Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Mayıs 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Mayıs 1844 Page 3
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IK-m* or thi Suit or Nr.w Yohk. .lug Nil t' Frb MailUiteovot. 53,967,iso mini 11 Do to oirorfoK, 4.55,772 4.17536 t,r?ia 4 154,3 !) to b'oke-a, l,4*t,i'99 3.7 K).463 2 6I(,0I1 J 131V. 4 i-61 V?S 4.08I.6M 1.073.66! 4 >M>t. ?.. U<>tj lv -nil m rtifi. J 044 870 3 772,037 3 750 7*! 3,521.31' H <:k? nd n?6i, 12 330,St7 11 605 311 11,0.2.453 10.3.2.JJ Doe tr.iui di t" tir* Ol!i -7 ft*. I 30,78B 48,084 30.818 28,53 Due ( > broker* oi' l'i :ii >o.*u?, 212.219 8lli 160 825.350 663.31 Ba k fukd, 537,756 .184 392 33 ,101 341.3 Lou. iidtriik-use, 551613 (33,201 580 '60 66 ,ta Overdraft*, 911,639 105,917 105,913 l,45.7i Sl"C.r. 11,091,779 11,5(12.789 10,086 542 9 4j5 It. ' uu i 2.731.117 3.1M UVi < m no k OOQ <?. Billsol bjuks, i.vm'm iluilllnj i'.zj'.lTi 3\*i~*2 Do ?u?|). u lsd, 231517 228.951 233,025 228.701 One 1 r<>ui bonks, 11,728,808 9,700,829 10,200,709 8,810,0'' Add lor emu, 438 498 48 $113,759,871 111.014,722 Il3.536.6j2 117,556 60 Lin1 litiri Capital, 43,019 571 43,369 153 4J.649.887 43,462,31 Profi I, 4.0l I 92 3 4,104.254 3,778,882 3,98(1,47 Circulation, 7,912.080 5,287.930 3,110 181) 913. 2 U r-i'i. er, 6.608043 11,985.171 l:J, 189.231 16.421,3 Due the Siste, 531,76 1 961,198 927.189 644.911 Cnuisl fuuil, 711 382 1,147 203 1.483 84J 1 500 I' Dei.murs, 24 679.210 27,389,160 29,02h4I5 30.7l2.2t! Individuals. 316,453 587,781 192 038 612 911 Banks, 21,340.748 14,612.143 15,610,551 15,467,49 Treasurer U. 8 . 4.033.385 1,645,320 1,083,551 2,238,08: Oth-r items, 570,276 505,270 469,492 528,59: $113,765,579 111 614,722 113,536 652 117,556 12)1 The aliove is the aggregate statement of the Banks ol the State of New York, for the lit of May, 1H41, as made to the Comptroller. Reports were received from ont hundred and forty Banks and two Blanches Tho Delaware nnd Hudson Canal Company does not exercise iti banking privileges except in the circulation of its notes The Farmers' Bank of Geneva, and the Howard Tmsl and Banking Company, are winding up their affairs. Nc reports were received from the Agricultural Bank of Her kimer, Bank ol Biockport, Bank of Watertowu and Mor chants'Bank of CananJaigua. The leading features ol the banks, compared, are as fob lows . Xov. 1813. May '44. Iner. Dter. Loans mid discounts, 53,'26' 130 62.Uo9.I19 9 4lb,989 Do to brokers, 3,709,163 3.H6.58J 572 871 Da todirectors, 1 537,436 4,355,361 182,17: Specie, C.502 789 9,155 161 2,817,621 irculatlOD, 17,213,101 10.365 <31 1,151930 Deposit's, 27,389, 60 30,742,289 3,353,129 It will be observed that tha loon and discount line, tin circulation* and deposites have increased very much,\vhilt the njn cie hao diminished. .Since last August the specit has fallen oil' $4,036,018. The depooites within the satnt period have increased more than six million The discounts have increased more than seventeen per cent. This expansion indicates something very unfavorable ? We fenr it is but the commencement of nn inflation thai will encourage speculation, and again spread bankrupt cy and desolation through the country. Those banks who have omitted to make their quartorly returns should be looked after, and the law In relation to them be allow, ed to take its course. There must be something rotten in them, or they would not hesitate giving their reports. Their notes should be refused by the public, and their affairs investigated. All the banks are now in a position that requires close watching.? They are disposed to extend their movements, and bring about similar scenes, as were experienced in 1834 and 16.35. They are on the same track, Mil unless checked, they will produce the same results. The mercantile classes take very little notice of the causes that make them bankrupts, until it is too late to apply a remc dy Within the past six months money has been very plenty, the rate of interest has ruled very low, and every expedient has been resorted to, to employ capital as fast as it accumulated ; this state of things has up to this time produced considerable speculation in stocks. Inashoit time a new oneninir must hi* fmind no nn nnilni fn*- *1.*. immense amount of money thrown out by the banks, unci this will leal to another and another necessity for an scape value, until every element is so much expur.did beyond its natural tension, that the proper level cannot be renched without a general explosion, and a complete repudiation of debts and contracts. (State of Trade* BannsTUFFS?Our stock of floui has increased somewhat in the last week. This, however, hns not materially affected prices. Genesee sells at $4 76; Michigan $4 fliA u 4 76; Ohio, f4 62$ a 4 76 We have not much to say relative to grain. Corn fetches 6(1 cents; oats 33 cents; and tye 70 cents. We hear of no wheat in market. Baltimore Cattle Market. May 18 ?Beef cattle continue to come in freely, and prices rule the sumo as last quoted. There were 220 head offered, and 184 sold at prices ranging from $2 37 j to $3 per too lbs on the hoof, as in quality, w hich is equal to <.4 7."> a $l> 75 net The offerings on Thursday embraced 300 head, 100 of which were driven north and 100 sold. We quote the extremes of prices on the last named day at *2 60 a $3 per 1(M) lbs on the hoof, equal to $6 a 6 76 net There are now about 100 head left unsold iu the market. The supply of live hogs has been fair, and sales have been making to butchers throughout the week at ?4 26 a 4 60 per 100 lbs. principally at $-1 37J. Foreign Markets. [Correspondence of the Now York Herald.) Cat At i a , Jan 27.?(.'otto*, s??J* *** Sr.* hat cat*, II nut'd, being principally lor cash. Stocks low, and import! materially less than in 1H4J. Wo notice a ..ale of about 400 bales American goods at quotations. Metals? We have no ?ales to notice since our last report; Swedish iron is well supported; other articles are dull. Karthenware is saleable. Hardware and cutlery, suited to our mnrket, is in demand. Glassware current. Provisions, ready sale. Marine stores are in fair demand. Arrack is abundant and dull; casks also are abundant, at 26 each for Dutch whitu onk loggers Coffee?Sales have been mude at our quotations, which show an advance of 2 to 2) per nicol. At Samurung it has been soli! at 18 per picol We lime heeid ol no transactions in I'adang coffee, but holders are nuking f 14 to-day. There are about 10 (MM) picols far sale. Hides are without enquiry Indigo?We note several transactions at quotations. Pepper is languid. Bice is iu limited demand. Spices?Limited sales ol Bencoolen at quotations. .Sugars have declined a little in price, but the crop is neatly all chipped off Tin?None in miukct, all being taken by government, and sent through the trading company to Holland. Tobacco? None in market; the new crop is coming in, but the unlavoruhle accounts from Holland will render this article dull of sale Kxchange nominal; lor first rate bills our highest quotations would readily be given. Freights?Shippers are holding back for lower freights. We chartered a vessel to load 12.000 picols ol rice, for Rotterdam, at j?4. 4. per ton. Dollars?f 3 40 forMexicau; (MO tor Spanish ; Doubloons f.fiO to f 5.) each ; other gold in proportion The past rear for Batavia has been a dull one. Importations of all kinds materially less than the former, and ivc may expect a further falling off in 1844, unless some m. nsttres are taken to bring Kxchanges to near par and facilitate the means of making remittances. [Correspondence of the Herald] Rio r?r Janf.iko, April 1st.?The American arrivals in March were 11 from the United States, 6 elsewhere, and 1 whaler Import!?From the United Sta'es were, landed 1* 660 bids Flour, 434 packages Domestics, 40/5 do Tea. 050 t.hls Rosin, 150 do Reef and Pork, 100 kegs Lard, 00 boxes Tobacco, 10,000 feet of Oars, 30 coses Cassia, 500 boxes Fire t rackers, 500 tons of Ice and sundries From Trieste -tioo bbls Four ami 730 bags of Wheat. Flour? The market throughout the month lias been exceedingly dull, the sales amounting to about 6000 bbls, including "50 bids of Richmond at F10, nett J>5 75: 1200 Columbia Mills, 12' 500. nett $4 40; 1300 Philadelphia sour, all 250, *3 80; 1000 Baltimore, a Bj;000 for export, *4. The failure of two bakers has, together with a continually increasing stock, and no export demand, caused a greater degree of apathy than we have ever known. The stock in first hands is 40,000 bbls, and in second, about 3H,ooa bbls, being fully eipial to six months' consumption; therefoie, unhss the im|>ort in three or four months be much less than 12,000 per rsontb, a good deal of the present stock must he ruined, and prices will rule lower than ever. Domestics?The few sales making are at about the list quotations. The demand is very limited, and is chiefly supplii I from second hands. Until the buyers are actually in want, saving prices cannot he obtained. Tea?The sales of Tea have been considerable at |M7A0a 1 850 per. Hyson, of good quali'y, nett 13 a 45 cents, and a small parrel of very good skin at 1 500, nett 33 cents, The market generally is overstocked with almost evpty article of import, anil sales are exceedingly difficult ; veiy few bearing fiist cost, and prices are almost nominal. Coffee ?The supplies have Ih'pii more abundant than expected, and priri s of the ordinary qualities have rather declined. Good qualities, from theii scarcity, have been maintained. Superior- have been selling bum 2 000 a 3 200, 5A a6 cts. on be id. Very fine parcels have sold at 3||3nn for Sweden; good fusts, 5" 650 a 2 "(H), 5 a 8] cents. Regular firsts, : 500 a iliKl, i' a 8 cent". The storks are about 35,000 bags mostly ordinary. The total exports last month was 110,3'?.5 bags, of which 34,585 hags were to the U. States, as follows :? 1st 6 rnunfAi crap '43 Jan b\h. March. Total New 5'ork, 04,247 10,600 13540 18,000 143,481 Baltimore, ?I.128 18.107 32,102 2,300 121 027 IN flllMIlll,12fl 3HS II,l?? IS,2"ft ... 160,6.82 Philad'a, 27 668 8 308 3 048 ft,123 41,163 Ronton, 08 604 9,646 6 684 0,162 43.476 thaVton, 4.460 6.000 ... ... 11,460 Mobile, 11,707 2 040 ... ... 13,747 376,192 71,60S 69,461 34,666 440,026 Exchange baa been very steady at 26 and 24jd, most of the transaction* being at the former rate. Xpenu has been in demand for the Mouth. Doubloons 32 200*32 400; Dollars 2 000a2l'0A0 Ureas*, May 7.?The cargoes of rice per Prince de loinville and Poland were disposed ol at 12 rs. The llayne came in at the same time with 203 casks, which was sol I at 113 a 12 rs The Lft ly Warrington's cargo, which came in previously, remains unsold. Cotlee, 61 a 6; molasses, 2$ rs. Jam<ica, April 10.- flour In our last we noticed this article a< being held at 34 a 36s and still looking up. the arrival ol a small lot from Baltimore, however, which was immediately placed at 32s checked the advnnce, nnd the substquent arrival of 2,100 bbls. from tleorgetown has assisted to arrest the rise in price anticipated The trade are now unwilling to give 32s. while the principal holders are firm at that price for large quantities, and 84s. for small lots for the tleorgetown cargo 3(K ha b, i n offer c,l and r- fused The stock on hand is tiy no mean* excessive the parcels above mentioned being the only lots that hare arrived; then prices must, consequently, he realised, in the absence of further receipts Total amount ol Hour received from the 1st .January to :t!*t March, 21,108 bbls and 320 half bbls.; for the same period last year, 18,824 bbls. nnd 674 half do. Mac to, Jan 20. \ greni many vessels hare sailed for England and America with ca-goes of tt as, during thii past month, and shipments are still being actively madi < ongou, 16a 23; hyson, 32 [a 70; young hyson, 2ft a 3ti 9 hyson skin, 14 36; gunpowder and imperial, 38 a 70 ats; C, - cassia, f!l a 0 60; raw silk - -ve heer of some considerable 8M u of tine quality?prices are quoted at $4 do as ,, , 30fnr good to superior Nankin silk Opium is quoted at * p i t antun at $6 DO lor I'atnu; 630 for Denares. end 730 ? 7IC j tor Meh. a lleie t'.e lotloaing price* are curreut?l',it ,,, , t na. 07ft; O-iirfivi, ojU; .Mulwa, 700 a 710; Turkey, 400 K 11 410 The demand lor cotton has been brisk?American I'*'* 8 a ft ft (if cotton cloths, considerable .odes are r- port'eJ .. ' an ) the demand continues brisk Long cloths, grey ,, ' j $3 80 a J 40, white, 3 60 a 4 40; American sheetings.' a 4ft I a J 60; drills, 3 30 a 3 36 Of cotton yarn the stock is t>u. I heavy, and demand slow, at 33 a 34for No* 16 a 33 lies it ' ? , ii? _ < i Married, J On Wednesday evening, 16th i :.t. by the Rev. John 1 Van Lien, Or.oaos; V 6mkrman, of this citr. to Miss .j 8 OoaisRLu Aftv Va* Dt **i ts, of North Branch, N. J. \', llv the Rev. Mr. Law, Johx 11 Bkll, to Miss Sarah i'de 1 Maroarct McCloud, both of this city. Con _ I Wr 1 IMsd -( villi On the 26th nit of n fall Irene the main mast ot barque i"c I. H Wain, while on her passuge from Trieste to thu port. v," y Arsroioo Coffiek, teaman a native of 8ieily. Vr& On the 16th January, on hoard the ship Ann Maria S while on her passage Irom Samarang to Batuvia, Ai.ks'r Bar MaCki.xzif, a native ol Inverness, Scotland Also, un J ! the nth January, Matthias Janson, seaman, of Sweden J,'J' ? 1 H PuHiigtrs Arrived. Monrovia?Prig Atplati'a?J J Hobe-ts. lady. dsughte- and 'A,w servant, Itev F Uu us. l)r J L Uav, Dr J VV Johust a, .Mm 01 (>lia Vt'i "t'yni", Miss Ann Savage, Heiny V Oarretsou *' " i Kl Jani ihi?? Biig Frsnees a my?Waiter Howard. Louisa I . i'1' HmwakI, Dr Anihouy Pastor, li hn May. Dotniniea Cipman, Wm Prrrui. Nathm I'.ossau, Jaiuea Oallavey, < harlesMiore. Ileury Kuggl*s, Henry Parson. }ud Hto Jauf.iro? Bsiqu" Bulla?Itnfus Walsh, J CIsyton Hr '|rh J I ."athni.C I Hngers, P Walsh Herr ' In a, W Kincade. K ""J Kincade, J K-ynnhls, T Houts. T Armsrro iv. W Boyre ^ Sr Johis i'H ?Brig Wm 1' Talin in?S (? Whitney, aud K h i II Hohart, of Bntt'io: Hr Alcade Coste, of Porto IlicotJchn Umitsciiiel, of Oa'nuay. mM St Vincist-Br brig Belfast?H Chsckley and J Chackley Jl" , and S Charkiev. Monin.?Brig Tyber?Ilav J D Williamson, lady and two ?"* chi ilien, Maj < lias Smith, lady, two children and servant, Mrs k B.irnet, and two children, Mrs 1. Todd, Mrs W S Todd, Miss * Price, slid 11 in the steerage. v y AIobilv?Ship Waverlv?D H Truman, l?dy. and servant Joseph Tucker, Edward H Smith, Oeoige It Mallerv ll"' ArAUACHicnLA?ship Tarolinia?Win K Stocton ladv,child " . and servant, Miss J Blue ton. H Hurd and lady, Miss S Hurd, "'"J , Vliss L Hu d, Messrs J N Cumming, H Cumining. N Miller, B Ellis w' St Maiiki, Fla?Brig Souther?Mrs Anderson and 2 chil- " dren, Mis .Tamil Sibley, Mrs Baker, Miss Marv Pates, Miss P?'' Anua Bates. Miss Agnes Bates, Col C L McOee, Messrs Jos 1 5 Clisby ThosCowan.M Hwaim and Samuel W Potter?and 3 , in the (Mange ft) (iKoniir.Town. S Brig Fanny Coit?Ktisti 11 Fiiibie, <! n" C Mnnn, lady and 2 childrrn W J Mnnn, lady and t child, Alfred Stevens, Hicham Oaffray, FrtegJi N Bnrstow. ?"*" - -===== Nor I'qrslgn Imp'.is .Ion* out BaTAVIA?Ship Ann Mar a?2',9U bags coffee 3930 bdls rat- Si tans R cases I ndign <8l>is e m K T ISictol. S10 Naples?Brig Caliiro?SOU baits shumac 823 boses oramres S| t 377 h mous III c? ma- caroms 8C0 quintals brimstone KM) begs lias pert seed (II bags I'qnorish Lewis Palmiere. tion Tihfsti.?Barque J S Wain?1508 pks Dutilh St Couiincry? T I II Curtis St Hevenson, Bottle?201 Wilaon 8t Browc?25 J Seci Wichelhuisoii?0 O Lnewig, Pbila? 4 C H Schteydes?15 to piaster, ar.d 572 o order n K10 J aNi.ino?Brit Democrat?2:00 bags coffee 5 pieces rose- N wood Mason St Tb"tnpson?50 bass c ffee Masters?55to order ;.pv KioJamiiio IJriir Drmociat?J Conway, Captain Drub ?, a lat* of the bri* Isabella llio J am: I no?Btrk Uolla?210 hags coffee R Fielder?41 do Goodhue (It CO?!)0 A A Low- 2086 Harmony St Ncphew^-6 o . 8 buhls wine N D l nrlil?-607 hags coff* Griunell at Minturn , u ?fill Bnormati St .Inhesion?2635 hulas sifkin, Ironsiihs St co? 12 6 bla 6X d" T B Booth Paiehmo?Brig Gulmirr?400 quintal* sulphur 00 c? inacci- -J" 1 roni (0 bis caua'v ?e?d 30 bit liinorice piste 1200 do |cmou> ,0t. 1700 do OruiM l)ra|>er St Derrin u? Sr. John's, P H ?Brig William H?177 Midi sugar 8? do "p molasses 1 hoiopaou St Ad'ini?1 ton lignumvitae Maitcn. R ??????????? |{ic Oonieltlo liu|Hirtatloiia. ?jc, Mobile?Ship Wavrrl~v?57 bales cotton Center St co?115 N do V H C'.npin?100 J .1 Kboadct?100 New hold St Cruft? Hni 141 Bng-rtSt Kneeland?101 Holbrook fit Nelion-217 G How B land?15 (J ?'oilins?100 FareuSt Beckwith?11 Hupez St Mack- Cro a>?53 to cr 'er. ler; Mobile?B'ilr Peter llemiM?190 balea cotton Bogert St NS Mar laud?96 Thompson St Adam?! do J Davis?11 do Owen Kin i Swft?1 bnilmdi- 110 boles cutou to order R| : Mobile?Briar Tvb-e?100 balee Cotton,VieterSt Duckwitz? P< 30 ?\ C Rites?168 boKH't 8t Kneelaud?12 Knu St Phelpi? Pi 19 J St P IthnHes?23 Wm D Maithnd?3 Lill e St Rosii ei? N 81 to order?121 burs of Guns, k A. Cross?2 bbls. ol Oil, S mot Swan. Bak hicola?Ship Tarolinta? 64 bales cotton Partrelre M St i<odg-rs ? 3 do Buret' St Johnson ?278 do Silas Bronson?8 uih do S C Dortie?171 do Spofford St Tillouon?673 do order?6 Be? cases mdse Davis St Miller. B St Mahks, F'a.?liriy Souther?11 biles cotton Smith Mil's Vyi It c 1? 9 Perkins St Hoi kins?36 \ B Ainbnry St O A Hi ey? cor, 82 1 'enter St ci?10 Taylor It Rich- 29 Spe r St Vatilerhnry?61 ile J Mo lirnoK, Nelson fit c ?2(l Van irsda'e ( aid* 1 fit Varw'ck had ?163 Mel. Ci'f St Anderson?7 K L Msitland St co?16 to ordi?r Dm okoroktown, Si:?Hri7 Famy Coif?110 Dales cotton H v Coit 8t c )?It d > tmilh, Mills St Co?88 do Sacket St rothrrs Mai ?tOd.) >-'cssrs W H Coe fit Anderson?U do A AverrU fit c> ' In ?70 do 1) it & Phelps? I hi Lor'i St Carter? :2 Lain eot'on mar S20 hides Spraju fit Joh. aon?i 17 bale* coltou Xownteud St C Bnd?1 bx bacon S <4 Wneelsr rhu MARITIME HERALD. 3 ? ?o Nailing Daya of tile Steam Ship*. FROM LIVKRPOOL. FROM AMF.RICA. p ,0| Britannia, Hewitt May 4 futie I rimo Caledonia, Lott May 19 June 16 At* <1. Britain. Hositen Jnlr 13 Aug li 11 R'itain, llotkea Aug.31 Spot. 20 (? Britain, Hoakaa Oct, 19 Nov. 14 y Ship naotcra antl Amenta. tl'm Wi shall esteem n a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Hobkiit Silvf.y, of our News Fleet, a Hep- rt of the fWljppif l?ft at the ton Wl anna tliev sailed, ilte Ves.eis ep| Spoken on their pa?sage, a List of their Canto, ard any Fo- J. reign Newspapers or Sews thevmay Imve. Hewtll hoard thein thei immediately un their a'rival Agents ard Correspou enta. At Boy h< in? or abroad, will also confer a favor by sanding to this The office n'l the Marine Intelligence they can obtain Nautical mad Information of any kiud will be thauklullv received. PORT or HKW VUKK, MAY 30. tort Itlliv 4 40 i moor SETS , -9 23 ftjR O:T< ; 7 13 I HlflH WATER 10 23 Arrived, oe-f Ship Ann Maria. Millet, of Salem. from Batavia Jan. 29th, ST. Java Hea Feb lit, with coMee to 3 T Nichols thel Ship Weverly, Smith, 19 days from Mobile, with cotton to Met CtalM St! o. ml Shin I'arrl nta, , 13 days from Apilachicnla, with cot- rrr: ton to N LfcO is wold Tfi Y Barque J s Wain. Ilnwnrd, from Tr este March 20. with imlirto Dntilh St Consiuery. M rcli 20, off C.-qie Salvo e a"'1 pesseil ship < anion, hound un; 30'h, passed the Pi tide t, of '"" I" Mar.ella April 9, paose i tJib'altsr in co with a huge fl-et of "i*0 veessts bonnd to the westward stinr Banine Kolla Pool, 47 Have from Kin Janeiro, wllh coffee -is > to Hutfkin St Iroandes. Passed U H ship Rarilan, going iu. ail ?, ; we'I. lin N a ork ln Bru Demo-rat, Home-, Irom Rio Janeiro, April 3, withcof- ? fee to Fritter St Nickerron. TT, Brig Ala'anta, Lawlin, 35dsva from Monrovia, Africa, with f 1 pa*m oil and camwood to th- rnosier. B Ig Hull! lie, Tinker, 37 days from Pelermo, wilh fmit to i Nesnnth St Walsh, 1 Br brig Britaud. Dangoyne, 20 davs (rnm Honduras, with 51000 lert mahogany 25 tons logwood 130 hides iu K Coffin. | Brig Hannah St Abigail, Monre, 26 daya from Hi Jago de Cuba with 118 hhds 1g tics molasses to Lha?:elaiu St Convert. Fes- ; els lefl before reported Brig T\bee, McCortaick, 14 days from Mobile, with cotton 2; to O llnckley. mi Neapolitan brig, Searpito, 50 daya from Naples, with mdse 10 L Pilmiere. BM Miig Frances Amy, Oobersou, 41 days from Kio Janeiro,with Ml eaff. e to Aslibv, Pool St Co. warns Krig Krincia, Drelvrt, from Rio Janeiro, April 3, wi:h coffee Moc to the toaster Vessels left beforr reported. men Brig Souther, Lombard, 14 days from St Marks, Fla., wi h "r" cotton to the master hen Brig Fanny t oit, Baker, 6 days from Georgetown, 8C, with I atoi cott 'n to N Coit St Co rp~ Biig Wm H. Talnian, of Norfolk, 11 iliys f-oni St John, P I R.viaHampt nhoids, with sngar to Thompson St Ad ms 'IVa On i-riday night e* errncda tr-mendous squall Irotn west- Pari ward, and inn under hare poles 4 hours Off toe Ca|iet of the hen Delawaie rxpenenced ver; h-avy thunder and lightning, and a | in al tile ol wind Hi Prig Pvier Deimll, Lewis, 18 dsys from Mobile, with cotton j m n ti Dnnhsin fc^Dim; n.^ ... ? _ | D'O or prig nenaii, 'icraenzie, if uaya iroin at Vincent, in oil- read l*?t, l" Middleton St Co. uddi llrig H Lee, I diya from Richmond, with mdne to lleury i atte Scicilian h ig Synagca, R'tr.e, 8 'daya from Philadelphia, in badaat 10 L Palmier'. Brig Ann Maria, Cook 4 day* from Richmond, with mdia to mn er. ... (Jrnoa, Lampber. 9 daya 'mm f'nrdenaa, with molaaara I / to K GThuraton Left Peru, for Boat n, 2 da; Jane, Urinkwafer, fir do. lilt day, Laurel, do; Burdner, for do, 6 da; Ottoman fir Norfolk, anon. Sctir Dove, Williama 4 dayr from Virginia, with corn to the j matter Hchr A Brown, Davia, 5 daya from Richmond, with mda* to I 1 the m itter. Hf?nner I'ncaa, Miller, 18houra from Hartford, withmdie to 5!'r J Ik N Brisga. M*. Below I Twobriga. ! WJJ Stalled. U 3 iieitintliip l.esington. Sh'pu 3 Baldwin. Liverpool; H;r. |H(m doo. Proctor, (liar lea ton; Mount Vemou, Smyrna, baniue gin Krunkliu, Haiiilnir,.; Lvdia, Bermuda. ! ,,|ea fttlarellaiieoua neet Sriippirro at t|cnin ? Comt arative itatem-t of arrirala j 0 toon k;., and paa'euge a at thi? port from act, iu the year, I8|1 *',r' and 1811, to the llth of May, inclnaive, in each year Year Vent la. Toni. I'aaaeg'a ain? May 11 1811 87 31.500 555 K,. Miyll, 1841 8 3.1'tO 17 wi I Le'a thia >T*ar 70 ?8,370 508 tVhitlrinen. p?P" Wi.tTport, May 13?Sid Dr Krmkliu, Fianeia, Atlantic. Spoken f A ling, name not k own, from Philadelphia for the Wl"dira, imn Ifirh inatvi* let 18 78, Ion 7' 40?hy the Helfaat. at thia p irt Irivi Charlea Wil i nuim'afon, .fermg to the weratward, cdv 2nd mat, let 10 to Inn 54 38?by the J S Wain, it tint port Cr i A" Am barque, ahowing blue white aud hlne. horizinlnllv. the Aprd 25, lat 10 >8 N, Inn 32 58 W?by Ihe at ilanta, at thia port 3?la die, [ llr] ol and for Lo don, < ut 19 daya from Jain ui a, al May 13, lat II N. Ion 71 15 W?by the aime II,line 14 nava tr im Hondo a. for Boaton, I2lh inot, off Cap# ()\ K orida?liv the T\ t>ee. it thia port. Lvnna, II da a fr on N Vofk fir Turka laland, lat iuat, lat 81 21. I. 1 71 10?by th< Roll*, at thia |i it. |\' and t I ira. aleering eiat M iy 10, lat 22 30, Ion ST? by the Tar linta, at thia port. ol H Manco, Nichol. and Sophia Weba'er, 20 da from Apalachicola for Lit rpiol, May 12. near C ipe H orida?hy the cam"ehfth, lat 1.1 ll,l"n mlJI K, Dutch barque I rm iaa, 90 d.< .. fm Butaviaf" Amaterdam. V I'erti r, Biifiah, .'ifl d , a from Cento.i tor ll.tlifal N S rn A C <i Ho e. March I4ih la' 13 25 1 Inn 20 51 ( '. Ilrpor'ed a eak- 3mi ing the day preynoia lb1 Me'ling, 1'om Calcutta foe London ,r\ witn Inaa nt rudder, in a heavy ga.e, Mart h 5, off (lie south """ part of Madagaacsr "I' Milwoo l I.nee V I4..IC r.l M ,.l i-nn 1.1.1. .. k ..i 1100 hbU bow*, hnun:l hoin*, wanMti on* whal#? 'o fill up, to 1VT touch .it 8*t Helen*. March If, M 24 8 Ion 12 20 K F?r?l|n fori* 'rii Arkchii, May J?In port. Emily, Fitch, for N York, Idg, Vor the oulv American. t|le Aistwbri*. April 25?Arr Cato, H illet. Mobile. y I'm avia. Jan. 21 ?In port, Nieit re, Heraay. Idlt, for Montr- .? ?i Vo I, ilm. Net. of bostoa aid l#th, for >in|,Aiior?. rp| Borhsai a Apul 21?In port. A merika for ' York. on; 1 In-> fur N Vork ?ooe; N .1 v'ul for NYork May 15 p, . (nil** O-I-I port I 'oynp?, -Mrl'uek; "nenl Block let; ran-in A, (Jnswold; Ar*yle, t'ooksey; Oar*r, Eyre, ami u Petrel Ho iters ... i ai.ii'TTa, Peb 22-Arr Mnltakeeaet, Weston, Madras; ,|iet Mirrhn Inn "?h, Fuller, Boat i ; March I. Ar?o, Croweni- H<)i In lit. Boston. I .... < :hi-ssn, Feb. i?Sld, Hy Pratt Ken r Moiila I nrrisMArifc*, April t?An Francis, Well,, Boatan. f,cn t'ovr. or < oRK ApfiU3?Pot ill, < oraeha, ol <IU*'<nw, fm the Trunn for Si Puil'- Island. Heyorts lat 10, Ion 15 10, w.n rnn mm b> brir Paloa,. f Newbury port, bound to Rntterdrm andad bowsprit, cutwater, kr. csrrieJ iway. [ Damage t< the Palos not stated ] A Cowis, April 23?Arr M oy Rtoii?hlon, t.i a?e, Ci . at ,dt. Brol adii. April I#?Arr He Lawrence, Mormon, Oibraltu 4th, Silud.i W'tthSura do. kal, April 26? I'mek by, Dmhary, from Matincu for nrfndi t'vn Mtb'Vfor Ant?er|>. r.iL, -V r I ?.' ?I'nr b?rk. Krn ee? Bur", Fo?ter, lm London Buiton?01. accuutof p o ibl ai d again pi" it to 22tb. Liitu n, Aioil 'J? Arr K?i-n. L.rkie, 1J atoa for Konign; Olea, 1 li iPr Ha' ana f, r Cr -mailt iLHot'TH, April 2l?A r Pilo> Fl ,ud-ra. Jainee River laicow May 2d?In port, L oil i. It bbina, lor Boa on 'Id liltli ult, Urii'ah Aim-nc-ui for Hi John aid nnat ? i.aacow May 2? Ld|f. feyiui, Herly, f-r Bo?t u, With I ... Huitou, lew York Hid, Apr.l Nth, Y'oland, Kr>? tou kii nuca, May2?Ldg, June* Morau, Moiruou, for New k. i.mia. April l??Arr Lvromi-r eland, .Mayanue*. 7ili, MoliVwk, Pierce Palerii kvoa, Ai r I li?S d Bnri eo tidl -ii. Sumatra. ivaaa : May t.? Arr Kanid. v vnrl \l..nn ,lo ?er Jurgeusen, H mburu; Petridge, Poughtv, Bdth. Sid. I a, R u*ros, t orouiid. Man 15? ?rr L *i??P Viuc*nnes, ii. Buchannau Pensacola; Louisa, G?IUwher Philadelphia; istoval ( 'nlou, H ?*? i t*i, NY ; Win Fugs. or. u?> ; Lesuore ton Miltou, Boston;i 'oncord. Lord, to ; Piiuce. tit- Joiu*, Gardner, Savannah, P ?>ai d, Lavvton, Savannah Sid hell**. Ilu kins, NY ; Byron. PeajT'Ou, d< . May 0?Arr er, ^'Idri g?\ Boston; Cidet, Babson,dn; Khzi, Kin ey, ; Hyl-f, &usii*. Wilmington, N ( , Paviliou, Colcord kibrt: Altai, Uthtr, NY ? Ontario Btipl ' M4 U hip Vinceunet, Com Buchanan, on acruiz*; Harrington iou.Cow^; U*lr, How* Petersburg; Charlotte Beit, I N C.; * oierrt, Skolfteld, Bait May 7?-Arr Triton. ? A ms crdatn; asildi, Uordell, Boston; Carolina, Jordan, [land eal'MAfitt. \pril 18-S!d, Owen ' vans, Kvaos. Boston. avkk. At?r I 27th?lurorr Zurich, lor '?nv York M?y 1; a, for NYoik. May 8; Baltimore, fur NYorlt, May 16; lomect, for N York, May 4; LeopaM, for Boat u, Iuue20, wile Irr Bo'ton. inly 1; I reo'e, for New York, April 21; iirrlits. for New Oileans. May 10. Arr 27th, Fo*. Berwick. Isstoii Sid 25th. Alii itun 'I acker, Wise* sail avri , April 21?8ld merald, How \ New York; Alesto Kiritno N??rlenns: IB'h Narragansett, Destebecho, New *% n; Olyinpia. Holb'iUon, C .dn Mid United .Mates; 17 h, ida. Fonrk, )Y rk orto Ko*Ci. Feb 4?Antelope Durmreiq. Bombay. i-xi.iTuft, (Jain.) April 30?Air Oeu Mar.on, Syivester.Bil9 e. i v k ii fool, April 29?r id, Catherine K'azer, urry. Boston 6th, Virginia, Allen, and rtt Gaorce, Ferris, New^o.k; 10 ('hili s, Bostou. Sid 25th, British <4ueen, Walsh, toil. ihiiom" April 16?S'H, Krssto, Cook, NYork. Hi.kohd, May I?Sid,? abotia, Browu, NYork. April 22?In port, Henry Thompson, for Nsw k, May 5; Charles v i*Iia^?, for Bost<wi, soon; New h ug ?,f r Boston, soon; Curnb r and, for N? ?, soon. Iovtkkai . M i\ I'. - \rr Magnet Morion, Liverpool; Sir hard Jackson. M'Gwv. do arsiii.lks April 15?Arr Colombo, Hopri, Boston; 14th, kmc, Spalding, NOrients. vk Govs: or Cong, April 20?Bteilicg, NVork for LiverI r Thomas, Ma); 4?In port, AlinildA. Til man; Circassian shrist; Queer, F.ldndgc; Kinily, fin Baltimore, with loss of a?S il Androscoggin r. Jiihh, P t, Mny 7?In port Alphnnio. Poulion, for New k. in :t ds, Mg; Water Witch, fin Baltimore, ar 5th; ArnMcC'intoefc, of Bi 1 'atl, fin Ht Thom to loul for PliiUil ! ils Tim Itoherf Brnr v fir Ne Vork. and 1) uiibe, for folk, s n ml 30 hours before and fell in with Danube I days labstsir Itoaps, April 25? Passed by, Queen < f the 1 yne. It, NlDNit'4 lot Boston. ,ok?n?April II, lat IS, Inn 26, Massachusetts, from New, Wu'es, Ihr Boston with railroi d iron, in a linking coodi , malt nit; for one of tin Western Islands, r nKo, April 24th?Arr MokjnB Chun, Boston. Sid 25th, Uor, Long Palermo. Lake Polls [trs-ALO, Mav 17?Arr Perry Perrysburgh; Knltoa. Toledo; v b'.uicland, Detroi ; Lumberman, F-ne. (lid, I Jrvrlaod. eago; Hirrison. Toledo; kulton, do; Jefferson, Detroit; ison, Clrcago; Tren'on, C'eveluid. Home Porta. i'hkc, Mav 12?8ld Orandee, Gilchrist, Ptiilad; New ZeaI, Pola d, do; lloscoe Kiton Havre de Urate; Kort Hill, y. fin St John, NB, for Wilmington. ast Machias, Mav 11?Arr Lramgton, Dickin'n, to load Ponce; O'rgau. Moore. N York?S d 12th. ksample, do. ANiion, ay 15? Air Johu .Crosby, Mathew, New Vork; t'tnn, Philadelphia. iirtland, May 17?Arr Dedham, Candage, NYork for g r: Means, Grrv, do for Bath CM I'D llrnwu, Porto o; Harriet, Woodbury, llavaua; Julia, Thurston, Martikwrrbypoiit, May 17?Arr Thoos.a, Vnrina, Bermuda; d, Goodwin , Baltimore; 3t Thnrras finAhsandria osti n, Mav ir?Arr Feral, New Orleans, t'ldll raili . well, Havana; Alpine, French Cardenas; Triumph. PotSisters, Thibodeaii. and Mary Ann, White,New F.diubnrg ; Mary Ann, CI archill. Yarmouth. NS; 5 urmonth Packet ney, Weymouth, NS; Stranger, Sleveus, Mobile; Ann r.a Francis NYork. irtsmoutil. May I>? Sid 'Jen Warien. Day, Phil id. 1.vmouth May24?Arr Mar uer. Knowles, Bil'nnore IW ItprtU, May 17?Slit John Allyi e, Bu ge>, Bultie; Saehein. Hunt; Jane Sally h ranees, Baker; Corueliaer ai d Helen, i'erry do. 7ant:HaM, May H?Arr Patmos. Tnwnsesd, Uichmond; .Monitor and Noiut I'hilad; New Delight and Lleanor, se. NYork; 16'h, F.ll'n, llaicliff, Baltimore; isltimorc Mav i8-Arr Dover, Pcrnral, Boston; Louisa, INuitucket. Cld Virginia, Jan -en. Breonoi; K*e, SuediNYork Sid Pioneer, Clarke, Macao; I.eti'ia Lewis, Rio I neiro; Ida. Halletr, Boston; 4mine ce. Blanch ird. Barns: Jos Balch, Hallrti, Boston; Gull, Cook, do; Demnak, is Providence, Cilminrtok. Mav 15?Arr Charlotte, Best, Cuba?CM, ry. Grsnt, Fa'mouih,, Niekilson, Kurojpe; Hon Atwood, M rtinique; N F Kroihingham, Msrtiu, Dera; Harp, Heaston, Havana uoiiarns ,V??. Ifi-A ? A.? u M..-1 i i Wainwright, Lewis, York ( Id Vwlos Jupiter. [81 ] agoitie. Baracoa; I5lli, ild James (Jalder.Webb, Liverpot I; row, Carter. Havre. 1UMSAH, May 14?Cld Eli Whitney, Conn, and CutnberI, B nee, Liverpool Orleans. May II?Cld John (iarrow IBr] ThumpTh tie. [Br] Vaughsn and Vi lory. [Br} Wl ile Liver-!. Are Louisa. Lovrct, and Pa"then, Dennis. NYork; GinI Andrews, Colly, Liveipool; OiCeula, ( In I li, Boston; T e(, and Hero Havana. iRK HU.V1A, fr mi Havannah. ii discharging at the foot oj l ine itreet. K K Consignees are requested to i Her d to ere p: of their goods 10 e: B(VYD 't H IM'KKN. 9 Ton'ioe Building NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. IK UNDERSIGNED, Pnten'ees of the Neapolitan Bonnet, reaprctlnllv inform the public they have removed r es aldis'meut from Third at to 2'? Deleney at, the rery, where the above superb article ia ronatantly on hnud y i'io caution the pnniic against a ver> inferior b-rnet e by othera. not only infringing cnr< pavnt right, bnt tell^ WtfVt* 'I ti'oWa"Vyae, 172 iLirl atr- -t. at wholesale. " 19 lw is*in PaTTISON, NuE k CO. NEAPOLITAN BONNET MANUFACTORY. IK LADIES AHK RKSP l KULLY informed that this new and beautiCol article ia uow prodnced in the greatest ciioii at the manufactory. No. M3 BOrVKRY, UP \IRH, whe'e they are aold, both at wholesale and retail, at nwestpiice* A large aaaortmeut on hand to select from Chan's and Milliners supplied ou the beat terms, lb iwia'in RNhMIED HOOMS TO LIT, in i~Krei,rh Kam.lv1*wo or three furnished moms to let, consisting of a parlor a bed r mm witha close- and an attic r 'oin if tred The rooms ere ill a very good order, and very cm vrl It r summer. References achanged. Apply at 7 Walk-r i myl93l*rc IURAVBDSTEKL AND UOrPEBFLATB-MPIMM just eeceived from London, for sale hy I83(*re P. HAPPEN It BON SlPineat. \.V1S, SHOULDKK^, kc.?59 hhds Pickled Hams, very superior; 6(1 do in dry aalt HAMS AND SHOULUKRH, fcc. ill hhds Pickled llama, hands >uie!y cut and (rimmed iO do do in dry sill do do i0 no 8ho a liters, pickled do do id do do in dry salt do do 8 do Jolea. do do do !5 do Hama, smolud, do do Id do Shou dera, do do do '0 bbls Pickled llama, h or sale hv III E. K. COLLINS kCO 56 Sooth at. m HALK OK ILAHLIAS ANUOH KhiNHQUBE | PLANTS ?UUNLAP Ik CARMAN'S Second Sale a-of PI nts will take place at their store, 635 Broadway, on uiyn m 11 11 o tioci, nun w II rrnni ii?? i choice utiort t, -pit hie for ornamenting Klower (i.irJ-ni or Ple,uur-> uniU. Onr friend, nud fh pu lie ere iunt ' to view a iMl'oI i>rniinrn of >epentlie? I otillatona, or Pitcher PMut, oho him m-nt. til') or Old way m'T 3t ec viKIU II \N I TAMliKSAMK LOTIIINO M \ N L'KALTC! KKRS WILLIAM KITZMAUKIC K, rhr.-of the att of meyiuriug anil drafting garmeuti iu the man auil London itylra. r.-?i?i dully infoiina the fide t at i now fully prepared to giro inatrucmua in the above art, II its hranchra. wnnld particularly call the attention of all manufactar>f clothing to Ilia beautiful atyla of coats, overcoats, sacks, Mm. fcc : also, hit [anuloom ai d tests, lor which hr is y to furnish palttlu of every sizp. my* and style. A line essed to him, It Duane street, will meet with immedi ite ition is references are the Ant master tailors in the city, myli liu'ec TO FOREIGN GENTLEMEN, ARRIVING IN THE UNITED STATES, )r ot'>er?, de?irou? of pur charing a permanent COUNTRY RESIDENCE, PENNSYLVANIA. RE Subscriber, 4fa*mnii of ehuuginf hia residence, offer* forsalehis Farm and htfabliihmenr, wit in ted in Moptgoy Courtv, Pa., 11 mil- ? north of Philadelphia. It cootaina acres of lind, 288 of which are ?n the highest atA'e o? cultion, producing h?-nt. Rye, Indian Corn and Hay, e<jiial n upland fern la tha union The remainingHaeros batng idland. On thv premises is an elegant Htnne Mansion, 60 bv 4.1, w;fh a renudaa'tarii'd, I5fe?t wHe, extrr.ding the :th of the house, and a Urge Pirz%\ on t e cast the who'e tig ample aecommnditi<n? for a family of 20 (*er?oHs 'I he sure grounds surround ng th* house are shaded with magniit evergreens, a*d verv beautifully laid out. There are ?u farm three stone houses fir farmers or tenants, tog iher with e large t one barns, c attuning at ih'ing ann conveniences a hondrrd head of cattle aud for storage for 250 tons of , with co'ch-hous* wagon-house, granary. and corn cribs eUad rharv in alt# tn# Mvaotagai ol i Ana ip ing"hoase. Ik use. fishpond a gad en of tan acres orchards stocked fi ihe finest fruit; Kre.?n-v?oui?e and gr^pe waR ; a stream of ' g water in every field ; a daily morning and evening ma?l nd from fhs cry, by wnich the I'hilaileli hit at d New York * s of the tanie day ate received; aid an omuiWns passing gate morning am! evening In ue immediate vicinity are scoimI, Lutheran, and rresbvteiiin Churches, urther description is unnecessary, as all \ ersons wish* -g to thase, are invited to call and examine if e estate. It mar, revr, he added, that for beauty, healthful situation, and ntagM ol pip kind, it is not. rotp ?d by ut i" the ted 1 tales. To save trouble, it may also be well to ineuiiiiu price, which is $250 per acre Apply to GEORGE SHEAFF, 0 2ae is iw*rc Whitei>arsh, Moo'gorrery Co , Pa. NADA, NEW BRUNSWICK, NOVA SCOTIA, AND NEWFOUNDLAND UTKM CdLLM'Tltl), Billi and II nk -<?l? piiroh*??d, mul Unit* or Credit* irrauted on 'ho Branch of tin* Bank Irir.iati North Amerira in the Province* ib iv*. b',' ItH IIA II I) H K I.I, & WII.LIAM MACLACHI.AN, ti ami 7 Dnrr't ilnililiiiKl. ow York, 17th April. 1711. I* i, Note* of the ll aurhriiif the Bank of Urnoh North rriea in oil. Qnebee, Kiuitnton, To.onto, lit John anil l*ricton N II. Halrfai, V Scotia, and St John* Newfound redeemed at th* rnrreut r itr of Eat hangr ou Now Yoik. ,0 2tn At'?fcW'?*m OIIAWK AND HUDSON 11AIL IIOAD IIONDS, da'e I 837 anil 1BI2 ? Notice it hereby ?i?en that the tine and payable nn the abore B mdinii the latol In will he i'aiil at the vierhaiiir*' Bank, in the city ol New k, on pmertation uf the coupon* at *aid Bank ou and alter lit P'DI mo. OKOHUK LAW, l're?l. r* Yoik, Mav Idlh, 18JI. mlRiojl* tn lOIIVS COMPOUND EXTRACT OKCOUAIBA AND SABSAPAKILI.A 1'ivai i a lew advantage* not ,e.l by any tber in. oicoe I I ll.e Cilie of a I leiii I di .and which taunt, with art en I ichtriied public min'er it ?illy hliil'ly popular, n d a dmo'i ravu.ii Ionic aonytht for tie nodical w irld It need* no confinement or ci .ntp-i t In n approved (' nr ?f * prate, ,t entirely laa!" Hid iMtrnea no iinjd*a*art reuiintiou to the; aticut.

ha* acquired the ntmoit linn* in aliDOrl? erv pari of Ku>: it ha* eon earmoied, appriHid I and *? ictione I h t'i Ity of iTO'ilic ne, and recommended h\ the .aoet em incut oi profe*?ion Pr?i ared by J II Thome, chemiat, London lor tale whole*rle and retail hy JAMES TAItKANT, 2f* tlreenwirli ?t, Comer of Warren itreet. I no, at 2 Park Bow and ill Broadway, 113 Broadway,** adway, roruer of Walker tireet. ml 2wiui*r AUCTION SALES. ptARNATinv n, IKIV- h- . AT ATT* TtnV-f.K.VY Vy It SPOO N I K will srll .,u I nwdity, I o'cl . k t Ul i r . J??v. ? chnir?as4 unful coll* *li? it of fiu* 11?. i?, c< uf iliut if uliiim *viim variety Iruui l-.r ttmm uf our ol our ?? c if r.i r.l K|. iti 'C7? W*d? tilt I ' .i'cl"ck, Mt'inr "hflU lu Ifrrit' Mie'V. |..r ?|irc mi d . Ik-II ?..rk V*ii -?d?y cti-uiuh?Km? Knaravi. g> mil iMIi. m'O 2t in J 011 N ~ ?\VlkT~ "J7TT- 'i?'"rr gallery of paintings in clinton hall to be sold at auction. WKUXKsDAY, May nd. nt II o'cl. k *t < LI.xTON HALL, N?*in York, a li'ice aud valuable collecfiou of [ Original Oil Paiulingi. beio# art uf 'be Gallery founded bv he illustri m( ardiual Bonviai i Lucca Will heaold a* aticli?u. on We^neadir. , Mav '2d, at. eleven | o'clock A. CIiuciu Mall, the ab ?ve valuable cullacti n I ot Tuu ii fa wh h ra m i' l i tbflla a ion ol c< mi I III ell? I'I a N HI. n llf.llf y for tli - ar' i f? u.l afu 'eui* ?>l I he | Uuitwl Htat?,aud which have let4!' forsevvrtl mouths put ou ihi litiou it ? liatoo Hall. Th?? co?l?*cti mi it he < ud all cotnpvifta th? choicest and iM dial im adoviwd tho walla ol n) exhibition ionm in this c> sufrv ?ud iimliai u miiIt to h>*? c?ju *M * ! ?-veu in t>-? tfi I rips m Knrope. The great r nurn ? r of t Painting* are from the galerv f unded by t * illustrious Bonvi i of Luc< i Fh tfa ii il n > i rigiMla f Albano Ow tin ?. An ' drea del Sart >, .? Verou. ? *, Parmigi iuo Ami hale Cawac, Volterryno, Till n. Corregio, Pi&tro ?'a Carto? a S.iu (lioviiiui, J'ietro Tea a, .Utori, u tr inaii-. P ussui, (Laciutn Urmimaui, Latulra-iCo. Gi vv.ui M.ntiui Batoui, Brouziuo, P o*a da ri?oiij tod others. It waa the intention o t !? * <> tun to romove this collection to Lond'?u, but he hai been induced by hit friends and several amateurs and a t sis to offer them at auction. <nd the public will h iva an opportunity of ??c*riuKa valuable collection of original Piotiuns by lotnr i f the inost celebr it-d ancient ina?t rs. Catalnguts are now ready, and can be ontaiued of the a'tc'ionvers " - S V 1FT fc morgan. 4 IW?t. N. Y. i Q7ANTK0?A ataa^Ti niddM mod woman, (fiailul ov *r Att.eri an) to do th** work <>f h sii all ftmiiy consisting of three per-ohm; the niii't undent lid washing aud iron g ApI Pil Hit Greenwich ?t. n 20 3t*ec I IITA^'I KD-.A tidy, respectable gir! to do the work ol a I a to 111 family Apply at 190 Mulb rry street. ml2 tf je DOAKD W tNTICD In IimUtb* by t Youi Man, in a I D genteel family, within five, minutes walk of the Kerry. Ad- I drea* W , staling terms, Ike., (which must be moderate) office of >hia paper. m 7 3tee rPKN UOLLAH8 !?A ?millH<|iiae Pspe? Box, contamng A Jewelrv, whi lost Thia I) ?v, at half-past one o'clock, between tht Western Hotel, Courtla df street,and No. 12 Moiden i I, e The ibove reward of $10, wi'l beptid to the m son who may deliver said box of Jewelry at the Bar of the Western Hotel. in |$ lt#ec A*OBF.K, INDU8THIOUM MAN wants a sir nation as ^Cop\ ist or Assistant f leik, in a Commission, Flour, or ii'"ii ?vor?-. na^ nau ye<<r* exiierieuc ? as ' Jerk and SMesns&n ?u three hous*s in the city Inference ro the owners <?f t^id houses. Apply, by note, to A. C., Ilerald office. 1' IItlCC " GOOD WILL TO MEN." JOHN !>K V KK will, G"d w iling, deliver a lecture on this subject, on Mo? day evening, 20th Mae iuit, at< onrert H-ul, 40b Um-tdwa T e splendid baud of music of the U. 8 line of lnple ship North < rolma has beenengaged for the occin on and a ill 1 1 ,y sever il aopropri to a th, half all hour before, and ha'l an hour alter.'he Lecture. Price of tioke s of at! mission? Singl- Tickets 2.5 cviils: J for 50 cents. To be had t the Hail on theevening of the i orpin m20 lt*m MP EDITOR ? >ir, vs 111 v.. : pleas llimui;li y nr< o In inns, inform the public that Ltwreuce Van V\ art. whose name is attached to tae ctll of a meet iik to be h-ld on the 2i?th iust , in favor of John Tyler for President, is not the Laweuce Van WtftofSACunioiftwt fori noMKModto Mr. Tylw and said call, nd am decidedly in f<vor of Mr. Van Btifta, or toe nominee of the regular Demociati* Baltimore t'onveiitioii. May lAth, 1844 LAvvRENCE VAN WART. m20 lt*m 35 Carmine stpeet KLsH'B EATING HOUSE, 85 Nassau street. Minors below the Sun Office, will heopened ibis day at 19 o'clock M. Green To tie Soup, Turtle Steaks* Freeh Salmon and Green Peas will be served up, together with the other delicacies endanbenntiale of thee?eon mil lt*m FOR SALE A PAIR of Biv Horses, perfectly bind and sound; also, a single hay horse Sold hs the owner is about leaving for Europe. Apply at Stable 119 Ninth st. before II o'clock, A M. tn20 2t ni NEW >ORK 8*CRED M~fJS.C SOCIETY^ NOTI' K TO MEMBER* ?The p-r onning and non-performing mem!er* of the above uimed H ciety, are particularly requested to meet af th Society's room in t band street, adjoining the Broadway House, on Monday eve iug 20.h May irst., at fl o'clock precisely. t'? decide upon matters of business of vi al importance to the Society. At 9 o'clock of ?he s lme evening. a vote will he taken upon th? question of a Grand Public Performance, to be giv ti within two weeks. ??e*y in mhei, (old and new.) t? thvrtfoie ipect?*d tr be pr? sent Oenf'emen desir us of becoming performing and non-perf >rtniug rnun ? rs, unou the y .ry favorable and safe termsrxpresseu in the u *w Bye-Laws of the Society, will please ronimutnc e * ?th LU i HER P WY MAN. President, 38 Burling Slip, or HENRY MEIGOS, Secretary, 440 Broadway. tn20 lt*ec TYLER AND TEXAS. The nKMUGbA n; uv publh an electors of the City oid Cnuiiiv of New \ o k friendly to the nomination of JOH N TYLER as the t a"b<| te of the democratic Uerublicau party at the approach iug Preside tnl election are r> quest-d to meet at the fo*lowii drp('ces to app int L>el? gates to represent them at the Tyler Baltimore Convention, on the S7<h may tatt, wis: Th** Fourth Cnng'esaion il District of this State, comprising the Sixth, Seventh, Tenth anu Thirteenth ward*, at Dunn's Sixth Ward Hotel, comer of Dunne and Centre streets, on Mondtv ilie 20th inst at half past 7 o'clock. P M The Fifth Congressional Dist'ict, comprising the Kighth Nin h t nd Fourteenth Wer?'s. at the Forrest House, N'? 34 Spring st on Tuesday, the 21st ii st at ha'f past 7o' lock PM. The Hinh Couer**?sionaf D'strict, comprising the l ih, 12tli 15'h, Ifithand 17th war V at He-initage Hall.r rner of Houst n tnil Mb. s n.. 7jA i...t .? l? 11 - .1 The Third Ongreaai nal l)i?'r ct of th < St ie, cempriaicg the III 2d. Ill, 4th ami 5th wartla, at III ' >haki|>rare Hotel, cor ner nl William am! Dunne at eet-, on Thuraday, the 23d mat , at'S I' M New York, Mav 16. 1844 Wm Shiler. Peter Smith, Deiuiil MrMahon. L K Laaiphell, Heury C At wood, J I'. 1' Nmrihail, John Oraer, labe* Smith Anaon Derrick, Win L ender B >yce, Vkm1' l'i'n|Vy?Ji. .jehi, II Mel'l -a" ?... :..i....., loieph y ein ma, Lawrence Van Wart, J II Pratt. Wm .leiininga, Frederick J Tucket, JameaOahnru, Wm Btrry, John W Hyatt, J KingaUnd, J aim Barber, C Koig, JohnBiiti't, Patrick Temp.inv, H.J Lee. J Hyat I'hirlea lUdelitf, tJenrge lluhhell, Ji>ae|ili T. Sweet, J D vleeker, Ji tin Stewart, John H Plume, I li nn a Bu ier, Fd. S Derrv, J **jih II ukina, John O. Tibbeta, J<>1111 Ki t hum, Benjamin Brown, J.C. Polt?r, (leu K. Baldwin, (Jen. Montgomery, C F Linrbeck. awi> Many otmaa. rnalB Starr I: M H S K-^rKOTT!N(l The following |<un>a will be given to come off over llie abute Lr.urte on the 29i h and ]0lh of May. Firat Day? Pnraeol (200, Thiee Mile Heata in harneaa; free fur ill I ml ling bom a t hat never won a imrae over $75 Second Dav ?. Ii'ae (30, Mtie Heata, beat 3 in 3, under the ?"ddle, for all III t nerer Hotted for tmoiey. Alio, the ?ain? day, imrat (30, Mile Heaia, b*at 3 in 5 in harneaa?(ree for all that never won a porae over thirty dollara r uluea to be inade at Jouea' Second Ward II tel. mi Thuraday evet.ii g, May 23d, by 10 o'clock, P M. Three or more to make a lield lor each of the above rnriea. Ontreville hou ae, Mav 19th, 1844. in2l)?l?ec A Purie for $ >11, Mile lb a a. beat 3 in 5. to come off on 1 Thundav neat. Fw f??r li rtei that pevervoii a [Bfii of $30 Entries are to hs m i le cm Tuesday after* on.t at Seco* d Ward | Hotel bv o'clock. fp20tt#j? I " T^WHKS ! LKKCHK3! LKfelCHKS ! ac\ nnn quality LKM HE*. jn,r recced FV/jW/l/ by th* Sweedish bug A lard?60 000 by the ship Krncott, and for sale wholes* e and retail, at very low prices, by C. J. KEKDINAND & COPPA, mO lm*re lmpnr?er? of |,#?echea. MS Nassau it r"PO SHAVE EA?Y.?A celebrated (writer has defined man I tobeathavinifa This it doubtless true, so far at rrlatet t-i civilized irai, bur. a nvi iz#d man cannot thtve with? ut a razor, and lie ctnnol keep hi* razor in Rood order * ithout natron We would, therefore, jntr g *i?t|v hint to our readers, that SUnnder*'Pa'ent Mefalic Tablet a-id Strop, with four tides, ha? withstood the text offline, having b en before the public for mor? than a fiuar'rr of a centurv, and it probably hat no ?aperior in Riving that desirable keen edge to a good rtznr win li r- iid rt ihaving an operation that may b?' pa ieutly endured.? Hontcti Mrr Jour. II uafl Aim- nd r remi, for shaving, a very tuperier article, I jii?t receive I it d for *al ' by H Saunders, inventor and in mi.factorerof *h Metallic 'I ablet Razor Strop, 168 Broadway. 1 ml7 If cod .t T' I ^PIFKA v Y YOUNdk KLLIH. 2W and 3a* Broadway, cor! n? r of VVarreu trreer, !m|?'?rters of the vanont Fancy Vimj u lac lures nf Fmce, Engine!. Oertmny nd China have *; wa1 * lor sab* the l.vgesr richest, and best collection of elegant article* of taste and utdity suitable for presents, to be fotinoou this side of the Atlantic Also, ? e be t as?o?tm"?it* ol plain and fdury8tatioiiery,P?pers and Envelope*. French tn?l English Perfumery, Combs. Brushes, and *rticl*s for ihe t *let gen r ilv; l utlery Chiuese farcy articles, French Parasois. Sun Shades and Umbrellas, 1 vloves of a very superior quality, H retich India and Dresden P rcelsins; French an 1 Bohemian F ucy burn tuo? ind Ch?irs; Pa pie f \1ache and Bronr.** Whips; Walking l.'nn^s; l)#:*lc Papeteriea Dressing i hm*? anil Kaucy Boies f r wll us*; Parses, Pock't H,?olt* Card' '?? ? ? and Portfolio*; Hwus ('hairs. 1' bin ml ItiUfin hi i<"eii v-v rietv; B^nin (i ods. ludtan <iot>ds French Jn?Hr>, &< They invitipiftifiiiliri olifii tolhn luci that their foods ir# all of tl?' ir own iwpoita.iiu?> ?made to oide* eipr*iisly for lh? ir ietnl .!? *, or selected !?y one of tl ? ?r firm, 'rum the lira sources; and r -n there'oie be recommended, not ?-nlv as of barter duality and fi;?er finish than articl'a n? for general sale, b t lower in p"ice and m?w? r an?? inor*s?lect m ityl A th?*tr estabfishmert is the la'fst of its find ?u the conntry and li a become one of the attractioi a of rh* city, t e? respectfully i' vile the visits of string' r?, * irIt th? assurance th ?t 'h \ my sumis ethe collection without iocurriof the Isast obligation to i i*? purchases thit the same politeness aid titration will be shows wbsthtr the object ?-f the ri?ii bo bssfscss vr [>| M'ir. m2 2t aw in* fmrc \/l M> A M K '> >i nM.I ! M \ ' ?ii.. I.) ofo in* hei < r, mers nod the ladies of . ?w York i xerillv, lint ahe h i red per lait Htv<s pack i sod split ndid stsor in t of rich embroiderand othm W-ddn g Presses Also, i | rich 111 f ?i Lues * 11 Bridal ?ci sd V< 1 > . ?onif ? ,* v ' ? hi Ml til or#? mdi and o'oren in In ? of all d- s? r I'll us ; Bareges i?? t r.v le ; spla* omI II d every v of rich m ueriai* an.table o? day and eve( mg dresses , heaotifill ( al * unliable f i wt ri -r ?, which Udi -a who r?inif such ?rn lea would do well to rsl1 ,ujo e % amine, as the\ b ve b-en <-?i?i"**! v or ere?i at this time in order t"? give the hIiei in o|?| orfnuif v t?se!e< t at ilieir lei.nre Aho, an entire ,n v style? I Straw Ha;a never before importe in ibis countrv, einrestIv sdap w for cosntry me-rtrv hesatifnl and v?-r. l?^ comirg; an eotirs sew sty's rf Frsssh rsr**ols lsd:ssl m brsllss, which, tnfrthtr with her usual varied asovtMst f fancy ?l< hi will he happy toeihibitto those wh bm| I \ r I, r .'II '11* i' pi'r<4^ ml 2vnlrn#sr DKIKU PKAtlltH >0 bbls very spertoT, for sals by x2 fc. K. COLLINS kCO. M Booth il. AMUSEMENT? j PAUfOt VKW YORK OPERA HOI SR. L T~ Adrmasioi. t IJall i r. to all rrria <>l the house li >oor? o(jeu at Halt-lust t - iVriorn nice to commoner at I uKADKR OV THK ()H<'lif *TlCA ~. "Mi. ItAPKTI I ' mrliiuwt ui I, .,|i til- tanner Diatii.truitheil Profeasn/e THIS m fcNiNO. via* 20th, LA SONNAMBULA. < otnte Korfollo fiit A Valtellisa Amiu\ Hufnnri fc B'>l|itie?? T?r? h Moliutro Sin's M Adsir ''l*H Sin's K Bnu'srd Si* (J Ben. til Director of Stii iii Opera, Sin Vsltellins B.?l ti? Bin Oilier ii mm open ev?ry dtv du'iun th> wrrk. Irom 10 o cluck A it., until t o'clock I' M., when seati HIST be .?cuic! for ill-,,:, ... lt,.KuUr .*s.ou seats transferable I'ric. ?m lor I ?. l.. H. | r ?cn;Hion. ^tibtcrihrrt nut ? ?-ui i> kicaii 'lu i iter ol iK kt'is it niacin4 ai lor the not trutj>fi*r?ibl**. Sta?e >1,111 nt r Mr, Weill O'T'he public are espettfnl iufuimed list theBaths havi been ucwlv arrarin?'d iml luted up m a haodsuute style, sad an tu full oper-iri??D, it tod <1 ,* KAK K WKU, CI ?.\CKi{T. GKAND VIM ALAND I ISTHI M K \T \L ''ONl-KKT AT PALMO't OI'KRA HOIJSK. of ibe ( HkVALIKK H. VIKi XT'KM I' .. s.s-.-d by -IllNOK AN roONIM, slONIIK VaLTKLLINA sml the LAKUK OKI IIKSTMA UK i Mr. I I'ALI \N OPKKA. UN TI KSDAV KVKNIN r, Msvlli.t, Duller til- Uuect o.i ofil.e I lisi'd Alsster, 8IONUK KAI'K 1TI i'hoi; himkk Kiin t i'aht. Serious Music, for the Violiu, in the Classical Style Grand Overture full Orcnes'r.t Grand Sceos sud Aris, composed by Donizetti, snd uun by Sig Autonuini Grand (,,'ucerto?K or Violin in K. in three parts, /Mlenro li st psrt, composed and execueed by H V leuitemps wtud a u by Binor VuMUim u.wu ' ...urnu?.?u!|r> 'iiu finiiuu, ?rc>;na iiua 1a parts, composed ami esecuted bv H. Vieux temps P/>K V II. Modem Music, in the Romantic Htvfle. Grand Overture, Full OlCbflUl f -epricio I*an'astico?By Paganiui, executed by Vieuxteinps Grand *ceua unci Duetto?f om Belunno, sung in full costume by Sig'n Atitogniui and Valteihua Gran, Fantasie and Bravour?Variations upon themes from " Normi," composed ami executed udoo one string, by Vieuxtetnpi I 'i'icketM SI each, to be bod at til" box office, from 10 until 4 o'clock, where seats and p iva'e boxes may be secured. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock Doois open at 7. The free list is ?us|>eud**d, with the rxcr|>tiou of the press, my 19 3t PARK THEATRE. Boxes* $1 | Pit 50 C ems i Gallery 25 ^IIH EVENING, May 20, 5th u glit of the engagement of Mr M fie read v .the play of It 11 H ELIKU?The i Cardinal Richelieu b* Mr. Vlacready. as written for aud originally performed by him in London. After which?t Dance *?v Miss Julia Turnbull. To cone ude with FORTUNIO Tuesday. 6th Night of the .-ug 'K'niifnt of Mr. Macieady ? THE Ml- lie HAN T OK V EN ICE?Miylock, (first lime m America) Mr v acre ad v. Mr. Aiacreadv's uuliu of performance tliis week, will be Monday, Tuesday. 'i hursday and Fridty. Him characters will be t animal Richeli u, Hhylock, William Tell, by particular desire, and Hamlet, for the Us' time. I he public is respect' fu'ly info inel tiiat the approaching rinse of his engagemert will Prevent ihe repetition of anv play, except the la?t named, ami the tragedy ol Machth, which will be also acted once more. CHATHAM THEATRE, Boxes 25 < cnts I Pit I2.S Cents THIS w.VK -'IIVG May 20th, to c m metre with (first i time) THE INTEMPK.RATe.?\ed Brugles. Mr Rurt'Oi I Edward Royce, Mr S Connor; Mary Bovce, Mr* Piest n Toe nclude with the comedy of SWE* TH ARTS AND Wl^ES?Billv Lackftday. Mr Burton; Chad-* Franklin, Mr EH. Conner; Eugenia, Mrs. Mc lure; Liura Misi Reynolds AMERICAN MI HEIM. jfiiHAb GARDEN. AND P KK P E T CAE F AMi. Corner of Broadway and Auu street. Opposite tiie Astor House FOR TWO DAVs ONI Y : MONDAY and TUESDAY. May 20th and 21st. GRAND P- UFORMANCfc.8 At half past 3 o'clock everv afternoon, and 0 every **vei ins They GIANT AND (II ANTKH^l ! the greatest wouoeri of the age. and ti?e I all St P iir eve* kuowi. are to be seen IVS rv dsy, from 10 o'clock A.M. till 1, from 2 til haP>pa*t5, ami tiom 7 (ill L0 Th- mtnager is happy fo announce a re-eng ?gement with tin OH.PHf.AN FAMILY ! < f five i>ersona all musicians of ?h? Brat class, one ?>t win m is a It til Miss <?t ??.. i \ sis years GREAT WESTERN, of Locomotive notoriety, will rnnk< his first appearance for neveral * eeks, and give his Comic Yan he Lecture on Animal Magnetism ! La Petite Cento, th- ad mi ed Daose'ite A Beautiful Collection of Wax Figures. TheGlPREY QL'Eh,N, the Horiune Teller, mar be private ly cons I ted ei Mi hours of the day an?? -veiling. The GARDEN, on the top of the Museum, has been tho roue ly A t d up A Grand Bh loon Aspersion will take place every evening a the close of the performance. Ticket* 2.'> emits?children under ten vrarx 'cats Two* ( Aveceuta extra i its nsultatii w " tl - Queen in HJ re PEALE'S NEW YORK MIHKUM. > PU;TUHk lAbLfiH V Kjtu ? I HlIJ; C ONF LAG it ATI t \ N OK THK CHUIUHES' HT AUOl STINK AND 8T. MICHAEL. Destroyed ?lu ing 'he Riots in Philadelphit TNkm upot I ha spot. hv an eminent a tut, engiged expressly for th?- occs nion. 1 he pai tinjc representing St. Vugus-ine's church cover h"nil* hundreds of square le- t "f canvass, and ?mbracea tn whole sue of the Mnge The one of St Michael's is no* s< large, it h vu g been intended lor a co?moramic view hut fron the incnveuieuc? ?.nddelay th* must constantly rrise, frou only one or two person* being rnabh-d to view it at t e sam time, it will also beexhib ted ou tin stage during the perforin suec. The Pictures are painted with .1 skill that cannot he surpass* * by any artist in America, the manage having spared neirh** pains nor expense in obtaining the heat talent that could be pre .....4 It,r .1.. -1 DWTJUUT* THREE INCHES SHORTER ! AND AS OLD AS TOM THUMB!! A U1ANTKR8, NEARLY SEVEN KKKT HIGH; MR WlNCHELL, The nrivtlM Mi?801 of Irian, lootch, hranch, Dvton \ aukee, and other eccentric eharacters, is engaged. Also, Miss Mary IS v ton. Master B;rtou and Miss K. Bartoi the admired vocalist*; < rlest** Mr Conover, the Protean IVi f rwer, aud Mr H. Conover, the comic singer. Th s m manr has ilso ?enm the WONDKRH L O vPJIAN KAM'LY. consisting of a Father, Mother, aeu Seven Small Children Thes*?x r.iordinary Micstrels can go higher aud lower fh 1 any othei m India's in riis'ence, as |mrt of the firmly resid - i the GAR 1< KT, and the reuiaii der in theCKLL/\R ! The .vielodeou. that plays a variety of brilliant Overtures Haifa Mil'1011 ol Curiosities. Grtud Cn*inorama, and Hplmdn Picture Gdlery, Containing all the erUhrated characters dnriiii the Revolution. All for One Shilling. Afternoon Entertainment on *in|pes<tay aed Saturday a 1 o'clock Perform nee in the Lecture Room to commence a R o'clock in the fntng. 1 n 20 RAYMOND v WEEKS' a n a n d M K x a O /<: R i e t CORNER OF EIGHTH ^TRKr.T AND BOWERY. For ONE WEEK ONLY. MESSRS RAYMOND k W" EKS respectfully inforir the citizens ol New York, who so laterally patron 1 zee their splendid and iiiyersifie i exhibition of Wild Animals Uti season, that tney this dav oper their Grand Menagerie at tin corner of Eighth stieet and Bowery, accessible by orrnikusse and * Lag's. and hut n lew imnn es walk from the most ceutra parts of ine city. The Caravan has had many new and curi ous animals arlded to lh"ir previous collection. And can stain c apeti|i(iD with irj timilmr establishment in Earope Hovr of exhibition Ironi 10 to 12. 2 to 4. and 7 to 10 m tfie evrninu llerr t)n?ibach will, as usual, exhibit those instances of com ageous din inline ever ihe w ilde t savages ef the forest, tin have rendered his reputation imperishable in 13 Iwrc THE PINE ARTS MOW KXHIBUNNUat the Utr APOLLO GALL* RY ^ corner of Broadway and Chambe n street (entrance 11 Clumbers street, a collcc.iou of Origi. alOil Paintings, in per feet order. Th? se woo have seen the first galleries of hurop pronounce this collection to be equal to a*y the* have seen Admittance, 24 cents, catalogues included. mil lw*cc THK GAL I ERY Ok I'AINTI ?GS AT < LIM ()> I Hall, insi'orted w ith the intention of commencing s Na tional Gallery for the ansts aud students of New York, n now offered for sale to all amateurs and connoisseurs of paint ings. It it considered useless to mention anything in favor o imp a merer, i pniniiLK* wmcn compote inn collection, tr public and the press having too frequently spoken of it 11 terim of the ^iphest commendation The gallery will b opened lb* public Inape"tion ev-ry day, and the painting* wil be told at public auction oil Wednesday, the 22d of May, n II o'clock, A M Special seats iu the talo<?u rewrved for th I ad i" Admission Irm mftifta MUSICAL OKINOH (I LO Bl ANOC), from Italy, professor ofmusM ^ and 'or many years established i the city, mtrri * to ci v j a few hour* of e?ch day, which he nat free from hi* u?ti i ore Jpations, iu Kivuig lessons hi musical theory and prims' insti iction on lie pun, a d singing prom *iog to stichasm.i honor bun wi h their confidence i?? d*dicvc hit en'ire energir in r repricing ilom for the higher branches of musical education Th' * ? who wish to a vail themselves of this opportunity w 11 please address a note directed to Mr T. K Nunns, music put fisher, 240 Broadway at ihe studio of * gnor M trtigln, o 7 Murray street or Mr. Oodone. 4(>3)? Bro id way. staling n lm arid residence, which will be promptly attended to. m 19112* is? PIIENiX H< I El, H( >B<1K BN MIIS JAM KS i VV K t N I rrs(iectlul|y informs the fr'end of her ia> hns'atid, < she h m ttneu Til e I'll N I X (tint elegaot a d C?l acion* H te| on the in m ?t c-f hi Holm k ii. n i) (I h * fitted it u,? in *?> lienor style. The "in I ding front to the south, and i* a"mir blv (hmgi d t? a r mmod t- sum met bf ardors. To th# New Yorkar, escatiagf ?tn (Jm h ttis dust of the city, the Iresfi breeie from the l( v? r tu<! bay is p* I Mr I v' i <vigor * mg Th LAilPh It Is well provided, mid all the delicacies of th sea*'?U will be furnished in abund one I'he BAK it carefully storied with the choicest liquors Wiocs of the most approved quilit mJ liest brands slwsy on h it.d \lr< Sweeny i'l be happ" t? receive a call fmm h( r 11 Irierida, r d ill who desire pood ;irroinmodatioi s, proper ai te.idanc" and abundsnce of c mfo't mv 19 4t Sudysre i \l I'l HIAL H()TEL, Oppntitt the A", w A?*ize Court* and Railway lion, rortirr of ST. JOHN'S I, \ N K ANl> IIOK STREET. LI VKK !'< M)L. TAMKS MORf JAN PiopnMor ?f hi* above new end com ' modioli* ?*tM>lo*hmeQt. lespert'nlly informs hit fr.?n?J nixl rli?* nab ic that if it uow open for the rteti iion of Priest Kimilio 10 <1 f iitl*rneu With Hotel it < ombined nnd elegant and ettrusive ITRoom. Nft? I oom ml v veral private Mm \j Room*, lift ' up in a style suitable for the re c-prion ol Kamilie* ml V >? ort,o? for f" accommodation of psr.ot n>| nnn|f early bie?b IViv lunrh^ont, dinn*ri k M|erpn k dot-trimrttii will b* under the rrrtonnl ui?ori'i tendsnce of Mrs Morgan and vitir >rs mtv flv vrifhconfi d nee, that in this essential pirticular comfort, naatcets mid con * en noire have been carefully studied The f ?> inftiv snd <>lhr tie, irim?nf* will ?inbrtce the choicest Vi nds. Wines Si'' , which can In- obtained trid J k nit's that hit own tvertiont, tided bv fh? ittitunc- of ray.' riro< ed waiters, tmy teruie th< ppmbition of travellers geqr rslly, m the tame time th* scale ??l chargei will Iw ttrictly moderate Private Rooms for large or tma'l Pinner Parti* t. Hot, f old, soil Hhower llifht *1 * i) * ready h v?rv' inform-ftoo re*|N*c'iiig the d-i inure and arrival of the various lUiUty I mu.? He rn and Muling Packets Air To Mimic* rivimtiK \. verj o I. ?f in ?v be neceMar< to oh eree that 'l h? Imperial it ? entrsHy situated, wuhin fiew of, end o. e nnunr ' w Ik I "in 'lie Liverpool and Mm chest ?r and Orand function Railway Illations, and immediate!y on*. ?ite rhe New A*n/" f'onrtt ; it it also coutiicttoat to the,, ip. ciimI That tret, t d - ehrr plscet of ablo: resort. N. B At T svcllert ire frequ i.tly iriitlvd. | lra*e desire ibe driver to proi d lircct to tne I ui penal. RE MO V AL . M|fM < MUUH.LS M KOir ATKD VAPOR AN I Hl/LPHUR DATHH, will lie removed, the firtt of Met fnun f'oartleodt street, to 3*5 Broadway, two doers above thCity Hospital, wliere she will be happy to tec I er frie id* em patrons. apSStf is rc BV TTTE SOUTHERN MAIL. Wnahtngton. [Correspondenc- of th? Herald) VVa?.iinc*to*, May 18, 1844. Pereico's (not Persia, an your com|<ositors make me *ay,) statues 0| CWuWrv pand the Indian femalt, are erected to their pedestals, and are the subject of unbounded admiration. Ah I am ? mere amateur and no conttotueur, and shall attempt no criticism, which will be, doubtless, furnished by some competent authority. News in expected in town to-day or to-morrow ol .t duel between S. S. Prentiss and Mr Bobbins, which was to be fought somewhere about the 9th tnsl. I am told that bets were running high that Kobbins would kill hitn. Much anxiety is felt, of course, on that account, as to the result. Should neither party he killed, I suppose the (tetters on both sides would leel disappointed and draw their bets. I am told they are to tight with yaggers, a aperies of ri tie- with an enlarged chamber, to hold more powder, lor the purpose ot giving additional deadly effect to a ball. Am they say at faro before turning, " now is the time to make your bets." The pubitcativn of "private and confidential" documents made in the National Intelligence bv the Senate, excite general indignation, as a breacn of honor, iluty, and good faith The reason is bo palpable that every one reprobates the act. The design on the part ot the whin who voted for it. was to prejudice the ipiesturii of annexation, and of Kenton, Allen, Ar Co., friends of Van Buren? te prejudice both annexation and Mr Calhoun. The probability is, that the people, to whom by this act tliev appeal, will decide against them, ana sustain both annexation ami Mr. Calhoun. I learn from the highest authority at Washington, I mat rrt-si(ieiii ihiu-ioij, oeiorf iip gOCH oul 01 olficc in December next, not to tie elected ugain, la , fully determined to settle finally the question of Ani ion; it not in one way, then in another, which means by some alliance otVensive and defensive with England. Mr Slaiiirn is 111 town, advocating the cause of Mr. Van Buren in a spirit of conciliation very different from the moat of Mr. Van Busen's dictatorial friends, albeit he does so with many doubts and misgivings, not to say absolute despondency, lie goes explicitly f*r an available candidate as against Henry Clay, whoever he may be. The most of Mr. Van Bursa's friends go for him "no/us bolus." The excitement still continues. SJ|Mr. Woodhuiy's letter is spoken of as a masterly production?the ablest that has yet upjieared on the subject ot annexation, leaving out of account Mr. Walker's pamphlet, which goes much more fully into the subject. As there is no mail,.you will not hear from in# ; again to-day. TWKNTY-KIUHTH CONORBBI. first session. | Senate. Washington, May 18, 1844. 1 [Notk.?This is the first Saturday the Senate has i been in session since it met in December last, and 1 suppose they want to get through with their arguments upon the treaty, so as to be ready to adjourn ?when they get ready ] The usual petitions were received, and several private bills were read and acted on, of no interest to the public, being mostly cases ol pensions lor the relief of private individuals. The Senate then went into Executive Session ' new v (i It K, \m> liu>\ sTEA.MBO.aT line 0m FOR ALBANY A NO TROY?Morning Line Inan'k-foot ol Barclay alreet, landing c te mediate placrt ill- a tani-i EMPIRE, Captain S. R Hoe, this mom iuic at 7 n'cliM-k The ale oner TROY, Captain A. Oorham, to-morrow in irniug. <t 7 o'clock Ev-uiiik ',iii- from the lout of Coartl'ndt atreet, direct Th- at-amer SWALLOW, ( Miuiu A McLean, thia evao ink. at 7 o'clock. t he aiMAiner Al.BA.NY, Cai tain H. B Maav, to-morrow ere.,n g. At 7 o'clock. Phe It .Ala of lint lane, owing to their light draught ol ai t ter, an-able lit all limea to |?aa the tmra, and reuch A'hany oid i roy in ample time to take th- morning train ef car* for the or weat For |maa.u;e or freight, apply on hoa-d, or at the offices on ?ha whar??a m'S PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. i|fl*| jmtgk DAILY. Sunday ricepttd?Through Direel. j' 7 I' M., from the Steamboat Pier haSmMOLiwoii I onrtl.ndl Liberty air. eta i Th- atenmboat KNI< Kkrbth'.x F.K. < upturn a. P. Hi John, Mouil.y, W-dnea ay and Eridn' -veiling at 7. The Stenm'OAl KOCti r.sTER, Captain A llooghion, oa Tuesday, Thuraday aud Saturday kvui'ga, at 7. At Fiv o'cl... k. P. M ? l.andi g at ate Places:? The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm M I'eck, Monday, Wednesday Friday and Sunday evenings, at 4 P. V|. The Hteeinhoat U TICA ("aptaiu T llyatt. Tuaaday, Thursday and Saturday earnings, at 4 P M J Laaaeugers t-ikniK this line oi boata will arrive in Albany in . ... ..v.. ,i... M..?c r,nrn,ik.-.n., weit. ?hi)vi- Doiiu?i? now a?a abauurial, are fnrmahed with new and elegant K: te Rooma, ami fur speed and accommodations are unrivalled ou the Hudson For imjaag - or Height m>i>lv on board. or to I'. C. ttehultl at the office on the wharf ,?(! re !? I'A? Kk.T SHIP CiUEKN OF THF. Wk*T. [B^KOH LIVERPOOL?Cabm passengers by this ship II JWmKbwiII please tin on b >ard steamboat Hercules. While. h it Dock, to-tnorrow ( Tuesday) morning. at IS o'clock pretiirly. '1 h- letter bags will close at Hair's, Harudcn'a and Gilpin's, "tjlja m2i 2tec n KDIt NEW ORLEAN8.-LOUISI ANA AND n iCXlV NEW YOHK LIN"- .-To Mil utl. Jane.?The la.t ?MMfse>*:l'hg packet <1 ip ()8W KliU Caplaiu Wood, will pn?it vel mi| a* above, her regular day \ h'w freight oi passage, hiving handsome furnished arcomtnok daMoua, apply on board, at Orbnu.s Wharf, foot of Wall street, orto E. K. COLLINS It CO. M Sooth street. I Agents in New Orleana?Meaara. Hullin and Wood raff, who I will prornpilv forward all good* to llirir addrraa. Shippera by thia line may rely upon having thair goods correctly meaauied, and that the alopaof tin a line will sail ponntuallv aa advertised ?20 ec odoffj ' Mil 1.1 VEIll'OOL?The New Line Regular r WPV Packet 2lat May.?The new and *rry superior Naw TnilT." built packet ship QUEEN Ok THE WES I", i Onpt Philip Woodhouae, I2'?n tona burthen, will aail aa above, I her regular day. I For freight or postage, having elegant and roomy accommo] * dati at iinaurpaiaed by any ahip in port, apply to the Captaia a on hoard, at weal aide Burlier tlip, or to I WOOD HULL 8t MINTURNS, 17 Sooth at I Price ol passage Jioo. a 1'he packet ahip Rochester, Capt John Rritton, DM tona burthen, will sneered the Quern ol the Weat, and aail oa her regnlar day, 21 at June n)rr PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL. AdHg- SAILS ON FRIDAY NKXT, the 2?th or MKjPVW^'av The yi-ry line laat aailing shin IIELF.N , gffjy - - I I ' ' " II aail positively ,t. oi te Tt e Helen Thoinpaou h is liaudiome faruiahed State Moinn accommodations in the rahin whirh will be foand end m ol- very romlortabl for Siaty Dollars eerh Her h-twien drcka lor ateeiage |iaaarngers is very light, lofty and well ventilated, c innot hut make her the mos< desirable ennvrvauee out of this port. Th ae visiting the Old Country should call and lee her accnmin illations before engaging in atother rraael. The term? o passage will he very moderate Apply on board at Pier No. 10, Norih River, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO.. li Fulton alrert. neat door to the Fnltnn Bank. P. S?The II T can yet take a few tout of Colonial foots, e Fur Iremlit apply is abort. IStoM rc 1 FOFl MA HSF.ILLF.S?Packet la' June ?Theahip e KfflWTi.KWIOTl < ap1 Law rence k ors freight or pasJiifaMtr. apply to I,AWR.,M:K; h I'll ELI'S, 103 k root street, or to in "i . i HO V 11 \ III N' KKN 'I Torn me Building 1: j DR. THOMAS'S SPECIFIC PILLS, I For the rptrdy and permanent rote of (eimorrhata, Oloot, \ Stricturet, Seminal H'euknrre, and disrase? generally the Urethra. , 'PH F. class of Delicate Disease* which iliese Pills are se well I ' adapted (o l ine, is of too common occurrence, and It sppear* lhat ill cl-ates of society a e subject mote or leas to fall I mm its malignant grasp ; and hi -sled in lepu'ation, and borne r down in sobering in body and mind, He victim of its progieas i is retdy to grarp at any ining lhat offers reasonable hi pe ol re cnve'Y Ainoi g the many mcdicirc* and m 'ana of te'ie that are placed lie ore the put lie, iinfortnaalrly most of them are P'epared by men naari)uainteri with the nature of the tiial-die* el ich tlie\ promise to cute, and many of them are iinoiani of the powe a o| the very ilieii.e liiey ar iiaing lor that purpose ; and, oa may In* easily foreseen, the result is 'hat the tndi* vidu tl >o nufortuonte oa to lal into tn'ir handr, rr. etvea no rwi lief, bu' on the contrary, the m dtcii e rttiploied lien g i erhspa to lie the i.ppwaite of whet is r- qui fee in his cast , nod the t tine d that i? lost nnlv t'nda to fasten the lis-ise mnn permanently, and lis U|trin th patient its moat laalt a an vetalioita '1'iencea It is of tne utmost mi>. nance to the welfare of the i- : . inico>d individual, tli t ili>r un i tnia naaa ne i|<Miiy re. | i? overt. till Ifiii rr it ml aafe rernrdiev, ihrrwiae they erv aurtr | to iv.ult iu conaequencea the moat aiai^tnni to the penc? and a hnppineaa of ihe pn'ient, hv leavr a .1 I" ruiaiiMit aemin I weakI neaa, atricinre in rhe iirnlim innimmailon i>f the pioatrate '1 glen* or mm vfthe nttur vrv eerniua inaUdiea which into, ri.ibly follow a hicly Inured < %r of (foHurrtitra With 'i acnav of gi at meefpity thai etiata for aama pal- an I m?' 'V cur- foarmal tlna diaeive in iu career and effert ii ally i nt I.I |. to lip r.ivagca. the |ir nietornfTH M A ?'H SPlv II If I M itiiiouoce with plen.ure that lorg experience i every pTictt auilat.vaeil t^ia rnmplnnt rirevaa that tlo a I'tlle err i l that ia r> quired to rem ?' thor uahl anil of fcctnalli t in he ? aP-tn th drat p.tiae of tnia complaint, ud hv go It: eartfiog "he irta to n.tiir.l iet n lentoit >hr i timt I'roin th a * avatol afayee of hia d nonae to (erteet ?ud laatinv lie-1 h ih "hectic I' I la area ?eget ble p e|w tmn, " ini a' 1 I I lie a? tie- pro ri| lea nl\ , i d are ei.ti e y in t 1 ire to the a ilelic ie ona ilutnni. Ail wh null. run,- iiiredfy her i edicin#., < an i erm.ui. nt. J |y e?tali I- their he Ith hy mil l( e boiortw of th|a r. tr e 1 y. ' tge 'p. V I lli 11 ill w iy, c r of ( hambr r a'r et, No Ti b. at Broa !wa. 7- eul mi cr ol 'f il' PriraBl. iBNWtd 1'lUVATfc DISEASES A CI'KB mI ARAM KKU-The College of Vedicar I anil Pharmacy of the ' ily of Near York, "nubile hed for he atippreeaion of'inackery ia now prepared to treai all dia waea of a private nature, and offer to all thote afflicted with -.hea>* diatreiamg maladiea edvanti.g'a not to be met With in any tlier mat notion in thta country, either public or private. Vrom the ennatant correal ondence, and from private arrangementi, aetween the tnemliera of the College and the moat eminent .'rofeaaora of the Medical Iratitiilioua of Kurope, all improv~ nenta in the trvvtment of thear diaeaaea are forwarded to them 'ong before they rmrli the majority of ttir medical pcofeaaion if tnia country All peraora who have naed the celebrated ,'reparation of I'rnfenaor lficord, " The Paritiai Alrcmtivo liatore," can bppar teatimony to ita the aioat powerful Tinetly ever diacovered for primary or accondarr ?ype.ilia, atrengthemnu the conatitation. wlulat eradicating the iltar-aae f*rofeaaov Valliean'B diaeuvety 'n hia Hpecinc filla, for fh# ore of gonnrrlima anil 'tlei", n? raiacd hm immeaanrahlw hove allhia t oiiten.p imriea in thialpicticnlar branch of tow rofeaaior With ancli eelebr K 1 nm-'lien. together with ton ninhiiied ikill ol the lirr medicil men of tnia country . ihw lollegc feel aatia'tel that ' ?hey hare undertake a, ' the of qua. ery^'w.ll receive the patronage il legerre. from that porttoa of Ihe pobhc requiring then rer. Term* for *<lvtco, ill mwliciBfi, IS <*? ,uW\ofrichajBMN^I