Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Mayıs 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Mayıs 1844 Page 1
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, __V, T H Vol. X., Mo* IMA-Whole No. J740. To eh* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper?pubttthad uvrry day of the year except New Year'a day and Fourth of July. Price '1 cent* per copy?or $7 76 per an ura?portage* paid?coah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published erery Saturday morning? price centa per copy, or $8 18 per annum? postage* paid, Ca*h in a ivanca. . ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol Vti Herald ia over THIRTY THOU8AND. and increasing (Mi. It hat lie largest circulation of any payer in this cUy, or the world, and it, therefore, the belt channel for butinm mmM ,? i mm >la 'A. .?e.y)nM>fn iinuli in nA ?- '? ?>w my wt cinuiiry. a nw" IM -*' Yt tee. PRINTING of alt kinds executed at the moat moderate price, and In the most elegant style. JAM KB GORDON BENNETT, PnoruirTva or ihi Hv.hai.0 Establishment, Northwest comer of Pulton and Nassau stu nt*. in 1i OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. ?1 SOUTH KfREET, NEW YORK. * ML M M M fTusTe caii be eugagsd from LiverpooMi^be following sptaudid pachas ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line ol Packets sailing * uualer From Liverpool. The <hip COLUMBUB,Captain Cole, on tha I#th February. The slop YOllh.SHIRL. (new) Baflev, on the 'it March. The thiti CA VIBRIDGE, Cnpt Barrtow, 16th March. The ihip ENGLAND. Captain Bartlett, ut April. Theah p OXFORD. Captain Rathbone, 16th April. The rhip MONTEZll M A, Captain Low bar. lit Mar. 'I lie ship EUltOPf. Captain b urber ISats May. The ship NEW YORK, ''a plain Cropper, lir. June. In addition to thenboveiuperior ships, the subscriber's agents will hire u succesaiou of first doss Auericau (hips dmpaCt bed, a* customary, from Liverpool, every fonr or five ''ays throughout th- year, lo the diff. rent porta in the United States, by which passage can he secured at reduced rates. Those sending for their friends reridi gin Great Britain and Ireland, may rely thu every care will bv taken to m\k- passengers as Comfortable s they can leasonahly eapent. and should he paa-eug r.< not come out, the passage money will he promptly refunded. Droits. caii as usual be furnished payable at 'be National and Provincial Bauks of Ireland and braach-s; K.utrru UmU of Bcot'ano and b onches; and on Mrssrs J. Bait, Bon hi Co., Bankers, Loudon: Messrs J. Barued It Co., Baukers, Liverpool, which ore payable throughout England Mid Wales. For further particularsapplr (if by Inter Post pvid) to )/?M,,# 1 k\VeV-"Jol b.' ,' Nov. " 7W toaj ) /<*"? 16 J^ar- 11 The OXFORD. * ? " ?. /,'f K?.' J wo tons, J Jttir 1 April 1 The MONrtzrwA^^ i ??' U J WO ton*. ' )*)"* 18 Apnl U Th. tUROPK^ lLo^.feh {J & 1 610 tow, J A0*- I jSI?Jr J ; Sr i: {WJ VAmb. ,6 Mar i< 900 tons. 4 Dec. 16 I' eb. J T. B.Cropper,(April 16 June J Tbo COLUMBUS, (Sept. 1 Oct. 16 700 tone, {Jan. 1 Vrb. If W. A. Cole, (Mar 1 June If The YORKSHIRE, (uew) (Sept. 16 Nov. 1 1000 tone, {Jan. 16 Mar. 1 D. G. Bailey,(Mar 16 July 1 Jlhese ships are not surpassed m point of elegance or coie'tTI in their cabin accommodations, or m their fast sailing qua .ti ts by any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of puMungers i'nnctuolity, us regdrds the day of sailingf will be observed as heretofore. The price Of passage outward is now fixed at One Handled Dollnrs, for which ample stores of every desoription will be provided, with the exceptiou of wines and liquors, which vfill be furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither th eaptaiu or owners of these ships will be real toosible for any letters, parcels, or packages sant by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Vor freight or pas age, apply to GOODHUE k CO, 64 South at. C. 11. MARSHALL, 38 Burling slip. N. f. l?9tf and of BARING. BROTHERS fc CO.. LW>1. RAS3AOE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND UlEfsAND m. m. i BY THE iRCACK^A LL^offoLD LIN Ki >F" hi*r,rrviuji rAORfi J o. [Bailing from Liverixwl ou the 7fb and I'Jtli of every, month.] Peraous wi"hin* to send to the Old Country for th/-ir lYieudi E\n Date the necessary arrauKemeut* with tne mb?r jribers, -jlu<! nve tnein coine out in this interior Line of I'ai'.knls, ttailinu from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 10th of e rery mouth. 1 r.'-y will also have a first rale class of American li tuliug ships iV.'.ng ever, ?ii ilaya, thereby affording weekly eomniunica. * Hon from that port. One of the firm (Mr. James 'D. Roche) ii there, to tee that they shall be forwarded with care aud ues patch. . Should the parties agreed for not eeme out. t'ae money will be returned to those who paid it hare, without any reduction. The Black Bail, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, oompriss the following magnificent Bhips, vis:? The OXFORD, 'The NKW YORK, CAMBHlbOK, COLUMBUtf, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has been extended to them so many years, for which they are grateful. 1 hose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Koyat Bank of Ireland, Dubliu, also ou Messrs. PEJ08COTT, GROTE, AMEH A CO. > Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at ar.y ol the Banlis, or theii Branches, in all the principal towns throughout K.nglaud, Ire wuu, Nbuuiuu emu vr uci. ROCHE, BROTHERS fe CO. 15 Faltou rtreet N rw Fork, next door to the Enltnn Hank. i N. B.?The Old Cine of Liverpool 1'ackets Keil from thie port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Pertiee returning to the old country will find it to thuir comfort and j advantage to aelect thie favorite Line for their cnnv-yauce, in I prelereuc* to anv other. I TO TH*. TitAVELLlNci PI/blkT M i I'jis^KNOEH ARRjiX QEMENT VOR 184* p T'? nub.ctib r< having complete. n?.ir eriaureoiei.te, no no* prepared to bring out nut- t?i from <treat tirituu uid 1 rcUnd by the following packet ships. oue of which will leave ..iv? pool ou toe let. 6to, tlth, Utt,, 2i?t aui Mth ol ea- h ii.outh:? f Pa rica Henry, New York, Sheridan, v'itfficia, Livrpool, Camoridgc, Moutixeme. Siddoni, Oeo. '.Vuhingtoe. Hottingoar. Colum ini, United Statae, * K. seina, Aahbuitun. Eavlsnd, *1 ?urnpe, Stsph'n Whitney, Kcchesrer, 1 InJipend/ nee, fork.hire. (jrrti k, , 8t<mue) Hick, <dnee,i of the West, Oxford r C?rf',cetet of passage can be obtained, end-very Information Wtf- ? giv. u to thoee lending for their frieuiL, uu. application nti.vr of onr office* Tliry will al?o ne pre ered, on the <>|>eiiing of navi'tatioa, to frrward pi?? jKCta and loir lagg.gc to \lhiay and Troy, and Via t.atml to onllalo. and ,.li mtcruaedintr tplacee. To aL P?<r,a of th- Upper Lake* V i i Oswego to Tot. n. n, Pi rt Hope, Cobu ,g, Kingston, and all i -arn of cai ?Ja Writ Pro.,,'fro via Whitehall to Montreal a ad tinebee, r'snada ! a?t vis Ohio hiatal from <'le.ivelaud tp Portsmouth. Cincinnati. Kr.d i terra";' ia e places Son n W ?i vi i Philadelphia to ritUbnr/.Cincinna't, Loon rille. ,,id all parts oil the Ohio River to S* Louis, M o ; and p. al! paru ol Uhio, Miclngiu, Indiana, Illinois and Wiscon in Territory REMITTANCES. rorthe ncromm "titio'i oi l?tr?otn wrehinn t? rmd money toih it frietidi i'i the < "I'1 * onotry, HAHNDKN U CO. will e;re Draft* n any partol England, Scotland or Ireland, Payable at iiaht, f?r?uut> of ?I, ?i, ?2 0, Co ? bo?oc in any amount to suit the purchaser. OKKICUH AND AOENTft. f harle* ''n'l. if Au e?rr et, Boston H. '-v. Wheeler, Union Ifuil.tnur. l'r >*i<<r.o?r, K !. J. W Mill*, i Will ure."t. and to Kton i itrwt. New York. " . U. Il"W id, 4J H u.h Third ?tr er, I" it eelphia P?n<l!0'd h Shoemaker, 7 Light (treat, Baltiu ore. Mil. l'lU-buigh, l a. Ji.fl Lirtlejohn, ft k I'ha^er, Albany N. V. St Clark, lib Ki*er utreet, T'o-. N. Y. lilica, N- r. W. A. Cook Hyr*e?*e, N. V. Hurl.enter, N Y. W H Cook. N. Y. H. b'i'ihngh fct'o.. t.'naettn. N. Y. tnldec rtRHANItV.M KNT8 VOU. 184* OLD ESTABLISHED f'Alf'AAUK OMTCU, 1C3 Pine atreet, CoruCt ol Booth. afefe, ^TlTC^uh icribet belts leave to ca I1 the iitt"ntiuli of hi* friend* and til* public id gruarsl, to tbo following arrangement* for 1*44, for the purpose ol bruiyii a out cabin, 2d rebin, iti > ieite nnj'ietiKei*, by the tUxulor Liue "f Liverpool Packet*, tail ing Uic Ut.uh, lull, ismi, 2Iitand iith of ?eery month. By th-L.otil .t, l\, t"?vl r. in New York, the Dt, Itlth and Jtotli?hiiiI Ifrrn Lrinloii ou the 7tn. 17th and 27th of each month. In C-. o'tti iiou vntli t),? above and lor th parpos-of affordMn.'il , it faciliti s to f.i"*. in;>'?, D e ?Bb*crilierha*e?taoiiahn; a regular liacol first class Nevr 'fork built, coppered rod c . .e*r nuteued *hip?, to *.ul put etuaiiy every week throughout the ye?r. Kor the itccuminodation of person* wirshinK to remit money ta I'l'it I will.1 ml IrienOt, alnru are ?iv ?, payable at sight, on the |j|,owinjr Banks, vpr Lurk, Limerick, (.' lotnnei, Londonderry, bliyc., Wnf-ird, "iJ*ha?t, Waterlord, <4*iway? Armagh, Athtone, Colersun, pdtliua, A(v.Um?, Youffhai, tnni?kiiiMi? Mowi*b**, Bnnbridc#, Bally mm, !V?oniit0wn, Vowui>&UiCk9 C*aviui? Largau, OiMh, I) luKinr.on, Banaoai, Knm?, BiliyvlidLco Biratane, skibmea, Mallow, Mon?*yiaorM? CootchiU. , ? Uoblm. Hr.utlauia?"Tht City L.uili of (il;uirow. Knjciand?bpwoner, A twnod & Co. Bunkers, London; )!. vloriliy, H iterloo ltuad. 1 .irerpaoi; payable iu every town in' h*.t Britain. Vol further infmiMUOf (ft ky letter paid,) apply to JOSKt Ji V cJrlUKKA V, iiio Cinriinnt, . . ecruer of South, V. V, Or Messrs. P. W. BY'.lNK.S fcCO. 16 Waterloo Uoad )9 6m*re ^ Lnerimoi VAObAUf e ii t. v -!./?> ? IUKUAN1), rtCOTLAND ANlt 1 'AUk, VlA LlVF.UPOi'L. 1 ij;- 1 111. luikicri'ter tins inule nusquaitod nrr.i. tr?ir.rr,ts e, -tVfor bnugiuk not emigrant* this yt.,r, tt.ii Those ....Jt'JOm-' nding lor their fneu-la would do well to apply at tb t>l 1 eswblishetl packet ( luce ?>l" JoH.V IIVKDMAN.OI Sooth si. N. B?The shi a ot th , line now leave Liver,uk,I every live <J <, an-' i r lis can a? utu .l he furnish' (1 lor u.y am. nut, p y abler' ill the principal hanking institutions Uuoughnut m? Wfcind?Ua'tom ?f P'r M *b<T*.sfc^e>, . . nSlrt mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm E N E NE1 MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. jak m m ^rT^iii<lerin?iUoi^^hii>? will be r^ulerly Ji? patcTel^uin nonce so the let, end from Mereeilles on tlx 5th of each mouth folIo?? ?- fnaNmyolk. Mareeillrxj MINLHVA. Cam. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. 5 , u&i- 'piiX^rfeoJCfc Myrick, 'en. 1 March 5 1 tiift i.LIV.i-rSON.Cai'i.Sylveettw, Keb. I. April 5 f8?jX' Adaau, March 1. May 5 LOR10L.ANU8, Capt. Ilaile, April 1. June 5 J hey are all coppered and copper Gutc.iod, and hare excellent i iccominodanoiii lor (xitHeugrrj. The price of cabiu passage will be *1 CO, exclusive of wince Un liquors. Goous addressed to the Ukrult. IIOVDJi HINCKEN, will be forwarded free of other clismes than those actuidly paid. For freight or passage a mily to LAWRK.NCJf lit PHELFB. 103 Frout s'rect or to COVD St H1NCKKN. Aceiiu, ntttr No e Tontine Uuihlinvs. ^ - H'uiv ItAl.lbA.t AND uviMtroui. S/&?kin The Kov i Mai! Steam 8hi( , BKITANl >^*JflWISNIA end 0 ALKOONIA, will leave Bos ^dleJcMlc ton for the above poiti is lollows? Br-tanuia. Saturday, June I. 1844. (,'aledouta, Suuiiay, June iti, 161S. Tasvagi-lor Liverpool ?ta?. I'iihwc for Halifax ... 80. Ai plvto I). BRIGHAM, Jr . Atteni, in21 re No. X Wall iuwIi Ne'.W YORK. BCHOOLFv'H MOUNTAIN . F A 8 TO N . SSteSE* I KAVK the foot of ''.nurtlai.t street, daily [-nuoua.. vsiened.] at 8 o clock, A ftl , bv Railroad from Jersey < ity to Morrial wn direct, witnout change of Car?from theoceb - Pest Ciaoh'S <hroii?h Vendiinui liester, Mch olcy's Mountain, Port Coldeu, Waihitijrtoo to F?atnn At Washington a daily line intersects in and Trout Belvidere For seats apply to J. HILL., at John Patten'a Commercial Hotel, 73 IJourtl&nd* street, N. B.?Fxtraa furnished at the ahortest notice, by eppiyuty to N.B LUf.. AiiiTtistown auiiti 'tin*rr VTIWCI/V L W CiO 1 &IV11 IV/V 1 Li 11V/VL) ilt-IU i. .15, FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (325 MILES) BY KAIL KOAl>. The only Office in New York established by the several Kail Road Compauic* between Albany and buffalo ia at 1 No. 5# COOUTLANDT AT HE FT, JOHN 1\ CLARK. General Agent NOTICE TO IMMIGRANTS. The Pnbscribeis having been appointed agem* for forwarding Immigrants by Rail Koad from Albany to Buffalo and in1 tarmediaie places. are enabled to tend them dnrintt the bummer from Ntw York to Ulira lor $2,U6; to Syracuse $2,92, to Au| born Si.3d; to Rochester $1,61 to buffalo $5 M. Children from 2 to U years o:d a; half price; under 2 years free- uud all Baggage from Albany on the llail lived it entirely free. It is eviuent tliat it comes much cheeper to the uniniirant to trav-1 by Hail Rood than by Copal, he reachiait Buffalo per Steamboat from Neve York and Rail Koad from AS banv ia 42 boam; wh-re*.-, it tnk?s ;>er Canal from 9 to 10 days The following calculation sliows the result, viz :? Passage to Bu Halo per Hail I'aasage to Buffalo per Oattoad $5,50 nat say $2,00 Luggage from N.York to Luggace to Buffalo. 50Ifcs AI ban?, lOOtbe free, bal- fiee, balance for lOOIba- 55 eace for lOOIbs II Loss of time at leut 9 days Luggage from Albany to worth to the laboier, say Buffalo free 50 cents |>er day 4,50 Living for 42 hours, say*-- 75 Living for lit days, 50 centr _ , _ ? , j per day 5,Oil Total pet R. Road $8,41 $12,44 Deduct fare per II. Rood- ?fi 43 The traveller per ft. Road tares $5,62 They also forward pas sung- rs to Clesrelaud, I'oris month and Other places in Ohio; Uetmit, Stc , Michigan; Unvn liay, Milwanltie, kc.. Wi-cocbiu Terr t ry; Chicago, Illinois; and to different plac sin' 'ansda. at the lo west rates. AH iufurmatinu as to the diff,rent roulnii given gratis, aud Tickets to beh.-d only at the Albany and Buffalo Ho id Office,59 Coartlanut street. WOLF lit RlCKEHS. my8 Im'rc ' OPPOSITION EVENI-O LINE KOR ALBANY. DIRECT jMWi xgl The New and S|>tendi(l Steamboat NEW AJ^ft*J3?JKRSF:V,Capt R H. Kurey. will l-ave tlie lMk nWiiir t'i ? foot *r Barclay Hreei (north tide) ou Wednesday ereunu. I5lh in 'nut, at it-Ten o'clock Regular day* from New York, Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays: Ir-nn Aibaoiu'Tuesdays, Tliursdtys and Saturdays. The New Jtncy haibeeti rebuit and rmnudlled, nod fitted up in the ti<-?t possible m Miner. She h*s a larite uum'-er of elegant State Rooms. \ laige and eoinmodi ui Prom-nide liocft, a Ladies' Sa'oon with slaving accommodations fur luO persons, 1 and expnsire and airy Cabins. Altogether, she na? sleeping aeeoinmodatious for Dearly 703 persons. Her ilmuglil of water U light, >o that the will alwtyt be able to cross the bart withont deteuiion or transhipment. Dill 3m* rc SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. B LOOM IN GDALE, MANHATTAN VILLE AND FORT WASHINGTON LINE OK STAGES. Fare to Manha'tanriMe i3>4 cents?Kort ^ Weshiugton 25 centi. This Line will rom, inejiee running ou Saturday, May 4th, 1044 as It.Ilnerg :? I Leaving Manhatbuivill*, at 6 o'clock A. M., and continue rn ruing every hour until 7o'clock P. 01 Leaving New York, i corner of Tryon Row and Chatham ?t, two dooistastol'the Horh-m Railroad Office, at 7 o'clock, A. 11, and continue running every boor until 8 P. M. Stages leaving Kort Washington for City Hall, 7J> A.M. and I !>K, U 1 P. Al., 3'i, 4 b>i. Stages leaving City Hall for ! Kort Wavhiagton, 9 A. M., 11 and 1 r. M., 3. 4 nod l?. '1 lute St iges p.ssou the route JtieJ's Hotel, tturuham's Manlion Home, 'rrphan Asylum and Lunatic Asylum. Strieker's i Bay, Abbey Hotel, 1'rimty Church Cewrtry, High Bridge to Kort Washington. B. MOORE, m2 lm'rc Proprietor. 1 YORRVILLE, ASTORIA. HELL GATE KERRY, JllAVENBWOOD AND NEW YORK STAGES. .?? Will cornmence running on Monday. May GTJKSaSffC, I8U, as follows " Leaving Astoria, at 7, 8, 9, and U o'clock, A. M., I, V, J.tTs, i>4 ant) 7 P. M. Leaving 3 Lhitnarn street opposite City Hill at 7, 9, 10, an J 11 o'clock A. M.. 1, 3, 4, J, 6 and 7 o'clock I' M. This Huge will call tor passengers at 20 Bowery, cortor of Pell street, nud at llanrd's, Vorkville. All baggage at the owner's risk On 'lie arrival of the stage at Astoria, it - ill ir.i mediately b? iu rraniness for conveying passengers to Kavriu wood and Long Island Farms. Ka'e cents Horses aoj Wagons to let. LEWIS & CARTER, mfl I m * ec Proprietors summkk /ATuianuf.MKVT NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY lidA CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFKY, stOWTiP} jUM On and after Monday, May 1J, will run as a. ?.'!' *11 tJE follows:?Leave Newark, foot of Centre st. at 3K?iyfTi^Ei Tj% \ AI aoj IK P. M. Leave New York, foot oi Barclay it. at 10 A M and 4 P. M. On Snndaya?Leave Newark at i A. M. IP. M. and jN"w York at 10 A. f?i. and 4 P. M. Freight carried at very reasonable rarrs. M -v mth. IM4 apirc iJt*? FOtl NEW 0HL.EAV3.-LMUJ8KNA A'? kOKK LI N 1 .?T" nil liti June--?'he tea' *ilS packet al ip 08'VKUj, Captain Wo. d, will p. -it \ej (All a? above, aer reaular 'lav. For frt iililo. pataaat, utviiw Mniiaoi&e furmahed aeconir i? datinoa, .ipfly on oodrU, at A'h^rf, foot of Wall alieet. or to E k. COLLINS Ac CO it South at?eei Annua to New Orlayna?Meeera. flnllm \ud W>.t Orult, w ho will ..rumpily forward all aonda to their add rear. 8hip,ieia by thia liue may raty upon harm! their fuoda correctly meaauied, and thai the aliipa of thia line *il rail nuoem*)) v aa llllwBWd M$M . ?JK LIV r.HfUOL?The Of?. Line U*uio->t JwaPk f'acket 21ai lone*?The a'perior New V 'k boil' VMMB? packet ahip R<J( H" 8 I ER, <>pt Bolton, 9 i: ona hnrih?n, will aail ta alinee, her reaular day. For Anight or paeatge. hootw fttf ikiad irtatowMtaioai d'tanrpe ?ed by any ahip ia port, apply us hoard, weal aid? Cadiua thy, ?r to WOODIJULL i. MINTVUNS, 91 South at " nc? of r?saage $109. ( i? packet ?iup H'ttirffr, Cart Ira Bnraliv, 10J? torn niriori', will aucceotl the ttoctaeucr, md 'ail on h?i auolar Jiy,?!?lJult n'""l" b OK LONbtl.N ? racket ot lat June ? lloailmr KFJayVdid. I?a( aailinii'iiK packet ship MKIflA'l Oil, Copt Maafaa' M. Chadwick, Will tail pnimtnaj y u a nor*, her rekuiai day. 1 lua anorrior packet haa T?ry fire tccoioinod&tiona f if r ahin, second canm ard ateeraite paaa'cyera, win will fplakeiat very reifaonuble ra'.ea if early apnlicilion he ma 'e -n houd, or to IV Iu I f T A WU'fVI'T Atthtir Central I' u 1:14 a (Hfir.", 70 Aniiili ?fn*t. comer of M uil.-n L.anr. PiTfone tviflitr g ro sai it for their fri". d* to c .me out in ihia tup or any "f lie hue, or ? Ho ?th.ut to r?jnit uiorey, ran uiabef.v ab'e arniuii u e. la by &i | lying >.? *b .v* miirc aifck*- KOH LO 1 Do v.-P c.r of HJi' "TIpijiI'b* 0^'^3V'',' '" '1' K t -.l.lil Vlhlll \ I Oil Opt J >1, itwiwfS'm had??ii.k, w II mi) piu.rt.Ml.y a* above, her u gni i .It . ap|>r.oi ikck Ihu itrv li.- accomm > > i n f r c o ifi, irco < tnin, ?t?er ue |> a* uy?r<, wb > will be t km it vri( rra.o.ablr iaii'i ifiarly* |iliifti>n" in ole o i bovrl, orn JOHN lit 111) M ,\N, nif Mltrn tl S..nih iltttl Jdi'E- PA^RAOK FROM DUBLIN, CORK. WAT hit tUxiWFOKO, UKH It V, COI.KflA.IVr , HI.I.K l.Vl, kMwK*Nv*rr . Orozhrdi, otc ? IVr.ODf tvithiug to wild inr thnr Irieud coil riitri'tb"in brouvht "'it trom any ol lie nboie portf io fir?t ' 1?M American Packet Shipa. on the ino.t r-nrtwable tern and a ithout their experiencing a.iv uoneceiea y 'I trillion. Mr \V., one of toe firm, v, ill ue M. tli pot to give tin personal attention to tU-p i?nip'r?ri,gig.d by the ?ulnr.rib?T? or their a?r c? here, and pertoui uiiy rely that the wi>h*? Mid comfortx of tboa* v?-ti par-..*/* rati' ... ?nca?ed by tliem will nil da* an I proper attention. H>.r particular* apply, if by kit r. post-paid, t< W. 8t J. '1. TAPHL'OTT, at their f Jvneml Paiatgi1 Office, 71 flntli ?t. c ,r. M i itr . Lin , where, alio, Dra'tn may be ..braine I, for large or mull jiii/u payable ,?i 'Vni rid, wi'b mt diiennnt or ?ny nth r rhaiga, l the or Proriocia fiaok* of lr. Iau.1, ?r any i.f "itor branobraiHroiurliiiiii the Kingdom. mid re TAPfCOTT'B UKNKUAI. PARI-AUK OK. yi*rV FICK?Heiwo?-d from t:l Peek ?!ip to 71. Wi nth ?r 4Mb . .mi-r 1.1 Vrude.i lane IV-mns ins to *on t f r tb.-ir f rinds in ihe old ci.umry. Can by calling on III- ?n !i?e i bi-r? ukr tho nece sary a ran ;.'inent? on ihw rn?? adr ipta.'on? trrmi. Mr Wm Tap.cut being ju Liverpool, mad r Iru.tnetii.g rtrcli tin itieeiwi.hth m highly benefit ul to all lar'i wiahiuit 10 have their frieiuli comfortably Mid <i?jckly <lc? patched. Drai n <Vr any amount, payabl* in demand w 'thout any <1 '? ri nnt or anv rha*?e whatever, in nil the ( riocijil to win throii, out <?reat bnwiii anil Irrlaiul. ?au at n't 'linen be oh am. u ou hi plication to W. Si J T TAPSLOTT. At their <ienornl 1'aaaaae Office, mil re Tfi Hont.h at, corner Maiden lane KOR V| A KHK.ILLKH?Packet lar Jnnef?The ehip i hxTJvVTttKSCOT l", Oapi. Lawrence Knr f nichi ><r iuv Smmm a-:-.apply to LA WIUM'KJI I IIr. 1,1 S, inj h rout aim t, nr to mtH?w BOYD % HINI IfKN t Taatiae BauaiM .e if, ?< . I. .. .It OLD I INK ??K I.IVBR* (' i()l, p/iC'a K iV.?hor Livrfpool, P.ctrt, t June I h re < Uri l- I I'aal K lil.y f ronte |> Ckei ?h'|i i a ,115IIIUOK, bu.-.h n 'J u toin, Lain . u H ir.t ,v?, will I*ait v.-iy aai'Ou Si unlay, Ut J n , he.* o auUr d /. It n -aeil bnivan that t e ' ami,Milan in i.t.e out in a very ru eior in inner, w ith every c'?nrru ence, thalc-.u add to the C)nif?rt ofibore einl'.rtl.'K I'r.aiin prne. c linu i?> l?e<ll Louiitre, will ligd it to their latere I ti ?<-l?ct t'ue on..e>i nee (, ?r l aic Ke in cabin, 21 Cuhin aart l arur, tPrlf on batH, for.t ui M rlimiB ,lr t, or to the ?ti'.a? rv In. ?? , KUCHlh. BROlULrtS A CO. to J Inc !> halloa ?(., nut Owul Mtliet UWoft iltak. ~iy Y (J W YORK. WEDNESDAY Nfcvv LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To ail tram New Vork on tlie S6tli and Liverpool on the 11th ?i eacn month. * m~m * Hl.ip KOSCIU8, Captain John Colline, Mtli March. 9.op BIDLONS, Captain iC- B. Cohb, 26th April. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A.Tleueyiter, liSili May. Ship GAKRICK. Cant. B 1. H. Tr.-isk.2Gih June. krom Livvr.root.. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain A Dopeytter, lltli March. Khip OA It 1! It.' K, I'jpwie fi. 1. 11. t ra.?k, ltili AptiL Ship ROSCIIJ8, (Captain JoViit Colliut, llu< May. Ship SIIXWONS, Captain K. b. Cobb, lltb Juue. Trine .hip* are all of the tin: el.ui, upward* of 1004 tout, boilt in thu city iJ Ni? Vorh, with *uch improvement* a* combine great *)>ced with unuuual vomforl for ptusunger*. %*mj c in- i>a? hem tak.'H ii. tin arrangementof their imm modatioo*. The price of HUia hence >4 tlOU, tOTvbiff) ample ?tnrP4 will lie provided TKm. ?hipa ar? commanded hv eiperieneed m.utrri who will malt- every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neith-r the captains or owner* of the iliu ? will be rrsponttble for auv let tern, parcel* or package.: teat by them, us leu r<gttlar t->f lading are signed llmreler Kor freight or iia*siUt? tpp'y to ii. k. COLLINS 1'. CO.. 16 Houth it., New Vutk. or to Br AVN. sUlPLKY Hi bO., Liverpool. Letter* by the pad .-u will be ch& l'!>4 cents per tingle hnet ; 10 coots pcr'o a'-ice, Slid nrw?i'?' era I rent each in"! rrc TUB NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M, m* jjfe ^Tt^ail from Nev^YorOUt, and (romTiverpool 0th of eacii month. From New Forts. L'pool. New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1110 ton., jJJ J J. Kldndge (AJ^ ? 0ct , N.thin tiUEEN OK THE WE8T.fl?"7 !} ? law tout P. Woodhotue \\ | New thtp RpCHEBTER.IW tone, jf^'7 \\ I John Urittoo )Oct r 21 Dec\ 6 dhip HOTTINUUEH. 1010 ton.,<5ln]lchJ} $ Ira Bursely, SNov'rai Jaivb Tlie?e lohicnntial, fast tailing, fint cla?? ship*, all b.iilt in ihr city of New York, are commanded by' men ol r*iii-riuucr cud ability, tud will be di?patched punctually on the Jl?t ol each mouth. Their cabin* are eh coot aad eoumiodioue, and are larnished with whatever cut conduce to the ewe and comfott ol' pai?on<cr?. Price of pauaife. $100. Neither the or owner* of the*e ?hip? will be rrvpou sibl* for any parcels or package* *eut by them, uulea* regolar bill* of lading are signed thereto/. Kor freight or passage apply to WOOTJHGLL & MINTOHN3, 87 Houth street, New York, orto FIELDEN. BROTHERS k CO., }t4M l.iverpoo .\fffo UW YOu'. AND HAVlthPACKKTy. Second Line?The Ship* of this line will hereafter leave New York on the let, find Havre ou the ltth of each mouth, a* follow*, viz Kmom Nf.w You*. K?'*m llavnit. New Ship ONEIDA, ( lit March. t I6th April. Captain < lac July. < I6th August. James Ftt'ick f lot November, r lttth December. Ship BALTIMORE, v lit April 116th May. Captain < 1st August. < Ifith September! Edward Kane.' f lit December, f 10th January Ship UTICA, 11st May. t 16th June. Captain < l?t September < I6th October. I< rederick H Witt. r lit January, f Itith Kebruary, New thin St. NIC 11 L.AS v 1st June. (16th July. Captaia J l*t October. < 16th November. J B. Pel I, r 1st February. f 16th Marrh. The aocommjd . lOu* of these ?hip* are uot nurp used, com* billing all that ni y be required for comfort. The price of enj bin passage i* $100. Pasveugrn will be supplied with every re juisite with til" evception of w iuos and liiiuors. (Jood* intended for llit-sr vessel* will he forwarded by the ?ub icribers, free fiom any olhcr than the expense* actually incurred ou them. For freight or pnasaui, apply to BOYl) It illNCKEN, Aiituto, Je26 ee No BTotit,**** Hnildinir cor. Wall and Wafer ? TAFSOOTT'b GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. m t?&? apcihralno IKwrJCii SUarnBBm IrmmtSm ARRA GE.MENT8 FOR 1S44. The subscribers beg to call the attention of their friend* and the public K'uerally to their aupwrior arrangements foe bringing out passengers from, and reuntiiiig money to all porta ot England, Ireland, Scotland ni.d V/a'e?. THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPIUSINO THE QUERN OK THE WEST, USO tons TUB SHKUIDAN, I0?o ton?. THE KOCHKSTKH, MOu tout. THE OA!CHl''K, 1000 tous. THE HOTTINOUEK, 1000 tuns. THE KOSCIUS, 1000 tons THE LIVERPOOL, liSO tons. THE 8IDDON8. lOno tona Sailing fro.n Liverpool twice avcrr month, aud fHE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed ol au|>erioi, brat class American packets, nailing from Liverpool lour limej iu each inonlli, err the aliioa in which thov whose passage may beengiwed with the subscribers will route ..nt in, aud it is a well hrrnvvn f.ct the above r. ttnetl tuckets nin the moat m anifieeot ships atloat. mid the frc.pi -cry ot tli ir tailing, (being every five davs) pr' venta the I rsniiitry of passengers r.eing unnecessarily de'.ai.e<l at Liverpool. lc?? gardleas If espenr,", in order to inei I the wsntsof the public and the wishes ofth?ir Iriends, Mr. Wm. T pi scott, One of the (irni.haa gone to Liverpool to superintend thedeparture for th>? country of such persons vahoae passage may he engaged xvi'h the subscribers, u fact, wli.cli to those acqti .inted with Mr, W. T., i* a sufficient gu irantee. that they will receive every attention from him, and be.iuickly and comfortably deapatched. Hiieuld tnoae aent for decline couii' g. the passage money will he promptly refunded, without any deduction?aa usual. iirunUances?Those remitting money can be supplied with draru at aigna. lor any amount, pavable free of discount ?r any otner cnarKe, iu every pnucipal town in England, Ireland, bc.uisnu end Walea Appty til oy letter, post paid,) to VT. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 4S Pock Slip, iVcn t or*?or to 1*' WM T,? PSCOTT, Liverjiool. HAIR CUTTING on ? NEW PRINCIPLE. A N KXPLANATION IS MSCKrtSAKV, IN' ORDER f*- to Ita'Iy comi> -vd the grant advantages which will arise (ruin patronising I'nal'n:s i.ew p'au of Hair Cutting, kc ? Kvirybody ha, lelr the uiiplpti iot positions crear>-d try haviue the dirty hair hrn?h applied to his heart, for the forrys Vi-utTi tunc in a day, (and iu some instances used upon the hearts of in minis) without chaining. Iu view of (in*. the luuscriber his devoted his entire < aiihlr Inn, nt lor lutroducm* a new leaiuie in the treatmrul ofthe hair?thtt of having a large number of lirst Mil" !>r> slice, and in no inulanro tJ tie used a second time without a cleansing lly giving rh" science of Han Dressing and Win Making his solr time sod a'tenim, t'githe' wjiii the tit- t personal co nfori ensured, at his vitubiishineet, hssolius a trial, satisfied that those who i(ive his a, stem one C'lal will apt r ciate the benefit and luxury all rded at no sum bit eunee'ii in this c ty V private room s fitted up for iadi"i. i blmnipoou r and Hair UressicKDVTU. PHAi.DN, t7 Ini'm Its Brnadws* opposire Ht. I'mrl's NEW COAL Y_A It 17! 'PHF. 3UUM KiBIKSl.are laa-u a Ya'd at No 7 Hail I'lace, (ivar the coruer ol Meve tli streets, il Tlyril AreuU'', dir ciIy opposite i'oni. kins Maiket.) where they in e,, aer| i a a so |dyolryer> d ser p iouoft oj s, ?ix: r?eeji Orch.rd, Schuylkill, Le i(n. Liverpool, Newcastle. Syd.ry. Vrg uia, a d (. utnb-ila d whicti ihe,- offer ut the lowest nr.sikvt | r.c'i, and solo it a share of he public pairnu. ( Oro-rs received as above, or at the oid stand, 411 YVaAiingU?n street,Corner Laight street. WAKU SI BHOWNU Orders throu'ih ihe Diipalch Port will revive pnunj t pteu t;on. miT un*'C CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 30* Pfc-AKL *TR?EI', LATE 10* BEEKMAN. I'HFe 8 BK115r.H, *ll ku w?i for tit ch*i(u*s? and " d'lribilit v r?t tit* wo k, ** to uiortnIn* parr nn ai i th* public, th* h* i? d i? , to u?t ht tca>iiOJPirst' lenJr-ii-y of ih* t met in i tin, i i ru??"i of I hi iiiy bn ituuy iiirjaik t.frw* ty f. t (. u (mm for *r riC"?. a 0 Inn it uhiluvt I, b v t\v*uty i? r r* ,t, th* ? garine t* of th* * \ * qu ilitv if tn <<i j ' by t ch ap hi a *1 in r.m r.iry l i or 'rr Miv g*utlem* i miy o.ifhTff: <J h tr?in-ii?t by h*.?p ?*, tb* f 1(0*iit|f btl* ? f P*ic?* it fubonttvl i.? t '.t c nnijpri t on, i h am?i riut*Pthit ihf K '??d * it of tti? fiii -rate qui'ity and the fit uuexc*p> lion to!* huprrior ^Vmt <?f hu7latd f 'th r'nata 5l7 to Jfi ?'iiir.n . I HI irk r I'vui >:?-iniil d Cmuim** *>? S t?> 7 \ 4 M il l. it aad Tmuuiiug m ihe Ueii ?tyW% af. the fallowing pr.cet l' ontj ... ... $/J|? .'o 3 PiNti Ji-d Ve-ta I >4 to Suffrtrr 0/er;o.ii, frcm 1 to 20 m<4 irn*ec l'MTbt> .t 1 ATL'* lM<rl I (.(vltlA.N >AU'..bJt V m viuuDirjiy, UP STJURS p VVHJ i'S. . or,id ? . ei t ully call the tiiL*uiwn of citisuuu \n?1 .*.r , .? vistit thr tiy ??? i* .t of IMUl i' i t'K rOii'i'tH !*>, *iugl?>, qt in *i??u fr ' tn : rvo t I u.i.;? ** .vms iu t!?" smi> p! ?ir, wiur.U, in ir ty iiitl lCCUi.try of iMn:"Uion, cannot be *ir;> used. Port.M??? taken iu >ll kinds of weather, ftCh<*rwuh or ivc' out color- ; the prices of winch he lv* r. ducad to chary d by the n> ?c i? *Xi-?Tiru';?rJ in thte bu noes*. Th-American int:itn(r, ?t? lnP? rcnibiUon, awarded Mr. White the fit at oremioin tor the bv.i Dinner eotyp* nU o \*i (t ?r yfoipih* and effect), vihiih it but .uuuh r proof A the ?uiw?ri??ritjr of hn portrait* Mr. White 19 the note .?gent !?. ? ?? f . * i.#i ni' vwy ,r;'ri iur Hi'.i'iri**! * ^?ri?mi * I'H'T'.I > ii m no oihrr ? ullikhmrnt 1a t!i? Oily 0' Utut ran Ui?T tw oiita'unl. S !> - - i ix> i nrtnl Cim. r?i; il?o KrRCtlnud Amen i:.t lu?'rn. .?nl? if tl.- ny beat yuJiu, ??th Pl.ii.*, i.?v Chinicr,, I'.Inhi >; V ii- .i ila, tc . iiwiv? fin mii ' I i Mil M t'?? > ry lu W;-U prteit _ f?< ? m M i< H CA(ilt< 075 MEDICATED VAI'Oll AND KULI'MUR RAT1H, 3!35 Hmmhf /i)', two (IfKir* above ihr Ho?i?l(4if. \/f KH r. . K lit, I, ;^| re mily ann ,riu < f ? l.rr .a coin

^ Me licii! h tc \ tv and th* i?ii It, th \i nh* ha* r * o fro n ( n -r I Mid. ?tr? t, Mid ru iMnIn* 1 n r M i?c1 V i> >r iiiid S? |) ur Ik'lx n ;\ mm' r >;? i.o 1<oim uud centi*i *i u vti vu, at N'o. y.'J IW idway, wh-? by bar c">iiti? n*d ?,s& Iu>t/ and strict r<?nfi ? ,th . <?? ;?? h i > m tic 11? jntrm"i?* v\ hich h"f ? ? <U<ihM '?t ! %? r forih'la t???}??-u y * ? N. U.?Hull huf C.tfM require m.r i o:<r'? ? < Porubl* lid's ??ft li> any pari ol" t?ie city or )U vicinity. M until*! [Tibfor h r?*. m24 Imrc NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC, rl THE BL'JLi>l>G Willi;n MOWN At CO former ly occupied hiving b?:i tore down for iIw l urpcs* ol r.ccting n ino.f commod e u at>re. havj* removed their iMik, until th if new i'or^ in built, to No. 1 Molt nud 12? | i^nwnrn urertii, opi> lite luiaeyttr airert, whir- may be lm t a HI?C niict ci f sty i.m lit' I' llata m J (' P4,n< e>t-r> it; le uo? warn, aneh in ini'Utioii Bearer ami .VI ( akin .'.'ti>, a vrry I nil i aupi'U of line I'niini llata, ' ?. ther with < truth m-ja . U.nt'rinl loft- la Lenhiiro Hat?. < 1-internet,a a id I) iy?' InUl ami Silk Velvet ' a of lit" Utett I lahiwu; Chiitlreua' fancy ('apt (if t ! la awl Vel'rt, eon c new lut'i-ma, mnth . limit'! Altt ?b ive named article* will l?e nlj na low a* can be pntchftl iu this city. W.\J. #K')W.\, tnlJ Im'tn IU Chatham uiis'.iait" |toa??a'f. WHO WOULD BE WITHOUT TKKTH 1 WII' '' ^ l''f f" Unwi: K ?"l re?-t!ented redue'ton ie iik-I.- h ?? N T.WIaOIV, Huracou L> iitiet. (fticre.aor lo or. I'll ro.> So ft f.,11.1 Uro.ilwty:? CleaniaK ? "II <0 Htopt'inc with hhj'tMly c?> rated Mineral 7'i Hintilc Tooth on I'nrot... ') " " " M?er t <?? " " " J III He etaace |>iea,or apeciiaeua iau be aero by af|d>u,i; at nc 1014 !? {? >RK ? MORNING, MAY 29, 18BEEF! BEEF! BEEF! ON HAND AND Mill 8ALK, in lata to init pu'ehifawi at VALKNTINK'S, F'ulUm Market, liu Ixtrrt't f'xtra Meat Beef. a choice article, all aelech .1 pieeet; 2<J I orr-la City hui>eete<l Mu leeef, wnriuntej; aixl 1W half barrel* of katcily Beef, eery fine i?r??(letl for the aoutlwai market. The "bote Barf ia parktil in a earefn I ?oU judiciotu rnianer aid will ke?p good in nnv climate without gelling to . i It lie tneinber VAI.KNTI\ OLD ksTA BLISHMfcNT, ml* tm?rr N.i (* Creltnn Market M. JUGE'S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISilMENT. ATlWC.n-ll.tmt. muy be found ? -??rirtinei;t of CLOTHS, CASSfclMKlthK AM) V ?K I* I s Oft, ?f die J.'-*- pit! -rua. Uonyht exprr alt (or Spnugaml Suiiunei wectf, which w:l' hi nu-le u-> hi the in at fashionable style, it puces to amt lli? l-inea, foresail only tlfutl- uieu i r.iislnug their own cloth con her* it in?rle op in ihe lai'.t l iallio'i. at >erv h-w prices?liooi lita w.irroiut d ? Alio, on hand .1 U git slock of spteuilid S ick Co ltd irad> mode, at e*trcine,y low pricm. Don't forget the number, JW Cami sue t, near llu is-m. Mr, lllO. te* ilor? liia sincere tlmnke to hia fo-tn-r cnatr-mer. ior ll' rtr entail* iru and linen) pitr uift, mi J ho|x-e bv areidioaj s-.teotion to i uni.rn to continue to merit their fdTiiia. milt liP*m Urii.lL ' I Ki: V, I'aI'KK IIAMilvtiH, A>i) WliS DOW Si) ADK8?Tha tuliaftritep tiive removed their p. tal-li-ihin-n't > No. 213 Biunlwsy. opposite tie IV It. w 1. ie they intend keeping,-is u.u*l, th* l?r(r,: s-ock <-f Uphot-i ry I foods id the city, nouaialii'g of Curtaiu Mat.eti.vs mJ TritnmiiiK't Furniture Govern,,., l'liuh-i. 6tc Ik"., I,-aether w.tha ^eoera) usaoxlmeot o. Piper Hang ags nud borders of eutire new put rui, "lid which they ure do'i-riniuwl to sell at uiiprccerWii'd-l low pric- a Their stock of Shades will consist, a* heretofore, of the moat miwiiineaul b rencli nhsars o the HMMt ki ui, WUttISSe. each, with a u?i e.'dl uiorim- ut cf half .mil while Looms and I hiulz, for Hliuil 'i <>f entire new palter--. 8ULOMAN Ik UAtlT. 213 Broidw-iy, my7 )m*rc i-ipnue tin- Purli. i BEACON CUUKSb. ORE JIT ROOT IU1CE t'OH $HOO. TliK proprietors of ih abo e Course t lfer a premium for a Knot Kice. to uk?* on t * Bencog Constr, near Hotiokcn. ou the 3d "f June uext, "is fol o?>:A l'tp?iiu >i of $.ViO t > a y one who will jwrf>nn Iff* rnibs vrilInn the hour?S.'illl to thr teeond in he race, anil $100 to the third?provided the second or third p-iforin ,10 miles or iw>r within the hour And in care IQ'4 iinici is not per'orined within the hour, $300 only wit lie s'iie.i I 'tie bt'll lu ill* race. Lilt ranee to be oiu 'e, S' d a I Information K'eeti hy th" ?ubsciioer. Th ue wishing l > enter for the llaoe, are requested to do i>o ,n toon ni coiiveuie t. No ore iv 11J le silo- ed to start who does i.ot enter for the lUr.r on t>r before ?he 2lhU "estII,t M'MAN^, No HI Variek street, m!5 brf ecu Vaiidnin and Chirltou. N. Y. BROADWAY AUAliNST THE WOKLib, *"J *Ii1H oo'ed ihonnghfireit now admitted to be the greatest I mart for tho sale ol' geutlemcu's wearing apparel iu the [fuited States, and the iuipiession that has heretofore exni*J it the miuds of many tn?f 'purchasers in Drosdiv ,y are obliged to |iav an exorbitant price for an article of dress," it fully re hatred, from the known reputation ns to the cliori; a c-tablislied by KDWARU FOX. proprietor of the City (josh Tailoring Fstr.b! ishroen t, No. iu2 lltnuwiv Her- is on advantage in merchants and others visiting this city to avail themselves ol in outfit Iroin aacri exteu iva a-, of ready made eloihioit. imnnf ,ctured from thn best matcnalt aod in the most firiiiou?bl? style The attention of (tic public is particularly called to visit this estaulishinent and cumins the late style ol twilled and laue.y Catsimere UiSce If rocks, desiguod for the approaching smsou. Also, an assortmentof iicn Chene Velvet *ad Brneada Vestiugs. Fane y French Cloths and Cussiineret, hy the late arrivals from the celebrated iniuuf-etory of F Bto'ley Fill, and re leered expressly for thespnug fashions. Uaruienu supertdy made up to order, and if 0-4111 red at a few hoars notice. kdward fox. City Cash Tailoring F.stnblUhmcnt 202 Broadway, dcjow s'oltoust m83in*ec 'I'CHAiX'O-Mhr t UJ AND " <iOr\INt> -frr 01 v. m f c.lir.ed to ch'S. upas inier-op in ? Tobacco Monttf'etory now otf-r lor sate a qnantitt of prune line cut and tmokirr. Tohaceo, papered up in the usual wiv, at very reasonable fri net. I hey t 1 r.i'l the attention of IVei -rn Merchants mid otlie ho yes to this, rl.e quality of the tobacco being of the yeiy best -act prices hy far lone nsr:( B> y.Q?'rc I'.MS M FABKH. No I Ncsv t' 0 LI VIC Oil.? .v. ua?u is ol (I'l B'ire brand} due Marseilles Olive Oil, imported exi res-ly lor Motels and family use ill pint bo'tb s a of brisket 1. f 1 ilo/.'n ea .ii Also, Itltl b .tkerji o| 2 dozen each, 100 cases of Lynch Oil, In 1 e t ea For sale ?t h* ?I eap score of JOHN C JrlOHBlsON, 189 Ur enwich street, Im nrti r and W'l .fetal- and iL ad Dealer in mi'j Iw^rc Mruas I'tnirs. <bl< P.," () er e- T?-t. S*c LADlIvS AKTE.vllAN 14RA0K. rIK Sulucribersolfer to llicapeeiat pilromg* i,l"the Lad es, the r I'aTent r nssrtu Annum litiiu. winch must y jtrnYr au !:.uniinnvoie -no ie ui trie leintie w irutube It combines, in its in iu> er of co trtct'Oii, nil ih triw ful proportions without any ot thr injurmuv tendencies of tlit* corset?tuci a? i uu ?tural cotnnr.svi >u of the chest. itn edin* i>? free and heauhf>l action of the Iuik?. and t? inev.t bin leid'ocy tn bruit ou co i?u <ip'ioii, Bt. , Ste. To children, nt *1 her sec, si h > have nciiuirril the li iliit nl vtoopinu, tliev will be found hiitlily beufficnl?|'ojs>.?i.-,i< th- correcti k p iwer ?#(* Ucipiuit the i?-r?ou erect vxl tli ih ul.iers svintn trieil Itwil improve tli online mol geiervl . i .on <ii' th fuuie, ?tr>:iii;tl en >m*1 expand th' client, anil will not imp-d th louse o| the arms. hor the he.trr a id spe-oal eccoium dmou ol the I, dies f.vorioK ili-'in Willi their ; atroiiat,'-, ilie Hiib.cribers li v- opened .in !j>irme?t, il-voi->l iic nsire. l-> their etc minndati u, wh'eh will b? under ih immediate S'lpr.nt-iidoici>' * I. uiy per.ecily ? quaiultd w.lh lie* ductule and filling < 1 th-article Ladi's Department. No 3 IVr'a n*ee, l?t dour from Lroadway. Wholesale Departrn iit, *t tli" "Id - t li',shin-ui ol I'AllSKLLS Be aoatk, riyi1) I n1, ec 23' Hroadwnv, corner of Parlt I'lace. to tailors. ctinkmk.T'8 new und cuinplets work on the subject of hJ curing H irotenu of every desciiptiou in ? style of elegance 111 t t'l tie stir, nsse.l, is w i'h the U'uioil rnnfidi'iice rfiVi?,| r tha trade ?? being n woik wholly superior 10 any thing ol ihe kind heretofoe intrndaced, by tli aid of winch a p?r,oi ol mouernt* c.ipae ty may obtain a letter practical knowle.d(eol cutting i j one week than could by tli ol>l method be ob'aim d iiia yen; and he who wishes o keep pac-with lie rapid iin proveiio iit ol tiia srt, canuot d i better than av il himself nl the p ssesaiou of the work. It hv* : Ire.uly received l?- approbolion oi ili- fint i/f the profession, and cannot fail givi-i couplet* tntisfac.ion to ad ? lio um? il. 1 h* above an he oi> tainul of the author, No. 113 Dro.idaray, oue door below the City Ho'il. rn'i lm*rc ilisTljiEUiTEsT- lkkculs f ai\ ana KIHST (IUALITY leeches. ju.t r?ee;.r<i Trv/)VrUv/ by ih? Swtedisk lirii{ Alard?CO.000 by tbe tiiip En scott, and for tale wliot>u>e and retail, ac very lew price*, by C. J. KKRD1NAND U GOPPA. rr?0 fnt*re IntUAM^n nf L*wlin. M4 Mutiitq ar( /XENEHAL aUCMCIT AND IN't'ALLlUENCK. i jr vT KICK, sjii Broadway, where the puhl.c will be supplied o"i'h Household S ivanta, Wiitu, M.ticlaus, tic. on thtlioiteat iir'.ire, at III* oltice, 334 Broadway. UfTee opeu fioui 10 to fi t'cl ck. N It <*. yeney of every description done at this office. Help always 4n hand, m* l?o? re (3. S CLARK. '7- I i Ukkr.K '.t.Ml SIM' K jiAMUKACTt'ltKUd- I Labels 11.'ia'I'd at fr./iii i'l tn (10 rents per 1000. TO HOAf AMI ( AM)M, MA VUEA P'lRERX? L ifnc Kaney Label* for bo* ?, of Kaniily Soap printed iu two T?K's loi b 0 per .000, Uan Janme l'lnies rni'Meed f>r I t) BLACKING AND I.NK .MAN! ! AC lUKEKSLaueia printed at f .in C to 7'' eoute to r 1000, at II HEM MI vil'n Xrloarapbie Preta, nift l?,*re SS Maided L:.e MONBY TO L li N I) . ABRAHAM / Jackson. Pawn BroU.r, Nn M lies.; t.iiTt, , rv?r irwwwuh mili* in<n.rr in i.vxfco <>r*uvm su>ns ti m\>* be required on Watche*. Dmiiwhui, Jewelry, HiWrr Ware, Dry <* *ods. Wmnu* Apptrel. nud penotud property ot Vm tf*SS i m tr \ sTnVi 717JKJ\ (front la.ii) HAIU UKK H s7. K AND Whi MA *KU. would mpectlully Aoouiic4:e |<> mi frif id* a?.d the public ttMt he lias rAinov?*d horn 'jC'j Co 26j j UroA i'VJip opp ?it* cr?? IVk I A (J Would ?in.i', that being a oractienl Hut Dwirf | unlit* ?An rf.ave llirir b'?.r dreavd (At in* Saloon or ul their r?-fi<J:??)'!*? ?>u * 11 .hy.) &ff*r fit* I'arisi in ' u>'<ioii.? A. it would re*pecf lo!'y invito ?tct? utiou t In* n-'W 'J I i?vpr.?i?e M'Ortrnm.t ot Hnir Work *r.d <) s-uner Wig n?- ti j I'uup ?\ boto >o? ? Artie* oid lh ttlemett, rn id * to a t\*if u,. l^lie i'? tolv-n.i miv .vlierr. 4(1, ffoli th"urfHtpr;CtlC "his hA'i in h?t tiroyr-Mi' i, foff confident to fire yeuern * tilllM! 0 d mile men's hs?.ir ?? (? Is ? /iliot'*,) in thr nfw -?r i v|h. Children'? ii rove null* ro"t*. n>pr<?v*?i iyste ? L'oiii i uid * ei?.,f?ri?pn will bud *f J '? eetAol'fitment a choice \?B pinen* of IV f iuip v. t r oihi, ilruth >, Artificial Mowers in < l< uicy <'oo?l? for the Toilet A (I take* tiiis oppo- noiinr to return hit sincere than If? 101 tli- Kind lib. r I putr >>'? heretofore **teud d to him, no f> rolieit a coinin?mc? of t1 o Mm?. tnvi irr>*rr flO LL) AND SILVKIl K f.Kl N K M. A.\ As 1A1 r t\ Ui4 ** VI K.T ALS. ? 11 ?r (iold, Old <>old auu Silver, Jewellers tilJ Silversmith's Sweepiuiis !?ounhr. b/ A BAK iAiii). <>*e? I IVaII Ifrtf Works 241 M*rc?*r ft. ? inc Kollfd Hilvtf PiiiiQV. H'am nod Plnfml iViPtil. omHttlr ??c hnr.4 ?':3 .ittt* *? VKS! SlviAKi: !! L"t 'lir ioi*r .'cli/hi u !.i? butcfc lid ilut, I mi I s> i'k not In* p't ,isur? i r,nr Bit i|ie:o'? iioi'm K "I " C1U tl'< nci t *u.p >. f)l t mil Hm iiw S-far.? Tht. Smoktr't .Von if x2KIX\S, ni U(* i-?iaj..i?I|11||*i1| jmptilar A.Am), 1 ..iidro O (.An* It iwAfl't Hotel, eonliDia ? rrc iv? rem hi> grot io II .? j?i, iwr vry S i tfi ot the choicrar ,'iid mixt improved bri.iJ* ton. the iiivkc-t nffjrd? llm?!in k u w mi urnl t .mi ii'i i irei'tr tlwi nut be |>r cured at (q; ill're, Hi lunrat i.i t . f ir , ii.ol id tali the crl?br>{.il run Ki u ?iid> Jlu .o It Nor. nat, Kvivir ii.ije K.orniii , Norton, Trvbo a, 1'iuiCipe, noil Ml" , vimcli Ik I >u uo li.tii Uii hi 11 turning c ii rrior tu lyvrrhe ,re irn;>i.(r I ( iti-ii i ! r-?nt:.r? rrr r. meirA to c t.l at No '! Mud,Unii". Il'i v f i'? llo'.l. ir.d jntl/" f.,r Hk i;i?"lTim ml rn'rr FRENCH CHINA M All) VF.l) l'i? No. ?5 LI li ! ; It T y STREET, <! !' l *i HIS.) a i' M.rHMV., fpiivoff -.I \g ul for Iv.ofacturerj, hi. <* i\l Ua.'I i Ivi' .m >rtrirut of diciT in,! t.M ? l ijj ;?l ,? v>.,r,r 4 ' ,'ilt t* tmnGn (*>itt in H?il < * t.lJMT (U IV <! rt :?'i. of nl n'tiOyl ?. **ouj> Tnr-?t? . -1 Uiiih", H.'l id lb b ruit J i?krt?9 ( n?t\rdt aa?l 1 Sin . ft;?o, f-aacy i *; J Rich i)??cor.\t?'J D.uner S^u ANo, !\ it-i.l v.j.n.M it* iVar*, Or .k, l<rru?.ii aud Aiuer* 'VI" *Ji ti.? trri-1 irft wnrrtn'^- rh* *ir?t j.; \. f r, and to 1 %nl 1 oi ii M-nI c^rni. and m o>.jto tun pnrch;u^rt. Ill/19 HWI* ?*' I FtTLPIT AND FORENSIC ELOQUENCE. ! Dill. C/EOIWE VANDENHOFF IJVHJ Ki J KLIJ.V Attn ?:ii <"t to ? r? and -tfi.JfDta ??' i iV tli? ? l**r ct' v?d L' ^il i t, And t ? 11?- Pr-oopi!# of ] l/wivf ?Hie* and f.'oflr i/**j of N* v i f. U ndih" u; iKutf rfo'od, . iwteniJt nu ill* I J i if ii-it, f t - iffi rr/iiu% nt A S JiOOL O*' ^KATOIU, f r C-'nllc-in^a tV-ir ? i? o( & Minnie, and ;r nit nttruc ion*, n i %Kf If oi 1''Jo?-ii |. ji ^ .d ACkiou-sn ncCru* itry to lit? fo nntion of a j? rfVr,r pu'I orttnr d'li'l <: A|lt*?J '?? rt l??' C f* milU'O t X ?J (or Mr V io.;rivr* J w/vI t Io.ifirm til n *"s licit att?*uda ' iiiv^.iit.m, l rriuno* 11 >Sfu e it* tor i .iidiC rtlub tio " ii K>>kI tan. l? i*of jq-1 (t.?irk d?'cl ii'.ttic ui, ( I r ;. . . \1 r L %? T r,,? , . ' ? i I I .. , .. . . .. i. . . . I, t ik 1% n, w I >T .V eoliy of K "Ilifni ?'? ucni-i li>? IV ii-??i|W?r. 1'l'L.T 1* S i; A P 11 (? I T A N I? ONN E T MANUEAOTOK.Y. '['>( I, \|)( 1 \ i< r. i Hi 1.1.?' i if rio*t ' .int thu 1 ri-i t. b-oiti'nt at . I , i row j i I i .1 i-ji) . if, K i . f c ii il ti. mi i.ific.'tN .. lai ml >V i, lil' HT'ilH"! ivM'fi It -/ ;iri? ?.iM, to h at w I* ui'l ' i', ?t ?f,i I'm <\ i.uin 4ii hi di-n' 11 'i i in )<>ic from. >1. rrh<i.;i ii it Miliiuut iai>iilirU on Ui* b il imiu*BUI nw?*? ? - :r ^ 1ERA 14. Havana. [CornvponJoiice of the tier* 14.] Havana, May IS, 1S4-4. A Small'Dith of Qouiptcith Cold Snvrt -Plutt and the dbotitionitft? Their Folly. Dkah Sir :?The English (steamer for Vera Cruz, Milieu Jim insi., wun irom w 10 ju pnssengerr, (foreigners of color ) From many remaining win v/crc included in the number liable to lie sent away, il ih presumed that the measure lias been abandoned or delayed. The Spanish dramatic company have opened to good Iioul^ the critics have deferred discussing their " merits" until they become more accustomed to a strange audience. They liuve brought some " National duruert," (a coips d<? ballet being unknown among the Spaniards,) and comic singers, something in the Sam Weller style, who have succeeded wonderfully. Our rivul musical societies, the San$CeciTui of Havana, con.posing the aristocracy di <?ur city, lire music mao; not satu-ir u wait giving contend, they have fitted up tUeir splendid rooms us a Theatre, with new scenery, splendid decorations, dresses, Arc., A'c., and have sung themselves into ruptures, performing "Italian Operas," the parts sustained by their own members; and according to the criticism of the day. the Mulibrans, Garcias, Angrasinis, Arc., could'ut hold a candle to them. Ttie weather remains extremely dry and warm, ihere.haying been but u slight fall of rain in tin- city, though in the interior it has rattled more abundantly. The destruction from the drought und heat his been, and is, very severe; streams and wells drying up; vegetables and Iruit perishing; cattle dying front want of water and fodder; and from the extreme drought and heat, the sugar cane and buildings, on some estates, have been set on fire and destroyed. As regards the revolutionary movements, soiru arrests are Mill made, but, ab 1 said before, none have been executed, though a very large number are in orison and being tried. It is somewhat uingular,tliataWdionics?men,|)rotcsHii g Christianity, should take such aMraiige way of ptuctising it, b> encouraging the slaves to rise against their owners, and endeavor to achieve their freedom by the most internal -.means ever resorted to; murder, arson poison, rape, See., See., being among the measures recommended. As an American of the Northern States, I am opposed to slavery in any shape, but I cannot help expressing my surprise, that any nun. or body of men could have the arrogance tu in trude themselves in a country with whose laws, manners, and language, they are totally unacquaint ed, and endeavor to leach their visionary speculations to a horde of animals; tor the negro, when In arrives here^is in his uncivilized state, but in om degree (the power of speech,) removed I runt the brute. 1 would recommend to those gmtlemcu n reserve their sympathies for those nearer home mm more deserving of it, and leave the negio and his three meals and 7 or M hours work a day, antl who laughs at what he can't comprehend, and who, in case they should ever succeed, would make ilieii benefactors their lirst viei ins. I cannot conu re heud such inaudeliu sympathies. Whoever wishes | to understand the exact position of a sluve oti the Island ol' Cuha, his rights, privileges, Arc , can satisfy themselves in that respect, at uny tune, by a perusal of the hook culled " Ml Baudo del linen Ciorierno," wherein the relative position of innate) and slave is explicitly defined, and any person open to conviction, will he com meed that all those tales of horrible cruelties, shocking barbarities, uliectiug history, Ate., Arc., are the productions of un illiterate set ot pedlars, of the Joe rtinith imd Brother Miller school. In making these observations, 1 am not led by any prejudices, sympathies, nor any sectional national feeling. As a "citizen ol the world," I endeavor to view every thing that may come before me in it cool and dispassionate manner, " nothing exaggerate, or aught act down in malice." In another letter I have a communication to make respecting a regulation made some years since in regard to American suilois?itohliges iliem, if they come on shore, to board and lodge at one house, iiiu au lit i , u IIMIIU, IJ lijMtMl mil null ill' itUl'l lord may choose to heap upon them. Aa I uiii matter ot fact in all my busmaw affairs, i ha .11 lii <1 wliether the statements which have been made to me are true or not before 1 make my communication. Florida. [Cirmpouiiruee if the IlevulJ.] AfALACHIfJOLA, Wt>T Fl/UUIM, ) May 1ft, 1841. S Trials of Negroes for Murder anil Robbery?Mode of Punishment in Florida ?The Jlerald there as elteichere ?Polities and Puddings. After a long cessation in our correspondence, I mil again induced to give you a short slu tch from this fair land of flowers, sand, fever, and e.vcite menu. The public has been unusually "stirred up" by the triuls of various criminals, before the Superior Court of Franklin County, now in session, Judge Carmark on the bench The most important has been the case of a slave for a tubbing. The hoy injured was a valuable slave, and cante near dying from the effect of injuries received. A true hilt was found against the ugressor, and upon trial he was sentenced to rem ive one hurdred sinpes The owners of the criminal entered an arrmi of judgment, and n> the case stands at this moment lie. is to be tried upon another indiettm it for carrying secret arms ; the weapon used was a dirk knife. Another case was the trial of George Holmes, indicted for embezzlement of goods from the store: nt B. .S. Hawley, and Whitinarsh >Y Jtichnidiot' Upon the night of the late fire. He was loitni! guilty, iinii rrcri\eu uiv wnirncr, viz in * in tlic pillory one hour, und rrceive sixty-lour sttij-er on the bare bark. 1 wan present nt I In.* infliction of u portion of the whipping, hut such a mode ol dealing out punishment to my mind appeared totrevolting. Much excitement prevails even now, in con^e qnfnce of the stay ol proceedings in the esse of t!t< ro gro, ami such prompt punishment in the cum* ol tlolineu After the conclusion of the puiitehiipnt a subsetiption v as made up to defray Holmes' pas shrc to New York, or some other northern city. I am happy to intorm you that your paper is tin tic p-'hj ultra of papers here, and ts to be lonnd op the tiles ot the Wuverly, Kxohange and Mansion House. Your expose r.l "the Divine's," "Journal in th?* United States," as connected with the "Cltev t Iter," is, and goes the rounds here. Allow me to compliment the inhabitants r.( this town, (situated as they are apart from the interests it work in I tie Stntr '.) m tln-ir devotion t ** I (rr\ of (he \Vet f," their Ii^hk .in almost unanimous expnvsiori of |>leH?iir?* u( the prospects ot hi) devii lion to tlie high office of Chief Magistrate. \] J; inf? my inferences from this state of tcelirg lime, what can he the enthusiasm in tin* adjacent r-tat> of Georgia mil Alabama, la Veil is tlie ponuUr feclun carried so far that at lh<- "W.tverly" th> name of ' llenry Clay" is placed in cuii.-picuMi le.'teiB over the bar. Timeii are getting slack here in the imrm wentin r increases. The vessels life leaving filled with passengers. The ling Magnolia leaves for New York on Saturday tlie 2Ut tils' Kxciise my nncunneoted letter, for the truth is I am tint in sorts, having Inst evening taken a "tip of the rosv," in honor o! Krelingfiuysen's uoiniiia lion, ns every true New Yorker should do?phalgt or no pledge. Youie'ruly, Henrico. A V a v Itr'kK , I >eM lit |". I V A l*'i X A . I. Mage, . ni<, ilif in .is rr nt lit recent Jfflpo'on City i'ourontion, and l? i < r of the < ll<| 10 to rem, wa* brought f>< lorn ludg" Krum. of th ) irouit t ourt, onThuruny 1.4.t, and, it iter a full < vtmhutl in, lodged In tlin Lunate I) '(i?rtmr-ut ?l th1' Ht Ixiiii* llurpltal, by order ?t th ourt From oil that wo have been able to Inirri, Mr. Ml Mila |a .14 *juu u , wimti "ltmi, n* be hnbun during il.r- I let tl>ii a ynar?. li he h now a lunatic, he w.i.. , ly no when h<- diroCte I all the movement* ol the J. IT" non i ity i oimni'lon. It ji well known th it what he r com lie n 1' I to ihut body wj* H>|jjii>d, an l wli ll liu 1 i i i j.Ttc 1 On thn m,nio*ili,in of hi t Inii.i y, we fcttj*, hi i .t lei admitted 'hot the act* of thnt convention n ' tii'i.lm.r. H'c douht not, how ever in* in* l.f ni.i; In t' l fin tin* evinced .ifiout ft* much discretion In coin I rn i' ler* II* any member Of the rli.jne, liming the 1J ft lient.-, n month*, .st. Intuit llrpuiliran, fifty It < 'iiAMrt.Ai t i -i ?Tlie l>ro|*riet?rM <<( i'n I. ik<r < ,'l)rilii|iUul line u| .ir.iinlin it* liuvr |nili .< '? in-ill iiui|i vt i.jKh iri.l of Ilir virion i rnuti'f I. nlm ; to it from Al'i my, to*- tin r i .11 tin- v r?J ( III 1 tlior.-t With of V- in' it -mil Nra Ymk, 111. I-li.n U 1 ' t!?? Uttr, U\ Km*., irr mil 1 l?jr I- 1! ? -ii . m ml tlii- |i|aoi-i n 1.11 I in tin- ifi *( : Ui" whole < nt 1 in-- 1 1 v?i v ri>ni i-iiii-H- ,,-iM It urn- '? 1 1 t ni ; - It r ! lii'tui, r.iijit It. v ..nii' niiI tho VVint.r, O.'lmt nop; .in 1- Imt'-vt r r.niti* to WhilnliHll lh > mv.| Id in iy n hniln v tiy ?ii,n-. 1 mini parki-l, nr m l-i> i i, ? I In- 01 m!o g tin* vulleyof lli? llml ii-i, 1', . vi ml Inn nt J-n'iln'. i n'iV- jihht ml h-ail to tin: m,-,n 1 'or t.i-inn it 1V111 ..lull, aiiU U*? liUlit l*4??UJI<'.f v'.Uete m due tCiWOU Klf tin; tiOK.i. . I -'-Ifl LH. Hrim Two C?nt*. Sporting Iiitulligvncu. BrACON Coi;e?k, Hosgkkn, Tuesday, May 28 ? Two trotting matches were announced to corr.e oil this day ; one ol them truly ot a acmewhat novel character, as reghrda the vehicle? in which it was to come off, namely, a wagou?but not more novel than the trotting itself. Keally, to hold out a.i inducement for parties to come to witness such sport (if it can be called such) is little else than false pretences, and muat eventually he injurious to tin? proprietors of the ground, os weli as detrtment il to the best obiects of the suort. Duriniz the whole thru- there were not more than from fifty to one honored persons pro?er.t, and the absence of the principal supporters ot truttirp, spoke volumes for the nature 01 the sport anticipated. The first attempt at spurt that canto off, was A Match tor tint), two mile touts, in wnpons? C. Cavcnmi names p. John Antiunion?fc. If) do, white and bhclr cap. v.. Benin* names ch. g. Sir t barias-H. White, blue ancl white cap. John Anderson had the poll ; Its led at the onset and kept it round, and came home, shutting Sir Charles out of any lurther chuiictt by diatuncir.g hint, performing the two miles in 5 minutes 58 ?* omuls. The horse8 were not at all a mnlslt The next wan A M^lch tor $.100, uiile hasty, belt three hi live, uinl. r U.u addle. John 8picer named ch. m. Nell?J. Spieer, white ami black cap. Albeit Coucltlln nannd br. m. American Uirl?A. Lonklilt, whitu und blue cap. At the start, although American Girl had rlie poll, Nell led and maintained her position through* out the two milos, taking it <ptite cuey, and t!;a oilier could not approach her, the brown tnnre with some difficulty Having her distance. The first two miles was done in 3 minutes -1 seconds. la the second heat, Nell let the Girl lead but. soon tot k it front her, but at the top Nell broke but soon recovcied, and they came together down it... _tr., irfht I,,...I, I... .1..,. where Nell said "Rood by*' and carne home some, tea or twelve lengths in advance. This heat was performed in li minutes 4 seconds. At the conclusion of this heut 100 to 10 wan ottered on Nell, and shortly afterwards ot) to 10, but no takers; indeed there might have been no such thing us betting in existence js lar us regarded tins and th$ previous mutch. The thud was somewhat better than the previous two. They both went well off together?if anything, the American Girl had the lead, hut m the quarter ul a mile post she lost ground, and .Veil took the lead, hut 1 fie other rallied and lujoed Veil ?t the top, but soon alter again broke and lost ground, which she did not recover, but us th? y ?(>;>rouchetl the distance it was evident that the Girl was closing, but it was too lute, she could i ot recover suMicienily, and Nt II came in seine 5 or H l? ngths in Iront, both vt iy mui h blown. Thin heat wu- peiformed in 12 minutes 154 seconds Nell was d"tlired the winner ol the three heals and the stukes. These two horses arc better known under the titles of Trifle (.Nell,) and Washtub (American Girl v AWPUt, CONFLAGRATION IN NEW OKLKAMf Torek Hvxdkkd ll< ins Burned?The .N'i w Orleans j>ajK.'i a oi the lOtli instant, contain an account of ilio moat extensive and ditaatioua liie v.inch unr occur >l in that city. Yistirduy hftvrniM n lliu Pane, hoist forth In the curpenter's alipof Mr Oott. ncm Hi.iUni mil Jackson stm ta, which spiead In liie adjoin ii g H uementa with Irightful rapidity Kurj huih.iiig ?i> of *ooil, and iw Ui) in tinder lluIf. from the long thought, so that nothing could ato|i their piogref.*. The fir-nun assembled immediately , l ot .? no w ider could he obtained but Imm til"' giltti rt, tin ir attempt* Welti of nonce. \? it was, they were carried wnh lightning rapidity down Jackson stiee.t, communicating to the lio? . ? on either aide, umI toon presenting a broad r beet cl fire ; mu limited ) aril* in w idih t'o save their lunliltlre wi,i nil ihut the'itilortHii'ite 11 si dents ol ihin section could I oj>? to achieve, and ctcn in tliii they weir m y of tl el .'lisi(i|M>mted No aootier did liiey move th--ir elli cts Ui ?oi? o house, which tin y hoped ens out of rmch of the itivuuring item ut. thai the fluima were upon 'hem, and tin y could only save themselves by flight la i in 'vr.y t!?! iii?; i ii for three hums dining v Iiioh time ii kept down J j kson tin. t burning out 10 Canal on the right, and < ommoi on the I ft, iinil crossing Tier: e, Matun, Villei.;, and Uotirti. on, to ^IniUtriu stints, in till ten muurr* Of oil tliu buildings winch occupied thiir ?[ u''? iist. rd?jr mount.g, uor.e urn now utundiug nave the "Aiuiaon Jo Hjute," or i)r Stent's Hospital, and u lew bourn uloug Common street. \t ona time it was (erred that Alto Chaiity ilos,Jtal would tin destroyed, und it wae u soirowtul right to its its numerous inmates peering lior.i the windows at tliu broad lake of destruction mgirg ! ufure them ; hut fortunately tliu ftau.e , although they leaped, mired mid cracklert iu every dnection. did not > roan l.'ommiin itied, 'J he Matron d? 8siite w as saved, hut not until its imnuti s had been n moved At this point a is near the corner of l until and Clailiorae streets, he firemen dirertid their strongest energies, mid fortunately were successful The only water they could ohtam lium the first was dmwn from the gutters, tint plugs at the different hydrants being permitted to run froiii the breaking out of tlio fire \H wasconiusiun aim "i spisir-uui mn niusi uin.reriiug ?'ght "I all, |>? ih;>p?, was the xmovul ot the sick liotn (lie Motion ilc Smite (,od giart we may never lie fall, <1 ipon to witness tmeh a tspectacle again. At n little past 4 clock the lire had subsided- spent itself fur wunt ot farther foo l to consume To attempt to give a JiKt ot tho .ilfb rcrs. or the amount of proyi rty diitroyrd, would bo impossible. Hundred* of citizen* hnvo U.en lift without belter, and the loss ha* unfortunately lulicu mostly U&ou tlie poor induct ilou* familiea, many u( -v bom owned tho mall but comfortable ilwelling* in which they r aided Wong Canal street, between 1 retno and ltub?rtson tree's stood n number of large, elegant, anil coitly Imrk nniences, nil of which nru cbstioyed Their Mackimd walls are ?OBKf of them still 'handing; but an on tho >ther part* of the burnt district the bourn were mostly of wood, nothing now greets the eye ot ttie beholder save an Immense lorest ot chimnie'f?all dse being burnt smooth with the giourul. We ran liken :be appearance oi thu unfortunate section of our city to nothing save a new field, just brought ifcto cultivation, and ou which the heavy trees have tun deadened ami thorn ol their I,ranches and top* but still lilt standing <utl menu ntoes of what they were in their fretkners and ride. We havu* heard it stated, that the number of inttsei destroyed will not full abort of two hundred and igbty, '.nnuy think tliat three liundred will not cover tho entire number. We tak.- the fallowing additional parucul rs from the Tropic ot the 20th inst It id uiriesa ior tin 10 *",*n>pt 10 aiv? any, rvi n n .ami i.len of tin- pitiable tight* which on nil ? i f met ?ht? i i?. a luring tin projfrvii, ut the cJo*e, and Miturijuent lothla Irsti u. tivo roiillaj;14ition. Wi iinJal leave out reader* to till up tin- outline (>i ly imagine Sou,.In * tbtie can. not ho |i???who aro xurterer* by tliia dreadful calamity. line, aonif nre opulent, but many are in indigent cir. nimitmn'i i Some have If otliri *, olhcu 1 hve lovt Ibeir ill i vciything but tin- irunty appun 1 in which (b.ey < ?. ipfd At tli? leert rnlculaiiou thete are 13U0 perron* 'mint out flu Saturday right, three huodred ot there poor poop.' r .imped out in t iin?l (tirtt, baduw Dr Stum'it hoapitxl Tt ' Ic- of piojieriy ir i ntimated at ?,SOO utX) ; t Itout, 11 wlii'li ationt one half only I* auraeird to be coViTid tiy jr .iiiraiu e. Ww heard that it little w lute girl about fix year* o; age. nnmr to ui unknown, wat burnt oi! iph bring bill Idl in the ruir.f ol a bolire in J irbi. II slri'i t. hetw i en Itoblnruii nnd Common aire I* aid no lie being able to re lid Iff tin; Want iu>*i*tanfe; *uoh v r the intensity ol tin; lp at thu' the home ivaa ui'Hppion'h?fde. flie Ullovvmij id a liat of tome of the m/bnrx by Ihir dreadluI and dma-troti* (Ire:?Frederick Jortly. Ji o. (iite ?oii, Jiih Swlb r, Jr . Samuel I,ocke, S. V\ \Volrott, II II. ')'< ailaghan It II WootUworth. Mr* Korti ulie/ter I' [) |t)Ott, Mr Woodht idgo, J M Howell, II M t oxica, fj. Monahan, (loo Porter. T A J?iwn, 'or. H. H. Marki, lloht. Hall. N. \V. (in pi* II. Jo>i?li i iimming*, loteph Mitrhrll, Inn l.rtvi* Mi* I'ayhmn, Mr* llicki, ' in) li? K'trr John S|r< ri ' I. Keen, I'a* rick VcVdhnn, M. I'onljM. Jnhn I enrono, '* Mtiely \1*1 ir<1 I. IntjiVrv, I PrrrnltN. II I'irrn! , V.r* Vi'line, Jon ( Mil. r? <i. I.evy, Aulnit.O i?. ?'.!>?<" , I). O'i'nMiel IJ., A. It H'uoitu otth .Miller A ' l< ipmnil, tie.i. Patter* n. Mr. Powell, "" ' Monroe (tro>gr lirrgtr, lli'tiln , t 1.1- II > Patrick ..niter,' loll, A mil ; XII!er, I .r ' i: i e I . k.o:i ' 'r in#, i,, Vniphmi, Henry II ' T " ' axHtll U?<> M.rrpt, John !.. Tnr. I,,., Jim i I.urur, 1'itrirk Short, MMtfcew Re. ,1,1, | Olnii'-'.. ' ' ell. Prtel lleno, Jimpll Kenton, (i*mi in i , !' I- H imniei I I.iltl*, Mi. I lair. Ij VV II Ltolnon. A r II Hero, I ii o. < i umphell, t l.'/u i I. U' I B." I> N H < Mnplmll, Hiehuni I'p. inlin, A'Mi'on. IVter t ' ,r>\ ? Pre*.. y, Powell, I Hani i.tii,. r, H i n|.-on, l . Mr* llivi* I vv. r., \lr? |."o?. tor. Mr . Wa'ron, Mr. IP lie... Yi? liowh y, J. J| Me < orinirk, \V. II V in KitnsM-laor, Mr. Jay, carpenter. Tim It iveu a'i Si Ijon.v--The river r<- erv j ;iy v nli", imil it pull rising. It!, . r? .icli< <l the ee.rh iton A .it nuny point? on lh" leu , j.,, I l).? \r.ti ucrn |.<itt? ni i. inumUl'l. lliinoittow n ,i n.d f water ThartMN mnoh earlier, wait m high r 'Imn n? I'll" rnnii above in nte very hint, ,,|ii i e il,j Wi I" rn )>> the Mi-onirl . ml. xrrlv ' N*f i". ii ,,Ui : Ui. r?*l? h c?n?idei?Mr i .? jtk tu i".m the Miai'Uirl KiVt r. which mil t.i ir - lVi' iirU;< -n 'l.r, r or I' 'ir (w t higher than it i? .it pri-M-tit . mm Hf filter, 11 iy 18. I i ig N'twrni'MiuM) Tf V. . ' ' ? ri<*i ..rnvcl Hi II ilii.ix, on : , i 1 ? '. I<; . i i if > '!#> ? Iiutn St. Jtihn'o, N I 1 '1 1 "" w j't > i toil' OU the 'Jdth <*; A|'|.I ? > : '''ill It. . \ <r'\ <h?y? unvii'ui'.y U.? Hou??- nl . i.. > i 1 j?*? i m. '*n-i to 11- r M<| *u, uittire f i> 'I. njii) t itiu .l by ll:?j iuha' i iiia i i i 'i'ihiv v i iun ol U r iriU'ilj. sucuu ui the frvbebvh U" >??4?su?? a il-. Maud.