Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 30, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 30, 1844 Page 2
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NEW.YORK HERALD. K?w York, Thursday, May 3?, 1844. The Oreat Gathering of thr New Jeriry Whig* at Trenton ye.tcrtluy__.Mr. Webster's Speech The Whig Convention at Trenton yesterday was a very spirited and entusiaatic aft lir. Upwards of ten thousand persons assembled Mr. Webaier made a speech of upwards of an hour's duration. It was a goad speech, but not one of his happiest efforts. He did not introduce any new topics, but attl the speech is worthy of attentive perusal,and is important as the opening gun in the great campaign of 1844. The proceedings did not terminate until shortly before the departure of the evening train, which did not reach this city till a quarter to two o'clock th'iMnorning. We were thus prevented from getting out our report before our immense edition went to press, but the speech entire, reported with the accustomed fulness uud accuracy of our unequalled "corps," will be issued this morning in an Extra Hkuald, in advance of our coteniporaries. The Democratic Convention In Baltimore. Ttie most intense interest was created in this city yesterday, on the arrival of the train from Philadelphia, to ascertain the result of the democratic convention holding ia Baltimore since Monday. We give under our Southern Mail head all the details, w hich consist principally ot balloting#, received here ye-rterday afternoon, together with what fuither may have taken place, by way ot Post script. Ot the result, after the departure of the train on. Tuesday evening, we know not at this present writing, but according to all appearances, the fate of Vfr. Van Bitten was sealed. The chances were in favor of General Cass, but it was just as possible that a general breaking up would take place as not We refer our readers to the Postscript lor the la test particulars. In the meantime, the democracy of this metropolis are called together this afternoon, to ratify the proceedings ol the convention, whatever they may be, either a nomination, or a geneial row and general scattering. Here is their bulletin.? Democrats rally ! your cauae it in juit ; Let thia be our motto : " in (iod ia our trust"? Then Democracy's banner m triumph shall v. ave, O'er the laud 01 the tree and the home ot tbo brave. The D^mocsatic Republican El.eciori or the Citv a?ia ('.aitstv nr Nb \? Ynttu mth mnifgreft fn iSscmhli1 f?n masse, on Thursday alternoon, May 30th, for the purpose of hearing the it-port of the Delegates to the Baltimore Convention, and giving a unanimous response to-.he nomination of the Democratic Republican Candidates lor Prusident and Vice-President. Come as the wind* come, when forests are rended; Come as the wavea come, when navies tire stranded. OrdUK OP ARKA.NGh.MK.vrs. The National Plug will he displayed from Tammany ^ Hail, and the Democratic Head Quarters in the wards throughout the day. A Procession in each Congressional District will be formed at 3 o'clock, to march to the Park. The Democracy ara requested to assemble lor that purpose in their several districts at the following places 3rd District, at the Battery 4h " at Lssex Market. 5'ti " in tront ol Davis's, No 168J Spring street. QJx " in front of Loring's, 31 Avenue, between First and Second streets A band of music will he in utteudance for each district A salute of tine Hundied Uuns will tie fire 1 in the Park at 4 o'clock, in ho iur of the democratic candidates lor Prest In it dud Vice-President, under the direction of Major Joseph Hopkins, i'ne Democratic Republican General and Voung Men'., O'U Committee*. the I oilVeiitioll of Delegates I ruin Ward Committees, and the Van Uuren Ceutral Convention. are teqnested to meet in the large loom of Tammany H ill at 4 o'clock, to receive thu D<T ^ates to the National Convention, I nun 'ills and the adjoining States, who will be present to participate with the Democracy of New Vork in ttie proceedings pf the day. .a -lis, Meeting, to near the report of the U leeutes to the National'-ouveu ion, and respond to the nomination oftba Can lidates tor Presi leul ami Vice President, will be organised in tne Park at live o'clock precisely Tne Hon Bujiitui F. Bcilkh in hehalt ol the City Delegation, will report the names of the candidates selectel by the i onventioii lor the appitivai oi'llie people. Tne in -etiug will ha addressed by several distinguished Do n icrats, Delegate* to the National Convention, and cuunbms of Congress, whose nanus will Ik announced d*r?-atier. V baud of mmic will bo in attendance at tliw mooting in Uo Park. un I .tltrt in Ui balcony of t'aminany Hall A Grand Procession to escort the Delegates to the Nation it Contention through the city, will lie lormeil upon the adjournment ef the meeting in the Park, uinkr the direc ion of Major Robert B. Boyd, Grand Marshal I'll programme of the procession will be published | hereafter Tammany Hall will be brilliantly illuminated in the evening The balcony of the City Hall will be reserved lor the accommodation ut the ladies AR HIB.VLD MAi'LAY, Jr. 1 On part ol ConRICHARD U CONNOLLY, | vention from S V VIUEL OSGOOD, > General and KREDK E. WKSrBROOK, | Ward Commit. E. L B BROOKS. J tees. ROBERT B BOYD, ) STEPHEN K HARRIS, | On part of Van NELSON I WATERBURY, J. Buren Central HEN it Y EVEsrtON, \ Couventiou. HENRY E. RIELL J Joint Committee of Arrangements. In lite present unfinished state of these ungular doings, we forbear to give any opinion. If lite result is not told by our Postscript, the train to-day will bring the denouement. We slttill then have a word to say. P. S ? Since the above was written, the orders in the above bulletin have been countermanded, and the meeting of the elements of the democracy indefinitely postponed. Nothing but wrangling and squabbling from Baltimore as yet. Well may the calm spectator call out with the Moor, " Chaos is come again." What is the end to bet Let us u/af/*h unri nru\r The Next Foreign Nkwd-Another Express ? The next foreign news, which miiy be expected on Sunday or Monday next, will be ol u very important character. It will contain the end ol ihe O'Connell affair, which will be either hie incarceration or the granting of a new trial?very probably the former It is also expected to contain the report of a very important debate in the House of Commons, affecting their commercial relations wnh this country. The state of ihe money and cotton markets, by which fortunes are gained and lost, isaiso of very great importance to usjust now, and the earliest accounts must be extremely valuable. To bring the earliest news, we have made arrangements tor a special express, and we shall do as we have done frequently before, beal all competitors in the field. And we are not without competitors We understand that several newspaper establishments ure endeavoring to make arrangement* to run an express on thin occasion, Hnd, if possible, to defeat the exertions of the Herald. But let them try the it force in this respect?we will give them every opportunity fot doing so if they can. They will find it no easy woik, and we 1 have no fear or doubt of the result. Croton Water it Boston.?Owing to the scarcity of old and choice brands of wines in Boston, the banks, custom house, and other public places of that city will remain closed to-day, in order to give those employed therein an opportunity to dip into the big stream of cold water, which is to parr through the streets in the shape of a. temperance procession. Oi;r New Minister to Brazil.?The famous frigate Constitution, Captain I'ercival, sailed yes terday tor Riode Janeiro, having the Hon Hemp A Wise, American Minister to Brazil, family and suite, on board, as passengers. The Constitution went to sea m splendid style, and is now ploughing over the Atlantic of old. Since we have had three ministers to Braail?Mr. Hunter, Mr. Proffif, and now Mr. Wise, If the Constitution only tails as fast as the changes in our representatives to that court have been rapid, she will make one of the shortest passages to Rio on record. Ii*T*ROOt;RSK with Boston.?It appears, that the Cleopatra and Worcester have not been purchased for a Providence Company, as has heen reported. They continue, and will continue, their trips to Norwich, leaving this city at 6 o'clock every afternoon Adams Sc Co., the enterprising express lorwarders, go in this line. Had the Cleopatra and Worcester been withdrawn, Adams ?te Co. wouid ha' e had two swilt and splendid steamers placed on th> 'me at once, and would thus have kept up the ?o numcation with Boston by that route, without a day's interruption I Th* Nrw Voek Editor* in a Cleft Stick? I Phkkno-Mnkmotkchny and S*i.r Stultification. I ?A very amusing document, or bulletin lias just been published in several of the papers, and signed by many <>f the editors ^nd utlarhtt of the daily press, which exhibits a inure laughable case of calm, cool and philosophical sell-stultification than any thing we have heard of since the lute " iJear Dick Hiker" signed, in the benevolence of his heart, a petition to Ins own court to send him to Sing Sing lor ten years, under the supposition that he was signing his name to a poor devil's application for an office. This delectable document is signed by the lollowing philosophers :? Win 11. Townseud, Ed. N. V. Express l hurls* King, Ed N. V. American. M M Noah, bun day Messenger. John lumen, Ed. N. V. Com Adv. Horace (Jreeley, Ed. Tribune. H J. Kay iiioinl, Ed N. Y. Courier end Enquirer, l'arke Uodwiu, Ed. N. Y. Evening Post. Henry Latrude, Kedacteur Cour dee Etati L'uis. t'n-.1..-;^ /l?lli I,.L A .1.. H De Witt Uloodgoud, True Sun. TUutiiun McElrsth, of Tribune. I George M Snow, do. John Milhau. lame* Msckay, Ed Now World, J.N Reynold* attache to somewhere. Rukteli Jitrvii, Philadelphia Ledger, itiid purports to certily to the gemrul fact that Prolessor Fauvel Gouraud is not the original inventor of the famous plneno-mnemotechuical system whicli has made so much noise of late, hut that he adopted the idea from Feinagle and Atnie Fans, adding some developments of his own. Now this is a funny confession from the newspaper philosophers, who have heen savagely maintaining for many months past, that Prot'eoaor Gouraud was the principal inventor of this system of egg hatching?we mean ninenioriising?(both of which are, however, very like,)?and calling his rival, Professor Jfranoh, as many hard nanus as they could think of, for putting forward the same idea. Indeed, the whole controversy on this subject, in a philosophical aspect, has been the most laughable and childish we have ever 6een?and it has now terminated as it begun, in a well seasoned mixture of mock dignity and broad farce. In oue wav. we admit, it has been interesting?and that is iii its financial aspect. Professor Gouraud has made many thousand dollars by his lectures on u system oi memory, which he will remember with gratitude as long as he lives, without any particular system at all. The philosophy of memory is clear enough. All general systems are general pieces of charlatanism. A particular system of memory iu every mind, " grows with its growth and strengthens wiih its strength"?but in no two human beings is it alike? or can he made alike. To take a full grown mind, and ulternpt to introduce a new system of memory, is much the same as to unlearn one's whole life?uutinuk our past thoughts?and go back to a second childhood. We think this operation of the famous phreno-innetiiontcalsy fctetn is particularly illustrated in the childish and silly document Mgued oy the newspaper philosophers. They have signed a certificate oi their second childishness. Arrival of ths Line of Battle Ship Columbus ?The Columbus, Com. Cooper, has arrived iiom Rio de Janeiro, whence she sailed on the 14th inst. She was towed into the South West Spit yesterday morning, by the tug boats Heicules and Satnson. We annex a list of her officers:? 1$ -iij Cooper, Esq , <9fept?iii; F. ChartarJ. 1st Lieut.; A. H Kilty, dido.; P'J. Page, 3d <10 ; Win. K l ay lor, iih Jo.; 0 K. Sands, 6th do., D. B. Hidgely, tiih do ; L. Uaynarri, 7th do.; H Cudwullader,Sih do.; r.K. Murray, \cong First Master; L. McDougall, Acting Second Master; U F. Uachti, Surgeeh; V. N. Todd, Purser; A. N. Hreevoort, Captain Marihei; K. L. West, Lieut. Marines; f. O. Clark, Cnupiuin; J. McDufl'er, Professor of Mathematics; V L GoJon Passed Assistant Surgeon; J. Hastings, Assistant Surgeon; It T, Maxwell, H K Stevens, A J. Dallas, K I' Mason, Paul Shirley, J. M. Bradlord, K Barrett, W. Smith. E. K. Graham, C. S. Sea E Johnston, 0 L Chenowith, D. Coleman, E C. (Jralton, W. W. Vt ilkiuaon, E T. An-lrewa, S. Phelps, U. S. King, Win. H Parker, Midshipmen; S Beilln, Captain's Clerk; 11 Spaulillug, Purser's t'Jeik; James Sinipsoii,; Charles 1 olio, Gunner;" David Bruce, Saiimaker; Thomas Shantun, Master's Mate; Patrick Dee, Carpenter. Tlie Columbus is a remarkably line vessel, and na astonishingly fast sailer. Sit- sailed in 180 hours 1,803 iiiili-s, ^ lite following rate:?one day, 256 mites; secowivfny, 26 f; third day, 267. Tins is, perhaps, the fastest sailing ever performed by any ship of ihe line in the United States Navy. We leant from an officer 011 board, that a Neapolitan Prince wob daily expected ut Kio front Naples, to marry the Princess Qttnauria, and to take command ot the Brazilian Navy as Lord High Admiral. Mr. Proffit, our late Minister, intended returning 1 t the Columbus, but was prevented from so doing by not having received the official notification of his recall. His health was not good. The U. States' schooner Enterorize arrived at l! io a few days before the Columbus sailed. The Enterprise came from Rio Negro, Coast of Pataie Jiua, to which place she was sent to liberate the . rew of the Sarah Ann, one ?rf the crew of which was shot, and the rest taken prisoners, for taking fruit from an orchard belonging to the Governor's brother. The Enterprize compelled them to release the cr.'w, andsdso to pay each seaman $500 lor their detention ift-^rison. The brother of the Governor was imprisoned, but, of course, would be liberated after the sailing of the Enterprize. The Enterprise was to sail from the United States, via Pernambuco, Bahin, on the 20th of April. An election for Deputies at Rio had taken place. The Collector of Customs was a candidate for ejection, but was opposed by the Cabinet Minister, and was defeated in consequence of being concerned in a newspaper attacking the Government. The ministry insisted on his dismissal, ou the grounds that holding an office under the government he had no right to attack the Government. His dismissal was drawn up by the Ministry, and left at the Ein peror's (or his signature; a week elapsed; they ] notified him, thinking he had overlooked the matter; ten days elapsed, and he was again notified that it the collector was not dismissed their resignation would be sent in. The Emperor informed them thut he was ready to receive it at any time So ended the cabinet This affair cieated a popular sensation, as it has been the first intimation the Emperor has given his subjects that he would not be kept in the leading strings of his cabinet. All the above was given verbally to our ship news collector. Apfairb i* Canada.?We have Montreal papers of the 27th, and Quebec of the 25ih mst. They contain no political news of importance. [Krom Montreal Herald, May 'J7 ] A number of the colored people of Canada West are preparing to emigrate to ttie West Indies this season. The laborers on Mr. Chamherlin's section of the Corn? all t anal at Williamsbuig have struck lor 3s. per day. They were receiving 'is. t?d. t pper i anaila papers notice the prevalence of cold wet weather, so do the American papers iu the ,State oi New York. [h'rotn Quebec Mercury, May ifl.j we regret to hnd that the obelisk erected on the C|>of where the immortal Wolfe fell, niter receiving his death wound, hnx been sadly desecrated by unhallowed hand*. I lie composition in the letters Is for the mo* part picked out, ibe none work itself is wolully mangled and chipped, mid the railings bounding the enclosure have been forcibly torn away, to admit the vandal* who have so mcrciIcsiiy itivailed u sacred rjiot. The situation of the pillar is, we believe, beyond the jurisdiction of the corpora Hon. hut we appeal to all who venerate the past, who treasure the recollections of England'* triumphs nnd the memory of the glorious event* by wliiali our time-honored city became a po??e*sioti ol the British crown, to tnke some step* to preserve this monument, erected in melancholy record of one of England'* greatest heroes. Tarokt shnotthfl at thk Wkm.--The Chicago Journal says it is rumored about town thai a duel came olT s few morirtOg* since, between a distinguished j ottthfnl litterateur Hf that ctty, an t a tyro of commerce, ivho promises to Htstimsthfl Roscoeot the H'est. The meeting wa* held on the beach ol the tranquil lake,which scarcely equaled in calmnc** the deportment of the corn haiiinf* Alter a flesh wound had been received by one of the parties n reconciliation wa* ( (Tooted; the cause ol the met ting is said to have bsen an affair ol the heart. Thkkk Womkn Drowned ?We regret lo learn that ii sad accident occurred upon ihe Ohio river, ! "Iront lorty miles above Southland, nnd near the mouth ol | Trsdewater, on the fttli instant, by which three women lostphelr lives They were attempting to no** in n small boat the river being quite rough at the time ; the boat I S| ' n leak , when they found the watei gaining upon t! 'i u',,t paralyzed their exertions, and they sank with* , , c irt to save themselves All the hodi?t have been I ra? ' red /amis Jour * ?, , i >< -~m * ?r | Condition or Havti.?Thitt black spot on the ! face of the ocean ia in a sad condition. The ex' isllng state of tilings among the Haytiens, appear* to be very like that which once existed among the i Kilkenny cats ; and we do not entertain a doubt, but that the result which marked the wars of the latter, will mark those of the Haytiens aUo. We have received by the way of Boston, a little further intelligence of the progress of affairs in the black republic. (From Boston Democrat, May 36.) Captain Crocker, of the Cecilia, arrived this morning from Aux Cayes, bringing date* to the 8th inst., states that Oeneral Acoa, the commander ot the insurgent blacks, had possession ot the place, with 7000 men. A battle hud been fought the day previous to his sailing, hut the ie?ult had nut been ascertained when he left. The U. 8. corvette Treble, arrived on the (ith lrom Jamaica, was outside the bar. and had her boats ail armed, aud ready to give any assistance that might be required. The following is an extract of u letter received in thU city, dated AuxCayes, (9t Domingo) May 8, 1S-U " 1'eace is tar from being restored here. The insurrectionary army is now in possession ot nearly the whole of this peninsula, with the exception of Aquin, where about 4000 government troops are stationed . but as they are tuiiuuiiuvu uy um uppusuiuu, nicy hiu inosi lutuy nave to surrender. We have no new* of President Herard, who is still contending with the Spaniards. All inland communication is iuiercep'ed. The town presents now a sad uppuarance?nearly all the colored population have Hi d to Jamaica, leaving nil they possessed behind. Their houses are shut up -expoeed to nightly pillage, which occur* but too frequently." U. 8. Suir I'urRbK. \ Arx eivis, May 7,1811 J Sir,? 1 desire to report the arrival of this ship at this port on the Oth inst., In eight days from Port hoyal, Jamaica. and recently on a cruise on the Spanish Mam. The ulticers and crew ot the Preble are all in good health, with the exception of Lieut. Wingnte, who returns home on a sick ticket, in the brig Cecilia, of Boston. This city is in possession of the negroes, and the whole Island is in a state of war, anarchy and confusion. The following is a list of the officers of the Preble:? Thomas W Krcelon, Commander: James F. 8ebench, George A. Prentiss and Charles W. Pickering, Lieutenants; George F. 8awj er, Purser: 8 VV'illson Kellogg. Passed Assistant Surgeon; C. J Vanalstine, Acting Master; H. A. C'lt-nuon, Passed Midshipman; C. C. P. Parker, Capt.'s Clerk; Win. K. Hopkins. H. G D Brown. Hunter Davidson, V. G Reynold*. C. U. Hebb, and T. T. Houston, Midshipmen; John Moore, Master's Mate; Samuel Drew, Boatswain; Benjamin Bunker. Gunner; 8. B. Banister, Sail Maker; J. A. Dickason, Carpenter; T. D. Buruhara, Purser's Clark. The most distinguishing marks ot the Haytien General, are two huge spurs fastened lo his big, bare black heels! Neither he nor his Boldiers have any pretensions to boots, shoes, or coats, and some have no breeches. Since the above was written, the Ontario has arrived from Curacoa,with ndvicesjlrom Aux Cayes to the 11th inst. On that day the Governor of that place sailed for Kingston, Jamaica, in a British steamer. Late from Ciiracoa.?We learn by the Ontario from Curacoa, whence she sailed on tho 15th inst., that very heavy rains had fallen at that place during the o( April. Several houses had been un. derinined and destroyed by them. The market for all kinds of produce was dull. QO We are compelled by a press of matter to exclude a full report of the proceedings of the M. E. Conference yesterday?containing the only complete report taken of the address of Bishop Soule? a very important article. It will appear in full on Friday. Tiie Ttai.ian Opera.?A Third Season Proposed.?The present season, being the second of this company, will terminate on the 7th of June ; until that period a number of benefits will be given, to close with one for the benefit of Signor De Begnis. During the present and the past season the admirers and supporters of Italian Opera, have had ample opportunity ot judging ol this gentleman's capabilities for the olfice he has held, and no doubt will appreciate it accordingly Signor Palmo has issued a prospectus for a third season, with what success we have yet to learn. The warm weather approaching, when parties are leaving town in such numbers, musi make the. appearance of success doubtful, unless,indeed,the extra transient visitors till up nightly the places of the absent, which was done to some extent last season. There is another thing which must tend much to promote the welfare oftli s company?that, is a good feeling and understanding between them?it will make the whole work hHrrnonioiislv together, it Iin* been,mid shall be,our endeavor to promote tiie success of the It liuti opera in tlr.s city, ac long as we find it conducted in a proper manner. At the commencement of the present season it appeared to he somewhat otherwise among the company themselves, and we received numerous communications on the subject from various parties ; hut out advice always was to keep these matters behind the curtain, and not let them be known to the public:; us no probable benefit to any party, could arise from giving them publicity, but very possibly the contrary would be found to be the result. lu collection with ibis subject, we perceive that Mr. Simpson, of llie Park 'lheaire, is about to visit Europe tor the purpose of engaging an Italian company for his establishment. The great bent fit which is announced for him on the 5th of June, is intended to nay the expenses incurred by each a measure. This benefit was got up at a meeting some time since held at the Astor House, by u number of friends of Mr. Simpson, and they are very sancuine of the result. In the meanwhile, lienors '.' jlnio mid De Begins are not idle. They ore maRing every endeavor to secure the services of such talent, and to secure such attractions as uiay present themselves. They have made great progress in winning to their house all the lushinn of the city, and their endeavors must he to keep this position. These things will make the next season one of the most remarkable that has ever took place in this country. Out Bulliana ?This is now " all the rage" in New England. We hear of nothing but Ole Bulliana. We give a few more extracts about its movements and course. [From the Boston Transcript, May 28.] Oi.e Bill ?As predicted, this magician of the harliiton, in compliance with the desires of his friends, has consent) d to give n concert on Thursday evening, in order to gratily those persons from the country, who will he here to at'end the Great Temperance Celebration. I'le Hull cannot possibly goto all the towns and villages from whence will issue the "Cold Water Army,"on that occasion. and as they cannot conveniently come to him, at any other period, his efforts to oblige them even at the expense of his desire for " a little quiet," may he consideied as "allcorrect" We learn that he had an audience of upwards of eight hundred persons at Providence last evening, who were in ecstacies of delieht. We also learn irom Col. Hatch that he will visit New Bedford, before he returns to the South. [From the New Bedford Bulletin, May 29] The Master is Comiso ?We have great pleasure in announcing that thr violinist. Ole Bull, lias-consented to give one concert in th>s town, upon some evening during the present week, not yet determined. Mattrawan Alniiufncturlng Company. A stockholder in the Company, complains of the directors and managers, for not causing to be made I out, for the insiwetitin ot the stockholders. such a I general statement of its afl'nirs, as would Cully disclose to them its present and future prospects. A. B. Board of Education. May '29.?The Board met last evening pnniuant to adjournment. 'J'he minute* of tha last day'* proceedings of the Hoard, dated 8th May, were read and approved. Unsolved, That the thanks of this Board he presented to Towuaend llirns, E?| , late President jrro. tern of this Board, tor the able, impartial and courteous manner in which he has discharged the duties of the chair during the absence of the President. Adopted. The arum d report of the Boatd was read, showing the state ot the finance*, mid the amount of outlay, wi h the number of school* within the jurisdiction ot the Board. Kor the year ending December, 1843, there were 166. The number of pupils weie 15,5)34 in the district school*. In the corporate schools, '2,648. The whole amount of money a portioned by the Board ol Kducation among the several schools and societies was f 186 420. It whs moved that the report be entered at large on the minute*, anil filed with the Cletk ot the County Bills of expenditure for rent, find, lie. wore handed in, with a view to procure their passage through the hoard. It was resolved that all bills be transferred to the CompI troller for payment. A resolution, proposing that an appropriation ol $11,113 tie appropiiated for building a school house in the Jib ward, he passed. An amendment, proposing its reference to a committee, was adopted. City Intelligence. Police Department?YUv ..t)?"Tnr. Tomb*."? At length>, newly appointed keeper of the l ily I Prison, has made his appointments. Deputy Keeperi of the Lower Police, Messrs A. II. Davlrs. Vv. <4. Moody, Benjamin Sparks, fames Kennedy, B.T.Johnson, Isaac M. [ warn, Jimn iriuuui kith, auiwiiiui ij muiar, iiumii Lownshnry. Thomas Barton and William Chapman. William H. Howard i* appointed the Kngmoer at the Lower Police. Upper Police?lohn Watson and Lawrence Van liixkiik are appointed the deputies nt the Bowery Police. Hi xnriTv or ' kimv. - Nothing worth recording at either the Lower or Upper Police took place?merely two or three petit larcenies. Coronrrs OHIerao V) <r 39?Kit.urn av Fst.i.ivi raoM . Window Last Friday week,a femHle named Kllen Cum niugs, a resident in that vile hole OH the "Five Points" i died "llued's Alley.'"iell out of n second story window, id, ne h natural to be supposed, war tnueh Injured. Bhc d thin morning. The Coroner has not. at present, held " I inquest, but, doubtless the verdict will he "death from the Injuries reepivrd by llio falling" Hi no* v UiAin A young girl, named < atharine Feei <e.l IP, burn in Ireland, a ervanl at the Rochestei llo d, in < ourtland street, fell dead yesterday, very sudnl \ , rd hi r father's bouse, No .it; Centre street She appeared in perfect health hut.a lew Biinutes previously 9 m ' Vlce-dutncrllor*# Court* Mat 98th.?*'i H Ryder, prtitiamr by John M Martin, ' hit ntrl.~ .Mir gurat Hatf of Urooklyn, devised to her ' daughter, Mrs Ryder, all her real estate, thu Income to ' be enjoyed by her and to be tinder liar immediate and ex- ' elusive control for life, and .liter her death the estate to be ' divided amongst her children. The petition asserts that ' tie is a son of Mrs. Ry dor, and under 21 years of age? that .Mrs. Ryder is now married to a second husband, ' (Mi. Richards) and that petitioner is a student at law; J that Ins mother and step father (on ing to his refusal to consent to change the trustee ol his giandmothei's estate) letuse to allow him an) thing fur his support, uud that the iiniount of the estate is $2 Otiu a year. The prayer ol the j patitiou asks for a sum of $360 maintenance. '' I'hecoiirt denied the prayer, on the around that no or- ' der could be made without conseut of the mother. The case is one Inr a court of law. G'eoigc Cose mid M<t>y Cart, infant, t'J. Jrreminh Towlt and .hint hit wif*, and olhtt Defendant was directed to j pay into court the sum ol $4 307, to which a Mr. Case and R. D. Weeks were entitled under the will of John Abeal, j to which Mrs. Towle, daughter of the deceased, was Hp ' pointed administratrix. Motion was made for an attachuieut, on the ground that such had not been performed According to the requirements in the will. The defendants allege they gave Mr Case a bond and mor'gage in lieu of paying in. Ordered that a commitment must issue unless defendants pay in the money named in tho decree of the court within 90 days. un petition 01 William union, ana i.awiarino ma wun, who m daughter of the late John Dermott, and granddaughter of John Dooley. Her grandfather, on hi* death, bequeathed his estate to three daughters, Mary M. Dermott, Kli/.a O'Ni-il (wife of Felix), and Judith Dooley, with the remainder to the children. A bond and inertgage for $JOUO rested on the estate, which was sold under a foreclosure to meet the payment. The sum ot $13, 111) remaining unpaid into couit, and is st'll there w ith in- 11-1est, uppiicatiou j* made praying that the subject be referred to a master! Granted Common Pleas. Before Judge Ulshoeft'er. Mar 3U ?Clarkson v? Collier ? An action on a promissory note, and also ou account. Verdict for plaintiff. $7/1 Hatlonl vs. Barker?Ail action to recover un amount claimed hy the plaintiff as having romained dua in pursuance of u certain art angemeut made between himself and the defendant, growing out of certuin law proceedings, in which the parties hud been engaged in the Supreme Court. Barker, the defendant, having sued the jilaintiff on the occasion referred to succeeded, when he consented to receive a sum of $7AO from plaintiff to cover the demand and costs. Barker, however, aftor receiving the money left the lawyer wiio had bean engaged (Mr. Major.) minui his costs, which amounted to $84 Verdict for plaintiff with costs. For plaintiff Daniel Major. For defendant. T. Brady. IVitcox el al vs Holliday ?Plaintiffs nre brokers in Wall street, and sold in December. 1843, $5*100 Ohio sixes to defendant. The terms of sale compelled the purchaser to pay the requited amount on the opening ol the books, which defendant, it was alleged, did not comply with. The cose stands adjourned over to this morning. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. May 39?Chattelain vs. li n t ( he hniff)?In this case reported in Monday's "ller.ilil The Jury rendered a verdict for plaintiff $j 39'J 43. Chinett vs ?An acuon of trover to recover the price or value of a horse This esse was tried before a July consisting of five persons (by mutual consent) The nor.e was laaeii on iriai oy ueiewism.anai *? iUr iwu or three day B, when it was driven by defendant to a wagon. un<l, a* waa alleJgud, was much abused. A aealed verdict will be rendered tiiia morning 17. S. Circuit Court. Uoloiu J it Jge Delta. Mat 2!l?Chi ion vs St writ and Uiuktotk?This caic, reported in yesterday's "Herald," occupied the Court during the day, and was adjourned over to this morning. marine Court. . llulore Judge Smith. Mat 29.? JuAn li Htlm v?. Charlotte Haute, H al ? Thia waa an action brought to recover damages lor an infraction of the exemption laws. I'uintilf ih a Doctor and held* premises from one ol' the defendants. His goods were seized in virtue of a landlord's warrant tor arrears of rent, fly the exemption law $160 worth of property and articles required lor the use ot a horse, wagon, terming and mechanics' implements are exempt from the operuiion of the law under a landlord's warrant. The plaintiff sued in virtue of the privileges under this statute. Verdict for deiendants. Court Calendar?'Thia Day. Circuit Coukt?Nos. 37, 60, 4, 20, JO, 46, 42, 11, 33, 16, 10, 26, 2,47, 36, 14, 24, 271, 30, 30, 0. Common I'leas?Nos. 20, 21,62, 63, 64, 66, 8, 12, 16,28. Great Overflow.?By the arrival lant night of the Beeswing, we received the Red River Republican of the IHih inst, containing a long account of a great oveiilow and immense loss of property on Red ltiver. The town ol Alexandria was under water: the levee had t;iveu way in aeveral places, and much further damsge was anticipated. The loss sustained by the planting interest on thu river cannot be less than a milliou and a nailof dollars ?AT. O Tropic, May 21. Immigration.?European immigrants begin to make their appearance. On the Indiana, which left for ihe upper lakes to-day, quite a number took passage, in company witli Nome eastern farmeis, who are bound for Witkousan. The br,g trad also u very heavy invoice ol merchandise, Stc , destined for the Territory.?liujj'alo Jliieertiscr, way a. Amusements. Chatham Thkatkk.?Our good folk* of the uptown aristocracy are beginning to appreciate the good acting and the good order observed at this pet theatre. Improvemer.t on improvement has been adopt id, till now the structure for health and comfort throughout is perfect. A new species of patent ventillators have been adopted and put in operation, which render* the in crier us cool and ag ei-aldc us the open air, and one may iatfaer fancy himself in an ice cream garden than encom passed by bricks and mortar. To night the seats will all i>u again fully occupied, as Yankee lull personates two ol his most popular characters, in Casper lUuser and in Cut and Come Again. Tho larce of Fairly Hit and Fairly Missed, will be played likewise for the first time, and Miss Gannon will make her appearance twice in the dance. To morrow night Mr. Conner takes his leave in a benefit ; so we shall have an opportunity of judging how far our citizens will appreciate and reward a promising actorirom another city. Ai.r, Fours, or lltoit, Low, Jack andtiikGamk ?A Giantess, u Dwarf, a Giant Boy and a Fat Girl who counts 600 pounds are Irninps?every liody must ad init such a hand is not often held. They are all good cards, ?it would be difficult for any other placeof amusement in the city to follow suit. There's tho ruA. We should hack the New York Museum to win the- t-ome. The wonderlul Orphan Family or .fumy-Are vocalists, consisting of a father, mother, mid seven children, of all sizes, create infinite fun. The ladies laugh till their very stay laces crack The women love a joke dearly, ami Winch ell's baliy. and his imita'ion of the mother seems to tickle them ;>? ticklelarly. Every body should hear the Orphans. A perlormunce takes plaeu this ufternoon at 3 o'clock. c r\_ I -.1-^, Ik. Amoel.ian KJJVft I'llK JL/nviL, nin ui'E. . aifw HIV n ? ?v?.. Museum which oflersgreaterattractions to lovers of music and novelty than all other places in New York combined. The. manager brings out his whole force to-day n'/J and do'clook, P. M.?the Orpkeans, Nellis, Great Western, Cerito, the Giant and Giantess, and the Ovpsey (fm-en ! These with the fine chance for promenade and seeing the city Irom the refreshment garden should (ill the Museum to a jam What new curiosity has the manager just received from China ? Paintings, The administratrix, desirous to clone the concerns of her late husband, Michael Puff, offers for sale three original paintings. 1st, the celebrated Qtrcis Ysthcb, suppli. eating King Ahasunrus, by Vasdtkr. This paiuting is so well known that a description of its merits would he futile. It was considered by its late passessor his n>:tT.? That Km rope can possess a cabinet painting of more ex qui?ite merit than this, is doubtful? certainly not more interesting?presenting as it does, portraits ol most eminent persons connected with the state and the arts ? Amongst them is seen Van Dyke, Rubens, Titian, Pau' Veronese, Rembrandt, Sir Thomas Moore, the two Mis* Wurtons, as train bearers, and others. 2d, The Descent Irom the Csoss, by Rkmsrandt. This painting requires no comment. Suffice it to say, that it considerable price. 3:1, The Holy Family, by Corrkooio. Tiiii l? ono of the finest productions of this great master. Tne depth, tone, and transparency of cluaro scura is unequalled in this country. The above gems can be seen at tho dwelling of the administratrix, directly opposite the Orke.vwicii U.ok, Hudson street. They will be diiposedofon reasonable terms. trod rCt?- GOURAUD'8 ITALIAN MKDICATKD SOAP, | cures blotchrs, pimples, freckles, and all dark, rough, red, sallow, eruptive skins, at ti7 Walker St., 1st store KHO.M litoodway. (pj- VKLfEAU'8 SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE CURE of < iunoi rli'ea, Gleet, and nil mocuptirulent discharges Irom tlie urethra, 'i'heso pills, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established lorthi suppression of qunrkery, may he relied on as the most speedy and effectual remedy for the atiove complaints.? They are guaranteed to cure recent cases in from three tofivndaya, arul |*isse?s a greater power over ohstinatr discharges and chronic gleet, than any other preparation , nt present known, removing the disease without confineruent from business, tainting tho breath or disagreeing with the stomach Price f 1 per box. Hold at the Ottice of the College oi Pharmacy and Me dicine, !?6 Nassau street. m W HI RICHARDSON, M. D. Agent OO- GOURAUD'8 POUIIRE SUBTILE for eradicating smtei Annus hair Irom anv nart of the human body. Can be'seen tested at the only o'tfica in New Vork, t>7 Walker street, 1st store FROM Broadway. (V*- RICOfUVB PARISIAN ALTERATIVF. MIX rtJRK?For the cure of primary or secondary Syphilis .md all affections produced by an injudicious ONtfMir cnry. The great advantage* possessed by this powerful alterative over all other preparations for the cure ol ByI ( lulls, is, that while curing the disease it improves the constitution, whilst mercury generally leave a much worse disease than the one it is administered for. Tht best recommendation we can give of it is, (hat it is now ! ilmsively prescribed Ity the medical Incnlty, who tor cily connnlcied mercury the only cure lor those complaints. Sold, in single bottles, $1 each j in cases of hall lovert, $bt earetlilly parked, and sent to all parts of th? V'n'mn. Office of the College of Medicine mid rhnrma cy, 0'. Nassau street. W. 8 RICHARDSON. M D, Agent l.ij ?ALLEY 8 MAtllt At. PAIN EXTRACTOR at t>7 \V dUei street, 1st store HIOM Broadway % 00* WE TAKE THE LIBERTY TO PRESENT TO iha public a list of namas of gentlemen ol the highest re ipeotability andbtanding in this oity who have seen, and* who personally know the wondeiful effects of Conner* Pain Extruotor, and in all sincerity and candor earnestly lolicit them to u?e it in their tamiliri, or ?eo it applied to oma fluttering neighbor, and il they uro convinced, a* !hoy assuredly wiU be if they uae it or Bee it used, in ii'a ixtraordiuary etfucta and entire innoceacy in any case, we aak them to apeak ?! it should duty and leeltngs of tumaiiity prompt ihein to do to. We assure them on 'he reipouiiibility of our character*, :hat ay mpalky for human (uttering induce*, at lea*t iu part, our earnest solicitation that u simple trial should be nadein auy affection 1 below. We think it not imprudent or too much to aay, that nothing like it or in any iegree so effectual, has ever been discovered in medicine You will please obierve it is no " sovereign remedy for ill complaints," but only intended for external application u the following Burns, Scalds, Frosted Parts, Childams, Chafe or Colli, Chaps, Tetter, Pimple, Blotch, h'elon, Ulcer, Sprains, Erysipelas, Slabs, Cuts, Bruises, Strain, Ear end Tooth-ache, Mumps, Mors Throat, Runrounds, Whitlows, Piles, Ringworm, Salt Rheum, Barlier't Itch, Carbuncle, Eruption, Sore Eyes and Lids, Weak Sight, Sore Lips, Punctures, Biles and Warts, Kever Pains, Pain in Back and Side, Tender Feet, Intlam matory Rheumatism, Tic Doloieux, Ague in Face and nisi Itiirvi M^arn. Prip.klv Heat. In Il'lined Skin, broken Breast, Sore Nipples, Rough Hands, Blistered Surface*, Dressing tor Blisters, White Swelllogs, Cold iu Wouuds, Sore Corns, General Sore*, Smallpox Mark*. Though we have named numerous affections, experience ha* taught us that they are not too many. It will ho necessary to know that this ui tide is the only one we ran recommend ; but must caution aguiutt some imitations that we iiuve reason to believe are of no use, but injurious. We will present it to the poor who have actual need of it. und whom you may send for it. We add the names of but a few gentlemen of the thousands who have tested it* virtues, or witnessed its effects. Remember it is CONNEL'S .Magical Pain Extractor, lrom 31 Courtlandt streetThe following are the names of those who have used it, and we refer to them for a statement of its effect*. Nft. meiou* others might bo added, for want of room wo withhold their names ? Rev Dr. Mathews, No. 67 Slephea Stilwell, Esq 171 Clinton place B1 ecker st Rev. Milton Badger, Sec re- Mr Mitchell, 73 Wall st tary of the American Wm. Burnhatn, Blooming Home Mission Society, ingdule Hotel 180 Bleecker street J. II., Piano maker, 313 Hon. Alpbeus Sherman, Wouster st Judge ot Marine Couit N. I-'. Hopkins, Esq. MerCol Wm. L. Stone, Editor chant, Hi) Kront st of Commercial Advertiser G. M Sparks, Esq cor 31st Doctor McLean, 4 Warren aud 0th Avenue street John H Atkins, Jeweller, " Nelson, 77 White st 367 Broadway " Harris, 1 Stone street Richard Wiggins, 86 Or" Grandin, 13 Sixth av. oburd st " Brewster, corner 14th N. C. Ely, 8 Third st street and Broadway K. P. Hunt, Grocer, 346 Ca Captain Brooks, steamboat nal st Nimrod Wm. Kemble, Merchant, 01 Captain Comstock, steam- Washington st boat Massachusetts James Welling. Weigher, 03 A. Beche, Esq , 7 Broadway | Pino st J M Bull, Esq., 306 Bdwuy. A. Geralds, 66 Grove at E II. Watson Esq., 49 Ex- D Burnett, Piumber, 694 change place Broadway JohnOgden, Esq., 96 Wall Win. Richards, 1:23 Beckman street street John Hnggerty, Esq., 66 II. Shute, Mechanist, No. 36 Chamber* street Gold st J L. Stebhins, Esq, 834 Wm. Roberta, Wino MerGreenwich street chant, 96 Cedar st M Melviu, Esq , 18 Wall st. Capt K I'eet, ship Ocmulgec It. R Folks. E-q.. 69 Pine st. No. 6 Third st H. McCune, Esq , 133 Peer) Joseph A. Osborn. 41 Wilstrret liem st Samuel G. Wheeler, mer* G M. Morrill, Merchant, chant, 74 Pine street 463 Greenwich st Norwood & Robinson, Bro* 8. Currie. Baker, 17 Duane, kers, corner Hanover and 79 Canal and 36 Thompson Exchange streets street Lewis Atterhury, Esq., 1m* Mr. Fanshaw, 63 Cliff street porter 30 Clinton plHoe cor Beekman Jos. B. Tompkins, Painter, Isaac A. Storm, tlrm of 37 Nassau street Storm, Duboso & Co. 87 Mr. Hoyt, Washington pi. Water st, Comra'n MerGeo. Balchen, Esq, Mer- chants chant, 83 Wall street John Inman. Esq. Ed. Com. Capt Lemuel Bourne, ship Adv. 46 Pine st Douglas, 33 Lispenard st. Hiram 11. Horten 84 Division W. F. Prout 66 Spring | J. Fergu*?n. 36 Cedar st. COMSTOCK 8t CO Chemists and Druggists, 31 Courtlandt st. QQ- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?Th? Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and , .. ?.?, a iianjmcv ui mo oujr 01 now iui?, jd vvUuuumm/ .commended for all cases of debility produced by secret in diligence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable remedy lor impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depend ing on mal-formation.) Single bottles $1 each; cases of half a dozen $6; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 8t Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D , Agent. (fry-ADVICE ORATI9-WE PRESUME OUR READi.-rs will not thank us for reminding them that they are mostly in the habit of using dirty, nasty, filthy hair brushes, every time they are snaved?fact though ! Did you never come in contact with un old rum sucker in a bar tier's shop, whose looks " made you crawl all over," and who had Just vacated the chair you are about to plump vourself iuto 1 Of course you have, and wo desire you to leave oil this custom, " mure honored in the breach than in the observance," and try Thalou's new principle?that of having a large variety of hair hi tulies, some two hundred, with which he never dresses your hair a second time without a thorough cleansing. Re you lady or gen tleman, you can have your hair dressed or shampooed in first rate style and in the neatest manner possible. No ' having there, but wigs are made, and the science of hair cutting duly attended to. OQ- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in ; turning the public thanks for the liberal support they Iwim. nnn.ilwo.l in* nridrta in " slinnrofis ouackerv.' ht>?r leave to state that their particular attention continue! if he directed to all diseases of a private nature, and from the great improvements lately made in the principal hos pitals of Kurupe in the treatment of those diseases, they can confidently otter to persons requiring medical aid ailrintagus not to be met with in any institution in this country, either public or private. The treatment ol tht Cullege is such as to insure success in every caso, and it totally different from that nem emus practice ol ruining the constitution with mercury, and in most coses leaving a disease much worse than the original. One of the mem hers of the College,tor many yearn connected with tht principal hospitals of Ktirope, attends daily for a consulta don (rom 0 A.M. to8 P.M. Terms?Advice and medicine, $3 A cure guaranteed impnsttmt to Countsv Iisvai.ips.?Persons living in the country and not finding it convenient to attend personally, can have ibrwardixi to tbem u chest containing ail medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure by stating :!iuirMM explicitly, together with all symptoms, time o' contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any ud enclosing (A, post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. Office and Consulting rooms of the College, OS Nassau street !ft7- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF 8AR SAPARILLA, OENTIAN AND 8AR8AFUA8,preparediiy the New York College oi Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery. This refined nd highly conceniruted extract, possessing all the purllying qualities and curative powers of the above herbs, >s confidently recommended by the College, as infinitely superior to any extract ol Sarsaparilla at present before the public, and may be relied on at a certain remedy for all diseases arising irom an impure state of the blood such as scrofula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotches or pim pies, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous a or. <ie flntr iliuonao ariuino irora the secondary effects of syphilis or an injudicious use oi raeicury. Sold in single Bottles, at 74 cents each. " in Cases of half-?-<lozen Bottles, $3 60 " " one dozen " 8 00 Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. B ?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. Office of the College, 06 Nassau street W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent ft?- UOCRAUD'S BLANC D'ESPAONE for the com? plexion, 07 Walkerstn et, 1st store FROM Broadway. ' MONKY MARKET. Wednesday, May >10?0 P. M. The stock market to-day looks a little depressed The sales were quite large, but prices have slightly declined At the old board United States Bank advanced 0 percent iVorth American Trust declined 1 per cent; Canton Co 1; Kris Railroad i ; Farmers'Trust 4 ; llllaoii 9tate Bank .J At thejnew board a very general falling oil' was experienced. Farmer*' Truit declined j ; 9tonington j ; I'jteraon 1 ; Norwich and Worcester J ; Mohawk j; Her 1cm 2; Canton j; Indiana 1 ; Pennsylvania V* 1 ; North American Trust 4; Illinois State Bank 1; Morri* Canal 1, Kong Island, Ohio 6's, Kentucky O's, and United State* Bank rloiod firm at yesterday'* price*. Delaware and Hudson advanced .'>j per cent since last sale*. The jiosition of tho two political partie*, gives a great impetus to stock speculations. The present prospect* of the Whig party are so encouraging that calculations are inadu on tho creation of hanking capital, and the changes in tho finances of the government, so as to proline,? a complete revolution in the currency, nnd an improvement in prices for all kinds of property. The Whig party i* picged to create a National Hunk, nnd around this focus all the brokers and speculators cluster, as a policy, ad. vancing their intcrests.and extending their business. The Whig party is pledged to tho distribution of the public lands among the Statos , consequently, all financiers and speculators advocate its measures, a* they tend to increase the value of all State stocks. All thoso interested in the improvement of all stocks, go for tlio Whig party. There are very few politicians of the present day who separate their interest from their party pr??jnaiceiifHnii in nnvocuuiig una vaej auv?uv? ?..v Speculator* belong to that party who*e princiji... agree with their financial movement*, the re?ult I* they ail lie long to the paity in favor of a United State* Dank. The Mechanic'* Ranking A*?ociation have thl* day declared a dividend of three and a half per cent, for the latt nix month*, payable on the 7th of June. The Howard Inanrance Company a dividend of eight per cent, payable on the 4th of June. The Citizen'* Bank of Baltimore,now in'conrte of liipiid ition.hnn made a dividend of three dollar* per *hare of it* capital stock. The Neptune Iniurnncn Company ot Baltimore, ha* le clan I a further dividend of l ight dollar* per ?h.irc on It* capital atock Tan thousand fir* hundred dollar* arrived at New Or lean* on the 30th inat. iiom Havre. The average duty paid on foreign importation* into Phi ladelphla for the quarter ending April lit, wa* about 31 per cont. Viu-i: or Imcorti i.vto PniLxDxi.rMi* rot tuna Moxt** .leniiiry fM)3.t?40 February 636.410 March 700 36* ?Total, 31,731.431 Amount of dutie* paid on the 669.03* Averaging about 31 per cont on the total import This 1* about one third of the amount received at thi* port in one month?January. The aaiignee* of the Oirard tank oiler at auction on the tirat day of June, in Philadelphia, (took* and loans, being part of the assets ot the bank, vii ii bonds of 4000 dollar* each of tho New York, Provl dence and Boston llailroad Company, due in August, 1863, and b< aring an intsrcst oi six per cent, per annum, payable on the 1st of August and February in every year, with interest warrants attached to each bond. COO shares of the capital stock of the New York, Providence and Boston Railroad Company, par value of each share, 100 dollars. 0,000dollars Pennsylvania 3 percent, loan. 703 shares stock of the Morris Canal fc Banking Company, par value, 100 dollars. 691 shares stock Commercial and Railroad Bank of Vicksburg, par valise, 100 dollars. Payment for the above will be received either in cash or in the notes or other evidences of indebtedness of the hank. The only really good stock in the lot is the New York. Providence and Boston Rail Read Company. Pennsylvania S's, Morris Canal and Vicksburg will undoubted* ly bring good prices, as considerable speculation has lately been carried on In them. AO's, 100's and 600's, altered from l's cf the North Bank, Boston?vignette, State house, country scene, lie , on the right end, and ship on the left, female figure, he. 100'a altered lrom S's, on the Massachusetts Bank, Boston; vignette, two ships, steamboat, a sloop. The word "one" at the top and bottom of tne bill spelt "oen," are in circulation in this and the Southern cities. The Philadelphia money market is reported to be very easy. Capital is abundant, and can readily be obtained on good security, at 8 per cent. Stock operations are carried on in that city very extensively, and the stocks of several deiunct institutions have lately advanced very much ? The Lehigh Common Loan has, within a few days, advanced from 12) to 17 dollars on the hundred. Girard Bank has advanced from $8 to $13, per share. United States Bank from $4 76 to $10?aud Wilmington Road iruni 910 10 JS40. The Commissioners of CarroU county, Maryland, resolved, some time since, by a vote of five to four, not to appoint a collector of the State tax. The Governor has recently appointed the Sheriff' of the county, collector. A convention has been proposed, to consider and determine what course the people ot Anne Arundel county should pursue in relntion to the subject of taxes,alleged to have been rendered unequal and unjust, In consequtnce of the delinquency of tome of the counties of the State in paying their portion of the State taxes. AVe fear that the course pursued by the Commissioners of Carroll county, will be followed by many others. The people are not disposed to submit to taxation, unless it is levied on just principles. A fair valuation of property is demanded in the first place, and in the second, the people must bo satisfied that some benefits or advantages will follow their submission to these laws. The delinquent and repudiating counties should consider, that a refusal to pay the tax levied, is not only an unjust course towards their moro honest neighbors, but sows the seed of discord among those who would otherwise remain honest, &Dd suffer sacrifices, to meet the legal demands of the State. The Lo? gislaturesof our States will, before many years, discover 'hat it ii easier to levy a tax than to collect it. The people bear the burden, inflicted on them by speculating political financiers, as long as possible, cheerfully; but there Is a ]>oint beyond which they cannot go?"it was the lost pound that broke the oases back," and the people have been crushed in the same way. The willingness with which the people, for a time, submitted to taxation deceived those who were realizing fortunes out of the money -collected in the name of the people, and who imagined that taxes would soon wipe out all evidence of their extravagance. They have gone toe far, and we now see the result of their movements. The revenue and tax hill, recently passed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, will, doubtless, be met by the people in the same spirit the new tax law ol Maryland has. We have not the faintest hope that its provisions can be carried out. The farmers will not?judging from present appearances ?be in a condition to meet the additional demands from the tax gatherer. All descriptions of agricultural produce wiil, undoubtedly, be very lew the coming fall. The season, so far, has been so favorable, that great crops must be harvested, unless some serious accident should take plaeo. The great supplies will reduce prices so low, that the farmers will preler holding, which will keep them poor and out of funds. Taxes must be paid in cash, and that is an article that the farmers generally have little of. This is not the only thiDg that will prevent taxea being paid?another, and the strongest, is the want 01 a disposition, me people 01 me interior cannot be impressed with the importance of sustaining the faith of the State?they know little or nothing of the public mind on the subject, and cannot understand why they should be so heavily taxed Their ignorance is bliss ; and until the necessity and the importance of the subject is perfectly understood, can we hope to meet that ready acquiescence to the demands of tho collectors that the position of the governments demand. The people of this great country are very slow to correct abuses. We may talk about the power of the ballot boxes, but that power is very seldom exercised. Corrupt legislatures, year after > ear, go on increasing the burden of the people in every way by taxation, direct and indirect, and by the accumulation of an immenso public debt, without the least restraint, until the people at last are compelled to break their own laws, and repudiate debts contracted by those in whom they placed their interests, and elevated to power- Their necks are in the yoke, and they must get out of it as easy as possible. It cannot be done by repu. (listing?it cannot be done by lynching the tax collectors; it can only be done by putting their shoulders to tho wheel, and lifting the government out of the depths of bankruptcy, In which the swindling political leaders of both parties ha?e engulphed It. This once accomplished, let the future he governed by the experience of the pelt. Old Stock Kxchange, tllMUSVi I OS Jtfih.US Rank Ilk 8" toon N Y State 6'* 'It 110 100 City Bank NO 74 25000 do '54 101 i Illinois Beak 3d ioo Ohio e's 'so ionw as do h cer 35 OnOO d '60 bis 100V 75 do S5MC pone do ?1 in^V 10 Ornnd OnlfBk 2.(H)0 do b60 103>? 80 Mereh s Ei Co ll soon do ?.3o in:is* ao do Jik IS000 do b20 I03K 175 Canton Co bJO IP .W0 do bl I03>I 5 do 07 5' 00 do b4S 103k 50 do opf M 10000 do bM '83 3? Erie RR 19 ,MM) do bJO 103 55 do t? 5>K) do 103k 15 do M .noon do bto 102k ano Harlem KR *?k 16000 KeotU kyO's 106 1(10 O M 1000 Illinois Can<1'00 50 5 Aurora fcRoch ins mi Illinois dpec'l Bds 5?k 30 Loot Island RK 17k 15000 do b?0 53 425 do 83 2000 Indiana Bonds 47k 54 da s'M) II 5000 Peui'a S's s60 7 9 350 Tattiaon RR b30 ft?k 200SO do boo 00 luO do 41 10 o Tennessee r.*s link 35 do 07k 1000 do J i 07 50 N H Canal 52 5<i shs Reading RR 50 ion Ohio Life It Tr b30 lrok 175 do 56k 5 da 100 I9'? \ icksburg Bk Ilk 3 Stoniugton RR 3>k 30 <*o 11 30 co DM WH 110 do ll)t 100 <10 . '2*4 100 N A Tf??t 19 H.0 do MO MjJ JO do blO 19*4 100 $0_ b*w 33*4 JO do 19 s 100 Nor fc Wot b3J 70 .10 do 19', i,en do 09? 50 do bio 19>, 173 do M4 7fl? 'iih Kam. rm'TtDit 0114 loll do b20 70 JO do bJO 11 J? 100 do b!0 70 200 do ?30 31 >4 io Morri* ('oral 21 100 do btlO 52 Roooiid Bonrrl. 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Antra?There la a very moderate demand lor pota for i xport at (I 31J j |>earla have declined about 0} eta. Wo now ijuote $4 iUi, x $4 09}. fiaraoirurra?No one can get over f>4 09} for (icnesfa Hour. Southern $4 874 a 36. Wheat will not bring over n dollar. t'orn 47 a 47J eta. Ilye 07 a 08 eta. llnavii-Northern and Southern yellow, prima, am < held at 30 eta. Fiaii- Soloaofdry cod, a0oat, ut ii 87}a *3 We <)not# mackerel, No. I, at flO M ; No. 9. *'?. and No ?, $7 96, at whioh ratea, atnaJleolei are made | ^ . M

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