Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Mayıs 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Mayıs 1844 Page 1
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* TH Vol. X., No. 191?Whole No. J741. To the Habile. THE NEW YORK HERALD-daily newapaper?pub liaied every day ol the year except New Year*! day an< To irth of July. Price *1 couta per copy?or 97 '79 V*T 811 a ii?poatagea paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY I1KRAI.L)?published every Saturda; morning?price 6^ centi per copy, or 9* 19 P*r ennum-pottagea paid, caah in alvance. . , ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation e the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increeain; an. ii nat the largest circulation oj anu paper in mi cuy or the worhl, anil is, therefore, the best channel for baeines men in the city ?r country Pr'coi modor*tO-ca?h in nd Tftce. PRINTING of til tin^? executed at the moat inoderati price, aud in the noit elegant atyln. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiKToa or tmi Hkrai.d Eitasluhmr-it, Northweat corner of Fulton and Nannuo itreeta. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT I'ASS AG I: OFFICE. #1 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. m. M & m I Fiuwc ou be ravaged from Liverpool by the following spten did packetships comprising the OldBlack Ball Line of Packed mil ion u u.nler Kroui Liverpool. T he ship COLUMBUS Captain Cole, on the l#th February The slop YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, on the 1st March. The ship C A VI Bill DOE, Cupt. Barstow, l#th March. The ship ENGLAND. Captain Bartlelt, 1st April. The ship OXFORD, Captain Rathbone, lith April. The fiiip MONTEZUMA, Captain May. The ship EUROPE Captain Furher, lSdi May. The ship NEW YORK, Csptniu Cropper, 1st Jane. In addition to the abovesuiiei ior ships, the subscriber's atrenti ?iii i : ? : 1.:? -i u customary, Iroin Liverpool, every lour or five days throng U out the year, to the diff. rent ports in the United States, b; wh>ch pn?tage can he s> cured at rednced rates. Those senoin| for their frauds re?idi>g iu Great Britain and Ireland, may re ly that every care will be taken to make liassengeia ae comfor table as tliey cin reasonably expect, and should ihe passeugcri not come out, the passage money will be promptly refunded. Drafts cau as usual be furnished payable at ihe National an< Provincial Danks of Ireland and branches; Eastern Bank oi Bcoiiand and b anches; and on Messrs J. Ball, Bon It Co. Bankers. London: W-sirs J. Brrned It Co., Ban kern, Liver Pool, which are payable throughout England and Wales, Fo: further particulars apply (if by letter ^ost^id^ 61 South street, near Wa'l street. If. B Passage to Liverpool and London can at ail times In engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liver|>ool ever; five nays, and to Loudon on the 1st, lOili and of each moutl On application as annve j!2ec OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Ml Jfc m LI^^^^Tackets f?: will heresRe^h -* despatched in the followingorosr, excepting that when tin sailing day Tails on Sunday, the ships will sail on tha succeed jngday, vir:? From New Fork. If rout Liver poo The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July li 40 tons, _ .Oct. I Nov. Ii W. C. Barstow, I Feb. 1 Mar. 1 Tha ENGLAND, .Jane 16 Aug. 750 tons, .Oct. 16 Dec. _ S. Bartlett, l1 Feb. 16 April Tha OXFORD, July 1 Aug. i 00 tons, .Nov. 1 Dec. 1 J. Rathboue.l March I April 1 The MONTEZUMA, July 10 Sept. 1000 tout, '.Nor. 16 Jan. A. B. Lowber, I1 March 16 May The EUROPE, Aug. 1 Sept. 1 618 tons, ' Dec. 1 Jan. 1 V ft *-'V... 11 1,J| l M._ 1. The NEW YORiC(u?w)~'i Aa*" is Oct' 950 ton*. <Dee. is Feb. T. B. Crorper, t April is Jnne The COLUMBUS, f Sept. I Oct. li TOO ton*. < Jan. 1 Feb. 1 U. A. Cola, (May 1 Jane 1 The YOUKSHiRE.(new) ? Sept. IS Nor. . 1050 ton*. (Jan. IS Mar. D. O. Bailey, ( May IS July These *hi)i* are not surpassed in point of elefance or coir "*? in their cabin accommodation*, or m their fast sailing qua tie by any vessel* in the trade. The commander* nre well known a* men of character am experience, and the atrintest attention will alwny* be paid U promote the comlort ami convenience of passengers Punctuality, at reward* the day of (ailing, will be observed a heretofore. The pries of passage outward i* now fixed a( On# HunJre* Dollar*, for which ample atoree of every deasription will bi provided, with the rxceptiou of wine* and liquor*, which wil be furnished by like steward*, if required. Neither th captain or owner* of these *hip* will be respou ible for any letters, |>arcsl*, or package* sent by them unlea aulsr bill* of lading are signed therefor. For freight or pa* e, apply to GOODHUE It CO, 64 South it. 0, H. MARSHALL, 3S Burling slip. N. Y. IWtf and of BAKING. BROTHERS St CO.. LWl. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND 1RELANI ftk rfffr Jtk Ty the blacItball orocd linCT^^ LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on (lie 7th and 19th of every month. ruinous winning lo semi (o the Ulil (Jouiiiry for their Irieud Co nuke the neeeesary arrangements v? ith the subscribers, un r* thrm cotne out in thia superior Line of Packets, Ssililll from Liverpool nuuixually on thellli and 19th of every month They wilt alto nave a finl rate claaa <>l' American trading ships sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly coinuiuuicn tion ft0111 that tort. One of the firm (.Mr. James D. Roche) i there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and des MjMli Should the parties agreed for not cotne out. the money wil be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduc tion. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, compris the following magnificent Ships, vis The OXFORD. The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EU HOPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and uneonalled arrangements, the snb eriberi confidently look forward for a continuance of that snp port which has been extended to them to many years, for wbicl they are gratefol. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, eai at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn dirrc oa the Royal Baftk of Ireland. Dublin, alio on Messrs. PRE8COTT. UROTE, AMES k CO. Bankers, London, which will be Paid on demand at any ol the Banks, or thei Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ire kid, Scotland and Wales ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO. 35 h niton street New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Packets sail from thii port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Partie returning to the old country will find it to their comfort am advantage to select this favorite Lite for conveyance, it preference lo auv other. K TO T11& TRAVELLING PUBLIC. mm Ml PASSENGER ARRANGEMENT FOR 184*. 1 The siubucribm having completed their arrantaweota, an Don prepared to bring out r???" ?"? from (irnl Britain one ! 1 rrland hy the following firat data packet ahipa, one of which , will leave Liverpool on the lit, 6lh, 11th, 16th, Hit and 28th ol e?"h month:? i Patrice Henry, New York, Shrridan, ; Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, Moutrzniav Stddona, Geo. Washington, t Hottingoer, Columbus, United Stat**, Boacitu, Ashbnrton, K.nuland, f Eerope, Steph'n Whitney, llocliearni, i lndr|<eudeD?e, Yorkshire. Gurriuk, ' Samnel Hick, Quern of the Weat, Oxford. I Certificate* of passage can be obtained, and every informatioi will be given to thoaa tending for their friend*, on application at either of oar officea. I They will alao be prepared, on the opening of navigation, tc ' forward paaa'rigeta and their luggage to Albany aud Troy, and en Erie (Jamil to Buffalo, and all intermediate place*. To ali port* of th* Upper Lahee. I Via 1 lav/ego to Torouto, Port Hope, Cobnrg, King*ton, and *11 pirta of Cauada Weat. groin Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada ka?l via Ohio Canal from Cleavelaud to Portamouth, Cincinnati, and i . termed iate place* South W-st via Philadelphia to Pittaburg,Cincinnati, Loniaville. and all part* on the Ohio Kiver to Sr. Louia, Mo ; and to all rart* oi (Jhio, Michigan, Indiana, llliooia and Wiscontin Territory. UKM1TTANCEH. . forth* accommodation of peraouv wishing to rend money to til ir ftiend* in th# Old Country, HAHNDKN It CO. will Bive Drvfn on any part of England, Scotland or Ireland, payala at am lit, for auina of 41, Ai, AW, to AlOO? or in any amount to an it th* pnrclioaer. Oh KICKS AND AGENTS. Ch.ule* Craft, 120 Bu eatr-et, Boston. B. w. Wheeler, Union Building, Providence, R I. J. W. MiUa, 3 Wall itrct. a"d 1* Front (tract. New York. N. O. How rd,43 H a.h Third (tract. Philadelphia. Santlford It Shoemaker, 7 Light (treet, Baltimore, Md. L.S. Littlajohn, II K?'li?"f?, Albany ' ***" 8 Clark, 159 Hirer (treet, Troy, N. Y. Utica.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syraenee, N. \. Roc heater, N. Y. W. H Oonk, Buffalo, N. Y. H. Fjghegh *t< o.. Qewego, N. V. ml Ceo ciRRANMKMENTfl KOH 1814. OLD fcMTABLISIIfcl) PABSAOK OKPTCB, 100 Pineetreet, corner of Sonth. m m m ^^T^^nbacriber hogs leave to call the attention of liielriendi and the public it) general, to the following arnngenirnu fot 184(, for the purpose of bringing ont cabin, 2d cabin, and etrerage pusengers, by thr Regular Line of Liverpool i'ackeu, (ail nig tlie lat.'itli, llth, U#i, kletand 26th of every month. By the London Par kola, to (ail rem New Yotfc, thr let, 10th and 80th?.nil from Loudon on lhe7ttl, 17th tuid 27th "l each month, In connection with the above, and for the pnrpoce of affordink t i 11 gr-Mrr facilitieato paearngera, the enbecribrr h*a e?Caolinheu ? regular liuaol that does New York built, coppered and copper trip-nod (hipt, to aiil punctually e.rrry week throughout the yr-.r. For the accommodation of pcraoca wishing to remitmoney tJ their Itmiltea m fneniis drcfta Are given, payable at eight, on (he following Banke, via ProTn?ci,i| BaiiW of Ireland, payable at Lotfc, Limerick, Clouinel, Londonderry, Bligo, Wrgfafd, Brh'aat, VVati-rlord, Uolway. Armagh. A flilnne fhileriiln. TrelM, Youglml, EuninkilW, Monaghnn, UaubridRa, Ballyinrna, P*raon?t?wn, Downpatnek, Cayan, Lonran, Oma?h, Djua.nuej. Bnndon, Ennia, Ball'vihmno Htraban e. Bkiberren, Mallow, Moc-yuiore. Cooteh'.ll, Kilrnih, Dublin, gcntland?Tha City B ink of Olaagnw Eogl.u.d-Meaara Mpoomt, Atwood U Ca. Banker*. London; 5\W:^r,0? Ltarerpool; payable in carry town Ot Mwn. f. W BYRNES k CO.lTw.Sd^ ' Ji) tin* re L rerponi I'AMAOK Kli-OM f-iyt.LANU. lllKi.AMU. 8( tJT. LAND AND WALK*, VlA .LIVERPOOL 1 Trt K tuhactih) r hu made aarrjualled arra. *--n-ntj WjiyCiU brinRi k out emigranta this year, I ID. 'J'hotc JwNhbownding tor (lirir friend* would do w*|] u> apply at Uwiilu ratoblnhcd packet office of JtlHN MRHDMAM.CI Bonrh.t, N. B.?Tliaaliira of thi* lincuow lany# Liverpool every fly* dnya. and <1 r,fr? can n aanal be furuinhrd for any amount, pay iMn at all the principal banking inatitntioua Uinmgbeut tha avfd kingdom, apply aaaboy# rutl m j m E NE N] MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKET8. i & M J8> ^Tn^nderm^utJouTOui* will H< reguUrTy <li>Mt^w^^^n Muw au thi* lit, luid from MmrillK* on tlte iiti of each mouth ' during thr veur a* folluwi kroin Mow Vnrk. Muvi I In*. miiv. A. Cipt. Brown, Drc. 1 p?b. 5 . T^S/'O'l'V, r.nt. My,ick. Jau.l March S UL^t ilalr^n - ,'eb ' April! I Capt. Aduu, March 1. May S i C0RI0LANII8. Capt. Haile, April 1. Joue S I hey art all coppered and copper kileutd, aad iiatt excellent accommodations lor luiM'*ugrfs. \ !' price ofcabin pasaage vi ill be (100, exclusive of winea and liquor*. t Ooous addressed to tiia agents, BOYD k HINCKICN, will bo forwarued fret of other cnaryes tliau thoae actnally paid. Vor freight or passage apply to LA WRENCH k FHRLPH. 10J Front street or to BOYD St, mltr No o Tontine wnildinss. ! n r a, ... *" >" hali?aa awu l>i v e.rtrtioi. The Royal Mail Suam Shite BHITAN; so<1 U^EEDONIA, will leave Doe ton fjr the above porte a* tollowe? Brit*uilia, Saturday, June I, KM!. Caledonia, Suuday, June Id, 184 ?. ' Passage for Liverpool (uw. Passage for Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent. ni2l re No. 2 Wall etrect. ?NKW YOllK. foot of Onurtlant street, daily [sunOa>> ?*>.i pled,] at o'cloch, A M . by Hail road from Jersey City to Mnr nit 'wu direct, without chauge of Car?from thence bv I'oat C 'toh's 'liro'ieli Meudliatn, i/hester, Sell oV-y's Mountain i Port Coldea, Washington to K.rston. At Washington a daily , line intersects to and Trom llelvidere. For seats npoly to J. HILL,, at John Patten'a Coratnevcial Hotel, 7J Count and* street. r N. 11.?Txtraa furnished at the ihnrteat notice, by applying . lo 'V 11 I.II.nV VI i.rr iMtn vv n > ?m re [ -BKE. ^y I GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, r FROM ALBANY TO BUFFALO (323 MILKS) BY RAIL ROAD. Th? only Office in Nbw York established by the teyeral Rail ttiu'l Companies between Albany end Buffalo is at s No. 59 COIIRTLANDT dTKEKT, r JOHN r. CLARK, General Agent. NOTICE TOIMMIGRANTS. The Bubteribers hiring been appointed rigenti for forwarding Immigrant! by Rail Road from Albany to Buffalo and intermediate Plaeaa. nr.- enabled to lend them during the Suinnv i from N?w York to Uliea tor $2,06: to rlyracnse $2.92. to Au' barn $1,36; to I'ochnter $4,61 to Buffalo $3,30. Childrc < : from 2 to 12 years o<d at h'lfpricc; under 2 yeara free; and all Baggage from Albany on the Hail Koau i> entirely free It it eridant that it comes much cheeper to the imiuierant to tray I by Hail Roid than by Canal, he reaching Buffalo per I Steamboat from New York and Hail Itnad from Vlbanv in 42 ! hoars; wh-iea?, it tak's per Canal from 9 to 1U daya. The fol lowing calcnliti-n ahewa tha resnlt, six i Passage to Buffalo per Ka>l Passage to Buffalo per Ca, Road $3,50 ual.aay $2,00 < CuKgntrr from N. York to Lnggaae to Buffalo. 501 be I Albanr, lOOlba frre, bal- free, balance for lOOIbs- 53 J ance for loOlbt II Lose of time at least 9 days g Cuggage from Albany to wnrtli to the laborer, say , Buffalo free 30 cents per day 4,50 , Liring for 1J hoars, say- 75 Living for 10 dart, 50 cents . ? per day 5,00 J Total per R. Road $6,42 ? ? $12,05 5 Deduct fare per R. Road 6 41 Tha traveller per R. Road tares $3,62 j They also forward passengers to Cleaveland, Portsmouth end c other places in Ohio; Uitioit, fee , Michigan; Greeu Bay, MilJ irankie, fee.. Witcorsin Terrt>ry; Chicago, Illinois; aid to g liffrrA't pLcs in ' auada. at the lowest rates. All information , is to the different routes gi vcu gratis, and Tickets to be hud . tnlv at the Albany and Buffalo Rail Road Office..V) Coutrlnmlt j ?rrwt. WOLF & KICKERS. ^ iuy8 lm?rc "OPPOSITION EVENING LINK FOR ALBANY. DIRECT iHfTVn 0BI 'r'ie anil Splmdiil Steamboat SEW ' My ?JuJKRSEY. ('art R H Kurey, will base the -3k__N8Lj^_: >'-r foot of Barclay street (north side) on Wednesday erennig, 15th in taut, at s> veu o'clock PeguUr days from Ni? York, Mondays, Wednesdays and 1 Fridays ; Irom Albany. Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays. The New lir.ey has been rebui't and rsuiudelled, and fitted > ap in the best possible m mner. She has a 'ar*e nniu' er of elegant State Rooms, a lain* and commodiius FMinrnadn Deck, a - Ladies' Saloon with sleeping accommodations for lliO persons, and axtrnsiee aud airy Cabins Altogether, she lias sleeping " acoramodations for nearly 700 persons, tier dsauaht of w ;M is lig't, so that she will alw tys be able to cross the bars with int detention or transhipment. mlV 3m *rc SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. j BLOOM I NOD ALIO, MANHATTAN VILLF. AND FORT WASHINGTON LINE OF STAGES. i Fare to Manliaitanrille i2t? emu?Kort Wasl'ington 2.3 cents. This Line will com m? l?*,'*a^^.nence tisnuire on Saturday, May 4th, 1941 la i li., e ? j Leasing Mnahattansille, at 6 o'clock A. M., and continue , fnni.iuc esery hour until 7o'clock P >1 Leasing New Y ork. ^ corner of Trynn Ron and Chatham st, two doois east of the , Harlem Railroad Office at 7 o'clock, A. M., and continue running esery hoar until S I. M. Stages leasing Fort Washington for City Hall, 7X A.M. and ' 4K, Ilk, I P M., 3H. 4 and 6>f. Stages leasing I.ity Hall for ( Furt Washington, 9 A. M., II and 1 r M., 3. 4 and 6 These Stages pass on the ronte Red's Hotel. Ournhnm's Man lion H"u*e, "rphan Asylum and Lunatic Asylum Hincher's I Bay. Abbey Hotel, Trinity Church Ceraetry, High Uridge to Fort Washington. B MOORE, m2 lm*rc Proprietor. e FORK VILLF,, ASTORIA, HELL GATE KERRY, KAVENSWOOD AND NEW YORK STAGES. ^U, ?i _ Will eo oinence rnnning on Monday, May >6. 1841. as loliows ureWag1* Leaviug Astoria, at 7,1,9, and 11 o'clock, A. M , I, *, i 4/a, 3)4 ana 7 l'. M. Li'MVing 3 On thuilliwopposi te City Hall atT, 9, M, (Uid : 11 o'clock A. M.. I. 3,1. 5, 6 and 7 o'clock P M. 1 This Hi nt? will call lur passengers at 20 Bowery, eon?r o I Pell street, and pi Hazard'*. Yoikvill*. All baggage at the J owner's ri*k On the arrival of the stage at Astoria, it ill im 1 mediately ba in readiness lor conveying passengers to llasens wood and Long Island Farms. Ka'? 121* cent* Horse* and Wagons to let. LEWIS U CARTER. " in8 Ira'ec Propnerors HUMMr.ll A RRANDE.ME.N'l. NEW A UK AND NEW YORK. FAIlK ONLY 1?1 CENTS. . VHK NEW AND SWIFT STEAMFR RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAKKY, I elMf) 0Bk "n and niter Monday, May 11, w ill run as ?Jtrl " .Jk follows:?I.e.,ve Newar!;, foot of I 'enire at, at " ~~4e* ^ "-{ A VI and H* P v1. Lease New York, fo< t oi Barclay st. at III A. M and I P. M. (la Sunday*?Lease Newark at A. M. and 2 P.M. and S-w York at I? A. Irt. and 4 I*. M. Frcia in carried at sery reasonable rales. | May luth. 1144. sp4re FOR NEW ORLEAN'S.-LOL'ISIANA AND . rfWVNEW YORK LIN v -To sail Ut-i June -The fast I ?WU|fcs*il'iiK packet ship OS iv Kilo, Captain Wood, will po?it vei? sail as above, her regnlnrday. I For freight or pa's.ige, harm a hauilsome furnished accommodatioos, apply on board, at Orleans Wharf, Toot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 Son tli street. Agents in New Orleans?Messrs. Hnllia and WoodruIf, who will promptly Inrwnrd all ponds to thciraddress. Shippeis by this line msv rely n;>on basing their goods snrrectlv mmsnied, and llial the ships of tins line will tail fmaetnnllv as advertised ai20 er < i*?C- FUR LIVERPOOL?The New Liuc IWgnia, 1 Packet 21st I?oe'?The superior New York Lnlit 1 2K9>a?*Packet ship ROCHES PER, Capt Jehn Britton, Uiu to-it bmihen, will sail as ahove, her regular day. For freight or passage. harm* sery superior nccnmmndatioai I not surmised bv anv shin in nort. snnlv ah i.n?rd w*o ,<!* I Berlin* dip, or to WOOPHULL ?i M1NTURN8, 17 South it. Price of PMOfr JIM. Tne packet imp UMiirfir, Capt Int Buraley, 10M ton burthen, will succeed the lluctiritcr, mil nail on her reaular day, flit July. KOR LOiNIJOS?Kar.irt of lit Juue.?'i'be n l?u tKllV1!"!. fill MilipgioB inckrt ihip MKIJIATOK. t apt MHbJ. M. Chadwick, Will tail punctually aa above, her regular day. I'lui aunerior racket liai vary lira accommodation! for cabin, <-C'iud caoin and steerage piua*Dgeri, *1' ' will be take i at vary reaaounble ratal ifaarly applic ilion be ui.v'e no board, or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOIT. At thair General Passage Office, 7t Anuth street, curacr of Muden l.aua. IVrioni wishing to und for thair frienda to come out in tliii hip or any of the hue, or who a # about to remit money, can uiake favorable a r rang-mauls by apt 1. ma ai abwve ini M KOR LOMDON -rcTTof I I Jo a-'Th- ?t>i mf.iii mil t pack, t >hip MKDIA OK Cspt.J M. aWUfefieC had wick, will nil punctually ai above, her regular da?.This |?rioi pack't hai very fl-ie accomm i-'ati >os f.r cabin, ieco nf cabin, and ateer ge psae- ngerv, who will ba liken at very reasonable rata* if rarly applievti in ha made on board, or to JOHN HKltDMAN. w27 toltrrs <1 South ?tr*et. rt)tiff PA'BAOB KROM DUBLIN, CORK. WATKH fiflWWKOHD, DKKRV. COLKIlAlNK, BULKAST. -tcwflSeNewrf. U-oglu-da, kc?Persous wishing to send lot their Irirnd- can have tn< in brought ont Irom any of the above pout in frit class Ame jcau Packet Shipa.ou the moat reasonab e terin.-v aud without thi-irriprrieocing any unuecessv y dibunon. Mr W. Tn.wcott, ope of the firm, will be on th< I ipot to five hie personal attention to the passengers engaged > by the arbacribcra or their aaai.ta hare, and peraoua may rely III t Ilie wishes null comforts nf llimv wn-ae rvaaigr mav In enyajad by them will lure all due and proiwr attention. For pa. ticulan apply, if by letter. poat-rnid, to W A J. l'. YAfSCOTT, at tiwir Oenernl r.uMye OIRre, 70 Sonth ft. cor. Maiden l.nnr, whf?, alio, Praft? may tie obtained, for tare# or amail auma payable on demand, without dinrunnt or any other e liar ire, t the National or I'rorioeia Bank? of Ireland, er any of the,? bfuirlva thrnnrhont the Kinirdnnt. ml} re iWaC- TAPSCOTT'H A I, PASSAUK OK. ytfjaJV KICK?Removed from 41 Peek alip to 75 Si nihil Miapb corn*r ol Maiden lane. IVrioo* ileur ma to ten i lor tn?ir F n-nda in the old country, can by ratline "n th* ?iibac i bera make the iieceaaary a' raummenlt on the moat advantageous terma. Mr Wm Tapieott b?ing in Liverpool. reader* tr.naaciii'K ?nch bnaineaa with ih?m hiehly liei.eliaial to all rar>Pi wialnac to hare their frirudj comfortably and ouickly dea patched. Unf'a for any amonnt, payable on demand without any diaeoant or any chmne whatever, in all the principal towua through* out tiraar Britain and Ireland, can at aM 'imea b- eh ainea on application to W. A J T TAPMCOTT. At their Oen?ral Paaaain- Office, ml I re *6 South ?t, cottier Maiden lane FOR MARSEILLES?Packet la? Jnne,?The.hip WtSVTrtKSCOTr.Capf. Lawrence For fvuhtnrpnaJwUkbar aye, apply to I, A Wit .NCF. A I'll r.I.I S, 101 Krontatrert, or to m'dre nOYI) * HINCKK.N a Ton'ine Hoildine M-jG. ?,,ia,?k SAW"?ff old link or um * h01 Liverpool. h?4nlit l'.crrt, *wmKm- t lun? Th? celebrated faat aniline f vonre iieie, nhiji < .,v OBRIDOK, lunh'u 9 * toua, Cntaain H,r?tow, r,ill ponti*f|y an' on ??io-dnv, la J mi, her nguUr d?y. It m well liaowu ttiat t < I. noibrid** la lit e I out in a arrv ??. * lilt iniunar, with errry cnnaenienco. that can add to the comfort ol thoae eniharkiuK. Feiaoua iiroemdiiiK to the OI<> I ouctrr, will liml it to tbe;r iuirroal t? aelrct tnia c. > , ancn. Knr i uia?? in ralnn, 11 cabin and aim-raye. apily on b >ard, loot ol Beckman atn?*t, or to the nhacribera. HOCHIC. BHOTHKKH k CO toJlrio K Kolton at , ncit door to tho Kolton Ban*. 0 W YO EW YORK. THURSDAY I NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I To tail irom New Yurk on the 2?th and LitmpooI oa the 11th / ui eacn mouth. |L , l a m i fc Ship KOSCIL'H, Captain John Collma, 2Crh March. Ship SIPHONS. Caruin K. B Cuhb, 16th April. I Z Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Depeyatar, Ktk May. Ship GARHJCK, Capi. B. I. H. Traaa, Kith June. Know LlVPIireol.. 0 Ship SHERIDAN. Captain A. Depej ?ur. 11th March. Ship UAKRICK, Captain B. 1. IL frisk, lltli April. ui.:!. uiiui-ii u i?u_ ?-<_ii: ...i, n.J Hhir. SIDBONH, Captain E. U. Cobb, 11th J dm. , Thwt? diiit are all ol' the lint class, upward* of Ifttol tod*. . ' built in urn city at New York, with such improvements a* , eoinbme iirrai apeed witii uuusual eomfbrt for passengers. ! Every cur* has been taken iu the arrangement of their aeeurn ... uiniiuriout. The price of passage hence ii $100, lor which I *| ample ?tore? will he provide* These ?hip* are commanded by i siperieucrd mrjtera. who will make every eaeriion to give g<- [ a aeral satisfaction. Neith-r the captains or owner* of the ahipt will be resposai- . ble for auy latter*, parcel* or package* a;at by then), unless re- " pilar lading are aigued therefsr Yor treight or pa*?uite app'y to fc. if. CllLLInM k CO., JO South it.. New York, or to I BE yWN, SHIPLEY It to., Liverpool. I Letters by the pael rt* will be charged 12 K cants per single ti beet ; JO cent* per oance. and newnmpen I cent each m2 rro tl TIIE NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. h 3 montli. n From \eu> York. L'vool. r New Ship LIVERPOOL, H* ton., ?} ? t j. r.iunuge jAug. 21 Oct. ti N. ahip QUEEN OK TUK WEST.flj"/ *} ??ft: * " I2J0toiLeP. Wood house. l^V ?} New ship ROCHESTER,BJOtow, i !} *!!!?lS ' JohuBritton Ship HOTTINOUEH. 10JO ? Ira Buraely, (lNoi'r21 Jail y 6 S Tbeae substantial, fast sailing, first claaa aliii*, all built in ? the city of New York, arc commanded by men ol cgpertence ,. ,n.l ,1. Id ,l.J Ol., ?? " uh mouth. ? Their cabins ar? elegant an J commodious, and are furnished () with whatever can conduce to the -vise and comfort of passengers. | Price of passage, f 100. Neither the captnus or owuera of these ships will be responiillit for aiiy parcels or packages sent by them, cnlass regular _ bill* of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage appl > to r WOGDHOLLfc MINTUKNR, 87 South street, New York, i orto FIELDEN, BROTHERS (a CO., ., IN ec Liver poo t, I NEW YOKTAND HAVTEimCKRTS^^^ 0 Secoud Line?Tlie Ship# of thii line will hereafter leave New York on the let, and Havre on the 10th of each mouth, as fol- ' lows, VIC? ' Fuoi* Ns.w Youi. Kr?m Havu*. f New Ship ONEIDA, (1st March. 10th April. ' Captaiu < 1st July. 16th August. p James Knock. 11st November. 16th December. Ship BALTI MORE, 11st April 16th May. i. Captain flat August. 16th September, { Kdward FunC-'.f 1st December. I 16th January. ? ShlpUTICA., l let May. i! 16th June. n Caytain < 1st September 16th October. Frederick H Witt.r 1st January. I 16th February. ? Now ship St. N1CI1 .LAB\ 1st Juue. t. 16th July. Captain < 1st October. . 16th November. J B. Pell, ( let February. ( 16th March. The accommod ions of these ships are uot surpassed, com* r. billing all that m y be reiiuired for comfort. The price of coj 1 bin passage is S1U0. Passengers will be supplied with every re c juisite with the exception of winee and liquors. b Goods intended for these vetsels will be forwarded by the aub- a senders, free from any other than the expeusee actually incurred on them. For freight or passage, apply to BO YD St HlsfC KEN, Agents, ( j?25 ec No ftTontie- Knildino e?r. Wsll soil vV?t?v i TAPSCOTT'S " GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. m m m. m AURA UEMENT8 Foil 18+1. !! The subscribers be* to call the attention of their friends and the public generally to their superior arrangements fo* bringing r out passengers from, and ren ttting money to all parts 01 Envla'd, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. . THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, * COMPRISING , THE QUEEN OK THE WEST, U4# tons i THE SHERIDAN, 1000 tons. ii THE ROCHESTER. 1000 ion*. tc THE OAK RICK. 1000 tons. e THE HOTTINOUER, 1000 tsoa. b T1IE HOSCIUM, 1000 tons k THE LIVERPOOL, ilia loos. n THE BID0ON8, 1000 tous i Railing from Liverpool twice averv inuo'h, and u I'lIK UNlTEO LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I emnposed ol in|W'ior, tint class American pack<-u, sailing Ii from Livrixml fuur tunes iu each month, urn the ships in n which those whose passage inay beeogaeed w.ththesubscribers n will come ,.ut .in, ami it is a well known Let the above named tl packets pre the most mvgiiilieent ships afloat and the frequency ol ihsir eaiiiiiu, (being every live dnvs) prevents the pasihility v of |iassani;ers being unnecessarily detained at Liverpool. J'.egerdlexs of cii>ena?, in order to ni??.t the wants oT llie public and the wishes ofllieir trieuds, Mr. Win. Tapiwcott, one of cIk fir n. has Rone to Liver|>ool io superintend the departure for this Co am ry of such persons whose passage may be engaged wiik ( the s tbscribers, a, winch to thoseacquainted Willi Mr, W. s T., i.i a sufficient guarantee that they will rrceiva evrrv alien- ? tion from him.auJ be quickly and enmlortahly despatched. Miouid (nose tent tor decline coming the passage money will be promptly refunded, withont any deduction?as usual. ftetriiuancss?Those remitting money can he supplied with droits at signs. lor any amount, payable free of discount or any outer ciwyn, in every principal town in England, Ireland, Scouanu and Wales Apply I il by Utter, post paid,) to Vf. k J. V. TaFSCOTT, 4t Feck slip, ivew t org?or to to WV| TAP8COTT, Liverpool. II A I R r.IITTINIi NEW PRINCIPLE. 1 A N EXPLANATION IS NECESSARY, IN OHDK.H > to fully compr.h mil the greet adventey-a winch will niii b fr nn patronizing Pnal ru's new p in of ll.iir Cuitiag, be? Every body ha* felt the unpleasant > ens itiom rr.'-it-d by having th dirty hair brnsh appli?d to his head, for tM bftf > tiauj . time in a day, (and >u aoire inaUnces used upon the heads of in ( v 11 .! ) withunt clraiistug. In ?lew ol,hia. the subscriber haa drrottd lot entire estahli iiment tor introducing a new feature in the treitm'til of the bair?that of having a large number of . flitl rite bn.ahi a, and in uo instance to ne ua.-d a aeroud time wi'houl a thorough cleansing By giving th.i science of Hair L> lift ana Wic Making his aole tune and ,itt. u ion. togrthi" with the gre>t personal comfort enau;e<l, at hie establishment, he solicits a trial, satisfied that those wlio ynr hia ?lutein n> e ' 1'ial will ap; r. ci.ite the benefit and luxury afforded at no aicti la,- eouccru in tlna c ty. \ private room ia lilted up for ladira. 81. impooiug and Hair Dreasin-. [ KDWD. PHALtlN, oiT lm*m 714 Broadwa*". oppnaite Ht. Paul's. NEW COAL yard. 1 'THE 8UB8CRIBKR9 have taken a Yard at No. 7 Hall a- Plaee, (mar the corner ut Seventh street Third Avenue, dir-ctly oppoait* Tompkins Market,) wliera they intecui keeping a amply of ever yd ecr p>iouof(,oc a, via: - reach Orch ud, Schuylkill, L* igh, Liverpool, Newcaatle, Sydney, Vugiuia, i and CumboU d, wnich ihey offer at the loweal uinik'l prices, and solicit a ahare of ihe pnblic patronage. Orders received as nbeve, or at tl.a old stand, f II Waihinf- , ton street, corner Laight street. WARD b BROWNE. Orders through the Despatch Post will receive prompt a'ten l tion. ml7 lan'rc i, CHEAP 1 CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, L Wi I'bAIII, Hl'Ufcr, LAlPi IW? UlbbKMAIV ri I'lIK ti! Ilbc U1BK H, well known lor tte cheiyuen and I Jtuwility (it his wo'k, d-sresto lolorm hi*patronsu4 the I public, tha' lie it uow, lo >nit <b? economical tendency ol the 1 time*, making garments of the *? ry hit quality at a reduction t. >.f twenty per c-u? fro01 former i ncei, and In* it la believed, by twenty p-r ceut, than garme .la of the tame quality are m ,de ? by tbeeh ap hcnsei in mi* city. In order Mis' uaullruien may U"derjt 1*4 ? li t 11 mraut by cheapen**, the f.llo ving bill i f prices is submitted to their consideration, with ago ranten tint ih good I shall be of ih* first-ratu quality and the lit iiuexcep- a Humble* Su|>erinr West of England Cloth Coats til lo 10 I'auts of Black or Pounle-mill'd Cattiiiirtet- J to 7 t Vesta, of Silk. Satin, lie. ZX to I t' Makiiir aud Trimming in ihe best style, at the following r pr.ces( Coats f?;.X to *i Pants and Vesta I hi to IX Su|?rinr B-avar Orercoan, from II to 20 uilt Im're UMTEIJ ai A l fcirt UAiilJhK tUAN UALLiiKY ITS 1}H.OJ}DWj1V, UP STJIIRS Ej" WHIT P. would resiectlully call the attention of citizen J and strangers yisiti ig the city to bit splendid Collectnio of DAfH/fcRRlLOr V I'K PORTRAITS, single, o? iu grout s mm two ta fourteen persona in the same plate, which, in beauty and accuracy af delineation, cannot besnrpased Portraits t tik <u in all kinds of weather, either with or without colors; the k price* of which ha has reduced to thos* charged by the mast is u i.-eriencod iu the business. <1 The American Institnte, at it* late eihibitioa, awarded Mr h fv niir uir mil pnuin.n 1'ir me ne?i isaKiierreoiype iiueneji (Tor grouping and general effect). which i? but another prool o if the aupcrioruy of hi* portreits. Mr. White in the aole .igeni v hi No* fork for ilia very iiip-nortmnorted O.rmin Carner-u; u ir.d at no other eatabliahir.pnt it llie City or Htate can they be obtained. IN 8?Imported Oerraan Cameras; alto French and Amen :m Inatrn.imtt of the rnry beat Quality, with Platen, Cav I'lu-micalt, l'oliahing Materials, Sic, elwava on hind, for rale at the mry Intent orient i" 1 " ? MRS. OAKKoLL** "" MEDICATED VAPOII ANL) rtULPIICll ll\TIM, saa lli'imilway, two iloora almvr t.hc lloapltnl. Yd lltd C It r-tire .n'ly onu. ui. it to her a rout A the Medical V ten tv and the on I e, that the htt r moved root IJoi-r landi ttreet. and eatiblmhed her Medic ited V *por . Old Sulp ,ur Iii hi it a moie e mnnodioni and cent'al ti u i oi, at s'o. JJi Br .ndw.ty, where by her continued eesi luit/ and tirn t attention, the tn>|iea 10 m il th patr >n ge wlneli lit r ea "bliahin. nt baa received lor ihe la%t figh ecu ye,ir?.

N. U? nul.hur Batln retinir* one i oor't ?, li e, Por'ahl1 llama aer.t to any part of toe city or iti vicinity. bium.g '' I'uot for h re. in24 linre NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. ft THE BinitUl>0 WHICH UHOW,\k CO formerly occupied having been toru down fur ih? purpose ol t e,acting a oioie common.ova store. have removed their tock, until their uew a'ore ia built, to No. I Mott and I2t> C Chatham >UarM, opp site Itoaevelt afreet, where auff be foaud ti a arae *ud cninpleia ajanr.nv nl <.f Halt and I o eeerv at, le u?<f worn, t?*h a* imitation U?ayrr aud Md-akin Alio, a t r*rv Urn* inpply of fill* Pan* mi Data, 'Of, (her wnlt <j*nt!i- '> m>' Hoy a' anil laid'.la Leghorn Man. II ntl*ni*na aod I? >yi' u loth and Hilk Valval 1 la, of the lal*?t I uhian, (hil.liai.i Kmcy Lapi <>f l.lirh and Val'at, ams* navy |>*tiartii, mnrh adinurl All tb* ab i?a nntned ariiclra will he *yl<i \i low a* ' can b* |>nrrliHi#d in lhi? city. WM. BRUVVN i" m?Jlni*in 128 Chatham oppoait* Hoa*valt. ^ ' WH() WOULD B? WITHOUT TJSKTH 1 " WHKN lb* following unprecedented redaction it innl* by N TAYLOK. Huotrnn D*ntiat, (iiiriwuor to Or.Tlinrn,) No. '.i Rait Broadway:? Cleaning $! *0 ! M'opi'inB with Im jutly c?l?bm*d Mineral 71 J Mingle Tooth on 71 ' ' " Hilyar I 'id 8 " " " fold 1 M '! Kefeimiw girin, or f|<*pimmn aan b* #*? by apply the h offic# aid la're RE I HORNING, MAY 30. 18BEEF! BEEF! BEEF! "VN HAND AND KOK AALK, in let* to iait parehaem* J at V A L.U.NTI NK'A, la Fu-loq Market, lid barrel* Mtrr Ira Beef, a clioica artir'r, nil (elected i-ioerw; ill harrrl* Cill p?|HTU-l Mni llrrf, warranted; ami MK> lialf barrel* of hamill leaf, very Roe ir tended lor ihe *oullieru market. The above B?ef n packed 10 a ratrfol and jadiciooa maimer a win a<N-ii kuuu in in* ci**iAt? \viui?*at ?r?r.noir u>? \ it. iw iciator vALJCNTlNfc'S OLI> WTABLlSHM?NTr mi4 Mo <rt Written M?rlr*t d. KICK'SOASil TAILOillNCiESTABLISH. MENT. A T l!M.'' nial treat, mar (mi found a g-oenl assortment ol :V CLOTHS. CASSEMEKtS A\D VEST I .>(js, ol tlx i'n patt Tut. bought cspr?sly for Spriug aad Summer waar null will !) infii" u,t in the lui'tl fashionable style, at piluw i suit the limn, forcath only. (Kutl'ini-u t i ji-ihinij their own cloth can liar* it made np in In* la'.rat fuliioii, at very l"w prices?liood Ills warraul u.? ilio, i n haml a \n'K? stock of splendid Sack I 'unit reedy made, tcf'rernt-iv l"W pries. Don't forget the number, I'll Uaa il [re t, near Hudson. Mr, HIO lenders hit sincere thanks to hit former cnstun*n jr tr eir eiuaiure mil liberal patronage, ami hopes by assidiour ttention in nutiuest to continue to merit their farms. nitU Im'in TfUuL"'! KKV, PAPER HA.NUINU8, AND Wlfs J DOW SHADES?Tha subscriber* hsre rrmored thitir es iblishurnt t'< No. 14] Urosdw ay. opposite toe Park, when hey inland keeping, aa usual, the largest slock of C'pnolil r) roods in the city, consisting of (,'tirtiin Maltiia'aaod Trim (lings. Fnruiture Govoruiss, Plashes. Ike k:., together with i eueral assnrtmrut ol Paper llxng ngt aud Bordrrt of entir ew pa't' rut, ?ud which they are determined to srll at uuprecs email low priesTheir stock of Shades will consist, as heretofore, of the nine wrrniturnt k rench Shades o the cheapest ki id, as low as 81 acli, Willi a geueril assortment of bull aud white Liu rut or. hiulz, I or fen td> s of entire uew pa'ten s HULUMAN k HART. M Broadway, mv7 Im're opposite the Park. univw ntrwTiTsti. UREAT FOOT R.1CK FOR $800. IMIE proprietors of lh' above Course < Itrr >1 prjmitun for k not Kit-e, to take plac* ou t"e Beicua Couwe, near llo ukrii. on lli* Jd of J one next, as ful'ows:? A I'tseiiuui of fcj'O t> * y our wlio will perf um lrt'4 milei ritliin the hour?$i00 to ths second in he rac, and $100 to th> urd?priVided the second or third perform 10 miles r.r mo'? nlhin the hour Aud lit case 10'a miles ic not parioruird with' i ihr hour, lino only wdl br uivru to >hr turn iu ih* race. Entrance to be made, ?ml uU lufonnslio i kivvu by the ?nh criber. Those wishing to entrr for the Race, are requested tc uium soon a< convruie t. No one will be allovedto itart who does not rr.ter fortlv U.e on or before the 28th 'miaul J AUKS D M'MAN n, No. 101 Vanekstreet, tnli bet" een Vandara and Cnultne. N. Y 5ROATTWAY auainst Tut woklu. T'H'S aoied thoroughfare is n> w admitted to be the areutesi a marl for the sale of uentleineu's wearing apparel in tin fnited Stales, and the iinpresiinu '.hat lias lieretof .r? rusted it be minds of many tnat purchasers in Brnadw iy are obliged 0 pav an exorbitant price for an article of dress," is fatly re at ted, from the known reputation as to the chart: s c.MhlisIn <! y EDWARD If OX, pnprietor of ilie Oily Cash Tailorini .stabliahmrnt, No 202 Broauway. Here is an advantage ic serchants aud others visiting this city to arail ihemselvua ul n outfit from a very rsteusive assortm'ut of ready made ebbing. in?n?fictureo from the beat materials and in the moil uhionable style The attention of the pnblic is particnlarly ailed to visit this estai'lishment and rxamins Llie la ts style ul willed and line; Ciusimere Office Frocks, designed for the ap ronchiuft season. Also. s:i m.ortment of rich Chene Velvet and Brocade Vest ag?, Fancy Fr?nch Cloths and Cassimeres, hv the lats arrirali romthe celebrated manufactory of K. Bio'lay Kile, and re crej espr'ssly for the spring fashions. Garments tupeibl] lade up to order, aud if required at a few hours notice. EDWARD FOX. CitrCash Tailcqiag Establishtnaut. 302 liroadwav, be'o* "niton st. m83in*ec I'OBACCO?FINE CUT AND *MOKlNt?-Feeling in 1 r. I in ad to rloi.'un xn ir.r?ivir in a 'IViHarr.n \Inntifi*prortr ov offer tor sale a quantity of prime Cm- cut sod arookiui I'obacro, papered ap hi tli* usual war, at eery reasonable pri es I bey to call thealtruiioii til Wetiera Merchants ami otne urers to this, the quality of th* tobr.cco beiay of therery best r.d prices b> fa' loner than oaaal. n7 lm*rrr l"l|V I' K A BKH. No I New at SlIVK OIL?SO (.aik-u of (HI ( ive braud) fine Msrerill'i ' Olire Oil, iuiiorfJ txprea ly iur Hotels and family uia a pint bo'tlri and baslieit nf 1 d >X'U eiub. Alio. ICO bi-k*'* ?f t daxej *.vh, 100 cisicf Lynch, la ce t.ra. For sal-at h* cheap store *f JOHN C MOHBHONf, 1SS Grrenwich street, Imnniur and IVholenl* and lle'B'l Dealer ii i2ilw''rc llrim Hums, Oil* t> w. Or wri Tee Itc LADIES AATEMlAN 15 RACK. rllK Pubicrihers offer to the spec* it pi'ioimkc tf tin* Lad es the r Patcnt ' tunc Art.miis Huso:, which ioiii rentual ypr.v an ibduprustble micle of tlic lcm<le w.trd aba It noinbiu", in iu in am ? of Co 'Structiou. nil lb ' grace in proportion without any 01 the lujurioui tendencies of ilii ors't?sue i a? 1 sun itu'dl toai?li| ,u of the twat, im ed 1$ (1 e fr?e and heaithf I a< tmn 01 iho laau,lid ita iner.r bl< d'ury t'l brag Ou consuoip'ion, A'. . JtC. To children, o i'h-r sex, wh > bar* ni quip d tbr htbit ol itiopnu, ilui wil loand highly beuefl, is?none.sing the Corrrti x' |> >wer ;> * P'tiq ih? person tnrci and th >li >ui Vis symui trical liwi. mprove ill outline and g-urru ..pp* renc? of tli- li m* tr.-ngthea and riband th-cheat, and will m t imtod* th-fro ot Iheernis. bo' the be t-r a id spo ,ial sccomiu diimn o ho L iitn t rorieg th ui ?:,ii th'ir petroeeg*, Miibttribn i v- ope led ?n > par me t, d ' obni ac'nairel'tn their si c in a'dun u, w li,eh will b under th' innnediata ?..p ridvndruc a L idv per eclly a qusiuud w .th th* s ruemre 'ud fitting o li artic * I.silcs Dnp.iriin'nt. Nn 3 ParV Place, lor door from Broad ray. Whmesalo Department, at the Id ret b'islitneni of PAHSKLL8 It OOATK. myii lm* ee 2JT llrosilusv. c irn?r of Park ''lire. TO TAILORS. JTPEHErB new and cnmplete woik on the subject n J ciitiwg tlarin.-nuof esery drsciption ins style of eleganc i' I to bo surpassed, is wi h the u'lno I confidence nffeieil t he it dr s> being s work ?h illv sui>erinr to any ihn * o| th Hud hsrrtofo introduced, by in- aitl of winch a per.on t noiirrate ctpac ty nity ohiaiu a t?'ur practical knowledge! utt n* iu one week man could bv lh*oi i method he ohaior na yen; and he who wishes to lie-p pice with he rapirl in irovsueiit of his ert, cannot d better Ihsa avail himself i hep at'-ssion ol I lie worn. It hat I ready ret eived th - apprr 'atiou o'' the lir>t of the profession, nod cannot fail (tviu ion plat* entisfac ion to a'l v ho us* it. Th* shore an be ol nun d of the author, No IlJ Broadway, one door below tli ityllot'l. _____ m 5 lin'rc ~LEECHE8! LEECHES! LE ECH ES! in (1(10 HK8T QUALITY LKKCIIKM, jnst receive IujUUU by th" Rwredish brig Alard?W) WIO by the thi Ciescott, and for a le wholevt.e sod retail, at very low prices C. J. KKHUINANL) ?t COPPA, mS lm*re Irnooetera of Leeches. US Vmiin ll. '< EMCRAL AGENCY AND IN l> LL.GENCfe. OK J l'|li?, 3i0 Broadway, where the nobl.c will lie stipplfc i i h Household S ivants, Waiter-, >l..sictaoa, lie. on th notice, at hia olfice, 3J1 Broadway. Office open froti ii to 'i o'clock. N B Agency of every description done at this office. Ha! I weyi on Innd. mS rc U. A CLARK. I'd I.UKKEK AND WPlCK .vi AN IIH AtlTc KKHiC ' i/.ih-la printed at from 35 m SO rents |nrr 1000. TO SOAP AM) CANDLE MA ^UKA riTRKRH? ?rge Kuie/ Labels lor boxes, uf F'.mily Snap, printed in tw -' ri. for S o per iOni|, lhn liome Plains uiti li r IS TO BLACKING AND I.Ni< AIANIJKACTUKERS, ibeis printed at from 4n to 75 cants per I Mil), at R. HKMMING'B Xvlogrnphie Press, in* lm?r? U Maiden Lane MONEY TO LEND. A BKAHAM J. JACKSON, I'awn Broker, No. 51 Rend Pa street, near Broadway, loans money in large or small an mi * may be required nu W.itches, Diamoiida, Jewelry. Siln Vim, Dry Goods, Wearing Apparel, and personal property r v-rv description apil Im'rr A NT(IIMK GILBERT, (from Paris.) HAIIi'dRK88KI ? AND WIG MA'i EH. would ri-ircctfully announce t is frieada and the public tint lie lie* removed from 565 to 265> lioadwau, nppi site ine Ps'h A G would state, that being a practical Hair Dresaei ,nlies can reive their hair dressed (at his Saloon or at thei -sidences P'ine'ually,) after the latest Parisian fashions A. G wonld also respectfully ins ite attention to his new an t ragi** aaiortmeut 01 nan worn. ?in u mnwr wn ?? " :ap??, both mr I vdiee and (h-ntlemrn. mail* in a ityla an Mir da' tn b* anrpiaied anv where- and, front the grMt practic r haa had in hif prot-taior). I'eeli confident U> fire fro are MMMMi Oeuilesaeti'e hair rat and carled (u I* pnpillotte.) in the new I atvle. Children'* nair col on the tooit approved gygtrm. 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All the oftietra are warranted of the brat quality, and to b< lid ?,1 liberal nud in lou to anil purrimren. mrl9 In'rr PULPIT AND FORENSIC ELOQUENCE. MR. OEORUE VANDENHOFF JP.SI El' l'KULLY announce* to Mrm'irrr nud Stnrlrofn o V tha I Irr 81! and l.?-g?i pmleaeiunn, and to ih" 1'rincipnlr o 'uire-iiiira nud Collegee of Naur Von nud thr neighborhood lathe lutrada r.n thr u- Jn-ir oral, to >in-n r- .una aa AS HOOL 9F ?)R\TOR*. r g-nilenirn rlaiiro u o( n.tiinmg. und." m? ina'rnnioni, I .1 I. .. I I. Ir ,.i.l Am.m i iry to tli* formation ol'it perfect pahlicorator Qii'mI > Hound Tin |wrliMt rt now rc malum ? t.?liar Mr. V Hi:' lVI no nipil under fn.irteen yean of Wf| ho irn'lt Binrntm, l'ollr|n (o^nrrp irinx Uli Sfn < (.? tu ublie ethib U0'i? in K.i.kIhii. I.uin j?u I (Ji-rk drrlmuacit tit t.ardt of Mr. V.'t T/imi. rt 1W Uo-uwieh tttwt, where i ink it u iw o;?rueii for ihr entry of f'atlem'n't umnvt for im B>HMW. _____ WIT 'wi*?o n f; a p <> l i t a n bo n n fcl t MANUFACTOftV. I'HIt I.AOIKH AUK KKrtPi..i'KULLV iofortne l rhnttni I n. w tml bvniiiiful Artu le It now Iirndocwl in th? rrtlei refection it tit* mtnofwtiirr. No. Ml BOvVKItY, U I'AIUS, trliti* lli?y art told, no'.li nl winl.'?nlc nud rotajl, I le lovtot pncw. A i inr* tuorrmvnt o* hta.l to wi^td froir irrrlta't *nd Mil. men ta.vli'il on the Ut; point mhi ?trn?in IERA BfeUuxUet EpUeopal Conference. ; .Tuesday, May 28. r The first thing done, after the ordinnry forme ' had been complied with, was the cutting up of the debute on the case of the alaveholding Bishop. Mr. Collins continued hie remark* of the day Wore. In Heating of the origin and nature ol tliut movement, lie affirmed it was the same as was at I the foundation of all tlieir pusl embarnwementH ' As to that particular case, if the Bishop by any act 1 wis rendered unacceptable to part of the people, i he could not conform to the discipline which said that the superintendent should not change the charaeterof the itinerancy. If theGenerul Conference it> sell could not do this, its officers surely hud not the ' right to do an act leading to such a result. He . would net allude to some remarks he had heard in | the course of the debute, relative to Bishop A's in tention of resigning, in view of these embarrass menla. \ Bishop Andrews here rose to correct some inir press'.on that had gone abroad on that topic. As t that was the first tune Bishop A. had spoken on tins i <|uestion, Ins appearance excited great interest ; u general lrioveiuent to get within hearing was made, . and the unavoidable noise attending it, made his first words hardly audible. He had, us far us Ins own feelings were concerned, no love lot the office, \ and | itied ttie man vvlio could, in the light in wtiicli 11 was viewed in that house. It tie thought that by ' r< 'igmiig lie could bring peace to the Church lie | would do it tua moment, lie would with all cheeiirn I-k hoi! rcMiine the latinrn iif h IiItor the well are of the negro laborer?to bo them ullihe ; good which these pretended tnenus ot them only proteased. .Mr. Collins continued--As far ui hi* own private judgment went, he thought the ottlce ot a bishop something above a mere olhcet ; indeed, he was accustomed hi one . to nieuUou ihu uaina with veneration But he wouid lead lioui Bishop Heading (ihtu iuthechan) to prove l the subordination ot the episcopacy. (Mr. (J. read the ' published opinion of Bishop it. on tuis point, which adj united their nabihty to suspension,not ouiy lor ininioiaJity but impropriety.) That uuinority settled clean,) that a j Was but uu officer? a high one to be sure, ot w hum I they were not even to speak ligutly?still but an utlicer. i lie differed lrom llie speaker w he instiluied an analogy I bi iwoentho (Kiwers coulerred by the constitution ol tne : Lulled States, anil that ot their cnurcn in the hrst cose, ; all power not mentioned, was reserved) whereas in tneir I case, ail puwei not specified in the articles ol restriction, . was granted, if U waia the duty of the superintendent to travel round the coiiuuy ai laige?had one ot the body ' by doing an act preventing trim, offended 7 In the Book | ol Uiscipllue, in answer to the que tioii, " to wheui is u ] bishop answerable lor his conduct.'" li w as emphatically said, "to the Oauera! Lolilerviico" 'J he bisuop was not arraigned as a preacher, but as u bishop; audit 1 v. m the rule* ut' discipline, relative to the last named ollicer, that were applicable in tins caae. Ho agreed with mo brother who imu depiecah.d Uio abolition petlUuna.? ' ilo was aware ut the danger ut ultra opinions, ami would not subscribe to lliem. Ilo was not ut muse who bi uncled slavery as un evil, lie nover tlni, nor never would indorse tbu emancipation ut tliu Southern slaves , leave ilium tu their woik; it never could tie dune by convulsing society , but by tUo peaceiui, genial, but puweil'ul opera i tiun ut ibe gospel ol Jesus burnt. Whoever could be iu'ind who would look upon the diauniou ol iluu great couuection, be wan not tuai man. That diauniou would not atop ut the Mouth , the whole ayaiein wouid tumble down. .Mr. C. ended by calling upon uiembera t.-i think deliberately ol their great influence on the world?how , they would become the.laugliing mock oi their enemies ? ol those whose gruutvat plouauie wotiid ho the dttaolu ion * ol tliu Methodist li^itcopai ( burch, and when that event took place, the knell oi the departing glory of Method urn J would be sounded. Mr ('. piupoaed en amendment l> the . resolutions bt-foro the houae, impressing the deep regret oi conference that I)i*bO|<And: - , hid become connec m with ilavuiy, and pray lug him u> get rid ol it w itlnu the jrxt four yeara. " iluiiop ANuucwa again aros. iu lelt no apology , ueceaaury lor addressing them, ulcring lua position , f couuidrring lua feelings?tor b ist be moi e Uiun ninu i not to i'eel uoutely, duuug the .hioii relative to hun As lar as the apeakera Were Co < d, he iiad no leeling I against them, aii?l was sensible ol .heir having done ?o olien with kindneas. lie ielc it due his |iOailion to . in ike some observation* in the hope ol bringing Unit in e terminable discussion to a close. Much had been sue! I' about circtimatancea relative to his entering upon the oliice, hut thought hr had it tight to know iimie ubuitt tiiat t-.[in nuy outer iu tliut body. it v.iu? not altogether with hi* will that hi; contented to hi* nomination ; hut when he wtu elected not a single ntau ever asked h.iu w .t? he a aiaveholdar No man hail dared to require a pledge lroni him; lor if hn had, he would have been ' answered ua lie demxvod. brethren talked very lentt' mentally about sluvury, knowing very llttlo of the c labor attendant upon the miiuetry in the South ; ,( but lie (Irmly believed that hi the it.;lit of (ioil. u it man could lie u *luve owner in certain cane*, and ctand d ju*ttfir.l (Bi*hop Andrew* then alluded to hi* marriage, 1 Having been dragged into the ducuaitiou, ni l defended ^ that mep.) He cnose a good wlln?a good mother lur hi* ? children; hi* object wa* to make hi* nome a happy one; > lie did io. (fod had blessed that Union It had been truly ie ?ajd that he knew the conscipif ucr* ol that net, that it would, through tun wife, connect him with ilavery. lie would never deny it; he did know what he wa* about; he j did do it with hi* eye* open; he did become a slavehohler, p lio wuc coiiicioua of il, and ho remained co yet. (bishop i. A. then reviewed hi* (ervicea to the Church, and hi* labor* iu tavor of the alave imputation) lie had never been u mouth abh-ut from the work; tew men had done *o . hnudiand tongue among the negroes, unit tiuJ hud bleared r hi* efforts?bud given many seals to hia ministry n (Ho next dwelt upon the inseparable difficulties theie were to h.s getting rid ot the connection Willi r slavery). He to k his stand upon the hioao platform of find's word, and would not thence depart. II . lin y chose to find fault with him, lie would go hack and - it slime his labours among the slaves, with all readmits I'hoM who knew liitn, knew that hia love was unliound * ed for the negroes ; yet was he now to tie arraigned by man who knew nothing ol the dithculties of tbu labor, - an 1 who had done nothing lor them?a |>oor reward foi thai life he hud spent. 1 In had nothing to say against their action in his care ; whatever they thought it best to do, _ lie called upon them to do it at once'; lie their decision w ast it might, it did not deprive him ol the consciousness f of having dono the liest, and that il the opinions of the , |wople ot their Communion were known, lie would be * still acceptable to tlinm. He held the doctiiuu ol the il liishopsgoing round the whole l liurcb. to be absurd and impracticable. He would again call upon them to come j to the issue at onco, to act with decision, ami wished to o On I that weari*ome4discussioii would he stopped by im s mediate action (At the conclusion of these remaiks, a regular outburst of upjuovul, in the form of clapping, rap nine, stamping, and all sorts nf noise, came dow n upon ' the house like a torrent, and did not stop until tliu Preslj lent reprimanded them, saying that such was totally in j a lonlasible, and if persisted in, would com|>el them to > a elude all visiters ) * Mr. Hihus arose, and after a few preliminary remarks observed that if it were not for lha preamble of the amendment he woulJ not know what tide the mover wan oil lie wu* opposed to the whole, resolution, substitute, r amendment ana all. Aa far ai the dli.u?*lon had Rone, i w.ia atill to be proved that theBiihop had incurred hiame, IN aliouhl tie impended. NOCtlWMMtMM? WHbHIgll fw ward togive Judgment against him, and in the language of Bishop Andrew*, he wuuld infinitely prefer that tin~ caie should be brought to immediate action, without mj >, further diacuaiion on the point They had no power to remove any one for impropriety of conduct, when clr cumatancea excused him?when neceinty compelled him to do the act. They iiad uo ground for interfering in 'hie caae, and was pained to the heart and soijl with - 'he conviction that it wai entirely extrajudicial ? A brother had aaid that they ahould not enter into peraonal hiatorv. Why, the greater part of the pcechea thev had heard cor.aiateil of petaoual histo ry; and be felt himielf at liberty to adopt any coarse he pleaaed. Mr. 8 then gavea aketchol hi* own life? stated i that hv the emancipation of hi* sluve* be becrme an alio > tit ion i*t ; ho wn* hound to the Aouth hy the deareit tie* hy the tie* ol birth, and early a*?oriation? Since coming ' to that l onfei -nee hi* opinion* wi re modiflrd? he looked ' upon the pre* it ca-e a* beyond their control They r*l led upon Bishop A to emancipate hi* alavna-they would drive lum to it. Whilst the thing wn* iinpracticahle, whit could he do Willi them 1 The law* of the Stale would nol tolerate their freedom, and il lie *ent them to othei State* Ohio or Philadelphia for ins'anre, It mmt la* on condition ol making provision lor their support Why had the - ?1? L. ......Il_..?l ... !??? I _ iL.. had Do extra Judicial legislation on slavery With that ( opinion hit would appear before hi* t)od He wa* honnd o the South by the bond* of flimpaon - the graver of hi* I father* were there it w?a the land of brave men, w ho ha 1 bled and died for their country. Mr H concluded 1 wi'h <ying, that a* they were founded on expediency, h? could give hia vote neither for the reaolution or amendment. <ir Wva*a? followed He contended that although i Conference had a legislative power it wa* not tho aole authority It did not, he aaid, po??e*a any administrative power*. The assertion of the member trom Olilo, that i'onlorenco had authority to do whatever waa not pec I fn d in the " rntricting articlea" waa wrong That war tho way lie nnderatood him; II wrong he wiahed to be [ corrected. Mr Hammw hero roae to aav, that whatever reference should he made to hia speech, he would decline explanations. ' Mr. Wrarai said, in continuation, Iha' although be de cllne.l explaining although he should be driven to contend with it man of straw, he would continue to trout it l I'he Conference itself had nooriginal |?iwer; i'. wn? hut a i mere creator*, its attributes and eve.n existence wore lelegated to It These delegated nowert were lew and ? exceedingly simple, and would bst loun I where ' every Methodist should look, in lhat ,>0,'k lb m<ta physical sophistication, ?r in abstract tearoning ? 'i- i *w .? #??.. nidirtritv (it tliut ( tifil?-ri<i,r? houM tre inveateil with plenary powm, to llsn them HI will, and he praycil tti? Almighty to protect then whin ii font wn th? ra?r (A voice- Atnnri!) lit- <!rritr*l lh*t it ' Urneriil ( otiferonco had defined power to txptl a mm I* In <? uporiiii: * **' thit they had the power to reprovem ' 'i.h"''"-, or <|o|io>? him. It would tie no nnemnl) to rl'ow th< m to brand a man with Ilia mark of in/tiny, atxl LD. Prt* Two Conts. Mud him out bafore tha world, would ba utrigNU Thay could not Inter the power of centuring men flora tho power givon of impending Win. Tbn time might come when it would bo thought Improper to wear a ?urplice not ol a particular cut, or a tia:a upon the crowu of a cerium paiirin. '1 he rary iirongett eigiiuient uted wn, that the conduct of Biihop A. hadexcitrd ilUcontent and glvtn utirnce. That waa, indeed, a common mode at forming argument*, anil one that would lie found in no man'* philotophy; it that would bold good, it would be b? very ea?y ut any time and place to raue a hoe and crv weainrt miniitei* of the ?o*peJ, and kiuJln 4u in!final blaze, thnt would acorch uny part of tl.u Church. Tbe law applicable to a (raveling preacher w aa ajiplu able to a liithop, and be called upon tbem to aliow tinw it waa not, not by inference, or induction, but by putting their finger ou the joint He laid tbuae wbo leeineJ that thera dim a eornprumiai*, and that tbu Bouili bad inudu conooeaioM, were, being a ruajoiity, like the i ucUoo. who tat ou the neata of otl.ei and tmaller birds. H i would piocred to another point,and prayed Clod to give Lull energy to at ate it aa atrurgly aa be wrabtd to-be w ould not aay the AbolitionUU but the Anti-Slavery man in tbia Conference. Mr. Bay Abolitioulata (Laughter) Mr. Vt'tmm.-S'o 1 do not wi?h to hurt feellngi. Mr. You will uot hurt mine-(renewed laugbt? r ) Mr Wr'iu (with emphaiia.) Yea, brother, 1 know i ill are an Abolrtroniit Mr ??. 1 am. (Several voices "and to am I." Mr W maxa ? It muat go forth to the world that those i I tho South) would not bo identified w ith tbu M. E. i lurch, ao loug u? itiden'ifitR itaell * ith Ihul old broth n wbo declare! himaell an Abolrtionmt. (Interruption and con?ldereblu excitement) Mr. ? aroie to? xiiluin, obaerviug that be bad a right to do so, having been alluded to personally. The l'a#.?ii)8MT overruled the claim. Mr. Wr.iA.M continued. Altera said that the resolution went beyond the extreme Uniiu ol abolition and he defitd any one to deny it A Mr.iiak.a- Mr. President, I deny it?(Voicca, so do I, and much excitement ) Mr. Wvnsms?I want no argument on the question. I cure not il they do deny is as clear as the sun beam Irom Heaven. Mr W. then alluded to tho Baltimore ConIt rence, who claiming to be conservative*.had given their vote against the bourn. lie would never lorgivc that mark ol infidelity. He loved bis brethren irom Baltimore, ' but il they with ono hand took me by the beard to kisa mo and with the other plunged a dagger into my heart, I will cry out, " Et tu Brule''? Hi other this it unkind. (A giaet burst ol letting lollowtd this sentence, which was strongly delineated by the President ) Mr. ruse to order i he should not ulludo to tho Baltimore Conference. 1'kssioknt?Order, brothers ; there is no necessity for thusu interruptions. Mr Wvnans was glad ol those licquent interruption*, they onl^warmud him up, and gave liim strength ana eneigy to rl<e up to the question 1 hut despaittd olita qualifying him to?metch the benevolence ol their motives iu those interruption* (i.hiiguu r .) ? ei, nicy * ui Homing up the Bishop before tbat body to be extra judicially abut at, and he never would forgive the inconsistency <-f the Baltinioru Conference in? The I'kkaiua> t called him to order Dr. bMiTu?Mr. President, give bini leave to goon; Ifhe doea not torgive ua, we will auivc to get on without bice. (Laugher.) Mr VVvnaa a continued to addreea the Conference with much eneigy, but the topic* were much the aame ea the foregoing. Mr. then tnnde a very happy address to the house , he took atrong ground againat aiavery ; told tbem to their teeth tbat he who refund to emancipate a man w hen he could woe guilty. He did not w ant to hurt the It clings ot a Southern man, but w ill tell them the truth if it would take alt the hair <11 hie head. Hia father waa a southern nien, and hia grandfather too, and whin be himself was u boy he look ihe opportunity ol aiding in thai emancipation ol hia grandfathei'a alavea, be went into the KWumps uud wooda, and abot racoons, and opossums and heara to keep them Irom ataiving. (Much laught> r.) Mr. K afibidrd much amusement by this wit, and much information by hia tegument. The Conference shortly after adjourned. .Kr. Clay on Ulark and Wlilfe Ulavcry. Missouri juration?Stenographers?Mr. Lluy't Industry. wiihiictoi, Mar s. 18-w. Mr. Jan* Want:? My 1>y*u Mm?1 have receive J your note. brlBgiDg to my notice a certificate mbscnlwd l>y five gent)* men on mtxra of the pi cunt Houee ot Hepretentativca, all at them my political opponent*. which you iulorn* me i? going the round* of the loroloeo papere. The objtatol that crrtlllChte m'cma to bo KrVerily the correctne** hi an extract taken ironi the National Intelligencer ot the Ut ot July, Ihjo. In thut extract I nm itated hy a foimer memtwrot ti e Home ot Ilepre?ent?tive (I behove not now Jlvfv.g) to li'ive remarked, in a debate which occurred a y car before, to the following ellect: ' It gentlemen will not allow ua to httVH Mark slave* they inuat let tin hnve u'Ait* one?; tor we cannot cut our" fltewood, and tl ck our hlioea, itn.l hnva our wive* and daughter* uotk in the kitchen '' I think you attHcb an importance to thia mm* ruMc at* t* Tiipt to prejudice me which it duel not nielit. Hera la an extract ltotn the (Ilea oltlie Intelligencer, under date n< or twenty-lour yeura ago, not fiom any a|a *cb ol mine, but from a ol another un nibcr ol < ongiei* He loce not tinnettuke topive my woida, hut merely itatne tii> iinprrasion ol the * fleet ol rertain worda u?*d by ? a rear la-lore. Hilling the long and flrdnov* dkcuhtion of what u na Called the MitKouri qttection, I win mi engrained with the importance of'the Mihjec.t, und *o deeply apprel,* n?lve of tin- awful conne(|ii< nce* which it involved, that I never w tote ont or corrected uny *|a'ech ol mine nmlu during the program* nl the debate On the la-t and tr.oil important nrrakion of the agitmion ol that (piention, I mane an eliilHirate *|?cch of (everal hour'* duratiou, no t att of which, 1 believe, we* ever reported by any ol the atenorranhera. a* itceitninly ami w?i by me. I certainly will not undertake to recite what wtrt the precise words used tv nie on the occasion cl any of thu numerous speeches, rhort or long, which I mu?!? in ( en <t m on the Missouil question; b'V this ' will nndeitakn to assert, with the most pcrlic: confidence, that I never used tlio war)*, or any word* which would la art be import of the extract to which I hovo alluded. I am confident of it hecauie I never entertained such a sentiment in n-.y lite. I never conceived a contingency in which I would favor or countenance reducing white gun to l ivery. To Mich an imputation I may oppoie the tenor <>: a whole life, during which my hunitile exettioni have been constantly directed to the un-sei vatina of liberty et Inline, and the encouragement of ita establishment in foreign countriea. If I have not been able to extend theae exertions to the black race held in bondage in this country, it has been because oi considerations and convictions emcerely and honestly entertained, embracing the pi am and happiness of liotli the whito ami black races, which have lieen often presented to the pul-lic. It is quite possible that, in arguing upon the existence of the institution of slavery in this cuuntiy, I may have contended that the Mark ince supplied those dome stic of (iff*, which, undertbu name* of" blip," " menial servants." and " domrstics,' are to be found in eveiy siate ol civiliird society, and consequently relieved the white mre front the performance of thoseolhrts. If I have ever fi. ployed aticli un argument, (ol which I have no rrcollirtion ) it ia apparent how erroneous inferences may have been drawn fiom it which it J id not authorize I have no desire to disparage the industry ol the wivra of any of tho certifiers to the extract, nor to hoait of that tit my own latnily , hut I venture to say th?t no one of litem perform* more domeatic induatiy with bar own hands than my wife dot a at Atbfund. I am, with great reaper!, your friend and obedient servant, H (. LAY City Reform. To the Editor or the Hkilams? The new Native Atnericnu Corporation hava commenced their task nobly, and thua far redeemed their promises and pledges to the community, to work a signal reform (much needed) in the government ol the city. But much yet remains to lie done, to accomplish which their authority must he exercised without fear or favor. All eyes are turned towards them, to see with what vigilance tle:tr work will be accomplished. Many ol ihe porter houses have nlresdv received notices to close their doors on Sundays, but the greater portion have not yet been required to do so This is iiimibiicc. i ney Milium an up comprnru m I'-nn<pusli the sale ol ardent spirits nn the Mabhath, or ill be permitted to remain open. Many persona h.ivc also received notice to remove tin* heaps of dnt deposited in front of their dwellings t-ome have obeyed the order, while others have disregarded it. The city ordinances should he strictly enforced in eurh rapes, and the Street Inspectors should not allow themselves to be intimidated in lie petforlormanre of their duty by the usual significant threat of "there's another election com iii<"' There are many other obstructions in the v-rets which should tereiva immediate attention?eueli us old worn-out carts, beer wagons, p ! ;s of lumber, empty casks. packing boxes, &c. \ c. J^liop keepers should not be allowed to encumber the sidewalks with their good*; |airtable diy guodii establishments are evils intolerable: street hawking should he prohioited ; apple and gingerbread stands nie by far too numerous, and street sweepers and birch brooms too tew These nuy be considered the lesser evils, but when combined they render an important item in the reform bill, Hnd should not be matter of secondary consideration IVtrrmined nnd energetic men should lie appointed to oflice, with the express understanding that only by the strict performance of their ' iL'ith/ml AVorufo.iriinir i f ^ Kaii nda n/inU fbuw ........ur, , .....v. .... . !i i?' To remnin in unir n ationn Inr a |on?er p? rioa ili til one yenr. Suelt ix the understanding lietwrtii tli>- new corpora ti< n mid the people of thix rjty ^ 1'ittr i\ Nkw Or a ft!*.?The meeting eallerf laet ii.^hf tor the relief of the ?ufrrrrri hy the late fin , a h v i)' ii upcrtatiiy attend* <1, "ml the rrroltitlone ?utv inttrd w. ro inch * fn tree' the wi?he?nf the htneeelurit - ??cure the aiiptoliatioii of all t ommltteea were ep |H> inted to aolint itih?rripfl?n?, end et ont *300 were cr.h I . te.! on the apet <*o.l ?p?el thee* gentlemen In their U. I'll oi rharity ! S O NiyiMuea. M?v 31