Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 27, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 27, 1844 Page 1
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T H JL M.JL Vol. X., No. UN?Whole No. 371(1. To tho Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every Jay ol the year except New Year'? day and Fourth of July. Price 3 rents per copy?or >7 36 per anoint?postages paid?cash in advance. THE- WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday momma?price 61 cents per copy, or $8 13 per anuum? postage* paid, cash ill a lroncs. ... , ADVERTISERS are iniormod that the circulation ol tho Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It hat the tart ft circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and it, therefore, the belt channel for basinett men in the city or country. Prices aioderato- cash in ndTanre. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate rice, and in the most elegant stylo. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Pr.orsiK.roR or thk Hi: raid Estam.uhmvwt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streata. ODD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. Cl SOUTH HIREH.T, NEW YORK. Ml m tik M Pa?a<i*c?n lie eniMged fromLiverpool by thefollowiu* spieudid packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of Packets tailing Hi mister. From Liverpool. The ship COLUMBUS. Captain Cole, on the 14th February. The ship YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, an the 1st March. The *hrp C AM OKI DUE, Capt. Barstow,16th March. The ship EN GLAND, Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The ship OXFORD, Captain Hathbone, 14th April. The ship MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, 1st May. The ship EUROPE. Csptaio Fuiber, I6S1 May. The sh,p NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, 1st Jane. In addition to the above superior ships, the subscriber's agents will have a succession ofllrst class American ships daspnU hrd, as customary, from Liverpool, every four or live days throughout the year, to the different ports iu the United States, by which passage cau be secured at reduced rates. Those sending for their friends residing in Great Britain anil Ireland, may rely that every care will bs taken to make pasteugeis as comfortable as they can reasonably expect, aud should the passengers not come out, the passage money will be promptly refunded. Dralts can as usual lie furnished, payable at ihe National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and brauches: Eastern Bank ol a..,iri?,..l I,,.! h-snot,... n,, ,1 oil VI I S.ll Bankers, London; .\i?ssrs. J. Btrued U Co., Bankers, LiverJxml, which are jiayable throughout Kngland and Wales. Kor archer particulars apply (if by letter post paid) to JOHN HLRDMAN, 81 Sooth street, near Wa'l street. N. B. Parsige to Liverpool aud London can at all times be engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every five days, and to Loudon en the 1st, 10th and 20th of each month ou application *?anove jl2ec OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m M: Ml 'PT^^yLD LI.^^^^Tackets Cat. X^^^rool will he^^^^Te -L despatched in the followiugorrter, excepting that when the sailing day falls on Sunday, the'ships will sail on the succeed lugdav, vi7.:? From New York. From Liverpool The C AMBlllDOE, (June 1 July 18 860 tons, < Oct. 1 Nov. 16 ?. . W. C. Barstow.f Feb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, i. Jane 16 Aug. 1 750 tons, Oct. 16 Dec. 1 8. Bartlett, Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, Jnlir 1 Aug. 16 BOO tons, '.Nov. 1 Dec. 16 J. Rathbone, March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 1060 tons, '.Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. JB. Lowber.r March 16 May 1 The KUiiurt, AO*. l Sept. 16 CIS torn. Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. b. Furber.l April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (new) {Aug. 16 Oct. 1 950 ions, (Dec. 16 heb. 1 T. A.Cropper,(April 16 Juua 1 The COLUMBUS, .Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tous, (Jan. 1 Keb. 16 G. A. Cole, ( May 1 June 16 The YORK SHIRE, (new) {Sept. 16 No*. 1 1060 tons, < J .hi . 16 Mar. 1 D. O. Bailey.(May 16 July 1 These ships are not surpassed in point ol'elegance or cone'art in their cabin accommodations, or m theii fast sailing qua .ties Dy My yeisals in thfl trade. The conimauders are well known as men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always bo paid to promote the comlorl and convenience of passengers Punctuality, at regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage o>'tward is now hied at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of every ilt-saripiion will be trnvided. with the exception of wines and liquors, which will e furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners ol these ships will ha responsible for any letters, parcels, or package, sent by tliein unless regular bills of ladiug are signed thereTor. For freight or passale, apply to GOODHUE & CO, 61 South st. C, H. MARSHALL. 38 Burling slip. N. V. J23tf and of BARING. BROTHERS ft CO.. LWl PAS SAGE. FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND m m, M THE BLACKBALL cn^LD LIN^H^ LlVEltPOOL PACKETS. [Bailing fromJLiver|>ool^on the 7\k and 19th of every monthjl rto make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come out in thi > superior Line of Packets, Sailing frnin Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. They will alao pare a first rate claas of American trailing ships, aailiug ivry lit days, thereby affording weekly connnunication from that port. One of the lirm (Mr. Jaineg D. Roche) ia there, to tee that they shall be forwarded with care and ueapa'ch. Hhonld the parties agreed for not come oat, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any redaction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following matuificent 3hip?.vit:? The OX KURD, the NEW VORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOlJTH AMERICA ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and nnenualled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has been eitendrd to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can It all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the ltoyal Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also on Messrs. PRE8COTT, OROTE, AMES.St CO. Haukers, London, which will be nnid on demand at any ol the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. nOCHE, BROTHERS k CO. 35 Fulton street New Vork, nest door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and l'jlh of each mouth. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their enmfort and 1'roviiy-i*! Hank of Ireland, payable at Curk, Limerick, Clonincl, Londonderry, Blino, Wexford, Belv'ant, Wateeford, (Mwxfi Armagh, Athlone, Colerain. Balkn*, Tiilk, Ymiuhal, Knniakillen, Monnyhnn, limbridgi, Ballymena, Parionttcwn, Dnwnpatrick, Cavan, Lnrqxn, Otnaiih, DnnKauiien, H union, Kauit, Ballytharno Htrabane, Hbihereen, MMIow. Moneymorei. Cootrhill, Kilrnah, Dublin. Scotland?The '-ity Bank if U I,it now. KjurUrnl?Metxri. M pointer, Atwood fk (Jo. Ranker*, London; II. Vurphy, Waterloo Koad, Liverpool; payable in every town in (Heni Britem. Kor farther ii.l M-mation (jf by letter. |>o?t paid,) apply to JOSM H MeML'HUAY. IN I'imitM, Cf tner of South. V. I Or Meter* ' V fc V IS N K.S fc ("O tn Waterloo Road, ji*m*er Liverpool PASXAUK > ?M r.^ .UN'), IB- \'v D. ?T7)TI..-Nit A - AI -si, VIA LiVKHI'OtiL i'j ( K ooo h n. ill- u ). lUM'Ir. or uin-ntt jA?yVl I.ri?ni u "I ,-in.itruit' ihj* V at tWI. I lima WMwn diuu ( ' ill- i' Innida would do wall to apply at thv old Batahlitlu-d packet "tfior <>1 JuHS HICHDM VN. 61 Sooth it. N IS ?Ti l' ihlft ol thi* line now leave Liverpool every tly? daya.aud dr .fu ran at titual be forniahed for any amount payable ai ml the priunpal ba lking inltltntiona throughout lb# ntuied kmttdoui,apply u above. u?Jl rc ftuvantAge to select litis lavonie liiuc mriheir c?'iv?v ^ucr, in pn-ferpnre to anv oth*r. TO Til hi TRAVELLING PUBLIC. M hlMiF.iVGER J1MUISGEMF.ST FOR 1844. The Subscribe!! having completed their arrangement!, are row prepared to bring oat paiiengeri from Great Britain and rrlnnd by the following lint claia packet ihipt, one of which will leave Liverpool on the lit, 6th, 11th, 16th, 2lit and ttlh ol ea-h mouth:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, V irginia, Liverpool, Camnridge, Montezuma, Siddoni, Geo. Waihingtoa, Hottingucr, Columbui, United Staue, Kosciiu, Ashhurton, Knnland, Karope, Steph'nWhitney, Hocheirer, Independence, Yorkshire. Gnrriek, Samuel ilich, Queen ofthe Wett, Oaford. (iertifirates of pa nag e can be obtained, .nid every information will be giv n to those ending for their Irieiida, ou application at eit her of our offices. They will a'?o be pre-ared, on the opening of navigation, to forward put mgerj anil 'loir luggage to Albany end Troy, and Via Erie ''anal to llnlfalo, ami all intermediate placet. To all porti of the Upper Likes. Via Oswego to Toronto, Tort Hope, Uoburg, Kingston, and all parti of Canada West. 1" rom Trov via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada I art via Ohio Onral from tileaveland to I'ortimouUi, Cincinnati, and i term-diarr placet South Writ via Philadelphia to Pittsburg,Cincinnati, Louisvil'e. and all parts on the Ohio Hiver to St. Louis, M? ; and to all pirts ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisoon iu Territory. REMITTANCES. Forthe aeeommo-.'ttion of |iersous wishing ro send money to lh*ir I'riemlii p. the Old ' ounrry, I1AIIN DEN (k CO. will 8ive Dr.fts on any part of England, Scotland or Ireland, payaleatsi?lit, forsnnis of ?1, ?5, ?20Ato JCiOO? or in any&niouot to nut the purchaser. w OFFICES ANDJUIKNT8. Cherles ''raft, 120 Staif, Boxton. II. vv. Wheeler, Union Building, i'ruvidence, R I. J. W Mills, 3 Wall street. and 16 Krontstreet, New York. N. (j. How id, <3 Souih Third street, Philadelphia, f.ndloril it Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, I'd. L.S, Lil'lejolm, II Kirha-yre, Albany N. Y. it Clark, .'j'J Hirer itrrrt, Troy, N. Y. Ulica.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester. N. Y. W. II Conk. Buffalo, N. Y. H. Yt'thugh Sit o., Oxwego, N. Y. ml6ee ARUANOKMBNTH FOR ISO OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 PineUtreet, corner of South. jm iflfc. i? mh?cr ibr r begs leave to call theaueiition of huHrieiids anil the public in general, to llie following arrnnttrinenu for 1814, fur the purpose of brio >inn out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regs ar Liue of Lirerpool Packrta, tail iug the lst,6th, 11th, 16'!,, 21itand 2Cth of every month. By th? London Packets, in nail ism New York, the 1st, 10th and With?and (rum Lorn' . n on the 7th, 17f h and 27th of each inonlht In connection with the above, and for the purpose of affording ?rilI greater facilities to passengers, tlie subscriber has established a regular line of lirat class New York built, coppered no.I copper tautened ships, to sail punctually every week throughout the year h or the H.coic.t loiiation of persons wishing to remit money to their limiliea or frieuds, drafts are given, payable at sigh'., ou liif lollowiui; Banks, viz E NE n: NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL rACKETS. TO tail troui New Vork on the 2fith aud Liverpool on the llth 01 wen month. M Bhip ROSCIUB, Captain John Collina, 26th Much. Ship 81DDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 28th April. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyater, 26th May. BlufcGARRICE, Capt. B. I. II. Truk, 26th June. Fhom LtvcnrooL. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain A. Depeyater, llth March. Ship UARRICK, Captain B. I. il. frank, ml, April. Ship ROSCIUB, Captain John Collina, llth May. Ship SIDDONH, Captain E. B. Cobb, llth Jane. Tune ship* are all of the lint claaa, upward* of 1000 ton*, built in the city of New York, with anch improvement* aa combine irreat ineeJ wilii nuuaii^eoinfbrt for OLam'mrer*. Every car* hu been takeu in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hruce is $100, lor which ample stores will be provided These ?hipa are commanded by e*i>efieuced masteis, who will bib ha every election to Kile ?eceral satisfaction. Neither the captains or owners of iheahipi will be responsible for uny letters, parcels or packages tens by them, unless regular ' 1"?*)f lading are signed therefor Ifo- (reiirht or passage app1 / to IK. K. COLLINH at CO., 56 South ?t., New York, or to BP yWN. shll'LKY ?t CO., Liverpool. Letters by the pack rts will be charged 12X ceuu pe.r siui(le heet ; 50 eente |>er oauce, and new*pai>ers I cent each. ui3 rrc THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M. M. M To tail from New York Slat, and from Liverpool 6th of each month. From Sew York. T.'voul. New Ship LIVKltrOOL, 1150 lona. ? ^.rii 'i\ f??l * I k'litriiiiro /April /l Jaue o J. Lldndse ()A 2, 0c, 6 N.thip QUEEN OK TtTE WE8T.) !} * . 1J50 tout P. Woodhoaae. ^' \\ t New ihip ROCHESTER, $50 tout, if?"'/ *\ 4'!"lS JohnBritton fe I! 6 Ship HOTTINOUER. 1050 tons, t ^ ?} g? t lraBur?.l>, '(Nov'rOl Jan y 6 These substantial, fast sailing, first class shi|>t, alt built in the city of New York, are commanded by men of experience and abil(y, and will be dispatched punctually on the 21it ol tilth mouth. nJTheir cabin, are elegant and eommodioua, and arefurni.hed with whatever can conduce to the eaae and comfort of passengers. Price of passage, $100. Neither the capti inaor ownerj of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or package* sent by ihcui, unless regular bills of lading are sigued therefor. Kor freight orjpassage apply to WIKiimrll.l. k MINTIIRNH 87 South s'reet. New York, otto VIKLDEN, BROTHERS Ik CO.. i 14 ms Lhrwpao ? ^ g~ Jft. ^^^NEW YORt^SlD HAWtEFACKKTS. Second Line?The Ships of thia line will hereafter leave New York on the lit, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, at follows, viz KnoM New York. From Havre. New Ship ONEIDA, 11st March. C 16th April. Captain < lit July. \ 16th August. Jamet Funck. f lit November. ( 16th Decisnber. Ship BALTIMORE, 11st April I 16th May. Captain < 1st Auguit. < 16th September! Edward Funcr. f lit December, f 16th January. Ship UTICA, C lit May. i 16th June. Cajitain < 1st September < Itith October. I' rederick H.witt. f1st January. 116th February. New ship St. NICH ?LAS v lit June. t 16th July. Captain < lit October. < 16th November. J B. I'ell, ( 1st February. (lmMlieh. Theaccommod ions of time ihipi are not luriiasied, com* billing all that m y be required for comfort. The price of Cdjj bin passage is $160. Passengers will be supplied with every re quisite with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods inteuded for these vesseli will be forwarded by the subscribers, free froin any other than the expenses actually incurred on them. For freight or paisagi, apply to BOYD Ik lliNCKEN, Agents, je26 ec No. 9 Tontie* Huildiutr. cor. Wall and Waters TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. m. ,m A nRAoS.NI KNTS R5RH44. The aobaoribera beg to c?il the attention of their frienda anil the public generally to thetr auperior arracgemeuta for bringing out paaaengera from, and remitting money to all part* of England, Ireland, Scotland and Walea. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1250 tow THE SHERIDAN. 1000 tona. THE ROCHESTER, 1000 torn THE OAUR1CK, 1000 tona. THE HOTT1NOUEK, 1000 tona. THE KOSCIUS, 1OC0 toiu THE LIVERPOOL, 1150 tona. THE SIDDONS, 1000 tona Sailing from Liverpool twice everr month, and THE UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, cam weed ol auperior, firet claaa American packet*, aailinc from Livrpool four timea u< each trmnlh, urn the shins in which thoae whoae nai,sgv "? ?> beentrased w ith the subscribers wiil come uiit in, and it la a well UdNvin fact the above named packet* are the moat m ignilicei.t slops afloat and the fre<iue.,cy i ol their aailiuit, (being every live dass) prevcnta the p-saibiiity of passengers tiring uuueceaaarily detained at Liverpool, Regardless ofeapenae, in order to meet the wants ol tint public and the wishes of their Irieuda, Mr. W in. Tappscott, oue of the firm.haa gone to Liverpool to Mprittnd the departure for thia country ol anch persoua whoae tasiage may be engaged with T., is a mfficieut guarantee that they wilf rtreire fien' attention from him.and be quick)y and comlortably despatched. ntiomu inoir teal tor decline coining, the passage money will be promptly refunded, without auy deduction?at usual. Uuniliucei-Those remitting money can be supplied with draiu at ngni. lor any amount, payable free of diicount or any otner ciucye, in eyery principal town in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wale* Apply til uy latter, post paid,) to v* * J. T. TaFBCOTT, ? Peck slip, rsew Sort?or to t? WM TAParOTT, Liverpool. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. ? & 1 i The undermentioned ships will he regularly dispatched I'roui hence on the lat, and from Marieilles on the 5th of each mpnlh dnrinir the year aa follow*:? From New York. Marseilles, MINERVA. Cant. Brown, Dec. 1 Keb. 5 TIIESCOTT, Capt. Myrick, Jan. I Much 5 H'llY THOMPSON,Capt. Sylvester, Keb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adamn, March 1. May 5 COKIOLANUS, Capt. Haile, April 1. June 5 They are all cornered and copper {hstened, and have escellent accommodations for passengers. 'i'lie price of cabin passage will lie flOO, eiclmire of wine* and lejuora. Uoousaddressed to the agents, BOYD tt HINCKKN. will be forwarued freeOfOCMf charge* than thoie actually paid. For frciynt or passage apply to lawiipncv. Si i'hl'.r.pd in* imm -f?. ""BOYD fc HVNCKKN.AKmu, mMr No o Tontine flnildinge. PASSAGE FROM DUBLIN.'COKK, WATKK ifSJWFOltD, OERKY, COLEKAINE, ijF.LFAST, JHKbi^rwrf. Droghrda, kc ? Persons wishing to send lor their Iriendi can lure theui brought out Irom any of the above l'"rts in firat class American Packet Hhips, on the moat reasonable termi. and without theirei|ieriecriiig any unnaceaaary detention. Mr. VV. Ta"icott, one of the hnn, will be on the spot to give his poricnal attention to the passengersengaged by the subscribers or their agents here, and persons may rely that the wishes and comforts of those whole passage may be ngaaed by them will hive all due and proper attention. For parliculirs apply, if by letf. r. cost-raid, to W k J. l'. TAP SCOTT, it their General Passage Office. 7ii Sooth ?t. cor. Maiden Lane, where, also, Draru may be ohtaiued, for large or small sums Payable on demmd, without discount or *uy other chaige, , t the National or Provincial Bunks of Ireland, or any ol tlieir branches throughout the Kinudoin mlJ nt TAPBCOTT'8 GENERAL PASSAGE OF. MjCTV KICK?Removpd from 43 Peck slip to 76 Hr uth st WBjpKa coruar of Vlaideu lane. Persons denrooa to sen I for their f iends iu the old country, can by calling on the nubse I bers make the necessary a raugeineuu on the most advantageous terms. Mr. Was Taptcotr being in Liverpool, renders transacting such business with ili-in highly beretisul to all i artira wishing to have their friends comfortably and quickly d.*s patched. Drafts for any amount, paysbl* on demand without any discount or any chvge whatever, in ill the principal towns tnroiis hnut Orest Uritaui and lieltuid. can at all nines he ch .iin-o on application to Vv. k J. T TAP8COTT. At their (ieneral Passage Oince, mil re 76 Month st. comer Maiden lane i*Ej? FOR LONDON'?I'acwet of 1st June?I he splensTnHrWdid. Inst sailinging iwcket ihtp MEDIATOR, Capt UrntaamJ. M. Chadwick, will tail punctual.y as above, her regular d ly. Title snnerior packet has very lire accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage pass-ngers, who will be lake i at very reasonable rales if early application be ina-'e on board, or to W. k J. T TAPSCOTT, At their General Passage Office, 76 South street, comer of M.aidrn Lane. Par.,..,. u,...?I t? C.;.,. .1. ship or any of the hue,or who a about to remit mosey, can make firorsble arrangements by a|.[ lying as abuye n.2Jrc SUM MEJi A RRANG EME NTS. B LOO Ml NODAL K. MANHATTAN VILLK AND KORT WASHINGTON LINK OK STAGES. dCPtor~i Ear* to Manhattaaville 12!< cents--Kort ffHPfrSfc Washington 25 cnls. This Liar will com, 'O n.enre rnaiimir on Saturday, May 4th, lill as loll.iv. ? :? Lcav.nfi Manhattnnvnle, at G o'clock A. M., and conlinnr running ?yrry hour until 7o'clock P. M Leavug New Vork. corner of Tryou Row and Chatham it, two doors east of the Harlem Railroad Dlfice. at 7 o'clock, A. M , anil continue runDingeyery hour until I P. M. Stages leaving Korr Washington for City Hall, 7% A M. and TK. IlH, 1 P. M., IK, 4 and 6H. Stages (eating City Hall for h aurt Washiagton, 9 A. M., II and I P. M., i, 4 aud G. These Stages pits on the route Reed's Hotel, Buriiham't Man tion lioiisf, Orphan Atylutn and Lunatic Asylum Strieker's Bay, Abbey Hotel, Triuity Church Ceiuetry, High Bridge to Kort Washington. B MOORE, mJ Im'rc Proprietor. K0RKV1L1.K, ASTORIA, HELL GATE KERRY. KAvEN8WOOD AND NEW VORK STAGES efllss ? Will co nmence running on .Slouday, May 1(44, as follows W?B*>"W?H Learn g Atl ina, at 7, 8, 9, and 11 o'clock, A. .VI , I, 4, i 4/s, 5X 9Ud 7 P. M. Le,ving3Ci> tharn street opposite City lieil at 7, 9, 111, and II o'clock A. M., I. J 4. S, and 7o'clock P M. This Stag" will call tor rajteoge i at 20 Bow-ry, enri ?r o f Pell stieet. and at H turd's. Vorkvilla. All baggage ,;t llie owner's risk. On he arrival ol th stag" at Astoria, it 'illim mediately h? in irauiiiess lor conveyiug passengers iO Rateus wood and l.otig Island harms. Ka e \i\i cents ll(.r? ? \:l<] W AKOM in Irl l.F,WH ? UAKTKII, mH im'w '"rnprj^'on SI M T H MUHNllf.MKN'l, NEWARK AW/> VAH YURK. KAUK 0NI.V Hj ' KNTS KK NKiA AND 4 >V Ih I HVKAMI.II RAINBOW, Ml \ N j-MIN ?. v K?- V . sxA On *''<1 ,tr Moi.4*y, >.*v II. will run ? k m- * ? if f i' <* :?L? ?* s'mvk. I it-tirfi. <vi i<* ?t. it ' i Y And D? '' M l*??' '> v? V?rk, 1 <11 III OaiCI < > .1. At 1(1 A M All i 4 I'. M . On SjinUya ? Ldivf N<-t?Afk ?t II A M And ] P. M.And >*W York At 10 A M. And 4 P. M, bUy'loth^'llii f*Tr r*M0B*b'* r*w*' ii ,i ! ?P^wwwii i i > a??ea w rc EW YORK. MON DAY M1 - ? ^ Ftiit HALIFAX AND LIVKRPOOL. ywfiWI The Royal Mail Swm Hhij BIllTANJ /^33|0n&iNIA aud CALKDONIA, will leave Boa ,oa l"',r the above porta ea lollowa? Brlaunia, Svlurdav, June I, 1814. Caledonia, Sunday, June 16, 1844. P.iaaage for Liverpool |l>.u. Paaaaxe tor Halifax 20. Apply to U. ERIOHAM, Jr., Ageut, m2l rr No. 3 Wall atroet. ?NEW YORK, 80HOOLK*'3 MPUNTAlN^^t^i^- _ the foot of Courtlaot atnvt, dai'y [ounJavv vn.rpted.] at 8 o'clock, A M , by Railroad from Jeraey City to Morrill >wn direct, without charge of Or?from thence by Poat Coaufi'i throovli iVleadhain. heater. Sell .olev'a Mountaiu, I I'ori Colden, Washington to Krston At Wu?hii)gtou a daily liue intersect* to and from Belvirlere. Kor seats apply to J. IflLL, at John Patten's Commercial llott-l, 73 Courtlaiid' str?et. N. B ?r.itraa furnished at the shortest nelicr, by applying to N.U LUlsfC, Morrrstowo. a| 2U 2m*rc jss&stdEZSaSS._ ^4* M w GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, KKOM ALBANY TO BUKKALO (394 MILK.i) BY RAIL ROAD. The only Oflice in N>w York c*ub)iih?d by the several Rail Road Companies between Albauy mi l Bulf.ilo i> at No. 49 COIJRTLANDT RTKEUT, JOHN 1'. CLARK, Uensral Attrut. NOTICE TOIMMKJRANTS. The Subscribers having been appointed agents for forwarding Immigrants by Rail Kn.i l from Albany to BtiOalo and intermediate places. ar* enabled to send llieiu during the Summer from Now York to Ulica lor $7,(Mi; to Syracuse $2,92, to Auburn $3,36; to Rochester $1,61. to Buffalo $4,40. Children Drool 2 to 12 yearri old at half price; under 2 years Ore- and all Baggage from Albany on the Rail Road it entirely free. It is evident that it comes much chf-pvr to the immigrant to travel by Kill Koid thin by Canal, he retching. Buffalo per Steamboat from New Yoik and flail Road Ir on Albany in 12 hours; wh?rea?, it taken per Canal front 9 to 10 days. The following calculation shows the result, viz Passage to Untlaloper Kill I t' to Buffalo per (laRoad $4,50 nal. say $2,00 Luggage from N. York to I Luggage to Buffalo. 40lbs an..,., i ma K. <v_ h.i. I r.,... I. r... inula... <. . ance ior loulbs II Lou of tim? at least 9 days Luggage from Albany to worth to the latioier, sty Buffalo free SO cems per day 4,SO Living for 41 hour*, *ay-** TS Living for 10 days, SO cent* ? per day S.OO Total per R. Road $0,11 ? $U,0S Deduct far' per K. Road - Ml The traveller per R. Hos.d save*. CS.62 They also forward puseogrsto ('teavelaud, l*o>Umouth and other |lUw iu Ohio; pOCrptti 8tc , Michigan; Grim Bay, Mil* f ni|li ke>i WiiWMi Twrr tory; Chicago, Illinois; and to dilfefWt plac** in Canada, at the|n?e?t rates. All information u to the dilfervut route* given truth, and rickets to be had only attlie Albany and Buffalo haii Road Office,Con'tlandt itreet. 1YOLK (ft RlCKEttS. my8 lm*rc BTATEN ISLAND ** FERRY. The Boats of thia Kerry will run a* follow* uutil lurtlitr aoiice:? STATEN ISLAND. Clifton?At 7% A M. and 4>4 I' M. Stapleton?At 7%, OX, llX A. M.. 4X. 8V. P. M. Uuaraniiuo?At 0, 10, A vl , 1, 2}?. 5, 7, I1. M. NEW YOlth. Ar 9, 11, A. M. and 2, 3ii fi. 7%. r. M. m"1! re OPPOSITION EVkni.-G LINE ruu ALBami. DIKE< T ^rvl anJ Spleudid Steamboat NEW f - lisEY, '>ajnt K. H K urey, will I >ive the mCs iiJflfii Mr pier font ?f Barclay street (north sole) ?u Wednesday evening, lith iu.-tnot, at -ven o'clock Regular days from New York, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; from Atbau^Tnevdayi. Thursdays ai d baturdvy* Tli? New lrr?i*y haRoeeu rebui't and >iunud*lled, and lilted up in the best possible in inuer. Shehes a large uuin>e- of elcfant Slate Rooms. a large and roniinoJioni Promenade Deck, a oldies' Saloon with slecpiug accommodations for Kio parsons and extrusive and airy Cabins Altogether, she hai slerping accommodations for nearly 100 peraona. Her dsuight of w ' 't ii light, so that ahe will alw iy? be able to cross the bare wiili oat detention or transhipment. mil 3m*rc HAIR CUTTING os a NEW PRINCIPLE. An explanation is necessary, in order to fully rouiprrh-nd the great advantages which will hi iw from palioniziug Phal m's new ptan ol flair Liming. Itc ? Every body bar felt the unpleasant teiisatioiis created by harms the dirty hair brush applied to his head, lor the forty s> veulh time iu a day, (and in some instances used upon the heads of in ralids) without cleansing. In view of ilns, the subscriber has deroted his entire eslabli'hment lor introducing a new ieature in the treatment of the biicr?that of having a large number of first rate bri.shes, and in no instance to be used a second nine without a thorough cleansing liy giving the science of Hair Dressing and Wig Making his sole time and atteniia. tog,thewith the greet personal comfort ensuied, at Ilia eitiblnlunei.t, ti# mlirilt ik trial lalisfiMl llial u.-firs in uas hia svaium ?en trial will appreciate the benefit and luxury afforded at uu aimi lar concern in thii cty. A private room fitted up for ladiei. Bhainaomcg aud Hair DressmEOWD. PI' \I. J#f. m7 Im'm IN Broadway. opposite 8t. Paul's. NEW GOA L Y A R U . THE SUBSCRIBERS have taken a Yard at No. 7 Hall I'lace, (t:ra' the corner or Seventh street and Third Avcuue, directly opposite Tompkins Market,) where ihey inteoo kee|> ing a stf ply ol every d ?cr pi ion of ( on, vit: - reach Orchiul, Schuylkill, Le' igp, L'veipoul, Newcaalle, Sydney, Virginia, a, d I. uinbeila d, which ihev offer at the lowest maiket prices, and a share ol , h? public pn'ronag*. Orders received us above, or at the oid stand, 411 Washington street,comer Laiglit street. WARD & BROWNE. Orders through ihe Despatch Tost will receive promi t a'tention. in 17 I in rc CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, TiO* PEARL STREET, LATE 10* BEEKMAN. 'I'HK St BSCJUBKU, v-ell kuown lor the cheaiues* and 1 durability pi hi* wink, desires to inlorui Ins pumas aud thr Public, ilia he is now, to run ihe economical tendency ol the times, making gtrments of the very ties' quality at a reduction of twenty per en' frmn former i rices, and less it ts brlieved, by twenty per cent, lliao garme..ts of th *samequilitv ar-- mule bythecli ap housei m tr.ts city. In or >r that gentlemen inav understud *li 11< meant by rhsapress, the fallowing bill of puces is subinil 'd to Cneir cuiside.-at on, with a an raniee thai ihe good* su. Il be of the lirs.-rate quality aud the lit unexceptionable Superior West of England Cloth Coats $11 to 16 Pants of Black or Douole-inill-d L'' A to 7 Vests, nfS.lh S.itiu, Sic. M to 4 Makiig aud Tiimmiug in the best style, at the fallowing Prices : ? Coats $6% to 8 Pants and Veati I>2 to l\ Su|ierior Beaver Overcoats, from 14 to 20 mil I in* en MOIUWK AND HUUSO~N RAIL KMAl) BONUS, da'e I .8.17 and 1842.?Notice is lieu by civeu that the interest doe and payable on the shove B md* on the IstofJu ?. mil, will b* paid at Ihe Mechanics' Bank, in th-ntyol New VnrB. on lirese I .11,a, . f ll.e r..1 .a,.I It..,I, I tiie la't proatno. ' OKUAOK LAW, i'reat. New York, May 16th, 1014 nil?m?l?'iii UASHIONAULK BONNKTH.?The establiahuiem 4It " Broadway, two door* above Canal atreet, la now open, ant1 aelling eveiy variety of K-i-o.-nranle Bonn-ta *20 Im^ee UAiTKD 8TATJSS UAtiUKRKiAM OALLK liY 17? vnojimrjiy, up stairs F' WHITK would rea| ectlully call the attention of citizem ' andatranjrery viaiti tg the city to hia aplnndid Collectioi of DAOl? KURKOT V I'E PORTRAITS, aingle, o- m group, 'rout two to fourtten peraona in the aama plate, whieh, in beau ty andaccuracy fdaliuration, eenuot beanrp Med. Portrtib taken in el! kinda of v\> ath.-r, either with or without colon; hpricea of which he has reduced to tlioa* chanted by the meat in -iperiei'cod in tllCb u a i n >-m . Tii* American Institute, at ita late eahibition, awarded Mr White the ftrat premium lor the bo?l Ungiierreotvin- liken,'-it (for grouping aud general elfect), which is hat another proo' of the superiority of ma portraits. Mr. White it the tole agent in New It orlt lor the very attpenor imported German Cnnieraa rod at no other e.tnbltahmeiit in the City or 8b..e can they he ohtamed. N B ? Imported German Camera*; aUo and Amen can Inatrumer.ta of the very In at quality, with Platen, Cavr Clieraicala, Poliahing Material*, Rtc . alwaya ca hand, !<> tale at the v It-. it !> i "v BI4 2m?in iVlltft. UAIiltiHili ^ MKDICATKD VAPOR AM) SLLPHCR BATH*, !W-r? lirondu n) , two door* nhovr file Hospital. Vf IIS C aIIHDlL respect ttilly ann un is to her la'rous. the Medical H acuity. and the pu*l'C, that she has removed 1 r.> n ( ourtl i dt vtvii f god - at tbltshc i her Medieaied \ | and Su'pbur iia lti ii a more commodious and central sou% lion, at. iMo. ?2S Br idw iy, where by her continued a*sidaily and strict itlmtiao, the hope* to in *r11 th- pdtMiihKe winch her es ?blishin nf hat received for the hut ejgl?:eeu years. N. B.-?bill*hui Hatha require oi.e i oar's m tice. Portal)!' Baths tent to any p -.rt of the city or its vicinity. Bathing Tuba I i li i '. m2d linrc N( )TICK T<) THE IMTBLIC" [S THE BUILulNO WHICH BHOYV.N fit CO. formerly occupied having l?een torn do an for the ptirpcs m.I meeting a inure commodou store, have removed their stock, until their new store is built, t > No. 1 Molt and 12u Chatham streets, oppi site Rosevelt street, where may h? found a 'arye and complete aasorrrn* tit t f Hats and Cstts, o' every ntv I** now worn,such a? imitation Beaver and M-desk in Also, a very lira supply of fine Pan a tin Hats, fog-ther with (vetitleiii -js', Boys' mid Infat.ts Leghorn Hats, liriitleinens and Boys' loth i id Bilk Velvet a n. of the latest fishieo; ( hitdrei Kaucy Caps of Clorh and Vehet, some r.ew patterns, innch admi el All t above mmsJ articles will !?e sohl as low as ? ?.1 I # ii>irrhi?Kil in I In i*if v IV \T It I! ( I W V

iii2J tin* la 126 Chatham oppoaite Uojeve't. <> \H I IKS A\l)~ IKWV.I.IIV VEltV LOW. A S THE AT U " if conitanlly receivingal Ideinripaa. li >ni of Mold and Silvi-r Walchei, of the IKWfft ?tyli'?, from the mannf.ietnreri m England, H'rnr.ce and Switie land, hp iienahl-rl to offer a larger etaortmeet, no J at much l*?? pricet at ret,il. thiu any otic r honfi in thecitv Mold Wotchri ai low ia $20 to f % each. Watchrt and Jewelry each oieed or bought. AM Walch-a worr.iutrd to hiep good tltm-, or the money returned. Watehea, Glorki, and Jewelry repaired in the b"it maimer ami warranted, lower than at any other place in the city. (i C. aLI.KN, Importer of Watchea and JewelrC whol?aileanil retail, ml# m"rr 3o Wall afreet, up iunr? HE E K ! "IFE'E K ! BEEF ! ON HAND AN!) H'Olt HALE, in Iota to anit ptirehaim HI VALENTINE'S, 4# EiHtnn Market, IMIhirrtli H'.Ura Mm Beef a choire article, all ielccle,l piece,; 2AS 1 trr,l? < oy (eipeeied Men Ueef, warrartail; and inn half hnrr*lf of Haimly Beef, very line irt-ndeJ for the aonthviii market. The above line/ n t .ickad in a e.a'efnl end jadiciona piarre'r anil will keep food in any dim vie with n't catting flit It. ,:c mem'ier V ALEN TIN V.'s OLH EST A HI, I All M K. NT n>?4 fi'nlt"* \1 a fit At M. KICK'S CASH TAILORING ESTABL1S FH ME NT. AT194Can .lfireet.miv he fonnl a general araoiimeut of CLOTH* i \S4SEMEK, S \\f) VESIM Mln, of th. Ii ei' put on. Iioimtit ei. re ?l for Hp io( aid Su i.mer weir, which wi|r h rni'ie up in the m at f ohini.ahie alvle, it I'ue a to tint the tmiea. for ca?h r,nly Mcntl in ilr iihiut th-ir own cloth em hav it mirle np ia I lie .? ii I ihion al -er-. I w iticei?Ooo I'm 'Vaifp.t il ? Alio, on hind a l.i go Jtock of ?'iidid *-ck Com rrr |, m t ill iifMiiny i i* pnc-J who i 10 K'i mi iiiiniier I'M! in I iinr tin t?nn Mr, Kl< I t*uil*r? hit ?inrer? thenk* If) hn f-?rirw fn ! >nirri lor n eir rttamiTO ui.l lil)*rn| pur .nnn* end hop*? by n?idii.ue itmtiiu to DooiooM to continue to merit their Totoi*. malt lm*m II III IIIMI I IH? ! ! ! I ! IW IRK I ORNING, MAY 27, 1844 SQUI It K BOGUS' GREAT LETT FOR AGAINST JAMES GORDON BENNETT AND THI NIAV YORK A NO EKIK RAIL ROAD COMPANY. A HKfOND LKTTKll To THE PUHLIC IN RELATION to the NEW \m AND ERIE RAILROAD CO. " Non fi mum . t fu'stoie, sei e* turned ire lucrin ''?I{nr. " 1 think I utter, ami j; end my malica iu uiy breath WM O. BOtiUS, PRINTER, ' " N 01 .'3 tin J '36 Pine Street, Evening Post Buildings " Ebik Km. Uo.iu.? How I'omti on tho subscription tc the trie Rail Road I This in the inquiry made m vanuui quarters. ilow much has Stephen Vvlutuey, or Williun 15. Aster, or any t.l the other wealthy mm ol this cii) subscribed ! This question is uske.i at every corner. 1< it to be supjiosed that the people ol this city will lreely pour out their money und suhscrihe to llns road?whicl wo admit would be a great source ol advantage to thu city, if speedily completed?unless the capitalists urn wuuithy men show how anxious they are to hare it liu islied, und to what extent tliey will go I " Let us havo no more talk about the trie Kail Road Come up to thu lack, gentlemen, Judder or no louder, as Davy Crockett used to say. 1'ut down your money, ye ricn men, whose property will be benuhtted?down with the dust."?New k'ork Herald, .'I/nit 30. Chatter I. Open* rich?Si/uiir Bogg's ideas about a Gentleman? " IVhtit Jtdain delved and Eve s/ian, II ho was then a gentleman Sijuire Hoggs gets erwlite, and quotes the Ijitia Grammar. This precious morceauz of insolence and vulguiity is presented to tiie notice .1 the public lor the purposu ol exhibiting the ut' ur degradation at least, il not, tho des perate condition to which bad management has at length brought this most important and well conceived uiiduiu king. Had indeed must the altairs of any company be that tin advocacy ol such a champion will not, as a matter ol course, lender woise?and lost indeed to ail gentlemanly leeling and pride must those be who can, under any enOttmitlMMi eutiit tuck un ally I f or Horatio Allen, the President, and lor James Brown, Esq., thu Vice President, to commit blunders may be their mislui tune and not their luult?but lor thuse Esquires to apply to James (ior uuu nenueii, t.s</. ::: to us*i?t mem in tmduciug two ol the inoal respectable gentlemen in this city, wiiom this man chooses to uddress, with his customary insolence, as Stephen Whitney ! and Vim. ii. Alitor ! u an act which both in it Mull unit iu ita possible consequences demands the most distinct and unqualified reprehension. What excuse can be ottered lor such an unjustiliable outrage r None. Can it be denied ? James tierdon lleuuett, ??</., tells you his system is the cash system, and that oxo?and he /noirs it too by making ?/u'v the smgli exception to the truth ol all his other asset lions. Kxcep tio prohat reguluni?theretore?has or has not James Got don Bennett, Csq., been pant tortile abominable slander by his friends, lloratio Allen, ??</., and James IJrown, ?17 the,President anil Vice President ol tho New York and Krie llailroad ? Will James Gordon Bennett, ?.?(/ deny this ??cola depend?if more rash can be had by the de uial, than by concealing or admitting the luct, then lit will ol course deny?but a friend would whisper to hn silly and unsuspecting dupes, lirst, that nobody would be lievo him in either cuse? and secondly, as hut to* man) such loolish attempts already testily, it would not be verj uusy to satisty the fair demands of such uu ally lor assist nig those whose lolly, or whose Jean, have once plaee< them in his jiowtr?uo?no?the cuse admits ol little doub in the minds ol any one?the extinct given ut the begin mug ol this letter was inserted at the instigation or reque*' oi lloratio Allen, ?s</., uud Jaines Brown, ??y.,?and i further prool be required, it will not be very dilticult ti produce it, without tiotibliiig either of the tnree woitliy citizens here mentioned, by w hose joint "eildrts," (a lavo rite word of Mr. Allen's, and peculiarly applicable to ah his performances,) this triendly and genetous attack upon two of their neignbors, has been published. Cmai'tkk II. Squirt things hteomtt ojllicttd with u diarrhim ol Hit? II. II.... --I. hill', til I II. I.. I.,. I. It must not be supposed, however, tor ouu instant, thai alltlie blunders ol this new iirni of Messrs. Allen, Browi unit Bennett, (a limited partnership, wherein Bennett con tribute* truss?Blown, goM -arid Allen, hail!) it must no be supposed that either .Mr. Stephen Whitney or Mr.Wm it. A*lor can bo affected in the least by ridiculous charges such a* those contained in ihu article heiein alluded tostill lea*, it |>o?slI)le, even coming from no heavy a linn mat these geiillemeii require any uiher lelulatiuu, or re ply, than iu the common and ordinary intercom an witl their teiiow ctti?us tin y, tkmiVH, wni Codanpteop portunity to otter?the mere attempt at a detence?tin slightest notice, even by uny on>' who know * their char Ctur, requires thi* disclaimer When Mr. Whitney uik Mr. Astor hnd it necessary to noticelhe remarks ol .lame, (>01 don Bennett, Km/., or those ol hiilnonds Messrs Allei and Urowu, so long as tliey remain so, then indeed wit they be no longer the same Stephen Whitney and IVm. II Astor, impudently mentioned in the extract now under re view ; nor will the repetition of it again produce the din gust which every one now fuels at its malignity, no les tlian its absurdity. It is the animus ? it is the nyirit ol th< remarks and the nhjrct ol the wriltr, that call lor censur and reproof?let this be understood, an 1 then this first par ul the toul and stupid remarks alluded to are sufficient!) answered. But " the devil can cite Scrip utc lor his purpose." So i seems this N. Y. Ilerald can occasionally ho useful to iti arc anion nl readers?this is the rase with the article now under consideration ?and it is the use and the use on!) which is here intended to be pointed out in it, that lender i its republication nt all excusable. A very little rellectioi will immediately discover that the whole question at issue between the managers of this ill luted I ompany and tin public, is contained in the following query of the Herald and its friends Is it to be supposed tnut the people of the city will freely pourout their money, and subscribe to tin: roau?wnicn we admit wouni he a great source ol udvun | tago to thi* city if speedily completed?unless the capital isti* ami wealthy men how how anxious they are to havi it tiuished, Hiid to what extent they will go.;" Chatter III. Si/niie ttoftgi Itcoinri nwtajihyiical, and aicrrlaiin the <h]j tence between tweedledum uad tweedte-d e. This is the gist of the whole business? to answer thi< correctly is, in the elegant language of the Herald, ti " come up to the rack, gentlemen, fodder or no fodder" there is, however, a great difference between tiger liun' uig and being yourself hunted by a tiger-as there is als< between asking a i|iie.stion merely lor information, am dbcovering, too lute, that it has most unexpectedly hu clearly exposed, in its answer, both your own ignoiauci and your own guilt Chapter IV. jlUrmniz?S'ym'ri liners is in a tier led iron y j " IVIw. why ': what: oh ! Mies Poll y Ho dor t You bother me so ? Oh ! oh t oh ! this i|uestiou then he answered: Why i!? not the ricli and the weultky subscribe to this railroad? Or, put tin ipiestion more correctly, and on its broadest hasis : If'/n should any onr subscribe under the ji tsm I clrrumstnnres <1 the Company hi this railroad lias it thus far been well ma uuged I or, has it not been most shnim fully mismannged I I it well in imaged now? Are the men at the head of ils a!lair men of intelligence, accustomed to conduct Urge pubic works? Are they men ol standing in the community ! \ro the accounts of the Company kept correctly ? Do the; exhibit a trim and intelligible statement ol m-M/ifs am .11.,. j ifliwim? nil der pecuniary embarrassment I 14 the Undertaking wtill ii progress/ is it involved in litigation, and it so, tu who extent, and why I Chspti:* V. fi/tirr Itngi;s thinks hlw pill and l olocynlh good fur tin jaundi e?Jlr thinks it good In take care oj one's poor vela lions ? llr thinks the rainbow?he thinks?he iloes'nt knou what the devil he thinks. Now, then, when all those questions can be answered as every honest and sensible niuu would desire to have them answered if the same questions were put with reft r once to his own business and hie own property?why, then, not only should the rich and the wealthy, hut rrrnj man in the community according to his msans, at once and with one ai rard, subscribe tu this noble, and clear-sighted enterprise and they would do so-because it neither nquires public meetings- public speakers-nnr even the reports of Horatio Allen, Esq., to prove ? railroad connect ing, not the far West, hut the great I f'esl -city by the shortest rente, under proper mono gem ml,'m greatest boon as well as the must important work which '' - the enterprise, and the common interest oj two distant com devised. All this is ut u moment self-evident it does not labored details ol Inns of this, and gallons of that, based upon hypothesis to prove it there is no need of hypothesis here at all, the broad and indisputable fart is ol itselt sufficiently apparent Why, tin n, do the present managers constantly harp upon the hacknied theme of the inevitable results of this roa.l, unless it be to expose their own ignorance, their own lolly, and perhaps to, something voc e Hut the miserable condition of tins < ompatty is not yet suttiriently told- Why is Horatio Allen, Ksq? President ol this C ompany ? I* it because lie is the relation ol lames Drown, ICsq., or of some member of the family I Why is James Drown Esq , the Vice President ol the Company I Is it on condition that his relative should lie the President with a salary of *3000 tier annum f or will either ol these Enquire* give any other reason lor thrir undertaking " the reapoimilde and dillicult dutirs n <|uired by the rltuntlon of the < ompany." Horatio Allen, in hi* report kindly state* that " public consideration* alone" induced him to undertake hi* office very patriotic indeed -and only to he compared to tne following di.nnteroated action (trice upon a time there wa* erected in honor oi Jupiter a nt.i'ue, covc re I with u roho or mantle of purr ,;ohl some h w patriot took oil" the golden one, nnd put in it* place a woollen one, a* being much warmer, observing " i hrhavrt ui Intake rare of Jupiter!!" or, a< our patriot* nowa-dayi .ay, " pithtii eoiuiiirratinne alone" induce ita to take carl of Jupiter?the ipild in the one c,a?e, and the aollnrn in tin other, hoing of cauT'e not it ? principal " conalderation' far auch very g-neio i* and praiseworthy action i Br,I Ir. Allen I* nut aatUlhd with giving hi* rnarona for uc opting the oltice of I'reaident of the I oinpnny, withou nl .o informing the stockholder* now much Aecandotoi thorn; accordingly. he toll* it* that he can complete tin roail the whole 400 mile* ot road - with proper aitit/an< > Bravo, Mr. Alien why tlui would be quite equal ty tin IE R A1 performance of another very icimihle man, who, ujioii beluK aske.l it he could teach the French tun|{uugc. observeJ "certainly, without the leant ditliculty, with the aid oj j mailer!" But to return. There in certainly " no ofl'euce" in taking care of oue'a none?poor one* most enjae dully; it wouM he bettert'or the more notice and more regard were paid to their necessities than ? ?hewn; I lit tins opinion must lie understood to apply un.y money ia to come out ol their own pocket*, for otherwite the relative* instead of bcinu as it oinrht to lie n ideastirc ????? tonicthiiur verv much like a Hand, ? lien improperly effected of their neighbors. There ure, undoubtedly, all the sliadt s of the rainbow itsell in cases ot this description, Irom entire ignorance of the capabilitiea oi the candidulv. which, however, is no excuse, to w illul und premeditated plunder itsell on the part oi the patron. Now, in the |>i eaent case the relationship admitted what are the set vices of both Horatio Allen, >?'?(/, and .James litown, Ksq , not as respects how, or why, they became tiie President and Vice President of this t Oinpany, this is now past, but in older to see bow far they may be expected to be beneficial to their employers, the stockholders, for the Intttre.? What has .Mr. Allen done 1 Vide Report! i " Kor His the sport to have the engineer i Hoist with his own petur." 1 What has Mr. James Brown done J nothing?simply be' cause liis own business is too extensive lor him to devote * any portion ol his lime to the business ot the Railroad? ' and this he hi mat If admits ; J Chaptxr VI. I The It arm d Squire Hoggs, The honest Squire Hoggs, 'J he funny Squirt Hoggs, The metaphysical, quizzirat Hoggs illiX Thinks Htnnrtt, and allien, and Hrown, And half, the Squires in tou n, .1 pack oj greedy, devouring dogs ! .fig Itaw-hones, jaw-hones, cross-bones and skeleton, dv Thus does gaunt and grim I J on Hoggs jolt tut-on ! Here then is u work of the magnitude und importance ol the New York and Krie Railroad thus munuged, until it Iihk uctually become, lrom vunous causes, u mere luinily job ! (would that it were tho only job, bad us this is,) and yet James Brown, h'.S((., and llorutiu Allen, Kmp, can, 1 nevertheless, with perlaci sung fro id coll upon their iniI maculate friend, James Gordon Bennett, Keep, to inquire of the " cupitulists and wealthy men" of tins city why s( ' they don't subscribe to it '. and tbis too in the very laco r' of their own Trust Deed making over the entire i rtecis ol '' the company lor the benefit ot creditors, w ith power to ' sell the road to the best bidder ! it the assignees think tit ! ' Then, uhnest in thesunie breath, this President and Vice n President cull for \ ! per share lrom the much abused t, stockholders, under u threat ol lorfeuure il not paid ! Is not t, all this excellent I Why not call lor the whole capital u! c SUM? Gli. tins would be ridiculous, not a *lnt more than to call lor one cent. These " capitalists and wealthy men," Impudently men ), tioned by the "Herald "are in luct, tho very "luud-inai ks" 1 to their fallow citizens to warn them liom danzrer us well us 1 to direct tlit'ir steps. 7 hey h'ivo too much good *011*0 to j 1 throw away their money to such manageia! ami too i much honesty to suH'ei their names to he used an decoys e to eutice others to subscribe, although it may promo e the interests of a relative, or peihaps obtain a little populaiity, ut the expense of a tew thousands, which, il they g so choose to consider them, may not tie to them a matter of any great import, whilst a ten' dollars only to their less c wealthy neighbors, improperly invested, may be ol'tlie utmost ini|Kirtance to themselves anil their huiulies. These . geiilleinen scorn to do this?in short, when such tin n ar u , Mr. Astor uiul Mr. Whitney do take their proper place ti 1 in the work of this ltailroad, either by their purse or in ' their persons, let the public " put their shoulders to the ri wheel'1 too, anil not before?i/u's will !? the proper time 1' s for them to subscribe?If they contribute one dollar pre- K 1 vious to this, will Ihiy nut lone Ilieir man-y without tven " the satisfaction oj advancing the work itselj one Jool } Do tliey still doubt this 1?let any stockholder or per. ' haps some person about to subscribe to whst is called till' - New Vork und Kria Railroad < ompany, take the trouble 1 to inquire ill wlint Hunk the cash oj the company is at lire- . t smt kc/it: Will they be surprise I or not, 11' tliey should 1 - discover 1/111/l/ie company has no hank account!.' that ail t the funds of this company are received by, and placed first < I in the pockets of a young man ol the name of Kd. 1'ierson, il > uud then transferred to bis privute account in the National 1 liauK ! ! Should or should not the treasurer ol such 11 company n I ?s thin be not only a rttnontibl* man, hut also a man ut n i note in the community I U, or in not, Mr. hid. I'm son p such a man I I [To he continued ] I Singular Debut of Lola Months at Paris.? i t The manager oi the (Jrand Operu was most |irotii- * gal Inst week. lie gave us " La Polku," it new '1 nalle'., nml Millie. Lulu Montes, a Spanish dancer, un- i known, yet hunouu. The newspapers beyond the llhine s mentioned thin lady *01110 months ago, on tlie occasion ol a tivuk which greatly disturbed the composure of the a northern court*. Being, we believe, at Warsaw, and attending u review ot the Russian troops, the *uid <lansen*e who 1 ode 11 Irtaky horse, ventured beyond the limits im posed upon the public. An attempt was tnnde to inuke ner re-enter them, hut the impetuous Spaniard re?|>uiided to it with her riding whip, and routed a party of Muscovite, gendarmes. This sort of liberty could not r< noun unpunished, and tl.o Governor ot Warsaw issued a w arrant for the apprehension of Mdlle. Lola. But Millie l.o t ta had not patted with her whip; she applied it to the I routs t and rears of the government's agents, and, i,uick as lightning, lied and vanished. The government sent a squadron of cavalry in pursuit of her, hut ( the townspeople protected herreiieat, and there was utmost a riot on the occasion. From that moment the name of the brave and valiant Hpaninid acquired a degree ol celebrity, and Pari* remembered her prowess quite well, when, a few days ngo, it was informed that two foieign dancers, Mdlle. Certto and Mdlle. Lola Montes, had just entered its wall*. Mdlle Cerito had olten been demanded by the huhituit of the opera; hut for theptesent there w as ( too strong a comiietition tor her to stand. The triumph. A1.I.1 I I... I-... Ilnlln.. J ..I II... .Ml ' .......... DWinm uioiu,?un.U, I "HIT, | Milan, Vienna, and London, could not rival the horse s whipping dealt by Mile. I.ola in a mamruvring field, and !, , helote a Russian army. " Let us have Lola Monte*," crie<t ,, tne orchestra, stalls and pit; " we with to nee wliethei ? her font be aa light as her hand." forthwith were the ,, opera gates thrown open to her, and surely never did or- ^ cnextra, stall, and pit, witness a more astounding tntrrr After her first leap she stopped short on the tips ot hei toes, and by u movement of prodigious rapidity, de- 1 tin-bed one of her garter*, to the utter ema/.e r ment of every opera glass. Mademoiselle Lola then 1 took another leap to the very edge of the ptose. ' cerii'tm, shaking with hor lingers the ribbon >vhieb 1 bad just encircled her b g, and mustering her most I r lancinating graces, she flung ti.ot rihbon to the spectators ? Mdlle. Funny Klssler was content to send kisses to the ' public in brr Cachuclias; but Mdllo Klssler was but n > Spaniard of Derlin?Mdllo Lola Monies, who is a Span | aid of genuine breed, sends her garter to the ainnteiits, which is far morn Andalusian like. But, notwithstanding ? the excellent ell'ect produced by this piquant eccentiicit) , I Mdllo. I.ola has riot met with the reception she expected. ( ' Iter style of dancing has not been understood, ana it list ' boon deemed propar to dispense with her second debut, ' although it had been announced, lint w hen it became necessary to go end notify to the haughty Amav.on that she ' could appear no more at the Opera, nobody would under- L take the task, so much was tau aforesaid famous riding , whip dreaded. , \ letter 1)1 nl u tie prudently deliveied to tl.i j ifatuuur'j c.atnerista, and the opera posts were as prudent I ly IIOUOICII. I II .UK* TO llll'SI1 pHC-HUllOUS, IIIOIO lins 1,4-eII no noise nils, or bruises; matter* have passed properly, I I and Mdlle. Lola Monti s may solace herself with the per , I suasion that she ha* been the victim of a diplomatic ca- : hnl. and been sacrificed to the pretensions of l(u>-?iu. i /'mil /Vint. I , Improvement in American Ciikksf?The following is 1111 extract front a circular published by i I one ol the oMnut and moat respectable cheese merchant* , in London. A? it ii addressed to the ilairynu n <1 th)? , country, and n it poin'a out the defect* in our mode <d , manufacturing the article, it is of tho highest importance to our cheese m.iktr* to observe the direction which r contains Advtcea from the Liverpool muikct, con oho li rate what in contained in thin extract. n " I WO i d continue strongly to n commend the importance n of the introduction into tin* di inn of the I 'niti d Slate*, ol tl deeper cheere tutu, (or lioopa,) that the cheese may hi n thicker in shape, and not so brood ; thin will tend very a , much to their presei vntion from damage hy breaking in tl shipment, and while it will render them much more sale- (, aide in Ihi: market, it will also ad ! to their real value foi keeping purposes in the home market Cheese should hi ully two-thiidx as thick hs the di me ter across. In man} f instances the thickness ol Knglisli cheese as Iully eipial ' to their diameter JJ I would further suggest that'll would he well for dairymen to adopt the practice of dipping the cheese into scald' * ing water, when taken out of the press, before the cloths ' tiro taken oil' Thi* tends greatly to toughen the rind, and ) thereby r?iidcrs it much better lor keeping purpose* at " home, ns well as for shipping abroad. I would also re ' commend more attent on in lutureto the breaking up and mixingol thermits before putting into press*; thi* will m si. 11 tl,.. rhciicn , curb ? < s I .! an I !t, s. frrrni tl... nmwll n. .. * i spaces which an-loo common in American cheese gei erally, an I which tend to injure it* value and readiness ol * ilc'iri all market' t heese should he solid, and closely knit, and Irrrfrorn hole* a* butter, lard or any other substance.". Host'in.?Iloff on never before prospered n w ell. *or extended it* liusmenM ho lust ns at prc-> n' The regular mail communication with Knrope is of gr< it m! ' vantage to i*? capitalist*, and the railroad facilities ol ; Mpial advantage to the traders. We notice the adver- " tiaemeuta ol Boston dealer* to tie now ipnte as ntirm ion> in our exchange papers, from Nov* Scotia to the Initio ?t Honth am! west us those of the New I orker? and I'liilnih I ., phians. linder these impulses the business of Boston i? , outgrowing the city, and stretching far into the suburb* ., In nil the auhuih tow ns c.f Boston, ? gri at de ll < f money is being made by the advance in real estate, and by tin (1 llostoiiien* having been Ctow'e I out el the city lor dw el- , ling* and build.nps for manufacturing purpose*, so lle.t land and hums, which a year or two ago sold by the acre, now sells by thi foot, in many cse i at an enormous a ( vnnce In Newton, Biookline >irvt other towns, farms, which a year ince might has e been ha I lor *>.'fin an acre, 1 have been cut up into lots and sold at the rate of neatly t'.tHKt an acre. There is no doubt a solid foundation lor a I' \ considerable portion el this ndiance. lint like evt ry III ng else in thi? country, it will he driven to extreme*.? >' ' fmn i' / " 1 Wmtiikc a i mi-: IOaht. We I.urn fr??tu ti c r Portland Ksprcss that tills month, thus far, has hi i e\' cce lingly cold in that ipiBrter. On Tuesday ami \Vr?'. neslay evenings last, 'bete was a heavy host. In Oxfoid 1 taunt) the ice was a ipiaitur ol an inch thick. LD Hrlre Two Cent*. City I.lie. Tutu?"The 8ia ' The atreet, the street, the crowded ?tre?,( Where thronge ol high and low do meet Willi u opium uuil raita. nml Uien Hi: Iiun A place of fuxi ami Irolic and noi?t ; When the shopman lo cheat the apoony trlei, Anil like a wicked creature lie". I'm on the pave, I'm on the pave I am where I would ever live ; With the rign* above, and the shop* below, And voice* u herever 1 go. It a row should come, and atop my path, Whut matter, what matter?1 nhali look, and laugh. 1 love, O, how I love to he In u tierce, tunning, roating spice, When gas lighla' Maze in bright on ull, An I *i.i?t!ci the cove hi* gathering cail ; And trip* the watch in thcttnet below. Or knock* him dow n w ith n smashing blow*. I never wu on a dull tamo shore, But I loved the city more and more, And hack 1 flew to the crow ded ftreot, My city croniea and trieud* to meet ; For a city dame wa? my motherfaii, And 1 wiuhorn in Hanover Square. The street* were tuil, and clear Ilia moin, In the uoiay hour when I wa* born ; The engines rattled, the rail* they rollid, And the broker* showed their heap* of gold ; And never wu* heard such an outciy wild, As welcomed to lifethi* city child. I have lived since then in noise and strife, Full lorty summers a city life , And wvulth have got, anil influence gained, And aiwuys have sought and got tho change '. And death, whenever him I must meet, Must come through the noisy crowded street. II. Disc tsut ? Arsisi, Brougham, they say'* expected to heccme A rival to the (initial Tom Thumb. Tom Thumb is small, but Brougham, all confe**, ( otitinues daily growing less and lei*.?J'unrh. l-ahi.nkt iNKws.?tjeneranom l numb has been > often sent for to tin- I'alaee, that a spttdy change in the ihinet is looked U]ion u? inevitable. It is mmor* it that le General bus alieady wtitteu to Lord brougham.? 'utuh. , A lticn Scene.?A day or two since, a counttytitn walked into an office in New York ; without lung any particular notice of his wlieientiouts, he took 11 his coat and cravat, t lire v. them on u chair, sat down, rosscd his legs, and in hu uuthcritativo tone, called out? " Is that w uti'r hot !" " Water,air!" said tlio clerk, who had been watching is movements with some little curiosity, "whatwatei, ir 1 You must he under a mistake "Mistake the d? 1, sir! I want to he shaved. Why ori't you get things in readiness I I'm in a huriy " I heg pardoh, sir, this is not a barbel's shop ; it is an xchunire office." " An exchange ottice 1 there must be something wiong, y hokey 1 asked a person in the street w here I could et shaved, and he directed me to come hen." The clerk looked daggers, and the customer put on his aat and sloped. A Postmaster in New Jersey lately received a 'iter Iroin Washington, admonishing him that the me had arrived for an organization of the Tyler party in u town. The 1'ostmaster replied, that no exertion wus iqnisiteto produce io desirable hu even' ; tliut the Tyler arty in that town was in the most admirable state ol oram v. at ion and efficiency. It consisted ut himself and the lau who carried around the letters, both well oiguiuzed '. kvWAiia nv M vn er ? K:t in " on ut ,,n?- I ,i i to ?,* _ Hin to Another, " Sam, doe* jour (ntaolmastei ever gi\ o ou any reward* ol muni I" " I R'po*e he doe*,'' was the teioinder , "he (fivi* me a ickin' legtilurly every duy, and *uj * I merit* two 1'' Dandy.?Whut in more hateful tlinn puppyfied undo-*, stepping like a wax dull on wire, and talking a* I the Knglndi language was too vulgar to heapokin ' Ve heard one ol them Ihu* addre** hi* rum| anion :? Koine weatheali this manning Wonduli how the the. lonietah stand* to-day. Such a v oiiiptuoiiH utmof plu-ali i* io?t delicioii*. I lay, retail, living me a moil deloightliil niich and chu Regai n, will JOU !" llua-i-ah \?Ntw Jhfomp. >atri?t. {?-/ A Washington correspondent of tlie lMulncli liia Gazette, write* that I'ernco'scolouul statue ol an niuan woman, whicli has been elevated by the tide of the tattle ot Columbus in somewhat free fin this latitu e ? ['he I'lenident and hli tail ily drove up to have a look et t, hut the moment they came within sight, the ladit* creamed and away whirled the carriage. Fact.?There ure some folks who write, talk nd think to much on virtue, that thry have no tine to iractite it. "Have you reudCus*' Tixa* letter 7" ' Ye*- an i a utatr .tnati meh a* he, Would sho . hi*character the better To w rite his name withe ut the Proiidrnct Journal {jrj-Elder Knni>p, in a sermon, n cently compared lie old lukhionahle minUter* to a mol**?e* hogkhead, with he nuniRter* iniide, preaching out the bung-hole. * (|r;f- A Philadelphia paper lias the following epi;rurn Mark, what 1 my ! Save Henry (;lny, In our hoii7on. The brighi'Kt star, 'That hruniR afar, is Kieliughuyaen 1 Kathkk Verdant?The "New Ifnven Kegi:er" relates a capital story of one of the members if the Connecticut Legislature, who wn* piesintat Gov lalilwin'a " nieni/y" on the evening of " election day."? tipping Inatly at the liiRt gla?n ol ice cream he had evet een, he approached a person wlinm he ktip|aiKed connectid with tint family, and with a fort of " 1 11 keep thadv"' ir. whi*iieri-d. " vinir cream litre, n-; \on rail it. i* iu et ned lir?t rate?but I gtieu you didn't know it was froze, lid ye r I'aymknt i oii CtooD Books?Mr. Stephen?, tinher ol incidents nl travel m Central America, In.a cceived lrom the Harpers, ns the profits of this work, >10,000?the same firm have paid recently to Mr I'resrott, nr Ins work, entitled the <oiii|tit *t ol Y.i \irn, f 7,600, and he demand for the work still continue!; tuey have also taid to the learned l)r. diaries Anthem more than JdMtoo mnually, lor several y eats, us copy right for hit various llassical and school books. To Htufconshits.?We have the higlnist nuikority or anying thnt the endorser in not responsible upon I note, vrberu the protest is not mude out by a duly 8|ilointed Notuiy Public. In other words, that the office of *otaty ennot lie deputised, and that where a t lerk in a tank either mails the notice, or serves it personally the votary cannot |(ivsr the required certificate We have ;ood reason to tielieve tlint the Hunk nl Luiningburgh is itirsuing this course ; if so, the Directors me not doing uitire to the stockholders. A comparison of the handwriting of the lilliUK rp of a notice or protest, und direrion, with the signature of the Notary whose name tnay >e attached, will detect the imposition.? 7.antiiig6ur;A Dem. The Himbi h.?The " Midnight Cry" < I he '28(1 inst. mp :?44 We confers iliat our publish d time i* />??(. Mini that, ?? honest mrn, we cannot point :o definite days in tlio future. We believe the 'JIHKi Jays n ill xtend to llie > m> : mid that the end ran only be ilel.i) i d so long ui our published lime, reckoning by uic niplred chronology, may have varied irom God's time." Mai nktic Tki.ecpaici -Thm telrgrnph him ' inn completed Irom Wi.shington cilv to the rniload depot in I'ratt street, tvheie it uill stop lor the preent. II ha* exritcd Considerable attirition, penph'being tlrioUf to m e It ill npeimion. 'I he wire (pell, ctly m our d against the weather by a covoiisg ef rope yarn and nr) i-conduct. 1 on the top of |?>* s about twenty feet U'h .in I about ion y arda apart We nndi island that the luminatiotia on Monday next w ill be forwarded to Wellington by n.' mil ol telegraph. We have no ilonht lint government will der m it expedient to continue thi* lrgiiiph to Philadelphia, New York and Doaton, whin k utility shall have been fully tested When understood lie mode of operation is plain and simple haltimmr j 'li/iprr, May 'i.'i. The Season at ihe Soptii ? Tin* Muci n Telereph ol the tilat inst. aays : ?" Though spring is scarcei half gone, we aie in the midst et slimmer? the ther lometer ranging Irom H7 to OA in the shade. In fact, tbern as been no spring the seasons having made but one tep trom winter to summer For eight or nine weeks s? e ave not bad rain enough to lay the dust in a church aril?much less that kirk.'.I up by the political gather riga which have been ?o frequent of late. Consequently air gardens urn almost entirely destroyed, and our field rops about the same. H'e are glrel to learn, however, hat the drought do. s not . xteml all over the Wtata in ome ( arts, even ol the adjoining counties, they have had nod seasons, and the corn and cotton crops are-promts, ng The wheat crop t" generally a fair one; hut tho oat t op, so far as we has heard, will he a failure. Tin; Com?The crop* in all thin region 0j' ountry never looked better than rt present. The wenIn r his thus I n hi "n unrommonly favorable tor all ucriptions "I vegetation, and there is every promise that ie labors ol the husbandman will he rewarded with an liuiulnnt harvest. The accounts is e receive from every solum of the cot.rilty, arc equally favorable ?On/?i m >po*t7nry, Mt kdh: ?A man named liunnella, wlio wan on is ssiiy frontb>he||>y county, Texas, sriilut load id alton wiih which ho was going to Hhriaveport, was tin 11 y murdered on the night of Sunday , the Atli instant. y three men who rode up to the place where he livd miin il (sir (tin nirrlit u< Li il for- snm..*. nll,l n i l ore ado niiot him dead and immediately fled Mr Htinctr? Mm and another man were in company willl him, nl they did not know the murderer*. The editor ol the nddn < la/ette tr an been informed *mrp, that the men w li? illed Hnnnelt'a jmnoie.l him fioin Tens , and that they ad an old (trudge agninat him. NfMr.Ftt or Drains tif Cor.v if a IhfiiKf..?An Inglish farmer haa given tin- /dl'twini; .is there lit nt an experiment to nm rtmn rl e ? eight and tintn' i r I a Winchester hn?hol of earh . I the und.tmintln <d it* ol grain : ? tf'< libit of Us So. in ci i.e. Wheat *' WMiimn Ttarli wnntr.i < i.i * *' 1,'Jfln i un raplirifii id l n (Kin iior*? hewn. , .. . .#4 37,1'OQ