I , right mil** from the ci'v of New Vora, on an ?o*inatice romnian mg prospect of the Ocean, the Bay, Sl?ten Is and, til- h'ortiligations a the entrauc* ? r the Harbor a beautiful winding bench, and a- acne-thle, diveraifieij portou of the plea?riiir tc uerv '?f Long Inland. To t ?e ii.vili.l seeking comfort ind rep me ; par ie* of pleasure |o ik. eg after amus-inert* a <1 re- rearioii, is w?-|| as to thro n of hu ir:*-* . who wishes his family to enjoy the ^eueftts - f cutmirv -?t. sea bnvzi, n d ihe b inry of sea bathing, while he is c in pel > I to atls nd r?? bn?iness in the city?f ere a ? few other pldc-rt, if nu v . possessing tnr same advant ?grsHieiimboats and htuges wil plv d^ilv, -everal t-men each day, (of th hours of starting due notice will be given )so that tin * who do not choose to d^ve their own horses, qan leave in th ? or stages after breakf is and he hi the city l efore nine in the morning, a'tead to their business, and returu in time to dine with their rami n s. The Hotel is well adapted for the purposes for which it wasde signed, ann nnri? ?aat year, has h*en greatly improved and enlarged The Dining Hooin*. Parlors, Keadi.ig Rooms, Billi-rd and 'owling * I<?"ii?. ureal! spacious and well arranged for an eitimife ' tfl The Bed IUm dm in . it nil] 11r?? ui and furnished in a neit and appropriate style. Fvery attention shall be paid toremUr the " Men Bathing" all that the most fn?tidious could desi.e Th?ie will be attached to the Hon*- a B*nd of Mnsic, and Ralli will be got no in a splendid style?and in fart every other amusement that will tend to gratify il ose ladies and gsutleineu who kindly patronize this establishment TS?e charge for hoard will be from $H to SI2 per week eich person, (children and servants half price.) according to the sire and situation of the rooms, and the leng h of time which they are occupied. Kor the liberal and distinguished jiatronage which was bestowed upon tin* " Marine Pavihon, ' ft llockaway, the live yens that the subscriber was one of its proprietors, is well a* for the generous patronage bestowed upon tlie various other establishments which he has heretofore b*en conrected wi'h, h? begs leave to return his grat'ful acknowledgements. With re newed eieriooson his part to please he trusts that lie shall gam for the u Hamilton House" the apprehalion of its guest* AL'lNZO RKF.D, Formerly of the Wavkhi.t Housr., *ew York. N. B. Theiplndid Hotel (Wadawsnuck Moose,) st Stonington, ft , will continue to be conducted bv my former par* ner, Mr Blake Any eomtnuui s.tionsfor Mr. Keid, left atthe "Ast r Hcuis*.'1 New York,, will be promptly attended to. my 14 :itiwis2wrc , nplKFANY, Yf )UN() tk. KLLIS, 2V) and 260 Broadway, cor* . -* ntr of Warren street, Importers of the various Fancy Manufactures of France, Knglend, Germany , ud China, have *|. 1 wave lor sale tl e largest, richest, and best collection of elegant articles of taste and utility mutable for presents, to he found on ' this side of the Atlantic Also, ri e best assnrtur uU of plain , nod fancy Stationery Papers and Kiifelnpes,French and Knglish Perfumery, Combs, Brushes, and articles for ihe toilet getwrtl- ' ly; Cutlery, Chinese fancy articles, French PkfUtols, Bit? shades and Umbrellas, wloves of a very superior duality, b rench India and Dresden Porcelains; French and Bohemian . Glass; K ncy Hurniture.tnd Chairs; Papier Mache and Bron/" (?ood-; of all descriptions; rich Driving and Hiding Whips; Walking Canes; Desk, Papeteries, Dn ising ('ases and Fancy Boies for all use. Purees. Pocket Books. Card Cases and Portfolios; Swiss Chairs. Tables and baskets in great va- r rietv; Benin (roods, Indian Goods. French Jewelry, fcc f Tney invite particular notice to the fact that their goods are , all of their own importation?made to order eipresaly for thsir retail sales, or selected by one of their firm, from the best , tources; and cm therefore be recommended, not only as of bet- , ??r inalitj "iii flntr flnlsl than irtielaa audi formuil aili b t lower in price and newer an? more select instyl*. | A? their establishment is the largest of its kind in the conntrv and li ? become one of the attractions of tbe city, t cv respsctroily laTitc the visits of strangers, witli the mo run re that th?y may evsinineths collection without incurring the least obligation to make | urch ises?that the same rmliten "ts nid atl?ntioii will lie sh'wu whether the object of the visit lie bnaniess or denture m2 2t aw ins 111 | Madamk S. m;mkl tk nT a n .nets) in fount her cm- i turners and the Indie* of Mew York generally, that she his oat received |er latt Havre |iack<t?, a ew and splendid anort- i! u-ut of rich einbroolereil and other Wedding Orestes Also, ( in me very rich Thread Li"c and Bridal Scarfs nil Veils; mire trry beautiltil or., nidi and colored VI in 11 us of all ilescr |e inns; Bar-g-s.iew stvl* ; ildeiaid Milks, snil every variety if rich rnaleriali suitable tor day and even in( dresses ; beaiiti"ol Csps, suitable fir watering places, which ladies who rt- t toire snr n articles would do well to call aud stamiue, as they r lave h mi etiressly ordered at this time in order to gi?e the lalies an opportunity t > leler t it their leisure Alto, sit entire iswstyleol Straw llau u*ver befme imported in this country, , Iprsosly adapted for country Dae?very heautiful and yen lie ^ -omirg , tire new sty' rt K note It Parasols, lathes I m- , irellas which, t ge'her with h?r usual varttd assortment ol , ancy goods, she will be happy to eihibitto those w ho may "tvor her with thsnr ptuoosga mi iar;itlm*ec AMUSEMENTS. PAItK liliCATRB. $|J Pit .. Jo Ceott I CMIWry *4 THIS kV!' IN<?, M*y IStli will by parforuird Now Varuli mi l?r tli VioIhi ri inp ard by Brriot, aarcoted by th . ! J'*"*1" ' Vi ui I'.m 1 AI'KIi (Jul KA NT a sTICO?By (Jhavalirr Virux Trmpa After wlio-li.THfC HHIHIT O*' THE FOUNTAIN. L- ii ASIA th? I hav*li?r ViruiTrinpa. rollottud by THE VOUMJ SIJa.MP AN AUAulC) and Grand Bravura Variatmaa opto tha National Air ol ' Ynnk<v Doodla," compoard nod necutad bv tno t h.vali.r Vuu* Tampa. MONDAY , May JOth, biftli uiaht of th. t-ngavrmant of Mr* Vlaenudv,the uj?y of uhJ HfcLlEU?Th? (.aidmal Itiche' rU i . ; ar taa*v' a* writu-u for and originally iwrlorinvd by turn in London. Mr .Vacraady a uiahia of pvil-irinaucr ut>ii wvt-k. will b. J u.'iilay, nod Friday. His characters will be Cardinal Kicheli u. Shylock, William Tell, bypirucul.r desire, and U unlet, fur the last tune. I if iwMic it r-specttn'ly info iii? I that the ?p"r. ach'iig rime of his cngag-nie-t w ill prevent ihe repetition of am play, etcept tile lax named, and the treged, ol Macbth, which will be nlao acted once more. < II V I II VJI I III; VTKK. boxes 2b Cant* I Pit 12X < rnu THIS v 1" < j I\| a y I It h, to cmmr' ? with 8PKKI) THE PLOUGH?Farmer Aslilield, Mr. Burton 1,0b H&udy, Mr K. S Conner To conclude with PATRICK LYON?Pat L?on, Mr J. M. Fcott; At'ua, Mrs Pn-s'ou niTOIKLI.'M OliYMPK "IIKATRK^ THIS KVI'.MNIi, Mav lath to commence with GRANDKATIIKR WHI i'k'.cE tU. After winch, I'hiC SE''Rt).T I'o be lol owed by M V WIFE S OUT To com.!u ' ail) - t'' 1 1 11 i \ > l it I ' h i AMKRICAN MUSKUM. ANJJ PERPETUAI. P A 1 ii . Carrcr of Broadway and Ann street. Opposite the Astor Hoose, THE MOHV BRILLIANT AND TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS GRAND PERFORMANCES At hallVnut 2 o'chick everv 'vfternoon, a id * etery eremny The til ANT AND til ANTKSS1 the twss greatest wonders of the nge.may be seen from HI 'clock A. M till 1, from 2 till hal'-past 5, and from 7 till 10. The miuayer is ' appy to anuouncu an engagement, for one week outy, with the ORPHEAN FAMILY ! of live iieraons, all musicians of lie lirat class .Mr VVLNt'llKLL. the inimitable Drolleriit; Mr WM COLL, the Contortionist; Mr. LYNCH ; LA PETITL CEltl rO: the DOGIIILLY; and others. A Beautiful Collection of Was Figures. | TheGIP8EY QL Lr.N. the Fortuue t elle,, oiay bepnvate If cousiiIteil at all hours of the day auil eyeuiug. Ticket* 2b cents?children under ten years IC^a cents. Tweety-fireeenu extra r r n rf crsiisTiltati'n .sitS .h sGip.ey Queen. "SO re PKALE'N NEW YORK Ml'SBUM. vND Pic 1'UKe. uAbbtHV Broadway. opposite the City Hall. MK H. RKNNF.TT. MANAGER. DESTRUCTION OK SAINT MICHALL'S CHURCH BY FIRE, Duriug the recent disturbances in Philadelphia, taken upon the spot by an emiuest Artist, engaged espresaly for the occasion. This thrilling ai d (MtilUoMeetM is portrayed with the. moat atari linn truth anil fidelity. It it a ueiecrati iu that must be deplored by every dispusmuate tieraon. Tr.e picture represcnliuk the tnouriiful and melancholy catastrophe is p-iuted upon some huud.eds of sipiare feet ot canvass, and viewed through a glass of such enuimous maguilyiiig powers as to render each object presented to the view o! the spectator equal in size to the original. A DWARF' THREE I NCHES SHORTER ! AND AS OLD AS TOM THUMB! ! A GIANTESS, NEARLY SEVEN FEET HIGH; AND EIGHT PERVilli \t Etna i ' Mr?. PHILLIPS, the charming songstress; Mr AHHWIf-'K, tin* much admired voealist; ThdlREAT WESTERN,Mrs. WESTERN, Mr II. OONOVKK, the 1'rotron Performer, CELESTE, the graceful Daaaeuse, and Mr. W CONOVEK, the celebrated < omic Singer. The Melodeon, that plays a variety of brilliant Overture!. Haifa Million ol Cariosities. Grand Cosmoraina, and Splendid Picture Gallery, containiuic all the crlvbrated characters during the Kevolulinn. Afternoon Kntertamment on Wednesday and Saturday at J o'clock. Perform.nice in the Lecture Room to commence at 8 o'clock inth* tvitng. in 15 RAYMOND & WEEKS' G HA N /I MENAGERIE, CORNER OF EIGHTH STREET AND BOWERY. h'OR ONE WEEK ONLY Messrs Raymond & w -eks respectfully inform the citizens ol New York, who io linenlly patronized dieir ipleiul'd and diversified exhibition of Wild animals last season, that tbey thii d ie oi>er their Grand Menagerie at tint corner of Eighth stiertand llow-ry. accessible by on uihusses anil stagy* and hut a lew walk from the most central parts of the citr. The Caravan has hid many few and cariOM animals ailth'i) to their previous collection aril rail stand e unpetitioii with any similar establishinent in Ku'one. Hours of eihihition from ID to 12. 2 to I, and 7 to 10 ill the evening. Hrrr Driesbach will, as usual rihibit those instances of courngeoui discipline over the wilde l savages of the forest, that have rendered Ins reputation iiti|>erish.ible, m!3 Iwrc '[HIK GAL! ERY OE PAINTINGS AT CLINTON *. Hall, im orted with the iutention of ciutineiiciiig a National Gallery for the artists and students of New York, is now offered lor sale to all amateurs and connoisseurs of paintings. It is considered useless to mention anything in favor of ine different paintings which compose this collection, the public and the press haviut too frequently spoken of it in tanaa of the highest commendation The gallery will be opened for public inspection every day, anil the pnintiuirs will he sold at public anctiou m Wednesday, the 22d of May, at II o'clock, A M Special seats in the salo.iu reserved lor the ladies. Admission tree. in8tr22rc THE FINE ARTS. MOW EXHIBITING at th- late APOLLO GALLERY, a-N corner of Broadway and f'hambe s street [eutrauee in Clumbers street, acollec.ion of OriginalOil Paintings, in perfect order These who have seen the lirsl galle'ies of Europe pronounce this collect,on to he equal lo a?y they have seen Admittance,2J cents, citlnlo*ues included. mil Iw'ec O.N SVPI RDAY IVENIVG, MAY litliT MONS virrv Tr\u>v, Til li urcnlVALLED VIOLINIST, Will aiq ear H the PARK THEAT RE. ORDER OK PERFORMANCE. Overtnie hy the full band New vanafont lor the Violin, competed by Benot, eivcuted hy Mnua. Vieux Tempt. YOI NO A MP Caprtf io fantatPct, composed hy Paitanini, executed Dv Mot Vhu Tempt. Alter which, m favorite drama. Is* inllsis ....a... 'Pi? ? J ............. ........ 1 iirmr? I 11/III Hit* 1 11(11'", IZI Mil |' W t*U HI1" excout d by Mom. Vieux Tempi, A lalia and Oiand Bravu a variations upon the national ?ir of Yankee Doodle, composed and executed by Moiih Vienx Tempi. Ill 17 >t-re fHOKN S I O.MIMI M) KXT|{.\f I Oh < nilAHiA ^ AND 8AR8APAK1LLA |>oii<si a lew advantages not enjoyed by any other medicine for the cure of allsexu*ldi seises. tud which must, with au euligiioued public, .wader it assuredly highly popular, n? d a desidrra ;uiu long sought for in the medical world If needi no confiiiement or change ol diet In it* approved form that of a paste, ?t * entirely taste iex*, and c iiisei no rensatiou fo the; ntierit. It ha* acquired the utm-'St lame in almost t erv part of Karope; it ha* et?u examined, approved I ai'd as ictiontd bv the f?cu|!y of inedic'iie, and recommended by thw .jioat eminent ol the profession Prepared by J 11. Thome, chemist. London, and for sale wholesale and retail by JAMK8 TARRANT, 266 Oreeowich ?t, corner ol Warren street Also, at 2 Park How and 081 Broadway, 183 Broadway, 399 Broadway, corner ol Walker street nllwiM'r U /: M OVAL ML8. CARROLL'S MKDH ATKU VAPOR AND 4ULPHUR BATH8, will be removed, the lirst of Mar from ConrtUndt street, to 3i'j Broadway, two doors above tli?? City Hospital, where she will be Inppy to see her friends and potrn s Stud i? N TOE MYS1ERIES < IF ELEUSIS WKHE THK lOH'J KK.NO W .NKD of *11 lh<- ,nr cut mysteries, and are i innatel) connected with the mitilotions of Krcemnsoury and O Id kfillowshtr; and whose seC'-rts were eagerly sought after hy the most of th- philosophic v*? rid, a- constituting the heu'hthof h? ma** wisdom. RET THE (JK EAT EST MYSTERY >f the present uay i* how O. B t'laike, Tailor, 132 William sf.eet, cm afford to lie such handsome Kreach ? loth Dress ('oat* for $ 0. and other garment* at equal y low prices. The former mystery the bscrib-r wi'l in a short time fully nnravel to an enquiring public. But the latt *r mystery can be ioli id U 1 icc b stating that the sabacribcr to lattoBcd with ' very srmll p ofits, and birtlg at moderate exjiemei. '1 h- stvle ?r.d gettirg np of t work will he th* name as that I of Bru: dage, Try.ui &?: from whose veil known establish- i menu the siioflCiiher h is hut recently retired. <L II. ('L ikKK, 132 William street. N. If.?Office and Hammer Lo its, arm a few Verts, Ike will, for the convenience of Strang' is. &c healwavg on Wand (Tr-A HI'K IM K N OK A $16 COA I PAN BK SK K.N AT THK. STORK. my!3 Iwis&lw t#ec I NKW YORK, AUANH AND TROl STEAMBOAT LINK. aVB A KOR ALBANY AND TROY?Morning V^n Line from the foot of Barclay street, landing jBL^MJMLHdKL*t intrr medI te places. The steamer TROY, Captain A. Oorham, this morn ing at 7 o'clock. The steamer KMPIRK, Captain H. R Roe, Monday m >rning, et 7 o'clock. Kveiling Line from the foot of < durthndt street, direct The steamer A I. B ANY, Captain It. B Mary, this evening, at 7 o'clock. _ _ The steamer MWALLUW, i apum A. McLean, Monday evening. at 7 o'clock The Mont* of thi* Line, owing to their light draught ol wa ter. are able at nil time* to pn*? the bar*, and reach Albany and Troy in ample time to take the morning train of can for the eaat or we*t. Kor pusiK'1 or freight, apply on hoaed, or at the office* -?n the I w 'v* m'8rc A&fc KOli LIVKM POOL?To imil This Dsy-The MHHPy?hip MOUNT VERNON. f'apt Oiven will aail u}Wv This I) \y, and can yet take a few more cabin and <e?rng passengers if application ih made before 12 o dock, noon Apply to JOHN IIKRI)MAN, ml8 It re 61 Booth streetP \ *8 AGE F( >K LIVERPOOL AAjr HAILS ON K 111 I) A V NEXT, the 24 th of nTJr^^*' ^ *v The v"rV line ta?t sailing ah id IIK. i, KN .jfst i . lfi? I 11 f IMPHON, Lapt. John IVfrie.will .siiiI po?i11 \ ely h ,it? *? The Helen Thompson h * h indaome furnished H'ate Kootn accommodations in the ? ahm which will be found and made very comfortabl fcr Sniy Dolhi* each Her letw rn lick* for nieeiagf passengers i* very ha lit, lofty and well ven tiHted, which cannot hut make her the moar desirable convey inc* onr of thi* port. Th te viaitinij the Old ( oitntry thoiild rail and fee her aecomtn dition* before e igaging in atother nssel. The term* o jwasage will be vrrv moderate Apply ?n board at Pier No. 10, North River, or to tie* subscribers, KOI UK, BROTHER* fc CO . Vt hulion afreet. nest door to the Knlfon Bank IV S ?'I he H T can yet take a few tona of Colonial g >oda. h or l .-iurlit .t i l v i* thovf ml8to2l rr Jr?j|* KOR LlVfclll'OOh W irran ed Kirst Hriti?h Ship, and aaila on the 21 at of May ?The very fine A HKli copper-fiu toned, l ist sailing British ship lif.Lk.N rHOMHON, 1 aptain John I'etne, h iving neiriy the whole of rer carto encaged and on board, but can yet take a few ton* )f colonial goods only. Kor balance of freight or cabin masage, having very hand lonir ? i"mi ....iin mr ryni k r". will !? madr roiifnrtablr and found for t v dollarn r>? li. Apply to ' aptain I'rtrir, on board, at nirr No. 10 .North Hivrr, or to thr ?nb?eribrr?, < .hill Pu?ikw$M. HOCHK, BKOTHKIl* fa ' (>, initio!Ire I'i Kolton it, DfltHOI It thtnlloi lull. jg : . )H I.I V Kit POOL?The Nrw LiM BatSMU Jjfi. Patkn 2ltt Mav.?Thr nr*w >n.l rrry a"!?''.0' -V-* tqKMwYork built pnckrl ahip Ql'K.KN Oh TMK WKHi . .apt Philip Woodhouar, I Jio ton? bnflhrn, will tail aa aborr, irr rrvular day. Kor frrinbi or paiaanr, havina rlryanl and roomy acroinmo lati >na nnanr|?<aril by any ahip in port, apply to tor ( apia n in board, at an nidi- llnrlin* ?lip, or to , WOODHL'LL ti MI.NTUHNH, 17 Booth it Prior of punatrr flOt. . ?? I'lm parkri amp Hochrater, apt lohn Hritton, noa tori wrtneo, will uc*d fh* Qw" W**t, nod ?ml rn r polar day, flat J?w mM?i. PAf'KKT P QrKh.N <-h I III-. Wi a; hltlt LIVKKPOOI.- Io ml f M"?da) , 7U1 May Hfiib1 ?n at111 likr th>- bulk of 2K) l>.,lra nl cotton a d mnfortahly oromModat" eight more p... .*rra i tbr r?b or freight or I'liuc, apply to tbr aptain .11 board, weal in!- IturlipK Slip, or to io minion WOODIIULL It MINTUKNH, mt7fc W South tree l. ???? If BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. (jrj-The southern moil wan delayed in its arriva last night three hours beyond the usual time, in consequence of an accident to the locomotive, which occurred near Hackensack bridge. Wuhlngtos. [Corrwpou >uc* of the Herald ] Washisqton, May 16, 1844. Hy dint of special diligenre ?nd eflort, 1 have got a copy m t-'Piirrui <^n? uetter lor the Herald. From conversation with \ an Buren'aown particular mid avowed Iriends, 1 ?'<in assure you, that they are ready to adopt any course winch will secure a victory ovpr Clay 1 hasten to lay before you a copy ? id the Letter. It is addressed to the Hon. Edward. Han matin, via Buffalo. I was not a little vexed that my letter containing Tappan's censure by the Senate miscarried. I got the information witli murh difficulty, and ezclunvely, and had it been published, as it ought to have been, thp Herald would have been the firet at Washington to impart the information which every one was inquiring about, but which no one knew. Nothing so much discourages one in special efforts 10 procure earliest new> an to find his efforts after a 11 prove abortive. My brut impulse was to try no further to get early news ot executive news. But I have got over it now. The joke is passing about the capitol to-day that Van Uuren has got off ol "the footsteps of nis illustrious predecessor" [Gen. Jackson]?and that Lewis ("ass lias got on to them. l'ersico's Columbus is elevated to its pedastal, and excites universal admiration, so far as 1 can ascertain When it was planted, and the ropes loosened, some one cried out, 'Three cheers to the. etatty ot Columbvous!" which were given with great enthusiasm by its eln.-sical admirers. S. B. Washington, I6ih May, 1844. In Executive Pension to-day, the Penute had some important action. When they adjourned last evening, the question was pending of re-considering their vote to publish all the accompanying documents Arc. connected with the treaty?embracing not only those which Mr. Tappan made public in violation of the Hules of the Penate, but also others marked "private und confidential," and which would not have been sent to them except under the expectation that the dictates both of duty and honor would induce them to preserve inviolate the confidence reposed in them. The question of re-consideration was to-day voted down, and so the documents?many of great importance, which have not before been divulged?will be published. The severe censure passed upon Mr. Tappan will also with most remarkable inconsistency be published. Thus in almost one act the Senate censures Mr. Tappan for doing alone, what they as a whole do on a much more extensive scale. The secret of this, as I have before informed you, is that the opponents of the treaty, Henton, Evans, Allen, Crittenden, Tappan, Choate, and others, hope that the publication of the treaty and documents will create a annular reaction in sition to the passage of a treaty. Hut they are in a most unpleasant state of iloubt and uncertainty as to this same vox jtojniH, (or, according to all present apoearunces, the peoples' voice will be most decidedly in lavor of annexation. Certainly, of the petitions and resolutions which come up from the people, lour to one ure in favor of annexation. It was also hoped by them thut President Tyler's prudent measures for protecting our commerce and interests in the neighborhood of Mexico, by despatching thither a small disposable force, would reect unfavorably. But possibly the people may approve of his decision and precaution. Therefore I say, they are in a quandary, and hardly know how to act. At all events, they have to-day deemed it the safest course to discuss tile treaty with clottd door*, and have so decided, and commenced the discussion, which will probably be continued lor some time. The treaty, which Senator Tappan divulged, was carried on to New York, for the JEvening' Pott, by Jonathan D. Steven ion, who still remains at Washington. He has been here all winter, as the friend of Mr. Van Buren, who ought duly to remember his services. S. B. I ||| ICllVAr IlUIMMllatr Annexation. Dktroit, May 10, 1944. Ursa Km :? In answer to your inquiry whether I am favorable to the immediate aunexa.ion of Texan to the United State*, I reply that I am Ax you demaud my opinion only of thla measure, and briefly the reuaoni which influence me,?I shall routine myself to these point). I shall not dwell upen the policy of uuiting co terminoua countries, situated like oura and Texas, with no marked geographical features to divide them, and with naviganle streams penetratiug the limits ot both Nor upon the common origin ol the (s-ople who inhabit them, upon the common manners, language, religion, institutions, and in fact, their identity as a branch of the human family Nor shall I urge the' muterial interests involved In the measure, by the free intercourse it would establish, between the various sections of a vast country, mutually dependent upon, ami supplying one another These considerations are so obvious, that they need no elucidation from me. Hut in a military ]>oint of view, Annexation strike* ma as still more important, and my mind has been the more forcibly impressed with this idea Irom reading the able letter of lien. Jackson upon this subject, which has juat come under my observation With the intuition, which makes part of tiie cnaracter of that great man, and pure pitiiot, lie hu* forseen the use which an Kuropcan enemy might make of Tt-xas in the event ot a war with the United States A lodgement in that country would lay open the w hole South Western border to his depredations. We couhl i sttihli..h no fortress, nor occupy any favorable po sition to cheek liiin, for the immense fiontier may in * vast many places bo crushed as readily as a man pusses from one part ol his farm to atiothci The advantages an active enemy wuuhl enjoy under such circumstances, it reijuirvo no sagacity to loretell. These consideration* recall to my memory an article, which madw its appearance just before I ivlt Europe, inn lending Tory periodical in England, which ia understood to speak the sentiments of a powerful party. Thia ia Eraser's Magazine, an 1 a m?ro nefarious article never issued from i. profligate press It ought to he stereotyped and circulated from one end of our country to the other, to show the designs which sr- in ugitation agaiait us, and to teach us that our safety in that mighty contest which is coming upon 'is, is in a knowledge ut nur danger.and in a determination by union, and by a wise torecast to meet it and defeat it. The spirit of this articlo is sufficiently indie ded by its tittle, which is "a war with the United Stat> s, a blessing to mankind." I cannot rifer to it at thla moment, but must sneak of it I mm recollection. I have often been surprised it lias not attracted more attention in out country Its object was to excite a war with the United States, and to lay down the plan of a campaign, which would soonest bring it to a fortunate conclusion lor England. The basis ol th s plan was the organization or the necessary black force in the West India Isluiids, and its deharration upon our Southern const The cetiseiiuenre* which otir enemies ! fondly hoped for ia such a case, but with an entire ignorance of the true state of the country, were foretold with .1 rare union ot philanthropy anil hatred. I wish I had the numlier at hand to cull some choice passages for your reflection. The result was to tie the destruction ot tha Southern States, the ruin or depression of the othera, and the dissolution ol this great and glorious coniederacy, on which the last hopes o7 freedom through the world now rest What more lavnralde position could he taken for the occupation of English black troops, and for letting them loose ii|*>n the Southern States than is afforded by Texas f Incapable of resisting, in an event of a war between us ... i L ...fiun.i .1... ......i i i... tub.,. ..f I... ,l._ Utter under one or another ol thoae pretence* which every page of tier hiitor) fiiriii*hc*, ami the territory would become the depot whence ihe would carry on her nperationa again*! on, and attempt to add a xervilr wUr to the other calamitie* which hortilities bring with them. Me who donbta whether thin wonld be ilone, ha* yet to learn another trait in the nnnala of national antipathy. It would lie done ami would tie called philanthropy K.very day *ati*fic* me more and more, that a majority ol the American people are in favor of anncxatifln Were they not, the mennure ought not to be affected. Hut aa they are, Ihr tnnnrr it it afircttA 'At brttrr. I do not touch the detail* of the negociation That mu*t he left to tha re*|K)n?itiilltiea of the government, a* also muat tha hearinn ?f tint qneation upon it* reception hy other countnea Thone ara point* I do not here enter into I am, dear ?ir, renpectfully, your obedient nervant, l.KWIH CASH lion Knwtan Ihit'm* TWKirV KIUIITII CONOKKMi K I K 8 T 8 K 8 8 I O N . Nrnafr, Wanhinotun, May lflth, 1844. annexation petitions and resolutions. Hv Mr UaTkh, one Irnm New Hedford, against Hy (tnv. kaiki lEt.n, from Kennebunk, for. Hv Mr. Hives irnm Virginia, lor Hesolutuoi liy Mr. Hives, from Virginia, lor. Hy Mr Woodc-cry Irom Worcester, for senator Mr. Jaknaoin reported from committee in favor nt admitting Mr Nile* to hi* neat The Committer reported that there wan no sufficient reason why 'lie Senator elect troin Conneetirui should not he .aflowed to tie quail tied and take h is seat. The committee had requested an interview with Mr Nilea, and in it he gave so tnil and complete satisfaction to 'hem, that they deemed it unnecessary to resort to other evidence. VI r Nile* was nceiirdinirlv dulv sworn into office. nrtn Con., hiiiI took Inn neat Thin matter in, therefore, definitely nettled. The Senate then look up mbiI |>aw<ed the Bill, ordered yenti rdnv to he ongrnMed, Then Wi nt into K*e? ut|ve reunion?where thev now are?2 p. in