Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1844 Page 3
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qvirrj to keep up operation*. This will obsorb ao much of the capital of the bank*, that what ie leit, cannot do "inch harm, no matter how it if employed. The only ral- of vation we can ace lor the commercial clasrea, ia to let the brokers havo full awing, give them a chance to go their "" length, and then they will have the aatiafaction of utand- rJf lug quietly by, simple spectators of the explosion that |]jl will exterminate nearly the whole race of atock speculators. Old Stock Exchange. sn SlOOCO U S6's 1863 netf 230 shs Ohio Life k Tr KO ,u lonoo do coupon 116* V) v (J City Bank 74 700 do 5's 'it 104)2 lis March hi Co 31 l"0? N y State i's 'til 104 5 do 3lX I 7000 do J03X 25 Cantsn Co on, Br 55(0 8ut?7's'48 109 25 do lOifopg 67>i Cc 7000 Ohio 6's '60 b30 103 250 do opeoiOK 67 H h 20000 do bit 103 50 Mohawk Hit hio 77 8<1 27000 do 104 50 do b30 76>i Hi 29000 do 102 \ 50 do 7#. 22?U do 102)2 25 Aab h Syr HK l"* i OflM do bl0 1(>3 250 Harl?m teH , *? tct 15000 do h20 103 .70 do buw 86' > jj, IMOn do 7's b30 I0ti 100 do b!5 0674 j 1000 do UC 100 Lout Island KK ?'* gt 27000 Kentucky 6's 1(6 177 do H-'X | IOOO do 5's 87)d 575 <10 ?3 co 5000 .1, M v '1 inn do b30 03* 1? 1 III tl? llliiiouHpec'I b30 53X 109 Patenou ttll in in Mi y. *000 do 53 56 ilo 87 X I 17000 Indiana Bond* 43 189 do 88X or, 2f0'l do 48V 100 Jo irm 88 5000 do b30 48X 100 do >30 UU T! 31 on do b20 48X SO Nor St Wor b20 72 i 5063 Pen ? 5 a 80 10 Jo 7IX 111 I l>a Plieuix Bank 97X 175 do btw 7>X i SO lUnk Slate N Y jS?i08(;>? 50 do 72X ?, IU Bk !> ) lull I'M 25 Jo 71 "i 100 u S Bank UX 100 do 7i X I S3 < o 12)? 100 io hSO 7iX lj 50 Jo 12 175 do b20 71 !i. 300 . .. c-? ? 100 do b30 7IX ] 114 fill no la Bunk 36 2n0 do 70 V h., 5 Kaal" Ilia Co 104 SS0 do 70 1 18 N * <,*??-0 115 75 Slotinston HK 54 '2? N A Tnut 10 50 do bnw 54 i ,5? 19^ 75 do S3* in 18S do 20 loo do 5?S I 245 Farmcra'Truit 52 100 di b30 54 X ill IS? do blO 52.X 50 do 51 j do btw 52>a 135 Mcrria Canal 22X f50 20? d > 52X 100 do bio 2V.'> , s? do 523a 280 dj 10 da 22 w, Stcoiirt Uoartl. 'I I $560) Holding Mil lids 78 135 V.ckaburgh II a,i; 100 ?hi YVilnmg'ou 51 10 Nlerch Ka Co 31 ' 75 I1 armrra'L< ail 50 200 Heading blO 50X ,, 50 do LCO 50X 75 Long Mind 83 51 d > . 40X 10 K'ie 11K 31 . 1 50 L B I5auk 120 M 30 do 2!) Al 50 dj 12 50 Slonington 53X New S(o<'k Uxchange. to" $ 10C0 Kentucky S'a, paya* 25 aim N Am Trujt blO JOX S bit- in Knnfrky n 87 50 Karuiria' Loan C 52X 1 iron lllinoi?fi'?, >7U 13 49X 150 do 52 i 235 aluu U S Bank 11X 100 do tnw 52X t 86 do gc 12 105 Vickaburg Bk UX 1 S? do blO 13 25 trie RR 31 ! 175 do 1)3 12.X 14 Jo SIX ?0 Jo b3 12 25 Mohawk BR b33 77X , 20 Dry Dock Bk 75 50 do 79 . ' SO do 7tX I? Mor'ia Canal ?60 21 333 N All) Tru.f e Sill? sa Ilk ('nm .rrin 102 4 SO (1j c 2o;J 3'5 Caulon Co oprj O'l 10 do c 20 23 do ope 6?)? 2 > do >3 20>i 2j do t30ifo 70 23 do t>3 31 40 Gremwioh BU 64 ' 3) do blO 21 40 Chemical Bli >60 81 >0' lot State of Trade. Ashes?I'ots still continue dull, and cannot be quoted At over $4 23 a $4 31 j. PearU are held at $1 75 a $4 blj. IiuEAitiTurrs?There is no great demand lor Hour. (/ Were prices a little lowur, a few purchases would he A? made on Kpglish account We quote Genesee at $4 08 J; f?r Michigan, $4 43? a 4 08] ; Southern, $4 B7J a $5. There Ba is some New Orleans wlieut in market for which $1 <i is f n asked. Rye 07 a 68 cents. Grains aro dull. i:' Beeswax?Prime Northern yellow is in demand at 29} a J 3d j. Southern is held at a tulle less. Cotto.x?The market was poorly attended to-day. and 2 the transactions do not amount to loot) hales, chielly in W small lots to complete orders. Trices aro rather easier, JJJC and thero is a general indisposition in purchasers to jY*j operate, feeling satisfied that alter the next arrival from m Kngiand prices will tie lower than at present, consequent 2 upon n decline in that market. s 1 Freights to Liverpool ]d for square, and 8-10 for round. Z" Hay?Common qualities of North river bale eell as want- A' ed ut 35 a 37 j cents. The market is very inactive, with receipts to a moderate extent. Salt?The market is pretty well supplied with Liver- . ' pool. The asking price is 47}. We nave not heard of j " any transactions. ( Whiskey?Drudge casks are held at 23 cents. Prison 2 1 barrels are quite inactive and command 23 j cents. mo Rem. Kitate?Sales ot Ileal Kstate, Muy 22th, at the *' Merchants' K.xchange. 1 lot on Gramercy Park, south side, 26 lit. 8 in. by 92 :Y ft, No. 13 on map, $3,425 >. u? uu uu, uuiui niuu ji u. oy vn it. w m, letter t>, on l)o map 4,300 tui 1 <lo <lo, same size, letter II, on map 4,600 'll* 1 <lo do, do, do I, (corner)* 5,200 "'J 1 do do, do, do K, do 6,100 0II 1 do do, 34 ft. by 98 ft. 9 in. do C, (adjoining,).... 4 100 1 do do, s'me size, do M, 4,000 J?t 1 do do, cast side, 26 ft. 3 in. by 126 ft, No. 36, 3 000 soc 1 do iic, do, sainc sizp, No. 36, 3,000 'V' 1 do do, do, do, No. 37 3,060 C l I do ilo, do, do, corner 21st street, No. 38 3,660 , 1 do do, south side, 27 ft. by 105 It, No. 23 3,300 1 lo do, oo, same size, No. 25 3,150 out 1 Co .0, do, do, No. 20 3,050 1 1 do do, do, do, No. 27 3,C<)0 *< 1 do do, do, do, No. 28 2,^00 ] 1 do do, do, do, No. 29 2.700 1 do on oast side ot 4th avu. between 22d and 23d sts. 2,700 | 1 do do do do, adjoining, . . 2,700 By 1 do do do do, do 2 600 1 1 do do do do, do,J. 2,850 1st *75,320 lojj In eonsrqueree of selling the lots singly, the time con- o? sumed, encroached upon the hour for change, and the sale 1 was adjourned to Friday next, when it will proceed ae- Os cording io the advertisement. Only about one third of . the property advertised was reached, the residue embraces j lots on the 4th avenue and 23d street, lie. -ay Cotton Market. i Mosaic, May 18?On Friday there wns a good Inquiry, 73, and although the sales are estimated at 2000 bales they probably exceed that amount, and rather better rates were 1 obtained. We liare some difficulty iu affixing quotations, y"" but those we give arc believed to be based upon the day's y, transactions. The market is not entirely settled though nil holders are firm. CM ''hari.kston, May 25?The receipt of the Britannia's yij advices has not changed the views of holders, who have rjj' continued to demand former prices, unless perhaps lor the wf>' inferior and ordinary descriptions which have been bought all tit a greater sacrifice, bat whether the stand assumed by Uri selhrs can be sustained, n few days will probably deter- < mine; in the mean time, we have deemed it advisable to erase (potations altogether, until a more eitended business shall give stability to prices. The receipts of the week are 1277 t ales, and the sales 3923 boles. k I1 ? Eli Foreign Markets. red M\tas7as. May 19, 1344 ?Sales of rice here at 10] a 11}. JB* At Havana, 11^ rs There is an active demand for mnscovado sugars and the stock in market very small, and ex- < cept what may come Irom Sagura there is but little re- [Hi maining on plantation. I quote ut A a7$, at which latter <TI jirice the Victoria brand is held. On middling to good 8 quality an advance of fully half a rial has been recently , imllAC'l. < uljrr mrd ^II, ilUl'ft Klllllll. MOIHSHeS, COnimon, .'A a 3 ; muscovado, 3.} a 4 botli kinds very scarce. c^< exchange on London 9] "a 10 prem. j United States J a .\ 1 discount. fcl __ lor ItTS Died, Yoi Tuesday morning, 29th inst., Buza Ass, wife ot Robt. K Roberts, aged 37 years. Tc. The friends of the family and those of Henry Topping, J." nre invited to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from 123 Orchard street. Her remains will be interred at Trinity Church Cemetery, Manhattan- -J; ville. ? I J Sfl Passengers Arrived. W' Sr. Csoix?Ship Kmily?W H Morton, Kki ofNewYork; ,or, 1' Augustus Have , Eu| of do; Mrs Hnstner, of do; Mrs. May ' iroiid and .on < f Albany; Rev IIJ Morton and lady, of Phils; Mrs H C Kirs.l children, and two servants, of N Voik; W W c Cnstor, ladv. 3 children and srrvant.of Mt. Cron, A Ba<ze, lady, z :: children and servant, of St Thomas; R Deitz. Kso. of fhila- |,; 'elphis; John Van Buriu.lady end 2?ervsnis. of Alb ny; John |7ty Hlonmer, Kit], and servant, of St Crois; W Maekif, l.sq, of u St Thomu. Get Hr (.'biiii-Br Klin? Dr Bishop and lady, of New Haven; L l ?r NJ v o. IU... Ili'-J-:.. _ru. - * Croix, Wli; KF Ardr^ w?, of Bladen, NO. c ! !*\ana ?13 ?ri|ue Kind?Mn K Alexander. NYork;MriK |j (.'iimmmK / o; Mr A Audihert, lady, daughter and ion. Culm; y\ H l)e liirminKham. do. Mr* and Mn* Ihogard ting, Kranee; ( M " A Crabband daughter Cuba; Mr* M C S erenn, 'ennayl* dm van ia; Mi?? K Kaveuot, Mr and Mr* Martin, do; J 0 Pedrox,!- j_?^ Cnbi; J Uevii.gton, Fn* land; A CnatalUnn, Havana; H small ;\ U8: T W Mehle, Denmark; (> Beikber.k, wm McMullm, s and W H Martin, Brooklyn; L> ltoynaz, Havana, and 2 in tlie jvi I errttie g AnuiLi.a?Br'g Amanda?C Hardy and C BnrUoxaroe. brn ArAt.ACHicoLA?Bhin fc,ben Pierce?Mra A Milrt.MrVan g(U Vech.ea, Mr D Wood, lady,child and irrvaut. l), , ?1? c la tratrclgn Importation* Canton?Shi|> Panama?260 eh? young kyinn 8059 lifdo 560 ,v ,[ 12 lb 1 x* do 4 cr.aei canUi nvHlllfCM IIBMWMfHIIIII !['' bi i do 250 6 lb and 71 hf ohi imperial 2.'?0 li l> bxi do 323 cheat* yourg hyiu n 22 hf d" tffl 12 lo Iixh do 112b ebs li> nun k in 3**9 hf do twankay 25 16 lb bx? do 18 hf clu xouchnng 6160 mati 7M" rucii in I, Ik (i Uiitwold?15 hf eh* tiiouk hyton- M M De " 1,1 Korea!?ISIIifdn 4 ch? do 15 d > li,?on akin 10 hxs black tea 4 fx* fur* (2 Oriiwold?1 bo* leimillion S Young?I roll* in.\i4 Allen & Pax ion?1 box lana I do it due Booth U Silmr?s , do fir* J Carey?2 i><-? mIk I do gran cloth* N L Oruwoid? ID J i, he 9 . a. .,1b I -r-?. rmlh VV k' (into old? I I ?? let -N * > 'A ii I but, Olypliaut it co?1.2 hfrlia tea 2 ?? *? silH ordei. ?,1. 1 IIwawa?B.i-k Mapid?4IOau(ar Menu Mavlor? 21 diJoliu 'J'" Bodiae?1>4 <1? I* Ihrin uiy'.i INe'lieara?UU do ID msfimJ 5, Mil ?vr? 4c co?60timau, (toodhue It c v-50 m ?egara Leil- fm lie 4c Hoacine?It balei tobacco I lie* cufleu I I It F Bebin'inA- v ler?J ba'fa inhtcco Kiengcbury 4t co?1 caae indie U II De ?20 in seirara A A MimoDi?150 m Lhaatrlan 4c Ponyeil? 31 in W h Thomas?18 baVa lobiceo Login It Fagiiu?50 m .'J ? irn? K (tonland?30 in 3 A II Reuauld?10 m 21 bale* lobic- it' ^ -I >' -i Walea? 1 Cdic mdie Boiceaii 4c Burach?10 m segara L K ' .V UiliKami're?15 m liroaham 4t cc?5 it i S Wbitiugb im?1 I n o iV mahogany the matter? .2t>no pine applra Ackeily 4c Acker?1 "* to* anear I Bag colter 3 baa awetlmnala 1 m segara At Biikbarck ?35 baa aiigar 20 m argara order. t. V1 iT.inni- Buon- Stag?818 bxa rngar J B Lcasla?301 do , T K Voting?95 i'o K D Mmgan?2 keg. utinariuda 1 bJl tticka C0L Pratt Sc Burr?lit pumpkins maalrr. ? , Amiiun.i.*?Bug Amand 1?197 hhda iuiari> l.lidi mclaajra **"> J M K iinpaza wt? Uahaioa?8eh Pacific?115 hagi coffrr 35 cka 177 balra to- '' bare 2 bra honey 50U0 cocoa not. A) m>r 4c co?14 sacks cob I?0" fir 1000 oranges 400 p<nr apple, 400 sfuUdocaa 50 bunches b?- jlV! QMrn 10 do plmtiim master. J,1'' t>r i r o.*-Si Kniitr?101 hhda an gar 51 puna ruin 21 hhda LM? ni..i**4. a H D? OoPjat 4c co?35'0 lb: old copper lo master. 8i C?oi*-Brig hmilv?fTJihhda invar 21 do mo'a s -s 5' p 11111 rum Ay mar 4c co?9 hhili anjar F II McCready. Uomril lr. Importaatlona. Knc, A r U.Ac HI co LA?Ship Kbe? PiebIr-247 b.iles cotton S IJron- N -21.: 4.1 Collor.ib At laelin?452 J II l a unn-151 H Ajoit? I \j liJunm ?l'l MornuaiJobation &<?.? Mil CM n _ l"*i ^."r^fwn vrTTrT7TT! r 1VJ A Ki 1IIVIA tlMALL). Sh Sailing Day* of the. Sftmii Ship*. from livkri-ool. from amkkica lint in"in, Irwftl June | jI' I ili-ilmna, I<ott May 19 Jun? It ,y AciidU, Ryrte-", Jnn* 4 July i |y, Hih-rma, .1 tt ilk in* Jul!* 13 July H \fa U. Britain, ilnno-n July 13 Aiir. Ii nil U B.iIhiii, Ho?k?u Aug.31 S*Dt. 2y i. U. JJriuuo, Hoikcn Oct. 19 m,.t Ship Nuttn and Agents. Wt aha'l 'stcero it a favor, if Captnius of Ve?teU will give C'omm idore Koiot Silvev, of our New* V I ret. ? Report the Shipping left at the Port wbeoee thev sailed. the Vessels ?ken i.n their passage, a List of their Cargo, aod my litga Newspapers or News thevmay i.avr. He will boaid tlxm tneo iate I y on their arrival Atttab end Corres;>ou enta, ut ma or "broad, will aleo confer e furor by ..tiding to thia ice a'l the Marine lutejlieruce they run obtain. Nautical formation of any kiud will i?e thenkfully received. PUHT OP wicw yuan, MAV sio. taenia m | Noon eagre.... ,....221 7 20 I men Cleared. Barqn" ll'm Schtoder, ltnynea, Neivbaryport, S W Lewis? iga Maiupe, fear, St. John,"NF, .ilsiilaiil, Comr.e Hi t: Lawmice IJ, Northrop, Jacksonville, Gilchrist Co; Macon; Lewis. Savsnoh. It M Uemtll?Bchs Orcco, uier, Baltimore N L McCrcady St. co; Mar ih Jane, Small, ivana, K l)e /.Mo. Arrive a. Jhip I'.uuuh, Benjamin, from fauttu, Feb. M, willi ailka, ia. ?te. to N L StU Griawold [Joseph Culic, 1st officer, on tape of (Joed Hoi? ] %',P Emily, Davie, lUd.ys from St. Croit. night of IStli aud J homia I7ih with sugar, to B Aym.r St Cj. ship Kttwio I'reble, t'rrkiua, 16 days from Apalnchicola.with tton, t" master. 17th inst off Baud Key, eachauged > Minis th Nile, fm Mobile for Autwarp?Ssuie time Tay, (Br) flu ubtle lo' fcurope llnitjue Slag. I'eariou, 10 daya from Malaczas, wilhjaugar, to tier. ? J rque Krpid, Ward. 8 dtya from Havana, with eugar to M it lor. Brig Klizi, Lnclxrood, 10 daya from St. Crux, with (agar, B De Forcer St C" U'ig P.infe, Lull, (before reported) II daya from Ponce. PR, th 2^3 hhds sug.r. to South,r. Ltothe's St Co. Vessels left inrtcd h\ the Orient. i.ig Am t <lt, Ames, H t'a' a from Anguilla, PR, with unties, tu B.*eit St Vote. LitAilui, Moore, for .> Y ork iu 20 1 [trig Port Leon, Johnson, 19 days from Ja.m'l, w.ih 1741 /i coffre 25toua logwood A '' Hots ire. it b?ig Edward Whitney, Skaliug, 16 days from Windsor. 4, with 120 tons pi isu r ?> the imsi. r 3r blig Piadem, Maa'ets, IG d.,u from Windso*, NS, with ' tons pins er, to muter. 3: brig Aicthu-a, l.i-urrton, 17 days from Wiud?or, NS.wilh i toi ? plaater, to in'?ti r. . Sr trig Uesdrmona, .Mann, 11 days from Turks Island, with 10 >'UnMs salt, to O dm Si Uroihera. Schr Maiit W Klo t?, VVo'r n, 9 d >y? May igoex. I'll, th 181 lihdt augar 32 tea 58 hhils 35 b.'t molaif-s Mason Si oin ton halt N>w Haven for New Haven; UibelL, wtg, 1 Hilly Ann, lor Bosioii. 1 licnr tr.fith, b Ilia, i2 davs from St Jago d.- Cuba, with 127 ill sugar a i<l 200 tiagt coffer lo J B Caaa.a Si Co. licit ,Vlar> lei lor 8' J ilt" de Cuba. in 2 ds Schr Prnlir, 8mi h, 9 days fiom Uaricua, wi'h coffee, to tmar &. Co. Left Hairiet, Sm tli, for N Ycrk, June 1; Eagle, g cargo. ?chr Volusia, Clark, fm New barn, NC, with naral stores, D peyster St Whitmarsh I Jchr He-aide. La1 gu y, fr >ra Burton, with uidae. chr K.liz.beth. Billings, I'm Luhec, with |d iter Ichr Il-len Itodiran, Bhipherd, fin New Bedford, with oil. ?clir M'ddleaex. Tyler, from Ucracoke, with corn. }< hr Adilia so. from Philadelphia, with coal. !chr Aristides, Burt, from Folly Landing, with coru. Uslow J, S. man if war Columbus, is still below, wailing for wind get in. klso, one ba:<iue unknown. Herald Marine Correspondence Sr. Thomas, Mav 1G. Vessels in port, Bulah, Menrll. of Philad/or I'once, PR iB.h busiuess; Carolina. Gilk-y, B dtimore, iliig; Victor,Chase, Boston same day; Francn Jane, fin B.ilti i.ore for P llico, r; L ino, Brown, fin Africa far Cnh.t not day, far bnsiueis; uipureil, Horner. Miiladelphia lot StJ .hu Pit, same day; chitrs, Gray, Port Spain aor Arecibo, I'll, ill 15th; Cauu, G'lchrist, Antigua for St Do.-nii go. do; Lvon. Brnster, l.aguira 15 h, to load lor B ,ston, New York, or Baltimore; iceola, Morgan, ild It'll IvrGuayinv. to 'oad *or H'ew 5 or? a. Chase, Tobago, for d-do; MKHill. lleil. fm N'Yotk 8*. Dmniugo, ni<l 14.h; G?7. lie, Pierce, fm Mailini'iue lor ngor Me do 15th, 'ntril cIf and ou; James K.ancu, Pain, Boston for St Doming*, d > 14th; Klin Ann, Kitzj 'aid, >tf.,lk, lor St Ba'tholou ews, do 14.h; William,;rs, lion, for St Domingo sld tnth. Urnci ok the Rhode Islander, ) Newport, May 27, 1811. ) !5th?A rr Calcutta, Gas to, fm Kali River for Ihilad; Tmas. illit, fm Provide c< fordo; Messenger, Sands do for Fredtast'u it; David Beiknap Marvel.Pnitsinohth HI fjr Abauy; irv, Treleilitu, Norfolk for D'nhloo; 1'eiaii, llatcli, Kntpoit Wilmington, Del; J B Woolford, ApalachhoU for Kali ver. iitli?ra?sed np, P M, Ilvzvrd, fm Baltimore for Fall River. I, Helen, Sou'h Atlantic Ocean: Flash, Calcutta, a id New aland, lor Pliilad; Measati,rr, Fiedeiicksburg; D Belknap, biny; Pelan. VVi miugton, Del lib?OldLclio. Auitru, Wilmington, NC. itlldcellancouM. Into Jefferson?1The brig previously reported ashore on i South Breakers, rear the entra veto Bull's, is the Jelferson, pt. Mills, of Warren (Me), liomNew Yoik, via Beaufort C), with stone, for Fori Sumter. She weut athore about s'clock on the morning of the 29J. Ab. ut 5 o'clock ra e ruing, the pilot hoit Caroline i.ove in sight, and went to her istauc.', aud, after every effort to get here If failed, they st'ip 1 her of the sails and igg'iiB, I lacnl il em on bovrd the Came, and brought tlieru on to this r icy. Capt. M. aud crew 0 arrived in the Caroline.?[Charleston Caurier. May 25. ichr. Cardinal, [ol Salem] Hawkies, from New Yora lor stun, cftig,i ecru and Hour, i truck on Cohassset Rocks on Sv diy night end we-t to ptcis: cew s*ve I. About JOU hbls ol llorr havs diifltd ailioie aud are in charge of the wrecks'er H Con*s?et imp Guv Davis?The report of Gov Davis having been Chandelier Island.originated in New Oiieius.aud is belirv to have been a fabrication. frH Sarah Ann ? M-ssrr. W. A Marshall and W. Mas:k, i a se,-.jers in schr Sarah Ann, from Tauipica, bound lor w Ytrk, were taken < ff ly the towbeat Mississippi, tO les Yartward of the Paliza, and carried to New Orhans. Wlialtinen. 'hica. Potter, of N'P. at lile of Frauce, Jan 19. witii 550 hrs oke, in Dec eff St i, St George, Thorn u, NB, iOaius r. It whs; 1 lei,.Id. llathiway, Fli. la mosout, Ij50 lull, .iveipool, Sldcum, <<|? > B, Jan I, lathi S, l,n. ua, W, a'l II, hound to Braz 1 Ban Its to ciuise. oil not slat d. Ja'.her* i> id, Buodrv, i f \k es'port, March 25, within 2 d? 1 of St Helena, with 10 brs black iish nil. ipuksn mi.cotu, from Singapore for Castou, Ftb 23, in China Sea? Panama, it this port. lleiiKi. I w h I nt Boston, out !l Ha. wiih 7ft ml ai 32. I <u7l, 40? by Kinily at lhi> port. 1 Kelsey, hence for NO.Ir.its, :i d* out. 26th iuit, lat 73, 30, i 14 20?by Amanda, at thin pert. .ucy,, Xnll. 13 <'a ftu New Votk for Havana, lat 30, 4i?by tricli, at ill is p nt. Undolph, c.r Philadelphia, 2*lh mil lat 22 19, Ion 73, 38?by li ich, at this port. ildttapoisett, 18 rnnntlis out ICO bri oil, Sth n.ut, off Jacmel nid to Mexico?by Port Leon, at thu port. ..arcli. Alien. f;oui boston fur Port an Prince, 7th inst. I lixabeih. ul' and Im l'hi'adelphia lor Matanzu, 17ih inxt lat 20, lou 79. 10. i baii| neutering S. with H in her signal, 1th, lat 31, long 30. Korc ten Poi U. Iavana, May 19? Iu poit. Condor. Mayo Havre, wig; T:o Lldridgs, boston, do; Leon tin. dido; York, Yasuu, iN rk, do; Itiga, Naton, Be so n, do; II Aymir, t arver, New ieans, wtg; W.niiegance, Lowell, ot NV irk, for Coups, to 2;it; X it II. Mmi liy. do. for il >, t.keu up ?t; Lyd'a, Mel t urn, .NOrleans, dug; , Curtis. NYorlt ? ; Huntress, U'ritfin, St Pefrsburg. Idg; hurotut. wtg; in Casket, Yoonir. do; Kuuunh'sset, Liverpool, do; k ilwB, Boston, do; Wissac'ioru m, Jacgues, d 1 dj; Silinu. UuiII.dodo Kieights to St I'eP rsburg, 2i. 'S?, suial le.sela? engsnemeiit yesterday lor a 1900 box vejavl at that raters vessels 1101 able to get so much 'AHDtass. May 14?In port, Highla-der, Mayberry. for ividmce, 1 lg; Southeerer, for Bost in or N Yotk do; Ceylon, Boston; Bordeaux, Kelly, Monaco. WorJing, aipl Ottawa, Near, do; i em l'.iioe; Itupert; ( asco; David Pratt, and pole-in, Wl cargo?Sid Baltic and Laurel for Boston. 'oht *f PiU4CB, May 7?In port, Casket, for BosI jii, 1 ds; xabeth, Phi'ad, 10; Nancy Jane, tin Savannah, dp; Nonpa. Wilmington, do; VVtn Neil-o 1, llo'jio'on from NYork, 1 tar; Maiia, I'hiladt Iphia, do; Mary, Chase, dis; Pandora, Je run* sld Ith. 1 'URAcat April 27?III port, Aldeb ron. fm floslon, dis ire. aCK Harris.*, Mav 12?In put ha*lr, Uieu.di; I harles, r] llamiltou, lor Liverpool,Lest day; Baltimore, lor Phi a I'liia, 2 ds. T Choix, May 17?In rort, ltotalie. fjr Plill ide'phia, 18,h; II Smuh, IGth; Mar.hall, wtg cirgo. is.*SL'K?os May II?Ju purl, Portlaud, and Metamcra, for | ork, a 011; Kllen, im do, nud mlliilt, Im the Ninth, ar Glh, , :?m, inr riinaopipiiu, arr em. i 1 atan7.asi May oil?la |K>rt, Florence. f.?r NYoik, r.e*'. ; iNi ibr, Cecrawl Knis'll, and Ko.ter, for ('ones; (iill ii. St Peienhuig; Ki rno ih, for Hamburg; PIymuuiIi e.t IVhurg, ndt (lav; Iiiberuia, Boat n; Cyroj, Bei J iiiun, Ne?r ik; AtaWM Idg; . (1.1 lor Nl ink. inuiTOk. Mty -lu rort. 4.1 wr, for Cuba in five days; I IT, for U lumore, ili a 0'* 'jai?; t )c i J\obiu? arrived on 7lh tint In in Mpw Oilenii; Nile, from Nor oik; Urrciliu, a St Th.m.i, pat in ou the 7to init. ill a leaky condition Lake (forta LKVM.AJW, May >4?Arr Jt.eepli'ne, Toledo; f inoia, Bu - I i; Mi hi- II, do; M Miller. St C.itlia ine?; L idy B i.of.Ui ; I J Mcriick, Oeweg.i _ OH. Prince f W-let, Kiutfilou; A ,i: I e, Kiugitou; St P t ick S: Cathaiiura; Lidy ilagot, To- i i: Oiiimii; ( liippewi, Juitruit; Jena, do; H .Buffalo; Uewitl I'liuton, do; \ ermont do. I [i'K !.(.', May 23? Old Prii re Charlie, Hamilton, L'p?ol. Ilouie Pui'U 1 Ai.Aia, May li?AraOangea, Horn, N Yoik. S.dl.tli, Elirili, Kichaida, NYork; III h (Jangea, Horn. do. I iAatport, May 2 '?Are Oread. Bilibrr, St Joliu, NB. Sid I, Prion, Haioli. VVilmirgiou, t). amjoh, Mny 23?..Id Mara Hill, McOilvery, Bait; 24th. i Bolivar, Berry, Philad. unac. May i4?Sid Pr.t'l, Haaki II, NYoik; Oaceola.Meana lad, ,<l.h. Harriet Fuller Fullr, do. a>i ink May Pi?Arr Albion, Pliillipi, Bait. lfa?t, May 20?Sid II rneo Phil id roi hta, M(y 22?Arr Kat- Anbro.. liuull-r Bait orti.ami, May 24? Arr North A'derici, H chanlaon. Carv; Waiaon, Uockray, NYork; 2Hh, Androacoggiu, l)avn, t. KWBi avroKT, May 25? Arr Thorn, Cole Kil-ut'.n i May 24?Sid IVuuaylvaina, Crowell, in Ymk; 25;h, I in. Hobirt. 4 eveuiio. o?to!?, Mty 87?Arr Kijnity, Kdwaidt, Albany; Cam 3 I ii-, Hall- NYork, CI J Ujrm-:, Undue, Surinam; r olut, , I ry. St.1 ago ; Orrgnu, Coriou; I'niiad. Air 2?th, J inr, , iiItwater, Card<-na?: Lodi, Bait; Tait'i.t, Boardmau, (Jura ( ; Falcon, Mrore. M-raifane; liabd'a, (Ink, ami K I owa- t I, ir.K-raoil Kiederickebnrir; Cambridge Hall; Kxcrl, Lo . ; Ti ill, Pilltbury, and J ('unity kCu, NVork; \V in Wat , do lor I'orUmooth \rr 2ith, Dam' <rt"n, Pendleton, N 3 -am; Leoneta, Metealf, Nniiinuaie, VV C Cciitnl Anient i; rj, Misiou, ht U?DiiiiRo City, vi> Cumcca; '1'rentou, I'll* I I, C>pe Ha,'tier: lladint, I'm miner, Havana; Monument, inir, Matai./. i?; .HJali Ii. Bah;H Newell. Beam , Marti* ijiina Hi llinmta; Me'nllei:, Kichmind; (laaelie, Halt; ef, I'hilad; I'n mi ni. and Utn, Albany: Homer, N Yo k; a I), do; Jupiter, Albac*. Cld, Jaa VV Paige, 1 aylor, B.1ire; Almoin, Dill, do; Kraukliu, I'liilad; 'Irio, Nickcrioii; irk. ?.vv Bi.dfoku, May 85?Arr Cohaa et, Sean, PliiUd SI 1 , t lueco, Herd, do Ar . ( Ii indltr Priee, Tripp, Pin ad, 87th. Co'iunbiii, [Sw ] St 11* ti 11 in, IS York. oi.Ml.t't Holt, May ai? 31J .Maihtw.ucj, Kmc, (18 hoara H if) Savannah asti ckkt, May8l?An Alary Howard, Parry, Philad; N tilt. W Icon, do, agiotind on * h" Inr. loriDKAK, May 2S? Arr Lewie Warwii k. Silaby, Norfolk; i<ah D, Uouglait, flulad; Sylph. Smith. Kondoui; VV II vkiaa. Hawknn, do; I'roi f (>Ua?, Bl.d'nbu'gli, NYork. Hinil lili-lti, Tuika Itlaud; I .'num. B'lt; All 1, I'nilad; I'anilrr, do; Hanu m", do; Jat 8t Samm" .do; Cirr.l'.do 2t>th, Libeity, 'J'owiit-nd, I'hilad; Vitciltut. lleath, and nalation, Wtllt NYork Hid, Km ?, k riiier.i ktburg. i all lim n. May 81,?Arr J B YVoollbrd, Small, Apalach! y.w Havr*. M ly 2fi?Arr Chineellor, Colliin. St Croix; r Flower, Th uarton, May.xgnex; Louita, Hover, Btaud>- t! a. Sid, Smith 'I otlle, (in idiloitpe. 111. a in. 1.r 111 a, May 88?Arr S-a Mew. Hu'brok, Fal- f ith.Ji; Mann. F-gltf, fm Nanfne.ket cId, Charlotte,LU* din, Bolton; Biltunire, Kl bulge, do; Cat1 rr,; re hi 11 /. belli, Vxtet, do; Indiana, Ccrtoa. Sing Si g. NY; 0 in', Kldrdge, Providence; K. neit LI llekkrr, Heml r?on, t oik. 1 mmoxu, Mvy Vrr H'en, ChaYuam, NYork; .Mar.* oer, Worth, do; C?'h??ice Wilcox; Cuilu tc. Davit. N York;_ Ware. Hi grrt. Uoaton. Kn?. Anna. t'ane. Migianu <10. .VUJ'C.II), Drimni;, llio de J inriro. Ont oi.K, M?y ti?A' r Mrairia . ^ti'I, it Y- rk. HAHi.hiTOTi, M'y 25?Arr Bnjimin, ringera. NY'nrlc. , Bonthpnrr, OrillUh INY'rkji 1'iea, Waliliren. Aatvrai'; .iild-, Vincent, Wlnd.ea SI I, Livdj l,lllurd, SciUi. L,i Alio ar , Cednru. Bvrrowi, M< i iu koi; Con, [Br], Navel!!, INP C|(), I li i U'lii.rtr, rialjey, I, , Am y, [BrJCIailts,do; Bhik rarr, [bf] ll'-ndrrton, do; ayannaii, \fay I'll - A r Nenihic, J.ckvoii, Provide,ice; *ark, Merwi', iNYnfk; Kaact, J !iu?oo, do; John, Young, nden, Mr; Harriet, Dd'tnng, Bi a'oa. (.Id. Ilavre, Carper, Crvrrrool. Sid, I, Bildvi i?, Thotrion, N k ork; Jticel, ilh, do iohii.r, May 20?CM P?,-hr.t an, Manliall, Liverpool; L*- tl ' t ie Lake, Jamrvon, (?la?K0*> , Ju'i?, BnritPM, IS Vuric; h l'.*a, Mnltnti, Ha ana (.In 21 at. Alfi Oram. [Br] Ale?- n ?r. I,'pool. Arr, Sterling, [ Br] IS roai, (Jalvnton n i port?Hhip??Prrtta. Milton, Poo hat tan, Palritine, Sym- I r> [Br], 1 Albert [Br] Satellite [Br], Cotumbua [or], ii V> A - ' A 'Irani [Br]. Liverpool; J Dor Up, Norinau, Har e: Hebrew, Boitou; L of Lika [Br] Uluioir: Vi"lo Hob Hoy, Xyloo, K Howell, Hrrmitac*, Harreat, (ien P.irkhiil. J Pai _ 'I'll, Otrilrur. Dainaai ua, Aiouy, Oluway [Br], Br.tOM'a ? Uureu [Br], I'eiaht Bai<|uea?Providence and Barbara. Lire-iiml; Kaiiyr, It'll-rdam; Julia and Vernon. New rork, '1' Pat c. Haiiihuru; N Brown, Poua.8hai.iion. l)uc d'Oil*aaa, Irricht. Urig<?M I Kit-lie, Malaga end A Pvi km a. Havana; *ariloge. Alabuna. Metamnra ami Wrtuaipka, New York; " Ka'c >nrr, lloatnu; Tie ty, Philadelphia; Hallowrll, ()|ieuan- " ni, Cb'nehilla ai d Billow, freight; It Villa, Jucin'giLg. H i MiKKa, May IS?Arr Htatira. Babbidae, N Vor i. Old. o1 Iwanona. kbiuu. N York; llemlu, Hou-ri, ,1a Boa'ou. PkvaACoi.t May It?Arr Volr?ire, Brarlbu'v, Button ev Ni:w Oiu.a.ANa May ID?Arr Walter, Boyd, L'ix.iI ; Sir C ? Campbell, P. nticon. d. : CJommerce, Aalitcn, do: Oui'ford, Sinilli. Uobi'uv: lieu Oree.i,Cll-rk, NYork; A Bikrr, Pratt T Mob. If; Harnv1.llo.113r Marteilles; Zei'ard. Coombs Bait; L ?rvii Meri n. H'lvitcr.Kiiigaton. Ja; (Jhodtaw, I liaae.t'hirlr- H vion C Id, Hh.irou Thornton Mara-illat; Aryum, Hmith;Il if \V Br wu. Ta'em, Eovrou; Hyntavillv, Oowrll, and Celia, ol Thateher, NVotk; I Kerry, t ' aae, rh.hd; Coruilia, Ptark, w Mobil'; New York. Wright, Oalvvaton WANTKD?A Boy nbnut 15 yeira of age, for n (Jr . cry ^ Htoi.. Vnply at til Or?awicB itiaat. !>lt*rra ri WA NTLD?50 lira;-ralv Hhiit IlaiiUa None 1 end apply but J? the beat, at MAHONKY i CO.'H, t, !i.'3ijt*, c ii? Uroadwiy.up Lira. Wjscvsr.u?j\ ii'scraie journeyman uarl>er, one w lio liu " hid toasider.ib'e experience and has a good rei uutiou. " mil hear o a place by a, plying at No. 4 A?(ur lluuir, in Vrs y 31 trret. ni'< St*M ' 1 j (JVAL MAIL lOIt"LIVEB I'OOL-Leiur Bags in- 8 iv llo> >1 Mail ship BriWntii1. will lP su at liar <1 i f. 2. Co'* office, No. 3 Wall street, on Friday. 31st in .' nC, its), I folate 3 o'cl"< k, I' M. Merchants and ibers csu ? ly ou every pi " ter e., untie ' to our c .r . b-tt g >>u b< a d thest ain. r in an pie timo as has txej uuilom ly the c t-w i It "t" it.v'n T ui29 It'ec IIAKNUrN Ik CO, No. 3 W?H s'reet J ITANILLA BFANIhi sum wy iiftitoit|ialifiit IW sale h ' v holesale aud retail, by J \3. ?. ASPINWALL. v tn29 3t*ec SI, William street. c GREE N~TlTRTLE SOUl~ANI) STEAKS." c CMIANKLIN COFFEE HOUsK. Wl VUid-u Lnneaid 11 * " Cedar street A tine Green Tuitle will be dtfasfd ' Irs day aad nerved np in delicious Hjup, at 31 la Cants Iter bowl Heady atlln'cl ck. JOHN P. BROWN. c Ut29 It' in / GOOD WILL TO MEJi * TOH ^ DKVftK will, God willi jr. d*liv?r n Ltfuw on this 1 ilhj*cC, ou Wednesday ?v* 20ih M?y inst , ?i Concert Hill. <Q? Ihcadwty. A spfe (lid *and of musk hts h?eu eu* z itared for >he * ccuion mtd \vi I plav itut hI np Toprinr air?. hulf nil hour tei'.ife and hilfa" hour fer th*? Lruriiri*. P.icecf -l * ckcts of adaiiikHioii?Su.ule Tie km 25 c*???t ?, 3 lor 50 cut a.? | T > be had at ihe 11*11 on thee uunstfof lit" 1. ct itr? . li ? j TO THE PUBLIC. TMIE UNDF.r SIGNED having been duly sopointel Ii I spect ir of Ue? l'aad Pork for th? County cl'Kiugs, hereby . gives rotire that ha is rrany to ini| eet and braud nil provisions b that miybe sent to th- yards cow ccenpiej by J tmes H Th' iiiinon. who will superintend and guarantee thr " Brind' ^ rqual to ?nv New York citv brand under lit" suierviiirtn of the I Iuip <H't Oeu'ril?avinir >*?insive accommodations wbich ?re unequalled by eny es tab1 i-lunnit in tli* city ol' New York for m>,*cuoD n ,d storing nf provision. Mere' nts will lind it a saving end much lo treir advantage,to have their |>rovi*iou? _ I mdi'J at Brookiyii. , ARCHIBALD McMAHON. * Hif.rrnces?N. D. Hulibaid. Ch-ueiy St Co. * Snydam, Sag* St Co. , D J . INrvins St Sor.s. ,i VI allnee St Wickes. n 21 3t*ec ^ NKW YORK 8ACRKD MUSIC SOC1 KTYr~ " t GRAND ORATOR.O at the Taveruae|e. cn ? FRIDAY EVENING, Slat instant. Piincip&l Vocal Pa formers. MRS SEOUIN. MR. SHR1VALL, , MR. SEQUIN. j rue and efficient Orcheitra, nud the whole strength of * the S crrd .Mu.ic Society, comprising over 100 performing c members j Clarionet Ccnaerto, by Mr. W. T. (iroenevrlt. ., Dir-ctor*. .,. Mr. U. C. Hill. j Urgrnist Mr. Win. Alpers. ? PART I. ! The Song oftl.e Bell, a deiciiptive Cantata, by Andreas Hum- p beig? Poetry by Schiller j. Principal Soprano Mrs Peguin ji Principal Tenore Mr Shritall '1 lie M.niter Mr Hey uin P.\UT II. 1 ('horni end Quart'tte?O Happy Solytna Mnxut J Air Shi i vail J Aria-b'rom the Stabat Mater?"Proreccatii.'"?Mr 1 Seguin Ilossini h Quartette?' O give memusic"?Corner-..Meis * Stronir. Mun son Comes and '1 ay lor. a G and Aria and Miatus?from IbeStabit Mater?"li - P llimatus," Mrs Segiiin and the Society?Rossini b Duett?Krom Moses in Egypt? 'ParlarSp egar"? Mr 'ri? li Hhrirall and Mr Seguin? Rossini k Solo-Clarionet?Mr Omenovelt Baeiman " Grand Chorus from the Mount of Olives?'Hallelujah ? to the Katli- r,' Beetli;veu I Performance to cowweuce at 8 o'clock, precisely. Tickets SI encli?Kor sale at Kirlli St Hell's, Krauklin i Square: Saxton St Miles, 203 Broadway; at the Musie Stores, J en at the door. m'29 3'.*ec (J C OLU MB I A N MAGAZINE. Ofllcc li As tor lloiisi. cpilK COLUMBIAN LADY'S AND GENTLEMAN'S , 1 MAGAZINE?EDITED hy JOHN IN MAN. Con- 4 tents of th* Juue Number. 1811?Or giral. * Tbonglits on the Ports, by lltury A' Tucktrman. < Hounet. by II YTnckerinau ii.....if.,I . n.... i... m:? L'._.i.. v i-u..ui?i. Sir I'e'er L)e iieirn; or, the1 li -a's Vengeance of Uijurre, by a Henry Wirt Herbert. 11 The Presi by Win Olaurt Bourne. Sketch ol lli* Orrat Western Cakes, by J K rauldiug. The Fortune Teller, bv ihe Editor The Bvgt'n Bayer, by T8> rtnur. i A Fragment, bv Mrs M Lighihipe. I Ml' Ileum,by Mis James O Brooks. Frabl'o Del Mio Cor, by Mini Co innn. Tee J .'wish llu'cr, by Miss C Louie M Brawnrr,! I 'I'd t.harlone nu?l tJraco. by Vira Kliztbelli Oaks* Smith, an- ' Ihorof the "Sinleu Child." Ike ' Iterollectiona oi l lima, by Mrs Caroline 11 Builcr. ' a en juIJUlt, by- f South Peak Mouu'ain, by Clrrlei Lamnan. Melius SciBvnla, bv Henry B Hirst. Hnoks nf the Ml nlh Notictto ti, Ike. EMBELLISHMENTS. ? Charlotte and (Iraee?A Me7.x Oiut. engraved f.,r the Calnmb in Maeizine, by H H fndd; painted by Heurv Inmau. , The Fortune Teller?fcntt'avrd Icr the Columbian Magazine, , by S H (Jiinbei; paint d by A Ocrrris. , Fashions?Colored?Three Figures; and a new pattern for a ; lounge, c Mu<:c -The Braid of pnnnv Hair. Fctlry l y C Donald .Me v L*od. Music bv Mits Anu S'oman. I Terms?$1 per an'um in advance; two copies for $i or one j. copy two i ears for $i; single number* S3 cents eacb, delivered t] in nuy' art of this city und Brooklyn, and *ent by mail to all parts I f the L'ui o I States and tlu Cju.vUi, h/ the I ubl.slier. Address, poit paid, ISRAEL POST, < mSt) 2t*re 1 Aster llouie. i TO PRINTERS, . WANTED in theofliceof t' e "SOUTH-CAROLINIAN." " a Jli st-ratc FOREMAN, who is s'rict'y sober, sctdy and imlustri. ui, a good nystcmulic managrr _y\u i complete in s rr ui nu ii 11 s ii? si, ill nil in uepirtmei n J o auc i n "in*. who r-in tor unquettio oh leitim.u.ia'a < f h s qualification! w inch, | nJ uone olhu: i ? ?j a||ily,) a liberal aaliry will be t| KM*. .... ., One ?tr.oinif in princiidea with llir par", capihle ol > taking tin* ''utile charge ol it during any iieai e? or tempi riry ah?e.iO? of tie kditor. would he pre)cried; and to mch a 01 e nit t a lull *ud ulactory acqnlintance with i.i i capacity, anil f [oraeteriug and efficient ueyoiinn to III* luleieatof the offiiv *" \ v.* y 110. rel a il Incentive pnrtne.ihip would le acr irdei, without any requivitinn ol carol il. Such a one. howev. r. . th ugh very d-nimble, 11 notindi penatb'c No letter* will lie anawereJ unlet* pott-paiil a? our own _ il 11 i fin in I y ar t in all mntier* in whit h we are at :t< I inter st?d A. II. PKMBb KTON. f'ni.L'MBIA. S> f't., May, 11)11 '1*1 t li i1 letton Mercury <ud Courier, Seya-nah (If org inn, An ii-ti Conetilntionalut, ;Vli|.eils>ulie Fulcra' I'nion . Mobile Refill r, New Uritui Herald, It lri(ti Standard, ., Enquirer, Waahiiieioii Globe n< d Spectator, I'o lidelphia I'rnnsytr initio, New York Herald ami ,/on? nal if Cm in in e re, w II | le-ue publuli the abive three tini' i n mil Miol ilieir accou. ti, wNSt*]|k SIT MM Kit HATS. THE C E LEU HATED GOSSAMER, f IMPROVED. WKICJHIXO FROM aj OX. TO 3J OZ PRICK #3,.*M). Til 'I fie celebrated HA T. io hmlily popular / Jff-. ilii'i,g th" U*l n-nmu. aie i ow offered (o the (Ut.lic, * much improred Th*v ae ih I,It* 'TKHT, MOS I p UKAHTlKUI. AM' OUK APB9T H AT for warm we -her heretofore won In addition 10 quall'ir*. they a*e fiee p loin tlie of jeeiioi to Paa.nin, Leghorn*. Sic ire liable, n* imr unaffected hr at-una. and reCrimnu iheir ah m.* v goal to the Ucaves '1 lie style of trimming also presrii's mother advent;ge, nl'n matetial which prever.ts l>Tip r.i- n tinn, hiir oils, fcc frrm str.kioit lliron. h snd seillrg she Hat. si Gentlemen who have worn them, express ilieir dein initiation to we,r no other II st for summer. 'I he subsctiher res[?s, ttully solicits a call and an examination of 'II I. menu ( 'I he following ate the comparative weights of the piincil ul ' Summer Hata a Ileum's Gossamer 2J?o*. to 3>?oz. v Leghorn 4 or.. d I' . nama 'iji >7.. b Ordinary Blark Hat Also, a large aiaortinent of Panama ami other Hummer Hata. J N. O-NlN, Hit and Cap Establishment. mSSIm'rc 2'.4 Broad wry, opposite St Pnnl'a Ci uicli. ^ STRANGERS HEWARE. fN THIS AUK OK UUACKKIIY AND HIJMBUO, it n I I inoit iinport'iit to those an rziwnenird physician?DK.J V A N S reir itved his Old I l.ilrn's He.nt DlipaMUf CO No. I !81 I'earl at, corner of Beektntn street, where he contninei his oust exfrsorJinary caret of all delicate diseases, no m.itti r low cnmplicat d. He apprises the citizens anil strangers that VI here is no Dr. Kvins in iiis old stand, and ihat he has uo eonleciiou whatever with anv other oilier. Ills charges are m >- T terser; his consultations trictly private. N. U ? oiiseive the number?mistakes ore often dangerous? ' 1811 I'e.irl st W (I"7"Medicinea and direction unit to any part of the Union, ty i a-ticnlarly slating the case, and enclosing Ave dollars. w tr^l lt*rre in I CENTREVILLE COURSE. 1 T II (1 T T I N (1 A M n li A r t ? r- .1 The fallowing Pureee will be given to come off llie lint wtek r? n Jane. ... !,! I I'aree lh> Kiret. IM, Mile Hcate, best three in five in hirnree, ol rre for ell | acing liarere. I'nrie ihe .Second, S'10, Mile lleite, beet t! ree in five under he eiddlo, free lor paring horiee iln' n-ver piced for monrr. Puree'h* Third, $IC0, Three Mile Urate in Hvrjeee- free * or all trot'ing horit a. _ The Trotting Purer to cloee Thuredey, Miy 3.1th. Thr Pacing I'urira, toi cloee Saturday, Jure lit, hy 10 * 'cloth, P. M , rt Jolt.' S.cocd Ward Hotel. Three o' more E rr. he I IMI Bin tt?e p. BKACON COUliaE?TROTTING. :il The Proprietor! offer the following I'ureee to come off < ver lie above comer?June 10th? Purer tir", three irn'e hea'e in fo arena, frrr for ell trotting horeee. Aleo, Purer iJOfl, mil- l'r rate, brit three in five, to light wagone, free for efl trotting on hreee, to come off about June ITtn. hntriee for tt e above be 'urire to be made at It. Smith'a, 31 Puk How, Saturday even-I sg, June let, at 'J P. M. nit H*rc 1 AUCTION SALES. s C. K. 8M1TH, AttetfoWT. ' BY H K. WILLAliD, Store 304 Bread way, cor. Duaue ?t. C H. K. W. will girt hit pert.wal attention (o out door tils* of . oat'hold Furniture, Dry Goods% Groceries, fee., for pertous L lii>qiiith"jg hoiuekeepi :g or business. 8alrt seined in all catet at toon at the goods shall liar*. beru Id aud delivered liberal ash Advances rnide, if required, on rnerchnrdiie of ery d tcnpticu consigned tor tile. mil lin*m VllNEKALS AND SHELLS AT AUCTION KVV Ik SPOON k II v\ ill tell this evening at7)? oVUck. J at i5l Broadway, * |Njge c-dleeiiau of \uNKltALa and UkLLS, b ii?i the .oitire i<>*seiion of Mr I Ciuiini, of f Lyosuni of N&tural History, wo hit giren up th ir I..-.inch bit but.nets , an.j the stje will be peremptory, co| 'actors ill n*vm *u uuusufcl oppctuuiiy of eorichiOK their Chlnueu. u 20 Ific. JKCOND >s ii i?(} 8\LK OF ELEGANT FUftNJ* j h LJHK?II k.. WILL Alt D'8 second spring tale cl* upe- 1 or city made furniture raktt plate thit morning at half iait I n clor If, i.i fhe t'ore 30J Broadway, corner i f ''usue strut * embrace* some ot the inost heau'iful ?.ml hi hly li-nthi i arclet ol furniture nod other hi use furnishing articles offered v im season, o| warranted materials and workmioth'P,and bear- t ?r no reiaii in to woik ma le up for ruction ta'es For ptrcuUrs ft au lion h ad in C? urier A Krqiwer. May Is ?iau* ed by * atihgue until tt e hour of sele Every facility for * AlKt r 'a to purchasers r*tiding r at of the city. ? vurr.iulfil imp'rled?7 brt.ku* Do Mo to mid IV N?t,r 1 I 'hnnilKKiir; 1 imir brrr ;<uin|ia, twf.iitdl anil li. ture. com- * Irtr; li.D. ut'el aud sol r|>,, ItCanh U ' 5'Cll ru ;t?. Sir. Jk\ in IB It?rc aT ("l IJTTLK. A~ct * JAilDWAL"., < UTLFIIY. FANCY GOODS, U -JA- 1 *- OoB S f LVi'I N Jhi'tieih S tinn i .a?le llardwarr A't- this ceiioii will l?ki' |*Iic?* This Day. at 10 o'clock, at the lea rr.?. in. 21 P ?tt a.rcet embracing thu um'm! %ari*t v ol tierdMr * Table ?u d P oke Cutlery, Gciuiuu, French uud Ai.i .v i iu Staple uu>l K ucv Iloo^it? A'so, G Id W tcliea, at h*P-p*tt T0 o'clock prreiicly. for *?h, Oil- e'eifu t drur-lifd Gold Lever Watch, ?xtra hwty c ice, d n'de bottom, itc. Ahu, 1 ladnV Gobi Watch. Ala*), ?l 12 o'clock, frr cash .for account of a forme parhai< i 'he having punhmd the airoe on the 2*th and tlO h tp'il H* . t d n?)t complied with term* ol tale) Twelve S.lver Vatclie* and Five doz*n 8 eel Tobacco Bo* r* Full particulars may be fjuml under Aoct'on heal. CataDgU' a now ready. Te.tns b inourha approved payer. u20 lt*ec BOAHU IN W* RT U I9H1NOTON PL VK. [jLKlHAMT BOOMS with llo idran be obtained at No, 3J We t Wat hi* tftnu PI ?ce, n^nr the S*th Avenue Geutletnen who will ouly requ're br u'lCat and toi preferred, i Ynn* moderate. m?5 i TO THE LADIES. iflLLlNKKH and other# are respectfully Invited to call end ' YI. eximme our rtock of 8 TllVW GOODS, composed in . art j.a follows, viz: Lidteg T uscan, Neaoolitai Chip and tnw Bonn 'ts, most approved pilteru; ru ??es' also; men's, oy'a ami htldreu's Leghorn, Pauatna and Palm Levi lltta, vttilicial Klowtri, ike. kc. S lling off very low lor cash, at 1 GALF. k <>0.'8,258 1'earl street. 1 2w*ec U. S Hotel Building, Ute Holt's House. aft* YKLLOYV liOSES AND OTHKR CHOICK lyjSkFLO WKliS, tu table for delisite Uouq-w'B. 'iheaubiJjm wibwihave in bloom at thoir G irdeu ou 8 h avonot and IG street, some thousand choice Hoars, with other fragrant owera, in fu'l bloom Their customer* nud the public are re;iectfuily iutonned that they can be supplied, iu t?u inirutes otice during tlf? sea?*>n, with Nosegays a? low as they can ba air.iuru aiiaefiii-ir, mill 111 p.-illll 111 mj I nil ' r 111 r unite. DUNLAP Si C HUMAN, rt>28 5t*rc Seedsmen aud Florists, CIS Broadway. aKOSK IH)I (JUKTS?.An tin* seisin (t lines ii now at hand, and the Subscrib.'rs' collrction at Astniii very full n d cnm[ l-te, of libit n Nojsettr, Bengal, Isle e IJourhoii, Moil, a :tl other choice li irids it is intended il l rK the Rill f.assn to keep constantly en sale, and view in tlie rindow '5 John sl eet, mat little ti'tscyavs ol Ho es and '"vrget me Not, at 25 ce Ha each They will be cut Iresli every inriiuiK. A in s' j{ iv will contain some eight or ten choice line I) id- made round and idned with "Forget me Not' and 'heasaut Kye I'liiki At p/esent the t'ounuets consists of l-'sr i i! a spri?"I t le n o.lis Krec'a r Vtrain's Bower, aud a very tasteful accompaniment to aycr? gentleman's mining orevening rati. J. ,W. THORBUI'N Ik CO., ii'Sd 3t*m IS John street. afrsj h'Oll SACK OH TO LKAMK?That well known ptijj Cia"h hactore, with Iti Lots of O'ound, situate at Ll^gLllarlein, on the Fourth Av line (railroad,) between 2<i ti aud Weill streets, fortnsrty HWp ed by John Stephens00 I'h.e h'sct ry ;s a very substant hi two story brn k buihlintr. Ill 1.1 by 2tt't, Willi a hnck orriage house, engine linuse and blackinith s i hop adj i iittr. The streets and avenues are legulat-d ud pvvid, and ell assessments paid. The premises are in tornle:c orJer and restly for immediate nrcj|i?nev. Ttie sain" will e sold or based cheap, or exchanged fot city property Tlitee jurths of the purchase money can rem on on bond and mortage for a Img time. Af|i'r to ANhllKIV McOOWN coier of Third Avruue sud 127th et Harlem, rr to tl. W. VAN fOOUHiS, 30 John street, where a map of the property can eseen. rn28 lOt'rrc t TO LKT?The Store No. 61 Liberty street, now oc copied by the subscribers. A very desirable location for the Dry (roods Jobbing Business. Possession can be or befsre 1st of August. jit2_lmrc PKHSHK Si BROOKS. ?fl FOR SALK?Seven pair of well-matchedHorses Cits i'""i'1" """ Also, two Three Miuu'e Horn's, 3~2_^frorn Siaecca County. To Le sreu at W. CLAYIliUHi't'S gtables, Jersey ( ity. rrr'6 U*rc KNOLISIi" BliLL-'FKRRTeRsTFull Blooded I'o.niers. just intpor ed, aid King Churl v Spaniels, will beforsileat WILLIAM LAVKHTY'S Hegnr it., -.76 Wall street, M Saturday, June 1st. Th-iehrreds ny be relied on as genuine. uii'tl 3t*ic GRAND FISHING EXCURSIONS. jMVOt sed TIIK Subscriber has eh'r'errd the suhstaua^^L,^lstinl steamer, THOMAS SALMONL) l apt. ??-2rr*^P w j sClIl LTZ, to run to tlia Kisluug tanks f r the mason, commencing Monday,'.! I June i nt. This u ?mer wa? built (or the L'u.ted Stites (rovemineut ol thirst materials, her hull n it,g entirely of live oak locu.t and 'ile.r; and is considered ipt .1 to any boat iu the Union furies a'igition, therefore passu.grr* may blue every coi'lidence in Ins veis-1 Her regular days will be .Mondays, Tuesdays, ri ui i 'ays and Fridays of each week, ri inriuiog on the foul's cfli'iect t'in? to lis i. Placrs of stooping lor passengers, Amos tn el, ?l 8>^ o'cloc' ; Can il street, Catherine I -rry. Drunken, U; I' kestr.-et. I'.er No. I IV It , 9^j Miller's Lower 'nek, Bueii Jslau . and Fort II am il ton each way, allowiug assengers tnn- to view ttie firtificstions; returning. will land ttsenger* at th- s*u.e pliers. I hiinliermaids will be in atendonce, who will pay every atteution to the ladies. Anne-ie t Hind of inutic wi'l accompany Ihe baat daily. A let .... ^ ... u- ............ .. I.IW..W I.u ? .1 ? Sill Hi tlia g*f. Hill | ill a'ways be ta-cu iu ahundauce, ami gT'.is. There < attached 10 the steamer two yawl boats, which seUrt |>nrti?a hi hare by prtvious applications, w about extra chary*. I bus* ih i |i'*fer I iii c;iii|i slu'll bi.als Willi llietn, must bring them to 'ic* No I N. It , t.u.1 r.o charge will be made for towing '.xce'lri. t i. fr'snmi nts av II be Turnishrd on board. Kara lor i* who!* day's tx u sicn, 00 cents. mUlw* ilKMli On .ti'Ifff' HitHt.lay, June lit, the floats will ruu as loliws ui . faith r.niir*:Ll AVK STATEN ISI.YNP AT V 3, 9 in II, A. M., I, 2, 4. :> 6. 1l4 1*. M. I>'AVK NEW VOIlK AT ?, 9, in, II, A M.. I. 3, 35 (I. 7, P M. > u ? A II go' J. iliii'prd ir.ust bs inaikiil in lull and m* at i? risk a the wners th-reof. in.Oic (Tw-ktiKK, ALBANY AND TKOY HTEA.MBl) AT LINK. xM KOH ALBANY AN P TttO Y-Morring Lin* (rem tin* lout ol Barclay street, lauding r~ i" r " ircm. dial* places The.*- *mr EMPIRE, Captain S. R. Koe, this mow K at ' j t aick. The i .run-f TROY, Captain A. Uorliam, to-morrow l srntng, * ' o'clock. Evening -jlni' from the loot of CourtUndt street, direct. The st-ama* SYVaLLOW, Captain A. McLean, ibis evenly. hi t < ' k. The KoSu ol this Line, owing to their light draught of wi r. are able at all times to pass the bars, and reach Albany ail l'roy in ample tune to Uke th? innrumg train of cars lor -.t r werl For passage or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on the harvs in'flrrc PLEASANT ANU CHEAP EXCURSIONS. SUM A IE 11 AIX RA .V (1E M EN T IEW BKIOHT.'N, POIM' 1M< IIMONl). (STATEN I I a - 11 i ?. CL'IB i nnu in,bll k'rnm riff No i, North River, loot of R^tury Place. 4^4^^ j&l Th?? ^tram^or.t (JINDIiHKI.LA, villfnu i 3n--**?Si it 3*a* foll?wi, d i?ly, fro May 20tli to October if i ' ' 1811 :?L'.avoi New Ytik, at * and II 'clock, A M , nf I' u.tlB M. L? nv? s Port llic-hino id. at 20miuuy? to 8, and 10 minute* to I A. M.tat I, tyi and 6j< P. M. Leave* New Bright m, at n and It A. M.; at 1*4, 6 and 7 .1 r. I (In Sunday?-Leavei New York, at Sand II A. M.; at 3, 6 and i P. *1. Leave, >'<.,? Richmond, at 20 minute, to t.and 10 A.M.; 1 I. 4 and 7*4 P M New Vork Slav 13. IIMi inyll 6m*rc gm ALBANY DAILY LINK, AT HKVKN 5vc3af3e<,'< K A.M. KOK ALU AN V . and SLmWUILI e intermediate plac The new and aplendid teamhoat SOUTH AN1 h.llICA, Captain M. H. Tin ,de|l, i nil leave the Steamboat Pier foot of llnhiutou it n't, Than- , ay in, roiuK, May 2Jd, at 7 o'clock Kor p s,-iRe apply en i.ard. m22rc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. jam DAILY, Milnil.iy, eie.apted?Thronjth Dl?l 7 '' M., from the Steamboat Pier tie te tye Ur (jonrtlanilt and Liberty ,tr>et,. The ate.unboat K Nl< K Kit B(H K Kit. Captain A. P. St hn, Mouthy, Wedne,'ay and Kridnv evening!, at 7. The Strain mat RUCIlr.M'l'KH. Captain A. Houghton, on uet .a -, Thursday and Saturday Kv ning?, at 7. At Ki '-o'clock. P. M ? Lauding at Intenned ate Placeat? The Steamboat U I'lCA, Captain '1'. Hyatt, Monday, 1 Ineid iv. h'ridnr and Sunday, at 4 P. M. j ne aimmi; cat i ui,u.imiA| r_.aputin vvm 11. rock, M111I17, Thursday and HtUiilsy, at 5 P. M IVsengrra taking this lice of boat* will arrive in A linn r itj ni-lf time to talie tlm Morning Train of Cars for thneasl or at 7-Tlx- shove Boats are new and substantial, ar? furnished ith new and elegant Bute Rooms, anil lor speed and acconilodatiom aruunrivallsd on the llinlion. K?r inawuto or I fight, apply 011 board, or to P. C. Schultr. a M 0 ti MMM W wharf Mf) re j/j\ ALB \N 1 UAV LIN K 7 o'clock, A M L_L h "r Albany mill Intermediate l.andingi, from IC_k^dC^iE.|ii<> font ol' Itohiuaon street. The steamboat OK 1 11 A il KICA, Capr, K. (J. Crittenden, will leave 11 >i\i> on Monday, Wednesday and Kriday mornings, at 7 'clock The SOUTH AMKRH'A, Captain M. II. Trnradrll, will arc 011 'i'u-adiy, Tnursdiy and Saturday mornings, at 7 'rloek. Knr passage apply on board. m77re , Kill LI VKRPOOC?New lnne-llegular MM 1 w**Wof 26lh J one ?'1 he splendid packet ship U A HKII K. BnMMfa' i|>i'<in II J. 11. Trask of 1060 tout, will sail at nivr. nor rrgular day. Kor fought or passage, having accommodations nnennalled | 1 r splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, f00 < ' ' Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS h CO. M Sooth st Price of passage $100. The packet ship Koseius, Cspt J Collins, of UN) tons, will icre'il the Oarrick, and tail the T6th of July, her regnla/ day ni2!>tnja2tirc^ OLD LACK BALL LINE OP PACKETS? fVfWMIU LIVKKPOOL?Packet ot the 1 at of June? RMflEa ''he pack't skip I' \ \l J III I)OK, 1 apt 1J irstow, will 1 ?' ?. itch d .at above her regular day. for pa..age. hat nr.' unsurpassed accommodatiotis. apply to , JOHN HKKDMAN, I a I South street N. B?The siihscri'er has noeqoslled arrangements rnide rhringnu out |M??sngers Iroin llreat Britain and I'eland, hy ie regular p ckels sailing from Liverpool every live days? I ,>? *eodr k lor their trienfe, or wnliinu to remit them t oni /. would 'to writ to call at the "Id ea'ablinh-d pocket of- t ir m *li iff, where lliey can rely their bnaiuesa cm he d- ne * omptly. mW'c Hr- "TTSTtKI) Link. <>k LlVKlfmoL TALKKTH ! V ? I'aeki ti nfSdnnd O'li Jan*. Tlit well known. laat i ..-i i fw-uiilnur favorit' ihip HK A, >100 tona bnnli'n, Captain , VV ill A l l . Ml |? "II ell ,4 ,|I ive. her regular d.iv ; and (lit i ,> |,af I e'. ?h'|i f*ll I'.KKI KLU, < apt Hlierrv, on the Mil June | Tli- ab>'* favorite picket* hive <p|endid accommodation* t r caniu, aeooiid cabin, anil aieera^e pna? ii(t?ri. '1 hote about , oce-dirK to the old country caor.ol do better tliau to a-lert , ie of ih" e eh IP* To aecure berth* rirly appliratiou thonlri | i made on b??rd, trl? ..... _ W .It J T. TAI'W OTT, t in23 rc 7t Soutli ureal, cornet Maiden lane. AMUSEMENTS. 'AI,JIO'8 NEW l'OEK OPKHA IIOISE. r?"Adiuit?iou One Dollar, to all porta ol the honje j )ouri open at hi!f*i>ur Performance to comntnei at I .EADKK OK THE OKCHE?fKA~- *M?. KAPKTT1 Combined with all the t?>rrn>-r Dittinituiahed Profaaaora. SIGNOll 8~ANHiJlKl',0'rt BENEFIT. WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 29lh, Will l a piraenlad I" e Oiara, railml II, BAKBIEMK Dl SIV'OLIA Kottini Sig'a E Bnrthne Kit?m Sig ije B-.iiii tout* Almoin r>ie Crroin Doctor Baitolo Sin Sdnijuirico Don Uaailio ^ Mart ni Bcra SiRniira Bulard r inre'lo *,|? llcuctii Uliiri.ile Hig Vanpmaif >o KKIDAY, Laat Nmbt of the Sruiou, beioK lor the BENE II 01 8 ION OH R A PETTI, >huu will be performed the Opera ol L'ELIHIKE I)'A MORE! villi oilirr entertainment*. lliat will be expnmed io the bill of l>e day. N. B.?The Bo* Office it now open evry day Uunng tlie veek, from 10 o'clock A >1., uutil 4 o'clock P. M., when aaata nay tie * cured for th" ensuing seunu. Regular aeuuou teal* | raaalanbU I'nce sio for Twofro MpMWdkM< Subscriber* not sreurrrg srala the price ol tickets is placed at i id lor itie season?not trauafrrablc. Stage Manag-r Mr. Well*. II./""The public ate rapcctfully informed that itie Bath* have men newly arranged and lilted up iu a handsome atyle, and are u full operation. night and day. MIILO'S UAUUEk. The PROPRIETOR I tin* po, u aratd f ahionabla establishment rear* ctl illv inform* the palilic lint it will OPEN Kill Tllr HUMMER Se ASON ON MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 1844. The ratertaiiiuieuta w ill be uuner the iota direction of MR. MITCHELL, Aid \v II cor. .ol ol a enuit ?ut succession of Op-rcs, Muaical Buile taa. Eltravig u/.i>, Oper-U tu, Vaudeville*. Billets and ha'irs, siatuined by a lull and illiciint Ui inpnuy, to wliirh w ill b oceaii ii II i .i.lde I MANY EMI vENT AND POPULAR ARTISTS, ho wa'I appear m the course of the sraaou Eifetial ra.e wil be taken in the or x'uetion of every entertainment, to render it a* |er>?t at poaaili e inSteric Elleci. < oat ti no', l'r per tie* und ell other ar| uitenancea?to enaute whirh the moat tilniitd artia'a in every d-par.merit haie been i | g.lge'l . The SALMONS, GARDENS and PRO MENACES have til undergone a thorc u h lieu.nat on arid lie-dec raliiu, w th i < e.v in or inbine in ill* h glrmt d*g:ei t!i? great raaentiala, unl'ort and coeyenieute, w iili of d'aign 'I Ii j w hole cf the interior triibellieliin 'nts have brer e(rented lay tliecelebrat'd rtsts, Signer I APeLI.I and Mr. III." LGE, wluli the Scenic Drpar>lnent his been allotted to Mr. BEiNIjO U (* II, who baa ju?tconiplr'ed A NEW ACT DROP. A iplendid aiaortmeot 1 r?re acd hai Iren ?di ed to th many tlionauida of be ulil'ul Plu iu and Shiuba alrrady collect d iu the Oardeua and Coutervatoriea. The UuiiipuuVi at the coiiiir.caeeiiicui of ihe aearon, will couaiat of Mr. Mitchell, Mr Holland, Mr. Emm, Mia* Ta) lor, Mr. Nickiuaon, Miaa Clarke, Mr Dunn,, Mr. Denuiaou, Mra. Watt*. mr. vwur, .MISS itlHVWOJU, Mr Kimil, Mm Wlueli'r, Mr. Irhmon, Mist Rob-rts, Mr, Patte soe. Miaa Partington, Mr. U -mi tu, Misa King, Mr. Itoa nthill, Milt Went), Mr. Bleecker, Miai M. King, Mr. latere, Miss Ncott, Mr. Vauprsgu*, Mra. EvererJ, Mr. liar, Mn. Uuuu. Prompter Mr. UaVer. In ad-'i'ion to whom eusugemeu are now pending with insa* aittsts of acknowledged ce ebrify and excellence Every effort has iieeu us d in the ?ele< tioa of tli ORCH E?* TRA. to lender it perftc. and efficient in esrerv respert?and it la believe! thia intention Ins been mined cm to ilie I'uI n: extent, by lh* engagement ol tie lollowirg eminent l'rolejsora, w ho will iierforui under the alii* direciuu of MR. QEOltULOUKK. Leader of llio Orchestra Mr. Maims. G. Briatow, Jacohi. Aupick, Ur Luce, J Ailiffe, Tr-'iaji, Ayliffr. J. Kyle, Nidda, Holl'uu, bnim, Wrench, Giodwiii, Grot II l elf, Woods, Muagnff, bri'tow, I'eierschen. bpiar, lfii If, Machineiy Mr. Buiua. | Properties- -Mr. Roberts. Costumes Mrs. CUaat- a id At siatanta. Tic'&rraugen eats at the doors aud in tne >alouu? will be under thediructiou of Mr. COKBYN, Treasurer to tits Cam* pan y. Police officers will be in constant attendance, aud the almost csie will he takeu to maintain cn'er and decotuin, and nil improper peraora will lie strictly eicludcd. (L/~ OmuiLusej will tun tu and fioui the Garden during the even in;;. ITT-TICKETb KlT'TY CENTB_m NO POSTPONEMKNT at this Establishment on amount of woothcr, a? the (mad Entrance from Broadway to tht la loon is protected, and thn New SaLou, which is Ventilated from ilia loi> mid subs, cju be enclosed at a moment's notice. u.29 rc 1' Alt IS. Til K A '1' It K. botes $11 Pit W Cents | Gallery - 23. THIS EVKNINU, May 29. will be |>erloruird, the tragedy of WKKNER? Werner, Mr. Mucreudy. To conclude witli FOltTUNlU. CHATHAM THKATRE. Boies - 23 Cent* I Pit I2>s Cents THIS RVK3IIM'}. May i9tli, to commence with the SPY IN NEW YOBK IN i7ir. After which ill- YANKEE I'ED LA H To conclude with tne SEMJEANT'8 WIFE. VAUXlIAl-ljr~ MItS. T1.V1M bean r'aiHTtluIlv to aiinounee that, liaviuc become Dine and Manager of the Sxi oon oT Vaux^'rlI (l.,rdpii, which Ilia uudergon* nil enfre renovation and iino.O'eineot,, she haa engaged a COMPANY an J Oil' lli.H'l It t of xu'ii tahnt fo. ill Ji'tform uice ol OPE HAS and VAUDEVI LI-C >, ns she trusts will merit ashireof thit |iat onage whicn her friends, til-public, have uuifoimly extended to her. Hie Saloon wil' h-opened on MONDAY EVENING NEXT, Id JUNE, w i h au e> tirely oi igiual In'.ioductory Ex'rav gone.a, wiilieu by Mil. WAlXO.1, eutt l-d KOU-TIMM IO ! And Her Several O.fied Servants '. in which th- whole compan' will an' ear. To b. followed by A I IIM.K.irl' rn , r, lleil WHO'LL LEND MIC A WIFE, / Betid s several t e:i*i u eusifcements, Mr* Tunin ha* pleisuie in announcing those already c 'Deluded v%ith Mrs. Booth, Ms Walcot. Mrs Haut- nvnle, Mr. Brunt mi, Mr. Graham, Mr. H Lewis and Mr Anderton, Ike , Ike , Ike Manager Mr. Wulcot. Admission 25 Cents. m2R lw#rc - OLYMPIC 'iTlKATRK. OPENS ON MOM) VY, JUNK 3n. F,r>t aoje.r-tce <f the - N rXBoM \ NCiCIl OK THE Pn ii <'KNTUllY." Mu'tum iu Parvo?Tline exhibition? ill**!?Hv 'It* man music*. Mjmjic a Jixn ventriloquism / / / All thm, noveitie* in this couture?new liisiiiimentt? new Tiicks?and unrivalUd exrrc * n in Veufrilcquunii. 8t?ge fitted up with every ie,uisit?\ Hriltinntlv illemicated. t plentl id remery, u irgeous fit ings. 'i lie cabinet for the display of the lucMinprthetisible Keats,c moused < f papier rnach*, silver, s tin wood, Ike. all fenm ltr a T b.M ILK OF KNOW A NTM KNT so tihJe to ihe display of Cabalistic f}?uom?na. Tie e* 1aiiMii .it will hi* in time put* : ?First a id I?*'. Mag e !-Toe leeond put Mr. SU P 1 ON will k vrs gnud icnn of Wntnlnq?i hi, Me ley overrun on two Je*s harpi, a Fantasia r-n the S\ mphoniao, and aftvorit*- sir oa Professor C jucerrim. THE JITllK TRICES?NO INCH EJISK. I) wr* oi eu ?t 7 V ocW . ?/urtaiu ria?-< precisely at U n'clnck. Hums Boxes 50 cents. Upper Boxes 25 cents. Pit 12^ cents. Children tinder 12 years. wi lt their parents or guardm ?, litlf prce to Upp rand Lower Boxes. Pa gr.itmne of perfirinaece to he had fratis at the B? x r.Hiee. Pri'iu Jfoim |k O iirstra 4o 11 n 2 ' 1 m AMFItK AN MUStCUM. AOKIAL GAHDEiN. AND P i; R V E T UAL FAIR, Corner of Croadwav and Ann st?eet, oppotiite the Astor House. P. T. IIAUMJM MANAUKh. Every Day and Evening Thin Week, commencing Monday, May 27. (ill A N it I'luK r ??K.vlANC E H Each afternoon. at hnll-|-\?t 3 o'clock, anil 9 in the *?enini.. ('lie (I1ANT A.NIi OIANTfcSrt! ! Mr. nod Mm. ll'iudnll. Who, together, men urerntlni I hat Knuil*eu frrt, m.ikui; llictn the I all..', I'ur . ?? known, are to lie aren everv <l?y, from 1(1 o'clork A..M. till), from J till hilt-pnjt 5, and fruin 7 Li 11 10. Th- minuter ia happy to announce a re-engagement with Ihe OIll'HKAN KAMI!.*', of live |>eraoiia. all inu.iciana of the firat cla.a, one of whom ia a little Mit? of only ail year, ! The f.atinl v apiear in a variety ol Hocga, Uuelta.Trioa, lluarUt'i, (kc. (4KEA.T WKHTEUN will appear in lu? Comic Lecture on Animal iMagnetuin ! and a'ao hia imitation of a Locomotive. Mil M K. (4 NEl.I.IH, the man horn wicheut nrma, will nl.n n ripe r in .nine nf I In* met ft.'tin li It I off fenls with till toej. which mini b.* seru lo lie beliespd. 1.4 Petite Cento. the 1>mk ise. A lleauiiful Collection of VV?* Figures, OirnlT.", die , 8tc TheGIPSEV QUEEN. the Fortune Teller, may tie seen and pri ?ly roni"Iti'd at all noun of the day and evening. [^/" Adinitsiou to the wliil* 25 cent*?children under tan fears, half-price. 25 crai extra for consultations with the (iipaei Quern. m?G re I'lOAI.K S NKW YORK MUSEUM. AND PICTURE HALLKHV. Broadway, opposite the City Hall. Mil H. BENNETT. MANA(iK.H. AFTERNOON PERFORM A NCESEVERY UAV, * t J o'clock. A I.'- for one HIULLINO. f.xtuaokdinarv: astonishing : W () N I) K H F HI. AN I) T s K M K N D O U S ATTRACTIONS ' UJANT BOY?16 YEARS AND OVr.ll SEVEN FEET mi.ii : FAT U1RL, DWAlU AND GIANTESS. A OIAN r OIIIL, (Fourteen Year* Old. weighs 1,0 round*, vl DIVAUh'' BEING THREE IN* H ES SHORTER THAN TOM 'I HHMB ! ! A GIANTESS NEARLY SEVEN FEET HIGH; EIGHT PERFORMERS' BPLEND'I) PAINTINGS OF THE CONFLAGRATION OF THE CHURCHES IN PHILADELPHIA '. Destroyed during the late Kiota Taken upon the spot, by in eminent artist. These pictures core, some hundred! of niuaie feel of ciusass. embracing the whole o( the Stags. OH EAT SUCCESS OF THE WONDERFUL ORPHAN FAMILY. Or. I'etiny-beg Vocatuta ! tonaiatint of a Kalher, Mother. aim laeyen Small Children ' l'heae are the Mel Of hrn Melndiata, aa ihry imi OI> l'K.V rat OKTK.N, nod drink OFTEN. The following performera are eng iged? MR VVINClt KLL, the Comic IrelinearnT' M'm VAHV BARTON, Maater BARTON, and Mi?? A. HAIi ION, flu* murh >??ltr?ir? d vonliitv ! V.f!* Kll, the I'roiean Performer. C KLKA1 K. lie graceful l>at,eein,e ! and Mr. H CONOVKR, the ' nmic Hutger ! (Irani ('namoram \ Self-Playing Melodeon.H, leudid Picture Llrllery. and JOflO Cnrioaitica. O" Afternoon Perfotmaiicea eyrry Day at 3 o'clock, for ihr :onvenieoce of ihn day viait?ra; no criu charge to the pei ntee. To rumm'rrr m the evening at lo' m H APOLLO KALOON. II l< OA l)WA V. NKW YORK? 'I wo hr-ura d voted to Muni and Poefrv ? Mr JONC.M he potn'ar Vncaliat, forrrrrlv ol the 'ark l h-atre. having te urneil from hii European tour, r> a t < .. 11 u 11 y in'orma the poblir riot he Will produce, nndrr iheabi ?' title, t aenea of l.iteraiy ind Mnnerl Kiuert i mn-nti. ol a novel and per'lively Infer ' tinTiharacirr, aa drlivr-d hv him ? ith eminent inrrm hi ore tureen Victoria, Princ Alhcit.and nnnyof the Neblnf) Jentiv. and I itcrary at <1 Mrinitidc Ngciatm of Ki it and Th. irat ofthr ai nri w i I take place on tV'-clu. alley Eveum*. Mat !'Kh. mi l. o- winch or canon lie will he arrived by Mi. KREDKItM K", of ill- Park Theatre, who will deliver an rlnairarrd diicnnrre d'aciptirc of the origin and hialorv of lie ircw Melody and P.ietrv. iiitcra|ieraed with a ?an?iy ol Ontirtl n il Traditional Melodira from uni'oohteillr a ithcniir ourca, a licodnnd arrang-d rapreaal y for tlna eulrrta.iimeiu if MR JONES . Minnie |'n beta JO cental 1 irkcla to admit Two l.itdicaand a One Dollar?may be had at all the Muaic Htoiey tiff 31* *S I BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. BY SPECIAL EXPRE88. BALTIMORE CONVENTIONS. DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. [Ci>ri*?i ondiruce of the Herald ] Baltimoii:, Mosd?t May 27, 6 P. M. The National li-mosiatic Convention met in a miserably mall room called the Odd Fellows' Hall, lu Oay street, at 12 o'clock thii m<>rumg The delegates were very numerous?T *ry respectable, and in a great state of excitement The Convention sat till near 3, adjourned over to get dinner, and met again at half past four. They have made no nomination, and will make none to night. All the business up to the hour I am writing has been this:? (irn Hi ansa*, (a strong anti Van Buren man) from North C-rolina, moved that Mr. H B. YVanmr, |ol Peun , take thi ? . air f?i the present?(he was speaker of the low,. Iloi^ein the fennsv lvaniu Legislature)?and that till'SOU CI Oill I ri >0N?, VV m ! . ItllCUlO, DC OttlUWIV . Tin* wi* earned with louj acclaim, and they took their eat* (ton. Si. Nuii.i then moved that tho rule* adopted by the convention* of lf>3f and lsio tie the rules of this Convention Then*, if adopted, include the celebrated two-third rule, which will prevent Mr. Van Duren being nominated. Tiiia, of course, gave rise to u warm discussion and excitement, which I will write out and send in tho morning. Presently it was discovered that they had started the meeting w ithout any prayer, so they stopped short, and Rev. Mr. M'Jlhem read the I IHth p*ulin, and Rev. Mr. Johns u.kod tin' tdcssiiigs of (lod upon their proceedings here an t hereafter. Then the debate went on, unJ lit last tien. Saunders withdrew his motion, to let lion. Mr. Walker of Mississippi oiler this : " Unsolved. That a Committee oi one for uach State report to Mm Convention the names of the delegates from such Statu ; earh state to nunie one cominitteeman.? This was car ried ; the States w ere culled for, aud the following were named us the t ommiUce : ? Maine?Amu-a Stilson. New llumpsliiro?Henry Hub bard. Massachusetts? ("ieorgo ' Lianrroft Vermont? Luther U. Hunt. HIioiIh Island?Alney Dallou. Conner ticut?Istnic Toucev. New Vork?Henry K. Smith. New Jersey?I hineas 1'.Kennedy. Pennsylvania?John Bredin. Maryland?Benjamin C. Howard. Delaware?Jarvis N. Sutton. Virginia?Win H. Roane. North Carolina John Hill. South Carolina?Not represented (feorgia ? W. T. Colquitt. Alalia hi a ?I). O. Shields Mississippi? Robert J. Walker Louisiana ? (iilbert l.eonard. Tennessee?Cave Johnson. Kentucky Johnson. Arkansas?Win. S. Kulton. Ohio?Tho*. W. hartley. Indiana ?Jesse 11. Bright. Illinois?James Dunlap. MissouriThomas N. Price. Michigan?Robt. H. Wilson. After this the following was ollered by Mr. Jr.wr.TT of Maine, and adopted :? " Resolved, That the Committee also report the number of votes to which each State is entitled, and of the sutliciency of their credentials. several uuempis were maue ro aujourn. ninny ueie(Crites said that a larger room must he got. A warm discussion ensued about how they should go to work, and prepare rules for governing the Convention; and, finally, the Convention adjourned without coining to any conclusion. PosTtmi-r.?Benj. K Butler lias just ottered an amendment to Saunders' resolution, that u minority vote shall nominate. Bh-tihosi, Tuesday,May 29, 8, A. M. Xo Nomination?Merely the Organisation of the Convention. Ah I wrote you last night, no nomination was made in the Convention yesterday, neither were any rules adopted for the government of the same. However, one thing was done, the Convention was fully organized by the appointment of otlieers,'about 7 o'clock at night. The followwere the names :? Committee io Ssi.f.ct OrsicERs?Maine?N. Clifford. New Hampshire?J. I'.uton Massachusetts?Mr. Abbott, Vermont?K. I!. Norris. llliode Island ?11 Willard. Connecticut?N. hillings. New York ?K. Corning. New Jersey?J. M. Ilnrtshorne. Pennsylvania?J K Shannon. Maryland?P. K. Thomas. Delaware?W. II Ross Virginia? (Jen. Chapman. North Carolina?Mr Blunt. (ieoigia?Hon. \V. T. Colquitt. Alabama?P. Williams. Mississippi?Mr I liompson Louisiana?Mr. Leonard. Tennessee?A. V. Brown Kentucky?llichnrd Kifuch. Arkansas?K. Cross. Ohio?8. Medairy. Indiana ?W A. Holla. Illinois?D. Buckmaster. Missouri?J. Miller. Michigun?O. V. l)it>ble. On u s as Kki.kci ?.n. Prkiidkibt-HENDIUCKS B. WRIGHT, of Ta. Vice Presidrnts: Stephen Emory, of Maine. John H. Howard, Ga. Henry Hulihard, N If. lleiij. G. Shield", Ala. Henry II. Childs, Mass. Powhattan Ellis, Miss. Luther B. Hunt. Vt. Thos. M. Williams, La. Olney Ballon, R. I. Cave Johnson, Tenn. H. J. Ingorsoll. Conn. I.inn Boyd, Ky. 8., N. Y. Wn. H Kulton. Ark. J. E. Edsell, N. J. Nich Schoonmaker, Ohio. J L Dorten, Ta. E. A. Brown, IixT Win, Frick, Md. Jamp* Snow, 111. James N Sutton, Del. C. Coflinan, Mo. Wm 11 Roane, Va R. 8. Wilson, Mich. 11. M. Saunders, N. C. PEcatTARI?:?. Wm. F. Ritchie, Va , N. A. Brailfonl, Mis*. Thou U. Mitchell. N. V. Hnnry 11 Carroll. N. 11. Geo. A. Vroonio N.J. Wm I). Morgan. Ohio. At soon .m the committee reported the above oilmen, the re;>ort was accepted.w i'h loml acclamation, and the Convention adjourned until thin morning Nolhing elio whatever wag done except to discus* with some warmth anil *hnw of temper, the propiiety of adopting th- rule* of the Convention* ot ls3"2 und 1H3A, including tie celebrated two-thhd rule. '1 tim waa wnrmly recomnienihd hy (Jen. Sounder* and Senator Walker because they know that its adoption will kill Mr. Ynn Buri n. Mr. Br.u. F. Bctlk.h as wnrmly oppored it; and he said how could lie face hi* constiturnU who had instructed him to vote lor Van Buren, if he voted to odopt a rule that would pri vent Mr. Van liurcn from getting the nomination. Mr. Buti.i r wa* the only one that spoke against the twothird rule ; hut what he (aid show* that the die is cast u* noon a* that rule is adopted or rejected. Mr.Jiwr.rr of Maine moved that a committee of one from enrli mule lie f,l,f,ninl|.,l to hrvnurn ll m,l ,,f rnli.. fnr 11... convention. <Jvn. Hai'idiim moved to amend thii by adopting the rub's of MQ3 and '30. Mr. Ui'ii.rii moved to amend the amendment by excepting the rule requiring two-thirds to makelhe nomination, but he. finally withdrew this. The Committee on Credentials reported that there were no delega'es in attendance for South ( arolina. The following is the number in attendance:? Maine, ?. New Hampshire, ti; Massachusetts, 12: Vermont, ft; Rhode Island, 4; Connecticut, ti; Niw York, 3ti; New Jersey, 7: Pennsylvania, 2fl; Delaware. 2; Maryland, M; Virginia, ft?; (leorgia, 10; Alabama, ft: Mississippi, 14; Louisiana, 2; Tennessee, 13; Kentucky, 29; Ohio, 2.1, Indiana, 12; Illinois, 9; Michigan, f>; Missouri, s, Ar. kuiisns, i. Kvorything now you see depends on whetherthe twothird rule is adopted or not; ami that will be decided this morning. Pennsylvania stands pledged to vote for the two-third rule, and on this ground Mr. Wright, of Pennsylvania. wus made Chairman. If she does not lly the track, the rule will be adopted, ami Mr Van Buren's nomination defeated. The contest will then lie between Cass, Buchanan, Stewart, &r. THE TYLER CONVENTION. biirgr \ kmc lit binge aflh ligntcs?flrrat Kuttr> nieiit and Confusion cmllng with ((rent Kutlinslnsm of feeling, unit V'nnnlmoiis Nomliftitlon of John Tyler for the Prealileucy liy n Minister of Ihe (-ositcl. Hai.timohc, Moxdav, May "J7, (i P. M. This city ii iwurmnig with |>oliticidni of all classes, and lucky is the man who can procure a bed w heron to repose liia weary limbs. The Pulrgstc* to the Tyler Convention assembled in Calvert Hall in thil city, thi* <lay at 1J o'clock. Tins States of New York, Ohio, Virginia, Penniy lvunia, Mary land, Connecticut, and N'ewJeriey, were largely represented, and each of the twenty-six presented some one to ijicuk the sentiments of their Tyler friends The Hall, which is calculated to accommodate fifteen handled persona with seats, was filled to overflow i.ig before the hour of meeting, and much excitement and enthusiasm was exhibited among the audience. The head of the room was drcnratiel with a poitrait of John Tyler, underneath of which was a banner containing the mot toes? " lie-Annexation of Texas ! " Postponement is Kejection " surmounted w ith the Single Star of Texas, two,starspangled banners, and a plain llag with the words " Tyler and Texas" floating aliove in a prominent position, over an excellent Hand of Music seated beneath. At 12 o'clock the Convention was called to order hy Mr. Smith, of Ohio, the editor ol a recent ' 'ass piip.r.who nominated Wii.i.iam Smai ? ?. of New Vork, for chairman, in order to organize the meeting Mr Shaler took his seat, and rc*|>onded in a neat and pertinent speech. Mr. IlKVtoi.iia, Of Michigan, and Bii.nwix, of New York, were then nominated n? Ser return s. Mr. Itr.v toi nt rose and said, that before accepting the nomination he wished to ?uy, that John Tyler was bis first choii c, but u as not desirous of sn immediate nomination This apparent desire for delay caused a jierfect oiittirnub .it < 1 11wis11ion. which was interlarded w ith nronoal tionn for thin gentleman to decline. < riea of " new nomination"?" n<> |<o?t|ionement"?" no delay" until the icenn wan one of perfect ronlunion. The dementi were finally rcntored to ijiiiet by a ipeech from Smith ot Ohio, at the clone of w hirh the gentleman from Michigan declined the nomination of Secretary, when Mr. Whitehead of Virgin la wan nelected in hn itead, and the huaineaa proceeded The next movement wan the. nomination of a committee of one from each State to recommend nultable officer* to prenide over the delilM-rationn of tho convention, Which created more conf"?ion, amid which the voice of old Jo Hall, of I'hiladelphia, w ho ran beat the loudeat man that, ever made a noine, ? u heard ahonting?" go ahead "?" goahead " " and nothin die"?" go ahead "?which wan intermixed with umendnienta to nelect two from each State, and orien of " notation"?" queatinn"?" order"?" otder" keep quirt "ofl hati" " get down," fcc. until finally the (mention on the nelectionnf one delegate waa adapted, and rhe convention then took a rec.eaa o7 fifteen minutei, in order to allow the delegaten from the neveral Staten to elect their repronentntive. On re.nnni mbling the confu?ion wan greater than before, when four Sergeant at-Arm* were appointed to neat the ipectatorn and nepara'e the dele gati n from the mam,which after conafdarahle .1.IfiouIty waa i fleeted. A motion wan then made for call of the honne, whicli wan not entertained, and the committee of one from each Sia'e to neleet oflleera, reported in la? or of nominating fudge J.W Whii . oft nnecticut a? I'renident and rome twenty Vice Prenilenta and Sncretarien. which were nna 'I H'KlflM'M i?ir BH?in, ' ' ............ ihr I'reaident to hl? ?' ?t, when ho returned hii thank* to the ( onvcntinn (or llio honor they had conferred upon him, during which ho avowed himirlf a* an old ndvocatc ol Jefh-raonian democracy, and a fneud ol John Tyler, a? hia Ui.t choice for the Trcaidcncy. 11? cloaed with pro

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