Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1844 Page 1
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rgi |_| Vol. X., No. 14V?Whole No. 3710. To Clio Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?put llihad every day of the year except New Year's day an Fourth of July. Trice 'J cent* per cbpy?or >7 id per M Bum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Baturda; morning?price 8J cent* per copy. or M 1? P?r annumpostagee paid, cosh in a Ivance. , . ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ( tho Herald U over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasinj last. It has the largest circulation of any paper in this city or the world, and it, therefore, the best channel for husines stun in the city or country Prioee moderate?cash in ad vance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate price, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaorniETOR or thk Hkrald Eitablishmkrt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. CI SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. M M M fib ^PassaTr can be euRaKfdTomLivrrJ>o<>rb^he following spleu did packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of racket sailing as under From Liverpool. _ . The ship COLUMBUS. Captain Cole, on the 16th February Theship YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, osi the lit March. The shl> CAM BRIDGE. Capt. Barstow.lClh March. The ship ENGLAND, Captain Bartlett, lat April. Tliealiip OXFORD, Captain Ilatnbune, 18th April. The ship MONTEZUMA. Captain Lowber, let Mar. The ahip EU ROPE. Captain Kurber, 1 Kati May. The ahip NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, lat June. In addition to theaborrsuivrior ahipa, the subscriber's agents will have a succession of first class American ships despatched, aa customary, from Liverpool, every four or five ilaya throughone the year, lo the different parts in the United States, by which passage can be seen red at v duced rates. Tnoae tending for their frieuda residing in Great Britain and Ireland, may rely tha/ every care will D* taktai to make pusarngewi as comfortable as lliey can reasonably expect, and snonlil ihe passenger* not come out. the passage money will be promptly refunded. Oralis can us Haual be furnished, payable at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches; Eastern Bunk ol Scotland and bunches; and on Messrs. J. Bait, Son Ik Co., Bankers, London; Messrs. J. Burned Ik Co., Bankers, LiverPool, which are payable throughout England and Wales. Jfoi further particulars apply (if by Utter post paid) to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Sonth street, near Wa'l street. N. B Passage to Liverpool and London can at all times be engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every five days, and to London en the lat, 10th and 20th of each mouth On application aa above. jig re OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. .as. m. M. iHR LI^r^nTckcts (kt t^^^mol will hem^^^t J- despatched ui the followingorder, excepting that when the sailing day fal's'on Sunday, the ships will sail ou the succeed ingday.viz:? Krom New York. (from Liverpool 1'lieoAMUKiUUK, J mi? 1 July 850 torn, . Oct. 1 No*. W. C. Barstow.l Feb. 1 Mar. The ENGLAND, I.June ? Aug. 750 tout, Oct. 16 Dee. 8. Bartlett, I Feb. 16 April The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug. (00 tone, , Nor. 1 ? *:. J. Rath bone, I March 1 April The MONTEZUMA. .July IS Sept. 1000 tone, ' Nor. 16 Jan. A. B. Lowbex, I March IS May The EUROPE, I.Aug. 1 Sept. 6IS tone, '.Dec. 1 Jan. 1 E. O. Furber, April 1 May 1 The NEW YORK, (new) .Aug. 16 Oct. 950 tone, Dec. 14 Feb. T. B.Cropper,(April 16 June The COLUMBUS, i Sept. I Oct. 700 tone. 'Jan. 1 Feb. G. A. Cole,I May 1 June The YORKSHlRE.(new) .Sept. 16 Nor. 1050 tone, 'Jan. 16 Mm. D. G. Bailey,(May 16 July These ehipe are not surpassed in point of elegance or com y in their cabin accoinmoilatioue, or in their faet eailing qua. .ti by any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character an< experience, and the strictest attention will alwaye be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as regards the dav of sailing, will he observed si heretofore. The price of passage outward ii now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of every description will be provided, with the exception of wines and liqunrs, which will be furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners of thase ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels, or packages ssot by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Kor freight or passage, apply to _ GOODHUE fc CO, 64 South st. C, H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling slip. N. T. itttf and of BARING. BROTHERS k CO.. L'pool. PASSAGE b'KOM GREAT BRITAIN AND 1HKLAND m. m. m. ^BYTHE BLACKBALL CHH^CTLIN^F" LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool 011 the 7tk and lath of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their frisuds can make the necessary arrangements with th" subscribers, aud have them come out iu this su|?-rior Line of Packets, Sailing from Liver|>ool puudtually ou the 7th and 19th ot'evrry month. They will also have a first rate class of American trailing ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm (Mr. James 1). Roche) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. . _ Should the parties agreed for not come out. the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent 8hips,vit:? The OXFORD. "The NEW YORK. CAM Bill DUE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENOLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has beea extended to them po many years, for which thry are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can St all times ohtaiu Draffs at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the lloyal bank of Irelaud. Dublin, also on Messn PRKKCnTT IJMlTI.' IMPS * m hankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Oanlu. or their Brauches, in all the principal towua throughout Eugland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS (k CO. 35 Kulton street New York, nest door to the Kulton llank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this pert for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties returning to the old country will lind it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line fortheir conveyance, in Preference to anv other, TO Tilt TRAVELLING PUBLIC. tjUL w* jflfflwfe KlSSENOER ARRANGEMENT FOR 1N44. The Subscribers having completed their arrangements, are now prepared to bring out passengers from Great Biitiiu and 1 reland by the following lirst class packet ships, one of which will leave Liverpool on the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 31st and 33th of snch month:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, .Montezuma, Siddons, (leo. Washington, Holtingusr, Columbus, United State*, Roscins, Ashbnrton, England, Europe, Su-ph'n Whitney, Rochester, Independence, Yorkshire. (iarrirk, Samuel Hick, Uneen of the West, Ozl'nrd. Certificates of passage can be obtained, audevery information will be given to those sending for their friends, on application at either of our offices. 1 hey will Alio he prenareil, on the opening or narration, to forward passengers and their luggage to Albany and Troy, and via Ene Canal to Buffalo, and all intermediate places. To all porta of the Upper Lakes. V it Oswego to Toronto, Fort Hope, Coburg, Kingston, and all narta of t.rotida Wot. from Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Qneliec, Canada Kast via Ohio Canal from Cleaveland to Porlainonth, Cincinnati, nndi termed iate places. South West via Philadelphia to Pittsburg,Cincinnati, Louisville, aud all parts on the Ohio Uiver to St. Louis, Mo ; and to all parts ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin Territory. REMITTANCES. Korthe eoeommodation of i-eraous wishing to ?end money to th- ir friends in the Old Country, HAUNDEN 8t CO. will give Drafts on auy part of England, Scotland or Ireland, payable at sivht, forsnins of ?1, ?5, ?20, to XiOfr?or in any amount to sail the purchaser. UK KICKS AND AGENTS. Charles t'rafk, 120 Sta'estreet, Boston B. W. Wheeler Union Building, I'rovidenca, R. I. J. W. Mills, 3 Wall street, and 16 front street, New York. PC O. How rd, 43 Son,h Third street, Philadelphia. K.milord Si Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, Ps. L. S, Littlejohn, II Eieh. yre, Albany N. Y. 8 Clark, 163 River strset roy, N. Y. Utica.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. 111.I ... V V W. H Oook, Buffalo, ri. Y. ' H. >"it*hugh fcLo., Omh?, N. Y. mitre ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1M4. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OKKICK. 100 Pinr atrwt, coiner of South. JfeMl i 111. anhaeriber bega to call thr attention of hit tr inula and th* pnhlie in geuerel, to the following nrrangeinrnt* for IMI, for th* pnrpoee of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and atrerage pna*rnR*ra, by thr Regular Linr of Lireniool Pachrta, anil ing the lat.fith, llth, 1Mb. Hit and 20th of ovrry mouth. Litre London racket*, to anil rom .Nry* York, thr lat, 10th and 20th?and from London on tiie 7th, 17th and 27thofoach month. In connection w itli lha abovr, and for tb? pnjpoae of affordi-.* ttill greater farilitira to paaarnger,. thr auhaeriber haa eatabhah'Ma rrgular line of that claaa New York built, coppered ami copper tnatmed ahipa, to tail punctually errtf week throughout thr year. I'or the accommodation of peraona wiahing to remit money t J their l iuiilira or frirnda, drafta are girrn, payable at tight, on the following banktj ?it ., . Proriiyiial Bank of Ireland, payable at Lork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, BligO, Wriford, Br hot. Waterford, J'mway, Armagh, Athlon#, Colrrain. JVilfcna, Trale?, Mntskilm* MonAarh.i.i. JJannriilit. Ha i>. Downpatrick, Cavan, Lnrgnn, Ornagh, PangauiiM, Bnndon, Enaia, B .llythnnno Rlrabane, Hkibereen, Mallow, Monayciore. Coolchill, Kilrunh, Dublin. Scotland?The City of Olugow. EmtUdd?Meaara. Spoooer, At wood 3t Co. Bus km, Loudon; R. Minrphy, Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town in Oreat Britain. .... k'or larther information (if by letter, font paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMUKRAy/lO? Pinettreet, corner of South, N. Y. Or Meniri. P. W. BYRNES It CO. ?? Waterloo hoad. J96m*rc Livertool PAftSAUE KttOM KNOLANU. IRELAND. HCOTLAND ANO WALE*, VIA LIVERPOOL. fcKSh- THE tuhicriber hat made u |ua!lrd nm, geinenu w'Tv'xVfnr bringuit out rmiL'rantt thie ynr, lull. Tlioie '.Va>?j(fcv'ndiiiK r,?r iheir fricudt would do well to apply at the old Utah lulled [ocket oflice of JOHN H K RDM AN, ?I South at. . N. II.?The ahioa of thia line now leave Liverpo l every five d iy?, and drafta can at uanal be furnithed for any rmonut, pay able at all the principal banking uutilutioui through'.nt tha united kingdom,apply a* abort mom** mil re I L'l-ii i .ii i in i j^iugMgaagBgnaggggMeg^aa E NE N MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. i *& ML ^TmMimk'rrn^u will diaPatcne^fruui _ hence an the lit. and from Maraeilles ou tlae 5th of each nxmlh 'ha year m follow! k'rarn NewYork. MajieillraJ " MINKRVA,Cant. Brown, Dee. 1 Keb. 5 THKSCOTT, < apt. Myriek. Jan. 1 March 5 >i H ICY TH0MP80NlC?M.8ylvMtr, Keb. 1. April 5 I HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March I. May 5 , CORIOLANL S, Capt. Haile, April 1. JuneS ' They aiv all coppered and copper Cuteued, and have excellent * accommodations lor |rassengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclasive of vrinra and liquors. , Ooous addreued to the agents, BOYD k HINCKKN, will be forwarded free of other charges than thoae actually paid. for freight or passage apply to LAWRDNCIC k PHELPS. 103.Front itreet or to BOYD k HlNCKEN.Agejits, rn2fir No Q Tontine Buildings. ' ? ? KOlt UALIKAX AND HVKRPOOI . The Royal Mail Steam Shits BRITAN, ^MvSaMNIA and CALEDONIA, will leave Boa ton for the above porta : follows? Britannia, Saturday, June 1, 1144. ' Caledonia, Sunday, June 10, 184e. Passage for Liverpool $!*?. . Passage for Halifax 10. 1 Applr to D. BRltfllAM, Jr., Agent, mil re No. 1 Wall street. aaM NEW YORK. SCHOOLED '8 MOUNTAIN I EAV Etne foot of street, daily [.auuda?> excepted,] at 8 o'clock, A M , by Railroad from Jeraey City to Morrist 'wn direct, w ithout change of Car?from thence by P/nt Co.mhrs throoeh Meudham, Chester, Sell mley's Mountain, 1 Port Colden, Washington to Knatnn. At Washiugtou a daily liu? interaecta to and from Belvidere. For seats apply to J. HILL, at John Patten's Commercial Hotel, 73 Courtland > street. N. B.?Extras furnished at the shortest notice, bv applying to N.B. LUnfc. Morriitowtv apKi 2ih*rc && mmm. 1844* : GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, KKOM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (135 MILES) BJT RAIL ROAI). The onlr Office in N$w York established hy the several Kail I Road Companies between Albany and Buffalo ia at No. 59 COUUTLANDT STREET, , JOHN T. CLARK. General Agent. NOTICE TOTMMIORANTS. The Subscribers having been nppointed e.Kents for forwarding Immigrant* by Rail Knad from Albany to UuBaln and intermediate places, are enabled to aend them during the Bummer from New Yorlt to Utica lor 82,06; to Syracuse (2,92, to Auburn S!,!6; to liocheater $4,61. to Buffalo $5,50. Children from 3 to 13 yeara old at half price; under 3 yeara free' aud all Baggage from Albany ou the Rail Hoad ia entirely free. It ia evident that it cornea much cheaper to the immigrant to travel by Rail Road than by Cmaal. he reaching Buffalo per Steamboat from New York and Rail ltoad from Albany ia 43 hours; whrrme, it takra per Canal from 9 to 10 day*. The following calculation ihowi the retail, viz Postage to Bnffaloper Kail Passage to Buffalo per CaKoad $5,50 nal.tay $3,00 Luggage from N. York to Luggage to Buffalo, 50lbs Albany, lOOlbs free, bal- free, balance for lOOIbs- 55 ance for lOOIbs II Loss of time at least 9 days Luggage from Albany to worth to the lahoier, say Buffalo free 50 ceuts per day 4,50 Living for 43 hour*, say- 75 Living for 10 days, 50 cents per day 5,00 Total per R. Road $6,41 '$11,05 Deduct fare per R. Road 6,41 The traveller per R. Road tavci $5,63 They also forward passengers!to (Jleaveland, Portsmouth and Other places in Ohio; Detroit, See., Michigan; Green Bay, Milwaafy^ lie., Wisconsin Territory; Chicago, Illinois; and to aiurimi piacs in i. annua, at me lowest rates, /vi i information u to the differsnt route* iriveu gratis, oiid Ticket* to be had tnlu at the Albany and Buffalo Hail Road Office.33 Coortlandt itreet. WOLF It UlUKEKS. 1 myg lm?rc STAT^1UjyLAND The Boats of this Ferry will run as follows until further notice:? STATEN ISLAND. Clifton?At 7y, A. M. and 4X 1* M. 1 Staplelou?At 11X A. M..4X, ?*, P.M. Quarantine?At n, 10, A in-. I, 2>4, S, 7, r. M. hlEW YORK. ; A' 9,11, A. M. and 2. W. fi. 7Q I'. \T. n-ai re OPPOSITION EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY. DIRECT. 0M The New and Splendid Steamboat NEW JERSEY, Cant. 11. H. Furey, will leave the XEa^BEjK.pier font ?f Barclay street (north side) on Wednesday evening. I5'h imtaut, at seven o'clock Regular days from New York, Mondays. Wednesdays and riiuavi j iroin aimrn i uesu.iys, i iinrsuayii anil ."atiirdyy The New Irnfy hi^)f?ii rebuit and remodelled, anil fitlid op in the best possible muiner. ?hr has a large number ol'elrIant State Room*, a large and coinmo-Jioii* Promenade Deck, a iadie?' Saloon with sleeping accommodation* for ion person*, I and extensive and airy Cabin*. Altogether, ?lie ha* sleeping accommodations for nearly 700 peraou*. Her dsanglit of water is light, so that she will alwiys be able to cross the bars with out detention or transhipment. ml'i 3in*rc SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. B LOOM I NOD A. LK. MANHATTAN VJLLK AND FORT WA8HINOTON LINK OF STAOES. .IT*? Kare to Manhattaneiile )2>i cents?Fort Washington 2b cents. This Line will com ew^"kp^,i.nife riinnluq on Saturday, May 1th, 184t aslnllow*:? Leaving Manhattanville, at 6 o'clock A. M., and contiune rnnniug every hour nntil 7o'clock P. M Leaving New York, corner of Tryon Row and Chatham st, two doors east of the Harlem Railroad Office, at 7 o'clock, A. M., and continue running every hour until 8 P. M. Stages leaving H'ort Washington for City Hall, T/? A.M. and 9S, l!H, I P. M., 3X. * and ti>*. Stages leaving City Hall foi pert Washington, 9 A. M., II and 1 P. M., 3, i and6. 'i hv#? Stages puss on the ronle Reed'a Hotel,Bnruham'i Man ion House, Orphan Asylum and Lunatic AsylumL8iricker'i u>a*. nuiicji uuiri, a uiiivi vuuau veuirujr, ni?n oriUKf (C kort WiuhiDKtoa. B MOORE, rn2 lm*re Proprietor. YORKVII.LE. ASTORIA, HELL OATE KERRY. RAVKNSWOOU AND NEW YORK STAGED. ?> Will commence running on Monday, May JlU. (AC. lfMI, as follows ifrjjg'H*'* Leaving Astoria, at 7, t, 9, and 11 o'clock, /V. >l., I, a, J. l,?. 5H aoo 7 P. M. L*s\ iiib 3 Ch ahain street opposite City H-ll at7,9, IB, and 11 o'clock A. M.. 1, 3, 4. 5, B toil 7 o'clock P M. Thia Stag- will call tor passenger* at 20 Bowery, career of Prf! aireet, |U at rutVQI, JOfkvilla. All baitgage at thr . owner's r jk. On 'he arrival of the stag - at Astoria, it - ill im mediately b? in readiness for conveying patseugers to Ravens wood ami Long Island Karma. Kara I2W cents Horses and Wagons to let. LEWIS St CARTER, m* lm*ee Proprietors SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK AND NEW YORK. i FARE ONLY 1?1 CENT8. i THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN GAFKY, aMd) On nnd after .Monday, May 11, will ran ai < CL?follows:?Leave Newark, foot of Centre st, ai i SLJhJBDKmlii A. M. and 1% P. M. J^eave New York, foot ol Barclay st, at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. un nunday a? Leave INewark at I A. M. and IT. Nl.and N*w York at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. ' K rrigm carried at very rr-aeouable ratee. May 10th. IH44. artre t aiY- KOR NEW ORLEANB.?LOUISIANA AND , ifMWNEW YORK LIN f .-To aail 15th Juue -The fen ' MMBfasailing packet ahip OS WK.(iO, Captain Wood, will 1 potitivMf aail an above, her regular day. 1 Kor fmght or paaaage, having henilaome funnelled accommodationi, apply on board, at Wharf, loot of Wall atrret. | or to U. K. COLLINS St (JO. 56 Sontli street. Agents in New Orleans?Messrs. Hnllin and Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their addrrss. Shippers hy Una line may rely upon having their goods i correctly measured, and that the alupa of this liue will sail , nnnrrnallv aa advertised .o?li >r "rtiiii- FOR LIVKKI'OOL?The New Liue tteirtuli > ifljaKW Packet Ulat lunei?The superior New York ouilt jWSKaPicket ahip KOI MVS f Ml, Opt John Britton, Htn < tons hnrthen, will aail at chore, her regular day. . kor freight or passage, hieing very auperior accommodation not surpassed by any ahip in port, apply oa board, weat aide Barling ilip, or to < vruvuiitbL ai will i uivita, > 17 Honth it. , Price of pajta#r two. 1 The packet amp Hrttincuer, Oapt Ira Unralev, 1057 torn hartiirn, will aucceed the Kocneatcr, and tail on her mjulai day, 2lac Jul*. {fit KOR LONDON?Packet ol lit June.?lh' auleu- ' iffJ^Vdill, taat aaitiuainn packet all p M MilATOM, Capl JHMKwJ. M- Chadwick, will aail pnnctually aa above, hrr I rerular day. _ I I'lua auwrior packet haa vrry lira accommodation* for cabin. a Pcoad cabin aud eteern*e p**a-*nKcri, who will ba taken at . vrry reasonable rataa if early application he made on board, ot to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 1 At their General Paiaaar Office,76 South atrret, * corner of M lidrn Lane. f I'eraona wiahirf to tend for their frienda to cmne ont in thia ahiii or any of tbe hue,or who aiaabont to remit money, can ? make fivorable arrmiiic'nienta by apt lyinit aa abuve mJirc j KOR LOTiDON.?Packe? of l>t Jnee?The aplen- ii ?MJy<!i'l feat sailing pnckrt aliip MKDIA I'OR. Capt.J M, 4 HkBHfeB<'h?ihTick, will sail ponctnslly aa above, hrr regular ? o.av.Tina enoi packet haa very fine accommodations for ? c it in, ifcna^tabin, and ?teen>yc paaa*ugeri, who will be trken it very rraiorabte ralai il early nnplieicnn be made on board, " or 10 JOHN 11KRDMAN. w m27 toflirj M Honth atree'. H Dtf PA?HAOK KttOM DUBI.IN. < (IKK. WATKIl , <4$2yK()MI), IJKKKV. COLKKAINK, HKI-KAST, ^ IMKi^'WIi . D'ovhrdi, *c ? Persona wishing to send lot their Iriendt can hare tnein brought out IrOm any of the above K ports id first class American racket Hlii(>s, ou the most reason- ji abletenns, and without their experiencing any unnecessary de- n trntiiin. Mr. \V. Taiseott, one of the lirm, sviilbe on the ? spot to give hi* pvaonnl attention to th" pn'sengeraengaged . by the subscribers or their agents here, and persons itisy rely 11 that the wishes and comfort* of those wtioae imssage may be c ngaaed by them will hsve alldneand proper a'tention. Kor 1 particulars apply, if by letter, post-paid. to o W. at j. T. tapscott, n at their I lener.d Passage Offioe, 76 Mouth at, cor. Maiden l,ane, _ v* l"-?, also, ItraCt* may be obtained, for large or small stuns payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, rt a the National or Provincial Banks of Ireland, ?r any or their w branchesthroiighmit the Kingdom. m!5 re ti ??? TAPf? OTT'S (iENTRAL PAHSAUK OK. ?, ojHMfy KICK?Tlemosed from 41 Peck slip to 76 Mentha! . kSMlwa corner of Maiden lane. Persona deair ins to send for 'h?ir f inula in the old country, can by calling on the snbsc I " hers make the 'if cessary arrangements on the moat adyantageona Cl term* Vl- ltr.*? 'I', r. ,i>i,i t Kimi.l' in Liveriinol. renders trans- It acting inch butioeat with th*m highly haocfiitul Irj all r*rn?? ? vaulting 10 have thair friruiU comfortably and quickly d?? /< Patched. }' llnfn for any amount, payalil* in iletn ir.ii without any iliar?>nnt or any charge whatever, in nil the principal towna 'hrotigl,tiit Wt.-,t ilriUuu and irrlaiiil. can at all 'im?* b? uleainao ou ppli canon to VV. Hi I T TAP8C0TT. At their Iten Til Pasaage Office, r* "Id Honth at. comer Maiden Una <11 , i&fiv T.ji'.'.K 8KILLK>?Packet I" Jnna.?Theahip '1^?^ ^ f. Cant. Lawrence h'or liciaht or |>ai- . . *aie6i'av, apply to LA Wll IISI'.K A PHKM'H, }r 10J Krontatraci or to I'1 I ml9a? UOVD It HINCK?N,t 1'online Bai\ding, * W Y ( EW YORK. TUESDAY SQUIRE BOGUS' GREAT LETTER A C. A I N 8 T ? JAMES GORDON BENNET1 AND THE NEW YORK AND ERIE RAIL ROAD COMPANY A SECOND LETTER TO THE PUBLIC IN RELATION TO THE NEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD CO. " Non ft mum fx CulKorf, s?J ex fuino due lucrin."?Uor. " What I think 1 u'.tar, antl ?r?od my malics iu u V brrsth " * Shak. WM <?. BOUUS. PRINTER., Noi. 'J3 and 26 Pine Street, Evening I'ost Bull lings. ' THE LETTER. (Concluded.) CHarrtH VII. Squire Hoggs hat an rye to the dollart and cent*. " Put down your money, ye rich men"?how can yo resist such an opportunity I or rather?how dare any ma pretending to common sense, to any nothing ot honesty insult a whole community because they do nut suppoi measures and men too, such as arc presented by th knowledge of thu notorious and damning fact* conuectei with the proaent management ot this gr< at work ! I further proof required why the public, instead of beini insulted, should not rather be defended and protectei fiom those who arc trying again to mislead them, to use i mild term I llead the following extracts from the lt( poi of Horatio Allen, Ety. : I,on* on 060,000 State Stock f.400,l8.'> !)i Miscellaneous, Salaries ot Olticer*, Clerkship, Punting, Legal Expenses, &.o., 'jao.jlifi !' Onr year's Expenses tor managing the fitly miles of road from Piermont to (loshen,... 65,000 0 rv: $tW?,763 9 Six hundred and eighty-five thousand, seven hundred an fifty-two dollars ninety-one cents 1 out of a gross expendi tare (gross enough truly) of about $4,000,000, or some thing very much resembling one sixth of this amount oi the completion too of one eighth of the entire work ! I li an ux|>enditure so large as is that of the New 1 oik an. Krie Rail Road Compuny, surely the uccount should b exhibited by u proper accountant, not by a treasurer who reports so and so !?accounts of the magnitude ol llii Rail Road Company should he authenticated ami swoii.n to?can these be authenticated 1 Dare they b sworn to ' Let this not be answered?ai't let it bi none. Chapter VIII S</uire Hoggs is willing to give the devil his due. Observe the phraseology of the short extract just given What are " leaal uxnenses I" Whv are taut <r?*?> ?hi ill what is meant, put tujf.; Answer?Becuuse tliis amoun dare not be specified truly. " Salaries to otticers! " Clerkship !!" meaning salaries to clerks ! ! It is almos too disgusting to state here, that of these useful servant ol the Company, the former have been paid ! bah! in th " uf the pleasure of the Company!"' hits of paper !?am that the latter are to this day, unpaid !! ! Oho jam sutisenotigh i t these two patrons ol the " Herald." " Noscitu a sociis"?is a brief but most apposite remai k to ull thii But even James Cordon Bennett, En/., is superior to thesi men, for he does not " mu/.T.le the ox that treads out th< corn"?he pays his clerks !?Iloratio Allen, En/., am James Brown, Esq., the President and Vice President o the New York and Krie Kail Road, do not pay those ii the Company's oltice-they, forsooth, lay out the mone; ol the Company to greater advantage than the payment ii clerks' salaries?" Honest Iago." In the items of expenditure just quoted, pray in wha way, under what heads of expense, has the $&>,COO (oh serve how exact the accounts are kept?just $i>5,000,) beei disbursed ??Who has participated in this sum 1 Whei this is answered?the next inquiry should be ir/itre is th balance, not expended.' Is it in Mr. Treasurer Pierson' keeping I oris it in course ol liquidation 1?if so, could i be more honestlu disDosed of than in the nav merit n clerks' salaries I or in tliia nmall sum of $4ti,000 ! reserve) for " legal expenses,n by which is meant, according to it reading, lucn as are deemed " legal" by Messrs. Allen Brown and Bennett! !' ' Put down your money, ye ricl men"?pray do?or rather pray do not. Chapter IX. Si/uire Boggs has a lueid interval, and utters a word or tw of common sense It is said that fault-tinding is always, if not an invidioii task, at least an easy one?whether there be aught that ii invidious in the preceding observations, let the candit reader determine?from the facts as they exist?as reapecti the easiness of the task here undertaken- nonm could la more so?the only difficulty being how sufficiently to ex press indignation and disgust?to stop as well us to begir ?where ceusure itself is puzzled?and where not oin single action can be justly commended. But the design o this second letter is not altogether to tind fault?although te expose abuse?to correct errors ? and remove obstacles are obviously the first steps to be token before any per formance, where these prevail (and do they not here r ought to lie commenced, ami without which being done i most assuredly can never be accomplished. The abuse? the errors?the obstacles?now existing, must to 11 certain ty, it" not removed, prevent the New Vork and Krie Hal Koad Company from ever being completed under its pre sent charter. When these are removed, at they ratily rat be, the next point for consideration' is, what plan ol pro ceeding will be best calculated to effect the object of all for a i.i. ark interested ix the completion or THIS orea1 work ! Kvery one cannot be pleased, any more than that ever} thing can be performed, and certainly no case ever exikt ed where the remembrance of these trite truisms will b< more needed, than in endeavoring safely to resume thi business of this Company. Mutual cow.etiioni, as well a< mutual assistance, will be called lor, and if these are with held, or given with a niggard's hand?nothing will provi a more effectual impediment in tho way of ultimate sue cess?if, on the contrary,this undertaking should be taker up as it wat begun, with an honest desire and a determiner spirit, there can be no difficulty in this enterprize, which the people, who have madr an kms Canal, cannot easily overcome. Chapter X. Syuire Iloggl iprakt by the card, and givtt hit plan if fin I thing the road. The following is the course of proceeding submitted to ' h AS tiiiKliss AH KiAot r>a lonl atn/l tn a. f la/s t tliia tlueirnlilo nl.iorl IM it may perhaps tie, at least. KCMlbh, here to state, that the author of this letter recommends it, from his having successliilly conducted a business of a similar nature ?the only one it is believed on record in this city?in the tvay now pro|>o?ed?so that if not speaking exactly, ex "athedra?he cannot bo said to come under the admoni;ion ot " ne sutor ultra crepidam." The plan then should be, it is conceived, as follows :? 1 ?The present Directors resign immediately, " on pubic considerations alone " 2? Mr. Whitney, or some fit and prominent man in the :ommunity, to tuko the Presidency?without salary. 3?A competent Vice President to ha appointed with an idecpiate salary?it being understood that the chief labor n the direction ofthu Company is to be performed by this iflicer. 4 ?The property and eftects of the Company to remain lor the present, as they are in tact, according to law, in the custody of the Assignees or Trustees under the Deed ol Assignment. 4 ?The Trustees to be required to furnish monthly state merits of their proceedings, including the expenditure, to inch a President ami Vice President as now proposed. 8 ?Thi* atatcment to be publiihed in two daily paper* n thi* city, nnd Albany. When the Company'* attain are thu* placed in the hand* >f their own A?*ignet:i, who are themaelve* under the -eaaonnble control of thrir own Director*, then 7.?Let the Director*- the Stockholder*?the Creditor*, >r the major part of them, and the Auignee*, join in hii ipplication to the Chancellor for the nullilicntion ol the tisignment or Tru*t Deed?the deciiion of the Chancelor, if favorable to the petitioner*, a* it in all probability would be, would at once reatore the entire property of the Jotnpany, together with a title beyond nil peaaiblediipute >r uncertainty whutever. S.?When thi* i* effected?then, indeed, let the rich man >erau?y he I* rich?and thu poor man became he i* poor, >ut deiiroua to become rich -let, in abort, all then *ul> ic.rlbe, and with a " long pull, a utrnng pull, and a pall atoftlher"?it would loon be aeen that thi* undertaking, a* veil a* the Camil that bear* in part it* name, i* equally

vithin the power and the cnergic* of thu ]*?ple ol thia Itate. Such then, it i* believed, i* the outline of Ilia ?horte*t * wall n* the aafeit plan lor the completion ol thi* Kail toad under it* present charter?the dilftcultie* at preaent 11 the way mu?t be removed?the first step *bould be to iimii* at once?the present Director*?and elect *uch entlemen a* would, from their ]>o*ltion in ihccommunh y, be B gUBrHntee ogninit all frit-alt inlrrnt, inereptrtonI contideraliont, and joht of all kind?thi*, in an instant, rould restore CONFIDENCE?and this it all, in ont word, \at lltt public rlrmantl! I', ii,? ,,il.I ?,.il.,? ?r il,? ???i m " 1 >" iiv, n?itiinirui ill 1IUHI leed it gives timo (or deliberation?for negotiation?and n jhles the Company to recover its loat character anil to uin new friends?and this too without any injury or inutire to any one, lint on the contrary, if a proper Ma be nolo of the opportunitie* uli'ordnd by the Trust Deed, it rill be fount! to ha the proximate cause of the preservaon ol the Company'a property, and perhapa too af the ompletionof the Head itself. |Tlien a* to the application to the Chancellor?it i* of no onsequence whatever whether the A?*ignment or Tru*t ieed shall bo deemed hereafter a valid inatrument, or not -it ia enough for the preient, that ?uch a Deed doer ixilt? nd therefore it is quite clear to every one?Mr. Alien alr?y* excepted? that instead of wasting time and money, II both parties would And that vach had a shell a piece lid Iht lawyert the uyrter?that it would he the best?tha risest- snd the shortest plan to unite in the application, proposed, to the Chancellor to quash the, Assignmentius, promoting alike the interest of all immediately conemeu?and particularly the t rtditnre of the Company? ring the question at issue into one single application? nd thus at one stroke, and with very little more delay, our months, at most, would be sufficient,) put an end to UUIIUHBM PXJJCIHPIt, nn?l WHIICM IliJgailVHClUI'TUl XI. 'Xfwiri Mount gtts Juliout again lint if thii moil* of extricating '!> omjiauy li?.m ill ifttcnltlM in not conaiJcre*! tin* ihomM Mil ike n nlxolntrly nrcrnMry that thay aliouM ba Wiimi ty ?tnoother way- hernnie, lieforu a man e' . n* Mt Ilia iMMkMW, In- fir it ol all clear* hiawaW ' ?M 'ia llillei ami ilel.t* the veryraiiM-? <>' I. ?t" ith tln?' ompany, all litigation ataat kt>m biyiiaa a ad )RK E MORNING, MAY 28, 1844 to?what egregious folly to waitetimo and money for the sole benefit of lawy era, and then to tell the public that this li the way to build a Hail Koad I j* Let any one inquire of hii own solicitor whether it Is ' safe to place his money in this Company, under existing circumsisnce* r a company, whole property i? either In the hands oi Trustees, or else of its Judgment Creditor* ' A Company managed with les* intelligence and fl lelity than is to lie found in every petty retail store in the city? a A Company without a Batik account i ? I* such a concern u* this, in such u condition us this, a sujt imcst mint ??Are i the funds ol widows and orphans safe in such keeping I? Who say* that they would tie so 1?Horatio Allen, Esq., James Brown, Esq., and though last, not least, their friend James Gordon liennett, Ksq !! !?Who says to the contra ry i?Every sensible innn in the community. It is reported that some capitalists are looking to this Rail Road as a purchase, a speculation ?he it so?hut from whom are they to obtain a title, fi re from litigation nr ilii? putri?from Which of tlie four claimants?the Statu 1 tin Company 1?the Creditors 1?or the Assignees ! Whoever they may lir they would make a much better speculation by rightly assisting the Company out of its present difficulties?and if they did not make quite as much " jirr ccnt." would they sleep the less sound, or find their apjietite for their daily food the worse for it 1?Oh, no?but this purchase cannot be effected?It may be ptck-e<1 at for lawyers to benefit by, but nothing more. Litigation must first end, and when this takes place, the New Voik and u Erie Rail Road Company itself, under proper management n will be sustained by tlia people of this State, aided by the ', people of the great West,(us Mr Ogden stated at the last t meeting,) and enabled by its Stockholders to tiring to u > *|ieedy completion?a woi k that will throw additional lus1 tio upon the character ol the people of this State?encouri age its agriculture nnd promote its commerce, whilst the 1 t proprietors in this event cannot fail to reap a liberal and I J well deserved remuneration?from the profits ol their me- I a ritorious enterprise. I t In concluding these hasty observations, the best upolo- | gy the author run witli any safety rely upon is, that the ^ iitijwrtance of the wotk in progress is such a*to render the views und sentiment! ol' everyone a mutter of lome 3 interest, although they may not bo all of equal merit ?B* to hia views they are, as has been stated, based upon u I! similar transaction?and since the course upon that ocea , sion wax approved by some of the lirst solicitors ol this I city, and also sanctioned by the Chancellor himself, it would savor too much of affectation to pretend that there I. can be much doubt, if any, that what was thus done, was also, well done, j Chaster XII. i, 'Si/uirt Boggt coni't loan end, and runt off at fa it us Ail I long tegs can carry him. e As to these letters they are criticisms?they review the i conduct of public men, holding public situations?who j are therefore amenable to animadversion wherever a free , press exists. In most cases it is difficult to write alto , e gether without satire?here it may be by some considered , , that the author has exceeded?has gone beyond, what the occasion required -be it so?fit pulata, sic. jtidicia?he, , therefore, reserves to himself the right to judge in hi> own case. as he alone is responsible for hi* own actions? liut he (leniea that hia comments are at all to be compared >. with the grossness and the personalities of the text?sorrj a indeed would he bo if they were ao?let the parties come t into Court with clean hands and they will have little " cause to complain?but, if they should feci aggrieved? t (key are Ike a^resta> ??heonly resorts to the lex talionis a quid pro quo-or, if all that is hern said is exaggeration e and fiction?why surely then?" wo that have free soub i it touches us not;?let the galled jade wince, our wither) - are unw rung"? and so, for the present, he takes his leave r of Horatio Allen, Eta-, James Brown, Eta., and of theii i worthy friend, the Editor ot the Herald, James (lordoti a Bennett, Etquire?not, however, without regretting that e the affairs of the New York and Erie Railroad Company 1 should have fallen into such keeping?or believiug that f they can much longer remain so. f Thk Arrival of a Grkat Macician.?Mr. Sutton, the celebrated English necromancer, has art rived in this conntry, and makes his iltltut 011 Mon ? oay evening ne.\i, ui ine mynipic, ana we voucn I i (or it that he will astonish all who may witness hi* i performances. Indeed, if they do not come away ' r under the impression that he is somewhat intimate J * with a certain gent. "down below," we are no , | conjurors. lie can almost do anything that is de- . ! sired of him, and there is nothing in the whole of \ R his entertainment can he objected to by the inosi , fastidious. He performs many tricks that are en i tirely original, and have never been seen in this | part of the world, and must astonish the knowing ones considerably. In addition to this, Mr. Sutton stands unrivalled as a ventriloquist; and in this line 9 we believ?*"lhere are few to surpass, if any to equal a him, iu this or any other country. In addition to B mm iin in a, inu?*u ai genius. iiib |>ri lurmnucrp, . I with 'bolheratums," as (hey are termed, on two ] Jew's Harps, will astonish his audit-lice, and he found worth the cost of admimioii. To the loverof the marvellous, the woe-begone.the care.ridden, the sorrowful, and the ill-tempered, it is recommended to go by all means. The first will he amply satisfied?the others find a sovereign balm to "Drive dull care away," at least for a tttne; but don't crowd the place too much this warnt weather. DisoRACEFcr. OtTRA'.K.?The 6leamboat Swan, which had just been fitted up for services, was or Friday night iiist taken from the wharf of Mr. landmen, of this town, by some ruinous (is is pretty well ascertained) from the other sirto of tho St. Lawrence. She. war towed over to Morristown so stealthily that, although the captain and three men were on hoard, and a gentle man sitting up in the cabin waiting for the Pioneer, ami who did not go to sleep, they were unaware of the re moval until the gentlemen went on deck in thi morning, and found the boat wa* lying at Morristown. The Ogdcrmhurgh Club Itow lloat war s used lor that purpose, the consent of the own 1 i en not having been asked. Steam was got up on the ' Swan in tho morning, and she was taken down to Ogden* I 1 burgh under colur of some legal process. The boat is i still detained there in the absence 01 tbe proper officer to ( i w hom application lor her release should lie made. Ws | l doubt if any law can be found on either side of the St. i f.awronce to countenance such proceedings. Most ussur- . edljr if tb* individuals concerned in the tlu ft, (for it can ' bear no other name,) bo caught and identified on the ( a ' uadiaa side, they will stand a fair chance of seeing the ( inside of our Provincial Penitentiary. Kven In the United ( States thev are not safe, as the late Ashhtirtou Treaty pro r i vides for delivering up felons on demand by either (Jov- \ ernment.?BrorkvilU lit fitter. Fsrsni.r.?On Thursday day night last, owing to the great rains during the day, tho water at Chagrin Falls ro?e to such an extent as to wash away several dams and do much injury to the many flourishing Mills and Factories which are there located. Mr. White, whose factory was situated highest up the stream, was the larg est sufferer, his loss being some Mr. White is a large manufacturer of Axes, and had just completed a new factory, w hicli was to be put in operation very soon The embankment of Mr. White was twenty feet in height, . and retained a set of some twenty acres in extent. When this gave way, the rush of water overflowed tha land on each side of the stream for some distance, liliss and May- ' hew's (louring mill, the naner mill dam. the bridge cross ing the stream nt the centre of the village, II. C. < lardnerV flouting mill, Karl's woollen factory, Uiiss and Fool's j" woollen factory, ami Bullard St Northrop'* wheel factory, " were all more or less injured. The latter had soma por. ? tion o( the machinery carriwd away.? Clnehind llrruld, . Hay '.'3. J Native American Funeral.?The funeral ol * Joseph Cox. it Native American, who died from a 1 wound recetved during the lata disturbances at Kerning 1 ton, took place yesterday afternoon, from his late " residence, No. 4t't North Second street. An immense J" number of persona were present. The funeral cortrge !* consisted of the members of thedill'erent Native American Associations of the city and county, who marched four abreast, and numhvred nearly dOOO, 9n members of the l llobe Kire Kngine, of which company the deceased was " a member, and ten carriages containing his relatives and } friends. The collin was wrapped in tna American flag, and carried on a hearse drawn by two horses. The body T was interred in the Philanthropic Burial Ground, Moy.i ! mensing. There were between two and three thousand ,D persons along the line ol march, exclusivo ol those who formed the procession. The flags in the neighborhood in which the deceased resided, were hoisted hull must as a mnrl/ nt rrsnurt.? I'hilu Chronicle. Int'npation at St. St. Louis (in- (? ze tte ol Friday week SRys:-~Tlic Mississippi is ed (till rising. The Missouri and its tributaries, am!, Indeed, A alt the streams are full. The American bottom. opposite re thia city, la submerged and l? impaatable * Thonoatat In the new ferry lias ceased her trips. Illinois Town, oppo site the city, Is deluged We were orer last evening -an.: <ir nit a Irene' But we have no apace now for description, tie The water is higher than it was in ln.lfl, arel it is imnossj. |> hie to predict where or when it will cease rising. A few |xi feet more will bring it to the threshold of the warehouses of on the landing. It will not rise so rsnidtly now, howr ver, tit on this side, as before it was ovar Its hanks. The most disastrous results are apprehended to attend and succeed this inundation The Illinois shore, opposite the month of the Missour i, we are informed is falling in at a learful dti rate. Additional rise from the upper Mississippi is expected." Crops on tiik Lake Shore.?The Cleveland Herald of the lflh inst. refers 11s follows to lire I1..1. ?r,A Crnll I rn,w nf III,. f .Cliff, Shnm Wo 1.9.1 Ur ed from the aevere froata which occurred aomff wreka aince, that the germ of the fruit huda'miffh* he killntl, hut rr from thn in'iulriea niHde of people from dialancea back in the country, wo learn that thn proapecta never looked better for n full crop. On the Immediate Lake ahorc we 1 have examined orcharrla, and (Ind that although many ol 33 thff buda were Injured, there are yet auftictent netting for i the good of the tree* and the full perfection of the fruit The circuital have made their appearance only In amall number*. and if they do not increaae wo ahall have a .. a more than uanal crop. The Cherriea and feachei . miMrred more (rom the front than any other fruit, but of ., them there i? proipaot of abundance No inatancea of ., the" (Ire Might,"a diieaae an deatrnctive to the I'ear tree, f have coma under our obaarralien. ( S KNt> IN VlCKWK'l.?Sonic c x t r.wii 111 n i? ry tr.enea hate occurred within the Uat few yeara in Vicka 0 burg, inch, for example, a* the hanging of the gambler*, the atreat fight between Dr Hacan and Mr. Klagg, aluo another in which Or flagon fell, arorra of othn rtreet rl iighta and dn? I and more recently the ,iur| batwean Mr in H .?ni? and Mr Itohhina A letter atateathat in tliia hint at affair the partlea fought with riflea at I) pace*, and there (n ? > r' ?ome Toq or "ft per?on? on the ground aa apectatoni tli IERA Cliarlmioii, H. C. [<'orr?ii>ond?uce ol thu lltrtll ] Charleston, S. C., May Ifi, 18A4. Politics?Annexation?Religious and Temperance Movements. We are in the initial of all aorta of excitement, and the usual propriety of our little city is "knocked in a cocked hat." Men are terribly busy with everything except their own affairs, while the ladies, Uod bless their tender hearts! are turning up their eyes, and crying "oh, la," at u great rate. And no wonder, lisr we have hud enough during a week or two past to turn the heads of a great many wiser people than we are. First, we were glorified on hearing of the appointment of our own Calhoun to the otlice ot Secretary of Stale?a da) or two after, the advent, by accident, of Mr. Clay turned the whole city topsy turvy, and we have not yet got quite back to our old position, for previously to the urrival of Mr. Clay our whig brethren never calculated on being more than 300 voters strong, but now they are talking about 1200 to 1500, und to judge by ilie enthusiasm produced, they may be partly right, thai is to say. ihey may possibly count 600 noses.? Well, a few days after Mr. Clay's departure there was a sort of amateur earthquake in Ihc democra:ic party. A lew rather smart, but not very reliable men, endeavored to turn South Carolina?(only hink of it!)?over to Mr. Van Huren. They called he onrty together?they made speeche??they ofered resolutions, at fir.?t cautiously, hut after a , while they fairly "broke ground," and then came ' heir annihilation. The scene of the finishing of , [he Van lhiren dii/w was rich. The annihilation ;>f the lenders, Messrs. Pinckney,Carroll, Mugratli, ( ke., by Co! Elmore and J. F. Cordon, Esq., was l thing not to be described even by the graphic ex- | iression, "A Waterloo defeat." Suffice to say, , rom that eventful evening to thia present, none of hat unfortunate faction have been seen, and it is , uipposed they have till retired to their estates, with lie determination to enjoy their " otium rum digtitnii" without meddling with politics again. , Hut another excitement has burst upon us which , h fust swallowing up all other measures, and . ivhich will sweep through ourSouthern States atrial- j palliating old parties and uniting the whole Pouih n one lirin, unbroken, irresistible phalanx. The | innexation of Texas to the United Mates is a neasure ot so great importance to the slaveholding , ind cotton growing Plates, as to absorb all other inerests. You have, in the daily papers of yester- | lay, the repiort ot the proceedings of the district , neeting, held at the new theatre?but you have j to idea of the feeling which pervaded that im- , nense concourse of people. Whigs and demo- | :ruts, toreigners and native Americans, old and roung, rich and poor, all joined in giving elfect to j In* t It II nrlrTM nf ;i mil>t ilsf Willi W'hii'h th?* Kn?MiU**rp vere complimented. Col. ? Inrore offered the resoutioris, uccoinpnnied with some most stirring renarks. He was followed by W. 1). l'orter, Esq., i young lawyer of great ability and promise, ana . wno has just been elected City Attorney. Mr. Porter is one of the most accomplished speakers #e nave, and his patriotic und clear arguments | ivere received with the greatest demonstrations ol , ipplause. C G? Meriinmiger, Esq., next followed, | .vith a powerful speech of nearly an hour, when , 3ol. B. F. Hunt took the floor, and for another | lour held his auditory in rapt attention. He ex- t rosed in a masterly manner the designsof England, | ind asserted our right to prevent ull her inter- , erences in any mode or way, with any arrange- ( uents we might choose to make. Whiternursb Seahort followed Hunt. Mr. S. is a wealthy und f niluentiul planter, in Edisto, with a princely iu- , :orne, and was listened to with much attention. , So much for the Texas meeting. The politicians i have not had quite all the excitement, and ull the speeches. The religious have claimed to have rome interest with them. Amonir our Catholic brethren i!i? Rev. I>r. Moriarty has been holding forth with <11 the power and eloquence <>l Boanerges. The [)octor is a most capital speaker, possessing high personal accomplishments as well as mental graces ; rie enchains an audience, even while eruiouiiding the dryesi and toughest of his doctrines. The hiici-iit Hugenot congregation have ut last waked out :>f a Uii> Van Winkle sleep, and have torn down [heir old concern at the corner of Queen and Church streets, und are preparing to build a beautiful Gothic edifice on the old site. They have invited a young clergyman to come oui from the north, who is now preaching on trial, and will 110 doubt create a great sensation, possessing as he does, evidently the highest elements ol a great pulpit orator. And while on this subject 1 may say, of all tilings that are most necessary in the way of accomplishments, nnd at the same lime ihe most neglected?pulpit oratory ranks the first to ihe clergyman. A lew lessons from a Professor ol >ratory would do most or our clergy goon, when I urn in the humor, I will give you u sketch ot all , >ur ministers, from Bishops Smythe Gadsden, ant ' Ignatius, down. ! If Miller's prophecy could be fulfilled at this mo- i nent, how many scamps would gel into a terrible i 'crape. However wc are getting better, no doubt , ast for temperance, the great panacea of human > II, is spreading through all ranks. 1 heard a niosi , apital temperance lecture last Monday evening t rom?who do you think? no less a man in the porting world than Iir.J.TI. Irving, ot "Cork , tobbin" celebiity?one of the most finished ora j ors in the United States, secretary ot the Jocky Jluh, and prince of good fellows What will his i >hl (riends say to this 1 Irving, however, is right: | nen can enjoy themselves as well on water as on vine, it they only think so?fashion dors it all. I imiT. i Circuit Court. ' Before Judgo Kent. |,\t*v n. -Chmlriain ii. SI. H. Hait.?Thin was an np i?.. ,.t ..1. I.rn...hl k. n m..r.l.,t.Ulll.ii|.ili. I he nheritl (Mr. Hart), lor making a false return under an ' xecution. Madame Poland, a respectable milliner, who 1 amoved in l?l'i to thin city, from the south, purchased j ut the interest of a Mm Thompson, who had <>n hand a onsiderable share of goods, amounting to about ftXHH).? ladsme Bolaud paid a sum oi fit", 00 lor the interest, arid Ian paid for the good* on hand, ulh-ging that ihn was in- ' need to make the purchaae from the repiesentatious tadeojr Mrs Thompson, as to the flourishing condition f the establishment. After remaining in business for rune time, ahe found that buiiness was not going on well, i nd the called a meeting ol her creditor*, with whom, save , Mr. Piser, she made arrangement* to pay up a dividend ol Us. in the pound sterling. Madame B. was indebted to a 1r*. Chaatelaln, and induced Mr. Chaitelain, the plainill", to become her security for the note* of compromise, t the same time making over by bond on Mr. t hnstelain. he property, a* collateral security, until the debt* were lOid. An execution was issued Immediately upon a jtidg sent, which wasgiven to the shuriff The goods were |, old off, and the debt* were paid, leaving a considerable (l alance on hand. Piser, the party above referred to. and . !r. Thompson, had tw o other execution* issued against restock, which were put into the humls of the sheriff.? 11 lie sheriff, alter the sale, satisfied the claims of Thomp- " in and Piser, and then gave the balance on hand, $H9|, to ll r. ( hsstelain. The defence put in on the pari of the lerilf was, that delay was authorised by the plaint ill, hich he considered sufficient justification for satisfying a junior executions. Adjourned over to this mom(? V. N. Circuit Court. llelor" Judge Batt*. fgr May -il.-lhe t'niltd Slain ? ?. (inbritl Irnng, Jamil II e h'uy, 1'rancii II. Tillou, ami Charln V. Church, sum- ^ nr, ntculort of the hut will anil Inlarmnt of llrnry tickrd.?Thlicam, which wax oneof deep intercut, w in fix- d I lor tliix morning, lmt wax poxt|xined, the I N Dixtrict u ttornry having intimated to the roilit that ha had Juxt reived Inxtrurtlonx fiom the liovernnient to move to " ive it poativned. The court granted the application. y (Juilarut H'elzlei, Hubert Iheirtiriik, Jlhinniter fCet'ler w ul . Imr Sarati r?. Samuel Siaarhnaut ?ThU wax an uc>n on amount ol dutiex that wore overcharged hy drndant ax duty on a quantity of goodx, which wore im- n irM during hi. incumneney as collector 01 mo port : New Vork The iury returned a renlict for the plain- " T* -*30?ft 10, with 8 rents costs. a Wiiprrmr Court. d M v 57.- The court whs occupied on argument cores n iring the day. - Decisions will he delivered on Saturday. ? " ^Superior Court. Mo -27. This court will not sit until Monday next Common Plea*. " Ma? 27.?This court did not sit, no Jury eases bring 'j ?dy. The court adjourned over to this moniinr j j, Court Culcnstnr?Thla Day. vt Cia.flT Coi'BT.?No?. 17,37,00, 4, 20, .'10, 10, 12, it j), , IS, IH, 40, 28, 21,2, 47, 38, 14, 24, 271 (;, I'OMSIO* Pi.* as.? NOS. 31, 42, 43, 14, 40, 47, 48, 49, .'<0, ::0 < i ! ! . O A Si'CiTMfTri. E.nhaokmknt?Mr Hootli p.issrd ?? rough this city yesterday afternoon, for Baltimore, ol lien-his family reside lie will return aliout the end of ' 1 e week, to fulfil an engagement at the Walnut strict " eatre. His anccess at Boston, where he has been per ?? rmit>K for two wrek* BMt, WM UpfNlMri ?)<? pi till#* woro lillod to ov?*rflowin(t ovory evtning, mi l it il id h? novor acqnittod liimnoll mow to tho gmiilirution hi* numorotM ?'idionre? I'hilal f'hron May J7. 7 7~" oi I'irr.Mi. IfoT?Our rlimuto m or,r of Hidden V tnngea iind o|ipo?tii <'xtr> iiioH. (>n Tuenday morn- N K the mercury tell to 31 diRton,there wtia mIimi j> lro<t, tu 11 wBtrroonptrnloil to tho Murk rim* of h ')iiwitt-r of nn ? oh. I'roato ' rhnnjfo ' Ye?teril*y at 3 o'rlork P. M. the ?f ormoniotor ?tood :<t S6 in tho lhado .111,any . Itlai I" mMmmmmmmmaBmrnmammmmmmrn LI). Price Two Cenlii ttportlng Intelligence. Beacon Course, Hobokkn, May 27.?'The attendance to-day, was but limited, and it was only those who were initiated in the sport that was likely to come ofi", attended. The result will show thut some of the best sport of the season took place, and why good things should be held back to the last, we know not. The course was rather heavy alter the rain of the previous evening and this morning, but we think not to any extent to prevent good trotting, though loosers are never at a loes to find a cause for their mistakes. The horses tor the first trot looked well, and " eager for the fray," but Neptune had but few friends; the odds were 10 to 7 on Stockton, take 5 to 4 and some business was (lone at me latter figure, but not to much extent. Tne first match that came oH, was the second announced. It was A Hwvepitake for fi3C0, two mile lit ate. in harm ??. H. Wnoiliutl' nanum gr. g. Stockton?If. Woodiutt, blua jacket and red cap. Mr. Metxker named h g Young Neptune?II. June (, black and red jacket and bluo cap. .V ( oncklm named ch g Kodolph, which for some reason, be6t known to parties con erned, did not show, and perhaps it was quite ?? well. This was a match made up at the close of the last tall, and we rather think not at the moment when men have their wits most about them, orelee there lias been u great alteration in the animals since that time. However, lie that as it may, the rot may he summed up in a lew words ; although the bay took the lead at the onset, and was no where from the moment she got to the bottom of the course. The grey had evidently nil its own way, and it appeared 11s if Hiram could have distanced his opponent in tlie first heat if he thought proper to put hits best foot foremost. The first mile wvan tiiiijiiriru in ^ minings i)i)$ ficronaei, iiir fy coming in some twenty lengths in advance. In I lie second mile round up the buck stretch, Neptune made a rally, hut it was evident that Hiram wbh taking it easy, therefore,when lie approached, it was only like pushing the grey more forward, so that it the top ot the strait course home, it looked very ike us it Hiram meant to shut him out altogether. I'he grey came home within a few lengths of dis :unce ahead, completing the two miles in 5 minutes 17 seconds. During this run the odds were offered if 25 to Id on the grey, hut few or no takers. The second heal as the Irishman said was "Da er, repeated, the same over again," the Grey did ust as it pleased, leaving the other to do as w ell as t could. The lutter two miles wss completed in 5 mantes 55 seconds,?Neptune about a distance belind at the coming in. The next piece of sport, a Puree #100, two mile teats, under the saddle. lames Whelply enter* (br. g. Italian) b. g. Hide? J. Whelply, green ami yellow sleeve* anil blue rap. Vlbert Coticklin g. Snaffle?A. Couckhn, Mua jacket and black cop. I. Spicer enter* cb. g. Tom Benton?J. Spicer white jacket and black cap. ltattan did not come forward. It is remarkable hut such good horses should be enterrd and go lor tuch a small sum, but so it was. The decidedly jest match of the season thus came otf, not w lthjut exciting some degree of interest ntnong the seed lew present. So well matched were the three hat there was no telling who had (lie call, it was irst one and then the other ; and us to betting, we h i not hear a single one inude, one way or the >ther. Alter a false start or two,they all got well oil tojetlier, Utile leading, with 1 otn Denton in close ittendunce, up the back stretch, two lengthsshcad, iiid Hit' grey intra; uiey were m> ctosc togeuier ui the first halt mile there wiis no c?-ituitity which led, and thin distance wns done in 1 minute 194 seconds. This position was maintained to the top, where the grey broke, hut soon recovered, but hi the meanwhile Kifle kept hie distance and Torn waiting upon him, only for a chance, hut at the turn down the short course Ilnitoii br< ke and lost u length or so ; and a lew lengths further II itb- repeated the trick, which helped Snallle, and he came in front the first mile, it being performed in 2 minutes Hi)seconds. In the second round iiitlo led up the back stretch, where the grey gave sy ni|*lonia of dying awuy, and Tom llenton took Iter place, and at the top looked very like the winner of the heat, but just at ike tutu of the straight course broke, upon which 11 die had some advantage, hut he soon followrd the example set him, and Tom recovered his lost ground and came m Home three lengths in front, completing the two miles in 5 minutes 194 seconds. The winner did not appear the least blown alter this heat, and seemed as if he w as ready to start for the second immediately. Of tli?' second heHt, we scarce know what to say further than tlut they all went well off to filler, tne grey, it anything, having tlie lead. They kept together nil round, and came in nImot-t logether at the end ol the first mile?t-o much bo hut it was with some difficulty it could In* asceraincd whether Rifle or Snaffle led, hut Tom whh lot ? length behind them, and was evidently onlv 'biding his time." Tins mile was performed in 2 mnules -14 seconds. 'i'he odds were even now, 10 o 1 on Tom Benton They all turned the course .t the bottom much in this position, but Rifle np eared to clime the hill better than the others; mt if whh "no go." Conkliu kept close on hint, iiid Tom Benton lust as close on the two. Conkin made a good hurst when near the top of the rackstretch, bnt it was ol little or no nvail fcnnfflo ippeared to take the lead down the straight couiae, ?ut Tom was too close for comfort, and evidentv intended to push at (lie distance which, a 11 lid,and it was almost impossible toirll from thence which led, him or Rifle ; bnt Spicer on the ir.sidc old, and he waa declared the winner. The two rules was |>erformed in 5 minutes 21 i seconds.? rhis, without exception, was one of the nretnrsf, test contested, and most eqnal matches of the senon, so far; in the last heat in particular, all the vay round, ut any point, a table cloth tniglit liavo overed the three horses, so much so that it was iiiite laughable to hear the disputes among sperm or* which led as they proceeded ; and it took th? udgesa few minoteoconsideration when thevcanio n to decide which led home, mid the third horeo vab not niuch above a length behind. The followng was the judges' deciaion :? Tom Benton, (J.Spicer) 1 I 0 Jtitle a a <> KllJ/Mt* S 3 0 Time a:l!if-&:2l-00 TiratlnEAT Footkaik over thi: Bbacon Coi.hsk. -There are at present eleven enlrientot tine n come off oil Monday next, .^tannard app< urs to e the favorite still, we suppose because he ia h? trr known than the others, hut we think he will Hve Ins work to do to heat some of them. There < no use of counting chickens before they are atched. Albany. (< oriMpomlence ol the Herald] Ai.rany, May 25. li<U The people look to the Herald for correct inlortulion?under date of Wednesday, May 22, and i a paragraph "Long Line of Railroade," you lake the distance froin lloston to Uulfalo live linn red und thirty-five miles, nnd fir mile* of the ro.ul nliniehed between Albany nnd Troy; from Troy to clienei tHtly twenty mile?. Tltia communication ms probably linndrd vou (>y some selfish Tr< i.ui, rhicli perhaps tnay lead some of your worthy readrs nstr.ty, ami perhaps occasion an unrondniinld" tage rid'* to Troy, as tlm road if not made, nnd nay not be. Will you have the goodness to disaniae tlm public, anil inform them ihat there in audi place mn Albany, nnd through which there in one ontiniu 'l rout of Hnilrond, now finished ; and the iaianee fen miles |r*s limn yoar Tropin friend lakes it, as it is but sixteen miles to Schenectady nd by the way ot Troy it is twenty-six. Yours, Arc. Aijiany War Pki'ARTmknt, May 21, 1841.?In order to blBin the usual infonnaiion with respect to tliacipline, cuuiae of studies, and general condition of I he ilitury Academy, a Hoard will atacmhle at Weat Point, r the inspection of that inatitution, on the 10th day of ine, and will he eom|>oa?d aa follow a Major General 'infield Scott, Brevet Brigadier General W J. Worth, of e infantry; f ol T Cross, Quartermastei a Departrm nt, til. J. B.< rane. of tlie. artillery; Lieui. Col, J. Kearney, irpa ol Topographical K.nginerra, Major It. L. Baker, rdinnce I)ej<?rtmeat; Brevet Major I, Thomas. Adui nt <ieneial'a Departmrnt; Captain Holier! K. I nip Knar in nor A. Contain J. Hnn.lin? (nrm of Unginci't < iptain (i. (i. Waggaman, Commmaary'a r>o| art , ant The Board will make rrpoif of fhr ifnllM aignod tj them, lor tho information ol tho War Un irlmont, 1V.M WH.KINS, Hoorrtary of War Tiik Opfra.? A iMshionalilr Iioiiht Rrfolod tlm r>? nin< ol "Old Drtiry." on Saturday croning Mr and Ira. Sijiiin and Mr Mi rival wire warmly wrlromrd forma wan woll auatainid throughout, and th? audiatirn i.iiiife<tril llirir approbation, aa ih uatial on the rrpt?a?nitlon of tlii? popular nprra Miaa load liaa tun ma a ir >t fiinritr tho ia romtuntly making adranraa in lifr mfaaaion I'hitnlrlpMa Chronirh, Af?v 97.